Is ‘Thirsty’ on Netflix? Where to Watch the Jay Ellis and Maya Rudolph Short

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Thirsty isn’t like any other rom-com you’ve seen before. First, it’s only 12 minutes. But it’s also about a mosquito who falls in love with a man after drinking his blood.

The Nicole Delaney-directed short, which was released last year as part of FX’s Cake, follows what happens after a bloodthirsty insect (voiced by Maya Rudolph) sets her sights on a newly-single man who’s just gone through a breakup (Jay Ellis). The film turns to the mosquito’s point of view to explore the unconventional story and relationship, using humor and romance to tell both of its subjects’ stories.

In an interview with Decider earlier this year, Delaney said most people envisioned her film as an animated short when she first pitched it, but she was set on live action. “Because Cake was making such unique stories, they interested me and didn’t really ask how I was going to execute it,” she said. “I felt so lucky that I could find producers who wanted to give me money to make such a bizarre story and having the confidence in me that I could pull it off.”

Curious to learn more about Thirsty? Is Thirsty on Netflix? Where can I watch Thirsty? Here’s everything you need to know to watch the Thirsty short film.


If you’re searching for Thirsty on Netflix, you’re out of luck. The 2020 short is not available to watch on the streamer, but the good news is, it is available on another platform. Read on to find out where you can watch Thirsty online.


While Thirsty is not available on Netflix, it is streaming on another platform right now. You can watch Thirsty on Hulu, where it’s available to stream with a standard subscription. Because the short was developed for the FX anthology series Cake, it’s available as part of the FX on Hulu library.

You’ll need an active Hulu subscription to watch Thirsty, which begins at $6 per month for the most basic option. To sign up, just head to the Hulu website.


Thirsty stars Maya Rudolph as The Mosquito, Jay Ellis as Young Man, Michelle Buteau as Nurse, Anna Cordell as Young Woman, LaRoyce Hawkins as Friend, and Daniel Olson as Partygoer. Thirsty comes from writers Nicole Delaney — who also directed the short — and Sonya Goddy.


Yes! While the short is only 12 minutes long, you can still get a glimpse at what’s to come with the 20-second preview from FX. To watch, just scroll to the top of this article.

Where to watch Thirsty