The Purrmiere was a huge success

Monday, February 22, 2016

Fans, Friends, Family furr sure!

It was an amazing night for The Nine Lives of Claw as we "Purrmiered" our Pilot Episode of The Nine Lives of Claw to a packed theater in Chagrin Falls, Ohio last night.  View the Pilot right here.

Fans were dressed to impress
We wanted to do a special even for our fans because without them we never could have gotten our pilot made.  We funded our pilot on Kickstarter 1-year ago, and what a year it has been. In the past year we not only funded, but worked with some of the biggest talents in animation and Hollywood, even around the world – who have partnered with us to help make our dream a reality.

Yes that's a cake!
Well last night was one more step on our journey.  Everyone showed up and they were not disappointed.  Fans got their pictures with Claw and Edison on the red carpet and were treated to cool Claw and Edison giveaways, Edison's Cheese Appetizers and even a Hovercat Cake created by renowned Kathy's Cakery.  Once their bellies were full it was time for the show.  Fans laughed and celebrated the pilot.  Coming out of the theater we heard things like "I can't believe how good it was" and "I want more" "where can I buy the toys".  So obviously for us it was a huge night.  Fans also posted their moments in major volume all over social media.  Currently the Pilot is at 4,000 likes on Facebook in less than 24 hours.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Over the next few months we will be working with partners around the globe to get season one greenlit so we can keep moving forward.  Thanks so much for the support of not only everyone who came to the "purrmiere" but all of you around the world that continue to support us.

Here are a few great reviews of the pilot and the Purrmiere.  Stay tuned for much more on The Nine Lives of Claw.  Cheezowie!

Gary and Greg