Exploring Antony Armstrong-Jones: Bisexual Photographer And Princess Margaret's First Husband

Antony Armstrong-Jones was one of the British royal family’s most scandalous members. Married to Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, from 1960 until 1978, Armstrong-Jones was a high-society charmer. His wife may have earned her reputation as the party-girl princess, but Armstrong-Jones's shocking behavior proved that husband and wife were two of a kind.

Born in 1930 into a life of privilege, but not a title, Antony Armstrong-Jones grew up to become a society photographer who ran in the best circles. He counted artists, writers, and actors as friends, and he first met Princess Margaret in the late 1950s, while she was already nursing a broken heart. When they married in 1960, Princess Margaret's husband received the title Earl of Snowdon from his royal sister-in-law.

But the marriage would prove to be a disaster as the couple's personalities began to clash. There were affairs on both sides, and many even suspected that Antony Armstrong-Jones was gay. By 1978, Prince Margaret and Lord Snowdon had called it quits. Their marriage may have ended, but rumors, stories, and allegations about the relationship were just getting started.