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The Frustrating Arc of Life and Death and Age

There may be TV segments as funny, maybe, but there is nothing funnier then this clip, norm macdonald and dennis miller from the Dennis Miller Show on HBO a hundred years ago.  In the past few days we have all rewatched alot, but, this is so good.  if you haven't seen this, watch it.  and if you dont laugh...alot....your funny bone is wrong. This is pure comedy, abstract, silly, dirty, dirty for the sake of being dirty (which is fun), but, also smart and understanding of its premise...but in the guise of a talk show, which allowed two masters to do their thing within the confines of that structure and kill.  His show on HBO from which this clip is from ran from 94 to 02, more or less, our collegiate life.   Back in those days, before 200 dollar a month cable bills or 200 dollar a month various streaming services bills, hbo was just like...idk...included in the cable sometimes.  At our place at our college...which I think was charter communications?  or maybe TWC??  cant remembe

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