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« 9 

England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

VOhs I. 


/-''./ ■'• 

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R i. 

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nr^Jnuin P-Miji' 


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England, Scotland, and Ireland; 

O R, 



N B I L I T r, 













^ A S D 


I l l— i^^ I 


■■■■!■■■■» p 

V O L U M E I. 


PrUitcd forW. O^VEN, in Flat Stm!l ; L.DAVIS, ip Hjjibomj. 
and J. DEBRETT in Piccadilly. 

M. Dec. XC. 

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JL HE material alteratioiw that naturally occur, in a few 
years, in the Peerage of thefe kingdoms, by Creations, 
Extindions, Births, Marriages, Deaths, anddther changes, 
are fufficient reafons for producing a correded publication 
on fo important a fubje<ft. 

By the Conftitution of England, the Nobility arc fo 
blended with its Government, that their refpeftive hiftories 
become a general concern; yet the difficulty of procuring 
the neceffary information, from thofe immediately con- 
cen\ed, is feldom to be obtained. Few, therefore, • have 
attempted to write on the fubjeft. It is evident, however, 
that no kind of ftudy is in higher eftimation, or pur- 
fued with greater eagernefs. 

From the numberlefs onuflions and errors that have 
been difcovered in publications on this fubjeft, the Editor 
flatters himfelf, the following (heets will be acceptable to 
the public; having, by every application in his power, 
endeavoured to obtain thofe materials which might render 
it val\iable. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

( $ ) 

■ He has embcUiftied thcfe volumes, by prefixing a parti-» 
Cular' hiftory of the illuftriou*' Houfes, from whence the 
prefent Royal Family of thefe realms derives its defcent ; 
the arms of the Nobility are defigned and engraved in an 
improved ftile; and frontifpieces are annexed of his Ma- 
jefty, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of York, by 
very eminent artifts. 

The Editor, for feveral years, has iWiufed faimfelf -with 
difquifitions of this kind, though not x>r%inally with any 
defign of laying the refult of his ftudy before die public; 
but on remarking the deffciencies with which publications 
on the prefent fubjed abound ; he prefumed to offer a 
more comprchenfive account of the Nobility of the 
three Kingdoms than any that has hitherto appeared. 
At the fame time it muft be allowed that in works of 
this kind, omiffions and inaccuracies will unavoidably hap- 
pen, which the greateft attention cannot prevent* He 
hopes, however, that a general accuracy will atone for an 
-^'^'^idental deficiency. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

or TBS 




THE Antlmity, Dignity, and Importance of the illuftrioas 
Houfe of Brunfwjc have occaiioned fuch extraordinary care 
to tranfmit their annals to pofterity, and have employed the pens 
of fo many ingenious writers, in various languages and different 
parts of Europe, that we are thereby enabled to trace it up to a 
very early period with the greateft certainty. 

In tracing the origin of this ancient houle, it will be ncceflary 
to treat diftindly of the lines of Witekind the Great, the 
Guelphs, Efte, and Billung, all of which, with their immenfe 
poflefiions^ became united in Henry furnamed the Lion. 

The house of E S T E, 

which is the male-line, derives its origin from the A6lii, a noble 
Roman family in the time of Tarquinius Prifcus, who became 
king of the Romans 613 years before Chrift. 

This family retiring from Rome during the time of its repub- 
lican government, fettled themfelves at Efte, an ancient city in 
that part of Italy, which is now called the Venetian Lombardy, 
and from thence received the name of the Houfe of Efte. Their 
retirement is, without doubt, the reafon that we have no fatif- 
faAory account of them before the year of Chrift, 390, at which 
time Caius A£tius refided in the Caftle of Efte; he left a fon ol 
the fame name, who rendered himfelf famous in the wars which 
the Emperor Honorius carried on againft the Wifi-Goths, who 
invaded Italy in the beginning of the fifth century; his valour in 
the battle fought near Verona, procured him the titles of Qua- 
tuor, Vir, Decurio,,and Senator of Rome, and he became Prince 
of Efte in A. D» 402. At his death in the year 410, he left 
three f<kw and one daughter, Flavins A€^ius, Caius Xillus, and 
Aurelius Adius, the two former di«d without iffue, as did alfo 
the daughter called Luxonisu 

Vol. I, Aiurelius 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Aurelius A<Slius, the youngeft fon, furvivcd and fucccedcd his 
father in the Lordfliip of Efte, but died in 418, leaving iffuc by 
his wife Norca, three fon*, Lucius, Tiberius, and Foreftus; they 
acquired Monfelico, Vicenza, and Feltri ; alfo built the city of 

Lucius declined taking any part of the government at his fa- 
ther's death, upon which Tiberius fuccecded thereto, and married 
Jucunda, daughter of Lavinius, and fifter to Valerius Rhutenus, 
by whom he had two fons, Marvellus and Alphorius. Tiberius 
died in 428, and was fuccecded by his brother Foreftus, who was 
Prince of Efte and Adria. This unnatural fucceffion of the un- 
cle in prejudice to the fons of the deceafed Lord, occafioncd great 
domeftic leuds, left Foreftus fliould fettle the Lordfliip upon his 
fon Acharinus, in fuch a manner as to prevent the honours 
of the family reverting to the lawful heirs. But to reftore 
that peace and harmony which had fo greatly conduced to 
the aggrandifement of tiie family, Foreftus made fuch a partition 
of his lands in revcrfion, as might not only accommodate all 
differences for the prcfent, but prevent any difputes which might 
arife upon his deceafe. 

Foreftus overcame Attila, King of the Huns, in three battles, 
but was mortally wounded in defending the city of Aquileia 
againft him in 452, and died in the year following. The divifion 
of the lands now took place to the fatisfadtion of all parties, and, 
Marvellus, eldeft fon of Tiberius, was Lord of Verenzia, but 
died A, D. 457, without iflue. 

Alphorifius, fecond fon of Tiberius, was Lord of Feltri, and 
left three fons, Maximus who continued the race, and of whom 
hereafter, Sabinus who was governor in Illyria, and died A,D» 
518, unmarried, and Tiberius who died without iflue. 

Acharinus, the fon of Foreftus, by the fame partition, was 
made Lord of Efte and Monfelico. He flrft married Gardena, 
daughter of the King of Damafcus, whom he prevailed upon to 
embrace Chriftianity, and at her baptifm gave her the name of 
Eleftra, by whom he bad a fon, Azo L born A. D. 450. His fc- 
cond wife was Amalafuntha, daughter of Dietric, Duke of Fran- 
conia, and by her he had a fon Conftantius, born A. D, 459%' 

About this time Odoacer, King of the Heruli, attempted the 
conqueft of Efte and the other territories in the poflefiion of that 
houfe, but wasoppofed by Alphorifius and Acharinus with th^ 
greateft intrepidity, and after feveral flcirmiflies a general en- 

Sragement enfued near Lodi, in which Odoacer prevailed by a 
iiperiority of numbeis, and the gallant defenders of their coun-« 
try both fell in the field of battle A. D. 478. 

In confequence of this vi£lory, Odoacer foon became mafter 
of all Italy, and driving Azo L the fon of Acharinrus, from 
his inheritance, feized upon the lands that had been the. prq^ 
. perty of the deceafed Lords. . . . ; / 

Azo I 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Axo I. retreated to the court of Theodo, King of Bavaria, 
Vfhofe daughter he afterwards married, but died without ifluc, 
A. D. 538^ having returned to Efte in 504. Conftantius, half 
brother to Azo, was flain in battle by an officer in the fervice of 
Theodoric, King of Italy, in 538, a mort time before the death of 
Azo* He had been married to Anthefia, the daughter of a Go- 
thic Prince, by whom he had a fon, Bafilius, who died 564, and 
was the laft of that line. 

Odoacer, King of the Heruli, mentioned above, haying wholly 
aboliihed the weftern Empire, and erected thofe territories which 
are comprifed under the general name of Italy, into a kingdom, 
was proclaimed the firft King thereof, but was flain in 402, by 
Theodoric, who was employed by the Emperor of the Eau, and 
who became the fecond King of Italy. 

Maximus, the fon of Alphorifius (of whom we promifed to 
fpeak) taking advantage of the confufion that enfued upon the 
abov# revolution, recovered the lands and honours to which he 
was the lawful heir A. D. 493, and died A. D. 538, legving iflTue, 
Boni&cius ani Severianus, the latter of which died unmarried, 

Bonifacius fucceeded his father in Efte, and was flain in battle 
againft the Goths, in 556- Bv his wife Eliza, he had one fon, 
Valerianus of Efte, Lord of Feltri, who by his wife Coaftantia, 
was father of two fons, Aldoardus and Gundelard, 

Valerianus was greatly difturbed afterhis acceflion to the prin- 
cipality, by the incurfions of the Longobards, and gained feveral 
viftories over them, but in a general engagement in 590, he loft 
his life with a handful of intrepid troops defending his country, 
although deferted by the Franks on the firft charge, on whofc 
aififtance he had built his hopes of fuccefs. 

Aldoardus, his eldcft fon, fucceeded him, and was frequently 
attacked by the Longobards, who endeavoured to defpoil him of 
his dominions, but when they found the brave defence which he 
made, ceafed to moleft him. He married the daughter of Sigel- 
hilf, conftable of Triaul, but died without iflilie A. D. 638. 

Gundelardus, his brother, fucceeded him, and afterwards ac-. 
ccpted the Stadtholderfliip of his kingdom, andhadalmoft a fu- 
preme authority. He died in 682, leaving two fons, Aldoardus, 
whofe great-grandfon iElbarduswas the laft of his linei and He- 
rihertus who continued the family. 

Heribertus, youngeft fon of Gundelardus, was remarkable for 
a pious and exemplary life, he died in 694, and was fucceeded by 
his fon Erneft, who overcame the Longobards in feveral battles," 
but was at laft flain by an arrow from their camp in 752, when 
they had bcfieged the city of Ravenna for near three years, 
whereby the Longobards entered upon the poflTeflion of what , 
they had long toiled for. Upon theconqueft of this city endc4 
the fix^chate of the Greeks, which had lafted 185 years. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Henry I. (on of Erncft, was made Prince of Trcvifo, by 
Charles the Great, King oftheFranks, afterwards made Em- 
peror, who alfo eredcd the principality of Efte into a Marggra- 
viate, in favour of Henry, from which time this family was ho- 
noured with the title of Marggrarsres, He aiifted the Emperor 
in fubduing Defiderios, the lalt King of the Longobards, and loft 
bf^ life in a tumult at Trevifo, A, D. 780, leaving iffuc by his 
wife Ateftia, a daughter, Martia, married to Obelorio Antenorio^ 
Doge of Venice, and one fon, 

Berengarius, who fucceeded his &ther as Marggravc, but re- 
fided chiefly in the court of the Emperor Lewis, furnamed the 
Pebonnair. He died at Paris A. D. 840, leaving three fons, 
!• Abaldus, who had nomale iflue; 2. Hunibald, who became 
Marggrave of Camerino and Spoletto, who died in 849, leaving 
iffue Godfrey, who had an only fon^ Adelongus, who died in 91 1, 
without iflue; and, 3. Otto I. Prince of Efte, of that name. 

Otto I. was pot in pofleflion of the citv and Lordfhip of Com- 
macio, by the Emperor Lewis, in conhderation oT the fervicc 
done by his father and himfplf. He died A. D. 898, having had 
Iflue by his wife Lada, daughter of Caladoccus, Conftable of Tri- 
aol, five fons. 

Sigfrid, the youngeft fon, was the continuator of the family, 
the iflue of all his brothers being foon extind. He was Lord of 
Lucpa and Parma, and died in 954, being fucceeded by his fon, 
A20 IL Marggrave of Milan and Genoa, and Lord of Placentia 
and Reggio, alfo Imperial Vicar and Stadtholder in Italy ; after 
many warlike exploits, wherein he was generally vidlorious, he 
died A. D. 970, leaving by his wife Hildegarda, four fons, two 
of which died young. 

Theobald I, and Albert II. the other fons of Azo II. fucceeded 
their father, and agreed upon a diviCon of his vaft pofleffions; 
weYhall fpeak of thefe two Princes diflinftly. 

Theobald I. had a daughter Mary, married to her coufin 
Hugo III. fon of her uncle Albert, and three fons, of whom, 
the youngeft named Bonifacius, fucceeded at his father's death in 
1007, to thofe poflcflions which were appropriated to the elder 
-branch upon the above-mentioned divifion, made after the death 
of A'/oII. He firft married Richelda, daughter of Glfelbert, 
Imperial Stadtholder at Verona, by whom he had no iflue; fe-. 
condly, Beatrix, daughter of the Emperor Conrad II. whereby 
he acquired Verona, and the office of Imperial Vicar in Italy. 
Conrad II. was fucireedcd in the Empire by Henry III. whofe 
enemies ivcrc determined to free themfelves from fuch an invin- 
cible objeA to their proceedings as was Bonifacius, and accord- 
ioriy in 1052, put a period to his life by a poifoned arrow. Ho 
left a daughter, Mathildis, folc heircfs to a great part of Italy, 
She firft married Godfrey Gibbofas, Duke of Nether Lorrain,. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


and Spolctto, 'who died 1076; fecoadly,' Azo, gramlfoo of Hugo 
III.; thirdly, Wclpho VI, from both of whom fte was divorced. 

Albert II. the youDgeft fon of Azo II. and brother of Theo- 
4)ald, ttiarried Adclheid, widow of Hugo, Count of Paris, and 
iifterto the Emperor Otho II. by which, and the ferviceshe 
rendered his Imperial brother-in-law, he obtained ten cafties UX 
Lombardy, and became Couot of Frybourg in Germany. He 
<lied A. D. 09 c, and was fuocccded by his only iujviviog fon, 

Hugo IIL Marggravc of Eftc, Milao^ Genoa, Tufcany, md 
Stadtholder in Italy, who married (as before obferved) Mary, 
'dau^ter of his uncle ThedbaU. He oppofed the accefllon of 
Henry of Bavaria to the Imi^ial throne, on whofc exaltation 
afterwards, by the force of arms, he was obliged with his three 
ions, to abdicate Efte, and fled to. a void the rage of the conqmxor, 
who purfued and nmde thetn captives; but iaftead of (acrificing 
them to his refentment, he reinfiated Hugo in his poi&ffions, and 
afrfefli conftituted him the Imperial Vicar in Italy. The fotw 
werealfo fet at liberty, and received marks of the Emperor's fa- 
vour. This quarrel originated by Henry's threatening the ex- 
tirpation of the Houfe of Efte, common policy, therefore, di- 
re£bed Hugo to prevent his acceflion to fuch power as might en- 
^le liim to fulfill thofc threats, which it was more than proba- 
ble' were earneftly intended, as there fubfifted an animofity be- 
tween their fatliers, which the iniplacability of each rendered un- 
cronquerable, but the Emperor's lenity changed Hugo from an 
inveterate foe to the firmeft of friends. Hugo died A. D. 1014, 
ten years before the Emperor, by whom his death was greatly 

The three fons of Hugo were, i. Obizzo, who ditd in 1046, 
^Without iflue; 2. Adelbrandinus, whofe only fon Azo was fecond 
.hufband to Mathildis, the heirefs of the elder branch of the houfe , 
of Efte, but the Pope difannufled this marri^e on account of 
their near relationHiip; 3. Azo III. called the Great, who, not^ 
withftandingthe feniority of his brothers, became Marggraveof 
Efte. He married Cunigunda, daughter and heirefs of Guelpho 
III. Duke of Lower Bavaria, and Count of Weintgarden. Wt 
Ihall therefore proceed to fhew the antiquity and defcentof^ 


Vrlaich is derived from the Scythians, who being driven by thi 
Goths from their fettlement at the mouth of the Danube^ firft 
crefled a kingdom upon the borders of Germany, near the Ger- 
man fca. Upon their firil arrival they were called Newmaga 
(or New Kindred), afterwards they went under the denomina- 
tion of Skambri, add laftly ofTranxs or Franconians. 

Marcomir, the frrft King of the Sicambri, took pofleffion of 
that country now called Weft Frielland, Gueldres, and Holland, 

b3 A.M. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

< f H E PRES E N T 

A. M. 3573; he was anceftor to Pharamon, Duke of Eaft 
Friefland, who married Argotta, daughter and heirefs of Gene-' 
bald, and grand-daughter of Marcomir V. the laft King of the 
Franconians; and died A. D. 430, being fucceeded by his fon 
Clodio, whodeceafed A. D. 445, leaving two fons, Merovaeus^ 
anceftor to that race of nionarchs who were ftiled the Merovin- 
gian Kings of France; and Albero or Adelbertus, Duke of Mo- 
felle; who died A. D. 491, and was fucceeded by his fon Van- 
bertus, who died in 528. An{bertus,his only fon, dying in 570, 
left a fon, Arnoldus, Marggrave on the Schelde (from whom 
the Carlovingian Kings of France were defcended,) and a daugh- 
ter, Gertruda, married to Richcmers, Duke of Franconia, by 
whom (he had a daughter, Gerberea, who married Ega, Major 
Domus to Dagobert I. King of t ranee, their iflue was a foil 
Erkembaldus, who died in 661. His fon Lendifius died 680, 
leaving one fon Ethicus, furnamed Adelricus, who had the du- 
chy of Alfatia, in which he was fucceeded A. D. 720, by his 
cldeft fon Adelbertus, and by hisgrandfon Eberhardus, in 741. 

Alfatia afterwards paffed to the pofterity of Hetto, the youngefl: 
Ibn of Ethicus; and Warinus, fon of Eberhardus, retired to 
Swabia, where he acquired the Lordlhip of Altorfft now called 
Weingartcn, and from thence was called Lord or Count of Al- 

Warinus died in 780. His fon Ifembart, married Irmintrudis, 
fifter-in-Iaw to the Emperor CliArles the Great, and had by her 
Guelph I. from whom his defendants were called Guelphs. 

Guelph I. married a Saxon lady, named Hedwig, by whom he 
had three fdns, and as many daughters, and died A. D. 820. 

Ethico, the eldeft fori, inherited the countries of Altorfft and 
Ravenfburg as a fovereign, but at length retreated to a convent^ 
where he finifhed his days. He married Judith, daughter of 
Ethelwolf, King of England, by whom he had two fons, Henry 
I. and Bardo, flain by the Normans in 880, alfo a daughter, who 
itjarried Lewis the younger, King of Franconia. 

Henry L fucceeded his father, and was furnamed with the 
Golden Chariot, and by the gift of his brother-in-law, Lewis, 
became Duke of Lower Bavaria. By his wife Orian, Counted 
of Flanders, he had his fon and fuccceflbr, 

Henry II. who died 930,' having beeil married to Hatta, 
Countefs of Howenwart, by whom he had three fons, Rudolph, ' 
his fucceffor; Conrad, Bifhop of Conftance from 934 to 975, 
and who was canonized by Pope Innocent II. in 1142; and 
Ethico, Patriarch to a noble family in Sweden, 

Rudolph L fucceeded his father, and died 940, leaving iflue 

by his wife Seeburgis, Ducbcfs of Swabia, an only daughter, 

married to Arnolph, nominal Duke of Upper Bavaria; their 

iffue was Guelph II. Count of Altorfft and Ravenfburgh, and 

^ Duke 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Duke of Lower Bavaria. He died in 980, and was fuccccded by 
bis fon Rudolph !!• 

Guelph III, fucceeded his father Rudolph II. and married Ir- 
mengardis, filler to Cunegunda, wife of the Emperor Heni*y IL 
by whom he had Guelph IV. who died about 1055, without iflue ; 
and a daughter, Cunigunda, heirefs of Bavaria, and of the 
Guelphic States; flie married Azo III. (as before mentioned) 
Marggrave of Efte, whereby the blood of the Guelphilh line and 
that of the houfe of Efte were united in their fon, 

Guelph V. who began to reign as firft Duke of Upper and 
Lower Bavaria, immediately upon the death of his father A. T)» 
J097. He had three wives, firft, Ethelina, daughter of Otto, 
Duke of Saxony on the Wefer; fecondly, Judith, daughter of 
Baldwin V. Count of Flanders, and fifter-in-law to William 
the Conqueror ; thirdly, Agnes, widow to the Emperor Henry 
HI. In 1096, he engaged in the firft Crufade then entered into, 
for the recovery of the Holy Land out of the hands of the Turks, 
and died in his return at Paphos; in the ifland of Cyprus, A. D. 
iioi, leaving two fons by his fecond wife; alfo a daughter, 
Adelheid, married firft to Sighard, Burgrave of Regenfpurg; fe- 
condly to Conrad, Marggrave of Landfberg. 

Guelph VI. his eldeft Ion, fucceeded as Duke of Bavaria, an4 
died in 11 19. He married Mathildis, the heirefs of the elder 
branch of the houfe of Efte, from whom he was in a fhort time 
divorced, as is before obferved, therefore having no iffue, the 
Dukedom of Bavaria devolve^ upon his brother, 

Henry III. furnamed Niger, who married Wulphildis, heirefs 
of Saxony, of the Billung line. By this match he was entitled ta 
the duchy of Saxony, and aflumed the title of Duke upon the 
death of his father-in-law Henry Magnus, the laft Duke of the 
race of Billung; but the Emperor Henry V. feized upon the 
duchy as he had before done of the other eftates of Mathildis^^ 
yet it at length reverted to the family, as will be feen. This 
rrince had, befides the Duchy of Bavaria, that of Spoleto, and 
the Marggraviate ofTufcia, together with the principality of 
Sardinia. He died about 1 1 25, having had a numerous iffue. 

Henry IV. called Superbus, was his eldeft fon, and fucceeded 
him in the Duchy of Bavaria; by marrying Gertrudis, daughter 
of the Emperor Lotharius, fon to the Emperor Henry V. he had 
the duchy of Saxony reftored to him. He afterwards acquired 
the duchy of Brawnfweig (now Brunfwic) and the county of 
Northeim, and by the Emperor's favour was invefted with the 
Marggraviate ofTufcia, and the other vaft pofTeflions of Ma- 
thildis, the wife of Guelph, before mentioned. He was alfo de- 
figned by his father-in-law Lotharius, as his fucceffor in the 
empire, to infure which, he fen t him at his death, A. D. 1137^ 
th^ drown, fcepter, fword, and other infignia of the empire. 
This precaution, however, did not fucceed, for Conrad being 
' . b 4 crowned 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


crowned Emperor by the Pope's legate, and Henry not only te» 
turned the infignia^but was required to relinqutih Nuremberg and 
feverat territories in Italy. The Emperor alfo declared it con- 
trary to the conftitution of the Empire, that two duchies ftiould 
be held by one Prince, therefore commanded Henry, who was 
pofTefied of Bavaria and Saxony, to relinquifli the latter. Henry 
tefuilng, was put to the ban of the Empire, and loft Bavaria by 
the defection, of his own fubjefls; yet be defended Saxony, and 
gave fuch a fignal defeat to the Emperor's troops, that ne re- 
qnefted a congrefs, which being granted, he corrupted one of 
Henry's attendants, and this brave Prince was poifoned, Ofto- 
bcr loth^ 1 1 39, in the city of Qoedlingburg, before the negocia- 
tibn had taken place. He left one fon, Henry Leo, in whom^ 
by the marriage of Wulfhildis, :thc line of Billung, and by the 
marriage of Gertrudis, the line of Witekind being blended with 
the Guelphifh and the houie of Efte, it will be neeeflary to give 
ibme account of the anceftors of thofe heireifes. 


HermannusBillung, the fon of Billung, of Stubeckefliom, a 
perfon of great eminence in Lunenburg, was created Duke of 
Baxony on the Elbe, A. D. 960,. by the Emperor Otto L in 
Tcwardof the fignal fervices he had rendered the Emperor. He 
xnarried Hildegardis of Wefterburg, by whom he had two fon$ 
and two daughters, and dying A. D. 973, was fucceeded by his 
cldeft fon Benno or Bernhard L who died A. D. lOi i; when hx$ 
cldeft fon Bernhard IL became Duke, he married Bertrada, 
daughter of Harold II. King of Norway, and died in 1062. Or- 
dulph, his eldeft fbn, fucceeded to the Duchy, and died 1074. 
By his firft wife Gifela, daughter of Olaus, King of Norway, hr 
bad one fon, Magnus, who fucceeded his father m 1074, and dy- 
ing in 1106, was the laft Duke of the Saxons of this race. Bj 
bis fecond wife, Sophia, daughter of Geyfa II. King of Hungary, 
he had a daughter, Wulfhildis, fole heirefs to <he dukedom of 
Saxony, who was married to Henry IL furnamed I*eo, Duke 
of Bavaria as before mentioned. 


The ancient Saxons being; more accuftomed to perform preaf 
aftions than to record them ni writing, has caufed great obfcurity 
in their hiftory, yet it isge^nerally agreed, that the whoie Saxon 
pation was governed by twelve Chieftains who were chofen every 
year. Thefe cleSed one from among themfelves who became 
their chief judge, but had no further authority. When they had 
wars (which were familiar to them), they chofe a Kin^ who .re^ 


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Miftfd fuch afr-long as the war cantifiued, but was ^Iged t« 

relign his prerogative at its expiiation. 

Wiukind the Great was the IzAeleSted King of the Saxons; 
in whofe time Charles the Great, King of France, Italy, and Ger-* 
many, and at laft Emperor, rdblved in the diet of Worcn^, in 
772, to have a continual war againft the Saxons till they eni« 
braced the Chriitian relijjion. In 7S2, Witekind being dit- 
pofleflcd of great part of hts territories, was conftralned to retire 
from his country, whereupon Charles the Great made on oath, to 
kill without mercy e^erv Saxon that Should be taken, unle(< all 
the relations and {Kirticular friends of Witekind were ioimediateljr 
delirered up to htm. The Saxons accordingly fent 4500 of 
their chief men, all of whom Charles the Great beheaded at Vcr- 
den, and tranfported feveral thoufands of the common fort to Hun- 
gary and Tranfylvania, in order to dtfperfe this warlike people. 

Witekind, with the af&ilance of the Danes, ventured another 
battle the following jear 783, bat was totally overthrown,^ and 
with difficulty fayed iiis own perfon; this was the laft of feven«* 
teen battles Witekind fought againft Charles the Great, and ino<? 
derate propoials were afterwards made, which Witekind accepted, 
and was baptifed with his whole family by Lullo, Biihop of May« 
ence, in the year 785. Charles the Great gave to him the du- 
chy of Angria in fief, alfo created him Duke of Saxony, but 
obliged him to relinquiih the title of King. Witekind, in nis oUL 
age, made war agatnit the Suevi or Buabians, but being unable t6^ 
bear the fatigues of war, wasfuffocat^d in his armour by the great 
heat, and was buried at Angria in Weftphalia, A. D. 807. He 
bad two wives, the firft was Geva, daughter of SiiFrid, King of 
Denmark, by whom lie had Wigbert, his fucccffor, and a daugh- 
ter, Hafala, wife of Bernonis, Lord of BcUenfted ; the fecond wa» 
Suatana, daughter of Zechius, a Prince in Bohemia, by whom he 
had Witekind II. anccftor to the Counts of Wethin. 

Wigbert, his eWeft fon, fucceeded him as fecond Duke of 
Saxony, and married Sindacilla, the daughter of Rabod, Duke of 
Frifo, by whom he had two fons, Bruno and Walbertus. 

Bruno I. at his father's death, in 825, became third Duke of 
$axonj ; he reigned eighteen years, and was fuccceckd by his fon, 

Ludolph, who enlarged his dominions, and in a great meafure 
repoflefled himlelf of that independence the Franks had defpoiled 
his forefathers of, and was created (by the Emperor Lotharius) 
Great Duke of Saxony. Bruno H. eldefl fon of Ludolph, built 
the city of Brunfwtc in the year 86 !• Daneward, the fecond 
ifcn, erefted a caftlein that city, which retains the name of Danc- 
werderode, and the youn|eft fon Otho, furnamed the Great, 
was in fuch high efteem with the Prince of Germany, that after 
the death of I^wis IV* the laft Emperor of theCarlt)vingian line, 
they elected bim £tn^ror in 912, but he refufed this dignity on 


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accbunt b( his advamied age^ and recommended Conrad I. Duke 
of Franconia, who was accordingly eleded Emperor, 

Otho died in 916, leaving ifiVfe by hisi wife Luidgardis, daugb^ 
tcr of the Emperor Arnolf, a fon> Henry, furnamed the Fowler, 
who, on the death of Conrad, was by the Princes of the Empire 
ciefted Emperor in 919. He delivered. Germany from the op-. 
preiTion of the Hunni, to whom it had been tributary from the 
seign of the Emperor Lewis IV. and to fecure the Empire againft 
foreign invaders, he appointed Marggraves or Governors in its 
frontier towns. It is this Emperor alfo to whom Germany owes 
its great number of cities, for by his care many places were walled 
in and fortified, both for their defence and the iecurity of com- 
merce; and that the nobility might be inured to the exercife of 
arms in the timfe of peace, he, in 935, inftitutcd tournaments, 
where every one gloried in (hewing his addrefs, and which, from 
that time, were held in Germany for feveral ages with great fo- 
lemnity. After a glorious reign, he died July 2, A. D. 936, aged 
69, of an apoplexy, and was buried at Quedlingburg; having been 
twice married, firlt, to Hatburgis, the daughter of Er win. Count 
pf Merfeburg, by whom he had one fon, Tancwardus, who was 
declared illegitimate, and the marriage diffolved on account of 
Hatburgis having been a Nun. His fecond wife Mathildis, 
daughter of Dietribus or Theodoric, Count of Ringetheim and 
Oldenburg, was alfo divorced after fhe had borne him the follow- 
ing children: i. Otho the Great, who fucceeded to the Saxon 
dominions, was ele£i:ed En;peror A. D, 936, and died 973; 2. 
Greberga, firft married to Gifelbcrt, Duke of Lorrain; fecondly 
to Lewis IV. King of France, and died in 984; 3. Bruno, who 
died Bifliopof Cologn in 965; 4. Mechtild, abbels of Quedling- 
be(*g; 5. Rixa, married to Arnulph II. Duke of Bavaria; 6. Hed- 
wig; 7. Henry, Duke of Bavaria; and 8. Adelheid, wife of Hugo 
the Great, Count of Paris* 

Henry, juft mentioned, married Judith, daughter of Arnolph, 
Duke of Bavaria, and was invefted with that duchy by his bro- 
ther the Emperor Otho, upon the demife of Bertholdj brother to 
Judith. He had iffue, three fons, i. Henry Rixofus or the 
Quarrelfome, who fucceeded his father as Dukeof Bavaria in 955, 
was expelled A. D. 975, reftored in 985, and died in 995; 2. 
Bruno, Marggrave of Saxony ; Herman, Count of Nor theim, in 
Hanover; and three daughters, i. Luitgard, wife of Burchard II. 
a Duke of Suabia; 2. Gerberga, Abbefs of Granderflieim; 3. 
Adelheid^ wife of Burchard, Count of Geifenhaufen. 

Herman, Count of Northeim, third fon of Henry, Duke of 
Bavaria, was called Duke of Saxony on the Wefer, father of Sig- 
frid I. who was fucceeded by his fon Sigfred II. Count of Nor- 
theim and Gottingen, father of Otho, Duke of Saxony on the 
Wefer, and Duke of Bavaria from 1062 to 1070, he was flain 


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A. D. 1083; leaying iflue by his wife Cuniza of Bavaria, fbar 
fons and tfere^ daughters, and was (ijcceeded by his elddl fon, 

Henry Pinguis, who reigned Duke of Saxony eighteen years, 
and by Gertraut, daughter of Ecbert I. Marggrave of Saxony, 
and heirefs of the lands of Brunfwic (defcended in a dircdl line 
from Bruno I. elder brother of Herman, Count of Northeim be- 
fore mentioned) had iflue, Otho, who died young; Herman, 
Archbiibop of Cologn, who died 1099; Gertraut^ wife, firft of 
Henry I. Marggrave of Mifnia; fecondly, of Conrad, Ele6i«t 
Palatine of the Rhine; and Richenfa, who inherited the lands of 
Saxony, and was married to the Emperor Lothariu« II. A, H. 
J 11 3, by whom fhe had an only daughter, Gertraut, who was 
heirefs of Saxony, and by her marriage with Henry Superbus, as 
was obferved, the ancient line of Witckind the Great wa# 
blended with thofe of Efte, the Guelphs, and .Billung, in the 

Henry Leo, who, at the age of ten years, fucceeded his father 
Henry Superbus, under the guardianmip of his uncle Guelph, 
whofe conduft during the minority of his ward was uniformly 
great and faithful, but not attended with fuccefs equal to his 

Henry, in conjunftion with Albert, Marggrave of Branden- 
burg, defeated Niclotus, Prince of the Veneds (an inveterate per^ 
fecutor of the Chriftians) in feveral engagements, and compelled 
him to quit Mecklenburg. He next endeavoured to aflcrt his 
claim to the duchy of Bavaria, for which he was fummoned to 
appear at a diet in Wartfburg, but refufed to comply therewith, 
and in all probability had not the death of the Emperor Conrad 
put a flop to the proceedings, Henry would have been a great 
fuflferer. Frederick BarbaroiTa, who was of the fame family with 
Henry, and very much his friend, waselcfted Emperor in 11 53; 
but, his public entry into Rome being difputed, Henry, who 
made apart of the procefllon, ftrongly Supported the Emperor in 
his endeavours to force his way, and was fo happy as to refcuc 
him from under the feet of the enemy's cavalry. The reward 
of this fignal feryice was a grant of feveral extraordinary privi- 
leges, and upon his arrival in Germany A. D. 11 56, the Empe- 
ror reinftated him in the duchy of Bavaria. Henry alfo ob- 
tained the city and county of Hanover on the Lein, alfo large 
pofleflions upon the Hartz. 

Henry, firft married dementia, daughter of Conrad, Duke of 
Zaringen,. by whom he had a daughter, Rixa or Richenza, firft 
married to Frederic, fon of the Emperor Conrad III.; fecondly, 
ts^ Canute, ion of Waldemar L King of Denmark. Clemenftia 
was divorced, an objeftion being made to their aflSnity, where- 
upon Henry married Mathilda, eldeft daughter of Henry II. 
JKing of England, by whom he had iflue, Maud or Mechild, 
married to Henry Burewin, Priuce of Wendcu; Heary the Long» 


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liis fttoceflbr; Otlio, afterwards Emperor; William of Win- 
chefter, who continued the race; and Ltt4eru8, who died A. D* 


Henry Longus, of Zellc, thceldeft fon of Henry Leo, was bom 
A. D. « I70,^and fucceeded his father Auguft 6, 1 195. He mar- 
tied Agnes, daughter of Conrad, Duke of Suai>ia, and heirefii of 
the Palatinate of the Rhine,, in right of her mother Elizabeth, 
daughter of Herman, Palatine thereof, and by this marriage be- 
esRne Palatine hi infelC Agnes died A. D, 1204; and Henry, af- 
terwards married Agnes, Countefsof Landiberg; by the former 
lie bad one fon, Henry, who died A. D« 12x2, qnmairied ; and 
by the (econd, two daughters, Ermengardis or Etiche, married to 
Herman IV. Marggrave of Baden; and Agn^to Otho the illuf- 
trious Duke of Bavaria, 

This Prince, for his attachment to bk brother Otfio,'^was put 
to the ban of the»Empire, yet he kept pofleffion of his dominions 
ttntil his death. Hefurvived his two brothers, arid by that means 
te-united their poflcffions, which by agreement had been divided, 
and dying in 1227, left his eftate between his two daughters 
libove mentioned. 

Otto or Otho, the fecond fon of Henry Leo, in the partition of 
his father*s dohiinions, became poflefled o( Brunfwic, Northeim, 
and Gottingen; alfo by the favour of his uncle, Richard I. King 
of England, he received Poitou and Guienne, in France. He was 
eleAed Emperor in 1198, but Was obliged to relinquifti that dig- 
mty- to Philip 11. after being twice defeated by him in the field; 
^however, it was finally agreed between them, that Philip fliould 
enjoy the Empire dunng bis life, and to fecure the reverfion to 
Otho, wiio was to marry Beatrix, the daughter of Philip. Itt 
coafeijuenceof this agreement, upon the death of Philip in ilo8^ 
Otho was crowned Emperor by the Pope, who bound him by 
iMith to defend the fee of Rome and its poflcffions; notwithftand- 
fcig this obligation, he feizcd on many pofleffions belonging to 
the (ee of Rome; for this breach of faith the Pope excited the 
Princes of the Empire, who at that time were extremely fearful 
of the Papalcxcommunication, to ftand up in defence of religion. 
The united forces of his enemies obliged Otho to abdicate the 
Empire A. D. 12 12, He retired to his paternal feat at Hartz- 
Inirg, but would never deliver up the imperial Infignia, nor re- 
nounce his claim to the Empire. He died without iffue. May 
15, 1 2 18, enjoining his brother Henry to deliver the infignia 
to the fucceflbr in the Empire, whom the Eleftors fliould s^- 

William of Winchefter, fumamed Longafpatha or Longfword* 
the third fon of Henry Leo, was born in England, In !i84> 
while his father was in exile; upon the partition of his father*^ 
land, he obtained Lunenburg, with alt the pofiefiions then 
ftonexed to that duchy. He married Heleo^ 4ai>ghter of Wal- 


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R O Y A L F A M I L r- ij 

ffeiviar L King of Denmark, and died June 25, 11 135 being foe-* 
cctded by his only fon. 

Otto rtter,or the In&nt, born 1204, who, upon the death of 
his uncle Henry the Long, laid claim to Brunlwic, alledging that 
it was not in his uncle's power, much Icfs in that of his daugb« 
ters, to alienate the duchy from their family. Notwithilandin|[ 
the utmoft precaution of the fon of the Emperor Frederick II. 
Otto took the town by ftorm, and from that time afiumed the 
titleof Duke of Hrunfwic. Pope Gregory IX. having excom* 
iDunicated the Emperor Frederick II. offered to crown Otto Em- 
peror in the abfence of Frederick, who was in the Holy Lands 
but Otto refufcd this offer, protefting, that his oppofition to this 
E^npcror was to no other intent than the recovery of his own 
right. This difintereftedncfs of Otto fo pleafed the Emperor, 
that in a diet held at Mentz, Auguftai, 1235, he ere£\ed hisdo^ 
minions into a duchy, and Otto became the firft created Duke 
of Brunfwic and Lunenburgh. Hc^ died June 9, 1252, having 
been married to Mathilda, daughter of Albert 11. Elcdlor of 
Brandenburg, by whom he bod five fons and five daughters. 

Of the five fons, Albert and John divided their father's domV* 
mons, the former taking Brunfwic and the latter Lunenbyrg, 
but they afterwards were re-united upon the failure of iffue in the 
younger branch; Otto died Bifliop of Hilde/heim in 1279; *• 
did Conrad^ Bifhop of Verden, in 1303; and Ulric died an 

Albert the Great, the patriarch of the elder branch of the fa«» 
raily^ fucceeded his father, and reigned feventeen years over 
Brunfwic and Lunenburg, but in 1269, he divided his patrimony 
with his brother John, as before obferved. He acquired the title 
of Great by continual proofs of his military virtue fupcrior to 
mo(k of his co-temporaries. At the age of fixteen he, at the head 
of the Bohemians and Bmnfwickers, gave battle to the Hunga- 
rian army confifting of 200,000 men (double his number), took 
their King prifoner, and gave a total overthrow to the whole 
body with fuch a (laughter as is fcarce to be paralleled> hiftoriant 
fay *t hat little more than 20,000 furvived the engagemJent, which 
continued for nine days fuccefEvely without intermiffioir. In 
1258, he took the fortrefs of Affeburg after a three years fiege, 
and joined the eftates of that family to thofe of the Houfe <rf 
Brunfwic ; he likewife reduced to obedience the Caftle of Wol- 
fenbuttle, which had afforded protedtion to many of thofe who 
defpifed his authority; in the mean time, Conrad, Count of 
Ebcrftein, and Gerhard, Archbiihop of Mentz, invaded thecoun* 
try of Gottingen, but Albert coming unexpeSkedly in the deadof 
the night upon the leaders of this confederacy, took thempri- 
foners ^d prevented that effufion of blood which muft have at* 
tended a formal engagement. Conrad, who was a vaffal to AU 
bert^ and as fuch haa taken an oath of allegiance to him, was 


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U T H E P R E S E N T 

fcntenccd to be hanged by the feet till he was dead, which 
fcntcnce was accordingly executed (and he is faid to have lived 
fi\'e days in that fituaticn) to the great terror of many others who 
were equally inclined to throw off the yoke. Gerhard was im- 
prifoned one year^ deprived of Geifelwerder, which was imme- 
diately annexed to the duchy of Brunfwic, and fined 8000 
mcrks of filver. 

In 1263, Albert made an attack upon the Marggrave of Mif- 
nia, when he was wounded and taken prifoner, in which fitu- 
ation he remained one year and a half, when he procured his 
liberty by a ranfom of 80,000 merks of filver, and the furrendcr 
of eight important caflles on the Werra. 

This Prince firft married Elizabeth, daughter of Henry V. 
Duke of Brabant, by whom he had no ifTue; fecondly, Adel- 
hcid, fifler to Orro, Marggrave of Montferrat, by whom he bad 
a daughter, Mathilda, firlt married to Eric VI. King of Den- 
mark; fecondly, to Henry III. Dukeof Glogau. Aifofix fons, 
of whom Luderus and Conrad were Knights of St. John the Bap- 
tift, and Otto a Knight Templar, and when that order was abo* 
lifhed was made Provofl of Hildefheim. The three other fons, 
were, Henry, Albert, and William, among whom their father at 
liis death, which happened Augufl 15, 1279, divided his do- 

Henry, the eldeft fon, was furnamed the Wonderful. He 
had the principalities of Grubcnhagen and Saltz der Halden, the 
towns of Hameln, Oflerode, and Duderfladt, with a third part 
of the i'piritualities of Brunfwic; but his race became extinft by 
the death of Philip II. the thirteenth Duke of Grubcnhagen, in 


William, the youngeft of the three fons, had the cities of 

Brunfwic and Wolfenbuttel, Gebberfliagen and GanderJheim, 

with a third part of the fpiritualities above mentioned; but 

he dying without ifTue in 1292, his pofTeffions fell to his brother 

Albert Pinguis, or the Fat, to whom his father had given 

Gottingen^ the towns of Neideck, Minden, Ottenfburgh, &e. 

the county of Northeim, and the lands between the Deifter and 

the Leine, with a third of the fpiritualities of Brunfwic. He 

married Richenza or Rixa, daughter of Henry, fenior Prince of 

Wenden, by whom he had ifTue, two daughters, Mechtild, Ab- 

befs of Ganderfheim; and Jutha, who died a maiden in 1319; 

alfo eight fons, 

1. Ernett, who at the partition made betvireen him and his 
brethren, received Gottingen in 1318, the year his father died; 
but his iflue became extindt in 1463. 

2. Albert, Bifhop of Halberfladt, who died in 1358, 

3. Henry, Bifhop of Helderfheim, who died i362, 

4. Bruno, who died before his father. 

5. Ludcrus or Luther, Grand Maflcr of the Teutonic Ordeiy 
in rrxijfia, and died A. D. 1 334, 

6. Johi^ai 

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R O Y A L F A M T L T. tj 

ۥ John, who was Grand-Mafter after his brother. 

7. Otto, the Liberal, who died without iffu^ in 1334. 

8. Magnus the Pious, who at length became Duke of Brunf- 
wic; he married Sophia, heircfs of Sangerfhaufen, Landfberg, and 
Peterfberg, daughter of Henry, Marggrave of Brandenberg. He 
died 1368, having had four fonsand as many daughters.. 

Magnus Torquatus, his youngeft fon, continued the line; he 
obtained the fifrname of Torquatus or theChained, by wearing a 
diver chain about his neck to fecure himfelf, as he faid, from the 
indignity of being hanged in a lefs valuable binding. In 1373^ 
he had an engagement with. Otto, Count of Schaumberg, wha 
had married the widow ofhis brother Luderus; in which he dif- 
mounted Otto, and while he was endeavouring to tak^ him pri" 
foncr, a foldier of the Count's run Magnus through the body, 
and thereby killed him on the fpot. 

He married Catharine, daughter of Waldcmar I. Eleflor of 
Brandenburg (who after his deceafe married Albert, Duke of Lu- 
nenburg), and had iffue, five daughters; i. Helen, wife of Al- 
bert, Duke of Mecklenburg, afterwards King of Sweden ; a. 
Agnes, firft married to Buffo, Count of Mansfield ; fecondly, to 
Bugiflaus VL Duke of Pdmerania-Stetin ; 3. Anne, wife of 
Mauritius, Count of Oldenburg; 4. Sophia, wedded to Henry 
Sufpenfor, Duke of Mecklenburg; 5. Catharine, firft married 
to Gerherd IIL Duke of Slefwic; fecondly, to Eric IV. Duke 
of Saxe-Lauenburg. 

He had likewifefour fons; i. Frederic, who joined Wolfcn- 
buttel to Brunfwic, but was flain June 5, 1400, returning from 
Francfort, where he had been unanimoufly chofen Emperor; 2. 
Otto, who diedBifhop of Bremen, 1406; 3. Bernhard; and 4. 
Henry, who fucceeded to the family poflcffions, on the death of 
their brother Frederic without iffue male, and ruled in con- 
jundtion nine years; at the end of which they (contrary toafor- 
mer agreement made between them) divided theeftates, wheteby 
Bernhard, who continued the line, became Duke of Lunenberg, 
and Henry had Brunfwic for his fliare; but on the failure of 
iffue, to the younger branch in 1634, the domifiions were 

Bernhard purchafed the county of Hamburg, and joined the 
cityof Ultzen to the duchy of Lunenburg; he entirely vanquiflied 
the family of Quitzow, and added the city of Schnackenburg to 
his poffeffions, by conqueft. In 1386, he married Margaret, 
daughter of Winceflaus, Elector of Saxony, by whom he had a 
daughter Catharine, the wife of Cafimir VI. Dukeof Pomerania 
and Stetin^ and tWQ fons, Otto and Frederic. 

Otto, furnamed the Warrior, being the eldeft fon, fucceeded 
his father as Duke of Lunenburg, &c. 1434; alfo, in right of his 
wife Elizabcth> daughter and heirefsof Herman, Count of Eber- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t* T H E PR E S E N T 

ftcin, fuccceded to that county. He died without iflue, 1445, 
and was fucceeded by his brother, 

Frederic^ the Religious, who married Magdalen, daughtci of 
Frederic I. Elector, of Brandenburg, by whom he had Margaret^ 
wife of Henry, Duke of Mecklenburg Stargard, Bcmhard U. and 
Otho, the Magnanimous. In- 1 454, he marched to the relief of 
the citizens ot Muniler, then befieged by Thcodoric II. Arch- 
biikop of Cologn, but was taken prifoner, andpurchaied his Aree* 
ilom in a fhort time In 1459, ^ retired to a monaftery of Fran- 
dfcan monks, which he had founded at Zelle, leaving the go«- 
vernroent to hiseldeil fon, 

Bernhard 11. who had been ele^ed Eifiiop of Hildefheim ia ' 
I452> which fee he quitted for the government of Lunenburg; he 
died without ifiue, and was fucceeded in 1464, by his brother, 

Otho the Magnanimous, who married, Sept. a8, 1467, Ann^ 
Counteft of.Naflau, Vianden, andDietz, by whom he had two 
fous, Henry, jun. born 1468, and William, who died a 
smnor in 148a Their father died Jan. 19, 147 1, leaving 
tbem incapable of afTuming the reins of government, where* 
upon their grandfather, Frederic the Religious, again took 
it upon him, and cr^ntinued a bleffing to his country till his death 
in 1478, when hisgrandfon, Henry, jun. became the ward of his 
mother, who, although fhe had, after tlie death of Otho the 
Magnanimous, married Philip, Count of Catzcn Elnbogen, re* 
turned to Zelle upon the death of her father-in-law, and became 
regent for the young Prince. 

Henry, jun. was engaged in feveral wars, particularly in con- 
jurtiftton with John, Bifhop of Hildeflieim, againft his two 
couims, Henry, fen. and Eric I. Dukes of Brunfwic, over whom 
they gained a complete vi<ftory near the tower of Peine, A. D, 
X p9, in which Eric and the Bifhop of Minden, together with Wil- 
liam, the brother of Henry Brunfwick, were taken prifoners. The 
Emperor Charles V. interpofmg, infilled that all hoftilities 
&ould ceafr, and that the princely prifoners ihould be fet at li- 
berty, but the conquerors^abfolutdy refufed to comply with the 
Emperor's mandate. Thi* contempt provoked Charles V. to 
profcribe them, wheri^upon Henry, jun, divided his pofleffions 
among bis children, and, by voluntarily refigning the govern- 
ment, prefervcd the (Juchy from the rapacious defigns of his op- 
ponents, wh6 were r^ot authorifed by the laws of the Empire to 
carry the fevere fenience of the father into execution againft 
the fons, who had n6t incurred thedifpleafure of the Emperor. 

Henry, jun. married Margraret daughter of Erneft, EleAor of 
Saxony, and by her had five fons and three daughters. He die* 
at Paris, 1^32. 

The daughters were, t. Elizabeth, who died in 1572, widow 
of Charles, Duke of Gueldres; 2. Appoloaia, who died unmar- - 


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ried; 3. Anne^ married to Maxinaus XI. Duke of Pomeranisi 
Stetin,^ and died at Stetin Nov. 6, 1 568. 

The fons were, 1. Otto, whofe line is cxtinft; 2. Francis- 
Henry; 3. Henry, who both died young; 4* Emcft the Pious, of 
Zelle; and 5. Francis, who figned tnc Augiburg confeffioa with his 
-brother Erneft, in 1530, and died univerfally lamented, Nov. 
23, 1 549, a few months after his brother Otto. 

Erneft the Pious was bom Jan. 16, 1497. At the divifion of 
the patrimonial eftates, upon the abdication of his father \\c fuc- 
ceeded to Zelle. He declared hinifclf in favour of the Reforma- 
tion, and recommended the Lutheran do(%rine to his fubje&Sy - 
without the leaft attempt to compel their affent; for as he him- 
ielf was convinced by reafon, he thought it his duty to publifli 
thofe arguments which determined his opinion, that everyone of 
his fubjedls might have the fame advantages of examining the 
weadc foundation upon which the dodrines of the Romifh church 
were built. 

This candour and moderation had its deiired cfftSty and men 
l)egan to examine into the rife and progrefs of the Romiih doc* 
trine, a liberty from which they had before been precluded* 
Reafon foon prevailed, and Erneft had the fatisfa£lion of feeing 
the greater part of his fubjec^s profefs themfelves Lutherans. 

At a diet held at Spiers, A. D. 1529, the Pope procured a mo« 
tion to be made, to put in execution the bah of the Empire that 
had been publifhed againft Luther, as likewife to extend it to all 
who adopted his religious principles. Erneft, with many other 
members of the diet, protefted againft this addition to tne ban, 
which they oppofed with fuch zeal and intrepidity, that the Em* 
pcror thought it not advifeable to gratify the rope and his bi- 
gotted adherents. 

In 1530, the famous diet was held at Augftiurg, at which Er- 
neft and the other Proteftant princes (as they were then firft de- 
nominated on account of the above-mentioned proteft) were pre* 
feat, and delivered in an account of their faith; which was fo 
efTentially difterent from that of the papifts, as to leave no room 
for the accommodation that was intended. 

After the diet was clofed, the Proteftants found it neceffary to 
unite their forces, and entered into an alliance of fo extenftve a 
nature, that they became, with regard to any hoftilities their 
enemies mijht commit, but one people. This confederacy was 
tolaftfor five years, and was, at the expiration of that term, re- 
newed for ten more. Erneft was the chief upon this occafion^ 
and indeed muft be reckoned one of the firft and principal re- 

He died January 11, 1546, leaving the charafter of a pious^ 
Aeady ^nd' valiant prince* His iftue by, his wife Sophia, daugh« 
ter of Henry, Duke of Mecklenburg, were four fons and fijc 

Vol* ^• i Jb4 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


, The daughters were, i. Margaret, married to John or Haflf^ 
Count of Mansfield ; 2. Urfula; 3. Catherine, both died young ; . 
4* Elizabeth-Urfulay wife of Otto, Count of Holftein-&hauen- 
hurg; 5. Magdalen, married to Arnold, Count of fienheim; and 
6>» &)phia^ who died the widow of Poppo, Count of Henneberg^ 
A. D. 1631. 

Of the fons, Henry the fecond was flain in battle at SiTerhau- 
fcn, July 9, 1553, immarried; and Francis Otto, the eldeft, dy- 
ioM April 29, 1560, without ilTue by his confort Elizabeth 
Magdalen, ^ughter of Joachim IL Eit&ot of Brandenburg, 
the £umly poffisffions thereby devolved upon his remaining bro- 

Henry and William, from whom are defcended the prefent 
princely families of WqlfFenbutiel and Luneburg; the former 
from Henry, the latter from William. Thefe Princes reigned 
jointly for ten ycarswith remarkable unanimity, at length Henrys 
refigned his fhare of the government to his brother, 

Williatn, who reigned alone over Luneburg (after the refig* 
|iiation of his brother) twenty-three years. Hiazeal for the Re- 
formation induced him to compofe and publifh a creed intitled 
Corpus Da3rirue Luneburgicuniy to which all candidates for holy 
orders were obliged to fubfcribe. He made confiderable addi- 
tions to his patrimonial pofleffions, and obtained the charaAef 
of a pious, juft, and pacific Prince* 

He^ married Dorothy, daughter of Chriftian III* King of Den- 
mark, by whom he had fifteen children^ 

The eieht daughters were, i* Sophia, married to George 
Frederic, Marnrave of Brandenburg Anfpach, and died Jan« 
14, 1639; 2. Elizabeth, married to Frederic, Count of Hohen- 
lohe, ^d died 162 1 ; ^* Dorothy, married to Charles-Palatine, 
ef Bxrckenfeld, and died Aug. 15, 1649; 4* Clara, married to 
William,. Count of Swartzburg, and died July 18, 1658; 5* 
Amie-Urfula, who died a maiden Feb. 3, 1601 ;^6. Margaret, 
kiarried to John Cafimir, Duke of Saxe-Coburg, and died Aug«^ 
7, 1643; ?• Mary, died unmarried Oft. 2i, 1610; and 8. Sy- 
billa, married to Julius Emeft, Duke of Danneberg, and died 
June 3, 1652. 

The fons were, Ernefi, Chriftian, Auguftus, Frederic, Mag- 
hus, George and John,, who all determined not to diminifh the 
grandeur of their family hy partitioning their inheritance, as 
was . the ufual cuftom in Germany, but agreed, that the eldeft 
fiiould fiirft take pofleffion of the duchy and enioy the fame dur- 
ing life; that at his death it fhould defcend to the next furviving- 
brother, and fo on ; they ^Ifo agreed that (to prevent conipeti- 
tion among their refpe^ive heirs, and to preferve harmony 
iHnong themfelves) only one fhould marry* For this advanttigc 
theycaftloti, and fortune favoured George; which agreement 

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k V A L 1^ A M 1 1 Yc t^ 

#i^ to pun^ally adhered to, that it excited the admiration of all 

Of thefe brothers, Magnus died Feb. 9, 1632, and John Nov« 
az, 1628. 

Erneft, the eldeft fon, bom Sept. loi 1599; in cortfeqvjence 
of the agreement, took poiTeffion of Luneburg and the ^ftates 
belonging to it. He ruled twenty-nine years, and died March 
29, 161 1. 

Chriftian, the fecond fon, firft became Bifliop of Mindert, and 
was afterwards eledled Biihop of Halberftadt, but this he refigned* 
He fucceeded to Luneburg upon the death of Erneft, and ari- 
nexedto his other pofleffions the duchy of Grubenhagen, which 
was adjudged his right by the Emperor, A. D. 1615. This 
brave Prince, though an experienced foldier, was frequently de- 
feated, entirely owing to the difobedience of orders in the Ge- 
nerals immediately under him, and, in an engagement near 
Floriac, when he was marching to the relief of Bergen-op- 
Zoom, then befiegedby the Marquis of Spinola, he loft his left 
arm, and woreafilver one inftead of it. In 1624, he wasclefted 
one of the Knights Companions of the moft noble Order of the 
Ciarter, and was inftalled by proxy Dec. 13, 1625. Some ac- 
counts place his death in the year 1626, but others aflcrt it to 
have happened Nov. 8, 1633. 

Auguftus, his next brother, was elcfted Bifliop of RatzburgH 
ini6io; and in 1633, fucceeded to the duchy of Luneburg. la 
1636, the Swedes over-ran the territories of this ancient 
houfe, and Auguftus died Oft. i, the fame year, having a ftiorC 
time before given up the regency of Luneburg to his brother, 

Frederic, who in 1602, was prefent at the famous fiegc of 
Buda, and was made Dean of Bremen the fame year. In 1640^ 
by means of his brother George, he cleared hiSxduchy of the 
Swedes; and in 1642, upon the death of William, the laft of the 
line of Harbtn-g, the houfe of Luneburg inherited that diftrl<5t« 
This Prince died Dec. 10, 1648, in the 74th year of his age, 
and was fucceeded by his nephews, the fons of 

George, the fixth fon of William, who learned the military 
art under Maurice, Prince of Naflau, who was engaged Jrt a war 
againft Spain. He afterwards entered into the fervice of Chrif- 
tian IV. King of Denmark, who was then at war with Charles 
IX. King of Sweden, and was honoured with the rank of Ge- 
neral in the Danifli army. He figned the confederacy of Leip- 
fig againft the Emperor in 1631, and gave two fignal defeats to 
the Imperial forces in.theyears 1632 and 1633 : he likewife fub- 
iued many ftrong fbrtrefles belonging to the Emperor. 

The Swedes having given him a great difguft, he figned th^ 
treaty of Prague, A. D. 1635, in favour of the Emperor, whofc 
tyrannic principles he was afterwards fo fully convinced of, that 
iie formed a fecoifd alliance with the Swedes in 1640; but, while 

ca he 

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te T H E P R E S EN T 

he aflifted in 1639, at a banquet ^t Hildeflieim with General 
Bannier, a monk adminiftered poifoned wine, to feveial of the 
phiefs affembled there. He drank but little of it, yet it had fa 
. fatal an effe(Sl that his ftrength vifibly abated from that time, 
and a fever put a period to his life April 2, 1641, in the midft of 
warlike preparations, which by his death were in a great meafure 
rendered inefFefluaU 

He married Anne -Eleanor, daughter of Lewis V. I^andgravc 
©f Hefle Darmftadtj and had iffue four fons and as many daugh- 
ters* To prevent any altercation among his fons, he, by his 
will, fettled the fucceflion in the following manner: To Chrif- 
tian-Lewis, his eldeil fon, he left the principalities of Zelle and 
Grubenhagen; and to George-William, his fecond fon, that of 
Calenberg; and, provided either of thefe ihould die without 
ifTue, John Frederic, his third fon, fhould fupply his place, and 
fo on to Erneft-Auguftus, the fourth fon. He further direfted, 
that whenever a change fhould happen in the fucceffion by death, 
theeldeft furviving brother fhould have it at his option which of 
the two divifions he would govern. It happened that every one 
of thefe four Princes came fucceflively to the regency oif one or 
other of thefe divifions; but the three eldeft dying without 
ilTue, the principalities became re-united> and were enjoyed 
by the pofterity of the youngeft brother, as will he Ihewn here* 

His daughters were, i. Magdalen, who died on the day of her 
birth; 2. Sophia- Amelia, married Frederic III. King of Den- 
mark, whpfe widow (he died Feb. 20, 1685; 3. Dorothy-Magda- 
len, who died an. infant Nov. 17, 1630; 4. Annc-Mary-Elea- 
nor, who died Nov. 13, 1636, aged fix years wanting feven 

Chriftian-Lewis, the eldeft fon, fuccceded his father in Calen- 
berg and Gottingen, and fixed his refidence at Hanover the me- 
tropolis. Upon the death of his uncle Frederic he chofe the 
principalities of Zelle and Grubenhagen, and relinquilhcd Ca- 
lenberg and Gottingen to his brother George- William. The 
£i£hoprick of Walkenreid was, by the peace of Weftphalia, in 
1648, confirmed to thehoufe of Luneburg, and in 1650, Nieu- 
berg and feyeral other places were recovered from the Swedes. 
. He died March 15, 1665, without iffue by his wife; Dorothy, 
daughter of Philip, Duke of Holftein Gluckfburg, and his do- 
minions devolved upon his next brother, 

George-William, born Feb. 16, 1624, who chofe the Duke- 
dom of Zelle, agreeable to his father's will. In 1675, he obtained 
a fignal viSory over the French army commanded by Marihal dc 
Crcqui, and reduced Triers, or Treves. In 1676, he forced the 
Swedes to abandon Stade, which was exchanged at the peace 
of Nimegucn. In 1686, he re-eftahliflicd tranquillity in the 


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R O Y A L F A M IL Y. »t 

city of Hamburg; and in 1689, acquired Saxe Laucnburg upon 
the death of JuIiuSTprancis, 

There fubfified a moft perfeA friendfhip between William, 
Prince of Orange, afterwards King of England, and this Prince, 
George-William, on whofe advice and, judgement the Prince of 
Orange fo much relied, that he regulated his behaviour towards 
the Englilh by it. And it was this friendfhip that induced King 
William to endeavour at fettling the fucceffion of England on 
the line of Brunfwic; and to fhew the carlieft mark of his efteem, 
upon his acceflion he honoured his friend George-William with 
the moft noble Order of the Garter, and he was inftafled by his 
proxy (Lord Erne) June 5, 1694. 

The love and affeftion which the fubje<9:s of the duchy bore 
to this Prince were <:onfpicuous in their fear of loiing him, and 
during his laft illnefs, they crowded to the churches to pray for 
his recovery, as if their happinefs depended only on the conti- 
nuance of hi$ reign. 

He died Auguft 28, 1 705, in the Sad year of his age, and leav- 
ing by his wife Eleanora d'Efmurs, daughter of Alexander d'Ol- 
breqfe, an only daughter of Sophia-Dorothy, tlie wife of his ne- 
phew George-Lewis, afterwards King of England, whov inherited 
his dominions. 

John Frederick, the third brother, began to reign over Calen- 
berg, Gottingen, and Grubenhagen in 1665, and died -at Augf- 
burg December 28, 1679, aged 54 years. 

He married Benedifta-Henrietta-Philippina, daughter of Ed- 
ward, Count Palatine of Simme'rn, by whom he had only four 
daughters, wherefore, for want of male iflue, his pofTefiions fell to 
his brother Emeft- Auguftus. 

His daughters were, i. Anne-Sophia, who died an infant 
1671; 2. Charlotte-Felicitas, married to Reinald, Duke of Mo- 
dena, and died Sept. 29, 17JO; 3. Henrietta-Mary, died young 
Sept. 4, 1687; and 4. Wilhelmina- Amelia, married to the Em- 
peror Jofeph, and died his widow in the year 1742. 

Erncft- Auguftus, the youngeft fon of George, became Bifliop 
of -Ofnaburg in 1662, agreeable to the .terms of the peace of 
Weftphalia, whereby the houfe of Brunfwic obtained thealternate 
fucceffion to that Bifhopric; the citizens who had behaved in a 
refradlory manner to his predeceflbrs, and more thai? once dif- 
claimed all obedience to their Prelates, imipediately fubmitted to 
him, which lingular mark of his efteem induced him to take up 
his reftdence at Ofnaburg, where he built a fine palace at his own 
expence; but upon fucceeding his brother, John Frederic, in 
the Hanoverian dominions, he appointed a regency at Ofnaburg, 
jmd changedhis place of refidence to Hanover.. 

Soon after his aceffion to Hanover he aboliflied the impolitic 
cuftom of dividing the patrimonial lands among the feveral fons, 
and efl?ibUfl^ed the right of primogeniturQj to whiqKfalutary yc-» 

c 5^ gulatioa 

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guUtion GeorgerWilliam, of Zclle, whofc only daughter, So* 
phia, was married to • the next fucceflbr under his &ttlemcnt> 
readily concurred. 

Thje zeal which he fhewed for the common caufe of the Em- 
pire in preference to his own dominions, which, for want of* 
thofe troops wherewith he had augmented the allied army, were 
in danger from Chriftian V. King of Denmark, obliged him to 
deftroy thofe fortifications which, at a great cxpence, and, for 
wife purppfes, he had erefted. Befides this he had ventured his 
own perfon, and loft two of his children in the wars, while three 
more were ftill hazarding their lives againft the Turks and the 
French. Thefe fervices made fuch an impreflion upon the Em-, 
peror and many of the neighbouring Princes, that, at a diet hel4 
at Aug{burgh in 1689, in order to ele£l a King of the Romans, it 
was the opinion of moft of the members, that the Houfe of Lu- 
neburg had merited a feat in the eleftoral college. This honour 
would have naturally f^illen upon his elder brother George- Wil- 
liam,but he declined it in favour of Erneft, and on Dec. 9, 1692, 
at a diet held at Ratifbon, a majority of the ele<flors made this 
xefolution^ ** That in confideration of the great merits of hift 
^* Highnefs Erneft- Auguftus, an4 of his prcdeccflbrs, as alfo o€ 
*^ his power ; the confiderable of rank which he held in the Eiti^ 
•^ pire; the great fuccours which he had already granted, and 
*^ i^rhich he was willing to continue for the future; and for other 
^* great and weighty reafons, the dignity of Eleiftor of the Romaic 
** Empire ftiould be conferred upon him and his heirs male." 

In defiance to a proteft entered by the College of Princes 
aigainft this refolve, the Emperor gave the folemn invcftiture of 
the ele£toral dignity to the plenipotentiary of Erneft* Auguftus^ 
and afterwards tl\e cftablifliment of this eledorate, with all the 
ftreitgth the law^ of the Empire can give it, was agreed toby the 
three colleges of the Empire, and the office of Arch Standard 
Bearer was alfo annexed thereto. 

Erneft- Auguftus embraced this opportunity to obtain the Em» 
peror*s fandion to his aft of primogeniture before mentioned, in 
which application he fucceeded fo well, that all the partition's 
which from that time might be made of the eftates of the elefto- 
rate were declared void. The ftates belonging to the eleftorate 
were exprcfsly faid to be the principalities of Zelle, Calcnberg, 
and GVubenhagen; the counties of Hoya and Diepholt, with all 
the territories, cities, and bailiwics belongilig thereunto; and alt 
thofe pofteffions which the two brothers George- William and 
Erneft-Auguftus at that time enjoyed. Befides the vote ob- 
tained in the college of eleftors by this new dignity, the Houfc 
of Brunfwic ftill retained three votes in the College of Princes, 
for the above-mentioned principalities. 

He continued to fupport the allies with frefli reinforcements 
againft the Turks in Hungary; likcwife in the Netherlands 


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%bere he fimt 10,000 men within the two laft 3rears hefbre thm 
peace of Rifwic, A. D* 1697, as an addition to the body of troops 
he then employed in their fervice. 

Erneft died Jan. 23, 1698, aged 69 years* He married Sophia^ 
daughter of I* rederic^ Eiedor Palatine and King of fiohemia, 
by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of James L King of England* 

The iflue of this marriage were, i* George-Lewis, of whom 
hereafter; 2. Frederic-Auguftus,flainin battle againi| the Turks 
Dec. 13, 1690; 3* Maximilian-William, Field-marfhal-general of 
the Imperial army, who died at Vienna in 1726; 4. Sophia- 
Charlotta, married to Frederic I. King of Prufiia ; 5. Charles-* 
Philip, killed in a battle againft the Turks and Tartars in Alba- 
nia, Jan. 2, 1690; 6. Chriftian, drowned in the Danube near 
Ulme, in an engagement againft the French, July 31, 1703 ; and 
7« E^eft-Auguftus, fiifhop of Ofnabure, who was bom Sept* 
17, 1672, created Duke of York ^d Albany in Great Britain^ 
and Earl of CJlfter in Ireland, June 29, 17 16; eleded Knighted 
the Garter, July i, 17 16, invefted with the enfigns of that moft 
noble order at Hanover, December 26 following, and inftalled at 
Windfor, by his proxy SirAdolphus Oughton, on April i^ 
1718. He died Auguft X4, 1728, unmarried. 

George-Lewis, the eldeft ton of Auguftus, was bom May 289 
1660. At ftxteenyears of age he accompanied his father at the 
£ege of Triers or Tr^^^ ^^^ %^^^ fignal proofs of valour and in- 
trepidity rarely to he met with in one of his age. In 1676 and 
1677 he attended his father, and gave frefli proofs of coun^ at 
the ft^es of Maeftricht and Charleroy; and in 1678 he affifted« 
in the viAory which the Prince of Orange gained over Marfhal 
Luxemburg, the French General, near Mons* In 1685 he af-. 
fifted at the fiege of Neuheufel, which was taken by aflault, and 
the Turkifh army repulfed with the lofs of 5000 Janizaries. In 
1686, he was very fcrviceable at the fiege of Buda, the capital of 
Hungary, which the Turks refolutely defended, but the Imperial 
forces took it by ftorm in the very fight of tlie Turkifti army 
which was marching to its relief; which army was afterwards 
defeated, and the campaign ended with frefli conquefts. The re<^ 
putation which he gained in thefe campaigns was acknowledged 
in 16^5, when the Emperor at Vienna prefented him with ^ 
fword richly fet with diamonds. 

In 1688, a war broke out between the Empire sMi.d France^ 
which afforded frefli opportunities of diftinguifliing his courage 
^d conduct. 

In 1698 h^ fucceeded his father, whereupon he entered into a 
\t3Lgxit with King William III. 

In 1700, when by the death of the Duke of Gloucefter there 
appeared no immediate heir to the crown of England, after the 
death of King William and his fifter-in-law, afterwards Queen 
^ne, his Majefly thought the interefts of his/ub|eAs too nearly 

C4 * ^on<;erncd 

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conccrncfl in the appointment of a fucccflbr nbt to remind them 
of it, which he did in his fpeech at the meeting of the Parliament 
in February 1701. 

' The Houfe of Commons, after the moft folemn deliberation 
upon an afiair of fuch importance to the future pofterity of thefe 
kingdoms, refolved, ** That the Princefs Sophia, Duchefs Dowa- 
*^ ger of Hanover, be declared the next in fucceffion to the crown 
*^ of England in the Proteftant line, after his Majefty, and the 
^* Princefs, and the heirs of their bodies refpedkively; and that 
** further limitation of the crown be to the faid Princefs Sophia 
** and the heirs of her body, being Protcftants^" 

A bill being framed upon thefe refolutions Was fent up to the 
Houfe of Lords, where it paffcd without amendment, and on the 
1 2th day of June, 1701, received the royal aflent; and his Ma- 
jelly King William nominated Charles, Earl of Macclesfield, to 
prelcnt to her Eleftoral Highnefs the aft of parliament, and to 
deliver the Duke, George Lewis,, the habit and ornaments of the • 
moft noble Order of the Garter, into which he had been elefted 
on the 1 8th of that month, and he was inftallcd by proxy oa 
March 13, 1702. 

King James XL died at St. Germains Sept. 5, the fame year, 
and the French King was prevailed upon to iffue out orders for 
proclaiming his pretended fon, under the ftile and title of King 
James III. of England, and the Ylllth of Scotland : as foon as 
the news of this extraordinary breach of faith reached King Wil- 
liam, an exprefs was difpatched to the Earl of Manchefter, his 
M^jefty's ambaflador at Paris, with orders for him to return to 
England without an audience of leave, and the French Minifter 
then refident at London had di regions to retire. 

King William in his fpeech to his new Parliament, on the 
laft day of that year,* among other interefting matters told them, 
<* He need not prefs them to lay ferioufly to heart, and to confider 
*« what further means might be ufed for fecuring the fucceffion 
«< of the crown in the Proteftant line, and in extinguiftiing the 
^* hopes of all pretenders, and their open andfecrct abettors." 

The Lords immediately drew up a loyal and fpirited addrefs to 
the King, in which they expreffed their refentment of the French 
King's proceedings with refpeft to the Pretender, and aflured him, 
they were ready to rifque their lives and fortunes in defence of 
the Proteftant iucceffion. 

The Commons were not negligent of fo fair an opportunity to 
ihew their zeal. On Jan. 9, they refolved that leave be given to 
bring in a bill for fecuring his Majefty's pcrfon and the fuc- 
ceffion of the crown in the Proteftant line; and for extinguiftiing 
the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, &c. &c. They 
likewife refolved to addrefsthe King that he would infert an ar* 
tide in all his treaties of alliance, importing that, " no pe;|icc 
*^ Jhould be made with France until his Majefty and the nation 

" have 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


*< have reparation for the great indignity offered bjr the Frencli. 
*' King, in owning and declaring the pretended Prince of Walcf, 
*« King of ^J^gland^ Scotland, and Ireland.** 

As a further Tecurity, two bills were pafTed, one for the attainder 
of the pretended Prince of Wales, the other for obliging all per-* 
fons to abjure him. 

King William died March 8, 1701-2, and was fucceedcd bj- 
the Princcfs Anne, confort of Prince George of Denmark. Im- 
mediately after, her Majelly, by an order of Privy Council, di- 
redled that the Princefs Sophia*9 name (hould be infertcd in the 
dailjr prayers of the church, upon which both houfes of Parlia- 
ment addreffed her Majefty to return her thanks for her great 
zeal for the fucceflion of the crown in thfe Proteftant line. 

On April 4, 1706, George-Auguitus, Eledloral Prince (George 
I. of Brunfwic Luneburg, and fon of George-Lewis) was cledled 
a Knight Companion of the moft noble Order of the Garter, 
whereupon the fovereign, by her commiffion under the great fcaJ 
of the Order, bearing date the iid of the fame month, conftituted 
commiffioners to carry the habit andenfigns of the Order to the 
Eledoral Prince, and to inveft him therewith ; but there being 
no inftallation at Windfor till the eleftions of William, Duke of 
Devonfhire, and John, Duke of Argyle, in 1 7 10. His moft fe- 
rene Highnefs was inftalled (by his proxy Charles, Lord Hali&x) 
with them bn Dec. 22d that year. 

The Queen, as a farther mark of her royal favour, was graci- 
oufiy pleafed, by her letters patent, bearing date at Weftminfter 
Nov. 9, 1706, to create his Eledloral Highnefs, a Duke, Mar- 
quis, Earl, Vifcount and£aron of England, by the titles of Duke 
and Marquis of Cambridge, Earl of Milford Haven, Vifcount 
Northallerton, Baron of Tewkefbury, entailing the fame on the 
heirs male of his body for ever. 

The war which had broke out in confequence of the French 
King's proclamation of the Pretender having extended to the 
Empire, the military affairs of which were fo' affdft^d by mifma- 
nagement, that his Imperial Majefty readily agreed with the 
confederate powers that it was neceflary to give the command of ^ 
the army to fome Prince of diftinguiflied merit, whofe valour and 
prudence, joined to a large fliare^ of authority^ might prove the 
means of retrieving its reputation. No one was fo likely to an- 
fwer their purpofe as the Eledlor of Hanover, whoat the earneft en- 
treaty of all the allies took the command Sept. 13, 1707, and the fuc- 
cefles which enfued fully confirmed the prudence of their choice. 

He continued at the head of the army till he could no longer 
brook the difappointments he had met with during the laft three 
campaigns, through the remiflhefs of the Princes of the Empire 
in fumifliing their promifed quotas of troops, he therefore figni- 
iiedto the Imperial Court his determination to quit the army. 
Th^ Emperor was greatly alarmed at this refolution, and endea- 

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voared to difTuade him from it^ promiiing that he Should be ibp« 
plied with what forces he pleafed ; but his Elc<£loral Highnefs 
could not be brought to credit thefe aflurances ; he therefore per- 
fifted in his refolution; yet continued to fliew his' zeal for the 
caufe by leaving his troops with the army of the Empire, while 
thofe he had with the allies in the Netherlands continued to ie- 
cond them there. 

The office of Arch-treafurer of the Empire becoming vacant by 
the profcription of the Ele£lor of Bavaria, that honour was con* 
ferred (as had been determined at a diet) upon the Eledior of Ha- 
nover, and has ever fince continued in that Houfe. A feparatc 
peace between England and France was nearly concluded, when 
the Queen, on June 6, 17129 communicated the plan thereof to 
the Houfe Peers, and affured them that fhc had fecured the Pro- 
teftant fuccefllon, which France had acknowledged in the ftrongeft 
terms, and that the Pretender would be removed out of the 
French dominions. However advantageous this declaration 
might appear for the Houfe of Hanover, yet his Eledloral High- 
nels could not be prevailed on to be guilty of a breach of fstith to 
the allies: Mr. Thomas Harley was lent ambaflador to Hanover, 
before the conclufion of the peace, to endeavour to perfuade the 
tlc£tor it was his intereft to co-operate with her Majefty, but his 
Highnefs ftiewed that /lo confideration of private intereft could 
induce him to defert the common caufe; for being urged to be^ 
come a party in the feparate treaty, he replied, << When it fliall 
** pleale God to call me to the throne of Britain, I hope to adl aft 
** becomes me for the advantage of my people; till then fpeak 
•* to me as a Prince of the German Empire.** A fuipcniion of 
arms was declared between Great Britain and France in 1 7 1 2, and 
the peace was ratified at Utrecht in 1713, yet the Ele<SoraI 
troops continued in the armies of the confederatod powers till 
the general peace in 1 7 14. 

The Princefs Sophia died at Herenhaufen, June 8, 17 14, and 
her Majefty Queen Anne departed this life in Auguft following^ 
whereby the right of his Electoral Highnefs to the Britifh 
•rowns, purfuant to the provifions made by Parliament, took 
place, and he was accordingly, on the day of the Queen's deaths 
proclaimed King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, &c. with^ 
the ufual ceremonies. 

The Houfe of Commons^ to exprefs their loyalty to their new 
foyereign, paffed the civillift bill before his Majefty arrived in 
England, which was on September 18, 17 14. The Archbifliop 
of Canterbury lent the King his hand wKen his Majefty fet foot 
on ftiore; the Regency, with the Lord High Chancellor at t^eir 
head, immediately congratulated his Majefty upon his arrival ; 
and every well-wiftier to this country exprefled a fincere fatisfac- 
tion at the acceffion of this moft ferene Houfe,from aconviAion 
that Britift) liberties and the Proteftant religion were then under 

a moil 

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|i moft faithful guardian, ;ind that pofterity could not be better 
fecured againft oppreffion and arbitrary power. 

His Majefty was married Nov. 21, 1682, to Sophia-Dorothy, 
f)nly child of his uncle, George-William,* Duke of Zelle, by 
whom he had iflue, George-Auguftus, his fucceffor ; and Sdphhi- 
Dorothy, who was married Nov. 28, 1706, to Frederic-William, 
jifterwardsKing of Pruffia^ and died July 5, 1757- 

The Royal Confort of King George I. died at A^Iin, Nov. 2, 
1726, N. S. and his Majefly departed this life at Ofnaburg, June 
II, 1727, on his way to his German dominions, in the 68th year 
of his age, and the 1 3th of his Britilh reign. 

George II. Auguftus, was born 0<a. 30, 1683. This Prince 
very early attended his father in the field, and thoroughly imbi- 
bed the principles of that heroic commander. In 1 708, he made 
the campaign with the allied army in the Ncthcrlabds, under the 

Jreat Duke of Marlborough; at the battle of Oudenartfe, fought 
uly 9, he charged the houfliold troops of France fword in hand> 
^t the head of the Hanoverian dragoons, and although his horfe 
was (hot under hhn, and he was bereaved of the afliftance of the 
commander of the fcjuadron, yet he bore all down be^re him, 
fnd led feveral general officers as prifoners to the camp. 

Upon the acceffion of his Royal father to the Britiih domi- 
liions, his Eleftoral Highnefs became (by the law of the land) 
IKike of Cornwall, without any formal creation, and as Prince 
of Scotland, was Hereditary Steward to that kingdom, Duke of 
Rothfay, Earl of Carrick, and Baron of Renfrew, titles fettled in 
1399 by Robert III. King of Scots, on the Prince his eldeft fon, 
perpetually appropriating thofe titles to the future Princes of 
Scotland, as foon as bom; I have before mentioned his being 
created Duke of Cambridge, &c. and elefted Knight of the Gar- 
ter, in the reign of Queen Anne. He attended the King into 
England, and onOdi. 27, 1714, was created Prince of Wales, and 
Earl of Chcfter, five days after he had taken bis feat in the privy 

On February 18, 17 14-15, he was elcftcd Governor of the 
South Sea Company ; on May 5 following he condcfcended ti> 
become Captain-General of the Artillery Company, and on 
April 10, 1 7 16, was elefted Chancellor of the Univerfity of 

In the year 1716, he was appointed Lieutenant of thefe king- 
doms during his Royal father's abfence upon a vifit to his Ger- 
man dominions, which.office he held from July to January, and 
had the happin^f^ to meet with general approbation. 

He afcended the throne of Great Britain, and fuccecded in the 
Eledoral dominions on his father's death, June 11, 1727, and wag 
(rrowned 0&. 1 1 following. 

His Majefty departed this life at his palace in Kenfington, 
Oft. 25, 1 760, in the 77th year of his *^ge, and 34th of a glorious 


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leign. In a public capacity he was always confidered isz Vrince 
of the greateft bravery, juftice, and honefty, of a quick apprehen- 
fion and ready difcernment; he was an able warrior, aconfum* 
mate ftatefinan, and a benignant governor: in his private life he 
was remarkably temperate and regular, cheerful and fociable. 

His remains were, on Nov. ii, interred in the royal vault un- 
icr Henry the Sevcnth^s Chapel, in Wcftminfter Abbey, and the 
following infcription was engraVed on a filver plate, affixed to the 
lid of the coffin : 


Screniffimi Potentiffimi et Excellentiffimi Monarcbac 


Dei Gratia, 


Fidei Defenforis; 

DucisBRUNsviciet Luneburqi, 

Sacri Romani Imperii Archi Thefaurarii, 

et Principis Eledloris,. 

Obiit XXV«. Die Oaobris, 

Anno Domini M D C C L X* 

^tatis fus 77, Regnique 34, 

His Majefiy was married on Auguft 2, 1 705, to Wilhelmina* 
Carolina, eldeft daughter of John-Frederic, Marggrave of Bran* 
denburg Anfpach by his fecond wife, Eleanor-Erdmuth-Loui£a, 
daughter of John George, Diike of Saxe Eifenach: fhe was bom 
March I, 1683, and died at St. James*s on Nov. 20^ i737> uni- 
Terfally regretted, as a Princefs of uncommon fagacity, and a 
inoft extraordinary pattern of conjugal virtue** Her remains 
were depofited in the royal vault above mentioned Dec. 17, with 
the following infcription on a filver plate affixed to the cofl^ : 


Sescniffimae Principis CAROLIN-<E, 

Dei Gratia, Reginae Confortis Auguftiffimi et Potentiffimi 

GEORGII Secundi, Dei Gratia^ 

Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, et Hiberniae, Regis, 

Fidei Defenforis, Duels Brunfvici et Luneburgi, 

S. R. I. 

Archi Thcfaurarii et Principis Ele(£loris 

Quae vixit Annos LIV, Menfes Vlll, Dies 

XIX, et 

Diem obiit fupremum XX Novembris 


The children of their Majeilics King George II. and Queen 

QajToliiaa wcre^ 

*:* ^* ' u Frederic 

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1. Frcderic-Lcwis, Prince of Wales* 

2. Princefs Anne, bom OA..22, 1709, married March 14^ 
1734, to his Moft Serene Highnefs, William-Charle«-Henry, 
Prince of NaiTau and Orange, died Jan. i:^, 1759^ ^^ving iflue. 

3* Princefs Amelia^-Sophia-Ekonora, born May 30, 171 i> and 
died unmarried 06k. 31, 1786. 

4. Princefe Elizabeth-Caroline, bom May 30, 1713, died at St* 
James's December 28, 1757, unmarried. 

» 5. George-William, born Nov. 2, 17 17, but did not live three 

6. WiUiam-Auguflus, Duke of Cumberland, of whom pre* 

7. iPrincefs Manr, born Feb, 22, 1723, married to his Serene 
Highnefs Prince Frederic, of Hefie Caffel, on May 8, 1740, and 
died Jan. 14, 1772, leaving ifTue. 

8. Princefs Louifa, born Dec. 7, 1724, married Nov. 30, 1743, 
to Frederic V. Prince Royal, afterwards King of Denmark; flic 
died Dec. 8, 1751, leaving iffuc. 

William- Auguftus, Duke of Cumberland, ypungeft fon of 
King George IL was born at Leicefter-houfe on April ijc, I72i« 
On the revival of the moft honourable Order of the Bath on 
June 17^ 1725, his Royal Highnefs was inftalled firft Knight 
Companion of th^t Order, On July 27, 1726, he was created 
Baron of the Ifle of Alderney, Vifcount of Trematon in the 
county of Cornwall, Earl of Kenningtoninthe County of Sur- 
ry, Marquis of fierkhamfled in the County of Hertford, and 
Duke of the County of Cumberland. On May 18, 1730, he was 
ele&ed Knight of the moft noble Order of tne Garter, and on 
June 18 following was inftalled at Windfor. The particular at- 
tention which was paid to the education of this Prince by his 
Royal parents^ who were amply rewarded by a proficiency that did 
honour to the preceptor, at tne fame time that it difcovered an 
extenfive genius in the pupil. His talents were equally for the 
field or cabinet, in the former of which he was greatly en- 
couraged by his father, who early initiated him in all the theore- 
tical parts of military difcipline, of Which his Majefty was reputed 
to be one of the beft judges in Europe. 

On April 25, 1739, he was appointed Colonel of the fecond 
regiment of Foot Guards; on February 20, 1742-3, he was pro- 
moted to the command of the firft regiment of Foot Guards, and 
on May 17 following he was, by his Majefty's command, intro- 
duced into the Privy Council, and took his feat at the upper end of 
the hoard on the King's left handr 

His Royal Highnefs was advanced to the rank of Major-Gene- 
ral, on Felu 22, 1742-3, having attended his Majefty to the 
^jUiedarmy, began the pi;a£lical part of war under his infpedlion. 
His bravery at the battle of Dettingen is too well known to need 
any encomiums, and the wound which he. received proved that he 


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was equally endangered with thofe of his fellow foldiers. Oil 
the 1 6th ot July the fame year, the Duke was conftitutcd Lieu* 
tenant-General of his Majefty*s armies. 

The dangerous fituation of the Britiih affairs upon the Con- 
tinent induced the King to appoint the Duke of Cumberland 
Captain-General and Commander in Chief of the forces in 
the beginning of the year 1745. The battle of Fontenoy 
proved difadvantageousto the allies, yet by the diligent attention 
and prudent management of his Royal- HighneU, the enemy 
were in a great meafure deprived of the benefit of their viftory. 

The unnatural rebellion which hroke out in England abbut 
this time, was got to an incredible alarming height, when the uni- 
^erfal voice othis country pointed out his Royal Highnefs as the 
moft able and trufty officer to take the command againft the rebel 
army; and thedecifive vi£lory gained at CuUoden, on April 16^ 
1740, was entirely attributed to the prudent meafures taken by 
their Royal Commander. 

The univerfal acclamations of joy which attended his Royal 
Highnefs on the road to, and at his arrival in London, were 
greater than can be conceived, and the gratitude of the people 
was demonftrated by their rcprefentatives in Parliament, who 
pafleJ a bill, whereby an additional revenue of twenty-five thou- 
fand pounds per annum was fettled upon his Royal Highnefs and 
his heirs male; and on July 12, he was appointed Ranger and 
Keeper of Windfor Great Park. 

On Jan. 3, 1747? his Rbyal Highnefs fet outfor the allied ar- 
my, to the command of which he had been appointed by the 
unanimous confent of the Confederates. The courage 01 the 
Britifh and inaftivity of the Dutch, both of which in the battle 
of Val (this campaign) had been nicely attended toby the French 
King, drew from that monarch this obfervation; "The Bri- 
** tifti, I perceive, not only pay all, but fight all.** 

Upon thedeath of Frederic, Prince of Wales, his Royal High-* 
ncfs accepted the Chancellorlhip of the Univerfity of St. An- 
drew's in Scotland, and that of Dublin in Ireland. On Odl. 29, 
175 1, he had a grant of the lodge and walks of Cranbourn-Chacc, 

In the laft war, which was declared May 18, 1756, his Royal 
Highnefs was appointed to command an army of obfervation, 
compofed of Hanoverians, Heilians, and other troops of the 
German States, for the defence of the Eledoral territories; but 
not being intended for action, it was much inferior to that of the 
enemy, who fe encroachments obliged the Duke to give them 
battle at Beakeficld, in which the French were defeated; their 
numbers however were fo far fuperior that it was impoffible for 
the Duke's army to ftand againft them in the battle of HaftenSeck, 
His Royal Highnefs, after that a£iion, which laid the Eleftoral 
dominions open to the enemy^ retreated to Stade^ and> on Sept^ 

8^ con^ 

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8, concluded, at Cloftcr Seven, a conyention for bis father's Ger* 
man territories* 

His Highncfs refigncd all his military employmcntf foon after 
hrs arrival in London, on Od. ii, I757» From that time he 
lived a private life, wherein he difplayed the benevolence of hb 
heart by conftantly employing numbers of the poor in his works 
and Improvements at Windfor ; and, in national concerns, pro- 
ved himfelf a true patriot and lover'of his country. 

His death, which was fudden, occafioned by the fudden buffi* ' 
ing of a bk>od veffel in the head, happened at his houfe in Upper 
Grofvenor-ftrcet, London, on 0€i. 31, 1765, and as he lived 
univerfally beloved, fo he died eqil^ally lamented* His remains 
were interred in the Royal vault in Weftrainfter Abbey, with alt 
military pomp and cerenK>ny, on Nov. 9, following. On the lid 
of the coffin was a filver plate, on which was engraved the fol« 
lowing tnfcripcion: 


Illuftriffimi Principis GULIELMI-AUGUSTI 

Ducis CtJMBRiiE,et Ducis Brunsvici 

et LuNEBURGi, Marchionis de Berkhamstead, 


Baronis iNsULiE dc Alderney; 

Nobiliflimi Ordinis Periscelidis, et Honoratifllmi 

Ordinis de Balked Equitis; Filii natu tertii 

AucusTissiMi et P0TENTI8SIMI 


Francis etHiBERNi^ Regis, Defun£li: 

Obiit 3 1 ^ Die Oaobris, 


iEtatis fuse 45. 

Frederic-Lewis, Prince of Wales, was bom at Hanover, Jan. 
TO ; and baptized on Feb. 4, 1706^7. On Dec. 24, 1 7 16, he was 
clefked one of the Knights Companions of the moft noble Order 
of the Garter, and inflalled at Windfor (by his proxy Sir Sa- 
muel Lennard, Knight and Baronet) on April 30, 17 18, .and his 
Majefty taking into conft^eration bis great merits was pleafed^ 
on July 15, 1 726, to create him Baron of Srraudon in the County 
of Caernarvon, Vifcount of Launcefton in the County of Corn- 
Wall, Earl of Eltham in the County of Kent, Marquis of the Ifle 
of Ely in the County of Cambridge, and Duke of the city of 
Edinburgh in Scotland. 

On Nov. 28, 1 727, he was conftitutcd Governor and firft Com- 
laiffioner for building the Royal Hofpital at Greenwich. Upon 
the demifo of his Royal Grandfather he was fent for into Eng- 
land, and landed at Harwich on Dec. 3, 1728, (being the fii*il 
time of his coming into this kingdom); and by his Majefly's 
I ' commaad^^ 

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command, being introduced into the Privy -Council on Dec. i?, 
he took his feat at the upper end of the board, on his Majefty^s 
right hand. On Jan. 8, 1 7 28-9, bearing then the titles of rrincc 
of Great Britain, &c. he was created Prince of Wales and Earl of 
Chefter, and the next day received his fummons to Parliament, 
in confequence of which he took his feat in the Houfe of Peers, 
on the right hand of the throne of State, as was fettled by that 
noble Houfe, Die Mercurii, 30 Die Martii 1660 

Having been eledted Chancellor of the Univerfity of Dublin, 
he was on June 18, 1729, fworn into that office, in prefenceof the 
heads of tnat learned feminary, who came over for that purpofe. 

An adl having pafTed in 1750 for the encouragement of the 
Britifli white-herring filhery, and a charter of Corporation hav- 
ing been granted in confequence thereof on OSU 11, that year, 
in which his Royal Highnefs was nominated Governor^ he went 
in ftate to Filhmongers Hall to receive the faid Charter. 

His Royal Highnefs was married at St. Jameses chapel on April 
27, 1 736, to Augufta, younger daughter of Frederic II. Duke of 
Saxe-Gotha. The iflue of this marriage were, 

1. Princefs Augufta, born at St. James's Palace, July qi, and 
baptized Aug. 29, 1 737. She was married at St. James's, uniiary 
17, 1764, to Charles-William-Ferdinand, hereditary Pnncc*of 
Brunfwic-Wolffenbuttel, and has iffue. 

2. George III. William-Frederic, our prefent moft gracious 

3» Prince Edward- Auguflus, Duke of York, of whom hereaftef. 

4. Princefs Elizabeth-Carolina, born at Norfolk-Houfe in St. 
James*s-Square, Dec. 30, 1740, and baptized Jan.. 124 following. 
She died Sept. 4, 1759, nnmarried. 

5. Prince William-Henry, of whom hereafter under his title of 
Duke of Glouceftei[. 

6. Pince Henry-Frederic, the prefent Duke of Cumberland. 

7. Princefs Louifa-Anne, bom at Leicefter-houfe, March 8, 
1748-9, and baptized April i following. She died May '13, 
1768, unmarried. ^ 

8. Prince Frederic-William, born at Leicefter-houfe, May 30, 
andbaptized Tune 17, 1750. Hedied December 29,1 7 65,unmarried» 

9. Princel^ Carolina-Matilda, born (after the death of her 
Royal father) at Leicefter-houfe, July 11, 1751, and baptized 
the 22d of the fame month. On 0'&. i, 1766, her.Roval High- 
nefs was married by proxy at St. James's to Chriftian VII. prefent 
King of Denmark. On Nov. 8, flie made her public entry into 
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and on the evening of the 
fame day the Royal nuptials were folemnized in the chapel " 
of Chriftianburg. Her Majefty departed this life at Zelle, May , 
ID, I775> leaving iffue. 

The Royal father of this numerous progeny, from the time of 
his arrival, gave undoubted demonftrations of zeal and attach- 


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meot IDitfi^ i]at9re(^)pf Grisat Britaim U(^ r^^ived with th4 
gcenteft al&ibiUty the deputie$ from diScvent parts of the King* 
domy who were com^uffion^ by tbe'ur refpeiSUye jcpirporatioa* 
to prefent hi^ Roysd/mghnefe with tb^ir freedom, ia. parttr 
cular» he coisapji^d wi^h the requeft pf th^ worihipful company of 
Sadlers ia tfa? city ot London, aqd becalne thoir m^^&fiv^ which he 
continued t4 be the remaind^ of his life^ 

His Rojal Highnefs died March 20, i750^i> and was buried 
April I z w>Jlowing, in the Royal vault in Weftminfter Abbey* 
On a fil ver plate affixed to the ^of^n was this iafcription t , 

Illuftriffimi Principis Frederici Ludovici Principis Wallise, 
Principis EkuStoralis et HereditariiBrunfyici'et Luneburgiy 
Duels CorAubiasy Rothfay, let j^inb^rgi^ r 
Marchionis Infulae de £ljf> Comitis Cseftriae, Carricket Eltham^ 
Vicecomitis Launcefton, Baronis Renfrew, et SnAudon^ . 
Domini )!nfulfiruip9 Sei^efchalis Scotise, , ^ . 

Nobiliffimi Ordinis Perifcelidis £quiti$, 
et a San£tiorjbus Cpnciliis Majeftati Regiie, , 
A^ademiae Publinieniis CanqeUari; 
Filii Pnmogeniti Celfiffio^i Potentii&mi et ExcellentiffipH 
Monarchse Qeprgii Secund^^ Dei Gratia, 
M^gnse Brit^nnice, Franciae, et Hibemis Regis^ 

Fidei Defenforis. 
Obiit Viceffimo Dei Martii, Anno MDCCL, 
^tatis fuse XL V. 

Her Royal Highnefs the Princefs Dowager of Wales departed 
this life, atXIIariton Houfe in Pall-MaUon r eb,,8, 1772, and^'was 
buried the 15th, in the Royal vault in Weftminfter Abbey« The 
iiJhrer plate upon her tomn was infcribed, 


IlluftriffimaB Principiffae AuGUSTiE 

ReliAse Illuftriffimi Principis Frederici 

Ludovici Principis Walliae, et Matrig 

Illuftriffimi et Potentiffimi Georgii 

Tertii, Dei Gratia, .Magnae Britannia?, 

Franciae, et Hrberniae Regis, Fidei Defenforis, &c. 

Obiit Dei Odavo Februarii, Anno MDCCLXXIL 

^tatis fuae LIIL 

His Royal Highnefs Edward- Auguftus, fecond fon of Frederic- 
X«ewi6, Prince- of Wales, was born at Norfolk-houfe, March 14, 
1738-9, and baptized April 11 following. He was ele<fled 
ICaight of the moft noble Order of the Garter, March i8, 1752, 
and inftalled at Windfor, June 4 following. On April i, 1760, 

d his 

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his Rdyal ^randftther was pleafi^ to grantee him atid the heirs 
male c^ his body, the dimities of a Duke of the Kingdom of 
Great Britain, and Earl ofthe Kingdom of Ireland, by the names> 
ftlles, and titles of, Duke of York and Albany in the former^ 
and Earl of Uliler in the latter Kingdom. He took the oaths 
and his feat in the Engliih Houfe of reers, in confequence of hit 
fummons by writ, on May 9, following; and two days after the 
acceffion ot his prefent Majefty (viz. 061. 27, 1760,) he was ap- 
pointed one of the Privy-Uouncil, and being immediately fworn 
in took his place at the board accordingly. 

Having fhewn an early inclination to the maritime depart- 
ment, he was appointed a midftiipman in the Royal Navy on 

Having gone through the Inferior ftations of midfliipman and 
lieutenant, he was on June 19, 1759, ^Ppoif^ted Captain of his 
Majefty's fliip Phoenix of forty-four guns. 

On March 31, 1761, his Royal Highnefs was appointed 
Rear- Admiral of the filue, and was fworn in-^ the Admiralty 
on the 8th of next month. 

At his brother's nuptials, Sept. 8, 1761, his^Royal Highnefs, 
as chief fupporter to the Royal Bride, walked on her right hand ^ 
and at the proceffion ofthe enfuing coronation on the 22d of 
that month, appeared in his robes as firft Prince of the blood. 

On June 23, 1762, he hoifted his flag at Spithead on board the 
PrincelGs Amelia (whereof Lord Howe was captain) and failed 
with the fleet under Sir Edward Hawke, upon a cruise on the 
coafts of France, Spain, and Portugal, from which he returned 
in Auguft following. 

His Royal Highnefs on the 28th of next month fet fail with a 
fmall fquadron to the Bay of Bifcay ; and returning thence to 
Plymouth on 0£l. 30, was elefted High-Steward of that corpo- 
ration, and about the fame time was preferred to be Vice-Ad- 
miral o(the Blue; on November 14 following he failed with a 
fleet under Sir Charles Hardy. * 

His Royal Highnefe on July 7, 1767, fet out for Aix-la-Cha- 
pelle, vifited the King of Pruffia, and feveral courts in Germany; 
and on the 27th was at the court of France, where he was mag- 
nificently entertained. From thence proceeded to Monaco, 
in the territories of Genoa. He was there feized with a malig- 
nant fever, of which he died on Sept. 17. The Royal corpfe ar- 
rived at the Nore on OSt. 30, from whence it was conveyed to 
the Prince's chamber at Weftminfter, and was interred on the 
evening ofthe 3d, in the Royal vault in Henry the Seventh's cha- 
pel with the accuftomed ceremony. 

The infcription on the plate of his Royal HighnefsTs coffin- 
was as follows : 


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Illuftriffimi PrincipU £DWARDi-AuGi7STiy de 

Bninfwick Lunebourg, Dacis Eboraci et 

Albanis, Comitis Ultoniz, Nobiliffimi 

Ordinis Perifcelidis Equitis, Filii 

Secundo Geniti lUuftriffimi Frederict 

Principis Walliae defiin£ti, ct Fratris 

Auguftiffimi et Potentiffimi Georgii 

Tcrtii, Dei Gratia, Magna BritanniaB, 

Francis, et Hibernise Regis, Fidei Defen(bris« 

Obiit XVII* Die Septcmbris, Anno Domini 


iEtatisfusB XXVIII. 

George III. William-Frederic, eldcft fon of Frederic-Lewis, 
Prince of Wales, born May Z4, 1738, O. S. and baptized June 
a I at Norfolk-Houfe. Succeeded his father in the titles of 
Prince of Great-Britain, Eledtoral Prince of BrunfwicLunebure, 
Duke of Edinburgh, Marquis of the Ifle of Ely, Earl of Carricl: 
and Eltbam, Vifcount of Launcefton, Baron of Renfrew and 
Snandon,Lord of the Ifles,and Steward of Scotland; but the du- 
chy of Cornwall was merged in the crown- On April 20, 1751, 
bis Majefly in council held at St* Jameses ordered letters patent 
for creating his Royal Highnefs Prince of Wales, &c. He had 
been (in the life-time of his father) eledled a Knight companion 
of the moft noble Order of the Garter on June 22, 1749, and in- 
ftalled at Windfor July 12, 1750, by his proxy William, Earl of 

At a general court of the proprietors of the Britlfli Herring 
fifhery, held on December 3, 1 753, his Royal Highnefs was 
ele£ted governor thereof, andgracioufly acquiefced in the choice 
they had made in his &vour* 

On the death of his Roval grandfather the crown of Great 
Britain, &c« devolved on nis Royal Highnefs on 0£l* 25, 1760, 
and he was proclaimed on Sunday the 26th with the ufual fo* 

His Majefty was married at the chapel in St* James's palace 
on Sept. 8, 1761, to her Serene Highnefs the Princefs Sophia- 
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, youngeft daughter of 
Charles-Lewis-Frederic, Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, by his 
confort Albertina-Elizabeth, daughter of Erneft-Frederic, Duke 
of Saxe-Hildburghaufen ; their Majefties were crowned at Weft* 
minfter on the 22d of the fame month, by Dr. Thomas Seeker, 
Archblihop of Canterbury, who alfo married them. By his faid 
Royal confort, who was bom May 19, 1744, his Majefty has 

I. George- Auguftus-Fredcric, Prince of Wales, Duke of 
Cornwall, &c. 

2. Prince 

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2. Prince Frederic, Duke of York, &c. 

3. Prince William-Henry, Duke of ClarditC€> fcc« 

^ Prince Edward, bom ad Norcmbcr, 1767; Knight of the 
Garter, Thiftle, and St. Patrick.' 

5. Prince Erneft-Auguftns, bom 5th June, 1771. Knight of 
the Garter. 

6. Prince :Auguftus-Frederic, born 27th January, 1773, 
Knight of the Garter. 

7. Prince Adolphus-Frcderic, born a4th February, I774, 
Knight of the Garter. 

' 8. Prince Oftavius, born 23d February, 1779, and died the 
3dMav, 1783. 

9. Prince Alfred, bom the aad September, 1780, and died 
aoth Auguft, 1782. 

The daughters are ! 

1. Princefs Charlotte- Augufta-Matilda, bom 29th Septcm* 
ber, 1776. 

2. Princefs Sophia- Augutta, born 8th November, I768« 

3. Princefs Elizabeth, born aad May, 1770, 

4. Princefs Mary, born 25th April, 1776. 

c. Princefs Sophia, born 3d November, I777» 
0* Princefs Amelia, born 7th Auguft, 1783* 

T H J5 

Digitized by VjQOQ IC 

T. H E 

I N D E X 



O F , T HE 


O F 


*r»HE KING^sArms 

Prince of Wales — 

t>ukeofYork — 

Duke of Clarence . - 

Duke of Glouceftcr 
Duke of Cuinberland — 

• Hate 





iAbingdon, Earl 
Albemarle, Earl 
Amherft, Lord 
Ancafter, Duke 
Arundel, Lord 
Afhbumham, Earl 
Aihburton, Lord 
Aiidley Lord 
Aylcfbury, Earl 
Aylesford, Earl 
Bagot, Lord 
Bath, Marquis 
Bathurft, Earl 
Beaufort, Duke 
Beaulieu^ Earl 

Bedford, Duke 
Berkeley, Earl 
Berwick, Lord 
Bolingbroke, Vifcount 
Bolton, Duke 
Boringdon, Lord 
Bofton, Lord 
Botetourt, Baronet 
Boyle, Lord 
Bridgewater, Duke 
Brownlow, Lord 
Brudenel, Lord 
Buckinghamfhire, Earl 
Buckingham, Marquis 
Bulkeley, Lord 
Byron, Lord 




, 2 

• 3 



» 40 







Digitized byCjOOQlC 

t 40 3 


CaJogan, Lord 

' 31 

Camden^ Earl 


Camelford, Lord 


CardiflFc, llord 


Carlifle, Earl 


Carleton, Lord 


Carteret, Lord 


Chandos, Lord 


Chatham, Earl 


Chatham, Baronef$ 


Chedworth, Lord 


Chefterfidd, Earl . 


Cholmondley, Earl 
Clarendon, Earl 



CliflFord, Lord 


CliflFord, Weftmorland,&c. 27 

Conyers, Lord 


Cornwallis, Earl 


Covenj:ry, Earl 


Co^enay, Vifcount 
powper. Earl 



Craven, Lord 




Darlington, Earl 


Dartmouth, Earl 


Delaval, Lord 


Delawar, Earl 


Denbigh, Earl 


Derby, Earl 


Defpencer, Lord 


Devonftiire, Duke 


Digby, Lord 


Dinevor, Baronefs 


Doncafter, Earl 


Dorchefter, Lord 


Dormer, Lord 


Dorfet, Duke 

Douglas, Lord 


Dover, Lord 


Ducie, Lord 


Dudley and Ward, Vifcount 25 

Edgecumbe, Earl 


Effingham, Earl 


Egremont, Earl 
Eliot, Lord 


Effex, Earl 


Exeter, Earl 


Falmouth, Vifcount 
Fauconberg, Earl 
Ferrers, Earl 
Fitzwilliam, Earl 
Foley, Lord 
Fortefcue, Lord 
Gainfborough^ Earl 
Grafton, Duke 
Graham, JEarl 
Grahtham, Lord 
Gra^tley, Lord 
GreeiiWich, Baronelk 
Grey, Marchionefs 
Grey of Wilton, Lord 
Grofrcnor, E^rl 
Guildford, Earl 
Hamilton, Vifcount 
Hamilton, Baronefs 
Hampden, Vifcount 
Harborough, Earl 
Harcourt, Earl 
Hardwicke, Earl 
Harrington, Earl 
Harrowby, Lord 
Hawke, Lord 
Hawkefbury, Lord 
Hay, Lord 
Heathfield, Lord 
Hereford, Vifcount 
Hertford, Earl 
Hillfborough, Ear! 
Holland, Ix)rd 
Howard of Walden 
Howe, Earl 
Hungerford, Baronefs 
Jerfey, Earl 
lichefter. Earl 
Kenyon, Lord 
Kerr, Earl, 
King, Lord 
Lanfdown, Marquis 
Leeds, Duke 
Leicefter, Earl 
Leinfter, Vifcount 
Lonfdale, Earl 
Loughborough, Lord 





















21 . 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

C 41 ] 


Lovaine^ Lord 39 
Lovel and Holland^ Lord 34 

Macclesfield^ Earl 16 

Malmfbury, Lprd 42 

Manchefter, Duke 6 

Mansfield^ Ea^l ai 

Marlborough, Duk^ 5 

Maynard, Yifcount 25 

Miadleton, Lor4 30 

Milton, Lord 34 

Monfon,Lor4 31 

Montagu, Duke 6 

Montagu, Vifcount 24 

Montford, Lord 31 
Mount-Stuart, fiaronefs 33 

Newcaftle, Duke 6 

Norfolk, Duke 4 

' Northampton, Earl i o 
Northumberland, Duke 6 

Norwich, Earl 22 

Onflow, Lord 31 

Orford, Earl 1 7 

Oxford, Earl 14 

Pelham, LorJ 33 

Pembroke, Earl 9 

Peterborough, Earl 10 

Petre, Lord 29 

Plymouth, Earl 12 

Pomfret, Earl 16 

Ponfonby, Lord 32 

Porchefter, Lord 38 

Portland, Duke 6 

Portfmouth, Earl 17 

Poulett, Earl 13 

Powys, Earl 1 8 

Radnor, Earl 20 

Rawdon, Lord 38 

Richmond, Duke 4 

Rivers, Lord 36 

Rochford, Earl i^ 

Rodney, Lord 3^ 

Romney, Lord 31 

Rutland, Duke 5 

Sackville, Vifcount 25 

St. Alban's, Duke ' 4 

8t. John, Lord 28 


Salifbury, Marquis ft 

Sandwich, Earl 1 1 

Sandys, Lord 3? 

Saye an4 Sele, Lor4 28 

Scarborough, Earl 13 

Scarfdale, Lord 33 

Shaftelbury, Earl tz 

Sherborne, Lord 40 

Shrewfburjr, Earl 9 

Sydney, Vifcpunt ap 

Somers, Lord 3^^ 

Somerfet. Duke 4 

Sondes, Lord 33 

Southampton, Lord 37 

Spencer, Earl 20 

Stafford, Marquis 8 

Stamford, Earl 10 

Stanhope, Earl 15 

Stawell, Lord 32 

Stourton, Lord 28 

Strafford, Earl 14 

Strange, Earl 22 

Strange, Baronefs 29 

Suffield, Lord 41 

Suffolk, Earl 9 

Sundridge, Lord 35 

Suffex, Earl 15 

Talbot, Earl 22 

Tankcrv ille. Earl 1 4 

Teynham, Lord 29 

Thanet, Earl u 

Thurlow, Lord 36 

Torrington, Vifcount 24 

Townfhend, Marquis ' 8 

Tyrone, Lord 40 

Uxbridge, Earl 21 

Vernon, Lord 34 

Waldegrave, Earl 16 

Walpole, Lord 32 

Walfingham, Lord 37 

Warwick, Earl 27 

Wentworth, Vifcount 25 

Weftmoreland, Earl i o 
Willoughby de Broke, Lord 28 
Wiiloughby de Erefby, 27 

Winchelfca, Earl 1 1 

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

r of the ) 



Peers and Peeresses 


Cy/ffi (Ay?f</ji. 

W^,\dm4^fi IfHutlaw. Huiifli ourt. t'^i-!' ti^t^iifi 


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The Kings Son's 

l^rifice of' Wal^s 

uyur^e Of j^oTTt 

I iJiiJ^e of iiarence 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

The Kii«fc6 Brother's 

Duhe of Gloucester 

Duke of Cu7nherJd7fAExt!^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

4L« Dukes or :fe^EAND 

h'.^.im^t H k/:,fA>w /ir. 


Hichmoftd Grafton 

' Beaufort S'ABans 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Bolton Zeeds 

Sedford Devonshire 

Marlborough Rutland 

ttVfifn%,»n t- J/t,rt'.-n 

Vol.: . JJ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Dukes ofEngl AND 


a umu^fi^iA, 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Dukes or England 





rr,..u.,. -rv.,:^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

8 iviAKy ui^^JK-^ ori:.jN 


Buckingham iMnfdown 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Shrewsburjr Derby 

JIunhfiP^dotiExt* Pembtvkr 



^IMmatti^,\rud'n it 

.Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Earls of England 







WtfiJmsn tfMiul^tt /{ 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Earls of englakd 








JH0d>ntui t--Jfia£fh'/i 

' Digitized by VjOOQIC 


H^AiiLN OF U.JNiii.AJSl> 







\y^dmtm vMiuttw. ; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Albemarlt CovenJry 

Jersey Foultit 

Voll D 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


AJ xm^avA^ vr A' a^ j.^ v« jla xm. x^ jb^ 






'etJmwt I^MiiJirt^/i 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 







WfHbtM. ifA&dm: /, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

/^ Earls of England 

Macclesfield Jhrnfrct 

Graham Kerr 

Wdldegmivc Ashi^umham. 

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Xj./^jvjjs ur £jiMv^uj\rtLJ /' 

Effinjfham OTford 

Harnn^tan Portsmouth 

I BnwkicWarmick Biickindkar?tshire 

Vol.1. E 

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Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Earls of England 








Dei a war 

Wkyimm S^M^Inr 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


iLAJK-LiS or Xii^U^l^Ai^O^ 






\\h,>^inan $'Mial0w./<. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Earls of England ^/ 

Uxbnd^g Lon.fdtiJe 

WnUn^m nMutUw Sv 

\ Yoi.I. F 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Earls ofEsfGU^D 






Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Earls oj EngIiAnd o^ 

Tartescue £everley 

Ifipb' ;__ \ 

/f.^'./«f,r«r i-'MittlfW X'. 

• Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ViscouisTS o? England 

■'Jft'.HK'- .UutloH- Sc 


Hereford JHfanta^ue 

Bo/inflbrolie J'hlmoidh 

Torringfon Leinsfer 

Digitized by 


Wentworth Courtenay 

Dudley and Ward Maynard 


Hampden Sackviile 

Wia^bnan. UMioLm./r 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Mary.ofAhertorne Sydney 

K.uiiua^ S- A^tdfirye 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 








Wllou^hfy dfErrJhv 

ffi^dm^ ^-ifuff^ir} 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Sayc and Sele 






WUUu^Ahy deBrokf 

/Ik t\. * 


Howard afWalden 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 





jLrundel of Wardmir 






'Kn\inuak isjlfuturn /• 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC ' 


/;. /..,./. -'. JAr/Zii '»•/.•. 

£yron 1 C7^aven 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Barons of England 








WiUHlm,m f^'Muti.*s / 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Ched?vort/i Sandys 

Bmfonby Walpole 

Sta?i/eU Grantham 

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Barons ot England 










H^*dm4Ut t-Jkidifw 4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 1 


Baron s of Engi^nd 





Zovel and Holland 







JEarl Di^by 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

&AROXS oT England 









117. .' i^^TJiuLw /, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

jff Barons of England 

37vwnlcn¥ Rivers 

Wa/^owby Foley 

Thurlow Lou^hhorougk 

vcbfum 9>-Jftalaw. /c 

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Baroxs of England * j; 

Dinevor Qat^f 


EarlofCaTidi^an Waismffkam 

JBa^ot Southam/iton 


W(>,-Jm/tn o." ,ff,', /i.'ii I 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

e3^ JJ2\IVI^IM O Ui" J^^l^ VTJ-i^-ki^ IV 

1fi>^,6n>m K Jfii//*w fr . 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 







G-re^ de Wilton 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Barons of England 

Sheri?ome Double 


TtfTone Car/eton 

— > ^ 

•v/^i<t/i Hjfut/i »» /r ■ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Delaval Jfa?akesi>ury 


Ihrck ester 

j ITealk^ld Kenvon 

vol.1. Xr 

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12 Barons of England 


^vA.^ t-ifKtUw. ft 

Dover Mal?nsbury 

Douylas of Douglas Jfa re wood 

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Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 







THE moll high, p\iifl*ant, and moft illuftridud Prince 
Great Britain, Prince of WALES, Eleftoral Prince of 
Brunfwick-Lunenburgh, Duke of CORNWALL and Rothe- 
fay, Earl of Chefter and Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of 
the Iflcs, Great Steward of Scotbnd, Captain General of the 
Honours^ble ^he Artillery Company of London, High Steward 
of Plymouth, &c. and a Knight ot the Garter, 

His Royal Highnefs was born Auguft 12, 1762, and on the 
i;7th of the fxnx^ month, bis M^jefkj ordered letters patent for 
•creating him Prince of Wales and Earl of Chefter, and he took 
lih feat in the Houfe of Peers Nov. 11, 1783, and at the Priv/ 
Council the 21ft of the fame month. 

Arms.] Are thofe of his Majefty, differenced by a label of 
three points^ argent, in chief. 

Crest.] On a crown of one arch, compofed of crofles pat^ 
tee, fleurs^-lts, and ftrawberry leaves, a lion of England^ 
crowned with a like crown, and charged on the breaft with a 
label, as in the arnM. 

Supporters.] Are thofe of his Majefty, the lion crowned as 
thecreft, and both gorged with a label of three points* 

Motto*] Icb Dign. I ferve* 

* Edward^ the Black Prince, was the ftrft Duke of Cornwall created 
*337> in perpetuity \o his heirs; by virtue of which the eldeft fon of the 
JCmgjof Epffiand is Duke of Cornwall, as foon as bom. 
* Tne EarlSom of Chefter is by credtioni bv letters patent^ and hsls been 
annexed to the elded fon of the king of England ever fince 1147* 

Theytitlc of Hereditary Steward of Scotland, Sec. were titles annexed by 
Kobert III. 13999 to the elde(l Prince of Scotland as foon as born, andhavc 
continued fo ever fince. ' ' 

The title of Prince of Wales was firft conferred 6n the infant fon of Ed# 
1»r'ard I* i3S4» andlua never been bellowed but 09 the heir to the throne. 

Vouh ^ DUKE 

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t » 1 


npHE mod illuftrious Prince FIIEDERICK, Duke of YORKl 
-■■ and ALBANY in Great Britain, and Earl of ULSTER ihl 
Ir^l^nd ; Bifjfiqp of Ofn^burgh in43ermany9 . KnighCof the G^^ 
^ ipd Knigfit of the B^Ch, &Cn ificond foo of his M^efty, &(£• 
a Lieut. General in the Army, Col. of the fecond regiment of 
Foot Guards, or Coldftream Regiment, and Prefident of thc^ 
Lock Hofpital. Hi? i< oval Highnefs was bom Aug. i6, 1763, 
;uid was created to the above titles, Nov. 27, 1784, and elcfted 
Biihq) ot Ofnab^rghj FeK 27, 1764. Unmarried. 

Arms.] ITie fame as the Royal Arms, except in the Efcut- 
cheon, furtout, argentj whidi is charged with a Catharincr 
Wheel, guksf as the enfign of his Biftioprick ; and in chief a 
label of three! points charged with a fteux-^^Jis, azure, on the 
middle point, with a crofs on each of the other four, gules. 

CREst.} The lieune as the PriiuJe of Wales's, bat charged withe 
a Idb^l of tl|£ee points, as the arms» on the bread. 

Supporters.] The fame as the Prince of Walcs*s, chargte^ 
with a label as the creft as collared. 

SiEAT.] Oatlands, in Surry. > 


THE moft aiuftrious Prince WILLIAM-HENRY, Dt*e 
of CLARENCE, and ST. ANDREWs m Gfcat Briwin> 
and Earl of MUN8TER fo Icdaad, Knight of the Garteiv and 
Knight of the Thiille, third fon of hit -M^jefty, a Captain in 
the Royal Navy. His Royad Highnefs was bom Aug. zif 
176&, and was created -to* the abows titkt May 16, 1789* 

Arms, Crest, and Supporters.] Thefai&c as the Duke of 
York, except the badge of tlic Biihoprick., 


THE moft iUuftrious Prince WILLIAM-HENRY, Dulc« 
of GLOUCESTER and EDINBURGH, in Great Britain^ 
and Earl of CONNAUGHT in Ireland, by patent Nov. i^, 
1764; next Brother to his Majefty; Ge». of his MajeftyV 
Forces.; Col. of the firft Reg. c^f Foot Guai:ds, Chancellor of 
the UniverCty of Dublin ; R»g!er aad Keopev of Wkidfor Po«- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

±tii and Cranboum Chace; Ranger of Hampton Court Park, 
Warden and Keeper ^of New-Foreft in Hampfliire, &c« and 
Knight of the Garter, in 1762. He was born Nov. 25, 174^ 
and was created Duke and Earl as above, NoV. 17, 1764. He 
-was mal-ricd Sept. 6, 1766, ^t her Ladjrfhip'i Houie in Pall 
Mali, by the Rev. Robert Morton, her domeftic chaplain, to 
Maria, Countcfs Dowager of WaldgraVe, daughter of the late 
Sir Edward Walpble, Knight of the Bath, by whom he has had 

Sophia-Matilda, born May 29, i773. 

Caroline- AuotJsTA'-MAiLi A, born June 24, 17749 died 
Marth 14, 4775. 

William-Frederick, born at Rom^e, Jan. 15, 1776, 

Arms, Crest, and Siipporters.] The fame as thofe of his 
^ajefiy, differenced with a label of £ve points, argent, th# 
toiddle point charged with a fleur-de-lis, azure, the other four 
\rith a crofs, gules. 

Chief SeAts.] Cranbourh and Hampton-court Lodges^ iH 
Middlefex ; and LyndhUrft, in HampfliiriU 



npHEilioftiUuftrious Prince HENRY-FREDERICK, Dukt 
^ of CUMBERLAND and. STRATHERN in Great Bri* 
tain. Earl of DUBLIN in Ireland ; fecond Brother to his Ma-* 
jcfty. Ranger of Wiridfor Great Park, and Admiral of the Whit» 
Squadron, Knight of the Garter, and Prefident of the Military- 
School at Chelfea; was born Nov. 7, 1745, and was created 
t>uke and Earl as above, OA. 18, 1766* His Royal Highnefs 
tnarfied in 0€t. 2, 1771, the Hon. Anne Hortoh, widow of 
Chriftopher Horton, Efq. of Catton Hall, in the county o^ 
Derby. Her Royal Highnefi is daughter of the late Right Hon# 
Simon Luttfell, Bardn Imham and Vifcbunt Carhampton^ of thd 
kingdom of Ireland, defcended from the Luttrells, Barons of IrU'^ 
ham, in Lincolnfhire, in the reigns of the Edwards ^d Henrys* 

Arms, CREsts, and Supporters.] The fame as the Dukci 
of Giouccfter*s, differenced by the labeL 

Chief Seats.] Great Lodge in Windfor Park j and Cahhotl 
Park in Hampfhire* 


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D tJ ^ ^ S* 


np HE moft noble Prince CHARLES HOWARD, Dtfke of 
^ NORFOLK, Earl Marfhal, an4 hereditary Earl Marflial 
of England, Earl of Arundel, Surry, arid Norfolk, Baron of 
Mowbray, Howard, Sfegrave, Brewfe of Gowcr, Fitz-Alan, 
Warren, Clun, Ofwaldeftrc, Maltravers, Greyftock, Furnival 
Verdon, Lovetot, Strange of Blackmere, and Howard of CaiV 
tle-Rifing; Premier Duke, Earl, arid Baron of England, next the 
blood royal, and chief of the family of Howards,. He fucceded 
his father Charles the late Duke, Aug. i, 1786. Born March 
15, 1746; married July 7, 1767, Mary-Anne, fole daughter and 
heir of John Coppinger, Efq. of Ballyvolanc in the county of 
Cork, in Ireland, who died in child-bed without iffue, May 28, 
1768.- He married fecondly, on April 2, 177 1, Frances, only 
^daughter and- heir of the late Charles Fitzroy Scudaraore, Efq. 
of Home Lacy, in Herefordfliire, by the repudiated Duchefs of 
Beaufort, (only daughter and heir of James Vifcount Scuda* 
more of Ireland) by whom he has no iffue. 

Several of our genealogifts have endeavoured to fet forth 
the antiquity of this great and noble family, deducing their de- 
fcent from the Saxons ; others from Anber, Earl of Paffy in 
Normandy, an attendant on William, whofe defcendant poflef- 
fmg the caftle of Howard in Flint/hire, called it his Denne^ 
Which to this day is called Howarden; from him defcended 

William Howard, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 
who had fummons amongft the reft of the Judges to feveral Par- 
liaments held in the reigns of Edw. I. and II. He married Alice, 
daughter of Sir Edw. Fit ton, and was fucceeded by Sir John, 
his fon, who ferved King Edward II. in his wars againft the 
Scots and French, and died in 1331, the 5th of Edward III* 
He married Joan, daughter of John de Cornwall, and was fuc- 
ceeded by Sir John, his fon, who in loth Edward III. was Ad- 
miral of the King's fleet, and a Knight Banneret, and aflifted at 
the liege of Calais. He married 'Alice, daughter and heir of 
Sir Robert de Boys, and was fucceeded by Sir Robert his fon, 
who in 2d Richard II. was committed to the Tower for detain- 
ing Margaret de Norford from Lady Alice Nevil, her grand- 
mother; and dying in 1389, I2th Richard II. left iffue by Mar- 
garet, daughter of Robert, Lord Scales, another Sir John, who 
was retained to ferve King Richard II. for life; and he marry- 
ing to his firil wife, Margaret, daughter and heir to Sir Joha 
Plai7«, of Tofts, in Norfolk, Knight, by her had a fon. Sir 
John^ who dying in bis father's life*time> left iffue by Joan, 


Digitized by Google 


Slighter of Sir Richard Walton, Knight', Elizabeth, his folc 
daughter and heir, who married John Vere, £arl of Oxford, 
by whom the title of Lord Scales went into that family ; but 
the faid Sir John, father of this laft Sir John, marrying to his 
fecond wife Alice, daughter and heir to Sir William Tendering, 
of Tenderirighall in Suffolk, Knight, by her had Sir Robert his. 
heir and fucceiTor, He married Margaret, eldeft daughter and 
co-heir of Thomas de Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, fo created 
in 1307, by Elizabeth, heirefsof Fitz- Allan, Earl of Arundel 
and Surry, (Son of John, Lord Mowbray of Axliolme, by 
Elizabeth his wife, daughter and co-heir to John, Lord Se* 
grave, by Margaret his wife, Duchefs of Norfolk, eldeft of the 
two diaughters and co-heirs of Thomas de Brotherton, Earl of 
Norfolk, 5th fon to King Edward L but eldeft by his fecond wifa 
Margaret, daughter of rhilip the Hardy, King of France) and 
by her had Sir John his heir, and a daughter Catherine, who 
was the fecond wife of Edwai'd Nevil, firft Lord Abergavenny j 
and the faid Sir Robert dying in his father*^ life-time, the faid 
(firft Duke) >Sir John, his fon, fucceeded his grandfather. In 
the 1 2th of Edward IV. he was fummoned to parliament among 
the Batons of England. In the ]8th of Edward IV. he was 
made Conftable of the Tower of London, and the next year. 
Captain General of the King's fleet again ft the Scots, and Knt. 
of the Garter. On the 28th of J}Jne 1483, he was made EarL 
Marftial of England, and created Duke of Norfolk, and at the 
coronation of King Richard III. was High Steward of England 
ibr the day. He was then likewife made Lord High Admiral 
of England, Ireland, and Aquitain, for life ; but the next 
year, being placed in the front of the King's army at Bofworth 
r ield, was there ilain with the King, Aug. 22, 1485, and was 
attainted the ift Henry VII. . He married ift Catherine, daugh- 
ter to William, Lord Moline, and by her had Thomas his heir.-— 
Anne, married to Sir Edward Gorges, Knt. — Ifabel to Sir Ro- 
bert Mortimer, Knt.— Jane to Sir John Timperly, Knt.— Mar-, 
raret, to Sir John Wmdham, Knt. anceftor of the Earl of 
Egremont. And by his 2d wife, Margarety daughter to Sir 
John Chedworth, Knt. he had Catherine, married to John 
Bourchier, LordBerners. 

(2d. D.S Thomas his heir was Efquire of the body to King 
Edward IV. and was retained to ferve him in his wars, and in 
the ift of Richard III. at the time his father was made a Duke, 
was created Earl of Surry, ;md though he took part with that 
King, being taken prifoner at Bofworth, yet after above three 
years imprifonment in the Tower^ did King Henry VII. receive 
»im into favopr^ and made him one of his Privy Council, an^^ 
in the 4th of that reig», he was reftored to his title of Earl' 
^f Surry, In the 15th Henry VIL he attended the Klngf 
wdQu^cu to CaUu^ tbq n^xt year be was made Lord High 

B 3 Tr^- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Treafurcr 6f England ; ^n4 afterwards Knt. of the Garten In 
tjtc firft Hen. Ylil. he was again appointed one of the Privy 
Council and Lord High Treafurer ; and the next year was made 
Earl M^rfhal of England for life. In 4th Henry VIII. he was 
with that King at the taking Therouenne and Tournay; and 
^erwards beine fent General againft the Scots, rooted their 
^nny at Flod£n-Field, where King James IV. was (lain (ia 
this Wtle, his fon Thpmas, Lord High Admiral, attended him, 
ind his odier fon Edmund led the van) and for that fignal fer- 
Vic^, had ^ fpecial grant from the King to himfelf and the heirt 
males of his body, of an honourable augmentation of his arms, 
^iz. to bear on a bend in an efcuteheon, the upper half of a red 
lion, (depi<aed as the arms of Scotland) pierced through tho 
3n6\)th with an arrow, together with ^ grint of 29 manors^ 
He was alfo advanced to the dignity of Duke of Norfolk, which 
title Jqhn his father (deriving his defcent through the heirs fi?-. 
^ale of Mowbray, and Segrave, from Thomas of Brotherton) 
did enjoy ; and tne next year had a new patent for the oflSce of 
3L6rd Treafurcr ; and dying in 1524, was buried at ThetforA, 
He married to his firft wife, Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir 
to Sir Frederick Tilney, Knt. and widow of Humphrey Bour-- 
chier, Lord Berners, and by her had eight foris and tnree daugh- 
ters, whereof Elizabeth was mafried to Thomas Vifc. Rochford 
;ifterw^rds Earl of Wiltfhire and Ormond, and was mother of 
Anna BuU^n; Murial, firft, tojohn Grey Vifc, Lifle, and fe*' 
condly to Sir Thomas Knavet, Knt. and Mary, to Henry'Fit*- 
yoy, Duke qf Richmond, natural fon of King Henry VIH, 
And by his fecond Wife, Agnes, daughter of Hugh, and fifter 
^nd heir to Sir Philip Tilney, Knt. he had four fon$, and four 
daughters : of which, Anne was married to John Vere, Earl of 
Oxford; Dorothy to Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby; Efiza^^ 
beth, to Henry Fitzwajter, Earl of SufTex ; and Catherine, firfb 
to Sir Rhcfe ap Thomas, and after to Henry Daubeney, Earl 
ef Bridgewater. Of the fops by the ad marriage, which wero 
Lords William, Thomas, George, and Richard, the eldeft waa 
created Baron Howard of Effingham t and the 2d having mar-n 
ried the Lady Margaret Douglas, daughter to Margaret Queen 
of Scots, by the Earl of Angus, and niece to King Henry, was 
attainted of treafon, upon fufpicion of afpiring to the crown^, 
and died in the Tower, 29th of Elizabeth. Of the fons, by 
Elizabeth Tilney, his firft wife, which were Lords, Thomas, 
Edward, Edoitjnd, Henry, John, Charles, Henry, and Richard* 
the five latter died young ; but Lord Edmund was Marftial of 
horfe iq th^ battle of Floddcn-Field 5th Henry VIIL and mar-, 
^cd to h}s 2d wife a daughter of Thomas Ttoys, Efq. by whon* 
%t ha^ np ififue ; but by his ift wife, who was Joyce, daughter 
t«> Sir Richard Colepepper, of Hollingbournc ih Kentj Knt. he 
)m4 iSf^ fot^ m^ ftY^ 4aoghterfe Qf th# daughi^fSj^ Mar^ 

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gbffet married Sir Thomas Arundel, Knt. (grandfother to Tho* 

mafli, the ift Lord Arundel of Wardour) Catherine was ^th 

wife of King Henry VIH. Mary married Edmund Trafibrdj 

Efq. Joyce to John Stamty, Efq. and Ifabel to — ^ Bayntot^ 

££}• and the fons, which were Henry, Sir George and Sir 

Cluirlesy all died without iflue. Lord Edward the 2d foa, jbf 

Elizabeth Tilney, his firft wife, was a perfon of the greateft 

account of .his time, and was Knt. of the (iarter. In the 7 th 

of Henry VIL he was in the expedition made into Flanders, iff 

behalf of Maximilian the Emperor; in the ift of Henry Yllh 

he was made ftandard bearer to that King, and in the 4th Lord 

High Admiral of Engknd, at which time he convoyed the 

Mar(}iiis of Dorfet into Spain, in aid of the Emperor Ferdinand^ 

iigainft the French; and having with his fleet ckar^ the feas 

from enemies, he landed iA firitanv, did great execution in th^ 

country, and brought away rich ipoils ; he likewife fought and 

took Sir Andrew Barton the famous Scottlfii pirate, 3d of 

Henry VIIL but afterwards refolving to attempt the French ia 

their harbours, he entered a galley and boarded the Admiral o| 

the French gallies : but the grapplings giving way^ the galliee 

flieered afunder, and left him in the hands of his enemies ; when 

in the heat of the a£tion he was thrown over-board, and died 

without iflue, the 5th of Henrv VIIL having married Alice, 

iifter to Henry Lovel, Lord Morley, widow of Sir William 

Parker, Knt. Having donfc with*tke younger branches, I now 

proceed with 

(3d D.) Thomas, eldeft fon by Elizabeth Tilncy the xft wifet 
In the 5th Henry VIIL upofl the death of the Lord Edwan) 
his brother, being then Knt. of the Garter, he was eonftituted 
Lord Admiral in hit flead. Upon the invaflon of King James 
I V« of Scotland, he landed a veteran troop of 5000 men, and 
joined his father, the Earl of Surry-, then: Grcnerai of the Eng« 
lifh Army} and fent a meflSi^ to that King to juflify Sir An- 
drew Barton's death. At the battle of Flodden- Field, with 
his younger brother Sir Edmund, he commanded the van- 
guard, where he behaved himfelf with exceeding gallantry ( 
and feeing his faid brother in diftrefs, came with Sir Edward 
Stanley to his fuccotn*. In confideration of which great fer- 
▼icesj he in the faid cth of Henry VIIL was created Earl of 
Surry; 4nd upon a diipute in parliament concerning his placo 
f h^re, it wgs declared, that he ihould fit according to his crea-* 
tion, and not as a duke's eldeft fon. In the 12th Henry VIIL 
he was conftituted Lord Deputy of Ireland, where he fupprefled 
the irruption of the ONeals and O^Carols ; afterwaids he per- 
formed many ftgnal iervices in France, and was conftituted Xord 
High T«af»rer' of England, and made General of the Kill's 
whole army, deflgned to nrarch againft the Scots; and all in 
M9 fs^/^f9 )^<im^ Vpoii bis father's deat}^ 1^4, he waa 

B 4 agaia 

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again made General of the army raifed to advance into Scotland^ 
in order to let the youn^king free, whom the Duke of Albany 
kept at Stilling; and afterward attended King Henry into 
France. He was likewife fent ambaffador to the King of 
France, to attend him to Nice, and commune with the Pope on 
his delay, touching King Henry's divorce from Queen Cathe-^ 
rine, and in the 5th Henry VIII. he was appointed Earl Mar*- 
Ihal of England and Viceroy of Ireland. In the i8th Hciuy 
VIII. he marched to the affiftance of the Earl of Shrcwfbjiry^ 
towards fuppreffing that memorable infurre&ion in Yorkikire, 
called the Pilgrimage of Grace : but after all thefc great fer- 
Vices and honourable charges, by the infinuating perfuaiions of 
foHK^ of the nobility, who bore him no good-will, the King was. 
fo f&t mifled and incenfed againft him, that he not only com-* 
Inanded him prifoner to the Tower, but gave orders for leizing 
his goods, and gave notice to his ambafTadots abroad, that he 
and his fon had confpired to take upon them the government 
during his life, and after his death, to eet the prince into their 
hands; for which, being both attainted in parliament, his fon 
loft his head, and the Duke had fared but little better, had not 
the death of the King prevented it. And fo implacable was the 
xnalice of his enemies, that though a pardon was given by pro- 
clamation, at the beginning of the feign of Edward VI. to all 
perfons for what crimes foever; yet was he, with five otfaers> 
particularly excepted, and continued prifoner till difcharged by 
Qj^Mary, in 15^3. He married firft Anne, daughter to King 
Edward IV. by whom he had a fon Thomas, who died young* 
By his fecond wife, EUizabeth, daughter to Edward Stafford, 
Duke of Buckingham, he had twb fons, Henry and Thomas; 
of which, Henry was Earl of Surry, and was beheaded as above- 
mentioned ; but Thomas the 2d fon was reftored in blood, the 
3 ft Queen Mary, and in the ift Elizabeth advanced to the title 
of Vifc. Howard, of Binddnf'in the county of Dorfet. He 
married firft, Elizabeth, youngeft daughter and co-heir to John 
lx)rd Marney, of Bindon ; adly, Gertrude, daughter to Sir 
William Lyte, of Ly te's Gary in the county of Somerfet, Knt, 
3dly, Mabel, daughter to Nicholas Burton of Carflialton, in 
the county of Surry, Efq ; by whom he had Frances, who firft 
married to Henry rranel. Vintner of London ; adly, to Ed- 
ward Seymour, fearl of Hertford ; and laftly, to Lodowick 
Stuart, Duke of Lennox. By his 2d, he had one fon, Charles 
Lyte, alias Howard, and a daughter Grace, married to Mildmay 
the fecond Earl of Weftmoreland, and the faid Charles Lyte had 
a daughter Anne, married to Sir William Thorneyhurt, of the 
county of Kent, Knt. and by his firft had four fons, Henry, 
Thomas, Francis, and Giles, and a daughter Grace, married to 
John Horfey, Efq. and of the fons, the cldeft, 1582, fuccecd* 
fd him in the title of Vifc. Bindon, but Hki without iflue^ jm 
^" -. ^ did 

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did Thomas htsbrodier and heir, \7ho was Knight of the Gsoter* 
H^s other brothers being dead before, we return to Henry, Earl 
of Surry, who was beheaded. He married Frances, daughter 
to John Verc, Earl of Oxford -and by her left two fons, and 
three daughters ; whereof Jane was married to Charles, Earl of 
Wcftmordand ; Margaret, to Henry Lord Scroop of Bolton ; 
and Catherine to Henry the 7th Lord Berkeley, Of the fons, 
which were Thomas and Henry, the latter, with his faid thret 
iiflers, was reftored in blood the ift of Elizabeth. He was one 
of the Privy Council to King James I. by whom he was created 
Lord Howard of Marnhill, in the county of Dorfet, and Earl of 
Northampton; and made Lord Privy Seal, Warden of the 
Cinque Ports, Knt. of the Garter, and Chancellor of the Uni- 
verfity of Cambridge, where (in King's College) he had his edu- 
cation, and afterwards founded and endowed no lefs than three 
hofpitals, viz. one for twelve poor women, and a governor, at 
Riling in Norfolk ; another for twelve poor men, and a gover- 
nor, at Clun in Shropfhire; and the 3d at Greenwich, in Kent, 
for a governor and twenty poor men, of whom, eight are to be 
chofen out of Shotfham in Norfolk, his birth-place. This Earl 
died unmarried on the 15th of June, 1624, ^^^ ^^^ buried in 
an ancient chapel in the caftle at Dover. We now return to 

(4th D.) Thomas the elder brother, who upon the death of 
his grandfather Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, fuccceded him in his 
honour and eftate, the a6k of his grandfether's attainder being re-r 
pealed, as before-mentioned. In the ift Elizabeth, he was made 
Knt. of the Garter, and two years after conftituted Lieut. Ge- 
neral for the northern parts ot the realm ; but in the nth of that 
reign the Queen began to fufpe<Sk him as too much inclined to 
the Qnecn of Scots, whom it was reported he defigned to marry ; 
to which marriage the Queen being averfe, the Duke retired into 
Norfolk, with a refolution, notwithftanding, to purfue his for- 
mer courtihip ; which being difcovered, he was imprifoned the 
14th of that reign, and the next year brought to his trial, when 
bis charge amounted to high treafon, viz. That he had con- 
fpired the dethroning of the Queen, and bringing in foreign 
forces ; that he had applied to the Pope and Spaniards for that 
purpofe; and that he endeavoured the enlargement of the Queen 
of Scots ;^or which he was found guilty by his Peers, and on the 
ad of June, 1573, beheaded on Tower-hill. He married firft 
Mary, daughter to Henry Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel, with 
vhom he had the manor and caftle of Arundel, in SufTex, (which 
continues in his family to this day) and by her had Philip, his 
heir ; by his 2d wife, who was Margaret, daughter and fole heif 
of Thomas, Lord Audley of Walden, he had Thomas, the fir ft 
Earl of Suffolk of this family, fummoned to Parliament as Lord 
Howard of Walden, in 1597, and 1601, in the life-time of his 
£ithor> and was the anceftor maternally of the prefent Lord 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

.t# DUKE or NORFOLK.. 

Howard oi Walden ; William, from whom the Earl of Carliflo^ 
is defccnded ; and a daughter Margaret, married to Robert* Sack'^ 
ville, Earl of Dprfct, 

Philip, his eldeft fon, was Earl of Arundel, as owner of Arun- 
del Caftle, by dcfcent from his mother, and was by that title 
fummoned to the Parliament held the ijd of Elizabeth, and 
afterwards by fpecial zSt was reftored in blood by the fame Par- 
liament ; but not long after, by the contrivance of Robert, Earl 
6f Leicefter, and Secretary Walfingham, he was confined to his 
houfe ; and e^ndeavouring to go beyond fea for fecurity and de- 
votion, being at his embarking betrayed by fome of his fervants, 
was apprehended, and fent phfoncr to the Tower ; and foon 
iftfter a charge was brought againft him in the Star-chamber, fo^ 
fupporting Romifli Priefls, and holding correfpondenie with Je- 
fuits, and other traitcrous people, who confpired the ruin of 
their prince and country j for which he was fined io,cxx>l. and 
to fxxfftt imprifooment during the Queen's pleafute* But it 
feems this feverity was not fufficient ; for, in 1590, he was tried 
for high treafon by his Peers: the particulars of the treafon 
vytvi^y his contra<fting a flrift friendfiiip with Cardinal Allen^ 
and Parfons, the Jefuits, for reftohng the Romifh religion : that 
he was privy to the excommunicating Bull of Pope Sixtus Quin- 
tus, and that he caufed mafs to be faid for the fuccefs of the 
Spanifh Armada ; and being found guilty, he had fentence of 
death pronounced againfl him ; butbeing remanded to the Tower, 
his execution was refpitcd. He is faid to have fpent the re- 
mainder of his life in exercifes of auflerity and devotion, and 
died a prifoner in 1595. He married Anne, daughter to Tho- 
tnas, and filler atid coheir to George, Lord Dacres of Gillii]and> 
by whom he left Thomas, his only child, who was reftored in 
blood by the Parliament, i Jac. L and to all the titles of ho- 
nour and precedence loll by his father's attainder, and was en* 
ftalled Knt. of the Garter, 9 Jac, I. and in 10 Jac. 1. was con- 
^ituted Earl Marfhal of England for life; and in the 20th of 
the fame reign, advanced to the title of the Earl of Norfolk ; 
but afterwards obtaining leave of the King tp travel, died at Ve^ 
nice, Oftober 4, 1646. He married Alathea, daughter and co- 
heir. to Gilbert Talbot, the 7th Earl of Shrew (bury, and by her 
icfk two fons, Henry and William ; of which Henry wasJLord 
.Mowbray and Maltravers, and William was Knight of the Bath ; 
^s alfo in 16 Car. L created Baron of Stafford, having married 
tbe Lady Mary, fifter and fole heir to Henry Lord Stafford, and 
fhe it the fame time was created a B^roilefs. Henry Lord Mow- 
bray, who fucceeded hi^ father in his honours, was alfo Elarl 
Marfhal, and marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Efme Stuart, Lord 
d'Aubigrtie, and Earl of March, afterwards Duke of Lenox, by 
her had nine forts, and tWo daughters ; whereof Catherine waa 
fnarrjed to JohnDigby^of GoUlMrft^ £f<|^;ui4Eliz^<?tKto Alex* 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ttkict Macdonncl> grandfon to Sir James Macdonficl, brother to 
Randal the Firft, Larl of Antrim, in Ireland ; and of the nine 
fons, which were Thomas, Henry, fucccflSve Dukes, as here- 
after ; Philip, a Cardinal of the church of Rome, and Lord Al- 
moner to Queen Catherine, Con fort of Charles IL who died at 
Rome, June i6, 1694, in the 65th year of his age, Charles, an* 
ccftor of the prefent Duke, who married Mary, eldeft daughter 
^usd co-heir of Geo. Tatterfliall, of Finchampftead, in Berks* 
who died Nov. 7, 1695, leaving iffue two fons, Charles an4 
Henry, the youngeft of whom died young ; and Charles their 
fethcr dying March 31, 17 13, having been feated at Greyftocke, 
in Cumberland, was fuccceded by his fon Charles, who died 
June 1O5 1720, having married Mary, daughter and coheir of 
John Aylward, Efq. who died 0&. 2, 1747, having had three 
daughter^, Mary, Catherine, and Frances, all of whom died un- 
married ; and three fons, Henry the eldeft, and Thomas the 34 
fon) died unmarried, and the 23 fon Charles, fucceeded in 1777 
10 the title of Duke of Norfolk, &c. on the. death of the late 
Duke.— ^Talbot, Edward, Francis, all three died unmarried.-— 
Btraard married Catherine, fiftcr to his brother Charles's lady, 
hj whom he had jffue three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, an4 
Catherine, who all become Nuns, and died at Bruflels ; and two 
fons, Bernard, who married Anne, daughter of Chriftopher Ro^ 
jper, 4th Lord Teynham, by whom he had iflu^, ift. Bernard, 
^ho died young ; 2d. H^ry, of SheflBeld, in Yorkfhire, Efq. 
>K)rn April 9, 171^; but died Nov. 11, 1787 ; married Oft. 30, 
1764, Juliana, 2d daughter of Sir William Molineaux, Bart, by 
ifrhom he has three fons and two daughters now living, viz, 
>IaryiBridgct, born 1767, married to the eldeft fon of the 
prefentLord Petre; Juliana- Barbara, born 1769, married tfo thq 
prcfcnt Lord Petre, and is mother-in-law to her elder fifter; Ber- 
ifiard-Edward, born 1765, the prefent heir to the Dukedom ; 
Henry -Thopias, born Oft. 1766 ; Edward-Charles, bom 1774. — : 
Efme, the youngeft, died in 1728, having married, and had 
^ue, only a daughter, who died unmarried \t\ 1736^ 

(5th D.) Thomas the eldeft, on the lyth of April, ^652,^' 
fucceeded his father in his honours and titles of Earl of Arun- 
/del> Surry, and Norfolk; and in 1661, the 13th Charles II. was 
reftored to the title of Duke of Norfolk ; but he dying at Padua, 
^n Italy, 1678, unmarried, the title defcended to 

(6th D,) H?:nrv his brother, who on the 27th pf March, 
ai Ciir. II. was created Lord Howard of Caftle-Rifing, in Nor- 
^Ik; as 0*1 the 19th of Oflober, 1672, he was created Earl of 
Norwich, to him and to the heirs male of his body ; and alfo by 
the fame patent had granted the office and dignity of Earl Mar-? 
flial pf England^ to him, gnd to the heirs male oi his body } afi<l 
^n default of fuch iffue, to the heirs male of the body of Tho- 
IB.as^ E^irf ^f Atwdd, Bx^Tj ^i Nprfplk, grandfitthci: of thd 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(aid Henry, Lord Howard; and for default of fuch ifluc, to tfefl^ 
heirs male of the body of the Lord William Howard, of Na- 
worth, in the county of Cumberland, youngeft fon of Thomas 
Duke of Norfolk, (who was beheaded 14 Eliz.) and for default 
of fuch iflue, to Charles Howard, Lord Effingham, and Earl of 
Nottingham, and the heirs male of his body. He married to his 
firft wife, the Lady Anne Somerfet, eldeft daughter to Edward 
Marquis of Worcefter, by Elizabeth Dormer, his firft wife, the 
JLady Anne Somerfet, eldeft daughter to Edward Marquis of 
Worcefter, by Elizabeth Dormer, his firft wife, and by her had 
two fons and three daughters ; and-by his fecond, who was Jane, 
daughter of Robeit Bickerton, Efq. he had George How^p-d^ 
who married Arabella, daughter and fole heir to Sir Edmund 
Allen, Bart, widow of Francis Thomfon, of Humbleton, in the 
county of York, Efq. — James Howard, who died a bachelor^ 
being drowned in Auguft, 1702, attempting to ride over Sat~ 
ton-Wafti, in Lincolnfliire. — Frederick Henry Howard, vibo, 
married Catherine, daughter to Sir Francis Blake, of the county 
of Oxford, and reli<£l of Sir Richard Kennedy, Bart, by whom 
flic had a daughter Elizabeth, married to Sir William ^Dudley, 
Bart, this lady died in January, 1731 ; and the faid Frederick 
^iedon the loth of March, 1727. — Catherine and Anne, both 
Nuns in Flander^s; but the Lady Philippa married Williaiu 
Standifh, of Stand ifh-Hall, in the county of Lancafter, Efq. and 
died in Jan. i68j. Of the daugliters by the firft wife, which 
were, Anne-Allathea, Elizabeth and Frances, the latter was 
married to the Marquis of Valparefa, a Spanifh Count in Flan- 
ders; the ad, to Alexander Gordon, Marquis of Huntly, in 
'Scotland, who was created Duke of Gordon; flie died in july^ 
J 732, and the eldeft died ii^ her infancy. The fons were 

(7th D.) He-nivv and Thomas, the eldeft on the 27th of Jan» 
1677, wasfummoned to Parliament by writ, by the title of Lord 
Mowbray. On Jan. 1 1, 1683, he fucceeded his father in all his " 
honours. . His Grace married the Lady Mary Mordaunt, daugh- 
ter and fole heir to Henry Earl of Peterborough, from whoijx^ 
Rafter he had been married near 20 ye^rs) he procured a divorce 
in Parliament, for incontinence, which in 1700, palled both 
Houfes, and he (having no iffue by her) was enabled to marry, 
again ; but dying as above, and leaving no ifluc, we fliall now 
fpeak of his brother, the Lord Thomas Howard, who at the 
coronation of King James the Tid. as Lord of the Manor of 
Workfop, in the county of Nottingham, claimed to find the 
King a right-hand glove, and to fupport the King's arm, while 
he held the fccptre, which being allowed, heperfori^ed that fer- 
vicc. In 1685, he was made mafter of the robes of King Jame& 
Ifc and being of th^ Romifh religion, was in. great efteem at 
Cpurt at that time; upon King James's withdrawing himfelf into* 
fiance, tbi§ Lord /iccoinpaaicd Ijim thithexa. ^}^ fwp .^ft?r 21^ n 
; , - • • ' ' tended 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ttnded him into Ireland ; but in hts return to Efeft, was caft 
away in November, i689» H« (in Oikober, 1681) married 
Mary-Eli'Aabeth, daughter and folc heir to Sir John Saviie, of 
Copley, in the county of York, Bart, and by her, whodied Dec» 
10, 1732, left five fonsand a daughter Mary, married to Wal- 
ter Ailon, Baron Allon, of Fon'ar, in Scotland,- but died in 
1723: and of the fons, which were Thomas, 8th Duke of Nor-» 
folk, — Henry died unmarried, Nov. 22, 1720— Edward 9tll 
Duke. — Richard died, unmarried, — Philip the youngeft, on thm 
jtti Jan. 1725, married Winifrede, daughter of Thomas Stoner^ 
of Watlington-Park, in the county of Oxford, Efq. and by. her, 
who died in Feb. 173I9 had a fon named Thomas, born Feb. 4^ 
1728, and died in Jan. 1763, and a daughter Winifrede, bora 
Aug. 31, 1726, married Odt. 8, 1749, to William Lord Stoni* 
ton, and died July 15, 1754. He married, 2dly, 1739, Harriot, 
daughter of Edward Blount, of Blagdon, in the county of Devon, 
Efq. fiftcr to the late Duchcfs of Norfolk, and widow to Peter 
Proli, Efq. of Antwerp, by whom, who died 1782, he had ifluc, 
Anne, born on the 29th of Auguft, 1742, married April 19, 
1762, to Lord Petrc, and had iffue; and Edward, born iii Ja- 
nuary, 1744, died Feb. 7, 1767 ; and the faid Philip, died Jan» 

(8th D.) Thomas, the cldeft of the faid five fons, who was 
born Dec. 7, 1684, fucceeded his uncle Henry, in 1701, and ia 
1709, married Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir Nicholas 
Shirburne, of Stonyhurft, in the county of Lancafter, Bart, but 
died without iffue, Dec. 23, 1732 ; and her Grace tliarried again 
in Auguft, 1734, to Peregrine Widdrington, Efq. and died in 
Sept. I754« He was fucceeded by 

, (9th D.) Edward, his brother, ^the 9th Duke, who was 
bom 1685, and married Nov. 6, 1727, Mary, fecond daughter 
and co-heir of Edward Blount of Blagdon, in Devon, Efq. Her 
Grace died without iffue, May 27, 1773, and his Grace furvived 
her till Sept. 20, 1777 ; when the title and eftate devolved on 

(lOthD.) Charles, his diftant coufin, grandfon of Charles 
Howard, fourth fon of Henry Frederick, Earl of Arundel, 
Norfolk, &c (as in page 11.) His Grace was born Dec. i, 1720, 
and married, Nov. 8, 1739, Catherine, fecond daughter and co- 
heir of John Brockholes, Efq. of Clayton, in Lancafhire, (de- 
icended from Lord Scroopc of Bolton, Knight of the Garter 
in the reign of Queen Elizabeth) born April 30, 1718, and 
died Nov. 21, 1784^ by whom he had iffue two daughters j 
Mary, born June 1742, and died in 1756; and Catherine, who^ 
died an infant; and one fon, Charles* His Grace died Aug. i, 
1786, and was fucceeded by 

(nth D.) Charles the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Howard, bjr writ of fummons to Par- 
liament, Odt. IS, 1470, Jd Edward IV. alfo 19th of Auguft, 

i47af ' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

147 2. Created Earl Marfhal, Earl of Surry, and Duke of No?4 
folk, June 28, 1483. i Richard III. confirmed Earl of Surry, 3d 
of November, 1492. 8 Henry VH* and again 13th of May^ 
1509. I Henry VlII. again Earl of Surry, and Duke of Nor- 
folk, iftof Feb. 1513, 5th Henry VIII. Earl of Arundel, in thd 
county of SufTex, a feudal honour, or local dignity, the only 
one in the kingdom, as adjudged in Parliament, 8th July, 14339 
nth of Henry VL by inheritance and pofleffion of the CaftW 
of Arundel only, without any other creation ; alfo by fum* 
mons to Parliament, Jan. 16, 1580, 23 Elizabeth, by defceAt 
originally, as well before as after the Conqueft, by King Henry 
I. confirmed by Kang Henry II. and alfo 27th June, 1189, ift 
Richard I, Created Earl of Norfolk, June 6, 1644. 2O Car. L 
Baron Howard, of Caftle-Rifing, in the county of Norfolk^ 
March 27, 1669, 21 Car. II. Hereditary Earl Marihal, Oft* 
19, 1672, 24 Car. II. Duke of Norfolk by AA of Parliament^ 
with an entail upon the heirs male, and divers limitations. May 
8, 1661, 13 Car. II. Baron Mowbray, by writ of fummons td 
parliament, 6th March, 1678. 31 Car. II. and likewife 2 1 
March, 1639, 15 Charles I. by defcent originally, 8th June^ 
1294, 22d of Edward I. 

Arms.] Quarterly four coats, firft guks^ a bend between fiiC 
crofs croflets fitch'y, argent^ with an augmentation, viz. on the 
tipper part of the bend, an inefcutcKeon, or, charged with a demi^ 
lion rampant, pierced through the mouth with an arrow, with-* 
in a double treiTure, counter-flowered with fleurs de lis, gules^ 
and is the paternal coat of the illuftrious family of lloward* 
id, Gulejy three lions paflant-guardint pale-ways, «r, l^bel in 
chief, of three points, argenty for the name of BfOtherton* 
gd, Cheque, dry and azurcy for Warren, anciently Earl of Surry* 
4th, Gulesy a lion rampant, argent y drmed and languid, azure^ 
for Mowbray, anciently Duke of Norfolk ; and behind the 
Ivhole, two truncheons, or MarlhaFs ftaves in faltire, or^ ena- 
tncllcd at each cniyfabky h^viitg the King*s arms engraven at the 
Upper, and his own at the lower end, the badge of his high 
office, given to Thomas Mowbray, and the heirs of his body. 

Crest.] On a chapcau, gulesy turned up, (rmiwsy a lion p^iuknt 
guardant, his tail extended, gorged with a ducal coronet, argent^ 
(IS defceridcd from Margaret, daughter and heir 6f iThomas dc 
Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, fifth fon of Edward I. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion, and on the fihiftefr 
t horfe, both argenty the latter holding a flip Of oak, fru£tedy 

MOTTO.1 Sola virtus invi/fa. Virtue is alone invincible. 

Chief Seats.] At Arundel Caftle, in SuflTex ; Workfop 
Manor, in the county of Nottingham j Deepdeil, near Dorking, 
Surry; Greyftock Caftle, in Cumberiaft^j and Home Lacy, in 


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npHE raoft noble Prince EDWARD SEYMOUR, Duke df 
• of SOMERSET, Baron Seymour and Baronet, born Jan. 2^ 
1717-18, fncceeded hit father the late Duke, Dec. 15, 1757, 
and is unmarried* 

WijLLiAM DE St. Maur, fProgcnitof of the Seyiiiours) .by 
tbe aid of Gilbcrtj Earl of Pembroke, recovered Wendy and 
Penhow, (parts of the county of Monmouth) from the Welch 
nation, the aad of Henry 111, From him defccnded Sir John 
Seymour, who ferved King Henry VIII. in the wars in Francq 
and Flanders, and in the 4th of that reign, for his gallant be* 
haviour, at the liege of Therouenne, and the battle of the 
Spurs, had the honour of Kt. Banneiret conferred upon him. Ho 
died in 1536, and left iflue, by Margaret his wife, daughter to 
Sir John Wentworth, of Nettlefted, in Suffolk, fix fox^s and- 
four daughters; of which daughters Jane was married to King 
Henry Vlll. and was mother of King Edward VI. Elizabeth 
the 2d daughter was firft married to Sir Henry Ughtred, Kt« 
2dly, to Gregory Lord Cromwell ; and laftly, to John Lord Sti 
Jotm of Baiing, afterwards Marquis of Wmchcfter; and Do- 
rothy, to Sir Clement Smith, Kt. And of the fons, John tho 
•Ideu died unmarried. 

(ift D.) Edward, the 2d fon,' was created Duke ofSomerfet, 
Hcory the 3d, was Kt. of the Bath, Sir Thomas, the 4th, in tho 
35th Henry VIII. was MaHhal of the forces.- In the ift of 
Edward VI. he was created Lord Seymour, of Sudley, made 
Kt. of the Gartec, and Lord High Admiral of England, and 
married the Lady Catherine Parr, widow of King Henry VIIL 
Theother fons, which were Antony and John, died young. Ed* 
t?ard, afterwards Duke of Somerfet, in the 24th Henrv VIIL 
was .created Vifcount Beauchamp; and on the iSth of Odkober^ 
1 558, he was created Earl of HettfordV In 1547, the King 
lying on his death-bed, he was appointed one of his executors ^ 
and on the ift of February, 1547, was unanimou&y elected Pro- 
tedor of the realm, and Governor of the King'» perfon, untit 
he Ihould accomplifh the age of 1 S years. On the loth of Feb*^ 
ibUowifig, he was chofen Lord Treafurer of England, as alfor 
the 15th of the fame nuKith, created Baron Seymour. The 
next day he was created Duke of Somerfet ; b Jt this Duke fell 
hj the ax, through the pride of his 2d wife, Aiine Stanhope, 
daughter to Sir Edward Stanhope, and heir to her mother, Eli- 
zabeth, fifter to John Bourchier, Earl of Bath, and great grand^ 
daughter of Wiuiam Bourchier, Earl of Ewe, in Normandy, by 
Anne, brs wife, daughter and fole heir to Thomas of Wood-' 
fiock, Duke of Gloucefter, 7th and youn^eft fon of King Ed^ 
^ard lit. Thomas, LordSttdley, the Lord High Admiral, bro* 


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thcr to the Duke, having married Catherine Parr, Qnefta 
Dowager to king Henry VJULI. the Duchefs of Somerfet eftvicd 
the marriage, as Lord Sudley*s wife claimed precedence before 
her, and pofieiTed the Duke her hufband, that his brother 
ftudied his ruin, and to get the Prote<^orfliip out of his hands ; 
which by the arti£ce of John Dudley, ,thc ambitious Earl of 
Warwick, took place ; and the Lord Sudley being arrefted, was 
imprifoned in the Tower, tried, and condemned by Aft of Par- 
liament ; and on the 20th of March, 3d Edward VL behbaded^ 
by a, warrant under his own brother's hand. The Duke, hav-» 
ing thus £gned his brother's death, created a great hatted in the 
people againft him ; beHdes, another thing helped to confirm 
the public hatred, his pulling down a church, and two Bifhops 
houfes in the Strand, to make way for Somerfet-houfe, and 
ruiniiig the ftceple, and moft part of the church of St. John of 
Jerufalem, to carry on the building, &c. Soon after being 
charged with defigning to murder the aforefald Earl of War- 
wick, and feveral of the nobility, he was fent to the Tower, 
and was tried and found guilty of felony, and fentenced to be 
hanged ; and two months after, the violence of his enemies, not- 
withftanding the King*8 dcfire to fave him, drew him to Tower- 
hill, where on the 2 2d of January (5th of Edward VL) he loft 
his head. He married firfl: Catherine, daughter and co-heif 
to William Fillol. By this lady * he had three fons, John 
who died young* — Sir Edward Seymour, of Bury-Pomeroy, in 
the county of Devon, and of Maiden-Bradley, in the county of 
Wilts, Kt,— Henry, who was an officer in the fleet, which beat 
the Spaniih Armada; and his fecond wife was Anne Stanhope, 
before-mentioned; by her he had Edward, his heir, and i^x 
daughters ; whereof Anne, was firft married to John Dudley, 
eldell fon of the before-mentioned Earl of Warwick, which Earl 
was then Duke of Northumberland, and 2dly, to Sir Edward 
Unton, of Wadley, Berks, Kt. of the Bath.— Margaret and Jane 
died unmarried.— Mary, was firft married to Andrew Rogers, 
fon and heir to Sir Richard Rogers, Kt. and adly to Sir Henry 
Peyton, Kt.— Catherine died unmarried. — Elizabeth became the 
ad wife of Sir Richard Knightly, of Faufely, in the county of 
Northampton. Kt. Edward, wno fuccceded, being difpoflefled of 
all titles by the attainder of his father, in the 5th of Edward. 
VI. fo continued to the iftof Eliz. when he was advanced to 
the title of Lord Beauchamp, and Earl of Hertford. He mar- 
ried Cadierine Grey, daughter to Henry Duke of Suffolk, and 
lifter to the lady Jane Grey ; but fhe being nearly allied to the 
Queen, and difcerncd to be with child, was, in the 5th of that 
reign, <committed to the Tower, though ftie acknowledged her- . 
felf to DC hi? lawful wife; and he returning from France, where 
he had gone with the Queen's leave, and owning his marriage, 
was likewife Imprifoned with her^ where ihe was fooa brou^C 


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to bed of a fon, and aftcryrards of another, by connivance of the 
keeper. He was hereupon ccnfured in the Star-chamber, ift. 
for violating a maid of the Royal filood ; 2d. for breaking pri- 
fon ; laftly, for lying with her again ; to which he anfwered> 
that having lawfully married her, antt the prifon-doors {land- 
ing open, he came to her in her fadnefs, to comifort her, and pay his 
conjugal debt; neverthelefs, he was fined 5000 pounds, and 
kept a prifoner for nine years, and ihe till the time of her death* 
The validity of this marriage being afterwards tried at Common- 
law, the minifter, wlio married them, appearing in court, and 
other circumftances, the juipy agreeing, of which John Digbjr, 
Efq. was foreman, found it a good marriage. This Earl lived to 
be an aged man ; and by the Catherine aforefaid, his firft wife, 
he had Edward, his heir apparent, who was Lord Bcauchamp ; 
by his 2d and 3d wives, who were Frances, daughter to William 
Howard, Lord EflBngham, filler to Charles, Earl of Notting- 
ham; and Frances, daughter to Thomas Vifc Howard, of Bin- 
don, he had no iffue. 

Edward, Lord Beauchamp, in the 6th of Jan>cs L ob- 
tained letters patent, granting that he and the heirs male of his 
body, immediately after the death of his father, fhould be Barons 
of Parliament, and have place and voice there ; as alfo other 
letters patent, for the enjoyment of the title of Earl of Hert- 
ford ; but died in his father*s life-time, 1618 ; having married 
Honora, daughter to Sir Richard Rogers, of Brainfton, in tho 
county of Dorfet, and by her had three fons and a daughter of 
her name, married to Sir Ferdinand Sutton, Knt. of the Bath, at 
that time heir apparent to Edward Lord Dudley, by whom fhc 
had a daughter Frances, Baronefs Dudley, wifeof Humble, who 
-was created Xord Ward ; and of the fons, which were Edward^ 
Sir William, and Sir Francis; the eldeft, who died in 1618, 
the fame year as his father, married Anne SackviUe, da.ughter to 
Robert, the 2d Earl of Dorfet ; but left no iffue, and flie married, 
adiy, Sir Edward Lewis, Knt. 

(2d D.) Sir William Seymour, Knt. 2d fon, upon the death 
of his grandfather, Edward, Earl of Hertford, fucceedcd him in 
his honours. In 1640, the i6th Charles I^ he was created Mar- 
quis of Hertford, and was reftored to the dignity of Duke of 
Somerfet ; and died on the 24th of 06tober, 1660. He married 
firft Arabella, only child of Charles Steward, 3d fon of Matthew 
Earl of Lennox, (by Elizabeth, his wife, 2d daughter of Sir 
William Cavendlfh, of Chatwjorth, in the county of Derby, 
Knt. but file being coufin german to King James L and fecretly 
married without his privity or confent, they were both com- 
mitted prifoners to the Tower of London, where flie ended her 
life, without iffue, Sept. 27, 1615; but his Grace marrying to 
bis fecond wife Frances Devereux, eldeft of the two daughters 
of Robert Earl of Effex (the great fevourite of Queen Elizabethy 

C and 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


tad fiftcr and co-heir to Robert Earl of Effex) by her had five 
fonsand three daughters, whereof Frances •was fiift married to 
Richard Molineux, the 2d Vifc. Molineux, in Ireland ; 2dly, 
to Thomas Wrottefley, Earl of Southampton, Lord High Trea- 
furcr of England; and laj^ly, to Conyers Darcy, the ad Earl of 
Holdernefs. — ^Mary, to Heneage Finch, the 2d Earl of Win- 
chelfea. — Jane, to Charles Boyle, Lord Clifford, fon and heir to 
Richard, Earl of Burlington. And of the fons, which were 
William,. Robert, Henry, Edward and John ; the two eldeft 
died unmarried, and the 4th in his infancy ; and Henry the 3!, 
who died in his father's life-time ; but having married Mary, el- 
deft daughter to Arthur Lord Capel, of Hadham, and by her, 
who afterwards married Henry the ift Duke of Beaufort, left 
iffue William, fucceffor to ,his grandfather ; and a daughter Eli- 
zabeth, married to Thomas Bruce, Earl of Aylelbury. 

(3d D.) William, who on the a4th of 06lober, 1660, 
fucceeded his grandfather, died on the 12th Dec. 1671, unmar- 
ried; whereupon 

(4th D.) John, his uncle, the 5th and youngeft fon of William 
I>uke of Somerfet, fucceeded him, and married Sarah, daughter 
to Sir Edward Alfton, Knt. but he dying on the 29th of April, 
1675, without iffue; we come now to 

Sir Francis Seymour, Knt. 3d fon to Edward Lord Beau- 
champ, by Honora his wife, already mentioned, which Sir 
Francis, in 1642, the i8th of Charles L was created Lord Sey- 
mour of Troubridge. He married to his 2d wife, Catherine, 
daughter to Sir Robert Lee, of Bldfey, in the county of War- 
wick, Knt. by whom he had no iffue; but by his firft, who was 
Frances, daughter and heir of Sir Gilbert Prinne, of Allington, 
in Wilts, Knt. he had Charles, his heir ; and a daughter Fran- 
ces, who was married to Sir William Ducie, of Tortworth, in 
the county of Gloucefter, Knt. of the Bath. 

Charles, who in 1669, fucceeded his father as Lord Sey- 
mour of Troubridge, married to his firft wife, Mary, daughter 
and folc heir to Thomas Smith of Soley, in the Parifh of Chil- 
ton, in Wilts, by whom he had a daughter Frances, married to 
Sir George Hungerford, of Cadenham, Wilts; and by his 2d 
wife, who was Elizabeth, daughter to William Lord AUington, 
of Horflieath, in the county of Cambridge, he had five fons 
and two daughters ; whertof the three eldeft fons, and the eldeft 
daughter died young; but the 2d daughter Honora, was married 
to Sir Charles Gerrard, of Harrow, in Middlefex, Bart, and 
died in May, 1731* The fons wlych furvived were 

(5th D.) Francis and Charles; the eldeft fucceeded to the 
title of Duke of Somerfet, (but not to the title of Marquis of 
Hertford) and in the year 1678, being bafely murdered in Italy, 
a fleet of fhips were fent from the King of England to demand 
fatisfadtion for the death of fo great a fubjed j and thereupon 


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ftvcral pcrfons were hanged in cflSgy^ This Duke dying un- 
married, was fucceeded by . ^ 

(6th D,) Charles, his brother, who marrying to his firfl 
■wife the Lady Elizabeth Percy, widow and relift of Henry 
Cavendiih, Earl of Oj^le, only fon and heir to Henry, Duke of 
Newcaftle, fole daughter and heir to Joceline Percy, the nth 
and laft Earl of Northumberland, by her ^^who died in Nov. 23, 
1722,) had three fons and four daughters. Of the daughters^ 
nvhich were, Elizabeth, Catherine, Anne, and Frances, Eliza- 
beth married Henry O'Brien, Earl of Thomond, in Ireland, 
Vifc, Tadcafter, in England; fhe died April the 2d, 1734, 
without iffue. — Catherine married July 21ft, 1708, to Sir Wil- 
liam Wyndham, of Orchard-Wyndham, in the county of Somer- 
fet^ Bart, but died in April 1731. — ^Anne married Peregrine-Hide 
Ofborne, Marquis of Carmarthen, (3d Duke of Leeds) and 
died in child-bed four days after her mother, viz. on the 27th, 
aged 31. — And Frances died unmarried. May the loth, 1720. . 
C5f the fons, which were, Algernon, Earl of Hertford ; Charles 
and Percy. Charles died on the 3d of Jan. 171 1, aged 26; but 
the eldeft, on the death of his mother, who was heir to the Ba- 
ronies of Percy, Lucy, Poinings, Fitz-Pain, Bryan, and La^i-^ 
*iner, was called up to the Houfe of Peers, by the title of Lord 
Percy, on the 4th of Feb. 1726. His Grace married to his 2d 
wife, Charlotte Finch, 2d daughter to Daniel Earl of Winchel-, 
fea and Nottingham, and by her, who died Jan. 21, 1773? I^ad 
two daughters, Frances, born July 8, 1728; who married the 
late Marquis of Granby, by whom fhe was mother of the 
lateDvke of Rutland, and died 1760; and Charlotte, bora 
the 2ift of Sept. 1730, married the late Earl of Aylesford. His 
Grace died Dec. 2, 1748 ; and was fucceeded in his honours^ 
and his real eftates, by his only furviving fon, 

(7th D.) Algernon, Earl of Hertford, who married Fran- 
ces, eldeft of the two daughters, and co-heirs of Henry Thynne, 
fon of Thomas Vifcount Weymouth, and by her, who died 
Tuly 7th, 1754, had one fon, George Lord Beauchamp, born 
Sept. nth, 1725, who died on his travels in 1744; and one 
daughter Elizabeth, married in July 1740, to Sir Hugh Smith- 
fon, Bart, late Duke of Northumberland, and his Majefty was 
pleafed to grant to his Grace the dignities of Baron Warkworth 
and Earl of Northumberland, to hold to him and the heirs male 
of his body, and in default of his iflue, to Sir Hugh Smithfon of 
Stanwick, in the county of York, Bart, and the heirs male of 
his body, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the faid Duke; 
and in default of fuch iflue, to her ladyfhip and her heirs maler 
His Majefty alfo was pleafed to grant unto his Grace the digni- 
ties of Baron of Cockermouth, and Earl of Egremont, in the 
county 6f Cumberland, and to t*he heirs male of his body, and in 
ie&ult of fuch iflue« to his nephew Sii: Charles Wyndham. of 

C a Or- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Orchard-Wyndham, }n the coqnty of Somerfet, Bart, and the 
heirs male of his body, and in de&ult of fuch iffue, to Percy 
Wyndham Obrien, of Shotgrove in the county of Effex, Efq. 
brother of the faid Sir Charles, afterwards Earl of Thomond, in 
Ireland, and the heirs male of his body. His Grace died at 
Percy Lodge, near Colnbrooke, on the 7th Feb. 1750^ whereby 
the titles of Northumberland, and Baron Warkworth, defcend- 
ed to Sir Hugh Smithfon, Bart, the late Duke of Northum- 
berland. The titles of Eirl of Egrcmont, and Baron of Cock- 
ermouth, to Sir Charles Wyndham, Bart. The Baronies of 
Percy, Poinings, Fitz-Pain^ Bryan, and Latimer, to Elizabeth 
Smithfon, wife of Sir Hugh ; and the titles of Earl of Hertford, 
Vifc. Beauf:hamp of Hache, an4 Baron Seyn^iour of Trou- 
bridge, became extin£i ; but the titles of Duke pf Somerfet, and 
ISaron Seymour, devolved on 

(8th D.) Sir Epward Seymottr, Bart, who was defcended 
from Sir Edward, eldeft furviving fon of the Proteftor, by his 
firft wife Catherine, who was poffefled of a good eftate at Berry- 
Pomeroy, in Devonfliire, purchafed by his father of Sir Tho- 
inas Pomeroy. He had a grant from King Edward VL of feve- 
ral lordfliips in the county of Somerfet, and being a great oeco- 
iiomift, he purchafed MaidenTJBradley, in Wilts, and the ma- 
nor of Totnefs, in Devonfliire. He married Jane, daughter 
of John Walflie, Efq. one of the Juftices of the Common Pleas, 
and died May the 6th, 1593, by whom he had Edward his heir, 
who was one of the knights of the fhirfc, for the county of De^ 
von, in feveral parliaments, and was advanced to the dignity o£ 
a Baronet, June 29, 161 1 ; having married in 1570, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Arthur Champcrnoun, of Dartington, Devon, 
JCnt. by whom he had iffue feveral fous and daughters, and dying 
April II, 1613, was fucceeded by 

Sir Edward Seymour, his eldeft fon, who died about the 
year 1641. By Dorothy, daughter of Sir Henry Killigrew, 
of Laroch, in Cornwall, Knight, had fix fons and five daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth, married ift, Francis Courtenay, of Powder- 
ham, Devon, Efq. adly, Sir Amos Meredith, of Afliley, Che- 
fliire, Bart. — Mary married Sir Jonathan 'Irelawney, Bart.— 
Margaret, to Francis Trelawney, Efq. brother of the faid Sir 
Jonathan. — Anne married Dr. Stourton.— rThe other daugh- 
ter married Sir T. Hall, of the county of Wilts, Knt. Of the 

Sir Edward, the eldeft, fucceeded his father. — Henry, the 
fecond fon, was of great note in the reigns of King Charles L 
and IL He died the 9th of March 1686, in the 74th year of h\i 
age, and was buried at Langley; having married firft, felizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Jofeph Killigrew, Knt. and widow of Willianx 
Baffet, of Claverton, in Somerfet, Efq. and flie dying without 
iifue in June 1671; he married 2dly, Urfula, daughter of Sir 


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Robert Auften, of Bexley, in Kent, Bart, and widow of George 
Stawel, Efq. brother to Ralph Lord Stawel, by whom he had 
an onlv fon, Henry, born the 20th of Oft. 1674, who at 7 
years old, in confideration of his father's approved loyalty and 
fervices, (and while he was living) was by King Charles II. 
created a Baronet, and to his heirs male, remainder to his father, 
and his heirs male ; which Sir Henry Seymour, Bart, died un- 
married in 1 7 14.— Thomas Seymour, third fon of Sir Edward 
and Dorothy, married Anne, daughter of Sir Richard Ander- 
fon, Knt. and left iffue Edward, Clerk of the Hanaper, 1695, 
who had two fon s and three daughters ; ift, Henry, who was 
killed in a duel ; he nharried a daughter of J. Tregonwell, Efq. 
by whom he had Edward Seymour, who married Henrietta, 
daughter of the late Governor Phipps, by whom he had no iffue; 
and a daughter married to Sir Robert Monro, Bart, and died in 
1732. adly, Edward, who in 17 10 was chofen Member of 
Parliament for Shaftlbury, but died foon after of a fever, which 
he got ^t his eleftion.— John and Robert^ 4th and 5th fons of 
Sir Edward and Dorothy, died both without iffue. — Sir Jofeph 
Seymour, Knt. 6th fon, married Bridget, daughter o( Sir Rich- 
ara Anderfon, and had iffue, Henry slnd Anne. 

Sir Edward Seymour, the eldeft brother, bom .in 161 1, 
was Vice Admiral of the county of Devon ; and dying in 1689, 
left iffue by Anne his wife, daughter of Sir John Portman, Bart, 
one daughter Elizabeth, married to Sir Jofeph Tredenham, of 
Tregony, Cornwal, Knt. and five fons; Sir' Edward his fuccef- 
for.— John, a Colonel in the army, who married a daughter of 
Sir Richard Kenedy.^— ^Hugh, Captain of the Refolution Fri- 
gate, and was killed in the Dutch wars.-^William, who died 
unmarried.-— Henry, 5th foil, heir to his uncle Sir William 
Portman, Bart, whereby he became poilefled of the large inhe- 
ritance of the Portmans, at Orchard and Portman, in Somer- 
fetihire, and affumed the name and arms of Portman, by sl& of 
Parliament, purfuant to a fettlemcnt of the faid Sir William. 
He married ift, Peitdope, youngeft daughter of Sir William 
Haflewood of Maidwell, in the county of Northampton, Knt. 
and co-heir to her brother Peter Haflewood, Efq. her other fitter 
Elizabeth being wife to the Lord Vifc. Hatton : his ad wife 
was Millicent, daughter of William Fitch, of Hig^-Hall, in 
Dorfet, Efq. by neither of which had he any iffuoi and died in 
Feb. 1728; hiS relifk afterwards married T. rownes, Efq. 

Sir JEdward Seymour, Bart, fifth of that name in lineal 
fuccefiion, eldeft fon of the laft Sir Edward, made a confiderable 
figure in the Houfe of Commons in four feveral reigns. He 
was one of the firft gentlemen in the Weft, that joined the Prince 
of Orange in 1688; and on the acceflion of Queen Anne, he 
had an offer of a patent for a Baron of the realm, which he de- 
clined in fiivour of Francis the eldeft furviving fon of his fe- 

C 3 cond 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


cond marriage. He died Feb. 17, 1707, in the 76th yeaf of 
age, and was buried at Maiden -Bradley, in Wiltfhire ; having 
married firft, Margaret, daughter and co-heir to William Wale, 
Knt. Alderman of London, by whom he had two fons. Sir 
Edward, his fucceflbr ; and William, a General of Marines, 
who died without iffue 1727. By his fecond wife Letitia, 
daughter of Francis Popham, of Littlecote, Wilts, Efq. he 
had fix fons and a ' daughter, Anne, married to William Berk- 
ley, Efq. father of William-Henry Berkley- Portman, Efq. 
The fons were, Popham Conway, killed in a duel by Colonel 
Kirk. — Francis, who, after the death of his brother Popham, 
took the furname and bore the arms of Conway, and on the 
17th of March 1703, was created Baron Conway, and his fon, 
upon the deceafc of the late Duke of Somerfct, was created Earl - 
of Hertford. — Charles, to whom the Barony of Conway was 
limited, — Henry. — 'Alexander.— John ; all died unmarried. 

Sir Edward, the eldeft fon by the firft marriage, who fuc« 
ceeded to the title and cftate, died Jan. 1 741, aged 80. He 
married Letitia, fole daughter to Sir Francis Popham, of Little- 
cote, in Wilts, Knt. of the Bath, and had iifue four fons and 
eight daughters ; riz. Sir Edward.— Francis, who married Eliza- 
beth, Vifcountefs Hinchingbroke, mother of the prefent Earl 
of Sandwich, and only daughter of Alexander Popham, of 
Littlecote, Efq. and had iffue two fons, i. Henry, who married 
July 24th, 1753, Caroline, only daughter ot William Earl 
Cowper; which lady died June 2, 1773, leaving Georgiana, 
born Jan. 31, 1735, married Sept. i775> William Danby, jun. 
Efq. of Swinton, inYorklhire; and Caroline, bom Dec. 31, 
1756. He married, 2dly, O^. 5, 1775, Madam Louifa de 
Panthon, by whom he has iffue, a fon Henry, born Nov. 10, 
1776. 2. Francis, who died an infant ; and 3. a daughter Mary, 
who married Nov. 3, 1758, John Bailey, Efq. of Sutton, m 
Somerfetfliire, and had iffue.— Alexander, who died unmarried 
April 1 73 1. — ^William, who married Elizabeth, daughter and 
heir of Mr. Hippye, of Froom, in Somerfet/hire, and died 
without iffue. Of the daughters, Letitia, married to John 
Gapper, Efq.— Margaret, to Richard Jones, of Ramft)ury, 
Efq.— Elizabeth, to Henry Hungerfotd, of Fifield, Eftq.— 
Anne, to William Scroggs, of Chute Lodge, Efq. all in the 
county of Wilts, which Anne died in Feb. 1755. — Helena, died 
unmarried. — Mary, married the Rev. Mr. Hammond. — Jane, 
married William Coleman, of Gornhey, Devon, Efq% — Cathe- 
rine, married Philip Fuhr, of Briftol, Efq. 

Sir Edward, their elder brother, late Duke of Somerfet, 
married Mary, fole daughter and heir of Daniel Webb, of 
Monckton- Farely, in Wilts,. Efq. the niece and heir of Edward 
Somucr, of Seend, in Wilts, Efq. by her Grace, lyho died in 
Jan. 1768, he had iffue four fons, Edvizii^ now Duke of Sa« 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Itterfet.— ^Webb, who inherits his grandfather's eftate at Monck- 
ton^ Farley; married Nov. ii, 1769, ^Mary Anne, the only 
daughter and heirefs of the late John Bonnell> Efq. of Stanton- 
Harcourt, in Oxfordfliire; by whom he has had iflue, i. Ed- 
ward, who died in his infancy* 2. Webb, who died young, 3. 
Edward- Adolphus, born Feb, 7, 1775 ; ^^4« Webb-John, bora 
• Feb, 7, 1777. — ^William, called to the Bar, a Barrifter at Law, 
born 1744, married June 5, 1767, Hefter, fole jieirefs of Joha 
Maltravers, Efq, of Melkfam, in Wilts; and has iflue, two 
fons, Edward, born May 3, 1768; William, born March 28, 
1769 ; and one daughter, Hefter, bom Nov. 24, 1770.— Fran- 
cis, Dean of Wells, married Catherine, daughter of the Rev. 
Mr. Payne, and fiftcr to the Countefs Dowager of Northamp- 
ton, by whom he has iflue ; i. Edward, who died unmarried, 
23d June 1775. 2. Francis. 3. Mary, who married in Sept. 
1773,' John Hyde, Efq. of Eaft-Greenwich, one of his Majefty's 
Judges of the Supreme Court of Calcutta. 4, Catherine, who 
married in June 1776, John Newton, Efq. of Staffordfhirc, 
and was divorced in 1782. 5, Frances, married Nov. 1784, 
Thomas Bouet, Efq. of Wellington. — And his Grace had ^ 
daughter Mary, married Sept, 21, I759> ^^ Vincent Bifcoe, 
Efq. of London, and died in July 1762, His Grace dying the 
15th of Dec. 1757, wagfucceeded by hiseldeft foa 

(9th D.) Edward, the prefent Duke of Somerfet. 

Creations.] Baron Seymour, by letters patent, Feb. 15, 
^546, (i Edward VI.) and Duke of Somerfet the day follow- 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft and fourth, or, on a pile, gules, be- 
tween fix fleur-de-lis, azure^ three lions of England ; an aug* 
mentation granted by King Henry VIII. ^on his marriage with 
the Lady Jane Seymour;) fecond and third, the paternal coat of 
Seymour ; gulesy two wings, conjoined in lure, tips downwards^ 
$r. (PlatclV.) 

Crest.] Out of a ducal coronet, or, a phoenix in flames, 
proper^ in memory of King Edward VI. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide an unicorn, argent^ armed, 
creftcd, and gorged, with a ducal collar, to which is afilxed a 
chain, or. On the fmifter a bull, azure, collared, chained and 
hoofed, as that on the dexter. 

yiOTTO.'] Foy pour devoir. Faith for Duty. . ' 

Chief Seats.] At Maiden-Bradley and Secnd, in Wilt- 
fliirc; and Berry-romeroy, and Totnefs Caftle, in Devon- 

C4 LEN- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t u 1 

IeNNOX, duke op RICHMOND. 

•-rHEmoft noble CHARLES LENNOX, Duke of RICH- 
•*" MOND in England, of Lennox in Scotland, and Au- 
bigny in .France, (coniSrnied at Paris in 1777.) Earl of March 
and Daroley, Baron of Settrington and Tnrbolton, Knt, of 
the Garter; born Feb. 22, 1735, fuccecded Charles, the late 
Duke his father, Aug. 8, 1750 ; and April i, 1757, was mar- 
ried to Mary, daughter to the late Earl of Aylefbury, by Carc^ 
line, daughter of John, late Duke of Argyl, who afterwards 
married, 2dly, to Seymour Conway, brother to the Earl of Hert- 

The firft of this noble family was Charles, furnamed Leiv- 
nox^ only natural fon of King Charles II. by Loufa de Que- 
rouaille, a French lady, who in 1660, came into England, as 
an attendant on the Princefs Henrietta-Maria, Duchefs of Or-. 
leans, Cfter to King Charles II.. and by that Kinj^ on the 19th 
of Auguft, 1673, was created a Peereis, by the title of Baro- 
aefs Petersfield, Countefe of Fareham, and Duchefs of Portf- 
mouth, all in the county of Southampton, and by Lewis XIV. 
Duchefs of Aubigny in France, 

(ift D.) The foid Charles, furnamed Lennox, was barn 
on the 2Qth of July, 1672, created Duke of Richmond, &c* 
.1675, and died on the 27th of May, 1723, aged 5i^ He mar- 
ried Anne, eldeft daughter to Francis iJord Brudenell, (who 
died before his father Robert Earl of Cardigan) widow of Henry- 
Lord Belafljfc, and by her, who died on the 9th of Dec. 1722, 
had one fon and two daughters; Louifa, who married to 
James, Earl of Berkeley; and 4ied leaving iflue, 15 Jan. 1716, 
aged 23. — Anne, in Feb* 172^) married William-Anne KeppeJ, 
Earl ot Albemarle ; and left ijBue. His Grace was fucceeded by 

(2d D.) Charlxs, the late Duke, born May 18, 1701 ; 
married in Dec. 1719, the Lady Sarah Cadogan, eldeft of the 
two daughters and co-heirs of William Earl Cadogan ; and by 
her, who died Aug. 25, 1751, he had four fons and eight daugh- 
ters, viz. Georgina-Carolina, born March 27, 1723; and mar- 
ried in May 2, 1744, to the late Henry Fox, Lord Holland, 
only brother to Stephen Earl of llchefter ; was created a peerefs 
of Gieat Britain in 1762, and died July 24, 1774; leaving if- 
fue. — A fon, who died immediately after his birth, Sept. 3, 
1724. — LouiCa-Margaret, born Nov. 15, 1725, and died in 
May 1728. — Anne, born 27, 1726, and died the fame year.— -^ 
Charles, Earl of March, born Sept. 9, 17 30, who died the 
fame year. — Emilia, born 0<ft. 6, 1731, married Feb. 7, 1747, 
to the late Duke of Leinfter, in Ireland ; by whom flie had if- 
fuc After whofc death fhe married, 2dly, to William Ogilby, 
a E4 

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Efq. by whom Ihe has iffue, — Charles, now Duke of Rich- 
mond. — George-Henry, born Nov. 27, i737> married in 1759, 
to Louifa Kerr, daughter to WUliftra, the Earl of Ancram, in 
Scotland, by whom he has iffue, i. Charles, born 1764, aCoK 
in the army, married Sept. 9, 1789, Charlotte, daughter to the 
Duke of Gordon. 2. Louifa, born 1760. 3. Amelia, born 
1765, married Aug, 19, 1784, George-Cranfield Berkeley, 
brother to the Earl of Berkeley. 4. Georgiana> born in 1765, 
married April i, 1789, Lord Apfley, fon of Earl Bathurft.— 
Margaret, born Nov, 16, 1739, and died Janr, 10, 1741.— 
Louifa Augufta, born Nov. 24, 1743? married in Jan. 1758, to 
Thomas Connolly, Efq. of Caftletown, in Ireland,— Sarah, 
bom Feb. 14, 1745, married June 2, 1762, to Sir Charles Bun- 
bury,. Bart, from whom fhe was divorced, without having iffue, 
in 1776, and {he married, 2dly, in Aug. 25, 1781, to the Hon. 
Mark Napier, tincle to the prcfent Lord Napier of Scotland, by 
whoin flie has iffue a fon, born Aug, ij92* — Cecilia- Margaret, 
born Feb, 14, 1749, and died unmarried, Nov. 21, 1769. His 
Crace was Duke of Aubigny in France, Nov. 14, 1734. On 
the 1 8th Jan. following, he was conftituted Mailer of the 
Horfc to his Majefty ; and the next day fworn of the Privy 
Council. In Sept. 1735, he was chofen Mayor of Chichcfter, 
and High Steward in Jan. 1749; and in Feb. 1750, was made 
Colonel of his Majefty's royal regiment of Horfe-Guards, He 
was alfo a governor of the Charter-houfe. His Grace died Aug. 
8, 1750, (his Duchefs died Aug. 25, iJS^f) and was fucceeded 
by his eldeft fon, 

(3d D.) Chartles, now Duke of Richmond, &c. who in 
June 1753, ^^^ made a Captain of a company in Lord Bury*s 
regiment of foot; in June 1756, Lieut. Col. of Lord Charles 
Hay*s regiment of foot; and in May 1758, appointed Col, of 
the 7 2d regiment of foot; his Grace being prefent at the battle 
of Minden, fought on Aug, i, 1759, received the particular 
thanks of Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwick, for his condufl and 
intrepidity in that adtion. His Grace married on the ift of 
April, 1757, Mary, daughter of the late Earl of Aylelbury 
by the 3d wife, daughter of the late Duke of Argyl, now the 
wife of General Conway ; who i« Baronefs Bruce in her ow^ 
right, but has never claimed it. 

Creations.] Baron of Sittrington, in the county of York, 
Earl of March, (a title derived from the marches in South 
Wales) and Duke of Richmond in the county of York (Englifh 
honours) Aug, 9, 1675, ^^e 27th of King Charles IL As alfo 
at the fame time created Baron of Methuen, Earl of Darnley, 
and Duke of Lennox (Scotch honours.) 

Arms.] The arms of King Charles IL within a bordure- 
compone, argent and gules ; the firft charged with verdoy of rofes 
•f the fecond, barbed and feeded, proper^ (Plate IV.) 


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Crest.] On a chapeau, guUsj turned up ermitUy a lion paC* 
fant guardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet, guUsy and 
gorged with a collar, compone, counter-charged, as the bordure 
in the coat. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide an unicorn, armed, crefte^j 
and hoofted, argents On the finifter, an antelope, armed, cref- 
led, and hoofted, as the dexter; each fupporter gorged with 
a collar, compone, gules and ermine* 

Motto J En la rofejejleurie. I flourilh in the rofe. 

Chief Seat.] At Goodwood, near Chicheiler, in Suflex* 


q-^HE moft noble AUGUSTUS-HENRY FITZROY, Duke 
•*" of GRAFTON, Earl of Eufton and Arlington, Vifcount 
Thetford andlpfwich. Baron of Arlington and Sudbury, Knt. 
of the Garter; born Sept. 28, 1736'; fucceeded his grandfather 
Charles, the late Duke of Grafton, May 6, 1757; and on Jan. 
ag, 1756, married Anne, only child of Henry Liddel, late Lord 
Ravenfworth, by which Lady (who was divorced in 1769, and 
foon after married John Fitzpatrick, the prefent Earl of Upper 
Offory, in Ireland, by whom (he has ilTue,) he had ifTue, Geor- 
gina, born May 8, 1757, and married June 4, 1778, John 
Smyth, Efq. of Heath, in Yorkfliire.— George-Henry, Earl of 
Eufton, born Jan. 17, 1760, married Nov. 16, 1784, Anno- 
Horatio, daughter of the 2d Elarl of Waldegrave, by the prefent 
Duchefs of Gloucefter, and fifter to the prefent Countefs Walde- 
grave.— ^A /on born, 1 761, who died foon after.— Charles, horn 
July 17, 1764. In May .26, 1760, his Grace married, 2dly, 
Elizabeth, daughter of oir Richard Wrottefley, Bart, dean of 
Windfor, niece to the Duchefs of Bedford and Earl Gower, by 
i^hom alfo he has ifTue ; Henry, born March 22, 1770.— Char- 
lotte, born May 14, 1771.— Auguftus, born June 2, I773«— 
Frederick, bom Sept. 16, 1774* — Elizabeth, born 0(ft. 19^ 
1775. — Louifa, born July 13, 1777. — Augufta, born Feb. ig, 
1779. — Frances, born June 28, 1780.— William, born May 
^782,— John-Edward, born Sept. 24, 1785.— Caroline, born 
July 5, 1 78 1. — Harriot, born April 8, 1784. — Ifabelb, born 
Nov. 8, 1786. 

The firft of this noble family was, 

(ift D.) Henry Fitz-roy, 2d natural fon to King Charles 
n. by Barbara Villiers, Duchefs of Cleveland, born the 28th of 
Sept. 1663, was created Baron of Sudbury, Vifc. Ipfwich, Earl 
of Eufton, and Duke of Grafton ; but in the reign of K. Wil- 
liam and Q^ Mary, being at thefiege of Cork, under the cqn- 
du6k of the Earl of Marlborough, as he was leading up a party to 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


an afiatdt, be received a wound by a fliot, which broke two of 
his ribs, on the 21ft of September, 1690 ; of which he died on 
1116 9^1 of October fpUowing. He married (on the iftof Aug. 
1672) Ifabella, only child, and heir to Henry Bennet, Earl of 
Arlington, Vifc. Thctford, (by Ifabella of Naflau, his wife, one 
of the daughters of Lewis ot Naflau, Lord of Bevertwaert* 
natural Son of Maurice Prince of Orange, and Count of ^Naf- 
fau, and fifter to Henry of NaiTau, Seignior de Auverquerquc, 
Mafter of the Horfe to K. William, father of Hcnry> ;Earl of 
Grantham) and by her had 

(2d D.) Charles, his only child, late Duke of Grafton, 
bornOtSl. 25, 1683, and in right of his mother, who died Feb, 
7, 1723, in the 56th year of her age, was Baron of Arlington 
and Vifc. Thetford, her father having been created Baron Ar- 
lington, of Arlington, in the county of Middlefex, March 14, 
i6p3, 16 Car. II. and Vifc. Thetford, in the county of Nor- 
folk, and Earl of Arlington, April 22, 1672, with limitation 
to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten. In 17 13, he mar* 
Tied Henrietta Somerfet, daughter to Charles, Marquis of 
Worcefter, (eldeft fon of Henry Duke of Beaufort) by Re- 
becca, fifter to Richard^ late Elarl Tilney, and by her, whd 
died on the 9th of Aug. 1726, had iffue three fons and three 
^ughters, viz. George, Earl of Eufton, born Aug. 24, I7i5f 
who married in Sept. 1741, Dorothy Boyle, eldeft daughter to 
Richard, Earl of Burlington. She diea in April, 1742; he 
died in July, 1747, leaving no iffue ; Auguftus was Captain 
in the Royal Navy, bornOd. 16, 17 16, who in March 1734, 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Col. William Croft)y, Lieut. 
Governor of the Leeward Iflands, (who after his death mar- 
ried James Jefferics, Efq. one of the commifTioners of the cuf- 
toms, by whom ftie had iffue feveral daughters. Mr. Jefferies 
died in Aug. 1686, and his lady, Dec. 21, 1788.) He died 
May 249 1 741, leaving iffue, two fons, Aueuftus-Henry, now 
X)uke of. Grafton; and Charles, the prefent Lord Southampton^ 
to created by his prefent Majefty, (vide Lord Southampton) born 
in July 1737. — Charles, bom April 28, 17 18, who died July 
29, 1 741, on his travels, at Milan.-— Carolina, bom April 8^ 
1722, died June 28, 1784, married in Aug. 1746, to William, 
Earl of Harrington, by whom ihe had iffue the prefent Earl, 
&c. — 'Henrietta, born June 8, 1723, died Auguft 1735. — Ifa- 
bella, born July 19, 1726, died Nov. 10, 1782 ; married to 
Francis Seymour^Conway, now Earl of Hertford, in May 20, 
1 741. His Grace dying the 6th of May, 1757, was fucceed- 
ed by his grandfon, 

(3d D.) Augustus-Henry, now Duke of Grafton. ^ 
Creations.] Baron of Sudbury, Vifc. Ipfwich, and Earl 
of Eufton^ all in the cotinty of Suffolk, Aug. 16, 1&72, 24 


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Car. II. and Duke of Grafton in the county of Northampton^ 
Sept. II, 1675, the 27th of that reign. 

Arms.] The arms of King Charles II. with a battdn finif- 
ter-compone, argent 2Lni azure. (Plate IV.) 

Crest.] On a chapean, gu/es, turned up ermifie, a lion paf- 
fant-guardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet, azure, and 
gorged with a collar counter-compone, ' «r^^/ and aztfre. 

Supporters*] On the dexter fide, a lion guardant, cr, 
crowned with a ducal coronet, azure, and gorged with a collar 
counter-corapone, argent and azure. On the finifter, a grey- 
bound, argent, gorged as the lion. 

Motto.] Et dceus et pretium reHi. At once the ornament and 
reward of virtue. 

Chief Seats.] At Wakefield-lodge, in Whitlebury-foreft, 
in Northamptonmire ; and £ufton-hall, in the county of Suf- 


THE moft noble HENRY SOMERSET, Duke of 
BEAUFORT, Marquis and Earl of Worcefter, Earl 
of Glamorgan, Vifcount Grofmont, Baron Herbert, Lord of 
Ragland, Chepftow and Gower, all in the county of Mon- 
mouth ; as alfo Baron Beaufort of Caldecot-caftle ; L. L. D* 
bom 06t. 16, 1744, fucceeded his father Charles, the late 
Duke, who died Nov. i, 1756, and married Jan. 2, 1766, 
Elizabeth, daughter of the late Admiral Bofcawen, by whom 
he has iffue; Henry-^Charles, Marquis of Wcrcefter, bom 
Dec. 24, 1766.^-Charles-Henry, bom Dec. 12, 1767, mar- 
ried June 7, 1788, Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the late and 
fifter to the prefent Vifcount Courtenay. — Henry-Edward, born 
Dec. 22, 1768; who died young* — Narbome-Berkeley-Henry, 
bom May 4, 1771. — ^Elizabeth, bom Feb. 11, 1773. — Fran- 
ces, bom April 2, 1774. — Henrietta, born July 9, 1775. — 
Robert-Edward-Henry, born Dec. 19, 1776. — Arthur-John- 
Henry, bom Feb. 12, 1780.^— A daughter born May 31, I786« 
—A ion bom Aug. 1787% — Another Ton bom 0&.. 2, 1788. 

This illuftrious family derive their genealogy, by the male 
line, from Geoffiy Plantagenet, Earl of Anjou, fon of Foulk, 
King of Jerufalem, and grandfon to Foulk Rechin, Earl of 
Anjou, Tourain and Maine, by Maud the Emprefs, his wife, 
daughter to Henry I. King of England, fon of William the 
Conqueror, 7th Duke of Normandy, in defcentfrom Rollothe 
Dane, (whence it is obferveable tnat their progenitors have 
flourifhed with the titles of Kings, Dukes, Marquiffes, and 
Earls, and have not defcended to a lower dignity for above thefe 
700 years) and lineally fprung from 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancafter, King of Caftlle and 
l^eon, 4th fon of King Eldward III. which Duke caufed all his 
children by Catherine Swinford, daughter of Sir Pain Roet, 
alias Guyen, King of Arms, and widow of Sir Otes Swinford, 
Knt. (afterwards his 3d wife) to be called Beaufort, from the 
caflle of Beaufort, in Anjou, the place of their nativity. By 
the faid Catherine Swinford he had three fons^ and a daughter 
Joan, 2d wife of Ralph Nevil, the firft Earl of Wcftmoreland ; 
of the fons, which were John, Henry, and Thomas ; the latter 
was created Duke of Exeter and Earl of Dorfet j the 2d was 
Bifhpp of Winchefter ; and 

John the eldeft was created Earl of Somerfei, 20th Richard 
II. He married Margaret, fifter and co-heir to Edmund Hol- 
land, Earl of Kent, and had four fons and two daughters; Joan^ 
the eldeft, married to James I. King of Scotland, and Marga- 
ret, to Thomas Court^nay, the 7th Earl of Devonfhire. Of 
the fons, which were Henry, Johp, Edmund, and Thomas, 

Henry the eldeft dying unmarried, left his inheritance to 
his brother 

John, who fucceeded him in the Earldom of Somerfet ; and 
in 1443, was created Duke of Somerfet. He married Marga- 
ret, daughter to Sir John Beauchamp of Bletfoe, in the county 
of Bedford, Knt. and had an only daughter of her name, who 
was married to Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, (the eldeft 
fon of Owen ap Meredith ap Tudor, and Catherine of France, 
Queen of England, dowager to King Henry V.) and by him 
was mother to King Henry VIL but dying without ilTue male, 
was fucceeded by 

Edmund, his next brother, who was Earl of Mortein in 
Normandy, and Marquis of Dorfet in England ; he was after- 
wards created Duke of Somerfet, and flain at the battle of St. 
Albans. He married Eleanor, 2d daughter and co-heir to Ri- 
chard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and had four fons and five 
daughters ; Eleanor, the eldeft, was the 2d wife of James But- 
ler, Earl of Ormond and Wiltfliire.— Joan, the 2d, was firft 
married to the Lord Howth, in Ireland, and idly, to Sir Ri- 
chard Fry, Knt. — Anne, the 3d, was married to Sir William 
Pafton, of the county of Norlolk, Knt. — ^Margaret, the 4th, 
to Humphrey Stafford, Earl of Stafford, and adly, to Sir Ri- 
chard Darel, Knt. by whom flic had a daughter of her name, 
who was married to Thomas Touchet, Lord Audley, from 
whom is defcended the prefent Lord Audley. — Elizabeth, the 
5th daughter, was married to Sir Henry Lewis, Knt. Of the 
fons, which were 

Henry, Edmund, John, and Thomas ; the eldeft fucceeded 
his father in the dukedom ; but he having no lawful iffue, the 
honour devolved upon 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Edmund, his next brother; but he dying without iffue,' as 
did John and Thomas his brothers, we fhall now return to Hen* 
ry the eldeft, who bore the title of Earl of Mortein in his fa- 
ther's life- time, and was taken prifoner at the battle of Hexhaoi^ 
in Northumberland, by John Nevil, Marquis of^dontacute, 
and there (on April 3, 1463, the 3d of Edward VI.) beheaded 
for his adherence to the houfe of Lancaftcr, leaving iffue by 
Joan Hill, or De la Montaign, an only, natural fon, 

(ift E.) Charles, who aflumed the furname of Somerlet^ 
and was Lord Chamberlain to King Henry VIII. and by him 
was created Earl of Worcefter, and died in 1526 ; having married 
jft, Elizabeth, daughter and heir to William Herbert, Earl of 
Huntingdon, and Lord Herbert of Gower and Chepllow, by 
which appellation he had fummons to Parliament, Nov. 26, 
1508, 22d of Henry VII. His 2d wife was Elizabeth, daughter 
to Thoihaj Weft, De La War, and his 3d wais daughter to Ed- 
ward Suttop^ Lord Dudley ; but by her he had no iffuc. By 
his 2d he tia^ two fons, and a daughter, Mary, married to Wil- 
liam Lord' Grey, of Wilton. Of the fons, which were Sir 
Charles and Sir George Somerfet, the latter married ift, Mary, 
ctaught^r and heir to Sir Thomas Bowlays, of Penhow, in the 
' county of Monmouth, Knt. and 2dly, Helena, daughter of Sir 
Walter Hendley, of Cranbrook, in Kent, Knt. who after his 
deceafe married bir Thomas Fane, of Bufton, in Kent, Knt. By 
his ift wife, the faid Charles, Earl of Worcefter, had Henry hie 
foccdJTor, and a daughter Elizabeth, married to Sir John Sa- 
▼age^ of Clifton, Knt. from whom defcended the late Earl 
Rivers*. . ' 

(2d E.)HE>rRY who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, daughter 
to Sir Anthojiy Brown, Knt. (by Lucy, daughter and co-heir to 
John Nevil, Marquis of Montacute) and had four fons and four 
daughters; Eleanor, married Sir Thomas Vaughan ofTretour, 
in the county of Brecknock, Knt. — Lucy, to John Nevile, 
Lord Latimer, whofe daughter Elizabeth, married Sir John 
Danvers of Dantfey, in Wilts. Knt. whofe daughter Dorothy- 
married Sir Peter Ofborn of Chickfand, in the county of Bed- 
ford, Knt. father by her of Dorothy, wife of the famous Sir 
William Temple, Bart, and of Sir John Oft>orn, Bart, anceftor 
of the late Sir Danvers Ofljorn, Bart.-— Anne, to Thomas Per- 
cy, 7th Earl of Northumberland. — Jane, to Sir Edward Man- 
fel of Margam, in the county of Glamorgan, Knt. from whom 
defcended Lord Manfel.— Of the fons, which were William, 
Thomas, Francis, and Charles. Francis loft his life on Sept. 
10, 1547, at Muffelborough-field againft the Scots. Thomat 
died in the Tower, and 

(3d E.) William, fucceeded his father in the earldom of 
Worcefter, &c. and married Chriftian, daughter to Edward the 
firft Lord North; and dying on Feb. 21, 1588; by her he left 

z £d^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


£dward his heir, and two daughters; Elizabeth, married to 
William Windfor, Efq, the 7th and youngeft fon of William 
the ad Lord Windfor, anceftor of the Earl of Plymouth ; and 
Lucy, to Henry Herbert, fon and heir to Sir Thomas Herbert 
of Wynefton, in Monmouthfliire, Knt. 

(4tn E.)' Edward, who in 1588 fucceeded his father, died 
March 3, 1627, leaving iffue by Elizabeth, daughter of Francis 
Haflings, the 2d Earl of Huntingdon, eight fons and feven 
daughters. Of the daughters, Elizabeth, married Sir Henry 
Guildford of Hemfted, in Kent, Knt. — Catherine, to William 
the 2d Lord Petre. — Anne, to Sir Edward Winter of Lidney^ 
in the county of Gloucefter, Knt. — Frances, to Sir William 
Morgan of Lanternam, in the county of Monmouth, Knt* by 
whom flie was mother of Sir Edward Morgan, Bart. — Mary 
died an infant. — Blanch married Thomas, the fecond Lord 
Arundel of Wardour. — Another, Catherine to Thomas, the 
fixth Lord Windfor. And of the eight fons, Edward the 
youngeft married Bridget, daughter and heir to* Sir William 
Whitmore, of Heighton, in the county of Cbefter, but died 
without iffue. — Chriftopher the feven th, died at about five yean 
old* — Charles the* fixth, was made Knight of the Bath with hit 
Brother Edward, and died in December, 1665, having had if- 
fue by Elizabeth, daughter and heir to Sir William rowel of 
Lhanpylt, in the county of Monmouth, Knt. three daughters, 
whereof Elizabeth married Francis Anderton of Leftock, in the 
county of Leicefter, Efq. Mary died unmarried ; and Frances 
married Sir Henry Brown, of Kiddington, in the county of Ox- 
ford, Bart. — Francis the fifth, died very young, as did Charles 
the fourth.™ Thomas the third, was created V ifcount Somer- 
fet, of Cafhel, in Ireland, where he married Helena, relidt of 
Thomas Butler, the tenth Earl of Ormond, and daughter of 
David Lord Barry, Vifcount Buttevant, (by Helena his wifc^ 
daughter to David Roch, Vifcount de Rupe and Fermoy in that 
kingdom) and by her had Elizabeth his daughter and heir, who 
was never married.— William Lord Herbert, the eldeft fon, dy- 
ing in his father*s life-time, unmarried. 

(5th E. ift M.) Henry, the fecond fon, in 1637 became 
heir. This noble Lord, in 1641, obtained the title of Earl of 
Glamorgan in South Wales, and was created Marquis of Wor- 
cefter, and died in December 1646. He married Anne, 2d daugh- 
ter of John Lord Ruflel, fon of Francis, fecond Earl of Bedford, 
and by her had nine fons and four daughters ; of whom Wil- 
liam, the third fon, Henry the fourth, Thomas the fifth, and 
Charles the fixth, Frederick the feventh, Francis the eighth, , 
and James the ninth, all died very young, or unmarried ; as did 
Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary, the three eldeft daughters; but 
another Elizabeth, who was the fourth and youngeft daughter, 
married Francis Brown, the third Vifc. Montague. Of the 


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two eldeft fons, which were Edward and Sir John ; the latter , 
married Mary, daughter to Thomas the firtt Lord Arundel of 
W ardour, by .whom Be had three fons, Henry Somcrfet, grand- 
father of Edward Somerfet, who died in 1711, without iffue ; 
Thomas, who died 1676 ; and Charles, who left iffue. 

(2d M.) Edward the eldeft fon fucceeded his father in i646» 
He married to his firft wife, Elizabeth, daughter to Sir William 
Dormer, Knt, who died in the life-time of his father Robert 
Lord Dormer, of Wenge) and by her (who died on the 31ft of 
May, 1665) had one fon and two daughters; and his fecond 
wife was Margaret, daughter and co-heir to Henry 0*Brien^ 
the 5th Earl of Thomond, in Ireland; fhe died in 1681. The 
daughters by his firft wife were, Anne, married Henry Howard, 
the fixth Duke of Norfolk ; and Elizabeth to William Herbert, 
Marquis of Powis ; and 

(iftD.) Henry their brother, on the 3d of April, 1667^ 
fucceeded his father; and on the fecond of December, 1^82, 
he was created Duke of Beaufort, and died on the 21ft of Janu* 
ary, 1699, in the 70th year of his age. He married Mary, eN 
deft daughter of Arthur Lord Capel, fiftcr to Arthur Earl of 
Eflex, fon of William the fecond Duke of Somerfet; and mo- 
ther by him of William the third TOuke ; and by her (who died 
on the 7th of January, 17 14, in the 85th year of her age) had 
five fons and four daughters. Of the daughters, which were 
Eli/.abeth, Mary, Ileniictta, and Anne; the latter was married 
to Thomas, afterwards Earl of Coventry, and had a warrant of 
precedence, dated Nov. 30, 1699, the nth of William III. to 
take place as daughter of the Duke of Beaufort, notwithftand- 
ing her marriage. — Henrietta was firft married to Henry O'Bri- 
en,^ eldeft foil by the fecond wife to Henry flarl of Thomond ; 
and fecondly to Henry Howard, the fixth Earl of Suffolk, and 
died on the 10th of Auguft, 1715. — Mary married James But- 
ler, late Duke of Ormond, and died ii\ November, i733*-r— Eli^ 
Kabeth died in her infancy. Of the fons, Henry the eldeft, 
Edward the third, and Henry the fourth, died young. — Arthur 
the fifth, marrying Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir Wil- 
liam Ruffel, ot Langhernc, in Carmarthenfliire, Bart, (and wi- 
dow of Hugh Calvelcy Cotton, of Cumbermere, in Chefhirc, 
Kart.) by her had a fon Edward, born Jan. 27, 1692, and three 
daughters ; Mary, Elizabeth, and Anne ; Mary was married to 
Algernon Grcville, fecond fon of Foulk Gieville the fifth Lord 
Brooke. — Arthur died in July, 1743. 

Charles, Marquis of Worcefter, the fecond fon, leaping 
out of his coach, to avoid the danger he was in from the unru- 
Jincfs of his hories, running down a ftecp hill, broke hii thigh 
hone, of which he died three days after, viz. 011 the 13th of July,^ 
1698, in the 38th year of his age, in his father'^ life-time. This 
noble Lord married R<^becca, fifter to Richard Earl Tilney, 


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DUKE oP^EAUfOfeT; 33 

and by her (who was afterwards married to John, Lord Gran- 
ville, fecond fon to John, Earl of Bath, and died on the 27th of 
July, 17 12, aged 44) had three fons and three daughters. Tha 
daughters were, Mary, -Elizabeth, both of whom died young ; 
and Henrietta, married to Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, 
and died on the 9th Aug. 1726. The fons were, 

(2d D.) Henry, Charles, and John ; the latter died on the 
3ifl: of Dec. 1704; the fecond on his travels at Rome, March 
4, 1 7 10, aged twenty -one ; and the eldeft, who was born on the 
2d of April, 1684, on -the 21ft of Jan. 1699, fucceeded his 
grandfather in the Dukedom. He married (in 1702) Mary^ 
lifter to Lionel, Duke of Dorfet, but fhe dying in childbed oa 
the i8th of June, 1705, and leaving no iffue, he on the 26th df 
Feb. 1706, married to his fecond wife Rachel, fecond daugh* 
ter and co-heir to Wrotthefly Baptift, Earl of Gainfborough^ 
and by her he had three fons, Henry, late Duke, bom March 
26th, 1707. — John, who diedyouitg. — Charles Noel, bom Sept* 
12, 1709, of which birjh flie died the next day ; and to his third 
wife the faid Duke maitied Mary, daughter to Peregrine, Duke 
of Leeds, but by her (who married fecondly, John Cochran, Earl 
of Dundonald,) had no iffue : and dying on the 24th of May^^ 
1714, was fucceeded by 

(3d D.) Henry his eldeft fon ; who on the 28th of June, 
1729, married Frances, only child and heir to Sir James Scuda- 
more, of Home-Lacy, in the county of Hertford, Bart. Vifc* 
Scudamore in Ireland, by Frances his wife, only daughter of 
Simon, Lord Digby, by whom he had no iffue. In 1730, an a<St 
was pafied in parliament for permitting his Grace and his Du- 
chefs, and her children, to take the additional furname, and 
bear the arms of Scudamore, purfuant to a fettlement made by 
her Grace's father. He was divorced from this lady >March 2, 
1744, (who married 2dly, Hbn« Charles Fitzroy, by whom, 
who died 1782, flic had a daughter Frances, married to the pre- 
fent Duke of Norfolk ; and dying Feb. 24, 1745-6, leaving no 
iffue, was fucceeded by 

(4th D.) Charles-Noel his brother, who May i, 1740, 
married Elizabeth Berkeley, daughter to the Vifcountefs dowa- 
ger Hereford, by John Berkeley, of Stoke Gifford, in Gloucef- 
terfliire, Efq. now Baronefs Bottetourt, being only fifter and 
heir to Korbonne Berkely, Baron Bottetourt, who died in 1776, 
(See Baronefs Bottetourt) by whom he had iffue, Anne, born 
March 11, 1740-41, and married, Sept. 10, 1759, to Charles, 
the late Earl of Northampton, and died at Naples in June, 
1 763, leaving iffue. — Elizabeth, born in 1742, and died May 10, 
1760. — Henry the prefent Duke. — ^Rachel, bom in 1746, who 
died young. — Henrietta, bom in 1748 ; married, April 1 1, 1769, 
the late Sir Watkin William Wynne, Bart, of Wynnftay, 
^d died July 24, following. — Mary Ifabella^ born Auguft i. 
Vol. f. D 1756, 

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17565 and married Dec. 26, 1775, to the late Duke of Rut- 
land. His Grace di^d Oft. 28, 1756, and was fuccecded by his 

(5th D.) Henry, prefent Duke of Beaufort. 

Creations.] Baron Jure Uxoris, and by letters patent, Nov. 
26, 1506, (22 Henry Vll.) originally by defcent and writ of 
fummons to parliament, July 26, 1461, i Edward IV. Earl, 
Feb. 2, 1 5 14, 5 Henry Vlll. Marquis, Nov. 2, 1642, 18 Car. 
I. and Duke of Beaufort, Dec. 2, 1682, 34 Car. IL 

Arms.] Quarterly, the arms of France and England, with- 
in a bordure-compone, argent and azure. [Plate IV.] 

Crest.] A portcullis, or, nailed, azure ^ chains pit\itjirjlm 
• Supporters.] On the dexter fide a panther, argent^ fpotted 
with various colours, fire iffuing out of his mouth and ears, 
proper J gorged with a collar, and chain pendant, or. On the 
finifter, a wy verne, vert^ holding in his mouth a finifter-hand 
couped at the wrift, proper* 

Motto.] Mutare vel timere fperno. I fcorn to change or to 

Chief Skats.] At Badminton, in Gloucefterfhire ; Chep- 
ftow-caille, in Monmouthfhire, and Nethcrhaven^ in Wilts. 


HE moft noble AUBREY BEAUCLERK, Duke of St. 
ALBANS, Earl of Burford, Baron of Heddington, and 


Baron Vere of Hanworth, in Middlefex ; born June 3, 1740, 
married May 4, 1763, Catherine, daughter of the Earl of Bef- 
borough, by whom, who died Sept. 3, 1789, he has iflue Au* 
brey, Earl 'of Burford, born Ang. 21, 1765, married July 9, 
1788, Mifs Mofes. — ^William, born Dec. 18, 1766. — ^^Cathe- 
rine-Elizabeth, born Feb. 20, 1764. — Amelia.— Caroline.— • 
Georgina. — Frederic. 

The firft of this noble family was, 

(ift D.) Charles Beauclerk, eldeft natural fon of King 
Charles IL by Mrs. Eleanor Gwin, born May 8, 1670, was 
created, in 1676, Baron of Heddington and Earl of Burford, 
and in 1684, t)ukc of St. Albans. On the 17th of April, 1694, 
he married Diana Vere, eldeft daughter and co-heir of Aubrey 
de Vere, the lall: Earl of Oxford, and by her, who died in Jan. 
1742, had nine fons; and three daughters, who died unmar^ 

(2d D.) Charles, the fecond Duke was born on the 6th 
of April, 1696; on the nth of May, 1726, he fucceeded his 
father; and the 13th of Dec. 1722, married Lucy, daughter to 
Sir John Werdon of HoUyport^ in Berks, Bart, and by her, who 


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died on the 2(1 of Nov. ^752, had iffue one fon, George, born. 
June 25, 1730, who became the third Duke, as hereafter ; and 
one daughter, Diana, born Oft. 20, 1725, married Feb. 2, 
1 761, to the Hon. and Rev. Shute Barrington, prefent Bi/hop 
of Salifbury, and died in 1766; and George, born June 25, 
lyjo. — ^William, the 2d fon, was born May 22, 1698; who 
iij 1722, married Charlotte, daughter and co-heir of Sir Joha 
\Vcrden, Bart, by whom, who died June, 1745, he had iffue, 
I.William, who died at Eaton-fchool. 2. Charles, a Colonel 
in the army, who married Mifs Elizabeth Jones, by which, 
lady, .who died Dec. 5, 1768, he had iffue a fon George, bora 
Dec. 5, 1758, the late Duke ; and the Colonel died in 1775* 
3. Charlotte, married to John Drummond, Efq. Banker at Cha- 
ring-crofs, nephew to William, Vifcount Strathallan, by whon^ 
flie had iffue, Charlotte, who married her coufm Henry Beau- 
clerk; and other children. 4. Caroline, married Geneial 
Sir William Draper, and died in 1778. — Vere, born July 14, 
1699, late Lord Vere of Hanworth ; to which title he was 
created March. 28, 1750. His lordfhip married Mary, cldeft 
daughter and co-heir of Thomas Chambers^ of Hanworth, Efq» 
by whom, who died in 1783, he had iffue Aubrey, the prefent 
Duke. 2. Mary, born Dec. 4, 1743? married 0<ft. 2, 1762, to 
Charles Spencer, Efq. brother to George, the prefent Duke of 
Marlborough, and has iffue. Befides thele, he had three fon$ 
and a daughter, who all died in their infancy. His lordfhip 
died Oa. I, 1 78 1, and was fucceeded in the title of Lord Vere, 
by his furviving (on ; who, on the death of George the late 
Duke, on Feb. i6, 1787, fucceeded to the Dukedom, and is the 
prefent Duke. — Henry, born Aug. 11, 1701, married inDec»^ 
1738, Maria, lifter and heirefs of Nevil, Lord Lovclaee, by 
whom, who died March 1708, he had iffue a fon Henry, (who 
married Nov. 24, 1769, his coufin Charlotte Drummond, which 
lady died March, 1774, leaving iffue ;) and fix daughters. Dia- 
na, born June 24, I74i» Henrietta, born Nov. 26, 1742. 
Mary, born Nov. 25, 1743, and married July 6, 1782, to the 
Rev. Mr. William Walter, of Harrow. Charlotte, born 0<a. 
24, 4746. Martha, born Dec. 12, 1747. Anne, born 061. 9* 
1749^ He died in 1761. — Sidney, born Feb. 27, 1703; mar- 
ried Dec. 9, 1736, Mary, daughter of Thomas Norris, of 
Speak, in the county of Lancafter, Efq. and dieij Nov. 23, 
1744, leaving iffue, one fon, the late Topham Beauclerk, born 
in 1749, who married in 1767, to Diana, fifler of the Duke of 
Marlb9rough, and died in 1780, leaving iffue feveral daughters, 
the youngeft was married April 8, 1787, to Lord Herbert, the 
cldeft fon of the Earl of Pembroke.-^^eorge, born Dec. 26, 
1704, Lieut. General of his Majefty*s forces, married Mifs 
Margaret Bambridge, and died in 1768, without iffue. — Sey- 
©onr, born in 1708^ died an infant. — ^Jam€s, late Biihop of He- 

D z rcford, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


reford, bom 1709, died unmarried, Oik. 28, 1787.— Aubrey^ 
born in 17 n, killed at Carthagena, in 1740, having married a 
4aughter of Sir Henry Newton, Knt. and widow of CoL Alex- 
ander ; which lady died 0<ft. 30, 1755. His Grace' deccafing 
July 27, 17515 was fucceeded by his ddeft fon, 

(3d Dt) George, born June 25, 1730, who married Oft* 
aq, 1752, Jane, fole daughter and heirefs to Sir Walter Roberts 
qx Glaflenbury, in Kent, Bart, by whom, who died Dec. 16, 
1778, hchadnoiffue, and his Grace died Feb. i, 1786, when 
he was fucceeded by his grand-nephew George, the grandfon of • 
his ne)^t brother W illiam. 

(4th D») George, the late Duke, born Dec. 5, 1758, who 
died unmarried, Feb. 16, 1786; when the title defcended to his 

(5th D.) ^ubrey, Lord Vcre, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Heddington, ef Heddington, and Earl 
of Burford, both in the CQunty of Oxford, Dec. 27, 1676 ; 28 
Car. 11. and Duke of St. Albans in the county of Hertford, 
Jan, 10, 1684 ; 35 Car. II. 

Arms.] The arms of King Charles IT. with a baton finifter, 
piUsj charged with three rvfes, argent^ feeded and barbed, pro^ 
f€r. (Plate IV.) 

Crest.] On a chapeau, gula^ turned up 4rmne^ a lion paflant- 
guardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet party pei pale, ar^ 
gent and gules^ and gorged with a collar, gulay charged with three 
rofes, argtnty feeded and barbed proper. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, an antelope, argent^ armed 
and unguledy ^r. On the iinifter, a greyhound, argent, gorged 
and unguled, sa the other. 

Motto.] Aufpcium melioris avu A pledge of better times. 

Chief Seats] At Windfbr, in Berkfhire; and at Crawley^ 
m Hampfliire» 


THE moft noble HARRY POWLETT, Duke of BOU 
TON, Marquis of Winchefter, Earl of Wiltftiire, Baron 
St. John of Bafing, premier Marquir of England ; born Nov. 6, 
1713, fucceedod his brother, Charles, the late Duke, July 5, 
1765. He married Mifs Nunn, of Eltham, in Kent, who died 
in May 1764, leaving a daughter, Mary, married to John, Vifc» 
Hinchinbroke, and died March 31, 1779. He married fecondly 
April 8th, 1765, Catherine, fifter to the prefent Earl of LonU 
daley bj whom he has two daughters ; Catherine, born in 176^ 
married Sept. 19, 1787, Lord Bernard, foapf the Earl of Dar« 


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t^f this ancient £imily, which originallj took its fiirnamt 
from the lordftiip of Powlett, in the county of Somerfet, wa$ 
Sir John Powlett, Knt. who died in the reign of King Richard 
II, haying- iflue by Elizabeth, daughter and heir to William 
Ctedi, of Credi, in the county of Devon^ Efq. two fons. Sit 
Thomas Powlett, Knt. from whom is defcended the prefent 
Earl POWLETT j and William th6 Progenitor of this h^ 
mily; and a daughter Dionifia, married to John Popham, Efq^ 
This William married Eleanor, fifler and heir to Sir Elias Dcla^ 
Jnere of Noftey-Caftle, in theceunty of Somerfet, and ef Fiiher- 
toft Delamere, in the county of Wilts, Knt« and by her had ^ 
fon Sir John, who married Conftance, daughter to Hugh 
Poynings, grand-daughter and co-heir to Thomas Poynings^ 
Lord St. John of Bafmg, and was father of another John, whd 
fucceeded him. He inarried Eleanor, daughter and co-lieir 
to Robert R6fs, of Gedney, in the county of Lincoln, Efq» 
and had a daughter Margaret, married to Sir Amias Powlett, of 
Hinton St. George, arid a fon, Sir John Powlttt^ Knt. whd 
marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Sit William Powlett, of Hin- 
ton St» George, had iflue„ Willianl.-— Sir Gcofge, who manri-^ 
ed a daughter of William, Lord Windfor^ by whom he had a 
daughter married to Walter Lambart, Efq« and erne fon Wil* 
liam, whofe daughter and heir Elizabeth married Oliver St* 
John, of Bletfoc, who was created Earl of Bolingbroke.-^Ri-. 
chard, who married Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of Peter 
Cowdrey of Herriad, in Hants, Efq. whofe grandfon Sir Richard 
married Anne, daughter of Sir IJenry Wallop, Knt. and left 
two daughters, of which LuCia married Sir Thomas Jervois of 
Chilmarfh, Salop. Sir John married adly, Barbara, daughtef 
of Sir John Hampden Powlett, whofe only daughter and heir 
Elia^abeth, married Francis DoWfe of CoUingbourne, in Wilts, 

(ift Ld. and E. and Marq.) William, eldeft fon and heir of 
Sir John, was by K. Henry IIL created Lord St. John, of Ba- 
ting. He accompanied that King at the taking of Bologne, 
and was one of the King's executors, and one of the council td 
K. Edward VI. In the 2d of Edward VI. created Earl of Wilt- 
fliirc ; in the 4th, made Lord High Treafurer of England ; and 
in the 5th, created Marquis of "Winchcfter. He built thebeau^ 
tifiil and magnificent feat called Bafmg, in the county of South- 
ampton, and living to fee one hundred and three perfons of the^ 
iflue of his own body, died irt 1572, in the 97th year of his age^ 
By his 2d wife Wtnifride, daughter to Sir John Brides, Knt. 
Lord Mayor of London, and widow of Sir Richard Sackville^ 
Knt. he had no iffue, but by his firft wife Elizabeth, daughter 
fo Sir William Capel, Knt. he had four fons and four daugh-» 
ters, of which Alice married Richard Stawell, Efq. — Marga** 
tit to Sif William Berkeley, Knt.— Margery to Richaxd Wal-. 

D 3 ler. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

5« DUKE o » BOLTON. 

ler, E(q«— Eleanor to Sir Richard Peckfall, Knt^ And the 
fons were firft, John, Lord St. John. — Thomas, who married 
the daughter and co-heir to Thomas Moor, ot Melpafli, in the 
county of Dorfet, Efq. — Chidieok, of Wadp, in the county 
of Southampton, Governor of Portfmouth, married ift, Anne, 
daughter of Sir Thomas White, of South-Warnebourne, Hants, 
and had iflue William Powlett, of Wade, Efq. who married 
Dowfabel, daughter of James Paget, Efq. 2dly, a daughter of 
Edmund Knevit, of the county of Eflex, Efq. and had iflue 
Thomas Powlett of that county, Efq.— Giles, was anceftor to 
Bernard Powlett> Efq. whofe daughter and heir, Elizabeth, mar- 
ried Thomas Holbeck, of Filongly, in ihe county of War- 
wick, Efq. and their daughter and heir, Mary, married Edward 
Lord Leigh. 

(2d M.) John, who during his father*s life-time was fum- 
moned to parliament as Lord St. John, fucceeded his father. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir to Robert Wil- 
loughby. Lord Brook, and had four fons and two daughters ; 
Mary, married to Henry, Lord Cromwell, Baron of Oakham, 
by whom ftie had a daughter Catherine, married Sir Lionel 
ToUemache, Bart, anceftor to the Earl of Dyfert ; and Eliza- 
beth, firft to Sir William Courtenay, Knt. and afterwards to 
Sir Henry Ouchtred, Knt. Of the fons, which were 

(3d M.) William, Sir George, Richard, and Thomas. The 
cldeft, who in his father's life-time was fummoncd to parliament 
by the title of Lord St. John of Bafing, on Nov. 4, 1572, fuc- 
ceeded him in the title of Marquis of Winchefter, &c. and ha- 
ving married Agnes, datghter to William, Lord Howard of 
Effingham, by her had William his heir ; and two daughters ; 
Anne, married to Sir Thomas Dennis, Knt. and Catherine, to 
Sir Giles Wroughton, Knt. 

(4th M.) William, who on Nov. 24, 1598, fucceeded his 
father, married Lucy, daughter to Thomas, Earl of Exeter, 
and had fix fons, William, who married Mary, daughter to 
Antony Brown, the 2d Vifcount Montague, but died in his fa- 
ther's life-time without iflue ; and fke married adly, William 
Arundel, Efq. 2d fon of Thomas, Lord Arundel of Wardour. 
»-^Thomas the 2d fon died unmarried. — Charles and Edward 
left no iflue. — Henry, the 4th, had iflue, Francis, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Norton, and heir of Sir 
John Norton, Bart, and had iflue, Norton Powlett, of Rother- 
iield, Hants, Efq. who by Jane, daughter of Sir Charles Mor- 
Jey, of Droxford, Hants, had iflue eight fons and three daugh- 

(5th M.) John, the third fon, on the 4th of Feb. 1628, fuc- 
ceeded his father as Marquis of Wincheftert In the wars be- 
tween K. Charles L and the Parliament^ he made a garrifon for 
his Mjyefty of his fine feat of Bafing ; but it being taken, and 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ibove 400 perfons with himfelf in it, it was burnt to the ground ; 
he called the houfe Love-loyalty, which name he caufed to be 
written with a diamond in every window. He died on the 5th 
of March, 1674, having married three wives ; ift Jane, daugh- 
ter to Thomas, Vifc. Savage, and by her had Charles his fuccef* 
for ; his 2d wife was Honora, only daughter to Richard Bourk, 
Earl of Clanrickard, in Ireland, and Earl of St. Albans, in Eng- 
land, by Frances, daughter and heir of Francis Walfingham, 
Knt. and widow firft of Sir Philip Sidney, and adlv of Sir Ro- 
bert Devereux, Earl of Eflex; and by her had four fons, of 
which only two lived to maturity, viz. John, who died unmar- 
ried ; and Francis, who left an only daughter and heir, married 
to the Rev. Mr. Nathan Wright, of Englefield, Berks, fon of 
the Lord Keeper ; and three daughters, of which Frances mar- 
ried Lewis de Ricardie ; Anne, to John, Lord BelaiTife of Wor- 
laby ; and Honora died unmarried. To his third^wife he mar- 
ried Ifabella, daughter to William Howard, Vifc. Stafford, but 
by her had no iffue ; fo that now we return to 

(ift D.) Charles his eldeft fon and heif, by his firft wife, 
who. was created Duke of Bolton, March 9, 1689, ift W. and 
M. and died on Feb. 26, 1699. He married Chriftiana, eldeft 
daughter to John Frecheville, of Stavely, in the county of 
Derby, E^q. afterwards created Lord Frecheville, by whom he 
had an only fon John, whq died in his infancy ; but by his ad 
wife Mary, one of the natural daughters of EmanueF Scroop, 
Earl of Sunderland and Lord Scroop of Bolton, and widaw of 
Henry, 2d fon of Henry Cary, Earl of Monmouth, he had two 
fons, Charles, Marquis of Winchefter, who fucceeded him ; 
William ; and three daughters ; of which, Jane, married John 
Egerton, Earl of Bridgwater. — Mary died unmarried. — Eliza- 
beth married Toby Jenkins, of Grimlton in the county of York, 
Efq. Of the fons, William the youngeft, died on the 25th of 
Sept. 1729, in the 63d year of his age. He married ift the 
Lady Louife Armelius de Caumont de la Force, only daughter 
to the Marquis of Monpouilon in Holland, who was a young- 
er fon to the Duke de la Force in France, and by her had two 
fons and two daughters ; and by his 2d wife Anne, daughter 
and co-heir to Randolph Egerton, of Beteley in the county of 
Stafford, Efq. who died in Nov. 1737, he had a daughter Hen- 
rietta, who married William, 3d fon to Charley, late Vifcount 
Townftiend : and of the daughters by the ift wife, which were 
Mary and Jane ; the eldeft married Richard Parfons^ Earl of 
Rofs, in Ireland. And of the fons, which were William and 
Sir Charles- Armand ; the latter, was on the 26th of June, 
1749, inftalled a Knt. of the Bath. He married in June, 1738, 
Ae widow of William* Dafhwood, of Northbrooke, Oxford- 
shire, Efq. and died Nov. 14th I75i« William, his eldeft bro- 
ther, having married Aaabella Beiinct, daughter of Charles the 

D 4 xft 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ift Earl of Tanker ville, by whom he had a fon William, bom 
on the 9th of Nov. 1729, and a daughter Anabella, Having 
done with this branch we return to ' 

(2d D.) Charles, Marquis of Winchefter, who in 1699 
fiicceeded his father; and died on the 21ft of Jan. 1722, having 
had iflue as follows : by his ift wife Margaret, only daughter to 
George, the 3d Lord Coventry, whom he matried July the 7th, 
1679, he had no iffue ; but by his ^d, Frances, daughter of 
William Ramfden, of Byrom, in the county of York, Efij* 
grandfather of Sir William Ramfden, Bart, he had two fons and 
two daughters; and in 1697, marrying at Dublin to his 3d 
wife, Henrietta Crofts, daughter to James Scot, Duke of 
Monmouth, by Eleanor, youngeft daughter to Sir Robert Need- 
ham, of Lambeth in Surry, Knt. by her (who died 6n the 27th 
of Feb. 1730,) he had a fon, Naffau, born June 23, 169S, who 
in Dec. 1731, married IfebtUa Tufton, youngeft daughter and 
co-heir of the late Earl of Thanet, by whom he had feveral 
children, of whom one only lived to maturity, Ifabella, who 
married to the Earl of Egmont. Naffau Powlett died Aug. 
5^.th 1 741, and hisiady married Sir Francis Blake Dclaval. 
Of the daughters of Charles, Duke of Bolton, by his 2d wife; 
Mary married* ift, Charles 0*Neal, of Ireland, Efq. 2dly, 
Capel Moore, Efq. 7th fon of Henry, the ift Earl of Droghe- 
da ; and Frances to John Mordaunt, by whom flic had the pre- 
fent Earl of Peterborough. And of the fons, 

(3d D.) Cha'rles, Marquis of Winchefter, was called up 
by writ to the Houfe of Peer$, as Lord St- John of Bafing, 
and fucceeded his father as Duke in 1721. In 1713, his Grace 
tnarried Anne, daughter and fole heir fo John Vaughan, Earl 
of Carberry, in Ireland ; alfo Baron of Emlyn, in the county of 
Carmarthen, by his 2d wife Anne, daughter of George, Mar- 

Juis of Halifax, by Dorothy Spencer, daughter of Henry, the 
rft Earl of Sunderland, but not cohabiting with her, had no 
iffue by her. Her Grace died Sept. 20, 1751, and he foon af- 
ter married Mrs. Lavinia Fenton, who died Jan. 17th, 1760, 
by whom he had no legitimate iflue ; and his Grace dying on 
tne 26th of Aug. 1754, was fucceeded by his brother. 

(4th D.) Harry, who married Catherine, daughter of 
Charles Parry, of Oakfield, in Berkfliire, Efq. by whom he 
had iffue, Charles the late Duke. — Harry, the prefent Duke. — 
Henrietta, married July 12th, 1741, to Robert Colcbrooke of 
Chilham Caftle in Kent, Efq. and is deceafed. — Catherine mar- 
ried June 4th, i749> to William Aihe, of Heytefljury in 
Wilts, Efq. who dying July nth, 1750, flie married 2dly in 
Feb. 1755, Adam Drummond, Efq. and deceafed in 1775. 

(5th D.) Charles, Duke of Bolton, fucceeded his father 
Oft. 19th, 1759, but died without iffue July 5th, 1765, where-p- 
tipon the honours devolted on his brother . 

(6th D.) 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(6tli D.) Harry, now Duke of Bolton. 

Creation!.] Baron St. John of Bafing, in the county of 
Southampton; March 9, 1538, 30 Henry VIII. Earl of the 
County of Wilts, Jan. 19, 1549, 3 Edward VI. Marquis of 
Winchefter, in the county of Southampton, Oft. 12, 1751, 5 
Edward^ VL and Duke of Bolton, in the county of York^ 
April 8, 1689, the ift of William and Mary. 

Arms.] Sable^ three fwords in pile, their points towards the 
bafe, argenty the pomels and hilts, or. (Plate V.) 

Crest.] On a wreath a niDunt, veity from whence a falcon, 
rifing, «r, gorged with a ducal coronet, guUsy the creft of Lord 
St. John, of Bafing, as defcendant of an l^eir female of that fa- 

Supporters.] Two hmds, purpure, femi of eftoils, argent^ 
gorged with a ducal coronet, or, 

Motto.J Aymex loyaultL Love loyalty. 

Chief Seats.] At Hackwood-park, and Abbotftonc, in 
Hampfhire ; Bolton-hall, in Yorkihire ; at Hook-park, in the 
county of Dorfet ; at Edington, in Wiltfliire ; and Eling ia 


"*■ Duke of LEEDS, Marquis of Caermarthcn, Earl of 
Danby, Vifcount Latimer and Dumblaine, Baron Oiborne' of 
Kiveton, and a Baronet ; fucceeded his father Thomas, the late 
Duke, March 23, 1789. He was born Jan. 29th, 1751 ; and 
married'^in July 31, I773> Amelia D'Arcy, only furviving 
child of the late Earl of Holdernefle ; by whom he had iffue 
Georgc-William-Frederick, born July 25, 1775, who on the 
d&th of his mother (Baroncfs Conyers) Jan. 26, 1784, fuc- 
ceeded to that Barony, and is the prefent Baron Conyers.—* 
Francis-Godolphin, born Oft. 11, 1777; — Mary-Henrietta, 
born Sept. 7, 1776. The Marquis's marriage was diflblved by 
aft of Parliament, in May 1779, when her Lady (hip foon af- 
ter married Mr. Byron, by whom fhe had iffue, and died in 
1 784. His Grace married fccondly. Oft. 14, 1788, Mifs An- 

This family, which is of great antiquity, was for fomc time 
fcated at Afliford, in Kent, of which John Ofborne, Efq. who 
in the 12th of Henry VI. was returned in the lift of the gen-* 
try of the faid county, as alfo afterwards was Richard Olbornc ; 
who married Jane, fitter and heir to Everard Broughton, of the 
county of Weftmorland, Efq. and by her had Sir Edward Of-* 
borne, Knt. who in the 25 of £liz»i¥as Lord Mayor of Lon-r 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


don. He married Anne, daughter and heir to Sir WilHain 
Hewet, alfo Lord Mayor of London in that reign ; and by her 
had Sir Hewet Ofborne, who married Joice, daughter of Tho- 
mas Fleetwood, Efq. Mafler of the Mint, and by her, who af- 
terwards married Sir Peter F retch vi lie; had ifTue Alice, mar- 
ried to Chriftopher Wandesford, Efq. by whom fhe had 
Chriftopher, who was created Vifc. Caftlecomer, in Ireland, 
and a fon Edward, who fucceeded him, and in 1620 was created 
a Baronet. He married ift, Margaret, eldeft daughter of Tho- 
mas, Vifc. Fauconberg, by whom he had a fon Edward, who 
died in his infancy ; 2dly, Anne, daughter to Thomas Walmf- 
ley, Efq. (by Eleanor his wife, daughter to John Dan vers, of 
Dantzey, in Wilts, by Elizabeth his wife, youngeft daughter 
of John Nevil, Lord Latimer, and co-heir to her brother John 
Nevil, Lord Latimer,) by her had 

(iftD.) Thomas, his fucceffor, who adhering to the royal 
intereft, in order to the reftoration of King Charles IL was by 
that King made Treafurer of the Navy, one of the Privy- 
Council, Lord High Treafurer of England, Vifc. Dumblaine^ 
Baron of Kiveton, Vifc. Latimer, Earl of Danby, and Knt. of 
the Garter. He was alfp in favour with the Prince of Orange, 
who, upon his acceffion, created him a Marquis and Duke. He 
married Bridget, 2d daughter by the firft wife of Montague 
Bertie, Earl of Lindfey, and by her had tlirce fons and fix 
daughters, and died July 26th, 17 12, in theSift year of his 
age. Of the daughters, Elizabeth died unmarried. — -Anne, 
the 2d, was firft married to Robert Coke, of Holkham, in Nor- 
folk, Efq. anceftor to the Earl of Leicefter ; and 2dly, to Ho- 
ratio Walpole, Efq. uncle to Robert, the firft Earl of Oxford^ 
of that family; and died on the 5th of Augw 1722, aged 64. — 
Bridget, the 3d5 married firft, Charles Fitz-Charles, Earl of 
Plymouth, natural fon of K. Charles II. by Mrs. Catherine 
Peg, daughter of Thomas Peg, of Yelderfley, in the county of 
Derby, Efq, but by him, who died on the 17th of 06fc. loSo, 
at Tangier, ihe had no ifliie; and idly, to Do£lor Philip Biffe, 
Biftiop of Hereford.— ^Catherine, to James Herbert of Kingfey, 
in Bucks, Efq. fon and heir to James, a younger fon to Philip, 
Earl of Pembroke. — Martha, to Charles, fon and heir to John, 
Earl of Bath. — And Sophia, the youngeft, firft to Donatas, 
Lord Ibrican, grandfon and heir apparent to Henry, Earl of 
' Thomond ; and afterwards to William, Lord Lempfter, by 
whom {he was mother of the late Earl of Pomfret. And of the 
fons, which were Edward, Thomas, and Peregrine; the 2d 
died an infant, and the eldeft, who was ftiled Lord Latimer, 
married Elizabeth, eldeft daughter and co-heir to Simon Bennet 
of Bechampton, in the county of Bucks, Efq. a branch of the 
Earl of Tankerville's family, and by her had two fon^; but 
they dying young, 

(2d D.) 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

DUKE OP L E E D S. 4j, 

(2d D*) Peregrine his brother, became heir, InTiis fe- 
ther's life-time, he was created Vifc. Dumblaine, in Scotland, 
on the furrender of his father's patent; and on the 14th of 
March, 1690, was fummoned to parliament, by the title of 
Lord Ofborne, of Kiveton; and died June 25th, 1729, in the 
71ft year of his age. He married Bridget, only daughter and 
heir to Sir Thomas Hyde, of North Mims, in the county of 
Hertford, Knt, (who furvived him, and died March 8th, 1734) 
by whom he had two fons and two daughters, whereof Bridget 
married the Rev. Mr. Williams, prebendary of Chichefter, and 
died in Feb. 1755 ; an4 Mary was firft married to Henry So- 
merfet, Duke of Beaufort; and adly, to William Cochran, 
the 4th Earl of Dundonald, in Scotland. Of the fons, Wil- 
liam-Henry, the eldeft, who was born in July, 1 691, died of 
thefmall-pox at Utrecht, the 9th Aug. 17 11, aged 21 ; and 

(3d D.) Peregrine-hyde, the youngeft, born Nov. 11, 
1691, who Jan. 21, 17 13, was fummoned to parliament as 
Lord Ofborne, of Kiveton, fucceeded his father. He married 
ift, Elizabeth Harley, daughter to Robert, Earl of Oxford^ 
and by her, who died Nov. 20th, 17 13, aged 28, he had a fon 
Thomas, Marquis of Caermarthen, late Duke, of whom fhe 
died in child-bed. By his 2d wife, Anne, (who died Nov^ 
27th, 1722,) 3d daughter to Charles, Duke of Somerfet, he 
had a fon who died young; and in April 1725, he married ta 
his 3d wife, Juliana, daughter to Roger Hele of Halewell, in 
the county of Devon, Efq. but by her had no iflue; fhefurvi- 
vinghim married Charles, Earl of rortmore. His Grace dying 
on the 9th of. May, 1731, was fucceeded by his only fon 

(4th D.) Thomas, late Duke of Leeds, born Nov. 6, 1713, 
married June 26, 1740, Mary, youngeft daughter of Francis, 
Earl Godolphin, by whom, who died AVig. 3, 1764, he had 
iflue a fon, born 1741, who died an infant. — Harriet, born 
1744, died young. — THomas, late Marquis of Caermarthen, 
born 1747, who died Aug. 15, 1761. — Francis-Godolphin, the 
prefent Duke, who was called up by writ to the Houfe of Peers 
in 1776, during the life-time of his father, by the title of Baron 
Ofborne of Kiveton, on the death of his father, March 23, 
1 7 89, _ aged 76, fucceeded to the dukedom, and is 

(5th D.) Francis-Godolphin, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baronet, July 13, 1620, i James I. Vifcount 
Dumblaine in :>cotland, July 19, 1673, 25 Car. II. Baron Of- 
borne of Kiveton, in the county of York, and Vifc. Latimer, 
Aug. 15, 1673 » ^^^1 ^f Danby, in the county of York, June 
27, 1674; Marquis of Caermarthen in the principality of 
Wales, April 20, 1689; and Duke of Leeds in the county of 
York, May 4, ^1694, the 6th of William and Mary. 

Arms.] Quarterly, erminey and azurcy a crofs, or. [Plate V.J 

Crest.J On a wreath, a tyger paffant, argent. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Supporters,] On the dexter fide, a gryphon, dr, oh the 
finifter, a tyger, argenty each gorged with a ducal coroaety 

Motto.] Pax in bello. Peace in war. 

Chief Seats.] At North-Mims in Hertfordfliire ; at Kivc- 
ton, Hart-hall, and Thorp-hall, and Walter-hall, sdl in the 
county of York. 


n^PEmoft noble FRANCIS RUSSEL, Duke of BED- 
•*• FORD, Marquis of Taviftock, Earl of Bedford, Baroft 
Ruflel, of Cheneys-Thornhaugh, and Baron Howland, of 
Streatham in Surry; was born July 22, 1765, and fucceeded 
kis grandfather January 14, 177 !• 

1 his ancient family have been of long Handing in the county 
of Dorfet, where they were poffefled of fome lordftiips for many 
ages paft. 

John Russel wasconftable of Corfe-caftlc, the 5th Hen. IIL 
7X\A had iffue, 

Ralph his heir, whofe wife waslfabel, daughter and co-heir 
to James de Newmarch, one of the Barons of that age, and 
a defcendant of Bernard de Newmarch, one of the Conqueror's 
follower's into England* The fon and fucccffor of this Ralph 

William Russel, who in 1284, the 12th of Edward I. ob- 
tained a charter for a market every Thurfday in the year, and a 
fair, on the eve, day and morrow on St. Matthew, at his ma- 
nor of Kingfton, commonly called Kingfton-Ruflel, in the 
county of Dorfet, which lordfhip is enjoyed to this day by th^ 
chief branch of this family ; the fame having been held* by 
Serjeant ry, viz. to be cup-bearer to the King, at the four prin- 
cipal feans in the year. He married Jane, daughter to Robert 
Peveral, and had imie 

Theobald his heir; who married ift, Eleanor, daughter and 
'co-heir of Ralyh de Gorges, a Baron in Parliament in the reign 
of K. Edward II. by whom he had iflue ; Theobald, who took 
the name of Gorges, from whom the family of Gorges, now ex- 
ifting in the county of Hereford dcfcendcd — Sir Ralph, whofe 
fons Theobald, and John, died unmarried. — Maurice, who had if- 
fue Sir William Ruflel, Knt. who died unmarried; and two daugh- 
ters, Ifahel, wife of Stephen Hatfield; and Margaret, wife of Gil- 
bert Dennys, who were heirs to Margery, daughter and heir of 
Sir William their brother. We now return to the iflue of Theo- 
bald B^ufiel, by his ad wife Eleanor^ daughter and heir of 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^ohn dc U Tower, by whom he had William his heir, who mar- 
ried the daughter and heir of Muftian, and had iffue Henry, 
inrhofe fon John, by Elizabeth, daughter and heir of John He- 
ringham, Efqw had iffue Sir John Ruffel, Knt, fpeaker of the 
Houfe of Commons in the 2d and loth Henry VI. who by 

Alice, daughter of Preuxmere, had iffue James his heir; 

Thomas, and two daughters; Alice, married to Trenchard^ 

Efq. father of Sir Thomas Trenchard, Knt. and Chrillian 
to Walter Cheverell, Efq. James the eldeft, had by Joan hij. 
"Wife, two daughters, Elizabeth, married to Nicholas Boremont, 
Efq./and Thomaifin, married to Robert Huffcyof Shapwick, 
in the county of Dorfet, Efq. and 

(iftE.) John Tiis heir, who was born at Kingfton-Ruffel 
aforefaid, refided at Berwick, about four miles from Bridport, 
in the faid county of Dorfet, and being a gentleman of excellent 
accomplifliments, became the foundation of that honour, which 
afterwards accrued to this noble family. In 1498, Philip, Arch- 
duke of Auftria, only fon of the Emperor Maximilian, being 
bound for Spain, having married the heinefs of that kingdom, 
Joan, daughter of Ferdinand and Ifabel, King and Queen of 
Cjaftile and Arragon, and meeting with a violent ftorm in his 
paffage from Flanders, he was obliged to put on /hore at Wey- 
mouth; whereupon Sir Thomas Trenchard, who lived near 
that port, accommodated him in the beft manner he could, till 
fuch time as he had fent to court to acquaint K. Henry \IU 
with his arrival ; and inviting Mr. Ruffel, who was his neigh- 
bour and relation, to wait upon him at his houfe, the Archduke 
was fo taken with his converfation, that he defired he might 
enjoy his company at court, then at Windfor, whither the 
King had invited that Prince to come ; and Mr. Ruffel being 
recommended to the King by the Archduke, as a gentleman 
fitly qualified to ferve him in fome confiderable ftation, he was 
thereupon taken into great favour. In the 15th of Henry VII !♦ 
he was made Knight Marihal ; and afterwards employed in fe- 
veral negociations to the Emperor Charles V. the French King, 
Pope, and Duke of Lorrain ; the 29th of Henry Vlll. he was 
made one of the Privy Council ; and on the 9th of March the 
fame year, was created a Baron of this realm, and that he might 
tjic better fupport the honour conferred upon him, that Prince 
took the firft opportunity to augment his fortune, and in 31ft of 
his reign, upon the diffolution of the monafteries made a grant 
to him, and Anne his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of the 
whole fcite and circuit of the rich abbey of Taveftoke, in the 
county of Devon, alfo of the borough and town of 1 aveiloke, 
and of the manors of Hundewike, Morewell, and Morewel- 
ham, Milton-Abbot, alias Meltonlegh> Lamerton, Hole, Bren- 
ton, Wyke-Dabernon, Petcrftavyc, Ottrow alias Ottcrve, 
Whitcharch and Newton; with the hundred oV HudJcwyi;^, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


otherwife called the hundred of Taveftoke; as alfo the redlory 
and vicarage of Tavertoke. He had likewife divers other lands 
given him in the counties of Devon, Somerfct, and fiucks* 
He was, on the 19th of Jan. 3d Edward VL created Earl of 
Bedford; and dying the 14th of March, 1555, was buried at 
Cheneys, in Bucks; an eftate his lordiliip had in right of his 
wife, Anne, daughter and fole heir to Sir Guy Sapcot, Knt. 
widow of Sir John Broughton, of Tuddington, in the county 
of Bedford, Knt. which lady furviving the Earl, bequeathed 
her manor of Thomhaugh to her grandfon Edward, Lord Ruf- 
fel, and the heirs male of his body, from whom the prefont 
Duke is defcended. John Earl of Bedford was fucceeded by his 
ad but eldeft furviving fon, 

(2d E.) Francis, who, at the coronation of K. Edward 
VL was made Knt. of the Bath ; in 1549, he was chofen Knight 
of the flure for the county of Northumberland, being the firft 
inftance of a peer's Eldeft fon fitting in the Houfe of Com- 
mons; and died i^S^* The Earl founded a fchool at Wo- 
burn, and by his will gave 20I. per ann. for the maintenance 
of two [5oor ftudents of divinity in Uniyerfity College, Ox- 
ford, called the Earl of Bedford's fcholars, to be nominated and 
appointed by his heirs for ever. By his 2d wife Bridget, daugh- 
ter to John, Lord Hufiey, (widow ift of Sir Richard Morrifon, 
and 2dly of Henry Manners, Earl of Rutland,) he had no iflue; 
but by his firft, who was Margaret, fifter to Oliver, the firft 
l/ord St. John of Bletfoe, he had fourfons; Edward, John, 
Francis, and William; and three daughters, Anne, married to 
Ambrofe Dudley, Earl of Warwick. — Elizabeth to William 
Bourchier, Earl of Bath. — Margaret to George Clifford, the 3d 
Earl of Cumberland, by whom flie had a daughter named 
Anne, who was married ift to Richard Sackville, the 3d Earl 
of Dorfet, and 2dly to Philip, Earl of Pembroke. Of the fons, 
Edward died without iflue, having married Jane Sibilla, daugh- 
ter of Sir Richard Morrifon, and was fumraoned to Parliament 
in the life-time of his father. — John the 2d fon married Eliza- 
beth, daughter to Sir Anthony Cook, of Giddy Hall, in Elfex, 
Knt. widow of Sir Thomas Hobby, of Bifliam in Berkfliire, 
Knt. by whom he had two daughters, Elizabeth, who died un- 
married ; and Anne, married to Henry Somerfet, who was cre- 
ated Marquis of V/orcefter; and her father died 1484, in Ivis 
father's life-time ; as did Francis his infant fon. — Francis, 3d 
fon, was alfo fummoned to Parliament 7 Edward VL in the 
life-time of his father, and married Julian, daughter to Sir 
John Fofter, Knt. by whom he had a fon Edward: but the faid 
Francis being flain on a day of truce by the Scots on the borders, 
June 27, 2585, and his father dying the day following, the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(3d £•) Edward, iucceeded his grandfather. He married 
Lucy, eldeft fifter and co-heir to John, Lord Harrington of 
Exton; but dying on the 3d of May, 1627, without iflue, we 
return to Sir William Ruflel, Knt, the 4th and youngeft fon 
of Francis, the 2d Earl, who was created Lord Ruilcl of Thorn- 
haugli, and having married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of 
Herfi-y, fon and heir of Sir Richard Long, of Shengey, in the 
county of Cambridge, Knt. left » 

(4th E.) Francis his heir, who fucceeding Edward his 
couiin, he, in 1630, became the principal undertaker in that 
great and chargeable work of draining the fens, called the 
Great Level, and fmce Bedford Level, which extend into the 
counties of Northampton, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Norfolk, 
and Lincoln. He married Catherine, youngeft daughter and 
co-heir to Giles Biidges, Lord Chandos, and had four fons, 
and as many daughters; whereof, Catherine was married to 
Robert Greville, the 2d Lord Brook. — Anne, to Geo. Digby, 
Earl of Briflol. — Margaret, ift to James Hay, Earl of Car- 
lifle, and 2dly to Edward, Earl ot Manchefter. — Diana, to 
Francis, the ift Earl of Bradford. Of the fons, which were 
William, Francis, John, and Edward, the latter marrying Pe- 
nelope, daughter to Sir Mofes Hill, of Hillfborough, in tlie 
kingdom of Ireland, anceftor of the Marq.of Downihire, widow 
of Sir William Brooke, Knight of the Bath, by her had a 
fon Edward ; and a daughter Letitia, who married to Thomas 
Cheek, of Pergo, in Effex, Efq^ and by him had a daughter 
Anne, who was their heir ; and being married to Sir Thomas 
Tipping, of Wheatfield, in the county of Oxford, Bart, and 
dying Jan. 21, 1728, left two daughters, Catherine married to 
Thomas, Lord Archer; and Letitia to Samuel, Lord Sandys; 
and the faid Edward, fon of Edward and Penelope Hill, went 
over to the Prince of Orange, in Holland, with whom he re- 
turned the fame year ; and upon that Prince's advancement to 
the throne, was made one of his Privy Council. In 1691, he 
was Admiral of the blue fquadron, and afterwards was advanced 
to the command of the whole navy, and made treafurer of the 
fame; and was^ on the 7th of May, 1697, created Baron Shin- 
gey, in the county of Cambridge, Vifc. Earfleur, in the duchy 
of Normandy, and Earl of Orford, in the county of Suffolk. 
He married Margaret, youngeft daughter to William, the firft 
Duke of Bedford, but having no iflue, and dying on Nov. 26, 
1727, in the 75th year of his age, left his fine houfe in Covent 
Garden to Lord Archer, and his fine feat at Chipenham, in 
Cambridgefhire, to the Lady Tipping, his neice. — John his bro- 
ther, 3d fon of the Earl, was a Colonel in the civil wars for 
K. Charles I, and after the Reftoration, was made Colonel of 
the firft regiment of foot guards, and died unmarried ; as did 
Francis, the ad fon, but 

(ift D.) 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(iftD.) William the eldeft, on the 9th of May, 1641, 
fuccecded his father, and was the 5th Earl. On the nth of 
May, 1694, he was created Marquis of Taviftock, and Duke 
of Bedford; and in the year 1695, having fettled all things in 
reference to his grandfon*s marrying Mrs. Elizabeth Rowland, 
a great fortune, it was thought proper, for the honour of that 
alliance, to create him Baron Howland, of Streatham in Surry, 
on the 13th of June in the fame year, and he died on September 
7, 1700. He married Anne, daughter ^to Robert Carr, Earl of 
Somerfet, and by her had feven fons and three daughters ; • 
whereof Anne died unmarried.— Diana was married firft to Sir 
Grevil Verney, of Compton Verney, in the county of War- 
wick, Knight of the Bath, fon of Grevil Verney, Efq. by Eliza- 
beth, 5th daughter and co-heir of Thomas, the 2d v ifc. Wen- 
man ; and afterwards to William, Lord Allington. — Margaret 
married Edward Ruflel, Earl of Orford, before-mentioned. 
And of the fons, which were Francis, John, William, Edward, 
Robert, James, and George; the latter married Mary, daugh- 
ter' and heir of Mr. Pendleton, merchant of London, and 
left a fon William, who died unmarried. — James died on the 
22d of June, 17 12, aged 67, and left, by Elizabeth his fecond 
wife, an only daughter, Trephema, (or Tryphano) wife of 
Thomas Scawen, of Carftialton, Efq. — Robert married Let it ia, 
widow of Tho. Cheek, of Pergo, ElTcx, Efq. and died With- 
out iffue. — Edward died on the 21ft of June, 17 14, without 
iffue. — Francis the eldeft died in 1679, unmarried. — John the 
ad died in his infancy. — ^But William, the 3d fon, on the 21ft 
of Jiilv, 1683, was beheaded in LincolnVinn Fields, (in his 
fethcr's life- time) for his inviolable integrity to the Proteftant 
intereft. He married Rachel, 2d daughter and co-heir to Tho- 
mas Wrotthefly, Earl of Southampton, and widow of Francis 
Laughan, eldeft fon of Richard, Earl of Carberry, and by her, 
who died Sept. 29, 1723, aged 87, left iflue one fon, Wrot- 
thefly, and two daughters, Rachel, married to William 
Cavendifh, Duke of Devon fti ire ; and Catherine to John Man- 
ners, Duke of Rutland. In May 22, 1695, the faid 

(2d'D.) Wrotthesly married Elizabeth, only daughter and 
heir of John Rowland, of Stretham, in the county of Surry, 
Efq. by Elizabeth his wife, half-fifter to Sir Richard Child, 
Bart, firft Earl Tilney, and on the 7th of Sept. 1700, fuc- 
ceeding his grandfather, became Duke of Bedford, and died of 
the fm all- pox May 26, 171 1, in the 31ft year of his age. By 
his faid Duchefs, (who died at Streatham of the fmall-pox, June 
29, 1724, aged 32) he had iflue three fons and two daughters, 
Rachel married ift to Scroop, late Duke of Bridgewatcr, and 
idly to Sir Richard Lyttleton, Knt. of the Bath, brother to 
the late Lord Lyttleton, and died 1777. — Elizabeth married to 
William, Earl of Eflex, and died June 8, 1784. And of the 


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fons, which were William. — Wrotthefly.-^John, The cldcft 
died in his infancy. 

(3d D.) Wrotthesly, who was born in 1708, fuccceded 
histather. He married on the 2 2d of April, 1725, Anne, only- 
daughter of the before-mentioned Scroop, JDuke of Bridge- 
water, by Elizabeth Churchill^ 3d daughter and co-heir to John^ 
Duke ot Marlborough; but by her, (who married 2dly, William, 
Earl of Jerfey, and died 1762) had no iflue. He died in Spain, 
0<a. 23, 1732; and the honour defcended to his only furvi- 
• uing brother,' 

(4th D.) John, late Duke of Bedford, born Sept. 30, 1710, 
who, Oft. II, 1 73 1 J married Diana Spencer, filler to the late 
E)\ike of Marlborough, by whom he had iffue a fon, who died 
the 6th of Nov. 1732, the day he was born, and her Grace 
died on the 27th o£ Sept. I735» In April, 1737, his Grace 
married adly^ Gertrude, eldeft daughter of John, Earl Gower, 
^by whom he had ifTue, Carolina, born in Jan. 1743, married 
Aug. 23, 1762, to George, prefent Duke of Marlborough, and 
has iflue. — Francis^ Marquis of Taviftock, born Sept. 26, 1739, 
who died March 22, 1767, by a fall fiom his horfe. He mar- 
ried June 7, 1764, Elizabeth, daughter of William- Anne, late 
Earl of Albemarle, who died in Odlober, 1768, and left three 
fons; Francis, the prefent Duke.-^John, born 6th July, 1766, 
iparried March 20, 1786, Georgiana-Elizabeth Byng, 2d daugh- 
ter of Vifcount Torrington, by whom he has had a fon, born 
1787, who died an infant; and another fon, born May 13, 
.1788. — ^William, born Aug. 20, 1767, married July 11, 1789, 
Charlotte, daughter of the Earl of Jerfey. The. late Duke 
died Jan. 14, 177 1, and was fucceeded by his grandfon, 
(5th D.) Francis, the*prefent'Duke. 
Creations.] Baron Ruflel, March 2, 1538; Baron How- 
land, June I2, 1695; Earl gf Bedford, Jan. 19, 1550; Mar- 
iquis ot Taviitock and Duke of Bedford, May 11, 1694. 

Arms.] yfrgent; a lion rampant, gules; on a chief, fabU^ 
three efcallops. of the/r/f. [Plate V.] 

Cre«t.] On a wreath, a goat paflant, argent^ armed, or. 
Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion; on the Cnifter^ 
an antelope, botn gules ; the latter gorged with a ducal collar^ 
chained, armed, crefted, tufted, and hoofed, or. 
Motto.] Che fara^ far a. What will be, will be. 
Chief Seats.] At Woburn-abbey, in Bedfordlhire ; Thprn- 
l^ugh, in Northamptonfhire ; and Cheneys, in Bucks. 

VoL.r. E CAVEN- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

[ p } 


T^HE moft noble WILLIAM CAVENDISH, Duke of DE- 
•*" VONSHIRE, Marquis of Hartingjton, Earl of Devon- 
Ihire, Baron Cavendifti, of Har^viclc, and Knight of the Gar- 
ter, born December 14, 1 748, aildf fuccec'ded his father, the late 
Duke, 061.2, 1764. Hcmarricd June 7, 1774, Georgiana, eldeft 
daughter to the Earl Spencer, by whom he has iffue Georgiana^ 
born July 12, 1783. — 'Elizabeth-Henrietta, born Aug. 29, i785. 

This great and illuftrkws family was denominated from the 
lordfhip of Cavendifh, \it the county of Suffolk; which Ro- 
ger, a yourtgerTon of the ancien-t family of the Gefnons ac- 
quired by marriage; and his fon (as was ufual in thofc times)" 
took the name of Cavendifli, as will hereafter appear. The 
Gernons, who took their name from Gernon, a caftle in Nor- 
mandy, were of great note in Norfolk and Effcx ; being lineally 
defcended from Rob. de Gernon, a famous Norman, who aflifted 
William the Conqueror, in his invafion of this realm ; and in 
reward of Iiis fervice, had grants of feveral lordftiips. This 

Robert de Gernon gave the church of St. Peter, in Glou- 
ccfter, the church of Wi^itcr bourne, the church of Beverftroke, 
and half the lands thereunto belonging, to tlie abbey of Glou- 
cefter. His fon and heijp, 

MAT'fHEwde Gernon married Hodierna, daughter and co- 
heif to Sir William Sackville, tvhofc brother Robert was an- 
ceftor to Lionel, Duke of Dorfet, and by her had iffue, 

Ralph de Gernon, who by his wife, who was fifter to Sif 
William Brewfe, Knt, had a (on, 

Ralph, who was founder of Lee's Priory, in Effex. He 
died in 1248, leaving iffoe, 

William, his heir, wfio died the 43d Hen. Til. and left 
iffue by Eleanor his wife, ttvo fohs. Sir Ralph de Gernon, 
Knt. whofegrandfon left two daughters his co-heirs; and Geof- 
frey, from whom is defcended the noble family of Cavendifh. 

Geoffrey, in the reign of Edward I. was ftiled of Mote- 
Ilall, in the Peak, in the county ^. Derby, and was fuc- 
ceeded by 

Roger his fon and heir, who was feated at Grimfton-Hall, 
in Suffolk, and died 1318, having married the daughter And heir 
of John Potton, Lord of Cavendifli, by whom he left iffue, 
fobn, Rogei', Stephen, and Richard, who all took the name 
hf Cavendifh. Of thefe fons, 

RocFR the 2d married Alice, daughter tc^ Geoffrey deStrat- 
ton, with whom he had the Manor of Stratton, and from hint 


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Sir Richard Cavendish, who was knighted, and after the 
death of Henry Duke of Suffolk, (who died without iffue July 
X4, the 5th of Edward VI.) was found to be one of his co- 
heirs, viz. fon of Richard Cavendiifh, fon of AugulHnc Ca-* 
vendifli, who married Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Brandon, Knt. grandfather of Charles Brandon, Duke of 
Suffolk. This Sir Richard Cavendifh had ifTue 

William Cavendish, of Trimley St. Martin, in Suffolk, 
vrho dying in 1572, poffefTed of the ancient inheritance of his 
anceilors, viz. Grimllon, Stratton, and other manors, left 

Thomas, his fon and heir, under age, who married Mary, 
daughter to Thomas, Lord Wentworth of Nettlefled, an,d had 
iflue feveral fons and daughters, viz. William, Auguftine, Tho- 
mas, Mary, Margaret, and Anne. This Thomas was the fa- 
mous navigator, and was the third perfon, and the fecond Eng- 
lifhman, who failed round the globe; Stephen Cavendifh, third 
fon of Roger de Gernon, was Lord Mayor of London, and 
died without ifTue. 

John Cavendish, eldefl fon of Robert de Gernon, wa» 
conflituted Chief Juflice of the King's Bench, 39 Edw. IIL 
He had two wives, Rofe and Alice, and left iffue two fons and 
a daughter Margaret. Of the fons, 

Andrew, the eldefl, fi^cceeded him; but he dying without 
iffue in 1395, 

Sir John, his brother, who killed Wat Tyler, in Smith- 
field, became heir. He ferved under King Henry V. in his 
wars in France, and was in the famous battle of Agincourt; 
and marrying Joan, daughter to Sir William Clopton, had three 

William, Robert, and Walter, of which the eldefl mar- 
ried John Staventon ; and dying in 1433, left a fon 

Thomas^ whofe wife was Catherine Scudamore, and by heir 
he bad a fon, 

Thomas, who married Agnes, daughter and co-heir to 
John Smith, of Popbrook, in Suffolk, Efq. and by her had 
three fons, George, William, and Thomas, and a daughter 
Mary ; and dying in 1524, was fucceeded by George his eldefl 
fon, who was feated at Gelmsford, in Suffolk ; and was fether 
of William Cavendifh, Efq. who had two fons, William and 
Ralph, who both died without iffue. Thomas Cavendifh, 
youngefl of the three fons of Thomas and Agnes Smith, was 
one of the Knights of St. John of Jerufalem, but died unmar- 

William, the ad brother, was, in the a7th Henry VIIL 
knighted by his Majefly, and afterwards made one of his Privy 
Council* He married firfl Anne, daughter to Edward Boflock, 
Efq. by whom he had a fon John, who died young, and two 
daughters, Anije, married to Sir Henry Balnton, l^iight, and 

E a Cathcr 

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Catherine to Thomas'Brodk, Efq. fon of Thomas, Lord Cotw 
ham. By his fecond wife Margaret, daughter of 1 homas Par- 
ker, of roflingford, in the county of SufFolk, he had no iflue} 
but taking to his third wife; Elizabeth, daughter to John Hard- 
wick, of Hardwick, in the county of t)erby, Efq, (by Eliza-* 
beth his wife, daughter and co-heir. to Thomas Leak, of Loaf- 
land, Efq. and at length co-heir to John Hardwicik her brother) 
by that match made a great addition to his fortunes; for flic 
being firft married to Robert Barley, of Barley, in the county 
of Derby, Efq. who died foon after, without iflye, flie got hid 
large eftatc fettled on her and her own heirs, which by the faid 
Sir William Cavendifh, her fecond hufband, were three fons 
and three daughters. She afterwards married, 3dly, Sir Wil- 
liam St. Lo; and, 4thly, George Talbot, fixth Earl of Shrewf- 
bury. Of the daughters, which were Frances, Elizabeth, and 
Mary, the latter was married to Gilbert Talbot, feventh Earl 
of Shrewlbury ; the. 2d to Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox, 
(younger brother to Henry, Lord Dafnley, father to King James 
I. wKo were fons of Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox, by Mar- 
garet his wife, daughter to Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, 
and Margaret hiswifcj daughter to King Henry VII.) by whom 
file was mother of Arabella Stuart, who being married to Wil- 
liam Seymour, fecond fon to the Duke of Somerfet, without 
the privity or confent of King James I. that King caufed thera 
to be imprifoned in the Tower of London, where flie died Sept. 
15, 1615, without iflue; but Frances, married to Sir Henry 
Pierpoint, Knt. was mother of Robert, ift Earf of Kingfton. 
The fons were, - 

Henry,. William, and Sir Charlea; the youageft was featecl 
at Welbeck, in the county of Nottingham; and marrying Ca- 
therine, daughter and heir to Cuthbert, Baron Ogle, afterward* 
heir of that houfe, and in 1628, 4 Car. L declared Baronefs 
Ogle; by her had William Cavendifli, his heir, who in 1620, 
was advanced to the degree of Baron Ogle, and Vifc. Mans- 
field, and on the 17th of March, 1627, 3 Car. I. was created 
Baron Cavendifli, of Bolfover, and Earl of Newcaftle upori 
Tyne; he was alfo, O^. 27, 1643, created Marquis^ of New- 
caftle. On the 16th of March, 1664, 16 Car. IL he was crc- 
. nted Enrl of Ogle, and Duke of Newcaftle, and died in Jan. 
1-676, leaVihg iflue by Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir tcr ' 
William BalRt, ofBlofc, in the county oY Stafford, Efq. Henry 
hisjucceflbr; and three daughters, whereof Jane was married 
to Charles Cheney, of Chefliant-Boyi, in the county of Bucks. 
•—Elizabeth to John Egertoft, Earl of Bridgewater.- — Frances 
to Oliver St. John, Efq. afterwards Earl of Bolingbrokcij Hen- 
ry, who, in 1676, fucceeded his father as above, married Fran- 
ces, eldeft daughter to William Pierpoint, of Thoreftjy, Efq« 
^d fon to Robert, Earl of Kingfton, and by her had Henry his 


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onty fim, who was ftiled Earl of Ogle> and he marrying Elir 
xabeth, fole daughter and heir to Joceline Percy, Earl of Nor- 
thumberland, he thereupon aflumed her name, and bore her 
arras; but died in his father's life-time, 1680, without iffue ; 
and his £ither dying on the 26th of July, 1601, without iiTue 
male, his honours became extinct) and his hve daughters be* 
came liis co-heirs. Elizabeth was firft married to Chriftopher 
Monk, Duke of Albemarle, and afterwards to Ralph, Lord 
Montague, created Duke of Montague. — Frances to John Camp- 
bell, eldeft fon of the Earl of Breadalbane, and died 1727.— 
Margaret married to John Hqlles, 2d fon to the Earl of Clare, 
afterwards created Duke of Newcaftle, — Catheiine to Thomas 
Tufton, Earl of Thanet. — Arabella to Charles Spencer, Earl 
of Sunderland* We now return to the two eldeft fons of Sir 
William Cavcnjdifli and Elizabeth Hardwick, his third wife be* 
f^re-mentioned, of which Henry the eldeft married Grace Tal- 
bot, youngeft daughtei to George, Earl of Shrewfljury; but his 
father (who began the noble pile at Chatfworth) dying in the 
4th and 5th of Philip and Mary, and the faid Henry dying 
without iffue, on the 12th of Oft. 1616, William, his brother, 
became heir to the whole eftate. His mother, as before-men- 
tioned, married to her third huft)and. Sir William St. Lo, 
owner of a great eftate, which, in articles of marriage, fhe took 
care fhould be fettled on her; and accordingly having no childi- 
by him, ftie lived to enjoy his whole eftate. In this third wi-^ 
dowhood, not having yet loft her charms of wit and beauty, 
fhe captivated the then greateft fubjedl of the realm, George 
Talbot, Earl of Shrewfbury, whom (he brought to terms of 
the greateft honour and advantage to herfelf and children; for 
be not only yielded to a confiderable jointure, but to an union 
of families, by taking Mary her youngeft daughter to be the 
wife of Gilbert his Ion, and afterwards his heir ; and giving 
Grace, his youngeft daughter, to Henry her eWeft fon. 

(ift Earl.) William, who became heir as above, was, by 
King James L by letters patent, dated May 4, 1605, created 
Baton Cavendifli, of Hardwick, in the county of Derby ; and 
on the 7th of Auguft, i6ift, Earl of Devonfhire. This noble 
Earl, by his fecond wife Elizabeth, daughter to Edw. Brqugh- 
ton, of Caufton, in the county of Warwick, Efq. widow of 
Sir Richard Wortley, of Wortley, in the county of York, Knt, 
had a fon John, who was made Knight of the Bath in 1616^ 
and died foon after ; but by his firft wife Anno, . daughter and 
heir to Henry Kighly, of Kighly, in the county of York, Efq# • 
he had. three fons and three daughters, whereof Mary the 2d, 
and Elizabeth the 3d, died young ; but Frances, the eldeft, was 
married to Sir William Maynard, Knt. created Lord Maynard. 
Of the (bnis, Gilbert the eldeft, and James the third dying 

E 3 (2d 

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(2d Earl.) William the 2d, 017 the 3d of March, 1625, fuc- 
ceeded his father, and was married to Chriftian, only daughter 
to Edward, Lord Bruce, of Kinlofs, in Scotland. This noble 
Earl departed this life at his houfe near Bifliopfgate, London, 
(where Devonfhire-fquare is now built) on the 20th of June, 
1628, having had iflue by her three fons, and a daughter Anne, 
married to Robert the 3d Earl of Warwick. Of the fons, 
which were, 

(3d Earl.) William, Charles, and Henry; the latter died 
young; and the 2d, who was Lieutenant-General of horfe, un-> 
der his cQufin the Marquis >of Newcaftle, in the civil wars, 
was flain at Gainiborough, in 1643; but the eldeft, who fuc- 
ceeded his father, married Elizabeth, 2d daughter to William 
Cecil, the 2d Earl of Salifbury, and by her (who died Novem* 
ber 1689) had two fons and a daughtet, named Anne, who wa^ 
firft married to Charles, Lord Rich, only fon to Charles, Earl 
of Warwick; and 2dly, to John, the 5th Earl of Exeter, and 
died on the i8th of June, 1703. Of the fons, Charles, the 
youngeft, died on the 3d of March, 1673, unmarried; but 

(lit Duke.) William, the eldeft, on the 25th of Nov. 1684, 
fucceeded his father. On the 14th of Feb. 1689, he was ap- 
pointed one of the Privy Council, made Steward of the Houf- 
hold, and Lord Lieutenant and Cuftos Rotulorum of thecounty 
of Derby ; and on the 3d of March being eledcd a Knight of 
the Garter, was inftalled on the 14th of May following. At 
the coronation of King William and Queen Mary, he was made 
Lord High Steward of England for the day, and carried the re- 
gal Crown, next to the Bible and the King's perfon.. On the 
1 2th of May, 1694, he was cieated Marquis of Hartington 
and Duke of Devonfttire. He died Aug, 18, 1707, in the 67th 
▼ear of his age. He married Mary, 2d daughter to James But-» 
ler, Duke of Ormond, and by her, (who died July 31, 17 10) 
he had three fons and a daughter, Elizabetli, married to Sir 
John Wentworth, of Broadfworth, in the county of York, 
Bart. And of the fons, which were, 

(2d Duke.) William, Marquis of Hartington; Henry, and 
James. The eldeft fucceeded his father, and the youngcSl died 
Dec. 14, 1751, having married Anne, daughter to Elihu Yale, 
Efq. and by her (who died June 27, 1734) had an only fon 
William, who in March, 1731, was married to Mifs Barbarm 
Chandler, daughter to the Bifliop of Durham, and died in 
July, 1 751; and a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Richard 
Chandler, Efq. fon to the Biihop of Durham, in Feb. 1732, 
who has fince changed his name to Cavendiih, by an a£l of 
parliament in 1752. — Henry, 2d fon, married Rhoda, only fur- 
viving daughter to William Cartwright, of Ayno, in the county 
of Northampton, Efq. (by Urfula his 2d wife, daughter* to Fer^ 
dinando, Lord Fairfax^ of Cameron^ iq Scotland) and dying on 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ihc *Gth of May, 1700,. by her (who died on the 24;t1i ol Jan* 
1730,) left a daughter Mary, married to John, Earl of Weft- 
morland. William, who was the 2d Duke, married Rachel, 
eldeft of the two daughters of William, Lord Ruffel, who was 
^headed in 1683, and by her (who diod Dec, 28, 1725) ha4 
four fons and fix daughters. Of the daughters which were 
Mary, Catheriiie, and Diana, 4ied ttnm^irried. — Rachel, mar- 
ried Sir Wm« Morgan of Tredegar, in the county Monmouth, 
and died June i%, i78o.-^E}i4fiab^th married JSjr Thomas Low- 
ther of Hollcer, in the county of Laqcafter, Bart, and died in 

{une, 1731* Of the fons, which were Will iajn. Marquis of 
lartington; James, Chiles, and Jol«i; <he latter died on the 
ipth of May, 1720.™ James died in Nov. 1741.-— Afid CJiarJes, 
who married Anne, 4th daughter to Henry, Duke of K^nt, 
died the 20th of Sept. 1733, having two fons, Frederick, and 

(3d Duke.) William, the eldeft fon, was born Sept. 26, 
1698, ;^Hd fucceeded his father 4th June, 1729. Hrs Grace 
married on the 27th of March, 17 18, Catherine, fole daughter 
^mdheir of John Hofkins, «rf the county of Middlefex, Efq. and 
by her, who died May 8, 1777, had i flue four fons and three 
daughters, viz. William, the late Duke- — George- Auguftus^ 
bom April 8, 1728, who died April 2S, 1783.— Frederick, 
bom Aug. 17, i72C^, Gen. of hisMajefty's Forces, and Col. in 
his 34th Reg. of Foot*— John, born OS:. 22, 1732.— ^Caro- 
line, born 1719, married 1739, to William, Lord Duncannon,. 
Tiow Eafl -of Be(bonou|fh, in Ireland, and Lord Ponfonby in 
<heco«nty ^f teiceftcr, and died 20th Jan. 1760, leaving iffue. 
—Elizabeth, born 1727, married in OAober 1743, to John 
Ponfonby, brother to the Earl of Befborough, and has iflue.-^- 
Rachel, born 1727, who died 1783, married 1743, Horacij 
Walpole, Efq. now Lord Walpole of Wolterton, and had iflue. 
HisLordfliip dying Dec. 5, 1755, was fucceeded by his eldeft 

(4th Duke.) William, the late Duke of Devonftilre, born 
in 1720, who on the 13th of June, 1751, was called up to the 
Houfe of Peers as Baron Cavendifti of Hardwick. His Grace 
married kjL March, 1748, Charlotte, fole daughter and heir of 
Richard, Earl of Burlington a^ Cork, which Lady died Dec. 
8, 1754, leaving iflue, William, the prefent Duke.— Doro- 
thy, born Ai^. 27, 1750, married to the Duke of Portland, 
€th of Nov. 1766, and has iflue.-— Richacd, born June 19, 
1752, and died Sept. 12, 1781, unmarried.— George -I^enry, 
born Feb. 27, 1754, married Feb. 25, 1712, Betty Compton, 
niece of the prefent, and daughter of the late Earl of Northamp- 
ton, by whom he has iflue afon, born Jan. 10, 1783, a daugh- 
ter, boju June 12, 1786 J and another daughter^ born Nov. 1 1, 

t4 i;^87 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


1787, and a fon bom Nov. 6, 1780^ His Grace died OSt. i> 
1764, and was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, 

(5th Duke.) William, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Cavendift, May 4, 1605; Earl of De- 
vonfhire, Aug. 7, 1681 ; Marquis' of Hartington, and Duke of 
Devonlhire, May 12, 1694. 

Arms.] Sable; three harts heads cabofiied, argent, attired, 
0r, [Plate VJ - ' ' 

Crest.] On a wreath, a fnakenowed, proper. 

Supporters.] Two t^arts, each gorged with a garland or 
fprig of rofes, proper ; attired, or. 

Motto.] Cavcndo tutus. Secure by caution. 

Chief Seats.J At Chatfwprth and Hardwick, in Derby- 
fhire ; vid Chifwick, in Middlefex. 


THE moft noble GEORGE SPENCER, Duke of MARL- 
BOROUGH, Marquis of Blandford, Earl of Sunderland 
and Marlborough, Baron Spencer of Wormleighton, Baron 
Churchill of Sandridge ; and a Knight of the Ciarter ; born Jan, 
28, 1738, fucceeded his father Charles, Oft. 20, 1758, and 
marrieci July 23, 1762, Caroline, only daughter of John, late 
Duke of Bedford, by whom he has ifiue, Caroline, born 0<^. 
27, i76a.~ElizaJ>eth, born Dec. 20, 1764. — George, Mar- 
quis of Blandford, born March 3, 1766. — Charlotte, born Oft. 
18, 1769. — Henry, born Dec. 20, 1770.— -Anne, born Nov, 
5, i773« — Another fon, born Dec. 30, 1 7 79.-«- Amelia-Sophia, 
bornOa. 8, 1785. 

In the 18th of William the Conqueror, lived Robert le 
Defpenfer, who was Steward to that King, brother to Urfo de 
Abetot, and at the time of the general furvey, held four lord- 
jhips in the county of Warwick, fifteen in tlie county of Lin- 
coln, and feventcen in that of Leicefter ; and in the reign of 
Henry I. William le Defpencer, his fon, was alfo fteward to 
that King; and to him fucceeded Thurstan, whofe fon Al- 
marick was fheriff of Rutland, in the reigns of Henry II. and 
Richard I. and marrying Amabil, daughter to Walter de Chef- 
nie, had ifTue two fons, Thurflan and Almarick, and a daugh- 
ter married to William Bardolph. The faid fons were both in 
arms againft K. John, who gave the lands of Almarick, their 
father, to Oibert GiflFord, one of his natural fons. Contempo- 
rary with thefe, was Hugh, le Defpencer, another fon of the 
firit mentioned Thurftan. To whom fucceeded ,Hugh bis 

frandfon (fon of Thomas) who married Olivia, a daughter of 
'hilip Baflet of Wycomb, in ^ucks, widow of Roger Bigod, 


^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Earl of Norfolk, by whom he had a fon Hugh, and a daughter 
Eleanor, married tot Hugh de Courtenay, father of Hugh, the 
firft E^l of Devon, and was fucceedcd by Hugh his fon, called 
Hugh D^fpencer, Senior, to diftinguifh him from Hugh hk 
fon, who had always the addition of Junior, the two great fa- 
vourites of K. Edward IL the one Earl of Winchefter, and the 
other Earl of Gloucefter. Hugh the elder, who was created 
Earl of Winchefter, 15 Edward III. married Ifabel, widow of 
Patrick Chaworth, daughter of William de Beauchamp, Earl 
of Warwick. Hugh the fon, married Eleanor, eMeft of the 
three daughters, and co-heirs of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of 
Gloucefter, by Joan his wife, daughter of King Edward I. and 
was created Earl of Gloucefter. But Hugh the elder was exe- 
cuted in the 90th year of his age, and Hugh the younger was 
executed at Hereford; having had iffue, Hugh, Edward, and Gil- 
bert; and a daughter married to Richard, Earl of Arundel, 
againft his will, being under age, and afterwards divorced. 
Eleanor his wife, was kept prifoner in the Tower of London, 
with her children, but afterwards married William la Zouch, of 
Mortimer; and Hugh, her eldeft fon, getting into the favour 
of K. Edward III. was in the wars of Gafcoigne and Scotland, 
and was made a Knight Banneret. He was ftiled Lord of Gla- 
morgan, and had fummons to parliament from the 12th to the 
22d Edward IIL He married Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Montacute, Earl of Salifl)ury, and widow of Giles de Baddlef- 
mere, and died 8th Feb. 23 Edward III. without iflue. We 
now return to Edward his brother, who married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Henry, Lord Ferrers, and left four fons, Edward, Tho- 
mas, Henry, and Gilbert ; and dying 16th Edward III. left 
Sir Edward his heir, who was alfo heir to his uncle Hugh. He 
was fummoned to parliament from the 31ft to the 39th Edward 
III. and dying the 49th of the fame reign, left Thomas his heir, 
tlien.two years of age; and four daughteis, Cecily, who died 
youhg; Elizabeth, married ift, to John Arundel, and 2dly, 
to the Lord ZoUch; Ann^, to Hugh Haftings, and afterwatdsL 
to Thomas Morley; and Margaret, to Robert Ferrers; and 
Elizabeth his -wife, daughter of Bartholomew de Burgherfh, 
furvivedhim. Thomas, their heir, was in the 21ft Rich. lU 
created Earl of Gloucefter, by reafon of his defcent from Gil- 
bert de Clare, Earl of Gloucefter. He riiarried Conftance,^ 
daughter of Edmund de Langley, Duke of York, fon to King 
Edward III. and beheaded by the rabble the ift of Edward I vT 
He left one fon Richard, who married Elizabeth, eldeft: 
daughter of Ralph, Earl of Weftmoreland, and died Odt. 7, 
1414, being then but 14 years of age, and left no iflue ; and 
his widow married Henry Percy, tlie firft Earl of Northumber-i 
land. He alfo left two daughters, Elizabeth, who died an.in-% 
fant; andKabel, married ift^ Richard Beauchamp^ LordAber* 

gavenny ; 

. Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^avenny ; afterwards Earl of Werccfter; and 2dly, Richard 
Beaucharop, Earl of Warwick ; by whom £he had Henry^ Duke 
of Warwick ; who left an only daughter that died in her in^ 

Having done with the principal, we return to Geoffrey, 
hrother to Hugh, and ion of the firft mentioned Thur Aan. He 
4Ued in 1251, leaving JOHir his heir, who married Joan, daugh- 
ter of Robert le Lou, by whom he had no iiTue ; b«t by another 
wife, he left William his heir, who was fucceeded by John 
his heir, who was Efquire of tJie body to K. Henry V. He 
left iffue, by Alice Deverell his wife, Nicholas his heir, who 
by Joan Pollard his wife, left two fons, Thomas and William ; 
which Thomas was father of Henry Spencer of Badly, in 
the county of Northampton, Efq* who took to wife Ilabel, 
daughter and co-heir to ' Lincoln, and had four fons> 

John, Thomas, William, and Nicholas ; and was fucceeded by 
iMcIdeft fon John Spencer, who married the daughter and heir 
of Warfted, by whom he had three fons, William.— » 

John Spencer of Hoonel, in the county of Warwick, whofe 
daughter Elizabeth married Sir John Grevile, elder brother of 
John Fulke, anceftor of the Earl Brook.— Thomas Spencer of 
iiadly, whofe fon Thomas left four daughters, co-heirs to Wij,'- 
liam their brother. 

William, eldeft foa and heir of John, married Elizabeth, 
After to Sir Richard Empfon, Knight ; and had iflue two ions, 
John and Thomas, and a daughter Jane ; and was fucceeded by 

Sir JoHV his eldeft fon, who died in 1522. He married Ifa^ 
bel, daughter and co-heir to Walter Graunt of Soitterfield, in 
the county of Warwick, Efq. by whom he had iffue. Sir Wil- 
liam. — Anthony, who died without iflue. — Jane, wife of Ri- 
chard Knightly, Efq. fon of Sir Richard Knightly. — Ifabel, 
married to bir Nicholas St relly.— Dorothy, married to Sir Ri-» 
chard Cateiby, and was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, 

William, who married Sufan, daughter to Sir Richard 
Knightly, and br her had Sir John Spencer, Knt. his fucceffor. 
^—Ifabel, married to Sir John Cotton, from whom defcended 
Sir John Hynde Cotton, Bart.-^-pJane, married Sir Richard 
Bridges. — Dorothy, to Thomas Spenfer, Efo. — Anne, to Sir 
John Goodwin. — Mary, to Thomas Bowles, Efq. He died the 
22d of June, 1532, and was fucceeded by his fon. 

Sir John Spencer, who married . Catherine, daughter to Sir 
Tho. Kjtibn, of Hengrave, in Suffolk, Knt. and had five fons and 
fix daughters; of which Margaret, married ift, Giles Aliing- 
ton, of Horflieath, in the county of Cambri4ge, Efq. and adly, 
to Edward Eldrington, Efq.-r— Elizabeth, to George Cary, Lord 
Hunfdon. — Catherine, to Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigb, in 
the county of Warwick, Knt.— Mary, to Sir Edward Alton ot 
Tjxall, in thp cowty of Stafford^ Knt««-<-AnQe, ift, to WiU 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


liani^ Lord Monteagle ; adlv, to Henry, Lord Comptan ; and 
3dlv, to Robert Sadtville, the 2d Earl of Dorfet. — Alice>^ ift, 
to r erdinando Stanley, Earl of D^rby ; and 2dly, to Thomas 
Egeiton, Vifc. Bracklcy. And of tnc fonj, Thomas the 2d, 
left an only daughter Alice his heir, who married Sir Thomas 
Lucy,— r-Sir William, 3d fon, was of Yarnton, in the county of 
Ox^rd, whofe fon Thomas was created a Baronet by K^ James 
I.anceftor of Sir Charles Spencer, Knt. — Richard Spencer, 
4th fon, was of Offly, in the county of Hertford, whofe fon 
John was created a Baronet by King Charles L which family is 
extin£l. — ^Edward 5th fon died without iflue, and their father 
died Nov. 8, 1586. 

Sir John the eldeft, who fucceeded, was knighted by Queen 
Elizabeth, and he marrying Mary, daughter and heir to Sir 
Robert Catdine, Knight, Lord Chief Juilice of England, by 
her had 

(ift Lord*) RoB£iiT his heir, who was alfo knighted by the 
faid Queen, and was by James L created Lord Spencer, of Worm* 
leighton, and died 0£t. 25, 1627. ^^ married Margaret, 
daughter and co-heir to Sir Francis Willoughby, of Woola- 
ton, in the county of Nottingham, by whom he had four fons 
and three daughters ; Mary, married to Sir Richard Anderfeav 
—Elizabeth, to Sir George Fane, of Burftan, in Kent, Knight, 
5th fon of Francis, the ift Earl of Weftmoreland.— Margaret, 
who died unmarried. The fons were, John, who died before 
his father. — William. — Richard.-— Sir Edward Spencer, Knt* 
who married Mary, widow of Sir William Reade, of Oilerly, 
in Middlefex, Knight. 

(2d Lord.) William, the 2d, fucceeded; and marrying Pe- 
nelope, daughter to Henry Wrotthefly, Earl of Southampton, 
by her had ux fons and feven daughters ; of which Elizabeth^ 
was firft married to John, Lord Craven, of Ryton ; idly, to 
Henry, third fon of Thomas, Earl of Berkfliire ; and lafily, to 
William, Lord Crofts. — Mary died unmarried. — Anne, mar- 
ried Sir Robert Townfliend.— Catherine died unmarried*-- * 
Alice married Henry, the ift Earl of Drogheda, inlreland.—- ^ 
Margaret, to Anthony- Afhley Cooper, the ift Earl of Shaftcf- 
bury. — Rachel, bom after the death of her fjither, died young. 
Of the fons, ELobert, the 2d, was created Vifcount Tiviot, in 
Scotland ; and having married Jane, daughter of Sir Thorny 
Spencer, of Yarnton, in the county of Oxford, Bart, died 
withont iffue. — William, 3d fon, who was of Aihton, in the 
county of Lancafter, married Elizabeth, daughter of Dutton, 
Lord Gerrard of Bromley, by his 2d wife Elizabeth, 2d daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Henry, 5th Earl of Thomond, and had iuue 
a daughter Elizabeth, married to Robert Heiketh, Efq. whofe 
daughter and hei^ Elizabeth, nj^rri^d (he late Earl of Eferby.— "« 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Richani, Thomas, and John, died unmarried ; their father dy^ 
ing Dec* 19, 1636, was fucceeded by 

(3d Lord and ifl EarL) HenRy his eldeft foo, who was 
jailed to the dignity of Earl of Sunderland, Jwne 8, 1643 5^ ^^^ 
on the 20th of Sept. following, he was flain at the battle ci 
iNcwbury, in the 23d year of his age. He married Dorothy, 
daughter to Robert Sidney, Earl of Leiceftcr, by whom he 
iiad a daughter of her name, who was married to George Sa- 
irile, Marquis of Halifax, by whom fhe had a daughter Anne, 
married to John Vaughan, Earl of Carberry, in Ircfand, and 
Lord Vaughan, of Emelyn, in the county of Carmarthen, 
whofe daughter and heir Anne, mairied Charles, Duke of Bol- 
ton ; a daughter Penelope, who died unmarried ; and an only 
ion Robert. Their mother married, 2dly, to Robert Smy the, 
of Sutton in Kent, Efq. of the Vifcount Strangford's family, 
in Ireland, by whom me had Jflue Robert Smythe, who had 
iffue Henry, father of Sir Sydney-Staffbrd Smytht^ Knt» late 
Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 

(2d Earl.) Robert, in 1643, fucceeded his father, and dy* 
ing on the 28th of Sept. 1702, left iffue by Anne, 2d daughter 
to George Digby, Earl of Briflol, two fons, viz. Robert, who 
died unmarried.— Charles his heir ; and two daughters ; of which 
Anne, married James, Earl of Arran, afterwards Duke of Ha* 
jniiton, in Scotland; and Elizabeth, to Donagh Maccarty, Earl 
of Clancarty in Ireland. 

(3d EarL) Charles fucceeded, and died on the 19th of April, 
1722, in the 47th year of his age, having married ift, Arabella 
Cavendifh, 5th daughter, and co-heir to Henry, Duke of New-' 
caiUe, and by her had an only daughter Frances, who, on the 
5t7th of Nov. 17 1 7, was mairied to Henry, late Earl of Car- 
lifle. He married adly, Anne, 2d daughter and co-heir to 
John, Duke of Marlborough, and by her, who died April 15, 
1716, had four fons; Robert, who died in his infancy. — ^Ro- 
fcert late Earl. — Charles, who became Duke of Marlborough, 
hovn Nov. 22, 1706.— John Spencer, bom May 13, 1708, who 
married February 14, 1734, Georgina, 3d daughter to the 
late Earl Granville, and dying June 19, 1746, left iffue one 
fon, Jphn, fince created Eari dpenccr ; and a daughter bom in 
May I735> who died at 6 years of age. His lady afterwardr 
married William, Earl of Cowper, and died Aug. 21, 1780^ 
His Lordfhip alfo bad two daughters, Anne, married William, 
late Vifcount Bateman; and Diana, married, in 06L I73J> 
John, Duke of Bedford, but died in 1736. The faid Earl, mar* 
l^ied to his 3d wife Judith, daughter to Benjamin Tichbourn, 
Efq. by her had a fbn, William, who died April 22, 1722 ; and 
a daughter Margaret, whb alfo died in her infancy; and the 
Earl dying, as bdfore^mentioned, left his Lady with child of 
another fon, n;uned George, of which (he was delivered on the 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Itth of September; but hie died on the 23d of March, 1723, 
and in 1 739, the Countefs, his mother, married to Sir Robert 
Sutton, iGiight of the Bath, and died in May 17, 1749. W« 
ijow return to 

(4th Earl,) Robert, who fucceeckd his father, and dying 
in the 28th year of his age, on the 17th of November, 1729^ 

(5th Earl, 2d Duke.) Charles, his next brother^ became 
the cth Earl, and by the death of Henrietta Godolphin, Du- 
chefs of Marlborough, who was his mother^s eldeft fifter^ anl 
cldeft daughter of John, Duke of Marlborough, the 24th of OSU 
1733, without iffue male, the titles of Duke of Marlb.oroligh^ 
Marquis of Blandford, Earl of Marlborough, and Baron of 
Sandridge, devolved on him in right of his mother, who wa« 
2d daughter of John, Duke of Marlborough. As his Grace*t 
principal titles are derived from him, it will be neceflary to giv6 
an account of his family : John, firft Duke of Marlborough, 
was the fon of Sir Winfton Churchill, of Wotton-Baflet, in 
Wilts, by a daughter of Sir William Drake, of Alhe, in the 
county of Devon, Bart. Sir Winfton had feven fons and fwir 
daughters ; the three youngeft died in their infancy ; Arabella, 
the eldeft, had ifliie by King James II. James Fitz-Jamcs, Duke 
rf Berwick ; and a daughter Henrietta, n^arried to Henry, Lord 
Waldegravc ; and the faid Arabella afterwards married to Cci* 
Charles Godfrey, and by him left two daughters ; Charlotte, 
married to Hugh, late Vifcount Falmouth ; and Elizabeth, to 
Edmund Dunch, Efq, Of the fons, which were Winfton, 

ffohn, George, Charles, Montjoy, Jafper, and Theobald ; the 
atter, who was in holy orders, died urtmarried Dec. 3, 1685} 
and Winfton, Montjoy, and Jafper, died young ; the other bro- 
thers were Charles, who was General of her Majefty*s Armies ; 
and married Mary, daughter and fole heir to James Qould, of 
Dorchefter, but left no iffue by her, who married 2d!y, Mon*- 
tague, the 2d Earl of Abington } and George was an Admiral 
of her Majefty's fleet. 

John, of whom we are principally to treat, made fome 
campaigns under the gfeateft generals •■of thofe times, viz, 
Turrennc, Conde, and Luxemburgh. Upon his return t<» 
England he was made Lieut. Col. not long after >vhich King 
Charles created him Baron of Aymduth, in Scotland ; but this 
honour died with him. King Tames afcending the throne, he 
was, in the firft year of his reign, May 14, 1685, created Ba- 
ron Churchill, of Sandridge, in the cotmty of Hertford ; but 
all thefe honours were not fuflScient to bring him into the mea- 
fures of the Court-party, againft the didtates of honour and 
confcience ; and all being ready for the happy Revolution that 
footi followed, he, Ivith the Duke of Grafton, and many others 
•f the Prottfftant nobility, left the King, and went over to the 

3 Prince 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Prince of Orange. King William and Queert Mary were no 
iboner on the throne, but he was created Earl of Marlborough; 
the fame year he commanded the Englifti forces in Flanders, 
and in 1690, was fent General of the forces to reduce Cork and 
Kinfale, which fervice he performed with great difpatch imd 
condudl ; the next year he made a campaign under King Wil- 
liam in Flanders, wno, at length, In 1701, appointed him Gen* 
of the foot, and Commander in Chief of the English forces in 
Holland. In 1702, he commanded the army in Flanders, 
where he took feveral important places, and on his return to 
England was made Marquis of Blandford, and Duke of Marl- 
borough. In 1704, he marched to the Danube, routed the 
French and Bavarian forces at Schellenbergh, and afterwards 
gave them a total defeat at Hochftct ; was made a Prince of the 
iacred Roman empire ; and on his return to England had the 
honour and manor of Woodftock voted to him, and the next 
"jear fettled by a£k of parliament with 5000I. per annum out of 
the Poft-OSice, to him and his heirs. In the year 1705, he 
inarched to the MofTelle, returned to the Netherlands, raifed 
the fjege of Lille, and forced the French lines. At the end of 
this campaign he made a tour to Vienna, where the Emperor 
tnade him a grant of the lordfhip of Mindleheim in Suabia, for- . 
merly poffeflcd by Duke Maximiliam, uncle to the Duke of 
Bavaria ; from which time he was diftinguiflied by the ftile and 
title of Prince of Mindleheim, and was afterwards invefted 
therein, and admitted by his plenipotentiary, Mt. Stepney, to 
(it and vote in the college of princes. In 1706, he defeated the 
French and Bavarian forces at the Ramillies, and gained the 
whole country of Brabant to the allies. In the year 1708, be 
with Prince Eugene, defeated the French and Spanilh army at 
Oudenarde, covered the ficge of Lifle, fuccoured Bruffels, then 
befieged by the Duke of Bavaria; and retook Ghent and Bru- 
ges ; and in the year following, they gained a glorious vi<ftory 
at Malplaquet. In 17 10, they took the cities of Douay, Be- 
thune, St. Venant, and Aire. In 1711, the Duke forced the 
prench lines, which they looked upon as impenetrable, and • 
took Bouchain in fight.of the enemy, though 100,000 ftrong : 
nptwithftanding all thefe fervices he was removed from all his 
employments, Dec. 31, 171 1 ; but after the arrival of Tiis Ma- 
jefty King George I. his Grace was declared Captain General of 
all the forces. He married Sarah, daughter of Richard Jen- 
nings, of Sandridge, in the county of Hertford, Efq. by whom 
he had iflue John, his only fon, born in 1690, lliled (after his 
father was made Duke) Marquis of Blandford, who died at 
Cambridge in 1703, alfo four daughters; Henrietta, married to? 
Francis, Vifcount Rialton, late Earl of Godolphin ; and her fa- 
ther dying Tune 16, 1722, without iflue male, his titles, ex- 
cept that ox Lord Aymouth, defcended t<> the faid 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


HeIJRIETTA, Countefs of Godolphin, his eldeft daughter, 
%ho had two fons, William and Henry, the latter of which 
died young ; aivd three daughters. William^ who was ftileJ 
Vifcount Rialton, and srfter the ^ath of his grandfather was 
Marquis of Blandford, married April 1^5, 1729^ Maria-Cathe-- 
rina, daughter of Peter Yong, a burgo-mafter of the province 
of Utrecht, and fitter to the Countefs of Denbigh. He died 
without iffuc Aug 24, 1731, and ihe married after his deceafe, 
to Sir William Wyndbam, Bart, and this Lady lived till Sept. 
1779, but died without iffue by either marriage ; and his mo- 
ther dying CWl. 24, 1733* ^^^^^^^^ iffue male^ the titles devol- 
ved on Charles, eldeft Uirviving fon of Anne, ad daughter of 
John, Duke of Marlborough, which Lady died April 15, 1716, 
aving married the Earl of Sunderland, as before-mentioned* 
The other daughters were Eliz;abeth, married to Scroop, Earl, 
afterwards Duke of Bridgewater, and died March 22, I7i3-14«*— 
Mary, married to John, Duke of Montague, by whomi he had 
two daughters, Ifabella, married ift, to William Montague, 2d 
Duke of Manchefter, by whom ftie had no iffue ; and 2dly, to Sir 
Edward Huffey Montague, Knight of the Bath, now Earl Beau- 
lieu, by whom ftie had iffue, and died 1 786. — Mary, married 
to George^ Earl of Cardigan, who alfo takes the name of Mon-* 
tagu, and has fince been created Duke of Montagu. His later 
Grace, Charles, the fon of Anne the 2d daughter, on the 2 3(1' 
of May, 1732, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, Lord 
Trevor, by whom he had iffuc, Diana, born the 4th of March, 
1735 ; married in Sept. 1757, *^ ^^^ Lord Vifcount Bolingbroke, 
from whom fhe was divorced, having had iffue, and afterwards- 
married to Topham Beauclerk, fon of Lord Sidney Beauclerk, 
by whom fhe was left a widow with fcveral daughters, March 
II, 1780.— Elizabeth, born the 29th of December, 1737, 
married to Henry, Earl of Pembroke, March 13, 1756, and 
has iffue, George, the prefent Duke.— Charles, born 31ft of 
March, 1740, married 2d of Oftober, 1762, to Mary, only 
fitter of the Duke of St. Alban's, and has iffue, John^ bom July 
6, 1763; William-Robert, Elizabeth, and Catherine.— Robert, 
born 8th May, 1747. On July 25, 1758, his Grace was ap- 
pointed Commander in Chief of all the Britifli Forces that were 
intended to ferve on the Lower Rhine ; and Aug.- 29th follow- 
ing. General over all the Foot Forces; but his Grace dying at 
Munfter, in Oflober the fame year, was fucceeded by his fon, 

(6th Earl, and 3d Duke.) George, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Churchill of Sandridge, in the county 
of Hertford, May 14, 1685, i Jac. IL Baron Spencer, of 
Wormleighton, in the county of Warwick, July 21, 1603, 
I Jac. L Earl of Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, April 
9, 1689, I William and Mary. Earl of Sunderland, June 8, 
1693, i9 Can L and Mar<iuis of Blandford, in the county of 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Dorfet, and Duke pf Marlborough, Dec. 14, 1702, I Quceii 

Arms.] Quarterly, ift and 4th quarterly, argent and guksf 
in the 2d and 3d a fret) 5r; over all on a bend, fabler three cf- 
callop fhells of the firft; for Spencer. Second and third, T^W^, 
a lion rampant, argent^ in a canton of the fecond, the crofs of 
England; for Churchill. [Plate V.] 

Crest.] In a ducal coronet, or, a gryphon's head between 
two wings ere6t, argent^ gorged with a plain collar, gulesj and 
beaked, of the firft. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a gryphon party per fefle, 
argent and or ; on the finifter a wyvern, argent^ their wings ex- 
panded, each having a plain collar and chain, fabU^ and their 
collar charged with three efcallop (hells, as in the coat. 

M6TT0.] Dieu defend le droit. God defends the right. 

Chief Seats.] At 6Ienheim> in Oxfordfliire; and at Lang- 
ley, in Bucks. 


npHE raoft noble JOHN- HENRY MANNERS, Duke df 
-■• RUTLAND, Marc^uis of Granby, Earl of Rutland, Ba^ 
ron Roos, of Hamlakc, Trufbut and Belvoir, Baron Manners, 
of Haddon, fucceeded his father, who died 06k. 24, 1787. His 
Grace was born January ^, 1778. 

Henry de Manners, m the 25th of Henry IL paid eighty 
tnarks for livery of his father's lands in Northumberland ; and 
from him defcended, 

Sir Robert de Manners, of Ethale, in the faid county; who 
married Aliva,. daughter and heir of Sir Henry Strather, of 
Newton Glendal, and had iiTue, 

Sir John de Manners, who by Alice, widow of William clo 
Witchoftoe, had one fon. 

Sir John de Planners, who married Joan, daughter of Sir 
Robert Ogle, and had iflue Sir Robert, his heir; John, who is 
buried at St* Mary's chiiirch, Warwick ; and Gilbert. 

Sir Robert the eldeft, married Eleanor, daughter of Tho- 
mas, and eldeft of the three fifters and co-heirs to Edmund 
Lord Roos, lineally defcended from Robert Lord Roos, of Ham- 
lake, by Ifabel Iiis wife, only child and heir to William de Al- 
bini, Lord of Bel voir, who was defcended in a dire^i male lino 
from Robert de Todeni, a noble Norman, the builder of Bel- 
yoir caftie, in the reign of William the Conqueror, and by her 
had iflue two fons, George and Eld ward ; and two daughters^ 
Elizabeth^ married to Sir William Fairfax; and Cecily, to Tho- 

- mas 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Jnas Fairfax, fons of Sif Guy Fairfax, Lord Chief Juftke of 
the court of Common Pleas. 

(ill Lord.) George, his heir, who, in right of his mother, 
vras Lord Roos, in the 4th Henry VIII. accompanied that King 
in the fiegei of Therouenne and Toumay ; but died the next 
year. He married Anne, fole daughter and heir to Sir Thomdts 
Dt. Leget> by Eleanor his wife, eldeft fifter to King Edward IV* 
and widow of Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter ; and by her 
had five fons, Thomas, Sir Oliver, Anthony, Sir Richard, and 
John J and fix daughters; Elizabeth, married to Thomas Lord 
Sands, of the Vine, in Hampfhire.— -Catherine, to Sir Robert 
Conftable, of Everingham, in the county of York. — Eleanor, 
to John Bourchier, Earl of Bath. — Cecily, died unmarried.— 
Margaret, married firft, to Sir Henry Strangeways ; adly, to 
Robert Hen cage, Efq. grandfather of Elizabeth, who was cre- 
ated Countefs of Winchelfea. — Anne, married to Sir Henry Ca- 
pel, of Raynes, in Effex. Of the fons. Sir Richard married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Dimock, of Scrivalftyy, in 
the county of Lincoln, widow of Richard Vernon, Efq. by whom 
flic had Sir George Vernon, whofe fole daughter and heir, Db- 
rothy, married Sir John Manners, fecond fon of Thomas, Earl 
of Rutland ; but the faid Margaret had no ifluc by Sir Richard^ 
who married, adly, the widow of Sir William Coffyn, of Port- 
ledge, in the county of Devon, by whom he had ifluc one fon^ 
one John ; and was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, 

(ad Lord, ift Earl.) Thomas, Lord Roos^ who had fpecial 
livery of all the manors, caftles, and lands defcended to hini 
from the Lady Eleanor, his grandmother, and was on the 28th 
of June, 1525, created Earl of Rutland; and had thereupon an 
augmentation to his ancient arms, by reafon of his defcent fironi 
the fifter of King Edward IV. He married firft, Elizabeth^ 
daughter to Sir Robert Lovel, by whom he had rto iflue; adly, 
Eleanor, daughter to Sir William Pafton, by whom he had five 
fons and fix daughters, and died on the 20th of September, 
1543. Of the daughters, Gertrude married George Talbot, the 
6th Earl of Shrewfljury. — Anne, to Henry^ Nevil, Earl of 
'Weftmorland.— Frances, to Henry Nevil, the 4th Lord Aber- 
gavenny. — Catherine, to Sir Henry Capel.— Elizabeth, to Sir 
John Savage. — Ifabella died young. And of the fons, which 
were Hemy, Sir John, Roger, Sir Thomas, and Oliver; the 
Utter died at twenty years of age ; the 4th married Theodofia^ 
daughter of Sir Thomas Newton, Knt. and left Charles his 
heir; and two daughters, Anne, married to William Vavafor, 
of Haflewood, in Yorkfhire, Efq. by whom fhe had Sir Tho- 
mas Vavafor, created in Baronet the 4th Car* L Sir John, the 
ad fon, was featcd at Wiverton, in the county of Nottingham^ 
but taking to wife Dorothy, daughter and co-neir to Sir George 
Vernon, of Haddon, in the county of Derby, Knt. befi>re men- 

Vol. I. F tioned* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

'*i^6 ' /DUKE OP RUTLAND. 

Yioncd, (who, for his magnificence and hofpitality^ was call^t 
King of the Feak) he became poiTeired of that manor; of whom 
tereafter; and 

(2d Earl.), Henry, the eldcft, fucceeded his fether, and mar- 
!ried firft, Margaret^ daughter to Ralph Nevil, Earl of Weft- 
morland, and ha4 two fons, Edward and John ; and a daughtA 
Xfizabeth, who married Sir William Ck)urtenay, of Powder- 
liam, in the county of Devon. By his fecond wife, Bridget, 
, daughter to Jx)hn, Loud ttufley. of Sleaford, ia the county of 
iLUicoln, and widow of Sir William Morrifon, (who afterwards 
^married Francis, Earl of Bedford) he had no iffue. 

(2d Earl.) Edward the. eldeft, on September 27, isfij* fuc- 

^ceeded his father, and married I^bel, daughtet of Sir Thomas 

Holecraft, of Vale-Royal,^ in the county of Cheiler, and had a 

daughter Elizabeth, who was married to Sir William Cecily 

^X<ord Burleigh, fon and heir to Thomas, Earl of Exeter, by 

whom fhe had William Qecil, Lord Roos; but he died in Italy 

*ln 1618, without ifTue; and the iaid Edward dying on the 14th 

of April, 1587, without iffue male, 

J (4th EarL) John, his brother, bccfune h%ir, and died Feb. 
i, 1588, leaving iffue by Elizabeth, daughter to Francis CharjJ- 
';ton, ot Appley, in the county of Salop, Efq. nine fons an4 
four daughters; Bridget, Frances, Elizabeth, and Mary; of 
Srhom the eldeft married Robert Tirwhit, of Kettleby, m the 
jcounty of Lincoln, Efq^ the 2d, to William, the. third Lord 
Willoughby of ^arham ; the 3d, to Emanuel, Lord Scroop, of 
'.Bolton^ and EarL of Sunderland, but had no iffue; andMaxy^ 
who died unmarried. Of the fons, who were 
^. (5th Earl.) Roger, Francis, Sir George, and fix more, who 
died without iffue. The eldeft fucceeded his father, and mar- 
'xied Elizabeth,. daughter and heir to the famous Sir Philip Sid-- 
ney, but dying the 26th of June, 1612, without iffue, 
. (6th Earl.) Francis, his brother, became heir; as the title 
of Lord Roos, then enjoyed by Sir William Cecil before men- 
'.tioned, as fon and heir of Elizabetli, fole daughter and heir of 
"Edward, 3d Earl of Rutland, who had that title by defi:ent firom 
JEleanor, grapdmpther of Thomas, the firft Early could not 
Juftly be enjoyed by himfelf, he procured a fpecial patent, bear- 
ing date a2d July, 16 16, whereby, in confideratidn that he was 
then poffefled of the land and barony of Hamlake, it was de- 
clared that he 0iould therefore be accepted and called Lord 
IR.00S, of Hamlake, and that his fon and heir ftioufd alfo enjoy 
the fame name and title ; to whom alfo the title of Lord Roos 
reverted by the death of this Sir William Cecil, and aftetr 
wards of George, Duke of Buckingham, without iffue* He 
married firft, Frances, daughter and co^h^r to Sir Henry. J^e- 
vit, of Charlcton, in Wilts, by whom he had one only child» 
Catherine; married firft to George Villiers, Duke of Bttdciiig<» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


-haoi) whofe fon George^ Duke of Buckingham, claimed the . 
title of Lord Roos, and was allowed it ; but dying withoiSit 
ifibe, it returned to the Rutland family, as before mentioned ; 
and 2dly, to Randolph Macdonnel, * Earl of Antrim, in Ire- 
land.: by his fecond wife Cicelv, Mer to Nicholas the firft 
Earl of Thanet, and widow of Sir Edward Hungerferd ; iie.had 
^ two Ions, Henry and Francis, but they both died in their child'- 
:^ood; and the fisudEarl Francis dying Dec. 17, 1632^ without 
iiSue male, 

(7th Earl.) G£0&G£, his next brother, fiicceeded him in his 
honour and eftate* Hejmarried Frances, daughter of. Sir Ed« 
ward Gary, filler to -Henry, the firft Vifcount Falkland, and 
relii^ of Ralph Baihe, of 3ta«i(lcd, Uertfordihire, Efq. and died 
without dfiiae the.29th of March, 1741* We nowretum^toSir 
foKK Manners, - fecond fon of Thomas, the firft Earl, which 
-Sir John -marrying ^Dorothy, daughter and co-heir to Sir George 
Veraon,^ as before mentioned, bj her had Sir G£org£ Man« 
ners; John^mrbo died at the age of 14 years; and Sir Roger, 

• who died unmarried ; and a daughter Grace, married to Sir 
Francis Fortefoue, of Salden,' Bucks. Of the fons, the eldeil* 

-married Grace, fecond daughter to Sir Henry Pierpotnt, and 
viifter to Robert, Earl of Kingfton, by whom he had John his 
rheir ; Henry and Roger, who both died young ; and five daugh<* 
' ters ; Elizabeth, married Robert Sutton, afterwards Lord Lex- 
' ington,--Eleanor, to Lewis- Watfon, Lord Rockingham.— Fran- 
ces, 'to Nleltolas^ Saunderfon, Vifc; CafUeton.— Dorothy, to Sit 
Thomas Lake, of Stanmore,Middlefex.— Mary, to Sir Saok-* 
ville Crow. Their ^her dying in April, 1623, was fucceeded 

• by his eldeft fon, 

(8th Earl.) Jcww, who foeceeded George, Earl of Rutland, 

and married Frances, daughter to Edward, Lord Montagu of 

'•'Boughton, and had four fons, George, Edward, and-Rog^r^ 

who all 4ied v^mng ; John, the third fon and heir; and feven 

• daughters, ot which Frances married John Cecil, the 4th Earl 
-of'Eiccter.— Grace to Patrick, Vifcount Chaworth, in Ireland; 

and 2dly^ to Sir William Langhorn, of Charlton, in Keiit, 
Bart.-i-DoPothy, to Anthony, the fecond Earl of ShafiAury» 
—Elizabeth to James, the fecond Earl of Anglefea.— Margaret 
to James Cecil, the third Earl of Sali{bury«-^Anne to Scroop^ 
Vifcount How, in Ireland*— Mary who died young. 

{^h Earl and ift £^uke.) JOhk, who was neir to the 8th 

^Earl, was fummoned to Parliament by writ, April 29, 1679, 

. by the title of J6hn, Lord Manners, ot Haddon; but his father 

Jiylng 4m the a9thof September, the fame year he became the 

9tb^£arl. He- was by Queen Anne, on the 9th of March, 

1703, created Marquis of Granby and Duke of Rutland. He 

'«U£ried firft, Atme Pierpoint, eldeft dadghter to Henry, Mar- 

• q)2isa^i>MPchifter; but was divorced from her by fentence of 

Fa the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

W t>VZt or RUTLAND/ 

the Spirilual Court, her ifluc difablcd by aft of parliament t# 
inherit any of his lands or honours, and he alfd enabled to 
marry again. His fecond wife was Diana, daughter to Robert 
Earl of Avlefbury, and widow of Sir Seymour ohirley, of Stan- 
ton-Harold, in trie county of Leicefter, and had no iffue by 
her except a fon, who died the fame day he was born, 2nd of 
whom {he died in childbed. He, on the 8th of January, 1673, 
took to his third wife, Catherine, daughter to Baptift Noel, 
Vifcount Campden; and by her, who died Jan. 24, 1733, had 
two fons and two daughters.— Catherine, married John Lord 
Gower. — Dorothy, to Baptift Noel, Earl of Gaiofborougfa* 
And of the fons, which were 

(2d Duke.) John, bom in 1676, and Thomas*Baptift ; the 
latter died the agth of June, 1705, unmarried; and the eldeft, 
fucceeding his father on the loth of Jan. 171 1, was the fecond 
Duke. He married firft Catherine^ fecond daughter to Wil- 
liam, Lord Rufiel, who was beheaded in 1683, and fifter to 
, Wrotthefly, Duke of Bedford; and by her, (who died the 31A 
Oftober 171 1 ) had five fons and four daughters, John, the 
3d Duke. — William, born Nov* 13, 1697, died May 23, 1772. 
^—Thomas, who died unmarried, 1723. — Edward, who died 

?oung in 1693.— Catherine, married Oft* 17, 1726, to Henry 
•elham, Efq* brother to the Duke of Newcaftle, by whom 
ihe had the late Duchcfs of Newcaftle, and the late Lord 
. Sondes, and other children, and died in 1780^— Rachel, who 
died in 1 721, immarriied;— J^'rances, married in 1732, to Rich^ 
' ard Arundel, Efq. 2d fon to John, Lord Arundel, of Trerice, 
. and died without ifluQ<in 1769.-— Elizabeth, married to Johft 
Monkton, Vifcount Galway, of the kingdom, of Ireland; ao<i 
died March 22, 1739, leaving iflue. — ^Wrotthefly, died an in- 
fant. His Grace married Jan. i, 1713, to his fecond wife, 
, Lucy, fifter to Bennet Sherrard, late Eajrl of Harborough, by 
, wliom he had iffue, Sherrard, who died unmarried, 1742.^ — 
' Robert, a General in the army, died May 31, 1782, aged 64, 
having, married Jan. i, 1756, Mifs Mary Diggey, by whom he 
has had, i. Robert. 2. John- James, born Jan. 11, I763« 3. 
George, born Nov. 12, 1763* 4. Mary, born Nov. 20, 1750, 
• married Jan. 31, 177 1, Neft)it, Efq* of Dirleton, in Scotland, 
and has iffue, 5. Lucy, born Jan. 2, 1758. — Henry, who 
died in 1745. — Charles, died December 5, 1761. — James and 
George, who both died young.— Carolina, married firft, in 
1734, to Sir Henry Harpur, Bart. 2dly, July 18, 1753, ^^ ^'^ 
Robert Burdett, Bart, and died Nov. 10, 1769. — ^Lucy, born 
April 19, 1717, and married 1742, to William Graham, Duke 
of Montrofe. His Grace dying Feb. 22, 1721, wasfucceeded 
by his fon, 

(3d Duke) Joh:n, the third Duke, who died May 29, 1770, 
and was fucceeded by his grandibn* H4S Gnac was bom Oct. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


fti^ i6o6 ; and on Aug. 27, I7I7> married Bridget, only daugh* 
tcr and heir of Robert Sutton, Lord Lexington, by whom^ 
who died in 1734, he had iffue five fons and fix daughters, all 
of whom died young, except John, late Marquis of Granby, 
bom Jan. 2, 1721, died Oft. 18, 1770, in the life-time of his 
father; married Sept. 3, 1750, Frances Seymour, eldeftdaugh-^ 
ter of Charles, late Duke of Somerfet, aunt to the Duchefs of 
Northumberland; by which Lady, who died Jan. 25, 1 760, ho 
had ifiue, John, Lord Roos, tK>m Aug. 22, 1751, died June 3, 
1763. — Charles, late Duke of Rutland. — Frances, born March ; 
24, 1753, married July 9, 1772, to George, Earl of Tyrcon-% 
jicl, from whom flie was divorced in 1777, and married 2dly, 
Oa. 28, 1777, Hon. Philip Anftruther, 2d fonof Jane, Baro* 
nefs Newark, of Scotland, by Sir Alexander Anftruther, Bart, 
—Catherine, born 1756, died voung. — Robert, born February 
6, 1758, died 1782. — Robert Dutton, born Feb. 2, 1722, die4 
Nov. 27, 1762, unmarried. — George Sutton, born March 8, 
2723, who took the name of Sutton after the death of his bro- 
;lher Robert, and died Jan. 7, lji$^ He married Dec. 1749^ 
to Diana, daughter of Thomas Chaplain, of Blankley,' in tho^ 
county of Lancafter, Efq. by which lady, who died May 13, 
1767, he had iffue, i. George, born Aug. i, 1751. 2. John, 
l>orn July 12, 1752, now in the army, married April, 1778, 
Mifs Manners, by whom he has iffue. 3. Robert, born Jan. 
5, 1754,- in the navy. 4. Charles, born Feb. 17, 1755, mar-» 
ried May, 1778, Mifs Thornton, and has iffue. 5. Diana, 
married 1778, Thomas Dickens, Efq. 6. Harriot, died an 
infant. ' 7. Louifa Bridget, born 1761, married, and has iffue. 
8. William, died an infant. 9. ThomaSj born Feb. 24, 1756. ^ 
10. Francis, born in 1763, in the army. 11. Charlotte, bora 
1764, married June 16, 1789, Mr. Lockwood. 12. Mary^ 
born in 1766. His Lordfhip married 2dly, February 5, 1760, 
Mifs Mary Peart, by whom he had a daughter, born Auguft 

4^ 1770. 

(4th Duke.) Charles, the late Duke, was born March 15, 
1754, married Dec. 26, 1775, Mary-IfabcUa, fifter to the pre- 
fcnt Duke of Beaufort, by whom he had iffue John Henry, 
thp prefent Duke. — Ifabella, born Sept. 29, 1776.' — Catherine^ 
Mary, bom April 29, 1779- — A fon, born Oft. 24, 1780.-^ 
Another fon, born l5cc. 21, 1781. — ^William -Robert -Albyne, 
born May i, 1783. His Grace died while Lord Lieutenant of 
Ireland, Odi. 24, 1787, when he was fucceeded by his eldeft 

(5th Duke.) John-Henry, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Roos, &c. Nov. 12, 1515. Earl of 
Rutland, June 18, 1525. Marquis of Granby, and Duke of 
Rutland, March 29, 1703. 

F 3 AB'Ms.J 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Arms.] O^, two bars, cawrf, a chief, quattcrly of tte 
fecondj zniguhs^ the firft charged with two fleurs dc Us,^of the 
Jirji, and the laft with a lion of the /ame^ which chief was 
anciently gulesj and the charge thereon is an honfbrary aug- 
mentation, {hewing his defcent from the blopd royal of King 
Edward IV. [Plate V.] ; 

Crest.] On a chapeau, guUsy turned up with irmine, a pea* 
COck in pride, proper. 

Supporters.] Two unicorns, orgMt; their horns, crefts^ 
tufts, and hoofs, or. 
* Motto.] Pour y parvenir. In order to acccomplifli it. 

Chief Seats.] At Haddon-Hall, in Derbyshire ;. Bclvoir- 
CafUe, in Lincolnfhire* 


THE moft noble DOUGLAS HAMILTON, Duke of 
BRANDON and HAMILTON, Marquis of Hamiltoa. 
and Baron of Dutton. 

Sec Duke of Hamilton in the Peerage of Scotland. • 


THE moft noble BROWNLOW BERTIE, Duke of A^f• 
CASTER and KESTEVEN, Marquis and Earl of Lind- 
fey, born May i, 1729, fucceeded his nephew Robert, the late 
lAike, July 8, I77Q» He married firft, Nov. 1762, Henrietta,, 
daughter and heirels of George-Morton Pitt, Elq. of Twicken- 
ham;, but by her, who died April 23, 1763, he had no ifluc* 
He married 2dly, Jan. 2, 1769, Mary- Anne, daughter of Ma-!, 
jor Layard, and has iflue one daughter, Mary-Elizabeth, bora 
July 24, 177 1. 

This family is faid to have come into England with th« 
Saxons, from a place called Bertiland, on the borders of Pru& 
iia ; and of it was 

Leopold de Bertie, who in the reign of King Etheldred^ 
was owner in a town in Kent, called Berfted, fo named from 
himfelf; but he having a quarrel with the Monks of Canter- 
bury, about their tythe, (wherein his eldeft fon was killed) he 
complained to the king in hopes of redreis, which Alphq^s^ 
t(he Arcbbiihop preventing, he folicited Suenei King of I^« 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ftiarky to invade the realm, aud ailifting him therein, he be* 
(ieged and took Canterbury, making prifoner the Archbifhop, 
&c. And the death of his fon was revenged, (in the year 
13149) by murdering every tenth Monk in the Abbey; biit 
Etheldred afterwards prevailing over the Danes, Barbachins^ 
the only fon of Leopold, was forced to fly to Robert, King of 
France, for fandluary, where his pofterity remained, till the 
year 11 54, when 

Philip de Bertie coming over with King Henry II. that 
Kin^, for his valour, reftored him to his ancient patrimony of 
Berfted. He had ifl\ie Martin, father of Robert ; whole 
fon William had iffue Edward, father of 

Jerome, who, hearing a Monk exclaiming at church againft 
the murder committed by his anceftor, ruflied in upon him and 
flew him; for which rain aft he was excommunicated by the 
Archbiihop ; but going to Rome, he there obtained abfolution^ 
and afterwards became a great benefaftor to that church; to 
him fucceeded • .^ 

Robert, father of another Robert, who by a daughter of 
* Pepper, had iflTue 

Thomas Bertie, Efq. who by a daughter of — Say, of 
the county of Salop, had a fon 

Richard, who married Catherine, only daughter and heir 
to William, the laft Lord Willoughby, of Erefby, elder bro- 
ther to Chriftopher, father of William, the firft Lord Wil- 
loughby, of Parham, and widow of Charles Brandon, Duke 
of Suffolk, but this great Duchefs being moft zealous for the 
Reformation, drew both herfelf and her hufband into danger, 
fo that they were forced to fly beyond fea, fettling in Poland 
till the death of the Queen. During the time of their travels, 
this lady had a fon, whom by reafon of his being born abroad, 
was chriftened Peregrine ; and had alfo a daughter, Sufannah, 
married to Reginald Grey, Earl of Kent, and afterwards to 
Sir John Winrfeld, Knt. This 

(ift Lord.) Peregrine, in the Parliament of the ift of Eli- 
zabeth, 1559, was made free Denizen; and upon the death of 
Catherine, his mother, in 1580, claiming the dignity of Lord 
Willoughby of Erefby, was admitted to take his feat in Par- 
liament, the 1 6th of January following. He married Mary, 
daughter to John Vere, Earl of Oxford, by Margaret his le- 
cond wife, and fifter and heir of the half blood to Earl Ed-.- 
ward; and dying in 1601, left five fons, and a daughter Ca- 
therine, married to Sir Lewis Watfon, afterwards Lord Rock- 
ingham ; and of the fons, which were Robert, Peregrine, 
Henry, Vere, and Roger ; the eldeft fucceeded his father. This 

(2d Lord, ift Earl.) Robert, in the ift" of James Lmakii^ 
his claim to the "Earldom of Oxford, asi alfo to the title of 

f 4 Lot4 

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Lord Bulbcck, Standford, and Badlefmcre, and to the office of 
Lord High Chamberlain of Eneland, as fon and heir to Mary^ 
fole daughter of the great family of Vere, after much difpute, 
had judgement in his behalf, for the office of Lord High Cham- 
berlain ; and the fame year took his feat above all the Barons. 
}n the 2d of Charles L he was advanced to the dignity of Earl 
of Lindfey; and in Aug. 22, 1642, being chofen Genpral of 
the King's forces, at the breaking out of the Civil War, he on 
the 23d of Oft. following, received his death-wound at the 
battle of Edge-hill. He married Elizabeth, only child of Ed- 
ward, the firft Lord Montagu, of Boughton, by his firft wife^ 
and by her, who died Nov. 30, 1654, had nine fons; of which 
Montagu and Roger were made Knights of the Bath, and the 
latter was married to Urfula, daughter and heir of Sir Edward 
Lawley, and left a fon Robert, who died without iflue. — Ro- 
bert, 3d fon, died in 1608. — Sir Peregrine, 4th fon, married 
the daughter and co-heir of Mr. Daniel Harvey, and left iflue 
Elizabeth, his only daughter and heir, married to William, 
Lord Widrington.i — Francis, 5th fon, was killed in the King'$ 
fcrvice in Ireland, in 1641. — Robert, 6th fon, born Januaiy i,. 
1619, firft married Alice, daughter of Richard Barnard, Efq» 
sdly, Elizabeth, 2d daughter of Sir John Bcnnet; and 3dly, 
♦ Mary, daughter to Robert Halfey, Efq. and relift of John 
Croftie, Efq.— Henry, 7th fon, loft his life in the King's fer- 
vice, at the bajttle of Newbury. — Vere, 8th fon, died unmar- 
ried. — Edward, 9th fon, born Oft. 17, 1624, died Dec. 25, 
1686. And haying alfo five daughters; Catherine was married 
to Sir William Fafton, Bart.-.-Elizabeth, to Sir Miles Stapyl- 
ton, Knt.— Anne, died unmarried. — Sophia, married to Sir 
Richard Chaworth, who was beheaded ; and afterwards to Sir 
Abraham Shipman, Knt. . 

(2d Earl.) Sir Montagu, his eldeft fon, married ift Mar- 
tha, 3d daughter to Sir William Cockain, of London, Knt. 
and Alderman, and fifter to Charles, the i ft Vifcount CuUen, 
of the kingdom of Ireland, widow of John Ramfey, Earl of 
Holdcrnefs, and by her had five fons and three daughters. And 
hy his fecond, who was Bridget, daughter and fole heir to Ed- 
ward Wray, Efq. by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir to 
Francis, Lord Norreys, Earl of Berkfliire ; he had two fons and 
a daughter Mary, who was married to Charles Dormer, Earl 
of Caernarvon. And of the fons by the 2d wife, which were 
James and Henry ; the latter married Philadelphia, daughter 
to Sir Edward Norris, by whom fhe had iffue two fons and 
and three daughters; of which James the eldeft married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Roger Harris, of Winchefter, Efq. by whom 
he left iftue one fop, Norris Bertie. Charles-Montague Bertie^ 
the 2d fon, was late Reftor of Uffington, in the county of 
iAnwln^ Of the daughters of the £^U Elesmor and Anne, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


4icd unmarried; and Catherine married Francis Clark, Efq« 
who left iffue one fon, Francis ; and the faid Henry married to, 
his 2d wife, a fifter of Sir Henry Fetherftone, Bart, by whom 
he left no iffue ; and died at Chefterton, in Oxford/hire, in 
December, 1734. — Jamef, the eldeft fon by the 2d wife, who 
was Lord Norreys, by defcent, in right of his mother, was crea- 
ted Earl of ABINGTON. Of the daughters by his firft wife, 
which were Elizabeth, Bridget, and Catherine, the eldeft mar- 
ried Baptift Noel, Vifc. Campden ; the 2d to Sir Thomas Of- 
borne, Knt. afterwards Duke of Leeds ; and the youngeft to 
Robert Dormer, Efq. Of the fons by the i ft wife, which were 
Robert, Peregrine, Richard, Vere, and Charles; the latter 
married Marv, daughter to Peter Tryon, widow of Sir Samu« 
cl Jones, an(f by her had two fons ana two daughters ; of which 
Elizabeth, the eldeft, was married to Charles Mildmay, Lord 
Fitz-Walter ; but Maria died young, as did Thomas the eldeft 
fon; but Charles married Mary, daughter and heir to John 
NorBorne, Efq. and had iffue one daughter, Sufanna, married 
to Edward Hales, Efq. brother to Sir Chriftopher Hales, Bart* 
and three fons; !• Charles, married Bethlheba, daughter of 
Dr. Mead, by whom he had iffue five fons, Charles, Kichard» 
James, Montague, and Vere, 2. Peregrine, 2d fon, married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Payne, and had a fon Pere- 
grine, born in 17 39. 3* Norborne, 3d fon, was Reflor of 
Weft-Deeping, in the county of Lincoln. — Vere, 4th fon of 
Montague, Earl of Lindfey, died unmarried, as did Richard 
the 3d fon ; but Peregrine, the 2d fon of the Earl of Lindfey^ 
marrying Sufan, daughter to Sir Edward Monins, Bart, had 
two daughters, Bridget, wife of John, Earl Powlett; and Ma- 

3', who was married to Anthony Henly, Efq. and afterwards ta 
enry Bertie, Efq. jd fon of James, the i ft Earl of Abingdon* 
To Montagu^ the 2a Earl, who died July 25, 1665, fucceeded 
(3d Eaf 1.) Robert, his eldeft fon ; wno marrying Mary, 2d 
daughter and co-heir to John MafEngbred, of London, Mer- 
chant, by her had one daughter, Arabella, who itiarried Tho- 
mas Savage, Earl Rivers ; but taking to his 2d wife, Elizabeth^ 
daughter to Philip, Lord Wharton, by her had five fons ; and 
by his 3d wife, who was Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir to 
Thomas Pope, Earl of Downe, in Jrelarid, and mother of the 
ift Earl of Litchfield, he had one fon and one daughter, Charles 
and Elizabeth, who both died unmarried. Of the five fons by 
the fecond wife, which were Robert, Peregrine, Philip, Norris$ 
and Albemarle ; the latter died in Jan. 1741-2. — ^Norris died un- 
married. — Philip died unmarried, April 15, 1728. — Peregrine 
died without iffue, July 10, 171 1. 

(ift Duke.) Robert, the eldeft fon, on the 8th of May, 
1701, fucceeded his father. He was in 1690, called up by writ 
to the Houfe of Peersj as Lord Willoughby of Erefl)y. On the 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


29tb of .December, 1706, he was created Marquis of Lindfej? 
and on the 29th of July, 17 17, created Duke of Ancafter 3xA 
Itefteven. lie married ift, Mary, daughter to Sir Richard 
Wynne, by whom he had iflue, Robert, who died unmarried.— 
Peregrine, his fucceffor. — Elizabeth. — Eleanor. — Mary, died 
Unmarried. He married adly, Albina, daughter of William 
Farringdon, Efq. of Chiflehurft, in Kent, by whom (who mar* 
Tied adly, James Douglas, Efq. and died July 29, 1745) he 
had iffue, Verc, who died Sept. 13, 1768, having married 
Mifs Anne Cafey, and left iffue two daughters, Albma, mar- 
ried to George Hobart, Efq. brother to the Earl of Bucking- 
hamfhire; and Louifa, married April 19, 1778, to Charles 
Stuart, Efq. 4th fon of John, Earl of Bute. — Montague, who 
married Anne, daughter of William Piers, Efq. fhe died 1782. 
He died Dec. 12, 17531 leaving two daughters, Augufta, mar- 
ried to John, late Earl of Weftmorland, and died in 1766 ; and 
Frances. — Robert, born Nov. 14, 1741, married April ^ in 
1762, Mary, daughter of Montague, late Vifcount Blundell, 
and widow of Robert, late Lord Raymond, and died March 
lO, 1782. — Thomas, died July 21, 1749* — Louifa, married ia 
1730, to Thomas Blud worth, Efq. and is fmce dead. i 

(2d Duke.) Peregrine was born April 29, 1686, and on 1 
March 16, 17 15, was fummoned by vrit to the Houfe of I 
Peers, by the title of Lord Willoughby of Erefby, and on 
July 26, 1723, fucceeded his father. His Grace i^arried Jane^ 
■ daughter and co-heir to John Brownlow, of Belton, in the 
county of Lincoln, Bart, and by hex, who died in Sept. 1736J 
had five fons and five daughters, Robert and George, who died 
infants,— Peregrine, his fucceffor, the third Duke. — Albemarle. 
—Brownlow, the prefent Duke. His daughters were, Mary^ 
married to Samuel Greathead, Efc^. and died April 24, 1774^ 
leaving iflue. — Albina, married to John Beckford, Kfxu on 
March 8, 1744; and died without iflue in March 1754. — Jane, 
married to Majof Matthews, and has iflue. — Carolina, married 
March 31,' I7S3> ^^ George Dewar, Efq. and died June 13, 
1774, leaving iuue.— Anne, who died in Auguft, 1735' His 
Grace dying the firft of Jan. 1742, was fucceeded by his cldeft 

(3d Duke.) Peregrine, married firft, May 22, i735> Eli- 
zabeth, daughter and fole heirefs of William Blundell, Efq. of 
Bafingftoke, in Hampfliire, and widow of Sir Charles Gunter 
>Jicol, Knight of the Bath, by which Lady, who died Dec. 
1743, he had no iflTue. He married fecondly, Nov. 27, 1750, 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Panton Efq. of Newmarket, by 
whom he had iflue; Peregrine-Thomas, born May 21, 1750, 
and died Dec. 12, 1758. — Robert, tlic late Duke. — Mary. — 
Catherine, born April 15, 1754, died unmarried April j, 
I767.--Prifcilla-Barbara-Elizabeth, the prefent Baronefs Z^jEr^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

P-UKE or PORT LAN I>* 75 

ij0 — Georgiana-Cbarlotte, born Auguft 7, 1764. — AfonwW 
^ed before baptifm, Sept. 1759. ^^^ Grace died Aug. 12, 
11778, and was fucceeded by his only fon^ 

(4th Duke.) Robert, late Duke, bom Nov. 4, 1756, an4 
dfing fuddfenjy July 8, 1779, unmarried, was fucceeded in the 
Xiarony of D'Erbsby by his eldeft lifter, the prefent Baronefs^ 
(5vho{e hufiiand. Sir Peter Barrel, Bart, hi her ri^ht officiatcftr 
skM Lord Great Chamberlain of England) and in his other ho*. 
SK>urs by his uncle, 

(5th Duke.) Brownlow, the prefent Duke. 

Creations^] Earl of Lindfey^ Nov. 22, 1626, Marquis^ 
I>ec. ai, 1706, and Duke, June 29, 17 15* 

. AaMs.] jdrgentj three battering rarns^ barways, armed* an<l 
Sarnt0ied, azure* [Plate VL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, thebuft of a King (named Barbicon\ 
couped at the breaft, proper^ crowned ducally, or, being the creft 
of the Barons Willoughby. Their creft, as Bertie> is a pinc« 
tree, proper. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a pilgrim, or frvar, vefted 
in rufiet, with his ftaft* and pater-nofter, or. On tne finifter,! 
a lavage wreathed about the temples and middle, with ivy, all 

MxyvTO.'] Loyake me eblige. Loyalty binds me. 

Chief Seats.] At Grimfthorpe, and Uffington in t^ie coun« 
ty of Lincolm 


•■- BENTINCK, Duke of PORTLAND, Marquis of Tich- 
&eld, Vifconnt Woodftock, and Baron of Cirencefter, born 
ikpril 14, 17^8, fucceeded his father William, May i, 1762, 
and married, November 8, 1766, Dorothy, fifter to the Dnke 
«f Devonfhire, by whom he has iflue, William-Henry-Caven* 
difti^ Marquis of Titchfield, born June 24, 1768.— Two fons^ 
who died infants. — ^William-Henry-Cavendifti, born Sept. 14, 
1774. — Charlotte, born Oft. 3, 1775. — ^Mary, born March 13^ 
1778. — William-Charles- Auguftus-Cavendifli, born in May 
1780. — WilUam-Frederick-(Svendifli, born Nov. 2, 1 781.— -A 
da^bter bom 0€t. 1786. 

'Hiis Dnke is ^efcended from a very ancient and noble family 
in the United Provinces of Holland, of which was 

(ift Baronet and Earl.) William Bentinck, who in hit 

Cttth was Page of Honour to William, Prince of Orange* 
1677, he was font iilto England, by that Prince, to folicit a 
match with Mary, eldeft daughter to James, then Duke of 
York i and on the 4th 6f November enfuing^ they being mar- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ricd, the laid Mr, Bcntinck, was on their Majeftics accefllon, 
made Groom of the Stole, and Privj Purfe to his Royal Maf- 
ter, a Lieut. Gen. of his Majefty's Army, Colonel and Captaift 
of a Regiment of Dutch Horlc, one of his Privy Council, 
Gentleman of the Horfe, Baron of Cirencefter, Vifc. WoocU 
ftock, and Earl of Portland. And the next year, being ap-' 
pointed his Maiefty's Ambaffador Extraordinary to the Court of 
France, he filled that employment with equal honour to the 
King, and the Britiih Nation, and outfhon^ the magnificence 
and pomp of all the moft fplendid embaffies ever beheld at that 
Court, and was one of the moft celebrated Statefmen of hi« 
time. He married ift, Anne, fifter to Edward, Earl of Jer- 
fcy, by whom he had iflue three fons and five daughters, viz* 
William, who died in his infancy.— Henry, fecond fon, after- 
wards Duke of Portland.— Alfo another Williim, who died 
young in Holland. — Mary, cldeft daughter, married to Alger- 
non, Earl of Efiex, and after his deccafe to Sir Conyers D*arcy, 
only brother to Robert, late Earl of Holdernefs. — Anna-Mar- 
garetta, fecond daughter, married to Monficur Duyvenvord^ 
one of the principal nobles of Holland.— 'Frances- Will iamina, 
third daughter, married to William, Lord Byron, and died 
March 31, 1 7 12. — ^Eleanora, fourth daughter, died unmarried* 
— Ifabelb, youngeft daitgbter, married to Evelyn Pierpoint, 
Duke of Kin^on, and died on February 23, 1728. Hi> 
Lordftiip, on May 16, 1700, married his fecond wife, Jane^ 
fixth daughter of Sir John Temple, of Eaft-Shecn, in the 
county of Surry, Bart, fifter to Henry, Lord Vifcount Pal* 
merfton, and widow of John, Lord Berkeley, of Stratton ; an^ 
by her, (who died March 26, 1751) had two fons and four 
daughters ; William, on^ of the nobles of Holland. — Charles- 
John, an Officer in the army of the States-General, who died 
Feb. 1779. — Sophra, married March 24, 1739, to His Grac^ 
Henry dc Grey, Lite Duke of Kent.— Elizabeth, married to Dr, 
Henry Egerton, Bi/hop of Durham, brother to Scroop, Duke 
of Bridgewater, and died 1 780.— -Harriot, married to Jame» 
Hamilton, late Earl of Cfanbraffii, in the kingdom of Ireland. — 
Barbara, married to William, late Lord Godotphin, and died 
April 15, 1756; and the Earl dyin^ on Nov. 23, 1709, in the 
62d year of his age, was fucceeded by Heni-y his fon, by Anne, 
his I ft wife : which 

(ift Duke.) Henry was created Marcjuis and Duke, and 
»ade Captain-General and (governor in Chief of the Ifland Ja- 
maica, where he died (at St. Jago) July 4, 17^, in the 45tl> 
year of hi?? age. He married on the 9th of June, 1704, Eliza- 
beth Noel, eldeft daughter and- co-heir to "Wrotthefly-Baptift^ 
Earl of Gainft)orough, and by her, who died in March, 1737, 
had William, late Duke of Portland.— George, a Colonel of 
Foot, horn Dec. i7i5> and died M^rch 2, 1759.— Anne, ^^^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


tied to Lieut. Ca)1. Daniel Paul, died in Jan. 1749. — Tfabcll^, 
married Nov. 8, 1739, ^^ Henry Monk, Efq, of Ireland, and 
died Feb. 1783, leaving iffue; IfabcUa, married to the prefent 
Marquis of .Watcrford, by whom fhc has ifTue. Amelia, mar- 
ried to Jacob Arran Van Waflenar, one of the nobles of Hol- 
land, died in Jan. 1 756. 

(2d Dukje.) WiLl-iAM, the If^^ Duke, was born in March, 
1709, fuccceded his father Henry, July 4, 1726, and married 
July II, I734> Margaret-Cavendifli-Harley, only daughter and 
heirefs of Edward, Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, by whom, 
who died July 17, 1785, he |iad iffue, Elizabeth, born Jun^ 27, 
1735, married May 22, 1759, Thomas, the prefent Marquis 
of Bath, and has iffue,— -Henrietta, born March 6, 1736, 
married May 28, 1 763, to Lord Grey, now Earl of Stamford, 
and has iffue. — William-Hen ry-Cavendiih, the prefent Dukp, 
— Margaret, born July 26, 1739, who died unmarried, Aprjl 
a8, 1756.— Frances, born April 9, 1741, who died in March, 
- 1742- — Edward-Charles, born March 3, 1744, married Dep* 
aS, 1.782, MifsCumbeirUnd, ejdeft daughter of Richard Cun>- 
berland, Efq. And his Grace . dying May i, 1762, was fuc- 
ceededby - 

(3d Duke*)^ Willjam-Henry-Cavendish, the prefent 
Duke* . 

Crje AT 10NS.3. Baron of Circncefter, Vifc. Woodftock, and 
Earl of Portland, April 9, 1689, 1 William and Mary,, and 
Marquis of Tichiield, and Duke of Portland, July 6, 17 16, 
a Geo. I. 

AvlmsJ] Jxurf, acrofsmoline, argent, [Plate VI.] 

CRJBSTrj Out of a Marquises coronet, proper, two arms coun- 
ter, embowed and veiled, gules; gloved, or; and holding each 
an oftrich-feather, argent. 

Supporters.] Two lions double quevee ; the dcKter, proper ; 
the other, faile. 

Motto.] Craignez honte. Fear difgrace. 
. Chief Seats.] At Bulftrode, in Buckinghamfhire, and Wei- 
lKc\if in Nol^pnghamfhire. 


THE moft noble WILUAM MONTAGU, Duke and Earl 
of MANCHESTER, Vifcount Mandeville, Baron Mon- 
tagu of Kimbolton, fucceeded his father Georgej Sept. 2, 17S8; 
born March 3, 1768. 

The firft of this noble family, (who took their furname from 
^ ibarp-pointed mountaia^ in Latio^i de Monto acuto, in the 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

•.^8 DUKE OF MAKCHfiSTi'Ell. 

•county of Soraerfet) was Dr^go de Montagu/ whofe arms werc^ 
e%ure^ a gryphon fegreiant, or* 

To him fucceeded William de Montagu, and to him Ri- 

• CHARD, who was fucceeded by Drogo, and Drogo by Wil- 
liam ; and he by another William, who all bore the arms as 
scbovc : but Simon, the fon of the laft Willkim, and Berta bis 

•wife, changed them to argent, three fofils in fefs, guleft; and 
having married Aufricia, daughter to Fcrgufius, King of tikt Ifle 
of Man, defcended from Orry, King of Denmark, had two 

• fons, 

William and.3imon, whereof the eldeft -married Eliiabeth, 

• daughter pf Peter 'de Montfort, of Beaudefert, in the county xif 
Warwick, and had four fons, John, wIk) died before his father ; 
William, heir to his father; Simon, Bifhop, firft of Worcefter, 

' and afterwards of Ely, who began building the beautiful 'Cbaptl 
on the North fide of that cathedral, atid beftow^d great ftnng 
thereon, but his death prevented his finifhing it. Sir Edward^ 
' 4th fon, was Governor of the caflle of Werk, under his bro- 
ther, the Earl of Salifbury, which caftle endured a -memoFable 
fiege the 15th of Edw. I U. which gave rife to the ftory of the 
King's falling in love with the Coontefs of Salifbury, and to the 
eftablifhment of the Order of the Garten This Sir Edwaikl, who 
was a Knight Banneret, had fummons to Parliament among the 
Barons, and having married Alice, daughter and co-heir to Tho- 
mas Brotherton,"Earl of Norfolk, '5th fon of K. Edw. I. hiul 
iflue an only daughter Jt>an, married to William de Ufibrd^ 
Earl of Suffolk. 

William, his eldeft furviving brother, fucceeded hi^ father^ 
and was created Earl of Salifbury, 11 Edw*lIL He was'alfa 
King of the Ifle of Man, and died January ^, 1344. He mar- 
ried Catherine, daughter of William, and lifter and heir 4a 
Otho, LoiM Grandifon, by Sibylla, daughter and heir of John 
de Tregoz, a great Baron, by whom he had iffue two tone, 
William and John; and four daughters; Sibylla, married to 
Edmund, fon to Edmund, Earl of Arundel ; IPhilippa, to Ro- 
ger Mortimer, Earl of March ; Elizabeth, to Giles, Lord 
Baddlefmere ; and Agnes ^o John de Grey, fon and heir of Ro- 
ger, Lord Grey, of Deflrencloyt. 

William the eldeft, who fucceeded his father as Earl of Sa- 
lifbury, corftrafted marriage with Joan, ^called the Fair Maid 
of Kent, daughter to Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Kent, third 
fon of King Edward I. ; but Sir Thomas Holland alledging, in 
his petition to Pope Clement VL a prior contrail from her with 
him, and that the Earl unjuftly withheld her from him, the 
Pope gave judgement againft the Earl, who thereupon marrt^ 
Elizabeth, daughter and afterwards co-heir to John, Lotd Mo- 
hun, arid by her had a fon, William, who was unfortflnateAy 
ilain at Windfor, 6 Richard IL by his own hand, in a tilting; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ftnd the Earl his father dying 3d of June, 20 Richard IL we re- 
turn to 

Sir John his brother, who married Margaret, daughter and 
heir of Sir Thomas Monthermer, by Joan of Acres, daughter 
of King Edward I. in whofe right he had fummons t<5 Parlia- 
ment from 31ft Edw. to 13th Rich, II. when he died. He had 
iflue four fons, John, his heir; Thomas, Dean of Salifbury ; 
^Richard, and Simon, anceftor to the late Duke of MON- 
TAGU; and three daughters, Sibyl, Catherine, and Marga- 

Sir John, the eldeft (on, fucceeded his fon in the Earldorti 
of Salilbury; and in the ift Henry IV. was beheaded at Ciren- 
.ccfter on January c. He married Maud, daughter to Sir Adam 
Francis, widow, nrft of John Aubrey, and adiy, of Sir Allan 
^"Boxhull, KnigHt of the Garter, by whom he had Thomas his 
iieir; Richard, who died without iffue; alfo three daughters, 
Anne, married firft to Sir Richard Hankford, Knt. by Whom 
file had a daughter, married to Thomas Butler, Earl of Or- 
mond ; adly, to Sir John Fitz-Lcwis, Knt. jdly, to John Hot- 
land, Earl of Huntingdon, an<J Duke of Exeter ; Mary, 2d 
daughter, married William, Lord Ferrers, of Groby ; and Eli- 
zabeth, 3d daughter, to Robert, Lord Willoughby of Ereiby. 

Thomas, w;ho fucceeded his fafher as Earl' of Salifbury, 
'married Alianore, 4th daughter to Thomas, and fifter to Ed- 
mund, Earl of Kent, and was killed at the fiege of Orleans the 
6th of Henrv VI. leaving an only daughter Alice, who was 
Countefs of Salifbury, She married Sir Richard Nevil, whb 
in her right became Earl of Salifbury, and had by her two Tons, 
John and Richard; John became Marquis of Montagu, ariid 
married Ifabella, daughter of Sir Edmund Inglethorp, but was 
ilain at Barnet, and died without iflTuc. To him fucceeded 
Richard his brother, who alfo was Earl of Salifbury and War- 
wick, and was called the Great Earl of Warwick ; he married 
J^nne, daughter to Richard Bcauchamp, Earl of Warwick, but 
was likewl^ ilain at Barnet, and died without ifTue alfo. 

Having done with this line, we now return to 

Simon Montagu before mentioned, who married Elizabeth, 
daughter and heir of William Boughton, of Boughton, in the 
county of Northampton, and had Thomas heir, who married 
Chriflian, daughter to Thomas BafTet, and had 

John his heir, who married Alice, daughter to William Hoi- , 
cot, by whom he had . 

William Montagu, who married Margaret, daujghter to 
Chriflopher Bouling, Efq. and had 

Richard Montagu, who married Agnes, daughter to Wii^-* 
Kam Sj9eUing, and had 

Thomas, who married Agnes, daughter to William Dudley, 
J£S^i by whom he had John, who'diedwithodt iflue, and 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

to DUKE or MANCHfiSTEfe. 

Edward, who in 1539 was. made Lord Chidf Juflicc of fing-* 
land, and died ia 1556. He married firft Elizabeth, daughtefr 
of William Lane, Efq. and had three fons, Ralph, Thoma^, 
and Robert, who all died young ; and three daughters, Dowfe, 
married to Sir Edward Watfon, anceftor to the late Marquis of 
Rockingham ; Anne, to John Roufe, Efq. ; Amey, to George 
Lynce, Efq* His fccond wife was daughter of George Kirk- 
ham, Efq. by whom he had no iflue; but by his third, who 
»s Eleanor, daughter of John Roper, Efq. anceftor of the 
WTeynham, he had five fons and fix daughters; Elizabeth, 
married firft to Richard Cave, Efq. fon of oir Thomas Cave'; 
and 2dly, to William Markham, Efq. ; Eleanor, to Georgo 
Tyrrell,' Efq. ; Ifabella, to Brian Lafcelles; Mary, to William 
Watts, Efq. ; Margaret, to Robert Wood, Efq. ; Agnes, tojohn 
Lane, Efq. Of the fons, which were Sir Edward, Roger, Simon, 
Thoitias, and Willian**i 

Sir Edward the eldeft, fucceeded his father ; and died January 
a6, 1602. By Elizabeth, eldeft daughter to Sir James 'Harring- 
ton, he had eight fons and four daughters ; Lucy, married Sir 
William Wray; Sufan, to Sir Richard Sondes ; Elizabeth died 
young: Theodofia, was married to Sir Henry Capel, from 
whom the Earl of Kflex is defcended. Of the fons, Henry the 
fldeft and Thomas the youngeft died in their infancy; and of 
the furviving, which were Sit Edward, Sir Walter, Henry, 
Charles, James, and Sir Sidney ; froni the latter is defcendel 
the prefent Earl of SANDWIuH; James, who was. in 1616, 
Bifliop of Winchefter; Sir Charles married firft, Lettice, daugh- 
ter of Henry Clifford, Efq. but by her had no iffue ; and 2dly, 
Mary, daughter of Sir William WHitmore, by whom he had 
iffue three daughters, his co-heirs; i ft. Elizabeth, wife of 
Chriftopher, Lord Hatton ; 2d. Anne, wife of Dudley, Lord 
North; 3d. Mary, wife of Sir Edward Byftie, ofStanAead, ia 
Effex, Knt. From Sir Henry defcended the prefent Duke of 
MANCHESTER, and the late Earl of HALIFAX. Sir Wal- 
ter married Anne, daughter to Sir ttenry Morgan, Efq. and 
died without iffue. 

Sir Edward, who was heir to his father, on the 29th ot 
June, 1621, was created Lord Montagu, of Boughton, and died 
the 15th of June, 1644, in the 82d year of his age. He mai'- 
ried firft, Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir to Sir John Jef- 
freys, by whom he had an only daughter of her name, who 
was married to Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindfey, anceftor of the 
Duke of Ancafter, Py his 2d wife Frances, 2d daughter of 
Thomas Cotton, Efq. he had three fons, Edward, his heir; 
William, who was Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, (and 
died 1707, in the 89th year of his age) having married Mary, 
daughter of Sir John Aubrey, by whom he had iffue William, 
-fftio married Auoe, daughter ana fole heir of Richard £veWQ» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Efq. alfo a daughter — — , firft married to — — Drake, Efq# 
and 2dly, to Samuel Trotman, Efq.; Chrlftopber, who died 
unmarried ; iind a daughter Frances, Who was married to John, 
8th Earl of Rutland. The faid Edward, Lord Montagu mar- 
ried 3dly, Anne, daughter to John Crouch, Efq. and widow of 
Sir Ralph Hare, by whom he had no iflue. 

(2d Lord,) Edward, who was the 2d Lord Montagu, mJtr-- 
rie<J Anne, daughter and fole heir to Ralph Winwood, of X)it-». 
ton-Park, in Bucks, by whom he had Edward his eldeft ^#lfi, 
who was flain in the attack of the Dutch Eaft India fliipif^a. 
the port of Bergen, in Norway, Auguft ^, 1665, in the 25th. 
year of his age, unmarried; aad Ralph his fucceffoT; alfo Eli- 
zabeth, married to Sir Daniel Harvey. 

(3d Lord.) RALt>H, who was the 3d Lord, was created Vifc* 
Monthermer and Earl of Montagu; a^-on the 12th of April, 
1705, he was created Marquis of Monthermer and Duke of 
Montagu; and having niirried firft, Elizabeth, daughter to 
Thomas Wrotthefly, Earl of Southampton, and widow of Jo- 
celine Percy, the nth Earl" of Northumberland, he had three 
fbns and one daughter; but by his fecond wife, who was Eliza-; 
beth, eldeft daughter and co-heir to Henry Cavendifhe, Duka 
oT Newcaftle, and widow of Chriftopher Monk, Duke 6f Al-^ 
b'emarle, he had no child« This ladv died at Newcaftle-Houfe 
in Clerkenwell, the 28th of Auguft, 1734. Of the iffue by 
his firft wife ; Anne, was firft married to Alexander Popham, 
Efq. by whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, married to Ed-» 
ward, Vifc. Hinchingbroke, by whom flie had the prefent Earl 
of Sandwich; and ihe married 2dly, Francis Seymour, Efq.. 
bro'vher to the Duke of Somerfet; and the fecond huft)and of 
the faid Lady Anne was Lieu tenant-General Daniel Harvey, , 
who died in September, 1732, and flie died in January, 1742. 
Of the fons, which were Ralph, Winwood, and John; the el- 
deft died at 12 years of age, and the fecond about 20; but the 
youngeft, who on the gtli of March, 1709, fucceeded his fa- 
ther, was the 2d and laft Duke of Montagu ; he married Mary 
►Churchill, fourth and youngeft daughter and co-heir to John, 
Duke of Marlborough, and by her, who died May 14, 1751, 
had three fons, John, George, and Edward-Churchill, who all 
died very youn? ; and three daughters, viz. Ifabella,. who mar- , 
ried William, Duke of Manchefter, by whom ihe had no iiTue, 
but afterwards married to Edward, Earl Beaulieu ; Eleanor died 
an infant; Mary married George, Earl of Cardigan, now Duke 
of Montagu ; but his Grace dying July 5, 1749, without iffue 
mate, the honours became extinft. We now return to . 

(tft Earl.) Sir He^trV, 3d brother to Edward, firft Lord^ 
M6iitag\i, of Boughton ; on the 19th of December, 1620, who 
^^as created Baronof Kimbolton and Vifc. Mandeville, and after- 
*iftls Earl of Manchefter. He married Catherine, 2d daugh- 

VoL. L G ter 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ter of Sir William Spencer, 3d fon of Sir George Spencer, of 
Althorp, anceftor of the Duke of Marlborough, and had four 
fons and two daughters ; Elizabeth, v;as firft married to Sir 
Lewis Manfel, Knt. anceftor to the late Lord Manfel ; and 
adly, to Sir Edward Sebright. — Lucy, was married to Henry- 
Hare, Baron Colraine, in Ireland. His fecond wife was Anne, 
daughter and co-heir of William Wincot, Efq. and widow of* 
Sir Leonard Holiday, by whom he had no iffue ; but by his 
third wife Mar^^aret, daughter of John Crouch, Efq. and widow 
of John Hare, Efq. he had a fon George, from whom defcend- 
ed the late Earl of HALIFAX, and a* fon Sidney, who died 
unmarried ; as likewife a daughter Sufan, married to Lord 
Chandos. Of the fons by the firft wife, which were Edward, 
Walter, James, and Henry ; the laft died without iffue. — James 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Baynard, by whom flic 
had iffue feven fons and a daughter Marv, married to Thomas 
Ewer, Efq. and dying in February, 1665, w^as fuccceded by 
James his fon and heir. — ^Walter embraced the Romifh religion, 
and was abbot of Porttoife in France. 

(2d Earl.) Ed\Vard the eldeft, was calle(i up by writ to the 
Houfe of Peers, in his father's life-time, 1626, by the title of 
Lord Klmboltbn. He died the 5th of May, 1671, having mar- 
ried firft Sufah, daughter to John Hill, Efq. bv whom he had no 
iffue ; idly, Anne, daughter to Robert Rich, the 2d Earl of 
Warwick, and by her, who died Feb. 14, 164IJ he had Robert, 
his heir ; and 2 daughters, Frances married to Henry, fon to 
Dr. Robert Saunderfon, Bifhop of Lincoln ; and Anne, to Ro- 
bert Rich, Earl of Warwick and Holland ; and 2dly, to Richard, 
the Sth Eatl of Clanrickarde. He married to his 2d wife, Effex, 
daughter to Sir Thomas Check, and widow of Sir Robert Bevill; 
and by her, who died Sept. 2^, 1658, he had fix fons, Edward, 
Henry, Charles, Thomas, Sidney, and George ; and two daugh-' 
ters, Effex and Lucy. The eldeft married Henry Ingram, Vif- 
count Irwin. His 4th wife was Eleanor, daughter to Sir Rich- 
ard Worfley, and widow firft of Sir Henry Lee; and 2dly of 
Robert, the 2d Earl of Warwick. . His 5th wife was Margaret, 
daughter to Francis, Earl of Bedford, widow of James Hay, 
Earl of Carlifle; but by neither of the laft had any iffue. 

(3d Earl.) Robert, in 1671, fuccceded his father ; he mar- 
ried Anne, daughter to Sir Chrifiopher Yclverton, anceftor of 
the Earl of Suffex ; and by her (who afterwards married Charles, 
Earl of Halifax) had five fons and four daughter^ ; Anne, mar- 
ried to James Howard, the 3d Earl of Suffolk. — Catherine, to 
Samuel Edwin, Efq. but died a widow, Dec. 29, 1731. — Eliza- 
beth, to the Lord Chief Baron Montagu, to whom fhe was 2d 
wife, and died in January, 1735. — Eleanor. And of the fons, 
which were Edward, Henry, 

X 4th 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(4th Earl, ift Duke.) Charles, Robert, and Heneage, the 
two eldeft died young ; Robert, died in 1693, tin married ; He- 
iveage, died at Venice in 1698, unmarried; and Charles, on the 
i4th of March, 1682, fucceeded his father, and was the i|.th 
Eaj-1. On the 30th oif April, 1719^ he was created Duke of 
Manchefter, and having married Dodington, youngeft daughter 
to Robert Greville, Lord Brook, by her, who died Feb. 6, 1720, 
htid two fons, William and Robert ; and four daughters, Anne, 
Dodington, Elizabeth, and Charlotte ; whereof the latter, on the 
nth oPJuTie, 1724, was married to PatteeByng, after Vifcount 
Torrington, and died September 14, 1759; ^^ ^^^ eldeft died 
tmmarried. Of the fons, 

(2d Duke.) William, who was born in April, 1700, on the 
20th of January, 1722, fucceeded his father as Duke of Man- 
'chefter. On tlic i6th of April, 1723, his Grace married Ifa- 
bella, eldeft of the two daughters of John, Duke of. Montagu^ 
and dying without iffue at Bath, the 21ft of Oftober, 1739, ^^ 
was fucceeded by his only brother ; and his Lady married 2dlyy. 
in 1743, Edward-Huffev Montagu, Earl Beaulieu, by whom fhe 
had iDue, and died 1780. 

(3d Duke.) Robert, Duke of Manchefter, was married 
on April 3, 1735, to Harriot, daughter and co-heir of Edmund 
Dunch, Efq. who dying in Ocjtober, 1755, '^^^ ^^^> George, 
the late Duke. — Charles Greville, born May 29, 1741, and died . 
Jan» 1784, married Sept. 26, 1765, Elizabeth, daughter cf James 
Bullmer, Efq. by which Lady, who died Dec. 29, 1774, he had 
idue, George-Charles, and. fevcral other children. — Caroline, 
born Feb. 19, J736, and married in July, .1775, ^^^ Hon. Capt^ 
Herbert, of the Koyal Navy, and has iffue. — Louifa, bbrn in 
July, 1740, aiid died unmarried. This Duke dying May 10, 
1762, was fucceeded by his fori, 

(4th liuke.) George, the late Duke, born April 6, 1737, 
hiarried Od. 2^ 17621^ Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Sir James 
Daftiwood of Kirtlingtbn, in Oxfordfhire, Bart^ by whom he 
has had ifllie, fecorge, Vifc. Mahdeville, born Nov. 11, 1763, 
and died Feb. ^3, 1772. — ^William, Vifc. MandeviUe, who fuc- 
ceeded to the Dukedom. — George- James, born in Aug. 1769, 
and died May 17, 1770. — Frederick, born Nov. 8, 1774.— Ca- 
roline-Maria, born Aug. 10, 1770.— Anne-Maria, born 0(ft» 
^, 1777. His Grace diei Sept. tiy 1788, and was fucceeded by 
his eldeft furviving fon> 

^5th Duke.) William, the prefent Duke. 

Arms.] .Quarterly, firft and fourth, argenty three lozenges, 

conjoined in fefs, guleSy within a border, Jable^ for Montagu ; 

fee9nd and third> or, an eagle difplayed, vfrty beaked and mem-^ 

bcrcd, guleiy for Monthermer. [Plate VI.I 

C&£ST«J On a wreath, a gryphon^s head couped, $r ; wlngc 

9 ^ in* , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


indorfed, fabk^, gorged with a collar, argent^ charged with thret, 
lo'/enges, gules. 

SupfORTERs.1 On the dqxter fide, an antelope, ©r;, armed, 
creftcdj^ and hooted, argent. On the finifte^ a gryphon of the 
frjii gorged with a collar, argent^ charged witb three fufils, 

' Motto.] Dlfponendo me non mutando me By placing not by 
changing me. 

Chief Seat.] At Kimboltoa Caftle, in the county of Hun- 


Dulce 6f DORSET, Earl of Dorfet and Middlefex, Ba- 
ron Buckhurit, and Baron Cranfield, fucceeded his uncle Charles, 
the late Duke, January 6, 1769, was born March ?5, 1745. 

. Of this noble facnily, which is of French extra<5lion, and wera 
Lords of the town of Sackville, in Normandy, from whence ^ 
they took their furname, was 
Herbran de Sackville^ who accompanied William the Cpn-^ 

Jueror in his invafion of England, and had .iffue three fon^- 
brdan, Sit William, and Sir Robert ; and a daughter Avice, 
married to Walter, Lord Alfage, and Hughville, in, Norman- 
dy. Of the fons, Jordan died in Normandy ; but Sir William, 
thefccond fon, refiding in England, had by Albreda, his wife, 
three daughters his co-heirs ; whereof, Hodierna,. married Mat- 
thew dc Gcrnon, from whom the Duke of Devonftrfre is def- 
cended. — Agnes, to Richard de Anneftye, — ^Beat^ix, to William 
dc Clanville, Lord of Bramholme. 

Sir Robert, ^the 3d fon, left iffue by»Letticc, daughter to. 
Sir Henry Woodville, IjLnt. four fons. Sir Jordan, Stephen^ 
Nigel, and Helias, 

Sir Jordan fucceeded his father: he married Ela, daughter 
to Ralph de Dene, Lord of the Manor o^ Buckhuril, in Suf- 
Jfex, with whom he had the faid manor, and by her had fix 
fons, which were . Sir Jordan, Richard, Sir Jeffery, Ralph;, 
Guy, and Warren. 

Sir Jordan, the eldeft, was a Baron in the, reign of King 
Richard 1. and married Clementia, daughter to John Vefe, Eatl 
of Oxford: and dying in the 9th of King John, without iffue, ^ 
WiV5 fucceeded by 

Richard his next brother, who was ajfo a Bdrpn, ,but dy- 
ing without iffiie likewife, the eftate devolved on 

Sir Jeffery,. who married Conftance, datightcr toSir £d- 
np^njiBrook^ Kut# by whom He had two fons,, Jordan and Guy; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


and a daughter Joan, married to Sir William. St. Leger, an-* 
ceftor to the Lord Doneraile. * , , 

Jordan, the eldcft, married Maud Nomanville, by whom 
hehad William and Bartholomew. 

William, who fuccecded his fi^ther, marrying Clara, daugh- 
ter to Matthew de Haftings, by her had a fon, 

Sir Jordan, who died in 1272* He married Margery^ 
dai^hter and co-heir to Sir Robert d' Agpilon, and by her had 

Andrew his heir, who married fermyntrude, daughter to 
Sii* Roger Malyns ; had itfiie another 

Sir Andrew, who died In the 9th oif Edw. II. He married 
Joan Mortimer, anid leift 

Sir Andrew his heir, who married firft, joan^ fifter and heir 
to John de la Beeche, and had three ions, Sir Andrew, John^ 
;Mid Sir Thomas; whereof the cldeft died before his fajtUer^ 
without iflhe; and John marrying Agnes, daughter to Sir Tho- 
mas HoOj( Knt. and dying without iflue alio, Thomas, the 
youngeft became heir. Sir Andrew married adly, Joan Burgeis, 
by whom he had a daughter Alice, who was married to John de 
la Zouch ; and a fon, 

Sir Thomas, who fucceeded, and died in Dec. 1432. He 
married Margaret, daughter to Sir EdwarcJ Dalingruge, and 
had five fons and four daughters ; Joan, Catherine, Alice, and 
^llizabeth, which laft married William St. Jolin ; and Alice to 
ikeginajid Malyns. Of the fons, *which were Andrew, Richard, 
William, Eldward, and John. 

Andrew dying in his father's life-time, left iffue by Agnes 
his wife, ^ 

Andivew, who fucceeded his grandfather; but he dying 
without iflucy 

Edward his uncle, became heir. He married Margaret, 
daughter to Sir Richard Wakehurft, and dying on the 29th of 
Henry VL left 

Humphrey Sackville his heir, who married Catherine^ 
daughter to Sir Thomas Brown, anceftor to the Vifc. Monta- 
gue, and dying ^the 24th of January, 14885 left fix fons and 
two daughters ; Elizabeth and Catherine. Of the fons, Edward 
the 4th had by Joan, daughter to Sir Roger Kinafton, Wil- 
liam, his heir, who died the 19th of May, 1556, leaving a fon 

Richard the eldeft fon^ married Ifabel, daughter of John 
Piggs, Efq. and had four fons and fix daughters, and died on 
the 1 8th of Julv, 1523. > Of the daughters, Joan, married John. 
Parker, Efq. Mildred, married Sir William Fitz-William ; 
Mary, to Robert Roberts, Efq.; Catherine, to Sir John Baker; 
Margaret, to Sir Thomas Palmer; and Ifabella, the youngeft, 
was the laft Priorefsof St. Mary's, Clerkenwelh And of the, 
ions, which were John, Richard, John, and Edward j the 2<i 
G 3 John 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


John was a prieft; Richard, married a daughter of Thomas 
Thatcher, Efq. by whom he left Anne his only child and heir, 
who married Henry Shelly, Efq. and the eldcit, 

John, fucceeded his father. He married Anne, daughter ta 
Sir William Boleyn, (fifter to Thomas, Earl of WUtfhirc and 
Ormond, father of Q. Ann Boleyn,) and by her had feveral fon^ 
and daughteis, whereof Anne was married to Sir Nicholas Pel- 
ham, anceftor to the late Duke of Ncwcaftle; Ifabel, to John' 
Afliburnham, anceftor to the Earl of Afliburnham ; and Mary 3^ 
10 John Lunsford, Efq. The foijs that lived to maturity^ 
were, i. Richard; 2d Chriftopher, who married Conftance, 
daughter of Thomas Colepeper, Efq. and had John Sackville,. 
Efq. whofp wife was Joan, daughter and heir to John Downton, 

Sir Richard, the eldeft fon, mat ried Winifred, daughter ta 
Sir John Bridges, and bv her, who married 2dly, William, 
Marquis of Winchefter, nad Thonjias, his heir, and a daughter 
Agnes, married to Gregory Fines, Lord Dacres. 

(ift Baron and Earl.) Thomas, in 1566, fucceeded his father^. 
Was in 1567 created Bs^ron Buckhurft, and in 1603, ^^^^ 
of Dorfet, and died fuddenly at the council-table at White- 
Hall, April 19, 1608. He married Cicely, daughter to Sir* 
John Baker, and by her ha4 four fons and thre^ daughters ; 
Anne, nfiarried Sir Henry Glenham; Jane, to Anthony Brown, 
Vifcount Montague; and Mary, to Henry, the 7th Lord 
Abergavenny ; an4 the foi^s, were, Robert, Henry, William, 
and Thomas. 

(2d Earl.) Robert, the eldeft, fucceeded his father, and 
3ied on the 23d of Feb. 1609. By his ad wife, Anne, daugh- 
ter to Sir John Spencer, and widow firft of William, Lord 
Monteagle ; and 2dly, of Henry, Lord Compton ; he had no 
iffue ; but by his firft, who was Margaret, only daughter to 
Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, he had three daughters 5 
©f whom Winifred died in her infancy ; Cicely, married Sir 
Henry Compton ; and Anne, firft to Edward, 'Earl of Hert- 
ford, and afterwards to Sir Edward Lewis, Knt. Of the fons, 
which were Thomas, Richard, and Edward ; the eldeft dying 
Jn his infancy, 

(3d Earl.) Richard, the fecond fon, on the 23d of Febru- 
ary 1609, fucceeded his father, and marrying Anne Clifford, 
Ible daughter and heir to George, the 3d Earl of Ciinxberland^ 
(by Margaret, his wife, youngeft child to Francis Ruflel, the 
ad Earl of Bedford) by her, (who married idly, Philip, the 
4th Earl of Pembroke) had three fons who died infants, and 
two daughters, Margaret, married to John Tufton, Earl of 
Thanet ; and Ifabella, to James, the 3d Earl of Northampton; 
but dying on the 28th of March, 1624, and leaving no iffue 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(4th Earl.) Sir Edward, his younger brother, fucceeded* 
He married Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir George Curzon 
(by Mary, his wife, filler and fole heir to Sir Richard Levifbn) 
and dying on the 13th of July 1756, left two fons, Richard his 
heir; and Edward, who married 'Bridget, Baronefs Norreys^ 
daughter and fole heir to Edward Wray, Efq. (2d fon to 6ir 
William Wray, of Glentworth,) but in 1645, being taken pri- 
foner by the rarliauent forces, was killed, leaving no iffue; 
and his Lady was afterwards the 2d wife of Montague, Earl of 
Lindfey, by whp.n fl>e was mother of James, the firft Earl qf 

(5th Earl.) Richard, Lord Buckhurft, marrying Frances 
Cranfield, eldeft of the two daughters of Lionel, Earl of Mid- 
dlefex, by Anne, his 2d wife, daughter to James Bret, Efq. (by 
Anne his wife, fifter to Mary, Countefs of Buckingham) and 
at length fole heir to Lionel, Earl of Middlefex, her brother, by 
her had feven fons and fix daughters; and died on* Aug. 27, 1677. 
Of the daughters, Elizabeth, Anne, and Catherine, died young; 
Mary, was firft married to Robert Boyle, the 2d Earl of Orrery ; 
and 2dly, to Richard Boyle, Vifc. Shannon, both of Ireland ; 
Anne, to Alexander Hume, the 4th Earl Hume, in Scotland; 
and Frances, to Sir George Lane, created Vifc^Lanefborough, it\ 
Ireland, by whom fhe had a daughter Frances, married to Henry 
Fox, Efq. and had ifl\ie, George-Fox Lane> Efq. and Sackville 
Fox, Efq. alfo two daughters, Jane and Anne. 0£ the fons, 
Edward, the fefcond, died unmarried ; Richard, the 4th, died ia 
Aug. 17 12, without iflTue; and all the reft died young, except 
(5th Earl.) Charles, Lqrd Buckhurft, wha fucceeded his 
father in 1677, ^^^ being poffefled of the eftate of his uncle 
Lionel, Earl of Middlefex, who died in 1674, he was on the 
4th of April, 1675, created Earl of Middlefex, and Baron of 
Cranfield, in the county of Bedford. He married, firft, Eliza-* 
beth, daughter to Harvey Bagot, Efq. (a younger fon to Sir' 
Harvey Bagot, Bart.) widow of Charles Berkeley, Earl of FaU 
mouth, by whom he had no iffue. His 2d wife was Mary^ 
daughter to James, the 3d Earl of Northampton, and by her, 
who died Auguft ^6, 1691, he had Lionel-rCranfield Sackville, 
his heir ; and a daughter, married to Henry Somerfet, Duke oC 

(ift Duke.) Lionel, firft Duke of Dorfetj'^who was born on 
the 1 8th of Jan. 1688 ; on the 29th of Jan. 7706, fucceeded his^ 
fiither in the Earldom of Dorfet and Middlefex ; and on the^ 
13th of June, 1720, was advanced to the drgnity of a Duke. 
Jn Jan. 1709, his Grace married Elizabeth, dtiugbter to Lieut, 
Gen. Walter-Philip Collyear, brother to David, Earhof Port- 
more, rn Scotland, and by her, who died Jan. i, 1768, his Grace 
bad iffue ; Anne, born 1769, who died on the 23d of March, ^ 
172 1, in the jgth year of* her age. — Charles, the late Duke.— ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


]£lizabetb, bom 1712, who on the 6th of Dec. 17269 wasmar- 
ricd to Thomas Thynnc, Vi{c. Weymouth, but died before cch 
habitation, June 29, 17^99 while his Lordfhip was on his tra- 
vels.— John-Philip Sackville, born June 22, 17 13; and mar- 
tied in 1 744, Frances, 4th daughter of John, Earl Gower, lifler 
of the prefent Marouis of Stafford ; by whom, who died June 
26, 1788, he left iffue, John-t'rederick Sackville, the prefent 
Duke ; and a daughter Mary, born April i, 1746, married April 
30, 1767, to the Eail of Thanet, and died in Sept. 1778, leaving 
jffue, George, thelateVifc. Sackville.— Carolina, born March 
6, 1717-1-8, married July 27, 1742, to Jofeph Darner, Efq. 
fince created Loid Milton, by whom ilie had iflue, and died in 
March 1775. His Grace dying 0£kober 9, 1763, was fucceed* 
cd by his fon, 

(2d Duke.) Charles, bom Feb. 25, 171 1, who married in 
1743, Grace, daughter of Vifc. Shannon, and (he died. May 
loth, 1763, without iffue. His Grace alfo dying, Jan. 6, 1769^ 
was fucceeded by his nephew, 

(3d Duke.) John-Frederick, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Buckhurft, in the county of Suflfex, 
June 8, 1567, 9 Eiiz. Earl of the county of Dorfet, March 
I3> X603, I Jac. I. Baron Cranficld or Cranfield, in the 
county of Bedford, and Earl of the county of Middlefex, April 
4> 1675, 27 Car. II. and Duke of the county of Dorfet, June 
13, 1720, 6 Geo* IL 

Arms.] Quarterly, or, and guUsn a bend over all, vaire. 
[Plate V.I 

Crest.j Out of a ducal coronet, ^r, and eftoile of eight 
points, argent. * 

SuppojcTERS.J Two leopards, argenty fpottec^, fable^ collar- 
ed, or. 

Motto.] Jut numquam tcntes^ aut perfict. Either never at-^ 
tempt or accompliih. 

Cft.j^F S^AT.] Knowle, in Kent. 


THEraoftnoble FRANCIS EGERTON, Dukeof 
BRIDGEWATER, Marquis of Brackley, Earl of Bridge- 
water, Vifcount Bracl^ley, and Baron of ElleGne^e; was born. 
M^y 2I5 1726, fucceeded the late Duke, John, hi» brother, ia 
1748^ and is unmarried* 
in the reign of William the Conquerpr, 
Robert Fitz Hugh was Baron of Malpas, but leaving no 
iffue male, this fiaronv came at length, by marriage of the heir, 
fcoole^ into this faoiilj, of which was 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


]^^^ dc jBflwar^ de Malpas, who live4 in jfehc ^ojc of Wil- 
)iain |iu/us. Tp h i in fucceeded, 

William bis ion, who was living the I2;^b pf Henry !• an4 
was £ither of another , 

William, who lived in the reign of King Stephen and 
Jlenry II. and was Baron of Malpas in right of his mother Le- 
titia, daughter and heir to Robert Fitz-Hugh, as appears by t 
grant to Richard, youngeft fon of this William. The laft- 
mentioned William married Beatrix, daughter of Hiagh Kivilir 
ock, the 5th Earl of Chefter, and co-heir to her brojther Ranulpb, 
Earl of Chefter, and had three fons, David, Baron of Malpas ; 
Jlobert, from whom the prefcnt Earl of Cholmonpeley b 
defcended ; and Richard. 

David, who was ftiledDan David de Malpas, ai^ (bmetimes 
Le Clerc, from his being Secretary to the 1^1 of Chefter, 
married Margaret, daughter and heir to Ralph ap Eynion, and 
his fons were, ift. Sir William; ad, Philtp; 3d, Peter, fur-r 
named Thornetont Sir William, who was Baron of Malpas, 
left no legitimate. dTue; but 

. Philip his next brother, Was poffefled of the nvuior of Egex- 
ton, near Malpas> and had (according to the cuftom of that 
age) the furname of Egerton ; and dying before his brother 
■yViJliam, left a fon 

David de Malpas, alias d'E^erton, who continued the chief 
line, as next heir to bis uncle ; and marrying Cicely, daughter 
and heir of Randal de Thorneton, had 

Philip his heir, who left fix fons, David, Urian, Bryan, 
John, Richard, and Philip. 

David, the eldeft, marrying "Ifabel, daughter to Richard 
Foulftiurft, had iffue Philip, vJrian, David, and Robert. 

Philip, who fucceeded his father, married Ellen, daughter 
tp Sir John St. Peter, and had a fon David, who leaving no if^ 
fue male, his uncle 

Urian, fucceeded as Lord of Egerton. He married Ame- 
lia, daughter to John Warburton, Efq, and by her ha,d a fon 

John, who was father of 

Sir John Egerton, who married Margaret, daughter to Sir 
John Fitton, and left ilTue, Philip, William, Ralph, Hugh, 
and P«ter ; whereof 

Philip fucceeded him, aad was father of ift, William, wha 
Kad np iflue ; 2^ John; 3d, Ralph. This 

Sir Ralph married Margaret, daughter an4 heir to Ralph 
Baflet, of Blpre ; and from that marriage defcended 

Sir Rich arp Egerton, of Ridfey, in Chefliire, who married; 
Alice Sparks, of Bicherton^ in Cneihire, and had iffue a fon^ 
S^ Thomas, and a daughter Elizabeth, married to Pejter War- 
barton, of Arley, in Chefliire, Bart, whofe fon Sir Georgo^ 
W^buno% was creajted a Baronet in i66Qt 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(ift Baron and Vifcount.) Sir Thomas Egerton, was by 
Queen Elizabeth made Solicitor-General ; and afterwards At- 
torney-General; and Mafter of the Rolls. In the 38th of Eli- 
zabeth, he was made Lord Keeper of the Great Seal ; and by 
K. James I. in the ift of his reign, was created Baron Ellefmere, 
and made Lord High Chancellor of England; and in the 14th, 
he was created Vifc. Brackley, and died in 161 7, aged 70. He 
married ift, Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas Ravenfcroft, of 
•Bretton, in the county of Hint, Efq. and had two fons, Sir 
Thomas and Sir John ; and a daughter Mary, married to Fran- 
cis Leigh, of Newham-Regis, in the county of Warwick, 
Knight of the Bath, father of Francis, Earl of Chichefter. He 
married adly, Elizabeth, daughter to Sir George Moor, of the 
county of Surry, Knt. widow of John Wooley, Knt. and 3dlyj 
Alice, daughter of Sir John Spencer of Althorp, in the county 
of Northampton, Knt. and widow of Ferdinando, Earl of Der- 
by ; but by neither 'of thefe had any iflue. Sir Thomas, the 
eldeft of his two fons, died in Ireland in 1509, before his father, 
leaving iflue, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter to Thomas Ve- 
nables^ Baron ot Kinderton, three daughters : Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Thomas Dutton of Dutton, in the county of Chefter ; 
Vere, to William Booth, fon and heir of Sir George Booth of 
Dunham-Mafley, in the faid county, Bart, from whom wat 
defcended the late Earl of Warrington ; and Mary, to Thomas, 
Lord Leigh of Stonely, in the county of Warwick, but having 
no iflue male, 

(id Vifcount, and ift Earl.) Sir John, his brother, who 
was created Earl of Bridgewater ; and having married FrancesL 
Stanley, ad daughter and co-heir to Ferdinando, Earl of Derbyjj^ 
(by Alice Spencer his wife, above-mentioned) had four fons, 
ift, James; 2d, Charles, who both died in their infancy ; 3d, 
John, Vifc. Brackley, his fucceffoi ; 4th, Thomas, who died 
■unmarried; and eleven daughters. Of whom Frances the eldeft, 
was married to Sir John Hobart, of Blickling, Norfolk, Bart. — 
Arabella, to Oliver, Loid St. John, fon and heir apparent to 
Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke. — Elizabeth, to David Cecil, the 
3d Earl of Exeter. — Mary, to Richard, the 2d Lord Herbertji^ 
of Cherbury. — Penelope, to Sir Robert Napier of Luton Hoo, 
in Bcdfordfhire, Bart. — Alice, to Richard Vaughan, Earl of 
Carberry. — Catherine, to William Courteen, Efq* — Magdalenji^ 
to Sir Gervafe Cutler, Knt. 

(2d Earl.) John, 3d fon, who on the 4th of December, 
1649, fucceeded his father, married |Elizabcth, ad daughter to 
William Cavendifh, then Earl, afterwards Marquis and Duke of 
Newcaftle, and by her, who died June 14, r663, had fix fons 
arid three daughters ; of which, John his heir, and WilUara, 
were made Knights of the liath, at the coronation of King 
Charles iL ^d Elizabeth was married to Rpbert Sidney, Vifc^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



J/ifle, afterwards Earl of Leicefter, who had iflue by her Philip, ' 
John, and Joceline, all Earls of Leicefter, who left no iffue ; 
and Thomas, who married Mary, one of the daughters and co- 
heirs of Sir Robert Reeves of Thwates in Suffolk, Knt. and died 
on the 27t^ January, 1729, leaving two daughters his co-heirs; 
Mary, the widow of Sir Brownlow Sherrard, Bart, and Eliza- 
beth, the wife of William Lorry, of Turville-Park in the 
county of Bucks, Efq. Frances the eldejft, and Catherine the 
youngeft daughter, died in their infancy ; as did Henrythe 6th 
Ion, — Sir William the 2d fon, married Honora,fifter to 1 homas. 
Lord Leigh of Stonely, by whom he had iflue, John, who died 
young; Jane, Mary, and Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; and 
Honora, married to Mr. Bagot : and the faid Sir William dying 
in 1691, his Lady afterwards married Hugh, Lord Willoughby 
of Parhanfi. — Thomas, the 3d fon, married Efther> daughter to 
Sir John Bufbey, of Addington in the county of Bucks, Knt. and 
had" iflue John Egerton, of Tatton-Park, in the county of 
Chefter, Efq; whofe only fon and heir, Samuel Egerton, Efq. 
died 1780. Thomas, who died unmarried. William, D. D. and 
Manwaring, who died an infant ; and Elizabeth, married to the 
Reverend Mr. Leigh, RecSor of Whitchurch in Shropfliirc.— • 
Charles, the 4th fon, rnarried Elizabeth, eldeft daughter to 
Jlenry Murray, Efq. by Anne his wife, Vifcountefs Banning of 
Sudbury; which Elizabeth was the widow of Randolph Egerton, 
Efq. ftie died Jan. 30, 1712, as he did Dec. 11, 1717, without 
ifl^e. — Steward, 5th fon, died unmarried. 

(3d Earl.) Sir John, the eldeft fon, bom November 9, 16469 
on the i6th of Oftober, 1686, fucceeded his father. He mar- 
ried I ft, Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir to Janics Cranfield, . 
Earl of Middlefex, by whom he had only one fon, John, and 
one daughter, who died in their infancy ; but by his 2d, who was 
Jane, eldeft daughter to Charles the ift Duke of Bolton, he had 
leven fons and two daughters; Mary, married William, Lord 
Byron.— Elizabeth to Thomas, Lord Paget. Of thcfevcn fons, 
Charles, Vifc. Brackley, and Thomas, were both unfortunately 
burnt in their beds by the great fire at Bridgewater-houfe, in Bar- 
bican, in April, 1687. — Scroop, the 3d, on the i6th of March^ 
1 701, fucceeded his father in the Earldom. — ^\Villiam, the 4th 
fon, married Anna-Maria, daughter o£ Sir George Saunders, 
and died July 13, 1732, leaving iflbe three daughters, Jane, 
Henrietta, and Anne. — Henry 5th fon,^ taking holy orders, was 
made one of the canons of Chrift-Church in Oxford in 17 16, 
beiag then Reftor of Whitchurch in Shropfliire, and one of his 
Majefty's chaplains : and on the fecond of February, 1724, wa<L 
confecrated Bilhop of Hereford. He married Dec. 18, 1720, 
Elizabeth-Ariane, daughter of William, Earl of Portland, by 
whom, who died 1780, he had iflue five fons : ift, John, Bifliop 
of Durl^am, wha married in Nqv. 17489 Anxie-Sophia, daughter 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of the Duke of Kent, by his fecond wife, Sophia Bentinck, daqg^'- 
ter to William,. Earl of Portland, by whom he had twofons, 
John, born Aug. 29, 1749, a Major in the twentieth Re^ment 
of Dragoons, married Jan. 14, 1783, to the daughter of damael 
Haynes, Efq. and a daughter Frances, married 1774, to Sir 
Abraham Hume, Bart. William, 2d fon of the Biihop, was a 
Col. in the army; died March 26, 1783. He married Aug. 15, 
1 75 1, Mifs Mary Kirke, by whom he had three daughters; 
ALrian-Mareret ; Elizabeth-Mary, married to Monf. Saladin de 
Cranijon Feb. 19, 1784J and Ifabella-Frances, married March 
/ 18, to Richard Mafters, Efq. Major of the 24th Regiment of 
foot. The Biftiop married 2dly, in April, 1782, Mifs Boughtoa 
of Durham, fifter of Sir Edward Boughton, Bart, by whom he 
had no iffuc, and died Jan. 1 8, 1 786. The reft of the children of 
Henry, late Bifhop of Hereford, were Henry, Charles, James, 
and Anne: and their father died in April, 1746. — ^John, 6th 
fon of the Earl, and next brother to the Bifhop, was page to 
the Duke of Gloucefter, and died unmarried.— Charles, 7th and 
youngeft fon, died Nov. 7, 1725, having married CatherinCt 
ypungefl daughter of Francis Greville, Efq. and fifter to Fulk 
and William, Lords Brook, who died Julv, I73S> ^^y whom he 
^ad iiTue; i. Scroop, who married Mifs Sarah rope, by whom, 
(at his death, April 23, 1767) he left ifiuetwo fons and two 
daughters, viz. i. Sqroop, (whofe only fon Dodington, died 
Sept. 12, I773«) Dodington, Elizabeth, e. Dodington, who 
married Catherine, daughter of the late Edward Gerrard, Efq» 
of Salii^ury. 3. Catherine, who died unmarried. 

(ift Duke.) Scroop, the 2d^fon, who fiacceeded his father as 
above, was born Aug. 11, 168 1*, and June 13, 1720, was created 
Marquis of Brackley and Duke of Bridgewater. He married 
ill, Elizabeth Churchill, 3d daughter and co-heir to John, 
Duke of Marlborough, and by her (who died on 22d of March, 
1714, in the 27th year of her age) had John, Vifc. Brackley, 
born February 3d, 1704, and died on the 30th of January 17 19: 
another fon, who died foon after he was born ; and Anne, bom 
Dec. 19, 1705, who married April 22, 1725, ift, Wrotthefly, 
Duke of Bedford ; and 2dly, June 1733, William, Earl of Jerfer, 
and died April 15, 1763, leaving iffue. On the 4th of Auguft, 
17~22, his Grace noarrying to his 2d wife, Rachel, fifter to the 
faid Wrotthefly, Duke of Bedford ; had by her, Louifa, bom 
April 30, 1722, married March 28, 1748, to Lord Vifc. Tren- 
tham, now Marquis of Stafford, and died March 14, 1762, 
leaving iffue.--Caroline, born May 21, 1724. — Charles Mar* 
quis of Brackley, bom June 27, 1725, who died Muy 2, 17 31, 
— John, the 2d Duke, born April 29, 1727. — William, bqrn 
January 15, 1729, and died next month. — Thomas, bom April 
18, 1730, and died an infant. — Diana, born March 3, 1732* 
married, March 9, 1753, ^^ Frederick, late Lord Baltimorcj and 


Digitizeclby VjOOQ IC 


4icd July 18, 1758^, without iffue. — Francis, the prcfent Duke« 
His Grace dying on i ith of January, 1745, ^^^ fuccecded by 
his fonjohn; and her Grace married aaly, in Dec. 1745, Sir 
Richard Ly ttleton, Knt. of the Bath, brother to George, late* 
Lord Lyttlcton, and died in May 22, 1777, without iffue by 

(2d Duke.) John, died March 8, 1748, unmarried, and was 
fucceeded by his only furviving brother, 

(3d Duke.) Francis, now Duke of Bridge water. 

Creations,] Baron Ellefmere of Ellefmere in the county of 
Salop, July 17, 1603, ^ J^^» ^* Vifc* of Brackley, in the county* 
of Northampton, Nov. 7, 1616, 14 Jac. I. fearl of Bridge- 
water in the county of Somerfet, May 17, 15 Jac. I. Marquis 
of Brackley, and Duke of Bridgewater, June 13, 1720, 6 Geo. L 

Arms.] Ar^nt^ a lion rampant, guUs^ between three pheons 
heads, Jtihlc. [Plate VI.] 

Crest.] On a chapeau, guUs^ turned up, ermint^ a lion ram** 
pant of the firjiy holding a pheon, or, headed and feathered, 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a horfe, argentj gorged 
with a ducal coronet, or. On the finifter, a gryphon fegreant;i 
«r, gorged, with a plain collar, and chain, az«r<. 
-Motto.] S/V, Nortec. Thus, until.— 

Chief Seat,] At Aihridge in the county of Bucks^ 


County of Stafford, Earl of Lincolh, Knight of the Garter; 
was born April 20, 17:^0, fucceeded his brother George, as Earl 
of Lincoln, April 30, 1730, and fucceeded to the title of Duke 
of Ncwcaftle, upon the death of Thomas, the late Duke, No- 
vember 17, 176&; having married Odtober 3, 1744, Catherine, 
f Idefl daughter to Henry Pelham, brother to the late Duke of 
Newcaftle, by which Lady, who died July 27, 1760, he had 
ifiue, George, born November 26, 1745, and died in Auguft, 
1750, — Henry, Earl of Lincoln, born November 5, 1750, who 
married in May, 17759 Frances, daughter of the Earl of Hert- 
ford, and died October 22, 1778 ; by which Lady he had a foi\ 
Henry Pelham, born Dec. 23, 1777, ^^^ ^^^ "^^P^* I779> ^"^ 
a daughter Catherine, born April 6, 1776. — Thomas, prefent 
Earl of Lincoln, botn July 1762, married Jan. 25, 178^, Maria, ' 

Ioungeft daughter of the late and fifter of the prefent Earl .of 
farrington, by whom he had Anna-Maria, bom Aug* i, 1783 ; 
^i a fon Jobii-P^Iham) bom' Jan, 31, 1785; and? another font" 
x * Fob. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

M bUkfi OF N&wfc.AStLEi . 

Feb. 23, 1786, — ^John, born September 13, 1755, who dlei lit 
Odtober, 1781, unmarried. 

ift Baron.] Sir Thomas Pclham, December 29, 1706, was 

created Baron Pelham of Laughton, and died the 1 3th of Feb. 

1712. He married iirft Elizabeth, daughter to Sir WilUain 

jDnes, Attorney-General to King Charles II. and by her, who 

died 0&.. 13, 168 1, had two daughters ; whereof Luey died iii 

1689; and Elizabeth, was the firll wife of Charles, Vifc. late 

Townfliend. He married 2dly, Grace Holies, 4th and youngeff 

daughter to Gilbert, Earl of Clare, and filler to John, Duke of 

Kewcaftle, and by her, who died in September, 1700, he had 

two fons, Thomas and Henry, and five daughters. Of the 

daughters, Grace married George Nay lor of Hurft-Mon'ceaux, 

in Suflex, Efq. and died in April, 17 10. — Frances, married Chrif- 

tbpher Wandesford, Vifcount Caftlecomer in Ireland. — Garth- 

wright, married David Polhill of Otford in Kent, Efq. — Lucy 

married Henry Clinton, Earl of Lincoln. — Margaret, married 

Sir John Shelley, of Michel-Grove in Suflex, Bart, and died 

November 23, 1758. Henry the youngeft fon, died on the 6th 

rf March, 1754, having on the 29th of Oftober, 1726, married 

Catherine Manners, eldefl: daughter to John, Duke of Rutland, 

by whom, who difed 1780, he had two fons and four daughters, 

iriz. Catherine, born on the 24th of July, 1727, and married to 

Henry, the prefent Duke of Newcaftle. — Frances, born on the 

, 18th of Auguft, 1728, married in Odobef, 1752, to Lewis Wat- 

fon. Lord Sondes. — Thomas, born on the 25th of Oilober, 

I729, died on the 28th of November, 1739.— Henry, born in 

Aprily 1736, died the day before his brother. — Grace, born in 

Jan. 1734. — Mary, born in Sept. 1739. — =Lucy and Dorothy 

arc both deceafed. 

(2d Baron, ift Earl, nni Dlike.)THOMA§, the eldeft fon ofTho- 
inas. Lord Pelham, born July 2iy 1694, on February i Jth 1712, 
fttcceeding his father in his honours j alfo by the laft will and 
teftament of hii uncle, John Holies, Duke of NewCaftle, who 
died July 15, 17 11, becDtme poflefled of the bulk of his great 
cftate, on^ condition that he and his heirs fhould bear the name 
and arms of Holies. On the 26th of 0<£lober, 17 14, he was 
created Vifcount Pelham of Houghton, arid Earl o*f Clare, with ' 
remainder to Henry Pelliam, his brother, and his heirs niale ; 
and on the 2d of Auguft, iJiKy Marquis of Clare and Duke of 
Newcaftle, with remainder as before, and was alfo created Duke 
of Newcaftle-under-Line, with remainder to the Earl of Lincoln, 
the prefent t)uke, November 12, 17^9, and Baron Pelham of 
Stanmer, with remainder to Thomas Pelham, Efq. now Lord 
Pelham, May 4, 1762. On the fecond of April, 1717, he mar- 
ried Henrietta, eldeft daughter of Francis, Earl of Godolphin, 
by Henrietta his wufe, eldeft of the four daughters and co-heir9 
o| John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough.— H«if Grace died 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


|*^th July 1778; and the Duke having deceafed Nov, 17th, 1768*. 
without iflue, the title of Duke of Newcaftle-under-Line de- 
volved to Henry, Earl of Lincoln : to whofe family we noMT 

This family takes its name from a place called Clinton in the 
Valley, (now Glimpton) three miles north of Woodftock, and 
is defcended from William de Tankerville, Chamberlain of Nor- 

William had three fons, who accompanied William the 
Conqueror in his expedition. They were Ofbert, Renebald^ 
and William ; of which the fecond had, by gift from the Con- 
Gueror, the lordfliip of Clinton in Oxfordfhire, and his defcen- 
dants aflunied that name. He had two fons, Jeffrey and WiU 
liam, off which the former was highly in favour with King 
Henry L who gave him' great poffeffions. To him fucceeded 
Jeffrey his only fon. He married Agnes, . daughter of Roger, 
Earl of Warwick, by whom he had Henry his only fon, who 
marrying Amicia de Bidun, died without iflue; and William, 
brother to JelFrey his grandfather, became the next heir male. 
He had iflue OsberT, who by Margery, daughter of William . 
de Halton, had ifTue Osbert, who died the 7th Henry IIL" 
leaving ifTue Thomas his heir in his minority. He married" 
Mazara, daugliter and heir of James de Bifege, and had ifTue fiv^ 
fons, Th^jnas, John, Ofbert, William, and James. * Thomas,' 
the eldefl, married Maud, daughter of Sir Ralph Bracebrigg, and, 
bad iflxie. 

(ifl Lord.) John de Clinton, who married Ida, ohe of the 
daughters and co-heirs of William de Odingfells, Baron of 
Maxtokcj and had two fons, John his heir, and William; which 
William was made Earl of Huntingdon in 1337, but dying irt 
1354, without ifTue, Sir John de Clintgn, Knt. his brother's fon, 
became his heir. 

(2d Lotd.) John, elder brother of the faid William, wag 
lumnioned to rarliaraent, among the Bardns, the 6th Edward 
III. and by Margery, daugTiter of Sir William Corbet, had Sir 
, John above-mentioned, who had fummons to Parliament from 
the ill of Edward III. to the 20th of Richard II. in which year 
he died. He married Idonea, eldefl fifter, and at length co-heir 
<if William de Say, foil and heir of Jeffrey Lord Say, by Maud, 
daughter of Guy Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and had three * 
fons. Sir William, Sir Thomas, and Edward. 

Sir William Clinton, Knt. dying in the life-time of hi^ 
father, left ifTue by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Dein- 
court, Knt. by Alice, fifler of Ralph Neville, the 3ifl Earl of 

(3d Lord.) William, who wis heir to his grandfather; and. 
thereupon bore the titles of Lord Clinton and Say, which their 
pofterity Gon^inusd in their title^ although John, his fon and 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ht\t, by deed bearing date the ift of November 27, Henry Vf; 
grantee! and confirmed to his kinfman Sir James Fienes,Knt. thea 
Lqyd Say andSele, and* to his heirs and afllgns for ever, the name 
and title of Lord Say; which James defcended from the youngeft 
iifter and co-heir of the aforelliid William de Say, was an ancef- 
tbr of the prefent Lord Say and Self. The faid William, 
ILord Clinton and Say, was fummoncd to Parliament from the 
23d Richard IL to the 9th Henry VL inclufivc ; and dying the 
30th of July, the year following, left iffue by Anne, relid of 
Sir Fouke Fitzwarryn, Knt. and daughter of William, Lord* 
Botrcaux. ^ 

('4ihLord.) John his fon, who married Elizabeth, daughter t© 
Richard Finnes, Lord Dacres of the South, ,and died tlje 24tK 
of September, 1464, and left a fon, 

(5th Lord.) John, who married Anne, daughter of Sir Joha 
Morgan of Tredegar, and died the 28th of Feb. 1483, leaving, 

(6th Lord.) John his fon, who fucceeded him, and fervcd the 
King in his wars of France; but he dying the 4th of July, 1515, 
and having married Mary, natural daughter of Sir Edward 
Poynings, left 

(7th Lord.) Thomas, his heir, who the next year had fum- 
fnons to Parliaihent, but he died the 7th of Auguft, 1517, in the 
28th year of his age, leaving by Joan, his wife, 

(ift Earl.) Edward, his heir, born in 1512. On Ac 4th of 
May, 15725 he was created Earl of Lincoln; but died on Jan* 
i6,. 1585; having married ift, Elizabeth) daughter to Sir John 
Blunt, widow of Gilbert, Lord Talboys, and concubine to King 
Henry VIII. by whom he had three daughters ; Bridget married 
to Robert Dymock, Efq. — Catherine, to William, Lord Bo- 
rough, whofe daughter married Sir Richard Bulkeley.-— Pene- 
lope, married to Six Edward Sandys. — Margaret married Charles,' 
Lord Willoughby pf Parham. By his fecond wife, Urfula, 
daughter to William, Lord Stourton, he had three Ions and two 
diaughters ; Frances married to Giles Bridges, Lord Chandos.— 
Anne, to William Ayfcough, Efq. but by his third Lady, who 
was Elizabeth, daughter to Gerald, Earl of Kildare in Ireland, 
he had no ilfue. The fons by the fecond wife were Henry.— 
Edward, who died unmarried. — Thoiiiasj who married Mary, 
dJiughter of John Tirrel, Efq. 

(2d Earl.) Henry, the eldeft, fucceediiig his father, married; 
firft, Catherine, daughter to Francis, the fecond Eirl of Hun- 
tingdon, and had two fons, Thomas, and Sir Edward, of whom ^ 
hereafter; and a daughter, Elizibeth, married to Sii^'ArtJiur' 
Gorges, of Filley in Devon, Efq. and fc^Condly, Elizabeth, 
daughter to Sir Richard Morrifon, widow of William, fori aoS 
heir-apparent of Henrv, the firft Loi'd Norreys of Ryioti,' by 
whom he had* two foils. Six Hktitf and Robci:t« 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

bliKE dF NEWCAStLE. ^Jr 

^3^ Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, in the firft of King' 
tames I. had fummons to Parliament as Baron Clinton ana 
Say, arid fucceeded his father in 1618. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter and co-heir to Sir Henry KneVit, and by her had eighl 
Ions and eight daughters ; whereOf Elizabeth was married to 
John Berresford ; Frances, to John Gorges ; and Sufan, to '<- 
Humphreys. Of the fons, Henfy and Thomas died yotmg. 

(4th Earl.) Thjeophilus, Edward, Charles, Knevit, Robert, 
^nd John ; the third on January 15, 1618, fucceeded his father ; 
he married Bridget, daughter to William, the firft Vifcount 
Say and Sele, and had a fon Edward, and fix daughters, — Catha- 
rine married to George, the firft Lord Delamere. — Bridget and 
Lucy both died unmarried. — Arabella married to Robert Rolle, 
Efq.— -Margaret married Hugh Bofcawen, by whom he ha4 
one daughter, Bridget, on whom (in right of her niother> who 
was at length co-heir to her father Thcophilus, aiid her fitters 
leaving no furviving iflue) the Barony of Clinton devolved; 
and the faid Bridget marrying Hugh r ortefcue, Efq. of Filley 
In Dqvon, had iflue Hugh Fortefcue, Efq. who bti thd i6th of 
March, 1721, was called up to the Houfe of Lords as Lord 
Clinton ; and on July 5, 1746, was created Earl Clinton, and 
Baron Fortefcue; and dying unmarried May 2, 1751, the 
ftarony of Clinton returned to the Earl of Lmcoln; ^nd his 
brother, by another mbther, became Lord FortesCue ; the other 
daughter^ were Mary and Judith. 

Edward, their brother, dying in his father's life-time, left 
ifTue by Anne, daughter to John Holies, Earl of Clare, a fon, 

(5th Earl.) Sir Edward, who in 1667, fucceeded his grand- 
father; he married Jane, daughter to Peter dc Galliere, Lord 
ofVerutic in Fran te, and dying in Nov. 1692, without illhe^ 
the Baron^f of Clinton devolved as above. . 

We rt()w returtt to Sir Edward Clinton, Kt. younger brother ' 
to TTiomas, the third Earl, whd married Mary, daughter of 
Thomas Dighton, Efq. and had iflue Sir FkANtid, who married 
Prifcilla, daughter to John Hill, Efq. arid had Sir Francis his 
heir, and Thomas, and a d^ughter^ Prifcilla, married to Wil-' 
Ibughby D^EWes, Efq. 

(6th Earl.) FraItcis, up^ri the death of Edrl Eldward became 
Eiarl, ahd died the next yedr. He married ift, Elizabeth, daugh-* 
ftr of Sir Wllliatii Killigrew^ Knight, by whom he had a foil, 
Francis, who died an infant ; fecolidly, Sufart, daughtet to 
Antony Pennifton, Efq. and by her, whb died Sept. 3, 1720, 
he had two Tons, Henry his heir, and George ; and a daughter 
Sufan, married to Robert Booth, Efq. and died in Jbly, 17^4* 
George, the 2d fon, was an Admiral of the Navy. He married 
Anne, daughter of Peter Carle, a Major-Getter al ; by whom, 
Pfho died Aug. 5. 1767, he had throe fons andthfee daughters, ' 
^ whom one Ton and one daughter died in their infancy ; Mary, 
^ Vox-. L H the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


the furviving daughter married Robert Roddam, Efq. an Admi- 
ral in the navy, and died Dec. 9, 1750. Henry, the« furviving 
fon, is a Knight of the Bath, and a General in the army, he 
married in Feb. 1767, Mifs Harriot Carter. 

(7th Earl.) Henry, married Lucy, fiflcr to Thomas Hol- 
ies Pelham, Duke of Newcaflle, and dying on the 7th of 
ISept. 1728, in the 44th year of his age, by her, who died July 
20, 1736, left two fons, George his fucceflbr, and Henry; and 
three daughters, Anne, Lucy, and Caroline ; whereof the latter 
died Dec. 19, 1728. 

(8th Earl.^ George, who fuccecdtd his father, dying on 
the 30th of April, 1730, in the 13th year of his age, was fuc- 
fceeded hj 

(9th Earl. 2d Duke.) Henry, who alfo fucceeded to the 
title of the Duke of Newcaftle, upon the death of Thonaas, the 
tate Duke, and is tlie prefent poffcflbr of the title. 

Creations.] Earl of Lincoln, May 4^ 1572; and Duke of 
Newcaftle, Nov. 13, 1756. 

Arms.] Argent^ lix crofscroflets fitchy, 3, 2, and lyfab/e; on 
;i chief, azurcy two mullets pierced, or. [Pl4te VL] 

Crest.] In a ducal coronet, gulesy five oftrrch feathers, argent^ 
banded, azure* 

Supporters.] Two greyhounds, argcnty their plain collars 
and lines, F^W. 

MoTToij Loyaltena honU. Loyalty is not afhamed. 
. Chief Seat.] Clumber Park, in Nottinghamfliirc. 



THE moft noble HUGH PERCY, Duke and Earl of NOR- 
THUMBERLAND, Earl Percy, Baron Warkworth, of 
Warkworth Caftle, and a Baronet, in right of his father ; and 
Baron Percy, Lucy, Poynings, Fitz-Payne, Bryan, and Latimer, 
in right of his mother; and Knight of the Garter. Born Aug. 
14,^742. Married, firft, July 2, 1764, Anne Stuart, third 
daughter of John^ Earl of Bute, by whom he had no iflue, and 
from whom he was divorced in 1 779 ; and married fecondly. May 
-45, i779,Franccs-JuliaBurrell, third daughter of Peter Burrell, 0* 
Beckenham in Kent, El<|. by whom he hath had iflue Charlotte, 
born July 3, 17S0, who ^ied May 3, 1781.-— Elizabeth, born 
Dec 23, 1781. — Julia, bom May 2, 1783. — A fon, Hughf 
and a daughter, twins, born April 20, 1785. — A fecond fon born 
June 24, 1787. — A third fon, born jane 16, 1789. His 
KjTzce fucceeded to his mother's honours m 1 766, and to thoft 
'•{ hh father on Jufte 6, jj86w 


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This noble family is defccnded from Mainfred, a Norman 
•Chieftain, who made irruptions into France in the 9th century ; 
and his pofterity fettling in Normandy, took their name from 
their domain of Percy in that province. William de Percy^ 
with his brother Serle, accompanied King William the Con- 
queror in 1066, from whom he had grants of eighty-fix manors 
in Yorkfhire, thirty-two in Lincohifhire, &c. ana is exprefsly 
ililed a Baron, in records of that and the following reign* 
The grandfon of this William dying without ilTue, in the reign 
of King Henry 11. his daughter and heir, Agnes de Percy> 
married Jofceline de Lorrain, fon of the Duke of Brabant, and 
brother to Queen Adeliza, fecond wife of King Henry I. and 
bvexprefs flipulation took the name of Percy, but retained 
tne arms of Brabant, which originally were, e?r, a lion rampant^' 
azure, fince borne by the Percy family, quartered with the 
;kncient arms of Percy, a%urt, five fufils in fefs, '^r. Jofceline 
was lineally defcended in the male line from the Sovcreigrts of 
Brabant and Hainault, by a marriage with the daug^hter and 
heir of Charles, Duke of Lorrain, (ion of Louis d'Outremer^ 
King of France) who was the lafl male defcendant of the Em- 
peror Charlemagne, and who was true heir to the crown of 
France, ufurped by Hugh Capet. 

From Jofceline had defcended fix Lord Percys in lineal fuc* 
ceffion, when the lafl of them having intermarried with the 
Royal Family, (Lady Mary Plantagenet) had two fons, who 
bothhecame Earls, viz. i. Henry, created Earl of Northum* 
berland on July 16, 1377, i Richard IL and, 2. Thomas, cre- 
ated Earl of Worcefter, Sept. 29, i^97j 21 Richard n. This 
laft was alfo Lord of Haverford ; but left no ifluc, being be- 
headed after the battle of Shrewfbury, fought by his nephew 
againfl King Henry IV. 

(ifl Earl.) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, was iit 
the reign of King Richard IL Earl Marfhal of England, and in 
that of King Henry IV. he had the office of Conflable of* 
England for life, and was made King of Man, to hold this ifland 
to him and his heirs ; but entering into rebellion againfl the 
latter, whom he had helped to the Crown, was flain, in 1408* 
He left iflue by his firfl wife, Margaret Neville, three fons ; of 
whom the eldefl. Sir Henry Percy, Knt. furnamed Hotfpur, 
Was a mofl diflinguifhed Chieftain of that age, and. after a fharj^ 
firuggle for the crown, ' was flam at Battlefield, near Shrewf- 
bury, on St. Magdalen's eve, 1403, leaving ifTue by Elizabeth 
Mortimer, (grand-daughter of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, fon 
of King Edward III.) one fon Henry, who was fecond Earl of 
Northumberland; and one daughter. Henry, firfl Earl of Nor- 
thumberland, married fecondly, (without iflue) Maud, Baronefs 
Lucy, Countefs Dowager of Angus, who conveyed her great 
poflei&ons and Baronial honours to this Earl and his poflerity* 

H a Thi5 

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This Earl, as alfo his brother and fon, were all Knights of the 
Garter ; but after their rebellion, their names were expunged 
from the lifts, their blood attainted, and their Earldom and Ba- 
ronies extinguiflied, till 

(ad Earl.) Henry Percy, fon of Hotfpur, was reftored to the 
Earldom of Northumberland, &c. in 1414, by King Henry V. and 
in 1450, conftituted Conftable of England, by King Henry VL 
in whofe caufe he was flain in the firft battle at St. Alban's in 
1455. By Eleanor Neville, grand daughter of John of Gaunt, 
lie had iffue nine fons and three daughters. One of his fons, 
Thomas, was created Baron Egremont in 1449. His eldeft fon 

(3d Earl.) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who in 
his father's life-time fat in Parliament as Baron Poynings, hav- 
ing married Eleanor, heirefs of that Barony, as alfo of the 
Baronies of Fitz-Payne and Bryan. He was flain at Towton- 
£eld in 1461, where he commanded for the Houfe of Lancafter> 
leaving iffue, befides three daughters, one fon ; and was at- 
tainted and deprived of the Earldom, till his faid fon, 

(4th Earl.) Henry Percy, was reftored to the Earldom of 
Northumberland, &c. in 1469, by King Edward IV. by whom 
he was alfo made a Knight of the Garter; as he was afterwards 
i^y King Richard III. Lord Great Chamberlain of England, in 
ri483, during an attainder of the Vere family. In the fucceed-^ 
ing reign, he was flain in a popular tumult at his houfe in 
.Yorkftiire, in 1489 ; leaving iffue by Maud, daughter of Wil-» 
Jiam Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, four fons and three daughters ; 
Qf whorn the eldeft, 

{5th Earl.) Henry Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumbcr-^ 
imoy was a Knight of the Garter, and diftinguiflied for his great 
magnificence and patrona« of the Arts and Sciences, eftablifh- 
ifig a Profeffor of Philofophy and Grammar in his monaftery 
at Alnwick. He diedin 1527, leaving iffue by his wife Catha- 
rine, daughter of Sir Richard Spencer, Knt. and of Eleanor, 
ilaughter and heir of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerfet, three 
Ions and two daughters. Of thefe, the fecond. Sir Thomas 
Percy, Knt. was executed for rebellion in 1537, and his two fons 
>ittainted, Thomas and Henry, who were afterwards reftored, and 
fucceflively became Earls of Northumberland. The eldeft fon 
^f the 5th Earl was 

. (6th Earl.) Henry Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumber- 
land, and Knight of the Garter. He had been an admirer of 
Queen Anne Boleyn, but afterwards married Mary, daughter of 
George, Earl of Shrewfljury, and died without iffue in i C37 ; 
when, his nephew being under attainder, he left all his eftates 
to the crown, and the Earldom was extinguiflied for twenty* 
years. For which, and his early great expences, J>e has beea 
jCaUed the unthrifty Earl. At length 

Digitized by VjOOQIC . 


* (7th Earl.) Thomas Percy, nephew of the laft Earl, being - 
Tcftored in blood, in the 4th and 5th of Philip and Mary,^ ^SSJy ' 
became Earl of Northumberland, &c. and in the following reign 
Knight of the Garter ; but falling into rebellion, was beheaded 
at York, m 1572; and leaving by his wife Anne, daughter of 
Henry Somerfet, Earl of Worcefter, only four daughters, his 
Iionours and eftate pafTed by intail to 

(8th Earl.) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, &c. 
brother to the 6th Earl. He being fufpefted of fiivouring Mary, 
Queen of Scots, was found fhot dead in the Tower in 1585; ^ 
kaving iffue by his wife Catharine, eldeft daughter and co-heir 
of John, Lord Latimer, (from^which marriage the future Earls 
of Northumberland were ftiled Barons Latimer) eight fons and 
three daughters. The eldeft fon was 

(9th Earl.) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Knight 
of the Garter. After diftinguifhing himfelf againft the Spanilh 
Armada in 1588 ; in the following reign he, though a firm Pro- 
teftant, was accufed in the Star-chamber of favoring his kinfman^ 
Thomas Percy, who had been concerned in the Gunpowdeif 
Treafon, and was fentenced by that arbitrary Court to pay 
^,OOol. and to be confined for life in the Tower, where he wa« 
imprifoned fixteen years : during which, he devoted his time to 
learning and the fciences, being attended by the moft eminent 
fcholars, chiefly mathematicians, who were called his Magi; 
and he ftiled Henry the Wizzard. He died in 1632, having had 
iffue by his wife, Dorothy, fifter to the favorite Earl of EffeXf 
four fons and two daughters. Of the fons, two only attained to 
manhood, viz. the fecond fon, Henry, who being created Baron 
Percy of Alnwick, in 1643, followed the fortunes of King 
Charles II. dying in exile, without iffue ; and the eldeft, 

(loth Earl.) Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumberland, 
and Knight of the Garter, who was called up to the Houfe of 
Lords in his father's life-time, by writ, in 1626. In 1637, he 
was conftituted Lord High Admiral of England, and in 1639, 
Gcneraliffimo of the army againft the Scots. At the corona^- 
tion of King Charles IL he officiated as Lord-High Conftable 
of England, and died in 1668, having married two wives ; 
Anne, daughter of William Cecil, Earl of Salifl>ury, by whom 
he had five daughters; and fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Theophilus Howard, Earl of Suffolk, who lived to 1704, by 
whom he had only one furviving fon, viz. 

(nth and laft Earl.) Josceline Percy, Earl of Northumber- 
land. He marrying Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Thomas 
Wrotthefley, Earl of Southampton, went abroad on his travels, 
and died at Turin, in 1670, leaving only one daughter. His 
Lady married fecondly, Ralph, Lord Montagu, who was after-* 
varus Di^ke of Montagu : by whom Ihe had iffue, John> hte^ 

■ H3 ^^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Duke of Montagu; and Anne, grandmother of the prefent 
Earl of Sandwich. 

Lady Elizabeth Percy, fole heir of the Baronial honours 
and eftates of her houfe, was firft wife of Charles Seymour, 
Duke of Somerfet, by whom fhe had feven fons, and fix daugh* 
ters (only one of whom left iflue, viz. Catharine Seymour, wife 
of Sir William Wyndham, Bart, whofeeldeft fon Charles, Earl 
of Egremont, had the poiTei&ons of the antient Earls of Northum- 
berland, in Sufiex, Yorkihire, and Cumberland). Her Grace 
died in 1722, on which her eldeft furviving fon, 

Algernon Seymour (afterwards Duke of Somerfet^ in 1748) 
took his feat in Parliament, as Baron Percy, &c. in 1722. He 
married Frances, daughter and coheir of Henry Thynne, only 
fon of Thomas, firft Vifcount Weymouth, by whom he had 
iffue only one daughter ; and one fon, George, Vifcount Beau- 
champ, who dying unmarried, in 1744, all the Baronial honours 
of her father, (together with the eftates of the ancient Earls 
Percy, in Middlefex, and Northumberland) defcended to his 
only daughter and heir, Elizabeth, late Duchefs of Northimi- 

Having given his Grace's maternal defcent, we flxall give that- 
of his paternal as follows: 

The late Duke was defcended from a very ancient family^ 
which from the time of the Conqueft, hath been feated in the 
North-Riding of Yorkftiire, and derived their names from their 
original pofleffion of Smythton or Smethton in that diftria, 
which name they long ret^ned unaltered ; and of this family, 
was Elias Smethton, i^ho, about the reign of King Edward I. 
was Lord Prior of the Knights Hofpitallers of St. John of Jeru- 
falem, which is fufficient to ihow how refpeftable this family 
was at that period, for the Prior of this order was required to be 
;i Gentleman of the cleareft defcent, and fat in Parliament as the 
Premier Baron of this realm. 

The name continued to be written Smethton or Smythton, 
down to the reign of King Edward III. but then removing to 
Yafford, and purchafing Lands at Newfome, (both not far from 
their original refidence) they by an eafy tranfition, common in 
that age, began to write their name Smythson, or Smitson, 
and fo it occurs on feveral antient deeds dated in ann. 4, 15, 16, 
King Richard II. and in 4, 9 King Henry IV. Here the fa- 
mily continued feated till the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when 
Anthony Smythfon, Efq; of Newfome aforefaid, married Elea- 
nor, daughter and heir of George Catherick, Efq. by whom he 
inherited Stan wick, near Richmond, which hath ever fiince been 
the chief feat of this family. This ancient family of Catherick^ 
bare for one of the quarters in their paternal coat, the fanie 
arms (with diflFerence of colour only) that had been borne by the 
agitient Earls of Richmond and ^etagne; which^ as appears 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


from a broken rBonument now extant in Stanwick Church, they 
had received by marrying the heirefs of a family, that was 
either defcended from a younger fon of one of tliofe Earls, or 
from one of their principal officers, who had received a grant of 
their arms, with the above diftindtion. Anthony's fon finally 
became head of this antient family, viz. 

(ift Baronet.) Sir Hugh, created at the Reftoration, aBa* 
ronet, Auguft 2, 1660; and died in 1670, having married Do- 
rothy, daughter of Jerome Rawfthorne, of Plaiftow, in Eflex, 
Efq. by whom he left iffue three fons, viz. Sir Jerome Smith- 
fon, Bart. — Anthony, father of Hugh Smithfon, Efq. who left 
hi^ eftates at Tottenham, and Armine, to his Grace. — Hugh, 
whofe grand daughter Anne, married Thomas, late Earl of 

(2d Baronet.) Sir Jerome died in 1684, having married 
Mary, daughter and heir of Edward Wingate, Efq. by whon; 
he had iffue one daughter, Dorothy, wife of Thomas rulleinc,' 
of Carlton, in Com. Ebor. Efq. and his only fon and heir. 

(3d Baronet.) Sir Hugh, who died in 1729, having had 
iffue by Elizabeth, daughter of Marmaduke, the fecond Lord 
Langdale, two fons, Hugh and Langdale ; and four daughters, 
who all died unmarried. Hugh dying unmarried; Langdale, 
fecond fon, efpoufed Philadelphia, daughter of William Reveley, 
of Newby-Whifk, in Com. Ebor. Efq. and dying in his fat her^s 
life-time, left a daughter Dorothy, who died unmarried, and one 

(4th Baronet.) Sir Hugh, who fucceeded his grandfather, 
and was the late Duke, who died June 6, 1786, aged 74, and 
was fucceeded by his fon Hugh, in the Earldom and Dukedom, 
and in the Barony of Lou vain, by his fon Algernon ; which had 
been held by the Percy family through feveral generations. The. 
Earldom, however, had been forfeited ; but the Barony re- 
mained in the Percy family until it became veiled by marriage, 
in Algernon, Duke of Somerfet ; who, among other honours 
had conferred on him, by (icorge II. in 1749, the Earldom of 
Northumberland, with remainder to Sir Hugh Smithfon, of 
Stanwick, in the county of York, Bart, his then fon-in-law ; 
who, having married, July 18, 1740, Elizabeth Seymour, daugh<% 
ter, and at length fole heir of Algernon, Duke of Somerfet, whp 
died Feb. 7, 1750, fucceeded to the Earldom of Northumber-^ 
land, and Barony of Warkworth ; as did his Lady to the Baro- 
nies of Percy, Liicy, Poynings, Fitz-Payne, Bryan, and La- 
timer, which the faid Duke had inherited from his mother Eli-r 
zabeth, daughter and fole heir of Jo feel ine Percy, the eleventh 
and laft Earl of Northumberland, who died in i67o.-^r Hugh,r 
jiow become Earl of Northumberland, by adt of Parliament 
pa£ed in the year 1750, took upon him the name andtirms of 
Per^y; and was afterwards advanced to the dignities of Earl 

H 4 Pcrcji 

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I04 D U K E o F M O N T A G U- - 

Percy, ^n4 Duke of Northumberland, by patent, Oit. 18, 1766^ 
He was alfo on Jan. 30, 1784, created Lord Lovaine, Baron of 
Alnwick, with remainder to his fecond fon Algernon and hisL 
male iffue, to whom it defcended on the death of th^ late Duke. 
By her Grace, who died Dec. 5, 1776, aged 60, h\s Grace had 
iflue, two fons, and one daughter, viz. Hugh, the prefent 
Duke.— rElizabeth- Anne-Frances Percy, born April 6, .1744, 
who died May 27, I76i,unmarried.— Lord Algernon Percy, now 
Baron Lovaine, wasborn Jan. 21, 1750; married JuneSj 17757. 
Mifs Ifabella-Sufanni^ Burrell, fecond daughter of Petei: Burrell,. 
Ef(j. and fifter to the Duchefs of Northumberland; by whom h? 
he has had iflue. See Lord Lovaine. 

AiiMs.] Quarterly, fiift and fourth, or, a lion rampant^ 

azurcj the ancient arms of Brabant: fecond and third, a%ure, 

five fufils in fefs, cr, the ancient arms of Percy. [Plate VII.J 

Crest.] On a chapeauj^w/ff, turned up ermine, a lion ftatant, 


Supporters,] On the dexter fide, a lion, a%urc\ on thc> 
finifter, an unicorn, argent^ ducally collared, chainedj horned, 
and hoofed, or. 

Motto.] Efperance en Dleu. Truft in God. 

Chief Seats.] Sion Houfe, near Brentford, in Middlefex; 
Alnwick-Caftle, Warkworth-Caftle, and Prudhoe-Caftle, in 
Northumberland ; Stanwick and Armine, in Yorkshire; Wer^ 
rington, in Devonlhire ; and Northumberland-Houfe, in Weft- 


^ Duke of MONTAGU, Marquis of Monthermer, Earl of 
Cardigan, and Baron Brudenell of Stanton-Wivill, born in 
1712, fucceeded his father, July 5, 1732, as Earl of Cardigan, 
and >yas advanced to the dignities of Marquis of Monthermer, 
and Duke of Montagu, 06t. 28, 1766 ; and Knight of the Gar- 
ter; having married July 7, 1730, Mary Montagu, youngeft 
daughter, and one of the co-heirs of John, Duke of Montagu '^ 
after whofe deceafe, his Grace took the name and arms of Mon- 
tagu. The Duchefs died May 2,. 1775, having had iffue, John, 
Marquis of Monthermer, born March 18, 1735, created May 
7*, 1762, Baron Montagu of Boughton, and died April 11, 
1770, unmarried. — ^Elizabeth, born May 29, 1743, married 
March 20, 1767, to the Duke of Buccleugh, and has iffue.— 
Mary, born Sept. 6, 1750, died June 28, i75i.-:-Henrietta, 
born July 1 1, 1753, and died April 10, l^(>6. 


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D UK E OF M ON T A G TJ- aoj 

' His Grace was in 1786 created Baron Montatgu of Baugh-*^ 

tpn, with remainder to his grandfon, Henry-Jaines-Montagu, 

the fecond fon of Henry, Duke of Buccleugh. 

. In the reign of King Edward I. Wilt-iam Brudenell died 

feifed of Doddington, iji the county of Oxford, and divert 

lands in Berks and Bucks, and lefttwo fons, 

, Richard Brudenell, of Aynhoe, in the county ofNorth- 

i^mpton; and Henry, who fucceeded him at Doddington. 

To Richard fucceeded 

William, his fon, whofe wife was Agnes, daughter and 
Ible heir to Thomas Grove, of Agmondelham, in Sucks, by 
Alice ^^is wife, daughter and heir to Walter Lc Raan, by 
Margaret his wife, daughter and heir to Sir John Blacket, of 
^aftletpn and Saltford, in the county of Oxford, Knight; and 
by her he had three fons ; Edmund, William, and Henry;- 
and two daughters, Margaret and Alice. Of the fons, Edmund 
the eldeft, left no iffue.— Henry the 3d, who was of Agmon- 
4e{ham, married Eleanor, daughter of Hugh Prefton, Knight, 
by whom he had three fons; Edmund, John, and Robert; 
whereof Edmund was anceftor to thofe of that name at Sharde- 
lois (now the feat of the Drakes) which terminated in a daughter 
and heir; Elizabeth married to Thomas Cheyne, Efq« and 
from Robert defcended the Brudenells, of Stoke-Mandevilc, 
ip Bucks. We now return to 

William, the 2d fon of William and Agnes Grove, wh© 
married Agnes, daughter and co-heir to Robert Bulilrode of 
Hughely, in Bucks, with whom he had that manor, and by her 

, Edmund his heir, who married firft Agnes, daughter and 
heir to Thomas Dipden, and had an only daughter Alice, who 
was married to Richard Waller; but by bis fecond wife Phi- 
lippa, daughter to Philip Engiefield, Efq. he had four fons, 
and twp daughters ; Joan married to Sir John Ewerby ; and 
Elizabeth, firft to John Tirringham, Efq. and fecondly to John 
Cheyne, Efq. Of the fofis, which were Drue, John, Edmund, 
and Sir Robert Brudenell, of Dean, in the county of North- 
ampton. Drue, the eldeft, fucceeded his father at Chalfont 
St. Peter% and died the 14th of March, 1479; having married 
tleanor, daughter to John Broughton, of Toddington, in the 
county of Bedford, and had five fons, and four daughters; Ifa- 
mia,, married Richard Ifliam, "Efq. — Agnes, to John Abraal^ 
of Inchinfield. — ^Joan, to John Norris.— Elizabeth, to Henry 
Broughton, of Warwicklhire, Efq. Of the fons, which were 
£dmund, Robert, John, Thomas, and George ; the latter was 
^ prieft. — Robert died without iffue. — Edmund fucceeded his fa- 
ther at Chalfont, and married Jane, daughter to Richard Haw- 
l;ins, of London, and by her had a daughter Elizabeth, married 
tp Sir Robert Drury, anceftor of Sir Drue Drury, of Rid- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ilefworth, ia Norfolk; who i^as created a Baronet the 7th of 
May, 1627. The faid Edmund, her father, having no ifluc male, 
we return to 

Sir Robert, hisfethcr*s brother, in the 12th of Henry VIII. 
Chief- Juilice of the Common Pleas; and died the 30th of 
Jan. IS31. By his fecond i^ifc Philippa, daughter to 
Fower, of Blccheaden, in the county of Oxford, he had no 
iflue; but by his firft, who was Margaret Entwifell, coufin and 
co-heir to Sir Bertram Entwifell, Vifcount ofBrickbeck, and 
conftable of Conftance, in Normandy, and widow of William 
Wivill, of Stanton Wivill, in the county of Leicefter, he had 
two fons. Sir Thomas his heir; and Anthony, who was of Clap- 
thorneand Finedon, in the county of Northampton, and Pack- 
ington Pigot, in the ^ounty of Warwick. He married Jane, 

daughter to Erlington, of Hackney, in Middlelex, and by 

ber had five fons and three daughters, viz. Margaret, wife of 
■ Palmer, of Southwell, in Nottinghamlhire ; Anne, and 
Rebecca; Edmund his heir; George, Robert, Thomas, and 
.William, who died unmarried, — Thomas, who was of Giafton, 
married the daraghter and heir of Thomas Warner, and by ber he 
had two fons, and two daughters, Anthony, Edmuml, Anne, 
and Eli'^abeth. — Robert, the third fon, was a merchant. 
George, fecond, was married to ■ ■ >■ Freeman, and by her had 
Paul Brudenell, who had iflue, Anthony, William, George, and 
Thomas* Edmund^ the eldeft fon of Anthony Brudenell, of 
Clapthome, &c. was feoted at Stanton-Wivill, in the county of 
Leicefter; and he marrying two wives, firft, Anne, daughter 
of John Chancey, ofEdgecote, in the county of Northampton, 
'£fq, by her had no iflue; but by Elizabeth, his fecond, who 
was daughter of William Burnell, of Winckbourne, in the 
county of Nottingham, Efq. he had two fons, and two daugh- 
ters'; whereof Agnes was married to John Flackct, of Hanfon- 
Grange, in the county of Derby, Efq. — Frances, to Roger 
Hurt. And of the fons, Robert died young. — Thomas fuc- 
ceededhis father. He married firft, Dorothy, daughter to Henry 
Smith, ofWithcock, in the county of Leicefter, Efq. and had 
fcur fons, and three daughters; Anne, married to William 
Ormc, of Hanch-Hall, in the county of Stafford, Gentleman ; 
Lucy, to Charles Agarde, ofCroxhall, in the county of Derby ; 
Dorothy, to John Browne, of Stretton Lifield, in the county 
of Leicefter. And of the fons, which were TTiomas, Edmund, 
Robert, and Richard, the latter married Elir.abeth, eldeft daugh^ 
ter to Walter Littleton, of Saredon, in the county of Stafford, 
dodor of the civil law. — ^Robcrt was a merchant in Spain. — 
Edmund, who died Sept. 30, i6^7> married to his firft wife Ca- 
therine, fecond daughter to Sir Edward Littleton, of the county 
of Stafford, Bart, and by her had two fons, Edward, and Tho- 
mas ; and by his fecond, who was Mary, daughter to Thomas 

a Stavely, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Stavely, of Leicefter, Efq. he had Mary, Robert, and Catha- 
fine ; which Catharine was married to George Alfop, of Church- 
Langton, in the county of Leiceiter, and died March 4, 1684; 
but Mary, her fifter, died unmarried. — Thomas, the eldeft fon of 
Thomas and Dorothy Smith, marrying Elizabeth, daughter t© 
Nathaniel Humphreys, of Barton, in the county of Northamp- 
tOHy Efq. by her had four fons, and five daughters; Thomas^ 
Charles, Edmund, Richard ; Mary, Jane, and Elizabeth, died 
infants ; a fecond Mary, the wife of Edward Price, of Norfolk; 
and Dorothy, the wife of Robeit Baker, of Litchfield. Thus 
having done with the defcendants of Anthony Brudenell^ 
yonngeft fon of Sir Robert and Margaret Entwiiell, we come 
now to 

Sir Thomas the eldefl. He married Elizabeth, daughter to 
Sir William Fitzwilliam, and dying on the 15th of March, 
1548, by her had five fons, and four daughters, Elizabeth, Lucy^ 
Julian, and Mary ; the latter was married to Nicholas Hare, 
£fq. — Julian, to John Harrington, of Witham. — Elizabeth, the 
eldefl, was married to Richard Griffin, Efq. and fecondly, to 
Francis Smith, Efq. Of the fons, who were 

Sir Edmund, Thomas, John, Robert, and William, the 
youngeft died without iflue ; the eldefl, who was knighted, died 
Feb. 24, 1584. He married firft, Agnes, daughter and heir to 
John Bttfley, of Hougham, in the county of Lcicefter, Efq. by 
Agnes his wife, daughter of Thomas, Lord Burgh, by whom he 
habd no iflue ; but by his fecond, who was Etheldred, daughter to 
■ Fcrnley, and widow of Anthony Roane, Efq. he had 

a daughter of her name, who was married to Sir Baul Brook, 
of Madelcy, in the county of Salop, Knt. but the faid Sir 
Edmund dying without iflue male, 

Thomas, his next brother, became heir, and married Anne^ 
daughter of Robert Topclifl^; but he dying without iflTue, 

JoHK, the third fon fucceeded. He married Mary, daughter 
to Robert Everard, cfShenton, in the county of Leicefter, and 
by her had a fon Robert, who died young; but leaving no iiTue, 
Robert, the fourth fon of Sir Thomas and Elizabeth Fitz- 
william fucceeded. He married Catharine, daughter to JeflFrey 
Taylard, and by her had three fons, Thomas, William, who 
died without iffue, and John, who was Lord of Okeley and 
Potton, in the county of Bedford, and of Gamlingay, in the 
county of Cambridge; and a daughter Chriflian, married to 
Alexander Thorold. 

(ill Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, who was feated at 
Dean, was, in 161 1, created a Baronet; and afterwards was 
created Lord Brudenell, and Earl of Cardigan, and died in 
April, 1644. He married Mary, fourth daughter to Sir Thomas 
Trefham, of Bulhton, in the county of Northampton, (by Me- 
riell, daughter to Sir Robert Throckmorton, W Coughton, in 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^9 D U K E o F M O N T A G U. 

WarwicRfliirc, by Elizabeth, daughter of John, Lord Hoflcy, 
¥eli£k of John, Lord Hungerford) and had three Cons and a 
daughter, of her name, who in 1630 married to John Conftable, 
the fecond Yifcount Dunbar, in Scotland; and of the fons, 
which were 

(2d Earl.) RoBKRT, Edmund, and Edward, the latter died 
young; the fecond on the i5thof Augr 1652, unmarried; and 
the eldeft fuccecded his father. He married firft, Mary, daugh- 
ter to Henry Conftable, Vifcount Dunbar, and by ner had a 
daughter of her name, who was married to the Earl of Krnnoul, 
in Scotland ; and tsrking to his fecond wife Anne, daughter to 
Thomas, Vifcount Savage, had Francis, Lord Brudenell, his 
heir apparent, who died before him; and Jofeph, who died an 
infant; alfo three daughters; Anna-Maria, firft married to Fran- 
cis Talbot, the eleventh Earl of Shrcwibury ; and fecpndly, to 
George Rodney Bridges, of Keynfliam, in the county of Somer- 
fct, Efiq. and died the 20th of April, I702.-^— Catharine, to 
Qiarles, Earl of Middleton, in • Scotland* — Dorothy, firft to 
Charles Fane, the third Earl o( Weftmorcland ; and afterwards 
toRol)ert, Vifcount Dunbar, in Scotland. 
- Francis, Lord Brudenell, who died before his father, in 
1698, married Frances, daughter to James Savile, Earl of Suf- 
feic, and had two fons, and three daughters ; Mary, married to 
Richard, the fifth Vifcount Molineux, in Ireland. — Anne, firft 
to Henry, Lord Bellafife, of Worlabv; and fccondly, to Charles 
Lennox, the firft Dukeof Richmond.— Frances, the youngeft, 
i^as firft married to Charks Levingfton, Earl of Newburgh, in 
Scotland ; and fecondly, to Richard, Lord Bellew, in Ireland.— 
Of the fons, which were George his fucceflbr ; and James, featcd 
at Stockton-Hall, in the county of Lincoln, who died in Aug. 
1746; having married Sufan, daughter of Bartholomew Burton, 
ofLuffcnham, in the county of Rutland, Efq. by whom he had 
rfiue, firft, George Bridges Brudenell his heir ; Auguftus, fe- 
cond fon, who died in the loth year of his age, in March, I735> 
and two daughters, Caiolina andLouifa, which laft died in Aug. 
1746, and 

(jdEarl.) George, eldeft fon of Francis, Lord Brudcnelf, 
who, in 1703, fucceeded his grandfather as Earl of Cardigan. He 
married Elizabeth Bruce, eldeft daughter to Thomas, the laft 
Earl of Ayleft>ury, and dying on the 5th of July, 1732, by her, 
who died in Dec. 1745, left iffue four fons, and two daughters; 
Frances, married July 27, 1749, to Oliver Tilfon, Eiq.— — 
Mary, firft to Richard Powis, Efq. by whom /he had iffuc, 
Elizabeth, married May Iq, 1760, the Hon. Thomas Townf- 
kend, and Mary, who married April 19, 1762, the Eail 
of Courtown, in Ireland ; and their mother married fecondlji 
Tune 20, 1750, to Thomas Bouldby, ofthcBifliopric of Durham* 
£l'(j« The fons were, George,, his fucceflbr.— James, who was 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

I) U K E 4 F M O N T A G U; to^ 

in 1780, created Baron Brudenell. — Robert, who married in 
Feb. 1759. — Anne, daughter of Sir Cecil Bisfhopp, Bart, and 
died 0(ft. 10, 1768, leaving iffue: Firft, Robert, born April 
26, 1769. Second, Augufta, born July 8, 1760. Third, Char- 
lotte, born Feb. 18, 1762. — Thomas Bruce the youngeft, who, 
in February 1747, fucceeded his uncle the Earl of Aylefbury, 
^ Baron Bruce, of Tottenham, in the county of Wilts, anil 
fmce created Earl of Aylefbury. 

(4th Earl, I ft Duke.) Georce the eldeft fucceeded, and was 
created Duke of Montagu, and is the prefent Duke, s 

Creations.] Baron Brudenell, April 26, 1627, ^^rl ^f 
Cardigan, April 20, 1661, Marquis and Duke, Od. 28, 1766, 
Baron Montagu of Boughton, in 1786. 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft grand quarter counter quartered, 
the firft and fourth, argent^ three lozenges conjoined in fefs, gula^ 
within a border, fabUy for Montagu ; fecond and third, «r, an 
eagle difplayed, verty beaked and membered, guUs^ for Monther- 
mer. Second and third grand quarter, JabUy a lion rampant, «r- 
geutj and in a canton of the fecond the crofs of England, for 
Churchill : the fourth as the firft. [Plate VIL] 
- Crest.] On a wreath a gryphon's head couped, (?r, with 
.wings indorfed and beaked, fabU. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a gryphon, «r, beaked, 
winged, and four IcgSy fable. On the finifter a wyvern, guiesy 
collared, or, wings expanded, gulcSy charged on the breaft in ft 
canton, azuriy with St. Andrew's crofs, argent. 

Motto.] Spe^emur agendo. Let us be feen by our aflions. 

Chief Seats.] At Dean, inNorthamptonfliire; at Black* 
heath, in Kent ; and at Windfor-caftle, as conftablc; and at 
Richmond, in Surry. 

M A R^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

[ no ] 



•T*HE moft noble JEMIMA DE GREY, Marchionrfs 
•^ GREYj and Baronefs Lucas of Cmdwell, bom 1722, 
only daughter of John, Earl of Breadalbane, by Amabella Grey, 
ddeft daughter and co-heirefs of Henry de Giey, late Duke of 
Kent; fucceeded to the title of Marchionefs Grey, &ۥ on the 
death of her grandfather Henry, late Duke of Kent, June 5, 
1740. She married May 22, the fame year, Philip, now Earl 
Hardwicke,xby whom fhe has iflue two daughters, 

Amabella, born Jan. 22. 1751, married the i6th of July, 
1772, to Alexander, Lord Polwarth, created Lord Hume, of 
Berwick, who died without iffue, 1781, and the title became 
cxtinft.— Mary Jemima, born Feb. 9, 1756, married Auguft 
17, 1780, to the late Lord Grantham, by whom flie had iflue, 
and died Oft. 20, 1788. 

This noble family is defcended from Rollo or Fulbert, who 
was Chamberlain to Robert, Duke of Normandy; and of his 
gift, had the caftle and honour of Croy, in ricardy, from 
whence his pofte/ity aflumed their .fumame, which was after- 
terwards written de Grey. Which Rollo had a daughter, Ar- 
lotta, mother of William the Conqueror ; and a fon, John^ 
ftiled Lord de Croy ; and he marrying Adela, daughter and one 
of the heirs of William Fitz-Ober, fon of Ofbert, by fumamc 
Crefpen, the fon of Herfaft, whofe father was a noble Knight 
of Danifti extraftion, by her had Sir Arnold de Grey, Lord 
of Walter-Eton, Stoke, and Rotherfield.; who marrying Jo- 
anna de Poutdelarche, had Anschetil de Grey, (who in thd 
20th of William the Concjueror, when the general furvey 
was made) was poffeffed of divers lands in the county of Oxford 
and Bucks. He left a fon Richard, who was fatherof Ans- 
chetil, whofe wife was Eva, daughter and heir to Baldwin, 
Earl of Devon, and by her he had John, his heir ; and another 
fon, who, in the reign of King John, was Archbifhop of Can-» 
terbury ; but the Pope prevailed with the Monks to choofe Ste- 
phen Langton, a Cardinal of Rome, fo that he never obtained 
the Pall, though the King feized on the goods and lands of the 
Monks whom he banifhed, and forbad Langton entrance into 
the realm. 

John his elder brother, had bv Hawis his wife ; Sir Robert, 
his heir. — ^Walter, Bifhop, ift ot Litchfield, adly of Worcefterj 
and from thence tranflated the 17th of King John, to the fee 
of York, to which fee he gave the houfe called York-Place^ 
ngw White-ball. — ^Henry; and two daughters : Eva, married to 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


"VVTlliam Briton. — Agnes, was motberof John D'Oyly of Stoke 
D'Oyly, in the county of Northampton. Sir Robert marrici 
Beatrix, daughter and heir to William, de St. Loike, and by 
her had Walter de Grey, anceftor to the Barons Grey, of Rp- 
therfield, which became extindi the nth of Riciiard II. 

Henry de Grey, 3d fon', married Ifolda, daughter and co- 
heir to Hugh, and niece and co-heir to Robert Bardolf, and had 
three fons, viz. Richard Grey of Codnovre, in tlie county of 
Derby, whofe defcendants were Barons Grey of Codnovre, or 
Codnor, which terminated in Henry, Lord Grey, who. died 11 
Henry VII. without lawful iffue ; but from Henry his natural 
fon, the Greys of Langley, in the county of Leicefter, are dcf- 
cended. — John. — William de Grey of Landford, in the county 
of Nottingham, and of Sandacre, in the county of Derby, 
whofe eftate defcended to the family of Leek> Earl of Scarfdale, 
by an heir female. 

John, the fecond fon of the faid Henry, dying in the 5th of 
Edward I. left iffue by Emma, daughter and heir to Geoffrey 
de Glanvile, a fon, Reginald, and a daughter married to Ro- 
bert de Tatlhall ; and the faid Reginald married Maud, daugh- 
ter and heir to Henry de Longchamp, a great Baron, and died 
the iftof Edward II. leaving John, his fon and heir, who dy- * 
ihg the 17th 'of Edward II. left iffue by Maud, daughter to 
Ralph, Lord Eaffet, of Draiton, Henry, his heir ; from whom 
defcended William Lord Grey, and Arthur Lord Grey, whofe 
Xon Thomas, the laft Lord Grey, of Wilton, being one of tho 
confpirators with Lord Cobham, Sir Walter Raleigh, and 
pthers, in their defign of feizing King James I. and the Prince^ 
and to take them firft to the Tower, and thence to Dover-Caf- 
tle, thereby to obtain a toleration of religion, was attainted of 
treafon, and remained a prifoner in the Tower till his death, 

July 6, 1614 : ^^^ ^^s ellate at Whaddon, in the county of 
rucks, was given to Sir George Villiers, who was created Baron 
of Whaddon, and Duke of Buckingham. 

Roger de Grey, 2d fon to John de Grey, and Maud his wife, 
married Elizabeth, daughter to John, Lord Haftings, of Bcrga- 
venny, by If::bel, one of the daughters and co-heirs to William 
"Valence, Earl of Pembroke, and his pofterity became heirs to 
John de Haftings, Earl of Pembroke, and John his fon and heir 
was contracted to Anne, daughter to Sir William Montagu, 
(afterwards Earl of Salifbury) and dying in the life-time of his 
£ither ; and his father dying in the 27th of Edward III. 

Reginald, 2d fon of Roger, fucceeded, and hadfummons 
to all the parliaments, and died the 12th Richard II. He mar- 
ried Eleanor, daughter to John, Lord Strange, of Blackmere, 
and had 

Reginald, his fucceffor^ who was famous for his diQmtes 
ltiU% Qww Ol«EidQur; cwceirning the Htuation of their lands^ 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

%y whom, being at length overpowered, he became prifoner to- 
the fiiid Owen, and paid a great fuin for his redemption. Hfe 
died the 19th Henry VI. having had two wives, ift, Margaret;, 
•daughter to William, Lord Roos, by whom he had a fon, John ; 
I and by his ,2d wife, Joan, daughter and heir to William, Lord 
:Aftley of Allley, in the county of Warwick, and widow of 
Thomas Raleigh, Efq. he had three fons, of whom Edward, tht 
cldeft, married Elizabeth, daughter and heir to Henry, fon of 
William, Lord Ferrers, of Groby, whereby he became heir to 
Ihe faid Lord Ferrers, and bore the title of Lord Ferrers of 
Groby, afterwards Grey of Groby, and his defcendants became 
Earls of STAMFORD. — ^John, the 2d, was of Barwell, m the 
county of Leiceftcr. — Robert, the 3d, was of Enfield, in Staf^ 
fordfliire. He had alfo by his 2d wife, a daughter, Eleanor, 
married to William Lucy, of Cherlecote, in the county of 
Warwick, Efq. 

John, eldeft fon by the firft wife, dying in his father's life- 
time, left iffue by Conftance, (only daughter to John Holland^ 
Duke of Exeter and Earl of Huntington, widow of Thomas,' 
LordMowbery, fon of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk,) Edmund. — • 
Thomas, who in the 28th Henry VI. was created Lord Grey 
of Rugemont, in the county of Bedford, and died without iflue^ 
—Alice, married to William Knyvet, Efq. 

(ift Earl.) Edmund, the elder brother, in 1441, the 19th: 
Henry VI. fuccecded his grandfather, and in the 5th Edward 
IV. was created Earl of Kent; and died in 1489. He mat-" 
i^ied Catharine, daughter to Henry Percy, ad Earl of Nor ' 
thumberland, and had four fons and two daughters ; of whiteh 

(2d Earl.) George, (the eldeft furviving) fuccceded him, 
and married firft, Anne, daughter to Richard Woodville, Eafl 
Rivers, by whom he had a fon Richard, hisfuceeflbr; and by 
his 2d, who w^as Catharine, daughter to William Herbert, Earl 
of Pembroke, he had Sir Henry Cirey, of Wreft, in the county 
of Bedford, fucceffor to his half brother Richard. — Cieorge. — 
Anthony Grey, of Branfpeth, of the Bifhopric of Durham, 
whofe grandfon at length fucceeded to the Earldom, being thcJ 
lOth Earl ; as alfo two daughters, of whom Anne married 
John, Lord Huffey, whofe daughter Agnes married Sir Hum-s 
phrey Brown, Knt. one of the Juftices of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, whofe daughter and co-heir Chiiftian, married Sir- 
John Tufton, Bart, and was mother of Nicholas, the ift Earl 
of Thanet ; but their father dying in 1506, 

(3d Earl.) Richard, by his ift wife, fucceeded him. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter to Sir William Huffey^ and dy-* 
ing on the 3d of May> 1524, without iflue, the Earldom de^* 
iicended to 

. . (^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(4th Earl.) Sir Henry Grey of Wrcft, his brother by the 
half-blood, who having married Anne, daughter to John Blen- 
nerhaflet, and having/but a fmall income, declined to take upon 
him the title of Earl, as did alfo 

(5th EarL) Henry his fon; but this laft Henry having mar- 
ried iVIargaret, fifter to Oliver, the firft Lord St. John of Blet- 
flioe, had three fons, Reginald, Henry, and Charles, of whom, 

(6th Earl.) Reginald, the elderf, in the 13th Eliz. 1571, 
re-affumed the title of Earl of Kent. He married Sufan, daugh- 
ter to Richard Bertie, Efq. anceftor of the Duke of Ancafter, 
by Catharine his wife, Duchefs of Suffolk, and dying on the 
17th of March, 1753, without iffue by her, who afterwards 
married Sir John Wingfield, Knt. 

(7th Earl.) Henry, his next brother, became heir, and mar- 
ried Mary, one of the daughters of Sir George Cotton, of Cum- 
bermere, in the county of Chefter, Knt. and widow of Edward 
Stanley, the 3d Earl of Derby, but dying on the ill of Jan. 
16 1 5, without iffue alfo, 

(8th Earl.) Charles, his next brother, fucceeded him, 
and married Sufan, daughter to Sir Richard Cotton, and by 
her had a fon Henry ; ahd a daughter Sufan, who married to 
Sir Michael Longueville i and dying in 1623, was fucceeded by 

(9th Earl.) Henry his fon, who mar;-ied Elizabeth, 2d 
daughter and co-heir of Gilbert Talbot, the 7th Earl of Shrewf- 
bury ; but dying in 1639, having no iffue, the title of Earl (by 
reafon of the entail on the heirs male) defcended to 

(loth Earl.) Anthony Grey, then Reftor of Burbache, in 
the county of Leiccfter, fon of Geoige, fon of Anthony, 3d 
fon to George, the 2d Earl ; but upon claim made of the dig- 
nity of Lord Grey of Ruthyn, by Charles Longueville, fon 
and heir to Sir Michael Longueville, by Sufan his wife, filler 
?md heir to Henry the laft Earl of Kent, who died without iffue, 
as hath been obferved. Anno 1640, it was adjudged to Mr. Lon- 
gueville, from whom is defcended the Earl of Suffex, This 
Anthony married Magdalen, daughter to William Purefoy of 
Caldecote, in the county of Warwick, Efq. and had five fohs, 
and as ma^ daughters, viz, Henry. — John. — Theophilus. — 
lob, — Nathaniel.— Grace, married to James .Ward, Efq.— 
Magdalen, to John Brown of Stretton, in the county of Derby, 
Efq. — Chriftian, to the Reverend Mn Burdet. — ratience, to 
Mr. Wood of Lubenham, in the county of Leicefter.-— Prifcilla^ 
—Theophilus, died unmarried March 29, 1679, ^S^^ 74 > **"^ 
. (nth Earl.) Henry the eldeft, in 1643, fucceeded his fa"> 
ther. He married firft, Mary, daughter of Sir William Coujc^ 
teen, Knt* by whom he had iffue Henry, Lord Grey, who died 
in 1644. His 2d wife was Arabella, widow to Henry Fane, 
Efq. 3d fon of Francis the ift Earl of Weftmorland, daughter 
and heir to Sir Anthony Benn, Knt, Recorder of London, (by 

Vol. LI Jane 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

fi4 M A R C H f O N E S S GREY. 

Jane bis wife, daughter to John Evelyn'of Godftone, in Sun^i 
Efq.) and by her (who furvived her monument 45 years, and 
died on the t7th of Aug. 1698, aged 92*,) had iffue, Henry, 
who died in 1644. — Anthony his heir. — And a daughter Eliza- 
beth, married to Banifter, Lord Maynard. 

(12th Earl.) Anthony, who in* April 1651, fucceeded his 
father, married Mary, daughter and folc heir of John, Lord 
Lucas, Baron of Shenficld, in the county of Eflex; who on 
the 7th of May 1663, was created Baroncfs Lucas of Crudwcil, in 
Wilts, and to her heirs male and female, by the Earl of Kent; 
and by her, who died Nov. i, 1702, the (aid Earl had Henry, 
his heir ; and a daughter Amabella, who died Nov. 26, 1702. 

(13th Earl, I ft Duke.) Henry, who on the 19th of Auguft, 
1702, fucceeded his father, married firft, Jemima, eldeft daugh- 
ter of Thomas, Lord Ciew of Stone, and by her (who died July 
27, 1728) had four fons and feven daughters, viz, Anthony, bom 
Feb. 21, 1695-6, married April 17, 17 18, to Mary Tufton, 
fourth daughter of Thomas, Earl of Thanet, and died July 2i> 
1723, and his Lady married John, Marquis of Stafford, and died 
1785. — Henry, born April i, 1697, died Dec. 4, 17 17* — Lucas 
died young. — George died young. — Amabella married, 1721, 
John Campbell, Earl of Breadalbanc in Scotland, and died 
March 2, 1727, leaving an only daughter, Jemima, the prefent 
Marchionefs. — Jemima married John, firft Earl of Afhburnham. 
—Henrietta, born Oft. 20, 1709, died Jan. 4, 17 17. — Anne 
married Charles Cavendifli, brother to William, Duke of De- 
vonfhire, and died Sept. 20, 1733. — Mary married in March 
1744, Dr. Gregorv, Cation of Chrift-Church, Oxford, and died 
Jan. 10, 1761. — Jane died an infant. — Caroline died an infant* 
On March 24, 1729, his Grace married, 2dly, Sophia Ben- 
tinck, daughter to William, Earl of Portland, by whom (who 
died June 14, 1748) he had one fou and one daughter, viz. George, 
born Aug. 22, 1732, and died in February following. — Anne- 
Sophia, born Jan. 17, 1730, married 1768, Dr. John Egerton, 
late Bifliop of Durham,* eldeft fon of Henry, Biihop of Here- 
ford^ brother to the firft Duke of Bridgewater. His Grace, May 
9, 1740, was created a Marquis of Great Britain, by the title of 
Marquis de Grey, with remainder to the prefent Marchionefs 
and her heirs male, and dying Jan. 1740- 1, was fucceeded by 

(ift Marchionefs.) Jemima, the prefent Marchionefs, who 
is alfo Countcfs of Hardwicke. 

Creations.] Baroncfs Lucas, of Crudwell, in the county of 
Wilts, May 7, 1663, 13 Car. II. Marchionefs Grey by letters 
patent May 19, 1740. 

Arms.] Barry of fix pieces, argan and azure^ the arms of 
Grey. [Plate VII.] 

Supporters.] Two wyverns, or^ their wings difclofed« 

Chief Seat.] At Wreft-Hpufe, in Bcdfordlhire. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t xij 3 


f TEMPLE, Marquis of BUCKINGHAM, Earl Temple, 
Vifcount and Baron Cobham ; as well as Earl Nugent, in Ire- 
land, and Knight of the Garter; born June 17, 1753, fucccedcd 
his father Sept* 12, 1779; ^" ^^^ Englifh honours; and to the 
Iriih on 0<SL 13, 1788; was declared Lord Lieutenant of the 
kingdom of Ireland July 31, 1782, to whom the inftitution of* 
the order of St. Patrick owes its origin, lA 1784 was advan« 
ced to the dignity of an Englifh Marquis, and a fecond time 
declared Chief Governor of the kingdom of Ireland. On April 
12, 1775, ^® married Mary, fole daughter and heir to Robert, 
Earl Nugent, whofe honours were entailed on his lordfhip and 
his heirs ; by whom he has iffue Richard, Earl Temple, born 
March s^ I, 1776. — George, born Dec. 30, 1788.— -Mary, bom 
July 8, 1787. 

This family of Grenville, Granville, Grelnville, or Grcne- 
vyle, has been refident of Wotton in Buckinghamihire from the 
time of Henry I. a collateral branch of the Granvilles in the 
county of Devon, whofe defcent is deduced from RoUo the firft 
Duke of Normandy. Richard Granville, who came into Eng- 
land with William the Conqueror, married a daughter of Walter 
GifFord, Earl of Buckingham and Longueville, by whom he 
had two fons, Richard, anCeflor to the Earl of Bath; and Ro- 
bert, anceflor to the prefent family, who had iffue two Tons, 
Robert the youngeftj; and the eldefl, Gerafd, who married Dio- 
nyfia, daughter to Henry de Turbeville, fleward of Gafcony, 
by whom he had four Ions,, viz. William, Robert, Reginald, 
and R^Iph. 

William the cidefl, Was fheritf of^Oxfordfhire 1289, and 
left two fons ; Henry, Who died without iffue ; and John, who 
was living in 1274, and married Agatha, daughter of Walter 
de Borgo, but left no male iffue. 

Robert the youngefl, fon of Robert, gave to the abbey of 
Nutlcy certain lands, and was living 11 90, and had two fons, 
viz. Gerard his heir ; and William, who in 1^13, attended King 
John to PoiiSbu* Gerard the cldefl fon left iffue Richard de. 
Grenville, living t2i2, who left iffue two fons, Euftace his heir, 
and Silveflcr, and a daughter Alice. Euflace was knighted 1272, 
and had a numerous iffue ; Gerald the eldefl died without iffue; 
Richard the fecond fon, before 1 300, married Joan, daughter 
of William, Lord Zouch of Harring worth, and died 1351, 
living tWD fons and three daughters : the eldeft of the fons^ 
Wifliam^ was his heir, and 1327 was ililed Lord Wotton. He 

I 2 mar- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


married Agnes, daughter of William Writhan, and by her^ who 
was livii-.g 1388, has iffue two fons, Thomas and William ; Tho- 
mas died 1402, leaving iflue, by Elizabeth Moreft, three fons, 
viz. ^ John and William left no heirs; Richard the eldeft, 1401, 
married Cluiftian Loncelove, and dying before 1428, left iffue 
two fons, Euftace and John. EuiUce the eldeft fucceeded, and 
in 1433 was returned as oiie of the principal gentlemen in 
Buckinghamftiire. He married Margery Brian, by whom he 
had no iffue; and he married fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Baldwin Bottcler, Efq. who became heirefs to her brothers. He 
died in 1480, leaving iffue by her Thomas, who died without 
iffue ; and Richard, the eldelt fon, his fucceffor, who married 
Joan Lyttelton, and died 151 7, leaving iffue Edward; George, 
who died without iffue; Anne; and Fortune. Edward fuc- 
ceeded, and was Iheriff of Bucks and Bedford in 1527, and 
married Ifabeil, daugliter of Thomas Denton, Efq. and dying 
1536, left iffue by her five fons, and a daughter Mary, who 
died young. Edward the eldeft left no male heir. Richard iht 
feconfl fon was born Oclober 28, 1527, married Mary,: daughter 
of John Giffard, Efq. by whom he had iffue four fons and four 
daughters, and dying Nov. 7, 1604, was fucceeded by his fecond 
fon Richard, (the eldeft, Edward, dying without iffue) who was 
born July 4, 1567, and married Frances, daughter of Thomas 
Saunders, Eiq. by whom, who died 1647, he had iffue four fons 
and two daughters, and dying in 1618, was fucceeded by his 
eldeft fon Richard, born Ocl. 8, 1612, the ftieriff of Bucks in 
1641 ; who married firft, 1634, Anne, daughter of Sir William 
Borlace, Knt. who died 1646; 2dly, Elinor, daughter of Sir Ti- 
mothy Tyrrel, arid widow of Sir Peter Temple, Knt. and by 
her,' who died 167 1, had no iffue. He died 1665, leaving iffue 
by his firft lady a daughter and aii only fon Richard, who was 
high fticrift' of Bucks 167 1 ; and married Eleanor, daughter of Sir 
peter Temple, his firft coufin, by which lady he had iflue a fon 
and three daughters, and dying 1719, was fucceeded by his only 

Richard Grenville, of Wotton, Efq. born 23d of March 
1677-8, was baptized lOth of April following; he ferved in Par- 
liament for Wendover, was afterwards chofen to reprcfcnt the 
town of Buckingham, and died 17th of February, 1726-7. In 
17 10, he married Kefter, fecond daughter of Sir Richard Tem- 
ple of Stow, in the county of Buckingham, Bart, and iiftcr to 
Sir Richard, created Vifcount and Baron Cobham 23d of -May, 
1718, to him and his heirs, remainder in default thereof to his 
fifter Hefter Grenville and her heirs male ; remainder in default to 
his third fi^fter Chriftian Lyttleton and her heirs male; his Lord- 
:diip departing this life at his feat of Stow, 15th of Sept. 17491 
the aforefaid dignities, with his eftates, devolved on his faid 
fificr Hefter, th^a the widow of Richard Granville pf Wotton^ 

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Efq. And his Majefty was pleafed to grant to her Ladyfliip the. 
dignity of a Countefs of Great Britain, by the name, ftyle, and 
title of Countefs Temple, with remainder of the digijity of Earl 
Temple to her heirs male, 18th Odlober, 1749. Her Ladyfliip 
deceafed at Bath' 6th 06tober, 1752, having had iflue feven . 
fons and one daughter, when the honours devolved to her fon 
Richard, The daughter, 

Hefter, married 6th Nov. 1754, to the Right Hon. William 
Pitt; 5th Oftober, 1761, fhe was created Baronefs of Chatham, 
in the county, of Kent, with remainder to her heirs male by her 
faid hufband^ who was created Earl of Chatham 30th July, 1766, 
and died at his feat at Hayes in Kent nth May, 1778, poflef- 
ling the cfteem and veneration of his country. His iiTue by 
his faid Lady werei John, now Earl of Chatham, born ioth» 
September, 1756, appointed in 1788, firft Lord of the Admi- 
ralty; the Right Hon. William Pitt, born 28th May, 1759, *" 
Member of Parliament for the univerfity of Cambridge, a mem- ' 
ber of the Privy Council, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and 
firft Lord of the Tr^afury in Great Britain; James-Charles, 
born 24th April, 1761, died in Dec. 1780, unmarried; Hefter, 
born 19th Oftober, 1755, married to Charles, the prefent Earl 
Stanhope, and died in 1780 ; and Harriot, born 15th April, 1758^ 
who married the fon of Lord Eliot, and died 1786. 

The furviving fons of the Countefs were, 

Richard, Earl Temple, — George, whofe fon George fuc- 
ceeded to the title. — Henry, born 4th April, 17 14, died 1716.— 
James, bom Feb. 12, 1715, was for fome time one of the Lords 
Commiflioners of Trade and Plantation, and Deputy Paymafter 
of his Majefty's Forces, which he refigned 1755? was one of the 
Lords of the Treafury 1757, and till 176 1, having held feveral ele- 
vated departments of Government. He died 1 783, having married 
Mary, daughter of James Smith, Efq. and by her, who died 1757, 
has two fons, James and Richard. — Henry Grenville (whofe . 
twin brother died foon after his birth) was baptized 15th Sept, 
17 1 7, died 1 784. He was conftituted Governor of Barbadoes 
in September, 1746, where he married, nth Oftober, 1757, 
Margaret, fifter to John Hodgkinfon Banks, Ef<j. and by her 
had a daughter I^ui fa, born loth Auguft, 1758, and married to 
Charle$ the prefent Earl Stanhope, March 10, 1781. — Tho- 
mas, born 4th April, 1 7 19, was chofen to the Britifli Parlia-.- 
ment in December, 1746, for the borough of Bridpo;'t ; was a 
Captain in the Navy, in which ftation, in the defeat of the .^ 
French fleet. May 1747, he loft his life. 

(ift Earl.) Sir Richard, the eldeft fon of the Countefs, was 
born Sept. 26, 171 1, and was returned for the town of Biickr 
ingham at the general eleftion in 1734, and in the fucceeding ** 
parliaments fat as one of the Kniglits of the ftiire, and agaip 
for the faid town of Buckingham, until he fucceeded to the 

1 3 / peerage 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


cerage on the death of his mother, 0&. 6, i752» In 1756, 
was firft Commiffioncr of the Admiralty, in 1757, was Keeper 
of the Privy Seal, and was fworn of the Privy Council 1758, 
in 1760, was knighted, chofen a Knight of the Garter. He 
rharried May 9, 1737, -^^^^> daughter and co-heir of Thomas 
Chambers, of Hanwdrth, Efq. by Mary, eldeft daughter of 
Charles, Earl Berkeley, , by whom, who died April 7, 1777, he 
had a daughter Elizabeth, born Sept. i, 1738, and died in 174^9 
and his Lordlhip dying Sept. 12, 1779, without iflue, was fuc- 
cccded in his honours and eftates by his nephew, the fon of his 
brother George, ,who is the prefent Earl. 

George Grenville was born Oft. 14, 17 12, and fcrved in 
Parliament for the town of Buckingham from 1741, to the 
time of his death, Nov. 13, 1770, during which time he bore 
forrie of the moil confiderable Offices of State. 

In 1749, he married Elizabeth, fifter to Charles, Earl of 
Egremont, and daughter of Sir William Windham, Bart, by his 
w;fe Catharine Seymour, daughter of Charles, Duke of Somer- 
fct, by which Lady, who died 5th Dec. 1769, he left iflue, 
Richard Percy, born 12th March, 17^, who died young. 
George, who fucceeded to the honours, and is the prefent 

Thomas, born Dec. 31, 1755, in the army. 
W}LLIAM-Windham-C3renville, born 25th 061. 17S9> ^^ 
^oint Paymaftcr of the Forces, a Commiffioncr .of the Eaft-In- 
dia Board, a Lord of Trade and Plantations, a Member of his 
Majcfty's moft honourable Privy Councils in Great Britain and 
Ireland ; Reprefentativc in Parliament for the county of Buck- 
ingham, Jate Speaker of the Briti/h Houfe of Commons, and in 
1789, one of his Majefty*s principal Secretaries of State. 

Charlotti:, born 14th Sept. 1754, married Dec. 2 1, I77i> 
to the late Sir Watkin-Williams W'ynne, Bart. 

Elizabeth, born 24th Oft. 1759, niarried 12th April 1787, 
to Jphn-Joihua, Earl Carysfort, and hath a daughter, born 13th 
M'ii'ch, 1789. 

Hester, horn in 1760, married to Hugh Fortefcue, the pre- 
fent Earl Fortefcue ; and 

Catharine, born in 1761, married to Richard- Aldworth 
Neville, of Billingbere, in the county of Berks, Efq. hoir appa- 
rent to the barony of Braybrooke, pow poffefled by Lorcl How- 
ard, pf Walden, by whom (he has iflue four fons, 

The family of Temple, from whom his Lordftiip is mater- 
ially dcfcendcd, \s given pnder the title of Vifc. Palmerl^on. 

But, as his prefent Lordfhip derives the title and eftateof Nu-r 
gent hy his marriage with Mary, daughter of th^ late Earl Nu^ 
gcnt^ we ihali fubjoin an account of that family. 

Sir Thomas Nugent, Knt.' was feated at Carlanftown, in 
the county of W^^me^b^ aod <ua|'i4e4 Eliz^^bethj daughter of 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Gfco. Fleming, Efq, fecond fon of James, Lord Slane, and by 
her had feven fons, and one daughter ; and was fucceeded by Ro- 
bert, his eldeft fon, whole fon and fucceflbr was Edmond, who 
married the daughter of Chriftopher, ninth Lord Killeen'; and 
fecondly, Mary, daughter of Cufack ; and dying 1599^ 

left iflue by his laft wife three fons, and was fucceeded by his 
fecond fon Robert, whohad afpeciallivery of his inheritance, 
July 10, 1629 ; and married the daughter of Kedagh Gcoghegan, 
of Syonan, in Weftmeath, Efq. and left two fons, Edmond his 
heir; and Matthias Nugent, of Cloontiduffy, in Weftmeath, 
Captain in K. James's army ; who married Catharine, daughter 
of Robert Nugent, of Clonigeragh, fecond brother to Janles Nu- 
gent, of Ballynae, and had Robert his fucceffor at Cloontiduffy, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Captain George Barnewall, 
ofCreve, in the county of Longford, and had iflue two fons and 
feveral daughters. 

. Edmond, who fucceeded at Carlanftown, had three grants of 
lands under the afls of fettlement ; was Member in K. James's 
Parliament for Mullingar; married Clara, daughter of Robert 
"Cufack, of Rathgare, Efq. and he died Nov, i, 1704, having 
iffue, Robert, Michael, Chriftopher; Margaret (married to John 
Chevers, of Macetown) ; Anne (to James Reynolds of Lough- 
fcur, in the county of Leitrim ; and by him, who died in 1729, 
had George Reynolds, Efq, Anne, and other children) ; Mar- 
tha (married to Ignatius Palles, of Clonbakuk, in Cavan) ; 
Frances (to Edward Nugent, of Dungomine, in the faid county, 
Efq, and had Alice and Grace); Mary-Anne, who died unmar»- 
ried 19th Dec. 1744, and was buried at St. Jameses, Dublin; 
Mary, (married to Edward Nugent, ofDonouer, Efq,); Eliza- 
beth, (to Garrett Darditz, of Gigginftown, in Weftmeath, 
Efq.); and the youngeft, to Mr. Mapothcr, of the county of 
Rofcomon, who died without ifl\2e, 

Robert, the eldeft fon, by fettlement, dated July 3 and 4^ 
1699, married Mary, daughter of Sir John Fleminjg, of Stohol- 
muck, in the county ofMeath, Efq.; but dying without iflue 
in Feb. 1728, was fucceeded by his brother Michael, who mar- 
ried Mary, fifth daughter of Robert, Lord Trimlcfton, and dy- 
ing fuddenly 13th May, 1739^ having had iflue by her, who died 
in Sept. 1740, two fons and three daughters, Edmond, who died 
at Buda, in Auguft 1736, aged 21 years; Robert, created Earl 
Nugent; Mary, (married in 1748, to Henry, third fonof Ge- 
offry Browne, ofCaftlemagarret, in the county of Mayo, Efq* 
and has iflue one daughter, Mary married to General O'Don- ' 
nell); Clare, (married in 1740, to George Byrne, of Cap-r 
panteely, otherwife Cornell's-Court, in the county of Dyblirj^ 
Efq.) ; and Margaret unmarried. •' 

Robert, the furviving fon^ was chofen in May, 1741, and 
in 1747, a Member of the Brit i£h Parliament for St. Maws, in 

I 4 Cornw^^llj 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Cornwall; in November 1747^ he was made Comptroller of the 
Prince of Wales's Houfhold ; 6th April, 1754, appointed a Lord 
of the Treafury; in 1759, ^^^ ^^ ^^^ Vice-Treafurers of Ire- 
land, which he refigned 29th July, 1765, and i6th Dec. 1766, 
was conftituted firit Lord of Trade and Plantations, which re- 
figniftg, he was again made a Vice-Treafiirer of Ireland, 14th 
June, 1768, in which ftation he continued till 1782, and was 
fworn of the Privy Council of both kingdoms. In 1767, he was 
advanced to the peerage of Ireland by the titles of Baron Nugent 
of Carlanftown, and Vifcount Clare, purfuant to Privy Seal, 
dated at St. James's, 9th Dec. 1766, and by patent, 19th Jan. 
and he was further advanced to the dignity of an Earl of the 
kingdom of Ireland, by the title of Earl Nugent, with remainder 
in default of iffue male to George GrenvilFc-Nugent-Temple, of 
Wotton, in the county of Buckingham, Efq. 2iil July, 1776. 

He married firft, 14th July, 1730, Emilia Plunket, fecond 
daughter of Peter, the fourth Earl of Fingall; by her, who died 
16th Aug. 1731, he had a fon Edmond, Lieutenant Colonel in 
the firft regiment of foot guards, who died unmarried at Bath, 
in May 177 1.' — On 23d Match, 1736, he married fecondly, 
Anna, daughter of James Craggs, Eiq. Poft-Mafter General, 
ftfter and heir to James Craggs, and relift ofRohert Knight, 
ofGosfield-Hall, in the county of Eflex, Efq. Secretary for the 
Leeward Iflands ; by his marriage with this Lady, having ac- 
quired a confiderable eftate, he ailumed the firniime of Craggs, 
but flie deceafmg without iffue, he married thirdly, Jan. 2, 
1757, Elizabeth, Countefs Dowager of Berkeley, and dying 
Odi. 13, 1788, left iffue by his fecond marriage, Mary, the pre- 
fent Marchionefs of Buckmgham, on whom his eftate and title 

Creations.] Vifcount and Baron Cobham, a3dMay, 1718, 
4 Geo. I. Earl Temple, 18 06t. 1749, 23 Geo. II. Earl Nu- 
gent, of the kingdom of Ireland, 21 July, 1776, J5Geo. IIL 
and Marquis of the town of Buckingham, in the county of 
Buckingham, in 1784, 24 Geo. III. 

Arms.] Quarterly, fix coats, firft, v^rty on a crofs, argenty 
five torteauxes, for Grenville. Second, a lion guardant, ar- 
gent, for Buckingham. Third, gulesj three lions paffant, or^ 
for Normandy. Fourth Quarterly, firft and fourth, or, an 
eagle difplayed, fahle, fecond and third, argent, two bars, on 
each three martlets, or, for Temple.. Fifth, gulcs, on achevfon, 
cr, three lions rampant, fable, for Cobham. Sixth, Ermine, 
two bars, ^i//fj, for Nugent. [Plate VIII.] 

Supporters.] Two Cockatrices, verty combed and wattled; 
guUs. th'oallv cjorged and chained, dr. 

Crest.] A cockatrice, wkh wings expanded, vert, combed 
|ind -vat tied, gu/es. 

Motto.] Tcmpla quam delecla ! Temples how beloved ! 


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•Seats*] Stowe, and Wotton, in the county of Bucking- 
ham ; Gosfield-Hall, in the county of Eflex ; and Carlanftown^ 
in the county of Weftmeath, 44 miles from Dublin. 


THE moft noble WILLIAM PETTY, Marquis of 
LANSDOWN, Vifcount Calneand'Canfton, and Baron 
Wycomb; and alfo Earl of Shelburne, Vifcount Fitzmaurice, 
and Baron Dunkerton, (Irifli Honours) ; and Knight of the Gar- 
ter; born 1737, fucceeded his father, the late Lord, May 14, 
1761. He married Feb. 3, 1765, Sophia, daughter of John, 
Earl Granville, by^his fecond Lady, Sophia, daughter of Tho- 
mas, Earl of Pomfret ; by which Lady, who died in Jan. 177 1, 
aged 25, he had iflue, John Henry, Vifcount Fitzmaurice, 
born Dec. 6, 1 765 ; and a fon William, who died Jan. 27,- 
.1778. His Lordihip married fecondly, July 10, 1779, Louifa 
Fit^patrick, filler to the Earl of Upper Oflory, by whom, 
who died Aug, 7, 1789, he had a fon born July 1780 ^ and a 
daughter bom Dec. 8, 1781. 

This noble Lord is, by the paternal fide, a branch of the illut- 
trious houfe of Fitz-Gerald, being the fecond fon of Thomas, 
Earl of Kerry. And by the mother's fide, is ddfcended from 
Anthony Petty, of Ramley, in the county of Southampton, clo- 
thier; whofe eldeft fon, Anthony, died 1649; and 1 lis daugh- 
ter hiarried to James Napier, nephew of Sir Gerard Napier, of 
Middle Marfhall, in Dorfet, Baronet. The youngeft fon, 
William, was born May 26, 1623, ^^^^^ ^^^ education at Ox^ 
ford, went to Caen, in Normandy, where he learned the French 
tongue, ftudied the Mathematics, and other Univerfity learn- 
ing; and in 1647, returning into England, and fettling at Ox- 
ford, was Deputy Profeffor of Anatomy in that Univerfity, 
having the chair 1650 in his own right, and thence commencing 
Doftor of Phyfic, was one of the college of that faculty in 
London the fame year, and in 1651, Mufic Profeffor of Grefham 
College. In 1652, was appointed Phyfician-General to the 
army in Ireland, and praftifed phyfic in Dublin. He had a pa- 
tent to be one of the Surveyors of Ireland, upon which, he fet 
fail for Dublin ; and in 1654, began to furvey the country, which 
he firiilhed with exaf^nefs in ten months. After the Reftoration 
of King Charles II. he was knighted in 1661; and when the 
Royal Society was fet up, was chofen Fellow, and afterwards 
made one of the council belonging to it. He was a great pro- 
moter of experimental philofophy and mechanic inftruments, of 
which he was an admirable inventor : they, together with his 
treatife of Political Arithmetic, and other works of curiofitjr, 


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proved very honourable to himfelf, and ufcful to the natien« 
lie received ieveral confidcrable employments under govern-* 
jncnt, and died of the gout, Dec. i6, ibSj* 

(ill Baron.) He married Eli/.abeth, daughter to Sir Har- 
drefs Waller, Knt, who, by Charles II. was created Baronefs 
Shelburne for life, Dec. 31, 1688, and flie died 1708, leaving 
iffuc, by Sir William, three fons and one daughter, viz. John, 
born 1669, who died 1670. — Charles her fucceffor. — Henry, 
created Earl of Shelburne. — Anne married Jan. 14, 1692, to 
I'homas, Earl of Kerry, and died in Nov. 1737, by whom flic 
had John, late Earl of Shelburne. 

(2d Baron.) Charles was at the fame time with his noo* 
ther, created Baron of Shelburne, but had his eftatc, with his 
mother's and brothers, fequeftered in 1689, but in thefirft Par- 
liament after the Revolution, had it rcftored. In June 1690, 
he married Mary, daughter of Sir John Williams, of K^nt, 
Bart, but dying without iffue in April 1696, the title became 
extindk ; and his Lady married fecondly with Lieut. Gen. 
Conyngham, father of the late Earl of Cpnyngham ; and thirdly 
with Robert Dalway, Efq. Colonel of Dragoons, and dying 
Dec. 10, 1 7 10, left no iffue. 

(3d Baron, and ift Earl.) Henry, his brother, in the nth 
of William III. was honoured with the barony of Shelburne, by 
a new creation in 1699, and in 1704, was appointed one of the 
Privy Council to Queen Anne, as, in Sept. 17 14, he was for 
George L in whofc firft year he was chofen Member of Parlia- 
ment for Great Marlow, in Bucks, and in the fifth, created 
Vifcount Dunkerron, and Earl of Shelburne, 17 18; and his 
Lordfhip, 1699, marrying Arabella Boyle, daughter to Charles, 
Lord Clifford, and fitter to Charles, third Earl of Cork and Bur- 
lington; by her, who died Nov. 1740, had iffue, William, who 
died 1701. — Charles, who died young. — James, Lord Dunker- 
rop. — ^Anncjborn 1700, married 172a, Francis Bernard, Efq. and 
died 1727. James, Vifcount Dunkerron, married Elizabeth, 
filler (and co-heir with the Vifcountefs Windfor) of Sir James 
Clavering, of Axwell, in the biihopric of Durham, by whom 
he had a fon James, who died in April 1742, and his mother in 
Aug. following. Lord Dunkerron, died Sept. 17, 1730; and 
his father, the Earl of Shelburne, on April 17, i75r, when the, 
title became extind, till his Majcfty was pleafed to revive it 
by a new creation in the perfon of his nephew, 

(ad Earl.) John, fccond fon of Thomas, Earl of Kerry, as 
before mentioned, who, being made heir to his uncle*s large 
eftate, took the fumameand arms of Petty ; was created Vifcount 
Fitz-Maurice, and Baron of Dunkerron, 0€t. 7, 1751, and 
Earl of Shelburne, in the county of Waterford, June 6, 1753^ 
and was created a peer of Great Britain, in May 17, 1760, by 
the title of Baron of Wycombe, ii^. the coulity of Bucks*. 


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His Lordfhip in Feb. i6, 1734, married Mary, daughter of 
his uncle, Colonel William Fitz-Maurice, "by whom, who died 
Dec. 9, 1780, he had iiFue, Mary and Anne, wlio died infants^ 
William, the prefent Marquis. — Thomas, born July, 1742, 
who retains the name of Fitz-Mauricc, married Dec. 21, 1777, 
Mary Obrien, only furviving daughter of Murrough, late Earl 
of Inchiquin, by Mary Hamilton, Countefs of Orkney, and 
by her has iflue, a fon Thomas, born Oil. 9, 1778. His Lord- 
fhip dving May 14, 1761, aged 55, was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, 

(3d^EarL) William, the prefent Marquis, to which title he 
was created Nov. 30, 1784. 

Creations.] Vifcount Fitz-Maurice, and Baron of Dun- 
kerron, in the kingdom of Irebnd, 0£l. 7, 1751, 25th George 
II. and Earl of Shelburne, in the county of Waterford, June 
26, 1753, 27th George II. Earl Wycombe, Vifcount Calnc, 
and Conftone, and Baron Wycombe, in the county of Bucks, 
May 7, 1760, 34th of George II. and Marquis of Lanfdown, 
Nov. 30, 1784, 24th of George III. 

Arms.] Ermine, on a bend, a%ure^ a magnetic needle pointing 
at a pole ftar, or ; be alfo fomctimes quarters, argent^ a faltire, 
gulesy and a chief, crminey with a crefcent for difference. 

Crest,] On a wreath, a fagitary, proper. 

Supporters.] The dexter, pegafes, ermine, bridled, crined, 
winged, unguled, or, charged on the fhoulder with a fleur de 
lis, azure* The finifter a griflSn, or. 

Motto.] Vcrtute ncn verbis. By biavery, not by words. 

Chief Seats.] At Chipping Wycomb, in the county of 
Bucks ; and Bow Wood, near Calnc^ in Wiltihire. 


-*• Marquis of Stafford, Earl GOWER, Vifcount Trentham* 
and Lord Gower, Baron of Stittenham, and Baronet, born 17 17, 
fucceeded his fether Dec. 5, 1754. He married firft in 1744^ 
Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Fazakcrley, Efq. of LancaflurCj^ 
by whom, who died May 19, 1745, he had a ion, John, bora 
May 14, 1745, who died the fame day. He married fecondly, 
March 31, 1748, Louifa Egerton, daughter of Scroop, Duke of 
Bxidgewater, by which Lady, who died March 14, 1761, he had 
iflue, Louifa, born 0(ft. 22, 1749, married Dec. 27, 1777, 
Archibald Mackdonald, Efq. brother to Lord Mackdonald, of 
Ireland, by whom Ihe has iffue. — Carolina, born November 2, 
1753, who married March 22, 1770, the Earl of Carliile, and 
has iffue.-7-George Granville- Levefon, Earl Gower, bora Jan, 
o, 1758, married September 4, 1785, the Countefs of Sutherland^ 
^ Z by 

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by whom he has iflue — Anna, bom February 22, 1761, married^ 
Feb. 5, 1784, to the Hon, and Rev. Edward Venables Vernon. 
His Lordfhip married May 23, 1768, his third wife Su fan na, 
daughter of the Earl of Galloway, by whom he has Granville- 
Levefon, born 1773. — Georgina, born April 23, 1769. — Char- 
lotte, born June 11, 1771. — Su fan, born 1772. 

Srr Allan Gower of Stittenham, at the time of the Norman 
, Conqueft, was Sheriff of Yorkfliire; and from him, in a dlreSt 
' line, the family hath continued their feat at Stittenham to the 
prefcnt time. 

Sir Edward Qower, . married Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Robert Conftable, and had two fons and three daughters, Catha- . 
rine, Agnes, and Barbara. Of the fons, Richard the 2d, married 
Aghes, daughter of William Leving, and had iflue Edward, 
^Thomas, Francis, and Ralph. 

Thomas, eldeft fon of Sir Edward,, was Marftial of Berwick, 
in the ift of Edward VI. He married ift, Anne, daughter of 
John Malever, Efq. by whom he had no iflue ; 2dly, Barbara, 
daughter of John Baxter, Efq. and by her he had four fons, 
. Thomas, Henry, William, and Edward ; and three daughters, 
Barbara, Ifabella, and Jane. 

Thom-As, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father, and married 
Mary, daughter of Gabriel Fairfax ; by whom he had ifl*ue Tho- 
mas, Robert, Edward, Frances, and Elizabeth. 

(ift Bart.) Sir Thomas, the eldeft fon, was created a Ba- 
ronet, and married Anne, third daughter and co-heir to John 
Doyky, Efq. and had feven fons. 

(2d Bart.) Srr ThomAs, the eldeft, married^ ift Elizabeth, 
fifter to Charles the firft Earl of Carlifle, by whom he had no 
iflue; 2dly, Frances, daughter of Sir John Levefon, and fifter 
and co-heir to Sir Richard Levefon of Trenthanj, in the county 
of Stafford, and by her had, Edward. — William-Levefon. — 
Frances, married to Sir James Wood. 

Edward died in his father*s life-time, and left iflbe by 
Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Wentworth. 

(jd 6art.) Sir W^illiam-Levefon, 2d fon, marrying Jane, 
feughter of fohn Granville, Earl of Bath, by her had three fons, . 
John, Richard, and William; and two daughters ; Catharine 
married to Sir Edward Windham ; and Jane to Henry, late Earl 
of Clarendon and Rochefter. 

(ift Lord.) John, the eldeft fon, was created, 1703, Lord 
Gower of Stittenham, and dying Sept. 10, 1709, left ifl!ue by 
Catharine, daughter of John Manners, the firft Duke of Rut- 
land, four fons and two daughters ; Catharine, who died on the 
20t]i of April, 1 7 12. — Jane, who was married to John Proby, 
Efq. of Elton-Hall, in Huntingdonfliire, and died June 10, 
1726, leaving iflue, John, afterwards created Lord Carysford in 
Ireland, and 'other children.— John, the late Earl. — William, 


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MAR Q^U I S o F S T A F F O R D. laj 

married May 26, 1730, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Grof- 
• Vcrtor, Bart, of Che(hirc, *id died December 13, 1731, leaving 
iflue a daughter Catharine, who died December 13, 1756.-— 
Thomas died unmarried Aug. 12, 1727* — Baptift, who die4 
Aug, 2, 1782, aged 81. 

(iftEarl.) John, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father, and 
was created an Earl, 1746. On the 19th of March, 1712, he 
married to his firft wife, Evelyn Pierpoint, daughter of Evelyn, 
Duke of Kingfton, and by her, who died June 27, 1727, had imie, 
John, who died in July 1723. — William, who died April 14, I739» 
— Granville-Levefon, now Marquis of Stafford. — Richard Le- 
vcfon, died Odober 19, 1753, unmarried, — Catharine, who died 
an infant. — Gertrude, married to John, late Duke of Bedford, 
by whom ftie had iflue. — Mary, to Sir Richard Wrottefley, 
Bart, by whom fhe had iflue, the prefent Duchefs of Grafton, 
the Lady of the Heflian Ambaflador, and other* children, and 
died 1781. — Jane, died in May, 1737, unmarried. — Frances, 
married Lord John-Philip Sackville, father to the prefent Duke 
of Dor fet.-— Elizabeth, married to Earl Waldegrave, and died 
April 28, 1784. — Evelyn, married firft, 1744, to John, the late 
Earl of Upper OfTory, and had ifTue ; after whofe death fhe mar- 
ried 2dly, to Richard Vernon, Efq. by whomflie had ifTue alfo. 
The Earl married fecondly, 1733* "'^^lop^j daughter of Sir 
John Stonehoufc, and relift of Sir Henry Atkins, by whom 
(who died Aug. 19, 1735,) he had a daughter Penelope, born in 
June 1733, "^^^ ^^^^ ^^ March, 1734. The Earl married 1736, 
to his third wife, Mary, daughter of Thomas, Earl of Thanet, 
and reliift of Anthony Grey, Earl Harold, brother to the prefent 
MarchionefsGrey, and only fon of the late Duke of Kent, who 
died 1723 ; and by her, who was born 1701, and died Feb. 19, 
1785, had ifTue, Mary, who died young. — Thomas, born in 
Augufl 1738, died in 1740. — John Levefon, born in 1742, an 
Admiral in the Navy, married July 6, 1773, to Frances Bof- 
cawen, niece to the Earl of Falmouth, and daughter of Adm. 
Bofcawen, by whom fhe has ifTue, a fon, born 1774. — Thomas, 
bom June 4, 1743, who died an infant. His Lordfhip dying 
the 25th of December, 1754, was fucceeded by his cldefl furvi- 
ving fon, 

(2d Earl.) Granville-Leveson, now Marquis of Stafford. 

Creations.] Lord Gower, of Stittenham, in Yorkfhire, 

March 16, 1703 ; Vifcount Trentham in the county of Stafford, 

and Earl Gower, the 8th of July, 1746, and Marquis of Stafford, 

Feb. 28, 1786. 

Akms.] Quarterly, firfl and fourth, barry o£ eight, argent 
and gules; over all, a crofs-flory,yJ/^/^, for Gower. Second and 
third, azure^ three laurel leaves ere£t, or^ for Levefon, [Plate 

Crest.] On a wreath, a wolf pafTant, argent ; collared and 
chained, V* Sup- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

X2(> MAR (XJj IS T O W N S H E N D* 

Supporters.] Two wolves, argent^ each having a collar and 
chahi, or* 

Motto.] Frangas, nonjlc^es. You may break, but fliall not 
bend me* 

Chief Seats.] At Trentham, in the county of Stafford; and 
at Stittenham, in Yorkfliire. 



«E moft noble GEORGE TOWNSHEND, Marquis and 
Vifcount Townfhend of Raynham, and Baron Townfliend 
of Lynn Rfegis; and Baronet; oorn February ,28, 1724, and 
fucceeded his father the late Vifcount, March 12, 1764. He 
married firft in Dec. 175J, Charlotte, only daughter of James, 
Karl of Northampton, (and Baronefs Ferrars of Chartley, in 
right of her mother) by which Lady, who died Sept^ 14, 17^0^ 
he had iffue, George, born April 18, 1753, created 1784^ 
Earl of -Leicefterfhire. — ^John, born January 1757, married 
April 10, 1787, Mifs Pointz, and by her had a daughter 
born Feb, i, 1788. — Frcderick-Patrick, born Dec. 20, 1767, 
died 1775. — Charlotte, born 0£lober 15, I7S4> and died 
March 12, 1760. — Caroline, died an infant. — France^, born 
March 28, 1761, and died May 11, following. — Charles, borii 
Jan. 6, 1769. — Elizabeth, born 1766. His Lordfliip married 
fecondly, May 19, 1773, Anne, daughter of Sir William Mofit* 
gomery, Bart, by whom he has, Arine, born Feb. i, 1775. — 
Charlotte, born March 19, 1776. — Honora-Maria, born July 6, 
1777. — William, born Sept. 15, 1778. — and another fon, born 
September 73, 1785. 

The family of Townlhend hath long flouriflied in Norfolk. 
Sir Roger Townfliend, in the reign of Edward V. was made Chief* 
Juftice of the Common Pleas. He married Anne, daughter of 
^ir William Brewfe, by whom he had a numerous iffue. The 
fons were ; Roger, who died without iffue. — John. — Sir Robert, 
who was Chief Juftice of Cheftcr. — George. — Thomas, — Giles. 

John, the fecond fon, married Eleanor, daughter of Sir John 
leydon, and had four fons, of whom Richard, tlic eldeft, mar- 
ried Catharine, daughter of Sir Humphrey Brown, and by her 
had Sir Roger Townfliend, who by Jane, youngeft daughter of 
Sir Michel Stanhope, who afterwards married Henry, the 
feventh Lord Berkeley, had iffue, i. Sir John. 2. Sir Robert^ 
who married Anne, daughter of William, Lord Spencer, but 
died without iffue. Sir John married the daughter of Nathaniei 
Bacon, and by her had, 

(ift Baronet.) Roger, who in 1617, the 15th of Jimcs \. was 
created a Ear6net, and died January i, 1636.— -Stanhope.-* 


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Marquis tow'nshend* xay 

Elizabeth, married to John Spelman, Efq, Sir Roger, the 
cldefl, married Mary, daughter of Horace, Lord Veie, and by 
her (who afterwards married Mildmay, the fecond Earl of Weft- 
moreland^ had Sir Roger, who died in his minority; Sir Horatio; 
and five -daughters ; Mary, Jane, Anne, Elizabeth, and Vere ; 
whereof the latter was married to Sir Ralph Hare; Anne, to 
William Cartwright, Efq« Jane, to John Wyndham, Efq. and 
Mary, to Thomas Lord Crew : And 

(ift Vifcoum) Sir Horatio, their brother, in 1661, was 
created Lord Townftiend, and in 1682, Vifcount Townftiend,'" 
and died ibSy, He married firft, Mary, daughter of Edward 
Lewknor, Efq. by whom he had no iflue; fecondly, Mary, 
daughter of Sir Jofeph Afhe, bv whom he had three fons, 
Charles, Roger, and Horatio ; wnercof the latter died Odl. 4, 
175T, leaving a daughter, married to Lord Burleigh, eldeft fon 
of the Earl of Exeter. Roger died May 22, 1709, unmarried ; 

(ad Vifcount.) Charles, the eldeft, fucceedcd his father. 
By his fecond wife (who was Dorothy, fifter to Robert, Earl of 
wford, and who died on the 29th of March, 1726) he had iflue 
five fons and two daughters; George, an Admiral in the navy, 
born 1715, died in 1769. — Auguftus, deceafed in 1746. — 
Horatio, died in 1764. — Richard, born Sept. 8, 172 1, died an 
infant, — Edward, in holy orders, who married in May, 1747^ 
Mary, daughter of Brigadier-General Price, by whom he had 
one fon Edward, who married in 1789, Louifa, tlie daughter qf 
the ^ate Sir W. Milner; and five daughters ; Mary, Elizabeth, 
Henrietta, Lucy ; and Charlotte, married May 12, 1773, J^^^^* 
Norris, Efq. of Norfolk ; and fecondly, to William Fanquicr, 
Efq. He died Jan. 27, 1764.— Dorothy, married 1742, to Dr. 
Spencer <I!owper, dean of Durham, brother to William, Earl 
Cowper, and died May, 1779.— Mary, married March 17, 1753, 
to Edward Cornwallis, Efcj. uncle to the prefent Earl, and died 
without iflue, Dec. 29, 1776. And by his firft, who was Eliza- 
beth, fecond daughter of 1 homas, Lord Pelham, half fitter to the 
late Duke of Newcaftle, he had four fons; and a daughter Eliza- 
. beth, married to Charles, late Earl Cornwallis. The fons by the 
firft wife were, Horatio, born Aug, 13, 1699, and died an in- 
fant. — Charles, his fucceflbr. —1 nomas. — William.— -Roger, • 
died Auguft 7, 1760. William, the fourth fon, born June 9, 
1702, on May 29, 1725, married Henrietta, daughter of 
Lord William Powlett, who died Jan. 11, 1755. He died in 
Jan. 1738, leaving iffue, i. Charles, married Auguft 1777, Mifs 
Annabel la-Paulett Smith, and has iflue, a fon born Sept. 26, 
1785, and another fon, born Feb. 2^, 1786. 2. Caroline, mar- 
ried the Hon. Frederick^ Cornwallis, late Archbiftiop of Can- 
terbury. 3. Anne^married Charles Hedges, Efq. and died 1758. 
4* Dorothy, married Burton Allen, Efq. 5. Henrietta. — Thomas, 

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3d fon, bom June 2, 1701, and died 1780, having married May 
2, 1730, Albana, daughter of Colonel John Selwyn; and by her, 
who died in 1739, he had three fons and two daughters, i. 
Thomas, born 1733, the prefent Vil'count Sydney. 2. Charles, 
born in 1736. 3. Henry, killed in Germany in 1762. 4. Al- 
binia, born in April 1735, and married in April, 1752, to 
George, late Vil'count Middleton of Ireland, by whom me had 
iffue. 5* Mary. 

(3d Yifcount.) Charles, the cldeft, on the 24th of May, 
► 1723, was called up by writ to the Houfe of Peers, and in the 
fame month married Audrey, daughter of Edward Harrifon of 
Balls, in the county of Hertford, Efq. and by her, who died 1788, 
had iffue five fons and a daughter; George the prefent Mar- 
quis.— Charles, who married Sept. 15, 1755, to Caroline, eldeft 
daughter of John, late Duke of Argyl, widow of Francis, Earl 
of Dalkeith, now Baronefs Greenwich, and died Sept. 4, 1767, 
leaving iffue 5 See Baronefs Greenwich. — Edward died June 25, 
1731. — A fourth fon died young. — Roger, Lieutenant- Colo- 
nel in the army, who was killed July 25, i759j ^g®^ 28, at 
Ticonderago. — Audrey, married Robert Orme, Efq. of Devon- 
fliire, and died Feb. 1781. His Lord ftiip fucceeded his father 
in June, 1738, departed this life March 12, 1764, and was fuc- 
ceeded by his eldeft fon, 

(4th Vifcount.) George^ the prefent Marquis. 

Creations.] Baron, April 20, 1661; Vifcount, Dec. 2, 
1682; Marquis, 06t. 27, 1787. 

Arms.] Jzurc^ a chevron, ermine^ between three efcallop fhells, 
argent. [Plate VIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a buck, fable^ attired, proper^ 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a buck, fable i on the 
finiftcr, a greyhound, argent^ 

Motto.] H^ec generl incrementa fides^ This faith will be of 
fervice to our defccndants. 

Chief Seats.] At Raynham-Hall ; and at Stiffcay-Hall, in 
the county of Norfolk. 


npHE moft noble JAMES CECIL, Marquis and Earl of 
■*■ SALISBURY, Vifcount Cranburn, and Baron Cecil, of 
Effenden, was born September, 1748, fucceeded his father the 
late Earl, September, 1780, married December 2, 1773? Mary- 
Amelia Hill, 2d daughter of Wills, Earl of Hilfborough, by 
whom he has iffue, Georgiana-Charlo^ta-Augufta, born M3/c/?h 
20, 1786, to whom their Majefties and the Princes Royal flood 
Sponfors. — Another daughter was born July 13, 1789. 


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MAR QJJ I S OF S A L 1 S B U ft T. i^ 

The defcent of this family is under the title X)f Cecil, Earl of 
Exeter, William, Lord Burleigh, married two wives ; by the 
firft he had Thomas, who was created Earl of Exeter; and by 
the fecond had 

(ill Earl.) Robert, who was created Earl of Salifbury,, - 
He married Elizabeth, daughter to William Brook, Lord Cob- 
ham, had a fon, WiUjam ; and a, daughter Frances, married to 
Henry, Lord Clifford, the lafl Earl of Cumberland. < 

(ad Earl.) William, on the 24th of May, 1612, fucceeded 
his father in his hcmours. He married Catharine Howard^ 
youngefi: daughter to, Thomas, the lil Earl of Suffolk, and had 
eight fons, James, diecl ^n infant. — Charles. — Robert,— Philip. 
— William, who married Elizabeth, daugl^ter of Sir Thomas^ 
Lawley,3art.--iAlgerno^, married Dorothy, daughter of Stand- 
ford iNevile, Efq. and died 1677, leaving a 4aughter Diana^ 
married to John, eldeft fon of Sir Edward Turner, and died 
March 7, 1736, leaving iflac; from whom the Turners 9f 
Panton-houfe, Lincolnlhirc, arc defcended.^— Edward.— »-David^ 
Alfo four daughters; whereof Anne was married to Algernoa 
Percy, the loth Earl of Northumberland. — Elizabeth, to Wil- 
liam Cavendifli, the 3d Earl of £)evon{hire. — -Catharine, ta 
Philip, Lord Lifle.-r-Mary, to William, Lord Sandes. 

Charles, Vifcouiit Cranbourn, the eldeft fon of the Eart^ , 
dying before his fat|ier, 1659, left iffue by Jane, daughter and 
co-heir to James Maxwell, Earl of Darlton in Scotland, fevea 
fons, and five daughters; Catharine, married William, the third 
£arl of KinnouL in Scotland.-^F ranees, married Sir William, 
Bowyer, Bart.— Diana. — Penelope. — Elizabeth.-— Philip, one of 
the younger fons^ married Nichola, eldeft daughter qf S'u; Charley 
Hamilton ; the oth^r fons died unmarried, except 

Tsd Earl.) James, the fecond fon, wha on the 3d of Dec*. 
1608, fucceeded his grandfather, and marrying Margaret, ci]\ 
daughter of John Manners, the 8th Eail of Rutland, by her 
had five fons, and five daughters ; Catharine, married to Sir 
George Downing, Bart. — Frances, to Sir William Halford.-^-. 
Mary, to. Sir WiUiam Fon;efter, apd died in April, 1740.— 
Margaret, ift, to John, Lord Stawcl; and 2dly, to Richard 
Jones, Ear} of Rapc^gh, in Ireland, and died on February 2ij, 
1728.— Mildred married ift, to Sir Uvedale Corbet; and 2dly> 
to Sir Charles Hot;ham. The fons were, James, Rjobert, Wil- 
liam, Charles, and George. Robert married Elizabeth, daughter 
a;id heir of Ifaac MennU, Efa. widow of William Hate, Efq, 

(4th Earl.) James, the eldeft, in 16&3, fucceeded his father^ 
He married Frances, daughter to Simon Bemiet, Efq, and by 
ijer, wKo died July 8, 1713} had a fbi^ 

(5th EarL) James, , who in December 16, 1694, fucceeded 
him, and married Anne Tufton, 2d daughter to Thomas, Earl 
^f Thanet, and h^i iff^e by her;^ whq. died April 22, 1757^^ 

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xjrf M A'R(lV:i& Of BATH. 

Jamesj Vifc. Cranbourn ; and WilKain> who died in 1740; alfe 
three daughters; Anne, married to William Strode, Efq. and 
died in July 1752; leaving iffue, Catharine, married on the 
15th of February, 1736^, to John, late Earl of Egmont in Ire-' 
land> and died, leaving iffue, 1752 : s^nd Margaret;, who died in 
March, 1752, unmarried* Hit Lordfliip dying on the 9th of 
Oftobcr, 1728, aged thirty-fevei^, was fuccccdcd in his honours 
and eftates by 

(6th Earl.) James his only fon, the late Earl, born O^. 10, 
1713, married in 1743, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Kecf, 
Efq. of Hertford (hire, and by her, who died Feb. 2, 1776, he 
had iffue, James, the prefent Earl, who was created a Marquis 
Atkgi 18,, 1783. — Anne, born March 6, 1746. — Bennett, born 
Time 22, 1747, and died Nov, 18, 1769. His Lordihip dying 
Sept. ^780, was fuccecded by his only fon, 

(7th Earl.) James, the prefent Marquis. 

.i^REATipifSk] Created Baron Cecil of Effende>n in the county 
of Rutland, May 13, 1603, i Jac. l\ Vifeount Cranbourn, in 
the county o/Do^fet, Atig. 20, i6<?4 ; and Earl of the city of 
Salifturv, in the county of Wilts, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac. I. Mar- 
qViis o( Daliftury, Aug, 10, 1789. 

Akms.] Bai^ryoften, aw^cnt and ^«rtf. Over all fix efcut- 
cheons, 3, %, and i, fable, e^ch charged with a lion f ampant oi^ 
thcfieJdy acrefcent for difference. [Plate VIII.] 

' Cr^st.J On a wreath, fix arrows, or, beads 23^ feathers^ 
^£^^^9 girt together i^ith a bandage, or belt, az^re^ garrijifted^ 
€r ; and over thofe feathers a morion-^ap, proper^ 

Supporters,] Two lions, irmine^. 

Mo'^'TO.] Serofcdferio^ Late, Imt ferioufly. 
. Ct^iEF Seats.J At Hatfield, in HertfbrdAirejCranbounx-i 
Houfe, in Dprfetihirc ; and QjJtckfwppd, in the co^ty of ]^ei[t* 

MAR Q.U I S o F B A T H,. 

npHE Mpft Noble THOMAS THYNNE,' Marquis of 
/*" BATH, Vifcount Weymoythj^ ^d Baron Thynn^, o£ 
Warminfter; Knight of the Garter, and Baronet; born Sept^ 
iy, i734j facccedcd Thomas, the late Vifcount, his father, Jan. 
^2, 1 751; and married May 22, 1759, ElizabetU Cavendifix 
Bentinck, eldeft daughter of the iate Duke <if Portland, by whom 
he had iffue, Louifa, bom March 25, 1760, itwrricd Dec* 
P 1781, the prefent EarL of Aylesford, and has iffue. — Char- 
lotte, born Nov. 7, 1 761, died May 1,9, 17L64. — Henrietta, bcMT> 
Nov, 17, 1762; married Aug. 28, 1784, Lord St. Afaph, fon of 
the Earl of Afliburnham.^' — Sophia, bom Dec* 18, 1763.— -Tho- 
s ^ mas. 

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MAR QJJ I S o F B A T H. ^3ip 

ihas, born Jan. 23, i765. — Two fons, twins, ftiH-born, Juna 
25, 1 766, — Maria, born Aug. i, 1767, died March 30, 1768. 
— Ifabella, born 0&. 11, 1708. — George, born Jan. 23, 1770. 
—Frances, born March 20, 1771, died in i782.— John, bora 
Dec. 25, 1772.™ Elizabeth, bom Aug. 19, 1775, ^^5^ three 
days after. — Mary, born May 17, 1778. — Caroline, born Aug, 
31, 1781. ^ 

This family, according to the account of our beft hiftoriaiis« 
came into England in the reign of King John, bearing the fur- 
name of Boutevilc. 

John Boutevile, was named John Ic Thynnc ; and from hia\ 
(who lived in the reign of Edward IV.) the name of Thynn« 
was derived to the family of Boutevile. He married Joan, daugh-^ 

tcr of Boulder, by whom he had iffue three Ions, William^ 

Roger, and Thomas. William married Joan, daughter of J5>hn 
Higgins of Stratton, and had iflue Thomas and WUliam. Thom 
mas married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Eynes, Efq. by 
whom he had Sir John Thynne, who built Long-Leate : hQ 
married firft, Chriftian, daugnter of Sir Richard Grefliam, an4 
by her had John, his heir ; Francis, Thomas, and three daugh- 
ters; Anne married to John Coles, Efq. Dorothy married ta 
John Strangways, Efq. Elizabeth, to Sir John Uhambcrlain^ 
lis fecond wife was Dorothy, daughter of Sir William Wrough-% 
ton, by whom he had five fons, Henry, Charles, Edward, WiU 
liam, and Egremont ; and two daughters, Catharine, and Gre-v 
jham. He died May 21, 1580, and was fucceeded by Sir John^ 
hiseldeft fon, who married Joan, daughter of Sir Rowland Hey 
ward, and by her had a fon Thomas, and two daughters ; Do- 

fothy, married to Rofcarrock, Efq. and Chriftian to Sir 

Francis Leigh. Sir Thomas married two wives ; firft Mary^ 
daughter of George, Earl of Caftlchaven, by whom he had twa 
fons, Sir James and Sir Thomas ; of whom the eldeft fucceedecl 
him ; but he (who married Ifabella Rich, daughter of Henry, 
Earl of Holland) dying without iflue. Sir Thomas, his brother 
became heir ; he married a daughter of Dr. Balenquell, and had 
iffue one fon, Thomas, and two daughters; one married t<x 
Mr. Baynton, and the other to Mr. Hall. Thomas, their bro- 
ther, fucceeded his father ; he was .^narricd ox contraAed in 
marriage to EU^beth, only daughter and heir af Jofceline Percy ,^ ' 
the lalt Earl of Northumberland, and widow ol Henry ^ Earl of 
Ogle, fon of Henry, Duke of Newcaftle, afterwards the wife of 
Charles, Duke of Sonierfet; on which tady^s account he was 
bafely murdered, hy the contrivance of Count Conningfmark, ia 
his coach, iA Pall-mall, on Sunday the |2th of Feb. 5682, by three 
' fiffaffins, who weie all executed where they ceoimitted the fiift. 

The male !ine of this branch thus expiringy we return to Sir 
Thomas Thynne, his grandfather^ who married to his fecond 
wifcjC^hajrine, dfcaughtcc of Charks How^n}^ by whom he ha<l 

¥. Z Henry; 

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Henry-Frederick Thynne, Bart, who married Mary, daughur 
of Thomas, Lord Cpv^ntry, and by her had three fons and two 
daughters; of whom Catharine, the youngeft, was married to 
John, Vifcount Lonfdale; and Mary, the cldeft, to Sir Richard 
How. The fons were, Thomas, James, and Henry- Frederick ; 
James died unmarried March 15, 1 709, at Long-Leate ; and, 

(ift Vifcount.) Thomas, the eldeft, fucceeding, was created 
a Baron, and Vifcount Weymouth, with limitation, in failure 
of heirs, ^o his brothers. He married Frances Finch, eldefl 
daughter of Heneage, Earl of Winchelfea, and by her, who 
died April 17, 17 12, aged 63, had a fon Henry, and a daughter 
Frances, married to Sir Robert Worfley^ Henry, his fon mar- 
rying Grace, daughter of Sir George strode, by her had two 
daughters, Frances and Mary ; of whom the youngeft married 
William Grevile, Lord Brook, but died March 20, 1720; and 
the eldeft was the widow-dowager of Algernon Seymour, Duke 
of Somerfet.. But the faid Henry, having no iffue male, and 
dying on the. 20th of December, 1708, in his father's life-time, 
<he title, after his father^s deceafe, the 28th of July, 17 14, dc- 
fcended to the heirs of Henry-Frederick, before mentioned, his, 
father's younger brother ;. who marrying Dorothy, daughter oi 
Francis Philips, Efq. by her had Thomas, who died on the 24th 
of April, 1 7 10; John, who died in 1708; Dorothy, married to 
^ohn, late Lord Chedworth; and Mary, who died in 1710. 
Thonias, their brother, married Mary, daughter of Edward, 
Earl of Jerfey, whom he left with child of 

(2d Vifcount.) Thomas, fucceflbr to Thomas, his grand- 
father's brother ; and his Lordfhip, on the 6th of December, 
1726, married Elizabeth Sackville, daughter of Lionel, Dukq 
of Dorfet, who died before cohabitation, on the 29th of June, 
1729, whilft his Lordfliip was on his travels. But his Lord- 
fliip, roarry'mg in July, 1733, ^ol^is fecond wife, Louifa, iepond 
daughter of John, Ute Earl Grenville, had iffue, Thomas, 
the prefent Marquis. — Henry-Frederick, born Nov, 17, 1735, 
who was hein to the late Earl Grenville, and thereupon took 
the name of Carteret, and in 1784 was created Baron Cartci[et. 
(See Lord Carteret.J-^Jzxne^ born Dec. 25, 17^6, when ihe died 
in child- bed ; and her foi> James died on Marcn 19, 1741. His 
Lordfliip dying Jan 12, 1751, was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, 
. (3d Vifcount and ift Marquis.) Thomas, the prefent Marquis* 

CIreations.] Baron and Vifcount, Dec. xiy i682^ Marquis, 
Aug. 18, l^i(). 

Arms.] Barry of ten, or ^ni fable. [Platen VIIL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a rjein deer, or. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a rein d«er, *r, gorgt^ with 
a plain collar, /i^^; on the fioifter, a lion, gu/es. 

Motto.] JTay b^nm caufe. I have a good caufe. 

Chief Seats.] At Loog^Leate, in Wiltfliire; at Draytott 
Baflit, in Warwickfhire ; and at Botsfield, in Salop. 

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tHE Right tton. CHARLES TALBOT, Earl of 
andWATERFORD in Ireland, and Baron Talbot, Strang^, 
of Blackihere, Furnival, Verdun, Lovetot, GifFard of Brimf- 
fidd, Comyn of Badenagh or Badenock, Valence, and Mont- 
chenfy,. boril March 8, 1754, fucceeded his uncle George, the 
late Earl, July 2 1, 1 7S7. 

Geofrey Talbot, in the time of Henry L held twenty 
Knights fees of that King, and gave half his Lordihip of Wro- 
tham in Kent to the Monks of Rochefter. 
: In the 3d of King Stephen, he held out the caftle of Here- 
ford, againft the King, for Maud the Emprefs, and was fuc- 
ceeded by 

' Hugh, his brothfer, Who took a Monk's habit in the monaf- 
tery of Beaubeck in Normandy, and was fucceeded by 
KicHARD, his fon, who was father of 

GiLBEkT, who in the 5th Richard L was Governor of the 
caftle of Ludlow, and was fucceeded by 

Richard, his fon. He married Aliva, fifter to Philip Baflet, 
of Wicomb, in Bucks, Chief Jufticc of England, ahd by her 
was father of another 

Gilbert, who marryirig Gundalina, daughter of Rheefe ap 
Griffith, Prince of South V/ales, changed his arms, which were 
Bendy of ten pieces, Argent and Gules, and bore the Lion 
rampant, or, in a field, gules, with a border ingrailed of the 
firft, it being the arms of the faid prince* To him in 1274, 

Richard his fon, T^ho married Elizabeth, daughter to John 
Comyn, of Badenhaugh in Scotland, and had a fon 

Gilbert, who on the 30th of Edward IIL fucceeded him, and 
bad fummons to Parliament from the 4th of Edward IIL to the 
loth of Richard II. when he died. He married firft Patronilla, 
daughter to Jatnes Butler, Earl of Cariipk and Ormond; and 
fecondly, Joan, daughter to Ralph, Earl of Stafford ; by his 
firft wile he had a fon, 

, Richard, who fucceeded him, and itiarried Ankaret, daugh« - 
ter to John L'Eftrange of Blackmcre, and had four foiu : Gil- 
bert, who married firft; Joan, daughter of Thomas of Wood- 
ftock^youngeft fort of King Edward III. and co-heir to her 
brother Humphrey, Duke df Buckingham, by whom he had no 
iflue ; and fecondly, Beatrix, an illegitimate daughter of John, 
K» of Epftugal, wiiQW of Thomas, Earl of Arundel, by yahota 

K J he 

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t34 E A !l L o t" S H R^ W S B U R Y. 

Be left one daughter, Ankarct, his heir, who died in the fourth 
year of her age ; and his wife, the faid Beatrix, married to her 
third hufband, John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon, His other 
brotliers were John, his fucceffor; Richard, who in 1417 was 
confecratcd Archbilhop of Dublin, and died in 1449; and Sir 
ThoiTias, who was of Wrockcrdine, in the county of Salop, but 
died without iflue, 

(ift EarL) John, the fccond fon, who continued the line on 
the death of Ankaret, fole daughter and heir of Gilbert his elder 
brother, had livery of all the lands whereof O16 died feifed as 
heir to her father ; and which defcendcd to her as heir to Sir 
Thomas, her uncle; and havibg married Maud, eldeft of the 
two daughters, and co-heir of Sir Ihomas Nevil, Knt. by Joan, 
daughter and heir of William, Lord Furnival, Verdon, and 
Blackmere. On the aoth pf May, 1442, he was created Earl 
of Shrewlbury, and on the X7th of Jvily, in 1446, he was ere* 
^ted Earl of Waterfbrd and Wexford in Ireland. He was like- 
wife Steward of England and Marihal of France ; he was mad6 
Admiral of the Englifh fleet, and next year Lieutenant of Aqui- 
taine, but marching to relieve Chatillon, he was killed by .a 
canon ball, and his army routed July 20, 1453, ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ P*"^"* 
ferved that kingdom to Henry Vl. for 24 years ; and his fon Sir 
John, (the fecqnd of that Chriftian name) who vws then Vif- 
count Lifle, was flain with him. 

By his fecond wife, Margaret, eldeft daughter and co-heir to 
Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, by Elizabeth his wife,' 
daughter and heir of Thomas, Lotd Berkeley, and by her mo- 
thers fide Lady Lifle and Tyes, he had iJTue Sir John Talbot, 
created Baron Lifle, of Kingfton Lifle, Berks, July 26, 22d 
Henry VL alfo Vice Lifle, 30th 0<a. 30th Henry VL who was 
flain with him as before mentioned, and two daughters ; Eliza* 
beth married to John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk; and Eleanor 
to Thomas Butler, of Sudley-caftle, in the county of Glouceftcr, 
Ef<|. iind the faid John their brother, who on the faid 26th of 
July, 1444, married Joan, one of the daughters and co-heirs to 
Sir John Chedder, Knt. by her had Thomas Talbot, Vifc, Lifle, 
flain at'Wotton Under Edge without iflTue ; and Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Edward Grey (fecond fon of Edward Grey, Lord Ferrers 
of Groby) who was created Vifc. Lifle, ift Richard IIL and Mar* 
garet, wife of Sir George Vere, Knt. were his co-heirs. 

By his firft wife Matid, before-mentioned, he had three fons J 

* Thomas, who loft his life at the battle of Bourdeaux ; Sir John 

his heir; and Sir Chriftopher; and a daughter Joan, married to 

{ames, the 5th Lord Berkeley, (being his third wife) by whom 
le had no iffue; and fecondly, to Edmund Hungerford Efq. 
. (2d Earl.) Sir John, who fucceeded his father, was, with 
his brother Sir Chriftopher, flain in the battle of Northampton, 
£^io£ fot the houle of Lancafter, July lO^ 1460. He mar- 
;. - ' ri«d 

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^ed £t&y Catharine, dau^iter of Sir Edward. Burad, fon of 
Hiigh, Lord Burnel ; but fhc djring without iflue, he married 
&condly, Elizabeth, daughter to James Bytler, Earl of Ormond, 
and by her had John his heir««-^--Sir Jaities Talbot^ Knt. who 
died without iflue,-— Sir Gilbert Talbot, from whom the prcfent 
£arl of Shrewibury is defcended.-— Chriftopher, Archdeacon of 
Cheftcr.-— George,— ^ Anne, wife of Sir Henry Vernoa»'— Mar* 
garot, married to Thomas Chaworth, Efq« 

(3d Earl.) John, was Chief Juftice of South- Wales ; and 
die^on June 28, 147 3> leaving iflue by Catharine his wife^ 
daughter to Humphrey Stafford, Duke ot Buckingham, George 
his Xucceffor, aged five years ; and Thomas, who died without 
ifiue ; and a daughter Anne, married to Thomas Butkr^ the 
laft Bjuron of Sudiey, 

(4th Earl.) George, died on the 26th of July, 1542* 
Having married firft Anne, daughter to William, LordHaftings, 
^ by her had, Henry, who died young. —Francis, his hcin 
— John and John, who died in their infancv, — ^William.--^ 
Richard, both died without iflue. — Margaret, Anne, Dorothy, 
Mary, Elizabeth. The latter was married to William, Lord 
Dacres of Gillefland. — Mary to Henry Percy, fixth Earl of 
Northumberland. — Ma^ret, to Henry Clifford, Earl of Cum* 
berland. His Lordlhip marrying to his fecond wife, Elizabeth, 
one of the daughters and co-heirs to Sir Richard Walden, by 
her had John, who died young. — Anne, who was firft married 
to Peter Compton, Efq. by whom he had iflue, Henry, LdrA 
Compton, anccftorofthe Earl of Northampton; and fecondly^ 
to William Herbert, the firft Earl of Pembroke. 

(5th Earl.) Francis, by the firft wife> who fucceeded his 
Father, died on the 21ft of September, 1567; having married 
Mary, daughter to Thomas, Lord Dacres of Gillefland^ and by* 
her had, George, his heir. — Thomas, who died uhmarried.— -^ 
Anne, firft married to John, Lord Bray, and fecondly, to Tho-* 
mas. Lord Wharton. 

(6th Earl.) George, was fummoned to Parliament in the 
life-time of his father. In the 15th Elizabeth, he- wis Lord 
High Steward for the trial of Thomas Howard, Duke of 
Norfolk;' and after his death was conftituted Earl-^Marihal of 
England. By his fecond Wife, Elizabeth, daughtet to Johcr 
Hardwick, of Hardwick, in the county of Derby, Efq. .^yidow 
Ift of Robert Barley, Efq. adlyof Sir William Cavendifli, of 
Chatfworth, in the county of Derby, Knt. and 3dly of Sir WiU 
iiam St. Lo,) he had no iflue; but by his firft, who wa» 
Gertrude, daughter to Thomas, the firft Earl of Rutland, he 
dad f6ur fons and three daughters ; Catharine was married tp 
Henry Herbert, the JTecOnd E^rl of Pembroke. — Mary, to Sir 
George Savilc—Gf ace, to HenryCavendifli, Efq. The fonswere, 
Francis.— *Gilbert4-^Edward. — Henry. The latter married Ell- 

K 4 zabetby 

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136 t A 1^ L o F S d R E W S B t> R V. 

eabeth, daughter to Sir William Rayner, by whom he had twd 
daughters ; Gertrude, who married Robert Pierpoint, Earl of 
Kingfton; and Mary, to Sir William Airmine. Francis, the 
cldeft fon, having married Anne, daughter of W^ilji am ^ the firft 
Earl of Pembroke; and dying before his father without iffue, 

(7th EarU) Gilbert the fecond, who had fummons to 
Parliament, as a Baron in his father's life-time, became heir ; but 
dying on the 8th of May, 1616, left iffue by Mary his wifc> 
dau^ter to Sir William Cavendifli before-mentioned, three 
daughters, between whom the greateft part of his eftate was di* 
vided. Mary being married to William Herbert, the 3d Earl 
Tof Pembroke. — Elizabeth, to Henry Grey, the 9th Earl of 
Kent.— Alathea, to Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel. Having 
no furviving iffue male, his honour devolved upon his bro* 

(8th £arl.) Edward, who married Joan, eldeft daughter 
arid co-heir of Cuthbert, Lord Ogle; but dying Feb. 18, 1618, 
and leaving no furviving iffue, we now return to 

Sir Gilbert Talbot, third fon to John the fecond Earl, who 
was Knight of the Garter. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Ralph, Lord Grayftock, widow of Thomas, Lord Scrope> by 
whom lie had iffue, Sir Gilbert, and Sir Humphrey ; which lat- 
ter died without iffue. He married, fecondly, Ethelred, daugh- 
ter of William Cotton, Efq. (widow firft, of Thomas Barton, 
Efq. and fecondly, of Sir Richard Gardiner, LordrMayor of 
London,) by whom he had iffue Sir John Talbot, of Albrigh- 

Sir Gilbert, the eldeft fon, married firft, Anne, daughter 
and c6-hcir of Sir William Pafton, by Anne, third fifter and 
co-heir to Edmond Beaufort, Duke of Somerfet; and fecondly, 

Elizabeth, relifl: of Wynter. He left iffue by his firft 

Wf'iky three daughters; Margaret, wife of Robert Newport, Efq. 
—Eleanor, wife of Jeffrey Dudley, Efq.— Mary, married firft, 
to Sir John Littleton; and fecondly, to Thomas Aftley, Efq,— 
Humphrey and Walter, who both died without iffue. 

Sir John Talbot, their uncle, married firft, Margaret, 
daughter and heir of Thomas Troutbeck, Efq. by Edith, daugh-« 
tcr and heir of Sir Baldwin Leftrange, by Margaret, daughter 
and heir of Robert Molineux, Efq. third fon of Sir Richard ^o* 
lineux, , Knt. and left iffue, befides other children, John Talbot, 
of Grarcon, Efq. He married, fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter 
of-- Wrotthefley, from whom defcended a numerous pofte- 
rity, and particularly the prefent Lord TALBOT* 

JOHN Talbot, of Grafton, married Frances, daughter of Sir 
John Giffard, by her had Joan, married to Sir John Bowes; and 
a fon 

John, who married Catharine^ daughter of Sir William Pctre, 
and left two fons^ 

{9th Earl.) 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

EARL or SttRE^WSBVKYi • ijy 

. (9th Earl.) George, who npon the death of Edwarfl, tht 
8th Earl, lucceeded to the honour ; and John. The faid George 
dying in 1630 unmarried, the titlc.defcended to . i 

. (loth Earh) John Talbot, bis brother's foo, by Eleanor^ 
daughter and co-heir to Sir Thomas Baikervile, who had alfb 
two other fons, Thomas and Gilbert ; and two daughters ; Mary 
iind Catharine, married to James Pool, and died on Eeb. ^ 
4657. This John, the lOth Earl, by his fecon J wife, Francca^ 
daughter to Thomas, the firft Lord Arundel of Wwdour, had 
ifftte, Thomas, — John, who died young, — Bruno, ---Anne, onar- 
ried to Sir Thomas Hammer, Knt, Joy his iirft Wife, who wa4 
Mary, daughter to Sir Francis Fortefcue, he had four .fons and 
three daughters ; Frances married to Sir George Wintcr,*--Ca* 
tharine, to Thomas Whetenhal, Efq, — Mary*, firft, to Charles 
Arundel, Efq. and fecondly, to Mervin, Earl of Gaftlehayeiu 
The fons were, George,— -Francis, — Edward.— Walter.^ Ed- 
ward was killed at Marfton Moor, in the King's fcrvicc; and 
George, the cldeft, who married Mary, daughter to Percy Her- 
bert, Lord Powys, dying before^ his father without iflue, 

(nth Earl,) Francis the fecond, fucceededto the honour, 
Feb, 8, 1653, but died of a wound he received in a due! with 
George, Duke of Buckingham, March 16, 1667. He married 
firft, Anne, daughter and heir to Sir John Coniers, by whom 
he had ilTue Coniers, who died young ; and Mary, married to 
Thomas Stoner, Efq. and by his fecond, who was Anna-Maria, 
daughter to Robert Brudenell, the fecond Earl of Cardigan, ht 
had two fons, Charles his heir, and John, who was killed in a 
duel by Henry, Duke of Grafton, on Feb. 2, 1686, in the 21ft 
year of his age, 

(i2th Earl.) Charles, who fucceeded his father, was on 
the 70th of April, 1694, created Marquis of Alton, and Duke 
of Shrewft)ury. In 1705, he married Adelhida, daughter of the 
Marquis of Pallioti, of Bologna, in Italy, defcendedby the mo- 
ther's fide from Robert Dudley, Earl ot Leicefter, the great fa- 
vourite of Qi Elizabeth, but dying without iffue, on the iftof 
Feb, 1 7 18, the titles of Marquis and Duke became extin<5t, but 
that 6f Earl defcended to 

(13th Earl.) Gilbert, the eldeft fon of Thomas aforcfaid, fon 
of John, the lOth Earl, and he died in December 1733, where* 
upon the title devolved on 

(14th Earl.) George, eldeft fon of George, (next brother 
to Gilbert) who on the nth of March, 1719, married Mary, 
daughter to Thomas, Vifcount Fitzwilliam, in .Ireland, by 
whom, who died Sept, 20, 1752, he had iflue fcven fons and 
three daughters, viz. George, the late Earl, — Charles, who 
died April 7, 1776, having married Mary, daughter and co-heir 
to Robert Alwyn, of Trayford, in Suflex, Efq. and by her, who 
died in child-bed, June 8, 1750^ had a daughter Mary, born 


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^38 EARL oy S H R E W S B U R T. 

June ft, 1750, who died Tuly 12, 1771* He married kcwMjf 
April 7> 1752, Mary, daughter of Sir George Moftyo, ofTa^ 
lacre, in Flintfhire, Bait, by whom he had ifiue, Qiarieg, the 
prefentEarl, born March 8, 1754.— George-Jofeph, bom 1763, 
died Feb. 7, 1789. — Tracy, married May 23, 1789, Nfii£iCltf> 
ton, of Latham, in LancaO^ire. — John^Jofephv*- Anne, wbo 
died young*— Frances.-^Barbara, married April 9, 1780, Fcaa^ 
cis-Forte£ue Turville, of Litch^eld, £(q. — Catharine-Mary:* 
»->jQliana.^£lizaheth* — ^Thercfa.— Ajme-Mary, who died Jmu 
57, 1775.— !Charlottc-Mary, who died in 1775. — ^John, the 
£arP« third ibn, died April 5, 1751, unmarried^-^James.*^ 
Thomas. — Francis, married April 20, 1761, Anne, daugjbiter 
of Thomas, Earl of Fanconberg; who died Sept* 13, 1768, 
without tflue; and he married, fecondiy, May 18, 1772, Mar^ 
garet-Franoes, only daughter of William Sheldon, of Wefton^ 
in Warwickikire, by whom he has ifToe, i. George, born March 
&8, 1773, and died June 7th following. 2. Elizabeth^Margaret, 
born May 20, 1775. 3* Frances, born Dec* i, 1777. 4. Ano- 
ther daughter born 0&. 1779. Another daughter Nov* 24, 
1782; and another fon born 0€tm 9, 1784; and a daughter 
bom May 14, 1788* — Gilbert, who diied an infant*— ^Barbara* 
the eldeft daughter, married Tune 30, 1744, to Js^nes, Lord 
Afton> and died at Paris in November 1759* — Mary, married 

iuly 9, 1749, to Charles Dormer, £fq. fon .and heir to John, 
.ord Dormer, and died May 15, 1753, leaving iffuc.— Lucy, 
is unmarried. 

(15th Earl.) George, the eldeft fon, fucceeded, and was 
liielate Earl, born Dec. 11, 17 19, married Nor* 21, 17539 
Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Dormer, by whom he had no iflue, 
and died July 22, 1787, when he was fucceeded by his ne* 

( 1 6th Earl.) Charles, the prefent Earl* 

Creations.] Baron Talbot by writ, Time 5, 1330. Earl 
ofShrewfbary,' Msty 20, 1442. Earl of Wexford, and Water- 
ford, July 17^ 1446* 

Arms*] Gtiks^ alien rampant, within a border, engrailed, 
cr. [Plate IXO 

Crest.] On achapeao, guks^ tvmed up, erminey a lion, or^ 
his tail extended* 

Supporters.] Two talbots, argatt. 

MoTto/| Pre^ ePaccomplir. Acady to perform- 

Chief Seats.] At Iflcworth, in Middlefex; W Alton- 
Caftle, in Stafforduiire ; and at Heathorpe^ near Woddfloekf in 

S T A K- 

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t «39 1 


"*" DERBY, and Baronet, fuccecded his grand&ther the late 
' Earl, Feb. 22, 1766. He married 23d June, 1774, Elizabeth 
Hamilton, filler of the prefent Duke of Hamilton, by whom ho 
bas two children, Edward, Lord Stanley, born April 22, I775« 
—Charlotte,' bom 0<ft. i, 1776. 

Of this ancient and noble family, who took their furaame 
from the Lordihipof Stanleigh, in the Moorlands, Staffbrdihire» 
are the Stanleys of Hooton, in Cbefhire, who have been feated 
there for many aves, and from whom defcended 

Sir John Stanley, Knt. eminent in the time of K. Richard IL 

In the reign of K. Henry IV. (upon the forfeiture of Hcary 
Ffercy, Earl of Northumberland) he, with his brother William, 
being fent to feize the Ifle of Man, obtained a grant in fee of the 
faid ifle, caftle, and peele, or pile, ancienily called Holm* 
town, as alfo of all the regalities, franchifes, and rights thereto 
belonging, to be holdeft of the faid King, his heirs and fuccef- 
ibrs, by homage, and the fervice of two falcons, (the ifland then 
abounding with fuch birds) payable on the days of their corona^ 
tion: fothat from the reign or the afbrefaid King, till Feb. 1736, 
(exceptinr the interval that Lord Fairfax had it, during the lato 
civil wars) the Earls of Derby have had an abfolute jurifdi<5Kofi 
over the people and foil ; and were immediate landlords of every 
man's eftate, (fome few Barons only excepted) and referving 
their homage to the crown of England, had a full and araple sax^- 

He married Ifabel, daughter and heir to Sir Thomas Latham, 
Knt. and by her had Sir John his fucceffor, and Thomas, who 
married the daughter and heir of Sir John Arderne, which branch 
is extinA. 

Sir JohJt, who fuccecded, had by Elizabeth, daughtel* of Sir 
John Harrington, Sir Thomas. — Sir William, who married 
thc-Countefs of Worcefter. — Sir John, anceftor to the prefent 
Sir John Stanley, Bart. — James, Archdeacon of Chefhire. — ^ 
Ifabel, married to Sir |ohn Warren. 

Sir Thomas left iflfue by Joan his wife, daughter to Sir Ro- 
bert Gouihill, Knt. Thomas his heir; and three daughters; 
Margaret, married to Sir William Troutbeck.—- Elizabeth to 
Sir Richard Molineus^. — Catharine to Sir John Savage; and in 
the fifft of Edward IV. 

(ift Earl.) Thomas the fon, had fummons to Parliament. 

among the Barons. He married firft, Eleanor, daughter to 

Richard Neville, Eai4 of Salilbury, filler to the great Earl of 

Warwick, by wbofli he had Hx foes, and four daughters ; his 

1 fccond 

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E A.RLloi^ DERBY. 

fecond wife was, Margaret, daughter and heir to John Beaufort, 
Duke of Somerfet, widow of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Rich- 
mond, and mother to King Henry VII. but by her he had no 
iflue, and died in 1504. The daughters by the firft wife were, 
Alice. — Catharine. — Anne, — Margaret, who married to Sif 
John Ofbaldefton ; but the other three died young. Of the fons, 
Thomas thcf cldeft, Richard the fecond, and William the fourth, 
died young#— -Tames, the fixth, was Bifliop of Ely. — Edward, 
the fifth, was Knight of the Garter, and in the fifth of Henry 
VIII. for his fervice at Flodden Field, was made Lord Mont- 
cagle* He married Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir George 
Vernon, and had iflue Thomas, Lord Monteagle, father of 
"William, Cord Monteagle, who leaving an only daughter and 
heir, Elizabeth, married to Edward Parker, Lord Morley, 
their fon and heir, William, in right of his mother, was Lord 
Monteagle, who revealed the powder-plot againft King James I. 
This Lord having married the Countefs of Richmond, was fuf- 
pe<^ed as a well-wifher to the Earl her fon, and was therefore 
denied leave to retire into the country, till he had given up 
George his fon and heir as a hoftage, left he fhould ftay in thofc 
parts on purpofe to join with the Eail at his landing : which, as 
appears by his fiding with him at the day of battle, was his real 
4efign; and King Richard HI. being ilain in Bofworth Fields 
ie there fet the crown, found amongit the fpoils, upon the Earl 
of Richmond's head, and proclaimed him King by the name of 
Henry VIL who in the firft year of his reign made him Lord 
High Steward of England, and created him Earl of Derby. 
, Ge6rge, his eldeft furviving fon, having married Joan, 
daughter and heir to John, Lord Strange of Knockyii, had 
thereupon fummons to Parliament by the title of Lord Strange* 
He lefc iflue, Thomas, — Sir James Stanley, from whom th€ 
prefent Earl is defcended. — Jane, married to Sir Robert Shef- 
field. — Elizabeth. 

(2d Earl.) Thomas, who fucceeded his grandfather, mar- 
ried Anne, daughter to Edward, Lord Haftings, and fifter to 
George, the firft Earl of Huntingdon, by her had John, Lord 
Strange, who died before him. — Edward his heir. — Henry, 
who died young. — Margaret, married to Robert Radclifi^, Earl 
of Su flex. 

(3d Earl.) Edward, who in 1521, fucceeded his father^ 
marrying firft, Dorothy, daughter to Thomas Howard, the 
fecond Duke of Norfolk, by her had three fons, Henry, Tho- 
mas, and Edward ; and four daughters; of which Anne, was firft 
married to Charles, Lord Stourton, and after to John Arundel.— ^ 
Elizabeth, to* Henry Parker, Lord Morley. — Mary, to Edward, 
Lord Stafford.—- Jane, to Edward, Lord Dudley. Of the fons, 
Henry the eldeft fucceeded. his father.. The other two wer« 
knighted ; Sir Thomas married Margaret, d«^vghter and co-heir 


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EARL o F , P E R P Y. U«. 

of Sir George Vernon, by whom he had a fon, Sir Edward St|ui- 
Ujy Knight of the Bath, who married Lucy Percy, third daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Thomas, the feventh Earl of Northumberland, 
and had a daughter his co-heir, married to Sir Kenelm Uigby, 
Knt. — Sir Edward was feated at Eynflxam, in the county ofO^-r 
ford. The Earl-inarried, fecondly, Margaret, daughter to E\'*\ 
lis Barlow, Efq. and by her had two davi^ters, Catharine, mar- 
ried to Sir Thomas Knevit, Knt,— Margaret, firft to Sir John 
Jermyn, and afterwards to Sir Nicholas Poiatz. His ttdrd wife, 
was Mary, daughter to Sir George Cotton ; but by her, (who 
afterwards married Henry, the feventh Earl of Kent,) he had ^P 
iflue, and died on the 24th of 061. 1572. 

(4th Earl.) Henry, his eldeft fon,^ by his firft 'wife, fuc- 
ceeded him. He married Margaret, only c^iiid • tp. Hepjy, Cl^f-j 
ford. Earl of Cumberland (by Eleanor ^?t ^}:fe»i5^^^'j?^^^^^ 
and co-heir to Charles Brandon, Duke of Sutt9ll«^,.^*^ary, 
the French Queen, third daughter to King H^^or^ yL^ani 
dying Sept. 25, 1593, left two. fons, '' ,^ /.' , 

^ (5th Earl.) Ferdinandq, and William. Tl^e ^Ideft -fiic-^' 
ceededhis father, and marrying Alice^ daughter tofSfr Joha 
^pencer^ of Altharp, by her, (who afterwards married Thpihaiv 
Vifc. Brackl^y,) had three daughters his heirs ; Anne, the 
f Ideft, was married to Grey Bridges, Lord Chandos, and adly^* 
to Mervin, Earl of Caillehaven.t— Frances the fecond married Sir 
John Egcrton^ who was created Earl of Bridgewater. — EliM-» 
beth, the youngeft, married Lord Hailings, afterwards Earl oC 
Huntingdon. The faid Ferdinando had no fon, and died April 
16, 1594. 

(<6th Earl.) William, his brother, became heir to the Earl** 
4om ; he married Elizabeth, eldeft daughter to William, Lord 
Burleigh, and fifter to the Earls of !^eter and Salift>ury, by 
whom he had James his heir ; and three daughters ; Anne, was 
iirft married to Sir Henry Portman, Bart, and afterwards to 
Robert, Earl of Ancram ; but a difpute arifing between the 
faid William, Earl of Derby, and the daughters of his brother 
Ferdinando, touching the title to the Ifle of Man, he purchafed 
their feveral claims ; which agreement, together with the King's 
irelh grant, was ratified by a£l of Parliament, July 7, the 7th 
of James L To him, on Sept. 22, 1642, fucceeded 

(7th Earl.) James, his fon, who was beheaded at Bolton in 
Lancafhire, Oftober i^ 1651. He married Charlotte de la 
Tremouille, (daughter to Claud, Duke of Tremouille in France, 
and Charlotte Brabantina de NalTau, his wife, daughter to the 
renowned Count Willianji of Naflau, Prince of Orange, and 
Charlotte of Bourbon his wife) and by her had Charles his 
fucceflbr; and three daughters; Henrietta-Mary, jnarried to 
William, the 2d Earl of Stafford. — Catharine, to Henry Pier- 
f oint, Marq[uis of Do^chefter.— ^Amelia-Sophia, to John, Mar- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

J43k EARL OF Derby. 

onh of Athol, in the kingdom of Scotland, who fuccccdcd tjl' 
the title of Baron Strange of Knockyn, in right of tlie fuiil 
Amelia-Sophia his grandmother. 

(8th Earl.) Charles, who fuccceded, married Dorothea- 
Helena, daughter of Baron Rupa, a German nobleman; and 
iying on the 21ft of December, 1672, by her left WilHam- 
Richard-George, his heir. — ^Robert, who died unmarried.--:- 
Tames, the loth Earl. — ^Charles, — Charlotte, married Thomas 
Savage, Vifcount Colchefter, eldeft fon of Thomas, Earl Rivers,. 
-^Mary who died unmarried. 

^ (gjth Earl.) William-Richard-George, who fucceeded 
his father, married Elizabeth Bntler, daughter to Thomas, Eari 
of Oflbry, and fifter to James, Duke df Ormond, by whom he 
had Jamcsy Lord Strance, who died before him (at Venice) wn- 
in;irricd»-<-*Hcnrietta» firft married to John Anneflev, the fourth 
Xarl of Afigtefea, and fecondly, to John, Lord Afhburnham.— 
Elizabeth, who died April 24, 1714. The Earl, their fothcr, 
» dj'Pfi^^^* 5> ^7^^> without furviving ifliic male, 

(lOtbEail.) Jambs, his brother became heir. He married 
Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir William Morlcy, and by 
Ykeri whb died March 29, 1752, had a fon William, who was 
born Jan. 31, and died the 4th of March, 17 10; and his Lordfliip 
dying without iflue, Feb. i, 1736, the Barony of Strange, and 
Lord/hip of Man, devolved on James Murray, Duke of Athol^ 
in Scotland, fon and heir of John, Marquis of Athol, by Ame- 
lia-Sophia his wife, daughter of James, Lord Strange, the fc- 
venth Eafl of Derby ; and the Karony cf Stanley, and Earldom 
of Derby, devolved on Sir E4ward Stanley, of Bickerftaff, Bart. 
defccnded from George, Lord Strange, fon of Thomas, the firft 
fearl of Derby, whofe fecond fon, oir Tames Stanley, married 
the fiftcr of Sir Percival Hart ; and had iflue, Sir George, and 
penry; the former of whom had iflue two fons, Edward and 
lienry, who both furvived him, but died without iflTue male.— 
Henry, fccond fon of Sir James, became the chief heir male of 
this branch, and marrying Margaret, daughter and heir to Pe* 
tcr Stanley, of Bickerftaff^, in the county of Lancafter, left two 
fons, Edward, and James ; which 

(ift Bart.) Sir Edward, who was of Bickerftaff, wascrc* 
atcd a Baronet June 26th, 3 Car. I. He married firft Catharine^ 
daughter of Sir Randal Mani^Tiring, by whom he had only two 
daughters. He married fecondly, Ifahe^, daughter to Sir Peter 
Warburton, by whom he had fix fons. 

(2d Bart.) Sir Thomas th^ ^Idcft, married Mary, daughtjBf 
of Peter Egerton, and dying in May 1653, left two fons, Sir 
Edward, and Peter, and one daughter, married to Braid- 

IJxai^h, of Pennington, in Lanca/hire, Efq. — Peter the youngcft 
fon, married Catharine, daughter of Colonel Rigby, by whonx 
ie had ipue, Thctmas^ bis qnly fon and h^ii:, ^]^p ojaarried Ca- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


tharinC) daughter of Anthony Parker, ££]• by whom he had 
thYeefons, Charlesi bom in 17 15; Thomas, bom in 1717 ; an4 

(3d Bart,) Sir Edward Stanley, Bart, the eldeft fen, and 
heir, was born 16 1643, and married in 1664, Elizabeth, daugh* 
ter of Thomas Bofwell, £fq. and dying 0£l» 16, 7671, leftiliiie 
one fon and three daughters ; Mary and Elizabeth, died unmar- 
ried; and Barbara, married to the Rev. Mr^ Zachary Tay^ 

(4th Bart.) Sir Thomas Sta^nley, Bart, the only fon, was 
born Sept. 27, 1670, and in 1688, married Elizabeth, daughter 
and heir to Thomas Patten, Efq. who dying about fix years af- 
ter ; he married, fecondly; Margaret, daughter of Thomas Hoi- 
croft, Efq. and reli& of Sir Ricbatd Standiih, by whom be had 
iflue, ind died May 7, i7ij[. He had iflue by biafirft Lady^ 
four fons, ^dward, bom Sept. 17, i689.*^Tho9ias, bori^ 1690,^ 
and died young.-*- John, born in 1692, married firft, Alice, 
daughter of Edward Warren, Efq. and fecondly, Mrs. Sarali 
Earle, of LiYer|)ool; and died 1781. — ^William, born in 1694^ 
died young. * 

(5th Bart. I ith Earl.) Edward the eldeft, was the late 
Earl of Derby, the titles devolving to him, on the death of the 
tenth Earl of Derby, April 13, 1736. He married, in Sept* 
1714, Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of Thomas Helketh, of 
Rufford, in Lancafhire, Efq. and by her, who died Feb, 24^ 
1776, he had four fons and feven daughters. James, born Jan# 
7) 1717, married March 17, 1747, to Lucy, one of the three 
daugjiters and co-heirs of Hugh Smith, of Weald-hall, in Eflex, 
Efq. and by her, who died Feb. 7, 1759, had iffue, firft, Ed- 
Ward-Smith, the prefent Earl ; fecond, Thomas, bonx Sept» 
1753, and died 1779; third, Tames, born 1754, and died 1771; 
fourth, Elizabeth, born 1 740, married July 28, 1779, to Tho* 
mas Horton, Efq.; fifth, Lucy, born 1750, married April 2 Cf 
1772, to Jeffery Hornby, Efq.; fixth, Harriot, born 1750, 
married June 3, 1778, Sir Watts Horton, Bart. ; feventh, Lmi« 
ifa, born 1759, and died 1769. His Lordftiip died in his father*t 
life-time, ift June, 1771. The other fons of the Earl were, 
Thomas, born July 20, 17 18, died young. — A fon, who died, 
unbaptized, March, 1719. — Edwara, born June, 1732, and 
died April 20, 1745* The daughters are, Elizabeth, born 17 15, 
married March i, 1746, to Sir reter Warburton, Bart, and died 
Sept. 2, 1780. — Mary, born Jan. 1717.^— Ifabella-Dorothea, 
born Feb. 9, 1721-2, J nd died July 21, 1786. — Margaret, bora 
1723, who died M?rch 9, 1776.— ^Jane, born April 1726. — 
Charlotte, married to Gen. John Biirgoyne, and died without 
iffue, June 7, .1776. — Barbara, who med an infant; and the 
|larl dying Feb. 22, 1 776, was fucceeded by his gr^idfotp, . 
(i2th Earl.) Edwaru-Slmit^, the prefent JE^LcV 

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t44 t A. R L OF P E M B R O K E. 

J. QREAT.ioig:s^J Earl of Derby, 0<a., 27, i48^, - . - 

. Arms,] Jrgint\^ on a bend> nzure, three bucks^ heads ca-« 

, Cresty]' 9te ^'ChApeau,.^v/|?^>. tprn.ed up, .rrw/»^, an eagle 
With ^ings eipanded^^^or^ preying iipoh an infant in its cradle^ 
f roper. ' . ' _ ^ 

'^ifppojCTERs.] ,On the dexter fide^ a gryphoix; on the finif- 
tei-^ a buck*,'' both ir^ dacally collared, and chained, azure, 
MbTVoJ] "'S arts changer. Without changing. 
Chief^ Seats."! j ^t Knowefly and Biqkerllg^, both^ in th^ 
^Oyntyof Lancjal^r^* i ' 

':'' iitt^t'^^^'EAiiV QF PEMBROKE. 

f|^HE,RlghrKonLHENm,Y'H EaHof PEIVf. 

. BROKE and' Montgomery^. Baron Herbert of Cardiff, 
Rofs, Ktndal; rarr, Fitz-Hjjgbj Marmion, St, Quintin, and 
Herliert of Shifrl^wd ; was' born July 3, 1734,* and fuccceded 
Henry,^ the late EarJj his^ fijther^ J^iu^vry 9, 1751. His Lord- 
ihip rnarried, March 13, 1756, Elizabeth, fecond daughter to 
Charles! the late Duke of Marlborough, by whom he has had 
iffue, a ilill-borh chilcl Jiirie 9, 1758. — George, Lord Herbert,^ 
bonl Sept. ii, 1759? married .April 8, 1787, Mifs Beauclerk, 
youngcft daughter of the lat^ Topham Beauclerk, by whom he. 
Jits illnc a fon, born March 26, 1788*^ — Charlotte, born July 
t5, 1773, and died April*i784. 

Ifl the dcfcent of Herbert, Earl of Powis, it appears that 
William, Earl of Penibroke, had natural iflye by Maud, 
daughter of Adam ap Howel Graunt. 

■ Sir RicrtARD Herbert,, of Ewyas, who marrying Margaret, 
daughter and heir of Sir Mathcw Cradock, had iffue. Sir Wil- 
Mam, Ws heir. — Sit George, who married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir o( Sir Thomas Berkeley, and had a nymerous iffue. 1 
•^^Sir Thomas", .from whom defcended Sir Arnold Herbert : and 
the legitimate male line of the faid Earl ccafing, 

: (jltEarl.) Sir William was* in the 5th of Edward VI. 
cheated Lord Herbert of Ca:rdiff, and Earl of Pembroke. By his 
2d wife, Anne, daughter to George Tailbqt, the 4th Earl of 
Shrewfbury, and widovyr of Peter Coiupton, Efq. he had np iffue; 
but by Anne, his firft'wife, daughter to Thomas, Lord Parrj^ of 
Kendal, fifter to Catharine, the 6th wife of King Henry VIII. 
and Jifter and co-Iieir ^o William Parr, Marquis of Northamp- 
ton, &c. he had two fons ; and a datighter Anne, married ta 
Francis, Lord Talbot, fon and hpii- apparent to George, the 
6th Earl of Shrewfbury, The. fons were, Henry and Edward,^ 
from the eldcft, who on thq 17th of March 1560, fucce^de^hini. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

EA^fL opPEMBROKK. - 145 

is dcfccnded the prefent Earl. — Sir Edward the youngeft^ mv- 
ried Mary, daughter and fole heir to Thomas St^ley, Efq. aod 
by her had Sir Willipm, who on the 2d of April, 1629, S ^^^n 
I. was created Baron of Pqwis ; alfo George, John, ^d Edward; 
and eight daughters, Elizabeth, Anne^ Jctyce, Frances, Catha- 
rine, Jane, Mary, and Winifred, Which William, Lord Fow- 
ls, married Eleanor, youngc^ft daughter tp Henry Percy, the 
8th Earl of Northumberland ; and dying on the 7th of Marcbi 
1655, by her left Percy his heir ; apd two daughters, Catharine, 
married firft, to Sir Robert Vaughan, and adly, to Sir Jamesi 
Palmer ;. and Lucy, 2d daughter, married Williaqi Abington, 
Efq. The faid Percy, Lord.Powis, marrying Ellizabeth, daugh- 
ter to Sir William Craven, by h^f had William, the 3d Lord 
Powis, and a daughter Maryi mvried to George, Lord* Talbot, 
- cldeft fon of John^ the loth Earl of Shrew fbury. William, who 
on the 19th of Jan. 1666, fucceeded his f^ither, and was the ^d 
Baron, Was on the 4th of April, 1674, 26 Car. IL created Earl 
of Powis; and on the 24th of March, 1687, following, created 
Vifcount Montgomery, and Marqwis of Powis ; and by King 
. James II. after hi j abdication, was advanced to th^ titles of Mar- 
quis of Montgomery, and Duke of Powis, whiqh titled, (l\e 
being outlawed) were never, alio wed; and he died at St. Ger- 
mains, on the 2d of June, 1696. Hq married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter to EMward Somerfet, Marquis of Woreefter, ar^d left iffue 
.William his only fon; and five daughter^; wherepf Mary w^ 
firft married tp fiLichard Molineux, Efq. and 2«lly, to Francia 
Browne, the 4th Vifcount Montague in England. — ^Frances, 
married Kenn^^th Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth. — Anne, marrie4 
Francis Smith, Vifcount Carrington. — Lucy, died unmarried.-^*-* 
Winifred, maFPied WjUiam Maxwell, Earl ofNithidalq. Wil- 
liam, (only fon of WiJUiim, who was outlawed, and died in 
1696) was on the i ith of April feftorcd to the titles of Marquis 
of Powis, &c. and his father's :^tt:|in4er reverfed ; and marrying 
Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Prefton, Bart, by 
her, who died January 8, 1794, had ^wofons, William Vifcount; 
Montgomery; and Edward, who, on the 7th of July, 1734, 
jnarri^d Henrietta^ daughter of James, Earl Waldlegravej, and 
dying in November following, left his lady with ^hild of a daugh- 
ter, bqrn in June 1735, named Barb^a, married March 30^ 
J75I, tQ the late Earl of Powis. The (aid Marquis had alfa 
fix daughters ; Many. — Elizabeth. — Anne, the 2d wife of Hen- 
ry, the 6th Lord Artyiidel, of Wardour.-r— Henrietta^ — Therefijt, 
married to Sir Kobett Throckmorton, B^rt. and died in June, 
iy23.-rCharlotte, married ift, to Edward; Mauric^ Efq. ani. 
adly, to Edward Willjaais, Eiq. and died Dec. 9, 1751. Th^r 
father dying in (Xft. 1745, was fucceeded by his only fon Wil- 
liam, who was the 3d Marquis of Powis, but dying on the 8th 
^f Mar^h, 1748, witMW iflue, hi? titles ^e<yuBie cxtindl^ and 1^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


eftate came to Henry-Arthvr Herbert, late Earl of Poww. Wq , 
now return to 

(ad Earl.) Henry, eldeft fon of William, Earl of Pembroke,^ 
who in 1569, fucceeded his father, married firft, Catharine, fc- 
cond daughter to Henry Gray, Duke of Suffolk, (by Frances, 
daughter to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and Mary the 
Trench Queen,) ftom whom he was divorced. By his 2d lady 3^ 
Catharine, daughter to George Talbot, the 6th Earl of Slircwf- 
bury, h^ had no iffue; but taking to his jd, Mary, daughter to^ 
Sir Henry Sydney, (by Mary his wife, daughter of Johil Dud- 
ley, Duke of Northumberland) by her he had two fons, Wil* 
liam,^ and Philip ; and a daughter Anne, Who died young. 

(3d Earl.) William, who fucceeded his father, marrying 
Mary, the eldeft daughter, and co-heir to Gilbert Talbot, tha 
feventh Earl of Shrewfbury, had ^ fon Henry, who died an in- 
fant; and dying April 10, 1630, without furviving iffue, 

(4th Earl.) Philip, his brother, was on the4thofMay> 
1605, created B^ron of Shurland^ and Elarl of Montgomei^^ 
By his fecond wife Anne, fole daughter and heir to George Clif- 
ford, the third Earl of Cumberland, widow of Richard Saekville, 
the third Earl of Dorfet, he had no illuc ; but by his firft, who 
was Sufan, daughter, and at length co-heir to Edward Vcre, 
Earl of Oxford, by Anne, daughter to Lord Burleigh, had 
feven fons and three daughters ; Anna-Sophia, married to, Ro- 
bert Dormer, Ea.rl of Caernarvon.— ^Catharine, and Mary, died 
Xinmarried. — ^James.— Henry, i— Charles. — Philip. — William.— 
James. — John. The latter married Penelope, daughter of Paul, 
Vifcount Banning.-^-James married Jane, daughter to Sir Robert 
Spiller, and his fon James, married Catharine Ofborne, fourth 
daughter of Thomas, the firft Duke it^lLeeds, whofe fon Philips 
married Mariamnc, fitter to Charles, the third Earl of Winchcl- 
fea. — ^The eldeft, James, and Heiliry, died young. — WilHan\ 
died unmarried. — Charles married Mary, only daughter to Geo. 
Villiers, the great Duke of Buckingham, (by Catharine, hi& 
firft wife, only daughter and heir to Francis Manners, the fixth 
Earl of Rutland, by Francis his firft wife) but died before his 
father, and before cohabitation. His Lady (who afterwards^ 
married, fecondly, James Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Len- 
nox, by whom he had a daughter Mary, married to Richard, 
jparl ot Arran ; and thirdly, to Thomas Howard, Eftj. brother 
' to Charles, Earl of Carlifle) had by patent, dated 31ft Aug. 34 
of Charles L the title of Duchefs of Buckingham, granted ta 
her in cafe of failure of iffue male of her fkther. 

' (5th Earl.) Ph ilip, his next brother, became heir, smd in 

^652 fucceeded his father. He married firft,''Penek^e, fde 

daiigKter aAd heir to Sir Robert Nauntoji, Knt. widow of Patil 

'Vifc. Banning, and by her had Williarti' his heir. By his 2d wife 

Catharine^ daughter of Sir William ViUier^^ he hkd (wo fcms, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

E A R L OF P E M B R K E. 14^ 

philips ^d Thomas ; and five dauj^hters ; Sufaix> msMrricd tq 
Jqhn, the 3d Lord Powlet of Hinton St, George. — Mary, to 
Sir John Sydenhs^ra.-^— Cathariae, to Sir John Williams^ Bart^ 
*— Rebecca^ diedDeq. 9, 1729. — Anne died an infant. 

(6th Earl.) WihhiAUf who an the nth ^f December, i66fe 
fucpeed^d his fath^v, dyin^ qn the 8th pf July, x^74, unmarrie|, 

(7th EarL) Phjj-ip, his half-brother became heir. He ms^r-^ 
ried Henrietta de Qqeron^ille, (fitter tp the Duchefs of Portf- 
mouth, ijrandmother to the |ate Duke of Richmof^4) and hy 
her, who ^\td November i, 1728, had ^n only da^ghter Chajr 
|ott^i firft married to John, Lord JeiFeriegj, Baron of Wem, (by 
whom he ha4 a daughter named Henrietta-Louifa, late Coupteft 
of Pomfret) a|id after Lord Tefferies's deceafe, ihe iparrie4 
Thomas, Vifp. Wipdfor ; l)\»t th<j fajd PhiUp, her father dyin^ 
Auguil 29, 1683, without iflue male, his title defcei\ded tq 

(8th Earl.) TriftMAs, his brptber, who m^rjed ift, Margaret, 
fole daughter and h^r to Sir Robert Sawyer, and by her, whft 
died November 17, 1706^1 had feven fons and five daughters. By 
bis fecond, Barbara, daughter to Sir Henry Slinefby, Bqrt. and 
widow to John, Lard Arpndel ctf Tr^rice, whica l^dy died 
1721, h^ had a daughter of her name, who on the 3d ol Oft. 
17305, was married to Dudley North, of Glenham-hall, in Suf- 
folk, Efq, His Lprdlhip i^ l(>ZSr married" XQ, hh third wife, 
Mary, fifter to Scroop, Vifc^ Hpwe, and dying Jan. 1733, by 
her he had no ifTue, and ihe afterguards married John Mordaunt, 
Efq. brother to the Earl of Peterborough, in October 1735. 
The daughters by the firft wjfe, were, Catharii^e,— Ma»'gafet». 
«r— Elizabeth. — rAnne.-r-Rebecca. The eldeft was married to Sir 
I^icholas Morri<:e, of Werrington in Devo^, ^nd died in Sept^ 
17 16. — ^Margaret died in December i752.-^Rebecca, married^ 
William, late Jlrord At>ergavenny. The fans were, 

(9th Earl.) Hei^P'Y, Robert-Sawyer, Thomas, William, John, 
and Nicholas; th^ eldeft fuccecded his father as Earl of Pem-e 
^oke, on ithe 28th pf Aijguft 1733. He married Mary, eldeft 
^eghjter of Richard, Vifc. Fitz-Willi^ms, in Ireland, by whoxh 
he h^idoixe fon Henry, now Earl? born July 3, 1734*— »-Robert-i 
Sawyer married Marv, daughter to Jphn Smith, Efij. whp ii^ 
1705, was Speaker ot ^e Houfc of Commons and died April 25, 
1769, without iflue. — Charles died unmarried. — Thomas was 
Colonel ij;^ the Foot-guard^, and died in 1739.— -William was ^^ 
MaJor^Generai, and died ii> April, i757j having been married 
to Mifs Catliarine-Elizabeth Tew$* by whom he had iflue : i. 
William, who died young. 2^ Henry, the prdfent Lord -Por/- 
^be/ier. 3. Charles, born 1743, married, in 1775, Caroline 
Montagu, fufter to the Duke of Manchefter. 4. Catharine, 
4ied young. 5. Georgiana, born 1747- 6. Caroline-Robert^ 
in holy orders, biorn 1751.— John died unmaj?j^ed. — Nicholas, 
4kd in f^bu 1775, h^Lving married jgth pf Julyj^ 1737, Anne, 

L 2, d^ughtcc 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


daughter of Dudley North, of Glenham-hall, S\;iflfAHc, Efq. by 
whoiB, who died Jan. 20, 1789, he had a daughter Barbara, 
born in April 1738, married to Edward, prcfent Earl of Aid- 
borough, ahd died without ilTue, 1785. His Lordfliip dying on, 
the gthof January 1751, was fucceeded by his only fon ; (and 
the Couhtefs married North Ludlow Bernard, E(<j. in Sept* 
1757, ahd died th^ 13th of February, 1769.) 

(10th Earl.) Henry, now Earl of Pembroke. 

Creations.] Created Baron Herbert of Cardiff, in the 
county of Glamorgan, 0£t« 10. 1551, 5 Edward VL and the 
next day, Earl of Pembroke. Baron Herbert of Shurland, in the 
lUe of Sheppy in Kent, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac. L and at the fame 
time Earl of the county of Montgomery. 
. ARMs/lt^arty-per-palc, azure znA guiesy three lions rampant, 
argent. [Plate IX.] 

»' Crest.] Oh a wreath, z wyvern with wings elevated, vert, 
holding in its mouth a finifter hand, couped at the wrift, gules. . 

Supl»ORTERs.] On the dexter fide, a panther guardant, argent^ 
fpotted of various colours, with fire ifluing out of his moutfc, 
and ears, his ducal collar, azui^e. On the fihifter, a lion argent^ 
gorged with a ducal coronet, gules. 

Motto.] Ung je ferveray., One I will ferye. 

Chief Seat.] At Wilton, in the county of Wilts^ 



and BERKSHIRE, Vifcount Andoyer, and Baron Howard 
of Charleton,4uccceded his coufin Feb. 24, 1 783. He was bom 
J^arch 7, 1739, married July 2, 1774, Julia, daughter of John. 
Gafeaf th of renrith m Cumberland, Efq. by whom he has iffne 
Charles-Nevinfon, Vifcount Andover, born May 13, I775»-— . 
Thomas, bom Aug. 18, 1776. — John, born 1777, died l^^i• 
— William-Philip, born 1779, "^^^ I7.80f — Catharine, bom 
twin with William-Philip. .. ' ' ' 

The defcent of this family is fet forth under th^ title of Duke 
cfNorfolk^ ' 

^ Thomas, the fourth Duke of Norfolk, marrying to his fecond 
'wife Margairfet, daughter and fole heir to Thomas, Lord Audlcy 
of Walden;' by her had. a fon, 

(ift Earl of Suffolk.) Thomas, who hy aft of Parliament 
in the 27th of Elizabeth, was reftored in blood ; and in ai9tK of • 
that reign, had fummons to. Parliament, by the title of Lord 
Howard, otWalden; and having married Catharine, daughter 
^d co-heir to Sir Heniy Knevit, widow of Sir Richard, cldeft 
fon of Robert, Lord Rich, and filler to the Countefs of Lincoln, 

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E ARL o jr SU F F OLK* Y^ 

\)f her bad feven fons and four daughters;; whereof Clltabeth^ 
was firft married to William Kholles, Earl oF Banbuty, and 
alteifWards to EdWardJ Lord Vaux.-'-Frahces, to Robert Deve- 
Veux, Earl of Eflex^ from whom being divorced, Ihc married 
kobert Carr, £arl of Somerfet.— -Miar^a'ret died in infent. — 
Catharine married William Cecil, the ad Eairl of Salifbury. 
The fons were Theophilus, Thomas, Henry, Charles, Robert, 
William, arid Edward. Sir Charles, the 4th ion, married Mary, 
daughter arid heir to Sir John Fitz.— Henry miarried Elizabetn, 
daughter arid ffi^ heir to William Baffet, Efq. and by her, whd 
:A^wa'rds married William Cavendifli, Diike of Newcaftle, 
dad a daughter of her name, who was married to Sir Joha 
Harpur.-— Thomas, the 2d fon wat created Earl of BERKsiilRE* 
-—The eldeft fucceeded his father. 

(2d Earl of Suffolk.) Theo1»hilus, who .was fummohed to 
Parliament in his father^s life-tim^, as Lo)ri Howard of Walden, 
on May 28, 1626, liicceeded. He married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir to George, Lord Hume, Eatl of Dunbar in Scotland^ 
ind by her had four Ton's, and five daughters ; Cathlirihe, ^ho 
married ift, to George, Lord Aubigny ; and 2diy, to JithtSj Earl 
of Newburgh, in Scotland. — Elizabeth, to Algernon Percy^ 
the loth Earl of Northumberland.— Margaret io Roger Bbyle, 
the firft Earl of Orrery, in Ireland.-— Arinc, to Thomas Wal- 
fingham> Efq. — Frances to Sir Edward Villiers, Krit* frorti which 
marriage defcended the prefent Earl of Jeirfey. The fons were 
James, Thomas, George, and Hehry ; the 2d tad an only foi 
James, who married Charlotte- Jemima-Henrietta-Maria Boyle^ 
natural daughter to King Charles the lid. by Elizabeth, V if^ 
tountefs Shannoii> and by her had Stuiarta Howard^ his" only 
'child, who died unmarried* 

(3d Earl of Suffolk.) James, the eldeft fon, on the 3d of 
Tune 1640, fucceeded his father. He married firft Sufan, daugh- 
ter to Henry Rich? Earl of Holland, ty whorii he had an only 
daughter Effex, married to. Edward,. Lotd Griffin ; (from whom 
defcended Anne Griffin, only furviying fiftei: and.heilr of Edward 
III. Lord Grifiin, who niarrjed William Whitwell, Efq. bjr 
Whom Ihe had Iffue the prefent Lord Howard of Walderi) by his 
zi Lady Barbara^ widow of Richard Wenman, Efq. only fon of 
Thomas, the fecond Vifcourit Wenman, and fifter to Sir Ed- 
^ird Villiers before -mentioned, who afterwards married ArtBiir 
'Gorges, Efq. he had a daughter Elizdbeth, married to Sir 
Thomas Fejton, Bart, whbfe only daughter marrlied the Earl of 
Briftol : Arid by hih third wife Anne, eldeft ddiight^r to Robert 
Montagu, the Uiird Earl 6f Manchefler, he had no iffue. This 
Earl dying in 1689, without iffue male. Was fucceeded by 

(4th' Earl gf Suffolk.) George, his 3d brother; Thomis 
the 7.d being diead, and leaving; only a grand-daughter as before 
bbfcrved. He married firftj Catharine, daughter to— ^ Alleia^ 

L 3 by 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ijS fi A R L o 1? S U ^ F 6 L fc 

by wlibtn he had two daughters ; adly, Mary, datrghtet to Sif 
Henry Wroth, widow of James Cowper, Efq. but dying hi 
1691, i^ithout iffue malfe, 

(5th Earl of Suffolk.) HEKkY, his 4th brother heifame heir, 
itid married fitft, Mary Steuart, d^tighter and heir to the Lord 
Caftle-Steuart, of Ireland, afid by her had three ibns ; and i 
daughter Diana, married to Colonel John Pitt ; bxit by his ad. 
^ho was widow of Sir John Maynard, Knt. he had no iffue, and 
died on the 9th of December, 17 09, HiS fdhs, by his firft wifcg 
were Henry, Edward, and Chdrles, &11 Eatls of Suffolk. 

(6th Earl of Suffolk.) Henry, on the 30th of December,* 
I766, was created Baron of Chefterford iti Effei, and Earl of 
Bindori in tlie county of Dorfet, his father beii^g then alive ; 
and on the Qth of December, 1 709, faccceded his father, hut 
3ie4 Sej^tember 19, 1718. By his fecond wife, Henrietta So- 
tnerfet^ third daughter to Henry, Duke of Beaufort, (widow 
bf Henry, Lord Obrien, fon ot Henry, Earl of T!loraond,*inl 
Ireland,) he had no iffue; but by his firft, who was Penelope, 
flaughter to Henry, Earl of ThOrnond, he had fouf- fons, Charles- 
tVilliam, James, Thomas, arid Arthuf ; and a daughter JSarah- 
Henrietta, married in 172 1, to Thomas Chefter, ETq, affid died 
the 28th of March, 1722. James,^ Thomas, attid Arthur, th<l 
three youngeft fonS, died unmarried. 

(7th Earl of Suffolk.) Charlxs-WIllia^t, tbe eldeft, fuc- 
tecded his father; and married Arabella, 4th daughter and co- 
licir to Sir Samiiel Aftry, but dying on the 8th of February, 
^722^ and his Lady in June following, without Iflbe, he wa^ 
Vucceeded in the title of Lord Walden, and Eafl of Suftblk (the 
tothet titles teing extinft) by 

. (8th Earl of Suffolk.) Edward, his unelc, fori of Henrf 
the 5th Earl ; which Edward dying unmarried, June 22, f73l# 
the honour and^eftrite devolved on his only brother, 

'(9th Earl bf Suffolk.) Charles, Who married Henfiettaj^ 
ijifter to John Hobart, the ift Earl of Buckinghamihire, and 
died at Bath in Septeinber, I7I3, leaving iffue one fbtt^ Henrys 
and 'Iier Ladyfliip married, 2my, July 1735, George Bericeley^ 

(lOth Earl of Suffolk.^ Henry, who fucfcecdcd, married May 
J 3, 1735, Sarah, fole daughter of Thomas • Ifiwen, Efq. and 
dying in April, 1745^ wlthoilt ifloej fhe remarried in 06l6ber 
4752, Lucius, Vifcount Falkland; and his titles dtfvol^ed ofi 

(nth Earl of Suffolk.) HENRt-BoWEs, Eaifl of Befkfliirtf,. 
dcfcended from Thomas, 2d fon of Thomas the 'fiffl Eafl of 
Suffolk, who Was created Lord Howard of Charlton, Vifcourit 
i^ndover, and Earl of Bcrkfliire ; which 

(ift Earl of Berks.) Thomas, married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir to William, the 2d Earl of Exeter, by whom be 
had nine fons, Charles, Lord Aud<^vcr.— ^Thbinas, fueWflbrttf 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


nis brother Chiarles.-^{knry, married to I^izabetliy widow of 
John, Lord Craven, daughter of William, Lord Spencer^ but 
tlied without iffu6 in Dec. 1663; and ihc married thirdly, Wil- 
liam, Lord Crofts. — ^WiUiam, anceftor of the 14th Eari^ — ^Ed- 
Ward, who married two wives, and died withQUt iflue. — Robert^ 
vdio left no im^^le iC^. — Philip, bom i6ao, and died 17 179 
having had iiTue by bi« wifi^ Mary, da^ught^r of Mr. Jennings, two 
foos, Jamc9 and Charles ; and two daufiphters^ Mary-Lucy, who 
diei unmarried in May 1744; and Henrietta, who alfo died 
unmarried in 1750* James, the eldefl; fon, was bom 167 9^ 
and died June 13, 1722, having married Cs^tbarine, daughter 
lof George Booth, Efq. of Woodford in EiTex, by whoin he had 
iflue William, who died an infant ;* and James-Thprnas, who 
died when two years old ; r^fo two daughters, Martha-Maria, 
who nwried Dec. 31, 1740, ?.ev. Charles Hervey, Prebendary 
of Ely, fifth fon of the firft Ea^l of Briftol, by whom he ha4 
iMue. Charles, the fecond fon of Philip, was bprn May 13, 
1681, to whom Charles XL ftpod godfather, was \oR, at fea in 
1705, having married Elizabeth, dau^hti^r of Mr. Battier, and 
by her, who died June, 17 11, had one fon Philip; and a 
daughter, Mary, who married Henry Scott, Earl of Deloraime^ 
taod after his deceafe, to William Windham, Efq* of Earfham, in . 
Norfolk. Philip, the only fon, was born March 27, 1704, died 
in Jamaica, March 27, 1741, having married, Feb. i, 1 731-2, 
Mifs Skreen, by whom* who died 1787, he had four fons, and 
Due daughter, Mary, born Feb. 14, i73'4-5» i. Thomas bom 
Jan. 6, 1732-3, died uniparried. 2. William Wvndham, bora 
April 9, 1737, died 1746. 3. John, the pre(ent Earl. 4» 
Philip, boro May 17, 174 1, in the Royal Navy. The faid 
firft Earl had alfo four daughters; Elizabeth, married John 
Dryden, Efq, Poet-laureat. — Frances, to Conyers, the fecond 
Earl of H<5ldernefs.— Diana^-^Mafy died Unmarried. His 
Lordihip dying in the 90th year of his age, the l6th of July, 
1B69, was fu<;ceeded by 

(2d. Earl of B.) Charles^ his eldeft fon, whp in his father's 
life-time had fummons tp divers Parliaments, by the title of 
Lord Howard of Charleton. He married Dorothy, fecond 
daughter to Thomas, Vifc. Savage, and had three fons and two 
daughters ; Anne married to Sir Henry Beddin^field, Bart, and 
EUzaheth, who died young ; but his fons all dying in their 
youth, histixles andeitates, (he dying in April, 1679,) <l^f<^ci^d* 

(3d E. of B.) Thomas, his next brother, who married^ 
firft, Francis, daughter to Sir Rich^urd Harrifon, and by her had 
two daughters ; Frances married to Sir Henry Winchcombe ; 
and Mary, who died unmarried. He married, fecondly. Mar* 
|aret, daughter to Sir Thomas Parker, by whom he had na 
iflue; aAd dytpg April 12^ 1706, we return to . 

L 4' Wtt. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

1^""" IfeAiL OF SUFFOtK. ' 

WittlAM, the fourth fon of Thomas, the firft Earl, vA\a 
marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Lowthiel, Lord Dundas of 
Scotland, had an only fon, Craven ; and two daughters, ; Do- 
rotbv, married to Colonel James Grahme ; and Anne, married to 
SJr Gabriel Sylvius. 

Craven, who fucceed^d his father, marrying to hrs firft wife, 
Anne, daughter to Thomas Ogle, Efq. by her had Anne, 
who died unmarried; and taking to his fecond wife, Mary, 
daughter and fole heir to Charles Bowes, Efq. by her, (befidcs • 
two daughters, Mary, and Dorothy) had 

(4th Eiirl of B. nth Earl of S.) Henhy-Bowes, who on 
the 5th of March, 1709, nlarrying Catharine, daughter to Colo-* 
nel James Grahme, had iffue by her (who'died t eb. 14, 1762) 
three daughters; Diana^ born Jan. 13,. 17 10, died in Jan. 1713* 
-—Catharine, born in 1715, died unmarried« — Frances, born 
Jline 17, 1725, died Unmarried; and fix fons; of whom Henry 
the eldcft, and Tfeimes the fecond, died in their minority. 

WiLLtAM, Vifc. Andover, the tliird fon, born Dec. 13, i7iS> 
died fwddenly by a fall from his chaife in Oxfordfhire, July 18^ 
1756* He married Nov. 6, 1736, Mary, fecond daughter of 
Heneage, Earl of Aylesford, by whom he nad iffue, firft, Henry, 
the 1 2th Earl, born May 10, 1739. Second, Elizabeth, born 
May 14, 1744, fince dead. Third, Frances, born Feb. 27, 
1746, married Feb. 25, 1783, to Mr. Bagot, brother of Lord 
Bagot, who has changed his name to Howard.— Charles, fotirth 
fon of the Earl, bom 06t. i j, 1717, died 0&. i773.-^*Thoma$, 
fifth fon, born June 11, 1721, who on the death of his great 
nephew, in Auguft, 1779, fucceeded to the title. — Gratham, 
fixth fon, born 0€t. 27, 1722, died in the 14th year of his age. 
His Lordfhip dying in March 21, 1757) was fucceeded by his 

(i2th Earl of S. 5th Earl of B.) Henry, born May 10, 1739^ 
married May 25, 1764^ Maria" Conftantia, only daughter of 
Robert, Lord Trevor, by which Lady, (who died in child* 
bed, Ffeb. 27, 1767) he had a daughter Maria-Con rtantia, born 
Jan. 2t, 1767, who died July 21, 1775.. His Lord/hip married 
fccondly, Aug* 14, 1777, Charlotte Finch, cldeft daughter of 
Heneagi:, Earl of Aylesford, by whom he had a fon, born Sept. 
©4, 1778, who died Dec. 27, following. His Lordfliip died 
March 7, 1779, leaving his Countefs pregnant, lirho Was de*- 
livered of a fon Henry, Aug. 8, 1779, ^^^^ 1*^^ ^^^ ^^* 
days, being the thirteenth Earl, and was fucceeded in title ^^d 
eftate by his great uncle, 

(14th Earl of Suffolk, 7th Earl of B.) Thomas, bom Jun* 
a I, 1 721, the grandfon of Henry-Bowes, thfe fourth Earl. Hi 
married April 12, 1747, Elizabeth, daughter of William King* 
fcottj Eiq. ofGloucefteffliire, by whom, who died Jtin^ 2^ 
€769, h« had DkmA, born July 48| 1748, martied Nov- 23, 


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E A R L F E 3S E T E R; ijj 

lyBa, to Sir Michael le Fleming, Bart. — Catharine, bom July ^ 
6, 1740. — Elizabeth, born May 14, 1744, who died an infant. 
Frances, bom 2"]^ 1746. His Lordfliip died Feb. 23, 1783, 
without male ifTue, and the honours defcended to 

(15th Earl of S* 8th Earl of B.) John, the prefent.Earl, de- 
fcended from Philip, feventh fon of Thomas, firft Earl of Berk- 
Ihire. He is a Colonel in the Guards. 

Creations.] Created Earl of the county of Suffolk, July 
21, 1603, I Jac. I. Baron Charleton, in the county of Wilts, 
and Vifcount Andover in the county of Southampton, January 
23, i62i» 19 Jac. L and Earl of the county of Berks, February 
6, 1625, I Car. L 

Arms and Crest.] The fame as the Duke of Norfolk, with 
the crefcent. for difference; omitting the truncheons on tho 
back of the efcutcheon. [Plate IX.] 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a lion guardant, w, gor* 
ged ducally, argent. On the (uiifter, a^ion, argent* 

Motto.] Hon ^uo fed quomodo. Not by whorn^ but in what 

Chief Seats.] At Charleton, in Wilts ; at Levenz, in W«ft- 
Aorland ; and at Elford^ in Staffordshire* 


hpHE Right Hon. fiROWNLOW CECIL, Earl of 
^ EXETER, and Baron of Burleigh, born Sept. 21, 1725* 
fncceeded his father, Brownlow, the late Earl, who died Nov. 
3> '?S4^ His Lordlhip married July 24, 1749, Letitia, foM 
daughter and heirefs of Horatio Townihend, who died April 
17, 1756, leaving no iffue^ 

This ancient and noble family derives its pedigree from tbd 
Normans, of whom was 

RdBERT Seafil, Sicelt, or Cecil, who was by William the 
Ud* rewarded with lands for his. fervicea. To him fucceeded 

Sir James, his fon. Baron of Beauport, who was fucceeded bf 

John, his fon, who, by Maud d^ Frenes, had IfTue 
. Eustace, his heir, who married Eleanor, daughter of Sit 
Walter Pembridge, Knt. and had iffuc 

Sir Baldwin Seyfil, flain at the fiege df CardiiF-Caftle, hi< 
fiither then living* By his firft wife, daughter of Maurice de 
Brampton, he had five foils, Gerald, Euftace, Henry, John, ani 
Walter; and two daughters, Catharine, wife to Hugh ap Me-i 
Tedith Wardake ; and Eleanor, wife ot Walter Wallifi. By hi* 
fecoiidwife, Margaret, daughter df Sir Stephen Radnor, Knt» 
he had Stephen, Roger, Hugh, David ; Maud, a Nun ; Joan 
tnajxifi^'^o John 4t Solars; and Anae, to Owen ap Meredith. 

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i^l £AkL6FEX£TEfti 

Gerald, the eldeft Ton, fucceededhis grandfather. tJtmii^ 
ried Mabel^ daughter of Sir William Moigne, and had iflue 
Gerald, Whb died an infent, — ^Robert-Owc^, a Monk^^rCatba- 
tine married, firft, to Sir GriflSn ap Yercford; fecondly, to 
David ap Evan ; and thirdly, to Jeflfery, fon of Sir Walter Brett, 
^^^nne, married to Robert Bcomwich. — £len, to John, fon of 
Sir Richard Abrahall. 

RoBERl* fucceeded ht^ father, and nlarrie^ Alice^ daughter 
t>f Sir Rohert de Trag0ae, and had ifiue four ibna and two. 
daughters; and was fucceedod by 

James, hift eldeft (on, who nuurried Ifstbel, daughter of Sir 
John Knell, Knt. and had iflue, James, who died young. — Ge- 
rald, his twin-brother.— Robert.— -John.-— Alice, married t<> 
Walter Monington. — Gr^ce, to Roger Blunt. — Eleanor, td 
Thomas Piaine. — Margery, to Morgan ap Meredith.— Cecily^ 
ibrft, to Howel ajf^ Bletbia ; and fecoridly, to Sir Hugh Bruge. 

Gerald, who fucfeeeded his father, married four wives, By 
ali of whom- hi: had iifue, and was fucceeded by 

John, his eldeft by his firft wife Margaret, daughter of Ste^ 
t^en de la Bfere. He married Sytiil, daughter of Robert it 
Ewyas, and had iiTue Sir John and George ; and Margaret, mar- 
tied to Sir Robert Balkerville. 

Sir John, who fucceeded his fiither^ married Alifce, lifter to 
Sir Robert Baikerville, and had iflue. 

. John, iis heir, who married Joan, daughter to Sir Richard 
Manningtori,^ and had iflue John, who died in his father'^ life- 
time, and 

Sir THOi4A8, who married Margaret, daughter and heir of 
Sir Gilbert Wlnftoh, and bad iflue 

Richard, hi$ heir, wbd, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Joha 
I^hilips, had iflue 

PHii-ip, who married Maud, daughter and hfiit of William- 
Phtllp Vaughah, and had ifiTue Philip, and 

DaVid, from whom the prefent Earl of Exeter ^d Mah)uis 
^ Saliflbuty ^re defcended. He married Jane, daughter and heir 
of Sir John Dicotis, and had iflTue Richard, and David ; and a 
laughter Joan. 

Richard, who fucceeded his father, dying in March, 1553^ 
left iflue by Jane, daughtei: and hfeir to William Heckiiigt6n, 
William, his heir ; and three daughters; Anne, married to Johil 
White, Eiq.— -Elizabeth, to Sir Robert Wingiield, and fecondly, 
to Hugh Allineton, Efq. — Margaret, to Roger CaVe, Efq. 

William, his heir, was created Baron of Burleigh, and died 
in 1598. He married firft, Mary, daughter to Peter Cheek, ty 
whom he had Tliomas, his heir. H^ married fecondly, Mildred, 
daughter of Sir Anthony Coke, by whom he had a fon Robert ; 
and two daughter^, Atine, married to Eldward Verc, Earl of 
Oxford, by whom (he had three daughters; £rft> Elizabeth^ 


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feAfetoFEXfet£fe i^< 

tnarricti to William, the fixth Earl of Derby, Second, Bridget 
to the Lord Norris, Third, Sufan, to Philip Herbert, Earl o^ 
Montgomery, afterwards Earl of Pembroke.— Elizabeth married 
fccondiy, to William Wcntwoith, eldeft fon of Thomas, Lord 
Wentwoith, who had nb iffue. The fons were both mad^ 
Earls in one day ; but Robert wat created Earl of SaliAiury ia 
the mdrning, and 

(ift Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft. Earl of Exeter in the af- 
ternoon, and fucccedcd his father in the title of Lord Burloigh* . 
By his fecond wife Frances, daughter of William Bridges, Lord 
Qiandos, widow of Sir Thomas Smith, he had %n only daagh^ 
ter, Anne-Sophia, that died yoting; bat by his firft, who wat . 
Dorothy, fecond of the four daughters^ and ^o-heirs of John 
Ncvil, Lord Latimtr; by Lucy his wife, fecond daughter ta 
Henry Somerfet, Earl of Worcefter, he had five fons, and eight 
daughters, Catharine died unmarried. — Lucy married to Wil* 
liam Powlet, the fourth Marquis of Winchefter.* — Mildred mar«^ 
ried firft, t6 Sir Thoinas Read, and fecondly, t6 Sir Edmund 
Traffi>rd« — Mary married td Edward, Lord Denny. — SuAin died 
uttraarried. — Elizabeth married firft, to Sir William Hatton, 
alias Newport, and fecondly, to Sir Edward Coke. — Dorothy to 
Sir Giles Ailington.— Frances, to Sir Nicholas Tuftori. Th# 
Tons were, William.— -Sir Richard, who was father of David, 
the third Earl.— Thomas.— Chriftopher, who was drowned irt 
t3ermany*-^Sir Edward^ who was crtated Barpn of Putney, and 
Vifc. wimMetott, in the county of Surry. He married firft, 
Theodofia, fifter to EdWard Noel, the firft Vifc«; Campden, b^. 
fdiom he had four daughters ; and fecondly, Diana, daughter 
tof Sir William Drury, ne had another daiignter Anne* Of tb4 
daughters by his firft wife, which were, i. Frances. 2. EUza-^ 
bcth. 3. Albinia, and 4. Dorothy. Frances^ married J|in\e« 
Fiennes, the fecond Vifc. Save and Sele. — Elizabeth, to Francis, 
the fourth Lotd Willougnby of Parham. — Albinia, to Sir 
OirifttJpher Wray. He married, thirdly, Sophia, daughter to' 
iSir Edmund Zouch, by whom he had an only fon, Algernon, 
trho died an infant ; and his Lady married fecondly. Sir Robert 
King. But having done with this branch, we return to 

(2d Earl.) William, Lord Btirleigh, who, on the 7th of 
Feb. 1622, fucCeeded his father. By his fecond wife, Elizabeth, 
Another fifter and co-heir to Sir Robert Drury, he had thr^^e 
daughters; Elizabeth, married to Thomas Howard, the firft 
£arl of Berkrtiirc. — Diana, firft to Henry Vere, Earl ofOx^ 
ford, and fecondly to Thomas Brupe, Earl of Elgin in Scotland* 
—Anne, to Henry, the firft Earl of Stamford. But by his firft 
ifikj Elizabeth, only daughter and heir to Edward, Earl of Rut- 
latid, he had William his fort, who was Lord Roos, as appear^ 
In the actount of the Rutland family> who married Anne^ 
iiatk£hter of Sir Thomas Lake; but dying in 1618, at Naples, 


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^54 fe A R L OF E X E T E ft. 

without iffiie, the title of Earl of Exeter^ upon his father's ie^ 
ceafe^ anno i639> defcended to, 

(3d Earl.) David, fon of Sir Richatd, befdre-meiitioned^ 
liis uncle, by his fecond wife, daughter to Sir Anthony Cope ^ 
and that of Lord Roo8> reverted to the Earl bf Rutland, after 
the death of George, Duke of Buckingham, who wak fon of Cl- 
fcharine, daughter of Francis, the idxth Earl of Rutliind. He 
tnarried Elizabeth, daughter to John Egerton, the firft Earl of 
Bridgewater and he had Jphn his heir ; and a daitghter Frances^ 
married to Anthony, the iBrft Earl of Shaftfbury. 

(4th Earl.) John, who fucceeded his father, married to his 
iecond wife, Mary Fane, daughter to Mil^may, th^ fecoiid 
Earl of Weftmoreland, and relidl of Francis Palmes, Elq. by 
whom he had no iflue ; but by his firft, who was Frances^ 
daughter to John, the eighth Earl of Rutland, he was father of 
another John; David, who died young ; and a daughter Frances^ 
married to John, Vifcount Scudamore, in Ireland. , . 

(5th Earl.) John, who fucceeded his father, married Anne, 
only daughter to William, Earl of Devonf^ire, Widow ot 
Charles, Lord Rich, and by her had John his heir ; William^ 
Charles, Edwaid, all three died unmarried ; and four daughters; 
Chriftian, Anne, Frances, who all died young ; and ElizabetK 
married to Charles, Earl of Orrery. 

(6th Earl.) John, who, in 1700, fucceeded his father, rhar- 
tied to his firft wife> Annabella, daughter to John Bennet^ 
Lord Offulfton, fifter to Charles, Earl of Tankerville, by whom 
jbe had no iflue ; but by his fecond wife, Elizabeth, daughtei: and 
co-heir to Sir John Brownlow, who died Nov. 28, 172,3, in the 
43d year of her age, he had five fons; and a daughter Elizabeth, 
married to William Aiidabie, Efq. but died the 6th of ApVil^ 
17^3. The fons were, 

(7th Earl.) John, his heir, borh 1706.— -BrownloW, born 
1701. — William, born 1 702.-— Francis, born 1703. — Charles, 
bo^ 1705s the three youngeft died unmarried; and the eldefl^ 
who, on the 21ft of Dec. 1721, fucceeded his fathei", dying on 
the^th of April, 1722, unmarried alfo^ -^ , 

(9ch Earl.) BrownlOw, his next brother, becameheir ; and 
in July 1724, married HAnnah-Sophia, eldeft daughter to Tho- 
mas Chambers, of Derby, merchant, and by het, who died April 
30, 1765, had iflue three fons, and three daughters, viz. Brbwri- 
low, theprefent Earl.-— Margaret-Sophia, who died Feb. 1738, 
tinmarried.-^Thomas-Chambers, born June 25, 1 728^ and died 
in Aug. 14, 1778, having married Mifs Charlotte Gbrnier, and 
had iflue Henry, born 14th March, 1754, married May 23, 
1776, to Mif? Vernon, and had a fon Dorn, who died an infant, 
July 1 777. — ^David jjied young in 4736. — Elizabeth, bornjiily 
22, 1729; married May 19, 1757, to John Chaplyn, Efq. of 
Blaokney^ in Lincolnihire«— Aiinc^ born in Juhe 1734, died 

• April 

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Aprils, 1785. His Lord&ip dying Nov. 3, 1754, was fuo^ 

needed by his eldeft fon, 

- (gtfi Earl.) Brownlow, now Earl. 

Creation^.] Created Baron of Burleigh, in the county of 
Northampton, Feh. 25, 1570, 13 Eiiz. andEarl of Exeter^ in 
the county of Devon, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac. I. 

Arms.] Barry of ten, argent 2ind azur^j overall fixefcut- 
cheons, 3, 2, and i, /able, each charged with a lion rampant^ 
'i>f the JieU. [Plate X.} 

Crest.] On a chapeau, gu/es, turned up, ermine, a garb, ' 
er ; fupported by two lions, that on the dexter fide, argem; thc^ 
^m&er, azure. 

Supporters.] Two lions, ermine. 

Motto.] Cor unum, via una. One heart, one way. 

Chief Seat.] At Burfcigh, near Stamford, in th^ CQ]mt| 
^f Ncrthai](ipton« 


rpHE Right Hon. SPENCER COMPTON, Earl of NOR- 
•^ THAMPTON, fucceeded his brother Charles, the late 
Earl, Oft. 18, 1762, bom 1730, married Jane, daughter of 
Henry Lawton, of Northampton, Efq. by whom he has iflue^ 
Charles, born March 21, 1760, married Aug. 18, 17,87, Mifs, 
Smith, >eldeft daughter of Jofhua Smith, of Earl-Stoke Park, ia 
Wilts, Efq. by whom he has ifluea fon, born June 8, 1788. — 
Frances, born Sept. 10, 1758. The Countefs, their mother, died 
Nov. 26, 1767 ; and he married fccondly, May 16, 1769, Mif$ 
Hougham, by whom he has no iflue. 

The ancient family of Compton derives its name from the 
lordihip of Compton, in the county of Warwick, and is de- 
fcended from the Saxon Earls of Warwick, before the Conqueft*' 
Sir William Dugdale, in his Antiquities of Warwickfliire, gives 
the defcent of this family in a right line from Turkel, who was 
deprived of his Earldom of Warwick, by King William the Con« 
. queror. 

William Compton, in the reign of Richard II. married 
Joan, daughter to John Hobby, Efq, and was father of 

Robert Compton, whofe ion 

Edmund, dying in 1494, l^eft iflue by Joan his wife, daughter 
and heir to Walter Ayl worth, Efq. Sir William his heir, and a 
. 42ughter Elizabeth, married to Sir Walter Rodney, Knt. 

Sir William Compton was Page of Honour to King Henry 
Vlir. He was knighted by that King for his gallant behaviour 
^t the battled the SpurSt, He died May 31, 1528^ aged 47, and 

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by Wcrbiirgc, daughter and heir to Sir John Brcrctoiii wHoKf 
of Sir Francis Cheyney, left 

Peter, his heir, then in minority^ whofe ward(hip was 
committed to Cardinal Wolfey, but that prelate being in dif- 
grace, he was afterwards in ward to George, the fourth Earl 
of Shrewibury, who married him before he was lo, to Anne, 
his daughter ; but he- dying the 35th of Henry YUu left Henry 
his fba iind heir, who was thepibvit eleven months old ; and his 
mother afterwards married William the firft Earl of Pembroke 

(ift Lord,) Henry, on the loth Feb. 1566, was knighted 
by the Earl of Leicefter ; and on the 8th of May 1572, was fum- 
moned by writ to the Houfe of Peers, by the title of fiaron 
Compton, of Comptcn; and marrying Frances^^ daughter tor 
Fxancis, the fecond Earl of Huntiqgd^i, by her h^d two ions 
and one daughter; by his fecond wife Anne^ daughter to Sir 
John Spencer, widow of William, Lord Monteagle, (who mar- 
fied to her third hu&and Robert Sackviile, the fecond Earl' of 
JDorfet,) he had Sir Henry Compton, who married Cic^ly^ 
daughter to Robert Sackviile, JEarl of Dorfct, by hi^ firft wifcji 
and by her he had three fons and three daughters; Cicely, mar- 
ried hrft toSir John F^mor, and fecondly, to Henry, Uie third 
Lord Arundel, of Wardour. — ^Mary to Johuy fon and heir of 
Slichacd, Vilcoimt Lumlcy,— Margaifpt the youngeft, wasmaf- 
ried to Col. Thomas Sackviile^ The fons oi'the (aid Sir Henry 
w«re WiJliaTOj, Henry, and George. The iiecofid was flain in a 
Juel by J^t4 George Chandos; but thi^ branch isexttn(%» Of 
the iffiie of Henry, Lord Compcon, by Frances HaAings, hia^ 
£rft wife ; Margaret married Henry, Lord Mordaunt, by whom 
ftie had John, who was created Earl of Peterboxoiigh. And o£ 
the fons, which were William and Thomas ; the latter married^ 
Macy, daughter to Anthomy fieanmoxK, widow of Six William 

• Rayner, who married to her fecond hufljtnd. Sir Geoj^e Vil- 

• Jrers, and after his deceafi?, flie was, by King James L crca-« 
ted*Countefs of Buckinghaoiy July i, 1618, aoa was ntother of 
"George Villiers, Duke of BiM^kinghaira, the great £aiitourite c^ 
^ing James L and King Charles L 

(2d Lord, ift Earl.) William, who, fueceeded his father^ 
was firft fummoned to Parliament the a5th of Eliz, and was crea- 
ted Earl of Northamptofi, ontheaidorAug. 16^; :the i6tfa of 
James L he was created a Knight jof the Gaj^er, and I«pn) Pre•^ 
fident of the Marches and Priacipality of Wales. He marriec^ 
Elizabeth, fole daughter and heir to Sir John Spencer^ and by 
her left Spencer his heir; aml<t\«o dangbter^; Elizabe^ married 
to Robert Maxwell, Earlof Nidifdale, in. Scotland; ajad^Aijpej. 
to Ulrick, Marquis of Cknrickard. 

(^d Earl.) SP£NCf r, who diftingaiflied himdeif for his Ta«^ 
\our and attachment to thq cauf<; o( Charles 1% in^y^hich ^^ wa^. 

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,«Altt V9 NORTHAMPTON. ijf 

$^]n at Hopton-Heath, in StaffordAire, in the 42d year cf hi* 
,i^e, married Mary, daughter to Sir Francis Beaumont, and by 
her had fix fons and two daughters; Anne married to Sir Hi^h 
Cholmky. — Penelope, to Sir John Nicholas. — -Sir Charles the 
jecond fon, dying in Nov. 1661, l?ft iffbe by Mary bis wife, 
daughter to Sir Hatton Ferrnor, a daughter of her name, who, 
on the 15th of M4y 1676, was married to Jan>e$ Lane, Vifcoujit 
Lan^fborough ; as alfo a fon named Hatton Compton, who died 
in 1740, leaving by Penelope his wife, daughter of Sir Jobii 
Nicholas, a daughter Penelope, married to Sir Thomas Gooch, 
Bart. B^flidp of Ely, and three fons, Charles, Edward, and 
Tames. — Sir William, third fon^ died CXSl. 19, 1663, -in the 
39th year qf his age, having married Eli;&abeth, widow of Wil- 
liam, Lord Allington, of Horlheath, in tl^e county of Cam-^ 
bridge. — Sir Spencer Compton, fourth fon, died at Bruges, un^ 
married, 16.59.— Sir Francis Compton, fifth fon, died on the 
aOth of Dec. 17 16, in the 87th year of his age. He married fe- 
Vertil wives, but by Jftne, daughter to. Sir John Ttevor, Knt% 
he had two fons, James and John, who both died unmarried; 
^nd three daughters, Mary, Frances, and Anne* The el4eft 
whereof married Sir Barrington Bourchier. — Henry Coinpton^ 
6th -fon, was. Biihop of London, and died on the 7th of July, 
1711, in the Siftyeai ofhisage. 

' (3d Earl.) James, eldeft fon of Spencer, Earl of North-? 
;mipton, fucceeded, and died Dec. 15, i6Si. On^ the 5th ^t 
Jiily, 1647, he married IfabeUa, youngefl daughter and co-heir 
. fo Richard Sackviljc, the third Earl of Dorfet, and by her, who 
/diedO<5l. 14, 1661, he had divers children that died young, and 
otie daughter, Alathea, married to Edward Hungerford, Efg. 
but dying without iflue in 1678, her great fortupe defcended to 
hercoufin, John Tufton, the fourth Earl ofThanct. His fc- 
cond Lady was Mary, daughter to Baptift Noel, Vifcount Camp- 
den, by whom lie had three fons, and two daughters, whereof 
Juliana died young; but Maty married Charles Sackville, the 
fixth Earl of Dorfet. His three fons were, George his fuccef- 
for.-r-James, who died young. — Spencer, who in fevcral Par- 
liaments was Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, and was ccea* 
ted Baron of Wilmington, In the county of Suffex, Jan. 2, 
1726, and on the 14th of May, 1736, created Vifcount Pc- 
venfey, and Earl of Wilmiwqton; but dying unmarried, in^ 
July 1743, histitlef are extin<a. 

(4th Earl.) Geoiige, born 061. 18, 1664, was under age 
^t his father's death. In 1786, his Lordfliip married firft, Jane, 

JbUngeft daughter of Sir : Stephen Fox, and by her (who died 
uly 10^ 172 1 ) had four fons, and Ax daughters, viz. James, 
1vho fucceeded him, April 15, 1727.-— George, who fucceeded 
•his brother James, -O^l. 3, 1754. — Stephen, died young.— 
/ pl^jirjeif, who died Nov. 20, 1755, having married, Aug. 14, 

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1727, Mary, only daughter of Sir Berkeley Lucy, Bart, tf 
whom he had iffue two fons and four daughters, viz. firft, Charles^ 
the late Earl of Northampton ; fecond, Spencer, the prefenc 
Earl ; third, Mary, married firft to Richard Haddock, Efq* 
and fecondly, to Arthur Scott, Efq. both in the fca-fervice, and 
^iedMayS, 1782; fourth, Jane, married Feb. 2, 1753, to Sir 
Georges Brydges Rodney, now Lord Rodney, and died [an* 28,^ 
1757; living ifluc; fifth, Catharine, married Jan. 26, 1756, 
lojohn. Earl ofEgmont; and on ^May 19^ 1770, was created 
Baronefs Ai^den, of Lohort-Caftle, in tne county of Cork, flio 
died June 11, 1784, leaving iffue the prcfent Lord Ardeny and 
other iffue; fixth, Elizabeth, married March 21, 1761, ta 
Henry Drummond, Efq. Banker, at Charing-Crofs. — Elizabeth, 
cldeft daughter, died Jan* 3, 1743.—- Mary, married in April 
1709, to William Gore, ofTring,' in Hertfoxdfliire, Efq. and 
died in Aug. 1737. — Jane, died May 8, 1749. — Anne, wha 
married 061. 16, 1729, to Sir John Riifliout, of Northwick, 
had iffue, a fon and two daughters, and died 1766. — Penelope, 
died in Jan. 1 763.— -Margaret. His Lord/hip, on July 2, 172631 
married to his fecond Lady, Elizabeth, daughter K)f Sir James 
Ruftiout, ofNorthwick, in the county of Worcefler, Bart, and 
relift of Sir George Thorold, Bart, by whom be had no ifluc j 
^d dyin^ April 15, 1727, was fucceeded by 

(5th Earl.) jAMfes, his eldeft fon, who was born in May 
1687; and on the 31ft of Dec. 17 11, was fummoned to the 
Houfe of Peers, by the title of Lord Compton. On the 3d of 
March, 1 7 16, he married Elizabeth, only daughter, and at length 
fole heir of Robert, Vifcount Tamworth, eldeft fon of Robertj^ 
and^eldcr brother to Wafhington, Earl of Ferrers, and by her 
(who was Baronefs Ferrars, of Chartley, Bourchier, Lovayne 
and Baffet of Drayton, in right of defcent from Sir Walter 
Devereux ; who in the reign of King Henry VI. married Anne^ 
fole daughter and heir to William, Lord Ferrars, of Chartley, 
in the county of Stafford, lineally defcended from Robert de Fer- 
rars, a great Baron, advanced to the Earldom of Derby, anno 
1 139, the 4th of King Stephen) htd iflbe two fons, and J&vo 
daughters, viz., George, filled Lord Compton, bora July 6, 
1713, who died 28th of Nov. 1719. — James, bom 1723, died 
1739. — Jane, who died in 1739, in the 17th year of her age^ 
unmarried. — Anne, who alfo died unmarried, March 13, 1747^ 
Charlotte, and two daughters ; Elizabeth and Maty> wpa 
died infants. Her Ladyfhip died March 13, 1741; and Char- 
lotte, the fole furviving daughter and heir of her mother, who 
was Baronefs Ferrars, of Chartley, &c. married in Dec. 
1751, to George, the prefent Marquis Townfliend, and dying 
Sept. 3, 1770, the title defcended to her fon, the prefent Earl 
ofLeiceftcr. His Lordfliip dying Ofl. 3^ 175^^ was- fucceeded 


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i ARt b> ȣNBIGH ^l 

^ tiheBklohy of Compton^ By his only daughter Charlotte) Bsr« 
^onefs de Fetrars ; and in the Eatldom by his brother^ 

(6th Eftrl.) George, who married Frances, daughter of th# 
ileT* Mr. Payiiiie, but had no iflue. His Lordfhip dying Dee. 
6, 1758, was fucceeded by his nephew ; and her Ladyihip mar- 
ried fecondlyj Claudius Amyand, Efq. in 1 761,. and is fince de- 

(7th Earl.) Charles, eldeft fon )of Charles, brother of the 
late Earl, fucceeded his uncle George, whoj in Sept. 13, I759> 
hiarried Anne Somerfet, eldeft daughter of Charles, late Duke 
ipf Beaufort, by whom he had iflue, Elizabeth, bom June 25, 
J 760, who, Feb. 26> 1^82^ married George- Aueuftus- Henry 
Cavendlfh, brother to the prefent Duke of Devonlhire ; and thei 
Cbuntefs, her mother, died at Naples, in May 1763; ,and the 
Earl deceafing 18th of OtSt. following, the titles defcended to his 

(SthEitl.) SpENcfeRj the t>refent EarL 

Creations.] Created Earl of the town of Northampton, 
Aut. 2, 1618, i6jac4l. 

Arms.] Sable^ a lion paflant-guardant> or, between three 
helmets, argent. [Plate VIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a mount, veH^ and thereon a be^on, 
•r, enflarhed on the top, proper ; about the fame a labels in* 
Tcribed l^iji Dommtts. (Unlefs the Lord.) , 

SuppoRlTERS.] Two dragons, with wiiigs expanded, ermine^ 
collared with dUcal collars, and chains t>{goId^ 

MoTTt).] ^c ne cherche que ung. I look but for oiie. 

Chief Seats.]- At Caftle-A{hby, in Northamptonflxire j an^ 
Hit ComptOn Vinyatei^ in the county of Warwick. 


Vilfcourit Fielding, Baron Fielding of Newnham-Paddox, 
^d St. Ljz ; alfo Earl of Defmond, Vifcount Callan, and Baron 
Fielding of Lecaghe, in Ireland. His Lordfliip was born Jan» 
3, 1720; fucceeded his father William, the late Earl, Auguft 2, 
^755; 2ind married April t2, 1757, Maria, daughter and co- 
heir to Sir John Bruce-Cotton, of Conington, in Huntington- 
fliire, Bart, by whom, who died Odlober 14, 1782, he has iflu^ 
William-Robert, Vifcount Fielding, born on the 15th of June, 
1760. — Charles, born the 20th of December, 1761. 

His Lordfhip married 2dly, July 21, 1783, Lady Sarah Halford, 
widow of Sir Charles Halford, Baft, of Wifton in Leiceflerfhire* 

Of this family there haye been pcrfons of great note and emi- 
Vncy for many ages ; (they being paternally defcended from the 

Vol. I. M Earl$ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

S^ tAlUt of bEN^ICjft 

-Earls of Hapfptirgh, in Germany, Gbtintd PaUtin^ itX ttie «igi 
of King Henry the Illd.) amongll whom was^ 

Geoffrey Fielding, or Felden, who attending the laid King 

-in his wars in Endand, obtained of him feveral rents and fees, as 

alfo the Manor of Mifterton, in the county of Leicefter, where 

he lived, and ftiled himfclf Earl pf Hapljpurgh, and was fuc- 

ceeded by 

Geoffrey, his fon, who married Matilda, or Maud dc Cole- 
vile, and by her was dthcT of another 

Geoffrey, who by Agnes, daughter to John de NaptOD, 
was father of 

William Fielding, and he marrying Johanna, daoghter to 
William Prudholme, by Julian his wife,, daughter of Robert 
de Newnham, became pofleffed of the Manor of Newnham- 
'Paddox, now the feat of that family ; he had iffue 

Sir John Fielding, Knt, who was fo made for his fervices in 
the wars of France, in the reign of Edward the Hid. and mar- 
rying Margaret, daughter to William Purefoy, of Drayton, in 
the county of Warwick, by her had 

Sir William, his heir, who was killed at the battle of 
Tewkefbury, the 36th of that reign, 147 1. He married Agnes, 
-daughter and heir to John St. Liz, otherwife called de Seyton, 
and with her he had the Lordfliip of Martinfthorp, in Rutland* 
Ihire; as alfo a defcent in blood from thofe great families of Vaux, 
i.ongueville, and Sellers (a younger branch of Mowbray) and 
by her had four fons, John, Mslrtin, 

Sir EvtRARD, Edward, and a daughter Eli^.abcth, married 
4o Edmund Verney, Efq. anceftor to Lord Willoughby de Broke; 
of whom Everard fucceeded him, and in 1487 ftiared the viSory 
over the rebels who favoured Lambert Simnel^ and iii 1497^ 
over the Cornifh difcontents on Black-heath. In 1501, he was 
made a Knight of the Bath, at the marriage of Prince Arthur to 
Catharine of Spain ; And dying in i 514, left iffue by Jellis Ruffcl, 

Sir William, his heir, who married Elizabeth, daughter to 
Sir Thomas Pukeney, of Mifterton, in the county of Leicefter} 
Knt. anceftor to the late Earl of Bath, which Lady died 1539^ 
and Sir William dying the 24th of Sept. 1547, left twofonsj 
and was fucceeded by the eldeft, 

Basil, who by Judith his wife, daughter and co-heir to Wil^ 
Jiam Willington, Efq. had a daughtei' Anne, married to Hum- 
pfirey Peyto, of Cheftertt)n, in Warwickftiire, Efq. and a fon, 

Sir William, knighted in 1596, who married Dorothy, 
daughter to Sir Ralph Lane, by Magdalen, daughter and co-heir 
to William, Lord Parr, uncle to Queen Catharine Parr, and hf 
her had Michael, Ayho died Without iffue, and another 

Basil, who marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Waltef 
Afton, by her had iflue, three fons and one daughter, viz. Sir 
William.^— Six George, who died December 30, 1643^ kavinf 
; . ty 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

E"A R L 6 F DENBIGH*' " 163 . 

W 'Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Ncale; a fpn BaCI,-*- 
iidwarcij who loft his life in the civil wars. — ^Dorothy, married 
to Sir Henry Afden. . . 

.(ift Earl of Denbigh.) Sir William, the eldeft fon, was 
knighted by King James, ii> 1603; on Dec. 30, 1620, he was 
treated Baron Fielding, of Newnhanl-Paddox, and Vifcount 
Fielding, in 162 1; and Sept. 14, 1622, Earl of Denbigh; but 
on the 3d of April, 1643, in a fklrmifh near Birmingham, 
received a mortal wound, and died five days after. He married 
Sufan, daughter to Sir George Villiers, and fjfter to George, 
the great Duke Df Buckingham, and by hpr had two fons, of 
•^hich Bafil fucceeded to the title of Earl of Denbigh ; and 
Qcorge was created, Nov. 22, i622> Baron of.Lecaghe, Vifci 
Call an>. and Earl of Defmond, in Ireland, after the death of. Sir 
Richard Preftott, then Earl of Defmond, who being drowned in 
his paflage from Dublin to England, in 0<5lober 28, 1^28, and 
leaving only a daughter, he fucceeded to the title, and having 
alfo four daughters ; Mary, the eldeft, married James, the firft 
Duke of Hamilton.^ — Anne, to Baptift Noel, the fecond Vifc. 
Campden.— Elizabeth, (who on the 14th of July, 1660, was 
created Gountefs of Guilford during life) was married to Lewis 
Boyle, Vifcount Kenelmeaky, in Ireland; — Henrietta- Maria^ 
died young. ^ 

(2d Earl.) Basil, who fucceeded, was made a Knight of the 
Bath, at the coronation of King Charles I. and was, by reafon 
of his defcent from Agnes, daughter and heir to John de St. 
Liz, alias Seyton, as above (a branch of the moft noble familr 
of St. Lii, fometimes Earls of Northampton and Huntingdon) 
treated, Feb* 2, 1663, Lord St. Liz* He married firft, Anne, 
daughter, to Richard Weft on. Earl of Portland, who died 
1634 J to his 2d, Barbara,, daughter . to Sir John Lamb, who 
d^ed 1641 ; to his 3d, Elizabeth, daughter to Edward Bourchier, 
Earl of Bath, who died 1670 ; and to his 4th, Dorothy, daugbter 
tp Franciis Lane, Efq. but dying on Nov. 28, 1675, without ijTue, 
and fhe marrying to Sir John James, we return to his brother, 

. George, created Knight of the Bath at the coronation of 
King Charles I. who was created Earl of Defmond. He died 
bnthe 31ft of January, 1665; having married Bridget, one of the 
4augbters and co-heirs to Sir Michael Stanhope, and had five 
fbns; William.-7-George, who married a daughter of Sir John 
tee.-^ir Charles, knighted in 1673 ; married Urfula, daughter 
to Thomas Stockton, Efq. and widoMT of Sir Wiilian^ Afton, by 
whom,, who, died 1671; he had two datjghters^ who died young* 
He died the 24th of April, 1722, and his Lady the 30th of Oa. 
1720.— *3afil.-^Joi^n^ — ^nd three daiightprs ; Mary ,^ married Sir 
Charles Gawdy. — Elizabeth, the 4th wife of Sir Edward Gage. 
i-i-Bridget, the youngeft^ married to Sir Lawrence Parfons. Ani 
of the fonsi 

. : • M « (a4 

^ Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t64 EARio^DkNBtGk/ 

(ai Earl of Dcfinond, 3d Earl of DcHbigh,) William, whd 
fucceeded his father in the Earldom of Dehnond, alfo fucceeded 
hU uncle Bafil in the Earldom of Denbigh. By his ad wife 
Mary, daughter and co-heir to Henry Carey, Earl of Mon- 
jiioujthj he had ho iffue; but by his ift, Mary, relift of Sir 
William Meredith^ and fifter to John, Lord Kingfton, in Ire- 
land, he had two fons; and 21 daughter Mary, married ta 
Evelyn Pierpoint, Duke of Kingfton, and was grandmother to 
the late Diike.- And of the fons, which Were Bafil, his fuc- 
teflbr, bom 1668; and William, bom 1669; the latter married 
iDiana Newport, youngcft daughter to Francis, Earl of Bradford, 
tnd widow of Thomas Howard, of Aflited, iil Surry, Efq. ana 
died on the 21ft ofSei)tember, 1723 ; and his Lady in 1731, who 
bad a daughter by her former hulband, Mr. Howard, that bc» 
came the widow of Edward, Lord Dudley and Ward, 

(4th Earl.) Basil on the 23d of Auguft, 1685, fucceeded 
his father, and died March 18, 17 17. He married Hefter, 
daughter to Sir Bafil Firebrace, and by her, who was born 1676, 
and died on the ift of Jan. 1726, had four fons and fix daugh^ 
tcrs; Whidh were Marv, married April 15, 1729, William Cock- 
born, M. D. and died Oft. i, 1732.— 'Bridget married Col. James 
Otway, of Kent.— Elizabeth died unmarried, April 6, 1752.—^ 
Hefter died unmarried, Feb. 20, 1720. — Diana married the Rev. 
Randolph Marriot. — Frances mai-ried Dec. I729, Daniel, Earl 
of Winchelfea, and died Sept. 27, 17^4, leaving iffue. The fons 
were, William, his heir. — 'Bafil, fecond, died an infant.—* 
Charies, the 3d fon, died in Feb. 1745, married in Sept. 1737^ 
Mary, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir Thomas Palmer, 
by whoni, who died Feb. 16, 1743, he had iffue ; firft, Wil- 
liam, a Colonel in the ArnSy; fecond, Charles, a Captain iti 
the Royal Navy, who died Jan. 1 1, 1783, having married Feb. 
19, 1772, Sophia, fifter to George, Earl of Winchelfea, and 
had ifluc Ifabella; third, Elizabeth, married Sept. 4, 17631 
Henry, Lord Digby, and died Jan. 1765, without iffue.^^ 
George, the 4th fon, died at Gibraltar, 6th of Nov. 1728. 

(5th Earl.) William, the eldcft, born the 26th of 06l< 
1697, fucceeded his father, as Earl of Denbigh, &c. and died 
Auguft 2, i75S« His Lordfliip married Ifabella, daughter td 
Peter de Young, of Utrecht, in Holland, and fifter to the 
Marchionefs of TBlandford, by which lady, who died May i(^ 
1769, had an only fon, 

(6th Earl.) Basil, theprefent Earl. 

Creations.] -Created Baron of Lecaghc, Vifc. Gallah, and 
Earl of Defmond, Nov. 22> 1622, by James L Irifh honour?. 
Baron Fielding, of Newnham-PaddoT, in the county of War- 
wick, and Vifc. Fielding^ Dec. 30, 1620, Earl of the county 
of E>enbigh, Sept. 14^ 1622, by the fame King Jamesi and 
I^rd St. Liz, i664> ^ Charles II. EngUfli honours^ 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Arms.T Jrgtnty on a fefs, azure^ three Jozenges, or. [Blate X.] 

CrEst.J On a wreath, an eagle, with two heads difplayed^ 
fabie^ armed and membered, or, and charged oq the bread with 
the above paternal coat. 

Supporters.] Two bucks, ^r^/>fr, attir^ and unguUed, ^r. 

Motto*] Honor virtutis pramium. Virtue rewarded by hq-^ 
nour. - * 

(This coat .is. fometimes born with fupporters,, and is the^ 
charged on the breaft of an eagle, with two heads difplaye4> 
/aile^ ducally crowned, or, with an annulet of the la/i in each 
beak, and a cap azure turned up ermine^ between the two heads: 
the creft then borne is a nut hatch with an hazel branch fruc-» 
ted proper.) 

Chief Seats.] At Newnham-Paddox, in W^^rwicki^irej 
.^t Msirtinithprp) in the county of K)itlaad% 


VhE Right Hon. JOHN FANE> Earl of WESTMOR£. 
■*' LAND, and Baron Burgherfh ; born the ift of Jaa^WT^ 
J759> 2ind fuoceeded his father on the 26th of ApxAy I774» His 
Lordihip marjfie^ May 20, 1782, Mifs Child, only daught^ 
?nd heirefs of Robert Child, Efq. of Ofterly-Park, ia Middleftx, 
by whom he has a fon, born born Feb. 2, 1784.— A daughtpc^ 
horn March 12, 1785* — A^Pt'her daughteif, born March 17, 
1786 -r- A dead-born fon^ Nov. 4„ i788.r^-Another dead-bom 
child, Not. 30, 1769. 

The families of Vane and Fane derived their defceat fnwn 
Howel j^p. Vane, of the county of Monmouth* 

John Vane, from them defce*xded, married Ifabel, daughter 
to John Darel\ Efij. and had four fons ; Henry, who left na 
.iffue.-T-Richard, of whom hereafter. — Thomas, from whom 
.defcended Thonaas Fane, of Fairlaw«, in, Kent, Efq. who died, 
^n Sept. i69t2, unmarried. — John, the anceftor of the Earl ojf 
Darlington, and the late Vifc. Vane. 

Richardl, fecond fon, married Agnes, daughter and. heir of 
^r-rr- Sti,dolph» of Stidolph, in the county of Surry, and had a 
fon George; and a daughte? Alice, married to John Brown, 
Efq. He was livicig in the 32^ of Heary VIH^ and wrote his 
name Fane. 

George, his fon, mai^ried, Joan, daughter and heix of William» 
Walle^, of Gtembridge, in Kent, a;id had iffue two. fons, of the 
Jiame of Thomas, as appears by his father^ wilt; and feveral' 
daughters ; whereof Mary mai:rkd to John Aflibumham, EftJ.-^ 
ii^idgctj, to Chat;les Boljles, Efq — Cathajriae^ tV: Wi^ljter Robert% 

Ml JEfl% 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Efq. Of the fons, Thomas, the younger, married Heleniji 
daughter of Sir Walter Hendley, widow of Sir George Somcr- 
fet, fecond fbn of Charles, the firft Earl of Worcefter, by hi^ 
fecond wife; and had iflue Mary, his heir, married to Henry 
Fane, of Hadlow, in Kent, Efq. the elder, 

Thomas, was engaged in Wyat^ rebellion, and committed 
to the Tower the ift of Queen Mary, but was pardoned the 
fame year ; be was knighted Auguft 26, 1573, by Robert, E^rl 
of Leicefter. He married firft, Eliaabeth, daughter pf Sir 
Thomas Cblepeper, by whom he had no iftue ; iecondly, Mary, 
daughtcir and fole heir to Henry Nevil, the fourth Lord Aber- 
gavenny, by whom he had four fons. Sir Francis, Sir George, 
Thomas, and Edward ; and a daughter Frances. Her L^yfliip, 
kAS heir to her father, claimed the title of Baronefs AbergaVcn- 
ny, againft Edward Nevil, her coufin, which being determined 
in fiavQur of the heir-male, his Majefty's patent, the fame day, 
was read for the -reftitution of Mary Fane to the Barony of 
Le Defpcnfer, and that her heirs fucceflively fhpuld enjoy the 
honour. Of the fons, Thomas the third, and Edward the 
fourth fon, died unmarried ; Sir George, the fecond, married 
Anne, daughter to Sir Oliver Boteler, of Tefton ip Keat, Knh 
- (ift Earl.) Francis, the eldeft fon, on the 20th of Dec. 
1624, was created Baron ofBurgherfh, and Earl of Weftmort- 
land, and'died on March 21, 1629. He married Mary, daugh- 
ter and heir to Sir Anthony Mildmay, of Apethorpe, in the 
county of Northampton, Knt. anceftor of the Earl Fitzwalter, 
'and bad feven fons and fix daughters ; Grace was married to 
•James, Earl of Hume, in Scotland.-r-Mary, to Duttoa, Lord 
Gerard, of Bromley. — Elizabeth, firft to Sir John Cope, of 
Hah well, in the county of Oxford, Bart, and fecondly, to 
William Cope, of Icome, in the county of Glouccfter, Efq.-p- 
Rachael, firft to Henry Bourchier, Earl of Bath, and next to 
Lionel Cranfield, Earl of Middlefex.— Frances and Catharin^ 
both died unmarried. The fons were, Mildmay, Thomas, 
Francis, anceftor of the prefent Earl; Anthony, Sir George, 
' WilUam, andRobert. The eldeft and third were made Knights of 
the Bath, at the coronation of King Charles L From Sir Fran- 
-CIS defcended the late Vifc. Fane, in Ireland. — Anthony mar- 
ried Amabella, daughter to Sir Anthony Benn, Knt, and died in 
.1643, ^^^ ^^^ became the fecona wife of Henry, the eleventh 
Earl of Kent.-.--Sir George, fifth (on, married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Robert, Lord Spencer, of Wormleighton, but fhe died 
without iffue. * 

(2d Earl.) Mildmay, who fucceeded his father, married 
to his firft wife, Grace, daughter to Thomas Howard^ Vifow 
'Bindbn, (younger fon to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk) by hi« 
iecond wife, daughter to Sir William Lyte, and by hej: had 
ff ton Charles, aud five daughters j and by his fecond, who was 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Mary, daughter to Horace, Lord Vcrc, and widow of Sin 
Roger Townfliend, of Raynham, in Norfolk^ Bart* he had Sir 
Verc Fane, and four daughters ; Mary, Rachael, Catharine, and 
Siii'an. The eldeft was firft married to Francis Palmes, fon 
and heir to Sir Bryan Palmes, and afterwards to John Cecil,- 
the fourth E^rl of Exeter. — Rachael, to Gregory Hclketh, 
D* D* — Catharine, to Conyers D'Arcy, Earl of Holdemeile. 
Of the daughters by Grace, his firft wife ; Frances, the fecond» 
was married to Sir Erafmus Harhy ; and Diana, the eldeft, firft- 
to John Pelham, Efq. and feoondly, to John Bill, Efq, 

(^d Earl.) Charles, the brother, on the 12th of February*. 
1665, fucceeded his father; He married firft, Elizabeth, daiigh-^ 
tcr and heir to Charles Nodes, Ef<j* and fecondly, Dorothy, 
daughter to Robert, the fecond Earl of Cardigan, wha mar- 
ried fecondly, Robert Conftable, Vifc. Dunbar, in Scotland; 
but dying in Sept. 1691, without ilTue, 

(4th £arL) Sir Verb, his half brother, became heir.. Ho 
died on December 29, 1693, having married Rachael, only 
daughter and heir to John Bence, and by her, who died Fob^ 
651711, had four fons, and three daughters; Mary, married' 
to Francis Daihwood, of Weft- Wycombe, Bucks, Bart, father 06 
the late Lord Le Defpencer ; and a daughter Rachael, married 
to Robert Auften, of Bexley, in Kent, Bart, the late Baroneftr 
Le Defpencer, who died without iflue. May 16, lySS.— Ca- 
tharine, to William Paul, of Braywick, in Berks, Efq. and 
died the 25th of September, 1737, leaving an only daughter 
Catharine, married to Sir William Stapleton. Bart, father of 
the prefent Baron Le Defpenfer.-^-Sufan, who died unmarried^ 
March 11, 1735. The fons were, Vere, Thoma$» John, and 
Mildmay ; the latter was feated at Mereworth Caftle, in tha 
county 0^ Kent, and died on the 12th of September, 17 15; 

Jiohn, on the 7th of July, 17331 was created B^ron of Cathe^ 
ough in Ireland. 

(5th Earl.) Verb, the eldeft, fucceeded bis father, an^died 
on the 19th of May, 1699, unn\arried% 

(6th Earl.) Thomas, his next brother, became heir, ap4 
taking to wife Catharine, daughter and heir to Charles Strynger^ 
of Charlton, in the county of York, Efq. and widow of Richard 
Beaumont, of Whitby, in the ftiid county, Efq. by hei;, who died 
on the 4th of Feb- 1730, had no. iflue; and dying 17.36, xyasi 
fucceeded by hts only brptheiJ, 

(7th Earl.) John, who married Mary, only daughter o£ 
Henry Cavendifli, fecond fon of the Duke of Deyppihire, and 
died the 26th of Auguft, 1762, without iflue. 

We muft therefore return to Sir Francis F.ano> third fon of 

the firft Earl of Weftmoreland, who married Elizabeth, daughtec 

of William Weft, Efq. %ch& of John, Lord D'Arcy ; ftie dicdT 

ijft 1640, leaving four fons, and fix daughters; Francis, the. 

' ^ ^ M 4 ^Ideft^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC" 


eldeft, married Hannah, daughter of John Rufhwoirtli, "£(^' 
and had iflue three furyiving fonf, of whom Francis married 
a daughter of Henry Heron, Efcj, and was the father of 
Francis Fane, of Fulbeck, Efq, who died without iflue in 1758,^ 
—Henry, the fecond fon of Sir Francis Fane, above-i^^ientioned^ 
married Anne, After of John Scrppe, of Wormfley, in Oxford-. 
fliire, Efq. and dyiriff in 1726, left three fons, and one daughter; 
Francis, who died May 28, i757.-T-Thomas, who focceeded to 
the title, in Auguft, 1762« — Henry, who died May 31, i777> 
having married iirft, Charlotte, daughter of Nicholas Rowe» 
Efq, by whom he had Charlotte, married to William St, Quin- 
tin, Efq, and died in 1762 ; he m^arried fecondly, Anne, dau^ 
ter of Dr. Wynn, Bifhop of Bath and Wells, by whom be had 
a daughter Maiy, married to the late Sir Thomas Stapylton* 
Bart, h^ married thirdly, Charlotte, daughter of Richard 
Luther, of Myles's, in Euex, by whom he had two fons, Toha 
married to Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Macclesfield by 
^hom he has iflue; and Francis. — •Mary, married firft, to Johi\' 
Henly, Efq. and fecondly, to Dr. Crefwicke, late Dean of 
Wells. And upon the death of John, the feventh Eaxl, with-, 
out iflne, the honours devolved upon the £aiid 

(8th Earl.) Thomas, who fucceeded, being deicended as 
above (hewn; he married Anne, daughter of William Swym- 
iner, Efq. of Bfiftol, and by her, who died Nov. ij, 1782, had 
two fons, and two daughters; John, who fucceeded him.— 
Henry, who married Jan. 12, 1778, Mifs Batfon, by whom 
he has a fon born Nov. 26, 1778, and a daughter, bom Jan. 
J 3 780,--- Anne, who died, 1764.— Mary, the wife of Charlea 
Blair, Efq. and has iflue a fon born in 1768. HiaLordihip de<« 
ecafing Nov. 12, 177 1, was fucceeded by his fon 

(9th Earl.) John, who married firft, March 26, 1758? Aur 
gufta, daughter of Montagu Bertie, fon ofRobei^, firft Duke of 
Ancafter; by which Lady, who died Jan. 3, 1766, he had twa 
ions and a daughter ; Jojin, the prefent Earl.— Thomas, bora 
July 6, 1760, married July 27, 1789, Mifs Lowe. — Augufta, 
born Sept. 18, 1761, rnarried July, 1781, the eHeftfonofSir 
William Lowther, Bart, by whom flie had iflTue a daught9r, bori^ 
Dec. 19, 1788. ' He married fecondly, May 28, 1767, Sufao, 
lifter to the Duke of Gordon, by whom he left iffue, Henry, 
born April 14, 1771, and died March 6, 17.74. — Sufan, bom 
Oft. 3, 1768, married July 20, 1788, Mr. Drummond.— -Eli- 
zabeth, born Jan. 7, 1773.-;— Mary, born Sept. 19, 1772. His 
Lordftiip deceafing on the 26th of April, 1774, w;^ fticccedcd 
by his fon. Her Ladyftiip married fecondly, Dec. 28, 1778, 
to Col. Woodford, of the Guards, and h^s ifluf a fo^, bon\ 
JMarch, 1785. 

( 1 0th Earl.) John, the prcfent Earl^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


C».ffATlON8.]Barpn Burgherfli, and Earl of the county fit 
Weftroorcland, Dec. 29, 1624, 22jac. I. 

Arms.] jtzure^ thr^e rightrhand gauntlets, with their backs^ 
forward, or. [Plate-X.] 

Crest.] Out of a ducal coronet, pr; a bull's hefid, argent ^ 
fycd^ fable; armed, or; and charged on the neck with a rofe^ 
gules, barbed and fceded, proper. 

Supporters.] On the d|xter fide, a gryphon, parte per fefs, 
urgent and or ; his beak, fore-legs, and chain of the jecondj his 
collar, fable. On the finifter, a bull, argent; pyed, fable i 
armed, collared, chained, and hoqfed, ^r ; on the collar a roiie^ 

Motto.] Ne vilefano. Difgrace not |he altar. 

Chief Seats.] At Apetborp, inNorthamptpnlhire; Brin^|K 
(ODj in Somerfet. 


count .Mordaunt of Avalon, Baron Mordaunt qfTurvey, and 
Baron Mordaunt of Ryegate, was bom May 11, 1758, Succeeded 
his father Charles, the lat^ Earl, Aug. i, 1779, ^"^ ^ unmaiv* 

OsBERT le Mordaunt, a Norm^ Knight, was poffefled of 
Rg4w^ll, in Bedfordlhire, by the gift of his brother, which he 
}iad of William the Conqueror for his fervices at the Conqueft* 
He had iflue Osmund and Baidain ; to the former fucceeded 
EusTAQH^ who by marriage with Alice, eldeft daughter and 
<K)-heir of William de ^Ineto, vulg. Dfiuncy, became pofTefled 
pftbe Lo^dlhip of Turyey, in Bedfordihire. William, hie 
fon, was fucceeded by. another William, his fon, who had 
iffuc by Rofe, daughter of Sir Ralph Wake, Robert, his hcir^ 
wIk) matried Joan, daughter of Thomas Frowick, and had iffuc 
Edmund, who marri^ Helen, daughter and co*heir of Ralph, 
Brook ; froip whofe other daughter and co-heir Agnes, the pre- 
fent Duke of Mont^u is defcended. He had iffue Robert, 
who by Agnes, daughter of John Strange, had a fon Robert ; 
who married Elizabeth, daughter of John Holdenby, Efq. by 
whom he had a fpn William, who married Margaret, daugh- 
.terof John Pecke, by whom he had John and William; and a 
daughter Joan, married to Giles Strangeways, ofDorfet, Efq.— 
William, the younger brother, married Anne, daughter of 
Thomas Huntingdon, by whom he had four fons, Robert, 
V^hriftopher^ EdmunxL ^d Goorge. Robert^ the eldeft, by 
" ' " ' , " * mar- ■ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


snarriage with Barbara, daughter and heir of John L'Eftrange, 
of Mcffingham, in Norfolk, Efq. by Anne, his wife, daughter 
and co-heir of Thomas UEftrange, of Walton, in Warwick- 
fliire, Efq* became pofTefTed of both thofq eftates ; from whont 
defcendcd L'Eftrange Mordaunt, Efq. created a Baronet the a9th 
of June^ 1611; whofe lineal heir is Sir Charles Mordaunt^ 

, (ift Lord.) John, the cldeft brother, was feated at Turvey, 
in the county of Bedford, and had fummons to Parliament among 
the Peers; and marrying Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir to 
JHenry de Verc, Lord of Drayton, and Addington, in the county 
of Northampton, by. her had John, his heir, William, an^ 
George ; and fix daughters ; Dorothy, married Thomas Moore, 
E/q. another married William Aclam, Efq. and a third to £d« 
ward Fairfex. . . 

(2d Lord.) John, who fucceedcd, married Ellen, coufin and 
Jieir to Sir Richard Fitt-Lowis,- of Weft-Thornton, in Effex, 
and by her had 

(3a Lord.) Lewis, hUhoir, who died June 16, 1601. Me 
inarried Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Arthur I^Arcy, Knt. b^ 
whom he had 

(4th Lord.) Henry, Lord Mordaunt, who was fufpefted jd 
baTe fome knowledge of the Powder-plot, and was fined in the 
-Star-chamber, but releafed June ^, 1606. He married Mar- 
garet, daughter to Henry, the firft Lor4 Compton, and by her 
he had 

(ift Earl.) John, his heir, who in the 3d of Charles L was 
created Earl of Peterborough. He m^ried Elizabeth, folc 
daughter and heir to William, Lord Howard, of EflBngham, foa 
and heir of Charles, Earl of Nottingham, and had two fons, 
Henry, hi^ heir, and John; and a daughter Elizabeth^ who 
inarried vThomas, the fecond Lord Howard, ofEfcrick. 

(ad Earl.) Henry, who on, the i8th of June, 1642, fuc- 
ceeded, married Penelope, daughter to Barnaby Obrien, the 
fixth Earl of Thomond, in Ireland, by whom he had a daughter 
-Mary, who was firft married to Henry Howard, Duke of Nor- 
folk; and fecondly, to Sir John Germaine, Bart, and died in 
1705; andher father dying on the XQth of June, 1697, without 
iflbe male, we now come to 

John, his brother, who wa» in the i ith of Charles H. create! 
Lord Mordaunt of Ryegate, and Vifcouqt Avalon, and died the 
5th of June, 1675* He married Elizabeth, ible daughter and 
heir to Thomas Gary, (econd fon to Robert, Earl of Monmouth, 
and by her had feven fons, and four daughters ; Charlotte, Gary, 
Sophia, and Anne;, whereof Cary died unmarried; Sophia, mar- 
ried to James Hamilton, of Bangor, in Irehnd. Of the fons 
.five lived to maturity, which were Charles, Harry; Lewis^ 
Ofmondy and Qeoi^e«. T^e latter, a clergyman, marked feil 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


.CatTiarine, fourth daughter and co-heir to Sir Thomas l^pcu^ 
cei", of Yamton, in the county of Oxford, Bart, and widow 

•pf John Dormer, Efq. who dying in 17 14, left him no iffuc; 
^nd he married fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter to Sir John 
lyOyley, who dying March 20, 1720, left a daughter Anna- 
Maria, married to the Rev. Dr. Shipley. His third wife w» 
Elizabeth, daughter ot Colonel Collier, by whom he had twa 
daughters, Mary, married to Valentine Morris, of Piercefield, 
in Monmouthftiire, Efq. and Elizabeth, married to Sir William 
Milncr. — Ofinond was killed at the battle of the Boyne, in Irc^ 
liind. — Lewis, third fon, was, a Brigadier-General in the arm y^ 
bat died the 2d of Feb. 17 13 J he married firft^ Anne, daughter 
pf Martin^ and had Charles his heir, who married &r% 

Charlotte, daughter oiF Thomas Manwaring, Efq. (widow <i 
Charles, Lord Mohunj who was killed ip a duel with the Duke 
of Hamilton, by Charlotte, daughter of Charles Gerard, Ead 
pf Macclesfield) by whom he had no iflue ; and fecondly, Anne, 
third daughter to Scrope, the firft Vifcount Howe, by whoisi 
he had three fons, Charles, Ofbert, and Harry. Lewis Mor- 
daunt married^ fecondly, Mary, daughter of Colonel Collier, 
and by her, who died April 17, 1740, had tWo daughters, Anna* 
^iferia, arid Sophia^ the eldeft married Stephen Poyntz, Efij. 
who. died Dec. 17/ 1750, leaving feveralx:hi!dren, of whom 
Georgiana, ddeft daughter^ married Dec. 27, 1755, John Spen- 
der, late Earl Spencer; Sophia, fifter to Mrs. Poyntz, married 
Sir Roger Martin, Bart. — -Harry, married firft, a natural daugh^f 
ter of Thomas Spencer, Efo. by whom he had, firft, Sir John 
•Mordauntj Knight of the Bath. Harry, his father, had alfo 
two daughters, Elizabeth-LtK:y, married to Sir Wilfred Law* 
foil, Bart, and Margaret 5 and the faid Harry married, fecondly, 
Penelope, only child of William Tipping, of Ewclm, Efq. hf 
whom he had an only daughter Penelope, married to Monoui^ 
Cope, Efq. eldeft fon of Sir John Co|)e, Bart, and he died on the , 
4fh'of Jan. 1720. 

• ' (3d Earl.) Charles, the eldeft, who on the 9th of April, 
1689, ^ William and Mary, was created Earl of Monmouth, f«c- 
needed his unfle Henry in the Earldom of Peterborough. He 
ferved in his youth^ during the war with the Algejines, under 
the Admirals Torrington and Narborough. In 1705, he was 
declared General and Commander in Chief of the forces fent to 
■Spaia, and Joint- Admiral of the fleet with Sir Cloudcfliy Shovtl 
and took Barcelona, and drove the Duke of Anjou and French 
army out of Spain, which confifted of 25,000 men, though hts 
own troops never amounted to 10,000. He married firft, Ca- 
rey, daughter to Sir Alexander Frazer, and by her, who died 
on the 13th of May, 1709, had two fons, John and Henry; 
and a daughter, Henrietta, married to Alexander, Duke of 
<pordon, ijfScotUndt Qf the fons, Henry, the youngcft, was 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


a commander in the navy> but died unmarried, Febtf24, 17 lo; 
but John, his brother, who took early to arms, ^d at the bat- 
tle of Hockftet loft his left arm. He died the 6th ^f April, 
1710, leaving iffue by Fr^mces, daughter to Charles, Duke of 
Bolton, who died July 30, 1715, two fons, Charles; andjohi, 
livho in Oftober, 1735, married Mary, fifter tp Scropc, Vif- 

fountHowe, of Ireland, and widow ^drelift of Thomas^ late 
larl of Pembroke; fhe died S^pt. la, 1749, and he married 
fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel E[amiltQn, Efq. but 
4ied without iffue, July i, 1767. In i73S> the Earl married, 
fecondly, Mrs. Anauaiia Robinfon, ^ddied at Lifbo^, the 25th 
of Oftober, 1735^ aged 77; and wasr fuccceded by his grand' 

(4th Earl.) Charles, th^ late Earl, married firft, Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Box, Efq. and by her, (who died Nov. 18* 
1755) he ha^ iffue, Frances, born April, 1736, married Ofi* 
10, 1 765, the Rev. Mr. Samuel Bulkeley, of Hatfield, in Hert- 
fordshire 5 and Mary-Anaftatia-Grace, bom June 5, 1738. Hi& 
Lordfliip married fecondly, in 175^ Robini^na, daughjer of 
Col. Brown^ by whom he had iffue, Charles-^Henry, the pre- 
fentEarl; Poukt, born July 12, 17595 who died young; and 
a daughter, marriffd O^. 21, 1787, Mauric^ Biffet, Efq. HtS 
lUordSiip died Aug. x, 1779, and w^s fucceeded b j his 6>n> 

(5th Earl.) QHi^RLEs-HENRY, the prefent EarC^ 

C&£ ATI QNs.] Summon^ to Parliament as Baron Mordaunt 
of Turvey, in tlie county pjf Bedford, May 4, 1532,^ 24 Henry 
VIII. and c«:eated Earl of Peterborough, iuth.e county of North- 
tmpton, March 9, 1627, S^ar. !• Baron Moirdaunt, of Rye-< 
gate, in the couniy of Surry, and Vif<jount Avalpn, in the 
. f ounty of Soroeriet, July 10, 1659, 11 Catr. II. and Ead of the 
<:ounty of Monmouth, April 9, 1689, i William apd Mary. 

Arms.! Jrrenty a cheverqjti between the three ^ftoils, fable 
[Plate X.j 

Crest.] In an Earl^ coronet, 0r, the buft of a Moorifii Prince^ 
liabitedina cloth of gold, all^r^^; wreathed about the tenn 
pies, argitti. 

Supporters.] Two eagles, argent, a^med and membere4 

- Motto.] Nee placlda conunta quieta eft. Npr is he contentcdt 
with foft Repofe. 

Chief Seats.] At Parfon*s Greenj ia the county of MkJdlQ-*. 
Jex J and Dantzy, in Wiltfhire* 

G R Jf y» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t ^13 3 


^HE Right Hon. GEORGEHARRY GREY, Earl o{ 
^ STAMFORD, Baron Grey of Groby, Baron Bonvillc 
and Harrington, born 0£l. i, 1737 ; fucccedcd his father, tho 
late Earl, May 30, i768. He married. May 30, 1763, Henrictta- 
Cavendiili Bentinck, fitter to' the prcfent Duke of Portland, by 
whom he haa ifliie, George-Harry, Lord Grey, born Odlober 
31, 176^. — Henrietta, born April 10, 1764 ; married OSt. 28, 
1785, Sir John Chetwode, Bart, of*^ Dcnham^Mafley, in Che* 
ihire, — Maria, borrt June 30, 1769, died young.— Louifa, bora 
May 8, 1771.— William -^Booth, born Sept. 10, 17.73. — Anchi- 
tell, born Dec. 16, 1774. — Henry, bofnAug. 23, 1776. — So^ 
phia, bom 0€t. 7, 1777. — Amelia, bom 1778. 

The pedigree of this family is fct forth under the title of Mar- 
^ionefs Grey, and that 

Reginald, the grandfather of Edmund, the firft Earl of 
Kent, marrying to his fecond wife Joan, daughter and heir to 
"William, Lord Aftley, had with her a large eftate in Warwick- 
Ihire, and by her had a fon 

Edward, who marrying Elizabeth, fole daughter aitd heir 
to Henry, fon of William, Lord Ferrers, of Groby, became 
heir to the faid Lord Ferrers ; and in the 27th of Hen, VI4 wats 
fummoned to Parliament by the title of Lord Ferrers, of Gro** 
by; but in the ift of James L the family was honoured with 
the title of Lord Grev, of Groby, as aboVe. They had three 
fons; and a daughter Anne, married to Sir Edward Hungerfordj 
Knt, The fons were, John, Edward, and Reginald. The 
latter was flain in the battle of Wakefield.— Edward, having 
married Elizabeth, cldeft of ^the two flfters of Thomas Talbot, 
Vifc. Liflc, was, in the 15th of Edward IV. created Baion Lifle^ 
and in the ill of Richard the llld. Vifc. Lifle, and had iflud 

John, his heir; and three daughters j Anne, married to Sit 
ohn Willbughby, Knt. — Elizabeth, firft, to Edmund Dudley, 
arid after to Arthur Plantagenct, natural fon of King Edward 
IV.^-Muriel, to Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltfliire. . John, 
her brother, marfying Muriel, daughter to Thomas Howard^ 
Duke of Norfolk, by her left a daughter Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried firft, Henry Courtenay, Earl of Devdn; and adly, Siif 
Thomas Knyvet, Knt. 

Sir JOHN, the eldeft fon of Edward and Elizabeth Ferrer^ 
Peing iain in the battle of St. Alban's, left iffuc by Eliz^eth, 
eldeft daughter to Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers, two fons, 
SirThomas, his heir ; and Sir Richard^ who was belieaded at 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

i)* E A k L o r S T Ala F O R ». 

Sir Thomas, who was Knight of the Garter, on the I2tti of 
Auguft, 1472, the 1 2th of Edward IV. (in refpeft to his mo- 
ther, whom thkt King had m^ried) wias created Elirl of Hun- 
tingdon; and on the 18th of April, in the 15th of that reign, 
Lord Harrington and Bonville, and MarqUis of Dorfet ; but af-' 
ter the faid King^s death, becaufe of his near relation to the 
young King, Edward V. he was attainted of high treafon, but 
found means to make his efc^lpe into Brit^ny, with other perfons 
of note, to the aid of Henry, Earl df Richmond. When that 
Earl obtained the crown, by the name of King Henry VII. he 
was fent for to England, (having been kft in pledge with John 
Pourchier, at Paris, for monies borrowed there) and, on his re- 
turn j reftored to his honours. He died the i8th of Nov. 1503, 
having martied firft, Annej only daughter to Henry Hollandi 
Duke of Exeter, and by her had no iflue; but, by his fecond 
wife, Cecily, daughter and heir to Sir William Bonville, Lord 
Harrington, he had feven fons ; Edward and Anthony difed 
young.— Thomas, his heir. — Richard. — John.-— Leonard.— ^ 
George, a clergyman ; and fevenr daughters ; Dorothys married 
firft to Robert, Lord Willoughby of Brook ; and 2dlyj to Wil- 
liam Blount, Lord Montjoy.^ — Eleanor, to Sir John Arundel, 
of Langherne, in Corn wall. — Elizabeth, to Gerald Fitz-Gcrald,. 
the 10th Earl of Kildare, in Ireland. — -Mary, to Walter Dcve- 
leux, the firft Vifcount Hereford. — Margaret, to Richard Wake. 
—Bridget, died young. — Anne, married Sir Richard Clement. 

Thomas, who was Knight of the Garter, fucoceded his fa- 
ther in his honours, and having no iffue by his firft wife, Elea- 
nor, daughter to Oliver St. John ; he took to his fecond, Mar- 
garet, daughter to Sir Robert Wotton, and by her had five fons, 
and two daughters ; Elizabeth, married to Thomas, Lord Aud- 
ley, of Walden; and Anne, to Henry Willoughby, Efq. The^ 
Ions were Henry, his heir.— John Grey, of Pergo, in Effex, 
Efq. of whom hereafter. — Edward. — Tnomas. — Leonard, who 
had articles of treafon exhibited againft him, and in the 31ft of 
Henry VIII. loft his head on Tower-hill. ' 

Henry, who fucceeded his father, married Frances, eldcft 
daughter and co-heir to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suftblk, by 
Mary, the French Queen his wife, fifter to King Henry VIII. 
he, in favour to her, on the nth 061. 1551, the 5th of Edward 
VI. was created Duke of Suffolk. By the faid Lady he had three 
daughters; ift, Jane, the eldeft, having married Guilford Dud- 
ley, fourth fon to John, Duke of Northumberland, her father, 
upon the death of King Edward VL was allured to countenance 
the proclaiming his daughter to be Queen, on pretence of King 
Edward leaving her the crown by his will; but Queen Mary, 
that King's fiflcr, (before the faid Jane was crowned) foon dc-^ 
pofed her from her royalty, turned her palace (which ^ais thcii 
tbs Tower) into her prifon, and caufed her to be beheaded oh 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Yowcr-tiiil, Feb. 12, 155s; ^nd to flicw. her utinoft rcfentment 
upon her family, dripped her father of his honours ; and having 
attainted him, he, on the 23d of February, the fame year, was 
beheaded alfo. 2dy Catharine, was firft married to Henry, Lord 
Herbert, eideft fon to William, Earl of Pembroke, from whom 
flie was divorced, and married to Edward Seymour, Earl oi 
Hertford-; but that marriage being without the licence of Queen 
Elizabeth, fhe imprifoned them in the Tower, and iined the 
Earl 15,0001. as alfo feverely forbad him her company ; but by- 
bribing his keeper, he begat a fon Edward, who was anceftor td 
the late Duke of Someifet ; but his lady died in her prifon, Jan^. 
26, 1567, where (he had been nine years. 3d, Mary, married' 
Martyn Keyes, Efq. Serjeant-porter to Queen Elizabeth, and 
died without iflue the 20th of April, 1578. 

John Grev, of Pergo, in Eflcx, Ef<j» fecond foti of Sir Tho- 
mas, marriea Mary, daughter of Sir Anthony Brown^ Knight 
of the Garter, and fitter to Anthony, the firft Vifcount Mon- 
tagu, and had a daughter Mary, marded to Sir Arthur Capel> 
and a fon, 

(ift Lotd.) Sir Henhy Grey, of Pergo, created Baron Grey, 
of Groby, by King James I. He married Anne, daughter to 
William, the fecond Lord Windfor, and had two fons, John and 
Ambrofe; and died in 1614. 

(2d Lord.) John, the eideft fon, fuccecding, married Eliza- 
l^cth, daw^ter to Edward Neyil, Lord Abergavenny ; arid by 
her, (whoA^rried, 2diy, Sir John Bingley, Knt.) had Henry, 
his heir ; a^BjPhilip, who died in his father's life-time. 
** (ift Eari.)lfaNRY, the eideft, in the 3d of Charles L was 
Created Earl of Sllimford; married Anne Cecil, youngeft daugh- 
ter and coheir to William, the fecond Earl of Exeter, and had 
iffue, Thomas, his heir apparent.-^- Anchitel, who man led 
Anne, daughter and heir to Sir Henry Willoughby, of Riflcy, 
in Derbyihire, Sart. widow of Sir Thomas Afton, Bart. — John, 
from whom the prefent Earl is defcended, married Jane, daugh- 
ter of Simon Harcourt, Efq. — Leonard. — Elizabeth, inarried 
■lo George Booth, Lord Delamere* — Diana, to Robert Bruce, 

Earl of Aylefbury. — Jane, to Ogle, Efq. — Anne. — Mary, 

Who died unmarried. 

Thomas, the eideft fon^ dying tn his father's life-time, left 
iflue by Dorothy, fecond daugnter and co-heir to Edward Bour- 
chier, the fourth Earl 6f Bath, 

(2d Earl.) Thomas, who on the 21ft of Auguft, 1673, fuc- 
cecded his grandfather ; and two daughters ; Elizabeth, married 
to Henry Benfon, Efq. and Anne, to James Grove, Serjeant at* 
Law. He married, ift, a daughter of —— Harvey, of Comb, 
in Sufry, Efq. 2dly, Mary, fecond daughter and coheir to Jofeph 
Maynard, of Gunnerfbury, ia MiddleXex, E{q. but dying on the 
*jlftof Jan. 1720, aged 67, without furviving ilTuc, his titles 
^d part of his eftate defcended to U (3d 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ty* feARtdfWlKCHEtSfeAi 

(3d 6arh) Harrv, grandfba to John, third fon of Hcnrfi 
the nrft £arl of Stamford, who marrying Dorothy, daughter t6 
Sir Nathan Wright, and by her, who died on the 12th of Aug« 
1738, had two fons, and five daughters ; Harry, Lord Grey,— ^ 
John Grej) Efq. who married in June, 1748, Lucy, daughter 
of Sir Joleph Danvers, Bart*-— Dorothy, who dipd 1781.— Ca- 
tharine, married, firft. Mynheer John 1 typ, who died in June^ 
1738 ; and 2dly, to Vanden Bempden, a fiurgo-Mafter of Am-- 
fterdam.-— Diana, married in Sept. 1736, to George Middleto% 
£fq. — Anne, married in O^ 17449 to Sir Richard AAon, of 
Aldenham, in Salop, Bart. — Jane, married in June, 1 738, to 
George Drummond, Efq. Secretary to iht Order of the Thiftle^ 
and died in June, 1 75^ His Lordmip dying in NoTember, 1 739^ 
nras fucceeded by 

(4th Earl.) Hahry, his <eldeft fori, who, in May, 1736, 
jttiarried Mary, only daughter of George Booth, Earl df War- 
rington, by whom, who died Oft. 25, 1781, he had iffuc ; George- 
Jfarry, the prcfent Earl, bOrnOft. i, i737.-^Marj, born April 
17, 1739, ni^u-ried Feb. 24, 1764, George Weft^ iecond fdn of 
the Earl D^lawar, and died March i, 1783. — Booths born Augi 
t5, 1740, married May 10, 1782, Mifs Mainwaring, by ^hom 
lie has a fon, bom Feb. 12, 1783.-— Anne, born Jan. 23, I742, 
died in June, 1743.— John, bom May 22, 1743, married June 
22, 17739 Sufanna, daughter of Ralph Leyeefter, Efq. Hi^ 
JLdrdmip deceaiing on the 24ttx of June, 1^68, was fucceeded by 
his fon 

Cjth Earl.) GEbkOE-HARRY, the pi^eferit Earl* 

Creations.] Baron Grey, July 2 1, 1603 ; and Earl of Stam^ 
fcrd, March 26, 1628. 

ARAfs.] BviTTj bf Clx^ argent zrid azUrt. [Plate X.] 
^ CRBst.] On a chapeau, gulesy turned up, ernUnei a Wiverrl 
#ith wings elevated ^sind endorfed, or. 

Supporters.] 'Two unidoms, ermine^ armed^ crefted, and 
libofed, or. 

MoTf 0.] A ma puijfance. By. niy authority. 

Chief Seats.] Ehville-hall, iit Staffordfliire ; Bragdatc-halJy 
iif the county of Leicefter ; and Dtinham-Mafly, in Chefhire, 


THE Richt Hon. GEORGE FINCH,- Eari of WIN- 
CHELSEA and HOTTINGHAM, Vifcount Maid- 
fione. Baron Fit2;-Herbert of Eaftwell, Lord Findi of Daven* 
t^y, Lord of the Royal Manor <rf Wye| in Kcmt; was bom 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

EARL Of W I N C H E L S E A. 177 

Kov. 4, 1 75 1, and fucCeeded his uncle, the late Earl, on the zd 
bf Aug. 1769. 

This noble family, according to Sir William Dugdale and 
others, is derived from Hxnry Fitz^Herbert, Chamberlain to 
King Henty I. anceftor to the Earls of Pembroke and Powis, 
and iirft took the name of Finch in the reign of King Edward !• 
The iirft of the family who fettled in Kent, was 
. Henry Finch, who married Alice, daughter and heir of Phi- 
lip Belknap of the • MoDt near Canterbury. He died in 1493^ 
leaving three fons. Sir William, Henry, and Philip. 
. Sir William, his heir, married firft, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir James Crowmer, widow gf Sir Richard Lovelace, by whom 
}ie had Laurence, who married Mary, only daughter and heir of 
Chrlftophcr Kemp, and died without iffue.— -Sir Thomas, heir to ' 
his brother. — Richard, who married Eleanor, daughter of Sir 
Edmund Walfingham, but died without iflue. Sir William mar- 
ried adly, Catharine, daughter of Sir John Gainsford, by whom 
he had Erafmus, who married Marian, daughter of John Sum- 
iners, and widow of Thomas Rolfe, and died without iffue. — 
Vincent, who married the daughter of — • — Ferrers, of Glou- 
cefterihire. He had alfo three daughters, Eleanor, married firft, 
Jlobert Morton ; and fecondly, Thomas Wotton, by whom fhe 
had iffue Sir Henry Wotton, Ambaffador to Venice. — Mary, 

married to Whitney, Efq. — Elizabeth, married to Thomas 

Thwaytes) Efq4 

" Sir Thomas, after the death of his brother Laurence, fuc- 
ceeded to'the eftate. In the 6th of Elizabeth he was made Knight 
' Marflial ^f the forces ih New-Haven, then befieged by the 
French, and was ftiipwrecked in his voyage thither. He mar- 
ried Catharine, eldeft of the two daughters and co-heirs of Sir 
Tholnas Moyle, and by her, who married 2dly, to Nicholas St» 
Legar, Efq. had iffue. Sir Moyle Finch. — Sir tlenry Finch, 
who married the daughter of Mr. Wilkins, and being a great 
lawyer, was Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, and the Quecn!s 
Attorney- General, and afterwards made Lord Keeper of the 
Gijeat Seal, and created Baron Finch of Fordwich ; but dying 
without iffue, that title became extind. — Thomas Finch, who 
^larried Urfula, daughter to William Thwaytes, Efq. by Anne, 
fitter to Edward Brabazon, Lord Ardee, anceftor to the Earl of 
Wcft-Meath, atid had a fon John, who died without iffue. — And 
Jane, married to George, fon of Sir Thomas Wyat. 

Sir Moyle was by King James L raifed to the degree of a . 
Baronet ; and his widow, 

(ift Countefs of W.) Elizabeth, fole daughter of Sir Thomas 
Heneage, was by the faid Kiiig Japies advanced to the dignity 
of Vifcountefs of Maidftone, with limitation of that honour to 
the heirs male of her body; and on the 12th of July, 1628, 4 
Car. L ftic was created Countefs of WinchcJfea, with the like 
• You L N liautation. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

17^ E A R i o F W i N C H E L S E A* 

limitation, and died on the 13th of March, 1634. She wat 
defcended fiom the ancient family of the Heneages of Haintoiiy 
in the county of Lincoln, Where they flourifhed from the reign 
of King Henry IIL and were enriched by marriage with the 
daughters and heirs of Prefton and Buckton, whole arms the 
Earl quarters. By the faid Sir Moyle fhe had feven fons and 
four daughters; Anne, married to Sir William Twifden; Ca- 
tharine,* to Sir John Wentworth ; and two others who died 
young. The fons were, Theophilus, Thopias, John, Sir Hc- 
ftcage, Francis, William, and Robert. The two lattet died 
^oung; Francis, the 5th fon, married Anne, daughter to Mi- 
ehael Barker, Efq. and had iffue, i. John, 2. Elizabeth, 3. Hc- 
neage, 4. William, and 5. Robert.— Sir Heneagc, 4th fon,* 
ivas anceftor of the Earls of Nottingham, and the prcfent Earl 
6f Winchelfea.— lohn, the 3d fon, married Anne, daughter to 
— Walker, and had two fons, John and WiUiam.--*Theophi- 
lus, the eldeft, marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Chriftophcr 
Heydon, and dying in his fether's life-time without iffue, 

(ift Earl of W.) Sir Thomas the fccond fon, his next bro- 
ther, who was Knt. and Bart, became Vifeount Maidflone^ and 
Earl of Winchelfea, as heir and fucceffor to his mother. He 
married Cecily, filler to Sir John Wentworth above mentioned $ 
and dying Nov. 4, 1639, left three fons, Herteage, John, and 
William ; and five daughters ; whereof Frances, was married to 
Sir William Strickland. — Anne, to Sir William Waller. — Ce- 
dly to Sir Erafmus PbiUps. — Diana,"to Nicholas Took, Efq.— ^ 
Catharine, to Ambrofe Moor, Efq. 

(2d Earl of W.) Heneage, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his fa- 
tli^r ; and by Charles II. he was on the 29th of July, !66o, cre- 
ated Barorl Fitz-Herbert, of Eaftwell, and died in 1689. He 
married firil, Diana, daughter to Francis, the fourth Lord 
Willoughby of Parham^ by whom he had no iffue that furvived 
him ; but by his 2d wife Mary, daughter to William, the fecond 
Duke of Somerfet, he had foxir daughters an J feven fons ; Wil- 
liam, Lord Maidftonc.— -Hencage.-^— Thomcts. — Charles.--— Leo- 
pold, D. D. Warden of All-Soul's College, Oxford.— Lafliley^ 
--* Henry. The laft fix died without iffufe; By his third wife 
Catharine, daughter to Sir Thomas Norclife, Knt. (iji^idow, 
firft of Chriftopheii- Lift*!*, Efq. and fecondly, of Sir Johil 
Wentworth) he had two daughters, who died unmarried. And 
by his fourth wife, Elizabeth, daughter atld fole Heir of Johil 
Ay res, of London, Efq. l>e had a lort John, who fucceeded to 
the title of Earl of Winchelfea. The ^ughters by the 2d wife 
were, Frances, who married Thdcnas Thvnne, Viicount Wey- 
mouth.---£iizabeth.— -Mary.— Jane. Tne tbtee laft died uti^ 
rfiarried. • 

• William, Vifc. Maidftone, fheir eldeft brother, feeing flaiii 
in the great fca-fight agaihft th^ t)filtch, May aS, i672> lift i& 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

£ A It L o F W I N C H E L S E A, . Ty^ 

Jucby Eliiabeth, daughter to Thomas Windham, Efq. a daugh- 
ter, Mariamne, who was married to Philip Herbert, Efq, and 
Ills Lady being then with child of a fon, born the 26th of Se^t. 
following, was named ^ 

'. (3d Earl of W.) Charles, who fuccecded his grandfather* 
He married Sarah, daughter of Henry Nourfe, Efq. but dying 
14th of Aug. 17 1 2, without iffue, 

(4th Eariof W.) HENEAGEjhis father's brother, became heir. 
He married Aniie, daughter to Sir William Kingfmill ; but flic 
'dying in ^720, and his Lordihip on the 30th of September, 
1^26, without iflue, in the 70th year of his age, was fucceeded 

(5th Earl of W.) John, his youngeft (half) brother, who was 
i>orfi Feb. 15, 1684; ^^^ ^^ dying on the 9th of Sept. i729> 
without iffue alfo, we return to 

5iT Heneage Finch, fourth fon of Sir Moyle, by Ellizabetfa 
ills wife, Countefsof Winchelfea; which Sir Heneage, in 1625=, 
i Car. I. was Recorder of London, and Speaker of the Houfe 
'of Commons ; he refided at Kenfington-Houfe, now the Royal 
Palace. He martied Frances, daughter of Sir Edmund Bi^ll, b^ 
Whom he had iffue, Heneage, his heir. — Sir John Finch, Doftor 
bf Phyfic, who dred about the year 1682.— Frances, married to 
Sir Clifford Clifton, Bart.— Anne, to Edward Vifc. Conwar. 
— Eliziibeth, to Edward Maddifon, Efq. Sir Heneage had aliio 
another wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Cradock, Efq. 
widow of Richard Bennef, Efq. 

. (ift Earl of N.) Heneage, the cldeft fon, was in 1673, 
Keeper of the Great Seal, and created Baron Finch, of Daven- 
iry, and afterwards Lord High Chancellor of England ; on the 
^2th 6( May, 1681, he was created Earl of Nottingham, and 
died on the i8th of Dec. 1682, aged 61. He had iflue by Eli- 
zabeth, daughter to William Harvey, ten fons and four daugh- 
ters ; of which, Elizabeth married Samuel, fon and heir of Sir 
Harbottle Grimftone.— Mary, died Feb. 10, 1735. — Mary.*-* 
Anne. The two latter died before their father. The (bns were, 
Daniel. — Heneage, whb was created Eafl of Aylesford.— 
William, who married a daughter of Sir William Hafkeins^ 
Bart, died Feb. 26, 1726. — Charles died unmarried. — Edward^ 
Prebend of Canterbury. — Henry, Dean of York, died Sept. 8, 
1728. — Robert died unmarried. Alfo, Edward, John, and 
Thomas, who died in their father's life-time. 

(6th Earl of W. fecond of N.) DakieL, the eldeft, fuc- 
Ceeding his father; and on the 9th of September, 1729,' fuc- 
ceeded to the title of Earl of Winchelfea, Vifc. Maidftone, 
&c. in the room of John, Earl of Winchelfea, who then died 
unmarried. He married firft Effex Rich, fecond daughter and 
co-heir to Robert, the third Earl of Warwick, by whom, who 
iicd 1684, he had an only daughter Mary, who was firft n^arried 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

'1*0 EARL or W I N C H E L S £ A* 

to William Savile, Marquis of Halifax, by whom flie had twf 
daughters ; Dorothy married to the late Earl of Burlington and 
Corlc; and Mary, firft to Sackville, the 7th Earl of Thahet; 
fecondly, to John Kerr, Duke of Roxburgh in Scotland, and 
<iied Sept. 19, 17 18. By his fecohd wife, Anne, only daughter 
to Chriftopher, Vifc. Hatton, (by Cecilia his firft wife, daugh- 
ter to John Tufton, the fecond Earl of Thanet) who died Sept. 
26, 1734, he had Hencage, who died young.— Daniel, the late 
Earl. — William, who married Jan. 25, 1732-3, Anne Douglas, 
fifter to Charles, late Duke of Queenfherry ; which Lady dying 
Oftober 26, 1741? without iflue, he married his fecond wife, 
Charlotte, fecond daughter to Thomas, Earl of Pomfret, in 
Auguft 1746, by whom he had iflue, i. George the prefent Earf. 
a* Charlotte, born Sept. 1747, died unmarried, Nov. 1767. 
3. If ranees, born 1749, died unmarried. 4. Sophia, born Nov. 
17, 1748, married Feb. 29, 1772, Capt. Charles Fielding, and 
has iflue; and 5. Henrietta, born Dec. 28, 1750, was left a 
, widow, 1783. Their father died Dec. 25, 1766. — John, died 
Feb. 12, 1763, having married^ Nov. 24, 1762, Mifs Elizabeth 
Younger, by whom he left a daughter Elizabeth, married to 
John Mafon, Efq. of Greenvvick. — Henry, died May 26, 1761, 
unmarried. — Edward, who took the name of Hatton, purfuant 
to the will of his aunt Anne, youngeft daughter of Vifc. Hat- 
ton; aild died May t6, I77i- He married in 1746,' Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Palmer, fifter to the late Countefs of 
Winchelfea; and by her had ifliue, i. George, born June 30, 
1747, married Dec. 10, 1785, Mary, eldeft daughter of the 
prefent Vifcount Stormont. 2. John-Emelius-Daniel-Edward, 
born May 19, 1755. 3- Anne, born, Nov. 15, 17 50*1 4. Mary- 
Henrietta-Elizabeth, born May 12, 1753. -^"^ 5* Harriot- 
Frances-Charlotte, born Feb. 19, 1751. Their father died 
May 16, 177 1. — Charles, died young. — Eflex, married, on July 
20, 1703, to Sir Roger Moftyn, in the county of Flint, Bart, 
and died May 23, 1721, leaving ifliue* — Charlotte, married, 
February 4, 1726, to Charles Seymour, late Duke of Somerfet^ 
and died January 21, 1773. — Anne, died young. — Elizabeth, 
died young. — Ifabella, died March i, 177 1, unmarried.— Mary, 
married September 22, 17 16, to Thomas Watfon-Wentworth, 
late Marquis of Rockingham, and died May 3, I761, without 
iflue. — Henrietta, married In 1731, William Fitzfoy, Duke of 
Cleveland, and died, 1742, leaving no iflue. — Elizabeth, born 
in 1 7 10, in September^ i738> married William Murray, novv 
Earl of Mansfield, died April 10, 1784. — Margaret, died un- 
married. Befides thefe, his Lordfiiip had ten other children 
who died infants, and (even more that were ftill-born. 

(7:th Earl of \V. third Earl of N.) Daniel, on the firft of 
January, 1730, fuccecded his father. In December, 1729^ his 
jf.or4niip marrieti Frances Fielding, fifter to William, Earl of 


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Penbigh, by whom he had one daughter, Charlotte, born July 
7, 1 731. The Countefs died in September, 1732. He married 
fecondly, the 19th of January, 1738, Mary, one of the daugh- 
ters and co-heirs of Sir Thomas Palmer, of Wingham, in Kent, 
Bart, by whom, who died 1757, he had iffue, Heneage, born in 
December, 1741, married Aug. 3, 1778, to Sir George Oftorne, 
Bart, of Cheekfands in Bcdfordihire.— Effex, born January i, 
1746. — Hatton, born Feb. 23, .1747. — Augufta, born in Feb. 
1751. — And Mary.— Frances.— Anne, and Georgiana, who 
died young. And his Lordfhip deccafing Auguft 2, 1769, was 
fucceeded by his nephew, 

(8th Earl pf W. 4th Earl of N.) George, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Vifcount Maidftone, July 8, 1623, 21 Jac. L 
Earlof Winchelfca, July 12, 1628, 4 Car. I. Baron Fitz-Her- 
bert of Eaftwell, in the county of Kent, June 26, 1660, ^2 
Car. IL Baron Finch, of Daventry, Jan. 10, 1673, 25 Car. 
n. and Earl of the county of Nottingham, May 12, 168 1, 
33 Car. II. 

Arms.] Jrgentj a chevron between three gryphons pafTant, 
fegreant, fobU. [Plate, XL] 

Crest.] On a wreath v^ flying horfe, argent, winged, mandd, 
and ducally gorged, or. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a flying horfe, as the Creft. 
On the finifter a gryphon, fab/e^ alike gorged, argent. 

Motto J Nil confdre Jibi. Free from guilt. 

Chief Seats.] At Burleigh, in Rutlandfliire; at Round-, 
ftpne, in Buckinghamlliire ; and at Eaftwell, Kent. 


'pHE Right Hon. PHILIP STANHOPE, Earl of CHES^ 
TERFIELD, Baron Stanhope of Shelford; was born Nov. 
10, 1755, fucceeded to tliefe honours on the death of Philip- 
Dormer, the late Earl, March 24, 1773; married Sept. 16, 
1777, Anne, daughter of Thomas. Thirtieth way te, D. D. of 
Norman Court in Hamplhire, by whom he has had three ftill- 
born children, 

This family, who took its name from the town of Stanhope, 
in the Biflioprick of Durham, fettled in Nottinghamfliire. Sir 
Richard de Stanhope, living in the reign of King Edward ITI. 

married Alice, daughter and heir of Hought, and left iflfiie 

Sir John his heir, and Richard. 

Sir John married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Stephen 
Maulovel, and by her had a fon. 

Sir Richard, who was Knight of the B-^thj^ and died in 
U36» He married firft Joan, daughter of Robert de Swvelcy, 

N ^ an4 

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and had iflue, Richard, Thomas, Tames, Elizabeth, and Agnct 
married to Sir Robert Strelley. He married fecoi^dly, Maud^ 
niece and heir to Ralph, Lord Cromwell, by whom he had a Ton 
Henry, who died without iffue; and two daughters, heirs to 
tlieir brother, viz. Maud, married firft, to Robert, Lord Wil- 
loughby of Erefby ; fecondly, to Sir Thomas Nevile ; thirdly, 
to Sir Gcrvafe Clilton, Knt. who wa§. taken prifoner at the battle, 
of Tewkefbury, and behejlded in the Market-place there, but 
had no iffue by any of her hufbands. Joan, her fifler, married 
Humphry Bourchier, (3d fon to Henry, the firft Earl of Effex), 
who was thereupon fummonedto Parliament by the title of Lord 
Cromwell, but left no iffue. 

Richard, eldeft fon of Sir Richard, married Ifabel, or 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Markham, Knt. and dying the, 
ai of March, 1432, leift a fon 

John, who married Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Thomas Tal- 
bot, and had two fons, Thomas, his heir ; and Henry of Stoke^ 
in the county of Lincoln, whofe fon Edmund left an only 
daughter Margaret, married to Thomas Skcffington, Efa. 

Thomas, the eldeft fon, •married Mary, daughter to Edward 

Jernegan, Efq. and by her had Sir Edward Stanhope, Knt.^ 
ledied on the 6th ot June, 151 2. By his fecond wife, Eli- 
zabeth, daughter to Foulke, Lord Fitzwarren, he had only a 
daughter Anne, who was fecond wife of Edward Seymour, Duke . 
of Somerfet ; but the faid Sir Edward Stanhope, by his firft wife 
Avelina, daughter of Sir Gervafe Clifton, had two fons, Richard, 
and Sir Michael ; which Richard marrying Anne, daughter and 
heir to John Strelley, grandfon of Sir Robert Strelley, and 
Agnes Stanhope, before-mentioned, by her had a daughter namedi 
Saunchia, who was married to John Bobington, Efq. but having 
no male iffue, * n 

Sir Michael became the chief of the family, and was 
Jcnighted by King Henry VIIL and afterwards obtained a grant 
to himfelf and his heirs male, of the manor and reftory of Shel- 
ford, in the county of Nottingham, and divers others ; and 
Northmulkham, in that county; as alfo ihofe of Rowjeby 
and Nefiborough, in the county of Lincoln ; and of Elvefton^ 
and Oakbroke, in the county of Derby. He was chief Gentle- 
man of the Privy-chamber to King Edward VL and in the firft 
year of his reign, was one of the Knights of the Shire for the 
county of Nottingham: When the ruin of his brother-in-law, 
the-Duke of Somerfet^ was proje6ked, he was imprifoned, and. 
on the evidence of one Crane, found guilty of confpiring the 
death of a Privy Counfel lor, and was executed on To\^cr-Hin, 
February 26, 1552, with Sir Thomas Arundel, Sir Ralph Vane, 
&c. who ended their lives with the moft folemn proteftations of 
their innocence. He married Anne, daughter to Nicholas 
Rawfton, Efq. by whom he had Sir Thomas* — Eleanor, married 

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to Thomas Cooper, Efq. — Sir Edward. — Julian, married to 
John Otham, Efq. — John. — Jane, married firft to Sir Roger 
Townlhend ; and fecondly, to Henry, Lord Berkeley. — Mar-» 
^aret.- — William. — Edward. The three laft died in their in-^ 
fancies. John, their third fon, was feated at Harrington, in tha 
county of Northampton, and on the 4th of May, 1605, 3 JaCt 
1. was created Lord Stanhope, of Harrington ; and marrying 
Margarpt, daughter to Henry Mac-William, Efq. by her had 
two daughters ; Elizabeth, married to Sir Lionel Talmafh ; and 
Catharine, to Robert, Vifc. Cholmondeley ; pnd an only fon 
Charles, who was made Knight of the Bath; having marrie4 
Dorothy, filter to Edward Barrett, Earl of Newburgh, an4 
dying without iflue in 1677, the Barony became extin6t, 

Sir Ti^OMAs, who fucceeded, married Margaret, daughtet^ 
and co-heir to Sir John Port, and by her had John, Thomas^ 
and Edward; and a daughter Anne, married to John Holies, 
Earl of Clare, and dying on the 3d of Aug. 1596, 

Sir John, his heir, fucceeded to the eftate, and died in i6io» 
He married firft Cordel, daughter and heir to Richard Allington^ 
Effq. by Joan his wife, fifter and btir to Sir William Cordell^ 
by whom he had Philip, his heir. He married to his fecond 
wife, Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Trentham, Efq. by whom 
he had feveral daughters, of whom Jane, married firft, Sir Petey 
Courtene, Bart, and fecondly, to Francis, Vifc. Valentia; aifa 
two fons, Sir John, who was feated at Elvefton, in Derbyfliire> 
from whom the prefent pari of Harrington is defcended; andl 
William, who w;is father of Sir William Stanhope, of Linby, 
in that county, who die4 without iffpe, and left his eftate to. tho 
}£arl of Harrington. 

(ift Earl.) Philip, eldeft fon and heir of Sir John, waa 
created Baron Stanhope, and Earl of Chefterfield. By his fecond 
wife, Anne^ daughter to Sir John Packington, and widow of 
Humphrey Ferrers, he had an only fon Alexander, from whon^ 
^8 defcended Philip, now Earl Stanhope. By his firft wife, 
Catharine, daughter to Franci?, Lord Haftings, fon and heir to 
George the 4th Earl of Huntingdon, he had eleven fons, and 
two daughters ; Sarah, married to Sir Richard Hoghton ; 
and Elizabeth, to Edward D*Arcy. Of the fons, Arthur, 
the youngeft w^s anceftor of the prefent Earl« He mar-% 
ried Anne, daughter to Sir Henry Salift>ury, Bart, by whonx 
he had Charles, his heir, whofo wife was Frances, only 
daughter to Sir Francis Topp, Bart, and by her had five fons 5 
and twcjr daughters, Catharine, and Elizabeth. The fons were, 
Franci^ who died without iffue ; Henry ; Michael, D. D. j Philip J 
^nd Charles, the father of Arthur Stanhope, married Jan. 23^ 
1784, Mifs Thiftlethwayt, fifter tp the Countefs of Chefterfield^ 
Mrchacl, D. D. the third fon, was. Canon of Windfor, and 
4i^d July 8y 1736^ leaving .iffue by Penelope, daughter of Sit 

N ^ Sftlatbidl 

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Salathiel Lovell, four fons, Arthur-Charles, the cMeft foB, 
married firft, November, 1740, Mary, daughter of St. Andrew 
Thomhagh, of Ofberton, in Nottinghamihiice, Efq. and (he 
died without iffue, in March> 1748. He married fecondly, 
Aug. 25, 1750, Margaret, daughter of Charles Headlam, Elq. 
of Kirkby in York/hire, and by her, who died in Jan. 1764^ 
had iffue, i. Philip, who died young, t. Philip, now Earl of 
Chefterfield, who fucceeded in 1773. 3* Margaret, born June 
10, i754» and married December 26, 1776, William Smelt, Efq, 
His third wife, whom he married March 2> 1767, was Frances, 
daughter to— Broade, of Derby, Efq. and the faid Arthur- 
Charles died in March, 1770, but had no iffue by this third wife, 
who married March, 1782, the Rev. Mr. Biglby. — Sir Thomas. 
Stanhope, Knt. fecond fon of Dr. Stanhope, died in March, 
1770, aged 53, unmarried. — Fcrdinando, the third fon of Dr., 
Stanhope, married, on the 8th of March, 1742, to Mifs Mary 
Philips, of Chippenham in Wilts, by whom he has, i. Penelope,^ 
born in Auguft, 1743. 2. John, born in September i744« 3. 
Charles, an officer in the army, born Jan. 1745, and died Aug. 
6, 1767. 4. Mary, born in March, 1746. 5. Thomas, horn 
in 1748, died an infant. 6. Michael, born in July, 1750. 7. 
Arthur, born in Oftober, 1752. — Lovell Stanhope, the 4th foa 
of Dr. Stanhope, died unmarried, Sept. i, 1783. 

Of the other fons of Philip, Earl of Chefterfield ; Philip was, 
flain at Shelford-houfe, in the time of the civil war. — Fcr- 
dinando in a ftiarp fight at Bridgford. He married Letticc, 
daughter of Sir Humphry Ferrers, and left iffue feven children; 
I. Anne. 2. John, the eldeft. 3. Edward. 4. William. 5. 
Michael. 6. Thomas. 7. George ; all died young. — Charles, 
5th fon, married a daughter of Dr. Bayley, and died without 

Henry, the fecond fon, became heir apparent; he was a 
Knight of the Bath ; but dying in 1634, in his father's life- 
time, left iffue by Catharine, ^eldeft daughter and co-heir to 
Edward, Lord Wotton; Philip, fucceffor to his grandfather; a 
daughter of her name, who married William, Lord Allington ; 
and a daughter Mary, who died unmarried. Catharine, their: 
mother, was on the 29th of May, 1 2 Charles II. advanced to 
the dignity of Countefs of Chefterfield, for her natural life, and 
hei; daughters to have precedency as Earls daughters; and mar- 
rying to her fecond hufcand, Poliander Kirkhoven, Lord of Hem- 
fleet in Holland, ftie had a fon Charles-Henry, and died April 
9, 1677 ; which fon was created a Baron of this realm, by the 
title of Lord Wotton, of Wotton in Kent, by letters patent; 
dated Auguft 31, 1650, and was naturalized in Sept. 1660, with 
his fifter Emeline, who died unmarried; he was alfo created 
Earl of Bcllamont in Ireland, and dying without iffue, left his 
eft ate to Charles Stanhope, younger ion of his half-brother, 


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iPbilip, Earl of Chefterfield, who thereupon took the name of 

(2d Earl.) Philip, who in 1656, fucceeded his grandfather, 
married firft, Anne, eldeft daughter to Algernon, the roth Earl 
of Northumberland, by whom he h^da fon Algernon, who died 
in his infancy ; and by his fecond wife, Elizabeth, daughter to 
James Butler, the firft Duke of Ormond, he had a fon Henry, 
who died an infant; and a daughter of her name, who married 
John, Earl of Strathmore; but marrying a third wife, Elizabeth, 
eldeft daughter to Charles Dormer, Earl of Caernarvon, by her, 
wl^o died 167^, h^d two fons and Jtwo daughters. His Lordfliip 
died on the 28th of Jan. 17 13, aged 80 years and two months* ^ 
Of ;he daughters, Mary, bom 1664, married to Thomas Coke 
of Melbourne, Efq. and died 1703. Catharine, born i675,v 
married to Godfry Clark, Efq. and died 17 28. The fons were 
Philip and Charles ; the latter, ^hp changed his name for that of 
Wotton, as above mentioned, married Jane, daughter of Gilliertr 
Thatcher, Efq. and died without iffue, in 1703. His Lady;^ 
married fecondly, Thomas Stanhope of Elvefton, Efq. 

(3d Earl.) Philip, who in 1713 fucceeded his father, married 
1 69 1, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir to George Savile, Mar- 
quis of Halifax, by Gertrude, daughter of William Pierpoint, 
of Thorefby, and $y her had four fons and two daughters ; of 
which (iertrude, on the i6th of April, 1724, married Sir* 
Charles Hotham, and died April 17, 1775 ; and Elizabeth mar- 
ried Samuel Hill, Efq. but died on the 24th of November 1727, 
in the 24th yea.r of her age, without iffue. The fons were, 
Philip-Dormer, his fucceflor. — Sir William. — John. — and 
Charles. The latter was born September 6, 1708, died un- 
Oiarried the 20th of February, 1736.— John was born January- 
5, 1705, and died unmarried in December, 1748. — Sir William, 
bom July 20, 1702, married firft, Margaret, daughter to John 
R\idge, Efq. merchant of London; flie died in Oftober, 1740, 
l^y whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, married to Welbore 
Ellis, Efq. and died Auguft i, 1761. Sir William married 
fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John Crawley, Efq. Alderman 
q{ London, who died February, 1746, leaving no iffue. He 
married thirdly, 06lober 6, 1759, -Anne Huffey, fifter to Sir 
Francis Blake Delaval, Knt. and he dying May 7, 1772, flic 
married fecondly, Captain Morris. 

(4th Earl.) Philip, the eldeft fon, born 22d of September, 
1695, on the 27th of January, 1726, fucceeded his father, and 
qn the 15th of September, 1733, ™^rried Melofina, Countefs 
of Walfingham, ip the county of Norfolk, and Baronefs of 
Aldborough in the county of Suffolk, in her own right ; who 
died without iffue, September 16, 1776, when her titles became 
c^xtindl:. His Lordfliip died March 24, 1773, without iffue, and 

the honours devolved on 

V. .... .... ^^^^ 

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(5th Earl.) Philip, the prefent Earl, being the grandfon of 
Michael Stanhope, D. D. third fon of Charles, only furviving 
fon of Arthur, the youngeft fon of the firft Earl of Chefter- 

Creations.] Created Bpron Stanhope bf Shelford, in the 
county of Nottingham, November 7, 16 16, 14 Jac. I. and 
Earl of Chefterfield, in th^ county of Derby, Auguft 4, i628> 
4 Charles I. 

Arms.] Quarterly, ermine znd gules,. [Plate XL] 

Crest.] On a wreath a tower, argent, with a demi-lion 
rampant, iiTuing from the battlements, or, crowned ducally, 
gules, and holding between his paws a granade firing;, proper* 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a wolf, or, crowned witl^ 
^ ducal coronet. On the finifter a talbot, ermine. 

Motto.] Exitus aila probata The end proves the a£tion. 

Chief Seats.] At Bretby, in Derbyfhire ; at Shelford, la 
Nottinghamfhire ; at Blackheath, in Kent ; and Eythropc^ ii\ 


THANET, Baron Tufton, Hereditary Sheriff of Wcft^ 
joioreland and Cumberland; Lord of the honour of Skipton,; 
in Craven ; wa,s born June 30, 1769; unmarried ; fucceeded h\% 
father, who died April 10, 1786. 

Of this famtily, which originally aflumed its furname from a 
p^ace called Toketon (but pf late Tufton) in the pariih of Nor- 
diham, in Suflex, was 

JOHK Tufton of Hothfield, in Kent, Efq. Sheriff of that 
<jounty in the 4th of Elizabeth, who married Mary, daughter 
to Sir John Baker, and by her had a daughter Cecily, married 
to Sir Thomas Sandes, Kht. and 

Sir John his heir, who was created a Baronet by James L and 
died April 2, i624« He married firft, Olympia, daughter to. 
Chriftopher Blower, of Raynham, in Kent, Efq. by whom he 
had three daughters , Anne, married to Francis Thrcfham, Efq^ 
— Elizabeth^ who died young. — Margaret, married to Sir Tho- 
xnas Carril. By his fecond lady, who was Chriftian, daughter 
to Sir Humphrey Brown, he had fix fons and four daughters. 
Cecily, married firft, to Sir Edward Hungerford, and next ta 
Francis, Earl of Rutland. — ^Mary, to Henry Conftable, ViCc 
Dunbar.— -Anne and Elizabeth both died young. The fon^ 
Were, Sir Nicholas. — ^John,. died unmarried. — Sir Humphrey^ 
created a Baronet Dec. 24, 1641. He married Margaret, daugh- 
ter of Herbert Mprley, Efq." and had a fon, Sir Joha Tufton >- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


mho married firft, Maicgaret, third daughter and co-heir of Tho- 
mas, Lord Wotton ; and fecondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Jaine^ 
Althain; but died without iffue, Odk. 14, 1685. — ^Richard, who 
m^ried Chryfqgon, daughter of Herbert Morley above-m^a- 
tipned, by whpm he had John, his heir, father of Sir Richard 
Tufton, who died withom iffue ; and a daughter Mary, married 
tx) Sir Robert Huddleilon.— Sir William, died in 16^0* — ^Tho- 
mas, died unmarried. 

(ift Earl.) Nicholas, the eWeft, was by K, Charles I. cre- 
ated Baron Tufton and Earl of Thanet. He married Frances, 
daughter to Thomas, the firft Earl of Exeter, and had four fons ; 
"^Viliiam, who died young.r— John, his heir .-rr Nicholas, who 
died an infant — And Cecil, who left iffue Sir ^ Charles. This 
£arl had alfo nine daughters ; Elizabeth, married to Sir Edward- 
leering.— Dorothy, to Sir Ralph Aslheton. — Mary, to Sir Ed- 
ward Bilhopp. — Diana, to Robert Corfon, Efq.— -Chriftian, to 
liam Milward. — Frances and Cecilia died unmarried. — Anne and. 
Alice died young* 

(2d Earl.) John, who on the ift of July, 1632, fucceedcd hi» 
father, married Margaret, daughter to Richard. Sackville, the 
third Earl of Dorfet, (by Anne, Baronefs Clifford) and had fi3; 
fons and fix daughters ; whereof Anne* died young. — Margaret* 
was married to George, the third Lord Coventry. — Frances, to 
Henry Drax, Efq. — Cecily, to Chriftopher, the firft Vifc. Hat- 
ton. — Mary, to William Walter, Efq. — Anne, to Samuel Grim* 
fton, Efq^ The fons were, Nicholas*— John. — Richard. — Tho- 
mas. — Sackville. — -George. 

(3d Earl.) >fiCHOLAS, the eldeft, on the 6th of May, 1664^ 
Succeeded his father in his honours. He married Elizabeth, 
third daughter to Richard Boyle, the 2d Earl of Cork and Bur- 
Vmgton; but dying on the 24th of November, 1679, without 

(4th Earl.) John, his next brother, became heir ; and on the 
14th of Auguft, 1676, fucceeded his mother in the Barony 
of Clifford; and in 1678, fucceeded his coufin Alathea, daugh- 
ter of James, the third Earl of Northampton ; and he dying 
on the 27th of April, 1680, unmarried, the honour devolved 

(5th Earl.) Richard, the third fon ; who dying on the 8th 
of March, 1684, unmarried, the honours defcended to 

(6th Earl.) Thomas, the fourth fon, who married Catharine 
Cavendifli, fourth daughter to Henry, Duke of Newcaftle, and 
by her, (who died April 20, 17 12,) had three fons and -five 
daughters; Catharine, married in April, 1708, to Edward 
Watibn, Vifc. Sondes, eldeft .fon to Lewis, Earl of Rockmg- 
ham, and died Feb. 1734. — Anne, married in Feb. 1708, to 
James, Earl of Salifl>ury, and died in March i757« — Mary^ 
inarri^ .firft iu Aprils 17x8^ to Aathony, Earl Harold, fon to 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Henry, Duke of Kent ; and fecondly, to John, Earl Gower, 
teing his third wife.— Margaret, (to whom, and her heirs, hi& 
IMajefty was pleafed, Auguft 13, 1734, to confirm the Barony 
of CLIFFORD) in July, 17 18, married to Thomas Coke, late 
Earl of Leicefter. — Ifabella, married firft, the Lord Naflau 
Powlett; and fecondly, to Sir Francis-Blake Delaval. The 
ions wcrcf John, Thomas, and John ; they all died the day they 
were born, and their father dying July 30, 1729, without iffue 
male, we come to 

Sackville, the fifth fon of John, the fecond Earl. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter to Ralph Wilbraham, Efq. and had 
fii^ fons; and fix daughters, all deceafed. Of the fons, John, 
the eldeft,'died an infant. — John, the third, died Sept. 22, 1727, 
4ged 34. — Wilbraham, fourth fon, died November 20, 1754- 
-^—Richard, fifth fon, and Thomas, fixth fon, both deceafed; 
and their father dying on the 30th March, 1721, in the 74th 
year of his age, was fucceeded by 

(7th Earl.) Sackville his 2d fon, who fucceeded Thomas, 
bis uncle, as Earl of Thanet. He was born May 11, 1688, and 
having married, on the nth of June, 1722, Mary, youngeft 
qf the two daughters and co-heirs to William, Marquis of Ha- 
lifax ; by which lady, who died July 30, 1751, had iffue two 
fons, John, Lord Tufton, who died in the 9th year of his 
^g^> Juj^e 3> I734* — Sackville; and two daughters; Mary, 
born May 14, 1723, married Sept. 5, 1763, Sir William Dun- 
can, Bart* and Charlotte, born Sept. 1728. His Lordihip died ' 
Dec, 4, 1753, ^^^ fucceeded by his only fon 

(8th Earl.) Sackville, born in Aug. 1733? married Aug« 
30, 1767, Mary, daughter of the late Lord John Sackville, fe- 
cond fon of Lionel, Duke of Dorfet, and fifler to the prefent 
Duke, by whom (who died Sept. 1778) he had Sackville, the 
prefent Earl. — Charles, born Sept. lOjj 1770. — John, bom 
Nov. 22, 1773, who died June 30, 1786.— Henry, born Jan. 
2, 1775. — William, born Nov. 16, 1777.— Elizabeth, born 
May 2, 1768. — Caroline, born Odi. 8, 1771. His Lordfhip. 
dying April 10, 1786, was fucceeded by his fon 

(gth Earl.) Sackville, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Tufton of Tufton, in the 
co\inty of Suffcx, Nov. i, 1626, 2 Car% L Earl of Thanet, an, 
ifle in the county of Kent, Aug* 5, 1628, 4 Car. L 

Arms.] Sable^ an eagle difplayed, irminey within a border^ 
aj^gent. [Plate XL] 

Crest.]- On a wreath, afea-lion, fejant, proper. 

Supporters.] Two eagles, their wings expanded, ermine^ 

Motto.] Flcl pao cicfdichado. Unhappy yet faithful. 

Chief Seats. 1 At Hothficld, in Kent;' and at Ncwbottle^ 
in Northamptonfiiirc. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t X89 3 


I^HE Rieht Hon. JOHN MONTAGU, Earl of SAND^ 
•*• WICH, Vifcount Hinchingbrbke, Baron Montagu of St* 
Neots, in Huntingdonfliire; born Nov. 3, 1 7 1 8, fucceeded E(i- 
Ward, the late Earl, his grandfather, Oft. 20, 1729. HisLord- 
fliip married Judith, daughter of Charles, firft Vifcount Fane, of 
the kingdom of Ireland, March 7, 1742; by whom he has had 
iffue, John Vifcount Hinchinbroke, born Jan. 26, 1744, and 
married March i, 1766, Elizabeth, daughter to the late Earl of 
Halifax; by whom he had a fon John- George, born April 

1, 1767; and a daughter Caroline, born May 18, 1768, who 
died July, 1782. Her Ladyihip died July i, 1768; and his 
Lordinip married fecondly, April 25, 1772, to Mary, eldeft 
daughter to the Duke of Bolton, by wham, (wlio died Marcli 
31, 1779?) ^^ hadiflue, i. George-John, born March 5, 1773. 

2. Mary, born Feb. 27, 1774. 3« Henrietta-Sufanna, born Nov. 
23, 1775, who died young. 4. Francis-Charles, born Jan. 8, 
1778, who died June 13, 1780.— Edward-Montagu, born June 

fo, 1745, died Nov. 2, 1752. — William- Auguihis, born in- 
*eb. 1752, and died at Lifbon in Jan. 1776, unmarried. — Mary^ 
born Feb. 23, 1748, died June 25, 1761. 

This being a branch of the family of Montagu, and its de- 
fcent fet forth under the title of Duke of Manchefler, .we ihall 
here only go back to 

Sir Edward Montagu, of Boughton, who had eight fons, 
of whom Edward fucceeded him, and was created Baron Mon- 
tagu, of Boughton ; and 

Sir Sidney, the youngeft, married Paulina, third daughter to 
John Pepys, Efq. and had two fons, and a daughter Elizabeth, 
married to Sir Gilbert Pickering ; Henry, his eldeft fon, died 

(ift Earl.) Edward, his fucceflbr, who obtained the fole 
command of the Englifli Navy, and delivered up the whole fleet 
to King Charles II. and for that fervice he was created Baron 
Montagu, of St. Neots, Vifcount Hinchingbroke and Earl of 
Sandwich. He was like^Vife Lord High-Admiral of England; 
but on the 28th of May, 1672, he loft his life in the great fea- 
fight againft the Dutch, off South would-Bay, in the 47th year 
of his age. He married Jemima, daughter to John, Lord Crewe, 
of Stene, and had fix fons, and four daughters ; Jemima, was 
married to Sir Philip Carteret. — Paulina, fecond daughter, die4 
unmarried. — Anne, third daughter married firft. Sir Richard 
Edgecumbe, and fecondly, Chriftopher Montagu, Efq. — Catha- 
trne, married firft, Nicholas Bacon, Efq. and fecondly, the 
Rev. Mr* Gardemau, and died Jan, 15, 1757, aged 96. The 
/ fons 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

igb 'fe A R L ^ P S A N b W i C H* 

Tons were, Edward His fucceflbr.-^idncy^, fecdhd fdh, married 
Anne, daughter and heir of Sir Francis Wortley, and changed 
his name to Wortley ; he had iffnc two foiTs, Francis, who died 
Ikifore his father; and Edward. Their father dying on the nth 
X3{ November, 1727, aged 78, was fuccC^edcd by EdWard his fc- 
xoitd, and only furyiving fon, who married Mary Plerpoint, 
eldeft daughterto Evelyn, Duke of Kingfton, by Whorh he had 
a fon Edward, who died without iflue in 1776 ; and a daughter 
Mary, theprefent Baronefs Mbuntftuart ; married to John, Earl 
of Bute. — Oliver, third fon of the Earl of Sandwich, died un- 
married in 1693.— John, f^^^rth fon, was Dean of Durham, 
iand died unmarried irt Feb. I'fat). — Charles, fifth fon, firft mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Fofter, Efq. by whom he 
had an only fon James, who died in Nov, 1748, He married 

Tecondly, Sarah, daughter of Rogers, Efq. and dying in 

1721, left iffue; t, Edward. 2. John, a Lieut. Col. of Foot, 
\9ho died unmarried in Sept. 1^44; and 3. a daughter Jemima. 
' — James, 6th fon,. died unmarried. 

(ad Earl.) Edwar6, the eldeft fon, fucceeded hiis father, 
tmd died in Feb. 1689. He martied Anne, fourth daughter to 
Richard, Earl of Burlington, and had twd fonsj Edward his 
beir; land Richard, who died unmarried, April I9, I697, aged 
a6 ; artd a daughter Elizabeth, Avho died unmarried. 

(3d Earl.) Edward, fucceeded his father, and iiecl on this 
20th of O<ftober, 1729, aged 57. He married Elizabeth, fe- 
cond daughter to John Wilmot, Earl of Rochefter, and by her 
(who died July 2, 1757,) had a daughter j Elizabeth, who died 
an infant, anti, 

Edward-Richard, Vifcbunt Hiiichingbroke, his only fon, 
wht> died on the loth of May, 1722, had married Elizabeth, 
billy daughter to Alexander Popham, Efq. arid grand-daughter 
lof the firn Duke of Montagu. By her, who outlived him, and 
afterwards married Francis Seymour, Efq. and died in 17&1, had 
three fons; John, William, and Edward | and two daughters, 
Mary, who died young; and Elizabeth, born 171 ij married 
firft, in Sept. 1737, to Kelland Court^ney, Efq. by whom (he 
fcad iffue, one fon, and two daughters; William, the fon, was 
killed in Germany, 1761. Elizabeth, the eldeft dailighter, is 
now living, married to William Poyntz, Efq. by whom fhe has 
Jffue ; and Mary, the yourigeft, married to the prefent Earl of 
Corke, and Orrery of Ireland, by whom flie had iflue, and died 
Dec* 10, 1785. Their mother married fecondly, to Mr. Smith| 
the Comedian, by whom flie had no iffue, and died in 1762. 
Of the three fons, John was heir to his grandfather ; and Wil- 
liam, born 1720, (an officer in the fea-fervice,) married in 0<SI. 
1748, Mlfs Charlotte Nay lor, and had a fon William, and 
died on Feb. lO, i757,— Edward, born April 17, 1717, died 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

£AtiL ov ESSEJ^ igt 

f4th Earl.) John, fucceeded his grandfather* 

Creatioks.] Created Baron Montagu of St. Neots, Vifc* 
Hinchingbrolce, in the county of Huntingdon, and Earl of Sand^ 
wich, in the county of Kent, July 12, 1660, 12 Car. 11. 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft and fourth, argenty three lozenge^ 
conjoined in fefs, ^«/^j ; within a border, yi^/p ^ third and fourth, 
#r, an eagle difplayed,^ vert. [Plate XI.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, agryphon'sJieadcoupcd, ^, its beak 
and vflng^ffaBIe* 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a triton, holding over his 
tight flioulder a trident, all proper, his'ducal crown, or. On the 
finifter a parrot, with wings difclofed, vert^ 

Motto.] Po/i tot naufragla portutn. After fo many dangers 
I find a port. 

Chief Seat.] At Hinchingbrokc, in the county of Hun-* 


. Earl of ESSEX, Vifcount Maiden, and Baron Capel ot 
tiadham; born Oft. 7, 1732, fucceeded his fiather William, the 
late Earl, Jan. 8, 1743; and married Atig. i, 1754, Char-^ 
lotte, daughter of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Knight of 
the Bath; by whom he had Elizabeth, born Aug. 10, 1755^ 
^d married July 18, 1777, Lord Monfon. — George, Vifcount 
Maiden, born Nov. 13, 1758, married June 6, 1786, Mifs Ed-» 
ward Stephenfon. — Frances, born July 14, 1759; and died with 
the Countefs, her mother, July 19, 1 759. He married fecondly^ 
March 3, 1767, Harriet, daughter of Colonel Thomad Bhaden^ 
by whom he has had a ftill-born f6n, Jan. 5, 1768.— John-Tho- 
feas, bom March 2, 1 7 69«— Thomas-Edward, born March 
i5, 1770.— William-Robert, born April 28, i775.---Bladen-i 
Thomas, born Augis 25, 1776. 

The firft that laid the foundation for fupporting tlie honoui' 
Vrhich afterwards his defcendants obtained, was 

Sir William Capel, who was Ldrd Mayoi of London, an<i 
defcended fr6m an ancient family, Lords of the manor of Capel^ 
in Suffolk, fdr many ages. He married Margaret, daughter of 
§ir Thomas Arundel, and had a fon Giles, and two daughters; 
Elizabeth, married to William Powlett, the firft Marquis of 
Winchcfter ; arid Dorothy, to John, Lord Zouch. Sir Wil- 
liam dying in 1509, was fucceeded by 

Giles, who married firft, Mary, daughter of Richard Rofs, 

]£f(|. by whom he had no ifiue* m marrkd fecotidly, Ifabel, 

I 4»Ugh- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

rg^ E A R t or ESSEX;; 

daughter to Si^Thomas Newton, and by her had a dau|^ter^ 
married to Robert Ward, Efq. alfo two fons, 

Sir Henrv, his heir, who married Anne, daughter of Georgei 
Lord Roos, by whom he had no iflue, and 

Sir Edward, fucccflbr to his brother, who by Anne, daugh- 
ter to Sir William Pelham, had two fohs, Sir Henry and Giles; 
and four daughters ; Elizabeth, married to Thomas Wentworth, 
Efq. — Anne, to Edward Halfhidc, Efq. — Mary, to Wifton 
Brown, Efq, — Grace, to John Burton, Efq. 

Sir Henry fucceeded his father, and married firft,' Mabel, 
daughter to Anthony Brown, Vifc. Montague. His fecond wife^ 
was Catharine, fourth daughter to Thomas, the firft Earl of 
Rutland, and by her he had fix fons, and three daughters; 
Frances, was married to Sir John Shirley. — Mary, to Hum- 
|Arey Mildmay, Efq. — Agnes, died unmarried. Of the fons, 

Sir Arthur, the eldeft, fucceeding his father, married Mary^ 
ilfter to Henry, Lord Grey of Groby, and by her had eleven 
fons and eight daughters ; Mary and Margaret died unmarried. 
Penelope, married Litton Pulter, Efq. — Anne, to Robert Chef- 
ter, Efq.— Catharine- Winifrede,* to Sir Thomas Bedell.— Eli- 
zabeth, firft, to Sir Juftinlan Lewen, and fecondly, to Ralph, 
Lord Hoptoun. — Anne, to Sir Richard Corbet. — Marjr, td 
Henry, Lord Lee. Of the fons. 

Sir Henry, the eldeft, dying in his father's life-time, left 
iflue hy Thcodofia, his firft wife, fifter to Edward, Lord Mon- 
tagu, a fon Arthur, and three daughters ; and by his fecond La- 
dy, who was Dorothy, widow of Sir Thomas Hofkins, he had a 
daughter Anne, married to Thomas Weftrow, Efq. The daugh- 
ters by the firft wife were, Elizabeth, married to Sir William 
Wifemaq, Bart. — Theodofia, to Edward Kemeys, Efq. — Mar-^ 
garet. The 

(ift Lord.) Arthur, fucceeding his grandfather, was created 
Lord Capel of Hadham, and was condemned by the Parliament, 
and beheaded the 9th of March, in 1649. ^^ married Eliza^ 
beth, daughter and heir to Sir Charles Morrifon, of Cafliio- 
berry, in the county of Hertford, by v/hom he had iflue, four 
fons, and four daughters ; Arthur, his fucceflTor.-*— Henry, who 
was created Lord Capel, of Tewkeft)ury, married Dorothy, daugh-» 
ter of Richard Bennet, Efq. but died without iflue. May 30, 
1696. — Edward. — Charles died unmarried.— Mary, firft mar- 
ried, to Henry, Marquis of Hertford. — Elizabeth, to Charles 
Dormer, Earl of Caernarvon. — Theodofia, to Henry Hyde, 
Earl of Clarendon. — Anne, to John Strangeways, Efq. 

(ift Earl) Arthur, who fucceeded his father, was created 
Vifcount Maiden and Earl of EflTex. He was accufed, amongff 
many others, of a defign to aflaflinate the King at Ryehoufe, and 
was lent prifoner to the Tower, where on the 13th of July, 16834 
he was found with his throat cut^ but not without fufpicion of 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

E A R L OP ES S E X. 193 

being murdcrtd. He married Elizabeth, daughter to Algernon, 
the tenth Earl of Northumberland^ and by her, who died in 
i7i8, had fix fons and two daughters, whereof only one fon^ 
and a daughter Anne, lived to maturity ; ihe married Charles^ 
Earl of Carlifle ; and 

(ad Ear,l.) Algernon, her brother, fucceeded his father, 
and died on the 10th of January, 1710. He married Mary 
Bentinck, eldeft daughter to William, Earl of Portland, and by 
her, who afterwards married to Sir Conyers d' Arcev, left Wil- 
iiam bis heir, and two daughters ; Elizabeth, firll married to 
Samuel Molineux, Efq. but he dying in April, 1728, Ihe, on the 
-17th of May, 1730, married Nathaniel St. Andre, Efq. and 
Mary, who married on the 7th of May, 1729, Allan Broderick, 
Vifc* Middleton in Ireland. 

(3d Earl.) William, born in 1697, who fucceeded his fa- 
ther, married on the 27th of November 17 18, to his firft wife 
Jane Hyde, daughter to Henry, Earl of Rochefter, and by her 
(who died Jan. 3, 1724) had iflue four daughters ; Carolina, 
bornSept.ao, 1719, who died young. — Jane, born 0<a. 20, 1720, 
died young. — Charlotte, born Oft. 2, 1721, married March 30, 
*752, to Thomas Villiers, late Earl of Clarendon, and has imie 
Mary, born Oftober, 30, 1722, married Auguft 26, 1758, to the 
late Admiral John Forbes. His Lordfhip, on the 3d of February, 
1726, taking to his fecond wife Elizabeth Ruffel, youngeft daugn- 
ter toWrotthefly, 2d Duke of Bedford, who died June 8th, 1784, 
by her had iflue; Elizabeth, born Nov. 7, 1726, who died young. 
— George, born January, 1728, who died young.— Diana, born 
February 22, 1729.— Anne, born May 13, 1730. — Amelia, bom 
September 9, 1731, and died young.-^William- Anne-HoUes, the 
pi«fent Earl. His Lordihipdeceafing on the 8th of January, 1743, 
was fucceeded by his only fon, ^ 

(4th Earl.) William-Anne-Holles, thc^refent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Capei, of Hadham, in the count j 
of Hertford, Auguft 6, 1641, 17 Car, I. and Vifc. Maiden, in 
the County of Efle^; and Earl of that county, April 20, i66i, 
13 Car. II. 

Arms.] Gulesy a lion rampant, between three crols croflet^ 
fitchy, er. \Plate^\.'\ 

Crest.] On a wreath, a demi-lion rampant, couped, or^ hold^- 
^ng in his paws a crofs croflet fitchy, ptUs. 

Supporters,] Two lions, or, ducally crowned,, gules. 

Motto.] Fide et fortltudlne. By faith and fortitude. 
- Chief Seat*} At Cafhiobcrry, in Hertfordlhiy^, 

; Vql^ I^ O HOWARD, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

[ »94 3 

THE Right Honourable FREDERICK HOWARD, Earl 
of CARLISLE, Vifcount, Howard of Morpethj Baroa 
Dacres of Gillefland, born May 28> 1748) fucceedcd ht3 father 
JHenry, September 4, 1758. His Lordfliip married, March 22, 
1770, Carolina) daughter of the prefent Marquis of Stafibr<i,-by 
whom be has iffue George, Lord Morpeth, born Sept. 17, i773»— • 
Carolina born Sept. 3, 177 1, married July 27, 1789, Mr. Camp- 
tell.— Charlotte, hotxi Nov. 15, 1 7 74* — Sufan-Maria, born Fcb« 
^6,1776, died Jan. 28, 1783. — Louifa, born March 30„i778, and 
died May, 1 78 1* — ^Another daughter, born Nov. 13, lySc*— 
William, born Dec. 25, 1 781. —Gertrude, born Jan. 30, 1783. 

The original defcent of this family is fet forth under the title 
of'Howarc^ Duke of Norfolk, ' 

Lord William Howard, third fon of Thomas, the fourth 
Puke of Norfolk, marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas 
]^rd Dacres of GUleflanay in her right became pofleCed of Na- 
worth-caftle, in the county of Cumberland, her father's diief 
feat, and by her had five fons, Sir Philip. — Sir Francis Howard, 
who married firft, Margaret, daughter of John Prefton, by whom 
he had a fon Thomas, flain at Atherton-Moor, June 30, 1643, 

Snmarried ; and a daughter Elizabeth, married to Edward Stan- 
i{h. He married fecondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Edward 
Widdrington, by whom he had three fons, Francis-Henry, Tho- 
mas, apd Henry ; and feveral daughters ; whereof Mary mar- 
ried Thomas Haggerfton, Efq. — Sir William died without iffuc. 
— Sir Charles married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Henry Wid- 
drington, and left iffue. — ^Thomas, who married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir WjUiam Euere* Lprd William had alfo three 
daughters; Mary, married to Sir John Winter.— E^zabeth, to 
Sir Henry Beddingfield. — Margaret, to Sir Thomas Cotton* 

Sir Phili?, the eldcft fon, dying in his father's life-titne, left 
iffue by Mary, daughter of Sir John Carrel, Sir William his heir| 
Johnj who died at twenty years of age ; and Philip, who was llain 
at Rowton^heath ; and two daughters ; Elizabeth, married to 
Bartholomew Fromoifd, Efq. and Alathea, to Thomas, the fecond 
Vifcount Fairfax, of Ireland. 

Sir William, who fucceeded, married Mary, cldeft daughter 
to William, Lord Euere of Wotton, and by her had five fons, 
William, who died in his father's life-time — Charles. — Philip. 
, — Thomas^ — ^Johnt And five daughters ; Mary, married to Sir 
Jonathan Atkin3»r--fElizabeth to Sir Thomas uower,— Catha- 
l^ine,to Sir John Lawfon^ — Frances, to Sir George Downing.— 
Margaret, to Alexander, the fecond Earl of Leven. 

(ift Earl.) Charles, who fucceeded his father, was created a 
Barop, Vifpoupt, w4 Earl, and died on the a4th of February, 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


1686, aged 56. He married Anne, daughter to Edward, Lord 
Howard of Efcrick, by whom he had Edward his heir.— Frede- 
rick-Chriftian, whowasflain at the fiece of Lutzemberg, 1684. 
And three daughters; Mary, man ied to Sir John Fenwick. — 
Anne, to Richard Grahnie, Vifc. Prefton.— Catharine, who die<{ 

(2d Earl.) Edward, who fucceedcd, married Elizabeth^ 
daughter to Sir William Uvedale (widow of Sir William Berke- 
ley) by her had three fons, and t;wo daughters ; all of whom died 
unmarried, except the eldeft fon, 

(jd Earl.) Charles,, who on the 23d of April, 1692, fuc- 
cccded him, and his Lordfhip marrying Anne", daughter of Ar- 
thur, the firft Earl of Eflex, by herhad two fons and three daugh- 
ters; Mary, who died 1786, married to Richard, late Vifc. Irwin, 
in Scotland. — Elizabeth- Anne the eldeft, firft to Nicholas, Lord 
Lechmere; tut he dying on the i8th of June, 1727, without 
iflue, his title became extindl ; and on the 25th of Odober, 
1728, her L^dyihip was married to Thomas Robihfon,Efg. who 
in 1730, was created a Baronet. She died in April, 1739. Of 
the fons, which were Henry, his heir ; and Sir Charles, Knt, of 
tlie Bath. 

(4th Earl.)' Henry, who was born in 1694, and fncceeded 
his father, Mav i, 1738, married Nov. 27, I7i7> Frances Spen- 
cer, only daugnter of Charles, third Ear^ of Sunderland, and by 
her, who died July 27, 1742, had iffue, Charles, who died in 
Auguft, 1741. — Robert^ died Od^oher 20, 1743, aged 19. — Henry, 
who died young. — Arabella, married in 1741, to Jonathan Cope, 
Efq. and died in 1746.— Diana, married January 8, 1749, to 
Thomas Duncombe, Efq. of Yorkfliirc, and died March i8» 
1770, leaving iflue two daughters. His Lordfliip married fe- 
condly, lune 8, i743> Ifabella, fifter of Lord Byron, by whom 
he had iffue, Frederick, the preient Earl. — Anne, born in 1774. 
— Frances born in 1745, married in April, 1768, to John Rad- 
cliffc, Efq. of Hitchin, in Hertfordfliiie, and died in 1783— 
Elizabeth, born in 1746, and married February 16, 1769, retcr 
Delme, Efq. who left her a widow, Sept. c, 1789, with four fons 
and one daughter. — ^Juliana, born May 10, 1747. TheCountefs 
their mother married, fecondly, December 1 1, 1750, Sir Richard 
Mufgrave, Bart, of Hayton Caftle, in Cumberland. His Lord* 
fliip dying Sept. 4, 1758, was fucceeded by his fon, 

(5tn Earl.) Frederic, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Dacres of Gillefland, in the 
county of Cumberland, Vifc. Howard of Morpeth, in the county 
of Northumberland, and Earl of Carlifle, in the county of Cum-^ 
bcrlahd, April 20, 1661, 13 Car. II. 

Arms.] Gulesy on a bend, between fix crofe croflcts fitche, 
argeni, aa cfcut^hepn, «r, charged v^ith ^ demi-Iion campant,: 

O 2 pierced 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


pierced through the mouth with an arrow, within a double 
trcflurc counterflory, gules i with a mullet for difference* 
[Plate XL] 

Crest.1 On a chapeau, gules^ turned up, ermine^ a lion 
guardant, his tail extended, or, gorged with a ducal coronet, 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion, argent, differenced 
by a mullet. On the finifter a bull, gules^ armed, unguled, du* 
cally gorged, and chained, or. 

MOTTO.] Voh non valeo. I am willing but not able. 

Chief Seats.] At Caftle-Howard, in Yo^kfhire;Naworth- 
Caftle, in Cumberland; and Morpeth-Caftle, in Northumber- 


THE moft noble Prince HENRY SCOT, Duke of BUG- 
CLEUGH, Earl of Dalkeith, Baron Scot of Bucclcugh 
and Eikdale; and a Peer of England bv the title of Baron Scot, 
ofTynedale, in Northumberland, and Earl of DONCASTER, 
in Yorkfliire, was born Sept. 2, 1746. 

F^ an account of this family^ fee the Duke •/'Bucdeugh, in tbc 
Peerage ^Scotland. 
Arms.] [Plate XH.] 


THE RijghtHon. ANTHONY AST LEY, Earl of 
SHAFTESBURY, Baron Afhley, of Winboumc St. 
Giles, Baron Cooper, of Powlett, born Sept. 17, ^761, and fuc- 
ceeded his father, the late Earl, May 27, 1771. His Lordfliip 
married July 17, 1786, Barbara, daughter of Sir John Webb, Bart, 
by whom he has iffue, a daughter Barbara, born 06k. 19, 1788. 

Richard Cooper, in the 23d Hen. VIIL purchafcd of Sir 
Amias Paulett, Knt. the Manor of Paulett, in Somerfetfhirc. 
He married Jane, daughter of Sir John Kingfmill, and had three 
fons, Sir John his heir ; George, and Sir Maurice, who both 
died without iffue ; and two daughters, Margaret, married to 
Thomas Prideaux ; and Gertrude, to Robert Broughton. He 
died May 8, 1566^ and was fucceedcd by his fon 

Sir John Cooper, who was advanced to the dignity of a Ba- 
ronet, 20 Tac. L married firft, Anne, daughter to Sir Anthony 
Aftiley, of Winbourne St. Giles, in the county of Dorfet, and 
liy her had two fons^ Sir Anthony and George. He married^ 


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f^ondlyi Mary, daughter of Baptift Hicks, Vifcount Camp- 
den, widow of Sir Charles Morrifon, which Lady furvivcd him 
without iffuc by him, who died March 03, 1631. 

(ift Earl.) Sir Anthony-Ashley Cooper, his cldeft fon, 
was created Lord Afhlcy, of Winbournc St. Giles; Lord Cow- 
pcr of Powlett, and Earl of Shafteftury; and oh the 17th of 
November, 1672, made Lord High Chancellor of England. He- 
married firft, Margaret, daughter to Thoma3, Lord Coventry ; 
fecondly, France$, daughter to David, third Earl of Exeter, oy 
whom ne had Anthony, his heir ; and laftly, Margaret, fiftcr of 
Henry, Earl of Sunderland, by whom he had no iffue. 

(2d Earl.) Anthony, who on the 22d of January, 1683, 
fucceeded him, married Dorothy, third daughter to John, the 
eighth Earl of Rutland, and had three fons and four daughters; 
Frances, the wife of Francis Stonehoufe, Efq. — Dorothy, the 
wife of Edward Hooper, Efq. and died May 4, 1749. — Eliza- 
beth, the wife of James Harris, Efq. and died in Jan. 1744 — and 
Gertrude died unmarried. The fons were, 

(3d Earl.) Anthony, John, and Maurice. John died in 
1693, unmarried; and the eldeft, born on Feb. 26, 1670, fuc- 
ceeded his father and died at Naples, Feb. 24, 1713; He mar- 
ried in 1709, Tane, daughter to Thomas Ewer, Efq. and by 
her, who died Nov. 23, 1751, left 

(4th Earl.) Anthony, who on the I2tli of March, 1725, 
married Sufan Noel, daughter to Baptift, the third Earl of 
Gainfborough, by whom he had no iffue. His Lady dying 
June 20, 1758, his Lordfliip married fecondly, March 16, 
' 7S9> Mary, iecond daughter to Jacob, Vifc. Folkftone, by whom 
he had Anthony Aflilcy. — Cropley Afhley, born E>ec. 21, 
1768. — Mary- Anne Afhley, born Dec. 30, 1766, married April 
12, 1788, Mr. Sturt. — Anthony. His LordflUp dying May 
27, 1 77 1, was fucceeded by his eldeft fon 

(5th Earl.) Anthony, the prcfent Elarl. 

Creations.] Created Baronet, July 4, i622> 20 Jac. L 
Baron Afhley, of Winbourne St. Giles, in the countr of Dorfet^ 
April 20, 1661, 13 Car. n. Baron Cooper ofPaulett, in the 
county of Somcrfet, and Earl ot^aftefl>ury, in the county of 
Dorfet, April 3, 1672, 24Car. Ir. 

Arms.] (Quarterly, firfl and fourth, argenty three bulls paf- 
(znt yfaile, armed and ungukd^ or, for Afhley; fecond and 
third, gu/esy a bend engrailed between fix lions rampant, or, for 
Cooper. [PlateXXlI.] 

Crest.] On a chapeau, gulesy turned up, ermine^ a bull paf- 
{ant, fabUy gorged with a mural coronet, and armed, or.^ 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a bull, fabUy .his ducal col- 
lar, or. On the finifter, a talbot^ azun^ gorged as the dexter. 

MpTTo.] Lavey fervu 

O 3 CHlEf 

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Chief, Seats.] At Winbourne Su Giles, in the county oC, 
Dorfet; and at Rockburn-houfe, in the county of Southamp- 


LEY, Earl of BERKELEY, Vifcount Durlley, Baron 
Berkeley, of Bcrkeley-Caftle, Mowbray, Segrave, and Brewcfc 
of Gowiir, born May 24, 1745, and nicceeded his father, Jan- 

This noble family is defcended from 

Robert Fitz-Harding, who obtained a grant of the Caftic 
and honour of Berkeley, (formerly the pouefllon of Roger dc 
Berkeley, whole mak line ceafed) from Henry, fon of Maud 
the Emprefs', whereupon his defcendants affumed the furname, 
which together with the CaflJe and Barony, continues in the 
male line to this day ; and to the faid Robert (who accompanied 
William the Noi-man Duke in his expedition into England, and 
"Was j;randfon to one of the Kings of Denmark) fucceeded 

Maurice Berkeley his fori; who married Alice, daughter of 
Roger de Berkeley, ofDurflcy. By the faid Alice he had fix 
fons, Robert, Thomas, Maurice, William, Henry, and Richard. 

Robert his heir, married two wives, but dying without iflVc 
May 13, 1219, was fucceeded by 

Thomas his brother, who married Joan, daughter to Ralph 
deSomerv, Lord of Campdcn, and dymg Nov. 29, 1243, ^^^^ 
iffue fix Ions, 

Maurice, Thomas, Robert, Henry, William, and Rich- 
ard ; the eldeft of whom married Ifabel, daughter to Maurice de 
Creoun, by whom he had iffue, Maurice, who was killed in a 
tournament, and 

Thomas his fucceffor, who ferved King Edward L andll. in 
their wars; and by Jane, daughter to William de Ferrers, Earl 
of Derby, had four fons; Maurice his heir, — John, Lord of 
Wymundham, in the county of Leicefter. — James, Biihop of 
JExcter.— William, and two daughters, who died young. 

(ift JLord/) Maurice, wh« fucceeded, married firft. Eve, 
daughter of tudo la Zouche, by whom he had Thomas his fuc- 
ceffor ; Maurice, John, Eudo, and Peter; alfo a daughter 
Ifabel', wife to Robert, the feventh Lord Clifford. He married 
fecondly, Ifabel, daughter of Gilbert dc Clare, Earl of Glou* 
ccfter, by whom he had no iffue. 

(2d Lord.) TrtoMAs, who fucceeded his fethcr, had the kccp- 
Fng of King Edward IL in his Caftle at Berkeley; but being 
thought too courteous to him, he was commanded to deliver 
l|jni^ together with the cuilody of his Caftle , to John, Lord 


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E ARL OF B ER K£L E Y. 199 

WTaltfdVerg,' and Thomas Gtimcy, whence the execrable mur- 
der of that unhappy monarch fucceeded. He died the 25th o^ 
£dward III. haying married firft, Maij^fet, fourth daughter ot' 
Robert Mortimer, Earl of March, aK widow of Robert Vere^ 
£arl of Oxford, by whom he had Maurice, Thomas, Roger, 
and Alpbonfus ; and a daughter Joan, married to Reginald, Lord 
Cobham. His fecond wife was Catharine, daughter of Sir John 
Clivedon, widow of Sir Peter le Veel, Knt. by whom he had 
Xhomas, Maurice, Edward, and John; of whom 

(^ Lord.) Maurice, his eldeft fon, by his firft wife, fuc* 
ceMed him. He married Elizabeth, daughter to Hugh le De- 
fpcnfer, and by her had four fons, 

(4th Lord.) TttoMAs, Sir Jaipes, John^ and Maurice; add 
three daughters, who died unmarried. Of the fons, the eldeft 
fucceeded, and married Margaret, daughter to Gerrard Warren, 
JoOtA Lifle, by whom he had an only daughter, Elizabeth, mar* 
Tied to Richard Beauchamp, Earl ot Warwick, but dying with- 
out iflue male, we return to 

Sir James his brother. He manied Elizabeth^ daughter and 
heir of Sir John Bloet, by whom .he had James his heir; and 
Maurice, who died without iflue ; which 

(5th Lord.) James alfo became heir to his uncle Thomas, 
and by virtue of a fpecial entail, enjoyed the Caftle and Lord* 
ihips of fierkelev. He was fummoned to Parliament among the 
Peers the 9th ot Henry V. an^ died the 3d of Edward VL He 
married firft, a daughter of Humphry Stafford, by whom he had 
ho iflbe; fecondly, Ifabel, daughter to Thomas Mowbray, 
Duke of Norfolk, and widow of Henry, fon and heir of William, 
Lord Ferrers, of Groby ; thirdly^ Joan, daughter of John Tal- 
bot, the firft Elarl of Shrewft>ury, by whom he had no iflue; and 
flic married fecondly, Edmund Hungerford, Efq. By his fe- 
toild wife ht had four fons, Sir William. — Sir Maurice.*— James, 
killed in France^ — and Thomas, from whom the Berkeleys of 
the counties of Worcefter and Hereford aredefcended ; alfo three 
daughters, -Elizabeth, married to Thomas Burdet^— Ifabel, mar- 
ried to Thomas Tryc, Efq. — and Alice, to Richard Arthur, Efq» 
Sir Maurice^ the fecond foti, had a daughter Joice, married to 
William Aftley, Efq. 

(6th Lord.) Sir William the eldeft, who fucceeded his fa« 
thcr, was on the 21ft of Aptil, 1481.* advanced to the dignity of 
Vifcount Berkeley; and on the 28th of June, 1483, created 
Earl of Nottingham. In 148 c, he was made Earl Marftial of 
England, and to the heirs male of his body; and was created 
Marquis of Berkeley. He married firft, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Reginald Weft, the firft Lord De la War, from whom he was 
divorced, without having any iflue; fecondly, Jane, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Strangeways, and widow of Sir William Wil- 
loaghby, Knt. by whom he had iflue Thomas and Catharine^ 

O 4 who 

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*oe E A R L CT F B E R.K E L E Yr 

who died young ; thirdly, Anne, daughter of John Fienne^ 
Lord Dacres of the South; who furviving him, married fe- 
Qondly, Sir Thomas Brandon, Knt. He died on the 14th of 
Feb. 1492, without ifTue, and taking occafion to except againft 
his brother, 

Maurice, as his fucccflbr, bec*tufe he had not married into 
a noble family, (flie being Ifabella, daughter to Philip Mead, 
^fq. then Alderman of the city ofBriftol) gave all his lands 
from him, particularly the Caftle of Berkeley, and thofe land? 
and Lordihips that were annexed to that ancient Barony, to 
King Henry VII. and the heirs male of his body, in remaiader 
to his own heirs, fo that Maurice enjoyed no part of the honour, 
but in time he recovered beft part of the lands which his brother 
had given from him ; and dying the 22d of Henry VII. left three 
fons, Maurice and Thomas, his fucceflbrs ; and James ; who 
left two daughters ; Mary, married firft to Sir Thomas Perrot, 
and fecondly, to Sir Thomas Jones ; and Anne, married to Sir 
William Dennis, of Durham. 

Maurice, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father, and in the 
14th of Henry VIII. had fummons to Parliament; but had not. 
the place of his anceftors, becaufe the Caftle of Berkeley re- 
mained to the crown, by virtue of the entail made by William 
his uncle. He married Catharine, daughter to Sir William 
Berkeley; but dying Sept. 12, 1523, without iffue, 
. Thomas, his brother, becameheir,' who married firft, Elea- 
nor, daughter of Sir Marmaduke Conftable, widow of John In- 
gleby, Efq. by whom he had no iffue ; fecondly, Cicilie, widovr 
of Etjichard Rowdon, Efq. by whom he had iffue Thomas ; 
and Maurice, who married Frances, daughter to the faid Rich- 
ard Rowdon, Efq. and had iffue'. Their father dying the 22d of 
Jan. 24 Henry VI IL was fucceeded by 

Thomas, his eldeft fon, who died Sept* 19, i534» He mar- 
ried firft, Mary, daughter of Georee, Lord Haftings, by whom 
he had no iffue ; fecondly, Anne, daughter to Sir John Savage, 
and by her had Henry, his heir ; and a daughter Elizabeth, who 
was married to Thomas Butler, the lOth Earl of Ormond. 

(7 th Lord.^ Henry, who fucceeded, by the death of King 
Edward VI. tne laft heir maleto King Henry VIT, came in po^ 
fjpffion of the Caftle of Berkeley, and all thofe other lands given 
to that King by Thomas, Marqui* of Berkeley, in prejudice of 
his brother Maurice, as before obfervcd; which I^rdfhips had 
been vefted in the crown 6 1 years. He likewife by the fame 
means poffeffed tlie ancient feat of his anceftors in Paxliament; 
and marrying firft, Catharine, daughter to Henry Howard, Earl 
of Surry,' by her had two fons, Thomas ; and Ferdinand, who 
died unmarried ; and four daughters; Frances, married Sir Geo* 
Shirley.— -Mary, married Sir John Zouch* His fecond wife 
was Jane, daughter of Sir Michael Stanhope, widow of Sir Ro- 

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ger Townfliend, by whom he had iro ifiue ; and died the 26th 
of November, 161 3» 

Thomas, the eldeft fon, dyiiig in his father's life-time, the 
a6th of November, 1610, left iffoc by Elizabeth, daughter to 
George Carey, the fecond Lord Hunfdon, George, who fucceed- 
cd his grandfather ; and Theophila, married to Sir Robert Coke. 

(8th Lord,) George, who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, fe- 
cond daughter and co-heir to Sir Mrclracl Stanhope, and had two' 
fons, and a daughter Elizabeth, married to Edward Coke, Efq. 
The fons were, Charles and George. The eldeft was drowned 
on the 27 th of January, 1641, in his paflage towards France ; 

(ift EarK) George, on the loth of Auguft, 1658, fucceeded, 
and in 1679, ^^*^^ created Vifcount Durfley, and Earl of Berkeley ; 
and died (J^ober 10, 1698. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Meffingberd, Efq. and left two fons, and fix daughters ; 
Elizabeth, Theophila, Arabella, Mary, Henrietta^, and Arethu fa 
fecond wife of Charles, Lord Clifford, eldeft fon of Richard, 
Earl of Burlington. Elizabeth married William Smith, Efq. 
—Theophila, firft to Sir Kingfmil Lucv, and fecondly, to Robert 
Nelfon, Efq.~Arabella, to William l^ulteney, Efq. being his 
fecond wife, by wliom he had three daughters. — Mary, to Ford, 
Earl of TankerviUe, and by him> who died June 5, 1701, had a 
daughter of her name, w^o married George Offulfton. The 
fons of George, Earl of Berkeley, were Charles, his heir, and 
George, who married Jane, daughter to George Cole, Efq. and 
dying in Oflober, 1694, left Elizabeth, his only child, who was 
married to John Brome, of Tuppinden, and died on the 9th of 
April, 1730. 

(2d Earl.) CHA.RLE9 was fummoned to Parliament on the 
lith of July, 1689, by the title of Lord Berkeley, of Berkeley ; 
and upon the death of his father he fucceeded him in the Earl- 
dom; but dying in Oftober, 17 10, left iffueby Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter to Baptift Vifc. Campden, four fons and three daughters ; 
Mary, Elizabeth, and Penelope. The latter died at Dublin, un- 
married; the fecond was married to Sir John Germain, and the 
eldeft married Thomas Chambers, of Hanworth, in Middlefex, 
Efq. The fons were, Charles, James, Henry, and George, who 
in 1725 married Henrietta, Countefs Dowager of Suffolk, and 
died in 1746.— Henry married Mary, only daughter to Henry 
Cornwall, Efq. and by her, who died the 25th of April, 1741, 
had two fons, Henry, a captain in the army, killed at the battle 
of Fontenoy, in 1741 ; and Lion Spencer, married to Margaret, 
daughter to Mr. James Whitfield, and had iflue two fons, Vel- 
. ters-Cornwall, and Henry Spencer. He died at Bath, in May, 
1736. Charles the eldeft dying in 1699, unmarried, 

(3d Earl.) James, the fecond fon, on the cth of March, 
^7^Si was fummoned by writ to the Ugufe of Peers, and foon 

' after 

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after made oiie of the Admfrals of her Majefty^s fleet, and uf 
17 lO, fucceeded his father as Earl of Berkeley* His Lordihip' 
marryjng Louifa Letinoxi eldeft daughter to Charles, firft Duke 
Qf Richmond, by whom, who died January 15, 1717, had afon 
Auguilus, born Feb. 18, 17 16; and two daughters; Elizabeth, 
-who, on the nth of Feb, 1728, married Anthony Henley, Efq. 
but died in September, 1745, without ifiue.*— Louifa died young. 
His Lordfhip dying in Auguft, 17361 was fucceeded by bis only 

(4th Earl.) Augustus, late Earl of Berkeley ; whd married 
May 7, 17449 Elizabeth, daughter to Henry Drax, Efq. and by 
her (who married, adly, Jan» 2, 17575 to Robert Nugent, the 
late Earl Nugent) he had iflue, Frederick Auguftus, the pre« 
fen t Earl.*— James, born July 25, 17475 who died in the year 
fitfter. — Louifa, born July 28, 1748, married May 15, 1784, to 
Lord Harvey, captain of the navy, eldeft fon jof the Earl of 
Briftol.^— Elizabeth, and Frances, born Julv 28, 1748, twins, with 
Louifa, but died foon after.— Georgina-Augufta, born Septemb^ 
17, 1740, married April 20, 1766, to Lord torbes, late, pari of 
Granard, of Ireland, and had ifltie, after whofe death in 1780^ 
ihe remarried the Rev. Dr. Samud Little, by whom ihc had iflue, 
Elizabeth, bom in December 1750, and married May 10, 1)67, 
to the prefent Lord Craven, and has iffne.— George Cranfield, 
born Auguft lO, 1753? ^ captain in the navy, married Auguft 19^ 
1784, Amelia, daughter of Lord George Lennox, brother t6 the 
Duke 6f Richmond, by whom fhe has ifltie, a daughter, bom 
March 19, 1788; and a fon, born Nov. 6, 1789. And hid 
Lordfliip dying Jan. 9, 17 55, was fucceeded by his ddeft fon^ 

(5th Earl.) Frederic-Augustus, now £arl of Berkeley. 

Crbations.] Baron by writ, June 23, 1 295, the other titles. 
Sept* IX, 1679. 

Arms.] Gulesy a chevron beitwcen ten crofles pattee^ fix above 
ftnd four below, argent* [Plate XIL] 

Crest.] On a wreath a mitre, guksy garniflied, tr^ charged 
with the paternal coat. 

Supporters.] Two lions, argent^ the finifter having the ducal 
crown and plain collar and cnai^n^ or, 

Motto.] Dieu avec nous. Go.d with tis.- 

Chief Si ats.] At Berkeley-caftle, ih GlOticefterikire, and at 
Cranford, in Middlefex. 


npHE Right Hon. WILLOUGHBY BERTIE, Earl of 
-■• ABINGDON, and Baron Norrcys of Rycote, born Jan* 16, 
174O9 fucceeded his father Willoughbyi th^ Iat« Earl, June lo^ 


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176a He aarricfl July 7, 1768, Charlotte, daughter oi the lat4 
Admiral Sir Peter Warren/ Knight of the Bath, by whom heh^ 
had Charlotte, born Oft. 12, 1769, died May 1784. — An\elia^ 
bom Jan. 6, I774» — Willoughby, Lord Norreys, born Feb. 8, 
1776, and died 12 ^sljs after. — The prefent Lord Norreys, bora 
Aprilj 1781.— Louifa- Anne-Maria-Bridget, born March 8, 1786. 
—Another daughter^ born October 18, 1788. 

The defcent of this noble family is given under the title of 
Bertie, Duke of Ancafter. Montague Bertie, the fecond Earl 
of Lindfey, by Bridcct, his fecond wife, Baronefs Norreys of 
Rycote (widow of Edward, fecond fon of Edward, fourth Earl 
of Dorfet) daughter and fole heir of Edward Wray, Efq. third 
•fon to Sir William Wray of Glenworth, iif the county of Lin- 
coln, by Elizabeth'his wife^ daughter and heir to Francis, Lord 
Norreys, fon of Henry Norreys, Vifc. Thame, and Karl of 
Berkflaire, had a fon, 

(ift Earl.) James, to whom the Barony bf Norreys de- 
fcended, and was created Earl of Abingdon. He married firft^ 
Eleanor, daughter to Sir Henry Lee; by her, who died the 31ft 
of May, 1691, he had fix fons and tnre^ daughters; Bridget, 
married to Kichard^ the fourth Vifc. Bulkeley.— Anne to Sic 
William Courtenay ; and Mary died unmarried. Of the fons, 
who were Montagu Lord Norreys, James, Henry, Robert, Pe-i 
regrine, and Charles. The latter married Elizabeth, daughter 
to the Rev* Mr. John Kerry, by whom he had iflue one fon, 
Charles ; and two daughters, Elizabeth and Anne.— Peregrina 
was a captain in the navy, and died in 1709. — Robert married 
Catharine, daughter to Richard, the fourth Vifc. Wenham,i nJ. 
died Aug. 3t6, 1710, without iflue.-.— Henry, married Arabella-^ 
Sufan, daughter to the Lord Glcnprky, widow of Marcus, Vifc# 
Dungannon. He married, fecondly, Mary, daughter of Peve • 
grine Bertie, fecond fon of Montagu, Earl of Lindfey ; but fhc 
died, leaving him an only daughter Sufanna. He died at Bo« 
lognc, in December, 173c. — Jame?, the fecond fon, was born 
March 13, 1673, died in 0<5lober 1735, who, on the 5th of Ja- 
nuary, 1692, married Elizabeth, daughter to George, the fixth 
Lord Willoughby of Parham, and by her, who died Septprabcr 
^6, 17159 had fourteen children, of whom fix lived to maturityi 
viz. Willoughby, fucceeded his uncle, as Earl of Abingdon.— 
]£dward died Sept. 21, 1733. — William, who is D. D. and has 
ilTuc James, Richard, Francis, Sophia, and Anne.— Henry. — 
John, who married Mifs Mary Nicholas, and had iflue four 
ions ; John, William, and Norreys, who all died young ; and 
Willoughby; alfonine danghters, Arme, Mary, Bridget, Eliza- 
beth, Frances, Mary, Eleanora, Ifabella, Mary, Sophia, and 
Euftacia; their father, John, was prebendary of Exeter, and 
died Feb. i, 1774.— -And a daughter Bridget, married to Robert 
Cotymor, £f<^. by whom {hjc had iflue oufi ton, James ; and two 


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ilaughters, Mary and Bridget, And the faid James, Earl o^ 
Abingdon, in 1698, married to his fecond wife Catharine, daugh- 
ter toSir Thomas Chamberlain, and widow of Richard, the fourth 
Vifc. Wenraan, who, furviving him, married Francis Wrough- 
ton, Efq. and his Lordftiip dying on the 226, of May, 1699, was 
fucceeded in his honours by his eldell fon, 

(2d Earl.) Montagu, who married Sept. 22, 1687, firft, 
Anne, daughter and folc heir to Peter Venables (called fiaron of 
Kinderton) of the county of Chefter, who died in 17 15. His 
Lordihip, Feb. 13, 17 17, married to his fecond wife Mary, 
daughter to James Gould, of Dorchefter, Efq. and widow of 
General Charles Churchill, brother to John, Duke of Marlbo- 
rough, and by her, who died in January, 1756, had a fon James, 
Lord Norreys, who died February 25, 17 18. His Lordfhip 
dying on the i6th of June, 1743, was fucceeded by his nephew, 

(3d Elarl.) WiLLOUGHBY, eldeft fon of James, his next bro- 
ther before mentioned, born November 28, 1692. He married 
at Florence, in Auguft 1727, Anna-Maria, daughter of Sir John 
Collin's, Knt. by whom, who died December 21, 1763, he had 
iflue, James, Lord Norreys, who wiis burnt in his bed at Rycote, 
0£t. 12, 1745. — Willoughby, the prefent Earl. — Peregrine, 
born March 13, 1741, a captain in the navy. — Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Signior Gallini, and has iflue. — ^Tane, married Sept. 29, 
1760, tblhomas Clifton, Efq. of Lancamire. — Bridget died un- 
married, Dec. 9, 1760. — Anne. — Eleanora, married July 7, 
1766, to Philip Vifc. Wenman of Ireland.- —Mary, born Nov. 
12, 1746, married Miles Stapleton, Efq* of Clint, m Ybrkfliire. 
— Sophia, born Nov. 6, 1748, died in 1760, unmarried. His 
Lordfhip dying on June 10, 1760, was fucceeded by his eldeil 

(4th Earl.) Willoughby, now Earl of Abingdon. 

Creations.] Summoned to Parliament originally as Baron 
Norreys of Rycote, in the county of Oxford, May 8, 1572, 14 
Eliz. again by defcent and fummons as Baron Bertie, April 12, 
1675, ^J Car. H. and created Earl of Abingdon, in the county 
of Berks, November 30, 1682^ 37 Car. II. 

Arms.] Jrgcnt^ three battering-rams barways, proper y arpied 
and garnimeii, a^nre; an annulet for difference. [Plate XII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, the head and buft of a king couped, 
proper^ crowned ducally, and charged on the cheft with a fret, or. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a pilgrim, or friar, veiled 
in ruffct, with his ftafF, and pater-nofter in his hand, or. On 
the finifter, a favage wreathed about the temples and middle with 
ivy, proper ; on each of their chefts a fret, or. 

Motto.] Virtus ariete fortior. Virtue is ftronger than a 
battering-ram • 

Chief Seats.] At Witham, in fierkfhire; and Rycote, in 
Oxfordfliirc. ^ 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

C 20S 3 


nn HE Right Hon. HENRY NOEL, Earl of GAINSBO. 
-■■ ROUGH, Vifcount Campden of Campdcn, Baron Nod 
of Ridlington, Baron Hicks of Ilmington, Baron Noel o^ 
Titchfield, and Baronet ; fucceeded fcis brother Baptift, the late 
Earl, in May 1770. 

Noel, the anceftor of this family, came into England with 
the Conqueror, who gave him Ellenham and other lands ; his 
fon, Robert FitZrNoel, by Alice his wife, had five fons, The- 
roas, Philip, Robert, Richard, and John ; the eldeft left ifluo 
Alice, the widow of William de Harcourt, and John, the wife 
of Thomas Fitz-Euftace, who fhared his inheritance* 

From him defcended Andrew Noel, who married firft, Eliza-* 
beth, daughter of John Hoptpn, Efq. and widow of Sir John Pc- 
rient, by whom he had iflue four fons, Andrew, Henry, George, 
and William, and two daughters; Elizabeth matried to Anthony 
Faunt, Efq. and Judith, who died unmarried. His fecond wire 
was Dorothy, daughter of Richard Conyers, Efq. and widow of 
Roger Flower, Efq. by whom he had iffue John Noel, feated at 
W^ellefborough in Leicefterfhire, from whom defcended Vifc. , 

Andrew, eldeft fon, married Mabel, 6th daughter of Sir 
James Harrington, by whoni he had iflue four fons. Sir Edward; 
.Charles, who died unmarried. 1 769; Arthur; and Alexander, who 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Palmer. He had alfo 
three daughters, Lucy, married to William, Lord Euere ; Eliza- 
beth, to George, Earl of Caftlchaven; Theodofia, to Edward, 
Vifc. Wimbleton; and dying Odlober 19, 1607, was fucceeded 
by his eldeft fon 

(ift Vifc.) Sir Edward, who was created Baron Noel of 
Ridlington. He married Juliana, eldeft daughter to Sir Baptift 
Hicks, who was created Baron Hicks of Ilmington, and Vifc. 
Campden; which two laft titles were granted to him and the 
heirs male of his body, after the death of the faid Sir Baptift; and 
dying in the King's garrifon in Oxford, March 10, 1643, left 
iUue by the faid Juliana, his wife, who died Nov. 25, 1680, two 
fons, Baptift and Henry, and two daughters, of which Elizabeth 
married Sir Erafmus de la Fountain ; and Penelope, to John 
Vifc. Chaworth. Henry, the youngeft fon, married Marv, 
daughter of Hugh Perry, Efq. who furviving him, married ic- 
condly Sir William Fcrmor, 

(2d Vifc.) Baptist the eldeft fon, fucceeded, and died the 
29th of Oflober, 1683. He married four wives, firft, Anne, 
daughter to William, the firft Earl of Denbigh, by whom he had 
three fons, who died in their infancy ; by his fecond, who was 
Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Lovct, relift of the Earl of Bath, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


he had another fon that was flill-born ; by his third wife Hcficr, 
daughter to Thomas, Lord Wotton, he had two foas and four 
daughters ; and by Elizabeth his fourth wife, daughter to Mon- 
tagu, Earl of Linafty, he had fix fons and three daughters ; which 
were Catharine, Bridget, and Martha- Penelope, The latter was 

married to Dormer, Efq. and the eldeft to John, the firft 

Duke of Rutland; and Bridget died unmarried, January 17, 17 19. 
The fons who were, ift, Lindfey, who died in his infancy; 2d, 
Baptift, father of the 3d Earl; 3d, Tohn ; 4th, a fon who died 
in his infancy ; 5th, James, who died at 18 years of age ;, 6th, a 
fon flill-born. Of thefe John married Elizabeth, filler to Ben- 
net, the iirft Earl of Harborough, and widow to Edward, the fe- 
cond Vifc. Irwin in Scotland; and dying December 26, 1718^ 
by her had iffue three fons; John, who died unmarried in 1727 i 
Thomas, who married in Nov. 1756, Elizabeth, Couutefs Dow- 
ager of Gainfborough, widow of the 4th Earl ; and Bennet ; and 
three daughters; Elizabeth, who died unmarried; Bridget, 
who married to David, Lord Milfington, but died Auguft 22* 
1729, without furviving ifTue; and Alice. The daughters by 
the third wife were Mary, who married James, 3d Earl of Nor- 
thampton ; Juliana to William, Lord Allington ; Heftcr died an 
infant ; and Elizabeth married Charles, fecond Earl of Berkeley. 
The fon« by the fame Lady were, Edward and Henry ; the latter 
died Sept. 21, 1677; and by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William 
Wale, left iffue an only daughter Juliana^ married to Charles, 
Earl of Burlington ; and 

(ift Earl.) Edward, on the 29th of Oflobcr, i682,.fuccecd^ 
cd his father. He married Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Tho- 
mas Wrotthefly,,Earl of Southampton, and was, on the 3d of 
Febw 1 68 1, his father being then living, created Lord Noel of 
Titchfield, with limitation for want of illue male to the younger 
fons of his father Baptift, Vifc Campden; and on the ift of Dec. 
1682, he was created Earl of Gainfljorough, with the fame limi- 
tations. By his faid Lady he had one fon and four daughters ; 
Frances, married to Simon, Lord Digby. — Jane married William» 
Lord Digby, brother to the faid Simon. — Elizabeth married 
Richard Norton, Efq. — Juliana died unmarried; and their bro- 

(2d Earl.) Wrottheslv-Baptist, in 1682, fucceeded hi» 
father. He married Catharine, eldeft daughter to Fulk Grevile, 
the fifth Lord Brook, and by her, who married fecondly, John 
Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, he had two daughters ; EUz*- 
bcth married to Henry, the firft Duke of Portland; and Rachacl 
to Henry, the fecond Duke of Beaufort"; but dying, in Sept, 
1.690, without iffue male, we return to 

Baptist, fecond, but eldeft furviving fdn of Baptift, Vifc. 

Campden, by Elizabeth Bertie, his fourth wife. He married 

Sufan, daughter and folc heir to Sir Thomas Fanfliaw, and by 

z her 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


htr left a Ton Baptift, and two dau^ters^ Elizabeth and Sufan; 
and the (aid 

(3d Earl.) Baptist fucceeding Wrottb^fly above-mentioned, 
became the third Earl. He married Dorothy, daughter to Johny 
the firft Duke of Rutland, and dying on the 16th of Aprils 
1714, by her had three fons and three daughters ; Sufan, mar-«^ 
ried to Anthony Afhley, Earl of Shaftefbury.— Catharine, who 
died i779«— Mary died in 1718. — The fons wereBaptift, John, 
and James; the eldeft, who was born May 23, 1708, fucceeded 
his father; John died December 26, 17 iS; and James died ia 

(4th Earl.) Baptist married Mifs Elizabeth Chapman, and 
by her (who married fecondly in November, 1756, Thomas 
Noel, Efq. above mentioned) had ifTue, and died Dec. 15, 177 !• 
—-Elizabeth, bom in 1751. — Jane, born in 1733, married to 
Gerrard-Anne Edwards, Lfq. of Leicefterlhire. — Juliana, bom 
in 1735, married Feb. 7, 1760, George, Lord Carbery of Ireland, 
and died Dec. 18, 1760. — Penelope, born in 1736, and died 

r>ung. — Anne, born 1737, died 1779. — Baptift, the lat^ Earl.— 
ouila, married April 26, 1765, to Sir Horatio Mann, Knight 
of the Bath, and died Feb, 2, 1778. — Henry, the prefent Earl.— 
Charles, who died young, April 18, 1745. — ^Mary.— Sufanna, 
who married, March 12, 1725, the fourth Earl of Shaftefbury, and 
died June 22, 1758.— Sophia, who married Chriftopher Neville, 
Ef^. Col. of the Lincoln/hire Militia, and died May 5, 1780. 

(5th Earl.) Baptist, born June 8, 1740, lucceeded his 
father March 21, 1751 ; but dying on his travels, at Geneva, 
in May 1770, was fucceeded by 

(6th Earl.) Henry, his brother, the prefent Earl. ' 

Creations.]. Baron, March 23, 1617, Vifcount, 0£l. 18, 
1629, and Elarl, Dec. i, 1682. 

Arms.] Or^ fretty of ten pieces, PuUf^ a canton, ermine. 
[Plate Xri.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a buck at gaze, argent, attired, ^r. 

Supporters.] Two bulls, argent ; armed and ungultdy propn-m 

MoTXC] Tont bien ou rien. The whole eftate. 

Chief Seat*] At Extonbrook, in the county of Rutland. 


* of PLYMOUTH, and Baron Windfor of Badenham, in 
Buckinghamfliire; born May 30, 175I) fucceeded his father, the 
late Earl, April 20, 17719 married May 20, 1788, Mifs Archer, 
idaugbter of the late bor^ Archer, by whom he h^d a fon, born 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Walter. Fitz-Other came intd England with William tte 
Conqueror, by whom he was made Baron and Conftable of the 
Caftle of Windfor, and Keeper of the Foreft ; and by Beatrix, his 
wife, had three fons, William, Robert, and Geral<il prore the 
youngeft are defcended the Earls of Kildare, in Ireland ; the fa<- 
milies of the Gerards, in Lancafliire ; and the Carews, of £n^ 
Jand and Ireland. From Robert, the fecond fon, defcend^ 
the Earl of Kerry. And from William, the eldeft, who was 
called William of Windfor, is defcended the Earl of Plymouth. 
To the faid William de Windfor, Maud, the Eroprcfs, ratified 
all tbofe grants which had been made to Walter, his father, by 
King Henry I. and to him fucceeded William his fon, and wai 
father of Sir William, whofe wife was Agnes; and by her had a 
daughter Joan, married to Sir Richard dc Dray ; and a fon, Wil- 
liam, who married Margaret, the fifter of Johr^ Derekenford, 
and had Sir Richard dc Windfor, who married Julian, daugh- 
ter to Richard Stapleton, and had a fon Richard de Windfor, and 
William. Richard, the eldeft fon, by Julian, daughter to Jamcg 
Molyns, had Sir James, his heir; and SirWiiliam, who was 
fummoned to Parliament among the Barons, the 4th of Rich. 
II. He married the famous Dame Alice Pcrrcrs, or Pierce, fa- 
vourite of King Edward III. but left no iffue male. 

Sir James Windfor, his eldeft brother, married Elizabeth^ 
daughter to Sir John Strechy, and by her had Sir Miles dc 
Wiadfor, who died the nth of Richard IL leaving iffue by 
Alice his wife, daughter to Adam de Wymondham, or Wynd- 
bam, of Wyndham, in Norfolk, Brian de Windfor, who mar- 
ried Alice, daughter of Thomas Drew, Efq. and dying the 2id 
of Rich*. II. left two fons ; Miles, the eldeft, dying unmarried, 
Richard, his brother, fucceeded. He married Cfhriftian, daugh- 
ter to Richard Faulkner, Efq. and dying in the 6th of Hen. VL 
left a fon. 

Miles dc Windfor, who died 26th of Henry VL leaving 
iffue by Joan, daughter to Walter Green, Efq. 

Thomas de Windfor, who died in 1485, ift of *Hen. VII. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter to John Andrews:, Efq. and by 
iier {who afterwards married Sir Robert Litton) had fevcral 
childFen, of whom Margaret was the laft Princefs of the Mo- 
naftery of Sion. 

("ift Lord.) Sir Andrew Windfor, the eldeft fon, was in the 
21 ft of Henry VIJI. funwuoancd by writ among the Peers. 
He married Eliza^th, fifter to Edward Blount, Lord Montjoy, 
and . ha4 four fons, George, Sir William, Edmund, dnd Thomai; 
9nd four daughters ; Elizabeth, married Sir Peter Vavafour.— 
Anne, to Sir Robert Corbet, — Edyth, to George Ltidiey, Efq,— 
Eleanor, firft to Ralph, Lord Scrope, and afterwards to Edwtai 
Kcvil. Of the fons, George the eldeft, married Urfula^ fifter 
of John Vere, Earl of Oxford, by whom he had nq iflug, awl 
. . iici 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^ei before his father. Sir Edmund, third fon, died unmarriedi 
Thomas, fourth fpnj married Mary, daughter of Tholhas Bo- 

(2d L6tA.) Sir William, the fecdnd fon, bfecame heir. He 
iharried firft, Margaret, daughter to Sir William Samburne, and 
had fcven foris, and nine daughters ; of whom Elizabeth^ thd 
eldeft, was married firft to Henry, foh of Thomas, Lord Saiids; 
fecondlyj to Sir George Prtwlett ; and thirdly, to Richard Scrope, 
Efq. — Eleanor tb Sir Chiftopher Brome.-^Bridget, to Edward 
Ferrers, Efq. — Mary, to William Scot, Efq. — Dorothy td Tho- 
mas Pauncefort, Elq.— Anne, to Lord Grey of Groby: Thd 
reft of the daughters died young, or unmarried. Of the fons^ 
Thomas the dldctt died an infant. — Sir Thomas, the fecond fon^ 
married Dorothy, daughtdr of William, Lord Datres, and died la 
his father's life-time, without iflue male.-— Henry, third fon^ 
died an infant;— Andrews, fourth fon, died before his father.--- 
Sxr Edward^ fifth fon, became heir to his father. — Wftltfer, fixth 
fon, married Margaret, daughter of Sir Geffrey Poole, artd had 
HTue Edward and William ; the youngeft marrying Elizabeth, 
eldeft daughter to William, the third Eatl of Worcetter, and had 
-a fon of his riame. Sir William married, fecondly, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Peter Coundray, Efq. by whom he had a fon Philip^ 
and a daughter Elizabeth, who both died without iffue. 

(3d Lord.) feir Edwardj the fifth, but eldeft furriVing fcln, 
fucceeded hii father, Was created Lord Windfof. He married 
Catharine, daughter to John, Earl of Oxford, and Ifeft font 
fons and t^o daughters; Margaret married t5 John Talbot^ 
Efq. arid Catharine to Robert Audley, Efq. And of the fcms^ 
tvhich were Fi^derick, Hertry, Edward, and Andrews, 

(4th Lord.) Frederick fucceeded his father^ and died un-* 
married ; and was fucceeded by 

(5th Lord.) Hei^Irt his brbther, who died the 6tb of ApfAf 
1605. He married Anilfe, daughter to Sir Thotiiasi Rivfet, hf 
whom he had t^o fdns, arid five daughter^; of which Only bnt 
foh Thomas; and two daughters, both of the riame ttf Elizabeth^ 
furvitfed; of which Elizabeth, fen. mslrried to Dijtie Hickiiian, 
fefq. and Elizabeth, juri. married tb* Andrews Windfdr, her 
kinfmati ; arid the faiJ 

(6{h Lord.) Thomas, their brother, fucceeded his father. Hef 
married Catharine, daughter td Edward, the fourth Earl of' 
Wbrcefter; but dying without iffue, put an end to this line; 
ind the title of Ldrd Windibr was by King Charles IL in 1665^ 
conferred on 

(ift EarU) Thomas Wlndfdr-Hickfrian, fori of Dixie Hick- 
man, and Elizabeth his wife, above-mentioned, arid he was after- 
^aras created Eatl of Pl;ymouth, and died iti 1687. He mar-* 
ried, firft, Anne, fitter to George, Marquis of Halifax, ind had 
a fon named Other, tnd two daughter^ 5 Mary, married to Sir 

Vdt-L P ThQmaW 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

flo EARL ar PLYMOUTit 

Thomas Cookcs ; an3 Aime, who died an infant. And by bi« 
fecond^ who was Url'ula, daughter of Sir Thomas Widdrington, 
he had four fons and five daughters ; of which Urfula, theeldeft^ 
was married to Thomas Johnfon, Efq. — Elizabeth, the fccond, 
was the fourth wife of Sir Francis Daftiwood; the other threa 
died unmarried. The fons were, Thomas, created Vifc. WIND- 
SOR, in Ireland, in 1699, and Baron MONTJOY, in England, 
in 1 7 1 1. — Dixie Windfor, Efq, born 1678, died inOftober, 1 730. 
-••-Andrews Windfor. — William, who died an infant. 
^ Other, eldeft fon and heir, by the firft wife, died in his fa- 
ther's life-time, having married Elizabeth, daughter and folehcir 
to Thomas Turvcy, Efq. and by her had 

(2d Earl.) Other, who in 1687, fucceedcd his grandfiithcr. 
-»— Henry, and Anne, who both died unmarried. And the faid 
Other married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Whitley, Efq. and 
by her, who died on the nth of June, 171 1, had two fons,. 
Other ; and Henry, who was married to Mr§. Wheatly, but 
4icd in July, 1741, without iffue. 

(3d Earl.) Other, the eldeft, who was born June 30, i 707, 
on the 26th of December, 1 725, Succeeded as Earl of Plymouth; 
j^nd on the 7th of May, 1730, married the only daughter and 
l^eir of Thomas Lewis, Efq- by whom, in May 12, 1731, he had 
a fon, named 

(4th Earl.) Other-Lewis, who fucceeded his father the 
i^7th of November, 1732; and his mother died in November^ 
^733. On the nth of Auguft, 1750, he married Catharine, 
fjldeil daughter of iTiomas, Lord Aicher, by whom he had Others 
Hickman, the prefent Earl. — Thomas, born May 19, 1752,30 
Officer in the Royal Navy. — Henry, born Jan. 4, 1760. — An- 
drews, born May 12, 1764.— -Catharine, born 1755, married Ji^ly . 
26, 1785, Sir James Tylney Long, Bart, nephew of the late Earl 
Tylney, by whom fhc has iffue, a fon, born Oft. 10, 1789. — 
Elizabeth, born May 4, 1757? who married March 30, 1776, 
Qearge Townihend, Efq. of Honington-hall, in Warwickfhirc, 
and has iffue. — Anne, born 1762^ married June 6, 1787, Sir 
Thomas Broughton.-— Sarah, born 1763, married Auguft 4, 
1786, William Crefpigny, Efq. and four other children, all of 
whom died yo«ng. Ancl his Lordfliip deceafing April 20, 1771^ 
was fucceeded by his fon 

(5th Earl.) Other-Hickman, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Windfor, of Bradenham, in the 
county of Bucks, June 16, 1660, 12 Car. U. but originally, by 
writ of fummons to Parliament, November 3, 1529, 21 Hen. 
VIIL and cicated Earl of Plymouth, in the county of Devon, 
December 6, 1682, 34 Car. 11. 

Arms.] Gulesy a faltire, argent^ between twelve crofs croflcts, 
V. [Plate XIIL] 

■ CaEST,] On a wreath, a buck^s head prated, profer^ attired, ^r. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Supporters.] Two" unicorns, argenty armed, crefted, tufted, 
and hoofed, or. ' 

Motto.] Je me fie en Dieu. I put my truft in God. 

Chief Seats.] At Hewcl-grange, in the county of Worcef- 
tcr ; and at Peel-hall, m Chefhire^ 


and Baron Lumlcy, of Lumley Caftle, and Vifcount Lumley; 
of Waterford, in the kingdom of Ireland; fucceeded his father 
May 14, 1782, was horn Sept. 22, 1758, unmarried. 

This family (which derive their fumame from Lumley, 
a caftle on the bank of the river Were, in Durham) had their 
deicent from Ofbert de Lumley, whofe fon, Liulph, married 
Algitha, daughter to Aldred, Earl of Northumberland, fon of 
Earl Uchtred, by his wife Edgina, young daughter of King 
Ethelred IL and by her had a fon named Uchtred, father of 

Sir William de Lumley, who married Judith, daughter to ; 

Hefilden, and by her had another Sir William de Lumley, whofo 
fon, William, marrying the daughter of Sir Walter de Andre, 
by her was father of Sir Roger de Lumley ; who marrying Sibel, 
daughter to Sir Hugh de Merewic, by her he had two fons, 
Robert his heir, and Sir Roger. 

Sir Robert had a fon Marmaduke, who married Margaret^ 

daughter to Holland, and by her had Sir Robert, his heir, 

who was fucceeded by 

Sir Ralph, his brother, who had fummons to Parliament, ag 
Lord Lumley, from the 8th of Richard IL to the ift of Henry 
IV. when he, and his eldeft fon Thomas, were both attainted of 
feigh-treafon, but the fame was reverfed by ad of parliament, 
the ift of Edw. IV. He died in 1399, leaving iflue, by Eleanor,' 
daughter to John, Lord Ncvil, the firft Earl of Weftmoreland, 
four fons, and three' daughters; Elizabeth married to Adam 
Tyrwwhitt, Efq. ; Margaret, to Sir John Clerviux ; and Catha- 
rine, to Sir John Chideock. The fons were, Thomas, John, 
William, and Marmaduke ; the latter was Bi/hop of Lincoln, 
and died in. 1467. Thomas, the eldeft fon, who died May 31, 
1404, and was fucceeded by Sir John, his next brother, who 
was reftored in Slood the 13th of Henry IV. but in 1421, loft. 
>is life^ at the battle of Baugy, in France. He married Felicia, 
daughter to Sir Matthew Redman, iand had Thomas, his heir',' Ed- 
mund, and a daughter Maud, married to Sir Henry Thirkill. 
Sir Thomas, who fucceeded, had fummons to Parliament, the 
i{V of Edw. IV. He married Margaret, daughter to Sir James 
Harrington, and bad Sir George, his heir.— -Joan, married to 

P 2 Bertram 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Bertram Harbottle, — Margaret, to Bertram Lumley.—- -Ellta* 
teth, to William Tylliot, Efq. Sir George married Elizabeth, 
daughter to Roger de Thornton, Efq. and dying in 1508^ he had 
iflue, Thomas.T—Roeer.— Ralph. 

Thomas, theeldclT, died iu his father's life-time, 1498, and 
left, by Elizabeth Plantagenet, his wife, natural daughter to 
King Edw. IV. by Eliza^th Lucy, four fons ; Richard, heir 
to his grandfather. — John. — George.— Roger. 

Richard, who fuccecdcd his grandfather, had funimons to 
J^rliament, the ift of Henry VIIl. and marrying Aniie, daugh* 
Mr to William, Lord Conycrs, had two fons ; John, his heir; 
and Anthony, from whom the prcfent Earl is defcended. 

John had fummons to Parliament, the 6th of Henry VIII, 
Ific married Joan, fifter to Henry, Lord Scroop, of Bolton, hi 
Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Percy, Eail of Northumberland, 
by whom he had an only fon, George, who, in 1537, was found 

5[uilty of high-treafon, and fufFered death in the life-time of his 
iather, having married Jane, daughter of Sir Richard Knightly, 
^d left a fon, John, and two daughters ; Jane, married 19 
Jedrey Mark ham, Efq. and Barbara, to Humpnry Lloyd. 

John, who was heir to his grandfather, was reftored in blood, 
by aA of Parliament, the ift of Henry VI. and created Baron of 
Lumley, and was created Knight of tne Bath at the coronation 
of Queen Mary. He was one of the commiilioners for the trial 
of Maty, Queen of Scots, as well as for the trial of the Earl of 
£flex« He married, firft, Jane, fifter to the Duchefs of Norfolk, 
"who conveyed the Earldom of Arundel to the Howard family, 
being daughter to Henry Fitz- Allen, Earl of Arundel, who died 
3570, by whom he had iflue, Charles, Thomas, and Mary, who 
died infants. He married, fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter to 
tohn^Lordd'Arcy, of Chich, in Euex, fifter to Thomsis, Earl 
Kivcrs ; hut dying on the loth of April, 1609, without furviving 
i0ue, the new created Barony of Lumley expired with him. Wc 
now return to 

Anthony, fecond fon of Richard, Lord Lumley, married a 
daughter of Richard Grey, Efq. and by her had Roger, who 
marned Anne, daughter to * Kurtwich, Efq. and by her 
had feveral fons and daughters ; of which Elizabeth was mar- 
ried to Sir William Langley, of Higham-Gobins, in the county 
of Bedford, Bart, and another daugnter married Sir John Con- 
yers, of Horden. 

(ift Vifcount.) Richard, the cldeft fon, being the chief* 
licir male of the family, after the deceafe of the faid John, Lord 
Lu^ky, inherited the caftle of Lumley, and the cftate of his 
anceftors. He was knighted by King James I. i6i6, and the 
4th Cai. I. he was created Vifc. Lumley of Waterford, in 
Ireland. He married Frances, daughter to Henry Shelley, Efq* 
"by whom, who died 1657, he had John; and Julia, married firft 


Digitized by VjOOQIC j 


to Alexander Jermyn, of Lordington, in Suflcx, Efq. (by whom 
ihe had Frances, firft married to Francis, fon and heir to Sir 
Henry More ; and fccondly, to John Shuckburgh, of Barton^ 
in Warwickihire, Efq.) and by her fecond hufband, Sir Chrifto-: 
pher Conyers, qi Hordon, in the Palatinate of Durham^ Bart, 
had alfo an only daughter Julia, firft married to Sir William > 
Blacket, of Newc:\ftle, and of Wallington, in Northumberland^ 
Bart, and fecondly, to Sir William Thomfon, Recorder of Lon- 
don, and Baron of the court of Exchequer. 

John dying before his father, left iffue by Mary, daughter to 
Sir Henry Compton, youngeft fon of Henry, the firft Lord 
Compton, anceftor to the Earl of Northampton, by a daughter 
of the Earl of Dorfet, two fons and three daughters ; of whoni 
Elizabeth was married to Richard Cotton, Efq. — Frances, and 
Anne, both died unmarried. The fons were Richard and Henry, - 
the latter died on the 1 8th of Oftobcr, 172a, having married 

firft, Elizabeth, daughter of Thimbleby, of the county of 

Lincoln, Efq. and fecondly, in July 17 13, Anne, daughter to 
Sir William Wifeman. 

(iftEarl.) Richard, his brother, who fucceeded his grand* - 
father in his Irifli honour, .was, on the 31ft of May, i68i, 
created Baron Lumley, and in 1689, Vifc, Lumlcy, and in 1690, 
Earl of Scarborough; and died Dec. 17, 1721. He married 
Frances, daughter to Sir Henry Jones, and by h^r, who died 
Nov. 26, 1737, had feveh fons, and four daughters; Mary, 
married to George, Earl of Halifax, j^nd died 1726.— * Barbara^ . 
1 7 1 6, to CharleS; Leigh, Efq. brother of the late Lord Leigh, and died 
Jan. 4, 1755. — Anne, 1738, to Frederick Frankland, Efq. died 
m February, 1740, without iffue.-r-Henrietta died Nov, 6, 1757» 
The Ions were, Henry, Richard, William, Thomas, Charles, < 
John, and James. John died OiSobef^ 1739,— <^harles, Auguft 
1728. — Thomas changed his name (by adi of parliament) to 
S^iunderfon, to inherit an eftate, left him by Jan>es Saunderfon, 
Earl Caftleton, who died without iflue. May 24, 1723, — ^William 
was killed in an engagement, April 9, 1709, having both his 
legs fliot off in the Mary galley.— -Henry, Vifc. Lumley, the 
eldeft, died July 25, 1710, unmarried. 

(2d Earl.) Richard, Vifcount Lumley, the fecond fon, in 
1^15, was called up by writ to the Houfe of Peers, as Lord 
Lumley, in 1714, and December, 1721, fucceeded his father^ 
and died Fdb. 4, 1740, unmarried; and was fucceeded by 

(3d EarL) Sir Thomas Lumley - Saunderson, tits next 
brother, before mentioned, who married Frances, daughter to 
George, laft Earl of Orkney, by whom, who died December 27, 
1772, he had Richard, his fucceflbr; and George, who died 
December IP, 1739; and three daughters; Frances, married, 
io, June 1753, to Jp^ter, Earl of Ludlow, and has iflue, Anne, — . 

P5 Bfiw 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Henrietta, who died Nov. 6, 1747. His Lordlhip dying March 
15, 1752, was fuccceded by his only fon, 

(4th Earl.) Richard, the fifth Vifcount, December 12, 
1752 married Barbara, iiftcr to the late Sir George Savile, of 
Thornhill and Rufford, in the county of York, Bart, and <le- 
ceaied the 14th of May, 1782, having had by her, who died at 
Bath, in January, I773> ^^ ^'^^^ ^"^ ^^^ daughters, viz. — 
George- Auguftus, who fucceeded to the honours, — Richard^ 
born the 3d of April, 1757, to whom his uncle. Sir George 
Savile, bequeathed his eftates, on condition of his taking the 
fumame of Savile; married Nov. 25, 1787, to Harriot, fitter to 
Vifc, Middleton. — Thomas -Charles, bprn the 22d of June, 
1760, now in Holy Orders; married May 12, 1785, Mifs Her- 
ring. — John. — Frederick, married Feb. 21, 1786, Mifs Bodding- 
ton. — William, born 28th of Auguft, 1769. — Frances-Barbara 
Ludlow, born 25th of Feb. 1756, died young.— Mary- Arabella, 
born I ft of June, 1758. 

(5th Earl.) Georg£-Augustus, the prefentEarl. 

Creations,] Baron, May 31, ]68i; Vifcount, July 10, 
1689; and Earl, April 15, 1690; Vifcount Lumley of Water- 
ford, July 12, 1628. 

Arms.] jirgent^ a fefs, guksy between three parrots, propety 
collared as the fecond^ being the arras of the ancient Barons 
Thweng, from one of the heirs whereof his Lordfhip is lineally 
dcfcended ; but the ancient arms of Lumley are, guUs^ fix mart-< 
]ets, argent. [Plate XIIL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, in htrnt^proper^ a pelican feeding 
her yc?**^ orgenu vulncd, proper. 

SuPFORTERs,] Two parrots, with the wings expanded, vert^ 
beaked and memoered, gules. 

Motto.] Murus ^neus confcientia fana. A found confcience 
is'^a wall .of brafs. 

Chief Seats.] At Sandbeck, in Yorkfliire; at Stanfteadi 
in Suffcx; at Gfentworth, in Lincolnfhire. 


of ROCHFORD, Vifcount Tunbridge, Baron of Enfield;- 
watborn June 28, 1754; fucceeded his uncle William, the late 
Earl, Sept. 28, 1781. 

Among thofe noble perfons, who in 1688, attended King Wii- ■ 
liam from Holland, was 

(ift Earl.) William Henry, fon of Frederick Naflau, Lord 
©f Zuleftein (whofe father was a natural fon of Frederick-Henry, 
Prince of Orange, grandfather of. William III.) was created 

a Peer 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

E A RL • f R O C H F OR D. aij 

2 Peer of England, in 1695. His Lordfhip died at Zuleflein, 
in the year 1708, having married Jane, daughter of Henry 
Wroth, and by her had four fons, and four daughters ; Anne, 
who died unmarried, — Mary wa« married to the Heer Harvelt> 
fon to Godart Ginkle, Earl of Athlone. — Elizabeth, died un- 
marricd. — Henrietta, the youngeft, to Godart-Chriftian, Earl 
of Athlohe. And of the fons, Maurice, the third, died in 1722. 
— Henry, the fourth, died unmarried in April, 1741. 

(2d £arL) William, the eideft, fuccecded his father; but 
he being killed at the battle of Almanara,- in Spain, July 28, 
1710, unmarried, 

(3d Earl.) Frederick, his brother, fucceeded him ; and 
having married Beffey, daughter of Richard Savage, Earl Rivers, 
by her (who outlived his Lordfhip, and married, fecondly, the 
Rev. Mr. Carter) he had William-Henry, his fucceflbr, — Rich- 

ard-Savage Naflau, born June i, 172^; died May 1780; mar- 
lied December 24, 17 O, EFizabeth, Duchefs-Dowagcr of Ha- 
milton, daughter and heir of Edward Spencer, Efq. and had by 

her grace (who died March 9, 177 1) a daughter, Lucy, born 
Nov. 3, 1752, who died unmarried ; and two fons, William- 
Henry, born June 28, 1754, the prefent Earl; and George, born 
Sept. 5, 1756. His Lordfhip dying in June, 1738, was fuc- 
ceeded by 

(4th Earl.) William-Henry, his cldeft fon, the fate Earl, 
who was born Sept. 16, 17 17, married Lucy, daughter of Ed- 
ward Young, Efq. of Durnford, near Sarum, in Wiltfliire, 
who died Jan. 9, 1773, without iflue ; and his Lordfhip dying 
Sept. 28, 1781, without iflue, was fucceeded by his nephew^ 

fSth Earl.) William-Henry, the prefent EarL 

Creations.] Baron of Enfield, Vifcount Tunbridge, and 
Earl of Rochford, May 10, 1695. 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft, azure^ femec of billets, a lion ram- 
pant, or; fecond, or, a lion rampant, gules^ crowned with a 
ducal coronet, azure; third, argent, a ftk, gu/es ; fourth, gules, 
two lions paflant, guardant in pale, or ; over all, in an efcut- 
cheon, gules, three zules, argent , and fometimcs a lion ram- 
^^t, fable. [Plate XIll.] 

Crest.] In a ducal coronet, or, a pair of buck's horns,^ 
gules. ^ ^ 

Supporters.] Two lions erminois^ ducally crowned, azure. 

Motto.] o^pes durat avorum. The hope of ray anceftor« 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

( u6 ) 


■ of ALBEMARLE^ Vifcount Bury, B^ron Afliford, of 
Afliford, in Kent, born May 13, 1772, fucceeded his father, 
the late Earl, Odober 13, 1772. 

Of this faniily, who are defcendcd of the pobles pf Guelder- 
land, in Holland, was 

(ift iEarl.) ArKold Joost Van Keppel, fecond fon of Bcr- 
liard Van Pallanf , Lord of Kep.pel ; in ^he y^ar ^688, attended 
King William into England, was by him created 2^ P^er of Eng- 
land; but dying May 3P, 17 18, left by Ifabella, daughter q{ 
<3encrai S. uravemojfe, in Holland, who died in Dec. 1741, ^ 
daughter, Sophia, married to General Jqhn Thoiqas, and died 
May 2j^ 1773; and a fon, 

(2d Earl.) WiLLiAM-ANN£,'his heir, bprn Tune 5, 1702. 
On the 2ift of Feb. 1722, hi§ Lorcjfliip married Anne Lennox, 
daughter of the firft Duke pf Richmond ; an^by her, who died 
Oft. 20, 1789, he had George, late Earl. — Anguftus, bom 
April 2, 1725, FirftLord of the Admiralty; created Vifcount 
Keppel, but died unmarried, 06k. 3, 1786, when that title 
became ^xtin<9:. — ^Jam?«^ bom April 29, 1726, died young.— 
William, born Nov. 5, 1727, a Lieutenant-Geaera,l in the 
Armyi \Vho died unmarried, March, 17^2. — Frederick, bom 
Feb. 19^' 1729, late Biflipp of Exeter, who died Dec. 27, 1777, 
having riiafried Sept. 13, 1758, Laura, daughter of the late Sir 
Edward Waipole, Knight of the Bath, and fifter to the prefent 
Duchefs of Glocefter, by whom 'he had, i. Frederick, bora 
Nov. 14, 1762. 2. Anna-Maria, born June 17, 1759. 3.Laura3^ 
born March 14, 1765, married June 26, 1784, George Fer- 
dinand Fitzroy, eldefk fon of Lord Southampton. 4. Charlotte- 
AuguAa, born July <, 1771. — Sophia, born Feb. 18, 1729, 
who died in 1741. — ^.Elizabcth-Mary, horn Ms^y 6, 1731, ana 
died 1740. — Anne-Sufanna, born "Nov. 8, 1732, died 175^-- 
Thomas, born Feb. i, 1734, and died young. — Naffau, bora 
Nov. 18, 1735, died an infant,— Edward, born May 4, 1736, 
dicd'in 1745.-— Caroline, born Aug. 20, 1737, married m JJS9i 
Robert Adair, Efq. and died Sept. 11, 1769, leaving i.0ue.— 
Elizabeth, bomN9y. ^5> ^739> married June 9, 1764, Francis, 
Marquis of Taviftock, only {oh of the late Dnke of Bedford, by, 
whom flic had the prefent Duke of Bedford, and his two bro- 
thers, and died Nov^ 2, 1768. — Henry, born Auguft 11, l^l• 
— Amelia, born Nov. 2, 1745, and died young. His Lordfhip. 
^ying at Pari§, D^c, 22, 1754, was fuccceded by his eldcft 
fon, • 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(3d Earl) George, born April 8, 1724, married April 20, 
1770, Mifs Anne Miller, daughter of Sir John Miller, Baru 
by whom he had one (on, WilliamrCharles, born May 13, 
1772; and his Lordfhip deceafing on the 13th of 06l« following^ 
was fucceeded by his only fpn, 

(4th Earl.) William-Charles, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Earl, Vifcount, and Baron, April 10, 1696* 

Arms.] Guicsj three efcallop-lhells, argent. [Plate XIII.J 

Crest.] In a ducal corqnet, er, a demi-fwan, clofe, pro^ 

Supporters.] Two lions, ducally crowned, or. 

Motto.] Ne cede malts. Don't yield to misfortune. 

Chief Seats.] At Bagfliot, in Surry; and Vqprk, and Loa, 
in Holland. 


■*• Earl of COVENTRY, Vifcount Deerhurft, fucceeded hit 
father Wijliam, the late Earl, March 18, 1751; was born 
April 26, 1722, and married March 5, 1752, Maria, eldeft 
daughter of John Gunning, Efq. and flfter to the prefent Du- 

^hefs of Hamilton and Argyl, by which Lady, who died Sept* 
JO, 1760, he h;id iflue, Elizabeth-Anne, born Jan, 31, 1753, 
died Aug. 22, 1756. — Maria- Alice, |)orn Dec* 9, 1754; and 

married June 25, 1777, Andrew Bay ntun, Efq. ^Idefl fonofSir 
Edward Baynlun, Bart, of Spy Park, in Wiltfhire, by whom 
fhe had iflue, two daughters, and from whom flie was divorced 
in 1783, and died Jan. 8, 1 7 84.V -Anne-Margaret, born March 
18, 1757, married 0£l. 20, 1778, Edward Foley, fecond fon 
of Thomas, Lord Foley, by whom fhe had iiTuej^ Oeorge-Tho- 
mas, horn Aug, 24, 1779, who died an infant, and from whom 
flic was divorced ii> 1787; but married July 15, 1788, Mr. 
Wright, a Captain in the Light Dragoons. — Georgc-^Villiam, 
Vifcount Deerhurft, born May 6, 1758, married March 18, 
1777, Catharine-Henley, fourth daughter of the late Earl'df 
Northington, which Lady died without iffue, Jan. 9, 17795 
and his Lordfhip married, fecondly, in Jan. 1783, Mifs Pit- 
ches; daughter of Sir Abraham Pitches, Knt. ofStreatham, iij 
Surry, by whom he had a ftill-born child. Oft, 17, 1783; 
another, fon, born Dec, 16, 1784; Emily -Eliza, born Sept. 
^^3 ^785? died in May 1789 ; and another daughter, born 
Sept. 14,1786; and a fon born July 2, 1789. The Earl mar- 
ried, fecondly, Sept. 27, 1764, Barbara, daughter to the tenth 
l^rd St. John, of Bletfoe, by whom he has iflue, John, boro, 
*uly afo^ 176JJ.— -Barbaia^ born Feb. 1776, who died March i, 

\ follo>y-^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



following. — A fon, born Dec. i, 1778. — Afon, born O^ 16, 

. Of this family, which were long feated in the county of War- 
wick, was 

William Coventry, of Coventry, whofe fon John Covens 
try being a mercer of London, wasftieriflFof that city in 1416, 
* and Lord Mayor in 1425. From him, in a lineal defcent, wa$ 
Vincent Coventry, whofe fon and heir, Richdi*d Coventry, Efij. 
married a daughter of—— Turner, and had two fons, John, of 
Caffington, and Thomas Coventry, of Croome, in the county 
of Worcefter, who in the 3d James I. was made one of the Judges 
of the Court of Common Pleas ; but dying Dec. I2j 1600, left 
iflue three fons, Thomas his fucceffor; William; and Walter, 
anceftor of the prefent Earl; Margaret; Joan, married to — 
Rogers, of Surry, Efq. Catharine to William Child, Efq. and 
Anne to George Frampton, Efq. 

(ift Lord.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, in the ift of Charles I. 
was made Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. On the loth of April* 
1628, he was created Lord Coventry, and died on the 14th of 
J[an. 1640. He married firft, Sar^h^ daughter of John Seabright, 
Efq. by whom he had Thomas his heir, and Elizabeth, married to 
Sir John Hare ; and by Elizabeth, his fecond wife, daughter to 
John Alderfey, Efq. widow of William Pitchford, Efq. he had 
lour fons, John, who married Elizabeth, daughter of John Coles, 
Efq. widow of Herbert Dodington, Efq. by whom he had Sir 
John Coventry, who, for his behaviour in Parliament, was at- 
tacked in the ftreet, and had his nofe cut, which occafioned the 
paffing the aft, from thence called the Coventry AQ. : this Sir 
John died unmarried. — Francis, who by Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Manning, Efq. widow of Robert Caefar, Efq. had two fons, 
who died young, Francis, who died unmarried; and two daugh- 
thers; Elizabeth married to Sir William Keyt; and L^ltra-Tra- 
jedina, or Utr^cia, to Sir WiUiam Lacon Child. — Henry, who 
died unmarried. — Sir William died unmarried ; and the faid Lord 
having alfo, by his fecond wife; four daughters, Anne, the eldeft, 
was married to Sir William Savile; Mary, to Sir Henry-Frede- 
ripkThynnc; Margaret, to the firft Earl of Shafteft)ury; and 
Dorothy, to Sir John Packington. 

(2d Lord.) Thomas, who in i639,fucceeded his father, mar- 
ried Mary, daughter of Sir WiUiam Craven, and dying Odl. 27, 
1661, left George his heir J and Thomas, Earl of Coventry. 

(3d Lord.) George, the eldeft, married Margaret, daughter 
of the fecond Earl of Thanet, and had three fons and two daugh- 
ters; Anne, who died young; and Margaret, married to the 
iecondX)uke of Bolton ; and of the fons, 

(4th Lord.) John, the eldeft (who was the only one fur- 
vlving) on the 15th of December, 1680, fucceqded; but he 

• dying* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


dying on the a5th of July, 1687, unmarrrcd, his honotir dc* 
fccnded to 

(ift EarL) Thomas Coventry, his father's brother; who wna 
by King William IIL created Vifcount Deerhurit, and Earl of 
Coventry, with limitation of his titles to William, afterwards 
Earl of Coventry, and Thomas and Henry his brothers, and 
their male iflue, grandfons of Walter, brother of the firft Lord* 
He married firft Winfred, daughter of Peirs Edgecumbe, Efq, and 
hadtwofons, Thomas and Gilbert. She dying ih June, 1694, 
he married fecondly, in 1695, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Graham, Efq. but by her, who afterwards married Thomas Sa* 
vage, Efq. he had no iffue. 

(2d Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, on the 15th of July, 
1699, fucceeding, married Anne, daughter of Henry, the firft 
Duke of Peaufort, by whom he had Thomas, his heir ; and John, 
who died an infant ; and dying in 17 10, was fucceeded by hi? 
eldeft fon 

(3d Earl.) Thomas; but he dying on the 27th of January, 
1712, in the lOth year of his age, his titles defcended to 

(4th Earl.) Gilbert, his uncle, who married firft Dorothy, 
daughter of Sir William Keyt, by whom he had a daughter Anne, 
married' to Sir William Carew ; and his fecond wife was Anne, 
daughter of Sir Streynfliam Mafters (fince married in 1752, to 
Edward Pitts, of Kyre) but having no iflue male, and dying on 
^7th of 0<ftober, 17 19, we return to 

Walter Coventry, Efq. brother to the firft Lord. He had 
iffue a fon 

Walter, married to Anne, daughter of Simpn Holcomb, 
Efq. by whom he had iflue four fons ; Walter, who died with- 
out iffue.— William, late Earl. — Thomas, who married firft, 

Mary, daughter and heir of Green, Efq. and had iflue one 

fon Thomas ; and a daughter Mary, married firft to Henry 
Barker, Efq. and fecondly to Dr. William Bearcroft. Thomas 
the father, married fecondly, Anna-Maria, daughter of the Rev. 
Thomas Brown, by whom he had two fons, the Rev. Francis 
Coventry, who died unmarried, and George ; and three daugh- 
ters, Maria, Anne-Margaret, and Elizabeth-Anne, dcceafed.— * 
Henry, youngeft fon of Walter, married Anne, daughter of Mr.. 

(5th Earl.) William, the fecond fon of Walter, fucceeded, 
purfuant to the limitation above mentioned, to the titles of 
Mfc. Deerhurft, and Earl of Coventry. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Mr. John Allen, of the city of Weftminfter, by 
^hom he had three fons, viz. Thomas-Henry, born March 27, 
^l^iy died in May, 1744.— (Tcorge-William, the prefent Earl. 
—John Bulkeley, born March 21, 1724, who, by virtue of an 
aft of parliament, has taken the name of Bulkeley, and is de- 
nominated joUl Bulkeley Coventry Bulkeley. His Lady died 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

%zo E A R L o p J E R S E Y. 

Nav. aj, 1738; and hisLordfliip dying March li, iJSiiKiS 
fucceedcd by his eldeft furviving (on 

(6th Earl.) George-William, the prcfent EarL 

Creation?.] Vifcount and Earl, April 26, 1697. 

Arms.] Sailf, a fefs, ermine^ between ihrec crel'cents, «r. 

Crest.] On a wreath a garb, cr^ and thereon a dunghill- 
cock perched, gu/esy comb, wattles, and legs, or, [Plate XIII.] 

Supporters.] Two eagles, wings expanded, argent; mem" 
bered and beaked, or* 

Motto.] Candide i^ conjiantar. Sincerely and eonftantlj« 

Cm- F Seat.] At Crome de Abitot, in Worccfterftii^c, 


•*- Earl of JERSEY, Vifcount Villiers of Dartford, and Baron 
of Hoo, in England; alfo Vifcount GRANDISON, in Ire 
l;jnd, was born June 9, 1735, and fucce^ded his father as Eail 
of Jerfey, Auguft 29, 1769, and alfo fucceeded %o the title of 
Vifcount Grandifon, in Ireland, upon the death of the late Earl 
Grandifon; he married March 6, 1770, Frances, daughter and 
h^ir of Dr. Philip T\vifden, Bilhop pf Raphoe, in Ireland, by 
whom he has iffue, Charlotte, born May 2, 1771, married July 
II, 1789, William, brother to the Duke of Bedford. — Anne- 
Barbara-Frances, born March 22, 1772. — George, prefent Vifc^ 
Vflliers, born Aug. 19, 1 7 73.-«— Caroline-Elizabeth, bom Dec, 
i6, i774.-rGcorgiana, born Junq 24, 1776, died the fame day* 
-?— Sarah, born Nov* 17, 1779.— WiUiamrAuguftus-Henry, bom 
Kov. 15, i78ot 

The defcent qf this noble family the reader m;vy fi^id ;^t large, 
under the title of Earl Grandifon ; ^nd that 

Sir Edward Villiers, fecctnd fon of Sir George, by Au- 
dcry his firft wifp, married B.-^rbara, daughter tq Sir Jofen St. 
John, and niece to Oliver, Yifc. Gr^iidifon, whof(^ title was 
limited to the iflue of this marriage. He was knighted i6i6, 
apd died Sept. 7, 1626, and had four fops and three daughters, 
viz, Barbara-Anne. — Allen-Barbara, was firft married to Rich- 
ard, only fpn to Lord Wenman ; and fccondly, fhe became the 
fecoud wife to James Howard, third Earl of SufFoJk, aad died 
Dec, i3» 168 1, leaving iffue 2^ daughter Elizabeth, married 
to Sir Thpma^ Fe\ton, Bart, whofc only da^gl\ter, Eli^abcth^ 
niarried in 1^95, John Hervey, Earl of Briftol, the grandfather 
of the prefent Earl of BriftoU The fons were, William, who, 
E)ec. 29, 1630, fucceeded to the tUle of Vifc, Grajndifon, and 
marjied Mary, third daughter of Eaul, Vifc. Bayning, and by 
bpi (whp re-nv^rri^d; fi^ftj, CharJ^s^ E^r^ of Ai^lcfcy, and fe- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

£ A ft L 1^ J Wti ^ ft Y. • fttt 

tondly, Al-thut Gorges, fefq.) had an Only daughter Barbara, 
who married with Roger Palmer, Earl of Caftleinaine, and wa^ 
created, in 1670. Duchcfe of Cleveland, with remainder to her 
ion, Charles Fitz*Roy, by Charles lU and his heir male. She 
died 1709, having had ilTue, by Kin^ Charles IL three fons and 
two daughters, viz, ift, Charles, Duke of Southampton ; and 
on his mother's death, Duke o{ Cleveland, which dignities are 
now extinft,-— ad, Henry, Duke of Grafton, anceftor of the 
prefcnt Duke,— 3d, George, Duke of Northumberland, now ex- 
tm£k« — 4th, Anne, married 1674, Thomas Lennard, Earl of 
Sufiex, anceftor of the prefent Earl. — 5th, Charlotte, married 
to Sir Edward Lee, created Earl of Litchfield, whofe title is 
cxtin£^, and his eftate devolved on Charles Dillon-Lee, the pre- 
fent Vifc. Dillon, of Ireland. 

WiLi^iAM, Vifcount Grandifon, having no mafe heir, he 
was fucceeded by his brother 

John, the fecond Vifcount, who dying without iflue, tlie title 
<)efcended to his brother 

Georce, the third Vifcount, who married Mary, daughter* 
and co-heir of Francis, Earl of Chichefter, by whom he had 
iffue two fons and two daughters, viz. Edward his hein — 
William, who died 1723, having married Catharine, hisfirftcou- 
fm, daughter of Sir Edward Villiers, his father's younger brother, 
—Audrey, married Richard Harrifon, of Balls in Hertfordfhire, 
and left iflue. — Another daughter, who married Mr. Byde. 

Edward, the eldeft fon, married March 1667, to Catharine, 
daughter to John Fitz-Gerald, Efq. and dying before his fa- 
ther, 1693, ^^^ *^^^ ^^^ ^^"* ^^^ ^^^^ daughters, viz. John. — 
William.-— Mary, married to Brigadier-General Steuart, and 
died i763.-**Catharine died unmarried. — Elizabeth died un- 
married. — Harriet married Robert Pitt, Efq. (eldeft brother to 
Thomas, Earl of Londonderry, whofe title is now extinft) by 
whom flie was mother of the illuftrious William Pitt, cre- 
ated Earl of Chatham, and grandmother to William Pitt, no\r 
firft Lord of the Treafury. Their mother liad a grant of 
precedence, as if her hufband had furvived her father., 

(4th Vifcount.) John fucceeded his grandfather, as fourth 
Vifcount, and, Scpti 11, 172I, was created Earl of Grandifon, 
He married Frances, daughter of Anthony Carey, Lord Vifc. 
Falkland, premier Vifc. of Scotland, by whom he had two fons 
and three daughters, viz. James Fitz-Gerald, who married Jane, 
daughter and heir to Richard Butler, Efq. and died 1732, without 
furviving iffue. — William, born Jan. 15, 171^, and died 1739, 
unmarried.*— Anne, who died yoling.— Elizabeth, married to 
Aland-John Mafon, and was created Countefs of Grandifon.--* 
Catharine died unmarried 1738. Hi« Lordlhip dying May 
i4» 1766, without male heir, the title of Earl Grandifon. 
fctcame extinft, and the title of Vifcount de%-olved on Wil- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

liam, late Earl of Jerfey, liacal dcfcendant ' of Sir Edwar^ 
the fourth fon of Sir Edward Villiers, Knt, which Edward 
VilUers .was knighted April 7, 1680, and died in 1689, havi- 
ing married Frances, youngeft daughter of Tbeophilus, fc- 
cond Earl of Suffolk, and by her had iffue Eldward, his fuc- 
ceffor. — Henry* — Elizabeth, married to George, Earl of Ork- 
ney, — Catharine, married firft to James La Vafcus, Marquis of 
Puif&r, in France, and fecondly, to William Villiers^ Efq. — 
Barbara, married [ohn Berkeley, Vifc* Fitz-Harding. — Anne, 
married William, lEarl of Portland. — Henrietta, married John, 
Earl of Breadalbane* — Mary, married William, Earl of Inchi- 

(iftEarU) Edward, who fucceeded his father, was created 
a Baron, Vifcount, and Earl. He married Barbara, daughter to 
William Chiffinch, Efq. and dying on the 26th of Augutt, 1^71 1, 
left two fons, William, his fuccclibr ; and Henry, who died in 
May, 1753; and a daughter Mary, married firft to Thomas 
Thynne, Efq. by whom file had the Lord Vifcount Wcynwuth, 
and was afterwards married to George Granville, Lord Lanf- 
down, but died Jan. 17, 1735, leaving iffue by her fecond 

(2d Earl.) William, who fucceeded, married Judith, daugh- 
ter to Frederick Hern, Efq. and by her, who died July 31, 1735, 
he had two fons, William and Thomas ; and one daughter. Bar* 
bara, married in 1725, to Sir William Clackct, who dying on the 
^7th of Auguft, 1728, /he, on the 13th of March, 1729, mar- 
ried Buffy Manfcl, the lail Lord Manfd, who died November 
29, 1750, leaving an only daughter Barbara, married July 16, 
1757, to the prefent Lord Vernen, and lias iffue. Of the fons, 
Thomas was created Far! of Clarendon. He died July 13, 1721, 
and was fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) William, the eldcft fon, who in 1676, fucceeded 
to the Vifcount of Grandifon. In June 23, 1733, ^^ married 
Anne Egcrtcn, dauglitcr to Scroop, late Duke of Bridgewatcr,, 
and rellA of WioUhcfJv, Duke of Bedford; by her, who 
died on June 16, 1762, he had two fons, Frederick-William, 
born March 2^. J7,^4> mariied Oftober 7, 1768, to Henrietta, 
daughter of the Earl of Carrick, who died in 06t. 1742, without 
iffue; and Gcorge-Buffy, the prefent Elarl; and deccafing Au- 
guft 29, 1769, was fucceeded by 

(4th Earl.) George-Bussy, the prefent Earl. 

Creatioks.] Created Baron Villier?, of Hoo, and Vifcount 
Villiers, of Dartford, in Kent, March 20, 1690, 3 W. and Mary, 
and Earl of Jerfey, Oftober 13, 1697, 9 W. 111. and Vifcount 
Grandifon, in Ireland, 1620. ^^ 

Arms.] Jrg:nt^ on a crofs of St. George, jiryks^ five cfcal- 
lop ftiells, or; a crcfcent for difference. [Plate XIII.] 

Crest.] On a wrcatii a lion rampant, argent, and ducallf 
crowned, or. Sup- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

' E A R L P O \^ E T T- aij 

Supporters.] Two lions, ^rgcntj crowxiQi with ducal coro- 
nets, or, each having ^i plain collar, ^tf/«, charged with three 
cfcallop (helU of the fccond. 

Motto.] Ftdei coticula crux* The crofs is the teft o£ 
faith. . * 

Chief Seat.] At Middletoa-ftoney, in Oxfordflxir^ 


'T^HE Right Honourable JOHN POULETT, Earl POU- 
• ■*■ LETT, Vifcount Hinton, and Baron Poujett of Hintoa 
St. George; fucceeded his father Vere,. the late Earl, April 14, 
1788; born April 7, 1756, married June 8, 1782, Mifs Pocock, 
daughter of Sir George Pocock, Knight of the Bath, by whom 
he had a foa, born in July, 1783; and another fon, born May 
14, 1786; and another fon, born Sept. 12, 1789* 

This ancient family originally took its furnamc from the 
Lordfhip of Poulett, in the county of Som^rfet. 

Sir John Poulett, in 4 Richard IL married Elizabeth, 
daughter and heir to William Credie, and by her had Sir Tho- 
mas Poulett ; and William, from whom is defcendcd the pre- 
feut Duke of Bolton. 

Sir Thomas, who fucceeded his father, married Margaret, 
daughter of Henry Burton, Efq. and had iffue Sir William, and 
John ; and Elizabeth, married firft to Robert Burton, Efq. and 
lecondly to William Bygberie, Efq. 

Sir William, who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Deneband, of Hinton St. George, Efq. by whom he 
had four daughters; of which Elizabeth, married to Sir Joht> 
Poulett, anceltor of the Duke of Bolton; Anne, to Sir Wil- 
liam Carey ; and a fon 

Sir Amias, who died in 1538. He married fir ft, Margaret, 
daughter of John Poulett, Efq. by whom he had no iffue ; fe-r 
condly, Laura, daughter of William Kelway, Efq. by whom he 
bad Sir Hugh, John, and Henry ; and a daughter Elizabeth^ 
married firft to John Sydenham, Efq. fecondly, to William Carf- 
well, Efq. and thirdly, to Henry Copplefton, Efq. 

Sir Hugh, the eldeft fon, married Phillippa, daughter of Sir 
Lewis Pollard, by whom he had Sir Amias, Nicolas, George ; 
and a daughter Jane, married to Chriftopher Copplefton, Efq. 
and dying the 3Gth of Eliz. was fucceeded by 

Sir Amias, his eldeft fon, who died in 1588. He married 
Margaret, daughter of Anthony Harvev, Efq. and had Hugh, 
who died an infant. — Sir Anthony. — George. — Joan, married 
to Robert Heydon, Efq. — Sarah, to Sir Francis Viuce^it.— Eliza- 
beth^ who died unmarried. H^ was fucceeded by ;. 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

i24 E A k L P O U L E t t. 

Sir Anthony, who died In 1595, having married Cathartiie, 
daughter of Henry, Lord Norris, and by her had a daughter 
Margery, * married to John Sydenham, Efq. and two fonsj jolitt 
and Philip* 

(ift Lord.) John l?ouLkTT, of Hinton St. George, was cre- 
ated a Baron, and died March 20, 1649. He married ChKfliim, 
daughter of Chriftopher Ken, Efq. and by her, who afterwards 
married John Aihburnham, Efq. had three fons. Sir John.— 
Francis. — Amias; and five daughters; Florence, the eldeft, was 
married firft to Thomas Smith, and fecondlyj to Colonel Tho- 
mas Piggot.— Margaret, the fecond, married firft to Dennis 
Rolle ; fecondly, to Sir Richard Chomley ; and thirdly, to C6^ 
lonel Edward Cook, — Julian, the third, married Sir Michael 
Wharton. — Helen, the fourth, married William, fon of Sir 
George Wilmot. — ^Elizabeth, the youngeft, married firft to Wil- 
liam Aftiburnham, Efq. and fecondly, to Sir William Hartop. 

(2d Lord.) John fucceeded his father. He married firft,^ 
Catharine, daughter of Horatio, Lord Vcre, of Tilbury, widovr 
of Sir Oliver St. John, by whom he had John his heir, imd 
Horatio; and three daughters; Elizabeth, married to Sir John 
Sydenham ; Vere di6d unmarried ; and Catharine married Mr, 
Secretary Johnfon. By his fecond wife Anne, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Brown, he had two other fons, Amias and Charles ; and 
four daughters, Anne, Florence, Mary, who all died young i 
and Margaret, married to Francis Fulford, Efq. His Lordftiip 
dying in 1665, was fucceeded by 

(3d Lord.) John, his eldeft fon, who married firft, Ellex^ 
daughter of Alexander Popham, Efq. by whom he had two 
daughters; Catharine, married to William, Lord Lcmpfter; and 
Letitia, to Sir William Monfon: and by his fecond wife Sufan> 
daughter of Philip, the fifth Earl of Pembroke, he had 

(ift Earl.) John his heir, who in 1706, was created Vifcount 
of Hinton St. George, and Earl Poulctt. He married BrJdgct,' 
daughter of Peregrine Bertie, ithcIc to Robert, Duke of Aticaiter, 
and had four fons and four daughters, Bridgct.-^-Catharine.— ^ 
Sufan, bom April 17, 17 14, died Dec. 13, 1788. — Rebecca; 
born April 9, 1716, died unmarried March 4, 2765. Bridget 
born March i, 1702, married May 21, 1724, to Polexferi 
Baftard, of Kittley, in Devotiftiire, Efq.* and dving July 21; 
1773, had iflue, William, Edmund, and Baldwin I^olexftn*. Ca- 
tharine, born March 23, 1706, married June 26, 1725, to Johtt 
Parker, Efq-. of Saltram, in Devon, and died Airguft 16, r758,- 
having had iflue Henrietta, who married to Ciipt. Redmond Kel-* 
ley ; Catharine, and Bridget ; ahd John, who married firft to 
Mifs Hort, grandaughter ofthcf Earl ofGfanard; and fccondlyv 
toThercf3(, datrghter of Lord Grantham, and in 1780, wascrcaterf 
Lord Boringdori; and Montagu.— The fons were, John, twrrf 
with his brother Peregrine,- born Dec to, 170&, who wa* cffUcc^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


lip by writ, Jon. 17, 1734. — Peregrine, died Aug. 26, 1752.-^ 
Vere, late Earl Poulett.— Anne, (fo named by her Majefty, 
Queen. Anne, who was his godmother) born July 11, 1711; 
died July 5, 1785. His Lordfliip dying May 28, 1743, was fuc* 
ceeded by his fon, 

(ad Earl,) John, who died Nov, 5, 1764, unmarried, and 
was fucceeded by 

(3d EarL) Vere, his brother, born May 18, I7ID, marric4 
in 1754, Miry, daughter of Richard Butt, of Arlington, id 
GlouceJfteHhire, Efq. by whom he had iffue, John, the prefent 
Earl.-— Vere, born May, 1761. His Lordlhip dying April 14, 
1788, was fucceeded by his fon 

(4th EarL) Johij, the prefent EarL 

Creations.] Ba4:on, June 23, 1627; Vifcount swd Earii 
Dec. 24, 1 706. 

Arms*] t^ahUy three fwords in pile, their points in bafe, argenti 
pomels and hilts, or. 

Crest,] On a wreath, an arm embowed, and brandifliing a 
broad fword, dll proper. [Plate XIII.] ^ 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a favage man; on th^ 
finifter, a woman, both proper^ wreathed about their templet 
and loins with ivy, vert. , * 

Motto.] Gardcz i^/oy. Keep the faith. 

Chief Seats.] At Hinton St. George^ in Somcrfetfliirc ; an4 
Twickenham, in Middlefex. *^ 


•*• LEY, Earl of CHOLMONDELEY, Vifcount Malpai, 
and Vifcount Cholmondeley, of Namptwich, Baron of New- 
burgh, and alfo Vifcount Cholmondeley, of Kells, and Baron 
Kewburgh, in Ireland; born April 30, 1749, and fucceeded his 
grandfather June lO, 1770. 

In the account of the family of Egertou, in this Engli/h Peer* 
ftge, is fhewn, that William, Baron of Malpas, had two fon^, 
L)avid, from whom the Duke of Bridgwater is defcended; and* 

Robert, the anceftor of the Earl of Cholmondeley ; he hav- 
ing the Lordfliip of Cholmondeley, in Chefliire, aUUmed tha,t 
;furname. From him defcended 

Hugh Cholmondeley, who married Catharine, daughter to 
^lllianl de Spurftow, and had four fons, Richard, his heir,-— 
William.' — Robert, anceftor of the family of Chorley, and Whit- 

Rfcbard, the eldeft.foti^ who lived In, the reigns of Edwaril 
U\2^^ III. fynA a fon Richard ; who hail a fon Richard, but h« 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


dying witkout ittyit, 35 Edward IIL was fucceeded by his great 

William, fecond fon of Hugh, who marrying Eli^abeth^ 
daughter to Sir William Brereton, had Richara ; who married 
firft, Anne, daughter to Sir John Bromley, E(q* and fecondly^ 
Alice, daughter to Richard de HenhuU ; and had a fon WiU 
liam, who died before him, leaving IflVie by Maud, daughter to 
^ir John Cheney, two fons, Richard, heir to his grandfather ; 
and John. 

Richard, who fucceeded, dying the 4th of Hen. VII. left iflue 
by Ellen, daughter to John Davenport, Richard, Efq. his heir, 
who married Eleanor, daughter to Sir Thomas Dutton ; hthcx 
of another 

Richard, who died the ^oth of Hen. VIL He married firft, 
Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Roeer Corbett, and had an only 
daughter Maud, who was married to Sir Peter Newton ; but by 
his fecond wife, Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Randel Brereton, of 
Malpas, he had two fons and three daughters; Catharine, Ag- 
ues, and Urfula; of whom the latter was married to Thomas 
Stanley, Efq« — Agnes, to Randel Manwaring, Efq.— Catharine, 
to Ricnard Preiftland, E(<|. The fons were, Hugh, and Randel ; 
the latter died without iffue^ 25th of April, 1563. 

Sir Hugh, the eldeft, died on the 6th of January, I597« He 
SRvrried Anne^ daughter to George Dorman, of Malpas, and had 
three fons, and a daughter, Frances, married to Thomas Wil- 
braham, Efq. 

Sir Hugh, the eldeft and only furviving fon, fucceeded him; 
and died on the 23d of July, 1601 ; having married Mary, daugh- 
ter to Chriftopher Holford, Efq. and had five fons, and three 
daughters ; Mary, married to Sir George Calverley. — Lettice, 
to Sir Richard Grofvcnor, anceftor to ^rl Grofvenor. — Fran- 
ces, to Peter Venables, called Baron of Kinderton. The fons 
were, Robert, Hatton, Hugh, Thomas, and Francis. The latter 
died in his infancy. — Hatton died in 1605. — ^Thomas was feated 
at Vale-Royal, and marrying Elizabeth, daughter and heir to 
John Minchall, Efq. by her had Thomas, his heir, and two 
daughters ; Mary, married to Thomas Myddleton, Efq. and Ca- 
tharine, to Chaf les Manwaring, Efq. and Thomas, their brother, 
married firft, Jane, daughter to Sir Lionel Talmafh, and had 
-Robert, his heir, and two daughters ; Elizabeth, married to Sir 
Thomas Vernon, and Mary, to John Egerton, Efq. He married 
fecondly, Anne, daughter to Sir Walter St, John, and by her had 
two fons, Charles, who fucceeded his brother; Robert Seymour, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter to John the firft Lord Afli- 
burnham, widow of Robert Chotmondeley, of Holford, Efq. 
and a daughter, Johanna, married to Amos Meredith* Robert, 
/who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, fifter to Sir Thomas Vernon, 
^d by W bad a daughter of I^er name; who was married to John 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


AthertOtl, Efq. but having no iflve male, die eflate devolved 
oh Charles, hii brother, of Vale-Royal, who died March, 1756, 
having married Eflex, iifter to Thomas, late Earl of London- 
derry, and by her had a fon, Thomas; and four daughters; 
Eflex married, in Aug, 1732, to the third fon of Colonel Wil-i 
liam Meyrick. — Jane.--— Mary.*— Elizabeth. We now return to 
. (ift Vifcount*) RoBEKT, the eldcft of the five fons of Sir 
Hugh and Mary Holford^ before mentioned, who was created a 
Baronet June 29, i6ii, and in 1628, by King Charles L was 
i^reated Vifcount Cholmondekv, of Kells, in Ireland ; and af- 
terwards was, in 1645, ci'^^^cd a Baron of England by the title 
of Lojrd Cholmondeley, of Wich-'Malbank, alias Naiup'twich* 
On the cth of March, i645*-6, the 22d of Charles h he wad 
created £arl of Leinfter, in Ireland; and married Catharine, fe-*^ 
cond daughter and co-heir to John, Lord Stanhope; but by her, 
who died 1650, and his Lordmip on the 2d of 0&. 1659, ^l^b.-* 
out lawAil ifluet He was fucceeded by 

(ad Vifcount.) Robbrt, his nephew, the fon of Hugh his 
brother (by Mary his wife, daughter to Sir John Bodvile) and 
was on the loth of March, 166 1, the 13th of Charles IL created 
Vifcount Cholmondeley, of Kells« He married Elizabeth, 
daughter and co-heir to George Cpadock, Efq. and dying in 
May, 1681, left four fons, and a daughter of her name, married 
to John l^rton, ot Egerton, £fq« and her brothers were^ Hugh, 
Georjfe, Robert, and Richard. 

(ift Earl.) Hugh, the eldeft^ fucceeded his fether in the Irifh 
hoiiour, andf was created Lord Cholmondeley, of Namptwich, 
1689, with limitation, for want of iflue male, to George his 
Drothef i and alfo Vifcount Malpas, and Earl of Cholmonde^^ 
ley, 1706, with limitation as before ; but dying unmarried, Jan« 

tij 1725, 

(2d Earl.) George, his brother, becarnci heir^ wiio was, 
March 15, 17x5? created Baron of Newburghj in the county of 
Wexford. On the 2d of July, 1716, he was created Baron of 
Ncwburghj. In the ifle of Anglefea. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter to the bfeci* Van Ruytenburgfa, iri Germany, and by 
her (who died in Jari. 1722) he had two fohs and three daugh- 
ters; Henrietta, died unmarried 1769.— ^Mary, died urinntarried 
1783*— Elizabeth was married, iii Jahuary, 1731^ td Edward 
Warren, Efq. The fons Were^ George, his lucceflbr; and 
Taixies, who married Penelope, daughter to late James, Earl of 
fearfymore, and died iri 0€t. 1773. His Lordfhip dying May 7, 
it33> wiis fiiccfeeded by his fdli, 

(3d EdrL) Gt6%ety bbrii Jatii i, 1703, married Sept. 14, 
17235 Mary, only d'au^teh: to Sir Robert Walpole, afterwards 
Eitfl^f Orford, and by her, who died 1732, he had iflue, George, 
late Vifcoiint Malpas, born Oft. 17, 1724, married Jan. 19, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

fti« . E A R L o F O X t P R ©. 

1747, to Hcfter, daughter and heir to Sir Francis Edwar3^ 
Bart. He died March 15, 1764, leaving iflue by his Lady, (who 
died Mar. 7, 1786.) a fon and a daughter; George- James, the 
prefent Earl; and Hefter, born Jn 1735, married t6 A^illiam 
Clapcot Lifle, Efq.— Robert, Ijorn Nov, a, 1727, Re£lor of St. 
Andrew's, in Hertford, &ۥ He married Mifs Mary Woffing- 
tort, hy whom he has had iffiie, i. George- James, boi'n Feb. 
aa, 1752. 2. Elizabeth, born Jan. 31, 1753^ who died young. 
3. Horatio, lv>rn Feb. 18, 1754, who died young. 4. Mary- 
Henrietta, born April 4, 1755. S* Robert-rrancis, born June 
2t4, 1756, and died in 1757. 6. Jane, born Oft. a2, 1758, 
who died young. 7. Margaret, born July 8, 1761, died young* 
8. Hefter- Frances, born July 8, 1763, married Dec. 3, 1783, 
William Billingham, Efq. — Frederick, who died an ihftmt.— 
Charlotte, born Jan. 8, 1729-30, died an infant. His LorcKhip 
deceafing June 10, 1770, was (ucceeded by hisgrandfon, 

(4th Earl.) George-James, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baronet May 22, 161 1, 9 Jac. !• 
Vifcount Cholmondley, of Kells, in the county of Eaft-Meath, 
in Ireland, March 29, 1661, i^ Car. 11. Baron Cholmonde-* 
ley, of Wich-Malbank, alias Namptwich, in the county of 
Chefter, April 10, 1689, i W. and M. Vifcount Matpas, and 
Earl of Cholmondeley, both in the county of Chefter, Dec. ay, 
1706, the 5th of Queen Anne* Baron of Newkurgh, in the 
county of Wexford, in Ireland, March 15, 17 15, I George !• 
and on the 2d of July, 17 16, Baron of Ncwburgh, in the illc 
cf Anglefea, in Wales, 3 George I. 

Arms.J Gulds^ two helmets in a chief, proper^ garniAiedy »r ; 
in bafe, a'garb of the third. [Plate XIV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a demi-gryphon rampant,^ii!r, beaked, 
winged and membered, or, holding a helmet, proper* 

Supt»ORTERs.] On the dexter fide, a gryphon, 7^*^ ; its 
beaks, wings, and fore-legs, or. On the finifter, a wolf of thi 
fecond gorged vfith a collar perflew, vairt^ 

Motto.] Caffis tutifjimd virtus. Virtue is the fafeft helmet. 

Chief Seats.] At Cholmondeley, in the county of Chefter; 
and Richmond, in Surry. 


THE Right Hon. EDWARD HARLEY, Earl of OX- 
FORD, and Earl MORTIMER, and Baron Harky, of 
Wigmore; was born Sept. a, 17^6, fucceeded his father Edward^ 
April II, 1755; and married July il, 1751, Sufannah, ^«gii« 
tcr of WiUiam Archer, of 'Welfdrd, in BerJdhirc, E%. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

SAKL Of O X F O R I3i. %i^ 

' The family of Harley took its furname from the Lordftilp of 
Harlcy, in the county of Salop, where it flouriihed in the ear* 
liefl ages. 

Sir JoHiJ dc Harlcy poflTefied of Harley Caftle and Manor, 
married Alice, daughter of Sir Titus de Leighton, by Letitia 
his wife, niece to William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, an^ 
had iflue 

Geoffrey de Harley, who lived in the reign of King Henry 
VI. and by Julian, daughter of Sir John Burley, Knight of th^ 
Gar-ter, had 

Sir John his heir, who was the anceftor of 

Robert, who, at the coronation of King Charles I* was 
made Knight of the Bath. He married iirft, Anne, daughter of 
Ciharles Barret, Efq. fecondly> Mary, daughter of Sir Francis 
Newport, by neither of whom he had any furviving ifTue; but 
by bit third wife, Brilliana, daughter of Edy/ard, Vifcount 
CJonway, he had three Tons and four daughters. The fons were,. 
Sir Edward, Sir Robert, and Thomas. 

Sir Edward, the eldeft, born 1624, married Arft, June 26, 
1654, Mary, daughter of Sir William Button, of Parkgate, in 
I^vonfliire, by whom he had four daughters ; Brilliana, mar- 
ried to Alexander Popham, Efo, of Tewkelbury, in Gloucefter- 
fliire ; Martha, to Mr. Samuel Hutchins, Merchant in London; 
and two Marys, who died young. He married iecondly, Abi- 
gail, daughter of Nathaniel Stevens, Efq. of Effington, ia 
Glottcefter:fiiire, and had four fons, and a daughter born 1664^ 
«f her name, who died unmarried 0<SI. 4> i?^^. And of the 
fons, which were Robert, Edward, Nathaniel, and Brian; the 
latter died young ; Nathaniel, born 1665, was bred a merchant, 
and died at Aleppo, in Jan. 1720; Edward, the fecond fon, bom 
June 7, 1664, died Aug. 30, 1735, having married Sarah, third 
daughter of Thomas Foley, Efq. fifler to his brother's lady, by 
whom he had Edward, third Larl of Oxford; Robert, who 
died an infant; Robert, who died unmarried, March 14, 1774; 
Abigail, who died 1766, married to John Verney, Efq. fa- 
ther of the prcfent Lord Willougbby de Broke. • 

(ill Earl.) Robert, the eldeft fon of Sir Edward, born Dec. 
3, 1661, who in Dec. 1700, fucceeded his father, w;is May 24, 
171 1, created Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. By his fecond 
wife Sarah, daughter of Thomas Middleton, Efq. he had no 
iffue, and fhe died in 1737 ; but by his firft, who was Elizabeth, 
eldeft daughter of Thomas Foley, Efq. fifter to Thomas, firft 
Lord Foley, he had Edward his heir, and two daughters ; Eli- 
zabeth, married Dec. 15, 1712, Peregrine-Hyde.Oft)ome» 
Duke of Leed$, by whom he had thp late Duke, of whom Ihe 
died in child-bed.; and Abigail, to George Hay, Earl of Kin- 
IKml, and died July 15, 1750, leaving ifluc. Their father dy- , 

0.3 *"S 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

f3f £ A R L OF OXFORD. 

jng on the aift of May, 1724, in the 64th year of his age, Was 
fucceeded by 

(2d Earl.) Edwarp, hi? only fon, who married 06l« 31, 
17 13, Henrietta-Cavendifli Holies, only daughter and heir to 

John, Duke of Ncwcaftle, and by her, who died Dec* 8, 1755, 
e had iffue only one daughter, Margaret-Cavcndiih, bom Feb, 
II, 1714, who married 1734, William, Duke of Portland, an4 
died Dec. 8, 1755. His Lordfhip dying in June, 1741, with- 
out ifiue male, was fucceeded in his honours (according to the li« 
initation of the patent) by his coufin Edward Harley, l^fq. cl-r 
deft fon of Edward Harley before-mentioned. 

(3d Etirl.) Edward, the late Earl, married in March, 1725* 
Martha, eldeft daughter of John Morgan, of Tredegar, in 
Monmouthfliire, by whom, who died Jan. 4, 1774, he Iwd Edt 
ward, the prefent Earl. — Robert, born Sept. 10, 1727, died un- 
married Jan. 12, 1 760. -r- John, D. D» late Biihop of Hereford^ 
born Sept. 29, 1728, 4icdjan.9, 1788, having married Roach, 
daughter of Gwynne Vaughan, Efq. of Trebarry, in Radnorr 
iliire, by whom he ha4 iflVie, Edward, born Feb. 20, 1773} 
John, born Dec. 31, 1774; and two daughters, Fnmces and 
Martha. — ^Thomas, Alderman of London, born Aug^ft 24^ 
1730, married March 15, 1752, Anne, daughter of Edwar4 
Bangham, Efq. by whom he has h^d iflue : i. Thonus, bom 
^15^9 who died ^an. J7, 1763; a. Edward, I^om 1762, who 
died July 11, 1708; 3. Henrietta, born 1755, who died July 
4, 1759; 4* Anne, bori^ May 13, 1779, marrie4 April 10, 
178 1, Col. George Rodney in the Guards, fon of Admiral 
Lord George Rodney, by whom he has iffue thrpe fons ; j. Maf'^i 
tha, born May 10, 1757, married Feb. 10, I7IQ, George 
Drummond, Efq. and dying Aug. 16, 1788, as did Mr^ Dr^mr 
PQond, Mar. 6, 1789, leaving iflue a fon, bom Sept. 15, 1782 ; 
^mother fon born Nov. 21, 1783, and another fon born in 1784^ 
(S. Sarah, born 0<a. 19, 1760; marriedjuly I78i, Robert- An-< 

fiol Dfummond, the prefent Earl of kinnoul, nephew of the 
ate Earl, ^nd fon of the late Archbifliop of York. 7. Eliza^^ 
t)eth, born April 1762; married Oft. 8, 1783, tp Dayid Nfur- 
ray, Efqi brother of Lord Elibank, and hfis iffue a daughter, 
born Nov. 2, 1789. 8. Margaret, born July 4, 1765; m^m^ 
tied Feb. 26, 1784, John Boyd, Efq. el<kft foq to Sir JphQ 

Boyd, Bart. William, born May ^o, 1733, who tOQk Holy 

Orders, and died Prebend of Worcc^er, July 8, l76o*TT-SaraI\, 
j)orn 1 731, died 173 7. ---Martha, bom Nqv. 23, 1736, married 
April 20, 1764, Charles Milbome, Efq. of the rriory ncv 
Abergavenny, in Monmouthfhire, Efq* His Lordfhip dying i^ 
April II, I755> was fucceeded by his oldeft fon, 
(41^ Earl.) Edward, now Earl of OxfQr4^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

EARL FERRjjlRS. 031 

Cheat iON«.] Created Baron Harley, of Wigmore, in the 
county of Hereford, Earl of the city of Oxford, and Earl Mor* 
timer. May 24, 17 11, the loth of Queen Anne, 
Arms.} Ory abend cottifed, faMe. [Plate XIV.] 
Crest.] On a wreath, a caftley argent, tripple towered, with 
a demi lion rampant, gu/esy iiTuing out of the battlements oC 
the middle tower. 

Supporters.] Two angels, proper^ the habit and wings diC- 
played, or. 

Motto.] Firtute IS fide. By virtue and faith. 
Chief Seats.] At Eyewood and Brampton-Brian-Caftle, !a 
the county of Hereford. 


-*• Vifcount*Tam worth, and Baronet; fucceeded his ftither 
Robert, the late Earl, April 18, 1787, born Sept. 25, 1756, 
married Mar. 13, 1778, Elizabeth Prentife, by whom he has 
iflue, Robert-Sew ALLis, born Nov. 9, 1778 ; and another fon, 
born in 1780. 

The family of Shirley is dcfcended from Sewallis, whofe refi- 
dence, at the time of the Conqueft, was at Ettington, in tho 
county of Warwick. He was anceftor of 

Ralph Shirley, who by Margaret, filler and heir to Tho- 
jn9S Stanton, of Stan ton-Harold,, in the county of Leicefter, had- 
% fon John, who in his mother's right became pofleffed of Stan«- 
ton-Harold. He married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Hugh Wil* 
loQghby, and had fix fons, of which 

Sir KALPH Shirley, married four wives ; by the firft and third 
he had no iflue* By Elizabeth, his fecond, daughter of Tho* 
mas Walfh, Efq. he had an only daughter Anne, married to 
Sir Thomas Pulteney, By Joan, his fourth wife, daughter of 
Sir Robert Sheffield, he had 

Francis, his heir, who raarrving Dorothy, daughter of Sir 
John Giffbrd, rclift of John Cfongreve, E(q, had three foris, 
John, Edwar^ and Ralph; and three daughters; Caflandra, mar«* 
ricd to Walter PowtrelL Efo. Elizabeth, to Tllomas Cottoq^ 
£fq« Anne, to John Brooke, Efq- and 

JOHK, their eldeft brother, died beforq his father, leaving iflue 
by Jane, daughter of Thomas Lovet, Efq« 

(ift Baronet.) George, who fucceeded his grandfather, and 
James I. was created a Baronet. He married firft, Frances, 
wghter of Henry, thp feventh Lord B^rkel^y ; ^fecondly, Do- 
arothy> daughter of Thomas Wroughton, Efq. relift of Sir Hcn- 

Q4 n 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ft*3« EARL F E R R A R S. 

ty Unton, by whom h^had no iffuc* By his firft wife, 'he had 
four fons ; and ^ daughter Mary, who died unmarried ; the two 
^Ideft fons, John and George, died young ; Sir Thomas, the 
ypungeft, who was knighted May 22, 1622, married Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Harpur, Efq. And their father dying 
April 27, 1622, was fucceeded by his third, but eldeil furviving 

(2d Baronet.) Sir Henry, who marrying Dorothy, daughter 
of Robert Devereux, Earl of Effex, favourite of Queen Eliza- 
beth, they from that marriage have fince quartered the royal 
arms of England, being thereby defcended from Anne Plantage- 
jiet, daughter of Thomas, of Woodftock, Duke of Gloucefter, 
^d lifter and co-heir to Humphry Plantagenet, Earl of Buck- 
ingham, who died uniharried. By the faid Dorothy, who after- 
wards married William Stafford, Efq. he had two fons, Charles 
and Robert ; and a daughter Lettice, who married to Colone) 
William Bourk, the eignth Earl of Clanrickarde, 

(3d Baronet.) Sir Charles, the eldeft fon, fuc;peeded his £1- 
ther, but he dying unmarried^ 

(4th Baronet.) Sir Robert, his brother, became heir; and 
jpiarried Catharine, daughter of Humprey Okeover, Efq. and 
had three fons, Sowaliis, who died an infant; Sir Seymour, his 
fucceffor ; and Robert ; and two daughters, Dorothy, married 
to George Vernon, Efq. and Catharine, firft to Peter Venables, 
Efq. commonly called Baron of Kinderton, and was mother of 
Anne, late Countefs of Abingdon, and of Catharine, wife ta 
Robert Shirley, Efq. of whom hereafter. * 

(5th Baronet.) Sir Seymour, who fucceeded his father, mar- 
ried Diana, daughter of Robert Bruce, Earl of Aylefbury, and 
by her, who afterwards married John, Duke of Rutland, had a 
fon; but he dying young foon after his father, the honour dc-» 
Icended to his uncle, 

(iftEarl.) Robert, who on the 14th of December, 1677, 
ag Car. IIj was fummoned to Parliament by the title of Lor4 
Ferrars of Chartley, as grandfon and heir to Dorothy, fifterand 
co-heir to Robert Devereux, Earl of Effex, and Baron Ferrars 
of Chartley ; he was the iQth of Anne, advanced to the dJgnity of 
Vifc% Ti^mworth, and Earl Ferrars. He married firft, Elizabeth, 
daughter to Lawrence Wafhington, Efq. of Wilts, by whom, 
who died Oft. 2, 1693, he had ten fons, ;^nd feven daughters ; an4 
by his fecond, who was Selina, daughter of George Finch, Efq, 
he had five fons; Robert, born May 27, 1700, died in July. 
1731, unmvricd.— sGeorge, who died an infant.-j^George, bora 
in 1705, married Mary, fift^r to Humphry Slurt, Efq, member 
for the county of Dorfet, by whom he has iffue, George, bom 
Nov. :^9, 1750, who married Mifs Law, anddied without iffue in 
5784. He married fecondly, Mifs Stanley, the fame year.-- ^' 
]Kvelyn, married Mifs Fifs^npton, of Dorf^tAiirct-^Sclina, mar-* 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ncd Sept. 7, 1785, "Sir Thomas-George Shipwith, Bart — iini 
Margaret, who married in 1782, John Smith of Comb-hay, ia 
Somcrfet, Efq.— Sewallis, born in 1709, and died 0£t* 31, 
1765, having married the Countefs Dowager of Orford, (late 
Baronefs Clinton and Say, who died 1781,) but had no ifluc.— ^ 
John, born in 17 12, died 1768: And five daughter^; Selinaj 
jnarried to Peter Bathurft, Efq. uncle of the pre'fent Earl 
Bathurft, and died Dec. 14, 1777, leaving iflue, fifteen fons and 
daughters. — Mary, to Charles Tryon, Kfq. of Northampton- 
fhirc. — Anne, married May 17, 1729, Sir Robert Fumefs, and 
died Feb. 26, 1779. — Frances, who died unmarried in July 15^ 
1778. — Stuarta, who died unmarried Jan. i, 1768. Ot the 
daughters by the firft wife, which were Elizabeth, Catharine, 
Elizabeth, Anne-^Eleanor, Catharine, Dorothy, and Barbara; 
the two eldeft died in their infancy ; the third married, Walter 
Clarges, Efq. — Dorothy, married John Cotes, Efq. of Wood* 
cote, in Shropfliire. — Anne-Eleanora, died in May, 1754.— 
Catharine, died unmarried Oft. 1736. The fons by tne firft wife 
were, Robert. — ^Wa/hington, fecond Earl. — Charles, who died aa 
infcmt. — Lewis died unmarried. — George died young, as did 
Charles. — Ferrars died unmarried. — ^Walter died young. — Hen* 
ry, third Earl. — Lawrence. 

Robert, the eldeft, born Sept. 4, 1673, married firft, Catha- 
rine, daughter of Peter Venables, Baron of Kinderton, who dying 
without iflue, he, 1688, took to his fecond wife, Anne, daughter 
of Sir Humphry Ferrars, of Tamworth-Caftle, who died Scpt» 
27, 1697; and his Lordfliip dying on the 25th of Feb. 1699, 
left three fons, and a daughter Elizabeth, who in 17 16, married 
James, fifth Earl of Northampton, and by him had a daughter, 
Charlotte, who in 1751, married the prefent Marquis Town- 
fend, being in right of her mother, Baronefs Ferrars ; and on 
her death, in 1770, her fon became Baron Ferrars of Chartley, 
The fons were, Robert, Vifcount Tamworth, who died in July, 
1714; Ferrars, and Thomas; none of them furviving their 
grandfather, who died Dec. 25, 17 17, 

(2d Earl.) Washington, their uncle, who was bom June 22, 
1677, fucceeded to the title of Earl Ferrars. He married Mary, 
daughter of Sir Richard Levinz, Bart, by whom, who died 1740, 
he had iflue three daughters, his co-heirs; whereof Elizabeth, 
on the 2Ath of June, 1725, married Jofeph Gafcoigne Night- 
jtTgale, Eiq. but di^d in Aug. 1731, leaving iflue, Waftiington, 
who died unmarried 1754 ; and Elizabeth, who married Wilmot 
Vgughanj prpfent EarJ of Lift^urne, of Ireland, and died May 
19, 1755, leaving iflue. — S^liria, married June 3, 1728, Thco- 
pnitus Haftings, Earl of Huntingdon, by whom ftie had ifl*ue.— . 
Mary, on the 29th of June, 173O, married Thomas Needham, 
Vifcount Kilmorey, and died without iflue. Their father dying 
If^ithont iflw mal^> AprU 14, 1729* W^ fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) 

/ Digitized by VjOOQIC 

•34 E A R t F E'R R A R S. 

(3d Earl.) Henry, his next furviving brother, who was 
born April 14, 1691, and dying in Auguft 1745, unmarried, 
was fucceeded by his nephew Laurence, the fon of his younger 

Laurence, born Sept. 26, 1693, who married Anne, fourth 
daughter of Sir Walter Clarges, Bart, by whom, who died 
May 29, 1782, he had iflue Laurence, the fourth Earl. — ^Walh- 
ington, . the 5th Earl ; Robert, the late Earl. — Walter, bom 
Sept. 28. 1725, now in Holy Orders, married, and had ifiue 
five children, and died April 7, 1786. — Thomas, a Captain in the 
Navy, born April 6, I733> married March 30, 1733, ^^^ ^^" 
dow of Sir Stephen Anderion. — John, who died young. — ^Eliza* 
beth. — Anne, who died unmarried May 18, 1754. 

(4th Earl.) Laurence, who fucceeded his uncle, was bom 
Aug. 1720, and married Sept. 16, 1752, Mary, daughter of 
Amos Meredith, Efq. fifter to the prefent Sir William Meredith, 
Bart, from whom he was feparated by aft of Parliament, and af- 
ter his Lordfliip's death, married lecondly, March 28, 1769, 
Lord Frederick Campbell, brother to the prefent Duke of Ar- 
gyl, by whom fhe has iflue. His Lordfliip, in a fit of paf&on, 
having fhot Mr. Johnfon, his fteward, in Jan, 1760, in April 
following was tried by his Peers in Weflminfter-Hall, and found 
euilty of wilful murder, for which crime he was on the 5th of 
May, the fame year, hanged at Tyburn. Upon the death of 
this Lord, who had no iflue, tht title and eftate defcended ta 
his next brother, 

(5th Earl) Washington, born May 26. 1722, an Admiral 
in the Royal Navy, who married Mils Anne Elliot of Ply- 
mouth; and dying without iflue. Oft. i, 1778, w^s fucceeded 
by his brother 

.(6th Earl.) Robert, born July 10, 1723, married Catha« 
tine, daughter of Rowland Cotton, of Etwall, in Derbyfhirc, 
Efq. by her (who died Mar. 16, 1786) he had iflue, Robert, the 
prefent Earl. — Laurence-Rowland, born 1757, died in I772«-— 
Wafliington, an Officer in the fecond Regiment of Foot Guards^ 
bom Nov. 13, 1760, married Sept. 9, 1781, Mifs Ward, a re- 
lation of Lord Ward, of Ireland, by whom he has iflue ; Fran- 
ces, born Mar. 24, 1784. His Lordfliip dying April 18, 1787, 
was fucceeded by his fon 

(7th Earl.) Robert, the prefent Earl, 

Creations.] Created Baronet May 22, i6u, 9 Tac. L 
Vifcount Tamworth in the county Stafford, and Earl Ferrars,. 
Sept. 3, 171 1> the 10th of Queen Anne. 

Arms.] Paly qf fix, 9r and azure ; a canton, ermim.TVldXt XIV.l 

Crest.] On a wreath, the buft of a Saracen fide-faced and 
couped, proper ; wreathed about the temples, cr and azure. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a talbot, ermine^ hiscarSt 
f l{^ and his ducal collar^ j;Hles ; pn the finifier ^ reiu-de^r, of the^ 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


l^&f attired, argent} gorged with a docal coronet of thetHird, 
billeted, or. 

Motto*] Honor virtutis fr^miumm Honour is tne reward of 

Chief Seats.] At Stanton-Harold, in Leiceftcrfhire ; at 
Aftwell, in Nortbamptonfhire ; and at Chartiey-Caftle, in Staf^ 


•*• STRAFFORD, Vifcount Wcntworth, of Wcntworth- 
Woodhoufe, Baron of Satinborough, Raby, Newmarfli, an4 
Overfley, and Baronet; born 17 12; fucceeded his father Tho- 
mas, the late Earl, in Nov. 1739 ; and married April 28, i74ij 
Anne Campbell, fecond daughter of John, late Duke of Argyl 
^nd Greenwich, by whom, who died July 7, 1785, he had no iuuo» 

The name of Wentworth is of Saxon original, and taken from 
the Lordfhip of Wentworth, in the county of York, wheie at 
the time of the Conqueft, lived Reginald de Widtewordc, as it 
is fpelt in Doomfday^Book. 

Robert de Wentworth, in the reign of King Henry Ilf. 
parried Emma, daughter of William \Voodhoufe, of Wood- 
houfe, in that county, (which feat afterwards, by the name of 
Wentworth Woodhoufe, became their chief refidence) from 
him defcende4 

Wip^piAM, whof^ wife was Ifabel, daughter and co-heir t© 
William Pollington,lEfq. and by her had two fons, William and 
John. William, the eldeft, was anceftor of 

(ift Baronet.) William, who 9 James I, was created a Ba- 
ironet, and died in 16 14. He married Anne, dauehter of Sir 
Robert Atkins, and by her, who died in 1611, had eight font 
and three 4anghters ; Anne, was married to Sir George Savile* 
•i-Margaret, to Sir Richard Hutton.— -Eli^iabeth, to the third 
Earl of Rofcoipinon. The fons were, John, who died young* 
•—Thomas, -r- Willianu — P^obert, — Michael. — Matthew.— 
Philip. — Sir George, 

(2d Baronet and ift Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft furviving fon> 
fucceeded hi3 father. Op the 22d of July, 4 Car. I. he was 
created Baron Wentworth pf Wentworth-Woodhoufe ; and on 
the loth of Pecemfeer follpwing, Vifcount Wentworth, and 1 c 
Car. I. he was cre;^ted Baron Rs^by, ^nd Earl of Strafford, and 
fuffered on Tower-Hill thp 12th of May, 1641. He married 
firft, Margaret, daughter of Fr^nei$ Clifford, Earl of Cumber- 
lund, by whom he had no iffue ; fpcot^dly* Arabella, daughter of 
John Holies, Earl of Clare, by whom' he had a fon William, 
Ifod two daughters ; Ai^nei ii«arrie4 tQ fklwsMrd Watfon^ the f<^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


eotii 1j6t& Rockingham ; Mid Arabella, to Juftin Macartjr, foit 
of the Earl of Clancarty ; and his third wife was Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Godfrey Rhodes, 

(ad Earl.) William his fon, bom June 8, 1626, was on the 
tft of December 1665, rfeftored to all his father's honours. He 
fnarried firft, Henrietta-Mary Stanley, daughter of James, 
Earl of Derby ; his fccond wife was Henrietta de Raye dc la 
Rochefoucauld, (which 'X.ady died Nov, 11, 1732) and dying 
Odober 16, ^(>9S^ without iffue, ^11 the honours expired, ex- 
cept the Barony of Raby, which Thomas, Earl of Strafford, had 
taken out with limitation, in failure of heirs male to his younger 
brothers ; and the eftate went to the Rockingham family* In 
the preamble to this patent, it is faid this family was lineally de- 
feended from John of Gaunt, and from the ancient Barons of 
NcWmareh and Overfley, &c. and had matched with many of 
the principal noble families in the realm. 

William Wentworth, who married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas Savile, Efq. and by her had Sir William, his heir, and 
Thomas, who died young ; alfo Anne^ married to Edward Skiu^ 
Her, Efq. 

Sir William the eldcft fon, married Ifabella, daughter of 
Sir Allen Apfley, Knt. by whom (who died July 31, 1733) ^^ 
bad five fons and fix daughters; and died in July 1693. Of 
the daughters^ Elizabeth died young. — Frances- Arabella, mar- 
Tied Walter, Lord Bellew. — Anne, married to James Donolan, 
Efq. of Ireland, and died in Aug. ly^S* — Ifabella, married Fran* 
cis Arundel, Efq. of Northamptonmire. — Mary died young.— 
Elizabeth, the youngeft, married John, Lord Arundel of Tre- 
Tlce, in Cornwall, and died without iffue. The fons were, Wil- 
liam, Thomas, Peter, Paul, and Allen ; the latter was killed 
Oft. 27f 1702, at the fiege of Liege.-— Paul was killed at the 
fiegeotNamur, in 1695. — William the cldeft, died in Flanders 
in 1693, unmarried.— -Peter, third fon, married Juliana, only 
daughter of Thomas Hoard, Efq. of Oxfordihire, and had ele- 
ven children, all of whom died young, or unmarried, except 
Henrietta, married to Thomas, fon of Francis/Arundel, Efq. 
above mentioned, whofe widow fhe died Dec. 5, 1776. — and 
William, bora March 1700, who married Oft. 23, I7^i> Su- 
fanna, daughter of John Slaughter, Efq. of Glouceftermire, by 
whom he has iflue Frederick-Thomas, the prefent heir to tte 
title. — George. — Caroline, who died in 1762. — Augufla.— « 
Arine, married Joha Hatfield Kaye, of Yorkfhire, Efq. 

(3d Earl.) Thomas, fecund but eldeft furviving fon of Sir 
William before mentioned, on the death of William, fecond 
Earl of Strafford, his coufin, inherited the Barony of Raby, by 
reafon of his limitatiai\, and on Sept. 4, 171 1, was created Ba- 
Ton of Stainborougb, Vifcount Wentworth, of Wentworth- 
Woodhoufe, 5tnd Earl of Strafford, with reinaiuda to his bro- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

fiAHL 6t DARTMOUTIt; %^f 

llser Peter Wenrtwordi, £{q« and his iffue male. On Sept. 6, 
1711, he married Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Johnfon, Knt« 
coniin to the late Duke of Northumberland, and by her, wha 
fdied Sept« 29, 17541 he had one fonand three daughters, viz, 
Wiiliam, the p^efent Earl.-— Anne, who in April, 1733, married 
William Conolly, Efq; and has iflue^-^iucy, mkrriedin 1747, 
to Sir George Howard, K. B. and died April 27, 177 1, leaving 
iffue a daughter.*-*Henrictta, married ia De^. 1743, to Henry- 
Vernon, Efq. died May, 1775, and his lady in 1786, leaving ijf^ 
foe three fons and £ve daughters* His Lordfhip dying in Nov« 
173^, was fucceeded by his fon 

(4th Earl.) William, now Earl of Strafford. 

Creations.] Baron Raby, Jan. 12, 1640; Vifcount and 
Earl, Sept. 4, 1711. 

Arms.] Saili, a chevron between three leopards heads, orh 
[Plate XlV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a gryphon paffant, urgent. 

SuproRTERs.] On the dexter fide, a gryphon, urgent; on 
the finifter, a lion, or. 

M0TT6.] En Dieu tji tout. ^ In God is every thing. 

Chief Sea,ts.] At Wentworth-Caftle, in Yorkfliire; at 
Bbughton, in the county of Northampton; and at Twipken^ 
ha/sBf in Middlefex. 


•TpHE Right Hon. WILLIAM LEGGE, Earl and Baron of 
-■• DARTMOUTH, Vifcount Lewifham ; l)orn 1725, iuc* 
needed William, the la^e Earl, his grandfather, Dec. 15, 175OL 
and married Jan. 11, 1755, Frances-Catharine, fole daughter and 
heir to the late Sir Charles Gounter-Nicholl, Knight of the 
£ath, by whom'hehas iifiie, George, Lord Vifcount Lewifliam, 
bom Oft. 3, 1755, married Sept. 24, 1782, Frances, filler to 
the Ear 1 of Aylesford, by whom he had Frances-Catharine, born 
Sept. 7, 1783, and died March 7, 1789. — ^William, born Feb. 4, 
1^7, anddied Ocft. 15, 1785.— Charles-Gunter, born May 18, 
1759, arMl<lied Odl. I3,i784,— Heneage, born May 7, 1761, ftnd 
died in 1782, unmarried. — Henry, born Jan. 23, 1765. — Arthur, 
bom 0^.25, 1766.— Edward, born Dec. 18, 1767. — Auguf- 
.tus,-bom April 21, 1773.— Charlotte, born Oft. 5, 1774. 

Of t)iis family, which were long feated at Legges-'Place,*near 
.^tmbridgein.|Cetit, was 

TuaMAS Lecob, who was Lord Mayor of London in J 346 
. tod J 353. From him defcended 

William Legge^ who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 

'WiUbun W^ing^toiv and had three fbi^s and two-'daughter»; 

.... Mary^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

i3> BAkL 6T DARTMftUTtt 

Mary marritd Sir Henry GoodricITe ; stnd Snfioma to Thon|at 
Bilfon> of Maple-Durham* in Hampfliire, £(^» and had tflue 
Leonard Bilfon, Efq. and Thomas ; the latter of whom died by 
a fall from his horfe^ and the former died in 17 159 and left bii 
whole eftate to Thomas JBettefworth, Efq. who took the name 
of Bilfon, and in failure of heirs male to Henry Leggey £fq# 
fourth fon of William, Earl of Darmouth, taking the name o£ 
£ilfon, who fucceeded to the faid eftate by the death of the faud 
Thomas Bcttefworth, Efq. 

(ift Lord.) G£OROE the eldeft, fucceeding his father^ was id 
1682, created Baron of Dartmouth. He married fiarbaraif 
' daughter of Sir Henry Archbold, and had William his heir^ 
and feven daughters; Mary, married to Philip, eldeft fon of 
Sir Chriftopher Mulgravc, and after his deceafe, to John Craw-* 
ford^ £(q« and died Feb. 25, 1753; E^li^abeth, Barbara, Sufan* 
na, and Anne, the fifth and fixth died infants. His Lordikip 
died 1 69 1, and was fucceeded by his fon 

(ift Earl.)^ William, bom October 14, 1672, fucceeded hiJ 
father, and was created, September 5, 17 11, Earl of Dartmoathi 
He married in July; 1700, Anne, daughter of Heneage, Earl of 
Aylesford'; and by her, who died Nov. 30, 1751, had fix fons; 
George.-r-Heneage, born in 1704, married Tune, 1740, Catha« 
rine, daughter of Mr. Jonathan Fogg, who died Aug. 20, I759» 
and his Lady in November following, having had iffue, ffeneagCi 
born Jan. 7, 1746-7, who married in June, 1768, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Philip Mufgrove, Bart, of Kempton Park in 
Middlefex. 2. Catharine, born July 17, 1741. 3* Ailne, born 
Oftober 8, 1742, who died July 30, 1752. — ^William, born 
Auguft I, 1705, died an infant.— Henry Bilfon, born March 
29, 1708, married Sept. 3, 1750, to Mary, only daughter and 
heir to Edward, Lord Stawell, and^ied Aug. 23, 1764, leaving 
iffue one fon, Henry ; and bis Lady married fecondly, in Sept* 
1768, Wills Hill, then Earl of Hilllborough, and was created Ba- 
ronefs Stawell, May 19, 1760, with limitation to her fon Henry, 
by her firft marriage as above, and on her deceafe, Aug. 6, 1780^ 
her fon fucceeded to the honours, and is the prefent Baron 
Stawell. — Edward, born in 17 10, died Commodore of a fquadrofl 
in the Weft Indies in 1747. — Robert died in his minority. His 
Lordftiip had alfo two daughters, Barbara, bom Odobet 3, 
1701, married July 27, 1724, Sir Walter Bagot, Bart, of Stal- 
fordfhire; by whom fhe had iffue the prefent Lord Bagot, and 
eight other children. — Anne, married in OSoher 1 7391,. to Sir 
Lifter Holte, Bart, of Warwickftiire, and died 1740. 

George, Vifcount Lewiftiam, died Auguft 29, 1732, haviiig 
(married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Arthur JCaye, Bart, of York- 
ihire, and by her, (who after his deceafe married Jan. 1736, 
.Francis, now Earl of Guilford,) had a daughter that was ftill- 
tpom; A Xoa Arthur, who died Oftober ^ 171$;^ Elisabeth, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


inarrled to Whttfhed K^ehe, Efq. and Anne, married on Nov, 
23, 1760^ to James Brndenelli now Lord Brudenell^ brother to 
the IXike of Montagu ; and 

(ad Earl.) William, the prcfent Earl. 

Creations,] Created Baron of Dartmouth, in the county of 
Devon, Dec. 2, 1682, 34 Car. II. Vifcount Lewifham, in the 
county of Kent, and Earl of Dartmouth, Sept. 5, 1711, the 
loth of Queen Anne. 

Arms*! Jzure, a buck's head cabolhed, argent. [Plate 

Crest.] In a ducal coronet, or, a plume of five oftrich 
feathers, party •»'per-pale, argent and azure* 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion, argent^ femec of 
fleurs-de-lis, fabley crowned as the creft. On the finifter, 4 
buck, argent^ femee of mullets, gules. 

Motto.] Gaudet tentamine virtus. Virtue rejoiccth in trial. 

Chief-Seats.] At Sandwell-Hall in Staffordftiire ; and at 
Blackhcath in Kent* 


nn HE Right Honourable CHARLES BENNET, Earl of 
-*• TANKERVILLE, Baron of Offulfton, born Nov. 15, 
1743, fucceeded his father Charles, the late Earl, Oftober 27, 
1767. His Lordfhip married Oftober 7, 177 1, Emma, daugh- 
ter and co-heir to the late Sir James Colebrook, Bart, by whom 
he has Caroline, born Odtober 2, 1772.— Anne, born Auguft 
*> ^773- — Charles- Auguftus, Lord Offulfton, born April 28, 
1776. — Henry, born Dec. 5, 1777. — ^John Aftley, born Dee* 
22, 1778. — Emma, born May 15, 1774. — Anotner daughter, 
born June, 1780. — Another daughter, born March 23, 1783, 
died June 12, 1787. — Another daughter, born May 24, 1785. 
— Another daughter, born Nov. 11, 1787. — Another daughter^ 
bom Dec. 2, 1788. 

Of this family, which were anpiently feated at Clopcot, near 
Wallingford, Berks, was 

Thomas Bennet, Efq. who had iffue by Anne Molines^ 
Richard his heir; and Sir Thomas, who was Lord Mayor of 
London in 1603, and married Mary, daughter of Robert Tay*- 
lor, Efq. and had three fons, .Simon, Richard, and John, and 
two daughters ; Anne, married to William Duncombe, Efq. 
^and Margaret, to Sir George Crook* Simon, the eldeft fon^ 
was created a Baronet^ July 17, 1627; he married Elizabeth, 
daughter lof Sir Arthur Ingram. Richard, fecond fon, mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of William Cradock, Efq. and by her, 
wbo after bis dcccaf# married Sir Heneage Finch| had aimon 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Bennet, Efq. who mairying Gratiofa^ daughter of Gilbert More- 
wood, bad three daughters his co-heir; Elizabeth, married to 
Edward Ofborn, Lord Latimer ; Grace to John Bcnnet, Efq, 
$md Frances, to the third Earl of Salifbury. 

Richard, eldeft fon of Thomas, married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter a^ Thomas Tifdale, Efq. and had four fons; Ralph, his 
heir.*-- Sir John, anceftor of the Earl of Tankerville.— Thomas, 

Sir John, the fecond fon, died in 1627, having married 
Anne, daughter of Chriftopher Weeks, tfq. and had thr^ec 
ions, Sir John, Sir Thomas, and Matthew. Sir Thomas mar- 
ried firft, Charlotte, daughter to William Harrifon, and had two 
daughters, who died unmarried ; fecondly, Thomafme, daughter 
and co-heir to George Dcthick, Efq. and had a fon Thomas, 
who married Martha, daughter of John Smith, of Tidworth^ 
Elq, Matthew, third fon of Sir John, died unmarried. 

Sir John, the eldeft, fuccceded his father. He married Do- 
rothy, daughter of Sir John Crofts, and had fix fons and two 
daughters ; Dorothy married to Benjamin Bacon ; and Elizabeth, 
married to Sir Robert Carr. The fons were, John, Henry, 
Robert, Charles, Thomas, and Edward; the fecond, in 1672, 
was created Earl of Arlington, but died without iftuc male, 
leaving only one daughter, Ifabella, Countefs of Arlington in 
her own right ; Charles, the third fon, married Anne, daughter 
of Richard Wigmore, Efq. and had a fon and two daughters* 
Kobert, Thomas, and Edward died without iffue. 

(ift Lord.) John, the eldeft, was created Baron of Oflulfton, 
and died in i688. He married ftrft, Elizabeth, Countefs of 
Mulgrave, but by lier had.no iffue; fecondly, Bridget, daughter 
of John Howe, Efq. by whom he had Charles his heir ; an4 
Annabella, married to the fixth Earl of Exeter. 

(ift Earl.) Chari^es, who fuccceded, was created Earl of 
Tankerville, ij). July, 1695. He married Marv, only daughter 
of Ford, Lord Orey of Wark, and Earl of fankcrvMle, and 
dyine on the 21ft of May, 1722, left iffue four fons and three 
daughters; Bridget, Mary, and Annabella, of whom the latter 
married to William Poulettj^ Efq. and died in Nov. 1769. — 
Mary, to William Wilmer, Efq. — Bridget, to John, Earl of 
Portlmouth. The fons were, Charles, John, Henry, and Grey; 
the youngeft died Nov. 19, 1724; the fecond died ^ infant; 
and the third died alfo unmarried ; but 

(2d Earl.) Charles, the eldeft, fuccceded his father; and 
marrying Camilla, daughter of Edward Colville, Efq. who diqd 
iO£tober 8, 1775, aged 105, had iffue two fons and one daiightci:; 
viz. Charles, the late Earl.-.-*Camilla, married January ii^ 
1754, to Gilbert Fane Fleming, Efq. fon of Qiibert f ieming, 
.Efq. by whom fhe w^ left. a widow, %nd on Odlobj^r 6, :\j7^ 
laarried fecondly, Mr* Wake^ Apothecary, At B^^ ^d d^d 
. . a Feb- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


February 7, 1785. — George, born in I727. His Lordihip dyihg 
March 14, 1753, ^^^ fucceeded by his eldeft fon 

(3d Earl.) Charles, who married on the 23d of September, 
1742, Alicia, third daughter and co-heir to Sir John Aftley, 
Bart, of Staffordfliire ; and by her, who died OdGi>er 8, 1775, 
had Charles, now Earl. — John Grey, born September 7, 1751, 
who died in the fecond year of his age. — Camilla-Elizabeth, 
born March 22, J 746-7, married in 1764, Count Donhoff, a 
Polifh Nobleman, related to the prefent IGng of Poland, but 
was left a widow September 4, 1764. — Frances- Alicia, born 

ifan. 8, 1 749 ; married William Aflong, Efq. by whom llic was 
eft a widow with one daughter, who died December, 1780* 
She married fecondly, March 25, 178 1, the Rev. Mn Richard 
Sandys; and thirdly, to the Rev. Mr. Edward Beckington* 
Benfon. — Henry-Ailley, born April 3, 1757, now in the army. 
His Lordihip deceafmg 0£lober 27, 1767, was fucceeded by his 

(4th Earl.) Charles, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Baron Offulfton, in Middlefex, -November' 24, 
1682 ; and Earl Tankerville, a caftle in Normandy, 0£tober 19^ 

AKMs.lGttlesy a bezant between tnvte demi^lions rampant^ 
argent. [Plate XIV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a fcaling ladder, cr, but fometimes a 
demi-lion rampant, argent^ holding in his paws a bezant ; and 
fometimes out of a mural coronet, or, a lion's head, argent^ 
charged with a bezant on his neck. 

Supporters.] Two lions, argent^ each charged on his flioulder 
with a bezant, and crowned ducally, or. 

Motto.] De ton vouloir fervir le roy. To ferve the King 
with good will. 

Chief Seat.] At Chillingham-caftle, in Northumberland* 


npHE Right Honourable HEN E AGE FINCit, Earl of 
^ AYLESFORD, and Baron Guernfev, born July 15, 
1751, fucceeded his father, the late Earl, May 9,*'! 777, njar- 
ried November 18, 1781, Louifa, eldeft daughter of the prefent 
Marquis of Bath, by whom he had a dead born child Oil. 
25, 1782. — A daughter, bom in March 1783. — Charles, Lord 
Guernfey, who died July 18, 1784. — A daughter, born Jan. 31, 
^785, to whom their Majefties flood fponfors, and gave the 
name of Charlott^^inch-Guernfey. — A fon, born Feb. 23, 
VoL.L R The 

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f4i E A R L o F A Y L E S F OR D. 

The dcfccnt of this family is under the title of Earl of Win- 

(ift Earl.) Heneage Finch, fecond fon of Heneage the 
firfi Earl of Nottingham, was created Lord Guemfey, and after- 
wards Earl of Aylcsford; but died July 22, 17 19. He mar- 
ried Elizaheth, daughter and co-heir to Sir John Banks of 
Aylesford, Bart, and by her, who died in September, 1743, had 
three fons and fix* daughters; Elizabeth, married to Robert, 
Lord Bingley, and died Feb. 26, t757. — 'Mary, who died un- 
married 4n February, 1735. — Anne, married to William Legge, 
Earl of Dartmouth, and died Nov. 30, 1751. — Martha died 
March i76o.~Frances, married to Sir John Bland, and died 
1759. — Eflex, deceafed young. The fons were Heneage, Lord 
Guemfey.-'— John married Elizabeth, daughter of John Savile, 
Efq. ana died Jan. i, 1740, leaving a fon Henry-Savile, who 
married Judith, daughter of John Fullerton, of Dorfctfliirc^ 
Efq. and a daughter Mary. — Henry, who died July 15, 1757, 

(2d Earl.^ Heneage fucceeded his father. He married 
Mary, daughter of Sir Clement Fifhcr, Bart, and by her, who' 
died at Bath, in May, 1740, had iffue ; Heneage, the late Earl. 
— Anne, born Oilobcr 17, 1713. — Mary, born March i, 1716, 
married Nov. 1736, William Howard, Vrfcount Andover, fon 
of the Earl of Suffolk, and died in- 1767, having had iflue. (Sec 
Suflfolk.) — ^Elizabeth, born November 28, 17 17. — Frances, born 
Feb. 4, 1720, married April 2, 1741, Sir William Courtenay, 
Bart, of Powderham Caftle in Devonfiiire, afterwards created* 
Vifcount Courtenay^by whomfhe had iflue the late Vifcourlt, and 
feveral daughters, and died December 19, 1761%— Jane, born 
2'72i, died 1726. His Lcrdihip dying June 29, 1757, was 
fucceeded by his only, fon, 

(3d Earl.) Heneage, the late Earl, born November, 1715, 
married Oftober 6, 1750, Charlotte Seymour, youngeft daugh- 
ter of Charles, Duke of Somerfet, by whom he had iflue, 
Heneage, the prefent Earl, born July 15, 1 751. -^Charles, born 
June 4, 1752, married December 28, 1778, Jane, eldeft daughter 
and co-heirefs of Watkiu Wynne, Efq. of Denbighfliire, by 
whom he has a fon, born February, 1780. — William Clement^ 
born May 27, I753> ^ Captain in the Navy, married Auguft 2, 
1789, Mifs Brouncker, of St. Chrrftophers. — Charlotte, bom 
May 13, 1754, married Auguft 14, 1777, the late Earl of 
Suffolk, and Berk/hire. — John, born May 22, 1755, killed ia- 
America, June 29, 1777. — Edward, born April 26, 1756.— 
Daniel, born April 3, 1757. — Seymour, born June 11, 1758, 
an Officer in the Navy. — Henry- AUington, born Feb. 26, 1761, 
and died November 19, 1780. — Frances, born February 9, 1761, 
married Sept.. 24, 1782, Lord Vifcount Lewifham. — Maria- 
Elizabeth, born Oftober 7, 1766. — Henrietta-Conftantia, born 


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EARL o? BRISTOL. 1^43 

June 5, 1769« His Lordihip deceafing May 9, 1777, was fuQ-* 
cecdeaby hi« eldeft fon 

(4th Earl.) Heneage, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron of the iflcof Gucmfey, May i^ 
1703, the firft of Queen Anne; and Ear*! Aylesford, in the 
county of Kent, OA. 26, 17 14, i George L 

Arms.] Argent i a chevron between three gryphons paflanf, 
fable I a crefcent for difference. [Plate XV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath,, a gryphon paffant, fable. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a gryphon, fable, gorged 
with a ducal collar, or. On the finifter, a lion of the fecond 
ducal ly gorged, azure* 

Motto.] Aperto vivere voto. To live in open Faith. 

Chief Seats.] At Aylesford, in Kent ; at Albury, in Surry ; 
and at Packington, in WarWickfhire. 


THE Right Hon. and Right Rev. FREDERICK HERVEY, 
Earl of BRISTOL, Lord Hervcy of Ickworth, Bifhop of 
Derry, in Ireland; born Aug. 1730, lucceededhis brother Dec* 
23, 1779, ii^arried Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Jermyil Davers, ' 
Bart, by whom he has iffue, George, the pfefent Lord Hcrvey, 
a Captain in the ?Iavy, who married May 14, 1784, Louif;^, 
fifter to,the prefent Earl Berkeley. — Auguftus- John. — Mary, mar- 
ried February, 1776, John, Earl Erne, of Ireland. — Elizabeth^ 
married in 1776, John-Thomas Fofter, Elq. 

This family derive their defcent from Robert Fitz-Hervejr, 
fon of Hcrvcvj Duke of Orleans, who came into England with 
William the Conqueror, and from him dcfcended, 

Thomas Hervey, who married Jane, daughter and heir to 
Henry Drufy, of Ickworth in the county of Suffolk, and with 
her had that Manor ; and by her, who married fecondly, Sir 
William Carew, had two fons; 
, John, his heir, who died without iffue, and 

William, heir to his brother, who married Jane, daughter 
of John Cocket, of Ampton in Suffolk^ and died the firft of 
Auguft, 1538, and was anccftor to 

Sir William Hervey, in 1630, who married Sufan, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Jermin, and had John his heir; William; 
Thomas; and four daughters; Judith married to James Rey-^ 
nolds, Efq. Mary, to Sir Edward Gage ; Sufan, to Sir Thomas 
Hanmer, Bart, and Kezia, to Thomas Tyrill, Efq. He mar- 
ried fecondly, Penelope, daughter to Thomas, Lord D*Arcy of 
Chiche, and Earl Rivers, relidt firft of Sir George Trenchard, 
fecondly, of Sir John Gage. 

R 2 JOHK, 

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John, who fucccedcd, mai;ricdElizabethj daughter of William^ 
Lord Hcrvcy, of Kidbrook, and dying without iflue, Jan. 1 8, 1 7 69, 

Sir Thomas, his youngcft brother, (the fecond dying at 
Cambridge, Sept. 23, 1642,) became his heir. He married 
ifabclla, daughter of Sir Humphrey May, and had Ifabeila, 
married to Gervafe Elwes ; Elizabeth, died Feb. 18, 1673; and 
ifczia married Aubrie Porter, Efq. Of the fons, which were 
William, John, and Thomas ; William, eldeft brother dying 
June 14, 1663, 

(iftEari.) John, the fecond fon, horn Aug. 27, 1665, fuc- 
ceede4 his father; and was, March 23, 1703, created Lord 
Hervey of Ickworth ; and in the firft of George I. was created 
Earl of Briftol. He married firft Nov. i, 1686, Ifabella, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Carr, of Lincolnftiire, and by her had one 
fbn and tWo daughters, viz. Carr, Lord Hervey, born Sept. 
17^ 1691, but died on the 15th of NoV. 1723, unmarried; 
Ifabella, died in Nov. 171 1, unmarried; Elizabeth, of whom 
her mother died in childbed, March 7, 1693, died an infant. 
His Lordfhip married fecondly, in 1695, Elizabeth, fole daugh- 
ter and heir to Sir Thomas Felton, Bart, of Suffolk, and by 
her, who died May 2, 1741, had iffue, John, late Lord Hervey^ 
* — ^Thomas, born Jan. 20, 1698, died Jan. 10, 1775, having 
miarricd in 1744, Anne, daughter and heir of Francis Coghlene, 
Efq. of Ireland, by whom, who died Jan. 13, 1786, he left 
iflue one fon, William-Thomas-Hcrvey.— William, born Dec. 
2.5, 1699, married Nov. 27, 1729, Eliztbeth, daughter of 
Thomas Ridge, Efq. of Portfmouth, by whom, who died July 
13, 1730, he had iffue a daughter, Elizabeth; and he died in 
January, 1776. — Henry, D. D. born Jan. 5, 1701; March 2, 
1730, he married Catharine, fitter and heir to Sir Thomas Afton, 
Bart, whofc furname he took in purfuance to the will of Sir Tho- 
mas, and died Nov. 1748, leaving a fon, and three daughters; Hen- 
ry-Harvey-Afton, who married the daughter of Mr.Dicconfon 
of Lancafter, and by her has a fon. Of the three daughters, the., 
youngcft died Aug. 1776. — Charles^bom April 5, 1703, twin with 
a filler Henrietta, who died young. He took holy orders, and 
was a Prebendary of Ely : having married Dec. 31, 1743, Mifs 
Martha-Maria, daughter of Colonel Howard, of St. Edmund's 
Bury, in Suffolk, and died March ao, 1783. — A fon, ftill-bom, 
July 6, 1704. — Humphrey, born June 3, 1708, died young. — 

Jcmes-Porter, born June 24, 1706, deceafed. — Felton, bom 
uly 3, 1710, who died an infant. — Felton, born February 12, 
1712, died Auguft 18, 1775, having married Dorothy, daughter 
of Solomon Afliley, Efq. and widow of Charles Pitfield, Efq. 
by whom, who died November 8, 1761, he had iffue, Felton- 
Lionel -Hervey, who died Sept. 9, 1785, a Lieutenant in the 
Horfe-Guards, having married March 2, 1779, Selina, ^^^ ^^^Y 
daughter and heir of the late Sir John Elwill, Bart, of Devon- 
ihire, and had iffue ; and three daughters, Emelia, Caroline, 


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and Elizabeth.— James, born March 5, 17 13, deceafed. — Eli- 
zabeth, married May 8, 1724, to Bufly, Lord Manfell, and 
died without iflue, December 3, 1727.— -Anne, died unmarried, 
July, 15, 1771. — Barbara, <iied July 24, 1727. — Louifa-Caro- . 
lina-Ifabella, married Sept. 23, 1731, to Sir Robert Smyth, 
Bart, of Weftminfter. — Henrietta, died in Auguft, 1732, His 
Lordfhip died January 20, 175 1. x 

John, the eldeft fon, born Oftober 15, 1696, was called up 
to the Houfe of Peers, as Lord Hervey, in June, 1733. He 
married Odober 25, 1720, Mary, daughter of General Nicholas 
Le Pell, and had iflue, George- William, the fecond Earl, born 
the 31ft of Auguft, 1721. — Le Pell, born in Jan. 1723, mar- 
ried the 26th of February, 1743, to Conftantine, Lord Mul»« 
grave, and died March 9, 1780. — Auguftu3-John, the late Earl. 
— Mary, born in 1726, married to George Fitzgerald, Efq. who 
died on May i, 1762, leaving ' iflue. — Fred(?nck, the prefent 
Earl. — William, born the 12th of May, 1732, ^ Colonel in 
the army, died Jan. 27, 1770, unmarried.— Ameli^-Carolina- 
Naflau. — Carolina. His late Majerfy, in 1753, ^^^ pleafed to 
grant to the daughters of Lord Hervey, the fame precedency as 
daughters of Earls of Great Britain. His Lordfhip dying in 
Auguft 5, 1743, was fucceed^d in the title of Lord Hervey by 
his eldeft ton, 

(2d Earl.) George -William, who in Jan. 1751, fuc- 
ceeded his grandfather as Earl of Briftol. And his Lordfliip de-f 
cealing unmarried March 20, 1775, ^^^ fucceeded by his brother 

(3d Earl.) Augustus-John, the late Earl, born May 19, 
1724, advanced to the dignity of Vice Admiral of the Blue, of 
his Majefty's Navy; married privately Aug. 4, 1744, Elizabeth 
Chudleigh, who March 8, 1769, publickly married the late 
Duke of Kingfton, during the life-time of her former huflband, 
which marriage was by trial of her Peers proved and declared 
illegal, April 22, 1776, and fhe retired to the Continent, where 
/he died in Aug. 1788. The Eirl her Lord died without iflue, 
December 23, i779> and was fucceeded by his next brother 

(4th Earl.) Frederick, Bifhop of Derry, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Hervey of Ickworth, in the 
county of Suffolk, March 23, 1703, the 2d of Queen Anne; 
and Earl of the City of Briftol, Oftober 19, 17 14, i George I. 

Arms.] Gulcs^ on a bend, argenty three trefoils flipped, proper. 
[Plate XV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a leopard, pafl!ant, bezantee, and 
gorged with a ducal coronet, and chained^ or, holding in his 
dexter paw a trefoil flipped, proper. 

Supporters.] Two leopards, proper^ bezantee, and with co^- 
Jars and chains, or. 

Mqtto.] Je ft ouhlteray jamais. I fliall never forget. 

Chief Seats.] At Ickworth, in Suffolk; and at Afwarby, \t\ 

R 3 YEL^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

[ h6 ] 


npHE Right Hon. HENRY YELVERTON, Earl of 
•*■ SUSSEX, Vifcount De Longuevitle, Baron Grey of 
Rmhyn, Haftings, Weysford and Valence; and Baronet; bom 
July 7, 1729, fucceeded his brother Auguftus, the late Earl, 
in 1758. His Lordfhip married to his firft wife, Jan. 17, 1757, 
Hefter, daughter of John Hall, of Mansfield Woodhoufe, in 
the county of Nottingham, Efq. and by her, who died nth 
Jtnr. 1777, had iffue, Talbot, a fon, who died an infant in 
17^7. — Barbara, born June 19, 1759, ^^^ ^^^ married in 
0<a. 1775, to Edward-Thorotcfn Gould, of Mansfield Wood- 
houfe, in the county of Nottingham, Efq. and died April 9, 
1 78 1, leaving iffue three children all now living, viz. Barbara, 
born Jan. 25, 1777; Mary, born May 5, 1778; and Henry, 
born in Septembei;, 1780. His Lordfhip married to his fecond 
wife on Jan. 28, 1778, Mary, daughter of John Vaughan, oC 
Briftol, Efq. by whom he had no iffue. 

TheEarl of Suffcx is defcended, in the male line, from ayoungcr 
fon of the ancient family of Yelverton, of Rack Heath, ia 
the county of Norfolk, which was of note in the reign of King 
Edward 11. viz, from 

Sir Christopher Yelverton, Knt. who, in the 39th of Eli- 
^abeth, was Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, and in the 
44th, a. Judge of the Queen's-Bench, in which poft he died, at 
Eafton-mauduit, a feat which he had purchafed in North- 
amptonlhire, Oft. 31, 16 12. He married Mary, daughter of 
Thomas Catefby, Efq. and by her he had two fons. Sir Henry 
and Chriftopher, and two daughters; Elizabeth married to Sir 
Edward Cope ; and Anna, firft' to Thomas Sberland^ Efq, and 
fecondly to Sir Edward Cocket. 

Sir Henry, the eldeft fon, fucceeded him. He was judge of 
the Common-Pleas, under King Charles !• and died on the 24th 
of Jan. 1630. He married Margaret, daughter of Robert Beailc, 
Efq. and had four fons and five daughters. Of the fons, 

Sir Christopher fucceeded his father, and on the 30th of June, 
1641, was created a Baronet, and dying on the 4th of Dec. 1654, 
left iflue by Anne, daughter of Sir William Twifden, a daugh- 
ter Anne, married firft, to Robert Montagu, the third Earl of 
Manchefter, i^d fecondly, to* Charles, the witty Earl of Hali-^ 
£ix ; and 

Sir Henry, his heir, who died the 3d of Oftober, 1670. 
He maiTied Sufanna, daughter and heir to Charles Longueville, 
vfho in right of his mother, Sufanna (fifter and heir to Henry 
Grey, Earl of Kent, wbp died in 1639) became Lord Grey of 
J^ut&yn, H^ings, &p, ^n4 th?f(? l^onoim d^jfcending to his faid 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


daughter and heir, flie brought them into this family, by whom 
they are now enjoyed ; having by her faid hufband four fons, 
Charles, Henry, Chriftopher, and Nevil (of whom the two 
laft left no iffue), and Frances,, wife of Chriftopher, the firft 
Vifcount Hatton. 

Charles, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father in the title 
of Baronet, and his mother in that of Lord Grey of Ruthyn, 
&ۥ but he dying May 17, 1679, without iffue, was fucceed- 
cd by 

(ift Vifcount.) Henry, his brother, who, April ai, 1690, 
was created Vifcount de Longueville, and died March 24, 1704. 
He married Barbara, daughter and co-heir to Sir John Talbot, 
ofLaycock, in the county of Wilts. By this Lady, who died 
1763, he had two fons, Talbot and Henry, (which laft having 
had one daughter, died without iffue ) and five daughters ; Bar^ 
bara, wife of Reginald Calthrope, Efq. (by whom (he had iflue, 
Sir Henry Calthrope, Knight of the Bath, and Barbara, wife of 
Sir Henry Gough, Bart.) and Sufanna, Frances, Anne, Hen- 
rietta, who died unmarried. 

(ift Earl.) Talbot, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his faeher, and 
in 1 7 1 7, was created Earl of Suffex, with remainder to Henry, 
his brother, and their iffue male. He married Lucy, daughter of 
Henry Pclham, of Lewes, in Suffex, Efq. (uncle to the late Duke 
of Newcaftle) and by her, who died in child-bed, 25th of May, 
1730, had iffue three fons, viz. George, born 30th of January, 
1725-6, who died an infant. — Auguftus, born 27th of July, 
1727, the late Earl. — Henry,, born 7 th of July, 1729, the prefent 
Earl. His Lordfhip dying 0<5l. 27, 1731, was fucceeded by 
his fon 

(2d Earl.) Augustus, who was firft Lord of the Bedcham-* 
ber to the prefent King, when Prince of Wales, died the 8th 
of Jan. 1758, unmarried, and was fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) Henry, the prefent Earl. 

N. B. His Lordfliip, as Baron Haftings, Heir General to 
the ancient Earls of Pembroke, claims to carry the fpurs at 
the Coronation, and did carry them at that of his prefent Ma- 
jcfty King George III. 

Creations.] Baronet, 30th of January, 1641 ; Baron Grey 
of Ruthyn, fummoned to Parliament 16 Edw. IL 1322 ; Baron 
Haftings, fummoned 23d of Edw. L 1294; Vifcount de Lon- 
gueville, by patent, 21ft April, 1690; Earl of Suffex, by patent, 
26th of Sept. 17 17. 

Arms.] Argentj three lions rampant, and a chief, guks^ 
[Plate XV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a lion paffant, regardant, gules. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a wyvern, or, collared 
and chained, guUs ; ou the ilnifter, a lion rampant, regardant, 

R 4. Mot- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

848 E A R L C O W P E R. 

Motto.! Foy en tout. Faith in all things. 

CyiEF Seats.] At Eafton Mauduit, near Wellingborough, 
in Northamptonfliire ; and at Brandon, near Coventry, in tbe 
county of Warwick, 



COWPER, Earl of COWPER, Vifcount Fordwich, Ba- 
ron Cowper, of Wingham, and Baronet ; and a Prince of the 
Roman Empire; fuccecded his father Dec. aa, 1789. 

Of this family, which was firft feated in Suffcx, was John 
Cowper, of Strode, in the reign of King Edward IV. and was 
anceftor of 

(ift Bart.) William Cowper, who in the 17th of Charles L 
was created a Baronet. He married Martha, daughter of James 
Mailers, Efq. and had fix fons aud three daughters ; Mary, who 
died unmarried. — Martha, married to John Huitfon, Efq. — 
Anne, to John Richmond, Efq. The fons were, John. — Sir 
Edward, who died unmarried.— Sir William, who had iflue Sir 
John. — Spencer, who died unmarried. — ^James, who in 1660, 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Worth, but died without 
iffue; and me married fecondly, George, the fourth Earl of 
Suffolk, — Henry, died without iffue. 

John, the eldeft fon, married Martha, daughter of George 
Hewkley, of London, merchant, and had a fon William, who 
fucceeded his grandfather, and married Sarah, daughter of Sir 
Samuel Holled, and had two fons, William, his heir; and 
Spencer, who was one of the Judges of the Common Pleas ; but 
dying on the loth of December, 1728, left one daughter, mar- 
ried to Colonel Martin Madan ; and three fons, William, who 
died in Feb. 1740, leaving iflue two fons and a daughter; of 
whom William married, Auguft 5, 1749, Mifis Madiui, eldeft 
daughter of Colonel Madan, by whom he had a fon, bom May 
6, 1750. — John.-— Aihley. 

(ift Lord and Earl.) Sir William fuccecded his father, and 
in 1705, was made Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and the next 
year created Lord Cowper, and afterwards Earl Cowper, and 
died on the loth of Oft. 1723. He married to his firft wife, 
Judith, daughter and heir to Sir Robert Booth, by" whom he had 
a fon that died young ; but by his fecond wife, Sarah, daughter 
of John Clavering,Efq. of Durham, who died Feb. 5, 1723-4, hg 
|iad iflfue two fons, and two daughters ; Sarah, who died Dec. 7, 
1758. — Antie, married 1731, to James-Edward Colleton, Efq. 
and died March 26, 1750. The fons were, William, his fuc- 
ceflbr.-^pencer, late Dean of Durham, who' in May, 1742, 

A married 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


married Dorothy, daughter of Charles, late VifcTownfliend, 
and died without iffue, March 25, 1774, and his Lady, May, 
1770. His Lordihip died 061. 10, 1723, and was fucceedcd hy 
his K>n 

(2d Earl.) William, who was bom in 1709^ and took the 
name of Clavering, in purfuance of the will of his uncle« He 
married June 27, 1732, Henrietta, daughter and co-heir to the 
Earl of Grantham, and by her, who died Oft, 13, 1747, he had 
iflue Caroline, born June 20, 1733, married July 24, 17531 to 
Henry Seymour, Efq, nephew to Edward, Duke of Somerfet^ 
and aied June 2, 1773, leaving iflue— George Naflau, late 
EarlCowper. On May i, 1750, his Lordfliip married to his fe- 
cond wife Georginia-Caroline, daughter of John, Earl Gran- 
ville, widow of John Spencer, Efq. and mother to the late Earl 
Spencer, by whom, who died Aug. 21, 1780, he had no iflue* 
And departing this life on Sept. 18, 1764, was fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) GEORGE-Naflau, born Aug. 26, 1738, marriel 
June 2, 1775, Anne, daughter of Francis Gore, Efq. of South- 
ampton, by whom he had iflue, George- Auguftus, the prefent 
Earl. — Peter-Leopold-Lewis-Francis, born May 6, 1778. — ^Ano- 
ther fon, born July 16, 1769. His Lordfliip died at Florence^ 
Dec. 22, 1789, when he was fucceeded by 

(4th Earl.) George- Augustus, the prefent Earl. 

.Creations.] Created Baronet, March 4, 1641, 17 Car. L 
Baron Cowper of Wingham, in the county of Kent, Nov. o, 
1706; Vifcount Fordwich, and Earl Cowper, March 18, 1718; 
Prince of the Roman Empire, by Diploma, Jan. 31, 1778, and 
confirmed Aug. 27, 1785. 

Arms.] Argent, three martlets, and a chief enerailed, gules i 
on the latter, as many annulets, or. [Plate XV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a lion's gam ere^ed and crafed, or^ 
holding a branch, verty fruSed, gules. 

Supporters.] Two light-dun horfes, with tails docked^ 

Motto.] Tuum eft. It is your own. 

Chief Seat.] At Colne-Grcen, in Hertfordfliirc ; and at 
Ratling-court^ in the county of Kent. 



HOPJ^ Vifcount Stanhope of Mahon, and Baron of El- 
vafton, fucceeded his fiither Philip, the late Earl, March 7, 1786, 
born Aug. 3, 1753, "tarried Dec. 19, 1774, to Harriet, daughtel: 
of the late Earl of Chatham, by whom, who died Jiily 18, 1780^ 
he has iflue, Hcfter-Lucy, born March 12, 17 76* — ^Grizilda^ 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


born in 1778. — A daughter, born Feb. 1780. His Lordfhip 
niarricd fecondly, March 10, 1 781, Elizabeth, daughter of Hen- 
ry Granville, Lfq. late Governor of fiarbadoes, and coufin to 
the prefent Marquis of Buckingham, by whom he has iffuc, a 
fon, Vifcount Mahon, born June 4, 1785. — Another fon, bom 
Sept. 7, 1788. 

Philip, the firft Earl of Cheflcrfield, marrying to his fe- 
cond wife Anne, daughter of Sir John Packington, had an 
only fon 

Alexander, who died Sept. 20, 1707, having married Catha- 
rincp daughter of Arnold Burghill, Efq. and had five fons; and 
and one daughter Mary, who married Charles, the firft Vif- 
count Fane. The fons were, James.— Alcxandef, who died in his 
father's life-time. — Philip, killed the aSth of Sept. 1708, in attack- 
ing the Caftle of St. Philip, in Minorca. — Edward, killed at the 
ficge of Cardova, in Spain, Dec. 23, 17 11. — William, bom at 
Madrid, in 1691, died an infmt. 

(ift Earl.) James, the cldeft, in Sept. 1708, took the ifland 
of Minorca, and was in 17 17, created a Baron and Vifcount^ 
with limitation, for want of heirs male, to Charles Stanhope, of 
Elvafton^ Efq. and his brother William, and was, in 17 18, 
created Earl Stanhope. He married Feb. 14, 1712, Lucy, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Pitt, Efq. by whom he had iflue, Philip, late 
EarL — Lucy, twin-fifter to Philip, bom the 15th of Auguft^ 
1714, who died May 21, 1785. — George, born Dec. 28, 1717, 
died unmarried 1754.— -James, who died April 21, 1730. — 
Gertrude, who died young. — Jane, and Catharine, twins, bora 
after the death of their father, and both died young. Their mo* 
therdied the 24th of Feb. 1723; and the Earl, Feb,. 3, 1721, 
when he was fucceeded by his fon 

(2d Earl.) Philip, born Aug. 15, 1714, married in 1745, 
Grizel-Hamilton, daughter of Charles, Vifcount Binning, fon 
of Thomas, Earl of Haddington, of Scotland, by whom he had 
iffue, Philip, born June 24, 1746, died July 6, 1763. — Charles, 
the prefent Earl. His Lordlhip dying March 7, 1786, was fuc- 
ceeded by his only furvrving fon, 

(3d Earl.) Charles, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Stanhope, of Elvafton, in th^ 
county of Derby, and Vifcount Stanhope of Mahon, in Mi- 
norca, July 12, 1717, 3 George L and Earl Stanhope, April 14, 

Arms and Crest.] The fame as the Earl of Chefterficld; 
with a crefcent for difference. [Plate XV.] 

Supporters,] On the dexter fide, a talbot, ermine* On the 
finifter, a wolf, ory ducally crowned, azure; each charged oi^ 
the ihoulder with a crefcent, azure. 

Motto.^ J Deo ^ Regc. From God and my King. 

Chief Sveat.] At, Chevening^ in the county 0/ Kent. 

S H E^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

C 251 ] 


TpHE Right Hon. ROBERT SHERARD, Earl and Baroa of 
•*- HARBOROUGH, and Lord Sherard, in England ; and 
Baron Leitrim, in Ireland. His Lordfhip was born 0£l. 15, 
1 7 19, fucceeded his brother Bennett, February 24, 1770. He 
married firft, Catharine, daughter and co-heir of Edward Hearft^ 
of Salifbury, Efq. and ihe dying February 5, 1765, without 
iflue, he married fecondly in January, 1767, Mifs Reeves, daugh^ 
ter of Williap Reeves, Elq. of Melton Mowbray, in Lei- 
ceAerfhire, and by her, who died in 1770, had iflue one fon^ 
Philip, born Oft. 10, 1767; and a daughter Lucy, born ia 
0(^.1769. His Lordfhip married thirdly. May 25, 1772, Do- 
rothy, daughter and fole heir of William Roberts, of Glaifton^ 
in Rutlandfhire, Efq. by whom, who died in 1781, he had a 
daughter, Dorothy-Sophia, born April 17, 1775, and died Nov^ 

• This fciroily derive their defcent from Schirard, who, at the 
time of the Conqueft had great pofleffions in the counties of 
Cheiler and Lancafter,- and was the anceftor of Robert Sherard, 
who marrying Agnes, daughter and heir to Sir Lawrence Haw- 
berk, Knt.. with her had the manor of Stapleford, now their 
chief feat. In 1437 

Lawrence, their fon, marrying Elizabeth, daughter and heir to 
John Woodford, Efq. had four fons, Robert, Geoffrey, Chrif- 
phcr, and William; whereof the two latter died without iffue; 

Robert, the eldeft, dying without iffuc, Geoffrey, his next 
brother, became heir, and marrying Jocofa, daughter to I'homas 
Aihby, Efq. had Thomas, his heir, and Robert Sherard, of Lop- 
tnorp, in the county of Lincoln, from whom defcended Sir 
firownlow Sherard, Bart. 

Thomas, married Margaret, daughter to John Helwell, Efq. 
and was fucceeded by 

George, their fon, who marrying Rohefa, daughter to Sir 
Thomas Pultney, had 

Francis, his heir, who married Anne, daughter to George 
Moore, Efq. and had three fons. Sir Philip, Sir William, and 

Sir Philip, the eldeft, married IfabeJ, daughter of Sir Johi\ 
Harpur, and dying without iffue, 

(ift Lord.) Sir William, the fecond, became heir. In the 
tliird of Charles I. he was created Baron of Leitrim, and mar-» 

Sing Abigail, widow of Henry Trefham, Efq. daughter to Sir 
icil Cave, Efq. by Anne, daughter of Anthony Bcnnet, Efq. 
bad five fons^ and two daughter^; Abigail, who died in 1648 ; 
2 and 

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and Anne, married to Nicholas Knolles, Earl of Banbury. The 
' ions were, Bcnnet, Philip, George, Francis, and Henry. 

(2d Lord.) Bennet, the eldeft, fucceeded his father, and 
and died in the year 1700; and by Elizabeth, daughter to Sir 
Robert Chriftopher, had two fons,andtwo daughters ; Elizabeth, 
firft married to Edward Ingram, the fecond Vifcount Irwin, 
and fccondly, to John Noel, Efq. and by her had a daughter 
Bridget, who was married to DaVid, Lord Milfington, but died 
without furviving iffue. — Lucinda, was the fecond wife of John, 
the fecond Duke of Rutland. Of the fons, Chriftopher, the 
eldeft, dying in 168 1, unmarried, 

(ift Earl.) Bennet, the fecond, became heir, «nd was cre- 
ated Baron Sherard, with remainder for want of heirs male to 
Philip, fecond fon of William, the iirft Baron of Leitrim, and 
cm the 31ft of Odlober, 1718, created Vifcount Sherard, of 
Stapleford, and on the 8th of May, 17 19, Earl of Harborougb, 
with the like remainder. His Lordftiip married Mary, daughter 
to Sir Henry Calverly, and died without iffue, Oftober 16, I732« 
We now return to 

Philip, fecond fon of William, the firft Lord Sherard, of 
Leitrim. He died in 1695, having married Margaret, daughter to 
Sir Thomas Denton, and Widow of John Porteney, Efq. and 
of William Eure, Efq. and had three fons, and a daughter Abi-^ 

fail, married to John Pickering, Efq. The fons were, Bennet, 
hilip, and Denton* The fecond married Anne, daughter to 
John Thoroton, M. D. had three fons, and three daughters j 
which were Philip, Robert, William j Anne, Mary, and Eliza- 
beth ; ahd 

Bcqnet, their uncle, died in 1701, having married Dorothy, 
daughter to Henry, the fourth Lord Fairfax, and widow of 
Robert Stapleton, Efq. and by her, who died in January, 1 745, 
had four fons, and fix daughters; three of which fons died 
without iffue ; and Margaret was the wife of Dr. John Gilbert, 
Arcl^biftiop of York, by whom fhe has iffue a daughter, who 
married the prefcnt EarJ of Edgecumbe, and has ifiue. 

(ad Earl.) Phiup, the only furviving fon, fucceeded his 
tmcle, 0£l. 16, 1732, in the titles, by virtue of the limitation in 
the patent, except that of Vifcount Sherard, of Stapleford; and 
was the fecond Earl. He married Anne, daughter of Nicholas 
Pedley, Efq. of Huntingdon, and by her, who died February 
16, 1750, had iffae Bennet, late Earl.-— John, born May 15, 
^7 13, who died unmarried, May 25, 1746. — Robert, theprefent 
Earl.-i-Daniel, born June 17, 1722, who died unmarried, June 
1744. — Philip, born May 3, 1716, died an infant. — Philip, 
born March i, 1726-7, Colonel of the 69th regiment of foot.— 
Elizabeth, born February 3, 1705, died young. — Dorothy, born 
Nov. ID, 1707, married the Rev. James Torkington, near Hun- 
tingdon, by whom flic bad iffue^ two fons, and three daughters, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— X,ucy, born Dec. 4, 1710, died unmarried in i78i« — Annc^ 
lorn April 26, 1712, died in 17 14. — Sufanna, born January 16, 
1 7 14, died unmarried, in Dec. 1765. — Urfula, born Oct. 2, 
1717, died unmarried, Sept. i, 1745. — Anne, born Feb, 2a, 
1723, died May 19, 1724. — Catharine, born May 27, 1730, died 
Auguft 3, following. His Lrordfliip dying July 20, 1750, was 
fucceeded by his eldeft fon 

(3d EarL) Beknet, who married^ firft, in June 27, 1748, 
Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Ralph, Earl Vernev, and by her, 
who died in June, 1756, had iflue Charles, Lord Sherard, born 
in January, 1739, who died young. — Henry, born Sept. 10, 
1741, died an infant. — James, born February 25, 1742-3, died 
young. — William, born February 20, 1743-4, died young, as did 
three daughters, Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Mary. His Lord- 
fliip, July 3, 1757, married fecondly, Frances, daughter to the 
Hon. JulVice Noel, by whom he had a daughter Frances, born 
April 12, 1759, married April 18, 1776, Colonel George Mor- 
gan of the Guards, and has iffue. His Lordfliip's fecond wife 
dying Sept. 15, 1760, he married, March 31, 176 1, his third 
wife, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Hill, Efq. of Tern, in 
Shropfliire, who died February i, 1768, by whom he had ijOTue 
a ftill-born daughter, born January 23, 1767, and a fon, Ben- 
net, Lord Sherard, born Feb. i, 1768, and died the 2ift of the 
fame month ; and his Lordfhip married, fourthly, 0<ft. 8, 1768, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Cave, Bart, by whom he 
had no iffue; and his Lordftiip, deceafing, February 24, 17 70, 
was fucceeded by his brother 

(4th Earl.) Robert, the prcfent Earl. 

Creations.] Baron of Harborough, 0{k. 19, 1714; and 
Earl, May 8, 17 19; Baron Leitrim, in Ireland, July 10, 1627. 

Arms.] Jrgenty a chevron, gules^ between three torteauxes. 
[Plate XV.] 

Crest.] In a ducal coronet, or, a peacock's tail eredt, proper* 

Supporters.] Two rams, argent^ armed and unguled, or. 

Motto.] Hojlh honorl invtdta* An enemy's envy is an ho- 

Chief Seats.] At Stapleford, in Leicefterfhire ; andWhil> 
fcndine, in Rutland/hire. 


T^HE Right Hon. THOMAS PARKER, Earl and Baron of 
* MACCLESFIELD, Vifcount Parker, born Oftober 12, 
1723, fucceeded his father, March 17, 1769, and married Dec. 
12, 1749, Mary, eldeft daughter of Sir William Heathcote, 
fiart. oif Northamptonihire, by whom h« has iffue, George, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Vifcount Parker, bom Feb. 24, 1755, married May 24, 1780, 
Mifs Drake of Amerfliam, in Berkfliire, by whom he has a for^ 
Thomas, who died an infant. — Thomas. — Elizabeth, borri 
June 29, 1751, married Nov. 16, 1773, John Fane, Efq. of 
Wormfley, ill Oxfordftiire, by whom flie has iflue a fon, born 
June 24) 1780, andanother fon, William, bom Dec. 8, 1783, fince 
dtad; a daughter, born June 28, 1785; and another daugh- 
ter, bom July 26, 1787. — Mary, born March 16, 1752. — 
Anne, who died in 1774. 

Thomas Parker had great pofleffions in the reign of King 
Richard 11. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Adam de Go- 
tham, and had Robert, his heir, who married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of John Birley, and had a fon John, who by Ellen, daugh- 
ter of Roger North, had five fons ; of whom Thomas, the fe- 
cond, had iffae, William Parker, of Alhbourn, in Derbyfhire, 

whofe fon George, married Barbara, daughter of Burley, 

and had a fon, William Parker, who died in 1631, and left iflue, 
by Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey Wilfon, a fon of Thomas 
Parker, Efq. father of 

(iftEarl.) Sir Thomas Parker, who was created a Baron, 
and on the 20th of May, 17 18, was appointed Lord High 
Chancellor; and in 1721, was created a Vifcount and Earl ; 
and having married Janet, daughter of Charles Carrier, Efq. by 
her, who died Aug. ^3, 1733, ^^ George, Vifc. Parker; and 
'a daughter, Elizabeth, mstrried Aug. 7, 1720, to William 
Heathcote, Efq. fince created a Baronet, by whom fhe had a 
daughter Mary, who married the prefent Earl, her coufin; and 
iix fons. On this lady and her^iffue male are entailed the ho- 
nours of Baron, Vifcount, and Earl, in failure of the iflue male 
of the prefent Earl, her nephew. His Lordfliip ^ying on the 
28th of April, 1732, was fucceeded by 

(2d Earl.) George, his only fon, late Earl, who married 
the i8th of Sept. 1722, Mary, daughter of Mr. l^ane, a Tur- 
ky-merchant, and by her, who died June 4, 17^3, had iflue, 
Thomas, now Earl of Macclesfield, born Oft. 12, 1723; and 
George-Lane Parker, born Sept. 6, 1724, a Major-general in . 
the army, who married May 17, r782. Lady Cotteral Dormer. 
His Lordfliip married, fecondly^^ in Dec. 1757, Mifs Dorothy 
Neft)it, who died July 14, 1779* His Lordfhip dying without 
any ijTue by her, on March 17, 1764, was fucceeded by his 
cldeft fon 

(3d Earl.) Thomas, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Baron Parker, March 9, 1716, 2 Geo. L and 
Vifc. Parker and Earl of Macclesfield, Nov. 13, 1721. 

Arms.] Gules, a chevron between three leopards faces, cr, 
[Plate XVI.1 

Crest.] A leopard's head crafed and guardant, cr, ducally 
gorged, gules. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

E A R JL o F P O M F R E T. ajf 

Supporters*] Two leopards reguardant, proper^ each gorged 
with a ducal coronet, gules. 

Motto,] Sapere aude* Dare to be wife* 

Chief Seat.] At Sherburn-caftle, in Oxfordfliirc. 


I^HE Right Hon* GEORGE FERMOR, Earl of POM- 
^ FRET, and Lord Lempfter, fucceeded his father, George^ 
the late Earl, June 9, 1786, born Jan. 8, 1768. 

Of this family of Fermor, formerly called Ricards, was Tho- 
mas Ricards, whofe mother being daughter and heir of the 
family of Fermor, he took that name ; and died in the firft of 
Henry VH* By his wife Emmote, daughter and heir to Simkin 
Hervey, Efq^. he had Richard ; and William, who died 20th of 
Sept. 1552^ 

Richard was bred a merchant, fettled himfelf at Eafton- 
Nefton, which he had purchafed. He married A»ne, daiighter 
of Sir William Brown, Lord Mayor of London, and haijl thr^c 
fons and five daughters ; Joan, married firft to Robert Wilfo^d, 
Efq. and fccondly, to Sir John Mordaunt. — Anne, to William 
Lucy, Efq. — Elizabeth, to Thomas Lovet, Efq. — Urfula, to 
Richard Fienes.- — Mary, to Sir Richard Knightley. The fons 
were. Sir John, — Thomas. — Jerome. Sir John, the eldcft, 
married Maud, daughter of Nicholas, Lord Vaux, Baron of 
Harrowden; and dying Dec. 12, 157 1, left iflue Sir George 
Fermor, his heir ; Nicholas, and Richard ; and three daugh- 
ters; Catharine, married firft to Michael Pulteney, Efq. and fe- 
condly, to Sir Henry D'Arcy. — Anne, to Edward Leigh, Efq. 
— Mary, to Sir Thomas Lucas. 

Sir George died the ift of Dec. 1612, having married Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Curzon, Efq. and had feven fons and eight 
daughters ; of whom three died unmarried ; Agnes, the eldeft, 
was married to Richard, the firft Vifcount Wenman. — Eliza- 
beth, firft to Sir William Stafford, and fecondly, to Sir Thomas 
Chamberlayne. — Jane, to Sir John Killegrew. — Catharine, to 
William Hoby, Efq. — Mary, firft to Robert Sanquar, and af- 
terwards to Barnaby, Earl of Thomond. And of the fons. 

Sir HatTon, the eldeft, died in 1640. He married Ann«, 
daughter of Sir William Cockain, and had five fons and fix 
daughters; of whom, Mary, was married to Sir Charles Cromp- 
ton. — Anne, to Jonathan Cope, Efq.—- Catharine, firft to Sir 
John Schuckburgh, and after his deceafe to §ir Roger Norwich. 
--Three died unmarried. And of the fons, which were, Sir 
William.— Hatton. — Charles, — George. — Richard. The fc*. 
cond died in 1644, ^ind 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Sir William, the eUeft, was created a Baronet, and.die<I 
May 14, 1 66 1, tie married Mary, daughter of Hugh Perry, 
Efq. widow of Henry, fecond fon of Edward, the firft Vifcount 
Campden, and had eight fons, and two daughters* Hatton, the 
cldeft fon, dying an infant, 

(iftLord.) William, the fecond fon, became heir, and oa 
the 1 2th of April, 1692, was created Lord Lempftcr* He mar- 
ried firft, Jane, daughter of Andrew Barker, Efq. by whom he 
had a daughter Elizabeth, who died unmarried, in March, 1705* 
By his fecond, who was Catharine, daughter of John, the thini 
Lord Poulett, he had another daughter, Mary, married to Sir 
John Wodehoufe, and died 061.24, 1729. ^y his third, So- 
phia, daughter of Thomas, Duke of Leeds, and widow of Do- 
natus, Lord O'Brien, who died Dec. 8, 1746, he had two fons, 
Thomas and William ; and four daughters ; Sophia died young. 
— Catharine, and Bridget, died unmarried. — Matilda married 
Edward Cony ers, Efq: and died in February 1741, leaving iflue 
John Conyers, Efq. who married, 1746, his firfl coufin, Hen- 
rietta, the late Earl's fifter. 

(ift Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, was born in 1698 ; on 
the 7th of December, 171 1, fuccceded his father ; and on Dec. 
27, 1 72 1, was created Earl of Pomfret. He married, July 14, 
1720, Henrietta-Louifa, daughter of John, Lord Jefferies, Ba- 
ron of Wem, and by her, who died Dec. 17, 176 1, be had four 
fons, and fix daughters, viz. George, the late Earl. — William, 
born 1723^ a Captain in the Royal Navy, who died 1749.— 
John, born Aug. 3, 1726, died 1729. — Thomas, bom Ocl. 29^ 
1734, died young, — Sophia, born Nlay 29, 1721, married April, 
1744, John Carteret, Earl Granville, and died Odt. 7, 1745, 
leaving iflue. — Charlotte, bom Feb. 16, 1724-5, married in 
Aug. 1746, William Finch, brother to the late Earl of Win- 
chelfea, by whom flie had iflue, George, the prefent Earl, and 
other children. — Henrietta, born Sept. 19, 1727, married Jan. 
13, 1746-7, John Conyers, Efq.. of Copthall, in Ettcx, and has 
jflue. — Juliana, bom Slay 21, 1729, married Aug. 1751, Tho- 
mas Penn, Efq. of Bucks, and has iflue. — Louifa, born OSt. 23, 
1731, married the youngeft fon of Sir William Clayton, Bart, 
of Surry, and has iflue. — Anne, born May 21, i733> married 

July 15, 1754, ThoiAas Dawfon, Lord Dartrey, of Ireland, and 
led March i, 1769, leaving iflTue. His Lordfhip dying July 
8, I753> ^^^ fucceeded by his only fon 

(2d Earl.) George, born in 1722, married April 30, 1764, 

Anna-Maria, daughter and heir of Draycott, Efq. of Sun* 

bury, in Middlefex, by whom, who died Sept. 23, 1787, he had 
ifl!ue, George, the prefent Earl. — William-Thomas, born Nov, 
22, 1770, who is married, and has iflue. — Charlotte, born Noy# 
20, 1776, married Aug. i, 1787, Peter Denys, Efq. His Lord- 
ihip dying June?^ ^785, was fucceeded by his fon 


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(3d Earl.) George, the prefcnt EarU 

Creations.] Baron> April 12, 1692; and Earl, December 
ajy 1721. 

Arms.] Argent^ a fefc, ^i/f, between three lions heads erafed, 
guies. [Plate XVI.] 
. Crest.] Out of a ducal coronet> tv, a cock's head iffuing. 

Supporters.] Two lions, proper. 

Motto.] Hora e femper. It is always time. 

Chief Seats.] At Eafton-Nefton, in the county of Nor- 
thampton ; and at Sunbury, in Middlefex* 



HE Right Hon. WILLIAM GRAHAM, Earl and Baron 
GRAHAM, of Belford, * in the county of Northumber- 
land, in England, and Duke of Montrose, in Scotland. 

For an account of this family, fee Duke of Montrose, in 
the Peerage of Scotland. 
Arms.] See Plate XVI. 


npHE Right Hon. JOHN KERR, Earl and Baron KERR, 
■*- of Wakefield, in York/hire; and Duke of Roxburgh, in 

For an account .of this family, fee Duke of Roxburgh, in 
the Peerage of Scot/anJ* 

Arms.] See Plate XVL 


THE Right Honourable GEORGE WALDEGRAVE, Earl 
WALDECiRAVE, Vifcount Chewton, Baron Walde- 
grave of Chewton, and Baronet, born July 13, 1784, fucceed- 
fed his father, the late Earl, Odt. 17, 1789. 

This family take^' its name from the village of Waldegrave, 
in Northampton/hire. Warin de Walgrave had a fon John, who 
was Sheriff of London in 1205 ; from him defcended Sir Tho- 
mas Waldegrave, who was knighted by King Edward IV. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Fray, and di^ in 1500, 
leaving iffue, Sir Willian?i.-'--Edward. — ^Richard.— Jane, fecond 
wife of Thomas Mannock, Efq. — Catharine, married to George 
Mannock, Efq. Sir William, the eldeft, married Margery, 
daughter of Sir Henry Went worth, and had three fons; i» 
George; 2. William ; and 3. Anthony. 

Vol. I. S Sir 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Sir Edward Waldegrave, iecond fon, msrried EJizaAycthf 
daughter of John Cheney, E(q, and dying the 17th of Henry 
VllL left iffue a fdn, Sir John ; and a daughter, Mary, who 
' married ifaac Aftlcy, Efq* Sir John Waldegrave married Lau- 
ra, daughter of Sir John Rochefter, and had three fons. Sir 
Edward,— Robert, — Jolin ; and died the 6th of OA. 1543. 
Sir Edward, the eldcft, had, from Qpcen Mary, a grant of the 
Manor of Chewton. He died cnx the firft of Sept. 1561, hav- 
ing married Frances, daughter of Edward Nevil, brother to the 
Lord Abergavenny, and had two fons, Charles, his heir ; Nichor 
las ; and three daughters; Mary, married to John, the firft Lord 

Petrc, — Magdalene, to aouthcote, £(9. •— Catharine, to 

« Gwaync, Efq. 

Charles, marrying Jeronjrma, daughter of Sir Henry Jer- 
negan, left Sir Edward, his heir; and two daughters ; Fraaces, 
married to Henry Yaxley, Efq,— *Magdaien, to Philip Parris, 

(ift Bart,) Sir Edward, in the 19th of Charles L was cre- 
ated a Baronet. He married Eleanor, fitter and heir to Sir 
Francis Lovel, and had a fon 

(2d Bart.) Sir Henry, who fucceeded him, amt marrVing 
firft, Anne, daughter of Edward Pafton, Efq. had feven tons, 
and four daughters ; ai^ by Catharine, his fecond wife, who was 
daughter of Richard Bacon, he had fix fons and fix daughters; 
and died OA. ro, 1658. Of the fons by the firft wife^ 

(3d Bart.) Sir Charles fucceeded his father; and marrying 
Helen, daughter of Sir Francis Englefield, had Sir Henry, his 
iieir; and Sir Charles. 

(ift Lord.^ Sir Henry Waldegrave in the firft of James II« 
was created Lord Waldegrave ; and in 1689, dial at Paris ; but 
having married Henrietta Fitz^ames, natural daughter of King 

James IL bv Mrs. Arabella Churchill, fifter to John, Duke of 
Marlborough, by her, (who died April 3f 1730) had two fons; 
and a daughter, Arabella, a nun. The fons were, James and 
Henry'; the latter died unmarried ; but 

(ift Earl.) James fucceeded his father. On the i6th of 
Sept. ip^ he was created Vifcount Chewton, and Earl Walde- 
grave. He married in 17 14, Mary, fecond daughter of Sir John 
Webb, Bart, of Glouceftcrftire, and by her, who died Jan. 22, 
1 7 10, he had two fons, and one daughter, viz. James, fecond Earl 
Waldegrave. — Henrietta, bom Jan. 2, I7i7,died May 13, 1753; 
flie married July 7, 1734, to Lord Edward Herbert, only bro- 
ther of the late Marquis of Powis, who left her a widow in 
November foKowing, with child, and ftie was delivered in June, 
1735, of a daughter Barbara, married March 30", 1751, to the late 
Earl Powis. — John, third Earl WaWegravc. His Lordiihip died 
April II, I74i> and was fucceeded by his eldeft fon 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(2d EarL) James, born March 4, 17 15, married in Dec. 

1754, Mifs Drax, daughter of Henry Drax, Efq. which 

Lady dying without iffue, he married fecomHy^ May 15, 1759, 
Maria, fecond daughter to Sir Edward Walpole, fecond fon of 
Robert, Earl of Ch-ford, by whom he had Eli^beth-Laura, 
born March 24, 1760, married May, 5, 1782, her firft couiin^ . 
the late Earl. — Charlotte-Maria, born Odobcr 11, I76i,— 
Anna-Horatia, born November 8^ 1762, married Nov* i6, 
1784, the Earl of Eufton, eldeft foa of the Duke of Graftom 
And his Lordihip dying without ilfiie male in 1763^ he was 
fucceeded bv his onW brother* His Lady married fecondljr^ 
September o, 1766, nis Royal Highnefs, William-Henry, his 
Majefty*s next brother, the prefent Duke of Glouceftcr, by 
whom {he has iflue« See Duke of Gloucester* 

(3d EarM John, bom April 28, 1718, married in I75if 
iBlizabeth, nfter to the prefent Marquis of Stailbrd, by whom 
(who died April 28, 1784) he had iiTue, George, the fourth 
Earl.— William, born July o, 1753, * Gaptain in the Navy, 
who married a Neapolitan Lady, m Feb. i786.---*John, bom 
Nov. 27, 1756, died 1780. — ^Elizabeth and Amelia, twins, bom 
May 26, 1758, and they both died in June, 1768*—- Frances, 
born OA. 6, 1761, died in May, 1768. — Catharine, bom March 
1, 1765. His Lord/hip dying 0€t. 22, 1784, was fucceeded by 
his fon 

(4th Earl.) George, a Captain in the third Regiment of 
Guards, born Nov. 23, 1751, married May 5, 1782, Elizabeth- 
Laura, daughter of his uncle James, the tecond Earl, by whom 
he had iflue, a daughter, bom July 14, 1783*— George, the 
prefent Earl. — Another fon, born July 30, 1785. — Another fon, 
born Aug. 29, 1787. — A pofthumous daughter, born Dec* 3, 
J789. His Lordihip dying Odl. 17, 1789, was fucceeded by 
his (qxi 

(5th Earl.) George, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Lord Waldegravc, Jan. ao, 1685, ' J^^* I^* 
and Vifc. Chewton, and Earl Waldegrave, Sept. 13, 1729^ 
3 Geo* IL 

Arms.] Party per pale, argent and guUs. [Plate XVL] 

Crest.] In a duc^J coronet, or, a plume of five oftrich fea-« 
thers, party per pale, argent and zuies. 

Supporters^] Two talbots, Jaile, eared, or, and each gorged 
with a mural coronet, argent, mafoned, faile. 

Motto.] Ceelum non animum. You may change your cli- 
inate, but not your nature. 

Chief Seat.] At Naveftokc, in Effex* 

§% ASH- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t 260 ■] 

ashburnhaM, earl of ashburnham. 

qpHE Right Hon. JOHN ASHBURNHAM, Earlof ASrf- 
-^ JBURKHAM, Vifcount St* Afaph, and Paron of Afli- 
l>urQham> born OA. 30, 1724, fucce«ded his father John, the 
Earl, March 10, 1737; and June 28, 1756, married Elixabcth, 
daughter- of John Crawley, Efq. late Alderman of London, 
^ whom, who died Feb. 17, 1781, he has had George, bora 
FeK 2, I7s8> and died Ecb. following. — Gcoi^e, Vifcount St. 
Afaph) born Dec. 25, 1760, marricd^ug. 28, 1784, Sophia, third 
daughter of the Marquis 06 Bath, by whom he has iffuc, a fon, 
born Oa. 9, 1785, and a daughter, born Sept. 1786. — Hen- 
xictta-rTheodofia, born Novi 8, 1759. — Jemima-Elizabeth, born 
Jan, I, L762, married Feb. 26, 1785, the Marquis of Graham, 
cldcft fon of the Duke of Montrofe, by whom flie had a fon, 
bom Sept. 4, 1786, and Ihe died the 1 8th -of the lame month, 
and the child died April 23, 1787. — Elizabeth-Frances, born 
May 10, 1763. — ^Theodofia-Maria, bom June i6, 1765, mar- 
ried May 29, 1788, Mr. Viner. 

Of this ^mily, which affumed their furname from the town 
of . Aihburnham, was Piers, Lord of A&burnham, whofe fon, 
Anchitel, had a fon Bertram, who in the reign of King Harold 
was Sheriff of Suflex, Surry, and Kent, and Conftable of Dovcr- 
Caftle, which he defended againil William the Conqueror. From 
iiim dcfcended Thomas Afliburnham, who married Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Henry Wauncy, by whom he had three fons, John. — 
Richard. — Thomas. John, the eldeft, died in 1491 ; and by 
Elizabeth Peckham, his wife, left iffue William, his heir, who 
married Anne, daughter of Henry Hawley, and had iffue a 
daughter Anne, married firft, to William Apfley; andfecondly, 
to Richard Covert, Efq. and John, his heir, who married Lora, 
daughter of Thomas Berkeley, Ef<^. and had John, his heir, and 
three baughtcrs; Anne, married farft, to John Bolney ; fecond- 
ly, to-ThomUs Culpeper, Efq. Jane, to Oliver Denham, Efq. 
and Alice, to John Paniel, Efq» 

. loHN, who fucceeded, married Ifabel, daughter of John 
Sackville, Efq. and Jiad three fons, John, Thomas, and Wil- 
liam; and three daughters, Eleanor. — Anne, married to Tho- 
mas Penderton, Etq. — Margaret, to Jones, Efq. 

John, the eldeft fon, died the 14th of 0&. I59i« He mar- 
ried M;Ty, daughter of George Fane, Efq. and had five fons, 
Sir John, his heir; Thomas, William, George, and Walter; 
the four laft died without iffue; alfo two daughters, Mary, 
married to George Wentwortb, Efq. and Catharine, to George 
Aldwick, Efq. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Sir John, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Beau- 
mont, and by her had two fons and four daughters ; whereof 
Elizabeth was* married to Frederick, Lord Cornwallis; Frances, 
to Frederick Turvile, Efq. Anne, to Sir Edward Bering ; and 
Catharine died unmarried. The fons were, John and William ; 
the youngeft married Jane, daughter of John, Lotd Boteler, wi- 
dow of James, Earl of Marlborough, and died without iflue in 
Dec. 1679. 

John, his elder brother, died June 15, 167 1, He married 
firft, Frances, daughter of William Holland, Efq, fecondly, 
Chriftian, daughter of Chriftopher Ken, Efq. relift of John, 
Lord Poulett, by which laft wife he had no iffue ; but by his 
firft wife had eight children, of whom Elizabeth, married Sir 
Hugh Smith; and Frances, to Sir Denny Afliburnham. 

William, the eldeft fon, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
John, Lord Poulett, and dying in 1655, left iflue by his faid Lady, 
who afterwards married Sir William Hartopp. 

(ift Lord.) John, who was created a Baron. He married 
July 22, 1677, Bridget, daughter of Walter Vaughan, Efq. 
and had Jane, married to James Hay, Efq. but died in Aug. 
1731 ; and Elizabeth, married firft, to Robert Cholmondeley, 
Efq. and fecondly, to Seymour Cholmondeley, Efq. but died in 
Jan. 1732. The fons were, William, John, and Bertram; the 
youngeft died in April, 1 743, unmarried. 

(2d Lord.) William, the eldeft, born May 20, 1675, on 
the 2 1 ft. of Jan. 1709, fucceeded to the honour. He married 
Catharine, daughter and heir to Thomas Taylor, Efq. but dying 
the 16th of June, 1710, without iflue, and his Lady the nth 
of July following, 

(ift Earl.) John, his bhother, born March 13, 1687, became 
heir; and in 1730, was created a Vifcount and Earl. He mar- 
ried firft, 061. 21, 1 7 10, Mary Butler, daughter of James, 
Duke of Ormond, by whom, who died Jan. 12, 1712, he had 
no furviving iflTue. By his fecond Lady, Henrietta Stanley, 
daughter of the ninth Earl of Derby, whom he married July 
24, 1714, (who died June 26, 1718, and was widow of John 
Annefley, Earl of Anglefea) he had a daughter Henrietta, who 
died Auguft 8, 1732, unmarried. Taking to his third wife, 
Jemima Grey, daughter of Henry, Duke of Kent, by her, who 
died July 7, 1731, had a fon John, the prefent Earl. His 
Lordfhip dying on March 10, J 737, was fucceeded by his fon 
(2d Earl.) John, now Earl of Afhburnham. 
Creations.] Baron Aihburnham, May 30, 1689 ; Vifcount 
and Earl, May 14, 1730. 
AuMs.l Gu/esy a fefs between fix mullets, arzent. [Plate 

xv.i] -* 

Crest.] Out of a ducal coronet, <?/-, an aflj-tree. prapcr^ 

S 3 Sup- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Supporters.] Two greyhounds, yiA/p,' collared and chain* 
cd, or. 

Motto.] Leroy bf Pejlat. The king and the ftate. 

Chief Seats,] At Afhburnham, in Suflcx; and atChclfea, 
in Middlefex* 


THE Right Honourable THOMAS HOWARD, Earl of 
EFFIhfGHAM, Lord Howard; bc^rn Jan. 13, 1746-7; fuc- 
ceeded his father Nov. 19, 1763; married <Jft. 1765, Catharine, 
daughter of Metcalf Prockor, of Thorp,'in Yorkihire, Eftj. 

THOMAS, the fecond Duke of Norfolk, marrying to his fecond 
wife Agnes, lifter to Sir Philip Tiney, had a Ion 

(iftLord.) William, who in 1552 was created Lord How- 
ard of Effingham. He was Admiral of England, Ireland, and 
Wales, and died Jan. 12, 1573. He married iirft Catharine, 
daughter of Sir John Boughton, by. whom he had only one 
daughter, Agnes, who was married to the third Marquis of 'Win- 
chefter ; but by his fecond, who was Margaret, daughter of Sir 
^Thomas Gamage, he had four fons and five daughters ; whereof 
Douglas the eldeft, was married firft, to John, Lord Sheffield, 
and fecondly, to Sir Edward Stafford ; Mary, firft to Edward, 
Lord Dudley ; and fecondly, to Richard Mompeffon, Efq. Fran- 
ces to Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford; Martha to Sir 
George Bouchier ; and Catharine died young. And of the fons, 
.which were Charles, Sir William, Edward, and Henry, the two 
youngcft died infants ; and 

(2d Lord, iftEarl of N.) Charles fucqeeded his father, and 
in confideration of his fervices againft the Spanifli Armada, as 
alfo for facking the town of Cadiz, and deftroying the Spanifh 
fleet in the harbour there, was on the 2 2d of Oftober, the fame 
year, created Earl of Nottingham, and died the 14th of Dec. 
1624. He married firft Catharine, daughter of the firft Lord 
Hunfdon, and had two fons and three daughters; fecondly, Mar- 
garet, daughter of James Stuart, the third Earl of Murray, by 
whom he had two fons, James, who died young; and Sir Charles, 
of whom hereafter. This Lady furviyirig him, married Sir Wil- 
liam Monfon, Vifcount Caftlemain. Of the daughters by Catha- 
rine the firft wife, Elizabeth the eldeft was married firft to Sir 
Robert Southwell ; and fecondly, to John, Earl of Carrick. — 
Frances, firft to Henry, Earl of Kildare; and fecondly, to Henry, 
Lord Cobham. — Margaret to Sir Richard Levefon. And of the 
fons, whioji were William, Lord Effingham ; and Charles ; the 
eldeft married Anne, daughter of John, the fecond Lord St. 
John, of Blctflioc, by whom he had an only daughter Elizabeth, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


wKo was married to John Mordaunt, the firft Earl of Peterbo- 
rough ; but dying without iffue male, 

(3d Lord E» ad Earl of N.) Charles, his brother, became 
Jieir to bi« father. He married firfl. Charity, daughter of Robert 
White, Efq.. widow of William Leche; fecondly, Mary, daugh- 
ter of Sir William Cockaiu ; and dying on the 3d of 061. 1642, 
without iffue, was fucceeded by his half brother, 

(4th Lord E. 3d Earl of N.) Sir Charles, who married 
Ai^abella, daughter of Edward Smith, Efq. and dying in 1681, 
without iffue, the Earldom of Nottingham ceafed in this family. 
We now return to 

Sir William Howard, fecond fon of William, the firft Lord 
Howard of Effingham; which Sir William, dying in 1600, left 
iffue by Frances, daughter of William Goulawell, Efq. three 
ii^ns. Sir Edward^ Sir Francis, and Sir Charles ; the former dying 
in 1620, without iffue, Sir Francis, his brother, fucceeded, and 
i3Eiarned Jane, daughter of Sir William Monfon, by whom he 
had feven Tons and a daughter; and dying the 7th of July, 1651, 
Was Aicceeded by 

Sir Charles, his eldeft ion, who married Frances, daughter 
of Sir George Courthop, and left iflue two fons, Francis his 
heir ; and George ; and a daughter Jane, married to Thomas 
Methwould, Efq. ; George, fecond fon, married Anne, daughter 
of — — Kidder, Efq. and had iffue three fons, Henry, Charles, 
and Thomas, and two daughters^ of whom Thomas only fur- 
vived, and died March ^i, 1 753. He married Mary, only daugh* 
ter of Dr. Morton, Bimop of Meath, by whom, 'who aied Feb. 
1782, he left two fons and two daughters; Sir George, Knight 
€>( ithe Bath and a General in the army, who married firft, Lucy, 
fiftcr to the prefent Earl of Strafford; and fecondly, the Dowa- 
ger Co untefs of Effingham ; Henry; Mary married to Sir Fran- 
ks Vincent ; and Catharine. 

(5th Lord.) Framcis, eldeft fon of Sir Charles, fucceeded 
Charles, Eafl of Nottingham, in the Barony of Effingham. By 
his fecond wife Sufan, daughter of Sir Henry Felton, and widow 
of Thomas Herbert, Efq. he had no iffue ; but his firft wife Phi- 
ladelphia, daughter of Sir Thomas Pelhani, he had three fons 
and three daughters; Philadelphia, Margaret, and Elizabeth: of 
Y/hom the latter was firft married to Francis Hutchinfon, Efq. 
and fecondly, to William Rober^s^ Efq. but the two eldeft ditA 
young. And of the fons, who were Charles, Thomas, and' 
Francis; the eldeft dying unmarried April 1 1, 1694^ 

(6th Lord.) Thomas, the fecond, in 1700, fucceeded his fa* 
ther, and died on the 10th of July, 1725. By his fecond wife 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Rotbc^rara, Efq* and widow of Sir 
Thcophilus Napier, he bad no iffue ; but by his firft wii'c Mary, 
daughter of Rtrni Wentworth, Efq. he had two datcgfiters, AaiKr, 
married in Sept. 172^ to Sir William Yoiuige, Bart, and died ia 

S 4 i775> 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


1775, leaving iflue; and Mary to George, now Lord Vernon* 
His Lordfliip dying without iffue male, 

(ift Earl of E.) Francis, his brother, became heir; and 
marryingfirft, Diana, daughter of Brigadier O'Farrel, by her had 
Thomas the late Earl ; and in July, 1728, taking to his fecond 
wife, Anne, fifter to Robert Briltow, Efq. by her, who died 
Nov, 15, 1774, had a fon George, born May 8, 1730, and died 
in July, 1731- His Lordfliip, Oft* 17, 1731, was created an 
Earl, and dying Feb. 12, 1742-3, was fucceeded by his only 

(2L- Earl.) Thomas. On Feb. 14, 1744-5, he married Eli* 
zabeth, daughter of Peter Beckford, £fq. of Jamaica, (which 
Lady m:irried, fecondly, Sir George Howard, K. B. May 21, 
1760, who by a former Lady had a daughter Lucy, married 
May 20, 1780, to Lieut. Col. Richard Vyfe, and died Aug. 2, 
1784.) By the Earl fhe had iffue, Thomas, the prefent Elarl. — 
Richard, born Feb. 21, 1748, married June 14, 1785, Mifs 
March, daughter of John March, Efq. of Warefly Park, in Hun- 
tingdonfhire. — Elizabeth, born Nov. 10, 1750, married Jan. 26, 
1774, the Rev. Henry- Reginald Courtenay, coufm to the pre- 
fent Vifcount Courteney, Reftor of St. George, Hanover Square; 
flie died in Jan* 1782, leaving iffue, a fon William. — Anne, bom 
May 4, 1752, married Lieut, Col. Thomas Carleton, of the 
29th Regiment of foot, brother to Lord Dorchefter, who died 
in Canada, 1787. — Maria, born Aug. 31, 1753, "tarried May 22, 
1772, Guy Carleton, Lord Dorcheller, and has iffue. — Frances- 
Herring, born May 22, 1755. His Lordfliip departed this life 
on Nov. 19, 1763, and was fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) Thomas, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Baron Howard, March 11, 1554; Earl of 
Effingham, Dec. 8, 1731. 

Arms and Crest.] The fame as the Duke of Norfolk's, a 
mullet for difference. [Plate XVIL] 

Supporters.] Two lions, argent; on the flioulder of each a 
mullet for difference. 

Motto.] f^irtus mllle fcuta. Virtue is equal to a thoufand 

Chief Seat.] At Great BookWm, in the county of Surry. 


'T^HE Right Hon. GEORGE WALPOLE, Earl of OR- 
■'" FORD, Vifcount Walpole, Earon Clinton and Say, Baron 
Walpole, and Baron of Houghton, born April 2, 1730, fucceed- 
ed his father Robert, April i, 1751. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


This family took their name from the town of Wal- 
pole St. Peter's, in Norfolk, where they were feated before the 
Canqueft. Richard de Walpole" marrying Emma, daughter of 
Walter de Nevelton, with her had all her fatlier*s lands in Rei-» 
don, near Houghton, where the family has refided from the 
reign of King Henry IIL 

Sir Edward Walpole, in 1663, was a member for Lynn, 
and died in March, 1668. He married Sufan, daughter of Sir 
Robert Came, and had five fons, and eight daughters ; whereof 
two fons and five daughters died young; but Anne, thecldeft, was 
married to Moui>tfort Spelham, Efq. Mary, the lecond, to John 
Wilfon, Efq. and Elizabeth, to James Holt, Efq. And of the 
fons, Edward, theyoungeft, died 1688 ; Horatio, married Anne, 
daughter of Thomas, Duke of Leeds, and widow of Robert 
Coke, Efq. 

Robert, the eldeft fon, married Mary, daughter of Sir Jef- 
frey Burwell, and had (befides thirteen children, that died 
young) three fons and three daughters; Mary, married to Sir 
Charles Turner, Bart, and had ilTue. — Dorothy, to Charles, 
Vifcount Townfhend, grandfather to the prefent Marquis Townf- 
hend. — Sufan, to Anthony Hammond, Efq, The fons were, 
Robert, Horatio, and Galfridus ; the latter married Cornelia, 
daughter of Mr. Hays of London, but died Aug. 7, ijjiby 
without iflue. Horatio, the fecond fan, was created Lord 
Walpole of Wolterton, and was father of the prefent Lord 
of that title. 

(ift Earl.) Robert, the eldeft brother, born Auguft 26, 
1674, on the 6th of February, 1742, was created a Vifcount and 
Earl, and died the i8th of March, 1746. He married firft, 
Catharine, daughter of John Shorter, Efq, and by her (who 
died the aoth of Auguft, 1737) had three fons; ana a daughter 
Mary, married in 1723 to George, third Earl of Cholmondeley, 
and died in 1732. The fons were, Robert, his fucceflbr. — Sir 
Edward, who died unmarried, Jan. 1784, having had iflue, 
three daughters; i. Laura, the widow of Dr. Frederick Kep- 
pel, late Bifliop of Exeter. 2. Maria, the prefent Duchefs of 
Gloucefter: and 3. Charlotte, married to the prefent Lord Dy- 
fart of Scotland, and died in 1789. — Horatio, the fecond fon was 
Knight of the Bath. His Lordfhip married fecondly, Maria, 
daughter of Thomas Skerret, Efq. which Lady died June' 4, 
^738) by whom he had before marriage, one daughter, Maria, 
to irrhom his Majefty was pleafeJ to grant precedency as an 
Earl's daughter. She was married in March, 1746, to Charles 
Churchill, Efq. by whom ftie had a fon, born in Feb. 1748, 
and two daughters ; one of whom married the eldeft fon of her 
coufin. Lord Walpole, and the other daughter piarried Lord 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


(ift Lord, 2d Earl.) Robert, the eldeft fon, was, in iji^^ 
during his father's life-time, created Lord Walpole, with re- 
mainder to Edward, and Horatk), his brothers ; and in failure 
of iflue from them, to their father Sir Robert, with reiBainder 
to the heirs male of Robert Walpofc, hlhcv of Sir Robert. He 
married on the 27th of March, 1724, Margaret, daughter of 
Samuel Roll, Efq* by whom (who wasfecoadly married to Se* 
wallis Shirley, Efq. and died Jan. 13, 178 1; and who on the 
death of her father became Baroneu Clinton and Say, which 
honour, on her death, defcended to the prefent Earl of Orford, 
and will, if he dies without ifiue,^ belong to the prefent Duke 
of Newcaftle, as heir general) he had one fon, George, the 
prefent EarL His Lordlhip dying April i, 1 751, was fucceeded 
by his faid fon, 

(^d EarL) George, now Earl of Orford. 

Creations.] Created Baron Say, by writ, Feb. 18, i6io; 
Baron Clinton, Feb. 6, 1298; and Walpole, June 10, 1723; 
Baron of Houghton, Vifcount Walpol^ and mkI^ of Oxford, 
Feb, 6, 1742, 15 Geo. IL 

Arms.1 Ory on a fefs, between two chevrons, JatU^ three 
crofs croflets of the firft. [Plate XVIL] , 

Crest.] On a wreath, the baft of a man fide-faced, conped, 
fraper, ducally crowned with a long cap on, gufes^ thereon a 
a Catharine wheel, or ; which creft belonged to the family of 
Robfart, and Was in noemory of the fervices of Sir John Rob- 
fart, Knight of the Garter, againft the Saracens. 

SuFPORTERs.] On the dexter fide an antelope ; and on the 
finifter fide a buck, both argmt^ attired, fr^n-y gorged with 
collars, cheeky, or and aiZMrij each havii^ a chain thereto afr 
fixed, and their hoofs, or. 

MoTTO.] Fari quit fcntlas. Speak what you think. 

Cbief Seats.] At Houghton-hall, in the county of Nor- 
folk ; at Piddleton, in the county of Dorfet; and at Haynton, 
in Devonfhire» 


THE Right Honourable CHARLES STANHOPE, Earl of 
HARRINGTON, Vifcount Peti^ifham, Baron of Hai^ 
jtington, fucceeded his father William, the late Earl, April ly 

1779, bom March acs i7S3> Bwarricd May 22, 1779, ^ 

daughter and co->beir to the late Sir Mtchsiel Flenuning, Bart. 
pf Middlefex, by whom be has ifi[be> Charles, the prefent Vifi:*. 
Petedham, born April i7to» — Lincojn-Edward-Robeit^ bors 
I4ov. 26» J781. — Anna-Mvia, biMm Sept. 3, 1783. — A foo» 
\om Sept. 6, 1784.~A daughter, bom Dec 29, 1785* — Afao» 
bom April 24* 1787. — A fon> bora Sept* ac 1788* 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Sir John Stanhope, father of Philip, the firft Earl of Cheftcr- 
fieldy married to his fecond wife Dorothy, daughter of Thomas 
Trentham, by whom he had Sir John Stanhope, who died May 
29, 1638, having married firft, Olivia, daughter of Edward 
Bcrrisfbrd, Efq. by whom he had an only daughter, married to 
Charles Cotton, Efq. His (econd wife was Mary, daughter of 
Sir John Radcliff, and by her, who furvived him, had feven 
fons, and three daughters ; of whom John, Thomas, and Fran- 
ces, died infants ; Anne, married Sir Thomas Ellys ; RadclyiFe^ 
Cromwell, Byron, Alexander, and Elizabeth, had no iflbe; 

John, his heir, married Jane, daughter of Sir John Curzon, 
and dying March 26, 1662, left an only fon 

John Stanhope, who married Dorothy, daughter of Charles 
Agard, Efq. and had four fohs, John, Thomas, Charles, and 
William ; whereof the eldeft died young ; and the fecond mar- 
ried Jane, one of the daughters of Gilbert THacker, Efq. relift 
of Charles Stanhope, fecond fon of Philip, Earl of Chefterfield, 
who took the name of Wotton, and died on the nth of April, 
1730, without iffue; Charles, the third fon, died unmarried, 
March 17, 1760. 

(ift Earl.) William, the youngeft fon, was created Lord 
Harrington, which title was formerly in John, third fon of Sir 
Michael Stanhope, anceftor of the Earl 0/ Chefterfield, On the 
19th of Feb. 1742, he was created Vifcount Peterftiam, and 
Earl of Harrington. He married Anne, daughter of Colonel 
Edward Griffith, and had iffue two fons, William and Thomas, 
who were twins, and were born the 18th of Dec. 171^, of 
whom fhe died in childbed; Thomas died in Feb. 1743. His 
Lordfhip dying Dec. 8, 1756, was fucceeded by 

(2d Earl.) William his cldcft fon, the late Earl, 'who mar- 
ried Aug. II, 1746, Caroline Fitz-Roy, eldeft daughter of 
Charles, late Duke of Grafton, by whom (who died June 26^ 
1784) he had iffue, Carolina, born March 11, 1747, married 
Oft. 7, 1765, to Kenneth, late Earl of Seaforth, and died 
March 24, 1767, leaving a daughter; and his Lordftiip died 
1782, when that title became extinft. — llabella, bom April 4, 
1748, married Nov. 27, 1768, to Lord Vilcount Molineux, now 
Earl of Sefton, in Ireland, and has iffue. — Amelia, born May 
24, 1749, married April 16, 1767, to Richard, Earl of Barry- 
more, and died 1780, leaving iffue. — Henrietta, bom Oft. 26, 
1750, married March 15, 1776, to Thomas Lord Foley, 
had iffue, and died Jan. 2,. 1781. — Charles, the prefent Earl. — 
Henry, born May 29, 1754, now a Lieutenant in the firft Re* 
giment of Foot-Guards, who had a fon, born June 20, 1787.— 
Anna-Maria, born March 31, 1760, married Jan. 25, 1782, the 
prcfent Earl of Lincoln, eldeft ion of the Duke of Newcaftle. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


His Lord dying April i, 1779, ^^ fuccccded by his eldeft 

^d Earl.) Charles, the prefent EarL 

Creations.] Baron Harrington, in the county of Northamp- 
ton, Nov. 20, 1729; Vifcount and Earl, Feb. 19, 1742» 

Arms.] Quarterly, a-mine and guksy a crcfccnt on a crefcent 
for difference. [Plate XVII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a tower, argetity with a demi-lion 
rampant, ifluing from the battlemfents, or, holding between his 
paws a grenade firing, proper • 

SuproRTERS,] On the dexter fide a talbot, argenty gutte dc 
poix; on the finifter a wolf> erminois ; each fupporter gorged 
•with a garland or chaplct of oak, vert^ frudted, or. 

Motto.] J Deo v^ Rcgc. From God and the King. 

Chief Seats.] At Peterfham, in Surry; and at Linby, ia 
the county of Nottingham. 


np HE Right Hon. JOHN WALLOP, Earl of PORTS^ 
-^ MOUTH, Vifcount Lyraington, and Baron Wallop of 
Farley-Wallop, born June 29, 1742; fucceeded his grandfather, 
Nov. 23, 1762. He married Auguft 27, 1763, Urania, daugh- 
ter of Coulfon Fellows, Efq. by whom he has iflue, John- 
Charles, Vifcount Lymington, born Dec. 18, 1767. — Urania- 
Amelia, born June 2, 1769. — Camilla-Mary, born Nov. 8, 
177(5, died Sept. 10, 1780. — Newton, born June 26, 1772. — 
Coulfon, born Sept. 19, I774» — Henrietta-Dorothea, born May 
6, 1780. — Emma-Maria, born Auguft 13, 1781. 

This noble family is defcended from Matthew Wallop of 
Wallop, in the county of Hants, who was living in the 8th of 
Edw. L 

Stephen Wallop, who was defcended from him, married a 

daughter of Aflilcy, of Winbourne, St. .Giles, in the 

county of Dorfet, Efq. and had Sir John, Sir Oliver, and 

' Sir John Wallop was Admiral and Commander of the Fleet 
in the 6th of^Henry VIII. He married firft, Elizabeth, relift 
of Gerald, the 8th Earl of Kildare, and daughter of Sir Oliver 
St. John ; fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Clement Harle- 
fton ; hut leaving no iffue, 

Sir Oliver, his brother, became heir. He married firft, 

Bridget, daughter of -^ Pigot, Efq. by whom he had three 

fons; and a daughter, Rofe, married to Waller Lambert, Efq. 
He married fecondly, Anne, daughter of .Robert Martin, Efq. 
yridow of Thomas Tregonell^ of Milton- Abbey, in Dorfet, and 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


had iflue, Willram, Stephen, Anne, and Grace. The fons by 
the firft wife were. Sir Henry; William, who married three 
-wives, the laft of whom was Margery, daughtcf of John Fiflier, 
of Chilton-Caridover, Efq, but died without ifTue, Nov. 13, 
1 6 1 7 ; and RicTiard. 

Sir Henry, married Catharine, daughter of Richard Gi'f- 
fofd, Efq. and had three fons and three daughters ; Anne, mar- 
ried to Sir Richard Powlett. — Bridget, to Nicholas Halfwell, 
Efq. — ^Winfred, to Sir Richard Gilford. Of the fons, Oliver, 
the fecond, and William, the third, both loft their lives in the 
fcrvice qf their country. 

Sir Henry, the eldeft, married ElizaWh, daughter of Ro- 
bert Corbet, Efq. and had Robert, his heir, and five daughters ; 
Anne, married to John Dodingtort, Efq. Elizabeth, Catharine, 
and Theodofia, all died uhmarried; and Bridget married Sir 
Henry Worfley. Robert fucceeded his father, and died Nov. 
19, 1667. He married Anne, daughter of Henry, Earl of 
Southampton, and was fucceeded by Henry, his heir, who died 
Feb. 16, 1673. He married Dorothy, daughter of John Bluet, 
Efq. and had four fojis ; .Robert, the eldeft, died before his fa- 
ther, unmarried ; as did Charles, the youngeft. 

Henry, (econd fon, fucceeded his father, and died unmar- 
ried, Dec. 28, i6gi. 

John, his only furviving brother, became heir. He married 
Alicia, daughtef of William Borlaf^, Efq.* by whom he had 
five fons, and two daughters ; Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; 
and Mary, married Xb Henry, Lord Herbert of Cbeibury. 

Bluet, the fon, fucceeded his father, in January, 1694, and 
died unmarried, Oft. 30, 1707; Henry, fecond fon; William, 
fourth fon ; and Robert, fifth fon, all died young. 

(ift Earl.) John, third fon, born in 1689, fucceeded his 
brother, June 11, 1720, was created a Peer, and on April 11, 
1743, was advanced to the dignity of an Earl, having been ho- 
noured with feveral pofts under Government, viz. one of the 
Lords of the Treafury, Chief Juftice in Eyre, Lord Warden 
of the New-Foreft, and Lord Lieutenant and Cuflos Rotulo- 
Tum of the county of Hants, and Governor of the Ifle of 
Wigh,t. On the 26th of May, 17 16, he married Bridget, eldeft 
daughter of Charles Bennet, Earl of Tanlicrville, by which 
Lady, who died Oft. 12, 1738, he had iffue, John, Vifcount 
Lymington, born Aug. 3, 17 18, married July 12, 1740, Ca- 
tharine, daughter and heirefs of John Conduit, of Cranbery, 
in Hampfliirc, by Catharine, his wife, niece and co-hcirefs to the 
celebrated Sir Ifaac Newton; and dying in 1749, left ifliie by 
bis Lady, who died April 15, 1750, John, the prefcnt Earl. 
2. Henry, born Aug. 29, 1743, in the army, and ferved in 
Genr*any, under the Prince of Brunfv/ick, in the war in 1756, 
and afterwards i;i the. third Regiment of Foot Guards; in 1765, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Ite was appointed one cf the Grooms of the Bedchamber to his 
prefent Majefty; in 17I67 he had the misfortune to lofc hia 
xight leg by an accident^ and has now a Company of Inva- 
lids. 3. Barton, born Jan. 17449 took Holy Orders; and ii\ 
May, 1774, was appointed Mailer of Magdalen College, Cam- 
Widige : He married 177 1> Camilla-Powlett Smyth, youngeft 
daughter of the Rev. Richard Smyth, of Crux-Eaton, in Hamp* 
ihire, and died Sept. i, 1781, leaving iflfue one daughter, Urania- 
Catharine-Camilla, born Nov. 22, 1774; and a pofthumoua 
fon, born Dec. 24, 1781, named Barton- William Powlett. 4* 
Bcnnet, born Jan. 29, 1745, now in the Heilian fervice. 5. 
Catharine, born Jan. 3, 1 746, married 0£t. 3, 1770, Lockhart 
Gordon, Efq. a younger brother of the Earl of Aboyne, in 
Scotland, aiid has feveral fons and daughters. — Bridget, born 
Feb. 20, 1716-17, who died unmarried, June 26, 1736. — Borlafe, 
born June 3, 1720, died in April 1741. — Mary, born Aug. 17, 
172 1, died April 12, 1722. — Charles, born Dec. 12, 1722, 
died 1 77 1. — Anne, who died March 3, 1759.— Bluet, born April 
27, 1726, in the army, and died in 1749.— Elizabeth, died June, 
1727.— Henry, and Bennet, died young. His lordfliip, July 
4, 1739, married, fecondly, EliT^abeth, eldeft daughter and co- 
heirels (with the mother of the prefent Lord Howard of 
Walden) of James, Lord GriflSn, and reliSt of Henry Grcy^ 
Flii. of Billingbear, in Berkfhire, but died July, 1762, without 
liTue. His Lordiliip died Nov. 23, 1762, and was fucceededby 
his grandfon, 

(2d Earl.) John, (eldeft fon of John, Vifcount Lymington) 
thcT)refent Earl. 

Creations.] Baron Wallop, Vifcount Lymington, in the 
county of Southampton, June 11, 1720; and Earl of Portf- 
.mouth, April 11, 1743. 

Arms.] Jrgent ; a bend wavey, fable. [Plate XVIL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a mermaid, holding in her dexter hand 
a mirror; in the other a comb, all proper. * 

SUPPORTERS.] Two chamois, or wild goats, fable. 

Motto.] En fuivant la veriti. In fpUowing truth. ^ 

Chief Seats.] At Hurlbourn, near Whitchurch; and at 
Farley Wallop, near Bafingftoke, in Hants. 


nn HE Right Hon. GEORGE GREVILE, Earl of WAR- 
^ WICK and BROOKE, and Lord Brooke, Baron Brooke 
. of Reauchamp-court, in Warwickihire ; bom Sept. 16, i746> 
fucceeded his father, the late Earl, July 6, 1773. He mar- 
ried hrftj April i, 1771, (jeorgina, only daughter of Sir Jamc« 
I PeacbYj 

Digitized by VjOOQI^ 


l^eachy, Bart, of Sufiex, by which Lady, who died April 3^ 
17729 he had a fou George, Lord Brooke, born March 25, 1772, 
died May 5, i786» He married fecondly, July 9, 1776, Hen- 
rietta, daughter of Richard Vernon, Eiq# and widow of Jolui 
Fitz-Patridc, late Earl of Upper Oflbry, by which Lady he haa 
two fons; one bom April 4, 1779; and another born April, 
5, 1780; and a daughter, born 061:. 3, i787, 

Camden deduces the pedigree of this family from John Gre-^ 
VILE, who died in the reign of Edward III. William, his heir, 
had iflue John ; and Lodowick, of whom hereafter. Jdhn mar- 
ried Joyce, daughter of Sir Walter, fifter and heir to Hugh 
Cookfey, and Sir John, his heir, who died Aug. 6, 1480, and left 
Sir Thomas, his only fon, who at his father's deceafe aflumed 
the name of Cookfey, in refpe£t to his inheritance from his 
grandmother. He died in 14999 leaving no iiTue, and his eftate 
defcended to John, great grandfon of Lodowick, above mention-; 
cd; which 

Lodowick married Margaret, daughter of Sir Giles Ardenc, 
by whom he had four fons, William his heir ; Richard; Robert; 
and John. 

William, married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Francis, 
and dying in 1594, was fucceeded by 

Ralph, his fon, who married Margaret, daughter of Thomas 
Poyntz, Efq. by which match the Greviles have a jight of quar- 
termg the arms of Poyntz, Bardolph, Mallet, Clanebow, and 
ASton. He had a fon 

John, who, on the death of Sir Thomas Grevile, alias Cook- 
fey, fucceeded. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Humphrey 
Forfter, and had Sir Edward, his heir ; and Robert, who left 
only two daughtei^, Dorothy, wife to Edward Morgan, Efq. 
and Anne, wife to Thomas >fevil, Efq. 

Sir Edward, the eldeft, married Anne, daughter of Jolui 
Dtnton, Efq. by whom he had four fons. Sir John, his heir. 
Sir Fulk, Thomas, and Edward; of whom the two laft died 
unmarried. Sir John died Nov. 25, 1548, leaving by Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John Spencer, Efq. a fon Sir Edward, who 
married the daughter of William Willington, by whom he had 
an only fon, Lodowick, who left an only fon Sir Edward, who 
married Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Bromley, by whom he 
had two daughters. 

Sir Fulk, kcond fon of Sir Edward, married Elizabeth, grand- 
daughter, and at length fole heir to Robert, Lord Willoughby 
of Brooke, and dying in Nov. 1559, left three fons and four 
daughters ; Mary, married to William Harris, Efq. — ^Eleanor, 
to Sir John Conway. — Catharine, to Giles Read, Efq. — Blanch, 
who died unmarried. The fons were, Sir Fulk, his heir ; Ro- 
bert, of whom hereafter; and Sir Edward. 

Sir Fulk, ,who fucceeded, dying in i6o6, left by Anne, 
daughter of Ralph Ncvil, Earl of Weftmoreland, Fulk, his 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


licir ; and a daughter Margaret, married to Sir Richard Vemcy, 
v^hereby his dcfcendants obtained the title of Lord Willougw^ 
BY of Brooke. 

(ift Lord.) Sir Fulk, her brother, obtained of Jamps L a 
grant of the caftle of Warwick, and was created Baron Brooke, 
with limitation to hif kinfman Robert, fon of Fulk Grevile ; 
but by one Haywood, in 1621, was ftabbed in Brookc-houlc, 
Holborn, of which he died, leaving no iflue. 

We now return to Robert, fecond fon of Sir Fulk. He had 
Fulk, his heir, wlio had iffuc a daughter Dorothy, married to Sir 
Arthur Hefiirige ; and 

(2d Lord.) Robert, his heir, who fucccedcd his kinfman 
as Lord Brooke, purfuant to the limitation in the patent. He 
married Catharine, daughter of Francis Ruflel, the 4th Earl 
of Bedford, and left five fons ; of whom Edward, the third, 
and Algernon, the fourth, died unmarried. 

(3d Lord.) Francis, the eldeft, fucceedcd his father, and 
dying unmarried, 

" (4th Lord*) Robert, the fecond, became heir.; and marry- 
ing Anne, daughter of John Dodington, Efq. by her had fix 
fons, who all died young ; and two daughters ; Anne, married 
firft to William, the fourth Earl of Kingllon, and afterwards to 
William Pierepoint, Efq. and Dodington to Charles Montagu, 
the firft Duke of Manchefter ; but having no iflue male, and 
dying Feb, 17, 1677, the honour defcended to 

(5th Lord.) Fulk, the fifth and youngeft brother. He mar- 
ried Sarah, daughter of Thomas Dafhwood, Efq. Alderman of 
London, and had four fons and feven daughters; Catharine, 
Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Diana, and Henrietp ; of whom, 
the latter was married to Sir James Long ; Elizabeth, the third, 
married Francis North, the leconi Lord Guilford ; and Catha- 
rine, the eldeft, m^trricd firft to Wriothefly Baptift Noel, Earl 
of Gainjborough, and next to John Sheffield, Duke of Buck- 
ingham; the other four died unmarried. Of the fons, who were, 
Francis, Algernon, Dodington, and Robert ; the two latter died 
unmarried; Al^'ernon married Marv, daughter of the Lord Ar- 
thur Somerfei, by whom he hrfd one fon Fulk Grevile, Eiq. 
and two daughters; and their father dying on the 22d of &» 
1 7 10, and 

Francis, his eldeft fon, dying eleven days before him, left 
iflue by Anne Wilmot, daughter of John, Earl of Rochefter, 
two fons, and two daughters ; Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; 
and Catharine, married to Charles Egertort, Efq. Of the fons, 

(6th Lord.) Fulk, the eldeft, fucceeded his grandfather, but 
dying in February following, unmarried, 

(7th I^rord.) William, his brother, became heir. He mar- 
ried Mary, daughter of Henry Thynne, Efq. and by her, 
who died March 1720, had three fons, William and Fulk, who 

2 died 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


who died infants; and their father dying July 28, ^J^h ^^ 
fucceeded by 

(ill Earl.) FnANdfs, his only furviving fon, born iji^f 
who, on the 7th of July> 1746, was advanced to the dignity odT 
Earl Brooke of Warwick-Caftlc ; and the late Earl of Warwick 
dying without ifiue male, his Lordfhip was created Earl of 
Wanarick, Nov. 27, 1759. ^^> ^^7 ^^f I74^> married Eli- 
zabeth, dideft daughter of Archibald Hamilton, fon of the 
Duke of Hamilton, by whom (who outlived his Lordihip, and , 
married fecondly General Clarke) he had George, the ptefent 
Earl. — Charles-Francis, born May 12, I749* — ►Riobert-Fulkc^ 
born Feb. 3, 175 1, a Captain in the Firu Regiment of Foot- 
Guards. — ^Louifa-Augufta, born April 14, 174^> married April 
23, 1770, William Churchill, of Hanbury, E^q. audhas iffue^i 
•—Frances-Elizabeth, bom May 11, 1744, married July ijp 
1764, to the late Sir Harry Harpur, Bart, who died Feb. 7, 
1789, by whom fhe had iffue, Charlotte -Mary, borp July 6> 
1745, married Aug. 14, 1762, to the prefent Earl of Gallo- 
way, and died May 3, 1763. — Ifabella, born March i, 1748, 
who died the fame day. — Anne, born Aug. 26, 1760, died May 
^6» 1783. His Lordmip deceafing July 6, 1773? was fucceeded 
by his fon. 

(2d Earl.) George, the pfefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Lord Brooke of BeauchampVCourt^ 
in the county of Warwick, Jan. 9, 1620, 18 James I. EarX 
Brooke of Warwick Caftle, July 7, 1746, 20 George IL and . 
Earl of the county of Warwick, Nov. 27, 1759. ' 

Arms.] SaiUf on acrofs, within a border ingrailed, or^ five 
pellets of the firft. [Plate XVIL] . < 

Crest.} In a ducal coronet, or, a fwan, with wings expand** . 
ed, argent ; bealj:ed, fable. 

Supporters.] Two fwans, argent; beaked and membered^ 
fii'e; and ducally gorged, or. 

Motto.] f^ix ea noftra voco. I can fcarce call thefe things 
our own. 

Chief Seats.] At Warwick-Caftle, in Warwickfhire, and 
•at Richmond, in the county of Surry. x 

i ' 

_.-, _ \ 


npHE Right Hon. JOHN HOBART, Earl of BUCKING- 
■*■ HAMSHIRE, Lord Hobart, Baron Hobart of Blickling; 
and Baronet; born 1722; fucceeded his father John, the late 
Earl, Sept. 22, 17C6. He, married, July ^5, 1761, Mary-Annei 
daughter of Sir Thomas Drury, Bart, bv her (who died Dec. 7f\ 
^769) bp had iffue, Henrietta, born April 7, 1762, married. 
Vol. I. T March 

s ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

dU l^ARL OF BttKlNCfttAMSttlRE. 

March 1780, Almar Lowry Corry, Efij. of Tyrone, ih Ire- 
land, fmce created Baron Belmore of that kingdom, — Caroline, 
• bom Feb. 24, 1767. — Sophia, born April 5, 1768, married, 
Feb. 4, 1789, Lord Valetort, eldeft fon of the Earl of Edge- 
Combe. His Lordfhip married, fecondly, Sept. 24, 1770, Ca«- 
rolkie, daughter of William Conolly, Efq. by whom he ha* 
had iffue, John,' born Aug. 30, 1773, died Dec 1775. — Henry- 
Philip, born Feb. 11, 177?, and died Feb. 15, 1776. — George, 
born April 2, 1777, ^'^ O^* 3^> i778» — Amelia. 

Thomas Hobart, of Leyhani, in Norfolk, Efq. having two 
fons, William and James ; the eldeft fucceeded him. 

Sir James, the younger fort, married Margaret, daughter of 
Peter Raunton, Eiq. and had two fons and one daughter. Of 
the fons, who were Sir Walter a'nd Miles, the eldeft who fuc- 
ceeded, married, firft, Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Hcyden ; 
fecondly, a daughter of John Ratcliff*, Lord Fitzwalter, and 
lifter to Robert, Earl of Suflex. 

Miles, the fecond fon of Sir James, marrying Eleanor, 
daughter of John Blenerhaffet, Efq. had two fons, Thomas arid 
John ; Thomas married Audery, daughter of William Hare, 
Efq. by whom hfi had Sir Miles, and 

(ift Bart.) Sir Henry, who, in 161 1, was created a Baronet, 
and made Lord Chief Juftice of the Common Pleas. He mar- 
fled Dorothy, daughter of Sir Robert Bell, and had twelve fons 
artd four daughters, Dorothy. — Mary. — ^Elizabeth, married to 

John Lifle, Efq. — Frances, married to Hewet, Efq» Of 

the fons. Sir Miles, the fecond, married Sufan, daughter of Sir 
John Peyton, and had Sir John, his heir ; and Alicc^ married 
to John Jermy, Efq. 

(ad Bart.) Sir John married, firft, Philippa, daughter of Ro- 
bert Sidney, Earl of Lcicefter, and, fecondly, Frances, daugh- 
tef of John, the firft Earl of Bridgewater; but, leaving no iftue 
male, the title and eftate defcended to his nephew, 

( jd Bart.) Sir John, fon of his brother Sir Miles Hobart. 
He married Mary, daughter of John Hampden, Efq. and widow 
of Colonel Hammond, and had three fons, Henry, John, and 
Thomas; and two daughters ; Philippa, married to Sir Charles 
Pye; and Mary, who died unmarried. Thomas, the youngeft 
fon, died unmarried ; John, the fecond, who died Nov. 7, 1734, 
was a Brigadier-General ; and 

(4th Bart.) Sir Henry, the eldeft, who was flain in a duel 
by Oliver Le Neve, Efq. in 1697, and left iffue by a daughter of 
Sir John Maynard, John, his heir; and three daughters, Hen- 
rietta, Catharine, and Dorothy. The latter died unmarried. 
The fecond was married to Lieutenant-General Charles Churchill. 
The eldeft to Charles, Earl of Suffolk ; and, fecondly, to the 
Hoh, George Berkeley. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

feARL OF BtlCKll&OHAMSttlRE. dj^ 

(i ft Earl.) John, in May, lysfcS, was created Lord Hobart, 
and Earl of Buckirighamfhire in Auguft, 1746. He married, 
firft, Judith, daughter of Robert Briti£Fe, Efq. and by her (who 
died the 7th of Feb. 1727) had ttrce fons; Henry, who died 
an infant. — John, the prefent Earh — Robert, who died in May^ 
17^3. Alfo five daughters; of whom Dorothy only is living, 
and was married on the 21ft of Odbober, 1752, to ISir Charles 
.Hotham, who Ijas taken the name of Thompfon, by whom flie 
has iflue. Feb* 10, 1728, his Lord fhip married, fecondly, Eli- 
zabeth, iifter to Robert Briftow, Efq. by whom (who died Sept« 
I a, 1762) he had two fons; George, married in May, 1707, 
to Albina, daughter of Lord Vere Bertie, fon of Robert, tht 
£rft Duke of Ancafter, by whom he has had iflue, i. George, 
who died young. 2. Robert, born 1760. 3. George Vere, 
bom I76t« 4» Albina, born 17W, married, Jtfly 14, 1784, 
Mr. Cumberland. 5. Henrietta- Anna-Barbara, married, May 
c8, 1789, Mr. Sullivan 6f Ritchin's^Park, Bucks. 6. Char- 
lotte, married alfo, ori May 28, 1789, Mr. Dilbrowe, of Wal- 
ton-upon-Trent, Derbyihire. — ^His other fon, Henry, married 
July 1761, Anne-Margaret, daughter of John Briftow, Efq. by 
whom (whodied July 12, 1788) he had iflue, i. Amne-Catharine^ 
married, Sept. 23, 1784, Montague Wilkinfoh, Efq. of Little 
Bookham, in Surry. 2. Maria- Anne, married to Capt. Frazer, 
by whom ftie has iflue. 3. Leonora, unmarried. 4. Henry. Her 
Ladyfliip deceafed after the Earl, Sept. 12, 1762 ; and his Lord- 
ihip dying Sept. 22, 1756, was fucceeded by his eldeft fon> 

(2d Earl.) John, now Earl of Buckinghamfliire. 

Creations.] Cteated Baron Hobart, May 28, 1728; and 
Earl of Buckinghamfliire, Sept. 6, 1746. 

Arms.] Sable, a ftar of eight rays, or, between two pla&ches, 
erntim:. [Plate XVII.] 

Cr£st<] On a wreath, a bull paflTant, party-per-pale, JaUi 
jsind guUs^ all bezanty, and a ring in his nofe, ^. 

Supporters^] On the dexter ftde, a ftag; on tlie fihifter. t 
talbot; both proper y reguardant, each having a radiant collar 
and line, or* 

Motto.] Ju^$r pretlofafaelu The founder makes it moie 

Chief Sjz at«] At Blickling, in the coiinty •£ Norfolk* 

t % FlTZi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

C ^76- ] 


FITZ-WILLI AM, Vifcount Milton, Lord Frtx-William, 
^nd Baron of Milton in England ; alfo Earl Fitz-William, 
Vifcount Milton, and Baron Fitz-William of Liffcr, or LifFord, 
in Ireland. 

For the accotmt of this family, we refer to the Peerage of 
Ireland, under the title of Earl Fitz-William. 
Sec Arms, Plate XVIII. 



THUR HERBERT, Earl of POWYS, Vifcount Ludlow, 
"Lord Herbert of Cherbury, Baron Powys of Powys-Caftle, and 
"B^ron Herbert of Cherbury and Ludlow; born July 7, 1755; 
fuccccded his lather, the late Earl, Sept. 11, 1772. 

Sir WrLLiAM ap Thomas of Ragland-Caftle had iflue, Wil- 
liam. — Sir Richard Herbert. — Elizabeth. William, the eldeft 
ifon,,on the 27th of Mav, the 8th of Edward VL was advanced 
*t6 the title of Earl of Pembroke. He married Anne, fiiler to 
Waltier Devereux, Lord Ferrars of Chartley, and had iflue, 
, William, who fucceedcd to the Earldom of Pembroke ; but King 
^Edward being defirous to dignify his fon Prince Edward with 
the title of Earl of Pembroke,"procured a refignation of it, and 
iir lieu thereof created him E^rl of Huntingdon, July 4, the 
iQth of his reign. He married Mary, daughter of Richard 
Woodvile, E^rl Rivers, by whom, he had EUzfabeth his only 
daughter and heir, married to Charles Somerfet, Earl of Wor- 
*cefter. The other children of William, Earl of Pembroke, 
'Were Sir Wnlten— --Sir Cieorge. — Philip. — ^Cecilie, married to 
Lord Greyftocke. — Maud, to Henry, the 4th Earl of Northum- 
berhnd. — Catliatine, to George, the 2d Earl of Kent. — Anne, 
to John Grey, Lord Powis^ — Ifabel, to Sir Tho. Cookfey. — 
Margaret,- mft to Thomas Talbot, Vifcount Lifle; and adiy, 
to Sir Henry Brodingham. The faid Earl had iflue by Maud 
(his concubine) daughter of Adam ap Howel Graunt, Richard, 
from whom the prefent Earl of PEMBROKE, and the late Mar- 
quis of POWIS, defcended. 

Sir Richard Herbert, brother to William, Earl of Pembroke^ 
married Margaret, filler to Sir Rice ap Thomas, by whom he 
iad three fons. — William,— Richard. — Thomas. 
* Rite HARD the 2d fon, left iflue by Anne, daughter of Sir 
David ap Enion ap Leuellin Vaughan* 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

E ARL OF P O W Y S. ^jj 

Edward his heir, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Mat' 
thew Price, Efq. by whom he bad iffue three fons and five daugh- 
ters. — Mary, — Catharine. Anne. Jane. Bridget. Ihe 

fons were Richard. — Matthew, anccftor to the prefent Earl of 
POWYS Charles. 

Rich Aary, the eldeft fon, married Magdalen, daughter of Sir 
Richard Newport, and by her, who afterwards married Sir Johi^ 
Danvcrs, bad (even fons, and three daughters ; Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Sir Henry Jones. — Margaret, to John Vaughan, Efq.— 
Frances, to Sir John Brown. The fons were, Edward. — Ri- 
chard. — William. — Charles. — ^George. — Sir Henry. — Thomas, 

( ift Lord.) Edward, the eldeft, was created Lord Herbert of 
Caftle-Iiland in Ireland, 31ft of Dec. 20th of James I. and on 
the 7th of May, 5 Caf. I. was created Lord Herbert of Cherbury% 
He iparried Mary, daughter of Sir William Herbert. By this 
lady he had Richard, his heir; Edward, and Beatrix, who die4 

(2d Lord.) RicHAi^D, fecond Lord Herbert. He died May 13, 
1655J and having married Mary, daughter of John, the firit 
Earl of Bridgewater, had iffue four fons; Edward his fucceffor, 
— John, who died young. — Henry, who fucceeded his brother 
Edward. — Thomas, who died unmarried ; alfo four daughters; 
Frances, married to William Brown, Efq. — Florence, to Ri- 
chard Herbert. — Arabella. — Alice, married to Paul Burrard* 

(3d Lord.) Edward, their eldeft brother? married firft Anne, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Myddleton; fecondly, Elizabeth, 
daughter of George Chandos; but died without iffue, Dec. 9, 
1678, and was fucceeded by 

(4th Lord.) Henry, his brother, who married Catharine^ 
daughter of Francis, the firft Earl of Bradford ; but dying with* 
out iffue April 21, 1691, we now return to 

Sir Henry, 6th brother to Edward, created Lord Herbert, 
who left iffue by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Offley, 

(5th Lord.) Henry, who died Jan. 22, 1709, leaving iffue 
by Anne, daughter of Alderman Ramfey, of London. 

(6th Lord.) Henry, his heir, who, on Dec. 12, 1709, mar- 
ried Mary, fifter to John, Earl of Portfmouth; and dying with-" 
out iffue m April, 1738, we now return to 

Matthew Herbert, fecond fon of Edward, grandfather of 
Edward, firft Lord Herbert ; who having married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Charles Fox, Efq. had Francis, his heir, who married, 
firft, Dorothy, daughter of Richard Parry, BiftiopofSt. Afaph, 

by whom he had no iffue; 2dly, a daughter of -Garton, 

Efq. by whom he had iffue, Richard Herbert, who married Flo- 
rence, daughter of Richard, the fecond Lord Herbert, by whoni 
he left two fons ; Francis, the eldeft, married Mifs Mary Baugh, 
and had two fons, Henry and Foliat, who both died without 

T 3 iffucg 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ifliuc; and two daughters, Mary, who married Frederick Cohi- 
wall, £fq. and Arabella. George, the youneeft fon of Richard 
Herbert and Florence, the daughter of Lord Herbert, married 
Mifs Frances Newton, by whpm he had Francis, and feveral 
other children, 

Frai^cis, the ^Ideft, marrying Dorothy, 'daughter of John 
Oldbury, ^nd dying Feb, 27, 1710, left iffue five fons, Henry- 
Arthur. — Richard, who died May 16, 1754. — Francis, who 
4icd in 1730, unmarried. — Herbert and John, who both died 
in 17 19, unmarried; and three daughters, Urania, married to 
Coulfpn Fpllow$, Efq. — ^Dorothy, to John Harris, Efq. and 
^ic4 Jwe 1, 1759» — Florence died in 1720. 

(ift Earl.) Henry- Arthur, their eldeft brother, was created 
liOrd Herbert of Chcrbury, Vifcount Ludlow, and Earl of 
Powys. He married, March 30, 1751, Barbara, only daugh- 
ter of Edward Herbert, brother to William, the laft Marquis 
of Powys, by whom he had George-Edward-Henry-Arthur, 
the prcfentEarl. — Georgina- Amelia, born Tan. 10, 1752, died 
young. — Augufta, born oept. 18, 1753, jdied young.-— Barbara, 
horn OSt. o, i7S7j died young.— Henrtttta-Antonia, bom 
Sept. 3, i7So> married. May 7, 1784, to Lord Clive. His Lord- 
ihip dcccaungSppt. 14, 1772, was fucceeded by his fon, 

(ad Earl.) ueorpe-Edwarp-Henry-Arthur, the prefent 
Earl. ■ 

Creations.] Baron Herbert of Cherbury, in the county of 
Salop, Dec* 21, 1743; Baron Powys of Powys-Caftle, Vifcount 
Ludloyr, and Earl of Powys-Caftle, the 27th of May, 1748 ; 
and on the 7th of Oftober, 1749, Baron Herbert of Cherbury 
and Ludlow* 

' AitMS.] Party-per-pak, ^iztrrr and ^Zrj, three lions rampant^ 
0rgiHt; armed and langucd, or* [Plate XVIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a wyvern, with wings expanded, 
vert, hpldme in l^is mouth a finifter hand, couped at the wrift. 

Supporters.] On th^ dexter fide a lion, argent^ femec of 
rpfes, armed and langued, gules. And on the finifter fide, 4 
lion, azure; Icmce of^fleurs»(dHj9> pr* 

Motto.] Fortitudine t^ prudentia. By fortitude and pru- 
dence. And fometimcs, Ungfeferviray. 1 will ferve one. 

Chief Seats.] At Powys-caftlc, in Montgomeryfhire ; and 
^ paklcy-Park, m Shropfhirc, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

[ «79 3 


nnHE Right Hon. GEORGE WYNDHAM, E^rl of EGRE. 
MONT, Baron of Cockermouth, and Baronet, born 
December 7, 1751, and fuccceded his father^ the late Earl, Aug, 
ai> 1763. 

This noble Lord derives his dcfcent from Ailwardus, an emi- 
nent Sa,xon, who, foon after the Norman Conqueft, being pof- 
fefled of lands at Wymondham, now called Wyndham, in the 
county of Norfolk, aiTumed his furname from tnence. 

Sir John Wyndham, who in the ad of Hepry VIL was 
beheaded on Tower-hill, married firft, Margaret, daughter of 
John, the firft Duke of Norfolk, by whom he had Sir Thomas, 
—Edward. — George. — Anne, married to Thomas Radcliffe, 
Efq. — ^Erlizabeth, marriW firft, to Fraqcis Calthorpe, and fe- 
condly, to Sir John Culpepper. — Dorothy. — Frances. His 
fecoiid wife was Eleanor, daughter of Norman Waflibdurn, Efq. 
and widow of Richard Scrope, Efq. by whom he had only one 
fon^ Francis. 

Sir Thqmas, the eldeft fon, married firft, Eleanor, daughter 
of Sir Henry Scroope, by whom he had iflue Sir Edmund ; Sir 
John, anceftor of the Earl of Egremont; and tl\ree daughters; 
Margaret, married to Sir Andrew Luttrell ; Mary, to Sir Eraf- 
musr^fton; and Elizabeth. He married, fecondly, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth, by whom he had Sir 

Sir Edmund, the eldeft fon, married Sufan, daughter of Sir 
Roger Town&end, and had three fons and two daughters; Jane, 
married firft to John Pope, Efq. and fccondly to Humphrey 
Coningft>y, Efq. The fons were Roger, who died without iflue. 
— Francis.— I'horaas, who died unmarried, Dec. 20, i599» 
We now return to 

Sir John Wyndham, who by marriage with Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Sydenham, of Orchard, in the county of 
Somerfet, E'q* bad that ^ftate, and it now retains the name of 
Orchard Wypdham. He had ifTue, John. — Edmund, whp 
married Ms^ry, daughter of Richard Chamberlain, Efq. and 
bad feveral phild^en. Sir Hugh, his 4fh fpn, was created a 
Baronet, Auguft 4, 1641. He n^arrjed Mary, daughter of 
Chriftopher Alanfon, Efq. and leaving only daughters, the 
title became cxtini^. Sir Thomas, elder brother of Sir Hugh', 
married Elizabeth, d«iughter of Richard Coningft)y, Efq. and 
had feveral children. 

John, the eldeft fon of the faid Sir John, died in his father's 
lifc-tim0* He married Flprence, daughter of John Wadham, 

T 4 Ef^. 

Digitized by 



Efq. founder of Wadhara- College in Ojofordi by whom he had 
one fon, 

Sir John, who died in 1645. He married Joan, daughter of 
Sir Henry Portman, by whom he had nine fons and fix daugh- 
ters; Henry, his eldeft fon, fucceeded him. — John died un- 
married. — Thomas died April 5, 1749. Humphrey. Sir 

Hugh. — Sir Wadham. — -George, died unmarried.-— 'Sir George^ 
, — Francis, who died unmarried. His daughters were, Joan, 
wife of John Gifford. — Margaret, wife of John Courtenay. — 
Florence, wife of John Harris, Efq. — Rachel, wife of Thomas 
Moore, Efq. — Margery, wife of Thomas Carew, Efq.— Anne, 
wife of Sir John Strode. 

John, the eldeft furviving fon, married Catharine, daughter 
of Robert Hopton, Efq. He died in 1649, leaving Sir William 
Wyndham, his heir ; Thomas ; and three other fons, who died 
tinmarri«d; alfo four daughters; Florence, wife to Sir John 
Mallet. — ^Mary, wife to William Okeden, Efq. — Anne, wife 
to Anthony Bullen, Efq. — Catharine, married, firft, to John 
Specot, Efq. and afterwards to John Tanner, Efq. 

Sir William Wyndham was created a Baronet the 13th of 
Charles IL and died in 1683. By Frances his wife, daughter of 
Anthony Hungerford, Efq. he had John, William, and Hugh, 
who all died unmarried.— Sir Edward, who fucceeded him. — 
Rachel, married firft to Sir George Speke, and afterwards to 
Richard Mufgrave, Efq. — Elizabeth, married to Thomas Earl, 
Efq. — Frances, to Nathaniel Palmer, Efq. — ^Joan, to William 
Carey, Efq. 

Sir Edward Wyndham, Bart, married Catharine, daughter 
of Sir William Lcvifort Gower, by whom he had Sir William 
Wyndham ; and one daughter Jane, piarried to Sir Richard 

Sir William, his fycceflbr, died June 17, 1740. He married 
fulyai, 1708, C?itharinc Seymour, fecond daughter of Charles, 
Puke of Somerfet, by whom he had three fons and two daugh* 
ters ; Sir Charles, his fucceflbr, late Earl of Egremont.— Percy 
Obrien, who inherited the eftate of Henry Obrien, Earl of. 
Thomond^ who married Elizabeth, his mother's eldeft fifter, an4 
took the name and arm^ of Obrien, and on the 30th of No- 
vember, 1756, wa^ created Barop of Ibrican, and Earl of Tho- 
mond in Ireland, and died unmarried, July 21, 1774. — William, 
born Jan. 19, 1719> died an infant. — Catharine, born Dec. 18, 
1716, who died unmarried in April 1734. — Elizabeth, married 
in 1749 to George Grenville, Efq. brother to the Earl Temple, 
and died Dec. 5, 1769, leai^ing iflue, George, the prefentMar- 
tjuis of Buckingham, and other children. Sir William's fecond 
Lady was Maria-Catharina, daughter of Mynheer Peter dc 
Tongbe, pf Utrecht, iii Holland, reiift pf WiUijun, Marqui« 
•^ pf 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of BlandibrJ, by whioh laft wife he had no ilTuc, an'd flie died 
Sept. 1779» 

(ift Earl.) Algernon, Duke of Somerfet, was created Earl 
of Egremont and Baron of Cockermouth, Oftober i8, 1749, 
"with limitation of thofe honours to his -nephew, Sir Charles 
Wyndhana, and his brother Percy; and his Grace dying on 
the 7th of February, 1 750, was fucceeded in the faid titles by 
the (aid 

(2d Earl.) Charles, late Earl of Egremont, born Auguft 
19, 17 10. He fucceeded his father as a Baronet, June 17, 1740. 
On March 12, 1751, he married Alicia-Maria, daughter of 
Ge6rge, Lord Carpenter, of Ireland, by whom he had George, 

the prefent EarL Percy-Charles, born Sept. 23, 1757. — • 

Charles- William, born 0£t. 8, 1760, in the Army. — William- 
Frederick, born April 7, 1763, married, July 21, 1784, Mifs 
Harford, (late Mrs. Morris) natural daughter to the late Lord 
Baltimore, by whom he had a fon born Aug. 30, 1785. — Eliza* 
bctli-Alicia-Maria, born November 29, 1752, married July 15, 
1 77 1, to the Hon. Henry Herbert, of Hamplhire, and has iflue* 
— Frances, born July 9, 1755, married Aug. 29, 1776, to 
Charles, eldeft fon of Lord Romney, and has iffue. — Charlotte-^ 
Catharine, born Sept. 5, 1756, died young. The Countefs, 
their mother, was married, fecondly, July 8, 1767, to Count 
Bruhl. His Lordfliip died Aug. 21, 1763, and was fucceed^ 
cd by 

(3d Earl.) George, his eldeft fon, now Earl of Egremont* 

Creations.] Created Baron of Cockermouth, and Earl of 
Egremont, both in the county of Cumberland, the i8th of Oc- 
tober, 1749, 23 George II. 

Arms.] Jzure, a chevron between three lions heads, erafed, 
or. [Plate XVIII.T 

Cres'P.] a lion's head, erafed, within a fetterlock, w^. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a lion rampant, ^fzure^ 
winged invertedly, or; on the finifter fide, a gryphon, t^rgeni^ 
guttc de fang. . 

Motto.] Ju hn droit; To the beft right. 

Chief Seats.] At Orchard- Wyndham in Somerfctfhire ; 
at Petworth, in the county of Suflex ; and at Wrefil-Caftlc, in 



•*■ and Vifcount HARCOURT, Vifcount Nuneham, Baron 

Harcourt; fucceeded Simon^ the late Earl, Sept. 16, 1777. His 

liprdA^p WW bom Aug* i, 1736, imd owM^ried Sept. 26, J765, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


to Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Vernon, (by his third Lady, 
Martha, iifter of Simon, late Elarl Harcourt) by whom he has 
no ifiue. 

This family is defcended from the illuftrtous houfe of the 
Harcourts in Normandy, who took their title from a place of 
the fame name within that Duchy, and flouriihed there long be- 
ifore the Conqueft. 

Sir William Harcourt married Jane, daughter of Richard, 
Lotd Grey of Codnor, and had two fons; Sir Richard, who 
married Joan, daughter of Sir William Share/hull, and died ia 
137 !• — Sir Thomas married Alice, daughter of John, Lord Grey, 
pt Rotherfield, widow of Sir John de Botetourt, and had Tho- 
mas, his heir, who married two wives; firft, Joan, daughter of 
Sir Robert Fraunceys, and had iffue, Sir Robert, who married 
i^largaret, daughter of Sir John Byron,, and had Sir John, hi« 
heir, who, by Anne, his wife, daughter of John Morris, had 
iffue, Robert Harcourt, who married Agnes, daughter of Tho- 
m^ Lymerick, and had a fon, John, who died in his life-time ; 
;md four daughters, his co-heirs. Sir Thomas Harcourt, by 
Elizabeth, his fecond wife, had 

Sir Simon Harcourt, Knt« who married, firft, Eleanor, 
daughter of Sir Robert Lawkner, by whom he had John; and 
by his fecond wife, Eldith, daughter of Thomas St. Clere, Efq* 
and widow of Miles Stapyl^on, Efq. had a fon Chriftopher, 
who marrying Joan, daughter and heir of the above-mentioned 
Miles .Stapylton, had iffue. Sir Simon Harcourt, who married 
Agn^s, daughter of Thomas Darel, Efq* and had two fons. Sir 
John, and Edward ; and a daughter Florence, married to Robe.rt 
Cotefmore, Efq. 

Sir John, the eldeft fon, married Mary, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Barentyne, and had feven fons and nine daughters, Simon, 
his eldeft fon, married, fir|l, Mary, daughter of Sir Edward 
Afton ; and, fecpndly, Grace, daughter of Hymphry Fitzher- 
bcrt, Efq* widow of William Rohinfon, Efq. and, thirdly, 
Jane, fifter to Sir John Spencer. By his two laft wives he had 
no iffue; but by his firft he had fix fons; Walker, John, Robert, 
'Edward, William, ^d Frjincis; and two daughters ; Jane, mar- 
ried tq John Grey, Efq. and Elizabeth, to Richard Chamber- 
lain, Efq. He was fucceeded by his eldeft fon. Sir Walter, 
who, by Dorothy, daughter of William Robinfon, Efq, above 
mentioned, had two fons, Robert and Michael; and three dau^- 
ters; Grace, who died young; Elizabeth, married to SirWil- 
liant) Effex; and Elizabeth, 

Robert, his heir, married, firft, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Fitzhcrbert, Efq. and, fecondly, Frances, daughter of Ge^rey 
Vere, and had rnl^e. Sir Simon. — ^Francis, who died unmarried. 
— ^Vere, who married Lucy, fole daughter of Sir Roger Thorn- 
ton, and Had three Tons, yVilliaiz)^ &in[ion^ ^d B^jamin. S^r 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Robert had alfo three daughters; Elizabeth, who died an infant; 
Jane^ married to Henry Wroughtcm; and Dorothy, to Thomas 

Cbctwynd, Efq. 
^ Sir Simon, eldeft fon of Robert, married Anne, daughter of 

William, Lord P^get, and by her, who married, fecondly. Sir 

William Waller, had a fon, 

Sir Philip, who died in April, 1688, and left iffue by Annc^ 

daughter of thefaid Sir William Waller, a fon, 

(ift Vifcount,^ Sir Simon, who was, on OSt. 18, 1710, 

made Keeper of the Great Seal, and created Lord Harcoiirt. In 

172X9 he was created Vifcount Harcourt ; but died on the 29th 

of July, 1727. 

This noble Lord had three wives; firft, Rebecca, dpughter of 

Thomas Clark, Efq. (and widow of Sir Samuel Aftry) by whom 

he had three fons and two daughters; Anne, married to John 

Barlow, Efq. of Pembrokefliire, and died Nov. 1733.— ArabeU 

la, fecond daughter, was married to Herbert Aubery, Efq. 

Xhe fon€ were, Simon, Philip, and Walter, of whom the two 

latter died young. His Lordfliip's fecond wife was Elizabeth, 

daughter ot Robert Spencer, Efq. by whom he had no iiTue; 

Bor by his third wite, who was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Tho-^ 

mas Vernon, and reli£k of Sir John Walter. 

Simon, the eldeft fon, married Elizabeth, fifter to Sir John 

Evelyn, Bart, of Walton, in Surry ; which Lady died April 6, 
1 760. His Lordfliip dying in 1 720, left a fon, Simon, and four 

daughters i Elizabeth, who died unmarried, Sept. 28, 1 765 ; 

Mary and Anne, who died young ; and Martha, married in 
April, 1744, to George- Venables Vernon, now Lord Vernon, 

and has iffue; among whom is the Lady of the prefent Earl 
Harcourt, hercoufm. 

(ift Earl.) Simon fucceeded his grandfather, and was, on 
Dec. I, 1749, created Vifcount Nuneham, and Earl Harcourt. 
His Lordfliip married. Oft. 1735, Rebecca, daughter and heireCi 
of Charles LeBas, of Pipewell Abbey, in Northampton/hire, 
Efq. by which L^y, whp died Jan. 16, 1765, he had iffue two 
fons and twp daughters, viz. George-SJmon, the prefent Earl. 
— ^WjUiam, bom, Mprch 20, 1742-3, a Lieutenant-Colonel in 
the army, married, Sept. 3, 1778^ Mary, daughter of William 
Danby, D. D. and widow of Thomas Lockbart, Efq. — ^Elizar 
beth, born Jan. 18, 1739? and married, June 20, 1763, to Sir 
WiJliamLee, Bart, andhasifluc. — Anne, born in June, 1741, 
who died Aug. 1746. The Earl being unfortunately drowned 
in a well in his awn park, Sept. i6, 1 777, was fucceeded by big 
eldeft fon, 
(2d Earl.) Georoe-Simon, the prefent Earl. 
Creations.) Baron, Sept. 3, 1711; Vifcount Harcourt, 
July 24, 1 721; Vifcount Nui^eh^; w4 Ef^l pf Jiarcourt, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Arms.] GuUs^ two bars, or. [Plate XVIIL] 
Caest.J In a ducal coronet, ©r, a peacock clofe, proper^ 
Supporters.] Two lions, or, each gorged with two bar% 

gemels, guUs^ 

Motto.] Lc hon temps viendru* Good times will come. 
Chief Seats.] At Stanton-Harcourt, Cokethrop, aad Nu- 

»eham, all in the county of Oxford* 


^ Earl of HARTFORD, Vifcount Beauchamp, Lord Con^ 
way, Baron of Ragley, in England ; and Baron CONWAY, 
of Killaitagh, in Ireland ; and a Knight of the Garter ; bom in 
17 19, fucceeded his father, Francis, as Lord Conway, Febru- 
ary 4, 1732, and was created Vifcount Beauchamp, and E^rl 
of Hertford, Auguft 3, 1750. His Lordfliip married, Mav 29, 
1741, Ifabelia Fitz-Roy, fecond daughter of Charles, late Duke 
of Grafton, by whom, who died Nov. 10, 1782, he has iiTue, 
Francis, Vifcount B^uchamp, born Feb. 12, 1742-3, married 
firft, Feb. 4, 1768, \o Alicia, daughter of the late Lord 
Windfor (which Lady di)ed Feb. 11, 1772) by whom he had iflue 
one daughter, Alicia, born July 30, 1771? who died foon after. 
H^^married, fecondly, May 29, 1776, Ifabelia- An he, daughter 
of the late Lord Vifcouiit Irwin, born June 10, 1759, by whom 
hq has iflue a fon, Francis-Charles, born March ii, 1777. — 
Anne, born Aug. i, 1744^ married, Feb. 15, 1766, Charles, 
Earl of t)rogheda, and has iflue. — Henry, born Dec. 15, 1746, 
a Captain in the Royal Navy, married, April 2, 1786, Horatio- 
Anne, daughter of the Duchefs of Gloucefter, by her firft huf-^ 
band, the Earl of Waldegrave. — Sarah-Frances, bom Sept. 27, 
1747, married, June 3, 1766, to Robert Stewart, now Lord 
Londonderry, and died July 18, 1770, leaving a fon, Robert. — 
Robert, born Dec. 20, 1748, an Ofiicer in the army, married, 

June 15, 1773, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Delme, Efq. and 
as iflne, Elizabeth, Henry, and Frances. — Gertrude, bom 
0<3:. 9, 1750, married, Feb. 10, 1772, Vifcount Villiers, now 
Earl of Grandifon, in Ireland, and died in 1782, leaving iflue, 
Frances, bom Dec. 4, 1751, married. May 22, 1775, Henry, 
late Earl of Lincoln, cldell fon of the Duke of Newcaftic, who 
^lied, leaving iflu^ by this Lady, a fon, that died foon after.— 
Elizabeth, born March 3, 1754.,— Ifabella-Rachael, bora Dec. 
25, 175s, married, 0<ft. 19, 1735, George Hatton, Efq. of the 
county of Wexford. — ^Edward, born May 11, 1757, Canon of 
Chrift-Church, Oxford, wh^died Sept. \2y 1785.— JH[ugh,hora 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


April a9, i759j *^ Officer in the navy. — ^William, born OSL 
3, 1760. — -George, born July 21, 1763. 

1'he defcent of this family may be found under the title of 
Duke of Somerfet ; Sir Edward Seymour marrying to his fecood 
wife, Letitia, daughter of Francis Pqphara, ot Littlecote, in the 
county of Wilts, Efq, by her had fix fons, of whom Popham, 
the cldefl, took the lurname and arms of Conway, on account 
of an efVate given to him and his brother Francis, by Edward 
Conway, Earl of Conway, whom he adopted his heirs; but 
tbe faid Popham being killed in a duel by Colonel Kirk, 

(ift Lord*) Francis, his brother, born May 28, 1679, 
fucceeded, and by Queen Anne was created a Peer. He mar*- 
ried firft, February 17, 1702, Mary Hyde, daughter of Lau- 
rence, Earl of Rochelier, and by her,, wno died Jan. 25, 1709, 
had four daughters ; Letitia, born 0£l. 17, 1704, who died un- 
married, in 1723. — rMary, bosn Aiig, 1705, married to Nicho- 
las Price, Efq. by whom ihe left iffue. — Henrietta, born 1706, 
whb died unmarried May 10, 1771* — Catharine, bom 1708, who 
died unmarried, June 14, iJ^J. Jane, his fecond wife, was 
daughter of Mn Bowden^ of Drogheda, in Ireland, by whom, 
who died February 13, 17 15-16, he had iffue a fon, Eldward, 
who died an infant, in 1710; and a daughter, Jane, who died 
unmarried, May 5, 1749 ; but taking, in July 171 8, to his third 
wife, Charlotte, daughter to Sir John Shorter, of London, Mer- 
chant, by her had iffue four fons, and three daughters ; Francis, 
now Earl of Hertford. — Henry Seymour-Conway, born 1720, 
married, Dec. 19, 1747, Carolina, daughter of John, Duke of 
Argyl, widow -of Charles, the late Earl of Aylcftury, by whom 
he had a daughter, Anne, born Nov. 8, 1748, who married, 
June 14, 1764, John Damer,eldeft fon of Lord Milton, and was 
left his widow, in 1778. — The two other fons died infants. — 
Anne, married March 10, 1755, J^^^ Harris, Efq. and died 
March 24, 1744, without iffue. — Arabella, died young. — Char- 
lotte, bom July 22, 17 17, died Sept. following. His Lady 
furviving him, died the 12th of February, 1734. His Lora- 
(hip died in Ireland, Feb. 4, 1732, and was fucceeded by 

(ift Earl.) Francis, his eldeft fon, the prefent Earl, who 
was created Vifcount fieauchamp and Earl of Hertford, with 
remainder for want of iffue male to Henry his brother. 

Creations.] Lord Conway of Ragley, in the county of 
Warwick ; and Lord Conway ot Killaltagh, in the county of 
Antrim, in Ireland, March 17, 1703 ; Vifcount Beauchamp, of 
Hache, and Earl of Hertford, Aug. 3, 1750. 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft and fourth, fai/e^ on a bend cottized, 
o*'gent, a rofe between too annulets, gules, for Conway ; fe- 
cond and third quarters are quarterly, viz. firft and fourth, or, 
on a pile, guies, between fix fleurs-de-lis, az. three lions paffant 
guardant, pr, beiiig a coat of augmentation ; fecond and third, 
^ ^ gules ; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

5i86 EARL oi^ XJUILFdRl). 

Sles; two tvings cojoiiied in lurc> or, for Seymoiir. fPlatc 

Crest,] On a wreath the biift of a Moor, fidefeccd, couped^ 
frapefy and wreathed about the teiiiples, argent atrd azure. 

Supporters.] Two M6ors, each wreathed as the crcft, 
holding in their exterior hands a (hield, azure, garnifhed, or ; 
the dejcter charged with the fun in its glory, the other with a 
crefcertt, /7r^^«/. 

Motto.] Jnimti et fide. By faith and love* 
V Chief Seats.] At Sandwell, in the county of Glouceftcr j 
Taplow, irt Bucks; Raglcy, in Warwickfhire ; and Lifburne^ 
ih Ireland. 


THE Right Honourable FRANCIS NORTH, EatI of 
GUILFORt), Lord North and Giiilford, bofn April 15, 
17C4, and fucceeded his father in 1729, as Lord GuHfOrd; OQi. 
31, 1734, he fucceeded to the title of Lord North, by the death 
of William, Lord North and Grey; and on Marcn 8, 175^, 
was created Earl of Guilford^ His Lordfhip married June 16, 
1728, Lucy, daughter of George, Earl of Halifax, by which 
Lady, who died May 7, 1734, he has iflue, one fon Frederick, 
the prefeht Lord North, born April 13, 1732; who, on tbc 
20th of May, 1756, was married to Anne, daughter and folc 
heir of George Speke;, Efq. of Dillington, in Somerfet, by 
ivhom he has ifluc, i. George Auguftus, born Sept^ 11, 1757, 
married Sept. 30, 1785, Mifs Hobart, by whom he has i fon. 

born July 12, 1786. 2. Francis, born Det. 25, ^761, died 

: ^ 8, 178b, 3- '^ * ' ' " ^ - - ^ 

tied Sept. 27, 1709, by Jbhn-Sylvefter Douglas, Efq. 4. Anne, 

June 8, 1780, 3. Catharine- Anne, born Feb. 16, 1760, mar- 

born Jan. 8, 1764. 5. Frederick, born Feb. 7, 17664 Char- 
lotte, born Dec. i75'0. Dudley, born May 31, 1777, died 
1779. '^^^ ^^^^ married fcfcondly, Jan. 1736, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Sir Arthur Kaye, and reli«: of George, Lord Vifcount 
Lewifliam, eldeft fon of William, Earlof Dartmouth, by whom, 
who died April 21, 1745, he had iflue, Louifa, born Martrh 13, 
1737, married OA. 8, 1761, John Petb Verney, Lord Wil- 
loughby de Broke, by whom Ihe has iflue. — Francis, bom Feb, 
14, 17395 died June 24, 1745. — Auguftus-Francis, boin Feb. i, 

1740, died Auguft 24, 1745. — Brownlow, Di D. born July 17, 

1 741, the prefent Bifhop of Winchefter, who married Jan. 17, 
177 1, Henrietta, daughter and co-heil'efs of ■ ■ " Bannifter, 
Efq. by whom he haiJ iflue, i. Henrietta, bofn Norembcr 20, 
177 1. 2. Francis, born Dec. 17, I772. 3. Louifa, bom 
1774. 4. Lucy, born 1775. 5. Elizabeth, born in 1776. 6. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

EARL 6p 6UILF0RC. %9j 

Brownlow^ born 1778. — Charlotte, born Dec. 28, 1743, died 
March 2, 1748. And his fecond Lady dying April 21, 1745, 
his Lordftiip married sdly, June 13, 1751, Catharine, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Furnefe, and relid of Lewis- Watfon, Earl 
of Rockingham, which Lady died without ilTue, December 17, 

This tiobie Earl is defccnded from Roger North, Efq. who 
died in the lOth of Edw, IV. and left by Anne, daughter of 
John Harcourt, Efq. a daughter Ellen, married to John Par- 
ker, Efq. and Thomas, his heir, who died the loth of Henry 
Vn. leaving two fons, Thomas^ and Roger, who married 
Chriftian, daughter of Richard Warcup, and dying in 1509, left 
two daughters ; Joan, married to William Wilkinfon, Efq. and 
Alice, to Thomas Burnet, Efq. and a fon 

(ift Lord North.) Sir Edward North, who was advanced 
to the dignity of a Baron. He married firft, Alice, daughter 
of Oliver Squire, Efq. and liad two fons. Sir Roger, and Sir 
Thomas, and two daughters, of whom Chriftian married to 
William, the third Earl of Worcefter ; and Mary to Henry 
Scroop. He married fecondly, Margaret, daughter of Richard 
Butler, widow firft of Andrew Fraunces, Efq. fecondly, of Ro- 
bert Chartfey, Efq. and thirdly, of Sir David Brooke, by whom 
he had no iflue. Sir Thomas, his fecond fon, married firft, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Colwell, and widow ^of Rich- 
ard Rich, Efq. but flie dying without iffue, he married fecondly, 
the widow of Dr. Bridgcwatcr ; by whom he had Edward, who 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Wren. 

(?d Lord North.) Sir Roger, the eldeft fon, in 1564, fuc- 
ceeded his father, and died Dec. 3, 1600. He married Winifred, 
daughter of Robert, the firft Lord Rich, widow of Sir Henry 
Dudley, and had two fons, Sir John, and Sir Henry ; and a 
daughter Mary, who died unmarried. Sir Henry, the younger 
fon, married Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Knevit, Efq. and 
had two fons, i. Sir Roger; and 2. Sir Henry. 

Sir John, the eldeft fon, died in the life-time of his father, 

J^^^ 5> 1597» He married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Valentine 
)ale, and had iffue, Dudley.-— Sir John North. — Roger.— 
Gilbert. — ^Elizabeth^ married to William Horfey, Efq. — Mary, 
to Sir Francis Coningfby. 

(3d Lord North.) Dudley, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his 
grandfather; and marrying Frances, daughter of Sir John 
Brocket, left two fons, Dudley and John, and two daughters ; 
Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; and Dorothy, married to Rich- 
ard, Lord Dacres, of the South. Of the fons, 

(4th Lord North.J Dudley the eldeft, died Jun6 24, 1627. 
H<» married Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Montagu, and by 
her, who died in 1680, had fourteen children, of whom fix fons 
^d four daughters lived to maturity; Mary, married to Sir 


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William Spring.-^Anne, to Robert Foley. — ^Elizabeth) firft tX9 
Sir Robert Wireman, and fecondly, to Williaai, Earl of Yai- 
mouth.-^Chriftian, to Sir George Wynievc. The fons were, 
Charles, Francis, Sir Dudley, John, Montagu, and Roger; the 
5th married a daughter of Sir Robert Geers ; John died Mailer 
of Trinity-College, in Cambridge ; Sir Dudley was a merchant 
in London, and feated at Glenham-hali, in SuFolk^ and mar- 
ried Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Cann, widow of Sir Robert 
Gunning, and by her was fathe;* of another Dudley North, 
who married Catharine, daughter of Elihu Yale> Efq. and 
dyiiig on the 4th of Feb. 1730, by her left two fons; Dudley, 
married to Barbara Herbert, daughter of Thomas, the 8th Earl 
of Pembroke, who had a daughter, married July 19, 1737, to 
Nicholas Herbert, Efq. uacle to the Earl of Pembroke; Roger; 
and two daughters; Anne; and Mary, the wife of Sir |Ienry 

(5th Lord North, and ift Lord Grey.) CHARtEs, the cl- 
dell of the (aid fix fons, married Cathaiine, daughter of Wil- 
liam^Lord Grey of Wark, widow of Sir Eldward Mofley, and 
was fummoned to Parliament, .by the title of Lord Grey, the 
a5th of Charles IL and had iflue two fons, 

(6th Lord North, and 2d Lord Grey.) William, Lord 
NORTH and GREY ; and Charles, who died unmarried ; but 
William married Mary - Margatetta, daughter of Monfieur 
Elmeet, and dying without iffue, the title of Lord Grey was 
cxtinft ; his Lady married Patrick, Lord Elibank. 

(ill Lord Guilford.) Francis, the fecond fon of Dudley, 
the fourth Lord, was, on Dec. 12, i68a, made Lord Keeper 
of the Great Seal, and was, in 1683, created Lord Guilford, and 
died on the 5th of Sept. 1685. He married Frances Pope, 
daughter of Thomas, Earl of Down, and had three fons, Francis, 
his heir. — Charles, who died on the loth of December, 1714, 
unmarried. — Pope, who died an infant; and two daughters.; 
Anne, who died unmarried;. and Frances, who died an infant. 

(2d Lord Guilford.) Francis fucceeded his father. He married 
firfi, Feb. 25, 1695, Elizabeth, third daughter of Fulk Grevile, 
the fifth Lord Brooke, and by her, who died in 1669, he had no 
ifluo; 2dly, Alice, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Brown- 
low, by whom he had three fons, and one daughter ; Francis^ 
now Earl. — Brownlow and Peregrine, who both died infants ; 
and Alice, who died unmarried. His Lordfhip died 0<SL 1 7, 

(7th Lord North, 3d Lord Guilford, 1 ft Earl of Guilford.) 
Francis fucceeded his father as Lord Guilford, and was cre- 
ated Earl of Guilford, in 1752. 

CREATIONS.] Baron North of Kirtling, in the county of 
Cambridge, by writ of fammons to Failiamcnt^ Feb. 17, 


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1553, i. Mary; and Baron Guilford, by letters patent, SepU 
27, 168.3, 25 Car. IL and Earl of Guilford, March 8, 1752. 

Arms.] Azurcy a lion paflant, or, between three fleurs-de-' 
Ii«, argent. [Plate XVIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a dragon's head erafed, fable^ fcale^ 
ducally gorged and chained or. 

Supporters.] Two dragons, fcaled, ducally gorged andi 
chained, ^r, winged, fable. 

Motto.] Jnimo t^ fide. By faith and courage. And alfo, 
Layertue eft la feule noblejfe. Virtue is the (bul of nobility. 

Chief Seats.] AiKirtlage, in Cambridgefhire ; at DurdanSi 
in Surf y ; and at Wroxton-Abby, in Oxfordfhire. 


T^HE Right Honourable CHARLES CORmVALLIS, 
-*• Earl CORNWALLIS, Vifcount Broome, Lord Com- 
wallis of Eye; and Baronet; born Dec. 31, 1738, and fuc- 
ceeded his father, the late Earl, June 2^, I762» He married 
July 14, 1768, Jemima Tulekins, daughter of James Jones, 
£fq. by whom (who died Feb. 14, 1779) he had ifTue, Mary, 
born July 28, 1769, married Nov. 25, Captain Singleton, of the 
Guards. — Charles, Vifc. Broome, born Oct. 22, 1774* 

Of this family, which hath long been of good repute, waa 
John Cornwallis, who in 1377, the ift of Richard II. was She- 
riff of London, and had a fon John, who fucceeded him, and 
marrying Philippa, daughter of Robert Buxton, of Suffolk, 
Efq. fettled at Broome, which ftill continues the chief reiidencc 
of this family. He was fucceeded in 1436^ by 

Thomas, his fon, who married the daughter and co-heir ta 
Edward Tyrrel, and by her had a fon William, who marrying 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Stamford, by her had Sir John, 
and Thomas, who was Archdeacon of Norwich. Sir John, 
^ho fucceeded in 1520, married Mary, daughter of Edward 
Syliard, Efq. and by her had Sir Thomas, his heir, who mar- 
ried Aline, daughter of Sir John Jernegan, and had iffue Sir 
William, who married firft, Lucy, daughter of John Ncvil^ 
Lord Latimer, and had Thomas, who died without iffue ; and 
four daughters ; and Sir William, their father, marrying to his 
fecond wife, Jane, daughter of Henry-Hercules Mewtas, Ef^» 
by her had 

('jft Lord.) Frederick, his heir, who by King Charles IL 
Was created a Baron* By Elizabeth, his firft wife, daughter ot 
Sir John Aflifeurnham, ne had three Tons, Charles, his heir.—, 
r r^derick.-T-George ; and a daughter, Henrietta -Maria, who 
tfied unmarried; and, ^y Kis fecond Wife^ Elizabeth, daughter 

VoLt L U «f 

, .^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


•f Sir Henry Crofts, he had a daughter Jane^ who was marriel 
to William Dvmcomb. 

(3d Lord.) Charles, who in 1661 fucccedcd, married Mir- 

faret, daughter of Thomas Play fled, Efq. and died in l673» 
lehad iflue, Frederick.— Nathaniel, who both died infants.— 
Charles, his heir. — Frederick^ who died without ilTue. — ^Wil- 
liam, who died unmarried. — Thomas, who died in Dec. 1 731, 
without iflue. — ^James, who died an infant. — George, who died 
at Turin. — Anne. — ^Elizabeth. — ^Henrietta-Maria, who all died 

(3<1 Lord.) Charles, married to his firft wife Elizabetliy 
cldeft daughter of Sir Stephen Fox, and by her had four fons ; 
and by his fecond (whom he married in 1688) who was Anne, 
Duchefs of Monmouth and Buccleugh, widow of James, Duke 
of Monmouth, he had one fon, George, who died young ; and 
two daughters ; Anne, who died young ; and Ifabella, who died 
in 1748. The fons, by the firft wife, were, 

(4th Lord.) Charles, William, James, and John ; the cl* 
deft fucceeded his father; and he marrying June i, 1699, Char- 
lotte, daughter of Richard Butler, Earl of Arran, by her had 
nine fons and three daughters ; Charles, the late Earl, bom 
March 29, 1700. — ^James, born Sept. 16, 1701, died May 28, 
1727, in the navy.— Stephen, bom Dec. 23, 1703, married Mrs. 
Pearfon, and died in May 1743. — John, born Dec. 23, 1706^ 
died Tune 9, 1768, having married Sarah, daughter of the Rev. 
HugnDale, by whom he had iflue, i. John, who died young. 
tim Charlotte, who died young. 3. Mary, who died young. 
4* Sarah, \narried to the Rev. Mr. Earl. — ^Richard, bom Sept* 
17, 1708, died in Feb. 1741, unmarried. — ^Edward, bom Feb. 
22, 17 13, married March 17, 1753, Mary, daughter of Charles, 
late Vifcount Townfliend, by his fecond wife Dorothy, fifter to 
Si;* Robert Walpole, firft Earl of Orford, who died without 
iflTue, Dec. 29, 1776; and he died Jan. 14, 1776, Governor of 
Gibraltar, and a General in the army. — Frederick, (a twin 
•with Edward) late Archbifliop of Canterbury: He married 
Feb. 8, 1759, Caroline, grandaughter of Charles, late Vifcount 
Townfhend, and died March 19, 1783, without iflue. — ^William, 
born May 12, 17 14, deceafcd unmarried. — ^Henry, born May 
22, 1715, deceafed unmarried. — Charlotte, died young. — Eliza* 
6eth, died an infant. — Mary, di