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28 Nov. 2017
The Fast and the Furrious
What starts out as a quick trip to get Claw (Maximilian Osinski) some kitty litter turns into a fast-paced, hang-onto-your tail, slap-stick adventure through the streets of Furropolis. Claw and Edison (Christopher Knights) try to escape the evil clutches of MUTT (Malicious Unleashed Thugs and Thieves) and return to HQ in time to save Purrfessor Purrnelope (Jessy Schram) before it implodes.
2 Dec. 2017
Tooth Hurty
Nobody likes going to the dentist. You know who really doesn't like going? You guessed it. Our ferocious fur ball, Claw wants nothing to do with visiting the dentist when a toothache becomes more than he can bear. Is he afraid of needles, drills, even stickers? Or is it that once he's in the dentist's chair, his enemies might just have Claw where they want him?
9 Dec. 2017
Bad Hare Day
It's a gala fundraiser at the posh mansion of Edison's lady friend, Mina. Claw and Edison are attending to drum up support to keep Furropolis Labs and their heroic efforts funded. For entertainment, Mina has hired "The Great Rabbini". No ordinary magician - he's a rabbit. And he's got some devious tricks up his sleeve. The excitement builds as his performance fills the ballroom with "oohs" and "aahs". Little does the crowd know but the trick will be on them, as this twisted magician soon robs them blind. Good thing our heroes are on hand. Let's just hope Rabbini ...
1 May 2018
Something Sphynx
So much for a relaxing day at Furropolis labs. A mysterious masked menace shows up looking for revenge against...Purrnelope? What could our head of Furropolis Labs have possibly done to make someone or in this case, something so angry?

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