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Boy Toy.
rmax30482324 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I suppose Anton Kutcher must be handsome. He's tall and dark and every woman who approaches him seems to melt into some kind of amorphous plastic object that wobbles towards the nearest bed and begs him for commands.

He doesn't do a thing for me but his appearance, his pheromones, and the size of his apparatus seem to suit him well in La La Land. He puts everything he has into selling his looks and stamina to a rich lady like Anne Heche, who puts him up in her spacious modern flat overlooking the City of Angels. They sip expensive wine and nibble bonbons when they're not schtupping each other. Well, they have to do SOMETHING because the Kutcher character has the wit and sensitivity of a cucumber. He's recklessly selfish. His insights run along lines like these: "When a girl tells you you're not going to get anything, that's when you know you're going to get something." Heche returns home unexpectedly and finds him being serviced by a young blond wearing only a golden helmet while he watches Monday Night Football. I guess I ought to make it clear that although this is sometimes labeled a comedy, it's not. Heche tosses out all the fashionable clothes she's bought him, and then throws him out too.

This puts Kutcher on the street and he must hock a few of his more outrageous items from Prada in order to get along, while mooching off a male friend.

Then he runs into Margarita Levieva, a dark-eyed pretty thing who waits tables. She ignores his advances at first but he insinuates himself into her apartment, when he begins to put his usual moves on her. She insists he sleep on the couch so he doesn't get the wrong idea, but the light is no sooner out in her bedroom than he's creeping towards her in his skivvies complaining that the couch is too short, he's just going to slip in bed next to her, they're both adults, they can keep their hands off each other, and the baloney keeps grinding out, as in a factory. She agrees reluctantly. And I'm thinking, if she falls for this line, she's at least as stupid as he is. "I can feel you're smiling but I can't see it," he murmurs to her naked back. She rolls on her side and smiles openly at him. She's as stupid as he is.

Another conquest for Kutcher, whom I am, by this point, beginning not just to dislike but to hate with the kind of rubescent glow that only a hatred born of envy can generate.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Margarita turns out to have a rich fiancé back in New York. (He owns the Rangers.) She's not only as stupid as Kutcher but just as avaricious. But, now that the two poor people are in love, she flies back to New York to settle things with the wealthy fiancé who has been supporting her in Los Angeles. Kutcher finds he has trouble reaching her on the phone.

At this point, the story could have gone in one of two ways. (1) After several scenes of increasing tension, just when Kutcher is about to give up all hope, Margarita shows up, with an anxious smile, at his doorstep and they fall into each others' arms while a folk song about love swells up softly in the background. At that point, I would have walked out and sold my golden body to the nearest female bidder. OR (2) Margarita decides to stay in New York with Mister Right and Kutcher winds up sadder but wiser with a pedestrian job in Los Angeles.

The resolution lay behind Door Number Two, thank God. Yet, I still found it unsatisfactory in a way. Of course I was happy that Kutcher was able to reach Maslow's stage of self actualization. (He delivers groceries.) But real life in my experience doesn't work that way.

It's improbable that a man in his mid or late 20s who has been a shallow, self-interested sex fiend for all of his adult life is going to turn his entire character around because he's found someone as unprincipled as he is, and she's shown him what that looks like from the outside. He has a final exchange with Heche when he drops her groceries off. She asks how he's been. He smiles and says he's doing alright -- and he seems to MEAN it. It's a happy ending that sits on the film like a clown's cap on a performing seal. And as he drives his delivery truck away, there is a sappy love song on the sound track.

Kutcher's character is a dull man with no particular talent, intelligence, or sensibilities. He isn't evil. He's not even bad. He's simply empty except for his narcissism. He ought to be out there on the boardwalk in Venice, listening to rock on his Walkman, while doing capricious figures on roller skates. The best performances (and the best lines) are given to women, especially Anne Heche, who tells him in no uncertain terms where he stands on the life course. This movie could have been written by Tennessee Williams' ghost.
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the other side of L.A. glamor
paul_haakonsen12 January 2011
I thought this movie to be a comedy, as it was labeled such, so I was sort of waiting for a movie to make me laugh. The movie "Spread", however, is not really a comedy, more like a drama. But it wasn't a bad movie at all.

The story was nice, and it was a story that you easily could get yourself into and follow it. The story was going forward at a brisk pace and you wanted to see where the story would take you. I like the aspects of human behavior and how we treat other people and how it was portrayed in the movie. The director managed to hit that one straight on the head.

The cast in the movie was good. Ashton Kutcher did a good work as the lead role of Nikki. He has that boyish charm to him, and that worked well in this particular movie. But, the one carrying the movie would be Anne Heche in the role of Samantha. She did a phenomenal job in that role. I am not usually a big fan of her, but in this movie she was brilliant. And the chemistry between her and Nikki was really well acted out in a believable and good manner. And Margarita Levieva, playing Heather, was also quite good, and this is the first time I have seen any of her work.

Now, what didn't really go well with me was all the sex scenes. Well, I know it was important for the movie, but I just found it a bit too much. There was too much focus on those scenes, and I found it a tad over the top. But hey, I wonder if the movie would have been the same had they left them out. So just a little heads up for those haven't' seen the movie yet, there is a lot of adult situations in the movie.

The movie did get around a couple of interesting questions along the way. And a movie that leaves stuff for afterthought is one of the better kind of movies, entertainment and debatable at the same time. However, for me, this movie is not the type of movie that has enough value for a second viewing. It is watched once, then bagged and tagged.
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Sleeping Your Way To A Life Of Privilege In L. A.
sunwarrior131 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Spread is a comedy-drama that features Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche. A modern tale of morality, director David Mackenzie's stylish film centers on the exploits of a Los Angeles gigolo working his way to infamy one mattress at a time. Margarita Levieva and Sebastian Stan play key supporting roles.

Nicki is the epitome of big-city sexuality. Terminally hip and always fashionable, he's a sexual drifter who operates by his own set of rules. But in Nicki's world of money, power, and fame, true stardom is fleeting. As Nicki climbs the ladder of conquest and begins focusing his attentions on an older, well-to-do client, a strange thing happens.He begins developing actual feelings for a pretty young waitress. Little does he realize that he's about to fall victim to his own seductive game.Nikki has to decide whether he can live on his own once and for all in the hopes of finding something real.

Fresh, funny and racy, the movie is a look at the trials and tribulations of sleeping your way to a life of privilege in Los Angeles. It is more of an ineffectual celebration of vacuous L.A. high life rather than a deconstruction of it. Ashton Kutcher is a credible and potent leading man with an easy address to the camera. He carries off the movie with some style.
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A Nutshell Review: Spread
DICK STEEL31 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The one scene that will strike you and linger around after you walked out of the cinemas, it's the final scene. It's no spoiler, but it walked right out of National Geographic, where you see up close, how a toad devours a mouse. Swallow in fact, allowing it to semi-digest, while occasionally tugging at the tail. It's downright gross as a parting short, but the camera stayed firmly on it for minutes during the entire end credits.

Anyway, back to the film. If you're blessed with good looks and a fine bod, I suppose sometimes you wonder if you're God's gift to women. For Ashton Kutcher's Nikki, his is a life of a classic dreamer, thinking that with his kind of aesthetics, he could be living the life straight out of a Van Halen music video, with flashy cars, plenty of cash and fast women to spend the rest of his days with. Unfortunately with no life skills to offer except the ability to pleasure women, he exploits his talent in order to live up to that impossible dream.

It's pretty much an instructional video on the tactics used by contemporary gigolos, or at least those who are looking to live off rich sugar mommies. Like a hunter preying on his mark, Nikki's not looking out for hot young things to feed his lifestyle, that will come later after he's snagged the anchor, who is that successful, single middle aged lady to hook up with, leading him to Anne Heche's Samantha (who looks really hot in the film, mind you).

Inventor of the rollover sleeping smile, they form a symbiotic relationship, one needing a toy boy for those lonely nights, while the other needing her extravagant Peter Bogdanovich's ex- mansion, sturdy Mercedes which needless to say, comes in extremely useful for parties and hosting of other nubile women to sucker when the cat's away. The premise of living the life at another's expense, using a bodily trade off, reminded me of the French film Priceless starring Audrey Tautou, who plays the gold-digger in that film.

There's plenty of gratuitous nudity and sex to go around until the second half of the film which switched gears and turned out hunter into the prey, when he meets up with waitress Heather (Margarita Levieva) who's actually more of a player than he is, and it's like a match made in heaven in a karmic round-robin, with what's going around coming around. It is this aspect of the film that somewhat sagged that incredible, dream like freeloading taking place in the first half, and somehow turned this into sappy romance territory with its message on the consequence of non-permanence in relationships that will come back and haunt you.

Ashton Kutcher looked incredibly comfortable as the serial womanizer and slacker in life, clueless about what to do when he meets with the real woman of his desire. He gives Nikki that smugness and comfort in knowing that he's living the moment, with that natural despair coming in when he understands that he's now down the slippery slope of no return. Anne Heche pretty much owned the supporting role in the first act, before disappearing for Margarita Levieva to take over the female lead in the second act, as the two women to have made the most impact in Nikki's life.

I could come up with something naughty to say about its title as the parting shot, but I'll leave it at that. Spread isn't top class material with its profound sleaze, but at least it had that memorable ending shot enough to make you reel a little, and talk about it. Strictly for those interested in what the R21 fuss is all about, and surprisingly, a lot more females in the audience than there are men.
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A hotshot young stud finds that after lust and pleasure in the real world love hurts!
blanbrn22 September 2010
"Spread" probably isn't a movie classic still even though the film has plenty of skin and kinky erotic sex it still teaches a message that finding love is tough it hurts, and that in the real world one must grow up. The cast works well together especially the chemistry between Kutcher and Heche is in top form. And the plot is very interesting at least emotionally as it shows how a young man grows from lust to wanting love.

Set in Los Angeles, CA you have Nikki(Ashton Kutcher)as a young man who's a want to be hotshot as in the city of angels he climbs in and out of the beds of beautiful women just like changing underwear daily. Yet that's all Nikki wants is the young hot ladies that he sees at parties. Only when one night he meets Samantha(Anne Heche)who's a classy and elegant sophisticated attorney this woman not only has a body, but she's full of money and power. Now could this be the chance for Nikki to settle down no all he wants from Samantha is hot steamy and erotic raunchy sex. And many of the scenes show just that the skin scenes of Anne Heche were a nice eye candy treat. Yet this does not develop into anything loving or meaningful as Samantha gets tired of the boy toy as she sees Nikki just will not grow up.

Then when you think the film twist with Nikki finding love with a waitress named Heather(Margarita Levieva) at first the dating appears real yet only when Nikki wants a commitment he finally feels the cold shoulder. As really it's a dose of his own medicine as Heather doesn't want to commit to him proving love is complex and cold it hurts. Overall good film that's erotic and sex driven still it proves even though pleasure is enjoyed, that when searching for love it hurts and it's complex and tough to find. As I took that message from the film.
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world's oldest profession....
ksf-225 August 2021
Ashton Kutcher is Nikki, a hot young stud, who moves to LA, and seems to be getting by on his looks. His next lover/date/host is Samantha (Ann Heche), who he picks up in a restaurant. Along the way, he spouts SO MANY rules on how to be a... gigolo. Is there a better word for what he does? Leech? Kept guy? When Nikki meets the chick from the coffee shop (Margarita Levieva), he wants his "cake". And to eat it too. Is that an old enough reference? But the girls are on to him. And his friends have had enough. Where's he going to sleep tonight? Kind of a different take on Shampoo, from 1975. It's okay. Nothing too groundbreaking. A lesson to others, i guess. One interesting note - we can see the LAX tower just getting under construction.. that's pretty cool! Directed by british David Mackenzie. Story by Jason Hall, Paul Kolsby.
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A sex comedy with plenty of sex, not enough comedy and nowhere near enough smarts
Floated220 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Spread is just basically a film where Ashton Kutcher gets to show-off and gets around to seeing a lot of pretty women fleshed and taking advantage of them. Its a sex comedy with enough sex and not enough comedy nor smarts to deliver. The movie sets its tone in the first few minutes with Ashton (Nikki) reading his first line while walking around. "I don't want to be arrogant, but I'm an incredibly attractive man," he informs by his dry narration – he ingratiates himself into the lives of rich older women to gain access to good clothes, fine food and luxurious living.

The film and its characters were very odd and weird. Nikki was very monotone and did what he wanted. Anne Heche (Samantha) was way generous towards Nikki, and it starts by their introduction. It seemed to fake and unrealistic. The film starts out rough in its first 30 mins then gets slightly better. The first half of the film is more of a sex-com with the adventures that Nikki takes involving Samantha. The 2nd half of the film involves Heather a waitress who Nikki eventually gets and stays with. This half becomes more of a rom-com and this is where the film goes downhill. In the second half, Samantha isn't in the film (except in the last 5 mins). The script and plot were just dumb and not great, the movie just falls apart and the film gets boring. Its a rather different Hollywood film.

Another thing with the film is that Kutcher's performance wasn't all that great and he wasn't really believable as the gigolo. Also the clothes he's showing wearing are pretty silly (colourfull clothes and suspenders) Lastly, the ending was actually pretty weird and depressing, though not much. The audience didn't really care much about him in the first place and the ending showed that. But it still have should ended better. The last few minutes ends with Nikki speaking and picking up a mouse and making his toad eat the mouse. It sets like that for the last 5 minutes until the screen went black, its pretty bizarre. But before that it showed that he didn't end up with neither girl (Heather or Samantha). The film has its moments but not many, and they should have added more comedy. It really isn't a funny film and I don't think it was really trying but the trailers showed it out to be a romantic comedy. The movie was pretty bad and could have been much better.
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Warning: I am spreading the puns here for my review of "Spread"
meeza12 April 2010
The city of Los Angeles plays a prominent character in "Spread", a movie that certainly spreads the word that Los Angeles is not exactly angelic for everybody; even though it can be if you got the right plan of action, as least for a while it can. That leads us to the protagonist of "Spread", the homeless & carless Nikki portrayed by Ashton Kutcher. Nikki uses his physical good-looks to prey on the wealthy single women of L.A. so he can spread his orgasmic juices inside them, then in turn they can spread their home & car over to him. My hero! Kidding! One of Nikki's premier so-called victims would be the cougar-honey Samantha, who after meeting Nikki at a club, takes him to her gorgeous Hollywood Hills home and seduces the hill I mean hell out of him. Before you can say "I Slammed Sam", Nikki stays in her home for days and even drives her dazzling Mercedes Benz. Nikki still keeps hustling to the sexual tussling even though he temporarily lives in Samantha's home. He even throws a party when she is out of town so he can escalate the female body count. So for the first half of the "Spread", the aforementioned was the film's appealing portion. I expected a shift in the narration of the film, nothing great last forever for any main protagonist of a movie. But this could of have been done so much better! Cause all of a sudden, Director David MacKenzie spreads "Spread" into a feeble romantic narrative. That is when Nikki meets Heather, a coffee shop waitress who derails Nikki unexpectedly, and does have some secrets of her own; secrets that were so quite obvious that it spread like wildfire what they were as I was watching the movie. Ha? Hey, leave me alone! I am spreading it thick, pun style. I do credit MacKenzie for his vision of exhibiting the story of a serial womanizer in Los Angeles, and using the city as a central focus in that architecture. But again when Heather enters the spread, the film becomes an obtuse romance that you can care less how it develops and concludes. Jason Dean Hall's screenplay was rich in style during the first act of the film, but then when the Nikki & Heather romance was introduced the scribe was converted into a silly romantic contrivance. That Asthon acting show was not half-bad in his starring performance here compared to his past acting, but that is not a spread stretch. What the Heche? Anne Heche is back! She was exquisite as the sexually-driven Samantha. However, her counterpart female lead in the film Margarita Levieva was atrocious as the staid Heather. OK, I am tired of spreading my viewpoints of "Spread". Please spread the news on the mediocrity of "Spread". *** Average
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Anne Heche is very good. Unfortunately, this movie is all about Ashton Kutcher.
MBunge3 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Spread isn't funny and generates very little drama because it's all about a main character you have no reason to give a damn about, but for the first 70 minutes or so it seems like it has a point to make and that's enough to hold your interest. It also helps that there's a smokin' hot and very naked Anne Heche on screen for some of that time. Then it flounders into a final 20 minutes that abandons every interesting possibility suggested in the story and replaces it with the worst kind of hackneyed clichés all built around a truly absurd supporting character. This was never going to be a great film, but it nosedives into laughably bad by the end.

Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) is a man-whore cruising through the Los Angeles party scene. Once, he was one of the thousands of young people who flock to LA every year seeking fame and fortune. Now still very handsome but not all that young, all Nikki seeks is a constant supply of young chicks to bang and a series of sugar mommies to support him. With no home and no car, Nikki seduces older, well off women and insinuates himself into their lives until he gets bored and moves on to another conquest. His latest meal ticket is Sam (Anne Heche), who he throws himself at and relentlessly screws until she trusts him enough to leave him in her Hollywood hills home when she goes to New York. At that point, Nikki throws a big party in Sam's home and starts boinking young women on the side, until Sam catches him in that act. But after a flash of anger, Sam decides to keep Nikki around as her live-in boy toy.

Now so far in this movie, Heche has been impressively nude just enough to hold your attention and while Spread hasn't been all that entertaining, it appears at this point it might have something to say about Nikki, Sam and their relationship. That turned out to be a bad assumption on my part. Instead of plunging into Sam and Nikki and exploring them as real people living real lives, Nikki just arbitrarily falls in love with a waitress named Heather (Margarita Levieva), almost entirely because she's the only woman in the story who resists his charms. Sam then catches Nikki cheating on her far less flagrantly than before, but this time she kicks him out. Then Nikki's life arbitrarily (there's that word again) falls apart and he winds up almost homeless and hustling middle-aged ladies at hotel pools for sandwiches.

Heather then arbitrarily (getting the hint?) decides to take Nikki and let him live with her. They start acting like boyfriend and girlfriend until Nikki finds out that Heather has a rich fiancée in New York City. They sort of but not quite have a fight, Heather runs away to the Big Apple and then this thing turns into a lame romantic-comedy where Nikki flies to New York to win her back. He doesn't get her back, and the film ends with Nikki in some nebulous state of existence in LA.

Spread is yet another motion picture that is reasonably well executed but horribly ill conceived. The entire thing is centered on Nikki. No other character exists except in connection to him. However, there's almost nothing interesting about him. He's an amoral and purposeless drifter who gets by in life entirely on his good looks and lack of a conscious. It's only when Sam catches him getting a blow job in her home but still keeps him around that there's even a hint of anything intriguing about this story. Sam takes control of the relationship and her own life at that moment and there's every indication that it's going to lead to a deeper look into why these two people are they way they are and the nature of their free floating sexual and personal connection.

Nothing like that happens. Sam is just arbitrarily (that word keeps coming up, doesn't it?) ejected from the story and Nikki is thrown together with Heather, with the painfully obvious idea that Heather winds up treating Nikki the way he used to treat women and boy, isn't that all ironic and stuff? But Heather doesn't really treat Nikki the way he used to treat women, so there goes all that, and she turns out to be a completely unbelievable character. She begins in the story as a waitress in LA, dating older guys for their money and eventually hooking up with Nikki. Then we find out she's got a rich New York fiancée, but if that's true…what the hell is she doing working as a waitress in LA, dating older guys and hooking up with a man-whore like Nikki? This film never makes even the vaguest attempt to explain or justify any of that.

Spread isn't aggressively horrible. Heche gives a nice performance and looks even nicer without any clothes on. Ultimately, though, it's not funny or clever and you never think or feel anything about what happens in this movie. Skip it.
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better than a poke in the eye....
ptb-811 July 2010
For 75 years we have seen talkies about young handsome and pretty hopefuls who come to Hollywood and lick their way to the top of something only to find they shoulda stayed home. This film isn't a talkie so much as a screwy. From DAY OF THE LOCUST and A STAR IS BORN and others, notably American GIGOLO we cinema-goers have sought the sight of these pretty prostitutes doing their thing..... and this time we have Ashton Kutcher (and Anne Heche) fully nude for your viewing pleasure. Exactly how much of a pleasure is doubtful, but this film SPREAD which he co produced is mostly all for and about him. Other viewers might be hard on this film (unlike Ashton, I am sure) and the material is familiar, but the production values and his unflinching willingness to get his gear off a lot is clearly to refresh the tired storyline and the awful personalities of the parasitic behavior on screen. Kutcher is quite good as the toy boy involved, and Heche is the hot momma host and their interaction (so to speak) works. There is a lot of nude on screen sex in this film all photographed lushly in semi tropic patio heaven. It's fun and trashy and well made and you get to see bits of everyone not normally in the sunlight. SPREAD, like Kutcher is nice to look at and quite familiar but ultimately empty. There is a better version yet to be made of this idea that these 20 something nightclub people who are good looking realise they are just delivery staff. As they say, be nice to those who you meet on the way up....
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raulfaust17 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, "Spread" is undoubtedly a very R rated movie, for obvious reasons-- strong sex scenes for Hollywood standards. Ashton Kutcher plays a womanizer who doesn't show any feelings for the girls he's been with, neither for his only friend. One thing that I enjoyed is how filmmakers bring the message that life gives back what you seed throughout it. If you never did respectful things to the people you've been involved, they won't bring anything good to your life in the future. Another thing that I liked was how it stayed away from the obvious Hollywood clichés we usually have in mainstream comedies; I mean, characters weren't any stereotyped-- with maybe the exception of Nikki--, turning the story much more believable. It only fails sometimes because it lacks a highlight moment, making it feel like a light version of the good franchise that "Cruel Intentions" was. "Spread" has a more adult perspective of the whole thing, taking it seriously for some moments, something that "Cruel Intentions" probably never did. Good picture anyways, even it not flawless.
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Acting is fine, storyline is weak
intelearts26 October 2009
Spread tries to be hollow, vacuous, shallow, and then tries to be more and cannot make the spread.

The story of the gigolo who wants more than possessions when he meets a girl who doesn't fall for his routine might be OK but the arc is seriously lacking in places and what we get is a jump start stop of a movie that takes us on a road to nothing.

Ashton's performance is fine but he cannot compete against the weak storyline: the dialog is actually passable but the plotting is kind of weak.

Yes this is a movie where woman have the power and about how times have changed for guys. And yes it's true, good looks alone won't cut it, but it is just passable as film.

If you like the actors or the theme you may enjoy this; we found it hovered uneasily between the disillusionment of the American dream and a redemption tale - which it ain't....
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One of my Favorites
michaeltrivedi1 December 2019
Spread is a really cool movie. I couldn't really give it anything but 8 because of just how cool it is. It might have its issues, somewhere in the middle and towards the end. But the rest is fun to watch. A slacker in LA sleeping around to survive. Doesn't get much better than that character study.

The main character does regret his actions in the end. He realizes that he is not young anymore, and he has finally grown up. It might take him a while to adjust, or possibly not. His current relationship might be rocky, but it's things he had to work on.

Most of us don't get too deep into the life the main character has. He could basically get into the hottest nightclubs and sleep with the richest most attractive women in LA. And yet even that doesn't satisfy him.

It's really a good movie. I couldn't give it a 7. I liked it.

Watch it.

8 stars
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Ashton Kutcher at his worst plus a miserable screenplay.
suite9213 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Nikki sets himself up with Samantha: he gets a place to live, food, and new clothes on his back; she gets his attentions.

He has a party while she's in New York on business. Then he betrays her at the party. The maid cleans up the party mess afterward. Seems the ability to think ahead is a bit impaired.

Samantha's reaction to her first discovery of Nikki's cheating was unexpected: she got more interested in him as they talked things out.

Soon after this he meets Heather at a coffee shop. She is very different than Samantha, and his interest in her (which arose from her lack of interest in him) eventually contributes to his breakup with Samantha.

During the second half of the film, Nikki makes a few lifestyle changes in response to the pain he feels over not possessing Heather. This all seems unlikely; Heather can do nothing for him, since she is a broke sponger just like he is. 'Jump the shark' comes to mind.

So, Nikki learns to bag groceries, do deliveries, and slows down on seductions. Oh, my. How long will that last, and why should it be interesting? The weakness in motivational development is perhaps the film's biggest downfall.

Cinematography: 10/10 Excellent.

Sound: 6/10 Someone with a more authentic voice might have been cast instead of Kutcher. His narration was repellent: not the content, but the qualities of his voice. I could not believe that he could convince anyone of anything. The music blares from time to time. When considered separately from the film, it was rather good. Within the film, it was next to irrelevant.

Acting: 2/10 Kutcher drags down the entire proceedings. The only actor in sight was Anne Heche, and her performance, though good, was not enough to carry this awful mess.

Screenplay: 0/10 Do I care about any of these characters? Samantha for about the first thirty minutes; after that, no one. Did I care how the film ended? No. If I were not writing this piece I would have stopped after perhaps ten minutes. Watching the whole 97 minutes showed that that would have been a good choice; the film was grinding and poor from beginning to end. Perhaps worst of all, this was a comedy during which I did not laugh or smile a single time.
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Honest & True
BannedByFragileModerators29 January 2020
It's very easy for people to watch this movie & say it's horrible & unrealistic because they find it "offensive". In my experience, neurotypicals call things "offensive" because they are a bit *too* real and hit too close to home. This is not just an LA movie, I have seen people behave this way in big cities and small towns all over the world. Ashton's character is 100% truthful when he says that gaining peoples' trust is a very simple equation of social displays, and "26 points and they trust you, then you can go back to being lazy, unreliable & watching football." There has never been a more accurate & honest portrayal of human relationships. And there is also nothing misogynistic in the film because it shows very accurately that both sexes manipulate & get manipulated in exactly the same ways. This should not be marketed as a comedy though, because it's not even slightly funny, and unlike his supposed "comedies" (all of which were too stupid to be funny anyway) this is wry, cynical, intelligent, & definitely the best work Kutcher has ever done.
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Not enough spread
PeterMitchell-506-56436429 January 2013
Hustler and toyboy, Kutcher, with his good looks, lives off wealthy women, making them feel loved and indeed, satisfied. His latest, Ann Heche, at her sexiest, has him lazing about in her lavish two story deluxe house, that offers a splendorous view of L.A in it's backdrop. While she's at work, he's at play, either bathing in the pool or out of the pool, making him own lunches of course too. He's a dab hand in the kitchen, pleasuring her healthy appetites, amongst others. He has sex with other hot women- Maria Conchita Alonso, remember her? He falls for a Jessica Alba type looking girl, who works in a coffee shop, and a more serious relationship develops, amongst all his one night stands. The movie does end up on a down note, that will have you rethinking relationships. The film's last shot, has Kutcher feeding a mouse to a frog, as to infer that he let his true love get away, and he's swallowed up about it. The movie is original, granted, with two good performances from it's leads, Heche, particularly impressive, but this has a lightweight story, amidst some hot sex scenes.
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Very enjoyable
imdbbl21 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I've been meaning to watch this film for quite some time and I finally got a chance to do so.First,I'm a fan of Ashton Kutcher, I think he's a very charismatic actor who does fairly enjoyable movies. Secondly, I'm a sucker for films about love,sex and relationships in general,I'm also fascinated by L.A. and its lifestyle and fourth,this seemed to have an Alfie(2004) kind of vibe to it.I wasn't disappointed.Kutcher plays Nikki, and right in the beginning of the movie the character says that he came to L.A. with the dream of having an easy life,sleep with as many beautiful girls as possible and basically to have the time of his life and that most of this did,in fact, came truth.This is Nikki, a young and attractive guy who sleeps his way into the life of privilege he wants.His routine is fairly simple,he seduces someone with money and then stays around continually charming the person and earning their trust and eventually the person allows Nikki to stay in their house and most of the time they actually pamper him with free stuff. Nikki then uses this amazing houses or fancy clothes to impress someone else.Needless to say that he juggles several woman at once.At some point Nikki becomes attracted to a waiter but much to his shock this girl unlike most of the woman he sleeps with,does not fall for his little games or succumb to his tricks(which by the way he narrates to the audience trough the movie).Maybe because she's the one girl he apparently can't have or for some other reason(although the first seems accurate to me)Nikki falls in love with this girl. In the meantime Nikki is living in Samantha's house, a 30'something business woman he seduced.He ends up being caught cheating (with someone other then the waiter) and after a few fights the relationship ends.Broke and without a place to stay Nikki resorts to Heather,the waiter and moves in with her.He falls even more in love with her but he also finds out that she's playing the same cards as him,she is too whoring himself out to the highest bidder in order to have a lifestyle she couldn't possible afford. Nikki tries to make a commitment with Heather but in the end she chooses her own Sugar Daddy over him.Defeated Nikki gives up the lifestyle he had been leading and in the end he comes back to Samantha's house but as a delivery guy and we see that Samantha already replaced him with another young guy. There's no happy ending here which makes the movie so much better and realistic.This film is being misinterpreted as a romantic comedy,but it couldn't be more far from it. The film ends with a sad and depressing tone but isn't life like that at times? Also, the soundtrack is quite interesting and mainly compose by indie bands. Overall, a good movie, very enjoyable with lots of eye candy and a good performance by Kutcher.

On a side note, I've seen some people complain about the character's style saying that he looked gay and saying that the character wasn't believable as a womanizer...nonsense. His look can't be pulled off by everyone but its definitely a look and I think Kutcher played Nikki brilliantly, he managed to reveal the humanity in his character in a very subtle yet efficient way.

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Horrific in Every Way
Greatornot21 March 2010
First off, I like Ashton Kutcher's acting abilities. I liked him in 'That 70's Show', 'Butterfly Effect' and especially 'Dude, Wheres my Car'. So now here the problem. The acting in this film was terrible, led by Kutcher. I found it hard to believe he was a gigolo. His narration was monotone, his wardrobe, though not his fault was laughable and quite unrealistic if not downright leftover clothes from his sitcom. We are led to believe that Anne Heche aka Samantha , who is a successful businesswoman, would just be instantly duped by Kutcher and just be reduced to a nymphomaniac with a lower back tattoo, laughable in its own right. This story is just fantasy. In all fairness, it did not pretend to be true. That is fair enough. What is not fair, is that women in this film, are treated like just sexual objects that are mindless, stupid and quite frankly not likable at all. Then again, Most of the characters in this film were about as unlikable as gets. This film was just a mish-mash of negative female stereotypes and would make one believe that the women in this film are the rule not the exception. Though the exception , would be far fetched as well. There was no originality in this film and yes though it had the come-uppance element, it still did not do enough to make me actually enjoy this overly sexed and overly clichéd film. It was non-interesting,non-fun and just an effort that should be forgotten ASAP.
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Spread the word
sandover3 May 2010
First, I will give the adjectives: gawky, self-confident, nerdy, unconvincing, unfortunate, uninformed, more stumped than stumping, more deluded than deluding.

Now, some nouns: gawky wardrobe, self-confident spread, nerdy, yes, not actually classy production values, unfortunate in its bland manner which eliminates any sense of surprise, unless it is for mild entertainment, just to keep up by blinding us to its cautionary melodrama, unconvincing either as prince or toad, unfortunate in its lushness, uninformed in its mapping, with sex more stumped than stumping, a film more deluded than deluding.

Its most unfortunate but yielding resonance comes with the title: a 2009 film, framed rather than framing LA, after the big, and increasingly menacing economic bubble; its protagonist, of course the yield spread. But the film neither yields, nor spreads.

Its most interesting aspect for me is the way the, let's say, English (which is not actually continental, you gather) sensibility is brought in for the direction, contrasted to the American identity in search of itself, and how this works, or not: you know, from Alfie to the plain ugly without any sense of challenge (or bitterness, as I read somewhere, which could be quite good, but does this come through?)free cinema end.

The fruitless contrast between the Brit and the American sensibility reads like "the difference between the quoted rates of return on two different investments, usually of different credit quality" of the yield rates, and, to push things even further, I would claim that the awkward, embarrassed, nuanced and totally-discarding-context shifting of tone from one scene to the other (many scenes stand on their own right like vignettes) make the alliance of director with location, actors and script as infamous as the one between Blair and Bush and their era, in whose alienating wake the film, like us, still treads.
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a heavy handed and patently nasty ode to 21st century values of greed and excess
gregking427 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
An American Gigolo for the 21st century, although without the '80's morality and sense of excess. Spread is a heavy handed and patently nasty ode to 21st century values of greed and excess. Demi Moore's toy boy Ashton Kutcher is perfectly cast here as Nikki, a handsome, vacuous, arrogant but impoverished stud who seduces wealthy, lonely older women and sponges off them while giving them an enjoyable sexual experience. He is currently sharing the lavish Hollywood Hills mansion of 40ish lawyer Samantha (Anne Heche). But while she is away on business he beds a number of younger more insatiable girls. But he remains emotionally detached, and never lets anyone get too close to him. That changes when he meets Heather (Margarita Levieva), a waitress who works in a coffee shop. But Heather is the female equivalent, coasting through life and living off the largesse of wealthy older men. But Heather is even more complicated than that. When Nikki falls hard for her it is a relationship that will change his life. Spread is an undeniably handsome-looking production, but it is rather vapid and empty. We've been through that younger man/older woman vibe too many times in the past (Shampoo, Sunset Boulevard, etc) to be seduced by the rather lacklustre version of the story served up here. Working with director David MacKenzie (Young Adam, etc), first time screenwriter Jason Hill serves up a morality tale in which the narcissistic young stud eventually gets his comeuppance. Kutcher may get by on his pretty boy looks but his performance is flat and he brings little depth to a character who is pretty shallow to begin with. There are oodles of flesh on display here, but the coldly staged sex scenes fail to generate much heat.
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Very satisfying and well acted; I enjoyed it
Dragoneyed36326 April 2010
While Spread certainly wasn't a popular film when it was released, it didn't fly by my eye and it caught my attention for some reason, and I had been wanting to see it for awhile. When I got to view it, I was actually pretty satisfied with what I saw. The movie itself is quite well done and though it's apathetic and dull around the edges, the main story is strong and effective. The acting from both Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche is great and believable, in my opinion, and though all the characters certainly weren't breathtakingly astonishing, they were actually well done enough to where I enjoyed them and I thought they were interesting and likable.

The real redeeming qualities this film has are an interesting plot, and Anne Heche & Ashton Kutcher. While the plot, as I've said, is a little tiresome, it never fails at being interesting and appealing. It pulled me in from the beginning because I got into Ashton Kutcher's character and I thought it kicked off to a very interesting start. Ashton Kutcher's character Nikki while being a bit tedious at times, as were most characters, was never really badly done and his and Anne Heche's character Samantha's chemistry together was amazing and their story is likable, and her character was probably my favorite because of the actress's portrayal, which leads me to another great aspect of this film; The performances.

Anne Heche was amazing as Samantha, and I really just found her performance genuinely likable and impressively delightful. Ashton Kutcher also did a pretty good job with Nikki and Margarita Levieva did alright with Heather, too, but the performances by and especially the chemistry between Heche and Kutcher was what I really enjoyed and for that I thought the first half of the film was stronger than the second half, which became kind of rushed and, how shall I say, dry, but still effective.

Nonetheless, this movie in my opinion is entertaining, interesting, well acted and it has a very poignant script. While it's certainly no masterpiece, and could've been done better in ways, it was still very satisfying and I enjoyed it. Not the best of 2009, and not one of the most popular, but it is a secret pleasure that I hope to get more people aware of.
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Khan Review
zkzuber15 June 2021
If a guy is handsome and enjoys making money by taking rich girls to bed why will he end up being a grocery boy unbelievable. Instead of ending up on road he should have taken up an opportunity of using his contacts with rich female to make some thing out of his life. Any ways it's quite ok movie not dull can be enjoyed for one time watch.
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Heche sets solid foundation.
Phil_M_A_Kerr14 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Plenty of good reviews here. I think the gist of it is that it's NOT A COMEDY. It seems to reflect a vapid side to LA that, really, exists anywhere to some degree. It draws you in with lots of beautiful people getting jiggy in beautiful houses. Then it settles down and promises you something more realistic. SPOILER After that it kicks you in the metaphorical nuts, as life is wont to do sometimes. Surprised how deep this bit cut. Must be something in my past. A universal experience, I imagine. SPOILER END Written by the dude that wrote American Sniper! GTFO! Kinda makes sense, though. Found it in the Romance section of Prime Video. Pleased to have seen it.
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So annoying
dogonlion5 November 2021
This has got to be one of the most annoying movies I have ever seen. None of it is believable. Such a big house in LA and anyone gets in and out so easily. No security, entry codes and stuff? That's just one example. Ashton K. Acts so effeminate at times, one wonders why women would be swimming around him like that. Awful movie.
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Not what I expected, at all.
spikeypoet6 January 2019
This film takes me back to my early twenties, where I didn't really know myself, my likes, dislikes, or the world around me for that matter. I dabbled in the modelling world, hung around with shallow people, who also didn't know themselves or the world around them... this film is THAT. This film served as a stark reminder of the uncertainties of youth and the mind-numbingly painful, aimless drifting through shallowness out of boredom and lack of ambition. THIS IS NOT COMEDY. This is a stark lesson: learn yourself, or get used by other drifters.
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