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List of YouTubers

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PewDiePie (pictured in 2015), the most-subscribed individual YouTuber

This is a list of YouTubers. YouTubers are people mostly known for their work on the video-sharing website YouTube across various notable channels.

A YouTuber is considered notable if they have received significant, non-routine coverage in reliable sources for more than one event. If a YouTuber has not received significant, non-routine coverage in reliable sources for more than one event then they are not considered notable, even if they have 100,000,000 subscribers. Conversely, a YouTuber that only had 12 subscribers but had received significant, non-routine coverage in reliable sources for more than one event would be notable.

YouTube personalities

User(s) Country Channel(s) Notes

Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan

US blamesocietyfilms Known for the fan webseries Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager.
Adam Montoya US SeaNanners Known for his extensive Let's Play videos as well as cooperation with other gamers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier.
Adam Saleh US TrueStoryASA Vlogs and public pranks
Adam B UK Adam B Northern Irish actor and YouTuber.
Addison Rae US Addison Rae Dancer, vlogger, and famous TikToker
Adore Delano (Danny Noriega) US DannyNoriega Following Idol, Noriega became a YouTube personality, performing skits as himself, in drag as Adore Delano, or as his other character, Angel Baby. In June 2009, Noriega released the music video for "24/7," featuring Diamonique.
Agnes Diego US/Philippines Akidearest Anime, manga, otaku and Japanese-culture channel.
AFTV UK AFTV Football fan YouTube channel and website directed at Arsenal supporters.
Ajey Nagar India CarryMinati, CarryIsLive Creates comic content where he publishes satirical opinions known as 'roasts' about a multitude of topics primarily in the Indian entertainment industry. Also posts live gaming streams and other gaming-related humorous content
Alan Becker US Alan Becker, AlanBeckerMinecraft, AlanBeckerTutorials, noogai89 Known for his animation web videos like "Animation vs. Minecraft" and series like "Animator vs. Animation".
Alan Melikdjanian Latvia CaptainDisillusion Creator of the "Captain Disillusion" series demonstrating visual effects used in many viral videos
Alastair Aiken UK Ali-A, MoreAliA Both of Aiken's channels upload gaming videos as well as vlogs. He is best known for his Call of Duty gameplay videos (both Let's Plays and video game walkthroughs).
Alex Clark US itsAlexClark Animator, comedian, and juggler
Alex Aiono US AlexAiono Singer, producer and actor.
Alex Day UK nerimon Has had a few UK top 40 hits after vlogging on YouTube.
Alexa Goddard UK AlexaMusicTV British R&B singer who charted in the UK Top 40 after promoting herself through YouTube.
Alexis Alford (aka Lexie Limitless) US lexielimitless Adventure traveler, photographer, blogger. Best known for traveling to 196 countries before the age of twenty-one and holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to visit all of them.
Alexis Jordan US Alexisjordan1 Singer-songwriter, actress and first season contestant on America's Got Talent; signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation label through her exposure on her YouTube channel.
Alfie Deyes UK PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogVlogs, PointlessBlogGames Vlogger, comedian, Let's Player
Alan Walker UK/Norway Alan Walker English-Norwegian DJ and record producer
Ally Law UK Ally Law Parkour climber and free soloist
Amanda Baggs US silentmiaow Featured on a CNN health blog
Amanda Lee US LeeandLie, LeeandLieTV Singer and voice actress, known for her English-language interpretations of songs from anime and video games on YouTube
Amanda Todd Canada TheSomebodyToKnow Became popular after the video, "MY Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self-harm," which spread awareness of Todd's bullying and sextortion. She committed suicide on 10 October 2012.
Amber Lee Ettinger US barelypolitical Known as Obama Girl from the video "I Got a Crush... on Obama" and stars in many BarelyPolitical episodes
Amber Liu US Amber Liu Member of K-pop group f(x)
Amit Bhadana India Amit Bhadana A comedian awarded with the title of Best YouTuber at the Dadasaheb Phalke Award Festival in Mumbai.
Amos Yee Singapore BrainAndButter Arrested after uploading a YouTube video criticizing Lee Kuan Yew shortly after the first Singaporean prime minister's death
Amy Walker US Amiablewalker Most notable for videos about world accents.
Andrew Callaghan US All Gas No Brakes Interviewer who covers large events and fringe subcultures
Andrew Gunadie Canada gunnarolla, dietgunnarolla Canadian internet personality, musician, and video producer.
Andrew Huang Canada AndrewHuang, songstowearpantsto Canadian musician best known for his Song Challenge series which invites viewers to dare him in feats of musicianship, and viral hit "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows"
Andy McKee US AndyMcKee A fingerstyle guitarist who was formerly signed to the US-American record label CandyRat Records.
Angie Miller US AngieKristineMiller Christian singer who was made known for her covers and coming in third place on American Idol.
The Anime Man Japan The Anime Man Videos about anime, Japanese culture, language and gaming
Anita Sarkeesian US Feminist Frequency Has received particular attention for her video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which examines tropes in the depiction of female video game characters.
Ann Reardon Australia How To Cook That Website and baking channel that provides video recipes on baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations and other confectionery.
Anna Akana US Anna Akana Filmmaker, producer, actress, and comedian known for her short films and sketches like the web series Riley Rewind.
Anthony Fantano US theneedledrop, thatistheplan Reviews music through his channel The Needle Drop, which is also a Connecticut Public Radio podcast.
Arin Hanson US egoraptor, GameGrumps Animator, voice actor, actor, and video game pundit known for his animations (such as the Awesome Series, Sequelitis, and Girlchan in Paradise!!) and co-creating the Let's Play series, Game Grumps. Member of musical comedy group Starbomb.
Arunabh Kumar India The Viral Fever Founder of TVF which is popular for web series and comedy videos
Anthony Padilla US Anthony Padilla Founder of Smosh, currently famous for his series I spent a day with _.
Antonio Radić Croatia agadmator Game review and analysis of historical and current chess games
Atta Halilintar Indonesia Atta Halilintar First Indonesian YouTuber to cross 20 million subscribers mark
Austin Mahone US AustinMahone Pop singer who built a large online following in 2011.
Aziz Shavershian Australia 7zyzz7 Australian internet personality, known for his bodybuilding videos

Baba Ali

US ummahfilms Known for the Reminder Series and Ask Baba Ali Series
Rick Beato US Rick Beato Music teacher and guitar player
Bachir Boumaaza Belgium athenewins Video gamer and social activist who is widely referred to by his online pseudonym "Athene."
Bart Baker US Bart Baker, BART, Lil Kloroxxx He is best known for making parody videos of notable songs
Back Dorm Boys China Chinese duo Huang Yixin and Wei Wei, known for lip-syncing American pop songs.
Bald and Bankrupt UK Bald and Bankrupt Travel vlogger
Ben Going US boh3m3 Known for his video blogs and was an early YouTube partner.
Belle Delphine UK Belle Delphine Notable for her glamour and cosplay modeling influenced by memes
Bethany Mota US Macbarbie07 Known for haul videos, makeup/hair tutorials, recipes, and do it yourself. Mota was a contestant on the 19th American season of Dancing with the Stars.
Bhuvan Bam India BB Ki Vines Viner, composer and actor
Big Narstie UK GRIMEREPORTTV, Noisey Grime MC who makes comedy videos including reaction videos and the agony aunt parody series Uncle Pain
Bill Day US Billschannel Documentary filmmaker
Bill Wurtz US bill wurtz Video creator who makes surreal videos, most notably "history of japan" and "history of the entire world, i guess".
Blaire White US blaire white Video creator who is mainly known for her political commentary videos but also does vlogs.
Blimey Cow US blimeycow, blimeycowvlog, BigHeadKidVideos, jordanmichaeltaylor, Amy Taylor Comedy trio known for videos relating to Christianity, homeschooling, music, relationships, and social media
Bo Burnham US boburnham, mahnrubob Comedian, comedic singer, musician, songwriter, and actor
Bobby Miller US BuzzFeed, SoulPancake, Next New Networks, YouTube Filmmaker, comedian, actor
Bogdan Ilić Serbia Baka Prase, Baka Sepra Rapper, gamer, entertainer
Brady Haran Australia periodicvideos, sixtysymbols, numberphile, computerphile Journalist
Brandon Hardesty US artietsmitw Actor
Brent Rivera US MrBrent98, Brent Rivera, BrentRivera Vlogs American YouTube personality, Actor
Brian Awadis US FaZe Rug, FaZe Rug Games Produces vlogs, challenges, gaming videos, and pranks. One of the co-onwers of the FaZe Clan.
Brie Larson US Brie Larson Actress
Bryan Le US RiceGum American YouTube vlogger and rapper known for his diss tracks.
Bryce Hall US Bryce Hall Dancer, vlogger and TikToker
Brooke Brodack US Brookers Actress, editor, director. Known for her "Crazed Numa Fan" and "Chips" videos.
Bunny Meyer US grav3yardgirl Her vlogs focus on fashion, makeup, lifestyle and paranormal occurrences

Calum McSwiggan

UK eatgaylove LGBT+ Lifestyle content

Calvin Lee Vail Marquez

US LeafyIsHere(terminated) Controversial commentator
Candice Hutchings Canada TheEdgyVeg Vegan chef and comedian.
Caitlin Doughty US OrderoftheGoodDeath "Ask a Mortician" a question-and-answer comedy series on death, death culture, and funeral practices, and promoting death acceptance and alternative funeral practices
Caitlin Hill Australia TheHill88 Rapper
Camille and Kennerly Kitt US CamilleandKennerly Identical twin duet harpists known for their acoustic and electric harp covers, also called the Harp Twins.
Canal do Otário Brazil OtarioAnonymous, CanalDoOtario, CanalDoOtario3 A Brazilian activist vlogger. Known by his work against misleading advertisement, freedom of speech and government propaganda.
Carl Benjamin UK Sargon of Akkad British vlogger; posts videos which concern a wide variety of subjects, varying from gaming, anti-ideology, history and fiction, and Gamergate and antifeminism.[1]
Carrie Hope Fletcher UK ItsWayPastMyBedTime English actress and singer; she has a YouTube channel where she plays the piano and sings, but she posts mainly video blogs.
Carson King US CallMeCarson Known for his videogame playthroughs and commentary
Casey Neistat US CaseyNeistat American videographer; posts daily vlogs on his YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers and more than 2.4 billion views.
Caspar Lee South Africa/UK dicasp, morecaspar British South African vlogger, popular for his interviews with other YouTube personalities such as Zoe Sugg.
Catherine Wayne US boxxybabee, ANewHopeee, bodaciousboxxy Popular for her YouTube comedy videos under the pseudonym "Boxxy". Fights between her supporters and her detractors lead to an "online war".
Cavetown UK Cavetown
Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz US The Young Turks Left-wing online media outlet
CGP Grey US CGP Grey Makes informational videos, including "The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England Explained" and "Rules for the Rulers".
Charles Green Jr. US TheAngryGrandpaShow, GrandpasCorner Known for videos of him violently raging and reacting to various pranks and events. Died in 2017.
Charles White Jr. US penguinz0 Known for his gameplay and commentary videos.
Charlie McDonnell UK charlieissocoollike, charlieissoboredlike, CharlieAtE3 British vlogger and singer-songwriter. Member of the Chartjackers team, Chameleon Circuit and Sons of Admirals.
Charli D'Amelio US Charli D'Amelio Dancer, vlogger and TikToker
Chase Hudson US Chase Hudson American TikToker and vlogger
Chef and Francis Japan Cooking with Dog Japanese cooking channel featuring a woman known as "Chef" and her toy poodle, Francis.[2]
Chi With A C (Lucia Keskin) UK Chi With A C Known for reenacting TV episodes with herself playing all roles, assisted by greenscreen.
Chloe Ting Australia Chloe Ting Known for fitness videos and challenges
Chris Atkinson and Jeremy Scott US CinemaSins, Music Video Sins, Brand Sins, TV Sins Creators of the Everything Wrong With series
Chris Broad UK Abroad in Japan Known for making videos about Japanese culture, travel and food, as a British resident of the country
Chris Crocker US (deleted YouTube account) A gay blogger who became notable for creating the viral "Leave Britney Alone!" video.
Chris Hansen US Chris Hansen American television journalist, known for catching potential sex predators, Hansen started his own YouTube channel, on which he was trying to capture an accused YouTube predator Gregory Jackson, better known as Onision on YouTube.[3]
Chris Harris UK Chris Harris on Cars, (formerly) Drive Automotive journalist, his roadtest between a LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918[4] received over one million views within two weeks.
Christiaan Van Vuuren Australia ChristiaanVanVuuren Gained notable popularity after starting to record videos from within quarantine.
Christina Grimmie US zeldaxlove64 Singer-songwriter. Died in 2016.
Christine Gambito US HappySlip, christinegambito Known for her Filipino jokes, accent and virtues.
Clara Chung US ClaraCMusic Singer, guitarist
Clay US Dream Minecraft gamer known for his Minecraft Manhunt videos
Colin Robertson UK Millennial Woes Alt-right promoter of white supremacy, white nationalism, antisemitism and Islamophobia
Colin Furze UK Colin Furze YouTuber, stuntman, inventor, fabricator, filmmaker and former plumber
Colleen Ballinger US PsychoSoprano, Colleen Vlogs Comedy vlogger as herself and as Miranda Sings; performs one-woman live comedy show; created and stars in Haters Back Off on Netflix.
Connor Franta US ConnorFranta, ConnorFranta2, (and formerly our2ndlife) Comedy vlogger, previously a member of the our2ndlife channel
Corey Vidal Canada ApprenticeA Known for "Star Wars (John Williams is the Man)" and how-to dance videos.
Coyote Peterson US Brave Wilderness Wildlife educator.
Cory Williams US smpfilms, TheMeanKitty, DudeLikeHELLA Known as Mr. Safety from SMP Films, organizer of the "As One" YouTube gathering
Craig Benzine US wheezywaiter Started vlogging about his job as a waiter, then quit his job to become a full YouTuber and video maker after he became a hit.
Cristine Rotenberg Canada Simply Nailogical Nail-art and comedy videos
Cyriak Harris UK Cyriak English freelance animator and composer known mononymously as Cyriak

Dan Avidan

US Ninja Sex Party, GameGrumps Singer-songwriter, comedian, and musician; co-host of Game Grumps, co-creator of musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party, and member of musical comedy group Starbomb.
Dan Brown US pogobat, danbrownuniverse Developer of the "Dan Brown Method" of solving a Rubik's Cube
Dan Bull UK Dan Bull, DBGames (With artist Boyinaband) An English rapper and songwriter who was known best for his songs about video games
D'Angelo Wallace US dangelowallace, Office Husband American commentary YouTuber; notable for videos on Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star
Daniel "Dan" Lloyd, Matthew Stephens, Simon Richardson UK Global Cycling Network Focuses on road cycling and racing news. All presenters had past notability as professional cyclists.
Daniel Hardcastle UK OfficialNerdCubed, OfficiallyNerdCubed, OfficialNerdCubedLive A British Gamer, primarily releases let's plays and occasional vlogs. Released a book titled Fuck Yeah: Video Games, which reached number one on the Sunday Times best sellers list.
Daniel Howell UK Daniel Howell (formerly danisnotonfire), danisnotinteresting, DanAndPhilGAMES A British vlogger and former radio host, co-host of Super Amazing Project; released a book titled The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire with Phil Lester.
Danielle Jones US Mama Doctor Jones American obstetrician-gynecologist
Dancing Dolls Japan Replay849 Cover dance unit. Covered dances of such artists as Girls' Generation and 2NE1.
Dane Boedigheimer US daneboe, realannoyingorange, Gagfilms, SuperBoeBros Creator of The Annoying Orange video series
Dan Middleton UK DanTDM (formerly DanTDM // TheDiamondMinecart) A British gaming commentator focused mostly on the popular sandbox game, Minecraft.
Danny Duncan US Danny Duncan Known for vlogs, recreational activities, and pranks.
Dave Hakkens Netherlands hakopdetak, getphonebloks Dutch designer best known for Phonebloks and Precious Plastic.
Dave Joseph Colditz US Davedays Also known as Dave Days, Colditz is a singer-songwriter and musician that has done punk rock parodies of songs.
David Brown UK Boyinaband, DBGames (With artist Dan Bull) An English YouTuber, musician, and rapper.
David Choi US davidchoimusic, davidchoitalk Singer-songwriter
David Dobrik Slovakia David Dobrik, David Dobrik Too, Views Podcast Vlogger, prankster, a former Viner and the de facto leader of the "Vlog Squad". He has gained a combined total of over 17 million subscribers as of 11 January 2019, since he began uploading videos in 2015.
David Firth UK David Firth, Fatpie2, Fatpie3, Fatpiemusic Animator, director, musician, actor, voiceactor
David Freiheit Canada Viva Frei Stunts, vlogs
David L. Jones Australia eevblog Electronic engineer
David McCleary Sheldon US Mac Lethal Rapper, producer, radio host. In November 2011, Mac Lethal released a video on YouTube of him rapping over the beat to "Look at Me Now" while he prepares a dish of pancakes in his kitchen. The video became a viral hit and got millions of views in a matter of days.
Davide Biale Italy Davie504 Bassist.
Dennis Roady US howtoPRANKitup, Dennis Roady Deeds Prankster
Derek Muller Australia Veritasium Creator of Veritasium and host of YouTube's Geek Week.
Desmond Amofah US EWNetwork (terminated), EtikaFRFX (terminated), TR1Iceman, E Live Was a streamer and former model also known by his online alias, Etika. Amofah usually focused his YouTube channel around Nintendo and streamed (usually over-the-top) reactions of himself to Nintendo Direct presentations. Amofah was reported missing by the NYPD on 20 June 2019, his body was discovered in the East River on 24 June, after he committed suicide by drowning.
Destin Sandlin US SmarterEveryDay, No Dumb Questions, SmarterEveryDay 2 Hosts educational engineering series Smarter Every Day (SED), which is hosted on his main channel. Started podcast called No Dumb Questions with his friend, Matt Whitman.
DeStorm Power US DeStorm, DeStormTV Singer, songwriter, and video editor. Often collaborates with other YouTube personalities and artists, including Mystery Guitar Man and Vassy.
Dhruv Rathee India Dhruv Rathee, Dhruv Rathee Vlogs Social media activist known for his political commentary.
Diamond and Silk US Diamnond and Silk, Ditch and Switch Former Democrats who became supporters of Donald Trump.
Disguised Toast Canada Disguised Toast Gaming
Dixie D'Amelio US Dixie D'Amelio Dancer, singer, vlogger and TikToker
Doctor Steel US DoctorSteel Steampunk / industrial musician, entertainer, and visual artist
The Dolan Twins US The Dolan Twins Comedy duo
Dominic Panganiban Canada Domics Animator and webcomic artist
Doug Armstrong UK Doug Armstrong Music producer & comedy songwriter; LGBT, entertainment & travel vlogger.
Doug DeMuro US Doug DeMuro, More Doug DeMuro Reviews cars
Doug Walker US League of Super Critics, Channel Awesome, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Comedian, movie reviewer and film critic, part of Channel Awesome. Creator and portrayer of That Guy With the Glasses, The Nostalgia Critic and Chester A. Bum.
Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols US digitalfilmmaker Creators of Ask a Ninja
Drew Gooden US Drew Gooden Known for his comedic commentary videos and his "We Are Two Different People Tour" that he did with Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner.

Ed Bassmaster

US edbassmaster Comedian, prankster, television personality.

Ed Pratt

UK Ed Pratt Best known for circumnavigating the globe on a unicycle.
Edward "Edd" Gould UK Eddsworld Flash animator and creator of the Eddsworld series. Died in 2012.
Edward Muscare US Edarem Former sex offender who achieved popularity for his eccentric videos of himself. In 2010, he was imprisoned for uploading videos to YouTube, thereby breaking his probation's ban on using a computer.
Elle and Blair Fowler US AllThatGlitters21, EllesGlitterGossip (Elle), otherjuicystar07, juicystar07 (Blair) Sisters who post beauty and style-related tutorials and vlogs
Elle Walker, Meg Resnikoff, Brook Mahan US WhatsUpMoms Three moms who post motherhood-related comedy content, although recently, other moms have been featured on it. In 2018, Brooke left, but came back in 2020. As of 2020, Meg has left WhatsUpMoms.
Elliott Morgan, Lee Newton, and Joe Bereta US SourceFed Hosts of SourceFed's 20 Minutes or Less news show and Comment Commentary launched by Philip DeFranco.
Emile Rosales US Chuggaaconroy Let's Player since 2008, also a founding member of TheRunawayGuys.
Emily Graslie US brainscoop Blogger from Field Museum
Emily Hartridge UK Emily Hartridge
Emma Blackery UK EmmaBlackery Vlogger, known for "My thoughts on Google+" video, and singer-songwriter
Emma Chamberlain US Emma Chamberlain American comedy vlogger, member of the Sister Squad with James Charles and The Dolan Twins, host of the Ramble Official podcast Stupid Genius .
Eric Calderone US 331Erock Guitarist known for creating heavy metal renditions of popular songs, film and television themes, and video game soundtracks.
Eric Stanley US estan247 Violinist and composer, known for remixing popular hip-hop and pop songs on the violin.
Erika Costell US P6UK Model and singer. Posts vlogs and reaction videos. Member of Jake Paul's Team 10.
Esmée Denters Netherlands esmeedenters Singer, she covered songs by musicians like Justin Timberlake and Natasha Bedingfield.
Esther Earl US HELLO THERE. Cookie4Monster4 Harry Potter and John Green fan. Died in 2010.
Ethan and Hila Klein US/Israel h3h3Productions, H3 Podcast Highlights, H3 Podcast, and Ethan and Hila Creators of comedy YouTube channel h3h3Productions.
Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, and Zach Kornfeld US The Try Guys Known for their book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up, their YouTube Red series, Squad Wars, and winning the 6th Streamy Awards award for Nonfiction Channel, Show, or Series, the 8th Streamy Awards for Show of the Year, and for the 2018 Webby Awards for Unscripted (Branded) – People's Voice.
Eva Gutowski US MyLifeAsEva Vlogger, actress and YouTube personality.
Evan Fong Canada VanossGaming, Rynx Known for his video game commentaries with other creators.
F2Freestylers UK F2Freestlyers Duo comprising British freestyle footballers Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove. They are best known for producing online video content for their eponymous YouTube channel.
Felix Colgrave Australia Felix Colgrave Director, animator, cartoonist, filmmaker, artist and musician

Felix Kjellberg

Sweden PewDiePie Video game playthroughs, commentary, and vlogger, PewDiePie has been the second-most subscribed channel on YouTube since 14 April 2019 when it was surpassed by T-Series in the aftermath of their competition to be the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers. However, he remains the most subscribed YouTuber.
FilmCow US FilmCow Creators of the viral Charlie the Unicorn series, as well as Llamas with Hats and Detective Mittens.
Fine Brothers US TheFineBros, TheFineBros2, MyMusicShow, REACT Creators/Producers of the React video series (Kids, Teens, Elders, YouTubers, and Adults React) and MyMusic sitcom. Also known for timed spoiler videos.
Flula Borg Germany flula Vlogs (often based on misinterpretations of common figures of speech), covers of popular songs recorded in his car and other vehicles ("AutoTunes"), original music, celebrity interviews, and other humorous content.
Fox Bronte UK MonaLisaNaked Alternative artist known for his rants on modern day culture and putting himself in uncomfortable situations to make his artwork.
Franchesca Ramsey US chescaleigh Comedian, activist and artist. Known for her comedy sketches like "Shit White Girls Say...To Black Girls" and as the host of MTV's Decoded.
Frankie MacDonald Canada dogsandwolves Amateur weather presenter with autism from Nova Scotia, Canada.
Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch US Rocket Jump, Brandonjla Creator of many mini action movies. They have gained a combined total of over 9.5 million subscribers since beginning uploading videos in 2010.
Gabbie Hanna US Gabbie Hanna, More Gabbie Hanna Comedian, actress, author, and singer-songwriter that gained popularity on Vine before amassing a total of 8.2 million subscribers combined on her two YouTube channels.
Geoff Marshall UK Geoff Marsahll Video producer, performer and author from London who runs a YouTube channel which is predominantly transport themed.

Gabriel Montiel

Mexico Werevertumorro Spanish vlogger. Videos mainly based around average life in suburban Mexico City. Also professional Association Football player.
Gary Brolsma US NewNuma Creator of the Numa Numa dance.
Gary the Goat, Jimbo Bazoobi Australia Gary the Goat Australian comedy group involving a comedian and a goat
Gaurav Chaudhary India Technical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary Gaurav is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi & travel vlogs on another channel.
Gavin Dunne Ireland miracleofsound Musician that specialises in video game music, creating songs based on characters from video games and other pop-culture topics.
Gavin Free UK theslowmoguys, roosterteeth, letsplay, gamefails Director, producer, voice actor, and cinematographer.
George Miller Japan TVFilthyFrank


Popular comedian and YouTube personality with the alter egos of Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, who's retired. Currently, he's a musician (with the stage name of Joji) with songs and albums charting.

Germán Garmendia

Chile HolaSoyGerman, holasoygerman2 Chilean video producer and aspiring actor. The 10th most subscribed channel on YouTube, he currently has over 38 million subscribers and 3.8 billion video views. Garmendia makes monological observational comedy videos.
Gigi Gorgeous Canada GregoryGORGEOUS Model, actress, and transgender activist
Gille Japan GILLEsound Singer
GloZell Green US glozell1 Actress, comedian and singer
Grace Helbig US itsgrace, dailygrace (former) Actress, comedian and video blogger from Los Angeles
Grant Sanderson US 3Blue1Brown Mathematics educator
Greg Benson US MediocreFilms Comedian, director, and producer. Known mostly for his work on the Retarded Policeman web series.
Greg Kinman US Hickok45 Gun reviewer and internet personality with over 5 million subscribers.
Greg Plitt US Greg Plitt Personal trainer and actor. Died in 2015.
The Gregory Brothers US schmoyoho, thegregorybrothers Creators of several "songified" videos using Autotune, most notably the "Bed Intruder Song", the "Double Rainbow Song", "Winning!" (w/ Charlie Sheen), and the "Auto-tune the News" series.
Greyson Chance US greyson97 Singer discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, signed to record label. Notable for his cover of Lady Gaga's hit "Paparazzi".
Gursimran Khamba, Tanmay Bhat India All India Bakchod Comedians, AIB is a typical news comedy show that aims to find comedy in tragedy.
Gus Johnson US Gus Johnson Sketch Comedian, YouTube commentator, and podcast host
Hat Films UK Hat Films English comedy and gaming YouTube channel comprising Ross Hornby, Alex Smith and Chris Trott. Since 2014, they have been part of The Yogscast network
Hajime Syacho Japan Hajime Syacho, Hajime Syacho 2 Japanese YouTuber with two channels in the genre of comedy. His first channel, "Hajme Syacho", has more than 7.8 million subscribers and 6.1 billion views, while his second channel, "Hajme Syacho 2" has more than 2 million subscribers and more than 700 million views.
Hamako Mori Japan Gamer Grandma world's oldest gaming YouTuber at the age of 90
Hannah "Harto" Hart US myharto, yourharto She is best known for starring in My Drunk Kitchen, a weekly series on YouTube. Apart from her main channel, she also runs a second channel where she talks about life in general and gives her opinions on various topics.
Hannah Witton UK hannahgirasol Witton creates video blogs and informational content, mostly based around relationships, sex and sexual health, liberation and welfare issues, literature, and travel.
Harley Morenstein Canada EpicMealTime, HarleyMore, OriginalGamerShow Epic Meal Time cooking show
Harris Brewis UK Hbomberguy Left-wing YouTuber known for producing videos aimed at debunking conspiracy theories and responding to alt-right and antifeminist arguments.
Henry Reich Un­known MinutePhysics, MinuteEarth Known for explaining physics- and Earth-related topics
Hikaru Kaihatsu Japan HIKAKIN, hikakinTV, HikakinBlog Japanese human beatbox, food and product reviews
HowToBasic Australia HowToBasic, HowToBasic2 An Australian vlogger who makes misleading tutorial videos, notably by destroying large quantities of food and various housewares.
Humza Arshad UK HumzaProductions Most notable for his ongoing web series Diary of a Bad Man, with episode 5 being one of the most viewed videos in the UK for 2011.

Ian Carter

US iDubbbzTV Absurdist comedian known for his Content Cop series and the internet memes he's helped to create.
Ian Danskin US Innuendo Studios Known for "The Alt-Right Playbook" series of videos
Iman Crosson US Alphacat, Iman Actor, nationally known Obama impersonator; co-editor of We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube edition).
Ingrid Nilsen US missglamorazzi, TheGridMonster Known for beauty tutorials

Jack Baran

US thatsojack Teenage vlogger from Connecticut
Jack Conte US jackcontemusic Indie musician, singer, and songwriter. Co-founder of musical duo Pomplamoose. He also co-founded crowdfunding site Patreon.
Jack Douglass US jacksfilms, jackisanerd, SHUTUPDENNIS, featuredfridays, catlvr6969 Creator of the "Your Grammar Sucks" and "YIAY" ("Yesterday I Asked You") series, as well as "The WTF Blanket", a parody of sleeved blankets.
Jack Vale US jackvalefilms Hidden camera pranks on the general public.
Jackie Aina US lilpumpkinpie05 Beauty and fashion vlogger.
Jaclyn Hill US Jaclynhill1 Known for her makeup tutorial videos
Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld US/Israel CollegeHumor (Jake and Amir) Comedy writers and actors for the website CollegeHumor. They star in their web series Jake and Amir and other CollegeHumor sketches. They have since left the company and ended the series to try to get the series on television. They also host their own podcast, If I Were You.
Jake Roper US Vsauce3, Jake Roper Host of the Vsauce3 edutainment channel[5]
Jake Zyrus Philippines charice Filipina singer who rose to popularity through YouTube; was featured in an episode of Glee in its second season
James Charles US James Charles Beauty influencer, makeup artist, known for being the first male ambassador for CoverGirl.
James Jackson US Onision Controversial entertainer, musician and author.
James Rallison US TheOdd1sOut, TheOdd2sOut Artist and animator
James Rolfe US Cinemassacre (formerly JamesNintendoNerd), James Rolfe Filmmaker and video game reviewer, known for his Angry Video Game Nerd sketches.
Jamie Curry New Zealand Jamie's World New Zealand vlogger and comedian
Jamie Grace US jGracePro Singer-songwriter discovered by TobyMac and signed to Gotee Records.
Janoskians Australia Janoskians, DareSundays An Australian web-based comedy group
Jared Dines US Jared Dines (th3ycharg3) Musician, singer-songwriter; creates heavy metal themed videos, covers, paraodies, and original music
Jared Lee Loughner US Classitup10 Used to promote religious and political views; Perpetrator of the 2011 Tucson Shooting.
Jason Ethier Canada ImJayStation Vlogger who gained prominence for his fake prank videos.
Jason Gastrow US Videogamedunkey Video game reviewer and comedian.
Jawed Karim US Jawed YouTube co-founder who created the first YouTube channel and uploaded the first YouTube video, Me at the zoo, in 2005.
JC Caylen US Jc Caylen, KianAndJc Vlogger
Jeffree Star US jeffreestar Beauty influencer, makeup artist, former musician, owner of JeffreeStarCosmetics.
Jenn McAllister US jennxpenn, jenn, jennxpenngames
Jenna Mourey US JennaMarbles, JennaMarblesVlog, JennaJulienPodcast 8th most subscribed woman in the world with more than 18 million subscribers and has 2.9 billion views; best known for her video "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking", which has 67 million views.
Jeri Ellsworth US JeriEllsworth Self-taught electronics engineer, and chip designer; serial entrepreneur; co-inventor of "CastAR" augmented reality glasses
Jerzy Urban Poland Tygodnik NIE Comedian, political commentator.
Jess Greenberg UK JessGreenberg1 Acoustic guitar player who covers a variety of songs.
Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith US PrankvsPrank, BFvsGF, NylahKitty, DownRangeGaming Couple pranking each other, as well as video logs of their daily life.
Jessica Rose, Yousef Abu-Taleb, Jackson Davis, and Alexandra Dreyfus US lonelygirl15 From lonelygirl15
Jessie Kahnweiler US jbkpictures1 Comedy channel
J. Fla (Kim Jung Hwa) Korea JFlaMusic Singer, music artist, composer
Jim Chapman UK j1mmyb0bba Pop culture and fashion vlogger
Jim Browning UK Jim Browning Scam Baiter
Jimmy Donaldson US MrBeast, Mr.Beast, MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast2 Known for his stunts and philanthropy.
Jodie Rivera US venetianprincess Previously, No. 1 most subscribed female on YouTube prior to MichellePhan surpassing her.
Joe Bereta and Luke Barats US BaratsAndBereta Creators of Barats and Bereta
Joe Penna Brazil MysteryGuitarMan, jp Musician and animator. Was in 2011 the most subscribed Brazilian auteur.
Joe Santagato US Joe Santagato, Extra Joe, Veterans Minimum Comedian, vlogger.
Joe Sugg UK ThatcherJoe, ThatcherJoeVlogs, ThatcherJoeGames British internet personality, brother of Zoe Sugg and known for his challenges, impersonations and comedy videos.
Joel Berghult Sweden RoomieOfficial Known for music and music related content.
Joey Graceffa US JoeyGraceffa, JoeyGraceffaGames Vlogger, actor and host at His videos' topics are varied and include vlogs of his daily life, challenges, song covers, The Hunger Games trilogy and gaming walkthroughs.
John and Hank Green US vlogbrothers, CrashCourse, SciShow Vloggers, authors, musician (Hank only), educators and podcasters.
John Bain UK Totalhalibut, Totalbiscuit First impressions of indie-games, Starcraft commentator. Died in 2018.
John Hindhaugh, Nick Daman UK exint2, Nismotv2013 Motorsport commentators, live commentary on radio-controlled racing and Super GT (via his Radio Le Mans livestream) in addition to his endurance racing work he is best known for.
John Plant Australia Primitive Technology Making tools, buildings, food from scratch in Far North Queensland, Australia
Jon Jafari US JonTronShow, GameGrumps Unorthodox video game reviewer, creator of JonTron and co-creator of Game Grumps.
Jonathan Tomines Canada The Toe Bro Canadian chiropodist
Jonti Picking UK mrweebl Animator and musician, known for Badgers, Amazing Horse, and Narwhals.
Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek US The Piano Guys Musical group
Jordan Maron US CaptainSparklez, Maron Music Notable for making Minecraft music videos and walkthroughs, etc.
Naser Al Azzeh and Vineeth ′Beep′ Kumar India Jordindian
Joseph Birdsong US Disneykid1, DK1games Vlogger, gameplay blogger, and member of Candy Coded.
Joseph Garrett UK Stampylonghead Minecraft videos for children.
Josh Carrott UK koreanenglishman English people react to Korean culture
Josiah Brooks Australia DrawWithJazza Art drawing tutorials
Juan Mann Australia juanmann Founder of the Free Hugs Campaign
Judith Bustos Peru LaTigresaDelOrienteC Peruvian singer and make-up artist whose YouTube exposure led to a contract with Warner Bros. Mexico.
Judson Laipply US judsonlaipply Judson Laipply is an American motivational speaker from Bucyrys, Ohio best known for his performance in the "Evolution of Dance" video.
Julia Anastasopoulos South Africa Suzelle DIY South African actress, illustrator and designer. Anastasopoulos creates short DIY webisodes.
Julian Baumgartner US Baumgartner Restoration Art conservator and owner of Baumgartner Restoration. Credited by Mashable with popularizing art restoration videos on YouTube, and named as the most popular art conservator on the platform.[6]
Julia Nunes US jaaaaaaa Singer, songwriter, guitar and ukulele player. Has performed with Ben Folds and appears regularly at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.
Justin Bieber Canada Justin Bieber Canadian singer who was discovered on YouTube. 4th most subscribed YouTuber with 42 million subscribers, with 18.7 billion views.
Justine Ezarik US iJustine, otherijustine, ijustinesiphone, ijustinegaming, ijustinereviews Video blogger and comedian.
Jus Reign Canada JusReign, JusReignToo, SnapReign, Just2Boyz Canadian comedian of Indian Sikh descent.

Kai Wong, Alamby Leung and Lok Cheung (all former)

Hong Kong DigitalRevCom Presenter of DigitalRev TV
Kanwer Singh Canada Humble The Poet Canadian YouTube personality, author, rapper and spoken-word artist
Karen Alloy US Spricket24 Entertainer and comedian
Karim Metwaly US AreWeFamousNow, AreWeKuKuNow Comedian and video blogger
Karl Coryat US EdwardCurrent Atheist satirist, anti-9/11 Truth movement activist, and musician.
Kassem G US KassemG Co-founder of Maker Studios, comedian, actor, and producer. Best known for his California On and Going Deep series.
Kat Blaque US Kat Blaque Video blogger, activist known for True Tea
Kayla Sims US lilsimsie Gaming YouTuber known for playing The Sims 4
Kéfera Buchmann Brazil 5incominutos, keferavlog Comedy videos and daily vlogs
Keith Hughes US Keith Hughes Educational lectures
Ken Sekine Japan megwin Video blogger and comedian
Kevin Nalty US nalts Video blogger and comedian
Kevin Wu US KevJumba, JumbaFund Comedian/reality star of The Amazing Race 17. He currently hosts pre-commercials called "Flicks" on Cartoon Network.
Kian Lawley US superkian13, KianAndJc YouTuber and actor
Kina Grannis US kinagrannis Singer-songwriter formerly signed to Interscope Records. Mostly known for her song "In Your Arms".
Kip Kedersha US kipkay Prankster, gadget creator.
Kizuna Ai Japan A.I.Channel, A.I.Games, A.I.Channel China Jump started the Vtuber trend on YouTube. Vlog, singing, gaming.
Kurt Hugo Schneider US KurtHugoSchneider Producing YouTube music videos in collaboration with other musicians. He is best known for his production of music videos for Sam Tsui.
Kurtis Conner Canadian Kurtis Conner Known for his comedic commentary videos. Guest star of Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden's "We Are Two Different People" tour.
Kutiman Israel kutiman Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, bandleader, and creator of ThruYou.
Kyle Myers US FPSRussia, MoreFPSRussia, fps Host of The FPSRussia Show

L.A. Beast

US skippy62able, L.A. Beast Live Competitive eater, vlogger, reviver of Crystal Pepsi
LadBaby UK LadBaby, LadBaby & Sons Life hacks, pranks, parenting and family, social media challenges, children's toy reviews
Leadley UK Leadley Musician
Laci Green US lacigreen, gogreen18 Atheist, feminist, sex educator
Laina Morris US wzr0713 Gained fame in June 2012 when her video titled "JB Fanvideo" went viral, resulting in the creation of the internet meme "Overly Attached Girlfriend." She uploads weekly videos as herself on a variety of topics.
Lannan Eacott Australia LazarBeam Known primarily for his Let's Play videos, "comedic riffs" and use of memes.
Lasse Gjertsen Norway Lasse Gjertsen Animator, musician and videographer. Known for early YouTube hits.
LaToya Forever Canada latoyaforever Comedy videos; daily vlogs
Laura Lee US laura88lee Beauty influencer
Lauren Luke UK panacea81 Make-up artist
Lauren Riihimaki Canada LaurDIY Known for her intriguing DIY videos
Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta Finland Hydraulic Press Channel Various objects are crushed by a hydraulic press.
Lele Pons US LelePons Comedy, pranks, music, vlogs
Leo Moracchioli Norway Frog Leap Studios Singer and multi-instrumentalist
Lia Marie Johnson US liamariejohnson
Lilly Singh Canada IISuperwomanII, SuperwomanVlogs, Lilly Singh, Lilly Singh Vlogs Indian-Canadian comedian known for her parody videos about everyday life. Her channel has over 15 Million Subscribers and 3.3 billion video views.
Lim Jeong-Hyun Korea funtwohimself
Lindsey Stirling US lindseystomp, LindseyTime America's Got Talent quarterfinalist; known for dancing while playing violin, performing classical crossover to electronic dance music, hip-hop and dubstep; charted on Billboard.
Linus Sebastian Canada LinusTechTips, LinusCatTips, TechQuickie, TechLinked, ChannelSuperFun, LMG Clips, CarpoolCritics, ShortCircuit Technology expert, co-founder and CEO of Linus Media Group, primarily known as the presenter for the agency's various channels and formerly NCIX Tech Tips.
Lisa Donovan US LisaNova, lisa
Lisa Lavie Canada lisalavie1 Singer-songwriter; co-producer of YouTube cybercollaboration video We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube edition); Yanni vocalist; Trans-Siberian Orchestra vocalist.
Liza Koshy US Liza Koshy, Liza Koshy Too Actress and comedian, former Viner; she posts comic videos and collaborates with friends and her ex-boyfriend, David Dobrik.
Lizzie Velásquez US Lizzie Velasquez Author, motivational speaker
Lloyd Ahlquist US EpicLLOYD, ERB Rapper, comedy theater, songwriter, co-founder of the web series Epic Rap Battles of History
Louis Cole UK Louis Cole Known as FunForLouis
Logan Paul US Logan Paul Vlogs, TheOfficialLoganPaul American actor, Internet personality, and white collar boxer
Louise Pentland UK sprinkleofglitter, sprinkleofchatter British fashion and beauty vlogger.
Lucas Cruikshank US Fred, lucas Was the No. 1 most subscribed channel before being surpassed by nigahiga in 2009. He starred as Fred Figglehorn in Fred: The Show on Nickelodeon in 2012 and Marvin in Marvin Marvin from 2012 to 2013.
Luna (Park Sunyoung) Korea 루나의 알파벳 Luna's Alphabet Vlog and makeup channel; member of K-pop group, f(x)

Mark Meechan

UK Mark Meechan Scottish YouTuber, stand-up comedian and former European Parliament candidate.He uses the online name Count Dankula.
Mary Spender UK Mary Spender Musician
MacGyver the Lizard US MacGyverLizard A giant lizard known for his intelligence, friendly personality, and large jowls.
Magibon US MRirian Known for doing nothing except staring at the camera
Mamrie Hart US YouDeserveADrink, mametown Comedian, actress, writer, and performer. On her main channel, YouDeserveADrink, she primarily posts weekly instructional mixology videos, with a unique cocktail presented in each, allowing her to combine her past work experience as a bartender with performing. She periodically collaborates with other YouTube personalities such as Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig.
Manny MUA US MannyMua733 Beauty influencer, makeup artist, and first male brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics.
Marcus Butler UK marcusbutlerTV, moremarcus British vlogger.
Maria Aragon Canada rojuanearagon A 10-year-old Filipino-Canadian singer who became popular after Lady Gaga linked to her cover of "Born This Way". The two sang together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during Gaga's Monster Ball Tour in 2011.
Mark Rober US Mark Rober Best known for his YouTube videos on popular science, do-it-yourself gadgets and creative ideas.
Marié Digby US MarieDigby Singer-songwriter whose career picked up when she posted a video of herself covering the Rihanna song "Umbrella".
Marina Orlova Russia hotforwords Russian philologist who teaches the etymology of English words.
Mark Fischbach US markiplierGAME, markiplier, markiplierTWITCH Video game playthroughs and commentary. Fischbach has over 22 million subscribers, and over 10 billion video views.
Marques Brownlee US Marques Brownlee Tech YouTuber
Marzia Kjellberg Italy Marzia Italian blogger. Video topics usually discuss fashion or makeup. Since October of 2018, Marzia has retired from YouTube and her channel is no longer active.
Matt Parker UK standupmaths Recreational mathematics author and educator
Mathew Murray Canada teenagerswebseries Creator of the web series teenagers
Matteo Moroni Italy DmPranksProductions Italian prankster, creative director and film maker
Matthew Haag US NaDeSHoT Former OpTic Gaming eSports player, and current owner of eSports organisation 100 Thieves.
Matthew Patrick US The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, The Food Theorists, GTLive Creator of Game Theory, a show that analyzes video games with respect to realistic rules of mathematics, culture and science.
Matthew Santoro Canada Matthew Santoro, MatthewSantoroVlog, SantoroGaming Best known for his top ten lists and "50 Amazing Facts" videos
Mat and Savanna Shaw US MatandSavanna American musical duo based in Utah
Mazzi Maz UK TheMazziMaz English vlogger. He eventually started a rap career under the name Scarlxrd.
Megan and Liz US MeganandLiz, meganandlizbeauty Achieved some popularity on YouTube, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Megan Nicole US megannicolesite, MeganNicoleTV Musician, who has covered songs by Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez, among others. Has also performed some original songs.
Meghan Camarena US strawburry17 Video games, co-host for D XP video game show Polaris Primetime
Mehdi Sadaghdar Iran ElectroBOOM Electronics engineer who teaches both electrical engineering and simple how-tos with explosions on himself for comedy
Melody Oliveria US bowiechick
Meme Molly Canada mememolly Internet personality and former presenter of Rocketboom daily news.
Merrell Twins US merrelltwins Comedy duo, actresses, musicians and singers
Merton US PianoChatImprov Singer-songwriter, music improviser
Mikhail Varshavski US Doctor Mike Russian-born American family physician
Mini Ladd UK Mini Ladd
Mia Rose UK miaarose Singer-songwriter
Michael Agrusso US ItsJustSomeRandomGuy Creator of "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC" video series
Michael Buckley US WHATTHEBUCKSHOW, Michael Buckley, bucksphone Known for his celebrity news show, What the Buck!?
Michael Stevens US Vsauce Host and creator of Vsauce, explaining topics of general interest, often including science and philosophy.
Michael Wesch US mwesch His video, "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us" was viewed over 11 million times.
Michelle Phan US MichellePhan Vietnamese-American makeup artist and owner of skincare line IQQU; she produces beauty tutorials videos and is the spokesperson for Lancôme.
Mikey Neumann US FilmJoy Known for the film criticism series Movies with Mikey.
Miles McKenna US MilesChronicles Known for LGBTQIA+ advocacy
Miranda Sings US MirandaSings, Mirandavlogz Character created by comedian and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger that satirizes bad, but egotistical singers who post videos of themselves singing on YouTube. The character stars in Haters Back Off on Netflix.
MissJirachi France MissJirachi French YouTuber known for videos related to Pokémon. She was hired by L'Oréal for a campaign on women and science and also obtained a contract with the French youth TV network channel Gulli.
Montoya Twinz US Montoya Twinz American YouTubers and Twitch streamers best known for their comedy themed YouTube videos that include a wide variety of different topics.
Moymoy Palaboy Philippines moymoypalaboy Filipino comic and singing duo, known for lip sync videos.
Mykie US Glam&Gore Known for beauty and special effects make up tutorials.

Naomi Seibt

Germany Naomi Seibt From "migration to feminism to climate change."
Natalie Tran Australia communitychannel First Vietnamese-Australian YouTuber to pass one million subscribers.
Natalie Wynn US ContraPoints A former philosophy graduate student and instructor who creates videos about gender, race, politics.
Nataly Dawn US natalydawn Indie musician, singer, and songwriter.
Nicki Thiim Denmark NickiThiim Racecar driver
Nisha Madhulika India NishaMadhulika Indian home chef. Videos of North Indian vegetarian food recipes.
Noah Kalina US NK5000 Notable for his video "Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years".

Olajide Olatunji

UK KSI, JJ Oltaunji, Sidemen, MoreSidemen Known for his FIFA commentary videos, rap music, and boxing fights against YouTubers Joe Weller and Logan Paul. Co-founding member of the YouTube group Sidemen.

Oli White

UK Oli White
Oliver Thorn UK Philosophy Tube Videos usually discuss philosophy from a left-wing perspective


US pannenkoek2012 Super Mario 64 analyst
Parker Pannell US Parker Pannell Actor, YouTube, and TikTok peronality
Pat Condell Ireland patcondell Comedian, antitheist; 35 of his videos were published to DVD.
Parry Gripp US ParryGripp Singer-songwriter as well as lead vocalist and guitarist for the pop punk band Nerf Herder, creator of various happy jingles.
Paul Robinett US renetto
Paul Elam US An Ear For Men Dedicated to commentary on antifeminism and men's rights movement
Paul Joseph Watson UK PrisonPlanetLive Alternative media personality
Per Fredrik Åsly Norway pellekofficial, pellekofficial2 Actor and singer-songwriter, known for his anime covers, pop-songs metalized, metal-covers of songs in many languages.
Peter Hadfield UK Potholer54, Potholer54debunks Science journalist who vlogs on science and pseudoscience, particularity on creationism vs evolution and global warming
Peter Oakley UK geriatric1927 "Geriatric gripes and grumbles", mentions his service for Britain during WWII; died in 2014
Peter Schiff US SchiffReport A financial broker and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff is known for the video "Peter Schiff Was Right 2006–2007 (2nd Edition)" by YouTuber Jdouche. His internet fame created a grassroots movement which prompted him to run for Senate in Connecticut, albeit unsuccessfully.
Peter Shukoff US nicepeter, nicepeterToo, ERB, ERB2 A self described "Comic/Guitar Hero" best known for the musical comedy on his YouTube channel, NicePeter, and co-creating the comedy web series, known as Epic Rap Battles of History, along with Lloyd Ahlquist (aka EpicLLOYD).
Phil Davison US Local politician from Minerva, Ohio. His impassioned stump speech as a candidate for treasurer of Stark County, Ohio was viewed over a million times on YouTube.
Phil Lester UK AmazingPhil, LessAmazingPhil, DanAndPhilGAMES British vlogger and former radio host, co-host of Super Amazing Project, released a book titled The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire with Daniel Howell.
Phil Mason UK Thunderf00t Scientist and atheist vlogger, creator of the video series Why People Laugh at Creationists.
Philip DeFranco US sxephil, PhilipDeFranco News reporter, known for The Philip DeFranco Show, and being the creator of SourceFed.
Phillip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu US wongfuproductions Film-making trio. Known for film shorts, music videos for other musicians and their vlogs called "Wong Fu Weekends".
PJ Liguori UK KickThePJ, PJTheKick British YouTuber and filmmaker, known for his creative fantasy videos, vlogs, and short films, his most notable work being Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures.
Pokimane Canada Pokimane, Poki ASMR Imane Anys better known by her online alias Pokimane has two YouTube channels, Pokimane and Poki ASMR. The former includes clips of her gaming content, vlogs, and podcast. The latter channel features videos that are part of a broader community of ASMR channels.
Pomplamoose US PomplamooseMusic A musical duo composed of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn.
Pooja Jain India Dhinchak Pooja
Prajakta Koli India MostlySane Comedy video creator and celebrity interviewer.

Rachel and Jun

US/Japan MyHusbandisJapanese Japanese culture, society and lifestyle, cooking and culinary art
Rahat Hossain US MagicOfRahat, RahatsIphone An Old Dominion University student who produces magic tricks and pranks on his YouTube channel "MagicOfRahat" which has over 5 million subscribers and 900 million video views.
Rajiv Malhotra US Rajiv Malhotra Official Academician who promotes an indigenous perspective of India and its worldview.
Randy Pausch US Gave the lecture "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams".
Randy Phillips US AreYouSuprised While serving in the United States Air Force, he came out as a homosexual during the final months of the U.S. military's policy known as "Don't ask, don't tell".
Rathindu Senarathna Sri Lanka Ratta Prominent philanthropist and YouTuber in Sri Lanka.[7]
Ray William Johnson US RayWilliamJohnson, yourfavoritemartian, BreakingNYC Was the No.1 most subscribed channel before being surpassed by Smosh in 2013, reviews viral videos. Has a second channel with animated music videos.
Rebecca Black US rebecca An American teen who became famous after posting her song "Friday" that received more than 127 million views, 3.3 million dislikes, and hugely negative comments dubbing the song the "worst song ever".[8]
Rebecca Flint UK xBextahx A British teen who became known as Beckii Cruel by recreating a dance called the danjo. She now has a record deal with Tokuma Japan Communications.
Rebel News Canada Rebel Media
Rémi Gaillard France Rémi GAILLARD French humorist
Rhett and Link US RhettandLink, Good Mythical Morning, Good Mythical MORE, This Is Mythical Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They host a weekday morning YouTube show called "Good Mythical Morning" on their second channel. Their third channel has a secondary morning show called "Good Mythical More" to follow the main morning show.
Richard Tyler Blevins US Ninja Twitch streamer/ESports gamer who translated his gaming onto YouTube. Known and recognized for his success in Fortnite.
RJ Balaji India Panjumittai Productions All the videos in this channel deal with contemporary issues; all are completely different in content.
Roman Atwood US RomanAtwood, RomanAtwoodVlogs Comedian, prankster, and daily vlogger
Ronald Jenkees US ronaldjenkees American composer and musician
Rosanna Pansino US RosannaPansino Creator of the baking show Nerdy Nummies
Rose Ellen Dix, Rosie Spaughton UK Rose Ellen Dix, TheRoxetera, Let's Play Games Married couple Rose and Rosie are an English comedy and entertainment duo
Ross O'Donovan Australia RubberNinja Australian American animator, comedian, and internet personality. Co-host of Game Grumps spin-off, Steam Train. Creator of Good Game series, Gamer Tonight.
Rucka Rucka Ali US Wheres Rucka, itsRucka, RuckaWHO, RuckaWHAT, Ruckas Black Parodist and rapper who has received over 100 million views with songs such as "Ching Chang Chong" and "Justin's Beaver".
Ryan Garcia US Ryan Garcia Professional boxer, collaborates with various internet personalities
Ryan Higa US nigahiga, HigaTV Comedy sketches. The 40th most subscribed YouTube channel. As of late 2020, he has taken a break from YouTube.

Sahil Khattar

India Khattarnaak, Being Indian Television host, actor
Safiya Nygaard US Safiya Nygaard Comedy, beauty, and fashion
Safwan Ahmedmia UK SuperSaf TV Technology reviews.
Sally Le Page UK sallylepage, Rooster Teeth, General Electric Educational videos on science.
Salman Khan US Khanacademy Educational videos on a wide range of topics.
Sam Chui Australia Sam Chui Aviation Vlogger/Blogger
Sam Denby US/UK Wendover Productions, Half as Interesting and Sam from Wendover Educational entertainment
Sam and Nia US samuel8955 Family vloggers based out of Terrell, Texas who vlog about their daily life as a Christian family.
Sam Pepper UK OFFICIALsampepper Former prankster known for practical joke videos on the general public.
Sam Tsui US TheSamTsui Best known for covering and performing songs by popular artists, as well as original medleys and mashups.
Samwell US brownmarkfilms Most notable for the video "What What (In the Butt)".
Sandra Lee US Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) American dermatologist
Sanjay Thumma India Vahchef – VahRehVah Indian culinary videos
Sara Maria Forsberg Finland SAARA (Smokahontas Official), West Toast TV Impersonator, singer, interviewed on British BBC radio and Finnish public radio YLE, in which she confirmed that she was contacted by a producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Sara Niemietz US SaraNiemietz Singer, songwriter, actress featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Sarah Austin US pop17 Sarah Meyers
Scott Clifton US TheoreticalBullshit Topics include atheism, philosophy, ethics discussion, counter-apologetics. American daytime TV star.
Scott Manley UK Scott Manley Notable for addressing the niche community of space enthusiasts and gamers alike by playing both space-related video games and making informative blogs on up-to-date science topics. He is best known for playing Kerbal Space Program.[9] He lived most of his life in Scotland, but has recently moved to San Francisco, California.
Seán William McLoughlin Ireland Jacksepticeye Irish producer, game commentator, and internet personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series on video games and occasional vlogs on YouTube.
Sean Plott US day9tv A Kansas-born StarCraft: Brood War professional who has since become a popular StarCraft 2 commentator and e-sports promoter. Plott is most known for his daily show; where he breaks down SC2 games for analysis, and shoutcasting at events such as MLG and Dreamhack
SethBling US SethBling An American Let's Play commentator who is known for his contributions to the 2011 video game Minecraft and speedrunning records[10]
Shane Dawson US ShaneDawsonTV, ShaneDawsonTV2, shane Makes comedy sketches and vlogs.
Shay Carl US Shaycarl, SHAYTARDS, ShayLoss, iphoneTARD, WhenTheKidsGoToSleep Daily life vlogger, comedian; has appeared on No Ordinary Family.
Shirley Setia New Zealand shirleysetia Singer from Auckland known for Bollywood covers
Simon Stawski and Martina Stawski Korea simonandmartina, simonandmartinabonus Creators of the Eat Your Kimchi videos and website
Shaun UK Shaun Left-wing YouTuber known for debunking alt-right claims
Showry Korea The Showry Show Parody videos
Sidemen UK Sidemen, MoreSidemen, SidemenReacts Known for their football challenge videos, video game commentary videos, and their weekly videos uploaded to the Sidemen YouTube channel dubbed "Sidemen Sundays".
Simon Tofield UK Simon's Cat Tofield's first video was uploaded to YouTube on 4 March 2008. Since then, in addition to making YouTube videos, he has published four books.
Simone Giertz Sweden Simone Giertz Swedish inventor and maker, recently dubbed "the queen of useless robots" by The Guardian.[11]
Smooth McGroove US SmoothMcGroove A cappella renditions of video game music
Ian Hecox, Shayne Topp, Courtney Miller, Noah Grossman, Keith Leak Jr., Damien Haas, and Olivia Sui US Smosh, Smosh Pit, Smosh Games, Smosh Cast, ShutUpCartoons, ElSmosh, Smosh France A popular comedy channel, holding the No. 1 spot for most YouTube subscribers for periods of time around the early 2010s. Currently is the 32nd most subscribed YouTuber with more than 23 million subscribers.
Sons of Maxwell Canada sonsofmaxwell Created three popular music videos, beginning with "United Breaks Guitars" in protest of Carroll's treatment at the hands of United Airlines which proved a public relations debacle for the airline.
Spoken Reasons US SpokenReasons, SpokenReasonsTV Comedian, actor, known for his role in The Heat and partnership with Russell Simmons's All Def Digital.
Stefan Molyneux Canada stefbot Far-right, white nationalist Canadian podcaster
Stefan Vuksanović Serbia Mudja Gamer & streamer
Sten Ekberg Sweden DrEkberg Holistic Chiropractor and former Olympic decathlete who's channel focuses on all aspects of holistic health.
Steve Cutts UK Steve Cutts illustrator and animator
Steve Deleonardis US SteveWillDoIt, Nelk Challenges, pranks, vlogs
Steve Mould UK Steve Mould British educational YouTuber, author, and science presenter
Steven Williams US boogie2988 Gaming channel primarily known for the character Francis, who gives his thoughts on and usually rages on various gaming topics.
Stuart Ashen UK ashens British reviewer of various (usually poor quality) products, comedian, animator and actor. Had starring role in the indie comedy film Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child.[12]
Stuart Edge US Stuart Edge, Stuart EdgeXtra Prankster, musician, magician
Sungha Jung Korea jwcfree Guitarist
Sunny Lam Hong Kong whiteboard250 Singer-songwriter
Syarhei Tsikhanouski Belarus Страна для жизни (in Russian)/Country for Life Belarusian political blogger and activist, entrepreneur

Tana Mongeau

US Tana Mongeau Known for her "storytime" videos.
Tanya Burr UK pixi2woo, tanyasvlogsandhauls Beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger. Also has her own cosmetic line self-titled Tanya Burr.
Taras Kulakov US CrazyRussianHacker A Russian-American YouTuber best known for his "life hacks", scientific experiments, testing videos and his motto "Safety is number one priority."[13]
Taryn Southern US Hott4Hill, TarynSouthern, taryntogo Hillary Clinton campaign video
Tay Zonday US TayZonday, tayvox Most notable for the "Chocolate Rain" video
Taras Maksimuk Ukraine TechRax Most notable for destroying phones
Ted Williams US Most notable for "The Man with the Golden Radio Voice"
Terra Naomi US terranaomi Singer-songwriter formerly signed to Island Records
Tessa Violet US meekakitty American comedy vlogger
TheReportOfTheWeek US TheReportOfTheWeek American YouTube personality, food critic, and radio host.
Thomas James Ridgewell UK TomSka Known for creating the animated comedy web film series, asdfmovie.
Thomas Sanders US Thomas Sanders Musical theatre actor and singer who became famous through his career on Vine and now has a career as a full-time YouTuber.
Thomas Us Sykkuno Gaming channel plays with other channels such as DanTDM
Tiffany Alvord US TiffanyAlvord Singer-songwriter and cover artist.
Tim Blais Canada A Capella Science A physicist, Blais communicates science topics via parodies of popular songs.
Tim Burton UK Shmee150 Car vlogger
Tim Pool US Timcast, Tim Pool, Subverse Journalist and political/social commentator. Known for early adoption of livestreaming to cover protests such as Occupy Wall Street.
Tim Rowett UK Grand Illusions Presented by British toy collector Tim Rowett, and developed by former BBC producers Hendrik Ball and George Auckland.
Timothy DeLaGhetto US TimothyDeLaGhetto, TraPhikMusik, TimsBakery Filmmaker, musician, vlogger, rapper. Also known as Traphik (rap name).
TJ Kirk US TheAmazingAtheist, TJ Kirk YouTube personality, podcaster
Toby Turner US Tobuscus, TobyTurner, TobyGames Comedian, actor, known for his "Literal Trailers", hosting CuteWinFail and playing Nerville on the Annoying Orange TV series.
Tom Cassell UK Tom Syndicate, Syndicate Known for his Minecraft and Call of Duty videos.
Tom Dickson US Blendtec Star of Will It Blend?
Tom Scott UK Tom Scott Known for his series, Things You Might Not Know
Tommy Edison US TommyEdisonXP, BlindFilmCritic Blind film critic
Tyrone Magnus US Tyrone Magnus, TYRONE MAGNUS GAMING Model, actor and YouTuber with over one million subscribers on his main account
Tommy Sotomayor US sotomayortv2 Radio host
Trisha Paytas US blndsundoll4mj Vlogger, actress, singer and songwriter
Troye Sivan Australia TroyeSivan, MoreTroye South-African born Australian vlogger, singer and actor
Tyler Oakley US tyleroakley and extratyler Vlogger and advocate for gay youth, presenting on topics such as Postqueer politics and pop culture.
Valkyrae US Valkyrae She is the first female gamer and content creator for 100Thieves, a competitive American esports team.
Varg Vikernes Norway Thulean Perspective Vlogger noted for his socially conservative views and advocacy for white nationalism, Nordicism, and traditional paganism. Best known as a Norwegian black metal musician, well known for his music project Burzum and as the former bassist of Mayhem.
Vennu Mallesh India Vennu Mallesh Noted for "It's My Life" 2012
Venus Angelic Switzerland VenusAngelic Had a No. 71 hit with a cover of "I Love It".
Vexxed Ireland Vexxed Known for his vlogs and videos about other users.
Vi Hart US Vihart Mathemusician and hexaflexagon enthusiast
Vic Dibitetto US VicDiBitetto Stand-up comedian whose launch to fame starred with a YouTube video entitled, "Bread & Milk." He currently has over 70 million views on YouTube.
Vidya Iyer US Vidya Vox Singer known for combining popular western and Indian songs
Viktoriya Yermolyeva Ukraine vkgoeswild Pianist with over a million views who has worked with Lazar Berman and Nine Inch Nails drummer Brian Viglione.
Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Russia VitalyzdTV, VitalyzdTvSecond Comedian and prankster

Wayne Goss

UK gossmakeupartist, gossmakeupchat Makeup artist and entrepreneur

Unbox Therapy

Canada unboxtherapy Unboxing and technology YouTube channel produced by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann
William Jonathan Lenney UK WillNE Comedian and prankster
William Singe Australia stashhurrikane Singer, songwriter and producer who has accumulated millions of followers on YouTube and Facebook by recording R&B, pop, hip-hop and rap covers in his bedroom.
William Sledd US WilliamSledd Vlogger who produces videos which center around fashion.
Willyrex Spain Willyrex, TheWillyrex Gaming, vlogging
Wilson Cleveland US wilsoncleveland Actor, producer and writer best known for producing short films and web series like The Temp Life. He also appears on The Annoying Orange, BlackBoxTV and The Guild.
Winston Sterzel South Africa ADVChina, serpentZA Produces YouTube videos on life in China
Rezo Germany Rezo Most notable for The destruction of the CDU
Yousef Saleh Erakat US FouseyTUBE, DOSEofFOUSEY Palestinian-American prankster, comedian, and motivational speaker. He is best known for the Yoga Pants Prank and the Spiderman in Real Life prank. He also maintains an active vlogging channel.
Ysabella Brave US ysabellabrave A vocalist who was signed by Cordless Recordings

Zach King

US FinalCutKing Known for digitally edited videos.
Zoe Sugg UK zoella, morezoella Her vlogs and blog posts centre around beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
Zubin Damania US ZDoggMD A doctor known for his hip hop inspired medical comedy videos.

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