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laNmitlaul Teiibook Co., Pn>e». 

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Digitized byGOOgle 




CONNBLL, W. L Scranton, Pa.- 

FiSBBR, Thomas . . . Philadelphia, Pa. 
Foster, Thomas J. . . . . Scranton, Pa. 

Foster, Ropus J Scranton, Pa, 

Gbifpitii, J. K Latrobe, Pa. 

Jqnbs, Thomas E Scranton, Pa. 

Lawall, Elmer H. . . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Patterson, Frank T. . Philadelphia, Pa. 
Watkins.' Thomas H. . . , Scranton, Pa 



Faculty Officers 

Dun DiitGtor.«f Inttnidiod 

Liliigh VntvtrlUg 


B1UIB. n. D. inUHnllf tf nnu. SarO-mitn 

raiTION .... LIIDT. ■UUTE. RUDKNIOHinwnl CilOqi •. 

Auiitant Prtndpili 

tSmT (!■ 



Since the persons who enroll in the International Correspondence 
Schools are, as a rule, young men between the ages of 23 and 
27 years, and are just beginning their business careers, changes of 
residence are very common among them. It also very frequently 
happens that a student changes his address without notifying us 
for a long time thereafter. Consequently, many of the studentfT 
mentioned herein have, undoubtedly, different addresses from 
that-on our records at the time this list was prepared (January 18, 
1904, to March 17, 1904) or have changed them subsequently. 
Nevertheless, they lived at the addresses given at some period of 
time, while pursuing- their studies, as can be demonstrated by a 
call at (or a letter written to) the addresses herein given. 

Intbrnational Corrbspondbncb ^hools 



Advance sheets bf this book have shown apparently many mistakes. 
Several of our Representatives have stated that they knew personally of 
students whose names are not in the book, but which ought to be there; 
also, that some names have not been spelled rightly and that some addresses 
were wrong. I know personally of at least one student whose address is 
wrong— the mistake being discovered only after the book was printed. 
The facts are these: The student removed from the state of New York into 
the state of New Jersey several years ago, and after his removal he never 
sent in any work or notified us of the change in his address. Hence. whi]e 
his name is in the book, it could not be found, unless his former address 
was known. 

We take every possible precaution to keep our files correct in the 
matter of spelling the students' names, and any errors in this respect are 
generally due to the students' signatures not being plain. Our fiepresent- 
atives could assist us greatly if they would write the names of all students 
whose signatures are not plain on the enrolment blank, in such a manner 
J^hat the names could not be misunderstood. Many thousands of students 
have become 'eligible for inclusion in the book since the names were originally 
taken off, and a supplementary list of such students is now in course of 
preparation, ■ 

A largre proportion of our students complete Arltliinetta 
and perhaps one or more of tbe otber preliminary sub- 
jects. Having acquired the habit of studylnsT and not 
desiring to spend tbe time necessary to write out tbelr 
answers to tbe Examination Questions, they stop sending 
In their -work, bat still keep up tbelr studies, using for 
this purpose their bound Tolumes. Of course, the 'worb of 
sucb students does not appear on our records, and their 
t included In this book. 

In conclusion, we ask every person who receives a copy of this book 

read very carefully the Preface and pages III— XIII, which immediately 

' if y " ' ' 

iilions suck errors wili not be perpeiui 
I Very truly 

J, J. Clark, 

follow it. // you find any errors in this book, please notify me personally, 
that in future editions suck errors will not he perpetuated, 

I Very truly yours, 

September 6, 1905 Manager Textboolc Department 





OF THE marvelous educational work that has been done 
by the International Correspondence Schools during 
the past thirteen years the public in general has no 
conception. Mere figures, gigantic though they be, are 
wholly inadequate to express the value of the work 
that has been accomplished. In response to numerous 
requests from educators and others as to the results of 
our system of education by mail, we have compiled this list of 
students who have done what we regard as satisfactory work. 
The list includes all graduates and all students who have com- 
pleted at least one-third or more of their courses. The work 
involved has been enormous, reqiiiring the careful examination of 
the records of about 650,000 students, the copying of the records 
of about 55,000 students; the arrangement of these latter into 
countries, states, and towns; and the recopying of the whole into 
a form convenient for the printer. It is scarcely to be supposed 
that in a work so extensive no errors occur, but every possible 
precaution has been taken to make the list correct and in accord- 
ance with our records at the time the names were taken. The 
addresses and records of all students here given correspond with 
those on our files at the time this list was compiled. 

Since the 54,500 names appearing here represent only 12.7 per 
cent, of the number of students who had paid for their Scholar- 
ships at the time these names were taken off, it might be thought 
at first glance that the results of correspondence instruction were, 
to a certain extent at least, disappointing. Such, however, is not 


the case, the results being in reahty simply astoundii^, when 
all the conditions are fully understood. In order to obtain some 
slight comprehension of the work being done by the I. C. S. 
from an educational standpoint, the statements contained in the 
numbered paragraphs which follow must always be taken into 

1. The only requirement demanded of any student in order to 

enroll in and to complete successfully one of our courses is 
the ability to read the English language and to express 
himself well enough in writing for us to understand him. 

2. The large majority of our students have little or no knowl- 

edge of arithmetic; 96 per cent, or more b^n with this 

3. Considered with reference to the use to which the knowledge 

imparted may be put, many of our technical courses may 
be regarded as a fair equivalent of similar courses offered 
by the leading technical schools and colleges. Some of the 
subjects are treated of more extensively than in any other 
existing treatises, and a large mmiber of our texts have been 
adopted as textbooks by some of the leading technical 

4. Themajority of our students have only a limited time in which 

to study, and a lai^e proportion of them have not had time 
as yet to do a sufficient amount of studying to warrant us 
in including them in this bst, 

5. With the exception of a very small percentage, none of our 

students have formed the habit of studying; they therefore 
consume a much longer time in completing their studies 
than they otherwise would. 

6. By far the greater number of our students have no incentive 

to study beyond'lSe desire to better their c6ridition in lite. 

The ordinary school or college student is encouraged by 

' the example of his classmates, by the desire of his parents 


for his success, by the limit put on the time required to 
complete a subject, by the disgrace occasioned through 
failure to pass, by fear of being reduced to a lower class, 
etc. The correspondence student has none of these incen- 
tives (except the second, in a few cases) to urge him on. 
He usually has to study at night after a hard day's work, 
and sometimes under the most adverse conditions. His 
light is likely to be poor; he may be surrounded by a family 
of young children; his friends, his relatives, and even his 
wife may be opposed to his spending his time and money 
in this manner; &nd, then, in addition to all this, he has to 
combat his own natural inclinations to Spend his evenings 
in an easier and a pleasanter manner. 

7. For the majority of our courses, and for all of our longer 

courses, we have what we term Bound Volumes; these are 
nothing more than the complete texts and drawing plates 
for each course, bound up in permanent form, and they are 
delivered to the student as soon as he has made a payment 
on his course. Many students do not desire to spend the 
time necessary to write out their answers to the examina- 
tion questions, and never send us any work; at the same 
time, they use their volumes to study from, and in many 
instances write us that they have been greatly benefited 
by their courses. The work of such students, of course, is 
never recorded. 

8. On account of the fact that our bound volumes are not sold, 

many students enroll without ever intending to study — they 
desire the bound volumes for reference. How many of these 
students there are, and of those who study from their 
bound volumes, we do not know, but the percentage must 
be quite large. 

9. Our students have an unlimited time in wbic;h tr '■"■"r'»'-° 
their courses: we h ave never_susjieBded.-Qt_exjJsUed_a,atu- 
^ent. A s a consequence, even though a student may not 

1 any work for y6ars, we still keep him on our rolls 


and count him as one of our students. We have in mind 
a case where a student removed and we lost track of him 
completely for seven years; then he wrote us and stated 
that he desired to resume his studies at the point where 
he left off. He also stated that he had been advanced to 
positions of various responsibilities until he had become 
superintendent. He had been kept so busy and his hours 
of work had been so long that he had not been able to 
continue his studies during the interval. He had finished 
the subjects of arithmetic and mensuration, and he had 
found this knowledge of immense value to him in securing 
his advancements, i, This is but one case of thousands, 
though few wait so long as this.J 

10. The large majority of our students enroll for the purpose of 
obtaining the information contained in what we term the 
"technical" part of their courses. A great proportion of 
these students are rendered very impatient by the delay 
occasioned in studying the elementary (mathematical) 
part of their courses. As in every school, many of the 
students detest mathematics and many find great difficulty 
in understanding it, and for this reason, a large number 
drop out that would otherwise complete their courses. 

A careful consideration of the foregoing will convince .any 
unbiased mind that the results we have achieved are ver\' extra- 
ordinary. And when it is further considered that t nany of our 
students ar^jgrejgjjers, with only the slightest acquaintanc& wrth 
the English language, and that in many such cases it takes months 
for a reply to a letter to be received, we think that not only are 
the results herewith presented astounding, but that we are today 
one of the very greatest educational forces in the world. 

It may not be out of place here to explain the manner in which 
our Schools are conducted. It should be apparent from what has 
preceded that thelftrdinary textbooks used in schools and colleges 
would not be suitable for purposes of correspondence instruction. 
Such te x t bo oks cannot be^jsed for this purpose for several rea- 
sons, among which are: The majority of them ar^^ntended to be 


studied with the aid of a teacher. They cover a great deal more - 
ground than is necessary for any of the special courses we ofler.-A 
Again, the ordinary textbooks are usually too theo retical - and 
they demand too great a knowledge of mathematics and other 
subjects on the part of a student for us to use them in connection 
with our system of teaching. For these reasons and others we 
have prepared our own textbooks, and have adapted them espe- 
cially to the courses in wmch they are used. To make it easier 
for the student when studying them, they have been divided into 
a large number of small parts) which we issue to the student in 
pamphlet form, and which we call Instructibn Papers. 

Thelnstruction Papers contain on an average about_SI!Lpages 
each, although many of them have a smaller number of pages 
than this, and some exceed this considerably. At the end of each 
Instruction Paper, except in a few cases in which drawing or some 
allied subject is treated, we print a listof_flU£ptions under the 
heading "Examination Questions." 

When a student enrolls we send him the" first and second 
Instruction Papers in the order of study, and if he lives a great 
distance - from us we may send him four or five. With these 
papers we send full direc tions for st udying th e paper and for 
answering th e questi ons at the end of the paper. Every jute and 
formula is illustrated by one or more exam ples immediately fol- 
lowing it, and whenever possible these examples relate to matters 
with which the student is supposed to be famili ar or to practical 
matters concerning which the course' treats. At frequent inter- 
vals, examples for practice are given. The student is directed to 
study thoroughly the first Instruction Paper, and is advised to 
work all the examples for practice. If he meets with any dif- 
ficulty that he cannot overcome, he is urged to write to the Schools 
for information and assistance. He is requested at the same time 
to send us his work on the problem as far as he can carry it, so 
that we can view the matter from his standpoint. We will give . 
him all the assistance we possibly can, and when he has finally 
completed the study of the paper, and thinks that he imderstands 
it, he writes out the answers to. the Examination Questions and 
forwards his work to us for ex amina tion and criticism. While 
this latter is being done the student takes up the second paper. 

.d by Go Ogle 

and when we return his work on the first paper we send with it 
the third paper. By this means the student always has one or 
iqflifcjnstruction Papers on hand to study, and he loses np time 
on account of any^ ^lay in the mails. The student proceeds in 
this manner until he has finished the course. We render him all 
the assistance that he needs, and even explain questions and prob- 
lems given under the head of Examination Questions, if requested. 

Any student that obtains a mark of 9 per, cent, on his work is 
passed to the Qe2i£..£ttbject. When a student has completed the 
course in this manner he is. sent a list of questions covering the 
entire course of study; no answers are given to these questions 
and the student is given no assistance in answering them. We 
have no fixed percentage for passing the student on the final 
examination, judging whether or not he ought to be allowed to 
pass on the general character of his work. If we deem it inadvis- 
able to pass the student we inform him to this effect, and direct 
him to restudy particularly certain portions of the course, con- 
cerning which he is deficient. Later, when we think that he has 
the necessary knowledge, we send him another set of Examination 
Questions, and if he answers these satisfactorily, we give him a 
Diploma or Certificate of Proficiency, as the case may be. 

If a student has great d ifficulty in studying any particular sub- 
ject in the regular manner, we give his case partic ular atten tion. 
We arrange matters so that his work always goes to t hg sam e 
pe rson for co rrection and sq that this person answers all letters or 
communications that the student sends us regarding his work. 
If necessary he is directed to study a few pages of a paper, and 
then requested to answer certain questions that are sent to him, 
but which are not included in the paper. He then studies another 
section of the paper, and answers another set of questions, and so 
on until he completes the subject. Every possible pains is taken 
to carry the student throi^h his course, and every encouragement 
that ingenuity can devise is extended to him. 

A few words in regard to the scope of our courses will not be 
out of place here. Our courses are all prepared from a utilitari an 
st afidBo int ; that is, it is always kept in view that the reason for 
the student taking one of our courses is that he desires to put the 


knowledge obtained into immedia te practical use. We are not 
aimii^ to train the mind, but to give the student such information 
regarding the principles, theory, and practice as he can use in con- 
nection with the position he isaiming to filt As a consequence, 
only so much of any particular subject is given as is necessary to 
meet the requirements for the course in which the subject is 
treated. Hence, in some courses the same subject is treated very 
fully while for other courses the treatment is greatly abbreviated. 
In all cases we hav& attempted to cut down the treatment of the- 
mathematical subjects until it covered only so much as was abso- 
lutely necessary for the student to know in order to understand 
the papers that 'followed. In certain cases, however, the treat- 
ment is very full and complete, depending on the purpose for 
which the paper is intended to be used. For example, the arith- 
metic used in our School of Commerce covers as much ground 
as that used in any Business College. Our papers entitled 
Advanced Algebra cover the subject more extensively than' the 
textbooks generally used in colleges. In preparing our various 
papers on mechanics we have followed the same general plan as 
was adopted for our papers on mathematics. 

What we term our technical papers may be divided into two 
classes — those which deal with designing, and those which deal 
with running and repairing. In either case, the papers are as a- 
rule very thorough and complete. In many cases the subjects are 
covered more fully, from the standpoint from which they are 
'written, than in any other treatises on the same subjects. In this 
connection we call attention particularly to our treatment of 
the subjects of Electri c Railw ays, Interior Wi ring, Ele vators, our 
several courses in ahop Fractice , etc. Tt" is for this reason, and 
also because of the simplicity of treatment, that a great many of 
our students are college graduates, and some of them have taken 
such of our courses as correspond most nearly with the ones that 
they pursued at college. 

As we previously stated, our t extbook s are prepared by the 
members ofjBii^aculty, assisted by writers permanently engaged 
with us. Frequently, however, the original manuscript is pre- 
pared by an expert not connected with us, the work being done 
under contract. In all such cases the manuscript after being 

.d by Go Ogle 

, received by us is thoroughly revised, edited, and in some cases 
rewritten, so as to make it suitable in every way for our courses. 
Again, our textbooks are subjected to frequent revision; in some 
instances the entire course is revised, or sometimes wholly 
rewritten; in other cases only a single paper may be revised or 
rewritten; but hi any case we are grea tly assisted in this work 
by the criticis ms of our s tudents, and the difficulties they encounter 
when studying, as revealed by their work. 

International Corrbspokdbnce Schools 


Mow to Use This List 

NAMES and addresses of the students are arranged in the 
following manner: 

The first coltinin gives the name of the student and 
the last two figures of the year in which he was enrolled. 
The second column gives his address, and the third 
column indicates the couri>e taken and shows the num- 
ber of subjects and drawing plates he has completed, 
and also whether he has received a certificate of proficiency or at 
diploma. In those cases in which there are ten or more 
students whose names are given on this list in one town or 
city, the name of the town or city is printed in bold-face type 
over the second column. It is then followed by the name of the 
county in small CAPS. When the number of students is less than 
ten in any one town or city, the name of the town or city in which 
the student resides is printed first, and is followed by the street 
and number, if any, and followed again by the name of the county 
printed in small CAPS. The name of the state or country, in case 
of foreign countries, is printed at the top of each page, when 
practicable, and in the case of the Dominion of Canada, it is followed 
by the name of the province. The cities and towns are then 
arranged alphabetically according to the states or provinces, and 
can be readily located as soon as the state or province has been 
found. The states are also arranged alphabetically. 

In explanation of the third column, it may be stated that in 
order to distinguish our students and to tell in all cases what 
course each is taking, whether it is a revised course or an old 
course, etc., we give each student what we call a "class letter." 
This class letter is usually limited to one or two letters, but 
may, in a few cases, consist of three letters. These class letters 
are the first letters given in the third column, and are followed 
by abbreviations indicating the number of subjects completed, the 
Dumber of drawing plates completed, and whether the student has 


fr diploma or certificate of proficiency. *The niiinber of subjects 
is indicated by the Dumber preceding the letter S. The number 
of plates is indicated by the number preceding the letter P. If 
the student has a diploma, the preceding abbreviations are 
followed by the letter D, and if he has a certificate of proficieBcy, 
the letter C is used instead of D. There is really very little dif- 
ference between our diploma and our certificate of proficiency. 
The diploma we reserve for the longer and more difficult courses, 
and the certificate of proficiency is issued to students that have 
completed single subjects or short courses. 

In many cases Instruction Papers- are printed in several parts 
under the same title. In all such cases the subject ha& been 
regarded as a single paper, except in a few instances where this 
was inadvisable. For instance, our course in Retail Advertising 
lis comprised in thirteen papers under the general title of Retail 
Advertising, and identified as Retail Advertising, Part 1, Part 2, 
and so on to Retail Advertising, Part 13. For th€ purpose of this 
compilation we. have assigned a number of new titles to these 
papers, so as to make the course appear to consist of more than 
one subject, as it really does. This has also been done in the 
case of one or two other courses. 

In case it is desired to look up the record of any particular 
student, as, for example, the record of T, F. Whearthy, Bayview, 
Mass., we look for Massachusetts in its regular alphabetical order. 
Having found the state, we then find Bayview and the student's 
name, opposite which is, in the third column, SM, 7S, 15P, D. 
The letter D, as before stated, signifies that this student has com- 
pleted his course, "but if it is desired to know what subjects are 
included in the course, refer to the index immediately following 
this explanation, and look for SM in the left-hand column. ■ It is 
there seen that SM signifies the Surveying and Mapping Course, 
and that the list of subjects included in this course is given on 
page S. '. 

It will be noticed that the page numbers in this index are 
printed in Italics, to distinguish them from page numbers in the 
general list. Referring then to page S, there will be found under 
the heading Surveying and Mapping the list of subjects included 
in the course. The fifteen drawing plates referred to as corn- 

ed byGoOglc 

pleted are included in the subjects of Geometrical Drawing and 
Mappinff. Under the list of subjects included in this Course will 
be found a note stating that Algebra and Logarithms were 
formerly included in this course. This note was placed here for 
" the- reason that some of the students in the Surveying ' and 
Mapping Course completed these two subjects and others did not. 
Hence, while both classes of students received a diploma, one 
class studied two subjects less than the other class did. In a few 
cases, it will be noticed that the name of the same student appears 
twice. This is because he has taken two separate courses. In all 
cases in which plates are drawn in connection with the study of 
a subject, the number of plates required to be drawn follows the 
title of the subject. 

In arranging the names of the subjects forming the various 
courses, these subjects have been placed in the order in which the 
student usually studies them. In some cases students have been 
permitted to study subjects outside of the regular order, when 
this would not interfere with their successfully completing their 
courses. Some courses have been abolished and others snbsti- 
tnted for them. Such courses are placed at the ead of the list. 

- In a few cases, the class letters printed differ in some respect 
from the class letters in regular use. It has been necessary to 
change these letters, for the reason that formerly we sometimes 
used the same class letter for several courses. For instance, all 
the courses included in our School of Steam Engineering were 
originally designated by the class letter H. We have added to 
this letter one or more other letters so as to identify the course 

The list does not include students who take only one subject, 
as, for example, the subject of arithmetic, or algebra, or spelling, 
etc.; it also does not include the names of students who have 
requested us not to make their names and addresses public. 






The number opposite each class letter refers to the page on which the 
list of subjects of the Course repr^ented by the class letter is given. 

For class letters beginning with CS or HH and having four or more 
letters, refer to "Shop Practice, Combinations of 2, 3, or 4 Divisions," page 
13 of the List of Subjects. 

A Complete Architectural i 

AA Complete Stenographic e 

AB Air Brake 18 

AC Complete Architectural , i 

AD Architectural Drawing and Desigtiing i 

AG Building Contractors . ." / 

Bridge Engineering 8 

Complete Commercial I 

Complete Stenographic f 

Building Contractors' '* 1 

Ornamental Design ; ^ 

BookkeejMnE and Business Forms £ 

Commercial Law '. t 

Advertising * 

Window Dressing . . - t 

Window Dressing, Show-Card Writing, and Advertising .■. . . t 

Window Dressing and Show-Card Wnting f 

Window Dressing and Advertising 5 

Show-Card Writing and Advertising $ 

Window Dressing. Show-Card Writing, and Advertising « 

Window Dressing and Show-Card Wnting g 

Show-Card Writing and Advertising ' $ 

Mechanical it 

General Chemistry S 

Chemistry and Chemical Technology S 

Complete Commercial I 

Ornamental Design ^ 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid 5 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Alkalies and Hydrochloric Acid $ 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Iron and Steel > S 

Chemistry and Packinghouse Industries J 

Chemistry and Cottonseed Oil and Products S 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Leather 4 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Soap i 







Complete Coal liming IS 

Chemistry Mtd HsnufRCtnre of Cement i 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Paper 4 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Sugar i 

Chemistry of Petroleum and Products i 

Complete Shop Practice IS 

Shop Practice, Machine Shop Division , 15 

Shop Practice, Toolnialrii« Division IS 

Shop Practice, PattemmaJcinK Division tS 

Shop Practice, Foundry Work Division H 

,Shop Practice, aiacksmithing and Porging Division li 

Teachers' 11 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Gas 4 

General ChemisUy S 

Ornamental Design 4 

Ornamental Desij^ 4 

Drawing, Sketchrog, and Perspective 4 

Drawing, Sketching, and PerEpective 4 

Complete Lettering and Sign Painting S 

.Complete Lettering and Sign Painting S 

Sheet Metal Pattern Draftmg 5 

Mechanical Drawing 9S 

Mechanical Drawing: fS 

Architectural Drawing S 

Architectural Drawing e 

Sheet-Metal Pattern Drafting : 6 

Mechanical Drawing . . . ^ S 

Mechanical Drawing S 

Show-Card Writing ". S 

Show-Card Writing S 

Electrical 6 

Electrical Engineering S 

English Branches; Firet tl 

Mechanical Drawing SS 

Electrical 8 . 

Telephone Engineering ; ff 

Telegraph Engineerinjr 6 

Electric Power and Lighting t$ 

Electric Lighting tt 

Electric Railways, M 

Wiring and Bellwork $4 

F,lectnc Lighting ff 

Electric Car Running 9 

Electric Lighting and Railways 8 

Dynamo Running 7 

Interior Wiring 7 

Electric Railways .■■...... 7 

Advanced Electric Lighting 7 

Advanced Electric Railways 7 

Electrical Engineering B 

Advanced Electric Lighting 7 

Pull Mining 14 

■ French Language li 

German Language It 

Spanish Language tt 

>y Google 

G Pag, 

Short Coal Mining /* 

Civil En^neeriag 5' 

Railroad BngineeTin^ 8 

Surveying and Happing , 8 

Brid^ Ennneering S 

Municipal Engineering 9 

Hydraulic Engineering P 

Stationary En^eera' f ^ 

Marine Engineers' S 

Locomotive Engineering , M 

Complete Locomotive gM 

St«am-El«ctric 8 

Complete Steam Engineering 10 

Engine and Dynamo Rtmning 10 

Gaa Bnt ' 

Advanced Engine Running If 

Locomotive Engineering tS 

Marine Gnraneers' 9 

Refrigeration I4 

Stationary Engineers' 9^ 

Farm Machinery ' 14 

Manidpal Bni 

Engliah Bnmc^ies, Fiist . _ _ 

Bn^b Branches, Second 11 

Teachers' 11 

Methods of Teachmg 19 

Mathematics and Phyincs IS 


Electric Power and Lighting 99 

Wiring and Bellwork ti 

Electric Lighting $t 

Electric Car Running ff 

Electric Railways 99 

Heating and Ventilation . . 

Ocean Navigation 

Lake and Coast Navigatior 

Chemistry 99 

Spanish Lwiguage 15 

Spanish Language 19 

German Language 19 

German Language 19 

French Language i$ 

French Language 19 

Architectural Drawing e 

Mechanical Engineering 19 

Prencb-BngUcli 19 

Locomotive Running, Divirion 3 17 

Complete Lettering and Sign Painting B 


>y Google 



M Pat, 

Mine Mechanical tS 

Mechanical Engineering It 

Mechanical jk 

Mechanical Engineering ;* 

Mechanical Drawing tS 

Electrical Engineering S 

Shop Practice, Machine Shop Division ^5 

Complete Shop Practice > .■ IS 

Shop Practice, Machine Shop Division '. JS 

Shop' Practice, Toolmaking Division IS 

Shop Practice, Pattemmakjng Division , iS 

Mechanical Locomotive SS 

Metal Mining IS 

Shop Practice, Foundry Work Division 14 

Shop Practice, Blacksniithing and Forging Division !i 

Metal Prospectors' 16 

Farm Machinery li 

Gaa Engines 14 

Refrigeration ti 

Mechanical li 

Mechanical 1$ 


Sanitary Plumbing and Gas-Pittjng . . 17 

Pull Mining U 

Complete Coal Mining IS 

Heta) Mining IS 

Short Coal Mining /* 

Metal Prospectors' .' 10 

Complete Metallurgy 16 

HydrometaQurgy ' 16 

Smelting 16 

Milling la 

Ocean Navigation 7» 

Inorganic and Organic Chemistry M 

Drawing, Sketching, and Perspective 4 


Sanitary Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilation 17 

Sanitary Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilation 17 

Sanitary Plumbing and Gas-Fitting 17 

Sanitary Plumbing i ^ 17 

Drawing, Sketching, and Perspective ', ^ 

Methods of Teaching 11 

Gas-Fitting. 17 

HBating and Ventilation 17 

Sanitary Plumbing 17 

Gas-Fitting i . , , 17 


Railroad Engineering 8 

Mechanical Locomotive SS 

Mechanical Locomotive es 

Mechanical LocomoHve gS 

Locomotive Running, Di\'ision 3 17 

Trainmen's or Carmen's, Division 1 18 

Air Brake, Division 1 18 

Roundhouse ei 

Locomotive Running, Complete .•. 17 

Locomotive Running, Division 1 , t8 



HIT Locomctive Running, Division 2 . . , . 

RO Locomotive Running. Division 3 ., . , 

BP Locomotive Running, DivinoD 4 . , . . 

RR Air Brake, Comfilete 

RS Air Brake, Division 1 

RV Trainmen s or Carmen's, Complete . , 

RW Trainmen's or Carmen's. Division 1 . . 

RTA Roundhouse, Division 1 

RTB Roundhouse, Division 2 

RZA Air Brake, Division 3 

RZB Air Brake, Diviaon 4 

Civil Engineering 8 

Complete Cotton 19 

Cotton Carding and Spinning IS 

Cotton Spinning and Warp Preparatidn ._ IS 

Cotton Warp Preparation and Plain Weaving .' , . tO 

Fancy Cotton Weaving tO 

Cotton. Carding. Spinnmg, and Plain Weaving £0 

Telegraph Engineering 6 

Complete Textile Designing . . , '. SO 

Theory of Textile Designing SO 

Cotton Designing SI 

^ Woolen and Worsted Designing SI 

Silk Designing ^ S4 

Complete Woolen SI 

Woolen Carding and Spinning SI 

Telephone Engmeering 6 

Trainmen's or Carmen s, Division 1 IS 

Woolen Warp Preparation and Weaving SS 

Fancy Woolen Weaving SS 

Textile Coloring , S4 

Hydraulic En^neering . . 
Mathematics and Physics 

Sheet-Metal Pattern Drafting .. 
Sheet-Metal Pattern Drafting . . 







Complste Architecturml — AC; A 


PormnUs Sheet-Jietal Work 

Geometry and Meiuuration Electric- Light Wiring mad Bellworic . 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Flumbiag and Gas-Pitting 

Architectural Drawing, 12 P. Heating and Ventilation 

Ornamental Drawing, P. Painting and Decorating 

Advanced Architectural Drawing, IS P. ir~i;~~< — j r-.i — 1«*;_. 

(10 Plates optional 
iiMatmry Architectural Design 

Cttpentry ^ecilications 

loinerv Building Superintendence 

Contracts and Permits 
Architectural Engineering 

Elementary Mechanics, Hydromechanics, and Pneumatics were formerly included 
in this Courae. With the adoption of the present order of studies some titles were 
changed; fhe subject matter was to a considerable extent rearranged; and some Papers 
were combined with others under a single title, the scope of the Course as a whoTe being 

Archliectund Drawing and Designing — AD 
Arithmetic Ornamental Drawing, 8 P. 

Pormulaa Advanced Architectural Drawing, 18 P (10 

Geometry and Measnration Plates optional) 

Geometncal Drawing, tl P. History of^ Architecture 

Architectural Drawing, 12 P. Architectural Design . 

Building Contractors' — AG; BC 
Arithmetic Masonry 

Pormulaa Carpentry 

Geometry and Mensuration Joinery 

Geometncal Drawing.9 P. Stair Building 

Architectural Drawing, 12 P Estimating and Calculating Quantities 


Complete Commercial — BA; CC 
Letter Writing 

ipelling Single-Entry Bookkeeping 

ilanting Penmanship t, . , . — . ^ . . 

Vertical Penmanship 

B Penmanship Double-En^ Bookkee^ng 

Grammar Modem OfSce Methods* 

Punctuation and Capitalisation* Stenography 

Either part of Penmanship is optional. 

*Pormerly not included in this Course. 



Complste Stenographic — ^BB; A A 
SppUii^ , Grammar 

Slantine Penmanship Punctuation and Capitalisation* 

Vertical Penmanship Letter Writing 

Either part of Penmanship is optional. 

Bookkee{dDg and Business Forma — BE; X 
Arithmetic Single-Entry Bookkeeping 

Slanting Penmanship Dsuble-Entry Bookkeeping 

Vertical Penmanship . Opening, Closing, and Changipg Books 

Uodem Office Methods* 
Either part of Penmanship is optional. 

Commercial Law — B K 

Law of Mechanics" Liens 

Law of Guaranty and Suretyship 
Law of Executors and Admmistrators 
Law ot Wills Law of Debtor and Creditor 

Law of Contracts Law of Business and Commerce 

Law of Commercial Papers Law of Trusts 

Law ot Banks and Banking Law of Hnsband and Wife 

Law of Partnership Law of Divorce 

Law of Corporations Law of Parent and Child 

Law of Building Associations Law of Guardian and Ward 

Law of Beneticial Associations Law of Notaries Public 

Law of Agency Law of Justices of the Peace 

Law of Master and Servant Law of Patents, Copyright, and Trade- 

Law of Bailments Marks 

Law of Landlord and Tenant Law of Insurance 

Law of Mines and Mining 

Advertisement Construction** Specimen Ads** 

Principles of Typographical Display** Printing and Copy Preparation** 

Ad Illustrations and Stereotyping** SupplementaiT' Advertising** — 

Engraving Processes** Advertising Management** 

Department- Store Advertising** 

Window Drearing — BO 

Coverings, Plaitings, and Puftingsf Men and Women's Pmnishings 

Smocking, Paneling, and Fresco Decora- Handkerchiefs 

tionat - J Linens 

Wall- and Cr^pe-Paper Decorationst House Furnishings 

Festooning and Curtain Drapingt Miscellaneous Merchandise 

Colors and Color Combinationsf Decorations 

Dress Goods Collection of Artistic Displays 

White Goods Illumination and Motion in Displays 

Clothing Fixtures and Useful Information 

Foot, Hand, and'Head Covering Ideas for Window Decorations 

^nndow Dressing, Show-Card Writing, end AdvortlBing — ^BP; BT 
This Course contains all the subjects taught in the Window Dressing, Show-Card 
Writing, and Advertising Coursei. given on pages t. S. and 8. 

Window Dressing and Show-Card Writing — BQ; BY 
This Course contains all the subjects taught in the Window Dressing and Sbow-Card 
Writing Courses, given on pages S and 5. 

♦Formerly not included in this Course, 

**Printed under the general title of Retail Advertising, in 13 parts. 

tPrinted under the general title of Backgrounds, in 12 parts. 



window Drwrfng aod AdTutiiliig — BR 
This Course contains all the subjects Uught in the Window Dressing and Advertisiag 
Courses, given on page $, 

Show-Csrd Writiag and Advertlsliig — BS; BW 
This Course contains all the subjects taught in the Show-Card Writing and Adver- 
tising Connes, given on pages S and t. 

General Chemiatry — CA; D 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inoivanic Chemistry 
Functions Qua&tative Analysis 

dumistry and Chemical Technology — CB 
Manufacture of Iron 
Manufacture of Steel 
Manufacture of Cement 
Physics Manufacture of Paper 

Theoretical Chemistry Manufacture of Sugar 

Inoivanic Chemistry Petroleum and Products 

Qua£tative Analysis Manufacture of Gas 

Quantitative Analysis Packing- House Industries 

Oi^anic Chemistry Cottonseed Oil and Products 

Sulphuric Add Manufacture of Leather 

AUc^lies and Hydrochloric Add Manufacture of Soap 

Chemistry an4 Blanufacture of Sulphuric Add — CE 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Functions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Sulphuric Add 

Chemistry and Uanufacture (rt Alkalies and Hydrochlorie Add — CF 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Functions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics AUcalies and Hydrochloric Add 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Iron and Steel — C G 

Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Functions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Manufacture of Iron 

Manufacture of Steel 

Cbemlstry and Paddng-House Industries — C H 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Fimctions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Packing-House Industries 

Chemistry and Cottonseed 6il and Products — CI 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Fimctions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Cottonseed Oil and Products 



ChunlBtrj uut MuudActim of LeatlMr — C J 

Arithmetic Theoretical Chemiitry 

BlemenUuy Algebra and TriKonometric Inoi^anic Chemisti^ 

Punctioiu QuaStative Analysu 

' Physics Quantitative AnalyHU 

Hanufacttire m Leather 

Chemiatry and Hanttfactnre of So^i — C K 

Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric InoKanic ChtaoBtiy 

FimctLtMiB QuaUtative Analysu 

Physics Quantitative Analysis 

Uanufacture of Soap 

Cbemistiy and Hannfactnra of C«ment — CH 

Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

ElementBTy Algebra and Trigonometric Inoisanic Chemistry 

Functions QuaStative Analysis 

Physics _ Quantitative Analysis 

Uanufacture of Cement 

Chsmistry and Manufacture of Paper — CO 

Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inoreanic Chemistiy 

Functions QuaEtative' Analysis 

Physics Quantitative Analysis 

Manufacture of Paper 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Sugar — C Q 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Functions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Oivanic Chemistry 

Hanufactiuv of Sugar 

Chemistry of Petroleum and Products— CR 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Iikorganic Chemistry 

Functions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Petroleum and Products 

Chemistry and Manufacture of Oaa — C V 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemistry 

Functions Quantitative Analysis 

Physics Orranic Chemistry 

Manufacture of Gaa 

Ortuunsntal Design — DA; DB; BD; CD 
Geometrical Drawing, 5 P. Practical Deagn 

Freehand Drawing, 6 P. Applied Design 

Historic Ornament Historic Ornamental Drawing, • 

Elements of Ornament Color Harmony, 2 P.* 

Drawing, Sketching, and Penpective— D E; DF; PD; 
Geometrical Drawing, P. Elements of Perspective 

Freehand Drawing, fl P. Perspective Drawing, 4 P. 

Historic Ornament Color Harmony; 2 P.* 

•Not counted as a separate subject, but credit is given for Plates drawn by student 


Completa Lattering and Siga Paintinc — DG; DH; LS; SP 
BlemenU of Lettering PormstioD of Letten 

Lettering and Sign Paiating, 34 P. 

ArcbltMtttna Drawing— D L; D H; U D ; L D 
Arithmetic] Gemnetrical Drawing, 9 P. 

Formulas Architectural Drawing, 12 P. 

Geometry and Hensuration . Ornamental Drawing,. 6 P. 

Advanced Architectural Drawing, 18 P. (10 Plates optional) 

ShMt-Hetal Pattern Drafting — D IT; D I; T; Z 

Arithmetic* Development of Surfaces. 5 P. 

Uensuraticin* Practical Pattern Problems 

Instrumental Drawing, 2 P. Architectural Proportion 

Geometrical Drawing, 8 P. Devdopment of Moldings 

Practical Projection, 7 P. Skylights 

With the adoption of the present order of studies some titles were changed; the 
subject matter was to a considerable extent rearranged; and new Papers were added, 
the scope of the Cowse as a whole being increased. 

Hechanical Drawing— DO; DP 
Arithmetic Mechanical Drawing, 16 P. 

Mensuration ' Practical Projection, 7 P, (Optional) 

Geometrical Drawing, B P. Development of Surfaces, 6 P (Optional) 

Show-card Writing— DV; DW 
Show-Card Writing Letter Formation, 16 P. 

Show-Card Design and Ornament 
The second subject ^vea is not counted as a subject; credit is given instead for the 
Plates drawn. 

Electrical Bl^^neering— E W ; EA; H E 
Arithmetic Strength of Materials 

Formulas . Applied Mechanics 

Geometric^ Drawing, 9 P. Steam Boilers 

Mec'hanical Drawing, 16 P. (2 Plates optional) Machine Design 

Practical Projection, 7 P. (Optional) Principles of Electricity and Magnetism 

Development of Surfaces. 5 P. (Optional) Qlectncal Measurements 
Geometry and Trigonometry Batteries 

Elementary Mechuiics Applied Electricity 

Hydromechanics Electric Transmission 

Algebra Electric Lighting 

Logarithms ' Electric Railways 

Pnemnalics Dynamo-Electnc Machine Design 

Heat Motor Design 

Steam and Steam Engines Theory of Attemating-Current Apparatus 

Design of Alternating- Current Apparatus 
Formulas is not sent to students tatdng Algebra directly after Arithmetic. With 
the adoption of the present order of studies the titles of some electrical Papers were 
changed: the subject matter of the electrical Papers was to a considerable extent 
rearranged; and new Papers were added, the scope of the electrical part of the Course 
being increased. The option of taking Practical Projection and Development of Sur- 
faces is r^ularly given to students having class letter E W. 

"Printed under the general title of Arithmetic, in 12 parts. 

.^:zo.oy Google 


Electrical — EF; E 
Arithmetic Electrical Heaaurementa 

Pormulas Batteries 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Applied Electricity^ 

Mechanical Drawing, 16 P. (2 Plates optional) Electric TransnuBsion 
Geometry and Trigonoroetry Electric Lighting 

Elementary Mechanics Electric Railways 

Algebra Dynamo- Electric Machine Design 

Loj^arithms Motor Design 

Principles of Electricity and Magnetism Theory of Alternating-Current Apparatus 

Design of Altemating-CtuTcnt Apparatus 
Formulas is not sent to students taking Algebra directly after Arithmetic. With 
the adoption of the present order of studies some titles were changed ; the subject matter 
was to a considerable extent rearranged; and several new Papers were added, the scope 
of the Course as a whole being increased. 

Telephone Engineering — ^EG; TP 
■ Arithmetic Elementary Mechanics 

Mensuration Prindples of Electricity and M^netism 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Electncal Measurements 

Functions Batteries 


TeUi^ph Bngineering — EH; TO 
Arithmetic Principles of Electricity and Magnetism 

Mensuration Electncal Measurements 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Batteries 

Functions Elements of Telegraph Operating 

Elementary Mechanics (Optional) 


Electric Lighting — EN 

Arithmetic Dynamo- Electric Machinery 

Mensuration Alternating Currents 

Principles of Mechanics Electric Transmission 

Machine Elements Electric Lighting 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism Interior Wiring 

Dynamos and Motors Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Operation of Dynamos and- Motors Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) - 

Electric Car Ronoiog — BO; JM 
Motor Principles General Instructions 

Methods of Control* Metallic- Retuni System 

Car Equipment Brakes 

Heating and Lighting , Hints or Operation 

Electric Lighting and Rxilways — ^EP 

Arithmetic Dynamo- Electric Machinery 

Mensuration Alternating Currents 

Principles of Mechanics Electric Transmission 

Machine Elements Electric Lighting 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism Electric Railways 

Dynamos and Motors Interior Wiring 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) 

'Printed imder the title of Car Equipment. Parts 1 to ft. 

, I zo.oy Google 


Dynamo ] 

Principles of Mecfaanics (Optional) ' ■ 
Hachjne Elements (Optional) 

Blements of Electricity and MaKoetism 
Dynamos and Motors 
Operation of Dynamos and Motors 
Dynajno-Electnc Machinery 

Interior Vlring — B R 
Arithmetic Dynamos and Motors 

Mensuration Interior Wiring 

a of Electricity and Magnetism Geometrical Drawing, 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) • . 

Electric Railways — E S 
Arithmetic- , Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Mensuration Dynamo-Electnc Machinery 

Principles of Mechanics Alternating Currents 

Machine Elements Electric Transmission 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism Electric Railways 

Dynamos and Motors Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) 



Principles of Mechanics 

Machine Elements 

Heat and Steam 

Types of Steam Boilers 

Bouer Details 

Boiler Pittii^ 

Combustion, Firing, and Draft 

Boiler Hanagement 

Boiler Peeding and Peedwater Problems 

The Steam En^e 

The Indicator 

Engine Testii^ 

Advanced Electric Railways — EV 

Valve Gears 
Com^und Engines 

Engme Management 

Steam Heating 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Dvnamo- Electric Machinery 

Alternating Currents 

Electric Transmission 

Electric Railways 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) 

Adronced Electric 
Principles of Mechanics 
Machine Elements 
Heat and Steam 
Types of Steam Boilers 
Boiler Details 
Boiler Pittinga 

Combostion, Firing, and Draft 
Boiler Han^ement 

Boiler Feeding and Peedwater Problerns 
The Steam Engine 
The Indicator 
Engine Testing 

Ligbting— EX; EU 
Valve Gears 

Compotmd Engines 
Engme Management 

Steam Heating 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Dynamo- Electric Machinery 

Alternating Currenia 

Electric Transmission 

Electric Lighting 

Interior Wiring (Optional) 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Option^) 




Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. 

Mechanical Drawing, 9 P. 

Geometry and Trigonometry 

Elementarv Uechanics 





Elementary Graphical Statics 

Strength <a Material! 

Analysis of Stresses 

Proportioning the Material 

Details of Construction 

Details, Bills, and Estimates 


Land Sorveying 

Mapping, P. 

Railroad Location 

Railroad Construction 


Formulas is not sent to students ti 

A; T 
Railroad Structures 

Streets and Highways 
H^nirauUc Machinery 
Water Supply and Distribution 


Steorn and St«un Engines 

Steam Boilers 


Elements of Blectridty and Magnetism* 

Dynamos and Motors 

Electric Lighting 

Electric Rulways 

Descriptive Astronomy 

Elementary Chemistry 

ing Algebra directly after Arithmetic. 

Railroad Engineering — OB; R 
Arithmetic Pneumatics 

Ponnulas Strength of Materials 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Surveying 

Mechanical Drawing, 9 P Land Surveying 

Geometry and Trigonometry Mapping, B P. 

Elementary Mechanics Railroad Location 

Hydromechanics Railroad Construction 

Algebra Track work 

Logarithms Railroad Structures 

Formulas is not sent to students taldi^ Algebra directly after Arithmetic. 

Surveying and Happing — GC; SH 
, Arithmetic Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. 

Formulas Surveying 

Geometry and Trigonometry Land Surveying 

Mapping, 6 P. 
Algebra and Logarithms were formeriy included tn this Course. 

Bridge Engineering — OD; B 

Arithmetic Logarithms 

Formulas Pneumatics 

Geometrical Drawing. 9 P. Elementary Graphical Statics 

Mechanical Drawing, 9 P. Strength of Materials 

Geometry and Trigonometry Analysis of Stresses 

Elementary Mechanics Proportioning the Material 

Hydromecnanics Details of Construction 

A^bra Details, Bills, and Estimates 

zo.oy Google 


Hnnidpal EngioMiliie — GT; I 

Arithmetic Pneumatica 

Ponnulas Strength of Materials 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Surveying 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. Land Surveying 

Geometry find Trigonometry Mapping, 6 P. 

Blementaiy Mechanics Drainage 

Hydromechanics Sevens 


Formulas is n 

Streets and Highways 
o •tudenta taking Algebra directly aCt«r Arithmetic 

Bytfnuilic EngUwering— O Q; V 
Arithmetic Strength of Materials 

Pormulaa Surve3dng 

Geometrical Drawing. 9 P. Surveying and Mapping, 5 P 

Mechanical Drawing, 5 P. Steam Engine Mecnanism* 

Geometry and Trigonontetry Steam and Steam Engines 

Elementary Mechanics Steam Bpilere 

Algebra Waterwneets 

Logarithms Hydraulic Machinery 

Hydraulics Water Supply and Distribution 

Pneumatics Irrigation 

Formulas is not sent to students taking Algebra directly after Arithmetic, 

Harlna Engineers'— 


Principles of Mechanics 
Machine Elements 
Mechanics of Fluids 

Strength of Materials 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Steam and Steam Boilers 

Steam Boiler Management! 

Steam Engines 

Machinery of Western River Steamboats 

Recent Developments in Marine En^neer- 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optioiial) 
Machinery of Western River Steamboats and Recent Developments in Marine 
Engineering were formerly not included in this Course. With the adoption of the 
present order of studies some titles were changed; the subject matter was to a con- 
siderable extent rearranged; and some Papers printed under a single title and in parts 
were given separate titles, the scope of the Course as a whole bqing mcreased. . 

Principles of Mechanics 
Machuie Elements 
Mechanics of Fluids 
Strength of Materials 
Heat and Steam 
Types of Steam Boilers 
Bcnler Details 
Boiler PittJi^ - 
Boiler Design 

Steam-Electric — H D 

Combustion, Firing, and Draft 
Economic Combustion of Coal 
Automatic Furnaces and Mechanical 

Boiler Installation 
Boiler Management 
Boiler Trials 

Boiler Feeding and Feedwater Problems 
The Steam Engine 

:zo.oy Google 


Steam-Electrio— H D — Contlnned 

Valve Gears 
Compound Engines 
Engine Management 
Engine InstaUation 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Steam Heating 
Alternating Currents 
Electric Transmission 
Electric Lighting 
Electric Railways 
Interior Wiring 
Geometrical Drawing, 9 P, 
Mechanical Drawing. 7 P. 

Complete Steam Engineering — 



Principles of Mechanics 

Machine Elements 

Mechanics of Fluids 

Strength of Materials 

Heat and Steam 

Types of Steam Boilers 

Boder Details 

Boiler Fittings 

Boiler Design 

Combustion, Firing, and Draft 

Economic Combustion of Coal 

Automatic Furnaces and Mechanical 

Boiler Installation 
Boiler Management 
Boiler Trials 

Boiler Feeding and Feedwater Problems 

The Steam Engine 

The Indicator 

Engine Testing 


Valve Gears 


Compotmd F 

Engine Mani 

Engine Insta 

Elements of Electricity and M^netisi 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 


Steam Heating 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P, 

Engine and Dynamo Running — ^H F 

Arithmetic " ^ 


Principles of Mechanics 

Machine Elements 

Heat and Steam 

Types of Steam Boilers 

Boiler Details 

Boiler Fittin« 

Combustion, Firing, and Draft 

Boiler Management 

Boiler Feeding and Feedwater Problems 
The Steam Engine 
Valve Gears 
Engine Management 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Dynamo- Electric Machinery 

Eleval "^ ■■- - " 



Principles of Mechanics 

Machine Elements 

Heat and Steam 

Types of Steam Boilers 

Boiler Details 

Boiler Fittings 

Combustion, Firing, and Draft 

Boiler Management 

Boiler Feeding and Feedwater Problems 

! (Optior 

Engine Running — H B 

The Steam Engine 
Valve Geare 
Engine Management 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetise 

Dynamos and Motors (Optional) 
Operation of Dynamos and Motors 

Elevators (Optional) 
Steam Heating 

:zo.oy Google 

Advuice^ EnfliM Rmmltag — HJ 



Principles of Mechanics 

Machine Elements 

Heat and Steam 

Types of Steam Boilers 

Bdler Details 

Boiler Fitting 

Combustion, Firing, and Draft 

Boiler Management 

Boiler Feeding and Peedwater Problec 

The Steam Engine 

The Indicator 

Engine Testing 
Valve Gears 
Comjxmnd Engines 
Engine Management 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism 

Dynamos and Motors 

Operation of Dynamos and Motors 


Steam Heating 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) 

BngUata Bnuiches, nrst-^I A; E B 

Arithmetic Punctuation and Capitalization 

Spelling Letter Writing ' 

SlantiikK Penmanship Ge^^aphy 

VertScal Penmanship U. 5. Histoiy 

Grammar U. S. Civil Government 

Vertical Penmanship was formerly not included in this Course; Punctuation and 
Capitalisation was formerly presented as a part of Granmiar. Either part of Penman- 
ship ia optional. 

Bngliih Branches, Second — IB; ZZ 

Vertical Penmanship 
ihip Punctuation and Capitatisation 

Letter Writing 
Either part of Penmanship is optional. 

Slanting Penmanship 
Vertical Penmanship 

Punctuation and Capitalizati 
Double- Entry Bookkeeping 
Geometrical Drawing, 9 P^ 
Freehand Drawing, 6 P. 
Historic Ornament 
Elements of Penpective 
Perepective Drawing, A P. 

Taachera' — IC; CT 

Color Harmony, 2 P.* 


Pedagogics of Arithmetic 

Pedagogics of Granmiar 
•a Pedagogics of Geography 

Pedagogics of Histoiy 

Pedagogics of Orthography 



Physical Geography 

Composition ana Rhetoric 
U. S. Civil Government 
n% formerly not included in this Course. Either part of 

Methods of Teaching— ID; PB 

Pedagogics of Orthography 

*Not connted as a separate subject, but credit is given for Plates drawn by student 


Omsd HftTlgation — KA; VH 

Compass Errors* 

Logarithms Nautical A8troaom]r 

CieoToetiy and Trigonometry Ocean Meteorologr 

Spheric^ Trigonometry Rulea of the Ro^ 

Lake .and Coast HavlgatlDii — KB 

Geometry and Mensuration 
Compass Errors** ' 

Lake Navigation 

SpanUb Languag« — LA; FS; LAP 

Gemum Langu«g»— L B ; F G ; L B P 

ConveraationAl Lessons. 16 Parts Geiman Grammar^ 12 Parts 

German Reader, 12 Parts 

French Languags — L C ; F F ; L C P 

Conversational Lessons, IG Parts French Grammar, 12 Parts 

French Reader, 12 Parts 

Fr«ncb-Engllsh — L F 

Mechanical Englneeiinc — ^HC; HA; LE 

Hechaolcai— HT; HU; HB; C 

Arithmetic Logarithms 

Pormnlas Pneumatica 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Heat 

Mechanical Drawing, 16 P. Steam and Steam Engines 

Practical Projection, 7 P. {Optional) Strength of Materials 

Development of Surfaces, C P. (Optional) Applied Mechanics 

Geometry and Trigonometry Steam Boileis 

Elementary Mechaiiics Machine Des^ 

Hydromechanics Elements of Electricity and Hagnetismt 

Algebra Dynamos and Motors 

Formulas is not sent to students taking Algebra directly after Arithmetic. The 
option of taking Practical Projection and Development of Surfaces is regularly given 
to students havuig class letters H U, H V, H C. 

"Printed under the title of Navigation, Part 1. 
**Print«d under the title of Lake Navigation, Part 1. 
tPrinted under the title of Dynamos and Motors. Part t. 

:zo.oy Google 


Complel* Shop Practice — M H; C S 
Readiag Working Drawings (Optional) 

Heasurin^ Instromenta , 

Precinon Meastiremeats Wood Working 

Lathe Work Wood Tunung 

Woridng Chilled Iron Pattem-Shop Equipmentf 

Planer Work Pattemmaking 

Shaper and Slotter Work Molding in Generalt 

Driuing and Boiue Green-Sand Molding 

Hilling-Uat^e WotIl Core Making 

Gear Calculations ' Dry-Sand and Loam Work 

Gear-Cutting Cnpola Practice 

Grinding Mixing Cast Iron 

Bench, Vice, and Floor Work Machine Molding 

Erecting Foundry Appliances 

ta,,^ u7^». Malleable Casting 

Toolmaking ' Blacksmith-Shop Equipmenttt 

Blacksmi thing and Forging 
With the adoption of the present order of studies some titiea were changed; the 
subject matter was to a considerable extent rearranged; some Papers formerly pre- 
sented under a single titie and in parts were given separate titles; and new Papers were 
added the scope of the Course as a whole being increased. 

Shop Practice, Macblne-Shop Division — MP; HI; CSF 
Reading Working Drawings (Optional) Gear Calculations 

Arithmetic Gear-Cutting 

Lathe Work Grinding 

Working Chilled Iron (Optional) Bench, Vice, and Floor Work 

Planer Work Erecting 

Shaper and Slotter Work Shop Hints 

Drilling and Boring Measuring Instruments 

Hilling- Machine Work Precision Measurements 

See remarlm under Shop Practice Course, on this page. 

Shop Practice, Toolmaking Dirision — ^U J; OS J 

Gauges and Gauge Making 
Measuring Instruments Dies and Die Matting 

Precision Meqenrements Jiga and Jig Making 

General Tool-Room Work* Shop Hints (Optional) 

See remarks tmder Shop Practice Course, on this page 

Shop Practice, Pattemmakiiig Division — HE; CSE 
Reading Working Drawings (Optional) 
Wood Working 

Wood Turning Shop Hints (Optior 

Measuring Instruments 
See remarks under Shop Practice Course, on this p^e. 

•Printed under the titie of Toolmaking, Part 1 . 
tPrinted under the titie of Pattemmaking, Part 1. 
tPrinted under the titie of Grren Sand Molding, Part I. 
ttPrinted under the title of Blacksmithtng and Forging, Part 1. 

,:zo.oy Google 


Shop Practice, Foundry- Work DItUod — ^Hlf; CSN 
Reading Worldng Drawings (Optionid) Mini^ Cast Iron 

AHthmettc Machine Molding 

Uotding in General* Foundry Appliancea 

Green-Sand Molding Malleable Casting 

Core Making , Brass Founding 

Dry-Sand and Loam Work Shop Hints (Optional) 

Cupola Practice Meastiring Instruments 

See remarks under Shop Practice Course, on page IS. 

Shop Practice, BUckamithlng and Forging Division — ^UO; CSO 
Reading Working Drawings (Optional) Blacksmithine and Forging 

Arithmetic Shop Hints (Optional) 

Blacksmith-Shop Equipmentt Measuring Instrument* 

See remarks under Shop Practice Course, page IS. 

Shop Practice, Coml>inations of Two, Three, or Four Divisions 
Any combination of two, three, or fou- of the five divisions of the Shop Practice 
Couise mcludes the subjects of each division, except that subjects common to the divi- 
sions taken are not duplicated. To indicate the divisions taken, the following letters 
are annexed to the class letters C S or H H : For Machine-Shop Division, F} for Tool- 
making Division, J; for Pattemmaking Division, K; for Foundry-Work Division. -H; 
for Blacksmithing and Forging Division, O. 

Farm Machinery — H Q ; H T 
Arithmetic Mechanics 

HensuratioR ,Traction and Portable Engines 

Farm Machinery 

Gas Engines — HR; H6 
Arithmetic Elementary Mechanics 

Mensuration . Pneumatics, Gas, and Petroleum 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Heat 

Functions Gas, Gasoline, and Oil Engines 

Logarithms Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) 

Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) 

Refrigeration— H S; H R 

Arithnietic Heat 

Henstuation Steam and Steam Engines 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Principles of Refrigeration 

Functions ' Ice-Making and Refrigeration 
Logarithms Machinei? 

Elementary Mechanics Geometrical Drawing, 9 P, (Optional) 

Pneumatics Mechanical Drawing, 7 P, (Optional) 

Pull mnwing — HA; F 

Arithmetic - Prospecting for Coal 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Shafts, Slopes, and Drifts 

Formulas Methods of Working Coal Mines 

Geometry and Trigonomeby Mechanics 

Mine Surveying and Mapping, S P. Steam and Steam Boilers 

Gases Met WitL in Mines Steam Engines 

Mine Ventilation Air and Air Compresaon 

Economic Geology of Coal Hydromechanics and Pumping 

:zo.oy Google 


Pull Unlng—ITA; F — Continiied 

Uine Haulage Electric Coal-Cutting Machinery 

Hoisting and Hoisting AppEances Blowpiping 

Suriace Arrangements at Bituminous Mines Mineralogy 

Surface Arrangements at Anthracite Mines Assaying . 

Compressed-Air Coal-Cutting Machinery Geology 

Percussive and Rotary Boring " '" 

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism' 
Dynamos and Motors 
Electric Hoisting and Haulage 

Preliminary Operations at Metal Mines 

Metal Minmg 

Surface Arrangements at Metal Mines 

With the adoption of the present order of studies some titles were changed; the 
subject matter was to a considerable extent rearranged; and new Papers were added, 
the scope of the Course as a whole being increased. 

Complete Coftl Mining — ^ITB; CH 


Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. 


Geometry and Trigonometry 

Mine Surveying and Mapping, 6 P 

Gases Met WiUi in Mines 

Mine Ventilation 

Economic Geolo^ of Coal 

Prospecting for Swil 

Shafts. Slopes, and Drifts 

Methods of Working Coal Mines 


Steam and Steam Boilers 

Steam En^nes 

Air and Air Compressioi 

Hydromechanics and Pumping 
Mme Haulage 

Hoisting and Hoisting Appliances 
Surface Arrangements at Bituminous 

Surface Arrangements at Anthracite 

Compressed-Air Coal-Cutting Machinery 
Percussive and Rotary Borine 
Principles of Electricity and Magnetism* 
Dynamos and Motors 
Electric Hoisting and Haulage 
Electric Pumping, Signaling, and 

Electric Coal-Cutting Machinery 
With the adaption of the present order of studies some titles were changed; the 

subject matter was to a considerable extent rearranged; and new Papers were added, 

the scope of the Course as a whole being increased. 

Hetal Hining — If C; M M 

Preliminaiy Operations at Metal Mines 
Metal Mining 

Surface Arrangements at Metal Mines 
Ore Dressing and Milling 

.Steam and Steam Boilers 
Steam Gn^es 
Air and Air Compression 
Hydromechanics and Pumping 
Mme Haulage 

Hoisting and Hoisting Appliances 
and Rotary Boring 

With the adaption of the present order of studies some titles were changed ; and the 
subject matter riarranged to a considerable extent, the scope of the Course as a whole 

, Slopes, and Drifts 

Methods of Working Coal Min 
Mine Surve^yii^ 
Mine Machinery 


Geometrical Diawing, 9 P. 


Geometry and Trigonometry 

Mine Surveying and Mapping, 5 P. 






Placer and Hydriulic Mining 

Short Coal Mining — IT F ; B 

Mensuration and Trigonometric Functions 
Gases Met With in Mines 
Mine Ventilatioii 
Economic Geology of Coal 

♦Printed under the title of Dynamos and Motors, Part I. 


MeUl PrcHpecton' — ITH; HP 




Placer and HydraoUc Minjng 

Complete Itetalluigy— 



Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric 


Steam and Steam Boilers , 
Steam Engines 

jntary Chemwtry 

Chemistry and Chemical Operat 



Surface Arrangements at Reduction 

Ore Dressing and Milling 

Sampling Ores 

Roasting and Calcining Ores 

The Cyanide Process 

Hyposulphide Lixiviation 

The Chlorination Process 
:S . Copper Smelting and Refining 

Lead Smelting and Relinii^ 

Zinc Smelting and Refining 
Elec trome tallurgy 

HydrometalluTgy — K J 



Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric 


Steam and Steam Boilers 
Steam Engines 

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery 
Elementary Chemistry 
Chemistry and Chemical Operations 


Surface Arrangements at Reduction 

Ore Dressing and Milling 
Sampling Ores 
Roasting and Calcining Ores 
The Cyanide Process 
Hyposulphide Lixiviation 
The Chlorination Process 
Electrometall urgy 



Elementary Algebra and Trigonom 


Steam and Steam Boiler? 
Steam Engines 



Surface Arrangements at Reduction 

Sampling Ores 
Roasting and Calcining Ores 
Copper Smelting and Refining 
Lead Smelting and Refining 
Zinc Smelting and Refining 



Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric 


Steam and Steam Boilers 
Steam Engines 
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery 

Elementary Chemistry 

Chemistry and Chemical Operations 




Surface Arrangements at Reduction 

Ore Dressing and Milling 



Suiltaij nombinB, Heating, moA VontiUtioii — PA; P 

Arithmetic Gas and Gas-Pitting 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Electric-Light Wiring and Bellwork 

Mechanical Drawing, 10 P. Principles of Heating and Ventilation 

Hmsuration Steam Heating 

Mechanics Hot-Water Heating 

Plumbing Materials and Tools* Fuinace Heating 

Plumbing and Drainage Ventilation of Buildings 

Sanituj Plumbing and Gas-Fitting — PB; IT 
Arithmetic Mechanics 

Geometrical Drawing. P. Plumbing Materials and Tools* 

Mechanical Drawing, 10 P. Pltunbing and Drainage 

Mensuration Gas and Gas- Fitting 

Electric-Light Wiring and Bellwork 

Sanltaij Plumbing — ^P C; P IT 
Arithmetic Mensuration 

Geometrical Drawing, ti P. Mechanics 

Mechanical Drawing, 1 P. (6 Plates optional) Plumbing Materials and Tools* 
Plumbing and Drainage 

Gaa-Ktting— P F; P P 
Arithmetic Mensuration 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Mechanics , 

Mechanical Drawing, 10 P. (6 Plates optional) Gas and Gas'Fitting 
Electric-Light Wiring and Bellwork 

Heating and Ventilation — PG; K 
Arithmetic Principles of Heating and Ventilation 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Steam Heating 

Mechanical Drawing, 10 P. Hot-Water Heating 

Hensnnition ^ Furnace Heating 

Mechanics Ventilation of Buildings 

LocomotiTe Running, Complete — ^R L 

Locomotive Running, DtTislon 3 — RO; RD; LR 
Locomotive Boilers Westinghouse Signal Apparatust 

Steani, Cj'linders, and Valve Gears Westinghouse High-Speed Air Brakef 

Locomotive Management New York Air-Brake Constructiont 

Breakdowns New York Air-Brake Defects! 

Compound Locomotives New York Air-Brake Operation^ 

Train Rules New York Signal Apparatus! 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Constructiont New York High-Pressure ControlJ 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Defectst Car Lighting (Optional) 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Operationt Car Heating (Optional) 

Electric Headlight (Optionid) 
The Complete Locomotive Running Course includes a set of Mitchell's Models, 
illustratiye of Westinghouse air-brake apparatus. Either of the two air-brake systems 
is optional in both Courses. - 

♦Printed under the title of Plumbing and Drainage, Part 1. 
fPnnted under Uie general titie of pie Air Brake, in 4parts. 



LoGomotiTe RnDning, DItUos i — R H 

LocomotiTe Running, DlTinon 3 — R H 
Locomotive Boilers Compound Locomotives 

Steam, C/Unders, and Valve Geara Train Rules 

Locomotive Management Car Lighting (Optional) 

Breakdowns Car Heating (Optional] 

Electric Headlight (Optional) 
Division 1 includes a set of Mitchell's Models, iUustrative of Westingbouse air-brake 
apparatus. , 

LocomotiTe Running, Di^alon 4 — R P 

Steam, Cylinders, and Valve Gears Breakdowns 

Locomotive Management Compound -Locomotives 

Air Brake, Complete — ^R R 

Air Brake, Division i— R S; R O; A B 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Construction* New York Air-Brake Constructionf 

Westiaghouse Air-Bralce Defects* New York Air-Brake Defectsf 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Operation* New York Air-Brake Operationt 

Westinghouse Signal Apparatus* New York Signal Apparatus! 

Westinghouse High-Speed Air Brake* New York High-Pressure Controlf 

The Complete Air-Brake Course includes a set of Mitchell's Models, illustrative of 
Westinghouse air-brake apparatus; in both Courses, study of either air-brake system is 

Air Brake, Divirion 3 — ^R Z A 
Westinghouse Air-Brake Construction* Westinghouse Air-Brake Operation* 

Westinghotise Air-Brake D'efects* Westingbouse Signal Apparatus* 

Westinghouse High-Speed Air Brake* 

Air Brake, DlvlMon 4 — tL Z B 

New York Air-Brake Conatructiont New York Air-Brake Operationt 

Uevf York Air-Brake Defectst New York Signal Apparatust 

New York High-FVessure Controlf 

Complete Trainmen's or Carmen's — ^RV 

Tfminmen'a or Carman's, Division i — RW; RP; TR 
Westinghouse Air-Brake Construction* New York Air-Brake Defectst 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Defects* New York Air-Brake Operationt 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Operation" New York Signal Apparatust 

Westinghouse Signal Apparatus* New York High-Pressure Controlf 

Westinghouse High-Speed Air Brake* Train Rules 

New York Air-Brake ConstrUctiont Car Lighting 

Car Heating 
r Carmen's Course includ^ a set of Mitchell's Models, 

n both Courses. Stuc 



RoamdhooM, Divirion i — ^RTA 

Locomotive BoileiB Westinghouse Air-Brake Operation* 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Construotioo* Westioghouse Signal Apparatiw* 

Wesdnghouse Air-Brake Defects* Westinghouse High-Speed Air Brake* 

RoundbottM, Olrlsion 3 — RYB 
Locomotive Boilers New York Air-Brake Operationf 

New York Air-Brake ConstructioDt ' New York Signal Apparatusf 

New York Air-Brake Dcfectst New York High-Pressure Controlf 

Complete Cotton — ^TA 
Arithmetic Plain Looms 

Hensuration Fixing Looms 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Loom Attachments 

Yam Calculations Automatic Looms 

Cotton Cloth Calculations Dobbies 

Cotton Leno Attachments 

Pickers Box Motions 

Cotton Cards Jacauards 

Drawing Rolls Clotn Looms 

Railway Heads and Drawing Frames Elementary Textile Desi^fning 

Combers ' Analysis of Cotton Fabrics 

Pli^ Frames Twill Weaves and Derivatives ' 

Ring Franies Satin and Other Weaves 

Cotton Mules ■ . Combination Weaves 

Spoolers Construction of Spot Weaves 

Beatn Warpers Weaves for Backed Cotton Fabrics 

Slashers Designing in General 

Mill Engineering 
Witll the adoption of the present order of studies the subject matter was rearranged; 
many titles were changed; and some PapCTS were combined with others under a single 
title, the scope of the Course as a whole being increased. 

Cotton Carding and Spinning — T B 
Arithmetic Cotton Cards 

Mensuration Drawing Rolls 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Railway Heads and Drawing Frames 

Yam Calculations Combers 

Cotton Fly Frames 

Pickers Ring Frames 

Cotton Mules 
See remarlcs under Complete Cotton Course, on this page. 

Cotton Spinning and Warp Preparation — TC 
Arithmetic Ring Frames 

Mensuration Cotton Mules 

Mechanical DefinitiDns and Calculations Spoolers 

Yam Calculations Beam Warpers 

Drawii^ Rolls Slashers 

See remarks under Complete Cotton Course on this page. 

:zo.oy Google 


Cotton W«rp Preparation and Plain WaaTing— T D 
Arithmetic Beam Warpen 

Mensuration Slashers 

Mechanical Delinitimis and Calculations Plain Looms 

Yam Calculations Fixing Looms 

Cotton Cloth Calculations Loom Attacbmeni;. 

Spoolers Automatic Looms 

See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, p^^ 19. 

Fancy Cotton Waavl^ — TB 
Arithmetic Plain Looms 

Mensuration Fixing Looms 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Loom Attachments 

Yam Calculations Automatic Looms 

Cotton Cloth Calculations Dobbiea 

Spoolers ' Leno Attachments 

Beam Warpers, Box Motions 

Slashers Jacquards 

Cotton Looms 
See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, page 19. 

Cotton Cardinc, Spinning, and Plain Weaving — T F 

Arithmetic Combers 

Mensuration Ply Frames 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Ring Frames 

Yam Calcidations Cotton Mules 

Cotton Cloth Calculations Spoolers 

Draft Calculations Beam Warpers 

Cotton Slashers 

Pickers Plain Looms 

Cotton Cards Fixing Looms 

Drawing Rolls Loom Attachments 

Railway Heads and Drawing Frames Automatic Looms 
See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, page IB. 

Complete Teitile Designing — T H 
Arithmetic Woolen and Worsted Ply Weaves 

Mensuration Color in Textile Designing 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Spoolers 

Yam Calculations Beam Warpers 

Cotton Cloth Calculations Slashers 

Woolen and Worsted Cloth Calculations Plain Looms 

Elementary Textile Designing Fixing Looms 

Analysis of Cotton Fabrics Loom Attachments 

Analysis of Woolen and Worsted Fabrics Automatic Looms 

Twill Weaves and Derivatives Dobbies 

Satin and Other Weaves Leno Attachments 

Combination Weaves Box Motions 

Construction of Spot Weaves JacQuards 

Weaves for Backed Cotton Fabrics Ctotli Looms 

Designing in General 
See remarks imder Complete Cotton Course, page 19 

Theory of TeztUe Designing — T I 
Arithmetic Analysis of Cotton Fabrics 

Mensuration Twill Weaves and Derivatives 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Satin and Other Weaves 

Yam Calculations Combination Weaves 

Woolen and Worsted Cloth Calculations Construction of Spot Weaves 

Cotton Cloth Calculations Woolen and Worsted Ply Weaves 

Elementary Textile Desiniing Weaves for Backed Cotton Fabrics 

Analysis of Woolen and Worated Fabrics Designing in General 

See remarks under Complete. Cotton Course, page I9t 


Cott(» Dadcniiic— T E 



Hecbanica] Defimtioiu and Calculattona 

Yam Calculations 

Cotton Cloth CalculationB 


Beam Warpers 

Plain Looms 
Pixing Looms 
Loom Attachments 
Automatic Looms 

under Complete Cotton Course, pagd IB. 

Leno Attachments 
Box Motions 
Cloth Looms 

Elementary Textile Designing 
Analysis of Cotton PabricB 
Twill Weaves and Derivatives 
Satin and Other Weaves 
Combination Weaves 
Construction of Spot Weaves 
Weaves for Backed Cotton Fabrics 
Color in Textile Designing 
Designing in General 

Woirien and WorMttd Dedgning — T L 


Mechajiical Definitions and Calculations 

Yam Calculations 

Woolen and Worsted Qoth Calculations 

Plain Looms 

Fixing Looms 

Loom Attachments 

Automatic Looms 


Leno Attachments 

See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, page 19. 

Box Motions 


Designing in General 

Elementary Textile Designing 

Analysis oi Woolen and Worsted Fabrics 

Twill Weaves and Derivatives 

Satin and Other Weaves 

Combination Weaves 

Construction of Spot Weaves 

Woolen and Woreted Ply Weaves . 

Color in Textile Designing 

Complete Woolen— TH 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations 
Yam Calculations 

Woolen and Worsted Cloth Calculations 

Wool Scouring 
Wool Drying 
. Btirr Picldng 
Wool Mixing 
Wool Oiling 
Woolen Carding 
Woolen Spinning 
Woolen and Worsted Warp Preparation 

Plain Looms 

Designing in General 
See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, page IB, 

Automatic Looms 


Leno Attachments 

Box Motions 


Elementary Textile Designing 

Analysis oi Woolen and Worsted Fabrics 

Twill Weaves and Derivatives 

Satin and Other Weaves 

Combination Weaves 

Construction of Spot Weaves 

Woolen and Worsted Ply Fabrics 

Color in Textile Designing 

Mill Engineering 

Woolen Carding and Spinning — T O 
Arithmetic Wool Drying 

Mensuration Bi^rr Picking 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Carbonizing 

Yam Calculations ' Wool Mixing 

Wool Wool Oiling 

Wool Scouring Woolen Carding 

Woolen Spinning 
See remarics under Complete Cotton Course, p^e 19. 



Woolen Warp Prepantlon and WMving — ^T S 
Aiithmetic Fixing 1.00ms 

Mensuration . Loom Attachments 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations . Automatic Looms 
Yarn Calculations Dobbies 

Woolen and Worsted Cloth Calculutions Leno Attachments 

Woolen and Worsted Warp Preparation Box Motions 

Plain Looms Jacquards 

See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, p^e 19. 



The Courses listed below were sold for a time and subsequently withdrawn. 
Architectural Drawing — IT 
Arithmetic Geometry and Mensuration 

Formulas Gcometncal Drawii^, 9 P. 

Architectural Drawing, 12 P. 

Chemietry — ^L 
Arithmetic Theoretical Chemistry 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Inorganic Chemist^ 

Functions" Quahtative Analysis 

Phy^cs Organic Chemistry 

Complete Loeomative~:-H C R O 
This Course is a conabination of the Locomotive Enj^eering and Locomotive Run- 
ning, Division 3, Courses, given on pages >S and 17. 

Electric U^ting— EJ; J J 

Arithmetic Mechanics 

Geometrical Drawing, P. (Optional) Elements o£ Electricity and Magnetism* 

Mechanical Drawing. 7 P. (Optional) Dynamos and Motors 

Mensuration Electric Lighting 

Electric Power and lighting — SI; J 
Arithmetic Mechanics 

Geometrical Drawing. 9 P. (Optional) Elements of Electricity and Magnetism* 

Me^ianic^ Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) Dvnamos and Motors 

Mensuration Electric Lighting 

Electric Railways ' 

Electric Railways — B K; J R 

Arithmetic Mechanics 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) Elements o^ Electricity and Magnetism* 

Mechanic^ Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) Dynamos and Moton 

Mensuration Electric Railways 

♦Printed under the title of Dynamos and Motor*. Part 1. 

,:zo.o" Google 


Fancy Woolea WeKiing — ^T T 
Arithmetic Fudng Looms 

Uensuration Loom Attachments 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculationa Automatic Lrooms 

Yam Cakmlationfl Dobbiei 

Woolen and Worated Cloth Calculations Leno Attachments 

Woolen and Worsted Warp Preparation Box Motions 

, Plain Looms Jocquards 

See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, page 10. 

Inorganic and Organic ChflnilstiT — O 
Arithmetic Physics 

Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Theoretical Chemistry 

Functions Inorganic Chemistry 

Organic Chemistry 

Locomotive Engineering — HC; HL 
Arithmetic Mechanical Drawing, 7 P. (Optional) 

Mensuration Locomotives 

Mechanics ■ Elements of Electricity and Magnetismft 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) Dynamos and Motors 

Mathematics and Physics — I E; W 
Arithmetic Algebra 

Geometry and Trigonometry Logarithms 

Elementary Mechanics Pneumatics 

Hydromechanics Heat ' 

Mechanical Drawing — DK; DJ; ED; MD 

Arithmetic Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. 

Mensuration Mechanic^ Drawing, 16 P. 

Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry*. Elementary Mechanics, Hydromechanics 
Pneumatics, and Heat, were for a time included in this Course. Students having class 
letter H D and a number below 441 were entiUed to these subjects. 

Mechanical Locomotive — H L; RA; RB; RC 
This Course included all the subjects of the Mechanical and Locomotive Running, 
Division 3, Courses, given on pages It and 17. 

Mine Mechanical — U 
Arithmetic Surface Arrangements at Bituminous 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. Mines 

Mechanical Drawing, 8 P. Surface Arrangements at Anthracite 

Mensuration Mines 

Mechanics Compressed- Air Oal-Cutting Machinery 

S>.am and Steam Boilers Percussive and Rotary Boriiig 

Steam En^nes Elements of Electricity and Magnetismft 

Air and Air Compression Dynamos and Motors 

Hydromechanics and Pumping Electric Hoisting and Haulage 

Mme Haulage Electric Pumping. Signaling, and 

Hoisting and Hoisting Appliances Lighting 

Electric Coal-Cutting Machinery 
With the adoption of the order of studies here given some titles were changed: the 
subject matter was rearranged to a conriderable extent; and new Papers were added. 

ttfrinted under the title of Dynamos and Motors. Part 1. 



Locomotive Boilers Westinghonse High-Speed Air Brake* 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Construction* New York A^-Brake Constructionl 

Westiiighouse Air-Brake Defects* New York Air-Brake Defectof 

Westinghouse Air-Brake Operation* New York Air-Brake Operationt 

Westinghouse Signal Apparatus* New York Signal Apparatuat 

Silk Demgnlng — ^T M 

Arithmetic Leno Attachments 

UensuratioQ Box Motions 

Mechanical Definitions and Calculations Tacquards 

Yam Calculations Demiitions of Designing 

Plain Looms Cloth Analyms 

Fixing Looms Twills and Satins 

Loom Attachments Combinations of Weaves 

Automatic Looms Cotton Fabrics 

Dobbies Color in Textile Designing 

Designer's Requirements 
See remarks under Complete Cotton Course, pa^e 18. 

Stationary EnginMrs'— H A; HS 
Arithmetic Steam Engine Mechanismft 

Geometrical Drawing, 9 P. (Optional) Steam and Steam Engines 

Mechanical Drawing, 8 F. (Optional) Steai^ Boilers 

Mensuration Elements of Electricity and Magnetifim 

Mechanics Dynamos and Motors 

TextUe Coloring — TX 
Definitions of Designing Cloth Analysis 

Color in Textile Designing 
Wiring and Bellwork— EH; JB 
Arithmetic Mensuration 

Electric-Light Wiring and Bellwork 

'Printed under the general title of The Air Brake, in 4 parts. 
tPrinted under the general title of The New York Air Brake, in 4 parts 
ttPrinted under the title of Steam and Steam Engines, Part 1. 
**Printed under the title of Dynamos and Motors, Part 1. 



Mamy, Wm., '00 
George, Wm., '95 
Chandler, J. W.. '01 
Fulton, J. W., '01 
Mason, B. E., '01 
Moody. C, H., '01 
Richardson, W. H.. '( 
White, J. W., '99 
Wilkinson, C. S., '99 
Whotley, V. B., 'DO 
Britton, W. F., '02 
Comer, M. P., '01 
Houser, I. T., '03 
Ingersoll, B. W., 'OS 
Uathew, B. H., '96 
Nisbet. J. E., '99 
Ritch, A. E., '01 
Sherman, W. J., '01 
Prickett. C, '99 
Crenshaw, V., '03 
Roberts, G. F., 'OQ 
Dudley, R.. '01 
Fields, Wm. E., '03 
Richev, T. B., '99 
Tidwell, D. B., '03 
Allen, C. N., '03 
Carle, J. P., '00 

Hendershot, B. L., 'O; 

Hendenhot'. B. L., '0! 

Albertson, R., '02 
Alknis, P. H.. '00 
AHen, W. B., '94 
Brock, O. F., '03 
Caldwell. G. P.. '00 
Christian, C, '00 
Clinc. E., -02 
Ctiae. P. W., -BS 
Dewstoe. H. B.. '03 
FitTpatrick, L. C. '0! 
Gray. Jr.. C. £., '01 
Goldstein, H. H., '03 
Grover. M. A., '97 

. Addna 
Adamsville, jEFrsRsoti 
Adger, jsrrxitsON 
Alabajna City, btdwah 
Alabama (^ty, btowah 
Alabama City, btowah 
Alabama City, btowah 
Alabama City, btowah 
Alabama City, stow ah 
Alabama Citv. Box 93. btowah 
Alexander City, tall a poos a 
Anniston, CALHOUN 
Anniflton. Care S. C. W. & P. Co., 
AiHuston, 1708 Welmer Ave., calhoun 
Anniston, Care Iron Works, calhouk 
Anniston, 1211 WiLmer St., calhoun 
AnnJBtpn, calkouh 
Anniston, 413 Pine St. 
Anniston. calhouk 
Ashville, Box 172, clair 
Athena, lim bgtonb 
Athens, Box 226, lihbstonb 
Auburn, lbs 

Avondaie, Care Cotton Mills, 
A von dale, bikhinchau 
Avondaie, Care Cotton Mills. 
Bessemer, 1031 Arlington Ave., jertSKSOU 
BeascBier, Care U. S. C. I, P. & P. Co., 


Bessemer, Care U, S. C. I. P. & F, Co., 


Bessemer. Care U, S. C. I P. & F. Co.. 


Bessemer. Box 341, jbffbrson 
Bessemer, R. F. D. No. 1; jbfperson 

Birmingham, jbffbrson 
Lock Box S20 
2314 Ave. H 
1609 12th Ave. S 
Care B. Ry. L. &. P. C, No. 2104 
21071 First Ave. 
1211 11th Ave. 
Room 339 Hood Bldg. 










































lis. 4S 






















D, 7S 







'- J;' 

c 19 

Care Milner & Kcttig Co. 
N. Highland Fire Dept. 
Box 174 
61 7 Woodward Bldg. 

516 N. 19th St. 

EF, 8S,' 4P 
C, 4S, 13P 

B. 8S. UP 

EG. 6S 
X. 2S 

ME. 6S. 22P 
AC. 7S, 18P 
HS, 88. 4P 
HD, 7S 
EP, lOS 
ME, 9S, 7P 
BK. 4S 

C. 16S, 25P 
F, 7S, UP 
A, 4S, 14P 
HS, lOS, 161' 
CA, 4S ^ 


Natnt and Y*or 

Kennedy, R. J., '02 
Knight, E. H., '02 
Ldelstad, O. L., '00 
LovUe, O. H., '99 
Mewbenney, N. L., '97 
Niirath, H. C, '00 
Opeusbaw, G., '96 
Peake. S. T., '01 
Phillippi, W, M., '02 
Pitts, A. J., '01 
SeieUtad. Bessie 
Gtx>dwine, '01 
Stoves, J. A., '02 
Thomas, A., '96 
ThomaB, Jr., A.. '03 
Thomas, Jr., A., "99 
TidweU, Wm., '03 
Traylor, J., '00 
Vail, W. C. '03 

Duunabie, H., '99 

iackson, G., '97 
[ellum. J., '90 
Slack, F. L., '00 
Henderson, Jr., J., '92 
Robson, Wm., "98 
Headerson, T. S. '03 
Turner, W. L., '02 
EUiott, J. P., '99 
Gabany, L. A. O., '96 
Gabany, L. A. O., '98 
Latmer, J. P., '01 
Sellers, £. A., '01 
Nash, L '01 
Clark, W., '94 
Brown, D. N., '92 
Mitchell. J. M., '03 
Baird, H. C. '03 
Willard. J., '03 
Haunum, J. O.. '01 
Sutton, C. D.. '96 
Dunn, F, G., '02 
Ryan, E. F., "01 
Bosler, H. S., '00 

Reel. W. H., '00 
Brent, D. S.. '01 
Eggen, Q., '00 
Kennedy, G. i . . 
Worthman, L.. '01 


Cowart. H. M.. '01 
Finklea, H. L.. "01 
Hoehn, A.. '01 
KelUher, J., '02 
Mcllheran. W. C. "0 
McKee. J- H., '02 



Care Miller & Martin, Hord Bldg. 

AC, IS, 16P 

Montgomery St. 

AC, 6S. 12? 

1817 9th Ave. 

CC, 2S 

1817 flth Ave. 

A,6S, IP 

2720 Ave. G 

ME. 9S, 9P 

Avc.Sbet. 10th and nth St. 

BC. 4S 

1611 5th Ave. 

C. 8S. 26P 

1124 N. 16th St. 

HS, 8S, 7P 

Box 764 

AG, 7S. HP 

614 S. 26th St. 

CA. 4S 

718 22d St. 

A, 8S 

1601 2d Ave, 

AG, lOS, 13P 

North Highlands 

C. 2S. 21 P 

1908 N. 16th Ave. 

MK, 4S 

1908 N. I6thAve. 

MD, 4S, 26P, C 

106 39th St. 

TD, lOS 

1802J 1st Ave. 

LR. 16S 

Caie Steind Impd. Chimney Constr, Co. 

GC, 5S, 6P 

416 S. 12th St. 

HF, 13S 

416 S. 12tfa St. 

9 Chalifaux Bldg. 

0. 6S, D 


Blocton, Boi93, BtBB 

G, 4S 

Blocton, Box 16, bib8 

J. 4S, 14P 

Blocton, BIBB 

CM. 7S 

Blocton, Box 28, BtBB 

G, 5S 

Blossbuig, JBFPBKSOH 

CM, 6S 

Blossburg, Box 273, jbffbrson 

'CM. 12S, 9P 

Brewton, Box 197, bscambi* 

BB. 4S 

Brookdde, Box 171, jepfbrson 

NB, 9S, 4P 

Brookwood, -Tuscaloosa 


Brookwood, tuscaloosa 

MP, flS, D 

Brookwood, tuscaloosa 

D. as, D 

Brookwood. tuscaloosa 


Brookwood, tuscaloosa 

BE, 2S 

Calera, bhblby 

AB, lOS, D 

Carbon Hill, walkbr 

EB, 4S 

Cardiff, jbffbrson 

CM, 7S 

Cedar Grove, jackson- 

MD, 4S 

Chickasaw, waucbb 

NF, 6S 

Chickasaw, walebr 

NB, 5S. IP 

Cordova, walkbr 


Corona, walkbb 

G, 9S 

Courtland. lawrbmcb 


Decatur, uorgak 

E, 18S. IIP 

Demopolis, Care U. S. Engs". Office. 

T. US. 17P 

Duke, S. A. L. Ry.. Calhoun 
East Lake, 15th St., jbffbrson 

T, 14S, 17P 

LS, IS, 14P 

East Lake, jbffbrson 

CC, 2S 

East Tallassee, Box 133. tallapoosa 

CSF, 6S 

Elyton. 302 Cotton Ave., jbffbrson 

BD. 7S, 18P 


Care Mrs. Childs, ISth and Ave. E 

R, 9S, 6P 

A, SS, 14P 

Ave. F and 1 1th St. 


CA. 4S 

2611 Ave. E 


1321 Av E 





Routledge. S. T., '92 
Routledge, S. J.. '97 
RussdTL. A., '00 

Box 34 

CM, 238, 8P. D 

Box 34 

SM, 7S. 16P. D 

General Dehvery 

ME. 3S, 16P 

Wood, H. W.. '02 


HJ, 12S 

McUndon. W. P., '02 

Enterprise, Box SO. copi>bb 
Eufaula, barbour 

TB. lOS 

ScMrmer. J. F.. '9fl 

Hawton, P., '96 

TA, 34S. C 


HS. 8S, 14P 


Farmcrsville, lowndm 

LB IB Parts 

Campbell, M. M., '02 

Plorcnce, laudbbdalb 

LA. 9 Parts 

Darby, M. W., '99 
Handy. T. J., '99 

Plorence, 621 Tuscaloosa St., laudbrdalb 

TA, 348 

Plorencc, laudbrdalb 

A, OS, 3P 

McPadden, W. T., '00 

Plorence, Lawton Heights, laudbrdalb 

BC, 6S 

StaTigM. L. 0., '02 
Sim^y. L., '01 

Plorence, 320 Equator St., laudbrdalb 

GC, 6S, 12P 

Florence, 549 Sweetwater Ave., 

C, 168, 26P 

Cott, T.. '97 

Port Morgan, fiatt. I, 1st Art., Baldwin 

B, 68, 14P 

Hillard, B., '97 

Fort Morgan, Batt. G, 1st Art., Baldwin 

J. 4S. IP 
HP, 20S. D 

McDonald, E. B., '02 

Fort Morgan, loudbrdalb 

Nesosse, C, '02 
PlatU, G. E., '00 

Port Morgan, Post Baker, laudbrdalb 

BA, 28 

Fort Morgan, 8th Co.. Coast Art., 

8M, 5S, 6P 

Robinson, R, E., '99 

Fort Morgan. Co. I. 1st Art , laudbrdalb 

ME, 12S 

Duncan, A., '03 

Fort Payne, dbkalb 

MC, 6S, 20P 

McKennon, Helen, '02 

Port Payne, dbkalb 

BA, 2S 

Brakefield, J. A„ '00 

Gamblemines, walker 

G. 35 

Bridges, W. P., '02 
Rhodes, L. S., '02 

Gamsey, bibh 

NB, 88 

Greenville, Box 48, butlbr 

BA, 28 

Callahan, C. W., '00 

Hargrove, bibb 

CC, 6S 

Hartley, Jr., S., '01 
Tinaey, T. H., '93 
Campt^ll, A. L., '03 

CC. 68 

Henry Ellen, jbffbrsdn 

CM, 6S 

Huntsville, Box 636, madisom 

BE, 2S 

DUworth. W. P., '97 

Hunts ville, madison 

U, 4S. 21P. C 

Jack, J. H., '99 
Kendall, J., '03 

Huntsville, Box 46. madison 

TA, lOS 

Huntsville, Box 203, madison 

PR, 2S 

Lehman. G. W., '01 

HuntsviUe, Care Merrimack Mills, uadison 

TB, 78 ^ 

LovB, E. C, '00 

- A. 5S. 29P 

Ormond, T. P.. '02 

HuDtsvUle. Care H. Pdy. and Macb.- Works. 


BA, 68 

Shaver, C. E., '01 

Huntsville, Box 316, madison 


Hogan. A.T.. '01 

Lewisburg, jbbfbrson 

F, 24S. 15P 

Lewisburg, jBRritHsoN 

BA, 2S 

Lang, R., '93 
HcGee. R., '02 

Ltfwisbui^, JBFFBRSON 

C, 98. 9P 

Lockhart. covington 

BB, 33 

Wear, E. N., '03 

Longview^ sHBLsv 

MO. 68 

Aubrey. J.. '02 
ColdiW, 0., '00 

Lopec, bibb 

NF, 38 

iMptz, bibb 

F, 13S, 12P 

Williama, D. Y., '02 

Lopez. BIBB 

CM, 6S 

YeagCT, T. S., 'CO 


T. 68 
HE, 21S 

Sehaefer, H. I.. '02 

Marlow, Baldwin 

Llord. J. S., '93 

Maylena, bhblby 

CM. 78 

Sauth, A. H., '97 

Maylena. shblbv 

G. 6S 

Osbom. L.-A„ '03 

Hentone, Care Lookout Fuel Co.. dbkalb 
HoMb, uobilb 

NB. 6S. 9P 

Bopie. J. S.. 'eS 

166 S. Warren St. 

MD. 38. 20P 


253 S. Broad St. 

AC. 48, 13P 

Brundage, A. M.. '96 

606 S. Conception St. 

izoc=, Google 

Buniell, E. D., '01 

266 Scott St. 





Coolce. G. L., '01 

3 S. HaUett St 

CO. 4S 

Coot, N., '03 

261 S. Franklin St. 


DemtMter, T. K.. '02 
DickSoo. W. D.. '01 

' 7fi4 Bayan St. 
*60 S. Dearborn St. 

DN, lOS, 22P, D 

LR, 9S 

Gjbney, GJ- '00 
Jonea. F. W'.. -98 

264 St. Emanuel St. 

HS, 7S 

1163 Church St. 

MB, 13S, 9P 

toslyn, J. B., '99 

460 S. Dearborn St. 

ME, 8S. ap 

tacirte. J., '00 
Meywa, A. 0., '02 
Rembold, R.. '98 

68 N. Royal St. 

BC. 4S, 17P 


RD, 3S 

. 104 St. Louis St. 

E, 17S, 16P, D 

168 St. Louis St. 

DM, IS, 12P 

Smith, C. F., '02 ■ 


RG. lOS 

Snow, W. H.. '97 

210 Joachim St. 
306 Springfield Ave. 
402 Charles St. 

A, lOS. 7P 

Steele, A. E., '03 

MF, 6S 

Steffena, C. J., '02 

EN, 5S 

Tagert,!. C..'99 
Walsh, R. M., '96 

856 Blmira St. 

A. 4S. 12P 

2100 Hamilton St. 

KM, 6S 

Wolter, T. A. V., '02 

208 Congress St. 

Montgomery, moktoombry 

CA. 5S 

Bmce, H. W.. '0? 

Houston St. 

NA. as. IP 

Carney, I. E., '97 

737 S. Perry St. 

J, 7S, 6P 
ME, 17S, 6P 

Caroey.J. E.. '98 

737 S. Perry St. 

Grace. R. B., '99 

6 Dewey St. 

HS. 4S. lOP 

Hendrick, T. H., '00 
Kane, B., '03 

12 E. Jefferson Davis Ave. 

TA. 13S 

133 Jefferson Davis Ave. 
737 S. Perry St. 

HH, 7S 

Lynch, J. M., '98 
SfcGra^e, H. J.. '00 


310 Columbus St. 

TR. 13S 

"Patrick, H. E.-, '00 

309 Houston St, 

HS. 7S 

Stack, W. F.. '00 

128 Clay St. 

HS. 6S . 

Washburn, S. E., '02 

Box 216 

GB, 7S. ifP 

Zilen, V. W.. '01 

51 1 Columbia St. 


C. lOS, 18P 

BamweU, E. C, '02 

New Castle, jefvbkson 

NF, as 

Cory. H., '02 

New Castle, jbppbrson 

NF. 3S 


New Decatur, New Decatur Hotel, uoaoA 

w EP. 8S 

Embark, J. C, '00 
Johnson. MolHe &., '01 
Mithen, M., '03 

New Decatur, Box BB, morgan 

SP. IS. I6P 

New Decatur, Box 661, morgan 


New Decatur, morgan 

DO. 2S, 16P 

Hittwede, M. A., '01 

New Decatur, 4th Ave., Box BB, morgan 

CS, 4S 

Pine, J. S., '01 

New Decatur, uoroan 

C, 3S, lOP 

Richardson, F. C, '00 

New Decatur, morqan 

X. 2S 

Richardson, T. P., '99 

New Decatur, morgan 

A, US, 21P 

Gates, V. C, '99 

Opelika, LBB 

A. IS. 16P 

Byngton. W. C, '99 
SmitTi, J. F.. '95 

Pansey, Houston 

HS, 4S, IP 

Patton, WALKBR 

G. 7S 

O'Orady. D., '01 

Phoenix City. 8th Ave. and N. R. B. St.. 

CM. I3S 

Lambert. G. '92 

Pratt City, jbppbrson 

Hassey, T. F., '00 

Pratt City, Slope No. 2, jbpfbrson 

G, 7S 

McCann, J. A., '00 
Walker, W. A., '01 

Pratt City, jbffbrson 

G, 4S 

Pratt City, Box 3, jefpbrson 

AD, 4S 

MitcheU, J. T.. '01 
Rink. J.. '03 

Pratville, autauga 

HS, lOS, 17P. D 

Roberta. BSCAUBIA 

NA, 6S, 2P 

OveTBtreet. T, H., '03 

HE. 17S 

Chancellor, J. A., '02 

Round Mountain, cherokks 

DO, as, 37P. C 

Edmunds, R. W., '02 

Saint Stephens, Washington 

GO, 4S. IP 

Short, G., '95 

Sayreton, jbppbrson 

G, lOS 

Short, G., '00 

Sayreton. jbppbrson 

SM, 4S, 15P 

Weatherly. G. I., '02' 
Burgess. 6., '00 

Scottsboro, JACKSON 

BE. 2S 

Searles, tuscaloosa 




Walker, J. D., 'M 
Bartreni. Emma, "00 
GalKcher, C. P., '00 
HoSmftD, B. D., '02 
Luttrell, H., '02 
Uaffuire, A. I., '97 
Welch. H., '99 
Wdeh, H. H., '96 
Magowan, J., '98 
Foley, J. M., '93 
Preennan, Aima, '01 
Shore, G. L., '02 
Totteo, 1., 01 
Smith, J. M., '97 
Bradford, P. C, '01 
Wheeler, W. A., '00 
Martin, P. L., '02 
HcLemore, J,, '01 
Giles, J. M.. '00 
Wallace, C, '03 
Davenport, J. C, '08 
Hancoclc, D., '02 
HcDongle, B. E., '00 
Peniclc, L.. '00 
Horianty, E. M., '03 
Sloggett, L. O., '90 
Caylor, D. A., '99 

Brown, Jr., R„ '01 
Goertzel, A., '96 
Cftto, W., '02 
Kohl, T., '02 
Hananuui, Pannie, '01 
Paaey, R. E., '03 
Conley, P., '98 
Deyman, C, '97 
Hail. H., '00 
HcClellan,_N., '98 
Moore, I. 
RusMlI, I 
Russell, J 


Selma, 1333 Alabama St., Dallas 

Sehna, 648 Landendall St., Dallas 

Sebna. 716 Broad St., Dallas 

Selma, 1329 Alabama St., Dallas 

Selma, Dallas 

Selma, 1009 Green St., Dallas 

Selma, 508 Alabama St., Dallas 

Seloca, jirFKKBON 

Sheffield, Care S. S. S. ft I. Co., COlbbrt 

Sheffield, colbbrt 

Sheffield, Box 14, colbbkt 

Sheffield, coLBBBT 


Stevenson. Care Jackson Co , jackson 

Stevenson, jacbson 

Tallad^a, talladboa 

Talladc^, Talladega Pactory. talladboa 

Tsllassee, bluobb 

Tallassee, blmobb 

Thomas. jBPFBBSdN 

Thomas, .jbfpbrson 

Tbomaa, jBFrBKSOH 

Threenotch, bullock 

Tuscumbia, Gen. Del., Box 283, colbbbt 

Tuscumbia, Box 74, colbbrt 

Union 'Springs, Care Electric Power Co.. 

., '92 

Wanier Mines, Box 73, jbppbrsqn 
Warrior, jbffbbson 
Whistler, Box 45, mobilb 

Whistler, MOBILE 

Woodlawn, bibmincham 

Woodlawn, 324 S4th St., BiHinNOMAii 

Wylam, jbfpbrson 

Wylam, JBPFBR30^r 

Wylam, jbffbrsoh 

Wylam, jbffbrsok 

Wylam, No. 5 Mine, JBFPBRSOM 

Wylanl, jbffbrbok 

Wylam, jbffbrsok 

CM, 27S, 14P, D 
BB, 3S 
A, 4S, 2P 
AG, 6S. 7P 
NA, 4S 
CC, 88 

C. 1 

MD, 4S, 2SP, C 

G, 3S 

C, 8S, 7P 
CC, 2S 

DP, 3S, lOP 
MB, 12S. JSP 
CM. 8S, 7P 
BC, 6S, 17P 
AB, 6S 
TB, 135 
J. 4S, 6P 
EG, 8S 
NB, 83, 6P 

D, 6S 

A, 48, lOP 

RL. 6S 

V. 18S, 17P 

J, 6S, 6P 
G, lOS 
CM, 98 
MP, 7S 
RG, lOS, D 
X, 28 

AG. 6S. 12P 
EB, 28 
G, 4S 
G, 3S 
G, 98, D 
MO, 5S 
CM, 228, D 
MD, IS, 14P , 




Nam* iwd Yiar 

Anderson, A, L.. '00 
Bunts, P., '90 
Clingerman, A. M.. '02 
McCaiil P., "01 
Richardflon. E. M., '09 
Slone, L. A.. '00 
Buck. H. W . '03 
Deuby, W,. 'B4 
Embury, G. S., '02 
Price, T. C, '98 
Bont. R., '02 
Lund, fi.. '03 
Poison, W L.. '02 
Worth. E. G.. '00 
Lawrence, J. M.. '02 
Carlberg, O. W., '06 
Gauld. H. E. D., '96 
G«OTKf, M., '96 
HaxweU, W, L., '99 
NaghfO, C. E., '02 
Andrews, C. L., '02 
Baker, Mrs. W., '03 
CottreU. S. P., '01 
Ganlt, R. E., '99 
Hemlenberg, L., '02 
Ric«, C. B., '96 
Thomas, G., '03 
McCurdy. W. H., '00 
Johnson, P. W. B., '00 
Law, P. W., '95 

Douglas, Box 5 

Douglas, Box 126 


Douglas, Box 121 




Ketchikan, Box 25 
Ketchikan, Box 34 

Sitka. U. S. S, Pinta 

Sitka, U. S. S. Pinta 


Sitka, U. S. S. Rush ' 


Skagway. Drawer F 








Wrangell, Care D. ft H. Co., Hattie Camp 


HS, 68. 8P 
HM. lOS, IP 
HE, 12S 
HS, 5S 
HM, 8S, IP 


NC, lOS. 3P 
MP, 2S 
EN. 6S 
NC, 6S, 2P 
NC, 1&, 9P 
R, ITS, 24P 
HD. 7S, IP 
J. 4S, IP 
HM, 48 

MM, 248, 9P. D 
ME, 108, 2P 
lA, 6S 
NK, 7S 
BA, £S 


X. 2S 

AG, 4S, 12P 

MM, 208 

HH, 7S 

BO, 108, lOP 

MM. 13P 

MU, 16S 




~ No-timdYtar 
Foltz. E. W.. 'B6 
Parks, J. A.. '00 

, '00 

Coombs, H. L„ ' 
Coombs, H. L., ' 
Fenner, H. L., 't 
McDonald, C. A. 
Parker, F. B., '0 
Plavfair, D., '00 
Skew, A. P. R., 
Smith, H. G., 'O: 
Smith, H. G., '0( 


P.. 'ftS 

Heideiirich, C. P., "BT 

Anderaoa, W., '99 
BnK«, R. E., '02 
Davis, N, H., '02 
Delano, W. A.. '01 
Lai^ord, P., '97 
Stefling, J., '98 

;. J . '1 
f, J., •( 

Stefling,] . _ 
Stirrat, J., '02 
Waugh, A.. '97 

Drosser. J. H., '03 
E*zell, P. P., '01 
Lohman, P, H., '03 
OrlofiF, P. Y., '02 
Alvord. A. S., '02 
Bradley, W. L- '02 
Jack, P. J.. '02 
McKinaey, C. H., '9t 
ColtoD, A. T., '93 
Uwitt, A., '93 
Btnke, P. J.. '96 



Alexandria, tavafai 
Benson, Box 97, cochibb 

BiebN, c 
Box 413 

Care C. Q. C. M. Co. 
Box 104 
Box 617 
Box 41 

Blanchard, Care t. K. Mine, tavapai 
Casagrande, final 
Cherry Creek, vatapai 


Box 361 

Care Shannon Cap Co. 

Box 361 

Box 108 

Doe Cabezos, cochisb 
Douglas, Care C. & A. Hin. Co., cochisb 
Douglas, Box 124, cochisb 

Douglas, Care C. & A. Min. Co., cochisb 
Douglas, Supt. Naxo. Mine, coch 
Fl^staff, Box 84. cocOHiNO 

FlHgstafl, COCONINO 

Flagstaff, COCONINO 

Flagstaif, coconino 

Florence, final 

Gleeson, cochisb 

Globe, 11 Tamarack Mine Mail, < 

MP, 3S 

MM, 23S, 14P, D 
T, 14S, IIP 
MM, 5S 
P. 21S, 9P 
P. 7S, 9P 
HS. 9S. 12P 
NO, 7S, 3P 
MM, 13S, UP 
MM, 8S. 7P 
NC. 4S. lOP 
CA, 4S 
P, US, 6P 
MM, 8S , 
F 7S, 31* 
MO, 6S, D 

NC, 13S. 9P 
MM. lOS 
HS, 4S. UP 

MM, 6S 

NC 7S. lOP 
CA, 4S 
GA, 6S, I3P 
F, US, 7P 
MP, 6S, D 

MM, 23S, 14P. D 
HE, 2eS. UP 
LA, 9 Parts 
MP. 3S 

P. 7S, 13P 
MM. as, 9P 
NI. lOS 
ED. 3S, 16P 
EP. 8S, IP 
NC, f>S. 14P 
DL, 4S, UP 
DM. 4S, lOP 






Shelby, C, F., '02 
Snvder, P., '98 
T^, E. P., '00 
Wright, G. H., '02 
Lawson, A , '03 
Hauser, P., '01 
Bristoo, W.. '01 
Glenn, G. M., '03 
Leonard, J. A., '97 
Mihie. C, '01 
Villiger, J.. '02 
Bagg. J. S., '01 
Hasselfeldt, L., '98 

Johnson, J. R..'99 
[artin, P. B., '00 
StockweU, Jennie C, ' 
Anderson. A. S.. '02 
Hands. P. A., '02 
Penwiclt, J. W. H., 'O; 
Cemy. P.. '99 
Brown. J. L., '02 
Cow&n. G. L.. '99 
Schneider, E.. '93 
Knox. T.. '99 
McDougall. J. A. 
Sorensen, G, A., uo 
Griawold, A. J., '96 
Rodrigues. P. P., '02 
Rodriguez, J. L.. '02 
Clark, H., '02 
Morris. W. J., '02 
Rees. P. B.. '02 
Smith. A., '99 
Bartlett. W. H., '97 

Bales, A. L., '02 
Bellas, A.J., '01 
Ford.-E- E.. '00 
Griffith. M. M.. '02 
Heitzman, J. A., '03 
Heming, C. T., '03 
Hunt. P. W.. '00 

tackson. B.. '00 
[aasberg, C, '96 
Moore. M., '02 
Schlalos, J. J. P., '02 
Shideler. J. R. B.. '97 
Story, W. A.. '99 
Taylor. P. R.. '02 
Torehan. T. B.. '02 
Wallberg, K.. '02 
White. A. P., '98 

Domfouth. W. A., '94 

Globe. Care 0. D. C. A S. Min. Co. oila 
Globe. GILA 
Globe. GILA 
Globe. DiLA 

Grand Canyon, coconino 
Groom Creek, yavapai 
, erome, Box 110, tavapai 

, erome. yavapai 

, erome, Care U. V. Copper Co. 
Cingman. uohave 
Kirkland. yavapai 
Kirktand. yavapai 
Kofa. YUMA 
Lehi, uaricopa 
McCabe. yavapai 
McCabe, yavapai 

Metcalf, Care S. Copper Co, .qrah 

Minnehaha, yavapai 

Minnehaha, yavapai. 

Morenci, Box 65, graham 

Horenci, graham 

Naco, Care Carl Clausen, cocrisb 

Nc^ales. santa crus 
Nogales, santa cruz 


Pearce, Care C. M, & M. Co., cocrisb 


Phoenlz, maricopa 
Care Ariz. Laundry 
546 N. E. St. 

Care Cieneguita Copper Co. 
U. S. Indian School 

9 Nicholson Blk., K. Center St. 
Box 636 
338 S. 2d Ave. 
Care P. Ban- 
Box 281 


AC. 3S. 15P 
MM, lis. 9P 
AA. 6S. D 
NH. 3S 
MP, 6S 
BC. 9S, 8P 
NC. 12S, 9P 
MM, 6S 
CC, 6S 
MP, 6S 
HH. 151 
BA. 6S 
GC. 6S. 7P 
NC, 18S, 6P 
DK. 3S. 16P 
T, 4S. 4P 
NC, 5S 
HS, 4S. IP 

MM. IQS. 6P 
DO. 3S, lOP 
C, 9S, 25P 

BA, 2S 

NB. ITS. 13P 
NA, 13S 

C, US, 6P 
MM, 23S, UP 
BB, 2S 
NC, 6S, 6P 
EP, 13S 

X, as. D 

MP, 6S, D 
U. 2S 16P 
DO. 6S. 37P 
DB, 2S, HP 
ME. 20S. I2P 
A. US. 13P 
HE, 27S 
AG. 9S, 3P 
MU, 8S. lOP 
J. 43. IP 

Placenta, yavapai 






Harbauer, G. J.. '02 

126 N. Alacon St. 

NC. 6S 

Joy. H., '99 

Box 52. Care Prescott Elec. Co. 

TP, 8S, D 

Lawrence. G.. -98 

Box, 534 

CC, 2S 

&orley. A. M.. '98 

C. 4S. 25P 

Parkins, G. W.. '00 

A, 2S, 19P 

Sarano. G. W.. "00 

Rm. S, Bashford B%. 
Care T. G. Whipple Barracka 

F, I9S. 9P 

Sayre, C. E., '97 

T 2eS. 24? 

SbUer, M M.. '99 

C. 3S. 13P 

Warren. G., '02 

235 Mt. MarittiK St. 

HE, 7S, 5P 

Wood. H. R., '01 

Box 201 


F. 17S. 14P 

Clements. C. C, '02 

RiUito. via. Red Rock, pi«A 

HE, lOS. IP 

Swift, T. T . '02 

Safford. Care Rx. Cobria Min. Co. 

OBAHAM NA. 27S. 14P 

Bennet. W., '9* 

San Carlos. Oila 

CC. 2S 

CampbeU. J., '00 

Seligman, yavapai 

C. 3S. 16P 

Irwin, Mary E.. '02 
JIUler, A. /., '01 

Tempe, maricopa 

BA. 3S 

Tempe. haricopa 

X, 5S 

CoroeU. R., '00 

Troy, PIMAL 

Tucfon^ PIUA 

MM. I3S, 6P 

Auaus. W., '02 

426 9th St. 

EW, 12S. 3P 

Howard. W. W.. '00 

Ill 6th Ave. 

LR, 8S 

Ingersoll, P., '02 

HB, 5S 

Jaastad, H. O. -03 
McKelvey. A. J., "02 

Genl. Del., R. R. No. t 

AG, 4S. lOP 

Box 321 

BE, 48 

Paige, D C. '98 

MP, 2S 

Poorraan, G. H., '03 

EP. 88 

Robinson. W. F., '98 

'AD. IS. 14P 

Tussing. W. E., '00 

AD, 3S, IIP 

Woodard, E. G., '98 

Box 562 


A. 158. 19P 

Giroux, F. W.. '91 

Walker. Yavapai 


MicheUen. D., '01 

Wickenburg. u as i CO PA 

MM, JUS. 2P 

Clark. P. C, '9S 

Williams. Care.J. E. Walker, coco 

NINO AB, 58. D 

Dodge, J. 0.. '02 

Williams. COCONINO 

AG. 7S, 16P 

WilsSn, W. D. '02 

Williama. Box 272, coconino 

HE. 9S 

Gray, J. A. '01 

Winslow, NAVAJO 

LR. 2S 

Phares, M. I.. '01 
Weeks, W. B.. '01 

Winslow. Box 73, NAVAjo 

LR. 2S 

Winslow. NAVAJO 

LR, 38 

Morton, R.. '98 

■Yiuna, vu«A 

HS, lOS. 17P, D 

Smith. B. W.. '03 

Yuma, U. S, Geol. Survey, yuma 

GL. 7S, ISP, D 

Smitti, W. D.. '00 

Yuma. Box 147, yuma 

I. lOS, 3P 

Vaughn, J. A.. '01 

Yuma, Care Cal Develop. Co , yu 

HA CSF, 12S, D 

WiliianM, I.. '03 

Yuma. tvUK 

HP. 5S 




Key, W. F.. '08 
Baker, J. B., '02 
Hook, W. H.. '03 
Hager, R. B., '00 
PUtman, P., '03 
Owk. S., '00 
Roberts, B. J., ' 
■ r. O., '( 




Cole, T., '03 
DeHaas, P. A 
Keath, D. T., ira 
Moore, R. P., '02 
Bnteer. P. P., '03 
Adney, P., '96 
Hisguu. H., '98 
Thimton, R. M., 
Swanson, T., 1,01 
Hnghart, T.. '02 
P^er. C 
Parker. M. L., '( 
Baker, S. R.. 'Q'i 
Davidson, W. P., '03 
Preemao, A., '03 
Hodge. W. M.. '03 

Moigan, J. C, '01 

Morgan, J. C, '00 

Morgan. J. E.. '03 

RBdecker. W. P.. '00 
Doud. A. S.. '02 
Hacb. R. A.. '03 
Harrraaton, W. P., '01 
Price, E. M., '01 
Monds, C. C. '00 
Schmidt, C, '01 
Baker, G. C. '01 
AJko. C^ '00 
Haver, E., '03 
Wibon. T. D., '01 
Robinaoo, O. O., '02 
Burton, P., '99 
Douglas, G., '96 
Hcnderwin, C. C, '99 
Jaggen. Uise K. R.. '01 

Mitchea. P. H^'OO 
Blankensbip, W. P., '99 
EahelnuMi. C. P., '01 
Appkgartb. H., '00 



Argenta, 316 Je&erson Ave,, pulaski 

Avenvw, phii-lips 

Bear, montoohbrt 

Blisflville. Care E. C. Yonng, Daaw 

Boughton, NSVADA 

Clarendon, Box 173, i 

Clarendon. Box 126, i 

Coolbill, JOBHSON 

Cotter. Care White River Ry., saxtkr 

Cotton Plant, woODHUPr 

Cotton Plant, Box 376, woodbuff 

CrosseU, ASRLBv 

Dardanelle, Box 92, ykll 

Denning, franklin 

DeQueen, General Delivery. IRVIBR 

Esau, PBRRT 

Eureka Springs. Box 967, carroll 
Eureka Springs. Box 208, gahroll 
Eureka- Springs. Box 208, carroli. 
PayettevUle. 218 N. West St., 
Payetteville, wasrinotom 
Pavetteville, Box 204, washihoton 
Payetteville, Room 2. Trent Bldg., 

Payetteville, 307 W. Spring St.. 


Payetteville, 307 W. Spring St., 


Payetteville, 609 W. Spring St., 


Payetteville, wAantMOTON 

Port Smith, 1323 N. D. St.. bbbastian 

Port Smith. Box 67fi. bbbastian 

Port Smith. 1113 N. 6th St., sbbastian 

Port Smith, Mav Ave., ssbastian 

Fort Smith. 1217 N. 6th St., bbbastian 

Port Smith, 423 N. D. St.. sbbastian 

Harrison, boons 

Helena, Box 7. PHILIPS 

Helena! U. S. Govt. Bldg,, phiLips 
Hope, Care Telephone Co., hbhpstbad 
Hot Springs, garland 
Hot Springs. 112 Central St.. hbupstbad 

Hot Springs, HBHPSTBAD 

Hot Springs, 318 Prospect Ave.. 


Hot Springs, 4 Dill St., hbupstbad 
Huntington. Sebastian 
Huntington. Box 109, sbbastian 
Jenny Lind. sbbastian 


BA, 4S 
RL, 7S 

GA, 15S. 7P 

GB, lis. 19P 
D. 4S 

SC. 4S 
HE, 32S. 7P 
M, 8S, 6P 
EP. lis 

GB. 165. IP 
BE. 2S 
SA. 3S 
HS. 6S, 12P 
G. 3S 

HS. 8S, IIP 

GC, 4S 
AC, 4S 
EP. »S 
EW, IDS. 3P 

DH. IS. 19P 


HS. 8S. IP 

MC. 12S, IP 
LC. 9 Parts 
EX. 18S 
J. 5S 

A, 4S, 16P 
LR. 5S 
X, 6S. D 
HS. 4S 
LS. IS. I3P 
AD. 4S. 6P 
EG, 7S 

X, 23 
MP. 6S. D 
G, 8S 
HS. 7S 




Nairn tmJYtar 
WUUams. D., '00 
Yaden, J., '97 
Carvitle, A. P., '00 
Corville, A., '03 
Good. C. A., '00 
Holder, D. M., '03 
Means. W. E., '96 
Nisbett. W. S.. '03 
Alexander. K., '02 
Paxson. J. B„'01 

Andeison, J. A.. '04 
Archer, A. W., '01 
Archer, A. W., '02 
Betton. M '02 
Copeland, W. E., '01 
Diehl, E., '03 
Fletcher, T., '01 
GasldU, J. W., '98 
Gill, G. B., '03 
Harding, P., '01 
Kirby, W. R., '99 
LeMay. O., '01 
Lukaszewicz, P., '02 
Mcaellan, J. S.. '01 
Miller, P. L., '01 
Moon, G. W., '96 
Parker, P. T., '96 
Rethevisch. C. J., '02 
Smith, R. O., '02 
Snyder. P., '02 
Strenfert, P. C. '00 
Subrc, P.. '01 
TurreU. J. N.. '01 
Wassell. A., '98 
Woody. Ethel, '02 

Reynolds, . , _ 
Karicofe, C. L.. '01 
Leslie, R. B., '02 
Huston. C. H., '03 
Kern, J.J. P.. '99 
Barnes. C.. '02 
Graham, C. S., '02 
Praser, L. E., '02 
Read, W. A., '03 
Haynes, P., '02 
Blaar, J. I„ '03 
DawsonjJ. L., '01 
Hawk, W., '03 
Kimber, C. M., '03 
Magoffin, W. G., '" 
Martin, C. A., '0! 
Thompson, T, P. 
Anthony, P. B., 
Breeden, J. B., 'I 
Gang, P., '01 
Smim, A. L., '98 
Mather, C, '00 




. enny Lind, Box 47, bkbastian 
I enny Lind, gbbabtian 
' bnesboro, Box 724. craiorbad 
' onesboro. Box 724, CKAIGRBAD 
[ onesboro, cbaiohbad 
. onesboro, ckaidhbad 
oncsboro. Box 381. craiohbad 
, onesboro. Care J. R. U. Co.. 


Knoxville, johmson 

Little Rock, PULASKI 

219 E. 4th St. 
913 McGowon St 
913 McGowan St. 

1214 W. 15th St. 
811 CoUege St. 
705 Ferry St. 
SO N. 10th St. 
Room 111 Masonic Temple 
612 E. 5th St. 
2301 Gaines St. 

1215 Louisiana St. 
2517 Chester St. 
322 B. Market St. 
Box 144 
407 Rock St. 
Box 124 

Care E. P. McConnell, Supt. 
1122 N. RineoSt, 

406 Rector Ave. 
715 E. ISth St. 

1610 W. 2d St. 

407 E. 14th St. 
2002 Cumberland St. 
920 Commerce St. 

Manila, Box 1^ 

Maple, CARROU, 

Marianna, Care M. C. O. Co., 

Marianna, lbe 

Marked Tree, poinsbtt 

McBee Landing, mariok 

Mena, Box 236, polk 

Mcna, FOLK 



Monticello, dr: 


Morrilton, con way 

Newport, 308 E. 3d St., jacksok 

Newport, jackson 

Newport, 405 Hazel St., jacksoh 

Paragould, Box 12, grbbn 

Pine Bluff, 310 N. Ginn St., JBPfbrson 

Pine Bluff, Box 197, jbppersoh 

Pine Bluff, 214 Louisiana St., jbppbrbon 

Pine BluS, Box 101, jbppsrson 

Powell, HARioK 

H, 6S 
CM. 6S, 4P 
E, 4S, 26P 
EP. fiS 
A. 16S, 21P . 
HH, I4S 
A, 18S, 34P 
HE, 9S 
GA, 12S. 4P 
A. 63 

AC. 63. 12P 
A, lis, 21P 
DL, 4S, 21P 
HA, 63, SP 
HS, 6S, 9P 
AC, 6S, 15P 
ME, lOS. 13P 
A, 18S 

BE, es 

A, 4S, IIP 
ME, IS, 18P 
A, 6S, 12P 
BA, 23 
A, 13S. 46P 
MW. 6S, »P 
J, 5S, 8P 
J, 4S, 4P 
AC. 6S. 17P 
HH, 7S 
BA, 2S 
C, lOS. 2eP 
X, 2S 
BA, 23 

BA, 2 

HS, 4S 
HS. 103, 17P 
HS, 9S, 9P 
AC, 4S, 16P 
DO. IS, 2IP 
T, 173, 24P 
GC. 5S. 12P 
RL. 23 
BA, 4S 
HD. lOS 
MA. 103, SP 
CA, 7S 
HS. 7S 
EN. 103 
NH, 2S 
J. 73. IP 
HD, lOS 
AG, 8S, 9P 

AC, 193, 4P 

AD, 4S, 6P 
LS, IS, 32P 


Morris. D. W., '02 
Robbins, R. H., '03 
Rearick. Lulu, '03 
OKver. A. E.. '97 
RaschaU. P. B., '02 
Casey. P. M., '00 
Davey, Florence J., 'Oi 
Cramer, W. P., '08 
Evana, W., '00 
Pollman, W. A., '97 
Yates. J., '97 
Nickenon, L. O., '01 
Henry, E., '00 
Richards, C. W., '00 
Caulter, j., '02 

Rhodes, G. O., '01 
Salter. C. E., '02 
Hahaffey, P. A., '96 
Bassham. T. B., '03 
Linam, C. H., '00 
Tobnson, C. A., '99 
Fendiick, J. W., '98 

Rett. Jr.. W. B., '00 

Pullmaii, SB V IBB 

Pullman, sbvibr , 

Rogers, Box 125, bknton 

Russellville, Care Palace Hotel, pops 

Searcy, whitb 

Siloam Springs, Box 244, b 

Siloam Springs, bBNTON 

Smackover, union 

Spadra, Johnson 

Spadra, johnson 

Spadra, Johnson 

Springd^e, Washington 

Stamps. Box 71, i 

Stuttgart, General Delivery, Box 3 

Stuttgart, Box 166, i 

Stuttoart, Box 88, Genl. Del., ARKANSAS 

Texa^ana, 605 Pine St., uillbb 

VanBuren, Box 489, CRAWFORD 

VanBuren, ckawpord 

Vanndale. cross 

YeUviUe, Care R. R. Camp, Div. 17, 

CH, 21S, 13P 
OL, 6S, 3SP 
ME, US, 9P 
BB, 4S 
HD, 12S 
CM, 18S 
G. 4S 

CM, 21S. 14P 
TP, 6S 
C, IS. 13P 

X, 4S 
.BB, 4S 
P. 15S 
AC, 5S, 6P 
SP, IS, 26P 
CO, 3S 

YeUviUe, marion 







Crump. J. E., "03 

Acamp«, BAN jOAguiN 

AC, 8S, 13P 

Scoti^. J. B., '01 


AUuneda, alahbda 

C. 9S, 7P 

Bennett, M., '03 
Berry, D. M., "00 

HlSCentral Ave. . 

DV, IS. lOP 

3248 Briggs Ave. 

ME, lis 

466 Santa Clara Ave. 

DO. 4S, 25P 

Bradley, G.. '00 

510 Haight Ave. 

CC, 3S 

Cooke, Edith, -02 

1244 Sherman St. 

LB, 11 Parts 

Duffy, T.J., 'OT 
Dupont. E. K.. '03 

1016 Willow St, 

C, 88. IP 

1213 Easle Ave. 

NC. 23S, 14P. D 

Dupont, E K., '94 

1203 Railroad Ave. 

ME, 13S. 16P 

Fauat, A., '98 

819 Central Ave 

J, 6S 

ME, lOS, 6P 

Frier, R. L., '00 

1736 Eagle Ave. 

Gtrioo, E. K., '01 

843 Santa Clara Ave. 

MM, 20S, UP 

Hague, F. P„ '01 

2060 Buena Vista St. 

HM, lis. 12P, D 

Hart, K. M., '98 

1417 Grand St. 

C, 2S, 25P 

Hartland. W. S..'02 

EP, 6S 

Head. S.. '00 

2260 Eudva Ave. 

F. 5S 

Hutchinson. C. T., '98 

1716 St. Charles St. 

C. 8S. 9P 

tones, L. C. '03 
Lewis. W. O., '02 

2217 Alameda Ave. 

HE. 8S 

835 Central St. 


Linderman. B. W., '00 

1380 High St. 

MP. 6S. D 

Lyon. D. W., '96 
Irfoore. W. L., '01 

1120 Grand St 

HS, lOS, 15P, D 

1624 WiUow St. 

A, 3S 

O'Brien, C. '01 

1616 CUnton Ave. 

P, 6S. HP 

Onnond. W., '00 

1435 5th St. 

J. 9S, 16P. D 

Orr, Helen A.. '95 

11 26 Regent St. 

A, lis. 26P 

Pease, C. C, '96 

3260 Central Ave. 

MD, 3S. 24P 

Rhodes, W. S., '00 
Wri8*t, J«Ha D. E., '02 

2138 Pacific Ave. 

A. 14S. 27P 

2329 Pacific Ave. 

AC, 4S, 16P 


Lattin. C. J.. '02 
Shannon, J., '02 

Alhambra, los ancblbs 

HA, 7S. 3P 


LA. 10 Parts 

Beckwith, A..'00 

Altadeoa, los angblbs 

,7S, D 
ID, 19S, 6P 

Beckwith, A., "02 

Altadena, los anqblbs 

Fowlc, S.. '00 

Alturaa, modoc 

ME, lis, IP 

Alexander, C. W., '99 


SM, 6S. 7P 

Tailleur, C, '9B 

Amalie, kbrn 

C, 7S, 17P 

Cargell, S., '99 

Annbeim, Box 1276, orancb 

ME. 9S. lOP 

Fletcher. L. S., '99 

Anaheim, or a nob 

MP. 2S 

McClcllan, L.. '02 

BA, 3S 

Schindler, H. A., '00 

Anaheim, Box 45, oranob 

A, 16S. 21P 

Anaheim, obangb 

BA. 2S 

Matthews, T. A.. '03 

Angel Island, Hospital Corps, U S. 
Fort McDonafd, marin 


NH. 3S 


Angela Camp, calavbras 

CA, 4S 

Kimball. E. I., '02 
DeLange. T, tl.. '03 

Antioch, contra cost a 

DO, 6S, a7P. C 


Arcadia, los ancblbs 

DL. IS, lOP 
HS, 7S, 6P 

BtureQ, C., '02 

Areata, Box 216, humboldt 

AC, 7S, 12P 

Campbell. K. S., '01 

Areata, Boj; 137, humboldt 

CC, 2S . 





Harbin, A. L., 
Hunter. W. F. 
Liscoo, G. H., "02 
■ Martin, E. J., '00 

Thompson, E. A., ■( 
Gully, C, '02 

Turner, A. C, '02 

Patterson, H. B.. '99 
Lanuniman, F. H.. '00 
Dickson. D., '02 
Fellows, A. D., '94 
Fitch, F. R., '03 
Gum, A K,. '02 
Stevens, H. C, '97 
Taylor, Tola Juanita, '99 
Thomas, O. E.. '02 
Van Lennep, B D., '98 
Fuhr, Sophia, '01 
Mace, E., "97 
Youd. J. J., '00 

Carpenter. A. G., '1 
Carpenter, A. G., 'i 
CatT, J. H., '97 
Corrin, W. R., '03 
Drake, S., '00 
Hicks, L. A., '97 
Houk, L. R-, '99 
Johnson, D. W. W 
Johnston, h,, '01 
Langdon. Minnie, ' 
Morrow. R. E., '02 

Hebensbereer, J 
Atheling, F.. '02 
Tom, t;, '95 
Borsenson, H. S 
Chnstenson, T., 
Foster, G., "02 
Kelly. T.. '00 
Schneider, P.. '0 
Schneider. F., '0 

Areata, Box 89, buuboldt 
Areata, huwboldt 
Areata, kumboldt 
Areata, huiibo],dt 
Areata, huuboldt 

Areata, mumboldt 

Arlington Station, Care F. Pedly, 


Arlington Station, Magnolia. Ave., Box 66, 

Banker, W. E., '02 
Booter^W. B.. '01 
Britt. W. G., '03 
Brown, R. J., '03 

Armono, Box 35. kikgs 

Aromas, SAN bbnito 

Auburn, Box S, placsb 

Auburn, PLACER 

Auburn, Care Three Star Mines, P 

Auburn, placer 

Auburn, Box 65, placbr 

Auburn, Hotel Conroy, placbr 

Auburn, placer 

Auburn, placbr 



Baberafield, kbrn 

2504 H St. 

Care Power Develop. Co. 

Care Power Develop. Co. 

Care Power Develop, Co. 

Box fi63 

Care Power Develop. Co. 

Box 173 

Care Power Develop. Co. 

Box 544 

1409-1403 19th St. 

Care Power Develop. Co. 

926 20th St. 

2019 I St. 

Power Develop. Co. 

Barstow, Care P. Harvey, san bbrnakdino 
Bartlett Springs, lakb 
Belvedere, uabin 
Benicia, sol a no 
Benieia. Boic 446, Solano 
Benicia, Benicia Arsenal. SOLANO 
Benieia, so la no 

Benicia, Benicia Arsenal, solano 
Benicia. Benida Arsenal. SOLANO 

Berkeley, alaubda 

1817 Allstonway St. 
2.536 Bancroft St. 
1743 Delaware St. 
1653 Prince St. 
2221 Shattuck Ave. 
2502 Dwight Way 

ME, 4S, 20P 
LR, 6S 
A, 12S. 2SP 
T, 14S, 16P 
RD. 2S 
AD, BS. 2P 
MP. 3S 

GG, 8S, 14P 

EP, 6S 
HS, 8S, 3P 
CC, 2S 
BN, 8S 
A, 7S, 5P 
NC, 6S, 2P 
EP, 9S 
ME, 13S, 7P 
CC, 2S 
HE, 26S 
ME. 9S 
CC. 2S 
A, 13S. 18P 
ME, 26S, 13P 

HE, 7S 
J. 7S 

J, 9S. 16P, D 
ME, 12S, 6P 
J, 5S, 4P 
PA. 6S 
BC, 9S 
ME, lOS 
J. 4S. IP 
SM. 6S, IIP 
J. 7S. BP 
DL, 4S, 16P 
LA, 11 Parts 
EP, 7S 
HS, 7S, 15P 
P, 13S, 15P 

BA, 2S 

GA. lis, 6P 

A, lOS. 24P 

CC, 2S 

U, 4S, lOP 

lA, 2S 

TP, 7S 

TG, 7S 

EP. 13S, 13P, D 

AC. 4S, HP 
MB, 8S, 25P 
BA, 2S 
EQ. 7S 
R, 33, ISP 

;d by Google 




Pieiuel, E. A., '03 


NC. 5S. IP 

HaU, F. P.. '02 

2335 Warring St. 

BA. 2S 

Leww, T.. 'W 

2347 Piedmont Way 

V. 16S. 17P 

McCh«rl«, C, '02 


CA. 4S 

Mfchener. H., '01 

2026 Bancroft Way 


Orr, C. A.. 'M 

2130 Ward St. 

J, 4S 
BE, 3S 

Petcrtoa, P. M., '03 

Genl. Del. 

RandaU, C. W , '03 

223fi Dova St. 

GC, 7S, 16P. D 

Service, S. T., '02 
Sherman, R. P., '02 

2421 Pulton St. 


2330 Tel. Ave. 

ES. gs 

Trevethan, J., '00 
Whitaker, R. E., '01 

Deaf. Dumb & Blind Inat. 

HS. 4S, 2P 

2531 Ridge Rd. 

ED, 3S. 14P 

Woodruff. M. C, '00 

193fi Russell St. 

A, as. 7P 

Wvone. S. W., 'flft 

2113 Delaware St. 


MM, lOS. I4P 

Gtiftoo, W. D.. '01 

Berros, North St., sak luw obispo 

N. 6S, 2P 

Hontogway, G.. '02 

Betteravja. santx bakbaka 

HA. 6S 

Thayer. T. C, '01 
Scofield.J. J. D, '02 
Wright. T., '99 

Bigg'. Care R. B. Ore Co., buttk 

J, 4S 
BE, 2S 

Bigoak Flat, tuolumne 

Blue Canyon, placer 

MP, 6S. n 

Church. V. W . '01 

Blue l-ake, bwmboldt 

X, 2S 

Hick, G. H.. 'fl6 

Bodie, MONO 

J, 6S 
C. 9S. 4P 

Campbell, T, R, '00 

Bonita, gan dibgo 

French. H. M.. '03 

ER, 5S 

UM, 9S 

French, H. M.. '03 

Bjlnita! BAN DlBGO 

MeUler. Anna D.. '0^ 

Bradley, hoktsrry 

. BA. 4S 

LeRoy. S. M., '00 

BridgeviUe. humboldt 
Broderick, Box 5, YOLp 

MM. 5S 

Lewis. W. L , '03 

MW. 4S, 23P 

Elftman, May. '00 
Johnaon, G. L., '01 
Huntley. J. H.. '97 
SchaeSer. M. A.. '03 

Brownsville, yuba 

MM. 23^, 14P, D 

Buenapark. orangb 

NC. 6S. 7P 

Burbank. los anoelbs 

HS. 4S 

Burbank. los anoblbs 


Dawaon. J. T.. '01 
Daic, A..^ 

Burson. calavsras 

ME, 7S, 2P 

Calabasas, los anoblbs 

NH, 2S 

Bergenheim, V . '98 

CaliBtO^. NAPA 


BP, 148. 16P 

Stofie, A. F.,'03 

Stone. A. F.. '97 

MO, 5S, 17P 

Martinoff. R. W., '02 

Campbell, santa clara. 

DiL 2S, 34P. D 

Pollard. H., '99 

Campbell, santa clara 

R. IS, 14P 

WilHams, C. E., '02 

Camptonviile, yuba 

MU, 168, 37P 

Gardner, W.. '02 

Carpinteria, santa clara 

NC, 68, IP 

Hill, J.. '02 

Carpinteria, sakta clara 

BA, 2S 

Tones. W.I.. '00 
Peterson. S.. '01 

Carpinteria, santa clara 

MM, 8S, 8P 

Carpinteria, santa clara 

CC, 2S 

Rwter. B., '01 

Thompson, J.. '99 
Bryant. A, W.. '02 

Carpinteria, santa clara 

BA, 2S 

Carsons, E. Hdt. Co., humboldt 

HS, 7S. lOP 

Carters, tuolumkb 

BE. 48 

Holtqidat. H., -03 
Merrill, Frances H.. '01 

Caspar, mxndocino 

HH. 16S 

Caspar, mbndocino 

BD, 2S. UP 

Caldeira. P.. '01 

Centerville, alambda 

HM, 9S 

Caldeira. J. S., '01 
Quay, C. W.. '00 
WilUams. W., '01 

Centerville. alambda 

HM. 5S 

Centerville. alambda 


Ceres, Stanislaus 

McDoweU. L. G. B.. '00 

Chardon, buttb 

ME. 9S. 9P 

Irwin, T. E.. '98 

Charter Oak, Box 61, los anoelbs 

TP. 8S, D 

Comstock, E. R., '02 

Chico, Box 617. butte 

AC 6S, 18P 

Hill, H. H., '03 

Chico, Cor. 5th & Oleander St., buttb 

AC, 7S, lOP 

Kellom. A. K., '00 

Chico, buttb 

X. 38 

Moorehead, C. E., '02 

Chico, Box 434, buttb 

HE. 8S 

Tyte. C. '03 
White. J.. '93 

Chinese Camp, tuolumnb 
Chinese Camp, tuolumnb 

BE. 28 
F.7S4P , 





-Gudeman. R., '01 

ChJno, Care Am. B. S. Co.. sah 

D, 4S 

White, P. A.. '98 

Chino, Box 6, ban bbbnardino 

HS, 6S. 7P 

Hordon, C. H., '99 

Claremont, lob anoblbs 

T. I2S, 8P 

Berkenhamp, H. W., '02 
Hansel. A. ^03 

Clarksburg, yolo 

HD, 9S, 5P 

Clements, sah Joaquin 

BE, 2S 

Bandelow, P. S., '02 

Clovis, PRBSHO 

GC, 4S. IP 

Hampaon, G. H.. '02 


CA. 48 

Heitzig, A, J., '03 

Coalinga, Box 166, P. C. Oil Co., prbsno 

HI, 7S 

MM. 13S, 14P 

McFarlaad, S. J.. '01 
Ketehum, E. M., '02 

Coarscgold, madbr* 

Colgate, via Dobbins, tuba 

EP, 58 

Davis, 0. P., '00 


JB, 7S 
MM. 9S, 3P 

Cresmer, C. E., '99 

Colton. Box 205, SAN BERNARDINO 

Puller. H.. '03 

Cotton, Box 387, san Bernardino 

MH, 7S 

Johnston, C. M., '02 
Lytle, C. A.. -03 
Welsh, W. W.. '98 

Colton, Box 331, san Bernardino 

HH, 16S 


HH. 16S 


D, 8S. D 

Hull, H. W., '97 

Columbia, tuoluunb 


Blean, W. C, '00 

Colusa, COLUSA 

JB. 38, C 

Houjt, R.. '02 

Colusa. COLUSA 

NO. 7S. 9P 

Babet, W.. '01 

Concord, contra costa 

NH, 6S 

Thow, G., '02 

Confidence, tuoluukb 

NC. 6S, 14P 

Archibald, A. L.. '01 

Corcoran, kings 

I. 7S, 2P, D 

Paterson. W. E., '95 

Coming tbhama 

J 48^ 8P 

Peckam. A. L.. '00 

Coming, Box 136, tbhaua 


Riaor, C. A., '99 

Coming, tbhama 

TP 58 

Gleason, V. A.. '00 

Corona, rivers ids 

C, 108 

Binder, W., '99 

Coronado, Str. Coronado, san diboo 

HM, fiS. IP 

Howley, Emma, '02 

Coronado, san dieoo 

lA, 2S 

Loomis, G. B., '00 

Corondao, Box 12, san dibco 

X, 2S 

Mcintosh, T. H., '93 

Coronado, Box 38, san dibgo 

C. 8S, 8P 

Hnkham. P. V., '94 

Coronado. Hotel Del Coronado. saw diboo 

MD. 2S. 17P 

Riedel. P., '03 

Coronado. Cor. 3d & D St.. san orBoo 

BE. 28 

Sexton, J.. '99 

HS. 3S. 12P 

Shaw, A. B., '98 

Coronado, T, D. & C. E. Co., san diboo 

J. 9S, 16P, D 

Huninsfton. G. E. H . '01 
Hutchison. C. E., '03 

Corralitos, banta crui 

A. 4S, 20P 

Cosumne, sacrambnto 

HD. 178. 2P 

Dooley, Helen E., '0! 

Cottonwood, SHASTA 

BD, 5S, 13P 

Garrison, MwtleT., '03 
Brooks, J. HT^02 

Cottonwood, SHASTA 

BE, 58 

CoulterviUe, mariposa 


Morgenstero, B., '01 

Coutter\-iUe, mariposa 

MM, 7S. «P 

Park, D. W., '01 

CoulterviUe, Box 14, mariposa 

MM, 5S, 3P . 

Hame. W. E. L.. '95 


MP. 6S 

Sanders. G. M., '00 

Covins, Box 64. los angblbs 

HS. 5S, 4P 

Compton, I. A., '01 

Coutolene, buttb 

R. lOS. 6P 

RydM, I. L., '00 

Coyote, SANTA clara 

MM, 8S, fiP 

Ashby. H. S., '02 

Craftonville, Power House, 

EP, 148. IIP 

Cadwell, L.,'03 

Craftonville, Power House No. 1 , 

EP, 83 

Cooper, W S., '02 

CraftonviUe, Power House No. 2, 

EN, I2S. D 

Cooper, W. S., *03 

Craftonville. Power House No. 2 ■ 

HE. 12S 

Momsofl, P. G., '00 
Taylor. C. E., *02 

Craftonville, ban Bernardino 

P. 5S 

CraftonviUe, san Bernardino 

EP. 6S 

Watson, T. R., '03 

Craftonville, R. P. D. No. I. 


EP. 6S. IP 

Williams. G. W.. '02 

CraftonviUe, Power House, 

EN, 58 

Young, G. A.. '01 

Craftonville. Mill Creek P. H. No. 2. 

ME. a«S. 25P. 



». J . '00 
». J., '97 
I, G. W., '93 

Andenon, A., '00 
Bean. C. B., '00 
Patchett. B. B.. '98 
Hvmro, D. H., '94 
Carty. H. A., '99 
Hoag. C. B.. '99 
Hoag, J. P., » 
Stenrart, W. E., '99 
Lason. J. J., '01 
haadmtsa^, D., '96 
Davi», R-. A., '03 

Sqiiire, U. C, '02 
D&tey, A., '00 
Grew, F. J., '01 
Motbh, a., '03 
Fryar. J. L., '02 

SChnmacber, W. B., '( 

Willson. W. W„ '01 
Cochran, J. S.. '03 
Jamieson, H. E., '97 
Hayet, E.. '99 
Creaaon, J '"" 
Creason, J 
Dodaon, ( 
HaakB, J. M.,'01 
Sutberland. A. S. '02 
Tooey, C. H., '02 
Walters. J. W., '00 
Wedewood, B. G.. '98 
Deeucen, P. C, '03 
Cooaa, A. J., '09 
Petenon, A. H.. '00 

Bddem, T. N.. '01 
Conigan, C. 8., '99 
HerHng, L., '01 
Hoff. J. D., '03 

Liafaman, H., '02 
Scbelling, C, '00 
Spearoian, H., '02 
Stewittt. C. P., '01 
Vockel F. C, '02 
Liebemam, W., '02 

Hill. A., '01 
Fielding, W. B., '96 
CulbertBon. N. W., '02 
Steele, E. W., '01 
Singleton, C, E., '00 
Dupwy, P. E., '02 
Placg, L. L.. '00 ' 
Barry, E. E., '96 
Rosa, W. E., '02 
Walling, Mre. Emma, '93 
Connoii, A. C, '02 
Haytfc A. H., '03 
Hattbewa, E.. '02 
UcConw^ A. W., '01 

Dunsmuir, i 

Crockett, Box 48, ooinaA costa 
- Crockett, Box 196. cOMtka Ccwta 
Crowt Landing, Stanislaus 


Danby, San bbknabdino 

Danville, contra costa 

Danville, contra costa 

Danville, contra costa 

Del Monte, Hotel del Monte, montbkbt 

Denverton, B. & U. Pacldne Co., bolaho 

Diamond Springs. Care J. M. Graham, 


Dimond, AiAUBOA 

Dinuba, tulakb 

Dobbins, TUBA 

Dobbins, tuba 

Doble, Care Bear Valley Dam. 


DoapaloB. Care Pacific Coast Oil Co., 


Dospaloa. Box 14, Rural Route, mbkcbd 
Dovntey, los ahoblbs 
Downey, i^s anoblbs 

Duarte, LOS AHaBLBS 

"r, siaKiTou 


Dunsmuir, si ski you 

Dimsmuir, Box 114, giskiyou 

Dutchflat.,Box 66. flacbr 

E. Auburn, Box 104, placbr 

£. Berkley, 1342 Shattuck Ave., alambda 

B. Berkley, Cor. Grove & Grant St., 


East Oakland, 1211 22d Ave., alaubda 
East Oakland, Sub. Sta. No. 2, ai,aiibda 
East Oakland. 1213 K. 22d St., ALAMKDA 
East Oakland, 428 8tta Ave. & lOth St., 


East Oakland, 1404 Stb Ave., Ai^MBDA 
East Oakland, 1007 £. 23d St.. alambda 
East Oakland, 1249 25th Ave. alaubda 
East Oakland. 1083 E. 28th St., alambda 
East Oakland, 664 23d St.. alaiibda 
East San Jote, Alum Rock Ave., 

Eastyard, contra cost A 

Eden vale, santa clara 
Edison, Care E Blec. Co., khrk 
Edna, BAN LUIS obispq 


Electra, amador 
Electra, ahaaok 
Etkgrove, sacraubnto 
EInuiurst. alahbda 
Bl Modena, okangb 
Einiuett, SAN bbnito 
Emmett. san bbnito 
Emmett, san bbnito 
Essex, 1 

C, 4S, lOP 
UB, SS, 6P 
SM, 7S, »P 
ME. SS, 8P 
HS. 4S 
H, fiS, SP 
A, 14S. 22P 
MD, 3S, 12P 
HS. 4S, IP 
HS, 9S. 14P 

GA, J2S, 9P 
GC 5S. IP 
MP, 2S 

NO, 13S, 3P 

SM, 6S, IP 
H£{, 7S 
MP. 4S 
MM, 9S 
LR. 9S 
HS. 6S, IP 

C, lOS. 13P 
AB, 68, D 
DO, 4S, 29P 
NH, 2S 
LR, 7S 
ME. lis, SP 
EN, 12S, D 

CC, 4S 

MM, 22S, 12P 
ME, 5S, 26P 
X, 2S 

NC. 12S. 9P 
GC, 6S, 12P 
A, US, 7P 
DN, 68, 19P 

D. 6S 


HD. 26S 
DK, 3S, 13P 
CC. 98 
ME, lOS 
B. US. 18P 
EV, 23S 
MP, 68 
NH, 3S 
BE, 28 
NH. 6S. D 
LR. UG, D 



Balm, C. A., '02 
CoflBn, O. O., '02 
Dickinson, T.. '02 
Grundell, J. H.. 
Hermann, L.. '01 
Jobnson, Margaret, 
Kng, G, C, '01 
Mansfield. H., '99 
Nelsoft, Carrie L., 'i 
Petereon, L.. "02 
Fluke, B. G., >9S 
Savacool, J. W., '91 
Skinner, E. E., '98 
Thomas, R. L., '02 
Thompson, F. L., 'i 
Wilde, M. L., '00 
Wing, C. B., '00 
Young, W. J., '01 

McCaustland, D., '02 
Wdla, R. G., '02 
Dufour, F. E., '00 
Fhelps, P. I.. '-99 
McCorabs, W., '01 
Charlton, W., '01 
Mathews, 0. G., '00 . 
Mollen. C. ,'02 
Trousdale, O.J., "00 
Ward, Ethel, -Ol 
Schluter. W. H., '02 

Nichols, C. L., '02 
ArundeU, T. F., '0 
Shankle, T.. '02 
Walker, J. E., '02 
Swift, C. B., '03 
McAvoy, P., '02 
Siohoha, C, '03 
Hubmann, C, '99 
Dyson, G. N., '00 
Dyson, G. N., '98 
Campbell, J, A., '02 
Montgomer- " '"'' 
Catton, J. ! 
Wellein, F. 

Eonfc*, HUUBOU>T 


WilMe, B. H., '99 
Scott, C. M., '02 
Ellis, P. R., '00 
Tones, A. C, '02 
Long, C. '03 
Eastwood, P. W., 'I 
Brayton, W. E., '03 

Calderwood, M. H., '97 
Carney, J. B., '02 
Cunuingbam, £. C, '01 
Dymot, M. K., '03 
Penin, H. E., "02 

1903 Albee St. 

AC, 4S, 6P 

ER, 6S, 4P 

1722 4th St. 

NC, 6S, 6P 

737 M St. 

HM, 4S, 7P 

2100 California St. 


221 Lang St. 

BA, 2S 

Cor. 6th & G St. 

C. lOS, 13P 

A 6S,3P 

1620 CaKfomia St. 

BE, 2S 

519 4tb St. 

DL, 2S, 12P 

up; 3S 

MM, 18S 

Cor. 3d & P St. 

MP, 4S 

Care S. F. & N. W. Ry. 


1134 J St. 

AC, US, 13P 

BC, 8S, 2P 

1123 B St. 

A. 7S. IIP - 

2102 S St. 

UD, 3S, 14P 


Evergreen, Box 12, banta clara 

HA, lOS, 17P 

Exeter, tularb 

£P, 6S 

Pair Oaks, bacrambmto 

T, 33S, 20P 

Fair Play, Cedar Creek Mine, sldohado 

F, 8S. 7P 

Pall Hirer Mills, shasta 

1,48, IP 
E, 9S, SP 

Pemdale, humboldt 

Femdale, huuboldt 

A. 9S, IP 

Femdale, Box 2153. hukboldt 


Pemdale, Box 72, Humboldt 

P, 4S, 4P 

Pemdale, Box 209. humboldt 

AA. 2S 

Ferry Station, U. S S. Mohican, 


' KA,aS 

Fields Landing. HUiiaouw 

MC, 12S. 7P 

Fillmore, vbntura 

MM, 8S 

Fillmore, Care Union OU Co., vbntura 

EO. 2S 

Fillmore, vbntura 

BE, 4S 

Firebaugh, frbsno 


Floriston, nbvada 

EP, 9S 

Fk>riston. nbvada 

DO, 3S, UP 

Folfiom City, bacsaubnto 

HS, 7S 

Forestbill, placbr 

SM. 7S, 16P 

PoresfhiU. placbr 

J, 9S. 16P. D 

Fort Baker, uarin 

AD. 6S, 13P 

Port Baker, marim 

AG. 7S. lOP 

Fort Bragg, mbndocino 

A, IBS, 9P 

Fort McDowell, 65th Co. Coast Art., 

EP. 8S 

Fortuna, huuboldt 

MP, 2S 

Poster, SAN DiBQO 

HE, 13S 

Fowler, frbsno 

SM. 6S. IIP 

Fowler, frbsno 

AG. 9S. 6P 

Fowler, R. P. D. No. 1, frbsno 

EP, 9S 

Predalba, san bbrnardino 

SM. 6S, 14P 

Freshwater, buuboli>t 

GA, US, 14P 

FrMuo, prbbho 

100 Demond St. 

C. 4S, 20P 

Care Cal. Raisin Growers' Assn. 

BE, 2S 

671 Inez St. 

HS, 7S. 8P 

1306 Harvey Ave. 

AC. 9S. 4P 

Cowan House 

EP. 7S, IP 







Gow. P. W., 'OX 

1017 G St. 

IC, 12S, OP 

Grossbolz, C, '01 

Gerd. Del. 

A, 12S. IfiP 

Hague, V. C, '02 

113 Yoseraite St. 

EP, 9S 

Hftosbeiser, B. L., '99 

910 J St. 

M, 5S 

Henriksen, H.. '02 

EG, 6S 

Hunt. E., '90 

744 St. 

CC, 7S 

Hunt. W,. '97 

744 St. 

C, «S, 25P 

arvis, W.. '99 
Coppes, S.. '00 

1433 D St 

A. 9S. 4P 

646 Otte St. 

HS, 8S. IP 

.achead. R., '97 

Thesta St, 

U, 3S, 19P 

Loudrum, J. N., '01 

1246 P St. 

T, 12S, 14P 

MagiU, H. 1.. '01 
Miller. C. \.. -02 

X, 2S 

BE. 2S 

Murdock. C. A., '02 

Box 361 

NO, 5S, 3P 

Orr, R.. '99 

218 Blackstooe St. 

LR. 8S 

Richmond, W. J., '02 

930 I St. 

213 Poplar St. 


HD, &S, 2P 

SiWey. C. C. '99 

A, 2S, 12P 

Stauge, P. P., '01 

RC. lOS, 19P 

Stayton. J. V., '01 
Thomas. B. P.. '01 

".111 P St. 

fM. 2S 

531 O St. 

LR. lOS 

Williams. J.. '02 

428 Glen Ave. 

AC, 4S. IIP 

Wilson, Bcrthft.,'02 

24 Abby St. 

BB, 4S 

Wolfakin. W. C. -02 

246 Gl^ Ave. 

DK, 3S, 17P 

Woodward. R. J., '99 

758 J St. 


ME. 18S, 6P 

Boyer, A., '99 

Pruitvale, Hyde St., alaubda 

MD, IS, 22P 

Kiattiger. G. J.. '02 

Fruitvale, alambda 

BA, 2S 

Hoderson, P., '99 

Fniitvalc, Care Walter Morosco, alame 

A T, 29S, 24P 

Townsend, W. R., '01 

Fruitvale, 411 Sherry Ave., alausda 


Wieben. A. C . '01 

Fruitvale, Box 103, alambda 

A, 3S, lOP 

Makee, G. W.. '02 

Fulton, SONOMA 

BE, 2S 

Gage, A. D., '93 


C, 9S. UP 

Arnold, A. J, '99 
Higby, G. S., '01 
Wflson, R. H„ '03 

Garlock, kern 

HS. 4S 

Garvanza Station, los avcelbs 

AG, 4S, OP 

Oarvanza Station, los ancelks 

ES, 6S, 5P 

Lo»cks, D., -00 

Giant, contra costa 

M^. 26S, 25P, D 

Snow, G. J.. '03 

Gilroy, santa clara 

HP, lis 

Roche. H. M., '01 

Olencoe. calavbbas 

MM. 15S, 14P 

Pcnn, G. M., '00 

Glendale. los anoelbs 

D, 6S 

Kimberlay, R„ '02 

Glendora, los ancblbs 

BE. 2S 

Mamsley, W. E., '02 
Scow, Mary, '02 
Hamilton, W. S.. '02 

Glendora. Box 86, los angsles 

EP. 8S 

Glendora, los anoeles 

BE. 2S 

Goldrun, placbr 

HI, 7S 
HE, lOS 

Meyers, S. A., '03 

Grapeland. ban bernakdino 

Grass VoUey.KBVADA 

Barker, E. C, '99 

HS, 6S. OP 

Barker. E. E., '00 


MM. 7S, 5P 

Halton, R. V., '94 

C, SS, 25P 

Mainhart, G. W, E., '94 

F, 5S 

Martin, A. H., '00 

Church St. 

X. 2S 

Halton, R. V., '94 

F, lOS 

Rouner. C. T., '95 

J. 9S, 16P, D 

Rowe, H. H., '00 

Box 333 

1 4S 

Samuel, H. L., '02 

Bennett St. 

^P, 6S 

Schmed, A.. '00 

C lOS. 14P 

Skewes, H. B.. '02 

Towns . 

NC, 23S, 14P, D 

Styring, H. H., '03 

Gravilla. sa» diboo 

BE, 6S 

De Ruchie, E. A., "02 

Gridley, butte 

HE, 20S 

Gridley. G. W., W 

Gridley. buttb 



Swert, J. F., '03 

Sridlcy, BUTTB 

HE. »S, 6P 

Van Possen, C, '02 

Gridley, Box 14, buttr 

EW. 9S, 7P 

Beckett, P. S., '00 

Grizzly Flats, bldorado 

AA. 6S. D 

Beckett, F. S., '01 

Grizzly Plats, bldorado 

CS, 20S 

Beckett, F. S- '02 

Grizzly Flats, bldorado 

Mu. los, lep 

Beckett, F. S., '98 

hizzlv Flats, BLDORADO 

ttov eland, tuolumnb 

F, 37S, 14P, D 

Bunney. W. H,..'02 

BE, 2S 

TiMley, C. R., '99 

Grubgulch, MADBHA 


Goodman, Celia, '02 

Kanford, kings 

BB, 3S 

Washburn. E.. '00 

Hanford, 819 Harris St., xmos 

BC, 6S, 9P 

Dunlop. F. L., '00 

laywards. Box 24A, alameda 

HS. 4S 

Neibe^ P., '01 

laynards, R. D. No. 2, alaubda 

KM, 6S 

Alexander. W. P.. '00 

Healdsburg, sonoma 

CC, 23 

Barnes. W. W., '98 

Hcaldsburjt. Care Municipal El«. Lt. 

P. & W. Co.. SONOMA 

L 7S. 2P 
DB, 4S. IIP 

Casson, D. L., '02 

lealdsburg. sonoma 

Layer. G. T., '01 

Healdsburg, R. R. No. 2, sokoma 

SM. 4S. 8P 

Nelson. R. C, '00 

lealdsbui^, so no u A 

L 7S. D 
DL, 3S, J2P 

Petereon, C. W.. '02 

lealdsburg. sonoma 

Stiles, B.. 'gg 

Healdsburg, sonoma 

ME, lOS 

Fairman, Jr., W. B., '01 

Hemet, rivbrsidb 

MR. 7S 

McGregor, J. D., '99 

Highland, san Bernardino 
loTHster, Box 4454, ban bbnito 

Cbaney, J., '97 

0. 8S, 6P 

Chick, G. B„ '02 

lollister. San Benito St., san bbnito 

BA, 3S 

Davis, F. A., '02 

Hollister. san bbnito 

BA, 6S 

Newton, H. B , '01 

HoUister, san benito ' 

CC, 2S 

Glazebrook. J, H., '03 



Rymal, G. B.. '97 

lombrook. biskiyou 

Youge, N. S., '01 
Walker. A. L., '01 

lombrook, SISKIYOU 

LR, 7S 

Hydesville, Box 14, huuboldt 

X. 2S 

DoUeagB, T. D., '97 

gema, Siskiyou 

HS. 7S, 7P 

Smith. J., '99 

rvine, calavbras 

MM, 218. HP 

rwindale, los angblbs 

HD. lOS. IP 

Coate, P. M.. '03 

versen, hbndocino 

AG, 9S, 7P 

Hicks, Jessie, '02 

ackson, auador 

BB. 4S 

Pea«on, P. A., '01 

ackson, amador 

NO. 78 

Williams, W. S.. '99 

ackson, amador 

F, 7S 

Baker. J., '03 

ackson ville, tuolumnb 

HH. 98 

KnxiAsoa. F. L., '98 

J. 8S, 12P 

MM. lis. 14P 

ohannesburg, kbrn 

Ensign, W. E.. '00 

ohn Adams, butth 


Spangler. L. I . '00 
Nfetritt, F. J., '03 

ohn Adams, butte 


AC, 5S 

Detrick, R. P., '02 

ulian, SAN diego 

ER, 3S 

Boland, W. E., '99 

Keene, kern 

ME, 6S 

Bopst, R. D„ '00 

Kern, 523 K St. 

C. 33. 25P 

Bryant, T. L., '03 

Kern, Box D. kern 

HH, 8S 

Long. C, B., '99 

Kern, KERN 

LR, 7S 

Smith. H. L., '03 

Cem, KBRN 

GC, 5S, 8P 

Lawson, W. E., '02 

■Ceswick Iron Mountain Mine, shasta 

NA, 6S, 12P 

Butler, P., '03 

:ing City, monterby 

HP, 7S 

Stuart, j., '00 

Kingsburg, p res no 

CC, 2S 

Wioslow, C. H,. '00 

■Cingsburg, Box 162, presno 
Knights Ferry, Stanislaus 

HS, 8S, IIP, D 

Shafe. J. H., '03 

EN. 7S 

Gemhardt. L.J.. '03 

HD. 175. IP 

Leclair. C. J., '02 
Osgood, J. H., '00 

Tefferson, A., '03 


DL. 4S, 19P 

.a Canada, los angblbs 

D, 4S 

-ftjolla, san diego 

DO. 3S, 24P 

Still, W. A., '96 

..ancha Plana, amador 

MM. eS, 14P 

Cargile, C, B., '01 
Sutherland, G. W„ '00 

.athrop. SAN JOAQUIN 

£B. 8S 

^athrop, SAN joaquin 

AB. 6S. D 

Van Beek, S. D.. "00 

^aton, PRBSNO 

HE, 12S, i3P 



Tyler, G. S., '97 
-'hittel. W. D., -6 

Rose. G. H.. '01 
Dirk. R. F., '02 
Loveridge, E.G., *03 
Szeze»aDski, B. M., '03 
Cochran, J. H., '02 
McCoy, C. H.. '03 
Tretiel, F„ '99 
Heacock, N., '01 
Austin, H.. '03 
Beamont. N., '02 
Fisher, A. E., '00 
Potter, R., '02 
Rogers. E. C, '01 
Smart, O., '03 

Thayer. C. B., "01 
Thompson, Miss N., '0! 
Bigham. R., '02 
Hassey, A. C, '9S 
HarEraven, A. E., '00 
Masser, A. M., '96 

Alden, Clarft C, '00 
Alen. C, '08 
Alexander, Mrs. G. W.. 
Anderaon, W. W.. '00 
Anderson, W. L., '99 
Ash, H.. '03 
Sobers, J., '00 
Ballard, A. H., '01 
Ballard, A. H., '02 
Barber, U. W.. '99 
Barney, C. F.. '01 
Baxter, P. A., '02 
Baxter, P. A., '97 
Baylor. N. R.. '98 
Beasley, T. C, '01 
BeU, R. J., '02 
Benkham. O., '00 
Bennett. A, A., '99 
Bennett. S. G., '96 
Berry. R. S.. '03 
Biddle. G. F.. '99 
Bissett. R. D., '02 
Black, H., 00 
Blank. C. F.. '01 
Bloom, E. W., '01 
Bottomley, C. M., '99 
Boudinot. May F., 'O: 
Braly, H. H., '02 
Breakell, F. M., '02 
Briggs. J. Y '01 
Brooks, Jr., T., "94 
Brower, W. C. '99 
Brown, E. N., '03 
Brown, E. N.. '00 
Brown. F. A„ '00 

Letcher, Care Copper King Min. Co., 


Lewiston, trinity 

Lincoln, flackr 

Lincoln, Care Mrs. B. Landis, placbr. 

Lincoln, Hotel Bwdge, flacbr 

Lingay. tularb 

Livermore. alahbda 

Livemiore. Box 121. alamsda 

LompOC, SANTA bahbara 

Longbeach, 829 Price Ave., los angblbs 

Longbeach. 815 E. 7th St.. los anoblbs 

Longbeach, 114 Chestnut St., Loa anoelec 

Longbeach, 1422 E. 2d St., los anoblbs 

I^ongbeach, Box 217, los angblbs 

Longbeach, 142 Chestnut Ave., 

los anoblbs 
Longbeach, 824 Lime Ave, 
Longbeach, 623 Pine St., lc 
lK>rdsburg, LOS ancblbs 
Lordsburg, Box 12. los angbles 
Lorin, 3017 Adaline St., alanbda 
Los Alamitos. orange 

Lo> Angelei, los angblbs 
840 S. Main St. 
433 Stimson Blk. 
3300 Main St. 
■02 903 W. 38th St. 
107rW. 37th St. 
1228 New Hampshire St. 
930i Santee St. 
US E. ISth St. 
90fi 57th St. 
972 67th St. 
1413 W. 9th St. 
320J E- 7th St. 
1041 S. OUve St. 
410 N. Bunker Hiil St. 
447 S. Grand Ave. 
1623 San Fernando St. 
1001 E. 7th St. 
7871 Merchant St 
1202 S. Grand Ave. 
522 Stimson Qlk. 
512 California St. 
214 E. 8th St. 
627 Echandia St. 
418 S. Los Angeles St. 
633 W. 35th St. 
1328 W. 12th St. 
742 Clara St. 
1222 W. 39th St. 
Care S. Cal, Savings Bank 
113 N. Bunker Hill St. 
131i S. Broadway 
466 N. Pearl St. 
1144 Angelina St. 
231 East Ave. 28 
231 East Ave. 28 
921 Hawthorne St. 

MM, 6S 

HS. 6S 
HM, 9S 
HJ, lis 
NC, 8S. IIP 
DM. 4S. 14P 
EN, lOS 
AG. 5S. 15P 
N. 4S, 2P 
DK, 3S. 12P 
AC. 4S, 16P 
AC, 8S. 8P 
HS, 4S. 6P 
EG, 8S, D 
ME. 7S, 13P 

DM. 6S, 40P 
MM, 12S 
AD. 4S. 13P 

C, IS, 13P 

MP, 6S 
A. 4S, lOP 
HS, 6S 
AG, 5S 
A, 5S. 20P 
EP, lOS 
MM. 6S 
HS, 8S, UP, D 
NH, 6S, D 

C. 17S, 25P, D 

D. 4S 

DI, 6S, 22P 
I. 9S, 16P, D 
ME. 12S. 6P 
HS. 4S 
EP. 14S, 13P 
HM, 5S. IP 
P. 6S. 7P 
F. 6S, 5P 
DL, 3S, 14P 
HS, 8S, 2P.D 
DO, 3S, 15P 
IB. 3S, C 
feD, 3S. 17P 
•BD. 2S, UP 
C, 7S. 25P 
BA, 4S 
NC, I2S 
GD, 9S, 14P 
CD, 2S. UP 
SM 6S, 14P 
HS. 6S. 3P 
NI, lOS 


Nam* Old Y tor 
Brown. O. E., '02 
Brumasine, R. D., '00 
Buchanan, W., '01 
Cappa, A, v., '96 
Catfierwood J., '99 
Chapin, H. H.. '02 
Chapton, E. A., '02 
Chase. P. L., '02 
Chick. I. E„ '02 
Chick, J. E.. '02 
CoUis, J. E., '01 
Colyer. C. '00 
Comings, A. H., '01 
Conkle, Lulu G., '02 
Conkling, M. G., '00 
Cont«mo, T. B., '00 
Cook, L. W., '01 
Crandall, S., '02 
Creasey, F. E., '02 
Crinckshank, A.. '02 
Cromer, G. A., '00 
Crook, D. H., '02 

Cypherd, J. H.. '02 
Diilbrink, L. G., '02 
DaUbrink, L. G., '00 
Damon, H., '01 
Darnell. F. J„ '01 
Degerholm, G. E., '94 
Degerholm, G. E„ '02 
Dodge. H. E., '02 
Doiton, P. A., '02 
Dorrance, G, R.. "01 
Dubber, L. W., '03 
DuBose, I, N., '00 
Dungan, W,. '02 
Dunning, W. C. '02 
Duwall, W, H., '99 
Eberhart, H. P., '00 
Eccleston, Mary, '01 
Eddy, A. I., '02 
Eley, A. J., '99 
Ellis. G«rtrude, '02 
Emerson, H. E., '02 
Erkea, W., '00 
Escherich, C, '01 
Pairbairn, C. P., '00 
Fairbum, G., '00 
Palkenstein, C, '99 
Penstermacher, P., '02 
Pigg, H.. '01 
Flint, G. C. '02 
Plourian, C. E,, '03 
Foran, D. J., '03 
Francis, I. J.. '97 
Fulton, P. B,, '03 
Galwan, J. B., '00 
Geek, W. D., '02 

317 New High St. 

n78 52dSt. 

Genl. Del. 

301i_W. 7th St. 

919 W. Edgeware Rd. 

25O0 Scpalredo St. 

1116 Wall St. 

759 Crocker St. 

897 E. 52d St. 

533 E. 33d St. 

321 California St. 

2920 Passadena Ave. 

1955 Park drove Ave. 

432 S. Hope St. 

144<)}'S. Florence St. 

512 Maple Ave. 

432 S. Hope St. 

829 San Pedro St. 

107 Bunkerhill Ave. 

758 W. Adams St. 

2112 Toberman St. 

82B Grand View St, 

2633 Romeo PI. 

311 W. 3d St, 

1665 W. 20th St. 

655 Ceres Ave. 

655 Ceres Ave. 

2908 S. Flower St. 

2018 W. 6th St. 

1826 S. Hope St. 

1826 S. Hope St. 

619 Conservative Life Bidg. 

2124 Bonsallo Ave. 

25O0 E. 3d St. 

241 W. 16th St. 

244 N. Chicago St. 
1315 W. 2d St. 
350 Clay St. 

455 Tremont Ave. 
600 Ramport St. , 

415 Henne Bldg. 
1322 E. 8th St. 
143 Arch St. 
327 W. 27th St. 
1024 El Mohno St. 
612 S. Los Angeles St. 
250 E. 29th St. 
136 N. 21st Ave. 
1114 R. Ohio St. 
844 S. Maple Ave. 
Rm. 5, City Hall 
131) S. Broadway 
804 E. 3d St. 
612 S. Broadway. 
1650 E. 14th St. 
212 W. 3d St. 
649 S. Spring St. 

NC. 12S 
JM. 8S. D 
UD. 3S, lOP 
T, 15S, lOP 
A. 28S, 46P. D 
EP. 12S 

AC, 6S, 12P 
NC, 12S 
HA. 6S, 6P 
EN. lOS. 5P 
MB, as. lOP 

C, 8S, 7P 
A, lis. 20? 
BE, 3S 

A. 5S, 5P 
P. 8S, IP 
X. 2S 

AG, 3S. 21P 
EP, as. 5P 

AD, 6S. 19P 
DL. 4S, I5P 
AC, lOS, 20P 
BE. 6S 

DL, 3S. 13P 
EP. 8S 
CO, 9S 
X, 2S 
J, 9S, 16P 
ME. lis, 26P 
DM. 2S, 16P 
EH, 6S 
DL, IS, lOP 
LR, 9S 
DL, 4S, UP 
ME, as, IP 
HP, 12S 
LA, 8 Parts 
HS, 6S 
LR. 7S 

D, 48 

AC, 9S, 9P 
MH, 12S 
BA, 4S 
ER, 4S 
A, 17S, 7P 
UD, 4S. 16P 

E, 3S, 22P 

D. 4S 
BE. 4S 
HS. 8S. OP 
HD. 37S. 16P 
AC. 4S, 9P 
EP, 8S 
ME, 8S 
EN, 7S, 14P 
LR, 8S 
AC, 4S, I2P 
HE, lOS 
MH. 23S. 14P, D 


Digitized byGOOgle 


Gilbert, P. H., '97 
CHlliagham, .C, '00 
Goeewiach. L. H., '01 
Gretten, W. J., '02 
Griffin. R. IT, '01 
Griffith. C. E., '01 
Grove, G. R., '03 
Grove,G. R„ '02 
Guppy, P. L.. '00 
Hacfcfcy. G. f ., '03 ^ 
Hakev, M. C, '01 
Hamilton, H. H., '02 
Hance, F. P., '00 
Hansen, P., '02 ' 
Hanson, L. L., '03 
Harman, B., '90 
Hartfield. A. J.. '00 
Harvey, C. H., '00 
Hedstrom, R., '00 
Heffinger, H., '02 
Hdnze, C. A.. '02 
Hemminger, E. B., '01 
Herbelin, V., '02 
Hexter. J. H.. '01 
Higgins, G. E., '00 
Hm E. W.. '00 
Hofiman, P., '99 
Holmes. O. W., '02 
Hopkins, G, W., '03 
Housekeeper. B. R., '03 
Howny, C. D., '01 
HubbB. C. B., '01 
Uulbrad, Cairie L., '00 
Hanley, C. L.. '01 
Htmt. J. G., '01 
Icke, R. J., '02 
Iliff, C. W.. '02 
Ironside, J. A., '02 
Irwin, E.. '03 

acobeon. L.. '00 

efferson, L. J., "02 

eokiiu, J. A., '02 

(riuison. A., '95 

obnson, Edith W., '02 
■ obnson. H. C. '01 

ohnsoo, I. L., '00 

ohnson, J. M. C, "01 

ohnston. P., '00 

udd, C. W., '01 

Caiti, P. M., "99 
Karicope. S, M., '98 
Kelsea, W. C. '01 
Kemp, L. T., '98 
KimbreU, P. O,. '98 
King, H. C, '01 
King, H. A.,'03. 
KKne. J. R., '01 
Kling, G. S., '00 
KluBmatm, W. H., '98 
Lacey, F. B., '02 
Lacy. J. E., '98 
LanriHen. W.. '02 

3824 McClintock, Ave. 
322 S. Johnston St. 
207 Temple St. 
626 E. JefferBon St. 
UI6 Maude St. 

630 S. HiU St. 
1203 Trenton St. 
1203 Trenton St. 
26 Downey Bldg. 
430 Bradbury Bldg 
2661 N Griffin Ave. 
318 S. Flower St. 
126 N. Hill St. 

609 E. 2d St. 

413 W. 28th St. 

613 Bixel St. 

4iei S. Grand Ave. 


982 Vemon Ave. 


1101 HobsonSt. 

320 S. Hill St. 

219 N. Olive St. 

1717 Los Angeles St. 

Hotel Alton, 533} Spring St. 

Care Supt. of Mails 

538 Qonn Ave. 

821 W. 35th St. 

717 Wall St. 

455 E. 3d St. 

647 S. Broadway 

154 N. Daly St. 

1404 7th St. 

Harvard Military School 

117 E. 25th St. 

421 S. Spring St. 

315 Winston St. 

722 S. HiU St. 

1 13) EKamond St. 

775 Central Ave. 

338 W. 22d St. 

1946 E. 2d St. 

631 San Pedro St. 
356 S. Sprii^ St. 
1562 Roclcwood St. 
421 Wail St. 

3406 Central Ave. 

Care Gr»nd Pacific Hotel 

26 Downey Blk. 

2344 LeGrand St. 

Box 569 

3710 Kansas Ave. 

3210 Pasadena Ave. 

907 McGerry St. 

1348 Georgia St. 

3384 E. Ist St. 

1115 S. Olive St. 

841 Waterloo St. 

2512 W. Pico St. 

Box 30, Sta. C 

1014 Downey Ave. 

1117 E. 7th St. 

MM, 24S, 14P, D 
ME, SS, 13P 
BD, 6S, 14P 
AO, 7S, 7P 
UD, 6S, 27P 
EP, 6S, 16P 
DO, 2S, 2SP 
D, 6S 
C, 9S, 26P 
T, OS. flP 
DO, 6S, 37P. C 
HS, 6S, 7P 
EO, 8S, D 

BP, as 

MM, 23S, UP, D 
Y, OS, 22P 
HS, 4S, 2P 
A, 6S, 12P 
DL, 4S. I6P 
DO, 3S, 13P 
UD. IS, 21P 
DL. IS. 13P 

ED. 3S, 16P 
MD. 4S, 25P, C 
DK, 3S, 19P 

AC, 2S, 18P 
BA, 6S 

A, 9S. UP 
E. I5S 
BD. 5S, HP 
ED, 3S, 19P 
HG, 6S 
MC, 23S, 14P 
EP, 14S 
EP. 6S 
EN, 7S 
EB, 6S 
HE, 18S 

AD, 4S, 3P 
P, 6S. 4P 
LA, 18 Parts 
MM, 14S, 12P 
A, 5S, I9P 

D, 4S 

ME, 9S, 9P 
D. 6S 
ME. I4S 
J, 7S, 2P, D 
UD, 4S, 19P 
CC, 3S 
HS, 4S, IP 

C, IS. 13P 
HA, 6S 

A, 20S. 45P 
A, 5S, UP 

D. 6S 

GA, ISS, 22P 


PO, 6S, 37P 


Namt and Vmr 
Lauterbach. B. I., '( 
Lawrence. G. A„ 'OS 
Lemon, H. G., '02 

Lewis, G. E. P., '02 
Llimonsi, H. L,, '01 
Londen, W. E., '01 
Lupldti, J. P., '01 
Maddox, H, I., '99 
Massey, M. M., '01 
McCartney, H. L., 
Mcaay, R. C. '01 
McCullock, G. C, '01 
McDonald. W. T. " 
Mcintosh, L. C, 'u^ 
McLeod. T., '02 
McManus. C H.. "02 
McQaade, L. T., '01 
McVitty, W./flO 
Meinardufl, E., '03 
Miller, C. A., '01 
Miller. C. F., "99 
MiUer. W, E., '03 
Montgomery, C, '69 
Moran, H..^ 
Morgan, C. O., '03 
MueTlere, Misa C, '00 
Neeb. J. E.. '02 
Nelson, E., '03 



Nelson, R. E., '01 
Nielsen, N. H„ '01 
Noble. W. C. H., '96 
NorbSrg. C. C„ '96 
North. W., '02 
Northmore. E R.. '( 
Nye. E. E., 'B7 
Obert. J. P.. '03 
Palmer, J. C, '91 
Parker, A. W.. '03 
Payne, B. E., '01 
PpacQck, D.. '98 
Pearaon. G. N.. '02 
Pierce, R. E., '00 
Pomeroy. E. E.. '02 
Potter, W. H., '03 
Powell, N. H.. '02 
Powers. E. R.. "00 
Prentiss. R. C, '00 
Prescott, RJ., '02 
Quincy, F. W., '00 
Randrup. C. C, '03 
Reed, A. C, '01 
Reilly, W. H.. '98 
Reitan, T., '02 
Robertson, R, R. 
Rocho, V. L.. '03 
Roe, L. C. '00 
Rogers, C. C, '03 
Roller, T. H., '98 
RwJesill, G. B., '( 



1472 Sunset Bldg. 
4th F'oor, Conservative Life Bldg. 
512 Maple Ave. 
347 San Pedro St. 
802 S. Hill St. 
' 1 630 Pleasant Ave. 
Bo3c 73, Sta. G 
1431 S. Los Angeles St. 
982 E. 62d St. 
420 W. 7th St. 
1426 E. 2lEt St. 

The Lennox Chambers, 540 S. Larkin St. 
956 E. 23d St. 
509 E. 7th St. 
128 N. Main St. 
229 E. 2Sth St. 
California Hospital 
222 E, 3d St. 
955 S. HiU St. 
1031 E. 49th St. 
716 E. Pico St. 
909 Lake St. 
1114 Angelina St. 
2703 E. Main St. 
758 E. 29th St. 
560 Gladys Ave. 
1341 30th H. 
423 E. 21st St. • 
636 Central Ave. 
838 Center St, 
5123 Pasadena Ave. 
2102 Thornton Ave. 
312 S. Hill St. 
351 N. Main St. 
1024 Albany St, 
14161 Buena Vista St. 
1206 W St. 
920 Maple Ave, 
2020 E. 6th St. 
The Yorke 
920 Agatha St. 
327 S. Broadway 
800 W. Lake Ave. 
420 W. 9th St. 
1321 W. 25th St. 
420 W. Jefferson St. 
1330 Palm St. 
675 Wall St. 
659 S, Workman'St. 
2808 Flower St. 
1328 Bellevue Ave. 
342 N. Main St. 
534 Wall St. 
132 N. Hill St. 
1010 S. HiU St. 
914 W, 5th St, 
2102 Darwin Ave. 
461 S. Flower St. 
760 W. 7th St. 
866 N. Center St. 
2211 S, Spring St. 
501 W. 8tb St. 

EF, lis, 2P 
EH. 7S 
DL, IS, 14P 
GC. 6S, IIP 
MP, 6S. D 
AC, lis. 5P 
SM, 7S, 1«P. D 
UD. 6S,-27P 
HM. 5S 
A, 6S, 13P 
MM. 15S, 7P 
DO, 3S. 18P 
>1E. 3S. 12P 
GB, 8S 
MM. 20S, UP 
EH, 6S 
EP, 6S, 2P 

F. 37S, 14P " 
DL, IS. 15P 
T, 12S, 4P 
HS, 8S 
EP, lOS, 9P 
AD, 4S 
DB, 2S, UP 
NK, 8S 
CC, 2S 
DO, 2S, 12P 
EP, 7S, 5P 
DL, 4S, 12P 
AC, 63, 7P 
Ei, 5S, lOP 
ME, 8S, 7P 
A. 34S, 34P. D 
AC. 5S, lOP 
J. 4S. 3P 
MP, 3S 
HD. 18S 
CM, 22S 
DN. lOS, 22P 
ED, 2S, 16P 
A. 23S. 21 P 

AC. lis, 26P 

AD, 6S, UP 
DO, 2S, 12P 
AG, 4S 

A, 18S. 19P 

MM, 7S, 3P 

RL, 6S 

HM, 4S, 14P 

GA, 3S, 12P 

X, 4S 


AC. 4S, ISP 

DL. 5S. 23P 

BE, 4S 

MM. lOS, 14P 

HH. 12S 

HS, lOS, 17P, D 

MM, 6S. IP 



Notntimd VtDt 
Ruter, Myrtle V., '01 
Savior, H. A.. '00 
Scheinilc. J. A.. 'OO 
Scheinik, J. A„ '03 
Schleinz, C, '03 
Schneider. G. A., '99 
Scholl, W. J.. '01 
Schroeder, H, W- '02 
Schroeter, R. G., "9? 
Schuck. A.. '01 
Schulze. E. F., 03 
Schurmeyer, G. J 01 
Sherman, C, '03 
Sherwood, J., '00 
SbieldB, M. C, '02 
Shilling, W. R., '99 
Shilling, W. R.. '9.' 
Shimer, F. W., '00 
Sievert. A. H., '9f 
Simensen, O., '02 
Simonson, H., '01 
Smith, P. H., '02 
Smith, W., '02 
Soland, J. A., '03 
Sopw. ¥.J.. '98 
Stearna, K. S., '99 
Steams, W H.. '01 
Stephens, I. W.. '.01 
Stewart, G., '03 
Stoltz, H. C, '03 
Stone, W. H., '96 
Strinple, T. E., '02 
Stromer, K., '96 
Siteat, L. I., '94 
Tate, W. R., '02 
Taylor, B. B., '02 
Thompson, W. B., '01 
Turley, L., '02 
Turner, C, '01 
Twiss, W. C, '99 
Utnsted. W. N., '99 
Van Derveer, H. W„ '99 
Vaughn, T. A. '03 
Waddinfbam. A. B , '02 
Wagner, N. L., '02 
wSter. T., '00 
WaU, A. A.. '02 
Wallace, Q., '02 
Wallace, L., '03 
Walls. J. A., '01 
Walsh, C. P., '02 
Ward. A., *00 
Warn, S. M., '00 
Watera, W. T.. '01 
Watson. T. R., '01 
Weeks, L. I.. '00 
WehrhdnijJ. S., '02 
West, G. W.. '03 
WestoD, R., '02 
Wharton. C. H- '02 
Whitaker. P.. '00 
Wtemer, G. Jr., '99 

2667 Romeo St. 
512 Crocker St. 
4827 S. Main St. 
4827 S. Main St. 
207 New High St. 
452 S. Hill St. 
495 E. 16th St. 

605 Commercial St. 
829 Bunker Hill Ave. 
1030 W. 8th St. 

747 E. 18th St. 

348} S. StiU St. 

503 Ruth Ave. 

839 E. eth St. 

Box 355 

1463 W. Washington St. 

1463 W. Washington St. 

606 Laughlin Bldg. 
1274 Co\ii\. St. 
643 San Julian St. 
125 E. 3d St. 
1355 Channing St. 
119 E Ave, 

347 San Pedro St. 
308 ComwcU St. 
1124 W. 21st St. 
1124 W. 21st St. 
1425 Reid St.. Pico Hts. 
123 1st St. W. 
241 W. 16th St. 
1312 N. 24th St. 
2115 Mozart St. 
J547 Council St. 

1830 Sacrafhento St. 

427 28th Ave. 

501-503 O. T. Johnson Bldg. 

219 N. Andcison St. 

2505 E. 2d St. 

624 Towne St. 

3036 Hoover St. 

3911 Pasadena Ave. 

2919 Baldwin St. 

1350 Broad St. 

113 Railroad St. 

312 S. Chicago St- 

5428 Monte VisU St. 

31R Omar Ave. 

1615 W. 10th St. 

712 Adams St, 

1414 S. Hope St. 

New Hotel Southern 

2714 Michigan Ave., Teel Park 

579 Central Ave. 

Genl. Del. 

818 S. Olive St. 

1340 S, Flower St. 

1133 W. 6th St. 

All W. 11th St. 

Ill S.Ave. 18 

618* S. Spring St. 

94fl E. Pico St. 

BD. 6S, 14P 
HS. 7S 

HS, lOS, 17P, D 
DP, 6S, 37P. C 
HH. t4S 
ME, 20S, 2P 
A, 8S. 26P 
HH, 7S 
ME, I8S, 25P 
E, 7S, IP 
GA. 9S, »P 
LR, 3S 
EP, 6S 
HS, 4S 
LA, 13 Parts 
MD. 3S. 24P 
MM. 19S, D 
I, 7S. 5P, D 
lis, 5S, IP 
DB, 2S. 13P 
DP, 4S, 19P 
MC, 5S. 20P 
EP, 14S. 15P 
A, 15S, 23P 
MM, 7S 
SM, 4S, 5P 
DL, 5S, 23P 
GC, 4S 
AG, 4S 
1. 9S. 14P. D 
HE, 7S 
HM. 6S, 9P 
A. lOS, 34P 
EN, 8S, 5P 
DL, 3S. 17P 
NC. 5S, 4P 
EP, 8S, IP 
LR, 3S 
AD, 4S, I3P 
ME, as, 4P 
ME, 7S, 2SP 
EW, 6S, 16P 
GC, 6S, 14P 
MP, 9S 
J. 4S, 2P 
NH, 5S 
AG, IS, 15P 
DO, 2S, 17P 
A. 24S, 29P 
HH, 15S 
A.\, 2S 
A, nS, 19P 
MM, 7S 
IB, 2S 
GC, 5S, 2P 
NC, 5S, HP 
GA, US, 6P 
DM, 3S, 32P 
MB. 8S, 23P 
BD, 3S. 9P 
UB, 20S 



Wilson, L. G., "03 
WindhuTBt, W. B., "03 
Winn. W. P., "00 
Wood, R. N.. '01 
Woolpert, R., '02 

Anderson, A., '02 
Anderson. A.. '00 
Bassett, A. W., '00 
CoveU. M. R.. '01 
Follctt. G. A.. '99 
Pollet, Uabel B., '00 
King. W. W., '99 
Lynn. C. M., '01 
Latham, J. L., '99 
Reed. H. W.. '02 
Reed, L. C, '02 
Stoddard. J. H., '00 
Stone, C. J "" 

i. J. H., 'OC 
. A.. '99 

1014 W. 4th St. 
1410 Newton St. 
791 E. 18th St. 
425 Wilcox Bldg. 
1221 San JiiUan St. 

Los GatM, 3AN 
R. R. No. 1 

Davis. B., '03 
Smith, E, H., '03 
McNair, D. S., '02 
Porter, Mre, L. E.. '03 
Johnson, W. S., '01 
Johnson, W. S., '01 
lAmb, t. H., '97 
Lamb, J. H.. '09' 
Bristol, R. W.. '02 
Ladd, M. J.. 'OO 
Plummer, H. P., '00 
Hooper, R. T., '99 
Hercado, L. R., '96 
Swezy, W. C. '96 
Conway, T., '02 
Elliott, W. G.. '02 
Ide, W. P., '00 
McPec, J., '97 
Ring, J. E., '03 
Robinson, G. L., '99 

Musser, H. J., '94 
Tompkins, Kate B., '01 
Tompkins, K. B.. "02 
Gleason, E. P., '00 
Hosking, P.. '03 
McCready, E. J, '99 
Menu, A, J., '99 
Vineyard, Lydia L., '00 
Braddy, Lottie. '02 
McGlynn, R., '00 
Tra^e. V. M., '00 
Albertsoo, A. 0„ '98 
Dunbarr. W. R.. '08 
Ramsey, R., '03 
Maxwell, P., '03 
Bolte, E. P., '01 
Bolte, E. P., '00 

DU. 3S, 12P 
EN, lis 
A, 4S, 6P 
SU. 6S; 14P 
AC, IS, 13P 

ED. 3S, 16P 
• 4S 

9S. 16P, D 


HS, 9S, UP 
EW, 12S, lOP 

Box 114 J, 4S 

Quito Rd. CC, 2S 


Los Olivos, Care U. H. S., Santa Barbara HT, lOS 

Los Olivos, Care U. H. S., santa Barbara HT. 13S 

Loyalton, sierra HE. 158, 4P 


Lundy, mono ME.' 108. 8P 

Lundy, mono J. 7S, 8P. D 

Lyonsville. tehama B, 9S, 6P 

Lyonsvjlle, tbhama R, 148. 6P 

Madera. Box 303, madera HE, lOS 

Madera, Box 209, uadbra A, 6S, 9P 

Madera, Madbra CC. 6S 

Magalia, buttb MM, 14S 

Magalia, buttb C, 28. IIP 

Magalia. butte MM. 21S 

Mare Island, Care G. S. K.. Solano IB, 28 

Mare Island, II. S. N. Hospital, solano HB. 8S, 4P 

Mare Island. U. S. S. Perry, soi^NO, HCRO. 18S, 12P 

Mare Island, U. S. S. Solace, sotANO C, 8S. 13P 

Mare Island. U. S. T. B. Perry, solano HB, 5S 
Mare Island. U. S. R. S. Independence, 

Maricopa, kbrn 
Mariposa. marii>OSA 
MarkleeviUe, alpinb 

Martinez, contra cost a 

Marysville, tuba 

Marysville, 817 C St., yuBA 

Marysville, 714 7th St., yuba 

Marysville, 315 D St., yuba 

Marysville, TUBA 

May P. O., AMADOR 

Mayfield. santa clara 

Mayfield. santa clara 

McCloud. sisKiyou 

Melones, calavekas 

Melrose, alambda 

Mendocino, mendocino 

Menlopark, Hoist School, san uateo 

Menlopark, Hoist School, ban watbo 

HS, 6S 
MM, 78, SP 
MP, 2S 
BB, 2S 
PE, 2S 
BA, 5S 
U, 3S, 15P 
PE, 2S 
IB, 2S 

HM, 6S. 13P 
A, 12S. UP 
C, 3S, 24P 
EP, 7S 
MP. 78 
GA, lOS, 8P 
AD. 68. 21 P 
SM, 6S, 9P 

:zo.oy Google 

Nam* ami Ynr 
Schindler. L., '99 

Czerny, J., '02 
Hart, E. G., '00 
Hoar, E. H.. '98 
Trailer, J. E., '98 
Winton, G. E., '00 
Calderwood, G. L., ' 
Calderwood, G. L., ' 
Dyson, G. N., '02 
Groves, F. M., '96 
Suminers, R. H., '03 
Anen, N. B., '01 
Riddle, S. L., '02 
Battey. J. R., '98 
Gray. C. P., '02 
Hanson, F. H., '02 
Williamson. G. A., 'I 

Williams, E., '02 

Wy&tt, C. P., '02 
Chess, C. S., '02 

^^11, F. H., '99 
mtM.ce. G. R., 'O: 
Nichols, F., '02 
Thomson, T. S., '99 
Moon;, P., '01 
Deichmiller, J. H.. '! 
Olmstead, C. S.. '98 
Smith, C, '02 
Budd, H. B., *01 
Merrill, F.. '03 

Hansen, C. F., '02 
Tyler. A. 0„ '01 
EUdngton, G. J., '01 
Hort, C. F., '00 
Warfoni, N., '99 
Johnson, Myrtle, E., 'I 
Kelkwx. P. R., '99 
^imtMdl, B. H., '96 
WeisEir, A., '99 
Biggeis. A. W.. '97 
Nuttehnan, H., '02 
Terrell, C. H., 'Ol 


Menlopark, St. Patrick's Seminary 

Merced, Box 331, MBrcbd 
Merced, Box 240, nbrcbd 
Merced, Box 164, Court House, ubrcbd 

Merced, UBRCBD 
Mercury, Box 6, sonoua 
Mercury, Box 6, eonoma 
Michigan Bluffs, placbr 

Michigan BluiTs, placer 
Michigan Bluffs, placbr 
Mill Valley, uarin 
Millwood, Camp'I, frbsno 
Milpitas, Box.l7, santa Clara. 


Modesto, Care Wells Taxgo Co., 


Mojave. Care Exposed Treasure Mine, 

Mojave, XBKH - 

Monrovia, los anoblbs 

Monrovia, LOS angblbs 

Monrovia, los angblbs 

Monrovia, los angelbb 

Monrovia, los anoblbs 

Monson, tularb 

Monterey, 15th U. S. Inf., montbrbt 

Monterey, Monterey 

Monterey, Co. C, I5th Inf., uontbrst 

Hoores Plat, Nevada 

Morganhill, santa clara 

Mountainview, sahta CLaba 

Mount Eden. Mountain St., alahbda 

Murphy, Box 12. calavbras 

Napa, 121 Calistoga Ave., napa 

Napa, Main St., napa 

Napa, 109 Clay St.. napa 

National City, Box 269, ban dibgo 

National City, san dibgo 

National City, h. Box 185, san dibgo 

National City, san dibgo 

Navarro, mendocino 

Needles, Box 405, j 

Needles, san Bernardino 

A, flS, 8P 
ME. 4S. 16P 
I. 9S, 19P, D 
SM, 6S, HP 
I. 17S, 22P, D 
NC, 68, 14P' 
GB. 8S, 24P 
ME, 8S 
EP, 5S 
EA, 9S, 25P 
HE, 7S 
C, I3S 
DE, 2S, 16P 
LC, 31 Parts 

LA. 14 Parts 

NC, US' 
NI, 7S 
EP, 5S 
ME. 8S 
NC, 5S, 9P 
EP, 5S 
HS, 6S, 2P 
MM, lOS, 5P 
J, 4S. 3P 
ME, 9S, 5P 
EH, 8S 
X, 2S 

AG. 4S, 13P 
HS, 8S, 7P 
HE, 23S, eP 
BC, 6S, IIP 
AC. IS, 12P 
HS, 4S 
A. 3S. 17P 
DB. 4S, IIP 
LR, lOS 
MD, 8S, 25P 
ME, 12S, BP 
A, 8S, 6P 
HE, 13S 
LR, 8S 

Bevy, J., '00 
CbKodfer, B. B., '95 
Cooper, C. H., '01 
Da™, O. E^ '03 
Harris, C. W., '01 
Harrybouser. Mamie, '03 
tones. H. L., '01 
Lawrence, D. A., '00 
Martin, A., '02 
Murphy, Helen, '03 
PonSngham.J- H., '99 
Ricketts, J. W., '99 

Towntalk St. 

Care Nevada Div., B. C. P. Co. 

X, 3S 
C, 8S, 6P 
BD, 2S, IIP 
EP, lOS 
MP, 2S 
BC, lOS, 18P 
NC, 19S, 5P 
BA, 2S 
MM, 4S, 12P 
ME, 9S, 13P 
MM. 14S, 14P 
NC. 208, 7P 



Beddle. A., '01 
Ferry. W. J.,'95 
Turner, G. M., '00 

NewEome, V, C , '02 
Robinson. L.. Jl 
Anderfuren, H. M., '02 
Donovan, G., '03 * 
Duarte, F. H., '03 
Spear, M. C, '01 

McKinney. S. W., '02 
Wilson. J. E., '00 
Dowse, T. S.. '01 
George. C. "02 
Donovan, Mary A., '03 
Prank, J. P.. '97 
Stamp^, G., '02 

Anderson, W. L., '03 
Augwin, £., '96 
B^ey, W. C. '02 
Barnes, W. H., '00 
Bellingall, Cora V., '03 
Boldt, W. L., '01 
Bowbeer, B., '01 
Burditt, T. H.,''03 
Burnett, C. A., '99 
Biurcll, I. H., '98 
Caldwen, H. A.. '02 
Camon, E, W., '02 
Campana, N., '94 
Campbell, A. D., '03 
Campbell, A. D., '02 
CampbeU, J. W., '97 
Carlson, E., '02 
Case. C. C, '01 
Ciancianle, J, A.. "03 
Colby, E., '01 
Collins. G., '99 
ComeU, F. D., "01 
CoBgrove, G., '08 
Cranford, J. A., '98 
Darr, Jf! L.. '02 
Dexter, W. &., '09 
Draper, G. W., '00 
Dunn, G. A., '00 
Eddy, Mildred. '02 
Essich, L., 'S7 
Finely, C. J., '03 
Finney, F. J., '99 
Prates, L. V., '03 
FuTEOson. C. H., '98 
Gabber, M.. '01 
Gesner. H. M., '03 
Gilbert, C. A., '98 
Oilman. P. S., '99 
Griswold, H. L,, '98 

Newark; alaubda 
Newcastle, Box 104, ptACEH 
Newcastle, Power House, C. C. Elec Co., 

Newman, s 
Newman. Stanislaus 

Nicasio, MARCN 

Niles, Niles St., alambda 

North Berkeley, 809 Delaware St., 

North Bloomiield, i 

North' Cucamonga, 

North Pomona, lo; 

North Pomona, LOS angelbs 

Norwalk, l 

Norwalk. tog A 

Norwalk, los a 

Oakdale, s 

Oakdale. f 


809 Grove St. 
1669 0th St. 
26 8th St. 
716 20th St. 
1416 Tilbert St. 

670 36th St. 
1060 Broadway 
26S4 Myrtle St. 
513 Central Bank 
1060 E. 20th St. 
1919 Filbert St. 
950 5th St. 
411 E. 22dSt. 
411 B. 22dSt. 
1023 Magnolia St. 
826 Lyd^ St. 
586 10th St. 
833 Washington St, 
651 E. 12th St. 
1258 Webster St. 
416 10th St. . 
300 E. 22d St, 
4J4 19th St. 
518 WiUiam St. 
1366 Brush St. 

1370 9th St. 
1746 ValdeiSt. 
701 Castri St. 
1458 12th St. 
410 10th St. 
226 Holies St. 
Station A 
620 14th St. 
610 6th St. 
1123 Chestnut St. 
772 7th St. 
673 a3d St. 

J, 7S 

HA, 7S. 2P 
C, IS, lOP 
EP, 6S, 2P 
EN. 6S 
HH, 7S 

CC, 3S 
LA, 12 Parts 
AD, IS, lOP 
HS, 7S, lOP 
HD. 0S 
BE. 2S 
A, 8S, 34P 
HH. I4S 
EA. 6S. 20P 
E, lis 

EP, 9S 

C. lOS, 7P 

AC, 4S 

ED. 4S, 25P. C. 

BB, 2S 

BC, IS, lOP 
J, 6S 

DL, 2S, 18P 

A, 4S 

B, 143. 13P 
EO. 6S 
GA, 2S, IIP 
MB, 26S, 26P, D 
AC, 55. 4P 

NH, 6S. D 

MD, 3S, 16P 
MM. 8S, 12P 
HM, 5S. 4P 
C, 4S. IIP 
NO, 12S 
C, lOS. 9P 
HS, 6S. IP 
C, 4S. 14P 
BB. 3S 
AD, 3S, 29P 
EN. 8S 
AD. 4S. lOP 
DL, 3S, 12P 

EP. 12S 
HS, 4S 
O. 4S 
HE, 21S. 25P 


Nairn and y*ar 

Gvuin, F., '01 
Guppy, R. S., '01 
Hamfin, A, '01 
Harris, P. M., '03 
Harris. F M., '02 
Holcomb, H. E.,,'02 
Hopkina, H. E., '99 
Hughes, Prances, '01 
Hugh«. G. W., -01 
Johnson, A. O., '02 
Johnson, A. O., '00 
Johnson, LA., '01 
Jones, A.W., '00 
Jones. L. P., '03 
Keller, C. C, '01 
Knudsen, H. B., '02 
Laveson. A., '01 
Lemos. P. B., '01 
Lovejoy, Mrs. P. P., '0 


., '01 

Madden. T- L., __ 
Matiella. M.. '02 
McHenry, C. R.. 'O: 
Michener. A. H., '9 
Mock, L. T.. '99 
Midler, F. A., '01 
Nelson, C. A.. '99 
Nelson, C, '03 
Nelson, J. P., '02 
Perkins, Sarah H.. 
Pomeroy, G. T., 'Oi 
Ramsey, R., "00 


Richards, A., '' 
Rutherford, A. 
Sayer. W. E.. '03 
Schaefer. E., "01 
Sears. H. S,. '00 
Severeen. C. E., '9 
Smith, J. T.. '97 
Spangler, J.,''01 
Steen. R , '00 
Sutherland, D. R., 
Svenson, L., "99 
Swanson, T-, '98 
Symines, E. J.. '96 
Taylor. E. V., '02 
Templeton, P. P., 
Trailer, J. E.. '00 

Schuster, W. C, '02 

Young. P., "00 
Hardman. C. L.. '02 
Howe, Maude, '01 
Ballanfftut«, E., '01 
Booe, E. R., '03 
Collins, F. T.. '02 
Horse, M., '02 
WiHett, K. A,.'01 
Christian, A., *99 


823 Isabella St. 

1006 Market St. 
1804 San Pablo Ave 
1114 Jefferson St. 
llUjefferson St. 
673 Walsworth Ave. 
729 5th St. 

627 32d St. 
813 Campbell St. 
231 Helen St. 
.231 Helen St. 
1741 Myrtle St. 
161 N. nth St. 
S5fl 59th St. 
954 Union St. 
958 Chestnut St. 
1338 Filbert St. 
411 Edwards St. 
1820 Adeline St. 
186 College Ave. 
403-405 7th St. 

1117 Washington St. 

1118 Brush St. 
1373 8th St 
762 Jefferaon St. 
1053 Alice St. 
1843 Myrtle St. 
1322 Kickham St. 
600 I7th St 

762 Ifith St. 
1402 21st Ave. 
1069 Brush St. 
3C4 ist St. . 
616 15th St. 
464 34th St. 
924 Adeline St. 
416 E. 14th St. 
1359 12th St. 
1003 Clay St. 
675 25th St. 
924 Pine St. 
1126 E. 14th St. 
1221 I4thSt. 
1510 13th Ave. 

1007 Campbell St. 
5858 Castor St. 
1426 16th St. ~ 
1st and Grove St. 

Oakpark, 10 Lower Stockton St., 

Oakpark. Orange Ave., s 
Oceanpark, Bon 87, los ano: 
Ocearpark, 18 Joy St., LOS a 
Oilcenter, kbrn 
Oikenter, Box 374, kern 
Oilcenter, kbrn 
Oilcenter, kbrn 
Oilcenter, kbrn 
Oleander, Care P. 0. Goitz. r 


A, 21S, 46P 
J. 4S 

A. 7S, lOP 
GC, 7S. 15P 
DO, 3S. 17P 
HS, 4S 
UD, 4S, IIP 
HH, 4S 
PG. 4S 
HS. 4S 
A. 5S, SIP 
C, 5S, 25P 
ED, 3S, 25P 
DL, 4S, 22P 
UD, IS, 12P 
CD. 2S, IIP 
BE, 5S 

AB, 6S 
HH. 6S 
MH, 128 
PA. 4S 

MM, 5S " 

C, lOS, 25P 
BC, 4S, lOP 
HS, 53, 7P 
AG, 4S 

DB. 4S, IIP 
CA, 5S 

C, 12S. 7P 


CA. 5S 

EP. 9S 

DP. tS, lOP 

A. lis. 29P 

ME. 8S. 4F 

HS. 2S. HP 

C. 5S, ISP . 

J. 7S 

HM, 4S 

AG, 3S, 13P 

2S, lOP 

HS, lOS, 17P, D 

C. 6S. lOP 

AG. 4S 

RD, 3S 

ME, 21S, 19P 

MO, .-iS 
LS, IS, 22P 
EP, 5S 
Bff, 4S 

HE, lOS 
HA, 6S 
ME, IDS, 13P 





James. D., '03 
Davis, A. M., '02 

Oleander, prbsnO 

ES. 6S 


CA. 4S 

BransHevith, H. V., '96 


A. 4S. I2P 

DeLong, E., '00 

Ontario, Rural Del., san Bernardino 

ME. lOS, 13P 

Harness, E., '02 

Ontario, sah bbrnardino 


Sears, C. A., '02 

Ontario, san Bernardino 

MR. 7S 

Thompson, C. 0.. '99 

Ontario. Box 95, san barnardino 

ME, lOS 

Baimian, W. C, '96 

Ophir. PLACBR 

J, 7S, 4P. D 
P. 5S. UP 

Baiger, V. S. C, '00 

Orange, Box 52, orange 

Bates, G. L., '01 

Orange, orange 

SM. 4S. IIP 

Gregg, W. S., '03 

Orange, orakgb 

BB. 4S 

Knopp. E. C, '01 

Orange, Box 45, orangb 

X. 4S 

Thompson, C. 0., '03 

Orange, R. F. D., orangb 

NH. 6S 

Williams. B., '03 

Orange, orange 

BB. 3S 

Cuddeback, fe. N., '01 

Oregon House, tuba 

Orofino, Care N. Min. Co., biskiyoo 

T. 78. 7P 
MM. 9S, 9P 

Yoimg, A. E., '00 

Areher, W., '95 

OroviUe, huttb 

F, I2S 

Fox. H., '00 

Oroville, buttb 

HS. lOS. 17P. D 

KUtgaard, C. R.. '99 

OroviUe, buttb 

ME. 8S 

Montgomery, H., '02 
Rowe, W. J., '02 
Talken, j.B., '01 
Welch, H. C, '03 

Oroville, butt a 

NH, 6S 

Oroville, Montgomery St., buttb 

BE, 2S 

Oroville, Box 207, botte 

e6. 5S 

AC, 6S. 8P 

Oroville, buttb 

Armbiw^t, L., "02 

Oxnard. vrntura 

Godding, H. A., '96 

Oxnard. Box 207. ventura 

HS, 108. 16P 

Godding, H. A., '95 

Oxnard, Box 207, Ventura 

C. 17S, 25P, D 

Godding. H. A., '99 
Moyer,!. L., '03 J 

Oxnard, Box 207, ventura 

Oxnard, Care A, B. S. Co.. vbnturA 

EW, 7S, 26P 
J, 4S. IP 
ED, 3S, 13P 

Ozment, J. W., '01 

Oxnard. Box 353, ventura 

Steinbridge, J., '01 
SUter, E.T'OS 

Oxnard. Box 136, ventura 

Pacheco, contra costa 

DO. 28, 13P 

Scoon, Mrs. M. M.. '01 

Pacific Grove, Box 87. montbrbt 

AD. 6S. UP 

Ball. P. P., '98 

Palermo, buttb 

HS. 4S. I3P 

Craven, H. B., '02 


HE. lOS, 3P 

Hood, W. E., -00 


ME. 6S. lOP 

Moore, G. B., '02 


AC, JS, 13P 

Oabora, Frances M.. '02 

PaloaltO, Box 375, banta clara 

LA. 9 Parts 

Rosebrook, J. W., '01 
Ruhl. F., 'OS 

PaloaltO. 232 Ramona St., santa CLARA 

ED, 3S. 22P 

PaloaltO. Box 448. santa CLAjtA 

AD. 2S. lOP 

SMiders. 0. J., '02 


Pasadena, los anobles 

DO. 3S, IIP 

Badger, A. D.. '02 
Batchelder. Lizzie E., 'OS 

NO, 23S, 14P 

Box 243 

ED, IS. lOP 

Brock, W., '03 

948 Fair Oaks Ave. 

HS, 6S 

268 S. Orange Grove Ave. 

AC. 3S. UP 

Bye, A. K.. '03 
Chase, H.A..'01 

260 W. Green St. 


65 N. Lake Ave. 

A, 9S. 2P 

Coty, F. A.. '01 

308 Grove St. 

HS, 4S, 7P 

Dean, L. C. '02 

360 Ashtabula St. 

AC. 4S. 16P 

Freeman. B. A.. *02 

EP. lOS 

Geohegan, H., '96. 

385 S. Lake St. 


Logan. H. W.. '00 

464 Bellfontaine St. 

X, 2S 

Meyer. J. D.. '01 
Mnny, J. H., '03 

958 Boston Ct. 


63 Hulbert St- 

HH, 93 

Nealley, R. C., '00 

299 Adella Ave. 

TP, 68 

Ralphs. W. D., '02 

23 P^h PI. 

PC, 68. 4P 

Ralphfl. W. D., '99 

23 Peach PI. 

MB, 88, 4P 

Shreve, H. B., '00 

A. 4S. 16P 

Smith, C. E.. '00 

349 N. Fair Oak Ave. 

X, 2S 

Spooner, F. V.. '03 

Box 245 

BB. 2S 

Stone, A. J.. '02 

Sta- A 







Talbot, C. J.. '00 
TMer, E. £S., 'TO 
Wellman, S. 1., '09 

420 Pranklin Ave. 

P, 4S. 4P 

Grand Ave. & Bradford St. n 

A, lis. I4P 

299 Lincohi Ave. 

MM, 58, 2P 

Wykea. W., "01 

125 W. Colorado St. 

EB, 2S 

Huefa^, R.. '94 
JOTkiiis. W. S., '03 
Page, G. R., '99 
sSnbeck, J. E.. '96 

Paso Robles, SAN Luis obispo 

CM, 16S 

Paso Robles, Box 205, SAN mis oBiSPO 

HE. 18S. 4P 

Paso Robles, san i.ois obispo 

HS, 4S 

Paso Robles, sax luis obispo 


HftU. F. P., '99 

Patton, State Hospital, ban bbrnardino' 


LaRue. Vera G.. '01 


D, 6S 

CalliH. W. H., '02 

Petaluma, 655 Liberty St., SOHOHA 

AC. 13S. 1«P 

Hickcy, W. J., '03 

Petaluma, 727 E. St.. sonoma 

ER, 6S 


Petaluma. Care H. C. Jessen. Route No. 2 

CC, 9S 

B. lis. ISP 

Moock, C. K.. '99 

Petaluma, sonoma 

Heyser, J. A.. '02 

Hco Heights, 2616 W. Pico St., 


EP, 6S 

Cumminga, C. A.. '03 

Piiiole, Care Cal. Powder Wka., 


HE. 27S, 4P 

Holser, E. M., '03 


EP, 7S 

Blair. E. S.. '01 

PlacerviUe, bldorada 

MM, 7S 

Chalder, C. N.. 'CO 

Placerville, bldorado 


Cleese, G. F../00 

Placerville, bldorado 

C. lOS. 12P 

S^Sfj. a'!, '00 

PlacerviUe, Care A. R. E. Co.. bldorado 

MR, 6S 

Placerville, Care W. T. Compton, C. E., 


WilUams, G. B., '02 

PlacerviUe, Box 29. bldorado 

Yotmg, P., '99 

Placerville, Ohio House, bldohado . 

A, 5S, IIP 

Bierent, A., '02 

Pleasonton, alambda 

HE, 22S. 3P 

Brace, C. A., '99 

Pleasonton, Box 92, ai^ubda 

A, lOS, 4P 

Adair. H. C, '02 

Point Richinond, contra costa 


Collett, L. H., -01 

Point Richmond, contra costa 

LR. US, D 

Easton. C. L., '02 

Point Richmond. Box 61. contra costa 

EU, 5S 

Poster. H. D.. '01 

Point Richmond. Care Pacific Coast Oil Co 

HA, lOS. 17P. D 

Lee, R., '01 

Point Richmond, 118 Santa Fe Ave., 


LE, 13S. 25P 

ShaiTW, H. L.. '00 

Point Richmond, contra costa 

MM. 8S. 9P 

Sbaner. H. L.. '03 

Point Richmond, Box 161, contra costa 

AC. lOS. 9P 

Bishop. L. I.. '02 
Cole, K. T., '00 
Fox. C, K., '01 

Pomona 1205 Ellen St.. LOS angbles 

AC. 6S, 7P 

Pomona, 222 S. Main St., Loa anoblbs 

X. 2S 

Pomona, Park Ave., 1.0S angelbs 

T, 43S, 24P, D 

Johnson, J. E., '02 
Prawr. R.. '02 

Pomona, 571 W. 70th St., los angelbs 

AG, 9S. 7P 

Port Costa, contra costa 

HE, 12S 

Harkins, C. J., '00 
Young, C. K, '02 

Port Costa, Box 22, contra costa 

HS, 4S 

Port Costa, contra costa 

DO, 3S, 15P 

Malone, P. L., '03 

PortersviUe. tularb 

HE. 8S 

Riffe, A. T., '93 

Portersville, tulark 

MP, 4S 

Appd, P. J., '03 

Presidio, 105th Co. Coast Art., 

EP, 6S 

Olson. E. W.. '01 

Presidio, 18th Field Batt., san francisco 

A, 5S, 7P 

Shelby, H. E.. '00 

Presidio, 5th Batt. Field Art., 

HS. 4S 

Schimpf, C. A., *02 

Presidio, Genl. Hospital, SAH fbancisco 

HH, 5S 

Smith, O., '96 

Presidio, Co B. Bait. Eng., Genl. Hospital 

HS, 8S 

Smith. O., '00 

Presidio, 28th Co., Coast Art., 

CO, 7S 


Presidio. Sergt. Maj., san Francisco 

SM. 5S, 4P 

Presidio, Box 100, san prancisco 








McAnalan, N. H., '97 

Quartz, tuolumnb 

ME, 9S, lOP 

Saunders, A, B., '00 

ME. lOS, IP 

Geiselhort, K. S.. '02 

REUidsberg, kbrn 

BA, 2S 

Nauniann, C. '01 

Randsberg, Box 446, KERN 

ED, 3S, 17P 

Whisler, W. H., '03 

Randaberg, kbrk 

HE, 16S. 9P 

Whisler, W. H., '01 

Randaberg, kbrn 

HS, 6S, 9P 

Bisson, P., '01 

Raymond, uadbra 

BD, 2S, IIP 

MerriU, A. L.. '01 

Raymond, UADBRA 

AD, 6S, 12P 

Radliff, C. D., '99 

Raymond, uadbra 

HS. lOS, 17P. D 

Rockingham, W. J., '01 

Raymond, uadbra 


Cowles, C. C, '01 

RedblufE, Care N. Cal. Power Co., tbhaua 

J, as, 7P 

Frits, J. G., '02 , 

Redbluff, 806 Franklin St.. tbhama 

it. 4S, 12P 

Knauss, E., '03 

Redbluif. Box 242. tehaua 

RL, 3S 

Knauss, E., '02 

RedblufE. Box 242. tehaua 

HE, 20S 

Pcorman, W. P.. '01 

Redbluff, TEHAMA 

CC. 2S 

Pope, C, '02 

Redbluff, TBHAUA 

RL, 2S 

Pntten, H. C, '99 

RedblofF, TBHAMA 

HS, 4S 

Stevens, A. L., '97 

Redbluft, Box 244, tbhama 

A, 16S. 35P 

Warden, W. L., '02 

Redbluff, TBHAUA 

MH. 63 

Evans, F.. '02 

Redding, Cor. Market & Gold St., shasta 

EQ. 6S 

Freeland. A. C, '95 

Redding, Tellurium 8t 1st St., shasta 

B. 14S, 18P 

Freeland, A. C, '99 

Redding. Tellurium & 1st St., shasta 

P. 20S, 14P 

Rathbun, L. B.. '00 

Redding, Box 124, shasta 

ME, 7S, 2P 

Scaruman, C. A., '02 

Redding. 105 Butte St., shasta 

DL, 4S, 18P 

Vallandighan. M. L.,,'02 

Redding. 909 Willis St., shasta 
RedUnds, san bbrnardino 

RC, 5S. 16P 

Brown, C. S., '99 

MP. 3S 

Corg. D. D„ '03 

Box 163 


Eraenaker, J., '02 

529 Orange St. 

EN, 6S 

Hendrickson. C, '97 

103 Times St., Box 2 

MD. 3S. ISP 

Jones, W. P.. '01 
Knemeyer, C. F., '02 
Laird. R., '02 

32 Grant St. 

A. 7S, ISP 

211 W. State St. 

EP, lOS 

13 Herald St. 

EP, 8S, flP 

Lamb, J. W.: '01 

309 4th St. 

JM. 2S 
LD, IS, 20P 

LaPort, C. A., '01 

Richardson, E. L., '97 

Box 14 

A. 7S, 13P 

Rife. A., '03 

IS Myrtle St. 
112 W. Olive St. 

GA. 4S, 15P 

Smith, C. P., '01 

C, 12S. 14P 


Dortnan, G. C, '03 

Redondo, Box 145, los angelbs 

EP, 7S, 2P 

McLanrin, H., '03 

Redondo. Hyde Park, los anoblbs 

ES, 83 

Vila, M., '00 

Reedley. fresno 

E, 9S, 27P 

Cater. G. P., '00 

Represa. SacramenTO 

E, 9S, 9P 

Nourse. B, S,. '03 

Represa, sacramento 

LA, 21 Parts 

Shipley, H.. -99 


L 4S 
EP, 5S 

Young, C, '02 


Botcher. W, S., '01 

Riovista, Wood Island Shipyard, solano 

HM. 8S 

Garrett, A., 02 


Riveraide, riverside 

DL, 5S, 21P 

Acker, A. L.. '00 

661 6th St, 

A. 5S. 18P 

Baber, C. B., '02 

350 N. Main St. 

GA, 19S, 18P 

Baker. C. B., '00 

239 Brocton Ave. 

EW. 193. 37P 

Brown. R. L. '98 

1041 Mulberry St. 

E. 12S, 9P 

Cochran, C. '00 

733 Main St. 

A, 4S, 14P 

Crowell, 0., '01 

207 1 3th St. 

ME. 13S, lOP 

DrBW, Wi, '00 

636 8th St. 

CC. 4S 

Fry. J. I., '00 

863 Main St. 

ME, 8S, IP 

Grant, W. M., '01 

Box 1045 

ME, 8S, 7P 

Hampson, W. B., '03 

1305 Lime St. 

EN, 6S 

Hancock, G.. '01 

1506 Orange St. 

ME, lOS, 16P 

Namt and Ytar 

Hower, L11I& A., '02 
lobsson. F. L., '03 
Johnson. M. A., '01 
McCutcheon. W., '01 
Morris, B. M., '03 
Reiner, C. D., '00 
Robbins, P. P.. '03 
Sipith, J. E., '02 
Tbompeon, W. E., '00 
Turner, A. C, '00 
Wilson, G. S., '00 

Andree, F. W„ '96 
Woodaum, C. V., '00 
Doiathty, F. P., '98 
OdS, H. B., '02 
SheTTnare, B. E., '97 
Charters, E. D., '03 

Alexander, G. R., '02 
Blair, A. E.. '02 
Brainard, E. S., '00 
Bremdel, J. P "01 
CampbeU, A. W., '98 
Carr, A., '02 
Chahners, W. G., '02. 
Engstrom, W. P., '00 
Goulden, J., '01 
HalUngworth, B., '02 
Harris. J. N. H., '01 
Hind, W, M., '03 
Ivereon, H. S., '00 
Lemon, Jr.,- A. B., '02 
Liness, W. N-, '00 
Lockwood. W. P., '02 
Mack. H. C, '01 
Mahen, J. P., '00 
Mallory, E. H., '97 
McLotifdilhi, B. P., '00 
Meyer. E. E., '02 
Mueller, J. P., '01 
Newman, C. E., '00 
Nobel, A. O., '03 
Parsons, H., '00 
Peters. R. F , "03 
Phinney, C. M.. '00 
Plate, H. W„ '01 
Pope, A. B.. '00 
Potect, B. P., '03 
Prince, H. C, '02 
Russell, Jr.. F. E., '00 
Schweitzer, E., '02 
Shearer, J. H.. '00 
Sheldon, G. P., '03 
Teeter, J. K„ '01 
Toomey, A., '00 
Urban. P. G. L., '99 
Van tennep, H. G., '96 
Williams, E. R., '99 
Winter, L. ,'01 
Wuff, A. H„ '02 



575 Vine St. 

BA, 38 

37 Sienna St. 

AG, 5S. 8P 

464 3d St. 

HE, 6S, 14P 

190 12th St. 

UD, 3S, 16P 

478 Lemon St. 

DL, 4S, 20P 

269 E. 14th St. 

A, 12S, 12P 

201s Hyrde Ave. 

EP, 7S 

Care E. B, & A. L. Stone Co. 

HA, 7S 

642 Vine St. 

J. 7S, IP. D 
JB, 2S 

Ariington St. 

Chicago Ave. , 



Rocklin, Box 118. placbr 

HS, 73 

Rocklin, PLACER 

HS, SS, D 

, . 7S, 6P 
IC, 7S, 6P 


Round Valley, IWTO 

EQ, 8S 

Rumsey. yolo 

Sacramento, sacrambnto 

825 10th St. 

EW, 8S 

1407 L St., Genl. Del. 

DL, 5S, 23P 

410 P St. 

ED. 3S. 13P 

1213 D St. , 

A, 4S, 15P 

5281 J St. 
1615 N St. 

A. 26S, 40P 

RD, 2S 

1234 G St. 

MC, 13S, 37P 

1407 I St. 

C, 3S. 18P 

1006 G St. 

C. lis, 26P 

5161 K St. 

RD. 4S 

617 N St. 

LS, IS. 20P 

2710 H St. 

EN, lOS. lOP 

Box 583 

A. 4S, 18P 

State Controller's office 

NA, 24S, 3P 

816 M St. 


6101 1 St. 

Golden Eagle Hotel 

LA, 34 Parte 

J. 4S 

2030 Front St. 

577 1 2th St. 

J, 7S, 6P 

Box 79 

CC, 2S 

1706 K St. 

NC, 21s, 9P 

911 10th St. 

ME, 6S, 26P 

1616 E St. 

AB, es 

931 I St. 

EN, 6S 

619 10th St. 

ME, 16S, 6P 

1223 n St. 


3281 J St. 

T. lOS, 4P 

1908 19th St. 

ED. 4S. 26P. C 

1408 I St. 

T. 9S, 7P 

1906 H St, 

- EN, 6S 

1116 14th St. 


905 S St. 

ME, 3S, I6P 

2412 1st St, 

MP, 5S 

2018 19th St. 

RD, 3S 

2330 H St. 

DO. 2S. 12P 

626 M St. 

C. 12S, 25P 

206 19th St. 

C. 4S. lOP 

2000 N St. 

A, 4S, 8P 

117 12th St. 

J. 75. 4P 

S. Pacific Drafting- Rm. 

C, 17S, 25P, D 

2422 Q St, 

ED. IS. lOP 

1530 J St, 

HE, lis 




Cattle. E. P., '02 

Saint ohn, olbnn 

EP, 6S 

Dunning. H.. '02 
Ryan, J.. '01 
Chaboya, Lena, '02 

Saint ohn, olbnn 

EW, IDS, 13P 

Saint ohn, olbnn 

T, lis. IP 

Salinas, uoNTBaBY 

BB, 3S 

Chadwick, F. H., -02 

Salinas, 209 Maple St., uohtbkby 

MP, 83 

aark. P., '00 

SaUnas. 18 Salinas & San Lewis St.. 

CD, 3S, UP 

Cowling, C. B., '00 

Salinas, Box 282, noNTSKBy 

Ditmer. A. H.. '01 

Salinas, mohtbrby 

C. 5S. 25? 

Gobar, I.. '02 

Salinas, Box 304, montbrby 

CA, 4S 

Pearaon, J., '02 
CUffe. C. R., '98 

Samoa, humboldt 

NH, 2S 

San Andreas, calavbras 

ME, lis, 2P 

Abra. J W.. '02 

San Antonia. san bbrnardino 

San Bernardino, sam BSRNAaDiMO 

EP. lOS 

Brill, H. E., '00 

3d St. 


Btircham. A. A., '01 

Box 64 

MM, 15S, 9P 

Buret, D. H., '02 

fi3S H St. 

DO, 3S, 17P 

Carey. C. P.. '00 
Chaffin, G. R., '95 

City Cemetery 
635 E St. 

X, 2S 

C, lOS, 26P 

Comstock, W. H., '00 

J. 7S, D 
LA, 18 Parts- 

Coombs. A. D.. '02 


MP, 5S 

Pox, Henrietta, '01 

499 D St. 

BD, 6S, 14P 

Pranldiouser, D. K.. '02 

Geol. Del. 


Gill, R., '01 

436 P St. 

C. 4S. 18P 

Hams, G. T., '01 

999 Cor. 7th & J St. 

ED, 3S. 14P 

Jenkins, D. H., '98 

149S C St.. Box 101 

I, 13S, 9P 

Jones, H. B.. '02 

133 Court St. 

AC. as, 36P 

Keir, W. E., '99 

744 6th St. 

PN, 4S, 12P 

771 5th St. 

DN, 7B, 22P 

Landes, I., '02 

124 G St. 

GC. 5S, 7P 

Love, J. C, '00 

826 2d St. 

LR, 7S 

Hectaam. H, P., '99 

A, 7S, 12P 

Moore. P.. '94 

792 2d St. 

MD, 4S, 25P 

Muscott. H. M., '00 

455 2d St. 

A, 6S, 14P 

Parker. W. M.. '94 

350 3d St. 

C, 9S, 22P 

Peck, C. A., '99 

MM. 21S. 5P 

Robot, L. D., '03 

Cor. 4th & B Ste. 

NC, 8S. 12P 

Shaffer G. M.. '98 

Box 112 

C, 8S, 4P 

Starbuck, E. E.. '99 

4th St. 

A, 8S, 14P 

Stickell. J. E.. '01 

1724 4tb St. 

San Diego, san dibgo 

JM, 3S 

Abbott, W. E.. '99 

1041 Logan Ave. 
2020 E St. 

U. 4S, 16P 

Baker. W. S., '99 

F, 37S, 14P, D 

Baker, W. S„ '02 

2020 E St. 

AC, 14S, 22P 

Baur, H.. '03 

640 Water Front St 

MR. 9S, 9P, D 

Bigelow, D. E.. '96 

Box L. L., Cerros Island 

MM. IfiS 

Boden, E.. '03 

2356 I St. 

X, 8S 

Bowen, E., '03 

Genl. Del. 

HH. 7S 

Buma, Lora. '99 

726 5th St. 

X. 2S 

Buaer, W. H., "01 

1939 Front St. 

JM, 6S 

LA, 13 Parts 

Evans, W. K., '02 

■3756 2d St. 

Evans, W. K., '97 

3756 2d St. 

HS, 6S 

Feldhacker, C. P., '03 

2816 P St 

DN, 5S, 22P 

Fitzgerald, J. P., '00 
Forbes, D. T., '97 

1522 Columbia St. 

X, 2S 

Y. M. C. A. 

SM, 5S, 15P 

GranviUe, A. G.. '00 

West Coast Lumber Co. 

AD. 4S 

HiU. W. L., '01 

85?7 a St. 

HA. 43 





Hirte, H. F., -02 

3623 3d St. 

Justice. J. B.. '99 
Kafler, W. T., '03 
Kelton. C. ."'oi 

1241 Union St. 
116th Coast Art. 

610 14th St 

Lemon, G. T., '99 

1245 Laurel St. 

Lemon. W. G., '00 

1212 eth St. 

Martin, C. H., '99 

1343 Columbia St. 

Northern, H.L., '01 

1015 4th St. 

613 Milton Ave. 

Polhamta. I.. '00 

1120 Ivy St. 

Raetber. E. P., '01 

7th & I St. 

Requa, R. S.. '87 

Box 351. 410 17th St. 

Roy. A. H., '01 

Bay View Hotel 

Ruppenthal, C, '00 

Care Hebbaid & GiU, Grant Bldg. 

^Schmidt, E., '03 

Genl. Del. 

Walker. A., -99 

2125 Los Angeles St. 

Westcott, j. C, '99 
Wiggins. C- W., '94 

813 Hilton Ave. 

2720 L St. 

San Frandsco, ban txancuco 

Alien, G. L., '01 

710 Hayes St. 

Allen. W. J., -01 

82 Merritt St. 

Altmayer, H., '00 


Armstrong, E. W., '09 

420 8th St. 

Art, M., '00 

Marine Hospital 

Care U. S. 5. Don Juan de Austria 

Atkins. D. Y., '01 

Ayar, M.S.. '03 

Rm. 209, 1312 Market St. 

Ayar. M. S., '00 

Clayton & Haight St. 

Babkirk. M, '00 

921 Greenwich St. 

Bailey. R. B.. '02 
Bailey, W. A., '03 

862 Haight St. 

U. S. TNew Orleans. Care P. M. 

Bajr, A. J.. '02 
Baker. W. J., '02 
Barnes, T. F.. '01 

237 Guerrero St. 

807 California St. 

512-514 Folsom St. 

Ban, F. C. '02 

2468 Missouri St. 

Bearwald. F., '02 

946 McAllister St. 

Beaver, B. J., '01 

318 Hilton St. 

Bebb, J. C. '03 

330 Pine St. 

Begga, P. W., '01 
B^ln, R., '02 
Bell. li. H., '00 

151 Tremont St. 

2213 Jones St. 

618 Jones St. 


4080 26th St. 

1720 Baker St. 

Berg. A., '00 

Care I. 0. S. Office 

Berry, W. F., '02 

636 Clay St. 

Bertelsen, P., '01 

108 Silver St. 

Betts. C. W., '03 

1421 Bush St 

Birk. J. W., 'Ol 

U. S. S. Solace. Care P. M. 

Bishop, G. W., '00 

59 Converse St. 

Black, r.. '97 

416 Hoflman Ave. 

Bleedom, R.. '98 

U. S. S. Wisconsin, Care P. M. 

Bodimer. E. C. '02 

Rm. 210, 1312 Market St. 

Bodrean, A, J., '01 
Boland. W. E., '01 

2716 McAllister Ave. 

786 Lombard St. 

Boring. P. H., '00 

1575 Turk St: 

Brady. J. J.. '01 
Brown,B. M., '02 

461 Stevenson St. 

Co. E.. 28th Inf. 

Buckley, H., '02 

2105 Pacific Ave. 

Burgess. F.. '01 
Burte. R. W., '00 

493 Geary St. 
1204 Market St. 

Buma, E., '02 

U. S. S. Helena, Care P. M. 

C. 8S, 14P 
AG. »S, 9P 

CC, 3S 
C, lOS 
HS, 4S 
HS. 5S 
EP, 8S 
J, 4S. 2P 
HH. 8S 
X, 6S. D 

CD. 8S, 13P 
MB, US. 3P 
X, 2S 

A, 22S. 28P 
AG. 4S. 9P 
A, lOS. 20P 
MM, 14S, I2P 

BD. 3S. IIP 
AD. 6S, 27P 
ME. lOS. 2P 
HS. 4S, 2P 
ME, 17S, 25P 
J. OS 

AC. 4S. 12P 
ME. 15S, 25P 
LC, 10 Part* 
HE. 93 
GA, 63. 14P 
AC. lOS, 7P 
C, 3S. 19P 
AC, 6S. lOP 
AC. 6S. 14P 
AA, 4S 
HS, 6S, 16P 
EW, US. 3P 
ME, gs, 2P 
BK, 6S 
E. lOS, IP 
HM, 6S 
HE. 27S 
HM, 5S, 5P 
EF, 13S 
E. 7S 

ED, 3S, 24P 
MP, 2S 
MD. 3S, 15P 
HF. lOS 
A, 12S. 23P 
HM. 4S 4P 
A. 20S. 4P 
HM, 5S 
HE. 13S 
LC, 11 Parts 
E. 7S. 4P 
CC. 8S 


Namt a«d Ytar 



Bums, 1.. -99 

Care Navy Pay Agt. 

HM. 6S 

BumsJ. M., '02 

3930 19th St. 

AC, 4S. 22P 

Cady, F. H., "98 
Caldwdl. F., 02 
CaUdns. C. P.. '03 

6210 Farrell St. 

D, 4S 

U. S. F, S. Wisconsin, Care P. M. 

HB, 9S 

22 Melcalfe PI. 

NC, 58 
MD, 3S, 22P 

CaUander, H. E-. '98 

1805 Stockton St. 

Campbell. D.. '03 

12G Hayes St. 

AC, 4S, lOP 

Carey. P. I., "01 

U. S. S. Quiroa, Care P. M. 
U. S. S. Oregon, Care P. M. 

HM, 8S 

Carlson.J. E- '01 
Carrick, W. M.. '02 

KB, 6S 

173 Oak St. 

EA, lOS, 14P 

Carringer. H. W.. '00 

1910i Lyon St. 
20th & Bryant St. 

J. 4S 
TN, 18S 

Cashman, W. M., '03 

Cashman, W. M., '00 

20th & Bryant St. 

TH. 29S, C 

Chambera, G. R., '00 

626 Eddy St. 

U- S. S. Remmington, Care P. M. , 

ME, 5S. IIP 

Chambera, M. G., '02 

KA. 6S 

Chandler, G., '02 

1749 Hayes St, 

AG. 9S, 17P 

Cbriitie, G.. '93 

1337 Vermont St. 

C. 8S, 23P 

Church. H. S.. '94 

1717 California St. 

, MM,.20S 

Cobb, Carrie P., '99 

Rm. 708 Call Bldg. 

A. I4S, 21 P 

Cobb, W. L., '97 

425 Crossley Bldg. 
316 Jones St. 

MM, 18S, 14P 

Gofer, I. E.. '00 

HS, 4S 

Cole, C. M.. '01 

2060 FeU St, 

LC, 15 Parts 

Coletnan. J. E.. '02 

214 3d St. 

EP, 7S, IP 

Collins, R. J.. '03 

2834 Harrison St. 

AG. 9S, S'P 

Conklin, Georgia, 'DO 

256 San Carlos Ave. 

X, 3S 

Conklio, M., -00 

51 McLea Ct. 

X, 2S 

Connelly, J. A., '97 

1639 Mission St, 


Connolly, C, '97 

U, S. S. Monadnock. Care P. M. ' 

C, t3S. 8P 

Cooley. F, A., 03 

Rm. 215 Phelan Bldg. 

AC, lis. lOP 

Cooney. P. J., '96 

214 3d St. 


Cotrel. Miss Edna, '03 

3220 Clay St. 

AD, 48, 12P 

Courtin, C, '03 ' 

8 Hubbart St. 

DP. 2S. lOP 

CouTvoisicT, G. A.. '99 

2006 Lea\'enworth St, 

ME. 108. 13P 

Coyle, F, J,. -99 

. HS. 7S. 8P 

Crosson, J.T., '97 

1202 Potrero Ave, 

HS. 4S. 6P 

Crowlej?. E. D,. '99 

Rm. 36 Flood Bldg. 

A. lOS, 15P 

Crowley, F. H., '04 

320 Fulton St. 

X. 28 

Crowley, H. P., '01 
Cruir, Jr.. W. H., '00 

3142 16th St. 

ME, lis, 25P 

2526 Howard St. 

A, 4S, IIP 

Currier, A. B., '99 

Pacific States Tel. Co.. 21 N. Bush gt. 

TP. 5S 

Dailey. P. F., '01 

104 Guerrero St. 

ME, 168 

Danforth. R,. '02 

413 Stockton St. 

' NH. flS 

Banner. M. G., 01 

7 Fulton St. 

C, lOS, 17P 

Davis, A. H., '01 

7452 Leavenworth St. 

D, 5S 

Dawson. J. E., '03 

1383 Valencia St, 

EP, 5S 

Deeter, A., '99 

317 Eddy St. 

248 6th Ave., R. D. 

U. 3S, 18P 

Dehmel, C, '02 

DM, 3S, 20P 

Dennes, J. B.. '02 
Dennis, F. A., '01 

620 Geary St. 

GA, 6S, I9P 

1012 Scott St, 

J, 4S 

HM, 98. 9P 

Denamore. C. W., '97 

U. S. S. Orleans, Care P, M, 

Densmore, C. W., '99 

U. S. S, New Orleans, Care P. M, 

ME. 12S. 9P 

Deschler. A. H., '02 

1 103 San Bruno Ave, 

EP, 13S 

Dickie, R.. 'OO 

428 Mississippi St, 

C. SS. 7P 

Dickieson, J. E., '02 

182 Lexington Ave. 

AC, 6S, IIP 

Dietz, Mane J., '99 

981 Union St, 

CC, 28 

Dodge. A. N., '96 

18U 16th Ave, 


Donald. A. J., '99 
Donaldson, R., '02 

C, 3S, 12P 

2519} Bryant St. 

MC. 4S. lOP 

Donnelly, J.. '99 
Donovan,}. P., '99 

ME, IIS. 4P 

421 Broderick St. 

HS. 88. 4P, D 

Dresael, J. C. '00 

444 Eddy St. 

A, 24S. 36P. D 

Drew, J.. '98 

2042 Leavenworth St. 

A, 12S. 45P 


JVumr and Ytar 
Drewes. J. H., '03 
DriseoU, R., '02 
Ducoing. C. P., '02 
Durell, P. P., -99 
Dwight. H. P., '01 

Eager, ( 



Edgar, G. B., 'M 
Edwards, B. E., '02 
Eichbaum, C, '01 
EUiott, E. W., '02 
EUis, J., '99 
Elaassen, C. C, '93 
Elvin, T.. '98 
Engel. C. P., *02 
Ericsson, E. J., '99 
ErioEon, E., *03 
Evans, G. R., '03 
Everrett, C, '02 
EverreM. L. E . '98 
Evennan, C, '99 
FatK. A.. '00 
Fechyen, B., '99 
Feiling, E.. '98 
Fdling, E. G., '99 
Penkhansere, R. H. 
Feny, G.. '99 
Fetter, Mrs. L., '99 
Fischer, E. G., '01 
Fischer. E., '03 
Piaher, L'. E.. '99 
Flint, Jr.. B. P. 
Floyd, C. S.. 'OS 
Forge, C. R., '96 
Foss. B.. '03 
Foss, B", '00 
Poster. E. A., '02 
FowJer, N.. '00 
Frederickset!, A., 
Froberg, A. W,. '( 
Folmore. P. W., 'w 
Gaetyen. H., '01 
Geary. J. M., '03 
Germain, G. F. W. 
Geyer. A. H.. '00 
Gibson, A. B.. '00 
Gilbert. R.. '99 
Gilberts. E. H., '01 
Gfllan. L. C, '00 
GiUiams, P., '01 

Glidden. A. L.. *02 
Cogin, P. S., "98 
Goniales. T.. '95 
Golsche, P., '97 
Grant. E. M., '02 
Gray, T. G., """ 



3090 24th St. 

U. S. Naval Training Sta. 

1416 Valencia St. 

2969 24th St, 

3111 B 24th St. 

1204 Masonic Ave. 

1527 Golden Gate St. 

2100 Market St. 

804 Tennessee St. 

1228 Broadway 

406 Qement St. 

3621 16th St, 

110 Hyde St, 

1171 Valencia 8t. 

1133 Pierce St, 

309 Paxton Ave. 

1378 Union St, 

1320 Guerrero St. 

1320 Guerrero St 

1201 Devisadero St, 

U, S. S. Orleans. Care P. M. 

432 5th Ave. 






e Oil Co.. 115 Front St. 

207 Tones St, 
Genf. Del. 
356 3d St. 
.4070 26th St. 
961 Polsom St, 
147 8th Ave, 
1151 Hyde St, 
419 Van Ness Ave, 
258 10th St. 
2351 Post St. 
2351 Post St. 
1322 Califomia St. 
250 Loussat St. 

U, S, N. Tug Vigilant, Care P, M, 
XI, S. S. Rainbow, Care P. M. 
129 Ash Ave, 
-1328 Harrison St. 
2128 Stockton St, 
320 Sansom St, 
U, S. S. Albatross, Care P. M. 
536 Hayes St, 
981 Dolores St, 
607 York St. 
Rm, 12, 837A Mission St, 
200 Utah St. 
1030 Greenwich St, 
517 Howard St-. 
626A National St. 
3369 23d St, 
828 Pacific St. 
416 Hoffman Ave. 
2114 Larkins St. 
1367 Masonic Ave. 
14 Stanley PI. 
623 O'Parrell St, 

RL. 5S 

DK, 4S, 25P, C 
lA, 2S 
C, 6S. 17P 
X. 2S 
HB. 5S, IP 
DO, 3S. 15P 
X C. 9S. IIP 
EQ, 8S 
C. 13S. IRP 
AG. 8S, 12P 

c, US. 19P 

AG, 4S, 8P 
MD, IS, 23P 
C, 88. 5P 

P, 14S, 19P. D 
AC. 4S. 12P 
BA, 2S 
MM. lOS, 12P 
A. 16S, 2P 
T. 4S 
, 5S 
MD, 4S, 25P 
C, 16S, 25P 
ME. gS, 6P 
HS. 4S. UP 
AA, 2S 
C, IS, 13P 
HD, 31S, 5P 
A, lis, lOP 
MB, 9S. 26P 
BE. 2S 
HS, 9S, 14P 
NC, 6S, lOP 
E, [4S. 23P 
NC, I5S, 13P 

HS, I 

■<. IP 

KA, lOS, D 
KB, 5S. D 
HM. 7S. 2P 
A, 12S, 12P 
DL, 4S. I9P 
MM, 5S, lOP 
C, 4S, 18P 
HM, 78 
X, 28 
A. 125 
CC, 2S 
HM. lOS 
EP, lOS 
MP, 9S 
AC. 78, I7P 
ME. lis, lOP 
HM. 48 
ME, 15S, 25P 
EF, lOS. 23 P 
MP, 68 
CA, 4S 
NC, 6S 



Nam* and Ysar 

Grier. R. A,, '94 
Griesmer, T. E.. '93 
Ground, W., '00 
Gudirian, E., '02 
Gunn, A., '00 
Gutierrez, J., *03 
Haas, T.. '98 
Hagberg, H., '99 
H^trom, A. E., '03 
Halverson, C. '02 
Hamilton, C J., '02 
Hanique. J. E., '00 
Hany, W. G., '00 
Hartmann, H. H., '02 
Hatch, J. D., '00 
Hansfield. H., '99 
Hayden, Jr.. E. C, '03 
Haydem, G. B., '03 
Healey, H. P., '01 
Heam, G. A., '03 
Heath, B., '99 
Heck, V. L., '02 
Hegnar, R. E.. '03 
Henderson, A., '01 
Henning, H. T.. '01 
Henry, P. W„ '00 
Herrick, Jr., S. S., 'S4 
Herzog, Clara, '01 
HickUng. C. V., '02 
Hicks, W. W\, '02 
Higgina, W. E-, *01 
Hitchcock, O. B,, '00 
Holm. H. C, '00 
Holt, E. M., '02 
Holtgea, A., '98 
Holton, Hazel P., '02 
Hoods, H. A., '01 
Howard, J. I., '02 
Howe, W. C, '01 
Huddleston, O., '99 
Hughea, R. E., '97 " 
Hurabielle. C, '02 
Hurabidle, L., '02 
Hurst, G. L,, '00 
Hyne, A., '99 
Inayle, W. A.. '97 
Ingereoll, F. B., '00 
Irdand, T. W., '93 
Irwin, C. M., '02 
laccard, E. S., '03 
Jackson, F. W., '97 
JakiUowski, P. J., '02 
James. J.. "03 
Jansen.Jr.. J.. '99 
Jeker, F. J., '00 
JeUinek. C. '00 
Jenkins, C, '03 
Jensen, C, '02 ~ 
Jensen, J., '00 
Jesser, H. H., '01 
Johnson, W., '00 
Kalming, P., '03 



4S0 Pell St. 
322 Missouri St. 
428 Franklin St. 
338 27th St. 
Care J. O. Darins, 1131 Pacific St. 

507 Sutter St. 
133 Cook St. 

95 Cumberland St. 

1309 48th Ave. 

309 Minna St. 

100 Front St, 

232 Parrot Bldg. 

643 FeU St. 

U. S. S. Rainbow, Care P. M. 

1654 Hayes St. 

2269 Filbert St. 

2643 Larkin St. 

1304 EUis St. 

460 Noe St. 

1395 0'ParreUSt. 

1460 0'FarrallSt. 

809 Octavia St. 

20 East St. 

322 Haight St. 

413 Bartlett St 

230 PoweU St. 

412 Taylor St. 

36 New Montgomery St, 

22} 29th St. 

249 2d St. 

64th Co. Coast Art., Fort Miley 

301 Market St. 

784 Bush St. 

1015 Market St. 

237 Sickles Ave. 

223 Frederick St. 

1412) Folsom St. 

616 Broadway 

616 Broadway 

3014 Sacramento St. 

Care Buena Vista, Hyde & Beach Su. 

310A Clement St. 

508 California Ave. 
1452 Leavenworth St, 
466 Page St, 

2718 McAllister St. 

8 Liberty St. 

3 Chenexy St. 

Naval Training Sta. 

2307 Bryant Ave. 

1560 East St. 

340 Geary St. 

Olympia Club 

26 Turk St. 

Care Union Iron Wks. 

605 Pell St. 

U. S. S. Kentucky, Care P. M. 

4030 I9th St, 

A. 6S, lOP 
C, 8S, 6P 
HS, 8S, 3P, D 
EA, 9S, IP 
ED, 3S, 13P 
GC. 78, 15P 
MD, 3S, 20P 
SM. 7S. 16P. D 
NC. 5S. 5P 
CA. 48 

MM. 21S. 14P 
HS. 5S 
EP, 58 
A, 9S. 30P 
CC, 3S 

EA, 13S 
BA, 3S 
ME, 6S, 16P 
EP, lOS, 3P 
R, 158, 17P 
GA. 9S 9P 
NH, 48 

EB, 48 

MM, 23S, 14P, D 

HM, as 

C, 108, 21P 

CC, 2S I 

EA, US, IP , 

EI, 9S, 16P, D I 

A, 158, 16P 
J, 7S, flP, D I 

D, 48 I 
HH, 15S ' 
F, 37S, 14P, D I 
LA, 11 Parts I 
C, 28, 21P I 
EP. 6S 

ED. 48, 25P, C 
HS. 9S, 9P 
HM, 58 
EN, 78 
EN, 7S 

C, 17S, 25P, D 
J. 8S, lOP, D 

J, as, UP 

TP, 6S 

C, 178, 26P, D 
HB. 68 
GC,6S, 3P 
ME. 78, lOP 
MN, 48, D 
EP, 8S, 2P 
AD, 3S, 16P 
SM, 78, 15P. D 
C, 68. 18P 
EW, 3S, 16P 
EP, 5S 
HM, 58 
J, 7S, 14P 
1 7S, 6P, D 

>y Google 

Kiaginai), G. A., '02 
Kirk. W. C. '03 
KnoU. L., '02 
Koch, 0., -03 
Koedg, F. G., '01 
Komberg. G. A., '00 . 
Kople, R., '99 
Korth, M., '01 
Krause, C. F., '99 
Knieger, J., '02 
Lacey, Miss Eleanor, '97 
La£ranch, A. A.. '01 
Uken, M., '03 
Lamb, Cj., '00 
Lane, J. W., '02 
Lane, J. H., '97 
Langfield, A., '03 
Lai^stroth, B., '00 
LftTEKm, C, '00 
Lash, M. W.. '98 
Lea. R„ '99 
LeFerer, W., '02 
UfFmann, H. G., '00 
Ugarda, V., '01 
Liesman, C, '02 

nog Pobom St. 

18 Madisoa Ave. 

S46 ShortweU St. 

2449 I7th St. 

508 California St. 

610 Fulton St. 

U. S. S. Vicksburg, Care P. M. 

413 F"'- '■- 

Limpach, J., '02 
Lindberg, P. J., 
LockanC G. P., ' 


Locke, A. M., „ 
Locke, E. N.. '02 
Lorentzen, A., '03 
Losekawn, J., '02. 
Lucaa. F. L. '96 
Macdonald, B., '01 
MacKenzie. J. P., '00 
MacLaine, H., '90 
Mallast, H„ '96 
Uaishall, J. W.. '02 
Mast, W. L., '02 
Masten, H., '00 
Mathiesen. A. J., '01 
Uattinson, W. W., '02 ■ 
Maxwell, W. O., '01 
McCabe, H. J.. '02 
McConiiAck, P., *02 
McCtmdy, J. W., '02 
McDaniel, R. E.. '00 
McDonald, B., '00 
McDonald, J. J.. *02 
McDonald, W., '00 
McGregory, J-. '00 
McKeone, O. P.. '97 
MeUtead, L. S.. '01 
Mensch, P. B., '00 
Menid, W., "00 
Merkel, H„ '99 
MichaeliB, fe. W., '02 
Miller, G. B., '00 

3338 26th St. 

214 Pine St. 

10 Florida St. 

617 Van Ness Ave. 
2221 4th St. 
1590 Pultcn St. 
2621 Octavia St. 
478 Eddy St. 
30 Laurel PI. 

U. S. S. Wilmington, Care P. M. 
1523) Market St. 
3941 24tli St. 

U. S. B. S. New York, Care P. M. 
775 Cole St. 
803 Harrison St. 
6 California St. 
-208} lltbSt. 
Sailors Home 
1290 Treat Ave. 

U. S. S. Marblchead, Care P. M. 
144 Day St. 
311 Shotwell St. ^ 
521 Page St. 
306 Sanaom St. 

U. S. S. Wisconsin. Care P. M. 
720 Valencia St. 
136 Castro St. 

1115 Tennessee St. 
324 Montgomery St. 
Genl. Del. 

215 Aricansas St. 
210 Bush St. 
1362 Howard St. 

11 Monroe St. 
702 Powell St. 
S29 Florida St. 
326 Eddy St. 
113 Pulton St. 

U, S. S. Monocacy, Care P. M. 

502 Van Ness St. 

156 4th St. 

10 Geary St. 

316 Montgomery St. 

2691 Howard St. 

36 Runcon PI. 

524 Arkansas St. 

U. S. S. Oregon, Care P. M. 

Presidio Sta. 

104 Turk St. 

1066 Ashbury St. 

436 Pine St. 

1116 Leavenworth St. 
324 Noe St. 

UD, IS, 18P 
DL, IS, 12P 
X, 2S 

AG, lOS, 17P 
AD, 4S, 8P 
LA. 9 Parts 
HD. 19S 
AC, 4S, 13P 
UD. 4S. 19P 
F, IS, lOP 
C, 3S, 25P 
* CSF. 8S 
SM, 6S, 12P 
DL, 4S. UP 
EB, 2S 
A, 5S, :9P 
HP, 8S 
KM, 6S 
NC, lOS. 12P 
MM, I7S 

EQ. as 

BC, 16S, 21 P 
A. 13S, 22P 

C. 6S. 23P 
KA, 5S 
A, 6S, lOP 
C, 16S, 25P 
KA, 8S 
BB, 2S 
CSO. 6S 
NC, 5S 
C, 8S. 4P 
HB, 6S 
AC, 4S, 18P 

AC. 2S, 12P 
MM, lis 

MM, 23S, 14P, D 

AD, 48 
EB, 2S 
NC, 8S, IP 
EN, 7S 
ME, 9S 

A, 6S. 16P 
IB, 6S 
NA, 8S, 4P 
EW, lOS 
EP, 13S, 5P 
GC, 4S, 7P 
ME. 4S, 20P 

BD, 2S. IIP 
HA, 5S, IP 
ME, 5S, 25P 
C. 3S, 13P 
CC. 3S 

CC, 2S 
ME, 4S, 13P 
F, 14S, IIP 
AD. 4S, 14P 
NC, 5S, 2P 
MD, 3S. ii? , 







Miller, r.E. A., '96 
Miller. W. S., '02 

S. S. Orisaba 

ME, 24S, 25P. D 

48 4th St. 

EP. 13S. D 

MitcheU, J., '93 

S. S. Neiadan, Greenwich St. Wharf 

C, 14S, 25P . 

Moon, F. H., '99 

2917 Harrison St. 

HM, 7S 

Moore, C. H., '02 

334 aimie Bldg: 

AC. 2S. 17P 

Moore, W., '03 

742 Fulton St. 

DO. 3S. 13P 

Morehead, H. F., '00 

429 Larkin St. 

C. 5S. 25P 

Morgan, L., '95 

3641 190th St. 

E, 6S 

Moses, R. P., '95 

1505 Baker St. 

E, 18S. 16P 

Mossmayer, A. J.. '02 

1312 Market St. 

MC. 16S 

Mumford, N.P., '96 

U. S. S. Aborendo, Care P. M. 

ME, 5S, 13P 

Mund. L., '03 

eiOi Polk St. 

LA, 8 Parts 

Murray, W. E.. '97 

887 Castro St. 

C, lOS, 5P 

Nagel, H., '02 

1531 Gutter St. 

EP, 13S 

Nash. E. H.. '01 

33 California Ave. 

CSP. lOS - 

Nash. E. R., '00 

33 California Ave. 

C, 4S. 16P 

Nelander. W.. '02 

2528 Post St, 

NC, 16S, 4P 

Nelson, P., '99 

741 O'Farren St. 

MD, 3S. 16P 

Nelson. J.. '02 

245 Perry St. 

AG, 4S, 14P 

Nelson, 1. H., '98 

232 Mississippi St. 

MD, 3S, lOP 

NetUe, C. J., '01 
Newman, W. A., '01 

U. S. S. Oregon, Care P. M, 

BA. 2S 

7 Mission St. 

LD, 5S, 2IP 

Nickels, A. R., '00 

316 Sanaom St. 

ME, 9S, 4P 

Nickereon, G. R.. '01 

352 Shotwell St. 

UD, 5S. 21P 

Nilsch, R.. '03 

261 13th St. 

DO, 6S. 37P, C 

Noel, B. F., '02 

530 4th St. 

RR. lOS. D 

Nollins. A. L,. '00 

51 Henry St. 
246 3d St. 

A. lOS, IP 

Nordstrom, G.. '01 

NC, 6S, 3P 

Nordstrom, S. T., '02 

910 Pine St. 

MU, eS, 37P 

Noriwood. H. M. '03 

U. S, S. Solace. Care P. M. 

BE. 2S 

O'Brian. C. J., '00 

485 Eddy St. 

MM, 23S. 14P, D 

O'Brien. Mre. A. P„ '02 

2024 Pine St. 

LC. 11 Paris 

O'Brien. G-, '03 

14 Croke St. 

AC. 4S, I7P 

Ochiar, F., '99 

206 Sansom St.. Care S. A. Brooks 

I. 9S, I6P. D 
ME. 9S, lOP 

Ogbom, F. D., '00 
ORmen, W. H.. '00 

1677 10th Ave, 

1292 Treat Ave. 

C^SS, 3P 

Olin. A.. '03 

636 Chestnut St. 

eV, 8S. 14P 

Olney. G.. '02 

886 Illinois St. 

BA, 2S 

Ommert. F., '01 

1709 15th Ave. 

C, 5S. 18P 

O'Neill, J. T.. '02 

Box 2423 

HB, 8S, 4P 

O'Neill. 1. T., '98 

V. S. Lt. House Insp.. 12th Dist. 

Organ. W.ll., '02 

316 12th Ave. 

Otto. C, '02 

Mining St. 

MF. 5S 

Palmer. L. C, '02 

Asiatic Sta. 

GA. lOS, 2P 

Patter, B. F., '95 

913 PoweU St. 

HM, 4S 

Patterson, H. K., '00 

1543 Mission St. 

BC, 5S, 38P 

Paul. G. H.. '03 

U. S. S. Kentucky, Care P. M. 

MC. lOS, 9P 

Peck, W.. '02 

663 Howard St. 

DO, 3S, 14P 

Permento, W. A., '00 

2227 Taylor St. 

A. 6S, 2P 

Percy, A.. '94 

821 Fulton St. 

ME, 8S, 6P 

Percy. E.N.. '98 

3439 Clay St. 

HM, 9S. 16P, D 

Perry, B.. '00 

824 Saguna St. 

C, 9S, 25P 

Peters, G„ '99 

851 Greenwich St. 

J, 5S 

Peterson, C. H., '03 

915i Market St. 

AG. 9S. 7P 

Pickenian, R., '94 

3330 20th St. 

EB. 2S 

Pitts, H. T., '95 

1216 ElKa St. 

ME, US. 25P 

Plaskett, !., '03 
Pomroy, E. M.. '03 

1303 Mission St. 

EP, 7S 

126 Kearay St. 

HD, 21S. 2P 

Potter, L. F., '03 

14 Lyon St.. Care E. N. Hall 

BE. 2S 

Prange, P.. 03 

2124 Howard St. 


Price. J. W., '02 

U. S. S. Albany, Care P, M. 

Prince, W. v., '00 

Flat 9. 34 Austin St. 

EySS. 12P, 






PiirceD, H. G., '01 

760 Harrison St. 

HM, lOS. lOP 

Quayle. W. A., '97 
Rademacher, J. H., '02 
RamseT. H., '03 
Randafl. I. E., '02 

310A Qement St. 

HS. 6S. 2P 

121 Hoffman Ave. 


Sailors' Union OfBce 


1060 Geary St. 
204 BUis St. 

EP, 6S 

Ream, P. S., 'M 

D. 68 

Rector. W., '01 

266 I3th St. 


Reed. H. V., *02 

1507 11th Ave. S. 

HE, 22S, 3P 

Reed. T. A., '95 
Reed. fe.. '01 

41 Natana St. 

HM, lOS, 15P, D 

127 Turk St 

A. 4S 

Reichel, P. R., '01 

546 Polsom St. 

MD, IS, 14P 

RdUy, 0., '02 
Reintafdt. P. J., '01 

U. S. S. Queros. Care P. M. 

HA, 5S 

1623 Mason St. 

A. IS. 13P 

Richards, J. S., '94 
Rickon, H. J.. '02 

Care 0. S. S. Co., Pier 7 

ME, 19S, 2P 

3016 Clay St. 

■ AC. 7S. 13P 

Robatsch, r, '02 

509 Linden Ave. 

HE, 33S, 4P 

Robinson, G. W., '96 

U. S. S. Oregon, Care P. M. 

HM, 6S, 6P 

Robinson, J, L., "99 
Robinson, T. R., '96 

2668 22d St. 

C, 4S. 16P 

1064 Broderick St. 

C, 7S, 26P 

Rose, I. W.. '02 
Ross, E. S.. '02 

2531 Van Ness St. 

NC, 5S 

481 Noe St. 

AC, 4S, 19P 

Ross, J. A.. '02 

Ross. MMjaret R.. '99 

1 105 Stevenson St. 

NC, life, 4P 

CO, 9S, D 

Rothie, R. C, '01 

575 Minna St. 

A, 3S, 19P 

Russell. W. H.. '97 

613 Post St. 

AD, 3S, 34P 

Scheel, H. P., '03 

GO, 4S 

Schevcrin, W. G. D., '03 

U. S. S. Isle de Cuba, Care P. M. 

EP, 7S 

Schlosser. M.. '02 

634i Torfc St. 

AG, 4S. IIP 

Schmidt, 0., '03 

416 Ellis St. 

AC, 3S, 18P 

Schroder, E., '00 

278 Jersey St. 

TP, 7S 

Schroder, E., '03 

766 13th St. 

EP. 5S 

Schroeder, H. J., '95 

1128 Tennessee St. 

. MP, 6S 

Scott. H. R., '02 

134136 4th St. 

18' vf 

Scott, R. M., '03 

Troop A, 15th Cav. 
2849 Mission St. 

Selmoser, R., '02 

MU, 3S, 20P 

Serke. R. B„ '03 

1107 Treat Ave. 

GO, 6S, 7P 

Scharp, B. N.. '02 
Shaw, k H., '01 

109 Van Ness Ave. 

CA, 48 

778 Stevenson St. 

I. 7S, D 
MU. 4S. IIP 

Shay. P. M., -02 

4418 23d St. 

Sherrard, M.. '02 

401 California St. 

AC, 6S. 9P 

Supert, A., '02 

3744 22d St. 

DL, 4S, IIP 

SkeUy. T.. '02 

14 Powell Ave. 

PA. 9S. 4P 

Skow, H.. '02 

317 Eddy St. 

PA, 4S 

Slade. C. S.. '99 

38 8th St. 

R. IS, 12P 

Slater. A. T., '90 

326 Eddy St, 

MP, 6S, D 

Sleeper, G. E.. '02 

211 Sanson) St. 

BA, 5S 

Slingerland, G, S.. '02 

U. S. S. New York, Care P. M. 

HD, 26S 

Slingerland, G. S., '01 

U. S, S. New York, Care P. M. 

HM, 9S, 7P 

Smith, E. P., '03 

531 Turk St. 

AG, 2S. 21 P 

Sniith, P. S., '03 

415 Turk St. 

GC, 6S, 8P 

Smith, R.. '02 

2131 Mason St. 

AG, 3S, 17P 

Smith, S. P., '02 

415 Park St. 

NH, 2S 

Smith, W. P., '00 

1522 Eddy St. 

J. 7S, D 
MW. 4S, 26P 

Snyder, A.. '03 

129 Diamond St. 

Snyder, W. H.. '02 

U, S. S. Helena, Care P. M. 

EP, 8S 

Somerville, J. H., '02 

149 Blake St. . 

DL, 4S, ISP 

Soule. H. B.. '02 

U. S. S. Wisconsin, Care P. M. 

KA, lOS, D 

SpaHlding. H. R., '98 

1019 Castro St. 

MD, 3S, 22P 

Spink, J. F,. '02 

U. S. P. S. Kentucky,- Care P. M. 

EB. 9S, D 

Springer, J. S., '01 
Stahl, P. C.. '90 

348 Duncan St. 

MD. IS. 12P 

431 Grove St. 

N, 8S. 12P 

Steckan, Jr., p. W., 'pl 

C£«« Navjr Pay office 

CSO. 55 



Steffera, W„ '97 
Stein, Jr.. H., '02 
Stem, A. L., '02 

" Stettin, H.. '99 

■ Strickler ' '"" 
Suzuki, K., '00 
Swainson, E., '94 
Swan, W. S., '95 
Swanson, H., '96 
Talt, J., '03 
Talt, J. M., '00 
Taylor, C. H., '02 
TWel. A. A., '02 
Thomas, G., '99 
Thomas, L, B.. '99 
Thompaon. J. U.. '99 
Thompson. R., '01 
Travel, D. A., '00 
Trentlein, P„ '88 
Trimble, H, J., 'SO 
Tripp. C. M., '00 
Tripp, E. M., '02 
Truett, H. B.. '99 
TunncHffe. 1. R.. '97 
Upton, G, C. '03 
Vesper, K. H., '99 
Vestal. M., '99 
Vivion, E.. '02 
Voerath, W. D., '01 
Voy, E. L., '37 
Waggoner, L., '99 
Wagner, G., '00 
WMnright. W, C, '01 
WajTcn, G. F., '00 
Washburn, L. P., '01 
Waterman. H. H., '99 
Watts, F., '00 
Watta. P. W.. '98 
Webb. E. H., '96 
Webb. P. R., '98 
Webster, S., '02 
Welfield, H. S.. '03 
Whitaker, A. H., '97 
White, R. J., '99 
Wilcox. H. L.. '02 
Wilke, M„ '99 
Williams. O. L., '01 
Williamson, E. L.. '97 
Williamson, H. E., '01 
Williamson, W., '02 
Williamson, W„ '02 
Wilson, A. J.. '00 
Wilson. H. H.. '00 
Winblad. S.. '03 
Winter. A.. '02 
Winter. J. L., "02 
Witt. P., '02 
Wood, B, R.. '01 
Yager, E.. '03 
Young. O., '02 

1111 Mason St. 

10 Capp St. 
1807 Broadway 
815 Cole St. 

879 Guererro St. - 
1024 Florida St. 
1144 18th St. 
1 Cathram Place 
47 Natoma St. 

501 Harrison St. 
511 Pine St. 
417 Mason St. 
417 Mason St. 
1218 Turk St. 
1861 9th Ave. 
436 Oak St. 
323 Tones St. 
830 Noe St. 

518 Elisabeth St. 
1 125 Union St. 
721 Geary St. 
1282 Vdley St. 
1522 Eddy St. 
150U Pilmore St. 
825 O'ParTell St. 
1812i Geary St. 
905 Bush St. 
597 Mission St. 
808 Octavia St. 

502 Staiiyan St. 
903 Pt. Lobos Ave. 
1605 Oak St. 

156 3d St. 

331 1st Ave. 

407 Leavenworth St. 

2472 Mission St. 

2060 Pell St 

3426 Mission St. 

1217 Mission St. 

1217 Mission St. 

2772 Golden Gate Ave. 

2315 Howard St. 

Bella Vista Hotel 

521 Page St. 

U. S. S. Wheeling, Care P. M. 

14i Sheridan St. 

719 Market St. 

545 Francisco St. 

907 Devisadero St. 

11 Elgin Park 
226 E&rrison St. 
323 1st St. 

323 1st St. 
403 Lombard St. 
46 Vickburg St. 
834) Harrison St. 
210 Clayton St. 
924 Ha^ht St. 

636 B Valencia St. 
511 Taylor St. 
1712 Waller St. 

HE, 9S, 19P 

BA. 2S 

NC, 23S. 14P. D 

A. 4S 

C, 5S. 17P 

SU. 4S. IP 

HE. 12S 

J. 4S, 4P 

C. 8S 

HM, 6S. 8P 

A, 13S 

BE, 6S, D 

XX, I 

HE, lOS 

EN. 6S, OP 

ME, 5S, eP 

MM, US, 9P 

ME. 9S 

ME, 9S, 7P 

ED, 4S, 23P 

ME, 9S 

HS, 7S 

MM, 8S, 6P 

ES, 7S 

HS, lOS, 17P, D 

ME, 18S, 25P 

NC, 6S, 5P 

CC. 3S 

ME, 8S 


A, 4S, 13P 

N, 6S, 4P 

A, 1 

, 12P 

ED. 6S, IIP 
ME, US, lOP 
C, 8S 

ME, 9S, ISP 
MM, 7S, 3P 
AD, 2S. 17P 
HS, 6S, 6P 
ME, I3S. 8P 
AC, 4S, 5P 
NC, 9S, 4P 
HM. 7S. 6P 
HS, 58 
EP. lis 
ME. 7S. 26P 
P, 4S, IP 
MD, 4S, 25P. C 
ED, 3S, J4P 
GC, 7S. 16P, D 
NH. fiS, D 
C, US, 20P ■ 
ME. US, 16P 
DP, 2S. 15P 
AC. 4S. 15P 

GA. 1 

), 5P 

LB, 9 Parts 
C, 12S, 26P 
DL. 3S. 15P 
PO. 9S, MP 


1109 Bush St. 

1312 Market St. 

Hotel IntemBtional, Kearney St. 

Rufert, O., '01 

Sanger, Box 325, rRBSNO 

Aitkin. F. C, '02 
Battelle, E. E., '00 
Brown, S., '02 
Buller, Miss C. E., '02 
BttTchard, E. B., '03 
Compton, W. H., '01 
Coulter, N. R., '99 
Critchton, W. L.. '02 
Davidson. R. R., '02 
Derbidge. E. G.. '98 
Fisher. H. B., '00 
GaUeg, J.. '03 
Gilbert, M.. '00 
Grant, Juanita, '02 
Habertfier, E,, '99 
Halhulen. A. A., '00 
Hansen. P., '99 
Hatch, W. D., '02 
Henderson, K. I., '00 
Hitchcock. E., W 
Howie, J. E,. '03 
Hubback. C. A.. '99 
Jones, S., '00 
Lansing, J. B., '02 
Malone. F. M., '98 
Marcus, R. W., '02 
Martinoff, R. W., '03 
MartinoS, R. W., '03 
MoGlanflin, G. E., '03 
Mecklem, J. F.. '03 
Meeker, G. C, '96 
Mendler, O., '03 
Montgomery, E. E,, '01 
Moore, G. B..'01 
Sixoa, R. S., '99 
Owen, H. H., '02 
Payne, J. J., '98 
Prause, C. O., '00 
Richmond. G. N., '02 
Ross, D. v., '03 ' 
Schilling, A., '03 
Short, P. A., '02 
Slatore,!, A., '02 
Smith, R. C, '01 
Spangler, P., '03 
Stover, W., '02 
Strong, A. B., '02 
Tulfer, R. L,, '99 
Terwilliger, P. R., '03 
Thompson, A. " """ 
Turner, ' "" 


833 S. 8th St. 

179 Latawana St. 

574 N. 14th St. 

ISO S, 7th St. 

478 N. 3d St. 

San Jose Business Collepe 

69 S. 10th St. 

Narrow Gauge Depot 

313 Vine St. 

579 E. 2d St. 

a» 3. St. John St. 

30 S. lOtb St. 

Station No. 2 

6 Otterson St. ■ 

Care Cal. Cured Fruit Asso. 

176 S. 1st St. 

68 S. 8th St. 

McKee Road 

382 Crittenden St, 

170 S. 2d St. 

243 Marline St. 

387 S. 5th St. 

Berryessa Road 

1020 S. 9th St. 

456 N. 6th St. 

Cor. University and Chapman Sts. 

145 N. 5th St. 

145 N, 5th St. 

504 E. Santa Clara St. 

381 Spencer Ave. 

41 Safe Deposit Bank 

52 Fremont St. 


319 S. fith St. 
45 W, Santa Clan 
21 N. 5th St. 
812 State St. 
Box 806 

124 W. William St. 
857 Orchard St. 
William St. 

49 Pond St. 
25 Qair St. 
R. R. No. 5 
456 N. 6th St. 
280 S. 3d St. 

125 Delmas Ave. 
110 Alameda Ave. 
402 S, 6th St. 

34 Lake House Ave. 
Lincoln Ave. 
216 N. 10th St. 
343 S. 2d St. 

AC, 4S, 3P 

D, 5S 

HD, J8S, 3P 
LA, 9 Farta 
EP, 5S, 2P' 
ED, IS, 12P 
A. 25S, 45P, D 
EW, 9S. IP 
HA, 8S, 3P, D 

E, lis, 5P 
T, US. 13P 
ER. 5S, 4P 
CC, 4S 
BB, 2S 

J. 4S . 

X. 2S 


EP. 83 

MD, 4S, 25P. C 

J. 4S, 3P 

EA. 48 

E, 9S, 14P 

CC. 3S 

NC, 6S, lOP 

HL, 7S 

MN, 3S 


DB, 7S, IBP 

EF. 7S, 2P 
NC, 21S. 8P ■ 
A. 3S, 19P 
DO. 3S, 22P 
MM, 5S. 9P 
J. 4S. 2P 
MM, lOS, 5P 

EG, 2S 
MP, 2S 

A, 9S, 13P 
AG. 3S. UP 
EP. lis 
ER. 3S 
AC. 4S, lOP 
NC. 6S, IIP 
J, 7S, IP 
AC, 3S, 15P 
DL. 4S. 13P 
EP, 9S 
BA. 7S 
DO, IS, 13P 



Nam» and Ytar 

Cary, H. E., '99 
Mason, B. P., '97 
Toifelinier, L. J., '00 
Smith, Kate E., '01 

Meyers, H, E., '03 
Morse, W. H., '02 
McQuown, H. M.. '02 
Metzler, C, '01 

Kail, H„ '01 
Schmidt, O., '02 
LeNoin, C, '99 
Towtje, H. W., '97 
Lleweltya, L. L., '03 
Kalal, A., '03 ■ 
Lewis, J. A., '01 
Mitchell, J. C, '03 
Steward. V. L., '01 
Thompson, W. A. S., ' 

Alvea, J., 'PO 
Anderson, J. H., '02 
Batty, E. C., '01 
Blair, J. F.. '01 
Bradbury. E., '02 
Bradbury. N. W., '02 
Cooke, L. A., '02 
Coniwall,I.T., '01 
Davis, J. R., '00 
DeMandel, E. H., '93 
Gass, Clara, '00 
Gill, G. W., '02 
Green. E. B., '00 
Green. Jr., R. S.. '00 
Hardcastle, A. S., '01 
Hartley, J. B., '02 
Henderson. Virgia A., '00 
HiU, L., '00 
Jordan. O. S- '00 
Kimaid, J. A., '02 
Kramer. O. E., '00 
Leslie, Catherine A., '01 
Lowe, Y. W., '03 
McCaleb, A. M., 00 
McCaleb, H. A., '01 
Noble, C. A., '00 
PhilUps, T. N., "00 
Smith, D., '02 
Smitbmaman, T. J., '00 
Sproat, 0. P.. '00 
Tnompson, J, C, '01 

Beistle, W.,'01 
Cronin, A, J., '00 
Goodsped, A. C, 'OS 
HutnmeltenbeK, C. H., '9t 
James, D. W., m 

San Leandio, alambda. 

MP, fiS 

San Leandro, Box 52, alambda 

J. 7S. 6P 

San Luis Obispo, Hjp-ora St., S*N LUIS 

BD, 5S, 16P 

San Mateo, ban matbo 

AC, 4S, SP 

San Mateo, ban matbo 

LA, 9 Parts 

San Miguel, san luis obispo 

GD, 128, 15P 

San Miguel, san luis ob.spo 

San Pedro, Box 2169, Loa angblbs 

MQ, 4S 

A. 4S. 14P 

San Pedro, los anoblbs 

HP. 14S 

San Pedro, los angbles 

C, lOS, 16P 

San Pedro. Care C. C. Co., los angblbs 

NH, 2S 

San Rafael, Care MiUtary School, marim 

CC, 2S ^ 

San Rafael, uakih 

AD, IS, 161* 

San Ramon,, contra cost a 

GC, 3S. IIP 

Santa Ana, Box 343, orangb 

AC, 4S. I OP 

Santa Ana, 1003 E, St.. Oranob 

DK, 4S, 25P, C 

Santa Ana. 330 Santa Clara Ave., orano 

J EN, 5S, 4P 

Santa Ana, 726 E. 17th St., oramob 

D, 4S 

Santa Ana, 916 E. 4th St., oranob 

MD, 3S. 19P 

SanU Barbara, santa Barbara 

219 E. Hoaley St. 

Avon Place, W. Monticito St. 

' X, 2S 

HD, 40S, 7P 

13U Garden St. 

ED, 3S. 18P 

519 Bath St. 

PB, 7S, 9P 

1823 Garden Ave. 

HA, 48, 3P 

NC, 22S, UP 

Arlington Heights 

AC, 13S, 18P 

Q26 State St. 

MM, 58 

X, 2S 

U, 3S, 16P 

SlI MilpasSt. 

233 E. Guetterier St 



HS, 6S 

526 N. Victoria St. 

ED, 38. 21 P 

325 W. Haley St. 

LS, IS. 21P 

731 State St. 

HJ, 12S . 

521 Bath St, 

AA. 4S 

112 W. DeiaquerSt. 

HS. 4S 

Box 249 

HS. 6S. 4P 

Box 211 

GG, 148, 12P 

315 W. Valerio St. 

A, 4S, IIP 

Carpenteria Road 

CC, 2S 

524 Bath St. 

DV. IS, 8P 

426 Castile St. 


327 Santa Barbara St. 

TG, 7S 

Box 32 

HM. 68, 8P 

~ MQ. 3S 
BE. 2S ^ 

Box 128 

Rural No. 1 


119E. CarteepSt. 

420 Chapala St., Box 93 

KG. 9S, 6P 

D, 58 

SanU Clara, banta cla'ra 

Box 164 

X, 4S 

830 Bellamy St. 


Box 351 

A, 98, lOP 

1594 Main St. 

ME, 12S, 13P 

1259 Man St. 

DL, lS.i3P 



Keller, P. H., '97 
Malek, A., '00 
Malpaas, J. B.. *97 
Miller, E. E.,'03 

Beear, N. J.. '01 
Cole, R. L., '03 
Dabadie. B., '03 
Daubenbess, P. E., '0: 
Ea-aliko, Emily, '01 
Godfrey, H. J.. '03 
H„ni r I ■»n'> 


Huttt, C. L.. 
l»»t, W. C. 
Jentms, A., ._ 
Johnston, E. M, 
Libs^, T., '00 
Pioda. A. W., '£ 
Reagle, W. L., ' 
Scott. G. P., "03 
Sinkioson, P., '( 
Watson, R., '03 

Connor, J. B., '98 
Brown, J. G., "01 
Loomb.-!.. D., '95 
Heard, T. T.. *02 
Jones, Mrs. Olive E„ 'i 
Smith, A. L., '01 
Underwood, W. L.,'OS 
ffrankle, L. E., '01 
McKiffinon, Jr., D. P.. 
Cooper, E., "03 
Pergatoa, C. T., '96 

McClearie, W., '02 
Meyer. P., '01 
Pepper, J. R.. *98 
RoWer, A., '01 
HunmODd, W. S., 
Barham, P., '02 

Hama. W., 

HaU. E. M., "03 
Bryan, O. H.. '01 
Cooper. P. P., '97 
F(tf5. J. C, '96 
Liece, D., '00 
PeterMm. S., '02 
Coat*. W. B., '02 
Guder. R. L., '95 
Cm, E. L., '02 


HD. 2S. 22P 

CT, 28 

A, J5S, 4P 


BM, 7S 

Box 652 

A, 8S. 16P 

Box 186 

LB. 16 Parta 

Suta Cniz, santa cruz 

Box 293 

HE. 24S 

Cal. Powder Works 

Beach HtU 

HH, I3S 

Box 666, R. P. D. No, 2 


146 R«ilro«d St. 

XX, 6S, D 

38 Ocean St. 

ES, 7S 

99 Laurel St. 

BA, 3S 

42 Riverside Ave, 

TP, 5S 

Rural 13 

DL, 4S, 19P - 

14 CampbeU St. 

ME, 8S, 3P 

18 Riggs St. 

SP, 2S, 34P, D 

72 Elm St. 

T, 26S. 15P 

87 Locust St. 

DL, 2S, lOP 

367 Bay St. 
142 Cedar St. 


AG. 4S 

142 Locust St. 

GC, 6S, 12P 


Santa Maria, santa Barbara 

. MQ, 3S 

SanU Monica. 634 £tb St., LOS angelbs 


Santa Monica, Box 242, vos anobles 

Santa Paula, Liraonera St., vbmtura 


Santa Paula, vbhtura 

cc, as 

Santa Paula, vbmtura 

IM. 8S, D 

Santa Paula, Box 248, vbmtura 

Santa Pauki, vbntura 

ME, 8S, 6P 

Santa Rita, montbrby 

EN, 8S 

Santa Roea. 226 W. 8th St., sokoiia 

HH, 14S 

Santa Rosa, Cor. Cherry and King St., 


HS, 6S 

Santa Rosa, sonoma 

A, 12S, UP 

Santa Rosa. Simpson & Roberts' Mill, 

AC, 5S, 3P 

Santa Rosa, Box 222, Sonoma 

BE, 2S . 

Santa Rosa, 1062 3d St., sonoma 

MM, 23S. 14E. D 

Santa Rosa, sohoma 

C, 8S, 4P 

Santa Rosa, sonoma 

HS, 9S, 12P 

Saratoga, santa clara 

EP. IBS, 16P 

Sausalito. U. S. S. McCulloch, Care P. M., 


lA, 2S 

Sausalito. U. S. S. McCulloch, Care P. M., 

HB, 4S 

ES. flS 

Sausalito, U. S. S. McCulloch, Care P. M.. 

EP, 5S 

Sawyers Bar. sisxiyod 

EQ, 8S, D 
ME,-9S, 9P 



MM. 6S 


F, 37S, I4P, D 


MD, 3S, 12P 


EW, 6S, 24P 

Sebastopol, Box 107. sonoma 
Seiad VaUey, biskivou 

DH. 2S, 14P 

A, 6S 

Selmm, frbsno 

BA, 63 

D.jizoc J, Google 


ftamt imJ Ytar 

Lewis. E. P., '00 
Paine, M. F., '02 
Johnson, H. J., '95 
Chaffee. L. W., '02 
Wiatt. H., '95 
Peck, F, F.. '95 
Osgood, J. A.. '00 
Sherman, H. R., '03 
Waters, W. B., '02 
Weir, M. M., '02 
Cram, G. W., '00 
Hendricks, W. R., 

Sweet, A.F., '' 

Sweet, A, F., ' 

Wiley, M.. 'GO 
Thomas, F. P. 
Cawelti, N. D. 
Donald. H. C, 
Hofer, L„ '01 
i, C. P.. 'C 


ismussen, P., '02 
Kasmussen, P. N.. '02 
Alley, A. W., '03 
Wassman, Sophia, '97 
Burks, C. E.,^00 
Poster, E. R., '03 
Stodler, G. E., '01 
Storm, H., '99 
Tompkins, E., '93 
McMurtrie. E. C, '03 

Balkevill, H. G., '99 
Bates, M. D.,'00 
Condy, J. H.. '96 
Cummings, R., '97 
Ferguson, G. S., '02 
Goode, B. P., '99 
Hammer, L. P., '03 
Hart, V. E„ '00 
Kelley, J. E., '99 
Kemek. I. G.. '99 
Keys. T. J,. '03 
Kroeckel, G., '02 
Lawson. Miss Fredericka, 

Madden, W. P., '00 
Maxwell. W. L., '03 
Mitrick, W. L., '02 
Moore. W. P.. '02 
MiUchy, J., '00 
Meyers, E. B., '95 
Pieper, L., '03 
Smith, A. M.. '97 
Smith, J. T., '02 
Southworth, Grace A., '0( 
Stentz, T. J., '00 
Stowell, A. W.. '01 

Selma. Box 64, prbsno 

HS, 8S 

Selma, Box 1605. fkbsno 

AC. 4S 

Shaver, frbsno 

HS, 49 

aierman. los amgblbs 

EP, 7S 

Sherman, Box CO, los angblbs ' 

T, 9S, 18P 
MM, 13S 

Sierra City, Care Bonanza Mine, sibrra 

Sierra Madre, los angbles 

MM. 22S. I4P 

Sisson, Box A, siskiyou 

HE, 7S 


DK, 2S, UP 

Skyland. bakta crub 

LC, 9 Parts 

Slaterange, SAN Bernardino 
SmartviUe, yuba 

MM, 14S, 8P 

J. 9S. 16P 
ME, lOS, 2P 

Soldiers' Home. Box 164, los angelbs 

Soldiers' Home, Care Pacific Elec. Co., 

J. 9S, IIP, D 

Soldiers' Home, Care Pacific Elec. Co., 

HD, 20S. 13P 

Soldiers" Home, los angblbs 

JJ. 4S 

Somersville, contra costa 



HH. 6S 

Sonora, tuoluune 

MM, 9S, lOP 

Sonora, tuolumnb 

NC, 20S, iSP 

Sonora, tuolumnb 

CC. 3S 

Sonora. tuolumne 

ME, ITS, 7P 

South Berkeley, 1611 Prince St., alahbda 

GA. I3S. 24P 

South Berkeley, 1611 Prince St., alambda 

NC, 22S, 14P 

South Pasadena, Box 213, los angbles 

DL, 3S. 13P 

South Pasadena, los angeles 

X, 2S 

Spreckels, momterby 

A, 7S, HP 

Spreckels, monterby 

EP, 14S, D 

Spreckels, monterby 

EI, 6S 

Spreckels, monterby 

HS. 76 

Spreckels, monterby 

C. 9S, lOP 


AG, 4S 

Stockton, SAN JOAQUIN 

116 N. Aurora St. 

HS, lOS, 17P. D 

340 E. Market St. 

ED. 3S. 23P 

Care State Asylum 

HS, 4S 

HS, lOS, 17P 

220 N. American St. 

HP, 13S 

Sute Hospital. Box H 

CC, 68 

420 E. Main St. 

HE. lOS 

1146 N.Madison St. 

ME, 9S 

1027 Eldorado St. 

HS, 6S 

1622 W. Van Buren St. 

C, 9S. 12P 

530 E. Lriayette St. 

BE, 2S 

538 E. Park St. 

HE. lOS 

245 S. Sutter St. 

AA. 4S 

21 E. Jefferson St. 
427 W. Grant St. 

AD, 4S, 6P 

EP. 6S 

E. Miner Ave. 

EA. lOS. IP 

1104 S. California St. 

DO, 3S, IIP- 

1283 Church St. 

A. 4S, 8P 

11306 Park St. 

HS, lOS. I7P. D 

30 W. Oak St. 

DL. IS. 20P 

205 S. California St. 

HS, lOS. I5P, D 

319 S. Sutter St. 

AG, 5S 

801 E.Miner Ave. 

HD, 5S, UP 

236 N. California St. 


446 E. Market St. 

LA. SSarts 





TilHi^haat, B. F.,.'W 

234 W. Lafayette SL 

MD, 3S. 20P 

Turocr, F. C, "02 

438 S. PUgrim St. 

EP. 8S 

ffenk, M., '99 

836 Weber Ave, 


ME, iOS, 17P 

Horswill, F. A., '02 

Stone Canon, Care S. C, Coal Co,, 


F. 6S 

Furtado, A. J._, '00 

SmGun City, solano 

X. 5S.D 

[^^,'D."r.. '00 

Sulphur Creek, colosa 

F, 24S. IIP 

Summer land, santa Barbara 

P, 6S 

Phillipe. W., '00 

Sumnvrland. banta Barbara 

, ^n-" 

Gilkey. R. A., '01 

Sntt«r, suTTBH 

Riley, A., '02 

Sutter Creek, Box 145, Amador 

DO, IS, IflP 

Heath. C. F., '02 

Vallejo. 714 Lemon St., solako 
Vallelo, 650 4th St.. bolano 


Herbert. W., '00 


BrudtemiMi, F. W.. '02 

Tablerock, bibrra 

NC. 7S, 7P 

Milford, G. R.. '03 

Taylor, bhasta 

EP, 8S 

Howdy, C. E., '02 

Taylor, shabta 

RD, 9S 

Sdlon, I. W.. '03 
Willai^ D., '02 

Taylor, shasta 

RL, 3S 

Taylor, bhasta 

RD. 3S 

Droege, R. V., '01 

TayloTBviUe, fluuas 

CC, 2S 

Rolfc, Jr.. J., '99 
Silt, H. E.. '03 


D, 43 

Thermalito, Byana ^t., bdttb 


Alles. A.. '02 

Threerivers, tularb 

EN, 6S 


Threerivere, tolarb 

EP, 13S 6P 

Chapman, C, '01 

Tibunm, MARIN 

ED, 13S, 13P 

Eckman, J. P., '01 
Perry, T.K "02 

Tiburon harik 

AB, 6S. D . 

Towle. PLACBV 


Wmiams. J. M..'03 

Une, H., '02 

Towle, placbr 

EF, 9S 

Trimmer, przsno 

NC. 14S, 2P 

Trui^ee, nBVAOA 

EN, 9S 

Madison. A., "Ol 

Truckee, nbvada 

D, 6S 

Sawyer, S.. '00 

Truckee, nbtada 

A, 3S, lOP 

Camocban. S., '99 

Tulare, inLARB 

■ A, 3S, 14P 

Tompkins. C.W.. '00 

Tulare, tularb 

AD, IS, lOP 

Ahrens. E., '03 

AG. 5S, lOP 

Moore. I. W., '02 

HH, 20S 

Moore, I. W.. '03 

Tvtolumne. tuolumnb 

EN, 12S 

Peterson, M. A^ '02 

Tuolumne, toolummb 

DM, IS, 12P 

Quackeobnsh. 8.. '02 
ToUett, L.. '00 

Tuolumne, tuolummb 

HF, 14S 

Tttolumne, tuoi-umnb 

A. 5S, 4P 

Sundqoiat. C. H., '02 

Turlock, Boi 82, sTAWtSLAOB 

BA, 6S 

Gibson, E., '02 

Ukiah, Box 535, ubkdociko 

PC, 5S, 13P 

fflr, a T.. -00 

tJkiah, Box 392. mbkdocino 

A. 7S, 16P 

Tucker, W.E., '02 

Ukiah, Boa 31, mendocimo 

GC, 6S, HP 

Packard, H. I,. '02 

Upland, Care Ont. Elec. Co.. SAN 


EP. 8S 

SchelKng, C, '98 

VacftviUe. SOLANO 

Vtllejo, aoLANO 

U, 4S, 21 P 

Arridson. H. A.. '99 

1402 Sonoma St. 

ME, 9S. 9P 

Ashwell. C. I., '01 

928 Subber St. 

A, 5S 

Berry. D. M.. '99 

810 Geoi^a St, 


Canham. J. B., '00 
gmning. J. L., '98 

Box 324 

C, 9S 

826 Louisiana St. 


Chittenden, H. W.. '98 

404 Main St. 

HS, 4S, IP 

Cilley, M. H., '97 

610 Vii^ima St. 

P. 14S, 17P 

Oaflsey, J. T.,'01 
Davidson, C.. '99 

729 Ohio St. 

J. 6S 

ME, 14S, 27P 

507 Vir^nia St. 

DeVaMAn, R. C, '02 
DidcyTerD.. '01 

U. S. R. S. Independent 
810 Georgia St. 

HD, 21S, IP 
ME, 9S. 3P 

Didrikien, H. P., '01 

538 York St. 






Ehret, L. D., '98 
Greene, C, '99 
Hale, G. S., '94 
Harris, J. E.. '00 
HeUennan, C. E., 
Hvdse, F. L., '99 
Ide, W. F., '03 
Mann, O. G., '00 
McCate, G., '00 
Mtinima, F. T., "01 
Peabody, G. H., "97 
Reidsma, B. M., '01 
Sanden, D., '00 
Staples, E. A., '01 
Thompscm, T. T„ 'O; 
Vonder. L. W., '01 
Volen, W. T., '97 
Von Hemm, M., '02 
Von Hemm, M., '99 
Weber, J. H.. '02 
Weir, A. A., '02 
Willis, G., '03 
Winchell. R. C, '02 
Young, J„ '95 

Eells, A. B., '01 
Temple, P. L., '03 
Daniels, P. M., '95 
Berry, J., '01 
Riordfln, D., '02 
Rowland, D. H., '03 
RuBseU. C. R., -02 
Valpey, Bertha C, 'o2 
ChtSmers. G. B., '01 
Green, W. E., '00 
McAlpin, D., '99 
Risdon, W. N., '95 
Sinclair, G. C, '96 
Cooper. C. H., '03 
Peter. J. S.. '02 
Blethroad, D. T., '01 

Kalesse, G., '01 
Searby, P. W., '02 
Trenouth, R. H., '00 
Wilkes, S., '01 
Wise, C. W., '02 
Brown, W. M.. '01 
Pattberg, G. A., '00 
Waltenspiel. A. E., '98 
Waxel, J., '01 
Bailey, E. H., '01 
Corr, C. H.. '01 
Hanson. F. H., '03 
Lippiatt. J. H., '01 
Sharpless, B. H., '02 
Rathbun, H. H., '03 
Gallaway. H. S., '00 
Hastings, C. P., '01 


708 York St. 

621 Florida St. 

532 York St. 

733 York St. 

621 6tli St. 

611 Louisiana St. ' 

U. S. S. Perry, C«re P. M. 

7 6th St. 

716 York St. 

135 York St. 

334 Capitol St. 

Room 14 Streechaa Bldg. 

424 Branceforte St. 

845 Ohio St. 

416 Napa St. 

742 Florid* St. 

931 Capitol St. 

617 York St. 

617 York St. 

227 York St. 

913 Sonoma St. 

1114 Indiana St. 

926 Virginia SL 

635 GcOT^ St. 

Ventura, Box 160, vbntura 
Ventura, Box 412, i 
Veterans' Home, napa 
Visalia, TOLARK 
Visalift, TULASB 

Visatia, 308 W. Oak St., tularb 
Visalia, 113 E. Willow St., tui-ARB 
WarmspringB, alaubda 
Watsonville, 63 Brenaan St., santa cruz 
Watsonville, 213 Callahan St.. santa cru£ 
Watsonville, Box 777, santa cruz 
WatsonviUe, Bos 821, santa cruz 
Watsonville, Box 737, santa cruz 
Weed, sisKiTou 
West Berkeley, 2118 Ashley Ave.. 


West Berkeley, 1720 8tb St., alaubda 
West Berkeley, Cor. 6th St. and University 


West Berkoley, Box 1, alambda 
West Berkeley, alahrda 
West Berkeley, Box 204, alaubda 
West Berkeley, 1726 6th St., alaubda 
West Berkeley, 1332 4th St., alaubda 
West Oakland, 974 Center St., alaubda 
West Oakland, 1824 6th St., alaubda 
West Oakland, 1824 Sth St., alaubda 
West Oakland, 1563 7th St. 
Whittier, los anoblbs 
Whittier, Box 61, los angblbs 
Whittier Box 561, los anoblbs 
Whittier, Whittffir Ave., los ancblbb 

Whittier, LOS ANGELES 
Williams, COLUSA 

Willow, CLBNN 

C. 6S, 25P 
CC, 7S 

HE, lOS, 19P 
0, 3S, laP 
DI, 6S, 22P 
A, 4S, 4P 
H8, lOS, 9P 
HM, 5S, 2P 
HM, 7S 
ME, 73, IIP 
CC, US. D 
X. 2S 
AA. 4S 
ED, IS, 17P 
AD, 3S, 13P 
EN. 8S. 12P . 
SM, 8S, 16P 
DL, 4S, 18P 
AC, 6S. 12P 
EP, 5S 
DO, as, lOP 
MD, 3S. 18P 

AC. 4S. 6P 
MC, 3S, lOP 
HS, as, IP 

EP, lOS 
DO, 2S, 12P 
EP. li^ 
BD. 3S, UP 
ME, lOS. OP 
A, lOS, ap 
C. 9S, 9P 
EW, 17S, 39P 
ME. 8S, 7P 
HD, 24S, aP 
HH, lOS 

HS, 4S, IP 

CC, as 

LB, 8 ParU 
D. 4S 
X, 4S 
HE. 33S 
ME. 8S, 4P 
C, 8S 
ME, 8S 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 
HS. 4B. 17P 
ME, 7S, 26P 
BA, 2S 
DL, 3S, 12P 
HE. 8S, 3P 
CA, 6S 
1.53. 4P 


UmmmlYmw ■ Addna Rm 

Frampton, Jr.. J. A.. '03 , Wilmington, Box 10, los angeles DO, 3S, 13P 

Walker, A., '9S Windsor, aoNOUA J, 4S. 2P 

Sorcnson, C, '00 WinterB, yolo ME, 3S, IQP 

Jones, E.. '03 Winthrop, shasta EP, 6S 

Rabdall, C. A., '00 Winthrop, shasta ME, 8S 

Beane, E. H., '00 Woodland, Box 622, yolo A, 6S, 12P 

Marden. G., '01 Woodland, yolo ' J. 7S 

Jeffrey, G. D., '01 Verba Buena Island, ban francisco ME, 9S, IIP 

Nutting, J. A.. '03 Yolo, TOlo HH, 9S 

Dorland, H. M., '96 Yreka, Care Yreka Elec. Lt. Co.. siskiyou J, 7S, 5P. D 

Hetschel, P. A., '01 Yreka, siskiyou MP, 4S 

Millar, G. A., '02 Yreka, SiSXiYOU AC, 3S, ISP 

Saxby, A. G.. '01 Yreka, Care McKinky Min. Co., siskiyou SM. 7S, 15P. I 

Scbultz. H. C. '00 Yreka, Box 231, siskiyou ME, US 




Nam and Ytar 

Bisley. C. A.. '01 

Alamosa, conejos 

1. 5S 
BA, 2S 

Estes, H. T.. -02 


Eldridge. H-. '03 

Alnm, PARK 

BE. 2S 

Barth. P., '02 

Altman, Box 34, teller 

BE, 2S 

CahiU,T.T., '00 

Altman, teller 

CO, 5S 

HuntinetoD. J. G., '97 
Noble, 6. R- *01 

Altman, teller 

F, 13S, 7P 

Altman, teller 

HS. lOS, 17P, D 

Roscoe. C. B., '96 

Altman, teller 

MP, 6S 

Shdp, M. T., '00 

Altman. tbllbr 

SM, 68, I2P 

Matz, P. D., '96 

Amethyst. 335 W. 4tta St., mineral 

HL. 6S, 6P 

Reynolds, R. M., '03 

Amethyst. Box 484. mineral 

NL, 9S 

Flinl, R. P.. '03 

Amity, PB0WER9 

BB. 3S 

Ftrrier, C. W., '99 

Anaconda, teller 

C. 6S, 13P 

Stewart. P. C„ '02 

Anaconda. 220 E. Main St., teller 

EP, 8S 

Thomas, H. K.. '02 

Anaconda, Box 385, teller 

HE, lOS. IP 

Tottoj, G. E.. '01 

Antonita, Box 98, conbjos 

EA. lOS. lOP 

Evans, H. D., '02 

Arvada, Bra 143, jepfbrbon 

BA. 2S 

Wigglesworth, C. '99 

Arvada, jeppebson 

Afp«n, PITKIN 

C. 8S. 6P . 

Baldwin, S.. '96 

Box 1085 

F. 14S 

Emus, R. J.. '98 

F. 208. 2P 

Glassbrook, C, I.. '95 

Box 612 


Goodwin. J. B., '03 

Goodwin Ranch 

EP. lOS 

Hedman. A., '01 

Box 1040 


Hednian, J., '01 
Hohersel, X J.. -00 
LaFrenaye, S. G.. '97 
Parson, W., '01 

Box 1040 

CO, 3S 

200 W. Horkina Ave. 


212 Lake Ave. 

MM, 23S, 14P, D 

418 N. Center St. 

D. 4S 

Paxton. W. A.. '96 

Box 834 


Perry, B. V.. '04 

3 GiUespie Ave. 
Box 763 

NO. 13S, 3P 

Silver, J. M., '00 

CC, 2S 

Strochan. C. .,B '00 

Jerome Hotel 

Care L. H. Tonpkin's Hardware Co. 

C, 5S, 22P 

Vales, F. M., '95 

F. 7S, 9P 


Cook, 0„ '99 

Baldwin, ounnison 

CM. 98, 4P 

Watson. J.. '97 

Baldwin, ouhnison 

CM. 22S. D 

Eades, C. B.. '02 

Bayfield, Box 38. la plata 

GA, 36S, 14P 

Eades, Nettie, '02 

Bayfield, la plata 

BA, 5S 

Laiton, G. P., '01 ' 

Beulah, Box 2 pueblo 

MM, 23S, I4P, D 

Jacltson, C. A-. '01 
Moore. C. L., '00 

Blackhawk, cilpin 

MM, 7S, 4P 

Blackhawk. gilfin 

HS, 48 

Stoat, R., '99 

Blackhawk, Box 151, GIlpin 

ME. 9S 

Ashley, E.. '99 
MacKenzie, J.. '02 

Bonanea, saguache 

ME, 3S, 21 P 

Bonanza, b AC u ache 

NC, 6S 

Dow, A. M., '00 

Boreas, STIkhit 


AB, 5S 

Anderson, F. J.. '00 
Ford, H. L., '00 

735 Walnut St. 

A, 14S, 35P 

403 Mt. Ave. 

UD, 3S. 19P 

Qodard, H. U, '00 

405 N. St. 

A, 6S. 23P 

Godard. S. L., '00 

405 N. St. 

A, 6S. IIP 

Hall, F. E.. '03 

2056 Bluff St., Box 245 

AC. 4S, 3P 

Lijizoc J, Google 






Hocking. H, C, -00 

Box 72. Colorado St. 


James, W. A.. '00 

1808 15th St. 

HS. 4S 

Jaycot, H. M., '00 

117 Pine St, ■ 

A, 8S, 5P 

Kingman. H. E., '99 

1808 Arapahoe Ave. 

HL, 7S. 3P 

Kitterman, W. E., '02 

1605 Pine St. 

EG. 8S. D 

Lawhead, G. H., '03 

1661 Concord St. 

DB, 4S, 18P 

McMannis, Amanda, '02 

1843 Arapahoe Ave. 

DB, 4S, IIP 

Metcalfe, L. M., '98 

2043 Kne St. 

X, 2S 

Peck. H., '94 

742 Marine St. 

MM, 12S 

Petti John, R. W., 

1430 Arapahoe Ave. 

AG, 7S. 13P 

Prince, I. H. '01 

1839 Grand View St. 

MM, 6S, 3P 

Schultz, H., '02 

General Delivery 

DO, 2S, 15P 

Sears, H. A., "Ol 

1567 9th St. 

C, 7S, I4P 

Shinklo, W., '01 

425 Hill St. 

HS, 8S, D 

Vemon, W., '98 

1932 14th St. 


A, 4S, 2P 

Burford, F. C, '97 

Breckenridge, Box 7, sumuit 

J, 7S. IP ■ 
EP. 7S 

Phelps, H., '02 

Brodheod, las aniuas 

Brown, J. G., '96 

Brookside, Fremont 

HS, 7S. 2P 

Roberts, I., *02 

Brookside, premont 

HE, 21S 

Calhoun, T., '00 

Buenaviate. chapfee 

CC, 2S 

Heckman. H. E., '01 

Buenavista, ckaffeb 

Thom. R. C. '02 

Buenavista, Box 219, Market St., cha 


Runner,). A„ '97 
Meloy, H., '98 


MM, 5S, 8P 

Calhan, bl paso 


Marston. P. L., '02 

Cashin, uontrosb 

Canon City, frbmont 

Antrobus, Cora A., '02 

307 Orchard Ave. 

AC. I3S, 8P 

Boehm, M, '00 

Box 558 

HS. 5S 

Craig, B. J., -01 

Box 182 

ME. lOS. lOP 

Curfis, B. H.. -98 

0. 6S, D 

Graham, N. P. S,. '01 

2408 Main St. 

HA. 8S. D 

Hudson, G. E., '01 

General Delivery 

Hunter, J., '97 
Jones, E. P.. '00 
Lloyd, J. E., '02 

HS, 5S 

BC, 6S, lOP 

17 Bridge St. 
432 Park Ave. 

GC, 7S, 16P. D 

Rankin. W., 02 

HD, 18S. 3P 

Richardson, G. J., '00 

423 Prospect St. 
C. S. P. 4747 

HS, 8S, IP. D 

Stark, P., '00 

J, 7S 
BB. 2S 

Wills. E. C, '02 

Box 293 


Crork. W. C, '03 

Cedaredge, Box 96. dblta 
Central City, GIlpin 

DL, 4S, lOP 

Chamberlin, O. P., '01 

MM, lOS, 6P 

Drew, W. D., '90 

Central City, gilpin 

MP, 5S 

Pagan, T. M., '00 

Central City, gilpin 

F. 37S. 14P, D 

Parshall, F. M., '00 

Central City, gilpin 

HS. 8S. 6P, D 

Wehres, J. S., '96 

Chance, gunnison 

MM, 17S 

Price, W. R., '93 

Chandler, prbuont 

Colorado City, bl paso 

F. 323, 4P 

Adams, E. J., '01 

General Delivery 

CC. 6S 

Craig, E. B., '02 

102 S.Weber St. 

DK, 4S, 25P, C 

Craig, E. B.. '03 

Box 212 

MC, 7S, 25P 

Dunn, P. A„ '01 

"Cor. Jefferson Ave. and 8th St. 
523 W. Walnut St. 

LR. 13S ' 

Fogelsong, C. M., '01 
Hi3l. A- 0., '01 

jM, 2S 
ED, 3S, lOP 

326 N. Tejon St. 

Marcraft, F. W., '01 

CC. 2S 

McQuiston. J. A., '99 
Michael, T., '02 

Box 333 

F, 8S, 9P 








Miller, W.. '01 

Box 725 

ML, 25S, UP 

Pundle, J. 1., '99 
Worley. }. P.. '99 

Box 71 

C. US. 24P 

Bon 357 

T. 7S. 14P 

Zeite. C, '01 

125 Lincoln Ave. 


ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Miller, J. G., 'Bl 

Coalcreek, frbuont 

Colorado SprUmi, bl paso 

CM. 5S 

Adams, C, '02 ■ 

120 E. Morena St. 


Anderetm, C, '02 

108 W. NuUs St. 

EQ, 8S 

Badeau, G. S., "96 

124 E. Dale St 

I. 8S, 12P 
MB, eS, 16P 

Bale. B. B.. '02 

734 E. Platte Ave. 

Bates, S, W- '97 

30 Pranklin St. 


Bower. I. C, '01 

76 and 77 Bank BIdg. 

A. 5S 

Broeee. A. P., '02 
Brooks, P. E., '97 

226 N. Weber St. 

LA. 9 Parts 

1820 Washington Ave. 

ME, 2S, i4P 

Broyles, S. G., '01 

614 N. El Paso St. 

A. 6S 

Clarke, A. F., '01 

201 S. Nevada St. 

Bc, as 

Clendenen, W. L., '03 

231 S. Prospect St. 
1817 N. Teion St. 
General Delivery 

BR, 5S 

Cleveland, E. C. '97 . 

F, 37S. I4P, D 

ColweU, W- C, '00 

MP, 6S. D 

Currier. J. W., '00 

1040 S. Teion St. 

AD, 4S. 15P 

Dart, Maude, '01 

230 Chestnut St. 

or. 33 

Davis, J., '00 

118 E. Rio Grande St. 

JM, 3S 

■ EN, 5S, 2P 

Dixon, W. K., '03 H ^ 

306 S. Wahsat4^ St. 

Dole, C. H., '993 t^ 


MP, 6S, D 

Fey, HP., '02 iu^m 
Flausbuis. '01 ■ fci fciS 
Ford.B.R., '98 T^ 
Grover. B. B., '02 .JhS 


BE, 2S 

, Box56fi 

MM, 9S, 8P 

* 120 E. Keowa St., Care Tel. Co. 

ME, lOS. 14P 

I24S. TyonSt. 

216 W, Cimmoran St. 

LA, 10 Parts 

Gudgell, W., '03 ^^^a^ 

NH, 6S. D 

Harper, R. B., "Ol 

920 E. Costilla St. 

BC, 3S, 18P . 

Hart, S. J., '02 

209 Cheyenne Road 


Hauerman. P., '02 

Hagerman Block 

LA, 20 Paris 

Hendrickson, G. P„ '02 

323 S. Cascade Ave. 

EN, lOS 

Hendrickson, L.. '99 

323 S. Cascade Ave. 

A, 8S. 15P 

Huchmann, 0. £., '97 

Elite Laundry ' 

HS. 4S, lOP 

Hunter. R. W.. '02 

1719 N. Corona St. 

AC, 4S. 3P 

Jenkins, Ethel, '02 
Jungst, C. H., '01 

1622 S. Nevada St. 

LB. 11 ParU 

201 S. Nevada St. 

BC, as 

Kippil. E. A., '00 

18 S. Wahsatch Ave. 

ME, 9S. 17P 

Lang, S. A., '92 

31 W. Bijou St. 

P, 7S 

Langhead, D. A., '00 

229 N- EI Paso St, 

ME. lOS, 8P 

McArthur, J.E., '01 

635 E. Maple St. 
1125 S. Teion St. 

BE, 2S 

McCulloch, W, E., '03 

NH, 2S 

MitcheU. A. L., "00 

28 N. Pitkin St. 

A. 19S, 3P 

Moore, J. A, '01 

617 S. Teion St. 

8286 CacM La Poudre St. 


Mulder. C. O., '98 

A, 19S, 19P 

Nelson, P. R., '00 

A, 4S. lOP 

Nettleton, A. G., '02 

1024 E. Costella St. 

AC, 4S 

Nicliells. A. R.,'99 

221 N. Cascade Ave. 

MM, 5S. 2P 

Owen, C. C, '00 

518 S. Webor St. 

A, 6S. 13P 

Parsons, J. C, '98 

Box 385 

HS. 4S 

Penn. A., '00 

601 E. Boulder St. 


Perkins. Jr., J. D., '03 
Ritter. k.. '00 

818 N. Cascade Ave. 

NO, 9S, flP 

Box 1242 

MM, 6S, 14P 

Robb. D, R., '01 

617 S. Regon St. 


Roberto, T. C.. '00 

13 1st St. 

P. 6S 

Ryan, P. J., '00 

507 S. Leland St 

Sm' 5S, 6P 

Smith, R. H., *00 

912 Sewell St. 

SpiUer. B. L., '99 

Plaza House 


Slantoa, A. A., '03 

322 N. Bijou St. 




"' ■ '"■' ■" ■■ ■"■ 




Starr. H. W., '96 

Box 417 

C. 8S 

Taylor, E. H., '99 

, 119 E. Cheyame Road 

A, US, 14P 

Th^bald, C. H., -99 

716 S. Cascade Ave. 

ME. 266, 25P. D 

Thomas, C. E.. '98 

77 Bonk Bldg. 

A. 26S, 23P 

Vandeman, V., '03 

815 S. Teion St. 

LA, U Parts 

VanEaton, R., '99 

Box 1035 

A. 6S, 14P 

VanHouton. W. M., '02 

1201 Colorado Ave. 

NC. 5S. 3P 

Voss. H. L.. '96 

936 Cheyenne Road 
320 E. Kiona St. 

ME, 8S, 14P 

Wilson, L. L., '02 

DO, IS, 14P 


Bathinger, Jr., W., '90 
Butler, H. S., '01 



Como, PARK 


Herring, C. L., '02 

Conrad, park 

EW, 8S, 7P 

Honbrich, J. F., '00 

Craig, ROUTT 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

Norton, L. H., '03 

Creede, uinbral 

HD, 27S, 7P 

Diinmere, H.. '93 

Crested Butte, gunnison 

V F, 12S 

Kelly. H. L.. '03 

Crested Butte, Box 19, ounnisom 
Cripplecreek. teli-bb 

EN. 7S. IP 

Barnes. Miss Fay, '01 

304 Fairley St. 

BD, 3S, IIP 

Bower, C. G,. '97 

326 Prospect St. 

J. 9S, 16P 
HS. 3S 

Connolly, J., '97 

200 Placer St. 

Dividson, C. H-. '99 

Box 893 

MM, SS, 2P 

Dennis, Rosa M„ '02 

218 Bison St. 

BB, 2S 

Grant. L. S., '03 

214 W. Eaton Ave. 

LA, 8 Parts 

Houck, W., '96 

Box 717 

X, 5S, D 

Hills, H, E„ '98 

Box 1119 

MM, 23S, 14P. D 

Houston.;. B..'97 

483 Bennet Ave. 

EB, 5S 

Keithley, G. B.. '02 

211 S. ASt. 

LB, 10 Parte 

Lightfoot, W. G.. '02 

F, 6S 

307 Mary Ave. 

GC, 4S, 4P 

Martimon, M., '9S 

C. 8S, 4P 

Price, L. T„ '01 

223 W. Golden Ave. 

MM, 12S, 2P 

Rosenfield, J. B., "02 

320-322 E. Bennet Ave. 

CA, 6S 

Rude, R. 0., '99 

370 E. Bennet Ave. 

CC, 3S 

Shell, A. A., '02 

110 Prospect St. 
Box 1214 

NC, 5S 

Taylor, W. N., '97 

MM. 8S 

Todd, V. H., '00 

Box 443 

C. 9S. 13P 

Traver, H. G„ '08 

433 E. Bennet Ave. 

ME. 5S, 12P 

Wiltsen. T. E., '01 

Box 754 


MM, 6S, 3P 

Carlson, E., ,'02 

Crisman, bouldbr 

HH. 8S 

Jewell, W. R., '98 
Barton, R. A.. '03 

Del Norte. Box 243, Rio grandb 

J. 7S 

Delta, DBLT* 

GC. 4S, 6P 

Denver, denvbr 

Alexander, P„ 'Ol 

2544 W. 23d Ave. 

LR, 8S 

Anderson, E., '01 


R, 8S 

Anderson, J., '98 

2205 Lawrence St. 

MH, 5S. »P 

1859 S, Washington Ave. 

Areher, A. Z., '01 

2020 Champa St. 

NC, 5S, IP 

Baehr, W. A., *00 

1029 E. Ave. 

ME, 19S. 17P 

Ball, J. J., '98 

747 S. 12th St. 

HS, 7S. 3P 

Banunes, H. E., '99 

2309 Champa St. 

MM, BS, 7P 

Barrett, F. J.. '01 

Box 926 

AA, 2S 

Bastcher, C„ '02 

Pine St., Box 162 

AC, 6S, UP 

! Bautsch, J. A., '03 

2833 Larmer St. 

EP. 12S 

; Begeer, G. W., '99 

128 W. 3d Ave. 

SM, 86, 16P 

Benjamin, C. P., '03 

816 E. Colfax Ave. 

EP, 14S, 9P 

2472 Aigyle Place 

ME, SS, 16P 








Deny. G. A., '99 

609 W. 7th Ave. 

P, 83, 4P 

Bigger, 1. P., '00 
Bignell.TE.. '02 

2825 Walnut St. 

ME, 3S, 18? 

3225 Oscola St. 

AC, 7S, 9? 

Black, D., -94 

1620 Humboldt St. 

C, 9S, I3P 

BlAnchard, W. H., '98 

1843 Lawrence St. 

HS. 6S, 6P 

Blight, A. F.. '02 

2809 Douglas Place 
2051 CaUfomia St. 

GC, 5S, 5P 

Bootes, S. H.. '97 

HS, 4S, 4P 

Booth, C. S., '08 

1409 Broadway 

GC, 4S 

Boyd. J. M., '99 

1322 Curtiss St. 

ME, 6S 

Brandes, J. P., '01 

The Marquette, 1364 Downing Ave. 

MM, 2lS, UP 

Breed, C. F., '00 

817 Boston Bldg. 

M, US, 9P 

Brignon, E., '95 

J, 9S, 14P, D 
F, lOS, 9P 

Bit»ok8. Jr., H. C. '98 
Buiegy, P. j„ '01 
BurHgh. H. T., '00 
Burrows, R. H.. '95 

1828 Lincoln Ave. 

1246 Downing Ave. 

A, 9S, 12P 

77 S. Sherman Ave. 

MM, lOS 

1526 California St. 

MM, 25S, ftp, D 

Byers, C. R., '03 
Callaghan, J. C, '92 

2035 S. York St. 

HD, 15S, 16P 

1910 Arapahoe St. 
2742 W. 26th Ave. 

CM, 12S 

Carmen, G. H. C, '00 

LR. US, D 

Cary, J. P., '01 
Child, C. M., '03 

HS, 7S, IP 

Room 12 Evans Blk. 

AC, 13S, 12P " 

eiaric, H. B., '98 

1927 W. 12th Ave. 

D. 4S 

Clarke, A. E., '01 

3136 W. 22d Ave. 

JB, 3S, C 
few, 8S. 8P 

aine, E. C. '03 

2463 Caithness Place 

Colbomson, S., '01 

22 W. 12th Ave. 

TP, 7S 

CoUioB, W. H., '02 

2743 Curtis St. 

AC, 12S, 9P 

Colp, J. P., '02 

1430 Fremont St. 

GC, 3S, 16P 

Cotiklm, W. H.. '02 

701 21st St. 


Cooper, H.J., '99 
Crofi. T. W:, -98 

2400 Bryant St. 
2122 Curtis St. 

LR, lis 
TB,3S, C 
LR, 4S 

Crole, P. E., '01 

4049 Downing Ave. 

Cro8k31, W. T.. '02 
Cummings, T H. '00 

2663 Champa St. 

NC. 7S, IP 

1183 Stout St. 

HS, 8S, 8P 

Cutohaw. M- B., '02 

2769 Gilpin St. 

GA, 23S, 24P 

Cutshaw, M. B., '00 

2759 Gilpin St. 

ME, 26S, 25P, D 

Damon, W. W., '03 

1627 Stout St 

AC. 21S, 14P 

Daniels. W. W., '01 

Brown Place Hotel 

DK, IS. 21P 

Davis, E. M, '98 

222 Harrison St., Jerome Part 


Davis, P. A., '98 

1345 S. 12th St. 

MM, 6S, 14P 

Delzanean, G., '99 

66 Nevada St. 

ME, 4S. ISP 

Demling. J. A., '03 

1102 11th St. 

DL, IS, 15P 

DeSellem, F. E.. '02 

Devitt, M., '01 

781 S. Logan St. 
830 S. 12tTi St. 

HE, lOS, IP 

A, 5S, 15P 

DilUngef, P. P., "02 

1853 Welton St. 

NC, 23S, 14P, D 

Dillinger, P. P., '03 

1863 Welton St. 

NI, 23S, D 

Doering, C., '01 

2252 Lincoln Ave. 

BC, 6S 

Duerr, A., '03 

2834 W. 24th Ave. 

EP, 6S, IP 

DunhiU, J. T.. *98 

Longfellows' School, 13th and Welton Sts. 
62 King Block 
1616 Blake St. 

HS, 6S 

Eagleton, P. M., '02 

DM, 4S, 14P 

Emery, C. S., '00 

A, 8S. 16P 

Ensign, J. P., '00 

2917 Marion St.' 

LR, lOS 

Ershauser, E., '02 

2320 Emerson St. 

PC, 6S, 4P 

Evans, R., "00 

1609 Urian St. 

ME, lOS, lOP 

Evans, S. W., '60 

2827 High St. 

156 W. gd St. 

C, 9S, 9P 

Pairchild. A. H., '02 

NC, 7S. lOP 

Fanw, R. M., '00 

Care Western Packing Co. 

ME, 6S, 25P 

Farris, C.E.,'02 

2429 14th St. 

HE. 19S 

Ferguson, A. A., '93 
Fiedler. P.. "97 

473 Santa Pe St. 

F, lOS 

320 Quincy Bldg. 
3047Vahiut St. 

SM, 5S, 9P 
DH. 2S, 21 P 

Fischer, J. B.. '02 

Pleschhtita, J.C..*94 
Fletcher, P. P., '01 

Box 1661 

MM, 25S, D 

2718 Marion St. 

JB.«,' U 


FUgg, H. C, '03 
Fligg, H. C, '99 
Foster, A. E., '02 
Fowler, L. D., '01 
Francisco, C. P., "01 
FrankMn, E. A., '98 
Frohardt, J. D., '00 
Galland. W. A.. '00 
Gass. R. C, '01 
Geiger, J., '98 
GiU, Jr., H.. '01 
Giflh, G. F.. '02 
Graham, T., "97 
Gratiaa, A. W., '01 
Greenewald, E., '00 
Griever, G. R., '98 
Griffiths, D., '93 
Gustafson. F., '00 
Haas, W., '02 
Haaa, W. N., '01 
Hamilton, j. F., '01 
Hampon, C. M., '98 
Hamson, W. G., '00 
Hanson. G. T., '03 
Harte, W., "03 
Hays, T. V.. '00 
Haz«n, L. S., '98 
Headerson, C. T„ '99 
Herman, C. G., '01 
Hermann, J. G., '00 
Hildebrand, Lts^e M., 
Hopkina, O. M,, '93 
Hughel, N., '03 
Hunter, R. H., '02 

am«s, C. D., '96 
; ohne, J. H., '00 
, obnson, C. A., '00 

ohqson, C, *97 

ohnBon, J. H., '02 

ohoBon, O., *03 

ones, E. A., '01 

ones, F. G.. '02 

ones, J, D., '94 

ones, R. T., '00 
' Cane, H. H., '01 
Keeso, R. B., "94 " 
Keller, F., '00 

Kirkland. G. C, '( 
Kitt, F. T..'02 
Koch, K.. '02 
Koyl, G. S., '00 
Kruger, H. A., '0! 
Kuhre, C. A.. 'OO 
Lawrence, B- B., 
Leary, C, E,, '99 
Lee,F. Z., "03 
L«ichner, C, '02 
Lenhoff, W. S., '00 
Lena, L. F., '99 
Linthicuni, E., '01 
Lombard, A., '00 


ia2S Irving St. 
1626 Irving St. 
260 S, 4th St. 
2135 Williams St. 

3539 Clifton St. 
2420 W. 36tb Ave. 
3225 Marion St. 
8116 22d Ave. 
2647 Curtis St. 
74 Clarkson St. 
619 E. 23d Ave. 
Box 198 

3244 Arapahoe St. 
3927 W. 32d St. 
2555 W. 33d St. 
Capitol Bldg. 
3637 Gitldn St. 
213 Barkley Block 
418 E. 36th St. 
3456 water St. 
2098 Ogden St. 
3834 mtter St. 
512 E. 21st Ave. 
1202 S. 5th St. 
1446 S. 14th St. 
3455 W. 32d Ave. 
1428 Court Place 
318 Boston Block 
3745 Converse St. 
'00 482 S. Pearl St. 

328 S. Logan St. 
625 S. 10th St. 
2?47 Arapahoe St. 
3054 Meade St. 
2145 S. Adams St. 
568 S. lOtb St. 
31 E. 32d Ave. 
2417 W. 25th Ave. 
609 27th St. 
2424 Bearce Place 
221 W. 14th St, 
428 16th St. 
122 B. iGt Ave. 
3424 Franklin St. 
95 S. 14th St. 
2929 Lincoln Ave. ' 
2729 Decatur St. 
1454 Grove St. 
417 Chestnut St. 
138 S. Sherman Ave. 
I0I6 Champa St. 
2541 California St. 
1533 Larimer St. 
20 22d Ave. 
603 Mining Exchange 
1037 W. 13th Ave. 
2344 JuHan S(, 

DN, 6S, 21P 
F. 6S, 7P 
UE. 8S, 4P 
C, 9S. lOP 
C, 4S, ISP 
C, 4S, 12P 
A, 4S, lOP 
A, 43, 12P 
AD. 3S, 19P 
NC, 7S, 13P 

MM, as 

£B, 2S 
MM, 4S. UP 
CM, 22S, D 
ME. 18S. 25P 
DL, 2S, 12P 
NB, 5S, 23P 
LR, 12S, D 
J. 9S, 16P 
ME, lOS, 6P 
EF, 5S, IIP 
DO, 3S, 20P 
UD, 7S. 45P, C 
C. as. IIP 
MM, 16S, IIP 
X, 3S 

AB, 5S, D 
AD, 4S. IIP 
CM. 238, D 
GC, 4S, 3P 
EP, 6S 
MM. 17S 

HS. lOS, 17P, D 
HS, 6S 
HS, 68 
NC, 68 
EP, 9S, 6P 
DK, 4S. 26P 
BE, 6S. D 
CM, 223, D 
R, 7S, 24p 
LR, 7S 
C. 1«S, 22P 
E, 4S. 21P 

AC, 48, 12P 
DV, IS. 8P 
EF, 9S 

IB, 28 

AD, 3S, 14P 


, 12P 

ME, 2S, IIP 
ME, 8S. I7P 
MM, 23S, 14P, D 
AC. 68, 12P 
EP. lOS 

A. 3S. 14P 

B. 4S, 18P 

ED, 2S, 24P 

~ 4S, SOP 



Marah, F. C, '9S 
Hartin, N. M.. '03 
Martin, W. N., '03 
UcCampbell, H. E., '01 
McCanne, D. J., '98 
McCarley, P.P., '02 
McClurey, C. A., '02 
McCoy, E. A., '99 
HcGarock. T., '99 
McNea, R.S., '02 
Miller, M. L., '02 
Montgomery. E. P., "06 
MoorEouse, C. J., '09 
Morrow, H. A., '97 
Morse. J. H.. '01 
Moulton, W. A., "01 
Muncy, J, W., '99 
iixuei&y, R. G., *D2 
Myers, G., '00 
Neeley, B. C, '01 
Neeley, G. G., '01 
Nelson, I. E.. "03 
Nestlei, P. L.. '00 
Neuser, W., '99 
Newberry, J. W., '03 
NeweU, S. V.. '02 
• Ogden,J.,'99 
Ogden, L. P., '03 

Orpen, E. M., 
Pace, A. R., 'Oa 
Padgett, H., '01 
Palmer, F. J., '96 
Paul, G. H., '99 
PelUns. J. W., '00 
Pelton, B. P.. '01 
Perdue, E. C, "93 
Pctrane, H. C, '01 
Plumb, C, '99 
Porter, J. C, '02 
Potts, r '00 
Powers, E. L , "02 
Rand, C, '02' 
RebeU, G. A., '98 
- Reed, R, P., '02 
Reeme. E. W., '01 
Regeer, B. W., '98 
. Rettig, N. S., '02 
Rhodes, W., '02 
Rice, B. P., '03 
Richard, S^ '02 
Richards, E. G., 'GO 
Ritchie, T. R., '02 
R(K;ers, C. P., '93 
Rofiandet, T., '02 

1409 Swaldway St. 
2413 W. 28th Ave. 
1524 Court Place 
450 S. Lmpm St. 
3344 Meade St. 
32d and Blakeley St 
Glenarm Motel 
1428 Lawrence St. 
444 S. 14th St. 
73 Lincoln St. 
G32 23d St. 
1250 S. 9th St. 
2358 Curtis St. 
3645 Lafayette St. 
1941 16th St., Box 378 
IGll Logan Ave. 
1133 W. 13th Ave. 
1404 Larimer St. 

Hotel La Court 

54 S. Emerson St. 

3337 Garfield St. 

1754 L-arimer St. 

250S Champa St. 

4245 Stewart St. 

356 S. Logaa St. 

3800 Downing Ave. 

1437 Champa St. 

4244 FoTtta St. 

1734 ISth St. 

329 Cooper Bldg. 

1429 16U1 St. 

2261 Irving St. 

1944 W. 32d St. 

603 Santa Fe Ave. 

838 1 7th St. 

111? 26th St, 

377 S. Grant Ave. 

3164 Champa St. 

168 W. Bayard St. 

627 S. 12th St. 

7 Newatta St. 

2308 Marion St. 

1230 Logan St. 

465 S. Logan St. 

Carrier No. 36 

2219 E. Colfax St. 

1468 S. Washington Ave. 

2716 Bryant St. 

3634 JuBtina St. 

1034 Broadway 

48 Union Depot 

128 W. 3d Ave. 

865 S. 16th St. 

2620 Clarkson St. 

2636 Clay St. 

1546 Wifiiaim St. 

2733 E. 16th Ave. 

2635 Boulevard P 

General Delivery 

2020 E. 8th Ave. 

2818 Welten St. 

E, 73, 16P 

C, 8S, 12P 
A,6S, 7P 
SM, 6S, UP 
HE, 20S 
HS, 8S. D 
HE. 23S 
DO, IS, 13P 
MM, 6S 

ME, 24S, 25P, D 

NC. 6S, 5P 
HE, 8S, 16P 
CC, 2S 

HS, lOS, 16P, D 
P, 13S, 14P 

C, 16S, 26P 
A, 26S. 45P 
GC, 6S, UP 

E, 7S, 19P 

BC, US, 21P, D 

D, 4S 
HE. 20S 

MM, lOS, 8P 
DO, 3S, 18P 
LA, Jl Parts 
D. 6S 
EN, 6S, 9P 
ME, 22S, lOP 

DM. 4S, 16P 
DL, 4S, 21 P 
A, 3S. UP 
0, 6S, 16P 
MM, 9S, 9P 
N, 9S, 19P, D 
ME, 9S, 9P 
C. 9S, 2fiP 

F, 25S. 20P 
BB, 6S 
ME, 9S, 14P 
HD, 17S 
ER, 6S, D 
HS, 4S 
DO, IS, IfiP 
T, ITS, 13P 
P. ITS, 14P 
HE, 7S 
MP, 7S 
RL, 6S 
CA, 4S 

X, 2S 
EP. 6S 
C, BS. 16P 
NC, 6S, 9P 
AG, 8S, 13P 


Nam* and Yiai 
RoszeU. D. T.. '02 
Roweo, E. K., '01 
Ruh. A. C. '00 
Rutherford, 0. W., '00 
Sanford, G. B^ '00 
Saundere, C. W., '02 
Scribner. H. E..'03 
Semones, J. S., '00 
Shea, R., '02 
Shever, J, A., '03 
Sherwood, A. N., '02 
ShipardsoB, O. P., '03 
Shrewsbury, J., '01 
Smith, Carrie, "01 
Smith, H. P., '02 
Smith, O.. '02 
SUpp. A. W., "02 
Stephens. E., '02 
Stone, C. E., "01 
Stone, R. H„ '01 
Straus, B,, "02 
Stromquist, 0.. '03 
Synefiholm, M. L., '01 
Sytle, Belle, '00 
Taggart, C. E., '00 
Thomburrfi, I., '02 
Thorean, W. E.,'99 
Thorpe, F., '99 
Trester, H., '02 
Trusty, C, '01 
Tufts, C. Wr, '08 
Tunnell. G. F., '03 
Turner, A., '01 
Ullery, L.. '99 
Van Meter. C, '03 
Vassar, W. H.. '00 
Waite. P. W., '02 
Walke. G., '02 
Walsh, T. S., '00 
Watson, E., '00 
Whichkam, W. H.. '01 
Wittemore, C. H.,*00 
Wible, W., '01 
Wicks. J. E., '01 
Waiard, F. E,. '00 
Williamson. T. W„ '02 
WUson, J. HT, '09 
Wingfield, L.. '00 
Wintemuth. L- H., '97 
Wistfal. W. W., '00 
Woerfel, H., '97 
Wood, C. H., '98 
Wygrant. L. B.. '99 
Young, H. A.. '02 

Oliver, H. R,, '98 
Smallhoff. C. H.. '02 
Gadon, H. F. W.,'03 
Chandler, F. C , "02 
Ennlich. G. J., "98 
Pearson. G. E.. "02 

1040 W, 8th Ave. ■ 

Room 24 Union Depot 

2217 Franklin St. 

3836 Goss St. 

3043 Marion St. 

2619 W. 27th Ave. 

1553 Champa St. 

3702 Quitman St 

1105 Broadway 

1226 S. 10th St, 

3140 W. 23d Ave. 

940 19th Ave. 

1226 Elizabeth St. 

Cor. 19th and Welton Sts 

223 W. 12th Ave. 

4118 Wetter St. 

1354 Court Place 

913 W. 6th Ave. 

3529 BeU St. 

621 E. 24 th Ave. 
1839 Arapahoe St. 
4148 E. I9th Ave. 
2728 Arapahoe St 

. 2434 N. 37th St 
537 Pearl St. 
2325 W. 50th Ave. 
16th Ave. and Williams St. 
3779 High St. 
2010 Clarkson St. 
1847 Stout St. 
1817 Blake St. 
1961 Grant St. 
2712 Bryant St. 
U. S. Mmt 
General Delivery 
2949 Gallup St. 
813 24th St. 
Care Bruswick Balke 
9818 Arapahoe St. 
1327 Grove St. 
1109 Equitable Bldg. 
936 S. 9th St. 
269 S. Grant Ave. 
2047 Stout St. 
414 31st St. 

622 S. Pearl St. 
576 Pennsylvania St. 

1411 Trem 

.t St. 

78 Sherman St. 

1649 Tremont St.. Box 1717 

630 39th Ave. 

1420 S. 3d St. 



Dumont, clear cbbek 

Duncan, 62 Nelson St., LAS ANIMAS 

Durango, la plata 

Durango, Box 732. la Plata 

Ouiango, Strater Hotel, la plata 


DN, fiS, 20P 
A, lis, 7P 

A, 15S. lOP 
ME, 18S. 9P 
ME. 6S, 12P 
GC, 4S, 3P 
HS. 65 
GC, 4S. 9P 
DM, 4S. 13P 
EP, 6S 
EP, 9S 
CA, 6S 

AC, leS, lOP 
AG, 3S. I3P 
HE, 17S 
HE, I6S. 2P 
" CC. 2S 
NO. 5S. IP 
GC, OS. 15P 
AC. 7S. 25P 
HS, 8S, 9P 
BD. 6S. 17P 
UD, 4S. 15P 
DL. 4S, IIP 
HS. 6S 
HS. 6S 
BC, 4S 
BB, 4S 
HM, 4S 
NX. 8S. 4P 
/JK, 4S. 25i*. C 

ME. i:s 
NH, as 


HA. 6S 

AG, 5S, 7P 


DN, 6S. 22P 

NA. 7S, 8P 

1. 2S, IIP 

ED. 4S. 25P. C 

AC, 3S. 16P 

LR, 6S 

EP, 6S 

MM, 23S. 14P. D 

A, 4S. 2IP 

MP, 2S 

ME, 8S, 17P 

MD, 3S. 18P 

HS. 7S, 5P 

AB. 5S 

BA. 3S 

ME. «S 
BA, 2S 
AG, IS, lOP 
NC. 6S, 3P 
D. 8S,D 
NA. 14S, 2P 


Richer, S. B., '96 
Tifiany. E., '98 
Webb, F. H.. 'B7 
Hindley, W., '00 
Bradshaw, O. E., '02 
Boone, C. R., '02 
Shaw. S S., '02 
Sloan, I. T., '03 
Giairt,F, F-, '99 
Stevens, W. L..'96 
PMlHps. J " "- 
Dickw, ' 

Edelin. I 

LesUo. F. L., '01 
Made, H. L„ '00 
Perry. J. G., '96 
Repass, L. '94 
Woodnifi, D, D.,'01 

PS, J. D., '97 
sy, J. F., "00 
n.Jr., A. W., 'C 

SwdtMF, E., *01 
Staples, L. E.. "00 
JeweU, S. E., '02 
Hamilton, A,, "93 
Somers, T., '93 
Goodhere. W. C, '00 
Graham, T. E., '02 
Westwood, W.. '03 
Sherer, H. V.. '02 
Stewart. E. J.. '01 
Eldredge, F. 0,.'99 
"" ■ ), P. O.,'02 

Civae.1., __ 
Harris, B. E., '00 
Heffiman, T. B., '9fl 
Hillix, F. P.. '02 
Houck, A. G., '02 
Keener, H. H.. '97 - 
HcGomgle, P. E., '99 
PowelVM. J., "98 
Rathbow, D. E., '00 
Walsh. P., *02 
Wetraore, B , '01 

Barnes. C. T., '92 
Brolltar. L. E., '03 
Martin, L. E., '02 
C^eo. W. O., '01 
Tuckerman, L. B., "01 
Vansickle. L.. '02 
Warren, C. B., '01 
CaBsclman, C. V., '03 
Roby, F. B.. '02 
Pope. E , '01 
CsmpbeD, J. R,. -Ol 
Hcffimgsworth, E. D.. 'OS 
Widrig, P. P., '03 
Buros, Harg^«t,' 02 T 
Brou^Um, G. B., '00 

Dorango. la Plata 
Dvaaago, Box 225, la Plata 
Durango, la plata . 
Eagle, baolb 
EaatonviUe, Box 14, bl paso 

Edith, AHCHULftTA 

Elbert, Box 14. elbbrt 

Eldora, BOULDBR 

Eldora, BOULDK8 

Eldred, pkbuont 

Elkton, teller 

Elkton, Care E. C. M. & M. Co., 

Elkton, TBLLER 

Elkton, Box S3, tsllbr 
Elkton, tullbk 
Elkton, tbllbr 

EllicOtt. EL PASO 


Elyria, Box 2S, dbnvbh 
Empire, Care W. C. Marshall, o 

Engle. LAB ANIUA8 

Erie, weld 

Erie, WELD 

Erie, WELD 

Eureka, ban juan 

Euieks, 1937 2d St.. ban juan 

Fairplay, park 

Faifplay, park 

Florence, prbuont 
Box 778 
Box 182 

109 W. 4th St. 

414 £. 4th St. 

Fort Collins, Larimer 
Fort Collins, Care D. Brolliar, 

Fort Collins, 616 S. College &. 

Fort Collins, 102 E. Magnolia 

Fort Collins, 795 W, Mt. Ave., larimeh 

Fort Collins, 307 Matthews St., lahimer 

Fort Logan, Co. M, 2d Inf., arapahoe 

Fowler, otrro 

Fruito, MBBA 

Georgetown, Box 423, clbar creek 


Georgetown, Box 674, clear crbbx 

Gillett, Box 146, teller 

GlenwDOd SpringB, Box 92, oarfibld 

HS, 4S, 12P 
T, lOS, IP 
MM, lis, 7P 

CC. 2S 

EF, 73. lOP 
LA, 8 Parts 
HD, I6S, 2P 
GC. 6S, 5P 
MP. 3S 
MM, 9S 
MM, 6S 
HS, 4S, 4P 
C, eS, 25P 
T, 5S, 18P 
MM, 6S 
MM, lis 
MM, les, t2P 
BM, 5S 
ME, IJS. 25P 

CD, 4S, IIP 


CM, 6S 

CM. 88 

J, 7S, 4P 

CA, 4S 

NH, 4S 

NH, 6S, D 

X, 5S 

MM, 23S, 14P, D 

NI, 16S 

F, 68 

HS. 4S 
SM, 6S, 12P 
0, 4S 

EW. 9S, 37P 
EP, 8S 
HS, SS, 5P 
HS. 4S 
HS, 4S, 6P 
HS, 4S 
EP, 5S, IP 

MP. 8S 
EP. 5S 

I EF. 7S 
A, 58. 4P 
MD. SxS, 25P 
ES. 5S 
E, 6S, 25P 
IB. 2S 
ER,3S, 4P 
NA. 6S 
MM, 5S. 2P 
BE, 2S 
HD. lis 
IC, 2S 
ME. lOS, BP 



Duce, J,, *00 
Kunea, E. R., '08 
Behr, E., '01 
Behr, W. E., '99 
Hemberger, C, '99 
Hobaon, W. G., '01 
Parfet. I. M., "00 
Dean, J. H., '98 
Fisher. H. H.. '98 
Pataei-, P., '99 
RandaU^ D. H., '02 
Coughlin, D., '02 
Earhart, A, E.. '97 

Fowler, S.. '02 
Gordon, T., '03 
Hensel. B. R.. '03 
Jolly, Pearl, '03 
Dug, F. T.. '00 
Rider, E A.. '01 
Puller. C. R., '97 


Barber, M.,'o: 
Flower, C. L., 
Graham, R. C. 
Haynea, W. E., ■< 
Kuin, W. O., '97 
McMiUan, A. E., 
Scott, C, O., '03 
Thompson, H. H. 
Weann. G., '03 
Wing. J. H., '99 

Bird. C. E., '93 
Mason, G., '98 
Millspaugh, G. A.. 
Dell. W. S., "97 
Hawthorn. J.. '99 
Kibben, J. M., '96 
PoUock, A. S.. '93 
Keeker, J. A., '99 
Sethman, G. H., '1 
Sethman. G. H., "S 
Teffley. R. A., '00 
Tewksberry, H. P. 
McGrath. P.. '02 
Patten. E. E., '02 
Parahall. C. M. "■ 
Manfull, E. M. 


Bean. Jr.. A. P.. 
Booth, T., '01 
Corbett. H. L., ' 



Glenwood Springs, oarpibld 

P, 9S, IP 

M, 7S, IP 

Golden. Box 185, jbpfbrsow 

HS, 7S 

Golden. General Delivery, jbpfbrgon 

HS, 7S, 2P 

Golden, Box 49, jbppbrson 

HS, 4S. 3P 

Golden, jbfferson 

C, 2S, 18P 


MM, I2S : 

Goldfield, TELLBB 

HS, 4S . J 

Goldfidd, TELLER 

F, 288 'T 

Goldfield. General Delivery, tbllbr 

F, 8S, 4P , 

Goldfield, 1102 Independence Ave., teller HH, 6S * 

Goldhill, BOULDBP. 

NC, 6S, 12P 

Grand Junction, Box 92, 628 Main St.. 

A, nS, 12P 


unction, 624 Pitkin Ave., mesa 

RG, 6S 


unction, Indian School, mesa 

EN, 108 


unction. Box 24, mbsa 

EN, lOS 

Grand Junction, 252 Hill Ave., mbsa 

BA, 68 


unction. Box 372, mesa 

TP, 88 


unction, 729 Ute Ave., mbsa 

GC, 58. 6P 

Granite, chappee 


Greeley, wbu> 

616 I3th St. 

AG, 6S. 7P 

UE, 228 

1103 7th Ave. 

EP. 6S 

1640 7th Ave. 

AC, 108, 16P 


Box 37 


1522 9th Ave., Boxen 

ED, IS. 12P 

1022 14th St. 

EN, lOS 

614 9th Ave. 

AD. 38, I9P 


C. 8S, 3P 

Gunnison. Box 311, Gunnison 

MM. 22S. 16P. D 

Gunnison, Box 390, ouMNiaoN 

HE, 35S, 15P 

fiastings, las aniuas 


Hastings, Box 68, las animas 

Hastings, las animas 


Hastings, las animas 

Hezron, hubrfano 

SM. 48, 2P 

Highlands, 2301 Boulevard St., nBNVER 

E, 13S, 26P 

Highlands, 2301 Boulevard St., Denver 

C, 17S, 26P 

Highlands. 3477 W. 37th Ave., Denver 

TR, 78 

Highlands, 1831 W. 33d St., Denver 

EP, 5S 

CA, 7S 

Holyoke. Phillips 


Hot Sulphur Springs, grand 
Hy^ene, Box 78, boulder 

HS. 4S 

DO, 2S, 13P 

Idaho Springs, clbar creek 

P, 288, IP 


ME. 138, 26P 

Box 87 

H8, 48 

ED, 48, 25P. C 

C, 9S, 8P 

MP, 58 

Care Staleon Mine and MiU Cq. 

F. 7S. UP 

MM. 13S. 4P 

Box 86 

EA, 8S, 4P 


Underhill. }., "99 
Walker. C, V.. 'B5 
Work,C. S.,'00 

Aitkin. D. L., '99 
ColviB. W. p., '00 
Doyle, R. J., TO 
Harper. E. M.. '02 
Holt, C. H., -01 
Philips, R. N., '00 ■ 
Roe. A. v., '03 
Fuhrer, J., *01 
EickelbCTE, W.. '93 
Etchells, W., '93 
Hackney, W. O., '98 
HobbG, C. '98 
Knill. T., '03 

Bates, P. W., '01 
Davenport, R. T., '01 
Ihibree, W., '02 
Dubree, W., '99 
Francis. J. W., '02 
HubbeU. C. R., '02 
Lewis. F. T., '97 
Hapes, C. P.. '00 
Miner, E. H., '00 
Rand, G. A., '02 
Shaw. H. C. '08 

Bent. E. H., '95 
Denise, G. R., '96 
BoUnger, I. N.. *02 
Martindale, W., "96 
Ashby. Nellie. '03 
Hughes. W. T. S.. '97 

Allen. G. W.. '99 
Austin, A. H., '99 
Beck, J. S., '00 
Burdett, W. D . '99 
Cain, W. P., '00 
Cundy, E. E., '00 
Deaner, C. H., '99 
Douglas, Alice E.. '01 
Douglas. R. O., '01 
Henshall, J. L., '00 
Hirnnan, L. A., '99 
Horrell, M. F., 'Qf 


Box 67 
Box 13 

Independence, tbllbr 
Independence, Box 158, 
Independence, tbllbr 
Jasper, bio orakob 

Julesburg, sbdgwick 
JulMburg, SBDowicK 
Kersey, wbld 
Lafayette, souldbr 
Lafayette, boulder 
Lafayette, boulder 
Lafayette, bouldbr 
Lafayette, bouldbr 

Box 152 
Box 643 
418 Smitbland Ave. 

Lake City, rinbdalb 
Lake Gty. htnsdalb 
Lamar, prows rs 
Lamar, p rowers 
Larkspur, douolas 
Las Animas, bent 

LewlTiUe, la 
719 Harrison Ave. 
Box 738 
Box 746 
127 W. 9th St. 
609 W. 3d St. 
Box 127 
136 E. 10th St. 

Hutchason. T. F., '00 

Iohnson, C. J., '00 
Qhnson. H. A., '97 
□hnston, Laura R., '01 
Seating: Margaret, '02 
Larson, C, '00 
Lockwood, T. C. '01 

610 E. 4th St. 
213 W. 4th St. 
211 E. 8th St. 

NC, 14S 
HS. 6S 
NL, I2S 
F. 14S. 14P 
HS, 5S 
X, 2S 

HS, 4S 
F, 5S 

HE, 16S, 2P 
CC, 2S 
CM, 22S, D 
CM. 22S. D 
MU, 6S. OP 
HS. 68 
M, 13S, 7P 

AB. 5S 
TG, 8S, D 

AC, 13S, 16P 
MB. 4S. 17P 
EI. 6S 

DO, 2S, 12P 
I, 8S, IIP 
TR. 13S, D 
AB. lOS, D 
HD. 16S 
ME. 17S, 13P 

MM. 22S, 9P 

HH.iaS, D 
HS, 6S 
BA. 68 
A, 7S 

P, 8S 
ME, 8S. ep 
HS, 6S, IP 
T, nS, 18P 
O, 4S 
MU, 6S 
CC, 2S 
CC, 2S 
MM, 6S, SP 
MM, 7S, 2P 
HE, 4S, 24F 
EB, 2S 
CC. 2S 
BA, 2S 
MM, lis 
HM, 6S. IF 


NtHM and Ytar 

Lodge. Hattie, '99 

41S W. 6th St. 


Malpuss, N., '03 
Mandy, E. R., '95 

316 E. 4th St. 

HD, 15S, 5P 

Box 75 

MP, 5S 

Mclnnes, M., '99 

136 W. 6th St. 

CC, 6S 

McNair, F. jf.. '01 
MOTill. G. W.. '99 

Rooms 2-3 Quincy Block 

MM, 7S, 8P 


HS, 6S, 13P 

Miller. H, '01 

NC, 18S. 9P 

Neherbon, J. B.. 02 
Pascoe, R. U., '01 

Box 439 

NC, 6S 

CC, 33 

Poston, C, '01 

124 W. 9th St. 

MM, lis, 9P 

Shute. P. a. '99 

406 E. 7th St. 

NC, lis, IIP 

Box 622 

HC, 3S, ISP 

Skiff, E.. '01 

Box 724 

MM, 14S, lOP 

Thielke. W. P.. '99 

Box 326 

- SM, 3S, 12P 

Trimty. A., '02 
Waldror. S. H.. '01 

Box 711 

HE, 9S 

222 E. 7th St. 

NC. lOS 

Webb, F. H.. '02 

Box 307 

NC, 16Si 13P 

Webber, F. C.. '01 

Box 3 

T, BS, 14P 

Whittoo.J. M-.-OS 
Youtz. C. W., "99 

205 E. 6th St. 

LA, a Parts 

Care A. V. Smelting Co. 

C, 3S, lip 


Walker. Ethel R., '02 

Littleton, Box 64, arapahok 

DB, 3S, 14P 

Walker. N., '03 

Littleton, Box 64, arapahob 

LA, 9 Parts 

Briggs,E. A..'99 

HS, 88, 4P 

Brown, J, L., '02 
Cauble, E. G., '01 

Longmont, boulder 

HD, 27S 

Lonimont, Box 109. boulder 

BC, 6S 

Davies, G. M., '99 

HS, 48 

Hard, A. L.. '99 

Longmont, Main St.. bouldbh 

HS, 4S 

Larger, Minnie, '02 
Nicts, G. W., '00 

Longmont, boulder 


A, 48, 16P 

Porter, C, 0., '99 

Longmont, Box 137, boulder 

HS, 6S 

Stagner, Carrie E., '0! 

Longmont. Box 342, boulder 

X, 2S 

Hasselberger, M.^ '02 
Bittner, W. H.. '00 

Los Aneeles, 1906 S. Union Ave., teller 

Louisville, BOULDER 

GC, 7S. 15P 

MB, 8S 

Gooch, E. T., '02 

Loveland, Box 452, lariues 

CA. 4S 

Parker, C, B., '00 

Loveland. Box 18. labimbr 

H8, 4S 

PoUock, E. A., '02 

Loveland, lariuer 

AC. US, 12? 

Shedd, W. E., '02 

Loveland, larihbr 

AC, 6S, 5P 

HaU. C. B., '02 

Lyons, bouldbb 
Maitland. huerfano 

AD, 4S, 7P 

PeUows, A. R., '99 

HS, 4S 

Riggs, W. E., -01 
Huglies, E. B., '98 

Majestic, las aniuas 

EI, 6S, IIP 

Manitou, Box 370. el pabo 

J. 7S, 2P 
EA, 26S, 18P 

Rupp, D. H., '02 

Manitou, BL PASo 

Thomas, A. W., '02 

Manzanola, otero 

HE, 208 

Ps«et, W. A., -97 
Bifles. H. E., '97 

Marbe!, Gunnison 

MM, 23S. 14P. D 

Menger. las anihab 

Mitchell, Express Office, eaglb 

Montclair, 1241 Monaco Ave., arapahob 

HS, 4S 

Koehler, 1., '98 
Nevrton. 6. S.. '01 

MP, 6S. D 

HS, 6S. 2P 

Fort, J. R., '02 

Montrose, uontrosb 

EN, lOS 

Hood, M., '01 

Montrose, 1603 E. Vam St.. uontrosb 

CC. fls ■- 

Marshall. H., '02 

Montrose, -monthose 

EP, 7S 

BeU, F. W., '03 

Monument, el pa so 

BE, 23 

Saunders J. S.. '96 
Dice, H. W., "02 

New Castle, Box 9, garfibld 

HS, 78 


NC, 6S. IP 

Burke. O. V., '02 

Ordway, otero 


Feiser, H. G., '02 

Ordway, otero 

Ouray, our ay 

HH, 14S 

Dunphy, T., '98 
Griffeth, A. T., '02 

Box 432 
Box 281 

J, 68. 7P 
NO, 18S, 6P 

Haney, C. R.. '98 

Box 94 








Hunt, Grace A.. '00 

BD, 4S, IIP i 

Lareen, J. P.. '03 

Box 364 

AG, 9S, 17P 

Preston, S. M., '00 

A, 20S 

Shultes, R. I., '02 

Merlin Ranch 


Smith. R, A., '98 

Box 532 

MP, 2S ' 

TaJbert. S. D., '95 

ThompBon. F. J., '05 

Care Bachelor's Mine 

MM^, 12S 

WinckeU. A. R., '03 



DJet«, G. C. '« 

Overland, dbkvbr 

C, 8S, 5P 

Maguire. C. M.. '02 

NuQ, L. W., '03 

Overland, denvbr 

LA, 11 Farts 

Pagosa Junction, achuleta 
Palmer, bl paso 


Younger. G. P., '03 

EP, 7S 

Spencer, R., '02 

Paonia, helta 

EP, lis 

CadweU, E., '05 



Chapin, W. J.,'94 
Rupert, E. L.,'02 

Pictou, Box 4, HUBRPANO 

- E, 9S, 2P 

Plateau City, mbsa ,-' 

LA. 12 Parts 

Isherwood, EUa, '03 

Portland, frbmont 


Poster. W. S,. '02 

Powderhom. Gunnison 

GC. 6S. 15P 

. Pueblo, PUEBLO ^; 


Abel. E. C, '98 

214 Broadway 

MM, 6S 

Adams, H.. '01 

12 Terrace View 

X. 2S 

AUen, J., '99 

521 W. nth St 

U. 3S, lOP 

Allison. W.J.. -01 
Anderson, C., '02 

General DeUvery 

HS, 6S 

1202 Onnan Ave. 

AG, IS. 13P 

Baldwin, C. A., '01 

87 Opera House Block 
21 Block St. 

MM. 4S, 12P 

Barbrict, T., '00 

A. 6S, lOP 

Bomum, C. S.. '03 

Box 391 

NK, 7S 

Bartels. C. A., '00 

516 Polk St. 

HT. 3S 

Bennett, A. E.. '01 

1313 Lake Ave. 

CSO. 5S, D 

BerrTrnan, Effie. '02 
Border, W. H.. '01 . 

DB, 2S, UP 

Krechnier Triangle 

A, IS, 13P 

Brenthineer, J. W., '00 
Brilton. C. C„ '02 

E. 3d and Cemetery Sts 

JM, 2S 
RR, 5S 

2410 Evans Ave. 

Brooks, Kathryn, '99 

2427 Court St. 

AA. 2S 

Brown, A., '02 

1507 Evans Ave. 

HH. 6S 

Bruce, T. N., '00 

Box 158 

A, 4S. 13P 

Bryan, P. L., '03 

Box 572 


Budrow, W. b;. '02 

Care Philadelphia Smelter 

BE. 2S 

Bunnell, W. M., '00 

30 Block W 

LR. 12S 

Burkart, A.. '01 

1015 W. 12th St. 

TP, 8S. D 

Capron, W. C. '00 

128 Jackson St. 

0. 4S, 26P 

Case, Jr , H. H.. '99 

1526 Wabash Ave. 

MP. 6S. D 

Clark, W. M., '99 

1633 W. 19th St 

AD, 6S, 19P 

Clemens. D. W.. 'OO 

915 Lake Ave. 

X, 2S 

Colvin, A. L., '99 

738 Palmer St. 

H, 6S. 2P 

Contois, H., '08 

Clark Magnetic Spring Co. 

HS, 8S 

Davies. C. W.. '01 

14.13 Spruce St. 

MM, I3S 

Ditto, F. S.. '01 

302 Northern Ave. 

HA, 4S, IP 

Dowell. O. L.. '02 

2610 Spruce St, 

BE. 2S 

Doyle, R. K,. '03 

1205 Euclid Ave. 

ER. 4S 

Elwell, J. C., '02 

824 W. Abriendo Ave. 

LA. 9 Parts 

Feamo. C. M., '01 

34 Block St. 

CC, 4S 

Fiahback. S., '02 

Care of Asylum 


Fleisch, C. J., '02 
Freedeen. S. P.. '02 

1626 Claremont Ave. 

MC. 9S 

1024 Evans Ave. 


Gibb, E, '00 

48 Block St. 

C. 2S. 25P. 

Gray, G. O., '02 

Cor Court and 22d Ave. 

CB, 4S 

Greenland, Minnie '01 

1007 Lake Ave. 




HaU, F., "01 
Hammar, H. L., "00 
Hamilton, G. W., '99 
Heaton, G., '01 
Herriiw, W. F., '00 
Hinger, T. A., 91 
Howell, E. P., '99 
Humphrey, J, R., '01 
Johnson, H. J., '02 
Tones, I. W., '01 
King, H. A.. '00 
Knight, C. C, '98 
Lader, F. W., '00 
Lamb, J. B.. "00 
Long, W. E.. '02 
May, T. J., '01 
McCloud, J., '02 
Mefford, C. H.. '03 
Mensinger, F, M., '00 
Miller, J. S.. '97 
Morriss, B. H., "99 
Myers, P. K., '95 
Nelson, B.. '02 
Nicola, B. E., "98 
Nogle, Jennie, '00 
Nowels. V. v., '97 
Olfion, C. I., '00 
Paulen, tin. Alice, '02 
Poison, R. G., '99 
Qoiett. O. F., "02 
Rice, C. M., '01 
Richards, Jr., J. J., '99 

Roche, T, 
Roscoe, C. B.. 
Rowe, C. E., '93 
Ryan, C. H., '01 
Salter, R. R., '97 
Schmehr, G. C, '00 
Scott, H. R., "99 
Simonda, Addie A., '01 
Smith, E. P. '00 
Smith. H. J., '98 
Snyder, G. B.. '00 
Stewart. Edith, '00 
Swearingen, W. B.. '03 
Thompson. T.. '99 
Wait, W., *98 
Walker, G. L., '98 
Warren, N.ellie M., '01 
Waylor. E., '00 
Weidmann. F. W., '99 
WiHdnson, Mrs. L, P., 
Wilson, L. F., '01 
Young, A. W.. '00 

Smith. R,, "00 
Jones. W. E.. 'a 
pismant, J. M., 

903 W. 10th St. 
1418 Cypress St. 

215 B. Adams Ave. 
General Delivery 
928 Abriendo Ave. 
924 Evans Ave. 

Y. M. C. A. Rooms 
314 Muligan St. 
1024 E. 4th St. 
2033 Cedar St. 
1618 W. 13th St. 
401 Central Blk. 
Cafe of G. W, Roe 
1316 E. 8th St. 
106 McCarthy Blk. 
1208 Spruce St. 
622 E. B St. 
1541 Spruce St. 
1433 Orman Ave. 
128 Jackson St. 
820 E. 6th St: 
2528 Court St. 
826 Fountain St. 
112 New Pope Blk. 
1232 Routt Ave. 

1236 Orman Ave. 

1332 E. 6th St. 

Box 668 

1115 Carteret Ave. 

205 Black St. 

1405 Routt Ave. 

706 E. 2d St., Box 258 

Box 260 

114 E. 9th St. 
305 Central Blk. 
R R. No. 1 

216 Van Buren Ave. 
2123 Spruce St. 
618 Broadway 
1006 Elm St. 

2415 Greenwood St. 
4 Blk. O 
General Delivery 
101 10th St. 
209 E, 6th St. 
933 Evans Ave. 

115 E. 7th St. 
1515 Lake Ave. 
810 W. 9th St. 

606 W. Abriendo Ave 
1632 W. 17th St, 
1441 Cypress St, 
2 Johnson Terrace 
'02 2510 Cedar St. 
120 Block W 
36 Block V 

Puziler, BO OLD BR 

LR, 2S 
HS, 7S 
LR. 8S 
BC, 6S 
AA, 3S 
MD, 3S, a4P 
HS, 8S. 9P 
DH, 2S. 34P, D 
MB. 3S, 19P 
HA. 68, 2P 
MM, 23S. 14P, D 
T, US, 15P 
SM, 58, 13P 
A, lOS, 17P 
EW, 8S. 19P 
HA, 8S, 6P 
DE, 4S, 18P 
BE, 3S 
HS, 6S. 2P 
ME, 9S 
SM, 4S, 2P 
EI, 4S, 16P 
A, 3S, 13P 
CC, 2S 
HS, 8S, D 
ME. 6S, 25P 
BB, 6S, D 
AD, 3S, lOP 
AG. 3S, lOP 
ED. 3S, 24P 
C, 4S, 20P 
T, 9S, 15P 

C, 178. 26P, D 
F, 27S, IP 
SM, 8S, 15P, D 

D. 48 
C. 9S 

F, 21 S, 18P 
J. 5S, 16P 
ME. 6S, 13P 
CC, 8S 

MM. 68, 9P 
MM, 23S, 14P, D 
CC, 28 
BM. 7S 
C, 4S, 17P 
H. 98, 17P 
MD. 3S, 19P 
AA. 3S 
H8. 58, 2F 
A, 4S. 16P 
AC, 138, 13P 
LR, 128, D 
LR. US. D 

ME, lOS 
HS. 4S. IP 
HE, 9S, 8P 


Namroitd Yrai 

Bat«s. M., '98 

Red Mountain, ourav 

MP. 2S 

Mffler. H. H.. '02 

Red Mountain, ourav 

NC, 23S, 14P, D 

Angel, W.. 'a3 
K^p, J., '02 

Rockvale, prbmont 

CM, 7S 

Rockvale. Box 17 fremont 

GA, 2IS, 17P 

Graham, J.. '93 
GTaham.J. N., '99 

Rockvale, Fremont 

CM, 22S, D 

Rockvale, Box 175, frbmont 

MM, 7S, 4P 

John. H.. '93 
Pennyr J. G.. "96 

Rockvale, frehont 

CM, 7S 

Rockvale. frbuont 

G. 3S 

Adams, R., '00 

Rockyford, Box 356, OTERO 

HS, 6S 

UacMonis, E., '01 

Rockyford. oteho 


Simonds, W. B.. '02 

Rockyford, 204 S. 3d St.. oraRO 


Brennan, M. T., '93 


CM, 6S 

Hanoa. L.. '98 


HE, 12S, 1«P 

Roth. S. E., -98 


HS, 6S 

BaU. H. W., '00 


0, 4S, 13P 

Scheraer. C. W., '93 

MP, 6S 

Totten. A. G., '02 


EF, 168, 21P 

Salida. D. & p. G. Hospital chaffbb 

EX, 21S 

Fisher, F. T., '02 

Salida, Box461,CHAPFBB 

AG. 3S, lOP 

Davis, V. A., '03 

Salida. General Delivery, chaffbe 


Foley. J.. '99 

Salida, csaffbb 

HS, 8S. D 

Jordan, E. A.. '02 
IfcMahan. J. P.,'01 
Pearce.J. L.,'02 

Salida, 408 Dodge St., chaffeb 

HD, 178 

Salida.- CHAFFBB 

MM, US, 2P 

Salida, Bon 643, chaffeb ■ 

DH, IS, 24P 

Oue. W., '98 
thompsoa, C. A,, '01 

Salida, CHAFFBB 

C, IS, 12P 

Salida, 137 W. 1st St.. chaffbe 

J, 7S 

Meyer, C. A., '99 

San Luis, Office of County Treasurer. 

HS, 9S. 17P 

Allen, Jr. A. A., '96 

Sedalia. douolas 

• MP, 6S, D • ■ 

Hoklas. W. J., '00 

Sidney, routt 

MM, lis, 14P 

Avery, A. B.. '97 

Silverton, san juan 

MM, 75 

Eaton, G. H„ '02 

Silverton, Care of Unity Tunnel, san juan 

HA, 6S ^ 

Murphy. L. W., '01 
WalE«, H. H., '03 

Silverton, Box 401, ban juan 

AD. 4S, st" 

Silverton. san juan 

EP, 6S 

Way, W. R., '99 

Silverton, Box 99, san juan 

X, 2S 

Bushell, B. D., '03 

Smuggler. Care of Tomboy G. M. Co. 

NC, 5S 4P 

Hartmann, C, '02 

Smuggler, san hicubl 


N'eal, W., '02 

Smuggler, sAN mioubl 
Sneffels, ouray 

NC, SS, 12P 

Dean, P., '00 

HS, 108. 17P, D 

FranJdin, J., '98 

Sneffels, Box 8, ooray 

McFadden, fc. L.. '03 

EP, 7S 

GUIon. W. B., '93 


M, 5S 

Learn. I. N.. '02 



Murray, W. T.,'91 


CM, 6S 

Ferguson J., '06 
Bassett, W.. '98 

South Canon, 107 Park Ave., carfield 

Southfork, Rio cranm 

J." 48 
CM, 18S 

McLaughlin, J. E., '92 
0'Neil\.. -^ 

Starkville, las animas 

Starkville, las animae 

CM, 6S 

StarkviOe, las anikas 

BA, 6S 

Bnckett, L., '98 

Steamboat Springs, Box 113. routt 

MM, 8S, lOP 

Frederick. E. C, '97 

Steamboat Springs, routt 

HS, 6S, IP 

Gross. A., '00 

Sugar City, otero 
Sulphur Springs, grand 

A, 4S, lOP 

Huarington, F. I., '01 

SM, 6S, 14P 

Cotvdl,G. P.. '03 

Sunlight, GARFIELD 
Sunlight, GARFIELD 

BA, 5S 

CM, 178, 14P 

Davii, M., '99 

Superior, boulder 

CM. 8S. IP 

R^p. M. J.. '02 

Tarryall, park 

NC. 14S, 7P 

Anderson, Jr. M., "01 
Gibba.C. W-,'03 

Telluride, Liberty Bell Mine, san micubl 

MM, 22S, UP 

Telluride, san miguel 

NC, 6S, 16P 

Gilkerson, E, W., '01 

Telluride, san miguel 

MM, lOS, 14P 

Prairie. J. A., '02 

Telluride, SAN MiGUEl. 

NA, 33S. 14P 



Sackett, O. M., '02 
Werner, O. F., '02 
HaU, A. W., '00 

Anderson, 0„ '02 
Crawford, S. M., '02 
Dick, M. O., '02 
Horrocks, E., '01 
Katz, H.. '03 
Linsley, H, J.. '01 
Oldham, J. R., '03 
Pratt, R, A.. '99 
Sechrist H. S., '00 
Shaffer, J. C, '00 
Thorp, S. R., '86 

Maret, J. 0„ '03 
Shumway, R. W., 


TeUuride, Box 415, san 
TeUuride, san mi que i. 

Trinidad, las ami 
S35 £. Haia St. 
Nevada Ave. 
122 E. 1st St. 
Abbot House, Pine St. 
Box "611 

298 Strong Ave. 
Box 837 
514 State St. 
525 Stonewall Ave. 
360 Colorado Ave. 

NA. fiS, 4P 
NC. 7S. 6P 
HS, 4S, 2P 

NP. 8S 
AG, lOS, lOP 
LA, 9 Parts 
ME. 13S, IIP 
EP, 8S 
GC, 4S, 15P 
ME. 19S, IIP 
LR. 6S 
ME, 4S. 13P 
CM. 6S 

University Park, Warren & Columbine Ave., 


University Park, 2211 S. Josephine St.. 


Anderson, C. P.. '00 
Banta, W. I.. '00 
Brand. C. W., '96 - 
Brown. F. C. '99 
Dary, G. W.. '01 
Gayner, C, '02 
Good, O., '00 
Jones. A. P.. '03 
McConnell, R. S, 
McKeehar, D. C. 
Moore, F.. '02 
Morgans, M. K , 'K 
Richardson, E. G.. 
Shepherd. W. B., '£ 
Srtuth, A. B.. '03 
Smith O. C. "02 
Stewart, J. A., '02 
Taskcr. W. R., '97 
Turner. H.. '00 
WiUiams. j. J..'02 
Wing. A. F., '01 

Gerick, R. O., '03 
Jones, B., '99 
Ball, C. L., '99 
Endaman, C. A., '94 
Marshall, jr. R., '02 
Ramsey. P. E., '95 
Salsburv, C, '01 
Clark. J. O., '98 
Lee, J. C. '00 
Street, C. E., '02 
Adams, R. 0.. '02 
Howes, P. J., '98 

Victor, TELLER 

Box 295 

Box 362 

Box 636 

Care of Economic Mill 

222 S. 5th St. 

505 S. 3d St. 

407 Adams St. 

Box 32 

Box 117 

Box 388 

325 S. 5th St. 

400 Lawrence Ave. 

Box 121 

Care of Wood Investment Co. 

Rear 308 Electric Ave. 

108 N. 7th St. 

611 Portland Ave. 

120 S. 7th St. 


Villa Park, Villa Park St.. Denver 
Villa Park, 2041 W. llth Ave. 
Walsenburg, Huerfano 
WalsenbuTg, hubhfano 
Walsenburg, hl'bhpamo 
Walsenburg, Huerfano 
Walsenburg, huerfano 
Ward, Box 26, boulder 
Webster, park 
Westcliffe, custer 
Whitecross, tt ins dale 

LR, I2S 
HS, 4S 
ME, 2S, 25P 
MD, 3S, I2P 
D. 6S 

DO, IS, 14P 
HS. 4S 
HD, 21S. IP 
HS, 4S 
J, 5S, 4P 
EP. IIS. 4P 
MD, 3S. 24P 
HE. 13S 
V, I OS, 8P 
BA, 2S 
CA. 4S 
HE. 26S, SP 
HS, 8S, 5P 
ED, 3S. 16P 
CA, 5S 
HS, 6S 

HE, lOS 

A, 23S, 32P 

ME, 26S, 25P. D 

MP, 48 

NF. 5S 



HS. 5S, 5P 

MM, 13S, 4P 

NC, 5S. 4P 



NamtoHd Ytar Addrm Rtcf 

Baker, R. D., '00 Whitehom, via. Salida. prbmokt C. lOS, 25P 

King. H,. '94 WilUamsburg, frbmont CM, 22S, D 

Kirk, W. L., '00 Williamsburg, fbemont SM, 6S, IP 

Markham. I. T.. '97 Williamsburg, prbmont MM. 6S 

PoweU. G. S.. *99 Williamsburg, premoht HS, 6S, 4P 

Wilson. I. A., "00 Williarosburg, pbbmont CM, 9S. 3P 

Fletcher. E. C. '01 Windsor, weld T, 5S. 13P. 




Naim and Ytar 

Donahue, W., '00 
Griffith, M, E., '00 
Griswold, A. M.. '02 
Kelley, W. F., '00 
Kermick. M. H., '94 



Nichols, W. J.. '02 
Peterson, D.,'OI 
Rianhard, W. S., '93 
Sears, W. H., '98 
Sullivan, P. Ei, '00 
Walbridge, C. E., '03 

Perkim, C, W., '99 
Young. W. E„*00 
Young, W. E.. "02 
Kahma, A., '02 '_ 

Slater, G.. "02 
Foirm. H. T.,'02 
BuiT, 0. y[., '02 
Gilbert, W. A., '97] 
Hurd. W. T., '03 
Senior, H. B.,'021 
Short, Mabel I, '02' 
Taylor, Minnie B., '02 
S<^er, H. B.,'00 
Beach, L. M..'02 
Cohnon, G. £.,'99 
Condon, P. F., '99 
Merriam, Melissa L., '01 
MerriBui, M., '02 
Rich, A. S.,'99 
Terhune, N. R., '99 
Towner, L. E., '02 

Abt, J. A., '02 
Anderson. F., '00 
Baldwin, A. G., '97 
Bamsley, H., '02 
BarrowB, P. W„ '98 
Barrows, P. W., '98 
Barrow*. NelKe J., "98 
Barry, W. H.,'94 
Barton, W.J. ,'00 
Bayton, A., '97 
Becker, P. G., '97 
Bene^ct, E. N.. '98 

' Aidrm 

Addison, nARTFORD 
AUingtown, Campbell Ave., niw ha' 

AnaonU, nbw havbn 
111 N. Main St. 
115 Jackson St. 
12 Lester St. 
Care Arlington Hotel 
268 N. State St. 
Holbrook St. 
85 Myrtle Ave. 
35 Winter St. 
76 N. Cliffe St. 
Prindle St. 

21 Root Ave. 
Hotel Dayton 


Ballonville, Ballon Mills, windham 


Baltic, Box 452, nbw London 
Beckley, Box 102, hartpord 
Beckley. Box 17, hart^ohd 
Berlin, American Brick Co., habtpoi 
Bethel, S. St., Box 136, pairpibld 
Bethel "Box 400, pairpibld 
Bethel, Bethel St., Box 263, pairpib 
Bethel, 74 S. St., Box 131, paihpibli 
Bethel, 18 Taylor Ave,, faihfibld 
Bethel, 70 Hoyts Hill, Pairvibld 
Bloomfield.' Hartford 
Branford, Maple St., nbw havbn 
Branford, Care Public Liberty, new 
Branford, Box 368, new havbn 
Branford, Rogers St., new haven 
Branford, Rogers St., new havbn 
Branford, Box 576, nhw haven 
Branford, Box 13, nbw havbn 
Branford, Box 199, R. P. D., new h, 

Bridgeport, PAIRPIBLD 
76 Ridge Ave, 

88 Norman St. 
83 Vernon St, 
37 George St. 
581 Colorado Ave. 
681 Colorado Ave. 
581 Colorado Ave. 

22 Gilbert St. 
43 Hamilton St. 
660 Broad St. 
121 Orchard St. 
163 Poplar St. 





, 2S, 13P 

J. 9S. 16P. D 


4S, 18P 


, ids 

D. i 



. as. 4P 

C, 9S 




. 4S. 25P. C 



. 4S. 25P. C 

C, 6S. 23P 












, 3S. 19P 


, 21S 



A. 4S. 8P 


4S, 25P 


4S, 20P 






S, 12P 




C. 8S, 8P 


5S. 15P 




3S, 18P 


, 3S, 21 P 


2S, IIP 


5S, 37P 






, IS, 12P 



C. 1 




A, 7S 



12S, 25P 


, 48. 25P, C 


105. 17P , 

. CnOOQl 



Bennet, C, '67 

Benton, W.. '04 

Brady, H.. '99 

Bray. G. W.,'OI 

Brocb, E., '02 

Brooke, E. J., '97 

Brooks, E. t.. 'B3 

Brown, T. E., *98 

Burton, J. A., '02 

CaUahan, M. j., '03 

CampeQ, R. H., '03 

Canfield, R. M., '03 

CatToU, G. P., '08 

Carstauen W^ '01 

Chamberlain, C. R., ' 

Clark. H. N., '03 

Coles, W. E.. '01 

Cooper, H., 

Copeland, P 


Crudeent, R. P., '97 

Cutting, S. B., '99 

Drew. C. W., *00 

Poley, Stella, '02 ' 

Forbes, M., '03 

Prembes, P., '07 

GaUoxnnes, W. H., '01 

Gordon, L. P., '02 

Gorman, Prancea, '02 

Grace, P. J.,'B7 

Graham, Jr., J., '97 

Green, R.. '95 

Green, A. E '03 

Gritzmaker, Pauline, '97 

Heyrodt, H., '93 

Hodge* C. N., '98 

Hofman, I., '03 

Kurd. I. H., '00 

Hyatt, W. R., "01 

Ingham, S. H., '01 

Ingraham, C. L., '97 
esBUp, E. E., '97 
ewett. P., '01 
obnson, W. H., '02 
udd, H. A..'9B 
Cellorat, W. 0.,'95 

Kerwin, J., '00 
Kingabuiy, J. G., '93 
KinsdHa, Sara, '97 
Knox, H. G., '97 
Knojt, R., '97 
Koegel A., '01 
Kraua. L. T. '02 
Land, P. L. P..'02 
Leary, W.. '02 
Lepper, T. G., '94 
Life's, T. I., '02 
Lioderoth, V.. '97 
Ludlarm, £., '00 
Lusenbrink, P., '00 

171 . . 

602 BoarkB St. 
56 Liberty St. 
991 Broad St. 
21 Bunnea St, 
1109 Central Ave. 
246 Gilbert St. 
686 Shelton St. 
Box 567 
120 Maple St. 
925 Mun St. 
72 6th St. ■ 
1353 Iranistan Ave. 
1090 Stratford Ave. 
465 Newfield Ave. 
430 Ogden St. 
12 FuTton St. 
857 Noble Ave. 
857 Noble Ave. 
1117 E. Main St, 
28 Huntington St. 
66 Clarence St. 
S49 Main St. 
S91 New Field Ave. 
1817 Main St. 
530 Union Ave. 
4 Grove Ave. 
16 Organ St 
495 Brook St. 
163 Lafayette St. 
1401 Scavis Ave, 
117 Warren St. 
228 Hallam St. 
Bradford Corset Co. 
86 Ogden St. 
407 Wood Ave. 
1078 State St. 
419 Main St. 
112 Newfield Ave. 
55 Adams St. 
1528 Faiifield Ave, 
667 Main St. 
206 Park St. 
210 Congress St 
775 Norman St. 
257 Hanover St. 
168 Calhoun St. 
78 Harriet St. 

59 Harriet St. 
227 Wells St. 

25 Sedgewick St 
609 E, Main St. 
132 Willard St. 
77 Lewis St. 

60 Revere St 

Care Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co. 
98 Sheridan St. 
608 Myrtle Ave. 
1622 North Ave. 
642 Central Ave. 


H8, 6S, lOP 
HD, 7S 
C, 3S, 15P 
K. 4S, 9P 
RD, lOS 
P, 6S, IIP 
C, 17S, 25P, D 

C, 9S. 24P 
MD, 2S. 25P 
EN. 12S 
GC. 73, ISP 
HS. 78 

C lis. 2ep 

L 7S, IIP 
DO. 3S, 13P 

D, 4S 

MD, 83, 13P 

HU. 4S 

MB, 29S. 25P, D 

C 13S, 23P 

J, 4S. 17P 

ED. 3S, 22P 

BB, 4S 

MN, 4S, D 

C. 6S, lOP 

A. 4S 

AG. 6S. 9P 

BB, 3S 

HS, 8S 

C, 4S, 18P 

HS, 6S 

C. 8S, 16P 
C. 6S, 26P 
MP, 6S 
ED, IS. 13P 
SM, 5S. 13P 
CSO, 4S 

A, SS, lOP 
LB, 14P 
MD, 4S, 26P, C 
J, 43 

E, 18S, 2BP, D 
C, lOS. 25P 
C. 3S. 16P 
C, 17S, 25P, D 
EB, 2S 
C, 3S, 2SP 
C, 4S, 25P 
CA, 63 
EW. as, 6P 
MN. 43, D 
C. 13S, 26P 
AC. 4S. IIP 
C. 12S, 25P 
ME. 43, 26P 
C, 12S, ISP 

Lynch, T. A., '02 
Lyons, D. C.,'02 
Mellor, P.. '01 
Mertens, F. A., '02 
Minton, C. P., '97. 
Moody, E. R., '97 
Moody, R. E.. '00 
Moore, I. F., '00 
Moorey, H. L., '01 
Nicholls, A. B., '02 
NichoU, F. E.,'00 
Norton, E. E.,'03 
Odell, H. B., '02 
Orton, T., "88 
Penfield. Helen, '02 
Peterson, R., '01 
Porter. J. G., '00 
Quinlan. F. J., '97 
Reed, R. B.. '03 
RiggB, 0., '00 
Rosen, N., '08 
Rupp. J-. '00 
Russell, G. H.,'00 
Rylands, J. H., *97 
Sandberg, N. O. O..'01 
Sanger, Cora. '02 
Scholz, P. A.. '02 
Seeley, A. B.,'0O 
Shea, j., '95 
Sheridan, An 
Sisson, C., '9i 
Smith, S., '99 
Smith, S. F.,'OI 
Steams, Walter, '02 
Steams, William. '01 
Stratton, E. L.,'00. 
Stratton, E., '00 
Swan, H. E., '01 
Sweet. S. H,,'03 
Taylor. C. A..'03 
Thibault. A.. '02 
Toothill. G. R.,'01 
Tunkie, F. G.. '97 
Warden, J. H.. '96 
Washbum. H. G..'98 
Watson, Jr.. W., '01 
Welch, j.. '93 
Wells. S. A., '00 
Whelan, M..'02 
Whitman, E. M., '98 

Dullea, C. E., '00 

Adams, C. '00 
Arms. H. I., '00 
Brose. C. D., '99 
Bryce, J. W.,'96 
Buck, Jr., E..'00 
Carlson, C. R., '02 
Fitapatrick. W., '02 



95 Harriet St, 

1376 Stratford Ave. 

477 State St. 

3 Seeley St. 

130 Newfield Ave. 

34 Pish St, 

Box 2130 

921 Hancock Ave. 
153 Hough Ave. 
510 Noble Ave. 
1584 Park Ave. 

270 Black Rock Ave. 
116 Hanover St. 
700 Iranistan St. 
Black Rock St. 
513 Williams St. 
731 Central Ave. 
708 Shelton St. 
13 Williams St. 
176 Bunnell St. 
1050 Maple wood Ave. 
120 Benham St. 
656 Artie St. 
363 Central Ave. 
557 Main St. 
620 Williams St. 
41 Randall St. 
557 Colorado Ave. 
384 Atlantic St. 
331 Ogdeo St. 
116 Courtland St. 
600 Norman St, 

922 Stratford Ave. 
401 Main St. 

401 Main St. 

395 French St. 

394 French St. 

760 Arctic St, 

125 Pembroke St. 

83 Thompson St. 

38 Lee Ave. 

128 Holly St. 

170 Catherine St. 

Cor. North Ave. 

66 N. Washington Ave. 

1294 Bamum Ave. 

174 Catherine St. 

153 James St. 

162 Lee Ave. 

186 Nauen St. 

Bridge water, litchpibld 

Bristol, HARTPOKD . 

31 Maple St. 
401 West St. 
157 High St. 
69 Prospect St. 
Box 663 
49 Lincoln St. 
276 South St. 

MT, 4S 

RG, 5S, D 
A. 7S, lOP 
DP, 3S. 21P 
CC, 2S 
D. 6S 
TP, 8S 
TH. 15S 
DB, 2S. IIP 
AD, 4S. lOP 
DO, 3S, 22P 
MU, lOS, 7P 
C, 5S, 25P 
LC. 9P 
UD. 4S, 12P 
T. 7S. UP 
HS, 4S 
TH, 12S 
MD. 3S. 21P 
A. 3S. 20P 
C. 9S. 25P 
C, 4S, 17P 
MD, 3S, 13P 
ME, 4S, 25P 
DE, 5S, 21P 
HD, 40S 
A, 13S. 15P 

c, es, 6P 

CO. lis. D 
J, 5S, 13P 
C, 3S. 20P 
DH, is, 17P 

EA, 13S, 25P 
ME. lOS, 25P 
C, 3S, 16P 
AA. 3S 

C, 6S. 19P 
EW, 93, lOP 
DL, 3S. 13P 
DO, 3S, IIP 
C. lOS. 8P 

EB. 2S 

ME. 26S, 25P, D 

R. 13S, JSP 

CA. 4S 

0, ITS, 25 P. D 

ED, IS, 23P 

MP. 7S 

HS, 4S, 2P 

BC, 9S, 21 P 

BD, 23, HP 
, 7S, 13P 

2. 8S, 13P 
C, flS, 26P 
EP, lOS 





Namtamd Ytar 

Gaylor, EUa M., '00 

461 West St. 

CD. BS. 18P 

Hanland, F. A..'96 

Box 710 


ME, 9S, 25P 

Hayden, I., '98 
ludson. W. B.. '98 
Loomis, R. H., '01 

327 N. Main St. 

93 West St. 

PN, 6S 

Cor. Matthews and Perkins Sts. 

SM. 5S 

Perkins, W. O.. '00 

85 Queen St. 

HS. lOS. 17P, D 

Pratt, C. W., '99 

4 Orchard St. 

ME, eS. 25P 

Roat, C. L., '00 

ME. 4S. lOP 

Rouse. L.E.. '97 

20 Elm St. 

HS, lOS, 15P. D 

Stewart, C. W., 94 

Woodland St. 

A, 29S. 34P 

Tracy, Lucy L., '01 
Umplierd, M. R.. '00 

Central Market 


130 South St. 

CC. 2S 


Hanson, B.S., '00 

Broadbrook. Boi 183. hartpord 

ME, 13S. 6P 

Stitt, P.. '01 

Broadbrook. Box 213, hartford 


Victory, A. J., '01 
Pond, 'W. R., '03 

Broadbrook, karftord 

TL. 12S 

Brooklyn, Box 27. windham 

EW. US. 9P 

Buckland,- HARTFORD 

TI. 16S, C 

Tudd, J., '02 

Bulls Bridge, litchfisld 

EQ,-8S, D 
EP. 8S. 16P 

Bowne.Jr.. B.,'00 

Bumside, 413 HoUarid St.. hartford 

Miner, Jr.. E.C, '00 

Burrville, litchfibld 


Adams, L, H., '00 

Canaan, litchfibld 

J, 4S 
J, 7S 

Bainer, F. I., '01 
JordanJ. R..'95 - 
Pease, E.S:, '00 

Canaan! litchfibld 

A. 2S. 42P 

Canaan, litchfibld 

SM, 6S. 4P 

Reed, Jr., J., '02 

EP, 6S 

Treadwell, T. R.,'99 

Centerb'rook, uiddlbsbx 

MD. 3S, IIP 

Black, G.W., '98 

Cheshire, new havbn 

CC, 2S 

Maxfield, C. M., '00 

Cheshire. Box 8, new havbn 

A, 6S, lOP 

Barker, L. E., '02 

Chester, Box 48, Middlesex 

EP, 7S 

Bogart, C. R.. '02 

Chester, Box 231. Middlesex 

EN. fiS. 6P 

Hombeck. H. F„ '00 

Chester. Middlesex 

ME. 9S, 16P 

Wilcox, J. H., '99 
Jacobs. H. C. '02 
Wail'ner, C. M., '00 

Chester, Middlesex 

C. 4S, HP 

Clintonville, R. R. No. I. nbw havbn 

HH. 16S 

Clintonville, Route No. 1, hbw haven 

AA. 6S 

Gillett. R. H.. '03 

Colchester, R. F. D. No. 1, new lond 

3N - HH. 13S 

Murphy, J. F., '98 

Colchester, Box 43, new London 

MD. 2S, 16P 

Bahre. H.. '00 

Collinsville, Box 266, hartford 

A, 6S, 4P 

Mason. E..'03 

Collinsville. Box 64], hartford 

BE. 2S 

Collins, R. P., '01 

Columbia, tolland 

Danbnry, fairfibld 


AUen, J, J..'99 

ME. lOS. 8P 

Bathrick, M.,'02 

409 Main St. 

BA, 2S 

Beachel, P,.'01 

60 Chestnut St. 


Butler, Katherine M., 

02 Box 117 


Chopowrian, T., '98 

EB, 2S 

Durey, E„*02 
Henderson, I.e., '03 

12 Balmforth Ave. 

BB, 2S 

19 Division St. 

BB, 4S 

Henderson, J. W., '01 
Holley, A. W..'01 

19 Division St. 

CSF. 12S 

8 Terrace PI. 

ME, 9S. 9P 

Holmes. R.H.. '02 

22 Foster St. 

EP, lOS 

Hooper. Gladys, '02 
Howes. C. C, '98 

90 Garfield Ave. 

BA, 6S 

18 Morris St. 

MP, 4S 

udd, G. P., '96 

72 Deer Hill Ave. 

A. 4S 

"udson, C, W.'Ol 

22 Lake Ave. 

ED, 28, 17P 

:napp. E. L.. '93 
Krofia, J. D„ '99 

Minck, P„ '00 

97 West St. 

C. lOS. 26P 

20 2d Ave. 


4 Jefferson Ave. 

CC, 2S 

Peck. S. C.,'99 

12 Pairview Ave. 


Perry. C. E,, '97 

54) Balmforth St. 





Pettit, H. A., "99 
Richter. T. H..*98 
Smith, Harinda, '02 
Thielcke. G., '02 
Wakeman, J. R., ' 
Waters, J. A., '99 
■Widmer, C. H., "Oi 
Woodin. W. P., '0 

Anderson, Edith. '01 
Beckley. A. G.,'00 
Danielson, W. S., '00 
Eaton, Edith E.,'01 
Hanunett, May, '01 

iacoba, Chira E., '01 
[eech. A., '03 
Dooling, W, A., '99 
Hopkins, W., 02 
Miller, C. '02 
Adams, W.,'02 
Porter, J. C, '00 
Clark. F. D., '00 "" 
Edwaxda, Florence L. 
KeUy, T., '99 
Straus, H. S.,'03 
Todd, C. D., '99 
Crabtree, L., '00 
Smith, R., '01 
Canfield, D, C, '03 
Barton, C. C, '02 
Rich, J. R.,'02 
Stickney, Clara V. 
Nickerson, H. C, "97 
Honch, R, P., '01 
Johnson, H, A.. '01 
Ainsworth, A. P., '98 

105 Elm St. 
9 Brookside Avc- 
64 North St. 
Abbot Ave, 
31 Fairvlew Ave, 
17 Harrison St. 
61 Uaple Ave. 
12 Crnse St 

MD, 3S, 13P 
X, 6S 
BA. 23 
BA. 5S 
MW, 4S, 18P 
P. 7S 
C, eS, 2BP 
AG. 9S. 13P 


. Box 194. WINDHAM 

Danielson, 122 Uain St., wlndhah 
Daoielflon, Box 164. wihdbam 
Danielson, wimdbau 
Danielson, 86 Broad St., windhah 
Danielson, 63 Broad St., windhau 
Danielson, 129 Main St., wit 
Darien, FAiaPiaLD 
Daiien, Uain St., fairviblo 

Deeprivcr, middlbebx 
Deniriver, Main St.. m 
Derby, New Haven Turnpike, nbw haven 
'02 Derby, 69 6th St., mew-j|iavbn 
Derby, 100 Smith St., new havbn 
Derby, 5 E. 9th St., new havbn 
East Berlin, Box 163, hartpobd 
E. Bridgeport, 977 Noble Ave.; fairpibld 
E. Bridgeport, 168 Hough Ave., paikfibld 
East Canaan, litchpibld 
East Hampton, middlbsbx 

AA, 4S 
D, 6S 
A, 8S, 19P 
CC, 9S 

MI, 4S 
AG. 4S 
A, 4S, lOP 
D. 4S 

MW, 6S, 10? 
B. 5S, 12P 
D, 4S 
TM. 13S 


. 14P 




Stevenson, E,, _. 
Williamson. T. P.. 
Kellam, £. B. '97 
Bancroft, C. H., T 
Knowkfi. G. H.. '03 
Bergin, D. S.. '96 
Fredrickson, C. G. W 
Long. G. J., '01 
McKee, W. J.,'90 
Muller, K.. '02 
McCarthy. P., '02 
Ball, L..^02 
Downs, G, A, '96 
Fletcher, F. S. P., '97 
Fry, G. H., '99 
Kaicher. Mary, '98 
Sheldon, Agnes, '00 
VaiU, H. A., '00 
Flyno, D., S., '03 
Dooler, J.. '00 
Jscksoa, G. W., '01 
Potter, L. M., '02 
Coach, A. B., '99 
KHuk, H.,A.,'00 
"Weca, J. Qn '01 

East Haven, 306 Main St, NHW havbn 
East Lynne, nbw London 
East New London, 4 16th St., mbw London 
East Norwalk, 71 Osborne St., fairfibld 
East Norwalk. 54 Cool Ave., fairpibld 

East Norwich, 62 Main St, NBW 

East Woodstock, windhau 

Ellington, TOLLAND 

Fairfield, Box 186, fairfibld 
13 Fairfield, care P. Morberg, Box 14, fair'le 
Parmington, 378 High St., Hartford 
Farmington. raktford 
ParminKton, Porter School, hartford 
Fitchville, Box 163. nbw, London 
Fores tville, Rural Del., uartpord 
Forestville, Box 256. hartford 
Forestville, Box 61, hartford 
Forestville, Main St., Box 269, hartford 
Forestville, hartford 
Forestville, Fair St., Box 69, hartford 
Forestville, Box 238, hartford 
Gaylordsville, litchfirld 
Georgetown, fairfibld 


Glastonbury, Box 154, hartfors 
Glenbrook, 20 Crescent St.. fairfibld 
Glenbrook, Box 22, fairfibld 
Qlenbrook, Box 101, faikfj^lp 

HP, 6S 
AG. 6S 
CC. 2S 
HS. 5S 
TN. 33S 
TH. 26S 
ME, 8S. 16P 
C. 4S, 25P 
CSN, 3S 
HL, 6S 

GB. 8S. 14P 
EN, -78 
EB. 3S 

C. 4S. lOP . 
J. 9S. 16P. D 
DO, 2S. 15P 
DO, 6S. 37P. 
EP, US, 7P 
MD. 3S. 25P 
C. 5S. 16P 
C, 6S, 13P 
CC. 8S 
AA. 2S 
C. 4S, 16P 

GC. 7S. 16P. D 
CC. 2S 

TC, lOS. C 
GC, 7S. 15P 

A. 4S, 9P 
ED, IS, 18P 

B, 7S, UP 

Thomas, I., 'M 
Thomas, I., '03 
Weeks, R., '03 
Kimball, E. L., '98 
Danard, C, '02 
Howard. Jr., W. H..'( 
Huelle, O.,'02 
Mellen, F.,'00 
Ruddy, W..'OI 
Smith. F. G. C, '96 
Wade. W. P., '02 
War, H. B., '01 
Bird, A. W.. '00 
Anderson. A.. '98 
Davidson, A. O., '01 
Hewitt, T. H., '96 
Keeney, G. A., '02 
Shea, D. P., -02 
Dudley, C. N., *03 
Howell, Daisy G., '00 

Allen, F. W.. '03. 
AUerton, P. S.,'02 ' 
Babbit, A. B., '99 
Badvis, L., '02 
BalleTEtine, A., '96 
Barnard, G., '02 
Barrett, J. C, '02 
Basworth, F. E., '95 
Beck, W. T., '00 
Beers, E. B., '02 
BiU, P. W.,'0O 
Bormey, W, S.,'01 
Brehm, E. P., '09 
Brooks, Jr., E.j.,-9i 
Broughton, L. D.,'9f 
Brown, E. E.,'00 
Bush, F. M.,"99 
Carlson, C. P. 
Carpenter. A. 
Case, C. E„ "Oa 
Chandler. G. P.. '02 
Chapin. W. E.. '03 
Chapman, J. W., '9S 
Clare, Mary A., '00 
Cook, A. S., '95 
Cooley, J. E., '00 
Corson, W. R. C, 
CoBtelle, P. J., '01 
Crane. C. H., '03 
Cureton. A., '03 
Daley, C. W.. '00 
Daughn, B., '99 
Dodge, E. H., -O* 
Pooley, W. J., '« 




Glenville, pairpibld 
GlenviUe, Fairfield 
Glenville, Box 137, rAinriBLD 
Greens Farms, paihpihld 
Greenwich, 286 Old Church St., pairpibld 
Greenwich, 49 Brookside Drive, pairpibld 
Greenwich, 64 Prospect St,, pairfibld 
Greenwich, 382 Greenwich Ave., paihpibld 
Greenwich, IS Mayo Ave., pairpibld 
Greenwich, Box 543, pairpibld 
Greenwich, 27 William St., pairpibld 
Greenwich, 350 Greenwich Ave., pairpibld 
Grosvenordale, Box 67, windraii 
Groton, 40 N. Broad St., MBW londom 
Groton, Thames St., nbw London 
Groton. new London 
Groton. Box 76, new London 
Groton, Nbw London 
Guilford, care N. Dudley, nbw bavbn 
Gtiilford. .State St., mew haven 
Hanover, Box 34, nbw LONDON 
Hanover, Box 73, nbw haven 
Hanover, Box 66, new London 
Hanover, Box 54, new London 

Hartford, bartpokd 
143 Washington St. 
98 Cedar St. 
30 Washington St. 

1 1 Buckingham St. 
229 Sargeant St. 
64 Hopkins St. 
868 Main St. 

600 Main St. 

86 New Britain Ave. 

3 Sherman St. 
101 Smith St. 

12 Trinity St. 
Box 270 

14 AUantic St. 
49 Spring St. 
78 Seymour St. 
64 Whitman St. 

97 Westland St. 
147 Segoumey St. 
174 Praijklin Ave. 

4 Wooster St. 
276 Lawrepce St, 

98 Maple Ave. 
179 Binton St. 
39 Willard St. 

56 Grace St. 
90 Gillett St. 
46 Wyllys St. 
440 Capitol Ave. 
447 Capitol Ave. 
177 Ashley St. 

8 Park Terrace 
1331 Broad St. 
27 Steams Bldg, 

57 Sigoumey St. 
74 Lawrence St. 

TH. 28S. C 
TN, 12S 
TL, lOS 

CC, 7S 
AG. 8S 

A. 7S. 18P 
BE. 2S 

CD, 4S. ISP 
ED, 4S, 25P. C 
A, 4S 

BE, 6S 
A, 6S, 21P 
HS, lOS, i7P, D 
J, 4S. 3P 
HB, 4S 
HM, 7S, 12P 
EU, 15S. 13P 
EP. lOS. 7P 
RL, 8S 
CC, 2S 
TH, 153 

ME. 7S, 25P 
HM. 4S 
DO, 8S, 28P 

AC, 6S. 23P 
A. 6S 

MP, 6S 

ME, 9S 

HH, 14S 

MK, 5S 

HM, lOS. 16P. D 


BA. 2S 

AA. 2S 

LS. IS, 19P 

ME. lOS. 25P 

CC, 2S 

C. lis. 26P 

MD, 3S, 19P 


HE. 8S 

ED, 3S, 18P 

C. 6S. 17P 

DN, 6S. 22P 

EP, 6S 

C, 7S, lOP 
ME. 5S, 27P 
HD. 26S, IP 
ED, 3S. 13P 
DM. 3S. 12P 
DO. 2S. 12P 
MD. 3S, 14P 

AD, 3S. 13P 
C, 3S, 25P 
AD, 4S, 13P 

oc O.Google 


Noun ami Ynr 
Dudky. W. G.. "g? 
Dunning, S. N., '96 
Edwards. Nellie P.. '02 
EncksoD, A., '03 
Evans, J. A-, '01 
Fawcett, W., 'fW 
Flynn. D., '99 
Flynn, M. H., '97 
Fogertj', C. J.. '99 
Gear, C. H. L., '01 
Glide, A. E.. '97 
Gostafson, E, W„ '97 
Gusta&on, E. W., '02 
Gustafson, P. H. ,'99 
Halstead, F., '00 
Hannv, C. E., '99 
Hardy, H. C. '02 
Harris, Mabel, '00 
Hartwig. A. H., '00 
Herdman, G. H., '00 
Hills. R. P., '00 
Hovey, C. A., "00 
Huntington, R. T., '03 
KinEsbury, W. W., '02 
Lawrence, Claribel, '01 
Lawrence, H., '02 
Lundberg. P., '03 
Uadison, S. M., '99 
Maloy, W. B., '97 
Handville, R., '02 
Uarsh, A. M., '98 
Hoslen. C. C. '98 
McBride, H. S., '99 
McGumn, E. J.. '03 
Meyerhoff, M., '00 
Mohr, P. L.. '98 
Morgan, J. J.. '03 
tiotwxity, &.. '03 
Morris, J, F„'98 
Nissew, H. C. '00 
Noack, E. A., '99 
OUeng, E., "03 
Olmsted, C. E.. '94 
O'Neill, J. J.. '97 
Peer. Btfitli H., '00 
Penrose, H. M.. '01 
Pierce, P. A,, '01 
Pierce, Minnie P., '03 
Pond, D. W., *98 
Prand, P., '99 
Pratt, W. H., '99 
Preston. P. J., '02 
Riley, J. W.,'01 
Rink, A., '96 
Roberta, R. H., '97 
Roche, J., '01 
Roger*, Jr.. P., '01 
Root, T. B., '00 
Rose, L.. '03 
Ross, LilUan A., '02 
R^ler, I. H^ '02 
Sc^meider, H., '00 

21 Girard Ave. 
115 Adelaide St. 
37 Julius St. 
32 Brown St. 

200 Sigourney St. 
37 Spring St. 
Str. Middletown 
14 Cottage PI. 
49 Webster St. 
49 Webster St. 
S3 Webster St. 
64 Hopkins St. 
169 Maple Ave. 
36 Collins St. 
14 Clark St. 
123 Hungerford St. 
230 High St. 

37 1 


6 Mather St. 

17 Vernon St. 

40 WilliamB St. 

143 Collins St. 

24 Blue Hill Ave. 

No. 1 Hamilton St. 

102 Ann St. 

90 Hartford Elec. Light Co. 

39 Mahe Ave. 

31 Lincohi St. 

40 High St. 

to New Park Ave. 
80 Frankho Ave. 
243 Windsor St. 
1067 Main St. 
36 Grace St. 
126 Oak St. 
11 Charter Oak PI. 
38 Hopkins St. 
33 Hudson St. 
250 Lawrence St. 
171 Maple Ave. 
22 Pafrtucket St, 
' 73 Imlay St. 
14 Girard Ave. 

32 Seymon St. 
68 Ruas St. 
200 Laurel St. 
52 Laurel St. 
63 Madison St. 
16 Cone St. 
62 John St. 

86 Retreat St, 
62 Capen St. 
24 Woodbridge St. 
427 Main St. 
Box 899 

I Hamilton SL 
4 Chapel St. 

II Buckitucham St. 

J, 7S. 2P 
ME, lOS. 9P 
AA, 4S 
AG, 6S, 31 P 
ML, US. 15? 
LR, lis, D 
A, 4S, 5P 
C, 17S, 25P. D 
HS, 6S. 3P 
HM, 6S, 8P 
HS, 4S 
A, 28S. 32P 
BA, 2S 
A, 9S, lOP 
ED. 4S, 25P, C 
HS, 8S, IP 
LC, 37P, D 
CC, 3S 
ED, 3S, 18P 
A, 4S, lOP 
CC, 2S 
E, 9S 

DO, 3S, 12P 
DO, 3S, I3P 
AA, fiS 
KB, 4S 
A, 4S. 20P 
ME, 22S, I7P 
EP, 6S 
MD, 3S, 15P 
CC, 9S 
BE, 5S 
SP, IS, 34P 
ME, gs. 9P 
PA, 5S 

MW. lOS. 13P 
A, SS, lOP 
ED, 3S, 12P 
H, 5S, IP 
MF, 8S 

C, 6S, 26P 
HS, 68 
AA, 6S 
PP, IflP 

D, 6S 
LA, 17P 
C. 9S 

SM, 5S. lOP 
ME. 9S, 4P 
MHKN, 68 
UD, 38. 19P 
J. 7S, 4P 
J. 4S. 6P 
TG. 78 

CD, OS, 18P 



Singer, Jr., H., '00 
Slocum, E. T.. '01 
Smith, C. B., '00 
Smith, H. E., '03 
Stratton. C, '97 
Sullivan, T. J.. '02 
Symoads, C. H.j '00 
Taylor, Jr.. J. E..'0O 
Thayer, W. M.. '01 
Upri^t, C, '03 
Walker. J. W., '98 
Wallace, O., '00 
Wannemaclier, L. J., '0 
Weeks, G. P.. '96 
WeUs, A. C, '02 
Wheeler, H, A., '02 
White, J. A., '02 
Whittelsey. Nellie, '01 
Wilbur, E. E..'02 
Wiley. C. W.,'98 
Will, M. W., '00 

Holts, M. P., '01 
Phelan, J. T.,'03 
Senft, n. E.,-03 
Weltz. E., '97 
Harrington, W. T.. '0 
Gorshne, H., '00 
BuEhnell, C, '95 
Carlson, C. L., '94 
Clark, W. G., '98 
Kokojan, J., "02 
Gladwin, A. W-, '99 
Bagley, E. S., '02 
Chotkowski, W., '00 
Day. F, B,,'99 
Stoddard, W. C, '00 
Cullen, Evangeline F. 
Dwyer, T. O., '02 
Haileher, E. T., '01 
McKone, T., '01 
Smith, A, J.. '01 
Brasie, Dauy, '01 
Saunders, F. L., '00 
Gates, Bertha H., '01 
Fitch, J. P„ '02 
Nichols, E. A., '96 
Ricketts. C. L., '02 
Barrett, J, J.. '02 
Newton. P. C. '98 
Commons, M. F., '02 

137 Mather St. 

37 Hansom St. 

278 Putman St. 

84 Flower St. 

72 Hopkins St. 

4 Russell Ave. 

25 Capitol Ave. 

345 WethersBeld Ave. 

Box 91 

51 Seymour St. 

54 WiUow St. 

446 Capitol Ave. 

248 Lawrence St. 

34 Charter Oak St. 

112 Hungerford St. 

258 Capen St. 

41 Spr&g St. 

136 Retreat Ave. 

61 Evergreen Ave. 

49 Elmer St. 

123 Hungerford St. 

Hawthorne, Box 42. i __ 
Hawthorne, Henry St 

Hawthorne, Cor. Hne 3l Chest. St*.. 
Hawthorne, Box 166, paiupibld 
Higganum, Care Supt. Russell Mfg. Co., 
Hotchkissville, utchpibld 
Ivoryton, hiddlbsbx 
Ivoryton, uiddlzsbx 
< Ivoryton. middlesbx 
Ivoryton, middlbsbx 
lewett City, Box 1316, j 
Kensington, hart ford 
Kensington, Box R, h 

Kensinffton, Box 54, t 

Lakeside, Box 3, litchfibi 
'01 Lakeville, Litchfield 

Lakeville, Box 114, litchf 
Lakeville, Box 683, litchf 
LakeviUe, Box 142, l 
Lakeville. litchfibld 
Limerock, litchfibld 
Lyme, Box 53, new 
Manchester, 30 Main St,, Hartford 
Manchester, Box A. hartford 
Manchester, hartford 
Manchester, 38 Main St., 
Mapleton, hartford 
Mapleton, hartford 
Mechanicsville, windhau 

E, 9S, ap 
ED, 2S, 14P 
ME, 8S, 9P 
NC, 4S, 18P 
HH, 5S 
AG, 6S, 7P 

C, 38, lOP 
A, 18S, 21 P 

D. 4S 
EN, lis 
0, 9S, 17P 
D, 4S 

DO, 3S, 24P 
A. 3S, 12P 
EN^ lis 
MP, 9S 
BA, 2S 
AA, 4S 
CA, 4S 

C, 3S, 16P - 
MD. 3S. 12P 

BC. 4S 
MP, 7S 

AC, 6S, 9P 

AD, 2S, 27P 
I. TB,"13S, C 

MD, 4S, 2GP, C 
MD, 8S, 14P 
C, 2S, 22P 
MD. 3S, 22P 
DO, IS, IfiP 
AD, 3S, 19P 
AC, 7S, lOP 
CC, 3S 
J. 4S, 13P 
HS, 4S. 3P 
AA, 4S 
PG, 9S. 12P 

Allworth, A. B., '00 
Backus, V. E,.'03 
Bickford, D. P.. "02 
Case, W. C, '90 
Chatfield, B. C, '98 
Clark. J. W., '04 
Clark, Jr., W. A., '95 
Collins. P. £., '02 

89 College St. 
State Hospital 
179 E. Mmh St. 
Pratt St. Fire Station 
68 Maple St. 
67 S. Colony St. 
9S E. Main St. 
162 Ctxjwn St. 

1. 2S 

X, 2S 
C, 4S, 16P 
BD, 4S, 14P 
EN. 9S 
HS, 8S, lOP 
TN, I3S 
HE, lOS 

MD, 3S, 12P 
AG. 8S. 19P 
DO, 3S, 13P 
ME. 7S, lOP 
MB, 8S, lOP 
MD, 3S, 21P 
AC, 2S, 18P 

Namt and Ytar 

Cook. A. B., '93 
Fenn, J. A.. '95 
Fleischer, H., '00 
Fleming. Mre. John, '02 
Fogg, W. G.,'98 
Foster. Alice A., '00 
Gibson, W. H.. '01 
Gustafcon. G. P.. '99 
Hortenateiii. W.. '00 
justice, C, S„'98 
Kramer. L. H., '99 
Kohn, A.. '02 
Lange,*H. K., '01 
"MarOey, E. F.. '98 
Mar^wratt, E. H., '00 
Meeker. Jr., G. E., "03 
Morris. E. O.. '00 
Nothnagel, G, W., '01 
Oefinger, R. F. J., '02 
Oickler, R.. '97 
Owen, H. A., '98 
Palmer, C. S., '96 
Peckhardt, W. L..'99 
Peterson. S.. '02 
Rabbitt, R. W..'95 
Schott, E. A., '97 
Shephard, W- A., '96 
Stciniganes, W. J., '01 
Taylor, E. L., '00 
Thomas, H., '01 
Wainwrigbt, A., '02 
Weber, E. H., '01 
Wells, N. J., '98 
Weti; H., *96 
Young, G. A., '03 
Zube,^. R., '01 


328 E. Main St. 
Reservoir St. 
18 Madison Ave. 
71 Goodwill Ave. 
65 Hillside Ave. 
187 Crown St. 
62 Parker Ave. 
Box 439 
205 S. Broad St. 
46 Orange St. 
9 Gold St. 
Ban- Rd. 
278 W. Main St. 
Box 82 

261 W. Main St. 
60 Randolph Ave. 
Bailey Ave. 

29 South Ave. 
248 W. Maih St. 
124 Crown St. 

Box 469. 12 Grovo St. 

Care Motchkiss Bros. & Co. 

68 Veteran St. 

23 Howe St. 

64 Fremont St. 

282 S. Colony St. 

13 S. 1st St. 

880 Broad St. 

201 Cook Ave. 

16 Converse Ave. 

Bailey Ave. 


Box 279 

26 N. 3d St 

30 Curtis St. 
624 Colony St. 

C, 9S, 21 P 
HS, 7S 
EB. 2S 
DB, 2S. IIP 
MD, 4S, 2fiP. C 
CD. 2S. ilP 
HS. 7S, IP 
HS. 4S 
C. 2S. 15P 
A. lOS. 26P 
AD, 4S. 31 P 
DO. IS. 16P 
E. 6S. 24P 
CC. 2S 
MD. IS. 24P 
DO. 3S. 12P 
X, 2S 

UD. 4S, 13P 
CA. 4S 
HS. 6S. 7P 
A. 3S, 14P 
A. IBS. 34P 
ME, as. 13P - 
DK. as, 16P 
A, 4S 

P. 5S. 17P 
LS. IS, 19P 
P, 4S. 6P 
BD, 2S, 14P 

lA, as 

A, 4S, 12P 
C, 5S. 25P 
J. 4S 
MN, 3S 

A, lOS, 7P 

Baker, T. H.. '02 
Bauer, J. C, '98 
Bethel, J. S.. '03 
Butter, B. W., '98 
Cronin, I. E.. '98 
Dunford, T. D.. '01 
Geer, H. W., '00 
Goodrich. H. W.. '01 
Hauselman, Jr.. A., '01 
. JohnBon, W. H., '97 
McConoche, A. A., '98 
Mylcbreest, W. A., '99 
O'Nrill, W. F.. '99 
S^re, P. L., '95 
Taggart, C. W..'95 
Thayer, J. S., '98 
Wbittaker, P., '02 

Mlddletown, 1 

State Hospital 

Box 875 

43 Fountain Ave, 

Box 1002 

1 1 Olsop Ave. 

Box 65, Care C, A. Appel 

Durham Ave. 

265 Main St. 

22 Oak St. 

23 Broad St. 
164 Lincoln St. 
7 Brainard St. 
76 Center St. 

TV, 9S 
A, 4S 
HS, 5S 
UD, 4S, 16P 
■ SM, 7S, 16P 
X. 2S 

CD, 2S, 13P 
HS, 6S. 4P 
A, 9S. 14P 
A, 5S. IP 
P. US 
SM, 5S. 9P 
J, 4S 

A, 8S, 12P 



Noun tmd Ytar 

Beard, A. N., '00 
Gregory, G. L., '00 
Warburton, E. N., '00 
Brainard, L. Z.,'03 
Dubuque, A.. '01 
Harrison, W. H., '01 
Wilcox, C. S.,'02 
Brown, D. P.. "01 
Brown, R. J. P., '01 
Flint, Gladys, '02 
Hazard, F., '94 
Hill, H. F.. '00 
McGaughey, C.,'00 
Schriven, E. H., '03 
Taylor, G. B., '02 
Wolfe, J. A., '02 

Baker. T. C. W.. '89 
Davis, C. H., '01 
Kamerzel, H., '02 
Kamerzel, H.,'0I 
Lewis, A. G., '02 
McKellan, J. W., '97 
ReynoldB. V., '02 
Ryan, Alice G.,'01 
Stahl, E., "96 
Wells, G. E.. '02 

Aaderson, P. D., '01 
Boaidman, R., '96 
Bradley, H., '03 
Buell, R. W., '99 
Burk, W. E., '01 
Clark. G. C. '02 
Cuthbertson, H. B., '02 
Elliott, Emma J.. '01 
Elmore. S. B., '01 
Francis, J. H.. '99 
Gifford. E, E.,'00 
Gold, N. H., '99 
Greene, M. N:, '02 
Griffin, W. J., '02 
Griswold, A. B., "98 
Guenthec, H.,'00 
Hare. C. R.. '96 
Hitchcock, E. R.,'02 

jacobi, R., '94 
Johnson, H, A., "00 
Larson, A. E.,'03 
McAuliffe. T., '02 
Miller, C. E.. '02 
Murray, C. E., '02 
Nissew, W. M., '00 
Noren, 0., '02 
Pillard, H. H., '00 
Pillard. H. H., '00 

Milford. NBW havbm 
MiUord, Gulf St.. nbw kavek 
Milford, 62 Knowledge Hill, nbw havbn 
Montville, Box 81, nbw London 
Moosup, Box 343, windhau 
Moosup, Drawer H, windrau 
Morris Cove. 183 Townsend Ave., n. havb 


Mystic, Box 284, nbw london 
Mystic. Cor. Burrows & Elm Sts., N. LON. 
Mystic, Box 285, nbw lokdon 
Mystic, Box 29, nbw London 
Mystic, Box 260, nbw London 
Mystic, Box 606. nbw lohdon 
Mystic, Box 128, nbw London 
Mystic, New London Rd., nb 

Haugatuck, nbw have 
12 Fjurview Ave. 

Care Fire Dept., Water St. 

Care Fire Dept., Water St. 

Beacon Valley 

Highland Ave. 

75 Rubber Ave. 

132 Ward St. 

Box 670 

12 ToUes Sq.. Box 324 

Hew Britain, 
7 Andrews St. 
395 E. Main St. 
75 Cherry St. 
27 Kelsey St. 
32 Wilson St. 
78 Grand St. 
138 HaUock Ave. 
20 Woodland St. 

80 Seymour St. 
16 S. Stanley St. 
24 West St. 
42 Clark St. 
40 Griswold St. 
26 W. Ellis St. 
Box 492 
463 W. Main St. 
125 Camp St. 
26 Highland St. 
75 Winthrop St. 
R. F. D. No. 1 
93 N. Stanley St. 
30 Church St. 
283 Arch St. 
9 Chestnut St. 
343 Church St. 
250 Maple St. 
19 Maple St. 

CC, 2S 
CC, 8S 
BA, 2S 
TC, lOS, D 
TA, 17S 
DP, IS, 14P 
ED. 3S, 15P 
J, 6S, IP 
DE, 3S. IIP 
C, 17S, 25P. D 
ED, 4S. 25P, C 
AD, 3S, 12P 
HE, 2IS 
GC. 4S, lOP 
EP, 6S 

DM. 4S, IIP 
X, 2S 

DO, 6S, 34P 
AD, IS, 18P 
X. 2S 
A, IS, J6P 
AG, IS. 13P 

ED, 3S, 24P 
MD, 8S, 12P 
lA, 2S 

A, 4S. IP 
LD, IS. 15P 
EP. 5S ' 
RD. 6S 
BD. 2S, IIP 

BC. 5S 

B, 3S, 13P 
ME, 3S. 14P 
A, 4S, flP 
HE. 8S 
HD. 16S, 9P 
SM, 6S. 13P 
P, fiS 

C, BS, 13P 
DO, 3S, 24P 
P, 6S 

J. 8S,14P, D 
A, 6S, lOP 

EP. es 

HE. 18S 
DO, 2S, 14P 
EP. 6S 
A, 4S, 13P 
MU. US, 29P 

BD, «S, IIP 
HD. 3S, lOP 



Porter, G. A., '00 
RelTea, T. A., '00 
Rutbericnd, A. M., '00 
Scott. W. F.. '08 
Sheldon. F. E., '94 
Stede, F. W., 'SB 
Sterner. A. J., '02 
Stoclnrdl. ft. C, *0l 
Tdch, E. L., '02 
Thompson, J. G., '03 
Unkelbach.M. J..'96 

yiddlebroc^, Jr., W. 
Wowody. I. B..'02 
Woundy. I. B., 'Ol 
Uulcunry, T.. '99 
Renine. R. W., '00 

Battin, H, T., '01 
Bement. H. E., '01 
Bisel. W. H., 'S8 
Blakledey, M. &, '99 
BHss, G. L... '00 
Brostedt, C. W.,'02 
Burohain. P. R., 'B7 
Butler, A., 

Carlson. C. E., '97 
Chapia. M. W., '94 
Chapman. F. S..'0O 
Chtncy, H. B.. '98 
Dadmun. J. N., '97 
Daniels, 1.. A., '02 . 
Daniels. W. C, '99 
Driesback, W. P.. '99 
Parrell. J.. '02 
Fehlberg. F.. '03 
Foley, f. J^'99 
Foote, R. W..'97 
GaUagher. R. H.. '97 
Gamester. T., '00 
Gardiner, W. B., 'B7 
Giddis.jr.. G. P., '00 
Grant, P. S.. '99 
GrauniBs. G. S.. '99 
Green, W. A., '00 
Gretner, C., '01 
Griffin. J. A., '99 
Griffith. P.. '02 
Griffiths, W. T.. '00 
Gnmd, E„ '03 

62 Woodland St. 

4 Lilac St. 

22 S. Stanley St. 

176 Main St. 

674 W. Main St. 

131 Pleasant St. 

12 Glen St. 

88 Franklin St. 

80 Glen St. 

27S Elm SL 

Care W. H. Cadwell 

99 North SL 

69 Arch St. 

'02 New Canaan. S. Ave., rAiRPiBLD 
New Canaan, Box 43, fairfibld 
New Canaan. Box 4~ 
New Hartford, litchfibld 
N^w Hartford, litchpibld 

Hew Haven, mbw have 
82 Spring St. 
47 Orange St. 
18 Linden St. 
131 Spring St. 
395 Temple St. 
138 St. John St. 
General Delivery 
Box 62 

219 Orchard St. 
331 Grand Ave. 
163 Grafton St. 
Newhall St. 
20 Kensington St. 
366 Edgewood St. 
63 View St. 
376 Orchard St. 
16 Howe PL 
284 Lexington Ave. 
63 Houston St. 
14 Gregory St. 
Winch^ter Fire Arm Co. 
Box 883 
47 William St. 
116 Congress St. 
1800 Chapel St. 
201 Blatchley Ave. 
Strong School 
190 Columbus Ave. 
624 Dixwell St. 
283 Crown St. 
362 Winthrop Ave. 
166 Edgewood Ave. 
352 Grand Ave. 
116 Nash St. 
1081 Townsend Ave. 
210 Greenwich Ave. 
40 Ivy St. 

ED, 3S. I4P i 

C. 6S. lOP 

A, 6S, 20P 

AC,3S, 13P , 

C, 8S. 4P 

C. 12S, 7P 

DK, as. 16P 

A. 8S. 13P 

DP, 3S, HP 

DO. IS, 14P J 

I, 9S. IIP 

DO, 4S, 26P 

P. is, 7P 

EN.6S . ,, 


BA, 3S : J 

EP, 8S 

'?:&fo ■ 

. .*s 


ED. 3S. MP 

C. lOS, 25P 

A, 4S, 16P 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 


JR, 4S 

HM. 20S, 14P 

A, 6S, lOP 

HE, 12S 

ME. 13S, 25r 

DB, 2S, 12P 

C, lOS 

HS. 7S 

C. 8S. HP 

R. lOS, 3P 

HS, 6S, IIP 

HM. 6S 

NC. 5S 

C, 6S. 19P 

A, 3S. 13P 

DB. 3S. IIP 

DH. IS. 20P 


A. lOS, 28P 

HS, 9S. HP 

C. 5S, 26P 

C. 8S, 13P 

BC, 4S, 20P 

AD, 4S. 32P 

HS. 9S. HP 

C, 3S, 22P 


R, HS, 12P 

RD. 6S 

A. 20S, 36P 

DN. 3S, 19P 



Gulliver, H. H., 
Guthrie, B. W„ 
Hale, L., '99 
Hall, W., '00 
Hauvy, A. R., '( 

Hayes, R. D.. '00 
Hayman, D., '00 
Heald. H., '03 
Herbert, j. E..'99 
Hibson, T. J., '99 

Jacobs, L. MT, '00 
enkins. T, D.. '01 
ones, P. E., '00 
udge, P., '99 
:elfey, P. W., *99 
Lain, t., '02 
Larson, G. L., '00 
LeGab. R '99 
Lombard, H. L., '03 
Loser, H. A.. '03 
Ljmch, P. W., '97 
Maloney, P. H., '03 
Mamung, Catherine, '02 
Mainwarinf , R. A., '95 
MarahaU. H. G., '02 
Monrad, A. L.,'01 
Moore, H. G. W.,'97 
Morgan, C. E.,'0O 
Murphy, T., '02 
Nash, J.. '00 
Olson, J., *01 
Otia, P. A., '97 
ParteUs, W. H., '97 
PlanteiB, T. N., '02 
Planteia. J. N., '02 
Peck, P., '01 
Penney, A. W., '02 
Phinipfc C. W., '00 
Pollaid, G. W. A., '01 
Poronto, G., *00 
Pryde, R. D.,'04 
Rathmber, H. J.,'98 
Rcadtng, G., '00 
Reef, L. E.. '02 
Rocks, J. W.,'98 
Roemer, W., '"" 
Schile, J 
Smith, ^ 
Smith, 1 
Smyth, D. C. 
Sonney, C. N., '04 
Starke, L. K., '01 
TarreU. J. P.. '00 
Thomas, C. R., '01 
Thorpe. C, '02 
Vastola, A., '02 
Walker, H. P. W.. 'C 
Weimer, W. H., '98 
Weisbecker, W., '03 
Weiss, M., '02 

chile, jr.. A., 'C 
mith, J. E.. '01 
mith, L. C, '02 




18 Harrison St. 

EN, lOS 

12 Avon St. 


53 Prince St. 

C. 4S, IIP 

38 Lynwood St. 

HD. 48, 25P. C 

41 Trout St, 

IC. 6S, 6P 

85 Asylum St. 
10 JeSerson St. 


AD. 6S, 4P 

3 Rowe St. 

C, 6S. 26P 

895 Howard Ave. 

LB, 8P 

99 Olive St. 

X, 4S 

276 Oak St. 

D. 4S 

Box 1248 


144 Wooster St. 

A, 4S 

33 Livingstone St. 

OS, 178 

84 Ward St. 

ED, 3S, 12P 

36 Shelton Ave. 

C, 2S, 20P 

136 Newhall St. 

C. 6S, 26P 

268 W. Ivy St. 


99 Nash St 

A, US, 28P 

63 ElKott St. 

C, 6S, lOP 

149 Washington St. 

- DH, IS. 13P 

53 Salem St. 

GA. 9S, 17P 

67 Green St. 


197 Chatham St. 


248 Oak St. 

BA, 4S 

1261 Park St. 
68 Sea St. 

J. 4S, 12P 
i)B,aS, IIP 

373 Winchester Ave. 

C, 6S, 26P 

40 W. HaUey St. 

A. US. 26P 

174 Exchange St. 


175 Clay St. 

58 Demett St. 

HE. 8S 

347 Peck St. 


118 Basset St. 

C, 106, 24P 

103 Plymouth Ave, 

R. 16S, 18P 

553 George St. 

AC. 7S, SP 

653 George St. 

DL, 4S. I8P 

39 Walley Ave. 

345 Washington Ave. 

CC, 2S 

AG. 6S, 14P 

23 Lamberton St. 

MD. 4S, 2SP, C 

22 Dickennan St. 

CC, 4S 

86 Greene St. 

J. 4S, 8P 

118 Sheffield Ave. 

AC, 4S 

68 Duawell Ave. 

. ME, lOS, 20P 

146 Harriet St. 

0, 4S. 13P 

87 James St. 
36 Gilbert St. 

HE, 12S 

HS, 7S, 4P 

34 Redfield St. 

DO. 3S. 12P 

514 State St. 

C. fiS. lOP 

142 Hame St. 

AC, 12S, 16P 

162 Bradley St. 

MC, 4S, HP 

6 Ehn St. 

C, 3S, 12P 

323 Munson St. 

EP, 7S, lOP 

198 Hallock Ave. 

ED, 4S, 26P, C 

62 Carlisle St. 

LR. 6S 

340 Orange St. 

A. 6S. ISP 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg. 

. EG,7S 

9 Locust St. 

EP, IS. 22P 

556 Congress Ave. 


138 Saltonstall Ave. 

721 State St. 


613 Elm St. 





Werie. F. S.. '00 


ME, as, IBP 

Weniderliclc^M. P..'99 

3 P&yetto St. 

ME. 6S, IIP 

Wicki, F. H., -02 

M S. Front St. 

£P, AS 

Wri^it. V. E.. 'M 

902 Chapel St 

Hew London, nxw losdos 

B, 14S, ISP 

Aduna, H.. '03 

Fremont St. 

NH, 6S, D 


5 Fremont St. 

. NF, 1(S, D 

Adanu, H., '03 

6 Prenumt St. 

NI. 23S. D 

Barnes, E. H.. "03 
BounSue, L., -02 

13 BHunui St. 

DN, 6S. 22P 

126th Co. Cout Art. 

LC. 15P 

Bricktey. H.. '08 

101 Huntington St 


Brown, T.F.. '01 
Bmch, E. W., 'B7 

C. lOS. 14? 

8 Ptmnan St. 

HD. 3S, 22P 

C»niJ»«n,J. E..'01 

77 Wam»ck St. 

D. 4S 

DttiidB, L. C, '00 


ME, 21S, 26P 

OcbUe. W. B.. '00 

1 PrankUn St. 

ED, 38, 16P 


29 Green St. 

X.6S , 

Ebbet», W. A.. '00 

80 State St. 

A, 4S. ISP 

Bekct, p. R., '99 

67 Jefferson Ave. 
10 C«ie Ann Ct. 

■ C, as. IP 

P«m, S. C, -02 

DM, 33, 12P 

Prederickaon, H., '99 
Gflrfner. H. R., ^98 


ME. IS, lOP 

Ocesn Ave. 

C. lis, IQP 

Gome J- L-. 02 

37 Relden St. 

X.2S . . 
Ek. 7S 

149i Main St 
41 Ocean Ave. 

Haiww. E.?01 

EP. 9S 

ME. 9S 

Jenney. P. I., '03 

16 Pearl St. 

AC. 4S. 16P 


13 Howard St. 

MD. 3S. 13? 

Hem, E. J.. 'flB 

18 Coit St. 

HM. 5SJ 

Kunzelnwn, A. E., '99 

llfl Bank St. 


Uureat, E., '98 

Care H. F. Conatrudtion Co. 


iivt, K., '00 

102 State St. 

A,24S, 46P 

Olsea, J. M., '01 
O'Neiri; Margie. '99 
Richmond. L H.. '96 
Sa«en, Rac&el C, '01 

219 Montank St. 


63 Howard St. 

£B, 6S . 


215 Ocean Ave. 

HS. lOS. 15P, D 
CC.2S ■ 

Scaplew, F. B., '98 

41 Crystal Ave. 

C. 2S, 16P 

SheehMLAgiMS^ '01 
SaHk^W.. '01 

S. Pignot St. 
4 Le?Ave. 

CC.2S . 
X, 2S 

SmJth, A. H.. -00 

Avery Ct. 

HM. 6S 

Smith, N. J.. '01 

Carets. Willson Dart. Yacht Kanawha 

DL. 3S. 16P 

Smith, W. T., '99 

HM. as. 9P 

Siswre, P.. '01 

4 Coit St 

CSF. 8S 

Si,tare. G. H., '00 

40 Shaw St. 

K, 2S 

Starr, Mabel C., >02 

3 Pearl St. 

CA. 4S 

Steward, P.. '01 

34 WilleU Ave. 


Talcott, F. C. '03^ 

11 Prospect St 
Broad St.. Bon 263 

MD. 9S. lOP 

Ti£dale. H. R., '00 

D, 6S 

Todd. G. W.. '99 

25 Gnen St 

H.6S. IP 

Tracy, W. D., *00 

IStColt St 
82 Valback St. 

A, 16S. 6P 

Words. P.O.. -99 

C. IS. UP 



Bennett, P. L., '« 

New Milford, litcrpibld 

ME. 16S. 22P 

Hickok. F. A., '01 

New Milford. 9 High St.. litchubld 
New Milford. care^. Root, litchfield 

P. 7S, 6P 

Marah. 0. H., '02 

10, 5S 

Miles. M. D., '00 

New Milford, Box 636, litchmbld 


Osborae. E. L.. '01 

New Milford, Box 803, Litchpibt.b 

Rogers. W. E., '02 

New Milford. LITCHHBLD 

DM, 4S. lOP 

Brown, S. A., "03 

Noank, Box 117, new lohdom 


Carpenter. R. W., '03 

Noank, Box 207, »»w mhmk 

EP, 6S , 




Addm, , 


Ebbetto. J. P.. '97 

Noank, NEW londom 

HM. 4S, 6P 

Fitch. H.. '03 

Noank, Elm St., Box 1, rsv london 

EP, 6S 

Bennett, C. B., '00 

Norfolk, Box 281, utchfield 

P, 128 

Brown, L., '02 


(A. 3S 

Higgins. E. J.,'02 


BE, 25 

Olsen. G., '01 

Noroton, Box 1, pairpibld 

ED, 2S, 13P 

Stark, H. F.. '02 

Noroton, Box 13, vairfikld 

DO, 3S, 18P 

Allen, E. R.. '67 

Northford. new haven 

X, 4B 

Woodmousee. Edna M.. 

03 North Franklin, new london 

BE, 2S 

Anderson, C. E.,'01 

North GrosvenoT Dale. Box 10, windha 

u TB, 12S. C 

Tobin, J, B.,'01 

North Grosvenor Dale, Box 166, windh 

\M TD. 6S 

Hill. B. S.. '99 

Northville, litchhbld 

EB, 3S 

O'Niel. W. E.. '01 

North Woodbury, Box 123. litchvibld 
Norwalk, PAiariBLD 

AC, IS. 20P 

Berg. A., '00 
Buckley, J. J.. '99 
aark,k. F,.-99 

63 Meadow St. 

MD. 3S, 24P 
ME. 1&. 14P 

18 Franklin Ave. 

32 VanZant Ave. 

HiU. A. S., '01 

9 Morgan Ave. 


HiU. A. S., '99 

9 Morgan Ave. 

HS. 9S, 12P, D 

Horton, Jr., S. C, '02 

19 Elm St. 

BB 33 

Jackson, A. J.. '02 
Keisler, W. E., '99 

20 Elm St. 

DP. 6S, 37P. C 

38 Prospect Ave. 
34 W. Main St. 

E, 4S, lOP 

Kemp. S. O.. "99 


Petty. Carrie E., '99 
VanBoren, R. T.,'01 

196 S. Main St. 

68 West St. 

BC. 9S, 7P 

Walsh, T. L- '00 

1 Pine St. 

norwich. NBW loni>on 


Armstrong. G. W., '96 

33 4th St. 

C, lis. 25P 

Baker. R. S., '02 

4 Williams Ave. 

DO, 48, 28P 

Baldwin. N. M., '01 

R. F. D. No. 3 • 

MR. 9S. ep , 

Baldwin, N. M., '97 

A, 27S, I9P 

Barrett, H.S.. '02 

Robert Ave. 

MB, IDS, 16P 

Beebe. S. C. '00 

41 EUzabeth St. 

X, 5S. D 
DH, IS, 18P 

Bennett, F.. '02 

31 Elm St. 

Bennett. R.. '99 

11 Church St. 

HS. 7S 

Benton, A., '99 

46 Chuit:h St 

A, les, sep 

Breckeniidge, A. B., '03 
Brennan, W. J., '03 

36 13th St. 

ER, 68 

422 Asylum St. 

TA, 28S 

Brown, G. D., '03 

315 W. Main St. 

MN. 38 

Carpenter, W. H„ '02 
Dillaby. C. P., '90 

86 Chestnut St. 

BP, 8S 

126 School St. 

A. 4S. 2P 

Dixon. A. C, '98 

11 Orchard St. 


Engler. F. C. '02 

42 Hamilton Ave. 

DP. 3S, 14P 

Farx^, J. L., '03 
Flynn, J., '02 
Fnsbee. H. L., '02 

499 N. Main St. 

ER, 3S 

4 Shipping St. 
53 McKinley Ave. 
68 Chureh St 

PB, 53 
TA, 17S 

Gray, T. £.,'99 

C. 6S. 26P 

tencks. H.a.,'03 
Lawson, J. P., '96 
Leion, S^e, '02 

R. P. D. No. 6 

GC, 73, 15P 

102 Prospect St. 
133 W. Thames St 

HS, 58. IP 

Malloy, Etta T., '02 

BE, 2S 

Muir, K., '98 

156 BosweU Ave. 

A, 26S. 46P. D 

Noel. H. A., '02 

llSMcKintey Ave. 

TO, I3S, C 

Oehlhof, E. H., '03 

14 Grove PI. 


O'Neil, '03 


195 Maple St. 

ER, 4S 


LC. 14P 

PerkuiB. C. T., '02 

DE. 2S, 16P 

Richmond. E. E., '00 

45 Myers Ave. 

ME, 128. ISP 

Service, W. A., '00 

43 12th St. 

HE, 103, 26P 



Namt and Via, 



Steffenson. A. P., '03 

Laurel Hill Ave. 

EP. 6S 

Thomas. G. P., '95 

2 Kinney Ave. 

HS, lOS, 15P, D 

.Wightman, H. B., "02 

36 Lafayette St. 
Laurel HiU Ave. 

GA. 3S, HP 

Yerrington. A. U., '03 

GC, 6S. 12P 


Luther. J. E.. 90 

Norwitchtown, Box 1172, new London 

X-, 23 

Wilcox, A. B, 98 

Norwitchtown, nbw f-ondon 

MD, 3S, 13P 

Courtney, P., 02 

OakviUe. Box 57. LiTcnnBLO 

RD, 6S 

Cushmass, D.,'01 


J. 6S 

Kelly. J. B.. '99 

Oakville. litchpield 

J, 6S. IP 

Krant*, W. C, '02 

Oakville, Box 104, litchfibld 

MA, 3S, 13P 

Cain, W.. '02 

Pine Meadow. Litchfield' 

TB, 9S 

Dungaa. Sr.. W. T., '01 

Pine Meadow, Box 64, litchfield 

J. 4S 

ME, 3Si 16P 

Dungan.Jr.. W. 1.. '00 
Bennett, B. A., '00 

Pine Meadow, Box 64, lttchfibld 

Plainfield, Box 147, windham 

ME, 13S, 25 

Bennett, B. A., '00 

Plainfield, Box 127, windham 

MD, 4S, 25P, D 

Eaton, L. G.. '03 

Plainville, Hartford 

ON, as 

Carleton, H. A.. '01 

Plantsville. Box 143, Hartford 


Wheeler, Sadie L., '00 

Plantsville, S. Main St., hartford 

Cook, Jessie, '00 

Plymouth. Box 139, litchfield 

AA, 5S 

H^o. W.,'03 
LaRue, C. W.. '00 

Plymouth. Box 18, litchfield 

AC, 4S, 16P 


C, 4S, IIP 

Wheeler. H. W.. '00 

Plymouth, litchfield 

A, 12S, 26P 

Broomfield, H., '97 

Pomfret Center, windham 

EB. 43 

Wilcojt. G. N.. '00 

Poquetanuck. new London 

ME, 9S, 5P 

DagmOl, J. B., '00 
McKay, D. B., '01 

PorUand, Box 35, kiddlesbx 

BC, 5S, 4P 

Portland, Box 304. uiddlesex 

CC. 2S 

Pnti^, winhdXm 

Authier, P.. *0I 

11 Water St. 

TF. I2S 

CampbeQ. C, '02 

R. F. D. No. 1 

HF, 63 

Chase, G. H.. '03 

29 King St. 

ER, 4S, 2P 

Crawford, L. D., '96 

263 School St. 

ME, 11S25P 

Emery, J.. '00 
Gilbert, 11. H., '03 
Han. Clara B., 02 

TL, lis 

305 School St. 

MP. 6S 

BA, 2S 

Harris, R. E., '00 

Box 622 

ME, 8S,.2lP 

Maraard-M. P.. '02 
Shirley. D. H., '01 

79 Maynard St. 

AG, 6S 

6 Providence St. 


Snuth, G. A., '01 

Box 201 


TP, 9S 

Davton. R., '99 
Gilbert. Bessie B.. '02 

Redding Center. Box 15, fairPielr 

MD, 4S, 25P, C 

Ridgefield, Market St:, Fairfield 

BA. 2S 

Nicholas, R. S.. '94 

Ridgefield, FAIRFIELD 

A, SS, 15P 

Tefft, G. H.. '97 

Ridgefield. fajuhbld 

RoSfall, klQDLBSEX 

A, 15S, 21 P 

Paean. J. S., '00 

CC, 2S . 

PhjlUps. L. P.. '00 

Rockfall, UIDDLESEX 

Rockville, TOLLAND ■ 

HS, 8S, 6P 

Chadwick, F. D.. '03 

17 Rockland St. 

TL, 33 

Doss. B. E., '02 

88 Grand St. 

TS. 73 

Drechsler, 0. C, '00 

10 Morrison St. 

TH, 29S 

Fleming. L., '02 

30 Orchard St. 

HA. 53 

Hammond, A., '96 

105 Union St. 

, 9S, 15P, D 
' 0. lis 

Kuebel, R.. '03 

76 Grand St. 

Little, N., '03 

20 West Rd. 

TL. 19S 

Meihl, W., '02 

07 Orchard St. 

TL. iOS 

Nwel, 0., '02 

73 Union St. 

EN, 5S 






Pheel, H. R., '01 

X3 Orchard St. 


Porter, H. A., '02 

24 Orchard St. 

TS, 6S 

Profe, A. E., '01 

86 Grand Avfe. 

DB, 6S, IIP 

Ran, W. C. B., '98 

41 VilWe St. 

51 Windermere Ave. 

AD. 3S, 15P 

Richardson, C^. S.. '03 

BE. 3S 

Smith, W. G., '02 

134 Union St 

TL, lOS 

UUich. R., '02 

151 Union St. 


Watts, P. A., '00 

54 Prospect St. 
120 W.lJainSt. 

CD, fiS, UP 

Wdgel, B., '02 

PA, 6S 


Cafiey, B. M., '02 

Rockyhill, hartforb 


Ackar, H., '98 

Rowayton, pairfjkld 

HS, 6S, 5P 

DiddnBon. A., '00 

Roxbury Station, htchpield 

E. 88, 9P - 

Farrell,J. M., '99 

Sandyhook, care N. Y. B. & P. Co., Box 

150, FAlRflBLD 

0, 2S, lOP 

Haynes, P., '03 

Saugatuck, pairfield 

EW. 9S 

Meade, W. H., '01 

Saugatuck, Riverside Ave., fairfield 
Saybrook. uiddlesbx 

A, US 

Brooks, C. E., '09 

TG, 8S, D 

Chalker, A. W., '01 

Saybrook, Box 12, middlbsbx 

C, 4S. 17P 

Meara, N. W., '00 

Saybrook, Middlesex 

E, 16S, 16P 

Meara. N. W.. '99 

Saybrook, Middlesex 

T, 9S, 16P. D 
HM, 8S 

Pieree. W„'95 

Saybrook, Middlesex ' 

Tuman, E. B., '02 

Scotland, Box 3, windbam 

DO. 2S. 15P 

GiUette, W. D., '97 

Seymour, New haven 

C, 8S. 2P 

HoUinbeck, G. H., '00 

Seymour. 15 North St.. new haven 

BC, 9S, 18P 

EUoit, S, C, '03 

Shelton, Box 361, fairfield 

BA, 2S 

Freeborn, L., '98 

Shelton, Box 1077, faibfield 

U, 3S, I5P 

Gordon, C. P., '00 

Shelton, R. F. D. No. 8. Fairfield 

C, 4S, 24P 

Lorenz, C. H., '00 

Shelton, 136 Division Ave., fairfield 

C, 3S, 13P 

Ritchie, E„ '96 

Shelton. Box 172. FAiRFieLD 

A, US, 16P 

Bartlett. Emeliue L.. '99 

Simsbury. hart ford 

CC, 2S 

Genlot. A., '03 

Simsbury, hartpord 

RM, 3S 

Shaw. P. G.. '98 

Simsbury, Box 14, hartford 

A, 4S 

Vincent, G. M.. '00 

Simsbury. Box 1 16, hartford 

TB, 8S 

Keirstead, W^ P., '00 

Somerville, toll and 

HS, 4S 

Thompson, W. K., '02 

Somerville, Box 24, Tolland 

HE, 8S 

White, B.. '02 

Somerville, tolland 

BA, 2S 

Stiles. Edith K., '00 

SoUthbuiy. NEW HAVLV 

UD, 3S, 20P 

Davis, A.%., '62 

South Coventry, Box 95, tolland 

MD, 39. I2P 

Southford, new haven 


Sherwood, Jr., P. D., '00 

Southford, Box ISO, hew naven 


Troubridge, L., '02 
Barnes, F. H, '99 

South Glastonburg, hartford 

BA. 5S 

Southington. 112 N. Main St., haKtpord 

A, 3S, 14P 

Fay, Anna S.. '00 

Southington, Oak St., hartford 

AA. 4S 

Madsen, J. L., '01 

Southington, 15 High St., hartford 


Rohe, Eliiabeth E., '99 

Southington, Main St., hartford 

Stuhnnann, Anna, '00 

Southington, Box 503, hartford 

CD, 7S, 18P, D 

Stuhrmann, Anna, '98 

Southington, Box 503, hartford 

AD, 8S, 34P, C 

Walkley, E. N., '01 

Southington, 107 Main St., hartford 

A, 6S, 9P 

Vickers, J. H., '01 

Southington, 83 Walnut St., hartford 

ME, 4S, 18P 

Balkner. F. G.. '00 

17 High St. 

X. 2S 

Brady, B., '02 
Brocfchans, Bertha, "01 

Box 882 


Box 1019 

Cadman, R. M., '03 

Pine View 

EN, 6S, lOP 

Dougan, R:, '02 
EriSson, C. A., '01 

22 Pleasant St., Box 905 

EN, 8S 

Box 938 

ED, 43. 25P, C 

Geer, L. H., '99 

ME, 153. 25P- 

House, G. W., '02 




Johnson. W., '00 
Rogere, K. E., '03 
Snkksn, A. G., 'Oi 
Tounand, J., '02 

Case, E. E.. '98 
Foote, G., *99 
GUmore. E. P., '99 
Harris, P., '00 
Keyser. F. H.. '00 
Lairani, P., '94 
Libby, H., '00 
Scudder, F. J^, '01 
Sterling, W., '99 
St. John, H. G., '98 
Tyrell, Jr., F., '01 
Walker, Emma, '99 
WbeUn, J.. '96 

Perry. R. O.. *03 
Sherwood. W. D., '99 
Edwards. F.. '02 
Poi, C. '01 
Harrison, J. W., '03 
Green. Pauline F., '03 
Meyers, O.. '02 
Nothnick, R. A., '02 
Sherman, J. H., '00 
Thiesinfc A., '02 
WeeltB, E. A., '98 
Ledoyt, H. A.. '01 
Ledoyt. H. A.; '97 

Arthnr, H. W.. '95 
Brown. S., "02 
CaldweU. R., "98 
Chapin. G. H.. '02 
Chatterton, N. G., '02 
Danchy, S. E., '94 
Danchy. W. O.. "95 
DeWitt, J. C, '01 
Harvey, C. E., '00 
Hatch, C. W.. '01 
Hill, R., '01 
Lorinsbing, W. M., '00 
McMahon, J. J.,'02 
Mutachler, W., '03 
Miller, J. P., '99 
MerreU, C. E., '03 
Nicholg, T. E., '02 
Ottman. F., '02 
Peofield. M. C.'OO 
Penfield. M. C, '00 
Penny. H. D., 'oi 
Peppard. M. L., '01 
Peterson. £.. '02 
Rose. G.. '02 
Se^ger, H. E., '00 
Shreve, W., *01 

South Nonralk, tairpibld 
196 S. Main St. 
24 FrankUn St. 
18 Union St 

14 Taylor Ave. 
11 West Ave. 

34 Woodward St. 

I Trinity PI. 

88 Lexir)gton Ave. 

15 N. Mmn St. 

II Elizabeth St. 
10 Lexington Ave- 
15 Chestnut St. 

22 Haverl St. 



Soutbport, Box 180. fairfibld 
South Willington. toi-land 
South Willington. tolland 
South Willington, tolland 
South Windsor, martford 
Stafford Springs, Box l.^T, Tolland 
Stafford Springs, Box 187. tolland 
StafFord Springs, tolland 
Stafford Springs, tolland 
Stafford Springs. Box 4To. tolland 
Staffordville, tolland 
Staffordville. tolland 


6 1st SL 
143 Myrtle Ave. 
32 Oak St. 
84 Henry St. 

26 Gregory St. 

35 Warren St. 
148 Jefferson St. 
123 Ludlow St. 
Rockland Hotel 

118 Bedford St. 
Strawberry Hill Ave. 
48 Sound View Ave. 
31 Garden St. 
274 Cove Rd. 

53 Orchard St. 
72 Gay St. 

54 State St, 
Box 1556 
Box 1556 

779 Atlantic St. 
147 Grove St, 
34 Woodside St. 
72 Lockwood Ave. 

27 Bell St. 

289 Greenwich Ave. 

A, 4S, 12P 
LC, 33P 
TE, 63 
TE, 8S 

HS. 9S, 12P 
MD. IS. 18P 
E, 7S 

SM. 6S. 9P 
A, 9S, 12P 
A, 28S, 24P 
ME, 3S, 25? 
E, 16S, 25P 
MD, 2S. 19? 
A, 4S 

BD, 4S. UP 
CC. 3S 
MD, 35. UP 

DH, IS, 14P 
BB, 3S 
HH. 6S 
TL, 22S. C 
HS, 4S 
TL. 22S, 
J, 7S, 4? 
CSF, 12S, D 
C, 17S. 25P, D 

ME, 9S, 22P 
GC, 6S, 13P 
A. 4S. 12P 
DO. IS, 16P 
LA, 8? 

ME, 23S. 25P. D 
A, 29S, 34P, D 
MI, 5S 
C, 4S, I6P 
i3r. 8S 
C, lOS, 26P 

DO, 3S. IIP 
MN. 4S 
J. 4S, IP 
AC, 5S, 5? 
EQ. 8S, E2. as 
CA, 6S 
ME, gS, 14? 
A, 4S, 19P 
MD, IS, 15? 
T. 4S, 4? 
AG, 6S, 3P 
DB. 2S, 13P 
ME, 7S. 25? 
BC, lOS. 12P 


NtHM and Yiar 

Shute, J. M., "01 
SteedweU, A. C. '98 
Swenson, A. T., '98 
Toms, R. T., '93 
Vanderwerken, G. S., 'O: 
Waterbury, H. D„ '96 
Webb, G. E., '01 

Burr. C. B., '97 

Anderson, I., '00 
Anderson. H. C, '00 
Sims, A.. '01 
Sims, J., '01 
Delaerenge. R. M., '01 
Pendleton, G., '02 
SchmiU, J. L., '02 
Stanton, J. R., '94 
Sylvia, W. v., '02 
Hall, G, G., '99 
Spencer, A. J.. '96 
McDermott, M. E., '01 
Wells, E. M- '97 
Button, H., '01 
Williston, B. S., "03 
Robinson, W., '03 
Schofield, W., '01 
Taylor, J., '00 
Lockett. W. T., '02 
Kitchen, W. M., '94 
Bunnell, L. T., "01 
Coe, R. J., '02 
Loke, C. H.. '02 
Miuphy, J. J.. '94 
Root, E. L., '99 
Whittlesey, D. L.. '02 

Aldrich, F. H., '01 
Anderson, P., '98 
Florian, C. E., '99 
Florian, E., '00 
Goodaell, G. B., '02 
Haxford, C. M., '02 
Nordmeyer. W. A., '00 
Peterson, C. '99 
Reeves, j. L.. '03 
Schinzel, F. H..' 01 
Stubbs, Ruby, '99 
Thomas. Edna, '01 
Welton, Kate, '95 

Carle, A., '01 
Griswold. S. A„ 
Hamel, T., '01 
Owens, W. E„ '{ 

Andrie, G. C, '02 
Arnold. C. J., '97 
Blake, P. J., '00 


52 Grove St. 

I Bank St. 

II Walnut St. 

Care W. B. Pierce, C. E.. Box 312 
139 Atlantic St. 
16 Oak St. 

Stephne Depot, R. F. D,, faikfibi-d 
Sterling, Bon 26, windhab 
Sterling, windham 
Sterling, windham 
Sterling, winoham 
Stonington, nbw London 
Stonington, new lokdon 
Stonington, School St., nbw LONDOt 
Stonington, Box 288, nbw London 
Stonington, Grand St., new londos 
Stony Creek, Box 114, new haven 
Stony Creek, new bavkn 
Storrs. Comm. Agr. College, NEW Hi 
Stratford, Box 242, faibpibld 

Suffield, HARTFORD 

Taftville, Box 480, new London 
Taftville, 11 Front St., new londoi 
Taftville. Box 395, new London 
Talcottville, Box 38, tolland 
Tariffville, i 
Terry ville, 
Teiryville, R. F. D., litchfibld 
TerryviUe, Box 33, litchfibld 
Terryville, High St.. Litchfield 
Tenyville, litchfibld 
Terryville, litchfibld 

Thomaston, litchfibld 
Box 584 
Box 219 

Box 113 
Main St, 
Box eoi 
Box 465 
10 Grand St. 

Box 65 

Thorapsonville. 36 Pleasant St. 
Thompson ville, hartford 
Thompaonville, Box 699, hartford 
Thompson ville, hartford 

Torrlngton, litchfibld. 
28 Pythian A\e. 
113 Migeon Ave. 
27 N. Elm St. 

ME, lOS, 14P 
A, 24S, 13P 
A, 4S, 19P 

C. eS, 13P 

SM, 6S,-13P 
J, 9S, 14P, D 
UD, 4S, 14? 

A, lOS, 14P 
HS, 7S, 2P 
JJ. 4S, IP 
LS, IS, 19P 
ED, IS, 15P 
XX, 2S 
EN, 8S 
CA, 4S 
A, 2lS, 16P 
EP, 7S 
AD, 5S. IIP 
A, 6S 

J. 7S, 7P, D 
AD, 3S, 13P 
J, 7S, 5P 
DO, 3S. 14P 
TK, 14S 
LS, IS. 28P 
TA, 19S 
TN, I2S 
A, lOS, 15P 

D, 6S 

GC, 5S, 13P 
EG, 5S 
MD, 3S. 24P 

UD, 2S. 18P 

C, IS, I9P 
U, 3S, 13P 
ME, 4S, 24F 
EN, lOS 
HS, 4S, 6P 
HS. 6S, IP 
EN, 8S 
ED, 3S. 25P 
AA, 3S 

D, 4S 

DO, 6S, 37P, C - 

ED, 4S. 25P. C 
HS. 8S, D 
ED. 4S, 25P, C 



Brown, E. M., '00 

Box 426 

BC, 8S. 12P 

(wSeU J. C. -00 
Canfidd, E. S.. *00 

31 Rivemde Ave. 

C, 3S, 24P 

156 Prospect St. 

C. 58. UP 

Capel, C. W.. 'W 
Coleman, Catherine, '01 
Colt. J^lIOO 
Donahue, W.J. .'01 
Drake, E. J.. 'OO 
EfcvaU. B. P., '99 

Box 185 

C, SS, lOP 

188 N. Elm St. 


88 E. Main St. 
41 George St. 

CC. 2S 
AA, 4S 

Box 374 

AA. 3S 

Fire Dept. 

48 Washington Ave. 

29 HotchkisB H. 

C. 7S. 17P 

Finne. W. G., '01 

ED. 4S. 26P. C 

Gerger, A. P., '02 

DL. 4S, 17P 

Greenha^h, John W., '02 65 George St. 

EN, 7S, 2P 

Greenhalgb, J. W., '96 

65 George St. 

MR. 8S, 16P 

Greenhakh, J. W., '96 
Haiden,K., Im 

Box 176 

53 Culvert St. 

MD, 2S, UP 
MB. 4S. 23P 

Halt, T. W., '98 

C, 14S. 26P ■ 

Hoffman, P.. '01 

16 Hilhade Ave. 


Hopldns, W. E.. '04 

36 Barber St. 

C. 9S. 16P 

JaiSsea, B.. '96 

211 E. Main St. 

A, 5S. lOP 

Joyce, H. B., '02 

212 S. Main St. 


ICet^ey. P.I..'g9 
Kimberly. K. K., '02 

13 George St. 

MD, 3S. I3P 

R. P. D. No. 1 

BE. 2S 

Kl06s.-Agne8 C. '03 

243 Harwinton Ave. 


Klow, A. J., '02 
Larmett. T.. '03 

243 Harwinton Ave. 

BE, 2S 

23 Calhoun St. 

DO. 3S. 22P 

Loulbecker. G. C, '00 

92 N. Litchfield St. 

C. 8S. 7P 

MUIer. W. W.. '99 

204 ProapectSt. 

E. 7S, 3P 

Moirisoa, G., -02 

MN. 3S 

Nash, J. M., '02 

Box 522. Water St. 


Nelson. H.. '01 

62 New Litchfield St. 

C. 4S, 21P 

Nrwton, C, '97 

67 Clark St. 

C, 17S. 25P. D 

67 Clark St. 

MH. 20S. D 

Pardon, H., '97 

66 Water St. 

C, 8S. 18P 

Parker. W. E.. '98 

46 Wilson Ave. 

,BS, 8P 

Rice. C. D., '01 

48 Dark St. 

M, 2S 

Riswell, W. E., '97 

1811 Prospect St. 
345 High St. 

'. 3S. 13P 

Roath. E., '02 

GC. fiS. 4P 

Ryan, Lizrie S., '00 

228 Elm St. 

X, 3S 

Smitb, P. B., '99 

156 S. Main St. 

MD. IS, 12P 

Stewart. C, '96 

47 Forrest St. 

A. 8S. 9P 

Stull. J. B.. '00 
Tmkebteiii. H. L., '03 

385 N. Main St. 

HS. 7S 

72 Water St. 

DO. 3S. 16P 

VanWagner. L., '96 

161 S. Main St. 

MD. 3S. 18P 

Wadhama. J. S.. '02 

R. F. D. No. 1 

DO. 3S. 18P • 

Wheeler, S. C. '99 

HS, 4S 

White, P. S., '02 

250 Riverside Ave. 

MK,6S. D 

Wilcox. C. W.. '00 

32 John St. 
30 CUnton St. 

TO, 8S 

Woolley. J., '03 

DO. 3S, 19P 

362 Litchfield St 


Workman. S.C.. '00 

Box 652 


TN. I2S 

Tones. M. W,. '98 
Richard, Jr., H.. '02 

Tnmersville, toll and 

X. 2S 

Uncasville. nbw london 

TC, 5S 

Clark. P. A., '07 

Union City, Main St., nbw havbn 

A, lOS. 36P 

Gaim. G. P.. '02 

Union City, mew haven 

HP. 13S 

McRae, Lottie, '01 

Union City, hew haven 


Scwlly, P. E., '01 

Union City. Prospect St., new haybm 

CS, 6S 

Vosbuigh. R. G., '99 

Union City. Box 154. nbw haven 

. 3S, 13P 
IS. 5S. 16P 

Corcoran, M., '99 

Unionville. Box 199. kartford 

Tames. R. B., '03 
Sanford, C. J., '98 

Unionville. Box 18. hartford 

EN, 9S 

Unionville, rartpobd 



Schwartz. F., '98 
Donald, A. D., '00 
Francis, A. E., '03 
McConnell, W. A.. '01 
Purinton, O. H., '03 

Beaudoin, A., '01 
Boylan, P., '00 
Clack, Alice M., '01 
Conkliii, P. L., '96 
Dunn, T, T., '96 
Dunn, W. H., '97 
Griswold, D. G., '93 
HobsoD, W., '00 
HodgettG, E., '01 
Holcomb, S. E., '99 
Kramp, B., '00 
Martin, J. E., '94 
O'Brien, C. B., '97 ' 
Patterson, A, N., '97 
Rich. E. H., '98 
Townsend, E. B., '98 
Tuttle, R. W., '00 

Clark, E. L., '07 
CUrk, Mildred A., '02 
Clark, Mildred A.. '99 
aark. S. N.. '02 

Agnew, P. P., '02 
Aherlow, G. W.. '02 
Andrews, C. M., '01 
Baer, R. O., '00 
Bailey, C. J., '02 
Barker, E. A., '00 
Bates, E. J.. '97 
Battjn, H. T., '02 
Booth, V. S., '98 
Bradley, D. M., '99 
Brawer, L. F,, '96 
Bristol, C. A.. '97 
Brooks, C. M., '96 
Bums, C. R.. '00 
Candee, E. H., '01 
Chappell. W. P., '02 
Coverlemanche, L., "99 
Cowles, W.-W.. '95 
Crandall, F. L., '99 
Cunningham, G. P., '97 
Duhairae, J. B., '01 
Fladd, W. E., '02 
Fray, W., '94 
Gardner, J. W., '01 
Gaas, A.,™ 
Granger, C. M., '01 
Green. E. L., '02 
HaU, G. B.. '02 
Hall. W. M., '97 
Harrison, I. W„ '01 


upper Stepney, pairfibld 
Vernon, Box 37, TOLLAND 
Versailles, Box 45. kbw LoitDOH 
Versailles, Box 190, new londoh 
Volimtowo, Box 219, mbw London 

WallingfoTd, mbw bavvh 
133 Quinnepeac St. 
33 Spring St. 
40 Lake St. 
39 S. Cherry St. 
103 N. Elm St. 
22 Simpson St. 
208 M. Ehn St. 
143 WhitUesey Ave. 
65 Academy St. 
230 N. Elm St. 
92 Fair St. 
28 Williams St. 
242 Colony St. 
22 N. Ehn St. 
196 N. Elm St. 
Box 882 
Main St. . 

Washington, utchpibld 
Washington, litchpibld 
Washington, care L. A. Mason, 

HS, 6S, 6P 
ME. 28, 17P 
TK, 16S 
TB, 8S 
CR, 4S 

DK. 48, 26P, C 
ED, 28, 21P 
PE. 58, D 
C, 93, 13P 
HS. 7S, IP 
H8, 88, 4P 
C, US. 26P 
CC, 2S 
H8. 48, SP 
MD, 2S, lOP 
MB, 6S. 14P 
C, 58. 25P 

HS. t 

1. 15P. D 

Waterbury, nsw havbm 
16 Orange St. 
421 N. Main St. 
72 Pearl 8t. 
61 Leavenworth St, 
29 Ridgewood St. 
271 Grove St. 
Box 886 
45 Spencer Ave. 
253 Grove St. 
37 William St. 

138 S. Main St. 
10 Fairview Ave. 
248 Cherry St. 
92 Griggs St. 
llll Baldwin St. 
955 Baldwin St. 
Ill Griggs St, 
42 Beach St. 

19 Beacon St. . 
45 Round Hill St. 
368 W. Main 8t. 
32 Ridgewood St. 
39 Park Ave. 

121 Round Hill St. 
85 E. Farm St. 
Prospect Rd. 

20 Alden St. 

109 Chestnut Ave. 
108 Unionist 

ME, 26S, 2SP 
BE, 6S 
BE. 4S 

RYA, 6S, D 
EW, 16S, 25P 
ED, 28, 13P 
D, 48 

AC. 12S. 46P 
C, 68, 26P 

C, ITS, 25P, D 
EW, 13S. 37P 

C, 108, 25P 
MB, 48, IfiP 
ME. 28, lOP 
U. 2S. 16P 

D, 6S 

C, 68, 13P 
EP, US, 16P 
A, 48, 4P 
HS, 8S. 6P 

AD, 6S, 16P 
EB, 2S 

A, 248, SOP 
MB, 108, 16P 
C, 9S. lip 
ED. 3S, 15P 
MW, 3S, 21P 
HE. 178 
GB. 8S, IIP 
C, 98, 12P 
CA, 88, 13P 

>y Google 



HUlard, J. T., '96 
Holfit, K: G., '98 

Iackson, P., '98 
olinson, H. P., '01 
ohnson, J., '03 
:eUy, J. A., '01 
Kipp. L.., '99 
Klemert, C. W., '98 
Kluttig, M. H., '02 
Lahey, P., '03 
Lancaster. F. C, '98 
Lattin.A. N., "03 
Lawlor, T., '00 
Limont, A. W., '96 
Leveridge, C, '88 
Uwis, P. E., '01 
Mason, M. M-, '01 
McClure. J., '97 
McCollins, J. H., '96 
Merklc, Rose, '00 
MUler. A. E., '02 
MiUer, D., '97 
Monahan, J.. '01 
Homghat), J. J., '02 
Nagle. J.. '01 
Neueli, F. E., '03 
Ni^ent, W. A., '01 
OvHitt, W. T., 'B7 
Packer, H. C, "94 
Paine, W. V., '00 
Palmer, F. N., '95 
Pemnii^ton, G. B., '01 
Pitt, L. P.. '00 
Pott, A., '99 
Ray, F. A., '02 
Reynolda, R. H., '00 
Robtmis. A. W., '98 
Scofield, W. H.. '97 
Siebert, W '00 
Sivensou, H. P., '03 
Stery, P., '00 
Straab, A, I., '02 
Taylor, C. P., '00 
Thomas, E. H.. '02 
Thomas, E. H., '00 
Thomhill, E. J., '00 
WnhK r M ■'Qft 

White, E. C, '01 
Whitley, W., '97 
Wiehn, C, '01 
Wimaesworth, A. C, '01 
Withey, P., '02 
Beebe. E. H.. '00 

122 Cottage PI. 
95 James St. 
40 Farm St. 
1120 N. Main St 
1127 W. Main St. 

30 Rose St. 
624 S. Main St. 
177 Walnut St. 
4 Merry St. 

314 N. Willow St. 
141 Chestnut Ave. 
86 South St. 
Box 574 

49 Dover St. 

57 Round Hill St. 
663 S. Main St. 

13 Summit St. 
74 Round HiU St. 
64 John St. 

131 Orange St. 
Tracy Ave. 
551 N. Riverside St. 
303 Main St. 
Oak St. 
21 Putnam St. 
* 51 Summit St. 
23 Ludlow St. 

29 Field St. 
Box 97 

354 E. Main St. 
42 Putnam St. 
260 N. Main St. 

31 Hospital Ave. 
Pine St 

30 Rideewood St 
23 Arch St. 

26 Abbott Ave. 
643 N. Riverside St. 

14 Hill St. 

61 Mattuck St. 
40 Ward St. 
257 N. Main St. 
Box 590 
Box 590 
320 Wahiut St. 
259 Grane St. 
663 Riverside St. 

50 Pearl St. 

48 DeFver St. 
9 Union St. 
314 N. WiUow St. 
1162 Bank St 


C, 6S, 16P 
A. IS, 14P 
E, 7S. 2P 
BP. 5S 

CB. 2S 

MD. &, 25P, C 
C, 3S, 12P 
DP. 2S, 17P 
MP. 53 
A. 6S, 13P 
DP, 2S, 21P 

ME. 17S, 25P 
MD. 3S, 12P 
HS, 4S 

BD. 2S, 9P 
U, 4S, 21 P, 
C, 17S, 26P. D 

CC. 2S 

DL. 4S, I9P 
MD, 4S, 24P 
ED, 3S, 22P 
HE, 8S 
CC, 2S 

BE, 2S 

JB, as 

ME, 14S, 6P 
C. 16S, 2fiP 
C. 4S, IIP 
C, IS. 17P 
ED, 3S, 23P 
A. 7S 

A. 14S, 26P 
GC. 5S. 6P 

C. 9S 
MB. 12S 
HS, 4S 

D. 4S 

DL, IS, 15P 
T. 9S, 19P 
BA, 3S 
ME, 3S. 13P 

AC, 24S. 45P 

AD, 9S, 46P, 

0, 3S. SOP 

AC, lOS, 16P 

MP, lOS 

MD, 4S, 25P. C 

A, 14S. 18P 


A, 4S, 13P 

GA. 12S, 22P 

A, 6S. »P 

Watertown, Box 312. LircHmLD 
Watertown, litcb>ibld 
Watertown, LITCsriKLD 
Watertown, litchfibld 

I, 4S, 3P 
ED, IS. 17P 
EP, lOS 

IP, 93 



Reid, W.. '97 

WatervUle. Box 78. new havbn 


Stevens, Jeannie E., '01 

Waterville. Elna St., nbw havbw 

CT, 3S 

Bush, H., '98 

West Hartford. Hartford 

A. 6S 

Teeter. E. L., '01 

West Hartford, hahtpord 

X, 6S, D 

Carlson, O., '97 

West Haven. 30 Church St., new haven 

DB, 2S. IIP . 

Flower, G^irude E., '02 

West Haven, 236 1st Ave., nbw haven 

Hobro, C. H., '99 

West Haven. 37 Wallace St., NBW HAVBH 

AD. 2S. 20P 

Mar, C. E., '97 

West Haven, 263 1st Ave., new haven 

ME. 8S. 17P 

Preston, M. C, '97 

West Haven, 46 North St., new haven 
West Haven, 31 Smith St., nbw havbn 

HM. 5S 

WilUams, A. M., '99 

CO, 2S 

Parkhurst, H. R., '97 

Westminister, wihdham 

J. 6S 
HB. 8S 

Butler, H. M„ '03 

West Mystic, nbw London 

Costello, M. E., '99 

West Mystic, nbw London 

C. 9S. 15P 

Sawyer, W. A., '03 

W. Mystic. Wi Mystic Ave., new London 
West Norfolk, Box 26, litchfield 

DO. 3S. I5P 

Kane. Katherine F., '02 

IC, 3S. 4P 

Anderson, C, '00 

Westport, Wright St., cairpisld 

CC, 2S 

Coyle, E.J., :97 
Coyle. J. P.. '97 

Westport, PAIRFIHLD 

HS. 4S 

Westport, PAIHPIELD 

McKenna, E. J.. '00 
Peterson. 0. W., '01 

Westport, Riverside Ave., fairfibld 

CC. 2S 

Westport. State St., fairpibld 

lA, 2S 

Wheeler, E. J, '00 

Westport, Cor. River and Stato Sts.. p'l'd 

DC, 2S 

White, G. P., '00 

Davis. O. I.. -97 

Westville, 1020 Whalley Ave., new havbh 

C, 8S, 14P 

Germain, D. P., '98 

Westville. 63 Fountain St.. nBw Bavbn 

C, 3S. 13P 

Peck, H. M.. '00 

Westville. 208 Bl&ke St., new haven 

DL, IS, 19P 

Dudley, S. A.. '98 

West Winstead, litchfield 

JB. 2S 

Buck, J, S.. -02 


Graham, P. P., '02 

Wethersfield, Box. A, hartfohd 

HE. 27S 

Holbrook, A. E„ '98 

Wethersfield. hartford 

J. 7S 

EP. as 

McMahon, J.. '02 

Wetlierafield, hartford 

WilUmantic, windham 

Brown, J. P., '01 

58 Prospect St. 
Box 160 

TB, lis 

Bumham. G. A., '00 

ME, 12S 

Casey. E. F.. '03 

45 Main St 

LC, lOP 

Conont, J.D„'03 

49 Chestnut St. 

DO. 3S, 13P 

Curtis. I. W., '02 

681 Pleasant St. 

TB, 8S 

Dauphince, D. B., '02 

106 Prospect St. 

Mk, 6S, D 

Eaton. Abbie D.. '03 

284 Prospect St. ■ 

BE. 3S 

Edwards, C. A. K., '02 

161 High St. 

MF. 5S 

Goodwin, H., '03 

54 Broad St. 

HH, lOS 

Goodwin, H.. '01 

54 Broad St. 

J, 7S, 4P 
ER. 4S 

Johnson, A., '03 
Larkin. C. E., '04 

99 Oak St. 

73 Spring St. 

A, 16S. 19P 

Morgan, J. A., '01 

39 Brook St. 

EI, 5S 

Pate. A.. -01 

1235 Main St, 

TH, 29S, C 

Pigeon, A., "02 

62 Elm St. 

IB. 2S 

Smith. W. A.. '01 

1021 Main St. 

TB. 12S 

Spencer, G. W.. '99 
Trent. R. H.. 99 

G«ieral Delivery ^ 

HS. 8S, 12P 

13 Lincoln Ave. 


Beckwith, E. P., '00 • 

Windham, Box 61. windham 

ME, 5S. 25P 

Bernhardt. F.. '02 

Windsor, hartford 

EP. 14S, 16P. D 

Bumeau, G. W., '00 

Windsor, hartford 

C, lOS. 17P 

Kitchen, F. H., '97 

Windsor, hartpord 

T, as, I2P 

Maude, H. T., '01 

Windsor. HARTFORD 

ED, IS. lOP 

McCormick. Agnes G„ '00 Windsor, Box, 79 hartpord 

CD, 4S. IIP 

Murry, W. M.. '97 

Windsor, Box 213, hartford 

HS. 6S 

Stinson, F. W.. '01 

Windsor, hartpord 

E. 7S, JOP 

Wade. A. E, -01 

Windsor Locks, Box 3C4, hartford ' 




Bancroft. W., '99 
Bradford. C. M., '01 
Cook, W. a, '99 
Darling, P. H.. *93 
Dyson, W., '98 
Hart, C. E., '02 
Johnson, 0., '99 
Maher, R. E., '03 
Manh, G. A., '00 
Nichols, A. S.. '95 
Robinson, C. T.. '96 
Rossman, P. P., '03 
Schofield. H. C, '00 
Smith, W. L., '95 
Turney, W., '98 
Wadman, G., '02 
Winters, J. J„ '00 

Anderson, C 
Curtis, C. A.. .. 
Leach, A. G., '01 
Martin, 1, D., '01 
Myera, W. F., '01 
Traver, L. G.. '01 
Burghofl, F. C, '03 
Doolittle. C. A., '01 
Smith, P. G..'01 


Station B 
91 Hubbsed St. 
35 Grove St. 

124 Ehn St. 

Box 27 

32 Holabird Ave., Box 121 

Box 107 

2B Rock St. 
84 Pratt St. 
296 Main St. 
Box 535 
Box 115 
60 Hillside Ave. 
716 Main St. 

Winthrop, MinCLBSEX 
Woodbury, litch field 
Woodbury, litchfibld 
_ Woodbury, care D. Curtis' S 
Woodbury, htchpield 
Woodbury, litchfield 
Yatesvilie, Box 101, nbw h-* 
Yatesvjlle, Box 184, new ha 
Yantic. Box 74, h 

EA, 9S, 4P 

EB, 2S 
MD, 6S, 22P 

A, 6S, 21P 
EP. 7S 

B, 9S, 27P 
DO, 3S, lOP 
CC, 6S 

MD, 2S. 16P 
AD. 2S. 18P 
MP, 6S, D ■ 
BE, 2S 
C, 4S. 7P 

AG, 4S. IP 
TN, 8S 
TS, 6S 
TL. 22S, C 
TI, 13S, C 
E, 5S, 14P 
DO, 3S, 13P 
ME, 9S, 13P 
EI, 7S, D 




Shitoj, E. B., '00 

Bethal, BUSBBZ 


Aimor, W. C, "03 

C«ntenrille, nbwcabtls 


Uorebouse, P., '90 


Onley, W. Z.. '07 

Clayton, xbnt 

J. 43 

Delaware City, 112th Co. Port Dupont, 


BA,2S ' 

BuUdey. R. J., "97 
Hoev. C, '00 

Dorer, State College, uht 
Dover, 527 State St., kbnt 

A, lis, 18P 


Jostmg, W. C, -00 
Morgan, C, -00 

Dover, Box 174, kbmt 


Dover, kbnt V 

EB, 23 

Halter. C, '98 


ED, 4S, 2H>. C 

Ely. H. G.. '01 

Gortton. C. L., '01 

UD, 8S. 18P 


Hcwcs. M. E., '01 

Harrington, kbnt jj W 

Moore. L. A.. '01 

Laurel, Box 319. susbbz 

ME, as, 15P 

Palmer. D. L.. '00 

Lewes, auBSBi 

DK,4S, 24P 

Watson, R. A., '99 

Milford, Box 291. kbnt] 

HM, 8S, 6P. D 

WUdn«, D.. '03 

MiUord. XBNT 

HE. 16S, IP 

Lank, J. C, '02 

Hilton. Box 121, sussbx]! , 

■ GC. 4S, 12P 

Casey, H. A., '01 
Godfrey. A., '01 


Montchauin, nbwcastlb ^ 

CSF, 8S 

aearer. J. B.. '03 

Mount Pleasant, nbwcmtm "-^ • 

HH, 6S 

Gariick. A M.. -01 

Newark, nbwcastlb QB S 

BD. 3S, IIP, 

Glenn, C. S., '99 

NewHk. Box 13fi. nbwcabtlbI J^ 

tts. 8S. D 

McBride. T., '98 

Newark! NswcAsiw 

Wiggin.. J. N.. -00 

Newark, nbwcastlb '^ 

Grant, C. G., '93 


Matthew«,G. H,. '98 
Ridings, 0. D., '01 
Wflhebn. A.. '02 

AD, 3S. 13P 

Newcastle. Box 102, mbwcastlb 

T, 103. HP 

Newcastle. 200 Delaware St., nbwcastlb 

EN, lis 

Miller. W. H., '08 

Seaford. sussbx 


Srameo. P.. '03 

Smyrna. Box 34. kbmt 

Smyma, Kent 

EP, 6S 

Daniels. E., '00 

Townsend. Box 122, kbwcastlb 

HS, ss, ep, D 

Hodgson. R., '03 

Townsend. Box 61, nbwcastlb 


Latta, W. A., '02 

Townsend, nbwcastlb 

HE, 208 

Pritchard. E. S. C. '98 

Townsend. Box 86. nbwcastlb 
Wilmington, kbwcastlb 

MB, 20S. 2fiP 

Bailey. H., '01 

608 W. 10th St. 

BD, 2S, 12P 

Bailey. R. L., '01 

1207 Market St.- 

DB. 2S. HP 

BaWng. Jr.. H. G., '99 

828 Market St. 

C, 6S. 26P 

Bames. J. J., '01 

717 Monroe St. 

UD, 4S. 13P 

Barratt, J. P., "02 

605 West St. . 

EN. 125. BP, D 

Bock, C. A., '96 

2404 W. lath St. 

A, 43. 12P 

Bennett. G. H.. '99 

1022 Poplar St. 

MD, 2S, 14P 

Bemdt, J. A., '02 

1208 Tatnall St. 


Beniatein, I>. I.. '03 

305 Market St. 

DH. IS. 17P 

Bitter, A. J.. '98 
Bowen. ir, '02 

118 W. 4th St. 


2113 Washington St. 
616 W. 9th S. 

mt, 8S. 26P 

Brannatein, I.. '99 
BraahearB. H. W.. '00 

D, 6S 

307 RodnCT St. 
1021 N. 4t& St. 

ED. as, 14P 

Brown. H. L.. "98 


Bruckler. B., -02 

40«W. lOthSt. ; i 


87 L..: 

.. .Cioogle 

Namiatul Ytar 
Campion, W. M., '98 
Chamberlin. W. B., '01 
Chance, F. L.,-'01 
Charles, M. F., '01 
Clayton. A. T., '98 
Cobb, C. S., '01 
Cooper. P., '02 
Curley. T. F., "98 
Dato. Jr., J. N., '01 
Dohl, H.. "00 
Foster. W. B., '94 
Fox. J. A., '02 
Frarier, W. F.. '03 
Garrett, W. C, '00 
Goslin, P. G.. '02 
Green, F. L.. '98 
Green, W. A., '01 
Harman, M.. '95 
Harmstead, J., '03 
Harrington, H. D,. '98 
Hatton. H.W., '01 
Hatton. T. C. '96 
Hayes, G. W.. '03 
Hilliber. P.. '00 
HoUis, H., '98 
Hutt. R., '99 
Isaacs, L.. '02 

ohnson, _ _ 
ones, H. L.. '89 
ones, W. B.. '01 
Cirby. G. L.. '00 
Kirk, J. C. '01 
Klunif, C. R.. '99 
Leesen, T. A, 
Lewis, W. P. 
Lings. Jr., L. 
Marsden. F. 


McKaig, 1 

. '00 
. v., '95 


McMullen, S. P., '01 
Mellott. v., '00 
HiUer, U.. '01 
Moore, W. D., '02 
Morton. J. C. '95 
Moxham, A. I., '02 
Munck, J. W., '03 
Negendark. W. G., '03 
Oskins, J, C. '03 
Parrish, S. M., "99 
Pepper. T. B.. '95 
Pnce, P. A., '96 
Prochnoo. S. D.. '98 
Proctor. E. W., '98 
Proctor. E. W., '97 
Pyle, L.. '01 
Ramskil], J. H., '98 
Randman, G. E.. '99 
Raymond. G. C, '01 
Reed. R. f ., '99 


223.S. Harrison St. 
620 Franklin St. 
1109 French St, 
1614 W. 13th St. 
819 Adams St. 
llOfl Lincoln St. 
9037 Jefferson St, 

1023 Pine St. 
421 E. 55th St. 
617 W. 6th St," 
2510 N. 18th St. 
113W. StbSt. 
517 West St, 
8-Shipley St. 
Ill N. 8th St. 
304 Walnut St. 
408 W. 13th St. 
300 E. 3d St. 

704 Orange St. 
603 Washiiurton St, 

S, W, Cor. 6th and King SU. 
211 E. 3d St. 

1422 Van Buren St. 
411 W. 8th St. 
1317 N, 6th St, 
401 N. 6th St, 
HenryClay St. 
2332 W. 18th St. 
411 W, 8th St. 
1610 Lancaster Ave, 
1804 West St, 

115 W, 13th St, 
615 £, 4th St., Box 340 
Park Eng.'s Office 
1802 Scott St, 
311 E. 7th St. 
1403 Rodney St, 
1909 Gilpin Ave. 
1405 Van Buren St. 
1605 Park St. 

705 Harrison St. 
203 Washington St. 
516 E. 4th St. 
Box 25 

807 Lombard St. 
1331 West St, 
Erlswood St. 
632 E, 7th St. 
211 W. 16th St, 
628 W. 3d St. 
501 W, 34th St, 
1010 Pine St, 
217 Rodney St, 
227 N, Franklin St. 

1423 Jackson St. 
1423 JackBon St, 
1009 Market St. 

406 W. 13th St. 
£12 Sherman St. 

407 Taylor St, 

1024 Adams St. 

A, 6S, 20P 

C, 9S. 13P 
ED, 3S, 22P 
AC, 6S, ISP 
CC. 4S 
MH. 88. 5P 
LA, 22 Parts 

D. 4S 

ED, 3S, 13P 
HD. 3S, 18P 

C, 73, 14P 
EM, 9S 
EN, 8S 

R, 17S. 23P 
HH, 6S 
EB, 2S 
HM, 6S 
ME, lOS, lOP 
EN, 8S 
P, 4S. 16P 
T. 39S. 19P 
V, lOS, 13P 

D, 4S 

J, 7S, 2P, D 
Y, lOS, 22P, D 
DP, IS, 14P 
EN. 7S ■ 
A. IS, 15P 
MD. 4S. 25P. C 
SM, 7S, 16P, D 

C, lis. 25P 
T, 14S, 3P 
MD, as. 13P 
A,7S. SP 
HS, 7S, 9P 
CC, 3S 

MD, 3S, 16P 
A. 15S, 34P 
ED, 3S, 17P 
NB, 4S, lOP 
NC, US, 7P 
A. 22S, 27P 
EN, 7S 

A, 6S, 9P 
KA, lOS. D 
MK, 4S 
RL, 93 
PG, 4S 
MD, 3S, 22P 
HS, 4S 

B. lOS. 15P 
CC, 2S 

D, 8S 
W. 6S 

DK. 4S, 25P, C 



Natnt ami Ytar 

Reese, W. E.. '98 
Richardson, W., '00 
Robinson, C, "00 
Robinson, W. J., '99 
Rommel, Jr., C., '98 
Scott, W. O:, '98 
Sherwood, C. H.. '02 
Smock. W. I., "01 
Snyder, W. E., '01 
Soncben, A. R., '02 
Start, C. H., '98 
Sta)rton, W. G.. '00 
Stuart. J., '97 
Sutor, G., '98 
Tait, A. H., '00 
Taylor, A. j., '96 
Taylor, J. B., '01 
Thompson, E. J., '99 
Thompson, P. S., '96 
Thompson, F. S., '01 
Thomp5on,j. T,.'97 
Toner. P. Jf., '97 
Vail, G. G., '01 
Van Grfder. E. A.. '99 
Van Lear, W., '02 
- Walker. G. J- '00 
Warburton, P. N., '01 
Warrington, G., '00 
Warrington, G., '03 
Waters. H., '02 
Welsh, P. J., '03 
Wharry, J., '98 
WiggleawOTth, P. W., '0 
Williams, S., '98 
Wiltbanks. Jr.. L., *03 
Winkelman, E. H., "00 
Wivel, H. W.. '99 
Wyatt, W. D„ '98 
Yaeger, C. A., '00 

Thomas, P. J., '00 

717 Adams St. 
313 Kennebec St. 
842 Pine St. 
307 Broome St. 
233 N. Broome St. 
119 W, 4th St. 
1308 N. 7th St. 
905 Spruce St. 
621 Jackson St. 
739 S. Harrison St. 
1013 Monroe St. 
1027 W. 7th St. 
1803 Washington St. 
2315 Market St. 
108 W. 18th St. 
601 Harrison St. 
29 Ivy Road 

1319 Chestnut St. 
419 Washington St. 
419 Washington St. 
543 E. 8th St. 

S. Claymont and B Sts. 
601 Jackson St. 
902 West St. 
1303 28th St. 
7 St. Helena Road 
1613 Lincoln St. 
1004 Bennett St. 
1004 Bennett St, 
608 French St. 
213 Lombard St. - 
206 Poplar St. 
1 9 Carter St. 
618 W. 7th St. 
2103 Carter St. 
702 Monroe St. 
13 E. 3d St. 
712 Hne St. 

1320 N. 3d St. 

Wyoming, kent 

C, 6S, UP 
HM, 6S 
A, 6S. 3P 

D, 4S 

C, lOS, 5P 
P. 13S, 14P 
ED. 4S, 25P. C 
T, 14S. 24P 
MK, 5S 
Y, 7S, 22P 
X, 2S 
C, US, 2P 
HS. 4S 
C. 12S, 8P 
MD, 4S, 25P, C 
TA. 9S 
C, 8S, 12P 
C. 4S, 13P 
CSF, 7S 
Z, lOS. 22P, D 
HS, 8S, D 
CC. 2S 
X, 5S, D 
' MB, 9S, 17? 

A, 6S, IIP 
ED. 3S, 26P 
ED, 4S, 25P. C 
MW, 4S. 26P 
AG, 8S, 2P 
MP, 6S 

HM, 4S. 2P 
TK, lOS 

B. 6S. 22P 
DO, 3S, 19P 
ED, IS, 22P 
AD, 3S, 20P 
HS, 8S, D 
MD. 3S, 14P 








Crouch E. C, -03 

Anacostia, 418 Monroe St. 

PA, 4S 

Edds, . L., '02 

Anacostia, 230 Filmore St. 

BA, 2S 

Edds. . L., '00 

Anacostia, 58 Grant St. 

U, 4S, ISP . 

King, ]. C. -99 

Anacostia, 323 Folk St. 

J, 4S. 3P 

Weiss. C. H., '02 

Anacostia. 27 Monroe St. 

CA, 4S 

Boyer, L. S., '98 


HS. 7S 

Detwiler. B. R.. '01 

Brightwood, 812 Des Uotnes St. 

B-. 3S. 13P 

Mitz, M. G., '00 

Brightwood, 924 Genesee St. 

ME. 58, 17P 

Webster, G., '01 

Brightwood, 74 Des Moines St. 

ME, 8S, IP 

Chaisson. P. C, '97 

Brookland, 1239 Oneaka St. 

A,28S, 41 P 

Hanna, P. W., '03 


LA. 17 Parts 

HoUedge. E. M., '99 


J. 4S 

Swingle. E. B.. '03 

Brookland, 1410 Providence St. 

AG, 7S, 12P 

Lohr, Nellie, '02 


, DE,-2S, 15P 

Grimes. P.. '98 

' Langdon, Box 46 

ME. 8S 


Saint Elizabeth 

EN, 5S 

Saint Elizabeth, St Elisabeth Asylum 

EP, 63 

Camp, H, M., 'BS 

Takoma Park 

O. 4S 

Shuster, Jr., E.. '01 

Takoraa Park, HoUy Ave. 

SM. 6S, 14P 

Trenis. O. J.. '98 



HS. 6S, 8P 

Acton, M.G., '01 

220 1st St. S. E. 

ME, 3S, 24P 

Adams, H. T., '01 

631 North Carolina Ave. 

Adams, R, E., '02 

802 2l3tSt. 

GA, 12S. 16P 

Agasterfer.A, J, '00 
AQen, J.. '02 

605 7th St. N. E. 

J, 4S, 6P 
MC, 27S, 37P 

423 6th St. S. E. 

Anderson, L. G, '04 

Care Elec. Eng., Washington Barracks 

EN, 7S 

Andrews. P., '02 

Agricultural Dept. 
B2 2d St.. N. W. 

MU, 9S, lOP 

Austin, A. S„ '99 

ME, 9S 

Auatia, W., '00 

1239 N, Capitol St. 

ME, 17S, 25P 

Babcock, Jr., J. H., 'o6 
Bachschmjd, £., '02 

1008 7th St. - 

BB. 4S 

734 15th St. N. W. 

DM. 7S, 46P 

Bamea, H. P., '98 

426 9th St. 

ME, 9S. 26P 

Baubletz. S. T., '99 

732 12th St. S. E. 

C. 2S. 23P 

Beach, D. C, '00 

519 Virginia Ave. S. E. 
105 K St. N. W. 

HM. 6S, IP 

Beard. C. L.. '00 

HS, 8S 

Belt, P., '99 

2924 N St 

HM, 83. 3P 

Bencdetta, A., '03 

Co. G, 2d Bat, Eng. 

DP. 3S, 22? 

BefxA, H. A., '02 

Marine Barracks 

EW. 5S, 2CP 

Besley. P. W.. '99 

1117SSt. N W. 

SM, 4S. 2P 

Bifield, J. E., '01 
Blake. H.. '95 

137 C St. N. E. 

ED, 3S. 15P 

3636 13th St. N. W. 

A, 7S. lOP 

Blatchley, C. A.. '98 

746 3d St. N, W. 

A. 5S, 13P 

Blatchley, C. A., '99 

746 3d St. N W. 

CM, 8S, 9P . 

Boajt. C. P., '97 

6S5 C St. S. E. 

MD, 3S, 16P 

Boiland, C. C, '96 . 

1339 Vermont Ave. 

MD, 3S, 24P 

BookmiUer, J. E., '01 

1025 22d St. N. W. 

C. 12S. 22P 

Brady, J. P., '00 

1012 B St. S. W. 

ME, 8S 

Bristol, T. J.. '02 

U. S. S. Rodgers. Caie Navy Dept. 

EQ, 8S. D 

Brockway, C. L., '02 
Brooks. G. W., '99 

717 13th St. 

1437 Maryland Ave. 

ME, 9S, 25P 

Brown. W. P., '01 

Bliss Elec. School, 219 S St. N. W. 

ME, 6S, 16P 

Bubb, R. S., '01 

719 9th St. 

UD. 3S, 24P 

Buckley, J. S., '01 

2307 Pennsylvania Ave. 

LB. 8 Parts 

Burger, H. B., '00 

Calangis, A., '02 
Calkins, H. M., '02 
Carney, T. J., '98 
CaiToU, Jr..J.M.,'ffi 
Carter, J. B., '01 
Ceas, R. E., '00 
Charles, L., '01 
Chase, A. H., '95 
Chesley, R. M., '03 
ColUns, H., '00 
Cook, Blanche. '00 
Coombs, J. L., '01 
Craig. E(£th M., '01 
Davies, J. A., '97 
Davies, P., '02 
Davis. J.. '96 
Davis. W. G., '00 
Dem. L. S., 'Ol 
Dickhaut, W. G.. 'Oi 
Dietz. E.. '01 
Divine, P, J.. '98 - 
Dobson, A. N.. '96 
Donaldson. G. M. 
Ditnn, E. L., '96 
Edwards, E. C. '99 
Edwards, J. F., '02 
Ellswortii, C. H., '02 
Embrey, L. R., '02 
Emerson. R. B., '00 
Eppleman, E.. '03 
Epply, F. G., '96 
Evans, S., '02 
Evans, Jr., T. D. 
Exley, E. S., '02 
Exley, E. S., '01 
Fit^erald, J. E., '96 
Fleshman, P., '01 
Fletcher, R., '02 
Flick, J. B., '01 
Folk, G. E.. '98 
Forney. C. G., '00 
Foster, A.. '02 
Fox, J. W , '97 
Foxwell, J. W., '01 
Fraunce.P. W., '02 
Fry. J. N., '99 
Ftiton, H. G., '99 
Galbrath, W., "02 
Galloway, G. P., '02 
Gartland, J. C, '01 
GarOand, M. J., '02 
Gary, W. T., "02 
GaskiU. L. D., '01 
GaskiU, H. W!. '02 
Gideon, P. C„ '03 
Gilliam, W., '03 
Godfrey, M. B., '98 
Gordon, P. T., '03 
Gordon, L. B.. '02 
Goodson, S. W., '93 
Graeves, J. A., '99 




1903 3d St. 
1205 13th St. 
3243 ftx«pect Ave. 
1325 Uth St N. W. 
1603 llthSt. N. W. 
806 6th St. 
1203 O St. N. W. 
408 2d St. N. W. 
229 A St. S. E. 
1310 P St. 
1610 Main St. 

212 8th St. N E. 
611 2d St. N. E. 
1628 Rosedale St. 
450 War Dept. 
309 I St. S, E. 
Garfield Hospital Annex 
921 13th St. 
722 Virginia Ave, S. E. 
S18i M St. 

1138 Florida Ave. N. E. 
100 JithSt. N. E. 
1218 B St. 
814 G. St S. E. 
1719 1st St. 
706 3d St. 

1214 Massachusetts Ave. 
420 7th St. S. W. 
1331 5th St. 
1212 3d St.. S. E 
215 4th St. 
319 W St. 
115 3d St. S. E. 
1449 Sheridan Ave, N, W. 
1449 Sheridan Ave, N, W. 
Box 27 
303 2d St. 
621 E St. N, W. 
704 M St. N. W. 
610 C St. 
827 13th St. N, E. 

213 5th St. 
743 7th St, S, E. 
9 N St. N. E. 
614 8th St, 
1359 W St, 
732 7th St. S, E. 
1427 N. Capitol St. 
734 15th St. N. W. 
3336 Prospect Ave. N, W. 
3336 Prospect Ave, N, W. 
2144 I St. N. W, 

1000 M St. 

1411 29th St. 

661 Bates St., N. W. 

3500 Madison St. 

St. James Hotel 

B\ireau Medicine and Surgery, Navy Dept. 

804 7th St. S, W. 

503 6th St. 

329 Spruce St. 

EW, 13S, 17P 
HA, 6S 
ME, 9S, 3P 
J. 4S, IP 
AA, 5S 

JB. as, C 

A, 21S, lOP 
HE, 18S, 25P 
AC, 2S, ISP 
HS, 4S, 4P 
AA 2S 
E. 8S. 2P 
CC. 2S 
C, 2S, IIP 
EN, lOS, ap 
T, nS, 13P 
X. 2S 

UD, 3S, IIP 
AC, 9S, IP 
HS, lOS, 17P, D 
HS, 6S, 9P 
ME. 9S, 7P 
C, lOS, 2P 
ME, 19S, 22P 
J, 6S, 6P 
AG, 4S 
DK, 4S, 25P. C 

ES, ) 

., lis, 22P 
GC, 4S, 5P 
ME, 13S, 25P 
DO, 3S, I4P 
D, 4S 

GA, 4S, IIP 
PG, 5S, 12P 
J, 5S, 8P 
CSF. 12S 
AC, 4S, 16P 
A, 12S, 8P 
O, 6S 

JB, 2 
DO, : 

I. 2S, 14P 
KM. 5S, 3P 
BC. 4S, 12P 
DO, 3S, 19P 
ME, 4S. 12P 
ME, 6S. 14P 
DO, IS, 13P 
AC, OS. 33P 
BC, 6S, IP 
DL, IS, I7P 
DO, 3S, 21 P 
TG, 7S 
DL, IS, 17P 
GD, 4S. IIP 
DO, 2S, 15P 
HS, lOS, 17P 
AC, 4S. 7P 



Graft, G. S., '01 
Graham. F. R., '99 
Greene, E.. '96 
Groff. A. H., '00 
Guilbert, G. F., '00 
Gulich. E.. '01 
Hale, C. A., '02 
Haley, G. W-, '00 
Harper, Jr.. W. H., 'I 
Harrison, A- F-, '03 
Harrison, E. J., '96 

Hayes, W. I.-, '00 
Hazard, H. B., '03 
Heath, W. S , '99 
Heiberger, H. B., '02 
Helmbv-olt, A., '00 
Helmsen, E, A„ '02 
Hepburn, P.. 01 
Hewes, C, '98 
Hewitt, P., '98 
HLgham. A. W., '97 
HiUers, R. B.. '01 
Hipsley. A. W.. '03 
Hixson. B. F., '03 
Hoans, S. C, '03 
Hoffman, E. G.. '01 
Haller, W. T., '00 
Home, W. B., '01 
Hough, R. P., '00 
Huchbei^er, B.. '02 
Hughes. C. W., '02 
HugheE, G. B., '96 
Hughes. W. G., '9B 
Hummel. P., '00 
Humphries, J. T., '01 
IngallB, J, M. D., "99 
Isreal. F. J., '98 
Jacobs, C. C, '98 
Jacobs. G. M.. '95 

teakins, 1 
Joms, T. 
joynes, G 
KeUy. J. 

ealdns, R.. '98 

I. T. H., '98 

ioynes. G. A., 01 

:Uy. J. F.. '01 

Kerr, i 

P.. '01 
L. C-, '03 
Kjng, Jr., T. J„ ' 
King. W. D., '99 
King. W. D, P., 
Kirk. R. W., '98 
Kiehbiel, P. B., _ 
Knechle, Jr.. C. F, 
Knowlton, F., '99 
Kosa. P.. '02 
Laing. D., '03 
Larson, P. P.. 'Ot 
Lanxmsnn. J. A' , 
Lees, H. E.. '98 
Lees. H. E., '99 
Lees. H. E,. '01 
Labraann, H. V., 



^ Addrtss 

325 Massacbusetta Ave. N. £. 
U. S, Navy 
721 llthSt. N. E. 
. 114 Florida Ave. 
1133 24th St. N. W. 
930 D St. 

Care L. & I. Depot, S. Ry. 
109 2d St. N. W: 
930 K St. N. W. 
1412 South St. N. W. 
915 6th St. S. E. 
816 E St. S. E. 
320 E. St. N. E. 
3008 W St. 

SO New York Ave. N. E. 
1633 2d St. N. W. 
819 E. Capitol St. 
Care Supreme Court, Box 354 
U. S. S. Cincinnati . 
941 E St. S. W. 
1549 3d St. N. W. 
606 13th St. N. W. 
SOS D St, S. W. 
1642 Superior St. 
39 Bates St. 
228 E. Capitol St. 
402 l9t St. N. W. 
2132 LSt. N. W, 
2044 32d St. N. W. 
Co. G, 2d Bat. Eng. Corps 
Morgan St. N. W., Oakmont Flats 

719 10th St. N. E. 
Bureau C. & R.. Navy Dept. 
304 11th St. 

718 8th St. N. E. 
405 E. Capitol St. 
626 Pennsylvania Ave. 
921 N. 6tb Ave. 
1410 A St. S. E. 
1329 Emerson St. 
1212 B St. N. E. 

720 7th St. S E. 
905 E St. 

626 B St. S. W. 

1444 E St. 

U.-S. A. Genl. Hospital 

125! 9th St. N. W. 

1027 30th St. N. W. 

1906 7th St. N. W. 

726 3d St., N. W. 

1016 9th St. N. E. 

2708 K St, N. W. 

2024 I St. N. W. 

128 D. St. N. E. 

919 3d St. N. W. 

238 2d St. N. E. 

1524 Gales St. N. E. 

Treasury Dept, 

Supt's Office, Treasury Dept. 

Dept. 7, Commerce and Labor 

2546 17th St. N. W. 

DK, 3S, 25P 

D. 5S 

A. I5S, 30P 

A. 22S, 13P 

C, 9S, 15P 

ED, 3S. 18P 

GD. 9S, 4P 

HS. lOS, 17P, t> 

DP, 3S, 25P 

AG. 4S. 2P 

ME, lis, 13P 


CC. 2S 

AC, OS, 13P 

C, 12S. 20? 

EN, 7S, 3P 

SM. 7S, 16P 

CA, 4S 

JB, 3S, C 

ME, 8S. IP 

C. 6S, 14P 

C, 16S, 22P 

UD, IS. 18P 

HH. 12S 

BE, 2S 

DO. 2S. 16P 

ED, 2S, 16P 

TR. 8S. D 

J, 4S 

A, 25S, 45P, D 

GB, 4S, 13P 

GB, 5S, 16P 

J, 6S 

C. 6S. 25P 

R, 17S, 24P. D 

MA, 8S, 24 P 

C. lOS 

ME, lOS 

C. 8S. 6P 

I. 4S 

ME, 9S, 19P 

A, 4S.~10P 

HS, 5S 

P. 58. IIP 

HM, US, 12P. D 

C. 3S, 26P 

HD. 27S, IP 

T. lOS, IIP 

J, 4S. 16P 

HD. 7S 

JB, 2S 

A, 5S, 8P 

HS, 4S 

ME. 16S, 25P 

BE, 2S 

DL. 2S, 25? 

X. OS, D 

A, 9S. 15P 

CM. 22S 

EB. 9S, D 

SM, 5S, 6P 

CC, 2S 




Lentz, P. 0., '99 
Lerch. Jr., H. F.. '01 
Lindstronj, A., '99 
Locke, W. W., '97 
LoefEtoji, Jr., A. D., '99 
Lombard, C. R., '01 
Lombard, O. G., '01 
Loughboroitgh, A. R.. '02 
Lowe. Alice, '03 
Ludewtg. J., '01 
Lusby. Jr.,C. E.. '03 

Mayer, C. H,. '99 
McAuley, H. S., '03 
McClosky, G. J., '01 
McCracken, I. E., '03 
McDonald, G. B., '00 
McGraw, M., '00 
McLean, Rose M., '01 
McLeod, G. M., '03 
McMiiUen, C. A., '03 
McNamara, T. L., '98 
McNaughton, B- L.. '93 
McQueeney, W M.. '01 
Metzroth, C, '00 
Meyer, C. A., '98 
Miles, 1.. '01 
Miles, J, A., '03 
Millar, A. C., '96 
MUler, D, S., '00 
Miller, G.. '00 
Miller, H. M., '01 
MiUer, J. F., '03 
Miller, J. P., '02 
MiUer, W. N., '00 
Mills. H., '01 
Mills, L. L.. '03 
Mtnnick, E., '00 
Mirtzler, E,. '03 
Moore, C. A., '95 
Moore, F. B.,.'01 
Moralez, L. E., 01 
Morton, J., '97 
Mueller, A. W. L., '03 
Murrell, A. P., '99 
Musselman, G. W., '95 
Nealey. H, O., '02 
Neilson, F. E.. '99 
Nelson, S, O,. "00 
Nessmith, F. P., '01 
Newell, H. D.. '01 
Newham, R. S., "02 
Noble, A. R., '02 
Nome, R,, '98 
Norrw, J. W., '00 
Null, J. W., '02 
Nussbaum, G., '02 
O'Neal, G. R., '03 
O'Rourke, J., "94 


1422 L St. ■' 

Care Cahill Elec. Typewriter Co, 

221 12th St. 

1242 5th St. N. W. 

Brightwood Ave. 

3503 Spruce St. 

1530 10th St. N. W. 

2421 K St. N. W. 

221 A St, 

1379 F St. 

2909 O St. N. W. 

808 Massachusetts Ave. N. E. 

618i ethSt. S. W. 

1209 nth St. N. W. 

1109 17th St. N. W, 

622 13th St. N. E. 

1254 10th St. 

1009 E St. S. E. 

1031 7th St, N. E. 

922 M St. N. W. 

1002 4th St. N. E. 

1376 P. St N. E. 

213 E St. N. E, 

635 Massachusetts Ave. N. E. 
1376 H St. 

Care Civil Ser\'ice Commission 

Business High School 

220 E St. N. W. 

Ifi07 Marion St. 

116 E. Capitol St. "■ 

663 22d St. N. W. 

610 Ave, A S. E. 

636 B St, S. W. 

613 Pcnnsvlvania Ave. 

636 B St, S. W, 

228 E. Capitol St. 

915 12th St. N. W. • 

327 C St. N. W. 

1905 Pennsvlvania Ave. 

U. S. S. Yankee 

Boa 837, Soldiers' Home 

1 432 Corcoran St. 

943 Westminister St. 

211 9th St. S. W. 

519 6th St. S. W. 

322 Indiana Ave. 

355 Emerson St. N. E. 

12th and B St N W. 

7th St. Power House 

3147 U St. N. W. 

1320 New York Ave. 

3214 M St. N. W 

519 6th St. N. W. 

U. S. Geol. Survey 

925 E St. S. W. 

2016 15th St. N. W, 

232Quincy St. N. E. 

300 Georgia Ave. 

1375 L St. 

428 P St. 

512 9th St. S. E, 

428i H St. N. W. 

MD, 3S, 17P 

CC. 2S 
J, 4S. IP 
A. 68, IIP 
HS, 5S 

A, lis, lOP ' 
HS, 4S 

EP, 9S 
LB, to Parts 
MB. 5S, 13P 
GC, 4S 
EB. 2S 

D, 4S - ' 
ME, 5S, 17P 
ME, 18S, 12P 
DO, 3S, lOP 
MD. 3S, 12P 
EF. 7S. 5P 
AD, 5S, 6P 

HS, lOS. 16P, D 

AA, 4S 

AG. 4S, 16P 

EP. 9S 

J. 4S 

C, 17S. 26P 

J, 4S, 2P 

J. 3S, IIP 

HS, 4S 

B, IBS, 18P, D 
DH, IS, 13P 
J. 4S, 6P 

X, 8S. 16P 

E, OS, lOP 
"A, 21 S, 27P 

DE, 2S, 15P 

CD. 2S, UP 
ED, IS. 13P 
KA, lOS. D 
CC. 3S 

AG, 5S 
MP. 5S 

B, fiS, 16P 
X, 4S 

A, SS, 33P 
BM. 7S 
CC, 3S 
HS. 7S. 6P 
BA. 2S 

C, 9S, 24P 
EB, 2S 

f, 6S 
ME, 16S 
MU, 6S, 37P 
BA, 3S 
HS. fiS. OP 
T, 4S 

HH, 20S, D 
HE, 17S 
DO, 3S, lep 
A, ISS. 37P 


Namtimd V*ar 
Osborne. J. E., '02 
Chirand, G. O., '01 
Parker, E; W., '98 
Parker, W. H., '00 
Parsons, G. W., '" 
Parsons, L. N., 
Paxson, A. M.. 
Peareon, I. M., 
Perrina, T.. '01 
Pettus, J. H., 'i 
PUant, C. A., 'I 


Pyne, E. C., '01 
Raider. L., '96 
Randall, J. A., "i 
Randall, W. B., 
Reasman, S., '0^ 
Rdd, F. T., '00 
Reid, G. E., '97 
Rice, C. S., '01 
Rich, F. G.. '02 
Rich^dson, J. I 
Riddle. A. S., '9/ 
Riley, E. L., '03 
Roberteon, R.. '03 
Rogers. B. F., '00 
Rothwell, W. D., '98 
Rousseau. E. L., '01 
Rose. P. W..'01 
Rudisell, W. H., '02 
Sandberg. F., '01 
Sauber. W. M.. '02 
Saxty, F. L., '01 
S«haU, E., '01 
Sohluin. M., '03 
Schmidt, M. A., '00 
Sein, W. P.. '97 
Sharer, J. W.. '01 
Shaw. L. E.. '01 
Shaw, L. E.. '00 
Shearer, T. E., '96 
Shipman, W. E-. '99 
Shreve. S. R., '99 
Simpson, W. W., '97 
Snuth, E. H.. '02 
Smith. M., '99 
Soule. J. W.. '03 
Spliedt, G. E., '00 
Springman, S., '98 
Stack, J. W., '98 
Staffrad, C. P., '98 
Stout. J. K., '93 
Stuhmaim. H. L.. '0( 
Suffi, C. «... '99 
Suffierland, M., '03 

Tai^r, 6. J., ■'( 
Temples, P. W, 


127 E St. N. E. 
1218 New Jersey Ave. ^ 

J723 Riggs Place 
1705 New York Ave. N. W. 
Room 224 P. O. Dept. 
419 16th St. N. E. 

642 V St. N. W. 

1614 T St. N. W. 

U. S. S. Mayflower 

925 N St. N. W. 

609 Pennsylvania Ave. N. W. 

327 2d St.'N. E. 

20 F St. N. W. 

602 22d St. 
412 C St. 
20 F St. N. W. 
605 22d St. 

> 903 10th St. 

1323 Hiintoon Place, S. W. 

20 Grant Place 

620 3d St^N. W. 

150 P St. N. E. 

Canal Road 
01 215 4th St. N. W. 

615 E St. N. W. 
804 22d St., N. W. 
1228 2Sth St. N. W. 
J223 Kenyon St. ' 

m 28 9th St. N. E. 

704 12th St, 
421 1st St. N. E. 
925 8th St. N. W. 

U. S. S. Kearsarge, Care Navy Dept. 
1408 Binney St. 

603 P St. N. W. 

616 M St. S. E. 
229 Pennsylvania Ave. 
817 .14th St- N. W. 
923 £ St. 

626 13th St. 

625 13th St. 

1010 1st St. S. E. 

3427 St. N. W. 

822 K St. S. E. 

130 11th St. S. E. 

217 P St. 

1466 Oak St., Mt. Pleasant 

620 I St. N. W. 

126 10th St. S. E. 

226 K St. S. W. 

1511 28th St. N. W. 

46th St. N. E. 

601 Stanton Place 

Bureau of Construction and Repair 

739 7th St. N. W. 

Box 144, U. S. Senate 

1518 28th St. 
., '02 608 M St. N. W. 

~ ■"" 1341 2d St. 

DO, 6S. 37P. C 

TP, 7S 

F. 16S, 12P 

MD, 2S. 13P 

X. 3S 

AD, IS. 14P 

EX, 13S 

J. 8S, IIP. D 

UD. 5S, 29? 

C, 4S, 13P 

HS. 4S 

■ ")S. 45P. D 



ED. 3S. 25P 
A, 6S. 19P 
LB, 11 Parts 
P. 7S 
EP. 6S 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 
J. 7S, HP 
ME. 26S, 22P 
BD, 6S, 18P 
HS, 7S 
AC, 22S, 21 P 
MW. 3S, 12P 
SM, 7S. 15P, D 
A, 18S. 3SP 
ED, IS, 24P 
ME, 2S, 15P 
EN. 6S 
XX, 2S 
DB, 7S, 18P 

E, 7S 
HS, 8S, D 
EP. 58 

C, lOS, 13P 
DK. 2S, 13P 
PP. 7S. 19P. D 
J, 9S, 16P, D 
MD, 3S, 13P 
HS, lOS, 17P. D 
MD. 3S, 22P 
MD, 4S. 25P 
DE, 4S, 20P 
K, 4S 
EP, 5S 
BC, 5S. 9P 
IB, 3S, C 
C. 9S, 13P 
C, 5S, 14P 

F, 5S 

HM, 5S, 17P 
ME, 9S, 20P 
BC. 4S 

EG. as 

MB, 8S 


Thomas, G. B., '00 
Thompson, C. R., "03 
Thompson, W. W„ '99 
Toomey. E. H., '98 
Tongue, h. M., '98 
Tongue, W. T., '98 
Towne, A., '01 
Tracey. H. E., '02 
Trotter. M. H., '00 
Tufts, W. O,. '01 
Tune, R. I,. '00 
Upyon, E. A., '01 
Valentine, R. R., '02 
Vordemberg, Jr.. H, H.. 

Wagner, E. C, 'QO 
Wagner, F., '99 
Warfield, A. W„ '02 
Wagner, A.. '99 
Wendol, H., '00 
Wheeler. R.. '03 
Wilhelm. S. K.. 01 
Wilkes, A. D., 
Wilkins, Lena F. 


Williams, L., '93 
Williams, R., '99 
Williama, W. D„ '99 
Williamson, F. E., '0 
Wine, W. J., '99 
Winslow, B. R., '99 
Winslow, B. R., '02 
Wohlfarth, E., '02 
Wolfe, F. S., '01 
Wolfe, J. T., '00 
Young, A. L., '01 
Young, W. W., '97 
Young, W. W. '01 
Zeaman, W.. '03 

Garfield Hospital 
937 M St. N. W. 
723 Virginia Ave, S. E. 
520 M St. N. E. 
Box 228 
507 Spruce St. 

1421 F St., Care L. E. Dessez 
622 H St. N. W. 
512 Rhode Island Ave. 
Care U. S. Geofogical Survey 
92i F St. N. E. 
1215 I St. N. W. 
336 B St. N. E. 

532 1st St. 

945 C St. N. W. 

802 D St. N. E. 

24 Quincy St. 

624Main St. 

510 est, N, E- 

Secondary Moimt Shops, Navy Yard 

114 I4thSt. N. W. 

1657 SIstSt. N. W. 

1523 28th St. N. W. . 

408 7th St. S. W. 

415 Kentucky Ave. 

1460 P St. N. W. 

614 E St. N. E. 

4284 M St. 

2122 W St. N. W. 

9 Patterson St. 

70i O St. N. E. 

1619 Madison St,N. W. 

918 P St. N. W. 

21 5th St. N. E. 

940i Virginia Ave. 

912 G St. S. W. 

912 G St. 

7I7i 20th St. N. W. 

CC. 2S 

DP. 3S. 18P 
ME, lis, 4P 
A, lOS. 4P 
AA, 3S 
JR, 6S. 15P 
A, IRS, 23P 
EQ, 5S 
A. 5S, 13? 
T. 8S, 23P 
ME, 12S. 25P 

GB, 9S, )0P 

A, 5S, 13P 
U. IS, 16P 
A, 6S, 30P 

EA, 4S. 25P 
ME, 9S 

^fi, 3S 
. EP. 6S 
X, 4S 

EB, 4S 
DB. 2S, IIP 
HS, 7S. IP 
C. lOS, 25P 
J. 7S, D 

A, 5S. 29P 
DO, 6S. 37P, C 
R, 18S, 24P. D 
MD. 4S, 26P. C 
GO, 6S, 15P 
EP, 93 
ED, 2S, 13P 
C, lOS, 26P. 
ED, 3S, lOP 
A, 35S, 34P, D 

CD, 3S, ISP 
CA, 6S 




Prantz, Ella S.. '02 

Ankona. Brbvakd 

BE, 2S 

Armentrout, E. W.. '99 

Apalactaicola. pkanklin 

A, 13S 

Kunze, A., '03 

Bartow folk 

Bay Viiw, hii.LSboro 

BA. 58 

Barrett, W. 1... '98 

MB, 9S 

Armstrong, Miss Orah, '02 Braidentown, Box 107, mahatbb 

DB. 46. HP 

Iennison,%, G.. '95 
ifeislahn, Marie M., '98 



■Clarcona, orangb 

Gove, W. A., '00 

Daytona, volusia 
DeFuniak Springs, waltoh 

CD, 7S, 18P, D 

Fellows. Alice. '00 

Lourie. R. H., '00 

DeLand, Box 346. volusia 

J, 7S, 9P 
E, 3S, 25P 

Bealey, W. P„ '00 

Roberts. Jr., D. B., '99 


HS, 6S, 1 IP- 

Snow, G. E.. '02 

East Lake, harion 

LA, 10 Parts 

Clemens, J. S., '00 
Richards,H. W.. 'B9 

East Palatka, Eng., F. E. C. Ry.. PUTNak 

AB, 5S 

Eden, Indian River, BRSVAitD 

ME, 13S, 23P 

Armour. S,, '01 

Estero. leb 

HH. lOS 

Amey, I. D, '02 
Bidez, M. H.. '01 

Femandina, Box 58. Nassau 

RG, 6S 

Femandina, Box 34, Nassau 

D. 4S 

Camey. 0. R.. '02 
Howefl. J. W.. '03 

Femandina. Box 60, nabsau 

RD, 3S 

BB, 2S . 

Mancher, W. R., '03 

Femandina, Nassau 

MP, 7S 

Osgood, Jr., W.S. '01 
Petsch, P. C, '90 

Feraandina, IAS. 9th St., Nassau 


Femandina, nasbau 

A. JOS, 7P 

Thompson. H. J., '01 

-Femandina, 23 S: 7th St.. Nassau 

CC, 3S 

Spillman, G. L.,'02 

Gainesville, alachua 

LA, 10 Parts 

Lindabury. W. F.. '02 

Georgiana, Box 35, brbvard 

BR, 5S, D 

Anderson, J. A., '01 
Askesren, C. M., '03 

Goulding, via Pensacola, bscambia 

BC, 6S, 15P 

Goulding, bscaubia 


Taylor. T. G.. '02 

Hastings, Box 12, saint John 
JacksonviUe, duval 

HD, 17S. 6P 

Barnard. G. L., '97 

Asst. Eng. B. P. W. Ry. 

I, US, 20P 

Barnard, G. L., '01 

Asst. Ene. B. P. W. Ry. 
518 Washley St. 

A. 12S, 9P 

Bishop, G. M., '03 

BF. 3S, lOP 

Borden. C. A., '01 

Care Cummer Lumber Co. 

ED, 4S, 26P, 

Brown, P. F.. '00 

922 B. Duval St. 

C, lOS. 24P 

Burden. H. S., '98 

A, 15S. 8P 

Comp, A. S., '00 

731 Union St., 


Couforth, R. W.. '99 

Box 28 

JB. 3S. C 

Cojc, J. B., -03 

225 W. 6th St. 

AC. 7S, 9P 

Crabtree, H.. '97 

326 Main St. 

SM. 3S. J IP 

Dunne, J. H.. '99 
LaMee, W. L.. '99 

, acksonviUe St. Ry. Co. 

HS. 6S 

HM, 7S 

Litch, E. L., '00 

TG. 8S 

Mark, V. E., '01 

Room 22 Wedcman Block 

A, lOS, 19P 

MacMiUan, T. H. S., '99 

401 W. Duval St. 

ME, 9S, lOP 

McCarr^l, Elizabeth, '98 

310 Wesa Bldg. 

A, 5S, 7P 

Smith, G. R..'00 

847 Park St. 

CC, 2S 

Stranger, J. K., '03 
Stranger. J. K., '02 

218 E. Adams St. 

MC. 6S, 26P 

216 E. Adams St. 

EP, 7S 

Strata, W., '02 

2101 Riverside Ave. 

lA. 2S 

Thomas, W. A., '01 

Care Schooner Jas. A. Garfield 


White, R., '02 

942 W. Adams St. 




Whetstone. D. E., '03 
Sinunons, j. H., '02 
Webber, 1*., '92 
Forwood, P., '94 
Whitten, A. S.. '01 
Marsh. H. A., '02 
Tones, W. T., '01 
Storrs, R. E., '93 
Hunter, E. L., '99 
Underwood. A. W., '03 
McQuaig, Essie, '02 
Johnson, J. M., '02 
Anderson, G., '02 
Weston. F.. '97 
Ingram. A. F., '00 
Nance, J. H., '02 
Horn, P. A., '02 
Freeh, H., '99 
Gardner, H. L., '02 
White. E. W., '01 
Hefferman, J. L., 
Borraa, E. M., '02 
CottreU. A., '98 
Craft. C. D., '99 
Lybrook, W. A.. '02 

Quina, C. J., '9B 

Stack, F., '03 

Sweeney, J.L., '00 

McKinia, T., '99 
Bean, C. N., '96 
Adams, O. W.. '02 
Fletcher, S. J., '01 

Moasman, P. F., '03 
Newlander. A,. '03 
Payne, R. E.. '98 
Pitts, H. S., '99 

Harris. L. H., '01 
McEwen, H. N., '02 

Lowe, A. M., '02 
Wichham, E., '95 
Anderson, H, B., '01 
Davis. T. S., '01 

Key West, Box 37, monbob 

Key Weet, U. S. S. Pish Hawk 

Key West Bairacks, 121st Co.. Coast Art., 

Key West Barracks, 12l5t Co., Coast Art.. 

Key West Barracks, Bat. T, uonrob 

Lake City. COLUMBIA ' 

Lake City. Columbia 

Lealman, hillsboro ' > 

Madison, madison 
Manatee, 2915 Peach St., 
Marshville. uakion 
Mayport, duval 
Melrose, alachua 
Miami, Box 125, dadb 
Montbrook, levy 
Monte Verde, laks 
Monticello, jeffbrsoh 

Moultrie, SAINT JOHN 

Newbeny, Box 96, alachua 

Ocala, Box 355. marion 

Ocala, 88 Tusconville St.. 

Orlando. Box 624. orangs 

Ormond, Box 64. VOLI'SIA 

Palatka, putnam 

Palatka., Box 492, PUTNAM 

Panama Park, duval 

Pensacola, Box 46, escambia 

Pensacola, U. S. S. New York, 

Pensacola, Box 77, bscambia 

Pensacola. U. S. Tug Accomac, Navy Yard, 


Pensacola, 406 E. Inteadencea St., 

0. 9S. 14P 
Kfi, 4S 

BA, 2S 

HD. lis, 6P 
SM, 4S 
ME, 19S, 4P 
BA. 2S 
DK, 3S, 24P 
CM, 20S 
MP, 4S 
A, 4S 
AD, 8S 
LR, US, D 
MD. 4S. 12P 
A. laS. 21P 
BA. 6S 
RL. 2S 
DA. 3S. 19P 
SM. 5S. 4P 
HS. 7S. 17P 
HE. 26S, 2P 
AC, 5S 
J. 5S, 16P 
BE, 3S 
BE. 48 
X, 2S 
CA. 4S 
HM, 4S 
ME, 3S. 25P 

HB, fiS 

Pensacola, U. S. S. Accomac, Navy Yard. 

Pensacola, 3D6 E. ZarragoSa St, 

Pensacola, 404 E. Wright St., bscambia 
Pensacola, U. S. Marine Barracks, 


Pittsbtirg. 20 Ruth St., 
Port Tampa, hillsboro 
Punta Gordo, Box 7. db 
River Junction, 
Saint Augustine, 

Saint Augustii 

3 Hypota St, 

„__ ., Box 172, SAINT JOHN 

Saint Augustine, Sanford St., saint john 

Saint Augustine, saint john 

Saint Augustine, !3t Marine St.. saint 

Saint Francis, lake 
Saint Leo, pasco 
Saint Petersburg, hillsboro 
Saint Petersburg, hillsboro 
Sanford, Box 145, obangb 
Sanford, Box 222, orangk 

A, 6S, IP 
CC, 6S 
HM, 6S. IP 
HH. 19S, D 
SM, 4S, fiP 

A, 6S. lOP 
MK. 5S 

AC. lOS, lOP 
A, 23S 

A, 4S, 4P 
ME. 9S, 8P 
DH, IS. 16P 
BA, 2S 

AD, 2S, 12P 
ED, as, 17P 
LR, 14S, D 


Steele, H., '00 
Talbot, J. C, '03 
Weaver, W. W., 'M 
Hftr». H. O.. '00 
HoUinger, E. K., '02 

BaltCT. W. M., '01 
Berry. F. R., '98 
Botime, G. S., 'OS 
BoMTM. G. S., '00 
Cain, R. H.. '94 
Csmpcn, E. M., '00 
Jackson, T. B., '02 
James, F, J., '00 
McConnell, W. H., 
HcGarrick, E. F., ' 
Norwood, E. H., '99 


Kichue, E., '97 
SeMS, G.. '96 
Eames. A. H., ,'9A 





Sanford. oiangb 

HS. 8S 

Starke, BRAsroKD 

BB. 2S 

Stetson, voLUBiA 


EN. 7S 

<- TUBpa, BlLLflBOKO / 

Care Pcnitiwila TeL Co. 

TP. 6S 
N. 7S 

607 Lafayette St 



607 Lafayette St. 
Care ColHns House 

A, 13S, 

43P , 

E lOS 


2606 Central Ave. 

V, »S. 8P 



1704 Lamar St. 

A. 7S. 20P 

408 Whiting St. 

BB, 4S 

108 Lafayette St. 

A. 4S. 20P 

108 Lafayette St. 

A, 53, UP 


Tortuga*, konbob 

A, ISS, 


Wabaaw. bhbvard 

C, 8S, 17P 

West Palm Beach, dadb 

US, 4S 




Nam* aitS Ytar Addrtit 

Cheatham, Jr., H. H.. '99 Albany. 161 Pine St., 
Nantland. Mrs. K. C., '99 Albany, DOUOijesTr 

Gordon. J. J., '02 
McNeill, W. W., uu 
Barry, E., '01 
Blair, P., '01 
Hudyin, T. B.. '97 
Jackson, D. W., '00 
Nickolson, H. E., '94 

Americua, 808 Lee St., suutbk 
Amenctu, 715 Church St., euhi 
Athena, cLAttKB 
Athens, 461 Oconne St., claak: 
Athens, 1220 Sprinedale St., 
Athens, 141 Peter St. 
Athens, clareb 

Adams, Ethel, '89 
Ashboudi, H., '00 
Beatie, W. D., '02 
BenteU, H. H.. '00 
Benyman, B. L., '03 
Blakeman, T. E., '03 
Bofitrom. E. A., '94 
BraceweU. I., '03 
Bromley, G. T., '01 
Burrisso, Mary R., '03 
Butts, Jr.. J. W., '01 
Caldwell. Jr., R. H.. '02 
Campbell. A. J., '03 
Chambers, H- O., '01 
Connally, S. N.. '03 
Davis, C. B., '00 
Dinwiddee, Jane Watkins, 

Doctor, C. P.. '02 
Elev, J. N.. '97 
EUiott, T.. '98 
Eskridie. P. L., '02 
Foster. F. M., '00 
GarraiM, E., '99 
Gibbs, H. S.. '00 
Goodwin, A. H., '98 
Grant, I., '98 
Hale, J. M., '02 
Harrington, J., '00 
Hartrarapf. G. A., '01 
Hill, D. S., '01 
Hudson, G.J. '02 
Hutchinson. M. O., '03 
Jones, H. H.. *01 
Tones, T. D., '03 
Klein, Miss Ray. '99 
Lafette.jr, J. A.. '01 
Lester, W. H., '02 
MacCaU. H. L„ *01 
Macdonald, C. R.. '01 
Martin, J. M^ '01 
Meadfqurd, W. E., '02 
McCord, C. M., '01 
McNish. E., '02 


72 Cherokee Ave. 
183 WhitebaU St. 
23i W. Alabama St. 
101 W. Harris St. 
General Delivery 
46 Woodward Ave. 
51 Houstan St. 
119 Auburn Ave. 
g Dilton St. 
67 Crew St. 
499 Central Ave. 
146 Gordon St. 
718 Temple Court 
36 Edwards St. 
24 E. Alabama St. 
339 Gordon St. 


Care Seaboard Air-Line Shops 

198 S. Pryor St. 

420 Edgewood St. 

139 WfOker St. 
■ 52 Savannah St. 

193 W. North Ave. 

155 Porest St- 
82 N. Forsythe St. 
57 Edgewood Ave. 
145 W. Mitchell St. 
104 Manguin St 
374 S. Boulevard 
Care Retail Credit Co. 
56 Simpson St. 
Talmadge House 

55 Luckie St. 

56 Hampton St. 
93 Windsor St. 
60 Church St. 

156 Rhodes St. 
School of Technology 
123 Capitol Ave, 
1201-1210 Empire Bldg. 
Care U. S, Prison 
156 Gordon St. 
U, S. Penitentiary 


D, 6S 
U, 4S, 21 P 
RG, lOS. D 
BC, 4S, 12P 
A, 13S 
PB, 9S 
A, 8S. 12P 
D, 4S 
C, 9S. lOP 

CO. 23 
AC. 16S 
AC, 6S, I2P 
A, 4S. IIP 
HD. 19S 
EG. 7S 
ME. IIS, 15P 
DL, 3S. 16P 
HE, 9S, 2P 
DL, 4S, lOP 
J. 7S, D 
LA, 9 Parte 
AC, 3S, 14P 
UD, 38, 12P 
HD, lOS 

AD, 5S. 21 P 
RO. lOS 
j. 6S, 5P 
ME, 9S 
BB, 2S 
TA. 16S 
HL, 4S, 12P 
UE, 4S, 14P 
ME, 8S, UP 
MD. 3S. 18P 

EQ, ( 
AD. 1 

'. IS. 19? 
CC. 2S 
EN, 53 
EP. 63 
GD, 3S, IIP 
MN. 33 
A, 43, 14P 
XX. 23 
IB. 23 
TF. 213, C 
A, 12S. 12P 
EA, 8S 
EG, 7S 
ME, lOS 
MS, 7S, 4P 




Uiles. H. S.. '97 

272 Luekie St. 


MulKngs, C. G- '00 

330 Ponce d« Leon Ave. 

66 Woodward St 

MB. 4S, 21P 

Noma. J. E.. '02 

53 Wyman St. 
Care U. S. Prison 

TK, leS 

O-Briaa, M., '03 

HP 17S 

Oliver. H., '03 

212 Greesferry Ave. 

HE, 20S 

O'Neal, 0. v., '03 

368 Couper St 
Care P. b. 

RL. 2S 

Parks, H., '02 


Patterson, A. M,. '02 

40 Plum St 

DN, as, 13P 

Potter, R, H,.'fi8 

410 Jackson St 

A. 12S. lOP 

Power, J.- P., '00 

Care W, & A. Roundhouse 

LR, 7S 

Rouche. W. L., '99 

Care King Hdro. Co. 

CC. 6S 

Sankey, P. M.. '02 

81 S. Ptyor St 

TA, 15S 

Seawnght. W. C. '01 

100 Marietta St. 

A, 14S. 16P 

Seiz. E. C. '01 

252 Ivy St 

78 S. Pryor St. 

Care S. M. Burbank, Prudential Bide. 

A. eS, 14P 

Simmons, M.M.. '02 

C 9S 24P 

Smith, M. L., '01 

BD. 2S, UP 
EP, 106 

Thdmas, W. G., '03 

White, L. E.. '01 

245 BeUwood St. 

DL. 28. IfiP 

Wilkerson. T. L.. '97 
W lliamfi, C. C, '94 

HS, 8S, SP 

HE, 12S. i5P 

Williams. T. E.. '03 

263 Sunset Ave, 


EX. 21S 

Argo, G. R., '00 

1107 Greene St 

TG. 6S 

Bagly. W. H., '00 
B^t, L. J.. -95 
Beaufort, C. W., '93 

1656 RollersvUle St 

JR, 6S 
C. 5S. 23P 

427 Washington Ave. 

■ 930McKinneSt 

C. 2S. lOP 

CaldweU, W. T.. "99 

Care Howard Drug Co. 


CarleiX. D. T., '02 
Corley, J. T., '01 

403 Dyer Bidg. 

DL, 3S. 20P 

D Polkes Alley 

HS. 4S 

Crosby. J. A.. '03 

1609 RoUeraviUe St 


Dimmond. W. H., '01 

1303 Tweggs St. 


Ferbee. C. E., '01 

Str. Marion 

CC, 2S 

Ferguson, J. H., '99 
Glenn, W.B., '99 

811 EliisSt 

B, 93. 13P 

1494 Main St 

HS. 8S. 8P 

Gray. T. S.. '01 

819 Broad St 

PP. 10 Parts 

Greesan, J. L., '03 

634 Wright Ave. 


Horn. R. L., '02 

No, 4 Engine Co. ■ 
612 Wright Ave. 
Walton Way 
832 Broad St 

TF. lOS 

ackson. E. L.. '02 

TA, 16S 

' ones. C. E.. "02 

BA. 7S 

■ oyce. W.. '95 

C. 2S, lOP 

Cfllion. N. B., '01 

125 Dyer Bldg. 

GC, 4S, IP 

Kuhlke, D. L., '00 

610 Broad St 

X. 2S 

Lass, H H.. '01 

216 Telfair St. 

X. 2S 

Lewis. E., '01 

1602 Cooper St. 

P. flS, 3P 
TB, lOS 

Morris, F. M.. *97 

351 Greene St 

Murphy, E.. '01 

1 Mill St 

Pritehard, P. B., '01 

1931 Walton Way 

ED, 3S. 14P 

Sayre. L., '00 
Stine. Z.T..'00 

811 Ellis St 

MD, IS, 21P 

106 Center St. 


Story, C. E., '00 

CC. 2S 

Surles, W. T.. '99 

. 569 Broad St. 


A, 6S, 7P 

R^oids._i. W., '00 

Broxton, W. T., '00 

Barnes ville, Pic» 

EN, 5S 

Beverly, Pearle Cotton Mills, blbsbt 
Blackshear, pibrcb 

TA, 15B 


Gray, T. S., 98 
Cobb, P. Y.W., '01 

Blackshear p i s AC B 

Blakely, barlt 

BC, 5S, 6P 

Deal, Daisy. '01 
Ames. M. R.. '02 

Blakely, Box 15. barlt 

CC, 2S 

Brunswick, 1018 New Castle St., glthk 



Cronder, A. L„ '97 
Sdler. M. B., '02 
Dfllftrd. J. P.. '99 
Matson.J. T.,'B9 
Deniii^, E. R., '99 
Granger, N. M„ '00 
McEwen. W. E., '98 
Smith. R. P.. '04 
Wellrngtuun, R., '03 
Baxness, P. D., '02 
Wndraui, C. B., '00 
Scbaefer, P., '01 

Suriet, L. O.. '08 
Du^an, D. B., '03 
WsObce, W. A.. 'ft9 

Blur, Bessie, '01 
Dexter, H^ '99 
Knowles, G. P., '01 

Orr. W. O., '99 
Pitt*. A. S., '01 
Price. W. P., '00 
Watw^n, A. I.. '03 
Worsham. J. W., '00 
Axsan, W. E.. '02 
Pierce, N.. '01 
Comelson. I. M,, '99 
Panneke, C. U, '03 
Brantley, E. i,'02 
Fairclofli, P.W.. '01 
Davidson. J.. '96 
Brown. L., '02 
Noel, P.. '03 
Greer, G. W.. "03 
Binsson, 0.. '03 
JenHna. P. S., '03 

Gautscby, H., '03 
Jones, St. C '03 
Campbell; A. S., '98 
HoTgan. H. H.,.'02 
Gilmer. T. T-, '02 
Foster, L. B., '99 
Daniel, C, '03 . 
McCoy. C, '03 
O'Ndil, D. L,. '97 
Robinson. G. T.. '00 
PhiUips. W. C. .00 
Chastain, A. M„ '99 
Arwood. Q. W.. '01 
HopHna. X.. '01 
Bankston. H. A., '01 
Gardiner. G. A., '02 
Hyban, J. T.. '97 
Kern, L., '00 

Dobbs. G. W.. ' 
X<ow«, Mn. Btu 
Uoon, Nina, 'ol 

Boena Vista, hakion 

Cadley, wakrbk 

Cantfoi, CHBBOKBB 

Canton, Care U. Field, Crxbokbb 

Carrollon, M. Cotton Mills, cabroll 

Carters ville. babtow 

Carters ville. bartqw 

Cartersville, Box 76. i 

Cartersville. R. P. D. No, 3, baktow 

Cedartown, polk 

Cedartovn, Box 52, polk 

Chicamaugua Pork, Troop B, 7th Cavalrf, 


Chitiley. hakris 

Cocnrui. pulasxi 

College, Geoigia SUte Industrial School, 


Columbus, 1S20 Sd Av«., huscooib 
Columbus, Box 76, hvbcoobb 
Columbus, Columbus Show Case Co., 

Columbus, 201 18th St., uuscoQBB 

Columbus. 105 23d St., muscooeb 

Columbus, 2509 Hunilttm Ave., uuscogbb 

Columbus. 1613 1st Ave.. 

Corinth. West St.. hbabd 

Criehton, ch: 


Dal ton. 

Dalton. B( 


Dublin, R. P. D., No. 3 laubbns 

Care Gate City Oil Co.. pulton 

Elberton, Box 117, blbbbt 

Ep worth, PANNIN 

Experiment. SPAULUNO 

Fort McPherson, Co. L, 16th lai., mi.- 

Port McPherson. 16th U. S. Inf, Band, 


Gilmore, cobb 

Greensboro, Box 75, gbbbnb . 

Griffin, SPALDING 
Hawkinsville, pulaski 
High Shoals, oconbb 
Ingleside, db kalb 

iefierson. Box 53. jacbson 
eSerson, jacks on 
ohnston Station, libbrtt 
ohnstown. 342 Pott Place, DAWSON 
[irkwood, Box 64, db kalb 
Lafayette, walkbr 
Lindale, Box 56, plovd 
LuthersviUejKBBi w ET H E R 
Macon, 165 Williams St., bibb 
Macon. 463 Spring St., bibb 

Hacon. 716 Mulberry St., bibb 
Macon. Clark Ave,, bibb 
Macon, 664 Walnut St., bibb 
Marietta, cobb 
12 Marietta,. Box 167, cobb 
Marietta, Box 112, cobb 

B, 9S, 8P 
NC, 12S. 12P 
TA, 24S 
BB, 2S 

TA, 20S. D 
X, 2S 
P, 5S 

AC, 4S. 12P 
LR, 6S 
A, 6S, 13P 

CC, 28 
EG, 8S 
TE. 6S 

CC. 2S 
A, 4S. 2aP 

C. 12S. 18P 

A, 5S 

HS. 6S, 6P 
TB, I3S. C 
CC, 2S 
EP. 6S 
MU. 8S, 8P 
CC, 2S 
HS. 4S, 3P 
EG. 8S, D 
BE. 6S 
X, 2S 
Mk. 9S 
HE, 31S 
AG, 6S. 13P 
TK, es 
BA, 7S 

HE. 8s. ep 

TD, 12S, C 
N. 7S. 19P 
GA. 7S, lOP 
HE. 206 
HI, 143 
EB, 9S 
CM. 5S 
Z, 6S, 22P 
TA. 15S 
TA, 17S 
BA. 4S 
A, 6S, 6P 
CA. 8S, D 
J, 6S. 13P 
A, 9S 

LB. 88. IP 
BE, 2S 
HS, 48 
F.6S. 3P 

;d by Go Ogle 

DeSaussure. T. H., '03 
CoUins, C. M.. '02 
Jordao, B., '02 
Lotspeich. W. W„ '02 
Shelnutt, B. L., '00 
Law, Jr., E. M., '98 
Sago. J., '97 
Loveni, T., '99 
Warf. P., '00 
Hopkins, H. S., '01 
Goodwin, W. R., '01 
Starling, A. R., '98 
Silman, Miss Neva R., 
Bowen, W. h., '00 
White, J. C, '03 
Hanson, A. L,. '96 
Sager, A., '02 
Ruggler, C. R,, '01 
Smitli, L. R., '99 
Millis, H. A., '03 
Coker, H. S., '98 
Peterson, Mrs. E., '99 

Addna Stcord 

Milledgevilte, Baldwin EP, 8S 

Montezuma, Box 442, uacon DO, OS, 37P 
Monticello, Care Electric Plant, jaspbb EN. BS 

Mountairy, habbrshau EA, IIS, SP 

Miuella, CRAWFORD CC, 2S 

Nahunta, waynb ME. 158 

Newman, coweta C, 6S, 16P 

Newman, Box 330, cowbta TV, US 

Newman, cowbta MD, 4S, 26P 

Ofterm&n, ptbrcb HE, ISS 

Felham. Box 13 mitchsll TE, 88 

Pidcock, BROOKS EB, 28 

'01 Powder Springs, cablb BD. 28, UP 

Quitman, brooks JJ. 8S. 17P, D 

Rockmart. R. F. D. No. 1, polx HE. lOS 

Rome, 401 Walters St., flotd A. 6S, 2P 

Rome, 502 E. 1st St., floyd DJ, 3S, 22P 

Rome, 2d Ave., floyb LS, IS. 16P 

Rome, Rome Furnace Co., floyd D, 6S 

RossWlle, WALKER EO. 88, D 

Roswell, COBB TB. lOS 

Saint Marys, camdbn EB, 28 


•itt, W. J., 'i 
un, F. D., ■( 

Christians, C. A.. '96 
Clausen, C, '00 
Cohen, J. R., '02 
Collins. C. D.. '02 
Delannoy, Alice R., '01 
Feltham, G., '00 
Folger, W. C, "02 
Gibbs. C. M., '95 
Goodenon, A. B., '03 
Hancock, W. A., '99 
Hardy, S., *02 
Heam, J. C, '02 

• • ., G. C, '00 

Hoist, F 

'01 ,117 Jefferson St. 

'02 206 Habersham St. 

220 Habersham St. 
1212 Price St. 
Care 8. S. City of Memphis 
Box 133 
216 Taylor St. 
216 W. Huntington St. 
39 W, Broad St. 
21 Bay St. 
107 Bull St. 
402 Hall St., W. 
426 38th St., E. 
231 Price St. 
103 Taylor St., W. 
,'01 303E.HaU8t. 

1 Perry St., E. 
Bull and 39th St. 
20 Macon St. 
125 Jefferson St. 
1 Duffy St., E. 
608 Habersham St. 
S. S. D. H. Miller. Baltimore Wh^rf 
213 Henry St., E. 
312 Liberty St.. E. 
Care Edison 111. Co.'s Plant 
37th and Barnard ^t. 
413 Park Ave. 

Care Southern States Fertilizer Co. 
806 Henry St., E. 
116 E. Oglethorpe St. 


King, T. P., '03 Scottdale, de kalb 

Lovelace, E. H., '02 Social Cirele, Box 131, walton 

Perkins, F. W., '01 South Atlanta, 732 Pryor St., PULTON 

Perkins. S. C. "01 South Atlanta, 732 S. Pryor St., piiltom 

Boyer, G. W., "95 Sparta, b 

Hoyt, R. W.. 
Jones, B., '02 
Ketchum, P., '02 
.Knight, E. B., '00 
Lannean, Isabel, '00 
Mossman, R. L., '98 
Ran. E. L., '98 
Vaughan. Edith V., '01 
Wagner, J. E., '01 
Way, F, E.. '69 
Webb, R. H., '02 
Wells, A. P.. '02 
Whitstone, W. C. '00 
Woodberry. H. H.. '00 
Wuskcs, G. B., '00 

AB. 68 
HB, 48 

ME, I3S, 24P 
MD, 28. 12P 
HB, 6S 
MB. 6S. 13P 
BD, 4S, 16P 

BC. 48 

AC. lis. 17P 

A, 138, 24P 
GA, »S. 14P 
JR. 48 
DB. 28. UP 
HE, 8S 
TA, 98 

FF, 21 Parts 
TP, 7S 
BA, 28 
NC, 12S, 9P 
P, 4S, 4P 

BD, 48. UP 

BD. 2S. 12P 
ED. 48. 25P, C 
J. 4S, 6P 
AO, 88, 18P 
EF, 98, 25P 
HS. 4S, IP 
C, 6S, 26P 

B, US 




Beaton, J. P., '98. 
Te«sop, D., '01 
Shirley, C. N., '02 
StoncT, M. C. '02 
Porter, J. H., '01 
Thompson, I. C, '00 
Chance, W., '95 
Shipp, jr., T. A., '02 
Coker, J. M., '99 
Johnson, W^ H., '99 
League, J. A., '99 
Key, J. A., '01 
Sorrow, S. E., '01 
Chance. I., '97 
Lanier, J. W., '00 ~ 
Waters, J., '02 
Strickland, W. G., '03 
Chandler, j. B, '02 
Beavers, A. A.. '02 
Harkstcjn, J. C, '01 

Neff, C. L., '97 
Webrter, V. M., '01 
Arnold, L. S., '06 
Barrow, T. L., '03 
Colbert. H. W., '99 
DePr«e. W. L.. '01 


Stone Mountain, Box 44, db s 


Tate, PICKEK8 


Tatham, mcduppik 

Thomoston, Box 42, UPSON 

Tifton, Care P. j. Clark & Co.. b 

Tifton, Tifton Cotton Mills, bbrribh 

Trion Factory, chattoooa 

Trion Pactoty, Box 6, chattoooa 

Trion Factory, chattooga 

Union Point, grbbnb 

Union Point, orbsnb 

Valdosta, lowndbs 

Valdosta. 603 E. Magnolia St., lowndbs 

Vidalaij Box 62, uontgomsrt 

Villa Rica, Box 5, carroll 

Walthrall, polk 

Waycroas, 9 Reynolds St., wars 

WaycroBS, Care S. Atlanta Car Mfg. Co., 


Waycross, warb 

Waycross, 42 Glenmore Ave., warb 

West Point, Box 131, troup 

West Point, troup 

Woodbnry, iibbiwbthbb 

Woodstock, Box 2' 


U, 2S. IIP 











, 7S. 





A, lis, . 
































, 4S, 

25P. C 








. 9S, 




A. 4S. 25P 


, 6S, 






Tohnaon. C. "00 
tiaoa. AJmk^vr 

Bi^Srtl, W. R., "02 

American FaHs. A. F. Lt. ft W. Co. 


X, 4S 

BA, I9S, 15P 

Arco, 210 Front St., biiAinb 

Blin, UMcoLN 

GA, 106, 14P 



BiCM. H. w.. fn 

B. D. No. a 


Oark. B. N.. "02 

1214 N. Itth St. 

EN, 6S 


Drawer D 


Dmari s. iL •oa 

H8l«,Dr. R.L., TO 

Drawer D 

Can Park Bids. 

Care Capitol Elec. Lt. Co. 


HaU. G. C. '97 

ME, 12S, 26I> 

Jefferson, D.. '03 
Kerr, F. R„ TO 

Box 611 


112 S. fith St., Box 220 

£P, SS, IP 

Leonard, I. W.. '03 
Leonard, W. H., '03 

1S17 Eastman St. 

AG, 4S, 12P 

1917 Eastman St. 

AG, 4S. 12P 

Monroe, J. C, '02 

Elec. Lt. Box. R. D. No. 3 

EN. 12S 

Nieberding, H., '01 

Box 244 

GA, 9S, 18P 

Powifll. I. O.. '03 
Reber, W. H., "02 

406 Bannock St. 

NC. 7S 

NC. 6S. 2P ■ 

Roneil, A. S., '00 

ME. 9S.24P 
GA, icg. 5P 

Spearman, C. W., TO 

532 S. 13tli St. 

Stevims. C. B.. '92 

607 8th St. 

d'h,^§,^84P. D 

Stingh, R.. TO 

Box 742 

■mSaoB, A. E.. TO 

R. F. D. No, 2 

EN, 7S 

Van Otden, W. B., '99 

1714 N. 16th St. 



R. F. D. No. 2 

411 Bannock St. 



Baommrtiier, H„ '96 

Burke, BH08HOMB 


P. lOS 
HE, 7S 

Feltliam, L. L., '98 

CaldWfdl, CANVOH 


Reffner. C G.. '02 

Caldwdl, OAMVOH 

EN. 9S 

Wamkc, T. E., '02 
Bleka. D. B., '99 

CaldweU, canyon 

EP, 7S 

Callender, Idaho 

MB; lOS. IP 

CenterviUe, boibk 

F, 16S, laP 
ME, 12S. 9P 

Gfle«,R. 1.^*01 
Gravea, CT L, TO 

Coeur d' Alene, kooxbnai 


Daw, C. F., '98 

Custer, cuBTBB 

MM. 8S 

Tallon, A., '99 

DeLamar, Box 12, owvhbb 

DO, 3S, 15P 

Baker, U. G., '03 


Irwin. F.. '00 

Dewey, T D. C. Min. Co., owyhb 

MM, 23S. 14P 

Law, F., TO 

Doniphan, blaimb 

EN. 73 

Hamming. H., '96 

Emmet, cantok 

V, 20S. 19P 
HS, lOS, 17P 

B^t,J C, '98 

Gem. SH08H0HB 

Clement, H. B.. '99 

Gem, Box 2, bboshonb 

MM, 12^, 2P 

1 Hinmem, G. P., -98 


MP, 63 

Sfrin^ H.. •01 
1 Reed. V. B., "01 


Grand View, owthbb 

MP, 6S 

Glenns Ferry, blmorb 

J, 4S 

Glenns Ferry, buiorb 

TillBon, Jr.. A. H.. '98 
DeVoe, W^ TO 
Gambc^r, ^.. TO 

GrangeviOe, Idaho 

MM, 13S, gp 

Hope, xootekai 





Hage. T. A., '97 


EB. 2S 

Van Sctravendyk, H. A. 99 Hope, Box 73, kootbnai 

C, 8S. 15P 

Johnston, L., '01 
Knowles, H. S., '00 

daho Palls, Box 131. bikghau 

CC, 3S 

daho Palla^ bihohau - 

C, lis. 15P 

Baxter. Jr., J. W^. '98 
Dixon, W.. ■57 

ndian Valley, Washington 

CC, 7S 

UP,6S, D 

Afiin, J. H„ '03 
Asin, J. H.. -99 

^EJlog, Box 103, SHOSHONE 

EP, US, lOP 

Kellog, Box 103, shoshonb 

HS, 9S. lOP 

Black, D. T., '00 


HS. 8S, 8P. D 

Lanielle, G. D., '03 



Ri^s, W. M., '00 
Hictney, C- W., '92 

KeUog. Box 43, bhosbonb 

A, 18S, 13P 

Ketcham, hi.ain« 

CM. 6S 

Doughty, P., '01 

Lewiston, Box 218. fmmont 

AC, 7S. UP 

Killinger.J. W., '01 
Randolph, E., '02 

Lemston, frbhont 

NA. 7S, 6P - 

Lewiston, prbuont 

EA, 12S, 14P 

Smart, A., *00 

Lewiston, prbmont 

AD, 6S, 18P 

Thomas, L. A.. '00 

Lewiston, frbuont 

CC. 2S 

Dobie, W. L., '01 

Lowe, IDAHO 


Armstrong, T. A., '02 
McKensie, W. P., '02 


HE, 98 


NO, 16S. 7P 

Koots, J., -03 

Minidoka, LINCOLN 

GC, 6S. 14P 

Jenson. A. 0., '01 
Perkins. J. P.. '03 

Montpelier, Genl. Del., Box 33, bear lake 

-LR, 7S 

MontpeUer, bear lake 

EP, 7S 

Davifi, P. J„ '02 
Jenkins, F., '96 
Kodiler. J. C, '99 

Moscow, Box 687, latah 

HE. 7S 

Moscow, Box 77, latah 


Moscow, LATAH 

D. 6S 

Lamb, K. P., '01 

Moscow, Box 782, latah 

BD. 2S. 8P 

McHan, B. B., '01 

Moscow, LATAH 

G, 9S.9P 
P, lOS, 13P 

Brown, P. M., '01 

Murray, shobhonb 

Hackett, M, M.. '97 


MM. ffS, IP 

Tones, H. T., '03 
ilcDonald, A. R.. '99 

Mullan, Genl. Del., shoshonb 

MO. 5S. D 

Mullan, Box 192, shoshonb 

C, 4S. 13P 

Olcott, R. H., '02 

Orifino, shoshonb 

GC, 6S. 3P 

Hicks, A. M., '03 
Payette, J. H., '03 

Payette, canyon 


Payette, Box 244, canyon 

HD, I4S. HP 

Wood. L., '03 

Payette, canyon 

HD, 22S 

Alcoid, P., '97 

Pierce, shoshonb 

MM, lOS, 14P 

Browne, D. A., *02 

Pioneerville. Rock Creek Camp, boisb 

NJ. 7S 

Ldper. C. L., '03 

Pioneerville, boisb 

Soward, Rosa, '02 

Plawrville, Box 83, boish 

PocatellO, BANNOCK 


Brown, H. R.. '99 

916 Arthur Ave. 

A, 268, 35P, D 

Chapman. B.H.. '00 
CoctweU, M., '02 

Box 144 



Erickson, E., '02 

664 S. Cleveland St. , 

BA. 2S 

Fleck.C. W., '00 

LR, 12S 

Leaf. J.. '00 

455 S. Garfield Ave., Box 338 


Gates, C. D., '96 


Lndwig, E. P.. '02 
Lundberg, S. E.. '01 

General DeUvery 

446 N. Cleveland Ave. 

LR, lis 

Marshall. A. T., '95 

Box 346 

F. 6S 

McLacldan, J. C, '98 
Rice. R. E.,% 

ME, 9S, 9P 

124 4th Ave. N, 


Sounenkull. O.. '96 

,F, 20S 

Tollerton. W. I.. '94 
Whittenmore, H, A„ '00 

C8S. 26P 

606 Garfield Ave. 

ME. 8S, 4P 


Kelly, H. H.. '02 

Post Falls, xootbnai 

BE. 2S 

Gibler, W.. '02 

Priest River, Box 114. kootenai 

EP, 7S, 4P 

Northey. S.. '93 

Rocky Bar, bluorb 

F. 32S, 14P, D 


Namlaiid Ytar 

Haue, B., '00 
Hubbard, A. M., '03 
Bona, yi. D. L.. '96 
Gleason. W. L.. '08 
ColweU. H. S.. '00 
Scott. O. W., '02 
Bosch, P. R., '03 
Ewing. A. J., '99 
Hendrickson, H. 
Waldron, J. W., 
Bowen, E. E., 'Oa 
Prascer. A. W.. '97 
Inglis. W. L., '01 
O^ood, E. A., '02 
Greenless, G. A. 
Rogers, L. L., '00 




:. L., '00 

Clark. J. W., '02 
Burgess, E., '02 
TJUcry, O., '03 
Lanfien. L. P.. '97 
Rutb. L. B., '98 
Sarralls. D., '99 
WHte. RuthJ;, '01 
Woodward. 1*. J„ '99 
Flock, A. L., '99 
Hamilton, H. G., '02 
Sav^e, H. S., '00 
Sterling. R., '98 
Jenney, B. E., '02 
Werts, C. A., '98 
Wm«gardner, R., '03 

Roosevelt, idaho 

Stunt Anthony, Titon Tel. Co., prbuont 

Saint Toe, kodtbnai 

Saint Joe, kootbnai 

Salmon City, Box 174. lbmhi 

Salmon City, Box 597, LBum 

Sand point, kootbkai 

Sandpoint, kootenai 

Sandpdint, Box 205, kootbnai 

Shoshone, Box 66, Lincoln 

Silver City, owyhbb 

Silver City. 9 Black Jack St,, owyhbb 

Silver City, Care Blame Mine, """■"■"• 

Silver City, owyRBS 

Silver King, sbosbonb 

Silver King, 

Star, ADA 

Threecreek, < 

Troy. LATAH 
Viola, LATAH 

Wallace, bhoshomb 

WaUace. shoshonb 

Wallace, shoshomb 

WaUace, shoshonb 

Wallace, shoshonb 

Wardner, shoshonb 

Wardner, Box 231, e 



Weiser. Bi 

Weiser. Box 127, Washington 

Willola, NBZ PB8CS8 


MM, 21S. 14P 

EP. 9S, 7P 
F. 34D, 9P 
F, 12S, 15P 
F, 9S. 9P 
HI, 26S, 17P. D 
HE, 8S 
MM, 7S, 4P 
DO, IS. 16P 
T, 4S, 17P 
BE. 2S 
HS, 5S. IfiP 
HS, 4S 
HD. lis 
HI, 18S, 3P 
C. 6S, lOP 
M. SS 
EP. 58 
NH. 65 
MQ, 3S 
MM, 16S. 12P 
J. 6S, SP 
M. 4S, lOP 
MM, 6S. 9P 
HS, 4S 
MP. 2& 
DL. 4S, 16P 
MM, 17S, 2P 
F. 13S, 5P 
EA, 3S, IIP 
A, 7S, 36P 
HH, 8S 





Towns ■ 

, Jii»N 

Armeoter, H. D., '01 

Abingdon, Box 649, enox 

ED, 3S. 13P' 

Treichler. W. C., '03 

BA. 6S 

Addison, Box 32. dupagb 


Olds, A. H„ '01 

Albany. Box 87. whitesidb 

ME, 6S, 24P 

Edwards. H. S., '03 ' 

Albion. General Dehvery. SDWAitt>s 

BA, 3S 

PalmetJ.. '00 
Estes, W. P.. -W 

Albion, BDWAKDS 

C. 68. 13P 


E, 7S. 

Dunlap, A. H., '03 


DP. 2S. 14P 

HolmcB, v., '95 

Aledo. Box 64, mbrcbr 

P, 4S 

TomlinKin, Ida H., "97 

Aledo. MBRCBR 

J. 7S, 16P 
HH. 15S 

White, J. I. ,'02 

Aledo. Box 158, kbrcbr 

Bau, D. A.. -98 

Alexis. Box 47. warrbn 

J. 6S. 16? 
GB, 8S, 13? 

Porter, C, '02 

Alexis, Box 332. warrbn 

Henderehot, H, '02 

Alpha. Box 111, HBNRY 

DO, 5S, 27P 

Needh&m, W. C. '02 

Altamont. Kwritttmnu 

HI, 17S 
AC, IS. 12P 

Sprink-Ie, C. R.. '02 
Wakefield, J. A., '02 

Altamont. Box 105. bfpinchah 

Altamont, b ppin en au 

HD. 19S 

Berrv. J. L.. '00 

Alton 314 Prospect St., madison 
Alton, 804 E. 6th St., hadisoh 

CC. 2S 

Bniegeeman, R. J.. '00 
KrieiS^ch, H., '00 

J. 4S, IP 
UD. 28, 16? 

Alton. 16 E. 6th St., madwon 

Gillespie, A. P., '03 

Alton, Langdon St., madison 
Alton, 647 E. 3d St., madison 

DH, IS, 21? 

Hemuan. J.P., '06 

A. 4S 

Hull. G. D.'OO 

Alton. 821 Peasa St.. madison 

CC, 38 

Morris. G. H„ '06 

Alton, 736 K. 5th St . madison 

HS. OS. 12? 

Smith, W. M.. '02 

Alton. 520 Seminary Square, uadisom 

DO, 2S. 14P 

Watson, P., '03 

Alton, 1300 Aloy St., madison 

GA, 6S, 11? 

Kraiw, C, '01 

Altona, XNOX 

GC. 6S. 15P 

Long, J., '01 
Bo^ewita, E., '98 

Amboy, E. Main St.. Box 497. lbb 

C. 68. 26P 

Anna. S. 111. Hospital, union 

J. 4S, IP 
U. 38, 19P 

Brown, R. E., '98 

Anna, Box 106, union 

DiUon. G. M.. '99 

Anna, union 

HS. 48. 1? 

Lippard, O. L.. 08 
Toler, C. E., '03 

Anna, union 

HF. 18S 

Anna, N. Green St.. uniom 

HP. 16S . 

Toler, W. O.. '03 

Anna, union 

HH. 163 

HaUoweU. G. F., '00 

Annapolis, Crawford 

EB, 4S 

Jones, Lottie M.. '02 
Willianis. W. R.. '02 

Antioch. Box 79, lakb 

DB, 38, 11? 

Antioch, LAKB 

PA. 4S 

RogerB. J. M.. '00 

Ashland, Ashland Bile., ca3S 

A, 2,'>8, 35?, D 

Alexander, H. J., '01 


TG. 7S 

Smith. E, S.. '01 

Ashton, Box 50. lbb 

GC, 4S. IIP 

Tadd, A.. '03 

Ashton, R. R. No. 1, Box 226, lbb 

DO, 3S. 17P 

Carpenter, O. L., '01 

Assumption, Route No. 1, Box A, 

CC. 6S 
CM. 7S 

Devlin, T.H.. '03 

Assumption. Box 75. christian 

Gandy, P., '99 
Hinicfe. I.. '09 

Assumption, christian 

X. 2S 

Assumption. Box 44. christian 

CM, 103. 2P 

Lambert, R., '99 

Assumption, christian 

X, 2S 

Palmer, A. E., '03 

Assumption, christian 

EP, 103. 6? 

Palmer, A. E., *00 

Assumption, cukistian 

HS, 8S, OP 

Tobias, i. L.. '99 

Assumption, Box 21, christian 

A. 25S. 46P, D 

Kalebaugh, C. H.. '01 
Wilson. C.. '92 

Astoria, fulton 

H8. 83 

Astoria, FULTON 

F, 6S 

Cooper. C. '02 

Athena, ubnard 

NF. 6S 

CnMsey, G. A.. '<» 

BE, 38 




Gray, H., "U 
Mason, E„ '92 
McNobb, W. L., '00 

Messers Schmidt, P., '00 
Whitehurst. J,. '02 
Bercraft, C, '01 
Parson, jtilia. '02 
Waine, J., '02 
Hill. J.. '02 
Holland. A,. '03 

Bartlett. E. E.. '98 
Beebe. W. C. '03 
Black. W. a, '02 
Bowman, B., '99 
Brackmans. E., '98 
Dahl, W, B., '01 
Fauth, W„ '00 
Garbe, W., '01 
Goehring, L. A., '01 
Green C. D., '01 
Greene, J.. '01 
Hamper, H. D., '98 
Hough, C. W.. '00 
Hunger. H. K.. '99 
Kagay, D. M., '02 
Karoly, C. S.. '99 
Kraus, R. H., '98 
Langton, J. F., '94 
Lawrence. H., '99 
Luttle. F. B., '01 
Marlette, D. R.. '99 
Nelson, E., '01 
Neymouth. B.. '00 
Nickson, R., '98 
Noriing, R. A.. '99 
Raymond. V. A., '99 
Schaub, Cora L., '01 
Simbson, W. X., '93 
SpodcB. F. G,, '00 
W^ner, S. B.. '01 
Waterhouse. H. B., '97 
Wickhoist. M. H.. '97 
Wilkie. W. F., '02 
Willis. M. N., '02 

Alden, A., '00 
CaiT. R. C. '03 
Code, E. T., '99 
Drummond, J.. *00 

Griess. W. E., '01 
Iveison, 0,. '02 
Landy, R., '98 
Lund. J. B.. '97 
Sholes, E. R., '01 
Smith. E. 0.. '98 
Soderberg. C. 0.. '96 

Gordon. W. E.. '00 

Athens, hbnard 
Athens. Box 22. ubnard 

Athens, mrnakd - 

Athens, Box 180, hshard 

Atkinson, Box 245. hbnst 

Atkinson, Box 367, henry 

Atkinson, Box 47, hsnry 

Auburn, Care'L. E. Clayson, sangahon 

Auburn Park, 554 W. 79th St., cook 

Sunt. Aurora Cotton Mills 

448 Spring St. 

95 Oak Ave. 

506 S. 5th St. 

142 Wilder St 

800 Clain St. 

338 Main St. 

583 5th Ave. 

290 Jackson St. 

24 S. Locust St. 

187 S 


375 2d Ave., 

197 Downer Place 

442 Benton St. 

215 Flag St. 

219 Mercantile Blk. 

294 N Ave. 

523 Kane St. 

399 Lafayette St. 
132 S. Ruer St. 
R, D, No. 1 

516 New York St. 
291 Spring St. 
245 XJnion St, 
568 Monroe St. 
375 S. Lake St. 
73 Fox St. 
630 Indian Ave. 
475 Grove St. 
539 Lafayette St. 
281 S. Broadway 
248 South Ave. 
397 Hoyles Ave. 
315 Grand Ave. 

814 Lewis St. 
101 Howard Ave. 
. 630 Waller Ave. 
6314 Indiana St. 
542 N. Park Ave. 
816 WaUer Ave. 

400 S. Prairie Ave. 
342 N. Park Ave. 
301 S. Willow St. 
523 Indiana St. 
628 Alma St. 


G. 3S 

CM, 7S 

CM, 17S, 14P 

HS, 7S 

NB. 5S 

AD. IS. 15P 

ID, 5S. D . 

HE, 9S 

HA. 9S, 17? 

NC. 23S, 14P, D 

TA. 31S 
DO. 2S. 16P 
DO. as. 37P. C 
MD. 8S, 22P 
MD. 3S, 20P 
ME, 3S, 14P 
T, 29S, 23P 
A. 6S. 18P ■ 
A, 4S, 13P 
X. 2S 

UD, 4S, 18P 
MK, lis, 6P 
ME, 8S, 4P 
U, 4S. 21 P 
BE, 3S 
T. 4S 

MD, 4S, 26P, C 
C, lis, lOP- 

CC. 7S 

CD. 2S. 9P 

ME, 12S, 26P 
J, 4S, 7P 

€,' 17S. 25P, D 

X, as 

ED, 3S. I6P 
A, 15S, 32P 
ME, 17S. 13P 
DK. 3S. 21P 
DL, 3S. IIP 

ED, 4S. 2SP 
DO, 2S. lOP 
I, lOS, 16P 
J, 4S, 6P 
BD. as, HP 
DL, 4S, ISP 
ME, 73, 9P 
MD, as, 13P 
AC, 4S, OP 
MD, 3S. I3P 
ME. 23S. 26P 




Jlfam* OMf l-MT 



Avena, fatittb 

DO, as, 15P 

Ruhl, W., '98 

Ayiston, Box 81, ClimtoK 


HcKeime, P. N., '00 

Babylon, vulton 

HS. 7S, 14P 

Lyons, Angte. '02 

Barry, Box 156, pike 


R'etiJlic, F. A., '00 

Barry, Box 315, fikb 

C, 4S. 13P 

Ware, G. L., '02 

Bany, pikb 

Bartlett. Care Chicago Td. Co., coox 

EG, 6S 

Wallace. 1. K., '99 
Brown, H., '00 

CC, 2S 

Bartonville, pbobia 

G, 8S 

Harkan, O. M., '01 

Barton ville, Hospital, pbokia 

CC, 2S 

Holland, E. S.. '94 

Bartonville, pboria 

CM, 14S 

Lacouf, A., '06 

Bartonville, pbobia 

G, 7S 

Anderson, A. H., '98 

Batavia, 191 Elm St kanb 

ME, lOS, 26P 

Benson. A.. '96 

Batavia. 140 McKee St.. xanb 

T. lis, 18P 

Carlson, A. N., '00 

Batavia, 163 Van Buren St„ kanb 

MD. 3S, 16P 

Lobey, L. H., '03 

209 W. Houston St., kanb 

MW. 3S, 14P 

McDaniels, R., '99 

Batavia. 150 N. Washington St., kanb 

CC, 3S 

Serviss, I. F., '00 
Water. W. M., '00 

Batavia, 176 Harrison St., kanb 

MD, 3S, 18P 

Batavia, 82 S. Jefferson St., kanb 

ME, 18S. 19P 

Young^. T.. '98 
Berg, v.. '02 

Batavia, 141 S. Van Buren St., kanb 

C. 17S. 25P, D 

Beardatown, 117 Jefferson St., cass 

BB, 2S 

Jensen, P., '99 

Beardstown. Box 339, cass 

LR. 10S 

McKenzJe, W. G.. '02 


Weber. C. C, '98 

Beardstown, 1202, Cor. 12th and Clay St. 

P, 14S, 19P, D 

Hall, A. W., -02 

Bellerive, jk?peh60N 

Bell^viUe, saiht clair 

EP, 12S. 6P 

Austin. Isabel, '00 

407 E. 1st St. 


Beese, C. H.. '99 

1003 S. Charles St. 

G, 3S 

Bnich, C. '00 

702 Greenburg St. 

G, 3S 

Daniels, J.. 92 , 

Box 802 

M. 6S 

Dickhaut, 0., '00 


Domback. G. '03 

613 Birk St. 

NF, 4S 

Duffner, J. W., '94 
Eckert. A. 0., '97 

602 Bristow St. 

CM, 6S 



Forguer. C. A,. '03 

EN, 12S 

Frierdick. W. E.. '98 

220 N. Illinois St. 

CC, 2S 

Gassenschmidt, P.. '00 

309 S. Jackson St. 

CM. 8S, IP 

Gauch. E., '00 

616 E. 4th St. 

HS, 8S 

Godeby, D. A., '02 
GramUch. P. W.. '99 

R. R. No. 4 

HA, 6S 

203 E. E St. 

G. 3S 

Grieves, J., '98 

Rural Route 

CC. 7S 

R. R. No. 3 

NF, 6S 

Grob. LiUie M., ',02 

109 Portland St 

CC, 2S 

Heigele, L., '97 

X. 3S 

Helgard, H. C. '01 

Lebanon Ave.. Care Star Brewing Co. 

SM, 6S. 13P 

Imbs. J. J., '00 

Main and Watout St. 

MM. 8S. 9P 

Kerchncr, E.. '92 

1705 W. Main St. 

CM, 22S 

Knobelock. G.. '00 

202 S. Jackson St. 

I, 9S, 22P 

Kraase, C, '00 

lis. Jackson St. 

HS, 8S. 5P 

Llewellyn, J.. '03 

R. R. No. 3 

HH, 183 

Lucash. F.. '00 

313 E. 8th St. 

ME, lOS 

Massie, J. G., '92 

1623 W. Main St. 

P, 21 S, 7P 

Mathes. Jr., T..'00 
McUlcr, O.. 1)3 

814 W. 1st St. 

A. 29S, 34P 

R. R, No. 2 

HE. 14S, 8P 

Miller. C, '03 

701 E. 1st St. 


Pierce. Nellie M, '00 

407 E. 1st St. 

X. 3S 

Reeman«, J., '95 

317 Jarrott St. 

. G, 8S 

Schmisseo. £., '96 

EB. 3S 

Schitck. J, '99 
Slade, W. E., 'OS 

507 Fulton St. 

ME, 5S, 25P 

806 Ccnterville Ave. 

BA. 2S 

Strenfert. P. C, '99 

Care Ranch Milling Co. 

MD, 3S, 20P 




Stocfaj. C. v., '99 

Care Val. Renteniian 8l Son 


Wagner, W. T.. '00 
WeBer, O. I., '99 

416 S. lUinou St. 

CC, «S 

112 Pennsylvania Ave. 

X, 66 

Wehring. K.. *98 
White.J. R., -98 

116 Richland St. 

HS,-10S, 17P. D 

417 E. B St. 


WolliBoa, A. M., '00 

825 S. Church St. 

A, 6S, 18P 

Zink, C. L., '02 

317 S. Chartoi St. 

MP, lOS 

Zink, P. E., '9e 

1017 S. Church St. 

HS, lOS, ISP, D 

Moreland, W. G., '02 

Bellflower, Box 44, hclsan 

AD. 63, 21P 

BlasdeU. A, P., '93 

Care W. J. BlaadeU 

C, 5S, 12P 

Brown. R. T.. '98 

Box 34 

C, 5S, lOP 

•03 ' 

517 Church St. 

BB. 8S 

Gibbs. H. C, '00 

210 Stat« St. 

LR. gs 

Glass, E. B., '97 

221 Fairview Ave. 

AD, IS, 21P 

Henry, C. P.. '01 

911 Garfield Av«, 

C, 3S. 12P 

Klumph, A, P., '99 

136 Kishwankee St., Bcw 376 

HS. 3S. 17P 

McCaskey, J. D., '03 

63S CoBwell St 

DO, 2S, 16P 

Neel, D.. '0& 

210 State St 


Shfttttick, A. J., '01 
Smith, T. G.. '99 

Prairie St., Box 804 

ED, 3S, 23P 

431 W. Boone St. 

Y. 7S. 22P 

WWting, E. A., '00] 
Wolfe, MissTC. '01 

920 Pfsarl St 

HG, 8S, 8P 

20s S. State St. 

X, 63 

Yeaeer..C..W.. '01 

1427 Garfield Ave. 


ED. 33. lOP 

Telford, 0.. '01 

Bement, piatt 

HS. 73 

Clark, 1 P., '00 

Bement, Box 11', baint clair 

HT, 6S, lOP, D 

Hennessy, C, '02 
SmaU, J. D., '99 

Benton, franklin 

EH. 73 

Berwyn. Box 268, coox 

P. 6S 

Brown, E. E., '96 

Blair, Randolph 

H3, 63 

Argenbright. C. A.. '03 

BB. 2S 

Moore. R. C, '02 

BlandinsviUe, Box 67, mcdonough 

HE. 20s. 12P 

Alexander, E., '03 

410 W. Wood St. 

PB, 73 

Allen, Jr.. W. H., '00 

1112 R, Jefferson St 

0, 6S, IIP 

Berry. A., '96 

814 Locust St. 

C, 13S, 26P 

Berry. A. R., '02 

814 E. Locust St 

DI, lOS, 22P. D 

Beryr, H. B.. '96 

814 E. Locust St 

C. 93, IBP 

Brown, G. W., '03 

509 N, West St. 


Butten. J. J.. '03 
Carrie, C.R.. '96 

216 Seminary Ave. 

RL, 23 

1101 N. Oak St 

C, IS. 15P 
BR, 63 

Clawson, G. R., '03 

824 E. Monroe St. 

Cox. F. L., '00 

LR. 12S 

DcBniler. R. H.. '02 

1202 PcU Ave. 

AC, 53, HP 

Gray. H., '01 

806 S. Bunn St 

A, US, lep 

Haag, D. S.. '01 
Hodter, E. C. '00 

1021 E. Washington St. 

A, 12S. 26P 

R, R, No. 4 

CC, 23 

I,3Belle, J., '02 

604 E. Taylor St. 

ER. 6S,D 

Lancaster, T. M., '03 

1073 Denison St. 

GC, 4S, 8P 

Lonas, A.. '00 

312 E. Emerson St 

HS, 83 

Mallody, P., '03 

810 W. Monroe St 

RL, 2S 

McKinney, M. J., '03 
MoratE. A., '01 

820 W. Washington St 

RO, 6& 

1106 S. Main St 

A. 63 

Munstier, H. T., '03 
O'Connor. J., ^97 
Petcreon. E., '96 

307 N. Milts St. 

EP, 93 

808 E. Jeffereon St. 


Box 171 

HS. lOS, 16P 


ReynoUa, C. W., '00 
SctaAiHten, W. A., '01 
SiudeU, N. P^ '00 
Stowdl, W. a, '» 
Stubblefield, T. M., '00 
Ttunnas, Mand, '03 
Thompaon, R. J., '94 
Wfttentrcet, C, '01 
WWte, H. G.. '99j 
WiUianu, A.. '02 
Wilson, D. B., '03 
Woiceski, E. J., *00 
Wolff, E., '01 

Clark, k. B., '00 
GibBMi, W. H., *00 
KaDgaa, J. B., 'DO 
Krueger, H., '02 
Landrnft, G. I., '00 
Leyda, W. M., '00 
Uenuoaii, W. B.. '00 
Seyfbrth, N. H., '80 

uaeu, u- E>., va 
RoBtn. Jr., T.. '92 
De^ong, A. C., '06 
Bake, P. A., '00 

BoTie, Elicabeth A., 
Bowie. G., '01 
Dilloa, J., '02 
Eari. T.. 'Ol 
Earl, W., '98 
Hardr. W., '94 
Hughes, J. P., '00 
Leach, J., '02 
Pawloifci, J., '02 
Peyla, G.,^ 01 
Proctor, P., '02 

903 S. Btmn St. 
BOl East St. 
414 N. Center St. 
607 S. CUnton St. 
623 N. Haaon St. 
407 B. Monroe St. 
1103 Loctiat St. 
1519 W. Locust St. 
704 N. Morris SL 
1409 N. Main St 
S24 E. Douglass St. 
701 W. Jefferson St, 
607 Clay St. 

Utw UUnd, COOK 

20S Western Ave. 
East High St. 
Box 367 

222 Western Ave. 
667 Vmcennes St. 
226 Western Ave. 

Bowen, rancock 
Brace ville, oxundt 
Bradley, Box 84, kankaebb 
Bradley, kankakbb 

Braidwood, will 

C, 4S, 21 P 
RD, 12S, D 
C, lis, 24P 
C, 9S, IP 

DB, 2S, 12P 
MD, 7S, 22P 
X, 2S , 
HE, 9S, 6P 
ES, SS, 2P 
,PB, 43 
C. 4S. 24P I 
UD, 4S. 12P 

HE, 7S, 3P 
Y. 7S, 22P 
LR. 63 
DL, IS, 16P 
LS, IS, 13P 

LR, las 

LR, lis 
P, 48 

BC, 4S 
CM, 22S. D 
MB, 6S, 22P 
C. IS, 12P 

CT, 133 

i9S, 16P, D 
P, 8S 
SB, 7S 
C, 8S, 8P 
G. 93 
HE, 31S 
HA, 6S, 3P 
NP, 7S 

Parrell, T. C, '02 
Hoehter. A.,-'90 
Leifennann, H. W., ' 
Cole, P. O., '01 
Mavity, O., '01 
Bradbury, W. A.. '9! 
Dosher, K '99 
Duntley, C. A., '01 
Gray, Myrtle, '03 
Beers, C. S., 'OO 
Haddiclt, Jr., J.. '92 
Jackson, f., '99 

Breese, .,...« .^.. 
Breese, clintow 
BriarbluS, HBNXr 

Bristol, KBNDALL 

Broklyo, 323 Stanhope 
Bunlcerhill, hacoupik 
Bureau, Box 48, bobbau 
BnstancU, ucdonouob 
Bushnell, hcdonouoh 
Bushnell , - ifCDO N o uo H 
Butler, Box 67, hontoohbrt 
Cable, If BRCBB 
Cable, Box 171, hbkcbb 
Cable, M BKCBB 

IC. 45 
G, 4S 
P, 63 
MD, 2S, 13P 
C, 4S, 25P 

AA, 4S 

AB, £S, D 

HS, lOS. 17P, D 
MM, 12S, 3P 
BB, 4S 
CC, 7S 
CM, 20S 
O, SS 




Nam, and Year 


Cairo, albxamdbb 


CurtfiingCT, U. L., '02 

Care Plant«rs' House 

BB, 2S 

DaGue, A.. '01 

412 7th St. . 

TP, 6S 

Guthrie, G. H,. '01 

420 26th St. 


Harrison, L.. "01 

506 Walnut St. 

A, 4S, 4P 

Kaha, Miss J., '02 

513 Pross St. 

BE, 2S 

McCracken. V. T., '00 

217 Ohio Levee St. 

LR, 68 

Mifflin, S. T., 02 

219 Ohio St. 

RD, 2S 

Parker. D. L., '02 

208 6th St. 

RD, 4S 


723 21st St. ' 

DL, 2S. I2P 

3110 Sycamore St. 

AC, 2S, I3P 


224 24th St. 

BB, 2S 


1401 Washington Ave. 
. Towu 

BE, 2S 


Caledonia, boonb 


Cambridge, henry 

SM. 4S, 8P 

Cambridge, henry 

NF, 3S 

Canton, pulton 

MU, 8S, 29P 

Canton, 271 W. Chestnut St., pulton 

DO, 3S, 14P 

Canton, Cor. Chestnut and 4th Ave.. 

T. lOS, 4P 


00 Canton. 720 E. Ash St., pulton 

G, 3S 


Canton, E. Pine St., fdlton 

CO. 9S . 

Canton, pulton 

CM, 7S 

Canton. 512 E. Locust St., pulton 

DO, 3S, 24P 

Canton, pulton 

EP, 7S 

Canton, fulton 

EP. lOS 


Carbondale, jackson 

EP. lOS 

Carbondale, 178 N. East St., jackson 

AG, 6S 

Cardiff, Box 80, Livingston 

J, 7S, 12? - 
HS. 7S 




Carlinville, Genl. Del., macoupin 

AA, 6S, D 

Carlinville, Box 188, macoupin 

ME. 4S. 18P 

CarUnville. Box 455. macoupin 

HS, 4S, IP 

Carlyle, Box 172, clinton 

AD, 4S, 13P 

Carmi, 6th St., whitb 

BB, 2S" 

Carriers Mills, saline 

HS, 4S 


CarroUton, Box 746, grbenb 



Carrollton, crbbnb 

HD, 20S 

Carterville, Williamson 

C. 9S, lOP 

CarterviUe, Box 188, Williamson 

UD. 4S, 20P 


Carterville, Box 212, Williamson 

NF, 6S 


Cartftrville, Williamson 

HS, 6S 

Carterville. R. F. D. No. 1, Williamson 

NF, 3S 

Carterville, Williamson 

H, 9S, I7P 

Carterville. Williamson 



Carthage, hancock 

BE, 2S 


Carthage, Box 397, hancock 



Carthage, hancock 

BE. 2S 

Casey, clare 

X, 2S 

Caseyviile, Box 16, saint clair 

NF, 8S 

Caseyville, saint CLAtR 

BE. 2S - 

Catlin. vermilion 

EP, 5S 



HS, 9S, UP 


CM, 20S 

Centndia, marion 

206 N. Hickory St. 

HD, 6S, IP 


MarUnd. Jr.. T.^ '02 

CM. 6S 

Murrie, A., 'Sg 

Box 852 

CM. 7S. 3P , 

Patterson. A.. '01 

114,8. Maple St. 

ME. 8S. 13P 

Plaff. W. J., '02 
Reid. T., "OO 

203 S. Cherry St. 


523 S. Maple St. 

LR. 7S 

Rozierie, F. B,. Capt., *Bfl 

T, 4S, IIP 

Touve, Mias W., 00 

283 N, Bee^h St. 


Warfield. S. C, '01 

Box 112 

ChamiMdgn, champaiom 

ME, 8S 

Boyd, R. R., '01 
Bridges. C. -02 

207 WiiUamB St. 

UD. 4S, 16P 

604 Daniels St. 

- BB. 4S 

Byers. Y.. '03 

209 W. Tremont St. 

RN, 2S 

Donahue, T. P., '00 

508 E. Daniels St. 

ML, I3S. 5P 

DreskiU, F. K., '00 

605 E. Clark St. 

UD, 4S, 5lP 

Harrison, D. S., '95 

307 W. HUl St. 

SM, 6S. 14P 

Henae, E. O., '01 

603 Green St. 

D, 6S 

Hock. W. L., '01 

205 E. University Ave. 

B, lOS, 4P 

Johnson, W. M.. '03 

20 Main St. 

LB. 12 Parts 

Leach. W. H.. '02 

601 E. Springfield Ave. 

DN, 6S, 22P 

Morrow, J. A.. '99 

J. 8S. UP 

Webster, W. L., '02 

R. R. No. 1 


Root. H. C, '02 

Charleston, 717 11th St.. coles 

RL. 5S 

Rosebraugh, E. E., '02 

Charleston, 523'W. 6tb St., coles 


Sunimera. C, '98 

Charleston. 98 Harrison St.. colbs 

LR. 18S 

Tremble, J. A., '03 

Charleston, 1433 10th St.. coles 

GC, 4S . 

Little, C, '03 

Chenoa, mclean 

ES. 7S 

Walker. J. K., '02 
Dickev. H. A., '01 

Chenoa. Box 266. mclb'an 

NF. 3S 

Chester, ilandolph 

T. 16S, lOP 

Pondw, L. H.. '03 

Chester, Randolph 

BA. 2^ 

Stever, A.. '98 

Chester. 204 George St, Randolph 
Chicago, COOK 

ME, 4S,,25P 

Adams. C. B,. '00 

90 N. Homan Ave. 

ME, 5S, 24P 

Adamson. E.. '02 

Y. M. C. A. Dcpt., Box 82 

ER. 5S 

Aikman, W. V., '97 

347 E. 62d St. 

A. lOS, 12P 

Aikman. Walter V.. '94 

345 62d St. 

HS. 8S, HP 

Albertson, R. C '02 

1351 Lexington St. 


Albrccht, L. H., '03 

8379 Kerfoot St. 


Alderman. J. C, '98 

7446 Stewart St. 


Aldrich. W. A., -02 

1185 Lincohi Ave. 

ER. 5S. D 

Allen. R. D.. '96 

1523 Aldine St, 

HS 6S 

AUen. G: H.. '96 

4322 Emerald Ave. 

HS, 4S 

Allen, H. R.. '98 

322 Armour Ave. 

HS, 6S 

Aimer, C. L.. '00 

1007 W. Madison St. 

ED, 4S. 25P, C 

Alsbury, H. V., '00 

207 W. 112 Place 

MD, 3S. I4P 

AltJman, G., '01 

2403 Prairie Ave. 

D, 5S 

Alton, L., '01 

228 Grand Ave. 

ME. IS, 21P 

Anderson. D. S.. '03 

235 McLean Ave. 

EP, 7S 

Anderson. C, '01 

Care Bush Temple of Music 

AB. lOS 

Anderson. F. O.. '97 

523 Bertiam St. 

J, 9S, 14P. D 
MK, 4S 

Anderson. H., '03 

47 Johnston Ave. 

Anderson. H. M.. '02 

223 E. End St. 

AC. 4S 

Anderson. J.. '99 
Anderson. J.. '03 

941 Central Park Ave. 

MD. 4S, 25P. C 

172 Grand Ave. 

DE, 2S, 15P 

AnderwMi. O.. '99 

1142 Oakley Ave- 

AD, 3S, 31P 

241 E, Chicago Ave. 

ME, 6S, 23P 

Arado. J. v., '02 

33 Grand Ave. 

DN, 5S, 22P 

Arnold. E., '02 

6038 Monroe Ave. 

EN. 13S. 9P 

Arnold. W. S., '00 

Box 101- 

N. 5S, UP 


Asplet, j. W. '05 
ABpluad, A., '02 
Atherton. I. K.. '02 
Atkins, A. R., '99 
Atkioson, A., '98 
Atwood, B. J., '00 
Augaburger. j:, '01 
Aymond, F, B., "96 
Bachholt, C. W., '01 
Barker, O. M., "98 
Barker, R. M., '00 
Barkstrom, G., '01 
Barkstrom, G., '02 
Barley, W.. '03 
Barley, W., '01 
Barnard, H., '99 
Bartholomew, F. L., '01 
Bartlett, J. S., '98 
Bartz, E. S., '00 
Bates, M. M., '00 
Bates, W. S., '99 
Bauer, W. H., '02 
Bauer, L., '02 
Baijahaf, G.. '01 
Baxter, H. H., "00 
Baxter, H. H., '01 
Beaver, H., '01 
Beaztey, R., '02 
Bechel, Miss £., '02 
Beck, i. L., '98 
Beelfefdt, H., '00 
Beemster, J„ '03 
Beer, R. C., '02 
Behm, E., '01 
Belda, A., '98 
Belinski, S., '01 
Bender, M. E., 'OZ 
Benedict, V., '00 
Benson, M., '02 
Bemkoski, S., '00 
Bentley, C. 1. T., '01 
Berchem, J., '98 
Bergendahl, R., '00 
Bergen, P., '02 
Bemser, F. E., '02 
Bethge, C, '03 
Bethke, Jr.. T., '00 
Biel, W.. '90 
Bilter, R. R., '02 
Bischoff, E. M., '03 
Bisehoff, E. M., "00 
Bjorkman, O., '99 
Black, P., '02 
Btackhard. E. J., '01 
Blair, F. J., '00 1 
Blean, R. C, '98 
Blessum, G., '00 
Blomgren, R. E., '02 
Blunter, E., "02 
Bo6nger, C. E., '02] 

1286 Ridgeway Ave, ^ 
3826 W. Mth St. 
224 £. 63d St., 4th Flat 
968 W. 2l8t Place 
4202 Berkley Ave. 
1610 Michiinii] Ave. 
2060 Carrofl Ave. 
492 E. Ravenwood Place 
1416 N. Uans&eld Ave. 
184S. Center Ave. 
16 N. Elizabeth St. 
716 Congress St. 
636 Warren Ave. 
304 W. 23d Place 
304 W. 23d Place 
1732 Michigan Ave. 
1732 Michigan Ave. 
1735 Michigan Ave. 
1572 Monroe St. 
206 La Salle St. 
126 E. OHo St 
lOlQA Pulton St 
167 Dearborn Ave. 
3218 Pamell Ave. 
405 Dayton St. 
4847 Forrestville Ave, 
2286 N. 45th Ave. 
2285 N. 46th Ave. 
960 36th St. 
3028 Michigan Ave, 
78 S. Center Ave. 
1201 Michigan Ave. 
666 W. 12tti St 
1138 Curtis Ave. 
3400 Wallace St. 
230 Hastings St 
6211 MarshfieldSt. 
1028 Girard St 
9123 Ontario St 
3022 Archer Ave. 
U17 W. 63d St 
92 Front St. 
3461 Rhodes St. 
604 S. Oakley Ave. 
614 Wills St. 
446 School St. 
6329 Cottle Grove Ave. 
2398 N. 48th Ave. 
Room 96, 198 Clark St 
977 Armitage Ave. 
Care Metropolitan 
5207 Hibbard Ave. 
6207 Hibbard Ave. 
5739 fith Ave. 
6322 Stony Island Ave. 
242 N. 61st St. 
General Delivery 
Marquette Bldg. 
765 Cortez St. 
1630 Belmont Ave, 
1289 Colorado Ave. 
6409 S. Gi«en St. 

ED, IS. 13P 

A, 6S, 21 P 


DO, IS, 12P 

CA. 6S 

HS. lOS, 17P 


Ufa, 3S. 16P 

C, 4S, 14P 

HS, 6S 

C, 9S 

HS, 7S, 2P 

LR, 6S 

ED, 4S, 28P, C 

MC. lis, 28P 

AC, lOS. 4SP 
UD, 7S. 46P 

C, 18S, 26P, D 
A, 16S, 36PI 
ME, 12S, 9P 
€, 8S 

AB, 6S 
MP, 6S. D . 
DL, 2S. 18P 
BE, 2S 
HS, 7S 
SM, 6S. 14P 
GA, 8S. 16P 
LR, US, D 
BB, 4S 
X, 5S. D 
ME, 9S. flP 
ME, lOS 
AG, 7S, 16PJ 
MK, 6S 
ME, 16S, UP 
ME, US, 6P 
X, 4S 
EP. 9S 

D, 6S 
IB, 2S ■ 

C. 6S, 16P 
CT. 3S 

D, 4S 

J, 4S, 6P 

AD, 6S, 13P 
ER, 4S 
GD, 4S. IZP 

X, 5s;d 

C, 4S, lOP 
EN, 8S 
HS, 8S 
AD, 6S, : 

BB, 4S 

D, 6S 

BC, 4S, lOP 
A, 9S, 12P 
ED, 3S, lOP 
DP. IS, 12P 
BA, 2S 
AG. 6S 

, 12P 


Bolton, J. C, *0l , 
Bonheim, L. M., '02 
Bonicel, E., '01 
Bostoni, v.. '99 
Bowen, C. A.. '01 
Bower, F. W., '99 
, Bowman, C, '01 
Boyntons, A. H., '00 
Brack, W., '02 
Braden. W. A.. '00 
Bradley, B., '99 
Brady, C, '98 
Brandon, T. E., '98 
Brannen, A. U., '99 
Breitie, O. F., '02 
Bremer, H. H., '97 
Bresney. M. J,. '00 
Bricker. C. S., '98 
BrighUy, C. J., '94 
BrinckerhoS, W. L., '02 
Briska, W. H.. '02 
Bristle, J. H., '02 
Britsch, G., '02 
Broadbent, B.. '01 
Brooke, H. S., '02 
Brooks, J. P., '02 
Brooks, W. H., '90 
Brown, C. E., '03 
Brown, C, P., '00 
Brown. G. V., '99 
Brown, H. C, '02 
Brown, M. L.. '99 
Brown, O. W.. '99 
Browne, J. O.. '03 
Bninner, H., '01 
Bnitm, C, "94 
Bryan, P., '00 

Buck, N. E., '03 
Buckbee, T.C., '90 
Buckley, W., '98 
Buethnia. W.. '01 
Buker, F,.. '01 
Bukh. I. M., '02 
Bula, P. C, '01 
Burbank, A. S., '00 
Burch, C. H., '01 
BuTch, C. H '02 
Buixess, H. E., '98 
Buikc, T. H., '94 
Burkhardt, J., '03 
Buschek, B., 02 
Bush, Jessiej., '01 
Button, G. E., 'O* 
Button, £., '02 
Butts, N. L., '00 
Byerly, P. I., '02 
Byrne. P. W., '02 



236 S. Washington Ave, 

4210 Calumet Ave. 

357 E. Ohio St. 

1046 Addison St. 

98 Warren Ave. 

1525 N. Central Park Ave. 

188 Milton Ave. 

2424 Antonio St. 

1062 Hozart St. 

285 Center St. 

1546 N. Talman Ave. 

209 Adams St. 

396 Belden Ave. 

13357 Ontario Ave. 

1600 Oakley Ave. 

19 N. Grove St. 

396 Grand Ave. 

1146 Grenshaw St. 

605 W. Chicago Ave. 

716 Van Burcn St. 

114 W. 47th St. 

1060 Bryn Mawr Ave. 

975 Chicago Ave. 

277 W. Jackson Boul 

5836 Drexel Ave. 

108 Hooser St. 

343 Courtlaad St. 
731 W. Harrison St. 
9042 Houston Ave. 
7416 Pamell Ave. 
3510 Union Ave. 
1096 N. Madison St. 
290 S. Oakley Blk. 
69 N. Calitomia Ave. 
Bush Temple of Music 
182 Oak St. 

464 Pulton St. 
6233 Lexington Ave. 
618 N. Robey St. 
6616 Union Ave. 
673 S. Oakley Ave. 
312S Wallace St. 
58 48th Court 
6440 Normal Ave. 
866 W. North Ave. 
273 E. Indiana St. 
339 Park Ave. 
14 E. Monroe St. 
14 E. Monroe St. 
1707 Harrison St 
485 N. Taylor St. 
.291 ayboum Ave. 
809 N. Wood St. 
628 W. 58th St 
2250 Wabash Ave. 
238 S. Winchester Ave. 
1034 Pulton St. 

344 B. e5tbSt. 
214 W. Erie St 
97 38th Ave. 

865 W. Adams St. 
3199 Archer St 


X, 3S 

CA, 73 

D, 4S 

A, 12S, 4P 

X, 3S 

A. 6S, 22P 

BD, 2S. 15? 

D'N, 4S, 21 P 
ME, 4S, 14P 
SM. 4S 

C. 17S, 25P, D 
ME, 8S. 9P 

D, 4S 
MH, 4S 

V, 20S, 15P 
J, 7S, D 
ME, 18S, 26P 
A. 33S, 34P, D 
EP, 8S 
DN, 8S, 22P 
DM. 3S, 21 P 
AC, 3S. 15P 

CC, 2S 

LC, 21 ParU 
EP, 6S 
C, 3S, 14P 
DO, 6S, 37P, C 
LR, 9S 
C, 6S, t2P 
ZP, 13S 
17S. 12P 
P, 6S, 13P 
GC, 4S, 9P 
RG, lOS, D 
C. IS, 24P 
X, 2S 

C, 13S. 15P 
J, eS, 16P. D 
EP, 8S 
U. 3S, lOP 

ED, IS, 17P 
MC. I2S, 87P 
A. 4S, 12P 
C, 6S. 25P 
ED. 4S, 26P, C 

CD, 5S. 17P 
MD, 3S, lOP 
MD, 3S. 24P 
EN, 5S 
EW, 9S, 8P 
CC, 2S 

ME, lis. 24P 
EP, 14S, 16P 
HS. 5S 
AC, 13S. 18P 
DM. 4S, 22P 
HS. 5S 
DO, 3S, 14P 

ED. i 

i, 14P 

Caldwell, M. H., '02 
Callaghan, M. J., '01 
Cameron, D., '00 

Campbell, J. H., '01 
Carlson, A. M., '99 
Carlson, E., '02 
Camth, Harriet P., '00 
Carpenter, F. L., '02 
Carson, W. T., '01 
Carver, A., '00 
Casey, ),, '00 
Cassard, G. C, '00 
Castater, J. W., '02 
Cederblom, R., '93 
Cemy. R., '02 
Chantrill, S. P., '99 
Chappell, E. S., '02 
Charest, L., '99 
Charvat. A., '01 
Childs, E., '94 
Chilton, H., '94 
Chipley, G, W„ "00 
Chirves, M. E.. '95 
Christian, T., '02 
Christinaen, Stella, '99 
Church, F. A., '99 
Chtirch, W. H., "02 
Cisar, E, '01 
Cisar, E. A„ '01 
Clark. L. A., '00 ' 
Clark, Nettie F., "02 
CUrke, H., '01 
Clarke. T., '02 
Claussen, H. F.. '03 
Clemens. P., 102 
Clements, B. J., '99 
Clineraan, E. W., '98 

Coleman, ' 

, '03 

Collins. T. T.. '0! 
Comstock, W. A., '00 
Congdon, W. P., '0! 
Cook, A. A., 03 
Cook, A. L.. '00 
Cook, C. B.. '00 
Cook. P., '02 
Cook, G. N.. '02 
Cooper, J. L., '02 
Corbin, E., '02 
Cornell, E. E„ '97 
Cortfriendt. A. D., '01 
Cosart. H. E.. "02 
Cox, G- J., '02 
Craver. J. P.. '01 
Crillv. G. S., '01 
Crinkhank. P.. '96 
Crockett. W. P., "01 

3014 S. 42d Court 
4001 45th St. 
1485 W. Ohio St. 
421 W. Van Buren St. 
4021 Stabash Ave. 
380 W. Pullerton St. 
Palmer House 
61 Ploumoy St. 
148 Oak St. 
2061 Van Buren St. 
11724 Princeton Ave. 
1475 W. Clark St. 
6343 Yale Ave. 
1318 Halsted St. 
663 S. Halsted St. 
608 Fulton St. 
2315 N, Hermitage Ave. 
705 W. Madison St. 
1276 MiUani Ave. 
78 Osgood St, 
46 Ashland Boul. 
126 Michigan Ave. 
71 N. Wood St. 
583 La Salle St. 
1358 Lexington, Ave. 
147 Dearborn Ave. 
169 Plymouth Place 
•1191 Sawyer Ave. 
828 W. 14th Place 
5714 Kimback Ave. 
5411 Calumet Ave. 
135 S. California Ave, 
202 Sunnyside Ave. 
819 Seminarv Ave. 
1706 State St. 
5944 Lowe Ave. 
60 N. 41st Ave. 
431 Root St. 
4201 Ellis St, 
753 E. 42d St. 
R2 Loomis St. 
5630 Wabash St- 
566 96th St. 
031 Fulton St. 
224 N. State St. 
206 N. Harding St. 
38 Oregon Ave. 
661 H^ted St. 
404 Bush Temple of Music 
1005 Manhattan Bldg. 
694 N. Irving Ave. 
20 Germania Place 
4010 Vincennes St. 
208 S. Center Ave. 
5821 Madison Ave. 
614 N. Humboldt Ave. 
636 Humboldt Ave. 
6319 Cottage Grove Ave. 
7714 Dobson Ave. 
17 Elbum Ave. 
1492 Ogden Ave. 
21 1 Jackson Boul. 

DK, 3S, 24P 
HS. 5S 
A, 9S 
J, 6S 

C. 12S, 6P 
DH, IS, 21P 
BD, 4S, 9P 
EH, 8S, D 
HS, 4S 
MD, 2S, 13P 

ME, 24S, 25P 
GB, 6S, 12P 
C, 16S. 20P 
BA. 2S 
HS, 6S, IP 
MB, 5S, 20P 
HM, 8S 
A, 23S, 34P 
HS. lOS. 15P, E 
C, lis. 19P 
C, 9S 
J, 4S, 12P 
MR, 7S 

CC, i 

ME, 3S, 26P 
RW. 9S 
DK, 4S, 26P 
GA. 8S, IIP 
ED, 3S, 16P 


. HP 

"DK, 3S, 24P 
GA. 9S, 5P 
AC, 6S. IIP 

J. 8S, 15P 
D, 6S 

B, lOS, 13P 
DK. 3S, 24P 
ME. 2IS, 27P 
ME, 6S. 19P 
HF, 12S 
MP. 3S 
LR, 7S 

GC, 6S, 5P 
AB. lOS. D 
AB, 6S 
BA. 6S 
DO, 6S. 37P 
MB, 8S. 3P 
DF, 5S, 19P 
ME. 2S, lOP 
T. 5S, i2P 
BE, 2S 
GC, SS. 14P 
HS. 4S, IP 
ME. 9S, 9P 
ME, lOS, 16P 
ED, 3S, lOP 

Nana and Y*ir 

Crosby, C, '98 
Culver, F. H., '91 
Cuimninga, G. C, '02 
Cumminga, G. "W., 'OJ 
Curran, D., '03 
Curtis, B., '00 
Curtis, F. M:, '03 
Dahl, G. v., '00 
Dahlquist, E., '98 
Danziger, O., '01 
Peane, F. H., '99 
DeBerard, Jr., J. C, ' 
DeBoo. H., '03 
DeGraaf, C, '01 
Ddter. W, G.. '01 
Dennis. F.. "02 
Dennstedt, C, '00 
DentseU G., '01 
Deppe, Jr., F., '01 
DeRushe, T., '02 
Dewing, C. E., '01 
Dewitt, D. C. '01 
DeWitt, F. A.. '00 
Dickinson, K. B., '98 
Dickon, E., '02 
Dickson. N. M., 'OS 
Dieterich. G. N„ '92 
Dimick, H. G., '98 
Dixon. A., '00 
Doane, R. W.. '02 
Dobs. F. I„ '01 
Dobson, J., '01 
Doering, H. H. 
Dolan, H, P., 'ou 
Dose, C, '00 
Dorael. M. L., '01 
Dow, J. A., '03 
Drake, C. F.. '00 
Dreis, A.. '00 
Drennen, M. R., 
' Drew, W. S.. '01 
Driscoll, D. A., '02 
Drummond. P., 'W 
DuBois. F. X.. '99 
Dunconbie, H. E., 
DuEsean, B.. '02 
Dykes, W. j., '02 
Ealy, R. C^ '99 
Earee, T. W., '99 
Eark, W., '99 
Ealinger, H. J., '0( 
Ebert, W., '02 
Eckles, B., '01 
Ecklund. C. . 
Eddy. Josephii 
Edghill, H. K.. 
Edwards, J. B. 
Eich, H. E., '0 
Ekman, C. A., 
Eldred. C. I.., ' 
EUas, W., '99 







6610 Ellis Ave. 

1203 Michigan Av( 

1421 Otto Bldg. 

Care Western Union Tel. Co. 

1009 Southfort Ave. 

5701 Wentworth Ave. 

620 W. 66th Place 

1261 Mildred Ave. 

1618 W. 16th Place 

2727 W. Madison St. 

576 S. Western Ave. 

21 Clifton Ave. 

470 The Rookery 

65 Vidder St. 

3613 Lincoln St., Brighton Park 
500 Seminary Ave. 
263 E. N St. 
674 Lake St. 
. 5725 Union Ave. ' 
1501 N. Clark St. 
730S Jackson St. ' 
4205 5th Ave. 
6246 Madison Ave. 
7249 Dobson St. 
449 Desrbom Ave. 
998 W. Harrison St. 
1738 Sheridan Road 
937 Sheffield Ave. 
204 Cass St. 
423 N. 53d St. 
30 S. Western Ave. 
122 Sting St. 
1985 Hermitage.Avc. 
343 W. Huron St. 
87 N. Francisco Ave. 
900 Ogden Ave. 
7155 S,tony Island Ave. 
277 Seminary Ave. 
465 Woodlawn Ave, 
852 Southport Ave. 
2608 N. Winchester Ave. 
4742 Calumet Ave. 
1182 N. Claremont Ave. 
6630 Peoria St. 
562 100th St. 
667 Washington St. 
5246 State St. 
2953 Indiana Ave. 
7730 Eggleston Ave. 
1521 Jackson Boul. 
4705 Cottage Grove Ave. 
97 W. Erie St. 
642 S. Morgan St. 
1521 Monadnock Bldg. 
83 E. 35tb St. 

66 E. 47th St. 

787 W. Van Burcn St. 
1334 W. Adams St. 
701 Hamilton Ave. 
5701 Wentworth Ave. 
5624 Marshfield St. 
1973 CarroU Ave. 

GC. 7S, 15P. D 
ME, 4S. 25P 
MD, 2S, 13P 
EH, 8S. D 

B, 3S, 15P 
AC. J5S, 13P 
ME. 8S, 14P 
EP, 6S 

A. 4S, 3P 

C, 48, i4P 
LR. 2S 
ME, 7S 
ME, 3S, 26P 
MI, 4S 

ED, 3S. 12P 
MB, 3S. 22P 
BE. 4S 
CD, 2S, HP 
HS, 88 
ME. lOS, 27P 
DO, IS, 19P 
AB. lOS. D 
LD, IS, 13P 
HS. S8, 2P 

D, 4S 

EA. lOS. 25P 
DO. 38. 31 P 
C 3S, 12P 
HS. lOS, 15P 
ME, 268, 25P. D 
ER, 4S 
BB, 38 
A, 178. 45P 
DN, 6S, 22P 
AB, 5S 
C, lOS, IIP 
UD. 4S, 20P 
EP, 9S, 2P 
F, 138 
ME, 88, IP 
FF, 14 Parts 
CS, 68 
MC. 68. lip 
P. 4S 
J, 78, IP 
■ TP, 6S 
AG. IS, lOP 
EP, 7S 
J. 68. 17P 
MM, 8S 
A. 78, 13P 
LR, 88 
RF, 8S. D 
EA, 4S, 18P 
UD, 4S, 14P 
X, 2S 
HE, 288 
J. 9S, 16P. D 
CD, 78, 18P 
AG, 2S. 12P . 
C 6S. 26P 
P, 6S. 15P 


Eliasson, A., '9S 
Engleman. M. S., '03 
Enright. P., '02 
Erickson. E. H., '02 
Erickson, O., '00 
Ericson, L.J., '02 
Evams. C. E.. '02 
Paherty, T. W., '99 
FaJkenbere. P. A„ '02 
Panta, J. C, '02 
Farnbam, J. T., '98 
Pass. O, E.. '01 
FeagranB, P.. '02 
Pd&nan, W. H., '02 
Ferguson. L. J.. '02 
Pev. S. J.. '01 
Field. E. D.. '01 
Finkelstein, B. L., '02 
Fischer. F. J.. '01 
Fisher, P. L,, '02 
Fitzgerald, A. I., '00 
Fitzgerald, G. 'a.'Ol 
Fixmer. HJ.. '00 
Fleght, I. W.. '99 
Fleming, A. G., '00 
Fleming. P. P., *00 
Fleming, W. E., '01 
FlynnTj. j.. '04 
Polz. G., ■02 
Fontayne. A., '00 
Porliner, jr., J. C. '01 
Porsbiug. F., '02 
Foskett. A, O., '96 
Foskett. A. O.. '97 
Foss. A.. '98 
Fossell, P. W., '00 
Poster. Lillian M.. '01 
Foster. W. H.. '00 
Fowler, W. L.. '98 
Fraley, L. V., '01 
Frank, W., '93 
Franks. A. E.. '03 
French, M. D.. '03 
Prey. A. P.. '02 
Pricke, Annie, '99 
Fncha, E. D., '01 
Puller, P., '02 
Fumess, W. A., '97 
Gabe, W. P., '03 
Gaff. B. W., '00 
Gale, H.. '97 
Gale. L. H.. '01 
Galladay, R. C, '02 
Gallagher, H., '01 
Gallardt. C. T.. '00 
Gardener, H. B., '94 
Gardner, C. A., "02 
Gaston, R M., '00 
Gauger. H. R., '02 
Gebhart. H.. '00 
Gehring, H., '02 
Gelinek, H., *00 

3714 La Salle St. 

499 E. 48th St. 
735 Ridgeway St, 
700 W. 60th St. 
620 Wellington Ave. 
1088 Sheffield Ave. 
217 Gidding St. 
1044 Addison St. 
575 WelU St. 
644 S. Sawyer Ave. 
204 Seminary Ave. 
3220 Calumet Ave. 
3714 EUis Ave. 
102 Oakley Boul. 
nil E. 16th St^ 
897 Seminary St. 
2546 N. 43d Ave. 
664 N. Oakley Ave. 
428 Cleveland Ave. 
912 W. B9th St. 
2533 38th St. 
1193 Lawndale Ave, 
3932 Indiana Ave. 
44th Ave, and Lake St. 
256 E. Ohio St. 
190 E. Fullerton Ave. 
Chicago Office 
1-3 N. Clark St. 
149 Hastings St. 
6448 Ingle^de Ave. . 
519 W. 6l8t Place 
362 W. Erie St. 
311 W. 63d St. 
6418 Normal Ave. 
492 54th Place 
1225 N. 42d St. 
85 Fowler St. 

Care International Correspond ei 
828 Greenleaf Ave. 
4534 Lake Ave. 
321 Ward St. 
619 Cleveland St. 
■6345 Washington Ave. 
291 La Salle St. 
1161 W. 12th St. 
623 W. 60th Place 
25 N. Lincoln St. 
2218 W. Huron St. 
832 Englewood Ave. 
530 W. Madison St. 
18 E. Chicago Ave. 
1053 N. 63d St. 
1022 N. Campbell Ave. 
1727 Wabash Ave. 
586 Washburn Ave. 
55 Powell Place 
7436 Pamell Ave. 
7162 Harvard Ave. 
6924 Line Ave. 
745 Clybom Ave. 
5212 5th Ave. 
I0I9 Barry St. 

HS, OS, leP 
CA, 4S 
HH, 17S 
DH, IS. 24P 
AG. 4S, lOP 
DO, 6S, 37P, C 
HS, 4S 
DO, 8S, 12P 
DK, 3S, 16P 
HS. 6S 
D, 8S, D 
DK, 2S, 25P 
ER. 6S, 6P^ D 
DO, 2S, 25P 
A. 6S, 13P 
MM, 16S, 14P 
AC, 2S. HP 
ED, 2S. IIP 
EA. 9S, 6P 
LR, 7S 
ED, 3S, 22P 
T. 12S. 5P 
HS. 6S 
ME. 6S, 12P 
HS, 7S 
AB, 5S 
HS. 8S 
EP, 8S 
ME, 18S, 22P 
CSN, 4S 
DK, 3S, 24P 
MD, 4S, 26P 
ME, 16S, 25P 
HS, 9S. 13P 
ED, 2S, 16P 

BD. 2S 
e SchooU AB, 5S 

ME. 21S, 25P 
C, 9S 
HE. 23S 
MC, 7S, 26P 
AA. 5S 
ME. 6S. 13P 
EA, 27S, 26P 
C, 8S, 3P 
EQ, 5S 
MD, 3S, 16P 
BB, 2S 
ME, 6S, lep 

BE, 3S 
- LR. 8S 

X, 2S 
A. 21S, 8P 
MB, 6S, lOP 
E, 19S. 25P, D 
AG. 7S, IP 
ED. 3S, 12P 
EA, 6S, 27P 




Gerkeo, A., '03 
Geuntner. A.. '99 
Geweke, H., '02 
Geyer, A,. '02 
Gibbs. R., '01 
Gilmore, H., '02 
Glas, J., '02 
Goldberger, H. S., 
Goodhue, L. P., '( 
Goodrich, H. M., '99 
Gooley, J. E., '01 
Gonzales, T., '99 
GcKh, H. D., '01 
Gould, D, C, '01 
Grams, C. '02 
Grw«s. G. J. H.. '95 
Gray, J., *01 
Green, B, A., '00 
Green, C. V., '01 
Green, H. R„ '02 
Greene, J, M. '02 
Greenewald, A„ '02 
Greenwood, C. P., '01 
Gregson, L. T., '90 
Grcfck, A.. '00 
Gretzner, A. H., '00 
GriU. A.. '90 
GroBsenbaker, L., '00 
Grunlrong, C., '99 
GusUfson, A. S., '00 
Gtistafson, C. L., '00 

HaU. A. A., '96 
HaU. I. S., '00 
Hall, L S., '02 
HaU. N. A., '02 
Halliday, G. W.. '03 
HaUman, U. E.. '99 
Hahn. P.. '98 
Halme, W. C, '98 
Haloatins, M.. '03 
Halvorsen, A. F., '01 
Hamilton, B. C„ "OB 
Hamilton, B. C, '02 
Hamilton, R., '01 
Hammers, G.. '98 
Hance, P. D,, '03 
Hancock, T. J.. '01 
Hangan, W ,^99 
Hanna. C.^ '03 
Hansen, P., '00 
Hanson, E., '01 
Hannaford, A., '01 
Harlow, D., '01 
Harper. R. H., '00 
Harper, R. H., '00 
Harriman, A. O., '99 
Harrington. P., '97 
Hanis, S. H:, '01 
Harris, S. H., '99 
Harsch, H. A., '01 


1609 Lincoln Ave, 
1238 Roscoe St., Sta. B 
876 Bosworth Ave. 
6025 Ellis St. 
368 Park Ave. 
7210 Woodlawn Ave. 
6644 May St 
868 E. 60th St. 
7029 Yale Ave. 
2687 N. Ashland Ave. 
1934 Elston Ave. 
ISQSA W. 12th St, 
1368 W. Ohio St. 
3812 Vincennes Ave, 
434 Prancisco Ave. 
3836 Dearborn St 
649 W. 63d St. 
164 W. Division St. 
301 W. Ohio St. 
1632 Briar Place 
11939 Union Ave. 
252 N. Wood St, ■ 
6710 Paxnell Ave. 
7046 Chauncy Ave. 
19 Perry St 
4803 Ada St 
736 W. 57th St. 
9134 Cayler St 
886 Clarcmont Ave,. N. 
889 Southport Ave. 
210 Oak St 
39 Park Ave. 
333 N. Avers St. 
226 Wells St. 
371 S. Clarcmont Ave. 
2378 N. Hermitage Ave. 
402 Adams St., W. 
119 E. Chicago Ave, 
6707 State St. 
1523 Clayboum Ave. 
933 W. 21st St, 
38 Bismarck St, 
629 W. North Ave, 
2220 Calumet Ave. 
1354 Michigan Ave, 
12 E. 47th St. 
26 W. 23d Place 
232 S. Water St. 
244 9th St. 
973 W. Lake St. 
7036 Sangamon St 
7 Floumoy St, 
155 69th St. 
3629 Seeley Ave. 
5601 Washington Ave. 
1300 Michigan Ave. 
1300 Michigan Ave. 
1094 W. Madison St. 
121 S. Sacramento Ave. 
5431 Dearborn St 
6431 Dearborn St. 
0921 Kimback Ave. 

BA, 2S 

U, IS, lOP 
IB, 2S 
HP, 17S 
LR. 4S 
-EN. lOS 
DM, 4S, 13P ■ 
A, 9S, 21P 
AC, 6S, 8P 
O, 4S 

MB, 48, 14P 
HS.' 6S, )7P 
UD, IS. 18P 
TP. 6S 
EG, 7S 
HS. 4S 
MB. 26S. 2SP 
UE, tSS, 13P 
D, 8S, D 
EG. 8S. D 

LA. 15 Parts 
J, 6S 
XX, 2S 
C. 4S, lOP 
HS. 4S, IP 
C, 9S, 19P 9 
MR. 6S, 25P 

A. US, 40P 
lis, lOS, 17P, D 

. E, 3S, 16P 
LR, 7S 
ME, ns, 9P 
ME, 13S, 3P 
DB, 2S. 16P 
AC, 4S, lOP 
LA, 10 Parts 
MD, 4S, 25P. 
HS. 4S, 6P 

B. 18S, leP 
DP, 3S, 13P 
MD, 3S, IIP 
MR, 7S, lOP 

C. 6S. 23P 
MD, 3S, 12P 
MC, 9S. 14P 

J. 6S. 4P 
DN, 5S. 20P 
HS. 8S, IIP 
ED, 4S, 25P, C 
GA, 16S. 18P 
A. 9S. 9P 
ME. lOS. lOP 
A, lOS. 18P 
MB. 6S. 25P 
U, 4S, ZIP 
HD, 3S, lOP 


Nami and Ytar 
Hart, R. B., -00 
Harte, W. G., "98 
Hartley. R„ '99 
Hartman, W.. '00 
HartMll, H., '03 
Harvey. W. C. '00 
Hatch, W. J.. '00 
Haugan, V., '9B 
HauTe. F. R,. '02 
HawkinsoQ, E., '00 
Hawley. W. P., '98 
Hajiton, Jr., '[., '96 
Hay. J, '00 
Hayes, S. E.. '02 
Hedlund, H. S., '02 
Hedrain, S., '01 
Heicke, A.. '99 
Heiraberger, P. A., 'OC 
Heise. H., '98 
Helmer, O., '96 
Hemingway, C, '01 
Henderson, M. C, '01 
Henwood. H. E., '99 
Herrmann, R., '02 
Herrold, A., '00 
Hewitt. H. J.. '02 
Hibbs, F, J., '01 
Hickok, E. W., '00 
Hilbert, G. B.. '01 
HiU. B. L.. '03 
Hill. M. E., '03 ' 
Hille. C. W., '97 
Hillatrom, D, A.. 'Ol 
Hinckley, A. M., '01 
Hjelte, A,. '98 
Hofiman. C. E.,' '98 
HoSman. P. M., '01 
Hoffman. F. H„ '03 
Hogan, W. M„ '00 
Hollerback. W., '02 
Holman, A., '02 
Holman. G. M., '03 
Holmes. G. E., '00 
Holmes, H., '01 
Holmes. H. J„ "01 
Homoky, C. A.. '98 
Hooper. W. T.. '02 
Hopkins. A. W.. '02 
Hopkins, H. S.. '00 
Hopkins, J. A. — 


, I., 00 

Horregan. W., '02 
Horstmann. F. B.. '01 
Houghtaling, C, '00 

Houghton, R., '02 

Howland. B. L.. '00 
Hubbard. B. C, '02 
Huening. W. T., '00 
Huffman. L.. '03 
Hughe, Ci C. '01 
Humphrey, L. P.. '02 

1097 E. 60th St. 

2126 Indiana Ave. 

1110 E. 69th St. 

264 Michigan Ave. 

1340 Behuont Ave. 

30 Abbot Court 

Care International Correspondence Schools 

973 W. Lake St. 

3738 Ridzie Ave. 

1639 Briar Place 

946 Wahiut St. 

71 Johnson Ave. 

7400 Drexel St. 

6344 Langley Ave. 

733 Melrose St. 

995 Osgood St. 

3427 Prairie Ave. 

9S7 N. 42d Ave. 

332 W. Monroe St. 

560 V/. Diversey Ave. 

Care Metropolitan Life 

6108 State St. . 

164 Lake St. 

946 Osgood St. 

10026 Ewing Ave. 

295 E. 54th St. 

4222 Langley Ave, 

528 W. Adams St. 

257 Kiniie Ave. 

212 Rhine St. 

5548 Jefferson Ave. 

487 N. Francisco Ave. 

226 W. 112th St. 

719 The Rookery 

703 N. 51st Court 

44 Lootnis St. 

979 W. Polk St. 

675 N. Halsted St. 

360 Dayton St. 

1583 Milwaukee Ave. 

lUS. Morgan St. 

486 W. Van Buren St. 

239 Sedgwick St. 

666 N. Oakley Ave. 

1625 Van Buren St. 

663 Washington BouL 

3314 Lowe Ave. 

528 W. 63d St. 

225 Dearborn St. 

121 Dearborn St. 

6421 Lake Ave. 

718 W. 61st St. 

6759 Morgan St. 

Care J. B. Clow & Son. Cor. Franklin a 

Harrison St. 
9748 Howard Court 
1339 W. 18th St. 1 

380 Washington Bldg. 
318 W. Belmont St. 
97 S. Clinton St, 
6014 Calumet Ave. 
4650 Evans Ave. 

A. 6S. 15P 
F. 5S 
HS. 4S 
BD, 4S. HP 
DL. IS. 12P 
A, 9S. 34P 

AB, 5S 
E, 7S 
MN. 4S, D 
C. 14S. 16P 
ME. 18S 

C. 2S, 21 P 
TG. 8S, t> 
EG. 7S 
MF. 5S 
LE, 6S. 25P 
C, 4S. 16P 
HS, 8S 
A, 7S, 17P 
MD. 2S. 13P 
C, 4S. ISP 
P. 7S. 8P 
UP, 6S 
DK, 3S. 14P 
E. 6S 

DH, 2S, 34P 
T, 17S, 19P 
ME, 3S, 12P 
ED, 4S. 25P, C 

AC. 7S, IP 

UD, 4S, 21P 
ME, 16S. fiP 
C. 12S. IP 
C. eS, 14P 
ME. lOS, 13P 
EN. 6S 

ME, gs 

ER, 3S 
MO, 5S..D 
DL, 3S. 19P 
ME. 8S 
SM, 6S, 13P 
CSN. 4S, D 
K, lOS, 17P, D 
DL, 4S.-13P 
LC. 27 Parts 

C. 6S, 17P 
X. 2S 

HS, 86. 2P 
£P. 9S 

D, 5S 

MD, 2S. 16P 
ME. lOS, 5P 
AC, 6S, 4P 
CD, 2S. UP 
MC. 6S 
HS, 6S 

;d by Go Ogle 

1, J.. "flS 
I. j. W.. -01 

I, M.. '00 


Humphries. C. E., '0 
Hunf P. S.. '00 
Kurd, W. E.. '02 
Mutton. G., '00 
Huves. A. M., '03 
Hyde. R. M., "03 
Hylleberg. Jr.. H. C, 
Ingereoll, W. E„ '98 
Ingrish. Louise, '01 
Isarson. E., '01 
ackson, H. D.. '00 
ackson, O.. '90 
acob, J., '02 
acobson, H. B., '00 
acobsoti, J., '00 
aracs, J. R... '01 
amieson. W., '02 
ann. I., '01 
aim, J. H.. '97 
ensen. L. H„ '02 
epsen. J.. '02 
ohaansea. G.. '01 
ohnson, C, '94 
Johnson, A., '00 
Johnson, D. E., '01 
, ohnson. J '"" 
ohnson, ] 

ohnson, M. E., '02 
ohnson. M. P., '02 
ohnson, O, A., '03 
ohnson. O. J., '00 
ohnson. P.. 01 
ohnson, P., '98 
ones, F. L., '02 
ones, H, A., '03 
orgensen L., '03 
. ung. H. W.. '97 
^aestner, R., '03 
Kanorsky. A. S., '00 
Kartheises, P., '01 

Kearney, N..T„ '00 
KeUy. J. H..;00 

Kerr, W, W., '00 
Kerwein. M. S., '02 
Kessie, E. S., '97 
Kessler, E. P., '96 
Kihan, J., '99 
Kiipatnck. G. H., '01 
Kinunick. P.. '99 
King, I. a, '02 
King. M. A., '01 
Kingm&n, J., '9S 
Kireher, J. A., '02 
Kiroley, R. E., '97 
Kissner, R., '97 

4200 Indiana Ave. 
308 E. 60th St. 
1248 N. CaHfomia St. 
304 Bowen Ave. 
687 E. 48th Place 
6319 Ellis Ave. 
; 774Talman Ave,. N. 
6604 Uiaerva Ave. 
132 String St. 
3111 5th Ave. 
405 B. 62d St. 
534 S. Oakley Boul. 
56 Howe St. 
222 S. Winchester Ave. 
306 W. Ohio St. 
205 La Salle St. 
210 Teard Ave. 
6657 Princeton Ave. 
3653 Princeton Ave. 
1342 Drake Ave. 
657 37th Place 
624 School St. 
333 Wells St. 
174 N. Huron St. 
404 E. Division St. 
997 Washtenaw Ave. 
3263 Cottage Grove Ave. 
S.W Washinrton Ave. 
5529 Lowe Ave. 
13 S. Hermitage Ave. 
868 W. 20th St. 
337 W. 111th St- 
131 E. Chicago Ave. 
1653 N. Springfield Ave. 
Bush Temple of Music 
70 W. Jackson St. 
2735 Superior St. 
372 Garfield St. 
396i Jackson Bldg. 
6335 May St. 
588 Sedgwick St. 
480 La Salle Ave. 
215 Johnson St. 
10631 Michigan Ave. 
160 Winchester Ave, 
5609 Wabash Ave. 
463 Englewood Ave, 
5819 Prairie Ave. 
267 E. 35th St. 
1648 W. Congress St. 
4246 Calumet Ave. 
575 W, Madison St. 
1298 W. 20th St. 
1 1 Carl St. 
186 Park Ave. 
402 Belmont Ave. 
6856 S. Park St. 
7224 Perry Ave. 
670 Warren Ave. 
618 Root St. 
7551 Saginaw Ave. 
559 Albany A\-e, 

BD, 4S. IIP 
ME, 12S, 18P 
EW, 13S, 87P 
A, 4S, lOP 
LC, 10 Parts 
DP, 3S, UP 
GC, 2S, lOP 
D, 4S 

AA, 5S 

BC, 6S. 21P 
. D, 4S 

C, 12S, 20P 
GA, 8S, ISP 

AB, 5S, 
ED, 3S, 18P 
ED, 4S, 26P. C 
AG, 4S. 9P 

C, 4S, 13P 
J, 6S, 14P 

BE, 5S 
CA. 6S 

ME, 19S, 19P 
C, 8S, 4P 
C, 4S. 16P 

Mb, 3S. 24P 
DL, 7S. 35P. C 
J. SS, 9P 
HD, 28S, IP 
EP, 1(B 
DB, 2S, UP 
JJ, 6S. 7P 
HA, 4S. 3P 
HS. 4S, 6P 
RG, 5S. D 
EG, 7S 
AG, IS. 13P 
T. 43S, 24P, D 
ES, 7S 

BD, 3S, leP 
AD, 4S. IIP 
GC, 4S. 6P 
DO, 2S, 13P 

A. 12S, 15P 
NC, lis, 2P 
MB, 16S. 25P 
C, 7S, 26P' 
ED, 3S, 16P 
BE, 2S 
HL, 8S. 14? 
HS. 6S 
C, 16S, 25P 
E. 3S, 13P 
HS. 8S 
AC. 4S. IIP 
DO, 4S, 20P 
HS. 6S 
CA, 4S 
R. 16S, 24P 
J. " 



Kiviat, F. J.. '01 
Klage, C, '01 
Kleckner, P. L.. "03 
Kleemami, C., '02 
KJeme. F. M.. '03 
KlingB, M., *00 
KlipTd. F. J., '96 

Kiopp. L., 'oa 

Klofika, A. A., '02 
Kloss, G., '99 
■Kluge. E. E., '02 
Knigse, C, '00 
KnodEon, E. G., '03 
Koerber. E., '01 
Koon. J. ti.. '01 
Koma^enski, V., '02 
Koslosky, E., '02 
KozlowsU,!.. '01 
Krans, C. G., '00 
Krausch, W. T., 'M 
Krantler, W. F., '98 
Krippner, J., '97 
Krueger, A., '00 
Kniegemann, M. P., '00 
Kuehne, H. G., '02 
Kuhlmann, F., '96 
Kull, H. G., '01 
Enpper, W., '01 
Lail. W. L., '98 
Lally.J. A., '01 
Lamb, C. W., '03 
Lambe, W. B., '69 
Lamey, E., '02 
Lamont, C, '01 

Landon, T, L„ '02 
Langdon, B. A., '02 
Lange, M., '99 
Lange, O., '99 
Langlotz. A., '03 

Laotan, E 
Lanus, E., UU 
Lapatlca, E.. '01 
Lareon. A.. '99 
Larson, C E., '99 
LaSalle, E. B., '98 
Lassial, A. N., '03 
Latimer, J. B., '03 
Law, Alice, '01 
Lawrence, W., '98 
Lawrence, O, '00 
Lederle, F. A., '02 
Lee, H. G.. '01 
Leegwater, J., '01 
Leicht, W. J., '01 
Lelwett, J.P.,'03 
Lenning, E, H„ '01 
Lentea. j. B., '02 
Leonarrf. O. A., '99 
Leonhardt, A. L.. '02 
Lepper, C. H., '99 
Le^e, F. W., '99 

701 Larabee St. 

425 Cornelia St. 

6337 Jefferson St., FUt 78 

376 W. I2tli St. 

66 Rush St. 

1540 Ashland Boul. 

178 Kramer St. 

413 Seminary Ave. 

698 Holt Ave. 

61 Clifton Ave. 

8289 Clark St. 

514 Racine Ave. 

709 W. Chicago Ave. 

1083 Racine Ave. 

1956 38th St. 

1764 MoDticello Ave. 

1010 W. 60th St. 


658 Trumbtil) Ave. 

3824 Langley St. 

828 School St. 

559 W. 19th St. 

78 Howe St. 

636 Roscoe St. 

7011 Emerald Ave. 

880 N. Campbell Ave, 

1664 Park Ave. 

279 N. Ashland St 

650 Elston Ave., Care Gates' Iron 

499 N. Paulina SL 

437 S. California Ave. 

6604 Everett Ave. 

196 Clybom Ave. 

Lake and Dearborn St., Care Am. 

2166 Iowa St. 
3601 Vernon St. 
624 N. Park Ave. 
5438 Monroe Ave. 
667 N. Halsted St. 
869 Burlington St. 
733 Sheffield St. 
336 N. Mansfield Ave. 
802 Arthur Ave. 
120 Chestnut St. 
900 Perrv St. 
372 Blue' Island Ave. 
6519 Washington Ave. 
8339 Prairie St. 
1733 Monadnock Bldg. 
210 Betephame Ave. 
711 Elston Ave. 
227N. 5l8tSt.' 
119th St. and M. C. R. R. 
6621 Green St. 
686 S. Spaulding Ave. 
1615 Fulton St. 
115 Augusta St. 
713 Masonic Temple 
85 Walton Place 
1548 W. Park Ave. 
5146 Dearborn St. 

C, 9S, 12P 

4, 4S. 4P 
P. 13S, 4P 
EW, lOS, lOP 
EN. 6S 
C, 8S, 7P 
DO. 3S. 17P 
DH, IS, S2P 
HS, 6S 
ER, 5S, D 
CD, 4S. IIP 
LB, 10 Parts 
MD, 4S, 25P, C 
T, 9S, lOP 
NC, 16S, IIP 
HH. les 
BA, 2S 
C, 7S, 25P 
A.8S, 7P 
TP, 6S 
HL, 8S, 14P 
i 4S. IP 
CC. 6S 
EP, 6S 

C, 17S, 25P. D 
LR, 4S 
BD, 6S, lOP 

Works C, 8S. 4P 

DI, 3S, 21P 
EN, 7S, 3P 
ME, 8S 
HE, 16S 


D, 7S 

DB, 2S, 12P 
AD, 3S, 3P 
HS. 4S 
C, 6S, 13P 
HB, 6S 
A, 24S, 45P 

E, 8S. 9P 
BD, 7S, 18P 


C. 6S, 22P 
HH, lOS 
EW, 13S, 6P 

MP, 2S 
C, 3S. 14P 
NC, 7S, 9P 
C. 6S, 14P 
C. 6S, 16P 
MB, 8S, 4P 
DO, 3S. 18P 
LE, 9S 
CB, 6S 
ME, 6S, 15P 
IB, 2S 
LR, 7S 
C, 5S, 25P 


Levin. N. D., 'B8 
Lewis, C, D., '65 
Lewis, J. L.,'98 
Lichteg, H., '01 
Liddy, W., '02 
Liebert, H. W„ '02 

LindeU, A . 
Lindeman, C, '01 
LindmaO, A., '02 




Linton, E. N, 
Litshein, B. M., 
Little, H., '02 
Little, R. H.. 'OS 
Locher. H., '02 
Lofgren, J., "98 
Lord, H. L., '96 
Lots, F., '00 
Louby, H., '99 
Lovett, T., 'OO 
Lubbereer, F., "C 
Lucas. F.. '01 
Luce, Jr.. G. D., 
Lund. J-. 'fl? 
Lundgren, E. T., 
Lundstrom, C. V. 
Lundstrom, W 
Luther, W. R. 
Luxinore, W., '00 
Lyback, P. J„ '95 
Lyman, A. D., '02 
Mabee, E. B., ;00 
Mackey, P. M., '01 
Mahuke, C. F., '00 
Malinsten, I., '02 
Malmgren, N. L., '( 
Malstrom, A. G., "O 
Halonqnjst, E. H., 
Manrfe, J., '01 
MaiUanid. T., '99 
Hanle7. H., '98 
Mann, C. A., '01 
Hanton, H., '02 
Marcus, H., '02 
Markland, N., '02 
Markle, F. K., '01 
Marsh, P. G., '98 
MarehftU, V. R., '0! 
Hartin. E. S., '02 

Martin, V., '98 
Master. A., '90 
Mastin, H., '98 
Mather. C. D., "94 
Mathews, J., '98 
Matson, B. N., '99 
Mattbe*. A.,'01 
Matthews, W.. '01 
Matthiseo. A. L., '01 
Matttrison. J., '02 
May, P. H., '01 

S618 Emerald Ave. 

SSIO Green St. 

6117 Emerald Ave. 

6110 Stewart Ave. 

441 Winthrop Ave. 

564 W. Monroe St. 

456 Cleveland Ave. 

385 Dearborn Ave. 

1699 Sgth Place 

952 S. Avers Ave, 

15 Concord Place 

739 S. Spaulding Ave. 

I3I3 Kimball Ave, 

3233 5th Ave. 

1805 Melrose St. 

5264 Grove Ave. 

2328 Ontario St. 

371 29th St. 

439 N. Winchester Ave. 

2422 Lowe Ave. 

2615 112th St. 

680 Fullerton Ave. 

338 Larabee St. 

359 E. Chicago St.. Flat 12 

887 Clifton Ave., Sta. B 

38 Goethe St. 

1174 N. Spaulding Ave. 

6453 Washington St. 

542 W. Munro St. 

184 LaSalle St. 

753 Washtenaw St. 

279 Oeden Ave. 

9051 Dauphin Ave. 

137 S. California Ave. 

342 Augusta St. 

1008 Sheffield Ave. 

5323 Wood St. 

940 N. Clark St. 

2150 N. Paulina St. 

610 Humboldt Ave. 

Ill Coblentz St. 

1650 Fletcher Ave. 

997 Floumoy St. 

1449 Addison Ave. 

406 Dayton St. 

Newberry Library 

1830 Eberly Ave. 

3127 S. Canal St. 

6322 Jackson Park 

5710 Aberdeen St. 

143 23d St. 

792 W. Cornelia St. 

96 Seminary St. 

7541 Harvard Ave. 

Cor. Lincoln Park and Chicago Ave 

437 38th St. 

6126 Ingleside Ave. 

455 Cypress St. 

1384 S. Hamlin Ave. 

642 Claremont Ave. 

1S3 Dearborn Ave. 

Exchange Bldg. 


. 9S 



R. I5S. 16P 


, 12S..6P 



37P, C 



A. 1 

















9 Parts 













, 4S 


, 3S. 








, 3S, 










;. 26P 

T, 4S. IIP 

D, 4S 

c. los. : 




;. ?iP 







J, 4S. 11 
MB, lOE 


!, 17P 














C. lis, ! 








15 Parts 





, 7S, 




. 16P 





, 12S 



17P. D 

C. 3S, iflP 

C. 9S. 18P 


, 14S. 25P 


, 4S, 



14S. 12P 

A. 25S, 

41P. D 

C, 3S, 25P 





, 2S. 




Daizc,=, Google 

Mayes, S. C, '99 
McAbee, R., '02 
McAbee, R., '99 
McAllister, B. C, '97 
McAllister, P., '99 
McArdle, P. C, 'Oi 
McArthur, J., '96 
McCallum, C. L., '02 
McComb. R.. '02 
McCord, W. J., '99 
McCoy, L- '01 
McCuJlough, R., '01 
McDonald, J. R., '00 
McDonnell, M., '00 
McDougall, A. J.. '97 
McEwen, P. B.. '01 
McGee, M., '00 
McGill, J. I.. '98 
McGlenn. 6. H., '98 
McGlone, J., "98 
McGowan, A., '02 
McGregor, G. M., '02 
McKinne, J., '01 
McManamy, J., '99 
McNamara, E., '99 
Madick, W, O., '03 
Mell, H. J.. '03 
Melne. G.. '00 
Mend, L., '02 
Meots, A. W.. '03 
Merritt, S., '03 
Messer, T. W.. '02 
Meyer, W. A., '02 
Meyer, W., '95 
Michael, E. P., '01. 
Mieltch, A.. *01 
Mielkfi, W.. '01 
Millar, W. A., "02 
Miller, Daisy P., '02 
Miller. E, C. '02 
Miller, P, J.. '97 
Miller, G., '01 
Miller. G- H.. '99 
Miller, W. K,. '99 
Minster, W.. '99 
Mis. P.. '99 
MisOEtow, H., '99 
Mitchell, L. E.. '00 
Mitchell. R, S.. '00 
Molitor. P., '96 
Monahan. M. I., '98 
Monrad, K., '98 
Monsinger, W., '00 
MontBlanc, E. P., '02 
Morcy, W. E., '94 
Morgan, Jr., J. H.. '99 
Monarty, P. G., '02 
Morris, L. D., "96 
Morse, F. J., '03 
Moses, J., ■'02 
Mossman. J. B.. '02 
Mottschall, H., '90 

55 Sedgwick St. 
1446 Lexington St. 
944 Floumoy St. 
777 W. Van Buren St. 
506 S. Kediie St. 
1017 W. Harrison St. 
833 Walnut St. 
2524 N. 45th Ave. 
3348 Armour Ave. 
2945 S. 41st Ave. 
3839 Park Court 



Victoria Hotel 

337 Indiana Ave. 

628 S. California Ave. 

89 N. California Ave. 

1610 Grace St. 

179 37th St. 

13 N. California Ave. 

237 Dearborn Ave. 

106 Il5th5t. 

315 Manhattan BWg. 

7417 S. Chicago Ave. 

430 Van Buren St. 

126th St. and Torrence Ave. 

195 Monticello Ave. 

663 W. 19th St. 

275 Clybottme Ave. 

2349 Michigan Ave. 

941 Crystal St. 

6349 Washington Ave. 

265 Hirsch St. 

1783 W. 66th St. 

8 Fremont St. 

582 W. 23d St. 

6022 May St. 
3141 Rhodes St. 
6536 Kemback Ave. 
978 W. Polk St. 

74 Harvard Ave. 

1180 S. Homan Ave. 

644 W. School St. 

1899 Troy St. 

3913 N. 42d St. 

38 33d Place 

2939 S. Canal St. 

Cor. Clark and Chicago Ave. 

7102 Lexington Ave. 

310 LaSallc St. 

294.S. Water St. 

80 Will St. 

3021 Archer Ave. 

1357 Park Ave. 

6023 Chaplain Ave. 
611 Fulton St. 
1184 Lawndale St. 
1874 Evanston Ave. 
277 N. Ashland Ave. - 
308 N. State St. 

219 Madison St. 


HCRO, 22S 
AC, 4S. 13P 
MD. 4S, 25P, C 
HS, 8S. 15P 

C. 9S. 23P 

D. 8S 

HS. 8 

, 4P 

HB. lOS 
EP, 6S 
H, 8S, 12P 
ED, 4S, 25P, C 
ED, 2S, 24P 

AB, 5S, D 
AD, 4S, 12P 
HS, as, 3P 

B, US, 9P 
TP, 5S 
ME, lOS, 5P 
HS, 6S 

E, HS, IP 
EN, 12S 
DO. IS, 15P 
HS. 9S, 12P 

LR, as 

HS, 8S, 2P. D 
MK. 5S 
EP, 9S 

C, lOS, IIP 
EP, 5S 
GC. 4S, 4P 
EN, 13S 

AC, 22S, 45P 
liA, lOS. lOP 
ilE, 12S, I4P 

D, 6S 
X. 2S 

C, 8S, 4P 
DI, 6S. 22P 
BE. 2S 
EA, 9S. 24P 
MM, 17S, 8P 
TP, 6S 
LR, 6S 
C, US, 23P 
C. 6S. 25P 
HL. 4S. 16P 

E, 12S. 5P 
J, 7S, 8P, D 

AB, 6S, D 
HS, lOS. 16P 
HS, 4S 

O. 6S 

ME, 13S, 27P 

GC, 6S. 13P 
C, 8S, 12P 
MD, 3S, 16P 

GD, 98, 9P 


AC, lis, 16P 
BE, 2S 

GD, 7S, 14P 
CO, gs,D 


■y. J. J, 00 
.y. J. J.. '01 
y. 1 ;.. -98 

Namt and Ytar 

Moylan, J.C., '01 
Mueller, W. C , '00 
Mueller, W., '02 
Mukey, A. C, '02 
Mulcey, E. C, '98 
Muller, P., 'B9 
Mumma, Mibb M., '02 
Munch, E., '00 
Mundorif, F. P., '03 
Mmineke, W. L., '00 

Murdock. R.. -01 
Murdock, R., '02 
Murphy, D., '"' 
Murphy, I ■ 
Murray, ! 
Mussett, R., _ _ 
Muszynske, L., '03 
Naylor, N. C, '00 
Nefte, O.. '03 
Neill. L. W., '03 
Nelson, A., '02 
Nelson, A., '01 
Nelson, C. R., '98 
Nelson, J, A., '02 
Nelson, Ruth B. V.. '00 
Nemoldi, H., '98 
Neuhans, C, '01 
Neuhengen, A. J., '01 
Newton, E. J.. "97 
Nickel, C-. '97 
NiLwn, a. ,'0I 
Neswonger, R. C. '00 
NoWe, R. E., '03 
Nood, Clara Louise, '00 
Norashelsky, B., '00 
Norblad. A. W„ '02 
- Normile, H. I., '01 
North. J. A.. '02 
Norton, I., '98 
Nugent, "W. E,. '02 
Nydam, J. L., '01 
Nydin. J. A.. '99 
Obel, I., '01 
O'Brien, W. J., '00 
Oetien, D., '98 
O'Hara, R. E.. '02 
OUn, E. G., '03 
Olaen, A., '96 
Ord, H., '97 
Ott. H. J., '02 
Otto, H. M., '01 
Otto, W. R., '02 
Ouska, J. A., '00 
Pachly, E. C, '95 
Page, C. '98 
pSner, F. A., '03 
Parker, B. E„ '02 
Parker, D. M., '01 
Parker. T. F., "00 
Parks, P. M..''02 



5653 Tuner Ave. 

LS, IS, 16P 

1317 Belmont Ave. 

C. US, 26P 

963 Foster Ave. 

AC, 16S, 40P 

2130 Kenmore Ave. 

EP, 15S, 16P, D 

2130 Kenmore Ave. 

ME. 9S 

76 E, 2eth St. ^ 


877 E. 66th St. 

BB. 3S 

45fi6 Indiana Ave. 

ME. 9S 

271 WeUs St. 

GC, 6S, 14P 

Care G. H. Hammond Co., Union Stock- 


C. 4S. 26P 

6921 Kimback Ave. 

CST. 4S 
Mtf. 3S. 13P 

6921 Kimback Ave. 

A26& Cottage Grove Ave. 

A. 3S. IIP 

262 Walnut St. 

BD. 3S, IIP 

2087 N. Ashland Ave. 

MI. 4S 

HM. lOS, 15P, D 

9 S. Peoria St. 

24 Habbie St. 

DO, 2S, 20P 

150 Cleaver St, 

1380 Old Colony Bldg. 

MB, 2S, 21 P 

212 Lexington Ave. 

MW. as, IP 

2500 Michigan Ave. 
11841 Wallace St. 

EP, 6S 

HD, 34S, 5P 

322 W. Ohio St. 

DK. 2S. 16P 

1121 Wrightwood Ave. 

HS, SS. 7P 

993 Cortland St. 

BE, 5S 

256 25th St. 

AA. 4S 

1616 N. KedwrAve. 

HS, 4S 

847 Linden St. 

C, IIS, 26P 

365 Harrison St. 

ED, 3S, 22P 

6739 Halsted St. 

ME, 3S, 25P 

746 95th St. 


1102 S. Turner Ave. 

aSK, 4S 

6436 Kimback Ave. 

AB, 5S 

1060 N. Albany Ave. 

EG. 8S, D 

1006 ManhatUn Bldg. 

cc. es 

009 S. Canal St. 

ME, 12S. 26P • 

239 Dearborn Ave. 


6537 JeffeiBon Ave. 
1973 W. Madison St. 

LR, 7S 


Grant Works P. O. 

MD, 3S, 23P 

167 5. Prankhn St. 

MB, 8S. 25P 

10644 Dearborn St. 

HA, 6S. 5P 

2487 Evanston Ave: 

A, 16S, 45P 

Flat 214 Mecca Bldg.. 342 State St. 

UD, 4S. 21P 

347 Elm St. 

XX, 2S - 

1592 Harvard St. 

HS, 7S 

5613 Center Ave. 

HS, 4S 

6010 Princeton Ave. 

DL, 4S, 23P 

2501 5th Ave. 

HS, 5S. IP 

125 Dearborn Ave. 

ME, 1 IS, 28P 

377 W. Van Buren St. 

DK, 2S. 20P 

989 W. 2l8t St. 

T. 6S, 15? 

1034 N. Leavitt St. 

BA, 3S 

2938 Union Ave. 

D. 4S 

532 6th Ave. 

HS, 4S 

273 Park Ave. 

MD, as, 16P 
LC, 10 Parts 

4639 Vincennes Ave. 

5257 Wabash Ave. 

AC. 9S. 17P 

695 N. Harding Si. 


4401 Dearborn St. 

LR, 12S, D 

6135 Lexington Ave. 

MB, 6S, 12P 


Pannellee W. B., '02 
ParaonB. H. £., '01 
Pasbach, F. J., '02 
Patmore, N. H., 'M 
Patten. H. W., '01 
Patteraon, T. E., '99 
PauhiB, J. P.. '02 
Paxton, G., '01 
Pearson, E. A., 'S8 
Pearson, J., '9fl 
Pedley, G., '98 
Pierce, R. H.,'98 
Pekat. C. F., '01 
Pence, S. H.. '9S 
PenJngton, C. R., '03 
Peoples. P. W., '03 
Peper, J., '03 
Peper, M., '02 
PerfcinB. W. P., '03 
Pertle, C, '02 
Petersen, B., '03 
Petersen, J., '63 
Peterson, A., '03 
Peterson, A. H., '97 
Peterson, E. L., '00 
Peterson, E., '97 
Peterson, H., '01 
Peterson, H., '02 
Peteraon, J- S., '00 
Pettersom, C. L., '95 
Peytibone, S. A., '02 
Pettijohn, C. J., '02 
Pettit, G. W., '00 
Phdpa. W. R.. '00 
Phelps, W. R.. '00 
PhUfippi. T. E., '02 
■ Pierce, A. N.. '02 
Pierce, B. B., '98 
Pierce, B. B., '03 
Pierce, B. B., '96 
Piereon, J. H.. '99 
Pihlfeldt, T. G., '96 
PUchek, J., '00 
Polan, J., '01 
Pomeroy, R. E. H., '00 
Porter, P. L., '99 
Porter. L., '00 
Post. H. M., '01 
Potter, E. A., '98 
Pottetick, P. A., '01 
Poure, F. A.. '02 
Powers. A. N.. '00 
Puetz, H, L., '02 
Putman, J. L., '00 

tuin. H., '02 
aboin, A. H., '02 
Ralston. J. L., '01 
Randolph, I. S., '01 
Ran;, C. E„ '01 
Ranschenberger, G., '99 
Rapp. G., '02 
Rapp. G. K., '00 

926 N. 4Sth St. 

3348 Aimow Ave. 

1122 S. Oakley Ave. 

2108 W. 24th St. 

264 E. Erie St. 

246 Oak St. 

824 Lincoln Ave. 

Flat K. Brown's BUc 

359 118th St.. W. 

Care W. N. Mitchell, Bush Temple 

6938 Ada St. 

6025 Lake Ave. 

928 Trumbull Ave. 

615 Wabash Ave. 

3727 Ellis Ave 

3024 Calumet Ave. 

1426 IKversey Bldg. 

1246 Diversey Bldg. 

681 W, 81st St. 

150 Canalport Ave. 

1431 Marquette Bldg. 


1001 Tray St. 

1833 95th St. 

5632 Emerald Ave. 

190 Sedgwick St. 

Care The Western Elec. Co. 

498 W. Ravenwood St. 

1219 Ashland Blk. 

92 W. Garfield St 

2558 N. 42d Court 

73 S Campbell Ave. 

2247 Jackson BouL 

913 E. 47th St. 

913 E. 47th St. 

291 Dearborn St. 

664 W. 20th St. . 

291 Michigan Ave. 

291 Michigan Ave. 

291 Michigan Ave. 

878 35th St. 

690 Maple Wood Ave. 

95 Forquer St. 

1097 S. Troy Ave. 

6206 Cornell Place 

289 E. 42d St. 

402 W. 61st Place 

421 1 Berkley Ave. ' 

520 Monadnock Bldg. 

44 Emma St. 

6953 Princeton Ave. 

500 W. Huron St. 
310 E. 61at Place 
1007 Trumbull Ave. 
68 Clara Place 
287 W. Monroe St. 
6333 Ellis Ave, 
343 N. Clark St. 
1330 S. 40th Court 
24 Chicago Terrace 
7332 Harvard St. 

ES, lOS 
X. 2S 

C, 9S, 24P 

- ED, as, 14P 
HS. lOS, 17P, D 
DP, 3S. 20P 
JR, 6S 

D, 4S 

of HtMic HCRO. 17S 
ME, 21S 
A, 9S. 7P 
ME. 6S, 24P 
HS, 4S 
EP. 7S, 3P 
BE, 2S 
BE, 6S, D 
EW, 13S, 37P 

AC. IS, 13P 
EN, lOS 
HH, 13S • 
MP, 4S 

DO, 2S, lOP 

C, 8S 

HS, 2S. I4P 

AD, 4S, 34PI 

D, 4S, 86P. C 
CA, 6S 

A, 25S, 46P. D 
HS, 5S. IIP 
EA. 9S. 26P 
EN. 5Sf 

LR, 18S 

AB, 6S 

LR, 6S 

MN, 3S 

EW, lis, 37P 

ME, 26S, 25P, D 

GA, 15S, 16P 

HS. 8S, D 

LR. 12S 

B, 6S, lOP 
A, 5S. 4P 
MD, 2S, 21P 
MM, 8S, 2P 
P, 4S, IP 

C, 96, UP 
ME, IIS, 27P 
J. 4S. 8P 
ED, 2S, lOP 
ER. 6S 

A, 3S. UP 
HA, 4S 
BC, 5S. ISP 
GA, 14S, 6P 
AD, 6S, 24P 

CD, 3S. 18P 
U, 3S. 14P 
EN. lOS 
C. 6S, i2P 


R*TOter, H. J., '01 
Ready. W^ '01 
Ream. J, B., '01 
Reef. O. W., '03 
Reimers. E "98 \ 
■Rdnharft. Jr.. G., '00 
Reinhofer, J., '00 
Relth, W., 'OO 
Renald, H., '00 
RendJett. H. W., '01 
Renter, H. P., '01 
Rcncker, C. L.. '02 
Renter, H., '02 
Renter. P., '01 ' 
Rice. A. v., '03 
Rice. G. L., '93 
Rice. L. T., '03 
Richard, G., '97 
Richards, _ ., 
Richards, P., 
Richardson, G. W.. '01 

Richie. A. M.. '99 
Richmond. A.. '01 
Richon. A. J., '02 
Riebenstein. T. C, '01 
Rier, R. C. "00 
Rieth. W., '03 
Render, P., '03 
Rinker. I. C, '98 
Robbel.R. A.. '97 
Roberta. P., '98 
Robertson, G.. '00 
Robinson, A., '02 
Robinson. A. J., '00 
Rogers. C. D., '02 
Rossback, H. A., '02 
Rowe. J. C, '01 
Rtiigo, A. L., '02 
Rummel. G. A.. '00 
Rummel. L. A.. '02 
Rust, G. Aj '99 
Ryder, G. G., '99 
Sage, P. I., '00 
Safeske. J, M., '02 
Sanbtjm, E. L., '00 
Sandell, J. P., '01 
Sansted, A. H., '02 
Sargent, J., '96 
Sas6, C. P., '03 
Saundf^. H. P.. '03 
Sawyer, H„ '00 
Sayfer, W. H., '96 
Scates, T. P.. '02 
Schad, A. E.. '00 
Schaefer, J. V..'98 
SchaUer, G. A^ '03 
Schanler. P. W.. '03 
Schietter, A.. '02 
Schelten, W.. '01 


218 Jackson Bldg. 

293 W. Van Buren St. 

619 Eddy St 

6006 Madison Ave. 

884 Lawndale Ave. 

7763 Emerald Ave. 

188 Mohawk St. 

747 Hemdon St. 

Cor. State and Van Buren St. 

343 Dayton St 

361 E, 46tb St. 

652 Otto St. 

544 W. B9th St 

1414 Osgood St 

79 Throop St. 

678 Monroe St. 

Care Atlantic Hotel 

2181 W. 24th Place and Millaid Ave. 

3164 Wallace St 

44S2 Sidney Ave. 

1820 g2d St 

323 W. 63d St 

1695 N. California Ave. 

214 Ohio St. 
399 N. Wood St 
885 W Kedzee Ave. 
1617 Windsor Ave. 
242 S. Morgan St. 
109 N. Lincoln St 
3343 Indiana Ave 

215 Indiana St. 
124 Emerson Ave. 

628 Jackson Bonl. , 

467 K- Western Ave. 

11275 Latham Ave., Morgan Park 

6645 Wentworth Ave. 

687 W. Taylor St. 

687 W. Taylor St 

5517 Dearborn St. 

367 Garfield Bonl. 

213 N. Springfield St 

460 N. Superior St. 

1042 W. 21st Place 

716 Parragut Ave. 

7924 Chauncey Ave, 

Calumet Ave. 

1795 W. Seeley Ave. 

754 61st St 

1217 W. Ravenswood Park 

177 81st St 

6532 Normal Ave. 

383 N. Paulina St. 

748 W. 69th St 

6324 Laflin St. 

1031 Nelson St 

1235 Newport Ave. 

107 Lewis St. 

HE. es, 13P 
SM, 7S. 16P 
HE. 3S, 26P 
AC, 4S, BP 
HH, lis, SP 
ME, 8S 
X, 8S, D 
HE, IS. lOP 
ED. 4S, 26P, C 
0. 3S. IIP 
A. lOS. 22P 
CA, 6S 
AC, 4S, 18F 

A. 9S,27P 
RL, 3S 

0, 12S 
HD, 16S 
ME, 14S. «P 
EF. 8S. 4P 
C, 9S, 14P 
MP, lOS 
ME, 26S. BP 
MD, 3S, 24P 
MM. 23S, 14P, D 
C, 6S. 16P 
RF, 7S 
EX, lOS. 6P 
ED. IS. 19P 
0. 9S, 14P 
MN, 3S 
EP, 5S 

ME, 26S, 26P, D 
HS, 4S 

B. 8S, I6P 

C. 14S. 25P 
EW. 18S, IP 
ED, IS. 16P 
CA, 4S 
MU. 8S 

CC, 6S 
CA, 4S 

CD, 2S. IIP 
IB. 3S 
X. 48 

LR. e 

MD, SS. 16P 

ED, 3S, 13P 
GD, lefe, 18P 
HS, lOS. 16P 

J, 4S 

GA, 12S, 13P 
K, 4S, li> 
E. I^ 
HE. 7S, lOP 
EP. 7S. 3P 
HA, 4S 

HS. 63 . 


Schenck. R. G.. '99 
Schorer, P., '69 
Schmidt, Emma. '02 
Schmidt, T., "03 
Schmidt. W, J., '99 
Schmidt, V. A., '00 
Schmits, P.. '01 
Schneider, E.. "00 
Schnette, H. E., '02 
Schoer, C, '00 
SchoSert, F. B.. '03 
Schok, O., '00 
Schott, C, '00 
Schroeder. C, '98 
Schuller, H., '02 
Schultz, B., '93 
Schula, P.. '02 
Schumacher, J., '01 
Schuat«r, P. C.. '02 
Schwarta. E. E., '94 
Scolield, G. C„ '00 
Scofield, G. C, '02 
Scott, E. P., '08 
Scott, S, S., '99 
Scott, T., '98 
Scott, T., '00 

Seelye. B. T., '02 
Seidensticker, F. W., '95 
Seiter, P., '02 
Sclton, G. C. '98 
Setter, M. C. '98 
Shaffer. G. P., '00 
Shanahan, T. J„ '98 
Shaughnessey, P. J., "00 
Shaw. C. E-, '02 
Sheedy, T.. '01 
Sheridan, J. E.. '99 
Sherman, E. M., '97 
Shiley, S. M., -00 
Shillmglaw. T.. '93 
Shiner, A, D„ '01 
Shoeman, M., '98 
Shreffler, J. P.. '02 
Siebert, R. T.. '02 
Sieracki, P.. '02 
Silander, A. I.. '00 
Simon. H., '02 
Simon, W. A., '02 
Simpson, O,, '98 
Sittig, L.. '02 
Sittig, W. A.. '03 
Siwr. J. A., '02 
Skoglund, E., '01 
Slater. J., '09 
Slitter, O. O., '02 
Sloan. H. C. '99 
Smith, A. E., '96 
Smith, P. Z.. '01 
Smith. H. C, '00 
Snyder. G., '02 


1192 Wrizhtwood Ave. 
387 N. Ashland Ave. 

10116 Pamell Ave. 
633 N. Halsted St. 
74 Ward 9t. 
256 Ashland Boul. 
82 Wills St. 
4926 Princeton Ave. 
3308 Wabash Ave. " ' 
916 N. California Ave. 
1058 Willington Ave. 
2949 Michigan Ave. 
326 W. Ene St. 
2618 1 13th Place 
2631 N. 4Ist Ave. 
3649 Indiana Ave. 
19 Goethe St.. E. 
49 Burlington St. 
56 Edgewood Ave. 
6313 fackson Ave. 
849 warren Ave. 
849 Warren Ave. 
762 N, RockweU St. 
507 W. G6th Place 
740 Farragut Ave. 
740 Farragut Ave. 
3326 Indiana Ave. 
6610 Charaplain Ave. 
333t Floumoy St. 
2018 N. Adams St. 
3401 Charlton St. 
6406 Ingleside Ave. 

621 Wabash Ave. ' 
238 Dearborn Ave. 
3311 S. HaUted St. 
512 S. Kedzie Ave. 
2031 W. Polk St. 

2924 Cottage Grove Ave. 
6630 Drexel Ave. 
18 Park Ave. 
6431 Lexington St 
8856 Cottage Grove Ave. 
812 S. Spalding Ave. 
688 E. Ravenswood Park 
2979 Wabash Ave. 
609 W. e.'ith St 
259 N. Center Ave. 
9314 Forest Ave. 
47 Winthrop Court 
1389 W. Madison St. 
70 Michigan Ave. 
1438 Roscoe St. 
1438 Roscoe St. 
North Ave. and Noble St. 

622 E. Carman St. 
247 8th St. 
Temple of Music 
62 Bingham St. 
Care Armour Inst. 
645 The Rookery 
781 Cornelia St. 
6518 Justine St. 

A, 13S. 16P 
MB, 9S. lOP 
BB, 4S 
EN. 6S - 
a; 6S, 16P 
C. IS. 12P 
MB, 3S, 14P 
HL, 6S 
AG, 4S 
HR, lOS, D 
EP, 8S, 2P 
E. 12S, HP 
L 4S, IP 

T. 28S. 23P 
EP, 8S 
MP, 5S 
DL, 3S, 18P 
TP, 5S 
DO. 5S, 35P 

B, 13S, 18P 

C, I2S, 25P 
GD. 16S, 18P 
I, 12S. 21P 

B, lOS, 15P 

C, 14S, 22P 
E, I9S, 25P 
C. 4S, IIP 
DH, IS. I4P 
EN. 7S 
ME, 9S, 12P 
MU, lOS. UP 
A, 9S. 12P 
TP, 6S 

A. 25S. 45P. D 
Y, lOS, 22P, D 
C. 4S. lOP 
ES, lOS 
TR, I2S 
HS. 7S 
MM, 13S, 7P 
ME, lISj 25P 
C, 8S, 9P 
HS. 4S 
X. 4S 
EP, 6S. IP 
GC, 5S 
ER, 5S 
SM. 4S, UP 
GC, 7S, 15P 
HH. 10 
ME, 9S. 9P 
DO, 3S, 14P 
DO, 3S, 17P 
DL, 4S, 33P 
ME, 12S, 18P 
RD. lOS. D 

M^, 26S, 25P. D 
CM, 5S, 9P 
C, as. 17P 
HE, 14S, IP 

Digitized by Google 

Nairn and Ytar 



Stnvagg, B. S., '99 
SoUerTF-, '03 

25 Osbome St. 

AA. 6S 

239 Vine St. 

CB, 4S 

Somers, R., 'M 

160 N. Harding Ave. 

LR, 7S 

Sova. P., -00 

4636 Honore St. 

HS. lOS, 17P. D 

Soyland, J..'98 
Spencer, F. W., '94 

MD, 3S. 22P 

29-36 Harvard Ave. 

A. 9S. 16P 

Spencer, H., '00 

68 N. Cass St. 

ME, 8S. 2P 

Spiecker, P. S., '02 

94 Ploumoy St. 
459 Byron St. 

EP, 8S 

Splinter, R.. "00 

ME. US. 17P 

Spohr, G. B., '00 

C. 9S 

Sprague. E. S.. '99 

Locust St. 

A, 26S, 26P 

Sprague. C. R.. '03 

1320 Monadnock BIdg. 

GB, lOS. 5P 

Stachel, A. B., '03 

6010 Marshlield Ave. 

HD. lOS. 2P 

Stadler. C, '01 

2300 Wentworth Ave. 

MD, 4S. 26P. C 

Stark, Jr. M., '00 

143fi N. Halsted St. 

C. 6S, 14P 

I70S. Halsted St. 

ER. 5S. D 

Stangebye, H., '02 

758 Kedzie Ave. 

EP. lOS. 6P 

Steckenreite, J. P.. '98 

641 Evergreen Ave. 

B, 16S, 18P, D 

Steen. A., 00 

7422 Kimback Ave. 

C, lis. 26P 

Steen, H., '01 

ME. 3S, 19P 

Stein, L., '08 

425 Orchard St, 

D. 4S 

Steinback, H, E. A., '00 

322 W. Jackson Road 
863 N. Spaulding St. 

C, 3S, 25P 

Steita, J. S., '96 

ME. 12S, 18P 

Stephens, R., '01 

6303 Wentworth St. 

EA, lOS 

Steude. G. F,. '02 


HA, 6S, 6P 

Stevens. P., '99 

270. N Hamlin Ave. 

TR, 6S 

Stevenson, H., '98 

Ry. Dept. I. C. S., Bush Temple of Music 
162 N, State St. 

LR, 12S 

Stevenson, H. F., '01 

MW, 14S. S7P 

Stiles, H., '01 

3806 Sacramento Ave. 

LR, 9S 

Stiile, H. W., '00 

Care MarshaU Field & Co. 

BD, 2S, UP 

Stipp. E. T., '02 
StcKier, P., '01 

374 Jackson Boul. 

MB, 12S. 25P 

2721 Wells St. 


DL. 3S, 12S 

Stoddard, C. '02 
StraUca, L, '02 

2520 S. 42d St. 

184 S. Green St. 

DL 3S. 18P 

Strawbridge. C. C„ '00 

629 E. 44th Place 

A. 22S, 13P 

Strong, A. H., '94 
Stroud. A. H., '00 

2315 State St. 

HS. lOS, 15P. D 

0411 Lowe Ave. 

TP 7S 

Stnrap, H. S., '02 

7610 Jackson Ave. 

EN. 6S 

Sturgeon. G. F.. '01 

386 Adams St. 

MD, 3S, 25P 

SulUvan, A- '01 

7008 St. Lawrence St. 

T. lOS 12P' 

SuUivan, J. P.. '02 
Sullivan, W.. '98 

283 LaSaUe St. 

GA, lOS. 13P 

836 Osgood St. 

1510 Martiuette BIdg. 

HS. IDS. 17P, D 

Sunthimer, O., '02 

.EP. 63. 3P 

Sutcliffe, E., '98 

194 5lst St. 

C. 9S, 22P 

Sutherland, W. R., '01 

1414 S. Ridgeway Ave. 

D, 6S 

SzigetL A., '94 
Tate. E. A.. '02- 

85 S. Morgan St. 

C. 108. 26P 

5806 Indiana Ave. 

EW. 9S. 14P 

Tattershall. T. E.. '02 

1381 W. Lake St. 

EP, 13S. 6P, D 

Tave. C, '03 

502 N. Francisco St. 

AD, 2D, IIP 

Tavemier, P. A., '99 

560 E. e2d St. 

A, 6S, 26P 

Tayk>r, G. S., '01 

465 Jackson Boul. 
644 Van Bur^ St. 

J. 4S. 7P 
HS, lOS. 17P 

Tedman, H. A.. '00 

Terry. J. W., '99 

1121 Washington Boul. 


Thack"-. C. '01 

85 E. 31&t St. 

J. 4S 

MD, 4S, 25P, C 

Theede, Jr., P. H., '98 

312 Ev^nston St. 

Theilkwhl, C. H..'02 

550 N. 21st St. 

MU, 5S. 37 P 

Theljn, 0. A., '01 

455 Elm St. 

ME. OS. 25P 

Thomas, G., '99 

1020 Wellington St. 

C. 3S. 21 P 

Thomas, H. L.. '99 

142 Michigan St. 

MD, 4S. 25P, C 

Thomas, J. J., '01 
Thomas, M.. '03 

2617 Wabash Ave. 

MP, 4S 

3858 LaSaUe St. 

lA, 2S 

Thome, T. W.. '01 

3028 Michigan Ave. 

EJ. 5S. IIP 


>! J-, 'oc 

1. J. B., 

Naimaiid Vtat 
Thompson, C, '01 
Thompson. C. S., '01 
Thompson, C, '00 
Thompson, H, G., '01 
Thompson, ' '"" 
, Thompson, . . 
Thompson, N. K., .. 
Thomp. A. P., '02 
Tideman. S., '02 
Tiffany, W. W., '02 
Tissiog. D . '02 
Tolen, M., '00 
Tompkins, H. D., '01 
Tonkal, S., '03 
Toomey, J. A., '98 
Torgenea, I., '00 
Totten, L., '97 
Towosend, P B.. '01 
Trail, W.. '95 . 
Tranberg, C. P., '03 
Tranberg, C. »., '03 
Treechd, H. G.. '99 
Trefil. T., '01 
Trego. C. H.. '01 
Tremblay, A. G., '0] 
Trezise, M., 'OS 
Trochel, A., '03 
Tniitt B. M., '03 
Trusler, T. H., '02 
Tucker, G. H., '02 
Tuite, C. J^ "99 
Tuiry. H. E.. '01 
Tuttle, H. C. '98 
Underwood, W. A., '01 
Unsworth, J. H., '94 
Unwen, F., '02 
Up de Graff, W., '01 
Up de Graff, W. W., '95 
Vandcrhoven, C. '99 
Vanderkloot. M. A., '00 
Vanderpoel. A M., '02 
Van Gibt, P., '98 
Van Zandt, P. C, "99 
Verberg, J. H., '01 
Veseley, B., '01 
Vetter, E.. '01 
Vidinghofi. E. A„ '00 
Voels, L., '00 
Vallbrecht. W., '01 
Von Tepper. R. T., '00 
Wach, E. F., '01 
Waefelaer, L.. '01 
Wagner, G. H., '01 
Wagoner, W. B., '03 
W(ut«. E. B., '00 
Waldorf, P^ '99 
WaldroD, W. H., Dr., '02 
Walker. E H., '02 
Walker. H. E.. '99 
Walker. H. G.. '08 
Walker, R. M.. '00 

105e Wallace St. 
8300 Ontairo Ave. 
69th St. 
446 E. 62d St. 
6803 Carpenter St. 
196 N. State St. 
113 Loomis St. 
232 W. Congress St. 
U, S. Weather Bureau 
1591 N. Roby St. 
5822 Carpenter St. 
316 W. iqsth St. 
1046 Seminary Ave. 
3254 Wabash Ave. 
■178 S. Morean St. 
5045 Loorais St. 
615 Claremont Ave, 
720 Mehwe St. 
218 LaSalle St. 
869 Blue Island Ave. 
3111 Michigan Ave. 
3111 Michigan Ave. 
916 N. Francisco Ave. 
846 W. 18th St. 
4346 Berkley Ave. 
11310 Curtis Ave. 
539 E. 55th St. 
446 Larchmont Ave. 
630 W. Harrison St. 
473 Washington Bldg. 
645 W. 44th St. 
454 Pulton St. 
467 Bowen Ave. 
Room 127, City Hall 
4444 Champlain Ave. 
595 W. Harrison St. 
7720 Coles Ave. 
6921 Kimback Ave. 
6921 Kimback Ave. 
1039 N. Rockwell St. 
860 Clifton Park Ave. 

1262 S. Ridgoway Ave. 
3604 S. Wood St. 

731 W, Jackson Boul,- 
1746 N. Ridgeway St. 
442 Washburn Ave. 
884 Seminary Ave. 
924 N. Hoyne Ave. 
348 LaSalte St. 
417 School St. 
1056 Winona Ave. 
3621 S. Hamilton Ave. 
1972 Kenmore Ave. 
83 Walton Place 
1427 Newport Ave. 
4217 Ellis Ave. 
637 Jackson Boul. 
2264 W. Congress St. 
370 Mohawk St, 

1263 W. Van Buren St. 
6119 Ellis Ave. 

858 W, Van Buren St. 


CSN. 3S 

AB, 6S 

A. flS. 19P 
ME, 8S. 6P 
CC, 3S 

EG. as 

C. 9S, 22P 
EA, lOS. 12P 
EP. 83 
GC, 6S. 3P 
A. 8S, 18P 
C, 14S. ISP 
AD, 38, SOP 
C. lOS 
HS. 4S 
C, 6S, 25P 
MB, 6S, ISP 
A,8S, 3P 
GA, 14S. 18P 
GC,7S. I6P 
MB, 128. 16P 
DL, IS. 13P 
LC. 29 Parts 

AA. 3S 

A, IQS. 16P 
BA. 38 
EP. 7S 

AC, 3S, 13P 
LR, 4S 
HS, 5S 
BE, 5S 

F. 24S, 9P 
ME, US, I3P 
HS, 4S 
EP. 8S 

AB, 5S. D 
C. 88. 24P 
HS, 4S..2P 

B, 6S, UP 
DP, 33, 18P 

C, lOS, 26P 

P, 378, 14P, D 
A, 18S, 33P 
ED. 4S, 25P, C 
BD, 2S, HP 
MD IS, 13P 
ED, 3S. 12P 
BD. 3S, 12P 
A. 6S 
ME. 3S, 14P 

D, 4S 
A, 6S 

DO, 8S. I4P 
ME, IDS, 25P 
C, 8S, 15P-- 
KB, 4S 
BA, 2S 
MB, 4S, ISP 
BD, 48, 25P, C 

1 by Go Ogle 

ffam* and Ytar 
Walkley, M.. '02 
Walstra. S.. '02 
Wandtke, G. P., '03 
Ward, D , '99 
Ward, P., '00 
Ward, G., '01 
Wardner. P.. '01 
Warger, W . B., '00 
Wargran. C. J., '01 
Wasser, L.. '02 
Wasserstrass, G. A., '9 
Waterman, W, N., '99 
Waters, J. L./99 
Watson, [., '02 
Watson. S. J., '02 
Watson, T. H.,'01 
Wazancc, A.. '00 
Weatherwax, G. P., '0! 
Weeks, J. W. E., '99 
Weinert, F. C, '01 
Weldon, W. B.. '02 
Wesljen, E., '03 
Wessels. C. '02 
Wessen, L. J. R.. '01 
West, H., '02 
Wess, W. H., '01 
Westphal, J„ "99 
Weyden. F^ C, 01 
Whaley, P. V.. '03 
White, H., '01 
White, H. J.. '98 
White. T. P., '02 
White, W. W., '00 
Whitney. W.,'00 
Whitright, J. G.. '02 
Wichert, A. P.. '01 
Widdicombe, R., '01 
Wiebrecht. W.. '01 
Wilcox, G C, '02 
Wilke; H., '98 
Willard, W. G., '98 
Williams. A. 1.. '02 
Williams. C. H„ '98 
Williama, I., '01 
WiUiams, J. C. '03 
WiUiams, t. H., '01 
Williams, R. P., '02 
Williama, T., '00 
Williams, V. J.. '01 




Wilson. F. i 
Wilson. J., '96 ■ 
Winn, C, "97 
Wishart. J. G„ '02 
Wixon, H.. '02 
Wolf. M., '02 
Wolff, P., "02 
Wollscheid. 1. L., 'Oi 
Wolbcfadd. H., '33 

1108 Montana St. 
10928 Wabash Ave 
' 778 N. Leavitt St. 
1123 W. 69th St. 
10838 Wabash Ave. 
536 S. 48th St. 
1234 Lexington St. 
1 54 Oakley Boul. 
6439 Chicago Ave 
220 Clyboum Ave. 
7844 Emerald Ave. 
19 N Paulina St. 
256 N. May St. 
1442 Wellington St. 
457 S. Central Park Ave. 
6068 Dearborn St. 
1577 W. 22d St. 
242 N. LaSalle St. 
418 Dearborn St. 
638 W. Lake St. 
1052 Pulton St. 
6249 Madison Ave. 
774 Hobart Ave., Norwood Park 
382 N. Franklin St. 
031 N. Ashland Ave. 
1001 Jackson St. 
1234 RoscoeBldg. 
68-60 W. Adams St. 
1517 Monadnock Bids. 
Room 901. 172 Washington St. 
469 N. Congress St. 
4642 Albany Ave. 
Care I. C. S., 1005 Manhattan Bid] 
1005 Manhattan Bidg. 
761 W. eiatSt. 
293 N. Franklin St. 
1651 Roscoe St. 
!267 W. 8th St. 
3400 Milwaukee Ave. 
1938 Wrightwood Ave. 
841 W. 55th St. 
110 S. Morgan St. 
1834 Michigan Ave. 
452 W. 63d St. 
66 Rush St. 
1850 Congress St. 
5609 Washington St, 
211 N. Oakley Ave. 
4447 Vincennes St. 
6920 Bishop St. 
214 40th St. 
29 1 9th St. 
549 W. Erie St. 
7056 Paraell Ave. 
1957 Carroll Ave. 
2409 N. 43d St. 
6957 YaJe Ave. 
3612 California Ave, 
755 W. 14th St. 
19 Goethe St. 
SOOl S. Ada St. 
6001 S. Ada St. 

DO. 6S, 37P, C 

TP. 7S 
ME, lOS, 9P 
ED. 3S. 21P 
HA, 4S 

HS, 5S 
HS, 4S. 8P 
LR, 6S 
AG, 4S. 3P 
AG, 5S 
D. 5S 
PG. 4S. 13P 
HS, 4S 
X, 4S 

GC, 5S, 14P 
EW, 8S 
ME, 21S, IP 
HE, 25? 

D, 4S 
J, 4S, 4P 

C, 2S, 25P 
BB, 3S 
A, 9S 

J, 5S 
HP. lOS 
AB, lOS. i> 
AB. 5S 
EN, 7S 

D, SS 
CS, 12S 
ED, 3S. 25P 
DO. 3S, 14P 
A, 6S 

J, 8S, 15P 
BE, 2SI 
MD, 3S, 14P 
R. 3S. lOP 
HH, 8S 
C. lis, 17P 
EF, 8S, 4P 

AB, 5S, D 
TP. 5S 
HS. 8S 

C. 48, I9P 
C, 6S, 17P 
DO, 3S. 30P 
EP. lOS 
ME, 3S, IflP 

GD, 9S. IIP 
DN. 4S, 22P 
DL, 4S, 24P 

AC, 5S, lOP 
DV. Ml, 13P 


1173 Perry St. 

MB. 4S. 17P 

43 Hamilton St. 

MD. 3S. ISP 

6159 Ellis Ave. 

E, 7S, 13P 

1749 BeUeplainc Ave. 
2520 N. 44th Ave. 

HE. 21S 

A, 7S. 18P 

6630 Paulina St. 

P, 7S, lOP 

606 S. Fairfield Ave. 

X, 5S. D 

1849 Park Ave. 

MD. 48. 25P, C 

4054 LaSalle St. 

AA, 4S 

55 Sigel St. 

BA, 2S 

232 103d Place, W. 

A, 24S. 27P 

Care Goodman Mfg. Co. 
509 N. California Ave. 

I. 9S, 15P, D 

ilD. IS. 24P 

J 285 23d St. 

ME, 98 

8909 Exchange Ave. 


101 Oakwood Boul. 

ME. 18S, 25P 

650 W. Van Buren St. 

EN. 58, IP 

10317 Throop St. 

HS. 4S. IP 

4846 Bishop St. 

HS. 4S 

630 W. 61st Place 

BE, 28 

627 W. 14th Place 

MHFJ. 58 
D. 4^^ 

1766 N.Hoyne Ave. 

9602 Ave. L. 

Dl, 28, 15P 
ED, 4S, 25P. C 

662 St. Lawrence Ave. 

Chicago HeightB, cook 

Box 813 

MD, 3S. 14P 

151 22d St, 

D. 58 

1420 West End Ave. 

H8. 58. 3P 

1639 Vincennes Ave. 

C. 8S 

1331 Otto Boul. 

HA, 8S. D 

40 E. Main St. 

BC, 6S 

Victoria Hotel 

C. 38, 13P 

DO, 3S, 17P 

Box 813 

C. 4S, 25P 

1927 Circle Court 

DL, 4S. 15P 

Box 283 

H . 9S. 9P. D 

2439 Prairie Ave. 

HJ, 108 
HH, 168 

1427 Lowe Ave. 

H , 8S. IP 


Chicago Ridge, cook 

MD, 3S. 14P 

Chillicothe. PEORIA 

AD, 3S. 16P 

Chillicothe, peoria 

AD, 3S. 21P 

Chrism an, Box 66, bdgar 

AC. 4S. 3P 

Cisco. PIATT 

HH, 5S 

Cisco. Box 6, PIATT 

EP, 8S 

Clarke City, kankakee 

CM, 12S 

Clearing. Foreman of C. U. T. Ry., cook C, 9S, UP 

Clifton, Route No. I, iroquois 

A, 138, 22P 


LR, 6S 

Clinton, 205 E. Washington Ave., dew 

ITT PN, 6S. lOP 

Clinton, 415 N. Grant Ave... dbwitt 

RL, 15S 

Chnton. 408 N. Gem St., dbwitt 

. HS. 88 

Clinton, 506 Washington St., dewitt 

BE, 2S 

Road Master's Office. L C. Ry., dewit 

T AG. 5S, 7P 

Clinton, Box 191. dewitt 

A. 14S. 34P 

Clvde, Box 81, cook 

C. 2S, 13P 

Coal City, grundy 

CM, 228, HP 

Coal City, GRUNDY 

G, 88 

Coal City, Box 78, orundv 

ED. 3S. HP 


P.'j., '88 
n, Jr., S. 

I. W. I.. 

Vyskodl. D., '97 
Vyskocil, D.. '98 
Walker. H. R.. 'Ol 
Darnell, Hattie, '02 
Mesler. J. S., '02 
Venerable, I., '02 
Champe, W. M., '03 
Chanp. J. W., '02 
Freeze. U. A., '02 
Haskins. J., '99 
Hillety, E., '92 
Hunter, R., '02 
Wear, R., '02 
Becker. A, J.. '03 
Weeks. T., ^'~ 
Griere, P. J 
Johnaon, v 
Powell. O. C. '97 
Richter, E., '98 
Wille, J., '00 
Kauffman, D. A., '96 
Clatfettcr, H., '03 
Barter, R. Jane, '03 
Jenkins. W. T., '01 
Cole, C. J., '02 
Denipsey, I. A., '02 
Sweeney, J. A„ '99 
Avery, C.W., '00 
Lionberger, D., '02 
Myers, A. R.. '02 
Vandenberg, A. W., '02 
Rassmussen, J. B.. '02 
Anderson, C„ '03 

Barnes, N. S., '01 
Batun, C. H., '02 
Batttn. C. H., '02 
Baum, C. H., '02 
Besson. F., *97 
Burcham, J., '97 
Deal.F. B., '03 
Dilloii, W. S.. '00 
Engel. E. K., '02 
Gray, P., '01 
Hameistrand. P., '03 
Henderson, C. H., '97 
Hiatt, Pansy, '03 
HolycFOBS, G., '01 

jarvis, H, nif., '03 
Lann, J. W.. '01 
Llewellyn, D., 'OS 
McMillan, H. J., '01 
McShanoy, H., '01 
Myers, G., "02 
Powell. A., '01 
Robinson, G. G., '02 
Rush, W. A.. '99 
Saggers, £., '01 


Coal City, o 
Coal City, CRUNDT 
Coal City, ORUNDT 
Cobdea, Box 328, union 
Cobden, 9 Hesler Mill, UNtOH 
Cobden, UNION 
Coffeen, montgombrv 
Colchester, mcdonouoh 
Colchester, mcdonough 
Colchester, Box 325, mcdonough 
Colchester, Mcdonough 
Col(;hester. Box 390, ucdonough 
Colchester, mcdonough 
Coleta, WHiTESiDB 

Colfax, MCLEAN 

Collins ville, wad is ON 

Collinsville; uadison 

ColUnsville, Box 2S, madison 

Collinsville, Box 512, madison 

Collinsville, madison 

Collinsville, Main St., Box 192, madison 

Congerville, woodPORd 

Cooksville, Box 8. mclban 

Crab Orchard, Williamson 


Cypress, Box 86, /ohnson 
Cypress, Box 58, johnson 

Dallas City, 502 8th St., 
Dallas City, Hancock 
Dallas City, hancock 

DaltOn a^, MOULTRIE 

Dana, lasallb 
Danvers, uclban 

DanTille, vbruilion 
209 W. Main St. 
318 Vermilion St. 
318 Vermihon St. 

318 Vermilion St. 
Tremont House 
814 Gilbert St. 
129 FrankUn St. 
429 N. Oak St. 
946 E. Main St. 
10 Laurel St. 
1114 Tennessee St- 
80a Gilbert St. 
1122 Franklin St. 
15 Main St. 

312 Grant St. 
708 Harmond Ave. 
North and Hazel St. 
4 Raihoad St. 
608 Robinson St. 
Care C. & E. Ry. Depot 
303 Haze) St. 
101 Franklin St.- 
1226 N. Jackson St. 
320 Van Buren St. 
303 Porter St. 

J. 9S, 16P, D 
G. 7S 
BB. 4S 
HE, lOS. IP 
BB, 2S 
NP. 8S 
DE, 53, 21 P 
LB, 11 Parts 
AD, 7S, 42P 
CH, 6S 
NP, 6S 
HE. 28S, IP 
EP, 9S 

F, 7S 

G, 5S 

0, 7S, 13P 
X, 2S 
A. 8S, lOP 
HS. 4S, 7P 
ME. 19S, 9P 
HS, lOS, 15P 
DO, IS, 12P 
AD, 4S, 9P 
HS. 4S 
HD, 7S 
GC, 4S, 7P 
HS, 5S 
ME, 4S, 24P 
HE, lOS 
HH, 19S 
CH, 13S 
EP, lOS 

ED, 3S. 17P 
LA. 9 Parte 
LC. 12 Parts 
LB, J2 Parts 
AD, 3S, 33P 
ME, lOS, 17P 
AC, as, 14P 
T, 6S, 22P 

BA, 2S 
LS, IS. 19P 
EG, 8S 

ME, 13S, 14P 

BB, 3S 
ML, 8S ' 
DK, 4S, 25P, C 
ED, 4S, 25P. C 
DO, 2S, 15P 
A, lOS, 19P 
ME, 8S, 3P 
CC. 5S 

X. 6S 

DK, IS, 14P 

UD, 43. 15P 

RG, 6S 

MB, 8S 

A, 23S, 33P 





Smith, B.. '01 

S38 E. Madison St. 

TP, 6S 
Did, 4S, 26P 

Soltaa. L. H.. '01 

945 B. Main St. 

Soltaa, L H., '03 

945 K. Main St. 
16 Collett SL 

MC, 6S, 2flP 

Swiaher. I. B., '02 
ThotnM, S. D.. '02 

HA, 68, IP 

68 Bismarck St. 

EO;fiS • 

TTavia.J.T.. '02 

- 19 N. Walnnt St. 

DL, 2S, laP 

Williams. J. E., '9B 
Wills, B.. "W 

629 Jewell St. 

201 S. Vermilion St 

CM. 6S 



McDonald. M. J., '03 

Dauphin Park, 1709 S9th St.. coOK 


Smith, N., *01 

Dawson, bangauoh 

X, 4S 

Gallaway, G. G.. '00 

Dayton, lasallb 

Dvcator, UAtibK 


Andrews, Ethel. '01 

S. E. Cor. Pine and Leafland Ave. 

X. 33 

Baldwin, B., '01 

721 N. Union St. 

CSJ, 43 

Bean, R. H., '02 

1744 N. Broadway 

Bishop, W. M.. '88 

648 Prairie Ave. 

" C, 2S. 16P 

Chamock. I., '03 
Conley, J.,^92 

NF, 7S 

746 E. Marietta St. 

CM. 5S 

Diebl, A. H., '98 
Downey. I.E., '99 
Ellis, G. S., '01 

236 Wabash St. 

J. 4S,7P 

1551 N. Calhoun St. 

A, 6S. 21P 

1026 W. Wood St. 

D, 6S 

Fagen. P. P.. %2 

1038 E. Eldviads St. 

CM, 63 

Ferris, Nellie D.. '01 

626 W. Pugh St. 

BD, 4S. UP 

Funk, W. R., '99 

. 662 W. Main St. 

C. 4S. 14P 

Hatatead, W., '99 

530 W. WilUams St. 

R, lis, lOP 

Hill, L. O., '02 

768 W. Wood St. 

BB. 4S 

Hill, L. O.. '02 

788 W. Wood St. 


Tohnwrn, Minnie, '00 
Kinsman, C. C, '00 

805 N. Morgan St. 
894 W. North St. 


ME, 73, 13P 

MacDonald, H. J.. '02 
McNabe, E. C, 'OI 

1172 W. Macon St. 

AC, 4S, 4P 

403 N. Main St. 

A, 93, 14P 

Oake., Jr., W. L., '01 

444 S. Webster Ave. 

ED. IS, lOP 

Padon, C. B.. '99 

870 W. Union St 

ME. lOS. 13P 

Pick, K. H.j '03 
Plmikett, M., '02 

1576 N. Main St 

EP, as 

940 N. Monroe St 

Hri. 8S 

Plunkett, M., '00 

940 N. Monroe St. 


Preston. W.. '02 

1274 N. Calhoun St 

Rankin, Madge W.. '02 
Trainer. C. C. '02 

1803 E. Main St 

BB, 3S 

639 S. Jackson St. 

HE. 27S 

Wheat, C„ '02 

1275 E. LeaQand Ay« 

BB. 43 

Olson. E. W., '03 

Deergrove:, whitbsidb 

Dekalb, dbxalb 

HD, 203. IP 

Carbon, G., '02 

231 S. 2d St 

HE, 293 

Husabo, O., '02 

311 Haish Ave. 

HE. 253 

Hyde, W. W.. '01 

637 S. 4th St 

ED, 2S, 20P 

Nelson, P., 'Ol 

1203 Pleasant St 


RevnoldB, P. D., '02 

623 S. 3d St. 

EP, 83. IP 

Seion, EIU. '02 


Toll, Grace B.. '02 

639 Haish Ave. 


Tyler, S. A., '02 

333 S. 4th St 

AD, 33, lOP 

Tyler, Jr., S. A., '02 
Wolcott, H. H.. '00 

333 S. 4th St 

DP. 2S, ISP 

126 Harrison St 

HU, SS, 9P 


Pawson, H„ '96 

Delavan, taebwbll 

A. SS, lOP 

Whipley, F.. '98 


ME, 95, 24P 

JJeSoto, "Box. 206, JAcmon 

HE, IBS. 8P 


Jf aim mid y tar 
Colton, G. E., "01 
Brown, F. S,. '02 

App, O. S., '00 
Bechtetheimer, H,, 
Birge, W. M., '01 
Bowgren, O., '01 
Guyot. C. J., '98 
Hunt. H. H.'Ol 
' Packard. R. E.. '03 
Parker. C. L., '02 
Pitcher. L. A., '01 
Reed. R., '02 
Shaw, A. M-. 
Thompson, ' 
Williams, L., kaj 
Witzleb. O., '00 
Wright, T. J., '03 

Goesmann, J.. '02 
Meenen. H. B., '03 
Laning, C, '03 
Otto. E. D., '03 
Dim ton, L. B., '03 
Famsworth. G., '97 
Davis, T.. '02 
Essick. O. B.. '02 
Graf, A. P., '03 
Howell, T, J., '91 
Seming, W. C, '96 
Simmons. W., '02 
Stark, G.. '00 
Johannsen, S.. '02 
Bohmeneter, I.. '02 
Quiim.J, T.,"01 
Harper, Eva, '01 

Anderson, F. A., '01 
Ashworth, J. S., '00 
Carter. W„ '02 
Christie, H., '01 
Cooper, R., '00" 
Douglas, F.J.. '98 
Elayer. H. &, '03 
Fritz. E. C, '00 
Giles. W. A-, '00 
Gnmthal, F.. '00 
Horn. F. O.. '01 
Isom, A. S„ '95 
Kinney, W., '97 
Knox. A. D., '99 
Lanutz, W. F.. '02 
Lind. L. G., "00 
Loznaway, F. S., '00 
Muentefering, J. L., '01 

Devrmaine. Williamson 
Divemon, sanoauon 
Divemon, Box 108, 
Divemon, Box 162, 

Dixon, LG 

224 E. 1st St. 
1224 W. 1st St. 
Hotel Bishop 
Box 42 C 
816 S, Ottawa St.- 
Y. M. C, A. Bldg. 
907 3d St. 
922 3d St. 

402 Lincoln Ave. 

412 E. 1st St. 

904 3d St- 

Cor. 7th and Logan St. 

304 W. Chamberiin St. 

521 Bradahaw St. 


Dorchester, Macoupin 

Dorchester, Box* 23, i 

Downers Grove, d 

Downers Grove, Box 248. i 

Dundee, kanb 

Dundee, kanb 

Dnnfemilme, fulton 

Duquoin, 366 E. Park St., p^rry 

Duquoin, 421 Pope St., perry 

Duquoin, Box 19, perry 

Duquoin. PERRY 

Duquoin, Oak St.. pbrrt 

Duquoin, II E. North St., pbrrt 

Dwight, 209 Spruce St.. livingstoh 

East Carondclet, saint clair , 

East Dubuque, JO davibss 

East Lynn, vermilion ■ 

Eaat Saint Louis, saimt clair 
Aha Lita 
1705 Henrietta St. 
Y. M. C. A. 
613 N. 7th St. 
Y. M. C. A. 

3539 A. Sherman Place 
1708 Ohio Ave. 
1802 Cleveland Ave. 
918Trendley Ave, 
1622 Division Ave. 
1328 Saint Louis Ave. 
1019 Peggott Ave. 
1002 Tudor Ave. 
Care Big Four Ry. 
Care Lanut£ Bldg. 
611 N. 7th St, 
29 Madison St. 
1522 College Ave. 

MA, I2S, lOP 
HA, 4S 
CM, 26S, IIP 
NB, 6S 

AD. 5S, 19P 
ED, 3S, 13P 
ED, 4S, 26P, C 
ME, 4S, 25P 
A, 7S. 20P 
UD, 5S, 31P 
DP, 2S. I7P 
HE, lis. 6P 
TP, 7S 
EN, 5S 
EO, 8S 
HS, lOS, 17P 
LS, 2S, 34P, D 
P, 4S 
ES, 6S 

HE, 17S 
GA. US, lOP 
EP, 7S 
EA, 6S. 13 P 
AG, SS, 6P 
HS, 6S 
CM. lis 
DL, 4S, 13P 
HH, 5S 
CM, 13S 
CM, 15S 
HF. I3S 
C, I OS. 25P 
AG, 5S _ 
HH. 9S 
UD, 5S, 22P 
BB, 4S 

J, 6S, 3P 
JM. SS, D 
RD, 2S 
CC, 3S • 
* ME. 258. 25P 
A. 3S. 20P 
ES, 5S 
A, 4S, IP 
ED, 3S. 13P 


BD, 3S. 12P 

HS, 8S. 4P 

HS. 5S 

AA, 4S 

ER. 5S 

X, 2S 

HS, 8S. 8P, D 

BE, 28 

Digtzo^oy Google 



Nam€ and V,ar 



Muller, B. A.. '98 • 

19 Arcade Bldg. 

A. 19S, 28P 

Oehier, E- H.. '02 

315 Missouri St. 

CA, 8S 

Otto. J. C. '99 

316 N. 5th St. 

A, 48, 12F 

Rives, G., "Ol 

622 Market Ave. 

JM, 28 
ME, 5S. 26P 

Schmitt, C. "98 

1935 Saint Clair Ave. 

Schueler, W. C, '96 

736 N. 10th St. 

HS. 12S. 14P ' 

Schuder. W. V„ '00 

Care S*-ift & Co.'s Stock Yard 

HR. lOS 

Sebenhar, L. E., "00 

1408 Walnut Ave. 

MD. 4S. 25P, C 

Sims, W. W., '02 

Box 365 

RD, 33 

Smith. H, -99 

804 Converse Ave. 

X. 5S, D 

Stieb. A-, '00 ■ 

IB N. 22d St. 

ME, 6S. lOP 

Straub. A.. '98 

1203 Lake Ave. 

HR. 7S 

Van Dan Elyn, B,, '01 

208 Collinsville St. ' 

A. 4S, 8P 

Whitney. G. A., '00 

Box 282 


HS. 8S. D 

Rahn, J. J.. -97 

Edgington. rock island 

HL. 8S. 14P, D 

Maritz, J. L., '04 

Edmburg. Box 1, christiaw 

HH, 16S 

Whited, G.. '02 

Edinburg, chbistian 

HH. lOS 

Lawson, A„ '01 

Edwardsvillc. Box 282, madison 

CM, 9S 

Lynch. W, G„ '02 

EdwardsviUe. madison 


Rosipal, F. G.. '03 

Edwardsvillc, madison 

EO. 6S 

Stieren, J., '99 

EdwardsviUe, madison 

AD, 68. 34P. C 

Theuer. C. '00 

EdwardsviUe, madison 

UD, 3S. 20P 

Dudley, A. S., '01 

Effingham, Bojc 105, efpingham 

C. 9S, 22? 

Hambaugh, H.. '02 
Hibner, A. A...'03- 

Effingham, 510 S. Front St.. effinghh 

u HH. 8S 

Effingham, Box 383. eppingham 

DO. 3S, 24P 

Seitz.-E. B..'02 

Effingham, effinoham 

CA, 48 

Siemer. J. B., '02 

Effingham, Box 1247, bfpingmak' 

AG. 4S. IP 

Kendall, B. A-, '99 

Elbum. KANE 

J. 9S, 16P 
MS, 78 

KendaU. N. R.. '02 

Elbum, Box 174. kane 

Elgin. KANE 

Anderson. G. E., '02 

R. F, D, No. 3 

" BE, 2S 

Anderson, M. J., '01 

275 DuPage St. 

CS, 7S 

Ballinger, C, '03 
Bell, R. F,. '00 

313 Summit St. 

DO. IS, lOP 

78 Warding St. 

C, 7S. 25P 

Carpenter, G. A„ '02 

1033 Prospect St. 
128 N. Gifford St. 

DB. 2S. IIP 

Clawson, H. L.. '01 

UD, 4S, 16P 

Collin, W, H., '00 

16 S. Crystal Ave, 

ED, IS. 13P 

Combs, G.. '99 

Care Fauber Mfg. Co. 

ME, 9S. 7P 

Cooke. E. D., '95 

489 Stella St. 

ME. 128 

Currie, G. S., '93 

218 VilU St. 

MD, lOS. 25P 

Dakin, H,. '96 

Room 4. City Hall 

. T. 8S, 19P 

DeRemcr. ]. T. '00 

418 Enterprise St. 

ED. 38. 22P 

Detz, J,. '02 

420 River St. 

[B, 3S 

Grelck. W.. '98 

774 Mill St. 

D. 6S 

Gronberg. P E.. '98 

407 S- State St. 

MB. 38. 19P 

Hagel. W., '00 

488 Division St. 

ED. 3S, 17P 

Hasselquist. H.. '01 

108 Harding St. 
Genl. Del.. Box 193 

ED. 2S. UP 

Hatch. R. S.. '03 

ES. 7S 

Hauchctt. L. J., '00 
Hazleton, H. H.. '95 

858 S, Liberty St. 
413 S. State St. 

ED, 38, 17P 

C, 5S. 24P 

Hester. L. A.. '98 

643 Villa St, 

C, lis. 25P 

amcs. D., '01 

553 Walnut Ave. 

ED, 4S, 26P, C 

616 Forest Ave. 

C. 2S, 15P 

Capus. G, B„ '02 

304 Walnut Ave. 

PA. 48 

Knodle, E, G„ '02 

168 S. Gifford St, 

DK, 2S, 22P 

Kocher, E. W., '01 

308 Healy Ave. 

C, 4S, 16P 

Lawson. E. W,. '00 

400 Jefferson Ave. 

E. 17S. 16P 

Lombart. Elizabeth, '98 

61 S. Gifford St. 

V 148. 12P 


Namr md Ytar 

McComb. C, '02 
Midgley, G. W., '02 
Moletar. A., '00 
Olson, E. L., '02 ■ 
Outhouse, D. E., '01 
Pierce, L. G., '01 
Pfadey. H. S., '01 
Preston. S. K„ '02 
Reed, L- J., '00 
Schye, O, A., '96 
Swett, E.. '00 
Swett, W. C..'02 
Thomas, W. S., '01 
Thompson, C. A,, '00 
Wagner, Emma, '02 
Warren, H. D., '02 
Webb, L. A., '02 
Young, H, '00 

Henken, Rev. J. B., '97 

NichoU, W. G., '00 
Harmon, A. C, '01 
Nemitz, O., '03 
Preston. J., '02 
Snyder. M., '02 

Ahmdt. H., '02 
Barr. J., '02 
Curtia, B^ '01 
DeMoss, I.. '00 
Devlin, 1. E., '02 
Pager. C, '01 
Jewett, A.. '02 
MitcheU. W. S., '9fi 
NyUn. G. A., '99 
Saaf, A., '00 
Waffle, M., '00 
Wallace, S.. '00 

Allen. E. T., '00 
Flanagan, W., '02 
Frye. C. E.. '02 
Seelman, J. W.. 02 

Abbott. P., '00 
Ahrens. W.. '02 
Barbour. E., '02 
Corbett. R. S., '02 
Dudley, E. C, '02 
Foster, J. H.. "01 
Furlong, Lulu, '02 
Hess, R. M., '99 
Kenney, C, '96 
Lincoln, C, '01 
McCutchen,'W. W.. '02 
UiUer, A.,'02 

245 Fulton St. 

309 Standisb St. 

450 Columbus Ave. 

895 Lilleo St. 

64 S. Chapel St. 

903 Bellevue Ave. 

73 Liberty St. 

279 Raymond St. 

411 DiWsion St. 

75S Pennsylvania Ave. 

12 N. Liberty St. 

351 Chicago St. 

7 Chicago St. , 

481 Laurel St. 

Box 174 

222 N. Porter Ave. 

Teniiysoiii Coiul; 

624 Forest Ave. 

Elizabeth town. Box 38. rardin 

Elizabeth town. Box 136, Hardin 


Elmnurst, Box 181, dupacb 

Elm wood, PEORIA 


Englewood, cook 
5963 Union Ave. 
636 W. 57th Place 
620 W. 66th Place 
5940 Wabash Ave. 
551 W. 60th St. 
15324 Eggleston Ayfi. 
6311 Stewart Ave. 
6400 Carpenter St. 
1340 W. 59th St, 
6553 Wentworth Ave. 
542 Fremont St. 
6314 Stewart Ave. 

Etna. COLES 
Eureka, Box 277, 

Eureka! Box 179, 

ETonstoii, cooE 
706 Madison St. 
1311 Washington Place 
1925 Orrington Ave. 
1215 Grant St. 
2534 Jackson Ave. 
2236 Ridge Ave. 
834 Washington St. 
1614 Oak Ave- 
820 Sherman Ave, 
1018 Foster St. 
1201 Michigan Ave. 
1314 Ridge Ave. 

EP, lis 
DO, 2S, lap 
C, 6S, 16P 
DL, 3S. 13P 
ED, 4S, 25P, C 
EA, 4S, UP 
C. 4S. 14P 
MB, 8S, 9P 

C, 3S. 22P 

A, 17S, 19P 

B. 6S, 13P 
GD, 4S, 17P 

D. 5S 

BD. 38 

BE, 6S 
EP, lOS, 2P 
DK. 3S, 15P 
ED, 3S. 13P 

HS. 8S, 6P. D 
R, 15S. 13? 
DH. IS, 17P 

HE, 22S 
DO. 4S. 28P 

MO, 5S, D 
HD, 17S 
GD, 98, lOP , 
C. 7S, 25P 
EP. 6S, IP 
ED, 28, 22P 
DL. 3S, I4P 
ME. 12S 25P 
A. 25S, 45P. D 
MD, 3S, 12? 
CC. 3S 
R. lOS, 21P 

HS, 4S 
DB, 2S, IIP 
HE, 138 
HE, 18S 

GA, 3S, 10? 

DO, IS. 10? 

AC. I3S, 15P 
HS, 4S 

BB, 4S 

AD, 3S, 16? 
C, 98, 13P 
MA, 6S, 25? 
HE, 8S, lOP 




Now and Ytar 



Simons, E. D., '02 

831 Emerson St, 

DO. 3S, laP 

Walstrom. P. G.. '02 

221 Dempster St. 

HH, 7S 

Wilson, J. B.. -m- 

1425 Church St. 



Brown. P., '03 

Fairbury, Livingston 

DO, 4S, 31 P 

Cooke, E., "02 

Fairbury, Boi 342, livincston 
Fairfield, waynb 

DN, 6S. 22P 

Dikes, E., '03 

HD, 9S 

Keen. T., '03 

Fairfield, waynb 

EP, 5S 

Smith, A. L., '03 

Fairfield, R, F. 0. No. 4, wayne 

EP, 6S 

Smith, S.. '03 

Fairfield, wayne 

HD, lOS 

Wright, M. J., '00 
StaUings, 0,. '00 

Fairfield. Box 134, waynb 


Fairmount. vbrmilion 

Lacey, R.. '03 

Farina, payette 

EP, 7S 

Williams, C. L,, '02 

Farina, paybttb 

DB, 2S. 12P 

Guthridgc, A., '03 

Farmer City, dewitt 

HH. 12S 

Hubbart, G. Fi, '00 

J, 4S, 7P 
X 2S 

Kelly, S, M., '01 
Mclrforton, T., '00 

Farmington, Box 31fl, fulton 

Farmingt«n, fulton 

'G. 3S 

Morton. A., '00 

Farmington, Box 119, folton 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 

Taggart, Jr., R., '03 
Tasker. E. L., '01 

DO, 3S. 12P 

Farmington, fulton 

CS, 7S 

Westeriy, G., "00 

Farmington. fulton 

G. 3S 

Stark. F, A., '02 

Fayette, Greene 

DO. 3S, I2P 

Dressier. H. A!, '01 

Fayetteville, saint clair 

DL, 33^ 12P 

Randolph. W. H., '03 

Ficklin, Box 45, douglas 

BE, 6S. D 

Hall, G., '02 

Fillmore. Montgomery 

GB. lOS 

Hall, H. C, '01 

Fillmore, Montgomery 

J. 7S 

DB, 3S, 13P 

Hess. Mildred, '02 

Flora, Box 31, ClAy 

Park. F.. '00 

Flora. CLAY 


Pearce, S. B., '03 

Florid, PUTNAM 

HE, 17S 

Neikirk, J- 0., '03 
McConachic, R.. '03 

Forest City. Box 3, mason 

AC. 4S, 9P 

Fort Gage, R. F. D. No. 5. Randolph 

BA, 4S 

Holabird. A. B.. '96 

Fort Sheridan, lake 

J, 9S, t5P 

Rankin, J., '02 
Rankin, L., '02 

Fort Sheridanr LAKE 

llH, lOS 

Fort Sheridan, lake 

ER, 4S 

Thompson, H. P., '03 

Fosterburg, madison 

AC, 7S, 12P 

Saner, H. F-. '01 

Flossmoor, cook , 

AA, 4S 

Tyler, S. H., '98 

Fountain Green, hakcock 

A. 7S. 9P 

Foltz, L, S„ '02 

Fowler. Box 35. adams 

DO, 3S. 22P 

Dierdorfl. H.. 02 

Franklin Grove, lee 

DN, as, 22P 

Dippel.J.. '97 
Florreich, T., '00 

Freeburg, Box 22, saint clair 

A. 7S, 21? 

Freeburg, saint clair 

PE, 5S. D 

Nold. F., -93 

Freeburg. saint clair 

CM. 7S 

Scheid. W., '97 

Freeburg. saint clair 

A, 7S 

Schmitt. W., '02 

Freeburg, Box 146, saint clair 
Freeport, stephenson 

BE, 4S 

Dippell, F. D., '03 

188 Carroll St. 

DM. 3S, 10? 

Dustman, W. M„ '00 

413 Rice Bldg. 

A. 19S, 17? 

Hanke. E., '02 ■ 

Tavlor Park 

EN. 7S 

Herlockcr. W. B., '00 

448 Stephenson St. 

MD, 3S, 12? 

Holmes. L. E- '02 

295 CarroU St. 

AC, 38, 15? 

Ketler, W. I., '01 
Mayer, E,, 1)2 

160 Homer St. 

ED, 3S 18? 

298 Clark St. 


Schneider, R., '01 

40 S. Galena Ave. 

HS. 48 

Schubert, D. P., '01 

Box 306 

ED, 3S. 13P 

Snvder, J. I., '02 
Spitler. E. L.. '01 

DO. 28, 14P 

42 American St. 

BD, 28. IIP 

Stover. P. S., -99 

Care Stover Eng. Works 

C, 12S, 14P 

Trowslee. F. H., '99 

54 High St. 

U, IS, 12? 


Nam* and Yrat 
Weaver. J. B., '00 
Weiman, O, H., '00 
"Wise, R. S., '00 

Lavellee, M., 02 
Browne. H. E . '01 
Hilgert, O,. '01 
■ Holden, W. S., '01 
Hurst. R., 0! 
Toepel, W., '02 

Anderson. F. J.. "01 
Anderson. I.. 04 
Baudy, C. N.. 01 
Branham. Eva. '01 
Butcher, J. C, 02 
Butts, D. J., '96 
Carlson, C. W., '97 
Darst, J. M., '02 
Davidson. S.. 00 
Davis, N. H.. 02 
Dodge, J. A., '00 
Farrell, |., '00 
Fishet. P.. '02 
Foroulener, V,, "01 
Praney, M. D.. '93 
Freeberx. G. A, '01 
Gilbert, Susan, '00 
Guenther, H. H., '01 
Gustafson, C. '95 
Gustafson, F,, '00 
Heannamon, G. L., '02 
Huber. J. J., '02 
Jansen, H. A., '99 
Johnson. L. L., '01 
Johnson, P. B., '01 
Kahl, IL A., '00 
Koch, Anna, '03 
Lewis, B. A., '99 
Hereer, P. M., '98 
Nolan, E. L., '02 
Palmer, A. C, '00 
Park. E., '00 
Reguier, G. M., '02 
Rugar, Jennie S.. '00 
Stinderlm, W.. '99 
Swanson, L. A., '00 
Sweat, W. T., '00 
Tilden, B. J., '02 
Williamson, W., '02 

Cununing, T. S., *92 
Coney, E., '00 
Aiutin, E., '02 
Ctongh. L. v., '03 
HolMger, W. H.. '03 
Martin, C- C., 'OS 

396 Stephenson St. 


Galena, Care News Democrat, jo Davibss 

Galena, Box 815, jo davibss 

Galena, jO davibss 

Galena, High St., jo davibss 

Galena. 421 Claud St., jo davibss 

Galeiburg, knox 

177 Dwffield Ave. 
423 N. Broad St. 
156 N, Kello^St. 
870 E. Main St. 
230 Walnut St. 
148 Walnut St. 

272 E. Tompkins St. 
144 N. Chamber St. 
1009 N. Broad St. 
135 W, LoseySt. 
1C9 E Berrien St. 
469 VV, 3d St. 

745 S, West St. 

859 N. Prairie St. 

882 W. Main St. 

1514 S. Seminary St. 

616 W. South St. 

633 Mathew St. 

572 N. Kellogg St. 

789 Ella St. 

1427 E. Knox St. 

966 E, Knox St. 

213 Arnold St. 

389 W. Knox St. 

405 W. 3d St. 

572 Lombard St. 

243 S, Pearl St. 

558 N. Henderson St. 

40 W. 2d St. 

162 Blaine St. 

247 S. Chambers St. 

384 N. Cherry St. 

595 N. Cedar St. 

761 S. Chambers St. 

643 S, Day St. 

281 Maple Ave. 

R. F. D. No. 3, Box 505 

Galva, HBNRY 

Garden Prairie, Rural Del., boons 
Gardner, crundv 
Gardner, Box 103, grumdv 
Geneseo, hbnkv 
Geneseo. henry 
Geneseq. henrv 
Geneseo, Box 481. henry 

TP, 7S 

HS, 7S, 14P 
CD, 33, UP 

CC, 6S 
ED, 2S. 23P 

X, 2S 

GB, 3S. ISP 
ED, 4S, 25P, C 
X, 2S 

CA. 5S 

C. 17S, 25P, D 

HL. OS, I2P 

DP. 3S. 23P 

A, 7S 

AC, IS. 15P ■ 

X, 4S 

HS. 4S 

HE, 8S. IP 

AA. 4S 

C. 15S, 25P 

F. 378, I4P, D 

CD, 5S. 15P 

BC, 8S. I5P 

C, 4S, 15P 
X, 4S 

DL, 3S, 14P 
RO, 2S 

D, 4S 
AA. 2S 
LR, 6S 
CC, 2S 
BB, 3S 

A. 17S, 17P 
A, 6S. 4P 
MN. 3S 
HS, 4S 
A, 8S, 17P 
HA. 4S, 2P 

BD, 5S, IIP 

E, 4S. 25P 
CC, 7S 

A. 2S, I9P 
MB, 4S, 25P 
DO, 3S, 14P 

AD, 5S, I3P 
HS. 4S. 3P 
CM, 19S 
ME. 4S. 14P 
EF. 8S. 2P 
EV. I OS, 3P 
HH, 8S 
SM, 6S, 14P 


Namt md Yrar 

Steadman, P. E., '95 
Parker, W., '03 
Sanders, A., '02 
Skogland, A, S,. '01 
Smith. H., '02 
Walin, A., '01 
Pierce, C, A., '02 
Bulger, L. J., '03 
Pickrel, T., "01 
Woodbuin, A., '00 
Bolton, M. C, '99 

Bossinger, P., '99 
Eilers, Anna, '02 
Linton, Q, M., '00 
Monnett, R., '02 
Pearson, J. L.. '03 
Rehm. H., '"" 

.^ , G., '01 
Schmidt. Jr., G. W., 'I 
Schmidt. J. C, '02 
Seekamp, H, h.. '01 
Seekamp. H. L., '02 
Seekamp, H. L., '99 
Wilkinson, G., '99 

Blocher, C. M., '99 
Brubaker, A., '02 
Hofiman, W., '03 
Nordness, C. K., '01 
Nordness. C. K.. '96 
Willis, V. I., '97 
Willis, W. T., '03 
Kluge. P., '03 
Reinhardt. T. C, '03 
Rottmann, C. P., '03 
Belknap. E. J.. "00 
Eichenberger. W. O., '00 
Shaplard, C.,'02 
IHctson. O. O., '03 
Van Bushirk, R. A., '00 
Wilbum, J. R., '03 

Albon, C, '02 
Daniels, B., '01 
Daniels, Jr.. W, S„ '01 
Davis, D. C. '00 
Doerr, H. E.. '01 
Ferand, P., '01 
Hamilton, J, P.. '02 
Higbee, S. C. 'Ol 
Magee. Mary, '03 
Reel, J.. '01 
Taylor, J, W.. '01 

Jaquiah, A.. '94 
Unruh. W. C. '03 
Van Dom, H., '02 

Geneseo, hbnrv 

Geneva, Box 247. kane 

Geneva, 182 6th St.. Box 382, kanb 

Geneva, Box 10, kanb 

Geneva, State St., L, Box 0, kanb 

Geneva, State St., kanb 

Genoa, dbkalb 

Gibson City, ford 

Gibson City, ford 

Gisbon City. R. R. No. 1, ford 

Gikhrist, Box 432, hbrcbr 

Gillespie, macoupin 

Box 19 

Box 19 

Box 151 

Care Gillespie Elec, Co., Box 55 

Care Gillespie Elec. Co., Box 55 

Care Gillespie Elec. Co.. Box 53 

Box 35 

Girard, macoupin 
Gtrard. Box 142, uacoufin 
Girard, Box 391, macoupin 
Girard, Box 171, macoupin 
Girard, Box 171. macoupin ' 
Goodhope, mcoonougk 
Goodhope, mcdonough 
Golconda, popb 
Gotconda, pope 
Golconda, pope 

Grand Crossing, 7635 Adams Ave., cooc 
Grand Croseing, 7301 Langley Ave., cook 
Grandridge, R. P. D. No. 63, lasallb 
Grand Tower, jackson 
Grand Tower, jacxson 
Grand Tower, Box 92, jackson 

GrBoite, hadison 
Care Commonwealth Steel Co. 
Box 359 
Box 359 
Box 334 
Box 253 
Box 435 
Station W 
Box 773 

D St. near 12th St, 
24th St. 
Box 737 

Grantpark, kankakbb 

P, B 

S, 6P 






3S, 20P 



X, 2S 





7S. 18P 

X. 5S 

G, lOS 


9S, 9P 



G, 4S 







7S. 4P, V 


22S, 12P 


20S. D 

E, 14S. i6P 




9S, 9P, I>- 










7S, IP 

G, 9S 


9S, 13P 






4S. 12P 




4S, 25P, C 


3S, 20P 








2SP. C 











B, 3S. 17P 








A, 4S. 21P 




;d by Go Ogle 




Humphrey, G. L., '03 

Granville, putnam 

GA, SS, lOP 

Humphrey, G. L., '63 

Granville, putnam 

F. 23S. 9P 

Olson, I., -97 
Leach.V. J.. '00 

GranviUe, Box 97, PUTNAM 

HS. lOS, 17P 

Graystake, lakb 

J. 78. D 

Thompson. J, B., '02 
Thompson, J. B., '03 

Grayville, Bos 44, WHITE 

AG, 4S, 13P 

Gray\-ille, white 


Tiverton, j. E.. '99 
Drennan, W. E., '97 

GrayviUe. whitb 

U. 3S, lOP 

Greenfield, qrbbnb 

C'C. 2S 

Bums. G.. '00 

Green Valley, tazbwbli. 

Andree, J. W., '00 
Henrv. /. I.. 02 
Burton, W. H., '02 

Green view, menard 

G, 7S 

Greenview, mbnard 

HA. «S 

Greenville. Box 434, bond 

HJ. 21S 

Peach. E., '98 

Greenville, bond 


EP. 5S, 4P 

Cniikshauk, L.. •QZ 

Greenwood, Box 108, mchbkry 

NiRgel. J.. "01 
Sclzer. J. W.. '99 

Grosspoint, cook 

DL, 3S. 12P 

Grosspoint, cook 
Hallidayboro. jackson 

HS, 6S 

Bumelt, T., '00 


Stearns. J., "00 

Hallidayboro, jackson 

G. 38 

Kinkadc, Lulu. '03 

HambuTR, Calhoun , 

BE, 2S 

RoeW. J. N., 00 

Hamburg, calhoun 

BC, 9S. 2P 

Bichtel. H. T.. '02 

Hamilton, 13 Oak St.. hancock 

EP, 6S 

Daw. J. W. -03 

Hamilton, Box 253, hancock 

AC, 5S. 5P 

Dennis. H. '02 

Hamilton, hancock 

EG, 58 

Hazen, C. W.. '02 

Hamilton, Box 155, hancock 

EW, lOS, lOP 

Kopp, Jr-, K. F., '02 

Hamilton, Box 17, hancock 

DN. 5S, 22P 

White, H.. -03 

Hamilton, Box 87, hancock 

HE, 24S, 7P 

Woothcn. J. M., '00. 

SM, 5S, 4P 

L.eavitt, E. B., '01 

BE, 2S 

Baldwin. Ethel M., '03 

Hampshire. R, F, D. No. 1..KANE 

DB, 2S, IIP 

Pinkerton, J., '01» 

Hampton, rock islahd 

X, 2S 

Marcroft, J- F.. '00 
Ward, A. B., 02 

Hanover, jo davlbbs 

HS, 7S 

Hanover, jo daviess 

TN, 31S 

Murphy, H. A.. '03 
Rice. C. L., '99 

Harrisburg, salikb 
Harrisburg, salinb 

BE, 2S 
X. 2S 

Thompson, C. H., '00 

Harrisburg, salinb 

X. 2S 

Zimmerman, C. C. B., 

98 Harvel, montgombry 

Harvey, cook 

HS, 4S 

Caldwell. A. D.. '02 

15101 Main St. 

EN, 95 

Cauger. A. V.. '02 

MB, 3S, 22P 

Crow, W. R.. '98 

262 157th St. 

HS, 8S. flP 

Lewis, 0. G., '98 

16337 Turlington Ave. 

ME, 7S 

Lindgren, J., '01 
Lund, P. X. "02 

15142 Lexington Ave. 
14631 Union Ave. 

ED, IS, 14P 

HE, 21S 

Meyer, R.. '03 

15804 Willard Ave. 

MF, 7S 

Nicholson, R. H., '97 

15430 Loomis St. 

C, 168, 25P 

Phillips, E. N., '03 

14615 Harvey Ave. 

HD, 20S 

Russell. C. '01 

15420 MyrUe St. 

ED, 48, 25P, C 

Stobbs. M.. '03 

15317 Myrtle St. 

EN, 68 

Swanson, N., '03 

14631 Union Ave. 

HH, lOS 

Thomas. A. J.. '99 

C. 98 

Wilett, C, '00 

15602 Lexington Ave. 

X, 4S 

Streicb, C, '03 ' 

Hebron. Box 147, mchbnrv 

HH, 168 

Voltz, H. A.. '03 

Hebron, mchenrv 

HE, I3S 

Berg, J., 02 
ShtJer, E. A.. '02 

legewsch, 13437 Superior Ave., cook 

DO, 38, I5P 

lege^visch, J3356 Bufialo Ave., COOK 

EP, 9S 

Thilmont. L. I., '03 
GosneU. L. '02 

legewisch, Care GenL Chem. Co., cooK 

CE, 4S 

lerrin, Williamson 

NB, 5S 

Mullins R. E., '00 

lerrin. Williamson 

UD, 38, 23P 

Sine, C. A., '98 






Steams. H.. '01 


X, 3S 

Jolmson. G., "94 

Herscher, kankakeb 

A. 23S, 34P 

Boutanger, L. F., '02 
GUjck, L., 'ft5 

Highland, Box 405, madison 

DL. 8S. IBP 

Highland, uadison 

C, 2S, IIP 

Schneider, E. J., '02 

Highland. MADISON 

EP. 7S 

Wiess. F.. -02 

Highland, MADISON 

EP. 9S 

Dawes, L. W., '03 

Highland Park, lakb 

EG, 7S 

Larson, A.. '99 

Highland Park. Box 278. lake 

CC. 28 

McNichoU, E. S., -99 

Highland Park, lakb 

Miliaboro, Montgomery 

TP. 7R 

BlackburgCT, H. F., '01 

Box 65 

EA. lOS, 25P 

Dillon, H. E.. '99 

Care Yawger & Battlefield 

T. lis, 17P 

Dreyhws. C. '03 

AC, 6S, 9P 

Evans. J.; '02 

Care Hillaboro Hotel 

BE, 2S 

Gilmore, J., '02 

Box 427 


Renter, C. E., '99 

Elec. Light Hant 

HS, 5S 

Kester, J. F.. '00 
Martin, T.. '00 

Box 152 

E, 18S, 12P 

P. 4S, 3P 

Potter. J. E., '02 

L. Box 8 

DL, IS. 13P 

Robertson, Cora E., '03 

BB, 6S 

Schwarz.G. G„'02 ' 

R. R. No. 3 

HH, 7S 

Taulbee, E. E.. '02 

Box 314 

NF, 3S 

Walia. J. A.. '01 


AA, 3S 

Childs, J. A„ '02 

Homer, champaign 

EN, 6S 

Cox. j.. '01 

Hoopeston. 617 W. Penn St.. Box 371, 

A. 7S. 18P 

Norton, B. R., '00 

Hoopeston. Box 507. vermilion 

^D, 3S, 16P 

Reynolds. C. B.. '03 

BE, 2S 
TP,'8S, D 

Stanley. H. H . '01 

loopeston, vermilion 

Kinder, H.. '02 

lomsby, macoupin 

MQ. 4S 

Mackey. T.. '97 

lomsby. uacoupin 

G, 7S 

Horton, B. B.. '99 

iorton. piKB 

A, 7S, 4P 

Canaday, F., '03 

ndianola. vermilion 

HE, 7S 

Fair. F. J..'OI 

ndianola, 1605 Mass. Ave., vermilion 

D, 6S 

Osborne, N.. '02 

ndostry, mcdonough 

HE. 12S 

Hammond, L R.. '02 


BA, 28 , 

Shoup, W. T., '03 

rving. Box 05, montgombhy 

DB, 48, 18P 

Gantschi, H„ '02 

rving Park, 2631 N. 41st St., cook 

HS, 9S. lOP 

Sandahl, C. A., '02 " 

Irving Park, 2295 W. Dakin Ave., cook 

GA, 38, I5P 

Early, J., '02 

Forsyth. Mrs. Rosa, '97 

acksonviUe, 645 Allen Ave., mohcan 

TO, 12S 

'. acksonviUe, 422 Jordan St., morgan 
acksonville, 511 S. Prairie St., morgan 

EB, 2S 

Grimsley,_Jr., R., '01 
Lang, E. H-, '03 

J, 9S. 16P. V> 

acksonviUe, 145 Caldwell St., morgan 

AC, 8S, 9P 

Lee, Ada. '03 

acksonville, 442 S. East St.. morgan 

BB. 4S 

McCawley, A. J., '99 
Paul, G. H., '03 

, acksonville, 429 E. North St., morgan 

C, 48, 25P 

acksonville. 515 E. College St., morgan 

MD, 3S, 22P 

Shears, J. H., '00 

\ acksonville, 315 W. Morgan St., morgan 

HS, 8S, 8P. D 

Stillwell, L. A.. '98 

. acksonviUe, 1053 Hardin Ave., morgan 

J, 68, 8P 

EN, I2S 

Coates. H.. '02 

' erseyviUe, jbrsby 

Decker, P. W.. '03 

, erseyviUe, R. F. D. No. 1, jersey 
JoUet, WILL 

BA, lOS 

Alfreck, H, J.. '02 

513 Broadway 

510 Campbell St. 

BE, 2S 

Beck, C, -99 

ME, 2S, J3P 

Bloxham, E.. '99 

1005 Oneida St. 

E, 9S, 13P 

Brockway. H., '01 
Brown, C., '02 

407 S. Chicago St. 

MB, 4S, 16P 

108 Manning St. 

HE, 208, 13P 

Carlson, H, E.. '02 

109 Maple St. 

DO. 4S. 28P 


Nomuvid Ytar 

CottrU,'W. L.. '02 
Cowell. W., '01 
CoweU. W., '03 
Craig, H. W., 'OC 
Cuminins. R. C, '02 
Davidson, W. J., '02 
Deans. C. H., 'Ol 
Diefenderfer, V. J., '88 
Erikson, W. L., '95 
Fitz, G. J., '00 
Pox, P. A. '98 . 
Goeiwens, W., '03 
Groth, C. A.. '00 
HedbeiB, C, '00 
HeTG&m, J., '03 
Klasse, C, '03 
Kline. W. E.. '00 
Larimer, J. I., '98 
Larson, H.,'03 
Lind. E., '00 , 
, MacDonald, C, '01 
Meier, E,, *01 
Miles, H. C, '02 
Noe, N., '94 
Moxingo, J. E., '97 
Muff, A. C.. '01 
Munch, P. E.. '02 
Miirray, J. W„ 'B8 
OUver, &.,Hi2 
Racster, W., '00 
Sabin. J. H., '02 
Speras. G. R., '07 
Strombeck. A., '03 
Tait, R.. '00 
Themes, E. E., "97 
Vought. P. R-, '02 

Pyle. Myrtle. '02 
AnseU. Nona. '08 
Mager, H, G.. '02 
Rosen winkel, H., '02 
Brynn. W., '93 
Donaldson, W., '93 
Mod. R., '95 

er, H., '00 
DeMers. R. G.. 'oi 
Gray, A- C. '02 
Henry, W. A., '98 
Johnson, F. W.. '02 
Koon, M., '03 
Miller, A. L.. 'OQ 
Pottenger, W. A., '01 
SermetB. W. H., '00 
Tackman, H., '03 
Wagner, J., '02 
Wiles, J., '01 

R.,P. D. No. 18 
1001 Benton St. 
1001 Benton St. 
806 Western Ave. 
Republican Print. Co. 
345 Hunter Ave. 
215 N. Hickory St. 
800 Jefferson St. 
106 Cassidv Ave. 
1 1 1 Virginia St. 

315 ReechmanSt. 
1007 Jackson St. 
202 WenburfSt. 
701 N. Hickory St. 
605 S. Desplaines St. 
800 Baker Ave. 

204 Youngs Ave. 

306 Stevens Ave. 

Care Swedish Orphan Home 

707J Orienda St. 

Car. Center and Douglass St. 

608 N. Ottawa St. 

Care 111. Steel Co. 

9 Cora St. 

220 lona Ave. 

409 Mississippi Ave. 

316 Landan Ave. 

Care Great Western Cereal Co. 

163 lUinois St. 

105 BueU Ave. 

105 Cassidy Ave. 

104 Willard St. 

706 S. Richards St. 

Care Economy 

134 Henderaon Ave. 

180 S. Hickory St- 

309 N. Center St 

136 Abe St. 

Jonesboro, union 
Kampsville, Box 8, calhoun . 
Kampsville, c 
Kampsville. ( 
Kangley, i " 
Kangley, I 
Kangley, i 

KankakM) kankakbb 
43 S. 6th Ave. 
1 96 River St, 
280 Greenwood Ave. 
350 Evergreen Ave. 
15 S. 3d Ave. 
506 Harrison Ave. 
386 Greenwood Ave. 
R. R. No. 4, Box 54 
293 Water St. 
Illinois Eastern Hospital 
78 Evergreen Ave. 
66 S. Washington Ave. 

EP. 5S 

ED. 4S, 25P. C 
MW, 73. 27P 
ED, 3S, 13P 
DO, 3S, IIP 
DO, 3S. 19P 
DK, 3S, 16P 

C, 14S, 25P 
P, lis, 9P 

A, 7S, 21P 
EP. 5S 
T, 4S, 18P 
MD, IS, 18P 
BE. 2S 
ES. 6S 
AB, 6S 

D, 7S 
EN, 6S 
ED. 3S, 25P 
C, 4S, 16P 

HE. 14S 
C. lOS, 25P 
J. 7S. 7P 

E, 6S, 26P 
DO, 2S, lOP 
MD, 4S, 25P- 
MA, 18S, 18P 
ED, 3S, 14P 
NI. 20S 

A, 6S. 4P 
DI, as. lOP 
MD, 3S, 13P 
ME. as, 22P 
RD, 6S 
ME. 9S, 5P 
GA. 8S. 15P 
CC, 2S 

ID, 6S. D 
CM, 22S, D 
CM. 22S, D 
CM, 22S. D 

T, 9S, 17P, D 


DO. as, 37P, C 

A, US, 21P 

EN. 14S, 16P, D 

IB, 2S 

ED. 4S. 25P, C 

ED, IS, 23P 

HS, 5S 

MH, 6S . 

EG, 4S 




Keaubint;* wasash 

HS, 7S. 5P 

Engman, Jr., O., '00 
Ford, A„ '01 
Garman, M. £., 'DO 
Garrison, B., '01 
Henry, F., '94 
Henry, P„ '93 
Malmberg, A. M., '01 
Miller, S. C, '98 
Morris, B. H., '01 
Murray, D. G., '00 
Newton, F., '02 
P&tzenmaier, F., '01 
Robbins, H, R., '01 
Shoffner, W. B., '02 
Tucker, J. W., 'a* 

KewaiiM, HBNRT 
308 S. Walnut St. 

511 Roosevelt Ave. 

512 E, lat St. 
1012 Rose St.. W. 

324 S. Vine St. 

116 S. Main St. 

516 W. South St. 

513 W. 5th St. 

Care R. R. Eng's. 0£Bce, McLean E 

912 N. Main St., Box 681 

315 Lyle St. 

522 E. 2d St. 

BC, IS, 14P 
HS, 4S, 3C 

BD, 2S. UP 
K. 6S 

CM, 7S 
Cm, 7S 
JM, 8S, D 
J, 7S, IIP 
1, 7S, 24P 

[. 7S. 6P 

C 68, I2P 
ME, 9S, 5P 
CC. 6S 
HC, 9S, 23P 
CM, 6S 

J. 7S 
GC. t 

Re«nts, G., '99 
Taylor, G. A., '02 
Garretson, R. G., '02 
Conway. M., '9S 

Hale, G.. '92 
Mcintosh, A., '96 
Baker, C. H., '02 
DeGuibert, Mary I., '02 
White, S. E.. '02 
McKee, Jr., A. T., '01 
Morris, D. L.. '02 
Stocks, F. H.. '01 
Vial, F. K.. -02 
Wilson, H„ '00 
Calder. W, A., '03 
Mescher, G., '00 
Shriver H. S-. '03 
Hamlin, F., '04 
Teeter, G. W., '02 
Fowley, M., '01 
Hays, F. M.. '97 

Kingston, Box 48, dbkalb 
Kinmundy, Marion 
Kramm, pboria 

Lockport, 1319 Washington St , will 
Lacon, R. F. D. No. I, harsball 
Ladd, Box 70, bureau 
Ladd, Box 6, bureau 
Lafayette, stark 
Lafayette, stark 
Lafayette, Box 74, stark 
Lagrange, 37 S. Naivla Ave., coos 
Lagrange. I9A S. Madison Ave., cook 
Lagrange, 25 5th Ave., cook 
Lagrange, 312 Madison Ave., coox 
Lagrange, Box 198, cook 
Lanarpe, hancock 
Laharpe, hancock 
Laharpe. Box 185, hancock 
Lake Villa, Box 31, lake 
Lanark, CAitROl.t. 
Laplace, piatt 
Larchland. n 

DO, 5S, 36P 
CM, 14S 
G, 3S 

EW, 9S, 5P 
HD. S2S, IP 
HS, 8S. 2P 
CU, les 
BB, 3S 
EG, 7S 
LC, 14 Parts 
BE, 2S 
EN, 9S 
C, 9S. 6P 
MC, 12S, 3P 
MD, 3S. 15P 
EN, lOS 
HS, 6S 
HH. 5S 
AC, 9S, 27P 
EN, 6S 
X, 5S 
A, 4S 

Alderson, G., ' 
Byrne, E., '02 
-Diggle, J. H ■ 
Donkin, J., ' 
Hoflman, W., 
Knight. A, G., 
Knoblauch, H. 
Lawnjczah, G. 
Loeffler, A, "" 
Moeller, Jr. 
O'Brien, T. 
Piper, A., 'I 



Lualla, LASALLB 
628 Gooding St. 
720 Gooding St. 
1032 7th St. 
546 9th St. 
1149 7th St. 
Care Illinois Valley Traction Co. 

828 Wright St. 

232 3d St. 

1053 Gooding St. 

1055 3d St. 

537 Hennepin St. 

MD, IS, 13P 
CA, 4S 
C. 168, 21P 
ME. 6S, 25P ■ 
BC, 9S, lOP 
ME, 8S, 9P 
HS. 4S 
DL, 3S. 16P 
EP, 5S 
CM, US, I4P 
HJ, I2S 

;d by Go Ogle 



^-— -^^ ■ 



Fincher, C, '02 

Lebanon, saint ci^IB 

BA, 2S 

Wolf. J., '00 

Ledford. SALINE 

G, 3S 

Cutis, E. B., •b2 


AC, 5S. IP 

Anderson, A.. '00 

Lemont, Box 78, COOK 


Anderson, J., '99 

Lemont, Box 78, cook 

HS, 8S. 17P 

Peterman, G. J,, "97 
Atlenbem, A. W., '01 

Lemont, cook 

HM, 58 

Lena, R. F. D., Route 2. stbphbnsok 

CC, 2S 

Freeh, W., "02 

Lenzburg, saint claik 

NF, 4S 

LeaWtt, W. E., '01 

Lero/, iicLBAN 

CD, 2S, 6P 

ZoU, Caroline, '01 

Lewistown, foi,ton 

AD, 6S, 17P 

Hoples, C. P., '01 

Libertyvills, lake 

CSO, 4S,D 

Staples, C. F., '00 

Libertyvjlle, lakb 

C, 8S, lOP 

Hurd, M. H., '03 

Lilylake, KANE 

BE, 2S 

CampbeU, Celia, *01 

Lincoln, loo an 

AD, 4S, lOP 

Derby, C. E., 'BQ 

Lincoln, 426 N. Chicags St.. logau 

A, 4S, lOP 

Garneer, C, '02 

Lincoln, 911 Clinton St., logak 


HaUock, B. P., '02 

Lincoln, 203 S. Logan St., looan 

HE, 163 

Hanton, C. H., '03 

Lincoln, 452 8th St., looan 

* DL, 3S, X8P 

Jones, W. H.,'99 

Lincohi, 209 S. Hamilton St., looan 

A, 4S 

Lucas, G. 0„ '00 

Lincoln, 4IS Broadway, looan 

A, 6S, 15P 

Scheister, M.. '00 

Liricohi. 218 S, Kickapoo St., looan 
Lincoln. 716 Decatur St., looan 

PN. 4S 

Yeates, J., '96 

CM, 22S 

Rutheford, D. M.. '03 

Litchfield, Box 109, montoombry 

DO, 3S, 21P 

Weber, P. E., '03 

Litchfield, 325 N. Madison St., «omt- 

EP, 9S 

Bark. D. H., '03 

Littlerock, kkkdam, 

EW. 5S, 14P 

DuflEy. P. D.. '01 

Lockport, WILL 

CSN, 3S 

Martin, F., '00 
Stowe, C. K.. '97 

Lockport, WILL 

LR, 6S 

Lockport. 1027 Washington St., will 

MP, 2S 

Dunbar, E. A„ '02 

ES, 7S 

Johnson, S. E.,- '02 

Lombard, Box 92. dupaos 

EP, 8S 

lackaon, A. S., '03 

Lombardville, Box 13. stabk 

EG, 7S 

Ritzenthiler, W.. '98 

Longgrove. lake 

CC, 2S 

Gibson. J., '01 

Loraine, Box 64, adamh 

MO, 5S, D 
EB, 2S 
TG. 7S 

Murphy, A- '9fl 
Stepliens, G. W., '00 
Colkrd. T. F., -03 


Macedonia, hauilton 


Macomb, ucdonouoh 

Bailey, F., '02 

602 W. Cam>U St. 

DO, 3S. 18P 

Burton, G.W., -02 

820 W. Jackson St. 

HE. 7S 

Fish. J. C, '02 

DO, 5S, 32P 

Gammogc. T. H., '03 

830 Piper St. 

HE, 8S 

Gray, E., '03 

441 N. Madison St. 

EP, 98 ■ 

Guy, I. T.. '03 

705 E. Jackson St. 
338 N. Edward St. 

EP, lOS 

Hardaker. W. 1., '02 
McMillen, H., "01 


614 W, Carroll St. 

EN, 7S 

239 W. Chase St. 

J. 48, 6P 
EP, 5S, 5P 

Newton, C, I., '03 

321 N. McArthur St. 

Porter. R. A., '00 

216 E. Jeffereon St. 

BD, 88,- 14P 

Purdum, M., '02 

Box ,50 

BA, 2S 

Savidee, W. I., '95 
Strickland, Annie, '02 

226 E. Carroll St. 

E, 19S, 25P 

Rural Route No. 2 

lA, 2S 

Venard, B. F... '02 

926 E. Washington St. 

H^. 17S 

Woodworth, A. R., '02 

609 W. Piper St. 


HE, 7S 

Hayea, B. P., '00 
HcUnghlin, S. B., '01 

Madison, madison 

X, 2S 

Manteno. eankakbi 

P. 6S. 6P 

Dodge, H. N., -fla 

Mapleton, PEORIA ■ 

CM, 22S. D 

HantabtcJ., 'Ot 

Mapleton, peoria 

CC, 23 

iizoc J, Google 

Nam* and Ytar, 

JBddin, R. B., '02 

Harengo, mchenry 

EP. 58 

AdfuuG, J. G., '02 

Gin, E. E., '01 


EN. 12S. D 

Marion. Box 287, williamsow 

A. 2S, IIP 

Glass. 0. L,, '02 

EO, 4S 

Laren, A. M., '96 

Marion, williamsow 

G. 6S 

Rogera. G., '92 



Youngkin, J.. '01 
Dale. H., '93 

Marion, Box 207, williausoh 

J, 4S, 6P 

Marissa, saint clair 

CM. 12S 

Garrett, W., '00 
Jones, W.. '95 
McOintock, L. E...'0l 

Marissa, saint clair 

CC. 9S 

Marissa, saint clair 

CM. I2S 

Maiissa, saint' clair ' 

ED, 3S. lOP 

Smith, C. C. '01 

Maroa, Box 227. uacoN' 


Stoutenborough, F.. "02 
Baldwin. A. W„ '00 

Maroa, macon 

BE, 2S 

Marseilles, Box 208, lasalle 

HS. 5S 

Harper, D., '00 

Marseilles, Box 402, lasalle 

C. 6S, 22P 

Nichol. A. F.. '99 

Maraeilles. Box 75, lasallb 

SM. 8S, 15P, D 

Sindel, A-. '03 

Marseilles, R. F. D. 57. lasallb 

GC, 5S, 4P 

Lutz, B. C, '00 . 

Marshall. Box 220, clark 

HS, 4S 

Lutz. E., '00 

Marshall. Box 220. clark 

HS, 8S 

Pritchard, A., '02 

Marshall, clark 

EP, 5S 

Beatty, J. H., '93 

Mascoutah, saint clair 

CM. 8S 

Dickham, C, '00 

EB, 48 

Friess, J. P., '00 

Mascoutah, saint clair 

A. 8S. lOP 

Lischer, R.. '95 

Mascoutah, saint clair 

A. 5S. IP 

Hitpas, H. B., '00 

Mason, Box 173. bfpincham 
Mattoon, colbs 

HS. 78. 7P 

Andrews, A., '01 

1104 Prairie Ave. 


Capen. A. T., '98 
Gilchrist, J. J.. '01 

2313 Prairie Ave. 

A. 26S, I8P 

1316 ChampHipne Ave. 

LR. 68 

Gillies, H. A.. '02 

1420 Dewitt Ave. 

MHFJ. lis 
MD. is. lOP 

Isaacson, J., '97 

105 Prairie Ave. 

McWade, C. E.. '00 

620 Dewitt Ave. 

C. 4S, lOP 

Miller. E. G-, '01 

CC, 2S 

Miller, F. C, '02 

918 N. 22d St. 

MA, 9S. 16P 

Milton, J. N.. '00 

2605 Kne Ave. 

LR. 68 

Powell,!. L., '02 

817 N. 22d St. 

DL. 3S. 13P 

Reick, 0, A., '00 

12221 Edgar Ave. 

C, 3S, 14P 

Robinson, H., '98 

2521 Western Ave. 

AD. 4S, 28P 

Seely, F. B., '01 

R. TR. No. 2 

HS. 48 

Turner, D.. '97 

Box 304 

Haywood, cook 

A. 4S, 12P 

Benjamin. E., "03 

717 N. 2d Ave. 

EP. 7S 

Birr. H.; 03 

304 S. 10th Ave. 

BE. 2S 

Buell, C, '01 ■ 

620 S. 8th Ave. 

ED, 3S, 24P 

Davies, C. E., '03 

905 N. 4th Ave. 

EN, 7S 

DcLop. G. H., '00 

120 19th Ave. 

ME, 9S, 24P 

Detgen, L., '97 

CC, 8S 

Doerr. C. '01 

417 S. 12th St. 

ED. as. 23P 

Gordon. F. H.. '02 

MU, 8S, 15P 

Hooper, C. E.. '02 

208 11th Ave. 

DP, 38. lOP 

14 19th Ave. 

CO, 7S 
ED, 2S. 22P 

Nelson, T., '01 

3515 N. 8th Ave. 

Quayle, F. R., '99 
&hemp, H. S., '03 

1212 S. 5th Ave. 

ME, I7S, 25P 

213 N. 3d Ave. 

BA, 28 


Rediger, B., '01 

Meadows, MCLEAN 

A, lOS, IIP 

Thompson, W. H., '03 
Petcra. Mrs. B. A.. '00 

Medora, R. F. D. No. 44. macoupin 

GC, 5S 

Melrose, 161 17th Ave., Box 195, Clark 

CC. 98 

Walquist, L. W., '00 

Melrose, 100 18th Ave., clark 

A. 88, 20P 


Devries, A., '00 

Fleming, P., '99 
Hillyer, G. W., '99 
Herchents, F. W., '03 
MilHkin. J. L., '02 
Golightly, M., 01 
Young, W. C, '03 
Aldrich, E. P., '97 
Ballon, J. F.. '94 
Kropp, Jr., F., '98 
Maurath, R., '02 
MiieUer. Jr.. H., '03 
Wine, N.. '99 
WaddeU, J. C, '00 
Peck, C^Ol 
Coic. [. O.. 03 
Buehrig, T. F., '02 
Springer, D. P., '03 
Grampp, E., '02 
Perryman, T. H., '03 
Ferguson, G., '99 

Anderson. C. J., '02 
Bames, R. F., '02 
BeneU, C. E., '03 
Claus, A.. '97 
Exboni. R-. '03 
Freiberg, W., '02 
Gould, H. R., '03 
Gould. H. R.. '03 
Grantham, R. H., '00 
Grantham. F.B., '01 
Graves, C. '01 
Hannon, W. J., '02 
Hartsock. Delia, "00 
Hillstrom, D. A.. '03 
Hink, C. M., '02 
Histed, A. A., '00 
Hoover, C, '02 
Hunter, J. W., '02 
Hurst, A. P., '01 
Iverson, A., '02 
Johnson, E. J., '99 
Kindbelade, I.. '02 
Lawson. F.. '9B 
Lund, O. F., '98 
McLean, E. L.. '98 
Moorbusen, Jr.. D., '02 
Nelson, O., '02 
Olson, P., '01 
Olson, S., '99 
Pickard, E.J., '00 
Polhamus; R., '02 
Pollard, R- H., '99 
Quinn, G. W., '97 
Randquist, A., '03 
Samuelsoo, H., '02 
Schold, F., '00 
Simonsen, H., "03 
Smith, G. N.. "00 

Melrose Park. St. Charles Road and esd 

Ave,, COOK 
Melrose Park, 81 ISth Ave., coos 
Mehtjse Park, Box 44, 69 16th Ave., cook 
Mendota, 500 2d Ave.. 
Mendota, P. O. Box 102. 
Metropolis, mis sac 
Middletown. Box 98, logah. . 
Milliugton, Box 33, xbndall 
Hillington, Box S, kbndall 

Mills tadt, SAINT CI.A1R 

Millstadt, SAINT claik 
Millstadt. R. R. No. I, 
Milledgeville, Carroll 
Millersburg, uekcbr 
Milmine, piatt 
Milton, piEB 

Miaier! R. R. No. 1, 
Minonk, wooDPOBD 
Minonk, Box 294, 
Uiaooka, Box 198 

Moline, rock is: 
644 lU St. 
1181 3d Ave. 
112.'? 5th Ave. 
1729 17th Ave. 
1607i 3d Ave. 
718 23d St. 
1824 23d Ave. 
1824 23d Ave. 
1834 12th Ave. 
1739 11th Ave. 
811 15i St. 
142 5th Ave. 
1023 7tii Ave, 
809 15th St. 
138 6th Ave. 
1214 18th St. 
1067 29th St. 
1718 12th St. 
620 5th Ave. 
Manufacturers' Hotel 
1429 24th Ave. 
900 29th St. 
1619 6th Ave. 
1314 12th St. 
045 15i St. 

1640 13th Ave. 
1131 14th St. 
916 13th Ave. 
1411 5th Ave. 
Box 247 
2426 14th St. 
153? 12th Ave. 
911 14th Ave. 
1231 6th Ave. 
443 4th Ave. 
General Delivery 
1926 3d Ave. 


X. 2S 

MD, 4S, 25P 
MD, 4S, 25P 
AC, IS, 13P 
HJ, 24S, D 
EI, 7S, IP, D 
HH, 5S 
HS, 5S, 6P 
C, 17S, 2SP, D 
EB, 4S 
CA, 4S 
HH. 78 

J, as 

SM, SS, 0P 
HS. 7S 
BB, 4S 
EG, 7S 
BA. 2S - 
HE, 27S 
AC, 7S, 7P 
MD. 4S. 25P, C 

BA, 6S 
DP, 4S, SOP 
MN. 9S 
HS, 7S, 9P 
DV,1S, 12P 
EP, lOS 
NB, 6S, 14P 
SM. 7S. 15P, D 
ED. 3S, IIP 
ED, 3S, lOP 
X, 2S 
MK. 5S 
A, 14S, 12P 
GA. 6S, 14P 
DO, 6S. 37P 
C. 3S, 13P 
HA, 4S 
AG, 4S 

CO, 8 

MD, 3S, 13P 
MD, 3S, 12P 
DL, 4S, 12P 
DK, 4S, 24P 
X. 4S 
A, 8S, 6P 
A, 4S 

HD, 26S. 8P 
A, 12S, I4P 
ME, 9S. IP 
EN, lis 
DO, 3S, 14P 
BC, 48, 7P 
MP, 6S 


Swarte. C- D,. '01 

•343 8th St, 

B, lOS. 13P 

Weinzweig, B., '02 
Woeber. A., '99 

1719 3a Ave. 

BE, 2S 

1538 6th St. 

C, 6S. 13P 


Carringer. H. M., '01 

Monmouth, 403 S. 5th St., warbbn 

XX, 2S 

Frymire. H. D.. '99 

Manmoutb, 42fi N. 1st St.. warrbn 

A, 133, 29P 

Frymirc. W. A., '01 

Monmouth. 1048 E. Euclid Ave., Warren 

X, 2S 

Hamilton, E. L-. '02 

Monmouth. 220 S. 3d St., warrbn 

MK. 5S 

Harper. C. A., '01 

Monmouth. 503 S. 6th St.. warren 

ED. 4S, 25P, C 

RufT), W. H., '02 

Monmouth, 306 Main St., warrbn 

BE. 2S 

Trissel, B. L.. '01 

Monmouth, 1038 E. -Ist Ave., warren. 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

Nelson. T. W.. '01 

Montgomery, Genl. Del., kanb 

J,4S ' 
DL. 4S, 18P 

Jenkins. 0.. '02 
Marquise, H. E., '00 

Montfcello. piatt 

Montieello, piatt 


Mench.J., '03 

Monticello, piatt 

EN. 12S 

Anderson. J.. '00 
Bates. D. P., '01 

Morgan Park, Box 351, coOK 

EB. 3S 

Morgan Park, 1920 Grove St.. cook 

HS, 6S. IP 

Hyde, M. H., '01 

Morgan Park, Box 193, cook 

DK, IS, lOP 

Norander, L. W., '97 

Morgan Park, Armida Ave., COOK 


Robinson, C. A., '00 

Morgan Park, cook 


Schulte. Jr., F,. '00 

Morris, Care Chicago TeL Co., crundy 

Stanhope, G., '02 

Morris. Box 863, grundt 

HE, lOS, 5P 

Wickes. A. F-. '03 

Morris, Care 0. P. Wicks, Box 24, crundy 

AC, 6S. 7P 

Griesscwi. W. G., "01 

Momson, whitbside 

XJD. 4S, 13P 

Kornhaus, W. H., '02 

Morrison, Box 14, whitesidb 

A, IS. 13P 

Morrison, whitesidb 

BE. 2S 

Reed. F.. '02 

Morrison. Whitesidb 

BE. 4S 

Wilkins. R., '04 

Morrison. Box 153. whitebidi 

BE. 28 

Strasbawh, J. E.. '01 
MurphyTT'. P., '01 
Sims. O.. '02 

Morrisohville, Box 274. christian 

HS. 4S, 12P 

Mound City, pulaski 
Mound City, pulaski 


Caskey, R., '00 

Mount Carmel, wabash 

ii.% ■ 

Hobberton. A. E., '03 

Mount Carmel, wabash 

Risley, R. T.. '03 

Mount Carmel, Box 591, wabash 

DH, IS. 13P 

Fos:, E. M., '02 

Mount Carroll, carroll 

AC. 8S, ISP 

Moore, G. E., '01 

Mount Carroll, Box 87, carroll 

AC, 7S, lOP 

BuchmuUer. C, '99 

Mount Olive. Vox 402, macoupin 


Germer. A. F.. '00 

Mount Olive, Box 131, Macoupin 

G. 7S 

SchmicTt, O;, '99 

Mount Olive, Box 198, macoupin 

HS, 7S 

Mount Olive. P. 0. Box 76, macoupi.v 

HS. 4S, IP 

Roulean, N.. '02 

Mount Pulaski. Box 176, logan 


Shafer^W., '03 

Mount Paulski, Drawer No. 7. logan 

DO, 3S, 13P 

Wood. C- H.. '03 

Mount Pulaski, looan 

EN, 5S 

Ash, J. M.. -02 

Mount Stirling, BROWN 

LA, 10 Parta 

Schonen, F.. '98 

Mount Stirling, Box 324. brown 

HS, 5S, 2P 

Egdorf, L., '03 

Mount Vernon, 715 E. Main St., 


HE. 16S. IP 

Hershey. M. D., '03 

Mount Vernon, Box 573, JEPPERSON 

AC, 8S. 21 P 

McNail, A, '99 

Mount Vemon, jepperson 

HS, 4S 

Reed, M. H., '02 

Mount Vemon, 1314 Main St., jepfbrson 

GB, 8S, 13P 

Wiedeman, F., '02 

Mount Vemon, 413 Tolls Rd., jbpferson 

BE, 2S 

Cameron. D.. '93 

Moweaqua, shblby 

CM. 21S 

Keeth, W., '01 

Moweaqua, shblby 

G, 4S 

Stoneburer, L. L.. '00 

Moweaqua, shelbv 

G, lOS, D 

■Weatherholt, W., '02 

Moweaqua, shelbv 

HH, 14S 

Junod. E.. '99 
Mauck, L. T.. '02 

Mulberry Grove, bond 

CC, 28 

Muncie, vermilion 

CM, 5S 

Murphysbciro, jackson 

Boyle, W, C. '03 

230 N. 9th St. 

RL, 3S 

Clay, B. E., '00 

Care Reliance Milling Co. 

CC, 3S 

Fraser, T. W., '02 

314 N. 8th St. 

BE, 4S 




Namu end Ynr 



Hardy. R.. '00] 

802 E. Illinoia Ave. 

G, 6S 

Hughes, W. F., -02 

1603 Edith St. 

GA, 9S 

Nauskcr, H. A., '03 

1500 Edith St. 

RL. lOS 

LR. 8S 

Schmidgall. T. L.. '92 
Trobaugh, W. W., '01 

CM, 23S. 3P 

R. V. D. No. 2 

BE, 2S 

Whitchurch, C. A.. '02 

2140 Kne St, 


RN, 3S 

Hardy, J. E.. '03 

Monence. Box 3Q5. eankakee 

HE, 20S, 7P 

Kelsey. I. C, '01 
Payne, O. L., '01 

Monence, kahkaksb 

ED, 3S, 23P 

Naperville, dupagb 

ME, 8S 

Winkenweder, B, '02 

Naperville, dcpage 

DO. 3S, 14P 

Hughs, v., '98 

Natrona, hason 

CC. 7S 

Tomlinson, CJ., '95 
Darmstardt. W„ '99 

Neponset, bureau 

ME, 26S, 25P, D 

New Athens, Box 44, saint clair 

HS, 4S,'12P 

Philips. W., '96 

NeW Bedford, bukeau 

SM. 4S, lOP 

Crowder^Rev. R. H., '98 

New Douglas, maoison 

G, 6S 

Gehrig, A. G.. '03 

New Douglas. Box 21, madisok 

GA, 7S, 13P 

Schulte. H., '02 

New Douglas, hadison 

HH, 14S 

Haight. W, E., '95 

New MUford, winnbbago 

AD. IS, 15P 

Summit, E, A., '01 

Newton, jaspeu 

DO. 3S, 12P 

Watts, J.. '03 

Newton, Box 315, jasper 

Archibald. J-. '02 
CoJber. W.l)., '01 . 

Nokomis, montoomery 

EN, 9S 


HS, 8S, D 

Hilt, Mabel, '02 

Nokomis, Montgomery 

BB, 4S 

Hobertson, J. O., '02 

EW, 3S. 25P 

Broyhill, G. C, '00 

Normal, Box 632, mclban 

I. 8S, 22? 

FoHett, H., '03 

Normal, 311 Ash St.. mclean 


Richardson, O- A., '98 

Normantown, Box 33. will 

J, 6S. 7P 
BB, 4S 

Ilch, G, E., '03 

North Alton, madison 

Erickson, F., '01 

Nunda, Box 346. mchbnry 

AD, IS, 12P 

Warrimer, L. H„ '98 


A, 4S 

Foltz, Jr., W. H„ '02 

Oakland, R. F. D., COLBS 

BE, 2S 

Moore, R. E.. '03 

Oakland, Box 47, coles 

GA. lOS, 4P 

Titus. S. C, '03 

Oakland, coles 

Oak Partt, COOK 

AC, 8S. IP 

Aientz, S, S., '98 

2 Elizabeth Court 

F. 9S 

Bliss, G. E., '02 

131 S. ScoviUe Ave. 

BE, 3S 

Briitow, Jr.. J., '03 
Gate. N. E., '96 

1175 Brefield St. 

HE. 7S 

409 Linden Ave. 

A, 7S 

Ferry, C. N., '00 

611 N.Harvey Ave. 

SM,-4S, 4P 

Hallmgworth, Heleo. £. 


409 Linden Ave. 

A, 6S 

Hawkins, A. W., '00 

324 Randolph St. 

AA, 2S 

Houren, G. M., '00 

6048 Chicago Ave. 

J. 4S 

BP, 13S, D 

King, L. J., '02 

80 Elgin St. 

Lasan, J.O..'02 

74 Sterling St. 

DL. 2S. 13P 

Mueller, Jr., W., '99 

Concordia Cemetery 

C, 6S, 21 P 

Price, J, T., '95 

428 N. Grove Ave. 

B, 14S. 18P. D 

RosenBach, R. G., '02 

58 Morengo St. 

6040 W. Chicago Ave. 

BA. 2S 

Slinger, M., '01 

A, 4S, 9P 

Smith. T. C. '99 
Spafford, E. H., '01 

Utriti, J., '98 

808 Woodbine Ave. 

A. 8S, 13P 

799 1st Ave. 

J, 4S. 4P 
HS, 7S, 12P 

789 Woodbine Ave. 

Walton. W.. '02 

Ill N. Oak Park Ave. . 

EP, 5S 

Burke, R. H., '01 

Oakwood, vBRMtLioK 

HA, 7S 

Bamett, E; L., '01 
Daub. H., '01 

Odell, Box 42, Livingston 

ME, ITS, 9P 


ME. 6S,26P 


Namt ami Ytar 

Gresham. T. A., '03 
Hare, H, T„ '01 
Metz. H. C., '03 
Walker, H. D., '98 
Wilson, H.. '92 
Beese. jr., J., '01 
Boettcber, F, J.. '00 
Carroll, J., '94 
Carson, J., '95 
Greenway, R. B,, '0? 
Lawrence, W, K., '99 
Mould. T. R., '97 
Seddon. J., '98 
Baker, S., '00 
Gilbert. L. D., '99 
Jones, R( R..' 98 

Broderick, W.. '02 
Christy, Fannie, '02 
Christy. N., '02 
Clodfetter, E., '01 
Crout, E. E.. '03 
Freeman. A. M..'02 
.Homer, Ir, J. J., '00 
Marlon, P.. '00 

Stuyffer.-H. H.. ' 
WiUon, C. T.. '99 
Wilson, J. P., '00 

Carrington. J. M., '02 
Graves, L.. "02 
Brainard, H. R., '03 
Moore, H, A., '03 
Boden, P., '02 
Callaway, E. S.. "02 
Ferguson, H,, '02 
Stevenson. W.. '02 
Spencer, R. F.. '99 
Polhamus, jrG., '02 
Allen. C. D., '02 
Bossennann, L,, '99 
Chapman, W. J., "02 
Hetzncr, A. O., '02 
Martin. W. P-, '00 
McCullough, F., '02 
Sinnott. R. J., '02 
Gray. P. A., '00 
McFarland, S., '02 

Brigham. R., '94 
Brigham. R. E., '02 
Collins, E., '03 
Elwell, W., '03 
Pagan, M.. '02 
Hitchcock, Addie. *03 
Kennedy. J. W.. '03 


OdeU, Route No. 




O'Pallon, Box 292, saint 


O'Pallon. Box 72, saint c 
0!PaUon, saint clair 


Oglesby, lasallb 
Oglesby, lasallb 
Oglesby, Box 14. lasallb 


, iP 

EP, 5S 
D, 4S 
EP, 9S 
HS. 4_. 
CM. 7S 
G, 3S 

CM, 5S, 8P 
CM. 5S 
G, 7S 
MN. 3S 
CC, 55 
CM, 25S 
M, 4S 

r.. 6S 

Olney Ice Co. 

HS, 7S 

-EP, 7S, 2P 

BE, £S 

X, 2S 

Box 290 

A, 68. 2P 

T, 13S, 19P 

Box 421 


Box 423 

IS, lOS, 17P, D 

Box 617 

IS 8S 

Box 53 

X, 5S,D 


Onarga, Box 36, iroquois 

HD, lOS 

Onarea, iroquois 
Oneida, knox 

HD. lOS 

EN, lOS 

Oneida, knox 


Oquawka, hendbrson 

DO, 2S, 14P 

BE, 2S 

Orion, Box 224, riENRV 

HH, 12S 

Orion, Box 67, henry 

HH, 17S 

Osceola, Box 64, STARE 

MD, 4S. 25P 

Oswego, Rural Del., Kendall 

EP, 6S 

Ottawa, 1218 Union St.. lasalle 

GC, 4S. 8P 

Ottawa, 504 Fillmore St.. lasalle 

CC, 2S 

Ottawa, 701 LaSalle St., lasalle 

CB, 5S 

Ottawa. 702 State St., lasalle 

CB, 4S 

OtUwa, 672 Cornell St.. lasalle 

ME, 9S 

Ottawa, 634 Hitt St., lasalle 

EN, 13S 

Ottawa. 615 CHnton St., lasalle 

AD, 6S, 28P 

Paisley, Montgomery 

CM. 7S. IP 

Palmyra, christian 

HF, lOS 

Pana, christian 

G, 3S 

104 S. Sheridan St. 

ES, lis. D 

Cor. 4th and Maple St. 

ES, 58 

R, P. D. No. 3 

EG. 8S 

P, 388, 16P, D 

107 Sheridan St. 

BB. 4S 

12 W. Dewitt St. 

NF, 3S 


Malloy, H. E., '00 
Mooney, O. D., '03 
Newcomb, H., '99 
Pope, C. '01 , 
Revell, Lottie F.. '0. 
RoberU, J. K„ '00 
Swim. E. S., '97 
Stech, W. F., '01 
Vincent, A., '02 
Wilson, D., '00 

Artis, N., '97 
Askmore, E. W., '02 
Clark, W. W., '02 
Cole, D. E., '01 
Cook, F. A., '01 
Evans. E. W., '01 
FaiUng, S„ '02 
Hurst, A. T., '99 
McCIure, B. H.. '99 
Noonan, R., '02 
Rector, Cora, '02 
Sidenstricker, J., '02 

Care Pana Coal Co, 
44 Wyandotte St. 

&03 S. State SL 

P. O. Box 855 
Box 5 
L. Box 294 
" 704 E. Sth St, Box 63; 
R. R. No. 2 

Paxil, SDOAft 

231 Austin St. 

711 E. Wood St. 

211 W. Edgar St. 

R. R. No, 11 

111 S. Central Ave. 

210 W. Court St. 

L. Box 443 

Care P. S.-Rider MiUing Co. 

425 Oskala St.. 

709 Vance Ave. - - 

130 S. Main St. _, 

Centra] Ave. 

310 Connoly St. 

614 S. Main St. 

R. R. No. 1 


A, 8S 
A, 8S, 8P 
HH, 15S 
SM, 5S, 14P 

P, 13S, 12P 

HH, 7S 

MF, 6S 

MQ, 6S . 

T, IIS, 17P 

P. 6S 

BB, 4S 

HS, lOS, 16P 

J, 5S 

HA. 7S, 4P 

BA, 3S 

PA, 4S 

MD. lOS, 25P 

X, 2S 

BA. 7S 

Berry, C. F., '97 
Bissonette, E. S., '01 
Conklin, E. S., '00 
Eden, D. J., '01 
EUer, B. N., '01 
Her«n. A. C. '00 
Heven, A.. '99 
Hunt, I.. '03 
Mace. Jr.. J. T, '03 
Pitts. F. P., '01 
Sackemuether, P.. '00 
TemplJn. W. H., '00 
Weber, J. A.. '00 
Zimmer, J. E., '99 

Bauer. L. P., 
H. r 

, H.. '96 
Bums, W.. '00 
Bury, J. E.. '02 
Colby. 1. N./P2 
Crandall, I.W,.'00 
Dunn, W. L., '02 
Elder, H. W., '02 
Prey, J. P., '99 
Frye, M. E„ '03 
Gifca, E. C, '02 

Pekin, tazbwbli. 
519 Elizabeth St. 

809 Catherine St. 
R. P. D. No. I 

718 Charlotte St. 
Box 327 

215 Cinthiana St. 
1116 Summer St. 
531 Catherine St. 
718 Court St. 
1223 Royal Ave. 
432 Court St. 
421 Carolina St, 

Peoria, pboria 

224 Missouri Ave, 
National Hotel 
613 Garden St. 
2027 S. Adams St. 
203 Pecan St. 
2115 Main St. 
115 Van BurenSt. 
612 7th Ave. 
Care P. B. & E. Co. 
17 Stare St, 
741 W. McClure St. 
209 May wood Ave. 

EB, 2S 
K, 2S, UP 
C, IS, 19P 
X, 2S 
BA, 2S 
A, 3S. lOP 
MD. 4S. 25P 
BE, 3S 
EN, 6S 
ED, as. 12P 
AD, 4S 

MC, 4S, ISP 

BA, 5S 
U, 3S, lOP 

DO, 3S. 13P 
NB, 9S, 9P 
A, 12S. 18P 
GB. 6S, 13P 
GD. 3S, lOP 
C, 4S, 12P 
EQ, 7S 
AC, 7S, 13P 




NaiHt and Ytar 


Tefferies, F. L.. '93 

1001 Jefferson Ave, 
510 Elliot St. 

Johnson, L., '03 

Koch. A. H., '03 

Box 1036 

Kapel, I.. '99 
Lang, 0., '00 

510 Haungs Ave. 

401 N. Washington St. 
907 Chambers Ave. 

Lefler, C. H.. '01 

Littel, F. E . '03 

607 Warner Ave. 

Mantz. A., '03 

723 N. Munroe St, 

Marshall, A. E„ '94 

1403 2d Ave. 

Nauce. J, G., '00 

810 2d Ave. 

Pinney. A, S-. '99 

1217 1st St, 

Reymann, P., '00 

215Glendale Ave. 

Rogers, J. C, '03 

409 Stanley St. 

Schmid. G. A.. V30 

615 Morg^ St. 

Schuebelinc, A.. '02 

524 Warren St. 

Schneider, R., '02 

407 S. Adams St, 

Scott. H., '00 

1511 Ann St. 

Sedgwick. W. C. '00 

310 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Smith. A. P., '99 

212 Fredonia St, 

Swanton, A. P.. '95 

130 Howett St. 

Thompson. E. W.. '00 

1 19 Hellen St, 

White. C. B.. '02 

817 Webster St. 

Williams, I. C. '01 

409 Sanford St. 

Zinkhorn, J. H., '99 

210 E. Armstrong St. 


Alsup. Mattie. '02 

Perry, pike 

Doreey. C- T,. '02 

Perry. Box 26, pike 

Heath, C. R.. '99 


Johnston. B. F., '00 
Moran. J. J.. '97 
Muller, J. J., '02 



Peru, Box 227, lasallb 

Wachter, H., '97 

Peru. Box 164, lasallb 

Morton. R„ '00 

Petersburg, menard 

Pinckneyrille, pbrrv 

Harris. P„ '02 

Tenner, A. T.. '90 
Kloti, R. O , '02 

Box 134 

Klot7, W, F-. '02 

Box 134 

Lewis. C. F.. -DO 

Opp. W. H,. '02 

Box 163 

Reynolds, S, W., '01 
Seibert. E.. '01 

Box 443 

Straih. J. D., '01 


Gerdes, W.. 'GO 

Pinkstaff, LAWRENCE 

Shine. R. J,. '00 
Kemener, D. G.. '00 

Pittsburg, FAYBTTE 

Pittsfield, PIKB 

Murphy. E. 0.. '99 

Pittsfield, 511 W. Fayette St., 

Tippetts, Carrie, '02 

Pitlafield, PIKB 

Tunnell. J. A.. '02 

Plainview, macoupin 

Crim, A. J., '02 

PlainviUe. adams 

Pepper, J. M., '01 
Babcock, C, '02 


Plymouth, hancock 

Beck. J. H.. '97 

Polo, OGLE 

Kniss, R.. '00 

Polo. Rural Del., oglb 

Gudeman. E., '97 

726 Hurlburt St. 

Harbers, E- A.. '99 

900 Fishers St. 

Iben, R-, '03 

201 Butler St. 

C, 17S, 25P. D 
lA, 4S 
AC, 2S. 18P 
T, US, 13P 
BD, 2S. UP 
BC, lOS, 14P 
EW. 9S, 4P 
DL, 6S. 33P 
A, 29S. 34P, D 
ED, 3S, 15P 
HM. 4S, 17P 
A. IS, 16P 
HH, 9S 
ME. 16S, 13P 
DB, 2S, IIP 
EP. 5S 
A, 8S. 4P 
MD, 4S, 25P. C 
HS. 8S, IP 
A, 6S 
LR, 12S 
GC, 6S. 13P 
■JM, 7S 
E, 5S. 22P 

EG. 7S 
C. 9S, 12P 
HS, 4S 
' EB, 2S 
CA. 4S 

A, 31S. 41 P, D 
SM, 7S. 15P. D 

EP, lis. IIP 
HS, 4S 

HS, 8S. 13P 

A, 15S, 17P 
BB. 4S 
HE, 9S 
MA, 5S, 16P 
J. 4S.1P 
BA, 2S 
J, 5S, 4P 
MD. 2S, 12P 
ME, 9S, 16P 
A, US, 21P 
AG, 4S, 13P 

;d by Go Ogle 

Sam* and Ytar 

Barton, L., '00 
Ben, C. H.. '69 
Bunn, D. M., '00 
Coates, R. N., '02 
Coatcs, R. N., '03 
Dougherty, J. S., '01 
Fletcher, J., '92 
Googerty, T. J., '02 
Gunseet. H., '01 
Webb, G. H., '96 

Knoche. C. H., '98 
Docherty, T. B.. '01 
Brown, P., '69 

Barish. J., '00 
Barzan, J., '00 ■ 
Boe, E. 0., '02 
Boyd. G-, '98 
Budzinski, A. P., '01 
Butts, H. D. B., '02 
Dolezal. L., '00 
Eritsson, E. B., '00 
Ford, J., '99 
Gingerick, P., '01 
Hobbs, G. S., '00 
Leman.G., '02 
Pearson, A., '02 
Phillips, F., '00 
Pretise, H., "98 
Randell, P.. '00 
Schwars, C., "02 
Seffens, O. B., '99 
Thompson, J. T., '99 
Tuepper, H., '02 
Zwart, L., '00 

Aiken, J. T., '01 
Arnold, A. A., '01 
Berger, N., -91 , 
Bracht, H. B., '00 
Breder, E., '00 
Bundies, P., '99 
Clark, C. T., "99 
Dickhut, R. M., '98 
Flowers. B. M., '99 
Grant. H. H., '99 
Hahn. C, '01 
Heaer, B. J., '01 
Hilea, A. L., '00 
Hoffman, G. P., '02 
Holm, C.. *02 

Pontiac, livinuton 
43 W. Madison St. 
502 W. Washingtc^ St. 

Illinois State Reformatory 
Care Pontiac Coal Co. 
North and Division St. 
120 E. WaUr St, 

Port Byron, rock island 
Port Byron, rock island 


Prairietown, Box 4, uadison 
Preemption, hbrcbr 
Princeton, scott 
Princeton, 128 N. 4th St., scott 
Pulleys Mills, Williamson 

P hIIiwii cook 

455 Stephenson St. 
17 Bldg. D 
409 Watt Ave. 
Box 1256 
11332 Curtis St. 
141 Watt Ave. 
Blk. C, 8 Milton St. 
207 W. USthSt. 
848 Erickson Ave. 
112 Stephenson St. 

445 Watt Ave. 
11320 Curtis Ave. 
10719 Michigan Ave. 
234 Watt Ave. 

529 Pullman Ave. 
319 Pullman Ave, 
504 Fulton St. 
663 Stephenson St. 
526 Stephenson St. 
217 Watt Ave. 
310 Fulton Ave. 
10721 Wabash Ave. 

l^uioCJ, ADAMS 

611 Jersey St. 
1814 Vine St. 
Box 57 
226 N. 2d St. 
708 Adams St. 
315 Kentucky St. 
426 Jersey St. 

446 Wells Bldg. 
2440 Vermont St. 

Care Union Business College 

520 Payson Ave. 

325 N. 14th St. 

15th and Spring St. 

1804 S. 6th Ave. 

516 Layson St. 

X. 2S 

ME, 7S, lOP 
J, 8S, UP 
DO. 3S, 15P 
DM, 4S, 12P 
DI. lOS, 22P. D 
CM, 22S. D 
DB, 2S, 14P 
EI, 4S 
T. US 

EN, 6S 
TR, lOS 
CM, 8S, IP 
HS, 6S 
CM, 5S, 4P 
A, 6S ■ 
AC, 23S, 34P 
BE, 2S 

HS. 9S, UP 
X. 2S 
BE, 2C 

HS, lOS, I7P, D 
LD, 4S, 13P 
AG. 5S 
UD, IS, 13P 
HS, 6S, 4P . 
HS, 4S 

ED, 4S. 26P. C 
ME, 15S, UP 
DL. 3S. I3P 
DL, 4S. lOP 
C, 4S, 18P 
HS, 7S 
ME. 5S, 12P 
DO. 3S, 22P 
C, 17S, 25P, D 
JR, 4S 

ED, 2S, 24P 

DK, 4S. 25P, C 

X. 2S 

E. 4S, UP 

X. 3S 

HS. lOS, 17P 

C. 9S 

AD. 3S. 18P 

A, 7S, 28P 

X, 3S 

A, I2S, 20P 

MO, 4S, D 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

DO, 3S. 14P 

MF, 12S. D 


Namt and Ytar 



acobus, A. B„ '96 

212 S. I2th St. 

ME, 2 IS. 25P 

ones, M. B.. '00 

131 N. 4th St. 

HL, 6S. 6P 

Celker, J.H.,'00 

827 S. 7th St. 

1, 12S 

Cierz, J A., "00 

1411 Oak St. 

AA, 2S 

Cupplemaier, F., '01 
.amkameyer, H., '02 

436 N. 11th St. 

ED, 13S, I4P 

623 Monroe St. 

AG, 7S. IP 

Laeton, A. D., '00 

2331'S. 4th St. 

LR, 7S 

Lee, F. B„ '95 s 

30th St. and Main Ave. 

J, 6S. IIP 


Melvan. E., '99 

608 S. 3d St. 

Nichols, F. B., '00 

401 Locust St. 

MD, IS. 22P 

Peters, A. J., '03 
Ruskamp, W. H., '01 
Scheier.W. H., '99 

1817 State St. 

DO, 3S, lOP 

1013 Ohio St. 

C, lOS, 23P 

1632 Kentucky St. 

C, 2S, 16P 

Slagheck, T., '00 

2203 Lind St. 

J, 4S. 4P 

Stigeman, F. A., '00 

638 Oak St. 

AD, 4S. 14P 

Sotne, R L., '99 

9 Cleverly Court 

ME, 5S, 17P 

Thompson, P., '01 
Voshake, H. C, '01 

1629 Vermont St. 

ED, 2S. 25P 

812 12th St. 

BD, 2S. UP 

Whyere, W., '99 
Williams, F. E., '^9 

218 State St. 

HS, 9S, 16P 

536 Elm St. 

Y. 6S. 22P 

Williams, R. G.. '98 

Care Power House 

HS, 4S 

Winking, G. H- '00 
Wolfe, H. H., '00 

621 Oak St. 

AD, 5S, IIP 

329 N. 14th St. 

MD. 4S. 25P, C 

Worthen. J. M.. '02 

433 N. 6th St. ' 

GA, 12S, 14P 

Cruikshank, Carrie, '98 

Randolph, mclban 

CC,3S . 

Cniikshank, F., '96 

Randolph, Box 66, uclban 

ME, IIS, 14P 

Jacobson, A. M.. '03 
Harman, E., '02 

-Ransom. Box 19. lasAllb 


Ravenwood, 452 Belle Plaine Ave., cook 

EX. I2S 

Gragg, P., '03 

Raymond, Montgomery 

Jones, M. D.. '02 
Sauer, A. J., '02 

Raymond, Box 43, montoomebv 

EF, 5S, lOP 

Raymond, Hontgombry 

HH, 20S, D 

Biglon, D. A., '99 

C, 108 

Gloss, A. H., '96 

Reynoldsville, union 

HS. 4S 

Osier. H. F.. '01 

Ridgefarm, vermilion 

ED. 4S, 26P, C 

Gray, G. B., '98 
Gaul, J. T., '95 

Ridgely, SANGAMON , 

Ridge Prairie, saint clair 

C, 9S, 25P 

G, 5S 

Miller, J., '97 

Ridgeville, Box 18, iROguoiS 

HS. 48, 15P 

Starke, A., '02 

Rivergrove, cook 

DK. IS, 18P 

Reanley, R., '9C 

Riverton, sancahon 

G. lOS 

Rodgers, R. B.. '02 

Riverton, sangamOn 

EN, 9S, 12P 

Brown. V. D., '03 

Roanoke, woodford 

AG, 68 

Gish, E., '03 

Roanoke, woodpord 

HH, 7S 

Ralston, Beryl, '03 
Olcott. R. W, '02 

Roanoke, woodpord 

BE, 2S 

Rochester, sangamon 

GC, 4S, IIP 

Davis, P. H.. '96 

Rock Falls, WHITBSIDB 

A, 6S.. IP 

Noble, E. C, '01 

Rock Falls, WHITBSIDB 

DK, 3S, 21 P 

Smith, E„ '98 

Rock Falls, P. 0. Box 328, WHITBSIDB 
Rockford, wiNNBBAco 

MD, 3S, 20P 

Adamson. S., '02 

nil 5th Ave. 

DO, IS, 12P 

Alexander. W. M,, '98 

433 2d St, 

C, 88 

Anderson. C. "98 

1614 2d Ave. 

LR, 7S 

Anderson. H., '99 

303 4th Ave, 

ME, 4S, 24P 

Anderson, 0. W., '98 

1520 Benton St. 

HS, 4S, lOP 

Anderson, P. A., '03 

Care Union Furniture Co. 

BE, 6S,D 

Barker, L, '02 

924 N. Court St. 

EN, lOS 

Boa, P. B., -03 

628 Furman St. 

AC, IS. 12P 

Browne. 0, A., '03 

1327 River St. 

NC,5S. 14P 

Bullis, F,. '98 

611 Peach St. 

C, 8S, 9P 

Carlson. E. S„ '99 

1810 7th St. 

MD. 38. IfiP 







Carlson, H., '99 

1239 3d Ave. 

CC. 4S 

Cowlw. C. '02 

328 N. 4th St. 

EP, lOS. 12P 

Dorr, W. L., '03 

908 S. Court St. 

DB, 2S, IIP 

Dow, H., 03 

328 N. 4th St. 

, GB, lOS. I3P 

Dural. O.. '02 

1209 7th Ave. 

DL, 4S, 12P 

England, H., '98 

1616 Charles St. 

HS, 5S 

Erickson, E. A., '94 

303 S- 4th St. 

HS. lOS, 15P, D 

Piakleiner, A. G,. '01 

609 Lincoln Ave. 

C. 2S, 22P 

Gustavson, G. E., '03 

1602 E. Stat« St. 

DO, 2S. 15P 

Harrington, O., '01 

1558 E. Sute St 

ME, 15S. 25P 

Hawka, M. W,, '00 

328 Rockton Ave. 

ME, 3S, 16P 

Hinkley, A. S., '01 
Hollent^ck, J. A.. *98 

1428 School St. 

A. 25S, 45P, D 

1271 Sanford St. 

A. 5S, 18P 

Hultberg, 0. C, 'BB 

1213 7th St. 

C. 3S, 12P 

Johnson, A. G., '02 

322 E. State St. 

BB, 2S 

Johnson, R. P., '99 

1109 3d Ave. 

AA, 4S 

Johnson, E., '03 

1514 7th Ave. 

DO, IS, 12P 

Johnson, Flosaie. '01 


X. 2S 

Kirby, W, M,, '97 

525 Rockton St. 

J. es, 7P 

HS, 8S. lOP 

Lawrence, A. C, '98 

1203 Parmelee St. 

Lawson, W. R., '01 

716 6th St. 

HS, 4S, 17P 

Long, Blanche M., '01 

920 Cunningham St. 

CT. 3S 

Moore. P. S., '02 

528 Ferman St. 

TO. 13S, 

Murphy, J. E., '02 

102 E. State St. 

ES. 7S 

Nelson. C. A., '02 

1130 Quarry St. 
317 Sth St. 

DO, 3S. 17P 

Nilson, 0. F., '98 

ME, I4S, 12P 

Nuttle, G- H., '03 

R. R. No. 2 

BA. 2S 

Olson, A., '02 

414 9th St. 

DL, 4S. I4P 

Olson, C, '99 

306 S. 5th St. 

C, 3S, 24P 

Overstedt, E.. '98 

829 1st Ave. 

. C, 2S, 13P 

Pagele, F.,.'00 

703 Rockton Ave. 

ME, IS, 24P 

Perry, 0. L.. '00 

329 S. Winnebago St. 

X, 6S 

Peterson, E„ '01 

1214 9th St. 

C, 3S. 25P 

Ryan, W. J., '03 
Sandeen, G. A.. "96 

222 Rockton Ave. 

. EP. 7S 

1518 7th St. 

HS, JOS. 15P, D 

Sandeen. G. A., '98 

1518 7th St. 

ME. 18S, 17P 

Schult*. F.. -00 

502 Wall St. 

C. 4S, 21 P 

Sinderson, I. B., '99 

208 S. Prospect St. 
429 S. Court St. 

ME, 9S, 16P 

Snodgrass, "G, N„ '02 
SpeaCe, C. R., '03 
Tengmjin, J,, '00 

BE, 2S ■ 

1330 Quarry St. 

TO, lis 

1533 7th St. 

D, 4S 

TuTTier, 0. R., '01 

315 Bluff St. 

UD. 4S. ICP 

Zanton, H., '01 

Box 87 

Rock IiUnd, ROCK island 

MD. 3S. 13P 

Blateaux, G. B.. '03 

1406 3d Ave. 

DO. 2S, I3P 

Boetje, Jr., P., ■09 
Davik, W. P., '00 

921 5th Ave. * 

CC. 2S 

Care L, P. Cralle 

XX, 3S 

Pitzgerald. Margaret, '01 

Care Court. House 

BE, 6S, D 

GiUett, H. B., '99 

908 2d Ave. 

0, US, 17P 

Granz, J., '99 

Rock Island Arsenal 

JB, 3S 

ME, 9S, 6P 

Hagedoni, W., '01 

3051 10th Ave. 

Hararaerich. B.. '01 

931 14} St. 

UD. 4S, 17P 

Haneke. P., '99 

3166 5th Ave. 

D, 4S 

Haneke. P., '97 

3156 5th Ave. 

J, 7S 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

Hasen. H. j., '01 

305 3d St, 

Harder. M. M., '03 

216 7th St. 

BE. 2S 

Hildebrandt. 0., '02 

537 39th St. 

DO, 4S, 29P 

Jensen, H., '03 
Liddera, A. L., '69 

803 21st St. 

EN, lis, 12P 

1401 9th Ave. 

ME, 12S, 27P 

Olson. M. J., '00 

Care Aug. Call. 
821 43dSt. 

EB, 3S 

Pedersen, C, '99 

J, 7S, 22P 


Pettit. Etta, A., '00 
Robinson, W. E., '02 
Russell. Jr.. J.. '97 
' Schroeder, W. N.. '03 
Seward, B, H,. '02 ' 
Simmon. F- E., '01 
Sonders, C. M., '01 
Stelk, E.. '00 
Stacker, G. R.. '00 
Tabey, C, '96 
Watts, P., '03 

Laughlin, J. C, '00 
Capen, C, A., '»8 
Yonkere. F, E., '01 
Geddes. W. E,, '01 
Herman, F,, '01 
Vogt, H., 03 
Culbert, J. C, '03 
Hackman, A., '03 
Pierce, W. L., '02 
Couden, E. P.. '02 
Baker, A. L.. '03 
Esslinger, H. G., '02 
Glossop, G R., '02 
Glossop. G, R., '00 
WiUiamson, R., '02 ' 
Young, H. A., '03 
Andrews, W. C„ "03 
Miller. Jr.. C. A, '98 
Roche, Elizabeth M.. 
Jones. H,. '02 
Hagston, J., '93 
Schroeder, A, A., '98 
Fcnwick, C. C, '02 
WiULams. S. D., '98 
Campbell. W., '92 
Mize, W., '00 
Bondkirk, W., '95 
Hinnis, A. A., '02 
Whitney, R., "02 
Ferguson. W., '99 
Allans, H. 0.. '02 
Haggart, W. E.. '01 
Lawrence. G., '01 
Morgan, F. H., '01 
Ridnour. F., '02 
Robert, F. G.. '01 
Smith. F.. '01 
Smith. L. E., -01 
Paul, Ollie, '98 
M^ee, C. E.. '03 
Seafs, J, H.. '97 
Dearth, S., "03 
Gerard, C, "01 
Sprague. F. A., '97 
Vantress, B. P., '03 
Christian. C, '02 
Inmaq, W., '02 
Inman, W., '00 

60fi 11th St. 

12th St. 

4215 5th Ave, 

532 30th St. 

1812 4th Ave. 

534 12th St. 

1228 4th Ave. 

13th Ave. and 25th St. 

1521 7th Ave. 

Rock Island Arsenal 

2407 8th Ave. 



Rogers Park, 4112 N. Ashland Ave., 
Roodhouse, Greene 
Roseland. 211 111th Place, cook 
Roseland. 406 Ulth Place, cook 
Roseland. 11020 State St., COOK 


Roundgrove. Box 79, whitesidb 

Rowell, DEW ITT 

Rushville, schuvlbr 
Rushville. Box 361, schuvler 
Rusln41Ie, Box 134, schuvlbr 
Rushville, Box 275, schuylbr 
Rushville, R. R. No. 1, schuylbr 
Saint Charles, Box 107, Kane 
Saint Charles, kanb 
'02 Saint Charles. Box 136, kanb 
Saint David, pulton 
Saint John, ferry 
Saint John, perry 
Saint Joseph, Box 164, champaign 

Sandoval, marion 
Sandoval, marion 
Sandwich, Box 124, dekalb 
Sandwich, dekalb 
Sandwich, Box 568, dekalb 
Savanna. Box 473, < 
Savanna, carroll 
Sat'Biina. Carroll 
Savanna, Bowen St., c 
Savanna, Box 591, carsoll 
Savanna, Box 2, carroll 
Savanna, carroll 

ScOttsburg, MCDONOUGH 

Scottsville, Box 171, :■ 

Sheffield, Box 128, bl 
Sheffield, bureau 
Sheffield, Box 243, 1 
Shelbyville. Box 698. shblbv 

Shelbyville, Box 269. E 

Shelbyville, Box 269, s 

AA, 6S. D 
AC, US, 14P 

MD, 33. I6P 
DO, 28, 28P 
UD. 4S, 19P 
EI, 4S 

ME. lOS, lOP 
A. 3S. 19P 
EB. 2S 
EW, 14S. 15P 

X, 2S 
C. 9S, 25P 
ML, 5S. 25P 
MD, 3S. lOP 
AD, 4S, 14P 
DL, 4S, IIP 
BE, 3S 
EP, lOS 
AC, 5S 
GA, 7S, 12P 
GA. 9S, 12P 
DH, 7S, 15P 

EA. 5S, 16P 
J. 78, 3P 

HD, as 

DO, 3S, 18P 

A, 16S. lOP 

LC, 9 Parts 

BE, 5S 

CM, 7S 

X, 4S 

AG, 6S, 12P 

X. 4S 

CM, 7S 

HS, 68, 7P 

HS, lOS, 15P 

AC, 5S 

EO, 4S 

CM, 20S, 14P. D 

DO, 3S. 22P 

LR, 4S 

LR, 3S 

LR, 48 

DM, 18. 16P 


AB, as, D 

HS, 88. D 

EB. 6S 
EN, 8S. IP 
I, 108, 9P 
lA, 4S 
LR, 12S D 

EB. as 

EG, 6S 

AC, 5S 

AC. 228. SOP 
£, 7S, igp 


Noma attd Yiar 

Knickerboche, G. C, *00 

Sheldon, Care Big Four Ry., Iroquois 

AA. 4S 

Davison, j^ '00 
Haddick,W. L.. '96 

Sherrard. mbrcbb 

J. 7S, D 
HS, 7S 

Sherrard, «aRCER 

Kay. J.. 96 
Wifiiams, W. H., '96 

Sherrard, ubrcbr 

G, 7S 

Sherrard. hbrccr 


Barker, N. D,. '97 

Shederville. HARDIN 

MP. 2S 

O'Neil. E. H., '02 

Shipman, m acoupin 

BB, 43 

Randle, J. E., '01 

Shipman, macoupim 

TG, 8S, D 

Rhoads, L- V..'02 

Shipman, Box 157, macoupin 

CB. 5S 

Smith, H. C, '99 

Shipman, Box 222, macoufih 

ME, 9S, IP 

Davis, G. A., '02 


AC, 4S, lOP 

Spry, R. M., *02 ■ 

Sidell, Box 66. vehmiuon 

HD, 28S 

Roberts, A. C. '99 

SolUtt, 204 Buell Ave., kakkakbb 

C. 4S, 13P 

Bishop, Leatha, '03 

Sorento, bond 

BB, 2S 

Thompson, J. W., '09 

Sorento, bono 

South Chicago, cook 

J. 4S 

Bishop, G., '99 

225 91at St. . 
6426 Stony Island Ave. 

LR, lOS 

Bonoer, C. W., '98 

HS, 9S. 17P 

Brocfcway, Minnie. '00 

9114 Ontario St. 

X, 2S 

Brunner, L., '99 

105 37th Ave., N. 

K, 7S. 13P 

Charaberlynn. M. R., '00 

7850 Bond Ave. 

BD, 4S, 14P 

Gerhardt. F., '02 

9632 Ave. M. 

EF, 12S 

Grant. W. A,. '98 

9119 S. Erie Ave. 

HS, 6S 

Hoos, E. B.. '02 

240 91st St. 

GC, 4S, 9P 

ngrahaiti. A. H., '98 

9226 Commercial Ave. 


acobs, J. N. '98 
ones, EUa f'. '02 

10210 Ewing Ave. 

9035-S. Chicago Ave. 

MN. 4S. D 

Cadeson, L., '02 

8919 Commercial Ave. 


Knappe. A., '99 
Kriedler. C. W., '00 

1002! EwingAve. 

ME. 12S, 8P 

423 83d St, 

UD, 3S, 20P 

Larsen. F., '02 

8736 Buffalo Ave. 

MF, 12S, D ■ 

Lippert, A., "92 

9237 Marquette Ave. 

EP. 7S. IP 

LiSdtke, R., -99 

8906 Superior Ave. 

HS, 5S, OP 

Nelson, C. F.. '02 

349 91st St. 

EP, 6S 

Perrine, Mable, '02 

9039 Ontario Ave. 

BA, 4S 

Soderbelk. A. R., '99 

9015 Houston Ave. 

J. 4S 

BA. lOS 

Wiechcrt, J., '02 

130 E, 91st St. 

Young, L. B., '01 

Commercial and Anthony Ave, 

R, 6S, 16P 

Easterday, V. E., '01 

South Danville, 16 S. Main St., VBRMiLIOh 

r A, IS, 12P 

Hembrey. C„ '98 

South Danville, 112 S. Main St., vbrmilion G, 4S 

Panton, P., '00 
French. C, '02 

South Elgin, kanb 

E, 12S, 25P 

South Englewood, 8616 S. Morgan St., 

E?, lOS 

Limdell, A. W., '00 

South Evanston. 93 Main SL, Box 401. 


HS, 8S. 2P, D 

TOstra, A. R., '98 

South Holland, cobK 

C. 9S, UP 

Williams, T. G., '01 

South Wilmington, Crundv 


HS, 4S 

BeU, H. C, '00 

G. 4S 

Dobbins, C, '01 


Duggan. J., '01 

E^, n! p.. 'Ot 

FP, 12 Parts 

FF, 27 Parts 

East. O. N.. '02 

LA, 9 Parts 

Fitigerald, M. W.. '01 
ForJ, W., '90 

LR. 14S. D 

HS. 93. 14P. D 

Gerlach, G. P., '01 

G. 3S 

Hansom. L. C.,'95 

MD, 3S. 18P 

Hmm. T .'01 

Box 9 

NF. lOS 


KatiH and Ytar 

Kdly, H. S., '02 
McConachie, D. C. "01 
McHenry, N. A.. '00 
Southworth. A. P.. '00 
Sproal, C. E., '98 
WiUon, W. A., '00 
Wingham. W. G.. '01 

Chambers, W.. 96 

Chapman. E.. '99 

Clarte. A. H.. '01 
Dacy, W., '98 
DaviH, J. L-, '02 
Davison, J. W., '03 
Dold, J., '03 
Dunn. W. W., '00 
Eisele. H,. '01 
Foss. E. L.. '03 
Gehlman, L. W„ '91 
GiUespie. J. H., '98 
Gomes, J. W.,'99 
Gregory, E, H„ '98 
Handshy, Mae, '02 
Harrell, G. D.. '03 
Hay, W. R.. '03 
Heihn, L. O.. '00 
Heintzc, W.. '02 
Henry, W. I.. '01 
Hood, J, H., '01 
Kenney, T., '98 
■Kirchgensner, F., '0 
Klein. C. A., '98 
Lister. F. G.. '00 
Markel. O. A., '03 
Mills. A. R., '02 - 
Mills. E., '02 
Murphy, Mary, '00 
Olden, Mary E.. '01 
Perkins, S., '02 
Pickel, A. L.. '00 
Radford. J., '93 
Raps. H„ '02 
Raps, P. G . '02 
Rata. C W., '01 
Rice, E., '03 
Robinson, H. S., 'OJ 
Rockway, G. H, 
Schuttc, J. F,. 'Ol 
Scott. J. E., '03 
Skelly. C. B.. '02 
Stewart, D., '97 
Sylvester. G-, '01 
Taylor, A. D„ '02 
Taylor, A. D., '97 
Wenncborg, O.. '9 
WiUs. F. S.. '03 


404 W. Broadway 

Box 323 

Box 220 

Box 342 

Box 79 

Box 385 

Spaulding, Box 36. sancauon 
Springfleld, SANGAMON 

1029 N. 2d St. 
413 W. Adams St. 
818 N, 7th St. 
1027 S. 14th St. 
322 S. State St. 
General Delivery 

1009 S. 8th St. 
R. R. No. 4 
916 Governor St. 
1307 S. 9th St. 
421 S. 9th St., Clark House 
231 E, Jackson St, 
312 N. 1st St. 
1064 N. 5th St, 

1175 Reservoir St., Care R. Wilson 
431 W. Washington St. 
504 W. Canedy St. 
821 S. 2d St. 
llli N, 6th St. 
1115 S. 14th St. 
1101 S. 14th St. 
40 W. Milkr St. 
1614 E. Washington St. 
412 W. Miller St. 
1404 E. Edward St. 
308 S. Douglas Ave. 
1101 N. 4th St. 
1617 S. 8th St. 
■ 1012 N. 8th St. 
1610 N. 4th St. 
622 Lawrence Ave. 
505iE. Madison St. 
130 W. Carpenter St. 
1111 N. Patton Ave. 
221 W. Capitol Ave. 
221 W. Capitol Ave. 
1610 S. ISthSt. 
R. R. No. 10 
Leiand Hotel 
1324 E. Washington St. 
1128 W. Cork St. 
508 W. Jffferson St, 
1624 E. Clock St. 
1142 S. Spring St. 
1324 E. Washington St. 
3201 S. 5th St. 
320J S. 5th St. 
605 Calhoun St. 
705 E. Mason St, 

AG, 6S 
LR, 128 
J, 4S, 12P 
MD, 3S, 14P 

CM, es 

G, OS 

CM, 22S. lOP 

DK, 3S, 18P 

CC, 3S 

D. 5S 

G, 7S 

DO, 6S, 37P, C 

DO, IS, 24P 

HH, 16S 

ME, 9S, IP 

CSF, 6S 

TO, lis 

A, 4S 

C, I7S, 2SP 

AD, 4S, 16P 

ij,-6S, 6P 

BA, 3S 

AC, 17S, 8P 

HE, 36S, 12P 

A, 4S, 4P 

MF. 6S 

CSF, 12S, D 

A, 20S, 14P 

G. 3S 

X, 3S 

Y. 6S, 22P 

C, 6S, 26P 

DO, 3S, 12P 

MF. 6S 

DL, 3S, 13P 

CC, 9S 

BD, 2S, 7P 

MF. 6S 

X, 2S 

CM. 9S 

DO. 3S, 22P 

DH, 2S, 34P, D 

AG, 4S, 15P 
HE, IIS. 3P 
' ED, 2S. 22P 
A, I2S, ISP 
AC, 5S. 5P 
EN, US, D 
P. 14S, 17P, D 
DH, IS, 22P 
LB, 12 Part« 
MP, 6S. D 
CM, 7S 
HE. 208 

;d by Go Ogle 

Nami and Ytar 




WUson, I. M., -95 

719 E. Capitol Ave. 
1926 S. 6^ St. 

MP, 4S 

Wilson, t. M.. -02 

NP, 4S 

Winter. B., '01 

1018 S. 16th St. , 

X, 2S 

Winthrow. P. C. '03 

819 S. Stb St. 

SprlngvaUey, bukeah 

C. 4S, 21P 

Billard, G. R., '02 

AG, 4S 

Condie. H., 'M 

CM. 7S 

Cryer. J. T.,'92 

Box 286 

F. 14S 

Extrom, C, '01 

Box 162 

AB. 5S. D 

Flood. J., '02 

NF, 8S 

Lambert. G. W„ '96 

Box 281 

HS, 5S. 3P 

O'Connor. J., '98 

G, 4S 

O'Rourke, J., '02 

Box 131 

RD, lis, D 

Pickett. R.. '92 

Box 158 

CM. 22S, D 

Redshan, W.. '01 

G. 8S 

Smethurst, N.. '92 

CM, 7S 

Thomas. I. G„ '01 
Thomas. W. J., '01 
White. 0.. '97 

Box 52 

SM. 4S. 2P 

G, flS 

Box 326 

F. 6S 

Wielgot. J, '03 

* Towns T 

EH. 7S 

Garbougb, E. V.. '99 
Allen. F- '99 

Stanford. Church St., MthtAS 

CC. 6S 

Staunton, macoupin 

G, 8S 

Ficker, A. W., '02 

Stavinton, Box 350, macoupin 

NB. IIS, 9P 

Grabruck. E. F„ '00 

Staunton, MA CO u PI M 

G, lOS, D 

Grabruck. R. H., '93 

- Staunton, macoufin 

CM, 5S 

Harding, T. P., '00 
Meyer. B., '03 

Staunton, Box 271. ifACOUPiM 

G, 9S 

Staunton, Macoupin 

NF, 4S 

Pucher, P. P., '92 

Staunton, uacoupin 

M, US. 2P 

Zimmer, P., '04 

Steeleville, Randolph 

EN, lis 

Zimmer. P., '00 

SteeleviUe, Randolph 


HS, 8S 

Burleigh, J. W.. '09 

107 4th Ave. 

MD, 4S, 25P. C 

Cfundetine, J., '02 

722 WaUace St. 

DO. 6S, 37P. C 

Chalmers, J. A., '01 
Harrison, C. G.. '00 

509 8th Ave. 

LS, IS, 13P 

411 Locust St. 

A, 5S, 5P 

Hubbard, A. G.. '98 

202 4th Ave. 

SM, 7S, ISP 

Huck, C. H-. '00 

308 E. 3d St. 

C, 6S. 15P 

Liogham. J., '99 

4th Ave. 

A, 20S, 27P 

Massey, R. J„ '03 

106 7th St. 

CA, 6S 

Ridge. N. B., '00 

A, 4S 

Schwartz. F. C, '01 

208 Wallace St. 

HS, 6S 

Smith, W. H., '02 

522 N. 3d St. 

MN. 3S 

Thomas, H. G-, '00 

1509 E. 3d St. 

ME. lOS 

Thompson, L. E., "97 

403 8th Ave. 

Streator, lasallb 

C. 2S. 15? 

Aitkeo, J., '91 

611 E. MorreU St. 

CM, 7& 

Arnold, C. E., "03 

1210 S. Bloomington St. 

EP, 7S 

Befird, 0. C. '93 

1 106 Bloomington St. 

M, 14S 

Bursom. L. G., "96 

600 Tyler St. 

HL. 7S, 14P 

Dierking, H., '00 
Dunn. J., -96 

806 Van Buren St. 

AD, uS, OP 

Box 208 

ME, 8S 

English, T., '94 

n06 E. Bridge St, 

F, 9S, IP 

Forsyth. J. G.. '96 

710 E. Elm St. 

ML. 12S, IP 

Graves. L. h.. '94 

Cor. Hickory and Wasson St 

C, 8S. 6P 

Griffiths, W. J., '00 
Hardgrove. P. S.. '03 

801 N.. Wasson St. 

CC, 2S 

1303 N. Wasson St. 

EO, 2S 

Huggww, J. A.. '96 

422 E. Main St. 

HS, 8S 


Nam* and Ytar 



Jones, J. H,. '96 

306 Summer St. 

G. 3S 

Jordan, R., '04 

F. 7S 

ICucriet, J. C, -02 

General Delivery 

AD, IS, lOP 

Meninger, P., '02 

Box 314 


Notman, G.. '98 

807 Cable St, 


Patrh. A. L., '01 

Boit 134 

C. 7S, 25P 

Paul, G. J.. '98 
Pauley. H. J.. '99 

Box 356 

J. 7S- 
BM, 6S. 9P 

308 E. Main St. 

Rolf, G. '95 

208 7th St. 

A, 6S, 4P 

Sheets, J., '02 

1314 N.Park St. 

DO. 3S, 24P 

Shuhan, J. E. W., '01 

910 N. Bloomington St. 

HS, 6S 

516 Lundy St. 

HA, 4S 

Smith, J.. '92 
Stout. M- N,. '03 

806 Cable St. 

CM, 22S, D 

3U W. Budge St. 

GC, 5S, 6P 

Walp. Jr.. W.. '02 

307 Boys St. 

108 E. Lundy St. 

GC, 7S, 13P 

Welsh, D., '98 

CC, 2S 


Antonie, A. D,. '03 

Sublette, lkb" 

EW, 9S, 7P 

Kirk, J. L.. -00 

Sullivan, moultrib 

TP, 8S 

Sabin. J. D, '03 

Hall, Edna M-, '03 

- Sullivan, S. Main St.. moutlrie 

BB. 2S 

Summerhill. pike 

BB. 3S 

Bailey, J., '92 

Sunfield. perry 

CM, 7S 

Peterson, W., '99 

Surrey. WAitRGN 

HL, 4S. 16P 

Ball, H., '03 

Swancreek, warren 

HI, 13S 

Braselton, G., '03 

Swancreek, warren 

HJ, lOS 
ME. 12S, 21 P 

Allen. F. P.. '01 

Alker, A., '05 

Sweetwater, uenard 

A, lOS, 12P 

Ncbring, P.. '02 

Sycamore, Box 492. dekalb 

BE. 6S, D 

ZoU. F. L,. '02 

Table Grove, pulton 

HE, lOS. 3P 

Brigham, W. D., '92 
GalLraith, G., '95 

Tamaroa, perbv 

CM, 22S. D 

Tamaroa, perry 

G, lOS 

Melvin. E., '02 

Tamaroa, perry 

HH, 14S 

Miller, J. C. '03 

Tamaroa, R. F. D. No. 1, pbrrv 

HH. 13S 

Ainsworth, D., '93 

Taylorville, Bartholomew 

CM, 5S 

Auabumj 1. A., '99 
Crichton, L,, '00 

Taylorville, Box 517, Bartholomew 

MD, 3S. 14P 

Taylori-ille. bartholombw 

G. 3S 

DeMotte, C, '98 

Taylorville, Bartholomew 

A, 5S, 9P 

Hord. A„ '99 

Taylorville. bartholombw 

HS, 4S 

Taylor\'ille. 502 S. Washington St.. Box 27 

AD. 5S. lOP 

Rape. A. T,. '02 

Taylorville, 800 E. Park St., bartholombw AG, IS. ISP 

Simpson. C. C, '01 

Taylorville, 807 E. Elm St.. Bartholomew 

X, 2S 

Tarran, I. E., '03 
Webb, G.. '02 

Taylorville, 802 E. Poplar St.. bartholomb 

vHH, lOS 

Tennessee, macdonouoh 

EP, 9S 

Knetch, R., '98 

Terra Cotta. mchenkv 

W. 8S 

Shear, T. Y., '97 


HL, 6S, 2P 

Ehivegen. E- '99 

Tyhaer, nbwton 

P. 14S 

Connor, C, '01 

Tilden. Box 58. Randolph 

F, 9S. 14P 

Dufour, C. I., '01 


HS, 6S, IP 

McClinton, E. L., '01 


A, 5S 

Albrecht, E. U., '03 

Tiskilwa, bureau 

HE. lOS, IP 

Fogleman, W., '03 

Toledo Elec. Light Plant, cumbbrland 
Toledo, 223 E. Main St., Cumberland 

EP, 9S 

Rhoads. L. H.. '02 

EN, 7S 

Routson. F. J., '98 
Aitken, Jr.. W.. '02 
Gooley, D,. '02 

Toledo. 501 S. Busy Ave., Cumberland 

T, lOS. 8P 


BA, 5S 


BA, 4S 

Rice, H. W., '00 

Toulon. Box 231, stark 

HL, 6S, 8P 

Young, W. F.. '94 

Toulon, STARE 

AD, 3S, 13P 

Gross. I, 0.. '01 
Dean. L,. '97 

Tower Hill, shelby 

E, 9S 

Tremont, cook 

U, 2S, lOP 

Rassler, J.. '99 

Trenton, Box 155, clikton 

HR, 3S, IIP 


NoHu and War 

Clemem, C. E., '99 
Moflatt, J., '99 
Oberding, F. J.: '00 
Rasch. A. P.. '99 
Schoene, Lena M., '99 
Simpson, W,, '00 
Thorand, I., '92 
WUUrd, C. S., '99 
Archibald, D., '92 - 
Bohland. W, P., '02 
Hamilton, J. W., '02 
Edwards, F. L., '00 
More, W. R., '99 
Courtney, W. R., '03 
Garland, R., '03 
Hulteen. V , '01 
Kurd, O. R., '01 
I^wis, W. P., '01 
Little, H. O., '03 
Logan, W. M,, '01 
Wickersham, W. H., '00 
Dana. Martha W., '01 
Hohnke, L. C, '02 
Prentice, E, H., '01 
Gibson, F. H„ '03 

Piggott. W. S , 'OS 
Brown, W. H., '0( 
Wright. S., '02 
Dilworth, E., '96 
Ellison, H., '02 
Holmberg. F, O ' 
Royal, E., '01 
Tingley, P. J.. '02 
Van Autwefp, E. : 
Prindle. S."b., '?!•:> 
Andrews, N. R 
Bradley, F.; '03 
Brennan. J., '96 
Clark, T. R„ '98 
Hill, C. R., '99 
Gtmimett, O. R., '0; 
Shumaker, C. C, '9i 
Anghouse, P-, '00 
Jones, A., '03 
Alverin, W., '99 
Ely, Minnie B., '01 
Hogg, P. W., '99 
Armstrong, S., '02 
Garretson, Maud, '0 
Jotter. Ida E., '03 
Miller, E. V., '02 
Smith, C. G., '02 
Van Bergen, P., '02 


Trenton, CLrNTON 
Trenton, clinton 
Trenton, clinton 
Trenton, Box 122, clinton 
Trenton, clinton 
Trenton, Box 94, clinton 
Trenton, clinton 
Trenton, clinton 
Troy, PERRY 
Tray, pbrry 
Tuscola, Box 32, douclab 



Urbana, 816 W. Clark St„ w^bahh 
Urbana, R. R. Y. M. C. A., wabash 
Urbana, 905 W. Illinois St., wabash 
Urbana, General Delivery, wabaeh 
Urbana, 106 N. Short St., wabasr 
Urbana, 115 Main St., wabash 
Urbana, 1015 W. Illinois St., wabash 
Urbana. 503 W. Green St., wabash 

Utica, CLARK 

■ Utica, Box 378. clark 

Utica, CLARK 

upper Alton, Broadway and College Ave., 

Upper Alton, Manning St., madison 
Vandalia, 607 Edward St., fatettb 
Vermilion R. R, No. 31, ftDGAR 
Vermont, Box L, fulton 
Vermont, pl'lton 
Vermont, pulton 
Vermont, fulton 
Vermont, Box i99, pulton 
I Vermont, R. P. D. No. 2 
Villa Ridge, Box 98, pulaski 
Virdeo, uacoupin 
Virden, macoupin 
Virden, macoupin 
Virden, Box 363, macoupin 
Virden, Box 623, macoupin 
Virden, macoupin " 
Virden, Box 408, macoupin 
Wagners Landing, Jackson 
WalshviUe, montcomert 
Wanlock, ubrcbr 
Wapella, dewitt 
Warren, jo daviess 
Warsaw, Hancock 
Warsaw, Hancock 
Warsaw, Hancock 
Wasco, KAN a 
Washington, tazewell 
Washington Heights, 10643 LaSaHe St., 

CM, 5S 
J, 4S 
G, 3S 

HS, 4S, 8P 
AA, 3S 

AA, 4S 
CM, 6S 
G, 4S 
CM, 13S 
BE.- 6S, D 
GC, 4S, 7P 
D, 4S 

R, 2S. 15P 
BE, 2S 

AC, 4S, 15? 
ME, IIS, 25P 
ED, 3S, I7P 

AB, 5S 

DB, 2S, 12P ' 
CC, lOS 
DA, 2S, 15P 

AD, 21S, 3P 
HD, 98, 3P 

DO, 3S, 24P 
ES, 7S 
A. 5S, 2P 
BA, 3S 
HS, 8S 
HE, lis 
DL, 33. 13P 
HS, 7S 
EA. 9S, 2P 
.BE, 2S 
DO, 3S, 24P 
I. ITS, 24P 

Ep, US 

CM, 108 

HS, lOS, 15P, D 

ME, 6S, I4P 

BA, 2S 
ME, 9S, 9P 
X, 4S 

EP. 7S 
G. lOS, D 
AA, 3S 
MM, 9S. 2P 
HE, 21S, 13P 

BB, 2S 
BA, 2S 
AG, 4S 
AG, 4S, 3P 

Volberding, A. D.. '01 Watseka, 514 E. Oak St., 

Askogsbe^, M.. '02 
Baessler, "f. C, '97 
Bloodgood. A. C, '98 
Bryant, G. H.. '01 

Wankegan, lake 

Care Amer. Steel 8c Wire Co. 
BeK-idere St., Morron Flat 
433 West St. 
310 Beardsley Place 

A, 7S, 12P 
A, 8S, 9P 
HS, 6S 





Af™# and Y«if 



Cattle. 0, T.. '99 

129 Hickory St. 

HS, 8S, IP 

Divine, Mre. Laura, '01 

795 Sheridan Road 

AA. 3S 

Hansom, N., '98 

314 South Ave. 

MD. 3S, 17P 

Ingraham, F,, '02 

490 Sheridan St. 

EQ, 5S 

Kirchner, E., '01 

449 Liberty St. 

J. 4S, 4P 

St. Peter, A., '97 

AD, IS, 16P 

Szymanowski, J. K., *02 
Wheeler. H., '02 

606 Water St. 

DL. 28. 15P 

104 Lincoln Ave. 

HE, 9S. 5P 

Worsfoid, I. A., '96 

149 Park Ave. 


A, 49S, 34P 

Long, L„ -02 

Webster, hancock 

IC. 33 

Faare. Mabel P., '03 

Wenona, Box 2999, uarshjUi. 

BA, 3S 

Geib, J. W., '99 

Wenona, Marshall 

L, 48 

Hoee. C„ '03 
Medill, D., '91 

Wenona. marshal!. 

EP. 12S 

Wenona, Marshall 

CM, 6S 

Morris. J. H., '94 

CM, 228 

Webber,H., '02 

BA, 8S 

Foxen. J., '99 
Goets, t. A„ '01 

West Chicago, dupaoe 

LR, 3S 

West Chicago, Depot St., dupags 

P. 48 

Hasford, W. P., '00 

West Chicago, 25 Arbor Ave., dupaoh 

E. 14S, 15P 

DeForest, A. C. '97 

Western Springs, cook 

EB, 2S 

Fowler. A. S„ '01 

Western Springs, Boi 151, cook 
West Pullnwui, cook 

LR, 98 

Bosch, J.. '03 
Bosch, J., '01 

409 W. 109th St. 

AC, 15S, 25P 

409 W. 109th St. 

BC, IIS, ^IP, 

Bristol, C. C. -02 

11703 Dearborn St. 

DL, 3S. 13P 

Eckhardt. W. W„ '02 

413 W. 1115th St. 

EN, 5S 

Hanneman, C. '01 

314 109th Place 

HS. 68 

Lloyd. A. H., '03 

12046 BuUer St. 

CG. 48 

Loggers, J. R. W,. '02 
Matson, J. W., '02 

216 W. UlthSt. 

GA. 6S, 22P 

11429 Harvard Ave. 

BE, 28 

MattkiJE. P., '00 

233 11 1th Place 

C, lOS. 25P 

Peterson, M. P., '02 

11933 Princeton Ave. 


Schroeder, B., '00 

149 W. lllth Place 

ED. 48, 25P 

Schroeder, 1., '00 
Smith, R. A., '02 

149 W. lllth Place 

C, US. 25P 

DL, IS, 13P 

Tufts, E., '01 

1176 Lpwe Ave. 

C.5S, 23P 

Weber, J, E-. '(H ' 
Weber, W., '03 

1557 120th St. 

J. 7S, 4P 
£N. 78 

757 117th Place 

Weber, W. H., '03 

11922 Eggleston Ave. 

EP, 88 

Clodfcltcr. Bertha, '01 

West Salem, Edwards 

AA, 2S 

Boyer. J., '99 

Weatville, vermilion 

G. lOS 

Broekhousc, S., '92 

Westville, vermilion 

CM, 228. D 

Westville. Box 84, vermilion 

I, 17S, 22P. D 

Cruckshanks, R., '00 

Westville, Box 340, vermilion 

ME, 48, lOP - 

Fee, A. S., '02 

Westville, vermilion 

NB, 58. 8P 

Tones, J.. '98 
Kanal, E., '93 

Westville, Box 406, vbbmilion 

HS, 7S, 17P 

WestviUe, Box 104, vermilion 

F. 68, 3P 

Smith, G, W., '95 

Westville, Box 180. vermilion 

HS. 108, 15P, 

Smith, G. W., '00 

Westville. Box 180, vbrmilion 

ME. 22S, 27P 

Erlmeier. J.. '94 

Wheaton, 323 Illinois St., dupaoe 

A, 148, 28P 

Garbe. B. 0., '01 

Wheaton, dupaoe 

LS, IS. 14P 
HS, 6S, IIP 

Holstcin, E., '01 

Wheaton. 213 N. R, R. Sta., dupaqb 

Ott, Nora, '00 

Wheaton, 113 Railroad St., dupaoe 

AD, 58, 6P 

Sauer, J., '03 

Wheaton, 326 Illinois St., dupagb 

EP, 6S 

Walter, P. A., '02 

Wheaton, 417 Howard St„ DUPAOB 

PA. 78. 4P 

Case, M. M., '00 

T. 8S, 17P 

Eadie, J., '00 

Williamsville, sanoamon 

CM,-9S, 13P 


Jenldns, R. B., '01 
Bogart, C. V., "95 
CrornwcU, H., '00 
Hodgldiisan, G., '00 
Matzen, P. G.. '97 
Potter, P., '98 
Best, J, '02 
Maasfield. W. M., '0 
Uoglant. J. A., '98 
Neider, A. P., '95 
Eicholtz, F., "01 
Nelson, P. A., '03 
Wirth, H.. '02 
Gales, F. G., '02 
Uason, C. '98 
Mclwan, W. B., '03 
Scofield, P. J,, '02 

Brison, L, '98 
Frederick, C. H., '00 
Frederick. C. H.,- '01 
Hetrick, G.. '00 
Mann, P., '02 
Musser. C, '01 


Wilmette, cook 
Wilmington, Box 333, will 
Wilmington. Bojc 24, will 
Winchester, Box 234. scott 
Windsor, Box 38, bhelbv 
Windsor, Box 41, SHELBY 
Witt, 1 

. W., 


Woodhtill, 526 Stokes St.. 
Woodson, 1 
Woodstock, 1 
Woosung, oo 
Wyanet, bub 
Wyoming, sTii 
YorkviUe, Bo! 
YorkviUe, i 
Yorkville, kbndall 

YorkviUe. KENDALL 

3010 Enochen St. 

Box Oil 

3019 Elisha Ave. 




E, 14S, 


X, 3S 










A, 33S, 

34P, D 

T. 5S. 13P 






J. 5S, IP 
C. 2S. 17P 















A, 17S. 




E. lOS, 


A. US. 

























Coyle. P., '99 

Ainsworth. Box 3, LAEB 

HS, 8S. lOP 

Albion. Box 434. noble 

HS, 4S, IP 

IngnJiam, C. L., '02 

Albion, Box 434, noblb 

EN. 5S 

KimmeU, S. 0.. '03 

Albion, Bos 208. noblb 

AG. 5S 

Talbert. D.,'03 

Albion, NOBLE 

BE, 2S 

Varis. Maud, '01 

Albion, KOBLB 

Alexandria, haoibon 

PD, 2S, 15P 

Albright. D. K., '01 

am N.. Canal St 

A. 3S, 12P 

Humphrey, J. S.. '95 

202 S. Canal St. 

B. 7S, IIP 

Little. P. G.. '02 

208 E- Broadway 

EP, 9S, ep 

McEwen. H. N., '99 

113 8. Curve St. 

HR, lOS, IP 

Montgomery. W. C, '01 

209 Garfield St. 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Myere. S.. 'Oo' 

710 N. Harrison St. 

LE. 4S 

1 13 W. Monroe St, 

JR, 4S ■ 
SM. 5S, 13P 

Pa^on. G. E., '01 

Smith. 1. E,. '02 
Ulraer. W. P., '02 

702 W. Jefferson St. 
507 N. Harrison St. 

HH, 7S 

BA, 2S 


Kerr. W. R., '02 

Algiers, PiKB 

BE, 2S 

Wright, C. J., '01 

Amo. Box 15, HSNDkicKS 
Anderson, madison 

SM, 5S, 12P 

Ball. C. P.. '01 

A, 8S, lOP 

Bartow, H. A.. '02 
Brown. T. D., '98 

125 W. 6th St. 

EW. 6S, 23P 

1131 Madison 'Ave. 

HS, 8S, ■ep 

Butler, C. K^ '02 
Por«i. Jr., W. H., '02 

1016 W. 4th St. 

- EW, 3S, 13P 

1910 Peart St. 

BE, 5S 

Fraley. C, '02 

228 E. gth St. 

HH, 5S 

Goldsmith, H. M.. '02 

Care Hotel Anderson 

BE. 2S 

Hall. 0., '94 

231 N. Jackson St. 

C, lOS. 25P 

Hart. Josephine, '02 
Jarvis, C, %) 

2208 Flecher St. 

BA, 3S 

177 Indiana Ave. 

CC, 2S 

lankins. L., '95 

720 W. 14th St. 

C, 16S. 25P 

iCelly. C. '01 

820 Jackson St. 
734 W. 14th St. 

CS, 5S 

King, B. P., '03 

MK, 6S 

King, W.. '00 

Care Central Ind. Ry. 

SM. 5S, 8P 

Lininger, H. C, '99 

now. Highland St. 

MD, 4S, 25P. C 

Maxwell, F. E.. '02 

347 W. 3d St. 

AC, 4S, 14P 

Neff, S. C, '02 

409 Ruddcll Ave. 

HE, 9S 

SheUey. K. W., '00 

315 W. 5th St. 

CD, 2S, IIP 

Sarratt. M.. '0& 

441 Meridian Ave. W. 

EO. 8S, D 

Woodhull, L. S.. '02 

Box 82 


MA, 6S, 37P 

Badger. R. M., '02 

Andrew, huntington 

EQ, 6S 
HP, 13S 

Green. B, S., '02 

Angola, STEUBEN 

PilUrd, P. L.. -03" 

Angola, STEUBEN 

EP, 7S 

Guy, P.. '00 

Arcadia, Hamilton 


King. J. P., -99 
Rolfe. H. L.. '02 

Arcadia, Box 33, HAMILTON 

A. 7S, lOP 


Ashley, Box 200, steuben 

EQ, 8S, D 

HarHhmaa, H. D.. '03 

RL, 3S 

Kaadt. B.. '02 

Ashley, stbubbn 

RD, 3S 

Speare, W. G.. '94 

Atherton. vigo 

CM, 8S- 


Nam and Vror 

Murphy, P., '99 
Hulf N. D.. '02 

AUanta, Box 14, logan 

J. 8S, 4P 
DO, 4S. 25P 

Attica, Monroe St., rouNTAm 

Hunt, W.X'02 

Attica, POOH TAIN 

EP, lis 

Newiin, J. R.. '02 


CA, 4S 

M^uere, E. L., '01 

Attica, 401 E. Monroe St., fountain 

LS, IS. 14P 

Russell, P., '01 


Auburn, dbkalb 

ED. 3S. 25P 

Saughman, F., '02 

MK, 3S 

Ensley, E. P., '02 

EA. 8S 

Fanning. A. F.. '03 

Box 81 

DO, 3S, lOP 

Hoodelmier, F. L., '02. 

R. F, D. No. 1 

EO, 4S 

Hook, C, '02 

■Box 277 

DO, 2S. 13P 

Husselman, R,, '03 

Box 761' 

DO, 5S, 34P 

Klopfenstein, H„ '03 

Box 631 • 

EF, 7S, IIP 

MiUer, M. S,, '03 

DL, 3S, 12P 

Prickett, C. A,. '02 

Box 620 

El, 8S, 14P, D 

Richards, J. B., '00 

Box 812 


Shertk, C. C, '03 

Thomas, J. H., -01 
Welch, Nfae, '02 v 

CC, 2S 

IC, 2S 

Wolfe, J. H., '03 


HE, lis 

Cosly, Miss Ainna, '01 
Powler. Bessie L., '01 

Aurora, dearborn 

CC, 2S 

Aurora. 106 George St., dbahborn 


Sandera, C, S., '02 

Aurora, 124 Market St.. dearborn 

MW. 5S, 20P 

Taylor, E. H., '03 

Aurora, dbarbokn 

EW, 3S, 17P 

Trester. C. C. '02 

Aurora, R. R. No. 1, DEARBORN 

HE, lOS 

Grossweege, J., '02 
Haines, f., '03 

A villa, NOBLE 

EP, as 

Al-illB, NOBLE 

BA, 4S 

Meyer, v., '02 

Avilla, Box 66, noblb 

DO, 28. 23P 

Yarian, M. M., '02 

Avilla, Route No. 2, moble 

■GC. 6S. 9P 

Pierce, U.. '01 


X. 2S 

Short, P. '01 


X. 2S 

Johnson, O. G., '02 
Foerster, W., 'OJ 

Barbers Mills, wells 

HI. 9S 
BD, 3S, 13P 

BatesviUe, Box 354, ripley 

Bedford, LAWRENCE 

DeVine, S., '00 

Q St.. bet. 7th and 8th St, 

HS, 6S. 3P 

Embree, J.. '00 

14th and K St., Box 811 

LR. 7S 

Gibereon, Harriet, '03 

1U6 Lincoln St. 

DA, 2S. UP 

Hess. J.. '00 

715 St. 

ED, 2S. 17P 

Highea, H., '02 

609 E. 15th St. 

MF. 6S 

Hunter, W. F-. '93 

Box 87 

C. 8S, lOP 

McCarrell, E., '01 

918 16th St. 

CC, 2S 

Owens, H. E.. '95 

HS, 7S 

Owens, T. J., '02 
Patton, I. D., '01 
Patton, J. D., '03 

mow. 17th St. 

HI. IDS, 8P 
AD, 8S, 28P 

1128 W. 14th St. 

AC, 24S, 28P 

Perrine, L. L., '98 

1407 W. l7thSt. 

ME, 58, lOP 

Schmidt, Carrie. '02 

1528 16th St. 


BB. 6S. D 

Bixler. N. A., '01 

Berne, a dams 

E. 16S 

Liechty. M. S., '01 

Berne, Box 64, adams 

ED, 3S, 12P 

CUrk. P. P., 'o: 

Bicknell. KNOX 

HT, 5S 

Clark, P. P., '03 

Bicknell, knox 

HE, 9S 

Purcell, M., '03 

Bicknell, knox 

BE, 2S 

Brightmier, A. C. '01 


J, 4S, lOP 
MW, 6S, 21P 

Banta, O., '03 

Brown. H. M., '03 

Bloomingdale, parks 

HE. 20S 


Namt and Ytor 

Ballenbachcr, C, '01 
Clarck, G.. '01 
Dush, W. j., '01 
Shoemacker, J. F., '01 
Spriegs, H. K., '00 
Whitson, I. H., '96 
Oxley, L. W., '02 
Swearinger, L., '02 
Reynolds, H., '00 
Schneider, I., '01 
Stinson, I. H., '02 
Thorp. C„ "02 
Weire. F. H.. '02 
Bates, U., '03 
McCoy, H. M.. '02 
Schultz, L., '97 
Stock, Jr., L., '97 ' 
Dinkledein, L-, '01 
Johnson, H., '97 

Brawn, P., '03 
Fisher, R.. '95 
Hall, E, '00 
Hill. H. E. N.. '01 
James, D., '01 
MacDonald. J.. '99 
McMillan, H. J., '98 
Molfe, L. A., '00 
Poe, W., 03 
Prulhiere, H., '02 
Stcvenart, G. T., '00 
Stienwart, G., '94 

Conrad, E. F., '95 
Conrad, E. F., '01 
Neher, W. A„ '02 
Rice, H. L., '02 
Wahl. G. F., '01 
Crone, L., '01 ' 
Moore, C. R., '99 
Hilbish, Lottd, '00 
Clark, G. W,, '98 
Merchant, J. M., '03 
Prouty, L. P., '02 
Tettenbom, H., '03 
Cornelius. F,, '03 
Lacy, A. V., '03 
Lanning, G. C, '03 
Kem. Maud, '03 
CordeU. G. N., '03 
Cherry, M. E., '02 
Harlett, J. H., '99 
Thomas, J„ '02 
Hafele, C, '97 
Rauscb, W., '02 
Wegencc. W. G., '02 
Jones, jr., W., '02 
Owen, S.C, '03 
Thomas, J., '00 
Knappen, W., '99 



Bloomington, 329 S, Wahiut St., 


UD, 4S. 16P 

Bloomington, 602 N. Walnut St., 

X, 3S 

Bloomington. 115 S. Grant St., monroe 

UD. 4S, 12P 

Bloomington. 1147 Jenifer St., mc 
Bloomington, 817 N. eth St., MO^ 

ME, 278. 25P, D 

A, 7S. 7P 

Bloomington, 903 N. Jackson St., 

EB. 3S 

BlonntsviUe. Box 47, he.vhy 

DO, 3S, 13P 

Blountsville, Box 91, henry 

EP, 7S, 3P 

Bluff Mills, MONTGOMERY 

CC, 7S 

Bluffton, 521 W. Washington St, 

X, 2S 

Bluffton, 326 Marion St., wbi-ls 

HH, 14S 

Bluffton, 503 W. Washington St., 

DO, 3S, 17P 

Bluffton, 105 N. Scott St., wells 

CA, 4S 

Boonville, w a brick 

EX, 16S 

Boonville, R. R. No, 9, warrick 

HF, 19S 

Boonrille, R. R. No. 4, warrick 

CM, 13S 

Boonville, Box 117. wabbick 

HS, lOS. 17P 

Bourbon, Marshall 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

Boxley, Hamilton 


Brwil, CLAY 

517 Mechanic Ave. 

EP, 6S 
CM, 17S 

412- N. Walnut St. 
311 N.Ashley St. 
E. Main St. 
Box 689 


Bremen, Box 60, 
Bremen, Marshall 
Bremen, Marshall 
Bridgeport, MARION 
Bridgeport, Care M. Clark, 

Bristol, - 





Brookville, R. P. D. No. 

Brookvillc, franklin 

Brookville, franklin 

Brownsburg, hesdricks 

Burnett, vigo 

Butler. DEKALB 

Butler, Box 103, dekalb 
Butler, R. P. D. No. I 
Cannelton, perry 
Cannelton, fbrrv 
Cannelton, pehrv 
Carbon, clay 
Carbon, clay 
Carbon, Box 181, clay 
Cardonia, clay ^^ 

MD, 4S, 25P 
A, 19S, 28P 
EO, 8S 
DL, 4S, 18P 
D, 4S 

SM, 5S, HP 
ME, 15S, 25P 
CC, 5S 
P, 4S, 3P 
EO, 3S 
HH, lis 
HE. 15S 
BE, 2S 
HE, 27S 
HE, lis 
BE, 2S 
BE, 4S 
BE, 3S 
MD, 3S, 23P 
lA, 3S 
U. 3S, 15P 
DO, IS, 13P 
DO, IS. 13 P 
HA. 5S 
HE, 8S 
CM. 9S. 14P 
CM, lOS, 13P 


Brokan, E. Z„ '01 
Smith, W.,'01 
Buckellew, J. W., '9* 
7^11 P P ''ni 

. '00 

Grigsby, R. N. W., 'C 
Scott. F, E., '96 
Wooliscroft, J. W., '9 
Huret, E., 'Oi 
Dick, O. C. '03 
Montel, A.. '00 
Bums, E.. "02 
Lane, C, '02 
Lano, C. '02 
James, D. W.. '92 
MiUs. H. M., '99 
Mock. C. M , '99 
Shorter, I., '03 
Shorter. I-. '97 
Shorter, I.. '01 
Smith, J., '97 
Grim, H. J., -99 
Noble. J- v., '99 
Temple, R., '01 
Green, M„ '98 
Baker, W, F,, '02 
VilUrs. V, M„ '03 
Steed. J. N., '02 
Krider. S., '00 
Hess. F-. '01 
Phend. H. A.. '99 



Weicfc, Rosa. '01 

Behnnan. J. W., '( 
King, P,. '01 
Leive. G. W.. '03 

Lewellcn, D. E., '0 
Lewellen. L. P.. 'O 
Sticken. W., '00 
Weaver, G.. '00 

Backcrt, H. C-. '00 
Fay, C. J., '00 
Gams, W. H., '02 
Gartlein, F. A.. '98 
Gohsay. T. E,, '01 
Little, T. N.. '02 
Lyner, E. D.. '00 
Metzger, F. E.. '97 
Nelson. H. H.. '01 ■ 
Pavne, Mayr 




Cannel, Hamilton 

A, 7S, 15P 


CC, 2S 

G, 6S 

Cayiiga, Box 215, vermilioh 

GC, 4S, IP 

Center Point, Box 91, clay 

SM. 6S, 13P 

Chalmers. E. Main and 6th St., white 

EF.'9S, 18P 

Chandler, wahhTck 

BB, 4S 

Chesterton, Box 102, pouter 

ED. 3S, SOP 

Crisney, Main St., spencer 

U, 4S, lOP 

Cicero, Washington Ave., Hamilton 

Cicero. Buckeye St.. Hamilton 

U, IS. lOP 

Clay City, clay 

Claypool, Box 145. kosciusko 

CC, 2S 

AG. 5S, IP 

Claypool. R. R. No. 2, KOsciusKO 

HS. 5S. 3P 

HH, 20S 

Clayton, hendricks 

DK. 4S, 25P. C 

Clayton, hendbicks /" 

EP, 15S. 16P. D 


CM. 22S 

aioton, Box 144, vermilion 

ME. 88. 25P 

Clinton. Box 147. vbrmilion 

ME. lis, IIP 

Clinton. Box 67, vermilion 

EW, lOS, IP 

Clinton. VERMILION- 

HS. 8S. IP 

Clinton, Box 67. vermilion 

TP. 8S. D 

Clinton, vermilion 

G, 4S 

Coal City. OWEN 

A, 48. 16P 

Cobury, PORTER 

KM, 7S. lOP 

Cochran, dearborn 

LR. 6S 

Coffee, CLAY 

G, 88 

Colbian. Box 76. tippecanob . 

EP. 8S 

Colfax, CLINTON 

HE. 9S 

Collett, JAY 

BE, 2S 

Collins. WHITLEY 

E, 9S, 2P 

Columbia City, whitley 

HS. 88 

A. 5& lOP 

Columbia City. R. R. No. J, whitlby 

Columbia City, 105 W. Ellsworth St., 


AA. 2S 

Columbus, 621 Maple Ave,, b-artholombw 
Columbus, R. R. No. 2, Bartholomew 

C, 3S, 17P 

ME, l&S. 25P 

Columbus, 916 Mechanic St.. Bartholomew DO, 3S, lOP 

Columbus, 906 Chestnut St., Bartholomew ME, 9S, 6P 

Columbus, 140 Hutchins St., bahtholombv 

1 ME. IIS. 12P 

Columbus. 612 Wilson St., Bartholomew 

C. 4S. 25P 

Columbus. 716 Reid St., Bartholomew 

ME, 4S, 18P 

Coanersville, payettb 

1454 Central Ave. 

HS. lOS, 17P, D 

1013 Central Ave. 

BD. 28 

716 Western Ave. 

AC, 9S, UP 

308 W. Fountain St. 

CC. 7S 

1518 Grand Ave. 

A, 5S, 2P 

217 E, 4th St. 

MB, 38. IIP 

1031 Central Ave. 

A, 78, 13P 

910 Cornell St, 

A, 7S, IIP 

501 W. 6th St. 

EI, 48 

206 W. 4th St. 

BA, 7S 

215 W. 12th St. 

r, 14S, 18P 

MD. 4S, 25P 


Converse, miami 

LR, 7S 

Corydon, Harrison 

GC. as. 13P 


Nam* and Ytar 
MiUer, G. C, '02 
Wright, O. S., '00 
Wheat. Jr., L., '01 

Barnes, A^ '01 
CadwaUader, C, '01 
Carr, L. W., '02 
Harwood, C. T., '03 
Harwood. L, W., '03 
Hills, G,, '02 
Lofland, A. M., '02 
Price, B., '99 
Swan, H, B., '01 
Welch. C. M., '01 

Cox. M., '03 
Eadcs. G. M., '02 
Meiazall, R. W., '99 
Shaw, C. M., '98 
Grubb, W. M., '02 
Grubb. W. M., '03 
Hissong, Bertha, '01 
Walter, C, '01 
Stevens. R. H., '98 
Thorns, M., '00 
Kalsey, C. '01 
Applegath, J. G., '99 

Schlegel, C.'h..'02 
Hadley, J. S., '01 
Harvey, O, '01 
Hawley, C, '02 
Andrews, R.. "03 
Ayres, C, '02 
Christian, C. N., '00 
Rice, H. D,. " 

- ^ v., '03 

Sylphers, O. B., '01 
Vogt, C, '03 
Baker, Jr., G., '96 
Dole. D., '03 
Vayhinger, I., '02 
Chapman, G., '00 
Thompson. E., '03 
Eikenberry. Mary, "01 
Dordge. C- C, '02 
Remaklus, N. P., '00 
McConkey. G. C, '03 
Moore, J. M., '02 
Price, E., '97 . 
Sims, D. G., "97 
Lockwood, R, A., '02 
Zimmerffian, C. A., '9' 
Altman, G. E., '01 

Adams, A. E., 
Andrews, P J- 
Cheney, F. W„ 
Colter, H,. '01 

Coxville, PARKS 


124 N. Ash St, 
401 Binford St. 
3-1 Ramsey Block 

604 Franklin St. 

212 N, Washington Ave. 
506 W. Pike St. 
607 Kentucky St. 


CrothersviUe, Box 8. jackson 
Crothersville, jackson 
Crown Point, Box 348, lakh 
Crown Point, lake 


Culver, R. F. D,, Marshall 


Cumberland. R. R. No. 2, 

Cumberland, mar i ok 




Dalevillc, Delaware 

Danville, Box 511, hemdricrs 

Danville, hbndricrs 

Danville, hbndricks 

Decatur. R, F. D. No.' 2, adam 

Decatur, adams 

Decatur, adams 

Decatur, adams 

Decatur, aoams . . 

Decatur, Box 254. adaM3 

Decatur, adams 

Deep River, lake 

Delaware, ripi.ev 

Delaware, ripley 

Delphi, CARROLL 

Delphi, R. R. No. 
Denver, Care G. Moon,' 
Diamond, pakrb 
Dick, JAY 
Dublin, WAYNE 
Earl Park, benton 
East Chicago, Wegg Av 
E din burg, johnson 


009 W. FrankUn St. 
1225 S. Main St. 
316 Vistula St. 
305 Washington St 

HH, 13S 

TP, 7S 

IM, 4S 
ME, lis. 4P 
EA, 4S, 22P 
lA. 2S 
lA, 28 
DO, 3S. 32P 
EN. 5S 

HH, 17S 
HH, 9S 
ME, lis. 17P 
n. 6S, 3P, D 

PTt. BS 
CC, 5S 
X, 28 

J, 7S 

c. ns, HP 

X, 28 
X. 28 

Es, as 

AG, 6S, lOP 
EI, 48, IP 
HS, 48 
GC, 5S, 12P 
EH, 7S 
RC, 3S 
A. lOS. 15P 
HS, 8S, D 
DH, IS, 15P 
ED, 3S, 17P 
E8, 58 
X, 2S 
EP. r.s 
EP. 8S 
TR, 7S 

EF, 5S, JOP 
D, 8S 

NF, 7S 
IM, 8S. D 
EO, 8S 
BE, 2S 
G. 4S 
HS. 4S 

EG, 78 

Y. 4S. 22P 
BC, IIS. 12P 



NoKU and Ytar 
Grant, W., '99 
Gulmyer, J. C, '02 
Hall, E., '02 
Hershberger, F., '02 

Tones, J. J.. 

MiUer, D. F., '01 
Moyer, A. S., '01 
Nash. E. B., '01 
Nolan, C, '01 
Fletcher. P.. '01 
Fletcher. T., 01 
Rohrer, E. R., '02 
Ryneareon. W. B., '96 
Schraeder. J. E,. '00 
Simon. May, '00 
Staples, V-. '00 
Watkins, J., '00 
Wilder, H. A.. 00 

Maholm.J. R., '01 
Morgan, P. E., '00 
Pyle, E. D., '00 
Schmidt. J. M., '96 
Schmidt, J, M„ '00 
SeashoU. C, '00 
Seward, A. B., 02 
Whitcomb, H. C, '03 

Allmcn, Hazel, '02 
Anmiller, F,, '99 
Briston, A. B,. "00 
Britton. F., '03 
Carl, H., '02 
Dennis, O. F., "99 
Fickew. A.. '00 
Grand, C. '00 
Glosser, F, D,. '02 
Grammer, W. H,. '01 
Hceger, E., '02 
Hill. J, C. '95 
Hupfer, M.. "99 
Hutchens, E. V., '98 

iohann, C. W., '95 
:anti. Jr.. H. E., '01 
Ketlcy. E., '02 
Kenkel, O.. '99 
Led Vina, J., '99 
Marker. A. P., '01 
MarUn, J. C, '02 

403 Vistula St. 
811 Marion St. 
407 Division St. 
Lusher Ave. 
125 Locust St. 
130 N. E St. 
1112 Franklin St. 
127 Garfield Ave. 
710 Indiana Ave, 
100 Fremont St. 
1121, Michigan St. 
514 Aspenwold Ave. 
611 MinoeSt. 
124 Division St. 
622 Indiana Ave. 
701 Plum St. 
Box 39 

513 S. Main St. 
019 FrankUn St, 
508 Liberty St, 

Ellettsville, R. R. No. 1 , 
Elmwood, Care American Tin Plate Co.,. 


513 S. 16th St. 
421 N. 11th St. 
1907 S. B St. 
2732 N. B St. 
1003 N. 14th St. 
945 N. 13th'St. 
945 N. I3th St. 

EvansvUlc, vanderburc 
1210 Main St. 
.307 E. Michigan St. 
1517 Louisiana St. 
717 Harriet St. 
313 Jacobs Ave. 
1106 S. Governor St. 
101 E. Pennsylvania St. 
1031 Main St. 
1226 East Indiana St. 
1205 W. Penn St. 
305 Fountain Ave. 
221 S. 5th St. 
1835 E. Maryland St. 
1426 W. Indiana St. 

1310 E. Franklin St. 

112 Lower fith St. 

715 Revade St. 

617 1st Ave. 

1 200 Chandler St. 

Evansi-ille Elec. Light Station 

A. 6S. 18P 
DO, 3S, 24P 
DO. 6S, 37P, C 
DK, 3S, 20P 
SP, 2S. 34P, C 
GA, 5S. 13P 
C. 6S. 25P 
DL, 3S, 16P 
J, 4S, 5P 
AG, 6S, 6P 
ME, 4S, 17P 
ED. 4S, 25P, C 
C, 5S, 25P 
LA, 8 Parts 
HS, 7S 
HS, 4S 
AA, 4S 
F. SS, 9P 
C, 5S. 22P 
C, 12S, 16P 

EV, 9S 
HS,'4S, 5P 

EN, I 

EN, 6S 
X, 4S 
TG. 7S 
ME, lOS, 24P 
C, 17S, 25P, D 
E, 19S. 27P, D 
T, 3S, UP 
EA, 3S. 12P 
GC, 6S. 13P 

Y, 6S. 22F 
LS, 2S, 34P, D 
DO. 5S, 33P 
AG, OS, 19P 

C, 88. IP 

D. 4S 
D, 4S 
EN, 5S 
TB, 8S 
ER, 4S 
MD. 3S. 22P 
HS, 9S, 14P 
A, 7S 

A, 9S, 24P 
AB. 5S. D 
DH. IS. 18P 
C, US, IP 
U, 4S, 14P 
ED, IS, 14P 
EN, 7S 


Nam* and Ytar 
Mann, M. P., "01 
McCutchan, P. S., '00 
Newman, R. T., '02 
Nussmeier, C. G., '96 
Oabom, A. W., '00 
Oabum, N. P., '98 
Peck, F, H. 02 
Pohlman, P. F., '97 
Robinson. C. H., '95 
Schaum, C. "98 
Sheflhase, A„ '01 
Scott. E., '98 
Stites. J. G.. '00 
Straub, T. G., '98 ■ 
Stringle, E. M., 'flS 
Sidlivan. E. M., '00 
Veneman. E. A., '98 
Wolfe. Mamie E.. '03 



Applewhite, R.. '03 
HoUingsworth, C. ' 
Hunter. N. A.. '01 
Kilgore. H. O.. '02 
Kimes, L.. 02 
Rybott, B., '02 
Curry, L. M,. '00 
Manwan^nX, C. S., 
Oliphant, O. W., 'Oi 
Fodrea, R., "01 
Groonw, H. W.. '02 
Hubbrad. 1., '01 
Mills. J. B., '02 
Pussley, H„ '01 
Rust, I. C. '01 
Brothers. L. G.. '03 
Ray, C. L,. '03 
Boatman, W. P., '02 
Frazier, M., '03 
Garwood. M, E.. '98 
Howard, W., '02 
King. E., '02 
Newcome, C, '02 
Schneiter, E., '02 
Thurman, V., '02 

Backtel, S. R., '95 
Bawmxrate, C, '00 
Birbeck. W. D., '99 
Bldbtren, Mary, '99 
Breuer, W., '00 
Brinsley, H. A., '99 
Carral, E. A., '02 
Carter, R. H.. '01 

Davidson, R.. '03 
Dole. A. G., '96 
Doswell, R. W., '01 
Erictson, H., '00 
Fair. P. W., '01 


115 E. Delaware St. 
R. R. No. 2 
U. S. Marine Hospital 
1034 Main St. 
1312 W. Indiana St. 
1911 E. Franklin St. 
U. S. Marine Hospital 
101 W. Delaware St. 
11 Pendrich Bldg. 
1512 W. Indiana St, 
' 9ie E. Franklin St. 
1116 W. Delaware St. 
1111 E, Delaware St. 
1226 1st Ave. 
570 Baker Ave. 
1010 Lincoln Ave. 
317 Fulton Ave. 
211 Upper 2d St. 

Fairmount, grant 
Pairmount, grant 
Fairmount, R. R. No, 19, grant 
Pairmount. gkant 
Pairmount, R. R. No. 20, grant 
Farmersburg, R. R. No, 2, svllivan 
Farmersburg, sl'llcvan 
Farmersbure, sullivan 
Farmland. Box 278, Randolph 
- Farmland, Randolph 
Farmland, Box 78, Randolph' 
Farmland, R. R. No. 2, Randolph 
Farmland, Randolph 
Farmland, Box 311, Randolph 
Fincastte. Box 22, i 
Pontanet, vico 
Pontanet, vigo 
Fontanet. viGO 
Pontanet, vico 
Fontanet, Box 122. ^ 
Fontanet, Box 66, vi 
Fontanet, viGO 
Fort Ritner, i 

Fort Wayne, allen 
43 Nelson St. 
451 Boltz St. 
407 W. Dewald St. 
122 S. Wayne Ave. 
1629 E. Washington St. 
264 W. Washington Boul. 
1232 Wefel St. 
215 Baker St, 
2106 Nelson St. 
1023 W. Jefferson St. 
Aixley Bldg. 
Near Lindenwood Cem. 
2429 Miner St. 
88 Wells St. 

X. 5S 
A, 4S 
HE, I9S 
ME, 9S, 22P 
TA. 26S 
HS, 4S 

CB, 6S 
AD, 5S, 24P 
HM, 6S, 8P 
AD, 3S, lOP 
ED. 3S, 22P 
CM, 5S, 5P 

C. IDS, 25P 

D, 8S, D 
AD, 2S. 17P 

CC, 2S 

C, 58. 2SP 
BA. 2S 

J. 7S 

HD, 34S, UP 
LA, 10 Parts 
BE, 2S 
ME. 68, 13P 
BC, 5S 
TP, 5S 
DL, 38, I2P 
EO, 2S 
ED, 3S, 25P 
EO. 28 
TP, 88 
EA. 8S. 7P 
EP, lis 
EX, 78 
NF. 98 
EP. lOS 
G, 3S 
HH, 138 
BE, 2S 
DO, IS, lOP 
HD, 31S, 2P 
EG, 6S 

ME, 26S, 25P, D 
UD, 3S, 33P 
C, 38. 12P 
AD, 6S. 19P 
ED, 3S, lOP 
A, 138. 20P 
BA, 38 
X, 2S 
A, 21S, ep 
ER, 3S 

A, 33S. 45P, D 
MD, 3S. IIP 
ED. IS, 17P 


Frase, J. M., '02 
Freeh, W., '00 
Gilmartin, W. H., '97 
Gouty. M. B., '02 
Gouty. M. B., '03 
Hanna. J. H., '00 
Harper, H., '00 
HolEnger. E., '03 
HoUman, H.. 'W 
Houck. H. F,. '01 
- Huntoon, L. P., '95 
Jackson, R., '02 
Jaecket, R„ '01 
Tones, D. V., '01 
Junk, J., '03 
Kaiser, C, '99 
Knock. C. J.. '00 
Knouse, H, V„ '02 
Krebs, E. F., '03 

Mains, B- G„ '01 
Mains, H. L., '99 
Merriraan, C. L., '02 
McMellen, H., '99 
Moore, I. D., '02 
MulfoTd. J. C. '00 
Nelson, Inez, '00 
Neumaiij W., '01 
O'Brien, M. (., '00 " 
Olds, N. E., W 
Oppenhamer, W. A., '01 
Orth, A., "02 
Porter, Mabel, '01 
Quidor, S.. '01 
Rauch. L, '02 
Reed, O. A., '01 
Rehra, H.. '02 
Remmert, C. T., '02 
Reynolds, A. J., '02 
Roger, W. A. C, '99 
Ryan, F. J., '03 
Saist, W.. '03 
Salmon, J., '98 
SchiUe, F„ '00 
Schulz. C. H., '01 
Scbwarze. C, '01 
Schwarze, H. S., '97 
Smityey, H. B., '02 
Smoyer, A. D., '00 
Smoyer, A. D., '03 
Sweenev, P., '00 
Tracy, S. M.. '01 
Vogt, D. R., '01 
Wambsganes, Jr., P., '01 
Wenninghopp. A.. '00 
Wiesenberg, E., '02 
Wright. R., '03 
Zimmerman, J 
Zimmerman, I 

622 W. 3d St. 

1900 Gay St. 

Cor. Clinton and Holmart St. 

General Delivery 

General Delivery 

503 S. Calhoun St. 

326 BuUer St. 

1213 Wells St, 

394 E. Washington St. 
505 Montgomery St. 
216 W. Superior St. 
116 W. Suttenfield St. 
2105 Force St. 
2570 Hoagland Ave. 

526 E. Lewis St. 
R. R. No. 1 
1930 Calhoun St. 
340 W. Jefferson St. 

2107 S. Calhoun St. 
1904 S. Webster St. 
306 S. Harrison St. 
2815 Hoagland Ave. 
Richardson St. 
1043 Franklin Ave. 
1412 Taylor St. 
2122 Broadway 
1406 Lille St. 
1411 N. Calhoun St. 
Elektron, Bldg 
613 Lavina St. 
1312 Hurd St. 
427 Huffman St. 
1208 W. Main St. 
2722 Thompson St. 
1715 Calhoun St. 

1214 Scott Ave. 

525 Washington Bldg. 

1316 Wells St. 

1132 Franklin Ave. 

212 E. Williams St. 

1216 Erie St. 

314 Butler St. 

520 Buchanan St. 

7 Engine House, N. Main St. 

15 St. Marys Ave. 

709 St. Marys Ave. 

2678 S. Harrison St. 

1211 Harrison St. 

1211 Harrison St. 

317 Brandiff St, 

27 E. Washington St. 

Pa. Car Shops 

2322 Broadway 

1301 E. Wayne St. 

1142 BarrSt. 

438 Hoffman St. 

1304 Marion St. 

1304 Marion St. 


EP, 16S, 16P 
■DO, 3S, 17P 
AA, 2S 
LR, 8S 
EP, 5S 
A, 21S. 3P 
X. 4S 

J. 6S, 14P ■ 
DP, 5S, 34P 
CSF, 6S 
HS, 4S, 12P 
DP, 3S, 24P 
C, 3S. 17P 
SP, IS, 26P 
DO, 3S, lOP 
DO, 2S, 21P 
BA, 5S 
DO, 3S, 19P 
BA, 5S ■ 
A, 4S, IIP 
DO. 3S. 18P 
X, 4S 
MHFJ, 88 
MD. 3S, 18P 

AA, 48 ' 
ED, 38, 25P 
CC, 28 

T, 5S. IIP 
A. lis, 14P 
DH, IS, 18P 
CC, 38 

LS, 28, 34P, D 
DB, 43, 13P 
T. 78 
MF, 58 
MB, 4S, I7P 
DO. 3S. lOP 
A, 68, 19P 
DO. 3S, 14P 
HF. lOS 
ME. 9S, 17P 

AB, 5S 

HS. 108. 16P 
ED, 4S. 25P 
A. 33S, 34P, D 
DL, 38, 18P 
ED, 4S. 25P, C 
MC. 68, 37P 
E. 9S 
C. 15S 
JM. 28 
ME, 4S. 12P 
A. 12S. I5P 
MF, 58 
EF, 7S, 6P 
AD, 48, 34P 

BA. 28 


Gray, J, W.. '02 
Jones, R. W., '02 
Tones, R. N., '02 
Lenox. E., "02 
Van Dcr Vort, W. S.. '( 
Woodbum, E., '02 
Armbrtcht, J., '00 


I- N,. 

Drysdale, F, E., '99 
McDonicl. W. C. '03 
Paul, J. S,, '00 
Daris, W. H., '03 
Hardislv, P. C, '00 
Hcndrix. R. W., '01 
Page. E., '01 
Potts, F. M., '01 
Adarns, E. V., "01 
Deisher. A. H., '01 
Atkinson, F. H.. '03 

Bemett, J., '02 
Armstrong, A, A., '00 
Devimy. e. S." '00 
Dowclf, J. v., '00 
Hai^-ey, S. D.. '01 
Magnan, A. N , '03 
Moynan, H. A. S-. '03 
Wells, R. C, '01 
Jackson, R. C, '98 
Hasty, A. S., '03 
Long, L. M.. '02 
Hier, H.. '98 
James, F. L., '99 

Ainsbaugh, D. I.. '02 
Chapman, E., '97 . 
Cripe. B., '99 
Hay, R.. '03 • 
Lehmaa, E. O., '02 
Manrow. N. W , '97 
Purdy, W. N., '99 
Shupcrt, H. R., '03 
Trimmer, C, '02 
Trimmer, J.. '02 
Weatherhead, O. L., '02 

Gregory, E. V., '00 
Biniley, Miss Rosy, '02 
Welch, Mary D., '02 
Wenkhom, W.. '02 
Witt. Grace. '02 
Mouger, I. F.. '01 
Bums, C. H., '03 
Cook, F., *03 
HefEner. Maude, '01 

Kirkpatrick, C. P., '02 

Spitsraesser, Lena, '02 

Fowler. UBNTON 

EF. 3S. ISP 

Fowler, benton 

BA, 3S 

Fowler, benton 

EG, 6S 

Fowler, R. R. No. 5. bbnton 

BE. flS, D 

Fowler, Box 283. bbnton 

SM, 7S, IIP 

Fowler, R. F. D. No. 1, bento 

DL, 4S, UP 

Francesville, Box 18. pulasri 

CC. 9S 

Francisco, gibson 


Francisco. Box 25, GIBSON 

ME. 14S. 7P 

Francisco, R. F. D. No. 26, gibson 

BE, 3S 

Francisco, gibson 

ME, 9S 

Frankfort, 800 W- Clinton St.. 

C, 8S. 12P 

Frankfort, 800 Ist St.. CLINTO^ 


Frankfort. 508 CaterUne St., ci 

Frankfort. 459 John St., clint^ 
Frankfort, 305 W. Morrison St. 

CSF. 6S 


J, 7S, 8P 
EK, 5S, IIP 

Franklin, johnson 

Frankton, maoison 

E. 8S 

Frenchlick, Cor. College and Orange St., 

BE, 2S 

EN, 58 

Frtendswood. hbmdricks 

Garrett, diiKalb 

LR.8S . 

Garrett, dbrm-b 

LR, 19S. D 

Garrett, DEKALB 

P. 5S, 2P 

Garrett. Care Roundhouse, dep 

LR, 19S, D 

Garrett, dbkalb 

BB. 2S 

Garrett, dekalb 

BB, 2S 

Garrett, 800 S. Randblph St., dekalb 

DL, 4S, 12P 

Gas City, Box 25. grant 

JB, 3S, C 

Gaston, R. F. D. No. 1, delawarb 



HE, 21S, 2P 

Ging. RUSH 

C, 13S - 

Goodland, Box 333, newton 

HS. 5S. 6P 


419 N. Main St. 

AG, 6S, 6P 

918 S. 7th St. 

P. 6S, 2P 
HS. 7S 

R. P. D. No. 4 

EO, 8S, D 

1391 Crescent St. 

DK, 2S, 12P 

410 E. Jefferson St. 

AD. 38. 12P 

301 S. 10th St. 

TP, 7S 

302"S. 9th St. 

EV, 6S 

Chicago Ave. 

EP, 8S 
MO, 5S 

R. F. D, No. 5 

ES, IIS, 6P, D 


Gosport, OWEN 

AA, 2S 

Greencastle, General Delivery, 

BE, 2S 

Greencastle, 103 E. Poplar St., 

BB, 6S, D 

Greencastle, 207 W. Scrtiinary 
Greencastle, 207 S. Indiana St. 

St., PUTNAl 

I DB, 2S, 8P 

BE, 3S 

Greenfield, Hancock 

CC, 4S 

Greensbwrg, 730 N. Ireland St. 


EP. 7S 

Greensburg, R, R. No. 9, dec a 

CB, 5S 

Greensburg. 405 W, Washingto 

■n St., 

CC, 3S 

Greensburg, 419 W. Washington St., 

EA, IIS, 12P 

Greensburg, 302 S. East St., decatur 





Woods. A.. '01 

Greensburg. 846 N. Lincoln St.. dbcatur 
Greenwood, R. R. No. 6, jo-hnson 

BA. 6S 

Myers, G., '02 

EP. 9S 

Bookout. L. E.. '02 

Hagerstown, wavnb 

DO, 3S. 12P 

Long, S. 0.. '98 

Hagerstown. wayne 

J, 4S 

Call, J., '01 

Hammond, 335 Logan St., la&b 
lammond, 205 S. HohniBn St.. lakb 

JM, 2S 

Dickinson, C. '99 

HS, 4S 

Gilchrist, E. P.. '97 

lammond, 247 State St., lake 

ME. 7S, 17P 

Herron, C. '00 

lammond, 133 Condit St., lasb 

JB. 3S, C 
EP, 7S 

Hoess, F„ '02 

lammond, 504 State St., E., lakx ' 

Houser, I. W., '01 
Stiver, C. B.. '02 

Hammond, 221 Aim St., lakb 

C, lOS, 24P 


Trout, 0. C, '09 

Hammond, 636 Truman Ave., LAKB 

HS. 7S, IP 

Trout, 0. C. '03 

Hammond. 636 Truman Ave., lakb 

HE, 22S 

Brown, W. L., '02 

Harmony, Box 36. clay 

NA, 8S, 8P 

Orr, T., '92 

Harmony, clav 
Hartford City, blackford 

CM, 2&, D 

Brown, J. L., '99 

A. 4S, 2P 

Clapper, U., '02 
Hubbard. C. M., '01 

Hartford City, R. R. No. 1. blackpord 

EP, 8S, 2P 

Hartford City, blacepord 

D. 4S 

Livengood, P.. '01 

Hartford City, 521 Walnut St., blackpore 

• A, 20S, 4P 

Marshall. L. E.. '99 

Hartford City, blackford 

A, 5S, 12P 

McDole, v.. '01 

Hartford City, blackford 

BD, 2S. IIP 

Schmidt, C. '03 

Hartford City. 410 E. Franklin St., 

DO. 3S. 17P 

Cunningham, J. W., '03 
Kendrick, H. B., '03 

Hayden, Jennings 


Hayden, Box 86. Jennings 
Hetmer, Route 2. steuben 

DO. as. 14P 

Cool. G. C. '02 

DO, 3S. 25P 

Ingels, S.. '97 

Hemlock, Howard 

MP, 5S 

Gasauiy. J. W.. '01 

Henryville, clark 

E. 7S. 5P 

Guernsey. W., '03 


Williams. I. E.. '02 
Emrick. M.. '00 

Henryville, clark 
Hoagland. allen 

HS. 5S 

Poster. P. P.. '01 

Hobart, LAKB 

ED, 3S. 14P 

Johnson. J. B.. '02 
fclker. G. H.. '98 

Hobart, R. F, D. No. 1, lakb 

DK, 3S. 21? 

Hobart, LAKB 

HS. 4S 

Olson. W.. '02 

Hobart. LAKB 

DN, 6S, 22P 

Coxbaugh. H.. -01 


J. 7S, D 

B. 16S, 18P, D 

George. O. C. '98 

Hobbs, TIPTON 

Andrews, Anna May, '03 

Hope. R. R. No. 16, Bartholomew 

BE, 2S 

Bumpas, A. P.. "02 

Hope, Box 232, bartholoubw 

AC, 6S. 15P 

Leightner, L. 0., '02 


AC, 4S. 6P 

Frederick, C. E., '01 

Hudson, Bote 204, stboben 


Melendy. G. C, '01 

Hudson, Box 167, stsubbn 

ME. 9S, 13P 

Fitzsimmons, Luella, '02 

Huntertown, allen 

Hnntiiigton, huntington 

BA, 9S 

Apple, W.. '01 
Baier. G.. '02 

30 Canfield St. 

EO, 4S 

27 Kintz Ave. 

HD, lis, IP 

Boyd, C. '02 

R. F. D. No. 3 

AC, 7S. 20P 

Carey, W. F... '01 
CuUer. S. E.. '02 

78 E. Washington St. 
37 Salamona Ave. 

E, 8S, 24P 
EO. 8S. D 

DaJby, E. I., '02 

BE. 4S 

Davis, G.. '02 

42 Indiana St. 

RD, 6S 

Day, C, '01 

94 Whitlock St. 

BD. 4S. IIP 

Day. E. M., '01 
Enley. A. C, '01 

53 Wayne St. 

JM, 2S 
RD, 4S 

9 WiUiams St. 

Pox, W. H., -98 

96 Erie St. 

TP, 7S 

Goble. A. A., '01 

BC, lOS, 15P 

Gray, H.. '95 

85 E. Market St. 

J. 6S 
HS, 4S 

Hier. J. W.. '01 

224 E. State St. 

Kiser, I. P.. '00 
Lord, P. P., '01 

67 MaiBhaU St. 

J. 4S 

C, 6S, 12P 

84 Whitlock St. 

Martin, P.. '02 ■ 

R, R. No. 4, Box 110 

HA. 4S, IP 


Mohler, H. C, '00 
Orchard, H., *00 
Speaker. C. F., '01 
Sutton, S. F.. '01 
Voting, H. P., '01 

Bonebam, W. B,, 'I 
Freidly, W. H.. '01 
Danks, A. C, '99 

Abel. C, '02 
Agan, J. P., '99 
AUisoo, D: C. '02 
Badger, C. R., '02 
Bailey, E. 1.. '02 
BaU, J. D., '02 
Ball. W. P., '02 
BaUard, F. F., '02 
Bartling, F. W., '00 
Bass. H. L.. '01 
BeU, R. T.. '02 
Boyd, C, '01 
Boyd. F. R., '02 
Branson, H., '02 
Brown. C. '02 
Brubanker, Jr., H. S:, *9 
ChapeU, A. J., '01 
Chapman, w. S.. '02 
Churchill, Mrs. C, '00 
Coleman. Harriet, '03 
Comner, S. E., '01 
Comner. L. E., '02 
Cooley, S. M., '00 
Corbaiey, C. E., '01 
Davis, C. M„ '01 
Dawson, W., '01 
Dieckman. J,, '03 
Doenger, Jr., S.. '98 
Doolan. J., '01 
Eggert, O., '02 
Ed^n, P. M., '99 
Fatont. H. K.. '02 
Fajcworthy, I, A., '02 
Featheratone, H. R., '01 
Fit. F. D.. '01 
Flinn. A. J.. '01 
Floyd, C. B., '01 
Forsland, H. F., '02 
French, H. G., '02 
Fuss, B., '02 
Gardner, F.. '02 

finefi, R. W.. 01 
Grinn. H. J., '98 
Hadley. O., '02 
Hamilton, H., '93 
Haught, W. M., -00 
Hauschen. H. J.. '97 
HeOer, A. J., '03 

94 E. State St. 

57 Court St. 

e N. Washington St. 

I. O. O, F. BIdg., Franklin St 

51 Webster St 

Hymera, Box 214, sullivan 
Hymera, sullivan 
Indiana Harbor, laxi 

IndianapoUa, uarion 
1347 N. Meridian St. 
1322 Hillside St. 
2823 Sutherland Ave. 

113 W. 10th St. 
^498 Adams St. 
2144 Oxford St. 

524 S. Meridian St. 
1603 Ashland Ave. 
Care North Starch Co. 
604 Conn. Chot BIdg. 
411 N. Illinois St. 
310 Ingo St. 

7444 N! Salem St. 
413 E. New York St, 
623 Woodlawn Ave. 
3 1215 Stevenson BIdg, 
1915 Alvord St, 

525 Warren Ave. 
643 Arch St. 

1241 Bellefontaine St. 
1241 Bellefontaine St. 
Cyclorama BIdg. 
2023 Broadway 
839 Park Ave. 
1222 Lexington Ave, 
1518 Lee St. 
1624 Yandes St. 
606 S. Meridian St. 
1109 S. Capitol Ave, 
122 W. 27th St. 
431 N, IlUnois St. 
460 Walcott St. 
1025 W. New York St, 
216 N. East St. 

1425 W. Market St, 
110 N. State St. 
727 Virginia Ave. 
918 N. Capitol Ave. 
2428 Jefferson St. 
1407* S. Meridian St. 
180 Green St. 

5771 Dewey Ave. 

301 E. Morris St. 

1426 Blaine St. 
1253 Madison Ave. 
519 Shelby St. 

Care A. Niendenthall 
1457 McLean St. 

D, 6S 

LR, 6S 

ED, 4S, ?5P, C 

ED, 3S, 13P 

X, 2S 

X, 5S, D 
CM, 6S, IIP 
C. 6S. 26P 

C. 8S, 13P 
EN. lOS 
DO. 3S, 18P 
EP, 6S 
DO. 4S, 27P 
DH, 2S, 34P,D 
EP, 7S 
- D, 7S 
AC, 6S 
LR. 19S, D 
EG, 6S 
ES. 5S 
MB. 5S, 13P 
A, lis. UP 
MO, 4S 
DO, 3S, 16P 
AA, 5S 
BB, 23 
C, IS, 17P 
EP, 9S 
ME, 8S, 2P 
DK, 3S, 16P 
ED. 3S. 13P 
C. 5S, 13P 
EP, 7S 
HS, 6S, 2P 
ED. 4S, 25P. C 
CA, 4S 
ME, 12S. 18P 
AC. eS. 21 P 
HA. 4S, 3P 
DK, 3S, I7P 
CS, 168 
LR, 7S 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 
EP, 8S, 5P 
DO, 4S, 27P 
DL, 3S, 15P 
DB, 3S, 9P 
TP. 7S 
MW, 9S 
ME, 6S, 25P 
U. 3S, ISP 
EO, 2S 
HS, 4S, 6P 
E, 4S, 24P 
HL, 8S, 14P, D 


Namt and Ytar 

Hetherington, K. T„ '01 
Heyer, W. E., '01 
Hodge, J. R., '03 

Hodges, G., '01 
HoSman. F. M., '01 
Holwager, C. A., '00 
Howe. L. M,. '02 
Ingstad. E., '98 
Iverson, J. C, '98 
JackBon, M. W., '03 
Jenkins, W. A., '99 
Kalbaugh, N.. '00 
Keller, G. J.. '01 
Kelley. R., '01 

Kinz. Miss Emma, '00 
Kitzing, G- J., '01 
Klein, A., '02 

Klepper, O. B., "98 
Klein, E. H- 00 
Konecke, R. L.. '02 
Kottlowski, C. P., '02 
Kreber, W, A., '02 
Kuemmick, H., '02 
Kummer, A. F,, '00 
Laxen, N., "02 
Leppert, D. W.. '01 
Lindstadt, H., '01 
Lohman, G, C. '02 
Long. L. L., '01 
Louchs, J. C, '02 
Luse, J. L., '02 
Machmcyer, W., '02 
Maple, E. W.. '02 
MarehaU, A. E.. '00 
Martin, C, '02 
Martin, I. W,. '00 
Martin, R... '97 
Martin, W. A., "99 
McCoy, Anna Mary, '02 
McDonald, B.. '02 
McGee. W. H., '01 
McGreevy, N.. '00 
Mclntre, C, '01 
McKee, J, A., '00 
McMath, J. A.. '99 
Metzger. F. A.. '02 
Milam. W. E,, '00 
Miles, O. S., '02 
Mitchell. W., '02 
Moore, T. G., "98 
Muhl, G. E.. '00 
Mulholland, R., '01 
Nichaus. G. j.. '01 
Nicholas, C. D.. '99 
Nutten, N. C, '02 
O'Leary, H. J.. '02 
Orr, W\ A., "GO 
Overetreet, C, '01 
Payne. F. J„ '00 
Pearce, H. 1., '01 

1913 N. Alabama St. 
Dean Bros. 
1 105 Fayette St. 
6357 Warren Ave. 
225 Minerva St. 
2243 Jackson St. 
2043 Hillside Ave. 
1608 Shelby St 
1637 Bartb Ave. 
213 W. Senate Ave. 
1528 Prospect St. 
1703 Park Ave. 
2834 Foundry St.- 
220 W. Michigan St. 
2115 Senate Ave. 
218 Kansas St. 
628 Prospect St. 
1643^ Bellefontaine St. 
610 Indiana Trust Bldg. 
1603 Columbia Ave. 
133 Dillon Ave. 
Central Union Tel, Co. 
1419 Marlowe Ave. 
2523 W. Illinois St. 
220 N, East St. 
136 S. Capitol Ave. 
190 Bellefontaine St. 
220 Kansas St. 
404 E. Illinois St. 
509 Bell St. 
1418 Marlowe Ave. 
2115 N. Illinois St. 
2214 Chores St. 
1959 Ludlow Ave. 
1441 Hoyt Ave. 
1616 E. Washington St. 
926 Spruce St. 
161 Bright St. 
1208 Beville Ave. 
300 N, Illinois St. 
1228 Shelby St. 
848 Shelby St. 
35 Bloomington St. 
1815 Valley Ave. 
1930 Bellefontaine St. 
309 Tacoma Ave. 
628 E. Walnut St. 
240 Minker St. 
1214 Washington St. 
355 Douglas St. 
35 N. Tacoma Ave. 
931 S. Madison St. 
2212 Depot St. 
748 Massachusetts Ave. 
234 E. Morris St. 
1102 Spann Ave. 
1501 N. Arsenal St. 
2728 ConneU Ave. 
125 Nordyke Ave. 
912 Udell St. 
1208 Polk St. 

AC, 9S. 21 P 
C, IS. 15P 
BE, 2S 
CSK, 4S 
ED, 2S, 16P 
BC, 8S, IIP 
EP. 7S 
HS, 4S. 12P 
MD, 3S, 19P 
EG, 5S 
J. 5S. 16P 
CC, 2S 
ED, 2S. HP 
J, 4S 

AD. 4S. I3P 
MD, 3S, 12P 
ME, 25S, 9P 
DA, 2S, UP 
BB, 3S 
EN, 8S 
BE, 3S 
CC. 4S 
A. 22S. 21 P 
ME, 8S, 4P 
CS, 13S 
EP, 6S 
C, lOS, 25P 
DL, 3S, 19P 
EO, 2S 
BE, 45 
MK, 6S 
ML, 14S, 9P 
DO, 3S. 2IP 
AB, lOS. D 
HS, 5S 
C, 6S. UP 
BE, 4S 
DO, 2S. 15P 
C. ITS. 25P 

ED, 3S, 21P 
MD. 2S. 2SP 
HE. 5S, 18P 
CA, 4S / 

JM. 2S 
EW. 7S 
DO, 35. 19P 
HS. 4S. 13P 
A, 3S, IIP 
UD. 38. 12P 
UD, 5S, 32P 
C. 2S, 16P 
EN. 6S 
C, IS, 25P 
LR, 6S 
DL, 3S, 12P 
A, 9S, 24P 
MD, 4S, 25P, C 

;d by G O.Ogle 

Namf and Ytar 

Peek, C. P., "02 
Peterson, L., "02 
Philips, B., 98 
Pleschner, 0. J.. '00 
Prather, C. '01 
Ralston, B. J., '01 
RandaU, C. A., '03 
Raymond, L, '00 
Reece. E.. '02 
Reed, 1. A.. "01 
Reed.1. G..'02 
Reee, H., '99 
Rcnnatd, M., '01 
Rice. O. J., '01 
Rinoman. A. G., '02 
Roland, H. A., '03 
Romhilt. A. C. '01 
Rosenberg, Jennie C, "Oi 
Rupp, F., '02 
Rwssell, H., '03 
Scheape, H.. '02 
ScWldmeier. Mabel, '03 
Schmidt. W., '96 
Schubert, P. W., "98 
Sirp, G, H., '98 
Smith, T. S., '01 
Snyder, W. H., '02 
Sohn. H. C, '03 
Stanford, Genevieve, '01 
Stay, W. K., '03 
Street, C. A., '03 
Swank, H. A., '01 
Sweetman, J. H., '98 
Tavis, R. W., "03 
Theising. B., '96 
Ullery, J, I„ '01 
Weinland, R. E., '68 
Wheeler, H. W., '03 
Whitehead. W. C, '98 
Wiley, C. H,. '99 
Wilking. C. C, '02 
Wilkinson, C. H., '01 
WiUiamson, S: T.. '02 
Wilson, F. M.. '02 
Woodbridge. L., '01 
Wooster. E. A., '01 
Zintd. j. v., '02 

Brock. F. M.. '01 
Henry, O. K„ '02 
Hicks, A. H.. '97 
Lowry, J. M.. '02 

Armstrong, A. H., '01 
Beard. L«la, '01 
Dunn, E., '01 
FK>hne,^W-. '02 
Levengood, S., '01 
Russell, W. E., '02 
Shadday, W. G., '01 

918 N. Belmont St. 
1363 W. 26th St. 
724 W. Wayne Ave. 
2420 N, Pierson St. 
51 W. St. Joe St. 

1518 E. 19th, St. 
2125 Columbia Ave. 
2138 Englis St. 
BOej Marion St. 
616 JefEerson Ave. 
fil6Jefferson Ave. 
45 Temple Ave. 
608 Terrace Ave. 
834 Marion Ave. 
603 W. Delaware St. 
1412 Kensington St. 
269 Highland Ave. 

1 1807 Delaware St. 
401 Kentucky Ave. 
1128 Reisner St. 
541 Bismark Ave. 

1519 Spann Ave. 
1445 Madison Ave. 
1236 N. State St. 
1910 Woodlawn Ave. 
338 N. Missouri St. 
702 N. Alabama St. 
1310 Union St. 
1205 Marlow St. 
2360 N. Pennsylvania St 
2647 Bellefontaine St. 
616 Division St. 
2211 Ashland Ave. 

■ 2101 E. Washington St. 
624 E, North St. 
232^ Blake St. 
1921 Highland Place 
1612 W, Morris St. 
■2019 Central Ave. 
12 Temple Ave.' 
912 E. Washington St. 
659 E. 17th St. 
1066 W. New York St. 

2240 Meridian St. 
222 Eden Place 
1240 Lexington Ave. 

Irvington. 57 Dillon Ave., i 
Jamestown, R. R. No. 23, boons 
Jamestown, Box 115, boonb 
Jasonville, greens 

Jeffersonville, clakk 

418 E. Chestnut St. 
. 1006 E. Maple St. 
910 Chestnut St. 
824 Walnut St. 
702 W. Front St. 
708 E. Maple St. 
527 E, Chestnut St. 

DB, 4S. 13P 
EP, 8S 
LR, lis 
ME, lOS, 22P 

HS, 6S 

BA, 2S 

DK, 4S. 25P. C 
MW, 9S. 37P 

AB. 5S, D 
E, 5S, 2IP 
CSN. 4S 
EP, 6S, IP 
DN. 8S, 22P 

■ ME, 4S, 14P 
LC, 10 Parts 
DB, 2S, IIP 
DP, IS. 23P 
DL, 4S, 15P 

BB, 2S 
A, 8S. 8P 
ME, 6S, IIP 
MD. 3S, IIP 
C, 7S. 25P 

AC. lis, 13P 
HP, 14S 

X, 3S 

DO, IS, 21 P 
ES, 6S 
JR. 6S. IP, D 
EP, 6S 
A. 16S, 7P 
UD. 4S, 13P 
ME, 2S. 22P 
DP, IS, 12P 
MP, 6S. D 

AB, 5S, D 
EP, 7S 

AC, 3S, 16P 
MB, lis, 25P 
DL, 4S, 25P 
HE, 29S, 16P 
X, 2S 

AC, 3S, 12P 

EG, 7S 
MD, 3S, 16P 
EF, 9S 

X. 3S 
X. 2S 

LD, 4S, 18P 
DH, IS, 18P 
JM, 8S 
RG, lOS. D 
A, 6S, 18P 

>y Google 



tf ami and Y«ir 


Shields, A., '03 

Care Howard Ship Yards 

EP, 8S. 9P 

Voight. G. F., '00 ^ 

840 Mechanic St. 

P. 13S, 16P 

Woodrufl, T., -02 

114 Market St. 


HH, 8S 

Laiuiing, W., "03 
Mason.TE., '00 



HP. 8S 

TP, 6S 

EendoUTiUe, noble 

Carter, S. C. C, '01 

AG, 3S, 13P 

Daniels, Louie E., "01 

CC, 9S 

Dawson, J. H.. '02 
Deal. G. M,. '03 

GC, 5S. IIP 

324 N. Main St. 

EH. 7S 

Eckhart, S. A., '02 

422 N. Railroad SL 

DL, 3S, 17P 

Tatter, Minnie, '02 

507 S. Main St, 


Freesh, C. S., 'DO . 

ED, 3S. 18P 

Harder, Mrs. W. C. '02 

BB, 4S 

Helmuth, C, '01 

P, 4S, IP 

Kramer, Clara, '02 

BB. 2S 

Parr. W., '01 

Box 392 

ED, 4S, 25P ' 

Pfaffman. A. 0., '01 


Pierce. E. F., '01 

EI, 6S 

Pierx:e, S., '01 

DK. 3S. 17P 

Trowbridge. G. T.. '02 

Box 604 


AC, 9S, 13P 

Heimburger. H. V.. '03 

Kewanna. Box 277. fulton 

DL, 3S, 13P 

HolUnberger. S,. '99 



Rothrock, W. S., '99 

King, Box 39. Gibson 

TP. 8S. D 

Vandervort, E. M-, '01 

Kirklin. CLINTON 

EI. 4S 

Reddick, 0, J.. -03 
Sherburne, E. M., '02 

Knightstown. Box 52, henry 

AG, 4S 

Knightstown, Box 349, henry 


Spencer, L., '99 
Waggoner, G., '00 
•White, F. M.. '98 

Knightstown. henry 

CC, 8S 

Knightstown, S. and S. 0. Home, henbt 

HS. 9S. 12P, D 

Knightstown, hbnry 

MD, 4S. 25P 

Woods, Miss May M., 'OC 

Knightstown. S. and S. 0. Home, HBKRY 
Kokomo, HOWARD 

CD, 4S, UP 

Cobum, J.. '03 

389 N. Kentucky St. " 

BA, as 

14 E. High St. 

CC, 8S 

Dunn, W. 0., '02 

R. F. D. No. 6, Box 548 

HE. 20S 

Flynn. H., '98 

230 N. Washington St. 

J, 4S 

DK, 4S, 25P. C 

Gordon. V. L,. '01 

227 Sheridan St. 

Hart. C- M., '01 

195 E. Monroe St. 

HS, 7S 

Horsman, C, '00 

19 Park Ave. 

0. 7S, 14P 

Kingston, G., '97 
Leafiy, J. M., '99 

Windsor Hotel 

ME, BS, 17P 

382 N. Lafountaine St. 


Michener, H., '01 

107 E. Taylor St. 

LE, 2S, lOP 

Osbom. D. E., '02 

231 Purdum St. 

AC. as. 22P 

Paugh. W., '01 
Pemne. R. E., '99 

171 Meridian St. 

DM, 5S. 27P 

473 S. Main St, 

ME, 7S. 25P 

Piper. C. J.. '02 
Raines. H.. '01 

150 State St. 

MH. 9S 

217 Ft. Wayne Ave. 

DL. 6S. 33P 

SoUenberger, W. E.. '00 

17 S. Buckeye St. 

T. 9S. 8P 

Stanford. L. R., '01 

204 E. Monroe St. 


M^. 22S. 2fiP 

Worthington. J.. '99 

1394 S. Main St. 



Reed. C. W.. 02 


EP. 7S 

Wariel. G. H.. '01 

Ladoga, montgombrv 


Wilson. C. D.. -01 

Ladoga, montgomkrt 





' Adina 
Lafftjette, tippbcanob 


Baum. L., '03 

913 King St. 

EP, 5S 

Boostras. T. A., '00 
Clapp, I. R.. '00 

4th and Cal. St. 

A, 13S, 15P 

710 N.- 18th St. 

Ti>, 8S, D 

DavW. A. H., '00 

10 S. 5th St. 

TP, 63 

Davis. W. S., '01 

311 N. 11th St. 

X, 2S 

He»og, J. A,, '01 
Hodge, F., *00 
Huehes, M., '03 

Care C. C. & L. R. 

HL, 4S 

1305 N. 15th St. 

LR, 7S 

60&24th St. 

EP, 7S 

Kann, W. F.. '99 

1410 Union St. 

C, 3S, 22P 

Kinnan. F, D., '00 

1631 N. 13th St. 

AB. 6S 

Lewis, E. G., '97 

812 S. 4th St. 

ME, US, lOP 

Magnuson. A. J., '02 
McCoy. -J., '01 

1718 Purdue St. 

EF, es, 3P 

R. R. No. 6 . 

UD, 4S; 13P 

McNeel,R. L., '01 

1022 Main St. 

CA, 4S 

Miller, G. W-, '03 

1321 Morton St. 

CA, 4S 

Smith, C. H., '97 , 

IIU Brown St. 

U, IS, 17P , 

Todd, J. A., '00 

304 S. 27th St. 

HS, 7S. 3P 

Todd, J. A., '03 

304 S. 27th St. 

HD, 8S 

Vawter, W. H., '03 

633 Main St. 

CO, 4S 

DO, 3S, 14P 

Weinh*rdt. A. G., '02 

502 Romig St. 


BeHiBan. T. W., '02 ' 

Lagrange, R. P. D. No. 1, lagrangb 

MU, lOS, 14P 

Brown, B., 'OI 

Lagrange, Box 25, Lagrange 

ED, 2S, 20P 

Ford, O. H,. '00 

Lagrange, lagrangb 

C, 3S. 24P 

Jackson. W. C, '99 
Smith, E., -02 

Lagrange, Box 483, lagrangb 

A, 21S, 25P 

Lagrange, R. R. No. 4, lagrangb 

BB, 2S 

Stough, L., -03 

Lagrange, Box 466, lagkange 

EG. 6S 

Hoiegreen, A., '02 

Lake Station, lake 


BB 4S 

Atkins, C. J., '99 

601 Rose St. 

HM, 5S 

Barnes, F. C, '00 

R. R. No. 1 

X, 28 

Bowman, G. P-, '03 

Box 176 

EP. 13S. 2P 

Buck. J. C, '02 

1002 Harrison St. 

LB, 9 Parts 

Bums, C. F., '02 

1201 Michigan Ave. 

ES, 7S 

Diehl, W. O.. '00 

R. F. D. No. 1 

HS, 9S, 14P 

Premier, E. C. '95 

206 Fox St. 

HS, 4S. IP 

Hoff, P., '03 

1411 Main St. 

DO, IS, 22P 

Patterson. N. L., '03 

1304 Main St. 

MN. 5S 

Richter. H. W.. '99 

Main and Jackson St 

A, 13S, 2P 

Robbins, A., '03 

R. R. No. 7 

EP, I2S 

Swingendorf. F. J., '01 
Wendt, R. E., '01 

132 Madison St. 

DI, 7S, 22P 

304 Niles St. 

CSN, 4S, D 


Hayden, H. A.. '00 

Larwill, Box 139, whitlbt 

J, 7S. D 

Hayden, H. A., '02 

Larwill, Box 139, whitlby 
Lebanon, boonb 

AC, 6S, ISP 

Bowen, E., '02 

607 E. Washington St. 

DK, 3S, 13P 

Carter, G., '03 

R. F. D, No. 2 

EP. 7S 

Daugherty, F., '02 

EN, 8S 

Dixon, A, J„ '96 
Pulwider, J. W., '99 

406 E. Railroad St. 

ME, 13S 

1. lOS 

H^aman, T. Z., '02 

R. F. D. No. 8 

ES, 7S 

Haielrigg, G., '02 

BE. 2S 

Hendricks, L. E., '02 

616 Royal St. 

ES, 7S 

McKinney, J., '08 
Storm, E G., '98 

922 East St. 

EP. 7S 

BW, I3S. I4P 

Wilcox, G; a., '02 

Box 683 




Namt and Ytar 

Addms ' 


Girton. b. V-. '99 

Lena, pabke 

Aker, Eva, '02 

Ligonier, noble 

KeUey, A. E., '01 

Ligonier, Box 37. noblb 

Kunkalmao. J,. '96 

Ligonier, noblb 

Long, H., '03 

Ligonier, noble 

Kendall, R., '00 

Lincolnville, w abash 

Hughes J. V.'03 

Linden, montgomerv 

Linton, GREENE • 

Archbald, H., '96 

Box 452 

Bell. S, A., '03 

Dixon, e.. '01 


Glatches..G., '99 

Jackson, E. W.. '02 
Kunkler.J.M.. '00 

Love, D., '00 

Maddox, W. F.. '00 

Reed, C. W.. '03 

_ Box 56 

Schieffer, W., '97 

Stephens, R., '00 

Thorp. C. F„ '96 

Wyatt. E., '00 

Blackman. E. A-. '99 


Dodds, A.. '"99 

Little, piKB 

Logangport, cass 

Adam, C, '02 

Care Long Clifif 

Beck, W. W., '02 

2228 North St. 

Bowman, F. M., "96 

Care Long Cliff ■ ' 

Bowman. I, A., '97 

ChambcrUin. E., '01 

Box 474 

Finch, Wr L,. '98 

315 Clifton Ave. 

Lautaenhifier. J. S.. '01 

1008 Linden Ave- 

Lowe. C. '02 

Cor. Wabash and Park Ave. 

McHale, M., '01 

430 3d St. 

Ncal, R, R.. '02 

1605 High St. 

Newbrough. W., '03 

5081 Broadway 

Porter, F. G., '99 

412i Market St. 

Powell, W. E., '00 

614 Melbourne Ave. 

Reeder, H., '99 

35 Washington St. 

Riddell, B. E„ -02 

403 High St. 

Seymour, W. T., '02 

408} Market St 

Sofiford. C, P., '98 

1400 Market St. 

Taylor. Nettie M., '99 

Box 192 

T_yson. M. V., '01 
Van Winkle, A. T., '98 

500 Helen St. 

1610 Market St. 

Wickersham. G.. '02 

800 Helm St. 

Winkle. A., • 

1510 Market St. 

Wright, A. W., '03 

525 Fitch St. 


Evans, W. L., "99 

Loogootee, martin 

LenW, W. T., '01 

Axline, E.. '02 

Lowell. LAKE 

Milboume, H., '98 

Lyford, PARKS 

Paton, J., '96 

Li'ford, PARKE 

irfackey. Care G. N. Stallard, gib 

Kohlmeier, V., '01 

Grebe. F. A., '03 

Madison, R. R. No. 4, Jbfpbrson 

HS, 6S 
BE, 3S 

P, 4S. 2P 
BE, 2S 
J. 4S. 6P 
AG. 4S 

CM, 22S, D 
BE, 5S 
X. 4S 
CM, 7S. IP 
MF, 7S ■ 
HS, 5S. IP 
G, lOS 
HS, 8S 
NF, 3S 
CM, 8S 
HS, 4S 
NA. 9S. IP 
HS, 4S 
X. 2S 
HS, 4S. 14P 

EP. 9S, 6P 
CA. 5S 
J. 9S. 15P. D 
EB, 3S 
TG, 6S 
C, 6S, 24P 
GB, 12S. 12P 
V. 4S. 12P 
ES. 5S 
DO, 3S, UP 
A. 6S. 13P 
ME, 9S, IIP 
T, I7S, 17P 
GA, 4S. 13P 
NA. 5S. 9P 
MD. 3S, 24P 
PE. ,5S, D 
A, 5S, 4P 
A. 15S, 21P 
DO, IS, 12P 
A. I5S, 21P 
DO. 3S, 16P 

A, 4S. 2P 
DL, IS, 19P 
BE. 2S 
G. 8S 

.d by Go Ogle 

Harding, W. M.. '02 

Madison, 315 W. Main St.. jbitbbson 

GA. 9S, 13P 

Schreever, P.. '02 

Madison, 714 E. 1st St-, jbpfbrson 

BE, 6S. D 

Thorobill, J. H.,'01 

Manchester. Cor. Short and Res. St., 


UD, 4S, 16P 

Oreen. E. R., '03 

Manilla. R F. D. No. 18, rush 

HD, 27S, .6P 

Hausel, P. D.. '02 

Mansfield, parke 

EH. 7S 

Sneider. W.. '03 

Marengo, Box 205, ckawford 
Marion, grant 

BE, 2S 

Beshore, H. L.. '00 

722 S. Branson St. 

E, 7S 

Bilbee, C. '01 

815 E. Pond St- . 

TG. 58 

Bowman, D., '99 

923 W. 4th St. 

, .6S 
IT, 5S 

Crumby, A. E., '03 
Cruse, 1., '00 

Box 631 

3512 S. Gallatin St. 

M, 5S 

Davis, U. J., '00 

Dunn, J. H., '03 

203 W, 30th St. 

: IE, lOS, MP 

2316 W. 13th St. 

EH, 5S 

Fair, B., "02 

2015 S. GaUatin St. 

' BE. 2S 

GilUspie, L, W., '95 

903 W- 4th St. 

J, 6S, 8P 

K, SS, 6P 

Harmon, 1. F., '01 
Hix, W. G '01 

1225 S. Bran St. 

513 Adams St. 

LS, 2S, 34P, E 

Kiger, G. FT, '98 

2920 S. Adams St. 

1. 5S. 6P 
ME, I4S, 25P 

McClure, H. E,. '98 

337 Swazee St. 

McPeely, M. J., '99 
Neal, H. E.. 'Ol 

C. 2S, 14P 

2216 S. Adams St. 

LD, 33, 10? 

Owen, L. G., '99 

8684 Vincennes Roa.1 

ME, 8S, 2P 

Plato, S.. '02 

431 N. Boot St. 

DL. 5S, 22P 

Pontious, J. W., "01 

1432 W. 9th St. 

BC. 5S 

Reynolds. H. F.. '97 

Wilson, P. W., '99 



Wysong, B„ '01 

632 Bond St.. Bon 471 


HS, 4S 

Monger, 0. H., 02 

Markleville, R. R. No. 1, madisok 

GC. 4S, 5P 

Parker, O. 0.. "03 

Martinsville. 359 Park Ave., morgan 

EP, 5S 

Williams. W. C, '03 

Martinsville, 354 N. Henry St,, morgan 

EP, 68 

Dessert, T„ '03 

Matthews. Box 156, grant 

BE, 2S 

Harris. L. C, '03 

Matthews, grant 

BE, 4S 

Sills, A., -03 

Matthews, grant 

BE, 4S 

"Wilson. C. M., '96 

Matthews, Box 225, grant 

ME, 6S, 19P 

Moffett, A., '03 

McCutchanvilk. R, R. No. 1, vandbrbuhc 

i. EN. 8S 

Piert:y, M. D., '02 

Memphis, clark 

HH, 6S 

Mollenhour, C , '00 

Mentone, Kosciusko 

Michigan City, iaporte 

EP. 9S 

Berber, W. C, '01 
Budiring, P., '02 

1407 Tennessee St. 

T. 15S, 12P 

123 E. 9th St. ' 

BA, 7S 

Crockett, R. E., '99 

415 Spring St; 
Rural Route 

ME, lOS. 24P 

Drake, R.I„ '01 
Taber, G. P., '98 

A, 7S, 7P 

402 Qoud St, 

J. 8S, 14P 

MN. 13S 

Hartford. O. A. C, '03 

710 Baltimore St., W. 

Hewitt, B.. '01 

220 Michigan St. 

HS, 8S 

Ohinging. L. A.. '03 
Pfister.C. H. '99 

120 E. 7th St. 

AG, 4S, 6P 

921 E, Michigan St. 

V, 6S. 22P 


Barrett, T, A.. '00 

Middletown, henry 

A, 58 

Farrell, W. T., '01 

Middletown, henry 

BE, 2S 

Hendrick. J.. 02 

Middletown, High St., henry 

BE, 2S 

McMullen, M, '03 

Middletown, 8th St., henry 

EG, 2S 

McKenna. P. E., '00 

Midland, Box 186, grbene 

LR, 38. 


Midway. SPENCER 

HS, 5S, 


/l/om* ami YtaT 

Beatty. C. R.. "99 
Boose, R,, '03 
Crabrel. C, '98 
Dreitzler. M, S. D., '02 
Duck, C, '01 
Duck, C„ '02 
Emenaker. P. J.. '01 
Hiner, L. E.. '01 


r, L. 1 

Hunt, F, L., '01 
Schumacher, N., 
Slote, W., '03 
Tumbuli, D. C. 
Waidner.F., '01 
Williams, G, A. 
Wines. R. P. ' 


Field, H. A.. '01 
Shepherd, H„ "02 
Lee, M., '02 
Wallace, E., '02 
Berry, C. P., '03 
Nichols, Miss Anna, '02 
Rogers. E.j., '03 
Wifley, D. S., '02 
Goodsel, J. M., '02 
Harvey, S. H- '02 

Johnson, P. D., 'S 
Casaady, N., '02 
Jones. W. G.. '02 
LiiUe. D. A.. '01 
Harvey. A, C, 'Of 
Graves. H., '97 
Case. G. W., '01 
Case, P., '01 
French, R. 



Abbott, Lena, '02 
Bird, W.. '97 
Blount, W., '01 
Boyer. I. H., '99 
Clayton, R. W.. '96 
Crandall, F. '94 
Denslow. D. N., '98 
Derry, E, G.. '00 
Dickey, 0„ '02 
Faerar, W. W., '03 
Fanger, H., '00 
Fanger. H. '03 
Fisher, H.. '02 
Griffin. W., '97 
Gutherie. G.. '98 
Hibbs. F. J., '00 
Hockenberry, O., '02 
Julius, R. S„ '02 
Leister, S. H., '01 

Hishttwftka, saint josef 

713 N. Bridge St. 

909 E. Lawrence St. 
215 W. Front St. 
126 E. 9th St. 
276 W. 3d St. 
276 W. 3d St. 
518 W. 4th St. 
310 W. Grove St. 
310 W. Grove St. 
202 W. Railroad Ave. 
719 Bridge St. 
Care E. Smith 
117 E, 4th St. 
813 N. Lawrence St. 

714 Mill St. 
116 W. 2d St. 


Mitchell, LAWRENCE 

Mitchell. LAWRENCE 

Mohawk. HANCOCK 

Monon, Box 1064, white 
Monon, white 
Monon, Box IS, white 
Monon. Box 28, white 
Monroe City, knox 
Monroe ville. Box 227, all en 
Monrovia, Box 140, morgan 
Monrovia, morgan 
Monrovia, Box 
Montgomery, davibss 
Montpelier, R. R. No. 
Montpelier, Box 200. 
Moores\-ille, mo roan 

Morocco, NEWTON 

Morristown. Box 11. shblbv 
Morristown. Box 41, shelbv 
Mount Vernon, E, 5th St.. n 
Mount Zion, wells 

407 Riverside Ave. 

1421 Elm St. 

316 S. Council St. 

31.5 Main St. 

Cor. Monroe and 2d St. 

1351 E. Main St. 

331 North St. 
1220 E. 9th St. 
233 Hovt Ave. 
51 1 S. Sharkey St. 
511 S. Sharkey St. 

115 N. Jefferson St. 

511 Sharkey St. 

Care The Citiiens Land Co 

1437 W. 10th St. 

323 E. 9th St. 

409 Mound St. 


MD, 3S. 14P 
EN. 7S 
CC, 2S 
MU. 5S, 25P 
J, 7S, D 
HD. 26S 
UD. 6S. 45P, C 
AC, 25S, 45P, D 
DK, 4S, 25P, 
BC, 4S. 8P 
DL, 4S, 12P 
ME. 15S, 26P 
ED. 2S. 25P 
JB, 3S, C 
ED. 3S, 17P 

T, 13S, 9P 

AC, ! 

. I3P 

GB. lOS, 7P 
EP, lis 
DO, 6S, 37P, C 
BE, 5S 
DO, 3S, 13P 
EW, 9S. 37P 
EG. 5S 
EW, US, 4P 
MD, 4S, 26P 
C, 9S, 14P 
C, IS. 14P 

HS, lis, 15P 
ME, 38. I3P 
ME, 6S, 25P 
EP, 5S 

BE, 4S 

HS, lOS, 17P 

B. lOS, lOP 
LR. 8S 

C. 2S, 13P 
R. 98. I3P 
A. 14S. 18P 
C, 48. lOP 
BA, 5S 
AC. 9S 
MD, 38, 17P 
AC. 48. I9P 
DO. flS, 37P. C 

C. 8S. 14P 

D. 4S 
MF, 5S 
MF, 98 

C. 78. IIP 





Manring, H. E„ '01 

420 arrettSt. 
' 601 Dix St. 

J. 7S, 7P 

EP, 6S 

Mathews, M., '02 

Newkjrk, I. B., -03 

217 N. Monroe St. 

MN, 8S, 5P 

Smith, P-, '02 

517 E. Main St. 

DO. 3S. 15? 

Stepleton. A., '02 

901 Wheeling Ave. 

DB. IS. 13? 

Swftt. B. T., '01 

St. John Hotel 

DJ, 3S. 17P 

Tvumer, Ethel A., '02 

Care Whitley Farm 

BA, 3S 

Tyler, Jr., A. W,, '00 
White. R. C, '02 

1005 E. Adams St. 

MD. 4S, 25P, C 

Heath Iron Bldg. 

LB, 8 Parts 

Zaller. C, '01 

505 S. Franklin St. 

DK, 3S, 47P 

Frarier, C. E., '01 ' 

Nappanee, elkrart 

DL, 7S. 45P, C 

Rdnoehl, G. M., '03 

Nappanee, B. Market St., elehart 

BE, 2S 

RuM, Lovina, '03 

Nappanee, General Delivery, elkhart 

IC, 3S 

Rusher, Norah L., '03 

Nappanee, Box 766, blkhart 
New Albany, tloid 

IC, 2S 

Beck, C, '99 

1304 Charleston Ave. 

Y, 6S, 22P 

Bennett, S. F., '99 

620 Culbertson Avej 

. LR, 8S 

Brasher. A. R.. '02 

1265 Vincennes St. 

EP, 5S 

Briggs. A. H.. '99 

606 Culbertaon Ave. ' 

LR, 8S 

Brown, S., '03 

1703 E. Spring St. 

BE, 2S 

Bur(«s, R.. '99 


HS, 3S. 14P 

Byron, N,. '00 

1115 E. Market St. 

LR, lOS 

DilUrd. C. T., '99 

1314 Culbertson Ave. 

LR. lOS 

Guernsey, E. B., '99 

302 Elm St. 

AD. 4S, 18P 

Hedden, D. K., 02 

New Albany Hosiery Mills 

TO, lis 

Kohler, J., '01 

213 Shelby St. 

EJ, 5S. I2P 
Lit. IIS 

Kurfess. F., '99 


Loheide, F, C, '98 

A, 248, 28P 

Long, F. W., '95 

224 Clay St. 

ME, 17S, 12P 

Long. J. A,. '98 

1945 E. Elm St. 

D. 5S 

McLeesh, R. B,. '01 

1744 Culbertson Ave. 

ED, 3S, 16? 

Melcher, C, '98 

718 E. 8th St. 

AD, 4S, 12P 

Merritt,G.S., '02 

216 E. Main St. 

BE, 3S 

Mix, W. A., '00 

1511 Elm St. 

X, 4S 

Orth, E., '00 

432 E, 5th St. 

P, 5S 

1106 E. Oak St. 

ME. lis, 3? 

Sceifera. G. C„ '02 

1810 Culbertson Ave. 

TS, 14S, C 

Shrode. T-, '01 

Silver Hills 

A. 9S. 5P 

Weber. F., '02 

1502 Charlestown Ave. 

ER, 4S 

Wright. C, W., -00 

Toll Gate, Corydon Pike 


Fette, A., '02 

New-Alsace, dearborn 

DO, 3S. 23P 

Baker, E,, '02 

Newburg, war rick 

EN. 8S 

DeForest. J. C, '02 

. Newburg, warrick 

HE, 7S 

Krackhardt, P., '03 

Newburg, warrick 

HE, 8S 

Libbertt, J. W., '02 
Burr, H. L.. '03 

Newburg, Box 186, wARRrcK 

EP, 7S 

New Castle, 1133 Lincoln Ave., Menrt 

AC, 4S, 7? 

Founce. W. L., '99 

New Castle, 514 W. Broad St.,, henry 

HS, 7S 

Hall. W. 0.. '01 

New Castle. 1526 Walnut St., henry 

CC, 4S 

Houck. T. B., '99 

New Castle. 718 W. Broad St., henhy 

ME, lOS, 4P 

Tones, E. E., '96 
Paskins, H. C, '01 

New Castle, Care Elec. Lt. Plant, henri 

{ HS. 5S. IP 

New Castle, 408 S. 15th St., henry 

DP, eS, 37P, C 

Runyan, W. B,, '02 

Newcastle, 1939 E. Broad St., kenry 

GD, ns. 12P 

Langer, A., '98 
PhilEps. T. J., '99 
Phillips. T. J-, -03 

New Harmony, posev 

HS. 7S 

New Harmony. Bon 178, posby 

" J, 7S, 2P 
EV, 18S 

New Harmony, Box 178, POSBV 

Dare. O. L., '01 

New Lisbon, henry 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 

Dare, 0. L.. '03 

New Lisbon, hbnrv 

GA, 8S, IIP 


Name and Year 
Watson, S. H., '01 
Wray, W. L., '03 
Sheopple, O. B., '02 
Lyons, "M. C, '03 
Harriman. W, W.. '00 
Bennett. R. W., '02 
Dunham, W. T„,.'03 
Heulmann, F. G., '01 
Kaiser, Jr.. J., '02 
Lanhon. I. J.. '02 
Michaels, C, '99 
Slack, S. W.. '02 
Holtzman. L. H., '01 
Baer, W. E., '01 
Gengereck, K., "01 
Crawford, M. L., '0] 
Jeungst, W.. '03 
Mennez, E. B,. '96 
Miller, J. H„ '97 . 
Morris. Ethel. '01 
Norris, R. W., '01 ' 
Rothenberger, J., '03 
Eggelhof, H., '03 
Gibbons, J, F„ '98 
Chappell, A., '01 
Chnaman, D. W.. '03 
Gregory. H,, '00 
Jamieson, R. C„ '00 
Johnson, J. D., '98 
McFartand, H., '97 
Rough, Miss Mary. '03 
Yeager, W., '99 
Shutt, W. P., '99 
Turley, U, B„ '02 
Dallons, J., '03 
Frierwood, R., '03 
Henshaw, Jr., S. B., '97 
Rogers, C, '03 
Eckre, [., '02 
VanDyke, B,. '03 
Everson, C. V., '01 
Gilbert. G. L., '02 
Bundy, W. C, '03 
Cloud. C. A., '02 
Hill, C. '02 
Maris, R. W.. '02 
Britt. O. L., '02 
Bruner. W. A.. '01 
Alfront. M., '02 
Dctraz, S. F., '99 
EUingwood, G. M.. '02 
Meeher, W. H., '02 
Rhine, J. W., '02 
Kirlland, H.. '93 
Diehl, C, "03 
Hover. J. A,. '03 
Kindig, J., '02 
King, A. E., '90 
Kiser, R., '03 
Lemon. S. G.. '03 
Moore, J, P.. '00 


New Market, >i 
New Market, montgomerv 
New Middletown, harkison 
New Point, R, R, No. 1. 
New Richmond, Box 305, h 
New Trenion, franklin 

Noblesville, 158 W. Plum St., k 

Noblesville, 109 E. Wayne St., Hamilton 
Noblesville, kauilton 
Noblesville, R. R. No. 6. Hamilton 
Noblesville, 58 W. Plum St., HAMILTON 
NoblesviUe, 81 W. Walnut St., Hamilton 
Nora, R. R. No. 1, uarion 
North Madison, jeppehson 
North Manchester, Box 713, wabash 
North Manchester, Box 141, wabash 
North Vernon, State St., Jennings 
North Vernon. R. F. D. No. 4, Jennings 
North Vernon, jbnninos 
North Vernon, 227 N. 5th St., JENNINGS 
North Vernon, 123 Walnut St., jbnnings 
North Vernon, 127 Walnut St., jbnnings 
North Webster, Box 125, KOSCIUSKO 

Oakland City, ( 
Oakland City, gibson 
Oakland City, gibson 
Oakland City, gibson 
Oakland City. Box 44, gibson 
Oakland City, Box 69. gibson 
Oakland City, gibson 
Oakland City. Main St., Box 3 
Onward, cash 
Orleans, Box 211, i 

Orestes, j 
Orestes, k 


Osgood, RIPLEY 

Otterbcin, benton 
Owensvillc. Route 19, gibson 

Oxford, BENTON 

Paoli, orange 

Paoli, Box 105, ORANGE 

Paoli, Box 307, ( 

Paoli, ORANGE 

Patoka, GIBSON 
Pendleton, madis 
Pendleton, Box 281, i 
Pendleton. R. R. No. 3, hadison 
Pendleton, madison 
Peiinville, jav 
Perth, CLAir 

Peru. 401 E. Main St., miami 
Peru, 449 E. 2d St., miami 
Peru, 229 E. Main St., miami 
Peru. IC E. 6th St., MIAMI 
Peru, Box 143, miami 
Peru, 224 W. Gth St., miami 
Peru, MIAMI 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

DH. IS, 21P 

EP, lOS 

BA, 2S 

A. IIS, 12P 

HH, 16S 

HE, 16S 

A. 21S, 21P 

ES. 5S 

EO, «S 

HE, 7S 

ME, 15S, 12P 

GA, 12S, 21 P 

LR, 3S 

E, 7S, 17P 

EA, 27S, 25P, D 

CC, 3S 

EW, 6S, lOP 

R, 18S, 24P, n 

A. 9S, 6P 

CC. 8S 

BE, 2S 

EF, 7S, 20P 

EP. 6S 

BE, 4S 
CC, 2S 
TP, 5S 
CM, 6S. lOP 
HS, 88, D 

BA, 2S 
TP, 8S 

ME, lis. UP 
AD, 5S, 15P 
EP. 8S 
HE, 15S 
X, 2S 
HD, lis 
DL, 3S, 12P 
EG, 5S 
BE, 2S 
HF, 12S 
HD, 30S. 5P 
HD, 27S, 6P 

BB, 4S 
EO, 6S 
HS, 8S. 4P 
MP, 6S 

A, I6S, UP 
GO, 5S, 3P 
EC, 8S. D 
EN, 7S 
F. 20S 
EP. 8S 
DO, 2S, ISP 
AC, 7S, 5P 
H, 4S, IP 
EP, 8S 
EX, 13S 
HS, 5S 







Reeves C. E., '01 

Peru. 73 E. 10th St.. miaui 

HS, 4S 

Thiobold. O.. -00 

Peru. 203 W. 3d St., MIAMI 

A, 4S. 2P 

Parker, J. I., '01 
Smith. G, E., '9fl 

., Petersburg, pike 

BB. 2S 

Petersburg. 8th and Popular St., pike 

X.-6S D 

Petersburg, pike 

A, 15S 

Taviaer. P. J.. '02 
Beyler, A. E., '02 
Fuller, H., '02 

Petroleum, wells 

PA. 7S. 6P 

Plymouth, Box 760, Marshall 

DO. 39: 26P 

Plymouth, mar shall 

BE. 6S. D 

Kleckner, H., '02 

Plymouth, R. F. D No. 2, Marshall 

EP, 5S 

Strombeck, J., "01 

Plymouth, Box 813, Marshall 

ED. 3S, I7P 

Strunk, Mabel. '02 

Plymouth, Marshall 

BB. 4S 

Overman. W., '01 

Point Isabel, grant 

L 6S 
EP. 7S 

Armstrong, H. A., '02 

Poland, CLAY 

Greene, E, A. '97 

Porter, porter 

HS. 4S, 6P 

Skog. O- '02 

Porter, Box 109. porter 
Portland, jay 

HH, 8S 

Gable, Jennie, '01 

133 E. Arch St. 

BD, 2S, IIP 

Hammons, W. L., '01 

301 E. Water St. 

UD, 4S, 21P 

Heuy, T ,, -01 

SHE. Arch St. 

BA. 3S 

Miley, H., '03 

209 E. Water St. 

DN. 5S, 21P 

Miller, W.. '02 

801 E. Votair St. 

lA, 38 

Moore, C. E;, '03 

416 W. Main St. 

AC, 4S. I6P 

Moore, L. A., '03 

Box 201 

AC, 5S. lOP 

Robbins. F. E., '01 

127 E. Arch St. 

ED. 4S, 25P, C 

Sohday. M. R., '02 

627 E. VolUire St. 

BA. 6S 

Wilson. Jr., G. A.. '00 



Waldem, R. W., '03 

Poseyville. posby 

Princeton, gibbon 

DA, 2S, IIP 

Binkley. H., '00 

613 S. Seminary St. 


Brown, J. J., '99 

118 E. Monroe St, 

LR, 7S 

Dougan, L., '00 

R. R. No. 2 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Dougan, L.. 02 

R. R, No. 2 

AC, 6S, 33P 

Hanafee. W.. '99 

■1011 S. Gibson St, 

LR, 8S 

King, R., '02 

EP, 13S 

Mason. F. F., '01 

908 Seminary St. 

ED, 4S. 25P, C 

Mason. F. F., '03 

828 S. Main St. 

MW, 5S, 36P 

McCarty. H. A„ '02 

EV, 9S 

Nichols, H, T.. '99 

219 W. Broadway 

J. 7S. D 
, MO. 5S. D 

Presnell, W. D., '02 

Snyder. H., '00 
Williams. H. C, '01 

914 Storment St. 

AB. 6S 

603 E. Oak St. 

TG. 5S 


Van Winkle. A. A.. '03 

Prospero, per It V 

GC,'6S, 13P 

Fisher, N., '01 


Red Key, Box 670, jay 

JB, 3S, C 

Bayne, C. M., '00 

HS, 9S. 14P 

Coons, O. F., '02 

Red Key, jay 

EP, 9S 

Grenard, B. M., '99 

Remington, jasper 

TP. 8S, D 

Lucas, E„ '03 

Remington, R. R. No. 1, jasper 

HH, lis 

Ka«b. V. P.. '02 

Rensselaer, Box 126, jasper 

DO. 3S, 24P 

Thornton, C. L., '02 

Rensselaer, 316 E, Ehn St., jasper 

J, 6S 
feX. 7S 

Thornton. M. B., '03 

Thornton. M. J., '03 

Rensselaer, jasper 

Richmond, waynb 

GC, 4S. 3P 

Ballinger, C. E.. '03 

623 N. 8th St. 

MW. IS, 14P 

502 Main St, 

EN, 8S 

Baughman. W. C, '02 

2-3 Grand Bldg. 

AC, 3S, 14P 



Baughman. W. C, '01 
Bilbee, C. E., '93 
Brown, H. j., "02 
Browne. F. W:, '99 
Bruce, L. E., '03 
Bundy, W. E., '03 
Bundy, W. E., '00 
Coffmaa, R. G.. '01 
Dietrich. E. C, '99 
Dougan, I. C, '01 
Duvall, S. C, '99 
Ferguson, J. W., '02 
Harris, G., '02 
Harrison, H. P.. '01 
Haitt, N. L., '02 
Highley, H., ^01 
Howard, W., '01 
Johnson, W. A., '97 
Kemper. G. E-, '99 
Lttwson, W. H., '02 
Layman. E, S.. '03 
Mansfield, G. W.. '00 
Martin, Edna L., '02 
Miller, O. A.. '02 
Moelker. F.. '01 
Noss, L, '01 
Page, F. C. '01 
Parke, W. A.. '00 
Price, F. M.. '00 
Reinhard. A. A.. '97 
Rodefeld. A. H.. '02 
Ruble, C. I. '95 
Shiffley, E. B., '97 
Thomas, H., '01 
Threevits. W. W,, '02 
Tingle, C. R., '02 
Trvar, R. E.. '02 
Wi'lliams. H. C. '03 
Williams. |- G-. '99 

Riddlebarger, V.. '01 
Coucliman, J. P.. '02 
Lochridge, C.. '96 
Dunlap, H.. '01 
Guthne, Mabelle. "03 
Kromm. C, M.. '02 
McGuire, J. W.. '01 
Hasper, C. '00 
Nurtzel, W„ '00 
Bryant. L., '00 
Ferguson, W. S., '95 
Lanning, E. G.. '02 
Osborne. M,. '02 
Hazlett, I. L.,'00 
Hufford,"W. A., '98 
Rothenberger, R., '01 
Smith, D.,^01 
Buell, P. C, '02 
Abel, R., '02 
Kecsler. S,. '02 
Herron, O.. '02 

46 S. 19th St. 

516 N, I6th St. 

321 N. 13th St. 

General Delivery 

208 L. B. St. 

W. 5th and Main St. 

W. 5th and Main St. 

222 Richmond Ave. 

211 N. 2d St. 

R. F. D. No. 29, N. 7th St. 

Colonial Bldg., Room 9 

208 S. 13th St. 

153 Chestnut St. 

Easthaven Hospital 

1116 N. D St. 

227 N. W, 3d St. 

1018 Main St. 

1614 E. Main St. 

311 S. 3d St. 

113 S. lOth St. 

231 N. 16th St. 
125 S. 14th St. 
301 N. 12th St. 
151 Chestnut St. 

232 S. 5th St. 
100 S, 22d St. 
30 S. 10th St, 
226 S. 9th St. 
604 6th St. 
7 S. 4th St. 
201 S. 10th St. 
801 N, 8th St, 
Care H. L. Weber 
305 S. 10th St. 
R. R. No. 5 
200 Richmond Ave. 
203 S. lOth St. 
724 Main St. 
307 N. 13th St. 


Ridge ville. Randolph 
Roachdale, Box 205, i 
Roachdalc. putnah 
Rochester, pulton 
Rochester, pulton 

Rockfield, CARROLL 

Rockfield, carroll 

Rockport, s 

Rockport. s 

Rockville, 111 E. High St., parkb 

Rock ville. parks 

Rockville, parkb 

Rosedale, Box 143, parkb 

Ross ville, CLIN TOM 

Rossville, Box 209, clinton 

Rossville, R. R. No. 1, Clinton 

Ross ville. CLINTON 

Rush\'ille, RUSH 

Saint Joe, R. F. D., dbkalb 

Saint Joe. dekalb 

Saint Paul. 

MD, 2S. 14P 
C. lOS, 25P 
HD, lOS. IP 
CC, 7S 
EP 5S 
GB, 6S, 12P 
ED, 3S, 17P 

BD, 2S, IIP 
HS. 4S 
ED, 3S. 24P 
A, 12S, 20P 
MC, 6S, 25P 
ER, 4S 

CC, 2S 
NA, 5S, 13P 
ME, 9S 
ME, 12S, 13P 
MD. 3S, 15P 
X, 5S, D 
DE, 3S, IIP 

BE, 5S 

A, lOS. 21P 
DB, 2S, IIP 
AC. 6S, 3P 
UD, IS, lOP 
CSN. 4S 
ED, 3S, UP 
LS, IS, 16P 
A. 4S, 14P 
EB, 2S 
HS, lOS, 15P. D 
T, 9S, IP 
C. as. lOP 
EO, 8S. D 
BE, 2S 
DL, 3S. 12P 

AC, SS, 12P 

AD, 4S, 23P 

J. 7S, D 
EP. lOS 
X, 3S 

GD, 3S, 15P 
BB, 3S 
HH, 9S 
ME. 6S. 25P 
HS. 8S, 9P 
X. 4S 

CD, 5S, IIP 
AD, 2S, 15P 
HP, 14S 
HE. 22S, 2P 
X, 5S. D 
A, ns, 7P 
ME, 15S, UP 
CC, 2S 
HH, 15S 
HH, 163. D 
HH, 18S 
EP, 7S 





Metiler, Gertrude E.. '02 

Saint Paul, dbcatur 

BA. 4S 

Banks, C, '03 

Salem, Box 332, wasuinotok 

NC, 4S, I6P 

Shrum. G., '02 

Salem, Washington 

AC, 4S, 16P 

Whitesell, 0. H., '01 

Sandford, vioo 

BR. 5S 

McQuinn, I., '03 

Scottsburg. SCOTT 

BB, 3S 

Wil«y, W. v., '98 

Scottsburg. 9COTT 

SeOmburg, clabk 

A, 17S. 27P 

Bates, T.. '01 

Box 4 

AD, 6S, 13P 

Cook; D. S., '98 

Box 104 

HS, 4S. 4P 

Davis, A., '02 

Box 64 

AD. 6S 

Hanger. E.. '01 

Box 182 

-X, 2S 

Packwood. C, '03 

Box 146 

EO, 2S 

Pomdeater, G. E., '01 

AD. 4S 

Puckett, L. A., '02 

AD, 6S 

Rady. J., '00 
Seigle.J. C..'04 

Box a 13 

HS. 5S 

R. P. D. 

EP, 6S 

Simth. C. E., '02 

EQ, 8S, D 

Smith. C. '98 

X, 5S. D 

Smith. C. E.. 03 


EF. 16S 

Schull. J. H.. '02 

Selma. dblawarb 

EO, 5S 

Southern, W. H.. '02 

Selma, dblawabe 

CA, 8S 

Carter, Anna E.. '02 

Seymour, 17 £. 2d St.. jackson 

BB, 4S 

Cosby, M, W., '01 

AB, 6S, D 

Hagan, C. B.. '01 

Seymour, 307 Chestnut St., jamsom 

LR. 9S 

I-oertz, E. C. '00 

Seymour, 1 E. 2d St., jackson 

D. 5S 

McGinnis, G., '00 

Seymour, W. 4th St, jacxson 

LR, 12S 

Siefker, F^ '01 

Seymour, R. R. No. 4, JACKSON 

HS, 8S, 2P 

Annis, J. C, '02 
Horst, P., '01 

Shelbum, Box 102, sullivan 

BE. 28 

Shelbyville, 25 Public Sq„ shelbv 

EF, 7S, 4P 

Main, M. R., '03 

Shelbyville, R. R. No. 6. shblbt 

EP. lis 

McLane, D., '01 

Shelbyville, 45 E, Hendricks St., 8HBLBT 

E, US. 14P 

Montgomery, C„ '02 
Wdser, J. A., '02 
HigbecH, R.. 02 

Shelbyville, 231 W, Mechanic St.. bhblbt 

BB, 2S 

Shelbyville, 121G E. Penn St.. shblbt 
Sheridan, Hamilton 

AC, 4S. UP 

EF, PS, 25P 

Perry, L, B., '03 

Sheridan, Hamilton 

BE. 2R 

Alderson, R., '01 

Silverwood, fountain 

South Bend, saint josbph 

HS, lOS, 17P. D 

Baer. C. H.. '02 

Genl. Del. 

AG. 8S, 17P 

Beaudway. W. L., '01 

139 E. Paris St. 

CC, 9S 

Blakeman.X. P., '01 

855 Clinton St. 

UD, 4S. 14P 

Camfield, F. H.. '01 

422 W. Madison St. 

J. 4S 

K, 9S. 17P 

Collmer. W., '95 

1032 W. Washir^ton St. 

Druliner, C. 0.. '00 

306 N. Main St. 

ME. US, 13P 

Duttem, W. A.. '97 

903 Vistula Ave. 

P, 4S, 3P 

Forawith, J. L., '00 
Forsyth, W. J., '00 

1454 S. Bend St. 

A. 6S. 6P 

710 LaPorte St. 

A. 12S, 13P 

Gortz. G. L., '99 

913 Portage Ave. 
326 W. C<atax Ave. 

C, 4S. 18P 

Hawkins, J. R., '03 
Herring, I?., '95 
Holland. P., '93 

BA. 2S 

627 N. Scott St. 

A. 8S. 19P 

1911 S. Michigan St. 

C. 9S, 13P 

Hollowell. C. L., '99 

719 Brick Ave. 

A. lOS, 17P 

Howe, W. E., '02 

132 S. Michigan St. 

MS. 8S. 14P 

Kale, P. L., '02 

1305 S. Main St. 

DH, IS, 17P 

Lacey, T. A.. '02 

410 W. Marion St. 

TL, 20S 

Lapp. C, E., '02 

206 Pennsylvania Ave. 

MK, 6S. D 

Lipps. W., '96 

225 LaPorte St. 

N, SS. 17P 

Mannering, I. A., '04 
McCartT,!;. J.. '03 
McFarland. W., '01 

613 Vistula Ave. 

HE, 7S 

704 E. Jefferson St. 

BB. 2S 

915 Park Ave. 

DI, 7S. 22P 




»Ha>uf Vnr 



ckin, K. G.. '02 

1116 S. Michigan St. 

EP. 5S 

■. B. J.. '01 
:, O. D.. -02 

1208 S. Michigan St. 

ED, 4S. 25P, C' 

912 S, High St. 

HE. 23S, 7P 

s. W. G., 00 

714 S. Carroll St. 

X, 2S 

F. A,. 02 

310 S. Franklin St. 

EX. 9S 

r, F. R., -00 

717 S. Lafayette St. 

ME, lis. 12P 
AG, 4S ^ 

^n, L. M.. '02 

510 Gushing St. 

, O. W., '98 

118 W.Monroe St. 

J, 9S. 16P 
ME, lis 

l[le, A. E- '01 

643 Blaine Ave. 

rew, S. P.. '99 

Box 5 


lack, O. H., '99 

126 S. Scott St. 

E, 2S. 16P 

s. W., '01 . 

713 Vistula Ave 

ED. 3S. lOP 

, G, W.. '02 

126 Vistula Ave. 

EP, 7S 

, T. S., -01 

612 E. South St. 

ED, IS, 12P 

bcrger, J. Y., '00 
iwiak, f. P.. '02 

705 Sherman Ave, 

A. 4S, 8P 

712 S. Chapin St. 
405 S. Michigan St. 

BA, 3S 

C. M., -96 

C, 17S. 2SP 

■. J. L,, '02 

. 6. E., '02 

730 Harrison Ave. 

EN. 8S 

304 N. Lafayette St. 

BE, 2S 

r, C. '02 

817 W. LaSalle Ave. 

TL. 22S, C 

■-. E., '02 

606 A St, 


EP. 7S 

, F. B.. '01 

DK, 2S. 14P 

k. J. W. 'Ol^ 

South Wabash, Cor. Chestnut & Vernon 


JM. 5S 

ME, 18S, 13P 

r. A., '00 

South Whitley, Box 212, whitlby 

, Gertrude. '01 

South Whitley, 122 State St.. whitley 

ED, 3S, 24P 

ly, W. W., '02 

South Whitley, 205 Poplar St. 

South Whitley, 101 S. State St., whitlby 

BE. 4S 

C. H., -01 

TP, 6S , 

■ei. E. A.. '02 

Spencer, owbn 

HA. 8S, D 

wy, E.. '02 

Spencer, owem 

HH. 7S 

igton, L. T., '97 

ME, 9S 

T, Jennie. '02 
R. H., '01 


BE. 3S 
ME. 2S, 17P 

C. E., '02 

State Line, wakren 

DK. 3S, 17P 

nor. W.. -01 

Staunton, clay 

G, 3S 

EF. W., '02 

Staunton. cLAir 

EH. 7S 

1, W. E., -99 • 

SuUivan, Box 106. sullivan 

C, 4S, 16P 

, H. R., '02 

Sullivan, sulmvXn 

EP, 5S 

ng, H, G,. '00 

Sullivan, Box 256, sULtiVAN 

BC, 4S 

■11. J. M.. '02 

Sullivan, SULLIVAN 

ES. 6S 

Bessie E,. '02 

Sullivan, Cor. Beach & Chase St„ 

BB. 2S 

E. B.. '02 

Sullivan, sullivan 

EV. 17S. 2P 

K. W.. '01 

Sullivan, sullivan 

A. 6S, 12P 

W., '02 

Summit ville, maoisom 

EP, 13S. IP, D 

1, P. W.. '99 

Swan, Box 92, kobi.e 

HS, 5S. 7P 

n. P.. '03 

Tell City, PERRY 

Terre Hsute, hendbrgon 

EP. 5S 

E. G., '00 

925 N. 7th St. 

X. 4S 

E. G.. '01 

925 N. 7th St. 

A. lOS, ISP 

■, J. L., -02 

827 N. 5th St. 

EP, 5S 

., A,. '99 

Cor. 1st & Walnut St. 

C, 6S. 24P 

, W. H., '01 

216 S. 7th St. 

SP, IS, I6P 

R. L.. '03 

157 N. Ave. 

EP. 8S 

G. W.. '02 

1601 Collegf- St. 

DO. 6S. 37P, C 

ns, W. R., '98 

HON. 8th St. 

C. 8S, 2P 

R.. '03 

2103 Liberty Ave 

HH. 14S 

d, R, H„ '01 

1420 N. 7th St. 

R. 6S. lOP 

r, P. R.. '02 

1833 N. 8th St. 

CA. 4S 


tfamt and Ytar 

Lohman Lillian '02 

660 Poplar St. 

LC, 15 Parts 

McAlfime, L, '02 

826 N. 9th St, 

MC, lis. 6P 

Mead, M. J.. '02 

656 N. 64 St. 

MHFO, 14S, D 

Moeller, C. P., '02 

29 N. 14th St. 

DO, 3S, 14P 

Motta. S., '02 

2814 Schaal Ave. 

AC, 6S 

Padget, C, '98 
Phifcr, Jr., J.,'03 

1612 Locust St. 

A, 25S, 45P 

405 N. 4th St. 

ER, 4S 

Preston, R.„'02 

424 S. 13i St. 

DO, 3S. 18P 

Probst, E. C, '01 

1226 N. 6th St. 

XX, 2S 

Rcubelt. J. W., '03 
Roberts, 0. P.. '03 

312 N. 7th St. 

DP, 3S, 17P 

1514 Poplar St. 

CA. 4S 

Saenger, J. H., '98 

1211 N. 9th St. 

C. 8S 

Salter. F. G., '01 

1900 N. lltbSt. 

BE, 2S 

SchwartKlose, N. W., '03 

218 6th St. 

BE, 2S 

Shake. N , '02 

1316 4th St. 

EP, lOS 

Smyth, C. B., '95 

1005 N. 9th St. 

C, 14S, 25P 

Stei-enton, S. E., '02 

1100 Poplar St. 
302 N. 7th St. 

RR. 6S 

Stum, L, A., '02 


Terhorat. J. G., '00 

239 S. 9th St. , 

ED, 3S, 13P 

Vernon, P., '99 

LR, 9S 

Zimmennan. T.. '01 

Rose Dispensary 


D, 4S 

CTifforf. W. A.. '95 

■Thelma. pobtsr 

ME. 24S. 25P, D 

Clifford. W. A., '07 

Thelma. porter 

R, 18S, 24P 

Ling. E. J., '95 
Taylor, G., '02 
Peffley, H., '02 

Thelma, porter 

ME, 24S, 25P, D 

Tipton, 1st & Madison St., TIPTON 

BE. 2S 

Tracy, Box 14, laportb 

EP. 6S 

Cooper, C, H.. '03 

Tunnelton, lawrencb 

EG, 2S 

Stewart. Ca!lieM.,'03 

Turner, Clat 

BA. 2S 

Williams, W. H., '02 

Tyner, Box 88, marbhall 
Underwood. R. R. No. 1, Clark 

DO, 3S, 24P 

Bolly. T., '02 

CA, 6S 

Brown, E. h.. '00 

Union City, rakdolph 

ME, 26S, 25P. D 

Fey, A., "02 

Union City, Box 101, Randolph 

EN, 5S 

Fox, J. D., '01 

Union City, R. R. No. 6, RANDOLPH 

HS. 8S, D 

MitcheU, H. W , '02 

Union City, Box 384, Randolph 


Trafaer. F. E., '02 

Union City, Randolph 

CA, 4S 

Ziclit. W.. '02 

Union City, RANDOLPH 
Upland, Box 165, grant 

EO, 2S 

Chance, A.. '03 

EN, 8S 

Lyon. W. A?; '03 

Upland, GRANT 

EP, 5S, fiP 

Bell, E„ '01 

Valparaiso, care of E. A. Bell, porter 

DL. 3S, 13P 

Esperson, 1., '01 
Pemekes. P. S., '02 

Valparaiso, care of Dodge Institute, porter NC. 7S, IP 

Valparaiso, 86 W. Main St., porter 

BA, 2S 

Grahek, J„ '02 

Valparaiso. Rooms 1-3 Freeman Bldg,. 

X, 5S 

Moak. V. C. '01 

Valparaiso, 35 Union St.. porter 

LS. 2S, 34P, D 

Oberlin, W.. '01 

Valparaiso, port a r 

A, 4S, 12P 

Reed, A., '96 

Valparaiso, 9 Vineyard Hall, porter 

HM, 6S, IP 

Sievers. A. W„ '01 

LS, IS. 32P 

Stephen. Dorothea, '02 

Miller. C, '00 

Valparaiso, Washington St., porter 

DB. 2S, UP 

Veedersbur;:. fountain 

ME. 3S, lOP 

Rowe, E. C, '03 

Veedersburg. fountain 

EP. 5S 

Yerkes, L.. '96 

Veedersburg, fountain 

B. 9S, ISP 

Yerkes, L- '95 

Veedersburg, fountain 

R, 8S, 18P 

Yetter, J. E,. '01 

Veederebttrg, fountain 

HS, 8S. D 

Jackson. W., '01 

Vevay. switzbrland 

rmceonM, knox 

LS, IS. 14P 

BUhop. E,. '99 
Bonsib. R„ '01 

First National Bank 

AA. 2S 

1702 N. Q St, 
320 N. 401 St. 

UD, 3S, 23P 

Boyd. J. T.. '00 
Deluryeo. E.. '99 

ME, 3S, lOP ■ 

703 Prairie St, 

AD. 5S. IP 


Noun and Ytat 

Duncan. W. E., '02 
Eaton, E. E., '02 
Gochenour, P. O., '03 
Green, C- F., '02 
Heitz, A. J.. '99 
Hill, W. B., '00 
McClure. J. S., '95 
McGreyn, C. M., '01 
Miller, J. S., '01 
Ramsey, J. H., '02 
Ratcliff, H. E., '98 
Saiter, A., '01 
Schaffer, L., '01 
Seddelnieyer. E. G., '02 

Bass, B. H.,'00 
Bass, B. H., '02 
Bolte, H. C, '03 
Brett, C. H., '00 
Carothers, H. E., '02 
Christmax, C. P., '01 
Compton, W. E., '03 
Dalrymple, R. E., '97 
Dickover, R., '01 
Dunbar, F. W., "02 
Hebbe, E. R., '01 
Hendorf, f.. '00 
Hess, O., '03 
Logan, J. R., '97 
Malloch, R. B., '00 
Rkc, P., '02 
Scott. E.. ■07 
Yagerlehner. E., '00 

Fooker, H., '00 
Haines, C. S., '02 
McDonald, C' '02 
Schwartz, H. B., '( 
Brooks, W. S., '02 
Evans, F. L., '02 
Knepper, F., '02 
Patterson, C. B., 
Siglef, C. '03 
Webber, J, W., '03 
Wheeler, F. H., '02 
Fritch, L. C, '96 
Gioet, E., '03 
Hart. Z., -02 
Lauby, C. W-. '99 
Liebhardt, C, '02 
Logan, A. L., '01 
McLemore, F., '02 
St«mt, C . '97 



Btadbury, A. E 


1419 N. 3d St. 

112 Seminary St., Box 8. 

701 N. 7th St. 

817 Busseron St. 

711 N. 6th St. 

610 Swartzel Ave. 

509 N. St. 
103 S. 7th St. 
1408 Busseron St. 
Genl. Del. 
906 Locust St. 
711 N. 7th St. 
829 N. 7th St. 

510 N. 8th St. 
413 Sycamore St. 
618 N. 8th St. 

195 Cass St. 
195 Cass St. 

69 Walnut St. 
18 Vernon St. 
R. R. No. 3 
101 S. Wabash St. 
R. F. D. No. 2 
202 Pike St. 
87 Vemon St. 
National Hotel 
21 Sinclair St. 
Main St. 

60 E. Walnut St. 
309 N. Main St. 
299 E. Hill St, 
59 W. Market St. 

70 W. Maple St. 



Warren, huntington 

Warsaw, Pa. Depot, kosciusko 

Warsaw, R. F. D. No. 3, Kosciusko 

Warsaw, 610 Park Ave., iosciusko 

Warsaw, Box 417, Kosciusko 

Warsaw, 914 Center St., 

Warsaw, Box 914, kosciusko 

Warsaw, Box V.~ 

Washington, datibsg 

Washington, R, R, No. 2. 

Washington, R. R. No. 1. DAVtBSS 

Washington, 500 N. Meridian St., davibss 

Washington, 603 E, Main St., DAVIBSS 

Washington, 1320 E. Vantress St., davibss 

Washington, davibss 

Washington, 616 W. Main St., davibss 

Waterloo, deKalb 

Waterloo, R. F. D. No. 3, dbkalb 

Wayne, 431 Poplar St., wayke 

West Lafayette, 218 South St., Lafaybttb 

West Lafayette. 157 Pierce St,, LAPAYETTB 

EP. 7S 

HD, 32S, IP 

HJ, 17S 

EP, lOS 

ME, 17S 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 

HS, 4S, 9P 

TP, 5S 

X, 3S 

HE. 208 

A, 48 

X, 28 

X. 38 

DB, 4S, IIP 

AA, 4S 

DO, 3S, 17P 

ME, 108. 25P 
GD. 13S, 17P 
GO. 4S, lOP 
I, 165. 16P 
ES. 9S 
ED, 3S, 12P 
EO. 4S 
HS, 8S. IP 
JM, 2S 
MF, 7S 
C, 108. 25P 
HS, 7S 
PA. 4S 
HS, 6S 
X, 5S 
BA, 3S 
A, 13S, 6P 
E. 7S. 13P 

ME, 21S, 13P 
EP, 6S 

AC, lis, 6P 
EN, 78 
EA, lis, 5P 
BE, 2S 
HD, 22S 
GA, US, 13P 
ES, 7S 

BA, 2S 
EP, lOS 
A, 8S, IP 
MF. lOS 
EP, 12S, UP 
Y. 8S, 22P 

AD, 58, 13P 
ED, 4.S, 25P. C 
BE, RS, D 
HS. 5S, 7P 
ME, 5S, 25P 
EP, 7S 

C, 5S, 26P 
PA, 48, 5P 
C, 10% IP 



Hollis, H.. '03 
Nielson, I. J., '99 
Knney, P. J., '96 
Schalfiol, C. D., '99 
Stadlay, N. B., '01 
Wortham, J. R.. '99 
Greenson, W. E., '0 
Wittorft, J- '01 
Knoll, O. E., '02 
Schbchter, E. B., 
Ault, J. W., '03 
CripUver, C. F., '00 
Washlefcky, W.. '02 
Bex, U., 03 
Schorley, J. R-, '00 
Hammer. "H, M., '02 
Busse, F. W.. '01 
Thompson, S. L., '01 
Wright, U. C, '01 


West Lafayette, 218 Wagsans St., 


-nard, T., '02 

J.. '02 
M., '05 


Emerv, J. G., 01 
Henderson, H. K., 
Howard. F. W.. 'OS 
Love, A, R., '01 
McCoy, F.. '02 
McKey, W. A., '03 
Price, O., '02 
Rossman, H. R. 
Schoclcney, N.. '02 


Kdsling. G. W., '03 
VanClcRve, G. W., '01 
Tislow, C. H., '02 
Kenrick. J. F., '96 
Verweire, L. B.. '02 
Chapman, G. P., '00 
Pri£<«le. G. A., '01 
Hiddaugh, H., '01 
.Nickebon, E. O.. '01 


HE, lOS. 24P 

West Lafayette. 134 Grant St.. 


GC. 6S. 7P 

West Lafayette, 106 Sylvia St. 

ME. 9S, I4P 

West Lafayette, 429 State St.. 


C. IIS. 2fiP 

West Lafayette, R. F, D, No. : 


West Lafayette, 415 State St., 


TP, 8S, D 

West Lafayette, 220 South St., 


R. 8S, 18? 

West Newton, uariok 

X, 2S 

West Newton, marion 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 

Westville. laportb 

BA, 6S 

West Wayne. 307 Douglas Ave 

1., WATNB 

ME, J2S, 25P 

Whiting, 524 119th St., lake 

AC, 4S. 7P 

Whiting, 323 John St., lakb 
Whiting. Genf. Del., lakb 

D, 8S, D 

DO, 3S. 13P 

Williams, lawrejjcb 

ID, 3S 



Willow, HANCOCK 

DL, 4S, 18P 

Wihnington, Box 25, dbarbori 

ED. 3S. 16P 

Wilmington, dbarsorn ■ 

CC, 1 IS. D 

Winamac, pulasei 

X, 2S 

Wlnchestw, Randolph 

EP, lis 

127 E. Pearl St. 

EO. 7S 

32 W. Main St. 


R. R. No. 4 

DK, 2S. 12P 

210 E. North St. ■ 

BA, 5S 
EO, 2S 

NO. 6S. 6P 

1222 N. W. St. 

EN. 9S 
J, 6S, 18P 
EO. 5S 

Box 655 


Windfall, tiptoh 

EF. 7S, 12P 

Wingate. Box 155. hontooubrt 

A, 6S, 6P 


BE. 2S 

WolcOtt, WHITB 

A. 4S, 14P 

Wolcott, Box 37, WHITB 

DO, 4S, 37P 

Yeoman, Box 21, carroli. 

HS, 4S 


HS. 4S 

Zanesville. wblls 

ED. 4S. 26P. C 

Zanesville, wblls 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 




Nam, and Yiar 




AUra, Ida, R. '03 

Alderson, Box 82, choctaw 

BE, 4S 

Hunter. J., '98 

Aldereon. choctaw 

G, 4S 

Patterson. J., '96 
MareK, C. A.. '00 

Alderson. choctaw 

G. 5S 

Ardmore, Box 86, Chickasaw 

ME, 13S. 25P 

Woods, EUza. '01 


CT, 3S 

Stevens, W, A., '99 


A, 8S, 2P 

Waits, E., '00 


CC, 2S 

Ewers, Laura. '02 

BristOW, Box 4, CRBBK 

BE, 2S 

Betndorf, C. '01 

Chickasha, CHICKASAW 

MP, 6S. D 

Conley, R. H.. '00 

Chickasha, Care Chickasha Wholesale 

Grocery Co., chickasaw 

X, 2S 

Gainer. E.. '93 

Chickasha, CHICKASAW 

C, 9S. 13P 

Good. L. J.. '03 
RozzeU, G. R., 'WJ 

Chickasha, Box 106. chickasaw 

RL, 2S 

Chickasha. chicxasaw 

RV, 13S. D 

Riner. D., '00 

Chickasha, Box 67. chickasaw 

A, 6S. lOP 

Thompson, O., '02 

Chickasha, Box 446, chickasaw 

BA, 25 

Dufiy, M.. '94 
Matfliews. W.. '02 

Coalgate, Box 106, choctaw 

CM, 22S, D 

Coalgate. Mine No. 7, choctaw 

NA, lOS, 9P 

Tripp, J. '03 

Coalgate. Box 168, choctaw 

AC. US, 13P 

Buhy. A., '03 

Coweta, CNBBR 

AC, 138, 34P 

Burry. A., '01 

Coweta, CEBEK 

UD. 6S, 34P 

Golightley, T. E., '94 

Durant, CHOCTAW 

F. 7S 

Doughertv. J., '02 

Hartshome, Box 12. CHOCTAW 

NB, 8S, 3P 

Roberts, W.. '01 

Hartahome. choctaw 

ME, 12S, 9P 

Ezzell, B- T., '03 

HaUeyville, choctaw 

RV, 1 38, D 

Pethond. C. '01 

Haileyville, choctaw 

HS, 8S 

Gibson, T. H., '01 

Hickory, chickasaw 

Howe, Box 53, choctaw ^ 

EI, 7S 

Channell, H. T., '01 

HS, 7S. IP 

Kem, P. D., '03 

Hugo, General Delivery, choctaw 

RL, 38 

Bobtead, D., '92 

Krebs. choctaw 

CM, 18S 

Wood, J., '97 

KrebR, choctaw 

CM, 5S 

Hartraan. L., '94 

Lehigh, Box 174, choctaw 

HS, 7S. 3P 

Martin, J, H., '97 

Lehigh, choctaw 

MP, 58 

Collins. A. H.. '97 

Lishomingo, chickasaw 

SM, 5S. UP 

Bosley. C. R., '94 

McAlester, choctaw 

CM, 228 

Homer, J. C. '01 

McAlester, choctaw 

HS 5S 

Kindrick. P., '98 

McAlester, choctaw 

G. lOS, D 

Cbckrane, R. M., '02 

Mekuskey, Box 33. seminolb 

AD, 18, 16P 

Beebe, Vera L., '03- 

Muskogee, 316 W. Court St., CRBBK 

BE, 3S 

O'Rourlce. T. C. '99 

Muskogee, crbbk 
■Pauls Valley, chickasaw 

AB, 5S 

Cofer, A. H., '03 

HE, 178 

Haynes, W. A.. '03 

Pauls Valley, P. V. Light and Power Co.. 

EX, 68 

J. 4S 

ME, 168, 2fiP 

Cameron, A. B., '96 

Phillips, CHOCTAW 

Hudson. J. W.. '98 
Walker, L., '03 

Sapulpa, General Delivery, crbbk 

RR, lOS, D 

Paige. R. R., '03 

Sapulpa, Box 173, crbbk 

EL, 5S. 2aP 

Reeves, W., '02 

Sapulpa, CRBBK 

RD, 5S 

Bradford, W., '99 

Shawnee town, chocTaw 

A. 6S. 6P 

Brwce, J.,'01 

South McAlester, Box 464. choctaw 

LR, 28 

Dobyns, k., '01 

South McAlester, choctaw 

HS, 4S 

Foster. Mrs. Laura H., 

,'02 South McAlester, Box 23. choctaw 

BE, 3S 

Crawford, C. V., '97 

Stilwell, CHBROXBB 

P, 6S 

Parton, W. B., '02 

Talihina, choctaw 

RD, 158 

Halt, W. J.. '01 

Westviile, Box 27, chbrokbb 





Nam. and Ytat 



Deters, N., XW 

Ackley. HARDIN 

CC, 2S 

Patteraon, W. E.. '00 

Adair, Box 100. *dair 

MM, 7S, 3P 

Wright, A. C, '02 

Adel, Box 335, ballas 

EW, lOS, 24P 

Campbell. W.B., '00 

'03Ainsworth, Washington 

LB, 10 Parte 

Albia, MONBOB 

TR. 12S. D 

Forsyth, J. G., '02 

Albia, MONR08 

MQ, 3S 

BC; 5S. 19P 

Franklin. C, '97 

Albia, MOHKOB 

Hammond, I,, '01 

Aibia, 730 N. Harrison St., moneoe 

BC. 9S, 6P 

Howard, W., '03 

Albia, MONHOB 

HH. 15S 

Pabst. E. W., '03 

Albia, MONROE 

HH, 17S 

Spann. C. F.. '01 
Trimble. G., '02 

Albia, HON HOB 

BC. 4S, IP 

Albia. R. F. D.. MONHOE 

EF, 7S. 16P 

Sehaub. F. P., '02 

Alden, hardin 


Biggs. G, T., '02 

Algona, KOSSUTH 

EP, lis 

Cowan, H. R, '02 

Algona, KOSSUTH 

AG, IS, 13P 

Dunwoodie, M. C, '03 

Algona, KOSSUTH 

EN, 7S 

Hansen. A,, '97 

Algona, KOSSUTH 

P, 68. 7P 

Herman. Jr. C, '98 
Heights, M. W.. 'Q8 

Algona. Box 616. KOSSUTH 

tl, 4S, 21 P. C 

Alta, Box 175. buena vista 

HS, 9S, 15P 

Davis, H. S., '01 

Alta, Box 391, bubna vista 

HA. 4S 

Fairchild, G. B., '01 

Altoona, Route 1, polk 

ME, 7S. 7P 

Muilenburg. W. C, '02 

Alton, Care of John Vanes, sioux 

BE, 2S 

Leiohsenring. J., '02 

Amana, iowa 

TO, 13S, C 

Agg. R., '00 

Ames, 89 I. S, C„ stohv 

E, 4S, 18P 

Haaa. J. M,. '01 

Ames, story 

TP, 5S 

Kasteii.J. H., '03 

Ames, Lawton House, Box 144, storv 

AC, 4S, 10? 

Harsh. Mia, '03 

Ames. I. S. C„ story 

BB. 3S 

Miller. G. A., '03 

Ames, 524 Onandaga St., story 

DO, 3S, UP 

St. John. I.. '02 

Ames, 808 Clark St., story 

AG, 5S 

Seymour. B. T., '99 

Ames, Box 82, stobv 

J, 48 

MD. 4S. 25P. C 

Simpson, D. C^ '99 

Ames, STORY 

Stephens. R. W.. '00 

Ames. STORY 

ME, lOS, UP 

Bniyn, C. S., '03 

Anamosa, jonks 

EN, 7S 

Knapp. A. S., '00 

A, 12S. 9P 

Miller, C. '03 

Anamosa, jones 

BB, 5S 

Tarbai, Ada E., '03 

Anamosa. jones 

BA. 2S 

Humerick, C. B.. '03 

Anita, Box 287. CASS 

EP, 5S 

Cook. C. D., '02 

Anthon, 'Box 67, woodburv 

HA. 6S 

Erickson. C. W., '01 

Armstrong, ehmet 

HS. 5S 

Day. S., '00 

AshgTove, DAVIS 

Atlantic, cass 


Allen, R. W., '01 

903 E. 10th St. 


Byrd, G., '00 

401 Poplar St. 

MM, 23S, 14P 

Camblon. C. K.. '03 

806 Walnut St. 

AD, 4S, IIP 

Carlsen. V. G., '01 

HR, 6S 

Crain. D. S.. '96 

322 Chestnut St. 

MP. 6S 

Martin. A. Bessie, '01 

601 Locust St. 

UD. 4S. HP 

Ruehr, J., '02 
Sands, L., '03 

1004 Palm St. 

NH, 2S 

609 Maple St. 

BE, 38 

Sowders. C. W., '01 

103 W. 4th St. 

EI, 7S, 4P 

Tostevin. Edna, '01 

1107 Cedar St. 

BB. 3S 

Worthing. C. E., '01 

808 Chestnut St. 

A, 6S. 5P 


Na«u and Ytor 


, RKord 

Eddy. 0. L., '03 

Audubon, Box 404. AufeuBON 

AC, 4S. 3P 

Camngton, W.. '03 

Aurelia. cherokbe 

HH, 13S 

Anderson. H., '03 

Avery, monbob 

HE, lOS 

Gilbo. N. P.. '03 


AC. 6S. 39P 

McCawley, J. L., '00 

Avoca, Box 606, Pottawattamie 

A. 6S, lOP 

Bartlow. R. L,. '03 

Beacon. R. F. D, No- 1, uahaska 

HH. 16S 

Biggs. M. E.. '03 
B^ H., '03 

Beacon, R. F. D. No. 2, Mahaska 

BE, 2S 

Beacon. R. F. D. No. 2, mahaska 

BE, 2S 

Canty. J. W., '93 

Beacon, makaska 

P. lis 

Owena. R.. '99 

Beacon, mahaska 

CM. t3S. 2P 

Patterson.Tr., W., '99 
Reynolds, R.. '00 

Beacon, R. F. D No. 2, mahaska 

CM, 7S, 7P 

Beacon, mahaska 

X, 2S 

Thomas, E„ '98 

Beacon, mahaska 

X. 4S 

Flummer, J. W., '03 

Bedford, tatlor 

EN, 12S 

Shoemacker, A. C. '01 

Bedford. Box 309. tavlob 

ED, IS. 13P 

Hammond, E.'. '99 

Belle Plaine, summer 

LR. 6S 

Howe, R. C, '01 

Belle Plaine, Box 397, summer 

BE. 2S 

Tawney. C. F., '98 

Belle Plaine. Box 125, summer 

HL. 7S, 2P 

Winslow, E. W., '99 

Belle Plaine, summer 

LR. 6S 

Till. J. H.. '01 
Kesafcr, Bessie. '02 

Belleville, republic 

J. 4S 
BE, 2S 

Bennett, cbdab 

Morse, F., '03 

Bloomfield, Box 287. bavis 

HT, lOS 
ME, 22S, 24P 

Falmer, P. H., '98 

Bloomfield, davis 

Sheppard, N. A.. '02 

Bloomfield, OAvis 

- AG. 4S 

Whitehead, B-, '01 

Bluffs, 1501 2d Ave.. WOODBURY 

X, 2S 

Bonaparte, Box 55, van buren 

EP. lOS 

Dickinson, J. W., '02 
Entler, E. W- 

TO, 13S. C 

Bonaparte. Box 335, van buren 

A, 16S, 45P 

Boone, boone 

Alger. V, v., '01 

1415 Story St. 
121 Carroll St. 


Anderson. O., '02 


Brooks. Z. T.. '00 

1405 Carroll St. 

LR. 7S 

Deming, W., '00 

1638 6th St. 

LR. 7S 

Doyle, G., '01 

1502 Crawford St. 

CSF, 5S 

Epperson, E. B.. '01 
Hanson, Josephine. '01 

1212 MarshaU St. 

BC. 6S, 8P 

621 Harrison St. 


Kurz, A.. '00 

1130 Meridian St. 

LR. 12S. D 

McVey. E., '01 

1221 E. llthSt. 


Olmsted. A., '95 

301 Tama St. 

C, lOS, 25P 

Otis, C. '00 

217 11th St. 

UD, 3S, lOP 

Pancratz. H. P.. '01 

1018 Boone St. 

■ HS. 4S 

Rinehart, M. T., '00 

230 CHnton St. 


Scanlan. T. J., '98 

Box 974 

R, I7S, 24P. D 

Soderquest, J. E„ '02 

304 Green St. 

AC, lis. 16P - 

Soderquest, J. E., *99 

304 Green St. 

CC. 9S, D 

Young, E. ET, *02 


NC, 'lOS, 7P 

Duttoo, G. E., '03 

Boonesboro, boone 


Kelly, G.. '89 

Boonesboro, 1129 W. 6th St., boone 

HS, 4S 

Morgan. T,. '99 

Boonesboro, booke 

G, 73 

Morgan, W. R.. '97 

Boonesboro, Box 134, boone 

HS. lOS. 15P. I 

Smith, Minnie. '01 

Boonesboro. 916 3d St., boone 

BD. 7S. 18P. D 

Hayes. W. I., '02 

Bristow, BUTLER 

HH. es 

Shinier. F. L., '03 

Brooklyn, powbshiek 

EN. lis 

Eigel, G. E-. '00 

Bryant, Box 3, clinton 

XX, 6S, C 

Owens, G. W.. '03 

Buckingham, tama 

ER 5S 




BnrUngton, dbs moinbs 


Am, C, P., -02 

513 Leebrick St. 

LA. 9 Parta 

Brown, A. E- '01 

1301 Market St. 

ED, 3S. 12P 

Brugeer, H. M., '99 
Burfey. W. S,. '99 

1109 Rhine St.. Box 326 

C, 4S, 24P 

1225 Smith St- 


Caiman, H. S., '02 

Care of Peoples Gas & Elec Co. 
1503 Garfiefd Ave. 

ES, lis 

Carter, J.. '03 

MN, 5S 

Cowles, L. E., -01 

1505 South 10th St. 

HL, 4S 

Daulermann, F. C, '01 

931 Garden St. 

ED, is. 21P 

Davis. C. L.. '02 

419 Marshall St. 

DO. 3S. 16P 

Davis, L., '00 

Union Hotel 

X, 2S 

Douglass, 0., '01 

968 Washington St. 

X, 6S, D • 

Ege. R.. '01 

118 Woodlawn Ave. 

UD, 3S. I3P 

Herrog. R. P-, "01 

918 S. 3d St. 

RD, 5S 

Highbee, G. G,. '02 

603 Summer St. 

HE, 27S. 17P 

Houser, E. J.. '01 
Krekel. Nellie, '03 

Care of Wyman & Rand 

X, 2S 

1421 S, 12th St. 

BE. 5S 

Libbey, G. H., '98 

110 S. Marshall St. 

HS. 9S, 13P 

Norling, H. C, '02 

420 Adams St. 

BE, 3S 

Ogilvie, R. M.. '00 

706 Locust St, 

R. 16S. lOP 

Pearson. A, E., '01 

107 N. Garfield Ave. 

BC. 8S, 19P 

Pearson, H,. '03 

107 N. Garfield Ave. 

DM. 3S. 16P 

Pearson. M. H., '01 

107 N, Garfield Ave. 


Reece. A. G., '03 

328 N. Lane St. 

DL. 4S. 13P 

Rinter, H. A.. '01 

806 Court St. 

X, 2S 

Rundorf, Mamie, '01 

R. R. No, 5 

BD. 7S, 16P 

Shepard, R., '01 

102 Marrietta St. 

E. 4S, 25P 

Miller. N., '00 

Buxton. MONROE 

CM. 13S, IP 

Plum, F,, '03 

Buxton, MONROE 

HH, 16S, D 

Field, M. N.,'00 

Carroll, Burke's Hotel, carroll 

LR, 4S 

Schmita, A. J.. '0& 

Carroll, carroll 

LR, 7S 

Tompson. C. N.. '02 

Carroll, 80fl Clark St., carboll 

HH. 17S, D 

Whitehorn, C. A., '03 

Castana, Box 171, MONOSA 
Cedarfalls, blackhawx 

HD, lis, 4P 

Cook.J. C, '00 
Christmnseo. C. E.. '01 

2420 Walnut St. 


303 Grant St, 

Garnett. R, L., '98 

1018 Main St. 

U, 3S. HP 

Heskett, 0„ '03 

1009 Qay St. 

AD. 5S, 13P 

Hewitt, F.. '96 

118 W. 7th St. 

HS, 5S, 4P 

Jensen, M. G.. '03 
Lane. J. S., '03 

Burr House 

BE, 2S 

603 Washington St. 

DO. IS, 15P 

Scharle, H. M., '99 

R, 15S, 15? 

Speert, V. v., ,'93 
Tergeman, G., '02 

210 Walnut St. 

Ceda^Rapida, linn 

C, 8S, 5P 

Barnes, R. E., '03 

1325 A Ave. E, 

EO, SS. D 

Bowles. O. W., '96 

1310 A Ave. 

I. 9S 

Can-. W, L„ '02 

520 17th St. 

EG. 5S 

Clark, W. M.. '03 

857 S. 10th St. 

BE. 2S 

OauBsen, C. E., '03 

113 S. 2dSt. W. 

BE. 6S. D 

Cook. Mrs. Eva M.. '00 

207 7th Ave. 

X. 2S 

Creighton, W., '03 

334 S. 7th St. 


Freeman, O. F., '98 

Care of The Clinton 

ME, 8S 

Gallagher, I, '02 
Gannt, C. D.. '02 

503 C Ave. E. 

DL, 4S, lOP 

1001 3d St. 

DL. 4S, 12P 

Grant, C.J. H.. '09 
Guthrie. F. L.. '01 

717 N. St. W. 

C, 4S, 14P 

604 Franklin St. 

X. 3S 

Hauchett, S, F.. '99 

125 N. 2d St. W. 

LR, 7S 



Namt atui Yiar 

Hatpoun, G. M., '9 
Hecklinger. G., '01 
Hildebrand, B. C, 
Holbrook. R. H.. 'tKi 
Tenista, C, '00 
Keith, F. W., '02 
Klaffenbach, H. C, 'i 
Kontsky. E., '02 
Koehler, G. W., '01 
Martin, J. C, '02 
McCauley, T. F., "99 
McFarlaod, R., '01 
Moore, I. A.. '01 
Moreland, L,, '97 

Payn. C. E., '03 
Popelka, E., '02 
Rednar, J. R„ '02 
Richards, D. W., '01 
Robbins. F. M., '99 
Sauer, C. C '00 
Sutherland, T. M., '01 
Swearinger, R. E., '0- 
Thompson, J. B., '02 
Wallace, E. R.. '02 
Wamstrom, C. A. 
White, J. B., '99 
Whitsitt, B. M.. '01 
Yeager. W. F., '02 
Zbanek. E, C, '02 
2itha, J., '01 
Zollinger. R.. '02 


Heverly, J. J., '02 

Adams. J. A., '02 
Carlson. E. A.. '01 
Conner, H., "00 
Conner. J. B., '98 . 
Crow, H., '00 
Guernsey, R. L., '01 


1, A., '00 

:, H., '02 

Miller. J., '99 
Pullman, P.. '03 
Reynolds, Nellie. '01 
Stenbcrg, A., '00 

Hill. W. S.. '03 
Poucher, G. H.. '03 
Bartels, E,, '01 
Bennett, H. J.. '01 
Goddens, R., -01 
Hauser. J., '00 
Schneider. J. L., '98 
Wiemer. F.. '97 
Johnsion, W.. '00 
Trimble, F., "03 


512 S. 10th St. 
600 1st Ave. E. 
427 6th Ave. 
120 2d Ave. 
330 G Ave. W. 
1657 C Ave. E. 
129 W. Uth St. 
183 16th Ave. W. 
1003 N. 8th St. 
713 8th Ave. 

City Hall, City Engineer's Office 
362 8th Ave. W. 
120 N. 6th St. 
1017 E. Ave. W. 

513 Can- St. 
936 3d St. W. 
825 19th Ave. W. 
921 S. 9th St. 
426 S. 1st St. 
Box 278 

410 S. 10th St. 
116 Uth St. 
220 4th Ave. 
228 N. 1st St. 
1323 E Ave. E. 
82 8th Ave. W. 
1316 J St. 
1226 5th Ave. 
1208 N. 5th St. 
122 I2th St. 
1015 2d St. 
1321 4th St. 
1044 3d Ave, W. 


Center Point, linn 

CenterriUe, appanoosb 
609 W Washington St. 

1009 S, 19th St. 

307 W. State St. 

Box 515 

Walsh St., Box 146 

Box 107 
Box 370 

Central City, linn 
Chariton, lucas 
Charles City, ployd 
Charles City. Box 777, flovb 
Charles City, 603 Kellog St., floyd 
Charles City, 110 Main St.. floyd 

AD. 6S. 14P 
HS, 7S. 6P 
LR, 78 
C. 8S. IP 
U, 5S, 21 P, C 
DL, 3S. 13? 
LB,-H Parts 
DL, 4S, 12P 
CSN. 4S, D 
EA. IIS. 25P 

B. 6S, 16P 
ED, 3S. 17P 
ME, US. 25P 
MD, 4S, 25P 

C. 4S, 25P 
DK. 3S, 18P 
AG, IS. I2P 
BE, 2S 

IB, 3S 
A, 6S, 12P 
AD, 4S, 6P 
T, 7S. 13P 
A, lOS, 28P 
AC. 4S. lOP 
BE. 6S. D 
ER, 6S, D 
DL. IS, 13P 
P. 53, 7P 
A. 4S. 16P 
EO, 3S 
AG. lOS. lOP 
£, 4S. 13P 
DO, 6S, 37P, C 

DP, 3S. 14P 
G, 3S 
W. 88, D 
CM, 68, IIP 
HS, 5S 

HS, 5S 
HH, 14S 
BD. 2S. IIP 
G. lOS. D 

DO, IS, lOP 
AC, 4S 
DK. 2S. 20P 
BE. 4S 
C. 7S. 14P 
LS. IS, 16P 
MQ, 4S, 5P 


BA. 2S 




Carter, M, '02 

Cherokee. State Hospital, chcrokbb 
Cherokee. R. F. D. No. 5, cherokeb 

HH, lOS 

Clau, F., '02 

HD, 9S 

Lundgren. G., '01 

Cherokee. Cherokee Elec. Co., chekosbb 

HS, 7S. 3P 

Reese, E. F.. '93 

Cherokee, cherokeb 

C. 8S. 17P 

Snook. C. H., '01 

Cherokee, Box 630, cmerokee 

HS, lOS. 17P, D 

Tedford, A. C. '02 

Cherokee. Care of State Hospital, chbroke 

B HH, 20S, D 

Spencer, G. M., '02 
Allen, J. R., '01 

Chester, Box 155, ho ward 

AC, 5S. 15P 

Cincinnati, Box 75, appanoose 

NF, lOS. D 

Ferris. M. E., '01 

Clarinda. 204 W. Lincoln St.. page 

. 7S. 3P 
IH. lOS 

Freeman, I. L., -02 
Olson. J. 0., '99 

Clarinda, State St., page 

Clarinda, PACE 

HS, 6S, IP 

Williams. C. B., "02 

Clarinda. Box C, page 

DO, 3S, 18P 

Eilere, E.. '02 

Clarion, wbicht 


Elder. G. B., '02 

Clarion , w right 

AC, 8S, 12P 

Losh. C. A.. '98 

Clarion, wricht 

HL, 4S, 12P 

Trent, C, '02 

Clarksville. butler 

BE. 2S 

Haywaid, L. H., '00 

Clearlake, cbrro gordo 

ME. 16S. 9P 

Hovey. S., '02 

aearlake. Box 354, cehro gobdo 

EA. 12S, 9P 

Palmeler. C. C, '02 

Clearlake, cerro gordo 

BA, 5S 

Pilson, Ida, '02 

Clearlake, Box 683, cebbo oordo 

BB. 3S 

Ward, Nettie L.. '02 

Clearlake. Box 183. cbrro gordo 

BB, 4S 

Wert. C. M., '02 

Cleariake, cerro gordo 

EP. 5S 

Phillips. I. J.. '01 
Quick. W,, ■'03 

Cleveland, lucas 

G. 4S 

EP, 6S 

Clinton, clinton 

Bendtschneider, A.. '01 

CC, 2S 

Bohart, G. S.. '00 

412 4th Ave, 

MP. 6S. D 

Bryant, W. G.. '00 

931 W. 2d St. 

DJ, 3S. lOP 
DN, 6S, 22P 

Carey, E.. '01 

634 9th Ave. 

Cullen, L. E., '02 

1101 5th Ave.. Care of Star Boiler Works 

Dittner, H.. '00 

1142 Liberty St. 

HS. 4S 

Edmunds, A.. '99 

612 Stockhohn St. 

C, 3S, 18P 

Fullick, T. E., '02 

310 9th Ave. 

EP. 6S 

Guernsey, H. W., '02 

70fl Stockholm St. 

EP. 8S 

Harvey, J, S., '03 

233 4th Ave, 

RO. lis 

LaOrange. F. M., '01 

430 15th Ave. 

CS, 58 

Lake. F. W.. "00 

527 8th Ave. 

C. 7S, 25P 

Murphy. W. J„ '02 

419 2d Ave, 

AC, 6S, 8P 

Ocker, C, '01 

140 Park Ave. 

HS, 9S, lOP 

Otto. W. H.. '99 

717 Camanchea Ave. 

LR, US, D 

Rigley, G. I.. '99 

633 7th Ave. 

AB, 5S, D 

Roman. E. G.. '02 

1049 7th Ave. 

DP. 3S, lOP 

Shaw. May A., '02 
Shaw, R. M., '00 

921 4th Ave. 

BE, 2S 

921 4th Ave. 

A, 16S, 13P 

Strickler, G. B., '01 

A, 8S 

Stodden. J.. '01 
Thomas, A. D., "00 

210 N. 4th St. 

HS, lOS, 17P, D 

646 8th Ave- 

T, 14S. 24P 

Wallace, N. G., "96 

Care of General Foreman 

HL, 5S. 6P 

Stanley. F. D.. '02 
Dale. A., '99 

Coalcreek, kbokuk 

DK, 4S, 25P, C 

Colfax. Box 410. jasper 

CM, 14S 

James, D. t., '00 
■Wilson, J. H, '03 
Trazey. W.. '95 

Colfax. Box 79. jasper 

G, lOS 

Columbus Junction. Hickory St.. louisa 

EN. 6S 

HS. 7S. 4P 

RawlKton, A. R., '01 

Conway, tavloh 
Coon Rapids, carroll 

ED. 4S, 25P, C 

Taylor. O- M, '00 
Williams. L. B„ '00 

J. 7S, D 

Coon Rapids, carroll 

A. as 

Couhay, J. W.. '03 

Coming, adams 

HH, 15S 

Gillet, O. P., '02 

Coming. ADAMS 

BE, 2S 

Wisdom, W. H., '99 

Coming, adahs 

HS. 5S 


Namf and Yiar 

Barber, T. A., '02 
Allred. Jr.. N. P., '02 
Bullington, S. S., '02 
Hartley, S. E.. '03 

Axtell. H. W., '95 
Balluff. F. W.. '99 
Beardstey, E. D., '00 
Borwick. E., '01 
Burke, F. A., '02 
Children. F. R., '94 
Church. H. W., '99 
Denny. W. G.. '99 
Evans, C. E., '99 
Foster. A. L., '99 
Gayle. T. S.. '99 
Haramack, E. C. '00 
Hastings. Jessie, '99 
Hudleson, A., '01 
Larson, F. J.. '01 
Leonard. J. A., '02 
Liles, H. M., '02 
Norene. A, A., '99 
Pethybridge. j., '01 
Rain. A. L.. '99 
Reynolds, G. 0,, '96 
Ring, D. N., '01 
Sanderson. L,, '00 
Sheward, R. L., '99 
Stone, F. W., '02 
Tulleys, L. W.. '98 
Westerholm, A., '00 

Knutson. F,, '02 
Addie, H. G., '02 
Addie, H. G., '94 
Gagcr, L. D., '02 
Hildahi, O. G„ '00 
Carlson, F. A., '02 
Clark, B., '02 
Miller. H„ '01 
Sedgwick, H, L., '00 
Thompson, P. E., '01 
Whipple, I. C, '03 
Widdilield, A. W., '01 
Harris, Bessie M.. '03 
Smith, L. A., '03 
Rhinehart, W. O.. '00 
Shipley, G. D., '99 

Barley. H,, '01 
Behufce, H. H.. '99 

Bendixen, P., '98 
Bomeman. A., '98 
Brannwalder, J., '00 
Brumin, L. C, '03 
Clasen. W., '03 



CoTWith, R. D. No. 1, HANCOCK 


Corydon. Box 32, wavnb 

AG. 48, 20P 

Corydon, wavnb 

- AC. 4S. 19P 

Corydon, waynb 

EX, 17S 

CouacU BIuHb, pottawattamib 

818 S. 6th St. 

A, 31S. 34P. D 

1800 S. 9th St. 

CC. 3S 

114 Park St. 

ME, lOS. 26P 

211 S. Main St. 

LS. 2S. 34P, D 

312 High School Ave. 

GA. lis. 17P 

2127 S Ave. 

MD. 8S. 13P 

516 E. Broadway 

E. 7S. 3P 

600 Mill St. 

JR, 6S, 7P. D 
ME. 16S 

308 Stursman St. 

704 S. 1st St. 

C, 9S, 14P 

160 Harrison St. 

A, lOS 

717 Broadway 

A, 5S. 7P 

2912 Ave. D 

CC. 8S 
HS. 4S 

308 Broadway 

22 S. 23d St. 

DI. IS. 14P 

R. F. D. No. 4 

EG. 7S 

815 25th Ave. 

AC. 5S. 13P 

2622 Ave. A 

JR. 48 
ME, 5S, 17P 

232 Vine St. 

825 E. Pierce St. 

H8. 48, 2P 

928 Ave. F 

ME, as, 7P 

928 Ave. F 

AD, 48 

1008 Ave. F 

1, 6S, 9P 
ME. 19S. 16P 

242 Vine St. 

200 Benton St. 

CA, 5S 

102 Main St. 

MP, 58 

323 Harrison St. 

A, 4S, 12P 


CrawfordsviUe, Box 11. wiSHiNCTON 

HP, 148 

Cresco, Box 155. Howard 

EA. 4S, lOP 

Cresco, Box 180, Howard 

MD, 38, lOP 

Cresco. Howard 

BE. 2S 

Cresco, Howard 

U. 3S. lOP 

Creston, 804 W. Summit St., union 

RD. 88 

Creston, 609 N. Maple St.. union 

EP, 8S. 5P 

Creston, 707 N, Birch St., union 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Creston, 305 N. Pine St.. union 

LR 118 

Creston, 211 N. E. Chestnut St., union 


Creston, 1208 W. Adair St., union 

AC, 5S, IP 

Creston, 202 S. Vine St., union 

X. 28 

Cumberland, CASS 

BA, 2S 

Dakotah, humboldt 

HE, 178 

Dallas Center, marion 

J. 58 

Dallas Center, marion 

A. 6S, HP 

Davenport, scott 

31 1 Lincoln St. 

CC. 28 

212 W. 5th St. 

A, 5S. 33P 

2244 W. 2d St. 

C. 3S, IIP 

Route 3 

C, 6S, 16P 

239 Indiana St. 

ME. 68, 24P , 

2003 Detwell St. 

DL. 68, 27P 

619 W. 14th St. 

MC. 6S, 37P 


Noun and Yiar 
Clasen, V., '01 
Davidson, F. A., '01 
Dengler, F., '01 
Doty, G. A-. "99 
Ebeling, A. H.. '02 
Ebeling, A. H.. '99 
Ebeling, H, W., '03 
Ebeling, P., '03 
Edens, H. F-, '02 
Edens. W., '01 
Porbert, H. R.. '00 
Foster. D. C, "02 
Forbes. O- C. '03 
Proeschle, A., '99 
Garstang. J. F., '99 
Gray, Stella. '03 
Hans«n, A., '98 
Happe, H. C-, *99 
Harrison. Mary E.,.'0: 
Heescticn, C. M.. '01 
Herpinger, H. A., '02 
Hinton, J., '03 
Hoeftinan, M., '02 
Hoisington, H., '95 
Hoyer, R.. '00 

■• E. J.. '02 



Kobs. O.. '00 
LaGrange, G., '03 
Landboiv, B. A., ' 
Lepsky. W.. '95 
Lewis, Blanche E. 
Mundt, A. G., '99 
Nabstedt, F.. '99 
Norling, B. D. 
Peterson, E., 'uu 
Peterson. W,, '00 
Quast, A.. '02 
Regennitter, H. H.. '98 
Risley, L. I., '01 
Schmeideskamp, A. J., 

Spieles. P. J.. '00 
Spies, L. G., '99 
Starch. G., '99 
Stockwell, H. A,. '01 

Wright, R. C. '98 


619 W. 14th St. 
7837 -W. 8th St. 
1921 Division St. 
1935 LeClare St. 
1623 W. 6th St. 
1623 W. 6th St. 
1623 W. 6th St. 
1623 W. 6th St. 
1520 W. East St. 
2220 W. 3d St. 
831 Kickwood Bldg. 
728 E, 6th St. 
2211 W. 3d St. 
212 W. 5th St. 
1534 W. 2d St. 
1006 E. River St. 
1019 W. 3d St. 
1526 W. 2d St. ■ 
1016 Tremont Ave. 
913 W. 6th St, 
2208 Bowditch St. 
503 E. 15th St. 
210 E. 17th St. 
408 W- 3d St. 
4231 W. 2d St. 
1525 Bridge Ave. 
117 W. 3d St. 
Care Tri City Ry. Co. 
529 Peny St. 



Blackbum, W. K., '98 
Gilbertson, G., '99 
Griswold, F, H.. '03 
Langhans. C. '99 
Larsen. Haren, '03 
Hallingsworth, R. P., '01 
Hamilton. C. C. '02 
Hawley, E.. '02 
Angstead, H. J., '02 
Girard, J.. *03 

Germania House 

1024 W. 9th St. ■ 
623 LeClaire St. 
1443 Liberty St. 
5281 W. 2d St. 
616 W. 8th St. 
802 W, 5th Ave. 
606 E. 15th St. 

810 W. 15th St. 

218 E. 7th St. 
118 W. 17th St. 

1025 Perry St. 
304 E. 6th St 
112 E. 4th St. 
1612 Ridge Ave. 
1226 Rock Island St. 


Dayton ville, washikgton 
Decorah, winnbshibk 
Decorah, winneshiek 
Decorah, 309 W. Broadway, 
Decorah, Winneshiek 
Decorah, 604 Heivley St 
Deepriver, poweshiek 
Delta, KBOKUK 
Delta. KEOKUK 
Dcnison, Box 952, 

MD, IS, 14P 
HS, 8S. 13P 
MM, 7S 
A, 5S, 4P 
C, HS, 25P 
A, 25S. 45P. D 
DL, 4S, I5P 
MP, 8S 
AG, 6S 
X. 2S 
T, 4S. 16P 
EF, 4S, 27P 
EP. 5S 
CO, 5S 
A, lOS, 19P 
EH, 6S 
HS. 4S, 8P 
C, 3S. 16P 
BD, 2S, 12P 
CC. 6S 
• DO. IS. 13P 
EX, 9S 
MF. 7S 

C, 17S, 25P, D 
AA. 4S 
DL, 4S. 26P 
HP, lOS 
MM. 6S 9P 
EP. 6S 
C. 6S, 25P 
C, 8S, 5P 

BB. 2S 

F, 7S, 15P 
ME, US, 6P 
AC, 4S. 15P 
HS, 4S, 2P 
A, 6S, 21P 
AC, 4S, 15P 
C, 2S, 12P 
BD, 4S, 13P 

P, 5S, 13P 

BC, 7S 
MM, 5S 

ME, 27S, 25P 
DK. 4S, 25P, C 
ER, 36 
HF, 21S 
MD, 4S. 25P, C 

J, 7S 
J. 7S, 6P 
HF, lis 
J, 7S 

BA. 2S 
T. 4S, IP 

BB, 2S 
HH, 20S. D 
EA. US. 7P 
HD. lOS 


Namt a«d Y.ar 



Moench. C, '08 

Dension, Box 96, Crawford 


Schluter. N. A., '02 

Dension. Crawford 

AC, 8S 

Kollcr. E. A,. '00 

Denmark. LEE 

Des Hoioes, polk 


Ahlstedt, G. E., '00 

1384 E. t2th St. / 

X, 4S 

Allen, F., '01 

25th and Easton Place 

ME. 9S, 13P 

Andereon, M.. '01 , 

Care Smith & Lowe Coal Co. 

G. 4S 

Ash, C. W., '01 

438 Chestnut St. 

C. 3S, 20P 

Auhmann, R., '00 

803 Penn Ave, 

Barels, J,. '93 

622 6th Ave. 

C. lis, 25P 

Bamett, K. A„ '02 

Box 188 

EP. 5S 

Brewer, E. G., '01 

HS. as, 3P 

BuUington, J. M., '99 
Bush, H, '00 

723 3d St. 

A, 12S, IIP 

1412 B. Maple St. 

C. 3S. 16P 

Byers, R. E.. '01 
Chase, M.. '00 

X, 5S 

29 Clapp Block 
106! dnter St. 

J. 4S, 5P 
MS. 6S. 2P 

Clement, F., '99 

Cowgill. S. C. '01 

2913 Dean Ave. 

J. 7S. D 

Diller, C. A,. '09 

1332 Maple St. 
628 E. Vfalker St. 

C, 7S. 17P 

Deemer. F. M., '98 

J, 4S 

DN. 6S, 22P 

Donahue. H. J-, '02 
Essex, C. 1., '02 

HOE. lOthSt. 

1613 N. Main St. 

HH. 16S 

Pager, J.. '03 

2d and Center St. 

EP. lOS 

Feulner, J. M„ '03 

1706 Des Moines St. 

EN, 12S, D 

Griffiths. W., '00 

38 Woodland Ave. 

CM, US. 5P 

Hanbury. F.. '00 
Harris. F. A„ '02 

1340 Penn Ave, 

ED, 3S, 14P 

1107 W. Locust St. 

AC. 4S, 27P 

Hanish. W,. '02 

Highland Park College 

MQ, 5S 
AD, 3S, 16P 

Henderson. Jr.. R., '00 

1327 23d St. 

Hillman. C. '02 

Park and Madison Sts. 

EN, 7S 

Holmes, J. G,. '01 

9th and Taylor Sts. 

LR, 8S 

Hough am, F., '00 

205 S. E. 6th St, 

ED. 3S, 12P 

ackson, G, W,. '99 

1700 S. Washington St. 

G. 5S 

effreys. J. E., '00 

Care Smith & Lowe Coal Co. 

CM, 14S. 7P 

ensor. A. C, '02 

2515 Center St. 

IB, 3S 

ett. G. C. '97 

Highland Park College, Box 300 

C. 12S, 25P 

ohnson, C. G., '03 

University Place 

EN. 5S 

ones, R. H., '98 

1425 Capital Ave. 

MD, 3S. 1 IP 

Cams. H G.. '01 

SM, 6S. IIP 

Laflin, C. E.. '00 

626 38th St, 

TP. 6S 

Lammers. J. G.. '01 

500 W. Walnut St. 

BE, 2S 

Malone, M, A., '00 

1147 71st St. 

HS, 7S. 4P 

McClelland, G. E,. '00 

1213 25th St. 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

McDonald, H, A., '00 

1308 Harrison Ave. 


McDonald. W. H,. '00 

1512 High St- 

ME, 13S. 6P . 

Merkel. F.. '01 

1208 Shaw St. 

CSF, 48 

Meyer, P. B.. '01 

Box 118 

AB, 3S, D 

Miller, H. C, '99 

1216 E. 7th St. 

A, 9S, 19P 

Miller, N. T.. '00 

1054 W. 5th St. 

AA, 2S 

Moiine, C. D,. '01 

1549 Des Moines St. 

UD, IS. 13P 

Morgan, Bertha G., '99 

662 W. 14th St. 

CC, 4S 

Moses, A, '01 

2516 Dean Ave. 

HS, 9S. 12P, D 

Mowen, I. E.. '03 

711 Park St. 

DO, 3S. lOP 

Murray. E, B.. '97 

Neal, W, B., -00 

1033 W. 4th St. 

ME. 14S. 2P 

815 13th St. 

J. 7S. 8P 

Neebe, J.. '99 

3027 7th St. 

A. IS, 14P 

Patrick, B. O., '02 

1724 S, 5th St. 

DB. 2S, IIP 

Payne, S., '01 

410 Penn Ave. 

RF. 7S 

Pease, Blanche M., '00 

1518 20th St. 


Peterson. T., '01 

Highland Park 

BE, 2S 

Pierson. L., '03 

511 Walnut St. 

CF, 4S 


Rice. A. R.. '01 
Robinson, E. R., '98 
Rogers. C. A.. '00 
Rutherford. J. F.. '00 
Smith; Anna H.. '01 
Southern. F.. '01 
Springer, L, '02 
Stone. O. D., '02 
Sundren, C. J., '01 
Tovery. E. H., '03 
Urick. A. L.. '00 
Walker. F.. "00 
Walters, S. A.. '00 
Wyman. J, B.. '99 
Weeks. A. H.. '98 
West, R. M.. '02 
Zuebert. J., '00 

MUler, E. j., '99 
Tobey, V. A., '02 
Myers, B, S„ '03 
Hackard. E. T., 'OS 
Frost. R. P., '96 
Quasdorf. L.. '02 
Rossing, R., '02 

Baumgartner, C. H., '99 
Brown, M. A.. "02 
Buehler, M. S.. '00 
Bush, C. F., '00 
Close, J. W.. '02 
Collinson. G., '02 
Conrad. F., '99 
Elias. W. G„ '08 
Engler, R. A., *00 
Fariey, L. O,. '00 
Fit*. E. A.. '00 
Friedrick, F. J.. '96 
Gamier, H. R., '03 
Hanover, L., '01 
Hartman, I., '01 
Hay, T., '00 
Herron, E. W., *01 
Kasilitz. K. £., '00 
Kipper. Vena " 

Kowalski. M„ '02 
Lawler, J. T., '02 
Lindsay, J. R., "02 
McEvoy, J. F., '90 
Miller, O., '02 
Uillins, E-. ^00 
Morgan, Mies libbie, '99 
Morgans, W. C. '02 
Norman, W. G., '98 
Ott, F. E., '03 
Oakley. B. A. J., '00 
Gates. F,. '01 
O'Connor, E. P.. '00 

20 Eastern Bldg. 
201 East St. 
2628 Dean Ave. 
1420 S. 5th St. 
1413 W. W»lflut St. 
705 Observatory Bldg. 
313 W. 3d St. 
1027 W. 16th St. 
1017 13th St. 
E. 25th and West St. 
1529 E- Maple St. 
H. P. C, Boic 266 
' 1216 Laurel St. 
1154 E. 18th St. 
1511 Center St. 


Dewitt. CLINTON 
Dewitt. CLINTON 

Dexter. Box 220, Dallas 
Donnellson, R. F. D. No. i 


Dubuque, DuBCguB 
539 Rhomberg Ave. 
1592 Jackson St. 
151 Prairie St. 
38 Sth St. 
572 Locust St. 
754 Julien Ave. 
497 Rhomberg Ave. 
Care Hotel Julian 
51 Kaufmann Ave. 
559 Main St. 
973 Clay St. 
268 Eagle Point Ave. 
Route 8 

1930 N. Main St. 
216 Kaufman Ave. 
1603 Washington St. 
199 Coates Ave. 
1064 Lincoln Ave. 
2154 Whitest. 
893 Cleveland Ave. 
13 C1^ St. 
2010 douler Ave. 
132 Cleveland Ave. 
49 Burch St. 
236 Locust St. 
247 Eagle Point Ave. 
474 W. Locust St. 
168 Clay St. 

130 Wilson St. 

616 Bank Insurance Bldg. 

34 Reis St. 

660 Hill St, 

S82 Bluff St. 

E. 8S. 22P 
HS, 8S, IP 
C. 12S, 25P 
A, 17S, 21P 
BD. 2S. lOP 
LR, 3S 
RD, 6S 
DO. 3S. 17P 

G. 3S 

ME. 8S, 7P 
A, lis, 6P 
MF. 6S 
A, 5S, 24P 

HS, 4S 
MF, 6S 

AG. 6S. 5P 
EG. 6S 
A, OS, 9P 
NC, 22S, 13P 
BE, 5S 

B, lOS, SP 
BE, 3S 
UD, 3S, 20P 
A, 203, 42P 
EW. 3S, IIP 
BE, 2S 
MD, 3S, 12P 
" " 9 Parta 

ME, \ 

;, 8P 

CC. 4S 

BC, 4S, IIP 
C, 2S. 13P 
BA, 7S 
DL, IS. 22P 
UD, IS. 13P 
MD. 3S, 17P 

BD, 2S. UP 
MD, 4S, 25P, C 
BA. lOS 

IC, 3S 
A, 8S. lOP 
AG, lOS. 14P 
DN, lOS. 22P, D 
LC, 23 Parts 
C. 6S, 13P 
- EP, 13S 
ME, 12S, 2P 
CC. 9S 
DK. 3S, 16P 
R. 12S, 16P 
ES. lOS 
MD, 3S, 16P 
BC, 5S. 21 P 
CC, 2S 

.d by Go Ogle 

Papin, L. O.. '97 

S31 Clay St. 

P, US. 17P 

Patterson. W. J.. '03 

436 Julien Ave. 

HC, 18S 

Phillips, I.. *02 
Phillips. Matilda H.. '01 

141 Arlington St. 

MN. 3S 

1815 Jackson St. 

AA, 2S 

Popp, L. A., '02 

457 14th St. 

DO, 3S. 16P 

Repeach, F., '03 

2331 Jackson St. 

MP. 8S 

Riger, T., '01 

71 Kingenbei^ Terrace 

UD. IS, 16P 

Rood, W, A., '00 

74 Ellis St. 

C. 5S, 14P 

Ryder, G. E.. '02 

1623 Washington St. 
Care C. G. w! Ry. 

ED. 4S, 2SP, C 

Schell, H. E.. '02 

GB, lOS, IP 

Scheppele, A. E., '02 

3201 Washington St. 

EP, 9S, 16P 

Schroeder, AmeUa, '01 

450 Iowa St. 

CC. 5S 

Schwaegler, C. '01 

1403 Lincoln Ave. 

CSF. 12S. D 

Sitt. H., '02 

1628 White St. 

AC. 8S 

Smith, C. I., '00 

3114 Jackson St. 
147 Chestnut St. 

LR. lOS 

Walker, C. M., '98 

MP. 2S 

Watkins, W. J., '00 

890 High Bluff and Humboldt Ave. 


Weland, F. D., '02 

135 Kaufman Ave. 

NO, 8S, 4P' 

Weland, Pauline, '01 

135 Kaufman Ave. 

X, 6S. D 

Yelden, Lulu, '02 

1733 White St. 


BE, 4S 

Davidson, E. P.. '98 

Duncombe. webbtbr 

X. 2S 

Murphy, E, B., '03 , 

Dunlap. Box 278, Harrison 

EN, 5S 

Jaeger, H.. '03 
Hawn. C. S., '00 

Dyersville, dubuque 

HH. 12S 

Dysart, tama 

C. lOS. 20P 

Jensen, F, T.. '02 
Bird, L. P., '00 

Dysart, TAMA 

LA. 8 Parta 

Eaglegrove, Box 743, wrioht 


Eliwood, W. H.. '02 

Eaglegrove, wrioht 

EN, 9S 

Johnson, W., '00 
Walters, W., '00 

Eaglegrove, wrioht 

LR. 9S 

Eaglegrove, wrioht 


Coates, C. J., '98 

Earlham, Box 9, madison 

HS. lOS. 17P 

Taylor, A.. '03 

Earlham, Box 316, madison 


Taylor, R. E., '03 

Earlham, madison 

HE. lOS 

HaU, I. C. '01 

Early. Box B, sac 

A, 4S. 13P 

Worden. CM., '03 

Early, sac 

AG, 5S 

Staphenson. C, A., '01 

Eldon, Box g, WAPELLO 

HS, SS. lOP 

Susaringer, L. B., '02 
Black. R. T.. '99 


RL. 3S 

Eldora. Drawer No. 9, Hardin 

MQ. 4S 

CaUender, C. W.. '01 

Eldora, hardin 

TP. 7S 

Wills, G. M., '99 

Eldora, HARDIN 

ME. lis, 12P 

Herchert, E. J., *01 

Elkader. clayton 

HA. 5S, 2P 

Manning. M.. '02 

Elkhart, polk 

HA. 7S 

Benshoof, C. W., '97 

Elliott. Box 55, MONTGOMBRT 

A, lOS. HP 

Newcom, G. W., '00 


C, BS. 17P 

Loveall. A. G., '02 

Emmetsburg, palo alto 
Estherville,%ox362. emmet 

EG, 8S. D 

Bamhart. J. H.. '00 

LR, 7S 

Neff, J. C, '03 

EstherviUe, 1202 E. Bambsst St., kumbt 

DL, 4S. 18P 

Palinee. C. W.. '00 

Eatherville, Box 377, bmuet 

HS, 5S 

Harrison, J. H., '93 

Morrison. V.. '03 



BA. 26 

Wasson, G., '03 


BA. 2S 

Petemon, J. W., '02 


DM. IS. 13P 

Corger, G., '03 


HH, 9S 

Brounlie, J.. '00 

Fairfax, linn 

HS. 4S, 5P 

Wavra, F., '01 

Fairfax. R. F. D. No. 1, linn 
FairfieW, jbfferson 

ED, 3S. 17P 

Black, L, P., '02 

EG. 7S 

demons, M. A., '02 

706 W. Stone St. 

HH. 19S. D 

DeMarsh. Helen. '01 

307 W. Washington St. 

CC, 5S 

Gibson, C. A.. '02 

Waterworks, Box 165 

EP, 6S 


Lindberg, G. E., '00 
Lindberg, G. E.. '02 
Merckeus, Clara E., '01 
MitchcU. R. C, '01 
Russell. E. F., '02 
Stanwood, H. D., '01 

Arquitt, C. E., '00 
Gliclcer, Genevieve, *02 
Marmion. B. F., '03 
Stevenson, F. G., '04 
Bronsor. Minnie, '02 
Carpentei, R. T..-'02 
Jones, J. E., '92 
Lewis, T. 0.. '02 
MoSatt, J.. '03 
Amo, H. L-, '02 
Ellsworth. C. T., '03 

Barkley, H, J., '02 
Beaty, R. I., '99 
Calkins, H. A., '02 
Kellogg, F.. '01 
Lilly, T., '96 
Lilly. T. A.. '01 
Lynch, G., '99 
Olds, C. E., '01 
Ridgley. W. S., '01 
Rowland, Fannie, '02 
Shields. C, '99 
Snook, C. A., '00 
Somes, M., '00 

Cook, E. H., '99 
Cook, E. H., '01 
Davis, S., '01 
Drake. O. W.. '01 
Glasford. W., '00 
Hall, H., '02 
Hanson. W, H.. '01 
Tones, P., '00 
"Littleton, F. C, '02 
McGowan. M. W., '00 
McKittrick. J. F.. '02 
Ottowa, P, C, '01 
Reeves, S. T., '02 
Schmidt, H. T. '90 
Stockman, P. H., '02 
Thompson, G. L., '00 
Yaw, P., '02 

Bjork. I.. '02 
Uecban. J.. '92 
Rodeers, W., '98 
McKee, A., '02 
Beecher. U. B., '00 
Crane, May, '00 ■ 
Foley, W., '02 

400 N. Main St.. Box 125 
407 W. Burlington St. 
402 W. Broadway 
1005 N. B St, 


Farley, Box 157, DUBUQUE 

Fannington, van burbn 

Farmington, Box 271. van burkn 

Farragut, frbhont 

Fayette, favette 

Fonda, pocahontas 

Forbush. afpanoosb 

Forbush, afpanoosb 

Forbush, appanoosb 

Forest City, Winnebago 

Forest City, Box 331. winnbbago 

Fort Dodge, webstek 

,312 6th St, 

513 S. 15th St. 

127 N. 18th St. 

Fort Hadison, 
2424 Des Moines St. 
2424 Des Moines St. 
Care A. H. ' 
1708 Des it 
2805 California St. 
212 Moniaon Ave. 
2717 California St, 

2606 Hamilton St. 
403 Lathrop St. 
1214 5th St. 
734 2d St. 
827 2d St. 

707J 2d St. 
1925 4th St. 
2407 Santa Fe Ave. 

Fracer, Box 3, boonb 

Fraser, boons 
Pruitland, u us cat ink 
Galva, Box 44, ida 
Gainer, bancock 
Gamer, hancock 



lOS, 17P. D 


8 Parts 


4S . 


6S, 28P 




A, 6S, 3P 








7S, 2P 




168, 3P 




4S, 14P 




IS, 17P 

A, 16S, 16P 


IS, 13P 

A, 4S, IP 


7S, 7P 






5S, IIP 


2S. 18P 




5S. D 

C. 4S. lOP 


6S. D 

C, 17S, 26P. D 


14S. D 

R, 4S. i6P 












8S, 12P 




5S, 3P 


3S. 16P 


3S, 13P 




8S, D 


2S, 34P, D 




4S, lOP 








8S, 9P 







JV«M and Ytar 

Rickey, F. L.. '01 
McGuire, P. H., '99 
Murray. J., '99 
Sanford, V. L., '02 
Bame. Mrs. Myra, '00 
Upper, H., '02 
Barton, C. P., '02 
Nolterieke, W. F., '02 
Hamenway, Jennie, '02 ' 
Spoojier, H. W., '99 
McCargar, E. L., '01 
Rouse, C. C. '99 
Shear, E. W., '01 
Rosebere, M. C, '03 
Henry, J. W,. '03 
Levan, E., '00 
Bittner, R., '03 
Teeter, F,, '03 
Olsen, J., '01 
Walker, Alma, '03 
Walker, E, E.. '02 
Ott, C. F.. '02 
Sears, A. H., '03 
Anderson, J. R., '03 
Buman. J., '00 
Closson. L,. '03 
Galbraith, Blanche, '01 
Peterson. P. E,, '00 
Sandham, I, D.. '98 
Becker. M., '00 
Holverson, H. J., '01 
Anderson, Anna, '00 
Booth, W., '00 

Hirst, A. L., 
Isaac, T. T., 
Nicholson, J. 
Oakley, C , ''ao 
Oakley, T., '00 
Phillips, D, C, '97 
Phillips, D. C, '96 
Phillips. R. J., '01 
Roberts, J. H.. '00 
Thomas. D. L 
Vaughan, I.. ' 



Cobley. J,, '00 
Eichacker, C. A., 
Bailey, S. C, '03 
McNeill. A, J,. 'O; 
Abramson. C ., '0', 
Eck, H., '02 
Phelps, E, C. '00 
Clark. G. B.. "02 
DeKay. A. 


Needham, F. H., '02 

Oilman, Marshall 

Gilmore City, Box 131, Pocahontas 

Gilmore City. Box 262, i 

Gladbrook, Box 152. taha 

Glenwood, mills 

Grand Junction, Box C, o 

Gravity, TAYLOR 

Greenfield, Box 74, adair 

Greenfield, adair 

Greenfield, clay 

Grinnell, poweshiek 

Grinnell, 516 West St., poweshiek 

Grundy Center, grl'ndy 

Guthrie Center, Box 186. guthrie 

Guthrie Center, guthrib 

Guttenberg, c 

Gypsum, web 

Hamilton, Box 121, i 

Hamilton, uarion 

Hamilton, marioi^ 

Hampton. Box 298. i 

Hancock, Pottawattamie 

Harlam, ehblbv 

Harlam! R, F. D. No. 2. she 
Harlam, Box 444, shelbv 
Harlam, Box 544, shblby 
Harlam, shelbv 

Hesper. Box 7, winn^bhiek 
Hilton, Box 33, monroe 

Hilton, MONROE 

Hiteman, monrob 

Box 262 
Box 177 
Box 177 
Box 61 
Box 221 
Box 147 

Hocking, Box 145, 
Homestead, iowa 
Hopkinton, delawarp 
Hopkinton, R. F, D, No. 3, i 

Hynes! Box 62, monroe 

Idagrove. Box 649, iba 
Idagrove, id a 
Idagrove, Box 300, ida 
























A, 13S, 


A, 5S 





, 16S 



, 45P 



















, 12S 




, 6S. 


, 12S 




. 2S. 


A, 16S. 






















, 5S, 





, lOS 



C. 18S. 

26P, D 

R, US, 















F, 5S 





, 6S 


. 4S 





15P. D 






■A, 6S, 5P 


. 4S, 



Chapman, W. H.. '02 
Getchell, R., '02 
HiU. T., '96 
South, Ida E., '00 
Donaldsan, R., '02 
Fa'ley.G, T.. '97 
Gilliland. C, H., '02 
Gilliland, G. O.. '02 
Hewitt, W. J., '02 
Weits. L. L., '03 

Altm«er, P. A., '02 
Beat. G. a, '97 
Croy, Ethel, '02 
Dorcas, W. A., '00 
Emmons. A. L., '00 
Figg. G., '01 
Figg. Irene, '02 
Franklin, C, '96 
Hall, G. A.. '03 
Hardy, C, L„ "01 
Henick. P. D.. '03 
Hunter, G., '01 
Lupton, A. S., '99 
MahrinE. J., '01 
Maly, A. R., '03 
Messener, C, '02 
Putnam, E., '97 
Shaff, S. E., '00 
Watson, E. B., '01 

Anderson, W.. '02 
Grant, W. B., '03 
Reiff. C. W., 00 
Saundere. C. H.. 
TaWer, W. F., '96 
Cox, H. M.,'01 
Kreger. E., '03 
Little, Laura E., '0 
Gillespie. A., '02 
Jewell. I. W., '01 
Eggle, £- N., '01 
Mellinger. H. A, '0 
Pillabury, C. A., 'Oi 
Nevin. J.. '96 
Spears. Lillian, '03 
Thomas. D., '96 
Hutchison, R. P.. '■ 
Wambeam. J. H., ' 
March. S. P., '00 
Harding. W. J 
nr«»_ 1^ R ^r 



Brage, 5. F..^00 
Carpenter, J. E.. 'Sim 
Moore. E.. "96 
Pearce, Ella M., '02 
Robertson, H, S., '94 
Robinson, S. L., '01 
Schmidt. A. C, '01 
Whaley, G. R., '00 
Bingaman, C. C. '02 

Independence, R. F. D. No. 3, bucranan 
Independence, buchanan 
Independence, R. F. D. No. 5, Buchanan 

Independence, 112 Main St., blch 

Indiaoola, wakrbn 
Indianola, Box 14, warkbn 
Indianola. warhbn 
Indianola, Box 143, warrbn 
Indianola, warrbn 
Indianola, warren 

Iowa City, JOHNSON 

307 Burlington St. 
Care John Hall 
708 Iowa Ave. 
520 S. Governor St. 
10 E. College St. 
R. D. No. 1 
100 Burlington St. 

Cor. Sheridan and Roosevelt Sts, 

Kirkwood Ave. 

wa Falls, 415 Sherman St., hardik 
wa Falls. R. R. No. 6, hardin 
[owa Falls. Iowa Falls M(g, Co., hardin 
Falls, R. F. D. No. 3. hardin 
Falls, Box 242, hardin 
efferson. Box 820, grbbkb 

joice, WORTH 
Kalona. Box 

Kanawha, hancoc 


Kelley, story 

Kensett, Box 252, worth 

Kenwood. CRAWFORD 

Kenwood Park, lin.v 

Keokuk, 20 and 21 Y. M. C. A. BIdg., lbb 

Keokuk, 828 Morgan St., lee 

Keokuk, 316 N. 14th St., lee 

Keokuk, 618 Bank St., lee 

Keokuk, 328 E. Change St.. lee 

Keokuk. 102 Carroll St., lee 

Keokuk, 1003 Times St., lee 

Keokuk. Care Iowa State Ins. Co., leb 

Keosauqua. R. F. D. No. 2, van bdrbh 

MB, gS. 18P 
CA, 4S 
HS, 8S, 8P 
MS, 7S 
P. lOS, lOP 
BE, 2S 
AC. 6S, 7P 
TL. 7S 
BA. 3S 

AA, 6S, D 
HS, 9S, 12? 
HS, 6S 
U. 3S, 19P 
HH, 14S 
J. SB. 5P 
MF. oS 
HS, 4S 
ME. 8S 
HS, 7S 
LS, IS. 18P 
HE. lis 
ME. IS, 14P 
ME. 9S 
UD, 3S. I3P 

HD, lOS 

DO. 3S. 14? 

A, 6S, 15P 

HD, lOS 

HS, lOS. 15P. D 



BE, 6S. D 

NB, lOS. 7? 

UD, 4S. 14? 

TP. 8S. D 


CA. 4S 

CM, 22S, 13? 

BB, 4S 

G, 9 
X. 2S 

DO, 4S, 32? 
A, 7S. 14P 
TP, 5S 
A, 8S. 45? 
CC, 4S 
HS, 5S, 14? 
DE. 2S, I5P 
A. 18S, 34P. 
ED, 2S, 16P 
UD, 4S, 19P 
AA, 3S 
ID, SS, D 


Ellis, Myrtle R., '02 
Fleming, C. W., '02 
Whitmore, G. E., '01 
Ellis, H. G,, '00 
Lind, C. '97 
Wilkins. W., '02 
Henderson, Mabel, '03 
Ekblod, O,, '03 
Engberg. T. A., '99 
Sjogren, M., '00 
Schuldh. H.,'Ol 
Schuldt. J., '02 
Leninger, H. E., '02 
Young. J. J., '00 
Jones, M- P., '01 
BeW, C. H-, '02 
Doughty, E. M., '95 
Conley, W., '02 
, Davis, T. O., '03 
Broeffle, J. S.,'00 
Lehner, J., '03 
Brandsletter. W. G.,-'02 
Etzel. J. P., '99 
Harrison. G. W., '02 
Titze. P. G.. '03 
Coats, J. J., '97 
Brooks. A. J.. '02 
Burd. C. L., '02 
ChamtsrilEin. E. A., '01 
McClelland, J- E.. '01 
Meyers, A, L,, '95 
Meyers. W. H , '01 
Amber, R. R., '03 
Cobb, P.. '02 
Williams. Emma, '02 
Price, R.. '94 
Lichty, D. P.. '02 
Goettsch, H. S.. '02 
Hess. P. M.. '02 
Ladehoff. J , '02 
Tugwersen. E. J., '00 
Parrish. W. J. "'04 
Berglund, V., '00 
Da^. T- J .'00 
Hoyt. B.,*98 
Ballstadt, A. H..'03 
Flaherty. J. R, '98 
Fox. F, W!,'96 

Nietzel, P- H , '02 
Struble. H. A., '01 
Swaney. L., "02 
Haniwalt, Mrs. M. E., '02 
Woodward, L. R., '01 
Femow, O,. '93 
Gans, M C, '03 
Nelson, E. M , '01 
Reiszner, O. P.. '02 
Woodward. P. P., '01 

Keosauqua, Box 66, van burbn 

Keosauqua, van bvrbn 
Keosauqua, van buren 
Keota, XBOKUX 

Keola, KEOKUK 

Keota, Box 16. KBaKUK 

Kingsley, Box 355, flvuouth 

Kiron. R. F. D, No. 1, crawporo 

Kiron, Box 66, chawford 

Kiron, Route No. 2, Crawford 

Klemme, Box 21, : 

Klemme. Box 21, i 

Knowlton, hinggo 

Knowlton. rikggold 

Knoxville. Box 214. m 

Ladora, iowa 

Lake City, Box 439, C 

Lake Mills, winnebag 

Lake Mills. Box 535, i 

Lake Park, Dickinson 

Lansing, allauakee 

Lemars, Box 962, i 

Lemar^, Box 614, Plymouth 

Lemafs. Box 12, Plymouth 

Lenox. Box 711, TAYLbn 

Limesprings, Howard 

Lisbon. LINN 

Lisbon, limn 

Lisbon! Box 256, linn 

Lovilia, monroi: 

Lovilia, monrob 
Lucas, LUCAS 
Luveme, kossuth 

Lyons, Box 726, clinton 

Lyons, Box 483, clinton 

Lyons, Box 752, clinton 

Lytton, sac 

Madrid, boonb 

Manchester, Box 412, dblawarb 

Manchester. Delaware 

Manson, R. P. D. No. 2, calhoun 

Manson, Box 445. calhoun 

Mapleton. Box 92, monona 

Mapleton, monona 

Maquoketa, Box 69. jackson 

Maquoketa. Box 314, jackson 

Maquoketa, Box 912, jackson 

Maquoketa. jackson 

Marengo, iowa 

Marengo, iowa 

Marion, unn 

Marion. 487 6th St.. linn 

Marion, Box 634, linn 

Marion, 16th St., linn 

Marion, Box 98. linn 

Mame, cass 

Marquisville, polk 

BB, 4S 

AC, 13S, 21P 

A, 5S 

HE, 4S, 15P 

CM. 20S, 13P 

GC, 5S, 9P 

BE, 4S 

HI 13S 

MD 4S, 25P, C 

BC. 9S. 13P 
BC, US, 21P, D 
CC. 5S 

ER, 5S 
ME. 7S. 25P 
C. US. 25P 
AG, 5S 
HL, 48 

EF. 4 

. 17P 


AB. 5S 
HE. I4S, IP 
BE, 2S 

HS, IDS, 15P 
GC, 5S. 8P 

AC, 6S, 12P 
HS. 4S. IP 
HH. 12S 

-AC, 15S, 20P 
BE. 2S 
DL. 4S. 15P 
J. 4S, 6P 
HA, 4S. 4P 
AC. 4S 
BA, 2S 
CC. 68, IIP 
CM, 22S 
EG, 5S 
DL. 38. ISP 
NC, 98. 5P 
AC. 148, 21F 
AC, 48. IP 
X, 2S 
TN, lis 
MP. 68 
HE. 128. 2P 
A. 98. IP 
A. 31S, 40? 
HE. 16S 
CB. 4S 
AC, 6S, 18P 
ED. 3S. 18P 
BA. 28 
C. 7S, 25P 
C. 8S. 13P 
NC, 68 
AB, 5S, D 
DK, IS. 17P 
J. 7S. 4P 
E, 88 
NB, 58, BP 

AUen, P. L., 'B6 

512 S. 6th St. 

N, 5S. IP 

Bates. C. A , '00 

209 N. 1st St. 

JB. 3S. C 

Blodgett, C. G., -00 

611 E. Church St. 


Brown, P., "02 

507 S. 5th St. 

HE, lOS 

Burghduff. A.. '01 

Box 237 

E. 9S, 7P 

Carter. J. G., '01 

605 W. Linn St. 

ED. 3S, 14P 

Coryell, L. H., 99 
Dicks. C, -00 

110 S. 3d St. 

C, 17S. 25P 

8 W. Boone St. 

LR, 6S 

Dicks. E. M., '00 

606 S. 3d St. 

ED, 3S, 15P 

Douglas, D, O.. '01 

312 N. 3d St. 

ED, 8S, IIP 

Drake. E. 0„ '01 

«13 W. State St. 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

Eddy, F. R.. '01 

354 Bromley St. 

D, 4S 

Gray, F. E.. '00 

307 W. Linn St. 

LS, IS. 13P 

Hill, R, [.. '01 
Lamb. G. G-. '01 

107 E. Main St. 

J. 4S 
X, 6S 

107 S. 2d Ave. 

Lindgren, G.. '01 

803 Bromley .St. 
306 S. let St. 

B, 8S, 18P 

McCoy. N., '98 

HS, 4S, 4P 

Mikshel. Jr., J.. '99 
Mohr. J.ic.'Ol 

511 Bromley St. 

C, lOS, 25P 

416 SwayzB St. 
308 Market St. 

ED. 4S, 25P, C 

Moore. S. D.. '00 

BC. 9S, 18P 

Newton. M. M.. '01 

General DeUvery, Box 184 

ME. 6S. 24P 

Painter, J., '01 

6 8th Ave. 

HS, 4S, IP 

Peterson, E.. '00 

209 N. 3d St. 

A, 16S, 13P 

Reed. G. A., '02 

301 N. 1st Ave. 

NH, 6S, D 

Robertson, F., '01 

Ill N. 5th Ave. 

ED, 3S. 25P 

Rogers, C. '00 

403 E. Church St. 

LR, 9S 

Rosengren, 0., '00 

404 Amson St. 

LS, 2S, 34P, D 

Stedman, C, M,. "00 

, 1001 Iowa St. 

AB, 5S, D 

Swanson, S. S.. '00 

Iowa Central R. House 

LR, 6S 

Tuffree, E. J.. '02 

402 N. Center St. 

BA, 6S 

Triem, C, G,, '02 

llOi W. Linden St. 

CA. 4S 

Warren. Imogene, '01 

209 E. State St. 
HMon City, cbrro ookik) 

CC. 7S 

Case, C. H.. '02 

204 N. Madison St. 

BA, 2S 

Dennis. F. G,. '02 

R. R- No. 2 , 

AD, 6S. ISP 

Ewing, H., '02 

AC, 8S. I4P 

Gaftney. W. L., '01 

Care Brice Elec, Co. 

HS, 6S. 3P 

Graham. P. M., '03 

R. F. D. No. 7 

EP, 7S, 3P 

Loomer, E, P.. '02 

620 N, Main St. 

RD. 6S 

Nichols. L,. '99 

Box 152 

HS. 6S 

Pagenhart. W., '00 

329 W. 8th St- 

LR, 6S 

Stanton. A. R.. '03 

415 W. Drummond St. 

AC, 5S, 7P 

Swanaon, O. C, '03 

419 E, 5th St. 

EF, 18S, 12P 

Swanson. O, C, '03 

419 E. 5th St. 

HD. 40S. 9P 

Sweatt, B. J., '95 


A. 7S. IIP 

CoUman, H. L., '00 

Massena, cass 


Kolsrud, O. E,. '00 



Richard, W.. "99 

Maxwell, story 

A, 5S. 20P 

Jordan. T. A., '02 
Koch. Jr.. L,, '04 

Melrose, Care Iowa & Dakota Ry., monbob GA, 17S. 20P 

Minden, pottawattamib 

BK, 4S 

Williams, P., '02 

Milford. Box 184. Dickinson 

HE, 29S, 16P 

Shuster. G. J.. '00 

Millereburg, Box 69, iowa 

A. 3S. UP 

Kierscht. J., '03 

Mineolft, MILLS 

EN. 9S 

Bamhart, A. H., '96 

Missouri Valley, habrison 

ME, 12S, 25P 

Bondlow, T. F., '00 
Lewis. 0, L,. '00 

Missouri Valley, Box 161, harbison 

LR, US, D 

Missouri Valley, Box 192, harribon 

MD. IS, 17P 

Missouri Valley, barrisom 

ME. 3S, 13P 

Copley. G. B.. '00 

MitcheUville, polk 

'A. 13S. I9P 





WUson, R. C. '96 

Mitchellvillc. POLK 

S. 6S. lOP 

Hunter, R., "00 

Muchakinock, uahaska 

CM, 20S, 8P 

White. J. E., '95 

Muchakinock, mahaska 

CM. as 

Crouch, F. L., '99 

Modale, Box 97, Harrison 


Entwisle. V. A.. '03 

Monona, clavton 

BA, 2S 

Simpson. G.. '96 

Monroe, jasper 

CM, 20S. 14P 

Zam. C. B..'03 

Montezuma, powbshibr 

GB, 9S, 17P 

Goodrich, T., '03 

Montrose, leb 


Meifiter, P. C, '01 

Mooar. lbe 

C. 8S, 20P 

Pence. A. E., '08 

Moravia, appanoOSE 

EP, lOS 

Vorpe. J.. '02 

Mouatayr, ringgold 

Mount Pleasant, 713 Broadway, hbnhi 

DM, 3S, 17P 

Batchelder. G. L., '02 

I EP, 13S. 8P 

Brown, J. S., '01 

Mount Pleasant. W, Gay St., henry 

A, 5S 

Ludham. W. H.. '02 

Mount Pleasant, 310 S. Adams St.. hb; 

HRY EP, 68 

VanHyning. G-, '02 

Mount Pleasant, 701 E. Henry St., he: 

sAV HA, 6S 

Clusler, A. C. '03 

Mount Union, Henry 


Hooley. J. E,, '99 

Mount Vernon. Box 303. linn 

C, 5S, 13P 

Mc^^l, W. H., '02 

Mount Vernon, Box 438. UNN 

UD, 3S, 21 P 

Mount Vernon, linn 

DL. 4S, 13P 

Nutter, W. A.. '01 

Mount Vernon. Box 103, linn 

E, 6S, 25P 

Thorean, P. W,. '97 

Mount Vernon, Box 503. LINN 

P, 14S, 19P 

Redman, A. P., '03 

Moville. Box 275, woodbury 
Husutine, uuscatine 

AC. 4S, UP 

Baker. N. '00 

3S3 Sherman St. 

HS, 2S. 2P 

Bethards. Mrs. L. B., '02 

1166 New Hampshir* St. 

BE, 2S 

Bontore. M. J.. '00 
Branson, A. L., '99 

397 Bartlett St. 

HS, 7S 

Box 118 

A. 6S, 4P 

Cooper, Jr.. W. A„ '01 
Dulger, D. L.,'01 

104 Latham St., S. 

X. 2S 

1008 2d St. 

HH, 8S 

Dyer, B. F., '02 

618 Woodlawn Ave. 

AD, IS, 18P 

Galloway. R. E., '02 

Box 262 

GA. 8S, 12P 

Grau. P., '03 

1 163 S. New Hampshipe St. 

BE, 3S 

Hartung, M , '00 

608 Grover St. 

A. 4S 

Hebard. P. P-. 02 

511 E- 6th St. 

DO. 6S, 37P 

Hoffmeyer, Edith, '01 

R. R. No, 3 


Lightfoot. L. L., 03 

1119 E. 2d St. , 
1007 New Braska St. 

HB, 8S 

McCoy. F. L.. '00 

HS. 8S, 2P 

Miller, B.. '01 

1122Isett Ave, 


Parsons. H., '03 

510 E. 6th St. 

EP, 8S 

Parvin. G. W., '02 

1474 Washington St. 
910 E. 10th St. 

AC, 4S. 9P 

Rwndle. J., '96 

A, 4S, 7P 

Rensink, G. C. '02 

1304 Smalley Ave, 
400 W. 8th St. 

HA, 7S 

Sehmer. S,,'02 

HE. 9S 

Stevens, L., '00 

General Delivery 


AA. 5S 

Cowan. W. 03 

Mystic, Box 408, appanoose 

NP. 4S 

Lee. D. M, '99 

Mystic Box, 591. appanoose 

F, 17S. 4P 

Bowen. L. B., '03 

Nashua, chickasaw 

TO, 7S 

Smith, G. D.. '02 

Nashua, chickasaw 

PC, 5S 

Tylec. C, '02 
Hague. E.. '96 

Nashua, chickasaw 

HE, 33S, 2P 

Nevada, stort 

A, US. 21P 

Jordon, E. B., '01 
Bock, Emma L.. '03 

Nevada, 264 S. Walnut St. 

HS, 8S, 6P 

New Albin, allauakeb 

rC. 2S 

Robinson. C. J., 00 

Newell, Box 14, bubna vista 

A. 4S. 13P 

Wheeler, Rev. E. P., '97 

Newell, Box 79. bubna vista 

CC, 7S 

Boyce. L. S.. '02 

New Hampton, chickasaw 

EN, 123 

Foster, E. V..'02 

Newhaven. mitchell 

EI, 5S 

Norton, I. P.. '02 
Wallar. L.. 02 

Newhaven. mitchell 

BA. ^ 

New London, henry 


Mason, D. M., 02 

Newmarket, Box 4. taylor 

DL, 4S, 17P 


Wamt and Vtar 

- Allen, R- S., '03 
Hill. T. C. '99 
Ives, G. E . -02 
Ogg. H. L., '02 
Wettslein. A, A., '00 
Cole, Jr.. A. E.. '02 
Hanger. T. 0.. 03 
Steffenson. E J.. '94 
Albro, F. R,. '99 
Doctor. S, W,. '96 
Garrison, R. C, '00 
Gochenour, W., '90 
Grunell. F, M., '00 
Hatfield, E. F., '00 
Hartley, A. V., '02 
lackson. A,, "99 
Fessenden. R S.. '9B 
Simonds, A. O.. '02 
Dykstra, R, R,, "01 
Howe, A. E , '03 
Pattrick. D. R., '02 
Weed, O. C. '02 
Sheeley. Josie W„ '00 

Abram. W., '93 
Bennett, L, G., '00 
Briney, C. A., '00 
Bunker. B. L., '00 
Caldwell, F, T.. '02 
Cole. F. E.. '00 
Cook, M., '99 
CooUdge, W. C, 
Fen wick, ' " 
Fen wick, 
GilcTffst. " 
Hughes, E., "01 
Lanmer. J. M., '00 
McNair. B. E,, '02 
Montgomery. A. T., '97 
Newton, H. M., '00 
Ogdom. F. R., '00 
Potter, C. '00 
Reynolds, J., '96 
Riggs, L., "02 
Riggs, W. A.. '01 
Simmons. L.. '01 

, '02 

k, f. H., ■a. 

k. J. H., 'Qf 
., T. F,. '99 


New Sharon, hahaska 

New Sharon, uahaska 

Newton, 234 Angle St.. jasfbr 

Newton, 436 W. Washington St., jasper 

Newton. 214 W. McDonald St., jaspbr 

Nora Springs, ("loyd 

Nordness, Winneshiek 

Norway, benton 

Oelwein, 712 2d Ave., fayettb 



Onawa, Box 50. » 

. No, 2, MITCHEl 

Osage. Box 363, uitchell 
Osage, Box 313, Mitchell 
Osceola, clark 

OskalooB*, uahasea 

211 E. High St. 
F Ave. West 209 
438 N. 3d St. 
610 C Ave. E. 
523 N. C St. 
710 2d Ave. E. 
416 W. 4th Ave. 
1215 W. 2d Ave. 
1215 W. 2d Ave. 
807 C Ave E. 
516 9th Ave. 
639 N. 6th St. 

212 N. Market St 
Race St. 

415 N. C St. 
Care of Iowa Mlg Co. 
Forest Cemetery 
114 S. L St. 
General Delivery 
908 S, nth St. 
317 N. 6th St. 


Ottuma, wAPEi.LO 
Bass, J. R.. '95 Clarence St, 

Bonnettr; N. N.. '97 648 E. Main St. 

Canny, M. J., '01 628 Cooper Ave. 

Dawson, G. P., '00 812 W. Mill St, 

Douglas, Evangeline, "00 907 Hackberry St. 
Eckers, Carrie, '00 . 120 N. Cherry St. 

Flanders, Bessie, '02' Care of Porter Bros * Hackworth 

Gaylord, W. E., '99 
Hammond, A. W., '02 Bee Hive Hotel 


HE, US, 2P- 
P, 8S. lOP 
HE, 7S 
EN, 5S 

C, 3S, 15P 
EH, 7S 
BE. 2S 
HS. 3S, lOP 
LR. lOS 
HS, 4S. 5P 
A, 5S, lOP 
ME, 14S, 25P 
P, 4S 

LR, 13S, D 
EA, 4S, 13P 
C, 2S, 17P 
MP, 4S 
ER. ,^, D 

NC. 3S. lOP 
DL. 4S, 12P 
MF, 6S 
CD, 2S, IIP 


ED, 2S, 24P 
ER, 4S, IP 
LR. 6S 
HS. 4S 
CD, 4S. 14P 
G. lOS, D 
HS. 4S, I3P 
A, 5S 
J, 4S 
LR. 7S 
DK, 3S. 18P 

Nami and Ytar 

Rinie, C. L.. 'Oi 
Ruckman, H., '00 
Rupe, Minnie. '01 
Ryder, Lula M., '00 
Thome, H.. '00 
Walker, Nora, '01 
Warren, j. I,, '96 
Witter, C. T., *03 

Condet, C. H- '03 
Davis, F. L.. '02 
Smith, J. M.. '02 
Austin, F., '02 
Byers, V. L., '02 
Lutze, J. P.. '01 
Osbum, F., '01 
Rait, G. W.. '01 
Reese, G.. '99 
Veatch, W. E., '02 
Young, D. L., '01 
Abemathy. Maude., '01 
Morrison, G. W„ '99 
Cook. A. B., '03 
Cook, H. W.. '03 
Meier. D. W,. '97 
Whipi)le, C. W.. '00 
Bruening, C, '04 
Muh), T., '00 
Fleming, T. W., '01 
Bayless, O. A., '01 
Cleaver, C. L., '02 
Erickson, D., '01 
Harris, E., '01 

iackson, A. E., '01 
IcKomi, H. E., '01 

Pratt, L., '02 
Sawyer. G. H-. '01 
Salisbury, C. K.. '00 
Bronson, 0. F., '00 
Proctor, W. E., "01 
Kent, J., '02 
Thomann. H. M., '00 
Dumbalton, H., '03 
Bartine, W. W., '02 
Gingrich, W. F.. '02 
Tupper, B. E-. '03 
Gudmunsen, O. M., '99 
Powell, W. R.. '03 
Nemecek, W. P.. '96 
Cary, H.. '02 
Householder, Ethel L., 'C 
Duro, H. J., '00 
Peterson, C, '99 
Babcock, A. C, '03 

929 E. Hayne St. 
S07 Wabash Ave. 
304 Sheridan Ave. 
West End St. 
302 W. WeUer St. 
Hoflmann Block 
WeUer St. 
S06 MiU St. W. 
630 W. 2d St. 
717 E. 2d St 

East Park Ave. 

Paton, Box 132. 

Paullina, R. F. D. No. 1, o'bribi 
Pefcay, Box 66, Mahaska 
Perry, Dallas 
Perry, Box 244, Dallas 
Peny, Box 397, dallas 
Perry, Box 028, Dallas 
Perry, Box 562, Dallas 
Perry, Dallas 
Perry, Dallas 
Perry, Box 525, dallae 
Pleasant ville, Box 20, UarION 
Pocahontas, focahontas 
Portsmouth, R. F. D. No. I 
Portsmouth, skelbv 


Prescott, R. F. D. No. 1, adahs 

Preston, Box 166, JACKS9N 

Preston, jackson 

Randolph, Box 145. 

Redoak. Box 74, mo 

Redoak, 205 Maple St,, MONTOOHBRr 

Redoak, Washington, Ave., montqombry 

Redoak, 400 Coming St., montc 

Redoak, 210 Oak St., hontcomi 

Redoak, Cor. 5th & Grimes Sts. 

Redoak, 104 Nichols St., MOntgombby 

Redoak, Montgomery 

Reinbeck, grundv 

RiceviUe, Box 584, mitchbll 

Riceville. Box 334, uitchbll 

Richland, keokuk 

Riverside, Box 47. Washington 

Rockford, FLOYD 

Rock Rapids, lyon 

Rock Rapids, lyon 

Rock Rapids, lyon 

Rockwell City, calhoun 

Rockwell, CALHOUN 

■ Rolfe. Box 113, pocahontas 
Rosehill, R, F. D. No. 3, Mahaska 

i Rowlpy, Box 29, Buchanan 
Runnels, folk < 

Ruthven, Box 154, palo alto 
Sabula, Jackson 

ME, 27S, 25P. D 

AA. 4S 

G, 53 

AA, 4S 

T. 7S 

X, 2S 

X, 2S 

A, 4S, I7P 

•X, 2S 

Mb, 2S 

T, 4S. lOP 

HA, 6S 
AG, SS, 3P 
NF. 6S 
HE, 16S 
EX, 12S 
LR, 6S 
RD, lOS 
LR. lis 
MD. 3S, 12P 
AC, 3S, 18P 
AA, 4S 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 
EG. 6S 
EP, 8S 
ME, 9S, lOP 
A, IIS, 12P 
AG, 6S, 12P 
X, 38 

A, 13S. 17P 
AA, 4S 
AC, 3S, 12P 
HS, 6S 
BE, 6S. D 
. X, 2S 

TP, 6S 
AG, 4S 
MM, 4S. 12P 
C, 4S, 14P 
ME, 9S, 26P 
UD, 3S, 16P 
EG. 58 
C, lOS. 25P 
DL. 4S. I3P 
LB. 10 Parts 
HH, 6S 

BA. 2S 

A, 78. UP 
EQ, 8S 
ME, lOS 
EP, 8S 

BB, 5S 
G. 4S 

;d by Go Ogle 

Culp, S, B.. '03 

Sac City. Box 63. sac 

AC. 4S. 8P 

Martin, A. F., '02 

Sac City.. SAC 

MH, lis 

Sac City, 403 N. 12th St., sac 

HS, 8S, 3P. D 

Peshak, S. J., '01 
Pierce. I. H.. '01 

Saint Ansgar, hitchell 

EG, 7S 

Salem. Box 23. henry 


Briegs, T. A., '00 
Hoffa, C. '02 

Sanborn. Box 94, o'bribn 

Sanborn, o'brien 

MQ. 3S 
BB. 4S 

Morris. B.. '02 

Sanborn. Box 182, o'brien 

Schinkle. D. M,, '03 

Schaller, sac 

EP, 5S 

Fey. W. S.. '00 
Mcintosh, Jr. I., '89 
Kennedy, W, D.. '01 

Scranton, Box 303, grbene 

HS, 6S, lOP 

Selection, monrob 

CC. 2S 

Seney. Box 105, Plymouth 

AD. 4S. 3P 

Owings, A. M., '02 

Seney, Box 122, Plymouth 

EO, 3S 

Fisher, S„ '98 

Sevastopol, Jefferson St.. polk 

X, 2S 

Inman, R, S., '02 

Seymour, Box 217. waynb 

HH. 14S 

Baer. C. 03 

Shelby. SHELBY 

HJ. 8S 

Bishop, E. A., '97 

Sheldon, O'BRIEN 

A. 8S. IP 

Davenport, W., '01 

TP, 5S 

Newlin, C. N., '02 

Shenandoah. 105 Grant Ave., page 

AG. 7S. lOP 

SchilW, H, C. -00 
Behr, P:A., '97 

Shepard. union 

HS, 4S, 13P 

Sherrill, dubuque 

CC, 4S 

Adair, G., '02 

Sigoumey, keokuk 

EA, lOS, 3P 

Sigoumey, Route 3, keokuk 

AC, 8S, 25P 

Kalkman. J. P.. '02 

Sigoumey, keokuk 

EN, 9S 

Terrell, Elva May, '03 

Sigoumey, keokuk 

BB, 2S 

Moyskeus, C. H., '03 

Sioux Center, sioux 

BA, 2S 

Teerink, E. J., '03 

Sioux Center, sioux 

Siouz City, woodbury 

DL, IS, 17P 

Ashley, L. M-. '02 

814 Bluff St. 

DE, 2S. IIP 

Bassett. C. W., '00 

309 Iowa St. 

LR, 9S 

Bates, G. A., '00 

410 14th St, 

A, 3S, lOP 

Beach. W.. '99 

721 Toy Bldg. 

P. 5S, 19P 

Bosch, C, '00 

S. Howard St. 

ED. 3S. 23P 

Brostrom. E., '03 

908 Iowa St. 

AD, 4S, 6P 

Cain. F. A„ '01 

2020 Broadway 

A, 5S 

Carson. E. L.. '01 

135 Sioux Trafl St, 

HS, 6S 

Carr, M. C, '00 

1331 Jennings St. 

LR, 6S 

Chaffie. W.. '99 

Security National Bank 


ED. 3S, 24P 

Comeford, T. J., '00 

2006 Iowa St. 

Cutting, L. B, '96 

1209 Jennings Ave. 

J. 6S 

C. 9S, 24P 

Davidson. C. J.. '94 

309 Sioux St. 

Donaldson, 0. B.. '00 

134 Court St. 

LR. 7S 

Doolittle, E. J., -99 

209 Bluff St. 

HS. 8S 

Duncklee, H.,'99 

47 Richardson Block 

HS, 6S. 3P 

Francisco, H.. '00 

4611 Altoona Ave. 

HS, 8S, 7P 

Green, F. W., '99 

Room 214 Union Depot 
Riverside St.. Care of C. M. Gray 

R, 15S, I3P 

Grogg, L., '96 

HS, 7S 

Hamiiton, S. L., '02 

27 S. Boul. 

DL, 4S, 17P 

Hardy, C. H.. '95 

Toy Bldg. 
608 8th St. 

HS, 8S, 12P 

Hawley, A. N., '02 

HE. 14S 

Heeh, A. B.. '03 

1101 11th St. 

LC. 15 ParlR 

Johnson. G,. '01 
Kaump, L. A., '00 

1213 11th St- 

TR, 8S 

1306 W. 4th St. 

JR. 7S. lOF 

Kellogg, A. K., '03 

1005 Jones St. 

AD, 5S. IP 

Ktngaworth. R. J., '99 

Care of C. M. & St. P. R. R. Roundhouse 

HL, 7S. 12P 

Kinnel, P., '00 

515 W. 8th St. 

LD. 3S, SIP 

Landphere, K., '02 

DK, 3S, 12P 

Lindblad, A., '03 

118 S. Center St. 

DH. IS. lap- 

Mattifion. E., '01 

517 Iowa St. 



Narnt and Ytar 
Newkirk, J. E., '94 
O'NeweU, H., '01 
Palmer, C, E., '02 
Path. G, H., '01 
Porter, A. H., '03 
Price, E. H., '99 
Rand. F. E., '01 
Rowell, I. A., '02 
Scharf, F„ '01 
Sikler, W. M., '01 
Skeels, G. Y., '99 
Taylor, F. G.. '99 
Thompson, H. H., 'S 
Thompson, T. A., '05 
Wheefer,j. R., '00 
Wilson, K. '02 
WuesthofE, H., '02 

Osmundson, M. N.. '01 
Thompson, E. B., '01 
Taylor, R.. '03 
Jones, S. E., '01 
Kenyon, C, '96 
McMinin, C. L., '00 
McShear, W. H., '99 
Furner, R. T., '03 
Lownsberry, W. H., '01 
Noble. J. A.. '03 
Reamer. E, W.. '03 
Witter, L. A., '03 
Wood, L., '01 
Woodward. P.. '02 
Beerman, W. P., '99 
Hoyle, A, C. '96 
Bute. E. G., '96 
Davidson, A., '02 
Fowlie, F. E., '02 
Milton. I. L„ '02 
Bower, P. B., '01 
Cutler. F. A., '01 
HoileyweU, E., '03 
Merkle, Amelia, '01 
Oleson, J., '00 
McDill. S., '97 
Gartz, H. J., '02 
Riinkin, I. P., '98 
Eckman, C. H., '00 
Taylor, G. F., '01 
Daniels, J., '0! 
Ledgway, G,, "00 
Johnson, L., '03 
Pendleton. G- H., '01 
Erskine, F., '99 
■Coate, A. C„ '03 
Case, H. E.. '00 
Krulish, C, '99 
Mead. R. E., '01 
Keeler, R. W., '94 
Loop, E., '00 
Modtal, 0. W., '03 

W. Momingside Sta. 

HS, 5S. 8P 

210 Rush Ave. 

RD, 2S 

209 Douglas St. 

LC. 9 Parts 

416 Morgan St. 

E, ITS, 6P 

508 Jackson St. 

HE, 24S, 13P 

1010 14th St. 

HS. 7S 

116 Market St. 

X, 2S , - 

1117 E. 15th St. 

MO, 9S, 34P 

913 9th St. 


309 Iowa St. 

City Express Office 


1208 Court St. 

Box 751 

LC. 14 ParU 

Care of Sioux City G 

as & Elec. Co. 

ME, 26S. 26P, D 

Hotel Vendome 

HE, 21S 

Security Park Bldg. 

HA, 8S 


Sioux Rapids, buen. 


BC. IS, 13P 

Slater, R. R. No. I,; 

EF, 95. 24P 

Smithland, woodbui 

BE, 2S 

S, Ottumwa. 219 S. 

Davis St.. WAPELLO 

HS. 6S 

S. Ottumwa, 116 N. 

Davis St.. WAPELLO 

G, 3S 

S. Ottumwa. 217 N. 

Moore St., wapello 

CC, 6S 

S, Ottumwa. 507 Wabash Ave., wapbllo 

HS. 4S, IP 

Spencer, clay 

EP, 5S 

Spencer, clay 

HD. 25S 

Spencer, clav 

BE, 2S 

Spencer, clav 

HE, 16S 

Spencer, clay 

EP. 7S 

Spencer, Box 5263, ( 

LS, IS. 18P 

Spencer, clav 

HA. 6S 

Spirit Lake, Die kins 

ME, 8S, 19P 

Springville, linn 

HS, 9S, 15P 

Stanhope. Box 83, h 

Stanwood, cedar 

HE, 7S 

Stanwood. cedar 

EN, 5S 

Stanwood, cbdar 

EP, 7S 

State Center, marsh 


EI. 4S 

State Center, Box 55, Marshall 

DL, IS, 12P 

Stilmell, powESHiSK 

HE. 9S 

Stone City, Jones 

CT. 3S 

Storm Lake, buena 

BC. 7S, 13P 

Strahan, Box 116, m 

MQ, 12S, 17P. D 

Strawberry Point, clavton 

AG. 5S 

Strawberry Point, clavton 

LR, lOS 

Stuart, Box 58, sut: 

A, 7S. 2 IP 

Stuart, Box, 42, gut 

SM. 58. lOP 

Sulphur Springs, su 

BA, 6S 

Tabor, Box 286. i-RE 

A, lOS. 21 P 

Thor. Box 74. humb 

AG. IS, lOP 

Thomburg, Box 8, n 

DK. 3S. 19P 

Ticonic, Box 12, mo. 

R, lOS. IIP 

Tingley. rin'gcold 

BB, 2S 

Tipton, Box 469, Ce 

BC. 8S. IP 

ToeterviUe, mitchbl 

LR. 6S 

Toledo, TAMA 

P, 8S, IIP 

Traer, tama 

A, 9S 

Traer, tama 

MQ. 5S 

Traer. R. F. D. No. 

1. TAMA 

AC. 43 


Hairworth, T.. '01 

Truro, R. F. D. No. 2, madison 

cc, as 

Clement, D. H., '01 

Union, Box 42. hahdin 

UD, 3S, 16P 

Fitzgerald. G, W., '02 

Union. HARDIN 

EG. 5S 

Higein, Mamie B., '02 
Mifler, S. E., '01 

Union. HARDIN 

BA, es 

Union. Box 21. hardin 

UD. 4S. 12P 

BrockeUley. W. H.. '02 
Buckley. R. A.. '03 
Burdick, M. L.. '03 

HH, 16S. D 

Vail! Box 434. Crawford 

PG, 5S, IIP 

Valley Junction, polk 

RL, 3S 

Jones, M. A., '03 
lUckard, R. B.. "00 

Valley Junction, polk 

RL, 4S 

Valley Junction, Bo* 232, polk 

LR, 9S 

Hawkins. B. E., '02 

Villisca, Box 604, montcoubry 

AC. lOS. 16P 

Kelley, W. A.. '00 

Vjllisca, Box 42. montoomsbt 

A. 148, 23P 

Wise. W. D., -99 


CC. 6S 

Klein, W. F., '00 

Vinton, benton 

A. 4S 

Lehman, C. A„ '03 

Vinton. W. Market St.. sbnton 

MK, 5S 

McKenna, W. J., '02 

Vinton, Care of Vinton Pearl Button Co., 

BE, 6S, D 

McKenna, W. J., '03 

Vinton. Care of Vinton Pearl Button Co., 

HE, 8S 

Reeve*, J-M. 'Oe 

Vinton, benton 

EP, 8S. 3P 

Speera, J. C. '»8 

Vinton, benton - 

ME. US, 18P 

Sutton, M. S., '95 

Vinton, Box 421, benton 

A, 18S, I7P 

Webb, G. D-, '00 

Vinton, Box 473, benton 

BD. 6S, 16P 

Emeraon. F, W.. '97 

Volney, allauaxbe 

L 6S. 8P 
EP, 13S, D 

Vanderbury. E,, '02 
White. J. H-. '01 
Hoag, Dr. M- E., '01 


Walsh, Box 105, appanoose 


Wapello, LOUISA 

Eb, 3S. 13P 

oy. A. R., '02 
^ngshore, M. M.. '02 

Wapello, Box 97, louisa 

EP, lis. IP 

Wapello. R. F, D. No. 4. LOUISA 

HE, 17S 

Pease. H. 0.. '01 

Wapello. louisA 

AC, 7S. UP 

Wyert, J. H.. '02 

WabeUo, R. F. D. No. 3. Louisa 

AG, 9S. 2P 

Bergquest, E. A.. '00 

Washington. Box 287, Washington 

TP, 7S 

Cherry, A. W., '01 

Washington, washinotom 

X, 5S 

DeMont. W. G., '02 

Washington, Washington 

MS, 12S, 17P. D 

Hunting. E„ '02 

Washington, Washington 

HD. 19S 

Johnson, J. M., '02 
Miksch. L. L., '01 

Washington, Box 672. Washington 

DO, 4S, 30P 

Washington, Box 497, Washington 

ED. 2S, 16P 

Rischey, A., '99 
Ross. H, J., '02 

Washington, Box 150. Washington 

A. 6S. 12P 

Washington. 408 E, Main St., washingto 

H AG, 5S, 9P 

Smith, LiUian J.. '02 • 

Washington, 703 E, Wash. St., washingt 
Waterloo, blackhawk 

N BE. 2S 

BUlings, P. L., '00 

308 B St. 

AD, 5S, 20P 

Foster. C. P.. '99 

726 W. 4th St. 

A, 4S, 21 P 

Prellsen, H. W., '98 

421 Saxton St. 

C. 7S. 18P 

Gates, E. H.. '03 

318 E. 11th St. 

AC, 4S. 12P 

HaUiday. C. '02 

Box U52 

NC, 23S, 14P. D 

Highland, J„ '99 
Kennedy. 6. C, '00 

214 E, 7th St. 

MD, 4S, 25P 

307* E. 4th St. 

ME, 25S, 25P 

Kennedy, Mabelle E., '00 Box 83 

CD. 3S, IIP - 

Morris, W. A.. '02 

206 W. 6th St. 

MF. 6S 

Murphy, W. J.. '01 

Box 274 

MM. 5S, 4P 

Otterman, F. N.. '03 

Room 1 1 , Lamson Block 

AC, 2S, 21P 

Ponsford, J. R., '02 
Pratt, F. A., '00 

R. F, D. No, 3, 

EP. 1,5S. 13P. D 

1004 Lafayette St. 

BC. 6S. 13P 

Ralston. J. G-. '95 
Schultz. 0.. "03 

423 Locust St. 

A, lis, 18P 

508 Almond St. 

DO. IS. 12P 

Sovenson. C, '00 

207 Center St. 

HS, 8S, D 

Veheren. H., '96 

502 W. 4th St. 

C. 7S. 13P 

Veheren. H., '98 

502 W. 4th St. 

P, 12S. lOP 

Veheren. J. L, ' 95 
Weybgandt, J, H., '00 

418 Mulberry St. 
315 Leland Ave. 

HS. lOS. 15P. D 

J. 6S. 12P 

Daizc,=, Google 


Nami and Ytar 

Dermiug, L., '02 
Frederick. J. M- '00 
VanNice. C. E., '03 
Johnson, D. W., '02 
Lane, A. H.. '01 
Russell, J., '98 

Allen. C, '01 
Carlson. F.. '01 
Hirsch, G. F., '94 
Horsley. H. D., '02 
Johnson, E., '03 
Long. F., '03 
Peterson, J., '01 
Pyle. W. C„ '01 
Quinn, H., '03 
Short. O., '03 
Widmann, G. P., '02 

Mitchell, C. O., '02 
Sudlow. F. E,. '03 
Barrington, T. T., '02 
Edgerton. O.. '02 
EUyson. E. J., '02 
Linn, G., '03 
Deems, W. A,, '00 
Svenson, C. J., '00 
Ball, F. L,. '00, 
Brady. C, '03 
Haworth. Ina. '03 
Weaver, E. B. "' 
Fisher, W., '00 
Baldwin, C. W,. 
Chandler, E. W., 
Rich, F. C, '02 
Paterson, W. H. 
Schmidt. J. R.. ' 


. J. E.. '03 
Myers, B. E., '02 
Authes, C. B.. '01 
Mott, F. 0., '01 
Lee, L. B., '00 


Waukon, Box 243, 
Wajikon, Box 303. 
Waukon, allauakbe 
Waveriy, bremer 
Waverly, Box 197, 
Waveriy, brembr 

WebBter City, 
Box SI 4 
Cor. Lucas & Wilson Ave. 

. 629 2d St. 

1103 Wilson Ave. 

Box 765 

906 3d St. 

R. F. D. No. 3 

629 2d St. 

R. R. No. 2 


"Weldon. Box 153, decatur 

Westbend, palo alto 

Westbranch, cedah 

Westbranch, cedar 

Westbranch. cbdar 

Westbranch, cbdar 

West Burlington, Box 18, des uoinbs 

West Burlington, Box 137, des uoihbs 

West Liberty, 219 W. St., MUscatinb 

West Liberty, Box 382, MUSCATINE 

West Liberty, Box 637, muscatine 

West Liberty, muscatine 

West Oskaloosa, 916 6th St.. mahaska 

West Union, fayettb 

West Union, favette 

Wilke, HARDIN 

Wilton Junction, Muscatine 
Wilton Junction, Box 114, Muscatine 
Winfield, R. F. 0. No, 2, henry 
Winfield, Box 85, hbnrv 
Winterset, Box 68, MADISON 

Wright, MAHASKA 

Zwingle, JACKSON 

ED. 3S, I2P 
AD, 5S, 13P 
HC, 6S. D 
J, 7S 
A, 48, 2P. 

MQ, 5S, D 
X. 2S 

B, 8S, ISP ' 
AC, 4S, I3P 
BE, 3S 
EN. lis. 4P 
BC. 6S, 6P 
A. 7S. lep 
BA. 2S 
DP, 3S, 16P 

GA. 9S, 2P 
EP, 7S 
MR, 6S 

AC. 4S. 12P 
DH, 2S, 34P 
EQ 8S. D 

C, 8S, 2P 
J, 4S 

A. lOS. 16P 
DH. IS, 15P 
BB, 5S 

AD, IS, 14P 
HS, 5S 

F, lOS, 14P 
BB, 3S 
BA. lOS 
J. 7S. 3P 
A. 6S, 21P 
EQ. 8S, D 
0E, 3S, 22P 
UD, 4S, 6P 
ME. 9S 
HL, 6S, 6P 




Browii, Jennie E., '02 

Abilene, 916 N. Buckeye Ave., Dickinson 

CA. 4S 

Chronirter, H. D., '00 

Abilene, R. F, D. No, 1, Dickinson 

E. 7S. ISP 

Eisenhower. D. T.. '02 
Engle. H. E., *02 

Abilene. 201 E. 4th St., DICKINSON 

HA, 7S 

Abilene, 8th and Olive St.. Dickinson 

AG, 6S, 14P 

GemmiU, R. B., '98 

AbUene, Box 338, Dickinson 

TP, 8S. D 

Gish, A. G,. '02 

AbUene. Box 393, dickinsom 

IC, 3S, 12? 

Kreider, J. B.. '99 

Abilene. Route 1, Dickinson 

I. 4S. 6P 
BE, 4S 

Smith, F., '02 

Abilene, 300 Cottage Ave., Dickinson 

Stuck. G., '02 

Abilene, S. W, 3d and Cedar St„ 

MN. 4S. D 

Anthony, harper 

J, 7S 
HD, 9S 

Sayre. C. '03 

Anthony, harper 

Bennett, E. B., '01 

Argentine. 119 ist St., wvandotte 

J, 4S 

DL, 4S, IIP 

Brady. F. E., '02 

Argentine, wvandotte 

FarreU. T. J., '97 

Argentine, wvandotte 

J, 7S, IP 

TG. as 

Firecoat, C-. '01 

Argentine, wvandotte 

Fuller. A., '01 

Argentine, 913 Strong St.. Wvandottb 

C, 8S. IP 

Hogle. H. J., '02 

Argentine, Care United Zinc & Chemical Co 

'mc, 8S, 4P 

Kindezek, H., 'Ol 

Argentine, 301 Silver Ave., wvandottb 

HA, 5S, IP 

Lynn. E. S., '00 

Aikanau City, cowlby 

LR, 7S 

Carter. P. E.. '00 

325 S. C St. 

AB, 5S, D 

Davis. R. M., '03 

415 N. 2d St. 

EF. 4S, IIP 

Druley, E. M.. '01 

209 N. St. 

ED, 3S, 13P 

Drumgoula. G. H., *00 

529 N. 6th St. 

N, 48 

Folti. W. H., '02 

R. F. D. No. 1 

HE, 7S 

Grismore, O.. '02 

618 S, C St. 

DL. 4S, 14? 

723 N. D St. 

BD, 2S, IIP 

Johnson, W. L., '01 

Y. M. C. A. 

TR, 13S, D 

Stryker. W. M., '02 

721 N. 3d St. 

DO, IS, 14? 

Wooldridge, A„ '02 

301 N. D St. 


AG, 5S, SP 

Payne, F., '03 

Armourdale, Cor. 5th St. and Kansas Ave 

MO, 4S 
AC, 4S, 7? 

Linderholm. E. E., '02 

Assaria, Box 112, salinB 


Brander. J., '01 

12th and Riley St, 

HS. 4S 

Clark, E. S.. '00 

HL, 4S 

Davis. C. E„ *00 

1437 Atchison St. 

B, 12S. 3P 

Icks, W. A.. '01 

1313 Maple St. 
8J4 S. 7tli St. 

BC, 6S, 10? 

Koons. H., '02 

HH, 15S 

McCasklll, W., '00 

202 or 212 N. 2d St. 

ME. 8S, 7P 

Milles, E. S., *00 

1117 N. 10th St. 

C, 4S. 13? 

Moble. W, E„ -01 

1403 Atchison St. 


Rowe. G, W., '03 

Box 59 

Sigwall, H., '00 
■Watts. W. E.. '03 

613 Division St. 

ME, lis. 4? 

Care Soldiers & Orphans' Hoine . 

HH, lOS 


Mullen, 0. J., '03 

At wood. RAWLINS 

HH, 5S 

Stinson, E. C, '01 

Augusta, BUTLER 

ED, 3S, 16P 

Hopkins. D„ '98 . 

Barclay, osagb 

231 " Li 

HS. 7S,,16? 

Wear, Bertha, '03 

Sellers, F. J., '03 

Slack. F., -01 

Belleville. Box 159, republic 

DO, IS. 12P 

Beloit, R, F, D, No, 2, hitchbll 

E. 7S, ISP 

Keck, A., '93 


C, 8S 

Ritter. house, W. F., '02 

Blue Rapids, Marshall 

HH, »S 

Camerrcr. F, L., '03 

Bluff City, HARPBR 

EP. 7S 

Newton, D. L., '02 


DO. 6S, 37P, C 

Beacham, J. W., '02 
Olson, v., TO 

Bonner Springs, wvandotte 

EN, lOS 

Bridgeport, salinb 

HH. 15S 

Westerburg, J, '03 
Bieler, C.'bs 

Brideeport, R. R. No. 1, salinb 
BrooTcville, saline 

AD. 6S, 13P 

EP. 58. IP 

Leaton. t. B,, '02 

Brookville, saline 

EP. 6S 

Thomas, C. B.. '97 

Buffalo. WILSON 

ME. 16S, 25P 

Rosebrough. C. C, '03 

Burlingame, Slaughter & Taylor State 

Bank. OSAGE 

DO. 3S. I2P 

Scott, J. O., '03 

Burlington. Box 120, coffby 

AC, 7S, SP 

Godding, Clare. 'Ol 


BD, 3S. 8P 

Stroup, E. E., 'as 

HS. 8S. 2P 

Mcintosh, M., '03 


HD. lOS 

Thatcher. S. D., '02 

Burr Oak, Box 244, R. R. No. 4, jewell 

HH. 9S ' 

Welch. Mary, '03 
Dovell, J. H., '03 

Smith. R. T., '00 

Burrton, harvey 

DL. 3S, 12P 

Caldwell, Box 242, suunbr 

EP. 6S 

CaldweU. Box 315, summer 

LR. 7S 

Baker. J., '03 

Centralia, n em ah a 

MQ. 3S 

LR. 6S 

Frisby, W. D., '01 

Chanute. n bos ho 

JuHson, F. J., -00 
Laird, B. W., '01 

Chanute. neosho 

LR. 7S 

Chanute. neosho 

ME. 9S 

Lomax, E., '01 

LR, es 

Manley, B. J., '02 

Chanute. nbosho 


Meny. C. F.. '00 
Weeka. E.. '00 

Chanute, 124 Kansas Ave., nsosro 

TR, I3S, D 

LR, « 

Hughes, H. E.. '02 
Rudisill, G- E,. '00 

Cheroke^, Box 272, cbawpord 

NF. 7S 

Cherokee, chawford 

C, 4S, 22P 

Goss, S. E., '01 

Cherryvale, Montgomery 

LR. 2S 

Liebert. F., '03 

Cherryvale, R, F, D. No. 2, Montgomery 

EP, 8S 

Sarchett. H., '97 

Cherryvale, Montgomery 

AD, IS. 14P 

Erwin, W. D., '03 

Chicopee, crawford 
Clay Center, clay 

HH. I4S 

Carlscm, H.. '02 

MQ. 3S 
BE. 2S 

Kerr, Anna B., '01 

Clay Center, clay 

Kerr, W. J.. '02 
Kreech. G. L.. '01 

Clay Center, clay 

BE. 4S 

Clay Center, Box 235, CLav 

A, 4S, 3P 

Sharpe, W., '03 

Clay Center, clay 

NH, 6S 

Crawford, C. W., '01 

Clements, Box 36. CMasb 


Awald, E., '03 

Clyde, Box 17, cloud 

Rancopher, M. S, '03 

Clyde, CLOUD 

HH, 9S 

. Creamer. C. '03 

Coffeyville. Care Elec. Light Plant, 

HD, I2S 

Crum, Goldena, '02 

Coffeyville, 112 E. New St., montoombbv 

BB, 43 

Mauling, H. B., '03 

Coffeyville, 008 W. 9th St., montgoubby 

EP. 6S 

McNeal, J. L.. '01 
Vidito, E., '03 

Coffeyville, 1108 Oak St., montoombry 

CSN. 4S, D- 

Coffeyville. montoombry 

HE, 13S 


Cokedale, cherokbb 

MH. 88 

Colony, Box 20, Anderson 

LR, 6S 

McGurr, R. H., '01 


ED. 45. 25P. C- 

Bryant, P- R.. '01 

Columbus, CHEHOREE 

DK, 3S, 16P 

Lyon, L, -96 

Columbus, Care Loftus ft Rand Pow. Co., 


C, 88 

Miller. Mabel. '97 

Columbus, CHEROKEE 

A. 5S, 21P 

Slease, C. H.. '02 

Columbus. CHEROKEE 

BB, 2S 

Oswald. M. W., '02 

Concordia, Box 248, cloud 

EP. 6S 

Schwartz, Rosa. '9S 

Concordia, cloud 

HH. lis 

Sc&Utter, J. A., '03 

Conway, R. R. No. 2, mcphbrson 

zoo J, Google 


Elmore. W. J., '03 
Johnson, J. L., '03 
RasmuSGcn, C. F., '98 
Searight, H. N., '02 
Hart. C, '01 
Htckeit, H. L.. '96 
Kerr. W. C. '00 
Patterson. J.. '03 
Moon. C. C. '99 
Line, J. A., '03 
Tilton, G. W.. '03 
Blum, A. C. '01 
Watson, A. P., '02 
Lowe, H. A., '02 
Thompson, S. E., '00 
Falk. L., '01 
Seward. C. A., '02 
Close. D. B.. "03 
Miller, T., '00 
Funk, J. P.. '02 
Spicer, Nellie. '00 

Bacon, Prances Mabel, 

Bacon, F. A.. '00 
Bickey. J. P.. '00 
Gaylord, O. H., '01 
Goodhue, Alice R., '02 
Hiatt. O., '03 
Hill, Helen. '01 
Humes, P., '01 
Kinsman, S. H., '99 
Livingstone, C. C, '02 
Long, W. C , '00- 
Morse. H. J., '00 
Pember, V. M., '00 
Selleck, IdaC. '02 
Smith, C. L.,-'01 
Snoddy, G., '01 

Baab, W. G., '0 
Schoendenar. Ji 
Roe. P. E.. '01 

Graham, M., '08 
Graham. H.. 'Ot 
Jones, G.. '01 
Ohmer, F. C, '01 
Organ. F., '01 
Patnande, V. E.. '03 
Sampson, E. E., '02 

Coming, NEUAHA 

Council Grove, mod 
Council Grove, mob 

Council Grove, hohris 
Council Grove. tiosRis 
Cunningham, kincuan 

Degr^, Box 5, butler 

DclphoS, OTTAWA 

Derbj;, R. F. D. No. 2, sbbcwick 
Detroit, dickinsom 
Detroit, Dickinson 
Dodge City, Box 247, ford 
Dodge City, ford 
Doniphan, doniphan 
Eldorado, R. F. D. No. T 

Ellinwood, BARTON 

Ellinwood, Box 3 

Ellis, ELLIS 
Ellis. ELLIS 

Emporia, lvi 

Box 445 

R, F, D. No. 9 

710 Market St. 
828 Mercham St. 
417 Rural St. 
826 Cottonwood St. 

806 Sylvan St. 

Box 392 

1111 Merchant St. 

709 Neosho St. 

803 Neosho St, 

R. R. No. 3 

313 E. St. 

105 Constitution St. 

Englevale, Box 4, ciai 
Enterprise. dics.inbon 
Enterprise. Box 164, 
Erie, Erie St., nhosho 
Eureka, GREBNnoOD 
Ford, FORD 
Fort Dodge, ford 

Port Leavenworth, leavenworth 

16th Batt., Field Art. 
605 Keowa St. 
Co. C-lst Bat., U. S. E 
Troop H, 4th Cav. 

HS, 6S, 2P 

RL, 5S 

HS. 5S. IP 

BA, 2S 

RL, 3S 

HS, lOS, 17P. D 

RL, 4S 

HS, 9S. BP 

J, 98. 14P. D 

TO, 7S 

HH, 5S 

HS, 5S. 8P 

EH, 8S 

EP, 7S 

LR. 4S 

EF. 7S 

EA, 12S. 13P 

CC, lOS 
HS. 8S, 3P 
DB, 3S, IIP 
HE. 28S 
LR, 6S 
HE, 18S 

CD. 6S, 15P 

CC, 2S 

J, OS. 16P. D 
P, 6S, 4P 
LS, IS, 24P 
BD, 2S, 13P 
BA, 2S 
BD, 68, 16P 
SM, 6S. UP 

HS, 1 

, lOP 

DK. 4S, 25P, C 
ED, 4S, 25P, C 
TP, 7S 
J, 7S 

BB, 3S 

NC, 11S3P 
SM, 4S, IP 

NB, 58. 12P 
TG, 7S 
C, 8S. 12P 
T, 5S. 23P 
EP, 78 
HS, 4S 

EQ, as 

MS, 7S 
E, 14S 
AG. 4S, 19P 


ATow* and Ytar 



Sedgwick, B., '03 
Shaffer, G, D., '02 

Co. A. Eng. 

Co. D. U.S. Eng. 

Co. C. 6th U. S.lnf. 

HH, lOS 

PA. 48. 3P 

Sovereign, H„ ^03 
Stille. E., '02 

EP. lOS 

Co, H. 6th Inf. 

EP. 78 

Worden, J„ '03 

Co. E, 6th Inf. 

EH. 58 

Ziegler, S. B., '90 

Box 8 

Town , 

A, 4S, 2P 

Lopei, A., '03 

Fort Riley, Pack Main No. 29, geary 

Fort Scott, BOURBON 

EO. 6S 

Brannen, E., '02 

429 W. 9th St. 

DL. IS. 19P 

Carl, P., '99 

735 Margrave St. 

C, 12S, 6P 

Carrell, T- W., '02 

205 Hill Bldg. 


Fowler, W. L., '01 

LR, 5S 

Gardner, D., '02 

10 E. Oak St. 

. EP, 78 

Kalfus, J. W., '97 
King, W. R.. '02 
KitcTiin, C. E., '00 

13 Clark St. 

HL, 68. lOP 

19 S. Main St. 

EP, 5S 

801 S, Little St. 

TP. 6S 

Laub, E. E., '03 

120 Lincoln Ave. 

RR. 108, D 

MacGuire, J. J., '00 
Moore, C. E., '99 

749 Louman St, 

LS. IS. 16P 

Box 55 

HS, 4S 

Simmons, C. W„ '02 

112 S. JudsonSt, 
218 S. Margrave St. 

BA, 58 

Spafford, D. R., '09 

HS, 68, 4P 


Baker, E., '03 


MQ, 4S 

Phelps, A. H., '01 

Frankfort, Box 227, mahshaLL 

LS. IS. 21P 

Carlisle. Gertrude E., '03 

Fredonia, wilson 


Powers, A. W., '02 

Predonia, wclsom 

HE. 08 

Bold, W., '96 

Frontenac, Box 86, crawfjOrd 

F. 78 

Kane, J. P., '99 

Frontenac. crawfobd 

G. 3S 

Oliver, T. W., '05 

Frontenac, crawpord 

CM, 22S, D 

Wales. J. W„ '96 
Miller, Marguerite, '03 
Smith, C. W., '90 

Frontenac, crawpord 

G. 9S . 

Galena, Mineral Ave., cherokeb 

BA. 6S 

Galena. P, 0, Box 66. CHEROKEE 

A, 58 

Stillsoi. M, S., '00 

Galena, 811 Mineral Ave., Cherokee 

A. US. lOP 

Shaw, H. J.. '03 

Galesbut^, neosko 
Garden City, finnev 

-DL. 4S. 22P 

Bevan, C, '02 

HE. 278 

Hicks, O. L., '02 

Gamett, andbrson 

MS. lOS, D 

Rittenhouse, C. C, '02 

Gamett, R. F. D. No. 3, Anderson 

BE. 2S 

Brown, C. H., '01 


C, 78. 25P 

Eastwood, T. M., '01 
Siy^, C. v.. -03 


J. 78 

tE. 2S 


Herriman, Luella, "02 

Girard. chawford 

DB. 48, 13P 

Hunt.- H., '02 

Girard, 212 Osage St., Crawford 

BA. 28 

McClaskey, E. L.. '99 

Girard, R. F. D. No. 3, crawford 

HL. 5S. I4P 

Pease, E. J., '02 

Girard, Box 238, chawford 

AC. 48. lOP 

Woods, C, F.. '03 

Girard, Box 154, chawford 

BB, 48 

Waters. J. A., '01 


ME. lis, 12P 

Granger, C. E., '03 

Glenelder, Mitchell 

HD. 20S. 2P 

Kisner, E. W., '99 

Glenelder, m itch ell 

HS, 8S. 4P 

Brinker, L.'E-, '00 

Goodland, Box 183, sherman 

LR, 88 

Thompson, F. M., '00 

Goodland, Box 162, suerhan 

LR, 6S 

Tucker. B, M.. "01 

Goodland, bherman 

TR, 6S 

Bishop, C. M.. '03 

Grenola. elk 

MQ. 58 

Livingston, A. R., '94 

Hackberry, cove 

R, 168, 24P, D 

Bonesteel, R. B., '01 

Haddara, Washington 

X, 2S 

Shaver, Nancy, '9S 

Halls Summit, R. F. D. No. 1, COFPBY 

CC, 6S 

VoKt, E, M., '03 

Halstead. harvev 

BB, 88 

Wiebe, G., '93 

Halstead. Box 48, harvey 

C, 178. 26P. D 

Ewalt, G. R., '03 

Hanover. Washington 


zc< J.Google 

Nanuand Y*ar 
Loftus, M. T., W 
Newland, M, L., '03 
Fichtner. G. A., '03 
Munden, I. O., '03 
Clark, W. H„ '03 
White, W. F., '02 
Baldry, Maria, '02 
Bergman, A., '01 
Koenig, A., '03 
House, C, '00 
Peterson, Regina, '01 
Gamble, R. L., '96 
Harding. J. M., "03 

Adams, S. E., '00 
Anderson, P. F., '(X. 
BeU, C. H., "00 
Bfll, W.. '00 

Cahill, R. F., '99 
Harman, G. C, '03 
Killmer, Jr., D. B., 
Laine, F. C, '00 
Parkine, J., '02 
SchueltB, C. A., '02 
Sweeney, P.. '00 

Hanover, washingtom 
Harper, rarpbr 
Hartford, LvOM 
Hartford, Box 280, lvon 
Hermgton, Box 595, Dickinson 
Herington, DICKINSON 
Hiawatha, brown 
Hiawatha, Genl. Del., brown 


Holland. Dickinson 


Homewood, franklin 

Horton, brown 

Box 233 

Box 74 

AB. lOS, D 
EP. 8S 
EP, 6S 
HH, 12S 
RL, IflS 
RD, 2S 
BA, 2S 
ME. 6S, lOP 

AC, 4S. 13P 
HS, 4S 

CC. lOS 

A. 35S. 34P. D 

DN. 5S, 17P 

HS, 4S, 17P 
LR, 6S 
HS, 9S. 9P 
LR, 5S 
MD. 3S, 22P 
AC, 4S. 13P 
CC, 2S 
LR, 13S, D 

RD. rs 

HE, 26S, 13P 
LR. 4S 

Baxter, D.. '01 
Corg, S.-B., '00 
Gass. H. C, '01 
Ghormley, C. E., 'I 
Hilton, G. W., '00 
Hurty, J., '03 
James, J, M., '92 
King, A. E., '02 
Kirlin, Mabel, '03 
Morton, J. H., '03 
Noland, R. L., '02 
Pa3me, R. V., '03 
Shron, A. G.. '02 
Yerkea, G. E.. '00 
Yerkes, W. R., '00 

Gehlbach. "W., "01 
Heneman, P. E., *99 
Hudibu^h, E.. '01 
James, F. H., '03 

Bird. W. D., '02 
Boston. I. W., '01 
Davies, P., '01 
Duncan, O. P., "03 
Oaid, C. L., '00 
Geery, E. W., '00 

SIS N. Munroe'St. 

HS. 5S, IP 

507B East St. 


LR. 6S 

R. F. D. No. 2 

HH. 15S 

416 Ave. B. E. 

CM, 22S, D 

227 nth St., W. 

EP, lOS 

Box 668 

BB. 2S 

Com. Club 

DO. IS, I4P 

212 5th Avt;., E. 

Care State Exchange Bank 

BB. 4S 

BE. 2S 

411 9th St., E, 

EP. lOS 

801 N. Monroe St. 

X. 3S 

801 N. Monroe St. 

ME, 4S, 15P 


Independence, 714 W. Locust St.. 


HS, 5S 

Independence, Montgomery 

HS, 8S 

Independence. Box 307. movtcombhy 

HS. 4S 

Independence, R. F. D, No. 5, montoomer 

Y X. 6S 

Independence, R. F. D. No. 4, montgomer 

Y HD. 15S 

lola, ALLEN 

329 S. Kentucky St. 

HE, 9S 

417 N. 3d St. 

DL, IS, 13P 

423 South St. 

X. 2S 

811 N. Washington St. 

NI, lOS 

403 S. Elm St. 

HS, 4S 

310 N. Oak St. 

A. lis, 14I> 



Nomi and Yar 



Geyer, H. S., '02 

820 Sycamore St. 

AC, 4S. 18P 

Holmes. S. L., '95 

HS, 4S, 3P ; 

Hawkins. C. D,. '02 

BE, 4S 

Heltrich. Effa. '03 

Box 542 

BB, 4S 

Kerr. Jr.. W. E.. '02 

714 South St. 

lA. 2S 

Moore, I. E., W 

Shea. W. P., '01 

613 S, Walnut St. 

F. 83, 5P 

2 E. Lincoln St. 

CC, 4S 

Stone. L. L.. '02 

224 N St. 

DK. 4S, 25P 

Weekly. G., '01 

702 E. Madison Ave. 

D, 48 

Wilson. Mary. '^8 


AA. 6S 

dine, W. A.. '99 

Jimction City, gbarv 

MD, 43. 25P. C 

Beates. I. W.. '01 
Cook, Nettie F,. '02 

DL, 4S, 18P 

LC. 15 Parts 

Darby. C-. '02 

1323 W. Washington St. 

EP, 7S 

Dory, I. T. C, '02 
Hoag.W. W, '03 
Kohler, A. P., '03 

EP, 7S 

HH, lOS 

109 W. 7th St. 

HE, 15S 

Reynolds. E., '01 

Box 301 

MQ, 5S. D 

Rockwell, Mary. '02 

240 W. 5th St. 

LC. 25 Parts 

Sandstoe, F. 0., '00 

HL, 6S. D 

Tufts, J., '96 

516 W. 8th St. 


t A, 3S, 33 P 

Clifton, H., '01 

Kanopolis, Ellsworth 

HA, 6S 

Cowie, D. B., '93 

Kanopolis, Box 7, ellswokth 

CM, 6S 

Reid. J. '93 

Kanopolis, ELLSWORTH 

Kansas City, wyandottb 

C. 9S. 25P 

Bachlund. A.. '00 

2 N. 5th St. 

HS. 8S. 7P 

Chandler. H. M,, '98 

627 State Ave. 

C, 14S, 25P 

Chandler. W. B., '00 

1963 Hallock Ave. 

E, 33, 19P 

Darnell, E. T., '00 

819 0rville Ave. 

HS, 6S. 8P 

Dyche, J. J.. '02 

2436 Stuart Ave. 

DH. IS. 16P 

Emmet. T.. '02 

1027 Minnesota Ave. 

DH. IS, 21P 

Flint, J. W., '01 

172b Walkes Ave. 

UD. 4S, lOP 

Glore. F-. '02 

1032 Ridge St. 

DO, 53, 32P 

Hancock, A., '03 ■ 

23 S. 15th St. 

D, 4S 

Hauser, G. C, '02 

616 3d St. 

HH. 6S 

Harrison. J. R., '02 

714 Everett Ave. " 

DL, 73. 35P. C 

Hatton. R. S., '00 

1102 Locust St. 

Y, 5S. 20P 

Hill. B. E., '94 

519 Washington Ave. 

HS. 3S. 12P 

Huff, G. A-. '00 

526 Riverview Ave. 

J. 43. 2P 
HS. 4S 

Hurr, C- W.. '00 


Johnson, J.. '02 

Kellersbereer, A, C, '01 

328 N. 7th St. 


18 S.Valley St. 

T, 193, 14P 

Leland. G. N., '02 

415 Stewart Ave. 

GC, 53, 12P 

Lilly. F, H., '99 

342 S. 5th St. 

LR. 19S. D 

Livmgston. D. E.. '97 

1305 Osage St. 

MB, 12S, 9P 

Lowe. I. C, '00 

30 GrantviUe, Ave. 

ME, 113 

Manning. I. W., '95 
Marsh. L . '00 

Care Kingan Pack Co. 

HS, 8S, 6P 

llOi N. 9th St. 

D. 83, D 

May, D. W , '03 

626 Oakland Ave. 

ES, 83 

McCuIly, I,. '98 

711 Greeley Ave. 

HS, 7S 

McElhinny, M. L.. '00 

233 S. 7th St. 

LR, 12S 

McGinnis. J. A.. '00 

246 N. 12th St. 


Merrill, W. A., '00 

318 Franklin Ave. 


Miller, D., '00 

610 Armour Ave. 


Paeti, H.. '01 

Box 62, Armour Ave. 








Paul. A. V„ 'OO 

1037 Mammi Ave. 

1, 4S, 3P 
E, 9S, 6P 

Powell. J. T, '99 
Smith, G. H., '00 

965 Lenney Ave. 

604 New Jersey Ave. 
41 S. Valley St. 

AD, 5S 

Snyder, E. S., '00 

Z, lOS. 22P. D 

Strictland, F. P., '02 

1027 Orville Ave. 

CA, 4S 

Stringfield, W. R., '98 

346 Washington Ave. 

A. US, 13P 

Strong, C. '98 

815 Armstrong Ave. 


Sweannger, A. L.. '99 
Vance, V, C. '98 


406 N. 7th St. 

ME, 14S, 23P 

Wackley, R.. '99 

1952 5th St. 

ME. 8S, I3P 

Welker, R. L„ '02 

726 Everett St. 

BE, 4S 

Winterscheidt, J. J., '02 

1424 Wyandotte St. 

MF, 8S 

WiBsen. N., '01 


AB, 6S, D 

Frederick, G. C, '00 

Kingman, kingmah 


McFall. A. M., '02 

Kingman, kinguah 

Weikal. H. E,. '03 

Kingman, R. F. D. No. 1, kinguan 

HH, 8S 

Williams, 0. D., '00 

Kingman. Box 411. kingman 

CC, 8S 

Remer, A.. '03 

Kinsley. Box 466. edwards 

HE, 18S 

Irwin. C. W., '03 

Lacygne, linn 

BE, 2S 

Sweet, F. M„ '95 

Lacygne, link 

ME, 17S, 25P 

.Meoder, B. E., '02 

Laharpe, allbn 

EP. 8S 

Milner, Mary. '03 
Shoaf. Maude, '03 

Laharpe, all en 

BB, 5S 

Laharpe. all eh 

BB, 2S 

Sherley, H. A., '03 

Lansing, leavbnworth 
Lamed: pawnee 

EP, 5S 

Booth, J. M.. '92 

M. 6S 

McPherson, L„ '01 

Lamed, Box 9, pawnee 

ED, 4S, 25P, C 

Shady, B. D., '01 

Lamed, pawnee 

Lawrence, douglas 

P. 7S. 2P 

Benson, O, P., '00 

245 Michigan St, 

- P. 4S 

Dunn, W. A., '02 

365 Locust St. 

AG, 4S 

Fischer, C. E.. '04 

465 Locust St. 

AG. 6S 

Fitzgerald. F. C, '00 

Haskell Institute 

A, 13S, 27P 

Gates, W. D., '99 

1317 Massachusetts Ave. 

A, 4S. 2P 

Graeber. C, '03 

1017 R. i; St. 

LB. 8 Parts 

Ice, Sally. '01 
Iliff, A. B., '00 

CT, 2S 

Haskell Institute 

A, 26S, 45P. D 

lUff, A. B.. '03 

Haskell Institute 

lA. 2S 

Macomb, Jr.. J. N., '99 
May, E. H., '03 

1407 Kentucky St. 

F, 138 

EP. as 

May.-S, O.. '02 

171 Lyon St. 
1324 Vermont St. 

EP, 7S 

Noel, E. H., '02 

DO, 3S, 17P 

Osboume. Mrs. C. G., 'OC 

804 New Hampshire St. 

CC. 3S 

Randle. J. H., '00 

C, lOS. 17P 

Stewart, R. W.. '00 

1023 New Hampshire St. 

BC. 3S, lOP 

Warr«i, E. W.. '01 

941 Pennsylvania St. 

Leavenworth, lbatknworth 

UD. 4S, 13P 

Barr. I.. "00 

1118 N. 8th St. 

- CM, 17S, 4P 

Blochb«WT, H.. '00 

724 Cherokee St. 

CD, 4S. IIP 

Bums, W. P.. '00 

310 Ottawa St. 

X, 4S 

Carr, C. E., '99 

601 Olive St. ' 


Ehlert, A., '01 

723 Kickapoo St. 


Flemming, P., '00 
Fox. C. D., '99 

4th Ave. 

X, 2S 

318 Delaware St. 

JB, 2S' 

Gamble. H, '97 

4th and Delaware Sta. 

Glynn, J., '99 

1393 S. 3d St. 

G, lOS, D 

Hageman, C. C, '00 

1700 S. 5th St. 

J. 7S. 4P 

5. 9S 

Hardiiw, W. F., '99 
Jones. S. T., '02 

424 5th Ave, 

1 13 N. 5th St. 

CA, 4S 


Long, J. A., '00 
Lowery, T. R., '95 
Lyons. W. J., '00 ■ 
McLouehlin, L. C, '01 
Miner. J. R., '03 
Paterson, J., '98 
Puderbaugh, N. A.. "01 
Reid, W. E., '09 
Youkum, W. C. '00 

Mallony, J. E., '01 
Allen. B , '03 
Deckinson. Madge, '03 
Anderson, A., '02 
Anderson, G., '02 
Anderson, O. E.. '00 
Nelson, G. A., '02 
Norberg, A W., '01 
Spriggs, R., '03 
Windsor, R. W.. '02 
Barrett, J. W., '98 
Blair, S. B., '02 
Ainsworth, J., '91 
Ains worth, T.. '92 
Cherpital. C. W., '99 
Welty. S. A.. '09 
Wharton. G. L., '02 

Bammes, M. F., 

Blair, J 

Brant, E., '00 
Fraser. A. J., '01 
Hassman O. P., '02 
- 1*6, H. S.. '98 
McKee. W, A, '00 
McKeen, Bertha L., '01 
Mitchell, H. L., '99 
Williams, H. M., '02 

Crawshaw, J. T.. 'i 
Hopper. J. D., "02 
Brooker, C. C, '03 
Maltley. A., '03 
Germandt, W. F., 
Denny, R.. '02 
l«e. A., '02 
Hangstead, M. R.. 
Rasmusson, O, 
Rogers, C, S.. '01 
Brugger. J., '00 
Roller. Jr.. J., '00 
Lynch. T. R., '02 
Hudson, L. G.. '02 
Maylen, J., '02 
Robertson. J, L., '1 
Steele. J.. '96 
Vanriette. C. J. 
Engle A. R.. '00 



217 Kickapoo St. 

1320 Spruce St. 

Girard and Thornton Sts. 

1013 S. 4th St. 

705 5th Ave. 

607 Oak St. 

Cor. 4th and Delaware Sts. 

214 S. 6th St. 

Leloup, Box 74, franklii^ 

Lindsborg. Box 272, MCPHERSON 
Lindsborg, ucpherson 
Lindsborg, Box 318, MCPHEnsotJ 
Lindsborg, Box 119, mcpkerson 
Lindsborg, mcpherson 
Little River, ricb 
Longford, clay 

Lyden, R, F. D. No. 1, osace 
Lyons, ricb 

Lyons, rice 

Lyons, Box 506, rice 

Manhattan, riley 
Box 21 

304 Fierce St. 
415 Osage St. 

College St. 

103 Poyntz Ave. 

Box 1925 

Box 672 

297 Vattier St. 

315 Colorado St. 

Maplehill, wabaunseb 
Maplehill. wabaunsbb 
Marion, marion 
Marion. Box 606, i 
Marys ville, marshj 
Mcl-outh, R. F. D- No, 2, jepi 


HcPherson, ucphbrson 
McPherson, Box 1037. hcfherson 
McPherson, Box 738, mcpherson 
Medicine Lodge, Box 134, barber 
Menoken, shawneb 
Meriden, jepfersom 
Mineral, Box 41. < 
Mineral, ckeroke 
Mineral. Box 123, ckbi 
Mineral, cherokee 
Mineral. Box 82. ckerokbb 
Minneapolis, Box 35, Ottawa 

Z, 4S. 22P 
R. 9S, 16P 
G, lOS 
A, 3S, 12P 

DO. 6S, 37P, C 
BE, 2S 
HS, 9S, 17P 
MQ, 4S 
C, 9S. 7P 
DO. IS. 14P 
EA. lOS, 3P 
CC, 6S 
HH. 5S 
CM. 22S. D 
CM, 22S, D 
HS. 8S 
A, 6S. 13P 
BA. 5S 

MP, 3S 
J, 4S. 4P 
AA, 2S 
AD, 3S, UP 
HS, 7S. 7P 

ME, lis, IIP 
A, 16S, 30P 
AA, 4S 
HE, US. 25P 
HP, 14S 

HH, 9S 
EP. lOS 
BB. 4S 
DM. 3S, 12P 
A. 7S, 45P 
HD, lis 
HD. 20S 
NH. 2S 
AG, 5S 
TP, 88. D 
CO. 3S 
HS. 5S. IP 
GA, 14S. 15P 
NF, lOS, D 
HE. 7S. 3P 
CM, 21S, 5P 
G, 7S 

NB. 27S. 14P 
A 4S. 23P 







Rdchard. M. E., '02 

Mitchell. Rtcs 

EQ. as 

HE, 8S 

Trover, A. A.. '03 

Poister. F. E., '01 

Morrill, Box C, brown 

ME, 15S, 13P 

Robinson, L., "99 

MorriU, brown 

ME, 9S. 13P 

Krehbiol, V. D.. '00 

Moundridge, mcphbhson 

HS. 7S. IP 

Regier, C. C, '03 

Moundridge. R. F. D. No. I, MCPHBRSOK 

BE, 28 

Clarkson, B., '03 

Mulberry. Genl. Del., crawpord 

HH. 8S 

Davis. J., '00 

Mulberry, crawford 

G. 6S 

EUiott, W. J., '01 
Pippin, B./Ol 

Mulberry, Box 67. crawfokd 

R, lOS. 4P 

Mulberry, crawpord 

' CSO, 3S 

Plimmer. C. C, '02 

Mulberry, Box 76, crawpord 

NP, lOS 

Robb, W. E„ '03- 


LB, 13 Parts 

Black, R. J.,'02 
Eaton, I, W.. '01 

BB, 2S 

Neodesha, wilson 

A, 5S, 28P 

Neodesha. Box 633. wilson 

C. 4S. UP 

Sanders. T., '02 

Neodesha. Box 514, wilsom 

RD, 3S 

Starr. C. '99 

Neodesha. wtlson 

HS, 5S, IP 

Whitaker, C. '02 

Neodesha, Genl. Del.. WILSON 

RG, 53, D 

White, J. J., '02 
McCldland, E. E., '00 

Neodesha. Box 528, wilson . 

EP, 9S, SP 

Norton. Norton 

A. US, 23P 

Tatum. W. H., '00 

Norton, NORTON 

N, 4S 

Adams, C. H., '00 

Norton viUe. jbf person 

HS, 6S 

Fannan. B, P., '01 

Neosho Falls. Box 142, Woodson 

ME, 7S, 25P 

Bla^k. H. H., '96 

Newton, 300 E, 2d St., habvbv 

C, lOS, 17P 

Carter, J. D., '99 

Newton, 516 Main St., harvby 

HS, 8S 

French, H. A.. '00 

Newton, 117'Main St.. hahvey 

HS, 7S 

Grambling, R. M., '02 

Newton, 427 W. 7th St.. harvet 

ER, 5S, D 

GrambHng, R. M., '03 

Newton. 427 W, 7th St., harvey 

HD, 348 

Ragsdale, L. W,. '97 

Newton, 508 W. 1st St„ harvey 

HS, 7S, 7P 

Swan, D. R.. '00 

Newton, 125 W. 2d St., hahvbv 

AB. 5S, D 

Weber. C. T., '00 
KiUen, I„ "00 
Gilpin. W. H., '00 

Newton, 118 E. Broadway, harvby 

HS, 7S 

Oakhill, CLAY 

HCRO. 198 

Oakland, 284 Wabash Ave., ghawnbb 

ME, 9S, 4P 

Henderson. G., '96 

Oakland, Box 11. shawnbb 

HS. lOS, ISP, D 

Marshall, W, A., '97 

Oakland, bhawnbe 

ME, 108, 2SP 

Painter, J. R.. '02 

Oakland, 159 KeHum Ave., shawnbb 

DO. 3S, 16P 

Christensen, C, P., '02 

Oakley. Logan 

AC, 5S, 21 P 

Cook, E, C-, '02 

Oakley. Box 195, loqan 

GD, 138. ISP 

Lane. Etta, '02 

Olathe, R. R. No. 2, johnson 

BE. 3S 

Moore, H.. '02 

Olathe, Box 352. johnson 

EP, 7S 

Temple, D. L.. '96 

Olathe. Eng.. Water Works, jOHNSOM 

HS, 8S 

Chandler, A., '01 

Olpe. LYON 

HS. 4S . 

Cooras. E., '02 

Osage City, Box 248, osagb 

NB, 7S, 17P 

Dawson. G., '06 

Osage City. Box 171, osage 

HS. 7S. IP 
C, 173. 25P 

Duval. L. E., '99 

Osage City. Box 185, osage 

Gonnaaon, A., '01 

Osage City, R, F, D. No. 4, osage 

BA. 6S 

Calvin, W. L., '00 

Osawatomie, Box 7, miami 

CC, 2S 

Dukes, H. S., '02 

Osawatomie, State Hospital, uiami 

EP. 6S 

Masters. C. W„ '00 


Prier, B. L., '02 

Osawatomie, miaui 

HH, 138 - 

Riker, A. V., '02 

Osawatomie, miami 

EQ. 8S, D 

Robinson, J, H., '99 
Austin. R.X.. '02 

Osawatomie, Box 03, miaui 

C, 12S, 25P 

Oskaloosa, Box 710, jeppbhson 

EP. 13S 

Baker. C. E., '03 

Oswego. R. F. D.. labettb 

NL, 7S 

Ekstrand, D. D., '02 

Oswego, Box 106, labettb 
Ottawa, franklin 

EO, 28 

Beach, C. J.. '01 - 

Occidental Hotel 

HS. 8S 

815 Main St. 

LA, 9 Parts 

Bu£hong. I. C, '98 
Ferguson. Vaiy, '02 

621 E. 5th St. . 

HS. 5S 

216 Elm St. 

LA, 20 Parts 

Fisher, Q.. '96 

612 N. Mulberry St. 

C, 38. I3P 






Now and Y,ar 



Flinchpaugh, L. C. '99 
Foote, I. 0., '00 

810 N, Oak St. 

ED. 03 

419 Locust St. 

X. 28 

Hamilton, C. E., '03 

935 E. 9th St. 

EN, 6S 

Hampton, L. J., '02 

433 Poplar St, 
Rural Delivery 

EP. 6S 

Meeker, R. S.. '90 

HS. 65, 6P 

Melaxder, Emma. '01 

518 Willow St. 

AA, 6S, D 

Rodgere, N. A., '00 
Schuitz, E-, '00 

833, N. Oak 

X, 3S 

13tb and Cedar Sts. 

A, 9S. 44P 

Shore, H. M„ '02 

825 S. Locust St. 

HE, 7S 

Tuer. R., '99 

HCRO. 7S. 16P 

■Washburn. C, A.. '9fl 

413 S. Main St. 

A, 6S, lOP 

Wightman. Inei. '02 

624 Poplar St. 

LA. 12 Parte 

Yates, F.. '99 " 

517 N. Mulberry St. 


Beard, J. M., '00 
Martin, Irene E., '03 

Overbrook, 1774 Mass, St., osagb 

X, 2S 

Overbrook, osagb 

AB. 2S 

Oldham, O., '01 

Oxford. Box 213, SUMNER 

AA. 4S 

Beece, O, T., '00 

Oxford. SUMNBR 

R. 15S, 13P 

Freeman, J. F.. '02 
Light, G. M.. '02 

Paola, MIAMI 

DO. 3S. 13P 

Paola, R. R. No. 1, uiaui 

AC. 8S, 13P 

Marcham. W. H., '02 

Paola, Box 325, miami 

DE. as, 14P 

Talbot. B. E,, '01 

PaoU: Box 275, hiami 

ParBons, labettb 

HS. 48, 5P 

Bero, J., '01 

2219 Belmont St. 

BC. 5S, 9P 

Boyer, E. A.. '01 

1010 N, UncolnSt. 


Brandt. J. S.. '01 

ME. SS, 25P 

Brewer^ A., '01 

119 S. 15th St. 

BB. 33 

Ferguson, C., '01 

2408 Clark Ave. 

X, 4S 

Fitzsimmons, A. C, '00 

2014 Morgan Ave. 

ME. 96 

Landerlack, H. D.. '01 

1410 Johnson Ave. 
20U Morgan Ave. 

HS, 4S 

Medares, J. L., '95 
Medley. H, E., '00 

A, 8S, 17P 

State Hospital 

C, 7S. 26P 

Melville, F. E.. '01 

2409 Clark Ave, 

LR, US, D 

Mignot, L. r., '99 
Miller, W. 0„ '02 

1509 Coming Ave. 
2814 GabriefAve. 

MS, 7S 

RD. 7S 

Parsons, C, '01 

2501 Crawford St. 

LR, 123 

Priddy, V. O.. '01 

1919 Kennedy Ave. 

X, 2S 

Richardson, C. W.. "02 

2401 Clark Ave. 

RD, 3S 

Tiemey. H. J.. '95 
Willatd, C. B., '01 

1807 Clark Ave, 

C, lis, 13P 

1609 Forest Ave. 

RG, 5S 

Willis, E. L., '03 

R. F. D. No. 2 

GA. 103, 9P 

Wilson, C. S.. '01 

R, R, No. 1 


X, 2S 

Steeles. 0. P,. '02 

Partridge. Box 73, RENO. 

EW, 8S. lOP 

Baker, J. N., '03 
Dowd, C. A„ '03 

Peabody, Box 1S8, makion 

DH. is, 14P 

Peabody, mahion 

EP, 63 

Morse, H. A.. '00 

Peabody, marion 

T, lOS, 4P 

Scott. Miss S., '02 

Peabody, marion 

Pittsburg, CRAWFORD 

BE, 5S 

Atkins. G., '00 

1608 N. Locust St. 

CM. 53. 8P 

Baker, R. E., '99 

E, 6S. 25P 

Bell, H. P„ '01 

707 N, Woodland Ave. 

CC, 2S 

Gingles. G. C, '01 

404 N. 7th St. 

A, t2S, 15P 

Hill, F., '03 

307 S. Elm St. 

BB, 3S 

Hodson, Clara M., '02 

207 Forest Ave. 

■ BA, 2S 

Humble, J. G., '01 
Mayhew, ■&. S„ '01 

1604 N, foplin Ave. 
103 Washington Ave. 

X. 4S 

HR. 123, 17P, D 

Parker. G„ '94 

210 W. Forest Ave. 

G, 9S 


Patison. W,. '99 

709 Locust St. 

AB. lOS. D 

Perdue. D. M., '02 

610 E. 22d St. 

BE, 2S 

Rothgeb, G. A., '03 

R. R. No. 2 

HH, 14S 

Sheely. L., "03 

810 N. Elm St. 


Steele, W., '01 

R. R. No. 6 

F. 5S, 2P 

Stewart. I. C. '95 
Wilson, f. L., -00 

General Delivery 

1208 N. Joplin St. 
R, R. No. 6 

HS. 8S 

AB, 5S, D 

NF. 4S 


Cunningham, D., '93 

Pleasanton, linn 

M, 128, 5P 

Maxey,Je3sieE.. '00 
Evilsisor, C. B., '02 

Pomona, franklin 

CD. 2S. UP 

Portis, OSBORNE 

EU, 13S ■ 

Somers, P.. '01 

Republic. Box 67. republic 

ME, 8S, 24P 

Zaska, L.. '01 

Richmond, franklin 

A, OS, 22? 

Heller, A. E.. '01 

Robinson, Box 56. brown 

ME. lOS, 25P 

Richards, Libbie, '01 


X, 4S 

Adams, C, E.. '00 

Rosedale, Ry. Dept,, wyandottb 

AB. 5S, D 

Bray. E. M,, '03 

Rosedale. 29 Clinton St., wvani>otte 

HD. lis. 3P 

Gilbert, W. E., -00 

Rosedale, 1214 Lloyd Ave,, Wvandottb 

J, 7S, 6P 
b, 5S 

Russell, W. G,, '99 

Russell, RUSSELL 

Russell. W, G„ '96 

Russell, RUSSELL 

P. 35S, 15P. D 

Russell. W. G., '97 

Russell, RUSSELL 

I, 9S. D 
V. 20S. 19P 

Russell. W. G., '98 

Russell, RUSSELL 

Bearg, E, J., '02 
Croat, O.. '95 

Sabetha. neitaha 

GC, 6S, 12P 

Saffordville. chase 

AD. 9S, 34P, C 

Croak, O.. '01 

Saffordville, Box 75, chase 

A, 25S, 34P 

Snyder, B. W., '01 

Saint John, Box 105, stapford 

HS. 7S. 2P 

Bameck. A., '00 

908 E. Iron St. 

LR. flS 

Battersby, C, '99 

Box 397 

HS, 7S, IP 

Coffman. A, C. '02 

EP, 8S. ep 

Hineman, W.. '99 

Box 20 

ME. lOS, 8P 

Horah, C, '01 

148 N. 7th St. 

R. 13S. 5P 

406 S, nth St. 

MQ. 3S 
ED. 3S. 13P 

Richardson, P., '01 

Ritchie. R.. '02 

110 E, Iron Ave. 

DN, 5S, 20P 

Roberts, K. D.. '03 

Care Electric Light Plant 

EP. 6S 

Root, C. H., -02 

130 S. Columbia Ave. 

HE, 24S 

Stauffer. M. B., '02 

310 N, 7th St. 

MF, lis, D 

Steck, O. W., '00 

220 S. 4th St. 

LR. 8S 

Stockwell, G. P., '02 

308 Lincoln Ave. 

HH, lOS 

Wilder, W. I . -02 
Wilson. F. R.. '01 

302 Santa Fe Ave. 

EP. 9S 

150 S- 5th St, 

TP. 5S 



Scammon, cheroker 

HS, 4S 

JenkinB, J. W., '93 
Lebecq. J. B., '02 
Meek, G., '01 

Scammon, cherokee 

CM, 6S • 

Scammon, Cherokee 

NP, 3S 

Scammon, Cherokee 

G. 7S 

Craw, G., '99 

Scranton, Box 26. osacb 


Kirkwood. W.. '97 

Scranton, Box 197, osaok 

CM, 15S. UP 

Watson, H-. '03 

Seely, cowlbv 

EP, 7S 

AstenmaBsher, W. J.. '02 

Seneca, nbhaha 

DL. 4S. UP 

Koelier. W., '02 

Seneca. R. P. D. No. 1, kemaha 

MH. lOS 

Millimna. L. A., '02 

Seneca, nbmaha 

IC. 4S 

Nilson. L. v.. '03 

Seneca, Box 500. nemaha 

EW. SS, 8P 

Rohl. P. W., '04 

Seneca. Box 18, nbmaha 

GG. 12S. IIP 

Vorhes. I. S., '01 
Wilson, H. H.. '03 

Seneca, nemaha 

TP, 7S 

Seneca, Box 500, nbmaha 

GA, as. UP 


Nam! and Yiar 


Colby, Jr-, G. E., '00 
Johnk, F, A.. '02 
Watson, G A„ '03 
Stroder, F. M,. '03 
Blair, J. R„ '95 
McComb, R., '99 
Blakely, H. E., '03 
Stonnont, Estella M. 
Peterson, J. A., '03 
Hess. C. v.. '03 
Pepper, Dollie. '01 
Stiles, C, '03 
Shinn, J. A., '01 
Barker, Jr.. T., '02 

Ackley, C. W., '02 
Arnold, W. T., '00 
BentQp. F. H., '94 
Blanchard. C. M.. '9 
Blanchard, M. A. 
Boyd, D. W., '99 
Bromich, H.. '98 
Campbell, H., '01 
Chandler, C. H.. '00 
Chase, J. L., '94 
Cowell, J. L., '02 
Crossen, E. A., '01 
Derby, H. 1., '99 
Doerschuk. J. T., 'OO 
Edgworth, J. E., '98 
Fair, G, H.. '99 
Gardener. T, H., '99 
Gardener, 1. H., '01 
Gardiner. J., '99 
George. Alma M., 
Gibbs, H. G., '99 
Gibson, E, G,, '02 
Gilmore, H., '03 
Greenwood, F, C, '0! 
Gurtler, G. H., '01 
Hanson, E., '03 
Harper, Alice F.. '01 
Harwood, C, M.. '01 
Hodges, F. G„ '01 
Jennings, C. B., '02 
Johnson, E. D., '03 
Jones, L. M., '02 
Kemplin, C, M., '99 
Kirk, L. O,, '00 
Lacy. M. T., '00 
Maunsell, F., '00 
McNatt, j. A.. '03 
Mercer, j: A.. '00 
Mitchell. P. M., -QS 
Montgomery, E. G., 
Murrell.J. H., '02 
Myers, K. h- '02 
Nelson, Mary L., '01 





Sharon, barber 

10. 2S 

Sharon Springs, Wallace 

J. 4S 

DH, IS, 32P 

Skidmore, Box 18, cherokbb 

Solomon, Dickinson 

LR. 7S 

Solomon, 6th and Poplar Sts., Dickinson 

BA, 3S 

Smolan, R. F. D. No. 1. salinb 

AG, 4S, 2P 

Smith Center, smith 

EG, 6S 

Stafford, Stafford 

A, 7S, 13P 

Stafford, Box 72, STAFFORD 

HS, 6S, D 

Stark. NBOSHO 

EW, 8S 

Sterling, ricb 

BB, 4S 

Stockholm, Wallace 

RL, 3S . 

Thayer, R. F. D. No. 1, neosho 

AC, 7S. 15P 

Thayer, nbosho 

BB. 6S 

Thayer. R. R. No. 3, neosko 
Tisdale, cowlby 

HH, 15S 

BA. 38 

Tonganoxie, Box 269, lbavenworth 

AC, 9S. 6P 

Topeka, SHAWNEB 

907 Morris Ave, 

GC, 48. UP 

2310 Kansas Ave. 

A, 7S, 24P 

465 Ohio St. 

C. 9S 

917 Harrison St. 

CC, 68 

1317 Van Bureo St. 

A, 6S, 5P 

1408 E, 8th St. 

HS. 4S 

123 Jefferson St, 
1035 Kansas Ave. 

MD, 3S. 17P 

J. 7S. 6P 

600 W. 6th St. 

A. 25S, 45P. D 

Care T. Ry. Car Pr. Sta. 

ME. 9S, lOP 

1228 Topeka Terrace 
Sta. 0, Asylum 

EP, 6S 

HS. 4S 

628 Bramer St. 


1121 Topeka Ave. 

AA, 58 

406 E. Locust St. 

ME, ■9S. 18P 

1029 Polk St. 

0, 9S. 23P 

521 Park St. 

ME. 6S. 26P 

521 Park St. 

GC, 7S. J5P 

910 N. Topeka St. 

MD, 4S, 25P, C 
X.^S ' 

23 Madison St. 

905 Adams St. 

HS, 4S 

1550 Kansas Ave. 

NC. 98, 9P 

112 W. 6th St, 

AC. 48 

1229 Washington Ave. 

MH, 6S 

930 N, Kansas Ave. 

A, 8S, 21P 

158 Fillmore St. 

EP, 5S 

Care Kansas Medical College 

D. 4S 

328 Hawthorn St. 

BC, 6S 

Station B 

X. 28 

324 Willow Ave. 

EP, 14S, 14P 

1034 Woodwarf Ave. 

AO, 6S. 7P 

1417 Topeka Ave. 

EH, 88 

450 Summer St. 

C. 68, 25P 

734 Kansas Ave. 

BC, lis, 21 P 

Carrier No. 9 

ME, 268,'25P, D 

1254 Clay St. 
1224 Jackson St. 
800 Topeka Ave. 

I, 88, 12P. D 
GA, lOS, 6P 

ME, 7S, 25P 

311 Madison St. 

HS, 98, 12P 

202 Branner St. 

K, lOS, 17P, D 

1228 N. Harrison St. 

MF. 6S 

901 E. 8th St. 

B£, 68 

1912 Lincoln St. 

BD. 3S. 9P 




Norn* ami Ynr 



Nordell. T. E.. 'Og 

200 Tyler St. ^ 

HS. 8S. 8P. D 

O'Connell. M. P., '01 

410 E. 4th St. 

TG, 8S. D 

Olson, A. E., '02 

500 HarriBOD St. 

GC. 4S, 15P 

Packard, A. G.. '00 

1B34 Harrison St. 

A. 6S. 18P 

Parkhurst. F. H., '02 

101 N. Kansas Ave. 

CA, 4S 

Pay, L., '00 

Care C. G. Shouk 

J. 6S 
LR, 7S 

Paydell, F., '00 

334 Lake St. 

Peale, H. A. E., '00 

39 Norris Ave. 

WD. 4S. 25P, C 

Redlon. G., '00 

Care Insane Asylum 

ME. lOS. 19P 

Robinette. F. G., '02 

1408 E. 8th St. 

EP, 8S 

Rogers, W. S., '02 

70S Van Buren St. 

EP, 8S 

714 Chandler St. 

ME. 23S 

Shaver, M. E.. '01 

404 Leland St. 

C. 73, 21 P 

Sheffield, C. F., '00 

804 E- 8th St. 

ME, 9S. 8P 

Smith. H. T.. '02 

1005 Arch St. 

DO. IS. 13P 

States. H., '99 

318 Kansas Ave. 

P, lis. 16P 

Stephens, W., '02 

212 Harrison St. 

HD, 24S 

Stoecker, C. '02 

204 Jefferson St. 
611 W. 6th St. 

DO, £S, 35P 

Thompson; H. E.. '02 

AC. 3S, 27P 

Vanzant. F- E.. "00 

411 E. 7th St. 

CC, 2S 

White, W., '02 

318 Ash St. 

HH, 7S 

Whiteman. C. R.. '01 

632 Kansas Ave. 

D, 5S 

Williams, G. E„ '01 

114 W. 6th St. 

J, 4S. 6P 
T, US. 18P 

Winans, H. E.. '00 

Care- E. E. I. Co.. Genl. Del. 

Wood, C. L.. '02 

832 Kansas Ave. 


DH, IS, 21P 

Dreyer. 0. W„ '03 

Turner, wvandottb 

MA. 21S. 25P 

Dreyer. O, W,. '01 

Turner, wyakdottk 

LS. 2S, 34P, D 

Morse, H. A., '00 

UdaU, Box 47, cowlev 

ME, 9S, 27P 

Barker. W. I.. '00 
Blue, May W., '02 

Valley Center, sedgwick 

AB, 5S 

Valley Falls, jefi-erson ' 

DB, 2S, 13P 

KnowltoQ, G., '03 

Valley Falls, Jefferson 

HE, 28S 

Goodwin, T. C, '02 
Clark. J. W.. '02 

Vermilioa, Marshall 

AC. 3S, IIP 

Vining, Box 84. clay 

HE, 9S 

Iliff. J. G., '97 
Carl,"H. A.. '02 


J, 7S 
IB. 2S 

Wamego, Pottawatomie 

Fans, E. E., '03 

Washington. Washington 

NO, 9S 

Hillabraot. W. J., '00 

Washington. Washington 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 

Pynn. W., '03 

Washington, Washington 

HD, lOS 

Sandy. S., '01 

Washington. Washington 

CC, 6S 

Thiele, E, T.. '03 
Clark, J. ET, '01 

Washington, washinctok 

EP, 5S 


X. 4S 

Green, G. A., '02 

Waverley, coffee 

HH, 20S 

Bouen, P.. '02 

Weir. Box 3)0, cherokeb 

GC. 5S, 8P 

Burke, J. E., '01 
Gray, R. A,. '00 • 

Weir, Box 290, Cherokee , 

XX, 2S 

Weir. Box 78. Cherokee 

CM, 27S. 14P, D 

Ott, J, A.. '93 


F, 23S 

Utley, S., '94 


Wellington, sumnbr 

CM, 5S. 

Adams, A. C, '01 

623 E. Lincoln Ave. 

LR. 8S 

Britton, J. R., "01 

TR, 7S 

Chapman, F., '01 

1099 E Harvey St. 


Fetters, 1., '01 

Box 683 

MQ, 5S 

Fritt. O W., '01 

Box 345 

Kemp, R. W., '00 

520 S. 2d St. 

J, 4S, 3P 
TR, 7S 

Mayse, M. S., '01 

309 S, Washington Ave. 

Rumion, H. O., '01 

Box 341 

J. 4S 

Stewart. J. S , '03 

Care Snyder Drug Store 
Box 195 

CO. 4S 
AA. 4S 

Wood. Myrtle, '00 

Wood. R., '00 

Box 195 





. NamiaHdYtar 




Pratt, E., '02 

Wellsville, FRANKLIN 

DO. 6S. 37P 

Runk, E.J,, '03 
Hart..H. C.. '03 

West Mineral, oherokee 

EF. 7S, 6P 

Westmoreland, pottawatomib 

AC. 48, 7P 

McComas. M. D., '01 

Westmoreland, poTTAWATOMife 

ML. 19S, 13P 

Snapp, C. E., '03 

Westmoreland, pottawatomib 

BE. 2S 

Rohlen, L. L., '02 

Wetmore. Box 57. nbhama 

MO. 4S 

RuWen. L, L., '98 

Wetmore, Box 57, nehama 
Wichita, SEDGWICK 

HS. 8S. UP 

Aaron, F. C. *03 

344 W. Washington St. 

EN. 7S 

Alex. 0.. '96 

1505 Fair View Ave. 

ME, 13S, 10? 

Athens. T,. '00 

412 N. Market St. 

ME, 11§, 4P 

Babb, H. T., -00 

144 Ida Ave. S. 

A. 5S, UP 

Badley, N-. '03 

320 S- Mosley St. 

GC, 5S. 6P 

Bordeaux. J. H.. '98 

142 N, Main St, 

D. 4S 

Brant, W.. '00 

1321 S. Main St. 

C. lis. 25P 

Briggle, V. M., '02 

521 S. Market St. 

DO. 3S, UP 

Butler. A. M„ '02 

R. F, D. No. 4 

CA, 6S 

Carter. J. N , '99 

125Se£age Ave. 

C. 2S, 14P 

Copeland. C, '01 

837 N. Lawrence Ave. 

ME. 12S, 4P 

Day, H.. '03 ' 
DoU, Jr.. H., '02 

1542 Fairview St. . 

ER. 5S 

521 N. Washington St. 

DE, 5S. 20P 

Goodwin. C. A.. '96 

1015 S. Lawrence St- 

HS, 5S, 12P 

Haag, E, W., '01 
Harding. S- J.. '00 

701 E. Murdock St. 

HS, 43 

Union Mills 

CC, 2S 

Heil, E. W.. '02 

Sta. A, 

EP, 9S 

Huff, W. S.. '02 

1 107 Jackson St. 
1708^311 Ave., Bojt 1040 

BE. 2S 

Jacques, O. L., '03 

HH. 8S 

Johnson. J. S., '99 

A. 7S 

Larkin, A. L., '01 

1015 W, Water St. 


Martin, G. E., '00 

1116 E. Douglas Ave. 
1401 E. Murdock St. 

Mason. L,. '02 

EP, 8S 

Middleton. F.. '03 

2035 N, Topeka Ave. ■ 

MS. 7S 

Nietike, P- R.. '01 

419 S. Lawrence St, 

X, 3S 

Parkinson. J. A.. '96 
Parkinson, J, J., '03 

135 Grace Ave. 

j;, 5S. 3P 
BE. 2S 

135 Grace Ave, 

Preston, C. A.. '97 

112 Lawrence Ave. 

P, 5S 

Ransom, A. R,, '99 

1353 S. Main St. 

HT, 5S, D 

Reed. F. A-. '00 

Box 754 

A, 7S. 9P 

Richards, Eva, '02 

317 New York St, 

BE, 4S 

Rochelle. C, '00 

306 Exposition Ave. 
'98 220 N, Main St. 

A. 5S. 9P 

Schollenberger, M. H., 
Shelley, E, B., '00 

ME, 8S. 4P 

!043 W. Lawrence St. 

AB. 5S, D 

Shelley, E. B., '99 

1043 W. Lawrence St. 

LR. gs 

Simison, A. C, '00 

610 Texas Ave. 

UD. 4S, UP 

Singleton. H., '00 
Smith, Hattie H., '01 

224 W. I4th St, 

CC, 2S 

323 N. Emporia Ave. 

IC, 2S 

Smith. P.. '00 

1419 Market St., S, 

LR, 9S 

Thompson, W. D., '02 

1221 Waco Ave. 

C. 4S, 25P 

Weaver, B. F., '03 

2029 N. Topeka St. 

HF, lis 

Weber, W„ '01 

Care Kansas Steam Laundry 

HS, 88, 6P 

Williams, T. J„ '00 

609 River View St, 

X, 2S 

Leaverton. W, L., '02 

Winchester. jErPEHsoM 

BE, 4S 

McKinney, S. A.. '03 

Winchester, jepperson 

BB, 4S 

Berg, Lydia, '03 
Cochran, A, '02 

Windom, R. R. No. 1, mcphbrson 

BB, 58 

Windom, mcphbrson 

EH, 5S 

Baden, M. W., '98 

Winfieid, Box 93, cowley 

J. 9S. 16P. D 

Chanev, O. L., '01 

Winfield, 203 Ames St., cowlev 

J, 28, 15P 

Gault.'R., '01 

Winfieid, 1209 Mansfield St.. coWLST 



Hoyland, C. '97 
Sterner, L., '00 
VanDewater, G. H. 
Mitsch, G. A,. "00 
Edwards, A. W. 
Roy, C. C. '02 
Wnght, H„ '02 
Morris, C. M., '0 


Winfield, 1322 E. 12th Ave., c 
Winfield, 902 E. 5th Ave., 
Winfield, 609 E. llth St.. cowley 
Woodbine, Dickinson 
Wreford, gbary 
Yates Center, Woodson 

Yoder, RENO 

Zurich, ROOKS 

A. 9S, 18P 
D, 5S 

A, 12S, 18P 
CC, 2S 
EN. 5S 
EP, 8S 
HE, lOS 
HS, 4S 




Thatcher, Edith, '02 
Boggess, C. D., '95 
Boggess. C. D., '97 
Fard, C, '01 
Geslong, F, W„ '00 
Kerchwal, C. K., '98 
Mdhorn, W. A,. '01 
Webb, M. E., '01 
Weber. F G., '00 
Blakely, Louise, '00 
Richmond, W. R. " 
Hagan, T., '03 
Lavanne. J., '92 
Carter, G., '02 

Hart, E., '00 
Hart. R. S., '03 
Rosenhagen, V., ' 
Thien. V„ '03 

Green, Rev, T. S„ 
Horton, T. H., '01 
King, C. A., '03 
Ko^. C. L,, '00 
Lindsley, C. B„ '0! 
Suffem, A., '97 
Reynoids, S. J., '81 
Barnard, V, H., '0 
Barnard, C. H. "" 


, '02 
, "00 

, '03 

'. L., 'i 

L. '02. 


Norene, E. 
Drysdaie, W. C. 
Drysdale, W. C, 
PhillipB, J, T., ■( 
Johnston, J. H,, '01 
Seaver. F. W., '01 
Tauber, T. A., '01 
Clarke, W. H., '03 
Salsburg. P, K„ '95 
Murphy, J. P., '99 

Baifd, V. T., '02 
Branson, V. H., '02 
Bumst, H.. '00 
Chalkley. R. H., '01 
Cody. G. G., '02 
Conway, J. J., '01 
Dickman. R., '00 


Alexandria, Box S3, Campbell 
Ashland, Box 466, boyd 
Ashland, Box 466, botd 

Ashland, 515i Railroad St., botd 
Ashland, 911 W. Winchester St., boyd 
Ashland, 106 E. Lexington Ave., boyd 
Ashland, 205 18th St., boyd 
Ashland, HE, Greenup Ave., boyd 
Ashland, 520 Winchester Ave., bovd 
Auburn, Box 84, logan 
Auxier, johnson 


Bamdey, h opsins 

Barren Fork, Care of Eagle Coal Co., 

Baskett. Box 38. h 

Baskett, hbmderson 

Bellevue, 249 Ward Ave., campbbll 

Bellevue, 612 Center St., Campbell 

Berea, Box 78. madison 

Berea, madison 

Berea, Berea College, madisoh 

Berea, Box 176. madison 

Berea, Box 132. madison 

Berea, Box 191, madisoh 

Bowling Greftn, ' 
Bowling Green, ' 

wling Green. 1144 Adams St., warren 
Brandenburg, mbadb 
Brownsville, b dm on son 
Compbellsburg, henry 
Campbellsburg, henry i 
Campbellsville, Box 52, Taylor 
Carrollton, Box 98, cabholl 
Carrollton, Box 137, cahroll 
Catlettsburg, Division St., boyd 
Central City, muhlenburg 
Central City, Box 29. muhlenburg 
Cottage ville, lewis 

Covington, kenton 

25 I^leasant St. 
904 Scott St. 

1509 Kavanaugh St. 

1625 HoUman St. 

1st Gate, Lexington Pike 

516 Scott St. 

N. W. Cor, 15th and Banklkk Sts. 

26 W. 5th St. 
124 E. 4th St. 

2 Kentucky Ave 

247 D 

BA, 2S 

B, lOS, 18P 
J, 5S. lOP 
Lr, 12S 

T, 9S, 13P 

ME. 8S. 7P 
HS. 6S. 4P 

C, 13S, 17P 
CD. 4S. lOP 
NB. 6S, 14P 
AC, 4S, 7P 
CM, 7S 

HE. : 

i. IP 

E, 9S 
CA. 4S 
AC. IS, 16P 
EB. 6S 
A, 68, 12P 

AC, 25S. 45P 
A, lis, 14P 
VD. 7S. 35P, C 
A. 7S 

G, 6S 

E. 9S 

BC, 8S 
HE, 22S 
AG, 5S 
LR. 14S 
HJ, 8S 

A. lOS, 14P 
BA. 5S 
JB. 3S, C 
HS, lOS, 17P, D 

AD. IS, 12P 
BE, 3S 

F. 22S, 2P 
HS, 7S, IP 
SM, 7S, 15P. D 

CA, 4S 

HE. lOS 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

LR, 12S 

EP. 8S 
HS, 4S, 2P 
CC. 7S 

BD, 6S, 16P 

V Google 



tia«u and Vmr 



Holmes, Jr., H., '02 
Holmes. Jr., H. S.. '03 

Wallace Ave. 

DO. 2S, 22P 

Ill Wallace Ave. 

AC, 6S. 21 P 

Hoppenjans, W. H.. '02 

1537 Richey St. 

DL. 2S, UP 

Mary, L., '01 
McKnight. O., '01 

222 Pike St, 

J, 7S, IP 
HC. 6S, 7P 

1515 Greenup St. 

Meiners. H. G,. '03 

228 W. J2thSt. 

GA. as, IIP 

On, J. S., '98 

621 Garrard Ave. 

X, 5S 

Ossenbeck. F. I., '97 

831 Greer Ave. 

EB, 2S 

Ranshaw. C. J., '99 
Rechtin, H. T., '99 

98 W. 7th St. 

C, lOS, 25P 

233 Crescent Ave. 

X, 2S 

Riehemann. E.. '03 

205 Pike St. 

MO, 5S 

SaviU. J.. '01 
ScharuB. J, '02 

107 East 3d St. 


727 Dalton St. 

Sheridan, F. J., '02 

104 E. Robins St. 

EN, 5S 

Smith, M. R., '98 

West 18th St., The Lawrence 

C, 3S. 12P 

Souther, J. C, '00 
Statum, J. A.. '02 

75 E. Front St. 

HS, 5S 

26 E. 3d St. 

TK, 12S 

Weindel, G- A., '02 

214 W. 8th St. 

ER, 5S. D 

Weindel, G. A., '03 

214 W. 8th St. 

EW. 98 

Welp. B, J.. '98 

230 W. 13th St. 

CC. 6S 

Weynberry, B. J., '00 
Wones. W: R., foi 

73 W. 12th St. 

HS, 8S. 6P 

Foot of 8th St. 

C, 12S. 9P 


Wilson, A., '00 

Crescent Springs, bbnton 

C, 12S, 13P 

Pankin, J. W., '98 

Cynthiana, Box 584, Harrison 

HS, 7S 

Helm. J- H.. '02 

Dansville. Box 351, boylb 


Elminger, A. '01 

Dayton. 624 6th Ave., cambell 

• ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Hammond, C, P.. '00 

Dayton, 3d Ave. and McKinney St., 


HS, as. 3P 

Holmes. W. T., '00 

Dayton, 1027 3d Ave, c*mpbei.l 

LeRoy, A. H,. '03 

Dayton, 618 4th Ave., Campbell 

AC. 4S, 19P 

URoy. H. M., '03 

Dayton, 5th and Berry Sts., Campbell 
Defcoven. union 

AC, 8S 

Long, A. R., '03 

NB. 6S, 13P 

Wright, J., '93 

Drakesboro, muulenbero 

CM. 12S 

Famsworth, G. P., '98 

EarUngton, Box 213, hopkins 

A, 4S. 15P 

Gordon, N. E., '98 

Earlington. hopktns 

HS. 4S, IP 

Rootz, F. W..'99 

Earlington, hopkins 

JB, 3S 
GA, as, lOP 

Rootz, F. W., '02 

Earlington. Box 144. hopkinb 

Miller, R, A., Dr., '03 

Elizabethtown. 228 Central Ave., hardin 

NH, 6S, D 

Bowie. J., '01 
Bowie. }., '06 

T, US, 13P 

Empire, christian 

CM. 22S, D 

Macleery, J., '96 
Riggs, H., '03 

Empire, christian 

SM. 4S, 12P 

Fort "Thdmas, Co. B 3d Inf., Campbell 

BE, 2S 

Bretz, I. E,. '02 

EP. 7S 

Engleman. W. H., '02 

Fort Thomas, Co. M 3d Inf., Campbell 

EQ. 5S 

Haas, J., '03 

Fort Thomas, 401 Mt. Pleasant Ave., 


HH, 13S 

Meyer, Ethel. '00 

Fort Thomas. Campbell 

AA. 2S 

Bums, J. H., '03 
Davis, M. A., '98 

Frankfort, 8 Long Lane Ave., franklin 

BB, 3S 

Frankfort, franklin 

A, 28S, 45P. D 

Davis, M, A„ '00 

Frankfort, franklin 

SP, 2S, 34P, D 

Jones, C. T., '02 

Frankfort, franklin 

AC, 19S, I3P 

Arnold, J. F., '02 

Franklin. Box 163, simpson 

PC, 4S 

Phillips, R. L.. '00 

Fulton, Box 577, fulto.v 

ME. lOS, 5P 

Hise. M.. '96 

Grahamton, meade 


Howard, W. V., '01 

Green Castle, warrbn 

X, 4S 

Crutcher, Mary, '03 

Guthrie, TODD 

BA, 23 

Lafon. N„ '95 

Halsey, whitlev 

Hartford. OHIO 

F, 7S 

Hammon, F,. '00 

TP. 5S 

McCuUough, C, S., '00 
Barrow, A. C, '02 

Hartford, ohio 

TP, 7S 

Hedges, CLARK 

GA, leS, lOP 


Alves, B. S., '99 

Henderson, Care of G. M. Alves, 220 2d St 

' A, 22S. 13P 

Mann. H. K-. '00 

BopkinsviUe, crristian 

SM. 7S, 16P. D 

Bailey, F C. '03 

Care of D. K. C. 

NO, 6S. IP 

BIythe, W- W.. '03 
Callard. T. P., '02 

Box 384 

BE, 6S, D 

1315 High St. 

BE, 6S, D 

Collins, I. L,. '01 ■ 

917 E. 7th St. 

BC. 4S. 8P 

Grubbs. H.. *03 

R. F. D. No. 1 

DP, 33, UP 

Hopson, Lena A., '02 
McGrew, M. H., '01 

515 E. 2d St. 

ID, 2S 

218 W. I7th St. 

CS, 6S 

Morris, P.. '02 

Box 23 


Morris. T. W,. 'Ot 

Box 277 

ME, 12S, 8P 

Oelz«, I. H.. '01 
Ryan.PloraM, '03 

1003 E. 7th St. 

HS, 5S 

317 E. 17th St. 

BB, 4S 

Ryar.. Peart J.. '01 

317 E. 17th St. 

X. 6S, D 

Stephen, Jr., J. H- *0! 

Care of Hotel Lathay 

HS, 7S, 12P 

Western, J., '99 
Yost. G. R.. *99 

1006 E. 7th St. 

A. 3S, 15P 

207 S. Main St. " : 

T, lOS, 4P 


Fieshcr, H., '03 

Howard. MASON 

HB, 4S 

McClure, C. E., '02 

Irvington. brecrenbidge 

DO, 3S. 15P 

Ballard. A. H., '98 

Jamestown, rlssell' 

SM, 43. 4P 

Lawler, T.. '02 

HA. 5S 

Latonia, kenton 

IB, 2S 

Felton, W, H,. "01 

Latonia. 1 13 Southern Ave. 

UD, 2S, lOP 

Hawkins, 0.. '03 

Lawrenceburg, Box 182, andekson 

DO, IS. 12P 

Jordan,"!. A., -99 
Edmonds, A. h.. '02 

Lawrenceburg. andekson 

HS, 6S 

Lebanon, Box 264. uakiom 

DO, 3S, asp 

Edmonds. C. J.. '02 

Lebanon, Box B, marioN 

DO, 3S, UP 

Bell, H. K., *00 

Lexington, 187 Park Ave., favbtte 

V, 19S, 19P, D 

Chandler, J., '01 
Cramer, W. S„ '99 

Lexington, 39 Forest Ave., payettb 

LR, 8S 

Lexington, Box 42, fayette 

HS. 7S, 8P 

Heffner, J. D., '98 
Minter, E. T.. '01 

Lexington. 350 High St.. fayettb 
Lexington, 107 N. Limestone St., fayettb 

HL, 4S, 7P 

A, 4S, 19P 

Reiter, G. J., "00 
Skain, J. M,, '03 

Lexington, 159 Georeetown St.. fayettb 
Lexington, Leland Hotel, fayettb 

LR, 17S 

EP, 6S 

Spieer, T. W.. '00 
Vajyce, C. B.. '02 

Lexington, 568 Pemberton St., JAVBTTB 

C, 3S. 16P 

Lexington. 182 E. ath St.. fayettb 

RG, 5S 

Louisville, jbffebsom 

Bader, Jr.. C. '02 

1519 Frankfort St. 

AG, 3S, lOP 

Balmer, W. H., '00 

521 23d St. 

AD. 4S, 13P 

Baumgarten, E., '99 

424 E. Main St. 

ME, lOS, 23P 

Beckert, F. A., '00 

L. & N. R. R.. Union Sta. 

ME, lOS, 2fiP 

Cadzow, Jr.. W. P., '02 

1413 Haldeman Ave. 

ES. 6S 

Clav. R., '00 

3618 3d St. 

LR, 8S 

Cole. Mary. '00 

921 20th St. 

CC. 3S 

Commer, J.. '96 

1112 W. Broadway 

B, 18S. 13P 

Coyle, E. B., '02 
Culley, S. Y., '01 

1225 W. Chestnut St. 

MC. 9S, 37P 

609 W. Kentucky St. 

EI, 4S. 2P 

Davis. G. S.. '99 

2123 Logan St. 

J, 4S 

Davis, W. C, '08 

2109 Stratton, Ave. 

AC. 4S, IIP 

Dcab. R. A., -02 

1722 High St. 

GB. 9S. UP 

Dockins. J. C, '02 

2924 4th Ave. 

RR, 5S, D 

Downs. J. P„ '02 

1044 E. Green St. 

TL, 12S 

Eith. F. J., '99 

712 E. Green St. 

N, 9S, 19P. D 

Evans. A., '00 

2926 Bank St. 

AB, fiS. D 

Fischer, P. J., '01 

527 15th St. 

CS. 6S 

PraiJtcnbwger, W., '01 

708 Jacob St. 

DK, 3S, lOP 




Nam, md Y,ar 



Grindrod. W., '02 

704 Ohio St. 


Gilbert, H. G., '99 

2115 28th St. 

R. lis 

Giles, J. I.. '02 
Gross. V. H., '00 

1537 Pope St, 

112 W. Chestnut St. 

TH. 14S 

JM. 2S 
DL, 3S, 19P 

Hartmann, J.. '02 

518 E. Jefferaon St. 

Herehey. A.. '02 

2406 Magazine St. 
206 W. Lee St. 

PG. 8S . 

Hodge, R. N.. '00 

CC. 3S 

Hortsman, W., *00 

100 W. Green St. 

X, 2S 

Huber, P. P.. '01 

3531 Rudd Ave. 

HS. 9S, 14P 

Hunter, G. C. '01 

914 6th St. 

A. 21S, 28P 

Tanicke, G. A. '99 
Kelsall, J. B., '01 
Klump. yi., '98 

1818 7th St. 

HL, 7S. 16P 

2306 W. Broadway 

JR. 6S 
EB. 7S 

915 Jackson St. 

Kimval, J. L., '01 

1716 High St. 

LR, 6S 

Koetter, S. M., '95 

314 Preston St. 

HS. 4S. IIP 

Kraeszig, F., '02 

921 Lampton St. 

AC. 6S, 18P 

Krieger, C, '02 

1323 W. Chestnut St. 

BE, 2S 

Kneger, C, '01 

1731 Preston St, 


Lapp, M. P., '02 

2420 2d St. 

DH, IS, 17P 

Leet, W. T., '02 

2915 W. Market St. 

HH. 14S 

Leff. G., '01 

145 S. 8th St. 

A, 4S, 13P 

Martin, J., '02 

1741 High Ave. 

DO, 3S. i8P 

McClure. A. C. '99 

1510 W. Broadway 

LR. 2S 

Miller, 0. P.. *98 

1720 6th St. 

J, 9S, 16P, D 

Murphy, J. C, '99 
NeuKauser. P.. '02 

3315 High Ave. 
1328 Hull St. 

A. 9S. 12P 

DL, 3S. lOP 

Netherland; W., '02 

327 E. Breckenridge St. 

AC, 8S. 22P 

Nichols, W. C, '00 

809 E. Breckenridge St. 

TN, 18S 

Netty. J- P., '00 

Box 516 

HE. 12S. 25P 

O'Connor, C. J., '01 
Pickcupp, T. N.. '03 

Enterprise Hotel, 234-242 E. Market St. 

1218 Baxter Ave. 

SM, 7S. 15P, D 

TL, 19S 

Httenger, L. R., '00 

1006 Franklin St. 

X. 4S 

Pratt. J. M., '03 
Reynolds, P- W., '01 

327 E. Market St. 

EP, 7S 

1823 Barrett Ave. 

AG, lOS, 19P 

Richards. J, S.. '99 

1181 7tb St. 

A, 38, 19P 

Ringlet, G., '02 

716 W. Hill St. 

MN. 4S 

Schmeer, P.. '01 

1519 Ormsby Ave. 

BD, 2S; IIP 

Schmuclde. L. A.. '02 

929 Stevenson Ave. 

BA, 2S 

Schneiders, A.. '01 

UD, 7S, 45P, r 

Schoo. H„ '00 

420 E. Breckenridge St. 

305 E. Catherine St. 

A, 5S 

Shaw, A. B., '02 

TL. I4S 

Smith, A, Y., '03 

215 nth St. 

EP. 8S 

Smith, C. M., '00 

1511 Preston St. 

J. 4S. 3P 

Sommerville, C. A„ '98 

1025 6th St, 

A, 9S. 13P 

Spickes, Lillian A., '02 

1425 W. Madison St. 

BE, 6S 

Sullivan, D, E., '99 

2124 W. Walnut St. 


Tenent, C. H., '01 

2119 Howard St. 

Vissman. G. W., '00 

320 2d St. 


Walther, P. A., '01 

518 W. Main St. 

MD, 3S, IIP 

Weebel. A., '03 

436 E. Ormsby Ave. 

HE. 24S 

Whalen, Katie. '02 

1601 12th St. 


Wheeler. J., '03 

429 22d St. 

HE, 13S 

White, E. W., *01 

Care of Nic. Bosler House 

C, 3S, 15P 

WUkinson, R. L., '99 

1522 E. Gate St. 

LR, 8S 

Yent, A. G., '00 

628 E, St, Catharine St. 

C, 9S 

Elmore, M. G,, '02 

400 422 E. Market St. 

TN, 16S 

Henthom, A.. '98 

Ludlow, 142 Oak St., kenton 

HS, 5S 

Ritchie. H., '99 

Ludlow. 18 Elm St., kenton 

C. 8S- 

Southard, V. B„ '03 

Luzerne, muhlbnberg 

BB, 28 

Brewster. 0„ '99 

Madisonville, Box 128. Hopkins 

MB, IflS. 191' 



Boaa, C. '03 
Cartwright, L., '01 
Bromley, F. H., '94 
Wells, P. D,. '03 
Render, C. E., '03 
Woodbam, D. A., "03 
Irwin, D. K., '01 
Alhom. F. W., '03 
McCauley. Pauline, '03 
Bowman, E.. '01 ^ 
Settle, E., '03 
Hogan. C. P.. '»7 

Beitiog, A., "00 
Carrell. E.. '02 
Devere. Mayme, 'Oi 
Fleming. D. S., '99 
Haymen, F, F., '00 
Houben, A. J.. '03 
Kinsey. F. J.. '01 
Lantersick. W., '02 
Miller, F.. '98 
Reed. E, H., '01 
Riedel, D., '00 
Riedel, J. C. '00 
Ross. W. B., '03 
Rosselle. W. A., '00 
Roth, A.I '02 
Sauerbrey, J. H.. '00 
Schriever, E. J., '01 
Scuitte, G., '01' 
Theis, E. D.. '93 
Thu«. J.. '97 
Trouth. J., '02 
Van Kirfc. S.. '01 
WilBon. L. H., '00 
Wood, C. S., '00 
Wright, j. C, '01 

Smith. F. D., '02 
Hogan. W. K., "98 
Schofield. P, C, '97 

Stuntz, A. W.. '98 
Ward, W.. '93 
Webb. Cora Lee, '02 
Whitehead, J. M., '02 
Whitehead, t. W., '03 
Brown, Bertha, '01 
Buchanan. E. D., '00 

Locke, I 

., '01 

Madiflonville. hopkine 
Uayfield. Care of W. S- Hunt S 

Mayfield, Box 471, 

Mayfield. craves 

Mayfield. 320 2d St., uason 

Mayville, 423 Forest Ave., ma 

McHenry, < 

Mercer Stai 

Middletown, jsi 

Morganfield, union 

Morgantield, Box 74, 1 

Mount Carmel. Box 2J 

Mount Sterling, Box 504, hontoombry 

Murray, callowav 

Hewport, I 


UD, 5S, 27P 
L 7S, 14P 
ES, 7S 

BA. 4S 
GC, 5S. 2P 
A, 4S, 6P 
HE. 20S 
BK. 21S 

BB, 4S 
HS. 6S 

1111 Ann St. 
339 York St. 
324 Thornton St. 
4th and Washington Sts. 
612 Central Ave. 
226 E. 9th St. 
506 Wa-nhington Ave. 
156 Olalon Ave.. Bellevue St . 
603 Central St. 
II W. eth St- 
ill W. 6th St. 
123 Fort Thomas Ave. 
Fort Thomas Ave. 
137 W. 6th St. 
334 W. 11th St. 
716 Overton St. 
113 W. 6th St. 
310 W. 11th St. 
937 Monroe St, 

1112 Monmouth St. 
413 Washington Ave. 
333 Park Ave. 
26 E, 4th St. 
3d and Overton Sts, 

Nicholasville, Box 204, jessaminb 
North Middletown, bourbon 
Olive Hill, carter 
Orlando, Care of Big HUl Coal Co., 


Owensboro, 923 E. 3d St, 
Owensboro, 814 E. 5th St., 
Owensboro, 1310 Venable Ave., daviess 
Owensboro, Hardenburgh Rd,, davibss 
Owensboro, Elec. Eng. Co., Supt., davibss 
Owensboro, 103 Allen St., davibss 
Owensboro. 322 3d Ave , davibss 
Owensboro, 101 W. Main St., davibss 
Owensboro. 725 E. 5th St.. davibss 
Paducah, 1617 Tennessee St., mccrackbci 
Paducah, 805 S. 3d St., mccrackbn 
Paducah, 419 3d St.. uccrackbn 
Paducah, 226 Clements St., uccrackbh 

C, IS. UP 
MN, 4S 
EA. 4S, 13P 
DL, 4S. 21 P 
C. lOS. 24P 
C, 3S, I4P 
I, 12S, 8P 

BD, 7S. 18P, D 
NF, 7S 

X. 2S 

BE, 3S 
AD, 5S, 6P 
ME, 6S. I2P 
C, 6S. I8P - 
C. 17S. 25P, D 
HS, 6S. IP 
HE. lOS. 3P 

ED. ; 

. 13P 

A, 5S 

C, 15S, 25P 

ED. 3S, UP 

GB, 12S. 7P 
A, 5S. lOP 
MD, 3S, I3P 

BD, 2S, IIP 
ME, I4S 
MD, 4S, 25P 
DB, 2S, 14P 
A, 7S, 45P 
AC, 9S. 21 P 
X, 2S 

HL, 8S, 16P 

BE, 2S 
CC. 2S 


Namt amJ Yiar 



Moller, G. W., '02 

Paducah, 1724 Broad St.. MCCBACKBN 

EP. 7S 

Nieman, E. F.. '02 

Paducah, 525 S. 4th St., uccracken 

AG. 7S. 12P 

Strong. E. T.. W 

Paducah, 1231 Broadway, hccrackbm 

AB, 58 

Thompson, Eliz. May, ' 

01 Petersburg, boone 

CC. 2S 

Whiting, E. D.. '98 

Petersbui^, boons 

CC, 3S 

Bostin, I. W.. '02 
Owen, W. R.. '03 

Pittsburg, LAUREL 

NF, lOS 

Pleasant Ridge, davibss 

AG, 4S 

GUmore, C. M., '01 

Plumbers Landing, fleuinq 

HM, 6S 

Weddinrton, J. M., '95 
Musi, W. G./99 

Prestonabu^, floyd 
Princeton, Box 198. cai-dwell 

HL. 5S, 4P 

ME, 26S. 26P, D 

Bishop, V. A„ '02 

Render, ohio 

HF. 8S 

Todd, J. A., '06 

Richmond, Box 333, madison 

A. 12S. 14P 

Kippen. Delia, '02 

luchmond, uadison 

• IB. 6S, C 

Carter, D. J., '03 
Garst. R. G., '03 

Rockport, OHIO 

EP, 6S 

Sacramento, mclban 

HF, 14S 

Hinton, K- A- '03 

Sadieville, sCott 

EF. 8S, 6P 

Whitcomb, G. C, '98 

Salt Lake, bath 

X, 2S 

Garrison, L. H., '00 

Scottville, Box 34. allbn 

CC, 3S 

Nichols, E., '99 

Sharpsburg. bath 

X, 5S. D 

Richardson. S, W., '02 

EP. 6S 

Wright, F. H.. '02 

Smiths 'Grove, Box 94, warken 

AC, 3S. 19P 

Peffer. A. C, '99 

Somerset, pulash 

I. 4S 

Brentlinger, S, B.. '02 

South Park, jeffekson 

1 4S 

Jackson, M. M., '00 
Daugherty, A. V., '98 

Sturges. Box 56, union 

UD, 38, lOP 

Versailles. woooroBD 

HS, 4S 

Struniby, jr. H.. '97 

Versailles, woodford 

MP, 6S 

Williams, A. G., '98 

Versailles, woodford 

SM, 5S, 4P 

Willis, S. P., '02 

Versailles, woodford 

CA. 4S 

ones. R. W.. '03 

Winchester, Box 632, clabk 

HP. 6S 

Arnold, Mary R.. '03 

Wheatley, owbn 

IC, 38 

Jones, J. W.. '02 

Wofford. WBITLBT 

HE. 168 



Nam, OMd Y,ar 



Ramsey, M. I.. '03 
Moss, /., '02 

Abbeville. V8RNOM 

Alden, BRIDGE 

Algton. OW.BAMB 

Albrecht, F.. '00 

307 Opelousas Ave. 
223 EUia St. 

Bunnaster, W. A., '00 

Brosemw, L., '03 

Care H. J. Mrfon 

Dekaze). A., '98 

311 Belleville St. 

Gaspard, A„ '02 ■ 

Care P. Cuquet 

Cast. G.. '00 

1603 Patterson St, 

200 Morgan St. 

Haaser. A. J.. '00 

517 OUve St. 

Kenny, N., '96 

244 Atlantic Ave. 

Mathews, F. N., '00 

424 Belleville St. 

MaMon, C. M.. '99 

319 Oliver St. 

MaMon. C. P., '97 

319 OUver St. 

Thompson, C. '01 
VocfUin. A.. 01 

301 Delaronde St. 

ea-i Belleville St. 

Zeringer. H. B., '00 

721 Nunez St. 


Hull. D. H., '00 

Amite, tanoipohoa 

King, E. S.. '00 

Amite. Box 51, takoipohoa 

MeUncon. J., '03 

Amite, Box 143, tangipohoa 

Durham, R. H., '03 

Areola, tangipohoa 

Pittman, N. W.. '03 

Athens, claibbornb 

Kenny, N.. '00 

Atlanta, winn 

Guerin, r. W.. '01 
Cooper, W., '02 

Baldwin, SAINT marv 

~ Baton Roi^e, 719 Main St., z 

EP, 9S 
I, 7S, IP 
DO, 38, 19P 

EB, as 

C, 7S, 26P 
HE, 148. 29P 
MP. 2S 
1. 9S, 14P, D 
ME. 3S, UP 
A. 7S, 13P 
X. 2S 

E, I7S. 26P 
C, 3S. 13P 
EW, US, 27P 
DO, IS. lOP 
HD, lOS 
MM, 8S 
MIF, 6S 

Sammons, W. R.", 
Hamilton. W. M., 
Johnson, T. J., 'O; 
Sessions, T. H„ '{ 
LeBlane. R., '00 
Batterson, G. F., 


Crabtree,Mr3. P. L„ '00 
Diirio, A., '99 
Evans, J. L., "03 
Peyronnin, A., '01 
Visman, A., '03 

EvaiM, R.I- ., '01 
Smith, J. D., '03 
Strenger, J. J., '02 
Pochc S. G., '99 
Sarver, P., '02 
Collins, S. M., '03 

Baton Rouge, R. Del., east BATON ROUOB BE, 2S 
Baton Rouge. Government St., bast 


Belle Alliance, Bo.i 2, ASSUMPTION AG, 9S 

Berwick, saint mart GO. 4S, 2P 

Berwick, Box 6, saint mart "HE, lOS, IP 

Bonami, Box 34, calcasiru DO, IS, JSP 

Bowie, LAPOURCHB HS, .5S, 2P 

Bunkie. avoyellrs D, 48 

Chalmette, Chalmette St., saint bbrnakd HD, lOS, IP 
Crowley, Box 450. acadia CC, 4S 

Crowley, acadia J, 7S 

Crowley, W. 10th Ave,, acadia HD, 7S, IP 

Crowley, 224 E. 17th St., acadia J, 7S 

Covington. Care I. Schny^er, gaint 

EX, 18S 

HS. 78, IP 
AC, 4S. 17P 
HS, 08. 16P 
GA, lOS, 6P 

DeRidder, calcasibq 
DeRidder, calcasibu 
DeRidder, cai.casibu 
Donaldson ville, 
Ebene^r. acadia 





Namt and Yfar 



Daiele, F., '02 
Lecfiner, C, '03 

Franklin, saint mary 

BA, 2S 

'ranklin, saint mary 

HE, 24S 

Lynch, G., 03 

'ranklin, saint maby 

BA, 4S 

Rogers, L. S., '01 

X, 6S. D 

Sample, S., '02 

Haves, calcasieu 

HD. 27S. 3P 

Pullen, J. H., '00 

louma. Care Bank of Houma, tbbbbbokne A. 6S, 20P 

Edelen, G. W., '00 

Hawara, east carr^ll 

R 16S, 15P 

Jeffrey, R, W., '02 
lohnson,!. W, '02 

, eanerette. Box 313, ibbria 

ON, 65, 22P 

eanerette, ibbria 

M, 6S 

Smith, A. K., '03 

■ eanerette. Box 273, ibbria 

HD. 8S, 3P 

Bcrthc, L. T., '02 

ennings. Box 151, o'.osiP" 

OC, 4S. 4P 

Bochm, C, E., '95 

: enninis, calcasieu 

HS, 5S, 4P 

Foster. P.. '02 

. ennings, calcasibu 

CB. 17S 

lustmao, W. J., '00 
Stanley, E., '02 

ennings, calcasibu 

HS. 4S 

ennings, Bojt 215, calp*':i"" 


Wright, N. M., '01 

^illona, SAINT CHABLEt> 

■ HA. 4S 

Pootp, Ella I., '00 

cr, 5S 

Keys. L. 1., 112 

Cinder, calcasibu 

HE. 9S 

Toups, F. H., '00 

.afourclie. Crossing, lafourckb 

CC. 2S 

Bendixcns, Emma. '00 

Lake Charles, 304 Hodges St., calcasibu X, 5S, D 

Bontyette, A., '02 

Lake Charles, 321 Preivitt St..'CALCAS 

BU GC, 5S, 4P 

Carter, I. C, '95 

^ake Charles, calcasibu 

A, 7S, 18P 

Cropper, A. 0.. '99 

Lake Charles, calcasibu 

A. 5S, 6P 

Belgar, W. H., '03 

Lamothc, rapidbs 

HD. 16S 

Dunnan. F. E., '99 

Lamothc, rapides 

EW. 29S, 37P, D 

Currie, C. R., '02 

Logansport, DBSOTa 

BA, 4S 

Roper. A. I.. '96 
Roper, E. B., '95 

Logansport, nBSOTA 

HS. 7S 

Logansport, nssoTA 

HS. 8S. 7? 

Bonin. A„ '97 

Loreauville. iberia 

A. US. 17P 

Graham, J. C. '97 


X. 3S 

McKennan, S- V., '01 

Manstield, Care Kansas City Southern 


TP, 8S 

Huber, C. O.. '00 

Minden, Box 426, webstbr 

X, 3S 

Hubbell, 0. E„ '02 

Monroe, 212 N. 3d St., ouachita 

CA. 4S 

Roberts. Daisy, '99 

Monroe, ouachita 

CC. 3S 

Wetsd, L., '02 

Monroe, 201 S. 5th St., ouachita 

BB. 3S 

Cook, H. A., '02 

Napoleon villc assumption 

HE, 34S. I2P 

I,<.vy. Miss Edna, 'GO 

Natchitoches. Box 25, Natchitoches 

CD. 2S, HP 

Cottrrege, J-, '02 

New Iberia, ibbria 

Hew Orleans, orlbans 

MK, 4S 

Allison, Jr., A„ '99 
Amers, D.. 01 

630 Pine St. 

J. 6S, 16P 

UD, IS, lOP 


Bandean, C, '02 

2170 Espanade Ave. 
4312 Coliseum St. 

AC, 5S, 15P 

Bear, A. G., '03 

AC, 4S, 5P 

Blancq. A., '01 

621 Louisa St. 

BD. 7S, 18P 

Blum, J. I,., '01 

3422 St. CUude Ave. 

HS. 4S. 4P 

Bourdet, W. L., '00 

331 Carondelct St. 

ME. 8S. IP 

Brogle, W-, '03 

833 St. Philip St. 

DO, JS, 12P 

Comers, M, D,, 02 

1434 St. Andrews St. 

EP, 8S 

Conroy, J,. '93 
Cosby, C. v.. '01 - 

1341 St. Thomafi St. 

C. 17S. 25P. D 

4421 S. Rampart St. 

JM, 8S. D 

Curtis. M., -00 

4509 Camp St. 

A. IS, lOP 

Davis, B. N,, -01 

1700Carordelet St. 

ME. 2.3S. 27P 

Davis, W, E., '03 

3249 Laurel St. 

AC, 5S 

Drei, G- '03 

3126 N. Rampart St. 

BA. 4S 

Duncane, W. W., '98 

3601 Rosseau St. 

T, 9S, 16P, D 

Ebaugh, I. L.. '01 
Enright, E, 1.. '99 

Times Democrat 

1«E. 5S, 25P 

227 S. Pierce St. 

MD. IS, lOP 

Evans, S, W., '00 

737 St. Joseph St. 
1728 Touro §t. 

MD, 4S. 25P. C 

Fisher, T. G.. '01 

LS, IS, 26P 

Fitaner, Miss E„ '00 

726 Toledo Ave. 




Plover, E, A„ '02 
Friend, I. T.. '03 
Gabler, E.. '03 
Garrett, A., '01 
Gerhardt, K., 03 
Gibbens, W.J.. '93 
Gogreve, Jr., J. B.. '01 
Greenwald, J., '00 
Gross, L, A,, '03 
Harzen, E., '99 
Heitzmann, G., '00 
Heyog. J. C„ '00 
Huggett, F., '00 
Hution, M. C, '90 
Ingraham, E., '99 
Kearney, C. M„ '02 
KellersoD, W, J., '95 
KepUnger, E. P., '00 
Knight, W. T,. '98 
Koffskey, G.. '03 
Kofiskev, G., "01 
Koffskey, G . '93 
Lafaye, E. J., '00 
Lagarde, J. J„ '01 
Lansing, J. E., '03 
Lawer. G. W., '97 
Levey. G.. '00 
Lloyd, T. P.. '98 
Maroney, Jr., C. E., '02 
Marshall, M., '03 
Martinez. A. C. '02 
Mathes. E. P., '02 
McCook. C. B., '01 
Owens, C, T.. '01 
O'Reilly. Loretta. '03 
Pansaa, T.. '93 
Purves, G. L., '00 
Putman, E., '01 
Rautz, C. F., '98 
Reed. R., 'DO 
Richards. C, '99 
Riedal, R. L.. '95 
Riedie, J.. '00 
Robelot, A., '99 
Roberts, G. N., '00 
Roberts. " '" 

Satterly, S. J,' 
Schaefer, T., 'Ou 
Schambach, Katie, '03 
Schehr, V., '93 
Schwartz. W, B., '00 
Seghers. W, J.. '01 
Simons, E., '00 
Smmons, J., '02 
Sims. G., '01 
Sterliuff, W.. '02 
Stone. O. M.. '02 
Stone. J. C, '02 
Thomgvist, 0., '02 
Treadwell, G. A„ '00 

S, V*. 11., IW 

s. I. H.,'0O 
1, J. B,. '02 

r, C. E.. '99 

Jackson Barracks 

120 Carondeltt St. 
1723 Tchoupitoulas St. 
1430 Jackson St. 
3329 Dunmaine St. 
3951 Camp St. 

7533 Zimpel St. 

1124 Barronne St. 

822 Paydreas St. 

5219 Laurel St. 

1040 Clouet St. 

1926 Frenchman St. 

1028 Lyon St. 

304 Magazine St. 

929 Terpsichorean St, 

2030 St. Andrews St. 

2540 Banks St. 

1003 Joseph St. 

1069 MosG St. 

3421 Dauphine St. 

3421 Dauphine St. 

3421 Dauphine St. 

835 Daute St.. 7th Dist. 
-313 Bourbon St. 

5349 Camp St. 
■ 922 Broadway 

5508 Hurst St. 

810 Henry Clay Ave. 

2518 Charles St. 

1403 Octavia St. 

1311 Paydreas St. 

2818 Burgundy St. 

121 N. Carrollton Ave. 
Care United Fruit Co. 
1101 Hennen St. 
Canal and Claiborne St. 

4930 Camp St. 
4927 Coliseum St. 
2511 Louisiana St. 
2108 Cleveland Ave. 
1314 Dumaine St. 
516 Leburg St. 
1524 Clonet St. 
Abraham Bldg. 
1515 Peters Ave, 
1050 Constance St. 
1730 Enterpe St. 

4931 Coliseum St. 
1038 UppcTineSt. 
421 Prieur St. 
2020 1st St. 
738 Mariguy St. 
Schwarts Fdy. Cc 
1453 Prieur St. 
629 LesHcps St. 
Box 1624 

3503 Annunciation St. 
4721 Constance St. 
1527 Carrollton Ave. 
365 Broadway 
1825 Enterpe St. 
1114 Soneat St. 

AC. lOS, 21P 
NH. 6S 
DN, 5S, 22P 
UD, 4S. 28P 
NC, 4S. 12P 
C. 9S, UP 
CO. 6S 

HM. 7S, 12P 
AD, 4S, 15P 
A, 12S. 13P 


FS, 17 Parts 
C. 16S, 20P 

CC, 2S 

A, US. 31P 
DL, 4S, 19P 
T, lOS 
A, 21S. 9P 
J. 7S, D 

AC, 4S, 20P 
ER, 5S 
BE, 2S 
DO. 6S, 37P 
E, 16S, IP 
HM. 5S, 4P 
DL. 4S. lOP 
C. 8S. 7P 
MR. US, 8P 
HS. 6S 

HS, 5S, 8P 
HM, 5S 
C, 6S, 17P 
A, 15S, 26P 
A, 9S. I4P 
A, 3S, 34P 
C, 9S. 9P 
TA, 17S 
EA, 9S. 15P 
SM. 5S, 2P 
C. 3S, 17? 
TP. 6S 
BB, 4S 
C. 8S, 9P 

C, 3S, 20P 
ED, 4S, 25P. C 

AD, IS. 14P 
DL, 3S, 19P 

D, 4S 
BE, 5S 

MB, 12S, 23P 
AC, 4S, 6P 
DH, IS, 15P 
HR. lOS, 7P 


Nami and Ytar 

Tremey, J., '99 
Viga, A.. '01 
Vomberg, J., '02 
Vorhaben. W. H.. '98 
Wackermann. L., '99 
Wagner. R, H. A., '02 
WaBcer, E, F., 'Ol 
Williams, T, B., '00 
Wetmore, Zella, '03 
Woodcock, C. A., '99 

615 Maripy St. 

1, vy . at., uo 

'. I. W., -99 

.. Jr., S., '93 
1, W. H.. '03 


Jacobs, W. A„ '02 
CampbeH. A. B., '03 
PitcSer, C. R.. '03 
Brooks. R. H.. '02 
Nicol, M. P.. '00 
Fisher, H., '02 

Burtord. C, '02 
aegg. F. H.. '02 
Forf, C. J.. '02 
Ford, E.. '03 
Gallagher. F. E., 'i 
Green, Lula, '03 
Hoffman, W., '03 
Kretter, W., '01 
McKellar, E. D. 
McLean, F. W.. '00 
Muir. Grace L.. '00 
Muir. [. A.. '03 
Page, A. E.. '00 
Porter, R. J., '99 
Tyman, P. C. '02 
UhJ. A., '95 
WiUiams, A. C. '03 
Young. K. A., '01 


Powers. Mamie L.. '03 
Ruthven. P. O., '02 
Pratt, E. W., '02 
Drago. W., '96 
Poore. M., "99 
Parker, J. W., '02 
Chrisman. W. P.. '02 
Bernard. N„ '03 

i Payi 


) ThaUa St. 
918 Juled St. 
809 Tchoupitoulas St. 
1126 Piety St. 
2fi53 Lepage St. 
730 Amfcert Ave. 
743 St. Charles St. 
3429 Baroome St. 

Opelousas, Washington 
Ostrica. plaqubminb 
Port Allen, wbst baton rouob 
Riddle, Care Winaton & Co., wbst 

Roanoke, calcasii 

Roseiand, Box 51, 

Roseland, Boic 83, 

Ruston, Box 11, lincolk 

Ruston, Care M. Hermans ft Co., LINCOLN 

Saint Frances ville. 

CO. 38 

ME. lis. 27P 

MP, lOS 

C, 4S, 18P 

C, lOS, 25P 

HE, 13S 


A, 5S. IP 

LC, 12 Parts 

AD, 38, 23P 

HP. 68 

HS, 4S, 8P 
C, 8S, 5P 

DO. as, 13P 
HH, 21S 
HD. 238. 6P 
DO, 3S. 13P 
EP, lOS 
BC, 4S, 4P 
DH. 2S, 34P. D 

ShreTeport, caddo 
Box 571 

1446 Harvard St, 
1420 Vanlawn St. 
1420 Vanlawn St, 
218 Milan St. 
605 Christian St. 
814 Sprague St. 
1026 Texas Ave. 
Box 184 
1311 Freas Ave. 
1126 Jewell St. 
630 Hope St. 
224 Travis St. 
307 Milane St. 
604 Billarv St. 

Care Vordenbaumen & Eastham 
V, S. P. R. H. 
1729 Park Ave. 



Thibodaux, lapourchb 

Welsh, Box 163, calcasibu 

West Monroe, oswbgo 

Winfield. Eng. Corps L. & A. R. B 


Yellow Pine, i 

Youngsville, l 

HE, lOS 
RL. 2S 
HD. 23S. 4P 
DO, 3S, 13P 
ME, 2S. 12P 
DH, IS, 16P 
CC, 6S 
EP. 7S 
AD, 4S, 14P 
A, 5S 

DA, 28, IIP 
HS, 4S 
P, 4S. IP 
RL, 68 
J, 7S. 8P 
RR, 5S 
AB, lOS. D 

BA, 6S 

HE, 32S, 5P 
A, 14S, 26P 
D, 43 
BE, 2S 
HS, 8S. 4P 

HE, : 

;, 8P 






Pinkham, Nellie, '01 

Abbot Village, Piscataquis 

CC, 6S 

Littlefield, F, C. '00 


C. 83, 24P 

French, F, C. "02 

Andover, oxford 

HB, 5S 

Atheam, E. H., "99 

Anson. Box 118. SOMBOSET 

A, 7S, 14P 

Oilman. C. L., '00 

Anson, soubrsbt 

HS. 7S 

Hosmer, G, S„ '01 

Ashdale, sacadahoc 

HB. lOS, 3L. D 

Dore. W. A., 97 

Athens, Box 14, Somerset 
Auburn, ANDROscooGirr 

. HS. lOS, 17P. D 

Crostoo. G. W., '00 

67 3d St. 

UD, 3S, 18P 

Dick, E., '99 

12 Newberry St. 

C, 9S, 25P 

Dick, E.. '01 

12 Newberry St. 

GO, 5S, 21P, D 

Dorkum, R. S.. '96 

88 3d St. 

C. 3S. lOP 

Dunham, A. H., '00 

49 School St. 

LS. IS, 25P 

Glidden, H. C , '02 

National Shoe & Leather Bank 

LA. 13P 

Johnson, F. H., '01 
Kneland, S. R., '99 

47 Dennison St. 

BD. 2S, IIP 

23 Summer St. 

AD, 3S, 18P 

Lane, E. F.. '00 

185 Main St. 

A, 25S, 35P. D 

Nevere. I. E.. '02 

198 Main St. 

EN, 9S , 

Perkins. C. W., '00 

192 Summer St. 

Z. 6S, 22P 

Rand, L. L., '99 

268 Court St. 

P. 6S, 4BP 

RatcUffe. 1. H.. '01 

Rowlean,!:. N-, '99 

173 3d St. 

TD. 8S 

97 Cook St. 

EB. 3S 

Sargent, H. L., '00 

88 Drummond St. 

T, 9S. IIP 

Simon, E. P., '01 

6 Newberry St. 

TK, 16S 

Smith. G, E.. '99 

4 Whitney St. 


Sturtevant, C. B., '00 

35 Wintan St. 

SP, 2S, 34P, D 

Tiemey, J., '01 

6 1st St. 

TB, 13S, C 

Townsend, A, F.. '97 

21 Whitney St. 

J, 6S. 2P 
IC, 4S, 4P 

Whitney, M. F., '02 
Wood. H. W., '99 

30 French St. 

41 Highland Ave. 

AA. 4S 


Abbot, W, F., '03 

2435 Water St. 

GA. 5S, 21 P 

I^kiiam, Pitltie R.. '98 

91 Green St. 

ES, 8S 

24 Weston St. 

AD, 3S, 34P 

Emery, C. A.. '02 

221 State St. 

EP, 6S 

Gidding, G. F., '98 

25 Garnet St, 

T, 8S. 16P 

Gegenheimer, F- M., '00 

15 Melville St. 

ME, 8S. lOP 

Howard, J. *., '03 

108 Northern Ave. 

TB. lOS 

Jones, G. E.. '01 
tamibee, Ida M.. '01 

14 Winter St. 

T, 12S, 19P 

24 Page St. 

CC, 2S 

Libbey, E. W.. '01 

85 Gage St. 
47 Middle St. 

BC. 4S 

Mason. H- I.. '99 

J, 4S 

Moore. M. P., '02 

Care Marine Engineers' Hospital 

AC, 4S, 20P 

Nichols, A. A., 'Bfi 

Box 89 

HS, 8S, D 

Pratt, A. P., '01 

8 Child St. 

ED, 3S, 21P 

Pullen. Mabel. '02 

19 Gannett St. 

BA, 2S 

Spaulding. F. L., '00 
Stewart, S. B., '97 

Care Washington Stage 

J, 8S, 16P 

17 Capital St, 

C, 8S. 15P 
Ab, 4S, I3P 

Stone, 0. T., '00 

54 Chapel St. 

Vose, A. G.. '99 

Care N. E. Tel. & Tel. Co. 

TP, 6S 

Wing. A. G., '99 

42 Green St. ' : 

A, 8S. 81 P 



Nana and Ytar 




Boyd. R, J. C. '01 

Bailey\ille, Washington 

Bangor, penobscot 

A. 6S, 2IP 

Bowker, W. L.. '98 

Box 903 

V, 6S. 25P 

Clark, L. A.. '01 

Box 50. R. F, D.. Union St. 

C, 8S. 6P 

Downs, C. A., '99 

53 Blackstone St. 

ME, 8S. 5P 

Everett. E, W„ '00 

49 Hammond St. 

1, 4S, 14P 

Gray. E. W., '02 

21 Larkin St. 

BA. 9S 

HaiKom, B. H., '02 , 

103 Pine St. 

LA, 9P 

Hastings, W. G., '03 
Jones, V. '03 
KendeU, W. A.. '02 

Windsor Hotel 

EP, 6S 

37 5th St., Box 801 

. NC. 5S, IP 

108 Johnson St. 

150 Elm St. 

BE, 2S 

Kennison, W. H., '01 

• BC, 6S, 14P 

Lord, Grace Imogene, 
Mitchell, L. E., 'Ob 

01 39 Cottage St. 

BD. 3S, 12P 

416 Ohio St. 

HS, 4S 

Patterson, F. A., '95 

16 Central St. 

A, 35S, 34P. D 

Pendleton, C. E.. '99 

186 Exchange St, 

J, 4S 

DB, 38, IIP 

Place, v., '03 

43 1st St. 

Rogan. NelUe. '03 

7 Highland Ave. 

BB, 4S 

Smart, H. D., '01 

73 Jefferson St. 

UD, 5S, 28P 

Smith, H. N.. '99 

23 2d St. 

SM. 4S 

Sylvester, E. C, "03 • 
Ward, F. C, '02 

HD, lOS, 4P 

29 Spring St. 

AC. 6S, 13P 

Webber. J. W '00 

Box 903 


HM, 5S 

Chandler. P. W., '00 

Bar Harbor, hancock 

D, 6S 

Day, B., '92 

Bar Harbor, 3 Albert Meadow, hancock 

HD, SOS, 9P 

Gimdle, W., '01 

Bar Harbor, 321 Main St., hamcock 

BC, 6S, 20P 

Goodall. M, D., '03 

Bar Harbor. 3 Myrtle Ave., hancock 

AG, 5S, 4P 

Harvey, F. A.. '95 

Bar Harbor, HANCOCK 

A, 9S, lOP 

Hayes, P. B., '03 

Bar Harbor, 22 Fon»t St., hancock 

EP, 7S, 5P 

Ritchie, G B., '01 

Bar Harbor, hancock 

HS, 6S 

Seaver, J., '02 
Spratt. L. A., '00 

Bar Harbor, 7 Eden St., hancock 

ER. 4S 

Bar Harbor, 25 Edgewood St., hancock 

HS. 9S. 16P 

Boyd. 0.. '03 

Bar MilU, Box 212, york 


AD. IS. 18P 

Chalmers, T., '99 
Chandler, P. Y.. '99 

71 Court St.. 

HM, 78, I7P 

C. 158. 25P 

Chandler, P. Y., '02 

71 Court St. 


Dunbar. W. S.. '99 

AD, 4S, I3P 

Dunton, R., '01 

35 Mechanic St. 

BB. 28 

Foote. G. S„ '00 

176 Middle St. 

MD, 38, 23P 

Hill. Florence M., '02 

17 Carliss St. 

BE, 2S 

Kimball, A. D., '98 

54 Granite St. 

P, 13S, IIP 

Luce, A. M-. '02 

846 Middle St. 


McCurdy, Harriet E., 

00 53 Vine St. 

CC. 2S 

Mitchell. L. R,. '94 

14 Pine St. 

C, 4S, lOP 

Murtaugh, W. A., 'CO 

607 Middle St. 

C, SS, 20P 

Nutting, F. W.. '98 

89 Union St. 

MD. 3S, IIP 

Percey. F, 0., '00 

134 North St. 

C, 118, 25P 

Roberts. E. B.. '01 

27 Willow St. 

r. 8S, 9P 
X, 2S 

Rogers, L, E.. '00 

Shepard, C. E.. '99 

76 Pine St, 

C, flS, 25P 

Stinson, I. J„ '02 

Bath Iron Works 

MW. 98, 37P 

Vamey, Charlotte Mae 

'00 221 Middle St. 

X, 4S 

Wilson. Jr., C. W., '99 

1 1 Dummer St. 

A. 2S. 13P 

Wright, Eva T., '00 

Box 10.54 

X, 28 

Wright, Lucy E., '00 

22 Middle St. 

AA. 6S 



Bdfut, WALDO 


Black. Jr.. F. H.. "01 

6 Union St. 

CC, 2S 

Blodgett, W. R., '01 

33 Cedar St, 

CC, 2S 

Cottrell, I. W., '03 

6 Union St. 


Dickey. O.. '01 
Ellis, E. R.. '03 

148 High St. 

AA, 2S 

23 Bay View St 

108 High St. 
138 Main St. 

HE. 9S 

Ellis. W.. '01 

X, 2S 

Littlefield. A.. '03 

EP. 5S 

Morrison. A J. ,'00 
Purkins. C. W.. 'SS 

411 Court St. 

ME. ns. 7P 

19 Congress St 


Younif. R. E.. '99 

••i Court St. 


HS. 4S, IP 

Kurd, H. H., '02 

Berwick, Berwick St„ YORK 

EP, 7S 

Durell. T. H., '00 

Bethel, OXFORD 

AD, 3S, 27P 

Foster, C. O,. '97 

Bethel. OXFORD 

Bidd«ford, VOKK 

HS. 6S 

Andrews. H., '02 

214 Alfred St 

TB. 8S 

Andrews. J. A., '02 

119 Hill St 

TB. 13S. C 

Armstrong, G. E.. '02 
Clarke, W; A., '00 

22 Hooper St. 

BA, 9S 

15 Everett St. 

C, 9S. 8P 

Fairfield, R, D., '02 

99 Alfred St. 

ME, lOS, 8P 

Gibbon, N. L., '02 

Care Saco & Pettee Machine Works 

TA, lOS 

Gordon. A. E., '02 

22 Prospect St. 
285 Main St. 

TB, 13S, C 

Har^-ey, P. E„ '00 

HS, 8S. D 

Jewell, F. A., '02 
knox. W. F., '01 

56 South St. 


13 Pearl St. 

C, 18S, 25P 

Leavitt. F. R., '98 

3 Pearl St. 

HS, 4S 

Means, F. M., '99 

113 South St. 

TV, 8S 

Newcomb, A. S„ '99 

16 South St, 

TF, 9S 

Whiton, G. W.. '00 

175 Alfred St 

MD, 3S. IIP 

Young, H. E., '99 

A, 4S, 16? 



Huae, R,. '00 

Bigelow. PKANKLIN 

C, 4S, 13P 

Andrews. R.. '02 

HE, 148, IP 

Holfon, C. R.. '01 

Boothbay. Box 15. lincolk 

ED, 3S, 17P 

Foster, J., '02 
Fuller, R. H..'96 

Boothbay Harbor, liscoln 

EP, 13S 

Boothbay Harbor, Box 101, Lincoln 

HS, 7S, lOP 

Avery, H. '00 

Brewer, pbnobscot 

ME, 9S 

Qark, E. A.. '00 

Brewer, Summer St., penobscot 

J, 4S 
B, 9S 

Cunningham, A.. "99 

Brewer, 374 N. Main St.. penobscot 

Gibnore, B. '00 

Brewer, 6 N. Main St., penobscot 

X. 2S 

King, E. M,. m 

Brewer, 28 Chamberlain St., penobscot 

HM, 9S 

Webber, L., '00 

P, 4S 

Wyman, C. A., '03 

Bridgton, Box 43, Cumberland 

Brighton. SOMERSET 


Ward. Edith I., '01 

AA, 6S. D 

Bridge, I., 'OO 

Brownville, piscatacuis 

TR, 13S, D 

Burke, J, M.. '98 

Brownv'ille, Henderson, P. O. Piscataquis 

LR, 12S 

Ryder, H. W., '00 

Brownville. Piscataquis 

A, 5S, 7P 

Baker, W. C. '01 

Brunswick, 7 Bank St, Cumberland 

TH, 12S 

Baribean. A. T., '01 

Brunswick. 63 Cumberland St. cumb. 

X. 2S 

Furbish, B. L.. '99 

Brunswick, 78 Pleasant St., cumbbrland 

P. 13S, 9P 

Furbish, M. Alice, '00 

Brunswick, 10 Cumberiand St, cumb. 

BD, 5S. UP- 

Hall. Nan C, '00 

Brunswick, 4 School St., Cumberland 

CC, 7S 

McMahon, J. P., '00 
Melchcr, W. S., '99 

Brunswick, 60 Cumberland St., cumb. 

X, 5S 

Brunswick, 37 School St, Cumberland 

P, 7S 

Small, H- J, '99 

Brunswick, 29 Bridge St., Cumberland 

TA, 13S 

Young. N. E-. '96 

Brunswick, Box 186, Cumberland 

ME, 9S, 18P- 

Richardson, G. W., '98 

Bucksport, HANCOCK 

HS. 8S, 8P 

White. A. L.. '00 

Bucksport, HANCOCK 

AA,2S- ,,. 


Namt OHd /«f 



Crosby, F., '97 

Calais, 3 Lafayette St., Washington 

X, 5S, D 

Leeman, I. L., '00 
Stewart, R. N,. 'S8 


LS, IS, 13P 


J, 5S, lOP 
X. 2S 

Bryamt, Blanche E., '99 

Camden, Box 373, KNOX 

Cotton, P. E., "03 

Camden, Mont Betty, knox 

MK. 4S 

Mansfield, A. E.. '02 

Camden, knox 

HB. lOS 

Moore, E. R., '99 

Camden, knox 

HS, 6S. 4P 

Soper, J.F.. 03 

Camden, Union St., Box 302, knoX 

HF, 8S 

Vamey. G. V-. '02 

Camden, Box 419, knox 

EU. 21S 

Warden. L. B., '03 

Camden, Maple St., knox 

TS. 13S 

Estes, W., '01 

Canaan, Box 181, somkrsbt 

UD. 4S, 19P 

Cole, H, '98 

Canton, oxford 

CC. 5S 

Virgin. F. E„ '01 

Cantonpoint, oxford 

J, 4S. 5P 
EP. I4S, D 

Allen, B. H.. '02 

Caribou. Caribou W„ Lt. & P. Co., aros. 

Lord, E. F., '00 

AB, 5S, D 

Swan, R. B.. '02 

Carmel, R. F. D. No. 2, pbnobscot 

BA, 3S 

Bradley, F. L.. '01 

Charleston, Box 211, penobscot 

UD, 5S. 22P 

Davis, E. C, '00 

Cherryfield. Box 5, WiSHlNGTON 

UD. 4S, 18P 

Hall, L. E„ '01 

ChesterviUe, Box 57. franklin 

HS, 8S, 12P 

Butler, R. N,. '09 

Columbia, Washington 

A. 12S. 19P 

Henry, W. W., '98 


MM, 20S, 14? 

McKcnney. F.. '00 

Cornish, Box 229. vork 

Cumberland HIUb, Cumberland 


Bragdon, E. J., '03 
Foster, H, W., '95 

9 Haskell St. 

EN, 8S 

39 Seavey St.. Box 594 

I. 12S, 18P 

Harriman, N. H.. '98 

P. 0. Box 138 

ME, 83 

Hawkes, J, A.. '99 

49 Warren Ave. 

CC, 4S 

Heydrie, A. C, '99 

Cor. Brown and Garfield Su., Box 264 

P. 6S, 9P 

Hooper, A, S., '99 
RacHiff, E. B., '99 

35 Brown St, 

AD, 4S, lOP 

Main St. 

HS, 8S 

Smith, H. G., '99 

Box 345 

HS. 10S,.17P 

Sterling. N., '03 

EN, lOS 

Sutermeister, E., '02 

MB, 8S, 2P 

Titcomb. W., '99 

Box 108 

A. 4S, IIP 

Winship.J. H. D., '99 

27 Warren Ave. 


CC, 4S 

Scammon, H. L., '02 

Danforth, Box 218, Washington 

CA. 4S 

Pottle, N. J., '00 
White, F. L.. '01 

Dark Harbor, waldo 

A. 4S. lOP 

Dark Harbor, Box 65, waldo 

UD, 5S. 34P 

Worcester, A. L., '97 

Dark Harbor, waldo 

U, 4S, 21 P 

Freese. E., '00 

Dcering Center, cumbbrland 

A. 4S. 13P 

Springer, T. B„ '02 

Detroit, somerset 

EQ, 5S 
TH, 15S 

Bentley. A, H., '01 

Dexter, penobscot 

Huntington, F. R., '02 

EN, 5S 

Barber, E.. '01 

Dover, piscataouis 

TN. 13S 

Frankham, H. K., "00 

Dover, Box 63, Piscataquis 

A, 7S, 14P 

Hait, Bessie A., '03 

Dover. R. F. D. No. 1, Piscataquis 

BB, 4S 

Hewes, Elsie J„ '02 

Dover, Box 305, Piscataquis 

BB, 4S 

Robinson, Maude, '01 

Dover, Piscataquis 

AA. 5S 

Ward. P. E„ -01 

Dover. Main St., Piscataquis 


Ward, P. E., '01 

Dover, Main St., Piscataquis 

AA, 5S 

Wentworth, C. M., '99 

Dover, ,15 Pleasant St., Piscataquis 

HS, 7S, 15P 

Chandler. J- J., '00 

Dover, South Mills, Piscataquis 

lis, 8S 

Barlow. L. A., '00 

East Boothbay, lincoln 

Roy, L.. '03 

Eaglelake. Eaglelake Mill Co., aroostook 

GC, 6S. 9P 

Smith, H. L., '00 

East Dixfidd, OXFORD 

D. 4S 

Austin, C. L., '01 

East Holden, Box 17. pbnobscot 

HS. 6S 

Frye, Mattie E„ '02 

East Machias, Washington 

BE, 2S 

Jones, B. O., -96 
Kelly, C. E., '03 

East Machias. Washington 

ME, 8S 

East Machias, Washington 

HH, 17S, D 

JVoM <md V«r 


White, W. K., '99 

East Newport, pbnobscot 

MD. 4S, 25P 

Leathers, A. M.. '02 

East Orrington. 210 Concord St.. Box 12, 

HD, 27S. 14P 

Harlow, D, M-, '99 

Easton, Box 26, aroostook 

AD, 4S. IIF 

Collins, Miss Cora, '01 

Eastport, Washington St.. Washington 

X, 2S 

Corbett, Marr L., '03 
Lancey, B. E., "02 

Eastport, Key St.. wasuinuton 
Easq>ort. 5 Wilson St., Box 369. wash. 

IC, 4S 


Lank, C, -01 

Eastport. Box 363, Washington 

HS, 5S 

Randall. E. B., 02 

Eastport. Box 538. Washington 

HH, 17S 

Haynes, G. M., 00 

East Surrey, Hancock 

C, 7S, 25P 

Higgins, S. W.. '01 

East Wales, Androscoggin 

AD, 7S, 33P 

Dow. L. K., -03 

East Wilton, franklin 


Hewett. W. H., '02 

East Winthrop. kbnnbbbc 

EP. 7S 

Aleicander, W. A„ '01 

Ellsworth. Box 364. hancock 

BA, 2S 

Forrest. J. P:, '02 

Ellsworth, U. R, Power Co., hancock 

EN, 12S. D ■ 

Goggins, R. W., '00 

Ellsworth, 12 Main St.. hancock. 

HS. 5S 

Grows. C. S., '00 

Ellsworth, Ellsworth St., hancock 

A, 4S, 20P 

Strout, E. H., '01 

Ellsworth Falls, hancock 

HS. 6S. 16P 

Gosson. E. P., '00 

Empire, amdroscoogin 

HM, 8S 

Rokde. E., 00 

Falmouth, R. F. D- Np. 4, Portland St., 

P. lOS, 8P 

Saunders. T. M., '00 

Farmington, franklin 

LR, es 

Girard, J., '02 
Gould, C. R, '00 

F. Williams, 49th Co. Coast Art., cumb. 

ED, 3S. 13iP 

F. Williams, 74th Co. Coast Art., CUMB. 

EB, 5S 

Kirschbaum, S. P., '98 

Fort Williams. Box. 11, ci;mbbrland 

F..5S, IP 

Bailey, C, R., '01 

Foxcroft, care Amos Abbott Co., pisca. 

ED. 3S, I7P 

Brown, W. L., '96 


A. 5S. IP 

Browne. C. R., '01 

Foxcroft. 77 Main St., Piscataquis 

A. 4S 

Lucas. H. A., '02 


D, 6S 

Sawyer. B. P., '01 

Foxcroft, 2 Main St., piscataQuis 

BA, 2S 

Silver, R, F., '00 


BD, 2S, UP 

Lirnt, J, '99 

Freeport, Cumberland 

SM, 7S, 16P. D 

Pratt, T., '99 

Freeport, Cumberland 

Gardner, R. F. D. No, 5, kennebec 

I. 7S 

HS, 9S. 13P 

Bragdon, R.. 01 

Bearing, E. W., '09 
Green.Ti. E., '99 

Gardiner. North St., kbnnbbbc 

A, 4S, lOP 

Gardiner, kbnnbbbc 

T, lOS, 2P 

Gray. C. H., '03 

Gardiner, kennebbc 

LA. 9P 

Nelson, C, -99 

Gardiner, 50 Neal St.. kbnnbbbc 

MD, 3S, 15P 

Smith, W. P., '01 

Gardiner, 96 School St.. kbnnbbbc 

EI, 5S 

Wing, H. L.. '99 

Gardiner. 58 Harrison Ave., kennbbbc 

C, 4S, lOP 

Thomas, T. H.. '96 

Glencove, care Power Station. knoX 

HS, 5S 

Hinkley, R- L., '00 

T. 12S, 17P 

Rolfe. A. v.. '00 

Gouldsboro, HANCOCK 

HM. 5S 

Deller. S. M., '02 

Great Works, pbnobscot 

BE. 3S 

Sturgis, Mamie T., '03 

Greene. Androscoggin 

DB. 2S, HP 

Carter. A. A.. 03 

Greenville Junction, Box 45. piscataquis 

BB, 2S 

Dodge. H. R.. '01 

Hallowell, 8 Summer St„ kbnnbbbc 

X, 28 

Gray. R. P,. '02 

Hallowell, R. F. D. No. 17, keknebbc 

BA. 2S 

Hurd, C. P.. 01 

Hallowdl, 04 Winthrop St., Box 310. ken 

X, 2S 

Hutchins. H. B., '02 

Hallowell. Route 8, kbnnebbc 

BA. 2S 

Manhire, B., 'Oi 

Hallowell, Box 548, KENiJBHBC 

A, 4S. 18P 

Moody, H. A„ -00 

Hallowell. Box 394, 19 Water St., kbn. 

X, 2S 

Nelson, J. H.. '00 

Hallowell. 14 Union St-, xbwnbbbc 

ME, 23S, 18P 

Snare. J, A,. '02 

Hallowell, 777 2d St., kennbbsc 

DM, 4S, 13P 

Wales, C. S.. '02 

Hampden Comer, penobscot 

GA, 14S, 9P 

Judkins, I. D.. 00 
PriBbie, B. F.. 03 

Harmony, somersbt 

A, 9S, 3P 

Harrison, R. F. D. No. 4, cuwb«hland 

EN, 5S 

Steward, F, R„ '01 

Hartland, somerset 

TO. 13S, C 

Hilson. H. B., '02 

Henderson, piscataquis 


Small, C. H., '98 

Henderson, Box 66, piscataquis 

LR. 17S 

Curtis, C. P.. '02 

Hodgdon, aroostook 


BA, 2S 

Emery. C, '03 

HH. 12S [ 

Burpic, Laura L., '03 

Coleman, A. L.. "00 
Connors, G. M,. '01 
Fremaine, A. E., "00 
Ingraham, G. A.. '00 
Ingraham, S. R., '97 
Sippwell. W. W., '00 
White, A., '99 
Garrett. R. W., '03 
Relin, E. A., '02 
Snowman, S. D., '01 
Worth, W. W., '00 
Littlefield. A., '96 
Emery. G. H.. '00 
Marshall, L.. '99 
McKenney, O. A., '01 
Stronach, I. N,, '01 
Welch, A. D., '02 
Judkins, G. C, '99 
Judkins, G, C„ "00 
Anderson, O. A., '00 
Morris, J., '03 
Morris. W, J,. '03 
Adams. C. W„ '01 
Densmore. F. R., '99 
Palmer, H. S., '01 
Philbrick. H. J.. '00 
Picott. R. N,, "03 
Pinkham. J. E., '01 
Pinkham. W, R„ '( 
Billbruck. G. S,. '0: 
Amee, P. J., '00 
Davis, C. J. L„ '00 
Dorr, J, P., '99 
Walker. H. D.. '09 
Dyer, Maud L., '02 
White, A, O.. '00 
Cobb, W-, '01 
McKenney, F., '00 




Blanchard, W. C. 
Brown. R. H., '02 
Carson. F. R., '03 
Conlev, W. T„ '00 
Dennett. T. C. '02 
Diehl. H. A., '01 
Edgcriv, H. H., '9! 
Farr, M, C, '00 
Fogg. L, L.., '97 
French. H N . '99 
Green. M. L,. '00 
Greene. T. R., '00 
Hodgkins, G. L. 
Holman, F. H., 
Lowry, C. A., '9 
Mescrve, F. A., 



Houlton, 2 Green St., Box: 63, aroostook 
- Houlton, 28 Columbia St., aroostook 
Houlton, Highland Ave,, aroostook 
Houlton 2 Gi 
Houlton, Bo3 

Houlton, 125 Columbia St.. aroostook 
Houlton. Care B. & A. R, R. 


Isle. 1 

; Isle. BoT 59. knOX 
Jemtland, aroostook 
Katahdin Iron Works, Piscataquis 
Kcnnebunk, vobk 
Kennebec Port. Box 82, vobk 
Kennebec Port, york • 
Kennebunk Port, Box 211. Union St., tork 
Kennebtink Port, vork 
Kennebunk Port, york 
Kineo, Piscataquis 
Kineo, Piscataquis 
Kingfield, franklin 

Kingman, Box 15, pknobscot 

Kittery, L, Box 23. york 

Kittery. Box 70, york 

Kittery, Hotel Deman Terrace, tork 

Kittery, Williams Ave , Box 186, YORK 

KitteiV, Box 197. yobk 

Kittery, YORK 

Kittery, Box 22, york 

Kittery Depot, vohk 

Kitterypoint, L. Box 13, york 

Kittcrypoint, york , 

Kitterypoint. yohk 

Kitterypoint, vork 

Lagrange, penobscot 

Lagrange, penobscot 

Lake View, Box 17. PISCATAQUIS 

Leeds Junction, Box 22, 

Lewiaton, / 

11 Bates Block 
115 Wood St. 
691 Main St. 
28 Frye St. 
R. F. D., No 2 
67 Maple St. 
431 Main St. 
107 Summer St. 
96 Horton St. 
46 Bates St. 
Box 44 

195 Hollamd St. 
310 Main St- 
414 Main St, 
1 25 Norton St. 
Box 130 
15 Ware St- 
98 Webster St. 

T, US. 13P 
BE. 4S 
AB. 5S, D 
CC, 4S 

ME. lOS. lOP 
HS, 4S 
HS. 8S 
LR, 8S 
A. 6S, 26P 
BA, 2S 

DL. : 

i. 19; 

C. 3S, 15P 

T, 4S 

N, 6S, 4P 

X. 4S 

X. 3S 

EN, 8S 

TO, 8S 

IB, 3S, C 

AD. 7S, 29P 

EP, 8S 

EP. 8S 

E, 5S. 24P 

J, 4S. 6? 

CD, 3S, 12P 

MD, 3S. 18P 

EP, oS 

ME, 9S 

MD, 4S. 25P. C 

AG, 4S. 5P 

HM. 5S 

X, 2S 

J, 4S 

MD, 3S. 21 P 
BB. 5S 
C, 6S, lOP 
AD. 5S, 19P 

X, 2S 

AG, lis. 17P 

PE. 3S 

A. 4S. 2P 

DB, 2S, UP 

DO, 3S. 21 P 

CC. 7S 

TA, lis 

ED. 4S. 25P. C 

TA, 13S 

C, 9S 

HS, 4S, 12P 

MM. lOS 

HS. 4S 

T, 9S, 8P 

BE. 2S 


Namt imd Yiar 

MuTch, A. L.. "(S 

TA, I9S 

Murphy, H. M.. '99 
Pratt. W. M,. -99 

192 Blake St. 
173 Pine St. 

JB, 2S 
A, 4S, 5P 

Rowe. H., '95 

145 Summer St. 

MD, 2S. ISP 

Scott, G. O., '00 


SP, IS. 16P 

Smith. A. F.. '01 

131 Oak St. 

ED. 3S. 13P 

VerriU, E. E , 03 

6 Hill Block 


Webb. T., '99 

MD, 3S, 25P 

■Wellman. E. F., '03 

87 Howe St. 

TA, lis 

Wentworth. W. G.. '99 

9 Union St. 

A. 12S. 17P 

White. J. H., 02 

457 Main St. 

TB, 8S 

Wildes. W. D., '02 

5 Davis St.- 

RR. lOS, D 

Wilkins, M, B.. '02 

172 Pins St. 


TD, 12S. C 

Ballantyne. F- 1.. '01 

Lincoln, Box 24, pbnobscot 

C, 8S, IP 

CUfford, E. B., '95 

Lincoln, pbnobscot 

J. 4S. IP 
HE, 12S, IP 

Doble, P., '02 

Lincoln, pbnobscot 

Weatherber. MilUe A- 

03 Lincohi, pbnobscot 

BA. 2S 

lenninK. P.. 02 
Pohle. R. F,,'03 

Lisbon. Box 113, Androscoggin 

TH. I2S 

Lisbon Falls, Box 600, andkoscogoin 

DL, 4S, 21 P 

Small. G, C, '00 

Lisbon Falls, Androscoggin 

BC, 9S. IP 

Cutler. R., 02 

Livennore Palls, Androscoggin 

HH. 19S 

Pettingell, A. G-. '98 

Livermore Palls, anoroscogcin 

JB. 3S, C 

Prentiss, C. F.. '99 

Livermore Falls. Care W. A. Stewart & Co 

' P. 6S. 19P 

Routh. G. H., '98 

Livermore Palls. Box 184, androscogcin 

ME, 7S, lOP 

Routh. G. H., '92 

Livermore FalU, Box 184, Androscoggin 

M, 4S 

Roys, Jr., O., '00 
Nelson, S., '02 

Livermore Falls, androscogoin 

DO. IS, 17P 

Lowell, P3NOBSCOT 

Adams, P. D.. '03 

Madison. General Deliverj-. soubrsbt 

TN, 12S 

Poss, C- M., '03 

Madison, 15 Madison St.. sohbrset 

BE. 2S 

Harriman. E., '02 

Madison. Wentworth Block, sohbrsbt 

EP, 6S 

Holden, A. M., '99 

Madison, Box 242. somerset 

U, 5S. 21P. C 

Lord, J. H., '01 

Madison. Hale St-, somehsbt 

TN, 23S 

Matson, J, T., '00 

Madison, Somerset 

HS. 8S 

Craie, I. W„ -02 
Webb, Emma P., '01 

Mars Hill, Aroostook 

McDonald. Care C. B. Littlefield, ken. 

HH, 6S 

PE, 5S 

Cotton, C, '00 

Mechanic Falls, Androscoggin 

J, 6S 

MD, 3S. I3P 

Dolley, W. E., '00 

Mechanic Falls. Box 20, andboscoggin 

Edgecomb, H. A., '99 

Mechanic Palls, Box 216, ancboscoggin 

J, OS 

Rowe, E. S., -99 

Mechanic Falls, Androscoggin 

J. 6S. 4P 

Rowe, Henrietta. '00 

Mechanic Falls, androscogoin 

X 2S 

Teague, Jr.. J, H.. 02 
Brown, S. R,. '00 

Mechanic Falls, andhoscogqin 

BA, 2S 

Mexico, OXFORD 


Decker, J. O., '03 
Haines, L. P.. '01 

Mexico, OXFORD 

BE, 2S 

Mexico, Box 15, oxford 

DL, 4S, 14P 

Straight. B.. '00 
Bradley, F. A.. '02 


. SM, 4S 

Millinocket, Box 152. PBnobscot 

EQ, 78 
BA. 25 

Alber. Annie, '02 


droves, P. S„ '03 

Milltown. Boardman St., Washington 

TK. 15S 

Hughes, Annie M.. '03 

Milltown, School St., Washington 

BA. 2S 

Mosher, J. I.. '01 


TG. 5S 

Scott, J. C, '99 
Kittredge, A. F,. '01 

Milltown. Box 312, Washington 

AD. 9S, 45P, C 


C, 5S. 26P 

Weir, C. A., '00 

Milo Junction, piscataOWis 

LR, 7S 

Warren. W. S.. '00 

Monmouth, kennebec 

J, 4S 

■f S, 9P 

Cooper, H. N., '02 

Monroe, waldo 

Palmer, J. B.. '01 

Monroe, waldo 

HS. 8S 

Thombs, P. P., '99 

Monson, Box 1, piscataOUis 


Lamp. J. W. '97 
Gorcfon, H. H.. '98 


MP, 3S 

New Limerick, aroobtook , 

HM. 8S 


Nam, and Y,ar 



Daw, H. H., '00 

Newport, pe nob scot 

TI, 7S 

Mason, D. N., '03 

Newport. 21 Spring St. 

ER, 58 

McLain, F. H.. '99 

New Vineyard, Box 70. franklin 

ME, 17S, ISP 

Keene, E. R., '00 

North Appleton, knox 

A, 6S, 6P 

Mclnnes, Jennie L., '00 

North Appleton, knox 

X, 2S 

Bain, J. B,. '01 

Northeast Harbor, Box 91, hancock 


Bartlett. E. F.. 03 

Northeast Harbor, Box 224, HANCOCK 

EW. 4S, 21P 

Bartlett, E. G., '03 

Northeast Harbor, Box 224, hancock 

DO. 4S, 30P 

Fennetly. A„ '99 

Northeast Harbor, hancock 

SM, 5S. 8P 

Ferguson, F- B.. '01 

North Jay. franklin 

X, 3S 

Wasgatt. S.. '99 

North Jay. franklin 

North Penobscot, Box 15, hancock 

AD, 4S. UP 

Coffin, H. C...'02 

EN, 7S 

Bomeman, G. A., '00 

Norway, oxford 

J, 4S 

Brickford. W, S,, '99 

Norway, 5 Fair St., oxford 


f-eavitt, W. C, '01 

LC. I2P 

Tubbs. J. N.. '01 

Norway, oxford 

BE, 4S 

Young, H, B„ '96 

Norway, Box 224, oxford 

J. 7S. 3P 
EN, 5S 

Fortin, F., '02 

Oakland, Box 214, kbnn£Bec 

Johnson, Maggie, '04 
Mudgett. J. 0,. '03 
Sykes, L.i., '02 
Whitney, Miss L. May, ' 
Dunn, T. L., '99 

Oakland, Main St.. kennebec 

BB, 2S 

Oakland, kennebec 

EP, 9S 

Oakland, kennebec 

TN. 12S 

OSOakland, Box 223, kennebec 

DB, 2S, IIP 

Old Orchard. yoRK 

C, 4S, 21P 

Wight, C. P., '03 

Old Orchard, york 

CA, 4S 

Hersey, W.. '02 


HE, lOS, 2P 

Hubbard, W. S., '00 

Oldtown, Center St , pbsobscot 

HS, 4S 

Krieger. J., '02 
Lowder, R. S., '01 

Oldtown, Lock Box 218, penobscot 

TO, 13S, C 


ED, 3S, 14P 

Lee, M. T.,'01 

Oldtown, Box 41, pbnobscot 

TN. 23S 

Nali, L. E., '00 

Oldtown, Box ly4, penobscot 

ME, lOS, 13P 

Stafford. J- H., '00 

Oldtown, Box 9. Main St., penobscot 

X. 4S 

White, L. D., '03 

Oldtown, Stillwater Ave,, penobscot 

EN, 7S 

Lincoln. S, B., '01 

Orono, University of Maine, penobscot 

SM, 6S, 15P 

Shaw, C. J., '01 


HS, 48 

Cooper, F. A., '97 

Pejepscot Mills, Sagadahoc 

HS, 7S 

Matthews, W„ '90 

PhippSburg, SACADAHOC 

HS, lOS, 17P>, 

McDonald, W. A.. '02 

ITiippsburg, Center, bacadahoc. 

Pittsfield, Box 791, SOMERSET 

BE, 2S " " ■ 

Hanes, E- C. '00 

BC. 4S 

Libby. E. E., '02 

Pittsfield, SOMERSET 

AC, 48 

Noyes, N. Maude, '02 

Pittsfield, Box 4629, Somerset 

AC, 22S, 30P> 

Trasy, J. P., '00 

Pittsfield, SOMERSET 

TH, 23S 

Vamey, C, H.. '02 

Pittsfield. SOMERSET 

EN, 68 

Wagner, M. H., 'Sg 

Pittsfield, Box 208, SOMERSET 

TL, lis 

Cook, A, E,. '00 

Fleasantdale, Box 31, Cumberland 
Portland, Cumberland 

CC, 2S 

Allen, M. L.. '02 

162 Oxford St. 

EP, 7S 

Arnold, A. R., '00 . 

256 Brackett St. 

ME. lis, 25P 

Benson. S, H , '02 

22 Howard St. 

HH,9S a 

Boden, A. W,. '03 

45 Kellogg St. 

EP- 6S, IP 

Bowie, F, L., '01 

80 Beckett St. 

BD, 7S, 17P 

Bradford, C, '02 

92 Free St. 

BE, 48 

Burhoe. L Q-, '00 

Beckett St. Car Bam 

P. 4S, HP 

Carter. J. H.. '99 

31 Portland St. 

J, 4S, 5P 
tC, 28 

Christiansen. K, M., '99 

14 Bowdoin St, 

Cobb, E, L.. '01 

553 Washington Ave, 

D, 5S 

Collins, J. S. C. '97 
Collins, J. S. C. '03 

6 Laurel St, 

J, 7S, D 
MP, lOS 

6 Laurel St. 

Connor, Miss A. R., '98 

267 Brackett St. 

AD, 5S, 23B 

Decker, E„ '00 

12 Nood St. 

TG, 6S 

Dennis. W., '01 

248 Cumberland St. 

GB, 14S, 22R 

Dooley, M. J., '00 

276 panforth St. 






Emery, L. H.. '01 

27 B. Frederick St. 

J. 4S 

Fabyan. A. H„ '00 

854 Congress St. 

AA, 2S 

Powie, U. A.. '00 

86 Washburn St 

J. 6S, lOP 
MS. 4S 

Freeman, P. S., '00 

4 Huntress St. 

Frost, A. G.. -00 

34 Quebec St. 
18 Middle St. 

C, 3S. 15P 

Gotid, W. A., '99 

HM. 8S 

Greene. R.. '02 

71 Glenwood Ave. 

DB, 2S. IIP 

Griggs. H. K.. 94 
Hdl, A. W., '00 

80 A Vesper St. 

C, I7S, 25P 

561 Sherman St. 

UD, 4S, 20P 

Hanscon, S. L.. '00 

186 Middle St., Care John C. Stevens 

A, lOS, 45P 

Hinds. -A. H.. '00 

72 Pine St. 

UD, 7S. 35P. C 

Holmes, H. N., '01 

374 Cumberland St. 

J. 9S. 16P, D 

Holmes, M. P., '00 

29 St. Lawrence St. 

ME. 21S, 17P 

Johnson, 0., '00 

98 Indian St. 

C. 4S, 14? 

ordan, H. I., '99 

31* Exchange St, 

R, 12S. 15P 

umper, J, S,. '01 

104 Oak St. 

J. 7S, D 
DO, 2S. 16? 

teene. R. W., '02 

Peak Island 

Kendall. R. T.. '99 

10 Henry St. 

ME, 9S, 25P 

Leavitt. C, W., '99 

601 Congress St. 

L 4S 
IP. 5S 

Leeman, C, '02 

42 Stone St. 

Lessard. T. T., '00 

100 Middle St. 

A, lOS, ISP 

Libby, W., 01 

Weymottth St. 

J, 4S 

VD. 4S, 17? 

Little, E. A., '01 

126-127 Lancaster St. 

Lynch, R. L,. '00 
Marshall, A. W., '02 

61 Kelkigg St. 

■I, 4S, 11? 

80 Munioy St. 
148 Federal St. 

MN, 3S 

Martin. A. M„ '01 

BC, 7S, 13P 

McRonald, H. A., '99 

94 St. Lawrenco St. 

AD. 3S, 16? 

Moore, A. R,, '01 

4 Vemon PI, 

X, 2S 

Moore, W, A., '99 

53 Thomas St. 

I, 4S, 12? 

Nason, B. G., '03 

388 Cumberiand St. 

BA, 5S 

Nelson, W. A., '00 

2 Joy PI. 

220 Brackett St- 

BC, 4S. 8? 

Pennell. C. A,. '99 

I, lOS, 15? 

Peny, C. M , '99 
PhilBps, J. W., '99 
Pierce, H. J,. '01 

Citv Bldg. 

I, 9S, 20P 

51 Lafayett* St, 

J. 7S 

BD, 5S, IIP 

53 India St. 

Redmond, P. E.. '00 

239 Federal St. 

SP, IS, 20P 

Robinson, L. C, '99 

44 MyrUe St. 

I, 16S, 13P 

Sanborn. C. P., '08 

185 Middle St. 

A. lOS, 45P 

Shaw, F, A.,- '01 

928 Congress St. 

HS, es, 16? 

Shaw. H. C, '98 

42 St. John St. 

ME. 2S, 24P 

Stevens, W. E., '02 

280 Portland St. 

GD, 4S, 16? 

StillingB, A. P., '01 

107 Clark St, 

RD, 8S 

Thome, F„ '02 


AD, 4S, 31 P 

Titcomb, E, W„ '98 

40 Aider St. 

J. 7S 
HS, 5S 

Towle. A. C, '99 

204 B St. 

Vaney. L. A., '99 

235 Cumberland St. 

J. «S. 12P 
P, 5S. 2P 

Wagner. S-, '01 

13 Hartley St. 

Wilson, B. H.. '00 

281 Washmgton Ave. 


X, 4S 

Bennett, J.. '03 

Presque Isle, Box 62, AROOSTOOK 

HE, 13S 

Moody. A. E.. '02 
Vougfit, J. E..'96 
Barber, J. '99 

Presque Isle, ahoostook 

HE, 35S, 17P 

Presque Isle, Box 280, aroostook 


Prcsumpscot, prksumpscot 
Pulpit Harbor, KNOX 

Carver, A. L., '66 

A, 13S 7P 

Parkman, F., '00 

Revere, souersbt 

C, 7S. 24? 

Darrah, A. A.. '02 

Richmond, Box 125, saoadahoc 

MC, 3S, 13P 

Hatch, E. E., '97 

Richmond, Main St., sagadahoc 

A, 2 IS, 46P 

Whitney, W. P., '00 

Richmond, saoadahoc 

C, lis, 25P 

Leckey, G. W., '02 

Ridlonviile, Box 27, oxpobd 

' EN, 9S 

Watson, A. E, '02 

Riley, Franklin 

GG, I2S, lOP 

Fossett. H, R„ '03 

Riverside, kbnnbbbc 

DH, 2S, 34P 


Barter, H. B., '99 

KocKiana, knox 
13 Fulton St. 

AD, 5S, 8P 

Bird, F, H„ '99 

Care A. W. Clark . 

TP, 5S 

Coombs, R., '00 

84 Pleasant St. 

HM. 4S 

Crocker, G, F.. '99 

14 Orange St. 

TP. 6S 

Famham, J. N,. '01 

32 Cedar St, 

A, 8S. 12P 

Hall. C. S., '01 

155 Main St. 

X, 2S 

Hills. M. L,. '01 

Highland St. 
53 Maverick St. 

A, 7S, 2P 

Jackson, L. C. '95 
Leonard, G. I., '99' 

HS. 7S 

6 S. Lincoln St. 

ho. 2S, 16P 

Maxey, M, M., '02 

53 Wilmot St. 

Thomdike, H. W., '99 

Custom House 


MD. 3S, 13P 

Carleton. G., '00 

Rockport, KNOX 

C, 15S, 25P 

Leach, E.S.,'99 

Rockport, Commercial St., knox 

X, 2S 

Lamson. W, A., '03 

RockviUe, KNOX 

HE, 9S, 2P 

Blaisdell, L. C. '00 

Rumford Falls, oxford 

P, 13S, 9P 

Johnson. G, W„ '02 

Rumford Falls, Franklin St., oxford 

LC, 15P 

Lewis, R. N., '03 

Rumford FalU, 10 Byron St.. OXFORD 

EP. lOS 

Powers, E. A.. '02 

Rumford Falls, 7 Urquart St., oxford 

HH. 15S 

Schilde, P., '98 

Rumford Falls, Oxford Paper Co., oxfori 

T, 9S 

Smith, W. A. E., '01 

Rumford Falls, Box 104, oxford 
Saco, YORK 

GA, 238. 24P 

Fogg. D. M., '00 
HeaTey, A. A. P., '00 

Simpson Road, Box 370 
16 Middle St., Box 603 

X, 38 

A, 4S, 12P 

Johnson. A.. '99 

Box 381 

AD, 48 

Jose. H. A.. '98 

Box 021 

A, 5S. lOP 

Leavitt. A. P., '00 

9 Green St. 

BC, 4S 

Lousdale. W.. '99 

Box 452 

HS, 7S, 3P 

Martin, J. B., '02 

23 Temple St, 

TA. 28S 

Mulvey, T., '99 

43 James St. 

D, 4S 

Noyes. O, G., '97 

Palmer, F. L., '99 

Box 347 

HS, 8S. 4P 

Box 502 

J. 48, 2P 

1, ITS, 22P. D 

Springer, W. B., '00 

82 Main St. 

Swift, C. E.. '96 

Box 916 


Titcomb, G., '98 

B. M. Ry., E. Div. 

E. 88, IP 

Young. W. A., '00 

Box 184 



Bennett, A. N., '97 

Sanford, Box 394. vork 

A, 32S, 36P. D 

Leighton, B. E„ '97 

Sanford, 17 Main St., york 

H8. 5S, 6P 

Ocamb. A.. '02 

Sanford, 20 Lebenare St,. Box 104, york 

HH. 148 

Senior, L. F.. '01 

Sanford, Box 28, york 

D, 6S 

Senior, P. L,. '02 

Sanford. york 

LB. lOP 

Spinney, S. H., '95 

Sanford, 8 Winter St.. vohk 

HS. 4S 

Campbell, A. W., '02 

Sangervitle, Piscataquis 

TN, 20S 

Clark. L, S„ '01 

TS. lOS 

Seabury, L. M., '02 
Small, F. L,. '01 

Sanger\-ille. piscATAguis 

BE. 3S 

Sangerville, P. 0. Box 63, piscataOUIS 


McGinley, H. H., '98 

Sebago Lake, cumbbrland 

HM. 6S 

Smart, Jr., J. E., '99 

Seboeis, pb-nobscot 

C. 2S, 16P 

Perry, J, D., '99 

Sheridan. Box 54, aroostook 

AD, 3S, IIP 

Cullen, H. M., '99 

Shirley, Piscataquis 

HS, 4S 

Lamb, A. B„ '02 

Skowhegan, 15 Turner Ave., sombrset 

GA, 5S, IIP ■ 

Luce, 0,. '03 

Skowhegan, 87 W. Front St., somerset 

AG. 4S 

Mclnness, J.. '02 
Oakes, A- L.. '00 

Skowhegan, R. F. D. No, 4, somerset 


Skowhegan. Box 734, Somerset 

BD, 2S. HP 

Richardson, N, W.. 132 

Skowhegan. Box 704, sombhsbt 

EG. 8S. D 

Lacey. H. R,, '01 

South Brewer, penobscot 

HS, 4S 

Ring, F. E., '98 

South Brewer. 10 Elm St.. penobscot 

HS. 48 





Westcott, W. L., '95 

South Brewer, Box 62, pbnobscot 

C. IIS, 8P 

Gamoge, R. G,. '01 

South Bristol. LINCOLN 

HA, 6S. 5P 

Rivera. B. W., -03 

South Gushing, knox 

HD, 8S 

Beedle, A. L.. '01 

South Gardiner, Box S3, kbnnbbbc 

DO, 4S. 27P 

Beedler, G. W., '01 

South Gardiner, Box 49, kknnbbbc 

ED, 3S. 22P 

Baxter. J. W., '02 

Austin, H. P., '97 

South Livemore. AKnROSCOOOiN 


S. Paris. 12 Highland St., Box 145, oxfor 

D J, 9S, 14P, D 

EN. 6S. 

Botney, F. A., '03 

South Paris, oxford 

Dresser, W. D., '02 

South Paris, Box 501, oxford 

AG. 5S 

Parsons. J- T,. '97 

South Paris, oxford 

J. 8S. lOP 

Plant, P. H., '99 

S. Poland, Poland Springs, androscocoin 


Cole. A.. '00 

S. Portland, 132 HneSt., cumbbrland 

A, 16S, 16P 

Coughlin, J. P., '02 - 

South Portland, Route 7, Cumberland 

IB, 2S 

Elliott, W. R., '99 

S. Portland, 27 Franklin St., Box 14, Cumb 

MD, 4S, 25P, C 

Elliott, W. L., '03 

S. Portland. 137 Preble St.. Cumberland 

ES, es 

Forrest, T. E., '99 

South Portland, 27 High St. 

S. Portland, R. F. D. No. 6, cumbbsland 

R, lis, lOP 

Murrav, A. S, '02 

EP, lOS 

Woodfcury, L, G., '97 

South Portland, Box 191, Cumberland 

J, 7S 

LA, 8P 

Tilton, L. W., '03 

South Turner, andhoscoGOin 

Lawton, H. L., '02 

Southwest Harbor, Hancock 

HD, I6S 

Elkins. B, H. '98 

South Windham, Box 36, Cumberland 

ME, 2IS, 7P 

Goodwin, A. C, '97 

Springvale, Box 567, vohk 

HS, 8S. D 

Skofield, F. H., -01 

Springvale, york 

TN, 18S 

Adams, W. A,. '95 

Spruce Head, knox 

A. 4S, 19P 

Sanborn, M.F., '95 

Steep Falls, Box 86, Cumberland 

HS, lOS, 15P. I 

French. W. E,. '00 

Stillwater, pbnobscot 

J. *s 

Hodgkins, B. C, '00 
Keith. M. L., '02 

Stillwater Penobscot 

A, 6S, 16P 

Strickland, anbroscogbin 

NH, 2S 

Carr, H. L„ '01 

Thomaston, 114 Main St., hadibon 

BD, 2S. 12P 

Sawyer, E, R., '02 
Wyllie, F. P., '99 
Falcomer. M. C, '01 

Thomaston, Box 317, Madison 

KB. 4S 

Thomas ton, madison 

X, 5S, D 


AA. 3S 

Moore, W. C. '99 

Togus. kennbbbc 

J. 9S, 16P 
TIM. 8S. D 

Shaw. C. E., '00 

Topsham, Box 3, saoadahoc 
Union, KNOX 

Angley, V. M.. '02 

DH, IS, 15P 

Pamham, M.. '02 

Union, knox 

GA, 1'4S, JSP 

Calderwood, A, S.. '97 

Vinalhaven, knox 

A, 1IS,.12P 

Whvte, Jr., R., '99 
Butter. C. L.. '03 

Vinalhaven, knox 

A, 4S, 2P 

Waldoboro, Friendship St., Box 56, ltnc. 

HF, 8S 

Crimmin, W, G, '03 

Waldoboro, Lincoln 

DL, 3S. 12P 

Tordan, R. O., '02 
Feyler. L. K-. '03 

Waltham, Hancock 


HH, 12S 

Lockie, J. A-, '01 

Warreni Box 172, knoX 

AG, lis, 16P 

Russell, C. F., '02 

Warren. Lock Box 284. knox 

TO, lis 

Spear, C. M-. '03 

Warren, knox 

TO, 12S 

Stevens, E. L.. '99 

Warren, Box 2. knox 

A, lis 

Yatea. W. O., '02 

Warren, Box 98, knox 

WaterriUe, kennbbbc 

TS, 14S, C 

Barrett, E. R., '01 

100 Pleasant St. 

ED. 4S, 25P, C 

Bemans. F. R.. '00 

146 Cypress St. 

C, 15S. 24P 

Bnwg, A.. '99 
Broker, W. U., '98 

98 Front St. 

J, 2S, 16P 

64 Silver St. 

CO, 2S 

Biii-khart, A.. '01 

Box 27 

TS, US, C 

Colby. G. P., '00 

P. 0. Box 25 

TA, 3lS 

Gruendonner, G., '01 

6 Spring St. 

TH, 26S 

Gnptill. R. V„ '01 

Box 2G4 

A. 4S, I2P 

Home. E. J.. -01 

41 Western Ave. 

UD, IS. 13P 

Judge, W. A., '99 
keene, G, M., '01 

Silver St. 

MP, 2S 

22 Main St. 

X, 2S 

Kidder, F. L., '00 

Box 192 

HS. 4S 

Leslie, F. W., '97 

1 Leighton PI. 

N'^- . . .. 


McCrillis, N. N., '02 

Box 209 

EA. 27S. 25P 

Meichl. A,. -02 

32 Boutelle Ave. 

TL, 14S 

Robbin, N. A., '01 

Box 270 

HA, 4S 

Robinson, V. H., '02 

48 Western Ave. 

DP. 3S, lOP 

Skdih. L- S., -96 

Box 67. 1 Masonic Bldg. 

T, 16S, 12P 

Spaulding. A. B., '00 

2 Leighton St. 

ED, 2S, 18P 

Sturtevant, B. E., '00 

11 Nash St. 

J. 8S 
TL, 12S 

Thompson, A. C. 'Oi 

Belmont Ave. 


SmaU. H. W.. '98 

Webb. FRANKlJIil 

A, 12S 

Purington, R.. '02 

West Bowdoin, sacadakoc 
Westbrook, cumbbbland 

GC, 5S, IIP 

Harding, F. C, '08 

162 Main St. 

EN, 5S 

Lord, R. 1., '96 
Lord, R. J., '02 

30 Church St. 

I, 7S, 5P, D 

ES, 8S 

30 Church St. 

McCavitt, M., '02 

Valentine St., Box 72 

BA, 4S 

Finder, F. W„ '03 

147 Rochester St. 

EN. 7S 

Pindfir. I. L,, 03 

R. F. D. No. 2 

BA, 2S 

Quinby G. B., '99 
Whitney, P. F., '00 

Box 459 

ME. 13S 

Box 454 

TG, 6S 

Wilson, A. G, '01 

64 High St. 

ED, 3S. 16P 

Winslow. H. M.. '03 


EN, lOS 

Cousins, H-, '03 

West Edin, hancock 

BA 2S 

Marston, H.. '01 

West Falmouth, Cumberland 

ED, IS, 13P 

Hevey, H., '01 

West Kennebunk. Box 36, YORK 

J. es 

Dunbar, W. F.. '02 

West Penobscot, rancock 

GC, 5S, 5P 

Lubby, E. A.. '95 

West Poland, Androscoggin 

A, 6S 

Reid, A. E„ -98 

West Scarboro. Box 71, CUMBBRLANO 

HS, 8S, UP 

Bates, D. E., '01 

Winnegance, sagadahoc 

ED, 3S, 16P 

Campbell, A. L.. '98 

Winterport, Waldo 

J, 6S 
BE. 2S 

CampbeU, B, '02 

Winterport, waldo 

Hackett. EL, '01 

Winterport, waldo 

BC, 4S 

Morgan. S, H,, '02 

Winterport. waldo 

GG, lOS, 5P 

Woodman, F, H,. '02 

Winterpprt, waldo 

AG. 4S 

Thomas, W. L., '01 

Winthrop, Box 125, kennbbbc 


Anderson, H. W,. '96 

Woodfords, CIIMB8RLAND 

J, 9S, 14P, D 

, V. 13S, lOP 

Lincoln, h. B„ '99 

Marshall. W. B., '02 

Woodfords, 133 Woodford St., cumb. 

AC. 2S. 19P 

Winn, O. W., '97 

Woodfords. Lock Box 12, cumbbrland 

P. 5S 

Smith. E. P.. '98 

Yarmouth, 27 E. Main St., cukbbrland 

A. 5S. 13P 

Leslie, G. G., '99 

Yarmouthville, cumbbrland 

J. 6S, 16P 

Leslie, J. A., '99 

Yarmouthville, Main St., Cumberland 

1 6S. 16P 

Maloney, F.. '99 

York Village, Box 148. yohk 

K, 9S, lOP 



Andrew. A. E., '01 
HolKs. J. B., -M 
Tarring, R. B., '01 
Pattefson, C. A.. '02 

Bell, J. H.,'01 
Blatehford. G. O., '00 
Coolahan, E. B., '03 
CkKJper, S- '99 
Eldridge, T.. '01 
Hantske, L,, '01 
Hooper, W. W., '02 
jacobi, Jr., G,. '03 
Jones. A. M.. '00 
JoneG, A. M., '09 
Renschadt, W., '99 
Seamon. A. |., '00 
Searlea, E., '02 
Smith. S. R., '99 
Taylor, J. H.. '02 
Van Aman, J. W„ '95 


Werner. J..'S 

Adler. C, '00 
Allbatt G. C, '97 
AHbutt, G. C, '97 
Allen. C. T.. '98 
Allman, W. N., '02 
Allwell. W. E., '03 
Altekamp, F. H.. 'S 
Anderson. J., '02 ' 
Anderson, T. 
Andrews. T. 
Apslry. W, " 

Arthur. A. J„ '03 
Austin. W. E., '01 
Baker, Sarah j., '00 
Batdwin, W. D., '01 
Banks, Jr., W. H., 'O: 
Barber, W. H.. '97 
Barker. R. H., '03 
Batchddcr. J. H., '04 
Batchelder, J. M., '02 
Bateman. C, '99 
Bateman, W. H., '00 
Bayly, W. H., '02 
Beebe, A. B.. 'OS 
Bennett, A. M., '93 
Bennett, H. R., '00 
Benser, C. '99 


Aberdeen, harford 
Aberdeen, harfohd 
Aberdeen, Bel Air Ave., 
Alberton, Howard 

Annapolis, an 
U. S. S, Santee 
U. S. S. Gloucester 
Box 124 

U. S. S. Sandoval 

66 East St. 

U. S. S, Hull 

53 Maryland Ave. 

53 GloucesUr St. 

53 GloiKCster St. 

U. S. S. Chesapeake 

U. S. S, HuU 

U. S. S. Santee 

Ticket Agent B. & A. S. L. R. 1 

14 Hydea Ave. 

Care Maryland Hotel 

120 King George St. 

Baltimore, baltiuorb cItt 
526 N, Calhoun St 
3005 Pennsylvania Ave. 
3005 Pennsylvania Ave. 
3116 O'Donnell St. 
1737 E. Federal St. 
2134 E. Fayette St. 
2867 Woodbrook Ave. 
U. S. S. Windom 
116 Potomac St. 
Mt. Royal Station. B. & O. R. 1 
2023 Baltimore St. 
1811 Riggs Ave. 
433 E. 25th St. 
843 Blucher Ave. 
1617 Prestman St. 
715 W. Fayette St. 
1524 Druid Hill Ave. 
1422 Druid Hill Ave. 
1602 N. Bond St. 
1215 S. Charles St. 
2131 W. Baltimore St- 
2130 W. Baltimore St. 
1743 Rilt Ave. 
2001 Guilford St. 
1012 Concord Ave, 
103 N. Fulton Ave. 
522 Sharp St. 
1729 Jackson St. 
1719 Carlisle Place 



J. 7S, D 
It. 6S, IP 
DO, 3S, 12P 
JR, 58 
HM, 5S, 6P 
BC, 5S, 5? 
HB, 4S 
BE, 6S, D 
A. 25S, 45P, D 
AD, 8S, 45P, C 
J, 9S, I6P, D 
HM, 8S, lOP 
EN. lOS 
TG, 6S 
AG. IS. 14P 
■ C, 14S, 25P 
MM. 6S 

ME, 3S. 14P 
A. 7S, 24P 
CC, 3S 
ME, 8S. lOP 
MU, 12S 
EP, 5S 
J, 9S, 16P, D 
KB. 4S 
TR, 13S. D 
A, 4S 

A, lOS, 14P 
CA, 6S 
AD, 4S, 29P 
MJ, 5S 
K. 4S. 17P 
CC, 8S 
C, 8S. fiP 
DI. 3S. 20P 
A, 5S, 16P 
DO. 3S, 12P 
HE. 9S, 16P 
DO, 6S, 37P. C 
P. 5S, 19P 
P, 13S, 20P 
DK, 4S. 25P. C 
DO, 4S, 35P 
C. lis, 25P 
ME. 9S, lOP 
A. US, I7P 



Bingley. C. C, "89 
Bingley, C. C, '03 
Blandford. W. G., '98 
Blanke. E.. '02 
Blinn, H. M., '00 
Boeddeker. A. J.. '98 
Bonde. P. B., '00 
Bonnet, 1. W., '01 
Brandt. C, F.. '02 
Braxston, M„ '02 
Briedenstein. C. F., '03 
Breitenbach. I.. '00 
Briele, F. R..^02 
Briscoe, R. V., '01 
Brooks, I. T., '00 
Brooke, W. C, '03 
Brown. L. D., '03 
Bruce. C. R.. '99 
Buchanan, E. L., '02 
Bull. C. H., '99 
Burley, ],. '97 
Burweli; E. H., '03 
Busey. K. I.. '00 
Bvere, S. F.. 00 
Cain, Jr., 1.. '02 
Callahan. E, J., '00 
Callahan. E. J.. '01 
Campbell. R.. '96 
Caulk. E. C. '02 
Caulk, J, M., '01 
Chamberlains, R. L., '95 
Childs. G, S., '00 
Childs, N. H.. '01 
Chriatiancy, Jr.,C. E., '9E 
Clayton, E. G., '01 
Codd, Jr., E. I., 97 
Conover, D. A,, "02 
Coradazzy. G,. '98 
Coster. H. T . '02 
Cox. R., '99 
Crist, A, P.. '01 
Crist, G. E., '96 
Cromwell. E. G.. '01 
Cromwell. E. G., '99 
Crothers, R. W., '03 
Crowell. Sarah, '03 
CrowW, D. r., '98 
Cundeff, 1. d,, '00 
Danterich. R. H.. '01 
Davis, W. P.. '02 
Dear, J. M., '98 
Deniiw. C, H.. '01 
Despard, D. L., '93 
Detwilcr, H. E.. '98 
Dijton, H. A,. '03 
Dobson. E. R.. '02 
Doll, C. E., '99 
DorSey, I, M . '01 
Duffy, y. P.. '02 
DurlinK. C. R., '00 
Dusman, J. F., '95 
Ebert, J., '01 

1502 John St. 
1502 John St. 
503 N. Calhoun St. 
618 Franklin St. 
2647 N. Charles St. 
1024 E. Chase St. 
1114 Bolton St. 
620 N. Payson St, 
709 Columbia Ave. 
535 W. Hoffman St. 
44 Hartford Ave. 
2011 Orleans St. 
408 Calvin Ave. 
1905 Kennedy Ave, 
Box 092 

818 S. Potomac St. 
345 S. Gilmore St, 
1515 Covington St. 
902 Madison Ave. 
1803 Barclay St. 
1036 N. Durham St. 
1724 Calvert St. 
807 N. Carey St, 
1511 W. Pratt St. 
1351 Hull St. 
1413 Central Ave. 
921 E. Preston St. 
2212 E. Biddle St. 
1840 N. Wolf St 
1637JackBon St., S. 
106 E. Franklin St. 
1222 E. Lafayette St. 
1924 Edmonson Ave. 
Charles and Lexington St. 
12022 Park Ave. 
1707 E. Baltimore St. 
S. Hudson St. 
Fort McHenry 
263 E. Hambun; St. 
8771 Lombard St. 
44 Hartford Ave,, Ext. 
1803 W. Franklin St. 
231 N. Gilmore St. 
430 W. Carey St. 
1510 Harlem Ave. 
3 Mt. Vernon Place 
712 E. Preston St. 
245 E. Lombard St. 
1623 N. Bond St. 
24.50 Francis St. 
1280 Battery Ave. 
2324 E. Baltimore St. 
1035 St. Paul St. 
309 Monroe St. 
436 B. Lauvale St. 
513 S. Paca St. 
1518 W.' Fayette St. 
105 E. Lafayette Ave. 
127 S. Tuppleton St, 
1814 Linden Ave. 
117 W. OsiendSt. 
38 W. Baltimore St. 

ME, 9S. 12P 

GA. lOS, 9P 
T. lOS. IIP 
DM. 7S, 42P 
D, 4S 

y, lOS, 22P. D 
R, lOS. 9P 
LD, 3S, 16P 
PB. 6S, IIP 
HD, 19S 

BA, 6S 

P. 1 2S, 3P 
IB. 2S 
AA. 2S 
D, 4S 

RO, 2S 
C. 88. 13P 
DO. 4S, 27P 

C. 2S, UP 
GC. 5S, 7P 

D. 48 

MB. es, 25P 
HB, 4S 

ED. 4S. 25P. C 
C. 168, 35P 
C, 38, 25P 
EW, 98, 13P 
ME, lOS, 20P 

E. 88 

B, 88. 13P 
TG. 7S 
AD, 5S, 13P 
LE, 5S, 25P 

C. lOS 

EP, 98, UP 
EB. 2S 
HE, 17S 
C, 88, 25P 
T, 25P. 24P 
C. 108 
CSF, 5S 
C. 9S. 12P 
DO, 68, 37P 
LB 10 Parts, 
Z. lOS. 22P. D 
ME, IS. 13P 
HS, 5S. 17P 

GB, lOS. UP 
HM, 48 

B. 88. 18P 
CM. 22S, D 
B, 58, lOP 

BB. 4S 

DO. 6S, 37P, C 
ME, mS. 16P 
T, 13S. lOP 
LC, 25 Parts 
ME. 13S, 25P 


:E, 4S. 17P 



Nitm^and Y,ar 



Ebert. W. A., -02 

1912 Pennsylvania Ave. 

PA, 4S, 7P 

Ehlere, C. A., '97 


C. 17S, 25P, D 

Ehlers, C. A., '99 

2712 Aisqueth St. 

T. 14S, 23P 

Eichelberger, N. L.. '00 
Eitze, C. N.. '02 

273 Roland Ave. 

C. 6S. 25P 

845 Frederick Ave. 


Emnatt, C. L-, '00 

708 Euclid Ave. 

A. 7S, 16P 

Erichsen, B. P„ '98 

422 Turner St. 

ME, 16S, 25P 

Erler, B. A.. '02 

1802 N. Carey St. 
1608 Marshall St, • 

MI, 5S 
EP, 8S 

Emeje, P. W., '02 

Essex, H., '00 

826 Columbus St. 

A. 4S, lOP 

Evans. H. I., '02 
Faber, E. A., '02 

101 N. Carey St, 

NB. 6S, IIP 

1719 Guilford Ave. 

EA, 8S, 23P 

Falkonbmg. R. H., '02 
Fares. C, '02 

11 Mulberry St. 
General Delivery 

GA. 12S, 24P 
EP, lOS 

Fenhagen, G. C, '01 

Normandy Heights 
6U N.Calvert St, 

A. 4S, 13P 

Ferguson. J,. T.. '03 
FiscTier, Ir.. F., '02 

EP, 7S 

111 N. Baxter St. 

DH, IS, 22P 

Fisher. JV,, D., '69 

115S, GilmoreSt. 

C. 4S. 20P 

Forster, L., '00 

31.^4 O'Donnell St 

J. 9S. I6P 
HH. 6S 

Forster, L., '03 

3134 O'Donnell St. 

Forsythe, J. R,. '99 

822 N. Carey St. 

A. lis. 6P 

Framie, P. H., '01 

210 E. Lawvale St, 

A. 6S, lOP 

Franz. H. J., '97 

1901 E. Chase St. 


Franz, W. J,. '99 

1241 lackson St. 

CC. lOS 

Freburger, C- E.. '00 
Frese, I. F., '02 

1602 'Wilkens Ave. 

CC, 7S 

2028 Orleans St. 

EA, 4S. 13P 

Fryer. "R.A„ '98 

2424 Maryland Ave. 

HM. 6S, 14P 

Garrett. W. H., '02 

455 N. 24th St. 

DN, 5S. 22P . 

George, A. W., '01 

1315 N. Carev St. 

ED, 4S. 25P 

George, M. E. F.. '01 

1818 W, FrankUnSt. 

B, 12S, 12P 

Gibson. M. 0.. '02 

566 N. Gay St. 
164 N. Fulton Ave. 

EP, lOS 

Gilbert, H. L.. '97 


Gill. Grace I., '02 

32 E, 25th St. 

LB, 15 Parts 

Glauville, I., '99 

Care Germania Brewing Co. 

HM, 8S, 2P 

Graff, J. E.. '95 

2128 E. Pratt St. 

Graham. A. S„ "02 

Care Am. Lead & Baryto Co. 

CA, 4S 

Greene, F. A., '03 

1906 Boone St. 

ER, 5S 

Greer, C, P., '03 

634 N. Carrollton Ave. 

DL, 4S, 21 P 

1203 E. North Ave. 

DO. 4S. 27P 

Gropp, G. H.. '97 

Office of Div, Supt., Union Transfer Co. 
2423 N, Calvert St. 

, . 8S, 9P 


Gtwcoyne. J. H.. '01 

Gustavsen C, '02 

Care Marine Ry. Mach. and Boiler Works 

B, 2S 

Guynn, A. P-. "02 

629 W. FrankUn St. 

NA, 7S, 141' 

Hackett, H. A., '01 

112 N. Tremont St. 

D, 5S 

Hager, J. T„ '02 
Hahn, J. T„ '01 

2605 W. North Ave. 

DL, IS. 15P 

U. S, S, Windom 

HM. OS, 17P 

Haines. E. F., '02 

4 Bunneckey Ave. 

TB. lOS 

Hall, R. J., '03 

1725 Jefferson St. 
1406 N, Broadway 

GB. 8S. I OP 

Hall, W. H.. '98 

ME, 8S, 5P 

Hamilton. C. R., '02 

1430 Prestman St. 

DL. 3S, ISP 

Harrigan. W. H., '00 
Hax, E. v., '99 

432 E. Fort Ave. 

AB. 5S, D 

1616 E. Pratt St. 

C, 6S. 14P 

Has. J, '99 
Hrinrich. G. B., '00 

1616 E. Pr^ttSt. 

CC. 2S 

1811 Pulaski St. 

A, 4S, 12P 

Held. C. H.. '99 

2224 E. OUver St. 

J, 7S. IP 

Hellmers, H. W., '00 

2329 JefForson St. 
300 W. Madison St. 

A. 9S 

Ictiderson, Jr., D. M., 'OC 

ED, 2S, 25P 

Jenninghausen, W. H., 


2230 E, Hoffman St. 

EP, 3S. 12P 

Henisler. P. I.. '00 

1807 W. Baltimore St. 

D, 4S 

Hefner, E. F., '02 

1115 Canton St. 

EF, 9S, I2P 

Herbert, H.. '01 

Station D 

UD, 3S. lOP 


Nam* and Yfor 

Hirk, G. C, '03 
Hobba. E. B., '02 
Hoenes. O., '01 
HofEman, V., '02 
Hogan, C. '99 
Hoofnagle, H., '98 
Hopkins, L. M., '97 
Hubbard, A., '03 
IdaU. W. C, '67 
Iglehart, H. B., '01 
Isaacs. C. '01 
Jacob, J. E., '02 
■ ennings, F. P., '03 
' ennings, O. S., '98 
Jensen, S. L., '02 
Jones, I. L., '01 
Tones, L. C, '99 
Jones, M. S., '98 
Kalbhera. H. C, '00 
Kavan^h, I. H., '02 
Keincr.C. J. G., '99 
Kamp, W. H., '01 
Keirn, W. H., '97 

Kcnward, J. R., 
Kerr, R. C.. '02 
Kirkwood, P. A, 
Kline, W. H. L., ui 
Khapp, W. E., '02 
Knight, F. P.. '00 
Knipp. C. I,.'99 
Koether. G. H., '98 
Kraft, J.. '00 


Kuehn, P. T., '00 

, '01 

Lander. L, ^ 
Lane, H. C, 
Lane, W. C, 
Larsen. J,, i 
Lauer, A. B.. U& 
Lauterbach, C. '9. 
Lee. F, H., '99 
Leimkuhler. G. H. 
LeMar. B. W„ '02 
Lcpron, A. A., '00 
Liedlich, C. C. '00 
Lindsay. H. M. 
Lowery, H, C, ii^ 
Mangold, W., '02 
Marine, C, A., '03 
Martin. W. S.. '00 
Mather, L. B., '99 
McCaffrey, T-. '01 
McCaU, J. lil., 02 
McGan.W. C, '00 
McMackii ' ' 

B., '02 


ackin,' Ir'.' A 
ie, H. f., 'OS 

, "00 


1805 Park Ave. 

1352 Columbia Ave. 

1919 White St. 

35 S, Calhoun St. 

2304 McCulloh St. 

403 E. 20th St. 

U. S. S. Blake 

1335 N. Patterson Park Ave. 

2943 Walbrook Ave. 

10 N. Mount St. 

300 N. HoUiday St. 

1705 E. Main St. 

1324 W. Lombard St. 

102 E. York St, 

853 W. Fayette St. 

1800 E. Lauvale St. 

2417 W. North Ave. 

261P Hampden St: 

616 W, Biddle St. 

407 E. Ward St. 

2825 Elliott St. 

651 Quarry St, 

2247 E. Riddle St. 

B. & O, R, R. 

1924 E, Pratt St. 

2023 N. Charles St. 

204 S. Washington St, 

136 W, Luzerne St, 

1947 W. Franklin St, 

2568 McCulloh St, 

2606 Drena Hillan St. 

401 N. Milton Ave. 

1629 E. Pratt St, 

Station E 

811 W, Saratoga St. 

801 Light St. 

1928 E. Pratt St. 

1836 W. Franklin St. 

1320 HoUins St, 

718 Columbia Ave. 

805 Broadway 

Shephard Asylum 

24 Montford Ave. 

154 Fulton Ave. 

403 N. Greene St. 

839 W. Lombard St 

1927 E, Monument St. 

1310 N. Carey St. 

1003 N. 9th Ave. 

509 E. Fort Ave. 

782 W. Hamberg St. 

22 N. Collington Ave. 

1429 N. Bond St. 

315 E. 22d St. 

2451 York Road 

917 Curley St. 

34 N. Eden St. 

302 Roland Ave. 

2401 Barclay St. 

619 N. Pine St. 

217 Gorsech Ave. 

2102 Pennsylvania Ave. 

HQ. 3S 
ER, 5S 
.CC, 2S 
DO, 2S, 18P 
CC, 3S 
C, 9S, 19P 
KM, 4S 
DV, 88 
C, 12s, 25P 
ME, 9S. 13P 
R, 9S. 7P 
DO, 3S, 24P 
DO, IS, 13P 
ME, 7S. 25P 
MU, 6S, 12P 
ED. 3S. 13P 
C, 17S. 25P, D 
HS, 6S, 7P 
CC, 4S 
DL, fiS. 36P 

4S, 12P 
, 17S, 25P. D 

DP, 3S, lOP 
HH. I8S 
EF, 19S, 25P 
EP. fiS 
P. 5S. 6P 
A, lOS. 28P 
A, 6S. lOP 

C, 4S, 25P 

D, 4S 

T, 9S, ftp 

E, 9S, 25P 

GA, 13S. 15P 
ME, OS. 25P 
CC. 4S 

GB, 8S. 14P 
KA, 6S 

C, 17S, 26P 
Cr 9S, 13? 
A, 8S, 13P 
GA, 12S, 23? 
DO, 3S, 14P 
CC, 2S 
A. 4S. 21 P 
EA. 8S, 6P 
DO, 3S, 17P 
ES. lOS, 6P 
KB. 4S 
X, 2S 
T, 12s. 13? 

BE, 2S 
XX, 2S 
HH, 16S 
DO, 2S, 10? 
ME, 13S, 24P 
EP. flS 

A, 4S, 19? 

)v Go Ogle 

Nam* and Yiar 

MichaUki, W. G.. '02 
Hicbclmon, H.. '00 
Miller, C. D.. '03 
Miller, H., '03 
Miller, R. M., '09 
Mitchell, G. K.. '00 
Mitchell. Lillian D., '0 
Moore, Jr., W. H.. '99 
Moran, B. J., '03 
Morey. G. W., '02 
Moultoo, J. P., '99 
Mueller, t. A. A., '02 
Muesse, G. P. H, '97 
Munwrt, H., '02 
MunniD)^, E,, '02 
Murphy. J. U. S.. '00 
Murphy. M., '01 
Murry, W. W.. '99 
Mylandcr, W. C. '00 
Myers. G, W-, '03 
Nagengast, J. G., '03 
Na»h, T. E.,'94 
Neibich, Jr., C. A. W.. 
Nclker, F. J., '01 
Nicholas, "r. J., '02 
Nichols, C. H., '03 
Norris, E. M-, '01 
North, W. R-, '01 
Ohlgart. G, P., '97 
Olcott, G. L., "99 
Ott, J. C. '99 
Owens, J. T., '01 
Palmer, F. L.. '01 
Parlett. G. M., '09 
Paraons. S. H. O.. '02 
Pedro, Jr.. A., '03 
PennewiU, G. P.. '03 
Pereh, R. W., '02 
Peteni, J. V., '02 
Pctrek. Jr„ F, G.. '01 
Pfeifcr. e. W., '00 
Phipps, R, C, '02 
Filers, J. '00 
Flack, H. D,, '00 
Flatt, S. P., '96 
Plumb, J., '01 
Plumley, H. A., '03 
Poehhnan, R., '99 
Poistmann, J., '00 
Foofe, ' " " ■" 
Posey, T. D 
Posey, T, D„ '02 
Powers, R., 01 
Preston, G. H., '< 
Prodoehl. H , '03 
Prosser, Jennie, '! 
Rausch. J. W.. '9 
Reeside, J. B., "Si 
Reese, Jr., P. M.. 
ReiUy, C. J.. '97 

fe, r. H. H., 
le, Jr.. R. A 
Ic, W. P.. '0 



807 S. Broadway 
2238 Bank St. 
565 Falls Road 
1642 E. Pratt St. 
612 Lennox St. 

Care U. E. L. & P. Co. 
1519 N. Bind St. 
293 Old York Road 
1628 E. Monument St. 
1627 Hanover St. 
1507 Edmondson Ave. 
1301 W. Cross St. 
1248 N. Broadway 
401 S. Smallwood St. 
1316 Andre St. 
233 S. Collington Ave 
1703 Maryland Ave. 
501 N. Carey St. 
611. N CarroUton Ave. 

1411 Light St. 

22. N Patterson Park Ave 
1113 E. Preston St. 
'00 160.') N. Broadway 
1526 Retreat St. 

808 N. Caroline St. 

1339 W, Patterson Park Ave. 
338 N. CarroUton .^ve. 
923 Williams St. 
1007 E. Biddle St. 
1535 Oram Ave. 
116 W. OstendSt. 

1412 Lombard St. 
1338 N. Bond St. 
1100 Cathedral St. 

1 13 Lakewood Ave. 

235 Ola Frederick Road 

634 W. Franklin St. 

1642 N. Gilmore St. 

400 N. Medera St. 

434 N. Patterson Park Ave. 

9 N. Mount St. 

32 Highland A\-e. 

194 W. Mulberry St. 

703 W, Lawrence St. 

1710 Barclav St. 

588 N. Gay St. 

2040 E. Monument St. 

606 E, Front Ave. 

1230 E. North Ave. 
Go vans Station 

1231 E, North Ave. 
3 E. Lexington Ave. 
3 E. Lexington Ave. 
1221 W. HoUins St, 

Care Baltimore Bridge Co. 

21 Engine Co., 701 Blucher Ave. 

1710 Barclay St. 

324 E. 21st St. 

1001 W. Cross St. 

1505 Mt. Royal Ave. 

2301 Madison St. 

KA, 7S 
A. 4S 

HE, !4S, IP 
ER, 5S 
HS. 7S, 4P 
C, lis, 25P 
BD, 2S, UP 
A, 4S, 4P 
DO. 3S. lOP 
HA, 8S. D 
ME. 3S. UP 

DP. i 

, 15P 

A, lOS, 45P 
CA. 6S 
HE. 15S 
HM, 4S 
R. 15S, 8P 
ME. 4S, 17P 
ME. 8S 
AC. 4S. 13P 
LA. 16 Parts 
C, 8S. 21P 
CC. 4S 
LD. IS, 19P 
HE. lis 
BE, 5S 

ED. 4S. 25P, D 
HM. 4S 
HS, 9S. lOP 
R, 9S. 16P 
HM, lOS. I7P 
J. 4S 

C. 1 IS, 5P 
ME, 7S, IP 
EA, lis. tOP 
DO, 3S. 24P 
EP, 5S 
J. 8S, 9P 
DL, IS, 14P 
DK, 2S. 25P 
ED, 3S, 22P 
DK. 3S, 17P 
A. 3S. lOP 

A, 4S. 24P 

C, 3S. 25P 
CC, 3S 
EP, 5S 
CC, 2S 
GA, US. 15P 
DO. 3S, I4P 

B, I5S, 18P 
JB, 3S. C 
EP, 9S 
ED, 3S. 24P 
A, 5S, 15P 
DL. 2S. 14P 
CC, 6S 

G, lOS, D 

D, 5S 

EF, 8S, 7P 

C, lOS. 26P 


Namt and Yiar 

Robosson, R. H., '00 
Robier, C. B„ '0! 
Rosenfeld, A. W., '02 
Rothrock, J. T., '02 
Ruehl, J., '99 
Ruppert, F. A,, '01 
Russell, G- S., '02 
Sadler. C. B., '98 
Samuels, L. M., '02 
Schaub, C. '99 
Schmidt, E,, '03 
Schinidt, J. H.. '09 
Schneider, C, '02 
Schwarz. W,, '00 
Scott, T. C, '02 
Senior, H.. '98 
Seipp, W, S„ "95 
Seitz. C. S., '99 
Severn. W. H., '99 
Shipley. J. E., '02 
Shnver, W. C, '98 
Shutt. T. W., '01 
Sim, J. G., '02 
Sindall, I. H.. '00 
Sitzau, fi. R. A., '01 
Slocomb. J. P., '00 
Small. J.. ■'02 
Srnick, O. C, '02 
Smith, G. P,. '00 
Smith, L. P., '96 
Smith, L. C, "01 
Smith, M. C. '00 
Smith, W. H., '03 
Snich. Jr.. J. H., '00 
Snowden, W. L., '01 
Soine. W. H., '98 
Spengeman, Amanda M. 

Spicer, H. M., '01 
Spiccr. J. H., '02 
Spicknall, S. W., '01 
Spicknall, W. O., '01 

, Jr., 

Sporcr.'G. M.. '00 
Ste-cns. A. H., '98 
Stevens, I. D„ '98 
Stiff, B. C, '95 
Stobart, J. M.. '01 
Straszkiewici!, P. A., '02 
Sullivan, (. C, '01 
Swerber. O., '01 
Tallcy, H,, '01 
Thomas. B., '03 
Thomas. J. B,, 03 
Thompson, H., '98 
Thompson, W. A., '99 
Tinkham. D. L-, '01 
Tracy, J., '99 

1007 Light §t. 

2526 Pennsylvania Ave. 

108 N. Fulton Ave. 

27 N, Patterson Park Ave. 

1745 Covington St. 

2427 Pfisters Place 

1056 Granby St, 

619 N. Carev St. 

1043 N. Gay St. 

313 N. Moimt St. 

1424 W. Lafayette Ave, 

907 Arlington Ave. 

1621 Madison Ave. 

501 Albemarle St. 

753 W Lexington St, 

2314 Canton Ave. 

532 R. Fort Ave, 

Room 21 1 Maryland Tel. Bldg 

1819 N. Monroe St. 

530 Light St. 

1411 E. LauvaleSt. 

762 Frederick Ave. 

2400 Federal St.. E. 

2708 Fairmount Ave. 

514 R. 23d St. 

12 Washington St. 

543 W. Lafayette Ave. 

353 York Road 

Box 14 

1302 Myrtle Ave. 

1802 W. Franklin St. 

2309 E. North Ave. 

232 Delwood Ave. 

2263 Madison Ave. 

2445 Francis St. 

422 E. Randall St. 

1207 Myrtle Ave. 

3011 Clifton Ave. 

2048 Linden Ave, 

2809 Walhrook Ave. 

1219 Orleans St. 

230 E. 30th St. 

902 E. Biddle St. 

930 W. Franklin St. 

930 Franklin St. 

Myrtle Cottage. Atlantic Ave. 

2039 E. Oliver St. 

1721 Patapsco St. 

769 W. Cross St. 

913 S. Broadway 

lft39 Eutaw Place 

645 r^inway St. 

112 Stafford St. 

20 N. Carey St. 

1832 Fairmount St. 

2723 Hampden Ave. 

920 N. Carrington Ave. 

434 E. 21st St. 

864 W. Fayette St. 

1757 Jefferson St. 

1520 N. Sticker St. 

A, 3S, I2P 

BA. 6S 
ME, 4S, 24? 

EF, 4S, 24P 
LR, 6S 

ED. 4S. 25P, C 
HE, lOS 
MU, 9S, 13P 
CO, 2S 
C, 3S, 23P 
GA, 9S, UP 
ME, 7S, 9P 
EW, 6S. lOP 
N, 6S 

DL. IS, 16? 
HM, 8S, 17P 
IB, 2S 
F, 6S, IP 
DO, 3S, 15? 
HM, 4S 

A, I2S, 29P 
ME. lis, 22? 
E, 7S 

BE. 2S 
L', 3S, 18P 
BC, 8S. 15? 
EW. as, 5P 

BB. 2S 
AD, IS, 12P 
ME, 12S 
CA, 6S 
DO, 4S, 24P 
TA. 29S 

B, lOS, 18P 
El, 4S 
GA, 7S, 19? 

C, 6S. 25P 
EA. lOS, 9P 
C, ITS, 25P. D 

DA, 2S. IIP 

BC, 8S, 7P 
DO, 4S, 26P 

BD, 28. IIP 
A, 4S, 13P 
ME. 8S, 7? 
X, 5S 

R, OS," 13? 
C, lOS, 2P 
HM, 5S 
ED, 4S, 2.5P. C 
DM, 3S. 19P 
X, 4S 
MM, lOS 
L 4S. 3P 

EG, 6S 
CA, 4S 
X. 4S 

MD, 4S, 25P. C 
ME, ISS, 13P 
A, lis, 4SP 


Namt and Ynr 

Trader. O. S., '98 
Troxd. H. L.. '02 
Tyler, W, G., '98 
Vail, A. B., '02 
Valentine, Miss Mary, '01 
Vitch. Jr., J. F., '02 
Vitra, J, R.. '02 
Wachsman, W.,- '01 
Wachter, J., '02 
Wagner, F. H,, '99 
Walker, H. P., "01 
Walker, J. H.. '00 
Ward, J. F.. '99 
Waring, F. M.. '00 
Warner, '91 . C, '02 
Watkins. J. B., '01 
Weaver. S. A., '01 
Welch, R. S., '03 
West, Jr.. J.. '00 
Weston, B. L.. '97 
Whalen, J. C, '00 
Whitney, W., '03 
Whitney, W, B., '00 
Wierard, E. W.. '02 
Williams, R., '00 
Wilson. R. A., '99 
Wilson. W, H., '00 
Wittmer. H., '02 
Woods, R. G., '00 
Wright, C. E., '01 
Wright, J, M., '97 

Conroy, P. E,. '99 
Snvder, W., '03 
Staub, G. A., '02 
Robrur. F. S,. '99 
Ritchie, T., '00 
Abbott, E. L., '02 
Bier. J. A„ '00 
Reitz, A., '03 
Taylor, L. M., '00 
Wordeti. F. B.. '02 
Christopher, C. E., '02 
Edgar. P. L., '01 
Grove, C. W., 'tS 
Anderson, R. S., '00 
Ward, G. L.. '99 
Jacobs, N. B., '02 
Brantner, Z. T., '00 
Collier, F. H., '00 
Eagle, S. B., '03 
Nicodetnus, E. R., '03 
Nicodemua, E. M., '01 
Kenan, H. S., '03 
Brimlow, J, D,, '02 
Holt. j. A.. 02 

1119 N. Gilmore St. 

1045 N. Pulton Ave. 
51 1 Central Ave. 
1429 Linden Ave. 
128 W. Franklin St. 
2217 E. Madison St. 
913 Williams St. 
437 S. Paca St. 

607 Patterson Park Ave, 
1608 £. Madison St. 
1825 E. Pratt St. 
909 N. Arlington Ave. 
1226 Argyle Ave. 

1423 Bolton St. 
943 S. Paca St. 

1424 Aisqueth St. 
2243 Mura St. 
1010 Broadway 
25 W. Barney St. 
2102 Oak St. 

S. E. Cor. Lombard and Carrollton St. 
1705 Barclay St. 
1717 E. Townsend St. 
549 Bloom St. 
1404 E. Chase St. . 

210CarTX)ll St. 
1217 E. Chase St. 

1046 Clifton Place 
700 Bluche Ave. 
1401 W. Lauvale St. 
32 Randall St. 

180 Arkin St. 

. Towni 
Barton, allbganv 
Barton, i 

Beallsville, i 

Beaver Creek, Washington 

Berkley, harford 

Berlin, wost 

Bier, - 

Bozman, Box 17, talbot 
Braddock, R. F, D. No. 26. fbbderick 
Brooklyn. 1st St., anne arundbl 
Brooklyn. Box TO, annb arundbl 
Browningsville, R. F. D., 
Brunswick, Frederick 
Brmiswick, Box 300. PREDBRICK 
Bnmswick, Frederick 
Biickeystown. f red brick 
Buckcystown,, Frederick 
Cambridge, dorchbstbr 
Carlos, t 


ME, 9S. 27P 
CA, 5S 
ME, 125, 6P 
CA, 5S 
BD, 3S. 12P 
DO. 3S, 26P 
BA, 9S 
CSP, 5S 
PG, 6S 
C, 9S, 25P 
MD, 4S, 25P. C 
ME, US. lOP 
X, 2S 

C, lOS, 9P 

GB, 12S. 18P 

D, 4S 

BC. 6S, 2P 

DP. 3S, ISP 

AB. 5S. D 


C. IS. 13P 

GC. 4S 

HS. 5S. 17P 
ER. 5S 
SM. 4S 
TB. 9S 
DH. 2S, IIP 
LR. lOS 
HU, lOS 
HM, eS, 4P 
HS, 6S, 3P 
K, 9S. 17P 

EP, 7S 

O, 4S 

EP, 7S 

MA. 5S, 25P 

CC, 2S 

MD, 3S, 25P 

GA, US, 12P 

ME, 4S, 16P 

HH. 13S 

CC, 3S 

DK, 4S, 25P, tJ 

DO, 3S, ISP 

ED, 4S, 25P. 

BE, 2S 

CC. as 

C. 4S. 17P 
DO, 3S. 14P 
LR, 9S 
LR, 17S 
BA, 2S 
EX, 17S 
IB, 3S, C 
RI., 2S 
EO. 6S 
DO. 5S, 36P 
ME, lOS 25P 
CN. 5S 







Weimer, R. E., '02 


HE. 24S, 15P 

Wilson. R. N., '02 


HE, 33S, 5P 

Kalb. C. W., '01 

Catoftsville, 744 Frederick Ave., 

C. 7S, 25P 

Van Loan, E.. '02 

Catansville, aALTiMORS crrv 

EU. 7S 

Bniehl.1. T.,'02 
Clarke. R. J.. '99 

Chestertown, rent 

D0,3S, 15P 

Chestertown. rent 

A, 5S, 21P 

Prederickson. C, '99 

Chestertown, U, S, S. Fish Hawk, kbnt 

HM, lOS, 17P 

Shear. J. C. '97 
Funk, 1. K., '98 

Chevy Chaee. Montgomery 

EB. 3S 

Chewsville, Box 33, Washington 

ME. lOS, 8P 

McKee, G. A.. '02 

Chews vi He. WASHINGTON 

BE, 2S 

Harvey, f. P., '02 

Childs. CECIL 

DO. 6S. 37P. C 

Aukeney. G. M. A.. '03 

C]earspr]Ti|^, Washington 
CoUegepark, princb gborgb 

MF. 6S 

Dudley. W. E.. '03 

DO, 3S, 13P 

Rumig, E., '03 

Collegejiark, pjiince gborge 

DO, 2S, 12P 

Watts. H. A.. '02 

Conowmgo, cecil 

EP, 5S 

Morse, W., '98 

Cordova, talbot 

X, 6S. D 

Heller. C. '01 

T, lOS, 23P 

Everline, S. M.. '01 

Corriganville, a l leg A NT 

X. 2S 

Loomis, A. L., '00 

CrcUin. Box 35, garrbtt 

SM, 7S. ISP 

Athey, P. S.. '01 

102 Wineow St. 

BE, 2S 

Barnard, W. W.. '00 

12 Pulaski St. 

LR, 6S 

Boughner, A,. "98 

R. 5S, IIP 

Campbell, H. N.. '00 

79 Maryland Ave. 

BC. 8S, 15P 

Cosgrove, E. P., '00 

14 Broadway 

C, 5S, I9P 

Eyter, G.A.. '00 

47 Mayloud Ave. 

ME. 4S, 14P 

Gilchrist. Alice. '02 

29 Glenn St. 

BB. 3S 

HeUshorr., J. F, '00 
Kemp, B. D.. '08 

189 Seymour St. 

LR, 9S 

44 Frederick St. 

R. 8S, 13P 

Kemp, G. L,. '96 

44 Frederick St. 

MD, 43. 25P, C 

LeFevre. W. P.. '00 

107 Washington St. 

F. 17S, 6P 

Meisel. C. A,. '00 

62 Paca St. 

0. 15S. IIP 

Maicr, Marv Teresa. "00 

225 N. Harrison St. ■ 

CC. 2S 

Notring, N. W,. "00 

93 5th St. 

LR, US, D 


187 Madison St, 


144 Baltimore St. 

DO. 3S. 2iP 

Schaidt. L., -00 

16 Decatur St. 

I, 9S, 22P 

Shaffer, E. H.. '00 

84 Harrison St. 

J, 4S 

C, 3S, 20P 

Schick, J. P.. '99 
Siblev. J., '00 

Box 85 

2 Pulaski St. 

ME, 6S, 12P 

Spellman, C. R., '01 
Thumble. B.. '00 

26 S. Center St. 

X, 2S 

255 N. Center St, 

AD, 6S, 27P 

Walker, W, H„ '01 

14 Valley St. 

D, 6S 

While, C. A,. '01 

20 Grand Ave. 


AB, 5S 

Lambert, W., '02 

Curtis Bay, annb arundbl 
Dickeyvilfe, Baltimore city 

HH, 98 

Gosnell. E. D., '02 

TF, lis 

Myers, Hattie L-, '02 

Doubs. prbdbrick 

IC. 3S 

Cansey. H, D., '02 

Easton, Care Dawson & Jenkins, talbot 

CA, 5S 

Griffin, J. C, '01 
Smith, A. C, '99 

Easton, Box 375, talbot 

ED, 3S. I OP 


C. 17S, 25P. D 

Carter, F. W.. '02 

Eckhart Mines. ai.lkgany 

EN, 5S 

Shaab, C. S., '01 


SM, 5S, 5P 

Cara. Lillian A., '03 

Rlkton, CECIL 

BA, 4S 

Pawlinson, G, F., '02 

Elkton, CECIL 

TH, 128 

Barley, J. M., '00 

Ellerslie. allegany 

ML, 21 S, 23P 

Klarire, H. K., '02 

Elterslie, alleganv 

RD, 3S 

McCamey, J. W., '02 
McDowell, 6. T.. '01 

Emmitsburg, frbbbkick 

HI. lis. ap 


Farmington. cecil 



ffioH and Vrar 
Stup, H. D., '01 

Shftw. C. A., '07 
Kenady, E. H„ '02 

Wright. A. I^. '01 
Bathtel, C. C, '01 
McGregor, Edna. '00 

Feagaville, R. P. D. No. 27, 

Pederalslmrg, Caroline 

Fort Howard, Co. J03. Coast Art. 

Fort Howard, balt[h< 

Fort Washington, prikcr G 

Fort Washington, 44th Co., Coast Art., 


Imrin, A. I., '02 
Mayer, Eiiima D., '01 
McAlliater, Flora, '01 
Meycn, A- J.. '02 
Powell, ^fellie. '01 
PurceU, P. L.. '97 
Thomas, B., '03 
WiUiamS, D. T., '99 
Williams, J.. '08 

Mount Pleasant St 

Wood St. 
Box 199 
Mount Pleasant St. 

AD, 6S, l.-iP 

HS, 6S 

lA, 2S 
JM, 2S 
HS, 4S 

Whitener, W. C, '03 

IC. 2S 
TD, 6S 

Newton, F., '02 

Franklin ville, Baltimore 

Frederick, pbbdbricr 

Albaugh, E. H.. '00 

3 W, Patrick St. 

X. 6S, D 

Bigcs. E. F., '00 

160 W. Patrick St, 

J, 4S. 3P 

Chew, W. P.. -00 

102 S. Market St. 

AA, 3S 

Culler, M. E., '02 

R. F, D. No. 27 

BE, 2S 

Crum, R. L., '00 

15 Carroll St. 

JR. 6S, 8P 

DeLashtnutt. E. T., '00 

51 W. 3d St, 

1 7S, b 

Haydon.J.j, -01 

79 Court St. 

ED, 3S, 16P 

Heard, J. A.. '00 

137 E. Patrick St. 

J. 5S. 9P 
MD. 3S, 20P 

Kellian. P.. '00 

68 W. South St. 

Kennedy, J. H.. '01 
Lebherz, fl. J. '00 

E. 3d St. Ext, 

CC, 4S 

E. 3d St. 

ME, 9S, 20P 

Lebhwz. W. B,. '01 

Sox 22.5. E. 3d St. Ext. 

ED, 2S, I4P 

Martz, R, N..-00 

If) W. South St 

J. 7S. D 
HD, IfiS 

Martz. R. N., "02 

19 W, South St, 

Moorp. T B.. '01 

4 E. South St. 

X. 3S 

Nicodemus, E., '02 

R. F. D. 28 


Nicodemua, E. M.. '01 

R. F. D. 28 

ME, OS, lOP 

OberUnder, P. A., '00 

5P W. 3d St. 

CO. 3S 

Phleeger. V. M.. '03 

R. F. D. 26 

BE, 5S 

Poole. R. W., "Ol 

243 S, Market St. 

AD, 6S, IflP 

Price, C. S., '01 

X, 3S 

Reifsnider. N., '92 

GC, 6S. 13P 

Schroeder, G. L., '00 

71 W. Patrick St. 

ED, 3S, iSP 

Smith, E. E.. '02 

CC. 4S 

Summers, R, A., '00 

CC, 8S 

Thomas. R. G., '03 

R. F. n. 24 

BE. 2S 

Watkins. C. A., '01 

20 E. 4th St. 


X. 2S 

Francis, J. C, '02 

Freeland, baltimohb 

Froatbui^, allboant 

IC, 8S 

Arnold, J.. '03 


BE, 2S 

Bradley. G. T., '99 

CC. 2S 

Brown. P., '99 

G, 4S 

Cafrode, Jr.. 1. H., '02 
Coker, A. J.,TO 

St. Cloud Hotel 

ES, 5S 

Main St. 

NB. lOS 

Glodfeltv, Anna L., '02 

Union St. 

BB, 4S 

Hall, E.; '03 

Main St. 

IC, 2S 

Haveratick, S. G., '01 

X, 4S 

DI,, 3S. I4P 
CT, 2S 
CC. 6S 
EO, 83. D 
X, 2S 
G. 6S 

EP, 13S, 12P 



Namt and Ytar 




Kingslev, H. S., '98 
WatWns, A., '02 

Gaithersburg, Box 101, uontcoubrv 

ME, 78, 23P 

GaithersbuTg, Box 93, Montgomery 

EF. 7S. 15P 

Edwards, C, '98 

Gilmore. allegany 


Edwards. G., '98 

Gilmore, allegany 

F. 15S. 13P 

Edwards, R., '98 

Gilmore, alleg»ny 


Gibbv. T. I., -02 

Gilmore, allegany 

EP, 98 

Temple, S. E., '01 

Goldboro, Caroline 

BD. 7S, 18P, C 

Baker, H. H.. '02 

Grantsville, garreit 

BE, 3S 

Miller, M. J., '02 

GrantsviUe, garrbtt 

EP, 7S 

Beachl<-y. W. A., '00 

General DeUvery 


Boward. R., '03 

Elm St. 

HD, lis, IP 

Howard, R„ '99 

32fii Valentine St. 

1. 4S. IP 

Brown, Ada I,., '00 

Boa 254 


Clowes, 0. W., '00 

328 W. Franklin St. 

HS, 4S 

Fahoney, N. E., '02 

Carbels, Addition 

DO. 4S. 25P 

Favorite, J.. "01 
Hainre, M. O., '99 

132 E. Randolph Ave. 

XX, 4S 

42 E. North St. 

A. 58, IIP 

Hammaker, W. E.. '00 

130 N. Potomac St. 

C, lOS. 25P 

Highbarger. L. May, '02 
Keller, R. N., '01 

150 S. Potomac St. 

BB, 4S 

29 E. North St. 

TP. 58 

McCord. 0.. '94 

79 Baltimore St. 

A, 8S. 25P 

Mentzer, C- E.. '94 

72 E. North St. 

ME, 98, 25P 

Minnich, L. G., '02 

224 S. Potomac St. 

DH. 18, 32P 

Plank. D. E., '02 

226 S. Potomac St. 

BE. 3S 

Plummer, C. F., '02 

Route No. 7 

DO, as, 37P 

Ritter, E., '03 

10 Madison St. 

MS. 7S 

Rovertson. L. W.. '02 

119 John St. 

32 E. Washington St. 

DO. 28, 16P 

Ruse, A. D., -01 

E. 38. 16P 

Schwingcr, N. A.. '00 

261 S. Potomac St. 

CC, 28 

Seguer. C. '99 

386 S. Potomac St. 

HG, 7S 

Shulenberger, E., '02 

337 W. Washington St. 

DO, 3S, 19P 

Thomas, W.. '97 

Care E. U. & C. C. Siganor Ave. 

EB. 38 

Williams. J. W., '02 

Box 105 

IC. 4S 

Wright, J. K.. -03 

Care Municipal Electric Light Plant 

EG, 58 

Yumrichouse, C. H., '03 

333 S. Potomac St. 

DO, 38, lOP 

Miren, N, E.. '02 

Halfway, Washington 

EF, 78 

Thomas, N, B. L., '02 

Halfway, Washington 
Hancock, Washington 

BE, 68. D 

Carr, A. C„ '01 

X, 6S. D 

McCusker. I. P.. '02 

Hancock. Washington 

GA, 118, 24P 

McCusker, I.. '01 

Hancock, Box 11, Washington 

ED. 48, 25P, C 

Merenbcrg. M- B.. '99 

Hancock, Washington 

CC, 7S 

Stotlemeyer, J. M. H., '90 Hancock, Washington 

J. 98. 16P 

JM, 2S 

WolfkiU. A, r. '00 

Hancock. Washington 

Cronise, C. "01 

Harmonv Grove, Frederick 

A. 5S, lOP 

Cross, VV. R.; '00 

Havre dc Grace, harford 

HS, 48 

McFadden. W. T.. '01 

Havre de Grace, harford 

BD, 2S, UP 

Tolson. B. D.. '02 

Havre dc Grace, harford 

LC, 12 Parts 

Henser, C. '00 

Highlandtown, 445 Lombard St., 

MD, 4S, 25P, C 

Johnson, B, F„ '02 
Keanc. B. E., '99 

Highlandtown, 3334 Balto. St., baltimo 

RB HD, 8S 

Hyattsville, Box 67. prince goergb 

MD, 3S. lOP 

Latimer, E.. '00 

Hyattsville, Box 124, prince oborge 

T, US, I6P 

Latimer. P. B.. '01 

Hyattsville. prince gboroe 

MH, 208 

Reed, G., -02 

Hyattsville, prince George 

Reed, Jr.. P., '02 

Hyattsville, prince georob 

BA, 88 

Walsh, T. J., '00 

Hyatteville, prince GEOkCE 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Deal, R. P., '02 

Ilchester, Howard 

TH, 128 







Kniffin, F.. '03 

Indianhead, char lbs 

HP. lOS 

Indianhead. Naval Proving Ground. 

ME, lOS. IP 

LangiUe, L.. '01 

Kensington, B03: 34. uontgombrt 

Knoi\-3le. FRBDBRICK 

A, 5S, 36P 

Biser, W. H.. '02 

DO, 6S. 37P, C 

Denssen, H., '» 

Lauraville, Csr. Hayard and Markley Sts. 


ME, OS, 17P 

Harris. A. L., '98 

Laurel, prince geohoe 

A. 7S 

Hess, I. C. '02 

Laurel, prince gborqb 

GB. lOS. 24P 

RadcBflfe, S., 'OS 

Laurel. 4th and Canton Ave., pbincb 

EN. 6S. IP 

Wingate. W.. '00 

Leeland, prince oborgb 

R. US. 8P 

LeGore. P., '02 

LeGore. frbdbrick 

BE, 2S 

Shank, K. I.. '02 

Leitersbnrg. Washington 

Lonaoning, allbcanv 

DO. 3S, 13P 

Allen. T. W.. '98 

Jackson St. 

Box 196 

CM. 20s, 6P 

Askev. W. H.. '98 

CM, 13S, 4P 

Bo^, H. D.. '08 

E. Main St. 

AA, 2S 

Crichton, L., '00 

CM. 9S 

Duckworth, W. S., '02 

Beechwood St.. Box 37 

HD, 35S, 16P 

Glen, R. L- '00 

Railroad St. 

SM. 4S 

Gunning, R., '00 

CM. 6S 

Guynn. W-, '03 

BA. 2S 

Olewine, H. L., '01 

Dudley St. 

AA. as 

Pearson, J. O., 98 
Ricker, F. A., '02 

Box 213 

CM, 6S, 9P 

NF, 13S 

White. R., '91 


CM, 13S 

Spicknall, N. H.. '01 

Lower Marlboro, calvert 

UD. IS. 13P 

Doherty, Mary A., '01 
WiUiams. R..'02 

Medford, 599 Main St., carroll 

CO, 2S 

Midland, ALLBCANY 

BA. 9S 

Rickarts. J. E.. '98 

Millers, CARROLL 

ME, 26S. 25P. D 

Louisfell, A., '02 

Millington, Queen Anne Cotton Jblills, Kent TK, 24S 

Gerting. F. W.. '97 

Monkton, baltimorb 

HM, 6S. 12P 

Watkins, I. D., '0.3 

Monrovia, R. F. D. No. 16. Frederick 

GC. SS, 4P 

Kirby, W, A.. '00 

Mount Savage, allbganv 

HS, 7S, 9P 

Sullivan, C. W,, '01 

Mount Savage, alleoanv 

CT, 3S 

Breniae, J- T., '00 

Eppeis. W. L„ '98 

Mount Washington, Baltimore 

EB, 2S 

Mount Washington, Baltimore 

MD, 3S, !6P 

Gates. L. R., 03 

Mount Washington, baltimorK 

HF. 14S 

Medcalf, R. T., '01 

Mount Washington, Baltimore 

TD, 7S 

Whiting. F. B.. '99 

Mount Washington, Baltimore 

HS. 4S. I4P 

■Wilheim. F. M., '00 

Mount Washington, baltiuors 

X. 2S 

Emmerich, A-. '00 

Mount Winans. baltimorb 

A, 5S, 13P 

MitcheU, A„ -03 

Mount Winans. 2 Annapolis Ave., 

DlT 5S, 22P 

King. W. D.. '00 

Mountain Lake Park, Box 72. garrbtt 

BC. 5S. 3P 

Reane, J. W., '02 
Keodriclc, P. W.. '00 

Moiuitain Lake Park, Box 204, garrbtt 

BE, 2S 

Nanjemov, charles 

MD, 4S. 25P 

West. J. E.. '03 

New Windsor, Box 76, carroll 

GC. 4S, 9P 

Jenkins. J, P.. '97 
McFarkme. R.. 'Ot 

Ocean, allkgan* 

B. lis. 13P 

Ocean, allegany 

X. 4S 

Taylor. J. F.. '00 

Ocean, allegany 

TG, 7S 

Welling. J.. '02 
Riley. G . '02 


EP. 8S 

Octoraro, cecil 

EP. 5S 

Boswell, C. E., '02 ' 


TS. 13S 

Tucker, G. W., '02 

Oella, 74 Short Brick Row, Baltimore 

EQ. 8S. D 
ME, 138. 4P 

Stonesufcr, F. B., '99 

Orangeville, Baltimore 

Smonson. W, H., '02 

OwingS Mills. BALTIMORE 

HE, 27S, 4P 

Fitapatrick, J. W., '03 


EP, 8S 


n.J. T., 
L. J. W., 

r, W. J.. 

Landerjr.. D., ' 
Munn. W., '03 
Pox, G., "99 
Trundle, T., '02 
Bossom. T. F., 
Martin. J ~ 
Smith. J 
Sutter, T 
Stevenson. F 
Reed. R., '02 
Hersberger. A. S.. '00 
Daniel. J.. '01 
Carson, J. R,, '01 
Hopkins, j. T. C„ '02 
Wintz. A. E.. '01 
Woolford, Lena R., '02 
Andreae. F. J.. 02 
Frick, E. K., '00 
Reynolds, Sadie H,. '02 
Gaither, Jr., J. C, '0] 
Raybold. W. C. '00 
Crouise. H. M., '02 
Schnebley, J. W.. "00 
Beuchoff, C. F,., '01 

Paisens, W.. '00 
Sanford. C. E.. '02 
Fisher. J., '97 
Vail. W. H., '96 
Gore. C, '03 
Brown. H, H., '02 
Venables. F. S.. '03 
Hopkins. I. W., '03 
Crawforrl, C. H.. '01 
Baker, C. H.. '02 
Grove. R. B., '03 
Moogan, G. W., '02 
Young, F. L., '03 
Spencf, Margaret, 'OO' 
Hadra, G. A., '00 

M6re1and, C. E., '03 

Barahart. B.. '0( 
Doty, B. F.. '00 
Doty. B. P.. '03 
EckhoR, P., "00 
Evcring, G, A. 
Hedgewian. W, H 
Hensen. C, ' 
Linker, F.. J 



Moriarity. P. M., '96 

Persing, P., '00 


Pekin, a 

Pelcin. A L LEO ANY 

Perry Hall. Baltimore 
Peters viUe, pbbdbricx 


Phoenix, Baltimore 


Pinto, allboanv 

Pocomoke City, Box 17. worcbstbr 

Point of Rock^, prbdbrice 

Poolesville. uontgomerv 

Pomona, kbnt 

Port Deposit. CBCIL 

Port Deposit, Box 303. CBCit 

Port Deposit, cecil 

Princess Anne. Box 21. souersbt 

Relay, Baltimore 


Rising Sun, R. F. D. No. 3, cbcil 
Rivcrdale, Box 47, princb georgb 
Riverdalc, Box 43. princb cborgb 
Rockvillc, Box 92, montcombrt 
Rohrersville. Washington 
Roland Lark. 104 Woodlawn Road, 


CM. 14S. 5P 
BE. 2S 
R, 9S, 13P 

BA. 2S 
TB, 13S, C 
MF, 7S 
TB, 7S 
UD, 3S, 18P 
ME, 8S. 5P 
EP, 12S, 7P 
X. 2S 

G, 3S 
D, 4S 

FS. 8 Parts 
BC, 4S, 16P 

BB. 3S 
DO, 2S, 13P 
C, 8S. 4P 
lA. 2S 

ME. 2S, 26P 

AA, as 

AG. lOS, 19P 
T, lOS, 13P 

Roland Park, 208 Oakdale St., baltimobb 
Roland Park, 121 Roland Ave,, baltiuorb 

Saint George, b 
Salisbury, R, F. D. No. 3. wicomico 
Salisbury, 511 Canden Ave., 
Sandy Spring, m 

Secretary. I 

Sharpsburg, ■* 

Sharpsburg. Box 215. w 

Smithsburg. Box 123, ■ 

Snow Hill. Box 254, w. 

South Cumberland, 134 Thomas St., 

South Cumberland, Vi;^nia Ave. Hotel; 

South Cumberland, l 

South Cumberland, 23 Race St., 


Sparrows Point, 

406 E. E St. 
730 R. E St. 
730 E. E St. 
Chesapeake Mills 
Old Farm House 
R Eutaw St. 
527 E. E St. 
204 E. 8th St, 
Marine Dept. 
Box S 
406 E. E St. 

AD, 4S, I4P 
BD, 28. IIP 
DO, 3S. 13P 
B. 9S 

ME, 16S, leP 
NH, 6S, D 
DH. IS. 23P 
EP, 9S 
JB. 28 
M0. 3S, 16P 
EP. 7S 
EW. 4S, IIP 
DO. 3S. 18P 
DO. 3S, 12P 
CC. 8S 

D. 8S. D 
C, US, I3P 
GC. 4S, 9P 
CC, 7S 
C, 6S, 23P 
J, 9S. IBP, D 

C. US, 25P 
ME, 13S, 13P 
B, 5S, IIP 

D, SS, D 

;d by Go Ogle 

SUnsbuTX. B. A., '02 
■Warner, W. H.. "97 

E, J.. '03 


Hill, J. H.. 04 
Leatherwood, J. H., "00 
Leist, O. L.. '01 
Ruby. W., 01 
Bricker. W. F.. '99 
Stull. A. H.. 01 
Wacsche. Mary A.. '03 
Allen, N. D. R., '98 
Allen. N. D. R., '98 
Ashby. C. C, '00 
Dollcnberg, Jr., F. D., '9 
Goodwill. G. W., '90 
Johnson, B, S-, '99 
Tracey, G. C, 02 
Trevpy, B., '98 
Crabbs, Jr.. W. J., '01 
Hess, O. W., '98 
Rokestran, j. B., '98 
Smith, L. C". '03 
DaiuK^r, B. G., '01 
Loar. S., '01 
Higgins, D, N,. '02 
Eyier, S. J., '02 
Jamison, t. W., '02 
Jamison, J. W., '04 
Zimmerman, H. M., '03 
Reckley. W. E.. '02 
Wolte, B. J., '02 
Ctirtis, R. C, '01 
Franta, J. I., '99 
Palkenbere, A. 
Brown, WT D., WJ 
Adams, E. L., '99 
DtKkworth, C, *01 
Gtiy, Jane, '02 
Lomh, E. I, '02 
UU, W. W., '03 
Beggs, F. M.. "01 
Bennett, E. E., 02 
Bowers, H,, '03 
HolKnger, A. L,, '01 
Kefauver, N. M., '95 
Baker, L. N., '99 
CorneUus, W. O.. '00 
Sworf, G. W., '02 
Foley, J. F., '00 
Sakere, J. H., -01 
Carhart. C. '01 


30 Dover St. DK, IS, 14P 

Box 37 EW. 9S, 13P 

212 B. E St. HS, 4S 

Springfield, princb gborce 
Sykes\-i11e, B. & O. R. R., Carroll 
Sykesville, Springfield Hospital, — 
Sykesville, Care R. C. No. 3. carroll 
Sykesville, CARROLL 
Sykesville, Carrier 12, carroll 

'Thurmont, Box 92, Frederick 
Thurmont. Frederick 


Towson, Sheppard Hospital, bai 

9 Towson, BALTIMORE 

Towson, Sheppard Asylum 
Towson, 3.^9 Willow Road, 


Travilah, Montgomery 
Union Bridge, Main St., 
Union Bridge, Box 318, 
Union Bridge, Box 128, CAi 
Unipn Bridge, Box 217, " 
Union ville, bridge 
Vale Summit, alleoany 
Vienna, Box '26, dorchester 
Walkers vilte, Frederick 
Walkers ville, prbderick 
WatkersviUe, Box 64, Frederick 
Walkersvitle, Frederick 
Wallman, garrett 
Wallman, qarrett 
Warren, Baltimore 

Waverly, 512 Franklin Terrace, baltiuokb 

Wenona, Box 20, somersbt 

West Beaver Creek. Washington 

Western Port, L. Box 195, allbgaky 

Western Port, Box 136, alleoant 

Western Port, allecany 

Western Port, allbgany 

Westminster, 105 E. Main St., carroll 

Westminster, carroll 

Westminster, carroll 

Westminster, Care Carrier 27, carroll 


White Marsh, 



Woodbeiry, baltimors 

Woodberry, 215 Morling Ave., baltiuorb 

DL, 2S, 14P 
A, 6S 
HF. 6S 
ME, 3S, 14P 
ME, 8S, 12P 
ME, 9S, 7P 
CC, 2S 
DK, 3S, 25P 
CO. 7S 

R, 18S, 24P, D 
SM. 7S, 15P, D 
HS, 4S 
SM. 7S, 15P 
HS, 9S, 14P, D 
A, lOS. 20P 
LB, 8 Parts 
HS, 4S 
SM. 4S, 8P 
A, 7S, 18P 
A, 9S, 35P 
MO, 5S 

GC, 7S. J5P, D 
AD, 4S 
EA. 98, I6P 
AG, 5S 

DO, as, 37P, C 
DW, IS, 12P 
BE, 4S 
BE, 2S 

BA, 2S 
J. 9S. 16P, D 
A, 5S. 30P 
T, 30S, 18P 
MD, 4S, 26P 
CC, 4S 
G. lOS, D 

BB, 4S 
DL. 4S, 13P 
MW. US, 25P 
CC, 7S 
DO, 4S, 32P 
CC, 5S 
HS, 9S, 12P 

C, 9S, 16P 
X, 2S 
HH, 8S 
TB, I2S, C 
TB, 9S 

D, 4S 





Havward. F-H-, '03 

Abington. Center St.. plvhoutr 

HE., lOS 

Re^. E. F.. '97 

Abington. Plymouth 

HS, 4S. 3P 

Trufant. A. P., 'm 

Abington. PLYMOUTH 

T. 14S. IIP 

Wood, O. D.. -02 

Acton, Box 32, Middlesex 


MF. 6S 

Berger, JO,, '02 

148 N. Summer St. 

TH. lOS 

Bishop, A. P., '03 

3 Mill St. 

TC, lOS 

Chase. E. P.. '98 

63 Summer St. 

C, 8S 

aark. C. A-. '99 

6 Dean St. 

P, 6S 

Grant, Jr. G. -02 
Haltes, D., '03 

17 MiQ St. 

EP, 9S 

33 Commercial St. 

HH, 9S 

Hildreth, R. S.. '02 

Forest Park 

TC, 5S 

Hilton. W. A.. -03 

21 Randall St. 

TB, lOS 

Hoff. H. E.,'01 

3 Dean St. 

ED, 4S, 25P. C 

Johnson, Lizzie M.. '01 
Karnitahka, J. D., '01 

126 Howland Ave. 

AA. 3S 

42 Alger St. 

TB. 13S, C 

Leab. H.. '02 

EP, 9S 

78 Howland Ave 

DO. 3S, 18P 

McKennie, B.,'99 

7 XJpton St. 
6 Hoosac St. 

TB, 12S, C 

Rice, E.G.. '90 

A, 4S, 6P 

76 Center St. 


Shaul. W. A. '02 

14 Allen St. 

ME, 3S, lOP 

TC, lOS. C 

Shepherd. W., '02 

17 Jordan St. 
24 Butt St. 

TF, 21 S, C 

Smith, J. F., 02 

TE, 6S 


Langdon, H. A-. '01 

AUston, 4 Reedsale St, Suffolk 

AA, 5S 

Page. FJ. '03 
W3>b. W. H., '96 

Allston, 38 Hopedale St.. Suffolk 
Allston, Hotel Maplewood. SUFFOLK 

DB, 5S, IIP 

T, 4S, 4P 
UD, 2S. 18P 

Bennett, B. P., '01 

Amesbury. Elmwood St.. ZSSEI 

Chase, G. 0„ '00 

Amesbury, bssbx 

J, 4S, 2P 
BB, 3S 

Davis, E.,-02 

Amesbury, 368 Main St.. bssbx 

Mackenzie, L.,'01 

Amesbury. 10 Myrtle St., bssbx 
Amesbury, 441 Main St.. bbgxz 


BD, 2S. 14P 

Nadleigh, B. D.'Ol 

Patterson, C. D., '00 

Amesbury, 12 Bay St.. bssbx 

ED, 3S, 15P 

Rnseell, A.T.,'9fi 

Amesbury, Box 265, BSSBX 


BE. 2S 

Shaw, J. E., '01 

Amesbury. 32 Pleasant St.. essbx 

Wilde. G. E.. '00 

Amesbury. 6 Lion's Mouth St., bBbkx 

J, 7S. 3P 

LB. 25 Parts 

Babson. H., '02 

Amheist, 3 College St., HAHPSHIXB 

Beaman, E. W., '96 

Amherst, Hampshire 

A, 9S, IP 

Bumette, W. A.. '02 

Amherst, Sunset Ave., haupshirb 

LC. 17 Parts 

Cobb. H. L., '99 

Amherst, hampsbirb 

MM. 21S, 14P 

Joy. C. A., '00 

Amherst. 14 Kellogg Ave., hampshirb 
Andorer, bssbx 

J. 4S, 3P 

Buchan, Annie I., '98 

Lincohi St. 

EB, 2S 

Buchan, G. W., '94 

Box 97 

HS. 9S, 12P 

Buchar, I. S., '96 
Craik, J. B., '02 

Box 97 

N,5S, 7P 

9 Mineral St, 

TN, 13S 






Hilton. D., '00 

67 High St. 

TH, lOS 

Holden, J.. "98 

25 Plullip St. 

HS, 7S 

Joyce, Eva R., '00 
LesUe, W.. -02 

CC, 2S 

5 Village St. 


MacDonald, J., '00 

29 Village St. 

X, 2S 

Peter. S.. '02 

12 School St. 

EW. 3S, IIP 

Prescott. Annie. '98 

Box 577 

EB, 28 

Roesch, A., '00 

242 Middlesex St. 

ME, 5S, 20P 

Stafford, G., '00 

328 N. Main St. 

HS. 4S, 4P 

Wilbur. A. S.. '99 

38 High St. 

X, 5S. D 

Wilbur, Caroline C, '01 

38 High St, 

SD, 2S, IIP 

Wolschendorf. G. E.. '97 


HS, lOS. 16P 

Bordenstein, C. I., '97 

Arlington, Box 73, iiiddlbsbx 

ME, 8S. 2P 

Boston, J, W.,'00 

Arlington, 16 Central St., uiddlbsbx 

BD. 2S. IIP 

CooUdee, C. W.. '99 
Wing.^. E..'00 

Arlington Heights, 67 Hillside Ave., m'l'x 

U. IS. 13P 

Ashbumham. Worcester 

HS, 4S 

Damon. L., -02 


AG, 8S, IP 

Davis. A. C. '02 

Ashland. Main St., middlbssx 

MF, 12S 

Davis, C. A.. '95 

Ashland. Box 111, middlbsbx 

A. 8S. 21P 

Hogan. S. B., '97 
McPartlin, J. A..'02 

Ashland. Pleasant St., uiddlbsbx 

HS, 4S 

Ashland. Box 11, Middlesex 

BE. 2S 

Guile. M. E., '99 

Ashley Falls, Box 33, bbrksiiike 


HS, 83. 5P 

Baker. G. W.. '99 

567 Chestnut St. 

E, 3S, 18P 

Butler. H. M., '00 

210 Main St. 

C. 5S, 13P 

Davis, A. E., '99 

609 Main St. 

HS, 4S. 14P 
C, i3S, 25P 

Hartshorn. H. L.. '00 

187 Crescent St. 

Hawea,J. F., '99 

174 Exchange St. 

AD, 9S, 45P 

174 Exchange St. 

AC, 15S, 45P 

Johnson, E. H.,'0i 
LiUy, G. E., '94 

59 Parish St. 

D. 6S 

426 Wallingford Ave. 

C, 9S, 24P 

Marshall, G. E. '98 

312 Drury Ave. 

ME, US. 25P 

Oliver, T., '00 

1050 Maine St. 

C. 3S, 16P 

Poole. W. E.,'98 

Com, House 

ME, 8S, 2P 

Richards, G. H.,'99 

Pinedale Ave. 

HS, 5S, lOP 

Sisson. J. G., '99 

586 Main St. 

C, 6S. 24P 

Stewart, C. a. '00 

382 Wallingford Ave. 

C. 2S. HP 

Stockwell, W. S.. '02 

194' Drury Ave. 

DO. 4S, 29P 

Weaver, F. E., '99 

502 Main St. 


ME. 6S. 13P 

Bewis. C. B.,'01 

Athol Center, 116 Glen St., Worcester 

C, 66, 25P 

Brookhouse. Jr., R.,'98 

Athol Center, Worcester 

H^, 4S, 6P 

Searles, G. H., '95 

Athol Center, Worcester 

Whitney, O. A.. '01 
Ayres, fc.' F., '00 

Athol Center, 38 Bear's Den Rd„ WORC. 

SM, 7S, 16P 

Atlantic, 35 Atlantic St„ essex 

T, 13S, lOP 

AyreS, E. F., '03 

Atlantic, 35 Atlantic St., saatx 

AC, 4S. lOP 
P. 4S. 7P 

Bennett. O, R.. '01 

Atlantic, Atlantic Ave., ESsBX 

Attlehoro, BRISTOL 

BaUon. D. M..'01 

CSJ, 5S, D 

Benvie, G., '01 

37 Pearl St. 

A, 4S. 19P 

Bower. S. C, '01 

41 Pine St. 

J. 7S 

t. 3S. 12P 

Ellis, G.W.. '93 

79 N. Main St. 

Grant. C. C. '97 

68-70 Union St. 

A, 4S. 12P 

Grover. C. "01 

53 Hazel St. 

ED, 3S, 15P 

Gtiild, C. T., '03 

18 Capron St. 

AC, 4S, 14P 



Hfunlin. B. E., "01 
Holbrook, C. E., '00 
Hollis, S, W., 02' 

Snell. C. E., '01 
Tennant, E.,'00 
Tingley, L. H.. '94 
White, G. E.. '01 

Morrison, E, C.,'00 
Prouty, W. E., '00 
Giuld, D., '97 

Snow, G. C.,'00 
Barrington, J. H., '02 
KoUert, W. E., '98 
Sargent, M., '03 
NorcrosE, H. O., '02 
■ Whitcomb, C. H.,'01 
Falconer. R.. '02 
Matthews, F. A., '03 
Hawes. E. W., '00 
Bates, H. W.,'03 
Hodges. G. A., '03 
Williams, E. R.,'00 
Martia, P., '01 
Harris. Jr., H., '00 
Wheart£y, T. P.. '01 
Richardson, H. W., '99 
Pierce, L. E., '00 
Simonds, P., '00 

Allen. R. P., '03 
Appleton, T. A., '97 
Bambridee. E. J.. '02 
Brown. E. C. '99 
Caldwell, R. E., '02 
Cleveland. J- W-. '00 
Dodge, G. W., '02 
Eaton. A. W.. '01 
Elliott, H. D.. '01 
Parr, H. E., '02 
Greenlaw, A. A., '02 
Hall, C. A.. '67 
Hudson. A. E.. '99 
Huntington, G. L., '98 
Huae, A. P.. '97 
l,ocke, S. D., '01 
Macldin. P. D., '00 
Patch, R. C, '02 
Porter, E. W.,'03 
Prentiss, H. B., '97 
Scoville. G. F.,'03 
Stowe, P. P., '01 
WalHs, S. C'gfi 
Webber, J. P., '02 
Woodbury, A. S., '02 

41 Pleasant St. 

A, 7S. IP 

R. P. D. No. 

ME. lOS 

6 3d St. 

AC, 23S, 28P 

ME, IBS, 25P 

N. Hope St. 

16 West St. 

HS,4S, 9P 

232 Park St. 

X, 5S 

lao N. Main St. 

LS, IS, 31 P 

18 Pine St. 

SM, 7S, 15P. D 
ME, lis, 26P 

R. P. D. No. 2 

10 Morey St. 

X. 2S 


Attleboro Ftdb, bribtol 

CO, 26 

Auburn, woBCBsm 

C, 4S. 24P 

Aubumdale, 10 Oakland Ave., middlesbx 

B, 8S, 9P 

Aubumdale, 20 Fern St., middlbsbz 

C, 9S, 13P 

Ayer, Box 277, middlbsbx 

RD, 68 

Ayer, Cambridge St., hidblbssx 

C, 9S. 25P 

Ayer, Groton St., uidolbskx 

HJ, 5S 
HE. 28S 

Baldwinsville, Box 99, Worcbstbr 

Bald wins ville. Cottage St., worcbstbr 

E, OS, 6P 

Ballardale, Box 178, bssex 

TS. lis 

Ballardvale, Andover St., bebbx 

EP, 9S 

Barnstable, barnstablb 

R. 13S, 24P 

Barre, Box 134, worcbbtbr 

EG, 7S 

Barre, worcbstbr 

ER, ^ 

Barrows ville. Bristol 

EB, 3S 

Bay State. 27 Union St., Hampshire 

C, 9S. 21P 

Bayview, Box 4. bssbt 

UD, 3S, UP 

Bayview, 15 S. Kilby St., xssbx 

SM, 7S, 16P, D 

Beachmont, 201 Crescent Ave., sufpolk 

E, 16S, 4P. 

Bedford. Webber Ave., kiddlbsex 

T, res, 16P 

Belmont. Box 65. uiddlbbbx 

J, 7S, 9P, D 

BeT«riy, bssbx 


MR. 3S, 15P 

320 Essex St. 

B, lOS. 18P 

7 Ober St. 

AC, 5S. 16P 

205 Cabot St. 

A, 4S, 13P 

664 Cabot St. 

EP, 16S, 16P, D 

78 Madison Ave 

AD, 6B^12P 
LC, 15 Parts 

460 Cabot St. 

24 North St. 

MR, 6S 

14 Bittman St. 

C, 4S. lOP 

Box 920 

EG, 7S 

36 Pond St. 

MK, 6S. D 

17 Pleasant St. 

HS. 5S, 6P 

11 Atlantic Ave. 

C. 188, Z6P, D 

279* Cabot St. 
41 Cabot St. 

A, 23S 

N. 4S. 7P 

28 Cabot St. 

AG, 6S 

Cabot House 


442 Essex St. 

EN, 58 
HH, lis 

5 Winthrop Ave. 
12 Essex St. 

MP, 3S 

28 Atlantic St. 

DO, 3S. 18P 

25 Bow St. 

A. 8S, 20P 

98 Hall St. 

A, 8S 

Box 1001 

DL, 3S, 26P 

2 Harrison Ave. 

DO. 3S, 14P 


anon, A.ai 

sy. J. J.. 'C 
:y. J. P., ■< 
ra. F.. '01 

Blaekinton, Kathriae, 



Hagan, J. T.. '02 
Maloney, F.. '02 
Reilly, £UaM.,'02 
ReiUy. W., '01 
Thibault. H.. '02 
WKalon, P. F.,'98 
Colbwin, W. H., '98 
Shaw, C, '95 
Shaw, C. N., '01 
Sholes, H. E.,'01 

Abbott, A. R., '98 
Adams. W. H.,'9a 
Alex&nder, H..'01 
AlinEren, G., '02 
Anteisee, P., '02 
Atwood, Henrietta P., ' 
Backus. P., '03 
Bailey, C.J. ,'00 
Baker, P. S.. '03 
Baker, J. G., '01 
Baker, T.. '01 
Bartick. J. B., '97 
Belaer. J. L., '01 
Bennett, A. G., '00 
Blockall. C. H-. 02 
Bramhall, M. E., '96 
"Briggs. E. C. '99 
Brosman. M, J., '93 
Brown, C, '95 
Brown, H. H., '00 
Brown, H. H., '01 
Bryant, A. L„ '99 
Buckingham, G. H., '03 
Buckley. W. A., '00 
Busch, H. W„ '99 
Calhoun, J. W. B., '00 
Campbell, P. D.. '01 
Carter, C. J.,'B9 
Cass. J. W..'02 
Clark, Bessie P., '00 
Clarke. I. W.. '98 
Cleary, D., '02 
Clements. T. S.. '97 
Cleveland, P. L.. '03 
Cochran, J. P., '05 
Coff, E. A.. '01 
Cokely, J. J., '99 
Cole, H. N., '96 

Coolbroth, G. W., '01 
Cooper, E. W., "99 
Craig. J.. -98 
Cumer, W. M., '01 

Main St., bbrkbhikb 

20 Church St.. WORCBSTBR 

20 Church St., WOBCBSTBK 



62 Panum St.. woecbstbr 

17 Church St., worcbstbr 

92 St. Paul's Hill St.. worcs. 

161 Oak St., WORCBSTBR 

Box 95, HAMPDEN 



'00 Blaekinton, 
Blacks tone. 
Blacks tone, 
Blacks tone, 


3 Berwick Park 
12 Derae St. 
66 Compton St. 
287 Hanover St. 

178 Devonshire St. 
8 192 W. Brookline St. 

Care Hearts Adrift Co., Music Hall 

1123 Beacon St. 

84 SUte St. 

88 Fulton St. 

14 Beacon St 

Cor, North Cedar and Pinkney Ste. 

16 Noanet St. 

17 W. Dedham St. 
1 Somerset St. 
60 Clarendon St. 

19 Hemenway St. 
38 Carohna Ave, 
3 Gainslow St. 
119 Commonwealth Ave. 
119 Commonwealth Ave. 
87 Rutland Sq. 
138 Newburg St., 
664 Massachusetts Ave. 

20 Dwight St. 
194 Darmouth St. 
188 Longwood Ave. 
93 Winham St. 
1 Greenville St. 
3 Malcom St. 
43 School St. 
183 Harrison Ave. 
28 B. Brookline St. 
20 Rockville Park 
Dalton St. 
71 Appleton St. 
165 W. Canton St. 
180 Summer St. 

"U. S. S. Seminole," Care Custom 'House 
144 High St. 

68 Charles St. 
Columbus Ave. 

179 Warren Ave. 

Room 20. North Union Station 
52 Union St. 

X, 4S 

TB, lOS 

ED, 4S, 26P. C 


DO, as, 18P 

TL, 17S 

BB, 4S 

EP, lOS 

TB. 13S, C 

HS. 6S 

D, 5S 

ME. 12S, 14P 

MN, 4S, D 

TE, lis 

HS, 9S. 14P 
P. 4S, UP 
ED, IS, lOP 
HE, 32S 
AC, IS. 13P 
X, 2S 

A. 14S, lOP 
EW, US. 9P 
PD. 6S, 21P, D 
SM, 7S, 15P 
HS, 4S 
EA. 16S 
SP, 2S, 34P, D 
EN. 14S. D . 
P, 6S, IP 
HS, 7S 
C, 15S, 18P 
HS, 4S 
HG, 8S. 6P 
C. 5S. 25P 
AC, 4S, 12P 
EM, 7S. lOP 
K. 8S. IIP 
MM, 21S, 3P 
ED, 3S. UP 
C, 12S, SP 
GC, 6S. 5P 
AA. 4S 
MD, 3S, 24P 
HH. 15S 
T. US. 12P 
MP. 9S 

HS, lOS. 15P, D 
P. 4S 
J, 7S, lOP 
R, US, IP 
HS, 4S 

HS. IDS. 15P. D 
HH, lis 
HH. 20S 
ME. US. 12P 
C, 4S, 17P 
K, as, UP 

Namt oMd Ytar 
Cylcr, D. H., '01 
Dearth. A. L., '02 
Donald. J. C.,'00 
Donoven, C, '02 
Doolan, D., '02 
OriacoU. Jr., J..'fl8 
Dryer, H,. '01 
Eldridge, A.,'fl9 
Eldridge. W. C. '02 
Fay, C: E.. 'OJ 
Fitzgibbons, W. J., '03 
Freeman, W. J., 03 
Freese, G. D.,'0O 
French, H. P., '02 
Frost. G. P., '99 
Getchell, F. J..'98 
Gibbs, L, C, '02 
Godfrey, C. N., '07 
GrahamJ. W., '02 
Griffin, W., '02 
Hall. A. W., '98 
Hamm, L., '02 
Harria, W. W., '94 
Hatch, C. S., '99 
Haven, V. D.. '02 
Hayes, J. J., '00 
Hillier, W. L..'97 
Hitchcock. W. I„ '03 
Hodgdon, H. B„ '00 
Hoffmann. A. W., "00 
Johnson, W. T., "01 
Jones, G. W..'03 
Kaufman, N,, '03 
Kirvin. W. R., '02 
Kleh. J. F.. '01 
Lathrope, P. N., '93 
Law, A. P., '95 
Lea, S. J.. '01 
Ledwith. W. J.,'02 
Lewis. C, '02 
Libbey, T. T.,'98 
Lingquist. C. H., '97 
Loeser. W. L., '99 
Lord, H., '00 
Lord. W. H., '00 
Loring, L.. '02 
Luke, D. E.. '01 
Lunte, F. H., '03 
Lydston. Vr. D., '01 
UacKenzie, Laurena, '01 
Marimoto, S.,'02 
Martin, J. H., '01 
Haxson, Evelyn J., '02 
Maynahan, B., '98 
McCuddy. J. Sergt., '03 
McDevitt, W. J., '01 
McEachren, G. A., '02 
McKay. M.,'g9 
McKissick, S., '03 
McRae, D. K., '01 
Miller, R. R.. '99 
Miller. R. E., '00 


147 Milk St. 

145 W. Concord St. 

Care Boston Elevated Ry. Co. 

24 Worcester St. 

92 Chandler St. 

340 Marlboro St. 

716 Harrison Ave. 

14 Milk St. 

660 Fremont St. 

101 Union St. 

516 Atlantic Ave. 

69 State St. 

155 N. Canton St. 

11 Blackwood St. 

1105 Exchange Bldg. 

65 Bedford St. 

626 Sth St. 

1110 Exchange Bldg. 

62 Pinkney St. 

186 Commonwealth Ave. 

13 Exchange St. 

4 Ringold St. 

27 Berwick Park 

224 Massachusetts Ave. 

666 Harrison Ave. , 

7 Exchange Place 

660 Massachusetts Ave. 

43 Bowdoin St. 

692 Massacbusetto Ave. 

29 Union Place 

86 Charles St. 

38 W. Newton St 

17 Cazenore St. 

16 Camden H. 

11 Irvington Ave. 
269 Columbus Ave. 
31 Upton St; 

439 Dudley St. 
37 Brimmer St. 
113 Devonshire St. 
147 London St. 
641-644 Washington St. 
867 Beacon St. 
658 Beacon Chambers 
Box 2235 

12 Kensington St. 
1459 Dorchester Ave. 
16 Batevia St. 

1 Ringold St. 

272 Boylston St. 

29 Norway St. 

Monument Sq. 

37 Chambers St. 

Quartermaster's Dept., Lewis Wharf 

426 Springfield St. 

56 Chambers St. 

115 Appleton St. 

89 State St. 

9 SUmford St. 

250 Massachusetts Ave. 

Keith's Theater 

K. 9S, 16P 

CA. 48 

ME. IS, lOP . 

EF, 6S, 14P 

DH. 2S. 34P. D 

HS. 4S. IP 


0. 68 
ER, 5S, D 
HA. 8S 
EW, lOS. 6P 
NC, 5S 

HE, 9S, 21P 
LC. 13 Parts 

1, 8S, 12P 

HS. lOS, 17P. D 
PA. lis 
A, 218. ISP 
EP. 6S 
HE, 22S 
A. 5S, LP 
NH. 2S 
G. 6S, 17P 
AD. 48. 22P 
TA. 8S 
AD. 38, 15P 
A, 23S. 25P 
CC, 2S 

MD. 48, 26P, C 
E0, 2S, 14P 
EW, 6S, lOP 
DL, IS. 12P 
DL. 2S, 15P 
T, 9S, IP 
C, lOS, 25P 
T. 21S. 17P 
MB. 9S. 18P 
GC. 58 
EF. 78. 3P 
AD, as, 26P 
HS, 58, 7P 
0. 8S 

HS. 7S. 6P 
T. 108. 15P 
NC, 6S 
BC, 6S. IIP 
AC, 6S, 4P 
T, lOS. IIP 
CC. 5S 
LC, 15 Parts 
X. 2S 

DL, 4S, 17P 
HS, 5S, 2P 

NC, US. 14P 
X, 28 
C. 98. 25P 
ME, lis. 25P 


MiUer. W, W.. '99 
Miller, W, '02 
Moran, E. J., '00 
Morimoto, S.p '01 
Milldowney, J. W., '01 
Mtddowney, T. J., '01 
Murphy, H. R,. '96 
Murray, Adelaide, '03 
Naas. R. D., '02 
Newton. E. C, '03 
NorriB, G., '98 
Nutting. J. W., '01 
Nye, H. J., '95 
Ober, R. A.. '97 
O'Neill. J. F..'01 
Osgood. G. N., '97 
Osgood. G. H..'95 
Pangbum. T. M., '02 
Peden, F„ '99 
Peirce. C. A.. '99 
Perkins, F. O., '97 
Perkins, J., '99 
Perry,}. L.,'01 
Perry, W. M., '99 
Pfister, L. F„ '99 
Porter, F. E.,'01 
Pray. R. G., '98 , 
Rand, N. D.. '03 
Raybold, F. S.. '01 
Reay, J. B, '01 
Reid. W. D.,'00 
Rev-nolds, W. A.. "94 
Robinson, F. W., '02 
Roole, G. W.. '01 
Roose, T., '02 
Ross, Winnie J., '00 
RoBt. G, N..'a3 
Rounds, J. L.. '02 
Sambom, C. C. '02 
SaviU. G. K., '01 
Scoltock, B. O., '01 
Shepperd, F. C, '97 
Slader, W. B., '99 
Slader, W. B,. '96 
Smith, Annabel, '00 
Smith, H, N., '96 
Spauldins^ C. E., '98 
Starecfc, T. A., '00 
Stewart. E. F.. '95 
Stin^son, M., '01 
Stratton, G. E., '98 
Summer. H. B.. '00 
Sweet. A. L.. '01 
Swift, S. A.. '01 
Talbot. E.M.,'O0 
Taylor. Ella A., '02 
Terry, W. C. '00 
Thomas. S. E., '97 
Thresher. A. I., '01 
■nbbeta, W. H., '99 
Towle, E. D.. '99 
Trim, Edith L., '02 

AdA*st Rttari 

Care Cons. Depot ME. 2& J4P 

11 Titeston St. HH. 123 

52 Carver St. ME, 24S, 9P 

272 Boylston St. X. 3S 

1623 Tremont St. K, 48, IIP 

1623 Tremont St. A, 6S, 9P 

I Weston PI. HS. lOS, 15P, D 

4 Oxford Terrace LA, 18 Parts 

236 Shawmut Ave. DB, 2S, 14 Parts 

548 Columbiis Ave. AC, 7S, lOP 

42 E. Springfield St. ME, 9S, lOP 

110 Tremont St. JB, 3S, C 

46 Hancock St. C. 8S. 7P 

748 Tremont St. C, 14S, 25P 

2773 WashingrtiM St, CSF, 8S 
Care Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital HE, 8S, 9P 

34 Concord Sq. ME, 3S, 13P 

109 Appleton St. AG. IS, 18P 

S9 Charles St. A, 13S. 27P 

177 Devonshire St. A. J2S, 12P 

45 Hancock St. HM. 4S, 17P 
745 Massachusetts Ave. JJ, 8S, IP, D 
24 Salutation St. HR. 6S 

16 India St. - U, 3S, 20P 

31 Concord St. ME, 7S, 2oP 

114 State St. LC, II Parts 

Box 2809 C, lOS, 17P 

455 Audubon Rd, EG, 5S 

41 N. Market St. " ED. 3S, 23P ' 

91 Pembroke St. X. 63, D 
34 Myrtle St. ME, lOS 

40 Upton St. HS. 5S. 13P 

166 DevonsKire St. AC, 8S. 7P 

General Delivery CA, OS 

Leverett St., Eng., No. 6 HB, 6S, 5P 

9 Bulfinch St. EB. 2S 

Station A, Box 171 

19 Myrtle St. 

16 Somerset St. 

34 Savin St. 

618 joy St. 

30 "Tremont St. 

98 Waltham St. 

98 Waltham St. 

14 Oxford Terrace 

409 Columbus Ave. 

U. S. R. S. "Wabash," Navy Yard 

142 Olander St. 

909 Exchange Bidg. 

145 W. Newton St. 

Somerset St. 

400 Shawmut Ave. 

28 Union Park 

27 School St. 

38 Temple St. 

13 Ashburton St. 

92 Beverly St. 

46 Sydney St. 
705 Shawmut Ave. 
431 Shawmut Ave. 
65 Lever St. 

EN. 9S 
BE, 4S 
£B, 48 
K. 56, 14P 
CC, 68 

AD. 2S. 24P 
MM, 9S 

C. lOS, 25P 
AD, 4S, BP 
BD, 2S. 12P 

D. 5S 
A. 4S, lOP 
CD. 28. UP 
X. SS 
US, 6S, 9P 
K. 108. I9P, D 
CC. 2S 







Triworgy, M. C, 
Tyler. Z. M., '01 
Wadland, W. B. 

WaUter. W. C 'i 
Watson, G. K. 
Watts, J. A., '64 
Weil. E., '00 
Wells, G. M.. '99 
West, W. A. H.,'t 
Whiting, P., '02 
Wilbum, Annie B, 
Willet. A. G., '99 
Williamaon, C, 'f 
Wing, B. R., '02 
Winne, C. S., '02 
Wolfender, J. C, ' 
Young, L. L.,'98 

Knox, Annie L. M., '00 
Lawrence, S.,'9B 
Marble. L.. '02 
McCall, J. 
Winkler, i 
Arnold. R. W., 
Frampton. W, R., '9 
Kennedy. C. L., '01 
Stowe, E. L.,'94 

Benson, N.. '99 " 
Bevao, W. H.. '95 
Gammon, G. N., '98 
Hobnes, A. C.,'00 
Josselyn, Jr., E, D., 
Rblfins. B. L., '01 
Shaw, C. M.,'94 
Thomas. L. S,. '02 
Thomas, S. L.,'96 

Aver, J. M., '01 
ColIisB, W. R.'OO 
Coyle, G. C, '02 
Cummings, A., '02 
Fletcher, P., '01 
Hoilinsworth, W.,' 
MacDonald, J. W. P. 
Oliver, F. S., '9r 
Pederson, P. O. 
Phelan, J. P„ 'C 
Wingate, H. L., 


Griggs, P. P.. '01 

Bigney, A. P., '00 
Boiling. G. E., '9S 
Btmldrey, E. L.. '02 


184 North^npton St. 

135 Highland St. 

372 Dorchester St. 

7 Bowdoin St. 

Box 5346 

400 Northampton St. 

1 1 North So. 

Room 211. Huntington Chambers 

161 Huntington Ave. 

77 Rutland St. 

18 Bulfinch St. 

7 Water St. 

28 Union Park 

1434 Washington St. 

Bradford, 14 Church St.. bssex 
Bradford. 12 Grove St.. bssrx 
Bradford, essbx 
Bradford. 49 Lincoln St., BSSBX 
Bradford, 26 Pleasant St., bssbx 
Bradford, 58 Main St.. beskx 
Braintree. Washington St.. KOrfolk 
Braintree, Box 98, norpole 
Braintree, Box 226, Norfolk 
Braintree, nor polk 

Bridgwater, Plymouth 
Auburn St., Box 414 
Box 459 
Park Ave. 
Box 727 
52 Main St. 
76 Main St. 
Box 631 

Brighton, Suffolk 
49 Dustin St. 

9 Sparhawk St. 
Rear 126 Tremont St. 
21 Cypress Rd. 

10 Newton St. 

48 Garden St. 
! 20 Hobson St. 

26 Oak Square Ave. 

49 Garden St. 
8 Harriet St. 
Oak Square Ave. 

Brinfield, h 

Skinner St. 
333 Torrey St. 
1257 Behnont St 
1133 N. Main St. 

AC. 4S, 12P 
BD, 2S. UP 
UD, 2S, lOP 
HS. 4S 
BC, 4S. lOP 
R, 7S, 12P 
P. 14S, 19P. D 
R. 18S. 24P, 
ME, 9S, lOP 
HJ, 12S 
X, 2S 
JB, 2S 
EG. 6S 
ER, 5S 
GD. US. 18P 
A, 8S. 27P 
ME. lOS 

BD, 5S, IIP 
A. 4S. IIP 
HR, 5S 
EP, 5S 
EW. 5S. 14P 
HS, 8S. 8P 

BE, 2S 

ME, 20S. 22P 
E, 16S, 4P 
C, lOS, 7P 

A. 6S, UP 
P, 6S, 14P 
K, 8S, 9P 
HS, 5S 
GC. 4S, 7P 
HD. 28S 
C, 3S, lOP 
P, 6S. 7P 
EN. 12S 
HS, lOS, 15P, D 

AA, 5S 
CC. 2S 
DN. 4S. 22P 
EI, 4S, I3P 
BD, 2S. UP 
DP. IS. 24P 
MA, 9S, 25P 
C, 5S, 25P 
ME, 6S, 24P 
UD, 3S, 22P 
E, 7S 

V, 8S. 13P 
AD. IS, 12F 
D. 88 
£P. US. D> 



Brewster, N. D.. '02 
Browning, L., '^ 
Dunham. A. E., '02 
Ellis, R. E., '02 
Feistel. J. H., '03 
Fortier, J. N., '00 
Fottler, J. A., "97 
Fox, Jr., W.. '00 
Fralger, Clara M., '02 
Gleason. P. R., '01 
Hanscom, V., '02 
Harper, L. I., '03 
Harrub, C. N., '01 
Hayward, C. '00 
Tacobson, A. L., '97 
Jennings, H. E,,'00 
Luther, O. C, '96 
Miner, W. H., '02 
Moore, A. T., '00 
Mullins. W.J., '03 
Norcross. W. P.. '99 
Osborne, A. E., "99 
Parker, J. L.. '96 
Perkins, G. E., '98 
Perkins, G. E., '99 
Phinney, C. S., '97 
Read, H. E.,'01 
Reed, W. H.,'98 
Rogers. W. O.. '00 
Sears, H. V., '01 
Snow. W, P.. '01 
Thayer, G, H.. '97 
White, W., '02 

31 Hall St, 

25 Union Park 
1088 N. Main St. 
5o Prospect St. 
158 School St. 
165 Elliott St, 

11 Andover St. 

101 W. Ashland St, 
39 Wilmington St. 
2 Main St. ' 

66 Haverhai St. 
582 Crescent St. 
Ill Green St. 

15 Green St. 
226i Belmont St. 
13 Franklin St. 
24 Grafton St. 
72 Court St, 

S4 Moraine St. 

16 Tyler St. 
401 Howard St. 
64 High St. 

Fire Station No. 3 
90 Highland St. 
5 Warren Ave. 

26 Mason St. 
IS Green St. 
20 Harvard St. 
264 W. Elm St. 
37 West St. 

75 Ames St. 

12 Appleton St. 
355 Center St. 

EP, 8S 
P, SS. 4P 

C, 8S 

HD, 9S, 14P 
EW. 38. 14P 
ME, 3S, 14P 
ME, lis. 25P 
ED, 3S, I7P 
BA, 6S 

D. 5S 
EP, 9S 
AG. 5S 

SM. ( 

, 14P 

T, 14S. 13P 
P, 6S. 12P 
AD, 6S 
EB, 2S 
H, lOS 
AD. 5S, lOP 
EP. 8S 
HS, 78, 9P 
X. 3S 

A, I3S. 45P 
HS. 8S, IP 
ME, 198, IP 
F, 13S 

GC. 7S. 15P, D 
HS, 108, 17P 
HS. 108, 17P 
BD, 3S, IIP 
J. 8S, 12P 

Adams, A. A., '96 
Beck. J, '02 
Cushing, I. M.,'00 
Hazleton, W. E.,'99 
Hughes. Jennie E., '01 
PiiAett. T. H..'99 
Vamey, H. A., '95 
Vamey, H. A., '02 
Wallace, H. L., '98 

Artsom, H., '01 - 
Bain, F. F.. '00 
Bainbridge, E. J., '01 
Barker. E. A., '98 

Brookfield. Box 6 

BiookUne, norpoi^ 
68 Wabiut St. 
343 Boylston St. 

19 Harris St. 

36 Davis St. 

57 Addington Rd. 

Care Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co. 

7 Cypress Apartments 

7 Cypress Apartments 

283 Pond Ave. 

Brooks Station, 
Buzzards Bay, 
Byficld, Box 10, essex 

Byfield, essbx 
Byfield, ESSEX 

Cambridge, middlbsbx 

241 Columbia St. 

80 Magazine St. 

1563 Massachusetts Ave. 

66 Fayette St. 

C, 88, 3P 
HE, 8S 
JJ, 6S, D 
MD, 3S, 16P 
CC, 2S 
ME, 68, 25P 
I, 16S, 22P 
GA, 13S. 16P 

DO, 6S, 27P, C 
HS, 58 
EP, 68 

A, 6S, 5P 
SM, 6S. 15P 
HS. as. 16P 


Bingham, G, A., '03 
Chase, Carrie, '02 
Crane, W, M,.'02 
Dow, W. A., '97 
Gumey, E. L., '03 
Hennessey, E, J, '02 

tisperson, H., '02 
yon, C. A„'02 
McAuliffeJ., '96 
McLain, W, W., '95 
Morris, R., "01 
Sargeant. O. C.,'00 
Sawler. I. R.,'0! 
Sa-wler, J. R., '03 
Stevens, W. S. C, '96 
Swarts, C.,'00 
Tauton, D. T.. '03 
Temple, E. It, '99 
Thomas, F. M., '96 
Warren. A. K.. 'W 
Wood, T. P., 'OG 

Chrisholm, A. V., '01 
Doneski, P. J.. '01 
Dudley, F. W.. '98 
Dunn, W. W., '93 
Gumesey, Mrs. E. L., 't 
Hayinan, J., '96 
Jewett, N„'OI 
Johanson, Theresa, '94 
Klof, C. E., -02 
Maclver, J. M,. '99 
Magnusen, A- B.. "00 
Maasbere, C. O., '01 
Massie, Sarah. '03 
Millington, C. '00 
Hoiw, G. N., '»4 
Mystrom, G. W,, '00 
Pearson. C. I.. '02- 
Ricker, C. A„ '96 
Sargent, F. A., '02 
Scott. W., '98 
Stein. G. E.,'02 
Walker, W. H.,'97 


3 Highland Park 
14 Fairmount St. 

50 Garden St. 
289 Greer St. 
320 Harvard St. 
2 Crossland St. 
66 Antrim St. 
109 Henry St. 
11 Hayes St. 
47 Franklin St. 
68 Foster St. 
102 Hancock St. 
102 Hancock St. 
102 Hancock St. 
1 Norfolk PI. 
45 Washington St. 
14 Traymore St. 
38 Orchard St. 
Public Library 
84 Wendell St. 
U3 Antijm St. 


100 Austin St. 
152 Charles St. 
113 Broadway 
Box 44 
I 40 Lee St. 

18 Laurel St, 
64 Prospect St. 
49 Columbia St. 
259 Winsor St. 
6 Oak Circle 
320 Columbia St. 
40 Sidney St. 

23 Barrett St.-> 
107 Hampshire Ave. 
36 Glenwood St. 
192 Harvard St. 

19 Center St. 
179 Columbia St. 
132 Western Ave. 
48 Armory St. 
598 Putnam Ave. 
3 WiUiaros St. 

Breach, L. E., '02 
Chase. H. H.. '97 
Kilbum, J. W.. '02 
Nelson. A. E., '98 
Poland. A. A„'98 
Richard, A. B.. '02 
Soper, R. H., '02 
Wficerson, A. L.. '01 
Danahy, C. P., '03 
Hughes, J. A., '96 
Rhodes, E, E..'97 
Tourtellotte, Edith A., 
Caldwell, S. A.. '03 
Shaw, W. A„'01 

DO. 3S, 18P 
BE. 2S 
LA, 10 Parts 
HS, 4S 
BM. 7S 
ER. 4S 
DK, IS, 13P 
DB. 3S. IIP 
A. 8S. 18P 
HS. 4S. 6P 
ED, 2S, lOP 
ME, 9S, IP 
AB, 5S, D 
DO, IS. 13P 
A, 7S, 3P 
HS. 8S. IP 
BB, 4S 
C. 12S, 14P 
J, 7S, 6P 
A. 4S. 13P 
ME, 4S. 14P 

A, IS, 13P 
C. 4S. 18P 
A, 5S, IP 
MD, 4S, IIP 
£B. 2S 
HS, 8S, 8P 
CSF, 6S 
EB, 2S 
MJ, 4S 
BC. 3S. 13P 
C. 5S, 24P 
C. 2S. 25P 
BC, IS, 14P 
C. 8S 

HA. 5S. 16P 
K, 6S 

DM. 4S. 12P 
JB, 3S. C 
DO, 3S. 17P 


Campello. 72 W. Chestnut St., Plymouth 
Campello, Box 752, Plymouth 
Campello, 1489 Main St., Plymouth 
Campello, Box 342, Plymouth 
Campello, 27 Fulton St., Plymouth 
Campello, Plymouth 
Campello, 33 Summer St., Plymouth 
Campello. 22 Leyden St., Plymouth 
Cantsn, Washington St., norpolk 
Canton, Care Draper Bros, & Co., n'flk 
Canton, Box 149, norpolk 
'02 Canton. Endicott St., nobpolk 

Canton June. Care N, Woolen Mills, n'p'k 
Canton Junction, Box 114, t 

HS, 9S, lOP 
C, 5S, I2P 
HA, 5S 
HE, 19S, IP 
ED. 3S. 15P 
EN, 6S 
HS. 4S 
HS, 8S, IP- 
BE, 4S 
HE, 16S, 
UD, 1&. 20^ 



Nam4 shJ Y*ar 

GoUettee. W., '01 
Lees. C. S., '98 
Nickerson, F. P^ '02 
Shaw, J. N..'0O 

Bissell, H,,'00 
CaSery, R. L., '02 
Chase, W. B., '98 
Collins, J. E., '98 
Drummond, W. J., '02 
Ennis, J. F.. '03 
Harmon. F. M.. '02 
Hamngton, W. D., '02 
Hines, A. C.,'00 
Hunting. H, A.. 'S8 
Kahler. C. L., '97 " 
Kennedy, W., '00 
McCane, O- G.. '97 
Paul, G. H., '97 
Potter, L, W., '03 
Ritchie, S.. "02 
Robertson. E. W., '99 
Roch. T. J„'97 
Seaman. R. J.. '02 
Seyle, F. W„ '98 
Solberg, J. F.,'02 

Caverly, Sadie, '02 

Acres. C. A, P., '02 
Ackerley, H. O.. '00 
Bode, J. B., '99 
Brison, S. H,, '02 
Chrisholm. W- F., '00 
Cobb. H. A., '02 
Doane, C. S., '99 
Dwyer, J. M., '01 
Eldridge, A. L, '03 
Everett, A. M..'98 
Fettow, G, B.. '95 
Fox. W. R.. '00 
French, W. T., '00 
Hobden. C. H.. '00 
Howe. H. H„'02 
Hoyt, S. S., '08 
Hudson, D. M., '97 
Kelly, I. S.. '01 
Kimball, Mrs. P. G., '( 
List, F.. '02 
Lyons, D-. '02 
McClintock, S., '02 
Raymond. C. L.. '98 
Rudd, A. T.,'99 
Supplee. W. F.,'97 
Symmons. }. V.,'02 
Temple, A. O.. '98 
Whitford, A.. '03 
Wyman, H. A., '03 



Charlcmont, Box 58, pranklim 
Charlemont, franklin 
CenterviUe, Box 82. barnstablb 

Center ville, i 

Charlestown, suptoix 
111 High St. 

17 Everett St. 
114 High St. 
101 Pearl St. 

U. S. T. B. D. "Hull." Care Navy Yard 
73 Bunker Hill St. 
59 Warren St. 

53 Moulton St. 

14 Auburn St. 
3 Bartlett St. 

25 Concord St. 
19 Mystic St. 

30 Mt. Vernon St. 

U. S. S. •'Amphetrite," Navy Yard 

18 SuUivan St. 

I Monument Ave. 

I I Harvard St. 
30 Winthrop St. 

54 Green St. 

15 Monument Sq. 
201 Main St. 

Chelmsford. Box 379, uiddlbsbx 

Chelsea, suppole 

50 Cherry St. 

133 Chester Ave. 

B. & M. Ticket Office 

62 Arlington St. 

47 Spencer Ave. 

219 Walnut St. 

757 Broadway 

22 Ash St. 

U. S. Naval Hospital 

107 Bloomingdale St. 

78 Chester St. 

5 Suffolk St. 

59 Cary St. 

444 Eastern Av«, 

92 Franklin Ave. 

64 Washington Ave. 

818 Broadway 

35 CotUge St. 

26 Louis St. 
Naval Magazine 
47 Crescent Ave. 
120 Chestnut St. 
Box 18 

15 Carter St. 
8 Spencer Ave. 
Blossom St. 

F, 37S. 14P 
HS, 4S 

GC, 7S, rsp, » 
A, 4S, IIP 

EB, 2S 

EW, 8S, 12P 

P, 7S 

C, 2S, 13P 

KA. 6S 


EP, 7S 

DO. 6S, 37P, C 

HS, 4S 

c. lis 

C, 2S, 14P 

z, 5S, aop 

r, 8S, 16P 
HM, 5S. 12P 
RL. 3S 
EP. 6S 
HS, 8S 
HS, 4S 
00. 3S, lOP 
C, 5S, 25P 
PG. 8S, 16P 

87 E 


03 Sagamore Ave. 

CA, 4S 

A, flS 

HS, 6S 

HS, 4S, 14P 

CC, 9S 

D. 4S 

GB, lOS, 18P 

EP, es 

MD, 3S, J5P 
CC, 2S 
AA, 3S 
TH, 21S 
KA, lOS 
GA, 66, 18P 
SM. 8S, 15P, D 
A. 7S. lOP 
HS, 4S 
DA, 2S, IIP 

EN, lis 
UK. iS 






Sikes, E. A., 'Oa 

Cherry VaUey, worcbstsr 

HH, lis , 

Johnson. H. E., '01 
Booth. C, -00 

Chester, hampden 

HS. 8S. 5P, D 

Chicopee, 61 Gaylard St.^ hampden 

ME, 4S, 12P 

Brazil, R,. '98 

Chicopee, 14 Wyman St., hampdbn 

HS. 6S. 3P 

Coulter, R. J.. '01 

Chicopee, 19 Myrtle St., hampden 
Chicopee, 425 Front St., hampden 

CC, 3S 

Dion, G. P., '00 

A, 6S, 4P 

Lees. W. H., '98 

Chicopee, 199 Exchange St.. hampdbn 
Chicopee, 218 School St., hampdbn 

J. 9S. 16P. D 

Leonard, A, J., '01 

SM, 5S, 13P 

Lilley, W, H., '01 

Chicopee, 480 Front St., hampden 

LD, 4S. 12P 

Morse, L. L.,'01 

Chicopee. Austin Place, hampdbn 

BA. 2S 

Wilson. W.G,. '01 

Chicopee. Goff House, hampdbn 

TB, 8S 

BUct. A. G...'98 

Chicopee Falls, 47 Arlington St., Hampden 

J, 9S, 16P. D 

Bush. G. G., '98 

Chicopee Palls. 158 East St., hampdbn 

C, 2S, 13P 

Butterfield, L, A., '99 

Chicopee Falls, Care Belcher & Taylor, hh 

C. 2S. 14P 

Moriarity, T., '98 
Toner. H.,^3 

Chicopee Falls, 18 W. Main St., hampden 

HS. 8S. i5P 

ChKopee Falls, Box 893, hampdbn 

C. 9S. 14P 

Walker, J. J„ '98 

Chicopee Falls, Box 38. hampdbn 

ME. 2S, 22P 

Woodward. H. W., '94 

Chicopee Falls. 68 Cochran St., hampdbn 

C, lOS. IIP 

Taylor, S. G.. '02 

Clayton, Box 25, Berkshire 
CHtton, 4 Rockaway St.. bssex 

DL. 4S. lOP 

Lamberton. W., '02 

DH, IS, 13P 


Barker. F., '01 

420 Chestnut St, 

TI. 16S. C 

Chace, A. A., '02 

43 Cedar St. 

PG. 8S. IIP 

Chapin. F. E., '01 
Coulter, W. S., '96 
Dietzman, C. H.."99 

V. 9S, 19P 

Bourne St. 

A, 26S, IP 

35 Grove St. 

CC, 6S 

Dowmnjt. L. A., '99 

162 High St. 

HS, 6S 

Giles. A. A., '01 

236 Walnut St. 

TI, 13S 

Jacobs. A. A.. '00 
■Madden, Carrie. '00 

Boltok Rd. 

X. 2S 

92 Chureh St. 

BD, 2S, 13P 

Stevens, A. J.. '99 
Taylor, P. F.. '98 

1028 Main St. 

A, 2S, lOP 

Box 264 

SM. 4S 

Welch. J. E., '01 

90 Chestnut St. 

TL, 16S, C 

Wright, A. S, '98 

61 -Pearl St. 


ME, 8S 

Dunbar. E. L., '01 

Cocbesett, Box 35, Plymouth 

CC, 5S 

Ricker. A. W., '00 

Cochituate, Box 91, MIDDLESEX 

X, 3S 

Wright. G. R.. '99 

Cochituate, Shawmut Ave.. Middlesex 

A. 6S 

Drew, C. E., '96 

Cohasset. Box 218, Norfolk 

HS, 5S, 12P 

Nickerson, M. B.,'03 

Cohasset, Pleasant St., norpolk 

HH, lOS 

Carpenter, C, T., '02 
Hoessler, Jr.. C.,-02 
Coy, W. a. '03 

Colcrain, Box 38, franklin 

DO, 2S, 17P 

CoUinsville. 92 Pine Ave,. Middlesex 

TS, 14S. C 

Concord, Box 34, Middlesex 

AC. 9S. 28P 

McLeod, A ,, -03 

Concord. Box 541, MIDDLESEX 

EP, m 

Ome, G. W., '01 

Concord, Box 329, Middlesex 

A. lOS, 18P 

Gumey, W. A., '99 

Cottage City. Box 500, dukes 

CC. 2S 

Nowen, t'. "W.. -00 

Dalton, Depot St., berkshirb 

MO. 5S 


ED. 2S. 14P 

Sears, W. H.. '02 

Dalton, 31 Curtis Ave., Berkshire 

DH, IS, 16P 

Griffire. M. I,.'00 

Dana, worcbstbr 


CC, 38 

■Card, F. H., '02 

96 Hotten St. 

BE, 2S 

Carter, E. F., '98 

Care Mr. Oberholtze 

D. 4S 

Dyer, E. H.. '03 

142 Holten St. 

EP, 9S 

Durgen, N. N.. '01 

20 Washington St. 

ED. 3S. 15P 

Hayward, A. F.. '00 

Box 193 

AA, 5S 

Hooper, PS.. '00 

116 Locust St. 

A, 8S, 27P 

Lewis, M. L., '90 

4 Oak St. 

J. 9S, 17P, D 



Nami owl Ytot 



Patton. R. H., '00 

Chester St. 

ME, I4S. lOP 

Patton, A. H.. "02 

Chester St- 

MR, 7S 

Wright. G. H., '97 

25 Elm St. 


ME, 19S, 25P 

Goodoey. S. J., '99 
Bean, H. M.,'02 


MM, ISS, 14P 

Dedham, Dedham Elec. Co,, norpolk EN, 9S, 5P 

Johnson, 0. A.. '98 
Robinson, R. T.. '03 

Dedham, Box 444, nohpolk 

A, I3S, 13P 

Dedham, 51 Court St., nohfolk 

EP, 5S 

Dorchester, Suffolk 

Babcock. L. W., '00 

3160 Washington St. 
41 Standish St. 

ME, 9S 

Barker, H., '02 

RG, 5S 

Barker, H., '98 

41 Standish St. 

C, 6S, I3P 

Beny, A. A., '03 

46 Sanford St. 

HD, 28S. 4P 

Bird, W. F., '02 

14 Arcadia St. 

Mu. as. 4? 

Bolan, H. A-, '02 

igStonehurstSt, , 

EW. 6S, 25P 

15 Dickens St. ' 

DI, 6S, 23P 

Brien, E. F, '99 

59 WiUowwood St. 

C. 6S, 14? 

Chittenden, W, N., '03 

41 Salcombe St. 

NC, 5S, IP 

Christopherson, 0. J., '9 

78 Chickatawkeet St, 

MD,~2S. 20P 

Church, H, '00 

9 Everett Rd. 

R, 9S, 14P 

Coglow, E., '98 

75 Rossi ter St. 

HS, 4S 

Crawley. A. L.. '03 

27 Wrentham St. 

BA, 2S 

Crocker, R. L., '96 

14 Clarkson St. 

SM, 4S, 9P 

Davidson, F. M., '00 

15 Kilton St. 

A, 4S. 5P 

Dixon, E. R., '99 

32 Taylor St. 

TP, 5S 

Giiman, Anna B., '01 

67 Sawyer Ave. 

CT, 6S, IP 

313 N. Ave. 

BB. 4S 

Gwinnell, W., '02 

83 Armandine St. 

HH, lis 

Hall, B. I.. '01 

11 Harbor View St. 

T, lOS 

Hoar, W., '02 

315 Norfolk Ave. 

GF. lOS 

Holmea, F. A.,'99 " 

13 Dickens St. 

ME. lOS, 14P 

Houston. Jr., N. T.,'99 
Hull, C. W-, '01 

70 Glendale St. 

ME, 9S, 2P 

15 Spring St. 
20 Stratford St. 

AC, lOS. 45P 

Jenkins. H. C, '00 
Klyver, A. W.,'01 

ME. lOS, 14P 

49 Maxwell St, 

C, 8S, 25? 

Leavitt, Mabel, '02 

139 Whitfield St. 

BA. 2S 

Lockman,'E. L„ '98 

7 Edison Green 

ME, 6S, 25? 

Loving, J. G.,'97 

184 Harvard St. 

ME, 8S. 7P 

MaTBton, N, P.. '02 

75 Nightingale St, 
37 Harbor View St. 

HH, 20S, D 

Murphy, J, F„ '03 
Noble, A, J., '01 

EP, 5S 

1322 Dorchester Ave. 

TG, 5S 

O-NeiU, F. V-,'02 

129 Draper St, 

CA, 6S 

Perkins. I. P., '02 

il WolcottSt. - 

PA, 6S. 7P 

Riley, S. H., '00 

12 Grant St, 

ME, 8S 

Rogers, E. B.. '99 
Sullivan, J. H.,'96 

66 Washington St. 
10 Longfellow St. 
10 Welfesly Park 

ME. 8S, IP 

1. 6S, lOP 

Voorhees, G. B„-07 

A, 4S, 13? 

Warren. S.M., '98 

30 Elmont St. 

HS, 4S 

Weeks, A. L., '01 

25 Pleasant St. 

UD, 4S. 23P 

Whittemore, C. H.,'03 

37 Brent St, 

BE. 3S 

Woodall. J. S., '03 

189 Westville St. 

DP. 3S, 10? 

Wright, A. S, '98 

79 Clarkson St, 


Gorland. G.. '03 


East Bottoo, SUFFOLK 
Atwood, Alice T., '01 126 Princeton St. 

Bernard, J, H„ '00 80 Marginal St. 

Blackstone. Carrie A., '00 21 White St. 
Bonia. J., '00 89 Everett St. 

BD, 6S, 12? 
HS, 5S. 5? 
AA. 3S 
HS, 4S 



NaiMoml Ytar 
Burnett, M. G. J., 'I 
Childs, A. D,/99 
Church, M. L.. '00 
Clemens, J. H.,'99 
Diers. H.. '02 
Hanson, H, D.,'02 
Kabnan, M. M.. '99 
Lambert, A., '00 
Lavere. B. B.. '02 
Lutz, F, C, '99 
Macdonald, A., '99 
Marini, L.."'02 
Odell, W. H.. '00 
Perry, R., '00 
Qtdnn, F. H , '02 
Robbins, Clara. '01 
Ross, G. N., '02 
Rowland, W. E. 
Russell, E. E., 'i 
Stuks, A. T., '99 
Whipple, E. N., 
White, C. E„'9l 
Woodside, A: C, 



Cole, E. L., '99 
Glover. W. I., '99 
Stonne. J. S., '99 
Reed, A. S., '01 
Howes, Jr., E. P., '02 
Arthur, J., '01 
Anderson, L. G., '00 
Brown. F. H.. '00 -^ 
Leonard, W. W., '03 
Melcher, I. W., '99 
Morrison, D., '01 
Chestnut, S. J- '01 
Dix, F. A., '00 
Fowler, E. G., '02 
Gould, J. E„ '00 
Grant. D. C. '01 
Johnson, H., '02 
Sherman, S., '00 
Sears, L. E.,'02 
Curtis, A. S., '96 
Twohig, Jr., R. D., '01 
Abord. E. R,, '02 
Clapp. A, F.. '01 
Coyle, D. F., '02 
Fleming, B. D,, '01 
Hacking. R-, '02 
Juad, E. F..'01 
Langdon, G. K., '99 
Lucia, H, L '02 
Chase, A. W.,'0!, 
Durantage. L. N. ' 
Durantage, V., '" 
Pacy, W. C, '9f 
Mitchell, J., '00 
Wolcott, O. L., 
Burnett. C. '00 


9 Trenton St. 

54 Everett St. 
292 Lexington St. 
282 Lexington St. 
154 Chelsea St. 
182 Chelsea St. 
238 Princeton St. 
1 13 Butaw St. 
Addison and Chelsea Sts, 

55 Liverpool St, 
168 Putnam St. 
76 Trenton St. 
64 Everett St. 
97 Falcon St. 
318 Princeton St. 
93 Bryan St. - 
127 Lexington St. 
31 W. Eagle St. 
48 Eutaw St. 
200 Princeton St. 
84 W. Eagle St, 


E. Braintree, Fore River Eng. Co., Norfolk 

East Braintree, Commercial St,, korpole 

East Braintree, Commercial St., 

East Bridgewater, Harvard St., 

East Brimfteld, h.vmpden 

East Brookfield, worckster 

E. Cambridge, 113 Ottis St.. 

E. Cambridge, 135 Cambridge Ave. 

E. Cambridge, 462 Cambridge St.. m : 

E. Cambridge, 70 Thomdike St., m'd' 

E. Cambridge, 76 Spring St., middl.be 

East Dedham, 9 W. River St., Norfolk 

East Dedham, Norfolk 

East Dedham, Quincy St., Norfolk 

East Dedham, 303 Milton St., norpolk 

East Dedham, Belknap St., norfolk 

East Dedham, Norfolk 

East Dedham, 101 Oakdale Ave., Norfolk 

Bast Dennis, barnsdalb 

East Douglas, Worcester 

East Douglas, Box 214, Worcester 

Easthampton. 17 Prospect St., hampshirb 

Basthampton, Box 232. Hampshire 

Easthampton, 99 Williston Ave., kampshiri 

Easthampton, 31 Clark St., Hampshire 

Easthampton. Box 182, hampshirb 

Easthampton, 16 Clark Ave., Hampshire 

Easthampton, Box 223, Hampshire 

Basthampton, Box 298. Hampshire 

Bast Haverhill, esssx 

East Long Meadow, Main St.. hampden 

East Long Meadow, Box 295, 

East Long. Meadow, HAHPDB^ 

East Long Meadow, Box 27, ; 

East Long Meadow. Box 17. haupden 

East Milton, Eaton St., Suffolk 

UD, 3S, 13P 
C, 8S, IP 
LS, 2S, 34P, D 
HS, 4S 
HB. 5S, 2P 
ES, 7S 
A, 17S, 7P 
HS. 4S 
MJ, 5S 
A, 8S, 20P 

J. 7S, lap 

DO, 6S, 37P, C 
HS, 5S 
HM, 5S 
CA, 6S 
BD, 2S, 7P 
HE, 14S 
PA, 4S, 3P 
ME, 8S. 4P ' 
MD, 3S, 23P 
C, lis, 25P 
C. 2S. 17P 
I. 8S. 22P 

CC, 2S 
A, 4S, 8P 
MO, 5S, D 
UD, 4S, 12P 
AD, 3S, 13P 
ixC. US, 15P 
MW, 4S, lOP 
HM, 5S 
ME, lOS, 9P 
HS, lOS. 17P, D 
C, 8S, 2P 
AC, lOS, 15P 
A, 13S. 9P 
ED, 3S, 17P 
AC, 3S, lOP 
BC. 4S, IP 
DL, 4S, 17P 
HS, 4S 
TN, 20S 
HE. 21S 
A. 6S 
EP. lOS 
HS. 4S 
TK, 6S 
ME. 8S, 16P 
A. 4S, IIP 
EP, 6S 

HS, 5S 
K, 9S, 9P 
ME, 8S 


Hayward, E. A.. '00 
Markham, J. J.. '99 
Williamson, G.. '02 
Bryant, H. T., '00 
Gavin, W..'95 
Grinnell, C. W., '00 
Smith, D.,'98 
Whittaker, W. E., '99 
Woodson. R. H., '00 
Coffin, W. H..'00 
Miller, F. W.,'00 
Urmston, E„ '95 
Woolaver. G., '94 
Savary, W. C. '02 
Spear, A. L., '98 
White, C. B., '02 
Eldridge, H., '00 
Greene, Edna, '00 
Jordan, C, '02 
Soiile. C. H., '02 
Bannister. W. G.,'00 
. Bannister, W.G., '02 
Czajkowski, A., '90 


Easton, Bristol 

East Pepperell, Main St., hiddi.bsbx 
East Pepperell, Box 308, midplbsbx 
E. Somerville, 6 Edmonds St., MiDni.1 
E. Somerville, 246 Broadwav, middlbsex 
E, Somerville, 47 Florence St., middlbsbx 
E. Somerville, 12 Mystic St., middlesbx 
E. Somerville, 9 Mystic St., middlesbx 
E. SomerviUe, 42 Crescent St., MlDDLEsait 
E. Walpole, Wolcott Ave., Norfolk 
East Walpole, Summer St., Norfolk 
East Walpole, Box 218, Norfolk 
East Walpole, nohpolk 
East Wareham, Plymouth 
East Weymouth, Box 1164, Norfolk 
E. Whitman, 200 Pleasant St., PLTWOUTH 
Edgartown, State St., dukes 


Elmwood, Whitman St., Plymouth 
Elmwood, Bedford St., PLYtioUTH 
Essex, Box 182, bsbbx 
Essex, Box 182, essbx 
Essex, 448 Essex St., BSSBX 

T, 12S, 12P 
HS, 8S 

BA, lOS 
ME, 6S, 26P 
HS, 7S 

A, 4S, lOP 
HS, 7S 
MD, 3S, 12P 
ME, 6S. 25? 

HS, lOS, 17P 
C, I3S 

AG, 9S. 14P 
HS, 4S, 5P 
EF, 7S. 24P 
KM. lOS, D 
CD, 4S, 16P 
PB, 4S 

BB, 2S 
IM, 3S 
HE, 18S 

T, 48S, 24P, D 

Atkins, L. S.,'00 
Barbrick, A. C.,'00 
Barwick, H. A., '01 
Blaisdell, P. A., '00 
Brown, L. M.,'01 
Campbell, Delia, '01 
Chase, P. W,,'O0 
DeLory, W.,'01 
Derby, W. M.,'01 
Dolbeare. G. L., '96 
Dunham, G. A., '01 
Ferrin, L. L., '03 
Frances, W. M.,'99 
French, E. L., '01 
Gilson, P. T.,'01 
Hallaway, P. E. J..'03 
Lewis, S. T.,'00 
Ling. H. A., '99 
Ludi. H. R.,'O0 
Plant, H. S., '97 
Robinson, R.,'01 
Smith, H. L.. '00 
Tompin, J. A., '01 
Vaughn. H. L., '02 
Wald, C. G.,'02 
Wheeler; U.. '02 

Everett, suppolk 
21Fremont Ave. 
53 Ferry St. 
21 Bell Rock St. 

8 Raymond St. 
5 Oliver St. 
113 GlendaleSt. 
30 Calhoun Ave. 
} Plymouth St. 

s St. 

39 Piyi 
102 Frj 

5 Shute St. 
5 Neilson Ave. 
24 Waverly St. 
12 Raymond St. 
132 Walnut St. 
34 High St. 
739 Ferry St. 
12 Upland Rd. 
609 Broadway 
120 Chestnut St. 
505 Broadway 
14 Cottage St. 
90 Chatham Rd. 
107 Glendale St. 
19 Gilmore St. 

AD, OS. 18P 
DK. 2S, 13P 
JB, 2S 

B, lis, 18? 
CT, 4S 
J.4S. 2P 
BD. 2S, 13? 
BC, US, 2IP, D 
MD, 4S, 25P 
HH, I3S 

ME, 9S, 12P 
P. 4S, IP 
ME, 7S, lOP 

CB, 4S 
HS, 4S 
X. 4S 

CC, 3S 

C, 4S, 22P 
IM, 8S. D 
ME. 7S ,10P 

MB, 7S, 19P 
EP, 8S, IP 
DM, 4S, 17P 

Gibbs. P. W-, '99 

Holmes, G- F., '02 
March, J. I.. '99 
Paull. N. M., '02 
Tripp, G. F„ '03 
Foster, P., "08 


Fairhaven, 48 S. Chestnut St., 
Fairhaven, 92 Middle St., bris 
Fairhaven, Mulberry St., BRISTOL 
Fairhaven, 102 Main St., bristoi. 
Fairhaven. 33 Union St., BRISTOL 
Fairview, 245 Britton St., 

AC, 8S 
HE, lOS 
HD, 178 



Nam* and Y tar 

AUen. W. R.. '00 
Amoe, F., '99 
Batnford. J. W.. '02 
Barton, B. H., '00 
Bourassa, A., '02 
Bowers, E. L., '01 
Bradshaw, S,, '01 
Brady, Jr., J. ,'02 
Britlird, W., '02 
BufEngton, W. H,, ' 
Burgess, J. H.,'01 
Chace. G. M.,'99 
Chippend&le, T. J 
Choquette. W. A., '03 
Clark, C. M,, '97 
Clayton, F.. '99 
Damond, H. D., '1 
Demangeat, G. R. 
Destremps, L, E., 
Eddy. W. C, '03 
Pawcett, I., '00 
Fish, G, 
Foley, ' 
Glen, i_ . . , 
Gixxlier, W,, 
Hacking, E., 
Hadley, W. C, 01 
Harrington, J., 'OC 
Harwood, S., '03 
Hunt, E. E.,'00 
Tack. 0., '93 



lack, I. H., '94 
' >nes, C. W-, '98 
_:ay, A. E,. '02 
Kempon, Anne, '99 
.Kendall. fTj., '02 
Kershaw, W:, '02 
Kroeg«r. W., 'B6 
Lambert, W., '02 
Langworthy, B., '99 
La Pointe, W., '02 
Lathrop, H..'g8 
Lswtoa. C. T„'02 
Leeming, J., '02 
Leonard, P. J., '02 
Littlefield, P. W. C, 
Lord, J., '96 
May, H. P., '00 
Mayo, A. '00 
McDougall, A., '01 
Meikle, A., '00 
Mooney. T.. '00 
Mono, M. M., '01 
Morin, P., '00 
Mowry, C. W., '00 
Murtaugh, M. H.. '94 
Normand, W.. '03 
Owen, J., '01 
Ray, A. G., '00 
Robert. P.. '02 

Fall RJT«r, Bristol 

854 Locust St. 
319 2d St, 
1761 S. Main St. 
110 Bowen St. 
1209 S. Main St. 

41 Barnes St. 

145 Blackstone St. 
342 Pearce St. 

42 Mott St. 
836 Maple St. 
29 Hillside St. 
Box 177 

35 Cory St. 
274 Harrison St. 
455 Middle St. 
529 Warren St. 
50 Richmond St. 
783 2d St. 
Bo:< 469 
127 Winter St. 
1325 Plymouth Ave, 
974 Locust St. 
297 Tecumseh St. 
1121 Rodman St. 
20 Freedom St. 
1905 N. Main St. 
329 Winter St. 
894 S. Main St. 
84 Tripp St. 
4fl Lewis St 
578 Osbom St. 
857 2d St, 
312 Quequechan St. 

292 P 


26 Brayton Ave. 
235 Lester St. 
23 Foster St. 
2599 S. Main St. 
Box 472 
3 Granite Mill 
165 Franklin St. 

153 4th St. 

21 Albion St. 

668 3d St. 

138 Warren St. 

38 Terrace St. 

31 Sitmmerfield St. 

67 Arizona St. 

376 RidKe St. 

626 2d St. 

415 Warren St. 

76 8th St. 

1494 Rodmu) St. 

63 Warren St. 

20 Meadow St. 

202 E. Main St. 

iOl Bowen St. 

175 New Boston BA. 

15 Healey St. 


A," 25S, 45P 
TI, lOS 
TA, 9S 
TC, 5S 
BD, 2S, 12P 
HS, 4S 
TB, 8S 
TA, 27S 
J,4S. IP 
TD. 12S, C 
A, 9S, 7P 
HS. 4S 
BA, 2S 

CC. 2S 
A. lis, 26P 
EW, lOS, 9P 
TA, 6S 
TK, 19S 
TB, 12S, D 
TB, 7S 
TA, 16S 
TK, 193 
TK, 21S 

TK. 6S 
TA. 26S 
C, 9S, 7P 
C. 16S, 14P 
EB. 4S 
ME, 8S. IP 
TB. 13S, C 
CC, 2S 
AG, 5S, IP 
TA. 14S 
HS, OS, flP 
TK, 21S 
LR, 12S 
TB, lOS 
I. 8S. 12P 
DO, 3S. 17P 
TI, 9S 
DL, 3S. 12P 
TK, 23S 
HS, 9S, 12P 
AD, 5S, 20P 
TV, lOS 
UD, IS, 16P 
TH. 12S 
TA. 17S 
HS, 4S, 17P 
TK, 6S 
C, 9S, 15P 

EP. es 

TK, 9S 
J, 6S 
HH. lOS 






Roberston, J. R., '99 

549 Warren St. 

HS. 7S 

Robinson, M., '98 

134 Tuttle St. 

HS, 48 

Salmond, J., '99 

183 Warren St. 

TH, 12S 

95 Rhode Island Ave. 

TK, 13S 

SeUey, W„ '01 

131 Foster St. 

TK, 6S 

Sharpies, Jr., W. E., '02 
Shaw. J. fl, '01 
Shaw, "W-., '01 


48 Lewis St. 

E, 18S. 19P 

1S73J4. Main St. 
696 Cherry Ave. 

TA, 32S, C 

CSF, 12S 

Smith, AmelU, C-, '00 

117 Borden St. 

BD, 2S. IIP 

Snow, H. T., '99 

828 Robeson St. 

A, 5S 

267 Brayton Ave. 

AD, 5S, 14P 

Stratton, J. J.,"00 

Eng. No. 3, Merchants' Mills 

- HM, 5S 

Sunderland, J. H., '99 

993 Slade St. 

TH, 20S 

Swindells. J. '02 

158 Bay St. 

TB. 9S 

Thome, E, W.. '99 

340 Whipple St. 
18 Pear St. 

C, 9S, IP 

Tiemey, T. H., "03 

TH, 9S 

Tripp, W. E., '02 
Tuttle, A. S., '98 

154 N. Main St. 

CA, 7S 

542 N. Main St. 

B, 9S. 6P 

Tyas, J. S..'99 
Wallace. W. A., '97 

121 Laurel St. 

HS, 6S 

238 Seabury St. 

C, 2S, I2P 

Walsh, T. F., '00 

1284 Pleasant St. 

TA, 31 S, 

Welch, W. L., '99 

29 Foster St. 

TD. 12S, C 

Williamson, F. B., '03 


Wilson, J. E., '02 

71 Davis St. 

MH, 5S 

Wright. J. H..'01 

445 Lindsay St. 


TE, lis 

Eldridge. C. P., '98 
Ford, L. A., '99 

Falmouth, Boic 41, BAKNaxABLB 


Pamumsville, Bbx 65. worcestbr 

C. L2S, 24P 

Kempton, H. A,, '93 

Famumsville, Worcester 

C, SS, 6P 

Wilson, J, '02 

Famumsville, Worcester 

DO, 4S. 37P 

Lund. J. '97 

Pisherville. Box 33, worcbstbr 

A, 13S, HP 

Glover, H.W., '00 

Fiskdale, WORCESTER 

MB, 4S. 25P. C 

Griggs, F. P., '00 

Fiskdale, Box 166, Worcester 

J, 9S, 17P, D 

HS, 7S, 2P 

Mystroni. O.. '00 

Fiskdale, WORCESTER 

Fitchburg, WORCESTER 

Bailey, F.W., '01 

233 Main St. 


Belcher, A, C„ '00 

24 Leighton St. 

HS, 4S 

Bingham. E.S.. '98 
BugVe, H. J.. '99 
BuB, F. H..^01 

62 Bay St. 

T, lOS, 6P 

11 Newton PI. 


84 Lawrence St. 

TL. 7S 

Comn. P., '02 

23 North St. 

EP, 13S, 5P, D 

Daily. G. P., '95 

129 Leighton St. 
18 Bond St. 

HS, 8S. 6P 

Eteson, J. C. '02 


Farnsworth, Bertha L., ■ 

178lK:imball St. 

BE, 2S 

Freeman, F. E,.'02 

TA, 22S 

Frost, E. A., '01 

15 Charles St 

X. 6SD 

Guenette, G.,'01 

361 Pratt Rd. 

TB, 13S, C 

Hackett, C. P., '01 

88 High St. 

HS, 5S 

Hanson, M., '02 

10 Pond St. 

MH, lOS 

Hanson, W, L., '98 

133 MilE St. 

C, 2S, 16P 

Heywood, F. P.. '00 

80 Mt. Vernon St. 

HS, 8S 

Hutchins. G. 0., '98 

Rear 169 Mt. Vernon St. 

HS. 8S. 2P 

Ibbotson, J. W. C, '00 


A. es 

Innerasky, R., '02 

19 Wall St. 

HA, 48 

Johnson, C. C, '00 

Park Bldg. 

X, 3S 

"Kingsbury, F. B., '96 

53 Pacific St. 

J. 5S, 14P 
"HH. 88 

Latnothe, A., '03 

197 Pairmount St. 

Leiper, J.,'e9 

Upland Rd. 

TH. 20S 




I and y tar 

Litch, C. M., '00 
Lobben, P., '63 

Mcintosh, A., '01 
Mcintosh, Florence, '01 
MiUer. W. B,. '00 
MamU, H. A..'02 
Murphy, T. J., 'Ol 
MuzMv, G. P., '02 
Neil, G. H., '00 
Nourse, A., "98 
Packrard, P. H.. '03 
Page, F. D„ '00 
Parker, R. N., '00 
Peckman, F. I., '99 
Penette, Melvina, '02 
Persons. O. M., '96 
Powers, F. D., '00 
Rambeau, A. A., '00 
Reeve, A. E„ '02 
Rogers, E. W., '96 
Rumery, F. C, '00 
Russctf, R-, '00 
Stone, H., '95 
Sulhvan, T. J.,'O0 
Thayer, F. P., "03 

Ward. C. H., '98 
.Washer, L. E,. '0 
Weissbach, E. C. 
Wesley, M. H., '01 
Whitney. G, W„ '00 
Whooley, D. I.,'96 
Wysong, M..™ 


Brown. A. M., '00 
Orcutt, H. B., '00 
Roosevelt, H., "02 
Stowell. H- A-. '99 
Broadley, F. L,, '02 
McLellan, D., '02 
Hanley. E. F.. '00 
Croix, G. T. L., '99 
Deane. R. W., '01 
Dodkin, F., '03 
Egan, H. L., '94 
Fraser. W. M., '97 
Morse, Ada J., '01 
Purcell, A./., '01 
Thornton, Louise E., '01 
Watrous, J., '00 
Chapin, P. E.,'01, 
Cook, Emma J., '00 
Eastman, H. D., '96 
Murphy, J., '96 
Tatrean. P. E., '00 
Dean. A, A, '99 
Lyon, Lucilla A., '00 
Rose, Gertrude M.. '00 
BiEhop, L. A., '98 

91 Walnut St. 
14 Leighton St. 
32 Highland Ave. 
32 Highland Ave. 
6 Sheldon St. 

36 Snow St. 
Box 120 

46 Laurel St. 
112 KimbaUSt. 
22 Winch St, 

9 Albec St. 
36 Gage St. 
34 Cherry St. 
372 Main St. 
72 Bay St. 

92 Temple SS 
374 Main St. 

60 Plymouth St. 
59 Chnton St 
160 Pleasant St. 
50 Milk St. 

14 Leighton St. 
Box 245 

17 Beach St. 
Box 402 

1 Rindge St. 

18 Wood St. 

94 Wachusett St. 
Blossom St. 
66 Beach St. 
487 Water St. 
117 Milk St. 

47 Pine St. 

15 Chestnut St. 

Florence. Hampshire 

Florence. Box 395, i 

Florence, 53 High St., 

Fk>rence. Box 117, raj 

Forest Hills, 44 Wenham St., Suffolk 

Forest Hills, 13 Walkhill St., Suffolk 

Foree Village, Box ^ 

Foxboro, Box 126, nob 

Foxboro, Box 708. nob 

Foxboro. Leonard St., 

Foxboro, Garfield St., 

Foxboro. Maple PI., 

Foxboro, Granite St., Norfolk 

Foxboro, Box 867. Norfolk 

Foxboro. South St.. Norfolk 

Foxboro, Leonard St., norfoik 

Framingham, Rice St., i 

" " ' 53 Grant St., 

State St.. K 

Care S. N. S., middlbsbx 
26 Franklin St., m 

Franklin, nohfolk 

Franklin, School St., Norfolk 

Franklin, East St., Norfolk 

48 Pearl St. 



C, 5S, 14P 
C. 17S. 25P, D 
X. 2S 
AA, 3S 
TH, 29S, C 

RD. as 

C, 8S 

HE. 4S, IIP 

HS, 4S 
J, 9S, 16P. D 
HS, 4S, IP 
DE, 2S, 15P 
HS, 4S. IP 
MD, 3S, I7P 

TA, 2 

1. 13P 

TE, 17S, C 
TB, lis 
HS, 4S. 2P 
BE, 2S 
DL, 4S, 12P 
TC. lOS, C 
CC, 2S 
P. 5S, 3P 
ME. 6S, 25P 

J, 3S, 16P 
A, 5S, 15P 
HH. 6S 
A, 8S 
EP, 6S 
AC, 6S. lOP 
X. 3S 
EB, 2S 
ED, 3S, 24P 
EW, 3S, 20P 
A, 4S. 2P 
HS, 4S 
BD, 2S, IIP 
P. 6S. 20P 
X. 2S 

A. 6S, 4P 
HS, 7S 
U. IS, 21 P 



Gardner, worcbstbe 


Bodett. Mary A.. '01 

58 Mechanic St. 

CC, 8S 

Caverly. H. C. '01 

100 Veraon St. 

TP, 7S 

Fletcher, F. P.,' 00 

91 Woodland Ave. 

ME. 4S, 13P 

Holt, CO., '00 

29 Graham St. 

ME, 9S, 8P 

Rolfe, C. A..'98 

77 Chestnut St. 

ME, 12^, 25P 

Vasseur. P. C./OO 

82 Mechanic St. 

HS, 4S 

Ware, J- H„ '00 

Box 149 

CC, es 

Ware. J- H., '02 

Box 149 

AC, 6S, lOP 

WiUard. G. H..'02 

267 Central St. 


HH, 6S 

Mason, E. A„ '00 

Georgetown, Box 285. bssbx 

HM. 5S 

Nelson, Ethel J- '02 

Georgetown. Box 224, ESSEX 

LS, IS. 14P 

Stocker, A. B., '01 

Georgetown, Box 186, ESSEX 

ED, 3S, 18P 

Urquhart, H. W., '00 

Georgetown, 11 School St., essez 

E. 8S 

Angell, Jr., C. F., '00 

Gilbertville, Worcester 

TH, 14S 

Cappin, W.. '01 

Gilbertville, Worcester 

D. 4S 

Howe, LibbieE.,'00 

Gilbertville, Box 255, Worcester 

CC, 2S 

Richardson. H., '00 

Gilbertville, Box 11, Worcester 

TL, 21S, D 

Sterling, J., '01 
Wilbur. C. H.. '95 

Gilbertville, Box 133, Worcester 

TD. lis 

Gilbertville, Worcester 

C, 9S, 25P 

Deane, Carrie L., '00 


CC, 2S 

Cary, E., 'Ol 

Gleasondale, Middlesex 

TN, 28S 

Roberts, C. E., '00 

Glcasondale, Box 24, Middlesex 

TN, !8S 

Blain, A..'03 

Globe Village, Box 332, Worcester 

EP, 7S 

Durgin. E. H., '01 

Globe Village, Box 120, worcbstbr 

TH, 15S 

Jordan. E,L., '02 
Whelan, A. V..'00 

Globe Village. 183 Oliver St., WOHcbster 

EP, 9S 

Globe Village, Box 228, Worcester 

CC, es 

Gloucester, essex 

Bamer. A. H„ '01 

7 Harmony Sq. 
Pleasant St. 

DL, 4S, 14P 

Dalzell, J., '01 

C, 4S 14P 

Eliason, J. B.,'00 

16 Marble St. 

HS, 8S, IP, D 

Favor, G. E., '02 

3 Madison Ave. 

EN. 8S 

Grant, C. E., '02 

308 Main St 

GC, 6S, IIP 

Grippin, T. H., '01 
Hanson. H. M , '02 

20 Cleveland St. 

SM, 4S. 6P 

63 E. Main St. 

AG. 9S, 17? 

Harding, L. W., '01 

100 E. Main St. 

AC, 6S, 28P 

Holmes, H- C, '02 

102 Main St. 

NC. 14S 

MacCabc. A., '02 

87 Middle St. 

LC. 15 Parts 

White, Agnes F., '00 

10 Gloucester Ave. 

AA. 5S 

Wilts, J.. '00 

U. S. S. -Essex" 


ME. 12S 

Barrett, J., '02 

Loynd, W., '01 

Grafton, wohcbstbr 

EP, 5S 

Grafton, Worcester 

BE, 5S 

Smith, T. A„ -99 

Grafton, Box 41, worcbstbr 

E. 9S. 16P 

Breen, T., '00 

Granby, Box 41, hampshirb 

Great Barrington. Box 1067, behicshire 

CC. 8S 

Babo, E-. '99 

MP, 2S 

Berry. HE, '03 

Great Barrington, Scdccwick School, berk 
Great Barrington. HolTenback Ave, bBrx. 

BE. 2S 

de la Chevallerie. H., '03 

BE, 2S 

Geyer, E-. '01 

Great Barrington, berrshirb 

UD, IS, 12P 

f^dJe,'F. M.,'02 

Great Barrington, Berkshire 

A, US, 13P 

Great Barrington, 72 Main St., bbrkehirb 

EF. 18S. 4P 

Whitewell, A., '02 

Great BarrinKton, bbrkshire 
Greendale, 8 Brooks Ave., Worcester 

EW, 6S, 14P 

Butterworth, J. W., '00 
Sylvester, R. P., '99 

C, 3S, 12P 

Greendale, Worcester 

E, 7S, 5P 


Nam* and Vtar 

Brown, H. A.. '99 
Camrike, W. H., '02 

Howard, E. C, '99 
Krauhwurst, Claia E., '0 
Martin. F. O., '02 
UcGowan, Lizzie, '02 
Norton, C. P.. '99 
Rice, N, C, '02 
Thatcher. A., '01 
Tyler, W. E., '02 

Hancoclt, E. W., '02 
Stacy, A. B., '03 
Bailey, G. F., '02 
Bailey, L. N., '02 
Denahy, J. L., '02 
Fitch. i.P„'00 
Fitch,). P.. -00 
Pitch, J. P.. '01 
Harris, C. '00 
Liliequist, G., "99 
Taylor, H. W.,'98 
Lesher, T., '01 
Harlow, E. M., '03 
Whipple, R. W.'OO 
Corey, A., '02 
Crosby, B. D., '99 
Nickerson, Millie P., '02 
Eldridge. C. V.'Ol 
Anable, J. G, '02 
Breor, F. H., '02 
Godwin, A,, '02 
Keller, V. H.. 01 
Hapgood. W., '03 

Austin, W. B., t 
Brodie, T., '0! 
Courteau, A., '9G 
Dearing. M. C., 'i 
Femald, C, D„ 'I 
Grover, F. S. C, 
Hardy, W. L.,'0 
Harriman, E. M. 
Hillard. D., 98' 
Horton, J. R. ' 



Hutchins, G. E., '98 
Jenninw, E. N., '99 
Tones. P. L., '01 
Kaveney, T. F., '99 
Mttgrath, J. W., '01 
Mdion. C. P., '00 
Merryman, W. R., '99 
Mighill, Charles P., '9' 
Mighill, C, T., '01 
Morrill. C. K., '00 
Morrill, C. K., '02 
Narkum. M. A., '99 
Nisbett, W. H,, '02 


163 Federal St. 
20 Main St. 
136 Federal St. 
1 Lampblock Rd. 
1 1 PhiUps St. 
33 School St, 

81 Davis St. 

11 ColrainSt. 
10 PhiUip St. 

Greenwood, Greenwood St., hiddlbsbx 
Oris wold ville, franklin 


Groton, Box 37, i 
Groton, Main St., 
Groton, middlsse: 
Groton, i 
Groton, i 

Groton, Box 2__. . . . 

Groton, Groton School, miudlbsbx 

Groton, Box 239, i 

Hadley, Box 86, i 

Halifax, Plymouth 

Hamilton, Box 71, bssbx 

Hampden, Box 496, haupdbn 

Harwich, Box 57, i 

Harwich. Box 71, i 

Harwichport, Box 212, i 

Hatfield, HAMPsmr" 

Hatfield, Box 98, l 

Hatfield, Valley St., 

Hatfield, kampshirb 

Havard, Box 102, wohcbstbr 

HaTerhill, bsssx 
Emerson St., Box 623 
5 Coral St. 
37 Nichols St. 

9 Blasdell St, 

12 Chestnut St. 
27 Dav-is St. 
67 Washington St. 
62 Auburn St. 

10 Fountain St. 
Box 785 
42 Kenoza St. 
120 Portland St. 
76 Howe St. 
40 Golden St. 
146 Primrose St. 
16 Merrimack St. 

138 Cedar St. 
18 Fountain St. 

18 Fountain St. 
"19 Summer St. 

19 Summer St 
Box 210 
Central Fire Station 


Y, 103, 22P. D 
DO, 6S, 37P, C 
C. 4S, 21 P 
CC. 2S 
EF, 8S, 3P 
BB, 2S 
C, 6S, 25P 
HF, 20S 
CC, 9S 
DO, 3S, lOP 

GA. 12S, 6P 

MP. 6S 

HA, 7S, IP 

HA. 4S 

EQ, 5S 

X, 6S, D 

C, 8S, 12P 

SP, 2S, 34P. D 

SM. 5S. 7P 

EB, 3S 

CC, 2S 

ED. 4S, 25P, C 

DL, 4S. IIP 

HS, 4S 

BE, 2S 

AD, 4S, IIP 

lA, 3S 

EW, 9S, 20P 

DO, 6S, 37P, C 
CC. 2S 
AA, 33 
A, 3S, 12P 
CA, 4S 
EG, 2S 
AD, 3S, 16P 
J. 4S, 5P 
ME, 14S, 15P 
C, 7S, 15P 
BD, 2S, 14P 
A, 24S. 45P 
CC, 6S 
ED. 2S, 12P 
I, 6S, 22P 
UD, 3S, 15P 
J, 6S, 4P 
ME, lOS 
J, 4S. 3P 
X, 2S 

ME, I4S. 9P 
CC, 6S, I2P 
AD, 5S, 18P 
HJ, 14S 



Paridis, T. A.,-02 
Periey, J. W.,'03 

6 Summer St. 

AC. 7S, lOP 

13 Fountain St. 

DO. 6S, 37P 

Rwmey. H. S„ '96 

Box 598 

A, 7S, UP 

Stendish. H. O.. '01 

3 Bragg St. 

J. 7S 
:feS. 5S 

Wakefield, F. E., '02 

4 Victoria Ct. 

Walton, H. J.,'01 

6 Proctor St. 

ED. 3S, 24? 

Wells, Lizzie T.. '00 

7 Charleston St. 

BD. 3S, 14P - 

West. W., -00 

Bob 61 

HS, 4S 

Whiting. G.. '98 

Willis. G. W., '01 

Central Pire Station 

X, 2S ■ 

38 Kenoza St. 

DB, 6S. IIP 


Connell, C. C.,'00 

Haydenville. Box 122, hampshirb 
HebronviUe, Box £0, Bristol 

K. 9S, 14P 

Carr. J, B..-06 

I. 13S. 24P 

King, EffieE..'99 

Hebron ville, BRISTOL 

CO, 2S 

Labrie, Jr., H.,'99 

Hebron ville, Bristol 

CC. 6S 

Thorpe, E. F.,'96 
Wriglit, H. S„ '01 
Kicfi, B. A.,'97 

Highlandville, Box 738, norpolk 

A, 6S. 21P 

Highlaodville, 220 Webster St., Norfolk 

JJ. 4S, 3P 
T, 12S, 13P 

Hingham. Box 375. plymoutb 

Cashing, G. H,, '00 

Hingbam Center, School St., plyiiouth 

JB, 3S. C 

Rogers, C. '98 

Hingham Center, Box 72. Plymouth 


Thorns, W.. '95 

Hindsale, beskshirb 

K, 8S. 13P 

Hudson. W.L.. -98 

Holbrook, Box 62, Norfolk 

HS, 4S, UP 

Leland. C-H.,'09 

HolHston, 4 Curve St., jiiddlbsbx 

J. 5S. lOP 
}. 98, 16P. D 

Leland. W. F.,'99 

HoUiston, 12 Curve St., uiddlbsbx 

Holyoke, uaupdek 

Baston, F. L.. '94 

9 Parker St. 

ME. 14S, 25P 

Borlen, J.. '99 

17 Essex St. 

A, lOS, 18P 

Broderick. E. A., '98 

186 Dwight St. 

y, 83, 22P 

Broderick. E. A. '01 

139 Sargeant St. 

A, 2iS. I3P 

Burckard, L. E..'96 

34 Willow St. 

A, 5S, 13P 

Burgess, A. H.. '97 

215 AppletonSt. 

T, 9S, 12P 

Burke. J. A., '01 

114 Nonotuck St. 

TA, lis 

Chenelle. C.'Ol 

6 Hampden St. 

TB. 12S, C . 

Coit, R. H., '02 

26 Washington St. 

MC, 105, 13P 

Coit, R, H., '00 

26 Washington St. 

MD. 3S, 13P 

Collins. G., '02 

1S5 Beech St. 

DO. 2S, lOP 

Comeford. T.. '00 

254 Main St. 

UD, 7S. 28P 

Cook, F. F., '96 

235 Elm St. 

0, 2S, 13P 

Cook, W. A„'01 

27 Newton St. 

C. 7S. 25P 

Darche. J.. '00 

664 East St. 

ED, 2S, UP ' 

Deppner, P.. '02 

379 Park St. 

BA, 2S 

Donahue. F., '01 

1139 Chestnut St. 

BC, 7S. 6P 

DriscoU, J. W.'Ol 

115 Elm St. 

CC. 2S 

Eastwood. G..'02 

18 Hampden St. 
23 Suffolk St, 

BA, 2S 

Gardner. L. F-, '02 

DO, 6S. 37P, C 

Garrow. A. P.. '02 

69 Sergeant St. 

HD. 36S 

Gore, T., '98 

90 Brown St. 

MD, 3S, 14P 

Griffis. Miss A. H., '01 

CT, 2S. 5P 

Hawes, E. J., '03 
Hayes, L. C.. '01 

Drawer K 

TA, 8S - 

10 Bridge St. 
614 High St. 

TK. 8S 

Heutshcll. F.,'96 

HS. 5S, 4P 

ttner. P.. *99 

192 Sargeant St. 
195 Walnut St. 

CC, 2S 

ohnson, C. S.. '98 

HS, 4S, 5P 

■ ones, P., '01 

350 Dwight St. 

D, 5S 

' ::enyon, W. S., "98 

276 Hampden St. . 

TA, 13S 

Kevorkran, 2. H., '00 

Box 783 

ME, 27S. 25P. D 

King. Jr., A., '03 

313 Maple St. 

TB, 13S, C 

Lester, T., '02 

41 Front St. 

MC. 6S, 25P 

Livingstone. Jr., W.,*98 

Guyott House. High St. 

TB. 3S, C 
T. 6S, 14P 

HackenKie, J.,'9g 

Box 303 



in, F. I., ■( 
le. P. ■}.. •( 

Malcom, J., '01 
McCftrthy, W., 
McTigue, P. "■ 
Morgan, F. 
Munroe. " 
Orrell. F' IT, 
Pearce, S , "03 
Pickup. C. H., '03 
Quimi.J. F-.-98 
Sharkey, E. L, '99 
Shoop, S. M., '03 
Taylor. C. A.. '01 
Therrin. J., '01 
TiltiMi, N. W..'02 
Wilkinson, LilL'e E., '02 
Wolfenden, R.,'02 
Woodford, B. C, '00 
Wooaford. W. C. '99 

Sawyer, C. M., '67 

Arey, F. B.,'00 
Bromley. J. D., 't 
Bryant. H, W,, '0 
Cutler, J. H., '96 
Dion, F. H., '02 
Fisher, E..'02 
Holmes. G., '90 
JamieBon, R. 
Junison, R.. 
Leonard, H, H, 
MiUer, D. H., ' 
NeaUey, H. F. 
Soloman, C, '02 
Wright, W. C..'( 



Brown. J. J., '01 
Comstock, Flora M., '01 
Klahu. J.. '00 
Maston, R., '01 
Panish, F. T., '00 
Joslin, L. A., '99 

Abayian, C- H., '9( 
Crossland, B., '98 
Donaghy. W. D., '( 
Houghton, C. M.,'l 
Houghton, W. M., 
Lamson. A. W., '9i 
Lawrence, P. B., '0 
Robbins, C. H., '96 
Small, A. B., '01 
Therrien, C. A., '98 
Towler. A. W., '98 



120 Rabot St. 

HH, 6S 

105 Elm St. 


131 Pine St. 

TB, 9S 

45 W. Dwight St. 

336 Maple St. 

HD, 31S 

AC, 5S 

137 East St. 

BC, 6S. 4P 

134 Walnut St. 

ED. 3S. 16P 

Cor. St. Jerome and St. James Avea 

TD, 7S 

256 Pine St. 

TN. 12S 

City Almshouse 

HS. 8S 

177 Chestnut St. 

C. 5S, 17P 

527 Canal St. 

HP, 13S 

1 Chapin Ave. 


53 Front St. 

TK, 7S 

TK. 23S 

234 Appleton St. 

CC, 4S 

262 Pme St. 

DL. IS, 19P 

315 Maple St. 

C, 8S, 26P 

The FrankUn. 315 Maple St. 

CC. 2S 

Hopl^nton, Box 281, uiddlbsbx 

Hopedal«, Worcester 

Box 375 

General Delivery 
Box 219 
2 Prospect St. 
Box 164 
Draper Co. 

47 Brancroft Park 

Housa tonic, BBrkshirb 
Housatonic, Box 253, i 
Housatonic, Box 43, bi 
Housatonic, Box 944, bbrxshirb 
Housatonic, 218 Kirk St., a 
Hubbardston, worcbster 

Hudson, uiDDLBSBX 
182 Main St. 

20 Summer St. 
175 Main St. 
Box 87 
34 O'Neil St. 

C, 7S, lOP 
MD, 4S. 25P, C 
TK, 17S 
ME. lOS, 12P 
C, lOS, HP 
EP, 7S 
MN, 4S, D 
HS. 4S 
TE, 17S, C 
TK, 21S 
TA, 12S 
CS, 6S 
HS. 8S , 
MN, 3S 
MN, 3S 

TF, 14S 

X, 2S 
JJ, 7S, 12P 
ED, 4S, 25P, C 
A. 18S. 28P 
HS, 4S 

ME, 6S. 23P 
HS, 4S 
CB, 20S, D 
C, 13S. 25P 
CSJ, 4S 
A. 6S, 7P 
MA, US, 9P 
HS, 6S 
ED. 3S, 12P 
C, 2S. 13P 
HS, 7S 



Nam* and Ytar 

Johnstan, A. R. B., 02 

Allen, L. D.,'02 
Button, A. P., '02 
Campbell, R, B., '98 
Cobum, C. P., '98 
Crowell, G. P.. '99 
FuUer, J. W., '94 
Garvin, H.W., '98 
Garvin, H, W., '03 
Grey, W. H.,'01 
Henderson, jr., P., '£ 
Howard, 0. A., '96 

tackson, R. L.,'02 
ank, G. v., '98 
ones. M. F„'02 
:eon,0. P., '03 
Mills, J. A„'03 
Pring, G., '95 
Prouty. E. W., '00 
Runnell, F. S., '98 
Sawyer, E. W,, '98 
Wilcox. H. A., '01 

Atchison, W. B.,'01 
Dean, A. E., '00 
Lahrecque, A, J., '03 
Leitch, D., '02 
O'Donnell, C.,"02 
Pero, Jr., J. P.. '00 
Rockwell, M. A.. '99 
Sedelon, P., '01 
Henderson, W. E. 
Wade. J. H.. '00 


Bidwell, L, S., "00 
Eckland, W., '01 
Parwell, R. H.. '01 
Fleming, W. J., '02 
Garbufton, G. A., '03 
Hahn, W. A„ '97 
Hobart, C. W., '03 
Hobart, C. W., '03 
Keenan. J., '99 
Kraus. H., '99 
. Kjellatrame. R., '96 
Lean, M. H., '00 
Lee, R. G„ '01 
Maclean, G., '94 
Malone, L. J., '00 
McKnight, }., '03 
Richter, J. L., '00 
Sagendorf, P., '98 
Sawyer. R. E.. '02 
Serejc, P., '99 
Von Ette, H. E, '97 
Wilson, J. A., '02 


AJArss Rieard 

Hyannis, Box 45, barhstabls DL, 3S, 14P 

Hyde Park, norpolk 

246 Hunting St. AC, 3S. 19P ' 

410 Massasoit St. HP, 6S 

103 Gordon St. V, lOS. 17P 

69 ReedviUe St. D, 4S 

167 Beaver St HM, 5S, 5P 

137 E. River St. C. 5S, 22P 

213 W. River St. C. 6S, 24P 

213 W, River St. MJ, 5S 

220 Metropolitan Ave. A, 4S, 18P 

46 Cottage St. HS, 4S 
Hyde Park Electric Light Co. HS. 4S. 5P 
26 Dana Ave. BB, 4S 
598 Hyde Park Ave. C. US, 25P 
42 Beacon St. LA. 14 Parts 
20 HiUside St. DO. 2S, 12P 
35 ReedviUe St. TB, 13S, C 
309 Hyde Park Ave. ■ EB. 2S 

68 Dana Ave- T, 7S. lOP 

American Tool Co. ME, 2S, 13P 

53 Water St. HM, 4S 

6 Walnut St. CSP. 6S 


Indian Orchard, Pasco St., bampdbn ' EP. 4S. 25P 

Indian Orchard. Box 207, hampdbn TI, IBS, D 

Indian Orchard, 145 Worcester St.. HAMP, EP, 5S 

Indian Orchard. 125 Berkshire St., hamp. HW. 3S, 14P 

Indian Orchard. Box 255. hampdbn AC. IS, 12P 

Indian Orchard, 74 Berkshire St., Hauf. A. 9S 

Indian Orchard, Box 117, hampden T, 7S, 2P, D 

Indian Orchard, 231 Main St., hahpdbn X. 2S 

Ipswich, Warren St., bssbx TB. 108 

Ispwich, Box 514, essex TB. 12S. C 

Jamada Plajns, suppolk 
95 Hyde Park St. R, 6S, 15P 

UAtdcn PI. CSK, 6S. D 

321 Larmartine St. C. 8S 

68 Forbes St. 

22 A Union Ave. 
10 Hubbard St. 
75 Sedgwick St, 
75 Sedgwick St. 
40 Hull St. 
16 Ophir St. 

Hotel Massachusetts, Union Ave. 
73 Green St. 

50 Spring Park Ave. 

51 Forest Hill St. 
3316 Washington St. 

47 Hall St. 

23 Union Ave. 
71 Green St. 
33 Green St. 
Chestnut Terrace 
4 Helena St. 
HE. Chestnut Sq. 

RM, 6S 
EP. 5S 
AD. IS, 19P 
RS, lOS, D 
HE. 12S, IIP 
A, 19S, 45P 
PN. 6S, 18P 
ME, OS, 20P 
ME. 4S, lOP 
X, 2S 

MD, 3S, 21P 
ME, eS. 23P 
HE. 17S, 5P 
A, 8S, JSP 
A. 6S, 18P 
DP, 28, 27P 
TB, 75 
ME, lis, 18P 

EF, es, 2P 



Pepper, T., '01 
Pjmer, R. B. '01 
Small. E., '99 
Clark, D. B., '97 
Ashley, C, '00 
Clark, H. P., '99 
Hale. A. G.. '00 
Rojaa, F. A, '00 
Saunders, A. L..'99 
Murphy, M. J., '00 
Stepliens. J-, '02 
Woodbury, A. R.. '01 

tefferson, Bos 3 
efferson, i 
eRerson, i. 
[ingston. Hotel Kingston, i 
Kingston, Box 244, Plymouth 
Lake View, Sub Sta. No. 2, worcbstbr 
Lakeville, PLYMmim 
Lancaster, Box 25, Worcester 
Lancaster, Box 99, Worcester 
Lancaster. Box 199, wohcestbr 
Lancaster. State Indus. School, WOR. 
Lanesville, 89 High St., essex 
Lanesville, 55 Langford St., essex 
Lanesville, Granite St., esses 

Lawreac«, essex 

Ahmuty, J. W., '01 
Arthur. H. N.,'00 
Ayer, C, '97 
Batchelder. C. C, '98 
Benner, G. E..'95 
Bonney. J. L., '95 
Borchera, C. H., '03 
Bredbury, T., '00 
Breen. P. D , '02 
Brouder, D., "02 
Bucklitsch, G. J.. '02 
Carter, H., '01 
Castle, A.. 01 
Clark, F. 00 
Collins, M.,'g9 
Cronin, C. P., '00 
Croston. W. J.. '99 
Cullington, O.,'02 
Curren, J. W.'OO 
Czaikowsld, C, '04 
Daw. G. S.,'97 
Dodge. W. D. C, '9d 
Donovan, Caroline C, '01 
Douglas, Mary, '02 
Durlcan, J. T,, '01 
FitzwilHams, N. J., '00 
Fleming, J., '02 
Fox, J-. '03 
Gandeh. J, '00 
Gillen. J. J., '01 
Gould, P., '03 
Grasse, B- E-. '03 
Hall. H, A.. '94 
Halstead, J., '98 
Hamilton. A. A., '95 
Hanley, J, P.. '01 
Hanley, J. F., '03 
Harvey, J. W., '03 
Hayes. P. A, '00 
Heald, G. C. '02 
Higgins, A. W.,'0O 
Hoffman, R-, '00 
Holgate, T., '00- 
Hunting, B. C.,'01 

Atlantic Mills 
206 High St. 
391 LoweUSt. 
423 S. Union St. 
448 HaverhiU St. 

7 Fulton St. 

8 Reservoir Terrace 
135 May St. 

43 May St. 
138 Arlington Ave. 
53 Chestnut St. 
63 Warren St. 
102 Bradford St. 
102 Butler St. 

94 Lawrence St. 

95 Famum St. 
38 Kingston St. 
17 Denant St. 
299 Irving Ave. 
448 Essex St. 

7 Alden St. 
6 Haverhill St. 
56 Bradford St. 
303 Broadway 
211 Essex St. 
88 Summer St. 
218 Water St. 
19 Herman St 
149 Bailey St. 

6 Summer St. 
22 Brookfield St. 
16 School St. 
165 Parker St. 
198 Famham St. 
69 Berkeley St. 

7 Bunker Hill St. 
7 Bunker Hill St. 
265 High St. 
160 Bailey St. 
383 Lowell St. 
32 Eutaw St, 
264 Jackson St. 
262 Jackson St. 
377 Lowell St. 

TS, 8S 
X, 4S 
TN, 29S 
XX, 2S 
A, 5S, 25P 
AD, 5S, I4P 
C, 15S, lOP 
JR. 4S, 3P 
ME, 26S, 25P 
MD, 3S, lOP 

TA. I6S 
TA, 8S 
AD. IS. 17P 
HS. 5S 
A, 5S, 5P 
C. lOS. 25P 
TN. 17S 
DO, 3S, 21P 
DL. 3S, 20P 
EN. 7S 
C, 5S, 25P 
HS. 5S 
UD, 5S, 33P 
MD, 3S, 25P 
TF, 9S 
A. 6S, IIP 
MD, 3S, I4P 
MR, 8S. 13P 
N, 4S 
J, 6S, 4P 

BD, 4S, HP 

BE, 3S 
TH, 9S 
TH. 27S, C 
EP, 7S 

EN, es 

SM. 6S, 13P 

BA, 2S 
EN, 7S 
AC. 7S, HP 

C, 7S, 13P 
A, 9S, IIP 
A. 6S, IP 
HS, 5S. 12P 
EN, 6S, 9P 
MP. 8S 

CC, 6S 

BB, 5S 
ME, 8S, lOP 
TH. 13S 

D, 4S 

UD, 46. ISP 



N<Biu<md Ytar 

Huntington, E. S., '00 
ecko, J., '01 

ED, 3S, UP 

9 Charles St. 

HS. 4S 

enkins. S. Lizzie. '02 

16 Camden St. 

DB, 2S, 15P 

oplin, W. A.,'96 

359 Essex St. 

AD, IS, lOP 

uenger. 0. H.. '98 

49 Woodland St. 

ME, 8S 

46 Park St. 

C, 16S. 25P 

Cnapp, C. R., '01 

172 Park St 

BD, 6S, HP 

Lange, Louise A., '99 

208 Carleton St. 


Leach. A. E., '02 

fiI7 Hampshire St. 

TL, 22S, C 

Leclair, A.. '03 

18 Wendell St. 

BA, 2S 

Lever, C. '97 

57 Broadway 
124 Foster St. 

X, 3S 

Lithgow, A. A., '01 

HS, 48 

Luce. E. P„'O0 

228 Essex St. 

J. 9S, 16P. D 
ME, 8S, 6P 

Manlcy, F. B.. '99 
Marbel, A. D., '98 

510 LoweU St. 

6 Berkeley St= 

B, 9S 

May, H, '99 

13 Melvin St. 

MD, 4S, 25P. C 

McCabe, H., '98 

17 Morgan St. 

MD. 3S, 2 IP 

McCracken, R„ '98 

86 Columbus St. 

D, 8S. D 

Meekin, H., '02 

107 Spruce St. 

EP, 5S 

Merriman, P., '98 

123 Garden St. 

HS. 7S. 4P 

Messer. Edith M., '01 

449 Broadway 

EO. 4S. IIP 

Miller, C, '99 

15 Knox St. 

X, as 

Miller, J. J, '00 
Morean ,W.. '99 

258 Jackson St. 
391 Broadway 
401 Haverhill St. 

CC. 58 

A, 3S, 18P 

MorWtte. L..'01 

A, 6S. 8P 

Morrison, W. J.. '00 

40 Warren St. 

ED. 48, 25P. C 

Morse, W. H., '98 

16 Clark St. 

MD, 88, 16P 

Monty. H.. '00 

96 Amesbury St. 

TB, 7S 

Mullane, P. F.. '02 

405 Canal St. 

HA, 5S 

Nesbitt, H. G., '00 

250 Jackson St. 

A, 22S, 19P 

Nutting, W, P., '99 
Offer. A. E., '00 

2 Falmouth St. 

A. as 

56 Bailey St. 

CC, 78 

Offer, A, E., '03 

66 Bailey St. 

TS. 7S 

Pickels, P. W., '01 

70 Crescent St. 

EI. 4S 

Ryerson. W, H,, '00 

236 Methucn St. 

BC. 68, lOP 

SharTtx;k. W.. '02 

EN. 12S 

Smallidge, H., '99 

Garden St. 

CC, 2S 

Smallidge. H.. '98 
Smith, A. B.,'01 

125 Garden St. 

A, 48 

172 Prospect St. 

D, 5S 

Smith, C. F., '96 

59 Essex St. 

R, 8S, 17P 

Smith, F. E., '97 

9 Franklin St. 

P. 68 

Stevens, R. D.. '01 

78 Tenney St. 

ED, 4S. 25P, C 

Stevens, R. D,,'03 

78 Tenney St. 

MW, OS, 37P 

Stoat, Bertha M., '02 

199 West St. 

HH, 108 

Swan, L. G.. '99 

27 Cornish St. ' 

X, 2S 

Sykes. L., '00 

Thiel. C. P., '01 

266 Prospect St. 

B, 68 

5 Exchange St. 


Tonge, A,. '98 

162 West St. 

MD, 48, 25P, C 

Walch, C- B.,'98 

Box 41, Station 1 

0, 4S 

Watts, Clara B„ '00 

J 2 Fiu St. 


Weiss. H.. '00 

158 Garden St. 

TB. 178 

Wild. S. H., '98 

13 McFarland Ct. 

A, 48 

Wylie. J., '01 

393 Essex St. 


X. 2S 

Albee, H. A., '00 


C. 48, UP 

Coles. G. J., '03 

Lee, Box 210, Housatonic St., bbrkshir 

B EN. 128, D 

Hollenbeck, P. A,. '02 

Lcc, Box 387, Berkshire 

EP. 13S. D 

Peck, A. A.,'96 

Lee, Box 343. bbrkshihe 


Davis, C. L., '97 

Leicester, 38 Pleasant St., W0RCB8TKR 

HS. 58, 3P 

Gardner, G. 0., '99 

Lenox, Box 463, bsrkshirb 

A, 8S, 4P 

Kendall, H. E., '01 

Lenox, berkshirb 




NoHH and Ytar 

IiMminBter, worcbstbr 

Adams. G. N., '00 

148 Thomas St. - 

ME. 7S, 26P 

Ayotle, T.. '02 

214 Mechanic St. 

BE, 6S 

Budrow, W., '02 

218 7th St. 

BE. es 

Burgess, A. E., '01 

35 Lancaster St. 


EUis, C. H., 'B8 

24 School St. 

AD. 3S, 13P 

Esten. S. A., '98 

69 Central St. 

A, 4S. 2P 

Harrington. A. E.. '98 

106 Spruoe St. , 
105 Spruce St. ^ 

HS, 4S 

Harrington. A. E., '03 

HD, 23S 

Harris, Anna G. '02 

54 Cottage St. 

CA, 6S 

Houghton, A. L., '00 

42 Cottage St. 
7B7 N. Main St. 

- MD, IS, 12P 

Hutchineon, M. P.. '02 

EP, 9S 

Jarvis, Jennie, '00 
Kricek. P., '03 

71 Pleasant St. 

X, 5S 

290 N. Main St. 

HH, 7S 

Lafebore, A. J., '02 

108 4th St. 

TL, lis 

Malone, J. P., '02 

37 Cotton St. 

TS. lis 

Murphy, E. C.,'98 

106 N. Main St. 

ME, 19S. 27P 

Newton, C. H., '01 

9 Menitt St. 

EP, 6S, IP 

Piper, G. Helen, '01 

838 Lancaster St. 

BD,' 2S, 13P 

Ray, W. P., '00 

19 Mechanic St. 

R. 13S, 17P 

Rainville, P., '03 

41 Mt. Pleasant Ave. 

LA, 2S 

Richardson, Lillian J., 

00 125 Walnut St. 

CC. 28 

Sullivan. P., '01 

9 Pond PI. 

TI, 16S. C. 

Wood. J. H., '99 

34 Pleasant St. 

Leiington, Middlesex 

HS, 4S 

Piste, A. I., -99 

Box 182 

MM, 5S, 13P 

East St., Box 60 

C, 7S, 24P 

Harbon, F., '96 

Box 532 

C, 17S, 26P, D 

Harlow, P., '96 

Box 683 

HS, lOS, 15P, D 

McDonnell. M. J., '00 

Box 226 

, M, 8S, D 

I. 4S. 21 P 

O'Conner. P., '96 

Peabody, H. O., '03 

Box D 

EV. 9S 

Patch, 0. L., '02 

Box 193 

HE. 19S, 17P 

Robinson, T., '00 

HG, 7S, lOP 

Wood, Annie B. '00 

Wallis PI., Box 502 

X, 5S, D 

Woodhouse. R.,'95 

HS, 7S 

Whitcher, B. E-. '96 

Wattham St. 


HS, 8S. 6P 

Caddy. G. J., '01 

Linden, 139 Beach St., Middlesex 

C, 5S, 26P 

Strand. R. P., '01 

Linden, 83 Lawrence St., Middlesex 

EF. 8S, 18P 

Maddox, A. a.. '99 

Lindwood, Box 16, Worcester 

TA, lis 

Rittcndreigh, W. A., '99 Lindwood, Railroad Ave., Worcester - 

C. 8S, 2P 

Spencer. G. P.. '00 

Lindwood, worcbstbr 

TA, 24S 

Colton, I. D„ '94 
Colton, J, D., 'DO 

Long Meadow. Box 1, hahpdbn 

MP, 5S 

Long Meadow, Box 1. raupdbn 

SM, 7S, 15P, D 


Abare, G, L., '00 

15 Clifford St. 

AD. 4S, 16P 

Bassett, B., '00 

445 Adams St. 

XX, 2S 

Berry, Minta, "00 
Bowles, W. H.,'02 
'BriMS. W. E., '00 
BrooTra, J. C, '01 

21 Cambrdge St. 

X. 3S 

4 Varley Ave. 
22 5th St. 

TE, 8S 


2 Forest View Ave. 

Cady. A. S..'03 

90 Dover St. 

HE. 16S ^ 

Cheney. A. L.. '00 

19 Grove St. 

V, 5S. Ht- 

Choate, A. T. R.. '01 
Clements, P., '99 

21 A St. 

TA. 12S 
J. 4S. 4P 

17 Daly St. 


NaM and Ytar 

Core, Jr., J. R.,'01 
Curtis, C. v., "02 
Etobson, F. W., '02 
Donovan. J., '99 
Downs, G. W.,'00 
Dungan. J. ]., '00 
Ferguson, W,, '02 
Forsyth, A. G., '01 
Fortier. L. H., '01 
GaUagher, W, H., '00 
Gould, F. B., -98 - 
Grant, O. I., '01 
Grondin, L., '01 
Hale, P., '99 
Hartley, C. E., '02 
HiUard, W. B,, '99 
Horton, O. L.,'03 
Hotin, N , '01 
Hoyle. E„'02 
Hubert, H. N., '02 
Huber, L., '01 
Jelly, A. L., '02 
LaBelle. A.. '00 
LoMH, H. H.,'95 
McCann, M. J.,'00 
McEachem, D., '99 
McGregor, J. A. G.. '00 
Mcintosh, C„'01 
McMahon, D. G., '01 
McNamara, L. C, '00 
McPhetrea. S. A., '01 
McPhetres. S. A.. '00 
Miles, C. E.,'01 
Morrell, A. B . '03 
Murphy, R. E., '01 
Murray. A., "00 
Myrick, A., '01 ' 
Nichols, F. C, '01 
Norton, K. M., '01 
Pihl, A. J., '02 
Plowman, C. M,, '02 
Ring, W., '02 
Roberts, P. L., '99 
Sanborn, F. W., '03 
Sanborn, W. B.,'01 
Sargent, W. E.."98 
Saunders, F. W.,'98 
Scully, R. '00 
Shaw, E. T..'99 
Simard, A., '01 
Sherburne, E. R., '01 
Simpson, F. A,, '99 
Smith, A., '00 
Smith, J. M., '01 
Smith, W, S.. '03 
Stafford, H. D., '00 
Turner, R. C, '00 
Umpleby, F., '00 
Walsh, 6. W., '99 
Watchoon, R, H., '00 
Webb, R. W.,^01 
White, J. A., '02 


1042 Bndge St. 
433 Central St. 
148 Andover St. 

168 Shaw St. 
49 4th St. 
22 Royal St. 
14 Pleasant St. 
163 Pleasant St. 
83 Merrimack St. 
128 Ennell St. 

39 Chlenisford St. 
396 Northern St. 
62 W. 3d St. 
29 Albion St. 
16 Marginal St. 
29 Osgood St. 
64 Franklin St. 

169 Salem St. 

10 Hereford PI. 

784 Broadway 
44 Merrill St. 

40 Sycamore St. 
184 Pleasant St. 
62 Middlesex St. 
349 Beacon St. 
19 Arthur St, 

83 Hampshire St. 
54 S. Whipple St. 
595 School St. 
595 School St. 

56 Race St 

133 Stockpole St. - 
140 Avon St. 

41 Barrington St. 
53 Branch St. 
800 Broadway 
239 Stevens St. 
Rear 3! Lundberg St. 
50 Kirk St. 

920 Lakeview Ave. 

13 Cabot St. 

44 Fred St. 

Lowell Jail 

Lowell St., Ry. Power House 

119 Middlesex St. 

885 Lakeview Ave. 

158-170 Middle St. 

57 Woodcock St. 
15 Middlesex Park 
52 Central St. 

25 Shedd St. 
267 Appleton St. 
540 Merrimack St, 

1 1 Sergate St 
87 Lane St. 

58 Highland St. 
151 Beach St. 
35 Alder St. 

91 Bumside St. 
129 Andrew St. 

ED. 3S, 24P 
CA, 4S 
DO, 3S, 18P 
E. 15S, 9P 
HE. 8S 
A, 3S. 25P 
GC. 4S, 7P 
ED, 2S, UP 

D, 5S 

ED, 3S. 20P 
ME, 9S, lOP 
ED, IS, 17P 
AA, 4S 
TB. 9S 
TE, 14S 

C. 8S, IP 
DO. 3S, 24P 
X, OS. D 
TO, 13S, 
ER, 4S 
TG, 5S 

EP. 7S 
HS, 7S. 17P 
HS, 6S, 7P 
XX, 3S 

E, 7S, 8P 
ME, 4S, 25P 
DK, 2S, 14P 
MP, lOS 

MD, 4S. 25P. C 

D, 5S 

BC. lOS. UP 

EW, US, 37P 
D. 8S, D 
C, IS, 18P 
CSN, 3S 
CSN, 3S 
ED, 4S. 25P, C 
EP, 6S 
TL, 14S 
J, BS. I6P 
AG, 7S. 13P 
X, 2S 
HS, 48 
C. 8S 

BD. 53, UP 
P. 13S, lOP 
LS, IS, 13P 
UD, 4S, lOP 
C, 12S, 26P 
MM, 5S, 9P 
CC, 2S 

GC, 4S 
CC. 2S 
MD, 3S, 15P 
BD. 6S, UP 
HS, 8S. UP 
C. 2S, 22P 
BA. 2S 


Nam* and Ytar 
White. B. P., '00 
Whitworth. A., '00 
Wilder, E. T,. '02 
Yoetnan, H., '98 

McNally, J. P., '02 

Alexander, A. N., '91 
AUen, E., '01 
Anderson, L., '01 
Andrews, Miss M. E 
Anthony, L. B.,'98 
Austin, H. F.,'98 
Balkan. C. M., '01 
Barnard. C. A:, '02 
Bartlet, P., '02 
Beltz, G.. '00 
BilUnga. P. A-, '02 
Bliss, E. L. R., '98 
Bowser, G. S., "02 

'. A.. 
. J., '00 


Brown, h. B., 
Bushey, A. J.. '01 
Cannon, W. H.. ■09 
Caflson. C. A., '99 
Chipman, F. W., '01 
Chipman, W. J., '00 
Chuit^iU, C. E., '98 
Cole, J. F.,'98 
Cuhrer, W. B., '00 
Dane, S. B., '98 
Dane, S. B., '96 
Davis, C C, '00 
Dempsey, C. T., '02 
D'Orsay, A. E., '99 
Dmtley, B. E.. '95 
Durgin, C. M., '97 
Durgin, C. M., '99 
Dyer, J. B.. '99 
Fisher, T, E.. '00 
Friberg, H,, '00 
Goldthwait, J. T..'99 
Green, J. R., '98 
Custapm, C. O., '01 
Hakh, H. C, '90 
HaU. N. A, '02 
Hammer, G, '96 
Harwood, L. A., '00 
Haskell. W.J. '99 
Haynes, A. B., '02 
Higgina, A. J., '97 
Howe. I. A,. '97 
Huntington, G, M., '9£ 
Jackson, H. A., '02 
Jennings, W. E., '99 
KimbJl, B. M.. '98 
Kimball. W, L„ '02 
Lang:lob, J, A., '98 
Lastey, F. L., '02 


78 Gates St. 
31 Sydiiey St. 
6 Dutton St. 
55 Liberty St. 

Ludlow, Box 326, haupdbn 

Lyno, ESSEX 
2 Lovers Leap Ave. 
46 Sackum St. 
343 Summer St. 
•00 53 Rogers Ave. 
94 Robinson St. 
31 Mall St. 
26 Garland St. 
42 KirUand St. 
58 Harwood St. 
38 Leighton St. 
196 New Park St. 
1 2 Central Sq. 
36 Cedar St. 
H. E. Co. 

2 Mat 


4 Summer PI. 
36 Monroe St. 
12 Elm St. 

17 Shillingston St. 

19 Cames St. 

20 Cames St. 
1 1 1 South St. 

02 Hamilton Ave. 
188 Washington St. 
44 Tremont St. 
44 Tremont St. 
326 Western Ave. 
103 Shepard St. 

18 Breed Sq. 



^ ■sAve. 
15 N. franklin St. 
48 Commercial St. 
28 Armory St. 
32 S. Elm St. 
21 Prospect St. 

28 Whiting St. 
17 Minot St. 
394 Summer St. 
65 Coburn St. 
749 Western Ave. 
10 Commercial St. 

Cor. New Park and Grove Sts. 

27 Estes St. 

12 Maple St. 

131 Nassau St. 

19 Tudor St. 

38 Bailey St, 

14 Everett St. 

224 Market St. 

19 Waverley St. 

2 N. Federal St- 

29 Commercial St. 

C, 3S, UP 
X, 6S 

LC. 10 Parts 
HS. 8S. D 

ME, 8S, 4P 
FF, 9 Parts 
ED, 3S, I3P 
CD, 2S. 15P 
HS, 5S 
ME, 7S 
T. 22S. 18P 
MB. 7S, 26P 
DM, 3S, 12P 
E. 2S. UP 
EH, 6S 
C, 3S. 12P 
EH. 7S 
I, lOS, 12P 
A, 9S, 12P 
MD. IS, 14P 
HS. 7S 
BC, tS, 13P 

C, 6S. 17P 
MD, 1S..22P 
ME, US, 25P 
MD, 4S, 25P, C 
HS, 4S. 3P 
SM, 5S, 3 OP 
ME. 6S, UP 

D, 7S 

HS, lOS, 15P, D 
J. 98. 16P, D 
EP. lOS 
ME. 8, 12P 
HS, as. 12P 

i6S, 14P 
D, 3S, 16P 
ME, 4S. 12P 
ME, 19S. lOP 
MD. 4S. 25P, C 
SM, 7S. 15P. D 
HS, 4S 
ED. 3S, 24P 

DL. 4S, 13P 
P. 4S 
J. 48 

A, 4S. lOP 
DN, 6S. 22P 
C, 8S. 6P 
HS, 4S 
HS, 4S 
GA. 68. ISP 
ME, 19S. 25P 
C, 2S, I5P 
DB. 4S. UP 
C. 9S. 26P 
DO, 3S, 24P ' 




Leach. F. I.. '97 
Leary, A., '98 
Lempe, R.. '98 
Leonard, E. G.^ '97 
LorenKen, C. P., '03 
MacLardie, P., '02 
Maloney. D. J., '02 
■ Maycan, J. W., '02 
McDonald, D. H., '94 
McDowell, v., '98 
Mellor, F. E., '00 
Moarer, G. L,, 'DO 
Morrill, L. E.,'02 
Moses, W. F., '00 
Murphy. J. A., '01 
Newhall, H. W., '99 
NicholU. W. H., '00 
Nutting, H. R., '99 
O'Callaghan, M. ],, 
Osgood, E. W.. '03 
Page, E. B..'99 
Parsons, E,. '01 
Patte, C. P., '02 
Peterson. C. P.. '02 
Peterson. W. O., '98 
Petrie, E. W.,'02 
Phillips. E. I,. '02 
Phillips. W. L,. 02 
Phinney, E., '01 
Proiide. R. S., '01 
guinnan. S. I.. '93 
Readmond, A. W., 
Reed, E. L., '01 
Rhodes. E. A., '03 
Rice, A.. '98 
Richards, H. S., '02 
Rigby, J. H., 01 - 
Roberts, W. F., '01 
Rogers. W. C, '02 
Schock. R., '00 
Sleight, P. R., 'it9 
Spar, H. W.'OO 
Stanley, I. G.. '99 
Stewart. A. C. '99 
Stratton. G, M., '98 
Taylor, B. B., '02 
Tiding. A.. '03 
Towle. W. P..'0I 
Tucker. H, B., '01 
Upham, A,, '01 
Wallis, H. G. C . '02 
Weber, H. D.. 01 
White. J. W., '99 
Williams. S. C. '02 
Winn, T. B,.'02 
Withcy. H. I,. '01 
Wright. I. B., '98 
Yeator, E, E., '99 




47 Liberty St. 
47 Adams St. 
59 N. Common St. 
76 New Park St. 
369 Lynnbuld St. 
197 Eutaw Ave. 
62i Summer St, 
431 Western Ave. 
94 Hanover St. 
Rear 67 State St. 
227 Boston St. 
103 Warren St. 
119 Tunison St. 
66 Sydney Ave: 
12 Pleasant PI. 
39 Commercial St. 

52 S. Common St. 

14 Suffolk St. 
63i Summer St. 
Rear 16 Shepperd St. 

31 Bulfinch St, 
65 Cedar St. 

122 Commercial St. 
30 Baker St. 

15 Mt. Pleasant PI. 
35 Bassett St. 

15 Lovett PI. 

15 Aster St. 
61 Rogers.St. 
14 Suffolk St. 
56 Henry Ave. 
277 Chestnut St 
Acom St. 

43 Elm St- 

85 Henry Ave. 
25 Houghton St. 
294 Eastern Ave. 
3 Fayette St. 

44 Ocean St. 
50 Baker St. 

732 Western Ave. 

53 Commercial St. 
78 Neptune St. 
108 Grove St. 

21 Howard St. 
8 S. Common St. 
82 Harwood St. 

32 Commercial St. 
24 Bulfinch St. 
890 Western Ave. 
437 Summer St. 
184 S. Common St. 
6 Nichols St. 

74 Moulton St. 
294 Eastern Ave. 

1 6 Tudor St. 
102 Hanover St. 

HS, 8S, 4P 

A, 16S 


EB, 2S 

GC, 4S. 9P 

DB, 2S, 12P 

MN, 3S 

AC. 8S, 16P 

C. 13S, 25P 

X, 4S 

ME, as. 20P 

ME, flS, 25P 

EP, 8S. IIP 

A, 12S, 19P 

HS, 4S 

HM, JOS. 17P. A 

A, 12S 

J, 9S, 16P, D 

ME, IS, 14P 

MW, as, I2P 

C, 9S. HP 

DK, 3S, 21 P 

DH, 2S, 34P. D 

DO, 3S. 13P 

C, 2S, 13P 

DO. 6S. 37P, C 

EN. 6S 

lA, 2S ^ 

C, 7S, 25P 

C. lOS, 26P 

c. ; 

;, )3P 

J. 4S, 3P 
SM. 7S, 15P. D 
DN. 4S, IIP 
AD, 2S. 23P 
HD, 8S, IP 
ED. 3S, 13P 
DK, 3S, 22P 
DL, 3S, 13P 
CC. 3S ' 
ME. 6S, 14P 
TP. 5S 
ME, 8S, 23P 
ME. 3S, !5P 
MU, 4S. 17P 
LA, 1 1 Parts ' 
DK, 4S, 26P. C 
E. I2S, IP 
C. 9S. 23P 

bo, 2S, 13P 
ME. 9S, 5P 
A, 4S, I7P 
T, 18S, 13P 
ME, 8S 

Lynnficld. Main St., Box 2, i 


agnolia, Magnolia Ave., bssbx 

CO, Google 

Ackroyd, A., '02 
Armstrong, J., "00 
Burleigh, C. B., '98 
Chappin, W..'02 
ChesweU, E. C, '02 
Cook, A. A.. '03 
Davies, C. H. D.,'00 
Ford, C. L., '00 
Gatcomb; R. A., '02 
Gayton, B- E.. '02 
Green, C, F.. '02 
Harraden, A. P, B., '97 
HuBted, Jr.. G- W., '00 
Hyde, L. W.,'02 
Johnson. C. E., '00 
Johnson. G.,'00 
Kelly, J. E„'0: 
Kenny, M. J, '99 
l.odie, B.. '02 
Marsh, Jr., F. B.. '00 
Maynard, N. A., '99 
Merria, H., '98 
Mills. N. C,.'99 
Moore, A, G. '97 
Moore, A. L..'01 
Moore, H. W-. '02 
Morton. B. K., '00 
Morton. C. M,, '00 
Nash, U. G., '02 
Norton, G. A., 01 
O'Connor. T. F., '97 
Perkins. I. '00 
Rand. C. W., '01 
Robbins. F.. '98 
Sahlin. G., '02 
Schumaker, Pauline, '01 
Schwenke, E. R., '98 
Stevens. H, A.. '00 
StockbridKe. C. A, '01 
Tapper. H. B., '02 
Temple. H. J.,'03 
Wickham, H. E,. '99 
Williams. J, F.,'00 
Wood. I. E,. '00 

St. John. A.. '02 
Tonsignatc, D., '9! 
Truscott, F., "03 
Carter, C, '00 

A. H 


" '00 


Grover, A. A.. '02 
Hitchcock. E. C.,'" 
Peck, E. C, '95 
Roipton, J. A., '01 
Somere, W. P.. 'OS 
Ward, W. I., '01 
White, H. L., '99 


MaUen, Suffolk 
17 Linden Ave. 
115 Eastern Ave. 

1 Oak Terrace 
130 Clifton St. 

219 Ferry St. 

19 Tufts St. 
916 Eastern Ave. 
16 Baker St. 
60 Glen St. 
9 Salem PI. 
34 Meridian St. 
548 Main St. 
147 Maple St. 
274 Slimmer St. 
261 Salem St. 
162 Madison St. 
Winter PI. 
336 Cnass St. 
628 Salem St. 

16 Garnet St. 

17 Prescott St. 
24 Linden Ave. 

2 Avon St. 
51 Fairmount St. 
249 Lebanon St. 
331 Salem St. 
27 Pleasant St. 
399 Highland Ave. 
Revere St. 

20 Watts St. 
Care Met. Park System 

220 Mountain Ave. 
49 Cross St. 
331 Lynn St. 
6 George Ct. 
591 Salem St. 
31 Linwood St. 
188 Ferry St. 
134 Salem St. 
49 Almond St. 
243 Salem St. 
41 Newberry St. 
29 Ivy Rd. 
219 Ferry St. 


Manchaug, Bon 

Manchaug, 3 Mill St.. w 

Manchaug, Box 33. ' 

Manchester, 19 Grand St., bssex 

Manchester, School St.. Box 454, bssbx 

Manchester, Box 321.