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What are Coptic Christians?


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Coptic Christians (Copts) are the native Christians in Egypt. They are the largest Christian community in the Middle East and the largest minority religion in the region.

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Most Christians are Coptic orthodox, some of them are catholic also but the majority is Coptic. The Coptic Orthodox church in Egypt celebrates Christmas on January 7th of each year.

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Yes, it's true, Coptic Christians believe that Jesus has both a divine and a human nature.

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No, the Coptic Christians are an Orthodox religion and have their own patriarch who they call a pope. The Catholic pope was never a Coptic Christian.

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Today almost 90% are muslims. Almost 10% are Coptic Christians. (Coptic Christians are similar to Greek Orthodox.) There are a few Jews and other groups.

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10% are Christians of which 9% are "Coptic christians", a Catholic branch of Christianity

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