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The Affiliated Charter is the community program at Uni. This includes our Honors Program (formerly our School for Advanced Studies), our Communication Arts Academy, and more!

Please note that the affiliated charter does not have a transportation program.

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How to Apply

Residents: Residents have guaranteed admission into our affiliated charter. Please click on the Apply here button below to start that application process. If you are unsure whether we are your residential school, use the Residential School Map below.

Apply Here

To verify Resident School, Click on the Residence Map linked here

Non - Residents: Non-residents must apply through Unified Enrollment. Depending on the number of openings and the number of seats, a lottery will determine admission.

Once in the Unified Enrollment select the Affiliate Charter Icon.

Unified Enrollment Website

Honors Program: If you are a Non-resident and interested in Uni’s Honors Program, please fill out the interest FORM in addition to completing the LAUSD eChoices application.


University High School's Math, Art, Science, and Technology Magnet is a separate school within the University High School Charter Campus. Students in the MAST Magnet benefit from being in a smaller, theme-focused community, while having the opportunities and resources of a larger school. 

Students in the magnet who live more than 5 miles away from Uni may be eligible for transportation. Review The E-Choices information here 

How to Apply

Both residents and non-residents: To apply to our MAST Magnet, everyone must apply through LAUSD's  Unified Enrollment. The number of openings and seats available will determine how our list of eligible students is put together by LAUSD. You must live within LAUSD boundaries to apply to any magnet program.

Once in the Unified Enrollment select the Magnet Programs Icon.

Unified Enrollment Website