We are all very different; yet, we are all the same 💕 Let these times teach us understanding, let them strengthen our empathy, let them teach our hearts to be gentle with one another, let them be an opportunity to fully live by the messages of humanity’s greatest teachers. Happy #MLK Day. Today we are reminded of what Dr. King described as “our noble capacity for justice and love and brotherhood.” Let us now embrace it.

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🧐Your mind: if I only knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have made those mistakes.

🥰Your heart: if you had not made those mistakes you would not know what you know now.

Forgiveness is not just forgiveness of who or what hurt you. It’s forgiving yourself for allowing the experience too, understanding why you did, and moving forward with a new awareness, (lovingly) closing the door on what no longer serves your greatest good.


.....and you’ll know you’ve mastered that full level of forgiveness when all you’ve got left inside you toward the past hurt is peace 🤍 and when you’ve achieved that level of spiritual mastery, you should probably celebrate it with a pink and vanilla swirl cupcake 🧁😉💗 because it’s a beautifully sweet feeling.

#forgivenessisfreedom #forgivenessispeace #forgivenessheals #forgiveandreleaseyourself

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Mama said, “when life gives you lemons, make Cytrynówka!” 💛🍋✨ enjoying Poland’s favorite summer (adult) beverage with a couple of my favorite girls 💛 🍋 click the LINK for the full recipe: 😉🤗 Na Zdrowie!
Finishing the weekend right with a toasty glass of my favorite kind of mulled wine - Grzaniec Galicyjski! 🤗🇵🇱🍷🍯🍂🍁 The Germans have their glühwein, the Scandinavians - the glögg, and the Poles - their Galician Mulled Wine. Once one of the most refined and expensive specialties on European tables, today the “grzaniec” (mulled wine) of the Lesser Poland region is one of Poland’s favorite cold season beverages! 🤗🍷🍯 When temperatures begin to drop people all over Poland begin to crave this popular version of mulled wine from southeastern Poland. Touring the city of Kraków (the capital of Poland’s Galicia), you can warm up with a cup of this spiced warmed wine at cafes and restaurants, and you can even grab a cup to go from small street vendor stands. I wish I could travel to my favorite Polish city right now to have a sip of this wonderful spiced beverage (one of my absolute favorite Polish drinks), but for now a homemade version will have to do 😉 Press ▶️ 👇🏼 to see the recipe & enjoy at home🤗🍷🍁: Ingredients🍷🍯🍂: 2 cups red wine, 1 shot glass of vodka, 2 tbsp of honey, a bit of cinnamon, a small handful of cloves (you can also add some grated allspice and/or star anise). Garnish with a half slice of orange and a cinnamon stick. Instructions 🍂🍯🍷: Begin heating the wine in a small saucepan. Add the honey and stir. Do not let wine come to a boil. Next add cinnamon and cloves. Let the wine continue to heat. Do not let it come to a boil! Finally add the vodka and stir until the beverage is very hot (but not at a boil). Finally, strain the GRZANIEC into a couple serving cups and enjoy! #NaZdrowie! Happy Autumn!🍷🍯🇵🇱🥰🍁🍂
Vegetarian Smalec