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This project has been formed in order to direct the better organisation and improvement of articles related to British royalty. This page and its relatives are intended to contain suggestions, discussions and collaborations which will lead to the improvement of its articles; it is hoped that this project will provide an amicable atmosphere in which the efforts of interested Wikipedians can be focussed. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.


WikiProject on British Royalty


This WikiProject aims primarily to improve and organise articles pertaining to the British royal family, in an attempt to establish a standard for making good articles, and a uniform style and structure between them. This is, primarily, an endeavour to produce a complete, uniform set of encyclopaedic references that has value as an authority on British royalty, is easy to read, and has a consistent style.

The project covers full members of the royal family (i.e. those having, at some point in their lives, borne the style Highness, Royal Highness, or Majesty) since the accession of George I.

Style guide[edit]

To keep a consistent style and structure to our articles, please:

  • Use article titles that abide by Wikipedia's naming conventions.
  • Format relevant articles according to the project style guide.
  • Use country/topic specific colours when appropriate:
    • British: #CCBBFF
    • English: #FFBBBB
    • Scottish: #BBBBFF
    • Irish: #BBFFBB

What to include?[edit]

As noted above, it is suggested that the project limit itself to the royal family since George I.

What is royalty?[edit]

It should be noted that there is not always consensus on who would be included in the term British royal family. Discuss

Topic pages[edit]

There are bound to be some articles which discuss ranks, titles, positions, etc., rather than royals themselves – these would require separate attentions. Discuss.


This project is a child project of Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Royalty.

Descendant WikiProjects[edit]

Related WikiProjects[edit]


  1. DBD (talk · contribs) (founder)
  2. Hedwig0407 (talk · contribs) – making family tree/ancestor tree, to make it consistent. See my userpage to see all the articles (royal people and the like) that I've already added ancestor tree
  3. LynnMarie (talk · contribs)
  4. EgbertW (talk · contribs)
  5. Terence_Ong (talk · contribs) – Will try to help
  6. Philip Stevens (talk · contribs)
  7. Ibagli (talk · contribs) – as much as I can
  8. Cowarth (talk · contribs)
  9. Laserbeamcrossfire (talk · contribs) – Early British monarchs, plus copy-editing
  10. Lethiere (talk · contribs)
  11. Brian New Zealand (talk · contribs)
  12. Morhange (talk · contribs)
  13. Dowew (talk · contribs) – interested in the subject, especially as it relates to Canada
  14. Peterwill (talk · contribs)
  15. Dinosaur puppy (talk · contribs)
  16. Majorly (talk · contribs)
  17. Casiraghitrio (talk · contribs)
  18. Lord Charlton (talk · contribs)
  19. Lordjonesbowes (talk · contribs)
  20. Iriseyes (talk · contribs)
  21. Penrithguy (talk · contribs)
  22. Deb (talk · contribs)
  23. Walton_monarchist89 (talk · contribs)
  24. brakbudy (talk · contribs) – mostly Tudor and Stuart, early Stuart court
  25. Koolone (talk · contribs) soooo sweet
  26. Mdieke (talk · contribs) – Queen Victoria's time to the present.
  27. sotakeit (talk · contribs)
  28. proberton (talk · contribs) General interest in the topic, Copy editing, substantive editing, old fashioned "book time"
  29. coolhawks88 (talk · contribs)
  30. Rhyddfrydol (talk · contribs)
  31. Barliner (talk · contribs) QV to date and the German connections regardless of the century.
  32. Lec CRP1 (talk · contribs)
  33. PeterSymonds (talk · contribs)
  34. Ipankonin (talk · contribs) Ambassador from WP:HV
  35. Drawdennep (talk · contribs)
  36. Jannizz (talk · contribs) I translate articles about British royal and nobel persons to norwegian wikipedia.
  37. TxMonarchist (talk · contribs)
  38. UKPeerageinfo (talk · contribs) – Titles, Honours and Styles Editor
  39. FusionWarrior (talk · contribs) – British royal and noble houses
  40. Cameron (talk · contribs) – General Britiyh royalty, especially the Windsors.
  41. Manaphy9 (talk · contribs)
  42. Andrewmc123 (talk · contribs)- mosty Scottish royalty, especially the Stuart times and the times of the Scottish Wars Of Independence
  43. Tnorbraten (talk · contribs) – especially British history (Tudors onward), European history, library of source material/books to use.
  44. HRH.zadock (talk · contribs) -An American royal watcher.
  45. HorrorFan121 (talk · contribs) – Mainly Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, and the rest of the House of Windsor.
  46. Chip123456 (talk · contribs) – House of Windsor Members
  47. Presidentman (talk · contribs)
  48. Prapsnot 2.0 (talk · contribs)
  49. Iamthecheese44 (talk · contribs) – family tree and line of succession; titles, styles, and honours; infoboxes; categorization; copy-editing; miscellaneous
  50. Lady Meg (talk · contribs) – Plantagenet to Tudor (1066–1603); main focus on Women of the War of the Roses and Tudor era (especially ancestors and relations to Queen Katherine Parr); also specialize in royal ancestry/genealogy.
  51. Metheglyn (talk · contribs)
  52. Keithlouisnagy (talk · contribs)
  53. ChiHistoryeditor (talk · contribs)
  54. Arg_Matey (talk · contribs)
  55. Celia Homeford (talk · contribs)
  56. LovelyEdit (talk · contribs)
  57. Robin S. Taylor (talk · contribs)
  58. Willthacheerleader18 (talk · contribs)
  59. Mesmeilleurs (talk · contribs)
  60. Duke of Somewhere (talk · contribs)
  61. ScottishNardualElf (talk · contribs)
  62. Peter Ormond (talk · contribs)

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  1. To create a consensus on what should be included and how to distinguish between the various media sources.
  2. To create a consistent look and style for each type of page: royals of each 'rank'; topic pages

General strategy and discussion forums[edit]

To-do list[edit]

Sample articles[edit]

Sample articles to be agreed by project discussion...


These, also, should be agreed by discussion.

Templates from/related to this WikiProject can be found here: Wikipedia:WikiProject British Royalty/Templates


You can experiment with edits and put them up on discussion prior to them going "live" at the Project Sandbox.


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks – Edits bare references – adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks – Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver – Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer – Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

External watchlist[edit]