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Duration 2 hour, 1 Minutes
Thriller, Action
After training in the facility of his friend Wade Jennings, Mike Banning travels with his team to protect President Trumbull in a fishing trip. However they are attacked by drones that kills eighteen agents and only the wounded Mike and Trumbull in coma survive. When Mike awakes in the hospital, he is cuffed to be bed accused of attempting of assassination of Trumbull and treason. Soon he learns that he was framed and now he has to prove his innocence and to protect the life of Trumbull
Country USA
Ratings 7,3 / 10

Rick Yune’s role in this movie reminds me of Zao from Die Another Day: 007.
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Angel has fallen scene.
A 747 cant go 666 feet in 1 second.
Angel has fallen full movie 2019 hindi dubbed hd.

I love this movie thank u jim carry

You know i think those secret service cars have recovery equipement or a winch that wouldve been useful.
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It’s an action movie people, not a political statement.
Did they steal the silenced pistol sound effect from Syphon Filter? cause that sounds awfully similar to it.


Angel Has fallen angels.
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Sadly, today, London really has fallen.
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Wow that beginning scene with the explosions – wrong, you’d need multiple nuclear bombs to eliminate the energy in a hurricane. The energy in a Hurricane is immense, all that airflow – exploding a bunch of small bombs isn’t nearly enough to stop that massive airflow. Look it up, there are videos explaining how we haven’t enough energy to stop a hurricane.

Angel Has fallen angel.
Angel has fallen full movie 2019.
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This movie was off the chain and they should make another one called Mike banning has fallen.
I am resignation of this group.
0:08 Assaults THE WHITE HOUSE, Wears a Plate Carrier but doesn’t put anything in it to stop bullets. Why.
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Is This Real.
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Shows how great drone strikes are and they should continue maybe a few more tamahawks should be purchased by the United States Navy HooYah(they only get purchased upon launch.
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I will watch anything with Gerald Butler in it. I love his accent and he seems so nice! Wonder why his friends call him a prick? must be some endearing Scottish insult/ complement I dont understand.

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Its insulting how easy to make it look to infiltrate the White House. Its virtually impossible.
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This is honestly the movie insane scene I’ve ever seen.
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Angel has fallen.
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President Trump and Mike Pence… looks like him or acts like him…
Best upcoming movies, sees sonic the hedgehog. are you sure about that.
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Angel Has.
Prince oof the Rap Vs I am Legend :P.
Angel has fallen movie.
20:40 I always liked doom patrol more.

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