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Also anyone’s house after 8
What is this white storage thing and where can I find it?
Selfie time with myself!
Commanders that weren't as fun to play as you expected?
I made the Blue Rose by pine
Tell me you’ve seen a fatter rip
My friend created his own religion. I haven't seen him in days.
Mercedes decided to remove some updates from Testing that explain their pace gain.
Got Brexit Done!
My Storm
Google's (Martinis') group officially claims quantum supremacy (Nature)
SOP: And this is your...
Metal bisexual woman
When you fail to check the age classification for Sausage Party
This is a photo from mdl paris major i chose to go. I feel sick watching this esl event from home. Its like two different worlds.
When TDK trilogy quotes end up on other subreddits
New addition to my living room, the Roland LX-706
Oddly satisfying
girl dogefined
Limited production chrome-plated Valmet M/76 assault rifle, for ceremonial purposes
[Tip] I just asked a guy to sit at lunch with me and I'm still alive!
First tattoo done by Max @ The Inkwell Tattoo Studio in the Wirral, UK
The future is now 2
Banana pose
Thanksgiving kitties
Minotaur in the Labyrinth, Me, Charcoal, 2019
Just won my first raffle! Nike Blazer Mid 77 Slam Jam
My version of 22
Frida Kahlo next to an Agave Plant - 1937
A modern crusade
'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' Coming to macOS in 2019
People that support Trump using emergency powers for the wall dont understand the can of worms that he's opening
Pam at the new York branch
Bring It On! [Temiree]
The Lyon Sisters Were Abducted From a Suburban Maryland Mall in 1975 - This is How A Suspect Was Found
This is epic
This was on a discord server.
Just another day at the front end!
My grandfather passed away last week. We found this while cleaning out his belongings; he sewed this to gift me.
Credit to u/TAM-username-taken
After years of saving and dreaming, I finally joined the club. 2016 S3 Prestige w/ Black Optics. Every time I walk away, I look back.
Dew it -The Senate
[M] "MOM!" -Lil Jaiden
Sunset Between the Columns by Rutger van de Steeg [3840x2160]
Wait.... What the Frick!?
Suffering from RWS (Ritual Withdrawal Syndrome) :(
I really liked how this one turned out! i hope you like him as much as i do
Just kidding, you guys can join for free.
A 14ish hour drawing of Killua I did. Thank you to everyone who has been posting. You inspired me! (He looks a lil’ thicc, I know). Had to…
'Notable: The shutdown is impacting federal investigations. Another agent says: "I have been advised by our US Attorney's Office that…
What if everybody just spams the meme subs until shaggy is the most popular meme again.
Tennis borb
#Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (back, ankle) won’t play Sunday vs #Titans, source said. The team is taking the smart, cautious approach by…
A Chinese student attacked Hong Kong student during today's protests at UQ
Found this boot on a Facebook group, protecting our freedom one shave at a time!
Unity , Duty, Destiny
Classic JBHIFI review for Terminator!
Thanks to Psyonix dropping Linux support, we're getting anti-Linux statements like this from game devs again
Graphic illustrating F1 teams strengths and weaknesses relative to each other in Bahrain qualifying
Tesla really needs to add how fast the vehicle is moving into the dash cam footage...
Master Chief and Buzz Lightyear enjoying the sunrise
How to make the bush an actual Legendary item (see my comment for full idea)
Woow photoshop is amazing
A gentleman's grails
so many emotions in 40 seconds
[Work in progress] "Wolf's at the Table", mixed media 18 x 12
Finaly done with that paracord sling.
Given to us as a gift from the Philippines, what is it?
chaotic birbs
Aldi opens to the town
What's Drifter's favorite shader?
A Comprehensive List of 2019 Releases
New Poll From New Hampshire!
When you Use the bloody party streamer offering and ur team lets you die on first hook
Hamster won’t come out
My PC still sucks tho so rip
Spooky Itasha near LA
A little assistance
Rich Brian solving a Rubik’s cube
My beast arrived: GALAX GeForce RTX 2080Ti Hall of Fame
Los Angeles Kings - Concept Jerseys 2.0 (edited)
Top is today, bottom 1 week ago when I bought him... bettas are jerks
Finally ready for School! Pro 6
[NS] When Hardwon finally nails that Nat20 save
Every job needs such a wholesome manager
Player: *Touches wall*
Clueless MC
Free funerals for organ donors.
Justin Tucker ST of the month
Thanks Ubi. I hate it.
[Homemade] Shepherd's pie with piped mashed potato, parsley pesto mashed potato, and mashed sweet potato.
Welcoming bedroom
Donna was my favorite companion for Ten.
Meltdown Sol - Make-up work by me on myself
When he summons dark young
If only I were as photogenic as him 😭
1st time in Chicago, my hotel is in the Carbide & Carbon building. Absolute beauty!
Figure you guys would appreciate this
How to Tame Your Care Package
Como eu me sinto quando o Luba briga com a turma.
Caught the pup posing with my Volcanoes 🌋
This is probably the most relatable thing in my life right now😂🏳️‍🌈
TIL after returning to Earth, the Apollo 11 crew was still required to complete a US customs form for entry into Hawaii.
'Patience' on SNL
"Concerned Regular Redditor" thinks that trans people existing is white genocide.
Dangerous teens in Fremont, CA, smacking cars in the parking lot, be careful!
These are the records I used for my postpunk / underground 80s 3-hour all-vinyl Halloween theme show!
Nicola Cavanis
U.S. embassy urges citizens to depart Iraq immediately
This is no jerry rig, this is a hack
Me tryna find new show,can someone reccomend
"You're a lunatic with the madmans dream of a milk-proof robot!"
Castle wall design I just came up with, opinions?
My String of Hearts BLOOMED. So proud.
Knew it
XIVstyle is updating again! New sets from 4.5 and 5.0! (incomplete)
[XPOST] Film Genre Popularity 1910-2018
I wish people would understand. Found in another sub.
Nechces na nieco vysvetlit dusan??
Spongebob straight boolin
Hmmm sometimes I want a gf [wolfbyul]
Lawyer dog poses after earning his Juris Dogtor degree
Another bento for my dad. So today we have: veggie creme soup, home made bread with black olives and egg rolls with cheese, roasted…
When you ask your grandma to get you Spider-Man PS4 for Christmas but she gets you a DVD
Just finished Life is Strange[2015]
RyuK | Dima Elmo - To Adventures [Venture] + HDDT 99.86% FC #1 | 692pp | 63.78 cv. UR | 1st DT FC!
First time I ever achieved comedy
important quest pls complete asap
This boi has the best sploots ever
not sure if repost, but nevertheless an inspiring quote
Relatable Goodboy Moment
Is it just me?
This is hands down my favorite opening to any game ever. Everything about this intro is so badass and it hypes you up for the game your…
Van Dijk and Alisson have arrived in Monaco.
Remembered to take my bags with me when doing the food shop
Drug use on VPR
if I flip this random guy off
[COD] Is this accurate?
I looked down at the scale and saw my "goal weight" yesterday. But a lot of nonscale victories along the way.
[Beatmapping] Seto Kousuke (Beatmap Nominator) is gonna mod every single mod request from people with less than 3 ranked beatmaps from 15…
Behind the line please
Left photo is from 2015, about two months after my first big chop. The right is from last Saturday, after multiple haircuts and an ongoing…
Here we go again
Quote mining in New Zealand
Cw: Is it leaking? Me: Pretty sure it might be
Happy coming out day! I'm stil shaky about posting something on my facebook so I thought telling a bunch of strangers on Reddit would be a…
I made a pan cake and an ace cake, thought y’all might like it
Official Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 Highlights | AGDQ Best Moments
TIL the Jamaican bobsled team received $30,000 in Dogecoin, funding their trip to compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics
Trying out different breads for French toast: I present artesano baking bread with sausage
So simple, so good
My Auntie worked as a costume designer for 'spider-man FFH' so was given one of the crew and cast only jackets but didn't have a use for it…
The ghost of emo 𝘱𝘢𝘴𝘵
Our velvet hippo named Ragnar! 🖤🖤
How evasion looks like. Probably
Blanche Barrow
She caught the waves just thumbin' through my braids (All right!)
Unpopular Opinion: If Runecrafting multiple runes gave extra experience from the extra-runes, Runecrafting wouldn't be so dreadful to train…
We need this
I thought some of you might be excited for this!
Golden algae colonies grow as unbranched or branched chains (as seen here), and the individual cells are surrounded by vase-shaped…
Excuse me Barry McCockiner
Visiting home for the weekend. Mum: “incase you want to do that shower thing?”
My handmade dream gary costume
Whiskey Holidays.
Trying to make it through finals week.. it's tough y'all
How do dinosaurdrawers decide what the colour of a dinosaur skin looks like? How can one even know this, are those preserved or something?…
Stadium picture, external, night - all lit up
Beautifully wrecked.
Hi there🌼
"Aye!", Aubrey Plaza & Bill Murray parody "The Lighthouse" to promote the 35th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday
Aaron Judge hits it to Charles Street! (1st homer of the year) LETS GO!!!
Rough day on the road.
How a Drywall Toggle Anchor works
Man this guy living in the future
Not without me
In light of George, here's Hank
Scientists hate him!
Grapples are my new favorite thing in all of Blackout
I keep having this exact exchange with bookless chuds while JBP clings to this discredited narrative
Broke these bad boys out for Disneyland today
This entire subs comes off like your making 80-90k out of college and anything less is disappointing. As someone who is going back to…
I just realized that one of the reasons Makoto is Sheik is because Johanna disguised herself as a man as well
First post here.
It was 20° (-6° C) in St. Louis yet Thom came out and signed everyone (40-50 people). He is the best!
Made a cup of tea, realised I didn't have any milk. Walked to the shop, bought some, came back, added the milk, tea was perfect drinking…
A paint sketch of ocean's surface
Happy Valentine's Day ladies and gents! Love, Wound Care
Carry for my wedding
Pops Are Not Responsible For Late Game Lag, Jobs Are.
[FO] Before and after backstitching
Why do so many web developer employers list every single language or framework their possibly is?
Guess I found why I don't like being seen as a woman :D
HMRB while I get atop the gate
Bad dropping this week!!!👀
He almost didn’t respond to my first message because he thought I was too good for him. He had almost deleted okc after 2 years. 1 year…
First find for me
The Washi addiction has truly gotten out of hand. This isn't even all of it! D: I blame the Michael's bin. You know the one.
david being there for jenelle, and telling her to stay positive
Made this black and gold chocolate cake for my partner’s birthday on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been wanting to try this kind of design for a…
Now you can deal 5 damage to your face and make your toxfin 5 mana. All this for only 4 mana.
Admit it already.
Where can I purchase every piece of Ice Trae merchandise?
Joe Kelly is currently sporting an ERA of 8.35
My daughter wanted to find Rudolph and Santa’s sleigh in the sky. I made it happen
Exactly a year ago today I made the chop & it was such a liberating experience!
I need to get my eyes checked
As Mean Girls atacam novamente
Herakles fighting the Hydra, from Bino at Kats Tattoo Connection in Osnabrück Germany
Accidentally ordered the world's smallest bonsai pot but I have put it to good use!
He looks so cooooool
Our faces during my FIL's speech. The expression on my MIL's face is one I'll treasure.
dont you f***ing dare ruining my day with your story
Florida Man Broke Into A Car And Stole A Gun, His Momma Recognized Him On Camera And Turned Him In
Crawfish boil
Monster Hunter - Barioth Armour
Ryujin's 10 second promo
Trident but they can't even water
Finally joined the Karlby/Alex club. Much more sturdy than the Linnmon I had. Just did the flooring yesterday and desk today. Loving the…
Lieutenant Calsius finished for now apart from a base.
You gotta be kidding me! We have just completed it!!
Possibly Unpopular Opinion: Lisa's Style is SO Tacky
Photography and #Trashtag
I’M DESPERATE, but I don’t want your clothes, I just want your money!!!
Wait for it
First big load of snow for this season in Andorra
Pleaaaase <3 <3 <3
time to sleep
It's a switch anyway
new guy here - worked around 4-5yrs on my rag
"If I can't use My Arms, then I'll Just use My legs!" First deku Draw by Self
Why did this kid feel the need to respond to everyone with a different why of putting r/woooosh?
Flexible logo - Stade Rennais Football Club
Luke, I am your _____________
I made a couple of Mad Max style trucks from my old collection while home for thanksgiving!
Zombie brickhead MOC
Jerry the Karen
Blues are the most judgmental pieces of clothing.
My new mini.
Found this edit in the wild: This is what happens when Link goes off his medication
In 1934, Georgia Gov. Eugene Talmadge crushed the textile workers' strike by declaring martial law & having prisoners held in a former…
I guess you could say I’ve got a type
Rose’s Donuts this morning
I made a 3D Clarity Potion. Please enjoy it with your eyeballs.
My Ari sweetener tour costume for a Halloween event
Vancouver city council votes to look at possibility of suing 4/20 organizers for costs
It’s the star treatment
Concrete everywhere, except where desired.
Don’t see the flashlight
ITAP: Mayor Nirenberg flexing his fiesta medals.
No luck catching them geese then?
Avengers: SuspendGame
Killed the Thresher so fast his shield had to put him on life support. Didn’t see it comin
🚫 Aquí no aceptamos solicitudes del ghost of Christmas pasado 👻💀 🚫
Elaine dates an Uber driver but is surprised to see a charge on her PayPal after he drives her home.
big man trump got roasted on facbook of all places
No good pulls gang, where you at?
I still check almost daily...
The best graduation gift I’ve gotten: a quilt made by some friends based on the colors of the ace flag
Dr. Stone - Episode 18 discussion
Stop the game ref.
Is The Hottest Conflict In The Middle East Coming To An End?
Another perfect evening at Piedmont Park ☀️
Smaat boi Ricky
Side view of our 65 gallon
Finally found an actual r/UnexpectedMulaney
titles are hard
I found this...
Poor Shaggy got rejected by Velma ;(
Got off the bus, walked through the foyer, lay down on one of these nice shaded bench things and now im chilling. Waiters keep on walking…
I'm thinking I need this made into a t-shirt.
It had to be done
Dear Reddit, I am quite fond of this new meme format. Sincerely, Raymond Holt.
Cat on a coffee break
Americans who actually moved to Canada: How would you rate the decision and why?
Reality is often great
I guess I was a 🤡 since the beginning of undergrad
When working at the prison pays well
I made a physical copy of Beat Saber
Writers Guild of America warns Georgia that ‘heartbeat’ bill may cause Hollywood to flee the state
So happy to have them all
Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia
Frankie taking her sweet time making biscuits
Bungie Plz Addition: Adjust Recoil on Console to match PC / Reduce Weapon Recoil on Console
Say what you want about the TIG defectors, but its nice to see MPs looking genuinely happy for a change.
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Season 2 - Episode 1 discussion
Hold my redbull while i get this sick drone shot
So, I thought that a boss health counter might be a good idea to visualize
Zanny is a mix of Ed sheeran, nick jonas and mr postman
When it dips below 60 in the Valley
Tropic of C
Storm chaser proposes with Kansas tornado in background.
I'm pretty sure the aliens didn't think the viper thing through.
First snow in central New York...
Anime Rail wars
Puppet, by Zeen Chin.
Lucifer might take souls, but after a long day he’ll take your call too
Hope this doesn’t get deleted again
Plz no Wollay
my 95 yo Blind grandfather finally gets his mini tv.
tap the arrow pointing upward thank
All my favorites in one photo ..
You ain't foolin' me, alien spy
Got one
190516 Today's Bangtan @ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Petition to Change 'Summon Deer Decoy' to 'Summon Deercoy'
Spinning and slamming!
Amazing piece of machinery!
A toasted cinnamon catloaf
Everyone on November 22
Happiest chipmunk monch
Sometimes there's a queue to get out
Valtteri Bottas Wins the 2019 Australian Grand Prix!
Literal meme
Randall says hello to everyham. He sits like a doggo and waits for his mealworms patiently. Hope you're having a good Sunday❤️
Just a normal RC pla...Wait what
A Balinese script writing festival fivehead
I’ve never had one this big.
Love a fitting feminine dress for my girly self!
The madlads trucked the geniuses
I drew Squidward as Beppi and I'm not sorry.
My Consular-class cruiser moc!
"You want 19 items for free?"
Little Bean 8 weeks
When you realize that the minions have been getting new armor more frequently than the actual heroes
Jim Chaney to Tennessee is actually happening
Not OC... but 787 ftw!
OG showing up to practise tomorrow
Me today
Very big oof
Bottom text
Hreddit akademija znanosti i umjetnosti
Any unexpected benefits?
The double
[G-LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS] Tremont Waters hits seven 3-pointers en route to 28 points, Romeo Langford gets 27 points and five block shots and…
Reg and Marulk
Tiny Pocket Jade is happy to see you
Here's to my upcyclers!
Looks like David is doing his dream job
Thoughts about this article?: "Debunking the "abortion regret" narrative: Data shows women feel relief, not regret"
Orlando Sunrise
A Real Mother
A friend of mine has been feeding a stray for a while now. He got hit by a car and they had to amputate his leg. He’s still cute and full…
petition to make underlords 2
Feeling kinda cute. Might be home later, idk
Commissar: You have 20 seconds to set up a kilometer long trench system. Random DKK trooper:
My first attempt at this: a Finnish soldier demonstrating the new M30 gas mask [1941]
Norwich [2]-1 Tottenham - Aurier OG 61'
I seriously, seriously hope Bill talks about this on Monday
Our tree this year
Greetings from Romania! Transalpina Ski Resort!
It's her baby now.
My sister tried to tell me she found a beautiful wedding guest dress in a magazine.....
Afternoon Govnor.
Boulder Falls today
Just play it cool, Jihyo (ft Sana Tzuyu Mina)
Targets Everywhere Today
*Yu laughs in Wild Card*
Lucy had to say hi to every dog on the way to the dog park, but the moment she got there she ignored the other dogs and started cuddling…
Neopolitan [anonamos701]
System entering low power mode
How do they even do this
Teach Nan Phaidi, Aran Islands, Ireland, best of all, it's a restaurant
Or maybe...gone right?
Found my first Galar Ponyta and it's a shiny !!!
Just realized... With his 3rd 3 pointer last night, Giannis tied Malcolm Brogdon for 16th in 3 pointers made all time for the Bucks
You know what they say Ford stands for, don't you?
Ah man, he makes me sad
Or even just one day after launch
Bum rocking the gold cap
If a school doesn't make a decision by April 1, they should refund application fees.
Planet B, painted lyric patch
A new decade of Kings basketball starts today! Let’s make it the best one yet. Don’t stop believing!
What I picture when Jamie talks
Kitsune in a swimsuit
Reality is often disappointing
Shrine Maiden Purple Heart wishes you a happy new year
“He’s a visionary”
The most underappreciated duel in the Prequels.
Austrian Steyr sisters!
His dad must be proud now!
Me informaram que esse era o grupo certo pra postar isso
Could someone please help me identify this beauty? Thanks in advance
College basketball recruiting: Michigan coach Juwan Howard extends scholarship offer to son Jace
First time visiting Oregon, First time seeing a waterfall. Multnomah Falls was magnificent!
I don't know the original creator of this picture but this is блятьiful
Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs [Metal] (1993) Official Music Video
Representing on my hood
Best Masterwork Statue so far
Just six of us collected 17 bags of trash from a stream in under two hours.
Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2018
YES. finally found these in my big ass size. Nike Air Force 1 shadow
What our phones see when we get Sparking
King Aragorn's birthday today. Hail Gondor, hail the king
What was that exclusive sub where they all pick a random redditor and observe them for months?
Grand débat : un député dénonce "une campagne électorale déguisée" et saisit la Commission des comptes
My wife made me a hat for my birthday. Shes never seen the show and has no idea why I wanted a hat like this in these colors. Lol
feeding the great ones
Skylt på cykelstig på Ven
My friends dog gets it
Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a dog in this game?
It was so good until it wasn’t.
Same with me
My baby brother going off to YuNg BrAtZ
It's just so baddddddd
Chile in copper colors and symbols (copper is Chile’s major export)
This spark lit the flame of ignorance
Airport life
Am I the only one that is very disappointed that there isn’t a Cayde-6 tribute?
When you can't decide between Sansa and Dany and Arya, so you decide that decisions are for kneelers.
was told this might belong here...
Just cut my own hair and then did my first full face of makeup in forever and it’s so extra but I’m pretty proud of it! :)
justice rains from above
This is Hercules. He is an absolute unit.
Vans x NASA sk8-hi
Paint my chicken coop!
Atlas may look scary, but he’s the nicest kitty!
They’re very happy together! :)
El Chapolin Bolsonaro
Saw this Goku emblem on yt. Now he's doing a colorful Kamehameha every game :D
Three-year-old boy missing in woods for two days says friendly bear kept him safe
[Lewenberg] Pat McCaw turned down a $5+ million offer from Golden State, where he would have played meaningful minutes for the champs, to…
[wiwt] plant sitting
le minute long instagram story has arrived
Fate/Grand Order Made an Estimated 9 Billion Yen in September
After months of grinding I finally have both solo deep dungeon achievements!!!
Glad to see the Empire recruiting Fire type Pokémon to become Incinerator Stormtroopers
Ready for the Dance (Ruby) [kerotamaftw]
Mary Jane Watson: “Face it Tiger....”. By Me :)
Just discovered this sub and figured you all would like this pic I took at breakaway a few years ago. Waited a long time to be this close.…
Young woman dies after year-long wait for liver as campaigners call for opt-out organ donation system -- first step is automatically…
Reloading in vr
So what do you think Marge? All I need is a title. I was thinking along the lines of “no TV and no beer make Homer something something.”
Sad Steve
In the bushes in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.
Зайцу можно
Kings of the north 👑
[Java] 1.12.2 Ocean Temple thing very near your island. -150846986565078223
Canadian Velociraptors
Terry loves the support
I love rs twitter
Me: *kills dozens of slabs to prove my worth and gain respect* Sarcastic Slab:
Another bit of freedom arrived today. Thank you Brownells! It was backordered when I put in my order on the Friday at 4 and they still came…
Stanley Johnson appreciation thread
Do pita pockets count as a sandwich? Filled with fried eggplant and salad
When driving on 526...
Just sealed the deal. So freakin pumped. 2018 Turbo Sport Turismo, optioned to the hilt. Had a GTS ordered, but got this beauty for…
Yukari's running late for school!
Nemesis Games Polish cover
Me and the lads getting ready for Skyrim together
My Mym cosplay!! Mym best girl <3
Broly thic as hell
The best way to use R
Yesterday's amazing sunset from under the Bay Bridge
This town ain't cute nuff for the both of us
Short circuit on 750 kV line
As soon as I lay down, they both cry till I let them snuggle. 💕
as long as we’re sharing our game day glassware, shoutout to 26 Shirts!
mutilate-a-doll 2 turret and companion cube date
1165: John Doria assume a gestão do reino de Jerusalem
A reminder amidst recent news: Abortion care is still legal in Georgia as the new law doesn’t go into effect until 2020.
Former Astros want everyone associated with the sign stealing to be suspended.
Sooo mature
Trick or Treat?
This ice cream flavor
Some embroidered necklaces I finished this weekend!
Bethesda, when you make huge changes in the way perks really ought to offer a complimentary complete respec.
Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer
[HUMOR] Yes it's for war
Also works for r/technicallythetruth
tfw you wanna show not tell
[Spoilers All] What Does This Quote from Cole About Solas Mean? Theories?
Happy Veterans Day! TIL of Hazel Ying Lee, who at the age of 20 became the first Chinese American female pilot to fly for the US military…
Let’s not forget that Joe selfishly begins this musical number talking about HIMSELF, when CHARLIE FOUND THE TICKET.
This is you today too, don't lie
Even Will Smith agrees!
Found it at a Filipino store here in Edmonton
Kawhi Leonard when asked if the Raptors’ playoff experience will help them “get over the hump” this series: “What hump?”
Featuring Mine Flayer coming this fall
Tanks for dummies: tanks are not frontline vehicles
Its not gay to play with dominoes
The best advice my exmo brother gave me before I served my mission:
Every night
TIFU by misunderstanding the ugly duckling
[Ali] James Harden and the mayor just announced a project that will be renovating basketball courts in Houston, all funded by Harden's…
The cold one workout
Seen in Tamil Nadu, India
[Event Guide] CNY 2020 Event Currencies and Rewards
Endesa cobrará la luz blanca que se ve al final del tunel cuando mueres
200 iq madlad
ᴛᴡɪᴄᴇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙉𝙤𝙬 2015 𝙫𝙨 2019
So when a Yooper gets to the top of the highest point in Texas (Guadalupe Peak), they’re compelled to finish the picture...
"Create. Invent. Try!", USSR, 1970s
Cursed Pingu?
MFW Dante may not be in Smash but there's still 2 more dates to go
Today's cover NY Post
The House has voted to hold A.G. Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross in criminal contempt of Congress. The vote was 230-198.
nobody should have to work 3 jobs just to survive
I found another sea cave last week. Has anyone else seen this? More info in comments. [OC]
My favourite way to type
This is the way
Oh god..
Babushka Milo
Lots of rice for lots of sushi
IKEA visar var skåpet ska stå
Can we go back to plagiarizing advice from r/frugal while making it way more condescending and even more frugal like before instead of…
Bryan Habana backs Rieko Ioane to break Rugby World Cup try scoring record
The start of my spinel cosplay for Empire City Con this weekend.
Change the fov to 90
Roach the demon horse
My fsvourite red dead 2 video
A friend gave me this pair of headphones in hopes that I could fix it. I fixed it in less than 4 hours - a whole year later. To say sorry I…
[OFFICIAL] Lewis Brown retires (via Instagram)
A Link Between Worlds is STUNNING
Never too old to make new friends
I've assembled a collection of small tips to (hopefully) make you a better player.
Be careful with your reminders if you have a Google Home Hub. derp
My 7yo and I work in Legos with what we think the Tesla Truck teaser is getting at
I’m so happy I was able to get this set
I am in shock.
Bi Seattle
You are now subscribed to Guillotine facts! txt 1814 to unsubscribe.
Terrible welds, terrible grinding. I just took my first-ever welding class and loved it. I’m keeping this abomination of a bench top…
[09/24/19] A Honolulu police officer has been charged with covering up for another officer in a case that involved forcing a homeless man…
Newborn exorcism?
What a Gloomy Day [ArthurTNG]
This was hard to watch
I seriously dont know what to do with all this space in my orbiter now
Tiny pop I found this morning
Female pocketbook mussels use a lure that resembles a fish in order to draw them in. When they get closer, she releases huge numbers of…
don't forget to change tires
Brave 11-Year-Old Shows Her Inner Mike Tyson When She Sees Her Mother Getting Mugged
Amazing AI inspired sign at a Starbucks!
The Production Design of Black Panther (it was nominated for Best Production Design)
[OC][Art] Hedge Maze Garden Battlemap [29x40]
I recently found the Shattered Memories playthrough and thought this
spotted sallaD
Vatican No. 3 Cardinal George Pell Convicted on Charges He Sexually Abused Choir Boys.
Thanks for specifying.
[RF] Alvah, the easily flustered, constantly anxious, stress eating, extremely maternal female half-elf (of Drow ancestry) Divine Soul…
This proves he’s a Muslim!
FlowScape, which is awesome for creating battlemaps, is out now on Steam!
State of the Subreddit
Sunday chilling with Pepper. Love her big beautiful eyes! Was told to post this here, first time poster
Rey hugs Kylo!
Keep em coming. 😂
A quilt made by my Mother in Law for my son born last year.
Autumn, me, Acrylic on a leaf,2019
Every time I emote greet a Samurai
Should Coaches also Receive In-Game Major Trophies?
I LOVE that this is the advert I always get while on the Duggar family website! 🌈 if only they knew...
ITAP of my friend on the roofs
Sunset in The Yosemite Valley
J.I.D x No I.D dropping next year.
A year ago, I turned 24, and had nowhere left to turn. Today, I am 25 years old, 370 days sober, and so incredibly grateful.
Super Soaker
State of this sub
Bone hurting sleep
Me logging in to play SWGoH today ... aaaaand I'm done.
The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking"
The pain (not mine)
I am your biggest fan.
Wenn mich mein Sitznachbar im Religionsunterricht fragt, wie noch mal die Kapitel im Koran heißen
In lights of the recent reveal...
The only time cent’s zone has ever done anything useful
EnCouNteR DesiGn iS DuMb
The Raid I was Waiting to Finally See
[Movies/TV] Spider-Man: Far From Home illustration by One Punch Man's Yusuke Murata
Gemma heard a fire truck go by outside
Mr & Ms. Samurai
So I’m posting this story today because my friend is not here to share it. He was going to make a post to ask for advice but instead he…
Buffett Watch
If Ryan Fitzpatrick starts a game for the Dolphins this season, he will have started for 25% of the NFL’s teams.
Most interesting fall piece I seen today, but $65 for vintage is too steep.
Parents Deliver Ashes of Diabetic Children to Price-Gouging Insulin Manufacturer
I had a photo of my mom restored and colorized from when she was 3, c. 1949
Poison Ivy DC “supervillain”
Yeah, Three Houses looks great and all, but it's not a crossover
"Tulsi has too much support from Conservatives!"
I do what I want in little towns
Baby T officially confirmed to be Speed, no sign of Baby Cortex or Tropy
I edited someone else's Fanart to fit my phone better, thought someone might want a copy.
The weekend wasn't a month long
"Your Experience in the Velvet Room May Vary...."
pourpel strats
Trace of a scene from Dragon Ball Super I did a while back feat. Bubble Bass and the "My Leg!" guy
I think I'm done (...for now)
Created this collage to celebrate his return and the return of the fishnets👀
Won this at a game center in Osaka! :D
ALL of the real musicians died before I was born
"When I first heard about the operation, I was against it. But then I thought, if Homer wants to be a woman, so be it."
Trap that sends people FLYING!
Brand new Pixel 2 XL followed by 6 hours successive security patch updates
Yoga vibes today
Was I the only one that didnt expect a punch that fast from the Creed game
My friend was fired from his lumberjack job after failing to cut down a tree 8 times...
Stolen from /r/Colts
Raphtalia Loves You
I brought home a very good boy who earned his retirement today.
My parents aked what I wanted for my 18th birthday. To which I replied "Garlic Bread". And they delivered
Lucy Liu will be given her own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
My girlfriend made a thing
I don’t know what methods they use and I don’t wanna find out
I thought you guys would like to see this Odder Otter given to me as a birthday gift!
Mega truth
Did you hear about the mathematician who's afraid of negative numbers?
I love this game. But this is so frustrating. U can see where every one is and shoot through mountains??
Penyebab Tabung LPG Banyak yang Penyok
Itt a fost hol a fost
You Dumbasses Don't Know How Lucky You Are
First Opening is straight fire
I dont care if you're a cripple, come pack my bags now!
meanwhile we just waste our life
Oh, I see what you did there, ArenaNet
Inches And
It be like this sometimes
[RAM] G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 C14 - $157.25 ($185-15% with PICKFAST)
Charging ports now have security
Paddling through a glacial melt
A very special moment. Michael Scott Paper Company Inc.
Met this lovely gentleman outside my son’s daycare this morning
I finally finished all the walls for my azyrite townscape terrain! A link to more pictures is in the comments!
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei to Kuching, Sawrawak 1988. Rode on my cousin Sonny's Yamaha Maxim 400 and he was using his Yamaha DT 175. The…
Richie Jackson's unusual skateboard tricks.
My brother's dog Laika. Human food is way more interesting than dog food.
Hope he liked it....
Sorry if the crop is cra0
Is he a jocc to you?
Cigarette smoking among adults hits all time low in the United States
Abstinence is our secret ingredient
I honestly had trouble reading this at first.
Gib karma 4 cak day
Bruce Lee mural on Grant and Commercial in SF
Has anyone bought an item that you really liked but "wasn't your style" and how did it turn out?
I hate kahbeck
I felt like trash after this
Well it was suppose to be a Halloween post
First thing I saw in South Africa and I‘m already in love
[Highlight] Auston Matthews rips an absolute rocket on the power play to score his third goal of the season
StarHopper 1:100 scale paper model from AXM Paper Models!
We tried to catch a good video, this one wasn’t great but you can see Molly wags her tail when she stands up for treats :)
Explored the CLE Cultural Gardens that line MLK Blvd for the first time last weekend. Looking forward to going back in the fall
Construction is underway as expected my lord
RIP in peace
🅱️ king really had to do it to em
BMW and Land Rover reunited to jointly develop electric car components
Nordiske hvide gris
Not enough 2's yet..
FAIR Media Watch just called out MSNBC for excluding Yang!!!
They are considering a FREE Wizard City
This happened on our first day in Hawaii!
Comebacks for prank callers at adult store?
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is actually just a new episode of Kirby Right Back at Ya.
Thank you for the 2000 followers!
Colllection & List Ideas
Fairy-like alien princess I’ve created 😊 so proud of how she turned out
DAE get a weird smell when your deodorant and sweat mix?
Guaranteed whoever posted this did it with a smartphone.
Supervision be like
[Crist] Lamar Jackson has more total yards than the New York Jets this season.
A1 steak sauce giving off hints.
So sad
Mr. Forest Carpenter, Handyman, Eden Mills VT., August 1936. Original photo by Carl Mydans.
Rs6 in berlin
Have had my Pixel 3a XL for less than 24 hours, Here's some Surprises and Thoughts
What wearing a bandana looks like to NPC's
Fair dinkum
This cat looks sorta like a fox
It may not be worse but who said they're not the same
back and forth [A] (OC)
Louis Armstrong - 'Zat You, Santa Claus?
Face drawing
Chocolate Trifle with Strawberry and Cream
Underrated Debut Album to be honest
The More Republicans Lose, the Harder They Work to Rig the Game
My sweet boy Mochi living it up in WA
Two sailors passed out on the street from celebrating the end of WWII 1945
Raid shadow legend has console graphics
Everything is fine
Anyone else like to plan out their zoo on paper first?
2 days after the death of his father. Tremont Waters is deciding to play.
rich woman skiing in switzerland starterpack
Exusiai [Arkknights]
After Battling Cancer, Hip Surgery, Jimmy Carter Still Thriving at 95
I need more paper
Dogsitting this old man for the next week! It's his 12th birthday in a couple days and you best believe he's getting all the bones to chew…
Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Johnny Gargano - NXT Takeover Philadelphia - Andrade's arm was worked over the whole match and when the referee…
Dread it, run from it, Daleberto arrives all the same
Sadness visibly crossing his face
Gotta put your foes in their place with grace!
Where the hell did I drop my AirPods?!
What the Hell, Kris
That’s not just a star sweetie...
Guns? Who needs guns?!?
What's the toughest part of being a vegan?
World's most relatelable?
[Super Meat Boy] Finally after 3 long arduous years.
Google Earth got em good
[FANART] Susie is still best girl
A Blood Clot Coughed Up Coughed Up As Mold of Right Bronchial Lung
Hank Splashin' in his New Pool!
Just got my Brazilian blowout done an hour ago! Both photos taken with flash, no editing. Happy camper for the next 6 months!
Sailing Lake Tahoe, watercolor. I never really thought of painting boats before this, but it was so calming I think I’ll do more! Anyway I…
Active Duty vs Reserves
PSA: Red Wing Boots offers free cleanings at your local brick & mortar shop
[Lavalette] James Neal now has more goals this year (8) in six games than he had in 63 games with Calgary last year (7).
I tried to create a body using terraria accessories, I don’t know if it worked out
PSA: Don't buy Deponia on Switch! Shameless cashgrab!
Having a Valkyrie on your side in battle is a huge boon.
Iggy time
I'm developing a VR platformer with an unusual locomotion system. What do you think?
Baby Salem.
Well cleared - perfect goalkeeper
Adorable Tail Hug [Original] (crosspost /r/ryumimi)
Love the new Paladin Mastercraft
Must be a fun job.
Walter's favourite snooze spot and position. Cats are weird.
[OC] Banshee Lord Starlight
Guy was an absolute legend
[Anime spoilers] They underastimated his message and power
I haven’t seen a EtikaFRFX logo anywhere, luckily I had a high quality version of it
T pose
rockpikmin in a nutshell
Here's a little gem that I found from Reapers969 on Deviantart
The previously undefeated Ottawa 67's have met their match in Nick Suzuki and the Guelph Storm. Storm win 7-2.
Saw this on r/dankmemes
I think someone has a crush on my Christmas light decoration
Muttertag bei Familie Anarcho
Surprised Gandolf
This dog looks like it’s about to give the intro monologue
Divine Oracle Isis Concept
Wood smoked salsa anyone?
Me and my 9 classmates playing Krunker in our ComLab
Have lurked here for some time. Today I graduated. The best of luck to all of you, it is truly wonderful in every sense of the word!
Thanks, Jalter.
This thing costs more than you
Excuse me
Thank you Samsung for keeping the SDcard slot on the S10!
Feds refuse to disclose details of Russian meddling in Canadian elections
Shot on iPhone 7
First glimpse of light on a mountain spine in Antarctica.
H E L L o
The real spiderman?
Sooo excited about this one!!!
I crafted a Wyvern with toothpicks for our dnd campaign
Post Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys (6-7) at Chicago Bears (7-6)
Going to show a group of WI ladies how to do this on Friday. This is my sampler
Generally speaking most people in your country can be trusted (% of Agree answers) Eurobarometer 471 April 2018
Still a banger
Way the fishing net fans out..
Is this BuyItForLife or WellWorn?
"Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" (1998) drags a washed-up franchise into modern times, with impossible precision. It's perfect.
Somebody wrote this in my taco bell box. I'm a big burly guy. I dont know how to feel.
Did this cute drawing recently. Hope you like it!
When you're pinned down in an open field by a sniper
The city of Qusqu seen from Machu Picchu
Why has no one done this yet?
I recreated the animal crossing pocket camp phone case! 💛🤳🏻
I thought this was cool, lead coated electrical wire from 1946.
Pure evil.
¿Y este es vuestro ídolo? En fin la hipotermia
Well, that solved everything!
A wholesome interaction beyond language
Netflix had complete acces to Mercedes this weekend. Gonna be juicy!
This driver needs a brake.
[Spoilers] When you wonder where Euron got wood for his fleet
Noticed this on my latest watch through. The planet the visit in "Heroes". As if in needed to be worse.
Can we call agree, bd-1 is the cutest thing in the world?
Petition for Mizkif to play Detroit: Become Human now that his PS4 is set up sumHappy
For those of you wondering what a baby polar bear looks like.
The Phanatic with the pre-game tea bag
Let’s play a game: make a house that reflects how you used to build when you were a new simmer
My very good ,very well done Marge costume!
We’re all guardians after all
Nighttime snowfall shot I took [newbie] [light]
I love my stylist! I'm finally silver!!
If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and OP, I would shoot ________ twice.
Sora rises above the darkness tattoo. Completed yesterday
Fast-food workers in Connecticut service plazas plan to unionize
If I can't vote for the Bunny... I'll vote for the most vicious Leopard, at least he's honest about his face eating ways.
Young Hidatsa Native American girl 1920
WCGW if i slide the handrail on an escalator
If you know, you know.
Pure sad
I know.
it gets me everytime
How many ice creams can goku eat? [OC]
My respect for this game increased by 100! (It matters)
POST GAME THREAD: Brewers @ Reds - Thu Jul 04 @ 02:10PM EDT
Calm down
Rate my grub
Othar the Harvester - (conversion/sculpture)
My Hourglass blushes so far ✨
My computer's way of saying good morning 😂
"Trust me. I can tame ANYTHING."
Ok this is epic
Just got this game today at school!
Remember everyone, next time you think about leaving your car keys in the microwave, don’t. Scientifically speaking, they can’t handle it.
I'm I'm I'm sorry sorry sorry Jon Jon Jon . . .
Mmmm I love coffee beans!
A majestic ibex seen near Mont Aiguille in the French Alps.
Andrew's Reddit AMA was great, but there are literally thousands of users who asked questions that Andrew wasn't able to answer in time.…
Tests performed this morning on Dembélé have shown that the player has a complete rupture of the proximal tendon of the femoral biceps of…
Why this is happening?
Daily Senko #45
Just another day for Wyvern...
Trying to step up my baking game with with tart art.
Adam Schefter on Twitter: "The Next Chapter: Antonio Brown and GM Mike Mayock got into it Wednesday, and the team is now planning to…
Is it you? Is it really you? I think it's you.
this is a big blunt
Je to pravda??
Could not afford an official wand from Ollivanders so I carved my own
Pizarro's Big Adventure
Kanye, Kid Cudi, and a choir singing Lift Yourself and other classics
Any tips on even-ing out a handlebar beardy bois?
Is it over?
I put a video together to celebrate everything that makes this sport so great. I hope you can connect with it, in some way or another. UFC…
Court upholds ruling that Kentucky must pay $224,000 over clerk Kim Davis refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses
/r/CrusaderKings in a nutshell
RECORD ALERT: Julio Jones needs 660 yards over his final five games to pass Calvin Johnson's 1,964 mark set in 2012
Pay Attention. 😠
Bokoblin after watching me kill a guardian with an ancient arrow
Le monumental moment in history has arrived
This pallet at my job was built with a cross section of pinecone.
Me and my son have a city to burn!
uplay account logged in from another location?
The means of production for our glorious kingdom
This seal
This old mug has a mustache protector
Designed my own blanket with my favorite GameCube Games!
Kliff Kingsbury on the #1 pick: "It's fun to have people telling you that it's a done deal."
My latest shot of the moon in 81 megapixels. [OC]
Pacers' Myles Turner does jersey exchange with rural Kenyan community...
Would you rather have 250$ discount on everything or a 25% discount on everything?
The duality
To the extreme
Evolution of Shang Tsung
Well since we're doing bellies now
Update on the "I Love My Dad" Post
Hmm let me just use all of my heavy on 1 thrall
Don't question my logic
This shark is 392 years old and still alive today. This means that he was swimming around the ocean during the Ming Dynasty in China!
Everyone: "You have a cattle dog? They are so smart!". *looks down*
TITAN Supercomputer Ranked #12 (18,688 AMD Opteron 6274 - 16 cores x 2.2 GHz, 299K Cores Total) deployed in 2012 is going into retirement…
Plant and reading nook
I think he forgot how to use his bed.
I’ve never felt more myself! @ pride this year!
CORRUPTED - some more Cyberpunk character VR Sculpting with Oculus Rift. Hope you guys like it!
Now this is pod racing > I don’t like sand > I hate you > Nooooooo (scored this shirt at Salvation Army)
The Ship Note: Round 2
Nino Bikini
That clean fleece got them feeling like the princesses they are ❤️
True Vanguard's Play My Way tournament
Lover’s been submitted for consideration at the 2020 Grammys!
Snow cones for breakfast!
when your "easy A" class ends up being the hardest one
Notice that blue hair is shown in this logo and yet not shown with the Fusions. Therefore they could be starting in base form.
The Failed Artist Starter Pack
Found at my local Walmart
My favourite picture of Yuri (art by Kt_notice on Twitter)
Hearts of Iron 4: Good Ending
The misty, winding roads of Mount Rainier National Park
If I don't know what I'm doing, they don't know either.
Manny Joins the Alt Right (Part 2)
Texans, Rice University announce new course offering: How to run an NFL franchise
I made a bi castle in Minecraft
Shiho is happy to see you
Ah, finally
Rain World launches on Nintendo Switch today
Sabi nga ni Kuya Wil, "Parang biro lamang..."
Shrek is in Avengers
Beach fun
Wanted to share my Firestorm!
Students skive off school to march for our climate in Belgium. This movement is happening every Thursday between 10.30 AM and 12.30 PM. It…
Fibromyalgia be like...
Look who I found in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer!
Cha cha real smooth
Franks and Beans
Reminder UK is a totalitarian state which punishes free speech
Keep that in mind!
Owl on standby
Le simple happiness has arrived
Hey guys! Remember last year I made a doodle for my bf's birthday? This year I just had to step up my game.
Migraine hangovers...
Ole Star
My sister's toilet with a built in hand basin - it uses the waste water to fill the cistern for the next flush
Just a pic of me sneaking into Area 51
[Welniak] Andy Reid on Drew Lock during the combine: "I actually coached his dad at Missouri, Andy Lock. Who is a great restauranteur there…
Pensive Moment
Was leveling an alt and discovered this gem flying around periodically.
Intern season
The secret to a well balanced diet for the jiu-jitsu practitioner
Balrog (Durin's Bane) by Ozani Ferreira
Got bored in class so I drew Kris
This is apparently a dream btw...
Kizuna-chan did her part but nobody noticed it
Posting selfies to r/teenagers like..
Idea: An option to enable Dark Theme
ocean eyes💙 CCW!
Jasper, Alberta, Canada
Hope this is memeable enough
Can anybody identify this extra long breed?
LPT: Do not listen to anyone who tries to explain to you that you can afford more than you think you can.
Jedna za kraj...
chillin at mcdonalds
The Moderation Myth: I can't even moderate my sparkling water consumption.
Monika Smash Bros-style render (art by @YanpaiArt)
"I'll Be There For You. The Captain Said I Had To." - K-2SO [Mechanical Pencil sketch]
“Mad” Jack Churchill
At Cars and Croissants. Pacific German brought out their B9 Allroad with the S4 engine swap. Closest thing to an S4 Avant.
Gotta have a mask on Halloween
Bless you Jon
On Feet photos of the Air Jordan 1 "Origin Story". Modeled by Shameik Moore, the voice of Miles Morales in the animated Spider-Man movie.
New player, how I feel towards my colonists when they’re at like 30% rest and they’re gonna be worked to the bone tomorrow
At Least It's Better than the HRE
Finally finished this animation! It took me 150 hours, 1700 photos, 15 liters of coffee 😁 and lot of patience. “Lego Camping Crazy…
One morning of work... I should have done this years ago.
The truth hurts
Jeg tror ikke at Brings chatbot overtager verden foreløbigt
"That's what housekeepers are for."
View from my bed in an AirBNB in Beatenberg, Switzerland
I’m not the most observant of Skyrim players but this was bad even for me. Almost shat myself
Harlow the cardiac and CPTSD service dog matching the sunset
Roxy enjoyed her first visit to the beach and so did her little sister, Katy.
Reminds me of radstags
An interview with Australian clinical psychologist Lissa Johnson: They are trying to break Assange “physically and psychologically”
A Thank You To r/blackladies 2018
He's a lovable weirdo
Validate my art with internet points
Nasa and Vans have finally released their new collection, inspired by space suits and borrowing from the patches for the agency's most…
Let’s spend £60 billion on the Brexit screw-up instead of the NHS!
Literally just a picture of Neapolitan ice-cream. (OC)
He pet the Zero Two
America is the reason you have cars. Nope.
11 week old Denver loves some Sunday naps!
Johnny Depp as “Captain Jack Sparrow” sails into Vancouver to visit patients at BCCH [FULL VIDEO}
Bought this baby Tradescantia Fluminensis Tricolor for $2!
Good looking pair
No words needed [OC]
How is Candy color determined?
98 days and 9.8 kgs. First time I’ve lost weight without feeling like I’m missing out on life.
Fuv it, happy Blanc for your art viewing pleasure and not for anything else.
[All] New Template
[Avengers: Infinity War] If Loki had left the Tesserect to be destroyed along with Asgard, what would Thanos have done when he attacked the…
A little hope for the masses
Happy birthday umu
Times Cartoon: Projections
Bendin’ bottles.
Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip amid political meddling charges
cat baby after bathing !!!!!!!
PROJECT: Akali Fan art By:@serpentigena_art
[Opinion] We should clarify that this sub and r/juxtaposition don't have the same purpose
Just updated to iOS13 and am now getting this randomly as I browse. Does anyone know why?
Bon Appetit Illustration of Making Perfect by Derek Desierto (@derekdesierto on IG)
Diangelo the dancing macaw
There's something oddly empowering in doing everything from choosing the reference picture to the finished product yourself :) LOTR motive…
Feeling good today. Hope you all are too!
The Mani Mani aka Ness's Nightmare
He did it!
After all these years
Reaper Bones Owlbear - Down & Ready to smash my murderhobo players
This guy screams in excitement whenever someone says "tight" in Fallout 4
The Vex Have Arrived in Eastern Colorado
Art by Huisang
House Democrats handing out subpoenas on January 3rd
Interesting space fact brought to you by
Dont know if anyone has posted here yet but this is one of the best things on the internet.
It’s me you not remember me ?
'I turned to sex work because Universal Credit left me with £50 to live on'
Hey I heard you liked bureaus, so I got you a bureau for your bureau's bureau.
The mash up we deserved
I cycled through all the streets Central London
A nice surprise
giant 3D printed chicken wing straight from Buffalo NY
ravod 911 be lookin' kinda peculiar bruh 😳
DOCUMENT Firea vrea să ridice mașinile staționate neregulamentar pe străzile principale din Capitală. Cât va costa recuperarea vehicululelor
I'm a photographer at a Ford dealership, this is my desk right now.
Ice cream gettin’ dunked in chocolate all day.
Found out you wont see the dog with lowest settings
Found some real facts in the youtube comment section
Just a reminder of one of the greatest British advertising campaigns ever created.
Is this true?
800k Subscriber Celebration (and contest deadline extension)!
Does anyone wanna help me not die on Apex? 🙏
I hunt the NPCs down that hit me
I found this 7 year old post about MLS in 2020
Dragon Rock by Greg Rutkowski
‪“Ay bro why would you ever want to leave this place?” -Jerami Grant, probably ‬
I made a figure 8 knot cuff bracelet for a rock climbing friend
And God still cares for 'em. Absolute legend
This game helps me dealing with depression...
The time I clapped up X
First official image from BOND 25
IBM closes Red Hat acquisition for $34 billion
Haha lol what’s a self esteem
Debate coaches rule
My Cat has recently been Diagnosed with Heart Disease, please Send Al all your love
Nice try, Rockstar. I run these rails.
Morning on Sorna as a Trike family grazes nearby.
International SAT october candidate can relate....women suffrage...
Request : can someone put arms on this bird please ?
once again at bathurst
My School is demanding for a copy of every students car key. (GA)
The Arctic Fox's Prey
Don’t want me to throw my trash away? Okay...
Fast, cheap, can only pick 2
Pre-season test timing screen
Greek's chat causes female RPer to cry due to *harassment*
Thanks. We get it.
Banana Arms!
Ten year
Got cut off, then justice was served.
HMF while I attempt to Hawaii 5-O
Got My First SHINY!
Mox is getting a live mic for next week's Dynamite
There was NO point in that story arc.
Perfect flips, timing and balance
Play That Funky Music White Boy
Mt. Fuji incense burner
The legacy of "fiscal conservative" Paul Ryan
I decided to not let this project drag into the new year!
Sleepy boi tiny blop
Blondey McCoy parts ways with Palace
Reddit should update this to a pic of Zied
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's hair is ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT.
The man with the plan
Mmm trickshot
[Discussion] Am I the only one that wants OS Mojave’s wallpaper mechanic,
Interesting chat with my OBGYN
Smooth operator
Shome wee homeT
Stop it! Get some help
All short heavies should have the same amount of GB vulnerability as longer heavies to make feint to GB more consistent in parry baiting…
When Gavin has a cold
Savage move from my clannie
My girlfriend started finding little white hairs in her mouth.
Who is your favorite writer and what is your favorite book?
the van is here dawg let’s gogh
CCP Podcast Ep. 20 - One-Stop ETF Shopping
CNN's Brian Stelter: ‘We Can't Tiptoe’ Around Trump’s Mental Instability ‘Anymore’
Now in reverse
Who needs S'mores Frappuccinos when you can get S'mores Lattes?
Saw a tap dripping water on a ruler in class, thought it belonged here, watch till the end
Almost done, my super vepr 308
Five zombies with one blow (Cower ye before the mighty Empress sword!)
A rákosszentmihályi erőd vs gyík emberek. 1:0
As the bioinformatician in my lab group
The usual struggle
PSA: All Metro Routes are on their designated snow routes.
Falcons and Vikings are tearing us apart for losing the NFC game, but let’s not forget
Wow these are tough 💪🏻
Marek Kuchciński rezygnuje z funkcji marszałka Sejmu
Local Dreg posthumously awarded Medal of Honor for bravery during Battle of Bergusia
my about month progress in portrait drawing!
Ive been waiting for him to make the 53 to make something like this
Yeah there’s no coming back from that one
The phrase "Look at you!" tends to have a positive connotation, while "Look at yourself!" tends to be critical and negative.
Not Another 30 New Supe Speedrun (ID in comments)
Poland Mazovia Poland Mazovia Poland Moldavia
He’s asking for some love!
[Pelissero] The #Falcons and star WR Julio Jones are finalizing a multi-year extension that will make him the NFL’s highest-paid receiver…
[WIP] Futurama progress - just gotta fill the rest in with 310 and I am done!
Peter Jackson’s WWI Documentary ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Expanding to Over 500 Theaters Starting February 1, 2019
You'll never be as good as Cousin Okri!
The moment we knew
Women and children +(doggos)
Happy Zero Twosday
when u hit P twice instead of L
Laffey by Meggii Cosplay (AGAIN SOWWIE!!)
This Aladdin art
All the time
What's a disappointing and surprisingly good game you discovered this decade?
Shut up, Drones
Thom Yorke - ANIMA (Official Discussion Thread!)
Match Thread: Seattle Sounders FC vs FC Dallas | Major League Soccer
Loved this MEME entry from Vaati's Art Competition
Do not think that cookies will keep you alive
Mr. Chief's Bizarre Adventure
[USA][FL] Serial police impersonator done in by his own camera
Viva Las Vegas!
Covered wagon design
Tom and Jerry had that “on sight” beef
I tried getting a nice picture of all the cats sitting together
Variety Andys, even though we may not like Overwatch, I think that we can be happy that a large part of the community is getting what they…
When a user tries to tell you what the data from your program means
Keep trying Dodgson!
My cat on his 1st birthday with his fat and fluffy belly.
Brooklyn Supreme: 3,200lbs of unit
Mommapoppin Graduates!
Felt cute that day.
[update] dad is being scammed, african gold scam update and thank you!
Destiny is being a useful idiot for racists
A person on my server said to send 1 silver to Badtaro to get 1 Gold back, I figured I'd roll the dice and got this response.
Updated Battlestation with new desk and monitor arm
AFL introduces new goal line technology to pick up sound of the ball hitting the post
Lock up the vacation homes? You never said what lock!
This normie actually managed to get 14 likes (fixed identifying info)
Pinkerton 2 is just Rivers coming to terms with his split personality disorder
Squirrely dog
I just finished my first playthough of SoM (amazing game) but I accidentally pushed down during the final battle at the Black Gate.
"why are they so funny"
So true
Connor! The Android Pup Sent By CyberLife!
Stay vigilant, m'goodboys and pretty princess's! There are Chads out making unhealthy vegetal mussy that will destroy our healthy frames.…
My First Try at Paper Piecing
(Humor) Welcome the Most Beautiful Thing to The World!
Ad Astra | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
Records Show Trump Used Phones Vulnerable to Foreign Spies ‘All The Time’
why am i like this
The Big List Of Cosplays
Well there goes my productivity for the day...
Relatable ...
Maybe Maybe Maybe
old people's quarrel
An attempt was made.
Woof irl
Purple Rain - MFA Color Series #5
Krydret titel
Made another advert with me and my buddy's Rancher XL.
She‘s been in brumation (reptile hibernation) for weeks and I miss her :(
How it feels being a Sethrak fan right now
Top ten photos taken seconds before disaster
I ran more miles in my 37th year of life then any other year I have been alive.
This guy.
Poll: Would you welcome a four-day working week in Ireland?
Gala Elisanne: Expectation vs. Reality
After weeks of grinding I got my first Pinnacle!
Iemand help is vraag in toets maar ik weet hed niet
This is what happens when you put ferrofluid in a rotating magnetic field: its dynamics creates Hele-Shaw cells and consquent weird shapes
Alberta Bill Many Fear Will Reopen Abortion Debate Passes 1st Vote
Guys im so happy. Today I hit MR28!
AOC giving us some ideas
Walter and Oscar's first boat ride
So annoying
Agata-kun by @msdk_max
Slow-mo dookin' for pea's. They could all learn a thing or two from Dave.
"...'cuz these guns shoot to kill."
People spreading fake news. No one died.
Where you puttin' all that puddin'? His personal theme song.
[self drafted] Thrift store transformation- red corduroy dress
I CAN’T be the only one who sees the resemblance...
Jean Shorts
Not all hope is lost. The Last of Us Part II, coming to a PS4 near you......... soon! This should definitely at least tell us that Ghost of…
I found Bert sleeping like this when I got home. You do you, bud
Trolls ultimate needs a much better visual indicator so people can tell if the spell has ended or not
khajiit does not play these games
Can someone come bail me out?
Latest haul
Am I worthy??
Nuclear fusion lab praised by Boris Johnson in Tory conference speech is funded mostly by EU
Nice outfit
Basketball Highlights
Don’t telegraph your punches: technique with Michael Jai White and Kimbo
'The law is the law': Virginia Democrats float prosecution and National Guard for police who fail to enforce gun control legislation
My flower pot tipped over!!!
Teacher pay: Some need second jobs to make ends meet, concerning Pa. lawmakers
Dawn wishes you all a happy thanksgiving, if you celebrate.
A helpful reminder in my office.
I overheard a wholesome conversation
[OC] I heard a plea for Crane skins. So how about Marching Band Shoukaku?
Update: He's feeling a lot better :)
[WP] The heroes of the story know only one of them will survive this next encounter. However, the author hasn't quite decided which one…
There ARE keto-considerate people out there.
Gonna Miss You Dork
y'all can't handle the truth Yanks
ham o'nella lol
Logical course of events.
Lowry on being an icon to kids
Actual Pirates of the Caribbean Orchestra Soundtrack re-made in FL Studio (with Text Explanation)
Its NERV or nothin'
This is the type of vandalism I can get behind.
The Perfect Skin combo. I call it "Fish and Chips"
Flower Power Sand Marble Race
Well at least the PP is ok
Every single Starbucks barista has watched someone dump hot coffee into the trash can.
Lezbe honest here
I met my soul mate in a conversion camp.
UCP considers dropping requirement that all its candidates have experience spreading hate on social media
I love what Satania is wearing [Gabriel Dropout]
if he finds you first, you lose.
not surprised at this point
Can we just appreciate that despite its minor flaws, this is a game that lets you save your buddies by jumping on frag grenades?
Congratulations to the winner of Ultimate Singles at Play With Heart!
Dark Flare Knight Soul Calibur
My Thancred cosplay for Halcon 2019
Found the finished painting "Bob Ross" is doing in Blanc Brinery
Bird Box: Kendrick Lamar Version
Morty and the Chocolate Factory
west virginia
Thought this was an interesting breakdown of Greinke v Soto
What is up with Nickelodeon and the spin-off Spongebob conundrum?
Discussion: Mei is TOO strong.
"End of the Line" - A scuttled boat is capsized against the seawall of River Front Memorial Park in South Daytona, FL after an unnamed…
I would venerate me.
Nah he’s just flexing
Tim Ryan told Bernie Sanders that Medicare-for-all would be bad for unions. Major union leaders disagree.
Will smudging help?
Why am i here?
[OC] Another map i created some time ago for my larp group
Close-up of a pile of pencil shavings.
When you wake up to your 4th R of the week
Mrs. Adler
Unreal Engine Time Warp Effect: Season Change 🍃➡🍂
Trudeau government leaks support in wake of SNC-Lavalin, Wilson-Raybould matter: Ipsos poll
Shop kitty kept me company while I got new tires installed. I’ll be a repeat customer for this reason.
Happy Valentine's
A Cosy Sleeping Nook
With the 18th pick of the 2020 NFL draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select All-Pro Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick
Tom Blundell raised his bat like this for a reason when he reached triple figures. He’s raising money for a young girl called Hollie who’s…
Made it into a loop
I got my first song with a local artist!
CB gets choosy over free party food, then invites her bf, who invites 3 more friends
Wie is de grote ontdekker?
Some of the good stuff
Fresh paint, refurbished instruments and new trim on the '66 El Camino dash panel
‪ The whole completed Hedonites of Slaanesh force out on display. It’s taken the best part of a year to repaint all my old stuff and build…
Please enjoy my short film
Calvin's life as a sitcom
I see lots of bad memories and sad stories over here, so what about we share our sweetest memories? Tell me about the most memorable and…
Is it weird to fantasize about someone caring about you enough to ask you how you're feeling?
Little Ring Tail Possum getting warm
This dress never got worn because the slit in the back was a bit too high. So I patched it with a lace panel!
What a set
Trying again
Just terrible
Trucker tries to skip toll...
[Skate 3] Think I pushed off a little too hard
SAMANTHA RAVNDAHL on Instagram: “no more body editing for sam 2k19”
FAKER Mayfield rips up the GEQBUS’ speech. SAD!
Elizabeth Warren’s Big Night
Felt this was appropriate after last night's tribal (SPOILERS)
Got ‘eeeeeeem
It can autoclaved they said...
Truck with sidearm takes out toll booth
Me too
i said a LITTLE off the top!
i love this scene, it's so wholesome <3 really makes the manga transcend the other harem trash
Russian fun
Me and the girls getting ready to make the boys depressed
The game deserves it.
NTD: turned 21 and decided to treat myself
And the hypocrite of the year award goes to...
[USA] Tailgating Karma
Unvaccinated student loses in court after suing health dept during outbreak - Catholic student claims religious objections, but the…
It is time.
It gets so lonely down here, Blitzy
Turtle statue representing Chieti, Italy
"Unskippable game cinematic" starter pack
[I Ate] Baked potato fries
Baby Samson and his ears
My brother does chainsaw carvings and he made this for my birthday tomorrow. Best present ever!
Calif. Senate passes $214B spending plan that would expand benefits to people in U.S. illegally
With a straight face, GOP leader says party was ‘respectful’ of Obama
A normal conversation with Mikan.
Two great actors sat in these chairs.
[PSA] How to deal with these Prismatic Badass Rakks
After losing my hair (alopecia) I decided to go all natural. This is 4 weeks doing the CG method. Still have bald spots but it’s growing…
Tintin à Stalingrad
Man down man down
Pathognomonic [meme]
Skull carved from an amethyst geode.
I'm A Clack Cat
Was going to send a video of my Husky playing in the new flowers in my yard for r/aww, but she landed herself on this sub instead.
Grace The Pirate Queen by Tomasz Jedruszek
Information as a mechanic is woefully under-explored
When your dreamie finally joins the gane
[JP] Sims gets a retrofit!
Rain caused this bubble on this foggy lake
You shouldn’t be here kid. Don’t you know I’m the fastest _______ in the west? OWE
Durham Castle in the Snow
Admiral will play Catan on Mizzou Road Trip
Big oof
Nirvana - Nevermind
Why it got to be this way?
Found dog in the north Denver area!
Vincent was upset that I woke him up when I came home from classes today
NYT Crossword Is Onboard
One Piece 951 Spoilers
My bud as Star Lord Voldemort
The war crimes extend past our subreddit
Does anyone have any creative grilled cheese sandwich recipes they love? This one is shredded cheddar, thinly sliced cucumber, whipped…
Denied bathroom break, desperate Kerala class 10 student defecates in exam hall
boundless 1 on 1 time with the prof <3
Made a few more posters
To quote the eBay seller: "I don't know what's wrong with the phone"
[Post-game Quotes] Crawford: "That's what people don't understand about Book, he's just trying to win. They talk about the numbers, but…
I'm completely rebuilding the Academy in RoM. Here's the entryway. (WIP)
I’m so proud of this community
I like those odds!
Gulliver please,
Strangely Adorable
Haha we've all been there amirit guys?
Far from home [3840 × 2160]
[OC] NBA Players as Fruits: A Visualization
Woof irl
These Youtube pop ups that block the video 20 seconds before the end.
'It's a lemon': Opal Tower owners and residents rage at building debacle
Probably discussing an intense game of Risk
"Felt cute, might delete later"
An interesting title
I wish all nuclear bombs and all knowledge on how to make them disappeared instantly and permanently
Chipotle adds a new meat to its menu for the first time in a year | Carne asada
In the event this hasn't been posted here, it's gold.
Underrated moment: I *absolutely love* the visual/audio design of Lion’s warp. From the way the camera briefly continues down the hill…
Prime Time in Charm City🦀
“Arms” Dealer
Sensitivity is the ego looking for pain. Be emotional, not sensitive.
People who draw fan art of Berserk
Serial prednisone addicts exist apparently
Where’s that same energy?
60-foot long tunnel found next to border wall in Texas
It’Ll Do MoRe HaRm ThAn GoOd
The Perfect Mac Mini Setup 2018! - Jonathan Morrison AMA
Case report of a man who appeared drunk and was arrested for drunk driving even though he had never drunk alcohol. He was diagnosed with…
Old town road Christian edition (from r/teenagers)
Yesterday and Today’s carry
Nothing like chicken Feet
“ASURA” - Painted by me!
It gets everywhere
Just announced Diablo mobile game everyone hates, and they pull this....
On this date in 1965, Hurricane Betsy made landfall in Louisiana as a category 4. Flooded parts of New Orleans in a foreshadowing of…
It definitely do be like that
Another test subject.. (practicing painting again with help from the legends)
Some frames on raider's animations can be skipped consistently
Chapter 2 release date leaked.
Sakura: I've finally caught up with you 2. Literally everyone watching:
Robert Whittaker Drops Out Of UFC To Donate Bone Marrow To His Daughter
The right to meme shall not be infringed
I’m just saying, if the Colts win the Super Bowl it would be the greatest football story of all time
It finally came in! I shall wear with pride!
My favorite part YYZ
Victory is ours their forces will fall...
[Wojnarowski] Free agent guard Brad Wanamaker is returning to the Boston Celtics on a one-year deal, agent Steve McCaskill tells ESPN.…
Democrats gain registration in California's 25th Congressional District ahead of 2020
They were dropped by their label (twice!) but Broods have never been happier
muslims when they’re told their favourite food ain’t halal
Samsora honestly outplays Tea to end the set
Belt marker progress. Logic almost complete for downstream mapping. Placeholder markings on belts and splitters.
A nice drift
My first wing-and-wing, Jordan Lake, NC 30MAR
Slight adjustment
About time
When you dont know how to effectively anti-gank as Highlander
I never meant to hurt you, but I still feel bad
Ghost was found wifh his jaw and all teeth broken as a stray. His fur was all matted and he weighted 4lbs. The bottom right is his intake…
Subnautica meme [No spoilers]
[HUMOR] Royal Champion is tempting me to rush
I think she graduated?
Kinda perfect.
I blame Cap 2
What do you guys think of my wall? Marvin gaye ain't jazz but I love that album.
Somewhere in the forest, by Hue Teo on ArtStation
Sums up my game.
Sadio Mane Joining the 50 goals club for Liverpool among other legends[premier league era table]
He sure is a "Generous God"
Cut it out bruh
Always happens
I think Bungie is trolling us
Hey Guardian, you're looking alright alright alright
10 tips i haven't seen much detail on and one corrected tip youtubers have been telling you to do wrong.
Team Netherlands secure funding for World Cup
Who Knew
We're back to being the underdogs. The forgotten ones. The write offs. Bring it on.
I made a quadcopter that makes returning from Eve a little easier. 14.5km above sea level launch!
Happy Flag day r/NASCAR !
His reaction just so cute XD
Gonna be roaming the festival grounds with these bad boys with the squad. Come and have a friendly duel with us!!!
Deciding if I should post GIFs here using a relatively new show:
90's Storm [Art]
I don’t even know how to respond to this lmao.
Built My Own Floorpan From Scratch
Someone in my apartment building is smoking weed and it's coming into my unit through the ventilation somewhere, making everything I own…
From the Stephen King collection.
A friend sent me this snap yesterday, after I'd shown him this sub. I had to share with the world.
Honestly devastated.
Suggested MIL take an Uber in a snowstorm. She locked herself in my son's room.
[Translation] SF Recruiting Fodders
I made M&M cookies
I think it’s the best time for cara to take a break
Space Shuttle Atlantis in the VAB Vehicle Assembly Building.
Interior work begins *UPDATE 27*
Honestly, furries ruin all the fun
Those drones!
Trump's Choice to Lead U.S. Intelligence is Not Qualified
If you think you're unlucky then you haven't met me
The inherent eroticism of concede
Getting Christmas presents as a grown up [ALL] [OC]
Liger's retirement
After a long and hot summer of mowing I’m finally in the master race!
Wallah broz at it again after Ramadan
I want to see more
This one I think I can approve of :)
Indian Army used civilian as human shield in Occupied Kashmir and its supporters turned it into a commodity
Denkt an euren sonnenschutz
Hey I made a template, go wild
Portrait of Abe Lincoln made of different shades of pennies
Cinematics Dept: "How many expansion intros do you want with Sylvanas?" Writers: "Yes."
My dude really seems to like FNAF 1 Xbox edition a lot
I’m having a personal time here, Jon
And that goes here
Always loved this sign on Passyunk
Yom Kippur in Netanya
Skill check
Meeting my girlfriends grandpa for the first time. Hoping to make a good impression
Illusion for Robin Wood- Destroying nature is destroying life. Published 2016-03-20
Nino by Hoshi_San for Tanabata festival
I hope ryans audition goes well
This is required
Artemi Panarin celebrates being 1st star of the game... with a high kick
Aw okay one more! It's getting too cold to wear anything like this anyways, might as well enjoy while I can.
Ed Sheeran Cameos as a Stormtrooper in The Rise Of Skywalker
Tip tap tip tap
It’s Sunday, my dudes...[Spoiler]
OOooOHhhH Peetah.
My Crops Need Me
Asuna — New to drawing
"Felt cute. idk might delete later"
So serene
Turns out Kim Jong-Un went to an IB school
Always will be a satisfying sound
Had a game last night
This is Jack. He hates baths but loves sitting in his towel.
yeah mate, i really love charlemagne from fate/extella link
S&P 500 Buybacks Now Outpace All R&D Spending in the US - the 500 largest companies in the US are now spending 33% more on their stock…
When Carlos makes you distract Sarah
Island Big Enough for Tom Nook
Spurs get a 96-second possession (2007 NBA Finals, Game 4)
Delaying social security -- or not
🥰 Sweet little boy.
I'm running out of ideas.
Cute Cub
Hi guys! Just made a day/night Borusara fanart, hope you like it ^_^
i’m so concerned.. but not THAT concerned!
gotta start ‘em young ..
Well then...
Rizzo crushes a monster dong to tie the game at 3
Leaving each shift in a Bentley with Casper and his homies in the back.
Sometimes second hand stores have good things
my avatar is still asleep
Found in a Rest Stop outside of Boston
Down to seven vets, Pearl Harbor survivors' group in California holds final meeting
the forbidden rite
I finished piecing the top. Now if my back stops hurting I could start quilting today. More in comments...
[IWC] Oh hi Mark
everyone shut up! shut up lutz!
My first in the to-do-list at Seliana
Wonder how many girl’s he’s gotten with this line 🧐
“measles is for a week max”
Look, another TF2 comment in this video.
Bro what?
Shot of the milky way near Chilliwack, BC [edit, composition]
We made a Christmas card of baby Jesus and the three wise men. We are not a religious household
Chronist of Martyr
I wasn’t gonna post today, but I can’t help it. If I had to wear one polish color for the rest of my days - this would be it 💕
Anon challenges himself
[WTC] Rainbow Stripe Vintage Check Wool & Cashmere Cape
TIL that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" is not a quote from some ancient philosopher or legal code. It is a quote…
:' )
I saw someone put the whole trimmed Gohan super attack up, so I thought I’d do the same for cell.
Join boys
2010 Ford escape, Front left bumper out of place. Easy fix?
Showing off in front of friends (WCGW)
God damn I grilled a hamburger with my phone after playing that game
Before and after in Lightroom. Photo in Lofoten, Norway. Whaddaya think?
Side of a police station, Napier, New Zealand.
Beautiful fanart by @jess_isnt_cool
Compiling it a second time seems to be successful
Bear attack risk chart
'I begin to hate this sport of beating each other': Khabib speaks on death of boxer Dadashev
They're finally sharing the bed together
What good would it be without the mote control??
Good times
NX-01 in orbit of Earth
In the process of building my dream home. This is the view from the kitchen today.
Just in case anyone was wondering why Yukon Striker’s loop got delayed by a week or so:
În față la Mega Mall...
[Morosi] Kole Calhoun has agreed to a contract with #DBacks, source confirms.
Take out the EU and Fett is just as useless
Saw this at the gym this morning!
Had to let my old man (13) Jack go tonight. Hurts more than I could have imagined.
I can finally retire a legend
Asian mascaras are the best! (Kiss Me Heroine Long and Curl)
HMF as I defeat the odds!
Warhammer Fan art by Vladislav Grechko
Saw another lego saber the other day thought i'd share mine here as well. More pics in comment link.
Marshlands by Veikka Somerma
... to rate t mobile
Error: gecko.exe has stopped responding
I love Jim Parsons but this insult is too hilarious not to share
Saw on r/trashy
“omg i stan melanie martinezzzzz”
Metroid by Danny Elliott at Rebel Muse Tattoo in Lewisville, TX
When Pro Clubs just reminds you of Tinder
Carly Rae Jepsen on the Music That Made Her
I’ve had him for 2 weeks and see no end to the obsession over how cute he is. Look at him.
You're full of tricks wizard
My cat showing off his latest acquisition to the ft86 platform.
When I turn on shadows, shadows turn with me
Boeing 737 MAX
Game Pass Twitter trolling at max level
Found these in a random, dusty, hole-in-the wall tourist shop in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico!
Step sister?? 😳
My Grandma sent me this yesterday!!! [Picture]
What kind of insects are these inside the stomach of a rainbow trout?
Sana & Dahyun
"Undetectable firearms do not exist. Anyone using that term does so in ignorance or to purposefully deceive others." | Opposition to…
My Girlfriend made a Jesse pumpkin to celebrate Halloween!
Good companion for a snowy walk.
It's off season and my mate (left) wanted a haircut. Had to stage a classic, and it turned out scarily accurate.
MG Zaku warrior complete and awaiting photo shoot!
Harry Potter fans have it easy
Desperate Microsoft
One Finger Death Punch 2 released
‪Trump’s parading the military to assert his authority. It’s not a “salute to America,” it’s a salute to himself. Millions of taxpayer…
Finished Alpha Legion Space Marine, Thanks for looking C&C welcome
Blue, me , digital , 2019
[Cosplay] A shot of my Batman cosplay
Our little girl Molly, three weeks of happiness, frustration, learning and progress!
i made a chad quetzal
When it’s Wednesday and Survivor is on!
Sunset over Adelaide tonight
Top 10 anime fights
Death to America, of course
Kneecap shredder
Oh no I accidentally bought men handkerchiefs! How am I gonna blow my woman nose now???
[Fallout 2] Why would there be any need for a chop shop in the wasteland? I feel like if they were in possession of the car and had more…
Small-dollar donors just broke the record for most contributions made on ActBlue in a single day!! Grassroots donors are powering…
Duty is inevitable.
This subreddit has never seen me ride before so here goes nothing
The graveyard shift
Camp Office is getting overstocked
The legbeards are really, really upset about J. K. Rowling
Injustice testing beta
(fractured futures spoilers) i'm literally the guy in the pic
Elegant WA2000
I'm a Chiefs fan, and I just want to say...
No makeup
HA, GAYYYY (fanart das matriarcas a)
Gamestop Guy
[Post Game Thread] The New Orleans Pelicans (16-26) defeat the Utah Jazz (28-13) 138-132 in OT, behind 49/8/6 from Brandon Ingram
I just got a honeycomb at the Iron Circus tattoo convention by Wilber from Rolling Gypsy tattoo in Tacoma, WA!
My Ms. Joke Cosplay
Battle of Agincourt
My best friend just got sentenced to 16-25 years in prison. Is there a subreddit about ways to handle this and things I can do to support…
I visited the Holy Site and Drove My Funky Soul
Got a CYMA MP5 for £5 at a car boot. Battery too.
Ladies watch out, this 19th century politician is on the prowl
My son... the day you were born, the very forests of Khaz Modan whispered the name...
5 Emperors
Excuse me?
it ain't much but I'm doing my part
Snowfall in Tosh Village , Himachal Pradesh.
73 Questions with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Vouge
The three trouble makers are baaaaaaack! Rigz, Wheeler, and Nova. Two are 7 months, one is 6 months.
Letterman confirmed🌊🌊
I'm Not Sorry.
Christian Eriksen arrived at Milan-Linate (most central airport in Milan) from London-Luton around 10am (Italian time) this morning. He was…
Where's my superman ?
I want a sneaky "Eff Yo Couch"
Farming ain't ez
Contrapoints just surpassed Armoured Skeptic
Fixed it for you guys
BTW, I use arch
Good old times
What the..!??
Big vegan launched today in Israel, was delicious 👌👌
Walking in, computer in hand, is perfect.
Y'all flexin' your JUNOs, but you cannot beat me rollin' my JUNOST-21 Soviet keytar
Me and the boys listening to Pinkerton
What a strange few days
Tried my hand at the egg muffin recipe posted earlier today...
Another addition to my regiment.
Condition no longer exists
Put in my 2 weeks. My store is a total cluster f***. I’m done.
Shes angry that I woke her up.
Ohio to offer free stop smoking programs
Roger Rogers
23M never had any form of intimacy. Is this normal?
Smoked Pastrami Sandwich
Looks like Stanley is finally having the time of his life
Final preparations for the Independence Day Parade.
Belichick admits with Antonio Brown, “There are some things we’re looking into.”
[Merchandise Monday] Super Cool Zelda Wireless Charger, thoughts?
Eating mushrooms may reduce the risk of cognitive decline: Seniors who eat more than 300 grams of cooked mushrooms per week have reduced…
First Look @ SDCC 2019 - Overwatch 2-Pack. (Blizzard Entertainment exclusive)
Installing the coat of arms of the Sanchez-Esteban family on the facade of their house. These arms were designed and emblazoned by me for…
Mini Cranberry Brie Bites
Got to draw our favorite character at Animation Academy tonight!
“Mooooom feed meeeeee!”
The Chargers have officially activated Melvin Gordon to the roster. He can make his season-debut tomorrow.
St. James of Beef.
An amazing miracle
Dave Chappelle: Second Amendment 'Is Just in Case the First One Doesn't Work Out'
I promised reddit that if I got 30 comments on my post I would buy this fella. Here it is!
Animation of a lock being picked with two bobby pins
Mercury Research AMD CPU Market Share in Q3 2018: up 40% in the last year
Both of them consider themselves Patriots
U.S Republicans be like...
I just pulled an all nighter because I didn't trust myself to not accidentally sleep through my early morning class again.
Shh! Do not disturb the sleeping ice cream.
Got my cheeseburger on a butchers cleaver, incase enemies are near.
Saw a thread about what would Cyberpunk Indonesia look like. Here's the answer.
I miss vine
Never underestimate a child's ability for revenge
Spotted a true hero on my lunch break
The U.S. has no rules for when the president is a national security threat
The Costa Concordia from shore
Quand la maire de Paris oublie un tweet programmé
Ace Hardware cat snoozing on the job
Liver Damage at 18 years old
Today was bring your daughter to work day start them young my friends
I don’t pay
Aquaria reacting to Trixie’s picture
His happiness is contagious
Dropped my Northstar with the intimidation kit.
A friend of mine that hasn't heard a single episode used this in a group chat and I'm so happy with the adoption rate of this word
Im in hospital and my younger siblings made me this knowing that I'm a big the Witcher fan!
Grand jury seated in wake of new R. Kelly allegations, sources say
Kamiko Zero as a Green Lantern
Turnout at early on-campus polls significantly up from 2015
Ladies and gentlemen, we made it!
Rest in Pieces, Jon
This subreddit yesterday
I’m going to be a dad!! It’s too early to tell anyone yet but I’m beyond excited and needed an outlet
There's a train here with more than 20 tanks behind it (I can't see the end) and they are apparently all carrying tea. 75.4 tonnes per…
For the people asking for Boucher
190527 Rosie IG update
I finally found one in the wild! Check out that cup.
Charcoal is a 17 pound unit of a cat, and he knows it.
[NS] Whenever you mention the world war to Balnor.
Some required reading for fellow anarchist trans girls
I’m a genius
oh SCP-343 oh [EXPLETIVE]
Elon pls
I did like half a term on the Empire that counts right?
Captain Marvel 2nd Trailer
Some evening putting practice. Tiny backyard, but it's better than nothing.
[no spoilers] Is it just me, or is the HOVER fish the cutest a fish
This is everything
Officer: “I’m sorry to say this sir, but it looks like your girlfriend has been hit by a truck.”
Holy cow! My chalk art tribute to Harry Caray at a festival outside Chicago over the summer.
Lupeni 1904
Prayer by Viktor Mukhin
I Think this belongs here lol
The Beautiful Bashful Bookworm- Art by rmangc on Tumblr
[building] Jewel Changi airport opened today to the general public. Designed by Moshe Safdie and Peter Walker.
Yes, we want these skins and they are accurate!
Mother and Daughter
MEGA vs. DetonatioN FocusMe / MSI 2019 Play-In - Group B / Post-Match Discussion
A new Basilisk is now living in the nest.
Writers who have self published, was it worth it?
Galaxy cloaks seem to be a thing at the moment, so here is mine I did a few months ago.
Just IDW passing by.
Our Klaus and The Handler cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion
More accurate FIFA 20 menu screen
Drop the mixtape already
The Guy
Welcome to summer, I guess.
Google/Stadia team really needs to advertise more that Stadia offers Free Online Multiplayer, even with Stadia Base (free version).
How many days until the final
[OC][No spoilers] Dalish Warrior, Avilda (my art)
Portuguese Airline Becomes First To Ditch Single Use Plastics!
Like a glove
New Siege figures revealed - Astrotrain, Apeface, Spinister, and Crosshairs
Let him deeptroath that fricking pan!
Team Liquid vs Team Vitality / cs_summit 4 - Group Stage / Post-Match Discussion
Saw these awesome pieces in this cool Mexican restaurant
Unusual power failure in Wrocław, Poland - 16 November 2018
Catto all over cage
[Post Game] Heat beat Cavs, 108-97
We love you, Arin.
Stolen from Twitter
Trying to edit barriers like...
[Update] - Nmom is 9 days smoke-free and taking frustrations out on me for keeping my lung
Merry Christmas in Hell!
Make Satan Pay For It
mark was the nicest person EVER ! this was seriously the best moment of my entire life !!!
Dad, I want a kitty!
ass wednesday
I feel like this belongs here.
She claimed this moose as hers a couple years ago and she absolutely loves cuddling up with it ❤
1, 6 million de soutiens à un recours contre l'Etat français
Just woke up. This was one of the first things I saw when I opened my eyes.
My Kind of Buddha Bowl :)
Someone’s cat watches xQc
Just picked this baby up :) excuse the blues
XclusiveAce, one of the most positive COD youtubers, telling it how it is
NASA Wind Tunnel Fan
For real though.
Help Wanted SpringBonnie plush
17th century ring with ship on front
To make the traintracks track even more eerie, there are traintracks behind Riva Motorsports. RIPX
Found a sealed copy of Tales of Monkey Island
Darjeeling tea
Real Talk
Make it so pewds can see this and so we can see season starts of Scare Pewdiepie soon
It’s that time of the year
Thanks fellas
Drunk, forlorn howlies.
Has this joke been done before?
Gentle reminder to not do double punishment
Now that's certainly... an interesting reaction
Best Caldwell you will ever see
I think I exclaimed more reaching X than when I found out I was pregnant. 8 months along and coming for you!
This is fine
Got my first Gladiator as a WW in BFA 8.0. Nothing more satisfying than that.
こんにちは, oida
Old school foam and new school 3D printing terrain had a baby and it’s kinda cute...
Am I the only one who genuinely loves the romances in Brandon Sanderson's books?
The epic battle.
The god who played rowley, responded
The sad life of a COOMER feelsbadman
Not so neutral anymore
Who is writing CNN's headlines
I saw this at target
HMF while I parkour parkour
[RAM] G.SKILL Aegis 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 ($199.99)
On that grind getting more charm for Makoto
Blessed Trinity
Girl vs man in action
Saw this today!
Tall being always happy to help
Finally hatched this turquoise boi
Summertime Slumber [Original]
Hope this qualifies, but I scratchbuilt the interior of a wh40k tank.
[Mega Thread] The Brooklyn Nets 2018-2019 Season
I drew his mugshot, any thoughts?
These bad boys just arrived
everyone soaking up their sun
WW II defensive bunker, Jeseníky Mountains,Czech-Polish border ...
Woman poses as a licensed Pharmacist for 10+ years
*sad parasite noise*
Hello Reddit! Hello corgi fans this is mayo 😍
First press conference be like
Are there any known computational systems stronger than a Turing Machine, without the use of oracles (i.e. possible to build in the real…
[INSPO] Detroit: Become Human concept art
Finished product of my Lars Homestead MOC!
A white supremacist that doesn't know anything about anything? I'm shocked!
deutsches Internet
How little kids cough right in your face
Imperator is back above 1500 players after the 1.1 update - steam reviews have also increased in positivity.
The 2001 music video "Crystal", by New Order, featured a fictional band called "The Killers" playing the song. This, in turn, inspired the…
Indiana’s first out gay state legislator was sworn in & hundreds of people came to watch
Yesterday I got asked out by not one, not two
190801 - Powerful Breakthrough Momo
I just came home from school, and here's my grandma (that doesn't know any English) watching Drew. Thanks for the great content!(sorry for…
When they ask where the game in hand went
[Poetry] Mr. Handman
Just arrived for my team, what 4 player experiences should we try first??
A Valley LGBTQ Shooting Club!
I finally finished my Commander Battle Box, and with everyone else sharing their awesome creations, I figured i'd put mine out as well.
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia - Episode 14 discussion
[TBC Meme] Happy Thanksgiving Americans. Cook carefully
Benioff puts up $6.1 million to subsidize rents for SF’s formerly homeless
Here comes autumn (Sertaa)
[Homemade] Molasses/Miso Glazed Salmon with Aleppo, Toasted Sesame, and Furikake Sushi Rice
So far, so good.
Looks like NBC’s “news” on Snapchat is siding with HK police. They claimed that 150 were arrested but they forgot to mention that those…
1700X for 100 bucks at Microcenter, jeez!
Choose wisely
Shoutout to Blade Runner 2049 for not making a terrible sequel movie with an iconic Harrison Ford character in it. Looking at you Star Wars…
That gigantamax mega evolution tho 👌🙈
Still one of my favorite moments
Where is slipping someone a $20 useful in NY?
Superior to everyone else.
Honest work
Frozen Hispanic
Shops pirate style
They want you to think that the problem is cheap foreign engineers, but the problem is really the unmitigated pursuit of profit, which…
Was playing wii sports when this happens.
Very unique 35mm transparent photo slide and lens viewer that put together for my girlfriends anniversary gift. It holds her favourite…
When your team didn’t get it done.
Why would I ever want to spend my anniversary alone?!
How to thank my step mom for making my wedding the best day of my life
Taustealer Cult Earth Caste rebels update - Acolyte specialists (demolitions, combat, leader)
[USA] Kid Dares Dad to Drift, Dad Accepts and Telephone Pole Replies: Fail
T-Mobile Tuesday 12-17-18: FREE T-mobile 2019 Glasses, FREE Hot/Iced Tall Coffee at Barnes and Nobel Cafe, $20 OFF at Fanxchange, and $25…
Stray Kids earn 1st music show win since debut with "MIROH" on Mnet's M! Countdown (190404)
Hey girl, are your period cramps painful?
1st fault-line cake! Cake, chocolate chip cookies and drip >>> all 100% vegan and gluten free
Saw this on Facebook and thought it belonged here lol
She said, "Get the hell out."
Oh man, I'm so nervous about this interview. I really hope I get this head squirrel chaser job.
Toothpick crossbow.
IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns Britain on Brexit: ‘It will never be as good as it is now’
Tap on the screen
Kandagawa Jet Girls Hikage & Homura
Keita: "Sadio is living his greatest moments... but he's capable of even more"
Found this on a school whiteboard. Beautiful isn't it?
Bad wife!
yep.. its gamer time
I don’t know what this expression is but I like it
Pluck a tune.-chan.
I guess we have to wait and see!
I dig Razer products with my little battlestation
Cartoon Falling XD
May have been posted before but this is pure insanity
I made Shinobu in Minecraft
$8 at Charlotte Russe to be a shiny gay disco ball... just need the courage to wear this somewhere other than my living room
Free samples of my Carolina Reaper and Ghost pepper hot sauce now available!
Buyback success story
Please consider add 1v1 draft lobby.
Ryzen 5 2600X vs. Ryzen 7 1700, Searching for the Best Value Sub $200 AMD CPU
Some happy cow scritches
Senator Ron Johnson just voted to NOT hear all the evidence in the impeachment trial of President Trump.
Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evo 2
Open wide
If you know, you know
Stumbled upon this sub the other day, and was inspired to create my own jarraium, with the tools I know. [Mods, delete if this is not…
[Homemade] Can I offer you a croissant in this trying time?
After the major ends
Something else to look forward to!
I love you, Big Bird. RIP to his creator, Caroll Spinney, who just passed away. His characters on Sesame Street will always be a monumental…
Curious on my homework eh?
Eight years on, Tesla Model S continues to break electric car convention
Horrible news this morning coming out after 3 teenagers killed at crush at Tyrone hotel party on st Patrick’s night.
le halloween has arrived
One thing we can agree on... right?
My mom was like"hey I'm playing Mario " i looked what she was doing and this made me laugh . It's called Bob's world
My first praetorian guard photography shot.
remember that time there was a golden tac smg in the SX trailer?
If you think you are having a bad day... think again.
AS PROMISED, Bikini Frank
Roos Michelle Delwig
Rimuru-sama is hot
Light bar color matches lightsaber color [Fallen Order][Gif]
Any Metal Gear fans on this subreddit?
Shiba scream. My son home from college after 3 months. We got Buck for him 2 years ago. We were so curious to see how our shibe would…
Some cleverly disguised advertising on Breakfast this morning...
Anime-Style Namjoon, by me
Purchased my first bike at age 26
Was this a good idea
Yes, we do read these!
Petition to make these the up/down vote icons for the subreddit.
Homemade pie, NM green chile, garlic, and red onion
Someone show Wren
This purely golden bee landed on my car today
Canarias arde
I made Leslie Knope out of paper!
Redditor notices another redditor's car sticker.
That’s my 8th overall draft pick and I’m proud
Audrey Hepburn & Anthony Perkins 1962
Thanos Preparing for Endgame Episode 10: Captain America
Someone is gonna have 5k extra this week
Capitalism be like
Limited Edition Buch ist am Start
Infinity War was the best tho....
Just discovered this sub. I’ll try to post my collection soon but here’s a recent pickup I was very happy to get.
My druggy stepdads WIP. He thinks once it's done he can either sell it for around $800 or get it in the Downtown Disney art gallery. Happy…
Calle and Marie
The reaction is the same whether she got hit by the water or not.
My son asked for rainbow frosting, I gave him rainbow frosting.