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Doctors - No Thugs in Our House (2003)

  • last month
Dr Ben Kwarme becomes suspicious when a student at a college lecture asks him about domestic violence, only to then shy off the subject when he questions her. And when her mother later turns up at the doctors surgery sporting a black eye he becomes very concerned. Could it be possible that her husband - a vicar in the parish - could be behind her injuries?

Starring Ariyon Bakare, Roger Alborough, Victoria Willing, Alexandra Milman, Adam Sopp, Sean Gleason, Natalie J. Robb, Diane Keen, Corinne Wicks, Greg Jones, Stirling Gallacher, Laurence Penry-Jones, Christopher Timothy, Maggie Cronin, Tom Butcher, Eve Fontaine and Ela Kay. This is an episode of Doctors that was recently repeated for the first time since it's broadcast on May 16th 2003. I recorded it because it features the actress Alexandra Milman in one of the first things she did after returning from doing work in Australia, and I know there seems to be a lot of her fans out there on Youtube, including VideotapeFTW. These videos and playlist is for him, as he was a decent friend when I was on Youtube. It's an intriguing episode of Doctors that works out more as a whodunnit regarding the mysterious bruises on the vicar's wife that proves not as simple a case as it looks.


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