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Viacom Productions
FormerlyViacom Enterprises
Founded1974; 47 years ago (1974)
Defunct2004; 17 years ago (2004)
FateFolded into Paramount Network Television
SuccessorParamount Television (2004–2006)
CBS Paramount Television (2006–2009)
CBS Television Studios (2009–2020)
CBS Studios (2020-present)
United States
ProductsTelevision Production
OwnerViacom International (1974–2004)
ParentViacom Enterprises (1974–1995)
Paramount Network Television (1995–2004)

Viacom Productions (formerly Viacom Enterprises) was a television production arm of Viacom International. The division was active from 1974 until 2004, when the company was folded into Paramount Network Television 10 years following Viacom's acquisition of Paramount Pictures.

Viacom Pictures[edit]

From 1991 to 1995, Viacom Productions produced some theatrical films and television films under the brand Viacom Pictures. Viacom Pictures' notable films include Taking the Heat, Scam, Keeper of the City, The Fear Inside, Nails, Payoff, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, White Mile, among others. Viacom Pictures was shut down a year after its parent acquired Paramount Communications, the owners of Paramount Pictures.

Shows produced by Viacom Productions[edit]

Among select titles
Title Years Network Notes
The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle 1979–1981 CBS co-production with Filmation
The Devlin Connection 1982 NBC
Amanda's 1983 ABC
The Master 1984 NBC
Easy Street 1986–1987 NBC
Matlock 1986–1995 NBC/ABC co-produced by The Fred Silverman Company (Intermedia Entertainment Company in season 1) and Dean Hargrove Productions (Strathmore Productions in seasons 1–2), (season 9 only)
Frank's Place 1987–1988 CBS
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures 1987–1988 CBS co-production with Bakshi-Hyde Ventures
Jake and the Fatman 1987–1992 CBS co-produced by The Fred Siverman Company and Dean Hargrove Productions (Strathmore Productions in season 1)
Father Dowling Mysteries 1987–1991 NBC/ABC co-produced by The Fred Silverman Company and Dean Hargrove Productions
Flying Blind 1992–1993 Fox
Key West 1993 Fox
Diagnosis: Murder 1993–2001 CBS co-produced by The Fred Silverman Company and Dean Hargrove Productions
Deadly Games 1995–1997 UPN
Townies 1996 ABC
The Adventures of Corduroy 1996–1997 co-produced by Graz Entertainment home video only
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 1996–2003 ABC/The WB co-produced by Archie Comics, Hartbreak Films, and Finishing the Hat Productions (for season 1 only)
The Hoop Life 1999–2000 Showtime
The Beat 2000 UPN
Ed 2000–2004 NBC co-produced with NBC Productions and Worldwide Pants
The Division 2001–2004 Lifetime co-produced by Kedzie Productions
Baby Bob 2002–2003 CBS
Jake 2.0 2003–2004 UPN
The 4400 2004–2007 USA Network season 2 by Paramount Network Television, last 2 seasons by CBS Paramount Network Television


The 4400 continued as a Paramount Network Television production for season 2. The show became a CBS Paramount Network Television production for its last two seasons after the Viacom/CBS split at the end of 2005.

All shows from Viacom Productions are now owned by CBS Studios Productions, LLC., a holding company, and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

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