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Lost Cat - North Saint Paul, MN - Nov.20, 2019
Closest Intersection: Skillman Avenue East, North Saint Paul
County: Ramsey

#LOSTCAT #Doobie #NorthSaintPaul (Skillman Avenue East, North Saint Paul) #MN 55109 #Ramsey Co. , #Lost #Cat 11-20-2019!, Male #Tabby Black / White / Grey/He can be shy but is very friendly. Offering a $200 reward for information that leads to his safe return. He was last seen off of Skillman Ave E in North Saint Paul, MN. He is probably hungry so food a...nd water would be a great way to entice him to come to you. He also has a Tile tracker . Unfortunately he is out of range. However if you live, work or visit this area often we are asking everyone to please download the Tile app on their smart phone. You do not need an actual tile device to sign up for the app. It is free to have . Just need to have your Bluetooth enabled. If he happens to be within range of your smart phone it will send an anonymous alter to my sisters phone notifying her he is in that area. Please please help us bring him home Neutered male tabby cat. Slightly over weight . Black, white and gray striped. Has white paws and white stomach. He may be shy but he is friendly.

CONTACT Phone: (651) 307-5319

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Image may contain: cat, text that says 'Scan for pet's info MISSING SINCE: Nov. 20, 2019 LOST CAT (North Saint Paul, MN * 55109 Ramsey Co.) DOOBIE Tabby Male Senior Small Black White Grey Last Seen: Skillman Avenue East, North Saint Paul PLEASE CONTACT: Phone: (651) 307-5319 HELPING OST PETS helpir PLEASE DO NOT chase, call or whistle as this may cause them to run in fear and into danger. FREE FLYER MADE BY: and HeLP ID: 3350042 Lost Minnesot HELPING PETS'