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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna Faris plastic surgery – we do have quite a list here.
For me Anna is one of the best looking women in Hollywood. I am sure tons of people could agree with me. I am so exited then I see her on TV or in cinema theatrics. She looks so pure, untouched and natural. However, most of us probably have spotted something changed about her, something in her chest… perhaps. Yea, it is nothing flat about her chest any more. Anna Faris, just like other Hollywood celebrities went for it.
Anna Faris caught her brake in quite popular movie “Scary movie”, After that entrance her carrier really took off.
Picture, made by evil Hollywood paparacies clearly suggest us, that she had breasts enlargement procedure, and most likely went from size a+ to c. Good thing about it, that her boobs still look natural and homemade. Her implants look like silicon injection, and I should say, well done, really good looking boob job. Bravo for Anna Faris plastic surgery.

Besides her nice looking cups, it is something different about her face (I am definitely not wrong). Most like she had few Botox injections to lift her eye brows. Ok, enough of speculations, let’s make some clear points here. I have read tons of stories and looked over hundreds of pictures, and here I made a list:
1. Her hair, well it could be anything, doesn’t mean of any plastic surgery thought. Her makeup and bit darker brows. It could be new cosmetic line.
2. Something completely different with her noise, thing noise bridge is smaller. This clearly indicates of another Anna Faris plastic surgery

3. Her chins. Well, for me they a look a bit smoother, I could be wrong.
4. Lips. They definitely look more juicy, bigger and stronger, it suggest yet another Anna Faris plastic surgery, this time lips injection.

5. Something is different with her eye as well, but what do I know, see for yourself.
6. Blue eye contacts, probably she picked that from Paris Hilton
I just ignore that list for a while and say “I just enjoy seeing Anna Faris in action”
Overall I must add – Anna Faris plastic surgery or I should say surgeries – were pretty much successful and well done. Faris maybe you could recommend your plastic surgeon for other celebrities?

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery: Did She or Didn’t She.
Hollywood is a world of gossip where fans love to find out the truth about their favorite stars. Anna Farisplastic surgery is one such topic in the industry that is floating with many reports. While some claim that her new look is an attribute to the plastic surgery she underwent, the others say that it is nothing but an outcome of the new makeup she endured.
However, rest assured you’ll see through the truth behind Anna Farisplastic surgery. Yes, the Hollywood cutie pie underwent a plastic surgery that has gained many critics. The Hollywood starlet did seek a plastic surgeon to enhance her looks and get over with some of the flaws she thought she had. Anna took the help of a plastic surgeon to reform her face, which I think was much better before. Her recent pictures look completely different from what she was before.

Anna Farisplastic surgery no doubt gave her much more awake eyes and plump lips. She chose the face lift surgery and her eyes now look a completely remodeled form of her earlier sagging eyes. It seems obvious that she underwent the brow lift surgery to get it done. Her lips have much more flesh and look much curvy now, unlike before, when they looked just like a line, especially her upper lip. However, they still add to the new aged look that she has adopted, after her surgery.
However, apart from the above-mentioned two sparing boons, rest all seems to be a bane. Her overall face, her chin line, the complexion, her smile, nose and rest everything that was cute about her, seems to be gone with this new look.

Anna Faris probably wanted to get rid of those aging marks and wrinkles, but they seem to be more visible than before now. Her skin looks loose and her youth seems to have already faded away. I bet, she would appear to you at least 5 years older than her actual age.

Anna Farisplastic surgery did not attract many and her fans reportedly liked her much more before she underwent this plastic surgery. She seems to be somebody new and you might need a proof for her identity if you miss the screening of the names in the beginning of any new movie, featuring Anna. The actor still finds many fans however.
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