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Was Albany NY ever the US capital?


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Yes, Albany was the site of Congress in 1754 from June, 19 to July, 11. Other cities to have once hosted Congress are: New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; Lancaster, PA; York, PA; Princeton, NJ; Annapolis, MD; Trenton, NJ; Leesburg, VA; and of course, Washington D.C.


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The capital of the State of New York, USA is Albany, NY.

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Los Angeles. Montpelier (VT), Albany (NY), and Austin (TX) are state capitals, and Washington DC is the US capital.

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NYC was the capital of the US from 1785-1790. Unless you mean where have all the state capitals been in NY? Albany, NYC was prior to 1797.

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No, Albany was not the capitol of the US. It was Harrisburg Pennsylvania; established in 1787. However, the capital is no longer Harrisburg, but Philidelphia. The official U.S. capital is Washington D.C.

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Before Albany was made the capital of the US state of New York, other cities used as the capital were Hurley,Kingston and New York City.

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