Glam up your room with these 5 lighting setups

Glam up your room with these 5 lighting setups

Never underestimate the power of lighting furniture to spice up your room

Lighting is essential in shaping the look and feel of any room. Beyond its basic function, the right lighting can change the atmosphere, highlight key features, and improve comfort.

Whether you desire a cozy, inviting space or a bright, vibrant area, selecting the right lighting can make a big difference. Here are some practical options to help enhance your room:

1. Rödflik from IKEA


With its brass-colored design and inspiration from old enameled industrial lamps, the Rödflik floor/reading lamp serves not just as a decorative piece but also as a practical, adjustable lamp. It is perfect for those who want to add light in a limited space with its sleek design.

2. Mushroom Table Lamp from Genai Lighting, Temu


The Mushroom Table Lamp from Genai Lighting is now becoming a trend, especially for those who design their room and want a retro feel. This dimmable lamp comes in bright orange or white.

3. Leuchte Ceramic table lamp from All Home


This minimal bedside lamp is ideal for those who want to enhance their room subtly. Its simple design offers the right amount of light while maintaining a clean, understated look.

4. Buwak Arc floor lamp from Azcor


Designed with a curved neck and round weighted base, the Buwak Arc floor lamp is a statement piece for your room, adding style to any bedroom. Its bold design provides ample lighting and serves as a modern focal point.

5. Luxos by Salem Libby table lamp from Our Home


Crafted from bronze and marble, the Luxos by Salem Libby table lamp evokes opulence and elegance, adding a pristine feel to your bedroom. Its combination of materials brings a sense of luxury to any bedside table.