Historical Background of Sindh and Sindhis – Sindhi Khazana

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    Hi, Jai Jhulelal. I was surfing the internet and came across this website. Being an Indian (Hindu) Sindhi, I can completely relate to many things mentioned in the article about the sindhi community. Thanks for creating this page and information about our community. As our ancestors were from Sindh, they were forced to leave everything there and came empty handed to this part of India. Most of the indians do not know about the struggle of the sindhi community. The term sindhis as “kanjoos/business minded/greedy, etc. Few authors have recently written about few characteristics about the community . I want to read about the history,culture,tradition,etc life in Sindh (pre-partition), etc. Many books, movies have been made on the struggle, partition of Punjab and Bengal, but nothing has been mentioned about our community which saddens me . Anyways, Thanks for the article. Hope to read more . Thank You.

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