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n.1.One of party opposed to a federative government; - applied particularly to the party which opposed the adoption of the constitution of the United States.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Seeking to unearth the roots of the Republican Party's current position on climate change, the book explains why, beginning in the 1970s, the Republican Party turned against environmentalism and environmental protections, exposing the party's alliances with business interests and anti-federalist voters to support commercial and corporate interests instead of the environment.
That position often brought Marshall into conflict with his cousin, President Thomas Jefferson, the leading anti-federalist of their time.
By the end of the Madison first life, the Anti-Federalist opposition was politically extinct.
Migrating to America after the Seven Years' War, it manifested itself in the Anti-Federalist opposition to the Constitution, Jeffersonian complaints about Hamiltonian economics, and Jacksonian democracy.
Crossroads for Liberty: Recovering the Anti-Federalist Values of America's First Constitution.
Bill was a concession to the Anti-Federalist opponents of the
Just ten days after the Constitution was signed, its opponents began publishing Anti-Federalist essays intended to stoke opposition and waylay ratification.
Anti-Federalist noted, fundamental positive rights were "particular
Advocates of a consolidated national union are taken as advancing rational arguments based on pure motives, against their Anti-Federalist, and later Republican, opponents, who argued erroneously, ignorantly, and even disingenuously.
(20) One hundred years after Charles Beard's Economic History, (21) this reading emphasizes the predominant economic motivation in New York, albeit without making the Anti-Federalist opponents of the Constitution the heroes of the story, as Beard did.
Anti-Federalist leader of the first rank, signed the resolution calling