Arianne Zucker Does "The Incredibly Pointless Q&A"

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Gossip Guy here, fresh from my chat with internationally-recognised, Emmy-nominated soap opera star Arianne Zucker, better known to Days of our Lives fans as Nicole Walker Robbins Roberts Kiriakis DiMera DiMera [True story. I looked it up – ed.]. While that surname probably won’t fit on her driver’s license in real life Arianne is happily married to her former Days castmate Kyle Lowder (Brady Black) who’s also appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful as Rick Forrester. The couple who recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary have a daughter Isabella who’ll be three in December. 

But enough biographical natter, let’s get to the chit chat. Here’s Ari on meeting her ultimate celeb crush, fast cars and the first thing she’d do if she had millions in the bank…

Name your top five celebrity crushes:
These are kid crushes and I still have them to this day…
1) Garth Brooks, because his music got me through tough times when I was younger.
2) Tim Mcgraw, because because because because.
3) Daniel Craig because I love James Bond movies and he is the sexiest. [Amen to that sistah-girl! Yeah, by far – ed.]
4) Will Smith, because he always makes me laugh. [
5) Sean Connery because no matter how old he gets he still looks amazing and he is a 007.

Complete the sentence: I would never, ever… say the words “never, ever” because you never know. [Too true.

What do you wear to bed? 
Depends on the time of year, but something very soft.

Which fellow celeb would you like to trade places with for 24 hours?
Faith Hill when she is on vacation with Tim McGraw (but without the kids) because well, he’s Tim McGraw. It’s ok… My husband already knows about my crush.

You know what they say about men with big hats…

What two super-powers do you wish you had?

I would choose to be a Wonder Twin. My brother and I used to play Wonder Twins growing up. I would fly and be able to use water to turn into any kind of liquid form. [The lesser-spotted DC Comics superheroes but hey, that’s so cool! – ed.]

“Got any Scooby Snacks?”

What would you do with 5 million bucks?
Definitely roll around in it first before anything! [I’ve done that. but I only had a handful of 20s so it wasn’t as much as it looks when Scrooge McDuck does it – ed.]

If you could have tea with the Queen, what would you say to her?
“How much trouble were those cute grandsons of yours when they were little?” [And if they misbehaved would you set the corgis on them? – ed.]

What skill do you wish you had?
Tough to say since I haven’t tried everything yet, but right now, I would say racecar driving. I love me a fast car!

You’re having a dinner party. Which 5 people would you invite?

Ok, I feel like this is a truth or dare question…
1) My grandma, Fay, who passed away when I was 18 months old
2) My brother, Todd
3) Tim McGraw (FYI – I have met him three times and still can’t carry a conversation with him. Oy!)
4) Elvis Presley (for my brother)
5) Former president John F. Kennedy

And now you know!

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Peace, love and paparazzi,
Gossip Guy

PS: Here’s a pic of Ari and I taken during her recent trip to South Africa for her empowerment programme LifeCHANGE.

Gossip Guy meets Arianne Zucker

2009’s Hottest Soap hunks – Round 2

Hello sunshines!

Today is round two of the round-up/count-down of the sexiest soap men to grace South African TV screens this year.
Before we get to the next reveal, here’s a recap of the bottom ten. [Ha ha, you said “bottom”! – Ed]
20) Darin Brooks (Max, Days Of Our Lives)
19) Michael Graziadei (Daniel, The Young And The Restless)
18) Maurice Page (Calvin, Isidingo)
17) Don Diamont (Brad, The Young And The Restless)
16) Shona Ferguson (Alex, Scandal!)
15) Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children)
14) Texas Battle (Marcus, The Bold And The Beautiful)
13) Emmanuel Castis (Cole, Scandal!)
12) Hendrik Cronje (Lukas, 7de Laan)
11) Joshua Morrow (Nick, The Young And The Restless)

Still no word from my imaginary sponsorship, Hello Kitty HQ, Sanrio, so there’s no brief word from our sponsors today. [Le sigh… – Ed.]
Poor Ed. He’s been working double-time/overtime on this and was hoping for some materialistic, financial rewards. You know, the good stuff in life. Oh well. Ag shame [Le double sigh – Ed.]

Right, so stop sulking Ed. Let’s get to it…

10) Marcus Muller (Liam, Egoli)

9) Austin Peck (Austin, Days Of Our Lives)

8) Jason Cook (Shawn, Days Of Our Lives)

7) Daniel Goddard (Cane, The Young And The Restless)

6) Brody Hutzler (Patrick, Days Of Our Lives)

5) Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip, Days Of Our Lives

4) Kyle Lowder (Rick, The Bold And The Beautiful)

Tune in tomorrow, my dear 10.65 readers, when I reveal the top 3.
Hint 1: One is a local boykie.
Hint 2: Two are brunettes, one’s a blond.
Hint 3: They’re all taken [Which really is a pity! – Ed.] and two of the three hunks are with fellow soapie stars, although they didn’t necessarily meet on the set.

Any guesses?

Ya’ll behave now ya’hear,
Jared “J.Rod”Orlin