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This is a list of television series produced, distributed or owned by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company.

Sony Pictures Television[edit]

Formerly known as Screen Gems (1948–1974), Columbia Pictures Television (1974–2001), and Columbia TriStar Television (1994–2002).

Title Years Network Notes
The Ford Television Theatre 1948–1957 CBS/NBC/ABC First series to be produced by Screen Gems.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 1950–1958 CBS Produced by McCadden Productions. Screen Gems acquired syndication rights after McCadden Productions dissolved.
The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 1951–1958 Syndication/CBS Screen Gems filmed the final 13 episodes in 1958 after acquiring syndication rights from sponsor Kellogg's Cereals and producer William F. Broidy.
Captain Midnight 1954–1956 CBS
Father Knows Best 1954–1960 CBS/NBC co-produced by Rodney-Young Productions
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 1954–1959 ABC co-produced with Herbert B. Leonard Productions
Tales of the Texas Rangers 1955–1958 CBS/ABC
Celebrity Playhouse 1955–1956 Syndication
Damon Runyon Theater CBS co-production by Normandle Television Pictures Inc.
Treasure Hunt 1956–1959 ABC/NBC co-production by Jantone Productions
Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers 1956–1957 NBC co-produced by Lancer Productions Limited
The Gerald McBoing-Boing Show CBS co-production by UPA Pictures Inc.
Based on the story by Dr. Seuss
Circus Boy 1956–1958 NBC/ABC co-produced with Norbert Productions
Playhouse 90 1956–1960 CBS co-production by Filmaster Productions
Ranch Party 1957 Syndication co-produced by Briskin-Ranch Party Productions
The George Sanders Mystery Theater NBC co-production by Bischoff-Diamond Productions.
The Web co-production by Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Casey Jones 1957–1958 Syndication produced by Briskin Productions
Goodyear Theatre 1957–1960 NBC co-produced by Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Alcoa Theatre co-production by Four Star Television and Showcase Productions
The Ruff and Reddy Show distribution only; co-produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions
Ivanhoe 1958–1959 ITV distribution only; co-produced by Sydney Productions
Shirley Temple's Storybook 1958–1961 NBC co-produced by Henry Jaffe Enterprises Inc.
Jefferson Drum 1958–1959 co-production by Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Decision 1958
Rescue 8 1958–1960 Syndication co-produced by Cinefilm and Wilbert Productions
The Donna Reed Show 1958–1966 ABC co-produced by Todon-Briskin Productions
The Ed Wynn Show 1958-1959 NBC co-production by Thalia-Keethwyn Productions
Naked City 1958–1963 ABC co-produced with Shelle Productions
Behind Closed Doors 1958–1959 NBC co-produced by Jane Gallu Productions Inc.
Manhunt 1959–1961 Syndication produced by Briskin Productions
Tightrope 1959–1960 CBS co-production by Greene-Rouse Productions
Dennis the Menace 1959–1963 co-produced by Darriell Productions
Based on the comic strip by Hank Ketcham
The Man from Blackhawk 1959–1960 ABC co-produced by Stuart-Oliver Inc.
My Sister Eileen 1960–1961 NBC based on the 1942 film movie of the same name and its 1955 film remake by Columbia Pictures
Dan Raven
Two Faces West Syndication
Route 66 1960–1964 CBS co-produced by Lancer-Edling Productions
Tallahassee 7000 1961 Syndication co-produced by Lenwill Productions
Hazel 1961–1966 NBC/CBS Based on the comic strip by Ted Key
The Hathaways 1961–1962 ABC co-produced by Gloucester Productions
Shannon Syndication
Empire 1962–1963 NBC co-produced by Eaves Movie Ranch and Wilrich Productions
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington ABC co-produced by Starstan-Fespar Productions; based on the 1939 film by Columbia Pictures
Our Man Higgins co-produced by First Company of Writers
Grindl 1963–1964 NBC co-produced by David Swift Productions
Redigo co-production by Wilrich Productions
The Farmer's Daughter 1963–1966 ABC based on the 1947 film by RKO Pictures
Bewitched 1964–1972 co-produced by Ashmont Productions from 1971 to 1972
Camp Runamuck 1965–1966 NBC co-produced by Runamuck Productions
Paradise Bay co-produced by Corday Productions
Days of Our Lives Since 1965 co-produced by Corday Productions
Gidget 1965–1966 ABC based on the 1959 film movie by Columbia Pictures
I Dream of Jeannie 1965–1970 NBC co-produced by Sidney Sheldon Productions
Morning Star 1965–1966 co-produced by Corday Productions
The Wackiest Ship in the Army co-produced by Herbert Margolis Productions and Joseph M. Schenck Productions
The Soupy Sales Show WNYW distribution; co-production by WNYW New York
Love on a Rooftop 1966–1967 ABC
Hawk 1966
The Monkees 1966–1968 NBC co-produced by Raybert Productions
Iron Horse ABC co-produced by Dagonet Productions
Occasional Wife 1966–1967 NBC
Adventures of the Seaspray 1967 ABC co-produced by Pacific Films
The Flying Nun 1967–1970
The Second Hundred Years 1967–1968
The Outcasts 1968–1969
Here Come the Brides 1968–1970
The Ugliest Girl in Town 1968–1969
Playboy After Dark 1969–1970 Syndication co-produced by Playboy Enterprises
The Johnny Cash Show 1969–1971 ABC
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1969–1970 based on the 1936 film by Columbia Pictures
The Everly Brothers Show 1970 co-production by Halcyon Productions
Nancy 1970–1971 NBC co-produced by Sidney Sheldon Productions
The Young Rebels ABC
The Partridge Family 1970–1974
The Interns 1970–1971 CBS
Getting Together 1971–1972 ABC co-produced by Thornhill Productions Inc.
The Good Life NBC co-produced by Humble Productions and Lorimar Television[N 1]
Ghost Story 1972–1973 co-produced by William Castle Productions
Temperatures Rising 1972–1974 ABC co-produced with Ashmont Productions
The Paul Lynde Show 1972–1973
Bridget Loves Bernie CBS co-produced with The Douglas S. Cramer Company and Thornhill Productions
The Young and the Restless 1973–present co-produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company and Corday Productions
Jeannie 1973 co-produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions
Based on the live-action series I Dream of Jeannie
Needles and Pins NBC
The Girl with Something Extra 1973–1974 co-produced by Thornhill Productions
Police Story 1973–1978 Last series produced under the name "Screen Gems". co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice 1973 ABC based on the 1969 film by Columbia Pictures
Partridge Family 2200 A.D. 1974–1975 CBS co-produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions
Based on the live-action series The Partridge Family
Born Free 1974 NBC Based on the 1966 film by Columbia Pictures
co-produced by David Gerber Productions and Paul Radin Productions
That's My Mama 1974–1975 ABC First series produced under the name "Columbia Pictures Television". co-produced by Blye-Bearde Productions in season 1 and Pollock/Davis, Inc. in season 2
Nakia 1974 co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Police Woman 1974–1978 NBC co-produced by David Gerber Productions
a spin-off of the TV series Police Story
Medical Story 1975–1976 co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Joe Forrester
Matt Helm ABC co-produced by Meadway Productions
Viva Valdez 1976 co-produced by Rothman/Wohl Productions
Tabitha 1976–1978 co-produced by Ashmont Productions
an expansion of the 1964 TV series Bewitched by Screen Gems
The Quest 1976 NBC co-production by David Gerber Productions
The Feather and Father Gang 1976–1977 ABC co-produced by Larry White Productions
The Fantastic Journey 1977 NBC co-produced by Bruce Lansbury Productions, Ltd.
Quark 1977–1978 co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Soap 1977–1981 ABC distribution only; produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions
Free Country 1978 co-produced by Reiner-Mishkin Productions
The American Girls CBS co-produced by Bennett/Katleman Productions
David Cassidy: Man Undercover 1978–1979 NBC co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Salvage 1 1979 ABC co-produced by Bennett/Katleman Productions
Eischied 1979–1980 NBC co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Benson 1979–1986 ABC distribution only; produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions
a spin-off of the TV series Soap
The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts 1980 Syndication co-produced by Marcstone Productions
From Here to Eternity NBC co-produced by Bennett/Katleman Productions
The Stockard Channing Show CBS co-produced by Little Bear Productions
One in a Million ABC co-produced by TOY Productions
Walking Tall 1981 NBC co-produced by David Gerber Productions
Riker CBS
Today's FBI 1981–1982 ABC
Mr. Merlin CBS co-production with Larry Larry Productions
Code Red ABC with Irwin Allen Productions
Goliath Awaits 1981 Syndication mini-series; with Larry White Productions and Gay-Jay
One of the Boys 1982 NBC with TOY II Productions
Baker's Dozen CBS with Grosso-Jacobson Productions
Filthy Rich 1982–1983 with L.J. Bloodworth Productions and Larry White Productions
Bring 'Em Back Alive co-produced by Schenck/Cardea Productions and Thompson/Bernstein/Boxleitner Productions
It Takes Two ABC distribution only; produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions
Ripley's Believe It or Not! 1982–1986 with Haley-Lyon Productions and Rastar Television
Malibu 1983 mini-series
Reggie co-production with Fox-Unicorn and Can't Sing Can't Dance Productions
Hardcastle and McCormick 1983–1986 U.S. distribution only; produced by Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Jennifer Slept Here 1983–1984 NBC co-production with Larry Larry Productions
Riptide 1984–1986 U.S. distribution only; produced by Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Blue Thunder 1984 ABC co-production with Rastar Productions and Public Arts Inc.
Based on the 1983 movie of the same name
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer 1984–1987 CBS based on the revival series The New Mike Hammer in 1986
co-production with Jay Bernstein Productions
Mama Malone 1984 co-production with Barry & Enright Productions
Punky Brewster 1984–1988 NBC/Syndication co-production with Lightkeeper Productions; produced by NBC Productions for seasons 1 and 2; Coca-Cola Telecommunications distributed season 3, then Columbia Pictures Television took over for season 4[N 2]
Crazy Like a Fox 1984–1986 CBS co-production with Cardea-Schenk-Baskin-Shulman Productions
Jenny's War 1985 HTV with ITV Wales & West
Hell Town NBC co-production with Mickey Productions
Stir Crazy CBS Based on the 1980 Columbia Pictures movie of the same name
Lime Street ABC co-production with R.J. Productions and Bloodworth-Thomason Mozark Productions
What's Happening Now!! 1985–1988 Syndication in association with LBS Communications
a continuation of the 1976 series What's Happening!! by TOY Productions
Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling 1985–1986 CBS co-production with DIC Entertainment, Saban Entertainment and WWE
now owned by WildBrain and WWE
Alice in Wonderland 1985 mini-series; with Irwin Allen Productions
Fortune Dane 1986 ABC distribution; produced by The Rosenzweig Company, Stormy Weathers Productions and The Movie Company Enterprises
Melba CBS with Saul Ilson Productions
The New Gidget 1986–1988 Syndication with Ackerman/Riskin Productions
based on the 1965 Screen Gems TV series Gidget and the 1959 Columbia Pictures movie of the same name
Designing Women 1986–1993 CBS co-production with Bloodworth/Thomason Mozark Productions
The Real Ghostbusters 1986–1992 ABC co-production with DIC Entertainment
first season distributed by/as Coca-Cola Telecommunications
Based on the 1984 film Ghostbusters by Columbia Pictures
Starman 1986–1987 co-production with Michael Douglas Productions and Henerson/Hirsch Productions Inc.
Based on the 1984 film Starman by Columbia Pictures
Dads co-production with Four and a Quarter Productions, Summa Enterprises Group and Victoria Productions
Houston Knights 1987–1988 CBS with Jay Bernstein Productions
Tarby's Frame Game 1987 ITV co-produced by ITV Yorkshire and Bernstein-Hovis Productions
Dinosaucers 1987 Syndication co-production with DIC Entertainment and DR Movie; as Coca-Cola Telecommunications
Sylvanian Families co-production with DIC Entertainment and TMS Entertainment; as Coca-Cola Telecommunications
Currently owned by WildBrain
Starcom: The U.S. Space Force co-production with DIC Entertainment; as Coca-Cola Telecommunications
Currently owned by WildBrain
New Monkees co-production with Straybert Productions
Something Is Out There 1988 NBC with Invader Productions, Inc. and Hoyts Productions
Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters 1988–1990 ABC co-production with DIC Entertainment
Seinfeld 1989–1998 NBC distribution only; produced by Giggling Goose Productions (1989), Fred Barron Productions (1990, season 1), West-Shapiro Productions, and Castle Rock Entertainment[N 1]
The Karate Kid 1989 co-production with DIC Entertainment
Based on the 1984 movie and its sequel by Columbia Pictures
Peaceable Kingdom CBS co-produced with Victoria Productions
Hardball 1989–1990 NBC co-production with NBC Productions
Ann Jillian distribution only; produced by 9-J Inc. Productions and Castle Rock Entertainment
Parker Lewis Can't Lose 1990–1993 Fox co-production with Clyde Phillips Productions
Renamed Parker Lewis in season 3
New Attitude 1990 ABC distribution only; produced by Doug McHenry Film and Castle Rock Entertainment
The Man in the Family 1991 co-production with The Weinberger Company
Eddie Dodd co-production with Lasker/Parkes Productions and Clyde Philips Productions
Morton & Hayes CBS distribution only; produced by Castle Rock Entertainment
Baby Talk 1991–1992 ABC co-production with The Weinberger Company
Great Scott! 1992 Fox distribution only; produced by Claverly One Productions and Castle Rock Entertainment
Raven 1992–1993 CBS
The Larry Sanders Show 1992–1998 HBO co-production with Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
Route 66 1993 NBC co-production with Herbert B. Leonard Enterprises, Fabulous Lost Cities and Propaganda Films
Black Tie Affair co-production with Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
The Building CBS co-production with Bob & Alice Productions, Worldwide Pants and CBS Entertainment Productions
Thea 1993–1994 ABC distribution only; produced by Castle Rock Entertainment
The Second Half NBC
Ricki Lake 1993–2004 Syndication with The Garth Ancier Company
Walker, Texas Ranger 1993–2001 CBS co-production with Cannon Television (1993), Top Kick Productions (1993–1998); (seasons 1-5), Norris Brothers Entertainment (1998–2001); (seasons 6-8), The Ruddy/Greif Company, and CBS Productions
Sony surrendered the rights to CBS Media Ventures in 2019.[1]
Moon Over Miami 1993 ABC co-production with Harley Peyton TV and ABC Productions
Birdland 1994 co-production with Aerial Pictures
The Cosby Mysteries 1994–1995 NBC co-production with SAH Enterprises and NBC Productions
The Critic ABC/Fox co-production with Gracie Films and Film Roman
Fortune Hunter 1994 Fox co-production with BBK Productions
Party of Five 1994–2000 co-production with Keyser/Lippman Productions
Sweet Justice 1994–1995 NBC co-production with Trotwood Productions
Before They Were Stars 1994–1996 ABC with Nash Entertainment, Scott Sternberg Productions and Katie Face Productions
Get Smart 1995 Fox with HBO Independent Productions
a continuation of the 1965 TV series by Talent Associates
The Tempestt Bledsoe Show 1995-1996 Syndication with Dick Clark Productions
NewsRadio 1995–1999 NBC with Brillstein-Grey Communications (1995–1998); (seasons 1–4), Brillstein-Grey Entertainment (1998–1999); (season 5) and 343 Incorporated
The Jeff Foxworthy Show 1995–1997 ABC/NBC with Brillstein-Grey Communications and Mr. Willoughby, Inc.
Courthouse 1995 CBS with Kedzie Productions
The Naked Truth 1995–1998 ABC/NBC with Brillstein-Grey Entertainment and Christopher Thompson Productions (1995–1996); (season 1)
Hudson Street 1995–1996 ABC co-production with Katie Face Productions
The Adventures of Hyperman 1995–1996 CBS with Hyperion Animation and Illumination Studios
The Single Guy 1995–1997 NBC distribution only; with Hall of Production (1995–1996) (season 1), NBC Productions (1995–1996) (season 1), NBC Studios (1996–1997) (season 2) and Castle Rock Entertainment
The Dana Carvey Show 1996 ABC with Brillstein-Grey Communications
The Steve Harvey Show 1996–2002 The WB with Brillstein-Grey Communications (seasons 1–2), Brillstein-Grey Entertainment (seasons 3–4), Brad Grey Television (seasons 4–6), Universal Television (seasons 4–6), Winifred Hervey Productions and Stan Lathan Television
The Newlywed Game 1996–2013 Syndication/GSN with Embassy Row (2009–2013)
Jumanji 1996–1999 UPN/Syndication with Adelaide Productions, Interscope Communications and Teitler Film
Based on the 1995 film by Tristar Pictures
Dark Skies 1996–1997 NBC with Bryce Zabel Productions
Boston Common distribution only; with KoMut Entertainment and Castle Rock Entertainment
Just Shoot Me! 1997–2003 with Brillstein-Grey Communications (1997–1998); (seasons 1–2), Brillstein-Grey Entertainment (1998–1999); (seasons 3–4), Brad Grey Television (1999–2003); (seasons 4–7), Universal Television (1999–2003); (seasons 4–7) and Steven Levitan Productions
Stargate SG-1 1997–2007 Showtime/Syfy with Double Secret Productions , Gekko Film Corp. (seasons 1-8) and MGM Television (entire run)
Sony co-produces the series for season 8 only as part of the company-led consortium's purchase of its producer, MGM Television
Based on the 1994 film Stargate by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Carolco Pictures
Lawless 1997 Fox
Head over Heels UPN with Jeff Franklin Productions
Extreme Ghostbusters Syndication with Adelaide Productions
Wheel 2000 1997–1998 CBS/Game Show Network with Scott Sternberg Productions and Trackdown Productions
a kid-friendly expansion of Wheel of Fortune by Merv Griffin Enterprises
Between Brothers 1997–1999 Fox/UPN with O'Brien/Alu Productions and Alan Haymon Productions
Alright Already 1997 The WB with Brillstein-Grey Communications
The Gregory Hines Show 1997–1998 CBS with Katlin/Bernstein Productions, Darric Productions and CBS Productions
The Tony Danza Show NBC with Katie Face Productions, Kokoro Productions and NBC Studios
SPT distributes the series in North America only; NBC's stake in the series is distributed outside North America by MGM Worldwide Television (through NBCUniversal Syndication Studios)
Over the Top 1997 ABC with Katlin/Bernstein Productions, Panamort Television, and Greengrass Productions
Sleepwalkers 1997–1998 NBC with NBC Studios
based on the 1992 film of the same name by Columbia Pictures
Ask Harriet 1998 Fox with Bris Entertainment and Once a Frog Entertainment
Significant Others with Keyser/Lippman Productions
Push ABC with Starboard Home Industries, Great Guns Films, Perry Pictures and Stu Segall Productions
Jep! 1998–1999 Game Show Network with Scott Sternberg Productions
House Rules 1998 NBC with NBC Studios and Christopher Thompson Productions
Oh Baby 1998–2000 Lifetime with Mandalay Television and Lionsgate Television (season 2)
Dawson's Creek 1998–2003 The WB with Outerbanks Entertainment
Godzilla: The Series 1998–2000 Fox Kids with Adelaide Productions, Toho & Centropolis Television
based on the 1998 movie by TriStar Pictures
The Simple Life 1998 CBS with Sternin and Fraser Ink, CC Lyons Productions and Bell Prime Time
Rude Awakening 1998–2001 Showtime with Mandalay Television and Lionsgate Television (seasons 2–3)
V.I.P. 1998–2002 Syndication with Lawton Entertainment and Columbia TriStar Television Distribution/Domestic Television
Hollywood Squares 1998–2004 with Moffitt/Lee Productions (1998–2002), One-Ho Productions (1998–2002), and Henry Winkler-Michael Levitt Productions (2002–2004)
Distributed by CBS Media Ventures/ViacomCBS Global Distribution
The King of Queens 1998–2007 CBS with Hanley Productions, CBS Productions, and CBS Paramount Network Television
Distributed outside of the U.S. by ViacomCBS Global Distribution
L.A. Doctors 1998–1999 with Johnson/Hancock Productions and CBS Productions
Fantasy Island ABC with Sonnenfeld Josephson Worldwide Entertainment
Based on the 1977 television series by Spelling-Goldberg Productions and Columbia Pictures Television
Cupid with Mandalay Television
Guys Like Us UPN
Mercy Point with Mandalay Television
Dilbert 1999–2000 with Idbox and United Media with overseas work done by Rough Draft Studios & Yeson Animation Studios
Grown Ups with Alan Haymon Productions
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles Syndication with Adelaide Productions, Verhoeven-Marshall, Flat Earth Productions, Foundation Imagining, Hyper Image and Rainbow Studios
Dragon Tales 1999–2005 PBS Kids
CBC Television
with Adelaide Productions and Children's Television Workshop/Sesame Workshop with overseas work done by Rough Draft Korea, Yearim, Lotto Animation, Wang Film Productions, Dong Woo Animation, Sunwoo Entertainment & Yeson Animation Studios
Action 1999–2000 Fox with Silver Pictures Television and Christopher Thompson Productions
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot 1999–2001 Fox Kids with Adelaide Productions and Dark Horse Entertainment
Screen Gems Network 1999–2002 Syndication Produced by Evolution Media
Ladies Man 1999–2001 CBS with Christopher Thompson Productions and CBS Productions
Shasta McNasty 1999–2000 UPN with Neal H. Moritz Productions
Family Law 1999–2002 CBS with Paul Haggis Productions and CBS Productions
Los Beltrán 1999–2001 Telemundo with GaLAn Entertainment, Spanglish Entertainment (season 1) and Si Como No Productions
Time of Your Life 1999–2000 Fox with Keyser/Lippman Productions
Secret Agent Man 2000 UPN with Sonnenfeld Josephson Worldwide Entertainment
Young Americans The WB with Mandalay Television and Lionsgate Television
Judge Hatchett 2000–2008 Syndication
Strong Medicine 2000–2006 Lifetime with One Ho Productions and By the Lake Productions
Bette 2000–2001 CBS with D-Train Productions, All Girl Productions, and CBS Productions
Grosse Pointe The WB distribution only; produced by Artists Television Group and Darren Star Productions
Cursed NBC distribution only; produced by Artists Television Group, NBC Studios and Captain Shadow & Steve
The Street 2000 Fox with Darren Star Productions and Artists Television Group
D'Myna Leagues 2000–2002 CTV Television Network with Studio B Productions
Distributed by WildBrain since 2016
Sheena Syndication with Douglas Schwartz/Steven L. Sears Productions
Ripley's Believe It or Not! 2000–2003 TBS with Angry Dragon Entertainment and Termite Art Productions
Max Steel Kids WB (season 1–2)
Cartoon Network (season 3)
with Foundation Imaging (season 1), Mainframe Entertainment (season 2 and 3) and Netter Digital Animation; Based on the toyline by Mattel
What About Joan? 2001 ABC with Gracie Films
The Tick 2001–2002 Fox with Sonnenfeld/Josephson Worldwide Entertainment
Going to California Showtime with Industry Entertainment and Nitram Pictures
Shipmates 2001–2003 Syndication with Tomlin-Schecter-Young Productions and Hurricane Entertainment Corp.
Alienators: Evolution Continues 2001–2002 Fox Kids with The Montecito Picture Company, DIC Entertainment and DreamWorks Pictures
The Ellen Show CBS with The Hurwitz Company and CBS Productions
The Guardian 2001–2004 with David Hollander Productions, Gran Via Productions, and CBS Productions
Pasadena 2001 Fox with Brad Grey Television and Go Mike Go Productions
Harold and the Purple Crayon 2001–2002 HBO with Adelaide Productions
Imagine That 2002 NBC with Touchstone Television and Seth Kurland Productions
Distributed by Sony Pictures Television in North America and Disney Media Distribution outside North America
As If UPN with Carnival Films
Phantom Investigators Kids' WB with (W)holesome Productions
Street Time 2002–2003 Showtime
Odyssey 5 2002 with Manny Coto Productions
The Rerun Show NBC with David Salzman Enterprises, John Davies Enterprises, Inc. and NBC Studios
Pyramid 2002–2004 Syndication
Girls Behaving Badly 2002–2005 Oxygen Distribution only for broadcast syndication.
The Shield 2002–2008 FX with MiddKid Productions and Fox Television Studios
Worst-Case Scenario 2002 TBS with Pilgrim Films and Television
My Big Fat Greek Life 2003 CBS with Brad Grey Television, Marsh McCall Productions, and Playtone
Joan of Arcadia 2003–2005 with Barbara Hall Productions and CBS Productions
Distributed in the U.S. by CBS Media Ventures
Kingdom Hospital 2004 ABC with Mark Carliner Productions and Touchstone Television
Pat Croce: Moving In 2004–2005 Syndication
Life & Style
Rescue Me 2004–2011 FX with The Cloudland Company, Apostle, and DreamWorks Television
Huff 2004–2006 Showtime with Bob Lowry Television and 50 Cannon Entertainment
Stargate Atlantis 2004–2009 Sci Fi with Acme Shark and MGM Television
Sony co-produces the series for season 2 only as part of the company-led consortium's purchase of its producer, MGM Television
Robot Chicken 2005–present Adult Swim with ShadowMachine (S1–5), Stoopid Monkey, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (S6–present), Sony Pictures Digital (S1–5), and Williams Street
SPT produces the series for seasons 6–10
Beautiful People 2005–2006 ABC Family with 34 Films and Pirates' Cove Entertainment
The Book of Daniel 2006 NBC with Flody Co., Bumpy Night and NBC Universal Television Studio
Distributed in the U.S. by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
Emily's Reasons Why Not ABC with Pariah Films
Love Monkey CBS with 34 Films, Gran Via Productions, and Paramount Network Television
Distributed in the U.S. by CBS Media Ventures
Heist NBC with Cullen Bros. Television, Dutch Oven Productions and NBC Universal Television Studio
Runaway The CW with Golly and Darren Star Productions
Chain Reaction 2006–present Game Show Network with Embassy Row (2006–2007)
'Til Death 2006–2010 Fox with Goldsmith/Yupsa Productions
Judge Maria Lopez 2006–2008 Syndication
10 Items or Less 2006–2009 TBS with Howler Monkey Productions
My Boys 2006–2010 with 2 Out Rally Productions and Pariah Television
It's a Big Big World PBS Kids with Big Big Productions and Shadow Projects (uncredited)
Kidnapped 2006–2007 NBC with Dark & Stormy Productions, Rooney McP Productions and 25 C Productions
Big Day ABC with Goldsmith/Yuspa Productions
The Greg Behrendt Show Syndication
Viva Laughlin 2007 CBS with CBS Paramount Network Television, BBC Worldwide Productions and Seed Productions
Distributed in the U.S. by CBS Media Ventures
Grand Slam GSN with Monkey Kingdom and Embassy Row
Power of 10 2007–2008 CBS with Embassy Row
Judge David Young 2007–2009 Syndication
Rules of Engagement 2007–2013 CBS with Game Six Productions, Happy Madison Productions, CBS Paramount Network Television, and CBS Television Studios
Distributed outside of the U.S. by CBS Studios International
Damages 2007–2012 FX/Audience with KZK Productions, FX Productions, and DirecTV Original Entertainment
Cashmere Mafia 2008 ABC with Gail Katz Productions, Kevin Wade Productions, and Darren Star Productions
The Gong Show with Dave Attell Comedy Central with Happy Madison Productions
Revival of the 1970s Chuck Barris comedy game show The Gong Show
Judge Karen 2008–2009 Syndication
Breaking Bad 2008–2013 AMC with High Bridge Entertainment and Gran Via Productions
The Spectacular Spider-Man 2008–2009 The CW/Disney XD with Adelaide Productions, Marvel Entertainment and Culver Entertainment
Canterbury's Law 2008 Fox with Apostle
Doña Bárbara 2008–2009 Telemundo with Telemundo Studios and RTI Producciones
The Beast 2009 A&E with Rooney McP Productions, Angell & Rotko, Trotwood Productions, Scarlet Fire Entertainment
Cupid ABC with Rob Thomas Productions and ABC Studios
The Unusuals with Totally Commercial Films and 26 Keys Productions
Sit Down, Shut Up Fox with Adelaide Productions, Tantamount Studios, ITV Studios, and 20th Century Fox Television
Distributed in the U.S. by Disney–ABC Domestic Television
HawthoRNe 2009–2011 TNT with 100% Womon Productions (season 1), Overbrook Entertainment (seasons 2–3), FanFare Productions, and John Masius Productions (seasons 1–2)
Drop Dead Diva 2009–2014 Lifetime with Osprey Productions and Post Road Productions
The Dr. Oz Show 2009–present Syndication with ZoCo Productions (2009–2010); (season 1), Harpo Productions (2009–2010); (season 1), Harpo Studios (2010–2017); (seasons 2–8), OzWorks LLC (2009–2017); (seasons 1–8), Oz Media (2017–present); (season 9–present)
Community 2009–2015 NBC/Yahoo! Screen with Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment, Dan Harmon Productions (2009–2012), Russo Brothers Films (2009–2012), Harmonious Claptrap (2013–2015), Universal Media Studios (2009–2011), Universal Television (2011–2015), and Yahoo! Studios (2015)
Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen 2009–present Bravo with Embassy Row and Bravo Media Productions
Shark Tank ABC with Mark Burnett Productions (2009–2014), One Three Media (2011–2014), United Artists Media Group (2014–2016), MGM Television (2016–present)
Based on the international format Dragons' Den
The Sing-Off 2009–2011 NBC with Tenth Planet Productions, Outlaw Productions, One Three Media (Season 4) and United Artists Media Group (Season 5)
Brothers 2009 Fox with Impact Zone Productions and Tantamount Studios
Justified 2010–2015 FX with Rooney McP Productions, Timberman/Beverly Productions, Nemo Films, and FX Productions
The Big C 2010–2013 Showtime with Perkins Street Productions, Farm Kid Films, Original Film, and Showtime Networks
The Nate Berkus Show 2010–2012 Syndication with Nate Berkus Entertainment, Curly One Productions and Harpo Studios
Mr. Sunshine 2011 ABC with Anhedonia Productions, Barnow and Firek Productions, FanFare Productions, and Shoe Money Productions
Mad Love CBS with Two Soups Productions, FanFare Productions, and CBS Television Studios
Breaking In 2011–2012 Fox with Adam F. Goldberg Productions and Happy Madison Productions
Happy Endings 2011–2013 ABC with FanFare Productions, Shark vs. Bear Productions, and ABC Studios
Franklin & Bash 2011–2014 TNT with FanFare Productions, Four Sycamore Productions, and Left Coast Productions
The Substitute 2011 MTV with Embassy Row and Phear Creative
Pet Squad 2011 CBBC with Darrall Macqueen, March Entertainment and Inspedia
Necessary Roughness 2011–2013 USA Network with Still Married Productions and Universal Cable Productions
Distributed in the U.S. by NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Charlie's Angels 2011 ABC with Millar Gough Ink, Panda Productions, and Flower Films
Pan Am 2011–2012 with Shoe Money Productions, Jack Orman Productions and Out of the Blue Entertainment
Una Maid en Manhattan 2011–2012 Telemundo with Telemundo Studios
Based on the 2002 film by Columbia Pictures
Unforgettable 2011–2016 CBS/A&E with Timberman/Beverly Productions and CBS Television Studios
Remodeled 2012 The CW with Fly On the Wall Entertainment
The Firm NBC with Entertainment One Television and Paramount Pictures
Distributed by Entertainment One outside of AXN markets
The Pyramid GSN with Embassy Row
The Client List 2012–2013 Lifetime with Jaffe-Braunstein Entertainment, ITV Studios, and Fedora Films
Men at Work 2012–2014 TBS with FanFare Productions and Monkey Shoe Productions
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee 2012–2019 Crackle/Netflix with Embassy Row and Columbus 81 Productions
The American Bible Challenge 2012–2014 Game Show Network with Relativity Television and Embassy Row
Last Resort 2012–2013 ABC with Big Sun Productions and MiddKid Productions
Kathy Bravo with Embassy Row and Donut Run, Inc.
The Mob Doctor Fox with Osprey Productions and Rooney McP Productions
Made in Jersey 2012 CBS with Left Coast Productions, FanFare Productions, and CBS Television Studios
The Job 2013 CBS with Embassy Row
Save Me NBC with JSS Entertainment and Original Film
Hannibal 2013–2015 co-produced with Dino de Laurentiis Company, Living Dead Guy Productions, AXN, and Gaumont International Television
The Queen Latifah Show Syndication with Flavor Unit Entertainment, Overbrook Entertainment and Curly One Productions (season 1)
revival of the 1999–2001 series
The Blacklist 2013–present NBC with Davis Entertainment and Universal Television
The Goldbergs ABC with Adam F. Goldberg Productions, Happy Madison Productions, Doug Robinson Productions (season 5–present), Swinging Cricket Productions (season 9–present) and Old European Elegance (season 9–present)
The Michael J. Fox Show 2013–2014 NBC with Olive Bridge Entertainment and Sam Laybourne Inc.
Masters of Sex 2013–2016 Showtime with Round Two Productions, Timberman/Beverly Productions, and Showtime Networks
Summer Camp 2013 USA Network with Fly Off the Wall Entertainment and USA Network Media Productions
Talking Bad AMC with Embassy Row and AMC Studios
Welcome to the Family 2013 NBC with Old Charlie Productions
Us & Them 2014 Fox with Men of Science and BBC Worldwide Productions
Rake with Blow by Blow Productions, Essential Media and Entertainment, and Fedora Entertainment
Helix 2014–2015 Syfy with Kaji Productions and Tall Ship Productions
Bad Teacher 2014 CBS with Gifted and Talented Camp Productions, Mosaic Media Group, Quantity Entertainment, and CBS Television Studios
Based on the 2011 film by Columbia Pictures
The Night Shift 2014–2017 NBC with Sachs/Judah Productions
Metástasis 2014 Caracol Television with Teleset
based on Breaking Bad by Sony Pictures Television
Dominion 2014–2015 Syfy with FanFare Productions, Film Afrika, Bold Films, and Universal Cable Productions
based on the 2010 film Legion by Screen Gems
Outlander 2014–present Starz with Left Bank Pictures, Story Mining & Supply Company, and Tall Ship Productions
Satisfaction 2014–2015 USA Network with Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment, Rhythm Arts Entertainment, and Universal Cable Productions
The McCarthys CBS with Loosely Inspired by Bambi Cottages Productions, Olive Bridge Entertainment, and CBS Television Studios
Marry Me NBC with Shark vs. Bear Productions, FanFare Productions, and Exhibit A Productions
Hindsight 2015 VH1 with POPFilms, Timberman-Beverly Productions and In Cahoots Media
Mad Dogs 2015–2016 Amazon Prime Video with MiddKid Productions, Cris Cole Productions, Left Bank Pictures, and Amazon Studios
Street Art Showdown 2015 Oxygen with Embassy Row, Ugly Pretty Productions and Oxygen Media Productions
Better Call Saul 2015–present AMC with High Bridge Entertainment, Crystal Diner Productions, and Gran Via Productions
Battle Creek 2015 CBS with Shore Z Productions, Gran Via Productions, and CBS Television Studios
Bloodline 2015–2017 Netflix with Sarabande Productions and KZK Productions
Powers 2015–2016 PlayStation Network with Circle of Confusion and Jinxworld
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 2015 Lifetime with Peace Out Productions
Sneaky Pete 2015–2019 Amazon Prime Video with Shore Z Productions, Nemo Films, Moonshot Entertainment, Exhibit A and Amazon Studios
Your Family or Mine 2015 TBS with The Malins Company, FanFare Productions, Keshet International, and Tedy Productions
Beyond the Tank 2015–2016 ABC co-production with United Artists Media Group (2015), MGM Television (2016)
The Jim Gaffigan Show TV Land with Fedora Entertainment, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Burrow Owl Productions, Jax Media, Chimichanga Productions, Inc., and TV Land Original Productions
The Player 2015 NBC with Davis Entertainment, Kung Fu Monkey Productions, and Universal Television
Dr. Ken 2015–2017 ABC with Old Charlie Productions, Davis Entertainment, and ABC Studios
SuperMansion 2015–2019 Crackle with Stoopid Monkey, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and Moonshot Entertainment
The Art of More 2015–2016 with Muse Entertainment and Laurence Mark Productions
Asia's Got Talent 2015–present AXN co-production with and distributed by Fremantle
Cash Cab Philippines co-produced by All3Media and ActiveTV Asia
The Amazing Race Asia 2016–present AXN (Asian) with Profiles Television and ABC Signature
Distributed by Disney Media Distribution
La querida del Centauro 2016–2017 Telemundo with Telemundo Studios and Teleset
Outsiders WGN America co-produced with Famous Horses, Fedora Entertainment, Touchy Feely Films, and Tribune Studios
Underground co-produced with Afemme, Get Lifted Film Company, Weed Road Pictures, Safehouse Pictures, Wandering Rocks Productions, and Tribune Studios
Game of Silence 2016 NBC with David Hudgins Productions, Carol Mendelsohn Productions, and Universal Television
Strong co-produced with 25/7 Productions and Lake Paradise Entertainment
Distributed by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
Preacher 2016–2019 AMC with Woodbridge Productions, Short Drive Entertainment, Point Grey Pictures, Original Film, Kickstart Productions, KFL Nightsky Productions, and AMC Studios
The Get Down 2016–2017 Netflix with Bazmark Films
Houdini & Doyle 2016 Fox
Global Television Network
with Shore Z Productions, Shaw Communications, Big Talk Productions and Shaftesbury Films
The Tick 2016–2019 Amazon Prime Video with Josephson Entertainment and Amazon Studios
Brief Encounters 2016 ITV produced by Celador
Distribution only
The $100,000 Pyramid 2016–present ABC co-produced with SMAC Productions
The Gong Show 2016–2018 co-produced with Den of Thieves
StartUp 2016–2018 Crackle with Hollywood Gang Productions, Critical Content, Jacobs Media and Story Machine
Go Time Syndication Advertising sales only; produced and distributed by Litton Entertainment
Kevin Can Wait 2016–2018 CBS with Hey Eddie Productions, Mohawk Productions andCBS Television Studios
Notorious 2016 ABC with Osprey Productions, Firm Management and ABC Studios
Timeless 2016–2018 NBC with MiddKid Productions, Kripke Enterprises, Davis Entertainment and Universal Television
The Crown 2016–present Netflix with Left Bank Pictures
One Day at a Time 2017–2020 Netflix/Pop with Act III Productions, Snowpants Productions, and Small Fish Studios
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2017–2018 Cartoon Network co-produced with Sony Pictures Animation and DHX Media
Based on the 2009 film and its sequel by Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation
Distributed outside of the U.S. by DHX Media
The Blacklist: Redemption 2017 NBC co-produced with Davis Entertainment, The Jo(h)ns and Universal Television
an expansion series to The Blacklist by Sony Pictures Television and Universal Television
Imaginary Mary ABC co-produced with David Guarascio Productions, Adam F. Goldberg Productions, Happy Madison Productions and ABC Studios
Hotel Transylvania: The Series 2017–present Disney Channel with Sony Pictures Animation, Nelvana and Corus Entertainment
Based on the 2012 film and its sequels by Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation
Atypical 2017–2021 Netflix with Weird Brain, Inc. and Exhibit A
Snatch 2017–2018 Crackle with Little Island Productions
The Good Doctor 2017–present ABC with Shore Z Productions, 3AD, EnterMedia and ABC Studios
The Joker's Wild 2017–2019 TBS/TNT with Snoopadelic Films, SMAC Entertainment and Studio T
S.W.A.T. 2017–present CBS with MiddKid Productions, Kansas Art Productions, Original Film, Perfect Storm Entertainment, and CBS Studios
Based on the 2003 film and its sequels by Columbia Pictures
Future Man 2017–2020 Hulu with Point Grey Pictures, Matt Tolmach Productions and Turkey Foot Productions
Live PD: Police Patrol A&E Distribution for off-network syndication only; produced by Big Fish Entertainment, MGM Television, and A+E Networks
Adventure: Your Way 2017–present AXN with Unitel StraightShooters
Mr. Mercedes 2017–2019 Audience with David E. Kelley Productions, Nomadicfilm, Temple Hill Productions, and Sonar Entertainment
Distributed outside of the U.S. by SPT
After Trek 2017–2018 CBS All Access with Embassy Row and Roddenberry Entertainment
Absentia 2017–2020 AXN/Amazon Prime Video with Gemstone Studios, Media Bart Productions and Bizu Productions
Go! Cartoons 2017–2018 YouTube produced by Frederator Studios and Sony Pictures Animation
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams 2018 Amazon Prime Video with Anonymous Content, Channel 4, Electric Shepherd Productions, Moon Shot Entertainment, Left Bank Pictures, Rooney McP Productions, and Tall Ship Productions
Alex, Inc. 2018 ABC with Davis Entertainment, Two Soups Productions and ABC Studios
Cobra Kai 2018–present YouTube Premium/Netflix with Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions (seasons 1–2), Overbrook Entertainment (seasons 1–2), Heald Productions (season 2), Counterbalance Entertainment (season 3) and Westbrook Studios (season 3)
based on the 1984 film The Karate Kid, its sequels and its 2010 remake by Columbia Pictures
The Queen of Flow Caracol Televisión with Teleset
Origin 2018 YouTube Premium with CiTVC, Midnight Radio and Left Bank Pictures
Champaign ILL YouTube Premium with Bro Bro, Jordan Productions, Shark vs. Bear and FanFare Productions
The Dangerous Book for Boys Amazon Prime Video with Moonshot Entertainment and Amazon Studios
Kandi Koated Nights Bravo with Embassy Row, Kandi Koated Entertainment, TTucker Productions and Bravo Media Productions
Schooled 2019–2020 ABC with Happy Madison Productions and ABC Studios
Deadly Class 2019 Syfy with Gozie AGBO, Chipmunk Hill, Getaway Productions, Giant Generator, 2 Miles Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions
Black Monday 2019–present Showtime with Shark vs. Bear, Jordan Productions, Point Grey Pictures and Showtime Networks
L.A.'s Finest 2019–2020 Charter Spectrum with 2.0 Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, The Brandons and Green Eggs and Ham Productions
Mad About You 2019 with Comedy Dynamics, Nuance Productions and The Cloudland Company
The Boys 2019–present Amazon with Amazon Studios, Kripke Enterprises, Kickstart Entertainment, KFL Nightsky Productions, Original Film and Point Grey Pictures
Millionaire Hot Seat 2019–present Nine Network
The Mel Robbins Show 2019–2020 Syndication
Pandora 2019–present The CW with Radioactive Fishtank, Vital Signs Entertainment and Starlings Television
For All Mankind Apple TV+ with Tall Ship Productions
Party of Five 2020 Freeform with Pampola Productions, Mad Bean Productions and Freeform Original Productions
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector NBC with Signal Hill Productions, Pernomium, Sin Video (pilot), Keshet Studios and Universal Television. Based on the 1999 film, The Bone Collector
Distributed outside of the U.S. by Sony.
Indebted with Universal Television, Screaming Elliot Productions and Doug Robinson Productions
For Life 2020–2021 ABC with Channel Road Productions, G-Unit Films and Television Inc., Doug Robinson Productions and ABC Signature
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2020–present with Valleycrest Productions, Embassy Row and Kimmelot
#FreeRayshawn 2020 Quibi with Fuqua Films
Murder House Flip
White Lines Netflix with Left Bank Pictures and Vancouver Media
Alex Rider 2020–present Amazon Prime Video with Eleventh Hour Films
Crossing Swords Hulu with Buddy System Studios, Tom Is Awesome and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
United We Fall 2020 ABC with Juban Productions, Julius Sharpe International Petroleum & Writing, Exhibit A and ABC Studios
Truth Seekers Amazon Prime Video with Stolen Picture
Woke 2020–present Hulu with Cloud Nine Productions, Olive Bridge Entertainment and ABC Signature
De brutas, nada Amazon Prime Video
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2021–present Nine Network
Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham 2021 Starz with Boardwalk Pictures and Great Glen Company
Behind Her Eyes 2021 Netflix with Left Bank Pictures
Coyote 2021–present Paramount+ with MacLaren Entertainment, The Carnes & Gilbert Business, Narrative Ballistics, Paramount Network Originals and Dark Horse Entertainment
Call Your Mother 2021 ABC with Kari's Logo Here and ABC Signature
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune 2021–present
Rebel 2021 with ABC Signature, Trip the Light Productions and Davis Entertainment
Them 2021–present Amazon Prime Video with Hillman Grand Productions, Odd Man Out, Vertigo Entertainment and Amazon Studios
The Celebrity Dating Game 2021–present ABC with Hard North Media and Passion Films
Fantasy Island Fox with Gemstone Studios, Fox Entertainment and Happier in Hollywood
Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem 2021 Peacock with Corday Productions
I Know What You Did Last Summer 2021–present Amazon Prime Video with Amazon Studios, Atomic Monster, Original Film, Mandalay Television and Off Center Inc.
The Wheel of Time Coming 2021 with Amazon Studios
The Boondocks Coming 2022 HBO Max with Sony Pictures Animation and Rebel Base Productions
The Last of Us[2] HBO with PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, The Mighty Mint, Word Games
A League of Their Own TBA Amazon Prime Video with Amazon Studios
Fear Agent with Amazon Studios, Matt Tolmach Productions, Point Grey Pictures
Humboldt TBA with Anonymous Content
Agent King Netflix with Sony Pictures Animation and Authentic Brands Group
Good Times with Act III Productions, Fuzzy Door Productions, Unanimous Media
A Spy Among Friends Charter Spectrum
Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Peacock
Dinner at the Center of the Earth Showtime
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman TBS
Jeopardy! College Tournament ABC
The Afterparty Apple TV+
Tomie Quibi
Sly Cooper TBA produced by PlayStation Productions
Untitled Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse TV Series with Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller Productions, and Marvel Animation
Based on the 2018 film and its sequel by Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and Marvel Entertainment[3]
Goosebumps with Scholastic Entertainment, and Original Film based on the children book the 2015 film, and its sequel by Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation/Scholastic Entertainment/Original Film[4]
Young Love HBO Max with Sony Pictures Animation, Blue Key Entertainment, and Lion Forge Animation
The Gordita Chronicles with Cinestar Pictures, Osprey Productions, Unbelievable Entertainment

TriStar Television[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Downtown 1986–1987 CBS co-production with Ron Samuels Productions
Take Five 1987 co-production with Imagine Television and Empire City Presentations
Nothing in Common NBC co-production with Rastar Productions
Werewolf 1987–1988 Fox then produced by Columbia Pictures Television in January 1988
My Two Dads 1987–1990 NBC co-production with Michael Jacobs Productions; then produced by Columbia Pictures Television in January 1988
Buck James 1987–1988 ABC then produced by Columbia Pictures Television in January 1988
Get a Life 1990–1992 Fox produced by New World Television from 1990–1991
Charlie Hoover 1991 co-production with Ian Gurvitz Productions, Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, and New World Television
The Adventures of Mark & Brian 1991–1992 NBC co-production with Don Mischer Productions, Frontier Pictures and New World Television
The Boys of Twilight 1992 CBS co-production with Echo Cove Productions
Moe's World ABC TV pilot; co-production with New World Television
The Fifth Corner NBC co-produced by John Herzfeld Productions and Adelson-Baumgarten Productions
Forever Knight 1992–1996 CBS/Syndication/USA Network co-produced by Paragon Entertainment Corporation, Tele München and Glen Warren Productions
The Edge 1992–1993[5] Fox with Mirkinvision
Mad About You 1992–1999 NBC with In Front Productions and Nuance Productions
TriBeCa 1993 Fox with Montana Beach Productions and TriBeCa Productions
A League of Their Own CBS with Parkway Productions
Good Advice 1993–1994 with In Front Productions and Itzbinso Long Productions
The Nanny 1993–1999 finished under Columbia TriStar Television
with Sternin & Fraser Ink, Inc. and Highschool Sweethearts (seasons 3–6)
TV Nation 1994–1995 NBC with Dog Eat Dog Films and BBC
Women of the House 1995 CBS with Bloodworth-Thomason Mozark Productions and Perseverance, Inc.
Simon 1995–1996 The WB with In Front Productions
Ned and Stacey 1995–1997 Fox with Hanley Productions
Can't Hurry Love 1995–1996 CBS with The Producers Entertainment Group/Axelrod-Widdoes Productions and CBS Productions
Distributed in the U.S. by CBS Media Ventures
Hudson Street ABC co-production with Katie Face Productions
Mr. Show with Bob and David 1995–1998 HBO season 1 only; with Brillstein-Grey Communications and Dakota North Entertainment
Dead By Sunset 1995 NBC mini-series
Matt Waters 1996 CBS with Christmas Tree Entertainment and James D. Parriott Productions
Malcolm & Eddie 1996–2000 UPN Columbia TriStar Television from 1999–2000; with Jeff Franklin Productions
Moloney 1996–1997 CBS with Predawn Productions and CBS Productions
Love and Marriage 1996 Fox with Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions
Early Edition 1996–2000 CBS Columbia TriStar Television from 1997–2000; with CBS Productions
Distributed in the U.S. by CBS Media Ventures
Life... and Stuff 1997 with Perrgood Productions and Somers-Teitelbaum-David
Good Girls Revolt 2015–2016 Amazon Prime Video with Amazon Studios, Lynda Obst Productions, Annabelita Films and Farm Kid
Shut Eye 2016–2017 Hulu with Peg + Les and Gran Via Productions
The Last Tycoon Amazon Prime Video with Amazon Studios, Kippster Entertainment, City Entertainment, Brady American Productions and Home Run Productions, Inc.
On Becoming a God in Central Florida 2019 Showtime co-production with Smokehouse Pictures and Pail Eyes Pictures

Sony Pictures Television International[edit]

Formerly known as Columbia Pictures International Television and Columbia TriStar International Television (1992–2002).

Title Years Network Notes
Hardcastle and McCormick 1983–1986 ABC U.S. distribution only; produced by Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Riptide 1984–1986 NBC U.S. distribution only; produced by Stephen J. Cannell Productions
The Upper Hand 1990–1996 ITV co-production with ITV Central/Carlton Television
Chain Letters 1995–1997 co-production with ITV Tyne Tees and Action Time
Rurouni Kenshin 1996–1998 Fuji TV/Cartoon Network distribution only; produced by Gallop, Studio Deen, and Aniplex
AXN: Action TV 1998 Fox Family Channel co-production with GRB Studios
Mysterious Ways 2000–2002 NBC/Ion Television/
CTV Television Network
distribution outside of the U.S. and Canada only; produced by Lionsgate Television and Ion Media
Tequila and Bonetti 2000 Italia 1 co-production with Mastrofilm and MediaTrade
Cyborg 009 2001 TV Tokyo produced by TV Tokyo and licensed by Avex, Inc. in North America
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Channel 5 co-production with Netter Digital
Monkey Typhoon 2002–2003 TV Tokyo produced by Studio Egg and Avex
Astro Boy 2003 Fuji TV/Kids' WB!/Cartoon Network produced by Tezuka Productions
Hex 2004–2005 Sky One co-produced by Shine TV
Dragons' Den 2005–present BBC Two co-produced by BBC Studios Factual Entertainment Productions
Blood+ 2005–2006 MBS/TBS/Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) produced by Production I.G
The New Captain Scarlet 2005 ITV co-produced by Anderson Entertainment and Indestructible Production Company
Zorro: The Sword and the Rose 2007 Caracol Television
with RTI Colombia and Zorro Productions, Inc.
The Pyramid Game Challenge
The Tudors 2007–2010 Showtime
produced by Reveille Productions, Octagon Films, Working Title Television, Peace Arch Entertainment, Showtime Networks and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
International distribution only
Los Simuladores 2008–2009 Televisa
Power of 10 2008 Nine Network co-produced by FremantleMedia Australia
Six Degrees of X AXN co-produced by Base Camp Films
Viper's Creed 2009 Animax/BS11/G4 produced by AIC Spirits and Digital Frontier

Sony Pictures Animation[edit]

PlayStation Productions[edit]

Genius Brands International[edit]

TOY Productions[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Grady 1975–1976 NBC Spin-off of the 1972 TV series Sanford and Son by Tandem Productions
What's Happening!! 1976–1979 ABC Inspired by the 1975 film Cooley High by American International Pictures
Carter Country 1977–1979
13 Queens Boulevard 1979
One in a Million 1980 co-production with Columbia Pictures Television
One of the Boys 1982 NBC

Spelling-Goldberg Productions[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
The Rookies 1972–1976 ABC Originally syndicated by Viacom Enterprises
Chopper One 1974
S.W.A.T. 1975–1976
Starsky & Hutch 1975–1979
Family 1976–1980 co-production with Icarus Productions
Charlie's Angels 1976–1981
Fantasy Island 1977–1984 co-production with Columbia Pictures Television
Hart to Hart 1979–1984 co-production with Columbia Pictures Television (seasons 4–5) and Rona II Productions
T. J. Hooker 1982–1986 ABC/CBS co-production with Columbia Pictures Television

Rastar Television[edit]

Tandem Productions[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
All in the Family 1971–1979 CBS Based on the 1965 TV series Till Death Us Do Part by the British Broadcasting Corporation
Syndicated by Viacom Enterprises until 1990
Sanford and Son 1972–1977 NBC Based on the 1962 TV series Steptoe and Son by the British Broadcasting Corporation
Maude 1972–1978 CBS A spinoff of All In The Family
Good Times 1974–1979 A spinoff of Maude
All That Glitters 1977 Syndication
Sanford Arms NBC A spinoff of Sanford and Son
Diff'rent Strokes 1978–1986 NBC/ABC Final season produced by Embassy Television.
Archie Bunker's Place 1979–1983 CBS A continuation of All In The Family
Sanford 1980–1981 NBC A sequel and a spinoff of Sanford and Son
Gloria 1982–1983 CBS A spin off of Archie Bunker's Place

ELP Communications[edit]

Formerly known as T.A.T. Communications Company (1974–1982), Embassy Television (1982–1986) and Embassy Communications (1986–1988).
Notes: * (Production assumed by Columbia Pictures Television in 1988) Bold (Production assumed by Columbia TriStar Television in 1994)

Title Years Network Notes
The Jeffersons 1975–1985 CBS A spin-off of the 1971 TV series All In The Family by Tandem Productions
co-production with NRW Productions (1975–1979) and Ragamuffin Productions (1980–1981)
Hot L Baltimore 1975 ABC Based on the 1973 stage play The Hot I Baltimore by Lanford Wilson
One Day at a Time 1975–1984 CBS co-production with Allwhit, Inc.
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 1976–1977 Syndication Produced in association with and distributed by Filmways. Distributed by T.A.T. Communications Company during season 2.
The Nancy Walker Show 1976 ABC
The Dumplings NBC
All's Fair 1976–1977 CBS
Fernwood 2 Night 1977 Syndication A spin-off of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
A Year at the Top CBS
Forever Fernwood 1978 Syndication A continuation of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
America 2-Night A continuation of Fernwood 2 Night
In the Beginning CBS
Hello, Larry 1979–1980 NBC
The Baxters 1979–1981 Syndication season 1 only
*The Facts of Life 1979–1988 NBC A spin-off of the 1978 TV series Diff'rent Strokes by Tandem Productions, Inc.
Joe's World 1979–1980
Palmerstown, U.S.A. 1980–1981 CBS co-produced with Haley Productions
Silver Spoons 1982–1987 NBC/Syndication co-production with Lightkeeper Productions from 1982 to 1984
Square Pegs 1982–1983 CBS
Double Trouble 1984–1985 NBC
a.k.a. Pablo 1984 ABC
E/R 1984–1985 CBS
*Who's the Boss? 1984–1992 ABC co-production with Hunter-Cohan Productions from 1987 to 1992
It's Your Move 1984–1985 NBC
*227 1985–1990
*The Charmings 1987–1988 ABC co-production with Sternin & Fraser Ink
*Married... with Children 1987–1997 FOX
Sweet Surrender 1987 NBC co-production with Dahn Than Productions
Everything's Relative CBS co-production with Fredde Productions
*Women in Prison 1987–1988 FOX
*Trial and Error 1988 CBS
*One of the Boys 1989 NBC with Stiefel Phillips Entertainment, The Fred Silverman Company and Hunter-Cohan Productions
*Live-In 1989–1990 CBS with Sternin & Fraser Ink, Inc.
*The Famous Teddy Z co-production with Hugh Wilson Productions
*Free Spirit 1989–1990 ABC
*Living Dolls 1989 A spinoff of Who's the Boss?
*Sugar and Spice 1990 CBS
*Married People 1990–1991 ABC with Sternin & Fraser Ink, Inc.
*Top of the Heap 1991 FOX a spinoff of Married... with Children
*Teech 1991 CBS with Nikndaph Productions
*Vinnie & Bobby 1992 FOX a spinoff of Married... with Children
*Rachel Gunn, R.N. 1992–1993 with Foul Tempered Woman Productions
*The Powers That Be 1992–1993 NBC with ACT III Television and Castle Rock Entertainment
*Beakman's World 1992–1997 TLC/CBS with Universal Belo Productions
*Phenom 1993–1994 ABC with Gracie Films
*George 1993 ABC with Katie Face Productions and Envy Productions
*704 Hauser 1994 CBS A spinoff of the 1971 TV series All In The Family by Tandem Productions
with ACT III Television
*Muddling Through 1994 CBS co-production with Savage Cake Productions
*My Wildest Dreams 1995 FOX
*First Time Out 1995 The WB

Merv Griffin Enterprises[edit]

Formerly known as Merv Griffin Productions until 1984.

Title Years Network Notes
The Merv Griffin Show 1962–1986 NBC/CBS/Syndication distributed by Group W Productions (1964–1969), Metromedia Producers Corporation (1972–1983) and King World (1983–1986)
Griffin's second company Merv Griffin Entertainment owns series rights
Jeopardy! 1964–1975
NBC/Syndication distributed by Metromedia (1974–1975) and King World Productions (1984–2007); CBS Television Distribution (2007–2021); CBS Media Ventures (2021–present)
Continued starting in 1994 by Columbia TriStar Television (1994–2002), Sony Pictures Television (2002–2020), and Sony Pictures Television Studios (2020–present)
Let's Play Post Office 1965–1966 NBC
Reach for the Stars 1967
One in a Million
Memory Game 1971
Wheel of Fortune 1975–present NBC/CBS/Syndication syndicated nighttime version distributed by King World Productions (1983–2007); CBS Television Distribution (2007–2021); CBS Media Ventures (2021-present)
Continued starting in 1994 by Columbia TriStar Television (1994–2002), Sony Pictures Television (2002–2020), and Sony Pictures Television Studios (2020–present)
Dance Fever 1979–1987 Syndication co-produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television
Griffin's second company Merv Griffin Entertainment owns series rights
Headline Chasers 1985–1986 co-production with Wink Martindale Enterprises and distributed by King World
Monopoly 1990 ABC co-production with Parker Brothers and King World
Currently owned by Entertainment One
Super Jeopardy! co-produced by King World
Ruckus 1991 WNBC

Danny Arnold Productions[edit]

Witt/Thomas Productions[edit]

Note: These are the series by W/T that were distributed by TeleVentures for off-net syndication.

Title Years Network Notes
Mama's Boy 1987–1988 NBC
Heartland 1989 CBS

Guber-Peters Television[edit]

Note: Formerly Chuck Barris Productions from 1965–1982; 1984–1987 and Barris Productions from 1987–1989.

Title Years Network
The Dating Game 1965–1974, 1978–1980, 1986–1989 ABC/Syndication
Dream Girl of '67 1966–1967
The Newlywed Game 1966–1974, 1977–1980, 1985–1989 ABC/Syndication
The Family Game 1967 ABC
How's Your Mother-in-Law? 1967–1968
The Game Game 1969 Syndication
The Parent Game 1972–1973
Treasure Hunt 1973–1977, 1981–1982
The Bobby Vinton Show 1975–1978 CTV Television Network/Syndication
The Gong Show 1976–1980, 1988–1989 NBC/Syndication
The $1.98 Beauty Show 1978–1980 Syndication
3's a Crowd 1979–1980
Camouflage 1980
Oceanquest 1985 ABC
Dream Girl USA 1986–1987
Quiz Kids Challenge 1990 Syndication

New World Television[edit]

(Note: Denotes (*) produced by TriStar Television in 1991)

Title Years Network Notes
Sledge Hammer! 1986–1988 ABC U.S. television rights are held by Sony Pictures Television
co-production with Alan Spencer Productions and D'Angelo Productions (1986–1987)
Tour of Duty 1987–1990 CBS co-production with Zev Braun Productions
Grand Slam 1990 co-production with Bill L. Norton Productions
Elvis ABC co-production with James D. Parriott Productions, Navarone Entertainment and Rick Husky Productions
Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase mini-series; co-production with ItzBinso Long Productions and P.A. Productions
Get a Life 1990–1992 FOX produced by Elliottland Productions and Mirkinvision
The Adventures of Mark & Brian 1991–1992 NBC co-production with Don Mischer Productions and Frontier Pictures
Charlie Hoover FOX co-production with Ian Gurvitz Productions and Brillstein-Grey Entertainment

Jack Barry Productions/Barry & Enright Productions[edit]

Stewart Television[edit]

Note: Formerly known as Bob Stewart Productions.

The $10,000 Pyramid (1973–1976)
The $20,000 Pyramid (1976–1980)
The $25,000 Pyramid (1974–1979) (currently owned by CBS Media Ventures)
The $50,000 Pyramid (1981)
The (New) $25,000 Pyramid (1982–1988)
The $100,000 Pyramid (1985–1988) (originally distributed by 20th Century Fox Television)
The $100,000 Pyramid (1991)

Sony Wonder Television[edit]

In 2000, Sony Music sold the television assets of Sony Wonder to TV-Loonland AG. As part of the sale, Sony kept the North American home video and international audio rights to its series. Sony Wonder's television library is currently owned by M4E AG, a subsidiary of Studio 100.[6]

Title Years Network Notes
The Beginner's Bible 1995 Direct-to-video with Time Life Video & Television and Jumbo Pictures
Baby, It's You 1996
The Kidsongs Television Show 1997–1998 Syndication seasons 3–4 only; co-production with and owned by Together Again Video Productions
The Brothers Flub 1999–2000 Nickelodeon with Sunbow Entertainment, Ravensburger Film + TV, and Videal
Angel Wings 1999 Direct-to-video with Tyndale Entertainment
Mega Babies 1999–2000 Fox Family with CinéGroupe and Landmark Entertainment Group
The Rainbow Fish HBO Family with Constantin Medien and Decode Entertainment
Wondrous Myths & Legends Direct-to-video with D'Ocon Films
Fat Dog Mendoza 2000–2001 Cartoon Network Europe with Sunbow Entertainment and TMO-Loonland
Generation O! 2000–2001 Kids' WB with Sunbow Entertainment, RTV Family Entertainment and Wang Film Productions

Adelaide Productions[edit]

Note: Adelaide serves as copyright holder and producer of the following shows, but bears the logo of the respective SPE branch.

Title Years Network Notes
Jumanji: The Series 1996–1999 UPN Kids/BKN with Interscope Communications and Teitler Film
Based on the 1995 film by TriStar Pictures
Project G.e.e.K.e.R. 1996 CBS with Doug²
Extreme Ghostbusters 1997 Syndication
Men in Black: The Series 1997–2001 Kids' WB with Amblin Television
Based on the 1997 film by Columbia Pictures
Channel Umptee-3 1997–1998 Executive produced by live-action TV veteran Norman Lear, co-produced by Act III Productions and Enchanté George
Godzilla: The Series 1998–2000 Fox Kids with Toho and Centropolis Television
Based on the 1998 film by TriStar Pictures
Dilbert 1999–2000 UPN with Idbox and United Media
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles Syndication Based on the 1997 film by TriStar Pictures
with Verhoeven-Marshall, Flat Earth Productions, Inc., Foundating Imaging, Hyper Image and Rainbow Studios
Dragon Tales 1999–2005 PBS Kids & CBC Television with Children's Television Workshop (1999–2001) and Sesame Workshop (2001–2005)
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot 1999–2001 Fox Kids Based on Dark Horse Comics' comic book series by Dark Horse Entertainment
Max Steel 2000–2002 Kids' WB (season 1–2)
Cartoon Network (season 3)
with Netter Digital Animation, Mainframe Entertainment and Mattel Inc.
Sammy 2000 NBC with Brad Grey Television and Desert Rat Productions
Jackie Chan Adventures 2000–2005 Kids' WB in association with The JC Group and Blue Train Entertainment
Heavy Gear: The Animated Series 2001–2002 Syndication with Paradox Entertainment with Dream Pod 9
Harold and the Purple Crayon HBO
Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl 2002 ScreenBlast distributed online
Phantom Investigators The WB co-produced by (W)Holesome Products, Inc.
Spider-Man: The New Animated Series 2003 MTV co-produced by Mainframe Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment
Stuart Little HBO co-produced by Red Wagon Entertainment
based on the 1999 film and its sequel by Columbia Pictures
Astro Boy 2003–2004 The WB
Cartoon Network
co-produced by Tezuka Productions for the American version; based on the characters by Osamu Tezuka.
The Boondocks 2005–2014 Adult Swim with Rebel Base Productions (seasons 1–3) and Studio Mir (season 4)
The Spectacular Spider-Man 2008–2009 Kids' WB (season 1)
Disney XD (season 2)
co-produced by Marvel Entertainment and Culver Entertainment
Sit Down, Shut Up 2009 FOX co-produced by Tantamount Studios, ITV Studios, and 20th Century Fox Television; remake of the original Australian 2001 series of the same name.


Embassy Row[edit]

Formerly known as Diplomatic until 2005.

Victory Television[edit]

Silver River Productions[edit]

  • Respectable (2006)
  • Pulling (2006–2009)
  • Say No to the Knife (2007)
  • The Diets That Time Forgot (2008)
  • The Supersizers... (2008–2009)
  • Natural Born Sellers (2008)
  • How TV Changed Britain (2008)
  • Grow Your Own Drugs (2009–2010)
  • I'm Running Sainsbury's (2009)
  • Kevin McCoy's Grand Tour of Europe (2009)
  • Little Crackers (2010–2012) (co-production with Tiger Aspect Productions, Sprout Pictures, Renegade Pictures, Avalon Television, Blue Door Adventures, Can Communicate and Phil Mclntyre Pictures)
  • A Question of Taste (2012)
  • What Makes a Masterpiece (2012)
  • Hidden Talent (2012)
  • Antiques Uncovered (2012)
  • Harlots, Housewives & Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls (2012)
  • Cherry Healey: Old Before My Time (2013)
  • Shut Your Facebook (2014)
  • The Big Allotment Challenge (2014–2015)
  • Nick & Margaret: Too Many Immigrants? (2014)
  • Russia's Lost Princesses (2014)
  • Dancing Cheek to Cheek: An Intimate History of Dance (2014)
  • Confessions of a Copper (2014)

Left Bank Pictures[edit]

Electric Ray[edit]

Stellify Media[edit]

  • Can't Touch This (2016)
  • Goodbye House (2017)
  • Don't Say It... Bring It! (2017)
  • In Solitary: The Anti-Social Experiment (2017)
  • Space Truckers (2017)
  • Blind Date (2017–2018)
  • Blind Date Ireland (2017)
  • Beauty Queen and Single (2017–2018)
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2018–present)
  • A Taste of Home (2018)
  • Gino's Win Your Wish List (2018–2021)
  • Celebs in Solitary (2018)
  • Parents' Evening (2018)
  • Hot Right Now (2018)
  • Flinch (2019)
  • There's No Place Like Tyrone (2019)
  • Pretty Single (2020–present)
  • Celebrity Snoop Dogs (2020–present)
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: The Million Pound Question (2020)
  • Barbershop For Bald Men (2021)
  • Fast Food Face Off (2021)

Playmaker Media[edit]

  Programs with a shaded background indicate the program is still in production.

Title Network Years Format Duration
Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story Nine Network 2010 Telemovie
Slide FOX8 2011 Drama series 1 season, 10 episodes
Blood Brothers Nine Network 2011 Telemovie
House Husbands Nine Network 2012–2017 Drama 5 seasons, 58 episodes
The Code ABC 2014–2016 Drama series 2 seasons, 12 episodes
Love Child Nine Network 2014–2017 Drama series 4 seasons, 36 episodes
Hiding ABC 2015 Drama series 1 season, 8 episodes
The Wrong Girl Network Ten 2016–2017 Drama series 2 seasons, 18 episodes
Chosen iQiyi 2017 3-part Miniseries
Friday on My Mind ABC 2017 2-part Miniseries
Bite Club Nine Network 2018 Drama series 1 season, 8 episodes
Blind Date Network Ten 2018 Light Entertainment 1 season
Bloom Stan 2019–present Drama series 2 seasons, 12 episodes
Reckoning AXN 2019 Drama series 1 season, 10 episodes
The Commons Stan 2019 Drama series 1 season, 8 episodes

Silvergate Media[edit]


Eleventh Hour Films[edit]

Television films, miniseries and specials[edit]

Screen Gems[edit]

Columbia Pictures Television[edit]

TriStar Television[edit]

Columbia TriStar Television[edit]

Sony Pictures Television[edit]

Embassy Communications[edit]

Embassy Row[edit]

Left Bank Pictures[edit]

Silver River Productions[edit]

  • 9/11: Out of the Blue (2006)
  • 638 Way to Kill Castro (2006)
  • Fat Man's Warning (2007)
  • The Million Pound Footballers' Giveaway (2007)
  • Off by Heart (2009)
  • One Night in Emergency (2010)
  • Giles and Sue's Royal Wedding (2011)
  • Sargeant on Spike (2012)
  • Elizabeth Taylor: The Auction of a Lifetime (2012)
  • Off by Heart: Shakespeare (2012)
  • Sex Story: Fifty Shades of Grey (2012) (co-production with Mox Productions)
  • The Smiths (2013)
  • Conned, Fleeced and Left for Broke (2014)
  • Caught with Their Fingers in the Till (2014)

Spelling-Goldberg Productions[edit]


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