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🏛 | "Nazi salute" style pose at the speech?Pointed out in the posted video, constitutional candidate apologizes "inappropriate behavior"


"Nazi salute" style pose at the speech?Pointed out in the posted video, constitutional candidate apologizes "inappropriate behavior"

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After Mr. Sakurai's post, it has been pointed out on Twitter that the pose of pushing his right hand diagonally upward to the right is similar to the gesture "Nazi salute" in honor of President Adolf Hitler under the Nazi German administration. is.

The Constitutional Democratic Party, Sakurai, who is scheduled to run for the House of Representatives election (announced on October 2021, 10, vote counting on October 19) from the 31th district of Hyogo ... → Continue reading

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Nazi salute

Nazi salute(Nazi salute) orHitler salute(alone: Hitler gruß ),German salute(alone: Deutscher Gruß) IsNational Socialist German Labor Party(Nazi Party)Nazi GermanyAdopted bysalute.

In generalAncient romeIs recognized as being done inRoman saluteIn the 20th centuryイタリアBenito MussoliniResurrected[1]And moreGermanyAdopted by the Nazis[2]..In Japan, it is often called "Nazi salute"[3].. Also known as "fascist salute".


直立の姿勢で右手をピンと張り、一旦左胸の位置で水平に構えてから、掌を下に向けた状態で腕を斜め上に突き出すgestureSalute by[4]..Normally"Heil Hitler"(alone: Heil hitler, Hitler hurray) or "Sieg Heil"(alone: Sieg Heil, Victory hurray).this isHitlerHitler himself, who means power, concentration, and loyalty to the salute, is the only one to receive this salute with a gesture of raising his hand (same as expressing his support or asking for permission to speak). answer.It was obligatory for anyone other than Hitler to respond with the same salute.

It should be noted that the anti-Hitler faction who separated from HitlerStrasserLeadRevolutionary NazisIn the case of "Hail Deutschland" in a similar style (alone: Heil Deutschland, Hurray Germany).

Originally established as an organization within the Nazi PartyAssault corps,GuardsUsed as an official salute inDefense ForceBut on July 1944, 7Hitler's assassination attemptSince then, this salute has come to be required instead of the conventional general salute of raising hands.

Second World WarAfterGermanyThen, the Nazi salute is regarded as "Nazi praise / praise".VolksverhetzungWill be subject to arrest and punishment.オーストリアBut there is a similar law, which is subject to crackdown. In 2006, several Santa Claus dolls listed in the sky instead of diagonally above the right hand on the Christmas display of the store in Germany were removed as a problem as a Nazi salute.[5].. May 2014, American detergent manufacturerP & GThe "88" written on the laundry detergent released in Germany is said to imply "Hail Hitler", and the shipment is suspended, including another product with "18" written on it, which is said to imply Adolf Hitler's full spelling. It became. In July 2015, in AustrianumberIt was forbidden to use the three of 1, 8 and 19 and it was decided to be a missing number (because it hits A, H and S respectively. 1919 = SS stands for Guard)[6].

Foreign tourists visiting Germany are no exception to the punishment, and in August 2017, a Chinese who visited the Federal Capitol was detained by the police for a Nazi salute, and each was fined 8 euros. It has been imposed.There are also cases where a drunk American, who is not a police officer, is assaulted by someone after a Nazi salute at a bar.[7].

today,Neo NaziAvoid doing this salute to avoid being caught, and a bold salute (Kühnengruß) Is often performed by bending the elbow, raising the right hand to shoulder height, and raising only the thumb, index finger, and middle finger.initiallyoathRaised hands for[8]However, it came to have the meaning of swearing allegiance to Hitler.

In modern Germany, when students raise their hands at school, it is common to extend only the index finger so that it does not look like a Nazi salute.[9].

As a jargon 88 Also known as (achtundachtzig).This is because H is the 8th in the alphabet Heil HIt means itler.

Similar example

Nazi saluteRoman saluteAnd similar gestures to the United StatesBellamy saluteand so on.

German Communist PartyThe member shouts "" Heil Moskau! "" And raises the fist of his right hand.saluteWas done.The only difference from the Nazi salute was whether to open or close the palm (fist).[10].

Middle EastIn the Palestinian asylum in Nazi GermanyArab nationalismA personAmin al-HusinyHas a strong influence[Source required], Palestinian police and(I.e.Army,Lebanon OfShiiteArmed organizationHezbollahIs performing a Nazi salute.

イタリアSoccer playerPaolo Di CanioWas often accused of performing Nazi salutes during the match, but in ancient timesRoman saluteClaims[11].スイスThere is a federal Supreme Court case that "Hitler salutes are not guilty unless for promotional purposes."[12].

Still moreJapanThen.high school baseballPlayer oath inNational Athletic MeetSimilar gestures are used in courtesy of athletes marching in Tokyo, and discussions arose at the 2007th Citizens' Athletic Meet held in Tokyo in 50.[13].


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