For a lot of us, Aubrey Plaza's strange personality makes her a kindred spirit; one of the celebrities that we can actually really relate to. Just like a lot of us, she's awkward and has a morbid sense of humor that some people just don't understand. No matter what, though, she keeps it real and stays true to herself—and that's one of the reasons why we love her so much. There's perks to being known for being weird. For instance, she's able to just be outwardly mean to people and they all think she's just joking. Maybe she is, maybe she's not. We'll never really know exactly what goes on in her brain, but we'd like to see more of it. Because what we see so far—we love. So here's some of her best and strangest moments. Because, why not?

15 When She Thanked The Dark Lord For An Award

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At most award shows, we have to sit through a bunch of long acceptance speeches where people will thank their mom, their spouses, and then a long list of people who don't get as much credit for being on the show but still do a lot of important stuff. This time, Aubrey Plaza took over the acceptance speech for her co-star Amy Poehler and thanked someone who typically is never mentioned at awards shows: the Dark Lord himself. It fits for both Aubrey's character on Parks and Rec and with her own personality. She's always ready to say something weird and unconventional to shock people - which always makes them laugh. While awards shows have a certain decorum, it's good to be true to yourself sometimes and to thank those who really matter...

14 When She Tried To Booty Call President Obama

Former U.S. President, Barack Obama, was a president for the ages. He was the leader of the free world, but was still young, hip, and cool enough for all of us to kind of think of him as a friend who we'd hang out with. It also doesn't help that he's quite the silver fox (less silver back in 2010, when this tweet was made) and is probably one of the most attractive presidents that we'll ever come across in our lifetime. Aubrey Plaza feels the same way all of us do about Obama, and she was feeling it especially on the night of April 8, 2010, when she tweeted at the president asking him to "come overrrrr." We don't really know the details of what she wanted to do with Obama... It could've been for dinner, bowling, or a straight-up booty call. Whatever it was, we still can't forget this iconic moment even seven years later.

13 When She Listened To Music She Relates To

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Headphones are a blessing given from the Gods to hide the fact that we're listening to questionable music while in public. From sex jams to the yelling that calls itself 'emo,' it's usually a good thing that the people around you don't know what's going on inside your earbuds. Because things could get awkward real quick. This doesn't work when you get too into the music and you end up singing aloud, though. Hearing people sing while they're wearing headphones isn't typically a pleasant experience. These people tend to sing louder than their iPhone volume can take, and it turns into a terrible, impromptu karaoke experience.

It's no surprise that Aubrey was listening to a song that says, "Kill, kill, kill. Die, die, die," since she only listens to German death reggae (yes, that's a thing), but even someone who knows her might be alarmed when they hear that from behind them on the street. It's just a little alarming.

12 When She Wanted To Have Movie Sex With Robert DeNiro

I feel like I relate to Aubrey Plaza a lot, but her preferences for older men and politicians is something that I relate almost way too much with. Sure, Zac Efron is nice to look at, but dating older guys is where it's at. I'd much prefer to film-bang a foxy grandpa than some dreamboat with washboard abs. Actually, I'd prefer either one because I haven't film-banged anyone nor do I think I'll have that opportunity to do so in the future. Well, Aubrey had the chance to get with him onscreen, and she got it thanks to her crazy personality and ability to not give a single crap about auditioning. For her, it's effective to go completely off script and just give the people what they want—and that was her bare butt.

11 When It Was Exactly What It Sounded Like

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Even in childhood, Aubrey Plaza was a strange, strange soul. She apparently would follow her principal home from school while she was in a cardboard box. It sounds too crazy for it to be real, but she confirmed that's exactly what she meant when she said she'd follow her principal home in a box. This is something you'd see in a cartoon, but it almost never happens in real life. Except if you're Aubrey Plaza that is. Then it's just a fun thing to do after school on your walk home. I wonder if her principal ever noticed and got mad about it, or just was like, "Oh, there's Aubrey again." She must have been pretty stealthy in this box of hers if she was able to follow him home more than once. I don't know about you guys, but I'm curious what her parents have to say about this!

10 When She Was Mean To Strangers

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One of the perks of being a celebrity whose on-air personality is cold, distant, and mean is that you're able to be mean to people in real life and they just think you're being funny. It's hard for people to tell if you're just acting your character or if you're actually being mean to them. So you can always just say rude things and most of the time other people aren't offended because they think it's all an act. It must be freeing to be able to say exactly what's on your mind to anyone and they just assume you're not being serious. With a personality like that, you can be honest with no repercussions. Most of us aren't blessed with this gift, though, so we still have to be nice to random people that come over and talk to us—and then snicker about them when they walk away.

9 When She Gave Another Great Awards Show Speech

It's hard to be a young person growing up in Hollywood. And a lot of young people turn to their more successful peers for advice on how to get through this funk called growing up. Here, we have Aubrey Plaza giving some sound advice: screw all the old people telling you that you can't do what you want to do. It then escalated to her claiming that she's going to live forever, Peter Pan-style. Meaning, she's never getting old. While scientifically, I don't think that's going to work for most people, it's still a good sentiment. Older people do have a tendency to bring the young ones down—to make them conform and do things like get real jobs or wear slacks, and we just gotta remember that we don't need to do those things that the oldies want us to do. We may eventually grow old in age, but we don't need to grow old and boring in personality.

8 When She Posed For This Picture

What's better than Aubrey Plaza wearing a shirt that has a bunch of pictures of Drake all over it? How about Aubrey Plaza in that Drake shirt with Matthew Gray Gubler wearing a monkey shirt and eating caramel popcorn. If one beloved celebrity is a party, then two is just too much wackiness to handle. There's so much going on in this picture—even more than the amazing fashion choices of these two actors, who have taken their novelty t-shirt game to a whole other level. What about the writing on the wall that just says, "I hate squash?" What kind of context did that even become a thing? I mean they're factually correct, squash is pretty gross, but why is it displayed on the wall like that? Aubrey's "Stay Weird" hat says it all.

7 When Everything Made Sense

Aubrey is known for her somewhat awkward, reserved demeanor. And the fact that she participated in Irish dance for a good chunk of her childhood might have given us a few explanations as to why she is the way that she is (no shade). While most kids who do other type of dance are instructed to use happy facial expressions and utilize all of their limbs in movements, Irish dance is known for not using your upper body at all and to have a face that kind of looks like you're suffering. It's not that hard to look upset and dead inside while Irish dancing, because your calves are probably on fire the whole time. So it's really hard to smile while you're hopping around waiting for the moment when your legs finally just fall off from all of these disciplined movements.

6 When She Watched Her Show's Premiere In A Bar

Starring in a show that's on television is a pretty big deal, and it's something that you should be proud of. Hell, if I was on a show, I'd make all my friends watch every episode, like, ten times in a row and make them tell me how cool I was. So it's no question that the TV premiere of Legion deserved some celebration on Aubrey's part, even if it's just at the hotel bar. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the other bar patrons were all that interested in watching a full-length television show at the bar. But it seemed like Aubrey was already pretty smashed from celebrating the end of a long day, so it's not all that bad for her.

Come to think of it, she actually has it made. She's a successful actress, but often times she goes unnoticed. So she can totally get by having a drink in the hotel bar without being swamped my fans.

5 When She Just Loved Being On 'Drag Race'

Making it as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race is probably on a lot of our lists of dream goals that probably won't happen. But for Aubrey Plaza, it became a reality. Even though she's done a lot of very impressive things, being a guest on Drag Race was the one thing that made her life complete thus far. Let's be real, there's nothing else she could do that would top this moment. I mean, that's probably an exaggeration since we really don't have any idea what Aubrey's true goals and aspirations are. Maybe she really does feel like her life has been completed, but even so, we still hope she stays around a bit longer to share that great personality of hers that we all know and love so much.

4 It's Just Her Personality

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Having a prominent actress like Aubrey Plaza helped a lot of us weird kids get in touch with ourselves and realize that it's okay to be the way that we are. Anyone with a morbid sense of humor paired with a somewhat monotonous voice knows the feeling all too well. When other people would get weirded out or concerned about us just being us, it's nice to see we're not alone. It's even nicer seeing someone on screen doing interviews and activities that's close to your kindred spirit.

Oh, and BTW, it's totally okay to be weird and be out of the mainstream. And sometimes we just need to see someone else being accepted for being weird to accept ourselves. There's nothing wrong with having a weird personality, but if you do end up having a brain tumor you should really get that checked out - that's no joke.

3 When She Proved She Was A Real Witch

🔥real witches don't need wands 🔥

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Thanks to the magical world of Harry Potter and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we are all able to imagine ourselves as the magical beings we wished we could be. Some of us, though, don't always need to pretend. Here we see Aubrey Plaza showing off her authentic witch looks while standing ominously behind some poser witches with their wands. She's trying to prove a point that not all witches need wands, especially the real ones. She also looks a lot witchier than those witch posers up in the front of the photo, with a nice hooded poncho to give her that look of mystery and magical powers. It's just another reason why we love Aubrey so much. If there was anyone who was a witch before those wands were available, it would be her after all.

2 When She Wants Attention

Trying to get your friend to answer your texts can be an exhausting endeavor. Sometimes, you have to go through drastic measures; such as telling them something outlandishly false that you know they'll react to. Or, if you're Aubrey Plaza, photobombing pictures of other famous people. Here we see Katy Perry and former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton taking a selfie. It's probably campaign-related, which is why that political vibe was killed when Aubrey decided to photobomb their moment. She went through all of this because Anna Kendrick wouldn't text her back (I would faint if I was casually texting THE Anna Kendrick). If this is what Aubrey's going to do until she texts back, it might be in Anna's best interest to never reply back so we can get more quality photobombed pictures.

1 She's Actually Sweet In Person

Is Aubrey Plaza really the cold, scary, weird, and scowl-worthy person we see on TV all the time? According to former Parks and Rec co-star Retta, the scariness of Aubrey is just a front, and she's actually one of the sweetest, kindest people in real life. Even if it's true, it doesn't look like Aubrey is all too happy that Retta called her out, since she is trying to uphold an image here. It's pretty funny that when Retta said her friend can scare anyone with a look, Aubrey smiled, but as soon as she spilled the beans that Aubrey is a nice lady, she immediately went back to her trademark scowl. No matter what, we all love Aubrey for the way that she is—even if she's got a secret soft side.

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