European History Facts You Didn't Know
Friday, September 17, 2021

Fun Facts

The character of Dracula is based off of the infamous ruler, Vlad the Impaler, whose full name was Vlad III Dracula. Elizabeth I used to reward British pirates who ransacked Spanish ships with titles or wealth, which spawned the concept of "privateers." Charles II of Spain, from the inbred Hapsburg line, had so many physical deformities that he was unable to speak or eat without difficulty. He was also infertile, and the last of his family because of it. "Mary Had a Little Lamb" was based on a real girl whose lamb followed her to school. Her name was Mary Sawyer. Potatoes were introduced to Ireland in the 1500s after they were discovered by Spanish colonizers of South America. The last recorded military longbow casualty came in 1940 at the hands of the aptly-named Lieutenant Colonel "Mad Jack" Churchill.

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