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best shot是什么意思 best shot在线翻译 best shot什么意思 best shot的意思 best shot的翻译 best shot的解释 best shot的发音 best shot的同义词

best shot

best shot 双语例句

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1. In live action you assemble the footage as being the best of what you have to choose from after the footage is shot.

2. Therefore, to catch the whole lot in a dragnet this group of scoundrels, Zerk has found out excellent means: Makes the best of a bad situation lets Andy act the weapon big shot, fishes the enemy to swallow the bait.

3. Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z750 digital camera features 7.2 megapixel CCD, 2.5-inch TFT colour LCD display, fast and auto switching between focus and macro mode, movie best shot selection, fast response with 0.007 second shutter delay, manual aperture and shutter speed settings, high quality MPEG-4 movies capture, 3x optical zoom, USB docking station for various additional functions, and ability to save the best pictures as personal favorites on the internal memory of the camera.
    卡西欧Exilim Zoom EX -欣赏手机数码相机功能7.2万像素CCD ,2.5英寸的TFT彩色液晶显示屏,快速,自动切换的重点和宏观调控模式,短片最好的选择,快速反应与0.007秒快门时滞,手动光圈和快门速度设置,高品质的MPEG - 4电影拍摄,3倍光学变焦镜头,USB接口坞站的各种附加功能,并能够保存最好的图片作为个人收藏的内部记忆体的相机。

4. But I will give it my best shot.

5. War Buddies Let's be war buddies Waist deep in big money side by side I'd be the atheist in your foxhole, anytime Let's be friendly fire Body count's a mountain on a bed of barbed wire, coldly stashed As soon as the morning light has broken, then we attack If nobody tries too hard to kill you I got your back across the desert Back to brave the burning sand Back to question every effort Back to challenge your command If you got guns, well, now's the time for sticking Resistance is already forming The second shot won't be a warning Let's be collateral damage Looking down your nose like it's the best you can manage just to stand Indignity after indignation The threat of a hostile occupation The better to form a sovereign nation Here's the plan: That every man who disagrees Be roughly brought down to his knees Be starved to death and made to freeze And sentenced to the Gulag If you got guns, well, now's the time for sticking Resistance is already forming The second shot won't be a warning When the tanks roll into Warsaw, will I find you at the front Singing into a tape recorder, shouldering the brunt of the attack? Has it come to that?
    战争巴迪让我们成为战争伙计在大的钱的深处肩并肩的腰我将是在你的战壕的无神论者,任何时候让我们成为友好的火在一张有刺铁丝的床上,死亡总人数是一座山,冷淡贮存早上光一打破,然后我们攻击如果没人试试太艰难不能杀死你我使你的背通过沙漠回到勇敢的烧制沙回到询问每努力回到挑战你命令如果你得到枪,嗯,现在是粘住的时间抵抗已经形成第2 枪将不是警告让我们成为附带损害看起来沿着你的鼻子象它是最好的你能应付仅仅为了站在义愤之后轻蔑一种敌对的职业的威胁更好的形成一个独立自主的国家这是计划:不同意的那每个人人被粗略带来到他的膝被饥饿死并且对冻结做并且对Gulag 宣判如果你得到枪,嗯,现在是粘住的时间抵抗已经形成第2 枪将不是警告当油箱卷成华沙,意愿时,我在前面发现你唱歌进一台磁带录音机,扛着攻击的冲击吗?

6. I think it would be cool to see which of my fans can pull off the best trick shot, so lemme know the best you got!

7. Despite the difficulty along the route of showbiz, Rainie saw every competitin as a different type of challenge, giving her best shot at every chance, showing everyone the amount of effort she is putting in.

8. I will say this, that the best shot in existence could not have done it more beautifully.

9. LKeep your chins up and do your best not to get shot.

10. I'll give it my best shot.

11. I knew this was my chance, and I had to give it my best shot.

12. I will give it my best shot.

13. I'm not very good at hacking but i'll give it my best shot.

14. best shot

14. Reporter: Well, let's give it a shot right now. What do you think about best picture?

15. best shot的解释

15. In this series Chadwick defeated Eviscerate 4-0. Eviscerate is playing a combat swords spec which is far from the best mage killing spec available. One thing you will notice in these videos is that a lot of these players do not respec for specific duels, yet Ming respecced to a Preparation build to give him the best shot against his opponents. I think it is respectable that players like Unsouled, Inactive, and Eviscerate stuck to their builds in this video when they knew from the start their specific setup wasn`t the best for their opponents. This fight of Chadwick vs Eviscerate perfectly demonstrates how absolutely required Preparation is against 41 point Frost Mages; moreover, it perhaps also serves as a testament to the superiority of daggers against these types of mages where you only get a few seconds on the target at a time. The faster you are able to unload your energy bar the better. Eviscerate played well against Chadwick from what I saw, but he simply was unable to overcome the kiting abilities of Frost Mages at this point in time.
      大意:这个系列中Chadwick把Eviscerate打了个4:0,Eviscerate是一个战斗剑贼的天赋,远远不是对付法师最好最有效的天赋,在影片中有件事情你必须注意到,许多的玩家对于特别的绝斗并不关心,然而Ming做好了准备这样给他在面对对手时有了最好的炮弹,我知道象Unsouled,Inactive,Eviscerate这样在影片中坚持他们的天赋的人是崇高的,当他们从开始就知道他们特别的装备用来对付他们的对手并不是最好的,Chadwick vs Eviscerate的战斗完美的演示了对面41点冰法的时候需要做大量的准备工作,此外,这可能也证明了匕首在对于这类型的法师,当你只能一个时间接近目标几秒的时候,你能量用的越快越好,Eviscerate在对抗Chadwick中就我所见打的很好,但是他不能在这点上及时的克服冰法的风筝能力


16. Kitt replied: You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed.

17. We will give it our best shot.

18. best shot是什么意思

18. Everest, I know it's a challenge, but I have to give it my best shot.

19. Shevchenko had shot wide and got in a mess with Ballack and Essien, and things did not look hopeful when out of nowhere Lampard struck a fierce right-footed shot into the far top corner for one of the best goals of his career.

20. If you have a shot with a white balance pro blem, that would be the best one to use to illustrate the power of the color correction routine we`ll use in this exercise, but if you don`t have a clip such as that, any clip with some white areas in it will do.

best shot 单语例句

1. All the user has to do is select the most appropriate Scene mode best for the scene and compose the shot.

2. The Netherlands'best chance came a minute later, but Dirk Kuyt drilled a shot just wide.

3. Those who have seen the TV ad claim it's the best fragrance ad shot for TV ever.

4. Minutes before the interval the home side had their best chance when Nick Hofs'shot was blocked by Robbie Savage.

5. He had Germany's best chance of the game when his shot grazed Casillas'near post.

6. His best chance of the first half saw him flash a shot wide of the far post just before the interval.

7. But its best shot seems to lie in a political deal with one key Republican senator.

8. " I tried my best in the competition and shot to my normal form, " he added.

9. Pandemonium broke out when they left as television cameramen and photographers fought for the best shot.

10. I've put myself into position to give it the best shot there is.

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