Prague: The Most Beautiful City There Ever Was…

Praha, the most majestic City I’ve ever seen is famous worldwide for its cobbled streets, Jewish quarter, cheap beer & endless beautiful things to go and see. If I received a Czech Koruna for every time a tourist lost their shit over how beautiful something is then I would happily be eating an unlimited supply of goulash accompanied with a beer or two for the rest of my life.

The few days that I spent in Prague were absolutely magical. I thought that after the time that I spent falling in love with Madrid that my heart would always belong there… but now I’m not sure. Prague definitely has a strong chance of winning in a tug of war if Madrid and Prague were ever to battle it out over my heart. I guess I’ll just have to go back to both cities before the verdict comes in.

The Journey…

After three years of not seeing each other due to never being in the same Country at the same time, Six year gap year and I decided to go on a trip together for our catch up rather then heading for a normal visit.

We met at Stansted airport and had the bestest cuddle in the world before heading inside to grab a quick drink and catch our flight, because holiday mode. We booked a Ryanair flight about 3 weeks before departure which set us back £42.99.

Where to stay…

After a small bit of kafuffle over the buses, and then a bit of advice from another traveller on validating our tickets we managed to make it to our Hostel.

We stayed in a newly opened Hostel in the City Centre called Hostel Ananas. This was the cheapest, most centrally located Hostel that we could find and I am really happy that we stayed there.

hostel ananas

Image taken from Hostel World.

Reasons to stay in this Hostel…

  • Super friendly staff who are more than happy to help with queries.
  • The price is ridiculously good when you’re on a budget.
  • Central location.
  • Everything is nice and clean which can sometimes be hard to come by in Hostels.

Negatives that you should bear in mind before booking…

  • Bizarrely open shower situation. The shower screen is clear and so if you are showering at a popular time then people are bound to walk in and see everything.
  • I’m sure this is not always the case – but the aircon wasn’t working and the windows were bolted shut and so the evenings were a hot & sweaty mess.
  • It wasn’t a problem for me as I got on amazingly with everyone in my Hostel room, but there weren’t any lockers in my room. However, they do have small ones available downstairs.

For me the pro’s definitely outweighed the cons so if you want to crash at this hostel too then you can check them out on Hostel world! 

We arrived at our Hostel a little before midnight and went out to grab a street hot dog and have a quick wander before heading back to our room to get a good nights sleep ready for a big day of sightseeing.

Soon after, the best bunch of people I’ve ever shared a dorm room with strolled in the door. There were three American dudes, 2 Finnish guys & the sweetest, loveliest girl from Hong Kong! Unfortunately the Finnish guys and 2 of the American guys had to leave day 2 of our stay but we got to spend the rest of the time with the other two.


Myself, Six year gap year and our amazing hostel besties!

A walking tour led by Six year gap year… 

The Prague that I met and began to fall in love with insists that you avoid public transport at much as humanly possible and wander everywhere by foot. My clever and organised friend had pinned a load of stuff that we wanted to go and see onto a google map which she had saved to use offline for easy navigating. So we said absolutely nah to the walking tours with big groups of people and set off on our own.

I was surprised at how easy it was to navigate around the city to all of the sites with a little help from Josie and google maps. If you don’t have yourself a Josie then sort out the google maps thing and you’ll be fine.


Here is a tourist map showing all of the main spots to go and see. Don’t be fooled by how many of them there are dotted around into thinking this will take you forever to do as we did them all in a day.

Our first stop was Prague Old Town

Highlights here include…

  • The Astronomical Clock
  • The Town Hall with Catacombs underneath
  • Street performers & the general atmosphere

old town 7

 old town 5

old town 6

Our second stop was at the Jewish Quarter…

Highlights include:

  • The Old New Synagogue
  • The Jewish Graveyard
  • The small streets where old sits next to new in terms of architecture
  • Perusing the quirky stalls

Jewish old town 1  jewish old town 3

jewish old town 4

jewish old town 5

Our third stop was to the Rudolfinum…

Highlights include:

  •  The potential to accidentally gatecrash a film set
  • How busy and happy everything is

rudolfinum 1

rudolfinum 2

Film set

 Now if you cross over Maines Bridge…

manes bridge

manes bridge 2

And stop halfway up to the castle then you get to look at a viewpoint like this…

viewpoint 1

And don’t forget to eat one of these delicious potato things on the way up…


Next stop was the ‘Castle’.

This could have been one of the biggest disappointments in the trip if it wasn’t for the amazing Cathedral that was in the Castle’s complex. When someone tells you about a Castle in Prague, don’t listen.

There is no Castle.

The Castle is lies.    

There is a Castle complex.

Not a Castle.

Not bitter though…

Highlights include:

  • St Vitus Cathedral
  • The scenic views of Prague
  • Paintings everywhere on the walk up
  • Golden Gate Lane

cathedral 1
cathedral 3

Next stop was the Monastery and then a well deserved beer break to take in the views before heading to the Petrin Tower for what was sold to us as the best viewpoint of Prague… even with the aching legs I definitely wasn’t disappointed…

viewpoint 2

viewpoint 3

From here you can take a wander around the surrounding area, visit the most disappointing mirror maze on earth & soak in the vibes in the park.

mirror maze

Our next stop was to my favourite part of Prague that I saw which was the John Lennon wall.

john lennon wall

john lennon wall 2

john lennon wall 3

Filled with a street performer, graffiti artists & vibrant colours. Just round the corner from here is a John Lennon themed pub too

 john lennon pub 2

 john lennon pub 1

Next was the Charles Bridge...

charles bridge 2

charles bridge 3
charles bridge 6

charles bridge 7  charles bridge

 Other things to do aside from walking…

  • Take a boat tour. It’s great to see Prague by water, we had a really informative guide who filled us in on all the things we missed by doing our own walking tour and you get a free beer & snacks too!
  • Eat Goulash at every given opportunity
  • Drink cheap beer at every given opportunity
  • Have a free try of a Segway, so fun and you don’t have to say yes to paying for the tour
  • Listen to all of the amazing street performers in Prague Old Town
  • Go to Harley’s Bar for drinks, rock music and general good drunken vibes
  • Eat in a restaurant along the waterside for dinner… it’s so beautiful at Sunset

Got a little bit more time on your hands in Prague? Then take a day trip to Kutna Hora which is famous for it’s bone Church, Sedlec Ossuary, containing 40,000-70,000 bones.

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