which protestant reformer split from the catholic church and the church of england? a: johann - Brainly.com
B. John Calvin........


B. John Calvin

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Who was Fatima Meer and Pius Langa​
The words faith alone are not found, in that sequence anywhere in the Christian Bible
The first schools were started to teach choir boys which of the following?[more then one]
Two little sisters were arguing over an orange, "Give it to me, I want this orange, it's mine" shouted the first girl."And I want this orange too, I n … eed it right now," cried the other girl.The mother came in to the kitchen, took a knife and cut the orange in two halves. She gave each little girl one half. The first girl peeled her half, threw away the skin, and ate the inside. The second girl also peeled her half of the orange, but threw away the inside, and put the skin aside to dry. She wanted to make some jam out of the orange. In this scenario the mother forced the sisters to compromise. She assumed that both sisters wanted the same thing for the same reason. What should the mom focus on to improve her family relationships? a. family members should listen b. family members should trust each other c. family members have different needs d. family members should be flexible
who is the india prime minister​
According to the Hebrew Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments and other teachings on _____.
The scene is best described as friendly and open. tense and aggressive. calm and peaceful. timid and indecisive.
does not need to be to long 1963 Equal Pay Act 1964 Civil Rights Act 1965 Voting Rights Act 1967 Age Discrimination Act 1968 Civil Rights Act, Title V … III 1972 Higher Education Act, Title IX 1974 Housing and Community Development Act Research the Acts above and organize an argument using legislation to determine if the past 50 years has solved early problems within the United States (Equality). Is there more we can do? What?
Did the pre-Islamic bedouins interact with Christians or Jews? Why or why not?