Break time at Nursery


The curriculum taught at Wetherby is broad, balanced, engaging and challenging. We regard the acquisition of traditional skills of reading, writing and numeracy as vital to the boys’ future learning and plan the teaching programme carefully for continuity and progression. All boys are working to the very best of their ability and having fun whilst doing so remains our core principal.

The foundations for future learning are set in the Reception year (or Little Wetherby, for those boys who join us at nursery level) through both structured and child initiated activities. As children progress through the school we focus increasingly on academic skills, aiming to expose them to as many learning and developmental opportunities as possible and to thoroughly prepare them for their respective entrance examinations at 7+ or 8+.

The boys follow our own dynamic curriculum in mathematics, English, science, integrated curriculum, and Religious Education (RE). They are also taught reasoning, Learning for Life (PSHEE), French, music, drama, art, design and technology, computing and physical education (gym, swimming, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, and swimming) as part of a holistic curriculum. Specialist teachers are employed to teach French, music, drama, art, computing and physical education.

We take into account the ability of every boy in order to ensure that each is challenged and their talents fostered in order to build their future education. Through a range of assessment practices, we gather information that is sufficiently comprehensive to enable the progress and achievement of the boys to be evaluated and next steps to be ascertained.

Opportunities are given for the boys to learn cooperatively, to develop respect for others and a very strong emphasis is given to the pastoral care and development of the boys. Learning for Life is an important part of our curriculum; this ensures that our boys leave us as confident, happy and resilient individuals which we believe is as essential as their academic success.