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Up All Night Ma'am'd
dalydj-918-25517527 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Reagan goes into get some coffee and starts to act like a young person but then when she falls she is called a "Mame" because she was thought off as old. Reagan try's flirt with Chris by putting on just his jersey even showing him her area, he still did not say anything. Reagan goes to hang out with Ava and Walter to talk about her problems. They see that someone's name online is FUAva because she does not even know her neighbours. Reagan tells Chris he must go a week without making a video which he does. Reagan goes to the dentist and he likes her teeth very much even though she calls them old. Ava and Walter go to the neighbourhood meeting. She goes to the meeting and sees that everyone does not like her. She volunteers to do a Halloween haunted house to make up for everyone not liking her. When Reagan is told some of her teeth will be taken out she does it in the next week. Reagan tells Chris that her dentist finds her attractive so when Chris actually meets him he is just making jokes about how he really does not. When Chris is filming someone else's child he breaks his phone. Chris goes to collect Reagan at the dentist's office and he can barely understand what she says. Scott brings some more items for the haunted house and Walter/Ava try out some horror trick on him which don't seem to work. Reagan sees some of the video Chris did and it shows him staring at her butt which makes her happy. Ava's haunted house went to far scaring everyone in the neighbourhood, it even scares Parents to shut it down. Chris at the end makes a sweet video in tribute to Reagan's behind. I'm really liking the chemistry Maya and Sean are having as these two characters in a love hate relationship.

EPISODE GRADE: B (MVP: Maya Rudolph)
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