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  • noun pl. 小雪;
  • The flurries of snow started and stopped all day

冰雪奇緣 (Let It Go)

冰雪奇緣 (Let It Go) Image 03:23
  1. my power flurries through the air into the ground

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Kim Jong Un's sister in the spotlight | FT

Kim Jong Un's sister in the spotlight | FT Image 05:06
  1. she is believed to have important roles in political departments in pyongyang and is seen to be a top advisor to her brother, including during his flurries of brinkmanship and diplomacy with donald trump.

    據信,她在平壤的政治部門擔任重要角色,並被視為她哥哥的最高顧問,包括在他與唐納德-特朗普(Donald Trump)的刷牙和外交活動中。
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  1. cumming on a girls ass for instance, after a guy makes it rain in the club, he makes it "flurry" on her ass right after
    "I make it snow, I make it flurry" -Lil Wayne
  2. Street name for cocaine.
    Hey man, you know where I could get some flurries? Hey bro, lets go rail some flurries!
  3. A 50/50 mix of diarrhea and flatulent gas.
    I think I'm about to flurry in my pants.
  4. Retarded Snow (mainly spotted in Houston, Texas)
    Look outside, Flurries!