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Birthdates which occurred on October 04:

1289 Louis X (the Stubborn) king of France (1314-16)
1626 Richard Cromwell lord protector of England (1658-59)
1822 Rutherford B Hayes (R) 19th pres (1877-81)
1850 John W McGraw (Gov-R-Wash) (1893-97)
1860 Sidney Paget illustrated Sherlock Holmes adventures
1861 Frederic Remington US, artist/sculptor of the American West
1880 Damon Runyon writer (Guys & Dolls-based on his work)
1889 John B Kelly Olympic champion rower/father of Grace Kelly
1892 Engelbert Dollfuss Austrian Fascist chancellor killed by Nazis
1894 Cliff Hall Brooklyn NY, actor (Crime Photographer)
1895 Buster Keaton actor (The Navigator, Steamboat Bill, Jr)
19-- Bill Fagerbakke actor (Dauber Dybinski-Coach)
19-- Brynn Thayer actress (One Life to Live)
19-- Christopher Stone Manchester NH, actor (Dave-Dallas, The Interns)
19-- Eric Kilpatrick St Louis Mo, actor (Curtis-White Shadow)
19-- Mary Lynn Blanks actress (As the World Turns)
19-- Meg Bennett actress (Young & Restless)
1917 Jan Murray Bronx NY, comedian (Treasure Hunt, Who Killed Teddy Bear)
1922 Malcolm Baldrige Conn, US Secretary of Commerce (1981-87)
1923 Charlton Heston actor (10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes)
1929 Leroy Van Dyke Spring Fork Mo, country singer (Walk on By)
1931 Dick Tracy comic strip crimestopper
1932 Felicia Farr Westchester NY, actress (Charley Varrick, Kotch)
1934 Sam Huff NFL linebacker (NY Giants, Washington Redskins)
1935 Eddie Applegate Wyncote Pa, actor (Richard-Patty Duke Show)
1941 Jackie Collins London, author (Bitch, Stud)
1941 Lori Saunders Kansas City Mo (Petticoat Junction, Dusty Trails)
1943 Buddy Roemer (Gov-D-La)
1943 Owen Keir Davidson Australia, 4 time Wimbledon mix double champ
1944 Patti LaBelle singer (LaBelles-Lady Marmalade)
1945 Clifton Davis Chicago Ill, actor/singer (That's My Mama, Amen)
1946 Susan Sarandon [Tomaling], Jackson Hgts NY, actress (Bull Durham)
1949 Armand Assante NYC, actor (Private Benjamin, Unfaithfully Yours)
1960 Jennifer Anglin Adrian Mich, actress (Cheryl-General Hospital)
1961 David W Harper Abilene Tx, actor (Jim Bob-Waltons)
1989 Dakota Johnson son of Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson

Deaths which occurred on October 04:

1904 Frederic Auguste Bertholdi French sculptor ("Statue of Liberty")
1962 John Lowry Mount Vernon NY, NYC builder, dies at 79
1966 Sherman Billingsley talk show host (Stork Club), dies at 66
1970 Janis Joplin rock singer, dies at 27
1972 Colin Gordon actor (John-The Baron), dies at 61
1976 Alexander Gray singer (This is Music), dies at 74
1991 Leonard C Odell wrote 7,000 Burma Shave poems, dies at 83


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On this day...

1582 Last day of the Julian calendar in Italy, many Catholic countries
1636 1st code of law for Plymouth Colony
1648 Peter Stuyvesant establishes Americas 1st volunteer firemen
1777 Battle of Germantown
1824 Mexico becomes a republic
1830 Provisional government declares secession of Belgium from Netherlands
1862 Battle of Corinth ends
1864 National black convention meets (Syracuse NY)
1864 New Orleans Tribune, first black daily newspaper, forms
1883 Orient Express' 1st run, linking Turkey to Europe by rail
1900 Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "The Problem of Thor Bridge" (BG)
1901 Columbia (US) beats Shamrock II (England) in 12th America's Cup
1906 Chicago Cubs win their 116th game (116-36) of the year
1910 Portugal becomes a republic, King Manuel II flees to England
1912 Nicaraguan Gen Zeledon, opponent of US occupation, is executed
1913 Freddy Wilson of Regina Roughriders kicks 10 singles in a game
1916 Market Street's "Path of Gold" lit for 1st time
1923 Young Stribling held light-heavyweight boxing championship for the shortest amount of time (3 hrs). Referee overturns the decision
1924 NY Giants become 1st team to appear in 4 consecutive World Series (World Series #21)
1926 Dahlia is officially designated as SF city flower
1928 25th World Series begins, NY Yankees vs St Louis Cardinals
1931 The comic strip Dick Tracy by Chester Gould debuts
1940 Adolph Hitler & Benito Mussolini confer at Brenner Pass in the Alps
1940 Wrestling returns to Madison Sq Garden after 12 year lay off
1944 The St Louis World Series-Cards vs Browns - St Louis Browns win 1st World Series game in their only appearance (World Series #41)
1948 Indians beat Red Sox, 8-0, in 1st AL playoff game
1949 American Contract Bridge League votes 58% to keep blacks out
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers only World Series victory, beating Yankees in 7 (World Series #52)
1955 Rev Sun Young Moon leaves prison in Seoul
1957 "Leave It to Beaver," debuts on CBS
1957 USSR launches Sputnik I, the 1st artificial Earth satellite
1958 5th French republic established
1958 Transatlantic coml jet passenger service began (BOAC)
1959 1st world series (World Series #56) game played west of St Louis (in LA)
1959 USSR Luna 3 sent back 1st photos of Moon's far side
1960 Courier 1B Launched; 1st active repeater satellite in orbit
1962 USAF Maj Robert A Rushworth takes X-15 to 32,300 m
1962 Whitey Ford's world series 33 2/3 scoreless inning streak ends World Series #59)
1963 Gambia achieves full internal self-government
1964 3 cars of a commuter train derail in South Africa killing 81
1964 Patriots' Gino Cappelletti kicks 6-of-6 field goals against Broncos
1964 St Louis Cards clinch NL pennant
1965 Pope Paul VI becomes 1st Pope to visit Western Hemisphere (UN)
1965 USSR launches Luna 7; crash lands on Moon
1966 Lesotho (Basutoland) gains independence from Britain (National Day)
1967 1st World Series since 1948 not to feature Yanks, Giants or Dodgers (World Series #64)
1969 UN starts issuing postage stamps at Geneva headquarters
1969 Baseball's 1st divisional playoff games, Mets beat Braves 9-5 & Orioles beat Twins 4-3 in 12 innings
1970 Jan Stenerud of Kansas City Chiefs kicks 55-yard field goal
1970 Herbert Schmidtz makes highest parachute jump from a tower by leaping from a 1,984 ft TV mast in Tulsa, Oklahoma
1971 Borden's opens a turn-of-century ice cream parlor at Disney World
1974 John Lennon releases "Walls & Bridges" album
1976 Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz resigns due to telling a racial joke
1977 Pier 39 opens in SF
1978 Funeral services held for Pope John Paul I
1981 Pasakevi Kouna of Greece (9) is youngest intl gymnastics participant
1983 Richard Noble reaches record 1019 kph in jet-powered car
1984 US govt closes down due to budget problems
1984 Yanks clinch AL East
1985 Henry G Perry completes 157 day, 14,021 mile bicycle tour of Australia
1985 Shite Muslims claim to have killed hostage William Buckley
1987 1st "Scrub Sunday" of NFL football with replacement players
1987 Blues Jays lose final 7 games allowing Tigers to win the AL pennant
1987 James Jefferson of Winnipeg scores 2 TDs on interception returns without making an interception. (He scored on laterals)
1988 Pillsbury stock soars $18.37 to $57.37 on takeover bid
1990 Regional elections held, in what was East Germany
1991 NHL NY Rangers trade Bernie Nichols to Edmonton for Mark Messier


Note: Some Holidays are only applicable on a given "day of the week"

Bangladesh : Shab I Barat
Lesotho : Independence Day (1966)
Massachusetts : Grandparents Day - - - - - ( Sunday )
Missouri : Missouri Day - - - - - ( Monday )
World : Child Health Day, Universal Children's Day (1928) - - - - - ( Monday )

Religious Observances

Unification Church : Day of Victory of Heaven
RC, Ang : Memorial of St Francis of Assisi, friar, confessor
Luth : Commemoration of Theodor Fliedner, renewer of society
Jewish : Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement

Religious History

1535 London printer Miles Coverdale, 47, published his English version of the Bible. A good translator who later served on two other translation committees, Coverdale was also popular as a Lutheran preacher.
1858 Birth of Dorothy Frances Gurney, English devotional writer. During her lifetime she published two volumes of verse, as well as a small devotional work entitled, 'A Little Book of Quiet.'
1867 In Southwest Africa, the Rhenish Missionary Church constituted itself as the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
1890 Death of Catherine Booth, 61, wife of Salvation Army founder William Booth. Her last words were: 'The waters are rising, but so am I. I am not going under but over. Do not be concerned about dying; go on living well, the dying will be right.'
1965 Paul VI arrived in New York City, making him the first pope in history to visit the United States. While speaking at the UN, Paul published a document exonerating the Jews of all blame in the death of Christ.

Source: William D. Blake. ALMANAC OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1987.
Additional information supplied by the author. Contact via E-mail: William D. Blake. (

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