List of Fremantle productions

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This is a list of programs produced by Fremantle, a British-based international television content, production, and distribution subsidiary of Bertelsmann's RTL Group, Europe's largest TV, radio, and production company.

Fremantle North America[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Beat the Clock 1950–1961
Universal Kids
continued from Mark Goodson Productions
co-production with Clock Productions (1969–1974), The Clock Company (1978–1980), Paxson Entertainment and Tick Tock Productions (2002–2003)
I've Got a Secret 1952–1967
continued from Mark Goodson Productions and Pearson Television
co-production with Burt Dubrow Production and Get Real Entertainment
To Tell the Truth 1956–1968
continued from Mark Goodson Productions and Pearson Television
co-production with Gaspin Media and A2 Productions (2016–present)
Password 1961–1967
continued from Mark Goodson Productions
co-production with Universal Television Alternative Studio and Electric Hot Dog (2022–)
Match Game 1962–1969
continued from Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions and Mark Goodson Productions
co-production with Entertain the Brutes, Triple Threat Productions and El Dorado Pictures (2016–2021)
Supermarket Sweep 1965–1967
current distributor for 1990–2003 episodes, produced by Al Howard Productions
Let's Make a Deal 1968–1977 ABC/Syndication current distributor; produced by Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions
The Price Is Right 1972–present CBS/Syndication continued from Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions and Mark Goodson Productions
syndicated by Viacom Enterprises (1972–80), The Television Program Source (1985–86) and Paramount Domestic Television (1994–95)
Family Feud 1976–1985
continued from Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions and Mark Goodson Productions
syndicated by Viacom Enterprises (1977–85), LBS Communications (1988–92), All American Television (1992–95), Pearson Television (1999–2001), Tribune Entertainment (2001–07), Debmar-Mercury (2007–)
Card Sharks 1978–1981
continued from Mark Goodson Productions
co-production with Start Entertainment (2019–2021)
Press Your Luck 1983–1986
current distributor for 1983–1986 episodes
co-production with The Carruthers Company and Brownstone Productions (2019–present)
The All New Let's Make a Deal 1984–1986 Syndication current distributor; produced by Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions
Split Second 1986–1987 Syndication current distributor; produced by Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions
Ποιος θέλει να γίνει εκατομμυριούχος
(Greek version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?)
1999–2006 MEGA
Alpha TV
continued from Pearson Television
Ο Πιο Αδύναμος Κρίκος
(Greek version of The Weakest Link)
2001–2003 MEGA continued from Pearson Television
Never Mind the Buzzcocks 2002 VH1 co-production with Eyeboogie Inc.
Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck 2002–2003 Game Show Network In season 2, the show was later renamed as Whammy! in 2003
American Idol 2002–2016
co-production with 19 Entertainment
American Juniors 2003 Fox
World Idol 2003–2004
Cupid 2003 CBS co-production with Pilgrim Films & Television
Your Face or Mine? 2004 MTV
The Complex: Malibu Fox
The Swan co-production with A. Smith & Co. Productions, George Paige Associates Inc. and Galan Entertainment
How Clean Is Your House 2004–2005 Lifetime
Distraction 2005–2006 Comedy Central co-production with Comedy Partners
Game Show Moments Gone Bananas (1/2/3/4/5) 2005 VH1
American Inventor 2006–2007 ABC co-production with Peter Jones Productions and Syco TV
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency 2006–2008 Oxygen co-production with Krasnow Productions
America's Got Talent 2006–present NBC co-production with Syco Entertainment
Monarch Cove 2006 Lifetime
Gameshow Marathon CBS co-production with Granada America
Temptation 2007–2008 Syndication co-production with 20th Television
The Next Great American Band 2007 Fox
Thank God You're Here NBC co-production with Working Dog Productions and Bahr Small
Farmer Wants a Wife 2008 The CW co-production with Super Delicious Productions
Celebrity Family Feud 2008
Million Dollar Password 2008–2009 CBS
Hole in the Wall 2008–2012 Fox/Cartoon Network
Can You Duet 2008–2009 CMT
Rock the Cradle 2008 MTV
She's Got the Look 2008–2010 TV Land Produced as FremantleMedia Enterprises
Osbournes Reloaded 2009 Fox The original working title was The Osbournes: Loud and Dangerous
Let's Make a Deal 2009–present CBS
The Phone 2009 MTV co-production with Just-In Time Entertainment and Park Lane Productions
Secret Girlfriend Comedy Central
Kirstie Alley's Big Life 2010 A&E
Downfall ABC
What Chilli Wants 2010–2011 VH1
Jump City: Seattle 2011 G4
The X Factor 2011–2013 Fox co-production with Syco Entertainment
Take Me Out 2012
Total Blackout 2012–2013 Syfy co-production with Endemol, Imagecraft and SyFy productions
Bud United Presents: The Big Time 2012 ABC co-production with RadicalMedia
Wedding Band 2012–2013 TBS co-production with Tollin Productions
Married to Medicine 2013–present Bravo co-production with Purveyors of Pop and Bravo Media Productions
Perfect Score 2013 The CW
The Tomorrow People[1] 2013–2014 The CW co-production with Berlanti/Plec, CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television
The Great Christmas Light Fight 2013–present ABC co-production with Greengrass Productions and Base Camp Films
Celebrity Name Game 2014–2017 Syndication co-production with Coquette Productions, Entertain the Brutes, Green Mountain West Inc., CBS Television Studios, 20th Television and Debmar-Mercury
The Returned 2015 A&E co-production with A+E Studios, Carlton Cuse Productions and Angry Annie Productions
My Fab 40th Bravo co-production with Purveyors of Pop
Married to Medicine: Houston 2016 Bravo co-production with Purveyors of Pop and Bravo Media Productions
American Gods[2] 2017–2021 Starz[3] co-production with Living Dead Guy, J.A. Green Construction Corp. and The Blank Corporation
The Noise 2017 Universal Kids
IWitness Syndication co-production with Queen Bee Production and Entertain the Brutes
Double Dare 2018–2019 Nickelodeon co-production with Nickelodeon Productions
America's Got Talent: The Champions 2019–2020 NBC co-production with Syco Entertainment
Married to Medicine: Los Angeles Bravo co-production with Purveyors of Pop and Bravo Media Productions
Unleashed 2020 Nickelodeon co-production with Nickelodeon Productions
Game of Talents 2021 Fox co-production with Apploff Entertainment and A Wayne and Mandie Creative
Based on the Spanish game/variety show Adivina qué hago esta noche
The Mosquito Coast 2021–present Apple TV+
Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules 2022–present E!
Señorita 89 2022–present Pantaya
co-production with Fábula
About Last Night 2022 HBO Max co-production with Sweet July Productions and Unanimous Media
Reboot of Tattletales and He Said She Said
America's Got Talent: Extreme 2022–present NBC co-production with Syco Entertainment
Five Guys a Week Lifetime co-production with Original Productions
The Lincoln Project 2022 Showtime international distributor; produced by The Othrs, Bloomfish Productions, and Impact Partners
Sullivan's Crossing 2023–present CTV co-production with Reel World Management and Bell Media
Queer TBA co-production with The Apartment[4]

Original Productions[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Monster Garage Discovery Channel 2002–2006
Monster House 2003–2006
Big! 2004
Deadliest Catch 2005–present
Ballroom Bootcamp TLC 2005–2007
Lobstermen: Jeopardy at Sea Discovery Channel 2006–2013
Ice Road Truckers History 2007–2017 co-production with Shaw Media and Prospero Media
Lobster Wars Discovery Channel 2007
Ax Men History 2008–2019
Verminators Discovery Channel 2008–2009
1000 Ways to Die Spike 2008–2012
Black Gold TruTV 2008–2013
America's Toughest Jobs NBC 2008
PitchMen Discovery Channel 2009–2011
Swords: Life on the Line 2009–2012
Motor City Motors 2009–2010
1000 Ways to Lie Spike 2010
Storage Wars A&E 2010–present
Coal Spike 2011
Around the World in 80 Ways History
American Hoggers A&E 2011–2013
Storage Wars: Texas 2011–2014
Bering Sea Gold Discovery 2012–present
Alien Encounters Science Channel 2012–2014
Storage Wars: New York A&E 2013
Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? National Geographic
The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man History 2013–2015
Alaska Off-Road Warriors 2014–2015
Barry'd Treasure A&E 2014
Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job
Storage Wars: Miami 2015
Jay Leno's Garage CNBC 2015–present co-production with Big Dog Productions and Kitten Kaboodle
Badlands, Texas National Geographic 2015–2016
Deadliest Catch: Bloodline[5] Discovery 2020–2022
Growing Belushi
Phat Tuesdays: The Era of Hip Hop Comedy Amazon Prime Video 2022 co-production with Amazon Studios, Grammnet Productions and Phat Tuesday Productions
Five Guys A Week Lifetime 2022–present

Random House Studio[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Heartland Table Food Network 2013–2014 co-production with Tavola Productions

FremantleMedia Kids and Family[edit]

As of 25 January 2018, FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment is now owned by Boat Rocker Media.[6] The purchase also included children's programmes produced by Thames Television.

Title Network Years Notes
Billy the Cat Canal+
1996–2001 Distribution since 2001; produced by EVA Entertainment, Les Films du Triangle, Dupuis, NOA Network of Animation, Sofidoc S.A., La Fabrique, Siriol Productions, and Cologne Cartoon (season 1)
Really Me Family 2011–2013 co-production with Fresh TV
My Babysitter's a Vampire Teletoon 2011–2012 co-production with Fresh TV
Monsuno Nicktoons
TV Tokyo
2012–2014 co-production with Jakks Pacific, Dentsu Entertainment Inc., The Topps Company, Larx Entertainment and Nickelodeon Productions
Tree Fu Tom CBeebies 2012–2016 co-production with CBeebies and Blue-Zoo Productions
The Aquabats! Super Show! Hub Network 2012–2014 co-production with The Magic Store
Wizards vs Aliens CBBC 2012–2014 co-production with BBC Cymru Wales
Ella the Elephant TVOKids 2013–2014 co-production with DHX Cookie Jar Inc.
Alien Dawn Nicktoons
2013–2014 co-production with Crook Brothers Productions and Larry Schwarz and His Band
Max Steel Disney XD
2013–2015 co-production with Nerd Corps Entertainment and Mattel Playground Productions
Grojband Teletoon 2013–2015 co-production with Fresh TV and Neptoon Studios
Strange Hill High CBBC 2013–2014 co-production with Factory Transmedia
Kate & Mim-Mim CBeebies 2014–2018 co-production with Nerd Corps Entertainment and DHX Media
Danger Mouse CBBC 2015–2019 co-production with Boulder Media
Bitz & Bob CBeebies 2018 co-production with CBeebies Production and Jellyfish Pictures
The Who Was? Show Netflix 2018 co-production with Penguin Random House

Animation Collective[edit]

As of September 2018, the Animation Collective library is distributed by Cake Entertainment.[7]

Fremantle UK[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Gilslaine: Partner in Crime Paramount+ 2022 co-production with See It Now Studios
Suspect Channel 4 2022–present co-production with Eagle Eye Drama
This England Sky Atlantic 2022 co-production with Passenger, Revolution Films and Sky Studios


Title Years Network Notes
Grand Designs 1999–present Channel 4 as Naked West
continued from Talkback, Talkback Thames and Boundless
Escape to the Country 2002–present BBC One as Naked West
continued from Thames, Talkback Thames and Boundless
The Apprentice 2005–present BBC Two/BBC One continued from Talkback Thames and Boundless
co-production with Mark Burnett Productions/United Artists Media Group/MGM Television
The Apprentice: You're Fired! 2006–present BBC Three/BBC Two
Great British Railway Journeys 2010–2021 BBC Two continued from Talkback Thames and Boundless
Great Continental Railway Journeys 2012–present
Great American Railroad Journeys 2016–present
100% Hotter 2016–2018 5Star
Britain's Best Boy Racer 2016 All 4
Threesome Dating
My Hotter Half 2017–2018 E4
Secret Admirer 2018 Channel 5
Secret Crush Bravo
Indian Summer School Channel 4
60 Days on the Street 2019
21 Again BBC One
The Rap Game UK[8] 2019–present
The Day I Picked My Parents 2019 A&E
The Chasers Road Trip 2021 ITV co-production with Sent Entertainment
I Can See Your Voice 2021–present BBC One co-production with Thames
Secret Crush ITV2
The Killer Nanny: Did She Do It? 2022 Channel 4
Great Coastal Railway Journeys 2022–present BBC Two
Snowflake Mountain[9] Netflix
Planet Sex with Cara Delevinge BBC Three
co-production with Milkshake Productions


Title Years Network Notes
House Doctor 1998–2003
Channel 5 continued from Talkback
Young Apprentice 2010–2012 BBC One continued from Talkback Thames
co-production with Mark Burnett Productions
Four Rooms 2011–2019 Channel 4/More4 continued from Talkback Thames
My Kitchen Rules 2014–2017 Sky Living/Channel 4 continued by 7Wonder
An Hour to Save Your Life 2014–2016 BBC Two
Escape to the Continent 2014–2015 BBC Two/BBC One
The Secrets in My Family 2017 W
Great Indian Railway Journeys 2018 BBC Two
Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys 2019
Great Canadian Railway Journeys
Great Australian Railway Journeys
Great Asian Railway Journeys 2020

Hare and Tortoise[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
The IT Crowd Channel 4 2006–2013 continued from Talkback Thames; co-production with Delightful Industries
PhoneShop E4 2010–2011
continued from Talkback Thames
Count Arthur Strong BBC One
co-production with Komedia Entertainment and Delightful Industries
Birds of a Feather ITV 2014–2020 co-production with Quirkymedia Stuff
Chewing Gum E4 2015–2017


Title Years Network Notes
Alas Smith and Jones 1991–1998 BBC One/BBC Two
Murder Most Horrid 1991–1999 BBC Two
Bernard and the Genie 1991 BBC One
Bonjour la Classe 1993
The Day Today 1994 BBC Two
Never Mind the Buzzcocks 1996–2015
Sky Max
Brass Eye 1997–2001 Channel 4
I'm Alan Partridge 1997–2002 BBC Two
The Eleven O'Clock Show 1998–2000 Channel 4
Big Train 1998–2002 BBC Two
Smack the Pony 1999–2003 Channel 4
Da Ali G Show 2000–2004 Channel 4
Your Face or Mine? 2002–2003
Comedy Central
Look Around You 2002–2005 BBC Two
Bo' Selecta! 2002–2006 Channel 4
Distraction 2003–2004
QI 2003–present BBC Four/BBC Two/BBC One
Nathan Barley 2005 Channel 4
Celebrity Juice 2008–2022 ITV2 continued from Talkback Thames
Keith Lemon's LemonAid 2012 ITV
Lemon La Vida Loca 2012–2013 ITV2
Through the Keyhole 2013–2019 ITV
Virtually Famous 2014–2017 E4
The Keith & Paddy Picture Show 2017–2018 ITV
Shopping with Keith Lemon 2019–present ITV2 co-production with Bang Tidy Productions
Too Hot to Handle 2020–present Netflix co-production with Thames
Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow ITV1
Last Woman on Earth with Sara Pascoe 2020 BBC Two
You Won't Believe This 2022–present Channel 4


Title Years Network Notes
Blockbusters 1983–2001
ITV/Sky One/BBC Two
Comedy Central[10]
continued from Central, Fremantle UK Productions and Grundy Television
Supermarket Sweep 1993–2001
ITV/ITV2 continued from Fremantle UK Productions, Grundy Television and Talkback Thames
Blankety Blank 1997–2002
continued from Fremantle UK Productions and Grundy Television
The X Factor 2004–2018 ITV continued from Talkback Thames; co-production with Syco Entertainment
The Xtra Factor 2004–2016 ITV2
All Star Family Fortunes 2006–2015 ITV continued from Talkback Thames
Britain's Got Talent 2007–present ITV1 continued from Talkback Thames; co-production with Syco Entertainment
Take Me Out 2010–2019 ITV continued from Talkback Thames
The Talent Show Story 2012 co-production with Shiver Productions
Let's Get Gold co-production with Superhero TV
1001 Things You Should Know 2012–2013 Channel 4 as Thames Scotland
Break the Safe 2013–2014 BBC One co-production with BBC Scotland
Rebound 2015–2016 ITV
Bang on the Money 2016
The Greatest Dancer[11] 2019–2020 BBC One co-production with Syco Entertainment
Baewatch: Parental Guidance 2019 E4
Too Hot to Handle 2020–present Netflix co-production with Talkback
Family Fortunes 2020–present ITV1
I Can See Your Voice[12] 2021–2022 BBC One co-production with Naked
Game of Talents 2021 ITV
The Who Cares Wins Awards with The Sun 2021–present Channel 4
The Real Dirty Dancing UK 2022–present E4 Based on the Australian format

Thames Television[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Magpie ITV 1968–1980
Father, Dear Father 1968–1973
The Sooty Show 1968–1992
The Benny Hill Show 1969–1989
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width 1969–1971
This Is Your Life ITV
For the Love of Ada ITV 1970–1971
Ace of Wands 1970–1972
Bless This House 1971–1976
Love Thy Neighbour 1972–1976
Alcock and Gander 1972
Whodunnit? 1972–1978
Rainbow 1972–1992
Sally and Jake 1973–1974 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
Man About the House 1973–1976
The Tomorrow People 1973–1979
Michael Bentine's Potty Time 1973–1980
The World at War 1973–1974
My Name Is Harry Worth 1974
Paperplay 1974–1981
Wish You Were Here...? 1974–2003
Shadows 1975–1978
Chorlton and the Wheelies 1976–1979 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
George and Mildred
Jamie and the Magic Torch co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
Name That Tune 1976–1988
Robin's Nest 1977–1981
Odd Man Out 1977
Grandma Bricks of Swallow Street 1977–1978 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
The Kenny Everett Video Show 1978–1981
The Morecambe & Wise Show 1978–1983
Rumpole of the Bailey 1978–1992
The Ken Dodd Laughter Show 1979
Give Us a Clue 1979–1992
Hollywood 1980
Keep It in the Family 1980–1983
Play Your Cards Right 1980–2003 continued from Fremantle UK Productions and Grundy Television
Originally produced and co-produced by LWT
Cockleshell Bay 1980–1986 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
Button Moon 1980–1988
Never the Twain 1981–1991
Danger Mouse 1981–1992 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
A.J. Wentworth, B.A. 1982
Hollywood or Bust 1983
The Wind in the Willows 1983–1988 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
Des O'Connor Tonight 1983–2002 co-production with Talkback
The Steam Video Company 1984
Chocky 1984–1986
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾ 1985
Alias the Jester 1985–1986 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
All in Good Faith 1985–1988
Creepy Crawlies 1987–1989
Count Duckula 1988–1993 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
Oh, Mr. Toad 1990
Victor and Hugo 1991–1992
Terry Pratchett's Truckers 1992 co-production with Cosgrove Hall Productions
Men Behaving Badly ITV/BBC One 1992–1998 co-production with Hartswood Films
Take Your Pick! ITV 1992–1999
Your Number Please 1992 co-production with Atticus Television
Family Affairs Channel 5 1997–2005
Night Fever 1997–2002 continued from Grundy Television
Open House with Gloria Hunniford 1998–2003
Fort Boyard 1998–2001 continued from Grundy Television
co-production with Adventure Line Productions
Pop Idol ITV 2001–2003 co-production with 19 Entertainment
Reeves Entertainment[edit]
Title Network Years Notes
The Kids From C.A.P.E.R. NBC 1976–1977 U.S. distribution by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
In Search of... Syndication 1977–1982
Between the Wars Mobil Showcase Network 1978
The Chisholms CBS 1979–1980
That's Incredible! ABC 1980–1984 U.S. distribution by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
Those Amazing Animals 1980–1981
The Krypton Factor 1981 in association with MCA Television Enterprises
Gimme a Break! NBC 1981–1987 U.S. distribution by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
No Soap, Radio ABC 1982 co-production with The Alexander Smith Company and Mort Lachman & Associates
Baby Makes Five 1983
Life's Most Embarrassing Moments ABC
The Pop 'N Rocker Game Syndication 1983–1984 co-production with MCA TV and Ron Greenberg Productions
Kennedy NBC 1983 mini-series; co-production with Central Independent Television
Kate & Allie CBS 1984–1989 U.S. distribution by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios
Spencer NBC 1984–1985 co-production with Mort Lachman and Associates
I Married Dora ABC 1987–1988 co-production with Welladay Inc.
distributed by Sony Pictures Television
The Thorns 1988
The Home Show 1988–1994 Produced by New World Television from 1993 to 1994
Doctor Doctor CBS 1989–1991 U.S. distribution by Sony Pictures Television
Jackpot! Syndication 1989–1990 co-production with Bob Stewart Productions
Currently owned by Sony Pictures Television
Wild & Crazy Kids Nickelodeon 1990–1992 co-production with Nickelodeon Productions and Woody Fraser Productions
co-owned with Paramount Global
What Would You Do? 1991–1993
Covington Cross ABC 1992
The Tomorrow People ITV
1992–1995 Produced by Tetra Films in association with Thames Television
Homicide: Life on the Street NBC 1993 season 1 only
seasons 1-6 co-distributed with NBCUniversal Syndication Studios[13]

Euston Films[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Special Branch 1969–1974 ITV co-production with Thames Television
Van der Valk 1972–1973
The Sweeney 1975–1978
Danger UXB 1979
Minder 1979–1994 co-production with Thames Television (1979–1991) and Central (1993–1994)
Fox 1980 co-production with Thames Television
Widows 1983–1985
Reilly, Ace of Spies 1983
King and Castle 1985–1988 co-production with Thames Television
Jack the Ripper 1988 ITV/CBS miniseries; co-production with Thames Television, Hill-O'Connor Television and Lorimar-Telepictures
Selling Hitler 1991 ITV co-production with Thames Television and Warner Sisters Productions
Hard Sun 2018 BBC One/Hulu
Dublin Murders 2019 BBC One/RTÉ/Starz co-production with Element Pictures and Veritas Entertainment Group
Baghdad Central 2020 Channel 4
The Sister ITV
Wreck[14] 2022–present BBC Three

Newman Street[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Suspects 2014–2016 Channel 5

Dancing Ledge Productions[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
The Salisbury Poisonings 2020 BBC One
The Responder 2022–present
Wedding Season Disney+ co-production with Jax Media
Crossfire 2022 BBC One co-production with Buddy Club Productions

Talkback Thames[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
The Bill ITV 1984–2010 continued from Thames Television
They Think It's All Over? BBC One 1995–2006 continued from Talkback
Property Ladder Channel 4 2001–2009
How Clean Is Your House? 2003–2009
Green Wing 2004–2007
Gameshow Marathon ITV 2005–2007 co-production with ITV Productions
The Smith and Jones Sketchbook BBC One 2006
The Price Is Right ITV 2006–2007
PokerFace 2006–2007 co-production with Gallowgate
The Sharon Osbourne Show 2006
Manhunt – Solving Britain's Crimes 2006–2007
Grease Is the Word ITV 2007 co-production with Syco TV
As the Bell Rings Disney Channel 2007–2008
Thank God You're Here ITV 2008
Hole in the Wall BBC One 2008–2009 as Talkback Thames Scotland; co-production with BBC Scotland
Monday Monday ITV 2009
Minder Channel 5 2009
Richard Bacon's Beer & Pizza Club ITV4 2010–2011
The King is Dead BBC Three 2010
The Rob Brydon Show BBC Two 2010–2012

Alomo Productions[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Birds of a Feather BBC1 1989–1998
Nightingales Channel 4 1990–1993
Get Back BBC1 1992–1993
Goodnight Sweetheart BBC One 1993–1999
Hearts and Minds Channel 4 1995 co-production with WitzEnd Productions
Grown Ups BBC One 1997
Believe Nothing ITV 2002

Regent Productions[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Fifteen to One Channel 4 1988–2003
continued by Remedy Productions and Argonon
Celebrity Fifteen to One 1990–1992

Pearson Television[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
Family Fortunes 1980–2002 ITV co-production with Carlton Television
formerly produced by ATV/Central, Talbot Television and Goodson-Todman Productions
Baywatch 1989–2001 NBC
continued from All-American Television; co-production with GTG Entertainment (1989–1990), The Baywatch Company, Tower 12 Productions (1991–2001) and Tower 18 Production Company (1996–2001)
Air America 1998–1999 Syndication co-production with The Fremantle Corporation
First Wave 1998–2001 Space
Sci-Fi Channel
co-production with First Wave Productions, Sugar Entertainment and American Zoetrope
100% 1999 Syndication co-production with O.H.P Productions
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis 2000 CBS miniseries; co-production with West Egg Studios
100 Centre Street 2001–2002 A&E co-production with Jaffe/Braunstein Films Ltd. and A&E Television Networks
Nero Wolfe


Programs produced by Hill/Fields and its predecessors, Tisch/Avnet Productions, Michael Jaffe Films, and Steve White Entertainment are currently distributed by Multicom Entertainment Group.

Title Network Years Notes
Tucker's Witch CBS 1982 produced by Hill/Mandelker Films
The Great Los Angeles Earthquake NBC 1990 mini-series; produced by Von Zerneck Sertner Films
Angel Falls CBS 1993 produced by The Konigsberg/Sanitsky Company
High Tide Syndication 1994–1997 produced by Franklin/Waterman 2

All-American Television[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
America's Top 10 Syndication 1980–1992 Distributed by Gold Key Media until AATV was formed in 1982
Fridays ABC 1980–1982 Distribution only
Currently distributed by Shout! Factory and Retro Video
Wordplay NBC 1986–1987 produced by Fiedler-Berlin Productions, Rick Ambrose Productions and Scotti Bros.-Syd Vinnedge Television
The Story of Rock 'n Roll VH1 1987 produced by LBS Communications and Chelsea Communications
The Howard Stern Channel 9 Show WWOR-TV 1990–1992
Acapulco H.E.A.T. M6/Syndication 1993–1994
produced by Balenciaga Productions, M6 Films, CNC, Les Films du Triangle, Film Groupe S. A. (1993–94), France Triangle Films (1996) and A Max Keller & Micheline Keller Presentation
Currently owned by Keller Entertainment Group
Beach Clash Syndication 1994–1995 co-production with Taylorvision and First Media Entertainment
Sirens Syndication 1994–1995 distribution for season 2
No longer distributed by Fremantle
The Richard Bey Show Syndication 1995–1996
Baywatch Nights Syndication 1995–1997 co-production with The Baywatch Company, Tower 12 Productions and Tower 18 Production Company (1996–1997)
The Adventures of Sinbad Global/Syndication 1996–1998 co-production with Alliance Atlantis and Canwest
Currently owned by Echo Bridge Entertainment
Ghost Stories Syndication 1997–1998 co-production with New Dominion Pictures
Goodson-Todman/Mark Goodson Productions[edit]
Title Network Years Notes
Winner Take All CBS
Stop the Music ABC 1949–1952
in association with Louis Cowan Productions
The Web CBS
By Popular Demand CBS 1950
What's My Line? CBS
1968–1975 episodes distributed by CBS Enterprises/Viacom
It's News to Me CBS 1951–1954
The Name's the Same ABC 1951–1955
Two for the Money NBC
Judge for Yourself NBC 1953–1954
What's Going On ABC 1954
Make the Connection NBC 1955
Choose Up Sides CBS
1953 (pilot)
The Price Is Right NBC
Goodyear Theatre NBC 1957–1960
Play Your Hunch CBS
Jefferson Drum NBC 1958 The show was also known as The Pen and the Quill
The Rebel ABC 1959–1961
Split Personality NBC 1959–1960
Philip Marlowe ABC 1959–1960 co-production by California National Productions
One Happy Family NBC 1961
Say When!! NBC 1961–1965
Number Please ABC 1961
Missing Links NBC
The Richard Boone Show NBC 1963–1964
Get the Message ABC 1964
Call My Bluff NBC 1965
Branded NBC 1965–1966 Currently owned by CBS Media Ventures
Snap Judgment NBC 1967–1969
The Don Rickles Show ABC 1968–1969
He Said, She Said Syndication 1969–1970
Concentration Syndication 1973–1978
Now You See It CBS 1974–1975
Tattletales CBS
Showoffs ABC 1975
Double Dare CBS 1976–1977
The Better Sex ABC 1977–1978
All-Star Family Feud Special ABC 1978–1984 primetime specials
Mindreaders NBC 1979–1980
Password Plus NBC 1979–1982
That's My Line CBS 1980–1981
Blockbusters NBC 1980–1982
Child's Play CBS 1982–1983
The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour NBC 1983–1984 co-production with Orion Television
Body Language CBS 1984–1986
Super Password NBC 1984–1989
Trivia Trap ABC 1984–1985
Classic Concentration NBC 1987–1991
Bonus Bonanza Syndication (Massachusetts only) 1995-1998
Flamingo Fortune Syndication (Florida only) 1995
Illinois Instant Riches Syndication/WGN 1994-1996

Fremantle Australia[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
The Price is Right 1973–1974
Network 10
Seven Network
Nine Network
continued from Grundy Television
Neighbours 1985–present Seven Network/Network 10/10 Peach
Amazon Freevee
continued from Grundy Television
co-production with Amazon Studios from 2023 onwards
Shortland Street 1992–present TVNZ 2 continued from Grundy Television
co-production with South Pacific Pictures
The X Factor Australia 2005–2016 Nine Network/Seven Network
Temptation 2005–2009 Nine Network
Bert's Family Feud 2006–2007
The Biggest Loser 2006–2010 Network 10 continued from Crackerjack Productions
Future seasons are produced by Endemol Shine Australia until 2017
Nerds FC 2006–2007 SBS
Australia's Got Talent 2007–present Seven Network/Nine Network
co-production with Syco Entertainment
The Farmer Wants a Wife Nine Network/Seven Network co-production with Eureka Productions
So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2008–2010 Network 10
Comedy Slapdown 2008 The Comedy Channel
Taken Out 2008–2009 Network 10 replaced by Take Me Out and moved to Seven Network from 2018
Ultimate School Musical 2008 Fox8
Power of 10 Nine Network co-production with Sony Pictures Television International
So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2008–2010 Network 10
Project Runway Australia 2008–2012 Arena
The Apprentice Australia 2009 Nine Network
Double Take Seven Network
MasterChef Australia 2009–2011 Network 10 Future seasons are produced by Endemol Shine Australia
Celebrity MasterChef Australia 2009
Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook 2010–2014 TVNZ 1 Produced as FremantleMedia Enterprises
co-production with Screentime and Annabel Langbein Media
Grand Designs Australia 2010–present LifeStyle Channel
The Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2011–2015 Nine Network co-production with United Artists Media Group
Future seasons are produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production and MGM Television until 2022
It's a Knockout 2011–2012 Network 10 produced by Spring
Everybody Dance Now 2012
Bindi's Bootcamp 2012–2015 ABC3 co-production with Sticky Pictures
The Mole 2013 Seven Network
Mr & Mrs Murder Network 10 co-production with Bravado Productions
Wentworth 2013–2021 SoHo/Fox Showcase
The X Factor New Zealand 2013–2015 TV3
Family Feud Australia 2014–2020 Network 10
Dancing with the Stars Australia 2014–2015 Seven Network
The Great Australian Bake Off 2015–2019 LifeStyle Food
Future seasons are produced by BBC Studios Australia
Family Feud New Zealand 2016–2017 Three
Picnic at Hanging Rock 2018 Fox Showcase
Take Me Out Seven Network formerly named Taken Out and broadcast by Network Ten, since 2008–2009
Lie With Me 2021 Network 10/Channel 5
The PM's Daughter 2022–present ABC Me
Rock Island Mysteries 2022–present 10 Shake
Inside the Sydney Opera House 2022 ABC
Heartbreak High[15] 2022–present Netflix co-production with NewBe
Riptide 2022 Network 10/Channel 5
Wellmania[16] 2023–present Netflix co-production with Nodescript Productions
Totally Completely Fine Stan/SundanceNow
Bay of Fires 2023 ABC co-production with Archipelago Productions
C*A*U*G*H*T 2023 Stan [17]

Grundy Television[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Concentration Nine Network/Seven Network 1959–1967
Take the Hint Nine Network 1962–1966
Class of 74 Seven Network 1974–1975
Until Tomorrow 1975–1976
The Young Doctors Nine Network 1976–1983
Chopper Squad Network 10 1976–1979
Blankety Blanks 1977–1978
Glenview High Seven Network 1977–1979
The Restless Years Network 10 1977–1981
Family Feud Australia Nine Network
Seven Network
Prisoner Network Ten 1979–1986
Sale of the Century Nine Network 1980–2001
Secret Valley ABC 1980 co-production with Telecip, S.A.
Punishment Network 10 1981
Wheel of Fortune Seven Network 1981–2006
Match Mates Nine Network 1981–1982
Taurus Rising Seven Network 1982
Sons and Daughters Seven Network 1982–1987
Starting Out Nine Network 1983
Waterloo Station Nine Network 1983–1984
Perfect Match Network Ten/Seven Network 1984–1989
Possession Nine Network 1985
It's a Knockout Network Ten 1985–1987
Strike It Lucky ITV 1986–1999 continued from Thames Television and Fremantle UK Productions
co-production with LWT
Richmond Hill Network Ten 1988
Tanamera – Lion of Singapore Central 1989 co-production with Central Independent Television
Embassy ABC 1990–1992
Bony Seven Network
The Other Side of Paradise Network 10 1992 mini-series
Mission Top Secret 1992–1995
Man O Man Seven Network 1994
The Price Is Right ITV 1995–2001 co-production with Yorkshire Television
formerly produced with Fremantle UK Productions and Goodson-Todman Productions
100% Channel 5 1997–2001
Whittle 1997–1998
Give Us a Clue BBC One 1997
Win Beadle's Money Channel 5 1999
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Nine Network 1999–2006
Cash Bonanza 2001
The Desert Forges Channel 5 co-production with Adventure Line Productions
Escape of the Artful Dodger Nine Network
El rival más débil
(Mexican version of The Weakest Link)
Azteca Trece 2003–2008 distributed by BBC Worldwide, and co-production with Azteca

Reg Grundy Productions[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
Sale of the Century NBC 1983–1989
Scrabble 1984–1990
co-production with Exposure Unlimited
Time Machine 1985
Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak ABC 1986
Going for Gold BBC1 1987–1996
Sale of the Century Sky One/Challenge TV 1989–1997
Keynotes ITV 1989–1992 co-production with HTV West
Dangerous Women Syndication 1991–1992 co-production with Central Independent Television
Celebrity Squares ITV 1993–1997 co-production with Central Independent Television
Scattergories NBC 1993
Small Talk (British game show) BBC One 1994–1996
Man O Man ITV 1996; 1999 co-production with Angila (series 1)
Small Talk (American game show) The Family Channel 1996–1997

Crackerjack Productions[edit]

Title Network Years Notes
BackBerner ABC 1999–2002
So Fresh TV Nine Network 2002–2006
CNNNN ABC 2002–2003 co-production with Zapruder's Other Films
Comedy Inc. Nine Network 2003–2007
Australia's Brainiest Network Ten 2004–2006
Quizmania Nine Network 2006–2007
As the Bell Rings Disney Channel 2007–2011 continued by FremantleMedia Australia
Newstopia SBS One 2007–2008

Eureka Productions[edit]

  Programs with a shaded background indicate the program is still in production.

Title Network Years Notes
The Employables SBS 2016
Behave Yourself[18] Seven Network 2017–2020
The Voice Australia Nine Network/Seven Network 2017–present Co-production with ITV Studios Australia; Season 6 onwards. Earlier Nine Network iteration co-produced by Talpa Media Group and Shine Australia.
The Chefs' Line SBS 2017–2018
The Single Wives Seven Network 2018
Drunk History Australia Network 10 2018–2020
Australian Spartan Seven Network 2018–2019
Pick, Flip and Drive Facebook Watch 2018
The Launch CTV (Canada) 2018–2019 Co-production with Bell Media and Insight Productions.
Crikey! It's the Irwins Animal Planet
Deadly Cults Oxygen (United States) 2019–2020 co-production with The Intellectual Property Corporation
Dating Around Netflix
Thrones 360 Foxtel 2019
Holey Moley ABC (United States) 2019–2022 Co-production with Unanimous Media.
The Real Dirty Dancing Seven Network 2019
The Amazing Race Australia Network 10 2019–present Season 4 onwards. Earlier Seven Network iteration produced by Active TV (seasons 1 & 2) and Seven Productions (season 3).
The Farmer Wants a Wife Seven Network 2020–present Co-production with Fremantle Australia; from Season 10 onwards. Earlier iterations produced by FremantleMedia Australia.
Full Bloom[19] HBO Max 2020–2021
Name That Tune Fox (United States) 2021–present Co-production with Prestige Entertainment and Fox Alternative Entertainment; Season 1 only. Filmed in Sydney for the U.S. market.[20] Season 2 co-produced by BiggerStage and filmed in Ireland.[21]
Holey Moley (Australia) Seven Network 2021 Co-production with Unanimous Media.
Luxe Listings Sydney Amazon Prime Video 2021–present co-production with Amazon Studios and Kentel Entertainment
Frogger Peacock 2021 Co-production with Konami Cross Media NY.
Making It Australia Network 10 Co-production with Matchbox Pictures.
Finding Magic Mike[22] HBO Max Co-production with Warner Horizon Unscripted Television.
Twenty Somethings: Austin Netflix
Parental Guidance Nine Network 2021–present
The Real Dirty Dancing (United States) Fox (United States) 2022 Co-production with Lionsgate Television
Based on the Australian series of the same name.[23][24]
Byron Baes Netflix Co-production with Superreal.
The Real Love Boat (Australia) Network 10 2022–present
The Real Love Boat (United States) CBS/Paramount+
The Mole Netflix Earlier ABC (United States) iteration produced by Stone Stanley Entertainment.
Kitchen Nightmares Australia Seven Network
The Parent Test[25] ABC (United States) Co-production with Walt Disney Television Alternative. Based on the Australian series Parental Guidance.
Australian Idol Seven Network 2023–present Previous seasons on Network 10 co-produced by FremantleMedia Australia and 19 Entertainment.
Million Dollar Island
Farmer Wants a Wife Fox (United States) Previous seasons on The CW co-produced by FremantleMedia North America and Super Delicious Productions.
Stars on Mars[26]
The Floor[27] Fox (United States) TBA Co-production with Talpa and BiggerStage[28]

Fremantle Italy[edit]

Title Years Network Notes
X Factor 2008–present Rai Due/Sky Uno
Italia's Got Talent 2009–present Canale 5/Sky Uno/Disney+[29] co-production with Syco Entertainment


Title Years Network Notes
The Young Pope 2016 Sky Atlantic
co-production with Haut Et Court TV and Mediapro
My Brilliant Friend 2018–present HBO
Rai 1
co-production with The Apartment Pictures, Fandango, Umedia and Mowe
The New Pope 2020 Sky Atlantic
co-production with The Apartment Pictures, Haut Et Court TV, Mediapro and Sky Studios
We Are Who We Are HBO
Sky Atlantic
co-production with The Apartment Pictures, Small Forward and Sky Studios
Anna 2021 Sky Italia
co-production with Kwaï and The New Life Company
Bang Bang Baby 2022–present Amazon Prime Video co-production with The Apartment Pictures
The Good Mothers[30] 2023–present Disney+ co-production with House Productions


Title Years Network Notes
This England 2022 Sky Atlantic co-production with Revolution Films


Title Years Network Notes
Alt for Norge 2010–2019 TVNorge
Borderliner 2017 TV 2
The Oslo Killing 2019 TVNorge
Estonia 2020–2022 Discovery+
Valpeskolen 2021–present NRK
Pørni 2021–present Viaplay
Nede 2022 Viaplay

Television movies and specials[edit]

Fremantle North America[edit]

  • The Great Halloween Fright Fight (2014)
  • Double Dare at the Super Bowl (2019) (co-production with Nickelodeon Productions)


  • Sword of Honour (2001)
  • The Best of Boart (2001)
  • Shoreditch Twat (2002)
  • Anglian Lives with Alan Partridge (2003)


  • Manson: The Lost Tapes (2018)
  • Call in the Cheapstakes (2021)
  • The Love Triangle (2021)

Thames Television[edit]

  • A Performance of Macbeth (1979)
  • The Plank (1979)
  • The Crazy World of Benny Hill (1988)
  • Waldheim: A Commission of Inquiry (1988)
  • Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius (1990)
  • Lorna Doone (1990)
  • The Treaty (1991) (co-production with RTÉ)
  • Gawain and the Green Knight (1991)
  • Guilt or Innocence: The Trial of James Earl Ray (1993)

Reeves Entertainment[edit]

Title Airdate Network Notes
Love with a Twist January 28, 1990 ABC

Euston Films[edit]

Talkback Thames[edit]

  • Poisoned (2005)
  • Friends and Crocodiles (2006)
  • Gideon's Daughter (2006) (co-production with Spotlight Films)
  • When Kim & Aggie Went to Hospital (2006)
  • The Yellow House (2007)
  • Joe's Palace (2007) (co-production with HBO Films)
  • Capturing Mary (2007) (co-production with HBO Films)
  • 'Neighbours' on Five (2008)
  • The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall (2008)
  • The Bill Made Me Famous (2008) (co-production with Mentorn Media)
  • Kirsten's Topless Ambition (2009)
  • I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story (2009) (co-production with Syco Entertainment)
  • Farewell 'The Bill' (2010)
  • Paddy McGuinness' Walk the Line (2011)
  • QI Genesis (2011) (co-production with Quite Interesting Limited)
  • Holy Flying Circus (2011) (co-production with HillBilly Television)

Pearson Television[edit]

All-American Television[edit]

  • The Elvis Conspiracy (1992)
  • The JFK Conspiracy (1992)
  • The Kennedy Assassinations: Coincidence or Conspiracy? (1992) (co-production with George Paige Associates)
  • The Royal Family: In Crisis (1992)
  • Madonna: Exposed (1993)
  • The Price of Fame (1993)
  • The Royal Soap Opera (1996) (co-production with Beauchamp Place Communications)
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic: There's No Going Home (1996)
LBS Communications[edit]
  • Return to the Titanic...Live (October 28, 1987) (co-production with Westgate Communications)
  • Crazy About The Movies: Forever James Dean (February 8, 1988) (produced by Chelsea Communications)
  • Exploring Psychic Powers...Live (1989)
  • The Billy Martin Celebrity Roast (September 30, 1989) (co-production with Multiview Productions)


Title Airdate Network Notes
Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys April 29, 1990 ABC produced by Leonard Hill Films
Lies Before Kisses March 3, 1991 CBS produced by Grossbart Barnett Productions and Spectacor Films
White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd May 5, 1991 NBC produced by Neufeld-Keating Productions, Sandy Hook Productions and Von Zerneck-Sertner Films
In Sickness and in Health March 8, 1992 CBS produced by the Konigsberg/Sanitsky Company
Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story May 18, 1992 ABC produced by Frank & Bob Films II and Von Zerneck-Sertner Films
In the Deep Woods October 26, 1992 NBC produced by Frederic Golchan Productions and Leonard Hill Films
Amy Fisher: My Story December 28, 1992 NBC produced by Jaffe/Braunstein Films, KLM Productions and Spectacor Films
Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story January 9, 1994 CBS produced by Pacific Motion Pictures, Jaffe/Braunstein Films and Spectacor Films
Mortal Fear November 20, 1994 NBC produced by Von Zerneck-Sertner Films
The Other Woman March 26, 1995 CBS co-production with Patricia K. Meyer Productions and Von Zerneck Sertner Films
The Killing Secret January 6, 1997 NBC co-production with Robert Greenwald Productions
Touched By Evil January 12, 1997 ABC co-production with Media Arts Management and Vin Di Bona Productions
...First Do No Harm February 16, 1997 ABC co-production with Pebblehut Productions and Jaffe/Braunstein Films
All the Winters That Have Been September 21, 1997 CBS produced by Jaffe/Braunstein Films and Maili Point Productions
I'll Be Home for Christmas December 23, 1997 CBS co-production with Pebblehut Productions and Jaffe/Braunstein Films
My Father's Shadow: The Sam Sheppard Story November 17, 1998 CBS produced by Jaffe/Braunstein Films

Mark Goodson Productions[edit]

  • What's My Line at 25 (1975)
  • TV's Funniest Game Show Moments (1984)
  • TV's Funniest Game Show Moments #2 (1985)

Fremantle Australia[edit]

  • Top 20 Aussie Soap Moments (2011)
  • Schapelle (2014)
  • Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite (2015)
  • Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Curtain (2015) (co-production with Stella Motion Pictures)
  • Mary: The Making of a Princess (2015)
  • Wentworth: Screen Fest (2020)
  • Wentworth: Unlocked (2021)
  • Boomer's Spinoff Behind the Scenes (2021)


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