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LMU degree programs combine learning, creativity and access to the latest research. From Ancient History to Veterinary Medicine, the University's academic portfolio spans a multitude of knowledge fields.

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LMU doesn't disappoint. On top of studying, there's a variety of stimulating academic opportunities on offer — and all this in the heart of the beautiful city of Munich. Immerse yourself in our diverse community, and a world of intellectual and professional opportunities will open up to you.

Which degree program is right for me?

Study, for sure! But what?

What does studying History involve? What do I need to know before applying for the Biology degree program? At LMU, students are able to sample degree programs before committing and taking their final school exams.

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Studying at LMU

LMU not only offers an extensive range of subjects but here you learn from world-class academics at Germany’s most renowned university. Study in the heart of Munich and gain essential practical experience as you go.

What to do at LMU – in 60 seconds

Ein Student feiert seinen Abschluss am Brunnen vor der Universität mit einer Sektflasche

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