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TRUST ME is a horror movie about a woman who follows her boyfriend into the woods for a romantic surprise only to find something far more sinister: the legend of The Goatman.

Inspired by witness accounts, TRUST ME is an atmospheric horror movie featuring a new breed of monster - one that fuels our paranoia and forces us to ask: who... or what... can we trust?


Who Is The Goatman?


TRUST ME was born out of our fascination with the legend of The Goatman, whose stories span hundreds of years around the world. Some stories tell of a strange physical entity lurking in the woods. Others tell of a thing that mimics people you know, posing as your friends or family to confuse and... terrorize.

This film was made to honor all of the witness accounts by bringing their visceral fear to the silver screen - and to you.

As JAWS made us afraid to go in the water, TRUST ME was produced to make you think twice about going into the woods - not because The Goatman will eat you - but because it will become you.

In TRUST ME, we're excited to introduce The Goatman as the next great horror villain with a frightening new vision: following an ordinary couple as they cross an unseen boundary between the real and the surreal, getting lost in a nightmarish corner of the woods where nothing can be trusted... the home of The Goatman. 




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