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A Quarterly Mauazina of Genealogical, 

Antiquarian, Topographical, and 

Heraldic' Rkskarch. 





Of (fit Mi<idU Tr-ujjlf, Uo-TUlrr-ut-LmB. 








5 ? 





If this volume of The Genealogist is not so rich in 

destructive criticism as some of its predecessors, it is perhaps 

all the more fruitful in providing material for constructive 

genealogy, which after all is far more useful to the majority 

of our subscribers. The sixteenth century Scottish document 

with which the volume opens is very interesting as a picture 

of life at the period when it was written, and Mr. Keith 

W. Murray's explanatory remarks help considerably to identify 

the different members of the historic house of Hamilton 

involved in the curious story which it unfolds. " The 

Summons of the Prior of Sempringham to Parliament in 

1340," will be appreciated by all who are interested in feudal 

records, whether genealogists or historians. The Rev. W. O. 

Massingberd contributes another of his valuable papers dealing 

with Lincolnshire genealogy, and raises a knotty point as 

to how far the evidence of jurors in an ancient law suit 

can be depended upon on the question of relationship. Sir 

Edmund Bewley's article on the Folliotts of Londonderry 

and Chester is all the more welcome from the scarcity of 

information obtainable concerning families which migrated 

from this country to Ireland in the seventeenth century. 

Mr. Walter C. Renshaw, K.C., who, like Sir Edmund Bewley, 

is a new contributor to our columns, supplies a critical paper 

which, attacking a pedigree contained in Berry's Sussex 

Oenealogies, and the older editions of Burke's Landed 

Oentry, also indicates the true line of descent of a well 

known Sussex family. " The Diary of Alexander Bennett," 

to which we are indebted to Mr. Cokayne, follows appropriately 

the Offley manuscript which appeared in last year's volume, 



and though, of course, it deals with a much later period 
than does that unique document, its quaint language and 
useful genealogical details cause it to be well worthy of 
publication. Mr. Henry Wagner's Huguenot pedigrees are 
always popular with our readers, and his Silvester sketch 
is more than usually interesting from the important positions 
to which more than one member of this refugee family 
attained in England. 

During this year " The 4096 Quartiers of King Edward VII, '' 
which Mr. G. W. Watson has compiled with so much studious 
care, have been completed, forming a monument of patient 
and accurate research. Attention may here be drawn to the 
details on pp. 189, 190, of this volume which refer to the 
French ancestors of His I^Iajesty through Eleanor Desmier, 
a subject upon which many mis-statements have frequently 
appeared in so called historical works both English and 

The frontispiece to this volume consists of a finely executed 
portrait of Sir Alfred S. Scott-Gatty, whose recent appointment 
as Garter King of Arms has given unqualified satisfaction 
to all who are interested in the future of the College of 

In words which must from annual repetition appear 
hackneyed, but which are none the less sincere, I desire to 
express my thanks to all who have lightened my editorial 
labours during the past year and to the subscribers for 
their long continued support of this Magazine. 




An Incident in the History of the Hamilton Family. By Kkith W. 

Murray, F.S.A. ... ... ... ... .. 1 

The Summons of the Prior of Serapringham to Parliament in A.D. 

1340. By Major E. M. Poynton. ... ... ... 7 

Henry Fitz Count. By the Hon. Vicarv Gibbs ... ... 10 

Pedigree of Offley. Compiled by G. C. Bower and 

H. W. F. Harwood ... ... ... ... 49,78,197,268 

Ver of Bottesford and Goxhill, co. Lincoln, and Sproatley, co. York. 

By the Rev. W. O. Massingberd ... ... ... 73 

The First Lord Belhaven and Stenton. By the Hon. Vic art Gibbs 77 

The FoIIiotts of Londonderry and Chester. By Sir Edmund T. 

Bewley, LL.D. ... ... ... ... ... 108 

Diary of Alexander Bennett, 1705 to 1758, with Pedigrees of Bennett 
and Merttins. Contributed by G. E. Cokayne, Clarenceux King 
of Arms ... ... ... ... 145, 238 

Pedigree of the Huguenot Refugee Family of Silvester. Contributed 

by Henry Wagner, F.S.A. ... ... ... ... 170 

Notes on the Scrase Family of co. Sussex. By Walter C. Renshaw, K.C. 217 

In Memoriam. The Rev. Francis John Poynton, M.A. ... ... 210 

Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls. By Major-General the Hon. 

George Wrottesley ... ... ... ... 28,86,154,222 

Dngdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with Additions. Edited 

by J. W. Clay, F.S.A. ... ... ...12,123,172,249 

The 4096 Qoartiers of King Edward VII. Compiled by 

Q.W.Watson ... ... ... ...40,114,189,261 

Grants and Certificates of Arms (Kilburnb to Le Neve). 

Contributed by Arthur J. Jewers, F.S.A. ... ...62,137,207,282 

Marriages at Fort St. George, Madras ... ... 57,99,200,274 

The Descendants of Hopton Haynes. Communicated by Henry 

Wagnkr, F.S.A. ... ... ... ... ... 280 

In Memoriam. Sir Albert William Woods, G.C.V.O., Garter King 

of AmiR ... ... ... ... ... ... 286 


Notices of Books : — page 

The Bernards of Abinpfton and Nether Winchendon. By Mrs. 

Napier Higgins ... ... ... ... ... 66 

British Family Names. By the Rev. Henry Barber, M.D., 

F.S.A. Second Edition ... ... ... ... 67 

The Chalmers and Trail Ancestry of Dr. and Mrs. Gnthrie's 

Descendants ... ... ... ... ... 68 

Horringer Parish Registers, 1558 — 1850. Little Saxham Parish 
Registers, 1559—1850. Rushbrook Parish Registers, 1567—1850. 
Jermyn and Davers Annals ... ... ... ... 69 

Some Notes oa the Lowthers who hold judicial office in Ireland 
in the Seventeenth Century. By Sir Edmund T. Bewlky, 
LL.D. ... ... ... ... ... ... 70 

The Bewleys of Cumberland and their Irish and other Descendants. 

By Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, M.A., LL.D. ... ... 141 

The Court of Claims: Cases and Evidence. By G. Woods 

WOLLASTON ... ... ... ... ... 142 

The Scottish Historical Review, Vol. i, No. 1. October, 1903 ... 143 

The Blood Royal of Britain, being a Roll of the Living Descen- 
dants of Edward IV. and Henry VII., Kings of England, 
and James III., King of Scotland. By the Marquis of 
Ruviony and Raineval ... ... ... ... 210 

Admissions to the College of St. John the Evangelist in the 
University of Cambridge. Part III. July, 1715, to November, 
1767. Edited, with notes, by Robert Forsyth Scott, M.A., 
Fellow and Bursar of the College .,. ... ... 211 

The Ancestry of Randall Thomas Davidson, D.D., Archbishop of 

Canterbury. By the Rev. Adam Phelip, M.A. ... ... 212 

West Stow Parish Registers, 1558 to 1850. Wordwell Pariah 

Registers, 1580 to 1850. With Sundry Notes ... ... 213 

Lincoln's Inn. By G. J. Turner ... ... ... 213 

How to Decipher and Study Old Documents. By E. E. Thoyts 
(Mrs. John Hautenville Cope). With an Introduction by C. 
Trice Martin. Second Edition ... ... ... 214 

Ball Records. Part I. Index to Wills of Ball, Balle or Balls in 

the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1446—1802 ... 214 

Scottish Armorial Seals, by William Rae Macdonald, Carrick 

Pursuivant "... ... ... ... ... 286 

Who's Who. 1904 ... .. ... ... 287 


Notes and Queries: — 

William do Valence, Earl of Pembroke 

John (Comyn) seventh and last Earl of Buchan 

Jolley or Jolly Family 

Cartois Family 

Hichards of Caerynwch 

Cholmeley Pedigree 

The Earliest Peerage Annual 

A Flemish Branch of the Hamiltons of Innerwick 

Lang^ord Grants of Arms 

Royal Descent of the Treflfry Family 

Entries from u Family Bible (Batchclor, Luughtou 

Arms of Nevill of counties Notts and Suffolk 










. 215 

215, 287 

and Brand 


, 288 












Portrait of Sir Alfred S. Scott-Gatty, Garter King of Arms 

Arms of Langley of Rathorp Hall 

Langley of North Grimston 

Pudsey of Lawfield 

Yorke of Goulthwaito .. 

Salvin of New Biggin ... 

Constable of Everingham 

Tunstall of Scargill 

Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe 

Constable of Burton Constable 

Strangways of South House 

Forster of Stokesley 

Lawson of Brough 

Weutworth of Woollev ... 
Portrait of Hopton Haynes, Assay- Master of the Mint 

JHarriage l^iceuced in the ^iore^e ot $ath aub filcil^. 
Edited by Arthur J. Jbweus, F.S.A. 












. 123 

. 126 

. 133 

. 172 


, 181 

. 249 




Index of Persons 

Index of Places 

... 289 

. . . oUo 




Page 9, line 9 from the bottom, for d, rc.ad (jd. 
„ 34, „ 23, for Suflfolk, read Sussex. 
„ 210, „ 13, for April, read January. 

Cljr €mtnlosi^t 



In the Letters of Slains here printed for the first time, we have 
an excellent specimen of a curious legal document peculiar to Scotland. 
Written in the quaint vernacular of the period, it records the man- 
slaughter of Andrew, son of David Hamilton of Monkton Mains, and 
nephew of the notorious Bothwellhaugh, the murderer of the Regent. 
This Andrew Hamilton is unnoticed by Anderson in his " Memoirs 
of the House of Hamilton." Beside the simple account of the tragedy 
as told by the mother, an eyewitness to the death of her son, there 
is an interest attaching to these letters in the identification and 
relationship of the principal parties, which I shall attempt to elucidate 
after reciting the document itself. 

^Be it kend till all men bo thir piit Ires Ws Alesone Sinclare 
dochtor and ane of the twa airis of umq*^ Patrik Sinclare of 
Woddousley Mother to umq^^ Andro^ Hamiltoun my sone, Alexander 
Hamiltoun of Inner wike, James Hamiltoun of Westhall and James 
Hamiltoun of Ruchebank heid of kjn and four branches of the 
said umq^^ Andro^ Hamiltoun To have Renuncit dischargit and 
frelie forgewin and be the tenno' heirof Remittis discharges and 
frelie forgevis all feid haterent diskyndnes malice Inimitie invy and 
all crueltie and ranco' of mynd q^'^ we had hes or micht have 
aganis Hew Hamiltoun secound sone to Isobell Home auld lady 
Innerwike his kin freindis allya and partakeris for the negligent 
slauchter of the said umq" Andro^ comitat be the said Hew of 
suddantie but- ony auld feid, q"' I the said Elizabeth [ttic] knawes 
perfytelie in respect I beiii§ neir hand by the tyme of the comital 
y''of and seand the said chance suddanlie fall and thairthrow seand 
my said sone in greit extremitie being sorowfull y'for as naturall 
affectioun wald. And behaulding the havie and greit dolo' sustenit 
be the said Hew for the same rekles offence, thair sorrowes and 
anguisches rex*^*^ of his mother and utheris his freindis lamenting 
the suddan chance foirsaid present befoir thair eyes Maid rae in 
lykmaner to be dolorous and caii-full alswall for thair lamenta^un 
as my said sones death, seing thair beneficiallitie to me <k my 

* Blackbarony Writs. 

« Without. 

^ Respectively. 



said umq" sone in all tyme preceding Quhairfoir we and the 
remanent o*" kyn freindis assistaris ally a and partake ris grantis wh 
to have resauit and takin and be thir pnt Ires resawis and takes 
the said Hew Hamiltoun and all utheris his kyn freindis allya 
assistaris and partakeris in tender freindschip harthe favo' and 
kyndnes Siclyk and als haillie as the said slauchter had never 
lx*ne comittat Attour ^ we nor nane utheris that we mav lat sail 
never move aggruge or obiect the cryme of the said slauchter fcid 
nor diskyndnes thairthro^ aganis the saidis personis thair kyn and 
freindis nor nane of thairis for the said cryme befoir quhatsumeu 
iuge or Juges criminallie or civilie in tyme to cum Bindand and 
obleissand ws and o' forsaidis l)e the faith and trewth in o' bodies To 
obsue keip and fulfill all and sindrie the premiss' to the said Hew 
Hamiltoun his kyn and freindis allya and partakeris but fraud or 
gyle under the panei? of periurie defama"un and perpetuall inhabi- 
litie for ewer In witnes quhareof to thir our present Ires of 
Slanes subscrvwit be the notjir underwrittin at comand of me the 
said Alesoun becaus I culd no' wryte my self and he the remanent 
of ws the branches foirsaidis in maner underwrittin our seillis of 
armes ar affixt Att Innerwyck and [blujik] the penult & last day 
of the moneth of August The zeir of god 1** v^ and LXXX 
zeiris Befoir thir witness' S' James Maxwell of Calderwood 
Knicht, William frwyd in thorn tonloucht James bog in Innerwyck 
Johne Hamyltoun yair & Michaell Bonkle notar publict.^ 

Alesone Sinclair w' my hand at ye pen led be Michaell Bonkle 
minister of goddis halie word And noter publict approvit be ye 
lordis of our Soverane Lordis the Kingis maiesties sessioun l)ecaus 
I can nocht writ att my speciall comand. 

lUi est Michael Bonkle notaidus publicus [ilx.] 

[Signed] Alexander Hamiltoun of Inneruik. 
f I amis Hamiltoun in Vest hal. 
James Hamiltoun of Kuchbiink. 

[Three out of the four seals remain but are indistinct.] 

Of the four subscribing parties I cannot at present identify James 
Hamilton of Westhall, but he may have Ixjen a cadet of Innerwick, 
as he witnessed a charter, dated in 15G7,^ in favour of Alexander 
Hamilton of Innerwick. There was a James, son of James Hamilton 
of Innerwick, who is erroneously said to have died soon after the 
date at which he was presented to the Vicarage of Kiltearn,* probably 
because in the following year, 1547, his brother Lancelot was pre- 
sented to the same Viwirage. This James was certainly alive in 
1550,^ but whether of Westhall or not I am unable to siiy. 

' Mon»over. 

- MiniBtor and Vicjir of Innorwiuk (Laing Chartcra, 915, 1200, etc). 

3 Roj,'. Mag. Sijr., H May i5«7. 

* 22 Aujr. 154G. " Moiiioirs of the? IIouho of Ilainiltoii " and DouL'Ias' 
" Baronajro." 

* Privy S( al Uo^?., xxiv, 11. 


The I'emaining three parties I propose to take seriatim, beginning 
with Alison Sinclair, incorrectly described by the notary as daughter 
and one of the two heirs of Patrick Sinclair of Woodhouselee. This 
Patrick, a bastard son of Edward Sinclair of Diyden, was familiaris 
servitor to King James IV, ^ who confirmed to him the lands of Spottes 
in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright in 1513.- His career is noted by 
Mr. Roland W. St. Clair,^ who gives some interesting extracts from the 
State Papers relating to him.* In 1520 the Queen Dowager refers 
to him as her " man of law," and later calls him her " trusty and 
true servant." He married twice. In 1509 he appears on record 
with his wife Margaret, daughter of John Gordon of Lochinvar,^ 
who had previously been married to Bartholomew Glendinning, 
younger, of that ilk.^ He afterwards married Elizabeth Stewart, 
relict of Mungo Home of Cowdenknows,^ and daughter (illeg.) of 
"Hearty" James, Earl of Buchan.* 

He obtained a charter under the Great Seal, 25 Mar. 1529-30,® 
of the lands of Castlelaw, Eastraw, Milton and Woodhouselee, in 
Midlothian, and, with the exception of Woodhouselee, gave a charter 
of these lands in 1546 ^® to his son John Sinclair and his wife, 
Isobel, daughter of James Hamilton of Innerwick. John Sinclair 
in the charter is called natural son, but the following year is styled 
son and apparent heir of Patrick Sinclair "of the Spottis,"i^ from which 
and later designations it must be inferred that he was legitimate. 
He had issue two daughters and coheirs, Isobel and Alison, who in 
1553 are called "nyces"^^ a^d heirs of Patrick Sinclair of Wood- 
houselee, David Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh being then their tutor.^^ 
They were both married before 9 Feb. 1564-5 to two sons of the 
said David Hamilton, and in an action brought by them at that 
date are described as daughters and heirs of the deceased John 
Sinclair of Woodhouselee, who was son and heir of the deceased 
Patrick Sinclair of Woodhouselee.^* Isobel married James Hamilton 
of Bothwellhaugh, the assassin of the Regent,'^ and Alison married 

^ Beg. Mag. Sig., 23 Mar. 1503. 

* Ibid., 20 July 1513. 

» " The St. Clairs of the Isles," p. 295. 

* Ihid., p. 463. 

' Acta Dom. Concilii, xx, 195. 

* Ibid, (printed vol.), p. 249. 
7 Exch. Rolls, xiv, 81. 

* Douglas' " Peerage," sub Earl of Home. 

* Reg. Mag. Sig. 

>® Ibid,, 80 Jan. 1545-6. 

'* Acta Dom. Concilii et Sessionis, xxiii, 118. 

** i,e, nieces, neptea = grand-daughters. 

" Acts and Decreets, vii, 137. 

'* Ibid., xxxi, 260. 

*' The harsh treatment of his wife is said to have been one of the incentives 
to the committal of this crime. The story is that she had betaken herself to 
Woodhouselee thinking her husband's forfeiture would not affect her inherit- 
ance. The Regent having given this property to Sir John Bellcndcn of 
Auchnoul, Justice Clerk, on his representation had her turned out "naked 
in a dark night in the open fields, where, before day, she became furiously 
mad " (" Memoirs of the House of Hamilton," p. 109 ; " Senators of the 
College of Justice," p. 91, etc.). 


his brother David, of Monkton Mains, later of Bothwellhaugh, 
both of whom were outlawed after the battle of Langside. David, 
the father of the slain Andrew, does not appear to have been 
rehabilitated till after the date of the "Letters of Slains," which 
accounts for the absence of his name as a party. He returned to 
Scotland in Oct. 1584 in the retinue of Claua Hamilton, son of 
the Duke of Chatelherault, who was ordered to remain with the Earl 
of Huntly until the King should appoint further, the Earl to incur 
no penalties for resetting the said Claud and his servants.^ David 
Hamilton died March 1613.2 

From the foregoing facts it is clear that the notary has incorrectly 
described Alison Sinclair, and that she was not daughter but 
grand-daughter of Patrick Sinclair of Woodhouselee. She died June 

The next person to be dealt with is Alexander Hamilton of 
Innerwick, whose pedigree it is unnecessary to take further back 
than to his great-grandfathei^ James Hamilton of Innerwick, who 
fell at the battle of Pinkie^ in 1547, having married Helen, daughter 
of Mungo Home of Cowdenknows, whose widow, Elizabeth Stewart, 
we have already shown, married Patrick Sinclair of Woodhouse- 
lee. He had, with other issue, Alexander, of Innerwick ; James, 
who it is conjectured may have been of Westhall ; and Isobel, 
married to John Sinclair of Woodhouselee. Alexander Hamilton 
of Innerwick, eldest son of James, died in Feb. 1558-9,* having 
married Margaret, daughter of Bartholomew Home of Simprin,® who 
died in July 1573, and had issue Alexander Hamilton of Inner- 
wick, who died before 22 Mar. 1574-5,^ having married Isobel Home, 
"auld lady Innerwike,"® leaving, with female issue, two sons Alexander 
Hamilton of Innerwick, party to the letters, and Hugh Hamilton, 
the " negligent " slayer of his kinsman, who had a grant of Creich- 
ness to him in fee, and his mother in liferent, 12 Dec. 1572.^ In 
the " Memoirs of the House of Hamilton " Hugh is confused with his 
nephew Claud, of Creichness, who was father of Sir Francis Hamilton 
of Killache, ci'eated a Baronet in 1628^® and served heir to his 
father 15 July 1637.^^ Alexander, of Innerwick, his elder brother, 
who was subsequently knighted, married three times, firstly, Aug. 
1577, Margaret eldest daughter and one of the three heirs of 
Patrick Whitelaw of that ilk, whom he divorced 2 Dec. 1589,^^ 
secondly Alison Home who died Feb. 1591-2,^^ and thirdly Christian 

1 Privy Seal Reg., lii, 30. 

* Glasgow Testaments. ^ 
» Ibid. 

* Tcmpleland Records 1580-1610, MS. in General Register House, p. 19. 
'^ Acts and Decrees, xxvi, 200. 

* " Memoirs of the House of Hamilton." 
' Privy Seal Register, xlii, 126. 

^ Probably of the Broxmouth family, as George Home of Broxmouth was one 
of the curators of her eldest son in 1573 (Blackbarony Writs). 

* Reg. House, Edinburgh. 
»o Milne's List. 

** Retours — Edinburgh. 

^' Edinburgh Commissariot — Decreets, xx. 

^' Edinburgh Testaments. 




















■43 CO 



-w CO 


08 O 

00* SS Q. 
^ ^j U3 

o g ca^ 


o o 

43 00 













-^ s 

08 39 


. o 



S ® 


1-1 < 

3 od" 








^ fl 







^ 08 



w . 

08 . 


r o 





^ .W .— M I 



-«ia 09 


<D S 

^ P ^ i-l pD Oi iH 


o . ^ a 

5 ^ Jo? **• c) 
^ o 2 S ©J- 














'^N '^00 

O fl'S . 

.so 08 ^ 

08 -« 

^^ O eo -*i 0) 
C4 S S "S *© ^ TS 

00^ B> o ^ ph 

•2 i^ » - 

a» 0) 
r,a P 

-«-> 00 



•r ^ 6c 





—- f 






<1 HH 1^ 


O c 




e § ?^ 


OQ 0<i 


daughter of Thomas Hamilton of Preistfield, contract dated 12 and 
13 April 1592.1 

We now come to James Hamilton of Rouchbank who in the 
Remission of the Royal displeasure to the Duke of Chatelherault 
and others granted 2 Jan. 1565,^ appears as "James Hamilton 
of Rouchbank callit goudy lokis."^ He was a younger son of 
Gavin Hamilton of Orbiston, eldest brother of David Hamilton 
of Bothwellhaugh, who was father of James and David, the 
husbands of the heiresses of Woodhouselee. In the Great Seal 
Register there are references to him as rector of Keringtoun 
[Carrington]* and as James Hamilton of Rochbank alias Ormas- 
toun or Orbiston.^ 

Together with Lord Seton, he assisted Queen Mary in her escape 
from Lochleven, and after the battle of Langside was taken prisoner 
and condemned to death, but afterwards pardoned, his estates 
being restored tx) him by the treaty of Perth in 1572.® Later he 
was designed of Kilbrackmonth,^ and before his death, ante 5 June 
1612, of Long Hermiston.® He married Margaret, one of the two 
daughters of Paul Dischington of Ardross, who with her sister 
Jean, wife of Gavin Hamilton of Raploch, was heir of line of 
Ardross (her testament confirmed 31 May 1613),^ by whom he 
had issue James Hamilton of Kilbrackmonth, whose son and heir 
George was re toured heir of his grandmother Margaret Dischington 
in half the barony of Currie and lordship of Long Hermiston, 
20 Aug. 1647.10 

I have endeavoured to condense as much as possible the 
evidence necessary for the purpose of this paper, and have to 
acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. J. Maitland Thomson, Curator 
of the Historical Department, Edinburgh, for many valuable notes 
and references. To avoid any confusion in the facts which 1 
have attempted to collate, a table is added showing the connection 
between the Hamiltons and Sinclairs. 

Keith W. Murray. 

» Reg. Mag. Sig., 6 Juno 1593, no. 2336. 

2 Printed in the " Memoirs of the House of Hamilton." 

' His great-grandmother was called "the fair maid of Lcchbrunnock." 

• Reg. Mag. Sig., 11 May 1567; 24 Nov. 1578. 
» Ihid, 20 Mar. 1574-5, etc. 

• " Memoirs of the House of Hamilton." 
^ Laing Charters, 1282, 3314. 

8 Ibid, 1647. 

• Edinburgh Testaments. 
^^ Betours — Edinburgh. 



The L. T, R. Memoranda Roll for the fifteenth year of the reign 
of Edward III, has preserved the following particulars of the grounds 
on which the Prior of Sempringham claimed to be excused from 
attending Parliament, a claim in which he met with complete success, 
as the Patent Roll, part i, m. 9, of the same year proves. 

It will be seen that the entry also affords an interesting and 
valuable record of the books and rolls in existence at that date, 
which were available, and which were relied upon as evidence in 
the inquiry. 

As it may not be possible for all readers of The Genealogist to 
whom the subject may be of interest to refer to the original roll, 
the extract is printed in record type and in extenso, 


^ Adhuc Comia de tmino Sci Micfiis anno . xv™° . R . E . tcii post 


Adhuc Recorda. 

Lincoln. \ ^ Dns Rex mandauit hie bre suu de 

T\ 9i.-/i - u- maeno sieillo suo quod irrotulaf ex pte Rem 
De ctincacoe fc-a -d • • 2 u- ^' \ t> u j 2 • a— 

^ "R • p • Regis mt bna directa Jiaronib} de tmino Sci 

d Sem n^h»mX VMicfiis hoc anno . xv»"« . rotto . xix°" . in hec 

.Py & verba. — Edwardus dei gra Rex Angt *\ Franc 

tenancia sua. ^ ^^^ g.^. r^j^^^ c^ Baronib} suis de sccMo f 

/saltm. Supplicauit nob dilcus nob in xpo 
Prior de Sempyngham vt cum ipe non teneat de nob p baroniam,^ 
seu alio modo in capite p quod de veniendo ad pliamenta *\ 
consilia nra spalit suinoneri deberet, ac diusa bria iira de 
sumpnicoib} huiusmodi eidem Priori iam de nouo directa fiiint, 
que si futuris temporib} continuarent"^, in status ipius Prioris *\ 
domus sue f/dce de{issionem irrecupabilem cederent manifeste, 
velim^ p indempnitate ipius Prioris ^ successor suoa in hac pte f 
ne ipi p huiusmodi sumonicoes exnunc indebite fatigenf, de 
remedio puidere oportuno. Nos vt quod juris fuit *\ ronis p 
^co Priore fiat in jimissis p vos ctiorari volentes, si {ifatus Prior 
teneat de nob p baroniam aut alio modo in capite necnef Vob 
mandam^ qd scrutatis rottis ^ memorandis de SccMo [Jdco /Jmissa 
contingentib} nos in Cancellar nra de eo quod inde necnon de 
aliis circiistanciis modu seu formam tenure dci Prioratus concnen- 
tib}, inueniri contigit, reddatis sub sigillo scc*ii fJdci distincte *\ 
apte sine ditone ctiores. Remittentes ibidem hoc bre . T' . Edwardo 
Dace Cornub *\ Comite Cestr fit nro carissimo Custode Angt apud 
Turrim London . xx™® . die Octobr anno . r . ii . Angt q*rtodecimo 
. r . vero n Franc primo — Quod quidem bre remittit' dno Regi in 

* Vide " CooBtitutioiml History of tho House of Lords " (L. O. Pike), pp. 156-7. 


Cancellar sua indorsatu sic — Pretextu hui^ bris, scrutari fecim^ 
diligent rotulos *\ memoranda scc^ii vri sup contentis in bri istx), 
et id quod compira^ inde patet in cedula eidem bri consuta. 

Tenor vero eiusdem cedule, sequit' in hec vba — Scrutatis rotulis 
*\ memorandis scc*ii vri quoad contenta in bri vro regio, quod 
vob remittim^ ^sentibj intclusum f compim^ in rotulis^ de pticulis 
comp Henr de Baiocis *\ Radi Paynel Collcox auxilii quadraginta 
solidos de singulis feodis Militum in Com Lincoln concessi, ad 
primogenitam filiam dni . E . quondam Regis Angt aui vri maritand, 
videlt sub titulo de feodis Gilbti de Gaunt f qd . . Prior de 
Serapryngh*m ten dimicJ feodum in Irnh*m, octauam ptem vnias 
feodi in Skredyngton, quam Robtus Hauteyn quondam tenuit, 
sextamdecimam ptem vnius feodi in Osbernby, quam Hugo Bussy, 
Phus de Arcy, Jofies de Sorncot *\ Ricus de Saltfletby quondam 
tenuerunt, vnu feodu in Stragthorp, ^ quartam ptem vnius feodi 
in Craneweii. 

Et ibidem sub titulo de feodis honoris Richemundf qd idem . . 
Prior ten octauam ptem vnius feodi in FolebeK, quam Simon de 
Burgo quondam tenuit. 

Et sub titulo de feodis de Longespeye Comitis Saxf qd Jdcus . . 
Prior ten vicesimam ptem unius feodi in Billesfeld. 

Et sub titulo de feodis . . Epi Eboa f (jcJ {ifatus . . Prior ten 
dimicl feodu in Horbling quod idem . . Prior *\ pticipes sui quondam 

Et sub titulo de feodis And? Luterel f qd fJdcus . . Prior tenuit 
quintam pte ^ q*dragesinia ptem vnius feodi in Bolby *\ Sou thorp, 
quod Willnis de Tjangeton quondam tenuit. 

Et sub titulo de feodis Johanne Wakei qd fjfatus . . Prior 
ten dimid feodu excepta duodecima pte vnius feodi in Langeton 
'X Aslakby. 

Et sub titulo pticular feodos que tenenf de Rege in capite 
T: de aliis honor f ({d jidcus . . Prior tenuit quartam ptem vnius 
feodi in Boleby, '\ tricesimam scdaru ptem vnius feodi in Owenby, 
quam Magr Michael Belet quondam tenuit. 

Comptum est eciam in rotulo de auxilio de feodis Militum 
concesso ad transfretacuem dni . H . quondam Regis Angt paui 
vri in Vascon anno regni sui viccsimo sexto in Lincoln vidett de 
quolibet feodo quod tenent de dno Rege, T: de quolibet feodo 
quod . . tenentes de eis tenent . xl . s., qd Radus Basset vie redd 
comp de quarta pte vnius feodi . . Prioris de Symplingeh'*m in 
Boleby de honore Simonis de Steyngreu. 

Et in rotulo dc auxilio Prelatoa eidem pauo vro anno regni sui 
decimo nono concesso ad Isabellam sororem suam Frederico Impatori 
maritand, vidett de quolibet scuto . ij . m*r compim^ i (jd . . Prior 
de Simplingh*m redd comp de . L . m*r . de eodem auxilio p se *\ 
toto ordine suo. 

Compim^ eciam in libro- feodoa in Lincoln f qd . . Prior 'X Fres 
de Sempyngh*m ten in dcis villis de Trnh*m, Stragthorp, Cranewelt, 
Horbling, *\ Boleby f consimilia feoda *\ ptes feodos qualia 

* Vide Lay Subsidy, co. Line, ^35. 
' Vide Testa de Nevill, pp. 301 et seq. 


annotant' supius in rotulis ^dcis 'I sub eisdem titulis, set annotate in 
eodem librof qd Imh*m tenef^ de Willo de Poynton, qui earn 
tenuit de pdco Gilbto de Gaunt, Stragthorp, in elemosina, CraneweU, 
de veti leoflfamento, Horbling de nouo feo&mento, Boleby, in 
elemosina de Simone de Steyngreu, qui earn tenuit de Rege. 

Et in eodem libro sub titulo de feodis que Gilbtus de Gaunt 
contradic, de quib} respondere non debf inuenif^ sic — Isti confirmati 
sunt p diim Regem in puram '^ ppetuam elemosinam, quinq^ feoda 
*t di ordinib} Cistii *^ Sempringh*m. 

Et ibidem in Auelund Wapentacfif comptum est q3 Gilbtus de 
Gaunt hab in Locton feodum dl Militisf quod Moniales de 
Semp3mgh*m tenent. Et qd Ro^us Grassus tenuit in capite de 
dno Rege suiciu octaue ptis vnius Militis in Hacuneby de ante- 
cessoria Et idem Ro^us dedit in elemosina . . Monialib} de 
Sempyngh^m duas bouatists tre inde. 

Et q5 Gilbtus de Gaunt ten in Fukyngh*m . xij . carucat tre 
exceptis quatuor bouat ?re quas . . Prior de Sempingh*m *l . . 
Abbas de Bardeneya tenent. Et idem Gilbtus ten pdcas duodecim 
carucat tre de dno Rege in capite, de veti feoffamento, et est 
capitale Maner baronie sue in Com Lincoln. Set in rotulo 
memorandos de anno regni vri Ang! nono, compim^ qCt dns . E . 
nup Rex Angl pat vest dedit *\ concessit p cartam suam Hen? 
de Bello Monte 'X fiedib} suis Maner de Folkyngh*m, cum feodis 
Militum *\ omib} aliis ptin suis, Tenend de ipo pre vro *^ fiedib} 
suis imppetuu, quod quidem Maner fuit quonda Gilbti de Gaunt. 

Comptum est eciam in quodam rotulo de siantiis '\ in quodam 
alio libro ^ feodos de scc*io in Not Derb sub titulo de Siantia de 
Bronnesly qd . . Moniales de Semplingh*m tenent decem bouat tre 
'X duas ptes vnius Molendini de Siantia de Bronnesly in Trowett, 
et nichil facient inde f nisi tm dno Regi . Et annotat' subse- 
quent ibidem f sic — Post veii Prior, 'X 4? • v j . bouat tre quas emit 
de Marsitt de Trowell p . xx . s . residuu sit in manu dni Regis. 

Comptu est similit in magno rotulo de anno . Lv^' . dci Regis 
. H . paui vri in Not Derb f qd Prior de Simplyngh*m deb Regi 
. XX . s . de redd annuo ad scc'^ p decem bouatis tre tm quas 
tenet de siantia de Trowell, vidett ex dimissione Marsilie de 
Trowell sex bouat, ^ de feodo Gilbti de Brunneslef quatuor bouatas 
de eadem §iantia in eade villa. 

Compim^ insup in rotulo memorandos de anno dci regni vri 
quinto in quadam carta dci paui vri ibidem irrotulata, % p vos 
anno eiusdem regni vri quarto confirmata 1 d idem Rex . H . recepit 
in suam ppriam manu, custodiam 'X ptectoem 'I defensione domu 
de Sempyngh*^ % omes domos eiusdem ordinis, cum omnib} 
membris ad ^dcas domos ptinentib}, '^ Magrm ordinis, ^ omnes 
Priores *t Canonicos *l Scimoniales 'X Fres illius ordinis, % hoTes 
eos *t suientes, tras ^ possessiones '\ omes res suas f sicut 
dnicaro 1 spalem ^ libam elemosinam suam, et concessit 'I regia 
autoritate confirmauitf vt cum Mag? dci ordinis obieritf Priores 
% Canonici 'X Scimoniales illius ordinis, libam heant potestate aliu 

1 Vide Testa de Nevill, p. 16. 


loco eius substituendi, quem de congregacoe sua pars eos maior 
'X sanior canonice elegit, *\ qd cura *\ custodia [idci ordinis, tam 
domo^ q*m grangia^ atq^ eccliaj siue substanciax in custodia 1: 
regimine . . Prios sit f quousq^ sumus Prior illox eligat^ *\ substituat^ 
Concessit eciam qd pdci . . Priores Canonici Scimoniales *\ Fres 
sint quieti de omib} consuetudinib} T: exaccoib} *\ occasionib}, que 
sunt vel esse possunt, genlali't) de oinib} reb} in ofnib} modis que 
ad ipm Regem . H . vel hedes 'X successores suos ptinent vel 
ptinere possunt, excepta sola iusticia mortis 1 membroj. 

Et annotat"^ in eadem carta f qcJ jimissa T: quasdam alias libtates 
ibidem contentasf idem Rex , H . concessit f/fatis . . Priori, 
Canonicis, Scimonialib} t Frib} cum omib} libtatib} *^ libis con- 
suetudinib} i quas regia potestas libiores alicui ecctie conferre 

Aliud vero sup contentis in bri fidcof non compim^ p scrutiniu 
rotulo^, libroj T: memorando^ jidco^, set vtrum ^dcus . . Prior de 
Sempyngh*m teneat aliqua alia tras, teii, seu feoda in dnico, Suicio, 
elemosina seu reusione p baroniam vel alio modo, necnef nob 
constare no potest p scrutiniu jidcm. 


Henry Fitz Count (" filius Comitis "), bastard son of Reginald 
(de Dunstanville), Earl of Cornwall, is treated by Courthope (who 
miscalls him Richard), and in the " Complete Peerage " as having 
undoubtedly enjoyed that title. G. E. C. (juotes from the grant of 
Henry Til in the Patent Rolls, under date 7 Feb. 1216/7, giving him 
the County of Cornwall to hold " sicut Reginaldus Comes Cornubiaj 
pater suus ilium tenuit," and adds, " whereby he became Earl of Corn- 
wall." T venture to think that this is at least doubtful, and certainly 
it is a stronger statement than older writers on the Peerage have 
felt justified in making. Brooke does not mention his acquisition 
of the Earldom, nor does Mills in his "Catalogue of Honour." 
Dugdale is of opinion that nothing passed to him by this grant 
beyond the barony or revenue of the county, and Plancho in 
an article in the Journal of the British Archa?ological Association, 
vol. xxxiii, though he speaks of him in one place as Earl of 
Cornwall, remarks later that it is " a nice point " how far 
Henry Ill's grant conferred the Earldom. In support of Dugdale's 
view I would point out that though Henry's name occurs several 
times in the Patent Rolls, and once or twice in the Close Rolls, 
between 1217 and 1220, he is never described otherwise than as 
" Filius Comitis " or " Filius Regnaldi," and the two passages 
which I will now quote, do not suggest that he was ever 
created or even formally recognised by the Crown as Earl. 
" Intimatum est consilio nostro quod H. filius Comitis assisam 


quandam de morte antecessoris capi fecit in Comitatu Cornubie 
sine praecepto nostro et sine justiciariis ad hoc constitutis ex parte 
nostra, unde mandavimus ei ut a talibus desistat " [Patent Rolls, 
17 Sep. 1219]. ** Sciatis quod comraisimus Roberto de Cardinau 
comitatu m nostrum Cornubie et ideo vobis mandamus quod eidem 
Roberto tamquam bailivo et vicecomiti nostro sitis respondentes 
nee in aliquo decetero respondeatis Henrico filio Comitis, de hiis 
que ad nos pertinent in Comitatu illo" [Patent Rolls, 10 July 
1220]. On the other side Henry is callea Earl in a charter to 
the Priory of S. Nicholas, Exeter (of which I do not know the 
date), and Vincent undoubtedly regarded him as having been Earl, 
but even he speaks with some diffidence, calling him " Earl of 
Cornwall as I conceive," and adding, "For whosoever hath seen 
the Patent Roll, I imagine will not think otherwise than I do." 
Then he quotes Henry Ill's grant, and concludes, " Whether by 
these words in the Patent he was Earl of Cornwall I leave to 
other men to judge, to whose correction, with respect, I submit 

Vincent then gives the following passage from the Patent Roll, 
4 Henry HI (1219-20), directed to the people of Cornwall, "Sciatis 
quod Henricus filius Comitis nuper veniens in curiam nostram, 
sine licentia nostra inde recessit, nolens praeceptis nostris obtem- 
perare, sicut ei fuerat injuuctum. Et ideo vobis mandamus firmiter 
prsecipientes quatinus eidem Henrico in nuUo de cetero intendentes 
scitis vel respondentes." This gives a fresh reason, beyond that 
given above, for Fitz Count having fallen into disfavour, and also 
professes to take from him all rights which he had in the county. 
" Whereupon," says Vincent " (as it should seem) he stood in 
contestation with the King for the Earldom, but in the end " — 
" reddidit libere et absolute domino Hen : Reg : Ang : seisinam 
castri de Lauzauenton et Comitatus Cornubite cum homagiis serviciis 
et pertinentiis suis sicut dominus Johannes Rex ea habuerit . . . 
Salvo eidem Henrico filio Comitis jure et clameo quod clamat 
habere in pnedicto Comitatu ita quod Dominus Hen. Rex. Augl. 
justiciam ei inde exhibebit pro loco et tempore cum ad setatem 

It appears to me clear that from 1217 to 1220 he enjoyed the 
fruits of the Earldom, and may, very possibly, have regarded 
himself as Earl ; indeed, had he retained the favour of the Crown, 
he would doubtless have gradually been so recognised, and summoned 
as such to Parliament (as I conceive was the case with William 
de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, some forty years later). I think, 
however, that in the Crown's view he only held his position " during 
pleasure," and that there is no evidence that he was ever officially 
recognised, much less created, Earl of Cornwall. 


Sttgiiale's Visitation of ^oiksliin, 


^Cantinuti from Foi. XIX, p. 262.) 

AQBBIGi: AND MOKLET WAPENTAKE. HdUifai, 2° April 16«6. 

1 angled 



inf^a addoreud and tail Qoned Sable, 

I. WILLIAM LANGLEY, of Lan.jhy, 2 H. 6, mar. Alice . . . 
They had issue— 

II. THOMAS LA.VGLEl', of Lawjlry, mar. . . . They had 

Ilenr>/ (III). 

Thonuw Laiuiley, lA ChanceJlmtr of ETKjlaiid 1405-7, 
1417-22, Bishop of Durham 1406, Cardinal 1411, 
li. 20 Nov. 1437, bur. in Durliam Cathedral, M.I. 
(see Diet. Nat. Blog.). 

III. HENRY LANGLEY vf Dallon ; mar. . . . dau. of . . . 

Kaye, of Woodsome (Glover). 
Thomas (IV). 
Robert Lamjley (aee Langlcy, of Slieriff Hutton). 

IV. THOMAS LANGLEY, of Ralhorp Hall, in Dalloii, in com. 

Ebor., Inq. P.M. 27 Aug. 10 Hen. VIII, 1518, says he 
d. 28 Apr. last ; tmir. Mar//', daiKjhter of . . . WombuxU, 
of Wombwell. Tlicy had issue — 

Richard (V), 

Agnes, named in her brother Richard's will. 

V. RICHARD LANGLEY, of Rathorp IlaU, set. fourteen at 
his father's Inq. P.M. Will 28 Sept. 1537, pr. at York 
2 Oct. 1539 (Test. Ebor., vol. vi, 70) ; mar. Jane, dau^hier 
of Thomas Beaumont, of Mirfidd. They hod issue — 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 13 

Richard (VI). 

Thomas Laiigleyy of Meltonhj, named in his father's 
will ; mar, Agnes, da. of WilVm Tales. They had 
issue — 

Margaret, \ 
Alice, j- Glover. 

Jane, j 

Arthur, \ 

Alice, y named in their father's will. 

Margaret, j 

VI. RICHARD LANGLEY, of Rathorp Hall, and of Owsthorpe, 
near Pocklington (Glover 117); mar. Agnes, da. of Richard 
Hansby of Malton. They had issue — 

Arthur (VII). 

Christopher (see Langley of North Grimston). 

VII. ARTHURS LANGLEY, of Rathorpe Hall, in com. Ebor., 
mar. . . ., a . . . They had issue — 
Richard (VIII). 

VIII. RICHARD LANGLEY, of Rathorp Hall. He had issue— 

Arthur (IX). 

IX. ARTHUR LANGLEY, of Rathorp HaU, tet. . . , dyed in 
y* month of June a^ D^ni 1669, bur. at Kirkheaton 24 June 
1659; mar. Dorothy, daughter of William Carttvright, Gierke 
of the Assize in com. Eborum, mar. lie. 1597, bur. at Kirk- 
heaton 29 May 1655. They had issue — 

1. Richard (X). 

2. William Latigley, bur. at Kirkheaton 22 Feb. 166|. 

1. Mary, wife of John Fox, of . . ., near Scarborough, 

in com. Ebor. 

2. Sarah. 

3. Eliz., toife of John Broivne, of Leedes, bur. there 

24 Aug. 1661. 
4' Winifride, tvife unto Will. Smale, of Kippus, in co. 

5. Cath., toife of John Dixson, of Lepton, in com. Ebor. 

6. Grace. 

X. RICHARD LANGLEY, of Rathorp Hall, cet. 61 an. 2 Apr. 

1666, bur. at Kirkheaton Sept. 1673. Will 26 Sept. 1673, 

pr. at York (vol. liv, p. 442); »nar. Mary, daughter of 

William Bentley, of Ileptonstall, in com. Ebor., bur. at 

Kirkheaton 30 June 1686. They had issue — 

1. Arthur (XI). 

2. John, of York, bur. at Kirkheaton 20 Mar. 171 J, 

named in his brother Arthur's will. 

* He 18 not mentioned in Glover's pedigree. Hig existence may be a 
mistake of Dugdalo's, and it is possible that Richard (VI) went to the East 
Riding and that Arthur (VII) was the son of Richard (V), and remained at 
Rathorp. A sou Arthur is mentioned in the lattcr's will, as above. 


1. Suaaniuih, wife of PkUlip Rippon, of Darlington, 

in CO. Dunelm; mar. at Kirkheaton 25 Apr. 1661. 
S. Barbara, inife of William Brooke, of Heckjtiondwyke, 

ill com. Ebor. ; mar. at Kirkheaton 15 July 1665. 
S. Mary, imfe of Richard WiUim, of ThomehUl, in com. 

Ebor., clerke; mar. at Kirkheaton 24 Aug. 1664. 
4- Catharine, named in her father's will ; (1) mar. . . . 

5. iSarah, named in her father's will ; (1) mar. . . . 


ARTHUR LANGLEY, of Rathorp Hall, <vt. S3, an. g Apr. 
a' 1000, bur, at Kirkheaton Sept. 1693. Will 7 June, 
pr. 18 Oct. 1693, at York;' mar. Sarah, daughter of 
William Garlickc, of Dinting, in com. Durb., bur. at Kirk- 
heaton 20 Dec. 1716, exec, of her husband. 

BtrCRROBE Wapektark. 

Mtilton, 100 Sept. 1666. 




Abus ■.■~-'PtAj of eii Argent and Vert, a canton GuIgb. 

I. CHRISTOPHER LANGLEY^ [Ison of Richai-d I^ngley of 
Owsthorpe (VI) and Agnes, dau. of Kicliard Hansbyl, of . . . , 
near Durham, in the County Palatine of Durham, ot MtUing- 
ton, near Focklington, East Riding Yorka, cet. nineteen, 
1584; (1)died 11 Aug. 1592 (Focklington Beg.). Inij. P.M. 

' He left halt his property to his wifo and half to his brother John, ot 
whom no more information has been obtained. 

' It Be^nia not ijuitp pertain that Christopher Lnngley was son of Richard 
LanKley, ot Itatliorp (VT) in the above pedipree. jt is so stated in Ulover 
(FoiUT's Ed. 117). The toUowing entries oocnr in the Poclttin((ton reinBtera :— 
1563, 24 Jan., Margnrel, dn. uf Kic-hnrJ hnnpley, bp.~1664, G Au^., Chri8to|>her, 
BOD of Kichan] Lungley, bp.^lOWJ, 1 Dec., Richard Lauiciej, of (ireenthorpe 
and Owsthorpe, hanged at York, Dec. 1, for harboiirintf Popish pricBte— 1692, 
II Aug., ChriBtopher Langley died. Uugdale only meiitionH Christopher, of 
near Durham, being father of Frnneia (fl). and dues not mention a. hod 
Richard. IIoweTcr, the pedigree would work out correctly if the suggestion 
in the note un p. 13 happens to be right. The Langley family were at 
Focklington till 1722. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 15 

4 Oct. 34 Eliz. (1592). Mar. Ursula, dau. of John Rudston, 
of Hayton (remar. Marmaduke Dolman, of Pocklington). 
They had issue — 

Richai*d, of Millington, son and heir at the Visitation 
of 1612 ; mar. at WooUey, Mary, fourth dau. 
of Michael Wentworth, Esq., of Woolley, 2 Apr. 
1611. They had issue — 
Ursula, mar. William Brigham, of Brigham 

Margaret, mar. Sir Brian Stapleton, of 
Francis (II). 

II. FRANCIS LANGI^EY^ of Great Langton-upon-Swale, in com. 
Fbor.f died circa an. 1636 and wa^ there buried. Will 
15 Apr., pr. at York 1 Nov. 1637 ; mar, Margaret, daughter 
of , . , Robinson of ... in com,, Ebor, They had issue — 

1. Christopher Langley^ of South Cowton, in com. Fbor., 

had six children as appears by his father's will. 

2. George (III). 

3. Francis Langley^ of Little Danby, in Com. Ebor., had 

four children as appears by his father's will. 

4. John Lanyley, of Langton, in com. Ebor., mentioned 

in his father's will. 
Anne, wife of , . . Conyers, of Raivker, in y* parish 

Danby-S7iper- Wiske^ in co. Ebor,, afterwards of John 

Jane, wife of . . . Richardson, of Kirby-super-Wiske, 

in com. Ebor., aftertvards of Richard Ma^on, of 

Kirkby-super- Wiske. 

III. GEORGE LANGLEY, of Great Langton, cet. 72 ann. 10 Sept. 

1666 ; mar. Anne, daughter of Christopher Danby, of Langton 
aforesaid. They had issue — 

1. Thomas (IV). 

2. Charles Laivgley, a Captain in Portingall ; mxvr. 

Mary, daugh. of . . . 

3. Francis Langley, Citizen of London; mar. Mary, 

dau. of . . . They had issue — 

Francis, named in his uncle Thos. Langley's 

4. George Langley, of Northallerton, in co. Ebor. ; mar. 

Anne Robinson, at Kirkby Fleetham, 4 Dec. 1666. 
/. Mary, named in her brother Thomas l^angley's will. 

2. Anne, mar. first . . ., secondly . . . Osborne. 

3. Muriell, wife unto Richard Robinson, of Cundall, in 

com. Ebor. 

IV. THOMAS LANGLEY, of North Grimstoii, in co Ebor., 

cet. 41 ann. 10 Sept. a'*' 1060, d. 27, bur. 31 Jan. 1694, at 



North Grimston. Will 10 Feb. 1691, pr. 18 June 1695 ; 
mor. Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Metcalfe, a Merchant in 
Kingaton-v/pon-Hull, d. 1 Aug. 1697, aet. sixty-three, bur. at 
North Grimston. They had issue — 

J, Henry, cetatia 10 ann, et 4. mens, 10 Sept. 166 . 

2, Thomas (7). 

3. George. 

1, Anne, mar. Philip Seaman, of West Elley, co. York. 

2, Frances, d. v. p. 

S, Elizabeth, mar. Richard Fothergill, of London. 

Mary, mar. Edward Hutchinson, Esq., of Wykeham 

Francis, d. s.p. 

THOMAS LANGLEY, ESQ., of North Grimston, cet. unius 
anni; exor. of his father's will; d. 1, bur. 5 Nov. 1723, at 
North Grimston. By his will, dated 24 Dec. 1722, pr. 
14 Feb. 1724, he left his estates to Richard Hutchinson, 
son of his sister Mary, with a proviso that he should assume 
the name and arms of Langley, which he accordingly did. 

GiLLiNO West Wapentake. 

Richmund, 31 Aug. 1665. 



Arms: — Vert, a chevron between three mullets Or, a canton Argent. 

I. SIMON PUDSEY,! of Bolton-by-Bolland, ju. ux., temp. 
Ed. II ; mar. Catherine, dau. of John de Bolton. They 
had issue — 

II. JOHN PUDSEY, of Bolton, 6 and 28 Ed. III. He had 
issue — 

' The name is often spelt Padsay. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 17 

III. HENRY PUDSEY, of Barforth, ju. ux. ; mar. Elizabeth, 

dau. and h. of John Layton, lord of Barford (Glover 540). 
They had issue — 

1. Sir John (IV). 

2. Roger. 

3. Thomas. 

4. Richard. 

5. Robert. 

IV. SIR JOHN PUDSEY, KNT., of Bolton and Barforth, 

3 Hen. IV, killed at the battle of Beauje 1421 ; mar. 
Margaret, dau. of Sir Wm. Eure, Knt. (by Maud, dau. of 
Lord Fitzhugh), after her husband's death lived at Beverley. 
Will 25 Dec. 1444, pr. at York 7 Jan. 144^ (Test. Ebor., 
ii, 107), to be bur. at Beverley. They had issue — 

Sir Ralph (V). 

Alice, named in her mother's will. 

Thomas (Glover). 

V. SIR RALPH PUDSEY, of Bolton and Barforth; afforded 
asylum to Henry VI, bur. at Bolton. M.I. ; mar. first 
Margaret, dau. of Sir Thos. Tunstall, of Scargill, Knt. 
They had issue — 

Sir John (VI). 





Mar. secondly, Matilda . . . They had issue — 


Mar. thirdly, Edwena . . (1) d. 1435, bur. at Barforth. 
M.I. They had issue- 

William, Rector of Bolton, (])d. 1507. 















18 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

VI. SIR JOHN PUDSEY, of Bolton and Barforth ; d. 1 2 Aug. 
7 Hen. VII, 1492, as appears by his Inq. P.M. ; mar. 
Grace, dau. of Laurence Hamerton, Esq., of Hamerton. 
They had issue — 

Henry (VII). 

Ameley (1) mar. John Banke, of Bank Newton 
(Glover 490). 

VII. HENRY PUDSEY, ESQ., of Bolton. Will 6 Sept. 1517, 
pr. 1 Mar. following (Test. Ebor., v, 85), to be bur. at 
Bolton ; mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir John Conyers, of 
Hornby, bur. at Bolton 1500. They had issue — 

1. Thomas (VIII). 

2. Ralph, mar. . . . dau. of . . . Tempest, of Brace- 

well ; and had issue — 

Mary, mar. Roger Midhope, of Midhope. 

3. Rowland, of EUeafield, co. Oxon ; mar. Edith, niece 

and heir of Gilbert Hore, of Langley, co. Warw. 
(a quo Pudsey, of Oxfordshire, etc.). 

4. Henry, of Bolland, Bolton (a quo Pudsey, of 

Ameforth A). 

5. Ambrose, of Bolton. Will 5 May 1521, pr. at York 

22 Mar. 1521-2, also at London (Test. Ebor., v, 

Maud, mar. Thos. Beck with, of Clint, named in 

her brother Ambrose^s will. 
Margaret, mar. first Thos. Wandesford, Esq., of 

Kirklington, secondly Wm. Tunstall, Eisq. 
Florence, mar. first 1505 Thos. Talbot, of Bashall ; 

secondly Henry, tenth Lord Clifford ; thirdly Lord 

Richard Grey, younger son of the first Marquis 

of Dorset. 
Alice, mar. . . . Winnington, named in her brother 

Ambrose's will. 

VIII. THOMAS PUDSEY, of Bolton and Barforth, Inq. P.M. 

6 June 28 Hen. VIII (1536), d. 28 Jan. 153| ; mar. 

Margaret, dau. of Roger Pilkington, of Pilkington, co. 

Lane, d. 1552 (Whitaker). They had issue — 

Henry (IX). 

Grace, mar. first Sir Thos. Metham, of Metham, 

secondly Thos. Trollop of Thomley. 
Catherine, mar. Anthony Eshe, Esq. 
Mary, mar. Robert Mennell, of Hawnby, Serjeant- 
at-law, bur. there 1566. 

IX. HENRY PUDSEY, of Bolton, at. twenty-two at his father's 
Inq. P.M., died 8 Dec. 34 Hen. VIII (1542) as appears 
by his Inq. P.M. 10 Apr. 35 Hen. VIII. Will 7 Dec. 
1542, pr. London 6 Mar. 1542-3; mar. Joan, dau. of Sir 
Ralph Eure (remar. Thos. Williamson). They liad issue — 
Thomas (X). 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 19 

2. Ralph, d. 8.p. (Glover). 

3. George, of Walworth, co. Durh., and Stapleton-on- 

Tees ; mar. Julian, dau. of . . . Girlington. They 
had issue — 

Thomas, of Stapleton ; mar. Faith, dau. of 
Michael Warton, lie. 1599. They had 
issue — 

Ralph, of Stapleton, killed at Naseby. 

4. Henry. 

Margaret, mar. Christopher Conyers, of Danby. 

X. THOMAS PUDSEY, of Barford and Bolton, in com. Bbor., 
set. twelve at his father's Inq. P.M., died in York Castle 
for being a Catholic, 4 Sept. 1576; mar. Elizabeth, daiighter 
to eighth Lord Scroope, of Bolton^ bur. at Forcett 8 Nov. 
1620. They had issue— 
William (XI). 
Henry, ohijt sine prole, 
Ambrose (a quo Pudsey, of Lawfield A). 
John, d. y. 

Thomas, of Hackforth, probably bur. at Hornby 
26 Feb. 1619-20. Will 20 Feb. 1619-20, pr. at 
York 31 May 1620 (xxxiv, 120) ; mar. Phillippa 
. . . ., mentioned in her husband's will. They 
had issue — 

Philippa, named in her father's will. 
Margaret, mar. Robert Trotter, of Skelton Castle. 
Winifred, mar. Thos. Meynell, of Kilvington. 

XI. WILLIAM PUDSEY, ESQ., of Bolton, bur. at Bolton 
7 Oct. 1629. Will 12 Aug. 1629, pr. at York; mar. first 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Roxby (Glover), bur. at Bolton 
17 Mar. 160 J. They had issue- 
Ambrose (XII). 

Isabel, bp. at Bolton 19 Mar. 159|. 
Troth, bp. at Bolton 9 May 1594. 
Margaret, bp. at Bolton 20 Nov. 1597, bur. there 

9 Mar. 159f 
Helen, bp. at Bolton 18, bur. there 19 Mar. 160j^. 
Mar. secondly, Elizabeth, dau. of John Banister, of Wake- 
field, lie. 1608 at Wakefield. They had issue- 
Thomas, bp. at Bolton 4 Sept. 1609, bur. 25 Jan. 

Stephen, bp. at Bolton 11 Nov. 1610, named in his 

father's will. 
Richard, bp. at Bolton 2 Jan. 161^. 

20 DUGDALE's visitation op YORKSmRE. 

William, bp. at Bolton 1 Oct. 1615. 

Ralph, bp. at Bolton 19 Jan. 16 If, named in his 

father's will. 
Valentine, bp. at Bolton 18 Feb. 161 J, named in his 

father's will, 
Ann, bap. at Bolton 11 Nov. 1610, named in her 

father's will. 
Jane, bp. at Bolton 25 Jan. 161 1, named in her 

father's will. 
Dorothie, bp. at Bolton 19 June, bur. there 10 July 


XII. AMBROSE PUDSEY, ESQ., of Bolton, bp. at Bolton, 

2 Oct. 1595 ; mar. first, Rosamund, dau. of Wm. Ramsden, 
Ksq., of Longley, at Almondbury, 23 Jan. 161 J, bur. there , 

3 Sept. 1618. They had issue- 

Maria, bur. at Almondbury, 3 July 1618. 
Mar. secondly, Bridget, dau. of Wm. Pennington, of 
Muncaster (remar. Thos. Layton, of Saxhow), bur. 25 Apr. 
1664, at Thorn ton-le-Street. M.I. They had issue — 

Ambrose (XIII). 

Elizabeth, mar. Roger Talbot of Thornton-le-Street, 
M.P., d. 26 Dec. 1694; bur. there. 

Anne, mar. Walter Stnckland. 

XITI. AMBROSE PUDSEY, ESQ , of Bolton and Barforth, which 
latter he sold; Col. of Foot, d. before 1680; mar. Jane, 
dau. of Sir Thos. Davison, of Blakiston, co. Durham, 
bur. at Bolton, 21 Feb. 1720-1. They had issue— 

1. William, d. unmar. 

2. Ambrose (XIV). 

3. Thomas, bap. at Bolton 1 Dec. 1657, bur. there 7 Feb. 

Elizabeth, mar. John Webb. 
Jane, mar. Sir Hovenden Walker, Rear- Admiral. 
Margaret, bapt. at Bolton 5 Oct. 1660, d. unmar. 

XTV. AMBROSE PUDSEY, ESQ., of Bolton, adm. Gray's Inn 
14 Nov. 1682, High Sheriff of Yorks. 1682 and 1693, 
(1)bur. at Bolton 7 May 1716. Will 1 Aug. 1705. Mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Marsden, of Wennington, co. 
Lane, bur. at Bolton 22 July 1699. They had issue — 

1. Henry, d. y., bp. at Bolton 24 Oct. 1682. 

2. Ambrose (XV). 

3. William, bp. at Bolton 6 June, bur. 14 Dec. 1689. 

4. Thomas, bp. at Bolton 20 May 1691 j named in his 

father's will. 

5. Charles, bp. at Bolton 2 Aug. 1692, d. unmar., bur. 

at Bolton 28 Oct 1727; named in his father's will. 
His will dated 6 Oct. 1727, pr. York 18 Jan. 
1727-8 (vol. Ixxix, 577). 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 21 

1. Elizabeth, bp. at Bolton 8, bur. 16 May 1681. 

2. Jane, bp. at Bolton 14 Nov. 1683 ; mar. there 7 Aug. 

1705 William Dawson, of Langcliffe, Esq. She 
was bur. at Giggleswick 17 July 1708. 

3. Bridget, bp. at Bolton 7. Apr. 1686, d. unm. 29 Jan., 

bur. at Bolton 3 Feb. 1770 (called Madam Bridget 
Pudsay). M.I. 

XV. AMBROSE PUDSEY, ESQ., of Bolton, exor. of his father, 
ed. at Sedbergh, adm. St. John's Coll. Camb. 23 May 1701, 
jBt. sixteen ; bp. at Bolton 12 Feb. 1684-5, bur. there 22 April 
1728. Admon. to his sister Bridget, 7 Oct. 1728. 

We now return to the Lawfield branch. 

A. AMBROSE PUDSEY [son of Thomas Pudsey (X) and 

Elizabeth Scropel, of High Close, in St. JohvUs (Stan wick) 
parish in com. Eoor., died in a* 162^ or thereabouts, b. July 
1565,* d. 12 Dec. 1623.* Will 25 June 1623, pr. at York 
13 Feb. 1623-4 (xxxvii, 564); mar. first Anne, daughter 
of Robert Place, of Dinsdale, in com,. Palat. Dunelm., rel. 
of William Dent (Surtees' Durham, iv, 33). They had 
issue — 

Elizabeth, mentioned in Philip Anne's will 1659. 
mar. 2^v Jane, daughter of Edward Wilkinson, of North 
Allerton, in com. Ebor., 2'^ wife. Admon. 1655 to dau. 
Catherine (P.C.C.). They had issue — 

Michaell (B). 

1, Margaret, wife unto Philip Anne, of FricJdey, in co. 

Ebor., exec, of husband 1659. 

2. Catherine, unfe uiito Bob. Plaice, of Dinsdale, in co. 

Durham (Surtees* Durham, iii, 237). 

B. MICHAELL PUDSEY, of Lawfield, in com. Ebor., ret. 46, 

ann. 21° Aug. a° 1665, b. 29 Sept. 1618, d. 12 Mar. 1697-8; 
mar. Mary, daughter to Gerard Salvein, of Croxdale, in co, 
Dunelm, b. 24 Feb. . . . , d. 2 Feb. 1705-6. They had 
issue — 

Thomas (C). 

1. Mary, cet. 22 an. 21 Aug. 1665, b. 14 Oct. 1643. 

2. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 1648, d. Oct. 1731,* eet. eighty-three. 
S. Anne,* b. 30 Jan. 1650-1. 

4. Margaret,* b. 13 Feb. 1651-2. 

(1) Jane, mar. Richard Holmes, of Stubb Ho., co. Durh. 

C. THOMAS PUDSEY, of Blackwell and Picton, (vt. 11 ann. 

21"* Aug. 1665, h. Mar. 1654-5, d. at Croxdale 19 Apr. 
1723; mar. Lucy . . . , died 1 May 1724. They had 
issue — 

• The entries with an asterisk are taken from a family book copied in 
" Collectanea Top. et Gen.," vol. ii, 176. 

22 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

Michael (D). 

Ralph,* b. 20 Feb., d. 9 Mar. 1688-9. 

Mary,* b. 24 May 1690; mar. Wm. Hullock, of 

Barnard Castle. 

D. MICHAEL PUDSEY, of Staindrop, b. 27 Dec. 1681,* d. 
30 Aug. 1749*; mar. . . ., d. 27 Mar. 1729 . . . 

Thomas, bur. at Barnard Castle 9 Feb. 1707. 

Thomas, b. 10 Sept. 1715, d. 8 Aug. . . . 

Mary, b. 8 Aug. 1714,* d. at Yarm 1810. The last 

survivor of this branch of the Pudsey family. 
Catherine, b. 26 Aug. 1720, d. 4 May 1721.* 

There was an earlier branch living at Ameforth, near Long 
Preston, of which little is known. 

A. HENRY PUDSAY, of Arneforth [son of Henry Pudsay 

(VII) and Margaret Conyers]. Will 24 pr., Apr. at 
York 12 May 1528 (ix, 398); mar. Margaret, dau. of 
Roger Tempest, of Broughton. They had issue — 

Stephen (B). 

John, named in his father's will. 

Margery, mar. first . . . Cussen, secondly Roger 
Midhope, of Skipton. 

Mary, mar. first John Heron, secondly Richard 

Margaret, mar. John Conyers. 

B. STEPHEN PUDSAY, of Arneforth ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of 

Nicholas Tempest, of Bracewell. They had issue — 

1. Henry Pudsay, of Arneforth. Will 6 Aug. 22 Eliz., 

pr. at York 13 Aug. 1590 (xxiv, 274) ; mar. 
Katherine, dau. of Marmaduke Beckwith, of Dacre. 

2. Ambrose (C). 

3 Nicholas, mar. Judith, dau. of Frances Spilman, of 

Bulbroke, co. Sussex. 
4. Ralph, mar. . . ., dau. of John Wiseman, rel. of 
. . . Fitche, of Caufield. 
Joan, d. s.p. 
Ann, mar. Thomas Proctor, of Overcole, co. York. 

C. AMBROSE PUDSAY, of Arneforth; mar. Frances, dau. and 

coh. of John Claughton, of Ireby, co. Lane. They had 
issue — 

John, net. 7, a" 1585. 



Authorities — York Wills ; Parish Registers. 

* The entries with an asterisk are taken from a family book copied in 
"CoUectanca Top. et Gen.," vol. ii, 176. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE 23 

Glabo Wapentake. Bichmund, 21 Aug. 1666. 


Arms : — Azure, a saltire Argent. 

I. SIR RICHARD YORK, of York, merchant. Chamberlain 
1460, Sheriff 1465-6, Lord Mayor 1469 and 1482, M.P. 
1482, Mayor of the Staple of Calais, Knighted by Hen. VII 
July 1487, d. 25 Apr. 1498, bur. at St. John, Micklegate. 
M.I. Inq. P.M. 2 Nov. 14 Hen. VII (1498). Will 8 Apr. 
1498, pr. 27 July 1498 (Test. Ebor. iv, 134) ; mar. first 
Joan, dau. of Nicholas Maleverer. They had issue — 

Sir Richard Yorke, thirty-six years old at date of 
his father*s Inq. P.M. According to his own 
Inq. P.M., taken 14 Apr. 20 Hen. VIII (1529), 
he d. 27 Oct. last (1528); mar. . . ., dau. of 
. . ., Lord D'Arcy and Meinill. They had issue — 

Edward Yorke mar. . . ., and had — 

Rosamond, three years old 1529. 

Thomas, of Ashby, co. Line. ; mar. Mary, 

dau. of . . . Sutton, of Washingborough, 

CO. Line, (a quo Yorke of Ashby, etc.) 

George, of Brackley, co. Northampt., had 

Anne, mar. Sir John Mallory, of Studley, 
fourth wife, mar. lie. 29 Nov. 1521. 
Christopher, Doctor of Laws, named in his fa therms 

will, mar. . . . 
Thomas, gent., merchant; Chamberlain, 1502; d. 1515. 
Will 16 Feb., pr. at York 21 Mar. 1514-5 (Test. 
Ebor. iv, 135); mar. Margaret . . ., and had — 
Bartholomew, merchant; Chamberlain 1534; 
mar. Catherine, dau. of John Thornton, 
Aid. of York. 
William, admitted to freedom 1508. 
John (II). 
Mar. secondly Joan, wid. of John Dal ton and John Whit- 
feld of Hull. Will 20 Aug. 1506, pr. at York, to be 
bur. at Trinity Church, Hull. 

24 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSmRE. 

II. JOHN YORKE, of Gowthwaite ; mar. Katheiine, dau. 
. . . Patterdale. They had issue — 

1. Christopher,^ of Pontesbury, co. Salop, mar. Joan, 

dau. of . . . Edward, of Pontesbury. 

2. John. 

3. Sir John (III). 

Margaret, mar. Barnard Frobisher, and by him was 
mother of Sir Martin Frobisher. 

HI. SIR JOHN YORKE, KNT., SheriflFof London and knighted 
1549, Master of the Mint (see Diet. Nat. Biog.), d. in 
London 18 Jan. 1568-9, bur. at St. Stephen's, Walbrook. 
Inq. P.M. 25 Mar. 11 Eliz. Will 6 Apr. 1562, pr. at 
London 10 Feb. 1568-9 (Sheffield, 4), to be bur. at St. John's, 
Ousebridge ; mar. Ann, dau. of Robert Smyth of London 
(wid. of Kobert Paget of London), bur. at St. Stephen's, 
Walbrook. They had issue — 

1. Alan, d. young (Flower). 

2. Peter (IV). 

3. William had the manor of Pedderthorpe under his 

father's will, d. s.p. 

4. Sir Edmund had the manor of Sledmere under his 

father's will, knighted before " Roane " 1591 ; 

mar. . . ., dau. of Richard Worley, of co. Midd. 

They had issue — 

Avery or Aubrey. 

Mary, d. set. fifteen. 
Sir Edward, Knt., of Ripon, Muster Master and 

J. P., knighted 1591, had half the manor of 

Rudston from his father. Will 28 June 1621, 

pr. at York 19 Sept. 1622, to be bur. at St. 

Wilfrid's, Ripon. 
Rowland, had half the manor of Rudston under his 

father's will.^ 
Henry, had lands under his father's will; drowned 

at the Brill. (London Visitation). 

Jane, had 1,000 marks under her father's will. 
Anne, mar. Sir William Hilton, Knt., circ. 1556-7 

(Surtees' Durham, ii, 27). 

^ Twice married, but doea not appear to Lave had any issue living. Admon. 
3 Oct. 1619 to Thomas Yorkc, of Nellam, co. Line. 

* Said to be the Rowland Yorke who surrendered Deventer to the Spaniards, 
and to have been poisoned by them Feb. 1588. (Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 25 

IV. PETER YORKE, of Goulthtoayt, in com. Ehor, Esqr, had 
manors of Netherdale and Kynsaye; named in his father's 
will; M.P. for Ripon 1588. Will, not dated, pr. at York 
4 July 1589 (xxiv, 83), to be bur. at St. Stephen's, Wal- 
brook, where his father and mother were buried ; mar, 
Elizabeth, daughter of S" WUVm, Ingleby, of Ripley, in com. 
Ebor., Kn\ executrix of her husband. They had issue — 

1. S^ John Yorke, of Goulthwayt, died a" 16S0 or there- 

abouts ; died without issue. JEtt. twenty two at 
his father's Inq. P.M., knighted at Windsor 1603, 
(1)bap. at Bumsall 6 Sept. 1565. Will 11 Mar., 
pr. 13 Mar. 1634-5, to be bur. at Middlesmoor 
(xl, 406) ; war. Julian, daughter and coheire of 
Raphe Uansby, of Beverley and Tickhill in co. Ebor, 
Esq% bp. 6 Sept. 1568; mar. 24 Aug. 1580 at 
Bishop Burton (C.B.N.). 

2. Thomas (V). 

3. William,^ mar. and had issue — 

John Yorke. 
Jf. Richard, died unmarried, named in his father's will 
and in that of his brother. Sir John, 1635. 

V. THOMAS YORKE, of Parcivall Hall, Bumsall, died in his 
elder brother's lifetime, admon. 5 Oct. 1620 ; mar. first 
Frances, dau. and coh. of George Vavasour, of Spaldington, 
d. s.p. (Glover 116); mar. secondly Frances, daugh. q/* Sir 
Wm. Babthorpe, of Bdbthorpe, in com. Ebor, Esq^ (Glover 
600). They had issue— 

John (VI). 

(?) Elizabeth, bur. at Burnsall 31 Mar. 1621. 

VI. JOHN YORKE, of Goulthwayt, Esq% died in a<> 1635 vel 
circa, heir to his uncle Sir John Yorke. Will 10 Mar. 
1637-8, pr. at York 26 May 1638, to be bur. at Middlesmoor; 
mar, Florence, daughter of . . . Sharpe, of . . ., in com. 
Westmerl., 1 wife. They had issue — 

1. Elizabeth, ye wife of S" James Lesley, L^ Londores, 

in Scotland. 

2. Frances, wife of Tho. Barney, o/ Dalebanke, in co. 


3. Jane, wife of David Lesley, now L^ Neuarke in Scot¥. 
Mar. secondly Catherine, daughter of S" Ingleby Daniell, of 
Besevncke in com. Ebor, Kn\ 2 wife. They had issue — 

^ John (VII). 
Mar. thirdly Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Lawson, and 
sister of Henry Lawson, of Brough. 

' There are the following entries at Bumsall which seem to belong to this 
William Yorke : — 1609 24 Oct., mar. Mr. William Yorke and Agnes Simpson ; 
161^ 2 Feb., £liz. dau. bap. ; 1614 4 Sept., Peter bap. ; 1617 15 July, Gilion 
bap.; 1614 80 Oct., Alice bap.; 1620 22 Oct., John bap.; all children of Mr. 
Wm. Yorke. 

26 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

VII. S^ JOHN YORKE, of Goulthwayt, in com. Ebar., K', died 

in Apr. 1663, M.P. for Richmond 1661-3. Will 7 Feb. 
1662-3, pr. at York 15 July 1663, to be bur. at Middles- 
moor ; mar. Mary, daughter to Matdger Norton, of St. 
Nicholas, neere Richmond, in com,. Ebor., Esqr, 20 Aug. 
1651, bp. there 12 July 1635. They had issue — 
Thom^as (VITI). 

Ma'i-y, cet. 8, ann. a" 1665 ; mar. Sir Edwd. Blackett, 
of Newby, Bart., as second wife, bp. at Richmond 
27 Jan. 1657-8. 

■p, ' , r ^^^^^> ^P* 2 Feb. 1653-44. 

VIII. THOMAS YORKE, ESQ., of Goulthwaite and Richmond, 

M.P for Richmond 1688, 1695-1716; b 29 June 1658. 
bur. at Richmond 16 Nov. 1716 ; mar. Catharine, dau. and 
h. of Thomas Lister, Esq., of Arnoldsbiggin, at Kirkby 
Malham, 7 Dec. 1680, b. 30 Oct. 1660, bur. at Richmond 
27 Apr. 1731. They had issue- 
John Yorke, Esq., of Richmond, M.P. for Richmond 
1708-57 ; bp. at Richmond 16 Dec. 1685, found 
dead in his garden 14 July 1757, s.p., set. seventy- 
one, bur. at Richmond. Will 20 June 1749, pr. 
1 Sept. 1757 ; mar. Anne, dau. of Lord Darcy, 
of Hedbury, 5 Jan. 1732, d. 29 June 1768, let. 
seventy-two, bur. in the burial ground of St. 
George's, Hanover Square. M.I. 
Thomas (IX). 

Julian, b. 25 Mar. 1687, d. same night. 
Catherine, mar. Sir James Clavering, Bart., bp. 6 Sept. 

1682, d. 29 Nov. 1723. 
Marv, b 30 Aug. 1684, d. 13 May 1689. 
Anne, b 19 Aug. 1693, d. 6 July 1714. 
Elizabeth, b. 24 Jan. 1694-5, d. 24 May 1722. 

IX. THOMAS YORKE, ESQ., M.P. for Richmond 1715; pur- 
chased Halton Place 1737; bp. 19 May 1688, d. 26 Mar. 
1768, ret. eighty, bur. in the burial ground of St. George's, 
Hanover Square; mar. Abigail, dau. of Wm. Andrews, 
Esq., of Worcester, 4 Nov. 1729, d. 26 Nov. 1741. They 
had issue — 

John Yorke, Esq., of Goulthwaite and Bewerley, High 
Sheriff 1788; d. 29 Jan. 1813, set. seventy-eight, 
bur. at Hudswell ; mar. first Sophia, dau. of Sir 
John Glynn, Bart , of Harwarden, co. Flint, d. on 
her passage from Lisbon 2 May 1766, bur. at 
Falmouth. They had issue — 

Sophia Anne, bp. 5 Jan. 1764, bur. 10 May 
Mar. secondly Elizal)eth, dau. of Peter Campbell, 
of Jamaica, 1769, bur. at Richmond 13 Aug. 1813. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 27 

Thomas (X). 

Catherine, mar. her cousin, Sir John Clavering, K.B., 

b. 7 Feb. 1732, d. Sept. 1815. 
Mary, b. 11 Mar. 1734, d. 1822. 
Anne, b. 22 March 1739, d. unmar. at Nice 1778, and 

bur. there. 

X. THOMAS YORKE, ESQ., of Halton Place, in Craven, b. 
5 June 1738, d. 3 July 1811, bur. at Long Preston; mar. 
Jane, da. of Joseph Reay, of Newcastle, 8 Feb. 1774, b. 
May 1746, d. 1840. They had issue- 
Thomas, b. 1775, d. 1777. 
John (XI). 

Thomas Henry, M.A., Vicar of Bishop Middleham, 
matric. at Merton Coll., Oxf., b. 29 Jan. 1785, d. 
16 Feb. 1868, s.p. ; mar. 1 July 1823 Maria, dau. 
of Major-General Hon. Mark Napier, d. 1 Feb. 
Edmund, M.A., Fellow of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, 

b. 8 Feb. 1787, d. 29 Nov. 1871. 
Margaret Anne, b. 20 July 1778, d. 1847. 

XL JOHN YORKE, ESQ., of Bewerley and Halton Place, 
High Sheriff 1818, b. 29 Feb. 1776, d. 5 Feb. 1857, bur. 
at Pateley Bridge; mar. Mary, dau. of Ichabod Wright, 
of Mapperley, 9 Aug. 1821, d. 24 June 1883, aged eighty. 
They had issue — 

John Yorke, Esq., of Bewerley Hall, J. P., b. 28 Mar. 
1827, d. s.p. 3 Oct. 1883; mar. 5 Sept. 1859 Alice, 
dau. of James Simpson, Esq., of Westcliffe. 
Thomas Edward (XII). 
Frances Mary, b. 21 Dec. 1848. 
Caroline, mar. Rich. St. John Tyrwhitt, Vicar of 
St. Mary Magdalen, Oxf. 

XII. THOMAS EDWARD YORKE, ESQ., of Bewerley and 
Halton Place, J.P., High Sheriff 1889, b. 4 Aug. 1852; 
mar. first Augusta Margaret, dau. of the Hon. and Rev. John 
Baillie. 17 Feb. 1863, d. 13 Apr. 1879. They had issue- 
John Cecil, of Halton Place, J. P., b. 10 Nov. 1867. 

Henry Reay, b. 26 Jan. 1875. 

Arthur Edward, b. 23 Mar. 1879, d. 18 Sept. 1886. 

Mary Augusta. 

Helen Margaret. 

Louisa Caroline. 

Katherine Elizabeth. 

Ethel Lilian. 
Mar. secondly Fanny, dau. of Sir John Walsham, Bart., 
30 Oct. 1883. 


^eUtgrcfS from tt)e $Iea X(oIls« 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 
(Contimied from Vol. XIX, p. 247.) 

De Banco. Hillary. 15. Ed. 4. m. 344. 

Oxon. — Humfrey Sakevile, Armiger, sued Thomas Rokes for the next 
presentation to the church of Amyngton, and stated that Osbrond 
(sic) Sakevyle had been seised of it temp. Hen. 3, and had enfeoffed 
Jurdan Sakeville. The pleadings give this pedigree : — 

Jurdan de Sakeville. 














Thomas Rokes, 
the defendant. 

Thomas Rokes stated that Edward Sakevyle, tlie father of the 
plaintiff, had unjustly disseised Thomas, son of Robert de Sakeville, 
of the advowson, and had presented to the church by usurpation. 

De Banco. Hillary. 15. Ed. 4. m. 424. 

Rutland. — John Blount, Lord of Mountjoie, sued John Elryngton, 
Armiger, and Margaret, his wife, for the manor of Belton, which 
Richard Duddeley and John Lovedale had granted to Walter Blount, 
Kt., and the heirs male of his body, temp. Ric. 2. 

Walter Blount, Kt., enfeoffed 
temp. Ric. 2, 



John Blount, Lord Mountjoie, 
the plaintiff. 

Verdict for the plaintiff. 


De Bcunco, Trinity. 16. Ud. 4. m, 438. 

Warw. — John Culpeper, Kt., sued Brian Talbot, Armiger, and 
Katrine, his wife, for a forcible entiy into the manors of Hardus- 
hulle, Anceley and Monewode, against the Statute of 5 Ric. 2. The 
pleadings give this pedigree : — 

Matilda,=T=Jobii Hardyshulle, Kt.^Margaret, 

Ist wife. 


2nd wife. 


£Iizabeth.=f John Culpeper. Joyce. 

I I 

Thomas Calpeper, Kt. Thomas Culpeper, Kt. 

Walter, ob. v.p. John Culpeper, Kt., 

late of Exton. 

John Culpeper, Kt., 
the plaintiff. 


Katrine.=Brian Talbot, 

the defendants. 

John Culpeper denied that Sir John Hardeshulle and Margaret 
had a daughter named Joyce, and a verdict was given in his favour. 

Other suits on mm, 439 and 440 give this additional information : — 

Thomas Culpeper, Kt.=i=Alianora. 

. , -J 

John Culpeper, Kt.,=fJuliana.=John Bramspath. 
of Exton. 

' 1 

John Haryngton,=Katrine.=Brian Talbot, 

1st husband. 2nd husband. 

De Bcmco. Hillary. 16. Ed, 4. m, 405 dorao, 

Derh, — Nicholas Longford, Kt., sued Robert Legh, the elder, for the 
advowson of the church of Normanton. 

Alured Sulny, seised temp. E. 3. 




Nicholas de Longford, Kt., 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco, Hillary, 16. Ed, 4. m, 463. 

London, — John Broughton and three others named sued John le 
Strange, Kt., for a forcible entry into two messuages in the parish 
of St. Andrew, in Holbom. It appeared by the pleadings that one 
Ebulo le Strange and another had granted the premises to one John 
Lestrange (son of Roger le Strange) and Matilda, his wife, and the 
heirs of their bodies. 


John Le8trange,=i=MatiIda. 
son of Roger. { 

r— ' 


John Leflt range, Kt., 
the defendant. 

De Banco. Trinity, 17. Ed, 4. m. 315. 

Yorkshire, — Brian Stapelton, Kt., sued Kichard Harcourt, Kt., and 
Katrine, his wife, to carry out the terms of a Fine levied 28 E. 3, 
by Miles de Stapelton, Kt., and Joan, his wife, respecting the manor 
of Cothereston and a moiety of the manors of Bedale and Askam, co. 
York, and the manor of Northmorton, co. Berks. The pleadings give 
these pedigrees: — 

I 1 

Miles de Stapelton, of Bedale, Kt.,=Joan. Hrian. 

living 28 E. 3, ob. s.p. | 





Brian Stapelton, Kt., 
the plaintiff. 

I 1 

Miles de Stapelton, Kt.,=f=Katrine.^=^Richard Harcoart, Brian. 

of Ingham, living 3 E. 4. 2nd husband. 

Elizabeth .= John 

Elizabeth .=^ William Calthorp, Kt. Joan.— Christopher Richera. 


See also a suit of Easter, 10. Ed. 4, vol. xix, pp. 161, 162. 

De Banco. Trinity, 17 Ed, 4. m. 339 dorso, 

Devon.— ^ohn Trenowyth, Armiger, sued Thomas Tresithny and 
Margaret, his wife, for the manor of Alwynestone. 

John Busshelle, seised temp. E. 3. 







John Trenowyth, 
the plaintiff. 

Verdict for the plaintiff. 



De Banco, Trinity, 17. Ed, 4. m, 343. 

Bucks. — Thomas Rokes sued Thomas More for the manor of Falley. 

Thomas de Saukeyille,=r Matilda, 
seised temp. Rio. 2. 










ob. s.p. 


Thomas Rokes, 
the plaintiff. 

Verdict for plaintifF, and see suit Hillary, 15 E. 4, p. 28. 

De Banco, Trinity. 17. Ud. 4. m. 445 dorso, 

Leicester, — John Kebeelle and Thomas Lacy and Mary, his wife, sued 
Gervase Clifton and three others for five vir^tes of land in Hatherne, 
claiming as right heirs of Hamon Hotoft and Alianora, his wife, who 
were seised of the land temp. E. 2. 

Thomas Hotoft, seiBed=r Alianora. 
temp. E. 2. 







ob. s.p. 






Thomas Lacy, 

John Kebeelle, 

Verdict for the plaintiffs. 

The exact relationship of Isolda to one of the Richards in the 
pedigree has been given on the record and afterwards expunged, but 
judging by chronology, it was probably as shewn by the dotted line. 
The fact of three Richards succeeding one another evidently 
made this part of the pedigree obscure, and the plaintiffs were not 
quite certain of it themselves. 

By another writ on m. 420, the same plaintiff recovered from the 
same defendants, and on the same plea, two messuages, fourteen tofts, 
a mill and twenty-four virgates of land in Uumberstone and Thur- 
maston, co. Leicester. 



De Banco, Trinity, 17. Fd, 4. m, 465. 

Bbor, — John Vavasour and James Wodehouse sued Nicholas Saxton 
for lands and rents in Saxton and Barkestone, and gave this 
descent : — 

Richard Gray, seised temp. E. 1. 











John Vavasour, 
the plaintiff. 






James Wodehouse, 
the plaintiff. 

Be Banco. Hillary, 17. Ed, 4. m. 433. 

Kent. — John Andreu sued Thomas Cook and seven others for the 
execution of a Fine levied in 22 E. 3, respecting the manor of 
Eslyngham and lands in Frendesbury, Hegham and other places in 

CO. Kent. 

Roger Andreu, living=Flsabella. 
22 E. 3. 



John Andreu, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity, 18. Ed. 4. m. 105 dorso, 

Berks. — Thomas Walrond sued Thomas Kyngeston for the manor of 
Chelrey and the advowson of the church of Chelrey. 

tiunn rn 
temp. E. 

jLourn, seisea- 


ob. s.p. 




Thomas Walrond, 

the plaintiff. 


De Banco. Trinity. 18. Ed. 4. m. 141. 

Sussex. — Thomas Huse sued Roger Leukenore, Kt., and two others 
for the manor of Hertyng, which William Paynell and Matilda, his 
wife, had given to Henry, son of Matthew Huse, and the heirs of 
his body. 

Henry, son of Matthew Ruse, 
seised temp. H. 3. 









Thomas Huse, the plaintiff. 

The defendants acknowledged the rights of the plaintiff. 

At Tnnity Term 18 E. 4, m. 304, the same plaintiff recovered the 
manor of Staunden, co. Wilts, on the same plea from Henry Lovell, 
Armiger, and Constance, his wife, and Reginald Bray and Katherine, 
his wife. 

De Banco. Trinity. 18. Ed. 4. m. 307 dorso, 

Essex. — Michael Denys and Alice, his wife, sued John Chalke and 
Richard Damery for the manor of Chauree, which John de Waltham 
and John Sumplyng had granted to William, son of William de 
Wauton and the heirs of his body. 

William, son of William do 
Wauton, seised temp. £. 2. 







Alice.=Michael Denys, 
the plaintiffs. 
Verdict for the plaintiffs. 

De Banco. Trinity. 18 Ed. 4. m. 314. 

Norfolk. — John Gopeldik sued John Coket, of Ampton, John Clopton, 
Armiger, and six others named, for the manor of Appulton, which 
Richard, son of William de Rokelle, gave to Joan de Rocheford and 
the heirs of her body, temp. E. 3. 



Joan de Rocheford, 
seised temp. E. 3. 







John Copeldik, 
the plaintiff. 

Verdict for plaintiff. By another suit on the back of the same 
membrane John Coket recovered the manor from John Copeldik by 
a writ of right, but this mode of procedure was usually collusive. 

De Banco. Trinity. 18. Ed. 4. m. 321. 

London. — Laurence Starky, Gentleman, and John Rodes, of London, 
Taillour, were sued by John Morton, the custos^ of the Chancellor's 
Rolls, John Wode, Armiger, and Henry Ashbourne, Gentleman, for 
abducting Emma, one of the daughters and heirs of John Pelham, 
Armiger, son of John Pelham, Kt., who was under age and whose 
mari-iage belonged to them. The plaintiffs gave this descent : — 

John Pelham, Kt. 

John Pelham, Armiger. 

r -r-^ T 

Emma. Alice. Isabella. 

They stated that John Pelham, the father of Emma, was seised of 
the manor of Treve alian Ryver, co. Suffolk, and held it of Henry, 
Earl of Northumberland, as of his Honour of Petworth, by the 
service of one-fourth of a Knight's fee, and they produced the deed 
of the Earl, by which he granted to them the marriage of the three 
coheirs, dated 22 Nov., 17 PI 4, the colieirs being all under the age 
of fourteen years, and they asserted that they had been in peaceable 
seisin of the wardship until the Ist of Jan., 17 E. 4, when the 
defendants had carried off Emma from Ix)ndon in the parish of 
St. Mary of Aldermanbury, and for which they claimed X200 as 
damages. Verdict for the plaintiffs. Damages £35. 

De Banco. Trinity. 18. Ed. 4. m. 335. 

City of York. — Joan Ingilby, widow, sued John Hardy ng, clerk, and 
William Acroide, clerk, for the next pi*escntation to the church of 
Marston alias Hoton Wandesley, and she stated that William Ingilby, 
who was seised of the manor of Hoton Wandesley and the advowson 
of the church, had presented to it temp. Hon. 6, and had afterwards 
enfeoffed in it William Plompton, Kt., and others, who had enfeoffed 
the said Joan for her life. The pleadings give this i)edigree, and the 
defendants claimed by a grant of the last William Ingilby : — 


Thomas Ingilby. 



William Ingilby. 

De Banco. Trinity, 18. Ed. 4. m. 342. 

Ehor. — Thomas Babthorp, clerk, sued Richard Hay thorp and Thomas 
Hay thorp for an illegal entry by force into the manor of Osgodby, 
near Selby. The defendants pleaded that long before the alleged 
illegal entry one Robert Rabas was seised of a moiety of the manor, 
and it had descended to Richard Haythorp, as his heir-at-law, and they 
gave this pedigree :— 

Robert Osgodby. Isabella. 

I I 

Emma. Isabella. 

I I 

Robert Rabas, Thomas, 

ob. s.p. I 



Richard Haythorp, 
the defendant. 

And as regarded one moiety of the other moiety, one Thomas 
Neuhagh had been seised of it, and it had descended to Richard 
Haythorp, as his heir, and he gave these pedigrees : — 

Margaret. Isabella. 

I ■ I 

Thomas Neuhagh. Isabella. 





Richard Haythorp. 

And as regarded one-third part of the residue of the manor, it had 
fallen to Richard Haythorp, as heir of Thomas, son of Robert 
EUiy thorp, as shewn by this pedigree : — 

Robert Haythorp, Kt., 
seised of one -third of 
the manor. 





Richard Haythorp. 


Thomas Bab thorp, the plaintiff, as regarded a portion of the manor, 
claimed by a feoffment made by one Ralph Turville, a coheir of 
Robert Osgodby, as shewn below : — 

Robert Osgodby. 


r ^ 1 

Emma. Cecily. 

I I 

Robert Rabas. Ralph Turville. 

And as regarded another portion he claimerl by a demise made by 
Robert Rabas, and as regarded another portion he claimed by a deed 
of Thomas Neuhagh, of Hemmyngburgh, Chaplain, dated 7 Ric. 2. 

And as regarded another part he claimed under a grant of Thomas 
Hay thorp, brother and heir of Richard Hay thorp, dated 38 H. 6, and 
he gave these pedigrees in support of his claim : — 

Robert Haythorp, Kt. Robert Babthorp, Kt. 

I I 

Thomas, liWng 17 Ric. 2. Ralph. 

I I 

Thomas. Magistcr Thomas Babthorp, 

the plaintiff. 

I 1 

Richard Haythorp. Thomas Haythorp, 

living 38 H. 6. 

A verdict was given eventually for the plaintiff, Thomas Babthorp. 

De Banco. Trinity. 18. Ed. 4. m, 409. 

Ehor. — Hugh Hastynges, of Fenwick, Kt., sued for execution of a 
Fine levied in 18 E. 3, between John de Camoys and Margaret, his 
wife, respecting the manor of Cowesby and tenements in Moseley, 
Hrantingham and Replyngham, by which Fine, on failure of the issue 
of John and Margaret, the said manor and otlier tenements were to 
devolve on Hugh de Hastyngs, Kt., and .Margaret, his wife, and the 
heii*s of the body of Margaret, and he gave this descent : — 

Hugh do Hastyngs, Kt.,=f=Margar(»t. 
living 18 E. 3. 






Hugh Hastyngs, Kt.. 
the plaintiff. 

And see suit Vol. xix, p. 102. 


De Banco, Trinity, 18. Ed, 4. m. 450. 

dymwalL — Edward Grey, Lord de Lisle and Elizabeth, his wife, sued 
John Holbein, Armiger, and another, for the next presentation to the 
church of Seynt Mabyn. The pleadings state that Thomas Courtenay 
and Joan, his wife, were seised of the manor of Trevesquyte, to 
which the advowson was appurtenant, together with the manors of 
Hamentheby, Middelpolglasse and Overpoleglasse, to be held by 
them and the heirs of their bodies, and with remainder to Robert 
Scobhulle and the heirs of his body. Thomas and Joan had issue 
three sons, John, Edmund and Thomas, and a daughter Clemence, 
all of whom had died without leaving issue, and from Robert 
Scobhulle the plaintiffs gave this descent: — 

Bobert Scobhulle. 

1 1 1 1 

Joan, had in Isabella, Elizabeth, Isabella, the 

partition the elder, had Over- * younger, had 

Hamentheby. had Middel- polglasse. Trevyaquyte. 

polglasse. I 


I ' 

Elizabeth.=Edward Groy, Lord do Lisle, 

the plaintiffs. 

Coram Rege. Mich. 18. Ed, 4. m. 58. 

Dorset. —John Chokke, Armiger, sued Thomas Bruyn, of Rovenore, 
CO. Hants, for an illegal entry by force into the manor of Randol- 
veston. Thomas stated that one John Marcham, Parson of Bekyng- 
ham, CO. Kent, was seised of the manor, and had conveyed it to 
Robert de Mamy and his assigns for the term of his life, with 
remainder to lugelran Bruyn and the heirs male of his body and 
failing such, to William de Marny, the son and heir of Robert, and 
the heira male of his body, and failing such, to one Maurice Bruyn, 
Kt., and his heirs for ever, and he gave this pedigree : — 

Ingelran Bruyn. 


Thomas Bruyn, 
the defendant. 

John Chokke had entered under pretence of a demise made to 
him by John Marcham for his life before the feofFment made to 
Robert de Marny, and Thomas Bruyn had expelled him. 

John Chokke gave this descent : — 

Maurice Bruyn, formerly 
seised of the manor. 

r J 

William. =r Alice. 

r ' 

Ingelran Bruyn, of the 

first pedigree. 


And he stated that Maurice, son of Ingelran Bruyn, had enfeoflfed 
Henry Bruyn, son of the said Maurice, and Henry had enfeoflfed 
Richard Chokke, Kt., and Richard had demised the manor to him 
(John Chokke) for his life, and he was seised of it peaceably until 
expelled by the defendant. 

De Banco, Hillary, 18. Ed, 4. m. 359. 

Notts. — Geoflfrey Pylkyngton and Agnes, his wife, sued John Vavasour, 
William Catesby and three others, for the manor of Alles worth, 
which Thomas de Bella aqua (Bellew) had given to Robert Sallowe 
and Ellen, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, temp. E. 3. 

Robert Sallowe, 8ei8cd=f=£leiia. 
temp. £. 3. 




George. William. 

I 1 

Agnes, Agne8.= 

ob. s.p. Greoffrey 

the plaintiffs. 

The defendants admitted the claim. 

De Barico. Hillary. 18. Ed. 4. m. 359 dorso. 

Sussex. — William Knottesford sued John Hydney for the next presen- 
tation to the church of Denton. 

James Knotte8ford.=T=Bcatrice. 



William Knottesford, 
the plaintiff. 

He Banco. Hillary. 19. Ed. 4. m. 355. 

Hereford. — John Barre, Kt., sued John Morys and Alice, his wife, 
for land in Wynestone, near Hereford, which Thomas de la Barre, 
the elder, had granted to Thomas de la Barre, the younger, and to 
the heirs male of his body. 


Thomas de la Barre, the younger, 
seised temp. E. 3. 




John Barre, Kt., 
the plaintiff. 

The defendants claimed through one Thomas Monmouth, who had 
been seised of the tenements and had two daughters and heirs, Alice 
and Alianora, of whom Alice had married John Morys. 

De Banco. Hillary. 19. Ed. 4. m. 356. 

Wilts. — Edward Darell, Armiger, sued John Hamelyn and John 
Weston for the manor of Stotescombe. 

Elizabeth, widow of Robert 
Loundres, Kt. 









Edward Darell, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. IliUary. 19. Ed. 4. m. 360 dorso. 

Wilts — Robert Baynard, Armiger, sued Robert Dudley and John 
Harfordshere for land in Charlaweswyke. 

John Blewet, seised 
temp. £. 1. 






Robert Baynard, 
the plaintiff. 

(To he continutd.) 



Bt G. W. Watson. 

(Continued from Vol. XIX, p. 270.) 

N617. Sigismund III, Freiherr von Kurzbach zu Militsch und 
Trachenberg; d. . . , 1513.(68) 

(ii). " Evizit anno hdxiii hie ipso S. Michaolis Die sepoltus est" (M.I. at 
Prausnitz, in Sinapius, i, 203). 

N618. Dorothea, da. of ... , Herr von Helffenstein.(69) 

(According to Tilesius, she was Countess of Helfcnstein [for which family 
see note 82] ; but she doubtless belonged to the family of Uelffenstein of Silesia). 

N619. Martin Zborowski, Castellan of Cracow; d 30 Nov. 1575.(70) 

N620. Anna, da. of Stanislaw Konar8ki.(71) 

N621. Frederic II, Duke of Silesia-Liegnitz. Same as N491. 

N622. Sophia, Margravine of Brandenburg-Anspach. Same as N492. 

N623. Henry V, Duke of Mecklenburg-Hchwerin. Same as L67. 

N624. Helena, da. of Philip, Elector Palatine [N431J ; b. 9 Feb. 
1493 ; m. 5 June 1513 ; rf. 4 Aug. 1524.(5) 

(ii). "Sontag Bonifacii [5 June] nach dem achton tago corporis Christi " 
(Contemp. Gedenkzctteln by the Chancellor Kaspar von Schdneich, in Lisch, 
Maltzan, as in L642 note, iv, 430) ; Mdxiii dcs sundages na don achten daghen 
des hilgen lychammes" [5 June] (Slagghert, as in 1161 not«, 110); the date 
11 Aug. (Rittershusius) is that given by Keimar Kock, MS. Chron. von Luheck, 
who says he was there, " Ick hebbo de ponipe mit mynen ogcn suluest geseen,** 
but it is no doubt erroneous ; not 12 June (Rudluff, Cohn), nor 12 Aug. (Hajutle). 
(iii). " 1524 Am Donnorstag nach Petri ad Vincula " [4 Aug.] (M.I., in 
Jahrhucher des Ver. fur ineklmhvrg. Geach., xxvii, 1862, 260) ; " Mdxxiiii ain deme 
daghe iustini prcster vp den dunrcdach welkcr was do iiii dach des maentes 
augusti" (Slagghert, 116); " mv^^xxiiij amnio daghe Oswaldi regis" [5 Aug.] 
(•• Dnten von 1477—1524 "). 

N629. George I, Count of Eberatein-Naugardten ; b. . . . 1512; d. 

18 Feb. 1553.(72) 
N630. Walpurgis, da. of KaHpar II Schlik, Count of Passau in 

Schlackenwerth ; d. 24 Dec. 1575.(73) 
N631. Bernhard VIII, Count of Lippe. Same as M479. 
N632. Catherine, Countess of Waldeck-P]i.senberg. Same as M480. 
N633. John, Herr von Schwanberg zu Bor ; rf. . . . 1528.(74) 
N634. Benigna, da. of Bartholomew I, Herr von Starhemberg 

[N741]; b. . . . 1499; m. . . . 1520; d. . , . 1557.(75) 

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N635. George, Freiherr von Haydeck zu Raveneck.(76) 

N636. . . . (77) 

N637. Melchior Colonna, Freiherr zu Vols und Schenkenberg ; d. 

. . . 1543.(78) 
N638. Sidonia, da. of Ulric II, Count of Ortenburg [N717] ; m. . . . 

1524; d. 12 March 1563.(79) 
N639. Kaspar III Schlik, Count of Passau in Hauenstein ; d. . . , 

N640. Elizabeth, da. of (1) Adam, Herr von Wartenberg.(80) 
N641. William II, Count of Castell ; b. before 1399; d, 7 Aug. 

N642. Anna, da. of John III, Count of Helfenstein-Blaubeuren ; 

m. before 1435 ; d. 6 Nov. 1472.(82) 

(ii). Wittmann, no. 621. (iii). " mcccclxxii am freytag nach allerheyligen " 
[6 Nov.] (M.I., in Biedermann, Erlduterungj 339). 

N643. Thomas III, Herr von Reitzenstein zu Blankenberg ; d, 4 Apr. 

N644. Elizabeth, da. of Stephen, Herr von Luchau.(84) 
N645. William, Count of Wertheim ; b, — Feb. 1421; d . . . 

N646. Agnes, da. of Diether I von Isenburg, Count of Biidingen ; 

m. before 21 Jan. 1448; d . . . 1501.(27) 

(ii). The Verzichtbriefy dated " vff sontap nach dem achtczehendcn [21 Jan.] 
anno [mcccc] xlviii " is in Aschbach, no. 177. 

N647. John III, Count of Eberstein ; b. 1 June 1421; d. . . . 

N648. Maria, da. of Eberhard II, Herr von Eppstein zu Konigstein ; 

m. c. 27 Jan. 1434.(86). 

(ii). m.c. dated " 1434, Mercurii post Pauli conuersionis " [27 Jan.] (Joannis, 
i, 815b, note m). 

N649. George T, Schenk von Limpurg zu Limpurg, Speckfeld und 
Sontheim; 6. . . . 1436 ; d, 10 May 1475.(87) 

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schreibung der Reichsgrafschaft L., 1789-90. 


N650. Margaret, da. of Sigismund, Count of Hohenberg; m. . . . 

1466; d, 22 June 1475.(88) 
N651. Hieronymus I Sehlik, Count of Passau in Elbogen ; d. — July 


(ii). On or immediately after " den andem tag fur Margarete [11 July] 1491 '* 
(Chron. der Stadt Elbogen 1471— 1504,18, in Deutsche Chron. aus Bohmen, edit. 
L. Schlesinger, i, 1879). 

N652. Anna, da. of ... , Herr von Zelking.(89) 
(She is not mentioned in the pedigrees of Zelking). 

N653. Henry XXVI (XXXI), Count of Schwarzburg; b. 25 Oct. 
1418; d. 13 Jan. 1488.(23) 

(i). " 1418, den Andem Tag nach Seven (Tuesday 25 Oct.) um 7 Uhr, oder 
den Dienstag in der gemeinen Woche " (Jovius, 497) ; not 23 Oct. (Behr), 24 Feb. 
(Hellbach), nor 4 or 23 Oct. (Cohn). (ii). 13 Jan. (Behr) ; 9 or 12 Jan. (Cohn). 

N654. Elizabeth, da. of Adolphus II, Duke of Cleve; 6. 1 Oct. 
1420 ; m. 15 July 1434 ; d, — March 1488.(1) 

(iii). " Um Judica [23 March] 1488" (Behr). 

N655. Volrad III, Count of Mansfeld ; d. 28 Nov. 1499.(31) 
N656. Margaret, da. of John III, Count of Hohnstein-Lohra- 

(Da. of John III (Jovius) ; da. of Ernest III, and sister of John III 
(Schmaling) ). 

N657. Kraft VI, Count of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein ; d. 2 Aug. 

N658. Helena, da. of Ulric, Count of Wiirtemberg-Stuttgart ; m. (c. 

10 Oct. 1475) 26 Feb. 1476 ; d. 19 Feb. 1506.(11) 
N659. Rudolph IV, Count of Sulz ; d. . . . 1487.(90) 

N660. Matilda, da. of Conrad IV, Schenk von Limpurg zu Gaildorf 

und Schmiedelfcld.(87) 
N675. George III, Truchsess von Waldburg in Zcil und Waldsee ; 

k 25 Jan. 1488 ; d, 29 May 1531.(60) 

(ii) " An den hi. Pfingsttag in der Nacht gegen morgigen Tag [29 May] 
zwischen zwci und drci Uhr " (Coutemp. MS. in the Archiv at Wolfegg — 
Vochezer, ii, 703). 

N676. Maria, da. of Joachim, Count of Oettingen-Flochberg ; 6. 

11 April 1498; m. . . . 1513; d. 18 Aug. 1555.(59) 

(ii). " 1513, war ich cin Wittwcr bis Johunnis [24 June], nahm ich im selbigen 
Jahr meine jctzigc Ilausfrau " (Diary of N67o, in Vochezer, ii, 433). The 
Ueimfiihrung was on 18 Sep. 1513 (Vochezer, ibid.). 

N677. George I, Count of Tubingen ; d, . . , 1507.(91) 

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TT., 1845. 


N678. Agatha, da. of Andreas I, Count of Arco.(92) 

N679. Reinhaixl, Count of Zweibriicken-Bitsch ; d, 2 March 

N680. Anna, da. of John VI, Wildgrave in Daun and Kyrburg, 

Rhingrave in Stein [M389] ; m. (c. 6 Dec. 1497) 18 Nov. 

1501 ; d . . . 1541.(45) 

(ii). The w.c, dated "of Mitwoch sant Nicolas Tag [6 Dec] Anno Dni 
xiiijCxcvij," is in J. M. Kremer, Oeneal. Qesch. des alien Ardewnischen Oeschl.f 
1786, ii, 177. 

N705. Christopher VI, Herr von Zinzendorf zu Feistritz und Schar- 

feneck ; rf. . . . 1535.(93) 
N706. Sophia, da. of Frederic Hundt, Herr von Pottendorf; m, 

. . . 1492.(94) 
N707. John, Herr von Embs zur Hohenerabs ; living 1539.(95) 
N708. Sibylla, da. of Ulric, Herr von Riedheim zu Romshart ; d. 

14 Sep. 1557.(96) 
N709. Wolfgang Volkra, Herr zu Steinabrunn ; 6. . . . (1)1480; d. 

11 Aug. 1531.(97) 
N710. Barbara, da. of George Haill, Herr von Mainburg.(98) 
N7 1 1 . John, Herr von Lappitz zu Seisseneck und Zeillern ; d, 6 Jan. 


(ii). "Hier liegt begraben der Edelgestronge Herr Hanns von Lappitz zu 
Seisseuegg der gestorben ist den 6 Janner 1536. aach seine Gemahlin Fran Clara 
gebohme Grafin von Corbau die gestorben ist den 28 October 1541 " (M.I., in 
Wissgrill, V, 438). 

N712. Clara, da. of Charles Torquatus, Count of Lika Krbava ; d, 

28 Oct. 1541.(100) 
N713. Hartmann I, Herr von Liechtenstein zu Feldsberg; living 

N714. Johanna, da. of Bernhard, Herr von Mainburg ; m. . . . 

1511; d, . , . 1521.(102) 
N715. George VI, Herr von Liechtenstein zu Steyeregg; b. abt. 

1479; d. 6 Aug. 1548.(101) 

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N716. Magdaiena, da. of Wolfgang IV, Freiherr von Polheim zu 

Wartenburg; 6. . . . 1497; m. . . . 1518.(103) 
N717. UlricII, Count of Ortenburg; rf. . . . 1524.(79) 
N718. Veronica, da. of John, Herr von Aichbeig zu Hals; rf. . . . 

N719. Leonhard II von Fraunberg, Count of Haag ; rf. 1511 or 

N720. Amelia, da. of Frederic VII, Landgrave of Leuchtenberg ; m. 

... 1504; rf. 30 Jan. 1538.(22) 

(iii). " 1538, uf mitwoch iiach sant Pauls bekemng tag [30 Jan.] gegen abents 
unib iiachtcssens zeit verschaideu " {Zimmeiischc Chron.y iii, 1869, 261, edit. 
K. A. Barack, in Bill, dcs Litter. Vcr. in Stuttgart^ xci-xciv). 

N721. Christopher, Herr von Zelking; d, 2 Aug. 1491.(89) 

(ii). "1491 am St. Stephana Tag dez H. Pabst." [2 Aug.] (VLl., in Kern, 
no. 496). 

N722. Apollonia, da. of Weikhard XV, Herr von Polheim zu 

Wartenburg; living 21 Apr. 1492.(103) 
N723. Hochbrand, Herr von Sandizell ; d. . . . 1502.(106) 
N724. Magdalena, da. of Bartholomew K6ssler.(107) 
N725. Lasla (I^dislav), P>eiherr von Prag zu Windhaag; 6. . . . 

1464; d . . . 1514(108) 
N726. Anna, da. of Daxen (Degenhard) Fuchs, Herr von Fuchsberg 

und Jauflfenburg ; living 18 July 1530.(109) 

(iii). Living 18 July 1530 (Archiv fUr Kunde osterreich. Oe8chicht8•Q^ellen, 
xvii, 1857, 195). 

N727. Gregory, Herr von Ijamberg zu Sauenstein, 8chneeberg und 

Willengrain; d. . . . 1565(110) 
N728. Ursula, da. of Stephen, Herr von Rosenhartz ; m. , . . 1505 ; 

d. before 1526.(111) 
N729. Henry I, Count of Hardegg and in Machland ; living 

N730. Elizabeth, da. of John II, Herr von llosenberg zu Krumau ; 

6. . . . 146G; m. . . . U96.(ll;i) 

(ii). Tho Hieratgut- vnd Wiederlegnngs- Brief was dated " M on tags nach dem 
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N731. Bernhard III, Count of Eberstein ; 6. . . . 1459; c?. . . . 

N732. Kunigunde, da. of Eberhard II von Waldburg, Count of 

Sonnenborg; m. (c. 30 Sep. 1493) abt. 11 Nov. 1194; d. 

27 Sep. 1535.(60) 

(ii). w.c. dated 30 Sep. 1493, the bride to be at Rottweil for the Tnarriajrc on 
St. Martin's day [11 Nov.] 1494; the Ehesieiierhrief was dated 12 Nov. 1494 
(Vochezer, i, 625). (iii». " mdxxxv, xxvii Septeiiibris " (Obituary of the Kloster 
Frau&nalb near Gernsbach, in J. F. Schaniiafc, Vivdemiae Literariaej 1723-24, i, 
153); 25 Sep. 1535 (Imhoff); 1535, 1536, 1538 (Kreig von Hochfelden, 146,476, 
and table ii). 

N737. Pancraz, Herr von Dietrichstein auf Rabenstein ; d. 4 Sep. 

N738. Barbara, da. of John Gossl, Herr von Thurn.(115) 
N739. George, Freiherr von Rotthal zu Thalberg ; d. 31 March 

N740. Margaret, da. of Christopher, Herr von Rappach.(117) 
N741. Bartholomew I, Herr von Starhemberg; 6. abt. 1460; d. 

19 Apr. 1531.(75) 

(ii). "Am Mitwoch des Son tags quasimodo geniti [19 Apr.] in Jabr 1531" 
(M.I., in Schwerdling, 149) ; the inscription on his portrait in the Castle of 
Wildberg gives the date as 18 May (Idem, 150). 

N742. Magdalena, da. of William, Herr von Losenstein zu Losenstein- 
Leuthen ; m. . . . 1493 ; d . . . 1523.(75) 

N743. George III, Count of Schaunberg; 6. abt. 1472 ; c?. . . . 1554 
[not 1557].(118) 

(ii). Will dated "am Erchtag nach MisQricordia Domini den 10 Apr. anno 
1554" (Hoheneok, ii, 544) ; d. 1554 (M.I., in Hoheneck, iii, 650). 

N744. Genovefa, da. of Andreas I, Count of Arco ; tn. before 27 Oct. 

1509 ; living 1554.(92) 
N745. Kilian, Herr von Franking.(119) 
N746. ApoUonia, da. of . . . Schick, Herr zum Lehen.(120) 

(According to Wissgrill, M373 was son of George von F., by Ursula von 
Apfenthal ; bat this statement is erroneous). 

N747. George Schollner, Herr zu Adldorf.(121) 
N748. Margaret, da. of Augustin Clanner.(l22) 

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(119-122). Franking : Schick: Schoellner : Clannbr : — The ancestry of 
L187 (and of M376) has been reinvestigated for the present work by the Baron 
von Handel Mazzetti, the Archivreferent at Munich of the Museum " Francisco- 
Carolinum " at Linz. The pedigrees of Frankiug in Bucelinus^ ill, ii, 42, 
III, iii, 105, and in Wissgrill, iii, 80-83, are erroneous. Spener, iv, 61, 58, is 
almost oorrect. 


N749. Henry, Herr von Tannberg.(123) 

N750. Margaret, da. of Burkhard, Herr von Freudenberg.(124) 
N751. Sigfrid [not Werner] Messenbeck, Herr zu Mes8enbach.(125) 
N752. Sabina [not Clara], da. of Bernhard [not William] Ram- 

N753. Augustin I Khevenhiiller, Herr zu Aichelberg und Hohen- 

Osterwitz; rf. . . . 1519.(127) 
N754. Siguna, da. of Ulric III, Herr von Wei8sbriach.(128) 
N755. Balthasar, Herr von Gleinitz zu Gleinstattin ; living 1528.(129) 

("Sig^und [Khevonhiiller] hat mit Catherina Balthassar Gleinitzer toohter 
. . . Georgen " [L189] {Familienhuch Sigmunds von HerberKtein^ as in L192 note, 
392). The table in Kdnig, as in M380 note, is here erroneous. Spener, iv, 
51, is correct). 

N756. Barbara, da. of John, Herr von Ranimingen.(130) 
N757. John Weitmoser ; d. abt. 1526.(131) 

(John [Zauner, Chron.von Salzburg ^ vi, 346]; not William (KOnig, as in M380 
note), Henry (Lehr, Etudes g^n4al.^ tab. 167), nor Erasmus [Koch-Stemfeld, 
Die Tauem etc., 246]). 

N758. . . . (132). 

N759. Paul Vozl ; cf . . . . 1540.(133) 

N760. Gertrude, da. of . . . Penninger.(134) 

N761. Wolfgang XI, Herr von Stul^nberg zu Kapfenberg; rf. . . . 

N762. Helena, da. of Leuthold, Herr von Stubenberg zu Wurmberg ; 

m. before 23 IVfay 1492 ; d. abt. 1500.(135) 

(ii). w. before " Montag in den Phingstfeyertagcn [23 May] 1492" (Prato- 
bovera, no. 626). 

N763. John, Herr von Teuffenbach zu Eppenstein ; d, 2 Sep 1541 
[not 1542].(136) 

(ii). " Hie ligt begraben der edl vnd gestreng Her Hitter Hanns von 
Teuffenpach der gestorben ist ann Freitag nach Egidi [2 Sep.] da man zelt nach 
Cristi Gepvrt 1541 Jar. vnd seine zwo Havsfraven die erst Frav Walpvrg von 
Lichtenporg die gestorben ist den 13 tag Febrvari im 1503 iar. die ander Frav 
Kcgina gcbome von Dictriclistaiii die gestorben ist an den heiligen drey nagl. 
Freitag in 15-9 Jar" (M.I., in Beckh-Widmanstetter, 177). 

N764. Regina, da. of Pancraz, Herr von Dietrichstein auf Rabenstein 
[N737]; (f . . . . 15-9.(114) 

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(" Her Hans hat . . . mit Begina, Pancracien von Dietrichstain toohter, 
Sophiam von Stubenberg " {Familienhuch 8igmund$ von Uerherateinf as in L192 
note, 343) ; Spener, iv, 51, is here erroneous). 

N765. Sebald I Pogl, Herr zum Tori ; d, before 1516.(137) 
N766. Beatrice, da. of [? Nicholas II], Herr von Liechtenstein zu 

(The only authority for this wife, " Beatrice von Liechtenstein," is the table 
in Kdnig, as in M380 note, which is in great part incorrect ; she docs not occur 
in the pedigrees of Liechtenstein zu Murau). 

N767. George III, Herr von Herberstein ; 6. . . . 1469; d. 4 March 

(ii). "4Marcij 1528" (Familienhuch Sigmunds von Herhentein^ 317). 

N768. Margaret, da. of Christopher, Herr von Rotthal; m. 13 Aug. 
1497; d, 14 Oct. 1518.(116) 

(ii). " Hochzeit am suntag vor Marie schidung [13 Aug.] 1497 " {Idem^ 

N769. Philip IV, Schenk von Erbach ; 6. . . . 1415 ; d. 20 Jan. 

(ii). " MCCCCLXI vff sant Sebastian tag" [20 Jan.] (M.I., in Schneider and 
in Luck); not 8 Feb. (Simon). 

N770. Lukardis, da. of Eberhard II, Herr von Eppstein zu Konig- 
stein; m. before 17 Aug. 1437; d, , , . 1477.(86) 

(ii). w. before "octava Sancti Laurentii Martyris [17 Aug.] Mccccxxxvii " 
(Schneider, Urkunden^ no. 110, 1). 

N771. John VII von Fraunberg, Freiherr zu Haag ;€?.... 

(ii). 1477 before 24 Nov. (L. von Borch, Die Recht^'erhdltniase der Beaitxer 
der Qrafschaft Haag, 1884, 44). 

N772. Anna, da. of Haupto IT, Marschall zu Pappenheim ; wi. . . . 

N777. John V, Wildgrave in Daun and Kyrburg, Rhingrave in 

Stein; b abt. 1436; rf. . . . 1495.(45) 

(ii). He died between 4 July 1495 (J. C. Liinig, Teutachea Reichs-Archiv, 
Spic. aaec, ii, 1923*1924) ; and "Mitwoch nach sant Egydientag [2 Sep.] 1495" 
(Kreiner, 98). 

N778. Johanna, da. of Simon III, Count of Salm ; m, c, 14 Nov. 
1459; living 23 Apr. 1487.(12) 

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Herren und Qrafen zu P., 1739. 


(ii). The m.c, dated " vff Mittwoch nach sant Martins Tage dez heiligen 
Bischoffs [14 Nov.], Vicrzehen hundert Fuufftzig vnd Neun," is in Kremer, as 
in N680 note, ii, 74-77. (iii). Living "des Maendags na quasimodo [23 Apr.], 
Duysont vierhundert onde Seuenentachtenlich " (ItZcw, ii, 84). 

N779. Nicholas, Count of Mors and Saarwerden; d. . . , 1485.(142) 
N780. Barbara, da. of John, Herr von Vinstingen (Fenestrange).(143) 
N781. John de Neuchatel, Seigneur de Montagu, Marnay, Fontenoy 

et Risnel ; living 11 Aug. 1486.(144) 
N782. Margaret, da. of Fernando de Castro, Senhor de Ansan y San 

Lorenzo do Bairo.(145) 
N783. John de Vergy, Seigneur de Champvant, la Motte et Mont- 

richier; d. before 10 Dec. 1481.(146) 
N784. Paule, da. of Jacques de Miolans, Seigneur de Miolans ; living 

10 Dec. 1481.(147) 
N817. Kuno, Count of Solms-Lich-Hohensolms ; d, 3 May 1477.(18) 
N818. Walpurgis, da. of John IV, Wildgrave in Daun and Kyrburg, 

Rhingrave in Stein ; m. c. 20 March 1450.(45) 

(ii). m.c. dated " vff den Frittag nach dem Sontago Letare [20 March] 1460 " 
(Kremer, 87). 

N819. Philip I, Count of Hanau-Miinzenberg ; h, 21 Sep. 1449; d, 

26 Aug. 1500.(148) 
N820. Adriana, da. of John IV, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg [N137]; 

b. 7 Feb. 1449; m. 12 Sep. 1468; d. 15 Jan. or 11 June 


(i). "cioccccxLix mensis Februarii die septima" {Chron. Belg., as in M69 
note, 5G). (iii). 15 Jan. (Wegener, Dommerich, Behr auppl.) ; 11 June (Gohn, 

N821. Gerhard II, Count of Sayn-Sayn ; b. 4 May [not 14 May] 
1417 ; d. 14 Jan. [not 7 Jan.] 1493.(16) 

(i). 4 May 1417 (Register in the Klosterkirche at Marienstadt — RschU- 
gegriindetes Bedcncken, 137). 

N822. Elizabeth, da. of Arnold VII von Sierck, Herr zu Frauenberg, 
Moncler und Meinsberg ; b. 2 Feb. 1435; m, c, 1 Feb. 
1453; d. 24 July 1489.(28) 

(i). " Auf Lichtmess [2 Feb.] anno 1435" (Register, ibid., 138) ; not 14 Jan. 
(Dahlhoff, Florange). (iii). " 1489 vicesima die mensis Julii vi feria [24 July] 
hora viii post meridiem " (M.I., in Rechts-gegi-iindetes Bedencken, 138) ; 24 Jnij 
(Necrology of Marienstadt, in Florange, 172). 

(To he continued.) 

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in Zeitsch. des Vcr. fiir hesa. Gcsch., iii, 1843, 371-384; — Dommerich, Gesch. der 
GrafscJiaft IL, 1860. 


Jeliigree of Meg. 

Compiled by G. C. Bower and H. W. F. Haewood. 
{Ccmtinued from Vol. XIX, p. 231.) 


THOMAS OFFLEY, born at Chester, Merchant of the Staple and 
Merchant Tat/lor; apprenticed to Stephen Kirton 1551; Warden of 
Merchant Taylors' Company 1565 and 1574, but never Master;^ 
mar.^ at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 18 May 1552, Katherine Lewis (la 
widow). He was bur. at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 1 Feb. 1588-9; 
she was bur. there 13 May 1612. They had issue — 

Robert Offley, bap. at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 21 July 1554; 
bur. at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 12 Sept. 1574. 

Richard Offley, admitted to Merchant Taylors' School 
8 March 1574-5.8 

Thomas Offley, bur. at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 4 April 

Margery Offley, bur. at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 19 Oct. 1563. 

Mabel, bp. at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 14 March 1556. 

Elizabeth, bp. at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 2 March 1563 ; bur. 
there 26 Nov. following. 


RICHARD OFFLEY, Merchant Taylor (Master of the Company 
1572 and 1582) and Merchant of the Staple, Factor for Sir Thomas 
Offley at Callice and overseer of his will, bom at Chester, died 
within one half year after Sir Thomas ; admons. P.C.C. 28 Dec. 
1582 and 28 Nov. 1583; mar, Jane, daii. of Sir William Chester, 
Knt,, Loi^ Mayor of London when PauCs Steeple was on fire 
(1561).'^ She was bur. 29 Feb. 1611-12 at St. Mary's Woolnoth. 

* Early History of the Guild of Merchant Taylors^ vol. ii, p. 173. 

* In the Offloy manuscript (vol. xix, p. 85), this Thomas Offley is said to 
have married a rich and wealthy widow, and to have had no issue. It appears, 
however, certain that the children baptised and buried as above, at St. Peter's, 
Cornhill, and St. Andrew's Undershaft, were his, but as none of them are 
mentioned in the wills of their near relatives, it is probable that they all 
died, 8.p., in their father's lifetime, and that he thus died without surviving 

' Register of Merchant Taylors' School. 

* By Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Lovett, of Astwell, co. Northants. 



Will dat. 23 Feb. 1611-12, pr. 26 March following in Commissary 
Court of London (Reg. 22, fol. 25).i They had issue- 
Martin OflSey, bap. at St. Mary's Woolnoth, 19 March 

Francis Offley, bur. 15 Aug. 1581, at St. Mary's 

Hugh Offley, bap. 30 Dec. 1581, bur. 1 Feb. 1581-2, at 
St. Mary's Woolnoth. 

Thomas Offley, of St. Mary's Woolnoth (his wife was 
Uving 23 Feb. 1611-12), admon. 21 May 1612 to his 
brother Richard. 

Richard Offley, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London ; 
Will dat. 12 Jan. 1641-2, pr. 2 Jan. 1643-4, Commissary 
Court of London (Reg. 29, fol. 196). 

Robert Offley, bur. 30 Dec. 1610, at St. Mary's Woolnoth ; 
mar. Alice . . . (living 23 Feb. 1611-12, and 1 mar. 
secondly Richard Cheneye), and had issue — 

Robert Offley, living 23 Feb. 1611-12. 

Thomas Offley, living 23 Feb. 1611-12.* 

John Offley, bap. at St. Mary's Woolnoth, 
10 Dec. 1606, as John, son of Robert Offley, 

1 Elizabeth, mentioned in the will of Richard 

William Offley, mar. Jane . . ., both living 23 Feb. 1611-12. 

Elizabeth, bur. 20 Aug. 1615, at St. Mary's Woolnoth, 
mar. there 6 Feb. 1591 Richard Cheneye,^ of St. Mary's 
Woolnoth, goldsmith, and had with other issue, William 
Cheneye of Hackney. 

Katherine, mar. Edward Delves, of St. Mary's Woolnoth, 
goldsmith ;* he was bur. there 4 Oct. 1638, and left 

* Slie mentions her sister, Susan Trott ; her daughters-in-law, Thomas 
Offley 's wife ; Alice Offley, widow ; Jane Offley, " my son William's wife " ; her 
sons-in-law, Richard Cheny, Edward Delves, and Francis Grecnhaugh ; various 
grandchildren, including Robert and Thomas Offley, sons of " Robert Offley, 
my son deceased," and makes John Vernon, Merchant Taylor, and her son- 
in-law, Richard Cheney, exors, begging of them to accept for their pains 
" a poore widdowes myte," i.e., a gold ring each. 

^ Ho is probably the " cousin Thomas Offley " to whom twelve pence were 
bequeathed by the will of his uncle, Richard Offley, 12 Jan. 1641-2. 

» The will of Richard Cheneye, dated 29 June, and i)r. P.C.C. 23 Aug. 1625, 
shows that he had a second wife Alice, and as he left a legacy of £500 to his 
" daughter-in-law Elizabeth Offley," it is probable that he married, secondly, the 
widow of his brother-in-law Robert Offley. His will also mentions his mother-in- 
law Mrs. Anne Paine. 

* Eight of his sons and four of his daughters were baptised at St. Mary's 


Jane, mar. at St. Mary's Woolnoth, 26 Feb. 1597-8, 
Francis Greenhaugh, of the par. of St. Mary's Bothaw, 
ironmonger,^ and left issue. 

1 Margaret, mar. at St. Mary's Woolnoth, 3 July 1589, 
Edward Nicholas, of the par. of St. Sepulchre. 

Susan, bur. 14 May 1583, at St. Mary's Woolnoth. 


I. WILLIAM OFFLEY, of the par, of St. Lawrence Pountney, 
Merchant Taylor amd Merchant of the Staple, Fined for Sheriff and 
Alderman of London; horn at Chester -y bur. 7 Jan. 1600-1, at 
St. Lawrence Pountney,^ M.I. there. Will dat. 21 and pr. P.C.C. 
24 Dec. 1600 (76 Wallop). He mar 11 Feb. 1565-6, at St. Lawrence 
PoutUney, Anne, dau. of William Beswicke, Alderman of London. 
She mar. secondly, at St. Lawrence Pountney, 7 June 1604, as his 
4th wife. Sir Henry Bromley of Holt Castle, co. Wore., Knt., 
eldest son of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor.^ She died 
1 Jan. 1628-9, aged 81 years, 9 mo., M.I. at Holt. Her will dated 
1 Dec. 1628, pr. P.C.C. 20 Feb. 1629-30 (11 Scroope). By her 
William Offley had issue fifteen children, of whom were the 
following — 

1. William Offley, of whom presently (II). 

2. Sir Robert Offley, Knt., of London and of Dalby,* 

CO. Leicester, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 30 Oct. 
1583; will dat. 9 Oct., pr. P.C.C. 14 Oct. 1623, 
(107 Swan); mar. 7 Nov. 1601, at St. Peter le Poer, 
Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas Lowe, Knt., of London,^ 
by Anne, dau. of Gabriel Colston, of London. She 
was bur. 28 June 1647 at St. Peter le Poer; admon. 
as lat-e of Broxbourne, co. Herts, 12 May 1649, to Sir 
William Walter, Bart., and 8 April 1675 to grandson 
Thomas Offley, junior. They had issue — 

(1). William Offley. 

' William, Thomas, Francis, and Dorothy, his children, were baptised at 
St. Mary's Woolnooth. 

* The followinp^ entry, under date 7 Jan. 1600 {i.e. 1600-1), occurs in the 
Court Minutes of. the Merchant Taylors' Company : — " This day the funeral 
of M' William Offley (a late wor'* member of this Company) was solompnesed, 
and the whole Livery were invited to dyne at the Hall, which was provided 
w''* the some of 2QI. jj^iven by M"^ Offley to the same purpose " (" Memorials 
of the Guild of Merchant Taylors," p. 539). The Company still possesses a 
circular rose water dish of silver, parcel gilt, presented by William Offley 
1590-1, with his arms in the centre. This was exhibited a few years ago 
at the Tudor Exhibition in the New Gallery. 

* In Brydgfes' ed. of Collins' Peerage (under Montfort) she is said to 
have mar. thirdly, 10 Feb. 1622-3, Dr. John Thornborough, Bishop of Worcester, 
but no mention of that prelate is made in her will. 

* By will of his father. 

' "MTho is also guardian to said Robert Oflfeley, an orphan" (mar. lie). 


(2). Thomas Offley,i a^ed 16, 8 June 1621, of Hart 
Hall, Oxford, and the Middle Temple, afterwards 
of Broxbourne, co. Herts, and par. of St. Martin- 
in-the Fields ; Groom Porter to King Charles II. 
Admon. P.C.C. 31 Jan. 1677-8. Mar. 15 June 
1635, at St. Anne's, Blackfriars, Mary, widow 
of Sir Christopher Darcy, Knt. ; will dat. 
7 Sept. 1680, as "Dame Mary Darcey alias 
Offley, of Newington, in co. Middx., widow," 
pr. P.C.C. 16 Sept. 1680 (115 Bath).^ They 
had issue — 

i. Thomas Offley, readministered as Thomas 
Offley, junior, 8 April 1675, to his 
grandmother Dame Mary Offley 's estate, 
and 1 1 Nov. 1 685, to that of his father. 

ii. John Offley, bap. 30 Nov. 1646, at St. 
Anne's, Blackfriars. 

i. Sarah, bap. 11 Jan. 1637-8, at St. 
Bride's; living 7 Sept. 1680. 

ii. Mary, bap. 29 March 1636, at St. 
Bride's; mar. (mar. lie. 13 April 1663) 
Harry Ijawrence of Cheshunt, co. Herts 
(he was dead 7 Sept. 1680). 

(3). Robert Offley, bap. 11 March 1608-9 at St. 
Peter le Poer, living 9 Nov. 1649, and then 
late of Coggeshall, co. Essex, Esquire. 

(4). Gabriel Offley, bap. 16 Oct. 1611 at St. Peter 
le Poer ; D.D., Clerk in Holy Orders, Chaplain 
to King Charles II. ; Rector of Worplesdon, co. 
Surrey; died 1683; will dat. 14 Feb. 1682, pr. 

* Tho folio winjjf particulars, taken from an old Chancery suit, may serve 
to explain tho comparative obHcurity of this branch of the Ottley family, for 
they show that a Thomas Offley, who is almost c(n*tainly the Thomas in tho text, 
was addicted to the vice of gamblinjr, so j)revalent at the pt»riod. The suit 
was brought 12 June 1640, Thomas OlHey claiininj^ that the defendant. Sip 
John Morloy, of Chitrhester, co. Sussex, Knt., owed him tho sum of £1,000. 
Sir John, in his answer, states that about March 1038-9, ho and the oom- 
plainant being at the Nagge's Head Tavern in ('heapside, fell to play at 
dice at a game called " Inne and Inne," and admits that he lost npon the 
ticket or score £800. Subsecjuently, about the 25th March following the parties 
again met at a house in the Strand called "tlie combe makers," in the parish 
of St. Clement Danes, and played the same game. Sir John Suckling (famous 
as much for his love of cards and dice as for his elegant verse) being on 
this occasion Thomas Offley's partner. Sir John Morley was again a loser to 
the tune of i^400, and pleads that these sums were not won by fair and 
square play, an accusation which must not be taken very seriously. (Chanc. 
Pro. Chas. I, 8, No. 20.) 

- She mentions in h(;r will her son and daughter, Thomas and Sarah, both 
unmarried; her daughter, Mary LawnMice, widow, and grandchildren Henry, 
Edward, Anne, Mary, and Sarah Lawrence, 


21 May 1683, P.C.C. (60 Drax). Had farms 
called Hadfold and Steepwood, co. Sussex. He 
mar. Frances, dau. of ... . and left issue — 

i. Robert Offley, Clerk in Holy Orders, 
Rector of Abinger, co. Surrey, and 
Prebendary of Durham; d. 10 May 
1743, aet. 77; M.L at Abinger; will 
dat. 9 Dec. 1741, pr. P.C.C. 27 June 

i. Mary. 

ii. Elizabeth, died March 1677-8; M.L at 
Abinger; mar. Thomas Crawley, Clerk 
in Holy Qrders, Rector of Abinger, 
son of Francis Crawley, Cursitor Baron 
of the Exchequer; died 4 May 1685; 
M.I. at Abinger. 

iii. Anne, living 9 Dec. 1741. 

iv. Katherine. 

(5). John Offley, bap. 31 Oct. 1614 at St. Peter le 

(1). Mary, mar. first 16 Oct. 1639, at St. Mary's 
Woolnoth, Sir John Cotton, Knt., of Eltham, 
CO. Kent ; secondly, George Evelyn, of Wotton, 
CO. Surrey, M.P. for Surrey 1678, 1680-1 He 
died 1699, aged 82. She died 1664. 

(2). Elizabeth, mar. Sir Henry Herbert, 8th brother 
of 1st Lord Herbert of Cherbury. 

(3). Anne, bap. 1 May 1610 at St. Peter le Peer. 

1. Anne, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 28 March 1569; 

bur. there 17 Feb. 1582-3. 

2. Martha, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 16 Aug. 1573; 

bur. there 17 Feb. 1582-3. 

3. Elizabeth, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 5 Nov. 1579 ; 

mar. there 2 Oct. 1597, Sir John Smith, Knt, of 
Thetford, co. Norf., ^^ Aii micient Pensioner of Queen 

4. Margaret, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 19 Aug. 1582; 

mar. there 24 Feb. 1600-1, Sir John Walter, Knt, 
Serjeant at law, Ix)rd Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 
He died 1630, and was bur. at Wolvercot, near 

* He devised his farms of Steepwood and Hadfold to Tnistecs for the repair 
and 8iipi)ort of Oakwood Chapel in the parish of Wotton. 


5. Mary, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 11 Sept. 1586; 
mar. there 8 Jan. 1602-3, Sir John Harington of 
Elmsthorpe, co. Leic, Knt. Died 3 March 1623, bur. 
at St. Sepulchre. 

II. WILLIAM OFFLEY,! bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 
5 Nov. 1570, of Putney 1623; had under his father's will the 
latter's interest in the manor of White Waltham, co. Berks. 
Admon. P.C.C. 12 May 1632 to son William. Mar. Margaret dau. 
and heir of Randall or Ralph Crewe, widow of Ralph Ashley of 
CO. Lane. They had issue — 

William, of whom presently (III). 

Anne,2 aged 19, 1623; mar. 12 April 1669, NeviU 

A dau. mar Hide, living 1 Dec. 1628.8 

in. WILLIAM OFFLEY, of Putney, aged 16, 1623,* mar. 
Susannah, dau. and coh. of ... . Wardall of ... . They had 

IV. WILLIAM OFFLEY, of Middleton Stoney, co. Oxon., and 
lord of the manor of Woodley, in par. of Sunning, co. Berks ; 
D.C.L. and Fellow of Univ. Coll., Oxford; died 15 April 1702, 
set. 70; buried at Middleton Stoney, M.I. there. Mar. Anne dau. 
of John Harison of Hurst, co. Berks; died 18 March 1716-17, 
aged 79. They had issue — 

William, of whom presently (V). 

Thomas Offley, died 5 Sept. 1723. 

John Offley. 




* His father loaves him nothing because he has been a very "unthriftie 
and wastefull childe," and has been already advaneed as by his actinittances 
and bills may a|)])ear. He afterwards, in 1625, contributed £'30 to the loan 
to King Charles I. See the list of contributors to this loan communicated to 
Surrey Arch. F)Ociety Pithliaitions by Mr. A. Kidley Bax, F.S.A. 

*^ In the Visit, of Berks, Genealogist (First Series), vi, p. 68, she is called wife of 
Nevill Loramore of Londcm, ritiz<*n and Merchant. "Mr. Nevill Lorrimer of 
the parish of St. Clement's, and Mrs. Anne Offley of Battersy, in the coauty 
of Surrey," were mar. at St. Mary's, Woolchurch Hawe, 12 April 1659. 

' See will of her grandmother. Lady Bromley. 

* Visitation of Surrey, 1623. 


V. WILLIAM OFFLEY, Clerk in Holy Orders, set. 5, 2.5 Mar. 
1665;! R^tor of Middleton Stoney ; died 25 April 1724, «t. 64. He 
mar. Susanna, dau. of Henry Keene, of Stirtlo, co. Hunts. They 
had issue — 

1. William, of whom presently (VI). 

2. John Offley. 

3. Thomas Offley, died 20 Nov. 1707, aged 7. 
L Susanna. 

2. Anne. 

VL WILLIAM OFFLEY, of Norwich, M.D., died 25 Feb. 1767, 
aet. 76 ; will dat. 1 Nov. 1757, pr. P.C.C. 16 Mar. 1767 (107 Legard) ; 
mar. (mar. set. dated 4 Nov. 1724) Mary, dau. of Benjamin Nuthall, 
of Norwich. They had issue — 

1. John Offley, living 18 April 1777. 

2. William Offley, of whom presently (VII). 

3. Mary, mar. 24 April 1777 Rev. Dr. Hamond, Prebendary 

of Norwich. 

VII. WILLIAM OFFLEY, of Harpur Street and Great Ormond 
Street, London, and Offley, Herts, died 15 July 1789, aged 55 ; 
M.L at Offley2; wiU dat. 18 April 1777; pr. 25 Aug. 1789, P.C.C. 
(425 Macham); mar. Elizabeth, dau. of . . .; she died 12 March 
1803, aged 63; M.L at Offley; will dat. 19 Aug. 1800, pr. P.C.C. 
30 March 1803 (246 Marriott).^ They had issue— 

1. Charles Offley, dead 1845, mar. first 13 Dec. 1797, as 

"Charles Offley, Esq., of Great Ormond Street," Anne, 
dau. of Joseph Waring, Esq., of Lambeth ; and secondly 
Arabella Theresa,* living 1845. 

2. Henry Offley. 

* Visitation of Berks, 1665. 

' Arms on his monument. Quarterly of 4 ; i. and iv., Arf?. a cross fleurie 
Az. between four ("orniBh chouphs Sable; ii. and iii., Az., a lion rampant Arg. ; 
impalinp- Gules, on a chevron Or, between three mullets Arg., six Pallets, Az. 
This William Offley was a member of the firm of Etty, Offley, Campion & Co. of 
Oporto, port wine merchants, to which firm several of his descendants also 

* She makes trustees, John and Christiana FitzGerald of Lisbon, her 
brother and sister. 

* She is mentioned in the will of her brother*in-law, William Offley, 
widow of my brother Charles." 


56 MDlGRfifi OP OFFury. 

3. John Offley, of Montague Street, died 2 Jan. 1812, aged 39 ; 

M.I. at Offley ; will dat. 27 Sept. 1803, pr. 21 Jan. 1812, 
P.C.C. (12 Oxford); mar. Julia Maria, dau. of Joseph 
Glover, of Worcester. She died U Dec. 1852 at Wey- 
mouth. They had issue — 

(1). John Offley, living 1845. . 

(2). Julia Mary, mar., at Weymouth, 18 Sept. 
1827, Rev. Henry Cheales, of Sleaford, co. 

4. William Offley, of whom presently (VIII). 

1. Jane, mar. at St. George the Martyr, London, 29 July 
• 1790, Lynch Salusbury,^ Clerk in Holy Orders, M.A., 

Vicar of Offley; died 19 May 1815. 

2. Elizabeth, mar. at Hitchin, 18 Dec. 1793, Thelwall Salus- 

bury. Clerk in Holy Orders, LL.B., Rector of Graveley, 
CO. Herts. She died 15 April 1711, aged 41 ; M.I. at 

VIII. WILLIAM OFFLEY, of Bennington, co. Herts, and 
afterwards of Hastings and Tonbridge Wells; died 9 Aug. 1847, 
aged 71 ; will dat. 23 Sept. 1845, pr. 29 Oct. 1847 in London ; he 
mar. Mary, dau. of . . . They had issue — 

1. William Offley, matric. at University Coll., Oxford, 

30 Apr. 1828, aged 18, B.A. 1832 ; died 2 March 1852, 
aged 42. 

2. Charles Offley, matric. at University Coll., Oxford, 21 Nov. 

1839, B.A. 1843; died 1 March 1857 at Tonbridge 
Wells, aged 32. 

(To he continued.) 

' Lynch and Thelwall Ralusbary were sons of Robert Salusbnry, of Cotton 
Hall, CO. Denbigh, by Gwenn, dau. and heir of Ellis Davies, of Natityl^rwluikL 



(Continved from Vol. XIX, p. 292.) 


April 24. William Veale & Margaretta Hennings. 

April „ William Pendrill & Catherine Voy. 

May 8. David Davidson <k Catherine Crook. 

June 19. Hendrick Hagemaster & Maria Matthews. 

July 7. Martin Thomas <fe Maria Victoria. 

July 10. Thomas Nelthorpe & Hannah Tewerson [1 Towerson.] 

July 17. Philip Baker <fe Constantia Fish. 

Aug. 31. Nathaniel Brent & Mary Cotter. 

Sept. 1. James Berrimen^ <k Mary GyflFord, 

Sept. 4. Michael Crofts <^ Mary Highams. 


Jan. 27. Samuel Waddams & Eleanor Lemure. 
Feb. 16. John Bryan & Sophia Mendez. 


April 9. Peter Curgenvin^ & Frances Rotherham. 

April 18. Jarvis Matthews Si Elizabeth Ford. 

April 19. John Starke Si Martha Empson. 

April 20. Edward Rich ik Anne Aynsworth. 

May 20. Andrew Jacobs & Isabella de Cruz. 

June 4. John Ford & Elizabeth De Bane. 

July 1. William Plumbe tk Anne Rogers. 

Oct. 18. Richard Horden Si Cornelia Bugden.^*^ 

Nov. 25. John Rodolph & Heironima Rodrigus. 

Dec. 14. Bernard Laidman & Mary Brent. 

Dec. 21. Randall Fowke^^ & Ann May. 


Jan. 17. Pierre Puquare & Maria Materesa. 

Feb. 1. John Legg Si Hannah Seaton.^"^ 

Feb. 10. Henry Williams Si Mary Edwards. 

Feb. 18. Thomas Cooke & Grace Back. 

Feb. 27. Abel Langalier Si Elizabeth Berners. 

Mar. 9. Arnold Richards & Dulcibella Bear. 

Mar. 23. George Simonds & Frances Morice. 

^ He was in command of one of the Company's ships, and Resident at 
Pej^; died 1735. His wife was dan. of Daniel and Mary Gyfford. The name 
Berrimen is sometimes written Perrimen in the records. 

'* Brother of Thomas Cur^envin referred to in note 60. His wife Frances 
was dau. of John Rotherham, Esq., of Yorkshire. She mar. secondly 
James thirteenth Lord Somerville. 

■• Widow of Charles Rugden. 

•• He was buried at Fort St. George, Oct. 2, 1745, aged 72. Ann, his wife, 
was buried with him, Aug. 3, 17JH, aged 50 (Monument). 

•^ Monument to them both at Fort St. George. 



William Grib & Julia . . . 

John Taylor & Luceka Toah [or Joah]. 

John Bassing <k Catherine Dixon. 

Pierre HoogeweriF (^ Mary Mason. 

Thomas Bewer & Alice Hemmings. 

John Venner <fe Sarah Hartwell. 

Alban Charleton Jackson & Margaret Morgan. 


John Persivall & Ciceley Michaelson. 
Francis Andei-son & Tylliman Bullellia. 
John Withinbrook & Elizabeth Rosario. 
Matthew Kent & Flora Ceazer. 
William Warre^® & Florentia Cradock. 


Samuel Hawkins & Philippa de Mount. 

Benjamin Skinner & Ann Domingo. 

Lawrence English & Mary Butterfield. 

Thomas Tipping & Elizabeth GroflF. 

John Wowell & Ann Rosira. 

Paul Bond <k Catherine Rosira. 

Thomas Stables <fe Lucia de Rozero. 

William Johnson <fe Violante Tanter pTainter]. 

Thomas Gray ck Susannah de Cruse. 

John Abbot & Ignacia Rodriguez. 

Peter des Pommare &> Sarah Tourville.^^ 

Joseph Lawrence «fe Ann D'Ulmand. 

Thomas Coaker & Catherine Holden. 


John Trusty & Mary Morton. 
Thomas Home & Hannah Loper. 
Charles Boddam «& Mary Hart. 
Henry Albert <k Mary Phillips. 
Thomas Dennis <k Hester How. 
Thomas Theobalds & Martha Turner. 


Robert Main S: Martha Walton. 

John Rind tk Agnes Pitillo. 

John Roach & Adeodata Wheatly.^^ 

^ He was buried at Fort St. George 1715; described as "armiger" on 
monumeut. His wife Florentia, was widow of (? Christopher) Cradook, who 
Was buried at St. Jolin's, Calcutta, 1714. 

** Widow of (H George) Turville. 

^ Buried at St. Thomas' Mount, 1719; monument on the steps leading to 
B. C. Church on the Mount. 



















































John Hamilton^^ & Mary Ayres. 
Allen Watt & Mary Channell. 
John Lawrence & Martha Owen. 
Lawrence Lashbrook & Gustina Manass. 
Nathaniel Turner ®2 ^ Elizabeth Farmer. 
James Dicks & Elizabeth Westbury. 
Robert Clark <k Ann Meyer. 
John De Morgan^'* & Sarah des Pommare. 
William Price & Mary Kim bell. 
Catesby Oadham <fe Mary English. 
Robert Osmond & Mingo Rozeiro. 
Richard Bull & Mary Aldgate. 
Michael Clarke & Mary Wood. 


Andrew Dilldee & Levanta Harris. 
Charles Long & Elizabeth Brown. 


Jonathan Cooper & Elizabeth Gray wood [Gay wood] .^^ 
David Davidson <fe Frances Holcombe. 
Josiah Collwell «fe Jane Green. 


Thomas Moulden & Isabella Lewis. 


Peter Akerman & Mary Youngblood. 
Swan Swanson & Jane Labee. 
John Dutton & Ann Ridley. 
Samuel Court & Jane Bugden. 
Manuel Meyor & Mary Barrant. 
Robert Symmonds & Theophila Dixon. 
Thomas Bellysis & Elizabeth De la Force. 


Raworth Martin & Mary Eson. 
William Johnson <& Mary Rosairy. 

•* (?)8on of John Hamilton of Boogs, Bothwell. Brother of William 
Hamilton, surgeon at Bengal. Goods were sent out to John Hambleton (sic) 
jun. by John Hambleton sen. This probably refers to John Hamilton, who 
was a gunner, i.e., a Lieutenant of Artillery. 

^^ Goods sent out by John and Nathaniel Turner, for Kathaniel. 

^ Ancestor of the mathematician Augustus Do Morgan. Ensign's com- 
mission 1715. Buried at Pnlicat. Monument describes him as Captain. 
His wife Sarah was widow of Peter des Pommare ; buried in Cuddalore 
district 1720, in her 80th year (monument and vault). 

^* Widow of Thomas Gay wood and dan. of Henry Burton; see note 17 
(vol. xix, p. 184). 



























































Richard Bull & Elizabeth Andrews. 
John Mackrane & Uslah Roberts. 
Joseph Walsh ^^ & Elizabeth Maskelyn. 


Francis Page & Francisca Tamearo. 
Michael Forsake & Maria d'Rosairo. 


William Warland <k Felicia .... 

Henry Scott & Elizabeth Gamut R Gammock]. 

Joseph Pierce <k Maiy Gamut [1 Gammock]. 

Thomas Harper t^ Ann Sophia George. 

William Bradis & Hannah Burton. 

George Drake^'' & Sophia Bugden. 

The Hon*^^« Nathaniel Elwick & Mrs. Diana Robinson.^^ 

Joseph Houghton cVj Mary Bright. 

Francis Rush & Mary Johnson. 

Thomas Pelling & Mary Cobb. 

Robert Borne & Survena Razario. 

Henrv Medhurst <k Anne Hunt. 



William Micham Sr. Anne Garrot [Garrett]. 
Ralph Ransom & Catherine Man us. 
Daniel Eden Caverley <k Anne Bruce. 
John Joakim <k Flora de Moutano. 
Thomas Loveday «fe Elizabeth Withinbrook. 
William Barnsley & Christiana Stinton. 


Robert Main tk Martha Cleave. 
Hendrick Johnson & Anno Hopkins. 
David Champion <fe Eleanor Everson. 
William Pritchard^^ & Anne Williams. 
Humphrey Dorrington & Hannah Lewcock. 
John George tk Ann Harper. 
Samuel Raworth <fe Margaret Swallow. 
Thomas Smith cfe Mary Maria. 


John Fulligar®^ & Rebecca Floyer. 
John Asselin & Ann Griffith. 

9^ Son of Enoch Walsh and Ehzabcth Cliild (see note 31, vol. xix, p. 187). 
His wife Elizabeth Maskclyno was aunt of Margaret Maskelyne, wife of the 
great Lord Clive. 

** Son of Sir Francis Drake, third Bart. 

•7 See note 77 (vol. xix, p. 291). 

•® Came out as a soldier, aa William Boavis nlins Pritchard. 

" Buried at Fort St. George 1727 (monument). 



























































































George Davis & Rose Dickins. 

Samuel Greenslate & Araie Tullie. 

William Jennings & Deborah Higginson, 

Richard Benyon & Mary Fleetwood. ^^^ 

The Revd. Mr. Thomas Wendey & Frances Johnson.^'*^ 


Thomas Loveday <k Mary Noncus. 
Robert Sly Sc Maria Perera. 
Joseph Linnell & Ann Medhurst. 


George Torriano^^- tk Susannah Catherine de Dorpere. 

Captain John Irwing & Ann Bright. 

Thomas Harrison & Catherina d'Mount. 

John Taylor *k Ann Monice. 

Christian Wagner & Susannah Barrel. 

John Prittchet ik Susanna Reason. 

James Williams & Elizabeth Scott. 

Thomas Keyser & Mary Colson. 

Francis Slaney & Ann Baldock. 

John Johnson & Mary Withinbrook. 

John Stanley &> Jevell Rosa. 

Abraham Clark ^^"^ &. Anna Clark. 

James Harrington & Hannah Styleman. 


Edward Crooke «k Isabella Beizor. 
Thomas Tipping <fe Simoa Bay ley. 
Samuel Troutbeck & Susanna Morgan 


John Bryan ifc Ann Rodriguez. 
Stephen Newcome ck Violanta Hunter 
Adam Vencel & Francisca Rodca. 


William Child, soldier, & Mounteney de Sousa. 
William Hathaway & Jeronima La Marr. 
Thomas Lawson &> Francisca Prado. 
James Spencer & Mary Cordial. 
David Finlason ik Lucy de Mount. 

(To be continued.) 

^^ Dau. of Edward & Mary, & grand-dau. of Robert & Margery Fleetwood. 

'°^ Widow of {? Captain James) Johnson. 

^^^ See note 19 (vol. xix, p. 184). 

"** Son of Caleb Clark, great grandson of John Milton the poet. 



Contributed by Arthur J. Jbwers, F.S.A. 
{Continued from Vol. XIX, p. 299.) 

KiLBURNE alicLS KiLBORNE, Mr. William, of Saflfron Walden. Conf. 
of arms and crest with a diff., 10 Feb. 1708-9. Mr. William 
Kilburne was informed by his uncle Mr. John Kilburne, a 
gentleman much addicted to the study of heraldry and antiquities, 
that the family came from Kilborne, co. York, and that the 
ancient arms are — Arg. a chev. Az. betw. three bald coots Sa., 
as appeareth by records. The said arms are confirmed, with the 
crest, a coot as in the arms, and in its bill a cross crosslet 
fitchee Arg. The grant contains this pedigree : — 

Mr. William Kilburne alias Kilborne, of^Sarah, dau. of Mr. Edward 

Louth, CO. Line, and died there about 
forty years since, aged about 70. 

(1) William Kilbume=fElizabeth, da. 

Wardell, of Alford, co. Line. 

alias Kilborne. Died 
in 1703, aged 69. Of 

of Will: Fox of 

(2) John 
of Louth, 
CO. Lino. 


(3) Abraham. 

(4) Joseph. 


I 1 r-TT n 

(1) William Kilbume,=f Susanna, dau. of Mr. (2) John, Elizabeth. Jane. 

Robert Raymond, of d. unmar. — — 

Littlebury, CO. Essex. Frances. Katherine. 

(A branch of Ray- — 

mond, of Dunmow Sarah. 

and Belchamp.) 

Mar. 30 Juno 1685. 

b. at Louth ; matr. at 
Magdalen Coll., Cam- 
bridge ; M.A., 1686 ; 
now of Saffron Walden, 
CO. Essex. 

I , , , 

Henry, b. 17 May Robert, b. 9 May Elizabeth, b. 5 Nov. Mary, b. 18 May 
1691 1701. 1687. 1696. 

Stowe MS. 714. 

KiLLiNGWORTH, JoHN, of Bradley, co, Suffolk, gent. Conf. by W. 
Dethick, Garter, 25 Nov. 1586. Arg. three cinquefoils pierced 
Sa. Crest — A hippopotamus or sea-horse, the upper part Arg., the 
lower part Az., collared by live fusils conjoined of the last, and 
crowned with a crest coronet Or. Stowe MS. 677. 

Kinder, William, of co. Notts. Gr. 10 Feb. 1614 "by my Father" 
(i.e. Sir Richard St. George, Garter). Or, a pillar Gu. betw. 
three Cornish choughs ppr. Crest — On a pillar Or, a Cornish 
chough ppr., picking her breast, vulned Gu. Add. MS. 14,295. 

King, Alexander, of London. Gr. by R. Cooke, Clar., in 1592. 
Sa. on a chev. Erra. three escallop shells Gu. Crest — A talbot's 
head erased Sa., collared and eared Or. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Kino, Daniel, of Eltham, in Kent, nephew and one of the heirs of 
Sir William Pritchard, an Alderman and sometime Lord Mayor 
of London. Gr. by Sir H. St. George, Garter, and J. Vanbrugh, 


Clar., 14 June 1707. 1 and 4, Per fess indent. Gu. and Sa. a 
lion ramp. Or, crowned Arg., betw. three cross crosslets fitchee 
of the fourth ; 2 and 3, Erm. a lion ramp. Sa., within a bord. 
Az. Crest — An ostriches neck couped ppr., gorged with a 
coronet Or, betw. two ostrich feathers, erect of the first. Stowe 
MS. 716; Add. MS. 14,831. 

King, Peter, of London, goldsmith, 1587. Az. a bend betw. two 
double-headed eagles displ. Or. Stowe MS. 670 ; Harl. MS. 

King, Richard, of Sherborne, co. Dorset, Esq., J. P., Counsellor-at- 
law of the Inner Temple. Gr. by Sir J. Borough, Garter, 1 April 
1641. Sa. a fess indent, betw. three escallop shells Arg. Crest — 
A lion sej. gard. ppr., the dexter paw resting on an escallop 
shell Arg. Add. MS. 4,966. 

King, Richard, of Stansfield, in Suffolk. Pat. 1589. 1 and 4, 
Sa. a lion ramp. Arg., crowned Or, betw. three cross crosslets of 
the second ; 2 and 3, Az. five lozenges conj. in fess Or, on each 
an escallop shell Gu., on a chief of the second a griffin's head 
erased of the third, enclosed by two fleurs-de-lys of the first. 
Crest — An ostrich's neck erased Arg., gorged with a coronet 
Az., beak Sa. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

King, Robert, of co. Somerset, and now one of the Grentlemen 
Ushers to the King and Queen. Gr. by Sir G. De thick. Garter, 
15 April 2 and 3 Phil, and Mary. Sa. on a chev. Arg. betw. 
three crosses patee fitchee Or, as many escallops Gu., on a chief 
of the third a dragon's head and wings Gu., betw. two battle 
axes Az. Crest — A cubit arm erect, vested bendy wavy Or 
and Purp., cuff Arg., the hand ppr. grasping a broken baton Sa., 
tip Arg. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

KiNGPORD, Robert, of Yolkston, in Morwenstow, co. Cornwall. Gr. 
by Sir Tho. St. George, Garter, and Sir H. St. George, Clar., 
23 Oct. 1691. Az. three bars wavy Erm., in chief an eagle 
displ. betw. two crest coronets Or. Crest — An eagle displ. per 
fess Gu. and Az., crowned Or, in the beak a white rose slipped 
and leaved Vert. Stowe MSS. 714 and 716. . 

Kingston, Felix, of London. Entered in the Visitation 1634. Sa. 
guttee de I'eau, a lion ramp. Or. Crest — From a mural coronet 
Or, a unicorn's head Az., mane of the first, horn twisted of the 
last and Sa. The arms are thus given in Harl. MS. 5,869. 
In the Visitation of London, 1634, Harl. MS. 1,476, f. 424, no 
arms are given, but in a portion of that Visitation in Harl. MS. 
1,444, old fol. 41^ new fol. 51 ^ the arms ai-e tricked in pencil, 
with the lion's tail " double queue," and the mane Arg., not Or. 
This pencil drawing has l)een followed in the copy of the 1633-4 
Visitation of Ijondon, print^^d by the Harleian Society. Beneath 
the pencil sketcli of the arms is written, " bv Henry St. George, 
Richmond." Harl. MSS. 1,444 and 5,869. " 

KiRBT, . . . Conf. of Arms and gr. of Crest by R. C<K)ke, Clar. 
Arg. two bars Gu., on a canton of the last a lion's head 
erased Or. Crest — From a coronet per pale Or and Arg. an 
elephant's head Gu., tusks Or, ear Arg. Harl. MS. 1,359. 


KiBKBY, William, of Maiden Lane, London. Arg. two bars Gu., on 
a canton of the last a cross lleury Or. Crest — A cubit arm 
erect, vested bendy wavy sinister Arg. and Sa., in the hand 
a club, both ppr. In the MS. the Arms imp. — Per cross Gu. and 
Or, in the first quarter a mullet Arg., on the centre an annulet 
for diff. Harl. MS. 5,869. 

KiBKE, Captain David, eldest s. of Jervice Kirke, of London, 
merchant, s. of Thurston Kirke, of Greenhill, in Norton, co. 
Derby, third s. of Arnold Kirke, of Whithough alias Whithall. 
They have anciently borne these arms — Per fess Or and Gu. a 
lozenge counterchanged, but now by this patent, by R. St. 
George, Clar., dated 1 Dec. 1631, this augmentation is added to 
commemorate the enterprize and employments of the said Captain 
David Kirke and his brother, both on land and at sea ; they being 
Admiral and Chief Commander of a small fleet, %fought and 
defeated the French fleet under M. Rockmond, and the following 
year took Canada and made prisoner the Governor. For which 
the said David Kirke, and his brothers Captain Lewis Kirke and 
Vice- Admiral Thomas Kirke, with James and John, their brothers, 
are granted a canton of the arms of the said M. Rockmond, 
Admiral of the French fleet, viz. — Az. a lion ramp. Or, support- 
ing the blade of a falchion Arg., with this difference, the lion is 
to be couchant, collared and chained Arg. Crest — An arm 
emb. in armour, grasping with the gauntlet a falchion all ppr., 
garnished Or. Stowe MS. 677. 

KiRTON, see Kyrton. 

KiRwiN, William, of London, freemason, s. of John Kirwin, of 
Yorkshire, gent., descended from an ancient family in those parts. 
Conf. by W. Dethick, Garter, 1 Jan. 1587. Arg. fretty Gu., on 
a chief Az. three fleurs de-lvs Or. Crest — From a mural coronet 
Gu. a dexter arm erect ppr., the hand grasping a fleur-de-lys Or. 
Stowe MS. 676. 

Kitchen, John, of Peel, co. Lane. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Garter. 
Arg. on a chev. quarterly Gu. and Sa., betw. three bustards of 
the second, beaks and legs Or, as many bezants. Crest — A buck's 
head couped Az., gutti*e d'or and horned C)i', stricken from 
behind in the neck by a pheon of the last. The said John 
Kitchen had first granted to him— Arg. a chev. quarterly Gu. 
and Sa., betw. three pairs of l>elloNvs erect of the second, and 
for Crest — A cubit arm erect, vested per pale Gu. and Sa., 
thereon two bezants in pale, cuft' Or, in the hand ppr. a pair of 
bellows Gu., but now changed as above. Stowe MS. 692. 

Kitchen, Robert, of ... , co. Lane. Conf. by Sir G. Dethick, 
Garter. Arg. on a chev. cjuarterly Gu. and Az., betw. three 
bitterns ppr., as many fleurs-de-lys Or. Crest — A sheaf of 
arrows Or, heads and feathers Arg., banded Gu. Stowe MS. 

Kitcuenman, . . . Pat. April 1616. Arg. on a pile Sa., betw. two 
cross crosslets fitchee Gu., three lozenges of the first. Harl. MS. 

KiTSON Thomas of Hengrave Suffolk. New arms and crest granted 


in place of the older ones, by Sir G. Dethick, R. Cook and W. 
Flower, 13 Feb. 1568. Sa. three salmon hauriant in fess Arg., a 
a chief Or. Crest — From ravs of the sun Or, a unicornis head 
Sa. Harl. MSS. 1,359 and 1,441 ; Add. MS. 26,753 ; Stowe MS. 

Knaplock, Robert, of Winchester, co. Hants. Conf. of arms and 
gr. of crest by W. Camden, Clar. Az. a fess betw. two chevronels 
chequee Erm. and Gu. Crest — A boar's head couped Or, in the 
mouth a shank bone Gu. Harl. MS. 1,441. 

Knapp, Henry, of Hintlesham, in Suffolk. A patent. Or, a lion 
pass. Sa., in chief three garbs of the second. Crest — An arm 
emb. ppr., grasping a branch of oak Vert, fructed Or. Harl. MS. 

Knappe, . . . , of Woodcote, co. Oxford. Gr. 2 Sept. 1669. Sa. a 
lion pass, and in chief three helmets closed Or. 

Knatciibull, Richard, of Mersham, co. Kent. Pat. by R. Cooke, 
Clar., 1574. Az. three cross crosslets fitchee betw. two bendlets 
Or. Crest — On a chapeau Az., turned up Erm., a leopard statant 
Arg., spotted Sa. Harl. MS. 1,359; Add. MS. 4,966. 

Knetsell, . . . , of CO. Norfolk. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest, the 
latter commemorating the grantees having lived in Arabia for 
seven years, by Sir W. Dethick, Garter, 10 June 1592. Or, on a 
bend Gu. cotised Sa., three bezants, a martlet Gu. for diff. 
Crest — An Arab's head, couped at the shoulders ppr., and beard 
Sa., coiffed of the last tied with a band under the chin and a 
pendant end at the back Arg. Harl. MS. 1,172. 

Knight, Arthur and Stephen, of London, brothers, sons of John 
Knight, deceased, descended out of Kent. Conf. of arms and 
gr. of crest 10 Nov. 1616. Vert, a bend of five lozenges Or, in 
chief a crescent for diff. Crest — A demi-hermit ppr., vested and 
hooded Arg., upper mantle Or, in the dexter hand a lantern of 
the first, garnished of the second, in the sinister hand a pater- 
noster, with a crucifix pendant. Add. MS. 12,225; Harl. MS. 

Knight, Bezaleel, of Banbury, co. Oxford. Giv by Sir J. Borough, 
Garter. Arg. three pallets Gu., on a canton Az., a spur leathered 
Or, all within a bord. of the second. Crest — An eagle's head 
couped Arg., betw. two wings Gu., in the beak a spur leathered 
Or. Add. MS. 4,966. 

Knight, George, Mayor of Bristol. Gr. by Sir E. Bysshe, Garter, 
10 Oct. 1652. Arg. three pallets Gu., on a canton Az., a spur 
erect leathered Or. Crest — On a mural coronet Arg. an eagle 
displ. Or (?Gu.). Add. MS. 26,758 ; Stowe MS. 677. 

Knight alia^ Brothers, Henry, of Clerkenwell,^ co. Midd., citizen 
of London, and free of the Brewers' Company, s. of Richard 

* In the Parish Rojri«»ter of Ciprkcnwoll arc many entries of the name of 
Knijarht, but not of the snmp family apparently ; thus in 1670 Henry 
Knight, '* a very poor man/' was buried in the wirae year as the above 
grantee, whose burial is reconled as, Henry Knight, Esq., on 2 Sept. 
1670. On 9 Aug. 1668 is recorded the burial, in the churoh, of Henry, b. 
of Master Michael Knight. 



Knight alias Brothers of Luton, Beds, gent. Gr. by Sir E. 
Walker, Garter, 25 July 1664. Arg. a fess Gu., fretty Or, betw. 
three bulls' heads erased Sa., horns Or. Crest — A bull's head 
erased Sa., horns Or, gorged with a mural coronet Arg. Add. 
MS. 14,294. 

Knight, Humphrey, of the City of London. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, 
Garter. Az. on a fess Or, betw. three mullets Arg., as many 
roses Gu., seeded of the second barbed Vert. Crest — A cubit 
arm vested bendy of four Or and Az., cuff Arg., hand ppr., 
holding a branch of three roses Gu., stalk and leaves Vert. 
Stowe MS. 692. 

Knight, John, of Charwelton, co. Northampton, s. and h. of Thomas 
Knight. Pat. by W. Camden, Clar., 8 Aug. 1613. Arg. three 
bendlets Gu., on a canton Az. a spur leathered Or. Crest — A 
spur erect leathered Or, betw. two wings Gu. Harl. MS. 6,169 ; 
Stowe MS. 706. 

Knight, Michael, of Westerham, Kent, s. of Christopher Knight, 
of Cudham, in the same county, and of Mary, his w., dau. and 
h. of John Piatt, of Wigan, co. Lane, gent. Gr. by Sir E. 
Bysshe, Clar., 20 Feb. 1662. 1 and 4, Per chev. eng. Sa. and 
Arg., three griffins pass, counterchanged, armed and lang. Gu. ; 
2 and 3, Az. on a chev. betw. three escallop shells Arg., as many 
leopards' faces Gu. Crest — A sea pie volant ppr., in its bill an 
escallop shell Arg. Add. MS. 14,293. 

Knight, Richard, of St. Denys, co. Hants [1 St. Denys, Southamp- 
ton]. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by R. Cooke, Clar., 1583. 
I and IV, Arg. three pallets Gu., on a canton of the last a spur 
erect leathered Or, a bord. eng. Az. II, Or, on a chief Sa. three 
griffins segr. of the first. Ill, Per saltire Erm. and chequ6e Or 
and Sa. Crest — On a coronet Gu. an eagle displ. Or. Harl. 
MS. 1,359 ; Stowe MS. 670; Add. MS. 14,295. 

(To he continued.) 

Jlotices of ISooks. 

The Bernards of Abington and Nether Winciiendon: A Fa3iily 
History. By Mrs. Napier Higgins. In Two Volumes. London 
(Longmans, Green tt Co.). 

In spite of the above title, Mrs. Napier Higgins has given us 
not so much a family history in the ordinary sense as an 
instructive and very interesting narrative of the career in 
America of her great-grandfather, Sir Francis Bernard. Governor 


of Massachusetts 1759 to 1770, who thus served in that important 
capacity during the stormy times which followed the passing of 
the Stamp Act. Nearly the whole of the second volume and a con- 
siderable part of the first are taken up with what is practically 
a history of this critical period, and we by no means are disposed 
to regret this, for both in Great Britain and in the United States 
a clear and impartial record, such as we have here, cannot but 
meet with a cordial welcome. It is, however, to the genealogical 
chapters of the work that we must confine our attention. 

For the early pedigree of the Bernards the authoress has mainly 
relied upon Baker's " Northamptonshire," in addition to a collection 
of notes which have been supplied to her by several gentlemen 
who have devoted their attention to the subject. The genealogical 
details depend, therefore, to a great extent on the accuracy and 
ability of the contributors, and it is to be regretted that exact 
references to the authorities quoted by these gentlemen have been 
sometimes omitted. 

The family of Bernard, or Barnard, for the name was for many 
generations written indifferently in either way, was originally 
located at Iselham in Cambridgeshire and Clare in Suffolk, where 
it possessed estates which early passed to daughters and co-heirs. 
Thomas Bernard, the founder of the Abington and Nether 
Winchendon branches, appears to have been an uncle of the co-heirs 
of the elder line, but the dates given respecting him are not a 
little confusing, and we could have wished that this part of the 
pedigree had been more carefully investigated. The Abington 
branch is chiefly remarkable for its connection with Shakespeare, 
through the second marriage of Sir John Barnard with the poet's 
granddaughter. The descent of the Nether Winchendon family 
is set out from Thomas Bernard, a younger son of Francis Bernard 
of Abington who died in 1602, Governor Bernard having befen 
great-grandson of this Thomas. 

Many genealogical particulars are included relating to several 
kindred families, e.g.y the Tyringhams, Goodwyns and Offleys. 
The chapter upon the last named family contains some inaccuracies, 
as will be seen by a comparison with the Offley pedigree * now 
appearing in this Magazine. 

Mrs. Napier Higgins promises to continue the story of Sir 
Francis Bernard's children, so pleasantly commenced in the volumes 
before us, and we feel sure that her readers will look forward 
to the fulfilment of this intention. 

Britisfi Family Names. By the Rev. Henry Barber, M.D., F.S.A. 
Second Edition. London (Elliot Stock). 

Mr. Barber's book on tlie origin and meaning of British surnames 
brings home to us once more the need of a really reliable 
dictionary of surnames. It is incomprehensible that in this country 
we are still dependent on the individual efforts of a few scholars 
for information on a subject of great importance and national 
interest. A dictionary of surnames, with their derivations proved 


by evidence, references for which should be given, is a demand 
yet to be satisfied, and is quite beyond the power of a single 
writer to compile. Holding such an opinion, we are not inclined 
to be very critical with this little work. The introduction is 
divided into eight heads, viz., nick-names, clan or tribal names, 
place, official, trade, christian, foreign and foundling names, and 
it is essential, in order not to misjudge the author's learning, 
that his introduction should be read carefully. For instance, in 
referring to the name Arkwright, we find it derived from the 
old German name Archarat (hero-counsellor), or from the Anglo- 
Saxon Archeard, Arch -hart (strong hero), but no indication of its 
being a trade name is given except in the introduction, where we 
read that " it is an open question whether some of the names 
popularly ascribed to occupations such as Arkwright [etc ] will not 
bear a different interpretation." Another instance may be quoted, 
that of Upjohn, which in the alphabetical list is tentatively 
derived from the Welsh Apjohn, but in the introduction is 
included among nicknames. Corrupted forms of names are to 
be met with in the dictionary, while the original forms, still 
extant, are omitted ; and familiar names, not excluding Maclaren 
and its English equivalent Watson, are, to use a hackneyed ex- 
pression, conspicuous by their absence. The lists of Scandinavian, 
Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman names, gleaned from the Icelandic 
Landnama-b6k, and Sir Henry Ellis's " Introduction to the Study 
of Domesday Book," as well as from other sources, we are glad to 
see brought together. The " Alphabetical List of British Surnames " 
occupies only some 200 pages, from which it may be gathered that 
Mr. Barber's volume will bear again enlarging. His list of books 
and authors consulted is not long or imposing, and does not 
include the well-known work of Canon Bardsley. 

The Chalmers and Trail Ancestry of Dr. and Mrs. Guthrie's 
Descendants. Published by Andrew Elliot (Eklinburgh). 

This genealogy of the descendants of the late Rev. Thomas 
Guthrie, D.D., Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free 
Church in 1862, and of his wife Anne, daughter of the Rev. James 
Burns, has been compiled with much care by Charles John Guthrie, 
K.C., Sheriff of Ross, Cromarty and Sutherland. 

There is not much concerning the Guthries beyond the genealogical 
table showing Dr. and Mrs. Guthrie's issue to their great grand- 
children, family portraits, and a few introductory lines at the 
beginning of the volume, while no original investigation, we are 
told, has been made into the history of Dr. Guthrie's family. It 
is with the ancestry of liis wife that the volume deals, comprising 
her descent from Ferrier of Kirklands, Sandilands of Calder, 
Chalmers of Strichen, and Trail of Blebo. In the genealogical table 
of the first mentioned family, wliich is not carried further back 
than a marriage in 1735, it will be seen tliat Mi*s. Guthrie was 
cousin of Susan Ferrier, the gifted authoress, of whom a portrait 
appears earlier in the book. The illustrations, chiefly portraits, 


are very numerous and interesting, and the pedigrees are stated 
to be compiled from family records, letters, diaries, wills and 
various other sources. 

HoRRiNGER Parish Registers, 1558-1850. — Little Saxham Parish 
Registers, 1559-1850. — Rushbrook Parish Registers, 1567- 
1850. Jermyn and Davers Annals. Woodbridge (George 

The author of these three books, who modestly conceals his 
identity under initials, may be cordially congratulated on the 
success of his labours. The objects he has set before him are two : 
firstly " to make safe for evermore what lies within the pages of 
the Parish Registers," and secondly, without aiming at a complete 
history of the parish, " to gather together a few facts about it 
and the people who have lived in it." The first of these objects 
has been thoroughly accomplished — these volumes contain complete 
transcripts of the registers, tliough apparently not in the order of 
the original. The advisability of this method is open to question : 
for example in the Rushbrook Register it seems almost certain 
that some of the entries under the heading of baptisms should 
be under that of burials, and at all events open to doubt whether 
some of the burial entries do not in fact refer to baptisms. It 
would have been better to have printed the early registers in 
their original form and thus to have given each reader the 
opportunity of forming his own opinion on them. The Church 
Briefs and other matter in the Registers are included, and in 
addition to copies of the Monumental Inscriptions up to date, 
there are very valuable notes of thi>se no longer in existence ; 
lastly, but by no means least, there is a very elaborate index. 
This is on a somewhat novel plan combining, on the whole 
successfully, the advantages of an index to the Registers with an 
index to the book ; the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are 
indexed separately with references to the years instead of the pages, 
the result being that when as in the case of the Rushbrook and 
Little Saxham volumes the indices are printed in parallel columns 
the entries relating to an individual can be seen at once ; in the 
Horringer volume three indices have to be consulted. The now 
recognised method of giving one heading with the synonyms is 
followed, but here again the author is inclined to insist too much 
on his own views, the identification for example of Hallux and 
Horrinx, Garwood and Jarrold being open to doubt ; a very full 
list of the Rectors and Curates is given ; in short, with the exception 
of an index locorum to the Registers, all that can reasonably be 
retjuired is to be found. 

The accounts of the Parishes and their inhabitants are of a less 
complete kind. Extracts from lay subsidies of various dates are 
printed, and also some wills and a few inquisitions are given in extennOj 
but with these exceptions the matter has been collected almost 
entirely from printed authorities. There are, however, stray notes 
of a large number of persons, and anyone who is connected with 
the western part of Suffolk is nearly sure to find valuable information 
in one if not all of these very interesting volumes. 


Some Notes on the Lowthers who held Judicial Office in 
Ireland in the Seventeenth Century. By Sir Edmund T. 
Bewley, LL.D. (Reprinted from the Cumberland and West- 
morland Antiquarian and Archpeological Society's Transactions). 

We are glad to notice this reprint, especially as the important 
discovery which Sir Edmund Bewley has made of an error in the 
Lowther pedigree, may fail to receive the attention it deserves, 
owing to its publication in the proceedings of a local society. 
The mistake in question by which two Sir Gerard Lowthers, both 
Irish judges, have been rolled into one, was at first due to a slight 
slip of Dugdale's in the 1664 Visitation of Cumberland and West- 
morland, and it seems to have steadily grown ever since, every 
printed pedigree having accentuated the original blunder, and also 
fallen into fresh errors. Sir Edmund Bewley has contrived to 
unravel the tangled web, and gives a detailed account of each of the 
three members of the Ix)wther family who have held judicial office 
in Ireland, viz. (1) Sir Gerard Lowther, a Justice of the Common 
Pleas 1610-1624, whom Sir Edmund describes as "a man of un- 
impeached honour and blameless life," and who was a son of Sir 
Richard Lowther, the celebrated Warden of the West Marches ; 
(2) Sir Lancelot Lowther, one of the Barons of the Exchequer 
1617-1637, and also a son of Sir Richard; (3) Sir Gerard Lowther, 
Baron of the Exchequer 1628-1634, and Chief Justice of the Common 
Pleas 1634-1660. A further error is corrected regarding this last 
Sir Gerard, whose record is unfortunately by no means so satis- 
factory as that of his kinsman and namesake ; he was not, as has 
often been stated, I^)rd Chancellor of Ireland, but merely one of 
the Comn^issioners of the Great Seal under Cromwell. 

Jlotes an5 (^mvm» 

William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. — There have been 
great doubts and differences of opinion as to when William de 
Valence obtained the title of Earl of Pembroke. Brooke gives the 
date as early as 1247. Doyle says before 29 Sop. 1251. Courthope 
says probably between 1262 and 1264. G.EC. in his "Complete 
Peerage" says probably about August 1265. The following extracts 
bear on this vexed question, and are not given in the interesting 
note ("a") in "Complete Peerage," vol. vi, p. 206, nor has attention 
elsewhere been called to them as far as I know. 

Thei*e is a grant from the Pope to him as Will : de Valence, 
Earl of Pembroke, dated as early as 7 Kal : Aug: 1255. On the 
other hand, though his name occurs constantly both in the Close 


and Patent Rolls he is very seldom described as Earl of Pembroke ; 
the first occasion in the former being 10 May 1276, and in the 
latter not till 26 Oct: 1291. Moreover, at later dates in both 
Rolls he is simply called "Will: do Valencia" or " W. de Val : 
the King's Uncle " | i.e , uterine brother of Hen. III]. 

It is very rare (if it ever occurs) for an Earl to oe mentioned 
in these Rolls simply by his name without the addition of his 
title, and I therefore conclude that William de Valence never 
was so created, but was gradually so recognised. 

It helps to emphasize the dubious character of William's Earldom 
that his son and heir Aymer should (after his death in 1296) have 
been summoned as a Baron only, from 1298/9 to 3 Nov : 1306, and 
not as an Earl until 18 Jan. 1307/8, when his mother Joan, 
through whom he descended from the former Earls (Marshal) of 
Pembroke, was dead. 


Joiix (Comyn), seventh and last Earl of Buchan is stated in 
G.E.C.'s " Complete Peerage," on the authority of Douglas, to have 
been living 1312-3, but to have died before 28 April 1313; he 
did in fact die in 1308, between 21 June and 3 Dec. See Close 
Rolls, 21 June and 5 Dec. 1308, and Pat: Rolls, 3 Dec. 1308— 
" Grant to Ralph de Monthermer of the custody of the lands of 
John Earl of Buchan, deceased, tenant in chief, together with the 
marriage of his heii-s." 


JoLLEY OR Jolly Family (vol. xix, p. 209).— At this reference 
appears the record of a grant of arms to Robert Jolly of Hatton 
Garden, etc., and a reference to Add. MS. 14,831, and Stowe MS. 677. 
The achievement of three dexter hands belonged to the Jolley family 
of Leek, co. Stafford; this is mentioned in Harl. MS. 2,161, in 
which a short pedigree of three generations is given, ending with 
William Jolley of Leek, 1613. Since three hands were retained 
in the coat granted to Robert Jolly in 1692, it is to be presumed 
that he had some connection with the Leek family, but had no 
hereditary right to the coat without difference. Did Robert Jolly 
deposit a pedigree at the Heralds' College, shewing his connection 
with the Leek family? His own achievement was: — A lio7i passant 
gardant. Was there any historical or other reason for this 1 

In the same Harleian MS. 2,161, is the record of a grant of arms 
to James Jolley of Manchester, in the county of I^ancaster, Gent., 
dated 24 Oct. 1648, and signed "Randle Holme of the City of 
Chester, Alderman, and Deputy to the office of Arms." This grant 
was disallowed at the Restoration. But it is of interest to note 
what it was. The grant recites the fact that James Jolley was 
a member of the Staffordshire family. The three dexter hands Arg. 
are retained on a chief Vert to accentuate the relationship ; whilst 
on the shield are placed James Jolley's own achievement : — Ar<j. a 
sivord Gules in pale between tfvo keys erect Az. James Jolley 
conmianded a company of Colonel Dukinfield's regiment in Ireland; 


he was also Quartermaster- General under the Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas 
Fairfax, Kt., Commander-in-Chief of the Parliament Army, Provost- 
Marshal General of all the Forces in the County Palatine of 
Lancaster, and Muster Master for the same county. He deposited 
in the Heralds' College a pedigree of four generations, showing his 
descent from John Jolly of Standish, co. Lane, but not his connection 
with the Leek family. I want to know the connection between 
Robert and James. In my pedigree of James Jolley (a maternal 
ancestor of mine) there is no Robert. 

Frank Penny, LL.M. 

CuRTOis Family (vol. xviii, p. 280). — The arms of CourtoLs are 
given in lierry's Dictionary of Heraldry. They are there described 
as similar to those of Surtees, viz., Ermine^ oil a canton Gules 
an orle Or. Sir William Courteys mentioned in the Agincourt 
Roll, amongst other Durham men, is, I should suggest, a Surtees, 
and possibly the originator of Courtois. 

H. C. S. 

Richards op Caerynwch (Burke's Landed Gentry). — Would any 
of your readers kindly assist me in ascertaining who was the 
father of Thomas Richards, of Coed, co. Merioneth, and the mother 
of Catherine his wife, sister of Rev. William Parry, Warden of 
Ruthin, and also likewise assist me in ascertaining who was the 
father of Pierre Chalie, from Montauban, Department of Tam-et- 
Garonne, France, and the mother of Sarah [? Brustis], in business 
with her son-in-law at Rotterdam as " la Veuve Chalie et Due," and 
still living in 1750. {Vide Pedigree of the Chalie family, vol. xix, 
p. 59). 

M. C. 

CnoLMELEY Pedioree (vol. xix, p. 251). — There can be little 
doubt that the Nathaniel Cholmeley, who married Mary, only dau. 
and heir of Sir Hugh Cholmeley, 4th IWt., was identical with 
Nathaniel Cholmeley, a diamond merchant, and Agent for the 
East India Company at Golconda, 1C80-1. He returned to England 
about 1682. Sir Hugh, in his will, states that his son-in-law was 
"from the East." Nathaniel Cholmeley was a friend of Streynsham 
Master and Sir William Langhorne, Governors in their turn of 
Fort St. George. 

F. E. P. 

The Earliest Peerage Annual (vol. xix, p. 216). — "The Peerage 
of England," etc., 1710, is a reprint of the first edition of the 
Peerage by Arthur Collin.s, printed in 1709, " as Part i of the 
second edition with very large Additions and Corrections." The 
sixth and last edition was edited by Sir Egerton Brj'dges in nine 
volumes 1812, and probably is the best English Peerage that has 
yet been published. See Moule's " Bibliotheca Heraldica" 1822, 
and '* The Catalogue of ^Vorks on the Peerage, etc., in the Library 
of C. G. Young, etc., 1826." 

John Radcliffe. 




A perusal of the MSS. of the late Rev. F. Laurent, rector of 
Saleby, and a well-known Lincolnshire scholar and antiquary of 
the middle of last century, has led me to doubt the correctness 
of a pedigree of the Vers from Bracton's Note Book, published 
in The Genealogist.^ The best way to show the point in question 
seems to be to put before my readers the pedigrees, and then 
to produce the information I have been able to collect. I 
may here say that I have verified all the references I have used 
from Mr. Laurent's MSS., and have added considerably to them. 

Guy de Ver. 


Gilbert, clericus, became Guy de Ver, junr. 

a monk at Selby. | 


Simon, under 

age in 1219. 

Mr. Laurent's pedigree : — 

Guy do Ver. 




Guy de Ver.= Gilbert, abbot of Selby, 


Adam, son of Robert=rGundreda de Ver.=Nichola8 de Chevrincurt. 
de Gousel. | 

Walter de Ver.-=F 

Simon de Ver.T= 


r -" 

Simon do Ver. 

Both pedigrees agree about the first two generations, which may 
be proved from the Coucher Book of Selby Abbey. Guy de Ver 
confirmed the grant of his father (Guy) of a bovate of land in 
Osgotby.^ Circa 1189 Guy do Ver gave to Selby the church of 
St. Bartholomew of Lincoln near the Castle, and the whole land 

^ Oenealogist (New SoricR), vi, p. 7 (Bracton'a Note Book). Lincoln. A 
plea of last presentation to the Church of Borteford alias Bateford (the 
king V. the prior of Thornholm). Do Banco Roll. Trin. 4 Henry III. 

" Coucher Book of Selby ii, 225. 



in Butter wyck upon Trent, which is of his fee and tenure, etc. 
The Sacristan of Selby is to find what has been appointed by the 
convent of Selby for the anniversary of Gilbert, the abbot, (Guy's 
brother). A charter of Guy de Ver (the son) c. 1190 confirms the gift 
of his father to Selby, "all which pertains to his lordship of Botis- 
ford." ^ But the question is — Was Walter de Ver the son of the 
second Guy, or his grandson thi'ough his daughter who had married 
Adam de Gousell 

For the first supposition there is the evidence of Bracton's Note 
Book,*-^ which is undoubtedly strong, but other evidence seems to 
me to point strongly the other way. T do not undertake to solve 
the doubt, though I hope some reader of The Genealogist will be 
able to do so. 

Walter de Ver, son of Adam de Gousle, gave to Bridlington 
priory the church of Sproteley ; Ralph, brother of Ernisius de 
Gousle, gave two bovates of land at Sproteley to buy incense for 
the great altar ; Walter de Vere, son of Adam de Gousle, confirmed 
this gift ; and Simon, son of Walter de Ver, confirmed the gift 
of the church and of the two bovates of land.^ 

Walter de Ver, son of Adam de Gousle, gave to Bridlington the 
church of All Saints, Gousle,* c. 1205. 

In 1205 Simon de Kime is said to be responsible for the debt, 
which Walter de Ver owes to the King for the fine, which the 
said Simon made with the King for the same Walter for the 
debt of Adam son of Robert father of the same Walter (pro 
debito Ade filii Roberti patris ipsius Walteri).^ 

Michaelmas, 10 John, A.D. 1208, Nicholas de Chevincurt owes 
xivji» x" ij^ of tlie debt of Guy de Ver, whose daughter and heir 
he has to wife.^ 

Nicholas de Chevrincurt for an obit on 12th Kal. Sept. (21 August), 
for Gundreda de Ver his wife, with the consent of William 
Melton de Ver, his son, gave to Selby 128. out of land that 
Reyner de Gunnef held of Guy de Ver in Gunnef.^ In a grand 
assize between Walter de Ver and Walter de Orrebi concerning 
a free tenement in Wotton, the jurors say that Gundreda de Ver, 
mother of the said Walter, held the land of Wotton in dower, 

» Coucher Book of Selby, ii, 297. 

* Juratores (luesiti, quia sit hores Widonis, dicunt quod Simon de Ver filius 
et heres Walteri de Ver filii et hercdia ipaiua Widonia. Maitland'a Bracton's 
Note Book, iii, 337. 

' Burton'a Mon. Ebor., p. 241. 

* Stevena'a ApjMmdix to Dugdalo, ii, 337, No. 385. 

« Rot. de finibus (Hardy), i, 324. Mr. Laurent privca this— " 33 Henry II, 
1187, Guy de Ver renders his a<;count of 120 m. for a concord in the King's 
court between himself and Adam his son-in-law." He also quotes Pipe Rolls 
6 Richard I. He also says that Walter de Ver married Sibilla de Kyme, 
quoting Harleian MS. 301, fol. 171^ 

® Harl. MS. 301, fol. 191b. " Commun' memorand' scaccar' penes Re- 
memoratorem D'ni Thesaurii," Rot. 4, m. 1. 

'^ Mon. Angl. iii, 486. The land seems to liave been in Amcotts. See also 
Coucher Book of Selby, ii, 296, where the son is named "William de Ver," 
and the land which Ueigner de Gunnesse held of Guy de Ver in Gunnesae is 


and of that land she gave part to the same Walter (de Orrebi) 
for his homage and service, so that he and his heirs should hold 
that land until she should give him 10 marks to purchase land 
which he should hold of the prior of Thornholm ; and Walter says 
that she never gave him those 10 marks, and that her heir ought 
to warrant that land to him.^ 

The family of Ver held considerable possessions in Lincolnshire 
and Yorkshire. In 1212 Walter de Ver held the fee of 1 knight 
in Botelford and in Askeby (of the Barony of Creuker) ; also he 
held the fee of 1 knight in Scottun of the Earl of Chester, and 
the fee of half a knight in Messingham of T^ady Ellaria Trussebut.^ 

In 1243 Simon de Ver holds 1 fee in Wyton and Gousul of 
the Bishop of Lincoln, and 2^ carucates of land there, whereof 
xlviij carucates make a knight's fee, of the Earl of Albemarle ; 
he also holds 1 fee in Bottlisford of Alexander de Nevill, 8 parts 
of 1 fee in Scotton of the Earl Marshal, and the fourth part of 
1 fee in Yolthorp of the Honor of Lancaster.^ 

In 1210-11 Walter de Ver gave to Saer de Sutton half a 
carucate of land in Sprottel, co. York, and another half carucate 
in Gousel, co. Lincoln, retaining other lands in Sprottel.* In 
1219-20 Nicholas de Schauencurt and Sibilla his wife claimed 
land in Gousel as the dower of Sibilla of the free tenement 
which was of Walter de Ver, formerly her husband.^ 

In 13-14 Henry III, 1228-9, Simon de Ver was summoned to 
hear judgment of the assize of last presentation, which was taken 
in the time of King John in court between the same King and 
the prior of Thornholm of the church of Botelesford, and wherein 
the jurors say that one Guy de Ver presented the last parson, 
and wherein the plea of warrant remained until the coming of age 
of the said Simon. And Simon comes, and they are agreed, and 
have a chirograph.^ The agreement was that Simon acknowledged 
the advowson of the church to be the right of the prior and the 
church of Thornholm of the gift of the ancestors of the said 
Simon, while the prior granted that as often as that church shall 
be vacant in the life of the said Simon, the said Simon shall 
elect a fit clerk.*^ In 1240, Nicholas, son of Nicholas de Chevincurt, 
quitclaimed to Simon de Ver all right in 27 bovates of land in 
Scotton and Askeby, in the manor of Bottesford, and in all the 
lands and tenements which were of the inheritance of Guy de Ver.^ 

In 1271 the prior of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England by his attorney offered himself the fourth day against 
Simon son of Simon de Veer of a plea that he warrant to him 
two parts of the manor of Botlesford in Lyndesey, with appur- 

» Abbrov. Plac., p. 75. 

« Testa do Nevill, pp. 344, 345. 

» Ihid., pp. 304, 308, 311, 316. 

** Final Concords, Lincoln, p. 114. 

* Ihid,, p. 156. 

« Curia Ilepis Roll, 104, m. 13d. 

" Final Concords, p. 225. 

' Ibid., p. 310. 


tenances, and the advowson of the church of the same vill, which 
he holds. And he does not come. And he had a day by his 
essoin to this day. Let him be attached that he be here on the 
octave of St. John Baptist.^ 

In 1275 the jurors of the Wapentake of Manlee say that Simon 
de Ver held four fees in Botenafort (Bottesford) of the Barony of 
Redbum, and that four years before he had sold all the said 
fees to the Hospitallers, worth xl", whereby the king loses ward, 
marriage and service.- The prior of the Hospitallers in 1281 says 
that King Henry III by his charter confirmed the gift which 
Simon de Veer made to one Roger de Veer, prior of the said 
Hospital. And Simon's charter testifies that he gave to the said 
prior all his tenements which he had in his manor of Botelesford, 
with all its members, viz., Messingham, Yadelthorpe, Burnyngham, 
Butterwyk, Askeby, Brunneby, together with the advowson of the 
church of Botelesford, to hold in alms, etc.^ It was also presented 
by xij jurors of Coringham Wapentake that Simon de Ver, father 
of the then Simon, held in the vill of Scotton and in Kynnardeferye 
twenty-four years before 21 1 bovates of land. 

According to the Hundred Rolls the Abbot of Bridlington holds 
in 1275 half a fee in Q ousel of the gift of Simon de Ver, and 
another half fee there by the service of 25s. annually to be paid 
to the Bishop of Lincoln.* But the Roll of the wapentake of 
Yarborough, which I believe to be the original return from which 
the shorter account in the Hundred Rolls was compiled, states 
that the Abbot of Thornton liolds these two half fees of the gift 
of Simon de Veer, as well as half a fee of his gift of the Bishop 
of Lincoln in Wootton ;'^ and this statement is confirmed by the 
Lay Subsidy Roll of Edward I, which states that the Abbot of 
Thornton holds one fee in Wotton and Gousel of the Bishop of 
Lincoln, which Simon de Ver formerly held,^ and by the fact that 
at the Dissolution the Abbey of Thornton held the manor of 

The prior of the Hospital of St. John held temp. Edward I one 
fee in Botouesford, and John de Theuelby held seven parts of 
one fee in Scotton, which Simon de Veer formerly held.^ 

On the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul 1270, Sir Simon de 
Ver, son of Sir Simon do Ver, knt., granted to Robert Gylt lands 
and certain villeins in Sprothele in Holderness.^ Simon de Ver 
sold the manor of Sprottele to Roger Darcy before 1287.^*^ 

* Curia Repris Roll, 202, m. 32d. Eaator 55 Henry III. 
« Rot. Hund. i, 339b. 

^ Placita do quo war*^, p. 426. But it is clear that eventually the advowson 
went to Thomholm priory, which alienated the same to the dean and chapter 
of Lincoln in 1305 (Cal. of Pat. Rolls, Edw. I, vol. iv, p. 410). 

* Rot. Hund. i, 377. 

' Line. Notes and Queries, vol. 25, 27, 28. 
« Lay Subsidy Roll ^. 
"^ Mon. Angl. iii, 486. 
8 Lay Subsidy Roll if ^. 
» Hari. Charter, 80 H. 7. 
'® Yorkshire Inquisitions, ii, 59. 


There is, or was, in Goxhill a tenement, called the Vere Cote, 
which was leased in 1653 by Edward Skynner, of Thornton College, 
Esq., to Robert Gilliat, of Bumham, yeoman.^ Walter de Ver 
gave to Bridlington the bercary or sheep cote in Gousel, which 
was confirmed by Simon son of Walter de Ver, and in 1264 by 
Simon, son of the said Simon.^ 

In the Church of Goxhill is a figure in armour of the thirteenth 
century, said to represent one of the Vers. 

Mr. Laurent says a charter of Simon de Ver to Kirkham in 
1229^ has for a seal a boar's head, and the inscription "Sigill. 
Simonis de Wer," while the cognizance of the great house of 
Vere was a boar. 

W. O. Massingberd. 


I suppose that as a general rule Letters of Administration, of 
which the relict can be shown to have had cognizance by 
renouncing, are about as good evidence of a man's death as the 
most sceptical in genealogical matters would require, and when in 
the case of a Scotch peer the admon. is confirmed by a detailed and 
circumstantial account of his death from the pen of a contemporary 
Lyon King of Arms,. few would be found to suspect either fraud 
or mis-statement. 

All these conditions were fulfilled in the person of' the first Lord 
Belhaven, yet he can be shown, beyond any shadow of doubt, to 
have lived some twentyHseven years after his reported death, and 
nearly twenty-three after his admon. 

The account of his decease as given in Balfour's Annals^ vol. iv, 
under date 3 July, 1652, is as follows. 

" Sir John Hamilton, Ixjrd Belhaven, who had married the base 
daughter of James, Marquess of Hamilton, begotten on Stewart, 
daughter to the Lord Blantyre [i.e., Margaret, bastard da. of the 
Marquis, by Anne, widow of Jolm, Lord Saltoun, and da. of Walter 
(Stewart), Lord Blantyre], miserably perished in the sinking sands 
of the Sol way." 

In the Complete PeerayCy vol. i, p. 306, however, he is shown to 
have had a re-grant of his peerage in 1675, and is correctly stated 
to have died 17 June, 1679. (Funeral entry 20th in Lyon Office). 

Attention is properly drawn in a note to "an almost inexplicable 
admon." of the goods of John Hamilton, Lord Belhaven, dat. 
11 Nov. 1656. 

The explanation which apparently was not known to G.E.C. or 
to Mr. R. R. Stodart, with whom he was in communication on the 

' Mr. Laurcnt'8 MSS., quoting an "Indenture pcnea W. Hesoldcn." 

* Burton's Mon. Kbor. p. 230. 

^ /bid., p. 374, and Dodaworth vij, fol. 201. 


subject, is to be found in Chambers' Domestic Annals of Scotland, 
vol. ii, pp. 249/50, quoting from Nicoll as follows : — 

"At this time [Jan., 1659] the public received a great surprise 
in the sudden re-appearance of a nobleman. Lord Belhaven, who 
was understood to have been dead for the last six years and 
upwards. At the forfeiture of the Hamilton family under the 
English tyraimy, I-iord Belhaven found himself engaged as security 
to the creditors of that house for a much larger sum than he 
could pay ; so to escape comprisings of his lands and imprisonment 
of his person he fell upon an extraordinary expedient. He took a 
journey to England, and when he had passed Solway sands he 
caused his servant to come back to his wife with his cloak and 
hat, and had it given out that he and his horse had sunk in the 
quicksands and were drowned. None were privy to the secret but 
his lady and servant. The report passed everywhere as authentic, 
and to make it more plausible his lady and children went in 
mourning for two years. Passing into England, Lord Belhaven put 
on a mean suit of apparel, hired himself to be a gardener, and 
worked at this humble employment during the whole time of his 
absence, no one knowing this part of his course but his lady. 
During his absence his only son, *a very hopeful youth and 
pretty scholar,' was struck with a fever which in a few days 
carried him off. * In this real death by God's hand, who will not 
be mocked, the hope of that house perished ' [Bail]. The Duchess 
of Hamilton having at length come to a composition with her 
creditors, his Lordship returned to Scotland and resumed his rank 
to the admiration of many." [Diary of Public Transactions and 
other occurrences, chiefly in Scotland, by John Nicoll] . 

Til is strange tale, though satisfactory in so far as it clears up 
a mystery, must give a shock to those who had believed that 
" admons." at any rate could not err. 


|3tl)i9re£ of Men. 

Compiled by G. C. Bower and H. W. F. Habwood. 

{Continued from p. 56.) 


I. HUGH OFF LEV, Free of (he ComjKiny of Leathersellers, and 
Alderman of I^)ndon, Sheriff 1588; of Lyme Street; 6o?*7i at Chester, 
died in London 25 Nov., and bur. in St. Andrew's Undershaft 17 Dec. 
1594. Will dat. U May, pr. P.C.C. 29 Nov. 1594 (82 Dixy). 
I.P.M. taken at the Guildhall 7 Aug. 1595. He mar. first Anne, dau. 
of Robert Harding, Citizen and Alderman of London.^ She died 

* An abstract of the will of Alderman Robert Harding has been printed in 
The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xvi, pp. 267, 268, 269. 


14 Nov. 1588, and was bur., 25 Nov., in St. Andrew's Undershaft. 
He raar. secondly, Dorothy, only dau. and heir of Roger Greswold 
of London, Merchant Taylor (son of Richard Greswold of Solihull, 
CO. Warw.), and widow of John Weld of London, Citizen and 
Haberdasher. She died 29 June 1610, aged 60. Will dat. 
7 March 1609-10; pr. 6 July 1610 (P.C.C. 70 Wingfield). 

By his first wife, Anne Harding, Hugh Offley had issue — 

1. Robert Oftiey, bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 29 June 

1563, bur. there 25 June 1565. 

2. Thomas Offley, of whom presently (II). 

3. Robert Offley, of St. Margaret's Lothbury and St. Mary's 

Aldermanbury, Citizen and Leatherseller of London, and 
also of Putney ; died 4 Nov. 1631 ; I. P.M. taken at 
the Guildhall, 7 Dec. following. Admon. P.C.C. 29 Nov. 
1631. He mar. at St. Christopher-le-Stocks, 20 Oct. 
1595, Elizabeth, dau. of Humphrey Street, of Comhill, 
merchant.* Her will dated 24 June 1667, pr. 27 Aug. 
1668, P.C.C. (104 Hene). They had issue— 

(1). Humphrey Offley, of Possingworth, in the parish 
of Waldron, co. Sussex, Esquire ; born June 
1597 ;■- entered at Merchant Taylors' School 
Sept. 1607 ; died intestate,^ bur. at Waldron 
29 Sept. 1643;* mar. (settlement dated 4 July 
1634)-^ Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Alexander 
Thomas, of Tjamberhurst, co. Kent, gent. They 
had issue — 

i. Thomas Offley, of Possingworth, co. 
Sussex,^ and Lamberhurst, co. Kent, 
Esquire ; bap. at Waldron 1 1 Sept. 
1636; bur. there 14 June 1673; will 
dat. 20 Feb. 1668-9, pr. P.C.C. 4 July 
1673; mar. at St. Bartholomew the 
Great, London, 16 Feb. 1659-60, Eliza- 

' She wtw, at dato of her will, of King Strcot, Southampton Buildings, in 
the fttirish of St. (tilos'-in-tho- Fields. 

' Merchant Taylors' School Registc^r. According to the I. P.M. taken on his 
father's death, he was aged 33 years and mon% 4 Nov. 1(531. 

* He died heavily involved, having become responsible for the debts of 
his maternal uncle, Humphrey Street, but the Possingworth estate, being 
strictly entailed, was not liable to the claims of his creditors. 

■* The extracts from the Parish Registers of Waldron have been taken from 
the Burrell MSS. in the British Museum (Add. MS. 5,097). 

* This settlement is recited in an Indenture enrolled on the Close Rolls, 
24 Charles I, pt. 3, No. 21. 

* Ho built, or rebuilt, Possingworth House, which bore the date 1657, and 
the initials T.O. (Lower's "Sussex"). 


beth, sole dau. and heir of Richard 
Bathurst, of Finchcocks, near Goud- 
hurst, CO. Kent, and widow of Richard 
Thomas, Bencher of the Middle Temple, 
She was bur. at Waldron 30 May 1716; 
her will dat. 13 Oct. 1713, pr. P.C.C. 
6 June 1716. They had issue — 

(i). Thomas Offley, of Possingworth, 
Esq., 23 April 1684 ;i living at 
date of his mother's will ; mar. 
. . . and had issue — 

a. Thomas Offley, called "my 
unfortunate nephew" in 
will of his uncle Rev. 
Francis Offley ; was 
living 1730. 

6. Joseph Offley, living 1713. 

a. Elizabeth, mar. after 
1713, .. . Newman, and 
had issue. 

(ii) Humphrey Offley, born about 
1663 ; died between 24 March 
1670-1 and 25 Jan. 1673-4.2 

(iii). John Offley, matric. at Magdalen 
Hall, Oxford, 1 Dec. 1680, 
aged 16 ; not mentioned in his 
mother's will, and so probably 
died before 13 Oct. 1713. 

(iv). Rev. Francis Offley, matric. at 
Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 18 
Nov. 1681, aged 16 ; M.A. and 
Fellow of All Soul's College, 
Oxford; Rector of Welwyn, co. 
Herts; died June 1730, aged 
65 ; M.I. at Welwyn ; will 
dat. 6 April 1728, pr. P.C.C. 
14 Sept. 1731. 

(v). David Offley, born before 20 Feb. 
1668-9, living 25- Jan. 1673-4 ; 
not mentioned in his mother's 
will, and so probably died 
before 13 Oct. 1713. 

> Close Rolls, 36 Charles II, pt. 22, No. 54. 

' Land at Mildenhall, Suffolk, was left to him under the will of his 
great uncle, David OflBey, 24 March 1670-1, but he was not a party to a 
friendly suit, 26 Jan. 1673-4, Offley v. Offley, Chanc. Pro. before 1714, 
Hamilton 254, No. 23. 


(vi). Hugh Offley, of Possingworth, 
CO. Sussex, Esquire ; bom 
1672; died 29 Jan. 1746-7, 
bur. at Waldron 5 Feb. follow- 
ing ; will 1 dated 19 May 1746, 
pr. P.C.C. 11 March 1746-7; 
mar. (alleg. 11 June 1705) 
Catherine, youngest dau. of 
Thomas Lade of Warbleton, 
. CO. Sussex, gent. ; she died in 
her 70th year 1 May 1735, 
bur. at Waldron 7 May follow- 

(i). Elizabeth, mar. (alleg., Vic. Gen. 
8 July 1692, to be mar. at Bid- 
borough, CO. Kent, or . . ., she 
being then aged about 21) 
Stephen Fuller, of Chiddingley 
and Mayfield, co. Sussex (fourth 
son of Captain John Fuller, of 
Waldron); he was bap. at 
Waldron 4 March 1657-8, and 
bur. there 11 June 1718; she 
was bur. there 16 Dec. 1729. 

(ii). Martha, bom posthumous ; bur. 
at Waldron 6 April 1696. 

ii. Robert Offley, bap. at Waldron 19 Nov. 
1637 ; bur. there 22 May 1702. 

i. Elizabeth, bap. at Waldron 23 July 1635 ; 
mar. first, at St. Olave^s, Hart Street, 
London, June 1655, Amos Fearne, of 
that parish ; secondly, before 20 Feb. 
1668-9, Andrew Middletou. 

ii. Mary, mar Hammond. 

(2). Robert Offley, of Paternoster Row, Mercer, 
Citizen and Clothworker of Loudon ; had lands 
at Ixje and Lewisham, co. Kent ; born 30 Sept. 
1599, and entered at Merchant Taylors* School 
Jan. 1609-10 ;2 bur. at St. Augustine's 9 Oct. 
1661; will dat. 30 Sept. 1661, pr. P.C.C. 
29 Nov. 1661 (188 May); mar.^ Martha, dau. 

' By thiH will hu left the ^cater part of his cstato to his niece Eliza- 
beth (dau. of his sister Elizabeth Fuller), wife of John Apsloy, Es<|., with 
remainder to their dauj^hter, Cordelia Apsley, and her issue ; in default to 
William Newman, son of his niect^ Elizabeth Newman. 

' Merchant Taylors' School Register. 

' See Chanc. Pro. before 1714, Beynardson 239, No. 13, Au8t4m v. OfflcVt 
whore it is stated that the said Robert OfHey " also did intormarrie with ono 


of Alexander Thomas, of Lamberhurst, co. 
Kent, gent; bur. 18 Feb. 1672-3 at St. 
Augustine's ; will, as of Lewisbam, co. Kent, 
widow, dat. 12 Dec. 1670, pr. P.C.C. 16 Dec. 
1673 (163 Pye). They had issue— 

i. Robert Offley, of St. Paul's, Covent 
Garden, Citizen and Clothworker of 
London in 1669, but at his death of 
Farnham, co. Surrey, gent. Born in 
or about 1647. Will dated 3 Sept. 
1728, pr. P.C.C. 29 July 1729; desired 
to be buried in the east porch of Farn- 
ham Church. He mar. (alleg., Vic. Gen. 
10 Feb. 1668-9, to be mar. at East Ham, 
Barking, or Bow, co. Essex) Elizal)eth 
Watts, spinster, of St. Margaret's, West- 
minster (aged about 17, 1668-9, and her 
parents dead), by whom he had issue. ^ 
He perhaps mar. secondly,^ before 24 
Oct. 1684, Alice, widow of Owen Haning, 
of Mitcham, co. Surrey, gent. 

i. Elizabeth, mar. 1 Nov. 1664, at St. 
Aime's, Blackfriars, Thomas Copley, 
whom she survived. Her will, as of 
Stepney, co. Middx., widow, dated 28 
Sept. 1713, pr. P.C.C. 13 Feb. 1716-17. 

other of tho daughtorH of tho Haid Alexander TliomaH." Martlia Oftloy 
in her will mentions her " brother and siHter Andesley." The will of 
Richard Andsley, of St. Lawrence Jewry, London, citizen and j^nxier, 
daUMl 18 March 1670-1, admon. with will, P.C.C, 3 April 1671 (44 Duke), 
leaves 20«. for a rinji: to " siHter, cousins and friends hereinafter nanied 
(vizt), Martha Ofley, Elizabeth (Copley, Mary Ofley, Rachell Otiey, Rol)ert 
Ofley of London and his wife, Ralph Harwood and his wife, Robert Ofley, 
procer, Andrew Middleton and his wife, William Bradford and his wife, 
Samuel Hoylo and Hannah his wife, and the daughter of my said Couson 
Elizabeth Copley." Richard Andsley also mentions his wife Mary, his wife's 
son, Thomas Feme, and her daughter, Mary Feme (both under 21) ; his 
brothers, Joshua and Robert Andsley; his cousins, Richard and Robert 
Andsley, and " my brother John Beck, and my sister Silence his wife." 

* Mary, dau. of Robert and Elizabeth Olfley, was bap. at St. Lawrence 
Pountney 25 Aug. 1670. Robert Offley in his will names no sons, but 
mentions grandchildren named Newman and Warman ; his sister, Elizabeth 
Copley, in her will left a legacy to her "cousin" Martha Warman. A 
Robert Offley of South woo<l, Hants, who is probably identical with this 
Robert, was a legat<.»e under the will of Joseph Offley, Bencher of the 
Middle Temple, 1719 (see vol. xix, p. 228). Admon. of the goods of 
Elizabeth Offley, of Yateley, co. Hants, but dying in the ])arish of St. 
Saviour's, Southwark, was granted P.C.C. 23 July 1680 to her husband 
Robert Offley. A Robert Offley, who in April 1691 was of Westwood 
alias Cove, co. Hants, was living at Yateley 14 Sept. 1706. This Robert 
had a son Robert who died 1698 or 1699, an infant and intestate. 
(Chanc. Pro. before 1714, 01 ley v. Offley, Hamilton, 252, No. 35). 

* Chanc. Pro. before 1714, Collins 547, No. 35. Offley v. Hudgehoiite and 
Tunstall. The proceedings are signed by Joseph Offley, as counsel for 
Robert Offley and Alice his wife. 


ii. Martha, born about 1650; mar. (mar. alleg., 
Faculty, 7 Sept. 1670, to be mar. at 
Lewisham, co. Kent) Ralph Harwood, 
of St. Antholin's, London, merchant, by 
whom she had issue, and whose will, dat. 
1 June 1684, was pr. 8 July following, 
P.C.C. (90 Hare); he was bur. at St. 
Antholin's, 19 June 1684. She was 
bur. there 11 Aug. 1697; will dat. 
1 June 1697, pr. Comm. Court of 
London 16 Sept. following. 

iii. Mary, born 1654 ; mar. (mar. alleg., Vic. 
Gen. 14 Mar. 1675-6, to be mar. at Fram- 
field, CO. Sussex) Alexander Thomas,^ of 
Lamberhurst (son of Richard Thomas, 
Bencher of the Middle Temple, by 
Elizabeth Bathurst, his wife, who mar. 
secondly Thomas Offley of Possing- 
worth). She died 10 Dec. 1739, aged 85, 
and was bur. at Lamberhurst. Her will, 
as of East Mailing, co. Kent, widow, dat. 
4 July 1732, pr. P.C.C. 5 May 1740. 

iv. Rachel, mar., after 18 March 1670-1, 
Robert Lord.^ 

(3), David Offley, of New Southampton Buildings, 
in the par. of St. Giles in the Fields ; will dat. 
24 Mar. 1670-1, pr. P.C.C. 7 April 1671, (49 
Duke) ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of . . . ; admon. 
1 Dec. 1682, to George Smith, M.D. father of 
Offley Smith, grandson on the daughter's side, 
and next of kin of the said Elizabeth Offley, 
late of Brentford, co. Middx., widow. They 
had issue — 

Mary, mar.^ (mar. alleg.. Faculty, 26 April 
1670, to be mar. at Lincoln's Inn chapel, 
or St. Andrew, Holborn, then aged 22) 

* They had issue four sons — Richard, Alexander, William and George 
(all of whom, except the last-named, were living 1732), and two daughters 
Elizabeth, wife, first, of William Disher, and secondly, of Sir William 
Hardres, Bart., M.P. ; and Mary, wife of Philip Bartholomew, of Oxen- 
heath, Esq. 

2 Her will dat. 7 July 1725, pr. P.C.C. 22 Oct. 1725 (214 Romney), as of St. 
Martin's in the Fields, relict and cxor. of Robert Lord, Gent. They had 
issue two daughters Mary, mar. William Leigh, Escjuire, and Elizabeth, mar. 
Col. Thomas Wentworth. By her will she made her nephew Ralph Harwood, 
of London, merchant, trustee for these daughters. She mentions her two 
messuages in " Villars Street," in one of which she herself resided. 

' She was licenced (Vicar Gen.) 8 Oct. 1668, to marry Arthur Warde, of 
Hinton, co. Salop, gent., but the intended bridegroom died before the marriage 
was celebrated. 


George Smith, of St. Giles in the Fields, 
Doctor of Physic, and had issue a son, 
Offley Smith. 

(1). Leah, mar. first, after Nov. 1636, . . . Herbert, 
and secondly, before 30 Sept. 1661, Robert 

(2). Elizabeth, mar Warren. 

4. William Offley of London [fourth son of Hugh Offley 

(I) by his first wife], bap. 12 Dec. 1568, at St. 

Lawrence Pountney, mar dau. of .... Harrison 

of Lewisham, co. Kent, and had issue. ^ 

5. Symon Offley, bap. at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 21 Feb. 

1573-4 ; died young. 

6. Hugh Offley, bap. at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 24 Aug. 

1578, bur. there 28 Dec. 1582. 

1. Elizabeth, bap. 8 Dec. 1566, at St. Lawrence Pountney ; 

mar. first, at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 12 Dec. 1585 
(as his third wife). Sir James Deane of London, Knt., 
who died 1608; secondly, John Brewster of the Middle 

2. Margaret, bap. at St. Andrew's Undershaft, 3, and bur. 

there 4 May 1585. 

By his second wife, Dorothy Greswold, Hugh Offley (I) had 
issue — 

3. Susannah, bap. at St. Andrew's Undershaft 28 June 1590; 

mar. there 29 July 1610 Philip Giffard, of Jjondon, 
son of Edmond Giffard, of Milton Damerell, co. Devon,** 
by whom she had issue. She was bur. at St. Andrew's 
Undershaft 19 Dec. 1616. 

II. THOMAS OFFLEY, of London and Elbing, Agent or Deputy 
of the English Merchants in Prussia ; bap. at St. Lawrence Pountney, 

* They had issue llobert, Elizabeth and Mary Spring. By hor first 
husband Leah Offley had two daughters Leah and Elizabeth Herbert. The 
will of Martha Harwood, in 1GU7, mentions her cousin, Leah Ashbourne, 

* His daughter Dorothy was a legatee under the will of his stop-mother, 
Dorothy Offley, in 1609-10. His father, Hugh Offley, recites in his will — 
" my son William Offley has been fully advanced by me and has behaved 
disobediently to me " ; he therefore leaves him only a third part of the 
portion which he might have claimed, but makes pro>'ision for his children, 
without however naming them. It ap])ears from the will of his uncle, 
Robert Offley, that this William w^as a prisoner in the King's Bench in 
1596. A William Offley, gent., was buried at St. Giles' Cripplegate, 19 Apr. 

* See Vivian's " Visitations of Devon." 


10 Dec. 1564 ; died in London 23 Aug. 1630 ;^ mar. soon after 20 Dec. 
1592, Anne, dau. of Henry Clitherow of London, sister to Sir 
Christopher Clitherow, Lord Mayor of London 1635-6. Her admon. 
P.C.C. 14 Sept. 1638. They had issue— 

1. Hugh Offley, bap. at St. Andrew's Undershaft 10 Nov. 

1594; bur. there 12 Feb. 1594-5. 

2. A son, dead in 1654, and probably died an infant. 

3. Christopher Offley, eldast son at Visitation of Tjondon, 

1633-4, and then aged 30; living 1644,^ but dead in 

4. Thomas Offley, died beyond seas, a bachelor. Admon. 

P.C.C. to his mother Anne, 12 Dec. 1627. 

5. Justinian Offley, died in the East Indies, a bachelor. 

Admon. P.C.C. to his brother Christopher 16 May 1629. 

6. Francis Offley, of Bermondsey, co. Surrey, Esquire ; bom 

1611 at Elbing, in Prussia. Naturalised 9 July 7 Car. I.* 
Had a confirmation of his arms from Ryley, Norroy, 
1654. He mar. Sara, dau. of Joachim Matthews.^ They 
had issue — 

^ See the Inquisition taken after his death, at the Guildhall 11 Feb. 
6 Charles I. (1630-1), which states that Thomas OflBey, Esquire, died in 
London, 23 Aug. last past; that Anne, his widow, is now living in St. 
Ufary Axe, London, and that Christopher Oflley, Esquire, is his son and next 
heir and aged 26 years and more at death of his said father. Another 
Inquisition was taken 8 April 12 Charles I, also at the Guildhall, before 
Christopher Clitherow, Lord Mayor. Admon. of the goods of a Thomas 
Ofley, of Le3rton, co. Essex, who died intestate, was granted by the Com- 
missary Court of London, 25 Jan. 1630-31, to Anne Ofley. 

' By an Indenture dated 12 March 1643-4, enrolled on the Close Bolls 
(19 Charles I, pt. 3, No. 4), Christopher OflBey, of Lo)idou, Esq., s. and h. 
of Thomas Offley, doc**, granted to his brother Francis Offley, of the parish 
of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, in Southwark, gent., all such messuages, 
lands, etc., within the City of London, as were found by Inquisition after 
the deaths of Hugh Offley, his grandfather, and Thomas Offley, his father, 
to be his, and left unto him by the said Thomas Offley, who was eldest 
son of the said Hugh Offley ; and also all lands, etc., given unto his said 
father Thomas Offley " by Gustolfe Adolph King of the Swethes Goths and 
Vandalls ... as by one deed done and written in the leaguer before Duscaw 
the sixteenth day of August 1626 more att large also appoareth." The 
place written " Duscaw " is probably Dirschau, in Prussia, which is not far 
from Elbing. 

'His brother Francis was only survi>'ing son of Thomas at the date of 
the confirmation of arms granted to him by Ryley, Norroy, in 1654. 

♦ Patent Roll, 7 Charics I, pt. 10, No. 18. 

* See pedigree of Matthews, Visit, of London, 1633-4, where in the 
pedigree as printed by the Harleian Society, Francis is called " grand- 
child," insti)ad of great nephew, of Sir Thomas Offley. Sara Matthews was 
aunt of Philip Matthews who was created a Baronet. 


(1). Francis Offley, matric. at University Coll., Oxford, 
10 Nov. 1651 ; student of Lincoln's Inn, 1652. 

(2). Thomas Offley, matric. at University Coll., Oxford, 
15 June 1657; student of the Middle Temple, 

(3). Matthew Offley, living 19 March 1669-70, when 
he was a legatee under the will of his cousin 
Mark Anthony Matthews. 

1. Catherine, mar. first . . . Brewster, by whom she had 

issue ; she mar. secondly Rev. Philip Edlin of co. 
Middx., and of Alverstoke, Hants. She and her second 
husband were both living 20 Oct. 1635.^ 

2. Anne, born abroad; naturalised 9 July 7 Car. T, 1631.2 

3. Bridget, born abroad, and naturalised at same time as 

her brother Francis and her sister Anne ; 1 mar. (licence, 
Bp. of London, 21 Oct. 1639), Edward Draxe of St. 
John Zachary, Citizen and Joyner of London. 

(To he continued.) 

^PeHigrers from tt)e $Iea BoIls« 

By Major-Oeneral the Hon. GEORGE WUOTTEST.EY. 

{ContiniLed from p. 39.) 

Be Banco. Hillary. 19. JSd. 4. m. 468. 

Cornwall. — Thomas West, Kt., sued William, the Bishop of Winchester, 
and others, for the manor of Alyngton. 

John le Warr.=p Margaret. 





Tliomas West, 
the plaintiff. 

' Chanc. Pro., Charles I, Bundle O, 7, No. 62. 

' Thomas Offley had a dau. Anne, bap. at St. Andrew's Uiidershaft, 

29 Aug. 1698. This may have been an elder dau. of the same Christian 

name, or this Anne may, though bom abroad, have been brought home 
to be baptized. 


De Banco. Mich, 19. Ed. 4. m, 151 dorso, 

Somerset. — Thomas Mody sued John Chokke, son and heir of Richard 
Chokke, Kt, and John Forster for the manor of Flyntford and other 
lands which William Braunche had given to Philip de Gryndenham in 
frank marriage with Jolenta, his daughter, temp. Ed. 2. 

Philip de Gryndenham. ^Jolenta. 









Thomas Mody. 
The defendants admitted the claim. 

Be Bcmco. Mich. 19. Ed. 4. m. 306. 

Sussex. — John Clerkson and John Tngler sued John Erneley for a 
messuage and two carucates of land in Sidlesham which Gilbert 
Fauconer, late of Muchelgrove, had given to John Erneley, late of 
Erneley, and to the heire of his body. 

John Erneley, of Erneley, 
seised temp. E. 3. 



Joan. Isabella. 

I I 

John Clerkson, John Ingler, 

plaintiff. plaintiff. 

The defendant admitted the claim. 

Be Banco. Mich. 19. Ed. 4. m. 328. 

Bevon. — Elizabeth, the Queen of England, sued Nicholas Chichester, 
John Bonevyle, Bastard, and John Webber, Clerk, for the next 
presentation to the church of Newton Feryce, and stated by her 
attorney that one Thomas Bonevyle, the father of John Bonevyle, of 
Shute, was seised of the advowson and had presented to the church 
temp. Hen. 6, and the right had descended to his son John Jk>nevyle, 
of Shute, and the said John by deed dated 15 April 1469, had granted 
the advowson to the Queen. 



The defendants gave this pedigree : — 

Martin Ferrers, Kt., seised 
of the advowson. 



Joan.=pThoma8 Bonevyle, named 
in the Queen's Plea, and 
living 21 H. 6. 

John Bonevyle, of Shute. 

John Bonevyle, Bastard. 

Levita, living.=rJohn Flemyng. 
21 H. 6. 

Christopher Flemyng. 

They pleaded that John Bonevyle, of Shute, had granted the advowson 
to John Bonevyle, Bastard and Nicholas Chichester. A verdict was 
given in favour of the Queen at the following Easter term. 

De Bcmco. Mich. 19. JSd, 4. m. 459. 

Devon. — John Crocker, of Lyneham, Kt., John Crocker, of Lyneham, 
gentleman, Henry Bokelle, of Lyneham, yeoman, and two others, 
were sued by John Fortescu, Armiger, for breaking into his closes and 
houses at Ermyngton and Rattre, and taking twenty horses and ten 
cows belonging to him. The pleadings state that one John Folywell 
and Agnes, his wife, were seised of the tenements for their lives, 
with remainder to George Densyll and Agnes, his wife, and the 
heirs of the bodies of George and Agnes, and failing such, to the 
heirs of the body of Agnes, and failing such, to Mabel, then wife 
of one William Fortescu, and to the heirs of the body of Mabel 
for ever. 

John Fortescu also stated that Agnes had died leaving no issue, 
but George Densill had issue one Margaret, a bastard, the mother 
of Henry Bokelle, by one Margaret Dey, born in adultery, and had 
left no legitimate issue, and the tenements had therefore reverted 
to William Fortescu and Mabel, in right of Mabel, and they had 
issue, John Fortescu, the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich. 20. Ed. 4. m. 390. 

Devon. — Humfrey Poyntz and Elizabeth, his wife, John Prous and 
John Chalvedon, sued John Cruys for an unjust disseisin in Welle- 
combe, Cruys Anstey, Cruys Sydeham and Little Rakernford. The 
pleadings give these pedigrees : — 



Alexander Grays, seised 
temp. Bio. 2. 




John Cruys, 
the defendant. 

Alexander Cruys, 
seised 4 Bio. 2. 










John ProuB, 

John Chalvedon, 

Verdict for the plaintifis. 





John Cruys, 
the defendant. 

Be Banco. Mich. 20. Ed. 4. m. 409. 

Comioall. — John Tretherff, Armiger, sued Thomas Glasen for breaking 
into his closes at Seynt Elven, Trewoen in the parish of Seynt 
Breke, and other places named. The pleadings give these pedigrees : — 

Beginald Tretherff. 



John Tretherff, 
the plaintiff. 

Thomas Caleys. 



John Glasen. 


Thomas Glasen, 
the defendant. 



De Borneo, Mich. 20. Ed, 4. m, 546. 

Notts.— ThoxnBA Wylde, of Lytell Leek, sued John Turvylle, of 
Newhall, Armiger, for an illegal distress in Lytell Leek. 

Ralph Bugge. 







WiUiam Turvyle. 

John Turvyle, 
the defendant. 

De Borneo, Mich, 20. Ed, 4. m, 550. 

Salop, — Peter Corbet, son and heir of Thomas Corbet, Armiger, sued 
Lucy Corbet, late of Salop, widow, to give up to him a pyx containing 
deeds and muniments. 

Peter Corbet, Lord of Caus, formerly seised of four messuages in 
Aston Pygot, had granted them to Roger Corbet, Kt., to be held 
by him and the heirs of his body, together with the custody of 
his forest and of all his chases and parks and the issues of them, 
which the Lady Alice Corbet held for her life as dower. 

Bog^r Corbet, Kt. 






Peter Corbet, 
the plaintiff. 

Thomas Corbet, the father of Peter, had lost the pyx by accident 
in August, 19 Ed. 4, at Salop, and it had come into the possession 
of the defendant. 

Be Banco. Easter. 20. Ed, 4. m, 133. 

Hertford. — Walter Patsyll and Rose, his wife, sued John Chancy, 
late of Sabryggeworth, gentleman, for an illegal entry by force into 
a tenement at Sabryggeworth. 

Ralph Gyfford, formerly seised of the tenement, had granted it 
to John Gyfford and Matilda, his wife, and to the heirs of their 


John Gyfford.=f Matilda. 





John Chancy, the defendant, 
who had entered after the 
death of Margaret. 

According to an Inquisition p.m. taken in 27 Hen. 6, 1448-9, 
(apparently) on the death of John Chancy,^ the manor of Great Samp- 
ford, called Giffords, had descended to John Giflford and Margaret (aic) 
his wife, and from them to William Gilford, their son, and from 
William to John Gifford, son of William, who died s.p., and the manor 
had descended to Margaret Chancy, the sister of John and daughter 
of William Giflford. Margaret Chancy had granted the manor to 
John Chancy, her eldest son, and John Chancy, the elder, by his 
deed had granted it to John Chancy, the younger, his brother, to 
be held by him and his heirs for ever. 

De Banco. Easter. 20. Ed. 4. m. 311. 

Essex. — Margaret Trey, widow, sued Henry Marney for an illegal 
distress in the manor of Loyre Marney. 

Robert Marney, Kt., seised of the 
manor of Leyre Marney. 


John Marney, Kt. 

John Marney had enfeoflfed in the manor Thomas Tyrell, Kt., 
Thomas Cornewaleys, Armiger, and two others, and they had 
re-enfeoflTed Joan Marney, for her life, with remainder to Henry 
Marney, the defendant, and the heirs of his body. 

Coram Eeye. Trinity. 20. Ed. 4. m. 37. 

Glouc. — Henry Tracy, Armiger, sued John Vampage for a trespass 
at Newington and Bampton. William, the Abbot of Hailes, had 
enfeoflfed William Tracy, the younger, son of William Tracy, Armiger, 
and Katrine, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, in the tene- 
ments, in 13 Hen. 6, with remainder to Isabella, wife of Richard 
Urdeley, and the heirs of her body ; and William Trtwy and Katrine 
had died without leaving issue. 

' The Inquisition is stated in the Calendar to have been taken on the 
death of John Giffard, but the contents of it shew this could not have 
been the case. John Giffard is stated in the Inquisition to have died in 
1414, thirty-four years before the date of the Inquisition. 


Richard Urdele7.=T=Isabella. 




William Creke,=T=Katrine.=FJohn Latener, 
Ist husband. I 2nd husband. 




Thomas Greke, who had enfeoffed John Latener, 

Henry Tracy, the plaintiff. the yoong^r. 

A suit in Banco, Easter Term 20 Ed. 4, m. 456, shews that John 
Yampage claimed by a grant of Richard Urdeley and Isabella. 

Coram Rege, Trinity, 20. Ed. 4. w. 6. Rex. 

Dewm, — In a suit of the King vertma John, Lord Dynham, William 
Paulet, Kt., Humfrey Courtenay, Armiger, John Denys, of Orlegh, 
and two others, respecting the custody of the manors of Ferdell, 
Bolleham, Coleton Ralegh and Wydecombe Ralegh, of which Walter 
Ralegh, Armiger, had died seised, the pleadings give this descent : — 

Walter Balegh, living 4 E. 4, had enfeoffed 
the defendants in the manors. 



Joan, 6 years of age. 

The King had granted the custody of the manors, inter cUia, to 
John Say, Kt., and the defendants appealed. 

J)e Bcmco. Mich, 20. Ed, 4. m, 611. 

Olouc, — Thomas Payne sued John Benet, son of John Benet, for lands 
and tenements in Rodburgh. 

John Spylman, seised^Margaret. 
temp. E. 3. 



Thomas Payne, 

the plaintiff. 

John Benet claimed by a grant of William Payne, the father of 
the plaintiff, dated 24 Hen. 6, and the jury found in his favour. 



De Banco. Mich, 20. Ed. 4. m. 630. 

KefU. — John Pympe, Armiger, sued John Gyfford, Kt., and Philippa, 
his wife, and three others named, for the manors of Nettilheth and 
Pympe, and lands in Brenche, Horsmonden, Lamberhest, Eldyng, 
West Mallyng, East Mallyng and other places. 

Reginald Pjmpe, seised 
temp. E. 3. 




Verdict for the plaintiff. 

John Pympe, 
the plamtiff. 

De Banco. Easter. 21. Ed. i. m. 396. 

Oxon. — John Nowers sued Elizabeth Boteler, widow, for the manor 
of Chirchelle. 

Roger de Nodariis, 

seised temp. H. 8. 







John Nowers, 
the phuntiff . 

De Banco. Trinity. 21. Ed. 4. m. 34. 

Salop. — Reginald Sowdeley and Joan, his wife, sued Humfrey Tytteley, 
of Tytteleye, and William Steventon, of BothuU, for a third of lands 
and tenements in Hoyall, Horton and Preston on the Wyldemore. 

Philip, son of Richard Horton,=f=l8abella, d. of John de 

seised temp. E. 8. 

Preyres, of Bothull. 


Humfrey Tytteley, 



Reginald Sowdeley, 


William Steventon, 


By another suit on m. 35 dorso, the same plaintiffs sued the same 
defendants for lands in Bothull, Welyngton and Appeley, of which 
John, son of John de Preres, the father of Isabella, had been seised 
temp. Ed. 3, and they gave the same descent. At Michaelmas term 
21 Ed. 4, on membranes 560 and 561, a verdict was given in 
favour of the plaintifiGs in both suits. 

Be Banco, Mich. 21. Ed. 4. m. 272. 

Wigom. — John Wassheboume, son and heir of Norman Wassheboume, 

sued Humfrey Salwey, Armiger, for the manor of Stanford, and gave 

this descent : — 

Roger de Wassheboume, 
seised temp. E. 3. 

r -^ -^ 

John, John, brother and 

ob. s.p. heir of John. 





John de Wassheboume, 
the plaintiff. 

The defendant denied that John, the father of Peter, was brother 
and heir of the other John, and gave this descent : — 

John de Wassheboume.^rlsabella. 


Roger, the Peter. 

eldest son. | 


Norman. • 

John de Wassheboume, 
the plaintiff. 

Although not stated in the pleadings, it is probable that Humfrey 
Salwey represented the eldest son Roger, and the jury found in his 
favour so far as the pedigree was concerned. 

See two suits Easter 2 Ed. IV, printed in vol. xix, p. 23. 

De Banco. Mich. 21. Ed. 4. m. 411. 

ComuyaU. — John Rosogan sued John Trevanyon, of Carehays, and 
two others (his bailiffs), for illegally taking his cattle at Penans. 
The pleadings give these pedigrees : — 


Ralph Anmdelle, of Carehays. 


Ralph, Margaret, 

ob. B.p. I 




John Trevanyon, 
the defendant. 

Nicholas de Menleder. 






Alice.=John Rosogan, 

the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Mich, 21. Ed, 4. m. 575. 

Oxon, — Humfrey Sakevyle, Armiger, sued Thomas Rokes for the 
manor of Amynton. 

Robert Sakevyle. 

Thomas Sakevyle, Kt. 







Thomas Rokes, 
the defendant. 

Thomas Sakevyle, of Bokherst, Kt. 



Humfrey Sakevyle, 
the plaintiff. 

And see suits of 15 Ed. 4, 17 Ed. 4, and 21 Ed. 4, pp. 28, 31 of 
this volume. 

De Banco, Trinity, 22. Ed, 4. m, 101. 

Norf, — Geoffrey Buk sued John Plomer, the Bailiff of William 
Calthorp, Kt., of Norwich, for an illegal distress in the vill of 
Bumham Westgate. 


William Calthorp, of Bumliam, Et., 
seised of the land by the hands of 
Thomas Vernon, his tenant. 




William Calthorp, of Norwich, 
Uving 22 E. 4. 

De Banco, Trinity, 22. Ed, 4. m. 159. 

Derh, — Ralph Fitzherbert sued John Cokyne (Cokayne) for lands and 
tenements in Parwyche of which John Fitzherbert, his kinsman, and 
whose heir he was, had been seised temp. Ed. 3. 

John Fitzherbert, 
seised temp. E. 8. 





Ralph Fitzherbert, 
the plaintiff. 

And see pedigrees, vol. xviii, pp. 186-187. 

De Banco. Trinity. 22. Ed. 4. m. 305. 

Derh, — Humfrey Lowe and Margaret, his wife, sued Robert Lee for 
land in Eyton, near Alsop, of which John Lemenestre, of Little 
Clifton, had been seised temp. Ed. 3. 

John Lemenestre, seised 
temp. £. 8. 








the plaintiff. 


De Bcmco. Trinity, 22. Ed. 4. m. 314. 

Westmoreland, — William Thorneburgh, Armiger, sued William Red- 
mayne, Kt., for an illegal distress in Selshede and Whynsell. 

Richard BedmaTne, Kt., seised 
of the manor of Selshede. 




William Redmayne, Kt., 
the defendant. 

De Banco. Trinity, 22. Ed. 4. m. 339. 

Kent. — John Andreu sued John Rykkyll for execution of a Fine 
levied in 22 Ed. 3, respecting the manor of Eslyngham and advowson 
of the church, and lands and tenements in Fi*endesbery, Hegham, 
Shome and other places, by which the reversion of the said manor, 
advowson and lands had been settled on Roger Andreu and Isabella, 
his wife, and the heirs male of their bodies. The pleadings give 
these pedigrees: — 

Roger Andreu, living=f Isabella. 
Uying 22 E. 8. 




John Andreu, the plaintiff. 

WilUam Rvkkyll, Kt. 





John Rykkyll, the defendant. 
And see suit of Hillary, 17 Ed. IV, at p. 32 of this volume. 

Be Banco, Mich. 22. Ed, 4. m, 615. 

Wilts. — Robert Bonham sued Robert Bajrnard for an illegal distress 
at Charlaweswyke. The pleadings state that Richard Wyke formerly 
held the manor of William Mareschal, Ekirl of Pembroke, as of his 
manor of Kakham, and had granted it to one William Bluet, Kt., 
and the heirs of his body. 


William Bluet, Kt. 










Robert Baynard, the defendant. 

Richard Wyke. 

Joan Crok. 






John Crok. 


r -»- n 

Anne.= Philippa.= 

Robert Bonham, William Floyer. 


Verdict for Robert Baynard. See a suit of Hillary, 19 Ed. IV, 
at p. 39 of this volume. 

De Banco. Mich. 22. Ed. 4. m. 337. 

SoxUhampton. — John Mohun sued Thomas Boureman aiyi Joan his 
wife for lands and tenements in Horyngford. 

I 1 

Isabella Overton, seised Joan. 

of the lands, ob. s.p. | 


John Mohan, 
the plaintiff. 
Verdict for the plaintiff. 


De Banco. Mich. 22 E. 4. m. 418. 

Ehor. — Thomas Wortley, John Woderove, Armiger, and two others 
sued John Wentworth, late of Elmesalle, Armiger, and two others for 
lands, etc., in Hymmes worth and Acworthe. 

John Wentworth, formerly 
seised of the lands. 


John Wentworth, 
the defendant. 

De Banco. Mich. 22. E. 4. m. 543. 

Somerset. — John Nyter sued William Ruynon for lands, etc., in 
Great Stratton, Ovyrstratton, Netherstratton, Shepton Bewchamp, 
and Kingsbury Episcopi. 

Thomas Nyter, seised=f=Isabella. 
temp. E. 3. 

Baldwine, William, 

ob. 8. p. I 


John Nyter, 
the plaintiff. 

William Ruynon claimed by a grant of Baldwine Nyter, dated 
19 H. 6, to John Ruynon, Armiger, and a verdict was given in 
his favour, John Nyter, as heir of Baldwine, being bound to 
warrant Baldwine's grant. 

(To he continued.) 


(Conti'Mied from p. 61.) 


Jan. 13. Francis Slaney <k Frances Cordial. 

Feb. 12. Captain Timothy Tullie ^^^ k Mrs. Eleanor How. Given 

by the Worshipful George Morton Pitt, Esq. Married 
by the Rev. Benj. Schultz, the Rev. Wm. Leeke being 

Mar. 5. Captain John Hunter ^^^ & Elizabeth Ellis. 

*^ Captain Timothy Tullie, in the Company's service, commandin;;^ a ship. 
Related to Mr. Timothy Tullie, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Mrs. Eleanor How, 
dau. of Wm. and Ann How, was bap. Oct. 28, 1709. 

*^ Captain John Hunter, commanding Company's ship, (?) son of John and 
Gracia Hunter, bap. Feb. 13, 1704. 



April 7. Charles Nero <k Christina, a Mallabarian woman. 

May 13. Paul Suratt & Mary Picard. 

June 5. John Hartgrove & Ignacia Francisca. 

Sept. 4. John Sanders k Martha How. 

Oct. 10. Hercules Wilson & Mary Davergee. 

Nov. 13. Lawrence English k Anjatta d'Rosaira. 


April 29. James Phillips k Elizabeth Osborne. 

May 17. Richard English i«« & Rebecca Fulligar. 

July 16. Jasper Butler k Eleanor Cordial. 

Sept. 19. John Stratton^^^^ & Mary Houghton. 

Dec. 10. Q«orge Ramsey k Christiana Resar. 


April 27. Samuel Hepburn k Rasa Acart. 
May 7. Edward Ballet & Catherine Salm. 
May 13. Henry Crawford ^^® k Ann Plumbe. 
Oct. 5. Joshua Jillans k Mary Stations. 
Dec. 20. William PercivalP^ k Cornelia Horden. 
Dec. 12. Nicholas Morse "^ & Jane Goddard. Mr. Charles Peers 

gave her. 


Jan. 4. John Holme k Mary Rush. 

Jan. 17. Sands Davis ^" k Frances Horden. Qeorge Morton Pitt, 

Esq., gave her. 
Feb. 8. Abraham Cook k Luisa Succara. 


April 8. Thomas Plummer & Ignacia Sequera. 
May 5. John Mercier & Frances Tarron. 

*" Richard English, Companj'B service, came out 1718 ; buried Sep. 2, 1729 ; 
monument Fort St. George. 

*^ John Stratton, Company's service, came out 1721 ; son of Peter, son of 
William Stratton of Shrivenham, who married Anne Locke, aunt of the 
philosopher, John Locke. From Stratton was descended the ¥dfe of Sir M. 
Hicks-Beach, 8th Bart. 

^® Henry Crawford, free merchant; buried Jan. 26, 1742, aged 68 (monu- 
ment Fort St. Gleorge). 

'" William Percival, Company's service, buried as Esq. March 19, 1769. 
His wife was dau. of Richard and Cornelia Horden, and was bap. June 27, 

**® He was Governor of Fort St. George 1744, and was son of Nicholas 
Morse by his wife Jane Lloyd, grand-dau. of Henry Ireton and g^reat grand- 
dau. of Oliver Cromwell. He came out 1718; buried in St. Mary's cemetery, 
1772; aged 72 (monument). 

^" Sands Davis, Company's service, died at Vizagapatam, as Chief of the 
Factory, 1734. Frances, his wife, was dau. of Bichanl and Cornelia Horden, 
and was bap. June 20, 1716. See her second marriage, Oct. 14, 1738. 
















James Brown k Ann de Banc. 

John Bell k Isabella Ferdinando. 

Mr. William Johnson ^^^ <fe Lucinda Seagood. 

Henry Rumbold"^ <fe Sarah Basnut. Mr. Hide, Father. 

Robert Thorpe k Elizabeth Maddox. 

John Stewart k Paula Henderson. 

John Gale^^^ k Constantia Cockrim. 

Isaac Julius k Susanna Legar. 

Thomas Weston k Arabella Masters. 

James Hubbard ^^^ k Elizabeth Powney. 

[There was not one marriage in the year 1732.] 


James Hall k Alice Lewcock. 
Joshua Stubbs k Cecelia Percival. 
Francis Rous^^^ k Margaret Mansell. 


Captain Peter Eckman ^^^ k Isabella Legu. Given by 

Capt° David Wilson. 
John Walton k Ann Johnson. Given by Jon° Smart. 
John Coles k Martha Main. Given by Mr. Goulding. 


James Winch k Henrietta Cockrim 
William Clark k Catherine Burton. 

Manning Lethieullier & Anne GyflTord. 

[This wedding is dated 1724, evidently an error in the 



Feb. 28. John Sanderson ^^® k Frances Fowke. Given by the Hon**** 

Richard Benyon, Esq. 

*" Wm. Johnson, Company's service, bnried July 6, 1746. Married, secondly, 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Beard (see Wilson, vol. i). Lucinda (Lucia in records, 
Lucy in baptismal register), dau. of Henry and Catherine Seagood, was 
bap. Nov. 9, 1707. 

»w Henry Rumbold, employed in Fort St. George by the Company in 1781, 
but name not on pay list. 

"^ John Gale was a soldier. 

^^ James Hubbard, Company's service, died at Fort St. David, as Deputy 
Governor, 1741. His wife, dau. of John and Mary Powney, was bap. Sep. 12, 
1718. Went to England 1741. 

"• Brother of Sir William Rous, buried Ap. 2, 1738; loft children men- 
tioned in the records. His widow married, secondly. Rev. Robt. Wynch. 

"7 Peter Eckman, by birth a Swede ; came out as soldier about 1696 ; com- 
missioned 1717. Chief officer of the Garrison at capture of the Fort 1746; 
buried Oct. 11, 1758. 

"* John Sanderson came out. Company's service, 1712. Wont to England 
1740. His wife, daughter of Randal and Ann Fowke, was bap. Oct. 8, 1717; 
buried Mar. 6, 1739-40. 















William Johnson & Ignacia Mendez. 
Peter Bryan & Luisa Legue. 
John Bell & Mary Percival. 
Laurence Fisher k Ann Donnington. 
Thomas Parkin & Gemoche Mendez. 
Robert Butler «k Mary d'Sema. 


Charles Hunter & Mary Ellis. 
Richard Palmer & Mary Kelly. 
Phillip Charles «k Catherine Mendez. 
John Owen ife Mary Bell. 
Joseph Smitten & Anna d'Rozario. 


Cristopher Cradock ^ ^® tfe Grace Cook. 

Charles Hopkins <k Phillis Bright. 

Noah Casamajor^20 ^ Rebecca Powney. Given by the 

Honble. Richard Benyon. 
Randal Bayne & Levera d'Silva. 
Charles Allen «k Paternella Cornelia Hartrouch. 
James Berriman ^^i «k Frances Aspinwall. 
John Stevens <fe Myrtilla Harris. 
Daniel Morley <k Mary Resdall. 


Francis Sawyer & Mary White. 

Richard Patterson & Elizabeth Phillips. 

Fenwicke Golightly & Charlotte Mansell. 

Samuel Barlow ^22 ^^ Xna Drake. 

Thomas White, a watchmaker, & Mary Taylor. 

[N.B. Immediately after this marriage it appeared by 
undeniable evidences that the Abovesaid Thomas White 
was married in the parish of St. Thomas, South wark, 
about seven years agoe to a woman of that parish now 


April 24. John Hansaker <fe Dorothy Adams. 
May 1. William Johnson & Jevell Parange. 
May 13. John Savage ^^^ <k Ann Burton. 

"' Son of Christopher and Florentia Cradock. His wife Grace was 
daughter of Thomas Cooke ; she died 1749 at Fort St. David (monument). 

** Noah Casamajor, free merchant, 1732. Company's nervice 1744 ; buried, 
Fort St. George, Sept. 4, 1746. His wife, dau. of John and Mary Powney, 
was bap. Sep. 26, 1715. 

*** James Berriman, son of Jas. and Mary Berriman, was bap. May 9, 1716 ; 
both father and son in Company's service, commanding ships. 

^^ Samuel Barlow, Company's service, commanding ship. His wife, dau. 
of George and Sophia Drake, was bap. May 28, 1723. See note 96, p. 60. 

*® John Savage, Company's service, came out 1726; mar., secondly, Ann, 
dau. of Captain John and Mary Powney. 






































July 5. John Scrimsour 124 <fe Elizabeth Christall. 

Oct. 14. The Honble. Richard Benyon,^'^^ Esq., & Mrs. Frances 

Oct. 19. Charles Simpson ^ 26 ^ Elizabeth Aspinwall. 
Nov. 4. Randal Bayne <fe Catherina Bart. 
Nov. 6. Peter Helbrage & Martha Keith. 

Jan. 12. Joseph Bell & Anna de Monte. 


April 25. Thomas Bradshaw «k Constantia Gale. 

April 27. The Hevd. Mr. Robert Wynch »fc Mrs. Margaret Rous.^^r 

April 28. George Brighton^^s ^ Mary Crossen. 

May 12. Thomas Sedgefield & Rebecca Ransome. 

June 25. Thomas Phillips «k Simoa Tipping. 

Oct. 18. John Graham 129 Sl Phebe Russel. 

Jan. 22. Robert Northleigh «k Mary CoUinson. 


June 21. Matthew Empson i^o <k Elizabeth Plumb. 
Aug. 25. Charles Engleson <k Catherine d'Rosairo. 
Dec. 2. Alexander George Grear (fe Lucia Cooke. 

Feb. 26. William Henry Southby ^^^ <k Frances Berryman. 


May 5. Nicholas Salm & Domingo Parere. 

— The Revd. Mr. Howard & Miss Hannah Parker. 

[This entry is not named in the margin like the rest of 
the marriages, but is entered thus : — " The Banns of 
Marriage were published in a due and lawful manner 
between the Revd. Mr. Howard and Miss Hannah 
Parker, viz. on the 21 day of September 1741 for the 

^^ John Scrimsour, in the Gkurison; buried as Captain, Mar. 16, 1763. 

** Richd. Benyon, Governor of Madras, son of Daniel and Mary Benyon ; 
bap. Nov. 26, 1698. 

"* Charles Simpson came out. Company's service, 1717; died at Vizagapatam 
as Chief 1741. 

^^ Widow of Francis Rous. See note 116. 

^* Altered in the Register from Bright to Brighton. 

^^ John Graham, Company's service, came out 1718. His wife on list of 
widows, Fort St. George, 1749. 

^ Matthew Empson, son of Matthew and Elizabeth, bap. Feb. 21, 1701. 
Company's service from 1717 — 1748 ; his wife was dau. of Wm. and Ann 
Plumbe, and was bap. March 11, 1720. 

^* William Uy. Southby, Lieut, in the Garrison; his wife was widow of 
James Berriman. Mrs. Southby and dau. went to England 1750. 


first time. On the 29th of Sept. 1741 for the second 
time, and Mrs. Mary Parker, Mother of the said 
Hannah appeared & forbad the banns for this time 
only. On the 4th day of Octobr. 1741 for the third 
time, and no other person appeared to forbid the Banns 
or to show any just Cause or Impediment why they 
might not be joined together in Holy Matrimony."] 

Oct. 24. Cornelius Goodwin ^^^ ^ Mary Powney. 

Oct. 29. John Holland ^s* & Sophia Fowke. 


May 7. John Russel & Elizabeth Hawks. 
May 7. Isaac Marygeot & Ann Wake. 
July 7. Samuel Griffith is* & Mary Beard. 


Jan. 11. Joseph Banaster & Margaret Salm. 
Jan. 24. Richard Prince ^^ & Elizabeth Simpson. 
Feb. 7. John Shaw & Christiana Dutton. 


April 5. Henry De Veil & Martha Symonds. 

April 7. George Goring ^^^ & Jane Smart. 

May 3. Foss Westcott^^^ & Ann Pye. 

May 21. John Griffin & Elizabeth Ransom. 

Jan. 24. Thomas Raven & Mary Taylor. 


Aug. 14. John Savage & Ann Powney. 

Aug. 22. John Passwater & Maria Passamier. 

Oct. 28. Robert Sloper & Ann Crawford. 

Feb. 25. William Fytche^w & Lucia Beard. 

^^ Cornelias Goodwin, Company's service, went to England 1768; his wife 
was dan. of Captain John and Mary Powney; buried Nor. 19, 1742. 

*" John Holland, Lieut, in Garrison 1746, " gentleman of about forty." 
(Selections from Calcutta Oaxettes. Note to above says he died in Calcutta.) 
His wife, dau. of Randall and Ann Fowke, was bap. Aug. 28, 1722. 

^ Samuel Griffith, son of Henry and Ann, was bap. June 8, 1699. Com- 
mander of Company's ship. His wife was dau. of . . . Beard. 

** Richard Prince, Company's service, resigned 1752, and went to England. 

** (George Goring, third son of Sir Harry Goring ; Commander of Company's 
ship; buried at Calcutta Nov. 11, 1750, aged 40 years. His wife was dau. 
of Jonathan and Jane Smart, both of whom were buried at Calcutta [Bengal 

^ Foss Westcott, son of Captain George, Company's service, commanding 
ship ; ancestor of Dr. Westcott, late Bp. of Durham. His wife was dau. of 
John and Eleanor Pye. 

^^ Wm. Fytche, Company's service, transferred to Bengal. Goods sent by 
brother, Thomas Fytche, 1735. His wife was dau. of . . . Beard. 



April 15. William Johnson & Elizabeth Beard. 

April 22. Edward Jacobus* & Martha Watkins. 

July 15. Thomas Skimington <fe Catherina De Lima. 

July 31. Adrian Miller & Sarah Jackerina. 


Feb. 11. Thomas Blake & Ann Rosairo. 


April 14. James Warren <& Catherine Ransom. 
May 14. Thomas Moss Jd Maria de Rozario. 
June 12. John Kent <& Mary Johnson. 

[From 1746 to 1749 Fort St. George was in the hands of the French.] 


Nov. 21. Daniel Williams <fe Francisco Loion. 

Nov. 23. William Jordan «k Eleanor Buttcler [1 Butler]. 

Nov. 28. William Hay & Juliana Funk. 


May 7. Joseph Fowke**® & Elizabeth Walsh. 

July 4. Charles Campbell & Susannah Morgan. ^*^ 

July 18. Thomas Taylor »*2 ^ Mary Morgan.^" 

Aug. 1. James Wilson & Elizabeth De Voss. 

Dec. 30. John Bartlet <fe Henrietta Thorpe. 


May 6. John Crawley Sc Cornelia de Frety. 


May 13. Alexander Watt & Ann Watt. 

July 4. John De Mare <& Anna Mansell.**^ 

July 15. John Bachman dlr Lucy Howe. 

July 26. James James & Lucy Demon t. 

Nov. 20. Lieut. Pero, of the train of Artillery, & Mary Ringer. 

Dec. 28. John Agey Sergeant & Jane Johnston. 


Feb. 18. Robert C1ive,i** Esq., & Margaret Maskelyn. 

Mar. 15. Samuel Eccles Sergeant & Ann Johnston. 

Mar. 19. John Longstaff &, Maria de Rosario. 

April 30. Christopher Lupton <k Domingal . . . 

Aug. 15. Corporal Johnston & Esther . . . 

^ Edward Jacob, Commander 8. " Princess Augusta," taken by the Gheria 
pirate. Anuria ; ransom attempted 1747 ; died 1748. 

^^ Joseph Fowko, son of Randal and Ann, bap. Oct. 22, 1716; in Company's 
service 1736. 

^*^ Daughters of Captain John De Morgan. 

^^ Thomas Taylor, Company's service, buried as Captain Ap. 2, 1755. 

**» Dau. of Ralph and Grace Mansell, bap. Dec. 16, 1726. 

^^ Robert Clive, afterwards the great Lord Clive; his wife was dau. of 
Edmund Maskolyne by Elizabeth, dau. of John Booth, of Woodford ; she 
was bap. 1785, and died 1817. 


John Griffin <fe Frances Harris. ^*^ 
John Pybus^*® & Martha Small. 
John Innys^*-^ & Ann Morgan.^*® 


Thomas Duffield Carpenter & Mary Butler, servant to 

Mr. Morse. 
Jeremiah Bugg Sergeant <fe . . . Cotto. 
Charies Boddam,^^® Esq., & Frances Morse. 
Henry Vansittart *^® & Emelia Morse. 
John Edge Sergeant & Hannah Henderson. 
Captain Alexander Cossby <fe Mrs. Sarah Cossby. 
Mr. Thomas Coles, of Bengal, & Frances Rouse. 
James Henderson & Jane Campbell. 
John Williams Sergeant & Fanny Francisco. 
Alexander Wynch, Esq., & Florentia Cradock. 


Edward Holmes 6l Ann Smith. 
Francis Cozens & Margret More. 
Paul Ferris <fe Catherine Funk. 
George Woodley & Mary Fario. 
Thomas Woodman & Domingo Vares. 
Robert Turing, surgeon, *fc Mary Taylor. ^^^ 
Derrich La Vallee & Christiana Julia. 
John McKerister <& Catherine Ballard. 
Robert Cockrum & Elizabeth Garganavan. 


William Tedman & Joana Demount. 

John Gleeson & Margatta de Rosara. 

William Richardson & Flora de Rosara. 

William Wilkins <& Maria de Costa. 

John Dellicoat & Joan De Fonseer. 

Thomas Wilks & Thomasia Lupton. 

George Mackay, free merchant, & Sarah Stretton.^^* 

George Davis & Lucy Ferado. 

William Mattison & Tomasia De Rosero. 

Francis Ganget De La Sandre & Catherina Kassely. 

Robert McBride <k Rose De Rosario. 

** Frances, wife of John Griffen, bnried at St. Mary's Cemetery, Oct. 12, 
1767, aged 47 (monument). 

*** John Pybus was in Company's service. 

"7 John Innes, Captain, Company's service, buried Sep. 29, 1760. 

** Daughter of Captain John De Morgan. 

*^ Charles, son of Charles and Mary Boddam, bap. May 10, 1719; in 
Company's service ; his wife was dau. of Nicholas and Jane Morse ; bap. 
Sep. 6, 1736. 

'** Henry, son of Arthur Vansittart, of Shottesbrook, Berks, by a dan. 
of Sir John Stonhouse. Yansittart's grandson was created Lord Bexley. 
Emelia, his wife, was dau. of Nicholas and Jane Morse. 

*'* Mary Taylor, widow of Captain Thos. Taylor and dau. of Captain John 
De Morgan. 

*** Dau. of John and Mary Stratton. 





























































































William Bedhouse & Joana de Hana. 

Mr. Thomas RumbalP*^ & Miss Frances Berriman. 

Ralph Win wood 1" & Ellener Wood. 

Captain Richard Smith &, Miss Amelia Hopkins. ^^^ 

Mark Noble & Mary Johnson. 

John Harrison, Esq., & Miss Margery Croke. 

Richard Hobbs & Lucinda Smith. 


Samuel Evenden & Joanna De Silver. 

Samuel Hardcraft & Mary Rozero. 

George Sparks & Mary Merigeot. 

Uriah Moy & Hannah Baptisto. 

Samuel Ratlif & Lisarda Cornelia. 

John Maxwell Stone & Mary Seale. 

Captain Thomas Townsend & Mrs. Frances Coles. 


Charles Skelton & Elarca White. 
William Bratchell & Ursula Vinyard. 
Chi-istopher Maclane & Elizabeth Goodear. 
John Dormond & Frances Turing. 


Captain Charles Tod & Miss Frances Empson.^^ 

Paul Ferris <fe Agnes Daniel. 

Joseph Turner & Rasa . . . 

Thomas Jones & Catherine McKerister. 

Jacob Cobler <fe Maria De Rozra Dowler. 


William Peters & Minga de Roziro. 
Mark Wellman & Mary Randall. 
John Podmore <k Rosina Ward. 
Peter Disley <fe Jane Salter. 
Richard Smith & Mary Murphy. 

CTo he continued.) 

»" Tho8. Rumball, (?) son of Henry and Sarah Rumbold, bap. Sop. 27, 1723. 
Hifl wife PrancoB, dau. of Jamos and Frances Berriman, was bap. Ang. 25, 
1738, and buried at Calcutta, Aug. 22, 1764, aged 26 years. 

»" Ralph Winwood, Major. Eleanor, his wife, bur. Sep.' 22, 1766, at 

»" Amelia, dau. of Chaa. and Phillis Hopkins, bap. May 22, 1738. 

*^ Frances, dau. of Matthew and Elizabeth Empson. 



The English Foliots, Folyotts, or Folliotts — for the name was 
spelled in various ways — appear to have been a branch of an 
ancient Norman family, and to have settled originally in Yorkshire, 
where in the reign of William the Conqueror they were lords of 
Fenwick and Foliot's Fee.^ 

They subsequently acquired the manor of Northon in the same 
county ; the manor of Grimston in the county of Nottingham ; 
and other manors in Norfolk and Derby.^ Fenwick and Northon 
were apparently mesne manors within the manor of Pontefract. 

On the great Roll of the Pipe of 31 Henry I, we find a William 
Foliot in Yorkshire, and a Pain Foliot in Devonshire ^ ; but after- 
wards they are met with in many other counties in England. 

E&r\y in the reign of Edward III, the Folliott possessions in 
the counties of York, Nottingham, and Norfolk came to Margaret 
or Margery, daughter and heiress of Sir Richard Folliott * ; and on 
her subsequent marriage with Sir Hugh Hastings, they passed to 
the Hastings family.* 

In Harl. MS. 4,630, fol. 201, the following passage is found : — 

"ffolyott of ffenwicke in the Wapentake of Osgoldcrosse beares 
gules a bend argent. 

John ffolyott. Lord of ffenwicke, married the daughter of S' Adam 
Newmarche Kn*; had issue John. 

John ffolyott Esq., son and heire of John, and Lord of ffenwicke, 
married Annabella, daughter of S' John Pollington of PoUington 
in P^lne, near Snaithe, Kn*; had issue S"* Richard, Cuthbert, and 

S*" Richard ffolyott, Kn*, son and heire of John, and Lord of 
ffenwicke, marryed [WanAr], daughter of S"^ John of Emley, Kn*; 
had issue Margaret, his daughter and sole heire, married to Sr Hugh 
Hastings, Kn^ in whose right he was Lord of ffenwicke and 
ffolyott ffee, which lands were holden of Wittm Placiter, Earle of 
Warren, Sussex and Surrey." 

One of the younger members of the Yorkshire family settled in 
Worcestershire, where a branch of the family existed in the reign 
of Henry I.^ From this stock came Hugh Foliot, Bishop of 
Hereford in 1219 ; and of this name and perhaps family were 
Gilbert Foliot, bishop of the same See in 1161, who was afterwards 
translated to London, and Robert Foliot, who was consecrated 
Bishop of Hereford by h>t. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Pedigrees of the Worcestershire family are given in Nash's 
History of Worcestershire, vol. ii, p. 528, and in the Visitation 
of Worcestershire in Harl. Soc., xxvii, p. 53. 

From the Worcestershire Foliots descended Sir Henry Folliott, 
Governor of Ballyshannon, co. Donegal, who was created Lord 

* Nash's History of Worcestershire (second ed.), ii, 268. 

* Cal. Inquisitions Post Mortem, i, 150, 324. 

* Great Roll of the Pipe, 31 Henry I, ed. Joseph Hunter, pp. 26, 154. 
■* Cal. Inquisitions Post Mortem, ii, 30. 

^ 15., p. 136. 

* Nash's History of Worcesterhire ii, 257. 


Folliott, Baron of Ballyshannon, in the Peerage of Ireland, on 
22 Jan. 1619/20. He became one of the Undertakers in the Planta- 
tion of Ulster; and frequent mention of him is made in the State 
Papers of the period. 

Early in the seventeenth century one William Folliott migrated 
from England to the city of Londonderry. As his arrival occurred 
at the time when Sir Henry Folliott, afterwards Lord Folliott, 
was actively concerned with Irish affairs, and especially with those 
in the Province of Ulster, one might conjecture that this William 
Folliott was a cadet of the Worcestershire family, following the 
fortunes of his house. However, the Rev. James Folliott, of 
Stapeley House, Nantwich, who took a great deal of trouble about 
seventy years ago in collecting materials for a family pedigree, 
has left amongst his papers a document stating, amongst other 
things, that this William Folliott came from Yorkshire; and the 
pedigree of the Folliott family given in the early editions of 
Burke's Landed Gentry, the materials for which were no doubt 
supplied by the Rev. James Folliott, repeats this statement. 

The Yorkshire origin was perhaps a matter of tradition amongst 
the Folliotts of Londonderry, for there does not appear to be any 
documentary evidence on the subject. 

William Folliott had two sons, Thomas and Robert. Thomas, 
the eldest son, established himself at Coleraine in the county 
Londonderry, and his only son went to the East Indies and died 
without issue. Robert, the younger son, served in the Army, 
and on his retirement married Eleanor Bradshaw, of Bradshaw Hall, 
CO. Lancaster, and settled down in the city of Londonderry. His 
name appears on the Hearth Money Roll of the city and county 
of Londonderry for Michaelmas 1663, now in the Public Record 
Office, Dublin. 

Robert Folliott had three sons, viz., William, John, and Henry ; 
but of these William, the eldest son, alone needs notice. He was 
born in Londonderry in 1644, and married Jane, daughter of 
Matthew Thompson of the co. Antrim, by his wife Jane Coburn, 
Of this marriage there was issue two children, viz., Elinor, born 
in Londonderry in 1670, who married Humphrey Ewing, and 
William, who was born in Londonderry on 18 March 1686. He 
entered the Army when not quite fifteen years old, and served in 
Spain in the War of the Spanish Succession. He was at the 
taking of Barcelona and Alicante, and was taken prisoner at the 
battle of Almanza. Having made his escape, however, he was 
able to be present at Tortosa on 14 May 1707, when he was 
severely wounded by a shot through the right arm. For his 
bravery on this occasion he was recommended for a commission by 
General Earle, but he did not receive it until the year 1715. 

When quartered at Tilbury Fort, after liis return from Spain, 
he married Rosamond, daughter of John Greenstreet, of Tunbridge 
and Gi'avesend, by his wife Miss Knowles. There were four children 
of this marriage, viz., two sons who died in infancy, a daughter, 
Jane, who was married in 1747 to Mr. Philip Prosser of Dublin, 
merchant ; and a son William, who went to Antigua and married 
Mrs. Fowler, a widow. Of this marriage there was no issue. 


William Folliott, the elder, retired from the Army as a lieutenant 
on half -pay, and his wife Rosamond dying at Gravesend in 1720, 
he returned to his native city of Londonderry, and became a 
merchant there. In 1721 he married Joan, daughter of William 
Evory, one of the leading merchants of Londonderry, and by this 
second marriage he had four children, viz., three sons and one 
daughter. John, the eldest son, died young, having been drowned 
off the coast of Londonderry ; and Robert, the youngest, after 
living a roving, and not very satisfactory life, died unmarried, 
sometime before 1805. Margaret, the daughter, mariied Captain 
Thomas Duval, who ultimately attained the rank of a Major- 
General in the Army on 3 May 1796. She died in 1803, leaving 
several children, issue of this marriage. 

James Folliott, the second son, by whom the line of this branch 
of the FoUiotts was continued, will be noticed presently, but the 
career of George, the third son, will be first dealt with. He was 
born in 1729 in Londonderry, and when he grew up he resolved 
to seek his fortune in one of the British Colonies of North 
America. His parents were at first strongly opposed to this plan, 
but owing, as is believed, to the advice of his maternal uncle, 
George Evory, who was a medical man in Londonderry, their consent 
was ultimately given, and he emigrated to New York. Settling 
in New York City, he in the course of time became a successful 
and wealthy merchant and shipowner. In 1759 he married Jane, 
daughter of George Harison of New Yprk, merchant, by his wife 
Jane Nichols, but there were no children of the marriage. Two 
interesting volumes of the diaries kept by George Folliott are now 
in the possession of Lady Ijawrence of Belgard, co. Dublin.' One 
of these details his doings from 26 September 1765 to the 
7 June 1766, during a visit to England ; while the other, which 
covers a period from 6 July 1771 to 24 March 1775, is chiefly 
taken up with memoranda relating to the daily life of himself and 
his wife during the summers spent by them at Mr. Denyse's, The 
Narrows, New York Harbour, and his visits on business to lands 
in Dutchess County and elsewhere, of which he was in possession 
as a mortgagee. 

In 1775 he was elected a Member of the Provincial Congress 
for the city and county of New York, but declined sei*ving.2 
During the War of Independence he took the side of the Loyalists, 
with the result that all his property in lands and mortgages was 
confiscated. Forced at last to leave America, he and his wife and 
his emancipated slave Cato, sailed from New York, and arrived 
at Falmouth on 23 June 1784. The remainder of his life was 
spent almost entirely at Chester, where his brother James Folliott 
resided. He died in August 1810, and was buried at Chester. 
His wife had predeceased him, and by his will, dated 31 July 1809, 

* The diaries came to the late Sir Henry Lawrence, Bart., from his grandfather, 
Dr. Evory Kennedy of Belgard, and Dublin, a legatee under the will of Miss 
Margaret Evory referred to afterwards. 

' Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, by Lorenzo 
Sabine, vol. i, 429. 


he left the bulk of his property to his cousins, Dr. Thomas Evory 
of Dublin, and Margaret Evory, the children of his uncle, George 
Evory of Londonderry. At the time of his death his claims against 
the British Government for the losses sustained by him during the 
war were still unsatisfied. 

James Folliott, the second son of Lieutenant William Folliott 
of Londonderry, was born at Londonderry in 1726, and when he 
grew up was placed in the counting house of his uncle, James 
Evory, a merchant and shipowner of Dublin. He afterwards 
settl^ in Chester, and became one of the principal merchants in 
that city. He married first, in 1760, Mary, daughter of Rev. 
Edward Harwood, rector of Thornton, Cheshire, by his first wife 
Theodosia Trevisa,^ and there were two children of the marriage, 
namely, an only son, William Harwood Folliott, born in 1761, 
and a daughter Theodosia, who died in infancy. His wife Mary 
died in 1764, and after an interval of some years he married 
Catherine Darbishire, daughter of the rector of Davenham, but 
there was no issue of this marriage. 

His father. Lieutenant William Folliott of Londonderry, attained 
the age of ninety-two yeais, and died in Londonderry in 1778. 

The subsequent history of the family is suflSciently set out in 
the tabular pedigree overleaf. It will be seen that on the death 
of the Rev. James Folliott, of Stapeley House, Nantwich, in 1876, 
the male line of the Folliotts of Chester and Londonderry came 
to an end. 

At a time when ** ff " was used to denote a capital " F," the 
name of the family was written " ffolliott," and Lieutenant James 
Folliott in letters written between March 1755 and August 1770, 
now before the present writer, always so subscribed himself. But, 
as has often been pointed out, it is absurd at the present day 
to write surnames such as Folliott or French with "ff" instead 
of " F." As well might every Jones and Robinson insist on 
writing his name lones and Robinfon, because in former times 
" I " was the symbol used where " J " is now employed, and an 
" s " was represented by " f " when it was not a final letter. It 
need hardly be stated that such forms as Ffolliott, Ffrench, and 
the like are wholly indefensible. The double " f " discharged the 
functions of a capital " F," and if ** F " is used, the raison dii/re 
of the second " f " ceases to exist. 

The arms of Folliott of Chester and Stapeley House, near 
Nantwich, are given on plate xxxiv in Heraldic Illustrations by 
John Burke and John Bernard Burke (1844), and are: — 

Arms : Gules a bend argent. 

Crest : A lion rampant per pale argent and gules. ^ 

Edmund T. Bbwlet. 

* The pedijfree of the Harwood family will be found in Burke's Commoners, 
and Burke's Landed Gentry (second edition). 

' A large portion of the materials for the above article has been supplied by 
documents relating to the Folliott family kindly lent by Mrs. Devenish-Meares 
and Mrs. William Bellingham, daughters of the late G^rge Folliott, Esq., of 
Vicar's Cross, Chester. 


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By G. W. Watson. 

(Continued from p. 4S.J 




Frederic I von Runkel, Count of Wied. Same as N525. 

Agnes, Countess of Virneburg. Same a^ N526. 

Ernest I, Count of Mansfeld. Sam^ a« M1381. 

Margaret, Countess of Mansfeld-Heldrungen. Sam^ as Ml 382. 

Ernest IV, Count of Hohnstein-Lohra-Klettenberg. Same as 

Felicitas, Countess of Beichlingen. Same as M464. 
George I, Count of Lodron ; d. betw. 1466 and 1468.(149) 
Ginevra or Giulia, da. of . . . de Avogadro ; m. before 


(It seems hardly possible that Zclmira (called Zenivra by Mayrhofen), da. 
of Antonio Martinengo, and first wife of N869, could have been mother of 

. . . , Count of Brembati.(151) 

• . . . (152) 

Albert III, Schenk von Limpurg zu Gaildorf und Schmiedel- 

feld ; rf. . . . 1506.(87) 
Elizabeth, da. of William I, Count of Oettingen ; m. , . . 

1472 ; d. 28 July 1509.(59) 
George II, Count of Werdenberg-Sargans in Trochtelfingen ; 

d. 12 May 1500.(91) 
Catherine, da. of Charles I, Margrave of Baden; b. 15 Jan. 

1449; m. 15 Feb. 1464; d . . . (7) 
John, Herr von Bern; d, . . . 1490.(153) 
Helena, da. of Stephen, Herr von Closen.(154) 
Christopher, Herr von Ijaiming zu Ambrang.(155) 
Benigna, da of George, Herr von Fraunberg zu Hayden- 

Botho VII, Count of Stolberg ; d. 15 or 16 March 1455.(39) 

(ii). "Anno etc. lv dominica Letare" [16 March] (Stolberg. Ratsjahrhu^^h^ as 
in M449 note, 167) ; " 1465, sabato ante Letare " {Idem, 174) ; " MCCCrtiV, am 
sonnabent vor letare" (B. Grefenstein, MS. Chron. Thurin^., in Miilverstedt, 
Quellen, no. 1479; cf. no. 1487) ; not 1456 (Rittershosios), nor 1457 (Zeitfuchs). 

(149). Lodron :—Bucelinu8, iv, ii, 156-157; S. von Mayrhofen, Oeneal. des 
tirolischen Adeh (MS. in Land^smuseum '* Ferdinandeom " at Innsbruck, con- 
sulted by Dr. Mayr, Director of the k.k. Statthaltcrei-Archiv) ; A. Mongol, 
Lehen und Heldentod lies Grafcn Ludwig von L., in Zeitgch. des Fcrdinandeums fur 
Tirol und Vorarlherg, ill, xi, 1863, table; Wurzbach, xv, 369-384; Cesare, Conte de 
Festi, Geneal. delta nohil Casa di L. net Trentino, in Giornale araldico-geneal.- 
diplom. italianOf xvii, 1889, 1-14; [Idem, Geneal. dclla nohil Casa di L., 1893]. 

(151). Bbkmbati :— This name appears in many different forms: — Bombada 
(Spener), Brembate or Brambati (Mayrhofen), Brambato (Moriggl), Bram- 
bato or Brantiotti (Wurzbach) ; Brembati (Festi) appears to be correct. Dr. 
Mayr states that nothing is known of the parentage of M436. 

(153). Bkbn (or von deb Leiter = della Scala) :— Hund, ii, 44-47; 
Bucelinus, iv, ii, 240-241 ; Conte Pompeo Litta, Famiglie Celehri Ituliane^ 
1819, etc., pedigree of Delia Scala. 

(154). Closen :— Hund, ii, 132-139. 

(166). Laiming :— Hund, ii, 140-148 ; Bucelinus, iv, ii, 141. 








N898. Anna, da. of Henrv XXIV (XXIX), Count of Schwarzburg; 
h. 27 Jan. 1416; w. 17 June 1431 ; d. 24 Dec. 1481.(23) 

(i). " 1416, des andem Tages nach Conversionis Pauli " [27 Jan.] (Jovius, 406) ; 
not 26 Jan. (Cohn, Behr). (ii). " Hochzcit dominica post Viti [17 June] Anno 
XXXI " (Miilyerstedt, no. 934, from' the Archiv at Sondershausen). (iii). "Den 
heyligen abint der gebort vnsers Hem Jhesu Christi [24 Dec], anno domini 
Lxxxi Jar " {Cod. MS. Quedl., as in L225 note, 42, and in Miilverstedt, no. 1931). 

N899. Volradll, Countof Mansfeld;^. . . . 1450.(31) 
N900. Anna, da. of Ernest VIII, Count of Gleichen-Tonna ; m, 
before 4 Dec. 1431 ; living 1437.(58) 

(i). m. before "den Montag [3 Dec] an S. Barbaren Tag [4 Dec] 1431" 
(Sagittarius, 153). 

N901. Eberhard III, Herr von Eppstein zu Konigstein ; d, , . . 

(ii). He died between 21 Jan. 1475 and " Samstag nach Letare [11 March] 
1475" (Joannis, 815 b, note d). 

N902. Anna, da. of Adolphus II, Count of Nassau- Wiesbaden- 
Idstein ; m. (c. 8 Feb. 1425) abt. 1438 ; c?. . . . 1465.(6) 

(ii). in.c. dated " 1425, Donrstag nach Sente Dorotheentag der heiligen 
jungfrawen" [8 Feb.] (Hagelgans, 32) ; m. before "1438, feria quarta proodma 
post Dominicam . . . judica" [2 Apr.] (Id., ibid.) 

N903. Ludwig von der Mark, Herr zu Rochefort.(l) 

N904. Nichola, da. of Gobert d'Aspremont, Seigneur de Busancy; 

rf . . . 1470.(156) 

N905 Ernest X, Count of Gleichen-Blankenhain ; d. abt. 1458.(58) 

N906. Elizabeth, da. of . . . Vitzthum, Herr zu Tannroda.(157) 

N907. . . ., Freiherr von Risenberg zu Schlaggenwald.(158) 

N908. . . . (159) 

N909. ... (160) 

N910. . . . (161) 

N911. . . . (162) 

N912. . . . (163) 

N913. Bernhard V, Count of Regenstein and Blankenburg; d. 

25 Jan. 1459.(164) 

(ii). Living "am Bondage Misericordia Domini [16 Apr.] 1458" (G. Schmidt, 
Urkund€nhu<:'h des Stiftes S. Bonifacii in Halherstudty 1881, no. 265) ; " Mcccc. .nil 
in die s. pauli [25 Jan.] obiit " (M.I., in Zeitsch. des HarzvereinSy xxv, 142). 

N914. Elizabeth, da. of Gebhard V, Count of Mansfeld ; m. abt. 

1441 ; d . . . 1474.(31) 
N915. John II, Count of Hohnstein-Vierraden-Schwedt. Same as 

N916. Anna, Princess of Anhalt-Dessau. Same as M462. 

(See M462 note as to the mother of M458). 

(164). Regenstein and Blankenburg : — P. Jovius, Die Grafen von iJ., in 
Grundvig und Klotzsch, as in note 39, Wi, 1772, 348-375 ; J. C. Stiibner, Denkvmr- 
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R. und B.y ibid.j xxv, 146-167 ; /dem, Geneal. der Grafen von R. und B., ibid., zxxii, 
1899, 318.836. 


N921. Henry IX, Count of Hohnstein-Heldrungen ; d abt. 

N922. Margaret, da. of Engelbrecht [1 Engelhard TX], Herr von 

Weinsberg.( 1 65) 
N923. George I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau. Same as Ml 335. 

(He was m. four times ; 1, to Matilda (da. of Otto III von Bernburg) ; 2, in 
1432, to Ofifka or Euphemia (da. of Conrad III, Duko of Silesia-Oels), who d. in 
1442; 3, to Sophia (da. of Sigismund von Hohnstein), who d. in 1451; 4, to 
M1336. It is not known which wife was mother of M462, but it was probably 
the second or third). 

N924. . . . (13) or (39) 

(The mother of [Elizabeth] von Plesse, mentioned in M462 note, was 
Elizabeth, da. of Dietrich VII, Count of Hohnstein- Heringen). 

N925. Henry XI, der Kiihne, Count of Hohnstein-Lohra-Kletten- 
berg;d . . . 1455 [not 1454].(39) 

(ii). 1455 (Stolherg. Ratsjahrhu^^h^ as in M449 note, 167). 

N926. Margaret, da. of Henry VII, Count of Waldeck.(24) 

N927. John I, Count of Beichlingen ; d . . . 1485.(166) 

N928. Margaret, da. of Volrad II, Count of Mansfeld [N899] ; 

m. . . . 1459.(31) 
N957. Simon V, Count of Lippe ; b. 1470 or 1471; d — Sep. 


(ii). "In 66 Lebensjahre 17 Sep. 1536" (Entry in Detmold mass-book, in 
Preuss, no. 3257) ; " vi Kalendas Octobris 1536 " (Necrology of Falkenhagen, in 
Strunck, as in N7 note, iii, 222) ; " 1536, am Tage Cosmii und Damiani" [27 Sep.] 
(Varnhagen, as in note 24, ii, 160) ; 17 Sep. (Pideritius, Cohn, Behr). 

N958. Magdalena, da. of Gebhard VII, Count of Mansfeld 
[L691]; m. (c. 18 March 1523) before 16 March 1524; 
d. 23 Jan. 1540.(31) 

(ii). m.c. dated " Mittwoch nach Latare [18 March] 1528 " (Preuss, no. 3109) ; 
m. before " Cyriacus [16 March] 1524" (Idem, no. 3119). 

N959. Philip III, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg. Same as M1441. 
N960. Anna, da. of John II, Duke of Cleve [N5] ; 6. 21 May 1495 ; 
m.c. 21 Jan. 1519 ; d. 24 May 1567.(1) 

(Life, by Pastor Langenbcck zu Berndorf, in Curtze's Beitrdge, as in note 24, ii, 
1869, 541-570). (iii). "1567, den 24 Mai, Morgens zwischen 5 vnd 6 Vhr" 
(J. Trygophorus, Annot. MS. — Varnhagen, ii, 152). 

N985. Arnold II, Count of Steinfurt; d. . . , 1553.(168) 
N986. Walpurgis, da. of Wolrave II, Heer van Brederode.(169) 
N987. Conrad, Count of Tecklenburg; 6. . . . 1493; d. 1556 or 

(165). Wkinsberq :— N922 is not mentioned in K. Jager, Die Burg TT., 1825, 
nor in F. L. J. Dillenius, W. Chron., 1860. 

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(ii). 16 Aug. 1556 (Holsche, Behr) ; 9 March or 6 May 1557 (Steinen) ; 
5 March 1557 (Stronck, as in N7 note, iii, 345) ; 6 March 1557 (Cohn). 

N988. Matilda, da. of William I, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel 
[N355] ; m. (c 5 Dec. 1526) 19 May 1527 ; rf. . . . 

(ii). m.c. dated "am Mittwoch nach Barbara [5 Dec] 1526" (Hoffmeister, 
26, from the Archiv at Marburg) ; m. " 1527, am Son tag cantate " [19 May] 
(Steinen, iv, 1058). (iii). 6 May (Behr); 17 Aug. (Rittershusius, Strieder, 
Hoffmeister, Cohn) ; 18 Aug. (Steinen, Fahne). 

N989. Gumprecht III, Count of Neuenahr.(170) 

N990. Amelia, or Anna, da. of William, Count of Wertheim 

N991. Wirich IX von Daun, Count of Falkenstein-Limburg ; b. 

. . . U73; living 1546.(171) 
N992. Irmengarde, da. of Sebastian I, Count of Sayn-Homburg ; 

m.c. 14 Nov. 1505; living 1545.(16) 

(ii). m.c. dated " 1505, auf Freytag nach Sanct Mertins Tag des heiligen 
Bischoffs" [14 Nov.] {Recht8-gegrundet4:8 Bedencken, 147). 

N1417. Philip III, Count of Hanau-Munzenberg ; 6. 30 Nov. 

1526 ; d. 14 Nov. [not 26 Nov.] 1561.(148) 
N1418. Helena, da. of John II, Count Palatine in Simmern- 

Sponheim [M5]; b. 13 June 1532; m. 22 or 23 Nov. 

1551 ; d. 5 Feb. 1579.(5) 

(ii). 22 Nov. (Behr); 23 Nov. (Hajutle) ; 10 Dec. (Cohn). 
N1469. John II, Count of Gleichen-Remda ; d. 16 July 1545.(58) 

(ii). " mdxlv am xvi tag des hcymons " (M.I., in Sagittarius, 242). 

N1470. Anna, da. of Sigismund II, Count of Gleichen-Tonna 
[N557] ; m. 5 May 1533 ; living 1553.(58) 

(ii). Dispensation from the Elector John-Frederic of Saxony that the 
" Heyrath Montags nach Philippi Jacobi [5 May] 1533 vollzogen worden *' 
(Sagittarius, 243). 

N1471. Dietrich IV, Herr von Plesse ; b. . . . 1499; d. 22 May 

N1472. Catherine, da. of Henry I Reuss, Herr von Piauen zu 
Greiz ; m. (c. 9 Sep. 1528) 25 July 1529 ; d . . . 1555.(32) 

(ii). VI.C. dated " Mittwoch nach Maria Gcburt [9 Sep.] 1528 " (Wenck, ii, 

N1505. Charles II, Margrave of Baden- Durlach. Same as L725. 
N1506. Anna, Countess Palatine in Veldenz. Same as L726. 
N1507. Frederic, Wild- and llhingrave in Salm and Neufville. 

Same as K71. 
N1508. Francisca, da. of John VII (VIII), Count of Salm; m. 

. . . 1570 ;rf. . . . 1587.(12) 

(170). Neuknahr:- Steinen, as in note J, iv, 1331-1340; Fahne, as in note 
17, i, 302-303; A. J. Weidenbach, Die Cirafen von Are, Hochstaden und N., 1845. 

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(Jebhanli, i, 675-704. 

(172). Plesse : — J. Meier, Oruj. PlessenseSf 1713; Wenck, as in note 8, ii, 


N1577. Kuno IT, Count of Leiningen and Westerburg ; 6. 27 Sep. 

1487 ; d. 23 Nov. 1547.(25) 
N1578. Maria, da. of Botho VIII, Count of Stolberg rL225] ; 6. 

8 Dec. 1507 ; m, 14 July 1523 ; d, 6 Jan. 1571.(39) 

(i). " Mcccccvii vff mitwoch, vfif vnser lieben frauen tag concepcionis 
Marie vnder der Hochmessen" [8 Dec] (MS. as in K113 note — Miilverstedt, 
Quellen, no. 2722). 

N1579. Reinhard von Isenburg, Count of Biidingen-Birstein ; h» 

. . . 1518; d. 28 Feb. 1568.(27) 
N1580. Elizabeth, da. of Philip IV, Count of Waldeck-Wildungen 

[L27]; h, 10 Dec. 1525; m. . . . 1542; d 30 March 


(iii). " 1543 vf Freitag nach Ostern" [30 March] (M.I., in Varnhagen, ii, 58). 

N1581. John III Ungnad von Weissenwolf, Freiherr zu Sonneck ; 

6. . . . 1493; d. 27 Dec. 1564.(173) 
N1582. Anna, da. of George, Count of Thurn ; d, before 1 July 

N1937. Julius I, Count of Hardegg, Glatz and in Machland. 

Same as M365. 
N1938. Gertrude, Countess of Eberstein. Same as M366. 
N1939. Francis-Nappo, Count of Thurn in Kreuz; 6. . . . 1509; 

d . . . 1586.(174) 
N1940. Anna-Ludomilla, da. of Peter Berka von Duba, Herr auf 

Leipa und Biirgstein ; m. . . . 1533 ; d. 22 Oct. 1558.(175) 

(iii). "Si starb 22 Octob. 1558" (Familienbuch Sigmunds von Herher stein y vlb 
in L192 note, 358 — whore her daughter [M970] is called Eva). 

N1941. (Jeorge IV, Freiherr von Herberstein ; h. 18 July 1501 ; 
d. 18-19 Sep. [not 16 May nor 16 Sep.] 1560.(139) 

" Gepom am 18 Jnlij 1501 . . . hat eelichen genomen jnnckfrawen Barbara 
hem Achatzen Schroten tochter, 27 Julij 1514 . . . starb in der nacht nach dem 
18 Sept. 1560" (Idem, 321). 

N1942. Barbara, da. of Achaz Schrott, Herr von Kindberg ; m, 
27 July 1514 ; d. before 3*0 Jan. 1553.(176) 

N1943. Balthasar, Herr von Lamberg zu Rottenbtihel, Weisseneck 
und Griinbach; d. — Jan. 1561.(110) 

(ii). " A** etc. 61 im Janoario " {Notizenblatt der k. Akad. der Wisaenschaftenf i, 
1851, 221). 

N1944. Catherine, da. of Felician, Herr von Petschach.(l77) 
N1945. Julius I, Count of Hardegg, Glatz and in Machland. Same 
as M365. 

(173). Ungnad von Weissenwolf : — Bucelinus, in, ii, 247 ; F. Galin de 
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(177). Pktschach : — Bucelinus, in, ii, 169. 


N1946. Gertrude, Countess of Eberstein. Same as M366. 

N1947. John III von Runkel, Count of Wied ; d, 15 June 1581.(25) 

N1948. Catherine, da. of Philip II, Count of Hanau-Miinzenberg ; 

6. 26 March 1525; m. . , . 1545; living 15 June 

(i). 26 March (Jacobs, as in L36 note, 351 and table) ; 26 Apr. (Idem^ 25). 

N1949. George IV, Freiherr von Herberstein. Same as N1941. 
N1950. IWbara Schrott, Herrin von Kindberg. Same as N1942. 
N1951. Nicholas II, Freiherr von Madrutz ; d . . . 1570.(178) 

(S. von Herberstein, as in L192 note, 348, 401, calls him " Freiherr zu 
Madrutsch, Aui vnd Brenthoni (Brintani) " ; the Chron. der Orafen von Arco^ 
as in note 92, 74, '' Marquis von Challant, Avi und Bentonico"). 

N1952. Dina [not Blanche, nor Juliana], da. of Alexander I, Count 

of Arco.(92) 
N1953. William Tattenpeck.(179) 

N1954. Dorothea, da. of William, Herr von Neuhaus.(180) 
N1955. George Wiicherer, Herr von Drasendorf.(181) 
N1956. Agnes, da. of Benedict Graswein.(182) 
N1957. Francis Gall, Herr von Gallenstein zum Lueg.(183) 
N1958. Magdalena, da. of [1 William] Gall, Herr von Rudolfs- 

egg.( 183) 

(Bucelinus, followed by Lehr, Etudes gSnSal.f tab. 61, makes Catherine von 
der Ddrr, first wife of N1957, mother of M979 ; but this marriage was childless, 
according to S. von Herberstein, as in L192 note, 371, 405). 

N1959. Nicholas, Herr von Wildenstein.(l84) 

(According to the genealogists (Bacelinus, Spener, Hiibner, Hoheneok, Lehr, 
Worzbach), M980 was daughter of Sigismund von Wildenstein ; but J. Bergmann 
(Mittheil. der k.k. CentralcommisHian zar Erforschung und Erhaltung der Baudenk- 
malCf ii, 1857, 184) proves conclusively that she was his sister). 

N1960. Ursula, da. of Wolfgang, Herr von Oberburg.(185) 

(Wolfgang (Witting), but Christopher according to Bucelinus). 

N1961. Leo IV Hohenecker, Herr zu Praittenbruck.(186) 
N1962. Margaret, da. of John III Zeller, Herr zu Zell und 

N1963. Diepold Auer, Herr von Tobl und Kleeberg.(188) 
N1964. Agatha, da. of John, Herr von Holtz.(189) 
N1965. John Flusshart, Herr zu Pottendorf.(l90) 

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N1966. Elizabeth, da. of Pancraz Krossling, Herr zum Dorf ;m.c. 
18 Oct. 1523.(191) 

(ii). w. c. dated " Son n tag nach S. Colmani Tag [18 not 22 Oct.] 1523" 
(Hoheneck, iii, 176, 320; Wissgrill, iii, 62). 

N1967. Andreas, Herr von Rohrbach zu Marbach und Klingen- 
brunn; 6. . . . 1512; d 30 Dec. 1575 [not 1574].(192) 
(ii). " Den 30 Decemb. ira 1575 Jahr" (M.I., in Hoheneck, iii, 606). 

N1968. Martha, da. of Wolfgang Mager, Herr von Fuchsstat; d, 
. . . 1587.(193) 

(BucclinuB makes Catherine Vetzinger, first wife of N1967, mother of M984; 
but this is an error, according to Hoheneck, ii, 620, iii, 177, and Wissg^U, iii, 63). 

N1969. Leonhard II Presinger.(194) 

N1970. Catherine, da. of Leonhard Raumschussel, Herr zu 

N1971. Francis, Count of St. Georgen and Bosing; d. . . . 1534 

[not 1535].(196) 
N1972. Barbara, da. of Ulric IV, Herr von Weissbriach ; living 

N1973. Christopher, Herr von Tschernembl auf Hopffenbach, Eggen- 

stein und Windeck; 6. 16 Jan. 1504; d . . . 1538.(197) 
N1974. Margaret, da. of Christopher, Herr von Scharffenberg zu 

Hohenwang und Spilberg; 6. . . . 1516; m. . . . 1534; 

d (198) 

N1975. Erasmus I, Herr von Starhemberg zu Wildberg. Same as 

N1976. Anna, Countess of Schaunberg. Same as M372. 
N1977. Chnstopher Ennenckl, Herr zu Albrechtsberg ; living 2 July 

N1978. Ursula [not Margaret], da. of Sigismund Loisser; m. . . . 

N1979. David, Herr von Trauttmansdorf zu Totzenbach ; d 15 June 

(ii). " Den 15 Tag Jvni anno Domini 1545 '* (M.I.. in Wurzbach, xlvii, 68). 

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N1980. Amelia, da. of John, Herr von Lappitz zu Seisseneck und 

Zeillern [N711].(99) 
N1981. John Schiffer, Herr zu Irnharting.{202) 
N1982. Barbara, da. of Wolfgang Horleinsperger, Herr zu Tann- 

N1983. John, Herr von Scharffenberg zu Spilberg; b, 25 Dec. 

1509; rf 6 Sep. 1582.(198) 
N1984. Christina, da. of Michael, Freiherr von Eytzing zu Schratten- 

thal; 6. . . . 1515; m. . . . 1534; d. 20 Sep. 1582.(204) 
N1985. Frederic I, Count of Lowenstein ; b. 19 Aug. 1502 ; d. 3 Feb. 

N 1 986. Helena, da. of John IV, Freiherr von Konigsegg ; d. 20 Apr. 

N1987. Ludwig, Count of Stolberg-Rochefort-Konigstein ; 6. 12 Jan. 

1505; d. 1 Sep. 1574.(39) 

(i). " Mcccccv vf Sontag nach der heiligen dreier konige tag" [12 Jan.] 
(MS. as in K113 note— Miilverste^t, Quellen, no. 2632) ; not 13 Jan. (Zeitach. des 
Harzvereins, xii, 1879, 612). (ii). 1 Sep. (M.I., Idem, xvi, 1883, 364); not 
24 Aug. (Idem, xii, 614 ; Rittershusias). 

N1988. Walpurgis, da. of John II von Runkel, Count of Wied 
[M263] ; m. . . . 1528 ; d, 3 Oct. 1578.(25) 

(iii). 3 Oct. 1578 {Zeitsch, des Harzvereins, xvi, 364) ; 26 June 1556 (Hitter- 

N1989. Dietrich V, Count of Manderscheid and Virneburg in 

Schleiden; b. 30 March 1508; d. 21 Apr. [not 22 Apr.] 

N1990. Erica, da. of Philip III, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg 

[M1441]; 6. 19 March 1511; m. . . . 1534; d. 8 Oct. 

N1991. Adolphus IV, Count of Nassau-Wiesbaden; 6. . . . 1518; 

d. 5 Jan. 1556.(6) 

(ii). "1556, am Abent trium Regum" [5 Jan.] (M.I., in Kremer, ii, 467, and 
in Hagelgans, 40) ; 5 Jan. (Behr) ; 6 Jan. (Hatzfeld, as in K14 note ; Hagelgans, 
Cohn, Oyen). 

N1992. Francisca, da. of Charles de Luxembourg, Count of Brienne; 
m. (c. 19 Apr. 1543) before 14 May 1543; d. — June 

(ii). m. c. dated ''vff Donderstag nach dem Sontag genant Jubilate der 19 Tag 
des Monats Aprilis 1543" (Hagelgans, 40). (iii). 17 June (Cohn, Schliephake) ; 
21 June (Rittershusius) ; 27 June (Schdpfiin, as in note 7, iii, 17 ; Behr) ; 29 June 
(Hagelgans, Oyen). 

N2003. Philip, Count of Solms-Braunfels. Same as M45. 
N2004. Anna, Countess of Tecklenburg. Same as M46. 

(202). Schiffer : — Bucelinus, in, ii, 206; Hoheneck, ii, 819-356. 

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1724-26, ii, 303-317; Anselme, iii, 721-738. 




N2017. William III, Schenk von Limpurg zu Gaildorf und Schmiedel- 

feld. Same as L219. 
N2018. Anna, Herrin von Bern. Same as L220. 
N2019. Charles I, Schenk von Limpurg zu Speckfeld. Same as 

N2020. Adelheid, da. of John VII, Wild- and Rhingrave in 

Morchingen and Kyrburg [N497] ; m. . , . 1543; d. 

12 Oct. 1580.(45) 
N2021. William II, Freiherr von Roggendoi-f zu Mollenburg ; h. 

18 Aug. 1511 ; rf. . . . 1543.(208) 

(i). 18 Aug. 1511 (Nedopil, as in 146 note, no. 5273). 

N2022. Anna, da. of Erasmus, Herr von und zu Hohenberg zu 
Kreusbach; 7n. 7 Nov. 1527; living 10 Dec. 1546.(209) 

(ii). 7 Nov. 1527 {Id., ibid.). 

N2023. John III von Runkel, Count of Wied. Same as N1947. 
N2024. Catherine, Countess of Hanau-Miinzenberg. Same as N1948. 
N2093. I^uis I de Bourbon, Prince of la Roche-sur-Yon ; d. abt. 

N2094. Louise, da. of. Gilbert de Bourbon, Count of Montpensier, 

Dauphin of Auvergne ; m. 21 March 1503/4; d. 5 July 

N2095. John IV de Longwy, Seigneur de Givry.(211) 
N2096. Jane, Countess of Bar-sur-Seine, illeg. da. of Charles 

d'Orleans, Count of Angouleme; living 29 June 1531.(210) 
N2097. John Stewart, Earl of Lennox; d. 4 Sep. 1526.(212) 
N2098. Anne, da. of John Stewart, Earl of Athole.(212) 
N2099. Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus; b. abt. 1490; d. — Jan. 

N2100. Margaret Tudor, da. of Henry VII, King of England ; h. 

28 Nov. 1489 ; m. 6 Aug. 1514 ; d, 18 Oct. 1541.(214) 

(i). "iv kl. Dec. This safday at nyj?ht aff the ix^ hour' a q^rf, 1489" 
(Ancient Calendar in Collect. Topog, et Geneal.^ i, 1834, 280). The date usually 
given is 29 Nov. 

(To he continued.) 

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ffingiiaU's !B^t5itation of l^orksbirf, 


(Continued from p. 27.) 

Lanobabob Wapentaki. 

Stokesley, 25° Aug. 1665. 




Arms : — Quarterly. 

1 and 4. Argent, on a chief Sable two mullets Or. Salveyn. 

2 and 3. Or, a bend Sable. Mawlee (Mauley). 

I. GEORGE SALVIN,! of Kilham and Napperton, son of 
Gerard Salvin, son of Sir Gerard Salvin, of North Duffield 
and Herswell, Knt., d. 26 Jan. 5 Hen. V ; mar. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Peter de Mauley (the seventh), coheir of her brother 
Peter, Lord Mauley (the eighth), b. about 1390, d. 4 Oct. 
5 Hen. V (Surtees' Durham). They had issue — 

IT. SIR JOHN SALVIN, of Newbiggin. Will 26 Apr. U69, 
pr. at York 11 Jan. following (Test. Eb., ii, 77), to be 
bur. at Whitby Abbey ; mar. Joan, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Grey, of Henton, d. 22 Oct. 4 Hen. VII, 1488, as by 
Inq. P.M. 6 May 9 Hen. VII. They had issue- 
Thomas (III). 

William, had all lands in Egton and Whitby. 
Robert (Tonge's Visitation). 
Margaret, named in her father's will. 
Anne, mar. Sir William Hussy, Knt. 
Elizabeth (Tonge's Visitation). 

III. THOMAS SALVIN, mar. Mary, dau. of Ralph, Baron 
Greystock (remar. Edmund Hastings, disp. 15 July 1479) 
(Test. Eb., iii, 344). They had issue— 
Sir Ralph (IV). 

* There was a Ijraas in Lowthorpe Church to George Salvain, who died 
16 Jan. 1417, and to Elizabeth, his wife, who died 4 Oct. 1416, probably the 
above. The two first generations are taken from Glover's Visitation, but it 
is just possible there was a generation between. 

124 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

IV. SIR RALPH SALVIN, KNT., d. May 1534, Tnq. P.M. 
Oct. 26 Hen. VIII, 1534; mar. first Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Hugh Hastings, of Fenwick, Knt. (Tonge and Glover). 
They had issue — 

George (V). 


Anne, mar. William Daniell, of Beswick, mar. disp. 
20 Dec. 1519 (Test. Eb , iii, 371). 

Mar. secondly . . . 

V. GEORGE SALVIN, d. 16 Apr. 29 Hen. VIII (1538), as 
by Inq. P.M. 7 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII (1538), admon. 3 Aug. 
1538; mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir William Bulmer, of 
Wilton (Glover), mar. disp. 9 July 1505 (Test. Eb., iii, 
364). They had issue — 

Francis (VI). 

Mathew (Tonge's Visitation). 

William (Tonge's Visitation). 



VI. SIR FRANCIS SALVIN, (?) Warden of the Marches; 
admon. 15 May 1562 ; mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir Ralph 
Eure. They had issue — 
Sir Ralph (VII). 
William, (1) admon. 6 Aug. 1563. 
Anne, mar. John Thornholme, of Haysthorpe (Glover 

Frances, mar. George, third son of Nich. Fairfax, of 

Mary, mar. Francis Coppindale, of Howsam. 

VIT. SIR RALPH SALVIN, of Newbiggin, at Visitation of 
1585; mar. first Jane, dau. of Sir Richard Cholmeley, Knt. 
They had issue — 

Ralph (VIII). 

Mary, mar. Richard Poulton. 

Ann, mar. Thomas Cooke. 

Elizabeth, mar. James Dawson. 

Margaret, mar. Christopher Thackray. 
Mar. secondly Dorothy, dau. of Roger Tocketts, of Tocketts 
(Glover). They had issue — 


Jane, mar. Dennis Bainbridge. 

VIII. RALPH SALVIN, of Newbiggin; mar. first, at Sherborne 
24 Nov. 1586 Elinor, dau. of Thomas Dutton, of Sherborne, 
CO. Glouc. (Collins' Peerage). They had issue — 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 125 

1. WiUiam (IX). 

2. Ralph. 

3. Thomas, adm. Lincoln's Inn 9 June 1619. 

Ann, mar. Gervase Hammond, of Scarthingwell, d. 
9 Dec. 1635, bur. at Saxton. M.I. 
Mar. secondly Isabella, dau. of Robert Roos, of Caw ton. 
They had issue — 

4. John. 

5. George. 

IX. WILLIAM SALVEIN, of New Biggin, in com. Ebor., Esq": 
Will 27 July 1649, pr. at London 25 Aug. 1649 (Yorks. 
Rec. Soc., ix, 4) ; mar, Dorothy, datujhter of John Girlington, 
of Thurland Castle, first wife ; mar, secondly Anne, daughter 
of Launcelot Carnahy, of Halton, in Northumhr, They 
had issue — 

William (X). 

Eleanor, mentioned in her father's will. 

X. WILLIAM SALVEYN, of New Biggin, ar., cet. circa Jfi ann. 
^<J« Aiuj. a^ 1665. Will 5 Feb. 167^; 7nar. 1661 Anne, 
daughter of Marmaduke Cholmley, of Brandsby, in com, 
Ebor., ar. They had issue — 

1. Francis, cet, 11 ann. 25'* Aug, 1665, had £30 per 

annum in his father's will, d. 8.p. 

2. 7'homas, d. s.p., heir to his father. 
S. WilVm (XI). 

4. Marm^duke, bur. at Egton 20 Aug. 1728 (Glover). 

5, John, d. Feb. 1700; named in his father's will. 

X,* . ^Inamed in their father's will. 
^. ^ nne j 

3. Ursula, bur. at Egton 19 Aug. 1682 (Glover). 

4. Dorothy, bur. at Egton 30 Mar. 1745. 

XL WILLIAM SALVIN, ESQ., of New Biggin, a Catholic Non- 
juror in 1715, bur. at St. Olave's, Marygate, York., 26 Mar. 
1726; mar. Anna, dau. of John Raynes, of Easingwold, 
1702. They had issue- 
Thomas (XII). 
Anne, b. 1704. 
William, b. 1706. 
Elizabeth, b. 1708. 
Sarah, b. 1709. 
James, d inf. 



XII. THOMAS SALVIN, ESQ., of Easingwold, b. 1703, d. 

23 Jan, 1756, bur. at York ; mar. 1740 Mary, dau. and h. 
of Edward Taibot, of Harapstead, co. Middx. They had 

Thomas Salvin, of Easingwold, b. 1743, living with- 
out issue 1784. 
Mary, mar. 23 Feb. 1759 Sir John Webb, of Cranford 
Magna, Bart., b. 1741, d. 22 July 1782, bur. at 
Anne, b. 1747, unmarried 1782. 

Authorities— The Yorkshire Visitations and York Wills ; Graves' 

HoLur. Bb*cok Wapentake. 

Pocltlington 7 Sept. 

.ur< : — Quarterly of siitecu ; on the feaa point the badge of a Baronet of 
Knglaiid :— 

1. Quiirtorly GuIcb and vair. a, bond Or (Constable). 

2. Uulca, a p&lc of lozonges Or (Haltoo). 

3. Or, a lion rampant porpuro (Lacy). 

4. Or, a chief Aiure (Liiares), 

5. Chocky, Or and Gulca, □□ a, chief Argent a tion passant Sable 


6. Argent, two bars engrailed Sable (Stanes). 

7. Argent, a chevron between tbrco martlets Sable (Argum). 

8. Gules, an eagle displayed Argent (Suthill). 
8. GuIbb, a. ciQfiuefoil Argent (Poucher). 

10. Argent, a bend Sable (Payncll). 

11. Or, on a mount a pear-tree Vert (Pirton). 

12. Or, on a cross Sable five creBcenta Argent (Ellis). 

13. Gules, a lion rampant vair (EToringham). 

14. Argent, a fees Azure, in chief a label of five points Gules 

16. Sable, a chevron between three lleurs-de-lis Argent (Cauz). 
16. Argent, on a feaa between two bars gemelles Gules, three flours- 

de-lis Or (XormanTiU). 
lEST : — A ship with threo masts, sails furled, all Or. 

DUGDALe's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 127 

I. ROBERT CONSTABLE or LACY, Lord of Flamborough 
by the gift of Roger, Earl of Lincoln, his brother. Had 
issue — 

11. SIR WILLIAM CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, mentioned 
as buried there in his grandson Sii* Marmaduke's will. He 
had issue — 

III. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, mar. Kathe- 

rine . . . , bur. at Flamborough. They had issue — 

IV. SIR MARMADUKE CONSTABLE, of Flamborough and 

Holme in Spalding Moor, High Sheriflf of Yorkshire 1366-7. 
AViU 1376, pr. at York 19 June 1378 (Test. Eb., i, 97), 
to be bur. at Flamborough or at Holme, if he should die 
there; mar. Johanna . . . , bur. at Holme; mar. Elizabeth 
... by one of which wives he had issue — 

Sir William (V). 

Robert, called "Dominum" in his father's will. 

V. SIR WILLIAM CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, mar. . . . 
dau. of Lord Fitzhugh. They had issue — 

VI. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, High Sheriflf 
1385-6. Will pr. 8 Jan. 1400, to be bur. in the Quire at 
Flamborough (Test. Eb., i, 264) ; mar. Margaret, dau. of 
William Skipwith (Glover 614). They had issue — 
Sir Marmaduke (VII). 

Elizabeth, nun at Swyne, named in her brother 
Marmaduke's will, 1404. 


pr. 5 Aug. 1404, to be bur. at Flamborough (Test. Eb., i, 
337) ; mar. Katherine, dau. of Robert Cumberworth, by 
Sibilla, dau. and h. of Sir William Erghum. They had 
issue — 

Sir Robert (VIII). 

John, named in his father's will, d. s.p. (Flower and 

Thomas, d. s.p. (Flower and Glover). 

James, d. s.p. (Flower and Glover). 

VIII. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough. Will 23 May, 

pr. 16 June 1441, to be bur. at Flamborough (Test. 
Eb., ii, 80) ; mar. Agnes, dau. of Lord Chief Justice 
Gascoigne. Will dated at Beverley 7 Jan., pr. 5 Feb. 146^, 
to be bur. in choir at Flamborough (Test. Eb., ii, 80). 
They had issue — 

1. Sir Robert (IX). 

2. Marmaduke, d. s.p. (Flower). 

3. John (Glover). 

128 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

4. Richard, d. s.p. (Flower). 

5. William, Sub-Dean of York, Prebendary of Norton, 

Archdeacon of Cleveland, d. Sept. 1485 (Raine). 
Elizabeth, mar. Robert Twyer (Glover). 
Jane, mar. John Welles, res. leg. of her mother. 

IX. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, High Sheriff 
1479, M.P. Yorkshire 1477, Inq. P.M. 20 June 3 Hen. VII 
says he died 23 May last ; mar. Agnes, dau. of Sir Roger 
Wentworth, of Nettlestead, Inq. P.M. 9 June 11 Hen. VII 
says she died 20 April last. They had issue — 

1. Sir Marmaduke (X). 

2. Philip, mar. . . . , and had issue — 

. . . dau., mar. Thomas Langdale, of Houghton 

. . . dau., mar. William Holme, of Huntingdon 


3. John, Dean of Lincoln. Will 18 July 1528, pr. at 

I^ndon 27 Apr. 1529 (P.C.C, 6 Jenkyn). 

4. Sir Robert, of ClifFe (a quo Constable of Cliffe). 

5. Sir William, of Caythorpe (a quo Constable of 

Caythorpe and Wassand). 

1. Elizabeth, mar. Sir Thomas Metham (Glover 252). 

2. Margaret, mar. Sir William Eure (Glover 612). 

3. Agnes, mar. first Sir Walter Griffith, of Burton 

Agnes; mar. secondly Sir Gervase Clifton, of 
Hodsock, mar. lie. 10 Sept. 1483. Will 14 Jan., 
pr. 12 Mar. 150 J (Test. Eb., iv, 242). 

4. Margery, mar. Sir Ralph Bigod, of Settrington. 

5. Anne, mar. Sir William Tyrwhit. 

6. Agnes mar. Sir William Skargill. 

7. Katherine, mar. Sir Ralph Ryther. 

X. SIR MARMADUKE CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, called 
" Little Sir Marmaduke," one of the Commanders at 
Flodden, Sheriff of Yorkshire 1489, 1494 and 1509, 
probably born circa 1455, died 20 Nov. 1518, bur. at 
Flamborough, M.I. Will 1 May 1518, pr. 27 Apr. 1520 
(Test. Ebor., v), Inq. P.M. 30 Sept. 11 Hen. VIII (see 
Diet. Nat. Biog.); mar. first Margery, dau. of Henry, fifth 
Ijord Fitzhugh, d. s.p. 

Mar. secondly Joyce, dau. of Sir Humphrey StaflFord, of 
Grafton. They had issue — 

1. Sir Robert (XI). 

2. Sir Marmaduke, of Everingham (A). 

3. Sir William Constable, of Hatfield. 

4. Sir John Constable, of Kinalton, Knighted at 

Flodden. Will 19 June 1554, pr. at York 8 Oct. 
1556 ; mar. Jane, dau. and coh. of Henry 
Sothill, Esq. They had issue — 

Cecily, mar. Clement Oglethorp, named in 
her father^s will. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 129 

Katherine, named in her father's will. 
Anne, mar. Anthony Tirrell. 
Agnes, mar. first Sir Henry Oughtred, of Kexby, 
secondly Sir William Percy, younger son of the 
fourth Earl of Northumberland. 
Eleanor, mar. John Ingleby, of Ripley, secondly 
Thomas, Lord Berkeley (Glover 283). 

XI. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, b. circa 
1478, Knighted 17 June 1497 at battle of Blackheath; 
took leading part in the Pilgrimage of Grace, and executed 
1537 j mar. Jane, dau. of Sir William Ingleby, of Ripley. 
They had issue — 

1. Sir Marmaduke (XII). 

2. Thomas. 

3. William. 

Margaret, mar. first John St. Quintin (Glover 162), 
secondly Sir Edward Gower (Glover 226). 

Katherine, mar. Sir Roger Cholmeley, of Thorn ton- 
on-the-Hill, d. 1585 (Glover 219). 

Anne, mar. George Hussey. 

Joyce, mar. Rowland Pudsey. 


had grant of Nuneaton, High SheriflF 1509, M.P. Yorkshire 
1529, d. at Nuneaton 20 Apr. 2 Eliz. (1560), bur. there, 
M.I. ; mar. first Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas, Lord Darcy, 
(?) 1515. They had issue — 

1. Sir Robert (XIII). 

2. Marmadyke, d. s.p. 

Katherine, mar. Ralph Hedworth. 
Margaret, d. s.p. 
Isabell, d. s.p. 
Mar. secondly Margaret . . . 

XIII. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough, had that 

estate restored, sold Nuneaton, d. 1591, (7)admon. 22 Jan. 
1591-2; mar. Dorothy, dau. of Sir William Gascoigne, of 
Gawthorp, d. s.p. He committed bigamy and married 
Dorothy, dau. of Sir John Widdrington, rel. of Sir Roger 
Fenwick, bur. at Flamborough 23 Sept. 1583 (Reg.). They 
had issue — 

Sir Robert (XIV). 

Francis, d. y. 


XIV. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Flamborough and Holme, 

Pago to Lord Burghley, Inq. P.M. 3 Nov. 1600 says he 

130 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

died 30 Sept. 1600 at Duffield, admon. 9 Jan. 1600-1 ; 
mar. Anne, dau. and h. of John Hussey, of Duffield. They 
had issue — 

Sir William (XV). 

XV. SIR WILLIAM CONSTABLE, Knt. and Bart., of Flam- 
borough and Holme, which manors he sold, or. a Baronet 
29 June 1611, a Parliamentarian and signed warrant for 
execution of Charles I, his lands excepted at the general 
pardon, M.P. Yorkshire, bp. at Flamborough 4 Mar. 1590, 
d. 15 June 1655, bur. at Westminster Abbey. Will 
13 Dec. 1654, pr. at Ix)ndon 18 July 1655 (Abs. York. 
Rec. Soc., ix, 82) ; mar. Dorothy, dau. of the first Lord 
Fairfax, of Denton, b. there 13 July 1590: mar. 15 Feb. 
1608 at Newton Kyme, d. at York, bur. 11 Mar. 1655 
at St. Mary Bishophill. They had issue — 

An only child, d. 1608. 

We now return to the Everingham branch : — 

A. SIR MARMADUKE CONSTABLE [son of Sir Marmaduke 

Constable (X) and Joyce Stafford], of Everingham, ju. ux., 
at Flodden with his father and knighted after tlie battle 
9 Sept. 1513, had grant of Drax Priory, M.P. Yorkshire 
1529, High Sheriflf 1532, d. 12 Sept. 1545, bur. at Evering- 
ham. MI. Will 2 Mar. 32 Hen. VIII (1541), pr. 9 Dec. 
1545 (Test. Ebor., vi, 200) ; mar. Barbara, dau. and coh. 
of John Sothill, of Everingham, d. 4 Oct. 1540, bur. there. 
They had issue — 

Sir Robert (B). 

William, a Priest, Prebendary of Weighton, named 
in his father's will. 

Everild, named in her father's will. 

B. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Everingham. Will 1 Sept* 

1558, pr. at York 27 Mar. 1560 (vol. xvi, 20), to be bur. in 
the Quire, near his father ; mar. Katherine, dau. of George 
Manners (Lord Ros), executrix of her husband. They had 
issue — 

1. Sir Marmaduke (C). 

2. Sir Robert, of Newark, Marshal of Berwick 1576-8, 

d. 1591 ; mar. Christian, dau. of John Dabridge- 
court, of Astley Hall, co. Warw. They had 
issue — 

Henry, a poet, b. 1562, d. s.p. at Liege 
9 Oct. 1613 (Diet. Nat. Biog.). 

3. John, of Kexby (a quo Constable of Kexby). 

4. George, named in his father's and grandfather's wills. 

5. Thomas. 

6. Michael, named in his father's and grandfather's wills ; 

mar. . . . , dau. of Sir William Hilton, Knt. 

DUGDALe's visitation of YORKSHIRE. J. 31 

Margaret, mar. Thomas Saltmarshe (Glover 100). 
Barbara, mar. Sir William Babthorpe, of Osgodbv 

(Glover 103). 
Everild, mar. Thomas Crathorne, of Crathorne. 
Elizabeth mar. Edward EUerker, of Ellerker. 

C. SIR MARMADUKE CONSTABLE, of Everingham, d. 

1 Feb. 17 Eliz. 1574. Will 23 Nov. 1573, pr. at York 
5 Mar. 1574-5 (vol. xix, 620), to be bur. at Everingham ; 
mar. Jane, dau of Christopher, second Lord Conyers, of 
Hornby, d. 4 Dec. 1558, bur. at Everingham. M.I. They 
had issue — 

Sir Philip (D). 

Roger, had £100 in his father's will, d. s.p. in 
Bretagne (Glover). 

^^'^y [(Glover), not named in their father's will. 

Everild, mar. William Constable, of Drax. 
Katherine, mar. Sir Robert Stapilton, of Wighill, d. 
circa 1580. 

D. SIR PHILIP CONSTABLE, of Everingham, d. 14 July 

17 Ja.s. I (1619). Will 20 July 1617, pr. at York 14 Oct. 
1619 (vol. XXXV, 492); mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir Robert 
Tirwhit, of Kettleby, co. Line. They had issue — 

1. Marmaduke (E). 

2. Robert, of Washborough, co. Line. ; mar. Jane, dau. of 

Thomas Dolman, of Pocklington. They had issue — 
Robert, had £10 in his grandfather's will 

John, had £10 in his grandfather's will 

Thomas, had £10 in his grandfather's will 


3. Michael, of By ram, (?)admon. 13 Jan. 1616-7; mar. 

Frances, dau. of Peter Tyndall, of AUerton, lie. 
5 Jan. 1601-2. 

4. Roger, had £300 in his father's will, d. s.p. ; mar. 

Mary, dau. of . . . Cotton. 

5. Henry, had £100 in his father's will, d. s.p. 

6. William, had £100 in his father's will. 

7. Francis, of Thorp, had £100 in his father's will ; 

mar. . . . , dau. of John Lengar. They had 
issue — 


1. Barbara, mar. Sir Thomas Metham. 

2. Elizabeth, mar. William Langdale, of Lanthorpe, bur. 

at Goodmanham 23 Aug. 1604. 

132 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

3. Frances, mar. Walter Rudston, of Hayton, lie. 1597, 

bp. at Etton 4 July 1583 (C.B.N.). 

4. Jane, mar. Robert Sotheby, of Pocklington. 

E. MARMADUKE CONSTABLE, of Everingham, in com. Ebor., 

Esq^., died S^ Apr. a^ D'ni 1632 ; aet. thirty-eight, 1612, 
adm. Gray's Inn 15 June 1591 ; mar. Frances, datufhter of 
Thomas Metham^ of Met ham, t?i com. Ebor., Esq., at Howden, 
25 Nov. 1593 (C.B.N.), d. 1599. They had issue— 

1. Sir PhUip (F). 

2. Robert, had £20 in his grandfather's will, d. s.p. 

3. Michaell, had £20 in his grandfather's will, d. s.p. 
4* Marmaduke, d. s.p. 

5. Thoma>s, d. s.p. 

F. SIR PHILIP CONSTABLE, of EveHngham, first B'., died 

25^ Apr. 1064, created a Baronet 20 July 1642, a Royalist, 
bur. at Steeple Barton, Oxon. M.I. ; mar. Anne, only 
daughter of S^ William Roper, of Eltham, in Kent, Kn^. 
They had issue — 

1. S" Marmaduke (G). 

2. Robert (? Philip), a Benedictine Priest, d. 20 Dec. 

1670, bur. at Everingham. 

3. Thomas, a monk. 

1. Barbara, a nun at Cambray. 

2. Catherine, wife of Edtvard Sheldon, of Barton, in com. 

Oxon; mar. 'l649, d. 30 Apr. 1681. 

3. Anne, d. y. 

G. S' MARMADUKE CONSTABLE, of Everingham, second 

Bar*., at. JfO an. 7 Sept. a" 1665 ; b. 1619, forced to fly for 
his religion and had his estates sequestered ; mxir. Anne, 
daughter of Richard Sherburne, of Stanihurst, in co. Lane., 
Esq., bur. at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, 5 June 
1679. They had issue— 

Philip (H). 

Arine, b. 21 Apr. 1655 (Everingham Reg.), a nun. 

Elizabeth, b. 8 Aug. 1657 (Everingham Reg.), a nun. 

H. SIR PHILIP MARK CONSTABLE, third Bart, of Evering- 
ham, a;t. 14 an. 7 Sept. 1665, b. 25 Apr. 1651 ; mar. 
Margaret, dau. of Francis Radcliffe, first Earl of Derwent- 
water, d. 17, bur. at Everingham 19 Aug. 1686. They had 
issue — 

1. Marmaduke Francis (I). 

2. Robert, d. at school at Compton, near Winchester, 

15 July 1693, aged nine. 

3. William, d. unmar. 

4. Philip. 

Anne, mar. William Haggerston, Esq., of Haggerston, 
CO. Durh., 13 Oct. 1695. 



Catherine, d. 9 May 1700 at York, bur. at St. 

Margaret, bur. at Everingham 15 Jan. 1688. 

Bart., of Everingham, b. 7 Aug. 1682, d. abroad July 
1746. Will Aug. 1745, pr. 16 Feb. 1747 (Payne). He 
left his estates to his great nephew, grandson of his sister 
Anne Haggerston, who took the name of Constable, and 
was ancestor of Ix)rd Herries. 

Authorities — Pedigree in the posses3ion of Lord Herries ; Evering- 
ham Registers; York Wills. 

GiLLiNO West Wapentake. 

Richmund, 21 Aug. 1665. 







Arms : — Quarterly. 

1 and 4. Sable, three combs Argent (Tunsiall). 

2. Argent, a chevron between three cross-crosslets Sable (Wycliflfe). 

3. Argent, on a chevron Sable three bucks' heads cabossed of the 

field (Ellerton). 

I. SIR THOMAS TUNSTALL, of Thurland Castle, temp. 
Hen. VI ; mar. Elenor, dau. of Lord Fitzhugh, of Ravens- 
worth. They had issue — 

1. Sir Richard Tunstall, of Thurland, K.G., Chamberlain 

to Hen. VI, Ambassador to France, attainted 
jind lands confiscated by Edw. IV, but created 
a Knight of the Garter by Rich. Ill in 1484 
(see Hope's Garter Stall Plates), d. 1491 or 
1492 ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William 
Franke. They had issue — 

William, d. s.p. 

Alice, mar. John Ascough. 

2. Thomas (II). 

Margaret, mar. Sir Ralph Pudsay, Knt., of Bolton. 

134 DUGD ale's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

II. THOMAS TUNSTALL, of Thurland Castle, succeeded his 
\ nephew William; Constable of Conway Castle, Sheriff of 
^. /^^'*./ Carnarvon ; mar. Alice Nevile.^ They had issue — 
^ \^ 1. Thomas, d. s.p. 

" ^^'*^VnJ^^^ Sir Brian (III). 
'^"'ifX-'^ Cuthbert.- 

^"^ C?) William, exor. of his brother Sir Brian. 

III. SIR BRIAN TUNSTALL, KNT., of Thurland Castle, slain 

fighting at Flodden 9 Sept. 1513, bur. at Tunstall Church, 
M.L Will 16 Aug. 1513 (Whitaker's Rich., ii, 271), Inq. 
P.M. 21 Mar. 5 Hen. VIII; mar. Isabel, dau. of Sir 
Henry Boy n ton, Knt., by Margaret, dau. of Sir Martin 
de la See, bur. at Barmston. They had issue — 

Marmaduke (IV). 

Brian, of Battersea. Will 2 Aug., pr. at York 2 Dec. 
1539 (Test. Ebor., vi, 90). 

Ann, mar. John Middleton, of Middleton Hall. 


Castle, seven years old at date of his father's Inq. P.M., 
d. 1566. Will that year (Raine) ; mar. Mary, dau. and 
coh. of Sir Robert Scargill, of Scargill. Will 31 Dec. 
21 Eliz., pr. 21 Mar. 1578-9, to be bur. at Barningham 
(Rich. Wills, Surtees' Society, 288). They had issue— ' 

Francis (V). 

Isabel, mar. William Redman, had £40 from her 

Elizabeth, mar. Sir John Dawnay, of Sessay. 

Ann, mar. George Middleton, of Leigh ton, co. Lane. 
(St. George's Visitation). 

V. FRANdtS TUNSTALL, of Thurland Castle; mar. first 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William Radcliffe, of Ordsall, co. 
Lane. They had issue — 

Margaret, mar. Francis Trollope, of Thomley, co. 
Durh., bur. at Easington 21 Oct. 1593 (Surtees* 
Durham, i, 93). 
Mar. secondly Ann, dau. of Richard Bold, of Bold. They 
had issue — 

Francis (VI). 

William, of Barningham, which he had from his 
grandmother, d. 2 Apr. 1629 (Harrison); mar. . . . 
and had issue — 

Thomas, ait. twenty-six at his father's death 

* Said to be a natural daughter of George Nevile, Archbishop of York 
(Surtees* Durham, i, Ixvi). 

' The celebrated Bishop of Durham, 1530-59. There has always been great 
difference of opinion as to his le^timacy. Surtees thinks that he was 
legitimate, but the latest life, that in the Diet. Nat. Biog., states the contrary. 
He was bom 1474 and died 18 Nov. 1559, being buried at Lambeth. M.I. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 135 

Mary ] 

Marorn.rpf. vi 


2. Margaret Vnamed in their grandmother's will. 

3. Jane j 

4. Alice, mar. William Tunstall, of Ancliffe, co. Line. 

5. Elizabeth, mar. William Laacelles, of Brakenburg 


VI. FRANCIS TUNSTALL, ESQ., of Thurland Castle, living 
1637, said to have sold his estates to the Girlingtons; 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Gascoigne, of Sadbury 
(Glover 385). They had issue — 

Marmaduke (VII). 

John (Glover). 

Thomas (Glover), adm. Gray's Inn 13 May 1613. 

Frances, mar. Thomas, son of Sir Nicholas Wray. 

Joane, mar. John, son of Sir J^hn Claxton, of 
Nettles worth, co. Durh. 



VII. MARMADUKE TUNSTALL, of Scaryill and Wycliffe, ju. 

ux., in com, Ebor,, Esq''., died in a^ 1657, 16 Aug., adm. 
Gray's Inn 25 Nov. 1605, had to compound for his estate 
and fined £2,954, removed from Thurland, admon. 1658 
to his widow ; mar. Catherine, daughter and coheire of 
William Wicliffe, of Wicliffe, in com. Ebor., Esq,, 1606, 
administered her husband's estate 1658. They had issue — 
i. William (VIII). 

2. Francis Tnnstall, of Ovington, in com,, Ebor., cet, 42 
ann. 31 Aug. 1605, admon. 21 Feb. 1690; mar. 
Anne, datighter of S'^ Tho. Ridell, of Fenham, in 
com. Northumbr., KnK They had issue — 

1. Marmaduke, aUatis 6 ann. 21 Aug. 1665. 

2. WilVm, wt. 5 ann., a Poet, d. s.p. 1728. 
S, Thomas, (etatis 3 ann., deaf and dumb, d. s.p. 

' 1. Catherine. 

2, Barbara. 

3. Mary. 

1. Elizabeth, y tvife of George Markham, of Ollerton, 

in com. Nott, Esq^. 

2, Catherine, y wife of Thomas Cholmeley, of Bransby, 

in CO, Ebor., Esqr. 

VIII. WILLIAM TUNSTALL, of Scargill, Esqr., cet. 52 ann. 

i^l Aug. 1065 ; mar. Mary, eldest da. to S*" Edw. Radcliffe, 
of Dilstmi, in com. Northumb., Bart. They had issue — 

1. Francis. 

2. Thomas, (H. 25 ann. j mar. . . . and had issue (?) — 

Cuthbert Tunstall, of Richmond, to whom his 
cousin Marmaduke Tunstall, of Wycliffe, 
bequeathed £25 a year for life by his will 
1755 (Harrison). 

136 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

1. Mary, tvife of Henry Liddell, of Famacres, in Episc, 

Dunelniy Ar. 

2. Christian, 

5. Margaret. 
4. Elizabeth, 

6, Anne. 

IX. FRANCIS TUNSTALL, of Scargill, Wycliffe, etc., (Bt. 28 
ann. 21 Aug. J 665 ; mar, Cecilie, daughter of John Constable, 
Viscount Dunbar (mine gravida). They had issue — 

Marmaduke Tuns tall, of Scargil, WycliflFe, etc., bp. 
9 Aug. 1662, d. unmar. 5, bur. 8 May 1760, sit, 
ninety-eight. Will 20 Oct. 1755, pr. 20 June 
1760, left his estates to his nephew Marmaduke 
Constable, younger son of his brother Cuthbert. 
Mathias, d. s.p. 
Cuthbert (X). 

Anne, a nun. ^ 

Mary, a nun. 
Cecil V, a nun. 

X. CUTHBERT TUNSTALL, ESQ., of Burton Constable, 
which he inherited as heir of his uncle, Viscount Dunbar, 
assumed the name of Constable, bur. at Swine 20 Mar. 
174f Will 14 Mar. 1746, pr. 27 May 1747; mar. first 
Amy, fifth dau. of Hugh, second Lord Clifford, of Chud- 
leigh, d. of small-pox 25 Aug. 1731. They had fssue — 
1. William, d. y. 

William Constable, Esq., succeeded his father in the 
Constable estates, b. 31 Dec. 1721, d. s.p. 18 May 
1791, left his estat^ to his nephew, Edward 
Sheldon ; mar. Dec. 1773 Catherine, dau. of . . . 
Cecily, mar. Edward Sheldon, Esq., of Winchester. 
They had two sons, Edward and Francis, who took 
the name of Constable. 
Winifrid, named in her father's will, b. 1730, d. 
unmar. 1961. 
Mar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. of George Heneage, Esq., of 
Hainton. Thev had issue — 

Marmaduke Cuthbert Tunstall, 1760, heir to his uncle 
Marmaduke Tunstall, and resumed the family name, 
bp. at Swine 20 July 1743, ed. at Douai, F.S.A., 
F.R.S., a naturalist (see Diet. Nat. Biog.), lived at 
Wycliffe and d. 11 Oct. 1790, bur. in the chancel 
there ; mar. Mary Frances, dau. of George Mark- 
ham, of Ollerton, at St. George's, Hanover Square, 
22 July 1776, d. Oct. 1825. 



Contributed by Arthur J. Jewbrs, F.S.A. 
{Continued from p. 66.) 

Knight, Robert, of Bromley, co. Kent, gent. Gr. 14 July, 2 Ed. VI, 
by T. Havvley, Clar. Arg. a chev. eng. Az., fretty Or, betw. 
three reindeers' heads erased Gu., langued of the second. Crest — 
On a mount betw. two hawthorn trees, all ppr., a reindeer Gu., 
horned and unguled Or, charged on the side with three guttes 
d'or. Mantled Az., lined Arg. Stowe MS. 677. 
Knight, Thomas, of Hoo, co. Southampton. Arg. on a fess Sa. betw. 
three buffalos' heads erased of the second, horned and ringed 
through tlie nose Or, a fret betw. two eaglets closed of the first. 
Crest — An arm emb. vested bendy of four Or and Gu., cuff 
Arg., the hand ppr. grasping a sw^ord by the blade of the last, 
hilt and pommel of the first, pendant therefrom a pair of spurs 
Sa., buckles or rowels of the first. Stowe MS. 692. 
Knight, Mr. . . . Pat. 24 Dec. 1710. 1, Arg. two pallets Az., on a 
canton Gu., a spur leathered Or ; 2, Arg. a saltire Az., in chief a 
crescent Gu. ; 3, Erm. on a chief ind. Gu., three crest coronets 
Or ; 4, Arg. three buglehorns Sa., stringed and gam. Or. Stowe 
MS. 716. 
Knipe, Christopher, of London, s. of James Knipe, of Warton, co. 
I^nc. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by Sir W. Segar, Garter, 
10 Nov. 1616. Gu. two bars and in chief three wolves' heads, 
couped Arg. Crest — A wolf's head couped Arg., pierced by a 
broad arrow Or, head and feathers of the first, embrued Gu. 
Harl. MS. 6,140; Add. MS. 12,225. 
Knoller, Robert, of Stroud, in Heme. co. Kent. Gr. by Sir 
W. Segar, Garter, 1626. Arg. on a bend cotised Sa. a lion 
pass. gard. of the field, crowned Or. Crest — From a coronet Or, 
a demi-tern Erm., among reeds ppr. Add. MS. 12,225. 
Knot, Anthony, Rector of Whitchurch, co. Hants. Gr. by R. St. 
George, Clar., 1632. Sa. betw. two pallets Erminois, three keys 
erect in pale Or. Crest — From a cap of maintenance Sa., turned 
up Erm., a demi-eagle displ. Or. Stowe MS. 716. 
Knowles, Richard, of Cold Ashby, co. Northampton, s. of Roger, 
of the same place. Conf. by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 8 Nov. 
1580. Gu. on a chev. Arg. three roses of the first, barbed Vert, 
on a canton of the second a fleur-de-lys of the field. Crest — 
From a crest coronet Gu. an elephant's head Or. Harl. MS. 
1,441 ; Stowe MS. 703. 
Knowsley, Robert, of North Burton alias Fleming, co. York, who 
married Ann, dau. and coh. of Thomas Person, of Rudston. 
Pat. by R. St. George, Norroy, 13 Sept. 1612. Az. a pale eng. 
Erminois betw. two heraldic tigers ramp. Or. Crest — An heraldic 
tiger's head couped Erminois, collar (Harl. MS. 6,140 says gorg. 
with a coronet) and line Gu. Stowe MS. 706 ; Harl. MS. 6,140. 



Kydermaster (or Kidermaster), Thomas, of Coleshill, co. Warwick, 
and of Lincoln's Inn.^ Gr. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. Az. two 
chevronels Ermiiiois betw. three bezants. Crest — On a chapeau 
Gu., turned up Eitil, a cockatrice Erininois, wings elevated and 
addorsed Harl. MS. 6,140; Add. MSS. 4,966, 12,225. 

Kynaston, John, of Woodhowe, in the county of Shrewsbury', gent., 
s. of Thomas, s. of Jasper, s. of Jenkin, second s. of Philip 
Kynaston, '* in the Stockes," in the same county, Esij. Conf. 
of Crest, 19 April 1569, by Sir G. Dethick, Cooke, and Flower. 
Arg. on a chcv. eng. Sa. betw. three mullets of the second pierced 
of the field, a crescent Or, for difF. Crest — An eagle's head erased 
Sa., beaked and gorged with a coronet Arg., in the beak a branch 
of laurel Vert. [Harl. MS. 1,359 only says, " Kynaston, of 
Thornington, co. Essex," and gives a martlet on the chev. in 
place of the crescent.] Stowe MS. 703; Harl. MS. 1,359; Add. 
MS. 26,753. 

Kyrton, Stepjien, Alderman of London, ci7'ca 1550. I, Arg. a fess, 
and in chief a chev. Gu. II, Arg a crescent within a bord. Sa. 
Ill, Per pale Or and Gu., a fess betw. three leopards' faces 
counterchanged. IV, Arg. a fess betw. three hawks' hoods Gu. 
Harl. MS. 1,463. 

Lacock, GEOHfiE, of Burton, co. Notts. Gr. by R. St. George, 
Norroy, 1613, 11 James I. Arg. a dexter gauntlet Sa., garnished 
Or. Crest — A cock Arg., comb, wattle, jelloped and legged Gu., 
the dexter claw resting on a gauntlet Sa. Harl. MS. 1,441 ; 
Add. MS. 14,295. 

Lacy, John, of London. Gu. two bars wavy Erm., a mullet in chief 
Or. Crest — ^From a crest coronet Or, a lion sej. Arg. (No 
authority named.) Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Lacy, Thomas, John and William, of Spilmanhall, in Suffolk. Gr. 
by Sir G. Dethick, Garter. Per cross Arg. and Sa., on a bend 
Gu. three martlets Or, a label of three points Erm. Crest — 
From a crest coronet Gu. a demi-eagle displ. Or, in its beak an 
arrow of the coronet, headed and feathered Arg. Harl. MS. 
1,441 ; Stowe MS. 703. 

Lade,'- Robekt, of Gray's Inn, I^ondon, Esq., s. of Vincent I^ade, of 
Barham, Kent, gent., s. and h. of Thomas Lade, of Barham, 
gent., by Elizabeth, sister and h. of Thomas Mumbray, of 
Sutton, near Dover. Conf. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. 1 and 4, 
Arg., a fess wavy betw. three escallop shells Sa. ; 2 and 3, Gu. a 
lion ramp. Arg., collar and line Sa. (Mumbray). Crest — A 
panther's head couped affrontee Sa., bezantee. Harl. MS. 6,140. 

Lake, John, of Normanton, co. York, gent. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest by W. Flo^ver, Norroy, 7 Oct. 1564. 1 and 4, Sa. a bend 
betw. six cross crosslets fi tehee Arg. ; 2 and 3, Quarterly Arg. 
and Sa. on a bend Gu. three mullefts of the first. In the second 

^ See also vol. xix, p. 299. 

' Robert Lade, of Staple Inn, gent., admitted to Gray's Inn 21 Nov. 1610. 
Lancelot Lade, s. and h. of Robert Lade, of Canterbury, Esq., admitted to 
Gray's Inn 23 May 1636. Franeis, s. of Robert Lade, Esq., now Reader 
" sine tine," admitted to Gray's Inn 14 Aug. 1640. 


quarter a martlet Or, for diflf. Crest — The head of a sea-horse 
couped Arg., finned Or, on the neck three bars Gu., in the mouth 
an annulet of the second. Stowe MS. 706 ; Harl. MS. 1,359 ; 
Add. MS. 14,295. 

Lake, . . . , of Great Tring, co. Herts. These arms were anciently 
set up in the windows of his house tliere. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest by W. Camden, Clar. Quarterly Or and Az. four 
crescents counterchanged. Crest — On a roundle Az., bord. Or, a 
cross patee fitchee within a crescent, all of the second. Stowe 
MS. 692. 

Lakington, Edward, of Wash borne, co. Devon, Esq. Conf. by Sir 
W. Segar, Garter, of arms and quarterings and gr. of crest. I, 
Or, three bars wavy Sa. IT, Arg. a bend nebulee Sa. Ill, 
Arg. a chev. betw. three drakes 8a. IV, Arg. a badger, or 
brock, pass. Sa V, Arg. on a fess betw. six martlets Gu., 
three cinquefoils Or. VI, Or, on a bend cotised Sa three 
roses of the field, all within a bord. eng. Gu. VII, Or, 
three bars Sa. VIII, Arg. a fess betw. three griffins' heads 
erased Sa. These quarterings are as follows : — II, Cotterell ; 

III, Yeoj IV, Broc ; V, Washborne; VI, Dawney ; VII, 
Fordeane; VIII, Hals. In the MS. is this addition — "and 
y^ he might quarter y® arms of Corendon, Sayer, Brocton, 
Holdishe and Dishley when y® colours of their impressions can 
be known." Crest — A pelican in her nest vulning herself, 
" wch device I find in one of the seales of Washborne." Add. 
MS. 12,225. 

La Mai re, . . . , of . . . Conf. by Sir R. St. George, Clar., 1 March 
1624-5. I and VI, Gu. three seals' heads couped Arg. II, Gu. a 
chev. betw. three lozenges Arg. Ill, Erminois, a crescent Sa. 

IV, Az. a bend of lozenges Arg., in chief an escallop shell of the 
last. V, Or, a martlet Sa. Crest — A Moor's head, couped below 
the shoulders, in profile ppr., wreathed Arg. and Az. Harl. 
MS. 1,105. 

Lam BE, Thomas, of Trimby, in Thurleston, co. Suffolk. Gr. by W. 
Hervey, Clar., 3 July 1559. Sa. on a fess Or, betw. three 
cinquefoils Erm., a lion pass. Gu., enclosed by two mullets of the 
first. Crest — A demi-lion ramp. Gu., collared Or, and betw. 
the paws a mullet Sa. Add. MS. 14,295. 

Lamhell, Thomas, Esq., Alderman of London. Gr. by W. Dethick, 
(lartor, and W. Camden, Clar., 20 Sept. 1600. Sa. on a fess 
l)etw. three lions' heads erased Or, as many ogresses. Crest — On 
a cap of maintenance Gu., turned up Erm., a lion's head erased 
Arg. Stowe MS. 676. 

Lane, Sir George, Secretary to James, Duke of Ormond, Ijord Lieut, 
of Ireland, Clerk of the Privy Council ; s. of Sir Richard Ijane, 
of Tulske, CO. Roscommon, Knt. and Bart. Gr. by Sir Edw. 
Walker, Garter, 9 April 1661. Arg. a lion ramp. Gu., armed and 
lang. Az., within a bord. Sa., and for augmentation, on a canton 
Az. a harp imperially crowned Or. Crest — A demi-griffin Sa., 
wings Arg., armed Gu. Add. MSS. 14,293 and 14,294; Harl. 
MS. 1,359. 


Lane, Obediah, of Longton and Lane End, in the parish of Stoke- 
upon-Trent, co. Staffoixl. Gr. by Sir H. St. George, Garter, and 
R. Devenish, Norroy, 1 1 Feb. 1 703-4. Az. a fess emb. at the top 
Arg., betw. three swords erect of the last, hilts and pommels 
Or. Crest — A talbot's head erased Az., billetee Or, and gorged 
with a mural coronet Arg. Add. MS. 14,83L 

Lane, Mr. William, of liCwes, co. Sussex. Gr. by Sir E. Bysshe, 
Garter. Per fesse nebulee Az. and Gu., three sal tires couped 
Arg. Crest — A griffin's head erased per fesse nebula Az. and 
Gu., beak Or. Add. MSS. 14,295 and 2G,758. 

Lane, . . . , of . . . . Gr. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. Erm. on a 
chief Az. two martlets Or. Crest — An arm emb. vested Gu., 
cufF Arg., the hand ppr. supporting a scythe erect Or, blade Arg, 
Had. MS. 6,140. 

Lank, . . . , of . . . Pat. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. Or, a chev. 
Erms. betw. three mullets Az. Crest — A cubit arm erect vested 
Erm., cuff indent. Arg., in the hand ppr. a mullet Az. Add. MS. 

Langdale, Sir Marmaduke, Baron Langdale. Gr. by Sir E. Walker, 
Garter, 9 Oct. 1660, of supportei-s, viz.. Two bulls Sa., horned 
and hoofed Arg. Stowe MS. 677. 

Lanoford, John, of Salford, co. Beds. Pat. March 1607. 1 and 4, 
Paly of six Arg. and Gu., on a bend of the first three eagles displ. 
of the second ; 2 and 3, Or, a fess wavy betw. three bucks trip. 
Sa., for Rogera. Crest — From a plume of partridge feathers three 
stems of onion seeded all ppr., on the feathers a mullet Or.^ 
Harl. MS. 6,059 ; Stowe MSS. 706 and 707. 

Langford,2 John, of Gray's Inn. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by 
Sir W. Segar, Garter. I, Gu. a mallard Arg., in chief a crescent 
for diff. (Langford). IT, Vert, a lion ramp. Or (Sandiff). Ill, 
Arg. a chev. Sa., on a chief of the last three martlets of the 
first (Wild). IV, Sa. on a cross eng. Or, four martlets of the 
first, beaks and legs Gu. (Randall). [Harl MS. 6,140 has, III, 
Arg. a chevron Sa., over all on a fess of the second three 
martlets of the first (evidently an error), and in IV, the field 
Az., instead of Sa.] Crest — A demi-mallard displ. Arg., on 
its breast a crescent Gu. for difi'. Harl. MS. 6,140; Add. MS. 

Langhorxe, William, of Barnard's Inn, s. of William Langhome, of 
CO. Beds. Patent 20 Jan. 1610. Sa. a cross Arg., on a chief of 
the last three hunting horns of the first, stringed Gu. Crest — A 
hunting horn Sa., garnished Or, stringed Gu., l)etw. two wings 
Arg. Stowe MS. 707. 

' There i» some dispute aa to what this crest is, and some explanntions are rather 
far-fotclied. Krotii old drawings and bhiziais there seems little doubt 
that it is really : — From a panache of partridge feathers three heads of 
onions, gone to seed, all ppr. They are called chibbals or chibbols, which 
is a provincialism for spring onions. 

- This John Langford is probably the John Langford, matric. at St. Edmund's 
Hall, Oxon, 19 Oct. 1599, aged 18, as of co. Denbigh, pleb., and admitted 
to Gray's Inn as a student 14 Aug. 1012, as son of Roger Langford, of 
CO. Denbigh, VjM\. There was a John Langford, of Oxford, gent., admitted 
to Gray's Inn 23 Nov. 1596, but he does not seem so likely to be the grantee. 


Langley, John, Alderman of London 1568. Erm. on a bend Vert 
thi-ee leopards' faces Or. Crest- — A cockatrice Sa., combed and 
wattled Gu. Harl. MS. 1,463. 

Langlky, Richard, of Lincoln's Inn, Town Clerk of London, s. of 
Roger Langley, of Shrewsbury, younger son of Roger Langley, 
of Madeley, co. Salop. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by W. 
Camden, Clar, 20 Jan., 40 Eliz. Arg. a fess Sa., and in chief 
three ogresses, all within a bord. of the second. Crest — A 
cockatrice Sa., beak and legs Or, crested and jelloped Gu. Add. 
MS. 14,295; Stowe MS. 707; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Lanoston, Robert, Prothonotary to the Archbishop of Canterbury and 
Doctor of Laws. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Garter. Per pale Gu. 
and Az. a cross Arg. between an escallop shell and a demi St, 
Catherine's wheel upon a box (i.e. of ointment) of St. Mary 
Magdalen, (?) all of the third ; on a chief Or, a cross patonce 
Gu., betw. two torteaux, that on the dexter charged with a chief, 
that on the sinister with a sword, both gold. Stowe MS. 692. 

(To be continued.) 

ilottces of IBooks. 

The Bewleys of Cumberland and their Irish and other 
Descendants. By Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, M.A., LL.D, 
Dublin (William McGee). 

To carry back the male line of a family for nineteen generations 
without a break is of itself no mean achievement, and when we 
consider that the writer of this work commenced his labours 
under considerable disadvantages, the result of his investigations, 
pursued as they have been with much patience and logical acumen, 
may be considered as a veritable triumph of genealogical research. 
In the middle of the seventeenth century the Bewleys of Cumber- 
land adopted the tenets of the Society of Friends, whose religious 
opinions led them to regard the preservation of ancestral recoi-ds 
and traditions as savouring of the pomp and pride of life, and 
in later times the family migrated to Ireland, a country not as 
a rule fruitful in sources of genealogical information. But though 
the Quaker body were neglectful of their early ancestry, they 
preserved, with the utmost care the particulars of births, deaths 
and marriages since they became a separate religious sect, so 
that the author's difficulties have mainly been concerned with the 
early pedigree, and here he has had to depend entirely upon 
public records. In addition to the usual sources of information, 
such as parish registers, bishops' transcripts, subsidy rolls and 
inquisitions post mortem^ the Court Rolls and Surveys of the 
important manor of Caldl)eck have been laid under contribution, 
and have been found a positive mine of genealogical facts, welding 
together the earlier and later descents. 


Sir Edraund Bewley begins with a learned introduction upon 
the origin of the name, which he derives from Beaulieu, or BelltLs 
locus, showing this to be a place name given by the monks to 
numerous monasteries and ecclesiastical manor houses scattered over 
Europe. One of these domains, Beaulieu, or Bewley, Castle in 
Cumberland, was long a residence of the Bishops of Carlisle, and 
a family holding office under the Bishops derived from it the 
surname of de Beaulieu, wliich in later times became Bewley. This 
theory is suggested in Appendix E, and is far more probable than 
the supposed descent from the family of the same name in Hainault, 
which is set forth in Chapter II, and which we understand subsequent 
discoveries have led the author to abandon. 

The first certain ancestor on record is Thomas de Beaulieu, of 
Thistlethwaite in the parish of ("astle Sowerby, who is named in 
Subsidy Rolls 1332-1.*U0; his grandson and great grandson were 
knights of the shire foi Cumberland, and occupied a considerable 
position in their county. A younger son of this house, Richard 
Beaulieu, was a burgess for Carlisle to the Parliament of 1433, 
and founded a family for many generations settled at Hesket Hall, 
Hesket being a mesne manor within that of Caldbeck. A branch 
of the Bewleys of Hesket was seated at Woodhall within the parish 
of Caldbeck, and from this branch came Thomas liewley of Haltcliffe 
Hall, who, being a devoted adherent of George Fox, suffered imprison- 
ment for non-payment of tithes, as did also his two sons. Several 
of the grandsons of this Thomas Bewley removed to Ireland, and 
their descendants are fully set out both in the text and in the 
very carefully compiled tabular pedigrees at the end of the 

The chapter on the arms of the li^wleys of Cumberland is of 
considerable interest, and is evidently I'he fruit of careful study of 
the subject. The ancient coat of Beaulieu dates from feudal times, 
and is to be found in some of the early rolls of arms, so that it is 
satisfactory to find that it has recently been confirmed by " Ulster " 
to the writer of this book. 

Thk Court op Claims : Casks and Evidence. By G. Wocxls 
WoUaston. London (Harrison <k Sons). 

Mr. Wollaston has here given a most interesting and intelligible 
account of the constitution of the Court of Claims and report of 
the proceedings before it, which is all the more important because, 
being derived from the original authorities, it forms a complete, if 
unorticial, account of what took place; the record of the judgments, 
which alone finds place on the Coronation Roll, being of little value 
and less general interest. In this well-printed volume the petitions 
are given in extenso, together with the evidence adduced in support of 
them : this is followed by an able summary of the arguments and a 
note of the judgment. It is hardly necessary to remind our readers 
that the only point of great interest decided by the Court of Claims 
was the dispute with reference to the office of Here<Htary Grand 
Standard Bearer of Scotland, and that the decision is under revision 


by the Scotch Courts. Mr. WoUaston adds several appendices, the 
first giving an epitome of the claims made before the Committee of 
Privileges to the office of Lord Great Chamberlain, and its decision 
thereon, without which the judgment of the Court of Claims on this 
matter is incomplete : the second being a very valuable table of the 
claims made at the Coronations from the time of Richard II to 
Edward VII and the decisions thereon, taken from documents which 
are records receivable in evidence in the strictest sense. 

The introduction does not seem to be up to the high level of the 
bulk of the volume : parts of it, especially when taken in conjunction 
with the photograph which serves as a frontispiece, suggest that the 
author has not a very high opinion of the dignity of the Court or 
the value of its judgments, but it is not of sufficient length or 
importance to detract materially from the very great merits of the 
remainder of the work, which is the best account that has yet 
appeared in print of what is to genealogists the most interesting part 
of the proceedings in connection with the Coronation. 

The Scottish Historical Review. Vol. i. No. 1. October, 1903. 
Glasgow (James MacLehose and Sons). 

Old friends of The Scottish Antiquary will be glad to see it 
re-appear in a new and greatly improved form ; excellently printed 
and artistically illustrated, it is now quite up to the level of 
English reviews of the first rank. If some of the papers, as for 
instance that with which the number opens — Professor Walter 
Raleigh's scholarly and most interesting article on "The Lives of 
Authors " — have little to do with Scotland and the Scottish people, 
the same objection catniot be urged against the majority of the 
contributions. One of the most valuable papers is that by 
Mr. A. H. Millar, on " Scotland described for Queen Magdalene," 
which brings to notice a small and curious volume written by one 
Jehan Desmontiers, for the information of the first consort of 
James V, who did not however live to read it, at all events in 
print. The Rev. James Wilson contributes, with explanatory notes, 
a charter of Gospatric from an ancient copy preserved at Lowther 
Castle. Mr. Andrew Lang gives the full text of a letter from 
Sir William Stewart, " Lyon," to the Regent in 1569. In a short 
paper of two pages, which is the only strictly genealogical article 
in the number, Mr. J. M. Hulloch advocates the investigation of 
cadet branches of a historic house before attempting to tackle the 
main line. 

A long list of well known writers who have promised assistance 
in the future justifies the hope that this excellent quarterly may 
have a long and useful career before it. 

We have also received " The Blood Royal of Britain," by the 
Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval (London, T. C. and E. C. Jack), 
which reached us too late for review in this number, but we shall 
hope to insert a notice in January. 


|lot£5 an5 (^mvits. 

A Flemish Branch of the Hamiltons of Innerwick. — Mr. Keith 
W. Murray's most interesting paper, with which the current volume of 
7'he Genealoyiatt opens, has drawn attention to this ancient branch of 
the house of Hamilton, and it is therefore hoped that some student of 
Scottish genealogy may be able to throw light upon the exact place 
in the family tree of the James or Jacques Hamilton who heads the 
following short pedigree, which is mainly taken from Goethals (3firoir, 
vol. i, pp. 922, 928, 929, and Dicfioimaire, vol. iii, under Looz- 

James, or Jacques Hamilton (descended from the baron8=j=Marie de Marchinelle 
of '* Euderwick"), merchant at Liej^e. de Buzet. 

I 1 

Pierre Ferdinand Hamilt(m, merchant at Lie>?e ; t= Marguerite, dau. of Martin Stael, 

Seigneur de Malonne, de Petitlez, etc. ; relwbilit^ 

en nohlexHe, by letters patent 11 April 1648. 


said to have been descended from 
the house of Stael de Holstein. 

Marie, only child of her parents,=B^ran(;oi8 de Corswarem, Seigneur de Fanlx et 
bom 8 Sept. 1640, or I64I ; mar. de Mozet, Colonel of Infantry, in service of 
at Liege, contract 6 Feb. 1662. the King of Spain. 

Rietstap's. ^l?'/woWa/ Gdiu^ral gives the following: — "Hamilton 
d'Enderwyck — Flandre (Reh. de nob., 11 avril 1648). De gu. a la 
fasce echiq. d'arg. et d'azur de trois tires, ace. de trois quintefeuilles 
d'herm., percees d'or ; ct un croiss. d'or, pose au point d'honneur. 
S. : deux cerfs d'arg." 

Among the marriages at the church of Sluys in Dutch Flanders, 
under date 7 April 1612, occurs the following: — "Jonckheer Pieter 
Hamelton, of Kinkevel in Scotland, in the Company of Captain 
Hudson, and Francyntgen La Bassiere, spinster, of Drysluys." 

It also appears from Goethals (Dictionnaire, vol. i, under Blondel) 
that Marie Fran9oise Hamilton, daughter of William, or Guillaume, 
Hamilton, Colonel of a Scottish regiment in the service of Spain, 
and of Elizabeth Eggerton, married, as his second wife, Michael Louis 
Blondel, Seigneur de Werquigneul, who was created hereditary chevalier 
by letters patent 20 May 1614. The mention of Eggerton in connec- 
tion with Hamilton affords a clue to this William Hamilton, who 
may have been quite unconnected with the Innerwick family and was 
possibly related to the Hamiltons of Ypres, whose pedigree I con- 
tributed to The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xiv, p. 264. 

For references to these and many other members of the Hamilton 
family settled in the Netherlands, T am indebted to my friend 
Mr. W. J. C. Moens, F.S.A., Vice-President of the Huguenot Society. 

H. W. Forsyth Harwood. 



The writer, who was eight years in the service of the East India 
Company, was the fourth and youngest son of Sir John Bennett, 
Serjeant-at-Law and Judge of the Marshalsea Court (1699-1723), by 
Anne (sister of Susan, wife of Sir John Morden, Baronet, the 
founder of Morden College, Blackheath), daughter of Joseph Brand, 
or Brond, of Edwardstone, Suffolk. His marriage, 16 Sep. 1716, 
with Mary, da. of Henry Merttins (brother of Alderman Sir George 
Merttins), the birth of their fourteen children and the various 
incidents that befel them and divers of his relatives are herein set 
forth, together with several pious reflections, etc. He died 30 Sep. 
1759, aged 70, about seventeen months after the last entry. 

A copy (from which this is printed) of the original MS. 
has been kindly made by Jessie Maria Georgina Bennett, 
daughter of the present proprietor, the Rev. Alexander Sykes 
Bennett, M.A., Vicar of St. Stephen's, Bournemouth, great grandson 
of the Diarist, he being the eldest son of the Rev. Alexander 
Morden Bennett, M.A., sometime (1845-1880) Vicar of Bourne- 
mouth (died 19 Jan. 1880, aged 72), who was eldest son of 
Alexander Bennett, sometime (1802-1819), Treasurer to Morden 
College (died Oct. 1819, aged 85), the youngest son of the above- 
named Alexander Bennett, the Diarist. 

It is proposed to illustrate this diary with a pedigree enlarged 
from that in Le Neve's Knights^ and abstracts of wills, parish 
registers, etc., relating to some of the parties therein mentioned. 


"A Copy 

OF MY Dear and Honard Father's Memorandum Book, 

WHO departed this Life Sep. 30th, 1759. Hester Bennett." 

1705, Dec. 25.—" I was born in Essex street, London, 25 Feb. 1688/9 

[and] by my parents care, I was this day [25 Dec. 1705] 
for the first time, brought to recieve the Sacrament at St. 
Clement's Church." 

1706, Dec. 23. — "Entered as a wnter in the Elast India Company's 

1706/7,Feb. 23.— "Set sayle from the Lands End of England on 
board the * Duchess,' Captain Raymond, for Eiast India." 

1707, May 14. — "Touched and took in refreshment at the Cape of 

Good Hope." 
„ July 18.—" Arrived at Fort St. George." 
„ August 2. — " Enterd in the Secretary's oflSce." 
„ Sep. 18. — "Taken into the Compting House of Govenor Pitt." 
1709, Sep. 29. — " Made Under Warehouse Keeper by Govenor Addi- 


1710, July 1. — " Made Steward of Fort George by Govenor Frazer." 


1713, Apr. 11. — "Made Sup'numerary Searcher by Govenor Harrison." 
„ „ 29.—" Elected Alderman of Fort St. George." 

„ Oct. 19. — "Appointed Sorter of the Company's Cloth." 
1713/4, Feb. 1.— "Made Second Searcher at the Sea Gate." 

1714, Dec. 26. — " Designing the first opportunity to leave India and 

go to my own country, and considering the dangers of so 
long a voyage, T this day received the Sacrament, humbly 
repenting me of my past sins and earnestly begging Gkxl's 
protections (sic) thro' the perills of the 'seas to bring me 
home in safety to see my dear parents again and native 
1714/5, Jan. 13. — "Laid down the Company's service at Fort St. 
George in order to return to England." 
„ Feb. 12. — "Having taken my passage for England on board 
the * Hanover,' Captain Osborne, This day left the Indian 
shore and went abord." 

1715, May 6. — "Met with a violent storm for 3 days about the 

Cape, so that we all expected to have perished had it 
continued half a day longer. But by the Blessing of 
God, Who gave ear to our prayers, the storm ceased, 
for whioh resolved always to be thankfull." 

„ „ 18. — "This day dyed Captain WoodWlle, one of our 
passengers, who, having been many years at Bengali and 
got a good estate, proposed to himself vast pleasures in 
England, but it pleased God to cut him off, which mallan- 
cholly accident made great impression upon me and 

„ „ 20. — " Descried the Tabel Land, Sugar loaf, etc., off the 
Cape of Good Hope, but made the best of our way for 
St. Helena." 

„ June 19. — "Arrived at St. Helena, an island belonging to the 
East India Company, we staid there 18 days, and were 
well entertained by Governor Pike. Here we first heard 
the news of Queen Anne's death, and that George the 1st 
was crownd King, being before Elector of Hanover." 

„ July 7. — "Set sayle from St. Helena, in company with the 
* Eagle,' Captain Beckman, bound home from Borneo, 
Mr. S wart's Supercargo." 

14. — "Went ashore at Ascention, an uninhabited rocky 
island, Lat. 4 S^. [i.e. south] where was little or no fresn 
Aug. 14. — "This day passed the Tropic of Cancer (as the 
Saylers term it), and saw several Tropic birds." 
26. — " Catched a very large Shark." 
Sep. 4. — "The * Eagle' being in distress for water we spared 

if It 

1i 99 


em some." 

»> »> 

10.—" This day, in Lat. 45, met the * Elizabeth,' 
Capt. Hilhouse, bound from Bristol to Virginia. He 
acquainted us of the King of Frances Death, of a 
Rebellion in England, of the Duke of Onnond's and 
Lord Boliiigbruock's flying to France and the Earl of 
Oxford in the Tower, as also of War with Sally." 


1715, Sep. 11. — "Got our ship in a readiness to fight for fear of 
Sally men or others." 
n „ 21. — '* Being afraid of Sallymen and seeing a ship, we 
made the best appearance we coud and gave her chace, 
by which stratagem she fled and we escaped." 
„ „ 24. — "Saw Ireland, but being very stormy, stood off and 
with difficulty escaped driving ashore. The * Eagle ' now 
left us and went to Ireland." 
„ „ 26. — "Saw 3 ships and fled from them." 
„ „ 27.— "Had the first sight of England." 
„ „ 28. — " This day landed at Dover, and rejoiced to sett my 
foot ashore again on English ground after having been 
absent above eight years and a half." 
„ „ 29. — " Rode this day to Canterbury on my way to London. 
Hearing Canterbury bells at a distance sounded mighty 
pleasent having, heard none since I left England." 
„ „ 30. — " Arrived late at night in London, and lay in the 

Inn in Gracechurch Street." 
„ Oct. 1 . — " Went to pay my duty to my father in Essex Street, 
who rejoyced to see me and sent for my brother Joseph 
to dine with us." 
„ „ 13. — "Went down to my father's country house in Sussex 
to pay my duty and love to my mother, where was very 
affectionately received." 
„ Nov. 1. — "Went with my brother Thomas to see a Ball at 

7. — "Recieved the Sacrament the first time after my 
arrivall in England. My father having been so kind 
to desire my company to live with him in Essex Street, 
and being pretty well settled in England, Resolved to 
sett myself some rules for my better behaviour in company 
and for the future conduct of my life, viz. : — 

Resolved to be very carefuU in company how I talked 
of other people or gave characters except for their 

Resolved never to value myself upon, or talk too much 
in company of, my own family. 

Being sensible that diligence is the only way to thrive, 
therefore resolved to put off no business for to-morrow 
that could be done to-day. 

Resolved every evening to sett apart a convenient 
time to recollect the materiall actions of the past day. 

Resolved to live so circumspectly that if my Life was 
to be put in print, no part of it should make me 

Resolved upon the appearance of any temptation to 
lay my hand upon my heart and repeat these words, 
* He that knows his Master's will and docs it not, shall 
be beaten with many stri[)es.' 

Resolved to be dutifull to my parents, loving to my 
brothers and sisters, and obliging and affable to all." 

»» »> 


1715/6, Jan. 19. — "This is the hardest winter [that] has been known 
for many years. I saw the Thames so hard froze over, 
that abundance of booths were built upon it, and people 
walk from the City to Westminster upon it, and they 
say an ox was roasted whole upon it." 

„ March 6. — "This evening was remarkable for severall very 
extraordinary emanations and streams of light in the 
air perfectly frightfull and amazing, so that the common 
people thought the world was at an end, but the more 
judicious attributed [it] to the late hard winter, this being 
more common in the Northern climate." 

„ „ 15. — " Went to hear Lord Wintown*s tryall." 

1716, June 7. — "Made my first visit to Miss Molly Merttins.*' 

„ Sept. 6. — "Married to her at Somerset House Chaple, by her 
uncle,^ Dr. Robinson, Bishop of London." 

„ Nov. 1. — "We went to inhabit oui; house of £50 per ann. in 
old Fish Street." 
1716/7, Feb. 13.— "Went to Aunt Lewis buriall." 

„ March 6.—" Went to Uncle's Wood do.2 

1717, Aug. 15. — "My son Alexander bom." 

„ „ 22. — "Do. christent by Dr. Wells; my father. Sir John 
Bennett, and my wife's father, Mr. Henry Merttins, god- 
fathei"8, and Bishop Robinson's first wife^ godmother." 
„ Aug. 29. —" Ditto dyed about 3 in the morning." 
„ „ 31. — "Do. buried, by Mr. Vausdall, at Dagenham." 

1718, Oct. 14.— "Went to Aunt Wood's funerall."* 
„ Nov. 20.- " Went to Aunt Robinson's do." » 

1718/9, Feb. 1.—" My eldest daughter born." 

„ „ 4. — " Do. Christened Clara by Dr. Wells, Lady Bennett 

and Lady Wood,^ godmothers, Mr. Henry Jolly, god- 

1719, April 13. — "My wife having recovered her lying in, we both 

went to Church to return thanks to Almighty God that 
had been so good to hear our prayers for her recovery." 

1720, Nov. 5. — "Almost ruined by venturing too deep in S". [i.e. 

south] Sea Stock and other bubbles." 

1721, Apr. 23. — " Brother Thomas Iknnett married to Miss Hannah 

„ May 1 3.-" After my great losses, thinking it prudent to 
retrench, resolved to lett my IjothIou house and to retire 
into the country to live cheap." 

* Ho was, however, her great uncle, beiiif? uncle to her mother Elizabeth, 
da. of Sir Edward Wood, by Clam, the Hishop'H Bister. 

- Henry Wood, only Bon of Sir Edward and Dame Clara Wood (see note 1), 
died s.p. and was buried at Chelsea. 

' Bishop RobiuBon's first wife was Mary, da. of William Lan^on, a nephew 
of Abraham Lanjftcm, of the How, LancaKhire. She. ]»reBumably, is the "Aunt 
Robinson" (though in reality a great aunt, see note 1), buried 20 Nov. 1718. 

■* Caroline, da. of Sir Edward Wood, and sister of Elizabeth, mother of the 
Diarist's wife. Sec note 1. 

* Dame Clara Wood, the child's great grandmother, sec note 1 and see her 
will (proved Jan. 1721/2) below. 



1)1ARY OF ALEXANDEll BENNETT, 1705 TO 1768. 149 

1721, Nov. 2. — "This day received the agreeable news of being half 

concerned with brother Bennett in the £10,000 prize, 
for which Providential retrieving of my fortunes, resolved 
to return God thanks for this great comfort to me and 
my family." 
1721/2, Jan. 5. — "My dear mother, I-Ady Bennett, departed this life." 

„ 8. — "Lady Wood, my wife's grandmother, departed this 
life.** My son Alexander born, since dyed." 

„ 24. — " Do. Christened, brothers Bennett and Trunkett,^ god- 
fathers, aunt Burnaby^ godmother." 

1722, Apr. 9. — "Lay for the first time at the house I took in 

Turkey Street, Endfield." 
„ June 19. — "Nephew George Bennett® bom." 
1722/3, Jan. 13.— "My son Thomas born." 
„ „ 20. — " Do. christened, brothers Bennett and Trunkett, 

godfathers, and aunt Robinson, godmother." 

1723, July 31.— "My sister. Lady Lisburne,i<> departed this life." 

„ Aug. 6. — " Burried at Whitam. The death of my sister, who 
was but one year older than myself, gave me severall 
religious reflections on my past life, and good resolutions 
for the future, and therefore on any temptation to recolect 
the following Scripture examples, viz. : — 

'Annanias and Sapphira struck dead for telling a lye.' 
' Lott's wife turned into a pillar of salt for disobedience.' 
' The whole world cursd for Adam and Eve's yielding 
to temptation.' 

About this time dyed Mr. Jno. Long, noted Banker in 
Lombard Street, who in S®. [i.e. south] Sea year was worth 
about XI 00,000, but in its fall he was reduced to a prison 
and dyed in great want. Lett this meditation be cause of 
great thankfulness in me that I escaped the same ruin, 
since I ventured into the same scheem, and having so 
much of Mr. Jolly's, aunt Burnaby's, sister Wright's, and 
cousin Trunkett's money in my hands, was very near 
drawing all them and myself too in the same ruin." 

1723, Dec. 21. — "My honoured father. Sir John Bennett, departed 

this life to all our great grief and lasting concern." 

1724, July 20. — " My son Benjamin born." 
„ Aug. 13.— "Do. dyed." 

1725, Mar. 28. — "My wife's father, Mr. Henry Merttins, departed 

this life." 

^ Sec notes 5 and 1. 

7 Henry Tmnkett, who married before Oct. 1718, Elizabeth, sister of the 
Diarist's wife, and died 20 Oct. 1727. 

^ Clara, da. of Sir Edward and Dame Clara Wood (see notes 4, 2 and 1), 
wife of John Bumaby, and mother of Admiral Sir William Bumaby, created 
a Baronet in 1767. 

• Younf^st son of John Bennett, a Master in Chancery, the eldest brother 
of the Diarist. 

*" Anne, bom 1687, first wife of John (Vaaghun), second Viscoant Lisbume 
in the Peerage of Ireland. He remarried, but died withoat male issue 
16 Jan. 1740/1. 


1726, Aug. 28. — " My daughter Molly, the first, born," who dyed about 
2 years after." 

1726, Oct. 17. — "My daughter Elizabeth born at my house at Stratford." 

1727, Aug. 2. — "Myself and wife taken with terrible fitts of a fever. 

All the children one after another, seized with intermitting 

„ Sept. — " By God's blessing and Dr. Wadsworth's assistance I 
have reooverd, though very bad. Now found the necessity 
of leading a good life and repenting when in health and 
not putting it off to a time of sickness or death bed, 
for my fever was so many hours upon me that during 
that time I could not set myself to any acts of devotion, 
and when the fever was off, my spirits were so fluttered 
and discomposed and there being a necessity of getting 
som rest, that there was little time and less inclination 
to religious dutys then, so that happy is the man that 
repents in health that he may have the less occasion in 

„ Oct. 13. — "Went to see King George the Second's Coronation 
at aunt Robinson's." 

„ „ 20.— "Brother Trunkett dyed."^ . 

„ Nov. 3. — "Sir George Merttyns dyed."^'-^ 

„ Dec. 31. — "My cosin Carter dyed." 

1728, Apr. 10. — "Received the Blessed Sacrament, being Easter 

Sunday, and heard an excellent sermon preached by Mr. 
Carter on our Saviour's Resurrection, and concluded thus, 
viz., * There's an Invisible Eye that sees all our actions 
and an Invisible Pen that writes em all down and keeps 
em upon record, long after they have slipped our own 
memory s.' " 

„ July 20. — " My son Richard born, who dyed the 19th November 

„ Aug. 10. — " Recovered of a very bad fever which held mo a 
long time." 

1729, Aug. 24.— "My daughter Molly born at Stratford." 

1731, Apr. 1. — "My daughter Hester born at Stratford." 

1732, Aug. 31. — " My daughter Nauncy born at French ordinary 


1733, Nov. 15. — " My daughter, Lette, born, and dyed about ten 

year after." 
„ „ 30. — " I heard a most excellent Sermon this day upon a 
young man's keeping his Baptismal Covenant against the 
World, the Flesh, and the Devill, when he concluded 
thus: — * It is not always in our power to prevent 
lustfull thoughts, yet 'tis in our power not to comply 
with 'em, and always in temptations of this kind not to 
parly with them but flye from them.'" 

" i.e.y the first of that name. See 24 Aug. 1729, below. 

" Lord Mayor of London 1724-25, having been Sheriff 1721-22, and Alderman 
of Bridge Street since 1712 ; President and Treasurer of Christ's Hospital, 
Newgate Street, where he was buried 11 Nov. 1727, aged 63. He was 
younger brother to the Diarist's father-in-law, Henry Merttius. 

DIARY Of ALEXANDER BfiNNEW, 1 705 TO 1758. 151 

1734, Sept. 24. — "Considering with myself that Charity covers a 

multitude of sins, likewise considering brother Joseph 
was born as good as myself, though now come to 
misfortunes and forsd to flye into Wales, wherefore 
resolved to compound his debts and bring him home 
again, which I succeeded in, and brought him and 
his wife unto London again, at above £300 charge, 
and trust in God shall not be the poorer for it, 
or my children after me. I also assisted my other 2 
brothers, John and Thomas, at a great expense after 
South Sea year, to save their places as Masters in 

1735, Oct. 24. — "My son, Alexander, bom at Dr. Wright's, in 

Spittle fields ; His Godfathers ; cousin Edward Burnaby, 
and Rd. Wiat Esqr., and cosin Carter, Godmother. 
„ „ 24. — " Upon seeing Mr. Gibson's child squint at Ham 
Church, gave me the following meditations : — * That 
having had now (and since) 14 children, gave me great 
reason to be joyfull and return God thanks that all 
had been bom perfect in shape and sence without the 
blemishes of squinting or other particularitys.'" 

1738, Oct. 24. — "My son Charle born and lived about 5 years." 
1738/9, Feb. 4.—" My eldest brother Bennett dyd." 

1739, May 24. — " Came to live in our house in Lime Street." 
„ Apr. 6. — " My son Thomas went clerk to Mr. Hooper." 

1741/2, Feb. 25.— "Very ill of the gout in my stomack, but by 
Dr. Hulse's assistance and a blessing that attented it, 
I i-ecovered." 
1742/3, Jan. 5.—" My dear daughter Letitia Dyd." 
1741, March. — "Brother Josheph departed this life." 

1743, April 25. — "My dear son Charle Dyd. These mallancholy 

thoughts of my two children's death made me consider 
the uncertainty of this life and prepare myself for my 
own mortality, which brought to my mind a good saying 
out of one of Dr. Berry man's sermons, viz., * That by 
repenting of our sins every day, we shall have the 
comfort of but one day's sins to repent of at the hour 
of death." 

1744, May 7. — "My dear son Thomas came home from Mr. Hooper's 

to practice as an Attorney for himself." 
„ July 1. — " Niece Elizabeth Trunkett departed this life." 
1748/9, Jan. 14. — " Sister Elizabeth Hungerford departed this 

1749, Aug. 16. — "My son Alexander came home from Mr. Lewis' 
„ Oct. 2. — " Do. went to Mr. Fuller's Academy to learn writing, 
arithmetic, French, etc." 
1749/50, Feb. 8. — "Were all surprizd this morning by an earthquake 
about 12 o'clock." 
„ March 8. — "Were all surprizd again by an earthquake 
between 5 and 6 in the morning." 



1749/50, Feb. 20.—" Heard the malancholy news that George Bennett 
was gone oflf, having almost ruined me, by transferring 
away £3,000 of my Bank Annuitys." 

1752, July 31.— "Putt my son Alexander a clerk in the Exchequer 

to Mr. Geo : Arbuthnot." 
„ Nov. 25.—" Sister Jo: I^nnett dyd." 
„ Dec. 23.— "Nephew Phil: Bennett Dyd." 

1753, Feb. — "Heard Nephew George dyd at Jamaica." 
„ Apr. — " Do. wife." 

„ May 1. — "Do. daughter, about 2 J old, came over." 
„ „ 14. — "Nephew, John Trunkett, dyd." 

1754, Nov. 3.— " Mrs. Ned Burnaby dyd." 

1756, Feb.— "Mrs. Burdet dyd." 
„ Aug.—" Mr. Waldo dyd." 

„ Sep.— "Mr. Burdet dyd." 

1757, Feb. 11.— "I^dy Burnaby dyd."i3 

„ Mar. 30. — "My son Thomas entered into partnership with Mr. 

Apr. 14. — "Family lay first in Hatton Garden." 
Aug. 11. — "My son Alexander out of his clerkship with Mr. 


1758, Apr. 13.— "Do. entered into New Inn."i* 

"Some Materiall Sentences towards making our Lives Happy. 

" Never do anything materiall by another that you can do 

" Never put off anything that is material till to-morrow that you 
can do to-day. 

" When in company if you hear any body blamed, recollect if guilty 
of the same, and amend. 

" Be sure you spend no more than you can afford, for, besides the 
continuall uneasiness of mind, 

"Duns succeed extravagance; 

" Bayliffs succeed duns ; 

" Prison succeeds bayliffs. 

" A broken heart or the goal distemper succeeds the prison and 
closes the melancholy sceen by death. 

"Be cautious in employing and getting money. 

"Be carefull in giving characters. 

" Be prudent in all your actions, so that if your life was to be 
put in print no part should make you blush. 

" Be contented in your condition. 

"Be neat, not fine, and speak rather slow than fast." 

" Margaret, first wife of Sir William Burnaby, Knighted 9 April 1764, and 
afterwards (31 Oct. 1767) created a Baronet. His mother Clara, da. oJP Sir 
Edward Wood, was maternal aunt to the Diarist's wife. See note 8. 

" The writer of this diary died 30 Sep. 1769 (as mentioned by his daughter 
Hester at the commencement), some eighteen months after this entry. 


"A coppY OP MY Father's Instructions to me on my going to 

THE East Indies 3 Feb. 1706/7. 
" Child, 

" You have hiterto been religiously and carefully and tenderly 
educated and brought up with no small expence under the wings of 
an indulgent father and of the fondest (yet prudent) mother. Nor 
hath their care been less now, that it is time that you should be 
transplanted, to grow and flourish upon your own root. It is true 
your first step is to view the wonders of the deep in a long voyage, 
but your sayles are blown by the Providence of the Almighty who 
setts bounds to the seas (and I know not wheather I shall live to 
see you again) yet we have all that satisfaction that your lott is 
fain out in a goodly inheritance, and by the blessing of God and 
your own industry, you cannot fayle of returning with your arms 
full of sheafs, and all the comfort and enjoyments of this life ; but 
let not these glittering toys (tho' the rewards of diligence and 
industry) by looking too much on them, make you forget the 
hand that gave them, who can as soon snatch 'em from you and 
shew your folly and the emptiness thereof in your greatest serenity 
and highest enjoyment, dear child. Remember what promises were 
made for you at your baptism, and which you (by your parents 
cai-e having been brought to the Holy Communion) have confirmed 
and undertaken and promised in your own person and have recieved 
thereupon the seals of your salvation. 

" Therefore let God be always in your thoughts who has you always 
in his eye. Fear him, love him, and do all things to his honour and 
to his glory and beg his protection and wholly rely on him in all 
perills at sea and dangers on land and if you do not leave him, he 
will never leave you nor forsake you. 

"Remember you have been taught and used to read 3 chapters 
every day, whereby you read the Holy Bible (the most valuable of 
all books) through once in every year and do not forget how often 
you used to offer yourself with great zeal and devotion to God 
Almighty in prayers and thanksgiving for his great mercies vouch- 
safed to you and how solemnly you then every night repeated God's 
Holy Commandments, and with your hand upon your breast repeating 
each Commandment examined yourself whether you had that day 
broken any of those laws in thought, word, or deed and humbly beggd 
God's pardon for your faylings and slips and backslidings (though 
unwillingly) comitted, and giving God the glory when you had 
resisted any temptation, and every morning putting yourself under 
God's protection and faithfully promising to do his holy will and 
commandments, sett yourself to your business and resolve to run the 
race that he has sett before you with holyness and righteousness all 
the days of your life and rememember how you used to keep holy 
the Sabbath day, which if you do not continue to do, believe, if 
you forsake him, he will also forsake you and you will soon find 
yi*8elf in a fools paradice, who had, and certainly, if you take care 
to perform all his commandments, will have the assurance of the 
enjoyments of eternal joys in heaven for evermore. And remember 


if you forsake your God you are doomed to the everlasting burnings 
for ever and for ever, world without end. 

"As for your behaviour in your business, be industrious, careful, 
honest, just, wronging no man, but quicksighted and sharp to discover 
the frauds and cheats of others, call no man knave but deal with all, 
as such, to your own security. Backbite no man nor speak ill of any 
man, but speak well and do all the good you can to all men, but 
especially to those of the household of faith. Be kind, affable, 
curteous and obliging to all and give honour to whom honour is due 
and obey the magistrate, for their power is of the Lord. If you 
deserve God's blessing, you can't fayle of it and then though absent, 
you will be the joy of the hearts of your parents who give you their 
blessing and dayly pray for your preservation. And if I never see 
you more, remember that I gave you these as the advice and dying 
words of your most indulgent loving father, 

" Jo : Bennett." 

(To he continued.) 

^tbiQxtts from ttje $Iea 9ftoll8« 

By Major-General the Hon. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 

(Continued from p. 99.) 

Be Banco. Mich. 22. Ed. 4. m. 477. 

Somerset. — John Hunteley sued Richard Hatfeld, Armiger, and 
Christine, his wife, Joan Swete and Margaret Swete for lands and 
tenements in Netheratbare, Overatbare and Horner. The pleadings 
state that in 4 E. 2 a Fine was levied between Geoffrey de Mahun 
and Margery, his wife, and William de Burne, by which the tenements 
were settled on Geoffrey and Margery, and the heirs of the body of 
Geoffrey, with remainder to Nicholas, brother of Geoffrey, for his 
life, with remainder to David, son of Thomas Huntelegh and the 
heirs of his body, and failing such, to Thomas, brother of David and 
the heirs of his body, and failing such, to the right heirs of (Jeoffrey 
de Mahun -for ever. The defendants gave this pedigree : — 

Thomas, brother of David HuDtelegh, 
eutered according to the remainder. 

r -^ 1 

John Hunteley. Richard. 

Margaret. Thomas. 


r— ^ 
John=Tr Beat rice John Hunteley, 

Shete. Tremayne. the plaintiff. 


I 1 1 

Christine.^ Joan, Margaret, 

Richard Hatfeld, defendant. defendant. 



John Hunteley stated that Margaret, the daughter of John 
Hunteley of the pedigree, had died s.p., and the jury found in his 

De Banco, Trinity. 22. Ed, 4. m. 411. 

Oocon. —John Nowers sued Elizabeth Boteler, late of London, widow, 
and John Barantyne, late of London, gentleman, for a trespass at 
Ghurchehill by depasturing cattle on his grass. 

Roger de Nodariis, Kt. 





r L n 

Richard Nowers, Kt., Sibil, first wife.=f John Nowers, Kt.= Alice, second wife, 
ob. s.p. 

Greorge Nowers, Kt. 

I 1 

John Nowers, the elder, John Nowers, the younger, 

plaintiff. ob. s.p. 

The defendants claimed by a demise of Alice, the second wife of 
John Nowers, made to one John Drayton, who had enfeoffed Drogo 
Barantyne, and Drogo had enfeoffed Elizabeth Boteler. John 
Barantyne was the son of Drogo. John Nowers, the younger, had 
been outlawed and had abjured the Kingdom, and in 26 H. 6 had 
released all his claim in the manor of Ghurchehill to Drogo Barantyne 
and his heirs. See also a suit on p. 93 of this volume. 

Coram Rege, Mich, 3. Ed, 4. m. 27. 

Wartinck, — Richard Clapham sued John Shirwode to deliver up to 
him a pyx containing the muniments of the manor of Alspath 
(Meriden). The defendant stated that one Osbert Clinton was 
formerly seised of the manor, and had enfeoffed in it Qerard, son 
of Gerard de Alspath, and Matilda, his wife, and had delivered 
the muniments to them, and from them he gave this descent : — 

Gerard de Alspath. 

r— J 




John Shirwode, the defendant. 



Richard Clapham was a Squire in the Household of Richaixl, 
Earl of Warwick, the King Maker, and was hanged in 1470 at 
Southampton under circumstances of great barbarity. (Stowe's 
Chronicle, and History of Wrottesley, Supplement to vol. xvii 

Genealoyist, N.S., p. 227.) 

De Banco. Easter. 22. Ed. 4. m. 408. 

Fbor. — Ralph Graystoke, of Graystoke, Kt., Robert Graystoke, Kt., 
and William Eure, Clerk, sued Thomas Metham, Kt., and Henry 
Vavasour, Clerk, for the next presentation to the church of Teryngton. 

temp. H. 3. 

rey, preseniea- 








ob. s.p. 



Anketiiie Salvayn. 

John Burdor 

L, Nicholas 


who enfeoffed Stapelton 


Anketyne, presented 

Anketine, son of her 

of her 

temp.'E. 3. 

of Anketine purparty. 
Salvayn, of 


Nicholas Salvavn, who 

his purparty 


enfeoffed John Langton 

of his purparty. 

,. .^N,S, .* -■N-.k^'*.-^- 

John Langton, enfeoffed 
by Nicholas Salvayne. 



Agnes.— James Danby, 
who enfeoffed the plaintiffs. 

Nicholas Stapelton. 

Miles Stapelton, Kt., who enfeoffed Thomas Metham, Kt., 
of his two purparties, and Thomas presented temp. H. 4. 

Thomas Metham, Kt. 


Alexander, died 20 July 4 H. 5. 

Thomas Metham, proved his age 1 April 1 H. 6, 
and presented temp. H, 6 (the defendant). 

Nicholas Salvayn, before the feoffment made to John Langton, had 
granted tlie next presentation by deed to Miles Stapleton, who 
presented temp. Ric. 2. 


De Banco, Easter, 22. Bd, 4. m. 499. 

Oxon. — Thomas Dan vera sued John Bai'antyne, Armiger, for the 
manor of Wymalle and lands and rents in Wymalle and Henton, and 
gave this descent : — 

Henry Braly, Kt., seised temp. H. 3. 






Thomas Danvers, the plaintiff. 

The suit was probably collusive, for by a deed enrolled on the 
same Roll, dated 7 May 22 E. 4, John Barantyne, Armiger, son and 
heir of John Barantyne, son and heir of Dru Barantyne, sold the 
manora of Henton and Wymalle, near Chynore, co. Oxon, to Thomas 
Dan vera. In another suit at Easter, 1 E. 5, m. 11, Thomas Dan vera 
sued John Barantyne for the manor of Henton, and gave the same 

De Banco. Mich, 2. Eic, 3. m, 127. 

Dorset, — John Broke, Kt., sued Richard Fychett and othera for an 

illegal entry by force into messuages and lands at Estmelplasshe and 


Thomas Broke, Kt. 


r -^ n 

Edward Broke, Kt. John Broke, Armiger, 

I Lord Cobham. 

John Broke, Kt., the plaintiff. 

De Banco, Mich, 2. Ric. 3. m, 151. 

Suff. — William Dale sued Gilbert Debenham, Kt., for the manor of 
Tatyngston, which William TreVylle and Anne, his wife, and Elizabeth 
Tendryng had given to Thomas Fulthorpe and Beatrice, his wife, and 
the heira of the body of Beatrice. 

Thomas Fulthorpe.-T=Beatrice. 
r ■■ 



John (sic), son of Thomas. 

Wilh'am Dale, the plaintiff. 

The plaintiff had either changed his surname or Jolin has been 
written by mistake for Joan. 


De Banco. Mich. 2. Ric. 3. tn. 452. 

Sussex. — Humfrey Sakevyle, Armiger, sued John Burton and two 
others for lands in Pevensey and Westham. 

Andrew Sakevyle, Kt. 

Thomas, seised temp. H. 6. 



Humfrey Sakevyle, the plaintiff. 

The defendants admitted the claim. See suit of Mich. 21 E. 4, 
printed on p. 95 of this volume. 

De Bmico. Easter. 2. Ric. 3. m. 351 dorso, 

Ebor. — William Gascoi<j^ne, Kt., sued George Stanley, and Alianora, 
his wife, for execution of a Fine levied in 1 E. 2, between John de 
Novo Mercato (Newmarcli) and Amice, his wife, plaintiffs, and Gilbert 
de Stapelton, deforciant, of the manor of Thorp in Balne and land in 
Wylmersley and Askerne, and the advowson of the church of Barneby, 
by which the manor, etc., had been settled on John de Newmarch 
and Amice, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, and failing such, 
on the right heirs of John for ever. 

John de Novo Mercato.=r Amice. 










William Gascoigne, Kt., the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Eastpr. 2. Ric. 3. m. 370. 

Wane. — Richard llubande, Armiger, sued Edward Hybande («ic), 
of Astwode, CO. Worcester, gentleman, for breaking into his closes 
at Ippesley and cutting down his trees. 


John Huband, Kt., seised 
of the manor of Ippeslej. 


John Huband, Armiger. 



Richard Hubande, the plaintiff. 

Edward Huband claimed by a demise of the wood of Ippesley made 
to him by John Huband, the grandfather of the plaintiff, dated 
1 Oct. 1 E. 4. 

De Banco, < Trinity, 3. Ric, 3. m, 273. 

Notts. — Ralph Vernon and Margaret, hia wife, late wife of Thomas 
Chaworth, Armiger, sued Thomas Chaworth, Armiger, son of John 
Chaworth, Armiger, for one-third of land and rents in Estbriggeford 
and other places, and one-third of the advowson of Elstbriggeford, 
as the dower of Margaret. 

I ' 1 

William Chaworth, seized John Chaworth. 

of the lands, etc. 

Thomas Chaworth,=Margaret.=Ralph Thomas Chaworth, 

ob. s.p. Vernon. the defendant. 

De Banco, Trinity, 2-3. Ric, 3. m, 317. 

Warw, — William Gascoigne, Kt., sued Robert Throckmorton, late of 
Coughton, Armiger, and eight others, for abducting from Coughton 
William Dyngley, the son and heir of William Dyngley, who was 
under age, and whose marriage belonged to him, inasmuch as his 
father had held the manor of Charleton, co. Worcester of one John 
Nevelle, the grandfather of William Gascoigne, and whose heir he 
was, by Knight's service, Charleton being held of the manor of 

Ralph Nevelle. 

John Nevelle. 



William Gascoigne, Kt., the plaintiff. 

Robert Throckmorton stated that one John Throckmorton had been 
seised of the manor of Charleton, and held it of Ralph Nevelle, the 
father of John Nevelle, and he had granted the manor to Thomas 
Dyngley, the father of William, the father of the heir ; and John 
Throckmorton had died, and from him he gave this descent ; — ' 


John Throckmorton. 


Robert Throckmorton, the defendant. 

Cheater Plea Rolls. 6. Hen, 7. w. 20 dorso. 

C est ria.— ThomoA Mascy and Joan, his wife, sued James Duncalf for 
lands and tenements in Buttelegh. 

Hupli, son of Vivian de Foxwist, 
seised temp. E. 3. 








Joan.=Thoma8 Mascy, 

the plaintiffs. 

Chester Plea Roll 8. Hen, 7. m. 36. 

Cestria. — Robert Tatton, son of Nicholas Tatton, sued Robert Vaudrey 
for lands and tenements in Northerdon, which Robert Tatton had 
<i:ranted to Richard Tatton and the heirs male of his body, temp. 
K. 2, and >yhich should revert to the heir of the donor, the male 
issue of Richard having failed. The pleadings give these pedigrees : — 

Richard Tatton, seised 
temp. E. 2. 


John Tatton, ob. B.p.m. 

llohort Tatton. the donor, 
tomp. K. 2. 






Robert Tatton, the ))1aintiff. 

Althou«(h not specified, Richard Tatton was no doubt a younger 
son of Rol>ert Tatton, the donor. 



Chester Plea Rolls. 8. Hen. 7. m. 36. 

Cestria. — Thomas Venables of Kynderton, Armiger, sued Richard 
Cotton, late of Ride ware, co. Stafford, Armiger, Henry Brereton, 
of CO Chester, gentleman, and eleven others named for breaking into 
his closes at Kynderton and taking his cattle. Richard stated that 
the place where the cattle were taken was his freehold. Both parties 
appealed to a jury, and Richard challenged the panel, because it had 
been arrayed by John Assheley, the Coroner of Buclowe Hundred, 
who was kinsman to Thomas, and he gave this pedigree : — 

William Yenables, of Kynderton. 



Thomas Venables, 
the plaintiff. 



John Assheley, 
the Coroner. 

Cheshire Plea Rolls. 16. Hen, 7. m. 19. 

Cestria. — Thomas Legh and Richard Wrottesley sued John Stanley 
for the manor of Echeles, and for the manor of Aldeford, excepting 
a messuage and 20 acres of land. 

John do Ardene,^Elena. 
seised temp. £. 3. 




ob. s.p.m. 

ob. s.p.m. 


Robert de Legh, Kt. 


Robert Legh. 

See suit at vol. xv, p. 212. 





Sir Walter Wrottesley, Kt. 

Richard Wrottesley, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco. Trinity. 7. Hen. 8. m. 517. 

Derh.—io\m Gifford, Kt., and Elizabeth, his wife, sued Ralph 
Montgomery, Armiger, and John Hogekynson, clerk, for the next 
presentation to the church of Cubley. 




Walter de MontgomerT. 







Nicholas, presented temp. H. 7. 

Sir John Montgomerv.=Elizabeth.=Johii Gvifard, Kt., 2nd 
ob. B.p.m. plaintiff. husband, plaintiff. 


Sir John Montgomen* had enfeoffed Eklward, Lord Hastjnges and 
others in the manor, and the feoffees had regranted it to Sir John 
Montgomery and Elizabeth, his wife, and heirs male of the body of 
Sir John. The latter had died, leaWng no male issue, and Elizabeth 
claimed to hold Cubley and the advowson of the church for her life. 
Sir John Giffard was her second husband. A verdict was given in 
favour of Sir John Giffard and Elizabeth at Assizes at Derby in 
« H. 8. 

De Banco, Hillary, 9. Hen, 8. 

^^or.— Thomas Strangways, Kt., Christopher Danby, Kt, and John 
P'itz llandolpb, claiming as hoirs of Thomas, Lord Scrope of Upaall, 
sued for execution of a Fine, levied 21. H. 6, between William, 
\jotA Fitz Hugh, and Jobn, Lord Scrope, and Elizabeth, his wife, 
respecting tlie manors of Coverham, Hellerby and other places. 

John, Lord Scrope,i= Elizabeth, 
living 21 H. 6. 

r— • 


Tbonma, Lord Scnipo. 


\ lico. 



Klizaboth, ob. s.p. 

ob. s.p. 

(Jo(»flfroy lo Rcropo, 
clericus, Lord lo 
Scrope, died at 

De Banco. Trinity, 7. Hen. 8. m, 359 dorso, 

Northampton.— YA^tivd, Duko of Buckingham, suwl the Abbot of 
Comlxj for land in Navesby which Jobn Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, had 
given to Richard de Clare and Matilda, his wife and the heirs of 
their bodies. 


Biohard de Clare,=f Matilda, 
seised temp. 

i. E. 2. I 

I 1 1 

Gilbert, Margaret, obtained the Isabella. 

ob. s.p. land in purparty. 








Edward, Duke of Buckingham, 
the plaintiff. 

De Banco, Trin. 21. Hen. 8. m, 608. 

ComivctU. — Michael Bray and Richard Bray sued John, the Bishop of 
Oxford, Ralph Wendover, Clerk, William Courtenay, Anne Davers, 
widow, and Thomas Whytyngton, Armiger, for the next presentation 
to the church of I^anyvett. 

Bartholomew Giffard, seised 
of the manor and adyowson, 
presented his Clerk, Walter 
Giffard, temp. £. I. 

, — I 

Robert OiilMrd.^Katherine. 

r—- ' 

I 1 

John. Benedict. 

I I 

Boger. , r- 

■^ 1 

I Henry. Alioe.=T=Predyaux. Isabella. 

r »— I I I I 

Henry, pre- Alored, Benedict, succeed- Nicholl,TsJoan.=Thoma8 John 

sented Ala- ob. s.p. ed as cousin and Ist hus- Lucombe, Bunteth. 

red Gyffard heirof Alured,and band. 2nd hus- | 

to the church presented temp. band. John 

temp. Ric. 2, H. 6. John Nicholl. Bunteth. 
ob. s.p. 

Richard, Alice, presented 

ob. s.p. 6 H. 8, ob. s.p. 

And see suit at pp. 234-5 of vol xviii. 



De Banco, Mich. 14. Ed. 4. m. 418. 

Staff, — Humfrey Stafford sued John ColsuUe, late of Benamy, co. 
Devon, Kt., and Elizabeth, his wife, John Wylby (Willoughby), late 
of Broke, co. Wilts, and Anne, his wife, and Thomas Strangways, 
late of Lopton, co. Wilts, for an illegal entry by force into the 
manors of Penkeryche, Perton, Littewode, Hyde-Coppenhale, Alme- 
cote and Litelhay. The pleadings give this pedigree of the Staffords 
of Hoke : — 

John Stafford, seised by prrant x-Margaret. 

of William Stafford, the elder, 

of the manor of Bromeself 

(Bramshall) and Almeootc. 

Humfrey Stafford. 


Humfrey Stafford, of Hoke. 

I 1 

Humfrey, Richard. 

ob. 8.p. I 



of Wilts. 



— r 



Humfrey, Humfrey j 1 1 

ob. 8. p. Stafford, Elizabeth. "= Ann.= Alianora.= 

Earl of John Col- John Thomas 

Devon, sulle, Kt. 
ob. s.p. 

Wylby, Strang- 
of Broke, ways. 

The plaintiff was Humphrey Stafford, of Grafton, co. Worcester. 
John Stafford, who heads the pedigree, was a younger son of William 
Stafford, of Sandon, Amblecote and Bramshall, co. Stafford, see vol. iv, 
New Series, Wm. Salt Society's Publications, p. 207. 

Assize Roll, 1039. 6. John, m. 4. dorso, 

Derh. — Hugh de Akoure (Okeover) sued William de Munguraeri in a 
plea that he should accept his hcmiage for a freeliold in Snelleston. 
The pleadings give tliese descents : — 

Letticc, sifttor of Walter=f llnlph de Akoure.= 
do Munjfumeri, first wife. 

Richard de Akoure,=^Marjraret,=Roj]fer Putrol. 
first husband, ob. living living G John, 
s.p. John. second huHband. 

Second wife. 

Hujfh de Akoure, 
tlie plaintiff. 

Walter de Munprumeri. 


William de Mungumeri, 

the defendant. 

Ralph do 


Curia Regis Roll. Mich, 9. Johuy m. 4. 

Oxon. — The Prior of Kenil worth sued Nicholas de Verdun (called to 
warranty by Richard de Canvill and Eustachia, his wife) for the 
next presentation to the church of Hethe. 

Lecelina de Clinton. 

Bertram de Verdun. 

i -i- , 

Thomas de Verdun,=Eii8tachia.=5=Richard de Canvill, Nicholas de Verdun, 

first husband, ob.s.p. second husband. the defendant. 

Curia Regis Roll, No. 74. Trin, 4. Hen. 3. w. 20. 

Wilts, — Ralph de Pinkeni sued John Mautravers for land in Sumer- 
ford, of which his father Ralph had been seised temp. Ric. I. 

Roger fitz Geoffrey. 


Ela. Alice. 

Richard de Heriet. John Mautravers, 

the defendant. 

It was shewn that John Mautravers had died, and as his heir 
was under age, the suit was dismissed. 

Curia Regis Roll, 5. John^ m, 2. dorso, 

Warw, — Henry de Armenters sued Geoffrey le Sauvage for a knight's 
fee in Wotton. 

Isabella, seised temp. H. 2. 



Henry de Armenters, 
the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. No, 26. 4. John^ m. 6. 

Lincoln, — Alexander de Crevequer sued Cecily Crevequer for fourteen 
and a half knights' fees in Redburn and other places. 

Matilda de Crevequer. 


r ^ 1 

Simon. Alexander. 

Alexander, Cecily, 

the plaintiff. the defendant. 

Alexander, the father of Cecily, was the eldest son of Matilda. 


Curia Regis RolL No. 70. Mich, 3.-4. Hen, 3. m. 2. 

Sussex,— 3ohn. de Breuse sued Reginald de Breuse for the castle of 


William de Breuse, 
seised temp. H. 2. 


John de Breuse, 
the plaintiff. 

Reginald pleaded he was under age, and John replied he was 
twenty-two years of age. 

In another suit Matilda de Clare, the widow of William de Breuse, 
sued the same Reginald for dower. 

Curia Regis RolL No. 71. Mich, 3. — 4. Hen. 3. m. 23 dorso, 

Oxon. — William de Clinton sued the Abbot of Eynesham for the 
advowson of the church of Kersinton. 

William de Clinton, ataxms, 
seised temp. H. 2. 




William de Clinton, 

the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis RolL No. 73. 4. Hen, 3. 

Southampton, — Ralph Monachus (Le Moigne) sued Thurstan le 
Despencer for the manor of Kinges worth. 

Thurstan le Despencer. 


r -^ -. , 

Walter. Almaric (Aylmer). 

Thurstan le Despencer, 
the defendant. 

Ralph claimed as heir of Hugh Tirell, to whom Henry 1 had 
granted the manor, and he gave this descent : — 

Hugh Tirell, seised 
temp. H. 1. 





Ralph Monachus, 
the plaintiff. 


Curia Regis Roll, No. 74. Trinity, 4. Hen, 3. m. 5. 

Somerset — Robert de Gurnay sued the Prior of Bermundesi for the 
next presentation to the church of Inglescurabe. 

Hawise de Gumay. 


Eva de Gumay. 


Robert de Gumay, 
the plaintiff. 

The Prior claimed by a grant of Hawise de Gurnay, which had 
been confirmed by Reginald, formerly Bishop of Bath. 

Curia Regis Roll. Trinity, 9. — 10. John^ m. 9. 

Warw. — Thomas de Ardeme sued John de Bracebi for a knight's fee 
in Kinesbi. 

First wife.=rTurkil, seised =fLeverunia, the 
temp. H. 1. 



second wife. 


Si ward. Osbert. 

I I 

Henry. Osbert. 


Thomas de Ardeme, i 1 ^ 

the plaintiff. Daughter. Daughter. Amice. 

John de Bracebi, 
the defendant. 

John de Bracebi, the defendant, denied that Turkil had been seised 
of the land on the day that Henry I was alive and dead (the limit of 
time for the action) and this was probably true, for Turchil de 
Warwick, who heads the pedigree, occurs in Domesday. 

Curia Regis Roll, Mich. 12. John^ m. 5. 

Staff — Henry le Notte sued Hugh, son of Peter (de Bissopesbiri) for 
land in Bissopesbiri (Bushbury) and Penne. 

Aillena, d. of Gudmund, 
seised temp. H. 2. 

Henry le Notte. 



Henry le Notte, 
the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll, Trinity y 14. John, m, 9. dorso. 

Leicester. — Walter de Tiwe sued William de Pirario for land in 


I 1 

Goibert, the SeneschaU, Hugh de Tiwe. 

seised temp. H. 1, ob. | 

s.p. Walter. 


Walter de Tiwe, 

the plaintiff. 

William de Pirario pleaded that he had recovered the land in a plea 
brought against him by Thomas, son of Thomas de Sixteneby in 
2 Ric. I. 

Curia Regis Roll. No, 70. Mich. 3. — 4. Hen, 3. m. 4. 

Somerset. — Alan Basset, the custos of William, son and heir of Dm de 
Montagu, sued William Briwere for the manor of Cheddes 
(? Chedzoy). 

William de Montagu. 

Drogo (Dm). 


William, who was under age, 
and in ward to Alan Basset. 

Alan stated that William Briwere had entered in a time of war. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 70. Mich. 3. — 4. Hen. 3. m. 6. 

Kent. — William Paynell sued the Abbot of Gaunt for the manors 
of Grenewic and Levesham. 

Robert dc Baunton, 
seised temp. H. 1. 



Fulk Paynell. 

William Paynell, 
the plaintiff. 

Ctiria Regis Roll. No. 72. 4. Hen. 3. m. 9. 

Ehor. — Eustace de Grenville sued the Prior of St. Trinity of York, 
for the next presentation to the church of Berton. 

Ralph Paynel, presented 
temp. H. 1. 





The Prior pleaded that the grant of Ralph Paynel, the founder of 
the Priory, had been confirmed by Henry I. Eustace claimed to 
hold the status of Fulk Paganel, who had presented to the church 
and whose lands had been granted to him by the King when Fulk 
renounced his allegiance and remained in Normandy. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 72. 4. Hen, 3. m. 25. 

Essex, — Richard de Montfichet sued Gilbert Anglicus (Langlais) for 
two carucates in (place illegible). 

William de Montfichot, 
seised temp. H. 1. 



Richard de Montfichet, 
the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 72. 4. Hen. 3. ra. 25. 

Siissex, — Richard de Cahaumton sued R. Bishop of Chichester for the 
advowson of the church of Sihameston. 

Richard, presented 
temp. H. 2. 

Osmond, Richard. 

ob. s.p. I 

Richard de Cahaumton, 
the plaintiff. 

The Bishop's claim was derived from a grant of the first Richard 
de Cahampton of the church of Syelmeston (sic) to his predecessor. 

Curia Regis Roll, No, 72. 4 H, 3. m, 6. dorso. 

Kent. — Emma de Wicham sued Warine Carbonel for half a knight's 
fee in Craye. 

Warine Carbonel. 

r + -. 

Ralph. William. Nicholas. 


Alexander, Emma de Wicham, Sabina. 

ob. s.p. the plaintiff. | 

Warine Carbonel, 
the defendant. 

The defendant claimed by a grant of Alexander to his mother 

(To be continued.) 













• • 

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s= 2 
5 ^d 

O ^ 2-1 

S :i2 '^ 
o o u 





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2 CO E^^ 

•2 t^ * 

O aQ s 73 ^ /^ 



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— «4-i 

o => 


c5 O 

1-3 C^ 

oo C J 

■ O 00 ? 

C » Ci 


d J3 ;3 ^ So 
a '^ S c uo -H 

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<» o •« •« ^H j_» r^ *? 
2h . <5 



W-. .A ^ "^ — X . 

f5 '^i <— > 


:= ^- -5 cc ■ « 



c e -^ -= ^1 

05 HM 

c c 

00 ^ iH 

0* ^ . • 
^ X A^ 

*J ^4 £ " 

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. es 


*f -« J d 
• ^" — - 

1; ♦J >^ ,- '/- 

,c c d.N ^ . 

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"I Ji d 

2 5 '>: 

ji "* ^ 

^" i/ fr* -< c 

1» i; • — 

5 = * 

• "-• X 

.r^ I 

:?i X -i-^f-^i — 

> « •- ^ — 

^ "-" • ** "~" d 1* C 

d ■■*"• 

-» X 

irn if = 

'«- .d = 
•- L t, t* 


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d ^ « 

S5 X 

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rs - -d 

u « ♦-» 

2q ^ If 

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d **- ^ 

o o rs 

i I w "^ 

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w" - 1; 

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c ^- -^ 

*i: d = 
t .- •- ~ 

r^ X w 

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.d i- 

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r; o o e 

£• 00 

c 5 


H d 


*c - 

** »i4 

'^ 2 


d-r S 5d 
d- 2 o 

■-r ^ ii V^. 

-I — ■ ^ 

^:Sio -: 
— J^ ^ s 

^ ^ c ^ 

2, - • ^ 

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d 1. C ^ 

X - ^"^ 
•" - d ~ 

Mt ^^ ^^ ^ 

X «. — • t^ 

r o A- ::• 
** 2 *"• *^ 







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d s 

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«M ,2 Cv •«*— ' 

o c> • 


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1 s 8 s II 

CU i-H »^ <J e8 -< 


« * E ^ 'E 


O jj ••!« "^ K 'T* N-» 

»« 73 -2 CO • . 

w ^ 3 t>- o 



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— tic t- 

-.S ^ CO 

p!Z O g 

05 >^* « ^ 



^ -*i ^ S 3 > 

>■ 00 w 

^» * v^ 

»- bt 

•^ ^I '75 

• ^ N »o -'2 

* t^ t>. X *a 

P^ ^H ^^ I— t eS 




— 08 U 

® 'O S Q 

c 9 
2 2'^^' 

• r^ 'rm eS X 


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5 ^ * 

5 • ^• 

c« ,a ^ 

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pa ^ Q 


c> S s 

Q fl N 


9 5^ 
■^o S 

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CO -ka © 
_e! OS C3 

t3 « .2 

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Q »— ••■,£3 

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OS 38 





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s 1^ a 'E S 

t ^ - U-3 

4-» 4, C -* # 

L .5 g g 5 1.0 ^ -sj 

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t^g « 


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E^ ^ l-X 

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*© '^ P 

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OB »C • 

ii ©.P 

p*« 2» 


•• M 





* i = 1^ 


•-• C © ifi ■♦-• 

© p 






56 £ 'O 


IBugdale's lltsitation of ^orksMtf, 


(Continued from p. 136.) 

YoRKE City. 

Yorke, 12 Sept. 1666. 


Arms: — Argont, a chevron between three boars' heads couped Sable. 

I. JOHN OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, in the township of 
Bramham, near Tadcaster; mar. Constance . . . (Glover's 
Visitation). They had issue — 

1. William (li). 

2. George, of Newton. 

3. Rol^ert, of Thorpai*ch. 

4. Andrew. 

II. WILLIAM OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, mar. . . . Had 
issue — 

John (III). 

III. JOIIIi OGLETHORPE, in com, Ebor., mar. . . . Had 

issue — 

Richard (IV). 

Richard Thomas, of Beall (a quo Oglethorpe of Beall 
and Kellington). 

IV. RICHARD OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe and of Walling- 

wells, CO. Notts. Will 12 Feb. 154*, pr. at York 7 Oct. 1546 
(Test. Ebor., vi, 219), to be bur. at Carleton, co. Notts; 
mar. . . . • They had issue — 

1. William (V). 

2. Robert, of Wadworth, bur. there 5 Apr. 1583, named 

in his father's will ; mar. . . . , dau. of . . . 
Wastlyn, bur. at Wadworth 17 Feb. 1590. They 
had issue — 

* Her name might have been Swinbome. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 173 


Catherine, bur. at Wadworth 8 Oct. 1592. 
3. Leonard, of Wadworth, bur. there 2 Feb. 1579; mar. 
Alice . . . , bur. there 4 Jan. 1577. 
Anne, named in her father's will. 
Alice, named in her father's will. 
Jane, named in her father's will. 

V. WILLIAM OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, (1) admon. at 
York 28 Oct. 1580, mar. Jane, dau. of William Wright, of 
York. Will 11 Jan. 1580-1, pr. at York 20 Apr. 1581 
(xxiii, 44). They had issue — 

i. warm (VI). 

2. Edward, of Thornton Wood, signed Visitation of 1585, 

d. 8. p. ; mar. Anne, dau. of William Staveley, of 
Ripon, wid. of William Burton, of Ingmanthorpe 

3. Robert, named in his mother's will, d. s.p. 

4. Thomas, named in his mother's will, d. s.p. 
Ursula, mar. Nicholas Burton, of Ingmanthorpe, 

named in her mother's will (Glover 277). 

VI. WILUM OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, in com. Ebor., livhig 
in a" 1585 ; mar. first Anne, daughter of Robert Sotheby, of 
Pocklington, in com. Ebor. there 16 Oct. 1580. They 
had issue — 

1, John Oglethorpe, died young. 

2. WilVm (VII). 

Mary, mar. Thomas Walton, of York. 

Helen, mar William Oglethorpe, of Upton, co. Notts., 
mar. lie. 1609. 

Mar. secondly Julian, dau. of Sir William Mallory, of 
Studley, wid. of Thomas Snawsell, of Bilton, lie. 1601. 
They had issue — 

Anne, mar. William Wood, of Wetherby. 

VII. WILVM OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, died circa annfi 
1629, bp. at Bramham 5 Jan. 1588; (?) adm. Lincoln's Inn 
15 May 1610; m,ar. Susan, daughter of S^ WilVm, Sutton, 
of Averham, in com. Nott., Kn*., mar. lie. 1608 at Averham. 
They had issue — 

L Sutton (VIII). 

2. WilVm Oglethorpe, of Wakefield, in co. Ebor. 

1, Anne, tvife of . . . 

2, Dorothy, wife of Marquis Byrone, a Frenchman, bp. 

26 May 1620. 

174 DUG dale's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 


VIII. SUTTON OGLETHORPE, now residing in y CiUy of Torke, 
asL 52 arm. 12 Sept. a** 1666, fined by Parliament, estates 
sequestered and given to General William Fairfax, who 
sold them to the Bingley family, bp. at Bramham 23 Aug. 
1612 (Diet. Nat. Biog.) ; ma/r, Frances, datighter of John 
Matthew, a younger son of Toby Mathew, late Arch -B*' of 
Yorke, They had issue — 
i. Sutton (IX). 

^. Sir Theaphilus, General in James 11*8 Army, purchased 
Westbrook, Godalming, M.P. Haslemere 1698-1702, 
bp. at Bramham 14 Sep. 1650, d. 10 Apr. 1702, bur. 
at St. James', Westminster; mar. Eleanor, dau. 
of Richard Wall, of Tipperary, d. 19 June 1732. 
They had issue — 

Lewis, mat. at Corpus Christi Coll., Ozf., 
16 Mar. 169f, M.P. Haslemere, d. at the 
Hague after being wounded at the battle 
of Schellenberg, before Blenheim, 30 Oct. 
1704, a3t. twenty-four. 
Theophilus, of Westbrook, M.P. Haslemere, 
b. at St. Germains, d. s.p in France 1717. 
James Edward, of Westbrook, M.P. Hasle- 
mere for thirty-two years, founded the 
colony of Georgia, b. in London 22 Dec. 
1696, bp. at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, 
mat. at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxf., 8 July 
1714, adm. Gray's Inn 27 Apr. 1729, d. 
1 July 1785, bur. at Cranham. M.I. 
(Diet. Nat. Biog.); mar. 15 Sept. 1743, 
Eliz., dau. and h. of Sir Nathan Wright, 
of Cranham Hall, Essex, d. 26 Oct. 1787. 
Sutton, d. y. 

Anne, of St. Germains, (?) created a Countess. 
Eleanor, mar. Marquis de Mazriere, d. 1775, 

a?t. ninety-one. 
Frances Charlotte, mar. Marquis de Belle 

Mary, d. unmar. 
7. Elizabeth, wife of Arthur Squire, son of Thomas 
Squire, Parson of Escrick, in com, Ebor, ; mar. at 
Thicket 22 Feb. 1654-5 (C.B.N.). 
2. Ursula. 

IX. SUTTON OGLETHORPE, wtutis 26 annorum 12^ Sept. 1665, 
M.A. Oxf., 28 Sept. 1663, adm. Student of Gray's Inn 28 Nov. 
1657, Studmaster to King Charles II, bp. at Bramham 5 June 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 175 

1637, bur. at Richmond 19 May 1689 (Clarkson's Richmond, 
178); mar, Jane^ daitghter of John Bobt/nsoUy son and heire 
of S^ Arthur Rohynaon^ KK^ at St. Mary Aldermary, London, 
11 Apr. 1664. They had issue — 

Sutton, Page to King Charles II. 

John, Cornet in the Guards, d. at Hounslow 

Joseph, d. in India. 

HoLDKRNESSE MIDDLE Bayliwick. Burtoii Constable, 5 Sept. 1665. 


ISnrtoii Constable, 

l^istonnt Innbar. 

Arms : — Quarterly of twelve : — 

1. Barry of six Or and Azure (Constable). 

2. Argent, three chaplets Gules (Lascelles). 

3. Quarterly Or and Gules on a bend Sable three escallops Argent, 

a crescent for difference (Eure). 

4. Barry of six Or and Azure, on a canton Gules a cross fleury 

Argent (Aton). 

5. Or, a cross Sable (Vesci). 

6. Vert, three lions rampant Argent, ducally crowned and maned Or 


7. Gules, on a saltire Argent a mullet pierced Sable (Nevile). 

8. Or, fretty Gules, on a canton Sable a chief of the tield (Nevile, 


9. Gules, a lion rampant Erminois (Bulmer). 

10. Or, a chief indented Azure (Glanvile). 

11. Azure, a cross fleury Or (Ward). 

12. Sable, a fess between three garbs Argent. 

Crert : — A dragon's head Argent, charged with throe bars Gules, on each as 
many lozenges Or. 

I. ULBERT CONSTABLE, mar. Erenburch de Burton. Thev 
had issue — 

II. ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Halsham. Had issue— 

llol)ert, of Halsham, d. s.p., wont witli llichanl T to 

the Holy Land. 
William (III). 

17G DUGDALF/s visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

III. WILLIAM CONSTABLE, mar. Julian, sister of Thomas de 

Alost. They had issue — 

IV. ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Halsham, succeeded his uncle, d. 

circa 1251 ; mar. Ela, dau. of Fulco de Oyri. They had 
issue — 

William (V). 



V. WILLIAM CONSTABLE, of Halsham; mar. Cecilia, dau. 
of Marmaduke de Thweng. They had issue — 
William, d. s.p. 
Sir Simon (VI). 
Galfred, d. s.p. 

VI. SIR SIMON CONSTABLE, of Halsham, mentioned in an 
Inquisition 1275, d. 22 Edward I, Inq. P.M 10 Apr. 1294 
(Yorks. Inquisitions, Rec. Ser., xxiii, 160); mar. Katherine, 
dau. of Robert Cumberworth, rel. of Sir John Danthorpe. 
They had issue — 

Robert (VII). 

Ela, mar. John Fauconberg. 


VII. SIR ROBERT CONSTABLE, of Halsham, twenty-nine 
years and upwards at the date of his father's Inq. ; mar. 
Avicia, dau. and h. of Sir Roger de Lassels, of Kirby 
Knoll. They had issue — 

John (VIII). 


Catharine, mar. William, son of Philip de Melsa. 

VIII. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Halsham, d. 23 Edward III, 
(134^9) ; mar. Albreda, dau. of . . . St. Quintin (remar. John 
Sturmy). They had issue — 
Sir John (IX). 

IX. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Halsham, b. circa 1337. Will 
17 Nov., pr. 4 Mar. 1407-8 (Test. Eb., i, 350); mar. Matilda, 
dau. of Sir Robert Hilton, of Swyne. Will 1 Sept., pr. 
10 Nov. 1419, to be bur. at Halsham (Test. Eb., i, 396). 
They had issue — 

Sir William (X). 

Thomas Constable, of Halsham, exor. of his mother. 
Will 4 Oct. 1432, pr. 2 Jan. 143§, to be bur. at St. 
Giles', Cripplegate, London ; mar. Margaret, dau. of 
Sir Thomas Hanley. They had issue — 

J ^ ^ M named in their grandmother's will. 

Margaret, had ten marks in her father's will. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSmRE. 177 

X. SIR WILLIAM CONSTABLE, of Halsham ; mar. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Sir Thomas Metham, of Metham. They had issue — 
Sir John (XI). 

XI. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Halsham, Burton Constable, 

etc. Will 23 Nov. 1449, pr. 17 Jan. 1451 (Test. Eb., ii, 

158); mar. Margaret, dau. and coh. of Sir Thomas Umfra- 

viUe. They had issue — 

Sir John (XII). 

Agnes, mar. first Thomas St. Quintin ; secondly Sir 

William Skipwith (Glover, 614). 
Elizabeth, mar. Sir William St. Quintin. 
Maud, mar. John Routh. 

XII. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Halsham. Will nunc. 20 Dec. 

1472, pr. 18 Mar. 1477-8, to be bur. at Halsham (Test. 
Eb., ii, 158); mar. first (?) Lora, dau. of Henry, Lord Fitz- 
hugh They had "issue — 

Sir John Constable, Knt., of Halsham, d. s.p. Will 
7 July 1482, pr. at York 10 Dec. 1489 (Test. Eb., 
iii, 278), Inq. P.M. 2 Oct. 6 Henry VII; mar. 
Margaret, dau. of William Mallory, veiled 2 Oct. 
1490. Admon. 13 Jan. 1498-9 (Test. Eb., iii, 280), 
Inq. P.M. 28 May 14 Henry VII. 
Ralph (XIII). 
William, d. s.p. ; mar. Isabel, dau. and coh. of Robert 

Joan, mar. Sir William Mallory, of Studley (Glover, 

Margaret, mar. Sir W. Roos. 
Isabel, mar. Stephen Thorpe, of Thorpe. 
Margery, mar. Robert Holme, of Paul Holme. Will 
2 Apr., pr. 23 May 1510. 
Mar. secondly Ellen, dau. of Sir William Ingleby, of Ripley. 
They had issue — 
Ellen, mar. . . . Thwaites. 

XIII. SIR RALPH CONSTABLE, of Halsham, succeeded his 

brother John, then thirty years old. Will 6 Mar. 1497-8, pr. 
at York 5 May 1498, to be bur. at Halsham (Test. Ebor., 
iii, 270), I.P.M. 21 May 1498; mar. first Anne, dau. and 
coh. of Robert Eure. They had issue — 

Sir John (XIV). 

Lora, mar. Sir John Hotham, of Scorborough. 
Mar. secondly Elizabeth, nat. dau. of . . . Tempest, veiled 
9 Nov. 1501, exec, of her husband. (?) Will 19 Sept. 1537, 
pr. at York 19 Feb. 1537-8 (Test. Ebor., vi, 69). They had 
issue — 

178 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

Ralph Constable, of Thirntoft ; mar. first • . . dau. 
of Christopher Lasenby, of Whitwell, co. Rich. 
They had issue — 

Christopher, lived at Halsham (Poulson) ; 
mar. first Isabel, dau. of Thomas Smyth, 
wid. of Edward Hancock. They had 
issue — 

Katherine, mar. William Smyth, of 
Mar. secondly Jane, dau. of Robert 
Hodgson. They had issue- 
Thomas, of XJpsal ; mar. Barbara Eden, wid. 
of . . . Yonge. They had issue — 

John, (1)of Burton Constable. Will 
8 Nov. 1625, pr. at York. 
Mar. secondly Elizabeth, sister to Sir WUliam 
Grimston, Knt. They had issue — 

Joan, mar. George Flower, clerk. 
Jane, mar. Christopher Hildyard, of Winestead. 

XIV. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Burton Constable, d. 1537, 
eighteen years old at his father's Inq. P.M. ; mar. first 
Agnes, dau. of Sir Thomas Metham, of Metham. They had 
issue — 

1. Sir John (XV). 

2. Ralph (a quo Constable, of St. Sepulchres). 

3. William, d. s.p. 

4. Robert, of Easington ; mar. Jane, dau. of Edmond 

Frothingham. They had issue — 

William, of Kilnsea, living 1584; mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. of William Walleis, of 
Lincoln. They had issue — 

Sir Ralph, jBt. fifteen, 1584, of Bentley, 
slain at the Isle of Rhe 29 Oct. 
1627; mar. Jane, dau. of Sir John 
Ratclifle, of Ordsal, lie. 1605 at 
Blackburn. Thev had issue — 
Robert, R^t. one year and a half, 
Catherine, mar. Henry Stevenson. 
Anne, mar. Mathew Parker. 
Elizabeth, mar. . . . Foster. 
Ann, mar. John I^ounde, of Nabum. 

5. Francis, named in his brother John's will, d. s.p. 

6. Brian, slain. 

Margery, mar. Brian Staploton, of Wighill, disp. 

9 Dec. 1528. 
Katherine, mar. Sir Ralph Ellerker, of Risby, d. 8.p. 

DUODALE's visitation op YORKSHIRE. 179 

Mar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. of . . . Headlaro, wid. of Sir 
John Hotham. They had issue — 

Anne, mar. Brian Palmes, of Nabum. 

Elizabeth, mar. Christopher Frothingham. 
Mar. thirdly Eleanor, dau. of the tenth Loni CliflFord, (wid. 
of Sir Ninian Markenfeld), d. s.p. Admon. York 16 Nov. 1540. 

XV. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Burton Constable. Will 
2 May, pr. 20 Oct. 1542 (Test. Ebor., vi, 153), to be bur. 
at Halsham; mar. Joan, dau. and coh. of Ralph Nevile, 
of Thornton Bridge, sole exec, of her husband. They had 
issue — 

Sir John (XVI). 

Ralph, of Burstwick North Park, named in his 
father's will. WiU 10 Nov. 1568, pr. at York 
7 Oct. 1577; mar. Frances, dau. of Sir William 
Skipwith (remar. Ralph Ellerker). They had issue — 
Elizabeth, mar. Robert Dalton, of Hull. 
Frances, d. s.p., named in her father's will. 
Joan, mar. John Elastoft. 
Margaret, d. s.p. 
Frances, mar. Sir Christopher Hildyard, of Winestead. 

XVI. SIR JOHN CONSTABLE, of Burton Constable and Kirkby 
Knowl. Will 13 May 1579, pr. at York 9 Sept. 1587, 
to be bur. near his wife in the church of Halsham; mar. 
first Margaret, dau. of John, Lord Scrope of Bolton. They 
had issue — 

Sir Henry (XVII). 

Joseph, of Upsal, Chief Steward of Holdemess, exor. 
of his father; mar. Mary, dau. of Thomas 
Crathorne, of Crathorne. They had issue — 

John, six months old in 1584, a Royalist, 
at Marston Moor, fled to Holland, died of 
a broken heart (Grange) ; mar. Margaret 
or Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Cresswell, of 
Nunkeeling. They had issue — 

Elizabeth, \(1) sold Kirkby Knowl to 

Everild, /Judge Rokeby 11 Feb. 1653. 

Joseph, an officer in the Royal army, slain 

at Copready Bridge 1645. 
Anevilla, mar. 1610 Thomas Smith, of Egton 
Bridge, bp. at South Kilvington 1 Jan. 
Mary, mar. William Tocketts, of Tocketts. 
John, d. v.p. 
Ralph, d. s.p. 
Mar. secondly Katherine, dau. of Henry, fifth Earl of 
Westmorland, d. 27 Mar. 1591 (Musgrave's Obit.). WUl 

180 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

4 Aug. 1590, pr. at York 28 July 1591, to be bur. in 
Shoreditch Church, or at Halsham. They had issue- 
John, d. s.p. 

XVII. S'' HENRY CONSTABLE, of Burton Constable, of co, 

Ebor., Kk, living o« 1584, d. 1608. Admon. 8 Apr. 1609 ; 
mar, Margaret, daughter of S'' WiWm Dormer, of Ethrop, in 
com. Buck, Kt. Will 2 Jan. 1636-7, pr. at York 26 Apr. 
1637. They had issue — 
S^ Henry (XVIII). 
i. Catherine, wife of S^ Thomas Fairfax, of Walton and 
Gilling, in co. Ebor., K'., mar. lie. 1594. 

2. Dorothy, wife of Roger Lawson, son and heir to 

S^ Raphe Lawson, of Burgh, in co. Ebor., Knt. 

3. Marg\ wife of S^ Edivard Stanhope, of Edlington, in 

com. Ebor., Kk of y* Bathe, bur. at Kirkby Wharf e 
27 Feb. 1662-3. 
^. Mary, unfe of Tho. Blakeston, of Blakeston, in 
y* Bishoprick of Durham, Kk and Bar*. 

XVIII. S'' HENRY CONSTABLE, of Burton Constable, A\ 
created Viscount Dunbar, by King Jamss, 14 Nov. 1620, 
he died in af* 1645, Knighted 14 Mar. 1614-15, a recusant, 
d. of wounds received at the siege of Scarborough 1645 
(Poulson); m^r. Mary, dau^h. of S^ John Tufton, of 
Hothfeild, in Kent, KnK and Bar*. Will 7 Nov. 1653, pr. 
24 June 1659 (Abs. Yorks. Rec. Ser., ix, 140). They had 
issue — 

1. John (XIX). 

2. Mathew, d. 14 Aug. 1667 (Poulson). 
S. Henry, exor. of his mother, d. s.p. 

i. Mary, first wife of Robert, L"^ Brudenell d: second 

Earle of Cardigan. 
2 Catherine, wife of WilFm Middleton, of Stockheld, in 

com. Ebor. 
S. Margaret, exec, of her grandmother and mother. 

XIX. JOHN, second VISCOUNT DUNBAR, o'tatis 50 ann. 

5 Sept, lUGo, had his estates seijuestered. Will 15 Dec. 
1667, pr. at York ; mar. Mary, daugh. of Tho. L'^ Brudenell, 
of Staunton Wyvill, in co. Leic, created Earle of Cardigan, 
by K. Charles the 2'L They had issue — 

1. John Constable, (tt. 10 annor. 3 Sept. a" 1665, d. v.p., 


2. Robei't (XX). 

S. WVVm, (ft. 4 ann. in 1665, fourth Viscount Dunbar, 
succeeded his brother in 1714, d. s.p. 15 Aug. 1718. 
Will 20 Aug. 1717, pr. at York ; mar. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Hugh, .second rx)rd Clifford of Chudleigh 
(remar. 17 Nov. 1719 Charles, ninth Viscount 
Fairfax of Gilling), d. 25, bur. 27 Apr. 1721 at 
Bath Abbey. 



i. Maryy d. inf. 

2, Cecilie, wife of Fraticis Tunstall, of HutUyiVy in com, 

Ebor., Esq, Their son Cuthbert Tunstall succeeded 
to the estates on the death of his uncle, fourth 
Viscount Dunbar, and assumed the name of 

3. Catherine^ mar. John Moore, Esq. 

XX. ROBERT CONSTABLE, third Viscount Dunbar, d. in his 

sixty fourth year, bur. 2 Dec. 1714 in Westminster Abbey. 

Will 2 Jan. 1711-2, pr. 4 Dec. 1714; mar. first Mary, dau. 

of John, first Lord Belasyse, of Worlaby. They had issue — 

Mary, only dau. and heiress, bp. at St. Giles' in the 

Fields 1 Sept. 1672 (Chester), d. s.p., bur. at 

Spennithorne 15 Feb. 1694 ; mar. Simon Scrope, 

of Danby. 

Mar. secondly Dorothy, dau. of Robert, second Earl of 

Cardigan (wid. of the third Earl of Westmorland), d. 26 Jan., 

(eet. ninety-three), bur. 6 Feb. 1739-40 in Westminster 

Abbey. Will 28 Dec. 1734, pr. 8 Feb. 1739-40. 

Pickering Ltthe. 

Malton, 290 Aug. 1665. 


Arms : — Quarterly of six : — 

1. Sable, two lions passant in pale paly of six Argent and Gules, 

a canton of the second (Strangways). 

2. Azure, three cinquefoils between nine cross crosslets Argent 

8. Azure, three bars gemelles and a chief Or (Meinell). 

4. Azure, a maunche Or (Conyers). 

5. Or, five fusils in fcss Sable (Percy). 

6. Argent, three chcvronels braced in bas« Sable, on a chief of 

the second as many mullets of the first (Danby). 

Sir Thomas, mar. Katherine, dau. of Ralph Nevile, 
first Earl of Westmorland (rel. of John de 

182 dugdale's visitation op yorkshike 

Mowbray, second Duke of Norfolk, remar. first 
Viscount Beaumont, and fourthly Sir John Wid- 
ville, brother-in-law to Edward IV, when near 
eighty) They had issue — 

Thomas, d. s.p. young, 
.loan, mar. first Sir William Willoughby ; 
secondly William, twelfth Lord Berkeley, 
d. 24 Feb. 1484, bur. at St. Augustine 
Friars, London. 
Katherine, mar. the seventh Lord Gray of 
Roger, mar. Alicia, dau. of Robert Orrell. They had 
issue — 

Thomas, mar. Ellinor, dau. of Walter Tal- 
boys, of Kyme. They had issue- 
Henry, ancestor of the Earls of Ilchester. 

James. Will 30 Nov. 1516, pr. at 
London 9 Jan. 151f, to be bur. at 
St. Mary Overy; mar. Katherine, 
dau. of the Earl of Huntley. 
Joan, mar. Henry Champney. 


Sir James (II). 


d. s.p. (Flower's Visitation). 

d. s.p. (Glover). 




Isabel, mar. Peter Workesley (Flower). 

Katherine, mar. Ralph Bulkesley. 

Sibil 1, mar. Richard Cuerton or Burton. 

Agnes, mar. Adam Wotton. 

3 Feb. 1411, Judge of Common Pleas 6 Feb. 1426 (Fobs' 
Judges) ; mar. Joan, dau. of Nicholas Orrell. They had 
issue — 

Sir James (III). 

Margaret, mar. Thomas, son and h. of Sir Thomas 
Surtees, living a widow 25 Apr. 1443 (Surtees* 
Durham, iii, 235). 
Elizabeth, mar. Sir Thomas Montfoi*t, Knt. 
Isabel, mar. Sir Peter Gerard, Knt. 
Katherine, mar. William Richmond or Romondby 

Maude, mar. Ralph Staveley or Staley (Flower). 

dugdale's visitation of Yo&Ksfiifefi. 183 

HI. SIR JAMES STRANGWAYS, of Harlsey Castle, Sneaton, 
and Whorlton, M.P. Yorkshire 1448, 1460, Speaker, 1461, 
High Sheriff 1446-1453, 1469 (see Diet. Nat. Biography); 
mar. first Elizabeth, dau. and coh. of Philip, Ijord Darcy and 
Meinell, by whom he had Whorlton. They had seventeen 
children, of whom — 

Sir Richard (IV). 

James, of Ormesby and Sneton (A). 

William, d. inf. 

Thomas, d. y. 

Qeorge, a clerk. 



Robert, (?) of Sutton on Derwent, and will 2 Oct. 
1444 (Test. Ebor., ii, 108). 



Margery, mar. first John Ingleby, secondly Lord' 
Welles, mar. lie. 10 Aug. 1468. 

Ellinor, mar. Edmund Maleverer, of Wothersome. 

Elizabeth, mar. Marmaduke Clervaux, of Croft (Glover, 
Mar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Eure. They had 
issue — 


Edward, Doctor of the Law (Flower). 

Felice, mar. William Aske, of Aske (Flower). 

IV. SIR RICHARD STRANGWAYS, d. v.p. 13 Apr. 1488, 
Inq. P.M. 19 July 3 Hen. VII (Diet. Nat. Biog.), bur. at 
Mountgrace ; mar. first Elizabeth, dau. and coh. of William 
Neville, Lord Fauconberg, and Earl of Kent. They had 
issue — 

Sir James (V). 

William, d. y. 

Thomas, d. y. 

Jane, mar. Ralph Pigot. 

Margery, mar. George Savage (Flower). 

Elizabeth, a nun (Flower). 
Mar. secondly Jane, dau. of Sir Richard Aston, of Aston, 
widow of Roger Duttou, Esq. Will 28 Oct. 1500, pr. at 
York 3 Feb. 1501-2, to be bur. in the Friars Preachers at 
York (Test. Ebor., iv, 186). 

V. SIR JAMES STRANGWAYS, KNT., of Harlsey and 
Whorlton, High Sheriff, Yorks., 1493. I.P.M. 4 Nov. 13 Hen. 
VIII ; mar. first Alice, dau. of Thomas, fifth Lord Scrope of 
Masham, disp. for marriage 3 Sept. 1472. They had issue — 

Sir Thomas (VI). 

Richard, d. s.p. 

John, d. s.p. 

184 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

James, said in Flower's Visitation to have married 
Elizabeth, sister of Sir Edward Ratclyffe. Query 
if identical with James Strangways, of Westlathes, 
in Whorl ton, who made his will 8 Sept. 1532, pr. 
at York 3 Mar. 153 J, mentioning his wife Ann. 

Ann, mar. Thomas Dalton, lie. 8 Jan. 1501-2 (Test. 
Ebor., iii, 363). 

Jane, or Joan, mar. first John, son of Sir Ralph 
Bigod, lie. 20 Jan. 1488-9 ; secondly William 
Mauleverer, of Wothersome, lie. 7 Nov. 1522, 
bur. at Bardsey 26 Nov. 1556. 

Margaret, mar. John Dawnay (Flower). 

Mary, mar. Robert Roos, of Ingmanthorpe (Glover, 
Mar. secondly Margaret, dau. of Sir James Danby, of 

VI. SIR THOMAS STRANGWAYS, of Harlsey and Whorlton, 
High Sheriff, Yorks, 1520, forty years old at his father's 
death. Will 2 Sept. 1522, pr. at York 8 Oct. 1525, to 
be bur. at Mountgrace (Test. Ebor., v, 155) ; mar. Anne, 
dau. of Humphrey, Lord Dacre of Gillesland. They had 
issue — 

Sir James (VII). 

Thomas, d. s.p. 


VII. SIR JAMES STRANGWAYS, KNT., of Harlsey and Whorl- 
ton, High Sheriflf, Yorks., 1538. Had grant of Mountgrace 
Priory, d. s.p. 26 Apr. 1541. Will 10 Mar. 1540-1, pr. at 
York 29 July 1541 (Test. Ebor., vi, 125), I.P.M. 31 Aug. 
34 Hen. VIIT, when his estates became divisible between 
his cousin Robert Roos and his Aunt Joan; mar. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Thomas Pigot, of Clothesham (remar. first Sir Charles 
Brandon, secondly Francis Nevil, of Che vet), d. 8.p. 

We return to the younger branch of Ormsby : — 

A. JAMES STRANGWAYS, of Sneton and ju. ux. of Ormsby, 
son of Sir James Strangways (HI) and Elizabeth Darcy 
Will 10 Apr. 1507, pr. at York 2 June 1508, to be bur. at 
Whitby (vol. vi, 39); mar. Ann, dau. and h. of Robert 
Conyers, of Ormsby. Will pr. at York 21 Mar. 1517-8 
(vol ix, 64), to be bur. at Ormesby, Inq. P.M. 31 Oct. 
10 Hen. VIII. They had issue- 
James (B). 

John, mentioned in his father's will. 
Nicholas, mentioned in his father's will, 
r^onard, a clerk, exor. of his father's will. 
Thomas, ovei-seer of his father's wDL Had issue — 





Elizabeth, a nun. 

Katherine, mar. Robert Layton, Esq. 



CecOy, mar. first Thomas Boynton, Esq., of Barmston. 

Wm 16 June 1550, pr. at York 20 Feb. 1550-1. 

(Test. Ebor., vi, 301 ) 

B. JAMES STRANGWAYS, ESQ., of Ormsby, Tnq. P.M. 

30 Sept. 19 Hen. VIII (1527); mar.i (?)... dau. of Sir 
Edmund Traflford, Kt. They had issue — 

C. JAMES STRANGWAYS, ESQ., of Ormesby. Will 

15 July 1547, pr. 19 Apr. 1548 (Test. Ebor., vi, 262), 
Inq. P.M. 18 May 2 Edward VI (1548); mar. Ann, dau. 
of Ralph Danby, Esq., of Danby Wiske. They had issue — 

S^ Richard (D). 

Alice, mar. first Christopher Conyers, secondly Robert 
Wilberfosse, thirdly Hugh Creyke. 

Margaret, mar. Philip Bainbridge, of Whitley-on-the- 
Hill, CO. Durham, mentioned in her father's will. 

Isabel, \ 

Jane, >no mention in their father's will. 

Elizabeth, j 

D. S^ RICHARD STRANGWAYS, of Ormesby and Sneton, in 

com. Ebor., A\ Will 20 Aug. 1557, pr. at York 4 Aug. 
1558, Inq. P.M. 29 Sept. 5 and 6 Philip and Mary; mar, 
first Johanna, dau. of Sir Thomas Metham, of Metham. 
They had issue — 

1. James Strangways, of Ormsby and Sneton, at Visita- 
tion of 1584, bur. at Sneton 21 Jan. 159|. 
Will 22 Sept. 40 Eliz., pr. at York 1 May 1599 
(vol. xxvii, 579) ;2 mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir 
Richard Cholmeley, of Whitby, bur. at Sneton 
18 Dec. 1605. (?) Will 15 Dec., pr. at York 
26 Dec. 1605 (vol. xxix, 743). They had issue- 
Jane, only dau., mar. Ralph Crathome, of 
Crathome, d. 8.p. (Glover, 209). 
Elizabeth, mar. first . . . Tristram, secondly James 
Bradshaw, of Guisborough, and had a son — 
Strangwayes Bradshaw. 
Mar. Isabell, daughter of Thomas Thtvaytes, of Lound, in co. 
Ebor., 2 toife, named in her husband's will. They had 
issue — 

' There is no mention of this match in the Trafford pedigree. 
^ He left the manor of Ormesby to James Penny man, of Marton. 

186 DUGBALe's visitation op YOUKSHIRB. 

2. William, of Airesome Grange, named in his father's 

will. Nunc, will, pr. at York 17 Apr. 1618 ; 
mar. Mary, dau. of Roger Tocketts, of Tocketts 
(Glover, 195). 

3. Edward Strangwat/es, of Middlesbrough^ in co, £bor,, 

which he had from his father, 3*^ son ; mar, Nelice 
(Phillis), daughter of W^. Badclijffe, of , , , in com, 
Lanc.y first vnfe. They had issue — 

Anne, fvife of WilVra Ch(qmujm, of Arsum, in 

(1) Edward.i 
mar. , , , 2 tvife, and had issue — 

James Strangwayesy of Gishroughy in co, 
Ehorum] (1)mar. Ann, dau. of George 
Tocketts, of Tocketts, lie. 1603. 

4. Henry (E). 

Margaret, named in her father's will, mar. William 


E. HENRY STRANGWA YS, of South House, in WhUhy Strand, 

in CO. Ebor.f fourth so^i, died circa an, 1616, Will 9 Feb. 
160f, pr. at York 6 Oct. 1608, to be bur. in Whitby church 
(vol. xxx) ; mar. Grace, daughter of Thomas Millety of 
Whitwell, t7i the Bishoprick of Durham, at Chester-le-Stieet, 
25 Jan. 158|. They had issue — 
James (F). 

1, Margery, y* wife of Richard Jones, of Amplrforth, in 

com. Ebor, 

2, Thomas Ine, tvife unto Robert Hudson, of Whitby 

parish, in co. Ebor. 
(1).Mar. secondly Catherine Conyers, of Scawby, widow, lie. 
1601 at Scawby. 

F. JAMES STRANG WAYS, of South House, in com, Ebor., obijt 

circa ann, 1647, bur. at Sneton 31 Aug. 1647. Will 
15 Aug., pr. at York 4 Nov. 1647 (unregistered); mar, 
Alice, daughter of . . , Key, of y* Oldstede, in com. Eborum, 
bur. at Sneton 21 Sept. 1665 They had issue — 

1. Thomas (G). 

2. Henry Straiu/ways, of Sneton, in com. Ebor., bur. in 

chancel of Sneton 27 Mar. 1681 ; mar, Marg^, 
daughter of WilVm, Mitford, of Kirby-Mistertouy 
in com.. Eborum, at Sneton, 31 Mar. 1650. Will 
20 Feb. 1707-8, pr. at York 14 Mar. 1710-1 (vol. 
Ixix, 154), to be bur. at Sneton. They had issue — 

' He is not in the Visitation, but is said to have been of Fencote, parish of 
Kirkby Fleetham, and to have been ancestor of the Swainston-Strangwaycs, of 
Alne, now existing. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 187 

James, bp. at Sneton 5 Dec. 1650. Had 
issue — 

John, eld. son, living 1708-9. 
(]) Three other sons. 
(?) Three daughters. 
Mary, bp. at Sneton 17 June 1652; ('?)mar. 

. . . Simpson. 
Thomas, bp. at Sneton 28 Apr. 1653. 
Henry, bp. at Sneton 22 June 1654, taken 

by the Turks. 
Margaret, bp. at Sneton 6 Sept. 1655, (1) mar. 

. . . North. 
John, bp. at Sneton 17 Feb. 165|. 
Dorothea, bp. at Sneton 16 Feb. 165|, bur. 

there 18 May 1680. 
Jane, bp. at Sneton May 1659. 
Charles, bp. at Sneton 31 Dec. 1660; mar. 

and had issue. 
William, bp. at Sneton 20 Aug. 1662. 
Katherine, bp. at Sneton 20 Oct. 1664; mar. 
Henry Pearson, of Flowergate, Whitby. 
S. James, of York, bought Babthorpe, killed in a fray 
28 Mar. 1670 (see Raine's Hemingborough). 

1. Dorothy, wife of John Moxori, a merchant in Hull. 

2. Isabella, first m>arr, to James Cosens, of Whitby ; 

2^y to Frances Knags, of Whitby ; thirdly to Henry 
Lisle, of Whitby, 

3. Alice, wife of WUVm, Smith, of Sicyntwi, in com, 


G. THOMAS STRANOWAYS, of South House, letatis J^o ann. 
29 Aug, a° 1665, bred a mercer at Hull, Major of Horse 
under Fairfax and Cromwell, bur. at Pickering 20 Sept. 
1669 (C.B.N. ). Will 12 Sept. 1669; war. Jane, daughter 
of Luke Bobynson, of Thorneton-Risebrough, by his i" wife, 
bp. 27 Mar. 1634 at St. Michael le Belfrey ; mar. at 
Pickering 14 Mar. 165|, bur. there 16 Mar. 166| (C.B N.) 
They had issue — 
Thomas (H). 
i. Jane, cpi, 9 ann, 1665 ; bp. 23 Jan. 165 J at Pickering, 

mar. Thomas Potter, of Leeds, merchant. 
2. Elizabeth, fet, 3 ann. 1665 \ bp. 25 Mar. 1662 at 
Pickering, mar. Boy n ton Boynton, Esq., of Ilaw- 
cliffe, at York Minster, 27 July 1699, d. 29 Jan. 
17J5, M.I. at Snaith. 
James, bp. at Pickering 18 Nov. 1660, bur. there 

12 Jan. 166f 
Frances, bp. at Pickering 11 Mar. 1657-8, bur. 13 Aug. 

H. THOMAS STRANOWAYS, of Pickering, b. 17 Jan. 165?, 
bur. there 20 Nov. 1702 ; mar. first Penelope, dau. of Richard 


Etherington, of Rillington, lie. 27 Nov. 1676, bur. at 
Pickering 8 Oct. 1681. They had issue — 
Thomas (I). 

Richard, bp. 7 May 1679 at Pickering. 
James, bp. 27 Apr., bur. 26 May 1680 at Pickering. 
John, d. y. 

Henry, bp. 20 May 1681, bur. 9 Apr. 1682 at 
Mar. secondly Clare, dau. of . . . Dickenson, of Filingdale, 
wid. of . . . Hayes, of York. They had issue — 

Elizabeth, bp. at Pickering 28 Aug. 1685, bur. at Drax 
1755, mar. fii-st at Bulmer, 8 Apr. 1703, Anthony 
Hunter, of Pickering, secondly John Adams, of 

adm. Gray's Inn 18 Jan. 1700-1, bp. at Pickering 22 Dec. 
1677, bur. there 3 July 1751 ; mar. at Kirkdale, Elizabeth, 
dau. of James Gibson, Esq., of Welburn, d. 27 Dec. 1751, 
bur. at Kirkdale. M.I. They had issue — 

Thomas (J). 

Elizabeth, mar. John Bell, gent., of Scarborough. 

Penelope, bp. at Kirkdale 23 July 1717, d. 8.p. 

Judith, mar. William Horncastle, of Malton, apothe- 

J. THOMAS ROBINSON, ESQ., of Welburn, bp. at Kirkdale 
12 June 1715, bur. there 11 Mar. 1771 ; mar. Dorothy, dau. 
of George Bowes, of York, bur. 13 Jan. 1785 at Kirkdale. 
They had issue — 

Thomas, d. in Portugal Dec. 1762, set. twenty-two, 

M.I. at Kirkdale. 
James, d. unmar., set. sixteen, bur. 24 Feb. 1763 at 

Kirkdale, M.I. 
George, of Welburn, d. unmar., bur. 12 Dec. 1777 at 

Luke, Rector of Kirkby Misperton, b. 21 Mar. 1750, 

bur. 4 Feb. 1776. 
John, of Welburn, heir to his brother George, b. 

20 Nov. 1752, d. unmar. 8, bur. 16 Apr. 1801 

at Kirkdale, M.I. 
Elizabeth, mar. 1783 Rev. Digby Cayley, Rector of 

Frances, d. inf. 
Dorothy, bp. 20 Oct., bur. 11 Nov. 1754 at 

Delia, bp. 2 May, bur. 2 June 1756. 



By G. W. Watson. 
(Continued from p. 122. J 

N2101. James IV, King of Scotland ; b. 17 March 1472/3; d. 9 Sep. 

N2102. Margaret Tudor, Princess of England; m. 8 Aug. 1503. 

Same as 1^2100. 
N2103. Claude de Lorraine, Duke of Guise; b. 20 Oct. 1496; d. 

12 Apr. 1550.(215) 
N2104. Antoinette, da. of Francis de Bourbon, Count of Venddme ; 

6. 25 Dec. 1493 [not 1494]; m. (c. 9 June 1513) 12 June 

1513 ; d. 22 Jan. [not 20 Jan.l 1583.(210) 
N2145. Joachim Desmier, Seigneur d'Olbreuse ; living 4 July 

N2146. Guillemette, da. of Andrew d'Alloue, Seigneur des Adjots ; 

m. 13 July 1506.(217) 

("Sans doute fille d'Andre " (Filleau). According to the Abbe le Laboureur — 
to whom Alexander Desmier committed the task of provinj? the antiquity of his 
family, on the occasion of his sister's alliance with the Duke of Brunswick — 
she was daughter of Clement d'Alloue (son of Andrew) by his marriage with 
Mary de St. Gelais ; which marriage unfortunately did not take place till 1498 
(contract 11 Oct.). Unfortunately, because it was through this Mary that the 
genealogists deduced the descent of Eleanor Desmier from the Counts of la 
Marche, of Angouleme, and of Vermandois, and so from no less a personage 
than " Charles Magne " himself. See the pedigree by Greiflfenc-ranz, in 
Bodemann's Neue Beitrdge, as in H68 note, 229). 

N2147. John Dorin, Seigneur de Ligne et du Poiron ; living 25 Dec. 

N2148. Jane, da. of Rene Bodet, Seigneur de la Fenestre ; m. 1 July 

N2149. Peter de Mathefelon, Seigneur de Lanchenay.(220) 
N2150. Catherine, da. of Jolin de Chourses, Seigneur de Mali- 


(This filiation for M1075 appears to be incorrect. According to the genealogy 
of Mathefelon, Peter left, by his wife Catherine de Chourses, 4 daughters 
his coheirs). 

(215). Lorraine: — Calmet, as in note 12, i, 204-273; Gebhardi, i; Behr, 
108-117. Dukes of Guise : — Ansclnio, iii, 47H-503 ; R. de Bouille, Hist, des Lhtrn 
de Gnige, 1849-50. 

(216). Desmier : — H. et P. Heauchct-Fillcau, Dictionnaire deg FamiUen dn 
Poitou, seconde lulit., 1891, etc., iii, 89-108. The a«c(mnt hero given of the 
ancestors [N2145- N2176] of Eleanor Deaniier [H68] was compiled for the 
present work by the |)era()n best ({ualitic^ii to do so, M. Paul Beauclu?t- Filleau ; 
for the notes he is not responsible. 

(217, 218, 219, 221, 222, 224, 225). Alloue : Dorin : Hodet : Chourses: 
CouRRET : Baudouin : Bernegoyau : — Filleau, seconde edit., i, 49-51, iii, 16; iii, 
143-144; i, 661-564; ii, 493-494 ; ii, 693-694; i, 336-338; i, 478. 

(220). Mathefelon: — J. X. Carre de Busserole, i4rc/ta'^8 des families nobles 
de Touraine, etc., 1889-90, i, 177-192. 


N2151. Nicholas du Courret, Seigneur du Courret, de Marilhac, 

Chenay, Beauregard et Fontchaude ; d, before 1523.(222) 
N2152. Margaret, da. of John Goumard, Seigneur d'Eschillais.(223) 
N2153. Francis Baudouin, Seigneur de la Leigne.(224) 
N2154. Denise, da. of . . . Bernegoyau.(225) 
N2155. Peter Baudu, Seigneur de Beloeil.(226) 
N2156. . . . (227) 
N2157. William Tarquex, Seigneur de la Regie et de Boisber- 

N2158. . . . (229) 
N2159. Francis de Biron-Montferrand, Seigneur de la Sail© et de 

Monsignat; d. before 14 June 1540.(230) 
N2160. Anne, da. of Raymond de la Porte; living 14 June 

N2161. Peter Poussard, Seigneur du Bas-Vandr^ ; living 6 Nov. 

N2162. . . . (233) 
N2163. Philip de Barbezieres, Seigneur de Barbezi^res et d'Es- 

N2164. Helen, da. of Roderic de Fons^ue, Seigneur de Surg^res; 

m. c. 23 or 24 Jan. 1497/8.(235) 

(ii). 23 Jan. (Filleau) ; 24 Jan. (O'Gilvy). 

N2165. Simon de la Jaille, Seigneur de la Tour St. Gelin.'(236) 
N2166. Mary, da. of Joachim Sanglier, Seigneur du Bois-Rogue et 

du Doi8mont.(237) 
N2167. Janot de Monleon, Seigneur d'Anche et de Nar8ay.(238) 
N2168. Jane, da. of I^eon de St. Gelais, Seigneur de Seligny.(239) 

(According to P. Bcauchot- Filleau, as in note 216, M1084 was dauf^hter, 
instead of, as stated above, grand-daughter, of " Joachim alias Rene de 
Mauleon {_recte Rene de Monleon], by Guillemette [m. c. 22 Apr. 1468 — Du 
Chesne, preuves, 115], da. of Jacques de Maille, Seigneur de Crevant"; but 
this is impossible). 

N2169. John Gaillard.(240) 

N2170. Mary, da. of . . . Perrau ; m. 15 Apr. 1490.(241) 

N2171. . . . de Pompadour.(242) 

N2172. . . . (243) 

N2173. ... de ri8le.(244) 

N2174. . . . (245) 

(230). BiRON :— Anselme, iv, 143-144, vii, 350-354. 

(232). PoussARU : — H. Beauchet-Filleau ot C. de Cherg^, Dictionnaire de$ 
Fnmillefi dn Puitou, 1840-54, ii, 54()-550. 

(234). Barbkzikrks: — O'CJilvy ot J. de Bourrouao de Laffore, Nohiliaire de 
auicvnc ct de aaarogur, 1858-8:^, i, 3(50-381 ; Filleau, secondc edit., i, 269-275. 

(235). FoxsKguK or Fonseca : A. du Chewne, Hist, de la Maison dea 
ChoiiU'iyner,<, 1633-34, 429-432; Filleau, seconde edit., iii, 468. 

(237). Sanglier:— A. du Chesne, /fis^^nr de la Maiaon de Chastillon^ 1621, 

(238). MoxLl^ioN :— Du Chesne, as in note 235,231-246; Carre de Busserole, 
as in note 220, i, 142-146. 

(239). St. Oelais:- Filleau, as in note 232, ii, 327-333. 

(242). Pompadour: — M1086 is not mentioned in the pedigree of P. in 
Anselme, viii, 241-249, and her parentage is unknown. 


N2175. . . . (246) 

N2176. . . . (247) 

N2233. Ernest II, Count of Mansfeld-Heldrungen. Same aa M259. 

N2234. Dorothea, da. of Philip I, Count of Solms-Lich-Hohensolma 

[M409]; 6. 15 Jan. 1493; w. . . . 1512; d. 8 June 

N2235. Gunther XL, Count of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. Same 

aa L33. 
N2236. Elizabeth von Isenburg, Countess of Biidingen-Ronneburg. 

Same aa L34. 
N2281. John V, Count of Sayn-Sayn ; 6. . . . 1491 ; d. 1529, 

before 27 May.(l6) 

(ii). He died before "Donnerstag nach dem Sonntag Trinitatis [27 May] 
1629" (Rechts-gegriindetea Bedencken, 147). 

N2282. Ottilia, da. of John-Ludwig, Count of Nassau-Saarbriicken ; 
6. 26 Dec. 1492; m. c. 11 Nov. 1516; d 1554, before 
26 Mareh.(6) 

(ii). m. c. dated " vff Sannt Martins des heiligen Bischoffstag im Winter 
[11 Nov.] . . . dasent fiinffhandert vnnd sechzehen '* (Hagelgans, 68; 
Rechts-gegrundetes Bedencken^ 147). (iii)- Letter of condolence from Count 
Adolphus of Nassan to Counts John [Ml 141] and Sebastian of Sayn, dated 
"den Oster-Montag [26 March] 1564" — "wie dass die wolgebome mein freund- 
liche liebe Sch wester, E. L. Frau Mutter Todes verf alien und die Schuld 
der Natur bezahlt " {Id., ibid.). 

N2283. Jobst I, Count of Holstein-Schaumburg ; b. abt. 1482; d, 

5 June 1531.(248) 

(ii). "1532, am Montag nach Trinitaiis [27 May 1632, but 6 Jane 1531] 
zu abendt, war gleich der Abendt Bonifacii [4 June] der 6 Junii in dem 
49 Jahr seines alters" (Spangonberg, 253). 

N2284. Maria, da. of John V, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg [M69]; 
6. — Feb. 1491 ; m. before 17 Feb. 1506 ; d . . . 1547.(6) 

(iii). 1647 (Cohn, Behr) ; 1543 (Oyen). 

N2389. William, Duke of Brunswick and Liineburg in Wolfenbiittel. 

Same as N277. 
N2390. Elizabeth, Countess of Stolberg. Same aa N278. 
N2391. Joachim I, Elector of Brandenburg. Same as L643. 
N2392. Elizabeth, Princess of Denmark. Sam^ as L644. 
N2561. John IV, Duke of Mecklenburg; d. 16 Oct. 1422.(249) 
N2562. Catherine, da. of Eric IV, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg ; m. 

. . . 1416; living 23 July 1448.(37) 

(248). HoLSTKiN: — C. Spangonberg, Chron. der Graffen zu H., 1614; W. E. 
Christiani, (ieach. der Herzogthiimer Schlc»wig und H., 1775-79; Cohn, 105. 

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in E. J. von Westphalen, Monnmenta Kennn (ierm., 1739-45, i, 160-322; 
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212-263; Idem, Annates, ibid., 255-312; S. Buchholtz, (ietirh. dett Herzogthums 
3f., 1753; D. Franck, AH- uml Xeuea M., 1753-58; F. A. von Rudloflf, Handb. 
der M. Gesch., 1780—1822; F. C. Boll, Gench. de» iMndes Stargard, 1846-47; 
Cohn, 139-145; Behr, 91-96; F. Wigsrer, Stammtafehi de^ Haunes con Jf., in 
Jahrhucher dea Ver. fiir ineklenburg. Geach., 1, 1885, 111-342, 


N2563. Frederic I, Elector of Brandenburg; 6. 21 Sep. 1371 [not 
1372]; d. 21 Sep. 1440.(4) 

(i). " 1371 a die b. Sixti mart. [6 Aug.] usque crastinum Katerinae [26 Nov.] : 
pro compatemitate domini burggravii 70t., nuntianti novum filium domini 
burggravii 2t." (Account book, as in M1299 note), (ii). " An sannd Matheustag 
des heiligen zwelflfboten und ewangelisten tag [21 Sep.], Anno domini Mccccxl 
Jare " (Contemp. MS. by J. Volker, edit. T. Miircker, 174) ; " mccccxl an sant 
Matheus des Evangelisten tag " (M.I., in Hooker, as in L645 note, 7, and in 
R. G. Stillfried, Kloster Heilshronn^ 131). 

N2564. Elizabeth, da. of Frederic, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut ; b, 
... 1383 ; m. 18 Sep. 1401 ; d. 13-14 Nov. 1442.(5) 

(iii). 13-14 Nov. 1442, according to the Notification {Mark. Forachungen, 
vii, 1861, 174) ; "am mitwoch zu nacht vor Elisabeth [14 Nov.] Anno domini 
Mccccxliii [sic] Jare" (Volker, ibid.). 

N2565. Wartislaw IX, Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast ; d. 17 Apr. 


]Sr2566. Sophia . . . ; rf. . . . 1462.(35) or (37) 

(Duchess of Brunswick (Klempin) ; da. of Eric IV, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg 

N2567. Bogislaw IX, Duke of Pomerania-Stargard ; d. 1446, before 

12 Dec.(38) 
N2568. Maria, da. of Zieraowit IV, Duke of Masowsze (Masovia)- 

Plock; d. 18 Feb., after 1450.(13) 
N2573. Christian I, King of Denmark. Same as L649. 
N2574. Dorothea, Margravine of Brandenburg-Kulmbach. Same as 

N2575. Ernest, Elector of Saxony. Same as M131. 
N2576. Elizabeth, Duchess of Bavaria-Munich. Same as Ml 32. 
N2577. Frederic I, Elector of Brandenburg. Same as N2563. 
N2578. Elizabeth, Duchess of Bavaria-Landshut. Sarne as N2564. 
N2579. Frederic II, Elector of Saxony. Sam£ as N261 
N2580. Margaret, Archduchess of Austria. Sam^. as N262. 
N2581. Jagiello (called Wladyslaw), King of Poland; 6. abt. 1354; 

d. 31 May 1434.(14) 

(ii). " Feria secunda, que fuit ultima Maii, hora noctis tercia, 1434 " 
{Rocznil- ChoteUkiego, as in M28 note, 213; Dlugossus, xi, 651); "1434, feria 
secunda in die Potroncllo virginis " [31 May] (Rocznilc miechou^ski^ 896, in 
Bielowski, Monumenfa Poloniae Hist., ii, 1872, 880-896); "ii Kal. Junii, 
Petronelle Virginis, 1434 " (Knlendurz krakowski, as in M1291 note, 922). 

N2582. Soncza (Sophia), da. of Andrew, Grand Prince of Kieff ; m. 
— Feb. 1422 ; d. 21 Sep. 1461.(250) 

(iii). " Die luno 21 Septenibris hora vcspcrnrum, 1461 " {Rocznik Chotelskiego, 
214; Michovin, 228). 

N2583. Albert II, Emperor; b. 10 Aug. 1397 ; d. 27 Oct. 1439.(9) 

(i). Xot 20 Sop. 1396 nor 1 Jan. 1399. For the date of birth see the 
dissortation in Mon. Dom. Avstriac, iv, ])ara i, 220. (ii). " MCCCCXXXIX in 
vigilia Apostolorum Simoni.^ ot Judae " [27 Oct.] (M.I., hUnn, 218; Paltrami 
Chroix. Auafriac., V. Arnjy^rkhii Clirou. Amtfriac, Chron. Monast. StamseiisiSy 
Anon. Tegerntipensi.t Cliron. Austriac., T. Khvndorfferi de Uagelhach Chron. 
Austriac, in Poz. Script. Rornm Austriac, i, 735, 1251, ii, 460, 470, 855 ; Chron. 
Trehon., Chrov. Cap. Metrojt. Pragengiit, in Fontca Rerum Auatriac^ Scriptores, ii, 
1856, 64, 66). 

(250), House of Rlrik. 


N2584. Elizabeth, da. of Sigismund, Emperor, King of Hungary and 
Bohemia; 6. before 27 Nov. 1409; m. 19 Apr. 1422; d. 
19 Dec. 1442.(207) 

(ii). "1422, in octavis octavorum Paschae" [19 Apr.] (Ebendorfferua, in 
Pez, ii, 861). (iii). "mccccxlii, proxima feria quarta ante festnni S. Thomae 
Apostoli" [19 Dec.] (Paltramus, Arnpeckhiua, Anon. Mellicensis Chron. Austriac^ 
in Pez, i, 736, 1264, ii, 462) ; not 27 Sep. 1443 (Wurzbach), nor 27 Sep. 1447 

N2593. Christian VI, Count of Oldenburg ; living 6 Feb. 1389.(251) 
N2594. Agnes, da. of Henry VIII, Count of Hohnstein-Lohra- 

Klettenberg; m, betw. June and 29 Aug. 1377 ; d, 1 Sep. 

N2595. Gerhard VI, Duke of Schleswig, Count of Holstein ; d. 

4 or 5 Aug. 1404.(248) 

(ii). "mcccciv, ipso die beati Dominici confessoris" [4 Aug.] (H. do Lorbeke, 
Chron. Comitum Schawenhurg., and E. Erdmannas, Chron. Osnahurg.y in H. 
Meibomiug, Rerum Oerm. Tomi III, 1688, i, 520, ii, 241) ; " in dem Dage Oswaldi 
des Martelers nnd Koningea [6 Aag.] im Jarbe Dusendt Yeerhnnderdt und 
Veer" (HolUtein. Chron., in Westphalon, as in L694 note, iii, 121); "1404, 
am Dage Osewaldi" (J. Russe, Fragmenta xxxv Rerum Dithmars., in Westphalen, 
iv, 1443-44-60-61 ; J. Adolfi, styled Neocoms, Chron. des Landea Dithmarschen, 
edit. F. C. Dablmann, 1827, i, 384) ; " mcccciv, in die Oswaldi Regis sancti " 
{Annalea Sleavico-Holsatenses, in Langebek, Script. Rerum Dan., v, 506). 

N2596. Elizabeth, da. of Magnus II, Torquatus, Duke of Brunswick 
and Luneburg; m. (c. . . . 1390) . . . 1391 ; d. betw. 
1417 and 3 Apr. 1422.(35) 

(Sbe is called Elizabeth in the UolUtein. Chron., 109, etc., bnt Catherine 
by Lambert Alardns, Res Nordalhingicae, in Westphalen, i, 1824, etc.). 

N2597. Frederic I, Elector of Brandenburg. Same as N2563. 
N2598. Elizabeth, Duchess of Bavaria-Landshut. Same a^ N2564. 
N2599. Rudolph III, Elector of Saxony ; d. 9 June 1419.(37) 

(ii). " Mccccxix ix Junii" (M.I., in B. Mentzius, Syntagma Epitaphiorum, 
1604, 138 : in Reyheros, as in note 36, 852 : and in Lentz, 173) ; " 1419, 9 die 
mensis Junji " (Todtenbuch of the Franziskanerkloster at Wittenberg, in Hirsch- 
feld, 366); not 11 June 1419 (Cohn, Behr, Hofmeister, Grotefend). 

N2600. Barbara, da. of Rupert I, Duke of Silesia-Liegnitz ; 6. . . . 
1372 ; m. 6 March 1396 ; rf. 16 May 1435.(13) 

(iii). " Mccccxxxv feria post Cantate " [16 May] (M.I., in Mentzius, 136: 
in Reyheros, 861 : and in Lentz, 174) ; " 1435, feria secunda post dominicam 
Cantate" (Todtenbuch, ihid.) -, not 9 May 1436 (Polius, 173; Cohn, Behr, 
Hofmeister, Grotefend). 

N2609. Ludwig II, der Friedfertige, Landgrave of Hesse ; b. 6 Feb. 
1402; d. 17 Jan. 1458.(2) 

(261). Honse of Oldenburg: — M. Matthiae, Regum Daniae Series, in Rdrdam, 
as in L644 note, ii, ii, 1885-86, 81-245; H. Hamelmann, 0. Chron., 1599; A. 
Hvitfeldt, DanmarckiB Rigis Kronnicke, 1603 ; J. A. Cypraeus, Regum Daniae ac 
Ducum Slesvici ac Hohutiae Oeneal., 1634; A. H. Lackmann, Einleitung zur 
Schleswig-Holstein. Hist., 1730-54; G. A. von Halem, Oesch. des Herzogthums 
O., 1794-96; [W. E. C. Christiani, Oesch. der Uersogthiimer Schleswig und 
Holstein unter dem 0. House, 1784—1801]; J. H. F. Berlien, Stammkarten des O. 
Konigshauses, 1849; J. P. F. Konigsfeldt, Geneal. Tabeller over den 0. Stamme, 
1840 ; Idem, Oeneal.-Hist. Tabeller over de Nordiske Rigers Kongeslaegter, 1866 ; 
Cohn, 106-116; Behr, 47-60. 



(i). "1402, uflf sent Dorotheen tag" [6 Feb.] (G-erstenberger contin., as in 
L653 note, 515; Nohen, as in K327 note, 441). (ii). **mcccc quinqaagesimo 
octavo, de nocte circa horam nonam in die Anthonii " [17 Jan.] (Calendar, 
as in M1305 note, 105) ; " 1458, in nocte S. Antonii" {Hess. Chron. von 1455-1460, 
in Anzeiger fur Kunde der teutschen Vorzeit, edit. F. J. Mone, iv, 1835, 285) ; 
" 1458, uff sent Anthonius tag " (Gerstonberger contin., 544 ; Nohen, 444 ; 
Chron. Thuring.^ as in M1305 note, 425). 

N2610. Anna, da. of Frederic I, Elector of Saxony; b. 5 June 1420 : 
m. (c. . . . 1431) 13 Sep. 1436; d. 17 Sep. 1462.(36) 

(i). '' Mccccxx, ipso die Bonifacii Episcopi et Sociorura ejus [5 June], qui 
tunc erat in Vigilia Corporis Christi " (J. Tylich, Chron. Missnense, in Schannat, 
as in N732 note, 89). (iii). " mcccclxii, foria sexta in die Lamperti '* [17 Sep.] 
(Calendar, as in M1305 note, 105) ; " 1462, ufF sent Lamperts tag " (Gersten- 
borger contiii., 546) ; " mcccclxii docimo septirao Kalend. [«ic] Septembris 
quo [Pipso] die Sancti Lamperti" (M.I., in Winkelmann, i, 271). 

N2611. Ludwig III, Count of Wiirtemberg-Urach ; b. betw. 1408 and 
1411 ;d. 23 Sep. 1450.(11) 

(ii). " IX kal. Oct. 1450 " (Giitersteiner Nekrol.y and Zwifaltei' Nekrol., in 
Stalin, iii, 716) ; " 1450, septimo Kal. Octobris " (Annates Zwifalt^nseSj in 
Monumenta Genn. Hist., Scriptores, x, 1852, 63) ; 23 Sop. (Stalin, Cohn, Haoutlo) ; 
24 Sep. (Bohr suppl.) ; not " mccccliiii ix Kalend. Octobris" (M.I., of date 
1555, in Tiedemann, as in L8 note, 185). 

N2612. Matilda, da. of Ludwig III, Elector Palatine; b. 7 March 
1419; m. (c. 25 Nov. 1419) 17 Oct. 1434; d. 22 Aug. 


(iii). " XI kal. Sept. " {Giitersteiner Nekrol., ibid.) ; " circa festum Bartholomaei 
Apostoli" {Anon. Chron. Wirtemberg., 35, in Schannat, as in N732 note, ii, 21-40) ; 
not "Kal. xi Octobr." (M.I., of date 1555, in Tiedemann, 188), nor 1 Oct. 
(Pregitzer, Ha?utle). 

N2657. Enno Edzarsna (Cirksena), Htiuptling von Greetsyl ; c?. . . . 

N2658. Gela, da. of Aifo I (Beniuga), Hauptling von Mansch- 

N2659. Uko II Fockens (Ukena), Hauptling zu Oldersum ; d. . . . 

N2660. Heba, da. of Liitet (Attena) auf der Norderburg, Hauptling 

zuNesse;c?. . . . 1468.(255) 
N2661. Conrad VI, Count of Rietberg ; d. 30 Oct. 1472 [not 


(ii). " Millo quadringcntis in septuagcsimo secundo annis transactis mensis 
penultimo die Octobns . . . Conradus Comes de K*»tl)erge . . . dinina pace 
quiescat" (M.I., in Soibertz, as in M1331 note, 259). 

N2662. Jacoba, da. of ... , Count of Neuenahr ; d. 24 Feb. 

(iii). " Conjnnx vcnoranda Retbergi Comitia .Tacoba . . . apud superos ^nuat 
Mccccxci noc't^* sancti Mathio " [24 Feb.] (M.I., ibid.). 

(252). Cirksena : -E. Beniuga, Chrunyk of Hist, van Oost-Frieslant, in A. 
Matthaeus, Veteris Aevi Analecta, 1738, iv, 1-885; U. Emmius, Rerum Frisicanim 
Hist., 1616; Pauli, as in note 4, vii, 529-560; T. D. Wiarda, Ostfriesische Gesch., 

(253,254, 255). Bkxixoa : Ukena : Attena :— Wiarda, ibid., i, tables 3, 
11, 6. 


N2663. Bernhard VII, Herr von Lippe; 6. ... 1429 ; d 2 Apr. 


(ii). " 1511, am Mittwoch nach den ©ctaven Mar. Verkiind." [2 Apr.] 
(Entry in Detmold mass-book, in Prenss, no. 2083). 

N2664. Anna, da. of Otto II, Count of Holstein-Schaumburg ; m. (c. 
15 Sep. 1443) before 18 Nov. 1452; d. 23 Sep. 1495.(248) 

(iii). " 1495, am andern Tage Mauritii " [23 Sep.] (hlem, in Prenss, no. 2833) ; 
" 1496 altera die Mauricii " (M.I., in W. Liibko, Die mittelalterliche Kunat in 
Westfalen, 1853, 879, and in Preuss, no. 2983). 

N2665. Diderik II, Count of Oldenburg. Same as Ml 297. 

N2666. Hedwig, Duchess of Schleswig, Countess of Holstein. Same 

N2667. Otto VI (XI), Countof Tecklenburg; C3?. . . . 1450.(20) 
N2668. Irmengarde, da. of Eric I, Count of Hoya; m, c. . . . 

N2669. Sigismund I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau ; 0?. . . . 1405.(37) 
N2670. Brigitta (Jutta), da. of Gebhard XIV (XVIII), Herr von 

Querfurt; m. . . . 1386; living 1413.(31) 
N2671. Albert III, Count of Lindau and Neu-Ruppin ; 6. abt. 

1406; rf. . . . 1460.(256) 
N2672. Anna, da. of John I, Duke of Silesia-Sagan.(13) 

(She was third wife of N2671. It is possible that the second wife, Mar^j^aret 
(m. before 26 May 1439 — Riedel, no. 76), da. of Casimir VI, Dake of Pomerania- 
Stettin, was mother of M1336). 

N2673. Christjern Nilsson (Wasa) till Bjorno och Refvelstad ; d. 
2 June 1442.(257) 

(ii). " vi kal. Maii. mcdxlii in festo beati Petri Martins [2 June] obiit, 
. . . eodem anno in die Apostolorum Petri ot Pauli [29 June] sepaltos est 
hie in Conuentu " (Diarium Fr. Minor. Stockholm. ^ in Fant, as in Ml 337 note, 
74, and in Messonias, 126). 

N2674. Margaret, da. of Erik Ludersson (Krummedik) till Trane- 

karr; d. 9 June 1451.(258) 
(iii). " V Idus Junii anno mcdli " (Idem, in Fant, 78). 
N2675. Gostaf Anundsson (Sture) till Rafsnas och Rydboholm ; 

d, . , , 1444.(259) 
N2676. Brigitta, da. of Sten Thuresson (Bjelke) till Orby och 


(256). Hoase of Arnstein. Counts of Barby:— A. Hoppenrod, Stommbuc/i, 
1670, 17-18 ; S. Lentz, Diplom. Fortsetzung von F. Lucd Orafen-Saal, 1751, 
1-121. Counts op Lindau and Ruppin : — Idem, 122-177; M. Dieterich, Hist. 
Nachricht von denen Grafen zu L. und R., 1725; Pauli, as in note 4, ii, 587-600; 
A. F. Riedel, Codex Diplom. Brandenburg., i, iv, 1844, 1-193. 

(267). Wasa:— J. Messenius, Theatrum Nobil. Suecanae, 1616, 32-33; A. 
Hildebrandt, The Oenealogie of the Kings of Sweden, 1632 ; J. F. PeringskiOld, 
Attartal for Swea och Ootha Konunga Uus, 1725 ; Svenskt Biografiskt Lezikon, 
XX, 1852, 59-92. 

(258). Krummedik : — Messenius, 78. 

(259). Sture or Natt och Dag : — Messenius, 48, 49; Biog. Lex., xri, 1849, 
121-176, ny fdljd, vii, 1875-77, 269-294 ; G. Anrep, Svenska Adelns Attar-Taflor, 
1858-64, iii, 6-20; B. Schlegel och C. A. Klingspor, Svenska Adelns Attar-Taflor, 
1875, 289297. 

(260). Bjblkr: — Messenius, 59; Anrep, i, 189-198; Biog. Lex., ny fbljd, 
ii, 1858-59, 91-116. 


N2677. Carl Mansson till Eka.(261) 

N2678. Brigitta [not Helena], da. of Arendt Johansson (Pinnou) 

till Finstad.(262) 
N2679. Eskil Isaacsson (Baner) till Wannegarn ; d . . . 1465.(263) 
N2680. Cecilia, da. of Harald Stensson (Green) till Aal.(264) 
N2681. Christjern Gregersson (Ijeijonhufvud) till Ekeholmen och 

N2682. Marta, da. of Peder Eriksson (Urup) till Graf8J6.(266) 
N2683. Mans Bengtsson (Natt och Dag) till Goksholm och Bro; d, 

abt. 1477 (before 22 Feb. 1479).(259) 
N2684. Marta, dau. of Claus [Nicolaus] Clausson [Nilsson] (Plate) ; 

m. before 1449 ; living 6 June 1456.(267) 

(Tin's wife was unnoticed by gonealoj^ists previous to Schlegol (1875), and 
the second wife, Mdrta, da. of Mans Gostafsson (Tro-Rosor) till Forsvik (m. 
13 Nov. 1458), was erroneously stated to have been mother of M1342). 

N2685. Carl Christjernsson (Wasa) ; d. 8 Aug. 1440.(257) 

(ii). " MCDXL die b. Cyriaci papae [8 Aug.] obiit ... et sepeliebatar hie 
ipso die b. Francisci " [4 Oct.] {Diuriuin Fr. Minor. Stockholm.^ in Messenius, 

N2686. Ebba, da. of Erik Ludersson (Krummedik) till Tranekarr ; 
d. 24 Aug. 1465.(258) 

(iii). " MCDLX (]uinto, die b. Bartholomei apostoli " [24 Aug.] (Diarium 
Wazifteneiisc, 187, in Fant, as in M1337 note, I, i, 99-229). 

N2687. Carl Bengtsson (Sparre) till Win8torp.(268) 

N2688. Carin, da. of Lage Gostafsson (Sparre) till Hellekis och 

N2747. Albert VII, Count of Mansfeld. Same an M413. 
N:i748. Anna, Countess of Holinstein-Ijohra-Klettenberg. Same as 

N2753. Burkhard III, Herr von Barby ; d. 1 Apr. 1420.(256) 
N2754. Sophia, da. of Sigismund I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau 

[N2669] ; m. before 6 June 1415 ; cf . . . . 1419.(37) 
N2755. Bernhard IV, (-ount of Ilegenstein and Blankenburg ; d. 

1422 or 1423.(164) 

(ii). H(« died between " 1422, die Dominica ante Exaltationis crucis " [13 Sep.] 
(J. C. Ilarenberg, Hint. Gandertihem., 1734, ii, 1345) and 24 Juno 1423 (Zeitsch. 
ties Harzvcrcins, .\xv, 1H92, 138). 

N275G. Agnes, da. of Henry XV (XX), Count of Schwarzburg- 
I^nitenberg; d. . . . 1455.(23) 

(To he concluded in the April number.) 

(261). : Perin^'skiold, 10."3-U)8. 

(262). PiXNou : Messenins, 83. 

(263). Uaxi'R: Messenius, 67; Anrep, i, 112-120. 

(264). Gkkkn: Me.^sonius, 8C); Bioy. Iax., vy Joljd, iv, 1861-62, 241-261. 

(265). LKiJoNHrFvri) : — Messenius, 36, 51; iVrinp*kiold, 100; Anrep, ii, 

(267). Plat*:: hioy. Lex., xi, 1845, 256-277. 

(268). Sparrk: -Anrep, iv, 39-79. 


fcliigrce of Meg. 

Compiled by G. C. Boweb and H. W. F. Harwood. 

(Continued from p. 86.) 


KATHERINE OFFLEY, mar. before 1 Feb. 1551-2 Robert, or 
William Bowyer} She was living 1596. They had issue — 

Hugh Bowyer, living 1600. 

William Bowyer, living 1600. 

Grissell, mar Nicholas Chapman, Haberdasher, and had 
issue — 


. . . 2 mar. before 1 Feb. 1551-2 Gyles Jacoby Citizen and 
Merchant Taylor of London, whose will dated 18 Feb., was pr. 
P.C.C. 16 March 1580-1, and had issue — 

1. Robert Jacob, M.A. and Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb ; 

entered at Merchant Taylors' School 21 Jan. 1563-4 ; 
Physician to Queen Elizabetli, and in 1581 to the 
Czar Ivan ; Fellow of the College of Physicians 15 March 
1586; died unmar. 1588; will dated 16 March 1585-6, 
pr. P.C.C. 5 June 1588 (42 Rutland). See Dictionary 
of National Biograpliy. 

2. Gisbright Jacob, of Clare Hall, Cambridge ; died s.p. 

1598; wiU dated 17 June 1597, pr. P.C.C. 7 April 

3. Giles Jacob, of London, leatherseller, born in the parish of 

St. Mary Cole Church ; died s.p. Will, not dated, with 
codicil dated 7 Feb. 1592-3, pr. P.C.C. 30 Jan. 1593-4. 

1. Jane, mar. first . . . Whitefoote, secondly . . . Peers. 

2. Anne, unmar. 1585-6; mar. before 17 June 1597, Humfrey 


* Ho is called Robert Bowyer in the wills of Sir Thomas Offley and Robert 
Offloy, but William in that of Mar^ret Kirton. 

' She is, by mistake, called " Anne " on p. 218, vol. xix. Anne was the 
name of Giles Jacob's second wife, who survived him, and by whom he had 
a dau. Elizabeth, wife of . . . Parrys. 

' The testator left bv this will £400 to the Master, Fellows and Scholars 
of Clare Hall, Cambridge, if so much should be received upon a suit then 
in Chancery between himself and his cousin Thomas OflBey. 



Registers op St. Andrew Undershaft, London.^ 


21 June 1558. Margett Whethyll,2 dau. of Rychard Whethyll. 

18 Oct. 1559. Stephen Whethell, son of Rychard Whethell. 

29 Dec. 1560. Margeret Dutton,=^ dau. of M' Dutton Esquier. 

8 Feb. 1569-70. Thomas Offley,* sonne of Henry Offley gentleman. 
21 Feb. 1573-4. Symond Offley sonne of Mister Hugh Offley. 

24 Aug. 1578. Hugh Offlie the sonne of M"^ Hugh Offlie. 

2 Apr. 1580. Margarett Offlie ^ the daughter of M' Henry Offlie 


25 June 1584. Henry Offlie^ the sonne of M' Offlie. 

3 May 1585. Margarett Offlie the daughter of M"" Hugh Offlie. 
3 May 1586. John Offlie ^ the sonne. of M"" Henry Offlie. 

28 June 1590. Suzan Offlie ^ the daughter of M"" Hugh Offlie, 

10 Nov. 1594. Hugh Offlie the sonne of M' Tho Offlie. 

29 Aug. 1598. An Offlie the daughter of M"" Thomas Offlie. 
13 May 1606. Elizabeth Offlie^ daught. of M*" John Offlie. 

9 May 1611. Harry Gyfford son of M' Philip GyflFord. 

12 Dec. 1585. M' Jeames Deane & M"" Elizabeth Offlie. 

' Since the earlier part of the Offley i)edigTec was compiled, access to 
these registers has been permitted by the Bishop of Islington, Rector of St. 
Andrew's, with the result that additional information has been obtained, especially 
as to the direct line of Sir Thomas Offley. It has, therefore, been deemed 
advisable to print these extracts in full. p]very entry relating to the family 
of Offley has been taken from the commencement of the registers to 1634. 

- Afterwards Lady Mildmay. See Offley Manuscript, vol. xix, p. 6, and 
Offley Pedigree, p. 224 of same volume. 

^ Probably dau. of Tliomas Dutton, of Sherborne, co. Glouc, by Anne 
Kirton, his wife. See vol. xix, pp. 6, 224. 

* See his burial 24 Feb. 1611-12. He was, therefore, not aged sixteen at 
his death as stated in the Offley Manuscript, vol. xix, p. 5, but was forty-two 
years old. He may have been the Thomas Offley of St. Leonard's, Eastcheap, 
Merchant Taylor, who married there 29 Oct. 1604 Margaret Pratt, of St. 
Mary Magdalen's, Bermondsey, spinster; but as his brother Sir John Offley 
was found by the Inq. P.M. to their father to be the latter's heir, this Thomas 
must have died s.p. 

^ See her burial 15 Sept. following. There seems to be no mention in the 
St. Andrew's Registers of the daughter of Henry Offley named Mary, who 
is said in the Offley Manuscript to have died aged eight years, and to have 
been interred in the chancel, near her grandmother Dame Joane Offley. 

^ Buried 9 July following. See Manuscript, vol. xix, p. 5. 

^ Afterwards Sir John Offley. 

^ See her marriage 29 July ioiO, and her burial 19 Dec. 1616. 

^ Bur. 25 Oct. 1610. Sir John had another dan. Elizabeth, who became 
Lady Jenney. See Pedigree, vol. xix, p. 219. 



23 Apr. 1594. Ric. Dorrington ^ «k Em Cradocke.^ 
29 July 1610. M"^ Phillip Gyffard & Suzanna Offlie.2 

6 March 
21 May 
12 Sept. 
20 Jan. 
15 Sept. 
17 Sept. 
28 Dec. 
9 July 
4 May 

4 Apr. 
25 Nov. 

1 Feb. 
17 Dec. 
12 Feb. 

12 July 

5 Feb. 

3 March 
25 Oct. 
24 Feb. 

13 May 















4 Sept. 1613. 
19 Dec. 1616. 
22 July 1623. 


M"^ Anne Dutton^ the wiffe of M' Dutton gent. 

M-- Richard Whethill. 

RoBt Offley the sonne of Thomas Offley. 

My Ladie Jone Offlye. 

Margaret Offlie the daught : of Mr. Hen : OflBie. 

S^ Thomas Offlie knyght. 

Hugh Offly the sonne of M^ Hugh Offly. 

Hen. Offlie the sonne of M*" Hen: Offlie. 

Margarett Offlie the daught: of M*" Hugh Offlie. 

Thomas Offlie the sonne of Tho. Offlie. 

M"« Anne Offlie then Shrevis.-* 

M' Thomas Offlie.^ 

M' Hugh Offlie late Ald'^man. 

Hugh Offlie the sonne of M'^ Tho: Offlie. 

M"* Margarett Dutton. 

M"» Mary Offlie wiffe of M"^ Hen: Offlie Esq. 

M' Henry Cletherow Merchant." 

Elizabeth Offlie daught. of M"^ John Offlie. 

M'' Thomas Offlie sonne of M"^ Henry Offlie Esquier. 

M"» Katherin Offlie widdow Late the wiffe of M' 

Tho: Offlie the eld*" deceased. 
M^ Henry Offlie Esquire. 

M"« Suzanna Jefford wiffe of M"" Phillip Jefford. 
Elizabeth Butterton wife of M"^ Robert Butterton."^ 

Registers op Sonning, co. Berks.* 

22 March 1659-60. 
21 May 1661. 
1 Oct. 1663. 

11 Nov. 1665. 
20 Apr. 1667. 

William, s. of D' W™ Offley, baptized. 

Anna, d. of D"" W°> Offley, baptized. 

Anne, d. of D' W°» Offley, baptized. 

Mary, d. of D*^ W™ Offley, baptized. 

John, s. of D' W™ Offley, baptized. 

(To he concluded in the April number J. 

* Both related to the Offley family, in whose service they were; they are 
frequently mentioned in tho Offley wills. 

' Only child of Alderman Hugh Offley, by his second wife Dorothy, to 
whom he was married 25 March 1589 ait St. Mildred's Poultry (Milboum). 
' Dau. of Stephen and Margaret Kirton, see vol. xix, pp. 6, 224. 
■* Her husband, Hugh Offley, was Sheriff of London in this year. 

* See Pedigree, ante p. 49, and burial of his widow 13 May 1612. 

* Father of Anne, wife of Thomas Offley (ante p. 85). 

7 Second wife of Henry Offley. See vol. xix, p. 219, note 1. 

* These extracts from the repstcrs of his parish have been most kindly 
contributed by the Kev. Herbert Wigan, Vicar. They relate to the children 
of William Offley, of Middleton Stoney, co. Oxon., and of Woodley, in the 
parish of Sonning. See Pedigree, antc^ p. 54. 



(ConttriMed from p. 107.) 


Richard Thomas Rokas Maitland & Miss Jane De 

William Barker & Ann Bright. 
James West ^^"^ <k Ann Innis. 

Thomas Powney^^^ & Miss Catherine De La Metrie. 
Andrew Williams & Elizabeth Smith. 
William Cranwell & Louisa Peiscuto. 
David Francis <k Mary Mendis. 
.John Mackane & Mary Pero. 
Charles Floyer & Miss Catherine Carvalho. 
John Dormond & Barbaria Scrimshaw. 
George Dawson <k Miss Isabella Charlton. 
James Dougless & Elizabeth Young. 


Joseph Darvall & Ann Owen. 

Charles Smith Si Elizabeth Carvalho. 

Captain James Kirkpatrick,*^^ Hon. Company's Cavalry, & 

Miss Katherine Munro. 
Mr. John Calland <Vj Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson,^^ widow. 
Captain Donald Campbell, ^^^ Hon. Company's Cavalry, & 

Miss Ann Campbell. 
Captain John Wood, Hon. Company's Infantry, & Miss 

Elizabeth Owen. 
Anthony Frederick Frank «fe Johanna Hope. 


Lieutenant Matthias Calvert, 89th Regiment, <k Miss 

Catherine Williamson. 
Captain George Airey, Hon. Company's troops, and Miss 

Clarissa Williamson. 

^•'^ Jas. West was in the Company's military service ; his wife was widow 
of Captain John Innis and dau. of Captain John De Morgan. 

'^ Ho was bom 1721, and was son of John and Mary Powney, descended from 
Richard Powney, of Old Windsor. 

*^^ James Kirkpatrick was of the Closeburn family; settled at Keston, near 
Bromley, in Kent, with rank of Colonel. Ho was the father of James 
Achilles Kirkpatrick, whose daughter Kitty is immortalised by Carlyle as 
" Blumine." Katherine Munro was the daughter of Andrew and Mary 
Munro, and was bap. Aug. 22, 1744, at the Fort. Buried at Bombay Jan. 27, 
1766 (monument). 

iG» Widow of James Wilson, and eldest daughter of Captain John De 

^®' Captain Donald Campbell, of Barbreck, Author of A Journey Overland to 
India, published by Culleu & Co., 1795. 









































Feb. 14. Samuel Pate & Anne De Lapere. 

Mar. 2. Joseph Witherly, Hon. Company's 2nd troop of Horse, 

<& Frances Rosaria. 
April 19. Loodolph Donsten <k Mary Nero. 
May 8. Thomas Lear &, Keller Rosaria. 
July 10. Captain Edward James, Hon. Company's Artillery, «k 

Miss Sophia Crockett. 
July 26. Andrew Alder & Margaret Bailey. 
Aug. 18. Captain Henry Cowell, of H.M.S. "York," <k Mrs. Ann 

Sept. 15. Donald McKenzie & Ann Mahony. 
Oct. 14. John Rogers, soldier, 79 th Regiment, <fe Elizabeth 

Oct. 18. Robert Burras & Elizabeth Cutbush. 
Oct. 24. John Owen & Maria Anna .... 
Dec. 1. William Clegg (1: Ann Home. 
Dec. 18. William Warren, Hon. Company's Artillery, <fe Joanna 

De Rozario. 
Dec. 20. Lambert Martin, Gunner, King's Artillery, <k Ann De 

Dec. 28. John Bullough, Sergeant, Hon. Company's Artillery, & 

Joanna Prenels. 


Jan. 11. John Henry Colman <k Rosina Colegate. 

Jan. 26. Samuel Smaller, Hon. Company's troops, <fe Mary Pereira. 

Feb. 17. Isaac Pencost & Francina McCloud. 

Mar. 3. Thomas Witlow, Hon. Company's soldier, & . . . 

Mar. 28. James Connor, Sergeant-Major Hon. Company's troops, 

<k Lucy Howe. 
April 27. James McManners, soldier, «k Catherine Lewis. 
May 2. Ellis I^ewis, soldier, Hon. Company's troops, <& Anne 

May 6. David Francis & Inashin Mindes. 
May 9. Joseph Miller & Mary Brawdy. 
May 9. William Bailey, Royal Artillery, <& Fanny Walton. 
June 22. William Aken it Keize Rosario. 
June 26. Anthony Brown, H.M. 79th Regiment, & Elizabeth 

July 6. Henry Jenkins *k Mary Johnson. 
July 10. John James, Royal Artillery, «k Elizabeth Burras. 
Aug. 11. Captain Norton Hutchinson, of the ship Carnarvon, «k 

Miss Catherine Schrom. 
Aug. 25. Mr. Henry Brooke & Miss Mary AUbeary. 


Jan. 12. John McGowan «fe Maria de Cruz. 

Feb. 2. Mr. Arthur Cuthbert k Miss Sarah Hopkins. 

Feb. 13. James Hathaway & Theodora Hope. 

Feb. 16. Christopher Jobe k Joanna Inglestone. 


John Paterson & Florinda Alexander. 

Samuel Jesson & Cecilia Myon. 

Captain William Flint & Miss Charlotte Rule. 

William Rutter, of the Artillery, & Dominga de Arragea. 


William Hall ct Rosa Caldera. 

Simon Sudbury tk Mary Jamboh (or Tamboh). 

James Anderson <k Maria Rheta de Lamabonay. 

Richard Eurin <k Elizabeth Orrall. 

Mr. Edward Stracey & Mrs. Elizabeth Williamson. 

Mr. Robert Dowset & Miss Frances Munro. 

Thomas Costican & Mary Sutherland. 

John Smith Jt Mockena Baptista. 

Captain Thomas Gibson & Miss Elizabeth Felling. 

T^ngham Booth & Theodora de Sylva Salgada. 

Captain John Billingham & Miss Jane Dawson. 

George Smith & Anne Massey. 


William Weeks & Mary Geary. 
Richard Matthews it Eleanor de Sylva. 


George Stratton,^^'- Esq., & Miss Hester Eleanora Light. 
Isaac Johnson & Francisca Paisane. 
Captain Michael Gee tt Miss Marian Carter. 
Sergeant Ashwin Smith tk Antonia Lopos. 
Edward Hill & Ann Francisco. 


Mr. George Smith it Miss Margaretta Aurora Munro.^^^ 
Mr. James Taylor ik Miss Ann Phillips. 
Jolin Peters ct Mary Good wing. 
Josiah Hubbard &, Mounteena Gasper. 
Captain Thomas Bruce <fe Sarah Meetkirke. 
Captain William Peake iV Miss Elizabeth Butler. 
Lieutenant Isaac Manoury, Artillery, & Miss Frances 
Sept. 4. Captain Thomas Oats,^^^ Artillery, & Miss Ann Palling. 


Jan. 8. John Ay res & Lucy Williams. 

Feb. 26. John Jenkins tk Christiana Antonio. 

Mar. 9. George Griffiths & Serina Price. 

*''- George, son of John and Mary Stratton, bap. April 18, 1734. 

^^ Daughter of Andrew and Mary Frances Munro, and bap. Sep. 22, 1752. 

*^^ Captain Thomas Oats, grandson of Titus Gates, great-grandson of Samuel 
and Mary Gates, of Great Yarmouth. Captain Gats died at Trichinopoly, 
July 10, 1772, aged 32. His wife, bap. May 9, 1751, was the daughter of 
Thomas and Elizabeth Felling. She mar. (2) Colonel Ross Lang in 1773. 



















































William Tucker «fe Maria Francisca de Sylva. 
John Cherry <k Elizabeth Ornett. 
William TiCwis & Lydia Maycott. 
Mr. Peter Speke & Miss Susanna Crocket. 
Daniel Campbell & Flora dc Rozera. 
Mr. William Townsend & Miss Emma Ogilvie. 
William Burchill <fe Francisca Munrow. 
John Sharpe <k Elizabeth Ross. 
George Cook <k Rosanna Raper. 
Mr. Charles Bromley & Miss Elizabeth Steward. 
Captain Henry Montressor &, Miss Frances Cleverley. 
Lieutenant Edward Tanner & Miss Hannah Maria 


John Holland & Maria Streak. 

John Henry Coleman Jc Maria Matthews. 

Captain James Eddington & Miss Ann Weller. 

Mr. Thomas Dyneley «k Miss Maria Crosbie. 

Jacob Gummo & Elizabeth Mindes. 

Captain William Cook & Miss Ann Gill. 

Major Archibald Mitchell & Mary Jane Whitever. 

John Quigley «fe Flora Forrester. 


Richard Newcastle *k Flora De Vareth. 

Michael Fennel Jc Anna De Rosaro. 

John Sea wen & Manowell De Souza. 

Mr. Cotton Bowerbank Dent <fe Miss Mary Felling. ^^^ 

John I^enington «fe Ann Newborn. 

Robert Eaton <k Mary Gill. 

Mr. William Harcourt Torriano & Miss Lydia Frazier. 

Mr. David Macpherson & Miss Margaret Mackain. 

Charles Smith, Esq., & Miss Frances Law. 

Captain Richard Matthew ($: Miss Elizabeth Cotgrave. 

Charles Hancock *k Frances Frederick. 

Captain Philip Pittman &, Miss Honora Dawkes. 


George French & Anne Pyne. 

Samuel Johnson, Esq., cVs Miss Johanna Law. 

Mr. John Sykes &, Miss Jane Rachel Beaver. 

Lieutenant Thomas Geils^^ & Miss Mary Pascal. 

Mr. Charles Edward Jones «fe Miss Anne Taylor. 

Colonel Ross Lang it Mrs. Ann Oats.^^*^ 

John Burghall &, Mary Menach. 

** Daughter of Thomas and Klizabcth Pellinj?, bap. Sop. 16, 1755, buried 
Sep. 13, 1782, aged 27 (monument in St. Mary's Cemetery). 

"*• Thomas Geils, Lieutenant Madras Artillery 1767; General 1796; retired 
1800. Died at Geilstou, Dumbartonshire, Oct. 24, 1815. 

^^ See note 164. 

















































































































































Mr. Alexander Murray k Miss Frances Pascal. 

James Ains worth «fe Helena (a Portuguese). 

John Bender k Mary (a Portuguese). 

Robert Blinkworth k Montana (a Portuguese). 

John Jenkins k Mary Matthews. 

Francis King & Mary Newburn. 

George Halesand k Dorothy Breetre. 

Thomas Lewis k Mary Walsh. 

George Miller <k Mary Pattroon. 

Mr. John Turing & Miss Mary Turing. ^^ 

Mr. Edward Saunders k Miss Helen Turing.*^ 

Thomas Bell k Elizabeth Tedrie. 

Mr. George Savage k Miss Mary Phillips. 


Captain James Murray, West Coast Establishment, k 

Miss Catherine James. 
I^wis Williams & Clara (a Portuguese). 
William Brady k Maria Ribarba. 
William Flack k Frances Mendes. 
Samuel Pippett k Mary Cranwell. 
Mr. George Waight <k Miss Hannah Vincent. 
.Mr. Charles I^oyd k Miss Hannah Wilson. 
John Waishburn it Margaret Willson. 
Peter Habbermyer k Elizabeth Moota. 
Charles Casimire k Ann Lockhart. 
Major Matthew Home *^^ k Miss Ann Salmon. 
Mr. William Wyncli k Miss Arrhoda Crocket. 
John Basse tt k Frances Ferris. 
Daniel Goodall k Marian (a Malabar). 
William Griffiths k Maria Sicara. 
John Macklin k Elizabeth Adalida Onelion. 
John Garrett k Ann Anvil. 


Mr. James Johnson k Miss Hannah Butterworth. 

Francois Compadre k Ann Felisitte Le BoDuf. 

Jacob Monts k Susanna Burton. 

George Long k Mary, a Malabar woman. 

Captain Robert Wood k Miss Mary Kirkpatrick. 

Thomas Payne ifc Margaret McDonald. 

David Rhodes tV: Mary Huff. 

John Davis it Marian Munro 

Nathaniel Wilkinson ^ Frances, a Malabar Christian. 

Mr. George Brudenell & Mrs. Maria Smith. 

John Colvie (Invalid), & Mary, a Malabar Christian. 

^^ Mary and Helen Turing were daughters of Robert Turing, who married 
Mary De Morgan. 

i®> Matthew Home was of the Madras Artillery ; died at Triohinopoly 1789. 


John Rowland (Invalid) c^ Anne Bradshaw. 

David Thomas & Cecil Roderigos. 

William Twiney & Tiltena Franswor. 

John Peter Jockey (soldier) & Mary Madalain. 

Captain Thomas Lane &> Miss Eleanor Venner. 


Mr. William Augustus Dobbyn Jc Miss Elizabeth Trehe 
Bullock. (They were married at Masulipatam.) 

The Hon^i« Edward Monckton *^ Miss Sophy Pigot.^^o 

Mr. Colley Lucas & Miss Martha Lee. 

James Carr ik Amiena, a Malabar woman. 

Mr. George Taswell & Mrs. Honora Pittman. 

Thomas Hall & Mary Thomas. 

Thomas Clapham & Joanna Lynn. 

Mr. Francis Balfour &; Miss Emelia Balfour. 

Major John Smith, Bengal Elstablishment, & Miss Susanna 

John Mathewson & Susanna Douce. 

Captain Arthur Lysaght ^''^ & Miss Martha Pybus. 

Walter Prosser & Mary Crabb. 

Lieutenant George Wahab <fe Miss Catherine Brooke. 

Lieutenant William Sydenham tk Miss Amelia Prime. 

Joseph Obee & Louisiana Christian. 


William Chambers i^ Marian Christian. 
Mr. Thomas Palk & Miss Catherine Pelling. 
Lieutenant George Hodson <k Miss Mary Rogers. 
William Dixon <k Mary Wilkinson. 
William Lariman & Susannah Robinson. 
Mr. Frederick Mandeville & Miss Anna Bergetta Berg. 
Daniel Johnston <k Ann Hill. 
Captain Thomas Burrowes *k Miss Mary Dawkes. 
Thomas Clifford Sc Catherine Allin. 
Mr. James Coulter Williams <k Miss Ann Willoughby. 
Henry Tash & Bridget D'Mount. 
Captain John Oldham <fe Miss Eliza Everest. 
July 31. Captain Dugald Campbell & Miss Elizabeth Mackay. 

*^ Daughter of Lord Pigot, Governor of Fort St. George. 

*7* Susanna Sophia Debonnairc was dau. of John Debonnaire. She married 
secondly 1782 Thomas Metoalfo, who was created a Baronet 1802. Their 
second son Charles Theophilus, bom 1785, was created Baron Metcalfe 1845, 
and died 1846. Thomas Metcalfe was the son of another Thomas (by a dau. 
of the Rev. John Williams), and grandson of Theophilus Metcalfe, a barrister 
who settled in Ireland aft<»r the llevolution of 1688 (Bengal Obituary. See 
also a pedigree of the family of Debonnaire by Mr. Henry Wagner, F.S.A., 
in Mi»ceVanea Gcnealogica et Hcraldica^ N.8., iii, 245). 

*'' Captain Arthur Lysaght, brother of the first Lord Lisle. His wife was 
the daughter of John and Martha Pybus. She married (2) Surgeon John 




































































Dec. 25. 

Captain Thomas Bridges & Miss Polly Hill Freeman. 

Conrad Engleman & Marian Franswa. 

Claud Russell, Esq., & Miss Leonora Pigot.^^^ 

Charles Oakley, Esq., & Miss Helena Beatson. 

Edward Davis Sz Anna Manaretta. 

Thomas Davis & Johannah . . . 

Colonel Patrick Ross <fe Miss Mary Clara Maule. 


Archdale Palmer, Esq., & Mrs. Maria Josepha Stout. 
Captain Francis Rolleston, Nabob's service, and Miss 

Anne Brown. 
Mr. John William Wood <k Miss Arabella Creighton. 
James Furnace (fe Nancy Ann . . . 
Thomas Hollingworth <k Marian . . . 
Mr. Richard Legge Willis & Miss Charlotte Hollingworth. 
Mr. Alexander Cuthbert Si Miss Mary Turing. 
Mr. Theodore Ivey Taner & Miss Francis Mary Dormond. 
Seraphin Nicolo & Anne Quain. 
Mr. Patrick Lawson, Commander of the " Lord Hobart," 

Indiaman, & Miss Elizabeth Sullivan. 
Lieutenant Philip Mayne <k Mrs. Anne Stewart. 
Mark Rice <fe Catherine Wright. 
Mr. Gilbert Pasley^'"* it Miss Hannah Dashwood. 
John Forrister & Elizabeth Burress. 
John Mackoy & Elizabeth Mathews. 
Miles Fleming Jt Pasgal Rothburn. 


[From this date the contracting parties sign before witnesses, whose 

names are not here recorded.] 

John Taylor ^-^^ & Catherine Maitland. 

George Maule ^'^ & Catherine Clayton. (They were married 

in the house of Colonel Capper.) 
Charles Brassiere, a Frenchman, & Katherine Harris, a 

native of India. 
John Lambe & Rosinda La Fleure. 
(jJeorge Day, Private, Second Regiment, tk Mary Farara. 
John Hitchin, Gunner, Artillery, ife Katherine Mascal, 

native of India. 
William Lynch, Private, 2nd P^ttalion, 2nd Regiment, 

(k Johanna De Cruez. 






















Feb. 2. 

Feb. 10. 

Mar. 13. 

Mar. 21. 

April 10. 

May 8. 

May 18. 

^"^ Daughter of Lord Pigot, Governor of Fort St. George. 

'7^ Gilbert Pasley, surgeon and physician, buried Sep. 23, 1781, aged 48 
(monument at St. Mary's Cemetery). Gilbert Pasley's sister married George 
Malcolm, the father of Sir John, Sir Pulteney and Sir Charles Malcolm. 

^'^ Son of John Taylor, who married Mary De Morgan. Catherine Maitland 
was daughter of Lieutenant Maitland, who married Jane De Morgan. Mary 
and Jane were the daughters of Captain John De Morgan. 

^^^ George Maule, Madras Engineers, killed at siege of Pondicherry 1793. 


June 9. John Whitney, Invalid Battalion, & Elizabeth Lawlee. 

Nov. 6. John Slade, Invalid Battalion, ^ Henrietta Manuel. 

Nov. 13. George Atkins & Catherine De Mount. 

Dec. 24. David Moy i^ Catherine Allen. 


Feb. 6. Alexander Cummings, bachelor, & Mary Wilkinson, widow. 

Feb. 10. William Dalton, bachelor, & Ann Carrell, widow. 

Feb. 29. Francis Ijautour, bachelor, ife Ann Hordle, spinster, were 

married in Government House, by J. Stanley, Chaplain. 
Mar. 18. William Hammond, Private, Hon. Company's Service, & 

Mary Hettrick, European. 

April 26. John Hetollock, Corporal, & Mary Domick, a Native. 

May 6. John Smith, Sergeant-Major, & Elizabeth Brown, of 


(To he continued.) 


C«>ntrilmte<l by Arthur J. Jkwers, F.S.A. 

(Continued from p. 141.) 

Langton, John, of Stanton, co. Middx. Conf. by Sir G. Dethick, 
Garter, 7 Dec. 1577. Az. two pallets cng. betw. three fleurs- 
de-lis in chief Or. Crest — From a crest coronet Gu. a demi-lion 
ramp. Or, holding a battle-axe of the first, head Arg. Harl. MS. 
1,441 ; Stowe MS. 703. 

Langton, Thomas, fishmonger of London, 1634. 1 and 4, Per cross 
Sa. and Or, a bend Arg. ; 2, Az. fretty Or, on a canton Gu. a 
cross fleury (or moline) Arg ; 3, Sa. four martlets rising Arg. 
Harl. MS. 5,869. (The colours in the second quarter are omitted 
in the MS., and have been supplied from Visitation of London 

Lant, Thomas, s. of Thomas, s. of Henry Lant, of co. Stafford. Gr. 
1588. Per pale Arg. and Gu., a cross eng. counterchanged. 
Crest — On a snake no wed Vert, a dove Arg., beak and legs Gu. 
Stowe MS. 670. 

Larking, Thomas, Doctor of Physic. Erm. three leopards* faces Or, 
on a chief Gu. a lion pass. gard. of the second. Crest — A lark, 
wings addorsed ppr., in the beak a pansy flower ppr., slipped 
and leaved Vert. Add. MS. 4,966. 

Lascelles, George, of Escrick, co. York. Conf. of arms and gr, of 
crest by Sir C. Barker, (Jarter. Arg. three chaplets Gu. Crest — 
A cubit arm erect, vested Gu., cuff Arg., twined about with a 
cord tied in a knot Or, the hand ppr. grasping a bunch of 
columbines, flowers of the second and first, stalks and leaves 
Vert. Stowe MS. 692. 

Lascoe, William, of Hallam, co. Notts, gent., Henry Ijascoe, citizen 
and grocer of London, Francis Lascoe, citizen and grocer of 


London, and George Lascoe, citizen and mercer of London, sons 
of William Lascoe, late of Hallam, dec. Gr. by E. Byshe, Clar., 
and W. Dugdale, Norroy. Arg. a talbot pass. Sa. and a chief of 
the second. Crest — On a wreath Arg. and Sa. a mural coronet 
Or, therefrom a demi-talbot of the second. Stowe MS. 716. 

Lashley,^ . . . , a General of the Scottish Army 1640, who besieged 
and took Durham and Newcastle. Or, on a bend Az. betw. two 
wolves* heads couped ppr., three round buckles of the first. 
Crest — A wolfs head couped ppr. Add. MS. 4,966. 

LATcn,^ John, of Churchill, co. Somerset. Gr. by W. Segar, Garter. 
Arg. on a fess wavy Az., betw. three inescutcheons Gu., as many 
lozenges Or. Crest — A lion's head erased Or, collared wavy Az., 
langued Gu. Stowe MSS. 677 and 692. 

Launce, John, of Halesworth, in Suffolk, s. of John Launce of the 
same. Conf. by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 8 Nov. 1580. Or, on a 
fess dancettee Sa., three cinquefoils of the first ; a canton of the 
second charged with a lion ramp, of the field. Crest — A gauntlet 
fessways supporting a lance erect, all ppr. Harl. MS. 1,441 ; 
Stowe MS. 703. 

Launcelot, William, of London, gent, and mercer, 1634. Cert, by 
Edw. Norgate, Windsor Herald. Erm. a lion ramp. Sa. Crest- 
On a chapeau Gu., turned up Erm., a lion's head erased of the 
last. He had issue John, then aged 20; William, aged 16; and 
Thomas, aged 14. Harl. MS. 5,869 (two separate entries, in one 
of which the lion in the arms is Sa., in the other Az.). Add. 
MS. 5,533, f. 135. 

Lavender, Nathaniel, of London, s. of Elias, s. of William Lavender, 
of Standon, co. Herts. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by Sir VV. 
Segar, Garter, 7 May 1628. Per fess Gu. and Arg. a pale 
counterchanged, and three fountains ppr. Crest — A demi-horse 
salient Arg., gorged with a chaplet of lavender ppr. Add. MS. 
12,225; Stowe MS. 703. 

* This entry must refer to the well known General Alexander Leslie, of 
Balgonie, co. Fife, son of George Leslie of the same place. He served 
in Holland and under Gustavas Adolphus with great distinction, being 
made by the latter a Field Marshal. He returned to Scotland and 
commanded the army of the Covenanters, for whom he captured Edinburgh 
Castle. In 1640 he defeated the Royal army at Newbum and took 
possession of Newcastle. Later he was appointed one of the Commissioners 
to treat with the King at Ripon, by whom he was created on 11 October 
[patent sealed 20 October] 1641, Lord Balgonie and Earl of Leven. In 
1642 he was appointed General of the Scottish Forces in Ireland, and 
with 21,000 men under him joined the Parliamentary army, greatly 
contributing to the victory of Marston Moor. After the execution of 
King Charles ho went over to the Royalist side. The male line failing, 
the patent was surrendered and the titles regranted with remainder to 
the heir female, by which they went to the family of Melville, from 
whom they descended to the present Earl of Leven and Melville, who 
quarters for Leslie, Arg. on a bend Az. three oval buckles Or. The mis- 
spelling the name of such a distinguished person is strange, while the 
record of this variation of the arms of the chief line of the Leslie 
family is most interesting, particularly as the present representative uses 
a different coat for this family. 

^ These arms are on a large monument at Churchill, with recumbent effigies of 
John Latch and his wife. 


Lawrence, Adam, of London, merchant. High Sheriff of Bucks 1653. 
Or. by Sir E. Bysshe, Garter, 1652. Lord Mayor of London 
1665. Erm. a cross ragulee Gu., a canton Erms. Crest — Two 
staves ragulee, in sal tire Arg., entw. by a wreath of laurel Vert. 
Harl. MS. 1,441 ; Stowe MS. 703. 

Lawrence, Richard, of Foxcote, co. Gloucester. Gr. by W. Dethick, 
Garter, 41 Eliz. Arg. a cross ragulee Gu., in the first quarter a 
lion pass, of the second. Crest — A fox's head couped ppr., on 
the neck a bezant. 

Richard Lawrence,=j=. . . . 
of Foxcoto. 

Richard Lawrencc,=r Elizabeth, second dau. of Richard 
8. A h. I Coninprsby, Esq., Gent. Usher to 

/i\H.M. Court of Parliament. 

Stowe MS. 676. 

Lawrence, William, of St. Ives, Hunts, Esq. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest by W. Hervey, Clar., 30 Oct. 1562. Arg. a cross ragulee 
Gu., on a chief Az. a lion ptuss. gard. Or. Crest — A roebuck's 
head erased Sa., bezantee, attired Or, gorged with a coronet Arg. 
Copied 18 Aug. 1688, per H. St. George, Clar. Add. MS. 

Lawse,^ Thomas, D.C.L., late of Norfolk, now of Kent. Gr. by R. 
Cook, Clar., 1584. Or, on a chief Az. three estoiles of the first. 
Crest — On a crest coronet Or, an ermine pass. Arg., on the tail 
an ermine spot Sa. Stowe MS. 670; Add. MS. 14,295; Harl. 
MS. 1,359. 

Lawson, George, of Bardfield, co. Essex, gent. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, 
Garter. Paly of four Gu. and Vert, on a chief Or, a greyhound's 
head erased Sa., betw. two crescents of the last, each crescent 
charged with three plates. Crest — A hound's head erased Arg., 
collar Vert, thereon three plates. Stowe MS. 692. 

Lawson, Thomas, of Little Usworth, co. Durham, and Robert I^awson, 
of Rock, CO. Northumberland, and to William, John, George and 
Rowland Lawson, all six being sons of William Lawson, of Little 
Usworth, gent. Conf. by L. Dalton, Norroy, 28 Feb. 1558. Per 
pale Arg. and Sa. a chev. counterchanged. Crest— Two arms 
counter embowed, vested Erra., the hands ppr., supporting the 
sun in its splendour Or. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Layfield, Dr. . . . Gr. by Sir J. Borough, Garter. Or, on a chev. 
betw. three demi-lions ramp. Gu., as many trefoils of the first, 
a crescent in chief for diff. Crest — A bull's head caboshed Arg., 
guttee de poix. Add. MS. 4,966. 

(To he continued.) 

* Thomas Lawse took his M.A. dej?ree at Oxford, 14 March 1534-5, and was 
admitted to Gray's Inn in 1542. 



31 It ^emortam. 

The llev Francis John Poynton, M.A., of Exeter Coll., Oxford, 
and since 1858 Rector of Kolston, Somerset, died at Kelston 
Rectory 22 Nov. 1903. He was born at Chew Magna, 16 June 
1827, and was educated at Shrewsbury School, whence he proceeded 
to Oxford, where he obtained the Symes Exhibition in 1849. He 
was the author of "Memoranda, Historical and Genealogical, re- 
lating to the parish of Kelston," which contains much information 
concerning the family of Harrington, long resident there. He also 
contributed papers of considerable interest both to Miscellanea 
Ge7iealo(jica et Ileraldica and to this Magazine. A note written 
by him appeared in our " Notes and Queries " column only last 
April. For many yeara he took great interest in the antiquities 
of Somerset, on which he occasionally read papers before the Bath 
Literary Club, and his accurate knowledge of local history often 
enabled him to be of assistance to other workers in the same field 
of industry. It is satisfactory to add that he has left behind him 
a son who fully shares his genealogical and literary tastes, and 
whose name is familial* to readers of The Genealogist. 

i^otices 0f liooks. 

The Blood Royal of Britain, being a Roll op the Living 
Descendants of Edward IV and Henky VII, Kings of 
England, and James III, King of Scotland. By the 
Marquis of Ruvigny and Raincval. London (T. C. «fe E. C. 

The skilled genealogist is apt to look coldly upon any printed 
collection of Royal Descents, for while to the man in the street 
it is absolutely incredible that a humdrum individual of his ac- 
quaintance, perhaps of plebeian appearance and homely manners, 
should have within his veins the blood of the Plantagenets, the 
student of pedigrees is aware that there are few persons of good 
birth who do not reckon among their progenitors an English 
monarch, and that many not even gently bom can boast the 
same distinction. It must, however, be admitted that to derive 
from Henry VII is far more rare than to descend from the 
Plantagenets, and on this account alone the task which the compiler 
of this handsome and beautifully illustrated volume has set him- 


self was well worth the great pains and labour which he has 
evidently expended upon it. There can be no difiference of opinion 
as to the admirably clear method in which he has arranged what 
he claims to be " the largest pedigree ever published,'* and as a 
rule the descents have been" brought down to modern times with 
the utmast care. The Roll cannot be said to be entirely complete, 
for there are many lines still unexplored, as the Tables which 
form the groundwork of the scheme will show at a glance, while 
even in the body of the work there are omissions which a little 
research and enquiry could easily have supplied. 

The compiler of these descents has occasionally allowed his 
opinions to run away with him, as for instance on Table I, 
where he states that the lawful issue of Henry VIII became 
extinct in 1558, thus making "good Queen Bess" a bastard. Don 
Carlos, Duke of Madrid, is styled de jure King of France and 

The work falls into two divisions — (1) Descendants of the elder 
daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the Princess 
Margaret Tudor (wife of James IV of Scotland), whose heir 
general is Princess Mary of Modena, wife of Prince Louis of 
Bavaria ; (2) Descendants of Princess Mary Tudor, younger daughter 
of the same royal couple, now represented as senior co-heir by the 
Baroness Kinloss. The first division consists almost entirely of 
royal and princely personages, while the other contains, for the 
most part, members of the English aristocracy, titled and untitled, 
although it also includes butchers, gamekeepers, toll-keepers, tenant 
farmers, etc., nearly all of whom obtain their strain of royal 
blood through the marriage of Frances I^ea, a descendant of the 
Barons Dudley, with Walter Woodcock, whose daughters made sad 
m^scUliances. It is satisfactory to find that further information has 
been obtained regarding these persons and their descendants beyond 
that contained in Mr. Long's Royal Descenttfy published in 1845. 

In this work a small shield has been placed against the names 
of those descendants of Henry VII who are supposed to be entitled 
to (juarter the royal arms, but it does not appear to have l)een 
understood that no such right is possessed by anyone who cannot 
prove that all the intervening coats between his own and that 
of the royal house are " good " in an heraldic sense. 

Admissions to the Collece op St. John the Evangelist in the 
University op Cambridge. Part III. July, 1715 — November, 
1767. Edited, with notes, by Robert Forsyth Scott, M.A., 
Fellow and Bursar of the College. Cambridge (Deighton Bell 
and Co.), 1903. 

It cannot be said that the Admission Register of St. John's 
College, Cambridge, has been hurried through the press. It was 
as long ago as 1882 that Part I first appeared, and not until 1893 
that it was re-issued by Professor J. E. B. Mayor, who at the 
same time produced Part II, and now that another ten years have 


passed we have Part III. But if the progress has been slow it has 
been sure, and Mr. R. F. Scott has carried on Professor Mayor's 
work with much judgment and the most indefatigable industry. 
He has, indeed, succeeded in collecting biographical notes relating 
to nearly all the members admitted to St. John's during the 
period with which this volume deals. These personal details are 
by no means dry reading, for many amusing stories are scattered 
here and there through the notes, chiefly culled from Cole's MS. 
Collections, now in the British Museum, of which copious use has 
been made. We can only enumerate a very few of the distinguished 
scholars whose names appear in the register — William Bowyer the 
printer, Sir Samuel Prime and Sir Fletcher Norton (first Ix)rd 
Grantley), both famous lawyers ; Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle ; 
John Green, Bishop of Lincoln ; Samuel Pegge, the antiquary ; 
William Heberden, a distinguished physician ; Thomas Bedford, a 
non-juror ; John Hulse, founder of the Hulsean lectures ; John 
Burton, editor of MoTiasticon Uboracerige ; John Cradock, Archbishop 
of Dublin, father of the first Ix)rd Howden ; Dr. Rutherforth, 
ancestor in the male line of the Abdy baronets; Erasmus Darwin, 
and lastly Charles Churchill, poet and satirist. One entry recalls a 
romance of the Peerage — Theophilus Henry Hastings, who eventually 
became entitled to the ancient Earldom of Huntingdon, now enjoyed 
by a descendant of his brother, was admitted to the College, 25 May 
1748, toeing described in the register as son of Henry Hastings, 
shoemaker (caligarii). 

As in Parts I and II the index, unfortunately, does not include 
the notes, but the list of schools from wliich the students came 
to the College will be found most useful, and the index to and 
translation of the trades and occupations of tlie parents will also 
be appreciated, especially as in the register the trades are often in 
somewhat recondite I^atin. 

The Ancestry of Randall Thomas Davidson, D.D., Archbishop 
OP Canterbury. By the Rev. Adam Phelip, M.A. London 
(Elliot Stock). 

The genealogy contained in this small volume is not its strong 
point, as the reader who expects to find the pedigree of the Primate 
properly set out will find on consulting its pages. After carefully 
piecing together the items vouchsafed by the author, which by 
the way are scattered about at random, we find that the two 
earliest ancestors introduced to us are David Randall who went 
to Holland in 1728 and Thomas Davidson, Minister at Dundee, 
who died in 1700. The latter married "a remarkable woman," 
whose name is not stated, and was father of Mary Davidson, 
who married Thomas, the son of the abovementioned David Randall. 
The work is chiefly confined to an account of the lives and writings 
of this Thomas Randall, Minister at Inchture, and his son Thomas 
Randall Davidson, who assumed the surname of Davidson on the 
death of an uncle — also Minister at Inchture and afterwards in 
Edinburgh. Thomas Randall Davidson, married twice, and we 


gather that his second wife, " a sister of the great Scottish 
Advocate and Judge, Lord Cockburn," was the grandmother of 
Archbishop Davidson. This in brief is the ancestry, as given by 
Mr. Phelip, of tlie second Scotsman who has been enthroned 
Archbishop of Canterbury within a generation. 

West Stow Parish Registers, 1558 to 1850. Wordwkll Parish 
Registers, 1580 to 1850. With Sundry Notes. Woodbridge 
(George Booth). 1903. 

These two registers have been transcribed and edited by the 
same anonymous author to whom we owe those of Horringer, 
Little Saxham and Rushbrook, recently noticed in this Magazine. 
The same arrangement has been adopted as in tlie registers previously 
issued, and its merits and demerits need not tlierefore Idc further 
discussed. The author has added much information which is 
generally absent from the ordinary printed parish register, and 
has, in fact, compiled short parochial histories. Monumental inscrip- 
tions, lay subsidies, list^ of rectors, and abstracts of wills, proved 
both in London and in the country, have been supplied, and a 
very interesting account added of the manorial families who 
were connected with the two parishes and of the ancient mansions, 
both still standing, in which they dwelt. The details relating to 
the Crofts, who owned West Stow for many generations, are 
supplementary to the account given of them in the Little Saxham 
volume, and the story of tlie succeeding owners is here narrated. 
By far the most important of these proprietors was Edward 
Proger, to whom the esUite of West Stow was Ixjqueathed by 
the will of Dame Bryers Crofts in 1G69. He was a trusty 
servant of both Charles F and Charles IT, and concerned in many 
of the secret enterprises of the troublous times in which his long 
life of ninety-two years was passed. The biographical notice of him 
is all the more welcome as he has been inexplicably ignored in the 
Dictionary of National Bio(jra})hy. A portrait of him now at 
Rushbrook Hall is reproduced among the illustrations, which also 
include views of West Stow Hail, one of the most ancient of 
Suffolk manor houses Its gate house bears the arms of Mary 
Tudor, sister of Henry VI f I, but the author shows that the 
tradition that she once resided at West Stow is improbable. In 
the list of Wordwell Rectors occurs the name of Robert Butts, 
who filled in turn the Sees of Norwich and Ely. 

Lincoln's Inn. By G. J. Turner. I^ondon (F. E. Robinson k Co.). 

Whether or no th(»y agree with the conclusions at which 
he has arrived, all those who are interested in the history of 
old I»ndon will be grateful to the writer of this short pamphlet 
for bringing to light the documents upon which his very 
clearly and logically expressed arguments an^ founded. Mr. 
Turner's investigations have led him to uphold the view that 
the Inn took its name from its having anciently belonged to 


the de Lacys, Earls of Lincoln. . He endeavours to prove that 
" the place with a garden " in the New Street in front of the 
New Temple granted by Henry III, 1226-8, to Ralph de Neville, 
Bishop of Chichester, and trebly assured to him by charters, was 
not the site of Lincoln's Inn. It appears from one of these 
charters that the place and garden in question were opposite to 
the land of the Bishop in the same street, and had escheated to 
the King by the custom according to which forfeited lands within 
the City of London and the suburbs thereof were held to be his. 
• Mr. Turner insists upon the strict legal meaning of " suburb " as 
" a district outside the city walls, but subject to the jurisdiction 
of the city courts," and as Lincoln's Inn does not stand within 
the suburbs in this sense, then universally accepted, his argument 
appears conclusive. Incidentally he shows that this place and 
garden aie more likely to have been the estate now called Chichester 
Rents, which was opposite to the land of the Bishops of Chichester 
on the other side of Chancery I^ane, then known as New Street 
and later as Converts Street. He also suggests that the Inn, 
which certainly afterwards did belong to the See of Chichester, 
was acquired during the episcopate of John of Langten or Robert 
of Stratford, the latter of whom is shown by Document No. 16 to 
have resided at his inn in Chancery Lane in 1340. A footnote 
on p. 15 induces us te look forward to the publication of further 
evidence bearing upon this interesting subject. 

How TO Decipher and Study Old Documents. By E. E. Thoyts 
(Mrs. John Hautenville Cope). With an Introduction by 
C. Trice Martin. Second Edition. London (Elliot Stock), 

That it should have been thought advisable to issue another 
edition of this little book is an encouraging sign of the interest 
which of late has been aroused in the study of paleography. It 
contains some useful and interesting information, confessedly of an 
elementary character, but it is difficult to believe that it can be 
of much practical assistance to a beginner. Although the work is 
of such slender dimensions, tlie authoress has occasionally discoursed 
upon matters liardly relevant to the subject. The illustrations which 
miglit have been made of great service to the student, are, as they 
were in the former edition, on so small a scale as to be absolutely 

We have also received : — Ball Records. Part T. Index to Wills 
of Ball, Balle or Balls in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 
1445 — 1802. Bishops Stortford (A. Boardman k Son). 


fioUs anh (^mxits. 

Langford Grants op Arms (ante p. 140).~(1) John Langford, of 
Salfoixl, CO. Beds. On referring to tlie pedigree of Langford recorded 
in the Visitation of Shropshire, aimo 1623, it will be seen that 
Richard langford, great grandson of John, of co. Derby, married 
Anne, dau. and h. of Walter Rogers, and they had with other 
issue John Langford, D.C.L. Oxon., and Chancellor of Worcester, 
who in his will dated and proved in 1579 [P.C.C., 45 Bacon] 
names his son John a minor, his wife Martha, and his father-in-law 
Garbrand Hecks, of Oxford, and also states that he had taken 
out letters of administration of the goods of his late father Richard 
Langford, of Ludlow, deceased. Martha, widow of the above John 
Langford, and dau. of John Garbrand alias Hecks, D.D. Oxon, in 
her will dated at Sawford, co. Beds, in 1604, and proved the same 
year [RC.C, 37 Harte], names her sons John and Nicholas, the 
former of whom, I presume, had the patent for arms in 1607. 
His ancestral coat as recorded in the Visitation of Shropshire 
was : — Pall/ of six Or and Gu. a bend Arg. He left four sons, 
who all died s.p., of whom Robert, the eldest and the last surviving, 
was a Bencher of Gray's Inn and died in 1662, aged 61. In 
Metcalfe's " Knights " it appears that Sir John Langforde, who 
was knighted in 1497, bore: — Faly of six Or and Gu., over all a 
betid Anj.y and for Crest: — Three chibolls in a lufte of phesantes 

(2) John Langford, of Gray's Inn. As to the identification 
of this grantee there can be no difficulty. He was descended 
from an ancient family settled for centuries at Ruthin and Constables 
of its Castle. His pedigree was entered in the Visitation of Ix)ndon 
anno 1634, with the four coats as confirmed by Segar. John 
Langford, of Alington, in the parish of Gresford, co. Denbigh, had 
a younger son Roger, of Ruthin, who was in 1588 and for many 
years later Paymaster to the Navy. Roger married at Deptford 
(see Drake's "History of the Hundred of Blackheath ") 1593, 
May 27, Elizabeth, dau. and coh. of John Randall or Randolph, 
Professor of the Civil I^aw, and he apparently entered Gray's Inn, 
" 1606, Aug. 16. Roger Langford, of Ruthin, co. Denbigh, gent." 
(Foster's Registers, p. 1 1 3). Of his children John, the eldest, was 
baptised at Deptford, 1595, May 4, and also entered Gray's Inn: — 
"1612, Aug. 14. John langford, son of Roger L., of Ruthin, 
CO. Denbigh, Estj." {Ibid., p. 131). He was living in 1634, but 
I know nothing more of him, nor have I any clue to the two 
quarterings of Sandiff and Wild. 

V. L. Oliver. 

Royal Descent op the Treppry Family. — In the second 
volume of Mclean's "Trigg Minor," the Treffrys are given a 
royal pedigree through an " Elizabeth Holland, daughter of Thomas 


Holland and Joan Plantagenet (Fair Maid of Kent), the latter 
grand-daughter of Edward I." The said Elizabeth Holland is given 
as wife of Sir Oliver Carminow, and I understand in the College 
of Arms Sir Oliver Carminow is given the same wife. Is this 
correct, seeing that Colonel Vivian in his " Visitaticm of Devon " 
gives this Elizabeth as " daugliter of — Pomeroy " ] What raises 
the (juestion is that according to Coll. Top. ^t Genealoijica^ vol. i, 
p. 319, it is ^^iven as from Harl. MS. 1074, folio 320b, that Oliver 
Carmynowe was related to the blood royal, iem.'p Henry VII. 
In view of the fact that it does not seem absolutely certain that 
Elizabeth was a Pomeroy, can the College of Arms pedigree be 
taken as proof of the royal relationship, and is it known whether 
Joan Plantagenet had a daughter Elizabeth in addition to her 
sons, Thomas and John (P^rls respectively of Kent and Exeter). 
I have examined Anderson's, Foster's, Burke's and Browning's Royal 
Pedigrees (the last American), but fail to find one family claiming 
tliis descent through the Carminows and Elizabeth Holland. 

George A. Taylor. 

Entries from a Family Bible. — The following entries occur in 
an old Bible which I bought a few years ago. They may be of 
interest to some readers of lite Genealogist. The Bible was printed 
by Robert Barker and the Assigns of John Bill, London, 1638. 

" Maria Lovedcr Batclielor, London, Daughter of Philip & Ann Batchelor, 
Born Aug*^ 19, Bai>tisc«l 9 Scpf 1770. 

Philip Baichelor Born 2 Dcc«- 1772. 

Thomas Batchelor Born 20^^ JanX 1773. 

Ann Batchelor Bom 2"<l FebJ 1774. 

Kliz»» Batchelor Bom 20th jan)' 1775. 

A Daughter Still Born 30t»» Mar. 1776. 

Philip Batchelor Born 30^^ July 1778. 

The above Maria Lovcder Batchelor & Jn** Laughton married June . . 
1805 at Berniondaey Church, South wark ; the above Maria died on Sunday 
the 13th Au^t ij^37 at 10 Minut<»s j)a8t 10 o'clock in the Mora* aped 
()6 years, buried on Tuesday the 15*-^ at Gains*', bearers W"» Lumb, Matt* 
Lewis, W" Walker, John Jordan, all Tenants to Jn® Laughton. 

Sarah Laughton Died November 26^^ 1811. 

Geo. Lau^'hton, Sen'", died Dec*" 7^^ 1814, aged 76 years. 

Geo. Laup^hton, Jun^ Died Sop"" ll^h 1813, a^ed 42 years. 

Ann Anderson Lauphton, died in London, Jany 1829. 

Mary Crabtree died Augt 8^^ 1830, maiden name Laaghton, aged 55 years. 

Joseph Laugh ton died Augt 1806 in the East Indies. 

Jno Laughton (of London) Died Feby 16^^ 1830. 

Jno (?) Carless (of London) Died Feby 18th i83l. 

Henry Laughton (London) Died April 19 1831. 

Maria Laughton (Gains"), wife of J. Laughton, died Augt 13 1837. 

Jno Brand (White Hart), Gains^, Died Feby 22 1790, aged 60 years. 

Mary Brand, wife of above, died April 19 1772, aged 39 years. 

Eliz^ Brand, Second wife of the above Jn" Brand, died June 7 1809, aged 
70 years." 

Alfred Molony. 



The pedigree of the family of Scrase of Sussex given in Berry's 
Sussex Genealogies^ p. 366, is not supported by modern investigation. 
Mr. M. A. Lower shewed his appreciation of the family not only 
by publishing an article upon it with improved but still inaccurate 
pedigrees,^ but also by marrying in 1870, as his second wife, 
Sarah Scrase, daughter of William Scrase of Friston Place. It 
is to one line of descent in this family (the materials for a 
history of which are extremely voluminous) that this article 
relates, namely, the descent of the branch of Scrase-Dickins as 
published in Burke's Landed Gentry, ed. 1847, vol. i, p. 330. 
It is there asserted that the Scrase-Dickins family are descended 
from Tuppen Scrase through his eldest son, Richard Scrase. Not 
only is this statement untrue, but many of the other allegations 
as to the Scrase family contained in the pedigree there outlined 
and called the " Lineage " are equally fabulous or unwarranted. 

Tuppen Scrase, born circa 1583, was of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 
admitted of the Middle Temple, 1601, compounded for not 
taking up Knighthood, temp. Car. I, and was buried at Preston 
Episcopi, 9 December 1633. He had by his wife, Susan, daughter 
of William Hay of Salehurst, four sons and six daughters. His 
four sons were (1) Richard Scrase, baptized at Salehurst, 2 October 
1609; (2) an unnamed son buried at Hamsey, 1 May 1616; (3) 
William Scrase, baptized at Hamsey, 26 March 1620, and (4) 
Henry Scrase, baptized at Hamsey, 2 February 162|. Tuppen 
Scrase died intestate and his brother William administered to his 
effects. (P.C.C. 1634, Act 74.) Susan Scrase, his wife, was buried 
at Hamsey, 12 June 1631. Of these sons : — 

(1) Richard Scrase, who according to lierry's Sussex GenealogieSy Mr. 
Lower and the " Lineage," had four sons, was as a matter of fact never 
married. He died some months under the age of 25, and was buried 
at Preston, 9 July 1634, having by his will, dated 5 July 1634 
(wherein he is described as of Blatchington, Gent., and wherein 
he mentions his father, Tuppen Scrase) bequeathed £150 to Jane 
Trowt, of " Hoostene " (Owston), in Lincolnshire, to whom he was 
*^ about to be married,^^ and given his remaining personal property 
to his two brothel's and four of his sisters by names. His will, 
which does not mention any child of his, was proved in P.C.C. 
(104, Seager) on 7 November 1634, by Edward Blaker, who had 
married in 1628, his eldest sister, Susannah Scrase, and on 5 May 
1635, by George Bedford, who had married in 1633 his third sister, 
Edith Scrase. 2 

(3) William Scrase, who was eventually of Annington in Botolphs, 
married with Frances, daughter of Joseph Valiant (described in 
his Admon. in P.C.C, dated 18 May 1658, as of Annington), and 

* 8u88. Arch. Coll.y vol. viii, pp. 1 et seq. 

* Mr. Lower Btatos in the article above referred to that the marriai^ of 
Richard Scrase was not recorded, so far as he could discover, in the registers 
of Preston, Brighton, or Hove, and he might have added, or elsewhere. 
Neither is the baptism of any child of his to be found. 



was buried at Botolphs, 27 September 1683. His only surviving 
son, William Scrase, who was buried at Botolphs, 12 February 
171 J, and who was the last lineal male descendant of Tuppen 
Scrase, left by his wife, Mary, daughter of Henry Lintot, of 
Bolney, and widow of Edward Goring, one child only surviving 
him, namely, Elizabeth, baptized at Botolplis, 7 May 1686, who 
was married at Nuthurst, 23 April 1702, to Nathaniel Tredcroft, 
of Horsham. 

(4) Henry Scrase married twice, first with Barbara, daughter of 
Henry Goring, of Highden in Washington, and widow first of 
Thomas Cooper of Stroode in Slinfold, who was buried at Slinfold, 
26 April 1648, and secondly of Nicholas Monke of Hurston in 
Storrington, whose will, dated 13 July 1657, was proved 30 June 
1658 (P.C.C. 485, Wootton), and to whom she was married at 
Slinfold, 3 October 1655, and secondly with Susanna Willingham, 
widow. 1 He left no issue, and by his will dated 2 April 1681, 
and proved 14 March 168^ (P.C.C. 38, Cottle), in which he is 
described as of St. Martins in the Fields, he left all his property 
to his widow, Susanna. 

The Visitation of Sussex, 1662 (Heralds* Coll., D. 16), does not 
even mention Richard Scrase as a son of Tuppen Scrase, but is 
confined to the descent from Tuppen Scrase in his sons William 
and Henry. 

If further proof were needed it may be found in the proceedings 
in several suits in Chancery, to the earliest of which it will be 
sufficient to refer. In the suit of Scrase v. Bedford (Car. I, 
Bundle S. 69, no. 27) the Bill was filed 4 April 1636, by William 
Scrase as plaintiff, by William Hay his guardian, and therein, after 
stating a lease granted to Tuppen Scrase, "your orator's father," 
of the prebend of Hova Ecclesia for the term of the lives of 
Richard Scrase, deceased, the orator William Scrase, and Henry 
Scrase, " sons of the said Tuppen Scrase," and the life of the longest 
liver of them, and also a lease to Tuppen Scrase of the prebend 
of Hova Villa and Bolney for the same lives and life, it was 
alleged that Tuppen Scrase peacefully and quietly held the same, 
and " that after his death your orator's elder brother Richard did 
enter and hold the prebends without disturbance," and that 
" about the monthes of June or July, 10 Car. I, the said Richard 
deceased, and your orator did enter and doth still hold the same 
prebends," and complaint was made that George Bedford and Sir 
John Wolstenholme had obtained possession of the leases and were 
defrauding the orator. George Bedford, who it will be remembered, 
was a brother-in-law, and one of the executors of Richard Scrase, 
filed his answer, 1 May, 1636, and thereby admitted that shortly 
after the death of Richard he took the complainant down to the 
prebends and did enter the lands to avoid any other occupation, 
and set up that he had maintained the complainant and was 
entitled to be reimbursed therefor out of the profits of the 

^ Scrase v. Rawlings, Chanc. Proc., B. and A., Whittington before 1714, 
Bundle 143. 


Having thus shewn that the family of Scraae-Dickins is not 
descended in the way alleged from Tuppen Scrase, and is there- 
fore not entitled, according to the terms of the original grant, 
to " use, beare or shew forth " the crest granted to him and 
"his yssue " on the 13 August 1616,^ let us investigate its true 

Tuppen Scrase was the eldest sou of Richard Scrase of Blatchington 
by Julyana, daughter of John Tuppyn of Brighthelmstone. She 
was buried at Preston, 3 July 1620, and Richard Scrase was 
buried there, 21 June 1625. He died intestate, but no letters 
of administiution of his eiFects were taken out, as on 23 July 
1625, Tuppen Scrase exhibited in the Archdeaconry Court of 
Lewes a deed of gift to him of all the intestate's goods (Book 
B. 5, fol. 216). Richard Scrase had eight sons and two daughters. 
The second of these sons was John Scrase, who was baptized at 
Hove, 13 September 1584, and it is from him that the Scrase- 
Dickins family is derived. 

John Scrase matriculated at Oxford, 19 March 160 J, as of Hart 
Hall, proceeded to the degree of B.A., 23 October 1605, and was 
admitted of the Middle Temple, 1607. He married with Elizabeth, 
daughter of John de la Chambre, of Rodmell,- and by her had 
issue, one son and three daughters. In his will, dated 1 1 September 
1617, and proved at Lewes, 8 June 1619 (Book A. 17, fol. 15), 
wherein he is described as of Hove, gent., he mentions his 
" father. Master Richard Scrase, of Bletchington," and after giving 
legacies to each of his three daughters, makes his only son, John 
Scrase, residuary legatee. His widow, Elizabeth, in her will, dated 

15 September 1637, and proved at Lewes, 13 October 1637 
(Book A. 25, fol. 55), also mentions the same four children. 

The son, John Scrase, married at Sompting, 5 April 1638, with 
his cousin, Elizabeth, baptized at Brighton, 21 August 1621, the 
eldest daughter of Richard Scrase (another younger brother of 
Tuppen Scrase), by Elizabetli, daughter of Henry Gonng, of 
Horsham, and widow of one Jenner.^ Elizabeth, the wife of John 
Scrase, after his death in 1662, was re-married at Hove, 29 April 
1663, to Richard Alderton. This John Scrase had issue, three 
sons (1) Richard, baptized at Hove, 7 November 1645 ; (2) 
William, baptized there, 11 August 1650, and (3) Henry, baptized 
there, 18 April 1653. 

William Scrase, the second of these sons, married at Tillington, 

4 October 1672, with Mary Alderton, and was buried at Hove, 

5 April 1693. He had issue, five sons and two daughters. His 
sons were (1) Richard, baptized at Hove, 29 July 1673, and 
buried there, 23 September following ; (2) Richard, baptized there, 

16 October, 1674, who married at Stanmer, 25 October 1716, 

* See the terms of the grant priiitod in extensOf Suss. Arch. Coll.^ 
vol. viii, p. 7. There may have been a new grant, but this would have 
l)een in face of the fact that issue of Tuppen Scrase through females abound. 

2 See Horslield's Lewes, vol. ii, p. 203. 

' See Visitation of Staffordshire, ed. by Grazcbrook (Wm. Salt, Arch. Soc., 
vol. V, pt. 2, pp. 163-4). 


with Katharine, daughter of Charles Harrison ; (3) John, baptised 
at Hove, 14 December 1675 ; (4) Henry, baptized there, 1 May 
1677 and (5) William. 

William, the fifth son, married at All Saints, Lewes, 25 December 

1706, with Elizabeth, another daughter of Charles Harrison. He 
died 22 Nov. 1726, and was buried at 8t. Nicholas Church, 
Brighton, where there is an altar-tomb to his memory. Lettei*8 
of administration of his effects were granted 20 September 
1727 out of P.C.C. to his widow, Elizabeth. The latter, in 
her will, dated 3 July 1731, and proved 6 June 1734 (P.C.C. 
144, Oakham), mentioned her sister, Katharine Scrase, her brother, 
Charles Harrison, and her children, Charles Scrase (whom she 
described as her eldest son and made an executor), William, 
Henry, Catharine, and Frances. She was buried at Stanmer, 
18 August 1732, and there is an M.I. to her in the church there. 
Her first son was William Scrase, baptized at Seaford, 21 December 

1707, and buried at Stanmer, 9 Octol)er 1718, and her son Charles 
Scrase was baptized at Seaford, 17 March 170g. 

Charles Scrase married, 13 June 1742, with Sarah, daughter of 
Richard Turner, died 13 July 1792 and was buried at Brighton, 
where, in St. Nicholas church, is an M.I. to him.^ He had two 
children, P^lizabeth, married to William Smith, who died s.p., and 
Sally, married to Anthony Dickins, whence the Scrase-Dickins 
family. He practised as an attorney-at-law at Brighton and in 
Ix)ndon. By his will, dated ** in the 83rd year of my age " on 
3 December 1791, and proved with a codicil, 4 February 1792 
(P.C.C. 109, Fountaine), he settled his manor of Brighton (he 
really had a moiety of it only), with the manor house called 
Steine House and his farms in Brighton, Ditchling, Blatchington, 
and elsewhere in Sussex on the sons of his daughter, Sally 
Dickins, requiring each " as he comes into the property," to take 
the name and arms of Scrase and be called " Scrase-Dickins." 

The ** Lineage " states that " the family of Scrase, originally of 
Danish extraction, held lands in Sussex before and at the period 
of the Norman Conquest, as appears by the General Survey." 
Mr. Lower quoted this statement, which is taken from a note in 
Berry, and remarked that he " could find no documentary evidence 
for it and that Domesday Book and other early records of the 
Norman period make no mention of the name." This remark of 
Mr. Ix)wer is well founded. The next allegation in the " Lineage " 
is that "from Nicholas Scras who in 10 E. I was vicecomes or 
sheriff, an office at that time of great trust and power, descended 
Richard Scrase of Hambleton in Sussex, styled Valettus ad 
coronam," etc. No Nicholas Scrase w^as Sheriff in 10 E. I (1281), 

^ The inscriptions to the memory, of Charles Scrase and his father are 
printed in Suss. Arch. Coll.y vol. viii, pp. 10 and 11. The inscription to his 
mother at Stanmer runs : " Near this place are deposited the remains of 
Elizabeth Scrase (daughter of Charles Harrison, Esq., and Catharine, his 
wife, of Lewes, and sister of Charles Harrison, Esq., of Sutton, in this 
county), widow of William Scrase, who lies interr*d at Brighton. She died 
on the 17th of August 1732, aged 43." 


or at any other time, but according to the Record Office List of 
Sheriffs, Nicholas le Gras was Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in 
1280 and 1282. The writer's opinion is that the family of Scrase 
is derived from that of Scures ; but anyhow in 1280 it was 
established in Sussex. One instance, and that not the earliest, may 
be given. In 1262 or 1263, Geoffrey Scrase and Joan his wife 
were plaintiffs, and the Prior of Lewes tenant in a fine then 
levied as to lands in Patheleswy,^ and about 1265, Geoffrey Scrase 
was a juror on an inquest holden at Lewes as tx) the rebels after 
the Barons' War.^ 

The Richard Scrase styled " Valettus," etc., was the only son of 
Richard Scrase of Hangleton, whose will, dated 21 February 148y, 
was proved at Lambeth, 27 November 1487 (P.C.C., 5 Milles). 
By it he directed that he should be buried at Preston, near his 
deceased wives, Alice and Malma. Richard Scrase, the Valettus, 
who was also of Hangleton (not Hambleton), and was admitted of 
Lincoln's Inn, 1486, left a will, dated I February 1499-1500, and 
proved at Lambeth, 19 May 1500 (P.C.C. 1, Moone). He directed 
that he should be buried at Preston, beside his father and mother, 
and mentions his wife, Alice. The brass plate on his tomb in 
the chancel of Preston church mentioned in the " Lineage," was 
probably put up about the end of the sixteenth century,^ and 
after being treated as rubbish by church restorers, it, in 1883, 
found a resting place on a wall in Portslade church. The eldest 
of his four sons was Ricliard Scrase of Blatchington, who, according 
to the "Lineage," died in 1519, but who, in fact, was buried at 
Preston, 5 April 1549, leaving a will dated 15 March 154|, and 
proved 4 July 1549 (P.C.C. 34, Populwell). By his wife, Mary 
de la Chambre,** this Richard Scrase had two sons (1) Richard 
Scrase, who died about 1573, unmarried, and a lunatic, so found 
by Inquisition,^ and (2) Edward Scrase, of Blatchington, who, 
according to the "Lineage," died in 1579. Really he was buried 
at Preston, 10 May 1576, and his will dated 25 April 1576, was 
proved 5 June following (P.C.C. 11, Carew). l^y his wife, Agnes, 
Edward Scrase had two sons, the elder of whom was the above- 
named Richard Scrase, who married with Julyana Tuppyn. 

Walter C. Renshaw. 

* Feet of Fines, Suhh., 47 H. iii, no. 21. This illustrates the tenacity of 
place names in Sussex. In the boundaries of Stanmer as gi*anted circa 
A.D. 765 is Pettelcswige (Birch's Cart. Sax , vol. i, p. 280). Pecchelesweye 
is mentioned in a fi^nt of William, Earl of Warren (Watson's EarU of 
Wanen, vol. i, p. 132), and on the Tithe Commutation Map for Stanmer, 
Pattiswye is numbered 64. It lies outside the south-west comer of what 
is now Stanmer Park. 

^ Suss. Arch. Coll., vol. vi, p. 218. 

' See Mr. Lower in Suss. Arch. Coll., vol. viii, p. 3, note 4. 

■* The authority for this attribution is that Thomas do la Chambre, of 
Southovor, in his will, proved at Lewes, 13 November 1540 (Book A. 1, 
fol. 24), made " my brother, Richard Scrase, of Bletchington, overseere." 
Mary is mentioned in the will of Richard Scrase as his wife. 

^ Chanc. Inq., p.m.. Series 2, Eliz., vol. 162, uo. 153, taken 29 March 1572. 


JpetJigrees from ttje ^lea Bolls* 

By Major-General the Hod. GEORGE WROTTESLEY. 
(Continued from p. 169.) 

Curia Eeyis Roll. No. 72. 4. Hen, 3. m. 4. 

Somerset. — Vitalis Engaine and Roger Gurnet sued William de 
Cantilupe and Mabel, his wife, for a carucate and a half of land in 
Wurle, and they sued Elias de Bellocampo for a carucate and a half 
of land in the same vill. The pleadings give these pedigrees : — 

Richard fitz Urse. 





William do Curtenay, 
died seised of the 
land temp. John, and 
left no issue. 

Vitalis Enfifaine, 
the plaintiff. 



Roger Gurnet, 
the plaintiff. 

Geoffrey de Limesi. 

a Norman. 

Beatrice,=Reginald fitz Urse. 
ob. s.p. 



Elias de Bellocampo, 
the defendant. 

The land had been given to Beatrice in frank marriage, and if 
she died s.p., was to remain to Matilda, her sister. Matilda had 
issue William, John and Andrew, who were all older than Elias, 
but they had left England for Normandy, and had renounced all 
their rights. Elias pleaded that all the male heirs of GeoflPrey de 
Limesi had renounced the English allegiance, but Ralph de Bello- 
campo put in a claim for the sons of Andrew. This suit occurs 
in Bracton's Note Book (see Genealogist^ N.S., vol. vi, p. 10). 

A later suit of 9 H. 3 shews that the father of Vitalis Engaine 
was named Richard, and the father of William de Courtenay was 
named Robert. 

N.B. — Reginald Fitz Urse was one of those implicated in the 
murder of Thomas a Becket. 

Warwick Assize Roll. 5. Hen. 3. m. 9 dorso. 

Warw. — Robert Hastang sued the Prior of St. Oswald for the 
ad vow son of the church of Newbold. 


Eytrop Hastang. 



Robert Hastang, the plaintiff. 

The defendant was the Prior of Nostell Priory, co. York. The 
grant of the advowson of Newbold, by Aitrop, son of Humfrey 
Hastang, was confirmed by Henry I early in his reign (MoiiasHcon), 
and see Dugdale's "Warwickshire," under Leamington-Hastang. 

Curia Regis Roll. Hillary. 7. Hen, 3. 

Salop. — Roger de la Zuche sued the Abbot of Shrewsbury for the 
advowson of the church of Twange (Tong). 

Philip de Beurnes, 
seised temp. H. 1. 


Philip, Ralph, Alice, 

ob. B.p. ob. B.p. 


I 1 

William de la Zuche, Roger de la Zuche, 

ob. B.p. the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. Mich. 7. — 8. Hen. 3. 

Oaxyn. — The Master of the Knights Templars sued Hugh de 
Hoddingesel (Oddingsel) and Basilia, his wife, to warrant to him 
together with David de Lindesi, land in Bradewell. 

Alau de Limesi. 


I 1 

Basil ia.":^ Hugh de Oddingsel, 

the defendants. | 

David de Lindesi. 

Curia Regis Roll. Trinity. 8. He7i. 3. m. 4. 

I^orthamptan.— J o&n, formerly wife of Henry fitz Ralph, sued William 
de Duston for dower in Duston. 

Walkeline.T^Alice.=Peter fitz Ralph. 


William de Duston, 
the defendant. 


Curia Itegia Roll, Trinity. 8. Hen, 3. m, 11 dorso. 

Bucks. — Matilda, formerly wife of Ulian (sic) de Cheindut, sued Simon 
de Frankele and Rose, his wife, for land in Langele. 

Ralph do Cheindut.=T=Elice. 

William. Ulian.— Ro8e.= 

I Matilda. Simon de Frankele. 

Ralph de Cheindut. 

The defendants called to warranty Elice de Cheindut, who appears 
to have been the second wife of Ralph. 

Curia Reijis Roll. Mich. 9. Hen. 3. m. 21. 

Staff. — Richard de Puteo (de Puis) sued Robert de Puteo for land 
in Rugelegh. 

William de Puteo. 

r + -y 

Roger. Richard, seised Reginald. 

temp. H. 2, ob. 

Richard do Puteo, s.p. Robert de Puteo, 

the plaintiff. the defendant. 

Curia Regis Roll. Mich. 9. Hen. 3. m. 29. 

Oxon. —Henry de Oilli sued William Basset for half a knight's 
fee in Ispedene (Ipsden). 

Robert de Oilli, who derived 
his right from Matilda de 
Oilli, who had been seised 
temp. H. 1. 



Henry de Oilli, the plaintiff. 

Osmund Basset, enfeoffed by 
Brien Fitz Count, temp. H. 1. 



William Basset, the defendant. 

The pleadings state that Matilda de Oilli was wife of Brien 
fitz Count. 

Staffordshire Assize Roll. 12. Hen. 3. m. 2. 

Staff. — Henry de Aldithelegh (Audley) sued Hervey Bagot for the 
manor of Horton 


Ralph, son of Orme, 
seised temp. H. 2. 




Adam, Henry de Aldithelegh, 

ob. 8. p. the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Boll. No. 96. IlUlary, 11. Hen. 3. m. 7. 

Cumberland. — Richard de Hose sued John de Reingney for the manor 
of Neuton. 

Robert do Reingiiy, 
seised temp. H. 1. 



Richard de Hose, the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 96. Hillary. 11. Hen. 3. m. 3 dorso. 

Glouc. — Geoffrey de Budeford sued William Mauduit and Alice, his 
wife, for two carucates of land in Westun. 

Roger, seised temp. H. 2. 




Geoffrey dc Budeford, the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 111. 17. Hen. 3. m. 3. 

Glouc. — John Bisset sued the Abbot of Cirencester for land in 

Manasser Biset, seised 

temp. H. 2. 




John Biset, the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 111. 17. Hen. 3. m. 8. 

Bucks. — John de Karun sued John Fitz Hawise, who had been called 
to warranty by John de Lateburi and Aunfelisa, his wife, for land 
in Shiringtou. 


William de Karun, 
seised temp. U. 2. 


I 1 

Ralph. Schola8tica.= 

I John de Covelegh. 

John do Karun, 

the plaintiff. 

This suit is quoted by Bracton (see Geiiecdoyist, N.S., vol. v, p. 94), 

Curia Reyis Roll. No. 111. 17. Hen, 3. m. 8. 

Berks. — Jordan de Sutton sued Robert de Curtenay, who had been 
called to warranty by Henry de la [. . .] for a mill in Sutton. 

Asceline, seised temp. H. 2. 


Jordan de Sntton, the plaintiff. 

Henry II had given the manor to Reginald de Curtenay, the father 
of Robert, and Robert pleaded that Robert, son of Asceline, had an 
elder brother named William. A verdict was given in favour of 

Curia Regis Roll. No, 113. Mich. 17. — 18. Hen. 3. m. 10. 

Wigorn. — Hugolina Mustel sued the Abbot of Wygemore for the 
advowson of the church of Mamele. 

I \ 

Osbert, Sigerich, sister 

ob. s.p. and heir. 



The Abbot pleaded that Hugolina had a sister Margery, and the 
suit was dismissed. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 113. Mich. 17. — 18. Hen. 3. 

Northampton. — Richard de Waterville sued the Abbot of Suleby for 
the advowson of the church of Adington. 

Richard del Peck .=r Matilda. 


Isabella.=f=Hugh de Waterville. 


Richard de Waterville, the plaintiff. 


Curia Regis Roll, No. 113. Mich. 17. — 18. Hen. 3. m. 23 dorao. 

Norf. — William, son of Ma the w de Redham, sued Isabella, daughter 
of Robert de Castre, for eighty acres of land in Castre. 

Gerard do Kedham, 
seised temp. H. 2. 



William de Redham, the plaintiff. 

Isabella claimed by a grant made by Gerard to his brother 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 113. Mich. 17. — 18. Hen. 3. m. 19 dwso. 

Ebor. — Thomas fitz William sued Ralph, son of Henry, for land in 
Mikelton in Tesdale. 

Ralph, seised temp. H. 1. 



Thomas Fitz William, the plaiiiti£F. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 113. Mich. 17. — 18. Hen. 3. m. 19 dorso, 

Norf. — Robert, son of Simon de Romges, sued Alexander de Brethen- 
ham for half a knight's fee in Brethenham. 

Robert do Rom'ges. 
seised temp. H. 2. 



Robert, the plaintiff. 

The defendant gave tliis descent and stated that Alexander, his 
grandfather, had inherited the moiety of the knight's fee fi-om his 
brother Serlo. 



r -^-T n 

Robert, the Alexander. Serlo. 

eldest son. 

Alexander de Brethenham. 
This suit is quoted by Bracton. See Genealogist, N.S., vol. vi; p. 4. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 113. Mich. 17. — 18. He7i. 3. m. 7 dorso. 

Essex. — Hugh de Hoddeng sued Richard de Brumpton for land in 
Colum, of which Adam de Hoddeng had been seised temp. H. 2. 
Adam had died s.p., and the right reverted to William, the uncle 
of Adam, from whom he gave this descent : — 








Hugh de Hoddeng, the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 111. 17. Hen. 3. m. 9 dorso. 

Surrey. — GreofFrey de Cruce sued Robert de Pinkingny for the custody 
of Andrew, son and heir of John de Windesore. 

Peter de Windesore. 


Andrew do Windesore. 

Robert pleaded that Peter had been enfeoffed in Dachet, co. Bucks, 
by his ancestor, Henry de Pinkingny. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 115. 18. Hen. 3. m. 12. 

Line. — William, Earl of Albemare, sued Roger de Coleville for the 
manor of Biam, of which William le Gros, formerly P^rl of Alberaai'e, 
was seised temp. H. 2. 

William le Gros, 

Karl of Albemare. 


William, Earl of Albemare, 
the plaintiff. 

Roger pleaded that Matilda de Colville held one-third of the manor 
in dower, and that the Abbot of Thorinton held the advowson and 
neither had been named in the writ. The Earl withdrew his suit. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 116. 20. Hen. 3. m. 8 dorso. 

Essex. — Sarra de Lucy sued Matilda de liUcy for a moiety of the 

manors of Angre and Estanford. 

Richard de Lucy, 
seised temp. H. 2. 


r -^ 1 

Richard, Herbert. 

ob. s.p. I 


, . , 

Sarra, Matilda, 

the plaintiff. the defendant. 


Matilda stated that Sarra was in Normandy and married there 
and was out of the allegiance. She also held land there which 
was as much the right of Matilda as of Sarra. Sari-a replied by 
her attorney, that she was not mariied and had never held any 
land in Normandy. Matilda stated that King Richard had married 
the said Matilda and Harra to two brothers Geoffrey de Lascelles 
and William de Lascelles, who held the said lands both in England 
and Normandy, until King John had lost Normandy, and when the 
King of France deforced Geoffrey of his land in Normandy, the said 
Geoffrey came to England and held all the land in England with 
the said Matilda, and William had stayed abroad with Sarra and 
held her lands in Normandy. The suit was dismissed until Sarra 
should come to the peace and allegiance of the King. (See an article 
by Mr. J. H. Round on " The Heirs of Richard de Lucy, Genealogist^ 
N.S., vol. XV, p. 129.) 

Devon Asnize Roll. 22. Hen. 3. m. 8. 

Devon — William de Morleg sued Ralph de Albamore for the advowson 
of the church of Morleg. 

Richard de Morleg, 

seised temp, H. 2. 

I ^ n 

Robert, William. 

ob. a.p. 

William do Morleg, the plaintiff. 

Devon Assize Roll, 22. Hen. 3. m, 17 dorso, 

Devon.— John de Arundel sued Robert de Morcell' for lands in 


I 1 

William do Brettevillo, Hawiso. 

seised temp. K. John, | 

ob. s.p. Roger. 


John. Isabella. 

Isabella, John de Arundel, 

ob. s.p. the plaintiff. 

Curia Ret/is Roll. No. 118. 22. Hen, 3. m. 12. 
Berks. — William Brito sued Robert de Shottebrok for a moiety of the 
manor of Shottebrok. 

Nicholas Brito, seised 

temp. H. 2. 




William Brito, the plaintiff. 


Curia Reyia Roll No. 120. 23. Hen. 3. m. 5. 

Beds^ — John de Bur^o and Flawise, liis wife, sued Alice de Veteri- 
ponte, who had Wh^w called to warranty by the Prior of Caudewell, 
for land in p]ton. 

Hubert de St. Clare, 

seised temp. H. 1. 



William de Lanvaleye. 



Hawiae.=John de Burgo, 
the plaintiffs. 

Ctiria Reyu Roll No. 120. 23. Hen. 3. m. 6. 

Ebor. — Wyman de Thorinton sued John de Walkynghara for the 
manor of Walkynghara. 

Roger, seised 

temp. H. 1. 


1 1 

Wymau. Roger. 

Wyman do Thorinton, 
the plaintiff. 

In another suit the same Wyman sued Hillaria Trussebut for the 
manor of Coppegrave, and gave the same descent. 

Curia Reyis Rolf. No, 120. 23. Hen. 3. w. U. 

Devon.— Geoffrey de Dunheved and Margery, his wife, sued Agnes, 

daughter of Fulk Fitzwarine, for the next presentation to the church 

of Esshe. 




Margery. = Geoffrey de Dunheved, 

the plaintiffs. 

Curia Regis Roll No. 120. 23. Hen, 3. m. 15. 

Sussex. — William de Whittaneston and Robert le Faconer sued 
E. the Archbishop of Canterbury for the advowson of the church 
of Hen. The pleadings give these pedigrees : — 


Sibil, seised 
temp. H. 2. 





Robert le Faconer, plaintiff. 

Ralph, seised 
temp. H. 2. 





William de Whittanoston. 

Both the plaintiffs stated that their ancestor was seised of the 
advowson in the reign of Henry II. 

Curia Regis Boll, No, 120, 23. Hen, 3. m. 13. 

Essex. — Roger de Quercu and Agnes, his wife, sued William de 
Siffrewaste for the manor of Hilleford. 

Jocoanus, seised 
temp. H. 1. 




Agne8.=^ Roger de Quercu, 
the plaintiffs. 

William denied that Jocean was seised of the manor in the reign 
of Hen. I. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 120. 23. Hen, 3. m, 10 dor so, 

Essex. — William de Bellocampo (Beauchamp) sued Thomas de Mande- 
ville for land in Blake Nuttele and Brunfeud, of which one Walter 
was seised temp. H. 1, and died s.p., when the right reverted to his 
uncle Geoffrey, from whom he gave this descent : — 





William de Beauohamp, the plaintiff. 


The defendant gave this descent : — 

William de Maudeville, 
father of the Walter 
named by the plaintiff. 

Walter, named Gilbert. Geoffrey, from whom 

])y the plaintiff, | the plaintiff descended, 

ob. R.p, Ralph. 


Thomas de Mandeville, 
the defendant. 

It should be noted that the defendant made Geoflfrey to be a brother 
to Walter in place of an uncle, and this is probably correct, for the 
plaintiff replied that Geoffrey was the elder brother of Gilbert. It 
would appear that the descendants of Geoffi*ey de Mandeville had 
assumed the name of Beauchamp. 

Curia Reyis Roll. No. 120. 23. Hen, 3. m. 4. 

Glouc. — Robert fitz Nicholas and Felicia, his wife, sued Walter 
Cumin and Margery, his wife, for land in Sapton. 

Ralph, seised 
temp. Ric. 1. 



Felicia. — Robert fitz Nicholas, 

the plaintiffs. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 121. Mich, 24.-25. Hen. 3. m. 7. 

Ehor. — Margery, late wife of Charles de la VVarderobe, sued W., 
Bishop of Carlisle, William I^un and others for a knight's fee 
in Brigenhale. 

I 1 1 

Ralph de Rye. John. Philip. 

Thomas de Rye, \ ' 1 1 

ob. s.p. Robert. A daughter. Margery ,=T:CharIe8 de la 

the plain- Warderobe. 


William, under age. 

The Bishop claimed the custody only of tlie fee. Margery had 
been given in marriage to Charles by King John. 


Curia Regis Roll, No, 121. Mich, 24. — 25. Hen, 3. m. 8 and m, 30 dorso, 

Northampton. — Walter de Greiidale sued Eustace de Cantilupe for 
ten carueates of land in Berweby and the advowson of the church 
of that parish, and also for thirteen virgates of land in Enle. 

Robert fitz Pagan, 
seised temp. H. 2. 





I 1 

Ralph, Walter de Grendale, 

ob. s.p. the plaintiff. 

Leic. — The same Walter sued Eustace Baret for the manor of 
Lubetorp, excepting twenty- three virgates of land in co. Leicester, 
and gave the same descent. By another version of this suit on 
m. 30 dorso, the defendant is styled Eustace de Cantilupe. Eustace 
pleaded in the first named suit that Robert fitz Payne had forfeited 
all his lands at the same time as his lord, William Peverel, and 
was a felon and outlaw. 

N.B. — William Peverel had been outlawed for his connivance in 
the poisoning of the Earl of Chester in 1153. (See p. 19 of vol. i 
of the Staffordshire Collections, Wm. Salt Society). 

Curia Regis Roll. No, 121. Mich, 24.-25. Hen, 3. m, 24. 

Line, — The King sued Lambert de Muleton for the advowsons of 
the churches of Skirbek and Kirketon, which he claimed as an 
escheat of the Breton lands, i,e., the Honor of Richmond. 

Thomas de Muleton, 
seised temp. Ric. 1. 



Lambert do Muleton, the defendant. 

The King's attorney stated that the Muletons had held the 
advowsons only as Bailiffs of the Earls of Richmond, but Lambert 
produced a grant of the manors in fee by Conan, Duke of Brittany 
and Earl of Richemund, and the King withdrew his suit. 

Curia Regis Roll. Hillary and Easter, 25. Hen, 3. m, 12. 

Salop, — A long suit in which Vitalis Engayne, William de Canti- 
lupe, and Roger Gernet claimed the Honor of Montgomery in Wales, 
which had been granted to Baldwin de Boilers by Henry I on his 
marriage with Sibil de la Faleyse, the King's niece {nepotem). 


Baldwin de Boller8.=f=Sibil de la Faleyse. 

r ^ 1 

Matilda.=T= Richard fitz Urse. Hillaria, 

I ob. B.p. 

Reginald fitz Urse. Margaret. Mabel. 


Richard Engaino. Roger Gemet, who 

Matilda. =r Robert de Curtenay. | sold hia purparty to 

I Yitalis Engaine. William deCantilupe. 

William do Curtenay, 
ob. s.p. 

The issue of Baldwin by a second wife was as follows : — 

Baldwin de BoUerSji^Margaret de Lymeseye, 

living temp. H. 1. 

second wife. 

Stephen de Boilers.^ Margaret. Margaret, Sibil. 

I ob. s.p. I 

r -» 

Robert de Boller8,=Hillaria Trussebut. | 


ob. s.p. William. 


Stephen de Stanton. 
A verdict was given for Vitalis Engaine and William de Cantilupe. 

Suff. — In another suit Vitalis Engaine, William de Cantilupe and 
Roger Gernet, sued the King for the manor of Badmundefeld, co. 
Suffolk, Hillaria Trussebut, who had held the manor in dower, having 
died. In this suit it is stated that a Robert de Bullers had died 
seised of the Honor of Montgomery and had died s.p., and had 
been succeeded by his brother Baldwin, who had also died s.p., and 
that Stephen de Stanton, the nepos of Baldwin de Bullers, had 
enfeoffed Thomas de Erdington in the manor in the reign of King 

Curia Re^is Roll, No. 122. Hillary and Trinity, 25. Hen, 3. m. 17. 

Berks. — The King sued Thomas de Pavylly for the manor of Wyly, 
and he sued Roger de Pavylly for the manor of Linlegh, claiming 
them as escheats. 

Thilfonia, sister of (Jeoflfrey Malet, 
who had granted the manors to her 
temp. K. John. 

Thomas de Pavylly. 

I ' 1 

Roger de Pavylly, Thomas de Pavylly, 

the oldest son, defendant, 



The King's attorney stated that Geoffrey Malet had died in the 
Holy T^and, and William Malet, his elder brother, had been in seisin 
of the manors after the death of Geoffrey, and had remained in 
Normandy after its separation from England, and that Thiffony was 
not heir to William. 

Curia Regis Roll, No. 123. Easter, 26. lien, 3. m, 9. 

Northampton, — Robert Mabbore sued the Prior of Davintre for the 
advowson of the church of Welle ton. 

William de Novo Mercato (New march), 
seised temp. H. 2. 

I 1 1 

Helisant, Geva, Agnes, 

ob. s.p. ob. s.p. I 





Robert Mabbore, 
the plaintiff. 

Cwrm Regis Roll. No, 123. Easter, 26. Hen, 3. m, 20. 

Rutland, — Ralph de Wickham sued the Prior of the Hospital of St. 
John for land in Stokes. 

Richard, seised 

temp. H. 2. 



Ralph de Wikham, the plaintiff. 

Curia Regis Roll, No, 123. Easter. 26. Hen, 3. m. 21. 

Southampton. — Herbert fitz Peter sued the Prioress of Ammersburi 
for four carucates of land in Wallop, excepting the advowson of the 

Herbert fitz Herbert. 




Herbert, the plaintiff. 

The Prioress produced a grant of the land to the nuns of 
Ammesburi by Henry II. In another suit on this Roll Herbert 
fitz Peter occurs as a defendant in a suit respecting land in Otry, 
CO. Devon. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 123. Eas er. 26, Hen, 3. m. 11 dorso. 

Line, — The Abbot of Hales sued William de Cantilupe, Geoffrey 
de Luscy and Nicholaa, his wife, for the advowson of the church 
of Cunningesby. 


Robert Marmion, senex, 
had presented William, 
his son, to the churoh. 

1 1 

Robert Marmion, the Robert Marmion, William, 

elder, 9 Ric. 1. the younger, 

I 9 Ric. 1. 
Philip Marmion, underage 
and in ward to William de 

A Fine had been levied in 9 Ric. 1, by which Robert Marmion, 
the younger, had conceded the right of Robert Marmion, the elder, 
to two carucates of land in Cunningsby. 

Curia Regis Roll. No. 123. Easter. 26. Hen. 3. m 7. dorso. 

Oifcm. —William de Dive sued Ralph Harang and Alice, his wife, 
for two parts of the third part of two knights' fees in Dadington, 
excepting the advowson of the church, three virgates of land and 
three mills. 

I 1 

William de Chesney, Hugh. 

seised temp. H. 2, | 

ob. s.p. Ralph. 

— J 

Lucy.=fWido (Guy) de Dive. 


William de Dive, 
the plaintiff. 

The defendants pleaded that King Henry, the King's grandfather, 
had granted Dadington to Ralph Murdak, the father of Alice, and 
they produced the King's deed. 

William de Dive produced a deed of the same King, granting 
Dadington to William de Chesney and his heirs, and he stated 
that after William had died, the manor had descended to Ralph, 
son of Hugh, his nephew, and from Ralph, to Lucy, who had been 
in ward to the King, and had been married by liim to Guy de 
Dive, his father. 

Curia Regis Roll. Mich. 26. — 27. Hen, 3. m. 7. 

Staff. — The King sued Robert de Bissopburi (Bush bury) for the next 
presentation to the church of Penne, which was in the King's hands 
by reason of the vacancy of the See of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Hugh de Bissopburi. 


Robert de Bissopburi, 
the defendant. 


Curia Regis Roll, No, 126. Hillary. 27. Hen, 3. w. 13 and m, 4 dorso. 

Oxon. — William de Englefeud, Alan Basset and Gilbert de Boseville 
sued Robert Dan vers and Muriel, his wife, for half a knight's fee, 
excepting two carueates of land, in Schiplak, together with the 
advowson of the church. 

Alan de Dunsterville. 


Geoffrey de Emma. Cecily. Alice. 

Dnnstanville, | { | 

seised temp. Alan. Alan Basset, Gilbert de Boseville, 

H. 2, ob. s.p. I plaintiff. plaintiff. 

William de Englefeud, 


The defendants pleaded that the land was the inheritance of 
Muriel, the (second) wife of Alan de Dunsterville, and the mother 
of the said Muriel, wife of Robert, and of Emma, Cecily and AJice. 

The plaintiffs denied that Muriel, the wife of Robert, was a 
coheir of Geoffrey, and a verdict was given in their favour, excepting 
as to that portion of the land which had formed the marriage portion 
of Muriel. 

Curia Regis Roll, No. 126. Hillary. 27. Hen. 3. m. 2 dorso, 

Norf. — John fitz William sued the Prior of Buk'ham for the next 
presentation to the church of Claytorp. 



John, the plaintiff. 


The Prior produced a deed of Peter, granting the church to his 

Curia Regis Roll. No, 126. 27. Hen, 3. m. 13. 

Cumberland. — Eva, late wife of Robert Avenel, sued William de 
Ireby for a moiety of the manors of Gamelesby and Glassaneby. 

Odard, seised temp. 
K. John. 

I ' 1 

Christiana. £va,=Bobert Arenel. 

I plaintiff. 

I ' 

Christiana.=Thomas de Lancelles, 

living 27 H. III. 

(To he continued.) 











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* MS. pedij^ree [compiled about 1817] now in possession of the family. 
The statement therein that a da. of Joseph Bennett (the Diarist's brother) 
married "[ — ] Burdett" is perhaps illustrated by the deaths recorded in 
the Diary of "Mrs. Burdet" in Feb. 1756 and of "Mr. Burdet " in Sep. 

^ Samuel Marsh had issue by each of his wives, viz., by his first wife 
(besides probably other issue) (1) the Rev. Samuel Graeme Marsh, (2) Henry 
Marsh, of Brackeiibury, in Harefield, co. Middlesex, (3) Caroline, wife of 
William Adam Williams; by his second wife (who was "founder's kin" to 
Morden College) he had (besides possibly otlier issue) (1) John Marsh, bom 
11 Jan. and bap. 25 Feb. 1777, at St. George's, Bloomsbury, living 3 March 
1793; (2) the Rev. William Marsh, bom 1778; educated at Pembroke College, 
Cambridge; B A., 1801; M.A., 1808; Chaplain to Morden College, 1819— 1842 ; 
died 13 May 1842, aged 64, and was buried in Morden Chapel, liaving married 
and left issue. (See liis monumental inscription in Drake's Hasted's Kent, 
vol. i. p. 127); (3) Elizabeth, wife of ( — ) Williams. (See note 1 above). 

' Frances Elizabeth Anne, only child of tlie Bev. John Lawry and Frances, 
his wife, was baptised 12 June 1748 at Lee, co. Kent, and married there 
22 Dec. 1772, Thomas Kashleigh, of London (born 27 June 1749, at Wick- 
ham, Hants), Attorney at Law, and Deputy Clerk of the Crown. Both were 
living 1819, having had four children, viz., Jonathan Rashleigh, Thomas 
Rashleigh, Frances Mary and Catherine. 

* Pedigree of Robinson and connections entered at the College of Arms 
(4, D. xiv, 37) in 1712. In it it is stated tliat Sir Edward Wood was "a 
younger son of the family of Wood, of Shirewood, co. Salop." In the 
memorial for armorial ensigns, 30 Oct. 1767, by his grandson Sir William 
Burnaby, Baronet, he is styled " Knight Banneret and Lieut.-General." 

* His will (which fills 16 pages) as " of Thrcadneedle Street, London, 
Esquire," dated 2 July 1771 or 1773 to 5 March 1774, proved C.P.C. 6 Sep. 
1776 (392 Bellas). He recites the murriage settlement, 8 June 1715, with 
" my former wife Elizabeth," and her burial at Dagenham ; mentions " my 
nephew Trunkett and his sister " and devises his property between his 
daughters Elizabeth Merttins and Mary, wife of Robert Bird, reciting the 
marriage settlement of the latter, 24 March 1746 [i.e., 1746/7]. 

* Her will as " of Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street, London," dat. 4 to 5 and 
proved C.P.C, 15 Jan. 1778 (28 Hay). She leaves her estate of Valence 
to her nephew " Henry Merttins Bird, Esquire " ; mentions her sister, Mrs. Mary 
Bird, nephew Robert Bird and nieces Mary, Catharine and Elizabeth Bird. 

' According to Burke's " Landed Gentry " (edit. 1847, p. 1337, under 
" SwABEY ") " Catherine, da. of Robert Bird, Esq., of Barton on the Heath, 
CO. Warwick, by Mary, d(t. and coheir of John Henry Meriting, Esq., of Ketton, 
CO. Suffolk, «ou of Sir (ieorge Merttins, Knt.," married 4 Sep. 1783, as his 
first wife, Maurice Swabey. No ^uch son is, however, mentioned in Sir 
George Merttins' will, and unquestionably it is a mistake for John Henry 
Merttins the nephew (not a son) of Sir George. Among the marriages at 
Dagenham (as extracted in Colonel Cliester's Collection) is on 26 March 
1747 that of " Robert Boico [t<ic, but doubtless a mistake for Robert Bird], 
of Coventry, Escj., and Mary Mertins, of this parish, Lie." The date agrees 
and the christian names coincide. 

" His will dat. 25 Aug. 1739; admon. with will annexed, C.P.C, 3 Oct. 
1740 to his father (276 Browne). 

' She was married befort» 11 June 1747. See will of that date (proved 
20 July 1753 in C.P.C.) of John Powell, of Gerard street, Midx., who mentions 
his " niece Frances Merttins " and his " cousins Round and Selman." The 
name of the lady's father is " Daniel Solomon " in the copy (as in note 7 
above) of her husband's M.I. at Dagenham, but presumably Solomon is a 
mistake for Selman. 

*^ His will as "of Bedford Row, co. Middlesex, Esquire," dat. 16 March 
1784, proved C.P.C 8 June 1785 (323 Ducarel). 

» Her will as "of Bedford Row," [No. 40], dated 6 April and proved 
C.P.C 13 June 1803 by " Alexander Bennett, Esq.," brother, executor and 
residuary legatee. 




kindly supplied [1904] in illustration of the above, by the Rev. 
Henry Lansdell, D.D., Chaplain of that ^College, Author of 
** Through Siberia," '* Russian Central Asia," " Chinese Central 
Asia." etc. 

From the College Register. 

Qy. 1708, Sep. G. Nathaniel Brand, brother of Susan, I^ady Morden 
[and, consequently, of Anne, Lady Bennet], appointed 
Treasurer, " by the Founder^ Deed Roll " [i.e., presumably 
at the date of the Founder's death, 6 Sep. 1708. He 
held that office at a Visitation, 17 May 1725.] 

1730, May 21. Joseph Brand, appointed Treasurer. [Resigned 1757. 
Died 1766.] 

1757, June 8. John Bennett, Esq., appointed Treasurer. 

1782, May 16. Thomay Bennett, Esq., appointed Treasurer. 

1802, June 15. Alexander Bennett, Escj., appointed Treasurer. 
[His gift of £50 for the Trustees' use appears in 1820 
as that of the "late Treasurer."] 

FuoM THE Chapel Register. 

No entiy of the name of Bennett occurs among the Marriages 
or Baptisms, but the following ones occur among the Burials : — 

1781, Dec. 30. " M" Smart, housekeeper to John Bennett, Esq., 

Treasurer, died Monday 24^** k was buried Sunday the 
30^*', in College burial ground, aged 65." 

1782, May [ — ]. "John Ik^nnet, Esq., Treasurer of this College, 

died April [ -], at Bath, buried in the chapel in Sir 
John and Lady Morden's vault, aged 65 years. Tuesday, 
May [ — ] following, Thomas Bennet, Esq., a relative 
of that family, appointed by the trustees Treasurer, 
in his room." 

1804, May 26. " M" Bathshua Bennett, wife of Alexander Bennett, 
Es(i., Treasurer of the College, was buried in Sir John 
Morden's vault, age 57." 

1819, Oct. 22. "Alexander Bennett, Esq., Treasurer of this College, 
was buried in the vault of the chapel belonging to Sir 
John Morden, Baronet, on Friday, the 22**, by me, 
John Prince, Clerk, Chaplain of the Magdalen Hospital, 

The following entry relates to a nephew of Anne, Lady Bennet : — 

1766, April 11. "Joseph Brand, Esq., formerly Treasurer of this 
College and nephew of Lady Morden, died at his house 
at May's Hill, Greenwich, on Thursday, 3 April, aged 74, 
and was buried in this chapel in the Morden vault of 
Sir John Morden on Friday the 11^** of April." 



No monument exists to the name of Bennett, but the following 
one, to a brother of Anne, Lady Bennet, is in the aisle of the 
chapel, on a slab of dark marble : — " Sub hoc marmore depositee 
sunt reliquiae TnoMiE Bkand, Ar., fratris SusANNiE, uxoris Johannis 
MoRDEN, Baronetti, qui banc capellam et collegium, tam pro 
animarum salute, quam pro corporum sustentatione, Mercatorum, 
condidit ; atque etiam MARiiE Brand, conjugis charissimie. Obierunt, 
Thomas 13® die aprilis anno ajtatis 75, connubii, 47, salutis 1719; 
Maria 16** die Junii, anno aitatis 74, (>hristi 1724. Nemo ante 
obitum felix " 

Coffins in the Morden Vault. 

The plan of Sir John Morden's vault shews ten coffins, mz. : — 

1 and 2. Sir John and Lady Morden. 

3. "John Bennett, Esq., died April 25, 1782, aged 66 years." 

4 M" Mary Lucas, died March 31, 1786, aged GO yeai-s. 

5 and 6. Mary Smith and Henry William Smith [Treasurer 
and wife]. 

7. Rev. John Watson, Chaplain. 

8. " Alexander Bennett, Esq., Treasurer of this College, died 
Oct. 19*^ 1819." 

9. " M" Bash. Bennett; died 18 May 1804, aged 57 years." 
10. Joseph Brand, second Treasurer of this College. This 

coffin is quite decayed. The dates were quite illegible on the 
coffin plate. All other coffins were in good presei-vation. 

The above is from the College Register, p. xxxviii. 


St. Andrew's, Holborn. 


1683, Dec. 30. John, s. of John Bennett, Gent., & Ann, Hatton 


1684, Dec. 26. Thomas, s. of John Bennett, Esq., & Ann, Hatton 

1685/6, Feb. 26. Thomas [(?y., if not a mistake for "Joseph"], s. 

of John Bennett, Esq , S: Anna, Brooke buildings. 
1716, Sep. 5. John, s. of John Bennett, Esq., tk Mary [Qy , if not 

Frances], Chancery lane. 
1719, Aug. 'JO. Benjamin, s. of John Bennett, Esq., «k Frances, 

Chancery lane, b. 17. 

1721, July 8. William Henry, s. of John Bennett, Elsq., & Frances, 

Chancery lane. 

1722, June 27. George, s. of John Bennett, Esq., & Frances. 
1727, Sep. 24. Hanah, da. of Thomas Benett, Esq., & Hanah, 

Castle yard, b. 7. 


1729, Dec. 4. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Bennett, Esq., & Hannah, 

Castle yard. 
1733/4, Jan. 7. Ann, da. of Thomas Bennett, Esq., & Hannah, 

Castle yard, b. 8 Dec. 

1722/3, Feb. 22. M' Bennett, Chancery lane. 

St. Margaret's, Westminster. 


1700, May 12. Sir Edward Wood, Knight ; ch. 

1718, June 24. M" (— ) Wood. 

1721/2, Jan. 13. Capt. ( — ) Wood, from Chelsey, buryed before; m.c. 

1721/2J Jan. 13. Madam (— ) Wood ; m.c. 

Marriage License at Faculty Office. 

1700, May 7. John Burnaby, of Kensington, Middlesex, Widower, 
and Clara Wood, of S^ James\ Westminster, aged 29, 
Spinster, and at her own disposal — to marry at S^ 
Margaret's, Westminster. 


(157 Penn). In the Name of God, Amen. John Bennett of 
the parish of St. Paule's, Covent Garden, co. Middx, Esquire, dat. 
7 Aug. 1670. To be buried in the parish church of Harting- 
fordbury if I happen to dye in the said parish. I give to my 
sonne John and his heirs for ever my two manors of Chipping 
and Newland, in Witham, co. Essex. I give my severall houses 
in Greenwich, co. Kent, to my wife for life, and I make her 
sole executrix. I give to my wife my three severall houses which 
I lately built in Thames street near London Bridge to pay such 
money as I owe, and my funerall expenses. All my leases, bonds, 
bills, plate, Jewells, ikc , iVc., whatsoever, excepting what is in my 
studdy in my dwelling house in Covent Garden, I give to my 
loving wife, my daughters Sarah and Anne and my sonne William 
and Benjamin equally, excepting threescore pounds which I give 
to my sonn John to putt him out to be a clerke to an attorney 
at law with all convenient speed. I make Sir Thomas Stringer 
overseer, to whom 1 give my best emrauld ring. Said children 
under 21. To my .son John all things whatsoever within my 
studdy at Covent Garden except writeings or debts. In witness 
whereof, tfcc. 

(Signed) John Bennett. 

In the presence of George Charlcombe, Rich. Tomlinson, E. Lewis. 

Proved at Exeter House in the Strand, co. Middx, 25 Nov. 
1670, by Sarah Bennett, the relict and executrix. 


(2 Bolton.) Sir John Bennet, Kn* and Serjeant at Law — in 
good health — to be buried near my wife in the vault I have 
made in Witham church. Whereas by indenture 29 Nov. 1682 
(being my marriage settlement with my late wife Dame Aniia 
Bennet, dec^) my eldest son John Bennet, Esqr., one of the Masters 
in Chancery, will at my death be entitled to the manors of Newland 
and Chipping in Witham, co. Essex, and to premises at Greenwich, 
CO. Kent, now I confirm the same and devise to him a house and 
premises since purchased at Witham. To him my lands and premises 
in Sedgwick park in the parishes of Nuthurst, Broadwater and 
Of them [Offliaml], co. Sussex, and, tho' I do not entail these, I 
desire my said son to keep them in the family. To my second 
son Thomas Bennet, one of the Masters in Chancery, 3 messuages 
in Thames street by Ix)ndon bridge in the parish of S^ Magnus 
the Martyr, charged with an annuity of £20 granted by me to 
"my sister Pengrey,'^ now of S** Clement Danes, widow, for her 
life and with an additional one of £12. which I now give her. 
My said son to retain the s** premises as long as may be in the 
family. To him 5 East India bonds of £100 each, my law books 
in my house in Essex street and the lease of my said house. 
To my two sons Joseph Bennet and Alexatider Bennet my South 
Sea stock equally. To my granddaughter Anne Bennet, dau. of 
my son Joseph Bennet, the annuity of £40 due on the death of 
" my long acquaintance and good friend " M" Ann Squibb, of 
Co vent Garden, widow. To my daughter Bennet, wife of my son 
John Bennet, all my jewels, and the great silver bason wherein 
the said John k the rest of my children were baptized,, which I 
desire " to be made use of on such occasions for his and his 
children's children as long as may be." To her also "my father's 
& my mother's picture in little h my mother's in water colours 
drawn by the famous M*" Cooper." To my daughter Bennet, wife 
of my son Thomas Bennet, my own picture drawn in my robes, 
for " as to any plate, it would be useless, she has so much more 
than she can use." To my daughter, wife of my son Joseph 
Bennet, 20 broad pieces of gold Ac. also " the marrow scoop 
given me by M" PJunkett." To my daughter, wife of my son 
Alexander Bennet, two of my largest salvers (except the great 
salver that was my wife's) and "all my agett knives and forkes." 
To my daughter Hungerford, wife of Walter Hungerford, Esq., 
" my gold snush [snuff *?] box not knowing what else I have can 
be acceptable to her." To my grandaughter Frances Bennet, dau. 
of my son John Bennet, my gold watch and half a dozen of 
" large silver plates with my Lady Mordents arms." To my 
grandsons John Bennet and Benjamin Bennet, sons of my son 
John Bennet, to my grandson, Philip Beniiet, son of my son 
Joseph liennet, to granddaughter Clara Bennet dau. of my son 
Alexander Bennet, certain bequests. To granddaughter Anne 
Bennet, da. of my son Joseph Bennet " all my daughter Lysboi^n^s 
books." To sister Pengrey »k to my brother Benjamin Bennet, 
Esq., 10 guineas each. Dated 29 Nov. 1723. Proved 22 Jan^^ 
1723/4 by John Bennet, son and executor. 


1738/9, March 10. John Bennet, Esq., of S* Andrew's, Holborn, 
Middlesex. Admon. to Frances Bennet^ widow, the relict. 

1743/4, Feb. 13. Further admon. de bonis non, the widow being 
now dec*', granted to John Bennet the son, limited as 
to the surrender of a lease according to an order of 
Chancery, 28 Feb. 1736, to the dec**, who was then 
a Master of the High Court of Chancery, etc. 

(551 Arran). Alexander Bennett, of London, merchant — in good 
health. To be buried in the vault built for Dr. Wright in 
Dagenham church, where there is room for 4 coffins, my sister 
Wright having promised that I <fe my wife should be buried there, 
leaving room for herself. Whereas I have placed my two sons 
out in the world, at the cost of £200 or £300 each, and have 
made provision for my 5 daughters by purchasing £100 annuity 
with £1,400 in exchequer life annuities of 1745, now I leave all 
to my wifoj witli rem. to my dau. Clara & my other 4 daughters 
Elizabeth, Mary, Hester ck Ann. Whereas at my wife's death our 
house in York buildings ck ^ of the residue of the personal estate 
of her father, M*" Henry Merttins, being £870, will, according to 
his will, go equally among our children kc. To my sister Wright 
£10. Residue to wife and she to be Executrix. Dat. 7 Sep. 

Codicil. Being surviving executor of the will of M' John Burnaby, 
I appoint my two sons, Thomas & Alexander to be such executors. 
Dat. 10 Sep. 1759. 

On 1.7 Nov. 1759 handwriting of dec**, who was late of S* 
Andrew's, Holborn, and who died 30 Sep. last, was sworn to by 
his brother, Thorrms Bennett, Esq., of S' Andrew's, Holborn, afsd., 
and by Blissett Wodeson, of S** Mary's, Wolnoth, London, Gent., 
who knew him 15 years. 

Proved 21 Nov. 1759 by Mary Bennett, widow, relict & executrix. 

1700, May 30. Sir Edward Wood, Kn*, of S* James', Westminster. 
Admon. to the relict, Dame Clara. 

(18 Marlbro). [Dame Clara Wood] Clara Wood of the parish 
of S^ James's, Westminster, co. Middlesex, widow, dated 18 Oct. 
1718. To be interred in S^ Margaret's church by my dear husband, 
S' Edward Wood and if it can be done I desire my son Henry 
Wood may be remov'd from Chelsea and laid on my other side. 
I appoint my good friend M"^ Thomas Gemer of the Exchequer 
my whole and sole executor, to whom I give in trust all my 
estate whatsoever for the sole use of my daughter Clara Bumaby, 
wife of John Bumaby of Kensington, co. Middx., gent., except 
as follows : 1 give to their six sons John, Edward, Thomas, William, 
G^eorge, and Daniel, and their four daughters Elizabeth, Clara, 
Carolina, and Barthshua £5 each. To my grandson John Henry 
Mertins, jun', and his wife two pictures of his father and mother. 
To M"" Alexander Bennet and Mary his wife my grand-daughter 
a pictui*e of her grandfather Wood and another of her uncle 

DUODALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 249 

Wood. To M' Henry Trunket and Elizabeth his wife my grand- 
daughter a picture of her dear aunt Carolina Wood, <fec. To my 
grand-daughter Hester Mertins, £10. To the two sons of my 
grand-daughter Clai-a Gale, Robert and Mertins Gale £10 each 
payable to their uncle Alexander Bennet for their use until they 
arrive at the age of 15. To M" Anne Wood relict of my dear 
son Henry Wood £10. To my dear brother the Right Ilev** 
John [Robinson], Lord Bishop of London, my large ebony cabinet 
and to my sister his wife my Indian corner cubboard. To my 
executor £](). To Elizabeth Allen and my maid Jane wearing 

(Signed) Clara Wood. 

Wit", Era. Astry ; T^w. Gibbs ; Tho. Hayhui'^t ; Proved at Ix)ndon 
15 .Ian., 1721/2 by the executor named. 

finciiiale's !^tattatton of Jorksbtrf, 


{Ctnitinued fnnn ft. IKK.) 
Langbargh Wapkxtakf. Rtc.kosloy, 25" Aupr. 16^5. 




Arms :— Arpeiit, u cliovrtm Vert hotwoon throi* l)ujrlo horns Snblc, on an 

inescutclu'on t)w bnclgo of n Uaronot of Kn^Innd. 
Crkst : -A buck trippant projH»r, attired Or. 

I. JOHN FORSTEK, of Everswick, co York, a younger branch 
of the house of Edderston, in Northumberland ; mar. 
Agnes, dau of William I..assells, of Gawthorpe, co. York. 
Tliev hnd issue- - 


250 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSmRE. 

II. WILLIAM FOSTER, of Erdsivyke, in com, Ebor,, descended 
from the Forsters, of Ebberston [Edderstonj, in com, 
Northumbr. ; raar. first Elizabeth, aau. of John Thweng, 
of Helmsley. They had issue — 

Frances, mar. Francis Hodgson, of Kirkburne. 
mar. secondly Isabel, dauyhUr o/ Richard Lomjley (I^angley), 
of Millington, in the Bishoprick of Durham,, Esq, They had 
issue — 

Sir Richard (III). 

Seth Forster, died unmarried. 
Mar. thirdly Margaret, dau. of Thomas Booth, of Killing- 
holme, CO. Line. They had issue — 



III. S^ RICHARD FORSTER, of Stokesley, in com. Ebor,, K', 

and Bar^.y Treasurer to Qu. Mary and likewise to K. Charles 
the 2^ during tJieir abode in France before his now Ma^^^' happy 
restoration, Created Baronet by K. Charles the 2^ by his 
Patent bearing date at S*. Ge7'mains in Lay the 18 Sept. 
in the first yere of his r eigne a« scilt, 1649. Be died in 
France 17 '^ Jan, a^ 1661 ; mar. Joane, daughter of , . \ 
Middleton, of Leighton, in com. Lane., Esq^, They had 
issue — 

1. Henry Forster, died in his father^ s lifetime, bur. at 
Stokesley 2 July 1657; mar. Martha, daugh. of 
George Anne, of Frickley, hi com. Eborum. Of 
whom there is now noe issu^ remayning. They 
had issue — 

A child, b. 14 Jan. 1634, not bp. at church. 
A child, b. about 9 Jan. 1636-7, not bp. 

at church. 
A child,! b. 22 or 23 May 1638, not bp. 
at church 
>S''- Richard (IV). 
Anne, Lady Abbesse of Pontoisse, in France. 

IV. S' RICHARD FORSTER, of Stokesley, Bart, cet. ^2 ann. 

2S Au^. a** 1665 ; mar. Clare, daughter of Anthony Meynill, 
of Kilvington, in co. Ebor., Esq^. They had issue — 
Richard (V). 

1. Mary, ast. 6 ann., b. 5 Sept. 1659 (Stokesley Reg.). 

2, Clare, cet. 5 ann. 

V. SIR RICHARD FORSTER, oit. 7 annorum 25^ Aug. 1665, 
d. before 1714. 

> 1638 Sept., " Mr. Henry Foster had a child buried aboafc the 4 day, but by 
whome it is not certainely knowne" (Stokesley Reg.). 

dugdale's visitation of YORKSraRE. 251 

Hang East Wapentake. Eichmundi IQo Aug. 1665. 




Arms: — Quarterly of six: — 

1. Argent, a chevron between three martlets Sable, Lawson. 

2. Barry of six Argent and Azure, in chief three annulets Sable, 


3. Argent, three boars passant Sable, Swynnow. 

4. Argent, on a saltire Sable five swans of the field. Burgh. 

5. Argent, a fess engrailed between six fleur-de-lis Sable, 


6. As the first. 

Crest :— On a chapeau Or, turned up Ermine, a martlet Sable. 

I THOMAS LAWSON, Gent, of Cramlington, ju. ux., d. 
2 July 1499, bur. at Cramlington, M.I. ; mar. . . . dau. 
of Sir William Cramlington, of Cramlington. They had 
issue — 

II. WILLIAM LAWSON, of Cramlington; mar. . . . dau. of 
. . . Horsley. They had issue — 

Thomas, of Cramlington ; mar. Eden, dau. of Sir 

Roger Gray, of Horton, by whom he had issue. 
James (III). 
George, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of . . . Fenwick, of 

Joan, Prioress of Nesham Abbey, which she sur- 

rendei-ed to the Crown 29 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII. 

Will 2 June 1537, to be bur. at Hurworth 

(Surt. Soc., ii, 156). 
Barbara, mar. . . . Collingwood. 
Agnes. Wm 11 Mar. 1565 (Raine). 

III. JAMES LAWSON, of Newcastle, merchant, Mayor, 1529 and 
1540, had a grant of Nesham Abbey 32 Hen. VIII, settled 
the estate on his younger sons (Surtees). Will 28 Mar. 
1542, pr. at London 14 May 1547 (Alen, 36); mar. Alison, 
dau. of George Bertram, of Newcastle. They had issue — 

252 DUG!) ale's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

Edmund (IV). 

George, named in his father's will, d. unmar. Will 

1 Alay, pr. at Durham 15 Oct. 1580 (Surt. Soc., iii, 

viii, 22). 
Ralph, of Nesham, d. s.p., bur. 25 May 1580. Will 

19 May 1580. 
Henry, of Ne^sham Abl)ey, Es(j., d 1607, Inq. P.M. 

30 July 5 Jac. ; mar. Frances, dau. of Cuthl)ert 

Conyers, Esq., of Lay ton (a quo I^awson, of Nesham 

Ahl)ey, see Surtees' Durham, iii, 264). 
William, named in his father's will. 
Mabel or Elizal)eth, named in her father's will, 

mar. first Gerard Fen wick, secondly Richard 

Hodgson, of Newcastle, bur. at Jarrow 17 Aug. 

Barbara, named in her father's will. mar. firat Cuth- 

l)ert Blount, of Newcastle, secondly . . . Scrivener. 
Elizabeth, bur. at St. Nicholas, Newcastle. 

IV. EDMUND LAW80N, ESQ., of Newcastle, d. before 1565; 
mar. Margery, sole dau. to lialph Swyiniow (she remar. 
Robert I>awson, of Usworth, co. J)urh., and had children). 
They had issue — 

.S''- Raphe (V). 

V. S^ RAPHE LA WSON, of Jlnnjh, In rant, Richmnnd, Kn^., 
ju. ux., d. 6 Sept. 1623. Will 4 Sept., pr. at York 9 Oct. 
1623 (vol. xxxvii, 412), to be bur. in Burgh poi*ch in 
Catterick church ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. and sole heiress of 
Roger Brough or Burgh, Esii-, of Brough, near Catterick, 
by Elizabeth, dau. of Rogoi' Chaml)ers, bur. at Catterick. 
They had issue — 
Ro(/er (VT). 
Edmond, adm. Giay's Inn 22 June 1599 ; mar. 

Frances, dau. of . . . Archer. 
James, adm. Gray's Inn 11 Aug. 1609 ; mar. Margaret, 

dau. of Sir Robert Ramsey. 
George, d. l^efore his father; mar. . . . and had two 

William, named in his father's will. 
Alice, mar. Thomas Tngleby, of I^awkland. 
Margaret, mar. Sir Thomas Rokeby, of Mortham. 
Jane, unmar. 1612, htid £200 from her father. 

VI. ROGER LA WSON, of lleton, In co. No7'fhumh7\, A\ died in 
fhf> Ufatlmr of his father in l^nidon ; tt»t. fourteen in 1585; 
mar. Dorothy^ dnu. if S*' Henry Constable, of Burton^ in 
com. Ebor., JO., d. 1632 at St. Anthony's, near Newcastle 
(Betham). They had issue nineteen sons and daughters — 
1. Raphe, died unmarHed. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 253 


Ihnnj (VII). 

Roger, died luimai^ied. 

4. George, died umnai^ried. 

5. John, died unmarried. 

6. Thoinas, died unmarried. 

7. Edmtiud, of whom is noe issue rem^i/niny. 

8. James Lafvsou, resided at Screiuerston, co. Durh. ; 

mar. . . . and had issue — 

1. Raphe, adm. Gray's Inn 12 Sept. 1655. 

2. Henri/, adm. Gray's Inn 12 Sept. 1655. 

1. Mary, wife of . . . POiStan, of , , , , in co, 


2. Elizabeth. 

1. Mat^, a nunne at Gant, in Flanders. 

2. Catherine, died unmarried, 

3. Elizabeth, third wife of John Yorke, of Gothwayt, in 

CO. Ebar., Esq. 
Jf. Ayuie, wife of Henry WiddHngton, of Beantland^ in 
CO, Northumb, 

VII. HENRY LAWSON, of Brough, neere Cataract (Catterick), 

in com. Ebor., Esq"., obijt circa aim. 1636. Will 11 Jan. 

1635-6, pr. at York ; mar. Anne, duv^hter of Robert 

llodgsJion, of lleburne, in Episc. Dunelm. They had issue — 

/. Rmjer, eldest son and heir, named in his father's will, 

died unmarried, 

2. Henry Lawson, of Brough, Esq''., slayne in his 

J/a"** sei^ice in a fight at Melton Moubray, in 
com. Leic., circa ann, 1644, bur. at Grantham ; 
named in his father's will ; mar, Catherine, da, 
of S" William Fenioick, of Meldon, in com^ 
Xorthumbr., Knt. (remar. Sir Francis Radclyffe, first 
Earl of Derwentwater), d. 1697, a3t. seventy-two. 
They had issue — 

Isabella, wife of S^ John Swynburne, of Chap- 
Hey ton, in cam, Northumb^\, B^, 

3, 6''- John (VIII). 

4' Francis, had £400 under his father's will. 
Ralph, had £400 under his father's will. 

1. Mary, had £500 under her father's will, a nunne at 

Gant, in Flanders. 

2, Dorothy, ^vi/e of WilPm Blakeston, of Sheildraw, in 

com. Dunelm, Esq",, bur. 9 July 1712 at Fairfield, 
CO. Durh. 
Anne, had £400 in her father's will. 

VIII. *S''- JOHN LA WSON, of Brough, in co, Ebor., Bar^., (et, 38 

ann, 19 Aug. a^ 1665, Captain in Royalist army, had his 
estates secjuestered, created a Baronet 6 July 1665, d. 
26 Oct. 1 69i<, bur. at Catterick, M.I. ; mar. Katharine, 
daughter to Ki" WHliam Howard, oj* Naworth Castle, in com. 


Cumbr.j KKy sister to Charles^ Earle of Carlisle, d. 4 July 
1668, bur. at Catterick, M.l. They had issue — 

L John, d. at Calais ; his heart bur. at Catterick. 

2. Henry (TX). 

1^. Charles, Captain of Horse, killed in Germany. 

4. William, had £10 under his brother Henry*s will, 


5. Philip, d. s.p 1693; mar. Anna Maria Knollys, dau. 

of the Earl of Banbury (relict of Walter Littleton, 

6. Ralph, d. inf. 

7. Thomas, a priest, had £10 in his brother Henry's 

will, 1726. 
1. Catherine, 

^. Mary, 

3. Elizabeth, 

4. Anne, 

5. Frances, 

Nuns at Ghent. 

IX. SIR HENRY LAWSON, second Bart., of Brough, d. 9 May 
1726, set seventy-three (Musgrave's Obit.). Will 26 Mar., 
pr. at York 22 Oct. 1726 (vol. Ixxix, 239); mar. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Robert Knightley, Esq , of Oflfchurch, co. Warw. 
They had issue — 

Sir John (X). 

Henry, bur. at St. Mich.-le-Belfrey, York, 20 Apr. 

Mary, d. y. 

Anne, mar. William Witham, Esq., of Cliffe. 

Elizabeth, mar. Stephen Tempest, Esq , of Broughton. 

X. SIR JOHN LAWSON, third Bart, of Brough, d. at York 
19 Oct. 1737, bur. at Catterick, M.I. ; mar. Mary, dau. of 
Sir John Shelley, of Michelgrove, co. Suss. They had issue — 

1. Sir Henry (XI). 

2. Thomas, a priest. 

3. William, d. y. 

4. John, d. 28 Jan. 1791, (?) bur. at St. Pancras, M.I. ; 

mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas William Selby, 
Esq., of Biddlesden. They had issue — 
Thomas, a priest. 
Henry, a priest. 

John, of York, M.D., d. 10 Jan. 1861 ; 
mar. Clarinda, dau. of John Fallon, Esq. 
They had issue — 

Clarinda Catherine, only dau. and 
heiress; mar. Sir William Lawson 
(son of John Wright and Elizabeth 
I^awson), who took that name on 
succeeding to the estates of his great- 
uncle, Sir Henry Lawson. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSfflRE. 255 

Elizabeth, mar. John Webbe Weston, Elsq., 
d. 1791. . 
Mary, a nun at Bruges. 
Bridget, a nun at Bruges. 
Catherine, ^ 


d. vi. pa. 

XI. SIR HENRY LAWSON, of Brough, fourth Bart., d. 1 Oct. 
1781, get. sixty-nine, bur. at Catterick, M.I. ; mar. Anastasia, 
dau. of Thomas Maire, Esq., of Lartington, co. York, d. 
2 Nov. 1764, bur. at Catterick, M.I. They had issue — 

Sir John (XII). 

Sir Henry Lawson, of Brough, sixth Bart., took the 
surname and arms of Maire, pursuant to the will 
of John Maire, of Lartington, 1772, and retook 
the name of Lawson on his brother's death, when 
he succeeded to his estates and had to give up 
that of Maire, b. 5 Jan. 1750, d. s.p., bur. 16 Jan. 
1834 at Catterick; mar. first Monica, youngest 
dau. of Nicholas Stapleton, Esq., of Carlton, 2 Sept. 
1773, b. 1 May 1750, d. s.p. 8 Jan. 1800. 
Mar. secondly Catherine, dau. of Henry Fermor, of 
Worcester, d. 13 Sept. 1824, M.I. at Catterick. 

Mary, a nun at Bruges, b. 7 Aug. 1742, d. unmar. 
1813 at Taunton. 

Catherine, mar. John Silvertop, Esq., of Minsteracres, 
CO. Northumb., at St. George's, Bloomsbury, June 
1772; had the Maire estates in 1811. 

XII. SIR JOHN LAWSON, fifth Bart, of Brough, b. 13 Sept. 
1744, d. 27 June 1811, set. sixty-seven; mar. first Elizabeth, 
dau. and coh. of William Scarisbrick, of Scarisbrick, co. 
Lane, at St. Mich.-le-Belfrey, 1 Aug. 1768, d. 10 June 1801, 
bur. at Catterick, M.I. They had issue — 
Henry, d. inf. 

Anastasia Maria, mar. Thomas Strickland, Esq., of 
Sizergh, who took the name of Standish, b. 25 May 
1769, d. 22 Juno 1807, eet. thirty-eight, bur. at 
Catterick, M.I. 
Elizabeth, mar. John Wright, Esq., of Kelvedon Hall, 
Essex, b. 2 Nov. 1770, d 1811. Her son WiUiam 
succeeded to the estates on death of his great- 
uncle. Sir Henry Lawson in 1834, and was created 
a Baronet 8 Sept. 1841. 
Mar. secondly Monica, dau. of Miles Stapleton, EiSq., of 

' ■> •> ^ 


DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

Staincrosse Wapentake. 

Bamesley, 5 Aag. 1666. 


Arms : — Quarterly : — 

1 and 4. Sable, a chevron between throe leopards' faces Or, a 
crescent for difference (Wentworth). 

2. Azure, on a bend Or three torteanx (Whitley). 

3. Argent, three palets wavy Gules (Downes, of HerefordBhire). 

L THOMAS WENTWORTH, ESQ., of Wentwoi-th-W^oodhouse, 
d. 5 Dec. 1548, bur. at Wentworth, M.I. Will 21 Aug. 
1546, pr. at York 8 Mar. 1548-9; mar. Beatrix, dau. of 
Sir Richard Woodruife, of Woolley. They had issue — 

1 . William (a ((uo Wentworth, of Wentworth-Woodhouse). 

2. Michael (II). 

II. MICHAEL WENTWORTH, of Mendham Priory, Suffolk, 
Master of the Queen's Household, first year of Queen Mary 
1554, d. 13 Oct. 1558, Inq. P.M. 30 Apr. following. 
Will 12 Oct., pr. 30 Nov. 1558 in Loudon (Welles, 2); 
mar. Isabel, dau. and heiress of Percival Whitley, of Whitley, 
d. 1560. They had issue — 

Thomas (III). 





all mentioned in their father's will. 

111. THOMAS WENTWORTH, of Mendham Priory and Whitley, 
seventeen yeai*s and two months old at his father's Inq. ; 
mar. Susan, dau. of Christopher Hopton, of Armley. They 
had issue — 

MichaeU (IV). 

Mary, wife of Robert Coniugsby, of Herefordshire. 

•• . • • - • 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 257 

Beatiix, wife of John Green, of Dean Grange, in 
Horsforth, son and heir of Gabriel Green ; mar. 
at Leeds Parish Church 18 Feb. 158f. 

IV. MICHAELL WENT WORTH, of Wolley, in coin, Eborum, 
Esq.f died in a*^ 1641, a Catholic, purchased Woolley from 
Francis Woodrove, Esq., in 1599, d. 1641, set. ninety-three. 
Wm 18 Feb. 163f ; Inq. P.M. 9 Sept. 1642; inar, Frances, 
daughter and sole heire to George Downes, of Paivnton, in 
com. Heref They had issue — 

1. Thomas, died unmarried, wt. seventeen, 1612. 

S, Michael, died unmarried 19, bur. 20 Sept. 1659, at 

S. Sir George Wentworth, Knight, of Woolley, succeeded 
^ his father, Colonel of a Regiment for Chas. I, 

compounded for his estates and fined £3,188, 
M.P. Pontefract 1640-6, b. 1599, d. 19 Oct. 
1660, bur. at Woolley, M.I. WUl 14 Sept. 
1660 ; mar. Anne, daughter to l^homas, lA Fair- 
fax, of Camron, first tvi/e, 1621, d. 19 Aug. 
1624, bur. at Woolley, M.l. there and at Otley. 
They had issue — 

1. Michael Wentworth, d. v.p. 9, bur. 18 Aug. 

1658 at Woolley; war. 1647 Katherine, 
daughter of S'' William St. Quintin, Bart. 
(i*emar. Sir John Kay, of Woodsome, 
Henry Sandys, Esq., and the Earl of 
Eglinton). They had issue — ' 
Michaell, died in his infancy. 

2. William, died young, b. 1624, d. 1625. 
Sir George mar. Averell (Everild), daugh. of Christo- 
plier Maltby, Alderman, of Yorke, 2"^ tvife, sett. 
3 Oct. 1626, d. 9 Sept. 1639 They had issue— 

1. Christopher, died infant. 

2. George, died infant. 

1. Everilda, tmfe of John Thomhill, of Fixby, 

in CO. Ebor., Esq. ; mar. 9 Sept. 1650, bur, 
at Elland 13 May 1709. 

2. Frances, tvife of Thomas Grantham, of Meaux 

Abhy, in Holdemess, Esq. ; mar. at Wool- 
ley 12 Jan. 1657/8, bur. at Elland 16 Mar. 

3. Antie, tvife of WilVm Osbaldeston, of Hun- 

manby, in co. Ebor., Esq., bur. thei*e 30 
Apr. 1718. M.L 

4. Malthetv, died without issu^. Captain of a ti-oop of 

Horac, d. 1647. Will 4 Dec. 1646, pr. in London 
10 June 1651. 

5. John (V). 

1. Dorothy, wife of John Wood, of Copmanthorpe, in 
CO. Ebor.; mar. sett. 16 Jan. 1607/8. 

258 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire. 

2. Elizabeth, first married to Thomas OlcLfleldy of Wad- 

lands, in com. Ebor. ; secondly to Richard Beaumont, 
of Murfield, tn com, Ebor,, Esq. 

3. Alice, died unmarried, 

Jf. Mary, ivife of Richard Lanyley, of Millington, in co, 
Ebor,; mar. at Woolley 2 Apr. 1611 (Transcript, 

S. Rosamund, first married to Bei'tram Reveley, of 
Throple (Throphill), in com,. Northumbr. ; secondly 
to Roger Widdrimjton, of CartimjUyii, in com, 
Northumbr., Esq.; mar. sett. 1632; d. 14 Nov. 

G. Margaret, urife of William WombuMill, of Wombivell, 
in com. Ebor., Esq., bp. at Woolley 4 Apr. 1608, 
mar. there 11 Feb. 1628, bur. at Darfield 15 Mar. 

V. JO UN WE NT WORT II, of Wolley, Esq, (succeeded his brother 
Sir George), (ft, 50 ann. 5 Aug. a" lOdo, bred a lawyer, 
Seci-etarv to Lord Strafford, d. intest. 22, bur. 26 Feb. 
168i| at Woolley; admon. to his son Sir Michael, 26 Mar. 
16^3; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Aldburgh, oj 
Aldburtfh, in com. Ebor, Esq., at Aldborough 18 Jan. 165i{, 
d. 22, bur. 26 Feb. 1682/3 at Woolley. They had issue- 
Sir Michael (VI). 

Johi, died in his infancy, bp. at Belfreys 10 Feb. 
165 J, bur. there 6 Dec. 1659. 

1. Elizabeth, died young, bur. at Belfreys 18 Sept. 1655. 

2. Frances, died young, bp. at Belfreys 20 Nov. 1656, 

bur. there 2 Apr. 1657. 

VI. SIR MICHAEL WENTWORTH, of Woolley, oit. 11 an. 
5 Aug. a" 1665, M.P. Aldl)orough 1685-96, b. 1655, 
knighted at Windsor 5 July 1681, bur. at Woolley 13 Sept. 
1696, ffit. forty-two. Will 14 Jan. 169?-; mar. Dorothy, 
dau. of Sir Godfrey Copley, of Sprotborough, at Sprot- 
borough or Woolley, 18 Nov. 1673, d. 15 Jan. at Hickleton, 
bur. 2 Feb. 173i at Woolley. Will 10 Feb. 172?. They 
had issue — 

1. William Wentworth, Esq., of Woolley, unsuccessfully 

contested Yorkshire in 1708, bp. at Woolley 
19 Aug. 1675, d. s.p. at Bath 3 June, bur. 
14 June 1729 at Woolley. Will 3 Apr. 1729; 
mar. Catherine, dau. of Charles Turner, Esq., of 
Kirkleatham, bp. there 21 Nov. 1678; mar. there 
25 July 1697, bur. there 28 July 1730. M.I. 

2. John, had Aldborough from his father, bp. at Woolley 

6 Nov. 1676, d. unmar., bur. at Woolley 16 Jan. 
17<y. Will 16 Dec. 1700. 

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 259 

3. Godfrey (VII). 

4. Michael, a merchant of liverpool, b. 21 Jan., bp. at 

Woolley 2 Feb. 1680, d. unmar, bur. at Woolley 
17 Dec. 1724. 

5. Thomas, of Horbury, b. 17, bp. at Woolley 22 Feb. 

168§; mar. Margaret, dau. of . . . Webster (wid.of 
Francis Nevile, of Che vet, and George Empson, of 
Goole), at Woolley, 21 Aug. 1711, bur. 24 Dec. 
1733 at Horbury. They had issue — 

William, of Horbury, only son and heir, bur. 
at Horbury 4 Dec. 1735; mar. Catherine, 
dau. of Sir F^yon Pilkington (wid. of the 
Rev. Cavendish Nevile, of Chevet), d. 11 
Aug. 1790, bur. at Norton. They had 
issue — 

Thomas, bp. at Horbury 23 July 1733, 

bur. there 22 May 1736. 
Michael, bp. at Horbury 26 May 1735, 
bur. there 22 May 1736. 

6. George, b. 10, bp. 20 Dec. 1685, bur. 17 Dec. 1686 at 


7. James, b. 26 Nov., bp. 14 Dec. 1686, bur. 10 Apr. 

1691 at Woolley. 

8. Matthew, of Wakefield, Registrar of the West Riding, 

b. 1 3, bp. at Woolley 25 Apr. 1689, bur. there 29 July 
1749; mar. at Hickleton 3 Aug. 1721, Anne, dau. 
of James Sill, of Wakefield, wid. of John Nevile, 
Esq., of Chevet, d. 27 May 1773, bur. at Wakefield. 
They had issue — 

Peregrine, of Tolston Lodge, York, Registrar 
of West Riding, b. 31 July 1722, d. 30 
Aug., bur. 8 Sept. 1809 at York Minster, 
M.I. Will 9 Feb., pr. 8 Sept. 1809 ; mar. 
first Mary, only dau. of Beilby Thompson, 
of Escrick, d. in childbed 1 Apr. 1756. 
They had issue — 

Peregrine, (?) bp. at Barnborough 21 
Mar., bur. 25 Mar. 1756. 
Mar. secondly Mary, dau. of Ralph Asshe- 
ton, Esq., wid. of Rev. John Witton, of 
Lupset, at St. George's, Hanover sq., 19 
June 1758, d. 29 June, bur. 7 July 1797 
at York Minster, ajt. seventy-six. 
Michael, Captain in Foot Guards, after of 
Uttle Harbour, near Portsmouth, New 
Hampshire, U.S.A. ; mar. Martha Hilton. 
They had issue — 

Martha, wife of John Wentworth, of 
Little Harbour; had £800 from her 
uncle Peregiine. 
Dorothy, only dau., mar. Peter Serle, of 

260 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire. 

Testwood, Southampton, at St. George^s, 
Hanover sq., 11 June 1759, res. leg. of 
her brother Peregrine Wentworth. 

1. Elizabeth, mar. William Wombwell, Esq., of Womb- 

well, at Woolley, 11 Feb. 169J, bp. there 22 Nov. 
1677, bur. at Darfield 7 June 1764. 

2. Dorothy, bp. at Woolley 19 Feb. 16jg, d. unmar. 

3. Anne, b. 16, bp. at Woolley 20 Mar. 168 J ; mar. first 

at Hickleton 3 Feb. 1705, Sir Lyon Pilkington, 
of Stanley ; secondly Sir Charles Dalston, of Heath 
Hall; thirdly at Horbury, 1 Dec. 1730, John 
Maude, of Alverthorpe, d. 15 Aug. 1764, bur. at 

4. Frances, b. 13, bp. at Woolley 23 Feb. 168^; mar. 

Thomas HinchlifiTe, mercer, of [^ondon, at Hickleton, 
25 Sept. 1716. 

5. Rosamond, b. 2, bp. 3 Jan., bur. 6 Jan. 168^. 

6. Catherine, b. 29 Nov. 1692, bur. 5 Sept. 1711, at 


7. Margaret, of St. Anne's, Soho, b. 1, bp. 10 May 1694. 

Will 29 Jan. 176?^. 

VII. GODFREY WENTWORTH, ESQ., bp. 21 Oct. 1678 at 
Woolley ; mar. at St. Alban's, Wood st., I»udon, 9 July 
1700, Anna Maria, dau. of Giles Clarke, Esq., of Lyon's 
Inn. Will 15 Feb. 1717-8, pr. at York (vol. Ixxvi, 154). 
They had issue — 

1. Michael, b. 7, bp. at WooUey 20 July 1701, bur. 

there 15 Mar. 1713. 

2. William, bp. at St. Clement's, Dane, London, d. v. p. 

10 Sept. 1702. 

3. Godfi-ey (VIII). 

Dorothy, d. unmar. 3, bur. 5 May 1767, at York 

Anna Maria, b. 1 Mar., bp. 25 Mar. 1707 at Brods- 

worth ; mar. first at Hickleton, 21 Nov. 1726, Rev. 

Edw. Silvester, of Birthwaite ; secondly Peter 

Bold, Esq., of Bold. 

VIII. GODFREY WENTWORTH, ESQ., of Woolley, succeeded 
his uncle William, M.P. for York 1741, Lord Mayor of 
York, 1759, b. 17 Oct., bp. 7 Nov. 1704 at Brodsworth, 
d. 18 Jan. 1789, bur. at Hickleton, M.I. ; mar. Dorothy, 
dau. of Sir Lyon Pilkington and Anne Wentworth, 4 Mar. 
1727, marriage dissolved by Act of Parliament 1758. 
They had issue — 

1. William, d. v.p., bur. at Woolley 2 May 1746. 

2. Godfrey, bp. 1 June 1730, d. v.p., bur. at Woolley 

20 Aug. 1757, cet 27. 

3. John, b. ^0 May, bur. 31 May 1739 at Hickleton. 


1. Anna Maria, b. 9 June, bp. 7 July 1736 at Woollej ; 

mar. Sir George Armytage, Bart., of Kirklees, at 
St. Marylebone, 10 Apr. 1760, d. 21 Mar. 1788, 
bur. at Hickleton, M.I. Their third son, Godfrey 
Wentworth Armytage, assumed the name of Went- 
worth and succeeded to the Woolley estates by 
the will of his grandfather. 

2. Dorothy, bp. 7, bur. 8 July 1737, at Woolley. 

3. Catherine, of Woolley, d. unmar. 1821. 

{To be continued.) 


Ih- G. \V. Watson. 
(Continued from p. \96.) 

N2757. Ulric I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Stargard ; d. 8 Apr.' 

(ii). '• Mccccxvii ipso dio S. Cocnao" [8 Apr.] (H. Coruerua, Chron.^ 1223, 
ill J. G. Eccardufl, Corpus Hi»t. Medii Aevi, 1723, ii, 43M344). 

N2758. Margaret, da of Svantibor T, Duke of Pomerania-Stettin ; 

living 19 March 1417.(38) 
N2759. Frederic, Duke of Brunswick and Limeburg. Sanui as 

N2760. Magdalena, Margravine of Brandenburg. Same as N258. 
N2761. Gunther III, Count of Mansfeld; d, 10 May 1472.(31) 

(ii). 10 May 1472 (Rittershusius),; "1475" (Franken, Niemann); "1474" 
(Die Or a fen von Mansfeld). 

N2762. Margaret, da. of Ernest II, Count of Hohnstein-Lohra- 

Klettenbergj living 1450.(39) 
N2763. Gebhard VI, Count of Mansfeld ; d. 20 Sep. 1492.(31) 

(ii). 20 Sep. (Franken, Cohn, Behr) ; 14 Sep. {Die Qrafen von Mungfeld). 

N2764. Adelheid, da. of Diderik II, Count of Oldenburg [Ml 297]. 

(The date 1474 given for her marriage is erroneous. Her firat husband, 
Ernest III, Count of Hohnstein, died in 1455 [not 1454], according to the 
Stolberg. Rat»jnhrhurh, as in M449 note, 167). 

N2765. Ludwig I, Count of Gleichen-Blankenhain ; d. 25 Apr. 

(ii). " mcccclxvii in die Scti marci q.f. xxv mensis Aprilis" (M.I., in 
Sagittanus, 279). 


N276n. Catherine, da. of Henry IV, Herr von Waldenburg ; m. . . , 
144- ; d. 27 July 1494.(269) 

(iii). " Mcccc in de xciiii off Sutags nach iacobi " [27 July] (M.I., Id., ibid.) 

N2881. Philip IT, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg ; 6. 3 March 1453; d. 
26 Oct. 1524.(24) 

(ii). " 1524, altera die Crispini et Crispiniani quae erat feria quarta [26 Oct.] 
hora (juasi octaua" {Chron. Corhach., in Vamhagen, ii, 114). 

N2882. Catherine, da. of Kuno, Count of Solms-Lich-Hohensolms ; 
m. abt. 1481 ; d. 12 Dec. 1492.(18) 

(iii). "1492 avf Santo Lvtzion aben " [12 Dec] (M.I., in Vamhagen, ii, 116). 

N2883. Otto VII, Count of Hoya ; d. betw. 1494 and 1497.(21) 

(ii). He died between 1 Nov. 1494 and "die St. Thome [21 Dec] 1497" 
(Hodenberg, i, no. 5o6, iii, no. 145). 

N2884. Anna, da. of Bernhard VII, Herr von l.ippe [N2663] ; m. 
before 24 Sep. 1470 ; living 27 Dec. 1533.(167) 

(ii). in. before " Montag nach Mauritii [24 Sep.] 1470" (Preuss, no. 2384). 

N2885. Gunther XXXIX, Count of Schwarzburg. Same as M327. 
N2886. Amelia, CountevSS of Mansfeld. Sayne as M328. 
N2887. William VI (VII), Count of Henneberg-Schleusingen ; b. 
29 Jan. 1478; d. 24 Jan. 1559(19) 

(i). " 1478, den 10 Tag des Homungs, war Donnerstag vor dem Sonntag 
Estomihi" [29 Jan.] (Spangenberg, 453). 

N2888. Anasta.sia, da. of Albert, Elector of Brandenburg [Ml 289]; 
L 17 March 1478; m. (c. 15 or 22 July 1499) 16 Feb. 
1500; d. 4 July 1534.(4) 

" 1st geborn am dinRtag Gerdrudis [17 March] anno dm. xiiii*^ jm 
LXXYiiiten jar . . . zu der ee gegeben am montag nach der heiligen zwolfboten 
taylung tag [22 July] anno dm. Mill, (luadringentesimo nonagesimo nono . . . 
beyligen geschehn und hochzeit gehalten am Sontag Julians, der do was 
der sechzehend tag des monats februarii jm xv^ jar" (Cont^mp. MS. by 
J. Volker, edit. F. Wagner, 475). (ii). The 7/j. c. dated "am montag der 
Heyligen Zwolff-bott^m teylung tag [15 July], virzehen hundert vnd im 
neun vnd neunzigsten Jaren " i.s in J. F. Schannat, Sammlung hist. Schrifft^n, 
1725, 154-162; ''1499, Montag Divisionis Apostolorum " (Spangenberg, 456); 
" 1499, Montag nach Divisionis Apostolorum " (Glaser, 175). m. " 1500, Montag 
nach Valontini" [17 Feb.] (Spangenberg, 457; Glaser, 175). 

N2897. Christopher I, Margrave of Baden. Same as Nil. 
N2898. Ottilia, Countess of Katzenellenbogen. Same as 1^] 2. 
N2899. George, Herr von Rosenfeld ; d. 28 Dec. 1518.(270) 

(ii). " 1518 auff den Kindlin Tag [28 Dec] starb der Edel vnd Vest 
Juncker Jerg von Rosenfeld : vnnd nach jhm anno 1536 Jahr starb sein 
geliebte Fraw Margret von Hoheneck geborn " (M.I., in M. Crusius, Annates 
Snevici, 1595-96, ii, 810). It is doubtful if these were the parents of M1450. 

N2900. Margaret, da. of . . ., Herr von Hoheneck ; d. . . . 1536.(271) 
N2901. Alexander, Count Palatine in Zweibriicken-Veldenz. Same as 

(269). WALDENBURCf : — Nachrichten von denen Herren von IF., in Kreysig, 
as in note 52, i, 24-35. 

(270). Rosenfeld: — Sch5pflin, as in note 7, iv, 28-29. 



N2902. Margaret, Countess of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein. Same as 

N2903. John VII, Wild- and Rhingrave in Morchingen and 

Kyrburg. Same as N497. 
N2904. Anna von Isenburg, Counters of Budingen-Ronneburg. Same 

as N4y8. 
N2905. John van Pallant, Heer van VVildenborch ; d. before 

N2906. Anna, da. of Jaspar, Heer van Culenborg; 6. . . . 1475; 

m, , . . 1495; living 1520.(273) 
N2907. Charles I, Count of Lalain ; b. abt. 1466; d. 17 July 


(ii). " Treapassa en I'aage de lix ans le xvii jour de Juillet Tan MV^xxv " 
(M.I., in Butkcns, as in note 207, ii, 146). 

N2908. Jacqueline, da. of Jacques de Luxembourg, Seigneur de 

Fiennes et Gavre ; d. . . , 1544.(207) 
N2909. Dietrich IV, Count of Manderscheid and Virneburg in 

Schleiden ; rf . . . . 1551.(206) 
N2910. Margaret, da. of Frederic von Sombreflfe, Herr von Kerpen ; 

m. . . . 1506; hnr, 18 Jan. 1518.(275) 
N2911. Salentin VI von Isenburg, Herr zu Neumagen und St. 

Johannesberg. Same as M55. 
N2912. Elizabeth, Herrin von Hunolstein. Sam^. as M56. 


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von Stradonitz, Ahnentnfeln zn 32 Ahnen der Regenten Enropas^ 1898, etc. 


E3. (ii). "Heute friihe urn 3 Uhr " (Letter from liis widow, dntod 13 Mny 
1779, in Luck). FA. m. 28 June {Hansarchiv at Erboeli, nocordinjr to Dr. B. 
Schmidt, Fi'ufitl. Revaa. Archirrnt, j.L.). Ell. Oniit M.I. 

From F5 to G48 the single dates pre\nou8 to 1700 nro all old stylo. 
F3. " d. xix Maii An. cioidclxxx natus . . . d. iii Sept. An. ci.iuccxxxv 
defunctus*' (M.I., in Halliday, 285). F4. " d. xxii April. cniDCXCVi nata 
... in aeternam beatitudinem secuta d. vi Mart. cioioccLXii" (M.I., ibid.); 
after Behr add Steinmann. Fo. (ii). " 22 May 1747 morions um 3 Uhr," 
according to the notification (Schmidt, as above); not 21 Mav (Viehbeck). 
F(5. (ii). 7 Sep. (Selhiithiographie), not 2 Sep. (Viehbeck). F8. '(iii). "diesen 
Nachmittag nm 4 Uhr " (Official letter, dated 31 Jan. 1750, in Luck). FIO. 
For Berwig read Berbig; for Beust rend F. von Beust, Jahrhiirher dett 
Furtfteiithiini.^ Altenhvry, 1800-03. F23. (ii). " Heute morgons um 6 Uhren " 
abetter from his widow, dated 9 March 1724, in Luck). F24. After (iii) add 
'• Heute fhih nach 3 Uhr." 

G2. w. 2 Dec. (Medal, in Oycu, 68). G5. " Natn.s A. mdcxxxvi d. 22 Maii 
St)l. hor. 9 vespert. . . . obiit d. xxiii April. A. mdclxxxvii " (Coffin-plate, in 
Halliday, 274). G6. " [Nata] die xxx Octobr. anni pacifici mdcxliix. . . . 
A. MDCcii d. xiix Martii transmisit animam " (Coffin-plate, in Halliday, 
27G). Gil. " Ist gebohren den 6tcn January 1641 . . . gestorlien den 
8 April. 1709 dess Alters 68 Jahr 3 Monathe und 2 Tage " (M.I., in 
Biedermann, Erlnutei^tng, 340). G13 note, after 23 March add "Nachmittag 
zwischen 3 und 4 Uhr." G14. b. 22 Feb. 3 March 1656. (iii). " 1724, den 
28 Octobr. des Abends um 8 Uhr" (Gronau Church -register, in Luck). (J34. 
m.c. 24 Oct. 1682. Life, by W. H. Wilkins, 1900. 042. After suppl. add 
Halliday. G47. (iii). " 1693, Dom. Misericordias Domini " [30 Apr./lO May] 
(Michelstadt Church-register, in Luck). 

H3. For A. Hahn read L. Curtze. H4. h. 1625 (Oyen). H9. (ii). 
" xvii Sept. An. mdclxvi aetatis suae Annis Ixxxvii Mens, v Dieb. vii " 
(M.I., in Pfeffinger, ii, 393); "an einem Montage [17/27 Sep.] friih 
zwischen 6 und 7 Uhr " (Church-register at Wolfenbiittel, in Steinmann, 
61). HIO. Chnit M.I. H12. (i). "1626, Mittwochs den 17 Maii [17/27 
May] morgens friihe zwischen 2 und 3 Uhren " (MS. by John-Casimir 
[123], in Crollius, 151). H18. d. 17 May 1675 (Schmidt, as in E4 
additians). H21. "Ist gebohren den 27 Januar. Ao. 1610 . . . igt verschieden 
den 4 May anno 1668 seines Alters 58 Jnhre 3 Monathe nnd 7 Tage " 
(M.I., in Biedermann, Erlauterung, 339). H21, 25, 26, 45, 46, 48, 50. The 
dates are old stvle. H25. For 1 Feb. 1648 rend 25 Nov. 1647. H82, 49, 50. 
Omit M.l. H46^ m.e. 10/20 Sep. 1677. HH5. For 1877 read 1884. H66. 
" Nata xiii Oct. mdcxxx nupta mense Sep. mdclviii sub vesperam viii Junii 
MDCCXiv mortc crepta " (Coffin-plate, in Steinmann, 328). H75. (i). " 1Q14, am 
13 Augusti Abends i nach 5 Uhr" (Week, 330). H85. (i). " 1620, Sopntags 
nach Trium Regum den 9 Januarii [9/19 Jan.] hor. 10 Vormittag" (jovins, 
712). H86. (i). "Auff Sontag den 29 Julii [29 July/8 Aug.] Vormittag 
zwischen 9 \nidt 10 Uhren 1622" (Geneal. of date 1626, in Crollius, 167). 
H91. For 1867 read 1867-72. H96. h. 26 Oct. 1622 (Oyen). 

12. m.c. 29 Aug./8 Sep. 15. h. 25 Nov./5 Dec. 18. For m. read m.c; 
add (i). "1596, den 5 Jun. Abends um 10 Uhr" (Entry in Count George's 
[149] Bible, in his autograph — Luck), (ii). m.c. dated "16 Januarii 1619" 
(Document of date 20 Feb. 1624, in Schneider, Urkunden, no. 211). 19. (i). 
"1581, den 27 May zwischen 10 und 11 Uhren zn Mittag " (Jovius, 722). 
121. d. 15/25 March; add (i). "1572, den 25ten May gleich 3 Viertelstundt 


nach ein Uhren dos Morgens " (Imhof, 470). (ii). " Donne rstags 15 Martii " 
[15/25 March] 1632" (S. Herruschwager, Klag-Predigtj in Monument, ad Dn. 
Maur. Hassiae Lamlgr.. i, 1641, 37). 122. (ii). 22 May (J. Pincierus, Votnm 
pro hoc Conjugio—Strieder). (Hi). 15 Feb. (A. Fabricius, Leichenpredigt — Idem"*. 
124. (ii). " 1614, DinstagB [20/30 Dec] den 21 Dccembris ist der Heyrath 
beschlossen worden. 1G15, den II Junii nuff einen Sondag [11/21 June] ist 
die Hochzeitt vollbracht worden" fMS. by her husband, in Crollius, 149). 
131. h. 16/26 Dec. 132. h. 27 Jan./6 Feb. [this date is omitted in the genealogies] ; 
d. 27 June 7 July ; add note, " Gebohren 1614 den 27ten January. 1637 
den 26t«n February vornmhlet worden. Den 27ten Juny 1655 Morgens um 2 
Uhr Todes verblichen. Gelebt 41 Jahr 5 Monat " (M.I., in Tiedemann, as in 
L8 note, 81). 134. (i). " 1580, den 12 April, zwischen 2 und 3 Uhren vor 
Mittage " (Jovius, 723). 138. (iii). " Am 5ten dieses, Nachts zwischen 10 und 

11 Uhr" (Letter, dated 26 March 1663, from Count John-Augustus of Solms, 
in Luck). 139. (ii). '' 1654, den 30 Junii Mittags um 4 Uhr" (Magnus, 218). 
141. d.SO Apr. /lO May ; add (ii). " mocxxxi d. xxx April, circiter horam xi 
meridianani " (M.I., in Biedermann, Erlduterung, 329). 146. Read Herrin 
von und zu Zelking zu Weinberg. 149. (ii). " 1605, d. 16 Febr. Morgens 
friihe kurz vor 4 Uhren. Seiner Alters im 56 Jahr 7 Monat und 1 Tag" 
(Erbach Church-register, in Luck) ; the M.I. (Schneider, Luck) gives 
the same date and age. 156. (i). " 1578, den 30 Jul. zwischen 7 und 8 
Uhren" (Entry in Count George's [149] Bible, in his autograph — Luck), (ii). 
" M on tags nach Sonntag Quinquagesima [3/13 March] 1606" (Erbach Church - 
register, in Luck). 163. The dates are old style. 164. (i). " 1610, fruhe halb 
5 Uhr den 22 Novembris damahls Donnerstags " [22 Nov./2 Dec] (Week, 
328). 176. (i). " 1609, den 23 Novembris, Abendts i vor 10 Uhr*' (Week, 328). 
196. For Christmar read Chrismar. 1121. The dates are old stvlo. 1122. 
h. 26 N0V./6 Dec; d. 21 Sep./l Oct. 1129. For 1833 read 1833'.34. Add 
" 1582 am 12 Februarii goboren. 1641 d. 2 April abendts 1 Viertel nach 
sieben Uhren ent.schlafen. Seines Alters 59 Jahr 1 Monath 13 Tage'* 
(Coffin-plate, in Halliday, 353). 1130. The dates are old style. Add " 1601 
d. 30 Julii Abendts zwischen 6 u. 7 Uhr geborn. 1617 d. 14 Decembr. 
vermalet. 1642 d. 2 Apr. verwittibt. 1659 d. 6 Maij zu Mittage um 12 
Uhr cntschlafen. Ihres Alters 57 Jahr 9 Monat 6 Tage. Ehestandes 
23 Jahr 3 Monat 20 Tage u. Wittumbs 18 Jahr 4 Wochen 4 Tage " 
(Coffin-plate, ibid.). 1135. baptized 13 March 1608/9; d. 1660. 1136. m. 16 Sep. 
1631; d. before Aug. 1648. 1137. "Gebohren den xi Junij 1583. Beylager 
den iiii Octobris 1612. Verstarb den xxv Februarij am xi Uhr gegen Mittag 
1625" (M.I., in Hocker, as in L645 note, 21: in R. G. Stillfried, as in L646 
note, 178: and in Stillfried- Rattonitz, i, Heft 5, 1856). 1149. (i). "1585, 
den 5 Martii an einem Freytage [5/15 March] aufn Abend ein wenig mehr 
als ein Viertel nach 10 Uhr" (Week, 325). 1153. d. 20/30 Aug. 1154. m.c. 

12 March 1612. 1164. (i-. " 1543, am Tag Petri und Pauli [29 June] vormittag 
bald vor 11 Uhr" (Contemp. list, as in L90 note, 337). For Berlien read 
Lackmann. (iii). " 13 Maji [13/23 May] 1614 um ein Uhr Nachmittags " (M.I., 
in Pontoppidan, as in K53 note, ii, 6). 1167. After Wiarda add Beninga, 661. 
1169. (i). " 1578, Sonntags nach Exaudi den 11 Maji, zwischen 11 und 12 Uhr 
in der Nacht" (Jovius, 710). 1170. (i). " 1584, den 14 Martii, zwischen 11 und 
12 Uhr in der Nacht" (Jovius, 724). 1171. " Vivere coepit mdxci die 
Aug. 6 . . . matrimonium iniit mdcxvi die Novemb. 30 . . . prima nativitatis 
Christi feria inter sextam et septimam pomeridianam mdclxix succumberet. 
Vixit annos Ixxviii mens, iv hebdom. ii dies v " (Coffin-plate, in Crollius, 163). 
(i). " Freytags den 6 Augusti [6/16 Aug.] friih zwischen 7 vndt 8 Uhren, 
1691 " (Geneal. of date 1626, in Crollius, 162). 1172. Omit not; for nor read 
not. (ii). "Auff Andreae den 30 9bris 1616" {Idem, in Crollius, 166). 1178. 
d. 9/19 Aug. (ii). "Den 9 Augusti des 1609 Jahrs zwischen 12 und 1 Uhr zu 
Mittag" (Jovius, 723). 1174. (i). "1579, den 1 Martii zwischen 2 und 3 
Uhren vor Mittag" (Jovius, 723). (ii). " 1595, den 30 Martii war der Sonntag 
Laetare " [30 March/9 Apr.] {Id., ibid.). 1176. " Den 4 Juni im Jahre 
1576 Nachts zwischen 1 und 2 Uhren auf diese Welt geboren, hat im 
1630 Jahre den 9 Juli um 7 Uhr Yormittags, als Ihre furstliche Gnaden 
54 Jahre 1 Monat 7 Tage und 6 Stnnden daraof geweilet, dieselbe wieder 



verlassen" (Coffin-plate, in Steinmann, 124). 1181. (i). " 1588, am 5 Sonntage 
nach Trinit. den 7 Julius [7/17 July] Nachts urn 12 Uhr*' (Varnhagen, ii, 
261). 1182. For Christmar read Chrismar. 

Kl. For Liniae read Lincae. K4. rf. 12 Jan. (Strieder, as in note 2). K8. 
For (i) read (ii). K18. (iii). "1588, den 31 Augusti, zwischen 9 und 10 
Uhren NachmittaK" (Jovius, 719). K36. (i). "1515, am Abend des heil. 
Creutzes Erfindung [2 Mav] vfifm Abend zwischen 8 vnd 9 Vhr" (Spalatinus, 
Be Liheris Alherti Ducis ' Sajconiae, 2163). K41. (i). "1532, den 24 des 
Brachmonats, zwischen acht und neun Uhrc, war uf S. Johannis Baptistfl 
Tag" (Contemp. list, as in L90 note, 336). K42. d. 17 Aug. (Aeg. Hunnius, 
Oral, funehris — Strieder). K45. " Natus mdl die viii Maii . . . vivis exoessit 
MDCiiii cUe xii Aug." (M.I., in Crollius, 123). (i). "1550 den 18 Maij inter 
12 et 1 post merid." (Beuther, 12; Crollius, 118). K4C. Read Carmina avd 
Incipis ; add " nata 1553 die 2 mens. Novembr. [obiit] 1633 die 30 mens. 
Jul." (Coffin-plate, in Crollius, 124). a). "1553, den 2 Novembris circa 6 
und 7 ante merid." ^Beuther, 16). K53. d, 9/19 Oct. (i). " Mdxliiii [J. 
1545] wor froe dag y faste, som wor then xxv dag y Martii monidt, om 
afftthenen emellwm vii och viii" {Danttk Aarhog, as in M1287 note, 296). 
K60. (i). " Montags den 19 Martii [19/29 March] nachts zwischen 12 vndt 
1 Uhren, 1593" (Geneal. of date 1626, in Crollius, 162). K61. "Natus 
MDLXXXii die Saturni v Maij hora viii minut. xxvi ante meridiem. Junctns 
matrimoniali copula mdcix die Lunac vi Novembris [6/16 Nov.]. Denatua 
MDCXXViii die Veneris xviii Julij [18/28 July] paulo ante horam vi matatinam. 
Vixisset aunos xlvi menses ii dies xiii horas xxii " (M.I., in Tiedemann, as in 
L8 note, 43). K62. " Nata mdlxxxiv xxiii Xov. Nupta mdcix die Nov. v. Denata 
MDCXXXVi die Febr. xiii [13/23 Feb.] paulo post septimam pom. cnm vixisset 
anuos Ii menses ii dies xx " (M.I., idem, 73). m. 6 Nov. [i.e. 6/16 Nov.] 
(J. Oettinger, Von der fiirstl. iviirtemberg . Hochzeit, 1610). K65. h. 29 Dec. 
(Schmidt, as in E4 additions). K73. (i). "26 Novembris vmb 12 vhren 
zu Mittag, 1547" (Billgen, 57). (ii). " KJOO, 19 August, hor. 6 vesp." (Idem, 
58). K74. For Glaucha read Glauchau. K75. (i). " Montags Naoh Miserc. 
Domini den 18 April 1575 zwischen 6 und 7 Uhren Nachmittag" (Entry in 
Count George's [149] Bible, in his autograph — Luck). K80. For Freiin read 
Herrin. K81. For George II read ''George II Henry." K91. Read Herr 
von und zu Zelking zu Weinberg; d. betw. March 1629 and 22 Apr. 1680 
(Kern, nos. 1001, 1003). Cancel note ii. K97. (i). "Vff Sontag nach 
Anthonii [19 Jan.] im 1511 ten Jare umb acht Uhren vur Mittag" ^Contemp. 
entry in mass-book, in Schneider, Urkuvden, no. 164, 8'. K108. (i). "28 
Sept. dess Nachts zwischen 9 vnd 10 vhrn, 1545 " (Billgen, 47). KlOi. (iii). 
"7 Aprilis vmb 9 vhr Vormittag, 1601 " {Id, ibid.). K112. (i). "Uff Sonntag 
Palmarum den 11 April 1557, um 1 Uhr des Morgens,*' according to her 
husband's account (Luck). K119. (i). "9 Decembris zwischen 6 vnd 7 vhrn 
Vormittag, 1576" (Billgen, 60). (ii). " 1610. am 2 Martii vmb 3 vhr Nachmittag" 
(Idem, 61). K120 note. Billgen's date is 28 Oct. K125. " Natus 27 die 
Februarii circiter horam octavam matutinam 1575. Ob. 1616 d. 81 Martii " 
(M.I., in Poutoppidan, as in K53 note, ii, 7). K125, 126, 178. The dates are 
old style. K150. m. 5 June (Strieder). K178. (iii). "8 Aug. 1651, Abends 
um 8 Uhr" (Justi, 216). K181. (i). "20 Junii dess morgens vmb 7 vhr, 
1610" (Billgen, 66). K198. Before Behr insert Strieder; for Brinkmeier 
read Brinckmeier. K241. For Saalburg read Schleiz; 6. "31 Octob. 1608, 
nachts zwischen 10 und 11 Uhr"; d. "12 Juli 1640, fruh zwischen 7 und 8 
Uhr " (Schmidt, as in E4 additions, from the Leichpredigt and the Church- 
register at Schleiz). K242. m. 21 May (Srhmidt, as in E4 additions). K26I, 
252. Before Behr insert, Ajion. Chron. Waldecc. K258. (i). " Mdxlvi, Sante 
Peders oc Powels dag, som wor then xxix dag Junij monit, om afftthenen 
mellum vii och viii" {Dansk Aarbog, as in M1287 note, 296). K262. (i). 
" Samedy, le dernier jour do mars. Tan 1576, entre les sept et buit heores 
du matin " {Memo^e des nativitis d€ mesdamoyselles de Nassau, in Delaborde, 
as in L524 note additions. 111, from the Archives of the Due de la Tr^motlle). 
K270. For 1605 and 1619 read 1605,6 and 1619/20. K274. (i). " 1568, 
den 15 Sept. hor. 5 matutin." (Lentz, 360). K276. For Glaucha read Glauchau. 
K297. (i). " 1560, den 29 Octobris friihe kurtz vor 4 Uhren " (Week, 324). 


K308. (i). " 1541, Mittwochs nach Palmamm den 13 Aprilis, zwischen 1 und 2 
Uhren in der Nacht" (Jovius, 701). K321. (iii). "1547, Sabbato post trium 
repum " (Kopmann, as in L641 note, 84). K323. (i). "Am Montag nach 
pangracii der do was der sibendzchend tag dcs monats may anno dm. etc. 
jm Lxxxxten umb zwu hor vor mittemtaj:'' " (Contemp. MS. by J. Volker, edit. 
F. Wagner, 478). K325. (ii). "1533, paa Skiertorsdagh " [10 Apr.] < Rfirdam, 
as in L644 note, i, i, 292, 366, 553) ; " 1533, Aprilis die x (jvae eadem erat bona 
qvinta, vt vulgo loqvuntur, feria sou dies coenae Dominicae inter i et ii horam 
k meridie " (Matthiae, 210^. K327. (i). " mdiv, uff sent Briccius tag den 
morgen fru tzusschin v unde vi urcn" (Gerstenberger contin., 573, Riedesel, 
69, both as in L653 note) ; " 1504, den 13ten Novembris mane dodrante post 
quintam" (Imhof, 461). (ii). "1567, am letzten Tag im Mertz Monat, des 
Abends nach vier Uhrn spath." (.4/jon. Chron. Hassiac, 420, in Kuchenbecker, 
as in L653 note, vi, 241-420). K328. (i). "1506 [i.e. 1505] am heil. Christ- 
Tage " (Spalatinus, De Liheris Alherti Duris Saxaniae, 2141). (ii). " 1524, 
Am tage Conversionis Pauli [25 Jan.] hoefif unde ehelichen kirchgaug 
gehalten " (Gerstenberger contin. ^ 574; Riedesel, 70); but this, according to 
Imhof, 462, was the date of the Ileimfuhning. (iii). *' 1549, den 15 tag 
Aprilis dos abents urn 10 uhr " {Idem, 574 and 70). K337. For den 20 
read der 20. K345. After Lentz add and in JahrbucJiei' des Ver. fur mekleti' 
burg. Gesc.h., xxxviii, 1873, 68. K345. (iii). "1558 Montag nach Nicolai den 
12 Dec6bris " (M.I., in Jahrhiicher, ibid.). K361. (ii). "6 die Augusti, circiter 
7 et 8 pomeridianam, 1588 " {Elegia of date 1588, cited by Vamhagen, 
ii, 255). 

L2. After Divae add Mariae. L6. m. 8 Feb. 1534. After (ii) add "dess 
sondagcs na lichtmissenn [8 Feb.] jm 1534 jare" (J. Berckmann, Chron., 42, 
ill G. C. F. Mohnike und E. H Zober, Stralsund. Chron., i, 1833, 1-158). 
This date has escaped the notice of genealogists. L7. Add by J. C. Pfister, 
1819-20: by B. von Kugler, 1868-72. L12. After (iii) add "1st den 1 Marzi 
anno 1552 geborn ; " after vormittag add " abgefodert worden." L15. (i). 
" Mdxxxiiii, wor froe dag wisitationis [1 July] som wor om en Onsdag hws 
for medag wild x slett" {Dansk Aurbog, as in M1287 note, 294). L21. For 
Empfangnitz read Empfangniss. L27. (ii). " 1574 am 30 Novembris des 
Morgens vmb 5 Vhr" (M.I., in Vamhagen, ii, 52). L66. For Sachs, read 
Siichs. L67. (ii). "1552 den 6 Februar" C' Daten von 1525-1564"); "1552, 
in die Dorotee virginis" [6 Feb.] (Kopmann, as in L641 note, 84). L71. (i). 
" Vierzehenhundert zwey vnnd Siebenzig Dienstag Gerdrudis " [These two 
dates coincide in 1472 — 17 March — but it appears that the year must have 
been 1473] (Spalatinus, De Liberia Alberti Dwcix Saxoniae, 2123). (ii). " 1541, 
Donnerstag nach Assuniptionis Mariae der reinen Jungfrauen [18 Aug.], 
zwischen 7 vnd 8 Vhren zu Abend " {Idem, 2162). L89. After Life insei't by 
N. von SchlichtegroU, 1850; add (ii). "11 die Junii anni 1569 circa horam 
septimam pomeridianam " (Contemp. account in SchlichtegroU, 87). L91. For 
ipsae read ipso. L92. After Maximiliani II add monumentis, etc. ; add at end 
nor " 1584" (Fugger, Hiibner, Wurzbach). L104. (i). " 1563, den 4 Octobris 
Nachmittage kurtz nach 7 Uhr" (Week, 324); add at end Halliday. L105. 
(ii). " 1559, den 1 Januarii, der klocken var 9 om afiPtenen " (Smith, Datisic 
Aarbog, as in L644 note, 645). L122. Bead seeliglichen. L128, 147. For 
Glaucha read Glauchau. L132. For Limburg read Limpurg. L138. b. 
1507 ; m. 1524. L162. b. abt. 1485. L166. For Laubach read Lich-Hohensolms. 
L179. After Behr add, Notizenblatt dei' k. Akad. der Wiasenschaften, i, 1861, 
229. L190. d. 6 Nov. 1564(M.I. at Villach). L229. Omif M.I. L232. Living 
a widow "tage Corporis Cristi [4 June] 1523" {Baltische Studien, iv, ii, 1887, 
228). Omit 1522. L356. (i). " Jeudi, le dernier jour de jnillet, I'an 
1578, unc heure apr6s midy" (Memoyre, as in K262 note additions, 175). 
L395. For Brinkmeier read Brinckmeier. L524. Life, by L. J. H., 
Comte Delaborde, 1888. (ii). The mi. c, dated " le septi^me jour de luin, 
Tan de grace xv soixante et quinze," is in Delaborde, appendix, no. 6, from 
the Archives of Orange- Nassau. L538. For 1590 read 1590/1. L540. For 
1576 read 1576/7. L642. For 27 Apr. read 26 Apr. L646. For Kalendar 
read Kalender. L649. For Mathiae read Matthiae. L665. Fw 104 read 
404. L666. For 15 July (ficire) read 8 Julv. L670. d. 1521. L689. For 


66 read 68. After note add 108. L69(). After Rolvinckon add 107 ; after M.I. 
add in Lentz, 89, and ; for ibid, read 66. L726. For Christmar read Chriflmar. 

M4. Before Colin insert T(!.«5chenninclK'r. Mil. m. 2 not 1 March. M31. 
i^or stunde m/rf standi. M32. d. lo/2.j Oct. M56. Owif Vogtin und. M132. 
note 1. 3, ^ifter 426 add ArniM?ckhiuH, as in N263 noto, 443. M184. note 1. 3, 
before Cohn iii^rrt Gobhardi ; 1. 13, omit Bciir ; after Menlius add as in L92 note. 
AI2I3. After Brunswick add and Liinebur^ in. M257. d. bt^forc 28 Feb. 1476. 
M258. JJvinpr 14 Nov. 1485. M274. For Anna read Dorothea (Schnjidt, as in 
E4 additions). M276. Catherine, llcrrin von Tcttau anf Schilbach. M279. 
For John 111 read John II. M311. For Hanau read Havnau. M338. 
b. 12 Oct. 1514. M373. (/. 14 Dec. 1565. M374. Head Schollner, Herrin 
zu Adldorf. M449. For Ortcnbur^ read Ortenberjj. M735. For 347 read 
247. M980. For livinpr read, in. bt^fore. M1084. For Mauleon read MonleoD. 
M1289. For by the Duchess read to the Electress. M1290 note, 1. 10, for 
funffczigsten read funffczi^istcn ; 1. 11, /or v read ii, v. M1336. For Dietrich 
read Dieterich. Ml 377. Before Lentz inaert Rolvincken 107, in. 

N15. Omit secundum; after 426 add Arnpeckhius, as in N263 note, 443. 
Note 16. For as in note 4<) read, Jiesclir. ilea iieschl. der Reiehgrafen vnd 
Burggrafen von Kirrhherg, 1747. Note 21. For viiteriand. read vaterland. 
Note 2(). For 1852 read 1851. Note 29. For ii read II, ii. N140. For 
uf read ufF ; for 1267 read 1247. N264. After Gc^ettingen. add 1758. 
Note 36. Before 1067 insert ii. Note 37. Add Hofmeister, as in note 3G. 
N513. For Auttig reatl AuKsig. Note 50. For Francken read Francke ; after 
i add 322-364; after 1776 add 113 . . . 182. Add Note 53. Gablknz :— N550 
is not mentioned in the g(»nealog\' of G. in Konig, as in note 64, iii, 
307-314. Note 56. Ftn- von Hurggrafen read der Burggrafen. Note 65. For 
L153 lead K77. Note 81. For Vier])eck read Viehbeck. Note 105. Add 
IV, ii, 82-83. Note 113. For 231' read 230-231. N762. For 23 Mav (twice) 
read 11 June. Note 139. Add Wurzbnch, viii, 324-348. N1992. 6. a"bt. 1519. 
N2583. Omit Anon. Tegernseensis Chron. Austriac, 470. 

|3cl)igve£ of Men. 

Compiled by G. C. Bowkr and H. W. F. Harwoop, 

{Continued from p. 199.) 


Tomb of Sir Thomas Offley in St. Andkkw's Undershaft, 


Tlie Willi of Sir Thomas Offley, dated 5 Aug 1580, contains 
the following directions as to his burial : — 

" And I will that if it shall please god to call me to his mercye 
in annye place Excepte Madeleye or some other place in StaflTord- 
shire, Then my body to he decently broughte forth and buried 
withein the parrishe of St. Andre we undershafte in London wheare 

1 P.C.C, 39 Tirwhite. 


T am a parishioner, in the myddle He of the Chauncell of the 
same Churche within the Queere uppon the Northe syde of the 
same middle He, overagainste the buriall place there of M"^ David 
VVoodroff, Aldermanne deceassed, wheare Dame Johan my late wieff 
lyethe no we buried, wheare I will some convenient Tombe shalbe 

Sir Thomas Offley's tomb has suffered at the hands of well- 
meaning church " restorers," and the coats of arms have evidently 
been displaced and re-coloured by persons innocent of heraldic 
knowledge. A representation of this monument forms the frontis- 
piece to the last volume of 7'he Gpnealo(jisty but as the inscriptions 
thereon could not be reproduced in the photograph, they have 
been printed below. At the top of the monument are three 
shields of arms. In the centre are the arms and crest of Offley, 
as borne bv Sir Thomas at the date of the Visitation of London, 
1568 : — Argent, on a cross fleurettee Azure, between four Cornish 
choughs Sable, beaked Or, membered Gules, a lion passant 
guardant of the fourth Crest — A demi-lion rampant per pale Or 
and Azure, gorged with a collar counter compony of the second 
and first, lined of the second, holding in both paws an olive 
branch Vert, fructed Gold.^ On the right, over the kneeling 
figure of Dame Joane, though perhaps originally over Sir Thomas, 
is the same coat, impaled with the arms of Nechells or Nicholls, 
which should be — Azure, on a chevron Argent, between in chief 
two eagles displayed and in base a lion piissant Or, three torteaux, 
each charged with a leopard's face of the second. This last coat 
is repeated singly in a lozenge over the figure of Sir Thomas, 
though it should probably be above that of his wife. In two 
compartments over their effigies are the dates of their respective 
deaths, 1582 and 1578. At the base of the monument are three 
more shields of arms carved in relief. That in the centre is a 

' In Add. MS. 14,295 (Brit. Mus.) appears the followinj^ :— *' This Armes 
and Crea.ste beynge over mach chardgid at tho first was altered in some 
t hinges, and confyrmed to Hugh Offeley of London, Alderman and to his 
posterytie by Robert Cooke al's Clarenti' Kinge of Armea under his hand 
and the scale of his Office bearinge date the fyrste day of September An<* 
dfii 1588, and in the 30^* yeare of the Reygne of Owre moste gratious 
Soueraygne Ladie Queene Elizabeth." By the side is a drawing of those 
arms and crest— Arg. a cross fieurettee Azure between four Cornish choughs 
(or ousella) Sable, beaked Or, memb. Gu. Crest —On a wreath Arg. and 
Az. a demi-lion nimp. Or, collared Az., holding between the paws an olive 
branch Vert, leaved Or. (See also Harl. MSS. 1,359, f. 14, and f. Ill ; 6,109, f. 9 
and Add. MS. 4,966, f. 40.) This coat appears, except that the cross in the 
arms is flory not fleurettte, and the lion in the crest is not collared, in the 
Visitation of London 1633-5 (Harl. Soc, vol. xvii, 130), where it is impaled 
with that of Harding. Sir Thomas Offley's descendants continued to bear 
the original coat (see Visitations of Staffor(lshire 1614 and 1663-4, William 
Salt Society), and presumably tho variation of tho arms was strictly confined 
to Hugh Offley and his issue. In tlu' Visitations of Surrey, as printed by 
tho Harl. Society, vol. xliii, however, the altered coat is attributed to the 
descendants of William Offley, another of Sir Thomas' half-brothers, and it 
appears on the monument of a descendant of this branch at Offley, co. Herts 
(see ante, p. 55, note 2). 


curious jumble of the arms of the Merchant Taylors' Company of 
Ix)ncIon, and those of the Taylors' Company of Chester (v^ide 
Papworth, p. 1111), and may be blazoned thus : — Or. a royal tent 
between two parliament robes Gules, lined erminois, the tent 
garnished of the last ; on a chief Azure, a holy lamb couchant 
within (?) rays of the sun Gold On the right below the figure 
of Dame Joane is a coat which appears to be as follows : — 
Azure, three bars wavy Or, a ship under full sail Arg., on her 
sail St. George's cross, all between three bezants ; a chief of the 
second, on a pale between two roses Gules, a lion passant guardant 
Gold. These arms are evidently intended for those of the Russia 
Merchants' Company (vide Papworth, p. 1092). On the left beneath 
8ir Thomas is the coat of the Merchants of the Staple — Barry 
nebulee Or and Azure, on a chief Gules, a lion passant guardant 
of the first (vide Papworth, p. 563). 

Between the etRgies of 8ir Thomas and his lady are the figures 
of their three sons, also kneeling. Just above these is the 
following inscription : — 







Below the effigies of the three sons is a longer inscription : — 

[ntomed in this monument here rests a worthy wight, 
president Alderman sometyme Maior S*" Thomas Ofley knight, 
in Staiiord Ixirne, wh(rse liberal nes y^ towne dotli seme to knowe 
►Such were the henefitts one tliem y^ there he did bestowe. 
A father grave, a consull wise, good counsell for to give, 
for eightye twoe yeares, in good fame, he semed here to live 
this knight in mariage w^^* one wyfe, fiftye twoe yeares owt spent, 
dame J one her name in tombed here ; three sonns ye lord them sent 
of which it pleased god above by death to call for twoe 
Henry doth lyve his fathers heyr, god graunt him well to doe. 
Of marchaunt taylors he was free, tlie staplers chefest staye 
his dealing iust, for whome the i)oor continually do pray. 

Tomb of William Offley, formerly in St. Peter's Church, 


The will of William Oflley of London (fourth son of William 
Offlev, of Chester, bv his second wife, and half brother of Sir 
Thomas),^ dated 21 Dec. 1600, contains the following clause: — 

*' Item I will that my Executors within One yeare next after 
my decease shall cawse to be made and set upp in some con- 

' P.C.C, 7G Wallop. See aute, p. 51. 


veniente place of the parishe of Sainte Peeter in Chestar aforesaid 
there still to remayne one faire table of white Allyblaster and 
black marble which shall cost Thirtie or ffortie poundes of lawfull 
money of England or there aboute wherein shalbe fairely engraven 
as well the picture of my ffather and mother withall their children 
as allso such wordes and sentences wrvtten in flfaire letters as 
shalbe though te meete and agreable eyther for memorie or edifica- 
tion to be set downe by the discretion of my Executors uppon 
the same monumente." 

There is no trace now of any such monument in the Church 
of St. Peter, but in the churchwardens* accounts of that parish 
occur the following entries ^ : — 

1627. Paid for two pound of black for the Offley's tombe & 
for mending other things about the said tombe, ii* v<*. 

1631. 14*»> flfer 1631 to John Walker for glasse over M' Offley's 
tomb, 8» 0. 

1638. John Annion <fe Thomas Malbone for putting up the Offley's 
monum*, I*. 

Ashmole has, however, fortunately preserved a copy of the 
inscription upon the monument,^ which runs as follows: — 

In St. Peter's Church in Chester. 

Under the East window of the South lie, is a faire Alablaster 
Monument Erected ; w^*' the portraiture of a Man <fe Woman 
kneeling, under whome is this Inscripcon cut : — 

Here lyeth the body of William Offley sometymes Sheriff of 
this Citty, to whome by two wives, | God gaue for yssue 26 
Children, among whom S' Thomas Offley his eldest son by his 
first I wife Elizabeth Dillorne, attained to the dignity of Lord 
Maior of London; his second son John Offley, to | the Mairoltie 
of this Citty, an® 1553, to whome also by his second wife, 
Elizabeth Wright' among other | was borne Hugh Offley, Alder- 
man of London, who by his last will, gaue unto the Corporacon 
of this Citty 200^*, with an yearely rent of 5** to the releife of 
young Traders, *k the poore of the same. And | his eldest son 
by the same wife Robert Offley of London, by his last will gaue 
600** to this I Citty, for the like godly uses <fe releife of the 
poore, with an yearely exhibition of 5' toward f the trayning | of 

* The^e entries have been communicated by the Rev. F. Tilney Stonex, 
Rector of St. Peter's, Chester. 

' Ashmole MS. (Bodleian Libraiy, Oxford), 854, p. 280. 

' See Qenealogist, N.S., xix, p. 217, note 5, and p. 222, note 1. The 
information ^vcn above, taken in connection with the will of William 
Rogerson (P.C.C, 17 Ayloffo) seems almost conclusively to show that the 
Offley Manuscript is in error here, and that Elizabeth was daughter of 
William Rogerson, and relict of one Wright. Richard Wright was Sheriff 
of Chester 1490, and Mayor 1502, 1509; Robert Wright was Sheriff 1516 
(Helsby's Ormerod). 


some learned divine, being the son of a freeman of this Citty, in 
the uniusity of Oxford or Cambridge \ w^** 5^ towai"df his Charge 
commencing M*" of Art(* in either of the said Schooles. 

On the left hand, behinde the Statue of W" Offley are the 
figures of his sons & Daughters by his first wife, «fe under them 
this Inscripcon : — 

Quisquis es hoc nostrum spectabis amice sepulchrum 
Mortis vive tuae, semper et ipse memor. 

Non te divitia?, non vis, prudentia, non te 
iMortis ab imperio protegat ullus honos. 

Hie status instabilis, via devia, mortua vita est 
humundus mundus, bis humus omnis homo. 

Invigilans igitur plena cum lampade, semper 
Disce mori nmndo vivere disco Deo. 

( )n the riglit liand under the figures of his other Sons «k 
daughters, is cut this Inscripcon : — 

He had also by his second wife William Offley, j a wor** 
Cittizen of I^ondon, Si Marchant | of the Staple ; who had by 
Anne Offley 15 ('hildrcn ; who being blessed with greate wealth, 
by his last | will, gauo 300' to this Citty, being the place | of 
his natiuity, to the benifit of young Traders ; | Si oi*dained the 
ereccon of tliis Monum* | according to the disci*econ of Anne 
Offley I his loving wife it P^xecutrix, who faithfully accomplished j 
the same, in tlie veare of o*^ Lord 1602. 

At tlie head of tlie monument when Ashmole's copy was taken 
there still remained three shields of Arms, one being the coat of 
the Merchants of the Staple, as depicted on the tomb of Sir Thomas 
Offley, and another that of the City of Cliester. The third shield 
appears to be a sword in pale, i)oint upwards, Iwtween three garbs 
(no tinctures). 


The pedigree of this branch of the Offley family is somewhat 
obscure, and its connection with the main stem is not at present 
apparent. That sucli a relationship did exist is probable, for as 
has been stated above in a footnote on p. 83, Mary, daughter 
of David Offley, was on the 8^^ October, 1668, licenced to marry 
Arthur Ward,' of Hinton, co Salop, a member of a family from 
whom, by a subsequent intermarriage, this branch of the Offleys 
acquired the Hinton estate. For the following pedigree the 
compilers are indebted to Sir Offley Wakeman, Hart., in whose 
family it has been for some generations: — 

^ Arthur Ward did not, as »iid by mistake in the footnote on page 83, 
die before this murriapfo was celebrated, but the alliance was abandoned 
for some unknown reason. 



First wife.=f William Offley, Sheriff t=. . . d.iu. of R. Roger8on,=J. Wilde, second 

of Chester 1517. 

second wife. 


William, Mer-=]r- 
chant of Lon- 

John, Mayor 
of Chester 

Hugh, Aldomian- 
of London. 

Robert, ob. s.p. 

Thomas, of Ince,= 
CO. Chester, 1594. 

Sir Thomas,^ 
Lord Mayor 
of London. 


1 — I — I 



Henry, son 
and heir. 

John, ofn^Jano (?), who died at Hulme House, 
Ince. Cheshire, 1667. 

Joseph, d.= 




"I I 

Martha. — R. War ter. Robert,=r Elizabeth Ward, 

d. Oct. dau. and heiress of 

1697. Arthur Ward, of 

Hiuton, CO. Salop. 


John, d. 1704. 

Frances, d. a 
spinster 1690. 

Ward Offley, of Hinton,=rUr8ulaPayne, of Weston, ~S. Topp,.of Whitton, Salop, 

d. 1715. 

CO. Salop. 

second husband. 

Richard Ward Offley, ofT=Sarah Penbury (dau. of George Penbury), of 
Hinton, d. 1762. I Wotherton and Rorrington, Salop. 

Ward Offley, 
ob. s.p. in 

Sarah Offley, of "Henry Wakeman, of Perdiswell, co. Wor- 
Hinton, d. 1843. cester (afterwards Sir Henry Wakeman, 


The upper part of this pedigree, though it shows considerable 
knowledge of tlie connections of the founder of the Offley family, 
is manifestly incorrect, as will be seen by a perusal of what has 
been already printed. Thomas, the eldest surviving son of Alderman 
Hugh Offley, was a considerable merchant trading between London 
and Germany, and was in 1594 presumably residing not at Ince 
in Cheshire, but in London, for on the 10 Nov. of that year his 
son, Hugh, was baptized at St. Andrew's Undershaft. Nor could 
the Joseph who appears in the above pedigree, and is there 
said to have died 1665, liave been his son, for the confirmation 
of arms granted by Ilyley to Francis Offley in 1654' proves that 
the latter was the only son then living of this Thomas Offley. 

The parish registers of Ince for the period in question are 
unfortunately not in existence, but a careful examination of the 
episcopal transcripts at Chester has yielded this meagre result : — 

1615. Thomas Offley, buried \A^^ September. 

1637-8. Joseph Offley, gentleman, and Elizabeth Gillibrand, married 

9*-** February. 
1662. M" Mary Ophley, buried 27^»» September. 

^ See antCj p. 86, note 3. 



On the 2 1'* Feb. 1676-7, was proved in P.C.C. (22 Hale) the 
following will, which, notwithstanding the discrepancy in dates, 
may be that of the Joseph Offley in Sir Offley Wakeman's pedigree. 

Memorandum that on or about the 14*^ «k 15*** Aug. 1676 
Joseph Offley, late of the Day house in the parish of Meole 
Brace ats Brace Meole in co Salop gent, made his will nuncupative. 
To my dau. Frances £350. The i*e8t of my estate to my son 
Robert Offley, whom I make executor. Witnesses, Rich. Warter, 
M A., Vicar of Meole Brace, Mart : Warter. 

The above particulars have been printed in the hope that 
further research may throw light upon this, the chief unsolved 
problem of the Offley pedigree.^ 


(Continued from p. 207.) 

Aug. 8. 


Mr. Lestock Wilson, Chief Mate "York," Indiaman, & 

Miss Bonne Hoileau. 
Joshua Crampton it Mary Herbert, native ^'^" of India. 
The Rev. Mr. William Bainbrigge, Chaplain, & Elizabeth 

Well ton. 
William Hcwish it Jane Glyn. 
Benjamin Sheet it Nancy, a native of India. 


John Penny *"^ <\j Elizabeth Baine, native of India. 
Michael Richold it Elizabeth Haines Ireland. 
John Ingle tt Sukey Smith. 
John Lamb & Mary Woods, native of India. 
Duncan Campbell <fe Mary Blinkford, native of India. 
Robert Dinham &, Catherine Mcintosh. 
Joseph Burghall & Arlia, a native of India. 
Francis Lloyd <k Juliana Levieur. 

* It may here be noted that there are still some members of the Offley fiunily 
whoso exact place on the podijrree cannot be as yet ascertained. Among 
these is a certain " John Offleye servaunt withe David Rogers grocer dwellinge 
uppon London bridge," to whom Sir Thomas Offley by his will left all the 
houses and tenements in the City of Chester which he bonght of Thomas 
Langleye and William Lnngleye, his brother. 

^~ The word native means that the parties were born in India. They 
might be of European blood or mixed parentage. 

*'** John Penny was schoolmaster, St. Mary's School ; buried Nov. 25, 1781. 
























1 jt 

mo V 


Aug. 9. Lieutenant Johnson Kennedy,^*^* Hon. Company's Service, 

ik Mrs. Jennett Bencorit, widow, were married in the 
Blacktown of Madras, by W. Bainbrigge, Chaplain. 
Aug. 29. Lieutenant William Kenny, Hon. Company's Service, & 

Mrs. Martha Cumings. 
Mr. Samuel Taner^^^ »fe Miss Mary D'Auvergne. 
Ensign John James Durand '^^ & Miss Anne Bromley. 
William Stanley & Anne Tyscott, native of India. 
Benjamin Jackson & Ann Rickson, native of India. 
Thomas Bewley Si Elizabeth Jacobs, native of India. 
Edward Mordick <k Mary Hailes, native of India (signed 


William Cherrington &, Clarinda Shaw, 

Captain Henry Hagan, Hon. Company's Service, tk Mrs. 

Anne Carriere, widow, married at Madras. 
Joseph Raester & Mary Page, native of England. 
Robert Duncan Munro,^®^ Esq., & Miss Elizabeth Esther 

Williamson, married at Madras. 
Thomas Elliot Ogilvie, Esq., ik Mi-s. Hannah Pasley,^^ 

John Haines »k Elizabeth Rosarah. 
Patrick Hay, Captain Bengal Establishment, *k Miss 

Sarah Dash wood . 
John Dutton *k Margaret Booth, wid. 
John Chambers & Ann Ratcliffe. 
Paul Farthing ik Mary Hellins. 

Thomas Davis,^^^ Esq., & Mrs. Eliza Clifton, widow. 
John Moore Si Nona Joes. 
John Lloyd & Johanna Eyley. 
Jacob Newberry & Charlotte Collins. 


John Centre »k Elizabeth Swebb. 
John Beck with «k Elizabeth Williams. 
Alexander Bell tk Hannah Ryanah. 
Thomas Wheeler & Ann Mary Anne. 
John Wonnebank tk Elizabeth Margery. 
William Abbott ^^^ «k Ann Rogers. 
William Clawson & Arvias Susannah. 

»^ Colonel, 11th Native Infantry, in 1805. 

*" Buried Jan. 14, 1789, as Lieutenant. 

*"* Buried Dec. 24, 1822, as Major- General, aj^od 62 years. Monument, St. 
Mary's Cemetery. Marriajfe performed in the presence of John James Durand, 
Colonel, and John James Durand, Captain. See Sep. 29, 1789. 

**** Buried in the churchyard, Cuddalore, Old Town, Sep. 18, 1794. Senior 
Merchant, Hon. Company's Service. 

*'' Widow of Gilbert Paslev and dau. of . . . Dash wood. (See Sep. 6, 
1778, ante p. 206). 

*** Surgeon, buried Apr. 24, 1788. 

**** Of the European firm, Abbott & Maitland. 
















































July 5. James Hayes it Catherine Hitchen. 

July 5. John Austin tt Panchas, a native. 

July 30. Mr. Job Bui man ^^' ct Miss Sophia Palling. 

Au<5. 16. .John McCormick it Agnes Moland, wid. 

Aug. 16. Nathaniel l^)y<l .t Jane Hockley, widow. 

Aug. 25. Colonel Turner Straubenzee tk Miss Elizabeth Thompson. 

They were married at St. Thome, by W. Bainbrigge, 

Aug. 28. Lieutenant John Wickens i^' &, Miss Matilda Maule. 
Sept. 6. Thomas Marks A- Elizal)eth Akin. 
Sept 11. Captain Robert Scouler it Miss Elizabeth Bellew. 
Oct. 1. Lieutenant James Caldwell *k Mrs. Frances Manoury,*^ 

Oct. 25. William Jones it Elizabeth Clark. 
Nov. 8. George Humber it Elizabeth Evan.s. 
Nov. 8. Jolin l^ancraft Si Jane Honeywoo<l, wid. 
Nov. 15. James Pean Porter'^-' kV Martha Clark, wid. 


Jan. 22 John floss i^ Mar}' Phenie, wid 

Feb 28. Samuel Gruked X- Sarah McKenzie. 

Mar. 17. James Burn & Chatteye Walden. 

June 12. Thomas Adamson '-^'^ it Ann Hutchinson. 

June 30. John Handlan it Ann King. 

July 3. Thomas Levton it Catherina, a native 

July 21. Captain John Rogers it Miss Jane Merigin. 

Sept. 25. Lieutenant Charles Thewles '-'^ it Miss Frances Churchill 

Oct. 23. John Broad bridge it Maria, a native 

Nov. 6. Augustin Carvalho it Mariana De Monte. 

Nov. 27. John Wvllie it Juliana Groom. 


Jan. 18. William George Wasey '•'- it Mrs. Hannah Johnson, wid. 

Mar. 12. James Austin*'*'^ it Elizalx^th Bowlsworth. 

April 15. Abell Penn ^^^ it Catherine Blackensdorffer. 

April 23. Lieutenant John Greene it Mrs. Jane Hewish, wid. 

*** Surgeon ut Fort St. George. Returned to Kngland and lived at Cox 
Lodge, Northuniberlsind. See iiionuinont, St. Mary's Cemetery, to his son 
Thomas, Captain Hon. East India Company's Service. His wife was dau. 
of Thomas and Eh'zabeth l*elling, and was Imried Mar. 22, 1788, aged 24 years 
and 5 months. 

^^ Madras Engineers, died at Madras 1789. 

*** Widow of Lieut(?nant Isaac Manoury. 

'"^ J. P. Porter was a European who was taken prisoner by the French on 
his way out to India on H.M.S. " Coventry." Afterwards parish clerk and 
schoolmaster, St. Mary's School. 

^^ Buried July 6, 1794, aged 40; his wife Ann was buried May 11, 1810, 
aged 50. Monument, St. Mary's Cemetery. 

^^^ Hon. Company's Artillery, buried Dec. 81, 1784, in 29th year. Monament, 
St. Mary's Cemetery. 

^^ Of the Company's Service, E8<i. 

^•^ A European. Came out as soldier, 1782. 

'■*^ European; Conductor. 

























































Thomas Fisher it Elizabeth Co(ld. 

Abraham Williams ^^^ tt Dominga De Souza. 

Benjamin Bishop &, Margaret Mackintosh. 

Joseph Wall & Reginah Alexander. 

Thomas Linell S: Elizabeth Young. 

William Fanton iV: Mary Hyslop. 

Hugh Jones it Elizabeth Tusbury. 

Captain Adam Olegg it Miss Elizabetli Jones. 

John Chamier,'^"' Esq., S: Miss Georgina Grace Burnaby. 

William Willson it Francisco Primo. 

Francis Lind,'-*" Es(|., it Miss Ann Cooper. 

Thomas Castor it Elizabeth Brannoy. 

John Whitnev ik Mary Humphries. 

Francis Savage it Eleanor Peyton. 

Colonel Joseph M(X)rhouse ''•'^ it Miss Augusta Boisdaune. 

John Matthewson it Susanna St. Padro. 

Frederick Vicount it Mary Lucy. 

William Sutherland it Leonora Sackery. 

John Wiltshire it Mary Pivey. 

Henry Chichley Michell, Esq., it Miss Catherine Anna 

Finley, were married at .Madapollam, by Wm. Duif, 

Resident (Commercial). 
Hugh Mackoy it Ann Cleritchie. 
Robert Ridley it Johannah Elliss. 


Ensign Dennis Montague Halford it Miss Sarah Palmer, 
were married at Masalipatam, by Anthony Sadleir, 

Duncan Mcintosh & Jenet McLean, wid. 

Humphrey Martans & Annah Robertson. 

Robert Peirson it Jane Scawan. 

James Pearson it Mary Whare. 

Thomas T^ney ^''^ it Elizabeth Payne. 

George Henry Fotheringham & Sarah Fookes. 

Thomas Oakes,-^^ Rsq., it Miss Elizabeth Ann Cosby. 

Robert Woolf,-*^' Esq., it Miss Ann .Maria Smart. 

Abraham Rass-^- it Mary Ann Henderson. 

John Dugan it Jane Bois (also .spelt Boyes). 

Thomas Vaisey it Sarah Mann. 

** A St. Mary's Vestry orphan ; writing master and sexton ; buried 1807, 
a^red 42. 

*** Hon. Comjmny's Service ; Member of Council in 1805. 

**^ Lieutenant, Hon. Kast Indian Com))any'8 Service. 

*** Killed at siege of Bangalore. Monument in St. Mary's Church. 

**• A Kuropean ; came out in service of General Dalling, 1785; opened retail 
merchant's business at Trichinopoly ; died of apoplexy there, Feb. 1789. 

** Came out 1770, in Comj anv's Service. His wife was dau. of Captain 
Henry A. M. Cosby and Klizabe'th, bap. Dec. 23. 1766. 

*'• In Company's Service. His wife was, jK^rhaps, dau. of John Smart, 
portrait painter, who came out with his dau. in 1785. 

** Conductor at Bellar^'. 

























Henry Harris, Esq., it Miss Jane Charles. 

Alexander Clark Sl Ann Smith. 

Thomas Irwin &. Mary Ann Peggy. 

Peter Miller it Elizabeth Wood. 

Richard Boulton <k Ann Arry. 

William Dennis it Ann Gill. 

James Tapsall it Matilda Goodchild. 

Lieutenant John Hammond i^' Miss Antonietta Kennedy. 

William Bartley & Charlotte Swahab. 

William George & Jane Rose. 

John Thomson tt Margaret Thomson. 

Volume II. 

Colonel Henry Malcolm ct Miss Charlotte Ramsay. 

Thomas Horne-^^^ ct Sarah, a native. 

Peter Alconda tt Catherine Stockman. 

Stephen Humphries *k Sarah Skinner. 

John Balfour -^'^ it Jane Lamb. 

Hugh Hughes it Elizabeth King. 

Daniel Orr it Jane Castles. 

Alexander Wilson Sc Ann Hayley. 

Frederick Carstens tt Mary Little. 

Richard Gardiner it Mary White. 

John Bapthist it Mary More. 

Thomas Smith it Elizabeth Crowse. 

Captain William Godfrey it Miss Elizabeth I^eake. 

Lieutenant Robeit Bell ct Miss Sarah Sydenham. 

James James i^- Catherine Munuck. 

Major Thomas Trent it Miss Mary Seale. 

Thomas Chase, Esq., «fe Miss Ann Rand. 

William Collins Jackson, Esq., it Mrs. Jane Stewart, 

John Tilford, Sergeant, it Elizabeth Jones, widow. 
Cuthbert Darnton & Lucy Woolvin. 
Josias Du Pre Porcher, Esq., it Miss Charlotte Burnaby. 
Thomas Graygoos, Sergeant, & Elizabeth Sewell. 
John Krskine, Esq., it Miss Maria Coleman. 
James I^mbert i^ Hannah Graham. 


Robert Miller it Janet Roy, wid. 

Mr. John Maclean *-"^ it Miss Mary Penelope Stringer. 
Mr. James Smith it Susannah Foster, widow. 
John O'Neal, Sergeant, & Isabella Horn. 

^^ European ; private soldier. 

*" A European ; sergeant ; surveyor in 1805. 

^"^ He came out a soldier in the 73rd, afterwards the 71 at Regiment. 
Taken prisoner by the French ; released ; arrived at Madras ; obtained hi« 
discharge. Became writer to the Secretary of the Military Board, 











































































































William Case <fe Jane Duggan. 

Mr. John HaU'-'^ St Miss Marianne Courpalais. 

Robert Templeton & Hannah Cross. 

Thomas Jones ■''^'' tk Bastianna Harrington, widow. 

Archibald Montgomery Campbell, Esq., & Miss Ann 

Charles Ford & Anne Stone. 
Daniel Hughes & Margaret Connoly. 
James Ware & Charlotte Monnock. 
William Fisher & Martha Stiff. 
George Harrison ik Elizabeth Sams. 
Robert Riddle ik Jane Ekl wards. 
John Francis *fe Elizabeth Gill. 
Thomas Pearce, Esq., xV Miss Mary West.*^ 
Edward Robinson & Mary Miller. 
James Landon, Esq , Sl Miss Margaret Maria Dent. 
John Hennesey, Corporal, & EHizabeth Wheeler, widow. 


Robert Clerk, Esq., k Miss Ann Taylor. 

Mr. Cuthbert Darnton & Mrs. Elinor Bragg. 

John Bi'own, Sergeant- Major 52nd Regiment, & Elizabeth 

Davidson, widow. 
Charles Fowling k Mary Wooton, native. 
Daniel Reid & Helena Suddess. 
Samuel Baker *k Klizabetli Smith. 
Michael Level tk Aurora Arnal. 
John Everitt & Ann Long. 

Joseph Greenhill,*-^ Esq., «k Miss Caroline Whittall. 
William Tomlinson «k Margaret Richardson, widow. 
James Sharpe & Domingia Harley. 
Captain Robert Tutt & Mrs. Catherine Judson, wid. 
Captain John Murray ik Miss Ann Chase. '-^^^ 
Captain Elias Terrof^^^ *k Miss Mari Anne Fonteneau. 
Benjamin Branfill, Esq., tk Miss Mary Whittall. 
Ensign Henry Evans k Miss Ann Emily Frances Kenny. 
Captain John Alexander Bannerman '^^^ <& Miss Ann West. 

(To he continued.) 

** Arrived 1780, beachmaster ; Deputy Master Attendant in 1788. 

^ European ; auctioneer, afterwards partner in the firm of Branson, 
Jones & Co. 

^"^ Dau. of James West and Ann, dau. of John De Morgan. She married 
secondly Thomas Parry. She was baptised Oct. 11, 1765. 

*'' Hon. East Indian Company's Service, 1781 — 1811 ; died at Madras June 18, 
1811. His wife was sister of Lieutenant Richard Whittall. She was buried 
Dec. 17, 1792, aged 19. Monument, St. Mary's Cemetery. 

^^^ She died 30 Dec. 1811, aged 56, and was buried in Kensington Church. (See 
her M.I. in Faulkner's " Kensington.") Her husband became Lieut.-Colonel. 

«" Buried Apr. 26, 1792. " Brought from Bangalore "—Burial Register. 

*" Afterwards Governor of Penang, where he died. His wife was dau. 
of James West and Ann, dau. of John De Morgan. She was baptised Feb. 9, 
1769; died June 1833. 





























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00 cq 



Contributed by Arthur J. Jewbrs, F.S.A. 
(Continiied from p. 209.) 

Lrader (or Leder), Oliver, of Great Stoughton, co. Hunts, gent. Gr. 
by Sir C, Barker, Garter. Or, on a fess Sa. betw. three ogresses 
each charged with an escallop Arg., a lion's head erased enclosed 
by two boars' heads couped of the first ; all within a bord. eng. 
Az. Crest — A cubit arm vested bendy of four Gu. and Vert, 
in the hand ppr. a branch of rosemary of the last flowered of 
the first. Stowe MS. 693. 

Leake, The Right Hon. Sir Francis, Knt. and Bart., created 
Baron Deincourt, of Sutton, co. Derby. Conf. of arms, gr. of 
supporters and impalement certified by Sir W. Segar, Garter, 
14 Nov. 9 Ch. I. Arg. on a sal tire eng. Sa., nine annulets Or; 
imp. — Arg. on a bend Sa. three roses of the field. Crest — A 
peacock's tail displ. ppr., sustained by two doves Or, wings 
elevated. Supporters — Two angels vested ppr. Motto — Da 
gloriam deo. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Leake, John, Rear Adm. R.N. Pat. 7 April 1713. Or, on a 
sal tire eng. Az., five annulets Arg. ; on a canton Gu. a tower 
of the third. Crest — A cannon on its carriage ppr. (Spelt 
Lake in the MS.) Stowe MS. 716. 

Leat, Nicholas, of London, s. of Nicholas Leat, of Horsley, co. 
Derby. Pat. 13 Dec. 1616. Arg. on a fess Gu., betw. three 
grenades Sa. fired ppr. a lion pass. Or. Crest — On a mural 
coronet Or, a beacon Sa. fired ppr. betw. two wings Az. Harl. 
M«. 1,441; Stowe MS. 707. 

Lee, Elizabeth, dau. of John Lee, of Stamford, co. Line, and w. 
of Sir John Lyon, late of Ix)ndon, Knt. and Alderman. Conf. 
by Sir G. Dethick, 6 Oct. 1564. Az. on a fess cotised Or, three 
leopards' faces Gu., all within a bord. componee Sa. and Erm. 
Harl. MS. 1,441; Stowe MS. 703. 

Lee, John, late of co. Devon, now of Lyon's Inn, and to the desc. 
of liis father John Lee, of Ottery St. Mary, co. Devon. Gr. by 
J. Anstis, Garter, and Knox Ward, Clar., 10 April. 1729. Arg. 
a fess counter componee Az. and Or, betw. six billets Sa., all 
within a bord. eng. Gu. Crest — On a mount Vert, a lamb couch, 
regard, ppr., on the breast a trefoil slipped of the first. Add. 
MS. 14,831. 

Lee, Richard, of Hickham [sic], co. Midd. Pat. by R. Cooke, 
Clar., 1592. 1 and 4, Gu. three chevs. Or; 2 and 3, Arg. three 
eagles Gu., (?) Sa. Crest — A cock Or, comb and wattle Gu. 
Add. MS. 4,966 ; Harl. MS. 1,359. [In Harl. MS. 1,359 there 
are two entries which differ slightly ; in the first the place is 
" Kickham," in the second " Hickham." Neither name occurs 
in Kelly's " Directory of Middlesex." Tlie eagles in one entry 
are Gu., in the other Sa.] 


Lee, Sir Richard, of Sopwell, co. Herts. His first grant was, Arg. 
three pellets enclosed by two chevronels, betw. three wells Az., 
on a chief Sa., a lion pass, of the first, armed and langued 
Gu. Crest — A castle Gu., from the battlements a demi-lion 
ramp. Arg. But this coat was changed as hereafter appeareth for 
his military services at Boulogne, 4 Oct. 36 Hen. VIII, viz.. Per 
chev. Or and Gu., in chief two lions combatant Sa., armed and 
langued of the second. Crest — An arm emb. in armour ppr., 
garnished Or, the gauntlet grasping a broken sword Arg., hilt 
and pommel of the second, the blade inflamed Grold and Gu. 
Motto— Fero et flama. Stowe MS. 692. 

Lee, Robert, of Lee, Alderman of London. Conf. by W. Dethick, 
Garter, 20 Dec. 1593. This Robert was son of Humphrey Lee, 
descended from Reginald Lee, chief patron and founder of the 
parish church of I.«ee, in Staffordshire. Arg. a fess Sa. betw. 
two ogresses in chief and a martlet in base of the second. 
Crest — A hound's head erased Arg., langued Gu., collar and line 
Az. HarL MS. 1,359; Add. MS. 14,295; Stowe MS. 676. 

Leeke, Thomas, of Gray's Inn, and of Shropshire. Pat. by Sir W. 
Segar, Garter. 1 and 4, Arg. a chief Gu., over all a bend eng. 
Az., on the chief a fleur-de-lis for diff. 2 and 3, Or, on a bend 
Gu. three crescents of the first. Crest — A man's leg couped at 
the thigh Arg., gartered Az., standing among blades of grass Vert, 
on the leg a fleur-de-lis Gu. for diff. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Legge, Robert, Esq., of London, Treasurer " of the shyppes." 
Barry wavy of ten Arg. and Az., three bezants, two and one, 
each charged with a fleur-de-lis Gu. Crest — Two shiere hooks 
addorsed Or, pellettee, entwined with a dolphin Az. langued 
Gu. (Query if not an anchor with four flukes.) Stowe MS. 692. 

Legh, John, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Hilton, co. Dorset. His 
ancient crest — A cock with a ram's head. His new crest, gr. by 
Sir C. Barker, Garter — A cockatrice displ. Az., armed Gu., 
gorged with a bar gemell Or, comb of the last. Stowe MS. 692. 

Leicester or Leyster, Sir Ralph, Lord of the Manor of Tofte, co. 
Chester. Gr. by G. Dethick, Norroy, 15 May, 2 Edw. VI. Sa. 
on a fess eng. Arg., betw. three doves rising of the second, 
beaked and legged Or, a leopard's face Az., enclosed by two 
covered cups Gu. Crest — On a mount Vert a roebuck tripp. per 
pale Or and Gu., attired and hoofed counterchanged, in its moath 
a slip of oak leaved of the first, with three acorns of the second. 
Harl. MS. 1,359; Stowe MS. 676. 

Leigh, Gilbert, of Preston, co. York, younger s. of Sir John Leigh, 
of Boothes, s. of Sir William Venables, by Agnes, dau. and h. of 
Richard Leigh, of High Leigh. His descendants long continued. 
Az. two bars Or, surmounted by a bend Gu. Harl. MS. 1,536. 

Leigh, Peter, of Bechton, fourth s. of Sir John Leigh, of Boothes, 
s. of Sir William Venables, by Agnes, dau. and h. of Richard 
Leigh, of High I^igh. He mar. Agnes, dau. and h. of Philip 
Bechton, and left one dau. and h. Margaret, mar. to Thomas 
Fitton, of Gawsworth, 49 Edw. III. Az. two bars Arg., o'' all 
on a bend Gu. three pheons of the second. 


Leigh, Richard, of High Leigh, Esq., now living and father of 
Richard Leigh. Conf . by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 3 Dec. 1 580, of 
previous grant of 20 July 1556. I, Arg. a lion ramp. Gu. II, 
Gu. a pale of fusils Arg. Ill, Gu. a chev. betw. three lozenges 
Arg. IV, As I. Crest — A cubit arm erect vested paly of four 
Or and Gu., cuff Arg., the hand ppr. holding the parts of a 
broken tilting spear of the first, head of the thiiti. Harl. MSS. 
1,359 and 1,4-11 ; Stowe MS. 703. 

Leigh, Sir Thomas, Lord Mayor of London 1558. Gu. a cross eng. 
Arg., in dexter chief a lozenge of the second. Crest — A 
unicorn's head couped Or. Harl. MS. 1,463. [See ped. in Harl. 
Soc. Publications, vol. i, p. 11, which is from this MS.] 

Leigh, William, of Sutton, Surrey. Gr. July 1609. Or, on a chev. 
Sa. three lions ramp. Arg., in dexter chief an annulet of the 
second. Crest — On a mount Vert a lion couch, gard. Arg., 
charged with an annulet Sa. Harl. MS. 6,059 ; Stowe MS. 706. 

Leigh, . . . , of . . . , co. Chester. Pat. by R. St. George, Norroy. 
I, Az. two bars Arg., surmounted by a bend compony Or and 
Gu. II, Arg. a lion ramp. Gu. Ill, Az. a chev. betw. three 
coronets Or. IV, Gu. three cross-crosslets fitch^ Or, a chief of 
the last. V, Az. a bend Or, within a bord. Erm. VI, Arg. a 
cross pat^ fleury Sa. Crest — A unicorn's head couped Arg., 
mane, tuft and horn Or. Add. MS. 5,524. 

Lello, . . . , of . . . , CO. Hereford. Pat. by Sir W, Segar, 
Garter. Erm. on a canton Gu. a cross moline Or. Crest — A 
gem ring Or, stone Gu., entwined with a serpent nowed Vert. 
Add. MS. 12,225. 

Leman, John, of London, Alderman. Pat. 25 Jan. 1615. Az. a fess 
betw. three dolphins naiant Arg. Crest — A lemon tree Vert, 
fructed Or, therein a pelican Arg., on its nest of the last. Harl. 
MS. 6,059; Stowe MS. 706. 

Le March ant, ^ William, of the Isle of Guernsey, s. of Josiaa, s. of 
James, s. of Eleazar, s. of Thomas Le Marchant, Gent., of 
Guernsey, sprung from the generation of Peter Le Marchant, of 
Guernsey, Gent. Cert, from Sir T. St. George, Garter, and Sir 
H. St. George, Clar., 27 May 1683. Az. a chev. Or, betw. 
three owls Arg., legs of the second. Crest — From a coronet 
Gu. an owFs leg erect, talons upwaitl. Or. Stowe MSS. 714 
and 716. 

Lemitaire, George, of the City of Westminster, Esq., son of 
Thomas, s. of Nicholas Lemitaire, who came forth of Normandy 
by an ancient descent. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest 14 June 
4 Jas. I. Per chev. Sa. and Arg. three Catherine wheels countei^ 
changed. Crest — A demi-griffin segreant Sa., holding a Catherine 
wheel Arg. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Lendon, Captain Robert, bom of honest parents at Allington, in 
Devon, who devoted his youth to navigation, became a Captain 
R.N., and at the Rebellion rendered special service to the Ring 

^ This family were created Baronets, and there is some accomit of them 
and examples of their arms in the Journal of the £z Librii Bociety, 
vol. viii. 


in 1648 by inducing twelve ships to return to their allegiance 
Gr. by Sir E. Walker, Garter, I May 1658. Azure, a naval 
coronet within an orle of anchors Or. Crest — A sea lion Az., 
supporting an anchor Or. Add. MS. 14,294 ; Harl. MS. 1,441. 

Le Neve, Edward, " Water Bayliife of the City of London." Gr. by 
J. Anstis, Garter, and Knox Ward, Clar., 7 July 1726. Arg., 
on a cross Az., five fleui-s-de-lis of the first, in the first and 
fourth cantons a tortoise Vert. Crest — On a mount Vert three 
white lilies ppr., stalked and leaved of the first. Add. .M.S. 

Lb Neve, William, Esq., York Herald, afterwards knighted and 
made Clarenceux. Descended from an ancient family, owners of 
" Le Neves " before and in the reign of K. Edw. Ill, which 
from late possessors thereof is since called Spencers, Goodwins 
and Greses, in Tivetshall, co. Norfolk, with lands in Suffolk. 
Conf. of arms by Sir W. Segar, 5 May 1627. Arg. on a cross 
Sa. five fleurs-de-lis of the first. Crest — From a ducal coronet 
Or, a lUy Arg., stalked and leaved Vert. Add. MS. 12,225. 

(To he continued.) 

in ^entortam. 

On the 7th January, 1904, died at his residence, 69, St. George's 
Road, S.W., in his 88th year. Sir Albert William Woods, G.C.V.O., 
K.C. B., K.C.M.G., and (for more than thirty-four years) Garter 
Principal King of Arms, who for above sixty five years had been 
a member of the College of Arms- 

As there has been a full and appreciative notice of him in 
The Times and elsewhere, and as, moreover, there is one (accom- 
panied by a portrait) in this work [vol. ix, N.S., p. 241], written 
in 1893, it is unnecessary to do more than to continue the 
latter notice to the present date. 

In April, 1896, he completed his 80th year, being then and for 
a few months afterwards in his usual excellent health, but a severo 
illness, late in that year, disabled him from leaving his house, 
though he was able, during the last seven years of his life, to 
transact business there, and to see anyone who had occasion to 
consult him, his marvellous memorv of Precedent in all matters 
that concerned his office being as clear as ever. 

Honours came upon him late in life : he was above 70, and had 
for above forty-five years been an active member of the Order of 
the Bath, when, in 1887, he was made C.B., becoming, in 1890, 
K.C.M.G. ; in 1897, K.C.B., and in 1903, G.C.V.O., these last two 
honours having been conferred upon him at a date when, from 
age and infirmity, he was unable to display them. 


The death of his only daughter, Mrs. Wollaston, on 18 March 
1902, aged 58, saddened his later years, and he had long pre- 
viously, 21 July 1870, lost his only son (aged 30), as also his 
grandson, Albert William Woods, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of 
Arras (whom he and Fjady Woods had practically adopted), who 
died 24 Jan. 1893, aged 28. His widow survives him, as also do 
two grandchildren, viz.: — (1), TTarriet Helen Woods, the only sur- 
viving child of his son ; and (2), Gerald Woods Wollaston, Barrister- 
at-Law, the only child of his daughter. He had the pleasure to 
see this grandson, who had been appointed, in 1902, Fitzalan 
Pursuivant Extraordinary (as he himself had been in 1838), occupy, 
as Junior Pursuivant, the same position in the Coronation of our 
present King, as he himself did in that of the late Queen Victoria. 

He was buried 11 Jan. 1904, in Norwood Cemetery, the King 
being represented by General Sir Godfrey Clerk, K.C.V.O. 

Jiottc^s of %ooks. 

Scottish Armorial Skals, by William Rae Macdonald, Carrick 
Pursuivant. Edinburgh (William Green and Sons). 

At the end of the eighteenth century, Thomas Astle, Keeper of 
the Records in the Tower of London, wrote an account of 
seals used by the sovereigns, royal boroughs, and magnates of 
Scotland, and in the middle of tlie last century Henry Laing 
published the first of two volumes of Aiicient Scottish Seals, 
Volume IV of the British Museum Catalo^fiie of Seals is devoted 
to Scotland, and until this catalogue was compiled these were the 
only works especially dealing with the subject taken in hand by 
Mr. Macdonald. He has now collected together all the armorial 
seals contained in the abovemeiitioned works, to which are added 
those to be found in Mr. Bain's Calendar of Documents delating 
to Scotlandy miscellaneous genealogical works, publications issued by 
various Clubs and Societies, and Sir William Fraser*s family 
histories, most of which, being privately printed, are not easy of 
access, particularly the last-named. The chief value of Mr. 
Macdonald's compilation, it is needless to say, lies in the number 
of seals from public and private collections hitherto unnoticed in 
print, and from these sources we must expect, in course of time, 
a large addition, which will necessitate a supplementary volume. 
So far the catalogue comprises some 3,000 specimens, and if a 
careful study is made of the result, it will be noti(^ that a 
diflference between English and Scottish regularity in following the 
hereditary coat is manifest. Prior to the sixteenth century, our 


brethren over the Border appear to have been under no authority, 
and to have dijBferenced their arms without hindrance. Mr. 
Macdonald lays some stress on the exact size of the seals being 
noted, and this should be borne in mind by those who have an 
opportunity of adding information to this particular branch of 
heraldry, although, so long as the arms, legend and general 
character of the seal are preserved, its dimensions should be re- 
garded as of secondary importance. 

Who's Who. 1904. London (A. and C. Black). 

This publication in its revived form has become quite an indis- 
pensable work of reference, but the biographical details occasionally 
show signs of having been communicated by the person whose 
career is described, with the result that they savour too much of 
the journalistic interviewer. We regret the inclusion of more than 
one soi-diaant baronet, whose claims are more than doubtful. The 
tables which used to form the first portion of this work have this 
year for the first time been omitted and issued as a separate book 
entitled Who'8 Who Year Book. 

We have also received : — Neolithic Man ix North- East Surrey. 
By Walter Johnson and William Wright. London (Elliot 

|lot£2 attb C^ntms. 

Royal Descent of the Treffry Family (ante pp. 215, 216). — 
The whole of Sir John Nfaclean's pedigrees — valuable as they are 
in some respects — require revision. Mr. George A. Taylor , calls 
attention to the supposed marriage of Sir Oliver Carminow with 
Elizabeth Holland and to the descendants of their supposed 
daughter Johanna. If I had to give advice, I should say, "Don't 
believe a word of it until you have better evidence than that 
which is furnished in the History of Trigg Jlitior." Sir John 
Maclean is not even consistent with himself. In vol. iii, pp. 158, 
159, he gives Elizabeth Pomeroy as the first, and Isolda Ferrers 
as the second wife of Sir Oliver Carminow ; Elizabeth, Matilda, 
Sir Roger, Mr. Thomas, John, and Richard as the issue of the first 
marriage, and Margery and Johanna, who married Sir John Petit, 
as the issue of the second marriage ; whereas, in vol. ii, p. 252, 
he makes Sir John Petit marry Johanna, daughter of Sir Oliver 
Carminow by Elizabeth Holland. If, as seems probable, for i*easons 
given in the notes, the Visitation pedigree [Harl. Soc., pp. 296, 
297] is correct, Johanna, who married Sir John Petit, was the 
daughter of Sir Oliver Carminow by Isolda, daughter of Reynold 
Ferrers. With this before him, one would think there ought not 
to have been much difficulty in deducing a royal descent, without 



having recourse to an unknown marriage of an unknown daughter 
of the Fair Maid of Kent. 

The Camiinow pedigree requires i*e-8etting in the light of the 
recent publications of the Public Record Office. As it stande, 
omitting unnecessary details, we have 

Roger de Carminow, ob. 1308.=i=Johanna. 



Men anus 





— I 

Sir Oliver. 


Sir John. 


Yet we find in the Patent Roll Calendar, U Edward II (1321), 
p. 501, an iuaprxiinus and confii'mation of a writing by Oliver de 
(Jarmiuow, br()thfir and heir of Roger de Carminow, dated 13 Edward II, 
granting to John do Camiinow, his brother, his reversion of the 
manor of Tamerton. And again {Pat. Rolls, 2 Kdtoard II) in 1309 
we have the presentation of Roger son of Roger de Carminow to 
St. Stadian (Stythians) in the diocese of Exeter. 

From these refei*ences it would certainly appear that Oliver had 
an elder brother Roger in Holy Orders. The description of the 
presentee, as " son of," is, I admit, unusual. Two explanations 
are offered : — (cf), Roger son of Roger de Carminow may be merely 
equivalent to *Kogor Rogers of Carminow, in which case he would 
not be a Carminow at all; or (/>), it may be intended to emphasize 
the fact that Roger Carminow \s son Roger, who was known to be 
the eldest son, was presented. If we accept the latter explanation, 
and also suppose the presentee to have been a religious, in law 
he would l)e regarded as civilly dead, and Oliver would succeed 
as a matter of course ; in which case, however, it would be rather 
as heir-at-law of his father Roger than as heir of his brother. 
The difficulty is not surmounted if we prefer the former explana- 
tion, for we have still to account for the Roger of the inspeximut. 

Of the other brothers the rolls do not supply us with any 
traits of character which would lead us to infer that, at this time, 
the Carminow family was particularly zealous in the pursuit of 
piety. JMivan's name appears amongst the number of those who 
illegally seized a ship at Hayleford (Helford) in 1318, while his 
brother John was, the same year, indicted on a charge of wrecking 
at Padstow. 

Thos. Taylor. 

Arms of Nevill of counties Notts and Suffolk. — Will any reader 
of The Genealof/i^t kindly inform me what was the origin or history 
of the following Nevill coat : — " Azure, three bustards volent«i 
volare Or." It is mentioned in Kent's Heraldry^ 1717, and 
ascribed to the Nevills of Nottinghamshire. It also belongs to 
the Nevills of Ix>ng Melford, Suffolk. See the monument of Isaac 
Nevill in Freckenham Church, Suffolk. The arms are said to have 
been granted to Robert de Nevill temp. John. 

(Kev.) E. Nevill, Powerstock, Melplash, R.S.O., Dorset. 



An asterisk ^•) after a numl)er denotes that the name occurs more than once 
on that page. 

References to Anns are printed in italic». 

This Index does not include the names of Persons contained in " The 4096 
Quartiers of Kinj? Edward VII." 

Abbot, Abbott, 58, 275* 
Abdy, 212 
Acart, 100 
Acroide, 34 
Adams, 102, 188 
Adamson, 276 
Addison, 145 
Aj^y, 105 
AilIena,dau.of Gudmund, 

Ainsworth, 204; see also 

Airey, 200 

Aken, Akin, 201, 276 
Akerman, 59 
Albamore, de, 229 
Albemarle, Earls of, 75, 

Albert, 58 
Alconda, 278 
Aldborough, Aldburgh, 

Alder, 201 
Alderton, 219* 
Aldgate, 59 

Aldithelegh, see Audlev 
Alexander, 202, 277 
Allbeary, 201 
Allen, Allin, 102,205,207, 

Alost, de, 176 
Alspath, de, 155* 
Anderson, 58, 202 
Andren, 32», 97* 
Andrews, 26, 60 
Anglicus, Gill>ert, 169 
Angus, Earl of, 122 
Anne, 21», 250 
Anne, Queen, 146 
Annesloy, Andsley, 82* 
Annion, 271 
Antonio, 202 
Anvil, 204 

Apsloy, 81 
Arbuthnot, 152* 
Archer, 252 
Arcy, de, see Darcy 
Ardene, Ardeme, de, 161, 

Argnm, 126 
Arkwright, 68 
Armenters, de, 165* 
Armytage, 261* 
Arnal, 279 
Arragea, de, 202 
Arry, 278 
Arthur, 203 
Arundel, de, 229» 
Arundelle, 95 
Ascough, 133 
Ashbourne, 34, 84 
Ashley, Assheley, 54, 161* 
Aske, 183 
Aspinwall, 102, 103 
Asselin, 60 
Assheton, 259 
Astle, 286 
Aston, 183 
Astry, 249 
Athole, Earl of, 122 
Atkins, 207 
Aton, 175 
Audley, Aldithelegh, de, 

224, 225 
Austen, 81 
Austin, 276* 
Avenel, 237* 
Aynsworth, 57 
Ayres, 59, 202 

Babthorp, Babthorpe, 25, 

35, 36«, 131 
Bachelor, see Batchelor 
Bachman, 105 
Back, 67 

Bacun, 232 
Bagot, 224 
Bailey, 201* ; see also 

Baillie, 27 
Bainbridge, Bainbrigge, 

124, 185, 274, 275, 276 
Baine, 274 ; see also Bayne 
Baiocis, de, 8 
Baker, 57, 279 
Baldock, 61 
Balfour, 205», 278 
Balgonie, Lord, 208 
Ball, Balle, Balls, 214 
Ballard, 106 
Ballet, 100 
Banaster, 104; see also 

Banbury, Earl of, 254 
Banc, de, 101 
Bancroft, 276 
Bane, de, 57 
Banister, 19 
Banke, 18 
Bannerman, 279 
Bapthist, 278 
Baptisto, 107 
Barantyne, 155», 157* 
Baret, 233 
Barker, 200, 216 
Barlow, 102* 
Barnard, 67* 
Barney, 25 
Bamsloy, 60 
Barrail, dn, 170 
Barraut, 59 
Barre, de la, 38», 39* 
Barrel, 61 
Bart, 108 
Bartholomew, 83 
Bartlet, 105 
Hartley, 278 
Basnut, 101 


Bauet, BasscCt, 8, 168*, 

Bertram, 261 

Bradford, 82 

2W, 224», 237' 

Bcswickp, 51 

Bredii, 60 

Bauiere, In, 144 

UuunieB, dc. 223 

Bradshaw, 103, 109, 112, 

BnsBiDK, u» 

liowiir, 5» 

185« 203 



Brady, 204 

Ilulli, »isl»>iM.f, 107 


Bragg, 270 

Hatlium,HO. «3 

Beiluv, Loril, 1U6 

Bminipath, 29 

Iluutitou, 108 

UipKl, 13H, 184 

Brand, BroDd, 145, 216«, 


Bill, 21(1 

238, 244», 245" 

and Bnilli<- 

Killiiifrliniii, 202 

Brandon, 184 

Baviiard, Ja', 97, 9H» 

liiiiftley. 1-4 

Braiifill. 279 

llayiie. 102, K« ; «.v .if«. 

Bin), 242. 2 1:{' 

Brnnney, 277 


Birki,,. 12li 

Branauu, 279 

Bi'dcli, l(Xi 

Bi«!io[i, 277 

Braose, Breuie, de, 186- 

Bunr. 57 

Hisael. 225- 

BmsBioro, 208 

Beard, 101, 104", 10.", 

UratcLell, 107 

Beatsun, 2(MI 

BlavkeiiKiloHT.T, 27<t 

Braunche, 87 

Hi-aocl.amp,23l» 232* 

BlB<-k.-lt. 2(1 

Bruwdy, aOl 

Buaulicu, m- Btwlcy 

Bray, 33. 163 

Btnku, KK) 

Breotre, 204 


BInkcr, 217 

Brent, 67* 

IJlakiHtuu, lllnkestoi 


llrfr,.l<.n. H}1,230 

li«avcr, S!03 


B,-./tlH-T,l,a.,i, d.^ 227* 

Bwm «(.■«! Pritcliard, 00 

lllaiityre. Lord, 77» 

Brclteville, de, 229 

Bcolituii, 283 


Br^u.,t.. .1.-, >.-,' Um,OBO 

Beck, 83 

Hliiikfur<l. 274 


lti»;k(rt, TliumaR ^, 222 

Klii.kKorth. 204 

BrewBler. »4. SO 

B«ckmaii, 14« 

BLiudH, 144 

Bridge*, 206 

Ilwkiviili. IH, 22. 275 

Hlouiii, 28*. 252 

Bridgewatcr, Earl of. 281 

Bedford, 212, 217, 21S» 

Bliii-I, 07, 08 ; tee 



BuUhouM, 107 


Briggs, 206 

Bcixor, 111 

JJoddam, 58, lOfi 

BriKham. 16 

Bclaaysc, B«llv»in, 50 

B..?, 2 

Brigl,t, 60, 61, 108, 108. 

Belasysc, Lord, INl 

Boicu. -<-c Boyce 


lielet, 8 

llriKli'C", 103 

Bclhavcii anil Steiiton. 

Boi«, BovuB, 277 

Brilo, 229* 

Lord, 77-78 

Brittany, Duke of, 288 

Bell. 101, 102* 103, IW. 

UuUIlK H!S' 

Biiwore, 168* 

2(H, 275, 278 

Bold. U4, 200 

I)ollo(,'urd<-, d(r, 174 

Buiiiif,'bn)k<!, Lord, 146 

Brat, 180 

Bullom, Biillors, dp 


llrocton, 189 

Bollcw, a«, 2711 


Bromley, 61, 64, 208, 876 

BulliriRluiin, 111, 113 

Boltoti, <Ie, 1() 

Brompton, «■; Brampton 

Build. 5H 

Brond, lec Brand 

(w III to BcaUL-hanip 

Jhiiiliam, ffl. 9H 

Brodko, Biok.', 14, 157», 

Bdlo Montf, dp. 9 

Bonkic, 2« 


Bollyaiii, 60 

Ikiiivillo, BoQPvyle 


!J,..t}„,«.,.h,is Knight, as 

Bcncorit, 275 


Broach Burgh, 263 

Bender, 2t« 

Ji,icrtli, 103, 202, 260, 275 

Broughtoii, 29 

lieiii^t, «2» 

Eionie, 00 

Brown. 69, 101, 301, 20B, 

IJer"ielt.l4.'i-154, 2.18-340 

BuBvillp, BoB-'ville, dc,237» 


Bontley, 13 

Holder, 03, I56» 

Browne, 18 

Bwiyon, 61,101,102, KB* 

B.mlUiii, 278 

Brucp, 60, 202 

BtTbiiKimi. 17<.l 

Boweriiiuii. liourcni 

n, 96 

Bradenoll, Ixirdi, 180 

Berg, 206 

Buwea, 188 

Brudenell, 204 

Jicrkel<T, LordH, J2«, 182 


Bruly, 167 

Benin rd, IHUTT 

Kowyer. 107*. 212 

Bcrnardin, 170 

lloyce, Boict), 243 

Bruuncele, de. 9 

ntTTii-iT, 57 

Boyd 270 

BnirtU, 72 

Boyoe, tea Bois 

Bruyn, 3T, 88« 

IJi.rrviiind, 57», HKi», 

Uoyiilun. 134, 185. 1 


Brian, 57, 61, 103 

mnr 1ij7», 151 

Brncebi, de, 167- 

Buchan, Earia of. 8, 6, 71* 

Buderon), de, 22S» 
Ituifdcii, 57», 59, 60 
Bagg, Bugge, 90, 106 
Bulkcalc?, 182 
Ball. S9, 60 
Ballcllia, 68 
Biillerg, dc, fre Bnllpra 
Bullock, 205 
Ballough, 201 
Balmnn, 270 
Bulmi ■ ■ 

, 124 

Banict,Rurdelt, 13:i 


Burdon, IQG 
Burgh. 251 
Burffhull, 203, 274 
Burghlpy, Lord. 12E 


Bnshhnrv, Bi»eopefibiri, 

BiBw>v)"i''i.dc, 107, 236* 
BuaahcllQ, 30 
Bussj, 3 
Bntler, 100, 102, 106, 106, 

Buttcler, 103 
BatCcrtiold, C8 
UuCt4^rton, 199 
Itulterwurth, 204 

Cahnumton, Cahamptoi 

do, Idfi* 
Catdura, 202 
Caldwell, 276 
CBi.'ys, 89 
Cslliind. 200 
Caltlion>, 30, 95, 90" 
Calv..rt, 200 
CaiTiovs, dp, 36 


I CwnpbeU. 26, 106, 106, 
200*, 203, 205, 274, 279 
Campion, 66 

i''arit>>rbiLr\ Vrchbisliopg 

,,l |(is 'l n 212. 230 

Canviil'dfi, 165" 

Capper, 206 
: Carbonel, 169» 
I Cardigan, Enrla of, 180, 

' Ciirdinan, dp. U 

CarlcBB, 216 
, CnrliBlc, Bishops of, 142, 
I 212, 232 
' Carlialo, Karl of, 264 
, : Carminow, Carmvm.HO, 
216*, 287», 288* 

Carnnb}-. 125 

Cnrr, 206 

Carrell, 207 

Carriore, 275 

CareCeDS. 278 

Carter, laO*. 151, 202 

Carteret, 171' 

Carl Wright, 13 

(.■.■.rv»ll,.., J(»». 276 

CaBu-naior, 102' 

Caw, 279 

Casimirc. 204 

CaatloB, 278 

Castor. 277 

CaBtrc, de, 227 

Cfttesbv, 38 

Cam, l'2U 

Cftvcrlf)-, 60 

Cay ley, 188 



Centre, 2TS 
Clia!i.l, 72» 
Cbalke, 33 

Cliampiun, 60 
Cbampney, 182 
Chancy, 90. 91* 
CliaDnoll, 59 

rharli'V li)'l,'2';'< 
Charles I, r.l, 130, 208, 

213, 267 
CharlcB II, 52*, 174, 175, 

213, 260 
CharttuD, 200 
Cbage. 278, 279 
Cliitvlhcrault, Doke of, 4, 


Chaworth, 169" 
Cheales, SO 
Cheindat, de, 224* 
Cheneye, 50» 
Chcrrington. 275 
CLerry, 203 
Chesncy, de, 236* 
Cheater, 49 

Chester, Karls of, 76, 283 
C hevTi □cart,8cliaaeacart, 

de, 73, 74', 75 
ChicheBtor, 87* 
Chiohoaler, Bishopa of, 

169, 214» 
Child, 60, 61 
Chokke, 37', 38», 87 

124, 125, 129, 135, 186 
Chriatall. 103 
CbHatiau. 205* 
Charchill, 212, 276 
Cirencester, Abbot of, 22S 
Clapham, 155, 166, 2U5 
Clara, de, 162, 163, 160 
Clark, 59, 61», 101, 276*, 

278; Jte^ufso Clerk 
Clarke, 59. 260 


J.>, 27 


Clatton, 135 

Clayton, 200 

Cleave, 60 

Clegg, 201 

Clenicntson, 113 

Clcritchiu, 277 

Clerk, 279, 290 ; tee all 

Clark and Clarke 
ClerkBon, 87- 
ClcrvBui, 183 
Cleveland, Dnko of, 281 
Cleverloy, 203 
Clillurd, 205 
Clifford, Lorda, 18, 179 
Clifford of Chudleigh, 

Lords, 136, 180 
Clifton. 31, 12H, 275 
Cliutou, 165, 165, !(«• 

Clive, 105" 
Clive, Lord, 60, lO'. 
Clopton, 33 
Coakor, 58 
Cobb, 60 

Cobhani, Lord, 157 
Cobler, 107 
Coburn, 109, 112 
Cockhnni, I^ird, 213 
Cockrim, CockrDiu, lOl*, 




Codd, 277 

OoTontry and LichflcM, 

Dunby, 16, 156, 162, 184, 

Coknyne, 98 

See of, 236 


Coket, 33, 34 

Cowi^ll, 2U1 

Danbg, 181 

Coicpitf. aoi 

Coicns, 100 

Uanicl, Daniell, 25, 107, 

Colemnn, 203. 278, w 

Cralili, 205 


..l«> Cohimr. 

Cnibtnio, 216 

fuicH. 101, im, 107 

Cradock, Cnidocko. 


Danvers, 157*, 237; nee 

CiiWillH, .1... 22H* 

1(>2«, 106, 11*9, 212 

aUo Dftvers 

CVillina. 275 

Darcy, Arcy, dc, 8, 62, 70. 

lloUmson. 103 

L'rum|>tnn, 274 


Collwdl, r.!) 

{jiuiiwcll, 200, 20-1 

Iku-cv. 181 

Oil 1 man, 21)1 

Cnitlionu', 131, ITD 


Durcy, Lords, 26, 129 


Uniwford, l(XJ«, KM 

U'ArcyanUMeitiil!, Lordi, 

Culstui., 51 

Cranli-v, 53", U»5 


CuUulli', ItiC 

L'rfiflluoii, 20C 

Darull, 39* 

Clvif. 20t 

Crokc, 92* 

Darutou, 276, 279 

Cri-Bswull. I7B 

Dtuvnll, 200 

Cuiuyu, 71 1 HIT iifdi 

Creukcr, Diin.n.v uf, 


Darwin. 212 


llrovuiiupr, di-. lfI6' 

DaaUwood, 206, 275* 

CoiiiiiK«by, 2()fi. 250 


Dauloi*, 171 

Cunnoly, 1!7U 

Crejkc, 1M5 

D'Auvergne, 276 


t'nxrkfr, 8«" 

Davergeo, 100 

CoLitiiMr, 120-i:i3, 130«, 

Cruck.-t, Cr<>fkL-lt, 


Duvera. 09, 163, «rc aim 

ITS- 1 HI, 253 

2tl3, 20-1 


(;«n-(,.W.-, I21(,]73 

TiiiftB, 57. 213* 

UaridBon. 57, 69, 212", 

Uonyew. 15, 18. ft, 22», 

Crok, iw* 

213,279; »re adm Davi- 

IS4, m, imJ, 2S2 

Crukf, 107 

C-W''*, 181 

Cn.iuwdl,01ivi.r, 100, 187 

Daviea, 50, 170, 171 

Conyers, U.ni, 131 


DbvU, 61, 100", 103, 106, 

Cook, 32, ]0),.1IJL", 203* 

CruBbir, 203 

204, 206", 275 

Cooke, 57, Wi. 124 

Croas, 270 

DuviBon, 20 

CooTwr 6lt, :il«, 277 

Crtuuuii, 103 

Dawkes, 203, 206 

CiM>|>or (uiiiimtiiri^tl). 247 

Crows.-. 278 

Duwnay, 134, lU 

C'i.|>clJik, 33. 34> 

Cruc.-, <U., 22H 

IA.ii'Hu</. 18» 

Cor.l.'v. S2*, 26« 

frusc, de, 58 

UuwBOD, 21, 124, 200, 202 

(^rajM, 88, 81)" 

Day, 206 ; we <i)«D Dey 

Corbol, SO" 

Cruz, .le, 07, 2Ui 

Dpanc, 84, 198 

Conliol, 61,110, 1(10 

L-uiTtuu, 182 

De Bane, 5T 

('orcuiluri, 13St 

CuliK-por, 2H» 

l>ebe[iLam, 157 

CornwHll, KnrlBof, 10-11 

CmiilH.T*orHi, 127, 



ConiwiiUiK, L*criif»uli;yfi, 

CuKvherwnrlh, 126 



Cuiiiiii. a:i2; »fo 


Di-im-oiirt, Itaron, 282 

Corrcjoluii, 171 


De la Force, 69 

Corawnn-m, ilo. 144 



Do la Mctrie, 200 

Cosby, CoKsbj, lOfl*, 277» 


De Lisle, Lunl, 37* 

L'uBi-ns, 187 ; Kf nlta 

UDrgm.vin, 57> 

Uclliooat, 100 



Delves, 60» 

Cu9l«, d.', lOli 

CutbuBli, 201 

Demuut, 106 


C;utlilx.Tl, 201,206 


t'otfrravi-. WA 


l\>liur, 57 

a«l' 27()» 

ColtmU, 13ft 

Du Mount, DumouDt, 106, 

CuUii. lOli 


Culfm, 53, 131,lfil 

UubridKCCoiirl, 130 

Dcnnii, 58, 278 1 Me oln 

CourpulniB, a71l 




Cuurt, 5B 


DBiiHill, Densyll, 88" 

Conmrnnv, Ciirtc^nnv, 37. 

UalL-, 157* 

Dent, 21, 203, 279 

(H, IM, 22B», aatl", 234 

Dnlliug, 277 

Douys, Deny™, 33», M, 

Coiirn.iB, 72 

l)«lMoii, 2«0 


(■"i.rf..iV. 7a 

Uiiltxii, 23, 171), 184 


Derwcnt water. Earl of, 

Cuvfli^gli, de, 226 

Uuiiierj-, 33 

132, 263 



Dosinier, 189* 
Desmontiers, Jeau, 1-43 
Dc Souza, 277 
Despcnccr, le, 166* 
Devenish-Meares, 111, 113 
Devon, Earl of, 164 
Dey, 88 
Dickenson, 188 
Dickins, 61, 217*, 219*, 

Dicks, 59 

Dickson, .see Dixson 
Dilldoe, 59 
Dillome, 271 
Dinglov, Dynj^ley, 159* 
Dinham, 274 
Dischington, 5, 6* 
Disher, 83 
Dishley, 139 
Disley, 107 
Dive, de, 236* 
Dixson, 13, 58, 59, 205 
Dobbvn, 205 
D'Olbreuse, 171, 189 
Dolman, 15, 131 
Domick, 207 
Domingo, 58 
Donnington, 102 
Donsten, 201 
Dormer, 180 
Dormond, 107, 200, 206 
Dorpere, de, 61 
Dorrington, 60, 199 
Dorset, Marquis of, 18 
Douce, 205 
Douglas, Douglcss, 122, 

Dowlor, 107 
Downos, 257 
Dow ties, 256 
Dowsot, 202 
D'Oylev, do Oilli, 224* 
Drake, 60*, 102* 
Draxo, 86 
Dravton, 155 
Drummond, 170 
Dublin, Archbishop of, 212 
Due, 72 

Dudley, Duddeley, 28, 39 
Dudlev, Barons, 211 
Dudson, 238 
Duff, 277 
DulKeld, 106 
Dufresne, 170 
Dugan, Duggau, 277, 279 
Dukinfield, 71 
D'Ulmand, 58 
Dumoulin, 170 
Dunbar, Viscounts, 136*, 

175, 180, 181* 
Duncalf, 160 
Dunhcred, de, 230* 

Dunstanville, de, 10, 237* 
Dupuis du Barrail, 170 
Durand, 275* 
Durham, Bishops of, 12, 

104, 134 
Duston, de, 223* 
Dutton, 59, 104, 124, 183, 

198*, 199*, 275 
Duval, 110, 113 
Dyneley, 203 
Dynham, Lord, 92 

Earle, General, 109 

East India Company, 57, 

72, 99*, 100* 101*, 

102*, 103*, 104*, 105*, 

106*, 145*, 146* 
Eastoft, 179 
Eaton, 203 
Ecclos, 105 
Eckman, 101* 
Eddington, 203 
Eden, 178 
Edge, 106 
Edliu, 86 
Edward, 24 
Edward IV' , 182, 210 
Edward VII, 4048, 114- 

122, 189-196, 261-268 
Edwards, 14, 57, 279 
Egerton, Eggerton, 144*, 

Eglinton, Earl of, 257 
Elizabeth of York, 211 
Elizabeth, Queen, 197 
Elizabeth (VVoodvilo), 

Queen, 87 
Ellerker, 131, 178, 179 
EUerton, 133 
Ellis, Elliss, 99, 102, 277 
KUis, 126 
Elrviigton, 28 
Elwick, 60 
Emlev, 108 
Empson, 57, 103*, 107*, 

Engaine, Engayne, 222*, 

233, 234* 
Engl<?field, Englefcud, de, 

Engleman, 206 
Engleson, 103 
English, 58, 59, 100* 
Er(iington, de, 234 
Erghum, 127 
Erg hum, Aryum, 126 
Erneley, 87* 
Erskino, 278 
Eshc, 18 

Eson, 59 

Ethorington, 188 

Eure, Ewers, 17, 18, 124, 

128, 156, 177, 183 
Eure, 175 
Eurin, 202 
Evans, 276 
Evelyn, 53 
Evenden, 107 
Everest, 205 
Everingham, 126 
Everitt, 279 
Everson, 60 
Evory, 110*, 111*, 112 
Ewers, see Eure 
Ewing, 109, 112 
Exeter, Earl of, 216 
Eyley, 275 

Faconer, le, 230, 231 ; see 

also Fauconer 
Fairfax, 72, 124, 174, 180, 

Fairfax, Lord, 130 
Fairfax of Cameron, Lord, 

Fairfax, Viscount, 180 
Falconer, see Faconer and 

Faleyse, de la, 233, 234 
Fall, 15 
Fallon, 254 

Fanton (? Fenton), 277 
Farara, 206 
Fario, 106 
Farmer, 59 
Farthing, 275 
Fauconberg, 176 
Fauconberg, Lord, 183 
Fauconer, 87 ; see also 

Fearne, Feme, 81, 82 
Fennel, 203 
Fenton, see Fanton 
Fenwick, 129, 251, 252, 

Feratlo, 106 
Ferdinando, 101 
Fermor, 255 
Feme, svc Fearne 
F«Trors, 8S. 287* 
FiTi-ier. 6H* 
Ferris, lUJ, 107, 204 
Ferron, de, 170 
Finlason, 61 
Finlev, 277 

Fisher, 102, 277, 279 
Fitche, Fvtche, 22, 104* 



Fitton, 28a 

Fitz Count, Hrioii, 224* 

Fitz Count, Hoiirv', 10-11 

Fitz (icoffrcfv, 165 

Fitz (lorald, 05 

Fitz llawiso, 225 

Fitz Horhort, FitzherbtTt, 

9C», 285 
Fitzhugh. LonlH, 17, 127, 

128, 138, 102, 177 
Fitz Nicholas, 232* 
Fitz Pajran (Pavno), 233 
Fitz IVtor, H('ri)(?it, 235* 
Filz llalph, 223* 
Fitz Haiulolph, 1G2 
Fitz Ursc, 222*, 234* 
Fitzvvarino, 230 
Fitz William, 227», 237 
Flack, 204 
Fleetwood, ()I* 
Fleming, Flemvng, 88*, 

Flint, 202 
Flower, 178 
Flover, (JO, <)8, 200 
Foliiott, 108-113 
FoUhft, 108, 111 
Foliiott, Lord, 108, 101)* 
Folywell, 88 
Fonseor, de, 100 
Foiiteiieau, 279 
Fookes, 277 
Ford, 57*, 279 
Fordeanc, 139 
Forrester, Forrister, 203, 

Forsake, CO 
Foi-8tcr, 87, 249-250; sec 

alfo Foster 
For^tn\ 249 
Fortescm*, 88* 
Foster, 178, 278; see al.<o 

Fothergill, 10 
Fotlieringliam, 277 
Fowke, 57,101,104*, 105* 

Fowler, 109, 112 
Fox, 13, 02 
Fox, Cieorge, 142 
Foxwist, de, UK) 
FrnneiH, 200. 201,279 
Francisco, KK*, 202 
Fnmk, Franke, 133,200 
Frankele, de, 224 
Franswa, Franswor, 205, 

Frazer, 145 
Frazicr, 203 
Frederick, 203 
Frederick, Kmperor of 

Germany, 8 
Freeman, 200 

French, 203 
Frethorn, 32 
Frctv, do, 105 
Frobisher, 24* 
Frothingham, 178, 179 
Frwvd, 2 

Fulk Paganel, 169 
Fullarton, 5 
Fuller, 81*, 151 
Fulligar, 00, 100 
FulthorjK-, 157* 
Funk, 105, 10(i 
Furnace, 20(5 
Fychett, 157 

Fy telle, 104*; sec also 
Fi telle 

dale, 101*, 103, 242, 249* 

(Jallaglier, 112 

(lalloway, Uislio]) of, 5 

(iammock, 60* 

Gamut, 00* 

Garbrand, alitis Hecks, 

(iardiner, 278 

Garganavan, 100 

(iarli<;ke, 14 

Garrett, (Jarrot. 00, 204 

CJascoigne, 127, 129, 135, 
158*, 159* 

(Ja8i>er, 202 

Gaultier, 171 

Gaunt, Gilbert de, 8, 9* 

Garwood, 59* 

Crearv, 202 

Gee, 202 

(JeilH, 203* 

Gemer, 248 

(Jeorgc, ()0*, 278 

Georg<i I, 144.) 

(Jeorgo II. 150 

(ierard, 182 

Gernuuiv, Kmperor of, 8 

(;ernet,*233, 234* 

Ghent, Abbot of, 108 

Gibby, 249 

Gibson, 151, lh8, 202 

(^iffard, (Jifford. GvfFanl, 
(Ivflfonl, Jefford* 57*, 
84*, IH)*, 91*, 93, 101, 
101, 102*, 103*, 198, 

Gilbert. Anglieus, 109 

(fill, 2(J3*, 278, 279 

(Jilliat, 77 

Gillibrand, 273 

Girliugton, 19, 125, 135 

Givctta, 201 

Cflanvilc, 175 

Glascn, 89* 

Gleoson, 106 

Glcgg, 277 

Glendinoing, 3 

Glover, 66 

Glyn, Glynn, 26, 274 

Goddard, 100 

Godfrey, 278 

Goibertthe Seneschal, 168 

Golightly, 102 

Goodall, 204 

Guodchild, 278 

Goodcar, 107 

Goodwin, Goodwyn, 67, 

Goodwing, 202 
Gordon of Lochinvar, 3, 5 
Goring, 104*, 218* 219 
GoBpatric, 143 
Gouldiug, 101 
Gonsel, Gousle, dc, 73, 74* 
Gowor, 129 
Graeme, 239 
Graham, 108*, 278 
Grantham, 257 
Grantley, Lord, 212 
Gras, le, 22 
Grassus, llogerns, 9 
Gray, 32, 68, 261 ; see aleo 

Graygoos, 278 
Grcar, 103 
Green, Greene, 59, 212, 

240, 257, 276 
Grceuhaugh, 60, 51 
Groenhill, 279 
Grecnslate, 61 
Greeustrcet, 109, 112 
Grendale, de, 233* 
Gronville, dc, 168 
(Jreswold, 79*, 84 
Grey, 18, 37*, 123; see al§o 

Grey of Codnor, Lord, 182 
(ircy stock, Baron, 128 
G rev8toke,Gray8toke,156* 
Grib, 68 

Griffin, Griffcn, 104,106* 
Griffith. 60, 104*, 128 
Griffiths, 202, 204 
Grimston, 178 
Groff, 58 
Groom, 276 
Gros, Ic, 228* 
Grukcd, 276 
Gryndenham, de, 87* 
Gudmuud, 167 
Gummo, 203 

Gunncf, Gunnesae, do, 74 
Gumav, dc, 167* 
Gurnet, 222* 


Gustavug Adotphus, King 

of Sweden, 86, 208 
Gutlirio, 08* 
Gylt. 76 

Halibcrmj-ur, 204 
HaKan, 375 
llagsninatrr, 51 
HaiTKcJ-stun, 132, 133 
Hoik-s, Huilne, 275 
Hailos, Abbot of. 91 
naincH. 275 ; ace also 

Halesand, 2IM 
Halford, 277 
Hail, 101, 202, 205,279 
Hals, 139 

Hanielyn, 39 
Hnniertoii, 18 
Hamilton. 1-0, 69*, 77", 

78, Hi* 
llnniilton, of BoUin>e11- 

linujth, 1. 8», 4, 5" 
HQTiiiltoii, of Innerwict, 

1, 2*. 3, ■!•, 6« 14* 

<,f Kinknvi 


Hamilton, of Lit'go, 144 
llnmilton, uf Vpres, 144 
Hamilton, Unchca* of, 78 
Hamilton, Marqqjs, of, 77 
Hammond, llan.ond, 55, 

81, 126,207,278 
Haiia, de, 107 
Hani^ck, 178, 203 
Hand Inn, 276 
HaninR. K2 
Haulcv, 170 
HanBa'kcr. 102 
Hnnaby, 13, 14, 25 
Harangr. 236 
Harcourl. 30* 
Hardcraft, 107 

HanlinK.llaniyng. 34,7H«. 

llardrpH. 83 
Harronlalicrc, 3U 

Hart, 58 

HartgrovD, 100 

Harlrouch, 102 

Hart well, 68 

Harwood, 82, 83*, 84, 

HI", 113 
Haryngton. see Harring- 

Ilastang, 222, 223* 
HaatingB, HaxtyngCH, 36*, 
I08",113. 123, 124.212* 

I HnHliiiiTB, I.„ril, 162 

H^itfclii. l&l" 
I ilathaway, 61,201 
[ Haul«yn, 8 
I Hawkins, 68 
I Hawks, 104 

Hay, 105, 217, 218, 275 
I H..VCS, IftS, 2T6 
I Hajliursl, 249 
' Haj-lej-, 278 

Hayncs, 280.281 ; see tdeo 

Hay thorp, 33* 

Hcadlam, 179 

Heberden, 212 

Henderson, 101, 106», 277 
llo,u..,!t,., J:)tl 
Henncaey, 279 
Hennings, 57 
Henry VI, 17 
Henry VII, 122,2I0,2II» 
Henry VIII, 213 
Hepburn, 100 
Herbert, 63, 8i», 274 
Herbert of Clierburv, 

Lonl, 63 
Hereford, BUhop* of, 108 
Heriet, do, 165 
He run, 22 
Hcrries, Lunl, 133 
Ilcltrifk, 207 
lU'wisli, 274.276 
Hiekit-Dearli, lOU 

HilUyartl, 178. 179 
Hilbuusi-, 146 
Hill. 202. 205,240 
Hilton, 24, 130, 176, S69 

Hinchliffc, 260 

Hitchin, Hitchen, 206, 276 

Hotibs, 107 

Hoddeng, de, 227', 22B 


lli"l(![,in..(m, lli.gekynBon, 

UudKSoii, Hudgsbun, 178, 

250, 262, 263 
Ilodaou, 20o 
Hoiseard, 171 
Hulbd.., 37 
Hultuiiibe, r,9 
Holdon, 68 
Holdisbe, 139 
Holland, 104», 203, 215, 

216," 287* 
Hullingworth, 206» 
Holme, 100, 128, 177 
Holmes, 21, 106 
Home, 1,3. 4»,fi*, 201 
Houf) wood, 276 
HoogewerfT, 58 
Hooper. 16.*, 197 
Ho|.(-, 200, 201 
Hopkins, 60, 102, 107», 

Hoptou, 266 
llorden, 57, I00» 
Hordle, 207 


Hotham, 177. 170 
Hotuft, 31* 
Houghton, flO, 100 
How, Howe, 68. W«, 100, 

Howard, 103>, 253 
Howdcn, I,or<l, 212 
Hoyle, 82 
Hubando, Hybande, 158*, 

Hubban), 101*. 202 
Hudgeboutc, 82 
HndHoi., 144, 186 
lliift, 20I 
Hughes, 278, 279 
Hulloek, 22 
Hulse, 161.212 
number. 276 
Humpbricfl, 277, 27S, 279 
Hungerford, 161, 239», 

Hunt, 60 
HDQt«T, 61, 90*, 102, 18B 



Iluiitiiigdon, Earldom uf, 

legh, ir>t», 155' 

Huntly, Eiirlsof, 4, 182 

llussey, liusMV, Huse, 33*, | 
123, 121), 130; xvc aUo \ 
Hose ' 

Hutchinson, 16*, 201,276 

Hyde, sec Hide 

Hydney, 38 

Hysloj)', 277 

Johimoii, 58, r>», 60», 61* 
101*, 102*, 105*, 107, 
201, 202, 203, 204, 276 

Johnston, 105*, 205 

Jolley, Jolly, 71-72, 148 

Jollvy^ Jolly, 71 

Jones, 107, 186, 203, 276, 
277*, 278, 279» 

Jordan, 105, 216 

Judson, 279 

Julius, 101 

Ilchester, Earls of, 182 

Ingle, 274 

Inglebv, Ingilbv, 25, 34*, 

35*,*12U*, 177, 183, 252 
Ingler, 87* 
Inglestom*, 201 
Inncs, Innis, Innys, 1<J(J*, 

Ire by, de, 237 
Ireland, 274 
Iret«>u, 100 
Irwin, 278 
Irwing, 61 
Ivan, Czar, 197 

Jaekerina, 105 

Jackson, 5S, 275, 278 

Jacol>, 105*, 107* 

Jacobs, 57, 275 

Jatiiboh, 202 

Jann-s, 105, 201*,20l,278 

James 11, 174 

James 111, of Scotland, 

Jani(;s IV, of Scotland, 3, 

James V, of Scotland, 1-13 
Jenkins, 201, 202, 204 
Jennor, 219 
Jenney, 198 
Jennings. 61 
Jermyn, 69 
Jesson, 202 
Jillans, 100 
Joali, 58 
Joakim, tK) 
Jobe, 201 
Joc<?lvn, 280* 
Jockey, 205 
Joes, 275 
John of Langtou, 214 

Karun, de, 225, 226* 

Kassely, 106 

Kav, Kave, 12, 257 

Kebeclle^ 31* 

Kecnc, 55 

Koith, 103 

Kelly, 102 

Kenilw'orth, Prior of, 165 

Kennedy, 1 10, 275, 278 

Kenny, *275, 279 

Kent, 58, 105 

Kent, Earls of, 183, 216 

Kent, Fair Maid of, 288 

Kev, 186 

Kj'yser, 61 

Kidennuiiter, Kydernuiiitery 

Kilburno, 62* 
Kilburnealiaif KilhornCf 62 
KilliHyivorth, 62 
Kimbell, 59 
Kinder, 62 
King, 20-1, 27(i, 278 
Kiny, 62*, 63* 
Kinyfoi'd, 63 

Kingston, Kyngeston, 32 
KiityntoH, 63 
Kinloss, Baroness, 211 
Kirby, 63 
KIrkhy, 64 
Kirke, 64* 
Kirkt; 64 

Kirkpatrick, 200*, 2<.)1 
Kirton, 49, 197, 198, 199 j 
A7W«>/i, Kyrton, 138 
Kirwin, 61 
Kincin^ 64 

Kitchen, 64* , 

Kitchen inun, 64 
A'l/so//, 64 
Knags, 187 
Kntiidock, 65 
Knajip, Kn<i}qH\ 65* 
KnutclibuU, 65 
K net sell, 65 
Knight, 65*, 66* 
Kniyht, ()5* 66*, 137* 

Knight alias Brother*, 65, 

Knightloy, 254 
Knights Templara, 223 
Kuipe, 137 
Knipe, 137 
KnoU^r, 137 
KuoUys, 254 
Knot, 137 
Kuottesford, 38* 
Kuuwles, 109, 112 
Knowles, 137 
Knoicsleyy 137 
Kymo, Kimo, do, 74* 
Kyuaston, 138* 
KytiasioH, 138 
KyDgcstou, 32 

La Bassicru, 144 

Laboo, 59 

Lacvck, 138 

Lacy, 31*, 127, 162, 214 

Lacy, 126, 138* 

Lade, 81, 138* 

Lade, 138 

Ladobat, du, 170 

Laffou du Ladubat, 170 

La Flearo, 206 

Laidman, 57 

Lake, 138, 139 

Lakington, 139 

Lamabonay de, 202 

La Maire, 139 

La Marr, 61 

Lamb, Lambe, 206, 274, 

iMmbe, 139 
lAimbvU, 139 
Lambert, 278 
Lancaster, Honoar of, 75 
Laneclles, de, 237 
Lundou, 279 
Lane, 139, 205 
Lane, 139, 140* 
Laney, 277 
Lang, 202, 203 
Langalier, 67 
Langdale, 128, 131, 136 
Langdule, 140 
Langdale, Baron, 140 
Langetou', de, see Langton 
Langford, 140*, 215* 
Lanyford, 140*, 216* 
Langhome, 72, 140 
Lanyhorrte, 140 
Langiais, 169 
Laugley, Langleye, 12-16, 

141* 250, 258, 274 
Langley, 12, 14, 141« 



Langston, 141 

Langton, Langeton', 8, 

148*, 156* 
Langton^ 207 
Lant, 207 
Lant, 207 
Lanvaleyo, 230 
Lapere, de, 201 
Lariman, 205 
Larking, 207 

135, 176, 229*, 249 
Ldscelles, 175, 207 
La8coe, 207*, 208* 
Lascoej 207 
Laseiiby, 178 
Lash brook, 59 
Laahley, see Leslie 
Latch, 208 
lAitch, 208 
Latoburi, de, 225 
Latener, 92* 
Laughton, 216* 
Launce, 208 
La u nee J 208 
Launceloty 208 
Lautour, 207 
Lavender, 208 
Lavender, 208 
Law, 203*, 212 
Lawlce, ^7 
Lawrence, 52*, 58, 59, 

110*, 209* 
Lawrence, 209* 
Lawry, 239, 243 
Lawse, 209 
Lawse, 209 
Lawson, 25*, 61, 180, 206, 

209* 261-255 
Lawson, 209*, 251 
Layjxeld, 209 
Layton, 17, 20, 185; see 

also Ley ton 
Lea, 211 ; see also Lee, 

Legh and Leigh 
Leader, Leder, 282 
Leake, 278 ; see also Leeke 
Leake, 282* ^ see also [jecke 
Lear, 201 
Leat, 282 
Lca^ 282 
Leathersellers' Company, 

Le Ba»uf, 204 
Lee, 9(5, 205, 282*, 283* ; 

see also Lea, Legh, and 

Lee, 282*, 2S3* ; see also 

Legh and Leigh 
Leeke, 99 ; see also Leake 
Jjceke, 283; see also Leake 
Legar, 101 

Legg, 57 

Ijegge, 283 

Legh, 29, 161* ; see also 

Lea, Lee, and Leigh 
Legh, 283; see also Lee 

and Leigh 
Legu, Leguo, 101, 102 
Leicester, Leyster, 283 
Leigh, 83, 283*, 284 ; see 

also Lea, Lee and Legh 
Leigh, 283*, 284* ; see also 

Lee and Legh 
Lello, 284 
Leman, 284 
Le Marchant, 284* 
Le Marchant, 284 
Lemene8tre, 96* 
Lemita,ire, 284 
Lemitaire, 284 
Lcmure, 57 
Lendon, 284 
Le Neve, 285* 
Lcngar, 131 
Leniugton, 203 
Lennox, Earl of, 122 
Le8coars, de, 171 
Leslie, Lesley, 25*, 208* 
Leslie, Lashley, 208* 
Lestrange, 29*, 30* 
Lothieullier, 101 
Leukenore, 33 
Level, 279 
Leven, Earl of, 208 
Leven and Melville, Earl 

of, 208 
Levieur, 274 
Lowcock, 60, 101 
Lewis, 49, 59, 148, 151, 

201*, 203, 204, 216, 246 
Lewknor, Leukenore, 33 
Ley ton, 276 ; see also 

Liddell, 186 
Light, 202 
Lima, de, 105 
Limesi, de, see Lindsay 
Lincoln, Bishops of, 75, 

76*, 212 
Lincoln, Dean of, 128 
Lincoln, Dean and Chap- 
ter of, 76 
Lincoln, Earls of, 127, 162, 

Lind, 277 
Lindores (Londores), 

Lord, 25 
Lindsay, Lindesi, Limesi, 

Ly meseyo, de, 222, 223*, 

Linnell, Linoll, 61, 277 
Lintot, 218 
Lisburne, Lady, 149, 247 

Lisburne, Viscount, 149, 

Lisle, 187 
Lisle, Lord, 205 
Lisle, Lord de, see De 

Lister, 26 
Little, 278 
Littleton, 254 
Livias, 171 
Lizures, 126 
Lloyd, 100, 274, 275 ; see 

also Loyd 
Locke, 100 
Lockhart, 204 
Loion, 105 
London, Bishops of, 108, 

148, 241, 249 
Londores, Lord, see Lin- 
Long, 59, 149, 204, 279 
Longespeye, de, 8 
Longford, 29 
Lougstaff, 105 
Loper, 58 
Lopos, 202 
Lord, 83* 
Lorrimer, 54* 
Lou bier, 171 
Louis of Bavaria, Prince, 

Lounde, 178 
Loundres, 39 
Lovedale, 28 
Loveday, 60, 61 
Lovell, 33 
Lovett, 49 
Lowe, 51, 96 
Lower, 217*, 220* 
Lowry, 113* 
Lowther, 70* 
Loyd, 204 
Lucas, 205, 245 
Lucombe, 163 
Lucy, 228*, 277 ; see also 

Lumb, 216 
Lupton, 105, 106 
Luscy, de, 235 
Luterel, 8 

Lymeseye, de, sfc Lindsay 
Lynch, 206 
Lynn, 205 
Lyon, 282 
Lysaght, 205* 

Mabbore, 235* 
McBrido, 106 
McCIoud, 201 



McCormiok, 276 
McDonnld, 2(M 
Mcdowuu, 201 
Mackaiit', Mackaiu, 200, 

Mackay, 106, 205 ; see aho 

McKenzio, 201, 276 
McKcriKtcr, \iH\ 107 
Mackinlosli, Mcintosh, 

274, 277* 
Macklin, 2(^ 
Mackoy, 206, 277 
Mackrane, 60 
McLean, Maclean, Mac- 
lane. 107, 277, 278 
McManners, 201 
Macplierfion, 203 
Madalain, 205 
Maddox, 101 
Madrid, Duke of, 211 
Magdalene, Queen of 

Scotland, 143 
Mahonv, 201 
Malum, do, 154* ; i^cc also 

Main, 58, 60, 101 ; sec aho 

Maire, 255* 
Ma ire, la, 13i» 
Maitland, 107, 200, 206*, 

Malbone, 271 
Malcolm, 20()*, 278 
Malc?t, 234, 235* 
Malevcrer, arc Mauleverer 
Mallorv, Malorev, 23, 156, 

Maltby, 257 
Maltnivers, Mantravers, 

Manass, 59 

Mandeville, 205,231,232* 
Mann, 277 
Manners, 130 
Manonry, 202, 276* 
Mannell, 101, 102, 105* 
Manuel, 207 
ManiH, 60 
Marcliam, 37* 
Mare, do, 105 
Man'schal, 97 
Marjraret Tu<lor, Prince>ti, 

189, 211 
Mark.'nfeld, 179 
Markhani, 135, 136 
Marks, 276 
Mannion, 236* 
Marnev, 91* 
Marny, tie, 37* 
Maraay, Comtes de, 171 
Marsden, 20 

Marsh, 239, 243* 
Marshal, 7 1 ; i^ec aUo Mart^- 

Marshal, Karl, 75 
Martans. 277 
Martin, 59, 148, 201, 238 
Mary I, 256 
Mary of Modcna, Priucoss, 

Mary (Honriettn Maria), 

(^uceu, 250 
Mary, Queen of Scots, 6 
Mary Tudor, Princess, 

Marvj^tjot, 104 
Mascal, 206 
Mascv, 160* 
Maskelyne, 60*, 105* 
Mason, 15, 58 
Massey, 202 ; see also Mascy 
Master, 72 
Masters. 101 
Mat(>resa, 57 
Matthew, 174, 20;^ 
Matthews, Mathews, 57*, 

85*, m, 202, 2a3, 204, 

Matthewson, Mathewson, 

205, 277 
Mattison, 106 
Maude, 260 
Mauduit, 225 
Maule, 206*. 276 
Mauleverer, Malevcrer, 23, 

183, 184 
Mauley, de, 123 
Mauley, Mawlee, 123 
Mauley, Lord, 123 
Maxwell of Calderwood, 2 
May, 57 
Mavcott, 203 
May no, 20() ; see also Main 
Mazriero, Martinis de, 174 
Meares, III 
Medhurst, 60, 61 
Meetkirke, 202 
Meinrll, 181 
Melsa, de, 176 
Melville, 208 
MiMiach, 203 
Mentlez, Mendes, Meiidis, 

57, 102*, 200, 204; see 

aho Mindes 
Menledi'r, de, 95 
Mennell, see Mevnell 
Merchant Tavlors' Com- 

pany, 49, 51 
Merclumt Taylors^ Cotn- 

paity, 270 
Merchant Tavlors' School, 

49, 79, 81, 197 
Merchants of the StapU,270 

Mercior, 100 
Merij^ot, 107 
Meri^nn, 276 
Merttins, 145, 148*, 140 

150*, 238-249 
Mestral, de, 171* 
Motcalfo, 16, 205* 
Metcalfe, Lord, 205 
Metham, 18, 128, 131, 132, 

156*, 177, 178, 185 
Meyer, Meyor, 59* 
Meynell, Meynill, Mounell, 

18, 19, 250; see €il»o 

Michaelson, 58 
Michani, 60 
Michell, 277 
Middleton, 81, 82, 134*, 

Midhopo, 18, 22 
Mildmav, Lady, 198 
Miller, i05, 118, 201, 204, 

278*, 279 
Millet, 186 
Milton, John, Gl 
Mindes (P Mendos), 201, 

Mitchell, 170, 203 ; tee also 

Mitford, 186, 241*, 242 
Mody. 87* 
Mohan, 98*; Bee also 

Moigno, le, 166 
Moland, 276 
Monachus, 166* 
Monckton, 205 
Monicc, 61 
Monke, 218 ; sec also Mon- 

aohus and lo Moig^o 
Monmouth, 39 
M on nock, 279 
Mont, de, see Demont 
Montagu, de, 168* 
Montano, de, 60 
MonUiult, de, 170 
Monte, dc, 103 
Montlich<*t, de, 169* 
Montfort, 182 
Montgonierv, Mungameri, 

de, 161. 162*, 164* 
Monthernier, do, 71 
Montresaor, 203 
Mouts, 204 
Moore, 1 13, 181 ; see also 

Moorhouse, 277 
Moot:i, 204 
Morceir, de, 229 
Morden, 145, 238, 244*, 

245*, 247 
Mordick, 257 



More, 31, 106, 278; »ec 

also Moore 
Morgan, 58, 61, 106 
Morgan, de, 69», 105*, 

106*, 200*, 204, 206*, 

Morioe, Morys, 38, 39, 57 
Morleg, de, 229* 
Morloy, 52*, 102 
Morse, 100*, 106* 
Morton, 34, 58 
Morys ; see Moricc 
Moss, 105 
Mouldcn, 59 
Mount, de, 58, 61*, 205, 

Mountjoy, Lord, 28* 
Mowbray, de, 182 ; see 

also Mumbray 
Moxon, 187 
Moy, 107, 207 
Muleton, de, 233* 
Mumbray, 138 
Mumbray y 138 
Mungunieri, de, see Mont- 
Munro, Munrow, 200*, 

202*, 203, 204, 275 
Munuck, 278 
Murdak, 236 
Murphy, 107 
Murray, 204*, 279 
Mussac de la Nogarede, 

Mustel, 226 
Myon, 202 

Napier, 27 

Nassau, Conite de, 171 

Nechells, NichoUs, 269 

Nelthorpe, 57 

Nero, 100, 201 

Ncuhagh, 35*, 36 

Nevill, Neville, Ncvil, 
Nevilo, Nevelle, 75, 
i:W*, 159*, 179, IHl, 
183, 184, 214, 259*, 

.\>ri7/, Xevile, 175*, 28S 

Newark, Lord, 25 

Newberry. 275 

Newborn, 203 

Newburn, 204 

Newcastle, 203 

Newcastle, Duke of, 281 

Ncwconie, 61 

Newman, 80, 81,82 

Newmarch, 108, 158*, 285 

Nicholas, 61 

Nicholl, 163 
Nicholls, 269 
Nichols, 110, 113 
Nicolo, 206 
Noble, 107 
Nodariis, de, 93, 155 
Nogarede, de la, 170 
Noncus, 61 

Norfolk, Duke of, 182 
Nonnanvill^ 126 
North, 187 
Northleigh, 103 
Northumberland, Earls of, 

34, 129 
Norton, 26, 212 
Nostell, Prior of, 223 
Notte, le, 167* 
Novo Mercato, de, 158, 

235 ; see also Newmarch 
Nowers, 93*, 155* 
Nuthall, 55 
Nyter, 99* 

Owen, 59, 102, 200*, 201 
Oxford, Bishop of, 163 
Oxford, Earl of, 146 
Oyri, do, 176 

Oadham, 59 

Oakes, 277 

Oakley, 206 

Oates, Oats, 202*, 203 

Obee, 205 

Oddingsel, lloddingesel, 

de, 223* 
Offley, 49-56, 67, 78-86, 

197-199, 268-274 
Offley, 55, 269* 
Offley, of Hinton, 272, 

Ogilvie, 203, 275 
Oglethorpe, 128, 172-175 
Oglethorpe, 173 
Oilli, de, see D'Oyley 
Okeover, Akoure, de, 164* 
Oldfield, 258 
Oldham, 205 
Olley, 82 
O'Neal, 278 
Onelion, 204 
Orange, Prince of, 170 
Orme, father of Kalpli, 225 
Onnond, Duke of, 139. 146 
Ormsby, 241 
Omett, 2m 
Orr, 278 

Orrebi, de, 74, 75 
Orrell, Orrall, 182*, 202 
Osbaldeston, 257 
Osborne, 15, 100, 146 
Osgodby, 35, 36* 
Osmond, 59 
Oughtred, 129 
Overton, 08 

Paganel, Fulk, 169 

Page, 60, 275 

Paget, 24 

Paine, 50 ; sec also Payne 

Paisane, 202 

Palk, 205 

Palmer, 102, 206, 277 

Palmes, 179 

Parange, 102 

Parere, 103 

Parker, 103*, 104, 178 

Parkin, 102 

Parry, 72, 279 

Parrys, 197 

Pascal, 203, 204 

Pasley, 206*, 275* 

Passamier, 104 

Passwater, 104 

Paston, 253 

Pate, 201 

Patsyll, 90 

Patterdale, 24 

Patterson, Paterson, 102, 

Pattroon, 204 
Paulet, 92 
Pavylly, de, 234* 
Payne, 92*, 204, 273, 277 ; 

see also Paine 
Paynell, Pavnel, 8, 33, 

168*, 169'; see also 

Patrnell, 126 
Peuke, 202 
Pearce, 279 ; see also 

Pearson, 187, 277 ; see also 

Peirson and Person 
Peck, del, 226 
Peers, ICO, 197 
IVgge, 212 
Peirson, 277 ; arc also 

Pearson and Person 
Peiscuto, 2U0 
Pelham, 34* 
Pelling, 60, 202*, 203*, 

205, 276* 
Pembroke, Karls of, 11, 

70*, 71,97 
Penbury, 273 
Pencost, 201 
Pendrill, 57 
Pengrey, 238, 247* 
Penn, 276 


l*i-iiui»Kton- ao 

1'..) iituu, I), 210 

lUtcHKp, ItaUlifl, Rnt- 

I'.Miiv, 27+» 

I'ctviiti, m, H» 

clvflf, 178. l»4,253,276 

I'rtinv 1, lhr> 

Pr;.d<., «1 

HHtlif, 107 

I'pm'val. IVr>-iv,.ll. 1Vr>,i- 

Prnlt. I9M 

Kuvi'ii, I04 

vall, o», KUC, nil, lOa 

Pmi.-lB. 201 

IUwIiiiK», 218 

I'crc)-, 129 

Pr.T--«, l-rt-yn-K. 

<.,!>.% U-1 

Kaworlh, 60 

I'eirij. 1H1 

I'rit.', Prj-.i., 511 


f'lTLini, I'fn-rn, 01, 21)1 

ux, 183 

lUynea, 125 

1'lti), ua. sm 

Primo, 205, 212 

KHULrio, 60 ; >ce alio Ro- 


I'rini.i, 277 

r«ri« and Ro«.irio 

l'.TBiviull. f.r l'.!rc;ivnl 

i'riiic.-, HH", 244 

Knnsun, «1 

Pltbmi, 137 

PritL-liar.1, BO, 62 

Rosy, 27 

reUTB, 107, 202 

I'rittuhet, 61 

Rcdtium. BiiniDy of, 7tt 

I'otit, 287' 

I'roclor. 22 

RoUhMii (?l{eedbam).de. 

IVvenI, 233» 

Protn^r, 213 


l'.-y[<m. 277 

Prt.»u.T, lOfl, 112 


Red man, 134 

riic-iiiu. a7« 

ProUN. NK, SU 

Rf diiiayiie. W 

l'liilii[i!4. r.N, lot, 102. iu;i, 

IVvoe, -«r Prii.0 

KcKinald >-itE Unie, 222 


Pu.1m.v, PiidBin 


Ufid, 279 

riniril. IIJCI 


lldugny, do, 226« 

I'iijrci', Ik); "iT'i'*" IVnrtT 

P«df.-y, 16 

Kcaar, lOU 

Hip.), lfci:l, IHl,2tK-.,20(> 

Puis. I'litiH., <lcT, 224* 

HoBdall, 102 

IV". '-"ril. 2tW. au6 

P...,unrL-. 57 

]lctoll.H-k, 207 

I'ik.', 24y 

l*utr..l, HU 

llfvcluy, 358 

I'ilkiiiKCon.I'vlkVNtini, IN, 

I>vl,uH, H«». 200 

HhiAet, 204 

3N«, 25ft, SfiU- 

I'Vi'. 104* 

Kibarba, 204 

I'inkcTirv, I'iukuni, I'iri. 

I'vlkviilim. -«■ PilfciuKlon 

Sice, 206 

kiiipiiv, iU: Hi.-., 228* 

PvmiH'. IW" 

liit-h, 67 


J'y..,' 21W 

Bi«bnrd8, G7, 72* 

I'imriu, .I... lf>7, 168 

llichardKrti, 15, 106, 279 

J'<V/.>«, 12(1 

Hicliora, 80 

I'irill.., r.H 

Klirhiiiond, 182 

I'iit, iB, imi.ur. 

liirhmuiid, BarU at, 233 

I'lltiimii. 203, 21)0 

Hichmnnd. 251 

Piv...v, a77 

Qua ill. 2IJIt 

Kif^hold, 274 

I'laco, I'liiiCf, 21" 

yiitTL-u.di.. 231* 

Itickona. 201 

Pli.iitHtri.ii,.t, J.iiin, 216* 

(/iiipU'v. 2oa 

Kickwn, 275 

I'lutt, (Mi 

Kiddie, 279 

i'lomcr, il5; ffr -ho 

llidd], 185 


RLdlpv, r,9, 277 

l>luni|iliin. :i4 

Itiiul, 58 

I'luiiibi;, I'luml.. 57, H«J*. 

lUiifn-r, la") 


K[[.|™. 14 

I'lmiinior, KX); KC uho 

Iti.luiH. 3G». 3fi» 

Hunch, 58 


l{ii.lrlifF<<, 132. 1 

U, 135, 

Plui.iiiK.li. M'.Pl.mii.luii 

1N6; „h„ 


Ruben fiti Paviic, 238" 

I'luiikctt, a- 

nm) It'itlif 

Itubert tit Stratford, 214 

ro<liii..r.-, Iil7 

HuL->trr, 275 

RoberlR, 00 

lti.U-Kh, 92* 

KoberlBOi., 277 

Piimircv, I'lll', aM7 

1{)lIi.Ii Moiitit'Uii)' 


lt.ibiu«<.ii, Itobvuion, 16*, 

P..iiimi.i'.'. d. M. 3H. 5!l' 

jlnl|.li, B0.1 of Or 

10, 225 

60, 14««, 14». 160, 176, 

i'..r.h.T. 27H 

IlillllKllV. 27H 

187, 1«8«, 205,241,848, 

P.iilLT, 27(i» 

liniiiMli'ii, 20 

249. 27» 

l'..iliiiKtiiii, U 

ll.imsi-v, 1(K), 2.->2 

Rocbtford, du, 83, 34 

r.iit.T, i»7 

liaiKl. 27N 

K.«kl«.y, 276 

J'..«c/i.>r, I2« 

Itnn.lnll. Iii7, 212 


Itm'kmoiid, IM* 

]!,imlnll. IK) 

jtridrn. 61 

r.,uHi. 24;l 

Jtimdollili, 21.1 

RodtTiftos, Rodrigoi, 67. 

l'u»lii,K, 27« 

ltui..:Oin, I{U1I«,11> 



Pownev, ]0l', 102', 10+», 

H.Klca, 34 

lo7, 200* 

llii],<T, 20;( 

Hodolpb. 57 

Pojen, de, 170 

KiiPhlpi^-li. 2J3' 

Rudrifiuei, 58, 01 



Roger fitz Geoffrey, 166 

Rogers, 57, 140, 201, 205, 
215, 274, 275, 276, 288 

Ro^^rson, 271*, 273 

Rokeby, 179, 252 

Rokelle, de, 33 

Rokes, 28», 31*, 95* 

Rollcaton, 206 

Rom'ges, de, 227* 

Romondby, 182 

Roos, 125, 177, 184* 

Roper, 132 

Ros, Lord, 130 

Rosairy, 59 

Rosario, HoBairo, Rosaira, 
Rosara, Rosarah, Ro- 
saria, Rosero, Rosira, 
Rozario, Rozera, Ro- 
zeiro, Rozero, Roziro, 
58», 59, 60, 100,102,103, 
105*, 106*, 107*, 201*, 
203*, 275 ; see uho Ra- 
zar o 

Rose, 278 

Rosogau, 94, 95 

J{o88, 203, 206, 276, 1^77 

Ruthburn, 206 

Rotherimm, 57* 

Round, 243 

Rous, 101*, 103* 

Rouse, 106 

Routh, 177 

Rowland, 205 

Roxbv, 19 

Roy, 278 

Rozario, Rpzera, Rozeiro, 
Rozero, Roziro, «ee Ro- 

Rudstou, 15, 132 

Rule, 202 

Rumball, 107* 

Rumbold, 101*, 107 

Rush, 60, 100, 242 

Russell, Russol, 103, 104, 

Russia Merchants* Com- 
panj/y 270 

Rutherforth, 212 

Ruttcr, 202 

Ruynon, 99* 

Rvanah, 275 

Rye, de, 232* 

Rykkyll, 97* 

Ryther, 128 

Sackery, 277 

Sackville, iSakevilo, Sako- 

vyle, Saukeville, 28*, 

31, 95*, 168* 

Sadleir, 277 

Saeterwoude, de, 171 

St. Clare, de, 230 ; see also 

St. George, de, 171* 
St. John of Jerusalem, 

Prior of, 75, 
St. Oswald, Prior of, 222 
St. Padro, 277 
St. Quintin, 129, 176, 177*, 

Salgada, 202 
Sallowe, 38* 
Salm, 100, 103, 104 
Salmon, 204 
Salter, 107 
Saltfletby, de, 8 
Saltmarshe, 131 
Saltoun, Lord, 77 
Salusburv, 56* 
Salvin, Salvein, Salvayn, 

21, 123-126, 156* 
Salvin, Salvein, 123 
Salwey, 94* 
Sams, 279 
Sanderson, 101* 
Sandiff, 215 
Saiidiff, 140 
Sandilands, 68 
Sandre, de la, 106 
Sandys, 257 
Sarum, Earl of, 8 
Saunders, 204 
Sauvage, le, 165 
Savage, 102*, 104, 183, 

Sawyer, 102 
Saxton, 32 
Say, 92 
Sayer, 139, 238 
Scargill, Skargill, 128, 134 
Scarisbrick, 255 
'■ Scawen, Scawan, 203, 277 
' Schauencurt, see Chevrin- 

Schrom, 201 
Schultz, 99 
Schiitz, 171* 
Scobhulle, 37* 
Scott, 60, 61 
Scouler, 276 
Soraso, 217-221 
Scra8e.Dickin8,217*, 219*, 

Scrimshaw, 200 
Scrimsour, 103* 
Scrivener, 252 
Scropo, 21, 181 
Scropo of Bolton, Lords, 

19, 179 
Scrope of Masham, Lord, 


Scrope of Upsall, Lords, 

Scures, 221 
Seagood, 101* 
Scale, 107, 278 
Seaman, 16 
Seaton, 57 
Sedgefield, 103 
See, de la, 134 
Selby, 254 
Selman, 242, 243 
Sema, de, 102 
Sempringham, Prior of, 

Sequera, 100 
Serle, 259 
Seton, Lord, 6 
Sewell, 278 
Shakespeare (the Poet), 

Sharpe, 25, 203, 279 
Shaw, 104, 275 
Sheet, Shete, 154, 274 
Sheldon, 132, 136* 
Shelley, 254 
Sherburne, 132 
Sherwood, Shirwode, 155* 
Shottebi-ok, de, 229 
Sicara. 204 
Sicard, 170 
Siffrewaste, 231 
Sikes, see Sykes 
Sill 259 
Silva, Sylva, 102,201, 202, 

Silver, de, 107 
Silvertop, 255 
Silvester, Silvestre, 

170-171, 260 
Silvester, 170 

Simonds, 57 ; see also 

Symondsand Symmonds 

Simpson, 25, 27, 103*, 104 

Sinclair, Sinclare, 1*, 2, 

3*, 4*, 5* ; see also St. 

Sixtoneby, de, 168 
Skelton, 107 
Skimington, 105 
Skinner, Skynner, 58, 77, 

Skipwith, 127, 177, 179 
Slade, 207 
Slaney, 61, 99 
Sloper, 104 
Sly, 61 
Smale, 13 
Small, 106 
Smaller, 201 
Smart, 101, 104*, 244, 




Smith, 53, 60, 83, 84, 106, i Stra£ford, Lord, 258 
107», 179, 187, 200*, StraiiKe, lo, 29», 80» 
201, 202», 203,201,205, Stranj<wav», 102, 164», 
207, 220. 215, 27-4, 278*, | 181-188' 
279 I Stranijiraiftf, 181 

Smittoii, 102 Stmtton, 100*, 100, 202* 

Sinvth, Sinvtho, 22, 21, Stniubenzoo, 276 
178* " i Streak, 203 

Street, 79* 

Siiawrti»ll, 173 
Solotnoii, 243 

Soi!U'rCUt«'8, SoilK.TCOt *, 

do, H 
SomtTvillo, Lord, o7 
Sotlu'hy, 132. 173; MwnUo 

Stitliill, 128, 130 
Sousn, de, 01 
Soiithby, 103* 
Souzsi, *de, 2()3 
Sowdolev, 93* 
Sj>arkH, 107 
Speed, 171* 
Speke, 203 
Spen(?er, 01 

Spiliiiaii, Spy! man, 22, 92 
Spriiifr. 84* 
S<|uibh, 247 
S(|uire, 174 
S-ahlps, oH 
Stsud, 14-1 

Staflford, 128, 130, 104* 
Staley, 182 
Standisli, 255 
Stanvtt, 120 
StaiilioiK>, 180 
Stanley, 01. 158, 101,207, 

Stanton, de, 234* 
Stapleton, Slapelton, 

Stapilrcm, 15, 30, 131, 

150*, 15S, 178, 255* 
Starke, 57 
St uky, 34 
Stations, lOO 
Stavelev, 173, 182 
Stevens. Stei'vens, 102, 

Stevenson, 178 
Steventon, 93* 
Steward, 203 
Stewart, 3, 4, 5, 77, 101, 

122*, 143, 20<>, 278 
Stevnjrreu', dc, 8, 9 
Stiff, 279 

Stileman, st>c Styleman 
Stinton, 00 
Stoekman, 278 
Stone, 107, 279 
Ston(»prravt»,>»#r«' Stoyngreu' 
Stonliouwe, HH) 
Stout, 200 
Stracev, 202 

Stretton, 1(X5 
' Strickland, 20, 255 

Strinjrer, 240, 278 

Stul)l)«, 101 

S tunny. 170 

Styleman, 01 

Sueeara, 100 
■ Sueklinjf, Sir John, 52 

Sudhury, 202 
I Su<ldes8, 279 

Sullivan, 2(.K» 
I Sulny, 29 

Sutuplynjjr, 33 
I Suratt^ 1(X) 

Surtees, 72, 182 
; Svrtecs, 72 

Sutherland, 202, 277 

Suthill, 120 

Sutton, 23, 75, 173, 220* 
I Swabev, 2-13* 

Swahab, 278 


Swallow. 00 

SwauHon, 59 

Swart, 14(5 

Swebb, 275 

Swete, 154* 

Swin borne, Swvnburne, 
172, 253 

Swynnow, 252 

Strynnov'^ 251 

Sydenliam, 205, 278 

Sykes, Sike.s, 203, 280 

Sy Iva, do, Hce Silva 

Syniond.H, 104, 171 ; t^ee 
(lUo Sinionda 

SymmondH, 59 

Sysonby, tuv Sixteueby 

Taint(*r, 58 

Talbot, 18, 20, 29*, 120 
Talbovs, 182 
Tamb'oh, 202 
Tamoaro, 00 
Tanor, 200, 275 
Tanner, 203 
Tant<jr, 58 
Tapsall, 278 
Tarrou, 100 

Taih, a06 

Taswell, 206 

Tates, 13 

Tatton, 160» 

Taylor, 58. 61, 102, 104, 
105», 106», 202, 20a, 
206», 279 

Tedman, 100 

Tedric, 204 

Tempest, 18, 22*, 177, 254 

Tompleton, 279 

Tendrvnpr, 157 

Terrot, 279 

Tcwerson (PTowerson), 

Thackruy, 124 

Theobalds, 58 

Thenclby, do, 76 

Thewles, 276 

Thomas, 67, 79, 80, 82», 
83«, 205* 

I'homas k Beckct, 222 

Thompson, 109, 112, 269, 
276, 278* 

Thomson, 278* 

Thoriuton, de, 230 

Thoruborongh, Thome- 
burgh, 51, 97 

Thoruiiill, 257 

Thornhnlme, 124 

Thornton, 23 

Thorpe, 101, 105, 177 

Throckmorton, 159*, 160 

Thwaites, Thwaytes, 177, 

Thweug, 176, 260 

Tilford, 278 

Tipping, 68, 61, 108 

Tirell, Tirrell, «ee Tyrell 

Tirwhit, see Typwhit 

Tiwe, de, 167, 168* 
Toah, 58 

Toekotts, 124, 179, 186» 
Tod, 107 

Tomlinflon, 246, 279 
Topp, 278 
Torriano, 61,208 
Tournlle, 58 
Towersou, see Tewerson 
Townscnd, 107, 208 
Tracy, 91*, 92 
Trafford, 186* 
Trail, 68* 
TnHlcroft, 218 
Treffry, 216, 287 
Tremayne, 164 
Trenowyth, 30* 
Trent, 278 
Tresithny, 30 
lYctherff, 89* 
Trovanvon, 94, 96 
Trcvisa', 111,113 

Trevyllo, 167 

Trey, 91 

TpiBCrnm, 186 

Trollope, Trollop. 18, 134 

Trowel I, de. 9* 


TruBHpLut, 73. 230. 234» 

TrUBty, 5H 

TuckiT, 203 

Tiiilor, I'rinefBB Mmvarpt, 

122, IM). 21 1 
Till lor, PrincesB Marv, 

Tufton. 180 

TuiJi,., til. iW* 

TunBlall, 17, 18, 82, 

183-130, 181» 
TvuMalt, 133 

Tui.i«.ii, Tupi.yii, 21i>.220 
Tiirclnl (I,. Warwi, k, 187 
TuritiK, 106. 107. 204*, 

Tumor, 58, G9», 107, 113, 

220, 2C3 
Turville, Turrylf Tour- 

Tille,36», 58,90' 
TuBbury, 277 


Vftnaittort, 106" 

VarcB, 106 

Varetb. Jo, 203 

Vaudrey, 160 

Vaaghan, 149 

Vaosdall, 148 

Vavaaour, 26, 32», 38, 

Vealo, 57 

Veil, dc, 104 

VpuhUob, 161", 283* 
1 Vi-ncel, 61 
{ V'pnner, 58, 205 
I Vor. de. 78-77 

Verdun, do. 166* 

' Vrwi, 175 ' 
Vetcriponte. de, 230 

VicouHt. 277 
Vincent, 204 
Viuvard, 107 
Voaa. de. 105 
Voy, 57 


t. 379 

r, 128 

TvnUnll, 131 

Tyrell, Tiri'll, Tirnll, 91, 

129, 16tt" 
Tyrinjthain, 67 
Tjrwhitt, Tirwhil, 27, 

128, 131 


t, 275 

Umfravillc, 177 
Ul.iolm. 68 
Unieloy, 91,92» 

Valinnt, 217 
Vallee, In, 106 
Vamjiage, 91, 92 


Wuren, Earl of, 221 

WarreD, Siusei and Sur- 
rey, Earl of, 106 

Warter, 273, 274» 

Warton, 19 

Warwick. Earl of, 166 

Warwick, Turchil de, 167 

Waaey, 276 

Washbomc, Wasshe- 

Wastivu, 172 
■ Watervillc, de, 226» 
' Watkina. 106 
I Watson, 21S 
1 WBtl,69. 105* 


WnildamB, 57 

WBdBwurlh, 150 

Wa|{Tier, Ul 

Waliab, 205 

Woight, 204 

Waishburn, 204 

Wake, 8, 104 

Wnkeinaii, 272, 273, 274 

Walden, 276 

Wiildo, 162* 

Walker, 20, 113,216,271 

Walkyniflinni, de, 230 

Wall, 174. 277 

Walleis, 178 

Walter, 239 

Walrond, 32» 

IVbIbIi, «!• 1U5, 204 

AVQUlmm. 37 

Walter. 51, 53 

Widlmi. 58, ioi, 173.201 

Wiii"lr:.fi.ril, IH 

Ward, Wardo, 83, 107, 

272", 273 
Hard, 176 
WardRll. 54 
Warden, 62 
Wnrdcrobc. de la, 232" 
Ware, 279 
Waring, 6u 
Warland, 00 


1, H2" 

», «2 

, WuT, le,86 
Warro, 58 
Wmtcd, 84, 100, 201 


Wclib, ai), 128 

Webber. 87 

WebBter, 259 

Weeks. 202 

Weld, 79 

Wcldon, 239 

Wcllcr. 203 

Welle*, 128 

>Velle«, Lord. 183 

Weliman. 107 

Wclto, I4«», 240 

Wellcoii, 274 

Wendcy, 61 

Wcoaover. 183 

Wentworlb, 16, 83, 90", 

128, 266-261 
We«t,,-oHh. 266 

Wcetct-lt. 101* 
W,-iIi],ur!rii].t, EariB of. 

179, 181» 
WeBton, 39, 101, 266 
Whure, 277 
Whcatly, 68 
Wheeler, 275, 279 
Whethill, Whetbyll. I98» 

White, 102», 107, 278 
Wbitefoote, 197 
Whitclaw, 4 
Whitevor, 203 
Whitfeld. 23 
Whitley. 266 
WhilUy, 266 
Whitney, 207, 277 
Whittall. 279* 
Whittington, Wbjtjag. 

ton, 163 
Wint, 161 
Wicham, do. 169* 
Wiokeaa, 276 



Wickham, Wikham, de, 

Wicliffe, see WycHffe 
Widdriii^'toii, 12<), 253, 258 
Wipmon*, Abb<»t of, 226 
\Vin)erfos8e, 185 
Wild, Wilde, Wvlde, 90, 

Wild, 14<) 
Wilkins, lO) 
Wilkinson, 21, 2CU, 205, 

Wilkp, 106 

William le (Iroa, 228* 
Williams, 57, 60, 61, 105, 

KM), 200, 202, 204-, 205, 

2+:i*, 275, 277 
Williamson, 18, 200», 202, 

Willinjrham, 218 
Will..u«:hby, Wylby, KU*. 

1 82 205 
Wilson, Willsim, 14, 100, 

101, 105, 200*, 2()4*, 

27 1, 277, 278 
Wilts, Countoss of, 164 
Wiltshiro, 277 
Winch, Wvnch, 101*, 103, 

1(H), 204' 
Winchester, Hishop of, 86 
Windcsore, do, 228* 
Winnin^on, 18 
Winton, Lord, 148 
Win wood, 107* 

Wiseman, 22 
Witham, 254 
Witherly, 201 
Withinbrook, 58, 60, 61 
Witlow, 201 
Witton, 259 
Wodehouse, 82* 
Woderove, see Woodrove 
Wodeson, 248 
Wollaston, 286* 
Wolstenholme, 218 
Wombwoll, 12,258,260 
Wonncbank, 275 
Wood, Wode, 34, 59, 107, 

148*, 149*, 162, 173, 

200, 204, 206, 246*, 

248*, 249*, 257, 278 
Wood, of Whitehall, 241*, 

Woodeock, 211 
Woodley, 106 
Woodman, 106 
Woodrove, Woderove, 99, 

Woo<lruffe, Woodroff, 256, 

Woods, 274 

Woods, Sir All)ert,284-28o 
Woodville, Widville, 146, 

Woolf, 277 
Woolvin, 278 
Wooton, 279 
Woroeflter, Bishop of, 51 
W<»rkeslev, 182 

Wopley, 24 

Wortley, 99 

Wotton, 182; see also 

Wowell, 58 
Wray, 135 
Wright, 27, 140, 151, 173, 

174, 206, 242, 248*, 254, 

255, 271* 
Wrottesley, 161* 
Wyatt, Wiat, 151 
Wvcliffe, Wicliffe, 135 
Wycliffe, 133 
Wyke, 97, 98 
Wylde, see Wild 
Wyllie, 276 
Wyiieh, aee Winch 

IVo, 139 

Yoiipe, 178 

York, ArchbiBhops of, 8, 

134, 174 
Yorke, 28-27, 253 
Yoang, 200, 277 
Yoongblood, 59 

Zouche, Zache, de la, 223* 



An asterisk (*) after a uumbor denotes that the name occurs more than once on 
that page. 

This Index docs npt include the Places mentioned in "The 4096 Quartiers of 
King Edward VII." 

Abinger, 53* 
Abington, 66, 67* 
Ack worth, Acworthe, 99 
Adhere (Atbare), Nether, 

Adhere (Atbare), Over, 

Addington, Ading^n, 226 
Airesome, Arsum, 186 
Aldborough, 258* 
Aldford, 161 
Alford, 62 
Alicante, 109 
Alington (co. Denbigh), 

Allerton, 131 
AUerton, North, 21 
Alles worth (Notts), 38 

wall), 86 
Allington (Devon), 284 
Alnianza, 109 
Almecote, aec Amblecotc 
Almondbury, 20* 
Alne, 186 
Alsop, 96 

Alspath, Manor of, 155 
Alv»»r8toke, 86 
Alverthorpe, 260 
Alwyncstono (? Alwing- 

ton), 30 
Amblecotc, Almecote, 164* 
Amcotts, 74 
America, 66, 110*, 113; 

Datchess County, 110; 

Georgia, 174 ; Little 

Harbour, 259* ; Massa- 

ch assets, 67 ; The 

Narrows, 110; New 

Hampshire, 259; Now 

York, 110*, 113* ; 

Portsmouth, 259; Vir- 

ginia, 146 
Amesburv, Ammersburi, 

Amington, Amyngton, 

Amynton, 28, 95 
Ampleforth, 186 


Ampton, 33 

Ancliffe, 135 

Angre, see Ongar 

Annington, 217* 

Ansley, Anceley, 29 

Antigua, 109, 112,273 

Antrim, co., 109, 112 

Apley, Appeley, 94 

Appleton, Appulton, 33 

Arabia, 65 

Ardross, 6* 

Armley, 256 

Ameforth, 18, 22* 

Amoldsbiggin, 26 

Ascension Island, 146 

Ash, Essho (Devon), 230 

Ashby, 23* ; see aho 

Ashby, Cold, 137 

Ashridge Park, 281 

Aske, 183 

Askeby (now Ashby), 76*, 

Askern, 158 

Askham, Askam, 30 

Aslackby, Aslakbv, 8 

Astley Hall (co. Warwick \ 

Aston (co. Chester), 183 

Aston Pygot, 90 

Astwell, 49 

Astwood (co. Wore.), 158 

Auchnoul, 8 

Austein, 171 

Aveland (Auelund), Wa- 
pentake, 9 

Averham, 173* 

Babthorpe, 25, 187 
Badmonslield, Badmunde- 

feld, 234 
Balgonie, 208 
Bally more, 113 

Bally nacargy, 113 
Ballyshannon, 108, 109 
Balno, 108 
Bampton, 91 
Banbury, 65 
Bangalore, 277, 279 
Bank Newton, 18 
Barbreck, 200 
Barby, Berweby, 233 
Barcelona, 109 
Bardfield, 209 
Bardney, Bardeneya, 9 
Bardsey, 184 
Barforth, Barford, 17*, 

18», 19, 20 
Barham, 138* 
Barkestone, 82 
Barking, 82 
Barmston, 134, 185 
Barnard Castle, 22* 
Bamborough, 259 
Bamby, Barneby, 158 
Bamingham, 134* 
Barnsley, 256 
Barton on the Heath, 243 
Barton, Steeple, 132* 
Bashall, 18 

Bath, 171,239,244,258 
Bath Abbey, 180 
Battersea, 54, 134 
Beall, 172 
Beantland, 253 
Beauje, 17 
Beaulieu, 142* 
Bechton, 283 
Beckenham, Bek3'ngham, 

Bedale, 30* 
Bcdfordshin*, 66, 140*, 

215*, 230 
Belchanip, 62 
Belfreys (York), 258* 
Belgard, 110* 
Bellary, 277 
Bellemont near Uxbridgo, 

Bellerby, 162 
Belton, 28 



Honniiiy, 164 

BoriKJil, o», K»4, 100, 140, 

Bcniiinprt«»n, oO 
Hfiitlov, 17H 
Borkshiro, 30, 32, 54*, 55, 

10(i, I9i), 220, 229, 234, 

Boriiioiulrtov, Bormundt'si, 

85*, U>7,'lU8, 210 
lU^rwoby, fee liurby 
Berwick, 130 
Bcswick (co. York), 25, 

Bovcrloy. 17*. 25, 127 
Bi'wiTlev, 27* 
Bfwley (.'astle, 142 
Biain \'r Bytlmni), 228 
I3i(lb()roiigh. 81 
Biddlesdoii, 254 
Bikuii. 173 
Birtliwaiu^ 2()0 
Bisliup Burton, 26 
Bishop Middlolmni, 27 
BitchHeld, Billosfcld, 8 
Bliu'klmrn, 178 
Bliickheath, 121), 145, 238, 

Black Notlov, Blake 

Nuttdo, 23*1 
BlarkwL'll, 21 
BlakiKton, 20, 180 
Biatchin^roii, Blotcliiiij^- 

toii, 217, 219*, 220, 221* 
Blobo. 08 
Blonhciiii, 174 
Boi8 loDuc, 171 
B(.ld, 134, 200 
Bcdohv, «o' Biilbv 
Bolh.'haiM. Manor of, 92 
Boliioy, 218* 
Bolton, 179 
Bolton-bv-Bollnnd. 10*, 

17*. 18*, 19*, 20*, 21*, 

Bombay, 2rj0 
Hoo'fZi^, 59 
Boothcs, 283* 
Bord<»aux, 170* 
Borneo, 140 
Botbull, 93*, 94 
Bothwrll, 59 

BotolpliH (Suswt'.x), 217, 

Botiosford, 73-77 
Boulojrno, 283 
Bounu-nioutli, 145*, 210 
Bow, 82 

Braccwt'll, 18, 22 
Brackcnburv (co Middx.), 

Bmckenbury, Brakeuburg 

(CO. York), 135 
Brackley, 23, 281* 
Bmdlev (Suffolk), 62 
Brudshaw Hall, 100 
Bradvvell, Brudowcll, 223 
Braki'nburg, «ce Brackon- 

BraniiwT, Brcmbro, 166 
Braniham, 172, 173, 174* 
Branishall, Bromcsclf, 

Brandsby, Braiinby, 125, 

Brantinghain, 36 
Brirnchlcv, Bn?uclio, 93 
Bn-ntford, 83 
Brettonhani, Brctheubaiii 

(Norfolk), 227 
Brottonhani (Suffolk), 281 
Bridjjford, Kasl, Kstbrig- 

^'cford, 157* 
Bridlington Priory, 74*, 

Britrhaui, 15 
Brighton, Bnphtholra- 

btono. 217. 219* 220* 
Bri^''nall, Brigonhale, 232 
Brill, The, 24 
Brinkburn, 251 
Bristol, 05, 140 
Brittany, Brotn^jne, 131 
Broadwater, 247 
Brodswort h, 2(J0* 
Broke (Wilts), 104* 
Bronibv, see Brunneby 
Bronmself, sec Bnimmhall 
Bromley, 137, 2(X) 
BronnoHly, BrunnoHh*, 9* 
Broomtield, Brunfead, 231 
Brou^'h, Burgh. 26, 180, 

251, 252*, 253*, 254*, 


Broujrhtou, 22, 254 
Broutrhton Hill, 240 
Bmxbonrne, 51, 52 
Broxmouth, 4 
Bruj^es, 255 

Bruufeud, srr Broomtield 
Brunneby (? Bromby),70 
Buckhurst, BuklwrHt, 95 
Bucklow Hundred, 101 
Bucks, 31, 180, 209, 224, 

225, 228 
Buk'ham, tice Buckenham 
Bulbroke, 22 

Bulbv, Bolby, Boleby , 8*, 9 
Bulnicr, 188 
Burgh, ^<•o Brough 
Buruham, 77 
Burnham Wcst{|ate, 05,96 

BurnBall, 25* 
Bumyngham (? Burring- 

ham), 76 
Buratwick North Park,! 79 
Bmton (co. Notts), 138 
Burton, Bert on (co. York), 

168. 262 
Bnrton Agrnes, 128 
Burton Constable, 136, 

175*, 177, 178* 179», 

Bnrton Fleming, 137 
Burton, North, 137 
Bushbury, Bissopesbiri, 

Bntloy, Buttclegh, 160 
Butt^rwick u|Km Trent, 

Byram, 181 
Bytliam, see Biani 

Cacrhaycs, Carchays, 94, 

Caerynwch, 72 

Caistor, Castre, 227 

Cakehani, Kakham, 07 

Calais, Callice, 28, 49, 254 

Calcutta, 58, 104*, 107» 

Caldbcck, 141, 142* 

Galdcr, 68 

Calderwood, 2 

Caldwell, Caudewcll, 280 

C'uniblesforth, 188 

Cambrai, 132 

Cambridgeshire, 67 

Cambridge University, 
239, 272 ; Catherine 
Hall, 27; Chure Hall, 
107*, 281*; Magdalen 
Coll., 62 ; Pembroke 
Coll., 243; St. John's 
Coll., 21, 211, 212; 
Trinity Coll., 197 

Canada, 64 

Canterbury, 188, 147* 

CaiK? of Good Hope, 145, 

Caplumton, Chap Hey ton, 

Cariisle, 142 

Carlton, Carlcton (co. 
Notts), 172 

Carlton (co. York), 266 

Carnarvon, 134 

Cartington, 258 

Casaington, nee Kersinton 

Castt^lnau, 170 

Castlclaw, 3 

Castle Sowerby, 142 



Castre, see Caister 
Catteriok, 262», 258», 

254», 255» 
Caufield, 22 
Caus, 90 
Cawton, 126 
Caythorpe, 128 
Changins, 171 
Chap Heyton, see Cap- 

Chardouney, 171 
Charlaweswyke, 39, 97 
Charlton (co. Wore), 159* 
Charlton (Kent), 240* 
Charwelton, 66 
Chauree (PChawreth), 33 
Cheddes* (PChedzoy), 168 
Chelrey (PChildrey), 32 
Chelsea, Chelsey , 148, 240, 

241, 246, 248 
Cheltenham, 113 
Cheshire, 111, 113*, 160», 

161*, 273*, 283, 284 
Chcshunt, 52 
Chester, 49*, 51, 71, 78, 

108, 110*, 111*, 112, 

113*, 270*, 271*, 272, 

273*, 274 
Chester-le-Street, 186 
Chevet, 184, 259* 
Chew Magna, 210 
Chichester, 52 
Chichester, See of, 214 
Chiddingly, 81 
Childrey, see Chelrey 
Chingford, 171 
Chinnor, Chynore, 157 
Chipping, Manor of, 246, 

Chirbury, Cherbury, 53 
Chiswick, 170 
Chudleigh, 136, 180 
Churchill, Chirchelle (co. 

Oxon), 93, 155* 
Churchill (Somerset), 

Church Minshull, 113 
Cirencester, 225 
Clare, 67 

Claythorpe, Claytorp, 237 
Cleasby, 241 
Clerke'nwell, 65* 
Cleveland, 128, 168 
Clifife, 128, 254 
Clifton, Little, 96 
Clint, 18 
Closeburn, 200 
Clothall, 280 
Codnor, 182 
Coed, 72 
Coggeshall, 52 
Colaton Ralegh, 92 

Cold Ashby, 137 

Coleraine, 109, 112, 113 

Coleshill, 138 

Colum (? Colne), 227 

Combe, 162 

Compton (Hants), 132 

Coningsby, Cunningesby, 
235, 236 

Conway Castle, 134 

Copgrove, Coppegrave, 

Copmanthorpe, 257 

Coppenhall, Coppenhale, 

Copready Bridge, 179 

Cornwall, 10, 11*, 37,63, 
86, 89, 94, 163 

Corringham Wapentake, 

Cotherston, Cothereston, 

Cotton Hall (Denbigh), 56 

Coughton, 159* 

Cove (Hants), 82 

Coventry, 243 

Coverhara, 162 

Cowdenknows, 3, 4, 5 

Cowesby, 36 

Cowton, South, 15 

Cramlington, 251* 

Cranford Magna, 126 

C ran ham, 174* 

Cranwell, Crane well, 8*, 9 

Crathorne, 131, 179, 185 

Craven, 27 

Cray, 169 

Creichness, 4*, 5 

Croft (co. York), 183 

Croxdale, 21* 

Cruys Anstey, 88 

Cruys Svdeham (? Syden- 
ham),' 88 

Cublev, 161, 162 

Cuddalore, 59, 275 

Cudham, 66 

Cumberland, 70, 141*, 
142*, 225, 237, 254 

Cundall, 15 

Cunningesby, sec Con- 

Currie, 6 

Dacro, 22 

Dadington (PDeddington), 

Dagenham, 148, 239*, 

240*, 241*, 242*, ^43*, 


Dalby (co. Leioester), 61 

Dalebanke (oo. York), 26 

Dalton, 12* 

Damerham, 281 

Danby, 19, 181 

Danby, Little, 15 

Danby super Wiske, 15, 

Darfield, 258, 260 

Darlington, 14 

Datchet, Dachet, 228 

Davenham, 111, 113 

Daventry, Davintre, 235 

Dean Grange, 257 

Deddington, see Dading- 

Denbigh, co., 56, 140, 215* 

Denton (Sussex), 38 

Denton (co. York), 130 

Deptford, 216* 

Derby, 162 

Derbyshire, 9*, 14, 29, 
64, 96*, 108, 161, 164, 

215, 282* 
De venter, 24 
Devonshire, 30, 84, 87, 

88*, 92, 108, 139, 164, 

216, 229*, 230, 235, 
282*, 284 

Dilston, 135 
Dinsdale, 21* 
Dinting, 14 
Dirschau, Duscaw, 85 
Ditcheat, 280 
Ditchling, 220 
Donegal, co., 108 
Dorsetshire, 37, 63, 167, 

Douai, 136 
Dover, 138, 147 
Drax, 131, 188 
Drax Priory, 130 
Dryden (Scotland), 3 
Drysluys, 144 
Dublin, 109*, 110, 111* 

112, 113* 
Dublin, CO., 110 
Duffield, 130* 
Duttield, North, 123 
Dumbartonshire, 203 
Dundee, 212 
Dun mow, 62 
Durham, 14*, 53, 208 
Durham, Bishoprick of, 

180, 186, 250, 253 
Durham Cathedral, 12 
Durham, co., 14*, 19, 20, 

21*, 72, 132, 134, 135, 

136, 185, 209, 252, 253* 
Duston, 228 
Dutchess County (U.S.A.), 




Eamley, Emeley, 87* 
Easington, 184, 178 
Kasinffivold, 125, 126* 
East IndieB, 85 
Ea«traw, 3 
Eaton, Eton, 230 
Eaton HalUChoBliire),113 
Kchelos, 8ve Ktchella 
Edderston, 249, 260 
Edinbur^rh, 171,212 
Kdinl»urj<h Cnstlo, 208 
Kdlinj^ton, 180 
Edwardston, 145, 238* 
E^ton, 123, 125* 
Kpton Bridge, 17*J 
Elbing, 84, 85* 
Kldyng, xcc Yalding 
Ellaud, 257* 
Ellerkcr, 131 
Ellov, West, 16 
Elnisal, 1)9 
ElniHett, 281* 
ElmaLhorpc*, 54 
Klsfiold, Elleslield, 18 
Elthani, 53, 132 
Ely, Sec of, 213 
Eniley, 108 
EngliHliconibe, Ingles- 

cunibc, 167 
Enle, see Oiilcy 
Krcall, lliij;\iy sec Hoyall 
Eruiington, 88 
Enielev, st'C Earnlev 
EHcricic, 174, 207, 259 
Eslvngliani, sec Islingham 
Ebscx, 33, 52, 62*, H2. 85, 

91, 109, 174, 209, 227, 


241, 242, 24(3, 247, 255 
Ebwhe, Kft' Ash 
Estanford, «r Stanford 

Estniolplasshe, see Mel- 

Etchells, Euholes, 161 
Ethrop, see Eytborp 
Eton (? Eaton Bray), 230 
Etton, 132 
Kveringham, 62,126, 128, 

130*, 131*, 132*, 133* 
Everswick, 249 
Exeter, 11 

Exeter, Diocese of, 288 
Exton, 29* 
Eynsbani, 166 
Eyt horp, Ethrop, 180 
Eyton, near Alsop, 96 

Fair Head, 118 
Falley (? Fawley), 81 
Falmouth, 26, 110 
Fardell, Ferdell, 92 
Farnham, 82* 
Farnley, 184 
Faulx, 144 
Fawley, tee Falloy 
Fen cote, 186 
Fen ha III, 135 
Fen wick, 36, 108, 124 
Fen lei I, nee Fardell 
Fernacren, 136 
Fife, CO., 208 
Filingdale, 188 
Finchcocks, 80 
Fixbv, 257 
Flamborough, 127*, 128*, 

129*, 130* 
Flanders, 144, 253* 
Flint, CO., 26 
Floilden, 128*, 130, 134 
Flvntford, Manor of, 87 
Foliot's Fee, 108* 

Fukyngham, 9* 
Fontenoy, 239 

Fort St. David, 101, 102 
Fort St. George, 57-61, 

99-107, 145*, 146*, 

200-207, 274-279 
FoxcotA?, 209* 
Franifield, 83 
France, 72, 133, 146*, 174, 

229, 250* 
Frankf(»rt, 241 
Freckenham, 288 
Frickley, 21, 250 
Frindsburv, Frcndesbcry, 

Fristou Place (Sussex), 

Fulbeck, Folebek, 8 


(co. Durham). 

Gaddesden, Little, 281* 
(Tainsborough, 216* 
Gamblesbv, Gamelesby, 

Garsington, see Kersinton 
Gascony, Vasconia, 8 
(iawsworth, 283 
Gawthori)o, 129, 249 
Geilston, 203 
Geneva, 171* 
Georgia, 174 
Germany, 241, 254, 273 
Ghent, Gant, Gaunt, l(i8, 

253*, 254 

Giffords, Manor of, 91 
Gigfgleswiok, 21 
Gillesland, 184 
Gilling, 180* 
Glaasonby, GlaManeby, 

Glonceiterahire, 91, 02, 

198, 200, 226*, 232 
GodalmiDg, 174 
Golconda, 72 
Goodmauham, 181 
Goole, 269 
Goth way t, ice Gowth* 

Goadliurst, 80 
Gowth waite, Gonlthwaite, 

Goalthwayt, Gothwayt, 

28, 24, 25* 26*, 268 
Guzhill, GK>iiBel, Gonanl, 

GouBle, 78-77 
Grafton (co. Woro.), 128, 

Grantham, 268 
Graveley, 66 

Gravoaend, 109, 110, 112* 
Great Lang^ton npon 

Swale, 16* 
Greenhill, 64 
Grecnthorpe, 14 
Greenwich, Grenewic,l68, 

244, 246, 247 
Gresford, 216 
Grcystoke, Graystoke, 156 
Grimston, 108 
Grimston North, 18, 14, 

15*, 16* 
Guadalonpe, 170 
Gncmsey, 284* 
Goisboroagh, Gisbroa^h, 

186, 186 
GunncBS, Onnnef, Gan- 

hoase, 74* 

Hackforth, 19 
Hackney, 60 
llaconby, Hacnnebj, 9 
Hadfold farm (Sawez), 

Haggerston, 182 
Hague, The, 171, 174 
Hainault, 142 
Hainton, 136 
Haiathorpe, Haysthorpe, 

Hales, 286 
HalcBworth, 206 
Halifax, 12 
Hallam (co. Notts), 207, 




Halflham, 175*, 176*, 177», 

178, 179», 180 
Haltclifife Hall, 142 
Halton (Northumber- 
land), 125 
Halton Place (Craven), 

26, 27* 
Ham Church, 151 
Ham, East, 82 
Hamenthcby, 37* 
Hamerton, 18 
Hanisey, 217» 
Hampshire, nee South- 
Hampshire, Now (U.S.A.), 

Hampstead, 126 
Hangleton, 221* 
Hanover, 146, 171* 
Hardushulle, see Hartshill 
Harcfield, 243 
Harlsey, 183*, 184* 
Harlsey Castle, 183 
Harswell, Hcrswell, 123 
Harting, Hertyng, 33 
Hartingfordbury, see Her- 

Hartshill, Hardushulle, 

Haslcmere, 174* 
Hastings, 56 

Hatfield (co. Herts), 280* 
Hatfield (co. York), 128 
Hathern, 31 
Hawarden, 26 
Hawnby, 18 
Haysthorpe, see Hais- 

Hayton, 15, 132 
Heath Hall, 260 
Heaton, Heton, 252 ; see 

also Hcnton 
Hebburn, Heburne, 253 
Heckmondwike, 14 
Heene, Hen, 230 
Hegham, see Higham 
Helford, Hayleford, 288 
Helmsley, 250 
Hemingborough, 36 
Hemsworth, Hymmes- 

worth, 99 
Hen, see Hoenc 
Hengrave, 64 
Henton (? Heaton), 123 
Henton (co. Oxon), 157* 
Heptonstall, 13 
Hereford, 38 
Herefordshire, 88, 256*, 

Hermiston, Long, 6, 7 
Heme, 137 
Hers well, see Harswell 

Hertfordshire, 51, 52, 55, 
56», 90, 139, 208, 269, 
280*, 281, 283 
Hertingfordbury, 238, 246 
Hesket, 142* 
Hetho, 165 
Heton, see Heaton 
Hickham (or Kickham), 

Hickleton, 258, 259, 260*, 

Higham, Hegham, 32,97 
Highden (Sussex), 218 
High Leigh, 283*, 284 
Hilloford, see llford 
Hilton (Dorset), 283 
Hintlesham, 65 
Hinton (co. Salop), 83, 

272*, 273* 
Hitchin, 56 
Hodsock, 128 
Holborn, 238*, 239*, 245, 

Holderness, 76, 179, 257 
Holland 171, 179, 208, 

Holme in Spaldiog Moor, 

127*, 129, 130 
Holstein, 144 
Holt, 51 
Holt Castle, 51 
Holy Land, The, 175, 235 
Hoo (Hants), 137 
Horbling, 8*, 9 
Horbury, 259*, 260 
Hornby, 18, 19, 131 
Horner, 154 
Horringer, 69*, 213 
Horringford, Horyngford 

(Isle of Wight), 98 
Horsforth, 257 
Horsham, 218, 219 
Horsley (co. Derby), 282 
Horsmonden, 93 

Horton (co. Staff), 224 
Hothfield, 180 
Hoton Wandesley, see 

Hutton Wandesley 
Houghton, 128 
Hounslow, 175 
Hove, 217, 219*, 220, 240* 
Uova Ecclesia (prebend), 

Hova Villa (prebcnd),218 
How, The (Lancashire), 

Howden, 132 
Howsham, Howsam, 124 
Hoyall (? High Ercall), 93 
Hudswell, 26^ 

Hull, 28*, 179, 187* ; see 
also Kingston upon Hull 

Hulme House (Cheshire), 

Humberstone, 31 

Hunmanby, 257 

Hunston Hall (Suffolk), 

Huntingdon (? Hunting- 
ton), 128 

Huntingdon, co., 55, 209, 

Hurst, 54 

Hurstou, 218 

Hurworth, 251 

Hutton, 181 

Hutton (Uoton) Wandes- 
ley, 34* 

Hyde-Coppenhall, Manor 
of, 164 

Hyde Hall (Herts), 280 

Hymme8Worth,«ef Hems- 

llford, HiUeford, 231 
Inco, 273* 
Inchgottrick, 5 
Inchture, 212* 
India, 146, 175, 206*, 240, 

274*, 275*, 276 
Indies, East, 109, 112, 

145, 153, 216, 239 
Ingham, 30 

luglescumbe, see English- 
Ingmanthorpe, 173*, 184 
Innerwick, Innerwike, 

Enderwick, 1*,2*,8,4*, 

5*, 144* 
Ipsden, Ispedcne, 224 
Ipsley, Ippesley, 158, 159 
Ireby, 22 
Ireland, 70*, 71, 109, 189, 

141, 142, 147*, 149, 170, 

205, 208, 239 
Imham, 8*, 9 
Isleham, Iselham, 67 
Islingham, E8lyngham,32, 


Jamaica, 26, 152, 239* 
Jarrow, 252 
Jersey, 171* 



Kakham, Manor of, 97 
Kellington, 172 
Kolvodon Ilnll, 255 
Konilworth, 105 
KtMisiiigton, 211,246, 248, 

Kent. 32, 37, 53, 02, G5», 

m, 79*, K(>, 81*, 82*, 

83, 84, 93, 97, 132, 137* 

138, 108, 109, 180, 2()(). 

2<)9, 210, 239. 240*, 244, 

240, 247 
KcrsintoM (Y CiHrsiii^ton, 

or C'asHiii^ton). 100 
K(?8t(ni, 200 
Kcttlebv, 131 
Kelt ()n,''242, 243 
Koxbv. 129* 
Kcvingham, Kiiyinpliam, 

Kickham, »ee Ilickham 
Kilbruckinoiitli, 5,0* 
Kilburii, Kilborne (co. 

York), 02 
KilhuTii, 123 
Killache, 4 
KilliDgholinc, 250 
Kilii8ea, Kyiisaye, 25, 178 
Kiltearu, 2 
Kilvinpton, 19, 250 
Kilvington, South, 179 
Kiiiultoii (;''Kin<)ult()n),l28 
Kiiulortoii, Kvrulortiin, 

KiiH^nbi {y Kingsbury), 

KingHl)ury Episcopi, 99 
Kingston upon Hull, 16; 

SfT It ho Hull 
Kingsworthy, Kingcs- 

worth, H>0 
Kinkavil, Kinkcvcl, 14^1- 
KinnardH Ferry, Kyiinar- 

(Icforryo, 70 
Kip}»us (r Kippax), 13 
Kir)»y Misporton (Mister- 
ton), 180, 188 
Kirk burn, 250 
Kirkby Floetham, 15, 180 
Kirkby KnowU', 170, 179* 
Kirkbv Malhain. '2V) 
Kirkbv Wharfe, 180 
Kirkby super Wisko, 15* 
Kirkcudbright, 3 
Kirkdalo, 188* 
Kirkliarn, 77 
Kirkljeaton, 13*, 14* 
Kirklandfl, 08 
Kirk Lentil a in, 258 
Kirklees, 2(51 
Kirklington, 18 

Kirton, Kirketon, 288 
Kyme, 182 

Kvnderton, see Kinrlerton 
Kynnardcferye, see Kin- 

nards Ferry 
Kvnsave, tsvc Kilnsea 

LamlKjrhurst, Lanibcr- 

best, 79*, 82, 83*, 93 
Lh in both, 55, 134 
LancaHliire, 18, 20, 22, 54, 

04*. m, 71, 72», 109, 

112, 132, 134*, 137, 148, 

Land's Knd, 145 
Lane End (co. Stafford), 

LangcliiTe, 21 
Langlev, Langele (co. 

liucks), 224 
Langley (co. Warwick), 18 
Langiey (co. York), 12* 
Langflide, 4, 5, 6 
Langton, Langeton' (co. 

Lincoln), 8 
Langton upon S\?ale, 15* 
Lanivet, Lanyvett, 103 
Lanthorpe, 131 
Lartington, 255* 
Laughton, Loctona, 9 
LaunccHton, Lauzauenton, 

Lawtield, 10, 19, 21* 
Lawk land, 252 
Layer (Ley re) Marney, 

Lay ton, 252 

Leake (Leek), Little, JK)* 
Leamington, 171 
lieainington HastingH, 223 
Lee (CO. Kent), 81, 239, 

Lee (co. Stafford), 283* 
Leeds, 13, 187, 257 
Leek, 71*. 72 
Leicestershire, 31*, 51, 54, 

107, 180,233,253 
L(M*gh, Kec High Leigli 
Leighton (co. Lane), 134, 

Le Xeves, 285 
Leptt)!!, 13 

Lewes, 140, 220*, 221* 
Lewisham, Levesliani, 81, 

82, 83, 84, 108, 239 
Loyden, 170, 171 
Ley ton, 85 
Lidge, 130, 144* 

Linooln, 78, 128, 178 
LincoInBhire,?, 8*, 0, 28*, 
185, 166, 217, 228, 233, 
235, 250, 282 
Liudsey, Lyndesey, 75 
Linlegh, Manor of, 284 
Lisbon, 26, 55, 171 
Litelhay, Manor of, 164 
Littowode, Manor of, 164 
Littlebury, 62 
Little Gaddesden, 281* 
Little Harbour (U.S.A.), 

Liverpool, 259 
Lochiuvar, 8 
Lochlevcn, 6 

London, 15, 16, 24*, 29, 
34*, 40, 50, 51*, 64, 56, 
62*, 68*, 64*, 65, 66, 
78*, 79*, ai, 82, 83, 
84* 85*, 187, 188*, 189, 
141*, 147*, 148, 160, 
151, 155*. 170*, 171, 
174, 197*, 199, 207, 
208* 209*, 218, 214, 
215, 216*, 288, 239, 
241*, 242* 248, 248, 
252, 260, 269*, 270*, 
271*, 272, 278*, 282* 
283*, 284*, 286 
London, Barking, 82 ; 
Barnard's Inn, 140 ; 
Battersea, 54, 134 ; Bed- 
ford Row, 248*, Ber. 
mondgey, 85*, 167, 198 ; 
Bennondsey Church, 
216; Bethnal Green, 
280; Blaokheath, 288; 
Bloom sburj, 171 ; Bow, 
82 ; Bridge Street Ward, 
150; Bridge Ward 
Within, 241; Brooke'a 
Buildings, 238, 246*; 
Castle Yard, Holbom, 
238, 245, 246*; Chan- 
cerv Lane, 214*, 289, 
245, 246; Cheapside, 
52; Chelsea, 148, 240, 
241,246,248; Cbichea. 
ter Kentfl, 214; Christ's 
Church, 241*, 242; 
Christ Church, Middz., 
240; Christ Chnrch, 
Spitamolds,242; Ghrist'a 
Hospital, 150, 241*; 
Clerkenwell, 66*; 
Combe Makers in the 
Strand, 52*; Conyerts 
Street, 214* ; Comhill, 
79, 241*, 242* ; Covent 
Garden, 246* 247 1 



Cursitor Street, 238; 
Deptford, 215*; Dutch 
Church of Austin Friars, 
171 ; Essex Street, 146, 
147*, 239, 247 ; French 
Hospital, 171 ; French 
Ordinary Court, 150, 
240; Gerard Street, 
243 ; Gracechurch 

Street, 147; Gray's 
Inn, 20, 132, 135*, 138», 
140*, 174*, 188, 209, 
215*, 238*, 252», 2o3», 
283; Great James Street, 
240* ; Great Orniond 
Street, 56* ; Guildhall, 
78, 79, 85* ; Hackney, 
50; Hampstead, 126; 
Harpur Street, 55 ; 
Hatton Garden, 71, 152, 
238*, 239, 245*; Hoi- 
bom, 83, 238*, 239, 246, 
248* ; Inner Temple, 
63, 238, 240; Kensal 
Green, 240; Kensing- 
ton, 241, 246, 248, 279 ; 
King's Bench Prison, 
84 ; King street, South> 
ampton Buildings, 79 ; 
Lambeth, 55, 134 ; La 
Providence, 171 ; Lin- 
coln's Inn, 86, 125, 138, 
141, 173, 213, 214, 221, 
239 ; Lincoln's Inn 
Chapel, 83 ; Lombard 
Street, 149 ; London 
Bridge, 246, 247, 274; 
London Hospital, 171 ; 
Lyme Street, 78, 151 ; 
Lyon's Inn, 260, 282; 
Magdalen Hospital, 
South wark, 244; Maiden 
Lane, 64; Middle 
Temple, 52, 80, 82, 
83, 84, 86, 217, 219, 
238 ; Mint, 24 ; Monta- 
gue Street, 56 ; Naggc's 
Head Tavern, in Cheaj)- 
side, 52 ; New Inn, 152, 
240 ; New Southamp- 
ton Buildings, 83 ; New 
Street, 214*; New Tem- 
ple, 214; Old Fi«h 
Street, 148; Paternos- 
ter Row, 81 ; Putney, 
54*, 79 ; Queen Sijuare, 
Westminster, 280; St. 
Alban's, Wood Stivet, 
260; St. Andrew's, Hol- 
born, 29, 83, 238*, 239, 
245,248*; St. Andrew's, 
Undcrshaft, 49*, 78,79, 

84*, 86, 86, 198*, 268*, 
273 ; St. Anne's, Black- 
friars, 52*, 82; St. 
Anne's, Soho, 260 ; St. 
Anne's, Westminster, 
170; St. Anthoiin's, 83 ; 
St. Augustine's, 81, 82; 
St. Augustine's Friars, 
182; St. Bartholomew 
the Great, 79 ; St. 
Benefs Fink, 239; St. 
Benet's, Gracechurch, 
238* ; St. Bride's, 52* ; 
St. Christopher le 
Stocks, 79 ; St. Cle- 
ment's, 54, 145 ; St. 
Clement's, Danes, 52, 
238, 239, 247, 260; St. 
Dunstan's in the East, 
238 ; St. George's, 
Bloomsbury, 171, 243, 
255 ; St. George's, Han- 
over Square, 26*, 136, 
259, 260; St. George 
the Martyr, 56, 241 ; 
St. Giles', Cripplegate, 
84, 176; St. Giles' in 
the Fields, 79, 83, 84, 
181 ; St. James', 171 ; 
St. James', Westmins- 
ter, 174, 246, 248; St. 
John Zachary, 86; St. 
Lawrence Jewry, 82 ; 
St. Lawrence Pountney, 
51*, 53*, 54,79,82,84*; 
St. Leonard's, East- 
cheap, 198 ; St. Magnus 
the Martyr, 247 ; St. 
Margaret's, Lothbury, 
79 ; St. Margaret's, 
Pattens, 239; St. Mar- 
garet's,Westmin8t<?r, 82, 
241*, 246*, 248; St. 
Martin's in the Fields, 
52, 83, 174, 218 ; St. 
Mary Alder manbury ,34, 
79; St. Mary Alder- 
marv, 175 ; St. Mary 
Axe] 85, 171 ; St. Mary 
Bothaw, 51 ; St. Mary 
Cole Church, 197; St. 
Marylebone, 261 ; St. 
Mary Magdalen's, Ber- 
mondsey, 85, 198 ; St. 
Mary Overy, 182; St. 
Mary Woolchurch Haw, 
54; St. Marv Woolnoth, 
49, 50*, 51*, 53, 248; 
St. Michael's Comhill, 
242* ; St. Mildred's, 
Poultry, 199; StOUve's, 
Hart Street, 81 { St. 

Paul's, Covent Garden, 
82,238,246; St. Paul's 
Yard, 280; St. Peter's, 
Comhill, 49*, 280; St. 
Peter's lo Peer, 51*, 52* 
53*, 242 ; St. Saviour's, 
Southwark, 82 ; St. 
Sepulchre, 51, 54; St. 
Stephen's, Walbrook, 
24*, 25 ; St. Thomas', 
Southwark, 102; Ser- 
jeants' Inn, Fleet Street, 
243; ShoreditchChurch, 
180 ; Somerset House 
Chapel, 148, 239, 242 ; 
Southwark, 82, 85, 102 ; 
244; Spitalfields, 151, 
240, 242; Staple Inn, 
138 ; Stepney, 82 ; 
Strand, 52 ; Temple 
Church, 238; Thames 
Street, 238, 246, 247 
Threadneedle Street 
243; Tower, 7, 146 
Villiers Street, 83; Wei 
beck Street, 281 ; West 
minster, 82, 148, 170 
174, 238, 241*, 246* 
248, 280, 284; West 
minster Abbey, 130 
Whitehall, 241*, York 
Buildings, 248 

Londonderry, 108, 109*, 
110*, 111*, 112* 113* 

Long Hermiston, 6, 7 

Longley, 20 

Long Preston, 22 

Lougton, 140 

Lopton, 164 

Lound, 186 

Louth, 62* 

Lovaine, 126 

Low Countries, 171* 

Lowther Castle, 143 

Lowthorpe, 123 

Lubbesthorpe, Lubetorp, 

Ludlow, 215 

Lupset, 259 

Luton, 66 

Lynch am (Devon), 88* 

MadufHillam, 277 
Madeley, co. Salop, 141 
Madeley (co. Stafford), 

Madras, 57-61, 99-107, 

200-207, 274-279 
Mailing, East, 88, 98 




MiilliiiK, WoBt, 98 

Maluniic, 144 

Malpas, 1 13 

Maltoii, la, 14, 181, 188 

Manielo (? Mamble), 226 

Manchostor, 71 

Manleo Waju'iitako, 

Mai)i)orloy, 27 

MapiK)wder, Majwudre, 

Marinande, 170 

MarHtoi), alias Huttoii 
Wandeslcv, 34 

MarHton Moor, 179, 208 

Mart on, IHo 

Masliani, 183 

MaRWicliupcttB, 67 

Masulipataiii, 205, 277 

Mayticld, 81 

Mav'H Hill, 244 

Mearcs Court ( West- 
meat h), 113 

Meaux Abbov, 257 

Mcldoii, 253" 

M(>1p1aish, KaKt, Estniol- 
]>Iu8she, 157 

Mcltonby, 13 

Melton Slowbniy, 253 

Mendham Priory, 25(J* 

MpoIo Brace, 274* 

Meridt?n, 155 

Merioneth, eo., 72 

M(>rsham, 65 

McKRinpham, 75, 76 

Metham, 18,132,177, 178, 

Michel^rove, Muchcl- 

frrove, 87, 254 
Middlepolplasse, 37* 
Middlesboroii^li, 18() 
Middlesex, 24, 52, 65, 82, 
83, 86, 126, 207, 238, 
240*, 241*, 242, 243*, 
24<)», 248*, 282 
Middlesmoor, 25*, 26 
Middleton Hall, 134 
Middleton Stonv, 54*, 55, 

Middleton (Mikclton) in j 

Teesdale, 227 
Midhope, 18 
Midlothian, 3 
Mildenliall, 80 
Millinpton, 14, 15. 250, 

258 ! 

Milton, 3 

Milttm Danieroll, 84 
Minshull, Church, 113 
Miuatenicres, 255 
Mirfield, Murfield, 12, 258 
Mitcham, 82 
Modena, 211 

' Monewodo, Manor of, 29 
Monkton Mains, 1, 4 
Montauban, 72 
Montjfomcry, Honour of, 

233, 234 
Morden Colloge, 146*, 238, 

239*, 240», 241, 243*, 

244, 245 
Morelcigh, Morleg, 229 
Morpeth, 281 
Mortham, 252 
Morton, North, 30 
Morwcnstow, 63 
Moaelcy (co. York), 86 
Mountgrace Priory, 183, 

Mozet, 144 
Mucheljrrove, see Miehel- 


Nabum, 178, 179 
NalTcrton, nee Nap])ertoii 
Nuntwioh, ICW, 111*, 113* 
Nantvrerwhaid, 56 
Napperton (? Nafferton), 

XaReby, 19 

Xavesiiy (? Xaseby), 162 
Naworth Castle, 253 
Xellam {? Ncttleham), 24 
Nesham Abbey, 25l*,252» 
Xether Adhere (Atbarc), 

Xetherdalo, Manor of, 25 
Xethc^rlands, 144 
Xether Stratton, 99 
Nether Winehendon, 66, 

Xettilheth, Manor of, 93 
Xettl(>hani, sec Nellani 
Xettlestead, 128 
Xetlles worth, 135 
Xewark, 130 
Xewbi^rgiri, 123*, 124*, 

Xewbold, 222, 223 
Xewburn, 208 
Xewby, 26 
Xewcastlc-on-Tvnc. 27, 

99, 208*. 251*, 252* 
Xewhall (Xotts), \H) 
Xew Hampshire (U.S.A.), 

Newington (co. Olouc), 

Newington (Middx.), 52 
Newland, Manor of, 246, 


Nowton, Nenton (co. 

Gnmb.), 226 
Newton (co. York), 172 

Nowtou Ferrers (Forj'ce), 

Newton Kyme, 130 

New York, 110», 118* 

Nice, 27 

Nidderdale, see Nether- 

Norfolk, 83. 68, 66, 95, 
108*, 209, 227*, 237, 
263, 286 

Normandy, 169, 222, 229*, 

Nomianton (co. Derby), 

Nomianton (co. York), 138 

Northallerton, 16, 21 

Northamptonshire, 23, 40, 
66, 67, 137, 102, 223, 
226, 233, 236 

North Barton, alioM Fle- 
ming, 137 

North Duflield, 128 

Northcnden, Northerdon, 

North Morton, 80 

Northon, Manor of, 106* 

Northumberland, 135*, 
209, 241, 249, 260, 262, 
263*, 265, 268*, 276 

Norton (co. Derby), 64 

Norton (co. York), 128, 

Norwich, 66*, 96, 96 

Norwich, See of, 218 

Nostell Priory, 223 

Nottinghamshire, 9*, 38, 
62, 90, 108*, 186, 138, 
159, 172, 173*, 207, 288* 

Nuneaton, 129* 

Nunkeeling, 179 

Xuthnrst, 218, 238, 247 

Xyon, 171 

Oakwood Chapel, 63 
OfFchurch, 254 
Offham, Ofthem, 247 
Offlev (Herts), 66*, 66*, 

Oglethonxj, 172*, 173* 
Oldstcdc, The (co. York), 

Old Windsor, 200 
OUerton, 135, 186 
Ongar, Angre, 228 
Onley, Enle, 238 
Oporto, 66 



Orbiaton, 5*, 6« 

Ordsall, 134, 178 

Orlegh, 92 

Ormesby, 183, 184*, 186* 

Osbonrnby, Osbemby, 8 

Osgodby, Osgotby, 35, 78, 

Osgoldcrosse Wapentake, 

Otloy, 257 

Ottery (Otry) St. Marv, 
235, 282 

Ousebridge, 24 

Over Adbere(Atbare), 154 

Overcole, 22 

Ovorpoleglasse, 37* 

Oversley, 159 

Over Stratton, 99 

Ovington, 135 

Owenby (? OwmV>y), 8 

Owsthorpe, 13, 14* 

Owston, 217 

Oxford, 27, 53, 140, 215 

Oxfordshire, 18», 28, 54, 
65, 93, 95, 132», 155, 
157*, 165, 166, 199, 223, 
224, 236, 237, 240 

Oxford University, 118*, 
171, 174, 209, 215*, 272; 
All Souls Coll., 80; Cor- 
pus Christi Coll., 174* ; 
Exeter Coll., 210 ; Hart 
Hall, 52, 219; Magdalen 
Hall, 80*, 217 ; Merton 
Coll., 27 ; St. Edmund's 
Hall, 140, 238 ; Univer- 
sity Coll., 54, 56*, 86* ; 
Worcester Coll., 171, 

Oxonheath, 83 

Pwlstow, 288 

Parcivall Hall (co. York), 


Paris, 170 

Parwich, Parwyche, 96 
Pateley Bridge, 27 
Pattiswye, Patheleswy, 

Paul Holme, 177 
Paunton, Pawnton, 257 
Pedderthorpe, 24 
Peel, 64 
Pegu, 57 
Penang, 279 
Penans (? Penzanoe), 94 
Penkridge, Penkeryche, 


Penn, Penne (co. Staff.), 

Perdiswell, 273 
Perth, 6 

Perton (co. Staff.), 164 
Petitlez, 144 
Petworth, Honour of, 34 
Pevensev, 158 
Pickering, 187», 188* 
Pictou, 21 
Pilkington, 18 
Pinkie, 4 
Pinner, 171 
Pocklington, 13, 14*, 15, 

126, 131, 132, 173 
Poitou, 171 

Pollington, 108 

Pomeroy House (Tvrone), 

Pondicherry, 206 

Pontefract, 108, 257 

Pontesbury, 24* 

Pontoise, 250 

Portslade, 221 

Portsmouth (U.S.A.), 259 

Portugal, Portingall, 15, 

Possingworth, 79*, 80, 81, 

Preston, Long, 22, 27 

Preston (co. Sussex), 217*, 

Preston on the Wild 
Moors, 93 

Preston (co. York), 283 

Prussia, 84, 85* 

Pulicat, 59 

Putney, 54*, 79 

Kackenford, Rackemford, 

Little, 88 
Randolveston, Manor of, 

Raploch, 6 
Rathorp Hall, 12*, 13*, 

Rattery, Rattre, 88 
Ravens worth, 133 
Rawcliffe, 187 
Rawker, 15 
Redboume, Redbum, 76, 

Replyngham, see Ripling- 

Rh^, Isle of, 178 
Richmond (co. York), 16, 

26*, 138, 185, 176, 251, 


Richmond, Honour of, 8, 

Richmondshire, 178, 252 
Ridware, 161 
Rillington, 188 
Ripley (co. York), 25, 

129*, 177 

Ripon, 24*, 25, 173, 208 
Risby, 178 
River (in Tillington, co. 

Sussex), 34 
Rochester, 239 
Rodborough, Rodburgh, 

Rodmell, 219 
Rome, 113 
Rorrington, 273 
Roscommon, 139 
Rotterdam, 72 
Rouchbank, Rochbank 

Ruchebank, 1, 2, 5, 6* 
Rouen, Roane, 24 
Rovenor (? Rowner), 37 
Rudston, 24*, 137 
Rugby School, 171 
Rugeley, Rugelegh, 224 
Rushbrook, 69*, 213* 
Ruthin, 72, 215* 
Rutland, 28, 235 
Ry ver, alias Treve, Manor 

of; see River 

Sadbury, 185 

Saffron Walden, 62* 

St. Anthony's near New- 
castle, 252 

St. Breock, St. Broke, 89 

St. Denys (Hants), 66 

St.Elven(?St. Elwyn), 89 

St. Germains, 174*, 250 

St. Helena, 146* 

St. Ives, 209 

St. John, Hospital of, 235 

St. Mabyn, 87 

St. Nicholas, 26 

St. Oswald, 222 

St. Saphorin sur Merges, 

St. Sepulchres, 178 

St. Stythians, 288 

St. Thomas' Mount, 58 

Saleby, 73 

Salehurst, 217* 

Salford, Sawford (Beds), 
140, 216* 

Sallee, Sally, 146 

Salop, 24, 88, 90, 98, 141,