Suicide Squad: Are Players Feeling Restricted to One Build this Season?

Suicide Squad: Are Players Feeling Restricted to One Build this Season?

Discover why players in Suicide Squad are debating the limitations of build diversity this season.

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Are players in Suicide Squad feeling restricted to one build this season? Let’s dive into the discussion surrounding build diversity in the game.


  • Players express frustration over the limited viability of builds due to game meta changes
  • Concerns raised about the dominance of Poison damage and its impact on build diversity
  • Differing opinions on the variety of viable builds available to players


While Poison is crucial, there are diverse ways to spec into it, allowing for experimentation with different builds.


The game’s design flaws restrict build diversity, favoring new weapons and limiting the effectiveness of existing builds.


The meta’s poor state and reliance on Poison damage hinder the creation of truly unique and viable builds for endgame content.


Despite limitations posed by Poison, players showcase a variety of specialized builds, embracing the challenge of working within constraints.


While Poison remains a focus, players find creative ways to incorporate it into various builds, allowing for flexibility.


Players voice frustration over game mechanics favoring Poison-focused builds, limiting creativity and forcing specific gear choices.


Criticism is directed towards the disparity between different gear sets and the need for a more balanced approach to build customization.


Despite limitations, some players find success with multiple builds, adapting to the ever-changing game environment.


Players highlight the existence of viable build options, showcasing the potential for diverse gameplay experiences.


Concerns are raised regarding the impact of game modifiers on build diversity, calling for a more balanced approach to gameplay.

The discussion around build diversity in Suicide Squad reveals a mix of viewpoints, showcasing both frustration and creativity among players as they navigate the current meta. While concerns exist about the dominance of Poison damage and limitations on build viability, players also demonstrate adaptability and ingenuity in crafting unique gameplay experiences. As the game evolves, the community’s dialogue on build diversity continues to shape the player experience, highlighting the ongoing evolution of strategy and creativity within Suicide Squad.