The Late Show With Stephen Colbert | Aubrey Plaza's Twitter Handle

Aubrey Plaza explains the origin of her 'Evil Hag' Twitter handle 馃槀馃槀

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Video Transcript
Curious why evil had cuz you don't seem like an evil person That's a long story and that we're not supposed to talk about that but what I mean legally legally, we're not allowed to Jodie straining order again. Okay No I had a fascination with hags. I thought like old Hank Witchy kind like old Sea bags specifically like nautical oh women's drag the sailors like the old woman that's like with a net and like a bunch of seaweed like coming out of her teeth and I got Some reason that image just always was appealing to me hundred percent. I'm on team hug, right? Yeah And when I moved to L I actually did I had my friend film a bunch of videos of me like running down rodeo drive like screaming as a hug like covered in dirt and it's just kind of was you would send out the agencies? No that was just for my private my product selection yet for parties No one 's allowed to see that but me and
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