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Vasili, Vasily, Vasilii or Vasiliy (Russian: Василий) is a Russian masculine given name of Greek origin and corresponds to Basil. It may refer to:

Fictional characters

See also[edit]

  • Wassily Chair, 1920s furniture, named after Wassily Kandinsky (Vasily Kandinsky)
  • Vasilyev, surname
  • Vasyl, (Ukrainian: Василь), Ukrainian masculine given name
  • Vasiĺ [be-tarask] (Belarusian: Васіль), Belarusian masculine given name
  • Vasil (Bulgarian and Macedonian: Васил, Georgian: ვასილ), Bulgarian, Macedonian and Georgian masculine given name
  • Vasilj (given name) [sr] (Serbian Cyrillic: Васиљ), Serbian masculine given name