Anna Kendrick has over 16 million followers on Instagram, and her followers are definitely loyal to this social media queen. Anna Kendrick has become a popular face in Hollywood, but she's most well-known for her bubbly and quirky personality.

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This bombshell is hilarious and talented, but she's also become the internet's best friend. This quirky gal is known for being one of the most relatable women out there, and she proves it through her Instagram platform. Here are 10 posts from her Instagram that are totally relatable.

10 We *Love* Attention

Anna Kendrick is the queen of a lot of things, and sarcasm is definitely one of them. This hilarious woman is genius when it comes to captions like this one, "GOD i hate attention," and her pretending to hate attention in this paparazzi shot has us laughing.

While we might not be able to relate to being shot by the paparazzi, we've all pretended to hate the spotlight when we clearly wanted everyone to notice our cute outfit. Of course, this fiery and stunning outfit is definitely worthy of some photographs.

9 Cats Are Best Friends

For everyone that loves cats, Anna Kendrick has become one of our best friends. If there's anything to bond over, it's definitely a love of fuzzy felines. Anna enjoying some cat cuddles makes her 100% relatable, and we also want to be friends with her immediately.

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If we can't borrow the cat, we'd at least like to borrow Anna, right? Sometimes all anyone needs is few cat cuddles, especially if it was this adorable feline AND Anna Kendrick.

8 Shameless Tourist

Anna Kendrick travels like most celebrities, but we love her honesty about being that shameless tourist just like everyone else. She's not too cool to take obnoxious photos of pretty things, and she'll even post about it.

This picture of Anna Kendrick taking a picture is hilarious and wholesome, but we can all relate to being that tourist. Of course, it's comforting to know that Anna can, too, without an ounce of shame and only bursting with pride.

7 Fangirling Over Sophie & Maisie

We have all fangirled over Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner from the HBO show Game of Thrones. Apparently, being famous doesn't exempt you from freaking out over meeting your favorite television actors, either.

This caption explains everything that went down, and it's absolutely hilarious because we would have all died exactly like Anna did if we met these two goddesses. We all need a friendship like Maisie's and Sophie's, and it's nice to know that Anna Kendrick also thinks they're way too adorable.

6 Celebrating Our Inner Hustler

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I just want you to know

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These gals channeled their inner Jennifer Lopez when they hit the theater to see this female-led film, Hustlers. We see you in the back, Rebel Wilson, and these *pitch perfect* girls are celebrating powerful women in film.

These ladies are all hustlers, and their night out is totally relatable because we all probably got together with our friends and headed to the theater to see this powerful female flick. Of course, we definitely wish we could've joined these ladies.

5 Food = Priority

Only Anna Kendrick would get this dressed up and then eat a dangerous bowl of pasta with some incredibly dark (and staining) sauce. Not only is this hilarious, but her caption is even more brutally honest.

Carbohydrates are definitely sacred, and we can all relate to chowing down on some good pasta regardless of how fancy we're supposed to look. Of course, Anna looks stunning in this red dress, but she totally deserves a good plate of pasta before she ventures out into the world.

4 The Real Necessities

Anna Kendrick pretending to be classy and elegant is one of our favorite posts of her Instagram account. Of course, she is these things, but her asking Reginald to fetch her pearls is still enough to make all fans laugh.

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However, the real relatable part of this post is hugging closely our dearest and most favorite necessity. Anna isn't here to encourage bad habits, but we've all been here in a robe before, right? It's safe to say we all have, whether or not we'll admit it.

3 Best Friend Goals

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my city baby 🌃

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These two bombshells starred together in Pitch Perfectand have been best friends ever since their time together on the big screen. Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick are not only best friend goals, but they're also just like every bestie pair ever.

Every girl has their go-to bestie that they hit the town with, or simply ask to join us on errands or for a shopping spree. These two hitting the city is giving us deep best friend vibes, and this picture is totally relatable for all best friends everywhere. Of course, we'd definitely love to join these ladies for a night on the town.

2 Cookies & Friends

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How dare we

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All women ever need: cookies and friends. This girls' night picture has fans relating hard and laughing alongside these ladies. Of course, we'd all also enjoy a cookie, since these ones look pretty delicious.

Having a baking night with your best friends is a totally regular girl thing to do, and Anna Kendrick doing so with her gals is relatable and wholesome. We just hope those cookies taste as good as they look!

1 Comfy Beds Over A Night Out

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get back in town, I want to paint it black

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Anna Kendrick lying in a huge comfy bed is a total mood. This is how we like to spend every weekend, and really, every day. Plus, her caption is definitely the sly genius of sarcasm that Anna Kendrick so brilliantly creates.

Forget about painting the town red - we'd love to take a nap in this comfortable bed. If this doesn't convince you to want to be Anna Kendrick's best friend, we're not sure what will. When she's done being hilarious and brilliant, we know she's snoozing in this big bed.

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