Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Acolyte episodes 1 & 2.


  • Yord, a by-the-book Jedi, proves himself with ambition but risks alienating others due to his strict adherence to Jedi values.
  • The "Yord Horde" embraces Yord puns & memes, showcasing his dedication to Jedi ideals & propensity for overachieving in humorous ways.
  • Yord jokes, like the "keyyord" and a "yordgeous" Norway pun, highlight his power, ambition, and dedication to the Order.

Following the premiere of The Acolyte on Disney+, the Star Wars fandom has quickly dedicated itself to one standout character: Charlie Barnett's Yord Fandar. As a newly-ranked Jedi Knight, Yord is a yellow lightsaber-wielding Jedi who is eager to constantly prove himself and uphold the ideals of the Order. His dedication to these values has endeared him to many Star Wars viewers, even if he can take his ambition too far at times. This has caused the Star Wars fandom to resort to one of its favorite social media activities: meme-making.

Beginning with a post on X by hayden, this group has designated themselves the "Yord Horde," a term that has since been endorsed by Star Wars itself. The fascination with Yord has generated a plethora of puns using his first name, in addition to general lighthearted jokes about his character in the new Star Wars series. With the Yord Horde's enthusiasm growing more and more each day, here are the 10 best Yord jokes that have been made thus far.

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10 An "Extension Yord" Can Provide A Helpful Charge

Yord Has All The Power He's Seeking

This first example is a perfect introduction to the Yord Horde's love for puns. Shared by Sar Bear, this particular Yord joke sees his face added onto an extension cord, along with a witty caption about needing help to reach an outlet. There is nothing anyone could want more from a pun than something like this, a fitting name substitution along with a silly editing job.

Ironically, this joke is quite fitting for Yord's character in The Acolyte so far. It's clear that his ambitions as a new Jedi Knight come from a desire to prove himself and be honorable, but also from a drive to show the power he has as a warrior who's rising through the rankings. Becoming an extension cord actually supplies him with a fair amount of power, which is exactly what a Jedi like him likely craves while seeking approval from his peers.

9 The Jedi Are Everything. He's Just Yord (& He's Enough).

Yord Is Serving Summer 2023 Nostalgia For Barbie

Taking a step back from easy puns, this Yord joke brings back some nostalgia for the summer of 2023 by placing Yord into Greta Gerwig's Barbie. In this edit shared by Braddington, Yord is representing Ken, and it's declared that Yord is "yordnough" - a play on Ken being "kenough." Yord even gets to wear Ken's iconic sweatshirt, which has been altered to represent his own name in place of Ken's.

With everything viewers know about Yord's character thus far, a comparison to Ken is quite fitting. Throughout Barbie, Ken is always trying to prove himself worthy of Barbie and her peers, which is what drives him to study the patriarchy and take over Barbie Land. Though Yord has attempted nothing nearly as dramatic as that just yet, he has the same kind of drive to prove himself, which could lead to something similar if he gets too carried away by his ambitions.

8 It's Time To Break Out The "Keyyord"

If Star Wars Had Keyboards, This Would Be Yord's

Returning to the multitude of Yord puns, Tommy Stella delivers a perfect contribution to the "Yord as random objects" collection that is quickly growing. The best part of this post is how dedicated this edit is, with every single key on the keyboard being replaced with Yord's face. Any person who appreciates a good pun has to acknowledge the sheer commitment to the entire bit of this joke.

The caption, ironically, is fitting for something Yord himself might say, should emails and "keyyords" have existed in Star Wars. According to what's been shown so far in The Acolyte episodes 1 and 2, Yord is not fond of distractions, especially when he believes something important has to be dealt with. It makes sense, then, that he would want no one to talk to him while he was sending emails on his "keyyord."

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7 Yord Has A New Use For His Lightsaber

Yord Represents The Star Wars Galaxy On Disney Channel

Anyone who was raised on Disney Channel TV shows and movies can appreciate a joke based on the iconic commercials that would see actors draw Mickey Mouse ears around the channel's logo. This contribution by Catrina sees Yord carrying on this meme tradition, exchanging his yellow lightsaber for blue as he stands by the iconic Disney Channel logo. To top it all off, the classic "and you're watching Disney Channel" is exchanged for "Yord watching Disney Channel," making good on the Yord Horde's love for puns.

As a character, Yord would love the chance to shine, especially if it was seen as recognition for his contributions to the Jedi Order.

If Star Wars ever made commercials such as this, Charlie Barnett and his portrayal of Yord would be a perfect choice for it. As a character, Yord would love the chance to shine, especially if it was seen as recognition for his contributions to the Jedi Order. Even better for him would be the chance to use his lightsaber, which he often does throughout The Acolyte episodes 1 and 2.

6 Norway Has Some "Yordgeous" Sights To See

Even Star Wars Had To Get In On This Pun

Perhaps no pun is as perfect as the one crafted by james w, who points out the beauty of Norway's "fyords" (originally "fjords") with a wonderfully faded and stretched image of Yord inside the water. This particular pun is so good that even the official Star Wars account had to get in on the joke, adding a reply that calls them "yordgeous." This post is the absolute pinnacle of Yord puns, drawing upon its best elements to craft one of the most well-thought-out jokes yet.

This marks the "fyord" joke as one of the few that Star Wars has interacted with, aside from liking some others. It reaches a cleverness that even Yord himself would have no choice but to appreciate. In a surprising amount of symbolism, Yord himself acts like a fjord of the Jedi Order, strictly upholding what the Order has built itself upon just as the fjords maintain the original landscape of Norway itself.

5 The Live Yord Reaction Is Caught On Camera

Building Upon Iconic Star Wars Memes Is Classic

The Star Wars fandom is at its best when it's looping new Star Wars content into iconic memes, and that is certainly the case with this contribution by hayden. A still of Yord in the background of a shot from The Acolyte episode 2 is shown along with the caption "live Yord reaction," a meme that has origins outside of Star Wars but has been made even more famous by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Klaud with "live slug reaction." Hilariously, Yord looks genuinely shocked in this still, making it a useful reaction meme.

The context for this still of Yord is how he reacts to Master Sol choosing Padawan Jecki Lon's plan for capturing the assassin Mae over his own. As the higher-ranking Jedi between the two of them who crafts a plan that's very much rooted in the rules of the Order, Yord is nothing short of flabbergasted when Sol chooses the riskier plan involving Osha. This has since allowed Star Wars viewers to make a beautiful new take on the "live reaction" meme series, as seen here.

4 Yord's Power Transcends Iconic Franchises

This Impressive Edit Brings Yord Into Tolkien's World

Drawing upon the art of the pun yet again, Noah adds a post that contains a highly impressive edit of Yord as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. The caption is as simple as the picture implies, exchanging "Lord" for "Yord." This is yet another perfect execution of a pun, and it gives Yord the opportunity to jump into another iconic franchise.

It's certainly the edit that gives this Yord joke a leg up, with the lighting on his face matching that of the scene he's been placed in. Even better is him staring at the ring, which is golden in the way that Yord's lightsaber is yellow. Though the two characters themselves don't seem to share many similarities just yet, this is a hilarious way of bringing Yord into other incredible media, and the things they do have in common make it even funnier.

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3 The Bad Batch Is Traveling To "Yord Mantell"

Charlie Barnett's Love For The Bad Batch Has Paid Off

Yord jokes are not just being used for other franchises, however. Juli has put Yord onto the planet Ord Mantell, which was first mentioned in A New Hope and went on to become the home base of Clone Force 99 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. This ties the Yord puns right into the greater Star Wars galaxy, which is all any viewer could ask for in a new Star Wars meme.

Yord himself would have an appreciation for Ord Mantell and Clone Force 99's history there.

What makes this even better is Barnett's own love for The Bad Batch. Star Wars has shared a video of Barnett highly praising the animated TV show, which came to an end not long before the premiere of The Acolyte. It would seem, then, that Yord himself would have an appreciation for Ord Mantell and Clone Force 99's history there, which makes this particular pun both more hilarious and more fitting.

2 Who Is The Acolyte's "Sith Yord?"

Perhaps The Answer Is In The Question

As the mystery of The Acolyte, and particularly its mysteriously masked Sith Lord, carries on, theories leave no character out of the question - including Yord himself. The Zacholyte provides a perfect response to this with a scene from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. Mace Windu's disbelieving "A Sith Lord?" is exchanged for "Yord," emphasizing the true shock of imagining Yord as the one underneath this Sith Lord's mask.

This example is perfect in all the ways a Star Wars pun, and overall meme, should be. The Star Wars prequel trilogy has long since been the franchise's most memed content, which makes anything that stems from it even funnier by association. Adding Yord to this iconic exchange only enhances the joke, and as The Acolyte continues to unravel its mystery, this joke has the potential to become even more hilarious over time. Only one other joke serves as the superior Star Wars pun.

1 Commander Cody, The Time Has Come. Execute Yorder 66.

Does This Make Yord An Order 66 Survivor?

Though it's one of the most tragic events in the Star Wars galaxy, Order 66 is also one of the most memed, and this joke draws upon that history perfectly. The simple text is all eli needs to get this joke across, and it's precisely that simplicity that makes it even funnier. The idea of Palpatine uttering this instead of the iconic Order 66 is a beautifully hilarious image, and it mixes the classic pun with an even more classic Star Wars moment.

What's even more ironic is that Order 66 directly deals with the fate of the Jedi, which would have included Yord if he was alive at that time. Considering The Acolyte takes place 100 years before Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, however, this would never be the case. Still, it's a perfect summary of how incredible these Yord puns are, and hopefully even more will continue to surface as The Acolyte continues its run on Disney+.

The Acolyte episodes 1 and 2 are now available to stream. New episodes are released every Tuesday on Disney+.