Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Pic

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery and New Look

Anna Faris’ fame was illuminated by her role in the scary movie. The now extremely attractive actress is among the many Hollywood actresses who found surgery an inevitable solution to beauty. There are a lot of beautiful women in Hollywood and it is not easy to achieve a breakthrough. Anna had always been on the acting scene but she had received minimal recognition. However, after her appearance in scary movie, the actress captured the audience with her ridiculous sense of humor. This recognition later earned her fame a new role in a number of new movies. Anna Faris admitted to have gotten the surgery inspiration from her role in House Bunny. The glamour and sophistication associated with this role opened her eyes on the new level of beauty she can achieve through proper procedures.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Pic

What Surgical Procedures Has Anna Had?

Surgery speculations first arose when the attractive actress suddenly acquired a new set of breasts. A comparison of her before and after photos reveals this difference. Before the surgery, she had a relatively small set of breasts. As much as the actress was not completely flat chested, her breasts were quite negligible. After the breast augmentation, her breasts are full and firm. The full and firm breasts have worked wonders on Anna’s figure. Her feminine curve is more pronounced and she looks sexy in almost every outfit she wears.

The transformations in some of her facial features have further been alluded to cosmetic surgery. In her recent pictures, Anna seems to have benefited from a number of surgical procedures. It is speculated that Botox injection, fillers and rhinoplasty are behind her wrinkle- free forehead, sensational lips and refined nose respectively.

Anna Faris Surgery or Speculations

Not all of Anna Faris plastic surgery speculations have been confirmed by the breathtaking actress. She has admitted to having had the breast augmentation procedure. However, Anna remains tight lipped about the rest of the surgery speculations. Many actresses in Hollywood industry shy away from admitting the fact that they have benefited from a surgical procedure. Considering the fact that she has openly admitted to having had the first procedure, chances are that sources are reading too much from her before and after photos. The rhinoplasty, fillers and Botox procedures speculations will remain mere speculations until Anna decides to either confirm or deny these allegations.

Anna Faris Bob Job

The results Anna Faris breast augmentation were stunning. There is no doubt that her surgeon was aware of what needed to be done. The difference in the size and shape of her nose and lips could also be as a result of proper make-up application techniques. If not, then the surgery was a complete success. With her elegant nose and sensational lips, Anna has become the new head turner of Hollywood.

Why Anna Faris Had The Surgery?

Most Hollywood celebrities turn to plastic surgery to compete. Seemingly, this was not the case for Anna. Anna Faris plastic surgery is related to her need to feel amazing after her divorce. According to her, she divorced with her husband Ben Indra in 2007 after major frictions caused by the different causes their career paths were taking. As hers was excelling, Ben’s career was dwindling. After the divorce, she needed to feel fresh and confident, her role in House Bunny served as her greatest inspiration.

Considering her previous looks, the actress could comfortably do without the alleged facial cosmetic procedures. The results of the breast augmentation render the procedure necessary for the actress to enjoy the refined body frame and new level of self esteem. Anna Faris plastic surgery results have made her prettier than before; all you can hope for is that she does not overdo any other procedures she may need to undergo in the future.