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The University of St Andrews is Scotland's first university, founded in 1413. Like the University, its Museums are rooted in and draw inspiration from this 600-year history of research and teaching, and the pursuit of knowledge for the common good.

The Museums' collections are of national and international interest and importance and consist of around 115,000 artefacts and specimens.

Museum collections are featured at the Wardlaw Museum and the Bell Pettigrew Museum, stored and studied in a dedicated Collections Centre, displayed across the University campus, and lent for exhibition nationally and internationally.

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Come and view the University of St Andrews Covid Canvas painted by students, staff and members of the local community

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Visitors will be able to view the First Women: Portraits of Inspirational Women by Anita Corbin from 13 November to 8 January 2022

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Curious? Our Podcast series The Curiosity Conversation speaks with a different expert every month to explore the world through the ground-breaking or contested aspects of the stories museums tell.

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