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Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2005 - Unbelievable God

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Chapter 2005: Unbelievable God

Giant Beings did not want to help. As Su Mo continued to advance, Saint Elder Jia Shen somewhat panicked.

He wanted to rely on the Giant Beings so that it would be difficult for Su Mo to attack. In that way, it would destroy the Giant Beings.

However, if that was the case, he might be attacked by Ju Dan and be surrounded by enemies.

Seeing that Su Mo was advancing, Saint Elder Jia Shen did not hesitate and rushed up to the starry sky, choosing to escape once again.

“You belong in hell!”

Su Mo shouted, seeing that Saint Elder Jia Shen wanted to escape. Without hesitation, he attacked as the large sword in his hand slashed crazily and violently.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Su Mo took out more than a hundred swords.

The hundred streaks of Chaotic Sword Qi was like a long river that swept through. It was very vast and extremely sharp.

The terrifying Sword Power that expanded over a radius of a million miles made the countless creatures on Giant spirit Star tremble and astonished.

This time, Su Mo did not hold back. Regardless of if it were Chaotic Power or Sword Fighting souls or Blood Force power, all of them were displayed to the maximum.

Among the hundred streaks of Sword Qi, there was a large amount of Fighting Soul Power which was complicated and vast.

Su Mo abandoned the thousands of Fighting Souls, only attacking Saint Elder Jia Shen to completely kill him.


The vast Sword Qi storm caused the Empty Space and the ground to shatter. The Nine Skies Hurricane of Giant Spirit Star immediately vanished.

The terrifying Sword Qi Hurricane was wrapped with unparalleled murderous intent. It destroyed all power and charged towards Saint Elder Jia Shen, who was escaping.

“Not good!” Saint Elder Jia Shen was shocked. He was already injured and could not withstand this round of attacks.

The layer of death shadows instantly shrouded his heart and lingered.

Saint Elder Jia Shen was clear. There was no way for him to survive this attack.

Even if he were able to block it, he would be faced with a strong impact, his physical body destroyed and would not be reborn.

The speed of the Sword Qi was extremely fast. It instantly closed in on Saint Elder Jia Shen and he was unable to think too much.

Even if he could not stop it, Saint Elder Jia Shen could not be a sitting duck so he immediately resisted.

Saint Elder Jia Shen vomited blood, forming a larger blood rune.

However, although the defence of the Blood rune was powerful, it could not stop Su Mo.


With a loud explosion, the Blood Rune was annihilated by the vast Sword Qi Hurricane. Unsurprisingly, the vast Chaotic Sword Qi Hurricane immediately slammed into Saint Elder Jia Shen’s body.


A loud explosion shook the earth as the runes that covered Saint Elder Jia Shen were shattered.

Immediately after, Saint Elder Jia Shen’s body was like a bloody flower that suddenly bloomed.

It split open in all directions as Saint Elder Jia Shen’s body was completely shattered, turning into a bloody residue that filled the entire sky.

The blood mist rose and debris flew everywhere. The Divine Blood was scattered everywhere, dying the entire Firmament red.

That scene took place high up in the sky. Countless people of Giant Beings saw it as Giant Spirit Star was dead silent.

They had seen a shocking scene that belonged to the highest warrior of the universe. The physical body of the Empty God Realm Power had been completely smashed and blood spewed everywhere in the Firmament.

Saint Elder Jia Shen, who was of the generation of Empty God Realm Power and had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, was killed on the spot as his blood stained the Firmament.

Unbelievable God!

Intermediate Martial Sage Realm killing an Empty God Realm Power!

This was a shocking scene. Regardless of if it were Clan Leader Ju Dan, an Elite of Giant Beings or an ordinary Giant Being, all those who saw it lost their minds.

The crowd was shocked. Was this Su Mo’s power?

Ranked number one on Sage King Board, the First Demon of the Infinite Region and the most powerful Martial Sage ever of the Infinite Region!

Indeed, he was terrifying!

Indeed, he was worthy of his name!


Clan Leader Ju Dan let out a long sigh. Thankfully he had made the right decision and not attacked Su Mo. Otherwise, it would be too late for regret.

With Su Mo’s current combat power, even if Ju Dan were to join forces with Saint Elder Jia Shen and Elder Feng Shen, it was unlikely for them to defeat Su Mo.

Seeing the destroyed Saint Elder Jia Shen, Su Mo kept the Natal Spiritual Sword at his foot and stepped on the Empty Space, walking towards the place where he fell.

Immediately after, he released his Devouring Fighting soul and quickly devoured the blood and debris of Saint Elder Jia Shen.

The blood of the First Power of the Empty God Realm had a God trait. It was extremely rare and he could not give up on it.

In a breath, the corpse and blood of Saint Elder Jia Shen had been devoured by Su Mo.

“This is…!”

Ju Dan and a group of Elites of Giant Beings looked with widened eyes when they saw the Devouring Fighting Soul as they sucked in their breaths.

Another kind of Fighting Soul?

And it was one that could devour Fighting souls?

Eleven Fighting souls?

Or was it that Su Mo was hiding more Fighting Souls and there were more than eleven of them?

The crowd was stumped and shocked once again.

In the high sky, Su Mo’s eyes were like electricity and his spiritual consciousness filled the surroundings as he carefully scrutinised them.

He was very cautious. In the beginning, the Grand Priest had had a lot of tricks up his sleeves and had almost gotten away.

Now, he could take killing Saint Elder Jia Shen lightly.


His spiritual consciousness swept and Su Mo discovered an Honourable Soul Banner. It had already fallen on the floor and was lying on the grass.

This Honourable Soul Banner was Saint Elder Jia Shen’s gift.


Su Mo reached his hand out and immediately caught the Honourable Soul Banner.

He remembered that the Honourable Soul Banner could hide and that back then, the Grand Priest was hiding in it, taking a lot of trouble.

As such, without hesitation, Su Mo put away the Honourable Soul Banner lest Saint Elder Jia Shen had the opportunity to come back to life.

Su Mo did not look carefully as he picked up the Honourable Soul Banner and immediately placed it in the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda.

Immediately after, he rose to the sky and charged to the Nine Skies, disappearing into the starry sky.

The group of Elites of Giant Beings remained silent as they watched Su Mo disappear.

“Clan Leader, you have made the right decision!” Elder Feng Shen, who had remained silent all this while, opened his mouth to say.

“Yes! That man is too invincible!”

Ju Dan sighed a long sigh, his eyes burning and his face determined. “If this person is able to become an Empty God, in future, the Infinite Region and even the Four Major Stars will be changed because of him!”

Everyone nodded upon hearing that.

With Su Mo’s talent and combat power, once he became an Empty God, his power might be able to sweep all Four Major Stars and he would at least become one of the Elites in the Four Major Stars.

If Su Mo’s cultivation was higher, he would be invincible in the Four Major Stars and it would not be a problem.

Currently, the Four Major Stars were relatively stable and the major forces were relatively balanced.

Once Su Mo reached that point, he could completely destroy the balance of the four Major Stars.

Moreover, Su Mo had two enemies – True Demon Clan and Sun Moon Tribe. He reckoned that there would be more fights in the future.

Ju Dan’s gaze burned, as if he was able to see that in the near future, an invincible supreme would rise and sweep the entire universe. The tens of thousands of tribes would retreat and shock millions of stars.