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What's Your Number? Soundtrack

What's Your Number? Soundtrack

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Ally rushes to work on the subway & then runs while eating.
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Ally with her friends in the club playing the game.
Ally has a flash back to when her & "Discusting Donald" were both overweight and dancing in their kitchen.
Ally toasts to making Number 20 be her husband, then proceeds to get drunk and dance on the bar.
Ally sits down with a glass of wine at her computer & attempts to Google her exes.
Montage of dates that Ally has with Jake, then Ally in her apartment with Colin on the roof, drinking a beer & playing his guitar. Ends with Ally & Collin both leaving to go to their weddings.
Collin sings & plays his guitar while Ally dances.
Ally races from wedding to wedding looking for Collin in a car & then on a bicycle.
Ending Credits: 1st song
Ending Credits: 1st song
Daisy & Eddie say their vows & then kiss.
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The girls shop for Daisy’s wedding dress.
Simon and Ally shooting darts as she does her “Eliza Doolittle” accent.
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Ally and Colin at the sandwich shop as they discuss the plan to track down her exes.
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Ally & Colin play "strip HORSE" at The Garden.
Ally and Colin kiss and before they have sex, Ally says she needs to slow down.
Montage of Ally & Jake each getting ready for their big date.
Ally gets a red & revealing dress for the party.
Ally and Colin eat pizza on the roof, when they discuss Jay from Turquoise, Barrett Ingold in Miami, the Mountain Man in Denver and Gerry Perry.
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Flashback to Ally hooking up with Dave Hansen, the magician bartender.
The song Collin & his band are performing for a wedding when Ally finally finds him. She gets on stage and begins back up singing, trying to get Collin to talk to her.
Wedding scene
What's the first song in the closing credits?
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What are the songs(music only) after the first closing credits..it was also used when Ally wakes up to find Collin on her sofa?
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