It’s almost every little child’s dream to grow up and be rich and famous. However, everyone fails to mention what sort of evil masterminds actually run Hollywood itself. These particular individuals are the nefarious puppet masters who enjoy pulling the strings of the innocent fame-hungry stars and starlets who dream of seeing their name in lights. Some of the most well-known faces – actresses in particular – will tell you that Hollywood is basically high-end street work and that you’re selling yourself for a steep price and that the names on this list are usually the ones constructing the deal. Some are purebred criminals who have committed physical assault, some are rage mongrels who are known for their violent temper tantrums on film sets, and some are just plain annoying. All though, are guilty of wading in the giant pitch-black pool of evilness that people outside of Hollywood don’t always see.

15 Donald Trump

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As everyone in the world knows, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States after a bizarre campaign based on lies, made-up words, and bullying tactics. The former reality-TV star has been compared rightfully to King Joffrey Baratheon (the shifty-eyed little weasel who was a product of some brother-sister lovin’ in Game of Thrones) and Lord Voldemort (the dark lord in Harry Potter) even BEFORE becoming the leader of the free world. The businessman is said to still be a major influential person in Hollywood and is even a part of the Screen Actors Guild and has been nominated for an Emmy Award. During his stint as the executive producer and host of NBC’s The Apprentice, he was caught on tape bragging to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about physically assaulting women. 15 women have even stepped forward and accused the cheeto-crusted president of this type of misconduct. What’s scary is that this happened while he was just a businessman and before he was given access to our military nuclear codes. Good luck, Planet Earth.

14 Mel Gibson

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Ah, everyone’s favorite disillusioned crotch-shot come to life. Mel Gibson was once considered box office action gold with a wide array of talents which were demonstrated in such movies as Lethal Weapon and Mad Max in the 1980’s. He went on to form the production company Icon Entertainment and became an Academy Award-winning director with his 1995 historical drama Braveheart, an epic period piece which he also starred in. Despite all of his accomplishments, Gibson has been accused of domestic violence, arrested for drunk driving, and has been known to be a racist who commonly practices anti-Semitism. In 2006, the Hollywood mogul was pulled over for speeding and was recorded verbally blowing up at the arresting officer who charged him with a DUI. He had started spewing a slew of hateful remarks aimed at the officer’s Jewish heritage which sparked outrage all over Hollywood. Gibson was blacklisted for years before receiving critical acclaim for his film Hacksaw Ridge which goes to show that if you’re rich and famous enough, you too can be forgiven for being so blatantly freaking evil.

13 Oliver Stone


Okay, so he made some pretty darn good films during his hay-day: JFK, Nixon, W. (I’m sensing a pattern here…) to name a few. However, director/producer Oliver Stone’s dark soul is far from honorable according to those who have worked with him. In the past, Stone actually believed (and voiced out loud) that Adolf Hitler was quote “misunderstood due to Jewish control of the media” and made some rather insensitive remarks regarding the Holocaust. He tried desperately to backtrack after the fact by issuing apologies, but the damage was done. Stone is also said to be a massive Hollywood misogamist whose female characters in his films are either considered ball-busting snakes and other slinky predators or are mere playthings who are there to only appease his male characters (his film Any Given Sunday is a prime example of both). Stone has even said “I’ve been a hedonist, moralist, misogynist. But God, I love women.” How wonderful for you, Oliver.

12 James Cameron


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Director James Cameron should be on this list solely for the fact that he got away with all that crappy, soap opera-y dialogue that plagued his film Titanic. But nope, he graces this list due to the fact that creates a hostile work environment for everyone he comes in contact with. His known Titanic-sized ego often clouds his judgment when it comes to both his cast and crew. He once threatened actors who wanted to take bathroom breaks that they would be fired if they did so. What kind of evil dictator would make his actors hold in their urine until their bladders burst? While shooting his underwater action movie The Abyss Cameron told his actors to urinate in their wetsuits in order to save time. What the hell does this guy have against toilets? It’s a great thing he’s so freaking good and busting box offices, which probably why Hollywood puts him on such a high pedestal.

11 Ari Emanuel

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If you have ever watched HBO’s comedy Entourage, you’ll know exactly who Ari Emanuel is. Sort of. Emanuel is the inspiration behind Jeremy Piven’s hard-nosed yet powerful Hollywood agent character Ari Gold, who was well skilled in the classic art of bullcrap. The real life Ari is the co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor, one of Hollywood’s top talent agencies that represents some of the biggest names in Tinsel Town. Emanuel was the subject of a lawsuit back in 2002 where another agent accused him of making anti-gay and racist remarks (Emanuel ended up settling for $2.25 million dollars). There were even claims by other agents that Emanuel had a hand in letting a friend actually operate an adult website out of his offices. And to make matters worse? THE MAN WAS DONALD TRUMP’S AGENT. Yes, folks, he was literally Satan’s agent. If that’s not considered evil, nothing is.

10 Harvey Weinstein

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For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Harvey Weinstein is a co-founder of The Weinstein Company and Miramax Films and probably the only Hollywood studio executive you can remember without Googling his name. While his brilliance was responsible for amazing films like Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Shakespeare in Love, the man himself is a bit of a walking douche-hat. Not only has he been known to throw extreme temper tantrums, but this Chris Christie lookalike also appears to be untouchable when it comes to getting away with assault. Back in 2015, TMZ reported that an Italian model had accused Weinstein of groping her goods, but the NYPD dropped the case after the charge was “not supported”. Now, was Weinstein just an innocent pawn being used as a stepping stone for an aspiring model trying to make it in show business? My guess is NO and that Weinstein can afford to get away with a lot more than grabbing women’s breasts.

9 Arnold Schwarzenegger

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As of late, the Austrian-American actor/body builder/”It’s not a tumor” former governor with a last name you wouldn’t want to spell in a clutch situation has been openly feuding with President Trump over a rather trivial matter regarding TV ratings. But years before, Arnold Schwarzenegger was faced with an entire plethora of physical and personal misconduct allegations from several women. Like most men in the business, Schwarzenegger took the “Nah, didn’t happen, nope” stance and simply denied, denied, denied. He did apologize for past behavior but stated that not everything the public hears is true. Schwarzenegger may have been box office gold in the 1980’s, but it was his marriage to Kennedy royalty Maria Shriver (now separated) that made him bulletproof in both the Hollywood industry AND the political world. Because of his humanitarian acts (including being heavily involved with the Special Olympics, which was founded by his former mother-in-law Eunice Kennedy Shiver), both Hollywood and the public seem to forgive him for his atrocious acts toward women, making him a very dangerous, yet powerful, individual.

8 Roman Polanski

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Practically everyone knows the story of director Roman Polanski and if you don’t, I’d say it’s about time you crawl out from under whatever rock is shielding you from life. Polanski was arrested and charged with the assult of a young 13-year-old model in 1977, eight years after his pregnant wife Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson Family. After he was released from prison (he only served a little over a month), he fled to Paris before his sentence was handed down by a judge. While living overseas, Polanski continued to make award-winning movies that were praised by Hollywood, including The Pianist, Oliver Twist, and The Ghost Writer, and received numerous Academy Awards, even though he wasn’t able to travel back to the states in order to accept them. It is unfathomable how a man, who is known for his crime, could STILL be honored by the Academy for his work. It just goes to show that power, men, money, and evilness has Hollywood in a blind chokehold.

7 Bryan Singer

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While a horrible number of people on this list are deviants, X-Men and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer stands out as a special brand of sick mofo. After years of covering up some very horrific events, a well-hidden scandal finally exploded in the face of all the scumbags involved. This disgusting act involved young children who were said to have been “passed around like pieces of meat at [bedroom] parties” involving Singer and a bunch of other A-list Hollywood moguls in the 90’s. These children (mostly young boys) were supplied with drugs and liquor before being handed over to the powerhouse men (including Singer, TV executive Garth Ancier, Disney executive David Neuman, and producer Gary Goddard to name a few) in order to be used for their bodies at private functions. Singer venomously denied these alleg ions, but withdrew from the public eye back in 2014 when the story broke wide open. Since the allegations came to light, Singer has gone on to produce another X-Men film and produce the widely popular FX show Legion.

6 Bill Cosby

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This legend broke the hearts of millions of fans with his nosedive freefall from Hollywood grace. Comedy icon Bill Cosby shot to fame with his stand-up comedy and became Hollywood royalty via his show The Cosby Show and its spin off A Different World. Cosby was a legend, a light, a hilarious distraction. He was the man we all belly-laughed with and said “my god, he’s amazing with children”. That was the past. Now? He’s the disgraced predator who is now accused of drugging 51 women and assulting them. All these incidents date as far back as the 1960’s with the most recent being in 2008. A great deal of these cases managed to fall outside the statutes of limitations when it came to the legal proceedings sans ONE. One out of 51 cases. While Cosby surrendered himself to authorities back in 2015, we still have to ask ourselves this question: How on earth did a man this famous manage to keep something this heinous hidden for so long? Was he protected because of his Hollywood status? Because of his fame? Because of his power in the industry? My answer is yes – yes, to all those questions.

5 Jason Murphy

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Being a Hollywood casting agent isn’t the most glamorous position in the business, or even the first one that comes to mind when one pictures powerful individuals that run the scene. At the time of his arrest, casting agent Jason Murphy had some pretty big pictures attached to his name – pictures that included the casting of young children. Murphy was the casting associate for J.J. Abrams and was responsible for casting a handful of his most famous films, almost making him his go-to guy. Imagine being the go-to guy for a young Hollywood legend. Murphy was THAT guy. Only Jason Murphy wasn’t his real name. According to the Los Angeles Times, Murphy had abducted and molested an 8-year-old boy back in 1996 and then served five years in prison for the act. Nine years later, Murphy, who was now going by the name Jason James in his professional life, apparently decided not to register as an offender under his new name once relocating to Los Angeles in order to pursue his career in Hollywood. Eventually, Murphy was caught after failing to file a name change and change of address in order to be listed under the “Megan’s Law” registry, but nevertheless, Murphy managed to rise in Hollywood and become an influence to a name like Abrams. This all shows who exactly is running the show - and it's not people with morals.

4 Walt Disney

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Given, it’s not always wise to speak ill of the dead, especially when it comes to a genius who warmed the hearts of children and adults all over the world but there are so many conspiracies surrounding the man that it’s hard to shut out. For one, he had two vastly different images: His public image where he was a powerful, but caring, genius was often said to be a hoax and that Disney himself was painfully shy and withdrawn. It was also said that Disney was anti-Semitic and attended pro-Nazi meetings held by the German American Bund. He gave German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl (one of Hitler’s favorite actresses) a personalized tour of Disney Studios. All this has never been proven, but if someone came forward with indisputable evidence, this would have made Disney the most influential powerhouse on this particular list given the fact that his legacy still continues to grow every day.

3 Woody Allen

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Sure, the man happens to be the king of slapstick comedy and fast talking quips, but a lot of people don’t know or quite understand the dark side of Woody Allen (I’m looking at you, other millennials). Behind his four Academy Awards and all the laughs, Allen took a massive amount of slack for marrying his girlfriend’s daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Previn was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and her former husband Andre Prievin and was only around nine or 10 when Farrow entered into a long term relationship with Allen. It was Farrow who discovered that her daughter and Allen were having an affair after she discovered naked photos of Previn in Allen’s home. Allegations of physical abuse also cast a shadow over the director’s career when he was accused of assaulting Farrow’s other adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was only seven years old. Despite these happenings, Allen still remains one of the most powerful directors and influences in Hollywood today.

2 Kris Jenner

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You can’t spit anywhere in Los Angeles without it splashing one of her dingbat kids, which are the gold-plated meal tickets in Kris Jenner’s life – thanks to Kris Jenner, a dead husband named Kardashian, and a controversial homemade tape. The 61-year old Jenner wouldn’t be where she is now (swimming in a room filled with money like Scrooge McDuck) without profiting off her own spawn, mainly the heavy bottomed one Kim. It’s been said that Jenner had a hand in leaking Kim Kardashian’s tape with then boyfriend Ray J, a video which has raked in over $100 million dollars since its release back in 2007 (the entire family has denied having anything to do with the leak). Jenner has profited off all her children at one time or another, created one of the most popular reality television shows of all time, had a short-lived talk show, and even wrote a book. All of this isn’t so much “evil” as it is ridiculously annoying.

1 Brett Ratner

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10-years ago, Brett Ratner was one of the most sought after directors in Hollywood for big budget crap (other than Michael Bay, of course). As of late, he’s an extremely successful producer who is behind the hit TV series Prison Break and owns RatPac-Dune Entertainment, which is a film production company and financing company. While he appears to be an action movie darling, there’s more to Ratner than meets the eye. He’s often been called a sleaze-ball of a man who suffers from an addiction to both call girls and being a real jerk-nugget. Relativity co-CEO Ryan Kavanaugh has even complained about Ratner’s “slimy-ness” and has said that he’s heard some pretty disgusting stories of events that went down at Ratner’s house with a bunch of models and call girls. While Ratner seems like the lesser of all the evil oozing out of this list, he still comes off as pretty freaking icky.


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