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This is a list of power metal bands including notable bands that have at some point in their careers played power metal or heavily contributed to the genre's development. Power metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music combining characteristics of traditional metal with speed metal, often within symphonic context. Generally, power metal is characterized by a more uplifting sound, in contrast to the heaviness and dissonance prevalent in styles such as doom metal and death metal. Power metal bands usually have anthem-like songs with fantasy-based subject matter and strong choruses, thus creating a theatrical, dramatic and emotionally "powerful" sound. Power metal has two distinct early styles, which developed in parallel. US Power Metal was developed in the mid/late 80s, pioneered by bands such as Omen characterized by harsh thrashy sound and a focus on speed and soaring operatic vocals. It was directly influenced by speed metal and NWOBHM, and had a drop in popularity in the 90s. European Power Metal was developed in the late 80s by key bands such as Helloween, and was more melodic, employing keyboards, synths and anthem-like songs.

  Proto-power Metal (Influences)
  US Power Metal Style


Name Origin Years Active Brief Summary Note
3 Inches of Blood Canada 1999–2015 Style strongly influenced by NWOBHM, combining both operatic and growled vocals. [1]


Amaranthe performing at the Wacken Open Air festival
Axxis concert at the Masters of Rock 2007 festival
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Accept Germany 1968–1989, 1992–1997, 2004–2005, 2009–present Played an important role in the development of speed and thrash metal. [2]
Adagio France 2000–present Known for technical precision and dark orchestration. [3]
After Forever Netherlands 1995–2009 Strong progressive metal influences, use of both soprano vocals and death grunts. [4]
Agent Steel United States 1984–1988, 1999–Present Forged a reputation due to their lyrical themes of apocalyptic sci-fi. [5]
Aina various (supergroup) 2003–2004 Together created the metal opera Days of Rising Doom [6]
Alestorm Scotland 2004–present Exclusively pirate themed band with folk metal incorporation. [7]
Aldious Japan 2008–present Japanese all-female power metal band from Osaka. Aldious have been labelled pioneers of the Girls Metal Band Boom that began in Japan in the 2010s. [8]
Almah Brazil 2006–present Side project from the singer of Angra, now a full-fledged band. [9]
Altaria Finland 2000–2016, 2020-present Known for recruiting guitarist Jani Liimatainen of Sonata Arctica in their earlier years. [10]
Amaran Sweden 2000–2005 Gothic style with clean female vocals. [11]
Amaranthe Sweden 2009–present Fuses melodic metal with pop melodies and vocals of Elize Ryd [12]
Amberian Dawn Finland 2006–present Lyrics often influenced by Finnish and Norse mythology [13]
Ancient Bards Italy 2006–present Their Black Crystal Sword Saga was said to be inspired by fellow Italian band Rhapsody of Fire's fantasy-styled concept albums. [14]
Angband Iran 2004−present Conceived as a progressive instrumental band, the addition of a vocalist moved towards power metal. [15]
Angel Dust Germany 1984–1990, 1998–present After 1998, moved away from thrash metal to a power/progressive metal style. [16]
Angra Brazil 1991–present Known for symphonic interludes, technical instrumentation and Brazilian regional elements. [17]
Antiquus Canada 2000–present Iron Maiden influenced band writes concept albums with unifying themes or stories. [18]
Anubis Gate Denmark 2003–present Progressive band nominated for multiple Danish music awards in 2008 and 2009. [19]
Anvil Canada 1978–present Their documentary illustrated how staying together as a band for them was more important than making as much money as possible. [20]
Arktida Russia 2003–present One of the relatively few English-lyrics Russian power metal bands. Symphonic style. [21]
Armageddon Sweden 1997, 2000, 2002, 2012–present Started as a melodic death metal band formed by Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott. [22]
Armored Saint United States 1982–1992, 1999–present Founders in close relation to members of Metallica, their lyrics helped shape today's power metal. [23]
Artch Norway 1983–Present Early power/heavy metal band originating from Sarpsborg, Norway. [5]
Arthemis Italy 1994–present Known for fusing neo-classical European style with the aggression of American Speed Metal. [5]
A Sound of Thunder United States 2008–present A female-fronted band from Washington DC with varying styles. [24]
Astral Doors Sweden 2002–present "Jerusalem", the sixth album by Astral Doors is a clear singing from vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson. [25]
At Vance Germany 1998–present Their first album included covers of a Vivaldi piece Summer and ABBA's Money, Money, Money [5]
Avalanch Spain 1997-present A leading Spanish-language power metal (particularly their first three albums) band, the ejection of some of its members led to the creation of WarCry in 2001. [26]
Avantasia Germany 1999–present A metal opera hosted by Tobias Sammet, different renowned musicians/vocalists participate in every album. [27]
Avian United States 2002–present Formed after being inspired by a metal festival that featured performances by Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Edguy, and others. [28]
Axenstar Sweden 1998–present Originally formed as a cover band, now producing power metal that shies away from typical mythical themes. [29][30]
Axxis Germany 1988–present Their debut album, "Kingdom of the Night", became the best-selling debut album ever by a hard rock band in Germany in 1989. [31]
Ayreon Netherlands 1995–2008, 2012–present A rock-opera type solo project. [5]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Balance of Power United Kingdom 1995–present Christian power/progressive metal band from London. [5]
Banshee United States 1985–1993, 1999-2000, 2008-present A mix between NWOBHM sound combined with US Power Metal style. [32]
Battle Beast Finland 2008–present Known for winning two major band competitions prior to procuring a record contract. [33]
Battlelore Finland 1999–present Folk mixed with power and melodic death metal, growled vocals with clean female accompaniment and lyrics inspired by Tolkien's TLOTR. [34]
Beast in Black Finland 2015–present A five-piece Helsinki-based band founded by Anton Kabanen after parting ways with the band Battle Beast. [35]
Benedictum United States 2005–present Female fronted harder style power metal from band members who were previously a Dio tribute band. [36]
Beto Vázquez Infinity Argentina 2000–present Symphonic/gothic style band hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. [37]
Beyond Fear United States 2005–present A side project band of Tim "Ripper" Owens. [38]
Black Death United States 1977-1984 Marketed their band as the first all-African-American heavy metal band. [39]
Blackguard Canada 2001–present Melodic death metal with power/folk metal influences. [40]
Black Majesty Australia 2001–present Formed by ex-members of prominent bands on the Australian metal scene [41]
Blind Guardian Germany 1984–present Often credited as one of the seminal and most influential bands in the power metal and speed metal subgenres. [42]
Bloodbound Sweden 2004–present Melodic power metal band that uses corpse paint in promotional photos, in a style similar to black metal acts. [43]
Borealis Canada 2005–present Heavy and progressive with deep vocals, known for their excellent live performances. [44]
Brainstorm Germany 1989–present Known to play a somewhat darker style of music than most power metal groups. [45]
Brocas Helm United States 1982–2013 Known for founding their own record label after disappointment with their affiliated labels. [46]
Burning Point Finland 1997–present Originally doom-influenced, the band moved towards a power metal feel. [5]


Children of Bodom at 2007's Masters of Rock
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Cadacross Finland 1997-2005 Their second album departed towards heavier viking metal. [47]
Cain's Offering Finland 2009–present Formed by ex-Sonata Arctica members Jani Liimatainen, Mikko Härkin and Stratovarius vocalist Timo Kotipelto. [48]
Catharsis Russia 1996–present Early demos the band played a style with a mix of death metal and doom metal. [5]
Cellador United States 2004–present Contrasts the popular death metal and metalcore scenes of the American Midwest with melodic speed metal. [49]
Chastain United States 1984–present Known for David Chastain's shred guitar work. [50]
Children of Bodom Finland 1993–2019 One of Finland's best selling artists of all time, incorporating power metal and melodic death metal. [51]
Chinchilla Germany 1988–present A band with a reputation of being serious heavy performers, despite their ironic band name. [5]
Circle II Circle United States 2001–present Formed by former Savatage lead vocalist, Zachary Stevens. [52]
Cirith Ungol United States 1972–1992 Sword and sorcery themed songs contributed to the development of power metal as a genre. [53]
Cloven Hoof United Kingdom 1979–1990, 2000–present A NWOBHM band that helped carve a path for Power Metal. After a long departure in 1990, the band reformed in 2000. [54]
Conception Norway 1989–1998, 2005, 2018–present Features ex-Kamelot vocalist Roy Khan. [5]
Concerto Moon Japan 1996–present 80s style Japanese symphonic rock specialists. [5]
Crimson Glory United States 1979–1992, 1998–present A pioneer of the American progressive metal movement. [55]
Crystal Eyes Sweden 1992–present Put their own studio together in order to improve the quality of their recordings after dissatisfaction with their first label. [56]
Crystal Viper Poland 2003–present Polish band founded by singer/songwriter and recently guitarist Marta Gabriel [57]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Dark Empire United States 2004-2013 Progressive, power, and thrash mix band originating from New Jersey. [58]
Dark Moor Spain 1993−present Neo-classical and symphonic elements. One of the most prominent Spanish power metal acts. [59]
DarkSun Spain 2002–present Spanish band influenced by bands such as Blind Guardian and Angra. [60]
Demons and Wizards Germany 1998–present Formed by the vocalist for Blind Guardian, Hansi Kürsch, and the guitarist of Iced Earth, Jon Schaffer. [61]
Destroy Destroy Destroy United States 2003–Present Also demonstrates styles of Melodic Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal. [62]
DGM Italy 1994–present Started as a power metal oriented instrumental band, gradually moved towards a progressive feel. [63]
Dio United States 1982–1991, 1993-2010 The lyrics of renowned vocalist Ronnie James Dio greatly influenced development of power metal and heavy metal as a whole. [64]
Dionysus Sweden 1999–2008 Formed by the drummer of Sinergy. [5]: 112 
Divinefire Finland 2004–present Their style mixes power metal with both melodic and aggressive elements. [65]
The Dogma Italy 1999–present A Progressive/Power Metal band from Ancona, Italy [5]: 113 
Domine Italy 1984–present Linked to heroic fantasy and sword and sorcery themes. [66]
Doomsword Italy 1997–present Influences from themes such as ancient and medieval history, fantasy literature and European mythology. [67]
DragonForce United Kingdom 1999–present Known for its long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-based lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound. [55]
Dragonland Sweden 1999–present Most notable for basing their two first albums upon the self-produced The Dragonland Chronicles fantasy saga. [68]
Dreamaker Spain 2003-2011 Composed of former Dark Moor members. [69]
Dream Evil Sweden 1999–present Known for their respect to classic heavy metal and their 1980s style sound. [70]
Dreamtale Finland 1999–present Speedy and light style, with occasional accompaniments of symphonic instruments. [71]
Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland Greece, Turkey 2005–present Symphonic power metal collaboration between the Turkish band Dreamtone and Greek singer Iris Mavraki. [72]
Dungeon Australia 1989–2005 Australian heavy/power metal band formed in the mining town of Broken Hill, Australia. [5]: 124 
Dynazty Sweden 2007-present Swedish power metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The lead vocalist, Nils Molin, is also a vocal contributor to Amaranthe. [73]


Elixir performing in 2010
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Edenbridge Austria 1998–present Symphonic power metal band with a female singer and considerable orchestration. [74]
Edguy Germany 1992–present One of the most famous modern power metal bands, highly metaphorical lyrics and a style true to the power metal denomination. [75]
Eidolon Canada 1993–2007 On the heavier side of power metal, after the founding members became a part of Megadeth they stopped recording new albums. [76]
Eldritch Italy 1991–present Prominent band within Italian progressive metal in the late 1990s. [5]: 131 
Elegy Netherlands 1986–present Pioneers of progressive/power metal mixture. [5]: 132 
Elixir England 1983–2012 Notable for being associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. [77]
Elvenking Italy 1997–present Speed metal with rustic folk influence. [5]: 133 
Empyria Canada 1991–present Technical progressive power metal, their unique sound was one of the reasons they were reasonably received in the mid 1990s. [5]: 135 
Epica Netherlands 2002–present Known for their symphonic sound and the use of female vocals and male growls. Their lyrical themes include society, politics, science, and religion. [78]
Epidemia Russia 1995–present Best known for its series of metal operas, Elven Manuscript. [79]
Esprit D'Air United Kingdom 2010–2013, 2016–present Japanese lyrics and artwork are centered around ethereal and otherwordly themes and inspired by X Japan. In 2018 their album Constellations won the Independent Music Awards (IMAs) for Best Metal Album judged by Slayer, Sepultura and Amy Lee. [80]
Excalion Finland 2000–present Lyrical themes originate in different moods and hardships, experiences of life. [81]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Fairyland France 1998–present Formed by keyboardist Philippe Giordana with melodic and symphonic elements. [82]
Falconer Sweden 1999–2020 Utilizes folk instrumentation and melody to create a medieval sound and atmosphere. [83]
Fifth Angel United States 1983–1990, 2009–present Band which brought guitarist James Byrd to prominence. [5]: 148 
Firewind Greece 1998, 2002–present Founded by guitarist Gus G, now also the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. [84]
Forgotten Tales Canada 1999–present Fronted by powerful female vocalist Sonia Pineault. Neoclassical guitars with folk keys and effects. [85]
Freedom Call Germany 1998–present Known for their upbeat, feel-good sound free from melancholy undertones or darker styles of some power metal groups. [86]


Grave Digger at Metalcamp in 2007
Gloryhammer at Dong Open Air, 2017. Wearing their armor on stage.
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Galneryus Japan 2001–present Neo-classical power metal with many speed metal style songs. [87]
Gamma Ray Germany 1989–present Known as one of the most prominent bands of the German heavy metal scene. [42]
Gloryhammer United Kingdom, Switzerland 2010–present Presents themselves as a tongue-in-cheek, parody of stereotypical power metal groups as well as appearing on-stage in armour and costumes. [88]
Grave Digger Germany 1980–1987, 1991–present One of the earlier heavy metal bands that contributed to the development of power metal as a genre. [89]
Gwyllion Belgium 2003–2009 Released two albums before splitting up, symphonic power metal group. [90]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
HammerFall Sweden 1993–present Cited as producing some of the highest acclaimed power metal albums,[55] HammerFall is a famous example of power metal as a whole. [55]
Hawaii United States 1981–1985 One of the first heavy metal bands that formed within Honolulu, Hawaii. [91]
Heavenly France 1994–present They were signed by record label Noise Records after winning a competition sponsored by the label's website. [92]
Heaven's Gate Germany 1982–1999 One of the earliest German power metal bands. [5]: 186 
Heavy Load Sweden 1976–1985 The band is often hailed as the first Swedish heavy metal band,[93] and were known for their Viking themes. [94]
Heir Apparent United States 1983–1989, 2000–present Technical style band from Seattle. [5]: 188 
Helloween Germany 1984–present Famous pioneers of power metal sound, their second and third studio albums, Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 are considered masterpieces of the genre. [42][95]
Helstar United States 1982–present A key band in the development of the American power metal scene emerging in the mid 1980s. [96]
Hibria Brazil 1996–present Speed metal and technically influenced Brazilian band. [97]
Highland Glory Norway 2001–present Their first album, From the Cradle to the Brave, was released in 2003. [98]
Highlord Italy 1996–present A standard style power metal band with medieval and mythical themed lyrics. [99]
Hollow Sweden 1995–present Highly technical progressive style. [5]: 200 
Holy Dragons Kazakhstan 1992–present Claimed to be Kazakhstan's first heavy metal band. [5]: 201 
HolyHell United States 2005–present A symphonic power metal band with a female lead vocalist, an atypical style coming from North America. [100]
Holy Knights Italy 1998–2002, 2010–present Symphonic accompaniment, choruses with many backing vocalists creating an epic ballad feel. [101]
Human Fortress Germany 1997–present Strives for an epic feel with their music, calling their music "epic battle metal". [102]


Iced Earth in December 2012
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Iced Earth United States 1985–present Successful band that has played many different styles of metal with members changing constantly other than the founding guitarist Jon Schaffer. [103]
Ilium Australia 1998–present In 2012 they recorded a music video dedicated to Greenpeace. [5]: 209 
Imperial Age Russia 2012−present Imperial Age have three singers (one male and two female) and blend power metal with symphonic metal. They are the most successful band in the genre from Russia. [104]
Impulse Bulgaria 1979–1991, 1995–1998, 2012-present One of the first Bulgarian heavy metal bands. [105]
Into Eternity Canada 1997−present Progressive/melodic death with a bit of power metal influence, from Regina, Saskatchewan. [106]
Ion Vein United States 1995–present Progressive/Power metal band from Chicago. [5]: 211,212 
Iron Fire Denmark 1995–present Early speed metal style incorporated with recent power metal sounds. [107]
Iron Maiden England 1975–present Not considered Power Metal, but often listed as a major influence.
Iron Mask Belgium 2002–present Contains ex-Yngwie Malmsteen members. [108]
Iron Savior Germany 1996–present Blends power metal with a high-concept science fiction story, immediately embarking on a multiple-album tale of a fictional space vessel of the same name. Founded by Piet Sielck and Kai Hansen. [109]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Jacobs Dream United States 1997–present Ohio originating technical power metal, known previously as Iron Angel. [5]: 227 
Jag Panzer United States 1981–1988, 1994–2011, 2013-present NWOBHM influenced band that influenced the development of thrash and power metal. [110]
Judas Priest United Kingdom 1969–present One of the most famous heavy metal bands of all time, as well as the origin of many sounds that influenced the many subgenres of heavy metal today. [2]
Judicator United States 2012–present The band mainly focuses on history and Existentialism. [111]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Kalmah Finland 1998–present Their melodic death/power metal style sound is often compared to prominent Finnish band Children of Bodom. [5]: 247 
Kamelot United States 1991–present One of the more successful bands in the North American power metal scene. Symphonic, neo-classical, and progressive elements. [112][113]
Katagory V United States 1999–Present American power metal band with thrash and progressive elements. [114][115]
Keldian Norway 2005—present This band's digital release Outbound was voted the best power metal album of 2013 on Reddit.[116] Space exploration themes. [117]
Kerion France 2003–present Features a choir directed by Phil Gordana of Fairyland. Mainly labelled as a symphonic metal band. [118]
Kiuas Finland 2000–2013, 2021-present The name of the band is derived from the word 'hiidenkiuas', which means 'barrow consisting of a pile of rocks'. [119]
Kotipelto Finland 2001–present Formed by Stratovarius member Timo Kotipelto while the aforementioned band was on hiatus. [120]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Lääz Rockit United States 1982–1992, 2005–present One of their signature elements were Ibanez guitars adorned with elaborate airbrushed scenes of warfare. [121]
Labyrinth Italy 1991–present Progressive power metal from Italy. [5]: 256 
Leah Canada 2011–present Solo artist from Canada, known for fusing metal, including power metal, with Celtic and world music [122]
Leatherwolf United States 1981–present Their three-guitarist setup for their band set them apart from other bands of similar style in early years. [5]: 259 
Lethal United States 1982–1996, 2006–present Early American progressive band with a style similar to Fates Warning. [123]
Liege Lord United States 1982–1989, 2000, 2012–present Originated as a Judas Priest cover band, aided development of the power metal genre. [124]
Lizzy Borden United States 1983–2004, 2006–present Both the band and the lead vocalist are named after Lizzie Borden, a woman accused and acquitted of murder in the late 19th century. Glam metal influence. [125]
Lord Australia 2003–present Formed as a solo project for former Dungeon frontman Lord Tim. [126]
Lords of the Trident United States 2008–present Known for its mixture of classic and modern heavy metal, expansive fantasy backstory, and energetic live shows. [127]
Lost Horizon Sweden 1990–1994, 1999–present Known for taking the epic feel of power metal to new levels, having been described as "Metallica will make you feel angry, but Lost Horizon will make you feel like a god."[128] [129][130]
Lovebites Japan 2016-present All-female power metal band formed by former members of Destrose. In 2018 they won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Best New Band. [131]
Luca Turilli's Dreamquest Italy 2005-2011 A past side project of Luca Turilli (known for his work in Rhapsody of Fire and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody). [132]
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Italy 2011–2018 After a friendly split with band members of Rhapsody of Fire, guitarist/keyboardist Luca Turilli continued with this project. [133]
Luna Mortis United States 2001-2010, 2013–present Combination of melodic death, power, thrash, and progressive, band with a female vocalist who sings/growls. [134]
Lux Perpetua Poland 2009–present Power metal band from Poland. Their name is inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski`s book and means "eternal light". [135]


Machinae Supremacy performing
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Machinae Supremacy Sweden 2000–present Combines modern heavy metal/power metal and alternative rock with chiptunes. [136]
Magica Romania 2002–present A Romanian power metal band with mythical themes and gothic metal influences. [137]
Majestic Sweden 1997–2001 Recorded two albums in 1999 and 2000 with largely varied band members between albums, split up in 2001. [5]: 272 
Majesty Germany 2000–present Heavily influenced by Manowar both musically and lyrically. [138]
Manigance France 1995–present A French-language band. [139]
Manilla Road United States 1977–1990, 2001–present Early albums have more in common with progressive rock and proto-heavy metal than the band's later heavier speed/thrash metal sound. [140]
Manticora Denmark 1996–present Progressive power metal with speed metal influences. [141]
Manowar United States 1980–present Known for its lyrics based on fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery), and mythological topics (particularly Norse mythology). [142][143]
Mary's Blood Japan 2009–present a Japanese all-female power metal band from Tokyo, formed in 2009 by four former members of Destrose. [144]
Masterplan Germany 2001–present Founded by ex-Helloween members. [145]
Meliah Rage United States 1987–present Characterized primarily by their thrash metal vibe married to more classical metal melodies. [146][147]
Mercenary Denmark 1991–present Usually labelled as a melodic death metal band, they use aspects of power metal in their music, as well as thrash metal in their earlier work. [148]
Metal Church United States 1980–1994, 1998–2009, 2012–present Lyrical topics such as conflict and paranoia later expanded into philosophical and social commentary. [149]
Metalium Germany 1998–2011 Traditional power metal sound which was pioneered in Hamburg by bands such as Helloween and Blind Guardian. [150]
Mob Rules Germany 1994–present Melodic power metal from Germany. [5]: 301–302 
Moonlight Agony Sweden 1999–present Common usage of odd chord progressions and an eerie/dreamlike atmosphere produced via the keyboard track. [151]
Morgana Lefay Sweden 1989–1997, 1999–2001, 2004–2007, 2012–present Named after Morgan Le Fay of the Arthurian cycle. [152]
Morifade Sweden 1992–2015 Symphonic power metal band hailing from the town of Vikingstad. [5]: 305 
Mystic Prophecy Greece/Germany 2000–present Described as a mixture between heavier US power metal and more melodic European power metal. [5]: 306 


Nightwish in 2009
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Narnia Sweden 1996–2010, 2014–present Christian power metal with speed metal guitar styles. [5]: 308 
Nevermore United States 1991–2011 Technical speed metal from Seattle, USA. [5]: 311 
Nightmare France 1979–1987, 1999–present Veteran French power metal group. [5]: 314 
NightMare World England 2006–present Standard melodic power metal with some progressive influences. Their first full-length album was released in 2015. [153]
Nightwish Finland 1996–present Nightwish performs symphonic metal with soaring female operatic vocals. One of the most successful symphonic/power metal acts. [154][155]
Nocturnal Rites Sweden 1990–present Power metal with melodic influences such as Iron Maiden. [156]
Nostradameus Sweden 1998–2016 Melodic speed metal style. [5]: 317 


Name Origin Years Brief summary Note
Obsession United States 1982–1989, 2004–present Famous for spawning the career of singer Michael Vescera. [5]: 318 
Omen United States 1983–1988, 1996–present One of the forefathers of power metal acts, launched with groups such as Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. [157][158]
Orden Ogan Germany 1996–present Progressive and folk metal elements. [159]
Oz Finland 1977-1991, 2010–present Part of the group of early Finnish power metal bands. [5]: 326 


Primal Fear in 2009
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Pagan's Mind Norway 2000−present Their music is influenced by Stargate, especially the theatrical film. [160]
Paradox Germany 1986–1991, 1998–present Late 80s speed metal band from Würzburg, Bavaria. [5]: 328 
Paragon Germany 1990–present Hamburg based power metal act. [5]: 329 
Pathfinder Poland 2007–present Referred to as "the world’s best epic power metal band" and "multiple styles of power metal are pulled off while still retaining Pathfinder’s signature symphonic sound". [161][162]
Pegazus Australia 1993–present 90s power metal band who wished to revive studs and leather in a straightforward metal act, rather than fantasy themes. [5]: 332 
Persuader Sweden 1997–present Sound similar to bands such as early Blind Guardian, Iron Savior, and Nocturnal Rites. [163]
Pharaoh United States 1997–present Known for multi-layered instrumentation and well produced albums. [164]
Phoenix Rising Spain 2007–present Spanish symphonic power metal similar to bands such as Rhapsody Of Fire, Heavenly and Dark Moor. [165]
Powerglove United States 2005–present One of the more prominent nintendocore bands, Powerglove covers classic video game tracks in an epic technical power metal style. [166]
Powermad United States 1984–1990 An innovative early American speed metal act that mixed progressive and European styles in their sound. [167]
Power Quest England 2001–2013, 2016–present The founder of the band being the keyboardist, the songs are more key driven than typical power metal bands. [55]
Powersurge United States 1984–1991 Band which attempted to emulate acts such as Queensrÿche and Crimson Glory. [168]
Power Symphony Italy 1991–2005 Female fronted Italian power/progressive metal. [5]: 337 
Powerwolf Germany 2003–present Notable for having dark themes and images, both musically and lyrically, both counteractions to traditional power metal music and including usage of corpse paint, gothic-tinged compositions and songs about Romanian werewolf and vampire legends. [169]
Primal Fear Germany 1997–present Main lyrical themes are science fiction, often metaphorical. Founded by ex-Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and Mat Sinner. [170]
Pyramaze Denmark 2001–present Collaborated with Iced Earth singer Matt Barlow for their third album. [171]


Running Wild live on stage in Bonn in 2005
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Rage Germany 1984–present Part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene to emerge in the early to mid-1980s, along with bands such as Helloween, Running Wild, Blind Guardian and Grave Digger. [172]
Rainbow England 1975–1984, 1994–1997, 2015-present Started out combining mystical lyric themes with neo-classical metal prior to Dio's departure from the group. [2]
Raintime Italy 1999–2012 Greatly influenced by Dream Theater in their initial releases. [173]
Rata Blanca Argentina 1986–1997, 2000–present This Argentinian band was born out of a demo tape made as an attempt to connect with the UK market. [5]: 354 
Rebellion Germany 2001–present Their first album was a concept album about William Shakespeare's work Macbeth. [174]
Reverend United States 1989–1993, 2000–present Part of the "holy trinity" of US thrash metal, as well as Metal Church and Heretic. [5]: 362 
Revolution Renaissance Finland 2008–2010 Formed by a former Stratovarius member. [175]
Rhapsody of Fire Italy 1993–present One of the most prominent symphonic style power metal bands, recording with orchestras and involving vocalists such as Christopher Lee. [176][177]
Riot V United States 1975–1984, 1988-2012, 2013-present Initially started out as straightforward heavy metal, upon revival in 1988 they began a departure towards power metal styles. [178][179]
Rob Rock United States 1983–present Robert "Rob" Rock is best known for his guitar virtuoso acts. [5]: 370 
Royal Hunt Denmark 1989–present Heavily keyboard-oriented power metal from Copenhagen. [5]: 372 
Running Wild Germany 1976–2009, 2011–present Most famous for pioneering the idea of pirate themed metal, after initial satanic themes in their first two albums. [180]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Sabaton Sweden 1999–present Known for historical lyrical themes and a heavy but still European sound. [181]
Sacred Oath United States 1985–1988, 2005–present The original four band members reformed after disbanding for 17 years, releasing successful new material. [182]
Sacred Steel Germany 1996–present They intended to use the words "metal" and "steel" at least once in every song on their first album. [5]: 376 
Sanctuary United States 1985–1992, 2010–present Their first recording was produced by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. [5]: 380 
Saratoga Spain 1992-present Pioneered the speed metal and power metal genres in Spain. Founded by former Baron Rojo and Obús musicians, their most successful era took place with Leo Jiménez as their singer (1999-2006). [183]
Savage Circus Germany 2004–present Formed by drummer Thomen Stauch as a side project before leaving Blind Guardian. [184]
Savage Grace United States 1981–1993, 2009-2010 Early power/speed metal style band from Los Angeles. [5]: 382 
Savatage United States 1978–2002, 2014–present Known for the frequent usage of counterpoint style vocals. [185]
Scanner Germany 1986–present Known for early forms of science-fiction based power metal. [186]
Scorpions Germany 1965–present One of the best selling heavy metal bands of all time, influencing many of the 1980s subgenres including power metal. [2]
Secret Sphere Italy 1997–present Italian symphonic power metal band brought together by guitarist Aldo Lonobile. [5]: 395 
Seraphim Taiwan 2001–present Female-fronted power metal band from Taiwan. Their debut album was originally recorded in Chinese, later in English. [5]: 396 
Serenity Austria 2001−present Started as power metal then gravitated towards a more pure symphonic metal. [187]
Seven Kingdoms United States 2007–present A mix of European power metal and thrash. [188]
Seventh Avenue Germany 1989 - 2012 Traditional metal from a Christian band, melodic inclinations. [5]: 396 
Seventh Wonder Sweden 2000–present Progressive power metal with overarching story-based concept albums. [189]
Seven Thorns Denmark 1998-2005; 2007−present A mix of Scandinavian and German power metal with neoclassical influences [190]
Seven Witches United States 1998–present Composed of members of Symphony X, Savatage, and Helstar. [191]
Shadowkeep England 1999–present One of the small amount of late 90s power metal bands to become prominent quickly. [5]: 398 [192]
Shadowside Brazil 2001–present Band with female vocals from Brazil drawing from influences of Thrash metal and Hard rock. [193]
Shaman Brazil 2000–present A successful spinoff of the largely popular Brazilian power metal band Angra. [5]: 400 
Silent Force Germany 1999–present Formed by D. C. Cooper of Royal Hunt. [5]: 402 
Sinergy Finland 1997–2004 Features strong female vocalist Kimberly Goss who has a deeper vocal range than normal. [194]
Six Magics Chile 1996–present Band known for leading the Chilean Metal scene. [5]: 408 
Skull & Bones Argentina 2011−present Pirate styled power metal. [195]
Sonata Arctica Finland 1995−present One of the most successful power metal groups of post 1990s. Known for their usage of keys and tenor/falsetto vocals, as well as emotional themes and wide-ranging style. [196]
Steel Attack Sweden 1997–present Evolved from typical power metal medieval themes to more mature, mystical themes, including religion. [5]: 414 
Steel Prophet United States 1984–present After ten years from their previous album, the band released new work in 2014. [197]
Stormwarrior Germany 1998–present Their debut album was produced by members of Gamma Ray. [5]: 420 
Stratovarius Finland 1984–present Considered one of the leading groups of the power metal and symphonic metal genre. [55]
Sunrise Ukraine 2003–present One of the most famous power metal bands from Ukraine. [198]
Symfonia Finland 2010–2011 Short-lived band formed by well-known Finnish power metal musicians as a new project. [199]
Symphony X United States 1994–present Popularized the mixing of progressive metal sounds with power metal themes, influenced by pure progressive bands such as Dream Theater. [200]
Symphorce Germany 1998–2011 Symphonic power metal band upheld by vocalist Andy B. Franck. [5]: 431 


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Tad Morose Sweden 1991–present Swedish power metal band with steadily growing support from European countries. [5]: 432 
Taramis Australia 1983–1993 Technical instrumentation style, originally the band was called Prowler. [5]: 433 
Tarantula Portugal 1981–present Classical and symphonic focusing on dark and epic themes. [201]
Tarot Finland 1984–present Frontman Marko Hietala was considered as the next-in-line for vocalist of Iron Maiden. [5]: 434 
Theocracy United States 2002–present Originally a one-man project, the band mixes heavier power metal style with progressive metal. [55]
Thunderstone Finland 2000–present Created by ex-Antidote guitarist Nino Laurenne. [202]
Thy Majestie Italy 1999–present Symphonic power metal with a darker tone than the norm. [203]
Tierra Santa Spain 1997–2008, 2010–present Epic power metal, supported Dio in Spanish tours in the 90s. [5]: 439 
Time Requiem Sweden 2001–present Created by Richard Andersson after he felt his previous project, Majestic had come to and end. [204]
Timeless Miracle Sweden 1995, 2001–2008,


Originally named Trapped. Trapped was a traditional heavy metal band, whose sound evolved to become the melodies-driven power metal with influences of the classical and folk music; the lyrics are inspired by the horror movies and the Nordic tales. [205]
Trauma United States 1981–1985, 2011–present Known for being the original band of Cliff Burton, the original bassist of Metallica. [206]
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody Italy 2018-present Created by former Rhapsody of Fire members Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione. Prior to the band's formation, the same lineup performed under the Rhapsody moniker for the 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour, which celebrated 20 years of the original band's existence. [207]
Twilight Force Sweden 2011–present Known for heavy usage of symphonic elements and writing announcements in fantasy-style text. [208]
Twilightning Finland 1998–2009 Split up after the band's sound slowly shifted from power metal to a more 1980s rock sound. [209]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
U.D.O. Germany 1987–present Traditional heavy metal founded by vocalist Udo Dirkschneider of veteran metal band Accept. [5]: 451 
Unisonic Germany 2009–present A supergroup formed by former Helloween singer Michael Kiske and Gamma Ray leader Kai Hansen. [210]
Unleash the Archers Canada 2007–present A modern melodic death/power metal band with a female vocalist from British Columbia. [211]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Van Canto Germany 2006–present An a cappella group employing a drummer, they sing what they call "hero metal a capella". [212]
Vanishing Point Australia 1995–present Symphonic and progressive with power metal influence. [213]
Versailles Japan 2007–2012, 2015–present This Symphonic Power Metal band's concept is "the absolute youshikibi (beauty of form) sound and extremes of aestheticism". [214]
Viathyn Canada 2006–present Progressive/power with a natural folkish feel likenable to Falconer. Themes of existentialism, storytelling, and natural beauty. [215]
Vicious Rumors United States 1979–present Recognized for their guitar works and harmonies, as well as the variety of their music [216]
Viper Brazil 1985–1996, 2004–2009, 2012–present Heavily European-influenced speed metal style act which started in 1985. [5]: 465 
Virgin Steele United States 1981–present In recent years, they have enriched their sound with elements of musical theatre, metal and symphonic metal. [217]
Vision Divine Italy 1998–present Power/progressive style. [5]: 470 
Visions of Atlantis Austria 2000–present Their equal combination of male and female vocals distinguishes the band and is reminiscent of bands such as Lacuna Coil. [218]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
WarCry Spain 2001–present One of Spain's most famous metal acts. [219]
Warmen Finland 1999–present Brainchild of the keyboardist of Children of Bodom Janne Wirman. [220]
Warrior United States 1983–present One of the earlier US acts that developed a power metal style. [5]: 476 
White Skull Italy 1988–present Retro-style female-fronted Italian act. [5]: 476 
Wisdom Hungary 2001–2018 The band has a mascot "Wiseman" whom stories they often told over their songs. [211]
Wizard Germany 1989–present The band was often called "Germany's answer to Manowar". [221]
Winter's Bane United States 1990–present Tim "Ripper" Owens's first successful act prior to joining Judas Priest or Iced Earth. [5]: 486 
Wintersun Finland 2003–present Wintersun contains elements of melodic death metal, and was formed as a side project to Ensiferum. [222][223]
Winter's Verge Cyprus 2004–present Songs often have pirate themes and local character. Pioneers of the modern Cyprus metal stage. [224]
Wuthering Heights Denmark 1989–present Songs often feature traditional folk instruments such as bagpipes, violins, and flutes. [225]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
X Japan Japan 1982–1997, 2007–present Pioneers of the Japanese heavy metal movement promoting a shift towards western glam style. [226]


Yngwie Malmsteen performing in Barcelona
Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Yngwie Malmsteen Sweden 1978–present The virtuosity of his guitar work in any lineup aided the development of neoclassical metal. [227]


Name Origin Years active Brief summary Note
Zonata Sweden 1998–2003 Known for heavy classical influences on both guitar and keyboard parts. [228]

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